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The Bad Boy Next Door

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It all started so simple and innocent. A simple friendship formed between you and the quiet bicolored hair boy with the vibrant heterochromic eyes.

“My name is (Name), its nice to meet you!” You hold your hand out, a smile brighter than the sky despite your missing two front teeth. The quiet boy stares at your hand for a bit before looking at your face, his hand moves up to shake it.

“My name is Shouto.”

And thus a friendship was born.

Holding hands to make sure you didn’t lose each other in the sea of monsters and villains you called the playground bullies at school.

“Don’t worry Shouto, I’ll protect you.” You say, pulling him along towards the swings, you could feel the stares of some of the older boys who would bully you and your friend, but this time you would fight back if anyone tried to step up.

Innocent, when boys and girls had cooties and memories were formed at the playground where you were anything you wanted to be, super heroes. With his quirk and yours, you were the perfect team.

“Shouto, can you make a sheet of ice so we can skate?”
“Only if you sing me my favorite song.”

Where meeting his family was simply because you were close enough friends that he felt comfortable enough to introduce you to his dysfunctional home-life, and not at all about if his parents deemed you worthy enough to be their sons bride.

“This is my friend, (Name). Can she stay over for dinner?” You stand right next to Shouto, fiddling with your fingers as you dart around all the people in the room; it was just his three older siblings and his mom.

“Hi sweetie, of course your friend can stay, just make sure she gets home safely afterwards.” His mom bends down and pats both of your heads, her smile is sweet and you can tell that Shouto gets his smile from her. When you look into her eyes, they’re filled with nervousness and worry. You’re too young too understand, but in a couple years you would see why.

And innocent when you would look at your best friends older brother and think of them as just that, just your best friends older brother. Nothing more and nothing less.

You would also go back to Shouto’s house after school, it became your second home and they basically became your second family. Your mother and Shouto’s mother also became close friends, it so happens they used to be friends in high school that lost communication. They would laugh over tea about the joke they made during their school days about their children getting married. You and Shouto would just laugh, neither of you even understood what marriage meant.

As you got closer to Shouto, you also became friends with his older siblings. Fuyumi was like the older sister you’ve always wanted, well you did have a sister but she was way older and always locked up in her room on the computer your parents had bought her for Christmas two years ago. Natsuo was also like an older brother for you, both of them constantly teasing you and helping build pillow forts and blankets for you and Shouto.

Touya... Touya was different, he never really talked to you and he reminded you of your sister, except instead of being locked up in his room, he was always out. He was the troublemaker of the family, during nights where you would sleep over you could hear Shouto’s father screaming from the top of his lungs while his mother would be sitting under the bright light in the kitchen, weeping into her hands.


“Assholes should probably stop fucking with me.”

He was a bad boy, and right now at your age, you thought he was weird. But oh boy, were you in for a wild ride once puberty started. For now, just enjoy these simple innocent moments before life turned into a rollercoaster of emotions; from bad boys who would break your heart to boys who would show you love in the strangest of ways. Classmates to bandmates, from pillow forts to zits plastered all over your face. These will be the worst and the best times of your life.

Take me back to the days when it was so simple and so innocent. Oh childhood innocence where have you gone?

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(Name) and Shouto have been best friend since they were five years old. Now they’ve just recently turned eleven and their friendship was still going strong. It was crazy to think you guys were just playing on the playground yesterday and now tomorrow was the first day of middle school.

“I can’t believe school starts back tomorrow. You wanna go in early tomorrow to find our classes?” (Name) asks Shouto. The two preteens lay back on the ground outside, relishing the cool breeze that causes the sea of grass to dance around them, lose strands of their hair joining in on the breeze dance.

Shouto takes his eyes off the sky, directing them to the smiling girl next to him. His eyes twinkle a little watching her hair fly around her face, the awkward little faces she makes when a piece of hair gets in her eyes or in her mouth. He nods his head, releasing a small chuckle.

Both kids go back to cloud watching, their skin absorbing the sun rays the remained as the sky turned from blue to pink, orange, and red. A painting they would never get tired off, but a reminder that their summer was now coming to an end, as well as their childhood.

Tomorrow was their first day of middle school. They were big kids now, 6th graders! Wow! They were basically adults at this point, no longer would their siblings be able to boss them around or tease them for being “babies” because they weren’t! They were grown ADULTS!

“Let’s get inside to play video games?” Shouto asks, sitting up, brushing away the loose strands of grass that were stuck to his shirt. His best friend nods her head, standing up and brushes the green strands that were stuck to the bottom of her shorts.

“Are you ready to get your ass handed to you?” She jokes, reaching for his hands so she could help him up. He gladly places his hands into hers, using his legs strength as well as her strength to get up.

“Please be gentle with me.”


The following day, (Name) wakes up early. Luckily she picked out her outfit last night so she wouldn’t be in a rush this morning. She’s picked out a short sleeve maroon shirt and a black pleated skirt. (Name)’s starting a phase, the emo phase. Checking herself out in her mirror, she gives herself some confident compliments. She thinks she’s hella cute, and goddamn was she right!

After finishing her morning routines, she walks out of her house and towards Shouto’s which was about a three minute walk. She’s got pep in her step, positive vibes only club. Today was going to be a great day for her. After watching her sister groan around in pain, she counted her blessings that she didn’t start her period on the first day of school like her sister did. So comparing herself to her sister’s shitty morning, it’s been a great start.

Reaching the front door to the Todoroki’s house, she smoothes her skirt out first before she rings the doorbell. She stares at the flowers bushes aligning the side of the porch and walkway, she can’t help but lean down a bit to smell one; she immediately straightens herself when she hears the door opening, she looks over with a smile, expecting her best friend to greet her.

Oh... that wasn’t Shouto...

'What the hell?! Since when has Touya been attractive?’ Her inner voice screams in her head, her lizard brain malfunctioning for a bit as she stares at the older boy.

Touya was standing there, shirtless, once fiery red hair was now a onyx black. She wouldn’t like, the contrast between his new hair color and his shining turquoise eyes was amazing, it actually enhanced the color of his eyes, making them sharper and brighter. He was still in his pajamas and he was fucking taller too! What the fuck?!

The poor girl who just recently entered puberty was having a field day in her mind. Since when had this boy been HOT?! He was extremely hot, like hot enough to be the lead singer in a punk band type of hot. Hot and exactly her type, wait, her type? Fuck! She did like emo looking boys, and bad boys too, so he was a combo of her two favorite types. Oh shit, he’s looking at her.

She looks away from his face, embarrassed for looking at him for too long. Her cheeks turning a light shade of pink. She was trying to find the strength to force words out of her mouth, she couldn’t stand there in silence for ever after all.

“Um...” Her vocal cords finally return back to work after clocking out for a minute, “is Shouto ready?” Her eyes now trained on the wall besides Touya, hoping her hair was covering the blush coating her cheeks. She wanted to slap herself so badly, what had suddenly gotten into her?! She never once thought Touya was hot, and she’s known the boy for six years now, she always thought of him as Shouto’s weird, annoying older brother who was barely around.

Touya stares at (Name) for a bit, confused at her strange actions this morning. Despite the two of you never really talking before, he’s never seen her act this way. Has she always acted this way? Maybe he’s just never paid enough attention to her to notice if she’s just a naturally shy girl. He shrugs it off, telling her that Shouto would be ready soon. He decides now would be a good time to start up a conversation with her. She was looking pretty cute after all.

Fuck wait...

He’s never seen her as cute...

What the fuck.

That was the beginning of this horrible and cringe filled story. After that encounter with Touya, he was the only thing on her mind. She spent her entire first day back at school thinking about him, her best friend’s older brother. Who was now hot as fuck.

That’s basically how the next two days went. She would show up at Shouto’s house early just to get a glimpse at Touya; perhaps the goddess of love was blessing (Name), and maybe it was a sign, but it was always Touya who answered the door. Each and every time she saw him, her stomach filled up with butterflies, her heart leaped around her rip cage, her blood rushed to her face. The feeling she got from seeing him, being around him, they felt so amazing.

Unfortunately the amazing feeling would go away once she was away from him, instead that feeling was replaced by guilt. She felt like a creep for eyeing him all the time, and she felt like a shitty friend for developing a crush on her best friend’s older brother. That went against the code of friendship, siblings are OFF LIMITS!

Secrets were nonexistent between the duo, expect for this. This was the only secret she kept from Shouto. He must never know about her crush, and maybe if she just keeps it a secret, it’ll go away. That’s how it works, right? Fuck! She felt like she was going to explode if she didn’t tell someone this secret. There was only one person she trusted enough to tell...

As soon as the bell rung, signaling the end of the day, (Name) quickly packed up her things before giving Shouto a hug and apologizing to him for not being able to hang out afterwards.

“I’m sorry! I got something really important to do! But tomorrow we’ll hang out, okay?” She says, not even giving the boy a change to reply back, she’s out the door. A cloud of dust and her flowery perfume are all that’s left to show she had been there. He watched her figure fleeting, running out the door and out of site. He wasn’t stupid, he knew something’s been up with her since the start of school. He was her best friend so of course he could tell when something was off about her, but like a good friend, he would wait patiently for her to come to him when she was ready. He would always be a waiting for her.

She, on the other hand, was about to do something she’s never done before. She was about to ask her sister for some boy advice. It was scary since she didn’t have many heart-to-heart type of conversations with her sister considering she was about three years older than her, and three grades above her. Her sister was grown, a freshman in high school, she was running with the big dogs. Puberty nearly complete, hips and breasts already grown in, make up and boy obsessed brains.

The two siblings were quite the opposites. While (Name) was more of a tomboy, not once afraid of getting dirty. Her sister was girly, spending her time and money on makeup and perfecting her skills. (Name) only had one good friend while her sister was popular, friends with everyone she’s ever met.

This of course made her the best person to go to for advice on the subject of boys.

(Name) raises her fist up to knock on the wooden door. She swallows down her fear before finally giving the door three knocks. First, the noise that once played behind the door suddenly stopped, then she heard the sweet voice of her sister call out: “Who’s there?”

“It’s m-me, your sister.” She stutters, unsure of why she’s was so nervous. Her fingers instinctively reach up to play with the strands of her hoodie, it’s quiet for what seems like hours before her sister speaks up again.

“Come in.”

With that she slowly opens the door; her eyes widen in surprise at what she sees. For the first time in years, she sees her sister’s room and fuck this bitch was messy as hell! She looks down at the floor and tip toes to the front of the bed, she was being extra cautious to not step on anything.

The last time their mom came into their room, she stepped ok something. (Name) could hear her sister’s scream all the way down to the basement where she and Shouto were having a movie day. Reaching the front of the bed, she sees her sister with her long hair down and messed up, she’s wearing an oversized sweater, one she probably took from a boy, and sweats. Her laptop is opened on her lap. She looks up at (Name) like she’s some foreign creature from a distant planet.

“So what do you need, shrimp?” She says, closing her laptop for a moment. (Name) gulps against, but reopens her mouth to speak.

“I need help with a boy thing... I think I have a crush on one...”

(Sister’s Name) raises an eyebrow at (Name) before she starts laughing her ass off. “So you’ve finally fallen for Shouto, huh? I guess it was bound to happen! You two are always together so it’s basically a meant to be type of thing.”

Immediately (Name) turns red at her sister’s wild accusation. A crush on Shouto? No way! That was her best friend, her brother from another mother. Falling for Shouto would be such a fucking cliche... but then again, falling for his hot older brother was also a cliche. God dammit.

“No it’s not him!”

“Then who is it?”

“It’s, um, his older brother Touya.”

Now it was her sister’s turn to become red as a lobster. Her jaw drops, she was shooketh. “No. Fucking. WAY!” She starts screaming, which in turns causes (Name) to start screaming. Now there’s two teen girls screaming at high pitches; their dad was downstairs watching sports, the sudden screaming causes him to freak the fuck out, he was not ready for this, no one told him this is what would happen with teen daughters. The chain reaction of screaming continues with him starting to scream.

Neither one of the girl’s stops screaming until their mom basically marches up to (Sister’s Name)’s room to scream at the two of them to shut the fuck up before she puts everyone up for adoption.

“AND CLEAN UP YOUR FUCKING ROOM!” She yells before going back downstairs to calm down their dad down, who was know laying down on his side, fetal position as he cried his eyes out. Each day, a year of his life is cut off by his daughters.

Both girls take a moment to catch their breaths before (Sister’s Name) speaks up: “Meet me in your room, I’ll be there in a couple minutes okay?” (Name) stood there for a bit before nodding, making her way towards the door. “And close the door please!” Her sister requests.

(Name) does as she is asked, closing the door and heading back to her own room. ’I wonder what she’s gonna tell me. It must be important if she’s willing to leave her room.’

She waits in her room for a couple minutes, staring up at her ceiling, counting stars until her sister finally bursts through the door. She’s carrying a bag and her laptop.

“We’re gonna mature you up with some makeup.” Is all she says with a huge smile plastered onto her pretty face.

“Makeup? Isn’t that... girly?” Makeup wasn’t something (Name) thought about doing before. Yeah sure lots of girls in her grade where jumping onto makeup now, but she didn’t think she could do it, or well, she thought it just didn’t fit her. She’s always been the tomboy, preferring to roughhouse thanks to growing up with Shouto and Natsuo.

(Sister’s Name) drops a bunch of makeup pallets down on (Name)’s bed, along with gently putting her laptop down on the bed, opening it up to reveal a million tabs of makeup tutorials. (Sister’s Name) could already tell by the facial expressions (Name) wore, that she wasn’t too keen on this idea. “Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.” She shrugs as she sits down next to her baby sister.

For the next couple of hours, the two sisters sat on (Name)’s bed, practicing makeup. (Sister’s Name) taught (Name) all her tips and tricks, of course (Name) didn’t become a makeup guru overnight, but she did consider her sister’s skills to be guru level. (Sister’s Name) ends up telling (Name) to just wake up early in the morning so she could help her with her makeup.

(Sister’s Name) starts packing up her stuff, putting it in her bag while she closes her laptop. (Name) sits there and watches her put everything, then she finally speaks up.

“Thank you for doing all of this for me.”

(Sister’s Name) looks at her a bit surprised, but soon she starts smiling. Walking up to (Name), she ruffles her hair up, making it slightly messy.

“No problem shrimp. I’m your big sister, I gotta take care of you during these hard times.” She grabs her stuff and walks out of the room, closing the door behind her. (Name) smiled, it felt nice having this sacred moment with her sister, and now she was excited to look cute for her crush. Maybe he’d fall down on his knees and serenade her with her favorite songs. That would be so cute! Her heart starts beating faster at all the possible romantic scenarios that could occur and all the different ways Touya could confess his feelings for her. Eventually (Name) falls asleep with a smile on her face, dreaming about Touya and his extremely handsome face.


The sun shining through her open curtains is what causes her to wake up. Yawning, she sits up to stretch a bit; giving her eyes a quick rub before checking the time. It was morning! Time to get prettied up! Jumping out of bed, she quickly picks out some cute clothes before making her way to her sister’s room.

Eventually makeup is done, (Sister’s Name) sends (Name) off on her way to Shouto’s house. She’s felt a little nervous with the makeup on her face, she feels it’s out of place, but her sister made sure to use colors that wouldn’t stand out too much. “No blue eyeshadow for you!” She teased, giving (Name)’s nose a small ‘boop’.

Stepping up to the door, she rings the doorbell, her fingers reaching up to play with a lock of her hair out of nervousness. Her anxiety skyrockets as soon as the door opens, revealing Touya in all his glory.

“Good morni—“ He started his greeting but stopped when he opened his eyes to look at her. She gives him a small shy smile, his sudden quietness doing nothing to ease her fears, well, that is until his hand landed on your cheek. “You’re already pretty without the makeup.” Touya says as he walks away to go find his brother. (Name) feels her face heating up, probably enough to melt the makeup right off.

’He thinks I’m pretty.’

She stares at his back as he walks further into his house, going towards the kitchen to find Shouto. The sight of just him makes her stomach fill up with butterflies, her heart jumping once more. His compliment bouncing around her mind.

'Damn, I really like you.’

It doesn’t take long for Shouto to come out. “Good mor—“ and once again, another Todoroki stops dead in his tracks when he sees her. He walks up and places his hand on her cheek, a small smile on his lips. “You’re beautiful either way, (Name).” Wow, score, two compliments in one day! Today was going to be fantastic. The two preteens make their way down the sidewalk, she walks with an extra hop in her step, her heart overflowing with joy.


Since then, a couple days have passed, and they’ve been amazing. (Name)’s gotten to talk to Touya even more, and he’s started to smile more often when she was around. Each day she goes to pick Shouto up, Touya is always the one to open the door and greet her, it’s become a daily part of her morning, one she looks forward to each day.

It was the end of the day, after school (Name) decided to head over to the library since Shouto’s dad has been forcing Shouto to learn martial arts, taught by Mr. Todoroki himself. It’s been hours since school got out, and (Name)’s been studying nonstop, but now her brain was fried, and she was ready to just go home and pass out. Packing up her things and making her way out, she says goodnight to the librarians.

It’s gotten dark outside so her best route to go home is by walking down the main road. At a certain point during the walk, she turns to look down the alley and who does she see? Why, Touya of course; but he’s not alone. He’s surrounded by a couple of older boys, all of them just standing around, talking and smoking. She knows she should just keep walking home, but something insider her forces her to walk down the alley towards Touya.

“Touya?” She calls his name out loud, capturing the attention of said boy as well as the attention of the boys who circled around him. They all stopped talking to look at her, a small girl walking down a dark alley. (Name) feels herself getting nervous with the looks certain boys are giving her, looking at her like she’s a piece of meat. Touya himself is nervous, his eyes wide, his heart beat increasing the closer she gets to his group.

“Hey what are yo—“ He starts talking before he goes up to her, leaning down to whisper in her ear, “What are you doing out here? It’s late. Why aren’t you home?”

“I was at the library studying and I walked past and saw you. I just wanted to say hi.” (Name) looks up at him, both of them making eye contact before he backs up a bit.

“You should go home now.” He says. (Name) just hums while taking a peek at the other guys in the group. They’ve mostly gone back to talking to each other and smoking.

“Can I try?” She asks out loud, once again capturing the attention of the boys. She eyes the cigarettes resting between their fingers. The boys share a look before one of them saunters up with a snarky grin, handing her a cancer stick.

“Sure. Is this your first time?”

“Yeah?” She says with a confused tone. Her response causes everyone, except Touya, to burst out in laughter. (Name) continues to be confused, not sure what was so funny about her response; she doesn’t have time to think further on it when another boy lights up the cigarette in her hand. She stares at it with curiosity, then proceeds to putting the end in her mouth. Looking up, she sees the boys making inhaling motions, so she inhales. Then she starts coughing, a fuck ton. She can’t stop, holy crap this is terrible, this wad a bad idea. The group of boys start laughing again, some of them tearing up. Only Touya remained not laughing, instead he looked more mad and upset. He walks up to her, looking her up and down.

“Hey kid, just stop, okay?” Touya flicks her forehead and removes the cigarette from her fingers. “Just go back to playing heroes with Shouto, this isn’t your type of scene.”

Ouch that hurt. It wasn’t supposed to be a mean or rude remark but that fact that he called her a kid is what hurt. He was only two years older than her, but shit, maybe he was right. Was she really acting like a kid? Fuck! Why did you care? Why did you have a sudden interest in Touya anyway? She always thought he was weird but he all of a sudden has a glow up and all she can think about is him and his... his super cute face.

She watches him and his group of friends walk away, a couple of them snickering and teasing Touya that a small ‘baby’ has a crush on him. He stays silent but flips them the middle finger.

She stood there frozen in that spot for minutes until she remembered she needed to go home. She needed to talk to someone. Shouto was a no go with any of this stuff so for many reasons.

The only person she could trust right now was her older sister. Despite only recently getting closer to her sister, she knew she wouldn’t judge. (Name) turns around and starts heading back in the direction of her house. She puts her headphones in, scrolling through her “sad” playlist. The walk felt like it was taking forever, and halfway through it starts pouring. She stops to stare up at the dark sky, she feels something warm running down her face; she can’t tell if it’s rain or tears, or maybe it was both. She keeps on walking towards her destination, finally reaching her house after what seemed like hours.

She runs up the stone path to the front door, there she quietly unlocks the door so her parents wouldn’t look into the hallway to see her. Once inside, she takes off her shoes, and heading up the stairs. She only announces her presence when you reach the top of the stairs.

“Hi honey! How was your day?” Her mom shouts.

“It was good.” Is all she says as she keeps making her way to her sister’s room. Standing in front of her door, knocking when she hears noise on the other side. The sound of the fake laughter coming from her laptop stops.

“Who is it?”

“It’s me.”

“Come in.” With permission, she opens the door and walks in. (Sister’s Name) looks up at (Name), her mouth about to open to ask about Touya but she quickly purses her lips when she sees how red and puffy (Name)’s eyes are. She gets up from her bed, closes the door behind her sister before pulling her over to the bed where the two of them sit down.

“I give up.” (Name) hangs her head low as her sister pulls her into a hug. Slowly she feels tears welling up in her eyes again.

(Sister’s Name) rubs her back, whispering sweet words to try and calm (Name) down. It all gets drowned out by her mind repeating the scenes of all the cringy stuff she’s been doing for the past few days, just to impress him.

It was at this moment that she experienced her first case of heartbreak in a long series of heartbreaks.

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It’s been a couple weeks since (Name) gave up on her crush on Touya. Lately she’s been having Shouto come over to her house or she’ll only go over to his house if she’s sure that Touya wasn’t going to be there. Since he’s the bestest best friend in the whole world, with sharp observation skills when he needs them, he’s noticed something off about (Name) for the past few weeks.

“Huh? No way! You’re just seeing stuff, Shouto!” She nervously laughs off his comment. Any time he brings up a point, she laughs it off, hoping he’ll drop the subject before she dies from her flashbacks to that night. Eventually he’ll figure out what happened, but for now, she tries her hardest to keep it under wraps.

“Are we going to my house today?” Shouto asks as he waits for (Name) by her desk. She was finishing up one last sentence for her English journal; once done, she throws that son of a bitch in her backpack along with the rest of her stuff. She leans back in her chair, thinking for a moment about Shouto’s question. Was today a safe day?

“What day is it?” She asks, zipping up her backpack, then getting up to put her sweater on.

Shouto raises an eyebrow at her, she doesn’t notice the strange look he’s sending her; she’s mostly preoccupied by her own thoughts. He on the other hands finds the question suspicious, it’s the same question she pulls out every time he invites her over to his house. “It’s Wednesday.” He answers nonetheless.

Wednesday... Touya was always out Wednesday doing what ever hooligan shit he did. Probably hanging out in alleys to smoke in drink. The girl finds her stomach churring, thinking about her embarrassing encounter with the punk boy. Today is a safe day, she’s able to go over to Shouto’s house without worrying about any run-ins.

“Hmm, okay! Your house it is!” She beams him a smile, throwing her backpack on, then leading the way out of the school.


“Home sweet home.” Shouto says as he closes the door behind the pair. Both kids taking their shoes off, leaving their backpacks by the door. Natsuo’s backpack already present there, he was probably upstairs playing video games.

“What should we do now? We already finished our homework so we can relax.” (Name) says as they head inside the kitchen, staring at the cabinets they were going to raid soon.

“How about we make ourselves some snacks and put a movie on.” Shouto crosses his arms across his chest, eyes scurrying around to see which cabinet held the snacks he wanted the most.

“What movie?”

“We’ll decide that when we make our snacks.” Shouto finally decides on opening up the fridge, scanning to see what could easily be made within minutes. (Name) decides to raid the pantry, pulling out a bag of popcorn. The two preteens talk about random things when a deep voice speaks out behind them. The hairs on the back of her neck raise in fear and intimidation. Taking a nervous look back, she finds Shouto’s dad standing at the entrance of the kitchen. He’s wearing a regular t-shirt and gym shorts. The relaxing afternoon off was now ruined for Shouto.

“Shouto, since you’re not doing anything today. I want you to come to the training room for some extra training.” With that, only sending (Name) a small nod of acknowledgement, he turns around and leaves. His heavy footsteps walking down the hall towards the training room. Looking back at her best friend, she finds him looking down at the ground, sadness written all over his cute features.

“Sorry,” He apologizes, feeling guilty for having to abandon her after they had been so excited and hyped for this relaxing time together, “We were supposed to have a nice afternoon off.” His voice sounds so heartbreaking; (Name) places a reassuring hand on his shoulder, topping it off with a smile.

“It’s okay, I’ll just wait down here for Fuyumi to come home. Good luck with your training!” The two best friend pull each other into a tight hug before Shouto leaves to get ready to train. He turns around for a second to send her a small sad look, then turning back around to keep walking.

(Name) sighs, sad that Shouto had to go, but there was no way around his control freak dad. She sits down on the couch, pulling her phone out so she can send Fuyumi a quick text. After sending the message, she opens up her music app, pulling out her headphones and plugging them in to start listening.

There are people in this world who are music lovers, and there are people who are music obsessed. She was obsessed, having over a thousand songs saved onto her phone, from all different genres and years. She got everything organized down to smallest atom. Everything had a playlist based on moods, study playlists based on classes, playlists for inspiration and motivation, and her top favorites of course. She decides to scroll through her top favorites, not having to look to far to find her #1 favorite song. Picking that one, she puts her headphones on, allowing the music to flow from her ears down into her soul.

She switches back to her text thread with Fuyumi, about to start typing back to her but stopping when her favorite part of the song hits. Closing her eyes, she relaxes into the plush couch, really feeling the beat and soul of the song, it warms her.

“Whaddya listening to?” A voice besides her ear breaks her away from her nirvana. Sending her body into a state of shock, stiffing her muscles up.




Fuck! He wasn’t supposed to be here today! It’s Wednesday, he’s supposed to be out being a stupid juvenile delinquent, doing whatever criminal acts juvenile delinquents do. Oh my god, why was this happening? After all the weeks she’s spent carefully avoiding him. It was going so well that she assumed she could avoid him for the rest of her life.

Touya moves around the couch to sit down next to the flustered girl. He’s looking at her phone instead of her face which is a relief since her face probably looked as red as a tomato. He scans the recent message Fuyumi sent her, asking her what she wanted from Wendy’s. He chuckles a bit.

“Um...” She looks at him, but adverts her eyes when he turns his head to look at her. She felt awkward and embarrassed looking at him, especially after the incident. Deciding to answer his question, she switches back to her music app, showing him the song she was listening to.

He looks back at her screen, smiling when he sees the title. “(Favorite Song). Nice, I like that song too.” Her mouth opens a little, cheeks permanently stuck on red from staring at his cute smile. He liked the same song as her? Wow, crush intensifies by the thousands. Her heart starts beating fast at their close proximity to each other, his warmth rubbing off on her. Her mind is screaming obscenities, freaking out over what’s happening,

‘He’s your soulmate!’ The voice screams, her soul aching with need, crying out at the thought that this boy was basically her match made in heaven.

“What other songs you got?” His voice snaps her out of her thoughts, remembering where she was when she feels his hand inching closer to hers. Oh my god! Insert sudden sharp inhale of breath here. His hand pulls her phone out of her hands, scrolling through her playlist. “That’s wild...” He says, eyes wide with surprise.

“What is it?” She asks, confused. Did he not like any of the other songs? Where her selections utter shit? Was he about to tease her?! Staring at his, he turns to look at her. Their eyes meeting, she notices the small sprinkle of pink on his cheeks along with gentle smile on his lips. His smile is sweet, it’s one thing all the Todoroki children share with their mother, her sweet smile.

“We have a lot of favorite songs in common, same thing with bands. Hey, you wanna, um...” He scratches the back of his head a little, his eyes darting away from hers. This time, it was his turn to get all flustered and embarrassed by her. “You wanna come up to my room so we can jam out?”

And just as quickly as he broke her heart a couple weeks ago, today he taped it back together in the best way possible. They say the way to a girl’s heart is with diamonds, but for her, music was the best way to her heart; and shit, Touya just stole her heart away like a thief in the dead of night.

“Yeah,” She smiles, causing his cheeks to turn a shade darker. “I would love that.”

And with that, both of them walk upstairs to Touya’s room, marking the beginning of her entry into a world of love, pain, and learning to love oneself.

Chapter Text

“What should we do next?” (Name) asks, her fingers carefully sliding over Touya’s vinyl collection of punk and rock bands. Her eyes scanning the covers, immediately connecting them with the bands she was already familiar with, their songs popping up in her head.

Touya lays back on his bed, throwing a red stress ball up in the air and catching it. He throws it up a little too hard, causing the ball to hit his ceiling, and changing its direction, headed for his feet instead of his hands.

“Crap,” He whispers, sitting up to look at (Name). Her back faced him, she swayed her hips a little as she thought about the songs that each record contained. She was ranking each record, deciding which one she would like to listen to that would fit with her current mood. He beats her to picking a song.

“How about one hundred sleepless nights?” He raises an eyebrow, a small smirk forming on his lips. She looks at him from over her shoulder, returning the sly smirk on her lips. Humming, she pulls out her phone, connecting it to her bluetooth speaker.

“You got it boss.” Quickly scrolling through her phone until she reached the ’S’ category, finding the song and putting it on.

It’s been over a year since (Name) and Touya bonded over music. For over a year these two have been hanging out and having their own little jam sessions. During all these jam sessions, her crush on him has own growing larger and stronger; that’s what happens when you spend so much alone time with someone you find extremely attractive.

The more time she spent with him, the better she was able to cover up her feelings. Flustered? Oh no, she’s just always like this, it’s nothing new, yeah! Her face always gets like this around anyone. But then there are moments where the two are just laying down on his bed, face to face, staring deep into each other’s eyes as they talk about their strangest dreams, all while their favorite songs are blasting in the background. She felt like some alternative princess with her punk Prince Charming.

“Sing with me?” (Name) asks, inching closer to the bed. She flutters her eyelashes at Touya. He looks at her, grin on his face stretching — ugh, he was so fucking cute.

“Of course.” He purrs, getting up from the bed, slowly making his way over to (Name), trying to tease her as much as he could. Soon he’s standing in front of her, looking down at her face, he brings his hand up to cup her cheek and he starts singing.

I can't wait to see your brilliant face
Light up the room around the pillowcase

His thumb softly rubs against her cheek, she hums, closing her eyes and leaning further into his touch. He chuckles, loving how cute she is.

She said, "Can you come over to my LA place?
I got something to tell you, and it just can't wait.”
When I showed up you held the door in tears
Sat on the couch under the chandeliers
You said you're having a baby and before I could cry
You're leaving me just when I thought you were mine

Sadly for her, he pulls away, he starts getting into the mood of the song. He closes his eyes and sings into his fist. (Name) can’t help but start giggling, soon she’s mimicking his actions. Both teens standing at the opposite ends of the room.

But I don't see your face
Taken by the one-hearted race home now
But, don't tell your other man
I got a hell of a plan

They turn around to face each other, jumping towards the middle of the room to met. They dance around each other, pressing their backs against each other, singing at the top of their lungs. It was a good thing that they had the house all to themselves today; it was just these two hormonal teens…


…in his room.

Of course neither was thinking about doing anything dirty, they were too focused on singing and dancing.

Failing lights amass one hundred sleepless nights
And I might be holding on too tight
But there is a beast in my heart and he won't let you leave alive

Nightmares**No longer wait for sleep
Crawl on the ground on both your hands and knees
Just like a lion and you're the queen of the pride
And we will feast together 'til the bones are dry

Touya falls onto the floors, bringing (Name) down with him. Both of them laugh, especially once (Name) starts crawling over him, her eyes narrowed and hips swaying, she was attempting to act like a seductress as a joke. Little did she know, she sparked something in Touya. He keeps on singing, attempting to ignore the feeling of his pants getting a little tighter. If he ignores it, it’ll go away.

But I don't see your face
Oh, no
Taken by the one-hearted race home now
But don't tell your other man
He's not a part of the plan

(Name) gets up to jump back around the room; Touya gets up to chase her around, grabbing her from behind, pulling her body closer to his until her back is pressed against his chest; Now he’s singing in her ear, his voice deep and low. She closes her eyes, feeling her own spark start.

Failing lights amass one hundred sleepless nights
And I might be holding on too tight
But there is a beast in my heart and he won't let you leave alive

Do you still love me? I am dying to know
Or did you forget what we shared?
Out of sight, out of mind, I was never even there

The singing end and it’s just the instrumentals playing. Touya uses this brief pause to turn (Name) around, the two of the facing each other once more. Pressed chest to chest, or well, more like chest to stomach since she was shorter than him. Touya leans down, pressing his forehead against hers, his sharp turquoise eyes staring deep into her bright (eye color) eyes. His nose brushes against hers as he slowly moves his mouth closer to hers. Their lips nearly touching, but when the singing resumes, they pull away to start singing along again.

Failing lights, amass one hundred sleepless nights
And I might be holding on too tight
But there is a beast in my heart and he won't let you leave alive

He grabs her hands, placing them over his heart. She gasp at how hard his chest is beating, assuming it’s from all the jumping and singing; and sure, that was’t wrong, but it was her who made his heart race like this. He pulls back, still holding onto her right hand, he twirls her around twice before letting go. They keep on singing while she holds her arms out for him to grab onto again. Touya smiles, placing his large hand back onto her smaller hand, pulling her towards him once more. Once she’s close to him, he lets go, allowing his hands to fall down by his sides.

The song is coming to an end, they stand in front of each other, going back to looking into each other’s eyes as they sing the last lyrics.

This is the price you'll pay
Thoughts in your head that will never die

So don't you forget what we had
It's like I was never even there


Both of them are out of breathe, like they usually are after they’ve finished jamming out to a song. Touya can’t hold back anymore, he grabs her waist, pulling her closer and immediately colliding his lips with hers. His eyes are closed while hers are opened in shock, eventually she closes them, returning the kiss. Their lips move together, but before it goes too far, Touya pulls away.

“Sorry, I just really wanted to do that.” He mumbles sheepishly. A small embarrassed smile forms on his face. Pulling away again, he walks over to his vinyl collection to look find an album to put on, for the mood of course.

(Name) stares at him, her mouth slightly wide open, still astonished over what happened. She pinches herself to make sure this wasn’t a dream.


Yup, definitely not a dream.

As soon as that’s confirmed, a smile erupts on her face. She wants to squeal so badly but doesn’t want to embarrass herself in front of… her boyfriend? Are they dating at this point now? Ah well that doesn’t matter! She liked Touya and it’s clear that he likes her! She falls back onto his bed, grabbing one of his pillows to cover her blushing face.

He looks over at her, pillow over her face, feet kicking the air with joy. He smiles, once he has a record playing, he would go back to give her some more kisses.

She on the other hand, is so caught up in the moment, so lost with joy. She didn’t think she would ever have her first kiss, at this point she was one of the few 7th graders who hasn’t even had a boyfriend; but now she was apart of the club. Out of all the terrible first kiss experience stories she’s heard, she’s proud to say that her first kiss was mind blowing.

‘My first kiss… and it was with Touya!’

Chapter Text

Knock Knock

She stood in front of Touya’s door, waiting for him to open up. Today was supposed to be a Shouto day, but once again, his father had to come and ruin it.

“Meet me in the training room.” His voice booms as his footsteps shake the house. He’s gone, leaving the two teens alone, Shouto once again feeling down.

“I’m sorry.” He says, like he always does when his father comes and ruins their day.

“It’s okay!” (Name) replies with a smile. Yeah she was a bit sad that she couldn’t spend some time with her best friend, but at the same time she’s been missing Touya. So while Shouto was training, she would just go hang with Touya.

So there she stood, in front of his door, waiting for him to open this goddamn door so she could fucking kiss him.

“Who goes there?” He calls out. He wasn’t expecting her today, but he could feel the house shake from his father’s footsteps so he assumed that Shouto was being kidnapped for training.

“It’s me, (Name)!” She shouts, giggling.

On his side, he hears her giggle. His heart starts to rise at the thought of his cutie standing there, waiting for him. Almost immediately, just jumps out of bed.

From her side, she hears him stumble out of his bed, he rushes over to the door and practically rips it off its hinges.

“Get in here,” His voice is low and alluring, causing (Name) to get excited. He pulls her inside his room, pushing her against the door to cause it to close. Now that he had her pinned against the surface, he leans in, roughly placing his lips on hers. She eagerly accepts the kiss. He breaks away, much to her distaste, he chuckles when he sees the want in her eyes. “I’ll never get tired of doing that.”

After that he pulls her back into another kiss, pulling her away from the door and leading her to his bed. She finds herself falling back, her back meeting the soft mattress; Touya crawls on top of her, trapping her body with his.

Kissing has become a normal daily thing for the two teens. Whenever she was at his house while his family was around, he would find any moment he could to pull her away to a different room just to give her a quick kiss before walking off, leaving her wanting, *craving*, even more. He was always leaving her breathless and high on serotonin.

No one’s caught onto their relationship yet. Of course there was that time that Shouto did bluntly mention how much time she was spending with Touya. Shouto felt a little sad from the lack of time spent between them, so one day they decided to have a movie day.

”Shit we’re out of soda, I’ll be back!” She says, getting up from the couch, Shouto nods, his eyes going back to focus on the movie. (Name) makes her way to the kitchen, unbeknownst to her, Touya was waiting there for her. While she wasn’t looking, he quietly snuck up, placing a hand over your mouth to prevent her from screaming; forcibly turning around, she calms down when she sees it’s just him.

“Keep quiet, doll. You don’t want Shouto to walk in, do ya?” He whispers as he uncovers her mouth. He keeps his thumb on her lower lip, looking at how extra soft and plumb her lips looked today. From how close he was standing, he could smell her cherry chapstick. His eyes move up to her, finding them hooded with desire.

Primal instincts kick in, her grabs her by the hips, lifting her up onto the counter. He settles himself between her legs, his hand reaches the back of her head, his fingers tangling with her hair. He brings her head forward, slamming his lips onto hers.

(Name) closes her eyes, trying hard not to moan at the feeling of his lips on hers. She was so used to being vocal when they were alone, but now she had to stay quiet when Shouto was right next door. Somehow, the risk of being caught by any of his siblings was exciting, both of them thought at the same time as their kiss deepened. Her hand shakily reaches up, tangling her own fingers in his soft onxy locks.

Their lips part, allowing their tongue to meet, sliding and dancing together. One hand of his moves down to grope her boob, she gasps causing Touya to press their mouths closer together to muffle her sounds. He pulls away, a string of saliva connecting the two of them, he breaks it with his finger and smirks.

“You should go back to Shouto now, you’ve been gone for too long.” He quietly laughs as he sneaks away back to his room. (Name) sat there for a couple more seconds to regain her composure and for the redness in her face to go away before going back to Shouto.


“Let’s get to singing. Stay here, I got a song.” He gets up, adjusting his messed up shirt, and walking over to his speaker with his phone. (Name) sits up to watch him, shamelessly staring at his defined his back looks like with his black fitted shirt, it fit so him so *fucking* nice. She drooled a little at the sight. Touya was in high school now so he was taking a weight lifting class for his gym requirement. It was working out fantastic for him, and she’s gotta admit, she felt happy that a sex god like him was spending all his time with her, singing with her and to get, and kissing her every chance he got.

“What are we singing today?” (Name) asks, swinging her legs while she waited for to put the song on.

“I’ll be singing to *you* so just sit there and listen.” He turns around to look at her while he points at the bed she’s currently sitting on, signaling for her to stay sitting. She nods her head, following his command.

He puts his phone down once he found the song he was looking for, once the music starts (Name) smiles, knowing exactly what the song name was and who the band was.

Rage in us
Your thirst I'm taking
Pull the plug I'll keep on shaking
And thrustin' about your apartment

He starts jumping around his room, singing alone to the lyrics. He thrusts his hips in (Name)’s direction, inching a bit closer. He winks and blows a kiss at (Name), she giggles, covering her flustered face with her hands.

Drowned on blankets floral and fading
Painful lust, two aching guts
They tear through each other in the mirror
This happy vacation, there's no motivation
So hold me up

He jumps over to the end of his bed, grabbing the blankets he has neatly folded there, unmaking them as he throws them over (Name). She can’t help but laugh a little louder than she meant too, she just hopes Shouto and his dad didn’t hear. They probably couldn’t, but still. (Name) pushes the blankets off just in time for Touya to start leaning on her. He doesn’t put all of his body weight on her, but he puts enough to have her use some of her own strength to keep him up.

You say you want to chase the moon like fire
Well, together we can fake our own deaths here
Just wanna be alone and watch as you all just disappear

D-d-d-darker now
Kicked out and sleeping in your car
You roll the window down enough to dream and make-believe
Our lights knocked out, turned upside down
And I'm just a stupid motherfucker
Can't figure it out

I want devil horns

He fully pushes (Name) on her back, crawling over her body, forming devil horns with his fingers. She keeps on laughing, enjoying this moment, especially relishing feeling his body pressed up against hers. He pokes her with his “devil horns” before he starts going lower, aiming for her neck.

I wanna breathe in your rush

He buries his face in her neck, taking a deep breathe of her sweet smell, memorizing it. He can’t help but smile, he’ll always remember this smell and associate it with her and only her. Finally, he moves his lips to press them against her neck, she shivers a bit, he smirks knowing it’s her sweet spot, he knows it’s her weakness. She releases a small moan, he wanted to bring some more out of her, but he needs to keep singing. He gives her neck a quick lick before going back to singing.

I wanna leap when you want me to fly
But darlin' I don't mean to beg
But these thorns on the stem are nearly tearing up my skin

And now you wanna chase the moon like fire
Well, together we can fake our own deaths here
Just wanna be alone and watch as you all just disappear

The singing ends, the instrumentals play. He pulls (Name) into a passionate kiss.

The singing resumes, so he breaks the kiss.

Close your eyes
Picture you and I
Selling daylight for gasoline

He puts a hand over her eyes, he stretches his other arm out to reach for something. When he uncovers her eyes, he reveals a polaroid picture she had taken one day when they were cuddling. He shows her another polaroid, this one he took. It was the two of them sitting in the front seats of his car; she’s wearing his sunglasses and slurping on a blue slushie, he was wearing her sunglasses and slurping on a red slushie. Both flashing peace signs. It was a fun day now that she looks back at it, he had taken her out on a random car drive: *“Our destination? Doesn’t matter as long as you’re by my side.”* Did he want her to run away with him?

So now we're gonna chase the moon like fire
Yeah, together we can fake our own deaths here
Just wanna be alone and watch as you all just disappear
Oh, no!

He puts the pictures back on his nightstand, then he goes to kneeling in front of her, his eyes staring deep into hers. She couldn’t help but think he was being serious about the lyrics. She smiles at him, her hand brushing against his jawline. Touya hums, closing his eyes, snuggling into her warm palm. He keeps on singing.

Just wanna be alone and watch
Why can't we be alone and watch?

The song finishes; Touya proceeds to crawl on top of (Name) again. She’s laughing with her eyes closed. Touya’s looking down at her with a sweet smile on his face. She was so cute, his heart beat with joy knowing he was the person making her feel so happy and special. He leans down, capturing her lips with his.

Her hands make their way up his back and into his hair. His soft — and recently touched up — black hair, it was messy before this but now she was making it messier. He pulls away from the kiss to admire her some more.

“You’re the most beautiful girl in the world. I like you a lot.” He smiles. She felt her face explode into a huge smile as he leans down for another kiss.

Too bad he didn’t say he loved her.

But alas, it’s nice to be young and in love to the point someone can forget the smallest of important details.

Chapter Text

The school year had finally come to an end, and it’s officially the time to kick back and relax. 8th grade graduation was fun, and while she was sad that she wouldn’t get to see a couple of her friends anymore, at least she had Shouto, since the two of them lived within the same high school district, that meant going to the same high school.

“Smile!” (Name)’s mom says, holding up a camera, pointing it in Shouto and (Name)’s direction. Both kids wore their green graduation gowns. (Name) wraps one arm around Shouto’s shoulders despite how much taller he was. She gives her mom a wide smile while Shouto smiles just enough for it to be classified as one. She takes the picture and immediately shows it to Shouto’s mom. The two women start squealing in joy, excited that their babies had graduated together.

Both of their dad’s stood off talking to different people. While their moms were best friends, their dad’s were the complete opposites of each other, only speaking when they were outside cooking on the grill.

(Name) keeps hugging Shouto while the two of them start saying their goodbyes to other friends who were going off to different high schools. (Sister’s Name) was off to the side talking to Fuyumi, talking about older girl stuff. Natsuo was off somewhere else, probably talking to some of his own friends. That just left Touya…

He watches (Name) and his little brother laugh together, he sees the way Shouto looks at her, the way he only smiles for her and only around her. He felt a little bad, but he pushes the thought away before he approaches them.

(Name) looks up at Touya, sending him a giant bright smile.

“Congrats.” He says, smiling back at her. She was hoping that maybe now Touya would finally ask her to be his girlfriend. But no, that’s all he said, he just congratulated her and left it at that. After all this time, Touya has never once asked her to be his girl, not after all the hugs, kisses, and cuddles they’ve shared. At this point, in her mind, she felt that they were already dating, but she just wanted things to be official already.

Sadly, that’s not how thing work out, and unfortunately, that would be the last time he would talk to her for weeks. He was never at home again. She tried texting and calling him but he would only leave her on read and never return any of her calls. These were the most depressing weeks of her life.

Finally, after what seemed like years, he was home. (Name) went up to his room and knocked on that familiar door. She couldn’t stop smiling like an idiot, but she couldn’t help it, it’s been so long since she last saw him and she missed their jam sessions. She missed him in general, so that includes all the cute intimate things they did together.

“Who’s there?” He shouts, causing her to giggle a bit.

“It’s me!” (Name) shouts, excited for him to rip open the door and pull her into a kiss, a deep passionate one; but that doesn’t happen.

“Uhh… give me a moment.” He shouts, rustling is heard inside his room for a bit until he speaks up again. “Come in.” It was a little strange that he didn’t open the door for her like he usually did, but she didn’t care at the moment, she just wanted to see him. (Name) opens the door and walks in, she finds him sitting on his bed.

“Hey, where have you been? I found a bunch of new songs and I wanted to listen to them with you.” She smiles, walking over to Touya. He looks at her with a small smile on her face; his smile causes her heart to race a little. She doesn’t notice his smile doesn’t meet his eyes.

“(Name)… I need to tell you something.” He says, watching the smaller girl plop down beside him.

“What’s up?” She looks up at him, staring right into his eyes. Maybe today was the day he would finally ask her to be his girlfriend. The thought gets her excited, confusing his behavior to be one that happens before confessions. He takes a deep breathe, causing her to do the same thing.

“Listen… I have a girlfriend now.” He exhales, she exhales too. Her eyes widen in surprise. As her mind registers his words, her throat begins to tighten, her heart shattering into tiny little pieces.

“Oh…” Was all she could say. Not only did her heart shatter, she felt her whole world shattering as well. After everything they’ve been through, after everything she did for him, after all the kisses, hugs, cuddles, and jam sessions.

“We can still be friends and hang out though—“ He keeps on talking, but she’s stopped listening to him, she not even looking at him anymore. Staring at the ground, she gets up.

“Hope everything goes well for you two.” Is all she says before she makes her way to his door, walking out of his room, and out of his life. She hears him shout her name, causing her to run down the stairs. He starts chasing after her, she makes it downstairs, grabbing her stuff and running out the door, not even stopping to put her shoes on. She sprints down the road, she hears him call out her name one last time before it’s drowned out by her sobs.


(Name) eventually makes it to her room, quietly closing the door behind her. She leans against it, slowly sliding down the wood until she reaches the floor, that’s when she feels the hot tears rolling down her face. She falls down on her side, allowing herself to cry as loud as she wanted. She thinks back to all the times he kissed her, held her, and told her that he liked her. All the times he sung with her and to her. Fuck, guess it was all some big fucking joke to him. It felts like he just kept her around as a time killer while he waited for an attractive girl to show up in his life, easily replacing (Name). Oh god, she’s hyperventilating, she felt so fucking stupid! So FUCKING STUPID! She screams and cries. Fuck boys, no, fuck BAD boys. Fuck bad boys that sing songs to lure you in, and make you feel special just to break you into millions of pieces. God, she fucking hated boys so much.

No, wait, that’s a lie. She doesn’t hate all boys because she loves Shouto, that’s her best friend who has never done anything to hurt her. He’s never once broken her heart; but now she realizes she’s broken his heart and their bond as friends for keeping all of this a secret from him, not to mention by making out with his older brother. (Name) reaches into her pocket to grab her phone, she was planning on texting Shouto and inviting him over to tell him everything.

She opens her phone to find a spam of texts he’s already sent her. She smiles a bit despite still being depressed.


Shouto had been in the kitchen when he heard (Name) run down the stairs, he walked into the hall just to watch her grab her things and fling the door open, immediately taking off. He also watched his older brother run downstairs, shouting her name, Touya stopped at the door frame, watching (Name)’s figure disappear down the street before dejectedly closing the door. Shouto makes eye contact with his older brother, all Touya does is roll his eyes: “What are you fucking staring at?” Touya spats.

“I’m staring at a giant piece of shit.” Shouto says bluntly, grabbing his phone and putting on his shoes. He opens the door and looks at his brother one more time before giving him the bird; and then he was out, texting (Name) as he ran down the road to catch her. 


Eventually Shouto would tell her this story, but for now he didn’t want to deepen any of her fresh wounds. All he wanted to do was comfort her, nothing hurt him more than watching the girl he loves cry over an asshole that doesn’t deserve her. He didn’t care if she didn’t feel the same, he knew she didn’t, and that was okay. The friendship they had was more important to him than anything, he doesn’t know what he would do without her in his life. So for now, his feelings for (Name) would remain a secret until he was sure she felt the same for him.

Before (Name) could text him back, Shouto had already sent her another message saying he was outside her front door. (Name) hops up from the ground, rushing downstairs to open the door. As soon as she sees him, she jumps into his arms, tears spilling down her face again. Shouto carefully picks her up, closing the door, and making his way upstairs to her room so her family wouldn’t see her crying. Once in her room, he sets her down on her bed while he sits down next to her. She cries for a couple minutes into Shouto’s chest, the boy rubs her back allowing her to release all her thoughts and emotions. She pulls back, taking a shaky deep breath. When she released her breath, she starts filling Shouto in on everything.

(Name) tells him everything. She stares into his gray eye because looking into his turquoise eye only gave her a painful reminder of him. One thing she noticed during her story was that Shouto looked as equally upset. She assumes it’s because now he knows that she was making out with his older brother each time she ditched him. She brushed it off as a ‘ew my friend made out with my brother, I’m gonna fucking barf’ type of mood, not realizing it was actually a ‘my best friend, the girl I love, was making out with my gross older brother’.

Despite his emotions and thoughts, he still pulls her into a hug. He pats her hair down as she continues to cry on his shoulder. He felt his own heart break, knowing someone else could easily tear her apart like this. All he wanted to do was transfer all her pain over to himself, suffer for her so she could continue to live happily.

He doesn’t understand how his brother could do this to her. (Name) was wonderful, amazing, beautiful. If he had the chance to be with her, he would never let her go, he would sing and dance with her to her heart’s content. He would love her and commit to all the promises he made. Most of all, he would never make her cry like this. He wouldn’t be able to live with himself if he ever made her feel like shit.

Sad how on the day her heart was broke, his was broken as well.

Eventually (Sister’s Name) comes home to hear (Name) crying. She rushes upstairs, worried. Finding the door open, she rushes to find Shouto comforting her little sister with a hug. It was heartwarming, and as much as she didn’t want to ruin that moment, she knew she had to help (Name) as well. Both teens look up at (Sister’s Name) as she approaches them.

“What’s wrong?” She asks (Name), sitting down next to them. (Sister’s Name) looks all over (Name)’s face, her heart hurts when she sees how red and puffy her eyes are. She knows she’s been crying for a long time. As for (Name), not wanting to repeat the entire story again, she only says one word, or well, name.

“Touya.” Her voice cracks, her body wrecks with more sobs. It clicks in (Sister’s Name) as soon as she hears his name, she doesn’t ask anymore questions, all she does is wrap her arms around the two younger teens.

(Sister’s Name) does her best to make (Name) feel better; she wasn’t new to the heartbreak game so she gives her all her tips and tricks to mending a broken heart.

Hopefully the healing process starts soon because (Name) didn’t want to feel this shitty forever.


Weeks go by and the end of summer draws near. This entire time, (Name) has been spending it her room with Shouto. Both teens lying down on her bed watching romcoms nonstop. They were her favorites, but she occasionally cries when they watch one that resonates deep within her soul. Sometimes it was because the character was going through something similar like her, or because the character’s dream boy was so over-the-top romantic, (Name) wishes her dream guy had been like that.

They spent little to no time at Shouto’s house now, and the few times she did go over were the days when Shouto knew for sure that his older brother wouldn’t be home, which was hard to tell. Now that Touya had a girlfriend, he was either out with her on a date or they were up in his room doing only God knows what. Of course, Shouto never told (Name) this, why the hell would he? So to play it safe, they just spent the majority of their time at her house; plus (Sister’s Name) loved baking and cooking, so she was using the two teens as her guinea pigs.

“Tomorrow is the first day of high school.” Shouto mentions, causing (Name) to release a disappointed groan. She takes another slice of pizza and stuffs it in her mouth. She wasn’t ready for this. Just a couple months ago she had been madly in love and confident, she could’ve take on the world; but now that feeling was long gone and dead, just like her soul.

“Are you ready?” She asks her partner, who was also shoving another slice of pizza into his mouth. He just shrugs his shoulders while he keeps his eyes on the movie. (Name) knew that Shouto didn’t care about tomorrow, he was a good student but that doesn’t mean he got excited about showing up to school either.

“At least we have each other. We’re in mostly all the same classes except gym and math but we’ll make it work.” Shouto smiles at her, he always knew how to make her feel better. Despite losing all confidence and happiness months ago, right now Shouto was giving her the strength to gain them back.

“Together.” They both say in unison, grabbing each others hands and bracing themselves for whatever challenges lie ahead of them in this new journey called high school.


“Wow! This is fucking scare!” (Name) says as she and Shouto stand in front of the school they’ll be attending for the next four years. Shouto shrugs, his hand reaching out to intertwine his fingers with (Name)’s. The two freshman smile at each other, giving a small squeeze of reassurance.

“Let’s get to class.” He says, brushing some stray hairs away from her eyes, he lightly tugs on her arm to get her moving forward. Their first “class” wasn’t really a class, it was just homeroom. For the freshman only, they had homeroom as their first and last class of the day, allowing them two hours of extra time to do homework, study, head down to the cafeteria to grab some breakfast if they hadn’t already, or perhaps use the time to nap or chat. They were basically study halls and allowed the freshman to become friends with the people in said study halls.

Walking up to homeroom was nerve wracking for (Name), despite Shouto giving her another squeeze, her stomach still felt queasy. He gives her one last look before he opens the door to reveal a couple people already sitting and talking inside. It wasn’t hard to tell who already knew each other from middle school because they were sitting and talking together, while others were sitting alone. Shouto pulls (Name) inside, heading towards the back of the room where the corner by the window was unoccupied.

They sat down, scooting their desks together so they could play with each other’s hands. At first (Name) felt a bit nervous about moving the desks but she say the few people talking had also shifted their desks around to converse. Plus there was a message on the board that read: “Desks and chairs can be moved around, return them back to their original spot at the end of the period.”

The two childhood friends sat there in silence, just playing around. While they were together, they weren’t worried about keeping a conversation because they were both comfortable sitting there quietly, just enjoying the other’s presence. It calmed them both down. They could sit in the same room while she played a video game and he read a book, and neither would mind. She could be singing to Shouto and he’ll just lay there, a small smile on his face as he admired all the beautiful colors her quirk would create. They were an odd pair, but that’s probably what attracted them to each other in the first place.

She couldn’t imagine life without Shouto by her side, he was her rock. She was extremely grateful that they were in mostly all the same classes, it’ll keep her sane this year, and if she doesn’t make any friends, at least she has him.

“It’s going to be alright.” He whispers. (Name) smiles and nods at him, knocking her fingers against his. She was about to speak up when the bell rings and the homeroom teacher walks in. He looks like he hasn’t slept in months, he sits down on the teacher’s seat. Everyone has at this point arrived and sat at a seat. The room quiets down.

“Good morning, hope you all had a great summer. My name is Mr. Aizawa. We’ll start off with some icebreakers so you can all get to know each other, after that you can do whatever, I don’t care. I’ll be sleeping.”

Uhh… what? Was he being serious?

“For icebreakers say your name, your favorite color, and your quirk. It doesn’t matter who starts, just go.” He lays his head down and… he actually falls asleep. Oh what the fuck.

It stays silent at first, everyone in the room looks around at each other. The air is awkward and it’s clear that no one wants to talk, a couple of awkward chuckles fill the room, some people giving each other smiles to try and ease off the heavy tension. Finally a girl with pink skin and pink hair jumps out of her seat, her smile dazzling, she radiates confidence. She’s the first to do the icebreaker. Thanks to her, everyone starts to introduce themselves, eventually it becomes (Name)’s turn to introduce herself.

“My name is (Name), my favorite color is (fav color), and my quirk is my voice. It all depends on my mood and the type of song, but I can make visuals by singing.” She hears a couple people going ‘whoa!’ at the mention of her quirk, it was the usual type of response she got. (Name) smiles, sitting back down in her seat as the rest of the class continues the icebreakers. Once the attention was off her, she went back to writing in her songbook.

“So you like music, I assume?” A voice in front of her asks. (Name)’s head picks up a little at the mention of music, looking at the owner of the voice, she finds a girl with purple hair and headphone jacks for earlobes. (Name) grows a huge smile on her face as she nods, remembering the girl’s name was Kyoka.

“I love music, it’s my life.”

“Same here! What’s your favorite genre?”

“I can’t pick a favorite. It changes every week. One week I’ll listen to EDM and the next week I’ll be listening to punk, and the next week it’s another genre or sub-genre.”

At this point, Shouto has stopped listening in on the conversation the two girls were deeply engaged in. Music was essentially (Name)’s religion, something she dedicated her heart and soul to; Shouto on the other hand, wasn’t as dedicated to music as she was. He enjoyed listening to her sing, and he would lay down and listen to music with her because she was in a musical mood. If she wasn’t involved, then he didn’t pay much attention to music.

Since (Name) was clearly enjoying this talk, all he did was lay his head down to watch the way her lips moved as he zoned out, appreciating how cute she looked when she excitedly talked about her passion. Oh god, he was nuts for her, he was head over heels for this girl. His eyes kept focused on her until she said something that caused him to sit up.

“I know we just met and all but we should form a band!” (Name) shouts in excitement, a couple heads turn to look over at the trio. A blush forms on (Name)’s face as she waves at the few people staring before she looks back at Kyoka. Shouto is giving her a confused looked while the rocker girl looked excited at this idea.

“That’s a great idea!” Kyoka exclaims, she was definitely down for this. With that, the two girls get deeper and deeper into this idea. So far it was just (Name) and Kyoka, Shouto wasn’t musically talented so he was a no go. (Name) could sing and play the ukulele, while Kyoka could sing and play bass along with a couple of other instruments but only the basics. This was the beginning of a new journey, and the first obstacle that they were about to face was finding other people to join their band.

Two band members down, four future band members to find.

Chapter Text

The idea of a forming a band was now in the air. With only two members so far, nothing could take off just yet. They still needed at least one or two more people.

“Let’s make a sheet.” Kyoka says as she rips a piece of paper out of her notebook, then reaches into her backpack to pull out a blue pen. “What should we write?”

“It had to be an attention grabber so lots of people can notice it, maybe get them to sign up.” The three teens sit there brainstorming— well, it all actuality, it was more just Kyoka and (Name) coming up with all the ideas; Shouto on the other hand was half asleep on his desk, his hand holding onto (Name)’s. His eyes close, and he finds himself snoozing off, that is until (Name) hears his snores and squeezes his hand to wake him up.

The two share a quiet laugh between each other. It was small moments like these where Shouto felt like the luckiest boy to have (Name) by his side.

“I have an idea!” Kyoka clicks on the pen and starts writing. Shouto sits up, resting against (Name), the two of them watch as Kyoka drags the pen across the clean paper, marking it with words and designs. (Name) takes this moment to give Shouto’s chubby cheeks a small poke, giggling at the wrinkle that forms on his forehead thanks to his frown. As soon as Kyoka finishes, she passes the paper over to (Name). It reads:

Hey wanna make your freshman year a lot more interesting? Join our band! Just sign your name and the instrument you play! Meet up with us at the end of the day so we can all chat!

Kyoka immediately knows the sign has gained approval thanks to the amazed expression on (Name)’s face, her smile beaming with joy. Shouto looks over at the paper, reaching over to grab the pen so he could draw a small cute character on the corner of the page. The two girls laugh, when he hands back the paper, the new drawing adding extra cuteness to the sign. Kyoka grabs the pen again, this time to write down her name and (Name)’s name and their roles in the band. Kyoka had herself listed under bass while (Name) was Vocals/ukulele.

“Shouto can you play any instruments?” Kyoka asks.

“Unfortunately, I can’t.” Shouto replies. He starts coughing from embarrassment when he feels (Name) wrap her arms around his neck, bringing her face closer so she could rub against his soft hair. He loved having her this close, it was a nice distraction from his thoughts; reminders of all the failures he’s had when attempting to learn an instrument for her. He really tried; in exchange for ukulele lessons, he had to be trained in martial arts when he grew older. He sold his soul for her, despite the outcome, he wouldn’t take it back. In the end, despite the lessons being a flop, he ended up just giving her the instrument which because her most treasured possession.

“That’s okay! So how are we going to do this? Are we just going to pass it around?” Kyoka asks, taking a look around the room. (Name) sits there, looking around the room, eyes landing on an ash-blonde hair boy, their eyes meet for a moment before his face turns sour and turns away from her; her eyes move away from him to observe the rest of the room. It was loud in there, she was surprised the homeroom teacher could somehow sleep through it all; but with how loud and preoccupied everyone seemed to be, it would be tough for their sign up sheet to make it around the room. The suddenly, an idea popped into her mind.

“I got an idea, sorry if I embarrass you guys but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.” With drastic times comes drastic measures, and with that, (Name) proceeds to stand up from her seat, using it as a stepping stool to get onto her desk. Her actions shock the two teens still sitting down, Shouto places his head down to prevent himself from getting second-hand embarrassment. As much as he loved this girl, he couldn’t handle situations like this. Kyoka finds her face turning red, already figuring out what was about to go down.

“Hey!” She shouts, the class goes silent almost immediately, all heads turn with all eyes landing on her. (Name) couldn’t help but feel a little shy as well, unsure if this plan would work; but all attention was on her now, it was too late to turn back. All she could do now was smile and keep on talking. “Who wants to join this band Kyoka and I are making?”

As soon as she finishes, the class starts going wild. People jump out of their seats, surrounding the small pod of desks where the three friends sat. One student, Tenya, rushes up, not to sign up, but for instead yell at (Name) to get off the desk, his hands making a chopping motion. (Name) laughs, jumping off the desk, she goes back to sitting while Kyoka shows everyone the sign up sheet.

“You have to actually know how to play an instrument.” That was a requirement of course! You can’t start a band if the members don’t know how to play an instrument. A couple people leave the group after that, which was good, it was better for them to save themselves the embarrassment now instead of dealing with it when they had to play an instrument later today.

“Gather around and we shall answer all your questions! If you like the idea, and can play an instrument, then move over to Shouto to sign up!” (Name) shouts, a couple of other students gather around her and Kyoka, throwing a bunch of questions at them. The more questions asked, the more people went back to sitting down. At the end of it all, they got three people to sign up!

Momo - Piano

Denki - Guitar

Fumikage - Guitar

So far so good, now the only thing they needed to find was…

“A drummer.” Kyoka mutters, closing her eyes to think about any potential people they could’ve missed out on.  Considering no one in this class signed up for that, chances were they’d have to go outside of this classroom to find their next member. “I’ll ask around if anyone plays the drums, it would’ve been cool if it was someone from here since we see each other twice a day. Would’ve made it easier for all of us to talk.”

(Name) nods in agreement, that would’ve been great. She goes back to looking around the room, her eyes once again landing on that boy with ash blond hair. If she remembers correctly, his name is Katsuki. He sat with Denki, Eijirou, and Sero. They were all talking, except Katsuki; he was being scribbling something down in his notebook, looking lost in his own world.

‘I wonder what he’s writing about. Maybe he’s an author?’ She had a strange feeling rush through her body. Something was telling her to walk up to him and talk to him. She was tempted to listen to that gut feeling, and she was getting up to do it when the bell rung. People immediately jump up, putting everything back together and packing up their stuff. (Name) does the same thing, quickly gathering her things, looking around for the boy who caught her interest to run over to him. Unfortunately, he was gone. He had been the first one to leave. She curses under her breathe, but remembers that she’d see him here later. She might’ve missed her first chance, but she’d have one more chance later today.

She walks out of the room with Kyoka and Shouto. The three talk a little more about some plans, then Kyoka has to walk off in another direction to get to class. That leaves (Name) and Shouto to walk off to their next class together. She stomach churns with a rush of emotions, just wanting this day to be over to she could talk to the angry boy.


Sure enough, the day goes by slow as hell. (Name) groans each time she looked at the clock and saw that it only moved a minute. She cheered each time the bell rung, only to groan when the next class began. Now was the time of the day where (Name) and Shouto had to part ways. After nearly an entire day of having the same classes, (Name) missed him already.

She walks into her math class, looking around at the sea of faces still unknown to her, that is, until her eyes landed on the boy that’s been clouding her mind all day. It was only the third day of school, yet this was her first time seeing him in her class. Why she never noticed him before, she doesn’t know, but now she was kicking herself for not realizing this sooner.

She takes a deep breathe before making her way over to him. She was going to talk to him and get through that rough exterior of his. She was going to FORCE him to become her friend.  She keeps on walking and realizes another thing. He sat behind her, like her assigned seat was legit in front of his. Now she really hated herself for not noticing him sooner, like on the first day. She walks past him, he was once again, writing something down in that notebook of his; she proceeds to sit down, pulling out some of her stuff and placing them on her desk.

She wasn’t going to lie, she was extremely nervous. Practicing things to say in her mind that wouldn’t cause him to freak out on her, god that would be terrible. No matter what, she swallowed down her fear and turned around to talk to him.

“Hey, can you play any instruments?” This was her first time taking a close look at him since she’s only briefly looked at him from a distance. He’s got some wild hair, matching his wild personality. His eyes, striking red, foretellers of his soul; right now his soul wasn’t too happy with her. He’s got a permanent frown plastered onto his handsome face — oh… did she say handsome? Well… yeah he was pretty hot. She didn’t want to judge a book by it’s cover but if she had to judge Katsuki, she would say he looks like the type that plays guitar.

“Why do you fucking care?” He growls at her, eyes slanted into a glare. He stares into her open eyes, looking for a trace a bad intention.

“I was just wondering. You look like a guitarist.” She smiles, walking around the spikes of danger that safeguarded him. His eyes do seem to soften a bit, but that goes away when his glare comes back even stronger, he looks away from her, turning back to writing in his notebook. She decides to take a gander at his notebook, soon realizing he was writing song lyrics.

“Fuck no… I play drums.” He mumbles. It goes silent for a moment, while (Name) keeps staring at him and his notebook; taking note that she was peeking, he covers his page with his arm so she couldn’t see what he was writing anymore; but the girl was persistent, and she kept on trying to catch a glimpse. The harder she tried, the more annoyed he got, he opens his mouth to speak. “What the fuck are you starin—“ but she cuts him off.

“You should join my band.” She blurts out, staring deep into her eyes to prove to him that she was serious about this. He looks away from her, his cheeks turning pink. He didn’t like the look her eyes contained, it… scared him a bit, it was the same look he once received from someone he used to be close to. Taking a small peek at her, her puppy dog eyes were getting more intense. Honestly, he feels himself caving in a little because of them. “We really need a drummer.”

