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A warm breeze blew down over the hills, brushing across the lush green grass and growing flowers as they gently tilted with the wind. The world was alive with buzzing noises, birds and other animals alike chirping and nuzzling into their homes. A boy sat in a small patch of flowers, playing with the soft petals with his fingers, picking a few and collecting them in his hand. He was unaware of the world around him, the woods was usually only filled with small life, bugs and the occasional deer skitting past.

But there was one creature of the forest that was out prowling. The grass crunched and morphed under huge paws, glossy gray fur shimmering in the soft light that stroked down the creature. It’s big head was tilted to the boy, heavy paws making slow motions to steadily circle around the boy, tail tucked tightly against himself as to not brush the floor and give away his presence.

The wolf sat back in his haunches, moving its gaze from the flower picking boy to look at the slowly setting sunlight, pink glows painting his soft fur hues of pinkish orange. His eyes trailed back to the boy, blissfully continuing his flower picking, sniffing at the pretty colored plants before tucking them away in what seemed to be a bouquet he was arranging.

Normal circumstances, such a big animal keeping its eyes on a small boy meant trouble, but it was obvious from the posture and intent in the wolf’s steps his only mission was to protect. He didn’t lick his chops and lower into a hunting stance, only keeping a steady pacing around the boy from a safe distance, the crunch of his steps going unheard. His head was turned out, scanning the forest around him with careful eyes, nose pointed out to snuffle along the trees, clogged in different scents of small vermin and other creatures.

The boy looked up from where his fingers where gently caressing the petals of a rose, staring out into the setting sun, reflecting his warm eyes in tints of pretty pink, skin glowing in the colors. He glanced at his little hand full of flowers, gently placing them into his wooden basket and covering them with a soft fabric cloth.

He was too distracted to hear the snarling ahead of him, faint, but still ringing in the air and carrying out, a warning for all the small creatures to run. One of which, was busying himself in other activities the warning didn’t reach him.

It was too late to try and spring to his feet before the tree line broke and a flash of tan came tumbling toward the boy. He looked up with wide eyes, letting out a blood curdling scream as the wild cat screeched and hissed it’s own call, paws making loud thumps against the forest ground. The boy stayed frozen, squeezing his eyes shut, ready to feel teeth pierce his body. Instead, only the wails and hiss from the creature rose up.

Daring to peek open his eyes, the boy gaped as a tangle of gray and tan tumbled around the ground. He managed to scramble back a few inches as the creatures tossed and tumbled around, snarls, hisses, growls and other noises of battle raised from the spray of dust.

He heard a low growl before there was a powerful presence looming over him, holding its head high with anger set in its steal eyes. The shivering boy looked up with tears in his eyes, a long muzzle pointed out towards him, searching his face for any marks.

He let out a shaky breath, gazing out to see the wild cat hadn’t left yet, instead trying to circle around the small boy. The overly large wolf turned its body with its movements though, tail swishing dangerously and sharp canines on display, furry ears pinned back tightly against its head.

It was a few moments of tense silence, the only sound being the boy’s shaky breathing and the low snarls coming from the two creatures. After what felt like years, the cat slowly started to back off, not daring to turn its back as the wolf bluffed at it, snapping its strong jaws. It hissed one last time before twisting around and disappearing into the oncoming darkness of the night.

It stayed quiet for a few more beats before the wolf turned its huge head to the boy. He gulped, praying he wasn’t this animals meal now, jumping when suddenly a wet nose pressed against his forehead.

Go Home, Jungkook

It was a deep voice that grumbled in his head, sounding serious, his eyebrows furrowing as he looked up at the wolf. It’s eyes were staring right back at him, serious with a twist of concern in them.

Leave the flowers, they’ll only have animals on your trial the voice continued, making Jungkook gaze down at his basket of flowers. I’ll bring them to you, just leave now before it gets too dark

Jungkook didn’t hesitate to jump to his feet and run through the trees, feeling like he was high in adrenaline and losing his mind all at once. He wondered if he was dreaming, that when he awoke nothing would be there and he’d just realize he’s delusional.

He pushed away all the plants that hovered over his head, scrapping up his arms as he did so, fear lighting his veins on fire, lungs burning as he pushed them past their limit. Gazing ahead, he could faintly see the outline of his house, blurred with the tears that sprung to his eyes from being dried out from his quick pace.

When he reached the door, he wrenched it open and scurried inside before slamming it shut and slumping against the cool wood. Panting, he tangled his small fingers in his hair, eyes wide and breathing uneven as he thinks over what just happened. Glancing upwards, he peered out the window at the now darkened sky, playing the events that passed like a blur in his head over and over before he managed to push himself up to go to his room.


The cool air hit Jungkook in the face as he crept outside, his bare feet making a soft creek as they settled on the wooden porch. Peering around, he heard the chirps of somg birds and the rustle of their wings in their nest as the early light of morning started beaming through the thicket of leaves.

Taking a deep breath, Jungkook shut the door behind him and glanced behind it, staring blankly at the item sitting their staring back at him. Crouching to the ground, he pulled back the silk cloth and peered inside at the flowers neatly ordered around the basket, perfectly in place from where he had left them yesterday.

Pulling his blanket tighter around himself, he looked out into the woods, observing all the critters making noises, squinting to see as far as he could. Huffing, he picked up the basket and settled it in his arms before turning around to yank his door back open before disappearing inside.

Behind him a ray of sunlight shot through the trees, illuminating the outline of the wolf who was gazing directly at the spot the boy just disappeared.

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A blur of brown fell to the floor, followed by a loud thud as a young man stood straight and brushed pretty black crimped hair out of sparkling brown eyes. He looked around the somewhat empty room, boxes lining the side of the wall, sunlight beaming into the fronts of them, showing the neat handwriting labeling each box.

“Aye, Kook-ah?”

The young man turned around at the sound of his name, eyebrows raising in question as another man leans into the door. He was dressed in a baggy hoodie pulled over his brown hair, glasses falling off the edge of his nose and a blinding smile set over his face.

“Namjoon just got here with Jin, so we'll start bringing in furniture,” the man said, adjusting his glasses and blinking to adjust to the sudden lighting of the room. Jungkook smiled and stretched out his sore back, groaning softly before heading towards the door, slinging an arm around the other.

“Thanks Hobi, your help means a lot,” he grinned, pushing back his hood just to ruffle the neat locks. Hoseok scowled before adjusting his hair back into correct placement, pulling his hood back over his head before patting the youngest back.

“You know I love the shit out of you,” Hoseok laughs, pressing a big smooch on Jungkook's cheek before he let go of him to greet the two people who had just walked through the door.

Namjoon was dressed in a T-Shirt, stretched around his chest like it usually did when he wore tight clothing matched with light ripped jeans. His hair was pushed back out of his eyes and he was also sporting glasses, proving he and Hoseok were too lazy to put in contacts before they arrived.

“Why do you have so much shit in the moving truck you little fucker? You trying to kill me?” Another voice grumbled, a figure joining Namjoon's side before gripping his arm tightly, frown on his face.

“You aren't even moving anything, Jin, you're unpacking silverware,” Hoseok scoffs, disappearing out the door, heading down to the moving truck parked outside the dorms.

“That's still hard to do, why can't you do it Joonie?” Jin whined, looking up with a pout to his boyfriend.

Namjoon just grinned and placed a soft kiss on his pouting lips that instantly pulled into a smile. “Cause I'm carrying in all the heavy stuff, unless that's what you want to do?”

“No I'm okay!” Jin beamed, shoving the other away and walking over to Jungkook who rolled his eyes at the exchange.

“Lets go Kook,” the older grinned, throwing an arm around Jungkook to lead him into the medium sized kitchen.

They set to work on unpacking boxes for the kitchen, pulling out some food that Jungkook had bought just before he moved to the new dorm. They packed up the fridge, Jin having brought him a cake as a housewarming gift, claiming he needs to gain weight and eat as much as possible.

The younger just smiled and brushed it off, placing plates into a cabinet and organizing where he wants everything. Smiling, satisfied, he turned back around and started tearing open a few more boxes.

Seokjin has busied himself in putting silverware away into a small drawer, tucking them all neatly against each other. A peaceful silence fell over them for a few minutes, some shuffling sounds coming from them along with the clank of metal hitting against itself. They occasionally heard the huffs and grumbles of Hoseok and Namjoon bringing in furniture, Jungkook peeking over the high counter top to see Hoseok drop his couch onto the floor with a groan. He grinned, moving his eyes back down to putting items away and decorticating his small dinner table with fake flowers and decorative salt shakers. They were a gift from his close friend, Yoongi, who couldn’t stop by and help due to being busy but he did hand the other the two items shaped into two bears hugging. It was adorable and Jungkook didn’t hesitate to put them on the glass table, grinning at how nice they looked against the pale pink flowers tilted in their holder.

“Kook-ah,” Jin muttered, wandering up behind the younger and peering over his shoulder and smiling gently at the pretty decorations. He turned back to the boy who was looking up at him curiously, tilting his head to the side. “I know it’s hard moving schools so abruptly… especially after what happened… I—I just want you to know we’re here for you.”

The younger smiled tightly, unpleasant memories sweeping through his mind before he shoved them away, pulling the older into a tight hug.

“I know, Jinnie, I love you all,” he mumbled, gripping two fistfuls of the others shirt between his fingers until his knuckles turned white. “I’ll get used to it.”

He pulled back, seeing concern and worry light up Seokjin eyes as he wiped at the small thread of tears falling from his eyes. He sniffled and smudged them off his cheeks with a choked giggle. “I’ll be fine.”

“Kookie!” The sudden excitement of Hoseok’s voice made them both twist around with confused expressions. “Something was sent in the mail for you,” he trotted up to the boy and gently placed a large sized envelope in his hands, bright smile on his face as usual.

“Thanks, Hobi,” he hummed, placing the item onto his counter and making a mental reminder to open it later once he was settled in. Jungkook looked over Hoseok’s shoulder, seeing that most the items for his living room had been brought in, making his smile with glee.

“We should go out tonight to celebrate you moving in,” Namjoon remarked, popping up behind the three after weaving through Jungkook’s bedroom. Seokjin seemed to agree since he squealed and clapped his hands with a pleased nod of his head.

Jungkook groaned, pushing himself into the kitchen before jumping up on the counter to spectate some of the moving men bringing in heavier items such as his mattress. His attention was caught again when Jin was standing directly in front of him, eyes wide with excitement.

“You can meet everyone! You can start making new friends, oh this is amazing!”

The younger chuckled, nodding along as the other started to ramble. Namjoon and Hoseok had disappeared again, claiming they wanted to bring in the last few items. Moving in didn’t seem bad so far.


Jungkook kneeled onto the soft carpet of his bedroom, rummaging through his belongings with a few soft hums as he glanced around, seeing a lot of things out of place. He had discarded boxes laying against the walls, having finally made it to the last box after hours of unpacking his room, opting for throwing some of them into the closet that contained his clothes so he wouldn’t have to hang them.

Now he was organizing his books, having brought his collection of them with him to store in the small bookshelf that Namjoon bought him after he saw the piles of them in his last apartment. It was painted black to go along with the soft purplish tinted comforter of his bed, morphed more into a darker color but the tint of purple visible nonetheless. He organized his books how he wanted them, having room on top to make it a footrest that curls up to the window seal with enough room to make a little cozy hangout. He packed that area with a soft purple blanket and a few pillows, hanging silk curtains over it that hooked into the wall to brush away to allow light in.

It was perfect and peaceful, sighing blissfully, Jungkook fell into his bed with and huff, wrapping the soft blankets over his body, tucking his gift from Hoseok under his arm. It was a small bunny plush, having been told many times that he reminded the older of a rabbit, he scowled at it but still kept it by his side, being appreciative for being given anything at all.

Snatching his phone from where it sat under his pillow, he turned it on with a soft click to see the array of texts, most from Jin the others old one he hadn’t opened from Namjoon and Hoseok and finally a message from Yoongi.

hope everything went smoothly settling in, I’ll see you tonight Kookie

He beamed at the message, loving seeing the soft side of Yoongi he didn’t show often. He smiled and scrolled to the messages from Jin.

We are going to this pizza place
It’s really nice I think you’ll like it
Me and Joon are coming to pick you up at 8 so you better be ready
Yah, are you ignoring me you brat?

Glancing at the time, Jungkook noticed it was about to turn seven, meaning he would have to drag himself out of his bed. Groaning he clicked his phone back off before sitting up and ruffling his hair around, stretching out his back, not noticing how stiff he had gotten from moving around all day.

Digging through his piles of clothing he lazily dug and randomly grabbed something, glancing at the items to make sure they were decent before disappearing into his bathroom. He clicked the door shut behind him gently, the sound of running water following after him.


The first thing Jungkook was greeted with as he walked through the door of the pizza place he had been brought to was a soul crushing hug from Yoongi. He barely had time to realize who it was hugging him before the other pulled away and patted him on the shoulder with a gummy smile lining his face.

“Hey, Yoongs,” he greeted throwing an arm around the other and walking over to the table they already had saved. He spotted Hoseok, matched with two unfamiliar faces looking up at him with friendliness lighting up their matching brown eyes. Namjoon and Seokjin followed in after them, easing into the seats without thought and greeting to the boy’s he didn’t recognize.

When his thighs touched the table was when the two boys looked back up at him, one in particular catching his eyes immediately. He had soft looking blonde hair falling over his eyes which swimmed with warmth and some other emotion he couldn’t quite put his finger on. It almost seemed like relief mixed with happiness, but he brushed it off as he was imagining it. His lips were a soft pink color, the opposite of his, having more plushness on the top one than the bottom. He was gorgeous and dear god Jungkook had been staring for too long.

“Jungkook, this is Taehyung and Jimin,” Yoongi introduces the two. “They’re both two years ahead of you at your college so feel free to ask them anything.”

“O-Oh, I, uh, nice to meet you,” he stumbled, breaking from his admiring of the boy now identified as Taehyung, flush rising up on his cheeks. The one named Jimin was very pretty as well, having silver hair that parted in the middle of his head, very plush pink lips pulled into a large eye smile as he greeted Jungkook.

As Yoongi sat down he decided to seat himself next to Taehyung, that being the only seat left open, crossing his hands in his lap. He fiddled with his fingers nervously, having had a lot of anxiety with meeting new people as of late, but Taehyung seemed nice, he just made small talk until the younger was a little more comfortable.

“So, why are you moving schools?” Jimin asked after Jungkook had blanked out of the conversation. Raising his head from staring at his drink, Jungkook looked at the small boy with panic overtaking him. He opened his mouth to speak but Hoseok quickly came to his rescue.

“He just wanted a change, his old school didn’t offer a lot of opportunities,” he smiled, taking the attention off the panicking boy who expressed his thankfulness through a look. Hoseok only smiled reassuringly and started up another conversation with Jimin, seemingly very happy to be talking to him.

It was refreshing in a way, seeing the slight blush that came up into Hoseok’s cheeks and his dimples pop out as he chatted with the smaller boy. He seemed to cling onto every word that came from Jimin’s mouth, leaning into his palm and nodding along to everything he said, holding eye contact, something close to affection gleaming in his eyes. His lips were pulled into a permanent smile, tilted off by the hand pressing into his cheek.

He smiled and turned to see what else was going on at the table, Jin and Yoongi bickering about something while Namjoon watched on in amusement. Listening in he picked up the topic was about if cats or dogs were better, he hid his grin behind his hand, shoulders shaking with silent laughter.

“So, when are your classes?” Taehyung suddenly spoke up, Jungkook looking back up to see two stunning brown eyes boring into his own. He swallowed the lump in his throat, wondering in the back of his mind how someone was allowed to be so attractive.

“Um, they start at noon but I usually get up earlier to have some me time,” he answered, mentally applauding himself for not stuttering that time. Taehyung nodded softly at his words, a small smile creeping onto his face.

“So do mine, maybe we’ll bump into each other on campus,” he remarked, humming as he took another sip from his drink seated in front of him pressed against his arm. Oh god, his arms, they were nice too.

Dammit Jungkook, no, focus.

Jungkook just nodded dumbly, looking away from the other to fiddle nervously with the straw of his drink, feeling Taehyung’s eyes on the side of his head for a few more moments before they moved away.

He was so



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Jungkook watched on as his friends downed more drinks, shaking his head at the pink tint that started to fill their cheeks the more they drank. Taehyung hadn’t touched anything though, claiming he was Jimin’s ride for the night and he needed to stay sober.

Glancing over to Jimin he could understand why, the older seemed to really enjoy drinking, his cheeks were bright red and his words coming more slurred. He also seemed to get a lot more cutesy, pulling pouts and whines when someone tried to take the liquor from him, which Taehyung had attempted multiple times. He had given up eventually, letting the other drink to his heart's content while Hoseok watched on with amusement lighting up his face.

He had a few drinks himself, nothing close to what everyone else did but it was enough to leave a soft pink tint on his cheeks and warmth radiating off the tips of his ears. He leaned into his palms, humming under his breath, ignoring the chaos of everyone talking rather loudly with each other, hoping in the back of his mind they weren’t disrupting anyone.

“Hey,” the deep voice speaking from his side made Jungkook blink open his eyes and glance up with a tilt of his head. “Do you need a ride? It seems like your group is trashed.”

Peeking back over to his friends it was obvious that everyone was drunk as shit, except for Hoseok who seemed to be set on driving Jimin home, which he didn’t admit but he could tell. Namjoon seemed stable, listening to the rambling from Jin who was trashed, leaning over the table and muttering nonsense under his breath. Yoongi was a calm drunk but it was still obvious in the way his posture was slanted and his entire face was red, probably radiating off warmth.

Snorting, Jungkook turned his attention back to Taehyung who was studying him carefully with delicate patiences in his face, not seeming annoyed that Jungkook had blanked out. Did he really want a random stranger driving him home? Well he was friends with his friends, meaning a really good trust had been brought up. On the other hand, stranger in his house. But, a hot as shit stranger. Tipsy wasn’t doing him good right now.

“No, it’s okay I can take the bus,” he answered softly, turning his attention to his food, taking little nibbles of his noodles.

“You live in the dorms?” Taehyung asked next, confusion written on his face, probably considering the others told him differently.

“Erm, no,” he muttered, blinking his heavy eyes, wondering what time it was. “But the bus takes me to the ones that are close so it’s fine, I could use the air.”

Taehyung nodded and turned back to the table, starting a conversation with a very drunk Jimin, obviously just wanting something to make fun of the other for in the morning. Jungkook let out a sigh, deciding to join along with the others and taking larger gulps of his alcohol, throwing it back quickly until he felt his face getting warmer.

The table was still alive with happiness, everyone talking to each other with laughter filling the air as even more food was brought along with drinks. Taehyung passed his over to Jimin who had whined at his friend until it was slid over to him, even though it didn’t contain alcohol, something fruity he didn’t really notice. Jungkook instead took a sip of his own drink, gulping yet another glass down before placing it on the table, humming pleasantly under his breath.

He stared at the empty glass for a few seconds, wandering off to the reason he was sitting where he was, mind spinning with the reasons of why he switched schools, brain foggy as he sat in a wallow of pity and self hatred for a moment. His mind twisted with the flashbacks, the memories, the touches, everything he had gone through playing back in flashes of terrifying vivid color, haunting his very being. He gripped tighter on his glass, threatening to break it before his hold was loosened by a hand wrapping around his. Jungkook stayed blanked out for a few seconds before trailing up to look Namjoon in the eyes who looked concerned and worried.

He faltered out of his moment, realising his glass and moving his hand away with a sudden jerk, almost like the touch burned. His friend continued looking on in worry until Jungkook managed to brush him off with a shaky reassurance that he was just thinking. It obviously didn’t convince him, but it was enough to get him to turn back to the conversation buzzing around the table.

Sighing, Jungkook looked up only to catch Taehyung’s gaze on the side of his head. He suddenly felt dizzy, the room feeling a lot more warm than it did before. Knitting his eyebrows together, Jungkook stood abruptly, adjusting his jacket on his shoulder before letting out a shaky breath.

“I need some air, I’ll be right back,” he murmured, turning around to head for the nearest entrance, the only one being the outside eating area and the front entrance. He opted for slipping into the eating area, it being empty since it had gotten late at night.

The cool air brushed over his cheeks, cooling them down from their burning after chugging down so many drinks so quickly. It was probably a stupid decision on his side, he just needed a moment to get lost, to forget. The night had been amazing and he loved all his friends but, he couldn’t help that he thought of the reason he was sitting here right now. Why he lived in a completely new apartment, why he was attending a completely new school. Groaning, he ran his fingers through his neat hair, ruffling it up from its placement as he worried his hands through it a few times.

He faintly heard the door creaking open, the chaos of the inside of the building shooting out in a headache of noise before it was suddenly silent again. Jungkook looked up from his hands, seeing a figure approaching before a chair was moved to the side so another person could stand a few paces away from him.

“You okay?” Taehyung asked gently, worry dotting his tone as he looked down at his hands, seemingly wanting to give the other space. He really appreciated it at the moment.

Nodding silently, Jungkook glanced over at the older who slowly shifted his gaze to him as well, softness lighting up his face, showcasing his concern.

“I’m fine, just… overwhelmed,” he hummed, brushing his hair back into place with his fingers. “I’m not used to socializing in such big groups I think I got anxious.”

“Mm, chugging down those drinks probably didn’t help,” the other commented, silence falling for a moment. “Do you want some water?”

“I’m okay,” Jungkook insisted, smiling weakly before turning back around. “Let’s just get to the others before they get wor—“

“Hey, Jungkook?” Taehyung interrupted, the younger pausing with his fist around the door handle, eyebrows cocked. “I know we just met, but if you need someone to talk to, I can try to help.”

The other smiled lightly, nodding his head, not trusting his voice to answer as he slipped back into the noisy room. He made his way back to the others, still as loud as ever, but a little quieter as he sat back in his seat. He noticed there was a glass of water already pushed into his spot, eyeing Taehyung as he made his way back to his seat as well. He took is anyway, pressing the straw to his lips and drinking until he felt lighter.

Namjoon sent him a look, the fatherly one of “is everything alright?” Jungkook answered with a small smile and weak thumbs up. He turned over to Taehyung who was regarding him with a concerned look still on his face. Jungkook smiled shyly, trying to look reassuring as he kept taking sips from the water the other had given him.


Keys clinking against each other, Jungkook unlocked the door to his apartment with a soft click before pushing the door aside and stepping in the quiet area. He pushed the door shut before flicking on the light. It was a peaceful silence as he wandered deeper into the well sized building, admiring the way the movers and his friends had arranged the furniture.

Walking into the kitchen, he dropped his keys loudly on his counter, hearing them click against each other loudly before it was quiet again. Shifting around Jungkook took notice of the package still sitting on his counter, forgetting to open it before he was dragged out by Namjoon and Jin.

Curiosity taking a grip on him, Jungkook picked up the item, feeling only a little bit of weight on it before he tore it open and peered inside. It contained a book and a letter sprawled out over the front to hide the title of the book, intended to make him read it. He pulled it from the sandy colored envelope and unfolded the paper, met by neat handwriting perfectly placed on the blank paper.

Dear, Jungkook

You probably don’t know me yet but I wanted to give you a house warming gift anyway. I was told that you really like reading and some of your personal favorites so I bought you a book. I hope you like it, the return receipt is in there just in case.


Jungkook smiled warmly at the letter, looking back into the envelope and pulling out the book and glancing at the title. His face lit up as he gasped excitedly, holding it out to peer at as if he didn’t believe his eyes.

It was the book he had been wanting to get for a while but he was too focused on saving money for his apartment he never got around to it. It was cheesy, that was his type of thing, a romance book about werewolves, like every story nowadays but he loved them. Beaming he tucked the book under his arm and grabbed the note before heading to his room.

Crouching down onto the floor, he carefully placed the book in with all his others, smiling contently and peering down at the note. He slipped it into a small cubby he hadn’t filled yet, deeming it perfect to place the letter for safe keeping, it was simple but it was sweet. He appreciated small gestures, this Taehyung guy was already rubbing off on him well.

Letting out a yawn, he finally pushed back up onto his feet and stumbled off into his bathroom to do his nightly routine. He brushed his teeth quickly and yanked on some sleeping clothes, deciding on a hoodie and his boxers before he scrubbed his face to rid of all his makeup he put on before going out. Tossing his dirty clothes in the bin he turned back to his room and fell into his bed without a second thought, curling up tightly in the sheets with a content hum.

Deciding to glance at his phone, Jungkook noticed two new numbers that popped up, remembering vaguely he gave Taehyung and Jimin his number when he was tipsy.

It was nice meeting you, I hope you got home safe. If you need to talk my offer still stands, have a good night and well rest.

It was weirdly formal, but cute nonetheless. Jungkook huffed a small giggle before turning to Jimin’s text.

It was great meeting you! Tell Hobi I said thank you for dropping me off, I forgot to thank him I was so out of it, hehe. I hope to see you again soon, goodnight!

He smiled at the messages, locking his phone before he plugged it in and nuzzled into his blankets. Letting out a tired yawn, he yanked his blankets over himself, covered in the scent of fabric softener. Before he completely dozed, he pawed his gift from Hoseok over until it was pressed into his arms, squishing his nose into the faux fur and smiling. He felt safe, finally.


“Stupid bitch, it’s cold,” the smudge of black grumbled, a tangle of almost oil like limbs standing from the table as the small boy held his head down with shallow breathing.

