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Domme Sub and Switch

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“Hello?” Luke called as he let himself into his girlfriend's house. Emily appeared from around the corner with a scowl on her face.

“You're late,” she said.

“Traffic,” Luke said and kissed her on the cheek. “So,” he rubbed his hands together and grinned. “What are we doing tonight? Cake? Dinner?” Luke put his arms around Emily's waist and pulled her close, leaning their foreheads together. “Birthday sex?”

Emily grinned and squirmed out of his arms. “I have something better for you,” she said, smacking Luke's hand away as he reached for her again.

“What could possibly be better than birthday sex?” Luke asked as he playfully chased her into the kitchen. He grabbed her around the waist from behind and planted a big, wet kiss on her neck. Emily laughed and tried to pull away, but Luke held her tight.

“Luke Matías Alvez, you are already a half hour late. We don't have time to waste.”

Luke turned Emily around in his arms. “So you did plan something,” he said.

“You know I did,” Emily said. “I do every year.”

“Which is one of the many reasons I love you, Emily Prentiss.”

Emily leaned in and kissed him on the lips. “I love you, too. But, seriously. This is kind of time sensitive.”

“Fine,” Luke said and let go. “Let's see what you think could possibly be better than birthday sex.”

“You won't be disappointed. I can promise you that.” Emily pulled a chair away from the table and scooted it to the middle of the dining room. “Now sit.” Luke did as he was told. “Close your eyes, and I swear to God, Luke, no peeking.”

Luke closed his eyes. “Yes ma'am.”

“I'll be right back. Do not move and do not look!”

“I promise,” Luke said. He heard her walk out of the room toward the bedroom. He heard the door open and close, silence, then the door opened and closed again. He strained to hear. He furrowed his brow in confusion. He though he heard a second set of very soft footsteps. He felt a presence in front of him and then total quiet.

“Open your eyes,” Emily said from his side. Luke opened his eyes and sucked in a breath. He sat stunned for a moment. Emily was was watching his face with a mixture of glee and pride. Luke's hot gaze raked over his gift. Spencer Reid was kneeling in front of him wearing nothing but a bright red collar that attached to a pair of matching wrist cuffs behind his back. Emily had scrawled “Happy Birthday” with a heart across his chest in red lipstick. Luke tore his gaze away from his gift and looked up at his girlfriend.

“What is this?” he breathed.

“You're the most amazing submissive I have ever had,” Emily said to Luke. “What we have works so well and I love you and I know you love me. That being said, I know you've missed having a submissive for yourself since we entered contract.” She chuckled. “The struggle of being a switch.” Luke looked back at Spencer. His silky brown curls hung in his face. His posture was perfect. A bright flush covered his neck and face. Luke could see the even rise and fall of his chest. His head was tilted down and his eyes were on the floor in front of Luke's feet. Spencer felt a burning in his chest and he fought to keep his breath slow and deep. He was dying to look up at Luke's face. He was desperate to know what was running through his mind and how he was receiving this surprise.

“Is he keep?” Luke asked

“That's up to you two,” Emily said.

Luke stood up. “Stand,” he commanded. Spencer gracefully got to his feet and stood before Luke with not an ounce of shame. He made no attempt to compensate for his nakedness. He simply stood still and quiet in front of Luke in complete submission. He was, however, terrified that he wouldn't be accepted.

Luke thought Spencer was so beautiful. Certainly Luke had admired his beauty from afar since joining the team, but this was beauty on a whole different level. He ran his hand down Spencer's chest, smudging the lipstick. He walked around Spencer trailing his fingers over the submissive's body. He caressed the muscles in Spencer's back and shoulders. Spencer's frame was slight, but he was strong and well built. His skin was smooth and the perfect shade of ivory. The red lipstick, collar, and cuffs stood out in beautiful contrast. He brushed the skin of Spencer's backside lightly. God, he was beautiful. Spencer's body was trembling almost imperceptibly.

“Are you cold?” Luke asked.

“No,” Spencer said softly. Luke put his finger under Spencer's chin and tilted his head up. Spencer kept his gaze averted.

“Look at me,” Luke said. Spencer looked into Luke's eyes. There was such a warmth and a softness in Luke's eyes that Spencer was immediately relieved. Luke tucked Spencer's hair behind his ear and brushed his thumb over Spencer's cheekbone.

“You're safe with me. You're ok.” Luke took Spencer's hands. “Take some deep breaths.” He ran his thumbs over Spencer's knuckles and stayed with him until he had settled. Luke smiled at him and ran his fingers through Spencer's hair. All of Spencer's fear dissolved in Luke's gentleness.

“Are you better?” Luke asked.

“Yes, thank you,” Spencer said.

“Thank you,” Luke said. He turned to Emily with a huge grin and held his arms out to her.

“Do you like it?” Emily asked with a matching grin.

“Do I like it?!” Luke pulled Emily into his arms, picked her up and twirled her in a circle and then kissed her hard. “You. Are. Perfect. Have I ever told you that?”

Emily tilted her head and smiled. “Not recently,” she said.

“Well you are. How did this even happen?”

“It was the craziest thing. I was online looking for a submissive for you and he was online looking for a dominant and our paths crossed. We had a few long conversations about the logistics and Spencer decided that he wanted to go ahead and offer himself to you. We both think that he'll be a great fit for you.”

Realization dawned on Luke. “This is why you told me to take a few days off.”

“Yes, and Spencer is currently on sabbatical so the timing is perfect. You guys will have the next few days together to work things out.”

“Look at me,” Luke said to Spencer. Spencer met Luke's gaze. “Is this what you want? Do you want to be my submissive?”

“Yes.” Spencer said softly. “Very much so.” Luke's heart skipped a beat.

“Take him home tonight and play with him,” Emily said. “He has an overnight bag packed and ready to go.”

Luke brushed his fingers over Spencer's cheek. “Do you want to come home with me?” he asked.

“Yes.” Spencer said. Luke stepped away from him and Spencer dropped his head again.

“I'll take him back and get him dressed,” Emily said. “Do you want the collar left on?”

“Yes, please, but you can uncuff him.” Emily snapped her fingers and motioned for Spencer to follow her.

“Emily.” Luke said. “Thank you.”

“Happy birthday, Luke.” Emily said.