“I’m not sure if I’m down to waste my time with you and bunch of other extras.” It was goes silent again, but (Name) breaks it soon enough.

“I have a notebook for songs too.” She leans down to fish her notebook out of her backpack, when she grabs it, she places it on his desk. He looks at it with hesitation, to which she pushes the notebook closer to him. Finally, he rolls his eyes, grabbing the notebook and opening it up to a random page. His eyes move across the page, he had one finger tapping against his desk, attempting to make a beat to fit with the with her lyrics.

“These aren’t half bad.” He mumbles as he keeps looking through other songs she’s got written out. (Name) reaches out to grab his notebook to read through his songs; at first she thought he would put up a fight, but instead, he pushed his notebook towards her. She skims through his pages before landing on a random one. Soon, she’s reading another one, and another one. His lyrics were hauntingly beautiful, she could see all the colors floating around already. Despite his rugged appearance, his music mainly concentrated on heartbreak. She was surprised, curiosity filled her about who this mystery girl could be. Who had been brave enough to break Katsuki Bakugou’s heart? As bad as she felt for his heart getting broken, she had to admit, the experience gave him amazing songs.

“Who broke your heart?” She finds herself asking the question out loud. He looks at her, a small bit of pain flashes in those vast crimson eyes, he goes back to looking through her notebook.

“I could ask you the same fucking question.” His outburst causes her to laugh. She and Katsuki weren’t so different; they were both heartbroken teens, just trying to use music to mend their broken hearts back together.

“I’ll tell you if you join my band.” She winks at him, only causing him to sigh in response. He hands her back her notebook, and she does the same thing.

“Fine, but on one condition.” He says, (Name) smiles and nods her head for him to continue, “I help you with writing the songs.”

“Deal! Your songs are amazing, it would be an honor to write with you.” She overflowing with excitement and joy. Katsuki rolls his eyes while putting his notebook away. The math teacher walks in and everyone starts to sit down and hush up. She says one last thing to Katuski: “Our first meeting is today, we’re meeting at homeroom and then we’re going to the music room.” Katsuki only nods before opening his math notebook. (Name) sends him one last smile before turning around to face the board, opening up her own math notebook.

Math wasn’t her strongest subject in the first place, but now Katsuki implanted this new excitement within her that only made it 1000 times harder for her to concentrate. Scenarios play through her mind of how well this partnership would go for them. What kind of music would they create together? What sort of emotions would they be able to bring out? And maybe, just maybe, this experience could be the thing that cures them of heartbreak.

Before she knows it, the entire period of math class goes by in a flash. It surprised her, she didn’t expect it to go by so fast when the rest of the day had gone by so slow. The bell rings, signaling the end of the period, she turns around to say bye to Katuski.

“See ya later, Katuski~!” Beaming a bright smile at him as she gets up. He scoffs, continuing to back pack up his stuff.

“Yeah okay, whatever.” Is all he says, (Name) walks out of the room, a little hop in her step as she heads to her next class. She was happy and he could see that; Katsuki watches (Name) leave the room, rolling his eyes once more as he places his earbuds in.

“That girl is fucking weird.” His thoughts go back to her songs, and just as easily as she could tell what was going on with him, he could tell she was going through the same thing. “Fucking weird but damn, she’s got some serious demons.” He walks out of the room, heading to his next class. In a way, he was also a little happy to finally find someone to talk to that understands what he’s going through. Who knows, perhaps this was the start to a whole new friendship.


“He WHAT?” Kyoka was surprised, she never expected Katsuki to be a drummer — lowkey she also thought he looked more like a guitarist — and with the fact he never approached the group this morning, she just assumed he either (a) didn’t want to be in a band or (b) didn’t know how to play an instrument. Looks like she was sorely incorrect on that last assumption.

The three teens were currently sitting down in their English class, the starting bell still hadn’t rung so people were hanging around the room, talking to their friends. (Name) had been to excited about her breakthrough, she couldn’t contain it. As soon as she and Shouto walked through the door, (Name) immediately pounced over to Kyoka and blurted out the good news.

“Yup! He agreed if he got to help with writing songs. I agreed, I read some of the songs and poems he’s written and they were amazing! I couldn’t lose the chance for us to get a drummer and another song writer.”

Kyoka had to admit, that was a pretty good deal, and now (Name) has a writing partner so she doesn’t have to burn herself out even more. Then again, Katsuki’s a stubborn hardass, so this could either turn sweet or sour. When Kyoka looks into (Name)’s eyes, she sees the happiness glimmering in them, she sighs, she couldn’t ruin her happiness so she nods in agreement. “I’ll keep an open mind.”

“I promise you he won’t disappoint!” Oh man, maybe (Name) should start keeping her mouth shut about people before they show her what they really have up their sleeves. She was too nice, always looking at the good in people, always seeking out the possible good intentions they held instead of any bad; fortunate for her, Katsuki would becomes one of the best people to enter her life.

With that, the bell rings. Everyone returns to their assigned seats as their teacher stands up to begin the lesson. Just how the rest of the day went by like a snail, ever since she left math, the rest of her classes have been going by this slow, the only exclusion to that had been gym class. (Name) found herself looking at the clock every second, only to be disappointed when it was still the same time. It was starting to frustrate her, she just wanted to see Katsuki! Why couldn’t the universe be so nice to just let this period end—!

The bell starts ringing. Her eyes shoot up to the clock to see that it was, in fact, the end of class. She had been so upset that her mind lured her into day dream scenarios, and before she knew it, it was time to get going. Internally, she squeals with joy, packing up her things faster than Kyoka and Shouto; so now, she stood by their sides as they finished up packing. She’s hopping a little, from foot to foot, while she kept on telling them that she had a good feeling about this. Once her friends finished packing, (Name) goes straight for the door, causing her two friends to speed walk a little to catch up with her.

“I can’t believe we’re actually going to do this.” Kyoka says. The trio was heading back to homeroom where they would meet up with their future bandmates. (Name) had gotten permission from Mr. Hizashi to use the music room during homeroom, as long as they cleaned up after themselves when they were done.

When they reached the doors to their homeroom, they stood outside to gather everyone up.

“I’ll go check inside if anyone’s already in there.” Kyoka says, (Name) nods at her to go on. It doesn’t take long for Kyoka to come back out with Momo. Three people out of six. Shouto leans against (Name), she has an arm wrapped around his waist to prevent him from falling down.

“You okay?” She whispers to him, looking into his eyes. He only nods and yawns. Oh, so he was sleepy. (Name) felt bad, she knew he stayed up last night working on homework on top of having martial arts training with his dad beforehand. “You can go home and rest.” She smiles and nudges his side, it causes him to lean more onto her. He shakes his head ‘no’ at her suggestion.

“I’m here.” Katsuki walks up to the group, his face gives off a ‘I don’t wanna fucking be here’ vibe but deep down, she knows Katsuki is over the moon with this— but damn, that was also wrong because Katsuki would rather be at home than here.

“Awesome! Now we’re just waiting on Fumikage and Denki.” (Name) states. Speak of the devil and he shall appear.

“We’re here!” Denki shouts, Fumikage walks alongside him. Now that the entire group was here, they could head over to the music room to get this meeting started.

“Great! Let’s start heading to the music room then.” (Name) starts walking with Shouto still leaning just a tiny bit of his weight on her, nothing too much that it would cause her to struggle, but enough that she wouldn’t let go of him out of fear of him falling over.

Katsuki walks from behind, staring at (Name) and Shouto. She was writing songs about heartbreak and yet she was so close to this guy. It was clear as day that Shouto had feelings for (Name); the way (Name) acted with him was also something normal friends wouldn’t typically do. Were they together? Maybe this was her new boyfriend after her old one complete destroyed her heart? Questions keep running through Katsuki’s mind, and before he realizes it, the group made it to the music room. (Name) stands in front of the door and opens it, allowing everyone to get inside. They look around the room for a bit before sitting down at a couple chairs that were at the front of the room. (Name) and Kyoka sit down at the spinning chairs by the teacher’s desk. (Name) clears her throat which causes everyone to quiet down a little, she smiles and starts speaking.

“Hi, welcome to the first band meeting.” She began. “I guess since this happened so out of the blue today, does anyone have any questions?”

Momo immediately raised her hand, (Name) points at her to speak. Momo clears her throat before she asks her question.

“So why did you guys decide to start a band?” (Name) and Kyoka looked at each other and shrugged, but (Name) goes on to answer the question.

“Kyoka and I talked about it and we thought it would be fun. So I figured, why not form a real band. Who knows, we could make this a thing, become huge, and make enough money to pay for all our college tuition.” (Name) and Kyoka laugh for a bit. “At the same time this would be a fun and exciting thing to do! At least when we’re older we can look back at this as the time of our lives.”

There was a hum of agreement from everyone. Now that they were thinking about it that way, it was true. Once high school was over, it was basically time to to grow up and become serious, going from carefree teens to constantly tired adults.

Kyoka stands up from her seat and starts speaking her part: “Now, we’re going to hold an auditions of some sorts. It’s more to just hear your style and your knowledge with your instrument. Who wants to go first?”

“I’ll go first.” Katsuki says, chest out with confidence, he walks over to the drum set. He sits down, twirls the sticks in his hands and starts playing. He was amazing, everyone watching with jaws dropped at his amazing performance. (Name) smirks, she knew he would be worth it. At the end, everyone was clapping and cheering.

Everyone auditions, even (Name) and Kyoka, just to show everyone that they were being serious about this. It was also be a good idea to show everyone’s skills so they all knew what and who they were working with and how they could all combine their styles together. Since it was just the first meeting, they were testing the waters, things will start to come together once they started practicing songs.

Once everyone had finished playing and auditioning, (Name) and Kyoka made the decision that everyone gets to stay. Making the band a group of six members. One vocalist, two guitarists, two songwriters, one keyboardists, one bassist, and one drummer.

“Tomorrow we’ll meet up after class and head over to my house! Kyoka and I also got some of the instruments at my house so we can start figuring out styles, as well as other important band stuff, like coming up with a band name.” Everyone nods. “Alright! Meeting is adjourned!”

Everyone stands up and starts packing to leave. (Name) doesn’t notice that Katsuki is the first one to leave; she turns around to look for him but he’s no longer in the room. She quickly gathers up her stuff and turns to Shouto.

“Hey I gotta talk to Katsuki, okay? I’ll see you tomorrow, Sho~!” She gives him a tight hug, and then walks towards the door as she waves and says goodbye to everyone else. Once she was out of the room, she starts sprinting down the halls, trying to catch up with Katsuki. Fortunately for her, he had just barely made it out of the front doors, so she caught up with him fairly fast.

“Katsuki! She shouts after him, he stops and turns around to look at her; as she gets closer to him, she stops running, instead she slightly bends over to rest and catch her breathe.

“What?” He’s still got that frown on his face. She looks up, still a little out of breathe. She stands straight again, walking a little closer to him before extending out her hand for him to shake.

“I’m excited to work with you! Please take care of me!” She smiles, a little bit of pink tints her cheeks. He stares at her hand for a bit, a little surprised, but he places his hand on hers and shakes it.

“You better do a damn good job, partner.”

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“So we’re heading over to (Name)’s house after this, right?” Denki walks over to the back of the room where Katsuki, (Name), and Shouto were sitting. Since that morning, everyone in the band decided to start sitting in the spot where (Name), Kyoka, and Shouto have been sitting since the first day of school.

“Yup!” (Name) smiles up at the boy, diverting her eyes away for a second. Katsuki snaps his fingers at her, brining her attention back onto him, and most importantly, back onto what they were doing. “Sorry!” She laughs, going back to sharing her poems with him.

Neither of the two poetic teens have shown their works to anyone else, but now they’re revealing these sacred scripts to each other. Since this was the first time anyone was seeing these, the two decided to spend some time critiquing and giving each other advice.

Last night before heading home, the two teens had exchanged numbers, and once (Name) got home, she dialed his number. At first, things went from having a normal conversation about math homework, music and songwriting, but soon their conversation took a more deep turn; soon they were talking about personal things, very personal things. In a way, things were already getting personal when they decided to swap notebooks, but neither of them have crossed a certain line just yet. She has yet to tell him the Touya story, and he has yet to tell her about the story of the girl who broke his heart.

Now here they were, pretending the two of them didn’t get creepy personal last night. Momo and Kyoka walk into the room, pulling up two chairs to sit down with the rest of the group. They’ve been spending a lot of time together.

“Come on Kyoka, let me help you study.” Momo says, pulling out some stuff from her backpack. Kyoka sighs but does the same thing. They were absolutely adorable; (Name) smiles at them before returning her attention back on Katsuki.

“Nothing rhymes with orange, you baboon.” (Name) points at the end of one of his lines. His fist lands on the desk, he’s sending her the meanest glare ever.

“Poetry doesn’t always have to rhyme with the last words in a line, you stupid bitch.”

The fight commences between (Name) (Last Name) and Katsuki Bakugou, it’s a shouting fest on the rules — or lack of rules— in poetry, and the different types of poems that can be made. It ends with Fumikage walking into the room, witnessing the chaos. He walks up behind the two bickering teens, and before they realize what’s happening, he grabs them by their heads and slams them together. They both shout in pain, the shouting match ends in a draw— or maybe it was Fumikage who won this round? Either way, he sits down next to Denki, pulling out his phone to scroll through tumblr.

“Ow! That hurt, Fumikage.” (Name) rubs her forehead, a red mark present in the center, the same is present on Katsuki’s forehead. The two of them keep rubbing their foreheads to make the pain go away faster; Fumikage just shrugs, his eyes never once leaving his phone.

“Let’s get back to writing some songs.” (Name) speaks up again, putting a hand on Katsuki’s shoulder. The boy scoffs, pushing her hand off before he pulls out a new notebook.

“I figured since we’re gonna write music together, we should start a new notebook together.” He places the notebook between them. (Name) couldn’t help but smile, she wraps her arms around Katsuki’s, snuggling her check against his bicep. Katsuki’s face turns bright red, he tries to push her away, but to no avail, she clings onto him like a leech.

“Fucking let go!” He growls. (Name) just laughs, finally releasing his arm so she could reach over to grab her pen. She brings the notebook closer to her so she can write on the cover.

‘Katsuki & (Name)

“Why did you put a heart?!” He yells. He was mad as fuck but she didn’t give a shit.

“Because it’s cute!” She continues to laugh. She glances over at his face, her laughter halts when she finds an adorable blush coating his cheeks. He looks away from her, trying to cover up his embarrassment, but it was too late, her brain has already taken a picture of the moment and permanently burned it into her memories. She’ll be honest with herself, she thought Katsuki looked cute, he could be a teen heartthrob amongst the freshman girls if he wasn’t so rough around the edges personality-wise.

“Alright! Let’s get to writ—“ Just as she was about to finish her sentence, she was cut off by the final bell signaling the end of school. Her eyes lock back onto Katsuki’s. “Well, we’ll just write when we get to my house.”

The group packs up their things and starts heading out, following behind (Name) and Shouto. Katsuki decides to walk alongside her, taking this time to talk about song ideas, noting some of them down on his phone for the future when they get ready to write them down. It doesn’t take long for them to reach the (Last Name) house, once everyone reaches the front door, (Name) motions for them to quiet down.

“Let me just check to make sure my sister isn’t home. She’ll try to barge in on this.” (Name) loves her sister but she also knows her sister will try to do something with this whole band thing, plus she doesn’t want her sister to say some embarrassing childhood shit in front of her new friends. Her sister was the only obstacle at this point, while their parents were out on a business trip, they specifically told the two of them that they weren’t allowed to have people over, Shouto was the only exception to this.

(Name) opens the door, not seeing any sign of life, she assumes the coast is clear; opening the door once more, she allows everyone in. Taking their shoes off and leaving their bags by the side of the door.

“We can head up to my room real quick, and then we’ll head down to the basement.” She says, making her way up the stairs, everyone following behind her. She glances at her sister’s door as she walks by, seeing the door was closed and hearing nothing behind the door only further confirmed her belief that she wasn’t here. Walking past, she reaches her door, opening the door and revealing her lair to her new friends. Before anyone walks in, she looks back at them sheepishly.

“Sorry, my room is pretty messy right now.” She walks inside, Shouto is the second person to walk in, quickly sitting himself on her beanbag chair. The rest of the group slowly enters, it’s at this point where they all collectively agree that (Name) has no idea what messy means. Her room was the complete opposite of messy, it was beyond clean. She had all her books and CD’s organized by color coding them. Her Vinyl collection was organized alphabetically. It was the most aesthetically pleasing room they’ve ever seen.

Kyoka was digging it, gasping when she found some of her favorite older bands in (Name)’s CD collection, pulling some out but making sure to put them in their original spot when she was done looking. Everyone takes their time looking around, Denki quirks an eyebrow at the amount of stuff animals this girl has on her bed. They were cute, sure, but they stood out compared to the rest of the things in her room. Momo wonders over to (Name)’s desk, looking at all the pictures hung up on the wall.

“Awe look at how little (Name) and Shouto are in these pictures.” Momo gushes over the childhood picture of (Name) and Shouto dressed up like superheroes. Shouto immediately turns red, he gets up from his chair and makes his way out of the room; he wasn’t a fan of people looking at his childhood pictures. (Name) mentally kicks herself, she should’ve hidden them this morning.

Katsuki was the only one who didn’t give a single shit about anything in (Name)’s room. The moment he entered, he made himself at home by laying down on her bed. He landed on it with a small bounce. He turns his head to look over at her stuff animal collection, his eyes falling on a particular one. It was a teddy bear holding a heart that said “I love you” in nice cursive. He finds himself reaching out to grab it, stopping when (Name) starts talking. He retracts his arm back to the side, moving his head to look back at her.

“There’s not much to talk about with band stuff. We’ve already figured out our parts yesterday. Katsuki and I will be writing the songs. I’ll be lead vocals while Kyoka will be backup vocals and bass. Katsuki is drums, Momo is keyboard, Fumikage and Denki are guitars. Sounds good right?” (Name) leans against the wall, looking at everyone to make sure they were all on the same page.

“What’s Shouto?” Fumikage asks, now sitting down in the beanbag chair.

“He’s a groupie.” She responds instantly. “Every group needs a groupie. Now the only thing we need is a manager.” (Name) ponders on who would be able to take up the most important role. She originally thought about making Shouto the manager, but thought against the idea thanks to Shouto’s crazy control-freak father constantly breathing down his neck.

“I can be your manager!” (Name) screams, jumping up when she hears her sister’s voice. Moving away from the wall, she finds her sister leaning against the door frame, arms crossed and a devious smirk on her face. "As your older sister—who only wants the best for you. I’ll be your manager; and you can’t fight against it because I’ll tell mom you had people, other than Shouto, in the house.” Oh, she was playing dirty. She was right though, (Name) had no choice but to accept this.

“Fine! But you better find us good gigs!” (Name) huffs in frustration, she makes her way over to Katsuki, grabbing onto his hands and pulling him up on his feet. Katsuki complies, looking away from his writing partner so she wouldn’t see him blush for the second time today, not like she  even noticed when she was focused glaring at her sister. Katsuki’s eyes land one more time on the ‘I love you’ teddy bear.

“Of course! I’ll start looking as soon as I come back home. Well I’m heading out now, have fun with you guys.” She laughs and walks away. Denki whistles and walks over to the door.

“Your sister is hot.” Denki says, looking out the door watching her walk away. (Name) rolls her eyes at him, making gagging noises at the disgusting comment.

“Ugh you’re fucking gross! Let’s just get down to the basement so we can do team building stuff.” (Name) grumbles, grabbing her dry erase board markers before she starts herding everyone out of her room and towards the basement.

The cool thing about the basement is that (Name)’s parents decided to deck the place out. It was turned into a snazzy hang out spot, with a couple nice games, couches and a TV. (Name) and Kyoka had placed all the instruments in the area of the basement that was clear of stuff. Sure they might’ve pushed some things out of the way so they could set everything behind the couches, but it was worth it.

Like the curious little shits they were, they set out to explore this new space. Denki gravitates towards (Name)’s dad’s video game collection, staring in awe at all the game counsels he owed as well as how organized he kept his game collection. Denki notes that this is probably where (Name) gets her intense organization trait from.

(Name) heads over to the guest room to pull out a whiteboard. Motioning for everyone to sit down in the chairs, she places the board in front of them. “Time to pick a band name! Shout out a name and I’ll put it up. We’ll cross them out until we all agree on one we like.”

Band names start getting tossed up as soon as (Name) uncaps the marker.

“Birds of A Flock.”

“Dynasty Cloak.”

“Dandelion Clubhouse!”

“Vengeance University.”

"My Poor Romance."

"Rage against the Heart."

“Ok I’ll put my name idea too, mine is Buttercup Revenge.” (Name) says, writing her idea down at the bottom of the list. More names are shouted out, and soon, the name crossing begins. Everyone gives a thumbs up if they agree with the name, or a thumbs down if they don’t. If four people like the name, it’s kept; if  four people dislike the name, it’s crossed off. The hunger games for band names is intense, a couple arguments arise amongst the group when someone votes against another person’s name idea. A quick match of rock, paper, scissors solves the argument.

It takes a while, but soon, the group comes to an agreement on a name. Once it came down to the last two names, the group stands at their designated instruments, testing out the name shout out done before a set starts.

“We are Vengeance University!” (Name) Shouts, Katsuki clanks his drum sets together. The group shakes their head. It just doesn’t sound right, on top the next name.

“We are Buttercup Revenge!” (Name) shouts again, Katsuki repeating his previous actions. This time, the band nods, deciding on Buttercup Revenge.

They were officially Buttercup Revenge, it was a cute name. Maybe that’s another reason why it survived the other names, plus the nice ring it had. (Name)’s just grateful no one asked her how she came up with the name. Everyone’s sitting back down on the couches, (Name) sits down between Shouto and Katsuki.

“What should we do now?” Kyoka asks.

“Maybe we should get to know each other better?” Momo replies.

“I like that idea! Let’s ask a question and we all gotta answer it.” (Name) hops onto the group activity, liking the idea of getting to bond with everyone. Forming a trust early on before issues arise in the future.

“Okay, I got a question for you (Name).” Denki smirks. “What’s up with you and Shouto? Are you guys dating?”

Katsuki sits up a little, also finding himself curious to know the answer. He looks over at (Name), finding her face ablaze, Shouto’s face looks just as red. Shouto’s eyes focused on another corner of the room, not wanting to make eye contact with anyone.

“N-no.” She stutters, “Shouto and I have been best friends since Kindergarten. He’s been by my side since forever. He’s like, a brother to me.” Ouch, friendzoned and then brotherzoned, all in the same sentence and in front of their friends. Poor Shouto, he knew this would be the response but he couldn’t help but feel a little sad. Shouto knew didn’t have a chance.

Katsuki finds himself smirking a little, but stops himself when he realizes what his face is doing. Why was he smirking? He didn’t like her like that, she was an annoying little shit that wrote good music. Yeah no, he’s definitely just happy she’s not falling for anyone any time soon, that’ll ruin the heartbreak songs they’ve got planned… yeah that sounds right. He just doesn’t want the two of them to lose focus on what they’ve already written together too.

“Next question!” (Name) breaks the silence. “Okay, what’s your favorite song and why?”

The questions and answers continue, some being personal to likes and hobbies, while some were more personal in a more… intimate way. Turns out Denki and Fumikage are the only ones in the group that have lost their virginities; of course (Name) didn’t believe Denki, his story was just… unbelievable.

“Yeah, we totally had sex. It was under the bleachers during a school pep rally. I had to shove er panties in her mouth to stop her from being too loud.” He keeps on telling the story, adding more and more unnecessary details. He stops once someone asks another question.

“What’s the furthest you’ve gotten with someone?”

“Sex.” Was the answer both Denki and Fumikage gave, but like previously mentioned, who knows if Denki was telling the truth or was only saying a couple truths mixed with lies. Maybe he got close but who knows.

“Oral.” Both (Name) and Katsuki answer, both of them blushing.

“Kiss.” was the answer given by Shouto, Kyoka, and Momo. They blushed from embarrassment at how sinful the rest of the group has been.

“Who was your first kiss?” Denki winks at the girls. No one wants to speak up, so Denki goes first, just like he did with all the sexual questions.

“Mine was with the girl I boned.” He boasts, pointing a proud thumb up to his chest.

“Mine was with my first girlfriend.” Fumikage says. He was a strange one, today everyone learned that he had a thing for older girls. The girl he lost his virginity was a year above them.

“A girl confessed to me and kissed me.” Momo says.

“I confessed to a girl and kissed her.” Kyoka follows. The two of them share a look, smiles on their faces, and pink coating their cheeks. It wasn’t until now that everyone realized they were holding hands the entire time. Denki falls forward and cries for a moment before sitting back up and congratulating them. (Name) smiles, finding the two absolutely adorable together. They were relationship goals.

“(Name).” Shouto says. His answer captures everyone’s attention. He coughs and explains. “It was during the summer, and we wanted to recreate a scene from a romcom, so we did.” Yes, (Name) was quite the wild one, two Todoroki brothers have touched her lips with theirs; but in her defense, Shouto’s been her best friend since forever, so the kiss didn’t feel awkward at all, and it was better that he kissed someone who cared about him instead of him going through the hell (Name) went through.”

“Shouto’s older brother.” (Name) answers next. That one got a lot of surprised ‘Whats?!’. She nods her head in shame, her face can’t get any redder at this point. This had been a secret only Shouto and her sister knew, but now all her knew friends knew it too, well sort of. Katsuki was a little surprised at this new information, so it had been a Todoroki that broke her heart.

“(Name), you naughty girl. TWO Todoroki brothers?!” Denki shouts, grabbing his chest. “How was it getting your brother’s sloppy seconds?” He asks Shouto, who gets up to punch Denki’s shoulder, hard. Everyone ignores Denki crying out in pain as Katsuki answers the question.

“My ex-girlfriend.” Oh, so it was a girl from his old school, that’s who he based his songs on. (Name) wonders what the mystery girl looks like and what type of personality did she have? Was she his complete opposite?

The game continues on, during the entire time, (Name) and Katsuki kept sending each other looks. Even if the two of them were embarrassed, it felt kinda  nice telling each other these things, even if it meant other people knew them too. They look into each other’s eyes and promise to tell each other the stories behind the answers, alone. They nod and go back to paying attention to the group where the question and answers kept coming. It was a night filled with laughter, embarrassment, and surprises. (Name) looks at her new friends and smiles, her heart filled with so much love and appreciation for them. The night continues on as they all grow closer together with all the new knowledge, good or bad that had been learned.

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Time for the weekly band meeting; since the creation of the band, they’ve been meeting up on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays for practice, sometimes they’ve add extra practice time during the weekend but that was only if everyone was on board and on top of their homework. Those were practice days, Mondays were reserved for band meetings where everyone would discuss any issues they were having or for (Sister’s Name), their manager, to share great or exciting news with them. Band meetings also meant fresh homemade cookies. (Sister’s Name) hops around the room, clearly excited to share the good news. This morning she had texted the group chat saying she would be sharing some good news, since then, she’s been jittery all day, the excitement bubbling inside her chest.

“First things first, I know where you guys are going to make your grand debut. Wait for it—“ Her smile gets bigger, eyes shimmering with stars, “the school’s art festival that’s coming up next month!” She screams at her own announcement, jumping up and down now that the news was out. She expected more excitement, instead she’s met by a group of confused freshman. Fucking buzzkills ruined the joy she had built up all day.

Since the group was made up of all freshman, except (Sister’s Name) being the only senior, they had no idea how an arts festival had anything to do with music. (Sister’s Name) rolls her eyes, arms crossed across her chest, she releases a frustrated sigh before she explains it to them.

“The art festival, is as the title says, an art festival. It happens two times a year. First time is during the first semester, this is where artists can show their skills at the beginning of the year. Musicians can perform their songs, and theater kids can put on small shows. The second show is usually to show improvement in those areas! How well have you developed your art skills, has your music style changed? All that good stuff.”

The room fills with a collective ‘oh!’ now that everyone’s on the same page; and since everyone was on the same page now, the excitement bubbles up within them. Denki and Kyoka jump up and high five from excitement, causing some laughter to erupt from (Sister’s Name). This was going to be great, it would be their first show together, this would be the best place for Buttercup Revenge to get noticed; it may be a small event but hey, everyone has start off small before they make it big.

“Let the practicing begin!” (Sister’s Name) yells. “(Name) and Katsuki, sit your asses down and start either picking songs you’ve written or make new ones. While you guys do that…” She turns around to look at the rest of the band. “You guys are going to practice with your instruments. Find a different spot in the house and start practicing!” Slowly, everyone starts getting up, picking up their instruments and making their way somewhere else.

“What are you going to do?” (Name) asks her sister; Katsuki starts packing up all their stuff.

“I’m going to sign you guys up for the music show that occurs during the festival, as well as getting people to come watch your show.” She huffs, sitting down on the couch. She turns on the TV and pulls her laptop and tablet near her to get started on her job. Shouto stays sitting, he's too immersed in his book to get up, which is fine with your sister because—she doesn't want to admit this— she thinks the basement is creepy, so Shouto keeping her company is completely okay with her.

(Name) grabs her backpack from Katsuki, the two of them head up to her room. This would be the first time she would be alone with a boy— other than Shouto— in her room. She was a little nervous, she’s been alone with Touya before but that was always in is room, he’s never been in her room before, he’s never been in her house at all before.

“Go ahead and make yourself comfy.” (Name) says as she opens the door to her room, walking over to her desk chair to put her backpack down. Katsuki neatly places his stuff next to her desk before going straight for the bed.

“I was gonna get comfy whether you told me to or not. I don’t give a fuck.” He jumps back onto the bed, making the sheets scrunch up and some of the pillows fall off. (Name) feels her eyebrows furrow into a frown; she walks over to one of the fallen pillows, her hand reaching down to pick it up. Katsuki was too busy scrolling through his phone to see (Name) lift the pillow above her head, using all her strength to swing down and hit him.

“You’re a fucking THOT KATSUKI!” She screams, continuous hitting Katsuki with her pillow. Katsuki raises his arms up to prevent her from smacking his face.

“Stop hitting me you crazy bitch!” He screams back, one of his hands reaches to his side, searching for a pillow. As soon as his hand grabs onto one, he jumps up to start attacking back. The fighting continues for a couple minutes until they began to tire out.

“Truce! I give up!” (Name) shouts so that Katsuki could stop with his rapid assaults, she falls to the ground in an attempt to catch her breath again. Katsuki stops, throwing the pillow back onto the bed before he walks over to her desk to grab their notebook and pencils. He eyes her vinyl collection for a moment before he returns back to her bed.

“Should we look over the songs we have? Or should we make some new ones?” Katsuki asks as he flips through the notebook, staring only at the titles of the songs. Just by looking at the titles, he could already envision the lyrics they wrote together, as well as the beat that would great for them. They were great songs, but he doesn’t feel like they’re good enough for the band to use for their first performance.

“What do you think?” (Name) asks him despite already knowing his answer just by the look on his face. He keeps looking for a while before he sighs and shuts the notebook.

“I think we need to write some new ones.” He lays back down, staring up at the ceiling. (Name) has some glow in the dark stars plastered all over the ceiling. He finds it slightly adorable, except he would never say that out loud, instead he’ll use this as a way to tease her later. Now that he thinks about it, her room has a bunch of childish stuff in it. She had lego plans on display, stuff animals on her bed, a small collection of toy cars, and another small collection of childhood books on her bookshelf. He guesses that (Name)’s secretly a hoarder but one that knows how to organize the stuff she hoards.

“Time to brainstorm.” (Name) gets up from the floor, making her way onto her bed to lay down on her stomach. Katsuki stays silent for a moment, thinking and brainstorming. What could they write about? This entire time the two of them have been writing on heartbreak, and that seemed to be the major theme they’ve decided upon. Speaking of heartbreak, neither of them have really talked about it before. Maybe now was the time? Almost as if she was reading his mind, she speaks up.

“So tell me about the girl that broke your heart. What did she do to you?” She eyes him; Katsuki turns his head so their eyes could meet.

“It’s nothing crazy, I guess. She just broke up with me to chase after some other dude who wouldn’t even bat an eye towards her.” Oh man, what was up with these girls chasing after boys who clearly didn’t give a fuck about them? “What about you? What did this “mysterious” guy do to you?” He asks.

(Name) laughs at the “mysterious” part, since they both knew that said “mysterious” guy was Touya Todoroki.

“I’m pretty sure you already know, but Touya Todoroki is the mystery guy. I’ve been in love with him since I was in 6th grade. I thought he loved me too after all the stuff we did together, but I was clearly wrong.” (Name) laughs again, it was a sad laugh this time, but she hoped it would help lighten the mood. Katsuki keeps staring at her, the ‘we did stuff together’ part kept repeating in his mind.

“Stuff? The oral shit you talked about?” His question makes her blush, but she nods nonetheless.

“Yup.” She was hoping he wouldn’t remember that, but it’s an embarrassing thing she shared so it’s only normal that everyone would remember it; she remembered that he answered the same thing as well.

“Nothing more than just that?” He keeps on asking more about this subject, further embarrassing her.

“No, the furthest we went was me receiving.” That was the honest truth. As much as she loved Touya, she never felt comfortable enough to give him head. She felt nervous enough from just receiving, but she wasn’t ready to return the favor. Now it was her turn to ask Katsuki the same thing. “What about you?”

“Giving and receiving.” He replies without hesitation or any embarrassment on his face. He was so nonchalant about it that it actually freaked her out a little.

“Wow Katsuki, you’re quite the sex freak.” She stares at him in wonder.

“Shut the fuck up, at least I didn’t make out with my best friend and his older brother.” Damn, this bitch was calling her out. Was she really going to let him shit all over her honor? Of course she was.

“S-shut the fuck up!” She stutters. He went from glaring at her to going back to stare up at the ceiling. It goes silent for a minute before Katsuki gets up to walk over to her vinyl collection. His fingers swipe through the records until he finds something. He pulls it out to show his partner.

“Do you want to listen to some music for inspiration?” He’s holding a Pierce the Veil album, the one that was a gift from Touya, right from his own collection. (Name)’s heart falls a little from seeing the cover, it brings back a lot of memories, good and bad. She stands up, making her way over to Katsuki. Her fingers brush against the cover before gently taking it out of his hands.

“No I, uh, I haven’t listened to them since the ‘breakup’. This was his favorite band, but I’ve never gotten the courage to get rid of it, mostly ‘cause I like them too.” Her fingers keep touching the cover art of the album. She liked them before she started talking to Touya, but it felt special that they both liked and listened to them together. Now that that was over, he’s probably out there doing the same thing with that other girl, it makes her heart hurt to even listen to one song of their songs.

Katsuki stands there, his eyes stuck on her face. He knows she’s sad, he can see the storm forming in her eyes from looking at something that once meant the world to her. He stays silent for a bit before he goes back to looking through the vinyl collection.

“Hey, let’s find a band and make it ours, okay? You want to jam, let’s fucking jam.” Katsuki says, he’s got a devilish smirk on his face as he pulls out his phone, he starts scrolling through his Spotify for a certain band he hand on mind. “Did you listen to Fall Out Boy with him?”

“We did but not as much."

“Will you cry if you listen to them?” That’s all Katsuki cares about. If it makes her cry then he can’t put it on all because that stupid son of a bitch Touya had to ruin them for her. (Name) thinks for a while about his question. Would she cry? She doesn’t think she would; they were also a band she liked before she got with Touya, and the fact that they didn’t jam to them often, Touya just wasn’t as into them as she was.

“No I wouldn’t cry.” She shakes her head. Katsuki smirks again, he connects his phone to the AUX cord connected to her speaker. The music starts playing, Katsuki immediately grabs her hands and pulls her over to the area of her room where there was enough space to jump around.

“Then let’s fucking dance.” He whispers, staring at her, his eyes burning into her. He moves away, reading to start singing.

She says she's no good with words, but I'm worse
Barely stuttered out a joke of a romantic stuck to my tongue
Weighed down with words too overdramatic
Tonight it's it can't get much worse
Versus no one should ever feel like

Katsuki starts singing; (Name) stands there in awe at how amazing his voice is. Hearing him sing and the beat of the song get her excited, soon she joins, their voices melting.

I'm two quarters and a heart down
And I don't want to forget how your voice sounds
These words are all I have so I write them
I need them just to get by

Now they start jumping as the beat gets faster, their faces inching closer as their voices get louder.

Dance, dance
We're falling apart to halftime
Dance, dance
And these are the lives you love to lead
Dance, this is the way they'd love
If they knew how misery loved me

You always fold just before you're found out
Drink up it's last call last resort
But only the first mistake and I

The two of them start dancing— (Name) was clearly better than Katsuki, he fucking sucked, but that didn’t matter. They were having too much fun to care about something so stupid like that; between singing, they manager to laugh while gasping for air.

'm two quarters and a heart down
And I don't want to forget how your voice sounds
These words are all I have so I write them
So you need them just to get by

Why don't you show me a little bit of spine
You've been saving for his mattress, love

Katsuki grabs (Name) by her shoulders, shaking her. She stops singing to laugh. Strands of hair fall over his face, his red eyes peeking through the hair strands. He looks like a real rocker, (Name) couldn’t help but admire the way he looks; she’ll admit, if she wasn’t so caught up on Touya, she would’ve fallen for Katsuki almost immediately. Maybe she should fall for him? It’s a thought that gets pushed away once she resumes singing.

Dance, dance
We're falling apart to halftime
Dance, dance
And these are the lives you love to lead
Dance, this is the way they'd love if they knew how misery loved me

Why don't you show me a little bit of spine
You've been saving for his mattress (mattress, mattress)
I only want sympathy in the form of you crawling into bed with me

Katsuki falls back on her bed; she follows him, teasingly crawling next to him. She laughs a little at how this reminded her of the time she and Touya did something similar to this. Now that she was doing this with Katsuki, it was fun since she wasn’t trying to impress him like she was trying to do with Touya. (Name) pulls Katsuki back up so they could go back to jumping around.

Dance, dance

We're falling apart to halftime
Dance, dance
And these are the lives you love to lead

Doing this with Katsuki was a blast, he was a fun person; she hasn’t enjoyed jamming out like this with someone in a long while, and it’s a feeling she’s missed a lot. It makes her a little sad since her thoughts flash back to Touya, but when she opens her eyes, she finds Katsuki instead of him. She looks at his hair swishing around as he head bangs to the beat of the song; for the first time, she sees him with a genuine smile on his face. He looks so at peace within this realm of his, she can’t help but feel special knowing she’s wormed her way into his life, enough for him to show her this side of him. This was a side to Katsuki that he would never show anyone else, but hey, they were alike in more ways than one, she’s found a way to make him feel comfortable enough for him to show her his true self.

Dance this is the way they'd love (way they'd love)
Dance this is the way they'd love (way they'd love)
Dance this is the way they'd love if they knew how misery loved me

Dance, dance
Dance, dance
Dance, dance
Dance, dance

The song ends with her and Katsuki on the floor, their backs pressed against together as they try to catch their breathes and cool down a little.

“So…” He gasps, “Was that enough to inspire you, or do we need to jam some more?” Katsuki asks, She doesn’t need to look at him to know he’s smirking. She thinks bout it for a bit before she answers.

“I think we need ti hame some more.”

“You got it, buttercup.” Ah, that nickname, it hurt hearing it, but it sounded nice when he called her that. Katsuki gets up and walks over to his phone to select another song for them to continue their little inspiration jam.

It turns into hours of screaming and singing before the two of them could finally create two new masterpieces. It was about 9 pm by now, everyone had gone home earlier, but since Katsuki stayed later, (Name) invited him to stay and eat dinner. Shouto was also here, since this was basically his second home.

Her parents gladly put an extra plate on the table; her father was the chief of the house, so he enjoyed cooking, he loved showing off his skills to people who have yet to try his food; He was extremely excited that Katsuki was staying over for dinner.

Once the table was set and the food was put out, that’s when the conversations started. (Name)’s parents ask the basic stuff: how was school, what happened at the band meeting, blah blah blah. The they start asking more about him.

“(Name)’s never bought another boy over for dinner before.” Her parents laugh. Ugh, why did they have to point out how much of a loser she is.

“Please stop.” (Name) whispers but they keep on laughing. They didn’t mean to bully her, but they were parents, so it just happened.

“Well, I like her so I figured why not meet the parentals.” Oh… my… god. What is he saying? (Name)’s parents stop laughing, suddenly they go into bear mom mode— actually, her mom goes bear mom mode while her dad starts crying into his dinner. (Name)’s mom immediately starts questioning Katsuki.

Shouto starts sweating in his seat, but keeps his eyes focused. (Sister’s Name) starts recording everything on her phone, finding this to be the most hilarious thing ever. (Name) sits there, red in the face, watching Katsuki answer each question with lightening speed.

At the end, her mom starts laughing again— her dad still crying— that night Katsuki gained the approval of both her parents.

“You’re parents are cool…” Katsuki mumbles, the two of them are walking down the driveway. “Way cooler than my parents.” They stop as soon as they reach the sidewalk.

“Thanks for coming to dinner. My parents really like you.” (Name) smiles at Katsuki, he can’t help but return it.

“I think I’ll start joining you for dinner more often. Well, get back inside and go to fucking sleep.” Is all he says before he walks off into the dark. (Name) walks back, a small smile playing on her lips as she occasionally looks over in the direction where Katsuki walked off to. Something about that boy made her smile and her heart beat a little faster. She walks into her house, only to be met by Shouto, he’s holding science textbook up, (Name) sighs. Looks like she wouldn’t be sleeping anytime soon.


“I’m so excited to see you guys perform tonight!” Ochako shouts, pulling (Name) into a hug. (Name) can’t help but smile back at her sweetness, wrapping her arms around her dear friend. It’s been weeks since the night Katsuki met her parents, since then Buttercup Revenge has been working extra hard to perfect their performance for the festival, that so happens to be today.

“Thanks Ura!” Is everyone coming?” (Name) asks the rest of the class. Everyone was gathered around the group, asking millions of questions about everything.

“Of course! We wouldn’t miss your show!” Mina shouts, wrapping her arms around (Name) shoulders. “Ya mind giving us a sneak peek of the song you’re going to sing?” She winks, only to get nudged by Sero. Mina pouts at the boy, sticking her tongue out at him, she stops asking for spoilers after that. The rest of homeroom goes by quickly, it had been spent with everyone talking and encouraging the band.

It was all so sweet. (Name) can’t help but smile, her cheeks a slightly tinge of pink as she looks around at her friends. She makes an oath, then and there, that she should give them the best damn performance possible. (Name) looks over at Katsuki, she raises her fist up; he looks at her a little bit confused before he realizes that she’s trying to fist bump him.

“You’re so fucking weird.” He says while finally giving her what she wanted, he bumps her fist and the two of them make a small figurative explosion. (Name) smiles, he smirks; in this short amount of time the two of them have formed a strange but tight bond together.

“Let’s do this shit.” (Name) says, winking at him.

“Let’s blow this popsicle stand.” He replies back.

The rest of the day went by in a blur, (Name) zoned out in all of her classes. Unfortunately, her teachers noticed the lack of attention she held, because of this, they continued to pick on her throughout the day. It was embarrassing, but she push that feeling out of her head once it was time for homeroom again, well… sorta. Homeroom time was being used as extra time to set up the festival, so everyone who either had homeroom or a class during this time were allowed to skip so they could help set up. With that, the band decided to meet up before heading down to the auditorium.

“Are you guys ready?” (Name) asks, she receives a chorus of nervous ‘yeah’s’ she couldn’t blame them; despite the seemingly never ending amount of time they spend practicing together, this was their first performance in front of people who weren’t (Sister’s Name) and Shouto, it was extremely never wracking. Katsuki comes up to (Name), placing a hand on her shoulder; the two smile at each other. He opens his mouth to say something, her ear waiting for nice words of reassurance, instead they’re greeted with:

“We’re going to crash and burn.” The smile on his face never leaves, while her smile melts off. Her mouth drops open, but closes it when she angrily slaps his arm.

“What the FUCK Katsuki? You’re supposed to say: ‘Don’t worry, we’re going to do great!’ not the bullshit you just said!” She yells, she’s fucking pissed, it doesn’t help that he’s still smiling; it only adds more fuel to the fire.

“Hey, keep that anger. If you focus on your nerves you’re going to mess up, so focus on that anger. After all, it’s part of out main theme.” And just like that, he surprises her again. This boy always had something up his sleeves which makes her wonder what else he has hidden to use in the future. They continue walking towards the auditorium, Katsuki never ceases to amaze her. She was calm now, concentrating on what he said, making sure to focus in on her inner anger.

They reach the auditorium, heading straight to the backstage where they’re met by a ton of other bands and singers. Most of the people there were solo acts, there were only about six other bands besides them. The band huddles up in a small corner together while (Sister’s Name) walks over to Mr. Hizashi to confirm that Buttercup Revenge was there.

They stand around for a while, occasionally speaking to the other acts that stood around them. Once the show started, they stood around and listened to the acts, they were amazed, and starting to feel a little nervous again at how amazing the acts have been so far. It wasn’t hard to see that these bands and solo acts have been practicing for weeks, and perhaps they’ve already been doing this for years, while Buttercup Revenge has only been practicing for a couple weeks. Her nerves go away when she feels Katsuki’s hand land on her shoulder, giving her a tight, but reassuring, squeeze. They look at each other and nod. 15 more minutes of waiting, Buttercup Revenge was up next.

“We’re next, so let’s have one last group huddle, okay?” (Sister’s Name) says, she had just recently rejoined the group after spending most of the time waiting, talking to a couple of guys from another band; they were probably from her grade, (Name) wasn’t sure but one thing she was sure of was that she didn’t like how awfully close and touchy they had been with her sister. Denki didn’t like it either, he had spent the time staring at them and pouting. Now that the group was together and huddled up, it was (Name)’s turn to give an inspirational speech.

“We’ve been practicing for weeks, we’ve cried, we’ve laughed, some of us bled.” (Name) glances over at Denki, sending hm a look, he knows what he did. “Now, let’s go out there and show them all of our hard work!” She shouts, not knowing if she did the whole inspirational thing right.

The group shouts ‘Woo!’ in response. This was going to be good, this was going to be amazing! They start making their way onto the stage once the previous band gets off.

(Name) fixing the microphone to her height while everyone else gets settled with their instruments. From where she stood, she could see their friend sitting in the first few rows; (Name) smiles and waves. They stand up to shout words of good luck and reassurance. It was nice seeing all the support and love they were already giving the band. (Name) looks away from them to look at the rest of the auditorium, only to find it half full, or at least it looked half full. Everyone sat around, scattered, so she couldn’t clearly tell.

Taking a look back at her group, they all send her a thumbs up to show they were ready. One last nod and smile at them, she turns back to the mic, taking a deep breath in before speaking.

“We are Buttercup Revenge!” Shit… did she say that with enough confidence and enthusiasm? Well fuck, too late now, Denki starts strumming his guitar meaning it was time for her to start singing. No time to freak out over the intro now.

Sittin' all alone
Mouth full of gum
In the driveway
My friends aren't far
In the back of my car
Lay their bodies

Where's my mind
Where's my mind

She’s nervous again, she can feel the nervous slowly crawling up her spine. All eyes in the room were on her. She closes her eyes, if she kept them open any longer, she’d freak the fuck out. Having her eyes closed meant her going into her own little world, being able to concentrate on the beat rather than on the audience sitting before them.

They'll be here pretty soon
Lookin' through my room for the money
I'm bitin' my nails
I'm too young to go to jail
It's kinda funny

Where's my mind
Where's my mind
Where's my mind
Where's my mind

(Name) cracks her eyes open for a moment, her heart nearly jumps out of her chest when the first person her eyes meet is Touya. He’s sitting near the front, just a couple rows behind her classmates. The one thing that does bother her is the girl sitting down next to him… his girlfriend.

(Name) decides to ignore the girl, keeping her eyes and attention only on him; she wanted to show him how much better off she was now without him. She wanted him to see what he missed out on and what he lost. In a way, this has become an unhealthy coping mechanism, but she didn’t give a fuck right now.

Closing her eyes again, she draws out more energy to put into her performance. Beforehand, she had gotten permission from Mr. Hizashi to use her quick as part of the performance, he allowed it as long as she didn’t do anything too crazy. (Name) wasn’t about to go nuts with her quirk, but she was going to use it to enhance the experience.

Maybe it's in the gutter where I left my lover
What an expensive fate
My V is for Vendetta
Thought that I'd feel better
But now I got a bellyache

Eyes open, quirk activating. A sea of colors form above the crowd of people. Red and blue fight against each other, creating a pleasing visual performance. The crowd starts cheering, a sea of amazing voices and sounds erupt as they stare at the color performance. (Name)’s eyes land back onto turquoise eyes; the blue she’s created with her quirk mimics the color of his eyes.

Everything I do the way I wear my noose
Like a necklace
I wanna make 'em scared like I could be anywhere
Like I'm wreck-less

She creates a colorful noose around her neck, giving the crowd a wink before the colors disperse. Looking away from the crowd, she again, goes back to looking at the boy who holds her heart. Her eyes trains on him and only him, he does the same thing.

I lost my mind
I don't mind
Where's my mind
Where's my mind

Maybe it's in the gutter where I left my lover
What an expensive fate
My V is for Vendetta
Thought that I'd feel better
But now I got a bellyache

One last extravagant display of colors spread out all over the auditorium, even her bandmates are looking up at the ceiling with surprise. Everyone’s smiling, enjoying this performance and all feelings of being nervous were dead. Together, they were all connected like one giant being; Momo and Kyoka are singing backup vocals while the boys seem to be putting more soul and strength into their playing.

Maybe it's in the gutter where I left my lover
What an expensive fate
My V is for Vendetta
Thought that I'd feel better
But now I got a bellyache

The song ends; (Name) smiles at the crowd that had no grown even larger. Turning to look at her friends, they stand there with giant smiles on their faces and sweat dripping down their faces. Even if it was only one song, she felt great! This was an amazing experience showing off the weeks of hard work. The appreciation she felt for her bandmates was overflowing, the basement acoustics didn’t give them enough justice, but this stage did. Right as they were about to say thank you, the crowd starts chanting.

“Encore! Encore! Encore!”

Everyone looks at each other, shocked that the crowd is chanting for an encore. (Name) didn’t know what to do, she looks over at the stage entrance. Mr. Hizashi, the English teacher and head chairman of the music program, stood there, staring at his clipboard. She points in his direction, her bandmates look at where she pointed at, seeing it was him, they look at her and nod. Her feet start moving on their own, she runs up to him, slightly out of breath, she was going to ask for permission first.

“Mr. Hizashi! Can we sing another song?” She asks, he looks up at her then looks over at the audience that’s still chanting for an encore.

“Do you have another song to sing?”

“Yes sir we do!”

He smiles, motioning for her to get back out onto the stage.

“Why are you still standing here then? Get out there and perform!” He gently pushes (Name) toward her band. She thanks him before running back to her microphone, sending her bandmates a thumbs up. They’ve gotten the a-okay. Mr. Hizashi puts his clipboard down, instead he leans against the wall to watch the performance.

“We are Buttercup Revenger!” She shouts into the mic, this time she puts in a little more confidence in it. She points to Shouto, he stood off by the light operators, he tells them to dim the lights. The stage is dark, with only some blacklight showing their silhouettes.

Kyoka and Momo start singing backup vocals while (Name) waits for her cue to start, the main light turns on shining on her, that’s when she starts.

Hello again, friend of a friend, I knew you when

She raises her pointer finger up to point at Touya. The audience doesn’t know this but they’re going fucking nuts. (Name) starts flipping her hair side to side each time Fumikage and Denki strum their guitars.

Our common goal was waiting for the world to end
Now that the truth is just a rule that you can bend
You crack the whip, shape-shift and trick the past again

A couple more hair flips, she looks back up, her eyes instantly locking onto Touya. (Name) notices that his girlfriend is no longer there, maybe she didn’t like the previous song? Why was he still here then?

Send you my love on a wire
Lift you up, every time, everyone, ooh, pulls away, ooh
From you

Once again activating her quirk, she forms red hearts, sending them throughout the auditorium. People in the crowd are no long sitting down, they’re all standing and jumping. A couple of them jump up, attempting to catch the hearts, only to be met with disappointment when the hearts turn into vapor. Her eyes decide to follow one of the hearts, it leads her all the way to the back of the room where she see a purple haired boy wearing a black surgical mask, a black cap covered his purple locks. He leaned against the wall, hands tucked into the pockets of his black letterman jacket; he wore ripped up black jeans with untied black converse. Who was he? He was surrounded by a bunch of guys. Eyes locked on each other, she can’t help but find the mysterious boy intriguing. She wonders what year he’s in.

Got balls of steel, got an automobile, for a minimum wage
Got real estate, I'm buying it all up in outer space
Now that the truth is just a rule that you can bend
You crack the whip, shape-shift and trick, the past again

Shaking her head, she looks breaks eye contact. Red hearts continue to float around as she forms her next visual: a car, more specifically, the car Touya drove. She feels his stare burning into her, her eyes met with his once more. Neither of them look away for even a second, for them, it was like they were in this room together and alone. It’s just him and her, another jam session between them, except this time she’s the one serenading him. Breaking eye contact, the moment is gone, it was the end of their own little private jam session.

Send you my love on a wire
Lift you up, every time, everyone, ooh, pulls away, ooh
It's a mechanical bull, the number one
You'll take a ride from anyone
Everyone wants a ride, pulls away, ooh, from you

The song is coming to an end, (Name) grips the mic while she raises her pointer finger to point at Touya again. She finishes singing but the instrumentals keep playing. Her eyes look away from him for a moment, she sways her hips as she looks at the crowd; eyes landing on the mysterious boy, his head is moving to the beat, his foot tapping against the wall behind him. One of the girls next to him tries to catch his attention, but all he does is shoo her off, much to her disappointment. (Name) looks away from him but continues to feel his stare as well as Touya’s stare. A smile grows on her face as she sees the energy the crowd is giving off, she loves it, it makes her dance around a while longer until the song is actually over.

Once they finished, the crowd starts cheering even louder, the entire place is jam packed. She looks over to where their classmates sat, they were no longer there, instead they were standing right in front of the stage, still screaming and cheering.

Buttercup Revenge gathers together near the edge of the stage, they come together hand-in-hand. (Name)’s left hand grabs Katsuki’s hand, her right hand grabs Fumikage’s hand, he holds on to Denki’s; Denki holds onto Kyoka’s; and Kyoka holds onto Momo’s hand. Now, they bow.

They can’t help but laugh as the cheering continues, not sounding like it’ll die down anytime soon. They make their way backstage, Mr. Hizashi meets them to congratulate, and compliment them on their music style.

“You guys got real chemistry! It’s hard to find bands that click the way you guys do! Keep up the hard work, I can’t wait to see what you guys bring to the table at the spring art festival.” He proceeds to pat everyone on the head before he ushers the next band on stage to play.

(Sister’s Name) runs up to them, congratulating them for being the more amazing performance this year; she talks animatedly, clearly freaking out with excitement at how great they were. Once she finishes freaking out, she pulls them all into a group hug. When they break apart, they make their way out of the auditorium to enjoy the rest of the festival together.


The next day after the Art Festival, Buttercup Revenge became famous around the school. Older girls were running wild for Fumikage, of course he was playing hard to get which only made them crazier. Groups of girls were coming up to Denki as well.

"Could you play a song for me?" Their eyes shinned as they looked at him. Denki has a cocky smile plastered on his face, he chuckles.

"Of course I can, my princesses." He winks, causing a chain reaction of girls fainting or screaming even louder than they already were. (Name) stood back, watching this entire scene go down right in front of her, she feels some puke crawling up the back of her throat from the second-hand embarrassment she was feeling. It was so cringy but at the same time, good for him. (Name) was proud that boy was finally getting some attention. She turns around only to find Katsuki swarmed by fangirls as well.

Clearly, he wasn’t happy. The expression on his face told her that he was about to start screaming.

“Uh oh. He looks like he’s about to blow up.” Kyoka speaks up, her and Momo appearing right behind (Name). Their eyes focused on Katsuki and the way his face twists into something angrier and scarier each second he continues to be trapped by these…freaks, as he would call them.

"I guess I'm gonna go save him so that he doesn't give us a bad reputation right off that bat." (Name) sighs, walking towards Katsuki, getting ready to become his knight in shinning armor. Kyoka and Momo give each other a knowing look while they slowly follow behind her.

"I bet you $10 they're going to fall for each other." Says Kyoka with her hand held out. Momo thinks for a bit.

"I bet you $10 she's going to fall for Shouto." With that, they shake hands forming their secret bet.

Back to (Name), she makes her way over to the crowd of thirsty teen girls, cursing under her breath about Katsuki for being the good looking bad boy drummer that every girl wanted to throw their panties at. (Name) pushes through the crowd, earning some angry shouts from a couple girls, she ignores them until she reaches Katsuki.

“Sorry ladies,” (Name) says, wrapping her arm around Katsuki’s arm. “He’s with me.” She gives them a small ‘sorry-not-sorry’ smirk, she turns to look at him, using her free arm to bring Katsuki’s face down, planting a kiss close to his lips, but the angle makes it look as if she had actually kissed him on the lips. His face erupts into a mad blush; his fans cry out before dispersing, a couple of them sending (Name) death glares as they walked away. With them now gone, she sighs again as she lets go of Katsuki’s arm. He’s looking down at her, confused and slightly annoyed.

"Sorry, I knew they were annoying you and for the sake of the band, we can't have you exploding our small fanbase." (Name) pats his shoulder before walking back to Kyoka and Momo. He watches her walk away, he grumbles something under his breath before he starts following them. It was almost time for homeroom, (Name) drags Denki away by his earlobe. Fumikage politely excuses himself to join the group. Fumikage and (Name) make eye contact and nod. He knew better to walk without resistance or face her wrath.

Homeroom wasn’t any easier with the fans because now everyone in here was part of the fan club — more like they created it— once the group walked in, they were swarmed by their own friends; asking millions of questions, it was nearly impossible to answer everything, or even hear what they were asking for that matter. Despite the onslaught of questions, (Name)’s heart swell knowing how much they rooted for them at the art festival, to the point where they and other people asked for an encore. She smiles while the rest of the band members answer their questions for the rest of homeroom. When the bell run, that meant dealing with more fans outside in the hallways.

Now it was (Name)’s turn to be surrounded by fans. It was a majority of boys complimenting you on your looks as well as your voice; a couple of girls were there too, they mostly asked about your hair routine, or your beauty routine in general. It got a little wild with some boys pushing the girls out of the way just so they could reach out and grab (Name).

“Will you go on a date with me?!”

“Please be my girlfriend!” It was starting to become overwhelming, (Name) feels her heart speeding up and her breathing become more shallow. She wasn’t a socially anxious person, she would like to consider herself an extrovert, but when random strangers are grabbing at you like this, well it creates a bunch of negative and chaotic feelings; she felt like she was about to pass out or throw up if they didn’t back up. She felt like she was going to die, that is, until she felt arms wrap around her waist and a familiar voice spoke out.

“Sorry boys, she’s with me.” Katsuki sends a deadly glare at all the boys, the glare is even harder towards the boys he saw touch (Name). He presses his face against hers, his fluffy blond hair brushes against the side of her face. It tickles a little. The boys walk off, disappointed, but none attempting to return a death glare towards the explosive drummer. Only the girls stay to ask questions, they also now feeling better that all those creepy boys were gone. They ask simple and innocent questions, which (Name) easily answers with a smile. One girl speaks up, saying how cute (Name) and Katsuki were together.

"You two are so cute! It must be amazing to be in a band with your boyfriend. Did you get together before or after you form the band?" The compliment makes (Name) blush, she opens her mouth to speak but Katsuki beats her to it.

"Thanks, we got together after. We write the songs together so after all the time we've spent together, it formed something more." He stares at (Name), the frown he usually wears has been replaced with soft eyes and a gentle smile. The girl keeps talking to them before she walks off to go to class. Katsuki keeps an arm wrapped around (Name)’s waist while he starts walking her to class.

“Thanks for saving me back there.” She blushes, looking everywhere except at Katsuki. He keeps his eyes trained forward, also sporting some pink on his cheeks.

“No problem, can’t have our lead singer fucking fainting in front of our fans.” He chuckles, this also causes her to laugh for a bit before she lightly slaps his chest. The continues to laugh and talk, not noticing the stares they were receiving from a pair of turquoise eyes.

He was watching, gauging all of (Name)’s reactions. He was jealous but he didn't want to admit it. Here she were, doing everything the two of them talked about, using the name the two of them picked, that could've been him, but instead she picked some shitty ass blonde kid to be her partner. Katsuki doesn't know her like he knows her.

"Touya!" A girl whines from beside him. Touya tears his sight away from (Name) and Katsuki to look at his girlfriend. She's got a frown on her face, she turns her head to look at (Name), then she starts to glare.

"Why are you staring at her, huh?" God, she was so fucking annoying. Touya just shrugs as he turns to walk down a different hallway, with his girlfriend trailing behind him, still complaining for catching him staring at (Name). He just ignores her at this point as he starts to think back on all the things he and (Name) talked about when they made a plan to form a band. He wonders what else she was using from those ideas, at the same time he also realizes (Name) still likes him, or at least thinks about him enough to use those ideas. What was she planning to do? Was she doing all this to make him jealous? Because if she was, then mission accomplished, but now he was going to do his part to return the favor.

Chapter Text


Saturday morning comes along, the band should be practicing but they’ve all collectively agreed on taking a break for the day. Despite not needing to practice, they still met up to hang out in (Name)’s basement. There they sat and chilled, each doing their own thing.

The sound of the Mortal Kombat plays on the background. (Name) stares at the screen, watching Fumikage beat the shit out of Kyoka. Her eyes move away from the screen to look at Denki, he sat across from her, strumming on his acoustic guitar. Katsuki sat beside her, passed out with his feet propped up on the coffee table, his arm dangled around her shoulder. (Name) rests her head on his shoulder, eyes moving over to Shouto and Momo; they sat there reading a book while having a heated discussion about it. (Name) forgot the name of the book, she wasn’t interested enough to remember, but she quirks an eyebrow at the energy they had when talking abut the author’s usage of colors.

"The red glove symbolizes his love for her, but it contradicts with his all black suit, meaning that while he loves her, he's tired of playing her mind games. This is a funeral for his feelings." Momo says. Damn, she really got all that from colors? Makes (Name) wonder if the colors she uses with her quirk mean something.

"Or it could just be a red glove." Fumikage says. The interruption causes Denki to stop strumming and start laughing. (Name) stifles her laughter. Momo ignores everyone and just keeps on taking notes on all the colors and the meanings they contain. Kyoka laughs a little too, patting her girlfriend on the back.

The small break away from practicing was a much needed one. After the art festival and all the endless practice done beforehand, this one day of rest and relaxation was welcomed by all. At the same time, what was there to practice for when the band wasn’t getting any gigs? For some reason, the band had been hoping that someone would make a video of them performing and post it on youtube, and then they’d make it big that way, unfortunately that didn’t happen and no new gigs have popped up for them since then. On the bright-side, the experience did make them part of the popular group in the freshman class— if that could be listed as an accomplishment—  there was also a rumor going around school about (Name) and Katsuki being a couple. Hmm, who could’ve started that, I wonder?

The room goes back to a comfortable silence, sorta— Momo and Shouto are still talking and sharing their notes, Denki’s gone back to strumming, Katsuki is lightly snoring, and groans of pain and screams continue to come from the TV. The aura was comforting, the lack of energy making her sleepy as well. She almost did fall asleep, that was, until her sister comes barge downstairs, jumping down several steps of stairs until she landed on the ground. Her ankle hurt a little as she ran into the room, but she didn’t care, she had something important to share.

“I have good news!” (Sister’s Name) screams, reaching for the TV remote and muting the TV. Everyone slightly jumps up in surprise at her sudden appearance. Katsuki wakes up only to find his arm wrapped around (Name)’s shoulders; straight away, he moves his arm away while also scooting away a little. He turns his face away from (Name) so she wouldn’t be able to catch the blush on his cheeks. (Name) only looks at him confused, unsure of why he moved away so suddenly like that. She would’ve asked by Kyoka speaks up.

“So what’s the news?” She asks, placing the game controller down on the table. (Sister’s Name) jumps up and down, undoubtedly excited about the news she was about to share.

“I got us a gig! Not just one, but it’s an every Friday gig! I just got off the phone with the owner of the popular 19 and under club!” She starts screaming with joy. The rest of the group jumps up to to the same thing— well, except Shouto and Katsuki that stayed sitting— the rest pull each other into hugs while cheering for the end of their gig dry spell.

“That’s great! How did you get us the gig?” Momo was excited but also curious to know how a popular club learned about their band.

“Well, I called him and sent him a video I took of you guys performing at the art festival. He loved it! So he wants us to go perform this Friday night!” She was proud of herself, hell, (Name) was extremely proud of her sister. (Name) runs over to pull her sister into a hug, soon, the rest of the band joins in on the hug. This was another big moment, another chance for the band; this was a new chapter and a new stepping stone into becoming something bigger.

“If it’s this Friday then I need to go get started on my homework!” Momo gasps as she starts packing up her stuff. Kyoka laughs nervously while she starts packing up too. Kyoka knew she was gonna have to work on her homework now that her girlfriend mentioned it.

“We’ll see you guys later, ok?” Kyoka says, Momo holds onto her hand and starts pulling her towards the stairs. They wave bye to everyone before they’re gone.

“We start practice Monday!” (Sister’s Name) shouts after them. She turns around to face the remaining members. “Since they left off to work on homework, I want you guys to do the same thing. You’ll also need to find the right outfits for this. I’ll be texting you guys individual outfit ideas. Now go ahead and go work on your homework. I got a couple things I need to work on too.” With that, she walks off and out of the basement.

That just leaves (Name) with the remaining four boys. Denki groans, reaching for his homework folder and looking through it to see all the homework assignments he needed done; most of the assignments were for science, his worst subject. Staring at the assignments, an idea pops into his mind.

“You think your sister will tutor me if I ask nicely?” He suggestively wiggles his eyebrows. (Name) stares at him as if he’s gone a third head; her expression shifts to a repulse look.

“Dude… why are you desperately trying to go for my sister?”

"What? I was just asking to be tutored!" He whines, grabbing his backpack. (Name)’s face stays scrunched up.

“We all know what that means to perverts like you!” She shouts at him. (Name) loves her sister, but she also knows that she’s kinda pinning after one of those dudes she was talking to at the art festival. (Name) just wanted to save Denki from the future embarrassment.

“Yeah, we all know (Sister’s Name) is into me.” Fumikage puts his own two cents in before he grabs his stuff and proceeds to walk out. Seriously, what the fuck was going on? Why is everyone thirsting over her older sister? She’s a senior, that basically makes her a cougar.

"I need you guys to shut the fuck up before I punch you both." (Name) raises her fist, Fumikage was gone so he didn't see her threat, but Denki was still here, now cowering at the site of her fist. She’s punched him before when she caught him attempting to sneak into her sister's room, she wouldn't hesitate to punch him again. "How many times do I have to teach you this lesson, old man?"

Denki runs away, he wasn't about to risk another beating; but as a teenage boy, his lesson wasn't learned and he would continue his attempts at wooing the oldest (Last Name) sister. At the same time, Fumikage has entered the ring to become a potential contester against Denki; which meant (Name) had two boys she needed to protect her sister from.

"We should go upstairs to work on homework then." Shouto says, his voice breaking (Name) out of her murderous thoughts. Katsuki pulls her along, Shouto leading the way to her room.