“I’m s-sorry, I can microwave it?” the boy mumbled, keeping his head hung and hands clenched in tight fist.

Suddenly the boy was picked up by the collar of his shirt, whimpering as his body was slammed against the nearest wall, all breath squeezing out of his lungs. Tears sprung to his eyes as a heavy fist connected to his cheek, leaving a throbbing pain building up on the area as the boy sobbed.

The monster glowered at him, eyes void of emotion, colored a blood red, resembling the blood covering his fist from the droplets that started falling from the boy’s nose.

“You’re fucking useless aren’t you Jungkook?”



Shooting up with a gasp, Jungkook grasped his wildly beating heart, tears running down the length of his face as he let out ragged breaths, on the verge of hyperventilating. He didn’t register the hand gently stroking his back, or the worried faces staring at the side of his head as he tried to gain his breathing back.

“Kookie?” that voice was picked up though, seeming distant but close as he managed to crane his neck to see Yoongi looking at him with fear in his eyes. His brain started piecing together back to the real world, all the throbbing pain of his dream starting to fade when his hyung gently held his hand and brushed his hair back.


“Shh, it’s okay,” the other reassured, still sounding scared as he coaxed Jungkook back into the real world. His breathing eventually slowed and he collapsed into Yoongi’s embrace, breathing becoming unsteady again as he cried into his shirt.

“It was just a dream, you’re okay,” the other said softly, continuing the stroke Jungkook’s hair until he settled, head pressed into the now tear stained shirt. He eventually pulled away, wiping at his face with a few soft sniffles, knowing he didn’t need to to explain, Yoongi knew what happened.

“I’m sorry,” he apologized, tugging his sleeve over his hand to wipe his tears away. Yoongi frowned and pushed his hair back again before running his thumb over his knuckles reassuringly, Jungkook understanding he was saying he didn’t need to apologize.

They sat in silence while Jungkook composed himself, shuffling up from his bed to head to the bathroom before he was stopped by Yoongi’s voice calling out to him.

“Erm, Seokjin…. and Taehyung were in here when you woke up,” he explained, hesitant. “You’ll probably have to go reassure them once your done, but I’ll tell them you’re okay.”

Jungkook turned around from having his hand on the handle of the bathroom door, furrowing his eyebrows and tilting his head at Yoongi for a minute before he spoke. “Why is Taehyung here?”

“He came with us, wanted to help showing you around,” he answered, looking regretful now, it wasn’t something Jungkook wanted to talk about to a stranger.

Sighing, he twisted his door open and stepped into the bathroom to wash his face, leaving it peeked open to keep up his conversation with Yoongi. He massaged the redness out of his eyes before lightly touching the bags under his eyes, proving his rough sleep.

“Just tell them I’ll be out in a moment, okay,” Jungkook muttered, brushing out his hair until it bounced itself back into messy small curls. “Can you warm up a poptart for me too, I’m really hungry.”

“Sure, kid,” Yoongi hummed, faint rustling heard as he stood up from the youngers bed. He heard the door click shut behind him, giving him the clear to strip off his sleeping clothes and wander back into his room and change into day clothes.

He threw on a soft knitted turtleneck, the material folding over after stopping in the middle of his neck, falling over his hands in sweater paws. He yanked on ripped jeans to match, the material clinging to the shape of his legs but having enough room that he was comfortable. Grabbing some socks he threw them on his feet to take out the extra task once he left his room, he glanced over himself in his body mirror attached to his door, seeing his hair was a mess. He shrugged it off with a grumble of annoyance before yanking said door open.

He padded into the kitchen, greeted by two poptarts placed on a paper towel. He smiled and grabbed one, starting to munch on it before he was interrupted by arms encasing him in a lung crushing hug. He wheezed before he turned to look at Seokjin who looked worried and stressed out. Jungkook reaches a hand back and gently pat the top of the others head in reassurance as he kept eating.

“I’m okay, hyung,” he said softly, waiting until the older let him go before turning around to hug him gently. “I’m really okay, it was just a bad dream.”

Jin didn’t look convinced, obviously knowing what the dream was about as he placed a loving kiss on the top of Jungkook’s head before he moved away. The younger gave a weak smile, turning his head to be greeted by a frowning Taehyung.

His heart clenched for some unknown reason, hating to see the look of sadness on the older. He gave him the same smile, hoping it would make him lighten up but it only proved to make him frown harder. He walked over to Jungkook to stand in front of him as Seokjin had. He looked so torn, obviously wanting to ask questions but knowing somewhat that he probably shouldn’t or they wouldn’t be answered. And he was correct, Jungkook wasn’t going to talk about that stuff with Taehyung, be barely knew him.

Jungkook reaches out for the other anyway, not knowing what brought him to do it but he wrapped his arms around Taehyung, placing his cheek against his solid chest. He felt the others large hands safely tuck around his back, keeping him grounded as he felt soft breaths hit the top of his head, throwing his hair out of place.

Why was he hugging him? Don’t ask Jungkook cause even he didn’t know. He just wanted to see the other smile and be happy, not worried and sad because of him.

He pulled back after a moment, looking up to meet sparkling eyes, seeming a lot more assured and happy. He mentally sighed in relief, smiling from ear to ear, feeling a weight come off his chest, completely forgetting about the morning events and his dream. He suddenly flushed when he realized what he had done, hiding his red cheeks by pulling up his turtleneck and twisting his face away from the other.

“I’m okay,” he said one last time. “We should go before we run out of time to go through all my classes.”


It wasn’t as bad as Jungkook had assumed, going through all his classes didn’t take long and he realized he even had some classes with Taehyung and Jimin. Math with Taehyung and science with Jimin, it was reassuring he’d get to see them during the day.

He followed Taehyung and Jin along, not lucky enough to have any classes with Jin since he was a higher grade than him. It was okay though, cause he and Namjoon didn’t live that far from his new apartment. He was spacing out until a person was by his side, he glanced up to Taehyung who was smiling kindly at him.

“What do you think so far?”

Jungkook glanced around him, even though he had seen everything, turning back to the older and smiling shyly. “It’s nice, I like it.”

“Make sure to call me if you ever need anything,” Taehyung hummed, his arm suddenly brushing against Jungkook’s, making his light up a bright red. “I’m always here when you need me.”

Jungkook nodded quickly and went to catch up with Seokjin before he did something stupid like make a fangirl noise over how deep the other’s voice had gotten when he spoke. He placed his cool hands over his flaming cheeks, huffing and pouting, annoyed by the effect the other had on him.

He looked over to see Taehyung smirking to himself, obviously knowing why the other had sprinted off to his friend, seeming smug. He grumbled as his cheeks started cooling down, it was unfair that he was so affected by the older.

He ignored his pouting for now and turned his attention back to Jin as he kept talking about the school and where everything was placed. He nodded along, but was heavily aware of Taehyung walking directly behind them, staring at the side of his head with a fond smile.

Chapter Text

It was much easier to adjust to the new school than Jungkook had originally thought. It was still difficult of course to relax and unwind around such a big group, since he was closer to everyone it was now so much easier to meet up. They all met multiple times, eating out regularly, each time taking turns with who paid. It was refreshing, having such close friends to be able to look forward to seeing every weekend and usually every night since at least one of them stopped by his apartment to study or just hang out with him.

He and Taehyung had grown much closer over the past months, Jungkook coming in frequently to the cafè that he figured out the older worked at not too long after he moved in.

He had walked in, having came in early in the morning, way before his classes with only a book in his hands along with his wallet and phone pressed in his pockets. He glanced around the place, wanting to find a place close to him to relax and drink something warm and soothing.

Jungkook seated himself by the window, seeing the sun starting to rise over the other buildings, painting across his cheeks a soft pink tint, smudged in with a little bit of orange. He hummed pleasantly under his breath, taking out his book and flicking it open to the page he was on, skimming until he found where he left off.

As he waited for a waitress to come he started quickly reading his book, caught up in the storyline that he didn’t even notice the click of shoes heading his way before he heard someone gasp quietly. He glanced up from his book and met pretty brown eyes and a boxy smile. Blinking a few times he smiled shyly at the sight of Taehyung, wearing a black apron over a white button up rolled up to his elbows, matched with casual black pants. He looked good, but he always did so it was no longer a surprise to him anymore.

“Taehyung, hi,” he greeted quietly, still not seeming to be able to talk to the other without becoming a shy mess. He adjusted his turtleneck, having taking a liking to the item when Taehyung had complimented it during one of the outings with the group. It was comfortable and was easy to tuck over his cheeks when they flushed, which seemed to happen a lot recently around the older.

“Hi, Jungkook,” Taehyung smiled, blonde hair fuzzy and looking unbrushed but it suited him.

“You work here?” the younger asked next, placing down his book for a second to give Taehyung his full attention, folding the page in so he doesn’t lose his place. The older looked up the action before his eyes drifted back to his face.

“Yeah, you should stop by more often we make really good Caramel Macchiatos,” the older hummed, grin looking so out of place with the veins running up his arms. He seemed to blank for a moment, just studying Jungkook for a moment before a thought entered his mind. “Speaking of, would you want one? Or were you not planning on ordering?”

Jungkook paused for a second before he managed to smile easily at the other, bunny smile on full display and another flush rising to his cheeks. “I’ll try one, it’ll hopefully relax me before class.”

Taehyung smiled back and nodded, boxy smile looking adorable before Jungkook caught a glimpse of those damn arms again. He gulped once the other turned around, tucking his turtleneck up again, feeling that it was going to start becoming a habit to yank up the fabric of his clothing to hide his blush.

He went back to reading his book, pretty much shoving his nose in it and hoping that when or if Taehyung came back he wouldn’t catch that he’s already halfway done with the book he had given him. He couldn’t help it, he loved the story in the book, the characters and their development and just the sappy romance. He read through most of it in one sitting despite only having received the book a few weeks ago.

But fate wasn’t on his side since he read a small chuckle before a hot mug was placed in front of him on a plate. He didn’t glance up, flushing again in embarrassment as Taehyung smiled down at him.

“Is that the book I got you?”

Jungkook pouted and looked up from the book, not wanting to admit that he was almost done with it so fast. “Maybe,” he mumbled instead, eyes glinting with embarrassment but amusement.

“So I’m assuming you like it?” Taehyung asked next, smiling as he tilted to the side to look Jungkook better in the eye.

The younger nodded and thumbed at the page of his book nervously, the intense and fond look glistening in Taehyung’s eyes never failing to make him a lit with nerves. He smiled gently and nodded his head, tucking his legs up closer to his chest in shyness, not used to acting like this around people.

“It’s really good, thank you so much for buying it for me,” he beamed, managing to smile without having another blush come to his face.

“You’re welcome,” Taehyung looked gentle with his usual hint of fondness. “I need to get back to work, I’ll see you in class.”

Taehyung moved away from the table, going back to work behind the counter, seeing him talk with some other person who lightly shoved him. They were both looking over at him before they quickly looked away when they realized he was meeting their gaze. He felt heat in his cheeks yet again before turning to his book again to start where he left off again, taking a sip of his drink with a small yip, it was delicious.

After meeting their the first time it became a regular thing for Jungkook to come in during the morning before classes to get the same thing, always asking for Taehyung to make it. Any other time someone made it it just wasn’t the same, he loved the way that the older made it, it was just something extra that made it better.

They were a lot closer, Jungkook became more comfortable around him, but the blushing never stopped. He got plenty of teasing from his other friends about it, constantly hearing about how he never acted like that around anyone else.

He settled into his new apartment, finally having unpacked all his boxes and forcing himself to hang up all his clothes he had laying in boxes. Credit to Jin for coming in and organizing his closet since he didn’t want to, and Jimin for stopping by at one point to give him a dresser to sit by his bed for underwear and sleepwear.

Speaking of Jimin, it was way too obvious now that Hoseok was trying to get with him. Every chance he got they were together, attached at the hip, all smiles and flirty touches. Jungkook rolled his eyes at the exchanges, teasing his friend whenever he found the chance, who just shot back with Jungkook’s blushing scenario. It was a game of back and forth between the two now.

Overall, Jungkook was much happier than he had been before, but his scars still haunted him every now and then. But it was getting better, because he had six supportive friends by his side when he needed them.


Books were scattered around the dark purple sheets, some closed and others hanging open or tilting off the bed, papers resting on top of them. Jungkook sat in the middle of the mess, pencil held up to his lips that he tapped a few times in thought. His hair was messy, unkept from constant running his fingers through it whenever he got frustrated, which was a lot at this point.

He lost track of how long he had been staring at the same math problem, trying to answer it in his head before it wrote it down before realizing he missed something. He groaned and reached out for his phone, seeing the bold time of 9:30pm, typing in his password before opening the group chat between everyone.

[Seven Dumbasses Group Chat]

Kookie uwu: can someone come and help me with my homework before I lose my mind?

Sunshine boi: Jiminie is sick I’m taking care of him :( I’m sorry Kook

Father Hen: me and yoongi are in the studio, Jin’s at home he might be able to help

Mother Hen: Ah, work called in so I’m stuck here now. I’m sorry Kook-ah

Kookie uwu: it’s fine I’ll figure it out

Taehyungie: I can come help if you want, I’ve got nothing else to do

Kookie uwu: really!?

Taehyungie: of course, I’m on my way, I’ll bring some food too


Taehyungie: no problem Kookie~

Jungkook clicked off his phone, placing it in his counter and smiling when he turned back to his homework. His phone buzzed again when Taehyung asked him what he wanted to eat, he decided fast food would be fine and just told the older to get something that wasn’t too far since he wasn’t picky.

Soon enough Taehyung was at his door, Jungkook pushed his books aside to answer the door, only dressed in sweats and a hoodie, looking ready to sleep paired with glasses hanging off the tip of his nose. He yanked the door open and was greeted by the smell of food and the woodsy scent that always clung to Taehyung no matter what.

“Thank you for coming over,” Jungkook grinned, stepping aside so the other could walk into the apartment. “I’m sorry, it’s a bit messy.”

“That’s alright,” Taehyung chuckled, kicking off his shoes and nudging them into the shoe area before he stepped onto the carpet of the living room. “What homework did you need help with?”

Jungkook followed close behind him, taking off his glasses to rub at the sore spot on the bridge of his nose. “Math,” he groaned, slumping against the counter, piecing together that he had been work since he got home at four. It surely wasn’t healthy that he hadn’t taken a break since. “I’ve been working on it since four, I’m exhausted.”

He heard the crinkle of the bags being placed down on the counter before two hands cupped his cheeks. He smiled lazily up at Taehyung who was regarding him with worry and concern. The telltale red started crawling up his neck as he was studied closely by the other.

“You should take a break, Kookie, you’re gonna overwork yourself,” the older chided, examining the bags forming under Jungkook’s doe eyes. The younger of his pair raised his hands and placed them over Taehyung’s larger ones, intending to take them off his face but instead finding himself twinning their fingers together.

“Mm okay, just wanna get this work done,” Jungkook hummed, closing his heavy eyes before blinking them back open when his cheeks were squished in tightly. He giggled at the action, sounding light and a little croaked from not drinking water for a while, he’d been too caught up in his studies to notice.

“Hm, we at least eat while we’re working,” Taehyung opted, letting go of Jungkook’s cheek and ruffling up his messy hair with a fond smile. “Let’s get it done so you can get to bed on time.”

“Worried I’ll stay up past my bedtime, mom?” Jungkook scoffed, tucking his glasses away into the pocket of his hoodie as he leaned against the counter where Taehyung was digging through the bags of food and taking everything out.

“Growing boys need their sleep,” the older smirked, booping the youngers nose, causing it to scrunch up in distaste.

“I’m twenty one I’m done growing,” Jungkook grumbled, ashamed of the heat in his face. Taehyung only let of a huff of laughter through his nose and collected all the food he brought and headed off to Jungkook’s bedroom, who followed behind him with a slouched form.

His room was a mess, the only area that was kept and nice was his little library area, he insisted on keeping that area clean and spotless. The rest was covered in clothes and his bed was still covered in books, otherwise it wasn’t THAT bad. Well to him at least.

He nuzzled up into his bed, making room by pushing some books away to the side to make room for Taehyung. He looked up at the older, all soft smile and fluffy hair matched with scrunched tired eyes.

The older seemed frozen for a moment, staring down at all the blankets piled around in a semicircle with all his pillows skewed everywhere. Jungkook tilted his head in confusion, Taehyung looking like he just got the air knocked out of him.

“Taehyung? Something wrong?”

That seemed to snap him out of his thoughts, he gulped and shook his head, leaning and placing one hand inside the barrier of blankets, books and pillows. “Can I sit?”

“Of course,” Jungkook chuckled, grabbing the older’s arm and pulling him in until they were sitting side by side. He snatched the bag of food from his hands while he was still dazed, digging through it and taking out French fries and instantly starting to nibble at them.

Taehyung watched him munch on the fries for a few seconds before turning to the problem on the papers sat out in front of them. He skimmed his finger over as he read it out in his head, piecing everything together while Jungkook made soft snuffles resembling a bunny at his side. Once he figured it out he nodded and Jungkook watched as he typed it out on his calculator to double check everything he had scribbled out before he nodded slowly in understanding.

He turned to Jungkook and started explaining how to solve the problem while the younger nodded along to his words watching everything he wrote out with careful eyes. It took a few moments before it clicked in Jungkook’s head what he had missed, he beamed when he managed to snag down the next problem easily, scribbling in his scratchy writing trying to get his ideas down before they left his mind. He glanced at the time and pouted, the time starting to roll around to ten.

Falling into the sheets, he reached around Taehyung’s lean body to steal more food from the bag set by his side. He chewed one of the nuggets, glancing up to see Taehyung’s eyes on him with an affectionate look in them, making him blush. He had pushed his glasses back on at some point, tired of squinting at the words on his paper, the item now hanging off his nose a bit.

“Those look cute on you,” Taehyung remarked, leaning back on his arms and tilting his head to get a better view of the others scrunching nose. It was a habit to scrunch his nose when he was flustered or when he was eating something in little bites.

“What does?”

“Your glasses,” the older hummed, turning back to Jungkook’s work, seeing there was a good amount left. “How much do you want to get done tonight?”

“All of it,” Jungkook muttered, sitting back up, his glasses almost falling before Taehyung pressed them back up until they sat properly on his nose. He flushed, getting a good look at those damned hands, covered in veins before he cleared his throat. “I’m just tired, haven’t slept well these past few days.”

He stretched his arms above his head, scratching his head gently and tossing his hair away from his eyes before he yawned into his hand. He glanced over to the older, eyes heavy yet again.

“Why? Are you cold? Uncomfortable? Is there anyway I can help?” Taehyung asked instantly, frown coming over his face and his head falling to the side in a tilt.

“Nightmares,” Jungkook replied quietly, vague but he knew the other would understand. Well, to some extent of that he knew he had them a lot. He of course didn’t actually know what they were about or anything related to them.

They stayed silent for a few moments before Taehyung spoke up again. “Well, I hope they stop soon, you need sleep. We’ll try to finish this so you can get to bed at a reasonable time.”

Jungkook nodded and scooted closer to the other and peer at his steps when he helped him through a problem. It went on like that for a while, the world outside only getting darker and darker and Jungkook’s eyes heavier and heavier, but he managed to stay half awake through it. He kept writing on his papers, hearing Taehyung eat while he worked, nodding off a few times before he regained focus.

It didn’t last much longer as the clock started ticking later, his eyes feeling like they weighed a hundred pounds as he forced himself to stay awake. He grumbled a few times, blinking his eyes roughly and taking off his glasses to rub at the forming mark on his nose.

“TaeTae I’m tired~” he grunted at one point, feeling somewhat high on how exhausted he was as the other just chuckled. He pouted up at the older who only brushed his hair back in reply before his pencil was taking from his fingers.

“I’ll finish some of this and just explain it to you, okay?” he asked, not finding the equations that hard, considering he wasn’t that tired, he had gotten proper sleep unlike the sleepy boy near him.

Jungkook listened to Taehyung talk about the problems, his head and body leaning over until he gently placed his head against the others shoulder. He didn’t see the others reaction because he was already beginning to doze off. He grumbled under his breath, nuzzling his cheek over Taehyung’s shoulder until his nose touched the skin of his neck, not really processing it as he puffed out soft relaxed breaths.

He felt a soft hand come around him, balancing him out before settling on his lower back and gently moving in soothing circles. Jungkook smiled sleepily against his shoulder before he regained some part of him mind, almost jolting away.

“Mm sorry, you’re just comfortable,” he mumbled an explanation, still half awake. He did hear the small huff from the other before his voice followed.

“It’s fine, you need sleep anyway, I’ll finish this and then head home,” Taehyung muttered, the soft scratching of his pencil rising as he kept writing.

“Nooo, stay the night,” Jungkook pouted. “Sleep on the couch and make me breakfast in the morning, you’re the only one who does it right.”

Taehyung laughed softly, shaking his head and peering down at the boy who was laying on his shoulder again.

“I’d love to Kook, but I do need to get home so I can go to work in the morning.”

“Call in sick,” Jungkook grumbled.

“I can’t just call in sick to cook you breakfast,” Taehyung rolled his eyes, vaguely wondering if this is what Jungkook was like when he was drunk. He had only witnessed him tipsy and flushed.

“Yes you can, you just don’t want to,” he huffed next.

“Just sleep, Kookie,” the older tried not to burst into laughter.

Jungkook relented and settled into Taehyung’s shoulder again, swaying off to the scribbling coming from the pencil against the paper. He yawned and wrapped himself around the other, only settling fully when an arm went around to start stroking his back again. He smiled and hummed quietly, giving into his tiredness and falling asleep against Taehyung’s shoulder, letting out soft breaths as he relaxed.

Chapter Text

Taehyung was sprawled out on his bed, head hanging off the side of his, his body tilted as well, hair skimming the carpeted floor. His phone was tucked securely in his hand, held in front of his face as he scrolled through social media, spacing off while humming under his breath.

His curtains were drawn back from his spacious window, letting sunlight stream in and brush across the features of his face, highlighting each dip or mark. It was midday and calm, Taehyung having had his class canceled because the teacher didn’t show up, apparently their car broke down. So now he could just relax for a little while, doze off or maybe even go back to bed to spend the day wrapped up in his blankets.

Of course, he should’ve known that would be impossible with his roommate being Park Jimin on top of the other having night and morning classes. His peace didn’t last long before his friend had bursted into his room and was tugging at his arm insistently, Taehyung resisting with an annoyed groan, dropping his phone in order to grip the bed.

“Taehyung, please?” Jimin whined, shaking the others shoulder until he finally looked up at him. “Namjoon said it’s about Jungkook.”

Taehyung sat up instantly, head tilted in curiosity of what needed to be said about the other. It had only been a few days since the younger had moved into the dorms, Taehyung having been fully aware of his presence even before that, being informed months before the apartment was even bought. Meeting the younger again was a slight shock, seeing how different he looked from the last time he laid eyes on him.

“What is it?” he asked, falling back against his array of pillows, tucking one under his head with a satisfied hum.

“He wants to talk about something, so I’m going out with Hobi while you two chat,” Jimin informed, moving to the closest to dig something out for his friend to wear before throwing it in his face. Taehyung grunted, an article of clothing smacking him straight in his face before he yanked the shirt away and sent a glare to Jimin who still had his back turned to him.

“Why does he wanna talk, what is it even about?” Taehyung grumbled, shedding off his sleeping shirt he slipped back on to replace it with the button up given to him.

“You know good and well what it’s about,” Jimin scoffed, rolling his chocolate brown eyes with a hand sassily on his hip. “It probably won’t be long then we can go out and do something later. But Hobi is waiting so I gotta go, have fun~”

And just like that Jimin slipped out of the room, his footsteps ringing around before disappearing completely. Taking his turn to roll his eyes this time, Taehyung stood up from his bed, stretching out his back before discarding his sleep pants in favor of jeans, knowing it was more polite to be properly dressed. He ruffled out his blonde hair, not bothering to brush it since he more than likely was going back to sleep after his little chat with Namjoon.

Continuing to rub the sleep out of his eyes, Taehyung stretched out his arms as he walked into the living room, greeted immediately by the scent of pine and rain. His nose twitched and he glanced up to see Namjoon AND Seokjin standing side by side, both having serious looks on their faces.

A lump gathered in his throat, making him decide against going into the kitchen like he had intended to do, wanting to show his disinterest. Though now it was obvious the two were very serious about whatever subject was about to brought up, causing Taehyung to instead make a beeline for the two with his head lowered.

He was a tad moody, he already had an idea about what this conversation was about and the other part of him was snapping his jaws in annoyance at the warnings that were about to come. He pushed away the annoyance, knowing it wasn’t going to help him in anyway except making him angry and irritable.

“Let’s sit, Tae,” Seokjin suggested, kicking off his shoes and heading to the couch. He sat down gracefully, patting the spot next to himself while Namjoon fixed him with a stern gaze.

Taehyung sighed quietly before sinking into the cushions next to Jin, looking like a pouting baby with his arms crossed and fuzzy hair falling over his eyes. Namjoon sat down on the other side of Seokjin, leaned forward to be able to look at Taehyung carefully.

There was a pause in the room, the only sound being the soft hum of the ventilation systems around the apartment complex he could pick up with his acute hearing. The whirl of the washing machine could also be heard, Jimin having thrown something in there before he left.

