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Here in the Moment

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It happened again that night.

He awoke, hands swimming in sweat in his gloves, the sugary smell of nitroglycerin all around. He inhaled, panting, and realized he had been shouting. 


He turned in the direction of the groggy voice.

Ochako was peering up at him with half-open eyes. “Was it the nightmares again?”

Katsuki didn’t have time to answer before he began to feel the—though he would never admit it—all-too-familiar hot, prickling sensation of tears welling up in his eyes. 

Immediately, Ochako scooted higher up on the bed to hold his head to her shoulder, without either of them saying a word. Neither one had to.

After pulling his gloves off to let his hands breathe, she slid off her own to card her fingers though his hair, still careful not to activate her quirk.

The only sounds to be heard Katsuki’s sniffs and two beating hearts. He never made much noise when he cried. Not in this situation, at least.

Ochako closed her eyes and rested her head atop his, still running her hands through his slightly damp locks.

“It’s ok, you’re ok” and “I have you” were some of the things she murmured to him.

When his quiet sobs subsided, she asked “do you want to talk about it this time?” 

Without moving away from her, Katsuki shook his head. “’S fine,” he insisted.

It was Ochako who pulled away to look into his eyes. “Are you sure? You know you can tell me anything.”

He exhaled. “I know. It’s ok, though. Nothing new.”

Ochako searched her boyfriends face for a second, looking for any sign that he was putting on a front. When she found none, she sank down a little farther so that they were at eye-level and pecked him on the cheek.

Katsuki nuzzled his face into her hair, inhaling deeply. 

The two lay there for a while, but neither one fell back asleep. They simply lay there in each other’s embrace, basking in each others’ presence.

Eventually, the blond spoke. “Thank you,” he mumbled.

Ochako gave him a little squeeze, her arms now around his torso as his were wrapped likewise.

“You’re welcome.”

This time Katsuki moved to look into his girlfriend’s eyes.

After a moment and a brief shared smile, their lips met in the middle. The rest of their bodies drew up to press against each other as well, legs entangling and arms moving to his shoulders and her waist. 

When they broke apart they were panting again, but for much more pleasant reasons this time. 

Katsuki leaned his forehead to press against Ochako’s, the tips of their noses brushing.

“I love you, Ochako.”

The girl in question gave his nose a gentle nuzzle with her own then tucked her head back under his chin.

“I love you too, Katsuki.”

Not long after, the two drifted into a peaceful sleep in each others’ arms.