For about two hours, the trio work on homework while helping each other out— let’s be honest, it was mostly Shouto and Katsuki helping (Name) out with her homework— Katsuki had given up trying to help her with math, no matter how many times he explained it, she just couldn’t understand; Shouto ends up taking over as math tutor, and with him, (Name)’s finally able to grasp the subject — which in turn, pisses Katsuki off. soon this time comes to an end when Shouto receives a message from his father.

“My dad wants me to go see him in his office.” Shouto sighs, he starts packing up his things, (Name) helps out a little. It was always sad seeing him have to bend over backwards his entire life to do what his father wanted him to do. Enji Todoroki was the male equivalent of a pageant mom. Shouto was forced to take martial arts, he was good because of the intense training his father put him through, good to the point where he always won first place in competitions. This was either a lecture about him flaking out on training or probably another talk on Shouto eventually taking up the Todoroki family business. Shouto finishes packing up, (Name) follows him to her bedroom door.

“Bye Sho, I love you.” (Name) whispers, wrapping her arms around the taller boy; Shouto smiles, enveloping her in a hug as well; He snuggles his face into her hair, taking this moment to breath in the nice smell of her shampoo. The hug lasts for a couple minutes, this is how all their hugs were; it’s been like this since they were kids. They’d always tell each other ‘I love you’ and hug for minutes until someone pulled them apart. It was seen as an adorable habit by their moms, something they’d gush about every time they witnessed it. Even now that they were older, they had no intention to stop, it was a normal thing to them. Neither of them realized how odd this was for the outsiders looking in.

Katsuki sat there, trying not to look at the strange form of affection between the best friends, but shit it was hard not to look. (Name) said her feelings for the youngest Todoroki were just platonic, but seeing the way the two of them acted together, it gave off a whole different impression. Who says I love you to their friends? Katsuki sure as hell never did. Katsuki couldn’t help but think those two were weird. He finally looks away from them when Shouto pulls away from the hug.

“Bye (Name), I love you too.” His smile is sweet and gentle, it’s a special smile he keeps reserved just for her. Shouto pats her hair one last time before he leaves. (Name) turns around to face Katsuki, only to find him giving one of her stuff animals a death glare.

“What’s wrong with you?” She asks, sitting down in front of him while also moving her helpless stuff animal out of his sight. A part of her feared his glare would somehow make her poor stuff animal blow up. Katsuki finally looks up at her, but it only lasts for a moment, then he goes back to glaring at something else in her room.

(Name) sighs, since Katsuki wasn’t going to speak up, she decides that the best thing to do is just keep working on her homework. Katsuki was a strange one, despite all the time she’s spent with him and all the same sessions they’ve held, they’ve gotten close to the point where even their parents have become friends; (Name)’s broken many of Katsuki’s shells, and he’s done the same thing to her, and yet sometimes the drummer remains a complete mystery to her.

Katsuki Bakugou was an enigma that she’s yet to fully discover.

The rest of the time goes by in silence, (Name) hums along to a song the two of them recently wrote and practiced. It seems like the humming gets him out of his little funk; he starts gumming alone with her. Soon, it turns into another jam session. The jam session was great until Denki and Fumikage appear at her door, watching (Name) and Katsuki jump around like fools. Turns out they went to (Sister’s Name) to be tutored, once that information comes out, (Name) proceeds to chase them out of her house.

Dinner comes by, Mrs. (Last Name) spends the time asking everyone about their day, school, and the band.

“Make sure you get them all home safe, got it punk?” Their mom points her fork at (Sister’s Name) who only rolls her eyes.

“Damn it mom, I was planning on ditching them on the highway but you always have to ruin my plans!” She screams, causing their mom to start screaming back. Mr. (Last Name) quickly gets up and leaves the room, his plate still half full; he makes his way to the living room to put on masterchef on full blast.

(Name) quickly gets up, dragging Katsuki behind her. This causes her mom and sister to stop screaming and instead focus on the two fleeting teens.

“You better keep that door open!” Her mom screams.

“No bumping uglies in this fucking house!” Her sister screams next.

They made her life a living hell. Why are they like this? Her family was a strange bunch, for a moment is embarrasses her. Good thing she never brought Touya over.

(Name) looks back at Katsuki, he’s got a smirk on his face and his chest shakes from the laughter he’s trying to keep contained.

Maybe Touya would’ve been scared off by them, but here’s Katsuki; he’s talking to her parents, helping her dad cook, telling her sister’s she’s doing a great job as manager, and laughing at all the ridiculous and embarrassing things they do. He hasn’t ran off screaming, and he’s never used their actions as ways to embarrass her either. She feels her heart race a little knowing that her family approves of him, she could tell by the way her dad always asked if Katsuki was coming over for dinner, the way her mom asked if he treated her right, and her sister always pushing the two of them off to write songs.

“Sorry about them.” (Name) says once they’re inside of her room. She closes the door while she watches Katsuki sit down on her bed. He stretches his arm out to turn on the her lamp. (Name) makes her way over to him, slightly pushes him so he could scoot over.

“Don’t apologize, they’re great people. I like them.” He says, he genuinely liked spending time with her and her family; there was never a dull moment with the (Last Name)’s.

(Name) gets up so she could walk over to the wall and lean against it, she watches Katsuki slowly pack his things up. It was late so he had to start heading home; like always, she walks him down the driveway. Tonight all the stars were out, shining bright, her eyes immediately see all of the constellations she spent memorizing as a kid.

Corona Borealis.

She stares at the Northern Crown; Katsuki looks at her, confused at what she was staring at. He steps closer to her, seeing a reflection of the stars in her eyes makes him catch his breath. He shakes his head before he could get fully lost in those eyes, it’s late and he needs to go home, he has some issues he needs to take care of now.

“Goodnight (Name). I’ll see you later.” He says, quickly brushing her hair away from her face. He backs up to get on his skateboard, and then he’s off; leaving her standing there under the sea of stars.


Morning comes, the first thing (Name) does it send a message to the band group chat, asking if anyone wanted to go to the mall and shop around for new outfits. With the club job coming up, (Name) takes a look at her wardrobe, only to realize she lacked any clubbing outfits. (Name) sighs in disappointment, knowing that she would have to invest in some new clothes.

[10:23 AM] Pikachu: Sorry I got a date!
Denki messages back first. Wow, good for him though.

[10:25 AM] Mama Momo: We’re still working on a couple papers, sorry!
Momo replies back for her and Kyoka.

[10:26 AM] Ice Ice Baby: My dad’s forcing me to tag along to a business meeting today.
Shouto replies. One of these days (Name) was going to snap on Mr. Todoroki for forcing Shouto to follow in his footsteps.

(Name) already knew her sister and Fumikage were a no because they had other plans; their parents needed help at the bakery and needed (Sister’s Name)’s help, Fumikage so happened to be standing there and offered to help as well.

[10:34 AM] Explodiy Boi: Meet me at the mall at 2 o’clock. Don’t be fucking late.

Katsuki replies. (Name) gasps, out of everyone in the group, she didn’t expect Katsuki would be the one to take up her offer. Sure, they hung out all the time but that was always at school or at someone’s house.

[10:36 AM] (Name): Okay! Thanks Katsuki!

(Name) replies, adding a wink and kiss emoji at the end.

[10:37 AM] Pikachu: Have fun your date!

Denki adds, later sending five winky faces

[10:39 AM] Explodiy Boi: Shut the fuck up before you get another punch.

It’s the last thing Katsuki sends. (Name) can’t help but die from laughter. Checking the time, she has about three hours before she has to go to the mall, so maybe now’s the time to get ready.

Should she dress nice for Katsuki or go casual? (Name) laughs a little, shaking her head while she starts searching through her closet. (Name) decides to go casual, with a black band t-shirt and black shorts then tying a red flannel shirt around her waist, then she puts on black thigh highs to go with her red converse. (Name) looks herself in the mirror, twirling around for a bit while giggling. She was excited to go on this “date” with Katsuki.

Checking the time again, she’s got to get going now if she wanted to make it in time. Grabbing her purse and keys, she makes her way out the door and down the street in the direction of the mall. The walk is short and sweet, she listened to music while appreciating the nature that surrounded her on her walk. Before she knows it, she’s already at the entrance to the mall. Opening the door, she makes her way inside.

Walking down the mirror hallway towards the food court, she stares at the mirrors placed on both sides. They create an endless effect, multiples of (Name) walk in sync. It’s cool and kinda trippy, this has always been her favorite place in the mall, it always had her thinking if copy of her in the mirror was her in another universe.

(Name) walks past a group of guys. One of the boys from the group looks away from his friend when he sees (Name), he looks her up and down before whistling at her. His friends are laughing except for one. (Name)’s eyes land on his, and for some reason, he looks familiar. He’s got wild purple hair and tired purple eyes. He doesn’t look interested in his group’s childish antics, so he walks away.

Some of the group members shoot a couple looks at him before shouting: “Bro, where are you going? Stop being a party pooper!” He simply ignores them as he keeps walking towards (Name).

“Ignore them, just keep walking.” Is all the purple haired boy says as he walks past her, not stopping to wait for her, not even sending her a glance back. (Name) takes a look at the group of boys, watching as they’re slowly starting to make steps towards her, she gulps before running after the stranger. She catches up to him but he doesn’t say anything, for once in her life silence was scaring her; she keeps looking back to see the group of boys still following them.

“Stop looking back at them, you’re just egging them on more.” He says, his hand reaches out to wrap around her wrist; he starts speeding up, pulling her behind him as he pulls them into a large swarm of customers, once they get to the middle of the cloud, he quickly pulls her down the hallway that lead to the bathrooms, pressing her up against the wall; his hand quickly flies up to cover her mouth to prevent her from screaming or talking. His eyes are trained on the crowd, a couple seconds pass and the group of boys run by, completely unaware that their targets were right there. With that, he releases (Name), walking over to the end of the hallway and looking down to make sure the boys were gone. Once he’s sure the coast is clear, he walks off.

(Name) stands there for a moment, confused. Once she realizes her savior— if he could be considered that?— walked off, she chases after him again. He’s walking back in the direction of the mirror hallway. (Name) catches up to him, sliding into step with him; once again, he doesn’t speak or even look at her. This time, (Name) decides to break the silence.

“U-um… My name is (Name).” She says, nervously looking up at him. No better way to break the ice than learning each other’s names. For once, his tired purple eyes meet hers, but it only lasts for a second before he goes back to looking forward again.

“Hitoshi.” He speaks up, his voice sounds ruff, almost like he’s just woken up from a nap.

“So… who were those guys and why were we running from them?” (Name) asks. Hitoshi sighs as he walks over to the wall, (Name) following his lead to avoid getting in the way of other people.

“Just some bad dude I hang with, not the type of crowd you would be caught chilling with.” He leans against the wall, taking this time to look down at her and observe her face. Now that he’s looking at her from up close, she’s pretty cute, an innocent type of cute. He releases another sigh as he runs his fingers through his wild hair. “Listen, you’re a good girl, you shouldn’t be hanging out with a guy like me.”

“I’m not a good girl.” (Name) pouts, his words resonate within her, reminding her of that night she tried smoking with Touya and his friends.

“Oh? You’re not?” His lips pull up to form a sly grin. (Name) blushes when she realizes how attractive this stranger is, at the same thing, he looks familiar but she still can’t place her finger on where she’s seen him before.

Hitoshi reaches out to grab (Name) by her waist, pulling her closer to him. He leans his head down, lips getting closer to hers.

“Tell me, bad girl. Just how naughty you are?” His warm breath hits her cool lips. (Name)’s blushing like crazy at how close he was. He was right, she’s a good girl if being this close to a guy turns her into a blushing, embarrassed mess.

“Get your hands off of her.” A voice growls from behind (Name). Hitoshi keeps on grinning as he releases her from his hold.

“Oops, guess your boyfriend is here to save ya. I’ll catch ya later, princess.” Hitoshi backs up, his eyes locked onto (Name)’s before he turns around, walking towards the crowd of mall shoppers.

Katsuki’s standing immediately in front of (Name), checking her up and down to make sure she was okay. When he sees nothing wrong, he lets out a sigh of relief.

“Don’t talk to that kid. He’s bad news.” Katsuki commands, already pushing (Name) in a different direction. (Name) takes a look back, finding Hitoshi leaning against the wall again. Their eyes meet once more; Hitoshi winks at her before he starts walking off again, this time disappearing in the crowd.

“How do you know?” (Name) questions Katsuki. She wanted to know what made Hitoshi a bad boy.

“He’s just a known delinquent. He does shady stuff inside and outside of school.” Katsuki sends her a small glare; this look causes (Name) to close her mouth, deciding it was better to stay quiet about the subject, she didn’t want to ruin a fun day with Katsuki over some random boy she just met.


(Name) drags Katsuki around the mall, taking him to a couple shops before finally finding one that had cute clothes. (Name) grabs a couple dresses while Katsuki searches through the men’s section. Once (Name)’s picked out what she wanted, she heads over to help Katsuki since he looked like he was struggling.

“Why not this one?” (Name) holds up a sparkly vest; the moment his eyes land on it, his face scrunches up with disgust. How dare she even suggest that fucking ugly vest?

“Fucking put that back before I drop kick you.” He goes back to searching; (Name) laughs while putting the vest back. Katsuki was picky with his clothes, so in the end, he only picks two outfits and he’s done.

“We should try these on before we buy anything. (Name) says as she grabs his hand, leading him to the fitting rooms. The women’s was on the left side while the men’s was on the right, a small lounge area sat between the two fitting rooms. “How about we try on the outfits and show them to each other and rate them with a yay or nay.”

“Alright, I guess. You go first.” Katsuki sits down on one of the chairs, pulling his phone out to text Eijirou while he waited for (Name) to come out.

(Name) walks out, showing each outfit off to Katsuki; unfortunately, every outfit looked terrible. Katsuki’s eyes would land on the outfit, and each time he would give a thumbs done and blowing a raspberry.

“Nay, throw this one in the trash too.” (Name) rolls her eyes, but he was right. The dresses looked cute on the hangers but now that she was actually wearing them, it was like they were completely different dresses. It’s quite sad, she was hoping they would be cute so she could buy them and stash them away in her closet, to never be worn ever. Soon, it came down to the last dress (Name) picked out; it was black and stopped at mid thigh, it was a v-neck with short sleeves. Looking herself in the mirror, she liked the way it hugged her body in all the right place, she was feeling confident about this one. She smiles, cheerfully bouncing out of the fitting room to saw Katsuki.

“How do I look?” She twirls around. Katsuki’s eyes trail up and down, he can’t help but also appreciate the way the dress fits her body so perfectly.

Fuck wait, what was he even thinking. Okay no, just because he appreciates the way the dress looks on her doesn’t mean he likes her more than just a friend. There’s nothing wrong with thinking a friend looks good, right?

“You look nice… I guess.” He mutters, turning his head away, but still lowkey looking at her from his peripherals. (Name) smiles brightly at Katsuki’s compliment. She goes back to change in her normal clothes before coming back to watch Katsuki try out his two outfits.

Katsuki comes out of the fitting room, growling. The outfit he’s wearing is WACk and he knows it. It looks like something that came out of the 70’s. How did he not notice the flare out bottoms? Yuck.

“Ew! Nay times a million!” (Name) shouts, covering her eyes from seeing the gross outfit anymore. God her eyes burned just from looking. Katsuki stomps back into the fitting room to change into the next outfit. (Name) can hear him stomping around inside the small room, he’s cursing like a sailor. Finally, he comes out again and holy shit, he’s looking fine as hell.

“Yay! It looks great~!” A little drool forms at the corner of her mouth as she looks him up and down. He’s wearing black skinny jeans, black combat boots, he’s wearing a white v-neck shirt, above that is a light suit jacket.

“Gross, wipe your mouth.” He says. He couldn’t lie to himself, he was happy he got that reaction out of her, so happy that he was lowkey flexing just to further impress her.

(Name) wipes the drool away, looking away slightly embarrassed to be caught doing something like that. Katsuki rolls his eyes, making his way over to (Name); stopping in front of her, he grips her chin, forcing her to look at him.

“Ready to go buy this shit?” A devilish smirk forms on his face when he sees her eyes still ogling him. “Buttercup, my eyes are up here.”

Katsuki pats her cheek before he heads back to change. (Name) sits there in horror, that’s two times she’s been caught today goddamn. (Name) stands up to gather the other outfits, then goes over to the women’s section to return them to their original spots.  The ugly dresses were back in their places, (Name) held onto the one that gained the Katsuki™ approval stamp. Katsuki appears in front of her, back in his grunge style outfit, while not as nicely cleaned up with this one, he was still looking mad fine.

Fucking damnit (Name), don’t start staring again.

“Come on, let’s go pay.” Katsuki says, holding onto his approved outfit. The two walk over to the registers, the line was surprisingly short, it didn’t take long for the cashier to call out for the next person in line. (Name) was about to stay in line, but Katsuki places his hand on her back, pushing her forward. Confused, she follows along, placing her stuff down on the counter, Katsuki doing the same thing.

“I’ll pay for it.” He says when he noticed the confused look on her face. A part of her didn’t want him to pay, only because she felt bad about him wasting his money on her; but another part of her felt happy? Her heart races a little. Okay, if she were to, hypothetically speaking, date Katsuki, is how it would be like and feel like? Huh… if this does happen— once again, hypothetically speaking— she’d have to find her own way to pay him back.

With the clothes paid for, the pair leave the store and head back to the mirror hallway so they could leave. (Name)’s eyes stay focused on Katsuki, staring at him with admiration. Spending time with Katsuki was a blast and for some strange reason, she couldn’t stop thinking about how great of a boyfriend Katsuki would make. He was an amazing person; his ex really threw away a one-of-kind guy, his kind was going extinct, despite his exterior bad boy look, deep inside he was a sweetheart.

(Name) looks away from him for a second, only for her eyes to land on Touya. She freezes, causing Katsuki to stop walking as well.

Touya was sitting over there, next to a girl with long blonde hair. It’s the same girl who sat next to him during their performance. He’s not looking in (Name)’s direction, he looked more interested in whatever was on his phone screen rather than the girl sitting next to him. She’s making a bunch of random hand motions, talking about something. Staring at them causing words to come flying out of (Name)’s mouth without thinking.

“Can you do me a favor? You can ask me a bunch of questions later.”

"Depends on the favor." He replies back.

"Pretend to be my date until we leave."

“We’re already pretend dating, dumbass.” Katsuki rolls his eyes, he wraps an arm around her shoulder and keeps (Name) pressed against his side. She was hoping they would pass Touya without him noticing. They were doing good, that is, until Touya’s girlfriend looks up and see’s Katsuki, her jaw drops a little.

“Katsuki is that you?” The girl says with a shit eating grin, quickly getting up from her seat and pulling Touya up with her, dragging the uninterested boy over to the other two teens. Touya looks up from his phone, ready to yell at his girlfriend until his eyes land on (Name). He freezes, eyes glued onto her.

(Name) keeps her eyes focused on Touya’s girlfriend, her heart dropping as she compares herself to this pretty, preppy girl standing in front of her. While Touya’s girlfriend wore makeup that made her look older and more mature for her age and revealing clothes; (Name) was over here wearing a band shirt and no make up on her face. This girl was over here looking like a goddess while (Name) felt that she looked like a 12 year old boy.

“Envy.” Katsuki only says her name, eyes darting between her shit-eating grin and Touya, who’s stare was burning into (Name’s skull. Katsuki instinctively pulls (Name) closer. “So this is the shitty guy you went for?” He begin to laugh much to everyone’s surprise. It takes a while before he stops laughing.

"Thanks for leaving me for him, because of you I ended up with this beautiful girl right here." He points at (Name), who awkwardly waves at the girl standing in front of her. (Name) was trying so hard to not look at Touya, his stare was intense, she finds herself fidgeting.

“Is this a shitty joke or something?” She says, her face twists into a mixed look of anger and disgust as she looks (Name) up and down.

"No, I’m being fucking serious. You showed me exactly who you are; you're just a selfish asshole who never deserved me. This girl, she's worth all of me, my time, my attention, everything. Well, have fun you two, you're both cute together, it's nice to see that trash ended up together to form the perfect trash couple. C'mon (Name), let's go home." Katsuki says, his arm stays around (Name)’s shoulder as he turns her around in the direction of the mall exit.

Neither of them look back to see the shocked expressions on both Touya and Envy’s faces. They do hear Envy’s shrieking after the shock passes by, she’s yelling at Touya for his lack of intervention. At that point, the two of them were too far away to hear if Touya responded back. (Name) decided to look back one last time, she thought her eyes would meet turquoise eyes like she has been for the past few weeks, but no, instead her eyes meet those mysterious purple eyes. Hitoshi grins at her, sending her one last way before she’s out the door. He was another mystery, yet she found that intriguing, something about him made her want to know more.

“Man, she’s still a fucking bitch.” Katsuki whispers and shakes his head. (Name) looks up at him confused, he looks down at her. “I’ll explain when we get back to your house.”

The walk back to her house is silent. Sometime during the walk, the two of them started holding hands; she can’t help but smile at how warm his hand is. It calms her down a little. Katsuki coughs a little, capturing (Name)’s attention. He keeps staring ahead at the setting sun, she can feel his hands get a little sweaty.

“Now that we’re far from there, I’ll tell you about her.” (Name)’s eyes widen, she was finally going to know more about this girl named Envy that not only broke Katsuki’s heart, but also stole Touya away. “I’ve known her since the 4th grade. She was new to town, living right down the street from me. She was a nice girl at first, until we entered the 6th grade.” Katsuki lets go of (Name)’s hand for second, only to wipe his palm on his pants; instead of going back to hand holding, he decided to wrap an arm around her shoulder, this story was only going to make him sweat more.

“She was mean and bossy, but it didn’t matter to me ‘cause I was a real asshole too. She wanted the world and I was so willing to give it to her. Around that time everyone was going through massive phases of hormones, she and I were victims to puberty. We would experiment in her house, she was a weird one, she enjoyed the thrill of nearly getting caught. I never personally cared, I loved her and would do anything for her. Except one thing...”

“Sex?” (Name) questions, after all, it might’ve been the same reason why Touya ditched her for Envy. Katsuki nods his head.

“I was having fun fooling around with her, but couldn’t get myself to go further. I don’t know why, but I just couldn’t do it. 8th grade hit and she started talking about this other boy she befriended.”

“I saw a picture of him once, he looked like a total douche, and I was right. Look at his shitty nickname, and look at the way he so carelessly dumped you for a girl who can’t satisfy her material lust. I wasted so much money on her, she’s a literal walking scam. Thank god she’s off my hands.” His gloomy expression turns into a happy one; he looks down at (Name), his red eyes are full of emotions but the one that stood out the most was happiness.

(Name) smiles at him, but a part of her can’t help but envy Katsuki for being able to let go of the girl who crushed his heart. He was strong. (Name) on the other hand continued to stay silent, always thinking back to Touya and all the things they used to do, now her heart hurt at the thought that Touya was doing all those things with Envy.

“Hey,” Katsuki speaks up, making her look at him again. "If it means anything to you, I think you're prettier than her, and overall you're a better person than her. Like I said, she's a bitch, all she cares about is herself. You're the complete opposite.” He takes a deep breathe, in a way, he’s about to confess his feelings and thoughts on (Name).

“You are worth so much more than some wannabe rocker dude. God damnit (Name), you’re a true Aphrodite, a siren, or whatever.” He’s blushing and messing up his words. “What I’m trying to say is: don’t settle for less. You are a real goddess, why are you falling in love with shitty guys?”

His words make her think a lot; they also make her feel good too. Here she was, comparing herself to another girl, she’s got her own perks too; she also couldn’t help but laugh when Katsuki called her. siren. Instinctively, she wraps her arms around his torso, the rest of the walk consists of the two of them laughing and talking shit about their exes.

Once they’re inside her room, (Name) decides to get into pajamas, which were just shorts and a tank top; she pulls her shirt off about halfway when she remembers that someone else was in here, Katsuki was in here. She turns around to face Katsuki, he’s staring at her with wide eyes and a blush spread across his cheeks.

“Um… can you turn around so I can change?” She’s blushing as well for forgetting something like this. He does as he’s told, he turns around to face the wall. (Name) goes back to taking off her clothes, occasionally looking over at Katsuki to make sure he’s not peeking. Once she’s done, she tells him, the two go to lay down in her bed.

It’s silent, the two of them look outside the window to watch the sunset; it’s beautiful, amazing, and sad. For some strange reason, (Name) always felt a twinge of sadness when she saw the sunset, especially on good days, knowing that the good times could potentially be over and tomorrow could either be another good day or it could be the beginning of hell, she’s seen plenty of enough hell lately, she just wanted to keep seeing the good days.

Maybe now was the time to tell him her story, after all, both of them just went to hell and faced their own personal devils. He told her his story, so it was only fair that she tells him hers.

“I’m ready to tell you the full story.” She breathes. She opens her mouth to speak, but as soon as she does, the door to her room opens, causing the light from the hallway to shine in onto their faces. (Sister’s Name) pops her head in, ready to say something until she sees (Name) and Katsuki laying in bed together.

“Oh — Sorry, I didn’t meant to interrupt… Imma just… Imma just go now.” She closes the door, but opens it up a second later. “No doing the dirty, this is a holy house.” She scolds the two teens before she closes the door again. (Name) rolls her eyes before resting her head against the pillow again.

“Back to what I was saying, I—“ She interrupted again when her door opens for the third time.

“Just kidding about this being a holy house, the only place we’re going is hell, so have these.” (Sister’s Name) says as she throws something in (Name)’s direction. (Name) catches the item, squinting her eyes to see that she’s just been gifted some condoms.

“Bitch what the fuck!” (Name) screams.

“Wrap it before you tap it!” (Sister’s Name) shouts back, this time closing the door for the last time. Her footsteps are heard running down the hallway, and her door slams shut. Now (Name) was sure no one would be interrupting them again. Katsuki chuckles, grabbing the rubbers from (Name)’s hands; she shakes her head, snatching them back and throwing them in the drawer of her nightstand.

(Name) breathes in one more time, prepping herself to reveal everything to Katsuki. A story that only two other people knew, now Katsuki would know too.

“My story starts when I was in Kindergarten, well not really, but that’s when I met Shouto and his family. I was in Kindergarten and Touya was in 2nd grade. Touya would occasionally play with us but otherwise he was always off with his own friends.”  Her eyes stray up to the ceiling, looking at every single start her father helped her put up. As a kid, she was obsessed with stars and constellations, so with his help, he put up every star up in a way that it created a constellation.

The Corona Borealis constellation stood out to her, its story playing in the back of her mind.

“I didn't care about him at first, he was just my best friend's older brother who was always getting in trouble. I always remember his mom crying over his actions, while his father would scream at him. He was the black sheep of the family, I didn't notice him as something more until 6th grade." (Name) stops talking to look over at Katsuki to make sure he was paying attention; he was beyond focused, he was captivated and intrigued by her story. He nods at her to continue.

"I did some embarrassing shit to impress him, when that didn't work I tried to ignore him; maybe it was because of that that he finally gave me the time of day. We bonded over music, jamming and dancing all day, almost everyday. Eventually around the end of 7th grade we went from just friends to making out. I was on cloud nine constantly, his kisses felt like a drug to me, I was clearly addicted because I kept going for more.” She pauses for a moment to breathe, collecting herself before she could continue with the story.

“8th grade hit and we took it a step further, into more... mature and sexual things. I’ve told you before, it stuck to oral. I wasn’t ready for sex yet, nor did I feel ready to give him head. It was scary when he got close to down there, but after awhile it felt good, he made me feel good, just all over, inside and out. I guess, maybe it’s because I didn’t want to go further than that that he decided I wasn’t worth his time anymore, he threw me aside and found himself a girlfriend.” Her story ends, and she takes another deep breathe. She never thought it would hurt her this much to tell this story, but goddamn it felt like her heart was breaking all over again. Katsuki stays silent, thinking about everything she told him, then he speaks up.

"Did you guys ever spend time... here?" He motions to her room and bed. Katsuki thinks about Touya being in her room, having jam sessions here with her, doing stuff with her in this bed; it made Katsuki uncomfortable to say the least. (Name) shakes her head no, this brings him some relief.

"We only hung out in his room, we never went out together. Maybe he was too embarrassed to be seen with me, since he was a sophomore and I was in 8th grade. Everything we did happened in his room." Now her stomach starts hurting at the thought of Touya replacing her for that girl. Now her once favorite place was tainted by someone else. She stays quiet, thinking about what else to say, eventually she speaks up again.

"He just sorta disappeared, he wouldn't return my texts or calls. He was never at home. When I finally caught him at home is when he told me that he had a girlfriend. The son of bitch ghosted me and then had the audacity to say we could still be friends after all that."  Her hands form into fists, her nails digging into her palm. The pain was a much needed distraction from the pain she was feeling inside her soul. "So that's about it. Despite it all, here I am, still pinned for a guy who clearly doesn't feel the same." You let out an airy laugh. Your eyes once again landing on that constellation.

“Do you know the story behind Corona Borealis?” (Name) asks Katsuki.

“No, what the fuck is that?” His eyes follow her finger as she lifts it up to point at a certain section of her wall, forming an outline. He’s confused at first, but the more he watches her finger draw something out, he realizes the stars on her ceiling weren’t just randomly placed stars, they were constellations.

“The Northern Crown constellation, it’s a sad one; but in a way, and not to sound narcissistic or whatever, but I see my life as this story.” She closes her eyes before recounting the story she spent so many times during reading to Shouto when they were younger, hoping she would never end up like Ariadne; she instead hoped to end up like Orpheus and Eurydice, despite the tragic ending. She liked the thought of a boy coming to rescue her with music. So willing to risk his life by traveling to the underworld to bring her soul back with him because he simply couldn’t live life without her; unfortunately, she’s ended up as Ariadne and Theseus.

The princess cried, the man she loved and married had abandoned her. After all she did for him, she betrayed her homeland by showing him the way to kill the Minotaur, she ran away with him to marry him. Now she was here on this island, alone. He used her and threw her away now that her job was over. As she weeped into her hands, the God of wine stood off to the side, slowly approaching her

”Dear maiden, what causes you much sadness?” Dionysus bends down to wipe her tears away. He’s taken aback by her beauty; despite her tear swollen red eyes, she was magnificent. A true sight for sore eyes.

”My love, Theseus, has abandoned me, threw me away like trash onto this island.” Her hand dips onto the sand, pull it up with her hands only to watch it slip between her fingers and back onto the ground. To her, this was symbolic of her current life, everything within reach yet still slipping away from her.

”I know we have just met but, I find you captivating. Absolutely intoxicating. I cannot seem to control the way my heart feels around you, the way you move, talk, and just exist. Allow me to help you forget the baboon who threw such a gorgeous gem away. Become my wife.” He held his hands out for her to take. She stared at him with hesitation, she looked deep into his eyes to find any mischief, she found none. Slowly she slips her hand into his; his large hands covering her smaller one, he gently lifts her up.

They married under the watch of the night sky, the stars shining down upon them. “Watch this.” He says, his hands grab the crown he gifted her, he whispers something. Soon, her crown is glowing, her eyes open wide in amazement as her crown hovers above his hands, slowly moving upwards into the sky, once it reached the dark canvas, it turns into a constellation.

”As a symbol of my love for you, for as long as those stars shine, my heart will always belong to you, Ariadne.” He leans down to capture her lips with his. Her once tragic life turned into a happy ending.”

(Name) feels tears bubbling up at the corners of her eyes. She felt like Ariadne, so willing to give up everything to be with the man she loved, doing everything she could do for him; but once her job was over and her usefulness was gone, she was nothing but trash to be casted aside and abandoned. Maybe one day, hopefully soon, her Dionysus would come for her, to finally give her the happy ending she wished for as a child.

“You’ll find him one day, who knows, you might have already met him.” Katsuki says, almost as if reading her thoughts; obviously he didn’t, but he could see the tears forming at the side of her eyes and that was enough to tell him what she was thinking of. (Name) lets out an airy laugh before thanking him.

It goes silent for minutes, like it usually does. The silence doesn’t bother them, instead they both find refuge in it after being surrounded by loud people all day; it was nice to have these quiet moments together. Her window was open, the moonlight shines through, cicadas are screaming in the trees. It was almost October yet it was hot like a mid July night.

“Hey Katsuki.” She whispers his name; Katsuki looks over at her, the glowing stars on the ceiling combined with the moonlight illuminated her. He sucks in his breath, is heart beats faster when she turns to face him. He sees the stars in her eyes, they pull him in, they tell him stories that he has yet to hear of; the more he looks into those eyes, the more he gets lost.


“I love you.” (Name) smiles and closes her eyes again. His eyes widened at those words. He always thought (Name) and Shouto were weird, but she said those words so easily to everyone close to her: Shouto, her family, their bandmates, and now him. He knew the meaning behind the words were romantically charged, but he still felt the love and care she had for him.

Hearing those words filled him with joy.

“I guess I love you too, you weird girl.” He whispers back, watching her eyes close and her lips part slightly as her lungs take in shallow breathes. He reaches up to caress her face; her parted lips turn into a small smile at his gentle touch, she snuggled against his palm. He can’t help but smile too as he slowly scoots his body closer to her.

“I love you too, (Name).” His words were a mixture of his confused feelings for her. Platonic as well as hints of romance. (Name) made him feel all these different emotions inside of him. He slightly understood what he was feeling, he felt something similar with his ex, but some reason (Name) makes these feelings even more intense, something Envy was never able to do. (Name)’s smile, her flowery smell, the way her eyes fill up with stars when she sings; all factors that caused a tight feeling in his chest.

(Name) (Last Name) was an enigma to him. People avoided him because of his brash and rude demeanor, but she still walked up to him months ago and started up a conversation with him anyway. The similarities they shared with their experiences, the way she talked about fate, aliens, and true love; it made him believe that this was all his fate, somehow. It felt like their paths were meant to cross, and he was meant to feel this way towards the one girl he can call his best friend.

He loved (Name), he’s in love with her; Sadly, he was in a phase of denial. He knows (Name) doesn’t feel anything past platonic, she’s still pinning after Touya after all; this was one reason why he also refused to acknowledge his feelings beyond friendly, mostly because he didn’t want to get hurt again. Katsuki was just her partner in crime, she loved him just as much as she loved Shouto, meaning he stood no chance in winning her heart from the boy who currently held it; despite all this, a part of him hoped that someday (Name) would see that he was her Dionysus all along.

Chapter Text

“Everyone, get in the fucking car, we’re going.” (Sister’s name) shoves everyone into the van. It’s been two weeks since the band started working at Club Nova, which has been the coolest experience they’ve had so far. It might not be the most lucrative paying job, but hey, it was a start. Everyone’s gotta start somewhere, you don’t suddenly become a huge thing after one performance.

Club Nova was the hottest place to be; the way this popular 19 and under club worked was different than most places. For starters, anyone could walk into the club, but you could only enter certain rooms if you were in that room’s grade range. There were two rooms meant for dancing and partying: The Shallow was the room for those in 6th to 8th grade, The Deep was the room for 9th to 12th grade. Middle schoolers were not allowed in the Deep, and High schoolers were not allowed in the Shallow.

Besides these two exclusive rooms, there was the Chill Zone, which is where the club held poetry slams, improv shows, and stand up comedy shows — all performed by middle schoolers and high schoolers. There was the Jam Zone, this is where bands and solo artists performed — once again, all middle school and high school performers. Besides these rooms, there was a food court, as well as an arcade, all of these rooms were free to roam.

The wide range of entertainment catered towards tweens and teens quickly made it the most popular place to hang out in; but, like most places, there’s a price to pay to keep a place this awesome open. In order to get into the club, the requirement was to either purchase a single use ticket or a monthly pass. (Name) and Shouto had gone to this club a couple times when they were in middle school, just to check out the hype. They thought it was cool, but neither of them were willing to shell out $15 each month for a monthly pass, and it’s not like they were going to go there enough to make the monthly pass worth it — at least that’s what they said to themselves as they paid $5 for a daily ticket.

That was all in the past, and now that their band was working here, they were given free passes as well as discounts on food and drinks, this meant that (Name) could come here as often as she wanted to dance her stress away.


“Each band performs for an hour. Before you guys are scheduled to come on, feel free to play in the arcade, hang out backstage, or hang out in the Deep. We have some pretty cool DJ’s working in that room. After you guys finish your show, you can stay and hang out or go home. It’s all up to you. This is the end of the tour, welcome to Nova family! We’re honored to have you guys here!” The stage manager smiles, she was an absolute sweetheart. The group stands in the backstage lounge, looking at the snacks and food on the tables. “You guys are on in two hours, so relax here or go out and explore!” With that, she walks away, leaving the group to look around in awe.

(Name) trembles with excitement at how cool this was; this was always her favorite room each time she and Shouto came here, and now she’s finally going to be on the shows performing, Ah! Childhood dream come true! (Name) eyes the doors exiting out towards the hallway, she was curious to know how the Deep looked since she’s only ever been in the Shallow. As a middle schooler, the Deep had always been this forbidden room, full of wild teenage angst and raging hormones, a room where rumors leaked of people making out and mad partying. For some strange reason, (Name)’s always had this strange hope that she’d meet her soulmate in that room. Wild, and completely random, but that’s something her young mind always held.

“I’m gonna go check out the Deep, you guys wanna join?” She’s made up her mind, she was going to check it out. She looks at her friends, waiting for responses to her invite for exploration. Denki nods his head, he’s about to stand up and join her until (Sister’s Name) speaks up.

“I’m gonna stay. I’ve been in that room way too many times to count, now it’s just boring to me. You guys can go ahead and have fun, just remember to be back at least 15 minutes before we go on stage.” (Sister’s Name) smiles at (Name) before going back to texting; Denki eases back into his seat, he desperately wanted to check the room out too, but he always wanted to look cooler and mature around (Sister’s Name), this was a sacrifice for him.

Katsuki hums, sitting back in his seat and propping his feet on the coffee table.

“Not a fan of being surrounded by sweaty, smelly teens.” Is his response, which is a no. Everyone else basically agrees with him, which left (Name) on her own. Not that she minded, she was still going to go, something within her urging that she go to that room.

(Name) walks out of the Jam Zone and down the hallway. She could hear the music playing all the way down to where she was. Two different songs blast from the two rooms, as well as the shouts and screams from all the people within those rooms. As she gets closer, she watches as people run in and out of the rooms, each time someone walked up to one of the doors, they showed their passes to the bouncers standing there. (Name) takes a look at the badge that hung from a lanyard around her neck; her badge is red, which was the color for high school employees; normal high school badges and tickets were white. From the glances she took at those she assumed were middle schoolers, their badges were blue. (Name) walks past the food court, it was buzzing with kids of all ages, everyone sitting down in their own little groups. The arcade was also just as busy, most of them seemed to be crowding around the DDR station to watch two boys compete against each other.

This place was really cool, and it was even better now that she could get in for free whenever she wanted; looks like she’ll be coming here more often. (Name) takes one last glance at the food court sitting area, her eyes landing on a group of her classmates. Some of them notice her, they smile and wave at her, and she repeats their actions. Finally she makes it up to the doors, the ones that held her back when she was a middle schooler. Now she was older, mature,  stepping away from the Shallow, she was about to dive Deep. The security guard eyes her badge for a second before opening the door.

“Did you start working here today?” He asks. (Name) smiles and nods. “Good luck, kiddo, you’ll like it here.” He gives her a reassuring smile. (Name) thanks him and enters the room, leaving another part of childhood behind, she’s entering another realm. The lights outside this room were bright, but as she steps into this room and the door closes behind her, it’s dark. Black lights being used, the entire room is dark yet it shines because of these lights. The room flashes with whites, yellows, blues, and purples, strobe lights place at the front of the stage where the DJ was performing. The room is hot and sweaty due to the amount of bodies dancing. Everyone stood by the stage, cramped together despite all the available space they had. Around the sides of the room, there were tables and booths for people sit around and relax, cool down before they die of heat stroke. By the back corner of the room, there was a drink station — or a “bar” where people could get drinks to help with the cooling down process. It was snazzy.

(Name) slowly moves towards the mass of dancing bodies. The people here were going wild. There were girls grinding up against boys; some boys hung around the edges, scouting for a girl to dance with. Some people used the darkness of the room to do some other sketchy stuff.

(Name) moves around the edges of the crowd, not wanting to get in the middle just yet. she didn’t want to show up at her show all sweaty and smelling like B.O and completely out of energy. She was going to control her dancing urges, saving that for another night when she didn’t have to work. The bass of the song slightly shakes the room, (Name) decides to move away a little from the crowd, but a boy accidentally bumps into her. He smiles apologetically before leaning in to speak into her ear since there was no other way to talk when you stood this close to the stage.

“Do you wanna dance?” He asks, (Name) smiles but shakes her head.

“Sorry! I’m just checking the place out! Can’t dance before my show!” She shouts over the music. The stranger just nods his head, completely understanding her situation.

“It’s okay, maybe next time!” He smiles before moving away, going back to dancing with his friends. (Name) smiles a little at the interaction, happy that the guy was understanding instead of being a rude asshole. She takes a look around the room for a bit before looking at the stage, she freezes when she realizes who the DJ is.

It’s Hitoshi; he stood behind the turntable, he’s got one hand on the turntable, moving some buttons while his other hand is quickly working on his laptop that sat in front of him to play some pre-made tracks he had ready before his gig. He's wearing a hat, his purple hair is tied up in a small ponytail. He's got his sweater sleeves rolled up, and a white bandana tied around his neck, on his face he has a black face mask that he's long pulled down due to the heat in the room.

Suddenly, he looks up, his eyes locking onto hers. (Name) stays still for a while, still shock that he works here. He lets out a small smirk The strobe lights a shinning on her form, allowing him enough light to witness her reaction. It almost made him laugh— almost, but he kept cool since he was in the middle of a show. He finishes his song, he turns to look at the entrance to the stage, he motions to someone. Soon, another DJ comes running on, taking Hitoshi’s place, allowing him to get off the stage. The new DJ quickly settles in, starting his own songs that keep the party rolling.

(Name) eyes watch as Hitoshi goes backstage, her mind reminds her that Katsuki warned her to not hang around him. She should leave, yeah, maybe that would be a good idea. She could leave right now before he came back. She should leave…

God damnit. why aren’t her feet moving? Fuck, she doesn’t want to leave, but her mind and Katsuki’s words make her feel like she should. Just when she finds the strength to move a leg, Hitoshi pops up. He leaves out the side staircase, making his way over to (Name), but he’s stopped midway by a group of boys who approach him; taking a glance in (Name)’s direction, he turns his body away from her, so she can’t see what he pulls out from his pocket. One of the boys in the group hand something else over to Hitoshi, and immediately they walk away from each other. Hitoshi resumes his journey over to (Name), a small smirk on his tired face.

“Hey there princess, I was getting scared that I wouldn’t get to see you again.” He steps in closer to her, chuckling while he brushes some stray strands of (Hair Color) hair away from her face. “So what are you doing here? Are you stalking me?”

(Name) gets flustered from the little distance that stood between them, as well as from the feeling of his knuckles brushes against her cheek. Her hand reaches up to push his hand away from her face. “Um, no. My band works here now.”

He hums, looking deep into her eyes, checking to see if she was being honest with him. Finding no trace of dishonesty, he smiles at her.

“Come on, let me buy you a drink.” He says, grabbing onto her hand and pulling her over to the bar. (Name) likes the way the bar looks, they’ve decorated it to look just like one, it was nice. Of course they didn’t serve alcohol here, it was mostly water, soda, and juice. Hitoshi orders two kiddie cocktails; (Name) stands behind him, taking this time to stare at him. She couldn’t help but think he was cool; the way he composed himself, and the confidence that surrounded him, she liked that. Katsuki’s words echo in the back of her head: “He’s a bad boy.”

Hitoshi has the energy of a bad boy, she could tell that he was up to no good but that only attracted her to him even more. Hitoshi turns around waiting for the drinks to be ready; he leans against the counter, his purple eyes connecting with hers. His hand moves up to touch her cheek again.

“Has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are?” His fingers dance along her jawline, his touch causes a shiver to run up her spine. He shakes his head, smirking. “That was a redundant question, your boyfriend probably tells you you’re beautiful everyday.”

(Name) blushes, she tries to look away but his fingers prevent her form doing so. He leans in close to her ear. “Or does he not? If he’s not doing his job right, I’m more than willing to step in.” He backs away to watch the blush on her face spread. He liked how cute she looked when she was embarrassed.

(Name) didn’t know what to say. For starters, Katsuki wasn’t really her boyfriend; a part of her wanted to tell him that but the other half told her to be cautious around this boy before she started giving him private information like that. Second, even though Katsuki wasn’t her boyfriend, he did call her beautiful; maybe not on the daily, but he would slip it in every once in a while during sentimental moments.

Maybe she should just tell him she’s single? But what if he’s crazy? If he’s crazy and knows that she’s doesn’t have a boyfriend, that could make matters worse. Fuck, it sucked being a girl in a world where men were fucking crazy if you were single. Well, guess (Name) just needs to play it safe and keep playing along with this fake relationship.

“Yeah, he tells me all the time when we’re writing songs.” (Name) replies; Hitoshi stares at her for a while before he hums. The bartender whistles at him, pushing the finished drinks towards Hitoshi.

“Thanks man, catch up with me after work. I got the stuff you asked for.” Hitoshi says in a low voice, his intention was so that only the bartender could hear him, but since (Name) stood close by, she ended up hearing it too.

“Alright, thanks bro!” The bartender smiles and goes back to working and talking to the customers sitting at the other end of the counter. (Name) keeps staring at Hitoshi, he’s really weird and a little shady. Her mind goes back to him exchanging something with those guys from earlier and now this…


Is this boy a fucking drug dealer?

Holy shit! He has to be a drug dealer. (Name)’s eyes widen at the sudden realization she had. Hitoshi groans a little, her eyes snapping back onto his. He had been looking at her face this entire time, he has a feeling she’s figured out his… part time job.

“Come on, let’s go sit down. Unless you’re scared now?” He moves away from the counter, looking back at (Name) to see if she was going to follow him. (Name) looks down at her drink for a moment. Now she knows he’s more than just a bad boy in looks, he’s an actual bad boy, a delinquent, a hoodlum. Was she scared of him? She wanted to say yes, but when she looks up at him, she felt something different from fear: she felt curious. She wanted to keep venturing farther down this dark rabbit hole and see into Hitoshi’s world.

“No I’m not scared.” (Name) says with confidence. Grabbing onto his arm, she allows him to lead her further away from the lights and into the darkness.

He picks a table in the corner, far from all the noise and screams of people dancing, probably high off the drugs he was selling them during his breaks. (Name) takes a moment to look away from the scene he probably created, to look at the devil himself. He’s resting his chin on his hands, he’s staring at her with those narrow and tired eyes, a small grin plastered on his face.

(Name) gulps, her foot tabs against the floor, anxious as she stares into those dark purple eyes. Despite knowing what he does and what he sells to the people here and who knows where else, she still found him attractive. Maybe it’s because he’s so different; unlike Touya, Hitoshi gives zero fucks about anything, he’s a free spirit roaming the Earth, disobeying the laws of the land. He doesn’t listen to the man, he follows his own path in life.

“So you’re a DJ here?” (Name) questions, swirling her half empty cup around, watching the cherries move around in a circle. She wanted to break the silence between the two of them; at the same time she didn’t want to bring up his other career— well, not yet, at least— there was a chance that she could be wrong about that, and perhaps her blurting out her assumption will cause him to look at her differently. (Name) didn’t want that.

“Yup, been working here since the summer. I know the owner so I work everyday except on the weekends.” He works a lot, that must be why he looks tired all time; but if he works so much, why does he sell drugs on the side?

“How long have you been playing?” He hums at her question, looking at the wall behind her while he thinks about it.

“Since middle school. My dad got me my first turntable, I bought my own laptop then I downloaded some bootleg music programs.” Ah yes, bad boy since middle school. A part of her wonders how she would’ve reacted if she met him during middle school instead of now. Would she have walked away back then? “How long have you been in a band?”

His question catches her off guard, she completely forget she told him that her band was working in the club now.

“We’ve been together since August. So just about two, almost three months now.”

“Did you start dating your boyfriend before or after that?” That’s the second time someone has asked her that question. She coughs a little before answering him.

“After. We’re the band’s songwriters so we’re always working together on something new. I guess after all that time we just sorta... got together.” Hitoshi’s eyes watch her closely, inspecting and analyzing her body language and facial expressions as she speaks. He smiles, (Name) thinks it’s because he accepted her lie but in reality he figured out what unique things she does when she lies. Just like her, he doesn’t bring up the information he’s uncovered.

“Your band is Buttercup Revenge right?” He asks. (Name) nods her head so he goes on to ask another question. “How did you come up with that name?”

“It was an idea someone and I had.”

“You and your boyfriend?” He continues on with the fake relationship lie. At this point she was slightly suspicious that he knew she was bluffing, but she didn’t want to prove him right.

“No not him. It was me and I guess you could call him my ex-boyfriend.” That causes Hitoshi to raise an eyebrow in question.

He was about to open his mouth to say something else when a man approached him, he had a clip board and a walkie talkie, and a blue badge around his neck. He was an employee.

“Sorry to interrupt, but your break is over.” The man smiles at you two before walking back to the stage door.

“Well that’s my cue, gotta go back up there, but before I leave...” He gets out of his chair and reaches out to grab (Name)’s phone as well as her hand, pressing her finger against the touch ID so he could unlock it.

“What are you doing?” (Name) stands up, stretching her hands out to grab her phone back. He was taller than her, so he just hold it up high while continuing on with his mission. He finishes and looks down at her with a grin.

“I was just giving you my number, princess. Why are you so defensive over your phone? You got some nudes on here that you don’t want me to see?” He quirks an eyebrow up, about to click on her photo gallery.

“No, I don’t.” (Name) says, pouting. She didn’t have nudes on there, she just didn’t want Hitoshi to see her meme collection.

“That’s right, 'cause you’re a good girl.” He hands (Name) her phone back, he winks at her before he starts walking away. “I’ll catch you around school. Until next time.”

Hitoshi was a strange one, and yet, looking at her phone and seeing his name with a heart sign next to it, it makes her stomach flutter with excitement.


Back to present day, it was almost time for Buttercup Revenge to head on stage. This time (Name) decided not to head over into the Deep to see Hitoshi, she only decided on that seeing that she visited him last Friday. Since the day he have her his number, the two of them have been texting, it was slow at first, but soon their conversations picked up. He went on his break around this time, she hoped he would come by and watch their performance this time around.

“Are you guys ready?” The stage manager asks. (Name) stands up from her seat, shaking her limbs out and stretching.

“They’re ready.” (Sister’s Name) answers; right now everyone was busy in their own little mediation state, something to shake the jitters and nerves away before a performance. Since it was only their second week working here, it was taking them some time to get used to getting up on stage.

The stage manager and (Sister’s Name) walk off to talk about other things. (Name) breathes in and out, hearing the cheers of the crowd outside; the band out there was really good. They were nice enough to give them tips last week after their performance.

“Let’s go.” Katsuki pops up beside (Name); the girl nods, letting out another breathe as the pair head to join the rest of the band, everyone stood by the entrance of the stage, watching the other band getting off.

“Good luck.” The lead singer of the band says to (Name), sending her a wink. Katsuki’s got a hand on her shoulder, he gives her a small squeeze as he leans in beside her face.

“Thanks.” Katsuki answers for her, sending the lead singer of the other band a devious little smile paired with a glared. (Name) was about to reprimand Katsuki, but before she could, the host introduces them.

“Next we got out newest up and coming band, welcome Buttercup Revenge!”

“Let’s do this!” Denki shouts, they rest of group lets out a collective ‘whoop!’ and head on stage. The room is busier than last week, it so happened to get around school that they were performing at Club Nova every Friday night, which could explain why the attendance rate skyrocketed tonight. Last week, a bunch of people came running in from the hallways when they heard Buttercup Revenge playing. Who would’ve thought that a middle schoolers would become their biggest fans.

(Name) smiles and waves at the girls already crowding around the front of the stage, cheering and wishing the band good luck; a couple of them start screaming when (Name) acknowledges them. (Name)’s heart swells up at how adorable this was, she tried her hardest for them.

She looks over at the rest of her group mates, they each send her a thumbs up to show they were ready, once she saw that, she turns back to the mic and speaks up.

“Are you ready to rock?” She shouts into the mic, she in turn, receives a bunch of cheers. Katsuki counts down and the band starts playing.

She lives in a fairy tale
Somewhere too far for us to find
Forgotten the taste and smell
Of a world that she's left behind
It's all about the exposure the lens I told her
The angles were all wrong now
She's ripping wings off of butterflies
Keep your feet on the ground
When your head's in the clouds

Having gotten the a-okay from the stage manager to use her quirk, (Name) creates a s small fairytale scene. The crowd goes silent in amazement. She’s become a storyteller, at least that’s how she felt every time she performed. She was trying this new thing were she would be telling a story with her lyrics and quirk. This was her first time doing it in front of an audience, she thought it was going well so far; soon her quirk created little yellow butterflies, they fly around the room where people try to jump up and capture them.

Well go get your shovel
And we'll dig a deep hole
To bury the castle, bury the castle
Go get your shovel
And we'll dig a deep hole
To bury the castle, bury the castle

She takes the mic off the stand, she struts around the stage, swaying her hips and dancing. She takes a look down at the ground just to make sure she doesn’t trip over any wires.

Ba da ba ba da ba ba da

She shouts aggressively into the mic while jumping up and down. The crowd mimics her.

So one day he found her crying
Coiled up on the dirty ground
Her prince finally came to save her
And the rest she can figure out

Her eyes land on cool turquoise eyes that seemed to follow her around everywhere she went; for some reason she saw him everywhere and in everything. Maybe he thought the same of her? (Name) shakes her head, deciding to look away from him. She wanted to move on, she couldn’t give him anymore attention like she did at the art festival.

But it was a trick
And the clock struck twelve

She makes a shocked expression, one of her hands land on her cheek. The crowd of middle schoolers before her gasp, their jumping turns into small hops as they stare at the colorful imagery being produced by her quirk.

Well make sure to build your home brick by boring brick
Or the wolf's gonna blow it down
Keep your feet on the ground
When your head's in the clouds

(Name) shouts again.

The camera pans over to Touya, he stood at the back of the room. His hands stuffed into his jean pockets. His eyes watch as (Name) jumps around the stage, a part of his burning with frustration at the fact that she wasn’t giving him the attention that she gave him last time.

Well go get your shovel
And we'll dig a deep hole
To bury the castle, bury the castle
Go get your shovel
And we'll dig a deep hole
We'll bury the castle, bury the castle

“Do we have to watch her perform?” Envy growls from beside Touya. The bad boy only shrugs her off his arm.

“You don’t have to be here, I’m just waiting for my guy.”  Touya looks down at her. Envy starts pouting, not liking this lack of attention from him. “i’ll meet you outside.”

Envy stands there for a moment, looking at Touya before looking at the stage where she saw (Name) running near the front of the stage, high-fiving the screaming middle schoolers.

“Alright, fine, but this shit better be good.’ With a huff, she’s off. She doesn’t spare the stage another glance as she walks out of the room.

“Is she finally gone?” A husky voice speaks up behind Touya. The older boy turns around to face his purple haired friend.


Well you built up a world of magic
Because your real life is tragic
Yeah you built up a world of magic

(Name) closes her eyes, she was scared of looking up to meet those turquoise eyes that have brought her so much pain. Her heart still held him on a high pedestal despite everything, maybe this was her way of finally getting him out of her system; hopefully her heart could learn to stop loving him as well. (Name) grabs her chest, maybe she’ll stop feeling this rush of emotions too.

If it's not real
You can't hold it in your hand
You can't feel it with your heart
And I won't believe it
But if it's true
You can see it with your eyes
Oh, even in the dark
And that's where I want to be, yeah

Despite not wanting to see him, she couldn’t keep her eyes closed forever; she opens her eyes, and in the darkness she meets the purple eyes she’s been fraternizing with for the past week. Hitoshi’s standing in the back of the room, leaning against the wall. He’s wearing a black mouth mask; while she couldn’t see his mouth because of it, she had a feeling he was smiling.

Just seeing him makes her quirk create pink clouds that slowly roll around the room. One cloud strays away from the group, floating over to Hitoshi. He pulls his mask down to reveal that devilish smirk, he uses his index finger to pop the cloud causing pink mist to fall over him.

(Name) wanted to laugh. too bad she couldn’t, but she’ll laugh about it later when she texts him. While she could prevent herself from laughing, she wishes she could stop her cheeks from turning red. God, how does he manage to get her this flustered?

Go get your shovel
We'll dig a deep hole
To bury the castle, bury the castle
Go get your shovel
We'll dig a deep hole
To bury the castle, bury the castle

Touya removes his hands from his pockets, instead he settles on crossing them. His eyes narrow at (Name) as she does one last dance before pointing at the boys in her band. Her foot stomps on the stage with Kyoka, Fumikage, and Denki doing the same thing.

Ba da ba ba da ba ba da
Ba da ba ba da ba ba
Ba da ba ba da ba ba da
Ba da ba ba da ba ba

The boys start shouting into their mics. (Name) and Kyoka fist dump the air, they stand away from their mics so they could giggle a little. They both agreed that this was their favorite part of the song. During practice they would keep playing this part over and over again until Katsuki threatened to blow up his drum set but (Name) knew he secretly enjoyed this part as well — he didn’t after the 5th time playing it— she could see it in the way he put an extra little force on his drums — that’s because he was ready to get this damn part done and over with.

Ba da ba ba da ba ba da
Ba da ba ba da ba ba
Ba da ba ba da ba ba da
Ba da ba ba da ba ba

The entire band starts shouting into their mics, the crowd starts screaming as well. One last bang and the song was over, Buttercup Revenge starts to clap and cheering alongside the crowd.

(Name)’s smiling as she looks back at Hitoshi, only this time she realizes he’s been standing next to Touya. Now, that wouldn’t have been shocking or confusing to her, but what did confuse her was the act that they were talking to each other; well, it looked more one-sided than anything. Hitoshi’s face was back to to a poker face— but when Hitoshi would look away from Touya and make eye contact with (Name), that smug smirk would come back when he caught her staring at him.

(Name) blushes before letting out a small cough away from the mic. She looks back at her band to start playing the next song.

With the next song starting, the crowd starts cheering again. (Name)’s eyes stay on Hitoshi, both of them smiling like mad fools. His eyes burned with enjoyment as he watched her strut around the stage, he’s completely forgotten about the older boy standing next to him.

Touya was confused, he’s know Hitoshi for a long time but he’s never seen him act like this over a girl before. A part of him hated the fact that Hitoshi was doing this with his ex. He’s broken the bro code and that was settling in well with Touya.

“You know her?” Touya asks; Hitoshi forcibly tears his eyes away from (Name) to look at Touya.

“We work in the same building, of course I know her.” Hitoshi says with a deadpan expression. Was Touya really this stupid?Maybe he should stop selling him drugs, they were clearly messing with his brain cells— or, maybe not, Touya was his best customer, he was about to lose his piggy bank. “Dude, just give me my money and I’ll give you the shit.”

Hitoshi was getting annoyed by Touya, he just wanted to watch (Name) perform. Touya grumbles for a moment, looking over at (Name) for a second before he pulls out $50 and slipping it in Hitoshi’s hand. Hitoshi’s other hand slips a plastic baggy containing two pills in Touya’s other hand.

“Have fun.” Is all the drug dealer says, the invisible walls around his close up as he goes back to staring at (Name), their eyes making contact again. Hitoshi winks at her, making (Name) turn her head away slightly, her cheeks turning pink. Touya walks away, occasionally looking back at Hitoshi and at (Name), he sees the way those two are acting, and he doesn’t like whatever’s forming between them.


Next Friday night comes, and once again (Name) finds herself standing inside the Deep. With two hour left before she has to go back to perform, she decided to come here where a certain DJ instantly captured her attention. There he was on stage, doing his thing. He wore a black hoodie instead of his normal black letterman, his hood was up, pushing her purple locks down and thanks to the sweat accumulated on his forehead, those locks of hair stuck to his skin.

Her eyes stayed focused on his face, one thing she’s noticed about him was the lack of any emotion on his face. (Name) was certain that whenever she was performing, she had some type of emotion present on her face— whether that be sadness, anger, happiness, etc— she showed something rather than nothing. Hitoshi on the other hand, always wore a blank face as he quickly looked between his turntable and the music program opened on his laptop. Occasionally he would look up at the crowd and pump his fist in the air, this in turn, riled the partygoers up.

Despite how he looked, she knew that deep down, he was into it. If he wasn’t he wouldn’t be putting all his free time into creating new tracks. Hitoshi closes his eyes a couple times, and it was only during his favorite parts. (Name) can’t stop staring at him and it seemed like he could feel her stare because he opens his eyes to look in her direction; he smirks when for the first time when their eyes meet. From that point on, he holds a little emotion on his face, happiness. He continues to play out his set, and once he finishes, he collects his laptop and another DJ quickly steps in to set his stuff up.

Her eyes watch as Hitoshi disappears backstage; (Name) steps away from the crowd, her eyes look around at the rest of those around her. Now that the music was done, only those high on “life” are still dancing around undeterred by the lack of music. Some people of course left the circle, instead moving around the furthest corners of the room to sit down and relax, other going to the bar to grab drinks. After a minute, the next DJ is finally ready to start his set, he speak up into the mic.

"This is a slow one so cool down, relax, and dance." Those not in the mood to dance to something slow, leave, going off to cool down outside the room and grab a quick bite and drink. The music starts, a couple people jump up from their seats to go run back on the dance floor, a couple people decide to pair up to dance.

Maybe I shouldn't try to be perfect
I confess, I'm obsessed with the surface
In the end, if I fall or if I get it all
I just hope that it's worth it

"Can I have this dance?" Hitoshi’s voice appears behind her; (Name) turns around to find the DJ holding his hand out, a smile still present on his lips.

“Of course.” (Name) giggles as she places her hand on his. Hitoshi pulls her close to his chest, the two scooting closer to the crowd, but not close enough where other dancers will bother them.

Last year I fell flat on my face
And last month I knew somethin' should change
Last week I started over again
Ask me and I'll tell you how I've been
Mhm, don't get me started

“when do you have to perform?” Hitoshi asks, looking down at his partner. (Name) hums, her eyes move from his to instead look at those purple locks stuck on his forehead; it looked like he had some crazy ass bangs. It’s a look, he pulls it off. (Name)’s seen him with his hair wild and free and even partially tamed with a hair tie and cap. She can’t help but admire how attractive he looks no matter what.

“I got about two hours before I’m needed.” She grins up at him, he grins back.


You've got me nervous to speak
So I just won't say anything at all
I've got an urge to release
And you keep tellin' me to hold on
You've got me nervous to move
So I just won't give anything to you
You got me turnin' all around to be who you need me to

Hitoshi starts singing along to the song as he moves the two of them further into the darkness, far from where the strobe lights could reach. She’s pressed up against him, watching his lips move as he sings along; his voice is low and deep, she can’t help but close her eyes as she relishes the sound of his voice. Soon she finds herself singing along with him.

Should I be quiet?
Uh, come on, be silent
Uh, you know I'm tryin'
So don't say nothin'
Uh, tell me you trust me and
Kiss me and hug me, yeah

He grabs onto her chin, slowly inching his face closer to her as the arm wrapped around her waist brings her closer to his body. His lips are nearly touching her; With bated breath, (Name) stands there waiting for his next move. Was he going to kiss? She wanted him to kiss her; her eyes flutter shut with the anticipation that he was going to kiss her, but all he does is pull away as he chuckles. (Name) opens her eyes again, confused by his action, Hitoshi only ignores that by twirling her around before pulling her back. For some reason she felt breathless, how did he have this power over her.

Well, I would do anything for ya
You just gotta love me and
I got an itch in my throat
I don't know which way to go
I keep on switchin', I know
I need a different approach
It's all because I wanna
Show you that I'm so capable

This might be the worst time to say this but, (Name) had no idea how to slow dance. Hitoshi could clearly tell by the amount of times he’s felt her accidentally step on his feet. He decides at this point, the best thing to do would be to just have her keep standing on his feet so he could lead them around. She gasps a little when she feels him lift her up.

"Baby, I've seen you dance before, you're never this clumsy." He whispers in her ear, his warm breath sending shivers down her spine. At first she wonders what he means, but then she remembers he saw her last show and now that she thinks about it, did he watch her perform at the art festival?

Unbeknownst to her, he’s been watching her for a while. Not to sound like a creepy stalker, but he was there during her band’s performance at the art festival. Originally he went in so he could make some sells seeing as how full the auditorium got during her band’s performance, but he ended up staying because of her, something about her piqued his interest. It was by chance that she so happened to walk by him and his customers that one day at the mall, and now it seemed like fate continued to make them meet up. At least that’s how he thought about it.

"I missed the day they were teaching us how to slow dance in middle school." (Name) mutters, looking away from him in embarrassment.

“I can tell, remind me to teach you how to slow dance next time then.” He chuckles.

You've got me nervous to speak
So I just won't say anything at all
I've got an urge to release
And you keep tellin' me to hold on
You've got me nervous to move
So I just won't give anything to you
You got me turnin' all around to be who you need me to

He moves the two of them in a circle, both arms are wrapped securely around her waist, keeping her close to him as possible. She has her arms around his neck. Their foreheads are pressed together, both their eyes are closed as they continue to sing along.

She liked this song, and this band— shockingly, Touya also loved this band. It was so different from the other bands he listened to, so it came to be a surprise for her when she found a couple of their albums in his collection. While this song wasn’t as listened to, there was one song of theirs that was an all time favorite for them to dance to. God, good memories mixed with painful emotions.

Hush, baby, don't you say another word
Hush, baby, don't you say another word, be quiet
Hush, baby, don't you say another word
Hush, baby, when you do, I just get hurt

They open their eyes and that’s when Hitoshi notices a change in them. With that, he starts leaning in close to her lips once again to distract her from the storm clouds forming in her eyes.

If (Name) wasn’t in a “relationship” with Katsuki, she’s would’ve leaned forward to connect her lips with Hitoshi’s. Hey, he’s attractive and clearly throwing himself at her; she was single, and hopefully Hitoshi was single too— if he wasn’t then they’d be having some serious issues right now— but in all honesty, where would Hitoshi even find the time to have a girlfriend? The poor boy barely had time to sleep.

Why did she even find this boy attractive? Was it because of the attention he gave her? She wasn’t going to lie, she enjoyed that, she also liked how bad he was for her. Bad boys had become her thing thanks to Touya and every teen romcom she watched where the good girl falls in love with the bad boy who had a soft spot. The trope was an absolute classic, and now here’s a bad boy with a soft spot giving her all his undivided attention. She was living for it. Let’s also not exclude the fact that he’s also into music, it’s a fact that music is one of the most important things in her life. (Name) and music were a package deal, so her significant other had to be interested in music as well. So far she’s been fortunate to meet people who shared who her same interest.

There was so much about Hitoshi beyond just being the bad boy with a soft spot who also enjoyed music. Questions were constantly popping up in her mind every time she texted him or saw him in person. Hitoshi Shinsou was a strange one. She thought Katsuki was a mystery, but now Hitoshi was taking his spot as a true enigma.

Come on, baby, don't you hurt me anymore
I'm not the same way that I was before
I got goosebumps all over me
When you're around, hard for me to breathe
Come on, baby, don't you do that anymore
It's not like the days have never felt so short
My nerves, they give me a sign
Tell me I'm not fine, mhm

Hitoshi backs away before their lips could collide. Instead he moves his lips down her jawline and onto her neck. The gentle teasing of his lips brushing against her neck caused goosebumps to form on her skin. He laughs, a part of him wants to keep going to see how many other reactions he can get out of her, but instead he moves his lips back up to her ear and speaks.