Namjoon took a deep breath before he started speaking. “Now, Taehyung, I know we already talked about this before, but,” Taehyung twitched up, getting up from his sulking to properly listen respectively. “You need to control your instinct around Jungkook, I understand it’s difficult, I really do. Jungkook has been through a lot, and he’s a very closed person as of now, and I know that all you want is to get close to him and keep him safe, but he doesn’t understand that yet. You need to give him time, he’s human, he can’t feel the connection that we do when we see our mates, it’s different for him. Moving to a new school is also challenging for him, I’m just asking you to dial down for a bit until he’s adjusted…”

He paused, glancing over to Taehyung who was frowning but nodding nonetheless. He remembered walking in for Jungkook’s first day, already concerned after the youngers behavior before, when Yoongi had lead him to the humans room only for them to be startled at the fact he was thrashing and screaming in his sleep. He had been ushered out by Jin, but he tried to struggle back over, anxiety spiking through the roof at the pain and tears on Jungkook’s face, his heart squeezing tight. Taehyung had placed back and forth in the living room for what felt like ages before the younger finally came out of the room, looking like nothing happened, as if he didn’t just give Taehyung a heart attack. The hug was reassuring, and sudden, but he’d never complain to be able to hold the fragile little human with so many scars in his arms, inhaling the soft scent of vanilla and roses clinging to him.

He shook himself from his thoughts, focusing back on Namjoons words as he continued. “Which means, no scenting, I—“

Taehyung cut him off with an unintended growl, chest vibrating with the noise as his furrowed his eyebrows. Once he realized what he did, he cowered away with a frown, relaxed when Seokjin’s hand went around to clasp around the back of his neck, a comforting scent of fresh rain flowing into his nose until he unwinded.

“I know it’s annoying, but scenting does mean being… touchy, to put it simply, since scent glands are on the throat.” Namjoon went on, seemingly not upset by the others fussing. “Just don’t overwhelm him okay? Once he’s more settled it won’t be as bad, but I know you’re particularly possessive as hell.”

Taehyung nodded with a huff, it was just in his nature, every time he was around the boy with the bunny smile he just wanted to tuck him up against his chest and make sure everyone knew he was his. But it wasn’t that simple, not when Jungkook didn’t understand anything about why or even the fact of what Taehyung technically was to him. Plus everything he was been through to make his trust in others scarce, it was going to be hard, but he could manage.

“That’s all,” Namjoon smiled, more relaxed after saying everything he needed to. “Seokjin had a few things he wanted to say as well.”

Taehyung turned his attention to the older while Namjoon stood and disappeared off into the kitchen, obviously giving them privacy. The smell of pine faded a tad, less overpowering and surging with dominance that the pack Alpha always carried with him, but it always had a softness to it, and a mix of rain obviously. Just like how when Seokjin moved closer the scent of pine was detectable under his natural musk.

The older smiled kindly, hand still over the bond mark over the back of Taehyung’s neck, easing his nerves as he listened to what needed to be said.

“I know it’s difficult, specially when everything in your body is telling you to just keeping him next to you and safe,” Seokjin started, sounding kind as he always did. “But Jungkook is fragile right now, and even though you don’t know the full story of what happened to him, you will someday and you’ll understand. Give him some time, but I already know you’re going to be fine, I’ve never seen Jungkook so naturally attached to someone in a while. You’ll be the healer he needs, but you have to be patient and wait till you’ve gained his trust. It’ll be okay, so don’t sulk, alright?”

With that Seokjin gave one last reassuring smile before he stood up from the couch to join Namjoon in the kitchen, his fingers skimming Taehyung’s scent glands as his hand fell from his nape. The younger sat there for a few seconds, processing all the things he had been told before grumbling and standing up, stretching out again before following after the two.


Taehyung roughly yanked his shirt off over his head, hanging the fabric against the bark of the tree along with the rest of his clothing. He brushed it roughly against the bark until the faint smell of whatever scent he held was stuck into it, his nose not really picking up his own smell. But it was easy to pick up the scent of peaches from the other side, a puff of silver hair peeking out to look at the tangle of clothing.

“It’s been a while since we’ve been out here,” the smaller uttered, walking out, having no trace of clothing but it was nothing new to Taehyung. “I missed it, it’s really refreshing.”

Taehyung followed after his friend, cracking the sore muscles in his back and nodding, tilting his head up to smell the air. He faintly opened his mouth, nothing coming to him except plants and small animals scurrying around, easing his mind despite they obviously weren’t a challenge.

It was quiet for a moment, the birds chirping and other small critters making far away noses while Taehyung just stood and took lungfuls of the fresh air. He wa broken from his state when Jimin shoved him with his arm, grin over his face.

“Race ya,” the small chirped before he was already gone. His peachy scent following after him before a blur of white huddled over and scurried away. Taehyung rolled his eyes with a soft and playful growl, settling down into the crouch for a moment.

His eyes burned, glistening a golden color before his body started morphing. He folded over as his bones reshaped and fur grew from every inch of his body. Within seconds he was standing on four legs with a long gray muzzle stretched out in front of him. He lifted himself up from his crouching, feeling the breeze of the evening brush over him and ruffle past the silvery color of the fur encased around him. He perked his large ears, twisting them to listen to every sound of the quiet world, enjoying the moment before he turned his attention back to where Jimin had disappeared off in his own form.

Curling back on his haunches, Taehyung felt the coil of his muscles before he sprung off his back legs and launched forward before running quickly after his friend, following the scent trail left after him. He could hear the ruffling of the leaves ahead where Jimin’s body moved them with his large body, the smell of peaches clinging to every corner that the white wolf brushed over. His thundering paw steps rang out in the air, their huffs of breaths as Taehyung managed to get flanked side by side with Jimin, kicking his legs to try and push ahead of the smaller creature.

Jimin growled, pearly whites in display but not in a threatening way that made Taehyung defensive, instead just making him snort any form of laughter his current form could make. Springing over he collided his side with Jimin’s until the other stumbled and they both rolled over the dew filled grass, tossing and turning until they landed with Taehyung laying on his stomach, legs thrown over Jimin’s belly. They huffed out their laughter, Taehyung quickly springing to his feet and lifting his large head proud as he pranced around Jimin.

I win, he grumbled,chest vibrating with his satisfied rumble.

Cheater, I don’t remember racing including tackling Jimin’s voice came through his head, connected by the bond held between them. The smaller wolf clambered up to his feet as well, shaking the dust from his crystal white snow colored fur, spraying it around. The larger cringed away from it with a low grumble.

Taehyung rolled his yellow eyes, scuffing before twisting away from the other and teasingly kicking dirt right into his face. He heard the taken aback noise before a form rammed into his backside, almost unbalancing him if he hadn’t been expecting the attack. He continued walking, tail swishing back and forth as he made his way over the area, all the scents around him familiar and guiding him to where he intended to go.

Jimin trailed behind him, shaking out his head to rid of the dirt in his face, ears back in annoyance when he couldn’t manage to paw it all away, marks sitting on his white fur. He eventually gave up and opted for flanking by Taehyung, his own tail shifting with the movements of his hips.

So, what did Namjoon say? Jimin spoke up after a moment, moving to face the other fully, blinking his big emerald green eyes.

Taehyung hesitated, spotting the opening in the trees he was waiting for, speeding up a bit to break into the clearing. He lifted his nose, snuffling at the fresh air and turning to dodge the direct sunlight beaming. There was a small lake in the middle of the clearing, leading up to a beautiful waterfall that made most of the noise in the area, the water thundering down into the area, the rocks leading up wrapped in pretty encasings of plants and other small life. Some ducks were swimming in absent circles, diving for the fish that laid not too far under the water, some even taking off when the energetic wolf bounced into the clearing.

Taehyung looked around for a bit before he padded up to the lake, ignoring the nervous creatures moving away from him in favor of crouching down to lap at the fresh water. Well as fresh as lake water could taste in the middle of the woods, the animal instinct made up for it though. He took a moment to relax before he licked his maw and turned back to Jimin who was patiently sitting by his side, waiting for his question to be answered.

The other huffed, realizing he had to explain and recap over the conversation with their leader. Turning in circles he finally sat down, gazing into the clear water, met with the reflection of his own furry face and long muzzle.

Said I need to dial down until Jungkook is settled, but I was expecting that, he muttered, I don’t know how you did this with Hoseok, it’s infuriating not being able to be scent your mate or hold them in your arms. I’ve only seen him a few times and I’m already losing my mind, how did you manage this?

Jimin shook with laughter, shaking his big head and his eyes somehow scrunching like they did when he laughed in his human form. It wasn’t easy, but then again I’m an omega, we tend to be less possessive. Plus Hoseok is different, he just happened to come to our school and meet me. Jungkook has been through much more than we know and he’s going to be harder to get to and understand everything about our world. Hoseok is still coping with the fact I’m a werewolf, and doesn’t even know about mates yet, it’s a process. Just hang in there, I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, I’m saying it’s going to be worth it.

Taehyung nodded, sighing and laying his head down on his paws and nuzzling at the water, unsettling it with his breathing. They both stayed silent for a moment before Jimin hauled himself up on his feet, stretching out his lithe body with a soft yawn.

Let’s start heading back, Jungkook gets out of his classes soon~ the other teasingly laughed, the singsong type voice pretty much spilling into Taehyung’s head as he grinned as much as he could. He felt a little better about everything now.


Jimin, Seokjin and Namjoon’s words stuck with him as he got closer with Jungkook. They spent more time together, most of the time Jungkook inviting him out after he got out of his classes, meeting up at different locations to talk each other’s ears off for hours on end.

It was a shock when he saw Jungkook at the cafe he worked at one morning, tending to his normal duties before he turned the corner to take more orders, spotting at first just a form in the corner. When he got closer though, he could see it was Jungkook, white turtleneck pulled over his body nicely, sweater paws holding up a book his face was practically pushed into. He looked so soft an adorable, he had to stop himself from cooing immediately.

And when he pointed out the book he was reading later on, he could’ve combusted when the blush raised in the youngers cheeks. The other side of him purred in content, loving the smile the lit up the others face when he started talking about Taehyung’s gift to him. It was a small but reassuring and comforting step.

He had walked back to make the order, being pulled back by a coworker who pointed out Jungkook with a grin. “Who’s that?”

“A friend,” Taehyung said defensively, shrugging the other person off of him.

“That looked a little too friendly to me,” they pressed, tilting their head to the side. When Taehyung remained silent, the smaller man only smirked and crossed his arms. “I mean, if you don’t want him what’s his number?”

The alpha side of Taehyung most definitely lifted up at that comment, snarling at the obvious challenge laid under the words. He narrowed his eyes and took a few settling breaths before unclenching his fist he didn’t even notice had curled tightly in agitation.

“Don’t you dare touch him, got it,” he grumbled, managing to keep the growl from his voice as he turned back around to disappear into the kitchen. Before the door shut, he caught glimpse of the younger sitting at the table, button nose shoved back into the book he had given him. His tense muscles uncoiled and he sighed, letting the heavy door swing behind him to let him set to work.

He got used to seeing the other in there every morning after that, memorizing exactly what he ordered and how he liked it made. He got teased by his coworkers for it, one at some point pulling him aside to yet again question what Jungkook was too him, always seeming too interested like they would make a move if he gave them the answer they wanted. So he usually just ignored them in favor of focusing on his work, knowing it wouldn’t be right to stake claim on Jungkook without him knowing, but it was still annoying to see some of the people he worked with trying to warm up to the younger.

Namjoon wasn’t wrong to label him as possessive, it without a doubt made his skin crawl every time one of the workers would chat so friendly with Jungkook. Talking, fine, but the flirty touches from the works and the blush of embarrassment that always colored Jungkook's cheeks made him grumble under his breath every time.


Taehyung lifted his head from his desk as the teacher announced that class was finally over, relief falling over him. Letting out a huff, he ruffled out his bleached hair until it fell over his eyes, satisfying the scratch he felt against his scalp. Organizing all of his items, his mind was too busy wondering to see the person stepping in front of him, he didn’t lift his eyes, instead shoving objects into his backpack.

“Let me guess, you’re going to go see Jungkook?” a voice hummed smugly from above him, Taehyung already knowing who the voice belonged to. Grumbling under his breath he glanced up at Jimin who had books tucked in his arms pressed tightly to his chest.

“Fuck off,” Taehyung huffed, no bite behind the words as he sluggishly threw his bag over his shoulder. He turned back to Jimin who looked confused about Taehyung’s slouched and almost defensive posture. “I’ve had a bad day, I could use a little time with my mate.”

He was used to the banter, it didn’t bother him anymore, hearing it nonstop from Namjoon, Seokjin and Jimin about how whipped he was for Jungkook. Yoongi hadn’t witnessed anything yet, but when he eventually did he wouldn’t hear the end of it from him either. But, today hadn’t been so great and he was more tired than he thought possible, he needed some time to curl up in the comforting scent of vanilla and roses and let all his stress go.

Jimin seemed to soften at the others words, the bond between them tingling with tension from Taehyung and reassurance from Jimin. It made Taehyung breath a little lighter, the omega’s soft scent of peaches flooding over him. “I understand, I’m going out with Hoseok for a while, so I’ll be home late.”

“I’ll hopefully be out late too,” the younger hummed, adjusting his backpack over his shoulder. He brushed past his roommate, making sure to gently ruffle Jimin’s hair before he completely passed him, hearing the noise of content from the other before he jogged down the stairs that lead up to his seat.

Pulling his phone out of his pocket immediately, he scrolled through his contacts until he spotted who he was looking for. His tired face lit up just a tad, lazy smile coming onto his lips as he yawned and opened up the messaging.

The last time he had been to Jungkook’s house was when they were studying, or well at least trying. Jungkook had fallen asleep on his shoulder, but since Taehyung was a whipped man, he did the rest of his work. After he tucked the younger in and pecked his forehead before he left. He had been met with a lot of flustered and embarrassed Jungkook as he tried to make it up for making Taehyung do all his work.

Taehyungie: Kookie, I just got done with classes, wanna meet up? :)

He tucked his phone away for a moment, about to wait out until Jungkook could text him, when his phone buzzed only seconds later.

KooKoo♡♡: sure! can we meet at mine tho (〃▽〃) ?? I’m too tired to go out

Taehyung smiled warmly, heart warming in his chest at the cutesy layout of the text. It wasn’t much that Jungkook used emojis, from what Taehyung had gathered he only did it when he was tipsy or excited.

Taehyungie: of course, I’m on my way~

KooKoo♡♡: okay see you soon TaeTae (*ꈍ꒳ꈍ*)

Closing his phone with a soft click, Taehyung squared up his shoulders, fixing his posture as warmness swelled in his chest, lifting his bad mood. The stress of his day started blurring as he thought of seeing Jungkook again, smelling the sweet scent that always radiated off of him, spiking unintentionally when he was comforting someone. He tried to forget his fatigue, wanting to be awake and happy when he went to meet the younger, but he was always happy to meet him so that part wasn’t too difficult. Tucking the phone back into his pocket, Taehyung grinned and headed off to find his car in the parking lot.


“Tae!” Jungkook beamed as the older stood in the doorway, boxy smile spread over his face and eyes crinkled at the others excitement. “Come in, I’m making us popcorn and we can watch a movie or play video games.”

Taehyung nodded, kicking off his shoes and gently placing his bag besides them, watching Jungkook as he bounced into the kitchen, radiating excitement. It made the alpha side of Taehyung purr, satisfied to see how happy his other half was. Grinning he glanced around the apartment carefully.

Though he had been in it before Jungkook had only been at the school for three months or so, having a lot of meet ups at his house so it wasn’t out of the ordinary. A voice in the back of his head reminded him that Jungkook only thought of him as a friend, Namjoon’s voice of dialing it back also speaking up. He frowned but didn’t let it dampen his mood, at least he’d get to spend time with the younger.

Falling into the couch, Taehyung rubbed his temples, annoyed at the start of a headache coming through as he sighed. Today had a bigger toll on him then he realized until now, being blinded by wanting to spend time with Jungkook for a while.

He barely heard as Jungkook bounded back into the room, still massaging his head and caught up in his tangled thoughts until two hands cupped the side of his head gently. Taehyung startled as his head was lifted to meet two shining brown orbs with concern twisting in them. He felt a clench in his chest, hating the look on the youngers face, specially if he was the cause.

“You okay?” Jungkook asked softly, tilting his head and examining the other with hawk eyes. Humming softly, Taehyung curled his fingers tightly around Jungkook’s, feeling his larger hand completely cover the youngers.

“Bad day,” he said simply, smiling rather tightly.

“Anything I can do?” the younger asked next, moving to sit next to Taehyung and card his fingers gently through his hair. The older relaxed, holding back the purr that almost rumbled through him, knowing it wasn’t normal for humans to do that.

“Being with you will make me feel better,” Taehyung answered honestly, peering down as a pretty blush raised on Jungkook’s cheeks like always. It was endearing and adorable, Taehyung’s eyes scrunching in affection, he could practically feel the fondness radiating off of him.

Jungkook stood with a grin, catching Taehyung off guard as he suddenly nuzzle his nose into his hair, a jab of vanilla and rose coming over him with his throat so close. A part of him stirred and grumbled possessively, it took every bone in his body not to jerk up and scent Jungkook until he was covered in his smell and everyone knew he was HIS.

“I’ll make you some soup Yoongi always makes me when I’m not feeling well,” Jungkook beams, brushing Taehyung’s hair back one last time before he disappeared into the kitchen again. Blinking his eyes, Taehyung reached up to the spot of his scalp tingling, feeling for the first time a flush rise into his face instead. He ducked his head to cover it, embarrassed by how violently he reacted to such a simple touch. He’d like to say his biology was to blame, which was a lie because even if he was human who wouldn’t lose their shit over someone as adorably hot as Jungkook petting their hair.

He patted his cheeks until the red faded, sinking deeper into the couch and laying his head back a bit, feeling more relaxed with the smell of Jungkook embracing him in every corner. Under it was the faint musk of the others that had come here, but mostly it smelled of soothing vanilla roses, now being tinted with Taehyung’s scent as well.

Soon the air was filled with mixes of herbs and other food items, Taehyung’s sensitive nose twitching at the new adjustment as he tilted his head back up and shifted it to the side. It smelled off for a moment before the ingredients started to be mixed together, creating a softer scent as the melted into each other, a pleasant hum rumbling through the older’s throat.

The smell itself was relaxing he wondered how amazing it must’ve tasted then. Sitting up more, Taehyung pushed himself off the couch and stretched out his body and rolled his shoulders before he traveled into the kitchen. The scent was even stronger, mixing amazingly with the fresh fragrance rolling off from Jungkook’s scent glands that he was probably unaware of. Glancing over the youngers shoulder, he peeked into the pot he was mixing, slender fingers wrapped around a ladle as he hummed under his breath. Once Jungkook became aware Taehyung was hovering over his shoulder, he smiled and turned his head just shyly to the others, pink gathering over his cheekbones when he realized how close they were. Taehyung only grinned, trailing his eyes to the features of Jungkook’s face, it was also so pretty to look at, how soft with a little bit of delicateness behind it. He glanced at Jungkook’s lips, not meaning too, but gulping when he could see even closer how smooth they were, wettened by the younger licking his lips in shyness.

The moment was broken by the hissing of a voice in the back of his mind, feeling a throb at his temples when Namjoon’s voice growled in his head. I can sense your eagerness through the bond, you’re going to overwhelm him calm down.

Taehyung furrowed his eyebrows in annoyance before he pulled away, snapping a reply back at Namjoon as he sunk back to stand further behind the younger. Jungkook looked dazed for a moment before he turned back to his food making, cheeks still glowing red and bottom lip now pressed between his bunny teeth.

Just a little while longer Seokjin’s voice soothes gently. Give him just a few more months and then you can try to move forward.

Taehyung watched as Jungkook cooked him his soup, his pretty skin still painted pink from the heat raising to brush over his face. The older softened and heard a part of him whine, desperate to just tuck Jungkook into his chest until the younger fell asleep peacefully.

I want him now, this is torture, Taehyung grumbled through the bond, sounding more whiny than he intended. He faintly heard the chuckle coming from either one of the leaders, not really listening anymore as he watched Jungkook.

Patience is a virtue, TaeTae.


Taehyung tucked his legs up as he continued eating the soup Jungkook prepared for him, grinning from ear to ear as the delicious flavors continued to melt on his tongue. It really did cheer him up, feeling as if the beaming bunny smile from Jungkook erased the bags under his eyes. Jungkook was sat by his side, instead sprawled out on his couch and pressing away at the buttons on his controller while Taehyung sat comfortably on the floor.

After another round, the younger turned and pouted sadly at Taehyung who tilted his head up in question. Jungkook’s pretty doe eyes blinked at him before there was a hand shaking his head back and forth. The older grumbled with a pout, almost dropping his spoon.

“You sure you don’t wanna play?” Jungkook asked after he was done shaking the other back and forth. Taehyung smiled, taking another bite of his soup with a soft shake of his head.

“I enjoy watching you play, you seem so happy,” Taehyung remarked, not thinking much of what he said until he felt Jungkook’s hand stiffen on his head. He glanced up with a furrow in his eyebrows, seeing the heat crawl over Jungkook’s face again.

“Aish, why are you so sweet,” Jungkook whispered, and maybe if Taehyung was human he wouldn’t have heard it. But he most definitely did. He turned back to the screen, grin almost splitting his face in half as he tried to contain his excitement and amusement all at once.

He heard the clicking of the remote before the game had started up again, Taehyung keeping his eyes trailed in the movements Jungkook’s character made, obvious in the way he handled it that he had done this many times. It made the older smile, knowing that Jungkook had something that cheered him up and made him happy. Sighing blissfully, Taehyung aloud his head to fall back with a soft thunk, yawning a little, noticing the light from outside had gone. He hadn’t realized it was already becoming so late, eyes bunching closed as the fatigue from the day ran back over him.

He was wandering off in his own world until hands came into his hair to gently massage his scalp, causing him to rumble out a purr before he managed to catch himself. He didn’t think Jungkook noticed, since he didn’t go stiff or ask any questions. Relaxing, Taehyung leaned into the comforting touch with a warm sigh, dozing to the sounds of the video game playing.

“You can stay the night if you want,” Jungkook commented after silence swayed around them for a few moments longer. Taehyung startled, snapping his eyes open before scrunching them in confusion.

“I-I wouldn’t want to be a bother,” Taehyung stuttered, cursing himself in his mind for stumbling over his words.

“If it was a bother I wouldn’t have asked,” Jungkook rolled his eyes, sass evident in his tone. Taehyung smiled a tad, knowing it looked half awake and sleepy since he was hanging onto a thread of sleep.

“Only if it’s fine with you,” he muttered after a moment. Jungkook beamed and brushed his blonde hair from his eyes, the locks tipping back over to cover his eyes again.

Slender fingers continued kneading through his hair until he was dozing off again, humming under his breath as his muscles relaxed, not even noticing the younger had realized he found a sweet spot. He continued doing it for a few moments before his game turned back on, a hand still threaded through the older’s soft locks, but no longer petting them.

“It’s completely fine with me, you’re one of my first friends I’ve met here,” Jungkook giggled, Taehyung feeling a small ping from the word friend, but knowing it wasn’t right. Obviously Jungkook only saw him as a friend, the younger couldn’t feel the same rush of emotions like him, even if he did he probably ignored them in favor of thinking of it as attraction.

Patience is a virtue, he repeated in his head with a sigh, nuzzling deeper into the soothing touch, breathing starting to even out. Jungkook started speaking again, and if Taehyung had guessed correctly it was only because the younger didn’t want him to hear him or remember what he said when he woke up. But he would, he clung to every word that came from Jungkook’s mouth.

“It means a lot to me how caring you are. I sometimes forget to take care of myself but you’ve been helping me with that,” Jungkook mumbled, hand moving again. “I know we don’t know each other very personally, but I hope we get there, because I’m starting to trust you.”

Taehyung’s heart swelled as he smiled sadly, tilting deeper into Jungkook’s head before he allowed himself to start drifting. Even he attempted to stay awake there was no way he would be able to, his mind too hazy and tired from his long day.

Letting out one more little hum, Taehyung settled into leaning on the couch, eyes closing fully as he nuzzled up into Jungkook who continued to pet his hair back. Eventually it was enough to loll him to sleep, mind settling into a peaceful state for the first time that day as he grinned, encased in the scent of vanilla and roses.


Jungkook walked around his apartment, glancing at the time, seeing that it was rolling around midnight already. He yawned and rubbed his tired eyes, turning to peer over at Taehyung who had fallen asleep against the couch, head tilted back and mouth slightly gaped.

Jungkook chuckled under his breath, moving into his room to pull some extra blankets out and waddle back into the living room to drop them to the floor. He managed to hook his hands under Taehyung’s arms and drag him into the couch into a more comfortable position. Reaching behind him, he yanked a blanket over the older until he was covered in warmth, Taehyung shifting before his nose nuzzled deeply into the blankets, taking long snuffles. He ignored it in favor of tucking a pillow under Taehyung’s head, making sure it wouldn’t hurt his neck in the morning before he pushed his hair from his eyes to smile at him. He looked so adorable asleep.

Crouching down, he picked up the abandoned bowl that seemed to slip when Taehyung dozed, not minding as he threw it into the sink, avoiding making too much noise. Flickering off all of the lights, Jungkook was enveloped in darkness, the kitchen light still giving a little color to the area around him. He looked back other to Taehyung’s sleeping form curled into the couch. He smiled fondly with a small scrunch of his eyes.

Goodnight Taehyung.

He flicked off his last light before he disappeared into his room.

