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The Kim-Jung Pack

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Jeongguk's ninety nine percent sure that Hoseok's uncomfortable, what with the way that he was curling up on himself in the side of their car and hadn't spoken much at all over the course of their now almost 20 minute long car ride. Granted, Taehyung and Jimin's loud chattering was taking up any chance he had to cut into their conversation, but still, he knew that if he had been stuck in a car with people that he was trying to court for this long and hadn't said a word that he would have eventually collasped in on his own awkwardness.

"Uh, um, Hoseok-ssi?" Jeongguk winces as soon as Hoseok turns to look at him, realizing that he doesn't actually have anything to say him. "I was wondering if, if you would mind if I spoke to you, uh, informally?"

"I don't mind, not at all. I mean, not as long as that means that I can call you Jeongguk-ah?"

"Sure, sure, that's fine, um, noona? I'm gonna call you noona, I think, but also I was wondering what you do?"

"Oh, nothing fancy really, at least not compared to Seokjin-ssi or Yoongi-ssi." Hoseok laughs. "I work as a dance instructor and, when I'm lucky, as a choreographer. So far I haven't actually been able to get someone to accept a full choreo of my own for, like, and idol group or something's nice to just be able to work like this anyways, so..." Hoseok trails off with a smile. "Oh, that reminds me, Jeongguk-ah," he pauses for a moment to glance over Jeongguk's shoulder at the now quiet Jimin and Taehyung, who glance at him before turning back and muttering something softly to one another. "I've already glanced over all of the files that I was given on you all and, while I know that you are a student, it doesn't say where?"

"Uh, Seoul Nation University..."

"Really? I'm sure that your parents must be happy about that." Hoseok says, tapping his thigh. "My father's always wanted my sister and I to go there, but neither of us have ever been very studious people. What do you major in?"

"I'm undecided as of now." Jeongguk pauses. "But I'll probably end up going into the international business major or business marketing."

"So you must have a knack for math or desk work, then?"

"I'd like to think that I'm not terrible with office work but I know I'm not that great at it. I'm just going through with it for my parents and...and for Jin-hyung, too."

"Seokjin-ssi's file did mention that he's one of the chairmen at a Lee-Miyauchi Tech Group, but I'm not quite sure what that company even does. I tried to search it up on Naver but there weren't any results other than some links to sound equipment parts."

"That's exactly what the company does." Jimin huffs from his perch in Taehyung's lap. "Jin-hyung's and Jeonggukkie's families, along with a few others, run the company together. They produce a large array of sounding equipment for everything from speakers to phones." He says this all proudly, sounding smug. "Why, they've even begun to work on creating some of their own pieces and codes recently. It's all very lucrative."

"That explains why you were the first Pack that I was sent to meet."

"What do you mean?"

"After I'd met you six, I was introduced to a Pack of ten members and, afterwards, a Pack of four, so I was wondering if the introductions had any real order. It must've been by net worth order, I think, because-" Hoseok stops himself and rubs the back of his neck sheepishly.

"Because of what, noona?" Jeongguk prompts.

"Well, this is gonna sound really bad, but, uh, well...because I may, or may not have, uh, said that I'd wanted the most well off Pack currently available?" He winces visibly. "Wow, that sounded bad."

"No, it didn't, noona, listen, if I was an Omega in need of some cash and I wanted a Pack, I know for a fact that I would've requested the wealthiest that a Center could possibly find for me." Jimin huffs. "That's what literally anyone would do. In fact, I'm pretty sure that that's how my Omega mother got mated to my other three mothers."

"Really?" Hoseok laughs, deciding to ignore the way that Jimin's suddenly slipped into talking to him informally.

"Yes, really, noona, that's what she's like." Jimin insists. "If we court for long enough, I'm sure that you'll meet her and when you do, you'll understand what I mean. She's always been a pretty spoiled person. She's nice, though, at her core. I know that she'd already love you. She's been bugging us to get an Omega for ages now."

"I'd hope that's not the only reason." Hoseok jokes.

"The fact that you're pretty is also a factor, noona." Jimin says without missing a beat.

"I didn't take you to be such a flirt, Jimin-ah." Hoseok huffs, trying to fight back his blush.

"This is just the tip of the iceberg with him." Jeongguk chimes in.

"Hush!" Jimin whisper-yells to Jeongguk, swatting at him. "It's not like they could fit every little thing about us into our files, y'know."

"That's what today's date is for, Hoseok-ssi." Taehyung says, butting into the conversation eagerly. "We ought to do our best to get to know as much about each other as we can, I think."

"You should just call me noona at this point, then. If we're going to get to know each other, we should talk a least a bit more informally."

"Alright then, noona, we'll try our very best to get to know you today!" Taehyung says, dipping his head in a quick gesture of respect that results in him jostling Jimin in his lap. "Sorry about that, Minnie."

"'S fine, that whole little speech was really cute of you." Jimin muses softly, pushing his face into Taehyung's neck. "And also, you started pushing out some really nice pheromones just now, so I'm a bit too chill right now to be upset."

"Oh, that's what this scent is?"

"Yeah, that's me, sorry, noona, I always forget that it can hurt. Are you okay?"

"It's pretty mild, so I'm okay." He pauses. "The only thing I feel is an itchy nose."


"I'm used to little random pheromone bursts because I work with teenagers a lot." He reassures. "Sometimes I even work with kids and they do it all the time, my nose is kinda used to it." This seems to be enough because Taehyung lets an affirming hum as they all lapse back into silence, this one far more comfortable than the one they'd held before.