“Wanna hear something wild?” He whispers, she can’t form any words, so she just nod. “If you really had a boyfriend you wouldn’t be letting me do this to you.”

Well shit, he got her there. (Name) mouth drops when she realizes she was tricked. This entire time she was so focused on the way he was treating her and becoming enchanted by him that she didn’t notice she had fake cheated on Katsuki. Hitoshi gives her earlobe a small nibble before he keeps talking.

“You don’t seem like the type to cheat. So just come out and tell me the truth, princess.”

You've got me nervous to speak
So I just won't say anything at all
I've got an urge to release
And you keep tellin' me to hold on
You've got me nervous to move
So I just won't give anything to you
You got me turnin' all around to be who you need me to

So she told him. She told him everything, from why she and Katsuki were pretending to be in a relationship, to how it further escalated to make her ex jealous.

Hitoshi hums near her ear before twirling her around in another circle.

“Well at least I won’t have to be worried about that explosive blondie fighting me for touching you.” He laughs, his arms wrapped around her a little tighter. “Any chance you’ll give a bad boy like me your time of day?”

She liked him, it’s true, but at the same time she wasn’t sure. She didn’t really know him now that she thinks about it. Yeah sure they texted, but it wasn’t frequent, and yeah they saw each other here, but it was mostly teasing and singing. Beyond that, she didn’t know the most important details to know about someone, or even the most basic of information.

“I got a lot of stuff going on. Let me get everything figured out and get to know you better. In the future my answer could be yes.” She felt a connection of some sorta with him, and sure she enjoyed the flirtatious moment they shared, but she didn’t want to lead him on either.

“Well, I’m always here. If you happen to get with someone else, I want to apply for the position of side guy.” He pulls away to look at her face, he’s grinning ear to ear. (Name) can’t help but laugh.

Hush, baby, don't you say another word
Hush, baby, don't you say another word, be quiet
Hush, baby, don't you say another word
Hush, baby, when you do, I just get hurt

Hush, baby
Hush, baby
Hush, baby
Hush, baby

The song ends and goes back to EDM. From slow to fast, the place turn into another rave; despite the change, (Name) and Hitoshi continue to slow dance in that corner, Their eyes never leaving each other’s, soft laughs escape from the both of them.

Even in the darkness, his purple eyes shined with mischief and genuine joy from being around (Name), she felt the same being around him. Something about him ignited her soul, and something about her ignited something within him.

Chapter Text


[5:30 AM] Bitch: I got more good news that I will share at the band meeting!

Her sister’s text message to the group chat makes a loud ‘PING’ noise. It’s early in the morning and this is the shit that wakes her up. (Name) groans loudly; twisting and turning around in her bed before she finally picks up her phone to check the time. She only had a couple of minutes left before her alarm clock went off, so there was no point in trying to go back to sleep for three minutes. (Name) sits up, rubbing her eyes as she lets out another loud yawn.

(Name) goes about the daily motions of her morning routine. She stares at her closet for a while, carefully picking out her outfit for the day. She finally decides to wear a plaid skirt with thigh highs; pairing it up with Katsuki’s Fall Out Boy t-shirt— he gave it to her as a gift, he sprayed it with his cologne beforehand— she tucks the shirt in to prevent it from fitting her like a dress. (Name) brushes her teeth and fixes her hair; looking into the mirror, (Name) smiles brightly at herself. Not to sound like a narcissist, but she was looking hella cute today.

Once she’s done, she makes her way downstairs to eat breakfast with her family; her mom and dad are watching the news and talking about how good the bakery’s doing, and a bunch of other business stuff that doesn’t interest her. Instead, she’s scrolling through facebook, laughing at the memes and shitposts Denki shared at 3 am; while sharing one post, her heart nearly jumps out of her chest when Katsuki’s name pops up with a message.

[6:30 AM] Explodiy Boy: I'm here.

Sending him a quick ‘okay’, she scarfs down as much food as she could this will soon going to make her feel slightly nauseous. Fuck, she was really going to regret this later, but for now, she was too busy running to the door to put her shoes on as well as grabbing her backpack. She was going as fast as she could, she didn’t want to keep the impatient boy waiting for too long. He would eventually start threatening to walk to school without her.

“Bye fam! See y’all later.” (Name) shouts as she opens the door. Her parents and sister bid her bye as well as telling her something else; (Name) stopped paying attention to them as soon as her eyes landed on the blonde boy leaning against the wall outside. Her face explodes into a smile just by looking at him.

Katsuki looked up from his phone when he heard the door open, he finds (Name) standing there with an idiotic smile on her face, she’s bouncing with joy. Katsuki looks away for a second, god why did she have to be so adorable, and why did she have to wear his shirt today of all days.

“Ready?” He asks, looking back at (Name), his eyes staring at the way his shirt looks on her. “I like your shirt.”

He looks away again. First, she opens that door with her stupid cute face and her stupid cute smile, and now she’s standing there looking cute as fuck in his fucking shirt. His palms start to sweat, for a moment he was scared his quirk would go off by accident. His mind starts to wonder for a moment; if she looks this good in his shirt, how will she look in one of his hoodies?

Oh god.

Stop thinking, right now before you blow this place up.

“Thanks, I love this shirt!” (Name) beams, she knew that would fluster Katsuki a bit more; the poor boy just nods his head before he starts walking away. (Name) shuts the door and starts running to catch up with him. They walk side-by-side, (Name) continues to accidentally brush her arm against Katsuki’s; unbeknownst to her, his hand was itching to grabs hers.

(Name) relishes the cool morning breeze, smiling at the way the wind plays with her hair on this beautiful morning. So far, her mood was high up into space, her body tingles with electricity at how great the day has been so far. She was in a good mood, and nothing was going to ruin that for her.

Well, the universe works in mysterious ways. Maybe (Name)’s used up all her good cookie points and now it was time to cause a little chaos in her life to gain some back; this is why her day turned to shit when a pair of familiar turquoise eyes combined with a mop of messy black hair opened the door.

(Name) hasn’t talked to Touya since the night he technically broke up with her. She saw him all the time around the school and basically everywhere she went. At this point, she’s stopped actively looking for him, but it seems like he was purposely looking for her. She could tell when he was nearby because of the burning stare she felt at the back of her skull, and when she would turn around, she would find bright turquoise eyes staring deep into her soul.

A year ago, she would’ve loved to find him staring at her; getting lost in those beautiful eyes of his the moment she locked onto them. Now, she looks away the moment she sees him, much to his chagrin. Nothing pissed him off more than watching her ignore him for her friends, especially when she was around Katsuki.

Speaking of Katsuki, he and (Name) spent almost every waking moment together. Since he didn’t live too far from her, the two of them would walk over to Shouto’s house then walk to school together. It was a nice addition to life, and ever since Katsuki waltzed into (Name)’s life, she’s found herself forgetting all about Touya.

That burning stare— it seemed to burn even more when Katsuki was around. Since the day the two of them faked being in a relationship, they started teasing each other; lowkey flirting, but they both denied that. It was just friendly teasing they said.

But what kind of friendly teasing has Katsuki always walking with his arm wrapped around (Name), her feeding him her food, the two of them calling each by pet names, and let’s not forget to mention that Katsuki plays around with (Name)’s hair while they’re in math class, or when he throws pieces of paper at (Name)’s chest when she wear v-neck shirts. He loved watching her get all flustered when he scored.

That’s just the surface of it; during gym class, )Name) would be doing yoga with her class, bent over when she looked to the side to see Katsuki’s class walking across the gym to get to the weight lifting room. His eyes would glance at her body — it took a lot of willpower to not keep staring— before looking into her eyes. (Name) winks and blows a kiss towards him, his face turns red.

(Name)’s already looking away but she can hear Eijirou tease Katsuki. (Name) can’t help but shake her head and smile as she bends down to grab her toes. At the same time, she feels the burning stare of another pair of eyes, she knows who it is. It was no mystery to her that Touya was in Katsuki’s gym class.

While she’s trying to ignore the new stare, she doesn’t notice Mina coming up. (Name) sees her feet before she feels the stinging sensation on her ass. Mina jumps back, laughing her head off while Ochako giggles beside them.

“Mina!” (Name) screams as she jumps up, her hands flying to rub her butt. She can’t believe Mina smacked her ass right here in front of everyone. (Name)’s face turns red when she hears the boys going wild; she looks over for a minute to find both crimson and turquoise eyes glued to her. Ignoring the turquoise eyes, she stayed locked on the crimson ones. Touya’s eyes narrow in annoyance, he hated being ignored like this.

Despite all that, (Name) hasn’t thought about Touya at all, he was no longer popping up in her mind; the good thing was that she could listen to music they used to jam to without crying now. All items that reminded her of him were all placed in a box that Katsuki placed on the top shelf of her closet; thanks to him, everything was out of sight out of mind. Touya who? Is that some sort of sauce?

Well, that all leads us to the present, (Name) and Katsuki were standing outside the front door of Shouto’s house. (Name) hops up the steps, eagerly knocking on the door, she turns back to look at Katsuki and to continue on their conversation. When she hears the door open, she excitedly looks back; since she was expecting her childhood best friend, she started shouting his name.

“Sho—!” She voice dies out when she realizes the boy standing before her was in fact not Shouto but instead his older brother; his older brother who kept dying his fiery red hair, black to achieve his perfect goth look. Turquoise eyes pierce into her (eye color), she instinctively looks away from his eyes to stare somewhere else when she realizes that he’s answered the door with his red and black flannel shirt wide open, revealing him, um, rather impressive abs. She physically forces herself to swallow the saliva accumulating in her mouth.

Fuck! Why was she like this? Why was she still clearly in love and obsessed over some dude like this? He broke her heart to go for some other girl. How fucking dare he show up like this and cause all these submerged feelings to resurface. Fuck!

“Where is Shouto?” Katsuki speaks up, he glares at Touya. Touya on the other hand only gives Katsuki a quick glance before turning all his attention back on (Name); she’s still looking away, embarrassed by her thoughts and the fluttery feelings she felt in her stomach. Touya opens his mouth to speak to her for the first time in months.

“So (Name), long time no see, huh? I saw your band perform at Club Nova the other night.” He moves away from the door frame to get a little close to her. (Name)’s still not looking his way, she wants to speak up but she doesn’t, all she does is nod her head.

Touya looks her up and down, appreciating the way she looks in her outfit. He sees the oversized shirt and grimaces a little. He has a feeling it belongs to the annoying blonde boy standing next to (Name); if he could, we would burn that shirt and offer his flannel up instead. He moves his hand up to brush some hair away from (Name)’s face, but a hand come up and grips Touya’s wrist, stopping him. Trying to cover his annoyance, Touya looks over at Katsuki, finding the boy’s face twisted into a death glare.

"Don't fucking touch her," Katsuki growls, his hand tightening on Touya's wrist. The two boys enter a glaring match as Touya snatches his wrist away. Katsuki pulls (Name) closer to his side; she’s speechless, completely unknowledgeable on what to do in this scenario.

“Hey, no need to keep up with that fake relationship shit here. I know you two aren’t actually dating.” Touya sneers as he wipes Katsuki’s sweat off his wrist. He can’t help but wonder why this kid was so fucking sweaty. Katsuki takes this moment to bring (Name) into his arms, here she was safe and protected; he wasn’t about to let Touya touch her again.

“She’s with me, so fuck off.” Katsuki rebuttals. He’s trying to stay as cool as possible, the last thing he wanted to do was literally fight the older boy right in front of (Name). He was worried that fighting would cause her to panic more, and that’s something he didn’t want; at the same time, he doesn’t want Touya’s presence to set her off either. Ugh! He could walk away but (Name) wouldn’t want to leave Shouto behind. He was stuck at a crossroad, each option having its pros and cons.

Touya scoffs, he knows the two of them aren’t dating; he feels irked by Katsuki trying to keep up the charades. Well, he’s gotta have his own fun in this situation, since the blonde boy was being too stubborn to back down. Touya smirks a little, ready to pull out his fatality card on Katsuki. If he wants to play pretend boyfriend, then he’s gotta deal with the fact that Touya was there first.

“So how does it feel to get my sloppy seconds?” From there it seems like the world moving in slow-mo. Katsuki stares at Touya in shock, not wanting to believe he actually said that shit right in front of (Name). Katsuki feels (Name) move around his arms, leaving his embrace to look up at the smug smirk on Touya’s face, it pissed her off. Was that all she was to him? Just some sloppy thing he could use and throw away for some fresh meat?

She slaps him, hard; leaving a searing red handprint on his cheek. She was so angry that she doesn’t notice she’s crying. At this point, both boys are frozen to their spots, eyes wide as they watch her hyperventilate.

“Go fuck yourself, Touya.” She’s breathless, but the words come old cold and venomous. She feels like she just had the rug pulled out from beneath her, was this asshole really the dude she fell hard for? What the fuck! “I genuinely loved you, but I guess I was nothing more than someone to waste time with.”

She throws a weak punch at his chest, her body wreaked with sobs before she runs off. Touya stands there, his hand clutching the cheek where he got slapped, his other hand grabs at his chest. Katsuki also stood there, shocked but lowkey impressed, he didn’t expect her to slap Touya; while the circumstances were terrible for her, he liked seeing her stand up for herself.

“Touya.” Both boys turn their heads to look at Shouto standing at the door. He’s got a murderous glare on his face, directed right at his older brother. Touya gulps, knowing whatever came out of Shouto’s mouth next, wasn’t going to be pleasant. “If I ever catch you making (Name) cry again, I will personally kill you.” With that, Shouto dashes off after (Name), he was going to be her knight in shining armor again.

Watching Shouto run after (Name) is what causes Katsuki to snap out of his daze; now that he realizes that she wasn’t there to watch him, Katsuki quickly uses this moment to punch a distracted Touya right in the face.

“Ah fuck!” Touya shouts, grabbing his throbbing and bleeding nose. He opens one eye to look at Katsuki; the younger boy stood in front of him, his crimson eyes shining with pure unadulterated hatred.

“You better not try to see what I’ll do to you next time you hurt her.” And with that, Katsuki is off, he runs at full speed to catch up with (Name) and Shouto. Touya leans back against the door, looking down at the ground as droplets of blood fall by his feet.

“Fuck…” He curses under his breath; he looks up one last time in the direction where the three teens ran off in, he releases another string of curses before he heads back inside, closing the door behind him. Looks like he wasn’t going to school today.

Meanwhile, back to the trio. Shouto’s managed to catch up to (Name) thanks to the fact that the adrenaline and anger pushing her body has dissipated. He catches her by her wrist; she gasps, the shock of being chased and not realizing it until now causes her to nearly trip. Luckily, Shouto’s reflexes were on point after all these years he’s been friends with someone as clumsy as (Name); thanks to this, he pulls (Name) into his arms to stop her from falling.

At first, (Name) tries to escape the tight hug Shouto has her trapped in. She tries her hardest but she soon realizes this is a lost battle. Slowly, she starts to relax into the hug, her hands grip the front of her shirt while her forehead is pressed against his chest. One sob is then followed by a series of them, she buries her face against his chest to muffle her cries. Shouto moves one of his hands up to pat her hair, knowing this was the best and easiest way to relax her and in certain cases, fastest way to get her to fall asleep.

As soon as (Name) starts calming down, that when Katsuki arrives. For some strange reason, he felt odd, jealous even, when he saw Shouto holding and comforting (Name). He wanted to do his part in making her feel better too, ugh why was he feeling this way? It doesn’t make any sense to him. Katsuki walks up to the pair, placing a hand on (Name)’s shoulder. She turns her head a little to look up at him, then he does something that surprises all three of them: he places a kiss on her forehead.

The explosive drummer pulls away, his cheeks flaming red. Clearing his throat, he looks away, he especially doesn’t want to make eye contact with Shouto. He furrows his eyebrows when he takes a look at the two of them from his peripherals, only to find them both standing there with their jaws dropped and their eyes bulging from shock. Being stared at like this made him feel anxious and slightly concerned, so like he always down when he finds himself cornered, he starts yelling.

“You two gonna keep fucking standing there all day? If you haven’t noticed we still gotta get to school!” He turns on his heels and starts walking in the direction of school; (Name) and Shouto quickly glance at each other before following the hot-headed boy.

The three of them walk side-by-side on the sidewalk; (Name) was in the middle, while Katsuki and Shouto were walking half on the sidewalk and half on the grass. The walk is filled with the two boys reassuring (Name) that she was so much more than what Touya said. (Name) appreciates their effort to make her feel better, but in the end, she still felt like complete shit.

Since she ran off in the opposite direction of school the three of them had to walk a little further, but the time they arrived at school, the first bell was ringing, signaling that everyone only had five minutes to get to class. (Name) sighs, not ready to face anyone, she needed to go to the bathroom and figure shit out.

“I need to go to the bathroom.” She says abruptly, stopping dead in her tracks. The boys stop as well to look at her. They didn’t look so convinced by her. “Don’t worry, I’ll catch up, I just really need to go to the bathroom first.”

She pleads, hoping they would accept this and leave her alone. Shouto and Katsuki send each other a look, not looking too convinced yet but at the same time, they couldn’t stop her from going to the bathroom. Shouto looks back at (Name), he nods before pulling her into another hug; after a moment, he pulls away and starts walking off to class. Katsuki keeps standing there, he still didn’t want to leave (Name) alone but at this point, there was a nagging feeling inside his gut telling him to just grab her and force her to go to class; one look at those tear swollen eyes caused that nagging feeling to go away.

He hated the way that asshole made her crumble so easily. Fuck, he hated Touya. Next time he saw that terrible dye job asshole showed up, Katsuki was going to throw hands.

"You better head to class once you're done." He commands, standing his ground until she accepts his demands. (Name) weakly nods, Katsuki huffs for a moment before he walks off to make it to homeroom.

The halls were slowly emptying out as (Name) made it to the bathroom; since first period was about to start, she didn’t have to worry about the bathroom being full. Once she makes sure she’s alone in the bathroom, she stands in front of the sink, staring at herself in the mirror. Her hands were tightly clenching the sink counter, to the point where her knuckles were turning white. She glare was sharp enough that i could shatter the mirror.

“Fuck.” She curses, shaking her head in an attempt to get all intrusive thoughts out of her mind. Splashing some cold water on her face, she takes one last look in the mirror before deciding she at least looks semi-presentable now. Opening the bathroom door, she takes a quick look around to make sure no security guards were nearby to question her. With the coast clear, she starts making her way to homeroom.

The hallways seem to stretch out, the sound of her steps echoing around, a dark cloud surrounds her, suffocating her. She puts on a fake smile, practices what she’s gonna say for the rest of the day if anyone asks her what’s wrong. Her fake smile keeps dropping, for some reason she can’t keep it on. Suddenly, she finds herself on the opposite side of the school, having walked past the classroom.

She releases another sigh, about to turn around to head back when her eyes look down the hallway to see the ‘EXIT’ sign hanging above one of the doors.


The voice in her head whispers, urging her to take a step forward; the rest of the hall seems to disappear around her, only the exit sign and the door remain. She takes a step forward, her legs feel foreign, moving on their own as if she wasn’t in control. Soon she’s running towards the light, arms stretched out before they touch the coolness of the door handle, pushing on it, the brightness of the sun momentarily blinds her; once she regains her sight, her eyes immediately locked on Hitoshi; he sat on a small brick wall, cigarette between his fingers and his expression was one of ‘oh fuck I got caught’ but that soon leaves when he realizes it’s just (Name).

With that, he goes back to looking at the river that sat by the school, taking another drag of his cigarette. He pats the empty space next to him, inviting her to sit down next to him. (Name) slowly makes her way over to him, she sits down and stares at him for a second before she looks over at the river. It’s quiet between them for a bit before Hitoshi holds the cigarette out towards her.

“Want a hit?” He asks, (Name) stares at the cancer stick he’s holding between his index and middle finger.

"Uh... No, I've tried smoking before, I didn't like it." She gently pushes it away; Hitoshi doesn’t fight her, he just brings it back up to his lips to take another drag. It goes back to being silent, normally this wouldn’t bother her but Touya’s words from earlier keep echoing around in her head, causing another lump to form in her throat.

“So why are you out here? Shouldn’t you be in class?” He says teasingly with a small grin. His intention was just to tease her, he didn’t intend on making her cry, which is why the grin on his face is immediately wiped off when he sees tears forming at the corners of her eyes. He throws an arm around her, bringing her closer to him. “Shit… sorry, what’s wrong?”

She didn’t want to cry, she was going everything she could to prevent those tears from falling down, but unfortunately, it was a battle she could not win. The dam breaks and now she’s sobbing into Hitoshi’s chest. The poor boy, unaware of what to do, he just rubs her back.

She attempts to explain why she’s crying but it’s hard to understand when her words are all mumbled and slurred. Hitoshi managed to pick up a couple of keywords though, so he knows that the reason why (Name)’s upset is because of some guy.

He sighs, he moves his hand away from her back so he could run it through his hair. his hat falling down next to him. He thinks for a moment, what could he do in a situation like this to make her feel better? It only takes a few seconds for a light bulb to turn on.

He slides off from his seat, takes only last drag of his cigarette before throwing it on the floor and stomping on it with his boot.

“Follow me.” He says, holding his hand out for (Name) to grab onto. She stares at his hand with hesitation, for a second she looks back at the school and thinks about how disappointed Katsuki and Shouto would be. Another voice in her head urges her to take Hitoshi’s hand, just be a bad girl for one day, it wouldn’t hurt. She finds herself grabbing onto his hand; Hitoshi smiles at her, the hold on her hand tightens a little, he can’t help but admire the way her smaller hand fits in his.

With that, he helps her off the small wall, grabbing his hat, he places it over her hair. She shifts the hat slightly so she could look up at him, confused on why she was wearing his hat.

"Remember, you're a good girl ditching school with a bad boy." He wipes some stray tears running down her cheeks. “And no more crying, I’ll be making you feel good soon.” With one last teasing grin, he starts leading her away.

(Name) glances around while Hitoshi turns left and right, occasionally going full circle around a block; she was confused as to where they were going and why he was purposely taking extra twists and turns to get there? Did he not want her to know where this place was? Where was he taking her if he’s gotta go to this extreme length of masking his tracks?

In reality, he was doing all that extra stuff just to confuse her, it was a quick way to get her mind off dark thoughts.

“I’ll be making you feel good soon.” Those words continue to echo through her mind. A blush creeps itself way onto her cheeks. What did he mean when he said that?! Was that meant in a, uh, sexual way? Or did he mean that in an ‘I’ll give you a foot rub while you eat a bucket of ice cream and binge Netflix together’ type of way? Everything about this situation confused her. Just as more questions start to form as soon as they start walking up a driveway.

Wow this house is nice, is it his? Is this where he lives?

Hitoshi pulls out a lanyard full of… a bunch of keys? Jeez, this boy was full of mysteries, how many keys did he need and what did they open? He searches through his million keys before pulling out one specific one, his house key. Opening the door, he herds (Name) into the humble abode where he proceeds to kick off his shoes. (Name) on the other hand, takes off her shoes and places then on the side neatly.

“Come on, we’re headed up to my room.” He smirks a little the way her eyes widen, a blush adorns her cheeks once more. “Are you having dirty thoughts? (Name) you naughty girl!”

“N-no I wasn’t!” (Name) screams, throwing a hand over his mouth to prevent him from saying any other embarrassing things. She was definitely not having dirty thoughts!

“Sure, sure. Whatever you say, princess.” He chuckles as he leads her up the stairs and into his room. (Name) closes her eyes before they go inside his room. Hitoshi gentle pulls her inside, she slowly opens her eyes, expecting a messy room, but she’s surprised when she finds a room neater and cleaner then hers.

“Have a seat, get comfy.” Hitoshi makes his way over to his desk, his eyes skim over the neatly organized surface, looking for specific items he had in mind. (Name) looks around the room while she slowly makes her way over to his bed; a small noise captures her attention and when she looks down at the floor, she finds a small calico cat purring.

“Awe~!” She squeals, plopping down onto the ground to allow the kitten to crawl onto her lap, purring as she rubs against (Name). (Name) can’t contain the giggles that escape from her; her pupils turn into hearts, this was amazing! If this is what Hitoshi meant by making her feel good, then mission accomplished, she was already feeling better. Kitten cuddles fix everything.

Hitoshi looks over for a second before doing a double-take. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing, his cat was actually letting (Name) pet her.

“Her name is Jinx, usually she hates everyone except me, so I’m surprised she’s letting you pet her.” Hitoshi was genuinely shocked. If he had a dollar for every time his cat has scratched one of his smoking buddies, he wouldn’t have to sell drugs anymore.

“She’s a sweetheart.” (Name) smiles down at Jinx, she scratches underneath her chin. Jinx approves, she stretches herself out some more on (Name)’s lap, she was purring and kept pushing her head onto (Name)’s hand if she momentarily stopped petting her. (Name) was internally dying over Jinx’s cuteness. Damn, she wished she could have a pet; when she was younger, her family had a dog named Lucky, and when he passed away her dad locked himself up in his room and cried for days on end. It was bad. After that, (Name)’s mom vowed to never bring another pet into the house.

Now that (Name) knows Hitoshi has the sweetest kitten in the world, she might start visiting him more often. Only for his cat though, boys suck but cats are forever. She giggles at the thought of only showing up for this precious little creature.

Hitoshi keeps looking over at (Name), smiling at how clearly Jinx showed her love for the girl. Knowing his cat approved of (Name) only further cemented these feelings he had for her. Hitoshi assumes that Jinx only scratched the shit out of his smoking buddies because they weren’t the best of people, and maybe she sensed that; now she senses that (Name)’s a good person. Looks like trying to win (Name)’s heart won’t be a problem now that she’s received the Jinx stamp of approval.

“What are you doing?” (Name)’s sweet voice breaks him out of his thoughts. He glimpses back at her for a second before going back to what he was doing. Letting out a small hum, he’s not sure if he should tell her the truth or lie. Either way, the truth was going to come out once he gives her the gift he was preparing, and it would be a better idea to start off this possible relationship based on truths instead of lies. So, he picks telling her the truth.

“Rolling up some ganja. I usually charge these rich kids $30 a gram, but since you’re hot, I’ll give it to you for free.” He sends (Name) a sly smile.

“W-what?” She splutters, bewildered. “Ganja? You mean weed?!”

“Yup. I told ya I was going to make you feel good.” He shrugs his shoulders. (Name)’s at a loss for words, not sure how to respond to that. “Alright, I finished.”

Hitoshi makes his way over with the blunt and a lighter. Before he sits down, he picks Jinx up with his free hand, he walks her over to his opened door, he places her down in the hallway and closes the door so she can’t waltz back in. Heading back to (Name), he plops down beside her and immediately starts lighting up one end of the blunt.  Once it’s lit, he takes the first hit. He’s gotta test the product to make sure it’s only the best for (Name). Inhale, hold it in, and now exhale. Oh fuck, yeah this was good shit.

“Here,” Hitoshi says; he’s straining himself to not cough. He passes the blunt to (Name); the poor girl stares at it, anxiety and paranoia rushing through her system. Her hand reaches it with hesitation. Should she do this? She’s a good girl who’s only smoked a cigarette before— barely! This is weed, it’s completely different. She wanted to turn it down, but then her mind flashes back to the horrible encounter she had with Touya this morning. Another wave of sadness gets ready to strike her. She says fuck it, grabbing the blunt and brings it up to her lips. She does what Hitoshi did, only she fucked up.

Taking too big of a hit, she starts coughing. Her lungs and throat burn from her coughing fit, she feels like she’s going to throw up if she keeps coughing like this. Hitoshi scoots closer to her, gently patting her back, his other hand holds onto a bottle of water, just in case either of them needed to drink something.

“There, there. You’ll get used to it eventually.” He says while rubbing circles on her back. (Name) finally stops cough, the intensity of the coughs had tears rushing down her face. She’s good but she doesn’t feel high yet. Maybe she should take another hit? Well, fuck it!

Bringing the blunt up to her lips again, Hitoshi leans into her ear, coaching her on how to properly smoke. (Name) follows his instructions, this time her coughs end up milder rather than severe. She’s thankful for the coaching session, but why didn’t he do this before she nearly died the first time? It would’ve been helpful then. Now down, she passes the blunt back to Hitoshi before slowly standing up.

“Can I put on some music?” (Name) asks, already starting to feel lighter and more relax. Hitoshi rapidly nods his head as he keeps on smoking.

“I encourage it, my speaker is over there.” He points at the portable speaker that rests on his desk. (Name) pulls her phone out and scrolls through her music app before picking a song. The beat starts, she smiles while placing her phone down on the desk and walking back to Hitoshi. Plopping down, she realizes that she still doesn’t feel high; confused, she was about to complain to Hitoshi when it suddenly hits her.

“Holy shit!” Is all (Name) can say before she looks around the room, the colors becoming more vivid and brighter than before. Hitoshi has been around plenty of newbies, this was a normal reaction; he laughs watching (Name) touch everything fluffy thing he owned.

“How ya feeling, princess?” He asks, scooting in closer to (Name). He takes this moment of distraction to lean in close to take a sniff of her sweet scent. He liked it back when they were dancing together at the club, he just wanted another sniff to better remember her. She was high as a kite so hopefully, she doesn’t notice, and if she does, maybe she’ll just brush it off as her wild imagination.

“I feel… light as a feather.” (Name) finds her words echoing, eyes watching the colorful swirls around her. Was this the real world? She’s mesmerized by the beauty surrounding her.

Goddamn, this song sounds even better when she’s high. This shit was already a bop when she wasn’t high but now she feels like she can see the song through the colors flying around her. Hitoshi lays down on his back so (Name) follows suit; staring at the white ceiling, she sees more colors dance around her.

“Hitoshi… this is so cool!” She shouts, looking around in excitement. Hitoshi only hums, a smile glued to his lips.

“Hey, Hitoshi,” (Name) speaks up, reaching up to poke Hitoshi’s cheek, the top of their heads touched as they stayed on the floor. He only hums again. “Let’s talk about conspiracy theories. Okay? Okay!”

The conversation is mostly one-sided unless Hitoshi humming counts as a conversation. Hours pass by with mindless talk on the different conspiracy theories (Name)’s read about on google or random internet chat boards. During that time, Hitoshi got up and brought back some juice and snacks. (Name) didn’t realize how hungry she was until she says her favorite bag of chips, let’s just say she devoured the entire bag in minutes.

Eventually the high has mostly worn off. Hitoshi has gone back to talking instead of humming. Conversations were no longer one-sided and (Name) was happy about that. Somehow, the conversation ends up on the topic of her sad love life; Hitoshi just sat there, listening to her and occasionally putting his own input in but mostly just listened, that is until (Name) mentioned Touya.

“Touya? As in, Touya Todoroki?” He asks, turning around to face (Name). She looks at him confused but nods.

“Yeah, why? Do you know him?” (Name) straightens herself up, curious to know what sort of connection Hitoshi had with Touya. Suddenly, Hitoshi bursts into laughter which only further confuses (Name).

“D-Dude!” He’s wheezing, “I sell that kid his weed! How could someone as beautiful as you let a bum like that break your heart?"

Hurt flashes across (Name)’s face at that, and as soon as Hitoshi sees that, he stops laughing. His hand reaches out and lands on her shoulder.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to laugh at your heartbreaking experience, I'm just laughing at Touya. Dude that kid is WILD. I got so many stories with him. Like the time he had a bad trip on acid. You wanna hear?"

(Name) absentmindedly nods her head, maybe hearing these stories will help her see Touya in a new light, hopefully a light that makes her go, “We, I liked that?”. Hitoshi begins the long series of embarrassing stories he had with the oldest Todoroki brother. The entire time, (Name) was dying from laughter, and she found out some new things about Touya after all this; and while these stories did help her see a new side of the boy she’s had a crush on for years, unfortunately it wasn’t enough for her to completely kick him out of her heart.

“Why do you hang out with him?” (Name) asks.

“I guess in a way I keep him around as a joke now. He’s cool and all, but he was cooler before he started dating this new chick.” Hitoshi shrugs, thinking back to the good times he did share with Touya. He at one point considered him to be a good and close friend, he was his first smoking buddy after all. Things took a sharp turn in their friendship once that girl came in his life.

His new girl sucks, so Hitoshi only got to hang out with him every once in a while. At this point, Touya only comes to Hitoshi to buy some drugs off of him. In a way, Hitoshi felt used, like years worth of friendship was thrown down the drain just for some pussy.

At this point, Hitoshi starts thinking back to the days when (Name) was in Touya’s life— of course, Hitoshi didn’t know her at the time— but back then Touya would never shut up about her. Everything Touya said about (Name) made her sound like the total package. Now here he was, sitting next to Touya’s dream girl, smoking with her and talking shit about Touya.

He can now see why Touya never stopped talking about (Name); hell, he wouldn’t stop talking about her either. He turns his head to look over at (Name), at the same time she also turns her head to look at him; he stares deep into her eyes; they’re exactly like Touya described them, he can’t help himself from leaning in and pressing his lips against hers. He quickly pulls away, worried that she would hate him for doing that, but when he looks at her face, he sees her smile has grown.

"Sorry, I've been wanting to do that for a while." He says, he was expecting (Name) to get upset, so you can only image his surprise when she leans in to capture his lips again. It’s a short kiss, but enough to leave him breathless, his heart skipping a couple of beats.

“Um,” He’s unsure on what to say as he gets lost in her eyes. Then, an idea pops into his mind. He wants to remember this forever, so no better way to do that than by taking pictures. He pulls out his phone, quickly opening up the camera and putting it on selfie mode. “Say cheese.”

(Name) leans in close, giving the camera a dazzling smile. As soon as Hitoshi was about to take the picture, (Name) turns her head and plants a kiss on Hitoshi’s cheek.


She’s quick to look over his shoulder to see how to picture turned out. Hitoshi’s face was forever immortalized with his wide eyes full of shock and pale cheeks bright pink. (Name) giggles, Hitoshi can’t help but laugh as well.

“Guess that’s becoming my new wallpaper.” He says, pressing on the picture to put it as his background. (Name) takes this moment to check the time, when she sees it, she nearly chokes on her spit.

“Ah fuck! It’s two pm, I gotta get home for my band meeting.” She says, anxiety coursing through her veins. She ditched Katsuki and Shouto and now she had to face them; (Name) jumps off the bed and takes a look at herself in a small mirror Hitoshi had on his desk. Her hair was a mess, and her eyes were pink. Oh god, she couldn’t go home with red eyes. How was she going to explain her appearance to her sister?

Hitoshi gets up from his bed, he noticed immediately that (Name) ferociously checking her eyes out, so he slips out of his room for a second. When he comes back he has a small bottle of eye drops in his hand.

“Here, put some eyedrops in, it should make some of the redness leave. If your eyes are still pink or red by the time I drop you off, then you can just play it off as you crying.” Hitoshi places the small bottle in her hand; you didn’t need to tell (Name) twice to put them in, as soon as the bottle touched her skin, she was already opening it and putting some drops in. She blinks repeatedly, excess drops simply roll down her face.

“The next problem is the smell and I can’t play it off as me getting sprayed by a skunk.” The red eyes were easy to play off as tears, the smell was not. Hitoshi doesn’t have to think about it.

“Simple, I’ll drive you home. You’ll get there before anyone else, you can stash the clothes away and change into something else.” He says as walks over to his nightstand, grabbing a set of keys that laid on it.

“What?!” (Name) shouts, motioning her arms around like a madwoman. “Isn’t that dangerous?”

“Babe,” Hitoshi starts off, he laughs while he steps in closer to her. “We smoked hours ago, my high has been long gone. Plus I drive around high all the time, I’d consider myself an expert. Now, come on.”

And off he goes. (Name) stood behind for a second, unsure of what to say or what to do, but one last look at the time has her scrambling after Hitoshi. He leads her through part of his house and into the three-car garage. Two spots were empty, the only car inside was a black Camaro. It was sleek and smooth, shiny and looked as if had just recently been washed.

“Whoa.” Is all (Name) can say as she stares at this fine car.

“Nice isn’t it? I consider it my baby.” Hitoshi replies back, sporting a prideful smile on his face as he admires his dream car.

“Did you buy this?” Is the next thing that she asks. It was a really nice car, but they were only freshmen in high school, how did he get himself such a nice car already? There was no way he could’ve bought it. Maybe it belonged to one of his parents?

“Yes, ma’am I did! I saved up all my money from working as a DJ and, ya know, selling drugs.” That last part comes out almost as a whisper, but she heard it. Hitoshi was so nonchalant when speaking about stuff like this, and a part of her couldn’t wrap her mind around it. She was a good girl, none of this ever made any sense. Just how many drugs did he have to sell to afford this? God, the questions just don’t stop popping up in her mind.

Hitoshi’s already at the passenger side door, opening it up for (Name) to slide in. She walks over very slowly, her eyes still trailing across the car’s body. When she gets to the door, her eyes still screamed ’surprised’ Hitoshi already figured it would be a while before the shock wore off, in the meantime, he’ll just have to tease her.

“Don’t worry baby, as long as you’re with me, I’ll spoil you endlessly.” Her heart stops as soon as she hears those words, she looks up at Hitoshi to find him sporting a shit-eating grin.

Did she… did she unknowingly land herself a sugar daddy? A young, attractive, sugar daddy? Well, at least she knows if school and the band don’t work out, she can just become a trophy wife. Would (Name) fit in with the suburban moms on the PTA committee? Probably not.

Hitoshi closes the door and makes his way over to the drivers side. He chuckled at the dazed looked on (Name) face, he loved how she always had that same look of amazement when she was around him. She’s so innocent and he’s not, which is why he’s decided to do whatever he could to keep (Name) happy and naive to the true dangers of his life. As long as he brought the bread home, everything should be fine, right? More thoughts of a domestic lifestyle enter his mind, and at the same time other questions pop up. For a second he wonder how Touya will react when he finds out Hitoshi is going after his ex. They’d probably fight; and, if he were to start dating (Name), does this mean he has to stop selling weed to Touya? Maybe he’ll stop when Touya finds out.

Backing out of the garage and driveway, (Name) tells Hitoshi her house address so he could put it in his GPS. ETA is ten minutes, but Hitoshi turns that in five minutes. (Name) was in a rush to get home, as much as he wanted to take his time driving with her, he knew she was already dying from her anxiety.

He doesn’t slow down until they enter (Name)’s neighborhood since it was residential, he didn’t need any hidden officers to pull him over.

(Name) was looking at her phone the entire time, scrolling through the endless amount of messages she received from her bandmates and other friends. In a way, it felt nice knowing people truly cared about her and worried when they didn’t see her in class, but reading through Katsuki’s messages strikes her with fear. Fuck, he was going to rip her a new one for skipping.

Hitoshi clears his throat, he keeps looking at (Name) from the corner of his eye, he wants to keep spending time with her but he knows tomorrow is going to be off-limits thanks to her job. He needs to come up with something quick, he didn’t want to waste any precious time with her. He looks back at his GPS to see he’s down the street from her house, and that’s when the idea pops into his head.

"It's Thursday, so how about I pick you up Saturday night and I take you dancing? Ya know, get your mind off of stuff. I'll be on my best behavior, I promise." He holds out his pinky finger. (Name) starts smiling and nods, she wraps her pinky around his to show him she’s taking him up on his offer, as well as holding him to his promise of behaving well. (Name) can't stop smiling as she continued looking at him. Hitoshi keeps his eyes on the road, occasionally turning his head a little to look and smile back.

As soon as the car stops in front of her house, (Name) pulls her pinky away, gathers up her stuff and hops out of the car but not before she thanks him for the ride.

"Thanks, Hitoshi! We should really do this again soon!" (Name) shouts, closing the door and sprinting to the front door. She fumbles with the keys for a bit before she finally gets the door open. Once Hitoshi is sure (Name) got the door open, he honks his car horn and slams on the gas, driving off before anyone sees him. (Name) slams the door and run upstairs, quickly jumping in the shower and changing into PJ's. She gathers up her clothes and pushes them to the bottom of the hamper before spraying some Febreze in the hopes that it'll make the smell go away, or at least minimize it so that no one could smell it when they walked in her room.

As soon as she finished spraying her hamper, she hears the front door open. The once silent house was now filled with the voices of her sister and friends. It was only a matter of time before they— two certain people to be precise— came looking for her.

“(Name)!” Katsuki’s voice booms. There it is; (Name) quickly hops into bed, pulling the covers up and over her head. God, he sounded so angry, she was scared shitless, enough to nearly start crying. She’s breathing hard, her anxiety gets worse as she hears two pairs of footsteps running up the stairs, attempting to be the first one in her room.

“(Name)!” Katsuki shouts one more time. Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck! She is so fucked. Katsuki was going to beat her up and yeet her out the window. Fuck, she’s starting to regret skipping school.

Her door slams open, light pours into her room from the hallway, and through her blanket, she can see the shadows of the two boys. Katsuki was the first one in, Shouto trailing behind him. Katsuki’s red eyes land on (Name)’s bed, staring at the obvious human lump hiding underneath the blankets, this bitch is hiding from him. He narrows his eyes in anger before he stomps over; he grabs onto the blankets and yanks them off with his strength.

“No!” (Name) screams, attempting to keep her blanket, but it’s no use. She was blanketless now, she shivers at the gust of cold air.

“Why the FUCK did you ditch, huh?!” He shouts, throwing (Name)’s blanket aside, his figure looms over her trembling body. She’s shaking from fear and the coldness of her room. Shouto sighs, making his way over and sitting down beside her.

“You’re a brute. (Name)’s not going to talk if you’re playing bad cop. So (Name), why did you decide to ditch today?” Shouto’s voice soothes (Name) and causing her to calm down a little; Shouto wraps an arm around (Name), bringing her closer to his body. He activates his left side, allowing (Name) to warm up, that felt a lot better. (Name) sighs happily, leaning further into Shouto’s touch. She could die happy in his arms. Katsuki was shaking in anger.

He wants to yell at her for not showing up for class and for letting some low-life tear her down so easily. He wanted to tell (Name) that she was so much better than what Touya said, hell, she was way out of Touya’s league to begin with. (Name) was top tier while Touya was shit tier. He looks at (Name)’s tear stained cheeks, he brushes some hair away from her face before he decides to do something risky.

Katsuki sighs and proceeds to rip her away from Shouto so he could pick her up bridal style. (Name) yelps, covering her face with his chest as he starts walking out of her room. The stairs were coming up and (Name) was terrified that he would end up dropping her by accident. Her hand reaches out and lands on his bicep; it was out of instinct, but Katsuki smirks and assumes she’s trying to feel him up. So he starts flexing a little just to try an impress her. (Name) feels his muscles flex beneath her fingers, you take a quick peek to see just how swole Katsuki really was.

(Name) really has to thank that weightlifting class for creating this Adonis. He’s been highly dedicated in his gym class, improving all his previous fitness scores; (Name) could see the improvement by how nice his arms are. Katsuki on the other hand enjoyed the attention she’s giving him. It feels nice knowing his hard work is being appreciated.

Shouto, on the other hand, is fuming; looking at his own arms and flexing them. He might not be in the weightlifting class, but years of practicing martial arts have also sculpted his body, maybe not like Katsuki’s, but he thinks his muscles were still nice. He sighs, this shouldn’t be the time to getting self-conscious, but he couldn’t help it when he was comparing himself to Katsuki.

The three of them get down to the basement. Katsuki sets (Name) down on the couch before sitting down next to her, his feet propping up on the coffee table. Everyone is staring at the two of them and the scene they just witnessed. (Name)’s fiddling with her fingers and Shouto sits down on the other side next to her, placing a reassuring hand on (Name)’s shoulder.

Katsuki feels everyone’s eyes on him, and he swears to god he’ll blow this place up if they keep on staring. Thankfully, Fumikage speaks up, adverting everyone’s attention.

“Why didn’t you show up to school today?” He asks, now all eyes were on (Name); she musters up a weak smile before responding to the question.

“I wasn’t feeling well. I felt like throwing up so I went home.” She says, earning a shriek from Denki who quickly covers his face.

“If you gotta throw up, please don’t throw up on me!”

“Shut the fuck up, dumbass,” Katsuki shouts at Denki, grabbing one of the empty soda cans that sat on the table, he throws the can straight at Denki, who was unaware of a can being thrown at him, shrieks once more when the can hits the top of his head.

“Wow Denki, I didn’t know your scream could be so high pitched.” (Sister’s Name) says as she walks into the room. Denki immediately turns red, he really wished he could be Thanos snapped out of reality right now. (Sister’s Name) turns her attention back to the rest of the group, she’s smiling and bouncing a little from the excitement of finally getting to reveal the good news.

“We got booked to play at a wedding!” Oops, she couldn’t contain herself anymore. She blurted it out before she could say what she needed to before that.

"A wedding?!" Everyone shouts. (Sister’s Name) rapidly nods her head. Her smile is bright and dazzling. (Name) thought the club gig was the best thing ever, but this was even better! Buttercup Revenge has finally branched off enough that a couple wanted them guys to play at their wedding!

“When’s the wedding?” Momo asks, pulling out her phone so she can write the date down in her calendar. She needed to know as soon as possible so she could get everyone started on their homework. No one was slacking off on Mama Momo’s watch.

“Approximately one month from now. They said it would be on a Sunday.” (Sister’s Name) answers, scrolling through the texts that were sent between her and the bride.

“How did they find out about us?” Denki asks. That question makes your sister think for a bit too.

“This time I didn’t do anything. The bride says her little brother showed her a video of one of our performances. She said he also worked there,” She keeps on scrolling through her phone, eyebrows furrowed as she looked to piece all the information together. “His name is Hitoshi. So yeah, he showed her the video and now here we are, cordially invited to play at her wedding.”

Katsuki sat there, feeling suspicious when he heard Hitoshi’s name. He knew about that kid’s reputation, so what was he planning with having Buttercup Revenge play at his sister’s wedding? Katsuki’s eyes wander over to (Name), she looked as equally confused as everyone. Katsuki can’t help but think it was strange how Hitoshi just suddenly started appeared everywhere ever since that day at the mall. He’d have to talk to (Name) about this later.

(Name) on the other hand feels excited to hear Hitoshi’s name, especially when it’s paired up with him secretly leading a helping hand to help her band. The more gigs they got, the slimmer her chances were of having to strip her way through college.

Everyone else in the band — except Katsuki— was excited about this opportunity. (Sister’s Name) went straight to asking the bride for more details, such as what songs she wanted, outfit ideas, and a whole bunch of other things. (Sister’s Name) continues to read off the messages between the two of them, increasing the hype around the room.

Shouto looks over at (Name), smiling when he sees the excitement written across her face. His hand enveloped hers, giving her a small, gentle squeeze. (Name) turns to look at him, sharing his smile and squeezing his hand back.

“Congrats.” He whispers.

“Thanks, Sho!” (Name) says with glee, laying her head on his shoulder. At this moment (Name) realizes she hasn’t been spending as much time with Shouto as she used to, she needs to do something to make up for it, she’ll probably make him some cold soba.

(Name) looks around the rest of their friends, they’re all laughing and telling jokes, (Sister’s Name) is teasing Denki for his girlish scream from earlier, with Fumikage also taking some jabs at him. Then (Name) looks over at Katsuki, he was the only one not having a fun time. He was moody, an aura that would normally scare people off radiated off of him. Since everyone here was close, no one really noticed it, and if they did, they weren’t scared off by it anymore. Maybe this was a good time to ask him what was bothering him.

“Hey what’s wrong, Katsuki?” (Name) asks, turning all her attention to the angry blonde boy next to her, she places her hand on his shoulder; he stiffens up for a second before he relaxes his shoulders.

“Nothing.” He says curtly, his eyes stay glued onto the table and his arms were crossed. He wasn’t going to say more. (Name) knew better than to push him to talk, it would only piss him off more, so she leaves it at that; turning back to the rest of the group, she starts chatting but leaves her hand on Katsuki’s shoulder. He cools down a little at her touch, but in his mind, he continued thinking about Hitoshi. What the fuck did he want?


Saturday night finally comes around. (Name) spent the entire morning and afternoon getting herself ready for this date with Hitoshi. The more she checked the time, the more she got excited, and the slower time went as well.

She stood in front of the mirror, her hands moving down her curves to flatten down her dress. She was wearing the dress she bought for the bands first performance at the club, paired with some black fishnets and black heels. Since (Name) wasn’t the best with makeup, she goes to (Sister’s Name), begging for help; she agrees both out of sympathy for her little sister having no skill whatsoever with makeup, and also out of pure excitement over this mystery date. (Sister’s Name) decides to go for a simple look, nothing too heavy. Just some mascara and eyeliner and gloss and she was good. Simple and easy, and it would be easy to take off when she got home.

(Name) sits down on her bed, checking her phone every three seconds and playing with a lock of her hair. She began to slip away into her daydreams, imagining all the different ways this night could end; all of them hopefully ending with a kiss from Hitoshi. She’s knocked out of her daydreams when she hears her phone go off.

[5:48 PM] Purple Boi: Babe, I’m here.

(Name) squeals, jumping off her bed, she stops by her mirror one last time to make sure she looked good. She looked amazing! She walks out of her room and down the stairs, all the lights were on downstairs and the TV in the living room could be heard blaring from where she was.

“I’m going out!” (Name) shouts. Her mom walks out of the kitchen, taking a quick glance at how nicely dressed (Name) was, she hums wondering who her daughter was dressed so nicely for.

“With who?” She asks with suspicion. (Name) gulps, she had been hoping her mom wouldn’t ask any questions on who and where she was heading out, maybe she shouldn’t have dressed this nicely.

“A boy named Hitoshi.” As soon as his name escapes her lips, the doorbell rings. (Name)’s mom raises an eyebrow at her before pushing (Name) out of the way to open the door. (Name) curses in her head, as much as she liked the boy, she also knew he wasn’t the type of guy a girl could bring home to introduce to her parents.

Mama (Last Name) opens the door to reveal Hitoshi; his hair was tied up in a tiny ponytail, the lack of gel in his hair allowed the front shorter sections of his hair to remain down, nicely framing his handsome face. He wore a red button-up shirt, a black tie, and black skinny jeans. He was also holding a banquet of roses, he smiles as soon as he sees her mom.

“Hello, ma’am. My name is Hitoshi, it’s nice to finally meet you.” He holds his hand out to shake, (Name)’s mom sends her a quick look of approval before she looks back at him and shakes his hand.

“Hello Hitoshi. It’s nice to meet you as well. Well then, I think you two should start heading out.” She moves out of the way to let (Name) walk past. Right as she’s about to close the door, Hitoshi stops her.

“Oh, you can have these. (Name) told me you and your husband enjoyed roses so I decided to pick these up as a thank you for allowing me to take your daughter out.” He hands the roses over to (Name)’s mom, now she really approves of him. (Name) smiles, linking her arm with Hitoshi’s as the two start to walk away.

“Make sure you have her home by midnight, okay?” She calls out. (Name) let’s out a shocked gasp. Midnight? That’s an hour extra from her normal curfew. Wow, Hitoshi sold his good boy act well enough that she got an extra hour out. Today (Name) discovered something new about Hitoshi: he’s an amazing actor. Maybe he should drop the whole drug dealer career and take up acting instead.

“Will do! Have a good night!” Hitoshi shouts backs, sending (Name)’s mom one last wave before the two walk down the street. (Name)’s heart was doing jumping jacks from how exciting this was; she couldn’t believe how well Hitoshi played that off.

“I didn’t know you were an actor.” (Name) says, looking him straight in the eyes. Hitoshi just smirks and shrugs.

“There’s a lot you don’t know about.” He says, stopping in front of her and placing a hand on her cheek. “but one thing you know now is that I can go from ‘hello sir, it’s nice to finally meet you’ to ‘your daughter calls me daddy too’.”

(Name) chokes after hearing that, Hitoshi can’t help but burst into laughter before he leads her down the street towards his car. He made sure to park further away from her house so that her parents wouldn’t see. (Name) stops a little when she sees his car, he stops to look at her.

“Come on princess, I don’t bite.” He grins.

“You’re not 16, so how are you driving?” (Name) asks, looking between him and his nice car with suspicion.

“I’m not 14 like you,” He teases, pinching her cheek. “I turned 15 in July so I took my drivers ed course over the summer and got my permit.” And to prove it, he pulls out his permit from his wallet. (Name) squints her eyes, leaning close to exam it, it looked pretty real.

“Aren’t you only supposed to drive with a parent?” (Name) questions again. Yeah sure she was 14, but goddammit she knew the laws of driving. Hitoshi only shrugs, he doesn’t care about the law, he’s a fucking drug dealer for god’s sake.

“As long as I don’t get caught, I’m fine.” He replies. At this point, she doesn’t know what she asked him that question, his illegal side job pops up into her mind— and last time she checked the only legal drug dealers around here were pharmacists, and Touya also did the same thing when he got his permit, so why did she even bother to ask. “Plus, you didn’t seem to care when I drove you home the other day.”

Well shit, he got her there.

“You getting in or nah?” Hitoshi backs away from (Name), walking over to the passenger door and opening it for her. (Name) looks around for a second to make sure no one was around before getting into the car. She can’t help but feel excited, the adrenaline of doing something bad felt so good. Hitoshi closes the door before he makes his way over to the driver’s side, a small skip in his step. He gets in and turns on the car, then looks over at (Name).

“You ready for me to make you forget all your problems?” He asks, (Name) smiles and nods her head. Her innocence peeking through, he can’t help but smile back. Looking forward and stepping on the gas, his right hand lands on her knee, rubbing it to ease the anxiety he knew she felt.

The purring of his engine fills the quiet neighborhood and off they went into the night.


Since it was Saturday night, the club was popping. The food court was filled up, lines were backing up. The arcade also had a large number of people crowded inside. Hitoshi pulls (Name) over to the Deep, the security guards only glance at Hitoshi’s face and let him in, not caring if he did or didn’t have a badge. They already knew he worked in that room after all.

Tonight the room seemed more busy and full than usual. The bar that usually only had one bartender during the week now had three, and even then they could barely hold down the large mob of dehydrated teens crowding around.

Looking around to make sure no one noticed him, Hitoshi pulls (Name) over to the back of the room where it was darker.

“Not sure if you wanted to get high again so I brought some ecstasy.” He says, pulling out a small baggy that contained two pills. (Name) gasps, staring at the bag with surprise. She was new to the world of drugs, so all of this came as a complete shock to the system for her. “You wanna try?”

Sure smoking weed was fun, but wasn’t this going a little bit too far? Isn’t this how drug addictions start? Questions race through her mind, and Hitoshi could see she was feeling nervous about this. Noticing the hesitation, he begins to put the baggy away.

“You don’t have to do anything you don’t wanna do.” He says, but as soon as he does, (Name) stops him from putting the baggy away. She bites down on her lower lip, still thinking about what path to take. A quick glance at the crowd that filled the dance floor, she saw how crazy those teens were acting. She kinda wanted to know how that felt, to let loose without a care in the world.

Okay, she would try this only once! One time and that was it. No more drugs, except for weed.

“I wanna try.” She sticks her tongue out. Hitoshi stares at her for a second before pulling one of the pills out and placing it on her tongue.

“Now just let it dissolve in your mouth.” He says, placing the other pill on his tongue. “It’s going to taste bitter.”

(Name) nods, feeling the pill slowly start to dissolve on her tongue. Her face twists with disgust at how strong the bitter taste was, it was worse than she imagined. The pill looked like a children’s vitamin pill, she had expected it to taste the same, but nope, the taste was overwhelming, she almost wanted to spit it out. Hitoshi chuckles, but soon his face twists with disgust too. He’s done ecstasy too many times to count, but even he couldn’t get used to the nasty taste.

It only takes a couple of minutes for the pills to dissolve. (Name) looks around only to find that she still feels the same, the only difference was that the gross taste remained on her tongue and at the back of her throat. Why wasn’t she high yet? Weed only took a couple of minutes, so why wasn’t this working?

“It’s not working.” (Name) says with disappointment. Hitoshi just nods his head.

“It takes 30 minutes to an hour for it to start working. In the meanwhile, let’s go get something to drink and then we can go dance.” He grabs her hand, not waiting for an answer before he’s pulling her across the room and over to the bar. (Name) on the other hand allows herself to be dragged as she stares at the flashing lights, hoping the drug would kick in soon.

“Two waters, please.” Hitoshi orders, receiving a quick nod from the bartender. (Name)’s staring at Hitoshi now, sometimes she finds it hard to believe that someone as nice as hi is labeled as a bad boy. If she didn’t know about his little side job then she would’ve assumed Hitoshi was just a regular old high school kid that had a sweet job working as a DJ part-time.

(Name) hops a little to the music playing, watching the crowd go wild was getting her pumped. She couldn’t wait until the Molly started taking effect so she could get out there and dance without a care in the world like everyone else. She’s so captivated by the scene that she doesn’t notice Hitoshi until he’s standing in front of her with two glasses of water.

“Drink some water. You need to stay hydrated so this trip doesn’t turn bad.” He hands (Name) one of the glasses, she looks at it for a second before gulping it all down. She didn’t want to bad trip on her first time taking ecstasy, and since Hitoshi was clearly the master of drugs, she’s going to take all the advice he offers her. Hitoshi drinks his water, takes the glasses and puts them back on the counter, then he extends his hand out to her.

“Ready to dance?” He asks.

“But I’m not high yet.”

“That doesn’t mean you can’t dance. Come on, it’s better when it hits when you’re dancing.” (Name) grabs onto his hand, and this time, instead of leading her further into the dark, he leads her to the flashing lights. It’s hotter on this side of the room thanks to the giant mass of sweaty bodies dancing around each other— or on each other. Hitoshi keeps them near the edge of the crowd, going too far into it would make it an unenjoyable experience due to the overwhelming smell of B.O.

(Name)’s never been to a rave before, so she wasn’t sure how to dance or what to do. She keeps looking around at the people nearby to copy what they were doing, hoping to pick up something useful, but instead, all she sees is people jumping up and down, whipping their heads, and bumping their fists in the air. A couple of girls on the outer edges of the crowd had hula hoops and were doing some neat tricks with them, of course, that’s something (Name) couldn’t mimic, but she wished she could. Looking in another direction, she sees a couple of girls grinding against some boys; (Name) looks away, she couldn’t do that either.

Turning around to face Hitoshi, she finds him smirking down at her. He caught her watching people grind, so of course he was going to use this moment to tease her. He grabs (Name)’s arms, pulling her closer and leaning in to talk close to her ear.

“If you wanna grind, I wouldn’t mind.” Oh, there’s that shit-eating smirk of his.

“No!” (Name) shouts back, covering his mouth with her hands. She takes a second to look around, expecting a couple faces to be sending her strange looks, but she finds none. Everyone around them was so lost in the moment, nothing else mattered except them and the song currently playing, just dancing and enjoying the atmosphere. She’s staring at everyone in awe, she doesn’t notice Hitoshi moving her hands away from his lips.

“Don’t worry, everyone here is basically high off their minds,” Hitoshi says, turning (Name) around so her back is pressed against his chest. (Name) nods, allowing herself to relax, trying to reach the same nirvana the rest of the partygoers were at.

For a while, it’s just the two of them dancing, and soon it hits her.

Waiting in a car
Waiting for a ride in the dark
The night city grows
Look and see her eyes, they glow

(Name) finds herself opening up, a connection to all these people and a sense of belonging hits her. She’s looking around, the lights are flashing brighter than before, everything seems hazy but in a good way. A couple of girls turn around, eyeing (Name) for a second before they start ambushing her with compliments. They were all smiles and laughs as they danced together, (Name) smiles and compliments them back, feeling more social than usual.

“Are you feeling it?” Hitoshi’s hot breath hits the nape of her neck, causing goosebumps to form on her arms. (Name) just nods her head in response, turning her head for a second just to flash him a quick smile. Closing her eyes, she allows the song to help her slip further into her drug-induced haze.

Waiting in a car
Waiting for a ride in the dark

Hitoshi’s hands have found (Name)’s hips, resting there as he presses his lips against her neck. A giggle slips from (Name)’s lips, both from the ticklish feeling his lips are giving her as well as the sight of a dude crowd surfing ahead. The crowd was digging it, and so was (Name), now she wanted to do that too.

(Name) turns around, sliding her hands through Hitoshi’s messy purple locks. He leans in closer to her, and she allows it. Their lips were only an inch apart before she pulls away, a teasing smile playing on her lips.

“Catch me.” Is all she says before she slips out of his arms and begins running deeper into the crowd. The closer to the center she gets, the hotter and smellier it becomes. Hitoshi was hot on her heels but she wasn’t stopping until she found the perfect spot.

The smell was bad, but she stopped caring. Instead, she started breathing through her mouth to avoiding having to smell all the sweat. Hitoshi finally catches up to her, grabbing (Name) by her arms and pulling her back up against his body. He’s got a carnal look in his eyes, (Name) can’t help but bite her lip in excitement. She’s never seen him like this, but she wanted to keep seeing this side of him.

Drinking in the lounge
Following the neon signs

Eventually the two of them stumble out from the crowd, the smell was starting to become overpowering, some fresh air was much needed. They laugh as they make their way over to the bar, their hands holding on tight to each other to prevent them from getting separated.

“Two waters, please.” Hitoshi says to the same bartender from before. Hitoshi looks back over at (Name), finding her mesmerized by all the neon signs and flashing lights. He chuckles, and while he enjoyed seeing her silly reactions when she was high, he didn’t wanted her to gain a dependency on them. While smoking weed can see be on the table, this will be her first and last time doing ecstasy, he hopes she got to enjoy the experience.

Two glasses of water appear next to him, he grabs them handing one of them over to (Name). Up until now, she didn’t realize how thirsty she was, grabbing the cup, she throws her head back and gulps it down.

Waiting for a roar
Looking at the mutating skyline
The city is my church
It wraps me in the sparkling twilight

(Name) pulls Hitoshi back towards the commotion, she’s still full of energy and this is the only way she can burn it all off. Hitoshi doesn’t mind, he’s rolled up his sleeves and his tie is undone and his hair is a mess, thanks to (Name) running her fingers through those soft locks each time the opportunity presented itself. He’s had to redo his ponytail about ten times already.

(Name) lets go of Hitoshi’s hand and begins walking further ahead, he tries to keep up but people keep getting in his way, once he finally sees (Name) again, she’s standing in the middle, dancing alone. He’s can’t help but smile when he watches her look so at peace, almost like she’s reached zen. He steps forward, moving in close like a predator about to pounce on his unsuspecting prey. As soon as he’s close enough, he wraps his arms around her. (Name) jumps a little from shock and surprise but as soon as she see those loose strands of purple in her eyesight, she knows she’s safe.

“Hitoshi!” She laughs, the way his name rolls off her tongue makes his head spin and his heartbeat a bit faster. She turns around and slightly pulls away so she can grab his hand and dance.

Waiting in a car
Waiting for the right time
Waiting in a car
Waiting for the right time
Waiting in a car
Waiting for the right time

(Name) closes her eyes, moving around to the beat of the song, feeling a wave of warmness and tranquility wash over her as she tries to sing along to the song.

Hitoshi watches her, his eyes focused on her and only her. Everyone else in this room didn’t matter for him, he was just here for her; right now that her eyes were closed, he takes a moment to lean in closer, catching a whiff of her intoxicating smell.

When (Name) opens her eyes, she finds Hitoshi’s face much closer to hers; she just sends him a sly smile before her hand reaches up to brush her thumb against the softness of his lips. She wonders how they would feel against hers. It’s a fleeting thought as she feels herself close to reaching the peak of her high, she’s still climbing and damn is she excited to know what the top holds, this euphoria she feels is only further enhanced the most she runs her thumb over Hitoshi’s lips and her other hands runs through his soft hair. She decides to take a risk.

Quickly leaning closer to his face, she plants a small kiss on his lips; she pulls back, her smile stretches across her face while Hitoshi’s face blossoms pink, his mouth opened in wonder. Once the initial shock wears off, he’s smiling like a huge idiot.

(Name) can’t help but laugh as she pulls away to jump up and down. The ride is almost to the top, just a couple more seconds left to go.

Waiting in a car
Waiting for the right time
Waiting in a car
Waiting for a ride in the dark

The song ends and from that moment on she’s so high, it almost feels like she’s in and out of reality. One moment she was dancing in the middle of the crowd, the next she was dancing on top of a table with Hitoshi keeping his arms open in case she fell. One second she was dancing on the floor again and the next second she’s surfing the crowd.

She doesn’t know what time it is or how long it’s been since she’s reached the peak, all she knows is that it feels like it’s been forever and that this was the most fun she’s ever had.

The crowd below her are cheering, and she can’t help but scream and cheer back and then it goes black again.

The rest of the night is a blur, from the Deep she ends up outside playing Dance Dance Revolution, then she’s talking with a bunch of other people, she doesn’t know if she’s high or if they’re high or if everyone around them is high. She tries to concentrate, she really does, but it just doesn’t work.

And finally, she wounds up back in Hitoshi’s car. She doesn’t remember how she got there, but hey, at least she was safe and with him and not somewhere else with someone else. She begins to move a little, alerting Hitoshi that she was finally awake.

“Finally awake?” He chuckles as he reaches out to grab her hand. (Name) accepts his hand, giving it a tight squeeze while also managing to put on a smile.

“What happened?” She asks, still unsure of the details or timeline from dancing in the arcade to now.

“Well, you were surprisingly doing really well at DDR but then you said you were thirsty so we left and got some water, after that, you passed out, I brought you back to my car and now here we are.” He keeps his eyes on the road.

The windows are rolled down allowing the cool night air to slap their hair around, the fresh smell of nightly dew and pine trees permeates through the car. At this point (Name) realizes she slept through half of the drive, meaning her night with Hitoshi was coming to an end, and since she was coming down from her high, she was starting to feel sad. She wishes the night could continue on, but she also knows Hitoshi wouldn’t risk taking her home late.

The familiar roads of her neighborhood appear, she watches as they get closer to her street but before they get near her house, Hitoshi pulls over and parks. While he wishes he could drive right up to her driveway, he wasn’t sure if her parents were still awake. He already made a good impression on (Name)’s mom, he didn’t want to ruin that. Turning off the car, he steps out and makes his way over to the passenger side to help (Name) get out.

“Can you walk?” He asks, helping (Name) up. She nods but stumbles a little, luckily she stumbles right on his chest. Hitoshi sighs while (Name) laughs; he pulls away from her before kneeling down in front of her, his back facing her. “Get on my back, I’ll give you a piggyback ride.”

(Name) wanted to walk so she wouldn’t burden him anymore, but she also had a feeling that she would fall down again and only burden him even more. With no other options at hand, she gets on his back.

Hitoshi lifts her up with ease, he shows no signs of struggle as he begins walking towards her house. (Name) takes this moment to nuzzle her face against his neck, taking in a deep breath of his cologne, now she really wishes they could stay like this forever, but sadly it doesn’t. The walk was short and before she knew it, they were already walking up her driveway and onto the small path that lead to the front door.

Once they reach the door, Hitoshi slowly lowers (Name) down onto her feet, for a couple of minutes he checks to make sure she can stand without falling and then making her walk back and forth to make sure she could walk.

“Let me check your eyes.” He says, motioning for her to come close. (Name) does as he says; stepping in close, Hitoshi opens her eyelids and flashes his phone’s flashlight to see how her pupils were doing, they were still a little dilated but that would go away soon. His face is so close to hers, (Name) gulps, memories of the kiss they shared flash through her mind. She’s happy that’s one of the few things she remembers though.

“Get inside and drink some water immediately, you’re probably super dehydrated.” (Name) only nods her head at whatever he was saying, she was too busy smiling like an idiot and staring deep into his tired and intense eyes. Hitoshi’s smiling back, rubbing her cheek with his hand.

Slowly, he gets closer to her face, allowing his forehead to rest against hers. (Name)’s hands move up to play with his messy hair, twirling a lock around her index fingers. Hitoshi’s warm breath hits her lips, she doesn’t know if it’s the effects of ecstasy that are making her feel like this but goddamn did she want him to kiss her. Lucky for her, he wants to do the same thing; he closes the distance between them, planting his lips firmly against hers. The kiss lasts for a few minutes before he finally breaks away.