Chapter Text

Sunlight poured through the opened curtains of the reading area, Jungkook twisting his body around in his tangle of sheets with sleep swollen eyes slowly opening. He groaned, curling away from the light and rubbing his sore crusty eyes, yawn parting his lips as he recoiled into himself, pillow tucked in his arms.

He could faintly hear the sizzle of something hot in the distance, but it flowed through his ears, disregarding it as he sat up and ruffled out his hair. Grumbling, he threw his arms above his head to stretch out his stiff muscles, hearing a few pops and the small cracks of the air pockets of his bones. Rolling onto his stomach, Jungkook flicked on his phone, squinting at the time displayed in front of him, noticing it was nearly ten am.

Suddenly, a scent hit Jungkook, his head moving up and eyebrows furrowing as he smelled the tingling aroma of bacon cling to the roof of his mouth. He hummed, pushing himself up and steadying himself on his feet, following the smell in confusion.

He clicked open his bedroom door, greeted by the mouth watering scent of fresh food and the soft sizzle of fat burning on the stove. He crept out, still trying to rid sleep from his eyes, feet padding on the tile ground with soft taps, alerting the person hovering over the stove, apron tied around their waist.

“Good morning, Jungkookie,” Taehyung greeted, beaming smile lining his face as he turned back to the bacon he was flipping around in a pan. Jungkook moved forward a bit, leaning forward to peer around the kitchen, idly feeling the older’s eyes on him, choosing to ignore it.

He stretched out and clapped his hands together, bouncing into the kitchen and looking at the array of food lining the counter. He beamed and inhaled deeply, eyes fluttering at the heavenly smell, smiling before he turned to Taehyung.

“You made all this for me?” Jungkook asked in disbelief, eyes twinkling.

“Mhmm,” Taehyung hummed, flicking off the stove before he dished out the bacon. “I wanted you nice and full before your classes today, Seokjin told me you usually work out Friday nights as well.”

The younger stayed silent for a pause, gears turning in his head for a moment as a similar situation replayed in his head. His grip on the counter top tightened along with his chest, feeling a lump clog up his windpipe as he stared down at all the food.

“Kook?” Taehyung murmured, Jungkook flinching from the intensity of snapping from his thoughts. He blinked and shook out his head, side glancing the other who now looked concerned.

“Oh, uh, sorry,” Jungkook gulped. “I just spaced out, I’m sorry…”

It was silent for a pause, Jungkook leaning over to fish himself some of the breakfast laid out in front of him, taking a generous amount of bacon and grabbing the breakfast tarts. He turned to Taehyung, tilting forward to press his cheek into his chest, barely noticing the startled purr-like noise that Taehyung made.

“Thank you so much for breakfast, Tae, it means a lot,” Jungkook grinned, sitting down at his table and beginning to pick off what he wanted to eat first. He munched in his bacon with small bites, adjusting the legs of his pants, never realizing they had ridden up to expose the tops of his thighs.

Jungkook ate in silence, hearing the movement of Taehyung as he seemingly started cleaning off all the items he used, after having an argument with the younger about who would do them. Jungkook had given up once Taehyung pointed out that his food was starting to get cold, so he huffed and turned to keep eating.

They sat in comfortable silence, the faint hum of the TV playing in the background as they enjoyed the quiet company. Jungkook peered up at the clock, seeing the time started ticking towards Ten twenty, noting his first class started at one.

“Taehyungie?” Jungkook suddenly spoke up, turning around to watch the older as he bent down to slip the dirty dishes into the dishwasher. Once they were set, the blonde turned his head around and tilted it, straightening out his back and stepping forward to be closer to Jungkook.

“Do you want to go out for dinner tonight?” The younger smiled, remembering the group had canceled plans tonight, all too busy catching up on work, but Jungkook didn’t mind. He understood.

Taehyung looked startled before a smile started lining his face, excitement lighting up his features, causing the younger to flush at how happy Taehyung seemed to hang out with him. He turned back in his seat, picking at his food as he tried to hide the redness on his cheeks.

He heard the hum of the dishwasher start before the padding of Taehyung’s feet on the floor filled his ears. The older leaned over, hands planted by Jungkook’s arm and face a good foot or so away from the other’s.

“Where do you want to go?” Taehyung asked softly, smile lining his pillow like lips. Jungkook turned his head, jerking a bit from how close they were, he let out a breath when the older seemed to realize and shuffled until they were at a safer distance.

“Hm, I’ll have to think about it,” Jungkook admitted, furrowing his eyebrows and jutting out his lip. “I haven’t really looked around to see what restaurants are around here.”

Taehyung nodded, staying silent for a pause before his big hand slipped out in front of Jungkook’s line of sight, snatching a piece of bacon or two from his plate. Jungkook whined, turning around with an annoyed furrow between his brows, pulling full pout mode as the older just smiled at him.

“Hey! You made this food for me you can’t just steal it,” the younger complained as Taehyung simply chuckled. Jungkook continued to pout until Taehyung rolled his eyes.

The older leaned forward and held out one of the pieces he stole to the younger, who opened his mouth and gladly took it, turning back around with a smug smile. He startled when a hand ruffled his bed head, tangling the locks even more as Taehyung leaned over to look him in the eyes, face filled with that fond look that always made Jungkook flustered.

“I need to go back to my apartment,” Taehyung murmured, leaning back while Jungkook followed him with his head. He now noticed that Taehyung was still dressed in his clothes from yesterday, denim jacket thrown over the arm of the couch and white t-shirt clinging to his frame. Jungkook licked his lips a tad as Taehyung rummaged around for his keys, seeing the bulge of muscle in his arms paired with a veins popping out just a tad.

He snapped out of it when the older shrugged on his jacket, his keys spinning around one of his fingers while he adjusted his hair, not brushed just like the youngers.

“See you tonight, Kook,” Taehyung smiled, slipping his converses back onto his feet and tying the laces tight. “Have a good day, call me if you need anything.”

Jungkook nodded with a shy grin, waving at the other as he walked to the door and pulled it open. “Bye,” he whispered before he heard the door click shut, the room suddenly wrapped in silence.

As the silence dragged out, Jungkook finished up the rest of his meal quickly, standing up to slip his plate into the sink, pulling on the handle until the sound of running water filled his ears. He ran the hot stream of water over the plates a few times before he flicked the water off, glancing at the time yet again. Sighing he ruffled out his hair, deciding he needed to start getting ready for school, his classes starting in two hours or so.

Maybe he could ask Jimin out for breakfast, or Yoongi, he hadn’t seem much of either of them in a while. Nodding his head idly, he crept back into his room, pulling the door shut behind him with a soft click.


Taehyung rushed forward, the thundering sound of his paws hitting the ground startling birds into the sky as he whipped through the trees, feeling the wind ruffle around his fur as his breathing sounded heavy. He coiled the muscles in his shoulders and leapt over the log that had fallen over in the middle of the path. His yellow eyes scanned the area, lifting his nose and scenting the faint smell of peaches before it amplified, a whirl of white coming by him before it stopped in front of him.

Taehyung skidded to a halt, sliding across the floor for a second before he twisted his flank around to slip his slim body between a split tree, he heard the huff behind him, smug grin taking over his expression.

Bastard , Jimin’s voice commented in his head, this is cheating I’m tired.

Hoseok did a number on you, huh? Taehyung taunted, rolling his eyes but starting to slow down a tad, his chest moving up and down rapidly as he fell into a trot.

Maybe I’m just tired you dick , Jimin sounded offended, his smaller form coming into sight, hearing out short breaths as they fell into a slow walk.

We all know you just got dick last night , the older scoffed. He chuckled though when Jimin rammed his side with his flank, probably scowling if he could, only further amusing the silver wolf as he brushed past the other.

Oh, by the way, I met up with Jungkook this morning , Jimin commented, Taehyung stopping in his tracks and turning his head back before he tilted it, not sure why he was being told this.

Okay? Taehyung huffed, knowing there was no way a kick of jealousy would go through him, not with Hoseok’s rain scent clinging to every surface of Jimin since they met up.

He never shuts up about you, Jimin hums, moving past the older, voice sounding fond as it rung through Taehyung’s skull. Talked for what felt like hours about how you made him breakfast and how sweet it was of you to do so. Made me promise not to tell you, but I can’t keep it to myself, you should’ve seen the blush on his cheeks it was so adorable.

Jimin paused while Taehyung trailed behind him, melting inside at the thought of the younger all flushed while gushing about the meal he made him this morning. But he felt there was a catch, and he was proven correct when Jimin spoke up again.

But halfway through he paused and did that thing you know, now Jimin sounded concerned. That thing where he spaces out and looks like he’s about to have a panic attack before he suddenly snapped out of it. I don’t know what happened to him Taehyung, but I really hope you find out soon so you can help him, it hurts to see him like that. He just goes so pale and his eyes just hollow out, like all emotion in them just… disappears.

Taehyung nodded grimly, feeling a clench in his chest as the image of what he saw earlier that day replays in his head. He gulped and lifted his head, staring out into the trees, seeing the stretch of them for miles while the creatures around them stirred and nuzzled into their homes.

This morning , Taehyung started, cutting himself off to take a deep breath. When he woke up, he was so excited that I made him breakfast, but when he looked at everything I made he blanked out, but it was different. He just looked so scared. And after he snapped out of it and sat down his pajamas rid up and…

The silver wolf paused, stopping his steps and hanging his head sadly, feeling Jimin’s presence hovering at his side.

He had scars, just lining the tops of his thighs, I think even some on his stomach. I don’t know for sure how old they are but… I didn’t say anything, how could I? He doesn’t want to tell me anything yet, but I’m just so worried, what if that’s still going on? What if he’s hurting himself and no one knows about it and he’s not getting the help he needs?

Jimin stayed silent, concern rolling off him in waves as well. I’ll talk to Namjoon tonight, they might know about it already or they can help him. But, hey, don’t think about that right now he asked you out for dinner, right?

Taehyung lifted his head, mind still spinning with the image of Jungkook’s soft thighs being lined with pink scars, all while the younger had a huge beaming smile on his face.

Yeah, he did, he answered, mind still floaty before Jimin nudged him with his muzzle. He looked over at the other, sadness flowing off of him along with comforting pheromones that omegas possessed. Taehyung felt himself relax at the soothing scent of peaches invading his scenes, calming down a bit before Jimin continued.

You should head back soon then, Jungkook will be out of his classes soon, Jimin sounded soothing, almost a motherly tone, dragging Taehyung out of his moping until his head was held a little higher again.

Go spend some time with him tonight, I know you always make him happy, Jimin nudges him playfully, trying to lighten the mood. We’ll both talk to Namjoon tonight to see if there’s anything we can do, for now go spend time with your mate, I know you miss him.

Taehyung huffed and shoved the other away, hating the joking tone in his voice. He could handle a few hours away from Jungkook, he wasn't that attached.

But, yeah he did miss him.

I need to head back myself, Hoseok and I are going bowling tonight, Jimin said matter of faculty, a fond tone taking over his voice. Taehyung rolled his eyes, twisting his torso around to sniff out the direction he came from, having placed his belongings in a different place then Jimin had.

He exchanged a quick farewell with the omega, the younger nuzzling under his chin in an affectionate gesture before his smaller white form disappeared into the tree line. His scent followed after him, Taehyung waiting until it had faded a tad before he turned to go his own direction, walking slowly through the mid afternoon alive forest.

Birds chirped above, Taehyung turning up his head to watch as a mother bird nuzzled her chicks in the nest, tucking them safely under her wings. He grinned, trying to keep his steps light as to not scare off any of the smaller creatures around him.

A small mouse scurried by his feet, Taehyung pausing mid step to let it run past him, seeming afraid of the large beast hovering above it. It paused halfway, heaving with wide eyes as even smaller ones followed after it, the big wolf crouched down and nudged it along until it started to move, disappearing into the bushes, the younger ones in tow as Taehyung watched them until he deemed them safe.

He kept moving forward, seeing light peek through the trees as he got closer to the edge of the forest where he hid his clothes. It probably wasn’t the smartest idea but no one was usually on the trail near it, since it was buried so deep in the woods no one dared to come onto it, not knowing what was lurking. Which was fair, Taehyung had seen occasional bears, some mountain lions here and there.

As he crept closer to the open patch around the area, he paused as a familiar scent hit his nose. Shaking his head, he thought he was imagining it, slowly creeping forwards to follow the scent, all his muscles coiled tightly.

As he neared the path, he stopped his steps and stared wide eyed at the human standing in the middle, looking just as shocked. Thick thighs endorned in running shorts, loose T-shirt pulled over the muscular frame and fuzzy dark hair falling over scared brown eyes. He took a step back before he stopped again, seeing the fear that was running through those all too familiar doe eyes and the scent of vanilla and roses clinging to every surface of the boy, floating around and encasing Taehyung’s mind in a hazy.



Jungkook tied his tennis shoes as he clicked on his iPod, adjusting his earbuds in his ears as he straightened up and stretched out his limbs, preparing for his post workout jog. He ruffled out his hair, the locks having fallen out of their neatness earlier in the day as he kept running his fingers through it.

He inhaled the fresh air as he stepped out his apartment, locking the door shut before he descended down the stairs, listening to the smack of the bottom of his shoes on the metal. He decided he would go out and take a jog in the woods, knowing people tended to stay away from the area, but Jungkook wasn’t afraid, he wanted someplace peaceful and away from all the noise.

He started walking at first, shuffling through his songs until the upbeat notes filled his ears. He grinned to himself and started picking up his pace, keeping his breathing steady, feeling the breeze brush over his legs.

Jungkook kicked his legs faster as he approached the trees around the path, taking note there was little to no people around, most of them simply passing by, ignoring the path like it wasn’t there. Jungkook shrugged and slowed into a walk as his shoes crunched on the dirt of the path, his breathing picking up a bit as he took a deep breath and ventured into the slighter darker area.

The sun felt nice against his skin as Jungkook slowed from jogging to instead just admire the nature around him. He grinned and took a deep relaxing breath, feeling the weight of the day fall off his shoulders.

He thought back on his meetup with Jimin, the two just sitting in a bookshop and talking for an hour or so before the older had to leave for his classes. Jungkook had talked about Taehyung for a while, getting to listen to Jimin talk about Hoseok for a while as well. He noticed more and more that they were probably a couple, or something, he simply couldn’t call them flirty friends a this point. Not with the way Jimin would smile fondly and look like he was in a daze as he spoke about the other, dopey look covering his face, almost love stricken. It was really endearing to watch. Jungkook hoped he would feel that someday.

His smile slipped for a second as he sighed, glancing around at the fluffy green grass with droplets of water hanging off them, watching a squirrel scurry up a tree, cheeks full of food. It was relaxing, he should’ve come here a lot sooner.

Jungkook paused when he heard deep crunching footsteps, twisting around in his spot and feeling his breath leave him at the creature he saw coming towards him. He stayed frozen in place as a large wolf stepped into his line of sight, stopping dead in its traces as well, yellow eyes wide in what almost seemed like shock.

It tried to step back, making Jungkook make a low noise in the back of his throat. The wolf watched him for a few seconds before it started to crouch, falling onto its belly, tail swishing back and forth, like it was trying to comfort the boy. Jungkook furrowed his eyebrows relaxing only a tad as the creature didn’t rush forward to hurt him immediately.

Oddly, he found himself creeping forward a bit, shaking out his head before scolding himself mentally. It’s a wild animal, not a dog.

The wolf watched him with close eyes before it shuffled forward itself, keeping the submissive position, whine rumbling through its body. Jungkook eyes it warily, wanting to keep the distance, but noticing the large creature was acting as if it was a domestic dog looking for attention.

When it moved forward a bit more, Jungkook jumped back, holding his hands up with a nervous chuckle.

“Please don’t eat me, I have a date tonight with this really cute guy,” he stuttered. “Oh, well, not date but he’s really sweet and I’d really appreciate not dying right now.”

The wolf moved back, looking like it was confused, furrow between its nonexistent eyebrows. Jungkook let out a shaky breath, his rambling seeming to throw the animal off from coming near him.

“His name is Taehyung, he’s really cute, like a mix of cute and sexy, you know, Jungkook continued his ramblings as he slowly backed away and down the path. “He’s a huge sweetheart and we’re going out for dinner tonight, so I’d like to make it there in one piece he worries about me a lot. But it’s nice having someone care for me you know?” He steadied his breathing, slowly moving further away from the confused looking animal staring at him. “Now, uh, stay, please don’t move.”

Jungkook kept walking backwards until he felt safe enough to turn and run down the rest of the path, happy he didn’t make it too far into the woods. Once he was out he leaned over and held his quickly beating heart, breathing in tightly and watching the tree line warily for the wolf to come bursting out of. After a beat of silence, Jungkook’s heart rate slowed as he let out a relieved sigh, deciding he had enough of a workout for the day.

He’d just get a head start on getting ready to meet Taehyung tonight, maybe fancy himself up, remembering he hasn’t even picked where they would be going tonight.

Adjusting his iPod in his pocket and pushing his earbuds to rest in his ears properly, Jungkook turned back to face his house and started to make his way back home. With his back turned he didn’t see Taehyung making slow steps out from the path. Dark sweater pulled over him and hanging off his shoulder paired with his jeans he hadn’t even bothered to button. The older watched Jungkook was a pause, shielding himself incase the younger turned around before he backed out of the tree line.

Making sure to keep quiet, Taehyung fixed up his appearance before he started to head back to his own apartment, mind swimming with what had just happened between him and Jungkook.


“Are you sure this isn’t a date?” Yoongi grunted, eyeing Jungkook as he went through his piles of clothes. He called him, Hoseok AND Jimin over to help him pick an outfit, but so far he still couldn’t decide.

“It isn’t!” Jungkook hissed, pout overtaking his features. He tossed his handful of clothes onto his bed, Hoseok calmly reaching over to sort through it, trying to be of some help. “I just want Tae to think I’m cute ‘s all.”

“Please you could wear a plastic bag and I bet Taehyung would coo over you,” Jimin muttered under his breath, making sure the younger didn’t hear before he stood up. He pulled through all the clothing in the youngers wardrobe, nothing catching his eyes for a while.

“What kind of style are you going for here, Kook?” Hoseok spoke up, watching Jimin as he thumbed through all the shirts in the closet. He leaned forward and murmured into Jungkook’s ear. “When me and Jimin go out I like it when he wears my stuff, it makes me feel nice seeing him in my clothes. Specially since they’re bigger than him.”

Hoseok laughed as Jimin tossed a pillow at him, smacking the other across the face with a dark blush taking over his pale cheeks. Jungkook chuckled but frowned after giving it some thought.

“But it isn’t a date,” Jungkook hummed, tapping his chin. “We’re just hanging out.”

“You seem oddly worried about your outfit for a simple hang out,” Yoongi muttered, pressing his face into one of Jungkook’s bed pillows.

“It’s just been a while since I’ve dressed up, I just wanna feel,” Jungkook gnawed his lip. “Pretty? I don’t know, I just haven’t felt like that in a while…”

The room fell into a pause before Jungkook was getting his cheeks pressed in by smaller hands. He blinked a few times as Jimin set him with a stern look.

“You’re beautiful Jungkook, you don’t need to prove that to Taehyung,” Jimin huffed. “And if he makes you feel like you need to then you can tell him tonight is off.”

Jungkook flushed, taken aback at how serious the older sounded. He chuckled breathlessly, pressing his hands into Jimin’s somewhat shyly.

“It’s not that, I swear,” he reassures with a soft smile. “I just want to go all out tonight is all.”

Jimin nods and lets him go, falling to sit besides Hoseok, the other’s arm immediately going around him and pulling him closer. Jimin grinned and tucked his face into the older’s neck, Jungkook swearing he heard a purr like noise rumble through him. He smiled fondly at the sight, chest clenching at the thought of wanting that with someone. Being able to be so happy with someone.

“What about an oversized sweater?” Yoongi commented, finally lifting his head. “Like one that spills off your shoulder, you look really nice in those.”

“Oh, yes!” Jimin perked up, untucking himself from Hoseok’s neck. “And with some skinny ripped jeans and makeup! You could even do your hair messily, you would look so good, Jungkook.”

Jungkook giggled a bit, seeing the excitement that lit up Jimin’s entire face, the older even bouncing his legs a bit at the vision in his head. Jungkook didn’t mind it either, thinking it over for a second before nodding, remembering the times he had worn sweaters like that, he did feel rather pretty in them.

“Okay, but what color?” he asked next, leaning over the clothes pile. “I have maroon, black, white, gray, pink…”

“Maroon,” all three others in the room spoke in unison, making Jungkook startle a tad, trying to hold back his laughter.

“Brings out your eyes,” Yoongi added.

“Shows off your pale skin,” Hoseok said next, humming thoughtfully.

“Highlights your dark hair,” Jimin finished, clapping his hands together. Jungkook smiled, turning to his closet and digging out the piece of clothing. He patted it down, knowing it was much too big for him and would fall down his shoulder.

“Black skinny jeans?” Jungkook questioned placing the article of clothing over on his mini bookshelf.

“Yes, with a decent amount of rips too,” Jimin hummed, Jungkook standing straight and seeing him ruffle through a few things in the pile before he pulled out a pair. He grinned and nodded, tossing them over to the younger who quickly caught them.

“Now, go change so I can help you with your makeup and hair afterwards,” Jimin beamed, nudging the younger along until he disappeared into the bathroom with a soft click from the door. It was silent other than the ruffling from Jungkook discarding his workout outfit before the shower started.

“You’re gonna give Taehyung a heart attack,” Yoongi sighed, shaking his head.

Jimin turned to him with a large grin splitting his face. “I know!”


Taehyung scanned his appearance in the mirror one more time, adjusting the tuck of his button up shirt a few times in a nervous fidget. Two hands clasped over his own to stop his movements, a soft sigh filling his ears.

“You look great, stop acting so nervous,” Namjoon said soothingly, letting go of Taehyung’s hands as the younger boy looked over himself again.

“It’s not even a real date, I don’t know why I’m acting like this,” he commented under his breath, flicking at the strands of his hair to adjust them back into their correct placement. He tilted his head around, making sure all the touch up makeup he had put on was blended in correctly, just touching a few spots with concealer.

“It’s just the alpha side of you,” Seokjin said next, coming to stand at his other side, glancing in the mirror and smiling. “Just make sure you keep him in check tonight, you don’t want to go all alpha male and freak Jungkook out.”

“I will, I promise,” he gulped, taking a deep breath before letting it roll out slowly. “I just don’t wanna screw up tonight.”

“You won’t, and if you need help we’ll be here through the bond,” Namjoon reassured next, smiling kindly. “It’s just the instincts you need to keep in check, specially since you’re in public. There’s going to be people looking at Jungkook and you need to accept that. Don’t get all glow eyes protective mode.”

The younger scowled in a pout, Seokjin lightly patting his head with a chuckle.

“Now Namjoon can’t really talk,” the eldest of them muttered. “Since he went all crazy alpha last week when some guy hit on me at the bar.”

Namjoon rolled his eyes. “It was only fair, he tried to grab your ass.”

“You scared him shitless with the way you grabbed onto his shirt,” Seokjin recalled, teasing tone in his voice.

“Obviously didn’t realize you were taken, I was just stalking my claim!”

“See, Taehyung, don’t be like Namjoon,” the eldest chuckled. “That’s how you get kicked out of the place your at. And almost get banned for starting a fight.”

Taehyung laughed along as red climbed up his leaders neck, stifling it with his hand until he heard his phone bing. He perked up and fished his phone out of his pocket, glancing at who it was before his eyes drifted down to what the message read.

KooKoo♡♡: let’s meet at that new Italian restaurant not far from your place? I’m getting ready now so maybe about seven?

Taehyungie uwu: that’s fine with me, did you make reservations?

KooKoo♡♡: yep! We’re all set, I’ll see you soon Tae

Taehyungie uwu: See you soon Kook :)

Taehyung smiled before slipping his phone back into his pocket, noting he should leave soon to make it there on time, also wanting to be a little early so he can see Jungkook the minute he came. He glanced at himself one last time before he nodded, turning around to fish out his shoes, plopping down to start pulling the laces tight.

“Remember, be careful tonight,” Namjoon spoke up, knowing full well even a little slip up could freak Jungkook out. The youngest tended to startle easily.

“I’ll be up late tonight so call me if you need anything or we have the bond,” Seokjin said next, handing Taehyung his keys. “Take care of him, alright?”

Taehyung nodded seriously, taking the keys and tucking them into his jean pockets. He glanced at the time again before he let out another deep exhale, willing himself to calm down before he even started moving towards the front door.

“Have fun!” the two leaders chirped together, causing Taehyung to grin before he pulled the door open and slipped through, hit by the fresh air outside.

He’ll make this a good night, he won’t lose control of his instincts. Not tonight.



Taehyung stood outside of the restaurant, peering down at his phone, happy he arrived early as he heard the chatter of the people in the restaurant. Some people walked past him as he scrolled through his convo, currently scolding Jungkook for texting him while driving.

KooKoo♡♡: I just feel bad for running late ;(

Taehyungie uwu: Kookie, it’s only 7:03

KooKoo♡♡: But you’re there waiting for me!

Taehyungie uwu: I’ve only been here a few minutes it’s okay

Taehyungie uwu: now pay attention to the road before you crash, then you’ll definitely be late

KooKoo♡♡: finnnee

Taehyung smiled fondly shaking his head as he leaned back into the wall of the building. He busied himself in scrolling through his social media, mind wandering to how to make overly sweet desserts and people making mini cakes with small cookware.

“I’m sorry, Taehyung,” an all to familiar voice huffed in front of him. Taehyung lowered his phone but paused halfway when his eyes landed on Jungkook, who was currently walking up to him while adjusting his fringe. “Traffic was heavy, I tried to leave early but it didn’t help much.”

Doe eyes fell on Taehyung, who was staring in shock and lips parting slightly as he took in the youngers appearance.

He was a dead man, a very, very dead man…

Jungkook was adorned in a maroon sweater, the fabric slipped over one of his shoulders, snuggling close to the base of his throat while the other side fall down to rest right below his shoulder, exposing his smooth skin. Taehyung noted the little freckles littered there and gathering at the base of Jungkook’s neck. His hair was styled to sweep to one side, exposing his forehead and some of his dark hair falling over his glittering soft chocolate brown eyes. He noticed the light natural makeup that was placed above Jungkook’s eyes, light browns mixing to show off the unique color his irises held, eyelashes dark from mascara and fluttering over his defined cheeks. His lips were tinted with a soft pink color, looking even more kissable then they already did on a normal basis. All pulled together with the flush that always covered the youngers face when he was around him, sweater paws covering his fingers as he fiddled them while the older studied him.

“You look gorgeous,” he found himself whispering before he could stop himself, clamping his mouth shut quickly before Jungkook giggled shyly. His skin lit up more as he smiled that adorable bunny smile of his.

“Thank you,” Jungkook grinned. “You look really good too, I like your shirt,” he commented, letting the comfortable silence between them drag out before he held out his hand. “Shall we go in?”

Taehyung glanced up at the younger before he smiled softly and gripped his smaller hand tightly, his larger one easily encasing it, hearing Jungkook’s amused huff of laughter as he noticed it. Taehyung grinned and led the younger into the restaurant, having a feeling it was going to be a good night.


“You’re kidding me!” Jungkook gasped, clasping a hand over his mouth to stop himself from bursting out into laughter.

“Yeah, I wish I was,” Taehyung winced, recalling the memory of him getting so drunk at his first high school party he had stripped on the pool table. “Jimin even recorded it! Didn’t even try to stop me, the bastard.”

Jungkook had a fit of laughter into his hand, shaking his head as he tried to calm himself down at the image of freshman Taehyung yanking off his clothes at his first taste of alcohol.

“I didn’t drink for the rest of high school after that,” he sighed, shaking his hair out of place. “I think the entire school saw that video, but I did have a lot of people start thinking I was attractive so.”

“Then I guess it was a lose win,” Jungkook giggled, taking a sip of his water as they waited for their drinks to be handed to them.

Taehyung smiled almost sadly at Jungkook’s comment, drinking down his own water. It was too bad back then he couldn’t enjoy all the attention, his mind always revolving around one certain person.

“How did you hear about this place?” Taehyung spoke after a pause, looking around at the lights hung up around the restaurant, candles also lit at each table, giving it a calm atmosphere.

“Read about it online, I was just trying to find some place close to us that was also affordable,” Jungkook hummed, cheeks puffed out as he suckled on an ice cube, eyes scanning around the area. Taehyung admired his look for tonight once again, getting lost in observing all the small features of Jungkook’s face before he was interrupted by a voice.

“Here are your drinks,” the waiter grinned, placing the sugary coke in front of Jungkook who immediately perked up and gave a soft thanks. Taehyung grinned at the sight, taking his own drink with a small thanks.

The next words that left the male waiters male set Taehyung a back. He turned his head to the waiter with a small furrow between his brows.

“Now, what can I get you tonight, beautiful?” The waiter grinned, looking at Jungkook who looking startled before he laughed shyly. Taehyung narrowed his eyes at the other male, another side of him growling lowly in his ears. Our mate, it hissed.

“I’ll have the chicken Alfredo, please,” Jungkook said politely, folding up his menu. The waiter took it from the younger obviously moving to run his fingers over the smallers, who only flushed and looked away.

“Of course gorgeous, make sure not to drop any on your pretty sweater,” he smiled, writing down the order. “It suits you too well to be ruined.”

Taehyung growled under his breath, shaking his head out and taking a soothing breath before he sighed. Keep the instinct in check, he reminded himself.

“And for you, sir?” the waiter turned to Taehyung, who had a calm look on his face after composing himself.

“I’ll have the same,” he answered, closing up his menu and handing it off. The waiter was about to turn before Jungkook spoke up again.

“Oh and can we have some cheese sticks as an appetizer?” the younger tilted his head, only making himself look cuter. While it made Taehyung coo it made his alpha snarl at the fond smile that crossed the waiters face.

“Of course, I’ll be right back with that,” he smiled before turning and heading off for the kitchen.

Taehyung grumbled, fingers twitching as Jungkook started talking about school, ignoring completely what had just happened. It irked Taehyung, and before he could stop himself, he reached out and grabbed the youngers hand to bring it to his face. Jungkook blinked wide eyes at him with a little laugh.

“What are you doing, Tae?” he asked, confusion lining his tone as he studied the other pressing his fingers against his cheeks and neck.

“Sorry,” Taehyung startled, moving away and gently moving the youngers hand back. “You just smell good.”

“Really?” Jungkook questioned, sniffing at himself, but Taehyung knew he couldn’t pick up on his vanilla and roses scent. “I didn’t put on any strong perfume tonight, I wonder what it could be.”

Yeah, I wonder…



Taehyung got more annoyed as the waiter came around, always complimenting Jungkook until the younger blushed, smug smile coming over his face afterwards.

He tried to hide his annoyance, always giving his full attention to Jungkook once the younger started talking. After the third time he gave up and reached through the bond, still letting Jungkook’s words brush through his mind so the younger wouldn’t think he wasn’t listening.

Pack, please help.

What’s wrong? Seokjin’s voice floated in first followed by Namjoon then Yoongi and finally Jimin.

The waiter here keeps hitting on Jungkook, I’m about to lose it. Taehyung snarled, trying to stop his face from contorting as Jungkook continued explaining the plot of one of his favorite books.

Take a deep breath, Seokjin advised.

Rip his head off, Yoongi said next.


What? Or scent him, get that bastard off of him that’s your mate!

The waiter is human, scenting won’t make a difference, Yoongi, Jimin sighed.

What do I do? Namjoon?

Just stay calm, overreacting isn’t going to do anything. As you said this isn’t a date technically, so Jungkook isn’t going to say anything,Namjoon’s deep voice rumbled.

That’s bullshit, Namjoon, it’s his mate! Yoongi growled.

And Jungkook doesn’t know that does he? You know more than anyone what Jungkook has gone through and you’re pulling this shit with me right now?The leader hissed out, the bond falling silent.

Taehyung fell out of the bond with a sigh, trying to hold his tongue as the waiter came back over again, making the same remarks, complimenting Jungkook’s outfit. The younger smiled before he suddenly spoke up, his words making Taehyung pause in surprise.

“Please, sir, could you be more professional?” Jungkook asked. “I’m out on a date right now, I don’t appreciate you flirting with me right in front of him, it’s rather rude.”

Taehyung’s heartbeat picked up. So it was a date? Or was Jungkook just saying that so the waiter would leave him alone? Did Jungkook want this to be a date? Would they ever even go on a date?

“O-Oh, I’m sorry, I-“ the waiter stuttered, looking surprised as well. Taehyung grinned, hiding it behind his hand. Served him right.

“It’s alright, just maybe don’t hit on anyone who’s out with a guest,” Jungkook smiled, the waiter apologizing a few more times before moving away.

Jungkook’s smile fell as he let out a sigh once the man was gone, he pouted and shook his head. “I’m sorry I said we were on a date. He was just annoying me, I don’t like strangers talking about me like that.”

Taehyung ignored the way his heart sunk. “It’s alright I understand.”

Jungkook smiled again, reaching out from Taehyung’s hand and fiddling with his fingers. “Now, where were we?”



“I had a great time tonight,” Jungkook muttered, Taehyung leading him out while he draped his jacket of Jungkook’s shoulders when he realized the younger was shaking slightly. The younger gripped it around himself with a little flush taking over his pale skin, highlighted by the moonlight.

“I did too,” Taehyung murmured, voice soft as Jungkook leaned into his side, fingers slipping into his own. He tried to calm his breathing, feeling his heart pick up pace and butterflies erupt through his stomach, feeling like a silly school girl with a crush.

“We should definitely do this again sometime,” Jungkook beamed, bunny teeth on display as he tightened his fingers in Taehyung’s, loving the way his hand drowned in how big the others were.

“I’m paying next time,” Taehyung commented, smiling at the pout that fell on Jungkook’s face.

“I invited you out, it was only fair I paid,” the younger huffed.

“Well, I’m inviting you out to the next dinner,” Taehyung countered, reaching over to brush Jungkook’s hair out of his sparkling brown eyes. Jungkook smiled shyly, looking down at the sidewalk while Taehyung watched him, feeling his chest constrict with an overwhelming emotion.

This boy meant so much to him, he could barely contain himself from leaning forward to capture his lips, spill out all his affections into a kiss so the younger could finally understand.

“Get home safe,” he whispered, hearing the soft chirping of grasshoppers in the bushes, grass swaying to the soft breeze.

Jungkook nodded with a smile, leaping up and suddenly arms were around Taehyung’s neck tightly. The older paused before his arms went around the boy, his head easily fitting in the crease of his shoulder, holding back a groan at the strong scent coming straight from the source on his neck. He nuzzled just slightly into the scent, hearing the other giggle from the ticklish sensation until his own musky scent was rested besides the sweet smell.

“Thank you for tonight Taehyung,” Jungkook mumbled into his neck, holding him in tighter. “I’ve never smiled for much as I have today. It means a lot. I know I haven’t told you about everything that’s happened, but I will someday, but thank you for sticking with me.”

Taehyung’s heart clenched and he held the smaller even tighter to his chest, a rumble going through his chest. “There’s no need to thank me, I love spending time with you.”

He felt Jungkook’s smile against his neck before he pulled back, he gave a soft farewell before he started heading for his car, Taehyung watching with close eyes he got there safely. He grinned from ear to ear, watching as the younger placed Taehyung’s jacket into his lap, acting like Taehyung hadn’t noticed he’d taken it. He didn’t mind though. Not when his scent clinged onto Jungkook so perfectly to mix their scents.

Good job, Tae,he heard Seokjin’s voice purr in the back of his head. I’m proud of you.

Chapter Text

“Today class I’m giving you a new assignment,” the teacher’s voice boomed in the small area as Jungkook struggled to keep his head up. His eyes were drooping, hand placed under his chin to force himself to somewhat pay attention to what was being said.

“Kook, why are you so tired?” Hoseok whispered next to him, leaning over to peer at the heavy bags under the youngers eyes. Jungkook sighed and rubbed at his eyes aggressively before he turned to his friend, frown creasing his eyebrows and wrinkling his forehead.

“Nightmares,” he answered quietly, knowing he didn’t have to explain any further. Hoseok frowned as well, reaching out to run his fingers through Jungkook’s hair soothingly, hearing the younger hum and sink into his seat.

“They were a lot worse last night, I don’t know why but it sucked,” he grumbled into his folded arms. His temples throbbed with unrelieved pressure as he sunk deeper into himself with a groan, the loud voice of the teacher not aiding his pain.

He felt Hoseok lean back into his seat, probably paying attention to what was being said so he could relay it back to Jungkook later when he was feeling better. For now, the younger grabbed a handful of his hair as if it would relieve the pounding in his head, relieve the flow of energy emitted into his system after such vivid dreams. Remembering how every touch felt so real, the disgusting remembrance of unwanted lips roaming his body, calloused hands used to harm it, foul words used to break it.

Jungkook took in a shuddering breath, gnawing his bottom lip to hide the on flow of tears springing quickly to his eyes. He tried to control his breathing, releasing his hair to twine his hands together tightly and claw at his hands until the tension uncoiled from his shoulders like a wave. He attempted to not dig hard enough to cut open his hand, not wanting to clean up the wounds or have anyone worry over him. Especially Taehyung. He shuddered at the thought, if the older saw bandages on his hands from digging into his skin too roughly with his nails he’d never hear the end of it.

“Hobi,” Jungkook weakly croaked, barely lifting his head, still holding back his tension with deep controlled breaths. The brown haired male turned to the barely contained boy, worried expression falling over his face, but he held back from reacting before he was told anything.

“I-I want Tae,” he whimpered without thinking, clunking back into his arms. He couldn’t explain why the sudden urge to be around the elder just swelled through him, he just couldn’t. But it was so strong, a pull connecting to him to contact, his mind supplying that Taehyung would make him forget about his sleepless night.

Hoseok paused, looking confused before he glanced at the teacher, noticing that he was turned towards the board and scribbling down the assignment requirements. He turned back to Jungkook, who was currently sulking back into his arms, body in a tight coil of sadness and pain.

“Do you want me to ask him to pick you up after class? I’ll send you the assignment later,” Hoseok offered, leaning forward with a concerned furrow between his brows.

“Yes, please,” Jungkook whispered, nodding his head slowly and lifting his head from his arms and taking a few calming breaths once again. He was slightly embarrassed by the way he was acting, but he couldn’t stop it, couldn’t stop the rush of pure fear and hatred swept down his spine thinking of the man that ruined his life. He needed the person who had done opposite right now.

Hoseok nodded and grabbed his phone, typing away for a few seconds before the deep sliding note declared it was sent. A soft vibration could be heard not long after, Jungkook moving his head to see what the message said.

Taehyung: Is he okay? I’m on my way right now.

Jungkook smiled a bit with the others concern, looking away to rest his head back on the desk more calmly then how he was previously feeling. His mind was eased from the flashbacks when it was surrounded with the thought of that boxy smile, the tender care he received from the other, the soft eyes always filled with so much care.

Taehyung was coming to get him. He’s safe.


Jungkook’s shoulders sagged as the light of the outside world hit him in the face, a soft groan coming from him as his eyes painfully adjusted to the sunlight. He had forgotten how dark the lecture room was, rubbing at his eyes before he sighed.

“Jungkookie,” a familiar heavenly deep voice called out from in front of the younger. He lifted his head a little higher, seeking out until his eyes fell on Taehyung moving closer with concern written on his face. Everything else became a blur, the mind numbing thoughts that had been hovering over his shoulders disappearing into thin air as mop of blonde hair and concerned brown hazel eyes stared into his own.

He was dressed in a nice white hoodie with a denim jacket pulled over it, creases in it, showing it was grabbed in a haste to get there fast. It made Jungkook’s heart swell as his shoulders sunk a bit. Taehyung’s dark eyebrows were pulled together tightly, creating little lines in his forehead as he almost hesitantly approached the younger. His hair was thrown in a mess, maybe had been napping before he came here, yet he was here. For Jungkook, because Jungkook wasn’t feeling well.

The younger sped up before he realized, backpack slipping off his shoulder and clattering to the floor as he threw himself into Taehyung’s arms. The other caught him, a bit startled as he held the trembling boy to his chest, gaze wandering over to his discarded backpack before he turned to look at Jungkook. His face was pressed deeply into his shirt, inhaling his deep woodsy and musk scent, feeling it wrap around him like a blanket that hid him from all of the world. He didn’t notice the tears on his face until slim fingers smudged them off gently, shakily lifting his head and seeing the sadness flowing through Taehyung’s own irises.

“I’m okay,” he whispered breathlessly, digging his nose into the source of that comforting scent, wandering vaguely how it was so strong all the time. “I just missed you, I really want to go home.”

It had been a few weeks since Jungkook had seen Taehyung, after their night out it was busy schedules and homework catch up. He barely noticed until it started feeling like an ache, not even having time in the mornings sometimes to stop by the coffee shop. To be around the comforting scent again was like a breath of fresh air.

His nightmares have been getting worse this week, more vivid and real with each one until he woke up in a cold sweat, too scared to fall back asleep. His head was clouded with tiredness and constantly feeling unsafe, despite his many times he tried to supply to himself he was safe now.

Taehyung curled his slim fingers through the youngers hair, stroking it until his shoulders sagged and he let out a soft breath, feeling tension uncoil from his limbs. He felt the arms around him disappear for a second, panicking and looking around only to see Taehyung crouching down to pick up his backpack and slinging it over his shoulder.

“I’ll drive you home, Kook,” Taehyung said softly before he threaded their hands together, trying to offer a smile despite all the stress he could feeling radiating off the younger. His inner wolf shifted at the scent, displeased his mate was unhappy in any way. But he didn’t want to intrude, so for now he would just be as helpful as he could be.

He tightened their hands, offering a reassuring squeeze before he started leading Jungkook towards where he had parked on the side of the street. The younger followed along, mind resting from its raging storm the longer the warmth of the others hands engulfed his own. He sighed and pressed into Taehyung’s side, holding onto his hand as tightly as he could manage, bringing his other hand around to encase the top part of the warm palm.

The stares didn’t matter, the people giving them surprised or judgemental looks didn’t register in Jungkook’s brain in that moment. All his thoughts were clouded with one person. The one person who had managed to raise him out of his hell with the five months they’d known each other. The person who never failed to make him smile when he thought he never could again. Who stuck by his side even without knowing his full story, keeping him under his wings and putting him back together piece by piece. The boy with the blonde hair that always swooped like it couldn’t be contained, framing caring eyes that always stared with so much affection at him, soft lips that quirked into a box smile that could light up the world.

Kim Taehyung was an angel.

He was Jungkook’s guardian angel.


Jungkook almost crashed when he stepped into his house, letting out a tired sigh, annoyed now as he felt the drying tears on his cheeks. He tried to smudge them, only irritating his cheeks until they started to tint red.

“Aish, don’t do that,” Taehyung’s gentle voice chided besides him. “You’ll hurt yourself, just go rinse of your face then you should nap.”

“Don’t wanna nap,” Jungkook frowned, tilting his head, jolting at how close they suddenly were. He took a step to the side before he spoke again. “Wanna spend time with you, it’s been so long.”

“It’s only been a few weeks, Kook,” Taehyung chuckled, hands cupping the youngers cheeks and stroking the now irritated skin gently. “But okay, I’ve missed you too, but you should still change.”

Jungkook sniffed at his clothes, wrinkling his nose at the smell of sweat sticking to it from the anxiety that was pouring off of him previously. He sighed, shoulders slumped as he looked up at Taehyung who was currently placing his bag on the ground and locking the front door.

“I’m sorry, I probably stink,” he grumbled, pulling up the white T-shirt yet again, as if the smell would disappear if he kept inhaling it. He was distracted with shoving the cloth to his face he didn’t even hear the footsteps quickly heading towards him.

Taehyung was in front of him in a split second, hands wrapping around his own until they loosened around his shirt, which he then brought the youngers hands to his lips and kissed the back of them gently. Jungkook flushed, almost flinching at the contact as he lowered his head to hide the red starting to gather up his neck.

“You don’t smell, Kook,” Taehyung chuckled, pulling back to gently ruffle his already messy hair fondly. The opposite really, Jungkook still had his signature scent of vanilla and roses clinging onto him, but it was mixed with a sour taint of sadness and fear. It made Taehyung’s nose twitch, wishing the smell would just disappear and allow the sweet scent back to wrap around him. “I just thought you would want to relax in something other than jeans.”

“I see what you’re doing,” Jungkook huffed, placing his hands on his hips with a pout. Taehyung grinned, all too tempted to lean over and kiss the pout off his face, but he restrained himself by distancing himself from the smaller. “I’m not taking a nap, we’re spending time together tonight.”

“Who said anything about a nap,” the older hummed innocently, rather smug smile pulling at his lips. Jungkook rolled his eyes, only further widening the expression on Taehyung’s face before he turned and headed towards the bathroom door. The door shut heavily behind him and his disappeared into it, the sound of the shower quickly following after it, along with a soft shuffling and the noise of clothes hitting tile.

The older’s smile quickly dropped once Jungkook disappeared past the wooden door, heavy sigh rumbling through his chest as his alpha made displeased noises in the back of his head. He ran a hand over his face and fell into the couch with a heavy groan, yanking his hair harder then intended, feeling the burn on his scalp with a small wince. He picked up on the sound of Jungkook moving around the bathroom, trying to distract his mind with the sounds of the water hitting the floor in an abstract beat.

What’s wrong? a voice of worry immediately filled his head when Taehyung start to feel the itch at his scent glands when stress started to manifest in his gut and mix with his scent.

I’m okay, he tried to reassure, taking in deep breaths and pulling himself up weakly from the couch. He made his way over to Jungkook’s room, slipping in through the crack in the door and softly closing it behind him. He glanced around the now familiar room before he sat on the edge of the bed, tuning his ears back into the noises from the bathroom.

What’s wrong, kid? Yoongi’s voice followed next, Seokjin’s seeming to have fallen back and let another pack member talk to Taehyung. He let out a heavy breath through his nose, falling into the dark colored blankets, immediately falling victim to the humans intoxicating scent, his lungs constricting.

Just… worried, he chose to answer, shoving his face deeply into Jungkook’s pillow, feeling a lift from his shoulders at the comforting scent filling his nose. He let out a shaky breath, willing himself not to be affected by it too much, squeezing his eyes shut and letting it envelope him. Jungkook had Hoseok call me to come pick him up, when I got there we was drowned in this smell of anxiety and stress… sadness, and I’m at his apartment now, he hasn’t said anything about it.

The bond was quiet for a second before Yoongi spoke up again, sounding tender and soft as he usually did when talking about any of the pack members along with Hoseok and Jungkook. I know you know this, but Jungkook has really bad memories, and sometimes they can just overwhelm him and he needs to be with someone he trusts. Don’t try to get anything out of him, maybe just ask if he’s willing to talk, but don’t force anything. Just try to keep him calm, it could just be school stress, he doesn’t handle being overwhelmed with work well, because… well, nothing, just keep him relaxed and happy and you’ll be good. Hang in there Tae, we’re here if you need us. Thanks Yoongi, Taehyung replied softly, blinking his eyes open when he heard the bathroom door unlock, sitting up slightly. The even stronger scent hit him like a brick as Jungkook walked out, all the previous sour scents of stress and worry seeming to have been washed off, the younger holding his head higher than previously.

Taehyung felt a tender smile come over his face, watching the younger walk around the room to grab socks, his heart swelling at the cute patterns placed on the ones he chose. Jungkook sat on the edge of the bed and slipped on the white socks with little hearts placed all over them, wiggling his toes after. Taehyung smiled, leaning his head back into the pillows as the younger turned around and crawled to lay next to him.

“Why are you putting on socks?” Taehyung asked, eyeing how off the material looked with Jungkook’s gym shorts and soft blue sweatshirt pulled over his rather muscular body. But he's Jungkook, he pulls everything off.

“Because I can't fall asleep with socks on, it feels too weird,” Jungkook said as if it was obvious, twisting to lay on his side and face Taehyung with a large smile over his face. Taehyung chuckled, laying his hands out between them, which was quickly encased in Jungkook’s smaller ones.

“You’re really set on not falling asleep,” the blonde hummed, tilting his head, admiring how fluffy Jungkook’s hair looked with the way it was ruffled out around his face. His chocolate eyes sparkling and bunny teeth evident while he played with his fingers, warmth spreading through his chest.

“Told you,” Jungkook huffed. “Wanna spend time with you.”

“We can spend time together napping,” the older countered, earning him a light chiding slap on his wrist. “Fine, what do you want to do?”

The smaller seemed to get lost in thought for a moment before he shrugged, turning to glance over his shoulder, noting it was only about four in the afternoon. He twisted back around and shrugged his shoulders again, not having any ideas come to mind to waste some time with the older.

Taehyung chuckled and shook his head, letting go of the others hand to sit up and push himself up from the bed. He glanced around the room before he walked over to the youngers book collection, squatting down and thumbing through some of the titles.

“Awe, I just got back from school, I don’t wanna read,” Jungkook whined from where he was laying, sitting up a tad to glance at what Taehyung was doing. The alpha rolled his eyes, looking st Jungkook with a small smile on his lips.

“Got any ideas then?” he asked, watching the other falter, scrunch between his eyebrows giving away that he didn’t have anything to supply.

“That’s what I thought,” the older replied, smug as he continued to look through all the books he had. One in particular caught his attention, Taehyung slipping it out and noticing it looked brand new. He hummed and stood back up, examining the book for a few seconds before Jungkook’s voice interrupted his thoughts.

“Oh, I forgot I had that book,” he muttered, almost sounding surprised. Taehyung smiled and fell into the bed again, flipping open the pages and glancing over the words before he turned back to Jungkook who’s doe eyes were on him as well.

“Why have you never read it?” Taehyung asked, twisting around to lean against the headboard, the smaller of the two quickly joining his side, sides pressed together with some space. Taehyung ran his fingers over the words Romeo and Juliet on the cover, risen in the paper to create a bumpy texture against his fingers.

“Too hard to understand,” Jungkook shrugged, leaning over to glance at the writing as Taehyung opened the book, scanning his eyes over the neat text.

“That’s what these side translations are for,” Taehyung hummed, pointing to the margins of the book where the text was translated to modern language to help comprehension.

“Yeah, but that’s double the reading then,” Jungkook huffed, falling into the blankets, pulling them tightly around his frame.

“I’ll read it to you then” the older shrugged, seeing the younger peek at him with a lifted eyebrow like he didn’t believe him.

“I’m already getting freshman year flashbacks, please no,” Jungkook complained.

“I bet you didn’t even read it.”

“You’re right, I didn’t, but literally everyone knows how that play ends so why read it?” Jungkook scoffed.