(Name) breathless, she actually almost forgot how to breathe for a second. Her body had experienced a mental shutdown before rebooting and starting back up. Hitoshi just grins, mentally chuckling at the way he’s left her flustered and speechless after only one small kiss.

Using her momentary distraction against her once more, he grabs her house keys and opens the door for her. As much as he wanted to keep on kissing her, she needed to be inside drinking water and heading off to bed. Quietly opening the door, he leads her inside and gives her one last peck on the lips.

“Go drink some water, right now.” He commands, (Name) just keeps on giggling, she was really liking this side of him. Hitoshi rolls his eyes before smiling. “I’ll text you when I get home.”

Nodding and smiling but not saying anything, (Name) just keeps her eyes glued onto him until the door is fully closed and she can no longer see him. Sighing with happiness, she takes off her shoes and making her way to the kitchen to do what Hitoshi told her to do.

Her parents knew she was going to be out late, so the kitchen light was left on; and fortunately for her, everyone was sound asleep. She creeps around the kitchen, trying her hardest not to making any loud noises. She manages to grab a cup and fills it up with water. She gulps it down and refills it three more times until she feels better.

‘What a night!’ She thinks to herself as she turns on her flashlight and turns off the kitchen light. She tiptoes down the hallway and up the stairs to her room, moving extra slow when she passes her sister’s room. She manages to clear the entire obstacle without making any loud sounds, she passed the tiny game she made up in her mind.

Once inside her room, (Name) yawns, now the tiredness was setting in. After hours of dancing and raving with Hitoshi, she was pooped. This was also another side effect of the drug wearing off, hopefully tomorrow she wouldn’t feel too depressed.

(Name)’s phone ‘dings’ signaling her that she’s received a text message. Walking over to her bed where she had thrown her phone, a smile immediately becomes plastered on her face when she sees who the culprit was. She’s so captivated by him that she goes straight to laying down in bed. She’s too lazy and tired to take off her dress, but she does reach over to her nightstand to grab some makeup wipes to clean her face.

Once that’s done, she turns off the lights and lays down on her back. After a couple of texts back and forth, (Name) rests her phone on her chest, closing her eyes, she relishes in this happy feeling he’s given her. That silly smile never once leaves her face as she thinks about to everything that happened tonight; Hitoshi promised to help make her feel better and forget about it all, and he ended up fulling that promise better than she expected.

Unfortunately, her happy and peaceful mood goes to shit when she hears a knock at her window. The sudden noise causes her to jump up in fear. While her curtains were covering the window, she could see the shadows of the tree that stood next to her window peeking through. Looking back at her phone, she sends Hitoshi a quick text on her current situation.

[12:54 PM] (Name): Give me a sec I heard a knock at my window.

She gets up from her bed, slowly moving over to her window and pushing her curtains said. She released a loud gasp when she sees none other than Touya perched on one of the tree branches. She hears another ping coming from her phone, taking one glance at Touya and his smiling face, she releases the curtains and goes back to her phone.

[12:55 PM] Purple Boi: Did you see what it was?

(Name) reads his message and quickly replies back.

[12:55 PM] (Name): It’s Touya...

Once again, Touya knocks at her window. (Name) looking back and forth between her phone and window. Hitoshi messages her back almost immediately.

[12:56 PM] Purple Boi: (Name) you better not open up that window.

She stares at his message for a second, biting her bottom lip and thinking about what to do. She makes her decision after Touya knocks a third time. She looks at her phone before throwing it on her bed, then walks over to her window and opens it. Her phone keeps doing off behind her, but she decides to ignore it, just for the moment at least.

Touya carefully moves from the tree and into (Name)’s room and he does so effortlessly, without making a single sound.

“Thanks, I was scared the branch was going to break.” He chuckles, rubbing the back of his neck nervously. (Name) stares at him, with no expression visible on her face; that makes him even more nervous.

“What are you doing here?” She asks, her voice was cold and held no emotion. Touya flinches a bit, form all the years he’s known her, she’s never spoken to him in that tone before.

“I just wanted to apologize for what I said.” He sighs, his hands reach out and attempt to grab her hands, but (Name) was quick to pull herself away from him. That breaks his heart a little. (Name) stays quiet, instead she just keeps her gaze focused down on the floor, arms crossed against her chest. Touya takes this moment to take in her appearance, her hair is all messed up from the long energetic night she just had, and he really likes her dress and the way it clings onto her. “You look amazing.”

(Name) gives him a side glance, She knows she looks amazing, Hitoshi had been complimenting her all night long. Fuck yeah, she was looking hot as hell, she just spent the night dancing with an extremely attractive guy.

“Did you just get home from a date?” He asks, (Name) continues to eye him with suspicion. What’s it to him? She wasn’t his girlfriend or even his friend, so why is he asking?

“Yeah. Why?” Might as well just ask him. Touya only shrugs, but his eyes narrow a bit when she confirms that she did, in fact, just get home from a date.

“With who? That fuckin’ blond kid with anger management issues?” Touya hated Katsuki, he was a threat; plus, he also punched him in the face two days ago, he was going to kill Katsuki the next time he saw him, but for now, he’ll just break him using the girl he likes.

“No. I went out with Hitoshi.” Her reply seems to trigger him even more; he curses under his breath, he knew he should’ve done something back when he first something forming between (Name) and Hitoshi. Well, it was too late now, he’d have to figure something out to get both boys out of his way.

“Stay away from him.” Touya blurts out. (Name) dramatically exhales while rolling her eyes. She already got this from Katsuki, and while she understood why Katsuki would worry, but this was Touya, so why does he suddenly care about? And why was he telling her who to stay away from? Last time she checked, she and Touya were nothing.

“Why? Why do you suddenly care about who I go out with?” Her voice gets high for a second before she remembers what time it is. The last thing she wanted was her mom or sister getting up to check on her and finding Touya of all people standing in her room. She’d never hear the end of it and chances are Touya would most likely get pushed out the window.

“I know that kid, okay? He’s not a good guy, he sells drugs for the states top drug lord.” Now, that was news for her. Honestly, what was she expecting? That he somehow grew his own weed or made his own ecstasy? A part of her knew he had to get it from someone else but she didn’t want to look further into his dark life, at least she just wanted to remain naive about it for a while longer, or for as long as she could. Fuck, maybe she should’ve avoided him when Katsuki gave her the first warning. What the fuck did she get herself into?

Shaking the thoughts out of her head, she had more pressing matters to attend to first.

“He’s my friend too, I know you buy weed from him, he told me. He also told me stories about you, like that time you had a bad trip on acid, and that one time—“ Touya cuts her off by placing his hand over her mouth, his cheeks turn a light shade of pink; he was embarrassed knowing she had dirt on him. He was also pissed that Hitoshi told her this and potentially ruined the image he’s created for her. Well, he probably did that on his own now that he thinks about it, but he’ll just keep blaming Hitoshi because fuck that dude.

“Listen, I’ve known him for a while and I know the mob he works for too. So just be careful around him, okay? You don’t wanna get mixed up with that crowd.” Touya takes a step forward causing (Name) to take a step back. She had so many questions she wanted to ask him about Hitoshi. She really did like him, and she’s appreciated the moments the two of them just started to share and the way he treats her like a queen. It’s fantastic, but she couldn’t get into this right now, this would be a conversation for another day, right now she wanted to get down to the point: Why was Touya here?

“Why are you here? Shouldn’t you be, oh I don’t know, spending time with your girlfriend?”  She turns away from him, she’s glaring at the wall and trying her hardest not to grind her teeth from the anger boiling up inside her. Touya sighs.

“We broke up.” That catches her off guard. A couple of minutes ago she was so ready to scream at him, but he goes and throws that out the window with just those three simple words. She turns around to face him; he’s leaning against the wall near her window, those turquoise eyes of his pierce through the dark.

“Really? Aw, I’m so sorry Touya.” She wasn’t sorry, fuck that bitch. She wanted to burst out in laughter, but instead she puts on the more sympathetic face she could make at the moment. She covers her mouth with her hand so she could smirk for a second; she felt like a huge bitch for smiling at Touya’s sadness, but at the same time, she didn’t give a fuck. (Name) quickly goes back to frowning so Touya wouldn’t see her enjoying his pain, but she continues to laugh internally. “Why did you guys break up?”

“You.” The laughter stops. (Name)’s eyes go wide and scan his face to see if he was deceiving her. He looked serious.

“Why me?” She whispers, confused by everything. Why her? And why did her heart start racing when he said that?

“She might’ve caught me staring at you a couple of times.” He replies shamelessly and shrugs. He pushes himself away from the wall; the moonlight shines on him, illuminating his attractive face. The light also lets her see that he really needs to dye the roots of his hair, red was starting to show.

“Why would you be starting at me? I’m nothing compared to her.” (Name) looks away, thinking back to the time when she saw her at the mall.

“You’re better than her,” He starts off, he takes a step closer, “God she’s so annoying. Always complaining about stupid shit. She’s nothing like you, (Name), you’re the complete package. A cute girl with the same music taste as me, we vibe well, we get each other. That’s not something I get with her.” His turquoise eyes shine as he speaks, especially when he’s talking about (Name).

Those eyes put her in a trance, and his words, well, she’s basically putty in his hands; she’s young, naive, and blindly in love with him, she’s got those rose-colored lenses on which make the red flags invisible in her eyes.

“(Name),’ He whispers her name, another two steps and he’s directly in front of her. She catches her breath at the way he says her name, a shiver runs down her spine. She missed that and she missed him.

His arms wrap around her, pulling her closer to his body. (Name)’s nose brushes against his chest and she takes this moment to take in his scent, he still wore the same fancy cologne his mom got him. It brought her memories of the days when they would cuddle together or dancing around his room. She keeps on breathing him, finding herself still addicted to everything about him; she felt like a drug addict who went to rehab for help only to fall back in the cycle of their toxic environment. It was game over for her.

Her arms wrap around his torso, she rubs her cheek against his chest. Her heart fluttered and her legs felt weak; she hated how easily he could turn the tables on her, just one look from those piercing eyes of his and she was a goner, she fucking hated it especially after everything that’s happened and everything he did to her. She fucking hated it.

Touya hook under her chin, forcing her to look up at him. There he goes with his burning eyes, her breath hitches again when he slowly leans down, his breath hitting her lips and his thumb runs along her jawline. She feels her mouth go dry from anticipation. What was he going to do? Was he just going to stand there and stare at her? Or was he going to kiss her? A part of her hopes he kisses her.

He must’ve read her mind, or maybe he was still fluent in her body language because that’s exactly what he does. He presses his lips against hers; at first, she doesn’t return the kiss, but the softness and warmth of his lips coax her into falling deeper in his trap. He gently pushes her back towards her bed, the back of her knees hit the mattress; with his help, she falls back and he climbs on top of her, the kiss only breaking for a second before resuming.

The kiss deepens, hands roam around and tug. There’s a burst of energy inside her, rekindling emotions and feelings she’s been keeping covered since the last time they were like this. She releases a shaky moan against his lips before breaking the kiss. Touya looks down at her, both their chests are rising up and down quickly, trying to catch their breaths. Touya leans down to resume the kiss but (Name) stops him.

“Um, so, my band’s got something big coming up soon. Would you like to make a special appearance with us?” What the fuck was she saying? She’s clearly not thinking things through. The wedding wanted a duet, and here comes the boy of her dreams, waltzing back into her life. Nothing seemed better than singing with him at such a romantic event. Touya thinks about it for a second before he nods.

“Yeah, I would love to sing with you. Now, shall we continue where we left off?” He asks, waiting for (Name)’s answer. (Name) stares at his lips, they were slightly swollen from the intense kissing; her tongue licks her bottom lip before she nods in return.

“Yeah, let’s continue.” She smiles and he smirks, leaning back down to continue on. The kiss becomes sloppy and passionate, both relishing in this feeling.

(Name)’s guts tell her to stop, but she ignores the feeling. It was just one more taste, right? It’s not like she’s going to get madly addicted like the last time. She was strong, this would be the last time and then no more, she was quitting Touya cold turkey after this. Unless…

What if this time he asks her out? She was single and he was single too; they were both on the market and there wasn’t a rule that made dating immediately after a breakup a bad thing. Plus, she isn’t friend with his ex so this doesn’t break girl code, does it? All is fair in love and war after all.

Touya’s hands were slowly running down her body, stopping at her hips. (Name) finds herself getting lost in the moment, her mind was gone and now she was thinking about the other parts of herself; the sounds of their heavy breathing along with the sound of her fishnet stocking ripping, she’s quickly getting high on this feeling. This one producing a better high than the weed or ecstasy that Hitoshi gave her. She was on cloud nine and now it felt like nothing could take her down. Her body has been craving him, the distractions in her life did a good job at hiding the withdrawals, but now her heart cries out in joy that this is happening again, he’s finally with her again.

Red flags carelessly were thrown to the side, and feelings for others thrown right into the trash just for this moment of ecstasy. Love was one hell of a drug.

Chapter Text


She had fallen into the grips of temptation and sin. His touch and kisses were intoxicating, so much so, that for the past two days, he’s been sneaking into her room at night to tarnish her sweet purity even more.

“Touya...” (Name) whimpers his name, throwing her head back on the pillow, nimble fingers moving under the blanket that covered their bodies to grip onto Touya’s mop of messy black hair. At first, her fingers move through the soft sea of dark locks, adding light pressure to bring him even closer to her core. He complies, adding more pressure and power to his actions.

The Adonis incarnate moves away from her, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. He moves back down but doesn’t resume his job, instead, he blows some cool air against her stomach, causing shivers to do down her spine. He chuckles at the sight, he goes on to press his mouth against her upper thigh before leaving small bite marks around the area. He keeps on teasing her for a bit, he did always think her reactions were the cutest.

He watches her with hawk eyes, her hair was a mess, plastered against her pillow. Cheeks covered in a rosy hue, her chest rising up and down. He felt himself growing tighter. Not being able to handle it anymore, he moves his boxers down his hips, revealing his erect member, and taking them off; throwing the article of clothing in a random corner. He pumps himself, once, twice, three times. Not once taking his eyes off hers.

At first, she marveled at the sight of him; saying he was big was an understatement. He was well above average, and thicker than average. He was the size that most girls would kill for and many boys wished they had. Then she remembers, this would be her first time having sex. She gulps, now feeling a little terrified by his size, not sure whether it would even fit inside. He inches his hips closer to her. Closer and closer and till he’s lined up and ready to be her first.

She feels her nervous starting to bubble up the more she realizes how real this scenario was. She’s going to lose to virginity and it terrified her.

“Ready?” He asks, his turquoise eyes breaking through the darkness, staring deep into her own. Releasing a shaky breath, she gives him a small nod. Closing her eyes, she places her hands on his shoulders, praying that she wouldn’t feel any pain. He doesn’t get a chance to enter when (Name) bursts into tears. “Hey, hey, shush, no need to cry.” He places small gentle kisses around her tear-stained face, knowing the action calms her down almost instantly. A couple of seconds later she’s calmed down and her anxiety has left; but while it was gone, came the constant thought that she truly didn’t feel ready for this yet. This was the second time she’s cried when she’s gotten close to losing her virginity.

“I’m sorry.” She whimpers, feeling insecure for not being able to do this for him, twice. Wrapping her arms tightly around his neck, he buries his face in her neck. Brushing his lips against the softness of her skin, he hums a little as he makes his way up to her jaw.

“Don’t apologize.” He places some soft kisses against her jawline before pulling away to smile down at her. He plops down beside her, laying down on his back as he stares up at the constellations on that littered the ceiling. A soft cool breeze goes through the room, coming from the slightly open window that he crawled in from; he reaches out to grab the blanket to cover them. She moves in closer to his body, she craved cuddles after an experience like that; cuddles were better than sex anyway, she would gladly pick this over that any day.

His warmth radiates onto her, subconsciously making her move in as close as she could to him. He found her to be absolutely adorable; despite the pain in his balls, he couldn’t help but wrap an arm around her shoulders, causing her face to rest between his shoulder and his neck, her breaths tickling him. He wanted to be closer to her, but this would have to do for now.

Memories of this short weekend fling flood his mind; hot, passionate memories causes his lower half to twitch a bit. During a flashback, he remembers the moments leading up to it. He wonders, does anyone know about the two of you? Has she even told anyone about what she asked him? He’s curious to know, earlier she told him that tomorrow was a band meeting, so if he was going to sing a duet with her shouldn’t he be tagging along too?

“Have you told your sister or your band yet?” He finds himself blurting his question out loud, breaking the comfortable silence that had been engulfing the young couple. The question fills (Name) with dread, she’s been careful to avoid the topic; instead, she focused all her attention on him, and on this sexually charged affair. She knew she would have to eventually face her dilemma, but she had just wanted to enjoy this weekend with him.

“I haven’t...” She mumbles against his neck, her index finger drawing circles on Touya’s chest. His other hand reaches down to grab her hand, stopping her mid circle. She looks up to find his eyes burning into yours. She wasn’t getting out of this conversation so easily, he wouldn’t allow her to keep pushing her problems off till the last minute. The longer she kept avoiding this, the more anxiety and dread she’ll feel later on.

“You have to tell them sooner rather than later. It’ll be weird if I just show up the day of the wedding.” He was right, she couldn’t keep putting this off. (Name) had to swallow her pride and tell her sister and friends soon about her duet invitation. Tomorrow would probably be the best day to do it. She just has to figure out how to word it to minimize the disappointment her sister and Katsuki would drown her with.

Thinking about the potential scenarios on revealing her relationship with the bad boy, she had gotten so lost in thought that she didn’t notice Touya’s fingers on her chin until they move her head so he could lean down and pressed his swollen lips against her equally swollen ones. The kiss started off a small loving kiss, but soon it turns into a hot, needy one.

Touya gets on top of her again; the movement causes the blanket to slide off to the edge of the bed. Their tongues swirl around each other; Touya takes this as an okay for him to retry their earlier actions.

Immediately sirens flash in her mind; breaking the kiss and pressing her hand on his chest to prevent him from getting closer, she repeatedly whispers “No.”

Touya stops, his eyes locking onto hers. He was desperate for some release. Nodding his head, he leans down to kiss her before hopping off the bed.

“It’s one am, I’ll be heading out now so you can get some sleep.” He says, looking down at the floor, trying to find where he threw his boxers. (Name) sits up, her hair a complete mess. Touya finally finds his boxers, putting them on and then walking over to where his pants and shirt laid on the other side of the room. His eyes dart over to her, appreciating the way the moonlight shined in and illuminated her; making her look like a goddess. Maybe she was one, probably Artemis, maybe that’s why she was so headstrong on remaining a virgin. While he wished he could ravage her, the chase was always the exciting part of the hunt.

If the two of them didn’t have to go to school tomorrow, he probably would’ve taken his clothes off again and crawled back into bed with her. Instead he quickly shimmies into his jeans then extends his arm around so he could flick her nose. She yelps, her hands quickly reaching up to cover her mouth. The two teens stay quiet for a moment to make sure no one woke up from the loud noise. When it was clear that no one was stirred from their sleep, Touya chuckles, he throws his shirt at her, the article of clothing landing on top of her head; she pulls it off only to be disappointed to find Touya was no longer shirtless, his hoodie covered his muscular chest away from her sinful eyes.

“Sleep with my shirt.” He says as he sits down on the chair to put on his socks and shoes. She smiles, pulling his shirt over her head to put it on. It was huge, looking almost like a dress on her, but she didn’t mind, in fact, she liked it like this. The smell of his cologne left his shirt making it’s way directly to her nose, filling up her senses. Just his smell was enough to feel a tingle between her legs again. She tries to discreetly rub her thighs together to create some friction to ease her lust.

He chuckles knowing full well that she was getting aroused again. It sucked that he couldn’t spend the night with her and help her with her issue; but alas, it was late, and he needed to get home to rub one out before going to sleep as well. Making his way to the window, he eyes something on the floor; bending down to pick it up, he holds it up to show her his prize. It was the black lacy panties she had been wearing just a couple minutes ago. She gasps, reaching out to grab them but he pulls his hand away, holding the panties above his head. That cocky grin present on his face as he backed away to a distance where he knew she couldn’t reach.

“I’ll be keeping these as an exchange for my shirt.” And for his blue balls. He winks at her, shoving the lacy panties in his pocket before opening the window and slipping out. She makes her way over to the window to find him maneuvering around the large oak tree to reach the ground. She rested against the window ledge, dreamily sighing as she watching him lang on the ground. He looks up at her, offering a large cheeky smile and waving at her. He mouths ‘I love you’ her heart starts to swoon, it didn’t take much on his part to make her melt.

She was completely captivated by him, enraptured by his bad boy personality and his sweet and gentle side as well. He was both sides of the coin, he was the boy of her dreams. He was everything she’s ever wanted, the boy she’s been pinning after since she was in sixth grade. The boy who was technically off-limits because he was her best friend’s older brother. He was a dream, and she couldn’t believe she finally got him. Her dream guy was finally her man in real life. Goddamn, she was so madly in love with him.


Sunlight shines through the cracks in her curtains, landing on her sleeping form. Laying warm gentle kisses on her skin, she wakes up with a yawn. Moving to lay on her back, she stretches, feelings bones go ‘pop’ or ‘crack’ she sighs in relief, going back to relaxing on her bed.

Her eyelids feel heavy, turning onto her side she checks her phone, smiling when she sees the messages from Touya. The messages ranged from lovey-dovey to explicit. Giggling as she reads each message, her face glowing a soft pink. All sleepiness she once felt was now gone, instead replaced with giddy joy.

(Name) let's out an airy laugh as she jumps out of bed, making her way over to her window to open her curtains. Allowing light to flood the room, brightening it up just like her mood.

“Hey Alexa, play Alien Boy.” The song starts playing, and she starts dancing along. Waltzing her way to the closet to pick out today’s outfit. On a regular day, she would pick just about any random articles of clothing, but today was different. She was drunk on love, her only goal was to look cute for her boyfriend.

“Maybe a skirt?” She questions, pulling out random skirts out. It’s November, for the past few weeks it’s gotten significantly chiller, so maybe a skirt wasn’t the best choice. Jeans would still look cute, maybe these high waisted ones that really accentuate her curves. She can’t help but check her ass out, the jeans making her rump look plump.

Shirts were next, a band shirt would look casual. She wasn’t looking for casual, she wanted sexy, hot, anything that would make his eyes stayed glued onto her figure. She doesn’t realize she’s wasted so much time picking a shirt and cardigan. (Name) curses under her breathe, skipping the last three steps of stairs, rushing into the kitchen to eat something to keep her stomach happy and content.

Her sister walks past her, a bowl of cereal in her hands. (Sister’s Name) whistled, a coy smile on her lips. “Who’s the lucky guy you’re trying to impress?” She implores, knowing full well that just a couple days ago (Name) had gone out on a date with that Hitoshi boy. Their mom perks her head up.

“(Name)! Is it that Hitoshi kid? I think he’s a keeper.” Their mom winks before making her way out of the kitchen. (Name) blushes, not exactly sure how to reply. Sure her date with Hitoshi was amazing and fantastic, but now she had a boyfriend. She couldn’t be thinking about other boys when she was no longer in the dating market.

“No, not him.” The words come out of her mouth, her sister’s eyebrows raise in question at the ‘not him’ part. If it wasn’t Hitoshi, then who was the culprit? Perhaps Katsuki? (Name) and Katsuki were indeed spending nearly every waking moment talking, whether it was through text, phone call, or in person. Or maybe her little baby sister finally noticed the romantic feelings Shouto held for her and now she shared those same feelings. (Sister’s Name) smiled, hoping it was one of those boys who her little sister was trying to impress. While she did have her fingers crossed for Shouto being the one.

Before (Sister’s Name) could pop the question, (Name) receives a text on her phone, or well, two texts. One being from Touya sending another romantic love message, the other coming from Katsuki to her that he was standing outside. Touya’s text brought a little giddy smile to her face, it just automatically formed. (Sister’s Name) peeped over her shoulder, hoping to see who it was that made her baby sister smile like a love-struck fool; if she had looked a second sooner, she would’ve seen the message sent by Touya, but instead, she saw once (Name) had switched to Katsuki’s messages.

‘Oh,” (Sister’s Name) thinks, a tiny smile forming on her face. ‘So it was Katsuki all along, huh.’ Not a bad choice, Katsuki might’ve been a short-tempered hooligan, but at least she knew her sister was in safe hands. Katsuki would never do anything to harm (Name) in any shape or form. He was intelligent, well-spoken when he wanted to be, and he basically met all the ideal boyfriend checkboxes on (Name)’s list. He was perfect for her.

“Have fun.” (Sister’s Name) says, winking before walking off to finish her bowl of cereal. (Name) gave her a confused glance, not sure why her sister said it in such a sexually charged tone. She shrugs it off, walking over to grab her backpack off the floor, she slips into her shoes and opens the door.

There he stood, or well, leaned. Katsuki lifts his head up at the sound of the door opening. He didn’t want to admit it, but hearing the sound of that door always got his heart racing a little bit faster in the anticipation of seeing her.

(Name) smiles at him, her teeth shining just like her eyes. He can’t help but return a small smile, one he only saved for her. Katsuki takes a moment to look her up and down, appreciating the way her jeans hug her, trying hard not to stare at her ass.

“Ready?” He asks in an almost breathless voice. Something about her always took his breath away. He wasn’t sure why he’s been feeling this way towards his friend, he just assumes it’s nothing and that these feelings will pass soon enough.

“Yup!” Her voice is cheerful, a beautiful sound he enjoys hearing. One that follows him from the real world to his dreams where she’s always the main star.

‘I just appreciate her, is all.’ He thinks, continuing to deny that he saw her as anything more than just his best friend. Despite the teasing voice of Eijirou telling him that he was pinning, hard.

On the walk to Shouto’s house, Katsuki can’t help but notice that (Name) is being an extra bit giddier than usual. She’s got small hop in her step, her arms are swinging, her eyes containing more stars than usual. While he liked seeing her this happy, what was the root cause of it? Was it someone?

“What’s got you in a good mood?” He asks, cursing at himself a bit for wording it the way he did. He blushes when he notices the light pink forming on her cheeks. (Name) didn’t realize she was projecting her excitement, now feeling a little embarrassed that he caught her. She knew full well he was one to ask questions when he noticed something different. Katsuki was observant, it was hard to hide things from him.

“I’ve just been thinking about this gig a lot, I’m excited to sing at someone’s wedding!” She lies, hoping he accepts it and leaves it at that.

Katsuki stares at her, trying to gauge more out of her. He can tell she’s not telling the truth, but since she looks so happy, he leaves it at that. He’ll bring this back up later. He hums, facing forward again as they walk up Shouto’s driveway, heading towards the door. (Name) hops up the two steps, eagerly pressing the doorbell.

She was excited for Touya to open the door. She smiles a bit harder but stops when she finds Katsuki’s eyes burning into the side of her head. She coughs, limiting the excitement of her smile.

He was filled with questions and speculations. He didn’t expect her to be this happy considering the shit that went down last week right in front of this house. At this point, Katsuki is well aware that the gig isn’t making you this excited, it has to be someone who’s got you over here smiling like a looney. Who could it be?

The door opens, her eyes fill with slight excitement, only to be met by heterochromatic eyes. She tried to keep the optimism in her eyes so Shouto wouldn’t start being suspicious next. He smiles at her, his heart fills with love and joy seeing her happy. He kneels down to put his shoes on, while he’s doing that, she looks up to find a familiar well-toned body walk past the door.

It’s Touya, shirtless, his plaid pants hanging off his hips. She finds her mouth filling up with drool at the sight of him, her face turns red. He turns his head to stare directly into her eyes. Smirking when he sees her reaction written all over her adorable face. He takes a moment to scan her body, licking his lips. He winks before disappearing down the hall.

She looks away, hoping no one noticed her stare. Oh, she was sorely mistaken. Katsuki had seen everything go down, and he wasn’t happy one bit. Of course, he was mainly staring at the shit-eating smirk Touya had plastered on his face. Katsuki was pissed, thinking Touya had been cruelly teasing (Name) after the shit he did last week. Fuck, he would’ve gone in there to punch him if Shouto hadn’t closed the door.

The poor oblivious boy had looked away for only a couple minutes to tie his shoelaces, and when he looks up, he finds (Name)’s face as red as his hair and Katsuki looking ready to erupt like a volcano.

“Are you two okay?” He asks, eyebrows raised in question. The two teens just shake their heads.

“Totally,” Katsuki replies.

“Yeah, of course!” (Name) says, playing with her hair in a way that purposely has her locks cover her face.

Oh, they were not okay, not in the slightest. Anyone with half a mind could see that, but also anyone who knew the two like Shouto does would know not to divulge any further or else face possible wrath from either or both teens.

“Okay...” Shouto’s reply is just as equally awkward as the atmosphere surrounding the trio. They make their way to school, walking mostly in silence with someone occasionally breaking it to ask a question, which would be answered in a short close-ended reply.

Upon arrival at the school, (Name) makes an excuse to go to her locker.

“I need to go grab a book for a class. I’ll see you two in homeroom, okay?” The two boys stare at her. Katsuki’s look is a hard one, while Shouto’s is quizzical.

“You’re not going to ditch class again, are you?” Is Shouto’s question, he was skeptical about letting her go to her locker alone, he didn’t want her to start slacking off at school and ruin her future. (Name) shakes her head, smiling at the boy in an attempt to reassure him.

Katsuki, on the other hand, wasn’t convinced so easily. He had his doubts about her reasoning, he wanted to accompany her, but he knew she would try her damn hardest to have him not follow. He steps in closer to her, eyeing her up and down with a stern look before opening his mouth to speak his threat.

“If you ditch school, I will fucking end you.” He turns around and walks off in the direction of homeroom, leaving the two of them in a cloud of surprise. (Name) shivers at the threat, knowing full well he would go through with it. Shouto looks back at her, nodding his head, walking away to follow Katsuki.

Knowing the two boys were out of earshot, she releases the air she was holding back. She’s been let off the hook, now she begins her trek to her locker where she had agreed to meet Touya. Since he had still been in his PJ’s when they were at Shouto’s, she knew it would be a bit before he got to school.

So she waited.

And waited.

And waited some more.

The bell rings, signaling the start of the countdown to get to homeroom. She sighed, looking around for a bit more, hoping he would arrive. No sight of that punk boy anywhere. She grabs her locker door, closing it only to be met by a certain purple-haired DJ.

She yelps a little from surprise. He’s leaning against the locker next to her’s, a small smile present on his lips. He moves away from the locker to get closer to her. Bringing his hand up, he brushes some of her hair away from her face, giving him a view of her gorgeous features.

“Hey.” He says, his own breath being sucked out of his lungs.

“Hi.” She replies back. She finds herself relaxing in his hand, leaning a bit further into his touch. Hitoshi chuckles, leaning his face closer to hers. He inches his lips closer, wanting to press them against her cute plump lips.

She snaps out of her hypnotic state. She had a fucking boyfriend for crying out loud! She couldn’t do this anymore, she wasn’t about to cheat on Touya. So she backs away, her eyes cast down in guilt. Hitoshi’s eyes filled with confusion, placing his hands on her shoulder to force her to look at him.

“What’s wrong?” It’s a simple question but it makes her stomach drop. She had to tell him. She had to come right out and say ‘sorry Hitoshi, I have a boyfriend now. We can’t kiss anymore despite how much I love feeling your lips pressed against mine.’ Well, she wouldn’t say that last part of course. (Name) didn’t want to lead this boy on, he was sweet and gentle with her, and she was grateful for all the things he’s done for her.

“Hitoshi...” She says his name with guilt heavily laced into it. Hitoshi finds himself tensing up, completely sure this she was about to tell him she didn’t want to see or talk to him ever again. That’s how it went with most girls he previously got close to.

“Y-yeah?” Oh fuck, he stuttered AND his voice cracked. Fucking goddammit! This was the worst possible moment to stutter and have a voice crack. She sighs, closing her eyes for a second, thinking about the way she was going to tell him this. When she opens her eyes, she stares deep into his.

“You’re the first person I’m telling this to, can you promise not to judge me?” Her voice is small, scared to reveal her new dark secret. Hitoshi was scared to hear it, but he nods his head. He wasn’t about to risk his voice cracking again. (Name) steps in closer to him, getting on her tippy toes, she leans into his ear to whisper. “I’m dating Touya now.”

Cue the sound of his heart-shattering.

“What?” Is the one word that comes out of his mouth. He doesn’t want to sound overdramatic, but he felt his world flipping upside down. Okay, sure he hasn’t known (Name) for too long, but these past few days of getting to know her and the kisses they shared, he just felt like there was something there. He felt a connection with her, and he thought she felt the same.

Kinda sucks to hear the girl you were pinning so hard over tells you she’s dating one of your best friends. Really fucking blows.

Could he and Touya even be considered best friends at this point? Were they love rivals now?

“Touya and I are dating. That night he appeared at my window, he apologized to me.” She says, smiling as pink tints her cheeks. She was clearly reminiscing the memory, which only made Hitoshi want to scream; but he stayed calm and collected, he kept cool. Cool as a cucumber. Fuck. On the inside, he was anything but cool. A tropical storm of emotions fill his heart, his stomach has long since fallen into the pits of hell. His lizard brain trying to connect all the pieces together like it was some sort of conspiracy theory.

She, (Name), was dating Touya Todoroki.

He feels her shaking his shoulder, knocking him out of his thoughts. He looks down at her, seeing the small concerned look on his made his heart swell at the adorable sight, happy that she was worried about his. This feeling is quickly shut down when the words bounce around his skull. She's dating Touya.

"Hitoshi?" The sweetness of her voice pulls him out of the dark puddle of thoughts again. This time, he's here to stay, well at least for now. Once she's gone, it's back to huddling in the dark corner of his mind.

"Uh... Sorry. I'm happy for you." He says, lying through his teeth and topping the lie off with a smile. Pain shoots through his guts when he watches her smile and sighs in relief.

"Thank you, I was worried." Her smile turns nervous, and her own eyes look off into the distance with thoughts. This was her first obstacle, and she was happy this once ended on a happy note, she wasn't sure the other obstacles would end the same.

"Why are you worried?" He asks, wanting to know about the dark clouds forming in her normally clear sky eyes.

"Well, I was worried you would be disappointed or that you would hate me." Just the thought of him hating her causes her eyes to get misty. He couldn't stand to see her sad. Instinctively, his arms wrap around her small form, pulling her against his chest. He rests his head on top of hers, one hand rubbing circles on her back.

She was surprised by the action, but she lifts her arms up to wrap them around his torso, melting into the hug.

"I could never hate you." The words come flying out of his mouth, causing her to gasp. He breaks the hug so he could look down at her, a small sad smile formed on his lips. "Just be careful, okay? I also wanna apply for the position of side hoe." His sad smile is replaced with a coy smirk. (Name) erupts in laughter, her body shaking from how hilarious his reply was.

"Oh stop!" She says through giggles, lightly slapping his chest. The air of tension was long gone between the two silly teens. The halls begin to thin out, which meant she had to head to homeroom soon. "I gotta head to class." She says with a shy look in her eyes as she stared at him. He nods his head, his smile never leaving, that is until...

"Hey, babe." A deep voice whispers in her ear, his arms wrapped around her. (Name) turns her head to stare deep into glowing turquoise eyes. Her small smile turns into a face splitting one, her pupils grow bigger at the sight of him. Serotonin being produced by the truckload, giving her a sensation of being high off love.

"I was starting to think you wouldn't show up." Her eyes roam all over his handsome features, landing mostly on his lips. Her body craving to feel those soft lips against his. He realizes where her eyes are glued to, so he gives her what she wants. A nice long kiss.

Cue the sound of a heart shattering into even small pieces.

Hitoshi felt odd just standing there, he wanted to escape to leave the couple alone, but he didn't know how to. Touya doesn't fail to notice the purple-haired boy. Once the kiss is broken, Touya makes eye contact with Hitoshi. A shock of electric hatred and tension shoots between the two.

"Hey, I gotta talk to my buddy here. I'll catch up with you, alright babe?" Touya says to (Name). The girl was so caught up in her own feelings, lost in the clouds of romance that she failed to see the ominous fog surrounding the boys.

"Okay." She breathes out, eyes full of intense love for Touya. She breaks her eye contact, her eyes going back to normal when she looks at Hitoshi to wave goodbye. She walks away, leaving a trail of her flowery perfume as well as two Alpha males about to battle for dominance. They both watch her walk away out of earshot, that's when Touya turns back around to get down to business.

"Stay away from her." He gets straight to the point. There was no point in sugarcoating the situation. Hitoshi wasn't surprised, this was something he expected from the controlling punk boy. He wasn't about to back down from talking to (Name).

"Why?" Hitoshi asks, feigning confusion. He knew exactly why Touya was doing this, but he just wanted to hear him admit his reasons. "We're just friends."

"Cut the bullshit. I know you like her. Stay away from my girl." Touya growls, stepping in closer to Hitoshi. A couple of people still walking through the halls watch the confrontation, some stopping not too far to see if a fight was about to break out.

"Oh? You trying to isolate her from her friends now? I didn't think you were the abusive type." Hitoshi keeps probing, attempting to get a bigger reaction out of Touya. Sure enough, his poking causes Touya to get a grip a Hitoshi’s shirt.

“Listen you little shit. I got the upper hand, I can easily get you arrested for drug possession and drug dealing. Imagine what'll happen when word gets out that the son of Club Nova's owner is the reason why so many shitheads around this town are fucking addicts." 

That was a whole new low. Was Touya really willing to go that far to keep him away from a girl? Hitoshi glares deep into those darkening turquoise eyes.

“Fuck you,” Hitoshi says, pushing the older boy away from him. He starts walking away, throwing his middle finger up at Touya. Fucking goddammit! He liked (Name) but he couldn’t risk his father losing his livelihood either, so he would keep his distance for now. Instead, he'll focus his attention on (Name) from afar. He just hopes (Name) can see the manipulative tactics Touya was using to take advantage of her. He hopes she can see the red flags sooner rather than later.


Sitting in homeroom was deathly long. After spending all day thinking about how she was going to tell her sister and friends about her new relationship, and the fact that she invited her new boyfriend to sing with them without getting permission first. The group sits around talking, planning on heading down to the cafeteria to the food event that was going on, thinking about getting some food before the band meeting.

(Name) had other plans. She was going to find her sister and tell her first about Touya. She didn’t want to wait to tell her with the entire band present. She was determined to do this despite the butterflies filling her stomach with anxiety. The bell rings signaling the end of the day, (Name) immediately gets up, catching the attention of her friends.

“Where ya going?” Denki asks, thinking she would be tagging along with them.

"I'll catch up with you guys later, okay? I need to go find my sister to talk to her about something." (Name) says, grabbing her stuff. Everyone just nods their heads, not wanting to bother her if she had something important she needed to talk to her sister about.

“Aight! See ya later!” Denki shouts waving, Kyoka and Momo do the same. Katsuki was uncharacteristically quiet, watching (Name) walk away from the group and out of the room. All day he’s been having his mind clouded by suspicion and different theories on what was going on.

The group gets up, getting ready to go about their plans of grabbing some food. Katsuki sighs, packing up his own stuff. He’ll just grab (Name) a plate of food and some desserts so they could talk about stuff later on today.

Everyone walks out of the room, cheerfully talking about the band meeting they had later on.

(Name) walks through the halls looking for her sister. The halls are bursting with students walking in all directions. She squeezes through the crowd, making her way to the class she knew her sister had last. Bumping shoulder to shoulder with some people, she kept looking for her sister.

She wore a baby blue shirt today and white pants, her hair was up in a ponytail too. It shouldn’t be too hard to find her, but then again, a lot of girls just happened to be wearing the same blue shirt today.

“Damn it.” (Name) whispers. She’s about to pull her phone out to text her when she catches a glimpse of someone from the corner of her eye. It’s Touya.

He’s walking down the other side of the hallway, talking to another boy. In her excitement, she bounces over to him, tackling him into a hug. Touya was paying attention until he felt a smaller body collided with his, when he looked down, a small smirk form on his face when he looks into (Name)’s wide eyes. The other boy excuses himself, leaving the two teens alone.

“Where the fire?” He asks, pulling the two of them to the side to avoid clogging up the hallway. (Name) pulls out her phone again, sending her sister a quick text and going back to searching for her in the crowd.

“I’m looking for my sister! I’m gonna tell her about us!” She says with excitement. She receives a text back from (Sister’s Name), saying she was standing outside near the front entrance of the school. (Name) grabs onto Touya, leading him to the entrance.

Now it was Touya’s turn to feel nervous, this was basically like meeting the fam for the first time. He’s already met her family when they were kids, but now it felt different that he was dating (Name).

As soon as the reach the entrance, (Name) spots her sister sitting outside. Letting go of Touya, she starts running towards her sister.

(Sister’s Name)!” She shouts, her sister looks up and smiles, putting her phone away in her pocket and standing up to meet (Name) with a hug.

“What’s up kiddo?” She laughs when (Name) collides with her. Both sisters are laughing, enjoying this small sisterly moment. (Name) pulls away, swallowing the nervousness she felt so she could finally reveal her secret.

“I have to tell you something.”

“Hmm? You’re not pregnant, are you?” Her sister teases, laughing when she sees (Name)’s face turn red. (Name) laughs too but shakes her head afterward.

“Touya and I are dating!” She shouts her confession at her sister.

“Huh?” Her sister’s smile drops immediately. Her eyes trail up to find the devil stalking towards them. Her eyes narrow in anger. What the fuck.

(Name) turns around to grab Touya, her fingers intertwine with his, pulling him towards her sister.

What the fuck.

(Sister’s Name) couldn’t believe her eyes. Was this really happening? Was this real life? Holy shit what?!

“When did this,” (Sister’s Name) wildly motions at them, “happen?”

(Name) chuckles awkwardly, pushing her sister forward so the trio could keep walking home.

“Touya and I talked, he apologized to me, and well, one thing lead to another and now we’re dating.” (Name)’s staring up at Touya with adoration. (Sister’s Name) gags a little at the sight. She wanted to ask more questions, but she couldn’t handle looking at the pair anymore, she felt disgusted. She loved seeing her baby sister happy, don’t get her wrong, but she just wishes her sister had picked one of the many better boys in her life.

(Sister’s Name) stays quiet, looking at her phone, taking this time to text Fumikage about her awkward situation. He replies back immediately, much to her relief. It’s her only escape from the gross shit going on besides her.

As they near their house, (Sister’s Name) decided to take a peek over at (Name). (Name) is snuggled up on Touya’s arm, rubbing her check against his leather jacket sleeve.

She stares at the sickly sweet lovey dovey couple. Watching her baby sister coddle up against the boy that made her cry countless times honestly churned a knot in (Sister’s Name)’s belly. She felt warm saliva flood her mouth, coating her teeth, protecting them from what was about to rush up her throat.

Stopping in the middle of the driveway, the couple walked a couple of steps before (Name) realized her sister wasn’t walking anymore, looking back, she sees her older sister slightly bent over, glaring at the group. Walking towards her, (Name) places a hand on her shoulder.

“Are you okay? What’s wrong?” She asks, but her sister didn’t have time to reply because as soon as she opened her mouth to do so, vomit came rushing out. Splashing against the black pavement, her lunch from earlier today showing itself in the tiny chunks that splattered around all over the floor. (Name) had jumped back, far enough to not get any vomit on her shoes.

“Holy shit!” (Name) shouts, starting at the disgusting art piece that now sat on the driveway. She gets closer to her sister who’s still dry heaving, what was shocking the most was the fact that her sister didn’t shed a single tear from vomiting. Once the dry heaving is over, her sister stands up straight again, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand, disgusting.

“Yup I’m fine now.” She says, making her way to the front door. (Name) and Touya exchanges a small look before following (Sister’s Name) inside. Her sister kicks her shoes off, dumping her backpack on the couch, immediately heading into the kitchen to start baking some cookies.

One thing about (Sister’s Name), when ever she felt nervous or was going through something, she would bake nonstop. It was a habit she had picked up from their dad, who was a nervous wreck but an amazing baker. Rolling up her sleeves, she pulls out all the things she needs to make the cookies. (Name) watches her from the entrance of the kitchen, worried. Both girls stood in silence before (Sister’s Name) finally speaks up.

“You should head downstairs, the others will be here soon.” She says quietly, in her own mind a storm of fear was forming. Unbeknownst to (Name), for the past two weeks or so, Katsuki had been coming to her for advice.

”Aw, little Katsuki has a crush? Well, don’t worry, big sis is here to help!” She teases the boy, motioning for him to go sit down on her bed. She sat at her desk, abandoning her honors English paper. “So can I ask who you’re trying to get advice on?”

His face turns a bright red, his lips in a pout as he looks down at the floor. He didn’t want to make eye contact out of embarrassment, but he knew he could trust her with his secret.

“(Name).” All he had to do was say her name to make the screaming start immediately. (Sister’s Name) was obviously over the moon, it was so cute that this kid was coming to her for advice on her baby sister. Katsuki was a nice chap, good looking, with his head on right. While she did favor Shouto as the one for her sister, she knew Katsuki would be a good match for (Name).

“Buckle up Katsuki. I’ll be helping you woo my little sister.” She says with a devious smiling on her lips making the poor confused boy regret asking for advice.

He was going to be heartbroken.

She wanted to cry, thinking about the fight that was bound to happen soon. She felt like throwing up again. (Name) just nods, taking Touya downstairs with her.

(Sister’s Name) sighs, dropping whatever was in her hands down on the counter, she leans against the counter with her face buried in her hands. What was she going to do? How could she avoid the terrible fate that was about to happen? She could go downstairs and kick the boy out, but that could cause a rift between her and (Name). She didn’t want (Name) to think she couldn’t come to her to talk about stuff.

“Fuck.” She whispers, dry heaving for a bit, stopping when the sound of the front door opens, filling the foyer with the sounds of noisy teens.

“Hello!” Momo calls out, making their presence known as if it wasn’t obvious already by Denki’s loud voice bickering with Kyoka. (Sister’s Name) forces a smile on her face as the group starts walking into the kitchen.

“Hey, why’s there puke outside?” There goes Denki, always asking the important questions. Why is there puke outside? Why can’t Turkeys fly? Why does my weewee look different than this pornstars dick? Gosh, selfish ass prick.

“I saw the most disgusting thing ever and threw up my lunch.” (Sister’s Name) replies with a smile. The group gives her stunning looks.

"Do you want me to make you some tea?" Momo offers, making her way to the pantry to pull out some tea. (Sister's Name) nods, accepting the offer. The two girls work around the kitchen, with Momo making tea, (Sister's Name) starts baking cookies.

"Where's (Name)?" Katsuki asks, causing (Sister's Name) to stiffen up, an action that doesn't go unnoticed by Katsuki. He raises his eyebrows, waiting for an answer. The older girl finally shrugs and answers him.

"She's downstairs." She almost whispers. (Sister's Name), Momo and Kyoka stay upstairs while everyone else goes downstairs, she nervously puts the cookie dough on the baking sheet, waiting for the sounds of arguments to start.

Katsuki and Shouto are the first people to reach the bottom of the stairs, making their way to the living space.

"Hey (Name) I brought you some foo—" Katsuki cuts himself off when he sees (Name) sitting down on the couch with Touya, interrupting them in the middle of a kiss. (Name) breaks away from the kiss, her eyes wide as saucers. The plate of food in his hand drops to the floor.

Shouto steps in besides Katsuki, confused when he sees his brother sitting there.

"Touya? What are you doing here?" Denki and Fumikage finally come in, also equally confused. To make matters worse, Denki speaks up.

"Touya? Oh shit! Isn't that the dude (Name) blew back in 8th grade?" Fumikage proceeds to slap the back of the electric boy's head. It isn't until that moment that Denki realizes he just light the match that started the fire.

"I'm gonna fucking kill you!" Katsuki shouts, finally snapping out of his shocked state. He's filled with burning rage. Why was he here? Why was she *kissing* him? Is he the cause of her good mood this morning? When the fuck did *this* even start?

The boys are quick to try and hold him back, (Name) also gets up to quickly approach Katsuki in the hopes that she can get him to cool down before things get out of hand. The girls come rushing down the stairs and into the room when they heard the commotion going on.

"What's going on?" She cries out, her eyes darting around the room. Seeing (Name) pushing against Katsuki's chest and the boys holding his arms back. Katsuki is growling with anger, murder written in his eyes. He closes his eyes, trying to drown out the voices from everyone in the room. He counts down backward but the anger won't leave him. He opens his eyes to meet wide (eye color) eyes filled with worry looking up at him.

Oh yeah.

He didn't care about the shitty guy who was standing over there. It was her he wanted to talk to. Since he stopped struggling against the hold the boys had on him, they assumed his murderous rage had passed. It did, but he was still pissed and now he needed to her to explain everything to him.

Katsuki grabs onto (Name)’s arm, his grip tight enough to leave finger shaped bruises. She grimmaces from the pain. Touya takes note of this and attempts to step in between.

“Hey, you’re hurting her.” His voice vibrates through Katsuki’s skull, further infuriating the teen. Touya’s hand grabs onto (Name)’s other arm, attempting to pull her back away from the fuming boy. Katsuki wasn’t liking this one bit, in a fit of rage. Katsuki lets go of you, his other arm winding up and sending a direct punch at Touya’s face. His fist connecting with the boy’s face.

Touya’s sent flying back, landing on his butt. He’s grabbing at his nose, blood already making it’s way out and onto his light blue shirt. Everyone starts screaming and panicking. Not sure what to do, or who to hold back. (Name), in fear of the fight continuing, she pushes against his chest, screaming in his face.

For him, the rest of the people in the room don’t matter. He directs all his attention to her. His eyes still burning with a rage that couple topples Achille’s rage, eyes burning with fire brighter than the sun. His soul aching in more ways than one. He was angry, disappointed, confused, and overall, hurt.

“Why him?!” He screams in her face, little specks of spit flying out of his mouth. Normally, this would’ve been something she would laugh and tease him about but with the given situation they were in, she couldn’t. Instead, she feels a pain bubbling up in her chest, her eyes are starting to burn, the dam that holds back tears was about to break.

“Because I love him!” She screams back in his face. The dam breaks, tears streaming down her face. His face morphs from one full or rage to one full of dread. His red eyes bored into her tear-filled ones, dread filling his heart and soul at her words. His feelings for her were a mess, he found her slightly annoying at first, then started warming up to her and all her quirks the more time they spent together. Eventually, he was always looking forward to seeing her every day, hearing her laughter, seeing her dazzling smile. The twinkle in her eyes when they wrote songs together. He had been denying his feelings for her were nothing more than platonic, but now hearing her say those words about another guy. Well, it basically broke his heart.

He knew now that his feelings had broken past friendship and into romance, he couldn’t deny it anymore. He liked her, a lot.

Watching her cry, scream, and fight for another guy who clearly didn’t love her the way she loved him. Goddamn, why did God have to be so cruel? Katsuki clutches his chest, teeth grinding down against each other. Why couldn’t she see that he liked her, he wanted to love her, he wanted to treat her the way she deserved to be treated. He couldn’t stand here and watch her cozy up with her man. So he did the one thing he was used to.

He pushed her away.

She stumbles back a bit, watching her friend walk away from her, making his way towards the staircase. She follows in hot pursuit, wondering what his deal was.

“Where are you going?” She asks, confused, cheeks still stained with tears but fortunately no more were being produced. He ignores her, skipping steps to reach the top, then making his way to the door to grab all his stuff and then opening the front door. She tries again: “Katsuki! Where are you going?” She shouts now.

He looks at her, causing her to gasp when she sees his eyes. The white of them turning pink and puffy. His glare wasn’t one of anger, but one of heartbreak. He had a lump forming in his throat, causing his voice to crack a bit when he replies.

“I’m leaving. I can’t deal with this right now. I can’t deal with you.” He walks out the door, slamming it shut behind him. Her mouth is agape, shook. She walks closer to the door, placing her hand on the cool wood, pressing her forehead against it. New tears running down her face. A pain striking her heart, one that felt more painful than the one she had when Touya first broke her heart.

What did she just do?

Katsuki, on the other hand, releases a shaky breathe as soon as he closed the door. He stares up at the graying sky, the light autumn breeze sweeping past him along with the sounds of dead leaves rustling on the floor. He leans against the door, his right-hand moves up to comb through his hair. He tightens his grip on his soft locks. Shaky breathes are followed by tears trailing down his pale skin.

What did he just do?

Both teens, divided by their feelings, confused by their hearts. One now starting to question her true feelings for the ash-blonde haired boy. While the boy finally accepts the feelings he’s kept buried for so long.

Both exchanged words that they now regret.

Did she really love Touya? If she did, then why did telling Katsuki fill her with regret?

Why did he leave? He essentially left her vulnerable, his enemy was still in there. Without a doubt, he would have his arms open for her to run into them. Katsuki was now wallowing in his own regret.

Neither of them could take it back now; they could, but they didn’t have the guts to wound their own foolish feelings of pride.

Chapter Text

He walked down the street, hood covering his gloomy face. He kicked a pebble that got in the way of his foot. It’s only been a couple hours since he walked out of (Name)’s house.

He was hurt and confused. His head hurt, his fist hurt, and most of all, his heart hurt. Subconsciously grabbing his shirt, he stumbles around the neighborhood.

Daze, lost. He feels himself disconnecting, slowly dissociating. He feels his soul slowly escaping his human form, soon he will be nothing but a hollow shell.

At least this day couldn’t get worse

“Katsuki?” Fucking great. He doesn’t want to turn around, he knew who owned that voice, he wasn’t in the mood to deal with her. “Katsuki! Don’t fucking ignore me!” She calls out again, this time stomping her way over to him, latching her hand on his shoulder and forcing him to turn around.

He’s got a feral look on his face, ready to rip someone’s head off. She’s unfazed by it, instead crossing her arms, a pout forming on her face.

“What the fuck do you want, Envy?!” He screams in her face. Eyes still blazing with fire, teeth bared to show he wasn’t scared to bite. Envy just rolls her eyes, backing up a bit from the angry boy.

“Why are you out here looking like you just got kicked in the stomach?” She questions, he doesn’t answer her. Instead he just turns back around, walking away from his annoying ex girlfriend; except she doesn’t stay behind, she goes on to follow him, walking a few steps behind. She stares at him, trying to see what she can gather from his body language.

He’s walking with a hunch, hood pulled up over his head to cover his face. His eyes were puffy and pink meaning he had just been crying, his hands stuffed down his pockets. He’s kicking anything on the sidewalk that gets in the way. Oh... an idea of what might’ve occurred enters her mind.

“Did your girlfriend break up with you?” He stiffens and stops walking. She stops as well, a shit-eating smirk forming on her face. Bingo!

She slowly walks closer to him, placing her hand on his back making him tense up even more. This confirms another hunch of hers.

“Must suck, huh? My boyfriend broke up with me too. I’m guessing they’re together now, right?” The breakup for her came out of nowhere; She had just been chilling, when he suddenly came out of nowhere grabbing all his stuff. Just as quick as he entered her room to grab his hoodies, he was gone from her life with a: “We’re done.” No explanation, no reason.

She wasn’t as sad as most people would expected. She felt calm, normal; but seeing Katsuki like this, well, she couldn’t help but put two and two together to complete the equation.

Touya had broken up with her to get back with his ex.

Katsuki made that so clear with his reaction to her question. His stance mimicked the one he had when she broke up with him. What she didn’t expect was watching Katsuki’s face go from absolute anger, to the deep pits of depression.

He falls down onto his knees, lucky his jeans prevent his knee caps from getting scratched up on the pavement. He feels his lung burning, his mind going into over drive. He wanted to believe this was all a terrible dream, but hearing her say that, well, it forced him to accept reality. As reality sets in, he finally allows the tears he’s been holding back to burst out.

“Whoa... Katsuki...” She stares at him, crying pathetically on his knees. She takes a quick look around to make sure no one else was watching this humiliating sight. She sits down next to him, sympathetically rubbing his back as he cries his heart out.

“I-I think I love her.” The words come flying out of his mouth. He’s astonished, he never thought he would be able to say those words, this entire time he’s been downplaying his feelings for her as just a crush or puppy love; but a crush wouldn’t be this painful, would it? There was no other way to describe the way he feels for her besides love. He fucking loves her. He loves (Name) (Last Name)!

Envy is left just as surprised as he is. When they were together, he never once said those words to her. Katuski was capable of feeling love, guess it took this girl for him to open his heart up that much. Envy just stares at him, a pitiful smile on her lips, she sighs and gets up. Not once did she think she would do what she about to lay out on him.

“Katsuki.” She says his name, he looks up at her, finding her hand reached out for him to grab. Hesitant, he grabs on, allowing
her to pull him up. The two recently heartbroken teens are face to face, looking into each others eyes. Staring into each others pain.

He didn’t realize that she must’ve been just as hurt as he was. After all, her boyfriend broke up with her to get back with (Name), his ex; she had it worst. Katsuki and (Name) weren’t even dating for real, it was a guise to get horny fanboys and fangirls to back off; at some point, it must’ve stopped feeling fake for him.

Envy opens her mouth, unsure of how he would feel about her plan, if he didn’t like it then they could figure something else out, or just part ways and pretend this shameful moment between them didn’t happen.

“How about we...

Sabotage their relationship.”

A strong wind breezes by, leaves piled up now flying around the odd pair. He’s staring at her with wide eyes, mouth open. Her hand moves up to close his mouth before any bugs or leaves accidentally flew in.

“Huh?” He wasn’t expecting that. “What do you mean?”

Envy rolls her eyes again; guess love has turned Katsuki into a giant idiot. Looks like she’ll have to explain everything. “I want my boyfriend back, and I’m pretty sure you want your girlfriend back. How about we work together to,” she pulls up her fingers, her index and middle connected until she pulled them apart, “rip them away from each other.”

She stares at him, an evil smile formed on her lips. Eyes narrowed, her yellow eyes glowed with mischief, her soul calling out for revenge. She brings up her other hand up, waiting for him to shake if he agreed.

He shivers at the chaos coming off this tiny girl. Out of all the years he’s known her, he never expected her to stoop to something as low as this; but then again, he did want (Name), and he wanted Touya far, far away. If this was the way to get the girl of his dreams, then so be it.

His hand moves, enveloping her small one. Their hands shake, and a pact of chaotic evil is formed. A devious smirk forming on his own features; she was rubbing off on him, he didn’t like it one bit, for now he’ll accept it. Their hands break apart. She flips her hair back and starts speaking.

“Now, let’s get started. First thing you gotta do is...”


Hours later, Katsuki finds himself back in his room, the smell of girly perfume still invaded his space. Envy had left just moments ago, their plan formed, with multiple backups created in case something went amiss.

“Is this actually going to work?” He asks himself, thinking on what he had to do soon. He was the first step of the plan, since he knew it was going to happen, he just didn’t know when it would.

At this point he was playing the sitting duck game. Waiting, hoping that it would happen. Slowly his mind starts to wonder off to the memories of today, and memories of her.

Her smile.

Her voice.

The way her eyes held millions of galaxies, so vast and wide, he always found himself getting lost in them.

The door bell rings. He just keeps staring at the ceiling, thinking. Now moving his focus to the terrible parts of today, he looks at everything that went wrong, searching back at any moment in time he could’ve done something that would’ve stopped (Name) from falling in love with Touya.

“You stupid idiot. She’s been in love with that fucker since the 6th grade.” He growls to himself, teeth grinding in frustration. He feels warm tears forming in the corner of his eyes again. Grabbing his pillow, he places it over his face to let out a shout.

“Katsuki! You got a visitor!” He hears his mom shout from downstairs. Groaning, he gets up, wiping his tears with his sleeves. He hopes his mom doesn’t see his eyes, she’ll never stop teasing him, or worst, if she finds out that it was (Name) who had made him feel this shitty, then she would probably ban her from the house. That would ruin the entire plan.

Lucky for him, his mom had gone back into the kitchen, probably to make some snacks for him and his visitor. He was hoping his guest would was (Name); his heart beats faster at the thought of her apologizing to him and then proceeding to confess her feelings for him. The two would share a kiss and it’ll be happily ever after.

Too bad it wasn’t (Name) who stood there in the foyer.

It was (Sister’s Name). She stood there shivering, in her thin jean jacket. It was clear she had been outside for a while, probably searching for him.

“What do you want?” His voice is cold and callous, eyes voiding of all emotion, but she could tell, even with how far she stood from him, that he had been crying because of how pink and puffy his eyes were.

“I want to talk to you. Can we go up to your room?” She didn’t want to make the whole situation public information to Katsuki’s parents, the last thing she wanted was a feud between households. With how both matriarch leaders of each family were both headstrong and anger prone, it would lead to figurative bloodshed. That’s probably another reason why the two women got along so well, so (Sister’s Name) didn’t want to ruin that friendship either.

Katsuki knows this too, so he agrees. Walking back upstairs to his room, (Sister’s Name) following behind him. He can already hear her sniffling, causing his heart to pang with a twitch of guilt for the rude way he talked to her. This wasn't her fault, so why did he take his anger out on her? What a fucking asshole. After she tried her hardest to help him get with (Name).

He leads her into his room, closing the door behind them. As soon as the door is closed, she bursts into tears.

“I’m really sorry, there’s nothing I wanted more than for you two to end up together.” She cries, burying her face in her hands. Katsuki, not sure what to do in this situation, just moves a little closer to her, placing his hand on her back.

“It’s okay... it’s not your fault.” It was not okay, but it also wasn’t her fault this happened. He stood there, comforting his crushes’ older sister. Feeling a bit awkward, he ushers her to sit down on his bed. “So... why are you here?”

He didn’t want to make the situation worse than it already was, but (Sister’s Name) doesn’t seem to be fazed by his question. She wipes her tears away with the back of her sleeves. Through her sniffles and hiccups, she tells Katsuki her reason for being here.

“After you stormed out, I found (Name) crying by the door, so I ran outside after you. I was hoping I could bring you back so the two of you could talk it out...” She says, eyes lowered to the ground.

They both sit there in silence. Katsuki opened and closed his mouth, not sure what to say. He wanted to see (Name) but at the same time he didn’t want to see her, not yet at least. He opens his mouth one more time, about to say something but (Sister’s Name) beats him to it.

“Please don’t leave the band...” Her voice is small and quiet.

“Why shouldn’t I?” He says, once again his words are cold, causing (Sister’s Name) to flinch a bit. She doesn’t have a reason besides needing him to be there. It sounded selfish, but he was the only person there that’s been motivating and inspiring (Name), essentially those two were the glue keeping the group together. Without each other, the glue breaks apart.

“We need you, we all need you.” She knows that’s not a good enough reason, but she hopes it’s enough to make the hotheaded boy stay. He sits in silence, thinking, contemplating his options. He’s taking his sweet time, each second that passes puts her closer to a panic attack.

She tries to stop herself from hyperventilating, but it’s impossible. Katsuki looks at her with panic written all over his face, now he was even more clueless on what to do; but what (Sister’s Name) does next leaves his baffled.

She gets off the bed, instead kneeling down in front of him, almost like she was ready to pray. She grabs his hands, wrapping them with her smaller ones. The storm clouds in her eyes releasing the water they held.

“Please. I’m begging you.” She whispers. He tries to look away from her eyes, the sorrow only causing the guilt in his heart to grow heavier; but he can’t look away mostly because her eyes look like (Name)’s, they look exactly how her’s did right before he walked out of the house.

“Fine. I’ll stay, but you better not force me to talk to (Name). I’ll talk to her when I’m ready.” He grumbles, making another attempt to look away, a small blush on his cheeks from thinking about (Name). He was only doing this because otherwise he wouldn’t have anything to do after school.

“And get up already, you fucking weirdo.” He sputters, his face heating up more. (Sister’s Name) quickly gets back onto her feet, giving him a slight bow in gratitude for his decision to stay with the band. He sighs, running his hand through his wild locks.

“Thank you. It’s late now so I’ll be heading home.” She says; Katsuki hums, also standing up from his bed so he could walk her to the door. It stays quiet between the two, both unsure of what to say or what to talk about. Both drowning from the weight of the guilt they each carried on their shoulders.

They reach the front door, he stands back as (Sister’s Name) puts on her shoes, opening the door for her once she was done.

“Bye.” She says, walking outside into the chilly November night.

“See ya.” He replies back. Watching her slowly walk down the path, away from his door.

As soon as the door closes, Katsuki runs back upstairs to his room. Closing and locking the door, then throwing his blankets all over the place in an attempt to locate his phone. Once he finds it, he scrolls through his contacts, looking for his recently added contact.

He takes a deep breathe before he pressed on the call button. With baited breathe, heart beat increasing with each ring until the person on the other end picks up.

“Did you do it?” There is no greeting from her; she wanted to get straight to business. There would be no friendship developing between these two, just mutually agreed upon chaos to get what they want.

“Part one of the plan is complete.” He says, her dark chuckles echos through the phone, she catches her breath to speak.

“Good. Time for me to initiate part two. By the time I’m done with my part, (Name) will be yours for the taking. Just make sure you’re the one who’s there to catch her.”

“Got it.”

Chapter Text

Avoiding a person can only last for so long, especially when you go to the same school and share a ton of classes together. Katsuki had been trying his damn hardest to avoid (Name) all night, avoiding all her texts and calls. He used all his willpower to not text back.

“Play hard to get. Ignore her until you show up for practice.”

“I feel bad.” Katsuki mumbles, staring at all the notifications popping up with (Name)’s name. Envy rolls her eyes, slapping his phone away from him to bring his focus back on her.

”This isn’t the Katsuki I know.” She looks at him with a glare. “What has this girl done to you?”

”She stole my heart.” Katsuki sighs, heart pinging with pain.

”Ugh gross! Quit being so cheesy about your feelings for her.” Envy makes gagging noises. “Forget about all that right now, she needs to know she’s lost you. She needs to feel that pain in her heart.

When Touya breaks up with her, she’s going to be double hurt, and you’re going to be there to catch her heart. So until then, act cold, show her you don’t need her.”

Katsuki thinks about it. There was one other boy in that room that liked (Name), and that was Shouto. Shouto has always been (Name)’s knight in shinning armor. If Katsuki decided to skip out now; there’s no doubt in his mind that Shouto would be there to save her, and thus, winning her heart.

Can’t have that shitty half and half winning her over.

Katsuki starts feeling himself get angry and jealous over the scenarios playing in his mind. He nods to whatever else Envy says.

He was going to be her new knight in shining armor.

Which leads them to now. It was homeroom, and Katsuki was sitting with Eijirou. The red haired boy was taken by surprise when Katsuki walked in and pulled up a chair right next to him. He stared at him, astonished. Katsuki feels himself losing his temper the longer his shitty friend keeps staring at him.

“What?” Katsuki hisses, which causes Eijirou to chuckle in response.

“Nothing bro, just surprised. Whaddya doing? Why aren’t sitting over there by (Name)?” Eijirou motions over to where the band sat; he quickly glances at (Name), having to do a double take when he sees how terrible she looks.

Not in a bad way! But in a clearly-she’s-been-crying-all-night type of way. It was obvious. Her eyes drooped a little from exhaustion, small bags formed under her puffy eyes.

Katsuki stays quiet, it took a lot out of him to not look over at her. Fuck! He felt so bad having to do this, especially when he saw the reaction Eijirou had. It was clear to him that (Name)’s mood was deep in the shitter and it’s basically all his fault that she’s feeling this way.

God dammit, why did shit have to turn out this way; fuck, fuck, fuck! His mind booms loudly at the sound of his own inner voice screaming and cursing at himself for hurting the girl he loves.

But it had to be this way, this was the only way he could get her away from that shitty older Todoroki.

The entire class period, Eijirou would look back over to find (Name) staring remorsefully towards Katsuki. Her eyes only moving away when Shouto would say something to her, capturing her attention for the moment to bring a small smile to her face; but that smile would quickly disappear once her eyes landed back on Katsuki.

Eijirou wanted to know what the fuck was going on.

The bell ends, everyone starts packing up and putting the desk and chairs back in order. Eijirou and Katsuki are the first ones to leave, but one person follows closely behind, calling out the name of the person she’s been eying all period.

“Katsuki…” She whispers his name, but he keeps on walking, completely ignoring her existence. Eijirou looks between the two, flabbergasted when he sees how cold Katsuki was acting towards her. The two walk away, Eijirou looking back at (Name), sending her a nervous smile. Right now wasn’t the best time to ask Katsuki what the fuck was going on, so he’d ask later during gym class.


It’s been eating away at Eijirou all day, wondering what the fuck was going on between Katsuki and (Name). From what he’s observed all day, Katsuki’s been strangely quiet, and actively avoiding (Name) in the hallways. He wasn’t in some of their classes so he wonders how Katsuki was managing to avoid her there.

Finally it was time for gym, Eijirou didn’t hesitate to pop the question that’s been haunting his mind all day.

“Dude… what’s going on between you and (Name)?” Eijirou asks, caught a little off guard by the fact that Katsuki had been following him around like a lost puppy all day.

Katsuki stiffens at the question. They were currently in the locker room, getting dressed for gym class.

“We’re not on speaking terms for now…” Katsuki says, taking his stuff out of his lockers so that he could put his regular backpack in the tiny locker.

“What?! What happened?” Eijirou was curious and surprised. Just last week he and Katsuki were talking about ways to get her to notice him in more than just a ‘friend I write songs with’. “Didn’t you go talk to her sister?”

“I did! But that was a fucking waste. (Name) has a shitty fucking boyfriend now.” Katsuki groans, resting his forehead against the cool metal of the lockers.

Eijirou feels for his friend. After all the time they’ve spent talking about his feelings, and after Katsuki was so adamant about denying how he really felt. It must fucking suck to get your heart broken like this, but that still doesn’t explain why he was acting so cold and callous towards (Name). Sure she got a boyfriend, but is that enough to for him to stop talking to her in general?

“That doesn’t explain why you’re being so cold towards her.” Eijirou probes, trying to get as much information out of him as he could. This would be the only way he could help him if he was able to.

Katsuki stays quiet for awhile, contemplating if he should tell him the truth on why he was giving (Name) the cold shoulder. Looking at Eijirou, he know he can trust him, he’s been helpful so far. Katsuki releases a shaky sigh, preparing himself to tell his friend the truth. Here goes nothing.

“I met up with my ex, and we created a plan to break them up.” Katsuki mumbles, feeling unsure about the plan now that he’s said it out-loud. It sounded ridiculous, he sounded ridiculous. Eijirou would agree on that, he was astonished by what Katsuki said, it took him a moment to process the words through his mind, and once he fully understood, he’s freaked out.

“You did what?!” Eijirou shouts, capturing the attention of the other boys around them. Katsuki was quick to cover the other boy’s mouth, sending him a death glare for being too loud. Touya was in this gym period, but his locker was all the way at the other side of the room, he wouldn’t be able to hear them talking but Katsuki didn’t want to risk any of Touya’s friends overhearing the conversation.

“Keep your voice down, he’s in our gym class you know.” Katsuki whispers. The boys around them have quickly focused their attentions on other things. They stay quiet for a moment just to make sure no one was still looking or listening in on them.

“Bro… I don’t want to sound like an asshole, but why the fuck did you do that? Okay, SURE that dude is bad, but why not let her figure that out on her own? I’m gonna say it, what you did was not manly at all.” Eijirou’s opinion slapped Katsuki in the face. Like this shit straight up came swinging at Katsuki, knocking his ass out.

“She was never going to see him for what he did.” Katsuki tries to argue back. Eijirou was not accepting it, instead he rebuttals back.

“You don’t know that. You basically just proved you don’t believe (Name) is strong enough or smart enough to take off the rose colored lenses and see the red flags for herself.” Eijirou shrugs, not wanting to show him friend just how mad he truly was for taking the selfish path. “I care about (Name) too, she’s a sweet girl; but this could’ve been a learning moment for herself.

And if he guy is a douche, we can easily intervene once he’s proven he’s a sack of shit. We’ll fight him for dishonoring (Name). You’ve taken it the wrong way.”

For a moment guilt starts to settle in the pits of Katsuki’s stomach. Then Envy’s words come kicking that feeling out.

”You love that girl, right? Well, be selfish. You’ll never get anywhere with her if you don’t take the initiative. You don’t have to be there for her, but another boy will definitely be there to catch her.”

That’s right. It’s okay to be selfish sometimes in life. He loved (Name), she deserved to be with a guy who treated her right. He could, no, he WOULD treat her right, he WILL treat her right. Touya was just a sack of shit who wasn’t worthy of her time or love.

He did this for her.

Eijirou takes notice of Katsuki’s silence, he immediately knows his friend is trying to justify his actions in his mind. Eijirou shakes his head, he knows he won’t be able to get it though Katsuki’s thick skull that he actually did something bad, all he can do at this point is say he tried.

“I don’t wanna jinx it for you, but this could come back to bite you in the ass.” Eijirou warns him. Katsuki stays still for a moment. Would this really come back to haunt him? He would never tell (Name), nor would he even talk to Touya. Envy only wanted Touya back so she has no business with (Name) or himself after this entire thing is done.

Katsuki has essentially gotten away with the murder of a relationship; or more like, he will be getting away with the murder of a relationship if this entire thing goes according to plan.

“Nah, there’s no way that’ll happen. The only people who know about this is me, you, and Envy.” Katsuki says with confidence, putting his gym shirt on while throwing his normal shirt in his locker.

Hitoshi stands off the the side, having heard the entire conversation. He finishes tying up his gym shoes before getting up. He walks past the two boys, his shoulder brushing against Katsuki’s shoulder.

Lilac eyes meet with Crimson ones.

Hitoshi breaks the eye contact, making his way outside of the locker room and towards the gym to sit with his class. Katsuki on the other hand watches the mysterious boy walk away. Unsure of the relationship that boy held with (Name), but the look in his eyes gave him a different feeling, an unsettling one.

He and Eijirou finish getting dressed in their gym uniforms. They start making their way out into the gym. There were still a couple minutes until class started, so people were still wondering over the gym talking to friends.

Katsuki’s eyes land on (Name). She’s standing by the wall, talking to Touya. The older bastard had one hand against the wall, in a way he trapped her there but she clearly didn’t mind. She was enjoying the attention she was receiving from him. From where he stood, someone who didn’t know her would think she looked happy with that giant smile on her face, but it clearly didn’t reach her eyes.

Two sets of eyes watch the couple, seething with anger and jealousy. Both eyes look away from the scene.

Once more, lilac eyes met with his crimson ones. The unsettling feeling returns back to his gut, this time Hitoshi sends him a small nod before breaking eye contact.

Katsuki just stares at him while following Eijirou to the spot their gym class meets for attendance. He can hear her giggle, but it’s lack its joyful melody. He’s not looking at her anymore, he’s still staring at the back of Hitoshi’s head.

Why was he feeling scared?

Sure they bumped shoulders and glared at each other, but was that enough to sent his body into panic? And just now, they were both staring at (Name). Fuck... he likes her, doesn’t he?

Did he hear the entire conversation?

Katsuki sits there, overthinking every small detail, trying to remember where was Hitoshi’s locker, there was no way he heard all that right? RIGHT?! The feeling of panic slips further into his skin, digging its claws into his muscles.

Has he really gotten away with murder or will karma come back to bite him in the ass?

Chapter Text

“What’s wrong?” His voice kicks her out of her daydreams. (Name) was huddled up against Touya. Since Katsuki was clearly avoiding her, she decided to skip the math class they shared together.

“Nothing.” She mumbles, snuggling deeper into him. His leather jacket wrapped around her small frame as they sat outside in the forest right behind the school.

She felt guilt slip deep into her bones. No matter how much closer she cuddled up against Touya, she couldn’t shake off the cold feeling that enveloped her body.

She’s been silent the entire time they’ve been out here. He has a strong feeling she’s down in the dumps thanks to Katsuki, after all, she was fine before that kid completely freaked out on her.

“Hey,” He says, his fingers pulling her chin up, causing her to look away from the ground and instead focus on his eyes. He puts on a sweet smile, for her sake. “I’m here for you. Don’t worry about that kid.”

She nods her head. Man, she wished she didn’t worry about Katsuki. She wished she wasn’t so emotionally devastated by this entire ordeal. She wished she hadn’t stayed up all last night, twisting and turning in bed, haunted by the flashback of Katsuki turning his back to her and walking out.

“I can’t deal with this right now. I can’t deal with you.”The words echoed through her head all night long. The painstaking look in his eyes when she told him that she loved Touya. She wanted to throw up.

She wished she didn’t worry, but she did. She worried a lot. Katsuki meant a lot to her, he was the second closest person in her life, they’ve spent countless hours writing songs, writing poems for each other, and sharing every secret and embarrassing story both teens covered up from the rest of the world.

After all the shit talking they did, and this is what she does. Then again, why does she feel so guilty about all of this? She and Katsuki were not dating, so why was he mad? They didn’t share any romantic feelings, they weren’t some sort of fling, or anything. Technically, in the eyes of fans, they were dating, but that was just to get horny hoards of teens to leave them alone. There was no real romantic feelings between them!

There was no possible way Katsuki liked her either. Yeah, no, there was no way he liked her. He saw her as just a friend, and that’s probably why he got so upset. He’s just being an overprotective friend.

She laughs in her head, shaking her head, feeling a bit ridiculous to even assume Katsuki liked her more than just a friend.

So why did the thought of him not liking her as more than just a friend hurt her heart?

Oh, haha no. There was no fucking way.


Hours later, (Name) and Touya stumble inside her house. On the way home it begun to pour again. With no umbrella, the two lovebirds start running in the direction of home. Both laughing their asses off, (Name) screaming a bit as water leaked into her converse, flooding them and soaking her socks. The feeling was downright uncomfortable, but nonetheless she was having fun, running side by side with her man.

At one point in the run, Touya has picked the girl up, sprinting faster to get out of the rain. Thanks to all these years of weightlifting, carrying her was the easiest thing in the world. Her house makes its appearance in the distance, further encouraging the boy to run faster.

Once inside, the two laugh, taking off their shoes, socks, and jackets. They could hear the laughter of her bandmates downstairs, but before they could join them, they had to switch out of their wet clothes. Fortunately Touya had left plenty of spare clothes here. Quickly changing, with (Name) using her willpower to stop herself from making out with Touya, they soon head down to the basement to get practice started.

She walks down the stairs, humming, feeling anxious to see the drum set missing a drummer. Before they started practice, they’d probably have to talk about who was going to take up the drums.

Landing on the bottom, she slowly walks to the room, guilt chewing on her heart the closer she got to the laughter. Stepping inside, her eyes are wide with surprise to see who was standing there.

Everyone was laughing, except him. His face covered with that normal sour scrawl. Brows furrowed as he watches Denki make a fool out of himself. Fumikage further instigating the shenanigans.

She was happy to see him there. Happy to know he was still in the band, and that perhaps their friendship wasn’t over, but instead going through a temporary rough patch.

“Katsuki!” She cries out; unable to contain herself, she runs towards him, throwing her around his body. She was immensely happy to see him here, only to have her joy quickly ripped away when Katsuki pushes her off.

“Don’t touch me.” He says, not once making eye contact with her. His reason is because he can tell she has tears forming in her eyes, if he looks into them now, his entire fake demeanor will crack away. He gulps, forcing himself away, making his way towards his drums.

The air in the room turns tense and awkward. (Name) continues to stand there, her eyes misty with tear, heart shattering at the knowledge that her friend hates her and wants nothing to do with her. She wants to run out of the room, and disappear forever. He would like that, wouldn’t he?

She feels a hand on her shoulder. It’s Touya. He smiles at her, giving her shoulder a small squeeze as he bends down to her height.

“It’s okay.” He reassures her, giving her a small peck on her lips. Her eyes flutter close, his close only sightly, open enough to take a glance over at Katsuki; watching the blond boy glare at him, them, his hands gripping tightly onto his drum sticks, breaking them in half.

The snap causes (Name) to pull away from the kiss, everyone’s attention now focused on Katsuki and the broken drumsticks in his hands.

“Fuck.” He mutters, standing up from his seat, making his way over to his backpack where he kept an extra pair of drumsticks, just in case something like this happened.

Touya smirks, completely unaware of the sabotage plot, but very much observant of Katsuki’s jealousy. The awkwardness in the air remains. It was one of those moments where Denki purposefully made himself look like a fool to get the tension to go away.

Momo releases an awkward, strained laugh, also hoping that everything would clear up. All friends in the room look around, trying not to make eye contact with the drummer boy and their lead singer. Shouto gets up, making his way over to Katsuki, he whispers something to him that causes both boys to leave the room.

Denki releases his breath. Plopping down on the couch to rest as the body crushing tension vanishes from the room. Kyoka pulls (Name) towards her and Momo. Immediately an intense conversation forms between the three of them. Heated whispers, and wild hand movements take them over.

The three boys left in the room watch in awe. Denki and Fumikage look away to start a conversation, while at the same time trying to overhear the conversation, to no avail of course, the girls were careful to keep their voices to a low to prevent nosy spies from listening in. So with the two of them locked out of that conversation, they attempt to get Touya in theirs.

Touya doesn’t speak much, he mostly nods and hums. Otherwise his side of the conversation is a dead end with no responses to further continue anything. Denki and Fumikage give each other the side eye. They wanted to give Touya the benefit of the doubt, since he was dating their lovely friend, but it was hard not to label him as the asshole Katsuki painted him to be.

It felt like ages until (Sister’s Name) walked in, Katsuki and Shouto trailing behind her. Whatever Shouto said to him clearly calmed him down, and it was obvious that (Sister’s Name) also had a helping hand in the mediation. Either way, Katsuki walked in with that same sour scrawl, but this time the heavy aura didn’t follow along.

“Time for practice!” (Sister’s Name) says, a forced smile on her face. Kyoka and Momo break away from (Name), only briefly saying: “Please, just think about what we said.”

(Name) nods, her mind filling with other thoughts, thanks to all the clues and evidence presented to her by Kyoka and Momo. Still, she was in denial about it all. For now, to keep the air clear, she put on her smiling mask.

“Ready?” She says to Touya, the two standing at their separate mic stands.

“Ready.” He says back, a small smirk on his face.

(Sister’s Name) sits down, Shouto joining her. They talk for a second before (Sister’s Name) gives the signal to start.

Everyone starts their parts. The basement fills the the joyful sounds of a love song. Touya and (Name) sing, dancing around each other. The band has smiles of their own, enjoying the peace that circled around them.

Katsuki sat behind his drums, sour look replaced with heartbreak. Watching her smile, laugh, and dance with him caused him to ache. He kept cool, slightly appreciative of Shouto and (Sister’s Name) for the conversation they shared. Too bad he and Shouto were love rivals, he’ll have to find a different way to repay half-and-half for his kindness.

The longer he stared at them, the less guilt he felt. The longer he stared at them, the more cracks he could see forming between them. It was clear to him that the honeymoon was nearly over, and he’ll be sweeping in to take her away.

Damn, he just hopes Envy finished her part soon. If he had to sit through another practice watching the girl of his dreams sing love songs with his nemesis, he’ll fucking stab his eyes out with his sticks.

God, just hurry the fuck up.

Chapter Text

“Part two has started, tomorrow you better be there for her.”


And just like a thief in the night, she stole him away. Trapping him back into her web with false promises and false gifts. Her grasp on him tightening to make sure he wouldn’t leave again.

Poor Touya. May the Gods have mercy on him and release him from this prison.

It’s been a week, a week of practice and a week of Katsuki ignoring (Name), resulting in a week of awkward interactions. Sides were not chosen, no one could choose between their two good friends. There was no point in causing more drama, everyone was just hoping that this entire fiasco would blow over soon and (Name) and Katsuki could go back to being friends.

(Name) had stopped all attempts at getting Katsuki to speak to her. All tries were futile, so what was the point in trying only to end up humiliated at the end. Instead, she spent her time talking to Touya, Momo, and Kyoka between the small breaks during practice.

Occasionally her eyes would stray over to Katsuki, looking him up and down, watching him talk to the boys. As of late, Shouto’s been talking to Katsuki more, beforehand he would only talk to Katsuki if she was right there, but now he would go up and approach the hotheaded boy to strike up a conversation. What’s even more shocking is that Katsuki talks back, keeping calm and collected and holding a decent conversation with Shouto.

‘Those two could be really good friends.’ She thinks as she watches them talk. Katsuki looks away from Shouto for a moment, his eyes connecting with hers. She feels her heart jump into her throat, but it quickly goes away when Katsuki looks away, his face turning sour, attempting to resume his conversation with the half-and-half boy.

(Name) felt a rush of blood spreading across her cheeks. Fuck, she felt like a fucking creep, or like some lovesick girl staring at her crush across the room only to be caught red handed. Not to assume she has a crush on him, because she most definitely doesn’t like Katsuki.

Yeah, that’s right, she does NOT like him like that.

Still, she felt embarrassed knowing she was caught in the act by the person she was staring at in the first place. Ugh, she just wanted to crawl into her bed and die, this day just couldn’t get any worse.

“Alright! I got cookies!” (Sister’s Name) walks in holding a tray of warm cookies. Poor girl has been so stressed this week that she’s been stress baking everyday. Which wasn’t so bad since everyone got some good ass treats, but bad for (Sister’s Name) since she’s gotten a couple burns on her arms.

“YAS!” Denki shouts, breaking away from his conversation to jump over the couch, bouncing in front of table where (Sister’s Name) put the tray down. With everyone rushing to each some cookies before practice commenced, (Name) stood back to check her phone.

No text from Touya. This was strange, he’s never been late to practice. He probably got caught up with some other things.

But why didn’t he text her to tell her?

Something felt off, it wasn’t settling well in her stomach. She pushes the feeling aside to join the rest of her friends. Maybe some cookies will make her feel better and he’ll be here just in time for practice.


An hour passes and no texts or calls from Touya.

“Where is he?” She paces around the room. Lost in her thoughts, worry and anxiety flowing through her body. Why wasn’t he here? He's never been late to practice before.

Taking a glance at her phone, she finds no texts or missed calls from him despite the numerous texts and calls she had sent him. This wasn’t like him, what if he was hurt? Or worse? What if he got jumped on his way here and got his stuff stolen?

Oh that’s not likely! They don’t live in the city, they live in a quaint suburb far from the reaches of the cities crime. Well, crime doesn’t discriminate on location either, so there could be a small chance Touya really did get jumped; but it was an extremely small chance.

So… where the fuck is he?

“He wasn’t home when I left.” Shouto had told her. At first, she assumed he had gone off to do something before practice, lowkey hoping for some grand romantic gesture, but now it’s been about two hours since everyone got here and nothing. Nada. Not a single sign of Touya.

She was so caught up in her own thoughts that she didn’t notice the worried stares she was garnering from her friends. Momo is the first one to speak up.

“(Name) are you okay? We’re worried.” She steps closer to (Name), placing a gentle hand on her shoulder, Kyoka steps closer as well. Both girls trying to comfort their friend before she caught a case of the heartbreak blues.

(Name) didn’t know what to say. She wanted to say yes, but she knew that wasn’t true. She couldn’t say no because she didn’t want to see like she was some overreacting and controlling girlfriend. Was she overreacting? Or did she have a reason to be worried and upset? Who knows, but she wasn’t about to reveal that to her friends, especially not in front of Katsuki.

Denki stops strumming his guitar to check his watch. It was past the time practice was supposed to start, he takes a glance around to see (Sister’s Name) and Shouto heatedly discussing something, but with the way they kept checking their phones and looking at (Name), he knows they’re talking about the missing singer.

“Should we really be wasting this time waiting on some dude that isn’t showing up?” Denki blurts out. He knows he acts a little dimwitted at times, but right now he was speaking blatant truths. He knows that this wedding gig is important for the band, and if this dude wasn’t going to show up for something that meant so much, then he had to go. They couldn’t waste precious practice time waiting for someone who clearly doesn’t care.

Fumikage nods his head, (Sister’s Name) sighs. She agrees with Denki, they simply couldn’t afford to wait on Touya. Now they were strapped on time, and they had to find someone to replace him.

“I’m sorry (Name) but Denki’s right. We can’t waste our time. You understand right?” (Sister’s Name) asks, standing up to get closer to (Name) just in case she started crying. (Name) wanted to cry so badly and ask for a couple more minutes, but she knew what was at stake.

She nods her head, giving her older sister a sad smile. The two sisters hug before they break apart so (Sister’s Name) and Shouto could start thinking about a replacement. (Name) leans against the wall, a dejected look on her face. She didn’t want to think Touya stood her up, but that’s how it’s starting to look.

‘Fucking shit... after I screamed at Katsuki about how much I loved Touya, and he does this...’ She thinks, feeling her heart break a little with each thought she had. She feels humiliated, she lost her close friend over this guy. She literally threw away her friendship all for him and this is how he repays her. Ugh why is she so fucking stupid. Why did she do all that. Why... why... just why.

One certain boy was getting fed up with this all. Katsuki hated seeing (Name) like this, getting sad over some shitty guy. Well fuck, if Touya wasn’t going to show up, then he might as well take over for him. Katsuki gets up and grabs the microphones before making his way over to (Name), pushing one in her direction.

(Name) looks up in surprise. She’s confused at what he was doing but takes the mic. She stares at his face, but he’s not looking at her, instead he’s staring off in a different direction with a small splash of pink coating his pale cheeks. Katsuki finally speaks up after a week of not talking to her.

“Stop moping around for some dude who won’t even bother showing up for something that’s important to you. So shut the fuck up and sing this stupid fucking song with me.” He grumbles, stepping away from her to go stand by the mic stands.

“Oi (Sister’s Name).” He calls out causing the older girl to break away from her conversation with Shouto. She gives Katsuki a confused look before she spots the microphone in his hands. Her eyes light up. “I’m going to sing the duet with (Name).”

“Yes! Okay, let’s start then! Places everyone!” (Sister’s Name) and Shouto sit down on the couch, everyone scrambling to get back into position. (Name) stares at Katsuki, confused. She makes her way to her spot. He feels her staring at him, so he turns his head to look, their eyes meet causing (Name) to look away in embarrassment.

Fuck she needs to calm down before her sister signals to start. Deep breathes... deep breathes.

(Sister’s Name) makes the signal with her hands, and the band starts playing. Luckily this song didn’t have drums, so they’d have to figure out who would take Katsuki’s part later on. For now, they just gotta concentrate on this song.

All along it was a fever
A cold sweat hot-headed believer
I threw my hands in the air, said, "Show me something"
He said, "If you dare, come a little closer"

She starts singing, keeping her eyes concentrate on her sister and Shouto instead of the boy standing beside her. She felt stiff and awkward. After weeks of not talking, here there are, about to sing a love song together. Romance movies did not prepare her for this type of scenario.

She throws her hands up, trying to get slightly more comfortable, or as comfortable as she could with the immense tension still wrapped around her body.

(Sister’s Name) is motioning for her to start moving around more. She had a intense look on her face that read ‘if you don’t get over your bullshit I’ll kick your fucking ass.’ It was a terrifying look, but (Name) had no choice, she had to get out of her comfort zone and start pretending she was in love with this boy so they could sell the act at the wedding.

Round and around and around and around we go
Oh now, tell me now, tell me now, tell me now you know

Her hands grab the mic again, pulling it off the stand so she can walk around. This was the only way she would be able to snap herself out of the tense mood.

Closing her eyes, she keeps singing. Slowly swaying her hips. She loved this song and the beat, and after singing it on repeat with Touya, she absolutely loved dancing to it.

She starts twirling around, trying to forget about everything that went down between her and Katsuki last week. Maybe this will make it easier for her to sing with him once the duet part comes up. Hopefully...

Not really sure how to feel about it
Something in the way you move
Makes me feel like I can't live without you
It takes me all the way
I want you to stay

Slowly her body gets comfortable, fully immersing itself into the beat of the song. (Name) was starting to do the same things she would’ve done if she had been with Touya. Putting all her soul and energy into singing her lines.

God damnit! Touya wasn’t here but this wasn’t about him! This was about another lady who’s getting married in a couple weeks, so (Name) needs to put on the best performance possible to make that lady’s dreams come true! Nothing was going to step in her way! Not even her currently awkward friendship with her drummer and co-writer.

So from now on, with or without Touya, she was going to put more than 100% into making this the most beautiful and amazing performance she’s ever done.

Katsuki watched her closely. He was absolutely mesmerized by her, her voice captivating him further. Something was so different with the way she was singing today, he could hear she was putting more soul into the song.

So he was going to do the same thing.

It's not much of a life you're living
It's not just something you take it's given

It’s his turn to start singing, he looks at her from the corner of his eyes. Watching her sway her hips around. She opens her eyes to watch him sing.

They stare at each other, watching each other’s movements.

Despite not showing it, Katsuki was ecstatic. For over a week he watched the girl he loved sing and dance with that guy, it fucking hurt so much but he bite his tongue and kept quiet; but now here he was, singing and dancing with her. He felt like he was on cloud nine, or just having the best dream ever. A part of him was scared he would wake up and be sitting behind his drum set, watching her sing and dance with Touya again.

Good thing this wasn’t a dream. This was real life.

Round and around and around and around we go
Oh now, tell me now, tell me now, tell me now you know

He finds himself freely moving around, his eyes never once leaving her. She does the same thing, both of them staring at each other. Longing for this.

They could never admit how much they missed singing and dancing together. Over a week without jam sessions was killing them.

Not really sure how to feel about it
Something in the way you move
Makes me feel like I can't live without you
It takes me all the way
I want you to stay 

He moves closer to his crush, swaying alongside her. She smiles coyly, moving away from him, causing the boy to narrow his eyes at the mischievous glint her eyes held. (Name) moves the mic away from her mouth so she could giggle at the sight of his frustrated expression.

She keeps dancing away from him while he tries to dance closer to her. Finally he gets tired of chasing that he catches her arm, stopping her from running away. They stand still, a respectable distance between the two, he sings the last of his lines with all his heart and soul, hoping they would reach her. He hopes she knows that he really couldn’t live without her, if this had been some other girl, he would’ve walked away a week ago and never looked back; but for her, he stayed.

Ooh, ooh, ooh, the reason I hold on
Ooh, ooh, ooh, 'cause I need this hole gone
Funny you're the broken one but I'm the only one who needed saving
'Cause when you never see the light it's hard to know which one of us is caving

 Their voices combine into something breathtaking. All awkward tension and grudges long forgotten, instead replaced with this chemistry that not even Touya could bring out with her.

The two teens move closer together, their hands reaching out, interweaving their fingers together. Both can’t help but notice how perfect their hands fit together, almost as if they were each others missing puzzle piece. Still moving closer together, their foreheads meet, eyes connecting, hearts and souls synchronizing, forging something enlightening within each other.

At this point, everyone in the room was long forgotten by them. Instead, the setting in their minds turns to just them, alone in her room jamming together after a long day or class. It was where they felt most comfortable and at ease, only showing their true selves to each other in private.

The lyrics almost perfectly fitting their current situation. Both putting all their hearts into singing the lyrics to each other almost like an apology for the way they’ve treated the other this past week, an apology for the mess they’ve created for each other. An apology for even letting go of each other.

Never again would Katsuki and (Name) allow a boy to get between them and their friendship.

Not really sure how to feel about it
Something in the way you move
Makes me feel like I can't live without you
It takes me all the way
I want you to stay, stay
I want you to stay, hooh

Letting go of her hand, Katsuki instead wraps an arm around (Name)’s waist. The two waltz around the room, bright smiles plastered onto their faces. Eyes glimmering with joy, and a profound level of love for each other, feelings buried under piles of dirt now rising from the dead, making their way to the surface.

Wait... love?

No way. She didn’t love him! Well — she did love Katsuki, but not in a romantic way. There’s was no way she felt feelings like that for him. She just... admired him... A LOT. Plus there’s no way he likes her. She continues to deny any possibilities of romance between the two of them, piling more excuses on top of her aching heart.

The song ends. Lost in the moment, Katsuki dips (Name) down, pulling her into a passionate kiss. He releases all the feelings he’s been holding back, showing it to her through this kiss. Her mind starts racing with a million thoughts going a million miles per hour. She can’t compute, she can’t...

(Name).exe has stopped working.

With her mind rebooting, her heart decides to pull the ropes. She closes her eyes, relaxing her lips so she could kiss him back with the same amount of passion he had. The heaviness on her heart finally gone, confusion gone. Her mind logs back on to compute the new information it was gathering from her heart.

She didn’t just like Katsuki, she liked LIKED him.


The sound of something falling over causing the two to break apart. Straightening themselves up, they look over in the direction of the sound, only to find Denki unconscious on the ground.

Denki.exe has stopped working.

His mind short circuit, but he wasn’t alone on this. Everyone else stared at the two of them, their jaws dropped to the floor, only three words crossed all their minds: What the fuck.

(Name) looks back at Katsuki with her cheeks burning. He’s looking at her too, his face as red as his eyes. The same thought that ran through everyone’s head: Did that really just happened?

“Whoa.” The two teens whisper at the same time. The synchronization causes them to become more flustered. (Name) can’t help but wonder, does this mean he enjoyed the kiss as much as she did?

(Sister’s Name) suddenly gasps for air, she forgot how to breathe for a moment. All eyes turn to look at her, her face flustered, the heterochromic boy sitting next her stares off into space, shocked. After a moment (Sister’s Name) breaks the awkward silence with a hoarse whisper. “Keep that same energy for the gig please.”

Shouto breaks out of his daze, his eyes focusing on his childhood best friend, and crush, getting flustered over Katsuki. Ah… he felt sick to his stomach. He tries to not focus on it anymore, but it’s hard. (Sister’s Name) starts talking but he’s not listening.

The rest of practice goes by smoothly. (Name) and Katsuki dance and sing, jumping all over the place and twirling around. Laughter surrounds the two of them, loving gazes and soft touches become a theme. The other members are digging it, joining in on the laughter of the happy mood. Feeding into the chemistry around their lead singers.

(Sister’s Name) beams with joy, watching the chemistry between (Name) and Katsuki, they were really making the whole “in love” act feel so real. It would be perfect for the wedding. Who knows why Touya was missing, but she’s grateful he wasn’t there; the chemistry between him and (Name) was nowhere near as close as (Name) and Katsuki’s.

(Sister’s Name) would occasionally glance over at Shouto, noticing the sour look in his eyes. Anyone else would’ve missed it, but she caught it, and she caught that it was directed towards Katsuki. She would have to talk to him later, but for now, she focuses all her attention on practice.

Meanwhile, (Name) is having the time of her life, having completely forgotten about Touya and the fact that he stood her and the band up. Good thing he did this now and not the day of the wedding.

At the end of practice, (Name) pulls out her phone. No new texts or calls from Touya. She won’t lie, she felt disappointed, he knew how much this meant to her, he already went to their practices so why did he suddenly not show up? Letting out a quiet sigh, she decides to go on facebook, and what does she see? Oh well, just a picture of Touya hanging out with some friends... and his ex.

Feeling her heart jump into her throat and her stomach fall into the second level of hell. What the fuck was this? After everything they’ve done? After everything she did for him? Holy fuck, she wanted to cry. Her throat tightens, eyes feel like they’re burning. She almost releases a whimper but stops when she hears the laughter going on behind her. Pushing the tears again and swallowing her feelings down, she goes to look over her shoulder. Her eyes land on two blond boys competing; Katsuki and Denki chugging down bottles of water with everyone egging them on. The sight numbs her pain, instead it causing laughter escapes her lips. It was clear Denki was losing but he was trying his hardest, his face was turning red as he struggled to down another bottle while Katsuki had no trouble chugging his down. She shakes her head at the contest before turning back to her phone. Still on her text thread with Touya, she presses on text box to start typing something she should’ve said ages ago.

[6:05 PM] (Name): It’s taken me so long to realize that you aren’t worth it. It’s taken me this long to realize you don’t deserve me. I thought we had something great, but now I know that was in the past. Thank you for all the great memories you’ve given me, but also fuck you for hurting me and continuing to play with my heart. I honestly deserve better, and I deserved a better goodbye.  Maybe in another life things will be better between us, but in this one you’re dead to me Touya Todoroki.

For a while, she stares at her screen, re-reading her message a million times just to make sure this is what she wanted to say. Is this truly what she wanted to tell him? Her bottom lip trembles a bit as she watches her thumb hover over the send button. At first she didn’t want to send it, a small part of her heart hoped he truly loved her. She waited for him to send a message proclaiming his undying love for her, a message to tell her that the picture was fake or one someone took ages ago. She wanted to hear him say that he would never betray her like this. Sadly, no message ever popped up, instead she watched his active button turn to ‘active 2 minutes ago’. It felt like the rose-tinted glasses she had been wearing this entire time had been removed. Her mind flashed back to all the bad times they shared, and all the flaws he had that she overlooked.

She was too busy looking at her screen, still contemplating sending the message. If she sends this it’s over, it’s officially over, there will no longer be a chance for the two of them to be together ever again. This would be the end. She was too busy thinking about this that she didn’t that notice Katsuki was standing behind her, reading the breakup message.

"Catch her when she falls."

"Oh, I’ll be there."

This was his chance. She was falling, now it was his turn to catch her in his arms.

He places his hand on her shoulder, causing her to jolt from the shock of someone suddenly appearing behind her. Maneuvering the screen so the person wouldn’t see, she takes a look over to her shoulder to find Katsuki staring at her. His eyes are soft and he’s got a small gentle smile on his lips as he nods at her. There was no point in hiding her screen, she knows now that he had read the whole thing while she was distracted.

“Do it.” He mouths. He gives her shoulder an affirming squeeze; she’s not surprised by his answer, it was something she expected he would say. She nods her head, his touch gave her the confidence to send the message. She relished the feeling of his touch, the look in his eyes only further motivating her. The memory of their kiss factoring in along with her confused feelings for the explosive drummer. She had to do this, Katsuki holding her hand along the way to liberation only adding more fuel to the happy yet conflicting emotions she had for him.

She hits send and watches the screen for a couple seconds. Touya becomes active once again, and a read receipt appeared under her message. The typing bubbles appear but quickly disappear. This gave her another boost of courage to do something she never thought about doing before.

Clicking on his contact info, she slightly scrolls down until she see what she’s looking for. Feeling crimson eyes still watching, she turns to look at him, a smirk forms on her face with a glint of newfound courage. He’s surprised by this look, but left even more surprise when he sees what her finger hovers over. His eyes meet her again, now knowing what that confident look was for, he can’t help but reciprocate it back, a mischievous grin forms on his face. She looks back at her phone to press the button, causing a notification message to pop up.

Are you sure you want to block this person?



Chapter Text

“Where the fuck is my lipstick?” (Sister Name) shouts, running around her room, turning everything upside down looking for her red lipstick. (Name) sat down in front of her vanity mirror as Momo applied a small bit of makeup on her face. (Name) chuckled a bit as she watched her sister go complete ape shit over her missing lipstick.

“Check in the bathroom, I think I saw it there.” Momo replies, moving away from (Name) to start working on Kyoka’s hair. (Name) take this moment to look herself in the mirror, she turns her head in different directions, pulling different types of looks. She laughs when she catches Kyoka grinning like a mad woman. Both girls burst out in laughter until Kyoka’s face twists when a cloud of hairspray surrounds her.

(Name) still laughing, keeps eyeing herself. She looks hella cute today, her heart running around at the thought of how Katsuki would react when he saw her. Ahh! She hopes he gets all flustered.

Today was the day of the wedding, after weeks of endless practice. It was finally time to show everyone their hard work. (Name) wouldn’t lie, but she was excited for the romantic act she and Katsuki will be playing all day, and from what she heard from her sister, the bride was excited to see the chemistry between them as well. Turns out (Sister’s Name) had sold her the idea that (Name) and Katsuki were soulmates.

“She’s so happy to have two lovebirds singing at her wedding. No one better than two people who are in love to sing about, well, love!” Her eyes glimmered with the dreams of a hopeless romantic. It’s a good thing both teens secretly liked each other, otherwise this plan would’ve gone bad.

From that moment on, Katsuki and (Name) were glued at the hip, more than usual. Katsuki and (Name) spent every waking moment possible talking to each other, giving each other small details and secrets they hadn’t shared before. Each day, they learned more and more about their partner, and the more they learned, the more their hearts craved for the other.

While Katsuki is fully aware of his feelings for the singer, he knew he was one-hundred percent in love with this girl and every small flaw she had.

(Name) on the other hand was still confused. She loved Touya, her heart still hurt from the betrayal of someone she’s loved since she was in the sixth grade; but at the same time, she was learning to forget him. He had been blocked on all social media accounts, including his phone number. The more time she spent with Katsuki, the more she noticed things she never saw before. The way his nose crinkled, the way his rare smile on his face only amplified his beauty.

It might be strange to call a guy beautiful, but Katsuki was… stunning, handsome, a true pleasure to look at. Her appreciation for him wasn’t just surface deep, she would also consider his personality and soul to be enthralling.

While she could say her feelings now were beyond the boundary of just loving a friend, she couldn’t come to say if she loved him, or just liked him romantically. Her heart was still in the limbo of trying to getting over her first love and craving this boy who was there for her during her toughest times with said first love.

And with the duo fighting their inner demons of romance, of “does he like me?” and “does she like me?” both are too distracted to realize that they truly liked each other. In the eyes of outsiders, it was frustrating to watch two people clearly enamored with one another to keep playing this game of back and forth. Absolutely frustrating for two people specifically: Eijirou and (Sister’s Name).

Both having to stand there, watching the entire cliche ordeal go down. Both lovebirds would get flustered around each other, the soft gazes they would send when they were around others, and the teasing touches and quick brushes when they got close, thinking no one was watching; but someone was always watching their interactions together.

“Finally found it!” (Sister’s Name) shouts, walking out of the bathroom with her lipstick. She walks over to the vanity mirror to apply it on. She pouts her lips, making a ‘pop’ sound when she finishes. Gathering up the making in a bag, she grabs her heels that laid strewn about her room.

Momo puts on some last finishing touches of hair decorations on (Name) and Kyoka. With that, all the girls disperse around the room to put the finishing touches on their dresses, as well as putting on their shoes.

“Fumikage!” (Sister’s Name) pokes her head out the door to shout, said boy shouts back.


“Are you guys ready?”


“Alright girls, let’s go!” (SIster’s Name) says, bouncing out of the room with excitement. The girls follow behind him. (Name)’s body fills with excitement and anxiety at the thought of seeing Katsuki and his reaction to her.

The boys were waiting downstairs by the door, one by one, the girls start walking down the stairs, slowly to make sure they don’t break their ankles with their heels. (Name) goes last, walking behind Kyoka. Her hands grips tightly on the hand rail, she looks at the door to find Katsuki, red in the face, staring at her.

Her heart flutters with joy. Her anxiety long gone when she saw she received the reaction she had been hoping for. Her eyes look over to Shouto, he was also looking up at her with his sweet gentle smile directed in her direction. A small powder of pink on his soft cheeks. She giggles. Her best friend supportive of her as always.

Oh (Name). Such a silly girl.

The girls all make it to the bottom without dying or breaking their ankles. The boys have already gathered up in the instruments and placed them in the trunk so that saved them all some time. Shouto walks up to (Name) offering her his arm to hold onto.

“Thanks Sho~!” She smiles, wrapping her arm around his. He nods. Despite the heels, she was still shorter than him. Katsuki grumbles, furious that his so-called friend had beaten him to that. Katsuki makes his way over, offering his other arm to her as well. (Name) giggles, accepting the offer, now she has two arms to help her.

The two boys look at each other, a sting of competition forms between them as they basically lift her up from the group and carry her to the car.

“Whoa!” She laughs, her feet slightly hovering up from the ground. She didn’t mind, she only assumed the boys were playing around and having some childish fun before a serious event.

Slowly, everyone files out of the house, towards the car to grab a seat. (Name), Katsuki, and Shouto sit all the way in the back, with (Name) sitting between the two boys. Denki was about to call shotgun but Fumikage beat him to it.

“Eat shit, Pikachu.”

Since Denki didn’t get to sit up front, (Sister’s Name) said he could be in charge of the AUX chord, which surprisingly wasn’t that bad. Denki had some good taste in music, everyone could agree on that. Sing-alongs start, with (Name) bumping shoulder’s with Shouto, trying to get him to sing along too.

He wouldn’t budge.

Katsuki on the other hand was singing with her, closing his eyes as he feels her hand fall into his. His eyes open to look at her, she’s got her eyes closed, her forever smiling lips looking plump thanks to her lipgloss. She cracks her eyes open a bit to look at him, her smiling turning into a teasing smirk.

Those teasingly small touches shared between them, making them feel more, think more, about a potential future between them.

Soon they arrive to the church where the ceremony was being held. Everyone exits the van, gathering around the closed trunk to hear (Sister’s Name)’s game plan.

“The reception starts after the ceremony, the bride says she would love for us to watch the ceremony, so we’ll get the instruments and set them up afterwards. The reception is being held in the park right behind the church, so we won’t have to go too far. Alright, got it?”

“Got it!” Everyone shouts, following (Sister’s Name) as she walks towards the church where other people were filing into. Shouto and Katsuki still having (Name) holding onto their arms. They walk closer when (Name) sees a familiar head of messy purple hair without the massive amount of gel in it. He turns around, his eyes widen in surprise when they land on the girl he had been avoiding these past few weeks.

“Hitoshi!” (Name) gasps. A toothy smile forming on her face, rushing over to him, she pulls him into a hug. The shocked boy, slowly wraps his arms around her, looking in all directions to make sure Touya wasn’t nearby. Fortunately for him, there was no Touya in sight, but instead he does come face to face with the death glares he’s receiving from Katsuki and Shouto.

“We haven’t talked in forever! What’s up with that?” (Name) shouts into his neck, pulling away slightly to look at him. During her whole issue with Katsuki, she had texted Hitoshi only to not receive anything back. Normally she didn’t see Hitoshi during school so she couldn’t catch him then, but now he was trapped in her arms, forced to confess him misdoings.

“I’ll explain everything to you later, okay? Just know I never meant to ghost you.” He confesses, looking into her eyes. She finds no lies hidden within those sleepy purple hues of his. She nods her head, keeping him to his promise on filling in all the cracks.

“We’ll meet you inside, okay?” (Sister’s Name) says, bringing (Name)’s attention towards her instead of Hitoshi. (Name) nods, watching her friends walk away, smiling when she sees Shouto and Katsuki look back at her. Turning her attention back onto Hitoshi, she giggles a little when she sees his embarrassed face, pink sprinkled onto his cheeks.

They talked for a bit, catching up to some of the things they missed out on, though, (Name) seems to have forgotten to mention one huge important detail: the fact that she is no longer with Touya. How that completely skipped her mind, who knows. Because of this, Hitoshi fumbled with his fingers a lot, looking around to make sure Touya wouldn’t somehow conjure up.

Suddenly, the shadow of a person falls over them. Looking behind Hitoshi, she see a mysterious and handsome man. Hitoshi slips his arms away from (Name), creating a small distance between the two of them as he turns to greet the strange man. It’s clear to (Name) that they’re very familiar with each other. Hitoshi turns to (Name) to introduce the handsome stranger.

“(Name), this is Kai.” He says, putting a name to the face. (Name) stares up in wonder, the man is clearly taller than her, but his slightly intimidating aura makes him seem even taller. He’s handsome with some of the most perfect eyelashes she’s ever seen. They were so perfect it seemed like God spent some extra time working on them. Wow, she was jealous, she wished her eyelashes were that amazing.

“Hello. (Name) I presume?” He says, his voice cool and low. His gloved hand held out. (Name) places her hand in his to shake.

“Hi! Yup, that’s me!” She beams him a smile. His eyes look her up and down, he hums before letting go of her hand. Hitoshi steps in a bit closer to (Name), nervousness settling in the pit of his stomach. Overhaul observes the two teens for a moment, attempting to gauge out whatever he could from their body language. He knew Hitoshi was nervous, but anyone in this situation would be too. You introduce a pretty girl to a mob boss, of course something could happen.

“I’m eager to see your band’s performance later. I have to go now, I’ll see you at the reception. Hitoshi, you know where to sit right?” Overhaul moves his golden hues onto Hitoshi, who nods his head. Then Overhaul leaves, making his way over to who knows where to do who knows what. Hitoshi releases a sigh of relief now that his boss was gone. Still, he worries about anything that could happen in the future.

“You okay?” (Name) asks him, a small gentle smile present on her face. He can’t help but smile back at her despite the unease he felt. He nods his head, not wanting to ruin anything for her, not this day nor their friendship. In due time he’ll tell her who Kai really is, but for now, he’ll just push the topic to the side.

“Yup, come on. Let’s get inside.” Hitoshi grabs onto her arm, leading her inside the church. His eyes scan the room looking for (Name)’s friends, when he spots them, he leads her straight to them.

“I’ll see you later, okay?” He says. (Name) looks at him confused, then her eyes look over at the bench to see plenty of room for him to sit down as well.

“You don’t wanna sit with us?”

“I wish I could, but as a member of the family, I gotta sit up front.” He motions to the front of the church where they spot Kai and various other serious and intimating men. (Name) nods in understanding, giving the sleepy boy a quick hug before she goes to sit down between Katsuki and Shouto. Hitoshi makes his way to the front, sitting besides Kai.

The mafia boss gives him a small glance, looking at the way the young boy fidget in his seat. Kai’s never seen Hitoshi behave like this, there was only one reason for it. Her.

“She’s a pretty girl.” He says to capture the attention of his dealer. Sure enough, his attention was captured. Hitoshi looks up at him, confused, that nervous pit in his stomach growing.

“She is.” Hitoshi agrees, looking away from this burning golden hues.

“You like her, don’t you?” The question surprises Hitoshi. Well, sorta. He’s known Kai since the beginning of time, so he knows how observant the man is. Nothing gets past him. Hitoshi nods his head. “So what’s the problem?”

“She has a boyfriend.”


“He threatened me into not seeing or speaking to her ever again.” Hitoshi answers honestly. It was better to tell him the truth instead of lying. If he lies then it’ll come back to bite him in the ass. He also knows that if he lies, then Kai won’t be able to help him. Said mob boss sits there, thinking over his words, he hums before answering.

“Don’t worry,” He places a gloved hand on top of Hitoshi’s head, slightly messing up his hair. Hitoshi grumbles and pushes his hand off his head. Kai chuckles instead, putting his hand back down. “I won’t let anyone hurt my little brother.”


“You talk to that kid?” Katsuki asks, his voice laced with disgust and jealousy. (Name) doesn’t seem to notice, she nods her head.

“He’s cool! He works at Club Nova with us, he’s a DJ.” She blurts out, not realizing her answer would only add more fuel to Katsuki’s jealousy. Katsuki grumbles, looking away from her to glare holes at the back of the enemy’s head. Of course, since they weren’t sitting near him, his had to glare through the heads of other people as well.

The topic of Hitoshi ends there, for another ten minutes they talk about the reception, coming up with some last minute details and going over the game plan again. Soon the ceremony starts, the traditional wedding song starts to play. The large doors open, allowing an elderly man and the bride to walk in, the flower girl trailing behind them.

(Name) smiles, finding all of this to be exciting, putting herself in the place of the bride. This could be her someday when she found the one. Awe, she just hopes she meets a guy who’s worthy of her love. After everything that’s gone down with Touya, she hopes she never has to deal with another man like that.

Oh… she really hopes so. If there is a God or Gods out there, please don’t let her encounter anymore fuckboys.

The ceremony drags on, (Name) sat at the edge of her seat enjoying the entire thing while the two boys who sat on either side of her looked bored and ready to pass out, soon it got near the end.

“Do you take her to be your lawfully wedded wife?”

“I do.” He looks at his bride, his soon to be wife, with the upmost admiration and love in his eyes.

“Do you take him to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

“I do.” She looks at her groom, her soon to be husband, with all the passion and devotion in hers.

Both looking at each other like no one else in the room mattered, like nothing else on the planet mattered. It was just him, and her, and their undying love for each other.

It was at this moment where Katsuki and (Name) glance at each other, a small hint of pink present on their cheeks, their hands laid next to each other, soon moved closer together to lazily intertwine their fingers. They look back to the front to watch the rest of the ceremony. Their hearts beating to the same beat, their flower of love blooming even more.

“I now pronounce you, husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.” As soon as the priest says that, the two lovers bounce into each others arms, lips interlocking to authentic their union. The church fills with whoops and hollers. (Name) can’t help but whoop and holler too, smiling as she watches the pair run down the aisle to get outside where they’ll throw the bouquet.

“Come on! Let’s go!” (Sister’s Name) shouts, getting up out of her seat, Kyoka and Momo following behind her. They were going to participate in this activity. (Name) immediately gets up, her fingers parting away from Katsuki’s, she runs after the girls.

“Gather up!” The bride shouts, a group of women gathering below the steps, ready to catch the bouquet. (Name) stands along the edges, not wanting to get accidentally elbowed in the face. On the count of three, the bride lets go, sending the flowers launched up in the air, everyone starts jumping, attempting to capture them. (Name) steps back when the lady in front nearly bumped into her, and it was at that moment that the bouquet so happened to fall into her hands. Much to her surprise and everyone else’s amusement.

“I caught it!” (Name) laughs, all the women around her laugh, patting her on the back for her good catch. A couple of the older women pinched her cheeks, asking her if she brought her special person with her to the ceremony today.

“Hopefully he’ll become my special someone!” She laughs, everyone joining in. Soon, she’s pulled away by her sister, towards their group of friends who congratulate her.

“Someone better propose to me soon.” She huffs, earning some laughs. Katsuki stood back, smiling. He was definitely going to be the one for her. Looks like he better start making some serious moves.


“Sound check. Testing one, two, three.” (Name) says into the mic while everyone behind her sets up their instruments. For the sake of the gig, Kyoka took Katsuki’s spot on the drums while Denki took Kyoka’s spot on the bass. It took a couple days to work out the kinks, but the last few practices they had, everything went smoothly.

“You ready?” She asks Katsuki, who stood next to her, getting his own mic ready.

“Always ready for you, princess.” He says, sending a flirtatious smirk her way. He checks his mic, repeating the same thing she said to make sure it was working.

They look back at the rest of the band, receiving thumbs up to show they were ready as well.

“Alright, let’s start. One, two, three.”

Do you hear me,
I'm talking to you
Across the water across the deep blue ocean
Under the open sky, oh my, baby I'm trying
Boy I hear you in my dreams
I feel your whisper across the sea
I keep you with me in my heart
You make it easier when life gets hard

Katsuki starts singing first, and then (Name) starts.

They look at each other, falling into their act of being in love. Which at this point wasn’t even an act anymore. Katsuki was clearly in love with (Name), while (Name) had at least come to terms with her feelings for Katsuki being more than just friendly.

(Name) felt so at ease singing with Katsuki, and she was unquestionably happy for everything that went down with Touya. If he hadn’t done something to slap the rose-tinted glasses off her face, she would’ve been stuck in an unhappy relationship, and her relationship with Katsuki would continue to be strained. Here, with him, she felt happy. She felt like she belonged. It felt like… fate.

I'm lucky I'm in love with my best friend
Lucky to have been where I have been
Lucky to be coming home again

The camera pans to the newlywed. They stood in the middle of the dance floor, having their first dance. They were ecstatic, having such a beautiful duo with amazing voices sing their favorite song to them. To them, it felt like a fairytale just like it did for (Name) and Katsuki who danced together on stage.

Meanwhile, at their table sat Hitoshi and Kai. The two stared at the stage. The younger boy enviously watched as Katsuki danced and sung with his (Name). Fuck! How did that asshole get to do all this fucking shit when Touya literally put a target on Hitoshi for even breathing in (Name)’s direction. Oh his blood was boiling, but he tried his hardest to not make it known.

Well, he failed because Kai noticed. The man sipped on some of his whiskey, his golden eyes locked onto the two dancing teens, then looking over at Hitoshi’s face to check for a reaction. He found it, not written on his face, but instead it made itself present in his darken purple eyes as well as the fresh marks on his palm where he had dug his fingernails.

“Is this the boyfriend who threatened you?” His voice is cool and smooth. No hint of animosity just yet. He had to make sure this was the right person, only a complete lunatic would order a hit on someone they weren’t sure was the real perpetrator. Haha, oh he makes himself laugh sometimes.

“No,” Hitoshi shakes his head. He’s glad that he at least asked. Now looking back, he never mention Touya’s name to Kai. He only said ‘boyfriend’ but now looking at the way (Name) and Katsuki were acting, he could’ve been mistaken as the idiot with big enough balls to threaten a mob bosses brother. “Her boyfriend is named Touya, he’s a junior. The guy up there with her is Katsuki, he’s the same year as us.”

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

Kai hums, swirling the alcohol around in his cup. Eyes still trained forward on (Name). He can see why his brother has become infatuated with her. She’s easy on the eyes, chances are her personality is a perfect match with his, and her voice is delightful.

“Is he that one boy you used to follow around?”


They sit in silence for a moment. Just listening to the music playing. Hitoshi’s eyes now focused on the plate of food he had yet to touch. Meanwhile Kai was trying to remember Touya. He had red hair, if he remembered clearly, and some nice blue eyes.

They don't know how long it takes
Waiting for a love like this
Every time we say goodbye
I wish we had one more kiss
I'll wait for you I promise you, I will

The more he thought about, the more he remembered about the boy. He was one of the few friends Hitoshi had as a child. He always saw them together, they were considered best friends.

As his younger brother grew up and discovered the wonderful effects of marijuana and acid, Touya was there to try them out with them. Yes, Kai just happened to be that terrible older brother, a horrible influence that lead to Hitoshi currently selling drugs to his fellow peers.

It was quite unfortunate to see once best friends now turned enemies. Especially when it was someone you used to look up to.

“Is this the girl he liked back then as well?” He questions. Hitoshi nods with shame. Each time that popped into his mind he was filled with guilt for liking the same girl as his friend, he broke bro code. Then he thinks back to the threat he was dished and suddenly he doesn’t feel bad anymore.

They stare at their sister being twirled around, her shoes on the floor. After constantly tripping over her own dress because of them, it was best to just take them off to enjoy this dance. Her laughter rung through the air, reaching their ears. It was a pleasant distraction from the conversation they were having.

At least one of them was having an easy time with love. She so happened to meet the one in high school and never looked back, now there they were, recently turned 19 and married. Despite being so young, they knew they were meant for each other, they couldn’t see life without the other in it. Man, Hitoshi wishes that he could find something as special as what his sister has.

I'm lucky I'm in love with my best friend
Lucky to have been where I have been
Lucky to be coming home again
Lucky we're in love in every way
Lucky to have stayed where we have stayed
Lucky to be coming home someday

She dances with her husband, her head against his chest, listening to his heart beat.

Step. Step. Twirl.

The sun slowly sets itself in the distance, painting the sky with vibrant brushes of red, pink, and orange. People are walking around, eating, talking to others, some are dancing off by the sides so that they wouldn’t bother the couple.

Children running around, screaming, getting their little suits and dresses dirty when they slide against the grass.

Hitoshi looks around, while he personally wouldn’t want to go all out with his wedding like she did, if his future significant other wanted a dream fairytale wedding, then he would do his damnedest to make it come true.

He looks over at (Name), he catches her eyes looking at him. She smiles, sending him a small wink before she goes back to dancing around Katsuki. He feels his heart racing faster, his face turning red.

He turns away from Kai, hoping that he didn’t see his face turn red. It was too late, Kai sees all and knows all.

Different thoughts run in both their minds.

‘Oh my GOD! She WINKED at ME! What does this mean?!’

‘Hm, I’ve ran out of whiskey. Where’s the waiter?’

And so I'm sailing through the sea
To an island where we'll meet
You'll hear the music fill the air
I'll put a flower in your hair

A waiter appears with a new glass of whiskey. Kai is once again, content; and with that, he can go back to giving Hitoshi some brotherly wisdom on the topic of love.

“Forget about Touya.” He says, he was about to continue speaking but Hitoshi cut him off with a loud snort.

“I’ve been trying. Not so hard to forget about the guy I’ve been friends with since forever.” He says, quickly shutting his mouth when he sees the plain look on Kai’s face.

“As I was saying, before I was rudely cut off,” He gives Hitoshi a small glare, “Just forget about the threat. If you’re serious about her, keep trying your best. If it’s meant to be then it’s meant to be. I don’t want to sound like some sort of romantic sap, because I’m not,” That earns a chuckle from the both of them, “but seeing how we’re at the wedding of a relationship we both assumed wouldn’t make to see it’s first year, then maybe just keep fighting for her.”

True, back when their sister first started dating this guy, he was a sleaze. Back during the days when Kai himself was just a drug dealer for the previous mob boss, the groom was his number one customer. Ordering from marijuana up to cocaine. During one of their meet ups, their sister so happened to stumble upon the transaction.

In her words: It was love at first sight. 

From that moment on, despite their best attempts to keep them away from each other. They couldn’t stop her from sneaking out at night to meet up with him. The harder they tried to stop them, the harder she worked around them.

“You two won’t last.” Kai bluntly tells her.

“We’ll prove you wrong.” She screams, tears rushing down her face.

Though the breezes through the trees
Move so pretty you're all I see
As the world keeps spinning round
You hold me right here right now

The groom ended up going to rehab, leaving her alone for a couple months so he could come out clean, all for her. He suffered through withdrawals, the worst of the worst. He eventually joked that he died a million times over just for her, to be with her.

From that moment on, Hitoshi never said anything bad about her relationship.

Now staring at them, laughing, kissing, dancing.

It truly felt like a magical night, more so for those who knew the struggles the two went through to end up here.

“Love isn’t all rainbows and sunshine,” She told him once, “love is like a road, sometimes it’s smooth and sometimes it’s full of potholes. It’s up to you and your partner to overcome those potholes.”

Not the greatest metaphor in his opinion, but she tried her best to explain it to him, and for that he appreciated her that.

I'm lucky I'm in love with my best friend
Lucky to have been where I have been
Lucky to be coming home again

Meanwhile, in Buttercup Revenge world.

(Name) and Katsuki were having a blast. The entire time, (Name) kept glancing over to the newlyweds, enjoying the loving energy they radiated. Since Hitoshi was clearly close to her and the family, she would have to ask him for their story.

Oh! It must be super romantic seeing how close and lovey dovey they were with each other.

Katsuki on the other hand, only kept his eyes on her. While she sung her best for the married couple, he sung his best for her. Danced his best for her.

He was absolutely grateful for the couple, seeing as this gig essentially got him closer to (Name), even kicking Touya out of her life. Well! You know, technically that was because of the sabotage plan but we’ll ignore that for now, since (Name) is completely clueless about it. She will never know about it either, which is why this gig is the entire reason for her stronger bond with Katsuki and finally taking out the trash to where it belongs.

I'm lucky we're in love in every way
Lucky to have stayed where we have stayed
Lucky to be coming home someday
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

Katsuki pulls (Name) into a kiss, earning some whoops and hollers from the bride herself. Looking over at Hitoshi for a moment, she panics a little when she sees him coughing like crazy. He had choked on his water when he saw the kiss. Kai was patting his back to get him to calm down. It only helps slightly.

The duo gives the crowd a bow. People are now getting up from their chairs. Now that the first dance was over, that meant everyone could start dancing.

For the next two hours, Katsuki and (Name) sung and danced until their feet hurt and their throats hurt. Once that was starting to happen, (Sister’s Name) came up to the side to tell them that they were done. They had been hired to play for only two hours, so now it was time to get off the stage.

They got off, packing up their instruments, they were thinking about heading back towards the car when the bride came up to them, eagerly shaking all their hands and hugging them.

“Thank you so much! You made my wedding feel like a dream~! Please stay and enjoy the rest of the reception. Here, I saved you seats at my table.” She grabs onto (Sister’s Name)’s wrist, pulling her in the direction of the Kai and Hitoshi. They all look at each other, shrugging and following the animated bride.

Reaching the table, (Name) hops over to Hitoshi, hoping to get to talk to him for a while, sadly he was the person performing next.

“Sorry, I’m on next.” He says, giving her a quick hug before he walks away, heading over to the stage so he could set up his turntable. Everyone sits down; once again, (Name) finds herself setting between two certain boys.

“Here! Take some food!” The bride says, calling some of the waiters over to bring food to the table. A couple men come by with clean plate, placing them in front of everyone before they begin to pile food.

(Name) wasn’t going to lie, she was having fun. Sure enough, the bride told them the story of she met her husband. Not as romantic as (Name) thought it would be. Who meets their husband while they’re buying drugs from your friend? No one.

But still, she finishes the rest of her story, unbeknownst to those listening that many details have been cut off or changed to protect certain people involved in them, and the whole group can’t help but ‘awe’ at the strange yet very romantic tale. In the end, they ended up together, happy and madly in love, so who cares about how they ended up together.

(Name) finds herself fantasizing more and more about her future wedding. She still had the bouquet in her bag, her stomach twisting with excitement. Who knows, maybe her future husband is sitting right here, somewhere under this tent.

Hitoshi gets his equipment ready and immediately starts playing. People quickly rush out of their seats, headed straight for the dance floor. (Name) bounces a little in her seat, her energy was restored thanks to the food, and now she wanted to burn off some of this extra energy by dancing. Denki and Fumikage had already gotten up to go straight to the dance floor, trying to catch some babes.

Ugh! She wanted to dance so badly, so she looks around. She finds her friends all talking with the bride, and the groom was busy making conversation with Kai, who for some weird reason kept looking at Shouto, and sometimes (Name). Shouto, gets up, going over to the beverage table to take a break from all this human interaction. That just leaves Katsuki…

“Dance with me?” (Name) asks Katsuki, she felt a little nervous about him rejecting her. Katsuki turns to stare at her giving her a ‘are-you-seriously-asking-me-that’ look.

“Of course, let’s go.” He stands up, offering his hand for her to take, which she gladly accepts. He leads her onto the dance floor, where they join Denki and Fumikage. Kai’s eyes follow the pair as he listens to what his brother-in-law had to say. He didn’t really care much, he was just focused, learning more about this girl, figuring her out so he could better help his brother.

While he did that, he also plotted ways on getting back at Touya for having huge enough balls to threaten his younger brother like that.

Oh, he was going to get it.

Chapter Text

With the fantastic weekend over, it was time to resume back to normal daily life. With (Name) and Katsuki’s friendship going back to normal, he was once again waiting outside her house in the morning. Since then, they’ve walked just a little closer to each other. Their arms and hands brushing against each other each time they took a step.

The entire time it was just soft laughs and giggles shared between them, the occasional gentle shove of their shoulders. The good thing when picking up Shouto was that Touya didn’t answer the door, (Name) hopes he never shows his face around her ever again.

Shouto was quick to open the door and rush out, preventing his older brother from getting to the door or even getting a chance to sneak a peek at (Name).

“Let’s go.” He smiles at his friends, the trio making their way to school where (Name) and Katsuki continue their lowkey flirtatious ways.

She parts ways from the boys when her eyes catch Hitoshi leaning against some lockers, a boy talking to him. Most likely a drug deal. Wow, that boy was wild for doing something so risky during school.

“I’ll see you guys in homeroom.” She hugs Shouto, and sends Katsuki a wink before she makes her way over to Hitoshi. Both boys walk off in a daze, faces pink thanks to her.

Hitoshi looks away from his customer when he sees someone approaching him. Eyes widening when he sees it’s (Name). His customer quickly hands him $20, Hitoshi pushes himself away from the locker, walking to (Name), knowing exactly what she wanted to hear. Might as well get this done and over with somewhere private where Touya wouldn’t see him interacting with (Name).

“Alright I’ll tell you everything.” Hitoshi sighs, pulling her down the hallway, constantly looking around to make sure Touya wasn’t around. Walking all the way to the end of the wing that was closed down simply because enrollment rates were low meaning there was no use in keeping the wing open to waste electricity.

Quietly shutting the hall door closed, he turns to look at stare at the girl he wasn’t supposed to talk to. She was forbidden, off limits. The small glass windows on the door allow some light to enter the space, allowing him to see her face. She stood there, patiently waiting for his explanation. His stomach churns, he didn’t want to tell her. He was scared that she wouldn’t believe him and that she’d tell Touya and UGH no… he had to tell her. Even if she didn’t believe him, she needed to know. He takes a deep breathe before he finally speaks.

“Touya threatened me into not seeing you or talking to you.” He confesses. (Name) gasps, her hands flying up to cover her mouth. She was horrified, guilt gnawing on her that she was the reason he received a threat.

“Toshi! Why didn’t you tell me?!” She removes one of her hands away from her mouth, instead placing it on his cheek. The boy blushes at the nickname, he finds himself snuggling into the palm of her hand, enjoying the warmth her body gave off. It was calming.

“I was scared.” It’s all he has to say for her to pull him in a hug. He doesn’t have to say anything else, she understands.

“Well, you don’t have to worry about that! I broke up with Touya, and I blocked him.” She laughs, shrugging a little at the situation.

“You broke up with him?!” Hitoshi was surprised, at least he was surprised that she broke up with him, especially so early in the relationship. At least now he can go back to talking to her without fear of repercussions.

“Well yeah! He ditched me and my band to hang out with his ex. I’m glad I broke up with him, especially if he threatened you like that!” She huffs, not liking the thought of her friends getting threats. Hitoshi pulls back a little to stare at her, the light just lightly illuminating her face. She’s smiling, no pain in her eyes. She was happy with the way things turned out. Her only regret is him threatening her friend. Now her blood boils, if she ever sees him again, she’ll personally deliver a knee straight to his balls.

The bell rings, causing the two of them to break away from the hug. (Name) clears her throat, looking up to give Hitoshi a smile.

“If he threatens you again, tell me. I’ll personally kick his ass myself.” She winks at him, moving away to go to the door, she opens it, allowing light to flood in, Hitoshi narrows his eyes. “I’ll see ya later, sleepy boy.” She teases, walking out of the abandoned hall to make her way to homeroom. Hitoshi walks up to the door, but stays there, watching her walk away.

“Goddamn.” He whispers to himself, his heart beating because of her.


The day goes by in the blink of an eye. Soon, it’s just (Name) and Katsuki, spending some alone time in her room. Since the wedding was only two days ago, (Sister’s Name) says it’s a week off from practicing, just to allow everyone to relax before resuming.

They had been working on their homework, but (Name) got up to go downstairs for a quick snack. She spent a while downstairs, searching, but also thinking.

Ever since she’s realize she’s grown feelings for Katsuki, it’s been a little hard for her to be around Katsuki without feeling the urge to slap a kiss on his lips. Their usual banter has flirtatious undertones that require her to constantly go to the bathroom to calm herself down, preventing her face from turning a bright red.

“Ah… this is exhausting…” She whispers to herself, grabbing a bottle of water before heading back upstairs. She walks into her room, but stops in her tracks when she sees Katsuki sitting with his back facing her. His toned back outline showing through the black shirt he wore. God… he looked so find in black. She quietly puts her water bottle down, tip toeing over to Katsuki, reading to tease and scare him.

“Katsu~” She purrs in his ear. He feels a shiver go down his spine, goosebumps forming on his arms. She lets out a loud cackle when she saw the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. She goes back to sitting in front of him, skirt riding up a little, revealing the small bare skin not covered by her thigh high socks. He gulps, looking away, trying not to get distracted by her.

“Stop fucking teasing me.” He growls, glaring at the girl. She looks at him, faux innocence scribbled over her face. His cheeks grow hotter the longer he stares at her. The way she’s looking at him doesn’t help. Those big doe eyes staring into his soul. He can’t...