“Because it’s a beautiful work of poetry and literature,” Taehyung placed a hand over his heart dramatically, grinning when the younger rolled his eyes. Jungkook sat up, blankets still tight around him as he leaned into the others side, resting his head on Taehyung’s shoulder, the older feeling his heart rapidly pick up pace, the intoxicating scent of the younger wrapping around his body.

“Fine, read it,” Jungkook huffed, pulling the pillows up higher to support his back while he yanked the covers higher over his head. Taehyung chuckled, seeing the fluff of hair poking out from the dark blankets and the heat flush on Jungkook’s cheeks.

“Don’t fall asleep on me now,” Taehyung hummed, reaching over to soothe his fingers over the youngers cheeks, feeling the heat burn even hotter at his touch.

“I won’t,” Jungkook pouted, digging his face into Taehyung’s neck so the older couldn’t see how red his face was. He peeked out his eyes so he could watch as Taehyung opened up the book, his deep soothing voice starting to read the prologue.


“Come, bitter conduct, come, unsavory guide. Thou desperate pilot, now at once run on the dashing rocks thy seasick, weary bark. Here’s to my love,” Taehyung read, exaggerating his words, one hand making gestures while the other folded the book open. Jungkook giggled, glancing up at the expression of sadness the older had forced on his face.

They’d been sitting in bed for a few hours, Taehyung acting out the entire play, using different voices for each character before he translated the text for Jungkook. It was pretty interesting, a lot better than he remembered when writing essays on the book years ago. He felt his eyes drooping a bit, snuggled up close to the other, the warmth radiating off him cocooning him along with his blankets.

“I just don’t understand,” Jungkook sighed, glancing at the text laid out in front of him, Taehyung pausing in turning the page.

“Well, the translations says—“

“No, I mean, I don’t understand how Romeo could do that,” Jungkook murmured, narrowing his eyes at the text and rereading it in his head before he sighed. “How could he just, end his life like that? He didn’t think of his family or anything, how can someone be so in love with someone they’d be willing to die for them? Do people like that even actually exist?”

Taehyung turned towards the younger, feeling the smile slip from his face as he looked down at the little furrow between the other’s eyebrows. He studied his pouty lips, his wide doe eyes and his dark hair falling out from the blanket pulled over his head, his sharp jawline and full cheeks that he wanted to pinch. He looked at the sparkle in his eyes, the confusion also swimming in them, trying to understand the concept of dying for one person alone. But Taehyung understood, he understood fully.

“I don’t think it’s that crazy,” he whispered, immediately catching Jungkook’s attention. “Being in love can make you do crazy things, yes, but sometimes it feels like the world is just that one person. Their smile, their eyes, down to the little details of their face, all of that just means so much to you. Their happiness is your happiness, and anytime they’re upset you just want, no need, to make them smile again, to see the way they’re face lights up. And sometimes, you’d be willing to die for them, if you think that will help them, if you think that can help you be with them… it sounds crazy, but maybe it isn’t.”

They were silent for a moment before Jungkook spoke, voice soft as he reached out a hand to entwine with Taehyung’s. The older looked down at their fingers interlocking, feeling a swell in his chest before he lifted his eyes back up to the younger’s sparkling ones.

“Have you ever been in love, Tae?”

“I think so,” Taehyung whispered, gulping, now noticing how close his face was to Jungkook’s. The younger’s soft lips were only inches away from his own, his eyes flickering down to how they parted before he willed himself to look away. Don’t lose control, he reminded himself.

He sat up more, seeming to startle Jungkook who let go of his hand to readjust his position, leaning his head against the others bicep, flush returning to his face. Now, with the moment broken, a silence fell heavy between them, neither of them addressing it. Taehyung cleared his throat and opened the book back up, scanning his eyes over the page until he found the spot they left off.

“Anyway, back to Romeo and Juliet,” he muttered, leaning down to press his nose gently into the top of Jungkook’s head in a nuzzling gesture, though the younger wouldn’t understand it. It was okay for now, hopefully one day he could tell Jungkook the truth.

One day.


Taehyung laid on his side as he peered at Jungkook’s face, seeing how relaxed the younger looked when he was asleep. Despite his former protest, Jungkook fell asleep right after Taehyung had finished the book, collapsing into the sheets with soft snores and fluffy hair around his face. He was curled up into his blanket tightly, Taehyung realizing he was pulling it up to his nose, curiously leaning forward and picking up his own scent sticking to it from rubbing against his arms. He grinned with pride, fond smile falling over his face as he glanced over Jungkook’s form. His legs and lower body fell out of the blanket, the material mainly wrapped tightly around his head, covering him in darkness from the artificial lights coming from the ceiling light paired with the setting sun.

Taehyung reached his hand out and brushed Jungkook’s hair back from his eyes, seeing the boy stir before he pushed his head into the touch. Taehyung grinned, leaning up and pressing his lips into the soft skin of Jungkook’s forehead, almost startling when he heard the soft hum that came from the youngers chest.

He leaned his head against the top of Jungkook’s, kissing the blanket that separated them, eyes fluttering shut for a moment before rustling made him blink his eyes open. He glanced down, seeing Jungkook kick around his legs, his gym shorts hitching up, his soft stomach being exposed when his sweater twisted around his torso.

Taehyung felt his heart shatter when he saw the scars running down the tops of Jungkook’s thighs, they looked older but still caused a stab at Taehyung’s heart. He felt a lump gather in his throat when he saw the same marks over the panes of Jungkook’s stomach, breathing out shakily.

He reached down hesitantly, placing his fingers over the marks on his belly, just above his belly button and some below. He traced them with his finger for a second, pulling away like they burned him, feeling his heart twist in aching knots, fist clenching tightly.

“What happened to you, Kook?” Taehyung whispered, moving his eyes to look at the peaceful look on Jungkook’s face as he snuffled in his sleep. Taehyung slowly wrapped his hand on the youngers small waist, holding it like it was made of glass before he pressed his head against his blanket covered chest.

“I promise, I’ll never let you feel this kind of pain again,” he muttered, voice tight as he strained to hold back his tears. “I’ll keep you safe from your demons, I won’t let them hurt you. I won’t let anyone hurt you every again,” he breathed out shakily, wiping his tears against the blanket and trying to calm his breathing. “I’m sorry I wasn’t here for you earlier, I wish I could’ve shielded you from what or who ever did this to you. You deserve so much more, Kookie, I promise to give it to you.”

Taehyung sniffled quietly, pulling the sleeping form closer to his chest, leaning back up to lay his head over Jungkook’s, moving the blankets to cover him after he fixed the boy’s clothes. He pressed his face into the pieces of hair falling from the blanket as it slipped off his head slowly, letting the scent of vanilla and roses sooth his shattered heart, losing himself in the thought that at least Jungkook was safe right now. That he was in his arms, that he was at peace, praying he could will off the nightmares that he knew haunted the younger, praying that Jungkook would have a peaceful sleep and wake up happier,more...him.

For now, all he could do was pray as he held Jungkook, his mate, closer to him while a stray tear fell over his eyes and ran down his cheek.

Chapter Text

“Nasty little bitch,” the all too familiar voice sneered down at Jungkook as he curled into the corner of the room. His legs were pulled up tightly to his chest, face shielded in them while his hands shook where they were clenched together to press his legs into his lungs. Every part of him rippled with fear, eyes glassy and barely focused as he stared at his own hands, watching them quiver and trying to protect him.

“Why do I even put up with you, huh?” vile hands gripped harshly at Jungkook’s arm, yanking him to his feet as he whimpered, trying to twist away. The grip only tightened, along with Jungkook’s lungs as he felt the breath leave his body in a gasp of fear. A sting built up from the grip, his head swimming with it as he tilted his head back with a hiss. The monster only grinning in twisted glee as tears rolled down his cheeks.

He shook, every limb trembling down to the bone as he felt the pain jolt through his arm, promising more bruises to add to his collection later. He cowered away, trying to keep his face hidden as he was dragged through the house, feet slipping across the floor and cutting them raw like it was covered in shattered glass. He slid almost easily when cuts formed, red liquid aiding the other to pull him further and further into the area. Taking a small glance around he felt a jolt go through him as it seemed to be a mix of his new apartment, the same paintings held high and some furniture the same. Otherwise it had the structure of his old life, the tearing walls and scent of cigarette smoke clogging the air and Jungkook’s lungs as he helplessly struggled while his arm was being pulled.

“Please, don’t hurt me,” he breathed through his sobs, his free hand lifting from where it tore at his throat for breath to the grip tight on his arm, attempting to push it away. The man of his nightmares twisted around to face him, face melting into a monstrous figure, eyes glowing like a demon, deep growl rumbling in his chest like a monster.

He saw the flash of a hand lifting, ducking his head down, hoping the blow would miss its intended area to mark another, less fragile, part of his body. Jungkook sobbed into his hands, stumbling over himself when suddenly the grip on him disappeared, clambering to the floor and scooting away. He cradled his injured feet, small whimpers falling past his bitten raw lips, tasting a small ting of metallic blood.


A presence loomed over his head, Jungkook blinking past his tears to see a light gray huge creature hovering above him. His eyes scanned over the thick fur covering its body, broad shoulder like limbs scrunched around its frame, making it stand even taller. Glistening teeth glowed in the sudden light in the room, seeming to emit off the creature hovering over him. A long tail swished back and forth threateningly, haunches squaring, dangerous eyes following as the monster cringed away with a grimace. Golden eyes turned to look at him, Jungkook’s jaw dropping as the wolf stood in front of him, staring into his eyes as the world of black cracked like a hand punching through glass. Jungkook took in a shuddering breath, suddenly finding himself placed in a peaceful meadow, the grass soft under his touch, mind twisting in a million questions. The monster was gone, that’s all that mattered for now.

When he turned back to the wolf, he startled when it was something completely different, eyes going wide when soft and warm hands caressed over his cheeks. Jungkook swallowed tightly, feeling his tears being brushed softly from his face, leaning into the touch as he stared into the soft caring eyes of the all to familiar face. He gulped, throwing himself into the persons embrace, feeling the tuck of warm arms going around his torso. His blood coated fingers dug into the white silk, almost Greek like, fabric hanging over the older’s body. Tickles of blonde hair stroked over his neck, the younger wiggling a bit before he settled again, feeling his body uncoil. The pain of his foot seemed to disappear, and upon glancing over, Jungkook confirmed that the cuts were gone, the bottoms of his feet now adorned in small scars. A hand suddenly gripped his wrist, startling him as he glanced back up to chocolate brown eyes, swirling with traces of gold hinted at the corners, almost hypnotizing. Long fingers curled around the blooming ache circled around his wrist, a purple bruise blossoming slowly. A tingle falls over his skin, Jungkook flinching before it feels more of soft lips pressing into the injury. When he blinks it’s gone…

And when he looks up, he meets the eyes of an all to familiar face once again. He leaned up, pressing his newly healed hands into the soft strands of hair, sat up on his knees. The man beneath him smiled, that same boxy smile he adored, same chocolate eyes, hints of golden gone, replaced with swirling orbs of tenderness and care. The eyes of his Taehyung…


Jungkook lurched up in bed, heart hammering in his chest as he stared wide eyed around the empty room. It was still dark, the flash of cold crawling up his arms when his blankets fell and bunched around his hips. He gasped heavily, feeling each breath slowly stuttering the harder he tried to breathe, his chest heavy. He startled when hands wrapped around his waist, going limp into the arms going around him, feeling a pull and sense of comfort.

“Breathe, Kookie,” a deep voice rumbled above his head, Jungkook unconsciously reaching around to grip at the others clothes. His fingers curled until his knuckles shined white, only loosening it slightly when a larger hand covered his, thumb soothing over the back of his palm. His cheeks felt less constricted as he slowly relaxed, breathing evening out while another hand curled around his waist before stroking up and down his back.

“T-Taehyungie,” Jungkook wheezed, feeling like he needed to offer some sort of reassurance? Apology? Explanation? He didn’t know, his mind still swirling with the vivid details of his dream, reliving the terrifying beginning, mind seemingly unwilling to bring him back to the bliss of the last few moments of it before he woke. A tender kiss pressed into his temple, a warmth spreading through his body, a sizzling feeling of comfort surrounding him.

He blinked his eyes, now realizing they were glassy, feeling warm tears trail over his cheeks before he let out a shaky breath. “It’s okay,” Taehyung’s voice sounded rough, tired, and completely worn out like he woke up seconds ago. Which Jungkook assumes he had, considering the pitch blackness of the room. His heart clenched, touched by the older waking up just to comfort him. “I’m here, just breathe. We don’t have to talk right now, we don’t at all if you’re uncomfortable. Just relax, you’re okay.”

Jungkook sighed, pressing his face into the others broad chest, tumbling his body over to straddle his hips. Arms encased him again, helping him settle into a more comfortable position until the youngers face was pressed into his neck, inhaling the warm inviting scent that radiated there. His hazy brain somehow tried to supply why, he probably just sprayed perfume there. Every limb felt like it melted as all his previous tension melted so smoothly, soft hands sprawled over his back and slowly stroking up and down. He flinched when a bit of his sweater was pulled up with the movement, the bite of cold across his bare skin startling him.

“What time is it?” Jungkook croaked, refusing to move away from the addictive scent he could practically taste on his tongue and nearly made his toes curl. It stuck to the roof of his mouth, acting as some type of muscle relaxer, maybe his mind was playing with him again.

The younger whined as he was shifted slightly, Taehyung leaning over so he could peer at the digits glowing on the nightstand. He fell back into the mattress, pulling the still spaced out boy on top of his chest, feeling soft tufts of hair tickling over the expanse of his neck. “It just turned three.”

Jungkook frowned, curling his fingers deeply into the fabric of the older’s shirt, feeling the material give under his tight grip. “I’m sorry,” he managed to whisper, guilt stirring in his gut knowing that Taehyung had to get up early for work and classes.

“There’s no need to apologize,” he soothed quickly, tightening his hold on the still slightly shaking boy before he sighed. “I’m up cause I wanted to help Kookie, you’re not a burden, okay? You’re never a burden, it’s okay to need help,” Taehyung’s tone was hushed, a gentle nudge moving the smaller back so he could peer into teary eyes. Jungkook gulped, wondering in the back of his mind how the older connected the pieces so quickly, was he that easy to read?

“We’ll go back to sleep once you calm down,” Taehyung whispered, gently thumbing at Jungkook’s cheeks as a few tears fell over and spilled onto his skin. “But in the morning, we’re gonna talk, okay?”

Jungkook nodded hesitantly, looking down as his fingers released the older’s shirt, starting to lightly quiver before Taehyung reached behind his shoulders to grasp them. The younger gnawed on his lip, enjoying the soft press of the others thumb smoothing over his knuckles.

“We won’t talk about anything you don’t wanna tell me,” Taehyung reassured quickly, moving the youngers hands up to press a soft kiss on the back of them. “We just need to have a serious conversation about these nightmares and your mental health in general.”

Jungkook nodded, glancing over at the clock again, though the digits haven’t changed much, Taehyung’s gaze was too intense to keep holding. He felt his heart slowly start beating at a normal pace, his breathing evening out finally so it didn’t sound like he was trying to suppress noises of being choked. Once his brain felt less clouded, he wiggled a bit as Taehyung adjusted them, laying on his side and pressing Jungkook into the sheets to face him. The younger smiled a little shyly, feeling scared from having broken down in front of the older and what their future conversation would hold. Though, he was comforted by the other nuzzling into his hair, gently carding his fingers through the messy locks, feeling a few breaths hit his scalp. Taehyung wouldn’t judge him, he decided after a few moments of peaceful quiet. Anything he told the older he wouldn’t shun him, he wasn’t like him.

The younger sat up slightly to lean against the pillows as Taehyung’s arms fell and wrapped around his torso, Jungkook giving a dopey smile when his nose pressed into his stomach. He reached out to play with his soft strands of hair falling all over his eyes and cheeks, which were tinted a light pink from the heat of his blankets and being pressed to close to another person.

“I’m worried about you,” Taehyung whispered into the darkness, both of them having relaxed into the quiet, Jungkook almost certain the other was asleep until he spoke. “I have been for a while,” he admits next, eyes still closed. “And I regret not acting on it earlier and letting you deal with all this sufferingI know you’re enduring, Kookie. I know you talk with Namjoon and the others, but I also know it’s sometimes harder to talk with people close to you, cause you feel like they’ll judge you,” the younger swallowed, nervous at how close to home Taehyung was hitting. “I just want you to know I’ll never judge you, and you can always tell me anything. You may not be comfortable enough with me to just discuss everything, and that’s okay too, you shouldn’t feel like you’re forced to talk about things either, okay?” Taehyung blinked his eyes open for a second, staring up at Jungkook who was still fiddling with the blonde locks for few moments. “I just want you to feel safe, and know that you’re safe, you deserve to be able to live happily without your past haunting you.”

Taehyung closed his eyes again, Jungkook too tongue tied to offer any reply, just hesitantly continuing to play with the older’s hair. He watched as Taehyung started to relax more, not expecting to be answered, content with putting his thoughts out before he started dozing.

They stayed surrounded in Jungkook’s soft breathing, his fingers continuing their massage on the older’s scalp until his breathing finally smoothed, eyebrows unknitted, face going peaceful. The smaller grinned, brushing the older’s hair from his closed eyes, leaning back to study his pretty facial features. The straight slope of his nose, leading down to his soft pink lips that twitched every so often in his sleep, blonde hair fanning over his eyes, cheeks tinted pink from the heat in the room. A true angel.

Jungkook sat up a bit, tucking a stray strand of hair behind Taehyung’s ear, brushing the tips of his fingers over the frame of his cheeks. He felt the soft skin, trailing over his lips, hesitantly touching his bottom lip with his thumb, watching as they parted with a soft sigh. He melted into the covers, dropping his hand down to where Taehyung’s curled at his waist, cradling him close like he was fragile. He gently picked it up, feeling the dead weight of it before he placed it over his chest, feeling his heart pick up pace at the touch, watching as the older’s fingers splayed out, as if he was subconsciously feeling for his heartbeat.

A smile bloomed over his face, scooting himself closer, feeling that hand slip around his shoulders as he pressed his face into Taehyung’s broad chest, letting himself be smoothed by the musky forest scent that always clung onto every surface of him. He sighed, body uncoiling when Taehyung shifted, his grip getting a little tighter, his face squishing into his neck with a satisfied rumble type sound.

What is it about you, Jungkook wondered, closing his eyes with a blissed exhale of breath. What is it about you that’s so different? What is it that I always want to be around you, and it almost hurts when you’re gone too long? What is it that you make me feel so safe, so loved, and adored? What even are we? Are you even willing to wait for me, if… if I did give us a chance?

He stroked through Taehyung’s hair yet again, feeling an odd sort of comfort from it, pressing his face deeply into the other, feeling secure when the arms around him tightened. Jungkook gently shook his head, letting it fall back into a relaxed position, taking in steady breaths, feeling himself slipping. He yawned gently, baring a glance at the clock, noticing they’d have to be up in a few hours. He grumbled, tucking himself back into the tight embrace of Taehyung, letting himself be lulled by the sound of the older’s breathing and deep scent. Jungkook smiled slightly, falling into a dreamless sleep, mind blank of bad thoughts as deep brown eyes flickered open and looked at him, Taehyung’s hand sleepily raising to stroke the back of his head before his eyes slipped shut again and they both fell back to sleep.

Chapter Text

“T-Therapy?” Jungkook stuttered, freezing from where he was holding his fork, gingerly pushing around the eggs on his plate, slowly growing cold. His eyes darted back up to the blonde haired man leaning over the chairs placed in front of him. His intense hazel eyes scanned the youngers face until Jungkook felt the need to move his eyes away from his again, nervously poking at his food. “It’s nothing too serious for therapy, Tae…”

Taehyung shook his head, Jungkook seeing him move out of the sides of his eyes until the scrap of wood on tile rang through his ears, curiously glancing over to see the older sitting himself in a chair, now directly in front of the rather startled boy.

“It is serious,” Taehyung said sharply, voice hitting like daggers but also having a soft tone to it, a confusing mix to mess with Jungkook’s muddled brain. He knew this was coming, but he more expected to be sat down and interrogated about his past and the dreams. Instead Taehyung made him a nice breakfast, before he let the younger enjoy his meal, gently coaxing him into a conversation about last night, not pushing when Jungkook avoided specifying what the dream was about. “Having nightmares every night and losing sleep shows obvious emotional trauma, Kookie. I know you think it’s…” the older paused to gesture with his hands before frowning. “Normal, to be suffering through this, but it’s not healthy to deal with these things on your own.”

Jungkook looked down, shrugging his shoulders weakly, a part of him realizing that maybe Taehyung was telling him the truth. He knew in the back of his mind bundling up his problems only made it worse, more unbearable. Having so many people to talk to, six different friends at his side to be an aid, yet he never used them as such. He just let his emotions build under his skin, sometimes having small conversations with Namjoon or Seokjin before he chickened out and changed the subject, his fear of rejection clouding his judgement that they’re his friends. Or maybe it was his fear of the harsh words of his past, a part of his brain still used to being told his problems didn’t matter as much as others.

“You know,” Taehyung whispered, two fingers gently curling under his chin and tilting his head back up to meet glistening eyes. Full of comfort, and reassurance until Jungkook’s heart almost melted. “I go to therapy,” he whispered, Jungkook’s eyes going wide before they narrowed in concern. “Sometimes you just need someone else to talk to, that you know won’t spread the information to others, to hear advice. It’s not a bad thing, and it doesn’t make you weak.”

Jungkook swallowed tightly, nodding his head along to Taehyung’s words before his shoulders slumped, a small sigh parting from his lips. He curled his hands together tightly, anxious to speak before he gnawed on his lips gently.

“I-I used to date this boy,” he started, slow, unsure, eyes flickering everywhere except Taehyung, who looked startled. He opened his mouth again, trying to force the words out, feeling he owned Taehyung something, right? This man was offering to pay for therapy for him, drove him to school, held him when he woke from a bad dream.Taehyung deserved to know, so why couldn’t he just spit it out? Why was it so hard to say it, why couldn’t he give him this? “His name was Ren and he… he—“

“Don’t force yourself to tell me anything, Kookie,” Taehyung gasped, standing from his chair quickly to instead crouch on the floor to gaze into the smaller’s eyes. Jungkook shrugged before his watery eyes met the dazzling chocolate ones, drowned in concern and warmth and every emotion that made Jungkook’s heart flutter. There was that caring again, Jungkook just wanted to be wrapped up in Taehyung for days on end, drowning in his forestry scent and his soft words. Before he knew it, Jungkook was hiccuping over a cry, tears spilling onto his cheeks and hands moving up quickly to wipe them away.

“I-If I can't tell you how am I going to tell a therapist?” He wailed, pressing his face into his two hands, cupping them over his eyes and just letting the tears flow, letting all the built up frustration finally tip over. “I’m so ashamed, Tae, it’s all my fault, I should’ve been a better boyfriend, maybe he would’ve loved me…”

Taehyung paused, hands pausing on Jungkook’s biceps, mind stopping for a second, everything in his mind just going silent. Hearing Jungkook actually talk to him about his past, was… unusual, to actual hear the words directly from the younger, not others telling him to wait until Jungkook was ready. But the problem was Jungkook wasn’t, and he was obviously on the verge of a panic attack, whatever was clouding his mind keeping him from censoring his words.

“And I just want you,” Jungkook continued sobbing, Taehyung listening while gently coaxing the younger to stand up, pulling him along softly through the apartment, trying to remain calm. He lead the distressed boy back to his bedroom, food long forgotten, sitting down before he hesitantly pulled Jungkook down into his lap. It seemed to be the best move, as the younger immediately pressed his face into his chest and laced his shaking arms around his neck. “You deserve to hear the truth, Tae… I wish I could tell you, I wish I could… but what’ll you think of me? I don’t want to lose you, for being damaged goods.”

“You aren’t damaged goods, baby,” Taehyung whispered, voice strained, trying not to scold himself immediately on the slip of a pet name, hoping Jungkook hadn’t noticed. He gently turned Jungkook around, having the smaller’s back press into his chest, hands drifting down to glide over his wrists, pulling a bit of his sweater up to gently rub his thumbs into a pressure point on Jungkook’s hands, hoping to ease his mind and heavy breathing. “Anything that happened to you isn’t your fault, you hear me, Kook, nothing is your fault. What that man did to you, can’t be defended and shouldn’t be pinned on anyone else but him, he was the one who hurt you, and I know he did, Kookie, I know you didn’t ask for this, no one does. And I know it hurts, love, I know. You’re scared of what everyone will think of you because you’ve been through something traumatic and you aren’t fully yourself yet, but that’s okay. This isn’t the type of thing that can be gotten over in a night, healing takes time, and people who know that will stick with you. We all know that, and we’re all here. I’m not going anywhere, please trust me on that. I don’t think of you any less because of your past, and anyone with a genuine heart never ever will. I’m so proud of you Kook, I can already tell you’ve made so much progress, letting others touch you, letting me hold and hug you, that probably took so long to not shy away from it. And don’t feel bad for being scared of more intimate things like kisses… I want you too, Kookie, but not until you’re ready.”

Jungkook’s crying had calmed down by the end of Taehyung’s rant, both of them falling into a quiet silence, the younger leaning back to hide his face in the crook of Taehyung’s neck. The older’s hands continued to run soothing patterns up Jungkook’s arms, his breath tickling the top of his head, small strands of hair moving with his breathing. Jungkook lifted a hand to curl his fingers in the pretty blonde hair, twirling it between his fingers before he bit his lips, sniffling softly. Taehyung shushed him gently, one hand reaching around to thumb at the small stray tears falling down his cheeks.

“It’s not fair,” Jungkook finally sighed, Taehyung humming in question. “Cause I wanna kiss you,” he admitted quietly, not willing to look at the older as he spoke the words. He felt Taehyung’s breathy chuckle fan across his face, a shaky smile forming on his own face.

“I do too, angel…” Taehyung whispered, gently guiding his hand not on Jungkook’s face to lace their fingers together. His thumb glided gently over the available skin of the younger’s hand, soothing both of their heavy hearts. “I’ll wait for you…”

Jungkook tightened their hands, one last tear slipping down his cheek as Taehyung thumbed it away, talking in a soothing voice as he spoke one final word; “I promise.”

Chapter Text

Jungkook stared out at the scenery passing by his eyes, flickering his gaze over the buildings and people walking about. He smiled bitterly, recognizing their school as they passed it, curled up tightly in the passenger seat of Taehyung’s car. He was dressed up in one of the older’s hoodies, pulling the hood over his head, shielding his bed head away from view along with his tired eyes. In his opinion is was too early to be up. Sighing, he turned over to the man paying attention to the road, one hand on the steering wheel and the other holding Jungkook’s hand on the gear shift.

“I’m nervous,” Jungkook admitted quietly, turning his head back to look outside when Taehyung glanced over at him, not able to hold the other’s gaze while his stomach was already twisting with knots. He felt his hand get squeezed gently, Taehyung threading their fingers together, Jungkook feeling their hands being moved up before the soft press of lips touched the back of his hand. The younger flushed, shyly glancing over right as Taehyung lifted an eyebrow in question, only making his face redder.

“There’s no need to be nervous, Kook,” Taehyung said softly, focusing his eyes back to the road as the red light switched to green, their hands dropping back to the gearshift. “I picked the highest rated therapist in our area, this is the same person I talk to, you can trust her,” he spoke, tone reassuring and patient, thumb starting to make soothing motions over his available skin, starting to slowly work his way up his arm then going back down. “If you don’t feel comfortable when we get there, I’ll take you home.”

Jungkook smiled and nodded, leaning his head against the window, slowly unclamping their hands so he could tuck them into his thighs, curling himself into himself to press his cheek into the coolness of the window fully. The older didn’t seemed bothered, simply moving his hand back to the steering wheel, a silence falling over them as Jungkook lifted one hand to start nipping at his nails. More buildings passed by his eyes, focusing a little more as they made a turn, noticing that it was starting to thin out a little bit. He pressed his nose into the fabric of Taehyung’s hoodie, soothed by the woodsy scent that surrounded him as he breathed in, calming his rapidly beating heart. What if the therapist told him he shouldn’t be there? What if they laughed at him about his mistakes and his actions? What if they told others, or Taehyung even?

“We’re here,” Taehyung sing-sung as he twisted the wheel, pulling himself into a parking spot while Jungkook swallowed thickly, pressing his hands back into his lap and lacing them together. He glanced over at the pretty brown building, adorned with little lights on the outside, seeming welcoming and trying to offer some comfort. Jungkook didn’t even notice the car jerk to a stop, or the sound of Taehyung unbuckling his seatbelt and opening his door. He sat frozen in the same place, tapping his nail anxiously against the window before his door was pulled open by Taehyung.

“You can do this, love,” Taehyung smiled softly, leaning over the younger to undo his seatbelt before gently coaxing him out of the car, noticing his legs were shaking a bit. His hand was quick to clasp Jungkook’s, rubbing his thumb in soothing circles again, closing his door before gently pressing the younger against it, who flushed under all the attention. “I stand by what I said, I’m not going to force you into anything, but I think this will be really good for you. Don’t stress yourself out anymore, you have enough on your plate. I’m only a call away, I won’t be far, if you decide you want to go back home just call me.”

Jungkook nodded a little stiffly, pressing his head into Taehyung’s shoulder, sighing when the older quickly started petting through rough his hair, moving the hood aside. His hand slipped down to his back, moving in slow circles, Jungkook feeling the older's soft breaths against his cheeks.

"You're so brave," Taehyung breathed, grabbing back onto Jungkook's hand, leading him closer to the small building, having time to keep reassuring the smaller until they reached the building. "We're all proud of you, and maybe you don't see it but everyone is so happy with your process. I think seeing this therapist will just help with everything you've been holding in. It'll help you let go, and be able to feel safe again, cause I know you're still scared of whatever or whoever is haunting you. We're all here for you."

Jungkook teared up a bit as they walked into the building, clutching onto Taehyung's hand tighter as he was lead to the front desk. He glanced around at the small plants placed on the table, the aesthetic type atmosphere around them, the cool scent of rain or something nature like. It soothed him a little bit, not hiding behind the older as much as they reached the lady behind the counter, who smiled at them pleasantly before she asked for a name.

"Jeon Jungkook," the younger spoke up, catching Taehyung by surprise, who smiled only a second later and lightly shook their connected hands as a sign of praise. Jungkook glanced up before he grinned as much as he could with nerves still curling in his stomach.

"The therapist is ready to see you now, her schedule is pretty cleared up today," the receptionist smiled, Jungkook's smile dropping quickly and replaced with a new bought of fear. He turned towards the older, who offered him a soft smile, leading Jungkook over to where he could see a door that lead to the back room.

"I'll be right here once it's over, don't worry," Taehyung whispered, pushing back a strand of Jungkook's hair from his eyes, smiling reassuringly one more time before he let go of his hand. "And call me if you want to leave early, my phone is fully charged and notifications on."

Jungkook grinned bashfully, pulling Taehyung into a hug, wrapping his hands tightly around the older's neck. His arms wound around his hips, Jungkook almost tempted to jump up and wrap himself around the older and just drown out all his problems. Not yet, he told himself as he took in the soothing scent a few times, playing with the hairs on the nape of his neck. Once this was over he could invite Taehyung over and they could spend some time together, just relax and maybe even enjoy it a little more intimately? He didn't know what they were at the moment, after having a little confession of wanting to kiss and be closer it was hard to still call them friends, but they weren't dating… yet, Jungkook wanted to change that soon.

"Thank you for this," Jungkook whispered into the older's ear, pulling back and offering him a little lighter smile, finally moving away after they sat in their own little world. Jungkook waved to Taehyung as he walked to disappear into the back room where the therapist was waiting for him. Taehyung stayed rooted in his spot, smiling from ear to ear, a weight feeling like it feel from his shoulders, relieved the younger was finally getting help.

He watched as the door slowly closed, any sight of the younger gone before he pulled his phone out of his pocket. Giving a soft thank you to the receptionist, Taehyung started walking outside as he dialed a number. A few rings filled his ears before a pleasant sounding voice answered on the other end, questioning why they were being called.

“Hey, Jimin,” Taehyung greeted, slipping into the drivers seat of his car, tapping the wheel with his fingers for a few seconds. He tried not to doze off as Jimin talked for a bit about a pack meeting held earlier, not missing much, just that they all planned to go out and shift together as a form of bonding. He nodded along even though he couldn’t be seen, watching the inside of the therapy building closely, still nervous Jungkook would change his mind and come running out looking for him. He relaxed after a few minutes, before the conversation was directed towards him.

“Did you need something?” Jimin hummed, sounding like he was moving around before Taehyung could hear Hoseok’s voice in the background. “Be right back, babe,” he murmured before the room was a little more quiet behind him.

“Can you do me a favor?” Taehyung pressed his tongue into the side of his cheek, putting the other on speaker before he started his car up. He continued, already knowing Jimin wouldn’t agree to anything unless he heard what it was. “Jungkook is in an appointment right now, but after could you invite him out.” he avoided saying he was in therapy, not sure if the younger wanted the others to know yet, even though it was nothing to be ashamed of, he was just glad he was there.

“Why?” Jimin sounded suspicious but also endeared, making Taehyung roll his eyes. He focused on the road for a bit before he decided to answer.

“I wanted to surprise him tonight,” Taehyung chewed on his lips in thought before he sighed, knowing he was about to get teased. “Like.. like a date…”

It was silent for a moment before an ear piercing squeal was heard from the other side of the phone, making Taehyung wince, willing his hands not to jerk with his surprise. He paused at a red light and sighed as Jimin started rambling how excited he was and everything else.

“You don’t think it’s too early?” he mumbled after a moment, still nervous he was pushing it with even holding Jungkook so close and calling him pet names, though they were tame. He twisted his hands nervously at the top of his steering wheel, glancing in his mirrors like he was avoiding eye contact despite no one else being in the car with him. “I don’t want to scare him away…”

“Tae, you guys have been tip toeing around each other for nearly a year,” Jimin scoffed, more ruffling coming from his side of the line before a new voice came into the speaker, Hoseok; “Jungkook may be hesitant to relationships, but I see the way you guys look at each other, he won’t say no. If anything he’ll be relieved, he probably thinks you don’t want him.”

“How could he think I don’t want him,” Taehyung huffed, exasperated as he turned back into the main road, twisting the knob of his radio to hear the music faintly. He leaned back, relaxing a bit relying on his instinct of driving so he could talk a little clearly without pausing for so long. “My entire existence is dotting on him and internally loving him, I don’t know how much you know about werewolves Hoseok, but when I tell you this boy is my world I mean it.

“But Jungkook isn’t a wolf, Tae,” Jimin’s voice pipped up, seemingly taking the phone back from his boyfriend, who seemed dumbfounded at werewolves being brought into the conversation. He knew so little, it didn’t really surprise Taehyung that he couldn’t hold a conversation with him about it. “He doesn’t feel the same things you do, his skin doesn’t spark when he touches you and he can’t smell the differences in your moods. He’s guessing based on your actions. And before you say you cuddle him and everything, so do we. The entire group has slept in his bed and snuggled him, he’s human, humans are afraid of being wrong. Jungkook doesn’t want to assume anything, so any hints you’re dropping he’s picking them up and then overthinking until it dulls them down to nothing.”

Taehyung stayed quiet, sighing as he turned into his apartment, turning into a parking spot before leaning over the wheel after shifting his car back into park. He tapped his foot against the floor of the car for a few moments, Jimin just as quiet as him before he began to speak again.

“I think asking him out will be the perfect way to ease the tension,” Jimin said, honestly, a deep sincerity in his voice as he spoke. “You should of course ask Namjoon, I don’t want you getting in trouble with the pack. But in my opinion, it would help you guys know where you stand. It’s not reasonable to say your ‘friends’, Kookie looks at you like he’s about to combust with joy whenever you’re around. Anything you need to help planning if you’re doing this today, call me or link me, I got you.”

“Thanks, Jiminie,” Taehyung smiled, pressing his cheek into the soft leather of his wheel, taking his fingers across the material before lightly tapping it with his trimmed nails. “I’m gonna go now, I’ll call you later…”

“Bye, Tae, I love you,” Jimin cooed into the line. “Don’t worry too much, talk to Jinnie and Namjoonie before you decide anything though.”


“Hm, dream date?” Taehyung hummed, swirling his straw around in his drink, he watched as Jungkook glanced around the open area of the restaurant for a few moments before he turned back to the older. He had his own drink nuzzled in his hands, white sweater hanging off his shoulder, face done all prettily for their dinner night, becoming a tradition to go out and eat on weekends.

“I’m kinda sappy,” Jungkook murmured, licking his teeth as Taehyung rolled his eyes before lifting a brow in question.

“Nothing wrong with that,” Taehyung shrugged, head tilted. “Tell me.”

“Pillow fort,” Jungkook said a little breathlessly after a moment, flushing at the confused and semi surprised look on Taehyung’s face. “Like, a huge blanket and pillow fort around a TV, lights around it, some good food and movies all night. Just getting to talk, enjoy each other’s presence… cuddle.”

“Has anyone ever given you one of those dates?” Taehyung asked, smiling at the image, it was a really aesthetic sounding thing to imagine, something you’d see online and wish for yourself. It was cliche, but cute, he really wanted to give Jungkook that.

Jungkook frowned, curling his hands together and sipping at his drink, looking a little pouty at the thoughts. “No,” he sighed. “All of them said it was too much work…or it was too girly…”

“Damn, lazy ass men with sensitive masculinity who can’t build a pillow fort,” Taehyung cliked his tongue, hearing Jungkook giggle behind his hand at the comment. “I hope you get to experience it one day.”



Taehyung walked around the store, glancing at all the selection of pillows and blankets, reaching a hand out to stroke them with his fingers, lost in thought as he gave in and finally decided to reach through the bond. Before he bought anything he needed to ask, he couldn’t just act on impulse, as much as he’d love to. So that he could just enjoy Jungkook without having to be told that he needs to wait longer. He’s waited so long, he’s about to lose it.

Namjoon… He called through the link, getting a call back immediately.

Jimin already told me Namjoon grumbled through the link, Taehyung’s stomach sinking. There it was, he was gonna be told no again, he’d have to go back home and just sit and text Jungkook and pretend like there was nothing between them, like he wasn’t dying to just hold him in his arms. Pretend that they were just friends, that it was normal that they hugged and cuddles, despite the, both admitting they wanted to kiss, and obviously both on edge about it for a while. It all depended on Namjoon. He couldn’t turn against his leaders, he couldn’t force himself to not listen to pack mates just for his actual mate, too afraid of being kicked away. He held his breath for a moment, hands tightening around the cart he had in front of him.

I think you should go for it… and there it was— wait what?

R-Really, Taehyung didn’t even know he could stutter through the link, that was new. Please, please I can’t handle anymore if you’re joking with me.

I’m not joking, pup, Namjoon sounding amused and a little fond. Me and Seokjin talked for a while along with Yoongi and Jimin, and Jimin his right. Jungkook has long been waiting for you to make a move, and making you wait is only hurting him and you at the same time. You have our approval, we just want to see you two happy.

Taehyung pressed his hand to his open mouth, knowing how weird he looked standing there and suddenly starting to cry, feeling the sting at the back of his eyes. He couldn’t believe it, oh he was gonna go broke tonight planning. His feet tapped anxiously, like he was about to explode with his excitement.

Don’t cry, Yoongi cooed, sounding just as happy as Taehyung felt. You’re supposed to be happy, pup.

I am happy, Taehyung sniffled, not knowing if it could be heard through the bond but needing to just let it out. These are tears of joy, and excitement and— fuck, Yoongi I’m gonna take him out. It’s gonna be a date… a real date! W-We’ll talk all night, and I’ll pamper him and…

Okay, okay Seokjin said this time sounding kind as he always did. Jimin is taking Jungkook out after wherever he is, so you have a few hours to plan everything out, link us if you need anything. We all love you, Tae

I love you guys too, Taehyung sighed, relief running over him like a wave of fresh air, dabbing at the tears tracking down his cheeks. Thank you…

You’re welcome, pup Namjoon chuckled, seemingly at ease, reassuring the other who was still in disbelief. Have fun, and keep both of you safe.


Jungkook sighed as he slipped into the outside world, almost blinded by the now fully risen sun, lifting a hand to shield his eyes from the burn with a small hiss. Taking his phone out of his pocket, he clicked it on, reading the little digits that read 5:00PM, gaping as he realized he talked with his new therapist for nearly three hours. They didn’t really delve into his past today, more just having a conversation, friendly, at ease. It kept the younger calm, realizing he didn’t have to immediately tell this stranger his entire life story the first time he met them.

Subconsciously, he pressed the arm of the hoodie draped over his form over his nose, inhaling the woodsy scent and feeling an ease to his heart and chest. Flicking through his contacts, his finger hovered over Taehyung’s name before a new message binged at the top of the screen. He frowned slightly but opened it nonetheless.

Hey, Kookie! I just got done shopping, wanna hang for a bit?

Jungkook felt a little guilty for some reason, knowing that he told Taehyung they could hang out later in the day, not expecting his appointment to last as long as it did. He gnawed on his lips for a few moments before he shrugged, he hadn’t seen Jimin in a long time, only getting to see the older on the weekly meetups the group had when he was able to attend. Otherwise they hadn’t hung out outside of school for a while, he missed having the boy around, honestly.

Jungkookie (Tae’s future boo):
Sure! Taehyung dropped me off somewhere so you might have to pick me up… sorry

That’s okay, I was just talking to Tae, I’ll ask him where you are

Jungkookie (Tae’s future boo):
Thank you, I’ll give you some gas money

You don’t have to do that, hehe

Before Jungkook could reply he saw another message pop up on his phone, startling a bit before opening it and grinning when he realized it was from Taehyung.

Do you want me to tell Jimin your exact location, I don’t know if you wanted to tell everyone about therapy
Speaking of, how did it go, love?

It’s okay you can tell him.
We just talked today, we didn’t go into it about the nightmares and such

That’s perfectly fine,,,
So, do you want to go again?
It’s completely up to you, bunny


Oh, sorry I won’t call you that if you don’t want me to

No! I like it I was just confused, hehe
And… yeah I think I’ll go again
It means a lot Tae, seriously, thank you
These sessions can’t be cheap, I’ll pay you back when I can

I wouldn’t offer to pay if I couldn’t afford it~
I just want you to be happy, and feel safe and better. Let go of everything that’s been haunting you, it’s only fair you get to move on.
Don’t worry about paying me back, seeing you smile will be more than enough payment

You’re so sweet, what did I do to deserve you?


Jungkook gaped at the message, about to type something else before the sharp sound of a horn honking filled his ears. He looked up, confused before being slightly startled by seeing Jimin sitting in the seat of his sleek silver car, beaming at him and waving him over. Jungkook tucked his phone into his pockets before he jogged over to the older, giggling a little as he jumped into the passenger seat without need of instruction, buckling his seatbelt.

Jimin glanced up at the building Jungkook came from, a hint of surprise crossing his face before it disappeared back into a wide smile. The younger sat a little anxiously, waiting for the other to say something. He didn’t. Instead he started up the car again, twisting the little knob of the radio so they could both dance in their seats along to the music.

The worries poured off Jungkook’s shoulders like rain hitting a waterproof roof, sliding off easily and disappearing down the drain and out of mind. He laughed, a lot more than he was expecting from himself as he watched his friend mouth along dramatically to the words on the radio, or start singing so loudly he thought the windows might shatter. Jimin smiled as well, keeping them safe on the road though, his attention still on the other cars in front of them despite his goofing around.

“So where we going?” Jungkook hummed, leaning his head against the cool glass, sighing as it pressed into his warm cheek, heated by the blaring sun in the sky. He watched as everything passed his eyes in a beautiful blur of green and multi colors from all the buildings encasing them. It was peaceful. He felt at peace.

“I say we catch a movie and then go out to eat,” Jimin pursed his lips like he was thinking before he shrugged a shoulder. An almost evil sounding laugh coming from his throat before he spoke again. “Or we could go order a shit ton of junk food and gossip.”

“Option number two!” Jungkook chuckled, lighting up as Jimin started searching up directions to the closest grocery store, a place where they couldn’t easily binge to their heart’s content. They sat in silence for a moment, just enjoying the slow music playing on the radio, listening to Jimin sing along to the music, voice beautiful and soothing.

Wake up and smell the coffee
Is your cup half full of empty

When we talk you say it softly
But I love it when you’re offly quiet

Jungkook smiled and started singing along with him as well after a few more seconds and lines passed, head leaned back. Everything seemed right, he felt at ease as he lifted a finger to orchestrate their harmonizing. Jimin glanced over at him, eyes shining with happiness, knowing in his heart this song reminded him too much of the younger. Of him hiding himself for so long.

Show me what you can make her
You never know until you try it

And you don’t have to keep it quiet…

And I know it makes you nervous
But I promise you it’s worth it
To show them everything you’ve kept inside

Don’t hide
Don’t hide

Too shy to say
But I hope you stay
Don’t hide away
Come out and play….


Jungkook leaned back as he yawned, clunking into the thick mattress pushed into the back of Hoseok’s truck, Jimin driving them back to his apartment to steal his boyfriends car before driving them off into an empty parking lot. They sat and talk as they ate the piles of junk food they bought, the sky slowly darkening more and more as time passed. Soon the sprinkle of stars appeared above them, twinkling so gorgeously Jungkook was a little choked up with amazement.

Jimin leaned against the back of truck as he worked on his bag of chips settled in his lap, eyes wondering over the pretty stars before they landed on Jungkook. The younger was ruffling through their stash before he pulled out a tub of ice cream, wrestling it open before snagging one of the plastic spoons out of the bundle they bought. A lot of money was spent tonight to say the least.

“Tell me about Taehyung,” Jimin said suddenly, smiling softly as he watched the younger’s face light up. Jungkook shuffled until he was set comfortably next to the older, throwing his legs over the other’s and leaning back to gaze at the sky.

“What is there to say,” Jungkook hummed, mind drifting off. “I can’t deny I like him, but it’s also hard, you know? It’s hard to know if he’s willing to stick around for so long if I’m not willing to be intimate… you know what they say ‘men can’t live without sex’ or something like that. I know he’s not after my body, I wouldn’t even give him the time of day if that was the case but… ah I don’t know.”

Jimin nodded along, feeling like the younger wasn’t don’t voicing his thoughts yet, which was correct, the boy could probably go on for hours about this man, it was no surprise to anyone, Taehyung did the exact same, it wasn’t anything Jimin wasn’t used to.

“I’m going to give him a chance though,” the younger decided, finally feeling confident with voicing his thoughts. “Like I’m open to dating, I just don’t want to be a burden.”

They stayed silent for a moment before Jimin laughed softly, Jungkook looking up, slightly offended before the older started talking. “Jungkook, Taehyung, in the least weird way possible, is the least horny person I know. Even just a peck on the lips, he isn’t going to force you into anything you don’t want. You’re fine with cuddling? Then prepare for a lot of it. That boy adores you. Not to go out him or anything… go for it. You both want each other, and I know you both know that.”

Jungkook bit his lips before he sighed softly, nodding his head, he knew he was right, they both know there was a tension between them. They both wanted to just be in each other’s arms and presence, more than just the more boundaries of friendship, and they were both okay with it too. They shouldn’t be holding back from each other anymore. Jungkook dipped his spoon into his ice cream, semi melted from the still lingering heat in the air, taking a few bites before he glanced back over at Jimin.

“I’m happy you’re getting help…” Jimin spoke after a moment, gentle smile coming over his face. “I know it can be scary, I’m happy for you, and so so proud.”

The younger smiled, reaching out to wrap his arms around the other, holding himself close, enjoying the contact, feeling happy to have someone like Jimin. Easy to talk to, someone he could turn to always, not that he didn’t do the same with his other friends, but there was something about Jimin. Just the way he knew Taehyung so well, it was easy for them to discuss him, for Jungkook not to feel like it was a stupid crush and that he was wanted just as much.

“Tell me about Hoseok,” Jungkook whispered once he pulled away, seeing Jimin’s eyes light up, probably like his did as well.

“I will, on the way back,” Jimin said as he glanced at his watch, realizing it was inching closer to eight, around the time he was supposed to drop Jungkook back off. He smiled, more than overjoyed to spend time with the younger but also getting to assist in Taehyung’s plan, knowing Jungkook had an amazing night ahead of him. “Hoseok wants me home soon, I promised to watch his favorite drama with him,” he lied easily, well it wasn't entirely a lie, his boyfriend’s drama had started back up and he was excited to watch them.

Jungkook nodded, understanding as he started to help packing away all the food, handing it off to Jimin and insisting on him keeping it, taking only a few things for himself but leaving more of the items in the bag to the person who bought them. They got back into the car seats, hearing it roar to life before they backed out of their parking space, heading towards Jungkook apartment.


“Thanks for tonight!” Jungkook grinned as he hopped out of the seat, landing with a soft thud, the truck higher up than he was expecting. He dug through his pockets before he shoved some move into Jimin’s hands, moving far back enough so that the other couldn’t hand it back it him. “For all the gas you used to tonight, and for buying food.”

Jimin shook his head and snorted, but said thank you anyway, blowing the younger a kiss before he drove off again, the light leaving with him. Which reminded Jungkook about how late it was, he didn’t have classes tomorrow, most of his teachers canceling them for whatever bullshit reasons they had. He didn’t care, it was a free day for him, now he could relax.

Making his way up the stairs of his little apartment complex, he fished around in his pockets for the keys, hearing the little clink of them fill the empty sound as he jogged up the stairs. By the time he got to his floor he was a little breathless, twisting around his assortment of keys to shove the proper one into his door, turning it and hearing the soft click of the lock giving away. Pushing aside his door, Jungkook stepped in.

At first he didn’t notice anything, toeing off his shoes and yanking his keys from the lock and pushing the door shut again before flicking it locked again. Only when he glanced up did he notice what was going on with his room. He froze, mouth slowly falling open at the sight.

Pillows… blankets, lights? He scanned the collection of soft looking items around the room, all white and tan colors to match each other and bring out the glowing little lights hung around them. Peeking around the giant fort, he could see that his TV was also covered, meaning it was situated under the little hide out. He couldn’t help but laugh a little, the scene out of a dream before he paused again as a form crawled out from the piles of soft material. A look of soft blonde hair, loose gray sweatpants, a white t-shirt and long pale fingers holding a little rose between them.