He grabs her by the collar of her shirt, yanking her forward, causing their lips to collide together. His eyes are closed, nose slightly crinkled. She stares with wide eyes before she closes her eyes.

They both relax into the kiss, their hands moving up into each other’s hair, running through soft locks before gripping down, further deepening the kiss. Slowly, he pushes her back, she lays down on the bed as he climbs on top. Their kiss never breaks, instead it intensifies.

Needs and wants they both craved for a while now being filled, after weeks of romantic tension between the two, they were finally caving into their hearts desires: each other.

They would’ve continued kissing if they hadn’t heard the front door slamming shut and the sound of (Sister’s Name)’s voice announcing her arrival home. They break apart quickly, fixing their messed up clothes and messed up hair.

They look at each other, red in the face, embarrassed.

“Um...” is all they can muster, picking up their homework and resuming where they left off. The kiss now being pushed back under the rug, but their hearts still burning for more.

Chapter Text

It was a heat of the moment kiss. It meant nothing. Right?

Both teens stayed up, unable to fall asleep. Thoughts clouded by the kiss they shared earlier that day. Hearts pounding, faces burning, butterflies going crazy in their stomaches.

It felt like a dream.

Their hands reach up to touch their lips, still feeling phantom lips on them.

Oh my god.

This was real life.

(Name) actually kissed him.

Katsuki actually kissed her.

Katsuki turns on his phone to start texting Eijirou, telling him everything that went down. He knew Eijirou would give him good advice on what to do next, and he was the only guy he trusted with this information.

(Name) on the other hand, turned on her lamp, picked up her notebook and started writing a song. She didn’t want to tell anyone about her feelings just yet, because even she felt unsure about how she felt.

Did he only make her heart feel like this because he was there to save her when Touya abandoned her?

Was this part of the rebound effect?

If it was then she wanted to kill these feelings before she hurt him. Katsuki was her best friend, they had just reconciled, the last thing she wanted was to ruin their friendship again. If these feelings were fake, then let them die. If they were real, then they’ll grow.

For now, the most she could do to tame her heart and her soul was with music. She’ll spill everything she’s feeling, all her thoughts and emotions into this piece.

“Alright… let’s get started.”


The next day, with only about 3 hours of sleep. Both zombified teens walk back to (Name)’s house. The lack of sleep made is nearly impossible for them to concentrate in any class, they could barely get to class, but it was a good thing the school cafeteria sold coffee which gave them just enough energy to walk around.

So here there they sat, on her bed. It was quiet between the two of them as they tried to work their math homework. Katsuki, the best one at math, was having difficulties even trying to complete the assignment. (Name) stopped trying, her eyes kept looking over at the songbook sitting on her desk. Her throat burning to sing the lyrics she wrote, her fingers itching to strum her ukulele. She couldn’t hold herself back anymore, she had to sing the song to him.

Perhaps, this would be the way she could find out if these feelings are real or fake.

“So last night,” She starts off, causing Katsuki to look over at her, looking more awake than he has all day. Her voice alone caused an extra rush of energy to surge through his body. “I stayed up writing a song.” She says. He stares at her, wondering if that was all she wanted to say. Since she brought that up, he wanted to hear the song she stayed up writing.

“Would it be okay if I sung it to you?” Nervous tingles spread across her body, her stomach churns, ready to vomit if all this went horribly wrong. At least they could laugh about the vomiting part, sorta.

“Fuck. Yes.” Katsuki says, a small grin forming on his lips. He could tell she was nervous about this, but why? She’s sung him plenty of songs she’s written before, so why was this song making her nervous?

Hmm, could she be trying to confess?

He shakes the thought out of his head, not wanting to jump to conclusions before anything happened. Don’t want to crush his own hopes again, not after the fact that they’ve gotten significantly closer since mending their friendship.

(Name) nods, coughing a little as she reaches by the side of her bed, bringing up her ukulele.

“Ready?” She asks him, he raises an eyebrow before rolling his eyes at her.

“I should be asking you that, dumbass.” He jokes, earning a small nervous giggle from his crush. She stares at the stings for a moment, contemplating if she should do it. Once she starts, she can’t turn back. This would be her way of sorta confessing her feelings for him. What he does with this information afterwards is up to him. She just hopes that getting this off her chest will her open her eyes to reality.

Is this real?

Who knows, but she needs to just sing. She starts strumming, then starts singing.

I was hangin' with you and then I realized
I didn't think it was true
I was surprised
When I found out I've fallen for you

She feels her face turn red, closing her eyes so she can’t see what ever facial expressions Katsuki made while she sung. She was too scared to see how he would react to this song.

Oh man, if only she had seen how red his face was turning.

His mouth agape in shock and confusion. Eye widen open, staring at her blushing face. His heart nearly jumps out of his throat.

I didn't wanna believe my feelings for you
I didn't wanna believe that I could lose you
If I told you just how I felt
But I can't help it

Flashbacks rush through both of their minds of all the times they’ve shared together.

When did they start having these feelings for each other?

For Katsuki, he wanted to say he felt stronger for the beautiful girl in front of him that night she told him the story of the Northern Crown.

The way she recited the story, her eyes long and distant, but hope glowing in them. One day she would find her Dionysus, and a part of him from that moment on wanted to be that for her.

I'm falling for you
And I can't quit it
'Cause I'm stuck on you
And it might be pathetic and you might be skeptical

For her, she wants to say that somehow along their many jam sessions and writing sessions, the more she read his poetry, the more she figured out his soul.

He was beautiful inside and out.

But she was so blinded by childhood love that she only labelled her feelings for the explosive boy as grand admiration and appreciation. He wasn’t scared to show her who he was; so it was only fair that she trusted him enough to show her true self to him.

She felt so pathetic for feeling this way. Despite the kisses they shared, and the times they held hands, and every single intimate moment they’ve shared.

She finds it impossible to believe that Katsuki Bakugou could ever feel the same for her.

But I just want to be with you
Please tell me, boy
Can you get a clue?
Or come through 'cause I just want to be with you

She, herself, was surprised by her own words.

But everything she sung was truth. A reflection of her late night thoughts.

Hopefully he understands that.

Her dreams have been plagued by him, pleasant dreams of the two of them kissing more, cuddling, holding hands, and going on dates.

Her thoughts followed her into real life. She could stop the way her cheeks flushed around him, the way she couldn’t keep eye contact for too long without fearing his eyes would notice that she was infected by the lovebug.

It was plain and simple: she wanted nothing more than to just be with Katsuki.

I'm scared
Of telling you how I feel
Maybe it's better if I just try to conceal the truth
For me and, for you

Her eyes open. He gasps a little at how vibrant and sharp they were. They were cutting deep into his soul, trying to find anything they hadn’t seen before.


He felt the pain in her voice. He felt the pain in his own soul.

Both from her voice and her lyrics.

Has she been hurting this entire time, all because she wanted to cover her feelings?

He wouldn’t lie. He was scared too. Both of them had been so scared of these strong feelings they harbored. Both of them covering the truth up for so long that they didn’t realize it was hurting them both.

Both their feelings were overflowing the cup, and fear was all they could think about. Scared the other would be pushed away by the strong affections they held.

But i'm still stuck on you
Oo, Oo
I'm still falling for you
For you (For you)
For you.

Despite everything they did to bury their hearts. It only made their feelings grow stronger. The more they tried to sweep it under the rug, the more feelings appeared.

Both their glasses were overflowing, and nothing could stop it except each other.

Rejection was the only thing keeping them back. The fact that neither of them could come right out and confess their feelings is what left them in limbo.

Silence envelopes them now that the song was over.

Katsuki tried to think of what to say. Despite everything she’s said, and the tone of her voice, the look in her eyes. He still couldn’t believe she liked him.

She was on the same boat. His silence wasn’t helping her anxiety. So, she ran away.

“Ahaha!” She starts laughing nervously, rubbing the back of her head. “Um, I was just inspired by a movie!”

"Oh..." His heart drops.

Of course, there was no way (Name) liked him like that.

"Yeah..." She caused her own heart to drop as well.

Heartbroken, and confused, they both sit there on her bed awkwardly laughing.

Maybe… another day they’ll try again.



Chapter Text

Once again, feelings have been locked up with the key thrown away into the ocean. Song? What song? (Name) never wrote a love song. Stop fucking making shit up, she would never stoop so low as to do something so—so, disgustingly cliché.

Of course, she could deny it all she wanted by the evidence was in her notebook, and she couldn’t bring to ripping the page up. Why would she? It was a work of art, full of her love for a boy who would never feel the same.

At this point, she couldn’t stay quiet about her feelings for this boy anymore, but she wasn’t going to reveal her feelings to him again after that messed up attempt of a confession. Instead, she settles with telling a friend, one that was close to her and Shouto, but not close to her sister.

She picked Mina as the person to vent to. Which leads to:

“NO WAY!” Mina screams, falling back into (Name)’s bed, on the way down she grabs a pillow and covers her face with it to muffle her screams. (Name) hisses at her to quiet down a little, making her way over to the door, cracking it open a little to make sure her sister was still doing whatever she was doing and wasn’t eavesdropping onto their conversation.

She knows her sister pretty well enough to know that if she hears anything scandalous or gossipy, she would be all over it. The last thing she wanted was for her sister to start teasing her for her crush on Katsuki.

Mina couldn’t help but freak out. Could you blame her? She’s sat here, listening to (Name)’s story, giving all the small details about Katsuki and his reactions, and she STILL doesn’t believe that lovestruck boy was clearly infatuated with her. Oh it was so frustrating to see two prideful teens cave into their feelings.

(Name) sighs defeatedly, falling back onto her bed, grabbing the stuff animal Touya gave her. She didn’t like him, but she loved this stuff animal, it had feelings and she wasn’t about to break them. She holds it close to her chest. Mina sits up, watching (Name)’s eyes grow misty.

“MIna… what do I do?” She cries, her heart growing heavier each day that passes. Mina wraps (Name) up in a hug, the two girls rock back and forth. Mina in her own head was forming her own plan to get these two together.

But how will she do it? Hmm…


Just a couple houses away, Katsuki was having his own screaming match.

“WHAT THE FUCK KATSUKI!” Eijirou shouts, pacing around Katsuki’s room like a mad man. He stops to stare at his friend, his look intense and frustrated at the information he’s just learned. He wanted to hide how pissed off he was, but he just couldn’t. After months of hearing his best friend talk like a lovestruck puppy, to have his crush write a song entirely about him, and still not believe she likes his.

Oh Eijirou was pissed.

“Dude! She. Fucking. Likes. YOU! Why can’t you get that shit through your skull?!” He screams, his reaches up to grip his red locks, ready to pull them out if Katsuki continues to act like a dumbass.

Ya know, for someone who was extremely smart, he was a fucking idiot when it comes to love and people reciprocating those feelings. God, Eijirou wanted to throw up. This entire situation was painful to watch. At this point he’ll have to figure out a way to trap Katsuki and (Name) in a closet, it would be the only way this sickly situation can end.

“She doesn’t like me!” Katsuki screams back. His face burning red, his hands are sweating so much he could fill up a pool. Little sparks escape the more he thinks too. God, he was so hopeful yet so helpless.

Eijirou sighs, sitting down on Katsuki’s desk chair. Running his fingers through his hair, looking at all the options present that could work to Katsuki’s advantage.

“Ya know… you went through a huge plan to break her up and get her, yet you can’t even confess your feelings for her?” Eijirou finally says, his words only further enraging Katsuki.

“Shut up you fucking shit! It’s a lot harder than it looks!”


Shouto hides in his room, hearing Touya and their father argue, like most nights. He stares at his laptop, writing, thinking, planning.

He’s writing another love story, one he based on himself and (Name). He continues to flip between his word document and the newest comments he’s received on his latest chapter:

[ANON 123455:] I hope she realizes that Shuu is the one for her soon!

Yeah… he hopes so too.

From the corner of his eye, he sees his phone light up, he looks over, seeing it’s a message from (Name). Kinda creepy how she always texted or called him when he was in the middle of writing.

[7:45 PM] My Love: Can you come over? :(

Just a quick glance at the text message, Shouto shuts his laptop and jumps out of his bed to head over. He sneaks out his window so he wouldn’t have to face his dad’s wrath. He pulls on his coat, running down the street so he could get to her house as fast as possible. He doesn’t stop once, not even as he gets closer to her house. He goes around to the backyard to climb up the tree that sat next to her window. The tree he’s climbed millions of times to sneak into her room while he hid away from his father.

Reaching her window, lights shinning through the curtains, he knocks three times, his signature knock. Immediately the curtains open, and her sad face presents itself to him. His heart pangs with pain at the sight, as soon as the window opens, he climbs in, ready to comfort her.

“Shouto.” She whines, falling into his arms. The taller boy immediately wraps his arms around her, bringing her closer to his chest. He rests his head on top of hers while one of his hands rubs circles on her back.

After all the years he’s known her, he knows exactly what to do when she’s down. She sobs quietly, so he tries to maneuver them around, getting into her bed and searching for the remote for her TV.

“Want to watch a movie?” He asks, she only nods. He switches to Netflix, looking their recently watched category to find something. It only takes a couple minutes for him to pick Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, knowing she enjoyed that one.

They sit there for a while, paying attention to the movie, (Name) breaks the silence.

“What do I do, Sho?” She asks, her eyes closing, she falls asleep before Shouto has a chance to reply. He watches her, smiling at how peaceful she looked. He still speaks up even though she won’t hear his response.

“Don’t worry, (Name). Everything will work itself out.” He whispers placing a small kiss on her forehead. He closes his eyes, arm wrapping a little tighter around her sleeping form, his eyes close and soon he lulls off into his own dreams. A small smile on his lips, hoping in the end, everything works out. Even if it’s not with him, all he cares about is simply her happiness.

Chapter Text

“I have signed us up for the holiday jam!” (Sister’s Name) shouts, handing everyone a flyer, eyeing (Name) and Katsuki for a moment, she only hands them one flyer so they’d be forced to share.

“Hey wait you got an—“ (Name) was about to point out the fact that her sister did have extra flyers, but she was cut off by her.

“Holiday jam! It’s next week so we only got a couple days, we only have to perform one song—“ Her sister drawls on. (Name) sighs, scooting closer to Katsuki so they could look over the flyer.

They both blush a little at the lack of space between them, but they couldn’t help but feel happy that (Sister’s Name) is an evil genius and did this. Their fingers brush against each other, but either one of them pulls away, instead they just send each other a shy smile before looking back, opting to scoot just a little bit closer together.

Trying not to be obvious, (Sister’s Name) hides her face behind her flyers, making sure no one could see the large grin on her face as she occasionally snuck a peek at the blooming couple.

Oh god, she was pure evil. A true monster, she was going to do whatever she could to get those two love birds together.

Which is why from that moment on, she did whatever she could to get those two alone, going as far as to heavily emphasized that (Name) was absolutely stupid when it came to math so it was Katsuki’s job to help tutor her.

“Okay, practice is over so you two need to get upstairs to tutoring, you know mom won’t let you stay in the band if you grades start to suffer!”

“But I’m not even doing bad in math!” (Name) argues back, knowing for sure that she was doing an average job in math. A C was passing so that’s what she was always aiming for.

“That’s not what this failing exam says!” (Sister’s Name) does a fake gasp, pulling up a doctored math exam. It had previously been a B but turned into an F thanks to correctional tape. “Looks like you’ll be needed extra study time! Off you go, shoo, get upstairs already.” She motions for (Name) and Katsuki to get out. They leave, very much confused, but they head upstairs anyway to study.

With the two of them now gone from sight, (Sister’s Name) sighs, turning around to face two boys who also required help with their studies.

“Denki if you don’t pass this exam I will shoot you at dawn.”

And that was a promise.


“I’m so excited!” (Name) bounces around Katsuki. Buttercup Revenge was up next so the band was waiting backstage. Everyone was doing their own thing to get the jitters out of their system while (Name) hopped around like she was at the peek of a sugar high.

“Calm down, we’re about to go on.” Katsuki places his hands on her shoulders, keeping her feet confined to the floor. She still attempts to hop up against his strength to no avail, but it doesn’t wipe the childish smile off her face.

Katsuki can’t help but smile a little at her childish behavior, finding her extremely adorable. He finds himself leaning a little closer to her; she senses this and stops shaking, instead opting to stand there and stare into his eyes, watching him slowly inch closer.

The moment was perfect!

This had to be the moment where they finally kissed and got together! This has to be it!


“Howdy, comrades!”

It was unfortunately ruined by a certain Pikachu boy. Oh Denki you fucking cock block.

The two secretly in love teens pull away, their faces bright red. Realization setting in that they nearly kissed… again!

Katsuki was about to strangle the poor boy when the rest of the band comes up. Smiling, unaware of what had nearly gone down just a minute ago. They’re all smiling and chatting away, not realizing that Katsuki and (Name) were slightly out of it, their minds still focused on what could’ve happened.

“Next up we got Buttercup Revenge!” The announcer shouts into the mic, snapping everyone’s attention back to the performance. Together, they start walking on stage, high-fiving the previous band that was getting off. Sportsmanship at it’s finest.

Instead of writing her own song,  (Name) has opted to sing a song by one of her favorite bands for today’s performance. She had been listening to music at night to try and get her mind off of all the stuff that’s happened, especially stuff between her and Katsuki, only to be painfully reminded by every song she picked. This one on the other hand, had always been a favorite, the melody, the instrumentals, the singer’s voice. Ugh it was all so fucking fantastic! The lyrics, also another thing that caused her to sing out loud by herself, but also reminded her, in a nicer way, of what she was going through.

This would be her second chance at indirectly confessing to Katsuki, she just hopes he bites the bait this time.

With everyone set up and ready, the band starts playing. She immediately closes her eyes, smiling as she tries to melt into the rhythm of the song, hearing the crowd quiet down with a few outliers hollering in the back.

So much is going on
But you can always come around
Why don't you sit with me for just a little while?

She starts singing, her voice low, she opens her eyes to look at the crowd. Turning around to give Katsuki a small teasing smile and a wink.

The poor boy is a mess, somehow he doesn’t mess up his part, his eyes looking back and forth from his drums to her form.

Tell me, what's wrong?
If you just gimme all your love
Gimme all you got, baby
Gimme all your love
Bit more

The crowd is going wild already, it causes her smile to grow. This is what she lived for, the excitement and the happiness that music brought to not only her, but to other people too. It took her to cloud nine.

Buttercup Revenge might’ve still been a small town basement band, but thanks to all the gigs they’ve done so far, they’ve accumulated quite a fanbase so far.

Two fans of theirs in particular stood all the way in the back. A certain sleepy boy leaned against the wall, his baseball cap keeping his messy purple locks down. He had an oversized black hoodie on with his hands in the front pocket. His fingers twirling around drugs that enhanced the experience.

The other boy had just shooed his girlfriend off to watch his ex sing and dance. While he and Hitoshi weren’t on speaking terms, he still needed a guy to get his weed from. Sure there were plenty of other drug dealers around here, but they weren’t as trust worthy as Hitoshi who always tested his inventory before selling it.

“I’ll take some acid this time, a gram of weed too.” Touya says, looking around to make sure no security guards were coming around.

Hitoshi pulls the requested items, discreetly handing them over, the items being replaced with $40. Nice, looks like his cat was gonna be getting a new brother or sister.

So tell me what you wanna do
You say, the world, it doesn't fit with you
Why don't you talk to me for just a little while?
I can only try to make it right

The deal was over, but they continue to stand there, watching (Name) dance around the stage, hyping the rest of the crowd up.

“She’s amazing, huh.” Hitoshi finally says, eyes briefly glancing over to look at Touya. The older boy looked a little annoyed and bothered by his comment, probably still drowning in jealousy and regret for what he’s done up to this point.

“Yeah, she is.” Touya replies back, his eyes never once leaving her. He hopes that she would look up and make eye contact with him, but she doesn’t. Instead she makes eye contact with Hitoshi, too happy, her body feeling high without the drugs, to even notice Touya. He was no longer on her mind, so her eyes stopped searching for him.

He didn’t like that one bit.

But her song struck something within him.

Maybe… maybe he should try and fix this again?

If you just gimme all your love
Gimme all you got, baby
Gimme all your love

She’s putting all her soul into singing this. It’s clear and it’s only getting people more excited. Strangely, but also not too odd considering this was a room full of hormonal teenagers, in the crowd there were people who were grinding or just full out making out. Wild shit, it made (Name) wants to crack up, but this would be something she’d laugh about with her band mates later tonight when they were eating.

A couple of girls approach the boys, but both are quick to wave them off. Not wanting this time observing her to be wasted.

She stops singing, but the instrumentals keeps playing. She’s dancing along, her hips swaying around, soon she’s jumping once the drum roll gets faster, pulling the mic back up to her lips to sing the last few lines.

Give me all your love
Give me all you got, baby
Give me all your love

It ends with a bang, the crowd is going wild. Like usual, the band comes up together to give one last bow before they get off.

Hitoshi uses this moment to walk off, his business was done, and he watched her perform. Now he was gonna head home.

The other boy stays, his turquoise eyes stay on (Name), starting at her like she was his prey. He watches her get off the stage. She talks to her bandmates about something before walking towards the gym doors, alone. He follows, maneuvering through the buzzing crowd.

From the loud and hot gym, they escape into the bright and quiet hallway. She doesn’t realize someone has followed her, she turns down another small hallway where the water fountain is, walking over to take a drink. Her eyes closed, she’s in bliss. Cooling down, but her happiness skyrockets. That is, until she straights back up to find Touya leaning against the wall, his hands in his pockets, those eyes shinning at her.

She gulps, anxiety settling upon her. She hasn’t seen him in weeks. She didn’t think she’d see him again after the message she sent.

“Hey.” He says, he moves away from the wall. Walking closer to (Name). She stays still, looking like a deer caught in headlights. She didn’t know what to do, terrified of herself and her feelings. She cut him off, but knowing him, he could easily do something to pull her back into his web. She didn’t want to, she really didn’t want to.

She finds the strength to take a step back when he enters her personal space. He stops getting closer to her. Instead he stares, looking into her eyes.

“I texted you.” He says next. (Name) look takes a risk and looks into those captivating eyes. Oh god, why does her heart hurt so much.

“I blocked you.” She whispers, breaking eye contact. He brings his hand up to her cheek, about to caress her, but she backs away again. Her breathing become labored, panic taking a giant bite into her, not letting go anytime soon. She was on the verge of a panic attack. The walls are closing in, trapping her with him. She needed to get out, she needed to get away, she needed to—

“Oi.” Katsuki’s voice shines brightly, scaring her darkness and demons away. Touya looks over to find Katsuki standing him. Their eyes meet. Touya stays cool and collected, but on the inside he was annoyed. Katsuki on the other hand, was furious. His crimson eyes move over to (Name), she’s shaking like a leaf, tears welling up in her eyes. Oh he was extremely pissed. He looks back at Touya and speaks: “I recommend you get the fuck out of here before I beat the shit out of you.”

“I was talking with her.” Touya replies, walking towards Katsuki. The two boys stood toe to toe, glaring into each other’s eyes. Tension forms, fists clenched. A fight was brewing, and it would’ve broken out if (Name) hadn’t grabbed Katsuki’s wrist and started running, pulling him along.

They run down the hallways, and down the stairs, running down more hallways before they run out of one of the exits. The night air is cold, and at first it’s refreshing until she gets too cold. They’re both panting, their breaths visible thanks to the cold, soon Katsuki moves closer to her, taking off his own sweater to put it on her. He wraps her up in a hug, she snuggles into his chest, enjoying the warmth he gave off.

“Thanks,” She whispers, moving away a bit so she could look up at him. She blesses him with a cute smile. His cheeks heat up. “Thank you for everything. For stepping in back there, thank you.” She goes back to snuggle against him some more. Both of them enjoying this intimacy. Finally it becomes a little bit too cold for her to handle, so she moves away.

“Um...” She starts off awkwardly, not sure how to express her feelings after snuggling with her crush. “We’ve been gone for awhile now, we should head back inside before everyone starts to worry.” She says, giving him a nod before heading towards the door.

This time, Katsuki finds himself entering panic mode. She was slipping away, as well as his chance. He panics, not wanting this moment to end, not wanting her to leave his arms. He’s never felt more happy than when she’s in his arms. God, he wants her so badly. He wants her to know, he doesn’t want to keep quiet anymore. This was it, this was his opportunity.

She finds herself being pulled back, looking at her wrist, she finds Katsuki’s hand wrapped around it. Her eyes make contact with his.

“Katsu—“ She starts but is instantly cut off by him.

“Listen, I can’t stay quiet about my feelings anymore. These past few weeks— no, these past few months I’ve find myself falling in love with you. At first I thought it was nothing, but fuck— the more I thought about you, the more I got these strange feelings, and after talking to Eijirou and your sister, I realized I’m fucking in love with you.

You’re the first thing that pops into my mind when I wake up and you’re the last person I think about at night. I— I can’t— I just love you, a lot. It’s okay if you don’t like me back, but I had to tell you. I just hope this doesn’t aff—“ He’s cut off by her lips crashing into his. He’s shocked, but soon, finds himself melting into the kiss.

One had is on her cheek, the other rests on her hips. Both her hands are on his face, preventing him from breaking away; not that he would want to break away from this. Their hearts are beating, creating a new melody within their chests. Serotonin and oxytocin flooding their systems. The kiss—

The kiss is fucking breathtaking.

They feel lightheaded, maybe it’s because of the lack of air, or maybe it’s because they’ve both finally realized the their feelings were reciprocated. After weeks of needless worrying, they can laugh later on at how wrong and cowardly they had been. To think they could’ve already been a couple, if only they weren’t so stupid; but that doesn’t matter anymore, all that matters is this moment between them. Sealing their relationship under the full moon that watched from above. Their kiss becomes needy once more, eyes tightly shut hoping that this wasn’t some sick dream.

The kiss breaks and their eyes open to confirm that this was in fact real life. It is. They smile, resting their foreheads against each other. Together they breathlessly breath out the words they’ve been hoping to hear for the longest.

“I love you, Katsuki.”

“I love you, (Name).”

Chapter Text

The group of friends stare at the newly formed question, mouth wide open, unsure of what to say or how to react to the sight in front of them. It was 30 minutes after the performance ended, and the gang decided to head over to the diner nearby to grab some dinner.

Well, unbeknownst to them, the (Name) x Katsuki ship has sailed off to sea. From the moment they showed back up to meet them in the hallway, everyone was a little confused to see them holding hands but brushed it off as just silly ol’ (Name) and Katsuki doing silly things like always. Nothing new here!

That is until they got to the diner…

Now here, the pair was more willing to show how… close they’d grown within that half an hour by sharing a quick smooch. Denki coughed on his fries, Fumikage dropped his burger, Momo choked on her drink, while Kyoka pats her back. (Sister’s Name) on the other hand was thrilled by this public display of affection. Shouto on the other hand…. well, he was in the bathroom, trying to cool down before he accidentally burned the place down from anger.

“God damnit.” He mutters, unclenching his heads from the sink. He turns the sink on, splashing some cold water on his face to snap him out of his rage. Taking a look in the dirty mirror, he gives himself a pep talk before he makes his way out of the bathroom, his eyes falling on the new couple. He knows he said he’d be happy for her, and he was going to be happy as long as she was, but damn, it hurts so much. He sits down on the edge, right next to (Sister’s Name), he keeps his eyes on the table instead of Katsuki and (Name). His heart wasn’t ready for this yet.

“So… when did this happen?” Momo’s voice trails off a bit, but she snaps the two lovers out of their honeymoon.

“Right after we finished the show. Katsuki confessed to me outside the school. It was so dreamy~” She’s got stars in her eyes, the words roll out of her mouth with a drawl.

Katsuki stays silent, but he nods. Smiling at her. Their hands were intertwined underneath the table, he gives her hand a small squeeze. Their eyes meet again, hearts beating in synchronization. An outsider might’ve said they were too young to feel like this, but they didn’t care. They were in love and they knew it. Nothing could change their minds or their hearts.

Dinner continues on. The rest of the table eases into this new situation, quickly accepting it as their new normal. Shouto fights through the pain when he sees her glowing with happiness. That was something he would never want to ruin, if he had to suffer for a while to watch her be happy, then so be it. He will eventually learn happiness. He will eventually gain happiness.

The night continues on to Club Nova, while the rest of the crew went on to watch the poetry slam going down. Katsuki and (Name) head over to the arcade instead. Using this time to go on their first date. (Name)’s first date in general, she was excited, after countless of date scenarios and date dreams she’s had, she was finally experiencing one, and it was with Katsuki.

Her mind was still trying to wrap around the fact that this was reality. Katsuki, the guy she’s been pinning hard for, confessed he felt the same for her. Oh god, someone pinch her please.

“You okay?” His voice breaks her away, she blinks twice, her eyes focusing on him. She finds her hand reaching out to grab his shirt before moving to the right to grab his bicep, giving it a squeeze to confirm he was real. Katsuki was confused but amused at the same time, unsure of why she was feeling him up, but he enjoyed it.

“You’re real.” She whispers, an adorable smile marking her face. His face turns red, his heart swells up at her adorable expression, he can’t fight the urge to hug her. He pulls her flushed against his chest, burying his face in her hair, taking in how sweet she smells.

“Of course I am, dummy.” He felt intoxicated, and feeling her warmth didn’t help him with a certain issue in his pants; since the relationship was still fresh, he didn’t want to do anything to freak her out; thus, he pulls away, turning his body away so she couldn’t see the bulge forming downstairs. (Name) was a little disappointed, but hums in happiness when he grabs her hand, pulling her over to the prize desk so he could purchase some tokens for the games.

(Name) looks around the busy arcade, watching a whole variety of people walk around, laughing and talking, a couple girls walked alongside their boyfriends, holding a giant stuff animal they won for them. Would Katsuki do the same thing for her?

“Here, take this.” Katsuki’s voice breaks her away from her thoughts. She looks over to see him pushing a paper cup full of tokens her way, she grabs it, while also noting that he has his own paper cup full of tokens as well. “What do you wanna play first?”

She hums, looking around the arcade to find something was looked fun and was also empty. She finds the skeeball machines, pointing a finger in that direction for Katsuki to see. He smirks, he had this in the bag, he had formed his own technique on achieving the most tickets from that game which guaranteed him getting (Name) a cute stuff animal to replace the one Touya gave her. He leads the way, making sure to keep a hold on (Name) so he wouldn’t lose her in the crowd.

Arriving to the machines, Katsuki immediately inserts two tokens to get started. As soon as the balls slide down, he grabs them, swinging them up the slope and hitting the 1,000 slot. (Name) stares in shock for a moment, looking at him continue to get it in the 1,000 slot. She gulps, inserting two tokens in the machine next to Katsuki, attempting to do the same thing he was doing, but to no avail.

“Damn.” She whispers as she watches the ball roll down into the 20 point slot. Katsuki laughs, finishing up his round before sneaking up behind his girlfriend.

“Here, let me help you.” He whispers in her ear, pressing her back against his chest, grabbing onto her arms and helping her swing the ball. He’s doing most of the work, so she takes this time to stare at him, glancing at his jawline and neck, wanting nothing more than to pepper kisses against them. He takes a moment to glance down at her, a coy smirk on his face when he catches her shamelessly gawking at him. Thanks to him and all the work he put in, she was able to get the ball in the 1,000 slot each time.

For the next hour the two of them switch between skeeball and a couple other machines, and at the end, they combine their tickets.

“3,000.” The ticket machine reads. (Name) is astonished, but cheers. The most tickets she’s ever gotten were 200, and with that she’d only be able to get a pack of tiny playing cards and an eraser. Imagine what they could get for 3,000.

They head over to the prize desk, (Name) separates a little to stare at the wall prizes. Some of the higher items cost over 3,000, like the xbox one and ps4, those were 20,000, damn looks like those were out of the question. However, her eyes move, grabbing onto a giant plushie that sat in the 3,000 section.

Katsuki looks over at (Name), finding her staring at a giant capybara plushie. Her eyes glimmer with joy at how cute and soft it looked. Katsuki turns back to the teenage boy behind the counter, handing him the ticket paper. “We’ll take that one.” He says, pointing to the capybara. The employee nods, taking the tickets, and then grabbing a ladder to grab the toy. He comes back down and hands it over to Katsuki, who then turns around to hand it to (Name). She squeals with delight, quickly smothering the plushie with a tight hug.

“Thank you Katsu~!” Her voice is muffled by the plushie, but she still pushes herself against his body to show her appreciation. He chuckles.

“No problem.” He says; he wished he could go and win her a couple more plushies, but taking a moment to check the time, he realizes it’s time that they head back to meet the band; so they leave, but promise each other they’d come back a later time.

Meeting up with the rest of the group, Kyoka and Momo are quick to gush over the giant plush, each giving it a tight hug. The three girls attack the poor plushie with a bunch of hugs and touches. (Sister’s Name) nudges Katsuki in the ribs.

“I never expected Mr. Grumpy Pants to be such a romantic.” She bullies him, laughing. He grumbles, attempting to move away from her, but she places a hand on his shoulder, stopping his attempted exit. Her eyes turn softer as she glances over at her ecstatic sister, “Thanks for making her happy.”

She walks away from Katsuki, walking over to Denki and pushing him in the direction of the door, the rest of the group follows out. Katsuki falls behind; (Name) separates from the girls to fall in step with Katsuki. They walk alongside each other in silence, he brings his arm up to dangle across her shoulders, bringing her closer to him.

She lets out an airy laugh, snuggling her cheek against his chest. They clumsily walk towards the car, getting into the backseat together. It’s dark, allowing them to playfully cuddle together, much to Shouto’s horror. The poor boy kept his eyes out the window, keeping as close as possible to the edge of his seat so the newlyweds wouldn’t bump into him. This was going to be a lot more difficult than he thought. Fortunately for him, they make it back to (Name)’s house in no time, quickly jumping out of the van, he bids everyone a goodnight before he heads off home. Soon everyone says good night, walking off in their respective directions. (Sister’s Name) and Fumikage drive off in the van since he lived the furtherest away from everyone, it would be better to drop him off instead of forcing him to walk home.

That just left Katsuki and (Name). They hold hands while walking up to the front door. Their idiotic smiles never once leave their faces. They reach the door, and turn to face each other.

“Thank you so much for today.” (Name) inches closer to Katsuki, she wrapped one arm around his waist, her plushie pressed between the two of them. Katsuki wraps his arms around her, resting his chin on top of her head for a moment, before he pulls away slightly to look down at her.

“You’re my girl now, I’ll do everything in my power to make you happy.” He says, delivering a sweet smile. Her heart swells up, with love and admiration for the boy in front of her. She gets on her tippy toes, pressing a kiss against his jaw. He chuckles, grabbing her chin to keep her still so he could pull her into a passionate kiss. Their lips awkwardly fumble, and by accident, their front teeth clash. They pull away, laughing while also groaning at the pain.

“We gotta get better at this.” (Name) laughs, the pain subsiding. Katsuki nods in agreement. Despite the two having experience with previous partners, something about this made them feel like this was their first time all over again. It was cute, and very much painful.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.” Katsuki says, leaning down to press a gentle kiss on her lips this time. The kiss breaks, but it leaves them breathless. (Name) nods, her cheeks hurt from hours of smiling, and they’d continue to hurt for the next few days.

“See ya.” She whispers, opening the front door and walking inside. She looks at him one last time. Their eyes meeting, a shared look of admiration and love. God, they were so cheesy. The door closes, and Katsuki slowly backs away. Once he’s sure he’s far enough from her house, he throws a fist up as a sign of his victory. He finally got the girl, she was his and he was all hers. He stops for a moment to shout:



“Did you hear that?” Momo asks. The two girls still headed home. They heard a shout, stopping for a moment to try and understand what it said.

“I heard it, don’t know what it said.” Kyoka laughs. They laugh, and keep on walking when Kyoka remembers something.

“Hey.” She says, Momo looks over at her with an eyebrow quirked up in confusion, “You owe me ten bucks.” Kyoka smirks, her hand held out ready to take her money. Momo laughs and shakes her head. She looks over at Kyoka yet before opening her mouth to reveal her declaration.

“The war isn’t over yet.”

Chapter Text

Katsuki Bakugou is in a relationship with (Name) (Last Name).

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(Name) squeals, her head falling back against her pillow as she kicked her feet on her bed.

She and Katsuki were facebook official now, which meant this was the real deal in the minds of teenagers. Since Katsuki changed the relationship status last night, an onslaught of comments began a spam of comments from friends.



“Fuckin’ finally!”

She couldn’t help but snort with laughter at all the silly comments their friends left. Each one making her smile grow bigger and bigger, her cheeks were in pain. All day, she and Katsuki had been all over each other. Any chance Katsuki could get, he would pull (Name) aside to pull her into a much needed, and desperate kiss.

After gym class, Katsuki got dressed back into his regular clothes quickly, running out of the locker room as soon as the bell rung so he could catch (Name), luckily for him, (Name) stayed standing by the girl’s locker room door with Mina, waiting for Katsuki.

Katsuki strides over to her, using his body to pin her against the wall. They stare at each other, goofy smiles on their faces; Mina and Eijirou look at each, smirking.

“We’ll… we’ll just leave you two be.” Mina says, walking away with Eijirou as the two of them laugh and high-five that their ship has finally sailed off. “God they’re too cute.”

“Miss me?” Katsuki asks, leaning down closer to (Name)’s face, his nose brushes against her. She can’t help but laugh, her heart beating fast at his close proximity.

“Of course.” She whispers, leaning up a little to brush her lips against him. Katsuki hums, his hand moving up to grab the back of her head, pulling her into a kiss. Her arms move around his neck, pulling him closer. They only break apart when a group of boys walk by and jokingly tell them to get a room. After Katsuki flips them off, he turns back to his blushing girlfriend, her idiotic smile infectious.

“We’ll continue this later.” He promises, smiling back at her. Their fingers intertwine as they start heading back to class.

And damn does he keep his promise. As soon as they got home from school, Katsuki was quick to pull her upstairs to her room, locking the door, and throwing themselves on her bed. A couple of stuff animals fall off as they roll around, laughing and kissing like no tomorrow. They continued doing this until Katsuki had to go home.

Right now, the couple was in the middle of their cutesy honeymoon phase, all they could think about was hugging, kissing, and cuddling, but soon, with the romantic tension long gone, sexual tension will take its place.

[8:44 PM] Bakuhoe <3: If you show anyone these texts, I’ll kill you, but I just wanna say, ur so fucking beautiful.

(Name) bites down on her bottom lip, giggling at the flirty texts her new boyfriend— god, she loved calling him that — was sending her. Her phone vibrates signaling a notification from facebook, the preview causes her to raise an eyebrow.

Envy heart reacted to a post you were tagged in.

Envy? That name sounds familiar… wasn’t Katsuki’s ex-girlfriend named Envy? (Name) stares at the notification confused, clicking on it, assuming she had been tagged in another post that she wasn’t aware of. The app loads for a moment before revealing the only post she was tagged in, the relationship statues. Now, that was strange, but the post said it was public so we’ll just assume that she was facebook stalking him and so happened to come across the status. That sounds right… right?

Not to sound creepy but (Name) and Mina had teamed up to facebook stalk this girl months ago back when Katsuki first mentioned her. It was out of curiosity, both girls wondering who has perviously been able to reign in Katsuki, which girl was so strong-minded to handle him before (Name). Well, during that original investigation, the two girls concluded and confirmed that Katsuki and Envy were NOT facebook friends.

There was no way Katsuki added her back, he hated her. Called her trash that deserved someone as trashy as Touya. So, why would either (a) send her a friend request or (b) accept her friend request if she was the one who sent it in the first place. So… it wouldn’t hurt to click on Envy’s profile to check… right?

Her finger hovers over the girl’s name, not sure if she was brave enough to see truth, but then again. If she was being blindsided already, which she knew— hoped— Katsuki would never do to her, this would be the best time to know, right before she dived in too deep into this relationship, before her heart would hurt 1000 times more than it would now. She clicks onto Envy’s profile, revealing everything that was public knowledge. Her cover picture was her sitting between two boys, one unknown, the other was Touya. Her profile picture was her holding a blunt, her tongue out in a teasing manner. (Name) scrolls down slowly, learning that Envy has recently changed her own relationship statues to “it’s complicated”, she wonders what that means.

Soon she gets to her friends list, and damn was Envy popular. With over 3,000 friends, (Name) was happy that facebook had a search bar option in the friends list to find people faster. She types in “Kat” and immediately, the third person that appeared was Katsuki Bakugou.

She stares at her screen for a while, her fears being confirmed. Why was she scared? She shouldn’t be worried. She had Katsuki, she understood him, and he liked her back. (Name) was confident in herself, both in personality and looks; but for some unknown reason she still felt suspicious, and even had an itch of possessiveness wash over her.

She didn’t know what this Envy girl wanted; but the bitch already stole one guy, maybe now that Katsuki was taken, Envy wanted him back. Was this going to be a thing? Did (Name) somehow spite this unknown girl and now she was going to do everything in her power to ruin (Name)’s relationships? (Name) attempts to pieces things in her mind, she and Katsuki lived only a couple minutes from each other’s homes. They had, in fact, gone to the same middle school but were in opposite halls, so they never crossed each other. They did have lunch at the same time, but due to the hall difference, their tables were on the opposite sides of the room. Perhaps (Name) and Envy shared an elective once? Maybe it was there that (Name) did something to ruin that girl’s life? She can’t think of anything, she really can’t. She had mostly stuck to herself and her small friend group, and Envy’s face and name never rung a bell for her.

So it couldn’t be vengeance right? Then what was it that brought these two close enough to add each other back on facebook.

Then another question pops up into (Name)’s mind.

How long have they been friends on facebook? How long has this supposed rekindling of friendship occurred?

More question start to pop into (Name)’s mind as she continues on facebook stalking, then expanding her investigation outside of facebook and onto instagram where she finds that once again, Katsuki and Envy are following each other. The deeper she goes down this rabbit hole, the more she can’t help but feel scared and threatened.

Chapter Text

She had been planning on confronting him on her findings, showing him all the screenshot evidence of her proof. She was really going to do it until his words made her heart flutter, and all oxygen escape her lungs.

“I think you’re my soulmate.” He whispered against her skin. They ditched math to make out in an empty classroom. The moment he had pulled her in the opposite direction of their classroom is when she decided she needed to speak to get these uncomfortable and mixed feelings off her chest; but hearing him say that, well, it brought a new wave of confidence, and a sense of certainty for her relationship.

‘Why was I so insecure? This boy clearly loves me and would never do anything to hurt me.’ She thinks to herself as his lips brush against her throat, peppering kissing and lightly sucking on some spots. She quickly catches her breathe, only to release it when he licks a sensitive spot on her neck.

Katsuki smirks, finally finding her weak spot, his mission to find it was accomplished, now it was time to use it. He keeps licking and bitting around, relishing the shaky breathes she took. He knows she was trying her hardest to prevent herself from moaning, but he wanted to do everything he could to hear her call out his name.

“It’s okay to moan, (Name). We’re all alone, no one ever walks down here anyway.” He whispers, wrapping an arm around her waist to pull her up, allowing her to sit on top of a desk. He stands between her legs, trying to get as close to her as he can before he goes back to attacking her neck. Her hands are firmly planted on the edges of the desk, gripping until her knuckles turn white. His thumbs rub circles on her exposed hips, hot breath hitting her neck

She shivers, lips slightly parting to release a shaky moan. His teeth slightly scrap against her neck causing her breathing to increase. He moves away from her neck, looking straight into (Name)’s eyes. Their cheeks are both flushed red. His hands move up, grabbing onto the sides of her face, their lips collide together. Their bodies move as close together as possible. Soft moans escape from her when she feels his groin rub against her. He groans at the feeling, continuing his ministrations when she also starts wiggling against him.

The bell rings, alerting them that their time was now up. They break apart, a string of saliva still keeping them connected as they breathe heavily. Katsuki breaks the bridge, smirking at the flustered state he got her into.

“Come on, let me walk you to class. Unless you wanna ditch this one too?” He says suggestively, hoping she’ll agree to another hour long make-out session. God, he was praying she would agree.

(Name) hums, taking a moment to look at the clock. Technically, she was doing good in her next class. Maybe, just maybe, she could skip this once.

She looks at him with a shy smile on her lips.

“Yeah, let’s play hooky again.” She says.

“That’s my girl.” Katsuki smirks, pulling her back into another intoxicating kiss.


“The semester ends next week after finals. Let’s start making some winter break plans.” (Sister’s name) says, smiling as she sits down next to Fumikage. With Friday nights being taken up by the job at the club, they still had 6 days in the week to do some fun stuff during the break.

(Name) and Katsuki sat at the edge of the couch, cuddling up. Both stuck in their own little world, whispering to each other, and constantly showing the other with an endless supply of kisses.

“Gross.” (Sister’s Name) says, grimacing at the sight. Everyone else agreed, scooting away from the two lovebugs. “Well those two are off in la la land, so let’s make plans and include them once they’re finished swapping spit.”

The group agrees, looking away from the scene of PDA. Instead they focus their attention on the notebook that laid before them. On the sheets, (SIster’s Name) had already created a list of events or fun ideas to do during the winter break. Together, they voted for the activities they thought would be fun while crossing out the ones that involved anything with money.

“I’m broke as fuck.” Denki laughs, but secretly, he was crying on the inside.

“What did you do with all your money?!” Momo exclaims, staring at the electric-type pokemon boy.

“It smells like BROKE in here.” Fumikage and Kyoka say at the same time, causing the others to laugh. The joke reaches the ears of (Name) and Katsuki who break away from their kiss to laugh at Denki.

“Stop bullying me!” Denki whines, falling back against the couch, his arms crossed. He huffs, looking away from his friends. The laughter dies down, and it’s back to making plans. (Name) and Katsuki join in on the conversation, but continue on in their own little corner of the couch. (Name) sits between Katsuki’s legs, leaning back to rest against his chest. Katsuki wraps his arms around her body.

“What do you guys want to do?” Kyoka speaks up, glancing over at the cuddled up couple. (Name) smiles, sitting up a little.

“We should have a movie day.” (Name) suggests, going back to snuggling against Katsuki’s chest. She hums a little, gripping onto the front of his shirt. Katsuki smirks, though he’s covered it by hiding his face in her hair.

“We can do a movie day, we’ll wear our pajamas and binge watch random stuff and binge eat.” Kyoka adds on, everyone nods, liking the idea of just kicking back and having a lazy day. Shouto absentmindedly nods, already coming up with an excuse to avoid that. As much as he would’ve enjoyed doing that with his friends, he still wasn’t ready to be around (Name) and Katsuki while they were still in their honeymoon phase. He already felt a little sick to his stomach, his eyes focused everywhere expect them.

“Alright so those are our plans. Any objections?” (Sister’s Name) finishes writing down the last few words, putting down the notebook.

“Nay!” Rings around the room.

“Alright! Now that we have plans ready, let’s get started on studying for finals!” She says with as much enthusiasm as possible, the room fills with groans from Denki, Kyoka, and (Name). The three teens grab their backpacks and start pulling their stuff out, preparing for hell.

Katsuki leans in close to (Name) so he could whisper in her ear. “If you pass your finals, I’ll reward you like I did earlier.” He finishes his bribe with nipping at her ear. Her face turns red, both at his proposition as well as her mind flashing back to earlier that day when they skipped class to make out in an empty classroom.

This was going to be so hard, but she’ll try her hardest for that reward. Katsuki knew exactly how to motivate her as his hand rub circles on her hip while he explained problems on their study guide. She gulps, her body engulfed in heat.

This was going to be the most difficult week of her life.

Chapter Text

“Ah! It’s so pretty out here!” (Name) giggles, running around in her snow gear. She stares up at the sky, watching the giant snowflakes fall down from the sky, pilling up on the eight inches of snow already on the ground. A couple clumps of snow land on her face, and onto her eyelashes.

Katsuki comes up behind her, wrapping one arm around her, pulling her closer to his chest. “Not as pretty as you.” He whispers, bringing up his gloved hand to brush the snow out of her face and away from her eyes. She smiles up at him, snuggling against the palm of his hand. He made her heart do summersaults, her stomach filling up with butterflies. It was freezing cold out here, but the warmth of his hands as well as his words, caused her body to warm up.

“Get a room!” (Sister’s Name) laughs, walking past the couple. The rest of the group follows behind her. The semester ended yesterday, finals had gone by in a flash; her hardest class was finals, it’s a blessing that Katsuki was a genius with the subject. After countless of exhausting hours, getting punished with no cuddles, and being rewarded with kisses, (Name) was able to pass with a C, god bless.

With the semester being over, it was time to kick back and relax for the next two weeks. As a reward for everyone’s hard work and passing grades, Shouto invited everyone over to his house for a fun day of skating at the small pond behind his house.

“Are you sure this is safe?” Momo asks, looking at the frozen pond with apprehension. (Name) makes her way over to Shouto, the two of them share a look before nodding in unison at Momo.

“Of course! Shouto and I have been skating here since forever.” She plops down next to Shouto, the two of them kick their shoes off and put their skates on. Katsuki sits down besides his girlfriend, eyeing the water. He too, was feeling a little unsure about this but nonetheless, he starts putting his skates on as well.

“Uh… okay…” Momo laughs nervously, giving the ice one more look before she sits down to put her skates on. Kyoka and Denki already had their skates on, immediately making their way onto the ice, ready to see who could skate the fastest. At the sound of competition, Katsuki instantly jumps onto his feet, making his way over to the other two teens, ready to show them who truly was the speed demon.

“Come on, (Name).” Shouto says, holding his hand out for the girl to grab on. He sends her a sweet smile, she returns it and grabs onto his hand. Helping her up, the continue to hold hands, even once they’re on the ice.

“Let’s dance?” She giggles pulling her best friend along, to the middle of the pond so they could avoid the three racing teen. Fumikage joins them, keeping a small distance to avoid colliding them with.

“Of course.” Shouto brings (Name) closer, the two start moving around the ice, dancing around in silence. It’s something they’ve always done since they were kids, in a way, this was traditional for them. Sure they haven’t ice skated as much as they used to, but it doesn’t matter, at least now she was in his arms, focusing her attention on him instead of Katsuki. He was overjoyed, despite knowing the moment would end eventually, he would enjoy it as much as he could before she’s stolen away again.

“It feels like forever since we got to do this.” She states, twirling around before falling back into his arms. Her eyes lock into his, bright and burning with happiness.

“Yeah… we should do this again before the ice starts melting.”

“Hell yeah!”

They dance around for a while, Momo slowly skating over, still anxiously looking down at the ice, praying that it would break under the weight of everyone on it.

“It’s not going to break, you’re fine!” (Name) laughs, breaking away from Shouto to grab Momo. The two girls start skating around, Momo was still hesitant, anxiously looking down at the ice to make sure there weren’t any cracks forming. Soon, she starts to get comfortable, breaking away from (Name) to freely skate around. (Name) laughs, skating backwards until she collides into Shouto’s chest. The boy instinctively wraps his arms around her to prevent her from falling down onto the ground.

“Thanks Sho~!” She giggles, turning around to grab onto his arms again, wanting to resume their dance. Shouto nods his head, smiling down at his crush friend once more. They continue on with their dance, ignoring — or not realizing— the stares they were receiving from a jealous boyfriend off at the other end of the pond.

Katsuki looks away, attempting to calm himself down. He loves that girl, and he just got her to be his girl, he didn’t want to scare her off so early — he didn’t want to scare her off at all. He honestly felt that he found his other half, his soulmate.

‘He’s just a friend.’ He repeats to himself in his mind as his eyes dart back up to see his girlfriend being twirled around by the boy she’s been best friends with since kindergarten. For some reason, Katsuki just didn’t like the look in Shouto’s eyes. It seemed sus to him. The devil on his shoulder was edging the feeling on.


The ground shakes. Momo screams, quickly scrambling off the ice, falling onto the snowy floor. Everyone’s eyes dart over to the see who fell on the ice. All eyes land on Denki, face-planted on the ice, slight drool escaping his mouth as he lays flat on the ice.

(Name) breaks out into laughter, turning around to look at Momo, still all freaked out on the floor. “Momo it’s okay! Denki just fell on the ice, come back!” (Name) urges her friend to come and join them once more. Momo only shakes her head.

“No way!” She gets up, brushing the snow off her butt, as well as taking her skates off and replaces them with her snow boots. “I’m done!” She huffs, making her way to join (Sister’s Name) and Fuyumi who sat on the back porch, watching the group while they gossiped over tea.

(Name) shrugs her shoulders, skating over to the rest of the group, now surrounding Denki.

“You think he’s dead?” Kyoka asks, poking at the boy with a stick she found not too far from the ice. Denki groans at the pokes causing everything to jump back a little.

“Oh god! It’s a zombie!” (Name) screams, laughing as she skates away, trying to get as far away from him as possible. Everyone else jumps onto the game, screaming and moving away from Denki. The poor boy starts getting up, wiping the drool away from his face.

“Huh?” He says in confusion, looking at all his friends standing at the other end of the pond. “What are you guys doing?” He starts skating over to them, attempting to rejoin the group. As soon as he get near, the teens start screaming, skating away once more. At this point, Denki understands what’s going on. Soon, he fully takes on the role of a zombie, chasing around his friends. He first catches Kyoka, grabbing her arm and bringing it up to his mouth, giving her a fake bite, mostly drooling over her arm.

“NO!” She screams, laughing so hard she has to bend over for a couple minutes to catch her breath as well as wiping Denki’s spit off on his jacket. “Fucking gross.”

Kyoka joins Denki in chasing people around, her mission was set on catching (Name). She closes in on her target, (Name) tries skating away as fast as possible, laughing while screaming her head off. Kyoka reaches out, nearly grabbing (Name) but at that exact moment, Katsuki jumps in front.

“Katsuki!” (Name) dramatically screams as she watches Kyoka chop down on Katsuki’s arm. The boy looks back at her, a small smile on his face as Denki skates over and bites down on his other arm. “NO!”

(Name) skates backwards until she hits the snow bank, causing her to fall back into the soft and plush ground. Her laughter echos through the cold tundra of Shouto’s backyard. Everyone starts doing what they’re doing to join in on the laughter, except Katsuki who pushes Denki off his arm.

“Why do you slobber so much?” Kyoka asks, looking over at Denki, the boy has some drool coming out from the corner of his mouth.

Katsuki makes his way over to help (Name) up, but someone else beat him to it. Shouto stretches his hands out for her to grab onto. She does, tightly gripping onto him so she wouldn’t accidentally fall back on the ground. She’s still laughing, as she gets up, the force Shouto put into lifting her up causes her to fall forward onto his chest.

“Thanks for saving me Sho~!” She giggles, moving away from him and getting back onto the ice.

‘Saving her? Last time I checked, I saved her.’ Katsuki thinks to himself, sending the half-and-half boy a glare. Katsuki makes his way over to (Name) once more, this time, he pulls her into a deep kiss.

Shouto turns away from the sight, his stomach churns. Kyoka screams and covers her eyes. Fumikage just shakes his head and looks away, but Denki was always quick on his feet and with his words.

“Gross! Get a fucking room!” He drawls, skating away as fast as he could before Katsuki could make a snowball and throw it at him. Katsuki breaks away from (Name)’s lips to chase the electric boy, finally catching him and throwing him into a snow bank.

The gang continues skating for a couple more hours until the sun starts to set and the air gets colder. It was time to get off the ice and head home before everyone turned to ice.

Everyone stood by the driveway, saying goodnight to each other. (Name) and Shouto stood off to the side, quietly laughing about the day before saying goodnight.

“Thanks for dancing with me, Shouto.” (Name) smiles, bringing the taller boy into a hug. He wraps his arms around her, returning the hug. They stand there, enveloping each other in their warmth. It was a normal hug between the two of them, it’s their normal goodbye hug. They’ve been doing this for years, this was just normal. Nothing to get jealous over, right?


“Bye, Sho! I love you!” (Name) breaks away from the hug, smiling at her best friend. Shouto smiles back.

“Bye, (Name). I love you too.” He replies, his eyes full of love, his words holding more meaning than just friends.

Now Katsuki felt himself bubbling inside with jealousy. He makes his way up to his girlfriend, wrapping his arm around her shoulder.

“Come on babe, time for me to walk you home.” He says. (Name) sends Shouto one last wave before she walks off with Katsuki, she wraps an arm around his, leaning her head against his bicep. Katsuki takes one last look at Shouto, sending him a glare. Shouto returns the glare.

He stole her away from one Todoroki, he wasn’t about to lose her to another.

Chapter Text

The days go flying by, time always seems to go by faster when you’re spending all your time with loved ones.

Christmas comes around, the gang gathers together to share presents, as well as everyone going over to each other’s houses to eat meals and share presents. With Christmas coming and going, it was time for New Year’s Eve, and this time the group gathers early in the morning, bags packed and ready for the sleepover they all agreed to have at the (Last Name) house.

“Come in, come in!” Mrs. (Last Name) greets them all, ushering the teens inside to shield them from the cold. “(Name)! (Sister’s Name), your friends are here!” Their mom calls them down, the two girls exit their rooms groaning from staying up late the previous night.

“Goddamn, it’s so early.” (Name) groans, trudging down the stairs, her sister following behind her, both of them looking like zombies. The smell of food awakens the sisters, leading towards the kitchen where the loud sounds of laughter and voices further awaken them. Walking into the kitchen, they find their friends sitting around the table, while Mr. (Last Name) served them a hearty breakfast meal. Denki drools at the site of the food in front of him, yelling when Kyoka steals a slice of bacon from his plate.


“I didn’t do anything.” She replies back, shoving the slice in her mouth, smirking at his annoyed expression.

“(Name)! (Sister’s Name)! Good morning!” Momo exclaims, her mouth slightly muffled by the napkin she held up to her lips. Soon, everyone’s attention draws onto the two sisters, and now the new year festivities begin. They sit down, smiling at everyone, their plates now full of food.

“There’s more food if anyone wants more!” Their dad speaks up, smiling as he continues to cook more food. Most parents would hate to do this, but their dad’s passion was cooking and baking, he enjoyed having extra mouths to feed, it gave him a sense of accomplishment and pride knowing people enjoyed his food.

“This is amazing!” Denki shouts, coming up to the stove, ready to accept more food; Fumikage and Kyoka come up as well, wanting even more food. Katsuki sits in silence, his eyes going from looking at his plate to looking at (Name). She sat between him and Shouto, so there she was talking to her childhood best friend, the two of them laughing while sharing some inside jokes.

“So I’m sitting there, bbq sauce on my titties.” Shouto chokes on his orange juice, his laughter causes her smile to become brighter as she joins in on her laughter. Denki comes back to the table, setting his plate down and joining in on the laughter when he saw Shouto nearly do a spit take.

Katsuki has alway come to terms that he was jealous of Shouto, but he wouldn’t make his jealousy known to (Name). I mean, her and Shouto were only best friends, she’s friendzoned the boy since the first day they met in Kindergarten. There was no way in hell that was going to change. Katsuki becomes lost in his thoughts, silently sitting there as he finishes his first serving. (Name) takes notice of his unusual silence, looking over at him, placing a hand on his shoulder.

He exits his thoughts to look at her, looking into her bright and hopeful eyes. Eyes, he’s gotten lost in millions of time by this point. Her smile special, saved just for him. Yeah, he was fine. They were fine. Nothing and no one was going to get between the two of them.

He just needed to work things out within himself before those issues bubbled up to the surface and ruined the best thing that’s happened to him.

He wasn’t about to lose her over some stupid feelings.

“You okay?” She asks, taking a bite of his pancakes.

“Yeah, I’m just fuckin’ tired.” He replies back. She nods, accepting his excuse. He finishes up eating before he joins in on the conversation. Once everyone finishes up eating, they head downstairs to the basement with all their things, ready to start doing all the things they had planned for the day. The plans were mostly just binge watching movies and shows.

“Okay, mom and dad just left, and they left us food to eat later, and some cookies.” (Sister’s Name) says, setting down the tray of warm cookies on the coffee table. Immediately, everyone starts digging in.

“Where are your parents going?” Katsuki asks, breaking his cookie in half, giving (Name) the other half. She gladly accepts it.

“They’re going to some fancy party with Shouto’s parents.” (Name) answers his question, quickly eating her half of the cookie. Katsuki hums, his eyes darting over to Shouto who was talking to Momo about the book they were reading for their book club. More color symbolism and whatnot, Katsuki didn’t really care.

Hours pass, with all the planned movies watched, it was time to switch the channel to watch the festivities in New York.

“We should road trip there for new years one day.” Denki suggests.

“That sounds like an awesome idea.” (Sister’s Name) agrees with him, handing him some of the candy he asked for. The topic of a road trip sparks other road trip ideas, this time for ones that they could all go on during the summer.

(Name) sits between Katsuki’s legs, her back pressed against his chest. Katsuki has his head resting on top of her head while his arms are wrapped around her body. They sit there silently, listening to their friends already making plans, it was exciting. (Name) was honestly excited to spend the summer with Katsuki, a smile forms on her face at the thought of going on small adventures with the love of her life.

“What’s on your mind?” His husk voice whispers in her ear, he goes on to press kisses against her neck.

“Just thinking about the fun stuff we could do this summer.” She giggles when his lips brush against a ticklish spot on her neck.


“Maybe spend an entire day at the nearest major city?”

He hums at the idea, thinking about it. It would be nice to spend an entire day alone with his girlfriend. He could save up some money to take her out to a fancy place for dinner too. Katsuki’s mind starts forming it’s own small plans to surprise her. “I like the thought of that.”

They spend the remainder of the time snuggling, watching everyone play around and waste all their energy. The time for the ball to drop starts, now everyone was huddled up on the couches, watching the countdown begin. Unfortunately for them, they were tired out. With their friends passing out on the couch, Katsuki lightly pushes (Name) to stand up.

“Follow me.” He says, grabbing onto her hand and leading her out of the basement. The house is dark, the only light is coming from the full moon. Carefully maneuvering around the areas where the moon’s light didn’t reach, they finally make it to her room. With her curtains opened, the moon lights the room up.

“What’s up?” (Name) asks, watching her boyfriend close and lock the door behind them. She walks over to her window, looking outside to see all the lights on at the other houses on the block. People sitting outside on the road, preparing to light their fireworks off once the clock strikes midnight.

Katsuki walks over, standing next to her to look up at the moon. “I just wanted to spend this time alone with you.” It’s silent for a moment before Katsuki turns to look at her, his hand reaching to lock underneath her chin, turning her head to look at him.

“I love you.” He whispers, leaning down to capture her lips. From outside, they can hear people in the streets counting down.


They break apart, a goofy grin forms on (Name)’s face. She wraps her arms behind Katsuki’s neck, pulling him back down for another kiss.


The kiss depends, it’s nothing new, but it felt different this time. Something inside the two teens breaks, a fire starting within them.


Katsuki backs them up. (Name) feels her bed hit the back of her knees, then she’s gently pushed back, falling on her mattress while Katsuki lays on top of her.


The feverish kiss continues, Katsuki’s fingers tangle themselves in her hair, her hands go straight to tugging at the ends of his shirt.


In the heat of the moment, they break away from the kiss, going straight to taking off their shirts before going back. Katsuki also uses this moment to unclip (Name)’s bra, struggling a little, but once it’s off, he flings it off in a random corner. Out of sight, out of mind.


Legs wrapped around his waist, she brings him closer, grinding against each other, adding more fuel to the fire in their cores.


From grinding to taking their pants off, their underwear being the last layer of clothes keeping them apart.


They grind for a little bit more, but the teasing becomes too much for both of them. They remove the final layer keeping them apart. Katsuki lines himself up.


“Wait…” She places her hands on his chest, stopping him from entering. “Grab a condom.”

Safety first.

“Good idea.” He replies, reaching into her night drawer, remembering she threw them in there that night her sister gave them to her.

With the condom on, he goes back to his original position.


“Happy New Year.” He whispers against her lips.

“Happy New Year.” She whispers back

Fireworks start going off outside as soon as he slips in. The loud noises of fireworks and people cheering mask the sounds of their moans. They try to stay as quiet as possible, fearing that one of their friends downstairs would wake up and come upstairs. Last thing either of them wanted was to get caught.

Since it was their first time, it doesn’t last too long, or at least, not as long as Denki or Fumikage said they lasted. Nonetheless, it was amazing. It felt great, it felt right. They cuddled afterwards, glowing in the aftermath. They lay there, looking into each other’s eyes, smiling like idiots; they couldn’t help it, this experience made them realize that they were made for each other, no one else could make them feel like this. No one.

“I love you.” Katsuki says, pressing a kiss against her forehead, pulling back to watch her eyes close from exhaustion.

“I love you too.” She whispers back, her smile stays plastered on her face until she lulls off into her dreams. He stays awake a while longer, thinking back to what just happened. Still staring at her, he moves the blanket down a little to admire the way the moon lights her up. He can’t help but wonder how she pleased the Goddess of Beauty in her previous life, because goddamn, she was a work of art. Real question, what did he do in his previous life to please Aphrodite? What did he do that brought this girl into his life?

Before he met (Name), he wasn’t huge on Greek mythology, but shit, after spending countless of hours listening to her recount stories, he somehow felt like he was living one of those stories. He felt like the powerful Menelaus of Sparta, and (Name) was his Helen; and if some Paris wannabe shows up, well, Katsuki would be sure to take care of him before he can steal his Helen away from him.


Chapter Text

They’ve bitten into the forbidden fruit, no longer living in innocence, they’ve blossomed into a world full of vices. Lust now fills their souls, consuming them like a wildfire. The pleasure they felt that first night has now overcome their minds. During the day, they continued to act like normal, innocent teens; but once they were alone, all hell broke loose.

“Shush, quiet down.” Katsuki whispers in her ear. It was only a few days after New Years, but they couldn’t contain themselves. They had excused themselves for the day, saying they were going on a “date” when in reality, all they did was walk over to Katsuki’s house to fuck. His parents weren’t home, which meant they had the entire place to themselves.

Sadly, that didn’t last long. Only a couple minutes into their session, his parents came home.

“Katsuki!” His mom calls out from downstairs. Their shoes were by the door, which was the most obvious sign that Katsuki and (Name) were here, they couldn’t hide. Mitsuki makes her way upstairs, finding the silence, suspicious as a parent.

As soon they heard her footsteps coming upstairs, Katsuki quickly throws (Name)’s shirt at her; she puts it on in a flash, then going back to hiding underneath the covers. Katsuki also puts his shirt on, then shoving the rest of their clothes under the bed where his mom wouldn’t see them.

(Name) lays on her side, closing her eyes and pretends to be asleep. Katsuki on the other hand, rests against his headboard, putting his earbuds in and scrolling through his phone. His mom walks in, flinging the door open. She expected to catch them bumping uglies, instead finds (Name) asleep, and Katsuki listening to music.

“What the fuck, hag. (Name)’s fucking sleeping.” He hisses, glancing down at his girlfriend, pretending to check if she was still asleep. Mitsuki would’ve started yelling but she kept cool, only because she thought (Name) was asleep. She would never do anything to bother that sweet, innocent girl. Once (Name) was gone, then Mitsuki would kick her son’s ass for being a little shithead.

“I’ll call you down when dinner’s ready.” She sends Katsuki a deadly glare before she walks out of the room and quietly closes the door behind her. Katsuki and (Name) stay put until they were sure MItsuki was gone. Once they heard the clanking of pots and pans in the kitchen, they go back to what they were originally doing.

“Are you still in the mood?” Katsuki asks, looking into her eyes. (Name) hums for a second before nodding her head.

“For some weird reason, yeah, I’m still in the mood. I guess maybe the thrill of almost being caught is my kink?” She giggles. Katsuki chuckles, pressing kisses down her neck, his hand slithers down between her legs, making sure she was still wet enough for him.