“Welcome home, Jungkookie…”

Chapter Text

Taehyung was a vision, messy locks of blonde hair falling over his dazzling eyes as they scrunched with his smile, blinding with all the lights shining on him. His face was its usual perfect shape, sculpted into an almost god-like look, sharp eyes scanning him, plush lips pulled back to thin out in his grin. His outfit was plain and simple but fit the vibe of the room so well, matching with all the shining lights that he saw hidden behind all the thick blankets and soft sheets. His shirt was baggy, hanging off his body a little and giving the younger a view of his sloped collarbones, leading down to parts of his body he hadn’t seen yet, and was honestly too afraid to see. His sweatpants were loose as well, falling down his hips a little bit, revealing the band of his boxers. Jungkook looked away before he could roam with his eyes too much, focusing on the pretty rose in Taehyung’s hand as the older approached him slowly.

“So…” the older started, sounding nervous for the first time since Jungkook had met him, Jungkook reaching out to take the small rose that was offered to him. He sniffed at it in curiosity, finding it was real and humming pleasantly at the scent wafting over him. “I know I told you that night that I hoped someone would give you your dream date, but if I’m being honest I wanted it to be me,” Taehyung chuckled, pressing his hands into the back of his neck. The younger smiled at the switched roles, now it was Taehyung blushing and stuttering over his words, Jungkook reaching forward to grab the older’s hand, stroking his thumbs over the backs of them and smiling reassuring when Taehyung peered down at him. “Jungkook… you’re one of the kindest people I have ever met, so caring and loving despite your past, you never let it stop you and I admire that so much. I’ve been wanting to ask you this for a while, and I know I kinda already like, made it happen so I,um, if you say no I can just—“

“Yes,” Jungkook interrupted, laughing softly under his breath as he pulled the other closer by their interlocked hands, wrapping the one holding the little rose around his neck. Their faces were a little close, but neither of them were making a move to lean forward. “Yes I’ll go out with you, Taehyung,” he rolled his eyes and smiled fondly. “Don’t be so nervous like I was going to say no to someone like you, who’s helped me in so many ways and made my life so much happier. You mean so much to me Tae, and you help keep me strong… so thank you.”

They stood in silence, both just enjoying the atmosphere, being able to finally say what they wanted, admit their feelings and relieve the tension in the air that wrapped around them so tightly. Jungkook eyes the pillow fort behind Taehyung’s shoulder, heart fluttering at the notion that it probably took a lot of effort to create, it all folded into itself perfectly, a nervous buzz in his stomach at the thought of being on an official date with Taehyung. One where they weren’t both otherthinking what it meant, now being able to just enjoy it fully.

“I bought your favorite foods,” Taehyung smiled, pulling away a little to peer into Jungkook’s eyes as they lit up instantly, the younger breaking from his embrace to wiggle through the entrance of the tent. The older watched, chuckling under his breath as he saw the younger’s shadow behind the twinkling lights, being able to see his mouth drop open and his hands seem to shake in excitement.

Crouching down he crawled under the thick blanket making the entrance, crawling into the soft pillows he lined around the floor and a big plush comforter around them and a few other blankets. A small sliver of floor was visible, but it was covered in bags of chips and a small pint of ice cream sat on the carpet, Taehyung watching fondly as Jungkook gasped and ooed at everything. Lights were clipped into all the blankets, held up by chairs that weren’t visible, Taehyung making an effort to make it look like it was floating by itself. The little leds wrapped around them before leading up to the TV that he put the blankets over, managing to make it part of the tent without it looking too awkward. He startled when he was suddenly tackled in a hug, falling backwards into the pile of blankets while Jungkook hovered over him, grinning from ear to ear, just staring, speaking with his eyes. Taehyung reached up, brushing a strand of his hair away from his eyes.

“Tell me how your session went today,” he said softly, allowing the younger to press his weight on top of him, semi surprised the aloha side of him didn’t protest to the submissive position. Maybe just because it was his mate, who he would never hurt and who he could trust to not hurt him.

“It went good,” Jungkook spoke just as softly, the atmosphere too peaceful to break with loud talking, the faint buzz of the TV heard in the background. He lifted a careful finger, tracing it along the features of Taehyung’s face, not even seeming aware that he was doing it as he spoke. “I told her I wasn’t sure if I was ready to fully talk. I told her I was in an abusive relationship and used to self harm…” Jungkook paused when he saw fear light up Taehyung’s eyes, along with hesitance. “It’s okay… I want to talk about this with you. I’ve stopped… well, I’ve been clean for a few months, it’s been a little easier with you here. I’m doing a lot better, and that’s thanks to you.”

Taehyung’s breath hitched, mind clouding with images of his angel hurting himself, flashing back to the time he had seen the array of scars when the younger’s pajamas hiked up. He didn’t notice his eyes filled with tears until Jungkook gently wiped them away. The younger smiled reassuringly as the older tried to take a deep breath.

“Is there anything I can do to help?” he croaked, his voice shaky from all the emotions overwhelming him, the younger seemed unhappy with his frown, leaning over him more and thumbing all his stray tears away.

“You already help, by being there, by noticing I need help. Sometimes it’s hard to admit we need help, sometimes we feel the need to be so strong when we just need an arm to lean against, sometimes we think we can do everything alone,” Jungkook smiled bitterly. “But I know that’s not possible, everyone needs help, some more than others. Being around you, hearing you talk me down whenever I get worked up makes me realize that, it doesn’t make me weak to need this. Therapy is normal, it’s healthy, and I’m so grateful that you’re giving me this chance to heal…”

“Because you deserve it,” Taehyung whispered, swallowing the lump in his throat, cupping the smaller’s cheeks, smiling watery at the way his cheeks squished together and lips poured out. “Everyone deserves happiness, some people aren’t worthy of it, but I’ll never think people don’t deserve the chance of it as long they don’t have to hurt anyone to achieve it. I also know it’s hard sometimes, not to your extent, but I know sometimes it feels like people are only reassuring you because they have to. No one is being forced to be here Jungkook, that sounds harsh, but when I say we’re here for you I mean it. None of our advice will be half-assed or fake, we all want to help. The same way you help us, with your kindness, and just unconditional love for the world even when it wronged you…”

“And you deserve happiness too, Taehyung,” Jungkook hummed, stroking his fingers gently through the other’s hair, soothing both of them as they fell into a heavy silence, feeling a weight fall from their shoulders. “It’s barely started and I can already say this is the best date of my life.”

They laughed together for a few seconds before Jungkook rolled off Taehyung, the older sitting up and eyeing the other as he crawled to the pile of snacks and took his fill of Oreos, filling his palms with some. He grinned and tilted his chin towards the small glass of milk he poured for them, moving around to lay against the soft blankets lining the floor. Jungkook busied himself in getting snacks while Taehyung watched fondly before shuffling around for the remote.

“What movie genre you thinking?” Taehyung hummed as he flicked through the movies set out on the screen, hearing a channel playing in the background as he eyed Jungkook, who was busy munching on his Oreos. He tried not to coo as Jungkook tilted his head with his cheeks stuffed full.

“Romance,” Jungkook eventually huffed, turning to the older and wiggling his eyebrows, both of them going into a fit of laughter before Taehyung complied and flicked through the romance movies, waiting for something to catch the younger’s eye.

“Wait!” Jungkook squeaked suddenly, Taehyung pausing just as quickly, tilting his head in question as Jungkook’s face lit up. “Five Feet Apart! I’ve wanted to see that for so long, have you seen it?”

“I have,” Taehyung chuckled, frowning when the younger deflated a little, thinking they couldn’t watch it. And Jungkook growing on their first official date just wouldn’t do, now would it. “But it is an amazing moving, I’d love to watch it again.”

“Please?” the younger cooed, doe eyes shining in the lights reflecting through them as he peered down at Taehyung laying on his stomach. “I really wanna see it.”

“It’s a sad movie, angel,” Taehyung warned, not wanting to spoil too much but knowing he’d feel bad if he didn’t tell the younger before hand. Jungkook shrugged and reassured he already knew that, lighting up like a million stars when Taehyung rented it and pressed play, tapping his feet excitedly. Taehyung relaxed into the pillows, ears paying attention as the familiar words filled them, silently mouthing along to them as the narration began, not willing to admit that he rewatched this move over ten times.

His attention was turned to the screen, but also divided to Jungkook as the younger made himself more comfortable as he leaned up against Taehyung’s back, head resting right under his shoulder blades as the movie started. Taehyung reached up, threading their fingers together, heart thundering in his chest from the simple touch, feeling a squeeze of relief on his heart when Jungkook held his hand tightly.

They were relatively silent during the movie, having a few moments where they were laughing at a scene or cooing over it together, Jungkook talking about how cute they were together. That they reminded him of them, working their way around problems to be together, and Taehyung agreed. As more time went on they shifted more and more, Taehyung sitting up a bit to get his own share of food, causing Jungkook to sit up as well, taking a spot just sitting by Taehyung’s side, their shoulders touching and hands still linked together. They both teared up a little at the scene where the two removed their shirts at the pool, showing their scars to each other, Jungkook not able to not let a few slip while the older wiped the, away tenderly. Earlier Taehyung humming along with the “Bushel and a Peck” song the main character singed to the girl, Jungkook giggling and questioning how many times he’d really seen this movie. Taehyung didn’t answer, instead just shrugging and turning back to the movie, getting teased by the younger who called him a softie before returning to the movie as well. They both had tears in their eyes again when the girl’s friend died, hearts heavy as she tore apart her roos, Jungkook quietly admitting he had done something like that to his old apartment. Taehyung didn’t press, but he could only assume it was his old home with his ex, gently moving his hand over the younger’s back to rub soothing circles into his skin. He watched the silent tears roll down the younger’s face at the memory, gently soothing him until he could focus back on the movie. Then the hard parts started approaching, Taehyung a little nervous for Jungkook’s reaction as the ending pulled closer. He held his breath as they stomped on the ice together, as the doctors called the girl to tell her about her new lungs, watching as she ignored the calls. It all played out the same until the two main characters were being brought into the hospital grasping onto their life’s, Taehyung seeing Jungkook just on edge as he was, but a little less, not knowing what was going to happen like the other did. They watched in silence as the last love confessions were uttered, and the boy walked away from the girl before the screen turned black. Jungkook cried softly, pouting in his hands as the words from the beginning were repeated again, both of them tuning into it.

We need that touch from the one we love almost as much as we need air to breathe.
But I never understood the importance of touch.
His touch.

Taehyung glanced at Jungkook, smiling softly, eyes drifting to their interlocked hands.

Until I couldn't have it.
So, if you're watching this and you're able,touch him.

Jungkook looked at him as those words were spoken, Taehyung’s hand lightly tightening around his shoulders, gulping when the younger shifted to sit between his legs, pressing his back into his chest. They both glanced at each other before turning back to the screen.

Touch her.
Life's too short to waste a second.

The ending credits started to roll on the screen, Jungkook clapping his hands tighter while little tears came from his eyes, Taehyung thumbing them away before he gently grasped the other’s chin. He lifted the younger’s head, watching as confusion filled his pretty eyes as they stared at each other, a familiar tune filling Taehyung’s ears. Jungkook assumed the older was going to say something until the man’s lips parted and he, to Jungkook’s surprise, began to sing along to the song coming through the speakers.

I will fight
I will fight for you

His thumb stroked over the younger’s cheeks as he sang.

I always do
Until my heart is black and blue…

And I will stay…
I will stay with you
We’ll make it to the other side, like lovers do

Jungkook started to tear up, Taehyung smiling widely as he slowly rocked them to the melody, arms encasing the smaller boy’s body to keep him cocooned in his hold.

I’ll reach my hands out in the dark and wait for yours to interlock.
I’ll wait for you
I’ll wait for you

Cause I’m not giving up, I’m not giving up giving up, no not yet
Even when I’m down to my last breath
Even when they say there’s nothing left…

He reached for Jungkook’s face again, leaning over to press his forehead to his, willing their lips to stay a good distance. Jungkook squeezed his eyes shut, a few stray tears falling before they were wiped away like all the others, Taehyung’s voice soft as he sang the last word of the chorus, voice sounding thick with his own emotions.

So don’t give up on me…


After they finished their crying from the first movie, Taehyung decided it would be best to put on happier romance movies, jokingly suggesting Twilight only for the younger to happily agree to the thought. So, they settled down with the cheesy movie this time, binging on snacks most of the time, tangled up into each other in different ways, just wanting to stay close and comfortable. Taehyung indulged and brought in a bottle of alcohol, Jungkook laughing before pouring himself a glass, not set on getting too drunk, only allowing himself to drink until his ears felt hot. As they watched, Jungkook laughed as Jacob appeared on screen, all six pack and built, hair buzzed down.

“You team Edward or Jacob,” Taehyung hummed, laying upside down with Jungkook joined at his side, using his arm as a pillow, looking just as comfortable as Taehyung felt. It was pleasing, a comfort around them unlike the other times they hung out, the wonder of what they were always clouding them too much, now they could be free.

“Jacob,” Jungkook replied immediately, popping a piece of candy into his mouth and being careful to chew. “Werewolves are way better than vampires, sure vampires are hot, but imagine having your own personal wolf boy. Like sign me the fuck up.”

A part of Taehyung perked up in hope, but he knew the younger was joking, it even thinking things like him existed in the real world. They continued to watch various movies, just chatting and getting to know each other more as the movies slowly just became background noise. They eventually ended back up, sitting and leaning against each other again, discussing the most stupid thing they ever did to impress someone.

“I went on this really big rollercoaster trying to impress this guy, in hindsight I think he was straight, but once I got to the top, I threw up all over him,” Jungkook burst out laughing, Taehyung joining, a little part of him grumbling possessively, feeling his arms tighten around the other instinctively. “He never talked to me again after that,” Jungkook wiped his eyes despite no tears being there, dying down from his laughing outburst. “What about you?”

“I’ve actually never tried to impress anyone,” Taehyung hummed, having to think for a second before he chuckled under his breath. “I’ve streaked before, I lost a bet with Jimin and he took all my clothes, threw them in his bike basket and paddles ahead of me while I chased him down,” Jungkook was holding his mouth in shock by the time Taehyung was done speaking. “Then Yoongi just threw them into the fountain after I tackled Jimin, I was about ready to beat the both of them.”

“How did you meet Yoongi?” Jungkook asked, moving and straddling the older’s legs, a position that wasn’t unfamiliar to them, both of them finding refuge in each other's and the rest of the groups laps. He respected that Jungkook sat closer to his knees, obviously uncomfortable with being too close in such a position, and Taehyung understood.

“I met Yoongi when I was really young,” Taehyung looked up in thought before he nodded, confirming his own words with a soft ‘yeah’ before he continued taking. “Our mothers were close friends so he’s basically my brother, I met him then Jimin, then Seokjin and finally Namjoon. They’re all family to me. I’ve known Hoseok for a little, since he started fawning over Jimin the first day we came to the school.”

Jungkook laughed softly, so happy his… boyfriend(?) and other close friends got along so well. They settled in a comfortable silence, Jungkook leaning forward until Taehyung fell onto his back again, getting pinned easily yet again and allowing the younger to press his weight into him like before. He rumbled a little, hopeful it wasn’t too deep or animalistic as he traced patterns over Jungkook’s back.

“Can that be our song?” Jungkook asked quietly, Taehyung humming in question, not understanding what was being asked of him. “That song from Five Feet Apart, c-can that be like our thing?”

Taehyung smiled, cupping the back of younger’s head to press his cheek deeper into his chest, both of them relaxing into each other, hands running down along his back afterwards. “Yeah, angel, it can be our song.”

“Like it when you call me that,” Jungkook sighed. “And bun, I like your pet names, they make me feel nice.”

“Then I’ll call you all the pet names you want,” Taehyung grinned, pulling Jungkook as close as he could, feeling equally safe in the younger’s hold as it wrapped around his torso, squeezing softly.

“Thank you for this,” Jungkook murmured, feeling every muscle in his body uncoil. “Just for being here and taking me out on this date and treating me so well. Seriously it means so, so, so much. I’ve never been treated like this before, like o was the center of the other person’s world, like they truly cared for me. And you do, and I can tell you do and it’s so heartwarming that people like you even exist. Let alone… be mine, if you let me…”

“I’m yours,” Taehyung answered without hesitancy, a warmth spreading through his chest as he pulled the boy even closer, both of them having face splitting grins across their faces.
I’ve always been yours.

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Chapter Text

The car pulled to a slow stop, Jungkook lifting his head and peering at the pretty brick building, little flakes of snow starting to stick to it, the weather finally changing and bringing along the cold. Which mean hoodies, specifically Taehyung’s, which he clung to at the moment as he stared out the fogged window. He grazed his fingers over the red fabric of the older’s hoodie, who now leaned over the steering wheel, eyes following Jungkook’s face as he nervously licked his lips. The soft cotton pressed into the goosebumps spread across his body from the chill despite the warm air flooding the car, maybe the bumps formed from nerves more than cold.

“You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to, baby,” Taehyung murmured, leaning over and placing his hand gently over Jungkook’s, he spread out his fingers and gracefully guided them to interlock with his. Being slow and careful, aware of how scattered the youngers thoughts may be, Taehyung pressed a tender chaste kiss to the back of his hand, smiling softly when Jungkook giggled shyly. “If you’re not ready to talk we can just go home and spend some time together.”

Jungkook thought about it for a second, looking away from the frosted windows to lean over into the older, who didn’t hesitate to wrap him up in his arms. He settled over the middle council, feeling it press into his stomach but ignoring it in favor of Taehyung’s warmth. The blonde linked his arms semi-awkwardly around Jungkook’s waist, soothing his thumbs in slow circles, the soft hum of the AC filling their ears for a few moments of silence. He thanked the universe that they were early to the therapy appointment, giving them time to collect themselves. Today was big, at least to the couple it was. The day Jungkook was scheduled to fully talk about his past, ever since his first appearance he had simply given himself time to prepare. Collecting all the memories through all the tears that Taehyung so softly brushed away, not pressing, just sitting and watching Jungkook messily scribble down his thoughts, neither prying of what was being written. The little folded paper now weighed heavy in his pocket, a telling of everything he felt and dealt with for two years. He clenched his hands into a fist around Taehyung’s neck, pressing into his chest and letting out a shaky breath, smiling gently when the older responded with squeezing him tighter as well, pressing a soothing kiss to the top of his head.

“I’m ready,” Jungkook finally sighed, moving back from their tight embrace but interlocking their fingers yet again, he gently played with the older’s long fingers, avoiding his eyes for a second. He licked his lips, suddenly dry and glanced out the window to that snow covered building again. Looking so looming and menacing with a twist of warmth and invitation and promise of relief, of finally telling his story. “And when I get home, we’re gonna talk too…” he said softly, turning back to see the surprise go over the blondes face.

“Are you sure you wanna tell me?” Taehyung pressed a little, stomach sinking at the thought of Jungkook forcing himself into telling a story he doesn’t relive to the wrong person. Jungkook gave him a reassuring smile and nodded, squeezing his hand tightly, time was slipping away, only a few more minutes until his appointment.

“You deserve to know, and I trust you, more than you know. All my friends know the story, and I’m so thankful for them being respectful to me not wanting to talk and relive it. The fact is, the more I try to escape it, the worse it gets and the more I repress it the harder it is to swallow. Ren was a part of my life, despite what happened, that is something that I can’t change. He hurt me, in many ways, and I can’t erase those scars, and I’ve also hurt myself. Which, I’m getting help for too, I’ve rid of all my razors or anything I could use to harm myself and keep my knifes locked up, I’m clean almost five months now,” Jungkook grinned, smile lighting up his face, even as Taehyung’s eyes grew watery, lips shaking as a few tears fell down his cheeks, knowing he’d have to let go of Jungkook soon but wanting to stay in this beautiful boy’s warmth.

“I’m so proud of you, angel,” Taehyung spoke shakily, leaning over to kiss Jungkook’s forehead who bashfully chuckled with a dopey smile, reaching up to grab the older’s wrist where they moved to cradle his head. “You’ve come so far, in the short time we’ve been together I can already see you growing…”

“Mm, coming up on one month already,” Jungkook breathes softly, feeling Taehyung’s breathes fan over his flushed cheeks. Time really flew by since that night, nothing too eventful, nothing was really different, but definitely more intimate, spending time together without the worry of crossing that friendship line they shoved between them. A month filled of dates and group hangouts and smiles, the two stuck in a cupcake faze at the moment, but more than content with it. Content with each other as well, being able to hold onto one another without worry anymore.

“You should go now, you’re gonna be late,” Taehyung murmured, pulling back from the boy, not before scattering a few kisses against his cheeks just to feel them heat up and see Jungkook light up with giggles. The younger nodded and moved to unbuckle his seatbelt finally, leaning over to once more hug Taehyung before clicking the door open and stepping into the chill of the afternoon. He hugged his boyfriends hoodie closer to his body, pleased with the forest smell sticking to it as he shut the door, waving to the older who gave as much energy back.

Moving away from the car, Jungkook twisted his hands into his (Taehyung’s) pockets, feeling that slip of paper under his fingers, the grooves and indents from his harsh writing. It brought a sense of hope as he walked slowly up to the building, not too far due to Taehyung parking as close as possible, ever the caring man as usual. He watched as his breath comes out in a white cloud, focusing his mind on other matters to not work himself up before he even made it into the building. Taking a deep breath, he turned to see Taehyung backing out the spot, catching his loving and caring boyfriends eyes one last time, who offered him a soft smile in return, eyes flooded with warmth, a warmth Jungkook never imagined someone would look at him with. He smiled as well, pulling on the handle of the door and slipping into the building, feeling the flood of hot air press into his face, shivering at the sudden temperature change before he slowly walked up to the desk. The receptionist smiled and checked him in, a normal routine he assumed as he staggered over to the waiting area, pulling his phone out to pass time, already greeted by a text from Taehyung. Rolling his eyes fondly, he settled into a seat and pressed his knees to his chest, feeling semi bad for having his feet in the furniture but needing the extra warmth after meeting the bite of winter. Pressing on the notification and being greeted by their old conversations and Taehyung’s icon at the top, a picture of him fast asleep with his mouth hanging open, a pillow pressed into his chest after the two of them and the group were hanging out at Yoongi’s. He remembered snapping the picture around the time he started crushing on the older, feeling giddy at the notion of having a little joke to discuss with the blonde. Now it was just a reminder of how far they came.

♡TaeTae♡: you got this bb!! I’m cheering from the side lines

Angel♡♡: dork🥺
Angel♡♡: im kinda nervous

♡Tae♡: you got this, angel, you’re so strong

Angel♡♡: thank you, are you picking me up?

♡TaeTae♡: of course! we’ll do whatever you wanna do, if you wanna talk immediately then we’ll go home but if you wanna do something I’m up for it too

Angel♡♡: I’ll tell you when I get out, I gtg

♡TaeTae♡: good luck baby

Jungkook smiled and clicked his phone off just in time to hear his name being called by the woman he talked to last time. He stood slowly, adjusting his outfit out of nervous habit as he walked closer to the back, meeting the smiling woman as he inviting him into the spacious room. It was set out to be pleasing to the eyes, presumably to relax the people who walked into it, and it was working. Some little lights were set around the top of the ceiling, photos clipped around, of oceans and other landscapes that Jungkook ooed at, despite being in the room multiple times. It was foggy out, so no light shined through the window that took up part of the wall, though a little disappointing it was also soothing to not be blared at by the sun, feeling it’s judgement linger over him. Taking slow careful steps Jungkook sat onto the large comfortable couch sat in against the window, feeling his body sink into the soft fabric and the scent of Taehyung envelope him as the red hoodie pressed against his nose, riding up at his hips. He settled into the cushions as the therapist closed the door gently and cradled a clipboard close to her chest. She made her way to the seat in front of the couch, settling down gracefully before crossing her legs, Jungkook busy counting the little blinking lights above his head, trying to calm his mind. The woman asked him a few standard questions about his past few days and current mental state, which Jungkook answered easily, fingers fiddling with the little sheet clasped between them, taking a steady breath once more as she wrote down onto the sheet in front of her.

“And your boyfriend has informed me that you came to talk about your ex today?” The woman hummed after a pause of silence, Jungkook nodding with a small smile at the mention of Taehyung, and the thought of Taehyung helping him set up his appointment and keep him comfortable. “Your current boyfriend, he is treating you…?”

“Very well,” Jungkook replied, understanding what was being hinted at. “Nothing less than a gentleman, I’m really thankful for him.”

The therapist nodded and marked a few more things on her sheet before she sat up straight and leaned into her chair, which meant it was time. Jungkook took a settling breath as he gently nipped off a side of the paper, biting his lip.

“And about your ex?” she said softly, moving the clipboard away, showing her full attention was on him. Jungkook nodded, despite no question with a yes or no answer being asked, and slowly pulled the slip of paper from the depths of his pockets, surprisingly not marked with hand sweat or torn to shreds by nervous picking.

“I wrote everything out…” he murmured, hesitant but feeling a little more at ease when she nodded for him to continue. Jungkook slowly unfolded the slip of paper, uncrumpling it and scanning his eyes over all the words that were harshly stabbed into the paper to detest for his pain. He swallowed thickly, letting the paper unfold and give way to the other papers begin it, a small novel of his life suddenly at his fingertips, making him feeling so vulnerable as he organized them to have it in order. Each sheet was written on front and back, Jungkook clearing his throat before he started to shakily ready the opening to his story.

“It all began on February 17th, the day I met Ren Gladder at a coffee shop, hoping for my cliche love story. But, I didn’t know the horrors that would awaite me inside the embrace I assumed to be so warmth and loving or the evil in the eyes I thought were so welcoming and inviting. I fell for the devil in disguise, and he hid well...”

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