Katsuki clamps a hand over her mouth when a moan escapes her lips. “Shush, quiet down.” He whispers, his fingers continue working on her core, her hips thrust against his hand, attempting to get more friction. He watches her facial expressions change. He removes his hand from her house, instead he presses his lips against hers, bringing her hips closer to his and slips in once more.

He closes his eyes when he feels her nails rake down his back. It felt great, one thing he’s realized since they lost their virginities was how much he loved getting his back scratched and his shoulder bitten down on. He’s had to leave himself reminders to be careful when he’s changing in the locker room next semester. Who know what Eijirou or the other boys around him will say when they see the claw marks going down his back. He goes on to grip her ass, with this he’s able to thrust faster and harder. Minutes later they come undone, just in time for Mitsuki to call them down for dinner.

This repeats itself nearly everyday, each day they continue to get braver and braver, doing it whenever and wherever they could. Which leads them to their most risky, and adventurous spot: (Name)’s sister’s car.

It was perfect. It was night time, and her sister was busy tutoring Fumikage upstairs in her room, while their parents were busy watching the news downstairs. The basement was too open, anyone could easily walk in and catch them. Her room was next to her sister’s, so her bed frame hitting the wall plus them being quiet would be too suspicious, their only option being the car.

It didn’t take much for them to sneak out to get into the car, (Name) was 100% positive that no one would come outside or come use the car. As soon as they got in the backset, their clothes were peeled off and thrown around. Condom on, and bumping uglies commences.

Unbeknownst to them, (Sister’s Name) and Fumikage walked outside, making their way to the car after a long day of tutoring. They finished early, and decided to treat themselves to some fast food.

“You can just throw that in the back.” (Sister’s Name) says, motioning to his backpack and guitar case. They head straight to the backset and unwarily open the door, only for it to reveal a naked Katsuki on top of a naked (Name). The two have stopped their activity, staring at the other pair with bright red faces, dread filling their souls now that they’ve been caught red handed.

“Oh… hey sis…” (Name) nervously smiles at her sister. Sweating from the conversation this will lead to later.

That was also the end of their kinky thrill of nearly getting caught. That kink was now dead, and so were they.

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“Fumikage, I’m so sorry.” (Name) cries out, following behind the dark and brooding guitarist. It was a day after the accident, and here she was, begging the poor boy for forgiveness.

The previous night, Fumikage and her sister caught her and Katsuki in the middle of fucking in her car. The car that she uses to drive everyone to the venues they’re playing at. It’s basically the band van, and now it’s soiled thanks to (Name) and Katsuki not being able to contain their horniness. God, get them some horny-b-gone pills. After the two teens were discovered, Fumikage and (Sister’s Name) immediately slammed the car door shut before walking off in a random direction far away from there.

The walk was silent, awkward, and tense. Until (Sister’s Name) broke the silence.

“What the fuck did we just witness.” She stares ahead in disbelief. Why, why did they choose her car of all places? Why couldn’t they have just gone to the basement? Or stayed in (Name)’s room and played music to mask whatever the fuck the wanted to do. Why couldn’t they have gone to Katsuki’s house? Jesus fucking christ, why did they have to pick the band van?

“I want to bleach my eyes out.” Fumikage replies, wanting to completely erase the memory out of his head.

They continue to walk in a daze, they finally reach Wendy’s where they go inside and order, then sit down to eat. The silence continues as both of them have no idea what to make of this situation. Fumikage in all honestly just wants to forget all about it and pretend it didn’t happen, while (Sister’s Name) is panicking as an older sister who literally just caught her little sister getting fucked. What the fuck is someone supposed to do? Oh god, she wanted to barf.

This wouldn’t have happened if (Name) had just dated Shouto. Nor would it have happened if she dated Hitoshi, at least that boy owns his own car, they could’ve fucked in a Walmart parking lot and no one would’ve gotten hurt; but no, her and Katsuki just had to pick her fucking car. HER FUCKING CAR, THAT’S HER CAR!

At this point, (Sister’s Name) was feeling more pissed at the fact they chose her car to be the perfect spot to fuck. She’d bleach those seats later, but for now, she was pissed beyond belief. Pissed and feeling sick to her stomach. She hasn’t felt this sick since she saw (Name) with Touya acting all gross. Oh, she was going to have her revenge this time.

After about an hour of hiding at Wendy’s, the two parts ways while agreeing to never speak of what they saw. Fumikage goes home, he attempts to sleep it off but he’s awarded nightmares that continue remind him of the sins he witnessed. (Sister’s Name) on the other hand, goes home. She sits at her desk for hours, her desk light illuminating her sketch pad. (Name) dared ruined her good Christian van, now she will pay for her sins. She proceeds to stay up all night, creating a group chat with her friends, each of them giving her crazier ideas on how to exact her revenge. Oh, this was going to be good.

Meanwhile, in Fumikage’s world, he finally managed to get an hour of sleep without waking up from another nightmare. He makes it through the morning looking like a zombie, but hopes that now he’ll slowly be able to forget. No (Name) and no Katsuki around him to bring those memories up again. He should be good, right? Ah, too bad (Name) decided to come knocking at his door. Not knowing it was her, he opens the door to reveal the reason for his nightmares.

“Fumika—“ She’s cut off when he attempts to close the door. (Name) was quick though, using her foot to stop the door from closing, and with whatever strength she had, she pushed the door open enough for her to squeeze past. Now infesting his home, she followed him around, crying and begging him to forget everything that he saw last night. She cared about Fumikage, despite it seeming like they never talked, they were actually quite good friends by this point. He was the one boy she could trust to go to ask for boy advice. His friendship was important and valuable to her, almost on par with Shouto.

Fumikage stops walking, causing (Name) to bump against him. He turns around to face her, closing his eyes and sighing when he sees the puppy dog eyes she was giving him.

“I’ll forgive you if we never speak about this ever again. I want to forget what I saw. If I could bleach my brain, I would. So from here on out. We never mention or breathe about that accident.”

“Deal!” She says excitedly. The two form a pinky promise. Fumikage gives her head a little pat. (Name) laughs, happy to have saved her friendship. That was one problem solved, the next would be pleading and apologizing to her sister. Fumikage stares down at (Name) when he remembers he can basically use this moment to his advantage, he opens his mouth to speak his last request to earn his forgiveness.

“Also, you have to help me get with your sister.”

“What the fuck, Fumikage.”


The next stage of awkwardness commences. This is (Sister’s Name)’s revenge. She sits on (Name)’s desk chair, staring at her little sister who sat on the bean bag chair, curious and nervous on the conversation they were about to have.

They stare at each other. (Name)’s shoulders feel heavy as she looks into her sister’s dark and unforgiving eyes. They looked devoid of all emotion, like a black hole had just formed inside of her, consuming all emotions, good and bad, leaving nothing but a human doll with beady eyes. God, it was fucking creeping the shit out of her.

“(Sister’s Name) I just wanted to say sor—“ She’s cut off for the second time today. Her sister’s hand is raised up in a stopping motion, her lips slightly turn up to form a smile, a smile that lacked warmth.

“Shush.” Is all she says as she stands up from her seat. Walking over to her little sister, she pulls her hand out, the look in her eyes telling (Name) that she needed to grab on or face even more terrifying consequences. Hesitantly, (Name) grabs her sister’s hand, she’s pulled up from her chair and is then lead to her bed where she watches (Sister’s Name) sit down. Still standing up, almost like she was waiting for permission to sit down on her own bed; (Sister’s Name) looks up at her, patting the empty space beside her. Now, (Name) takes a seat.

It goes back to quiet. While (Name) is looking around her room, trying to distract herself from the tension surrounding her and her sister; (Sister’s Name) stares straight ahead at the wall, occasionally seeing (Name) turn to look at her from her peripheral vision. Once (Name) looks away again, this is when (Sister’s Name) opens her mouth and immediately lets out the most terrifying and pants shitting scream ever. (Name) falls off her bed, screaming as she looks at her sister. A third scream joins in, it’s their father screaming from downstairs, he’s probably shat himself thanks to the demonic scream that ripped through (Sister’s Name) throat.

“C̵̥̃̔o̵̭͗m̶͚e̵̠̘̊ ̸̱̫̃͆ä̸̜́c̶̥̟̿͑k̷̮̉̔ ̵̱̒͠h̶̗̽̇e̷̻ṟ̸͛̏é̵͎̺,̶̳̘̉̈́ ̴̘̮̰͐̄͠ḭ̷̈́̌ͅt̶̤̜̆t̶̠͕͆̋l̶͊͠ͅe̷̳̘̎ ̷͎͕̈s̵͇͊ï̴͓͎̰͊t̶̖̮͂̆r̵̖͚̓̊” Her voice is deep and demonic. (Name) nearly pisses herself thinking her sister was actually possessed by the devil. Immediately, she gets up, backing up until her back hits her cubby. She keeps her eyes focused on her sister, too afraid to look away. That’s what happened in horror movies, and then that character ended up with their guts spilled all over the floor. Fuck no, that was not happening today, maybe some other day, but not today. With her eyes glued onto her sister—who’s smile has gotten wider and scarier— she bends down slightly, her hands grab one of the boxes in her cubby, she digs around until she finds what she’s looking for. A crucifix.

Why did she have a random crucifix in her room? Well, it was last summer. She and Shouto had just shared their scandalous kiss that supposedly meant nothing — but we all know it meant something—  soon after that, they decided to get a little risky; they pulled out a Ouija board Shouto had stolen from Touya’s room. They played around with it for a while before laughing when nothing scary happened. Soon after that though, things started happening around the house that (Name) couldn’t explain. She occasionally felt cold spots when walking down the hallway, at one point, she walked down that hallway when she suddenly felt a hand wrap around her wrist and yank her backwards. Quickly turning around, she saw no one. Her sister was in her room, and her parents were both downstairs; taking a look at her wrist, she saw a hand outline circled around. From that point on, she couldn’t deny that there was something in the house, something she couldn’t see.

The next day, she marched over to Shouto’s house and pulled the boy straight to the mall where they walked all the way to the other end. The end of the mall that held the strangest stores that somehow managed to stay open despite not as many people walking all the way back there. The store all the way at the end was a mystical one, full of gems, pendulums, incense, candles, and everything a practicing pagan or witch would go crazy for. It had everything that dealt with spiritual things. So, she walks in and bought holy water, a crucifix, and sage. While looking for that, Shouto takes a look around at the gems, his eyes landing on the rose quartz boxes, the description on them read: “Love and healing.”

“If you put one of those underneath your pillow at night, it’ll show you who your soulmate is. If you place a heart shaped one in the right corner of your room, the corner farthest from the door, it’ll attract your soulmate to you.” A strange woman spoke besides him. Startled, he looks up, the older woman smiles before she goes back to looking at the evil eye necklaces hung up against the wall. His eyes go back to the gems, almost immediately landing on a heart shaped rose quartz, the only one in the pile. “You should buy that one, it seems like it has a connection with you.” The old woman speaks up once again. Shouto looks up at her for a second, before nodding.

He gets up, about to thank the woman when (Name) calls out his name.

“Hey Sho, I’m about to buy this stuff.” (Name) says, walking over to the counter where the cashier sits up, starting a conversation with her about the items she was buying. Shouto looks away, ready to say thanks to the woman, but she was gone. This time Shouto freaks out, he was standing all the way in the back of the store, there was no possible way she could’ve walked out without him seeing her leave.

“Trippy…” He whispers, the gem in his hand feeling heavier. He looks at it for a moment before making his way over to the counter, deciding to buy it.

“Oh, that’s cute!” (Name) giggles, starting at the gem on the counter. Her and the cashier take turns teasing the poor boy. Once they were done, they walked out of the store, each with their own mission in mind. (Name) went straight home to begin cleansing her house, as well as burning the Ouiji board, fuck Touya, he didn’t need that board anyway. Shouto went home and placed the gem under his pillow. (Name) felt as if all the negative energy plaguing her house was now gone, while Shouto laid in bed the next morning, unsure if his dream was a placebo or if it was universe telling him it was true. Either way, both felt significantly happier with their small dabble with the occult.

Now, that’s the reason why (Name) had a crucifix in her room. She had kept the sage on her desk, right next to her clay dish. The holy water had been used up, so she only kept two things.

(Name) held the crucifix out, she begins screaming.

“May the power of Christ compel you!” Over and over again. Her heart racing with fear, regret filling her senses as well. Fuck why did she have to be stupid and play with that dumb board! Now her sister’s possessed.

“May the power of Christ compel you!” She screams one last time. Her sister freezes, the smile wiping off her face before she falls over on (Name)’s bed. Her hair covers her face. (Name) carefully approaches her, the crucifix still held arms length in front of her, not wanting to take any chances. She inches closer and closer.

“(Sister’s Name)?” (Name) whispers, pushing her sister’s shoulder with the cross. She stares for a moment before poking again. She pokes her for a third time before her sister jumps up, gasping for breath. (Name) jumps back, screaming again, both hands gripped on the cross, still holding it out at arms length. Her sister’s breathing goes back to normal. (Name)’s stopped screaming as she watches all the emotion return back to her sister’s eyes.

“W-what happened?” (Sister’s Name) gasps out. (Name) falls down on her knees, breathing a sigh of relief as she crawls towards her sister. Tears have formed at the corner’s of (Name)’s eyes now that her sister’s gone back to normal. She gets up to sit on the bed, pulling her sister into a hug. The crucifix lays on the floor, abandoned.

“You were possessed by a demon!” (Name) wails, tears now rushing down her face. (Sister’s Name) looks at her confused for a moment. Her hand reaches out to grab (Name)’s chin, forcing her to look up. She stares at her little sister for a moment before she bursts out in laughter, much to (Name)’s confusion.

“W-wh—?” (Name) mutters, not understand what was happening.

“I was pranking you! You fool!” (Sister’s Name gets off the bed and starts mocking the way (Name) held the crucifix, her voice becoming a higher pitch as she mimics her sister’s voice. “MaY tHe PoWeR oF cHrIsT cOmPeL yOu! There’s no such thing as demons and ghosts anyway! Ya fucking FOOL!”

“You’re so mean!” (Name) whines, reaching down to grab her crucifix and putting it away. She pouts when she turns to look at her sister, who laughing so hard tears were running down her face.

“Next time don’t fuck in my car!” (Sister’s Name) shouts, still laughing as she walks out the room, closing the door behind her. “I got her good.” She chuckles, walking down the hallway to get to her room when she feels a hand grab her wrist and yank her back.

“What the fuck!” She shouts, turning around, ready to scream at (Name) when she see no one. The hallway is empty, she being the only one there. (Name)’s door was still closed, and there was no way (Name) could’ve ran back into her room and close the door that quickly. (Sister’s Name) looks down at her wrist to find a hand shaped print around it. The next day, (Sister’s Name) and Fumikage decide to give the small occult shop a visit.

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Winter break ultimately comes to an end, now it was time to buckle up and head back to school to start another long shitty semester. A new semester also means new electives as well. With that, (Name) makes her way over to her new elective, she decided to pick a cooking class because it seemed interesting. She was the worst cook in her home, which was a dishonor when living in a house full of cooks and bakers. This would be her redemption arc.

Walking into the room, she takes a look around. It’s a cozy looking room, at the front there’s couches and beanbag chairs, all facing the white board. There are about 6 cooking stations behind that area, each station holding 4 chairs, it’s at those chairs where people sat down. Her eyes look over at the few people there, a couple already sitting together, then her eyes land on a certain sleepy purple-haired boy.

Hitoshi sat there playing on his phone, he rested his head against his propped up arm, his other hand held his phone.

“Hitoshi!” (Name) hops over to the boy, excited to see him in the same class. He looks up, smiling when he sees her jump over to him, taking the empty seat beside him. “I haven’t seen you in forever!”

Hitoshi sits there, head still resting against his propped up arm, a small smile on his face as he looks into (Name) twinkling eyes. Fully aware that she was dating Katsuki, his feelings for her still haven’t wavered, if anything, moments like these make those feelings stronger.

“It’s only been two weeks.” He reminds her.

“Two weeks feels like forever!” She rebuttals while giggling. Hitoshi can’t help but chuckle at her silly behavior.

“I guess so, princess. So you’re in cooking too?” He asks, putting his phone away, all attention was on her, it would always be on her. (Name) hums, mimicking his stance, they stared into each other’s eyes for a moment.

“Duh, otherwise I wouldn’t be here.” She teases. The two of them continue laughing and joking around. More people start filing into the room and taking seats. The two are so deep into conversation they don’t notice when a certain pink alien sneaks up on them.

“Boo!” Mina shouts, bursting out in a fit of laughter when (Name) screams, nearly falling out of her chair; Hitoshi jumps up, startled, for a moment his body forgets what exhaustion is.

“Mina!” (Name) shouts, her hand is holding onto the front of her shirt to make sure her heart didn’t stop out of fear. Mina continues to laugh as she sits down on the 3rd chair at the counter. “You fucking scared the shit outta me.”

Mina’s wheezing, she tries to speak up but the words keep getting caught in her throat. She’s laughing to the point where tears are streaming down her face. Mina’s given up on speaking, instead she puts her head down on the cool counter until she’s calmed down.

(Name) and Hitoshi look away from Mina, giving her some time to catch her breath. The two of them keep on talking until a new face comes through the door.

“Tsuyu!” (Name) shouts, waving the girl over to sit with them. Mina looks up, patting the empty chair beside her for Tsuyu to take. The two girls quickly swarm Tsuyu with question on how her day was, along with how her winter break went.

Hitoshi mainly stays silent, occasionally voicing his own opinion or story in something. Otherwise, he was just content sitting there, watching (Name)’s face contort from all different types of emotions and reactions she had when she listened to the stories her friends shared.

The teacher walks in, telling the class to quiet down while she gives an introduction to what the class was about— cooking, obviously— and how things would work out. Once the basics was done, she has everyone introduce themselves to the class. It goes by quick and soon the teacher makes her final announcement.

“Where you are sitting now, these will be your teammates for the rest of the semester.”

Mina and (Name) cheer; Hitoshi can’t help but smile when (Name) looks over at him with those bright eyes of hers. God, they haven’t known each other for that long but he’s already fallen so deep for her.

“Alright, everyone get to cooking.”


“What’s cooking, good lookin’?” A husky voice appears from behind (Name). Looking back, (Name) giggles when she sees Hitoshi leaning against the counter, his hair messy like always and lacking any gel. He wore the pink apron with a bunny stitched onto the front. He looked funny, and, dare she say, attractive. She gulps, looking away before he notices her rosy cheeks.

It’s been a month into the semester, (Name) has to admit that so far, this has been her favorite class and she’s not saying that because Hitoshi’s in the same class. Okay, maybe that was a reason— one singular reason— but she also liked spending this time with him, Mina, and Tsuyu; learning how to cook was another reason. She was always the black sheep of her family — who all so happened to be cooking and baking geniuses, while she was musically inclined.

“Nothing much, honey bunch.” (Name) replies back, smirking while she goes back to looking though the cook book that laid open on the counter. Hitoshi laughs, slowly scooting in closer to her until their hips bump against each other. The two continue to quietly laugh and tease each other, that is until Mina come up.

Mina grabs onto (Name)’s shoulder, pulling her away from her counter; (Name) protests for a second, looking back to see Hitoshi’s face lit with confusion. Tsuyu walks in, eyebrow raised when she sees Mina yank (Name) out into the hallway, only shrugging and once again making her way over to Hitoshi to strike up a conversation.

Back to Mina and (Name); Mina currently has (Name) pinned against the lockers, a giant smile on her face.

“What was that back there?” MIna asks

“What?” (Name) was confused beforehand, now she has no idea what the fuck is going on. What was what?

“You and Hitoshi! If you weren’t with Katsuki I would think there’s something going on between you and Toshi~!” She winks, busting out into laughter when she see how red (Name)’s face turns. “Not gonna lie, you two would make a cute couple too.”

“Mina stoooop!” (Name) draws the word out while also bursting into a fit of giggles. “Let’s get back inside before the bell rings.”

The two girls make their way back into class, heads leaned near each other while they keep talking about the cute purple haired boy. Hitoshi was now helping Tsuyu get ingredients, since the two of them decided on the recipe the group would be working on.

Hitoshi looks up to look at them, sending (Name) a wink before going back to helping Tsuyu. Mina squeals, shaking (Name) by her arm.

“Mina!” (Name) laughs. Mina just couldn’t help herself, she thought this entire thing was funny and cute. She releases (Name)’s arm to run up to Hitoshi.

“I’ll help Tsuyu, you go help (Name).” Mina winks at him, pushing him away from his spot and towards (Name). The girl stood by the counter now, looking over the recipe Hitoshi and Tsuyu picked. She rolls up her sleeves while she picks up a bowl, ready to start mixing.

“Hey.” Hitoshi’s husky voice appears behind her. (Name) looks over her shoulder.

“Hey.” She replies back with a smile, Hitoshi takes up the empty spot next to her; he too grabs another bowl to start helping her.

“You’re such a tease, Mina.” Tsuyu says, shaking her head as she keeps on chopping up fruits. She didn’t have to look over at (Name) and Hitoshi to know what Mina was up to.

Mina doesn’t reply back, she just keeps looking over at (Name) and Hitoshi, smiling like a lunatic as she watches them tease each other.

They really would make a cute couple, it’s too bad (Name) already had a boyfriend.

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“Holy shit, what do I get for him? It’s our first Valentine’s day together.” (Name) groans, leaning against the counter while Mina helped her cut the vegetables. The girls are busy chit chatting while Hitoshi and Tsuyu are busy cooking on the stove. They stand around in silent while their other partners keep talking up a storm.

“You should go to Victoria Secret and buy something, ya know, sexy~!” Mina winks, nudging her elbow at (Name).

“Mina!” (Name) gasps, her cheeks flushing pink. She tries to avoid that topic, but Mina wasn’t letting up. She continues the sexual topic, even pulling out her phone to show her some cute outfits.

“Oh! What about this one? It’s pink, so instead of the sexy look, it’s a more cutesy vibe; but wait! What about this one!” Mina continues to drawl on, taking screenshots of each cute outfit she finds, immediately sending them to (Name) so she could look at them later— not that (Name) was planning on it, okay maybe she’ll take a peek at the outfits but she wasn’t about to buy one!

“Mina be serious! I want to do something cute and romantic!” (Name) whines, placing the knife down so she wouldn’t accidentally cut her finger. Mina sighs loudly, also putting down her knife. The two of them lean against the counter, their phones out as they look for cute things to do — well, Mina’s still looking at lingerie, but she had another page open for cute stuff.

“How about…” Mina starts, her finger pressed against her lips as she thinks about romantic activities. “How about you make him some chocolates?”

(Name) stares at Mina like she’s just grown a second head. “Make him chocolates? I can barely even make cookies!”

“Whoa! Calm down there, partner!” MIna holds her hands up, she’s trying hard not to laugh, but the way the corners of her lips twitch show just how close she is to breaking into a fit of laughter.

(Name) tries to give her friend that best glare she could muster, but seeing the way Mina was turning different colors from just trying to contain her laughter, it causes (Name) to burst into her own fit of giggles. Mina follows suits, the two of them lean against each other while they die from laughter/

Hitoshi can’t help but stare at (Name) from over his shoulder. A gentle smile on his face as he looks at how happy she was. As much as he enjoyed staring at her, he couldn’t help but feel jealously rearing its ugly head at any mention of Katsuki. It made him feel sick; but then again, he wasn’t one to make these feelings known, and he guesses he’s happy as long as she is— but god, if he ever hears about Katsuki hurting her in any way, he was going to fuck him up.

Tsuyu moves around the store, moving and looking at the many pans they’ve got placed on the stovetops, all different foods being cooked and fried. She doesn’t have to look at Hitoshi to know he’s staring at (Name) again; from day one of class, she knew this boy was whipped for (Name), but of course said girl was too oblivious to his feelings. It also doesn’t help that (Name)’s dating Katsuki.

“You like (Name), don’t you?” Tsuyu speaks up, her eyes never once look away from the pan. Hitoshi’s eyes widen. Was his crush on (Name) that noticeable? Okay, sure he stared at her a lot, and sure he was always around her and teasing her; but was that enough for people to know he doesn’t just like her, he like likes her? Goddamn.

“Is it that obvious?” He asks, prodding the food frying on his pan.

“You don’t even try to cover it up.” Tsuyu chuckles, reaching over to grab some salt to sprinkle it over Hitoshi’s pan. “If she didn’t have a boyfriend, I would’ve given you advice.”

“Thanks…” Hitoshi says. It goes quiet between them, the only sound is the chatter of everyone in the classroom along with pots and pans clanking and the sound of grease sizzling. It was a loud room, but the silence that fell between him and Tsuyu was maddening, her words resonating in this mind, louder than any noise in this room. He slowly finds himself lurking in the darkest parts of his mind, the vileness of his jealousy wrapped around intrusive thoughts.

What did Katsuki have that he didn’t?

Okay— maybe it’s because Hitoshi’s a drug dealer… is that it? It has to be. A good girl like (Name) wants to bring someone like Katsuki to meet her parents, not a fucking criminal. God dammit.

“Don’t give up.” Tsuyu speaks up again, her voice forms cracks in the darkness that had consumed him. He looks over at her, eyebrow quirked up, he was confused by what she said. Tsuyu spares him a glance. “It’s just a feeling I got, so don’t give up.”

And it’s back to silence. (Name)’s laughter rings in the background and for a second the soothing sound of it causes light to shine through the cracks, and with Tsuyu’s words repeating in his mind, he experiences a moment of hope. Yeah, he wasn’t going to give up.


(Name) wakes up early, her heart racing and adrenaline rushing through her body. A smile spreads on her face when she realizes that today is the day.

It’s Valentine’s day, the day she’s been eagerly waiting for. Quickly jumping out of bed, she rushes around her room to get ready as fast as possible. Throwing on the cute outfit she picked out the previous night, she rushes over to her closet to grab her gift to Katsuki.

She stares at the Teddy bear for a second, and for a moment, fear settles in the pit of her stomach.

Would he like it? was this the right gift for him? Holy shit, what if he didn’t like it?! Oh fuck! She’s the teddy bear lover, and she picked it because it was cute, soft, and even got a customized stitch for it.

‘I love you forever! — (Name)’

Fuck, oh fuck.

She felt childish for picking this, maybe she should’ve just gone with Mina’s advice and bought that lingerie from Victoria Secret, they were having a sale too. God damnit, she fucked up.

Well, it was too late to go out and buy another gift. Hopefully Katsuki doesn’t hate it, god she really hopes he doesn’t hate it.  She goes on about the rest of her morning, her mind racing with different scenarios on how this could play out, the feeling of guilt gnaws down on her at the thought of ruining their first Valentine’s day together.

She moves around slowly, looking like a zombie as she walks around in a daze-like state, even when she ate her cereal, she moved her spoon at a snails pace, her family gave her strange looks as they saw the lights on in those eyes, but no one was home.

“You okay, sweetie?” Her mom asks as she pours (Name) some more orange juice. (Name) only nods, her fingers wrapping around the cool glass of orange juice as she brings the cup to her lips to take some more sips.

“Yup, totally fine.” (Name) replies, her voice monotone and somewhat disembodied. She finishes up eating her breakfast when she receives Katsuki’s text telling her that he was there.

“Fuck.” She curses under her breath. Getting up and running to get her stuff ready. The bear sat on the floor next to her backpack. She stares at it for a moment, then looks at the door.

Should she just give it to him?

Time was running out, she had to decide now.

One last look at the door, she grabs the bear, holding it behind her back with one hand as she opens the door to reveal Katsuki standing against the wall, one arm behind his back as well.

“Mornin’.” Katsuki says, looking up at his girlfriend, watching her close the door behind her. (Name) takes a couple steps forward but keeps some distance between the two of them.

Immediately Katsuki knows something is wrong when he sees the way her hand fiddles with the sleeve of her coat.

“What’s wrong?” He says, stepping away from the wall.

“I — uh, I—“ She stutters and stumbles over her words, her cheeks are catching on fire by how the intense wave of embarrassment she’s feeling. Her fingers twiddle with the bear behind her back, brushing against the softness of it’s fur, the pads of her fingers also brush along the edge of the heart.

If Katsuki rejects this gift, she’s going to crawl under a rock and die.

For some reason, Katsuki was also blushing. He held his hands behind his back, something she didn’t put much attention on at first when she first stepped out to greet him.

“I have a gift for you.” Katsuki finally speaks up, his eyes adverted away from his girlfriend. He too, fiddled his fingers against the softness of his gift.

“Me too.” (Name) follows. They look into each other’s eyes. Stomaches churn with anticipation, hearts skipping beats as they take one step closer to each other.

“Let’s reveal our gifts at the count of three?” Katsuki suggests. (Name) nods, the nearly weightless gift in her hands suddenly felt like it weight hundreds of pounds. Oh shit, her hands were getting sweaty now. If a merciful God is up there, please save this poor girl’s heart from exploding into millions of pieces.



They pull their gifts out at the same time, only to reveal…

The same bear.

Cue a moment of silence as both teens stare at the bears their significant other held. It was the exact same bear, only, the engravings on the hearts said different things:

‘I promise to love you, forever and always.” — Katsuki.

Following the silence is pure, unadulterated laughter.

(Name) and Katsuki are bend over in laughter, their bears still firmly gripped in their hands as they wiped away the tears streaming down their cheeks, their abs in slight pain from how hard they were laughing.

“I can’t believe we got each other the same bear.” Katsuki says, a couple chuckles still coming out. (Name) just nods while she tries to stop laughing— it’s an impossible task, so she sits down on the step leading up to the front door.

“I honestly thought you would hate my gift.” She giggles. Katsuki stops laughing, he takes a seat next to her while a serious expression takes over his face.

“I would never hate anything you got me.” His replies back instantly, not skipping a beat. Yeah sure he wasn’t that into stuff animals, but it’s something that she picked out and put her love into, how was he supposed to hate that? He’d accept anything she gave him because he loved her so fucking much that it hurt. Which is why…

“I also got you one more gift.” Katsuki says. (Name) looks up at him, her cheeks already rose from what he said just a second ago. Katsuki gulps, moving his backpack to the side, he searches through the bag before pulling out his final gift.

He turns back to face her, her head is tilted with curiosity as to what this last gift could be. She was already overjoyed by the stuff bear he gave her, the words he had engraved on the heart made her’s soar into the high heavens.

“Open your hands and close your eyes.” He says. (Name) does as she’s told, she closes her hands and holds out her hands, palms up.  Katsuki looks at the small wrapped box in his sweaty hands. He’s nervous to say the least, this was a huge step for him but one he must take to show her he’s serious about this— about them. He places the box down on her hands.

“Okay, you can open your eyes now.”

And so she does, her eyes open to find a gold little box with a white bow wrapped around it, keeping it closed.

“Open it.”

Her fingers lightly tug on the bow, unreeling it; it falls apart on her hands, allowing the box to be opened now. Carefully removing the lid— because she wanted to keep this cute little box— she finds a ring.

Gasping, her hand covering her mouth. She looks over at Katsuki, finding him with his face tomato red. His hand reaches out to grab the ring, holding it up for her to see. The rising sun shines light onto the diamonds carefully and artistically crafted on the metal band.

“It’s not an engagement ring, but it’s a promise ring. I uh, I got one too—“ He pulls out his ring from his pocket. “I know we haven’t been together as long as most people have but, I love you. I can’t see my future without you. I wanted to show you how serious I am about you, this, and us. It’s all up to you if you want to accept the promise ring, I won’t get mad if you don’t.”

He didn’t want to make her feel forced into this, giving her the option to accept or deny this. He would be sad, sure, but he won’t get mad.

He expected silence and a rejection, instead he’s met with a sob of joy and her head furiously nodding in acceptance.

“Yes!” Her voice is brittle, the corners of her eyes well with tears. It wasn’t an engagement ring, maybe that she would’ve rejected since they were so young; but this— this was so pure and innocent, a promise that they will one day in the future get married. She wanted that, and she wanted him. Katsuki has been everything she’s ever wanted, he was a dream come true in her eyes.

A smile returns to Katsuki’s face. His fingers slightly tremble as he slips the promise ring on her ring finger on her left hand. It fits perfectly, internally he sighs in relief, he had been purely guessing her ring size and by some miracle he got it right.

“I want to slide yours on.” (Name) says, reaching for his ring. Katsuki holds his left hand out, (Name) wraps one of her small hands around his large one, gently sliding his ring over his ring finger. It was almost a match. It was just one size too big. (Name) laughs while Katsuki’s mentally screaming at himself for fucking up.

“It’s okay, we can go to the mall this weekend to get it resized.” (Name) reassures him, knowing full well he was lowkey panicking. Katsuki releases a breath, he had been so focused on his fuck up that he completely forgot resizing was a thing. They share a laugh before leaning in close to each other, pressing their foreheads together.

A couple more laughs before they’ve calmed down to look deeply into each other’s eyes.

“I love you.” He says, love and adoration filling his eyes, all for the beautiful girl in front of him.

“I love you too.” She replies, her eyes shinning bright enough to challenge the sun currently rising in the horizon. Her breath is visible thanks to the morning spring cold.

Their lips meet, sealing the deal of forever.

Chapter Text

The final bell of the year rings, class is officially out for the summer. The empty halls soon fill with screaming and energetic teens, papers are thrown up in the air as a victory for surviving another year of high school. For all those underclassmen, this was a joyous day, school was over and now they can kick back and relax for the next three months before hell starts all over again; but today was bittersweet for all the seniors and the few juniors that were graduating.

While they were excited for summer to finally begin, there was a foggy sadness that followed them around the entire day. It would be the last time they’d get to see all their friends together in one spot, the last time they could all mess around without worry of failing a class and losing out on $5,000. This would be the last time breaks and holidays ever felt the same, and this would be the last time they’d be friends — unless they’re the lucky few who managed to make long distance friendship work.

“It’s going to be okay.” (Sister’s Name) says, her hand patting down her sobbing friend’s hair. Today was the last day they’d be in the same school, both girls having picked schools that were an hour apart from each other.

“What if it’s not?” Her friend wails, mascara running down her face.

Yeah, what if it’s not okay? What will she do then?

“We’ll only be an hour apart. We’re both bringing our cars to college so we can always visit each other on weekends, if anything we could meet up halfway.” (Sister’s Name) comes up with a solution to the problem. It could work, this could honestly work out just fine.

But what if it doesn’t?

She doesn’t know what college is like, or what her schedule will be. She doesn’t know her friend’s schedule nor how she’ll handle the intense college coursework. They’ll ne an hour away from each other and who knows who they’ll meet, or what extracurricular activities they’ll be taking up.

The future was uncertain and it scared her.

“You promise we can meet up on weekends?” Her friend sniffles, the tears have stopped running but her mascara continues to drop just a little.

“Yeah I promise.” The two girls smile at each other, their pinkies intertwine together to promise each other that their friendship will survive the long distance.

But what if it doesn’t?

Intrusive thoughts plague her mind from them on. A feeling of impending doom follows her everywhere, she does a good job at hiding it since she’s supposed to be the strong one of her group, she swallows down her pain and fear to help comfort her friends who weren’t taking this change all too well.

“Is your sister alright?” Denki asks out of the blue one day. The band was enjoying a nice warm summer evening outside, circled around the toasty fire where they toasted marshmallows. Their wet hair stuck to their faces, they had just finished sliding down the slip ‘n slide they set up earlier in the day.

“Nah, she’s struggling right now.” (Name) says with confidence, her eyebrows furrowed as she slowly twists her marshmallow around to make sure it gets toasted just right. No side too badly burned nor undercooked. It was perfect.

“What?! Why?” Momo exclaims, worry washes over her face as she turns around to glance at (Sister’s Name), she stood off on the other side of the year where she was laughing and joking around with her friends.

Today was her graduation party, yesterday the entire band was cramped into the band van as (Name)’s parents drove them all off to watch (Sister’s Name) graduate; unfortunately for (Sister’s Name), they had all obnoxiously cheered the loudest in the room the moment her name was called, she walked down the aisle face bright red as her classmates giggled.

At the end of the ceremony the band found her in the giant mess that was post-graduation ceremony, where all the friends and families mashed together outside, scrambling around looking for their loved ones while others posed for pictures in the middle of passages. Somehow they found her in the middle of that chaos, enveloping her in a tight group hug.

If she had to be honest, (Sister’s Name) would say that that moment alone almost broke her resolve, she was on the brink of tears at that thought that this was another thing she was losing. She was losing this special bonding time with her little sister and, dare she say, her friends. It was only a year, but she already saw each band member as an extended part of the family, a younger sibling that could always rely on her for confort and words of wisdom.

She’ll miss this, but the torch must be passed on.

“Shouto, I’m naming you as the new manager.”

She receives silence from him, which was the response she expected. Everyone stared at him with wide eyes, but words of encouragement quickly followed.

“Why me?” He asks her later on while they watched the band practice a new song.

“You’re the most dependable person here. You think I could trust anyone else with this important role? Shouto, you’ve been sitting alongside me since day one, you’ve seen all the tasks I’ve had to do, there’s no one better qualified for this job than you.”

Shouto just nods his head, when she put it that way, he guesses she had a point. Imagine Denki being manager, oh no.

“She’s probably freaking out about the future again.” (Name) says nonchalantly, it’s not the first time her sister’s gotten like this. From as far back as (Name) could remember, her sister would cry each year school ended, all because she missed her friends and was terrified of losing them. Yeah this was pretty normal.

“Well should we do anything to make her feel better?” Momo asks. (Name) just shakes her head.

“If we bring it up it’ll just cause her to panic even more. Probably best to leave her alone for a bit.” (Name) replies back, to which Momo starts to disagree, throwing psychology facts on the table on why it’s bad to bottle up emotions. (Name) only shrugs, “it’s a (Last Name) thing.”

“What do you mean it’s a (Last Name) thing? (Name) if you’re having any issues or are feeling depressed you should talk to us— better yet, let’s all talk about our feelings to get things off our chests. Who wants to start first?”


“Okay Denki you go first.” Momo forcibly makes Denki join after he tried so hard to avoid eye contact.

“U-uh, uh,” He starts sweating profusely, “I secretly like to re-enact the Buffalo Bill dance scene from Silence of the Lambs.” He blurts out before quickly covering up his mouth.

Silence falls over the group, the sheer shock from Denki’s confession causes (Name) to accidentally set her marshmallow on fire. Screaming commences while Momo reminds herself to never attempt another group venting session.

The night continues on, at some point (Sister’s Name) slips away in the darkness and heads off to hide in her room. Everyone was finally happy, she took their pain and bottled it up inside herself for weeks, now it was time to cry it all out alone so she wouldn’t have to bother anyone.

Whimpers escape her lips as giant drops of tears cascade down her cheeks. It felt nice to cry, but it would’ve been nicer if she could vent to someone, but she couldn’t, she did’t want anyone else to feel down.

“So this is where you ran off to.” Fumikage’s voice sounds out behind her. (Sister’s Name) gasps in surprise. Quickly wiping away her tears, she turns around to give him that fake smile she’s perfected.

“Oh hey, guess you found me. Whaddya doing up here? Why aren’t you downstairs enjoying the party?” She asks, attempting to get this conversation done and over with so he can leave and she can go back to crying in silence.

Fumikage hums, walking close to her before sitting down on her bed. “Kinda hard to enjoy a party when the guest of honor isn’t downstairs at her own party.”

(Sister’s Name) shrugs, crossing her arms to signal that she wasn’t really open for talking about things, “I just came up here to take a small break, I’ll be back downstairs soon, so you should go back down and just enjoy it.” She smiles again, hoping this time he takes the hint and walks away.

Oh he got the hint alright, and that hint said: “I’m feeling down right now but I just don’t want to be a burden to anyone.” He also heard her crying so that was another dot that he connected.

“I’m not going anywhere until you tell me what’s wrong. You’ve been down since the last day of school. Don’t lie to me.” Fumikage was observant, there was nothing he couldn’t catch. It was impossible to try and cover up anything around him. (Sister’s Name) knew that, which is why she let her arms fall down to her sides, eyes turn misty once more.

“I’m scared.” She whispers, one tear breaks away, leaving a wet trail down her face.

“Of what?”

“Everything. Growing up, college, work, life. It all scares me.” She confesses. “I thought everything was going to be better once I graduated high school but now I’m scared. I’m afraid of losing my friends because of the distance, I’m scared of growing old and getting wrinkly and losing my mind, I’m scared of graduating from college with a degree that gets me nowhere. I’m scared.”

The more she adds on to her list of fears, the faster her breath and heart speed up. Her hands are cold and clammy, sweat breaks out on her forehead and tears and rushing down her face. Her stomach churns, she feels nauseous.

On the verge of passing out, she’s saved when Fumikage stands up and pulls her into a hug.

“It’s going to be okay.” He starts off. She wants to scoff at that, how does he know it’s all going to be okay? “Everything’s going to be fine. No matter where you go, you’ll always have us. People come and go, the ones who stay are the only important ones. You’ll lose friends but you’ll also make new ones at college, ones you’ll form stronger bonds with than the ones who left. Growing old is inevitable, what matters is that you live each day to the fullest, live in the moment and remember you’re never alone.”

He’s blunt and straight to the point, but his words strike something within her. Her panic attack ends and her tears have ran dry. Her hands are still sweaty but that’s thanks to the summer heat and her heart beat has gone back to normal. She brings her arms up to hug Fumikage back, she closes her eyes for a moment to just to what he said: live in the moment.

“Thank you.” She whispers into his hoodie. Snuggling against the soft and warm material until she realizes he’s wearing a hoodie in 80° weather. “Why are you wearing a hoodie in this heat?l

“I rather die than break my goth aesthetic.” He whispers back. The two break into a fit of laughter, the tears that escape her eyes this time are tears of joy. Now that she’s feeling better, the two head back downstairs to rejoin the party. They’re greeted back by all their friends. Jokes are shared and Denki attempts a surprisingly successful card trick. (Sister’s Name) looks around at the smiling faces of all her friends and can’t help but feel that everything was going to be just fine.

Yeah, it was all going to be okay

Chapter Text


Summer was in full swing, carnivals and fairs were coming and going, the smell of deep fried food and funnel cakes spread across the campgrounds. Kids run around, hands holding cotton candy, knees scrapped up, and clothes dirty from jumping around in the mud. (Name) scratches her mosquito bites while looking around at the blurry lights of the carnival rides around her.

“I can’t believe school starts in a couple of weeks.” (Name) whines. She was enjoying the break from school, but back-to-school events were starting to pop up everywhere she looked. Sure they still had another month left of break, but the Walmart and target commercials were dragging her down.

“Stop scratching at your bites.” Katsuki scolds her, lightly slapping her hand away from the irritated and swollen bite on her arm.

“I’m sorry but I can’t.” She whines out, this time her hand reaches down to scratch at the bites on her legs. Summer was great but fuck, mosquitoes need to burn in hell.

“(Name)!” Katsuki shouts, grabbing her hands, locking them in with his tight grip so she couldn’t make the bites worse. (Name) cries out in irritation, trying her hardest to scratch the bites on her legs with her shoes. “They’re not going to get any better if you keep scratching them, dumbass!”

The struggle between them continues. (Name) was desperate, these fucking bites were killing her. She needed to scratch them raw. Katsuki was fighting to keep her hands away from the bites.

“Where is all this strength coming from?!” Katsuki’s struggling to keep her hands locked between his. For some strange reason, she’s gathered enough strength to fight back.

Ignoring the strange looks and snickers they’re receiving from other fairgoers, the two continue their battle; they struggle back and forth, staggering and nearly tripping, nearly colliding into others walking around them, finally they reach the edge of the fairgrounds where (Name) trips over Katsuki’s foot, falling backward and bringing her hot-headed boyfriend with her.

“Whoa!” They scream on their way down; lucky for (Name), Katsuki’s lets go of her hands fast enough to break his fall, and to prevent him accidentally squishing (Name).

Now face to face and laying in a field of tall wild grass, a giggle escapes from (Name)’s lips, and soon Katsuki follows suit. He rolls off and onto his back so the two of them could be lying next to each other. Their laughter dies down but their smiles never leave. With her bug bites long forgotten, the two of them enjoy this small moment of peace, it might be their last.

Shouto’s been doing great as the band manager so far, already found tons of gigs for the band, one being the fair itself, but that was for tomorrow tonight, right now they got to enjoy this little last minute plan they scrapped together.

“This is nice.” (Name) breathes out. Her eyes trace the clouds in the sky, creating shapes and images out of them.

“Yeah,” Katsuki replies, his hand reaching for hers. They share one last loving look before going back to cloud watching. (Name)’s eyes briefly glance at the sun setting in the background, and for a second she finds her eyes getting misty.

“Do you ever get sad when you see the sunset?” Her question comes as a surprise to Katsuki. He wanted to laugh, but when he turns to see the tears formed at the corner of her eyes, the laugh gets stuck in his throat.

“No. Why?”

“I used to cry during sunsets all the time as a kid, I guess it’s because sunsets signify the end.” She pauses to look over at Katsuki, her hand gives his a tight squeeze. “I hope this doesn’t end.”

“Me too.” Is all he can say. Using his free hand, he wipes away the stray tear rolling down her cheek. He hopes so too.

Pinks, oranges, reds, and purples paint the sky like a Jackson Pollock, leaving a beautiful painting burned into the memory of all those who were watching; from today on, the tides change.

On the other side of town, we find the unexpected union of two boys: Hitoshi and Touya. Broken hearts mending over drugs and some good ol’ music; the two boys watch the sky turn into swirls of vibrant colors. They laid out on the trampoline in Hitoshi’s backyard.

Hitoshi’s small speaker sat on the edge of the enclosed circle, his phone laid right beside it. Today they decided to take a trip down memory lane, yearbooks and photo albums were pulled out. Laughter was shared when they found pictures of a baby-faced Hitoshi standing alongside an equally baby-faced Touya back when his hair was fiery-red instead of black.

“You should let your hair go red again,” Hitoshi suggests. While he thought the black hair was cool at first, now Touya just looks like he’s forever stuck in the myspace era. God, good thing he didn’t have bangs that fell over his eyes, wait— fuck, this photo album shows that’s exactly how Touya’s hair used to be back in middle school. Well, that’s in the past, at least Touya knows how to properly style his hair now.

Quickly popping a gummy in his mouth, Touya shakes his head in disagreement. “Nah, then I look too much like my shitty asshole.” He says, referring to his dad.

It goes quiet from that point. Both boys lost in their own thoughts, both dealing with their own shit.

“So how about, (Name), huh?” Touya casually brings her up. He looks at his feet, closely watching the strange way his toes wiggle. Did they always wiggle this way or were this the drugs altering his mind?

“What?” Hitoshi’s head quickly turns to look over at his friend, confused about why they were on this topic. “What about her?”

Touya shrugs, going on to wiggle his entire foot now. Wait, why does that look weird now? “Were you two like, I don’t know, close?”

“We’re coworkers.”

“Bullshit. Co-workers don’t give each other googly eyes like you two did.” He stops wiggling his foot, for a second the fog in his mind disappears as he tries his hardest to concentrate on Hitoshi.

“We might’ve kissed once or twice.” Hitoshi soon confesses, cheeks turning pink at the memory, and his heart breaks at the same time. He hasn’t talked to (Name) since the last day of freshman year, and while he was grateful for being able to talk to her at all last semester, he has a feeling that if they weren’t in the same class, they would’ve never spoken to each other.

“Figured. Guess she’s the reason why you’re all mopey?”

Hitoshi squirms a little at the onslaught of questions, especially that one. Bingo. Touya smirks, knowing that the answer to his question is a big fat yes.

“Ditto. Guess we both got our hearts broken by the same girl.” Touya says, stretching out for a quick second before he moves his limbs. Holy shit, wait, what the fuck was going on? Why does he feel like he has no bones in his body? He’s so… so f l u i d, like a bag of water being bounced around on a trampoline.

Hitoshi, on the other hand, looks at his friend with a questionable look. What did he mean heartbroken by the same girl?

“Didn’t you break up with her, like, twice?” From what (Name) told him, Touya had ghosted her just a couple days before his sister’s wedding.

“No, the last time she broke up with me over text, can you believe that? I honestly haven’t gotten over it.” That was also something Hitoshi heard, but did that really count as her breaking up with him? He fucking ghosted her, he’s pretty sure that constitutes as a breakup. So technically speaking, Touya broke up with (Name) first… for the second time.

It goes back to silence until it’s Touya, who once again, speaks up.

“Wouldn’t it be cool if we ruined their relationship?” Touya carefully suggests, his turquoise eyes scan Hitoshi’s face for his reaction. If his reaction was good, he’d continue on with explaining his plan; if his reaction was not good, he’d just laugh it off as a joke.

Hitoshi’s face twists into a look of horror and disgust. Oh, that’s definitely a bad reaction.

“What the fuck dude? Are you being serious?” Hitoshi sputters, confused and upset that the outrageous statement. Touya shakes his head in response, his hands held up.

“I was just joking!” He laughs. He wasn’t joking, not in the slightest bit. In all honesty, the thought has been running through his mind lately. What if he ruined their relationship? He was sure why he felt the need to do it. Maybe it’s because his ego refused to believe that (Name) liked anyone other than him. Maybe it was a pride thing? Or maybe, he still liked her?

Fuck, no that’s crazy. Drugs make you think about wild things.

Okay, sure he didn’t like his girlfriend, or well, his ex-girlfriend since he had just broken up with her earlier in the day for shits and giggles. It started off as a joke, but he decided to just make it real. Touya Todoroki was single once more; and since he’s single, why not make (Name) single too? Sounded like a good idea. Him and (Name) getting back together didn’t sound too bad, okay maybe he did like her. Just a tiny bit.


Who knows.

Either way, it seemed like a good plan. He didn’t just want to break them up because he may or may not like (Name), and he may or may not get slightly jealous each time those two out and about. Touya also hated Katsuki with a burning passion, that fucking dickhead is the reason why (Name) broke up with him in the first place; Touya knows that Katsuki probably urged— no, demanded (Name) to write that break up text, he probably forced her to pressed the send button too. Yup, that’s it, there’s nothing else that Katsuki might’ve done or— any sketchy plans he might’ve made with his ex that were the death of his relationship with (Name).

Who cares about that ominous music playing in the background that could possibly be telling him that there was something that he didn’t know but an unseen audience did happen to know.

He probably shouldn’t have eaten those shrooms.

“Hitoshi, do you have juice? These shrooms are making me feel like some character in a teen drama.” Touya covers his eyes to stop himself from hearing any more crazy shit.

“Uh,” Hitoshi stares at him, bewildered by this entire experience. “I’ll just go get you some water.”

“Thanks, man.”

And with that, Hitoshi sets off to get Touya and himself some much-needed water and pizza rolls.

Touya gets up, attempting to focus for one second and ignore the fact that he almost broke the fourth wall. Shit was trippy and he would rather not experience that ever again. He makes a mental note in his head: Never do shrooms ever again.

Maybe it was the music that’s currently playing that’s giving him a terrible experience. Well, better change it. He finds Hitoshi’s phone by the speaker, he picks it up and is pleased to see it’s unlocked. Going along with his mission, he changes the song to something that instantly makes him feel better.

He’s about to put the phone back into its original place when he’s casually reminded by some strange omniscient being of his original mission.

Ruin (Name) and Katsuki.

A light bulb pops over his head— not sure if it’s a real one, he attempts to hit it only for his hand to phase through it. It’s just a hallucination Touya, continue on with the plan. Try checking out his photo gallery, there must be something cool there.

Swiping to the top, his eyes finally see what he was looking for: pictures of (Name) and Hitoshi together, and wow, aren’t all these scandalous. Touya looks over at the backdoor to make sure Hitoshi wasn’t coming out. No need to worry about him, Hitoshi was busy with his own little trip.

Send pictures and put the phone away. Okay! All that’s done with and now Touya’s got exactly what he needed to set his plan into action. He was feeling impulsive, he desperately wanted to send the pictures to Katsuki as soon as possible, he wanted to rip them apart right now.

Be patient Touya, wait till you sense a storm brewing between them, that’s when you send those pictures, that’s when you’ll tear what’s left over of their relationship to shreds. For now, just lie and wait, and look at your phone, your ex-girlfriend is texting you.

He checks his phone, seeing a long ass text from Envy, begging for them to get back together. He’s not sure if he should, he was tired of dealing with her annoying clinginess; but then again, the omniscient voice told him to be patient and to wait for the signs of trouble. This could take a long time now that he thought about it, might as well waste his time with Envy.

As soon as he sends Envy a text back agreeing to get back with her, Hitoshi comes back, holding two Caprisuns. The boys get comfortable on the trampoline again, watching stars start popping up above them, shooting stars trailing across the sky. As they sip on their juice pouches, Touya speaks up one more time.

“Oh yeah, Toshi.”

“Yeah?” The boy answers, worried about what the topic of conversation would be.

“Happy birthday bro.”

“Thanks.” Hitoshi smiles; it was a nice, short conversation; better than all the crazy shit they talked about before. Maybe Touya was slowly becoming the better person he used to be, and maybe Hitoshi is finally coming down from his high.

And on this day, both boys swore off shrooms.

Chapter Text

All that goes up must come down. We find ourselves entering the next phase of life, a time where one experiences feelings of confusion and depression, but once we escape the cycle of teen madness, we find a stronger, better, and more resilient version of ourselves.

It’s the first day of school and we find our hero, (Name), facing her first challenge in this new arc of her life: chemistry class. Being a sophomore now, homeroom was a thing of the past, reserved only for freshman as a way to get them to create friends. For all upperclassmen this meant one of two things: either they got lucky and start off the day with study hall being their first class or they end up being the unlucky ones that have a regular class.

(Name) was one of the unlucky ones.

“God I don’t want to do this.” She whines, face hidden behind the long sleeves of her sweater. Around her, the environment had that mixed feeling of the first day of school excitement as well as the ‘oh fuck, I don’t think I can survive waking up so early again’ vibe.

Katsuki snickers while he neatly organizes his— no wait, correction, their locker. After spending every waking moment with her this summer and the fantastic late-night talks of their futures together, he figured they should take the next step in a high school romance: sharing a locker. It was perfect, (Name) decorated the locker to suit both their interests, and he neatly organizes everything so they don’t accidentally mix up their folders and binders. God, it was so fucking cute, he couldn’t stop smiling.

“Stop laughing at me, asshole.” (Name) mutters, peeking over her sleeves to send her boyfriend a death glare. The glare was supposed to be intimidating but all it does it cause Katsuki’s heart to jump around his chest at how adorable she is.

Katsuki was one of the lucky ones: he was in an awesome band, had good friends, his best friend was also his girlfriend, and he had study hall for first period. Yup, he was truly one of the lucky few that was awarded all of the above.

“Hey don’t get mad at me just ‘cause I got study hall first period.” He chuckles, raising his hands up in surrender. He backs away from the locker, motioning towards it to signal to her that he was done organizing it.

(Name) huffs, stomping over to the locker door to put up the last remaining decorations. A small whiteboard with a magnetic box to hold their expo markers, cute pictures taken in a photo booth that contained all the members of Buttercup Revenge, which included (Sister’s Name) and Shouto of course; and to top it off, (Name) tapes a polaroid picture of her and Katsuki hugging, cheeks pressed together and both making silly faces at the camera. At the bottom of the picture ‘Love Forever’ was written in sharpie.

(Name) stares at the picture with a small smile on her face. Looking at Katsuki from the corner of her eyes, she finds him smiling at the picture as well. Taking this moment to ambush him while he’s distracted, she sneaks up beside him, jumping up to wrap her arms around his neck to pull him down so her lips could meet his warm cheek.

“You missed my lips,” Katsuki mutters, turning his head so his lips could meet hers. Eyes flutter shut as they relish in this sweet moment; it was the small moments like this that constantly reminded them of how much they adored the other. The chemistry between them was a fiery explosion of colors, a show of fireworks that set off each second they were around each other.

They pull away from each other, but not too far. Foreheads pressed together and eyes staring deep into the other’s soul, they whisper: “I love you.”

They share a giggle before Katsuki has to, unfortunately, break the sickly sweet mood.

“C’mon buttercup, let me walk you to class.” He whispers. Never once breaking eye contact with her, his arm reaches out to shut their locker. He only breaks eye contact when he turns her around, but to make up for it he wraps an arm around her shoulder before he leads her towards the class she was dreading.

The hallways were full of loud teens filled with an unusual amount of energy. Happy reunions were currently taking place for all those who weren’t able to see their friends during the summer; lots of catching up was going on and— holy shit! Are those together now? Wow! She had been dating some other dude before freshman year ended and now she had a new boyfriend. That’s a part of life, sometimes the chemistry between two people fizzles out into obscurity, leaving both parties wondering years later: “What did I see in them?” Yup, that’s life.

But that’s how it works for other people, it’ll never happen to (Name) and Katsuki. She stares up at the hot-headed boy, her eyes full of love admiration for him. (Name) was never scared to admit that she loved him with all her heart, and she’s learned to ignore all those people who told her that this was nothing but a high school fling.

‘How do you know you’re in love? You’re just a kid.’

Oh, she knows.

She knows it from the comfortable warmth that radiates off of him, seeping deep into her bones. She knows when she feels safe in his arms, nothing and no one in this world could hurt her when she was wrapped in his embrace. The way his hand seems to fit perfectly with hers, the same goes for their bodies fitting like the missing pieces of a puzzle when they cuddle after a long day of band practice.

She knows she’s in love when she can see millions of galaxies floating about in his eyes the second he starts talking about something that sparks his interest. Before she met Katsuki, she was just a heartbroken girl aimlessly wondering, reaching out for the unattainable. He showed her that she deserved better, and slowly, he was helping her love herself and see all the things she never noticed about herself.

Not one second goes by where she regrets accepting these promise rings.

Her eyes flutter down to look at the glimmering ring on her finger; their mutual promise that they’d be together forever.

“Hey buttercup, you there?” His voice breaks (Name) away from her thoughts. Looking up, she sees the door to her chemistry class. Oh, they were here already; and that was another thing she loved, time always worked differently when they were together.

This was a moment where she wished time would miraculously freeze so she could just not go to class and spend more time with her beloved.

“Do I have to go?” (Name) whispers, looking around to make sure the teacher wasn’t around to hear her say that. Katsuki turns her to face him, both of his hands reach down to intertwine his fingers with hers.

“It won’t be that bad, I’ll be waiting out here for you so I can walk you to your next class, okay?”

(Name) nods, taking a glance at the door, peeking inside to find people walking around and talking to their friends. She doesn’t recognize anyone so far, damn this is gonna be a rough class if she’s all alone.

“Good luck,” Katsuki whispers, pulling (Name) closer by her waist, he places one last kiss on her lips before he walks off to study hall. (Name) looks at the entrance of the classroom with hesitation, now that Katsuki was gone, she could easily skip if she wanted to. Should she?

“You going to stand there all day, princess?” A familiar voice speaks up from behind her. Gasping from fright, she turns around ready to chew them out. Finding Hitoshi with that sly grin on his face only pisses her off more.

“Don’t scare me like that!” Lightly slapping his arm, she pouts. Hitoshi laughs, his hands catch both of (Name)’s hands before she could slap his arms again.

“Sorry, princess. So, you gonna go in or what?” He motions to the chemistry class (Name) was debating on attending. “Or were you thinking about ditching? It’s only the first day back.”

Damn, how did he always manage to read her thoughts? Did he really have a brainwashing quirk or was that just a lie to cover up his mind-reading quirk? He was a giant purple blob of mystery.

“I don’t know anyone in there.” She whispers, looking into the room, her eyes scan over all the new faces, well some faces she recognized from seeing in the hallway but that didn’t mean she knew them. In general, she had no friends in this class and it was going to be the death of her.

“You know me.” Angels start to sing as (Name)’s eyes go wide with disbelief at what she just heard; she goes to look at Hitoshi but instead her eyes fall on the schedule he was holding up. Chemistry first period, and it’s the same room as her. “Looks like we’re in the same class. C’mom lets go sit down.”

Hitoshi moves around her, walking through the door. (Name) follows behind him. She anxiously looks at the back of his head as she follows him to the back corner of the class where there were a couple of open seats. As they walk past, the loud voices of other students start to hush down before turning into whispers as they stare at Hitoshi.

(Name) notices this immediately, at first confused on why but then she remembers that Hitoshi was the school’s drug dealer. She was so mesmerized and confused by this boy that for a second she forgot he was a notorious bad boy, a well known one at that. Popular for both his DJ skills as well as for his, um, side job.

And for a second she wonders if Hitoshi knows about his reputation and the gossip that seems to trail behind him. Looking at the way he casually walks to the back corner seat, paying no mind to the whispers around him, he settles down. (Name) takes the empty seat beside him, confused by how nonchalant Hitoshi acted on the daily. Did he really not care about the reputation he had? Jeez, what the fuck is she saying? He’s a fucking drug dealer for God’s sake, of course, he doesn’t care. If anything, this bad rep is probably what brings him so much business in the first place.

From the corner of her eyes, she watches as Hitoshi pulls out a notebook and pen from his backpack, placing them on his desk before grabbing his phone and opening his texts. Next, she takes a look at the class, the other students have seemed to gotten over Hitoshi’s presence and have either resumed on their original conversations or moved onto something else to talk about.

It stays quiet between Hitoshi and (Name), both occasionally glancing at each other and sharing a sweet smile. (Name) couldn’t lie, she felt guilty and it was chewing her up, she hasn’t spoken to Hitoshi all summer and for that, she felt bad. In her self-conscious teenage mind, she can’t help but assume he hates her. But if he hated her then he wouldn’t have talked to her, and if he hated her he also wouldn’t have told her to sit by him.

But still— there was that lurking feeling at the back of her mind that couldn’t shake off the suspicion that he hated her for not speaking to him all summer. If her anxiety says Hitoshi then it must be true.

Meanwhile, Hitoshi texts a couple of his buddies to tell them he’s sitting next to his crush. A couple of jokes and roasted directed towards him and how whipped he was over her, he can’t help but chuckle and look over at (Name). Her eyebrows are furrowed together as she nervously stares down at her phone, thumbs typing away as she vents out all her feelings in her gal group chat.

Was that a chuckle she heard? Eyes darting over to Hitoshi, she sees him look at her before looking back at his phone. His hand was propped up to stifle his laughter, but the titled up corners of his lips still showed. He was laughing at her! If this was a telenovela, she’d be crying in español.

It’s a spiral of confusion and misunderstandings. One teen finding himself giddy for being near his crush while the other teen finds herself fearful at the thought of losing a good friend.

The bell rings and the teacher walks in. The room quiets down as she begins to do roll call while also writing down her name. (Name) slips off into her own little world, conflicted by her thoughts and Hitoshi’s kindness towards her this morning.

“(Name) (Last Name).” The teacher calls out her name causing her to snap away from her thoughts. Quickly straightening her back, she raises her hand.

“H-here.” She stutters for no reason at all, the few that notice the stumble quietly chuckle. She becomes flustered with embarrassment, looking down at her desk and propping her arms up to allow her to hide her face behind her hands.

Hitoshi stares at her, the smile on his face never once weavers. He can’t help but stare at her cuteness and the adorable shyness she gets when she’s embarrassed. It’s the small things about her that makes his heart flutter.

Soon roll call ends and the ice breakers begin. The chemistry teacher decides to do things differently; passing around sheets of paper with ice breakers on them, she tells the class to pair up. The room erupts into chaos as people jump up out their seats or turn around to find a partner.

“Be my partner?” Hitoshi politely asks, teasingly bowing in his seat with his hand held out for her to take. (Name) can’t help but laugh and nod, placing her fingertips on his palm.

“Why I’d be honored, sir.” The two share another laugh before resuming back to their normal positions. When everyone is paired up, the teacher begins talking.

“I hope you all chose carefully as the person you picked will be your partner for the rest of the semester.” A couple of sighs of relief filled the air, (Name) and Hitoshi merely send each other a heart-filled smile. “Now I want you and your partner to work on these ice breakers together and get to know each other.”

And with that, the class erupts into chaos once more. The sound of chairs and desks scraping against the tile floor as people scoot in closer together, voices blend and words blur together into something indistinguishable.

(Name) and Hitoshi scoot in closer together, her eyes stare down at her desk with a shy smile playing on her lips, Hitoshi, on the other hand, can’t stop staring at her, his cheeks tinted pink as he gets close enough to catch a whiff of her fruity perfume, it’s been almost a year since they met, but that smell— it’s become his favorite thanks to her. Each time the scent dancing past his nose, his heart skips a beat, his eyes frantically looking up to find her only to find some other girl passing by.

They’re almost shoulder to shoulder now; (Name) looks up from her desk to make eye contact with Hitoshi. He wasn’t stupid, he could tell something was off about her, she wasn’t acting the same since the last time he saw her, maybe she was awkward at the fact they haven’t talked in a while? Knowing her that was a reasonable explanation; so, in order to get her feeling comfortable around him again, he nudges her shoulder with his and chuckles.

“Let’s get to know each other, kitten.” He coos, and in return, he gets to hear her sweet laughter. (Name) nods, stifling her laughter with her hand as she looks down at the page.

“I’ll ask the first question then.” She gasps, catching her breath. “What did you do this summer?”

“Let’s see,” He holds his chin while pretending to think. “I worked and I got high. Went camping with a couple of friends—and got high— but otherwise, I didn’t do much. What about you?”

The questions and answers come flying. Soon (Name) finds the ice between them completely gone, it’s back for familiar comfort and terrible jokes. Laughs and giggles, nudges and playful shoulder slaps.

It’s strong chemistry he loves to acknowledge in his mind. In her mind, this chemistry is seen as nothing more than friendship. He knows this, and unlike what he’s heard from the grapevine, he’s not like the other boys in her life that are actively attempting to trip over the rest of her suitors. Just like he told Tsuyu, he’ll wait, and he’ll be patient.

They continue on in their own little world, unaware of the conversations going on around them. A couple of rows in front of them, a couple of girls chit-chat with the chemistry teacher, asking her interesting questions and receiving stories in return.

“Have any past students started dating after taking this class?” It’s an innocent question.

“Yeah! Funny thing is that former students of mine have actually married their chemistry partner.” The teacher giggles, the girls start to awe at how cute it would be to find your soulmate in Chemistry class.

Meanwhile, Hitoshi and (Name) continue to talk and laugh as they work on the ice breaker worksheet.

“What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done.” Hitoshi suggestively wiggles his eyebrows at (Name) hums, thinking about it for a second before answering.

“Well, one day I ditched school with a renown bad boy and I lost my high virginity.” She says with a teasing tone while batting her eyelashes. Hitoshi can’t help but roar with laughter, it brings some attention to him but he doesn’t care.

It’s like this for the rest of the class, both teens taking jabs at each other and laughing up a storm. The teacher keeps a closer eye on them, shaking her head before quietly laughing. She’s been a chemistry teacher for over ten years, and by god, she knew what chemistry looked like and those two definitely had it.

Soon the fun end when the bell rings, signaling the end of the period. Katsuki stood outside in the hallway waiting for (Name) to leave class. Since she hadn’t texted him during the period, he assumes she found a friend in class. He wants to sigh in relief, at least now he won’t have to drag her to class each morning.

The door opens and students start pouring out. Katsuki leans back against a random locker to prevent people from bumping into him, he goes back to looking at his phone. He figured (Name) would make herself known when she either wraps him into a hug or shouts his name or perhaps both.

“Suki!” His nickname gets called out, her sing-songy voice is music to his ears; looking up from his phone, he’s got a smile ready until he sees that familiar mop of messy purple locks.

If this was a show, the camera would be zooming in on Katsuki’s face to film his reaction and he watches the world around him go slow-mo, his eyes locked onto Hitoshi’s stupid face as the pair approached him. His smile disappears, a scowl taking over as he whispers.


“Hey, Suki! Can you believe Hitoshi is in my class again!?” (Name) shouts, her smile beaming while the two boys step toe-to-toe. Katsuki expression is murderous and jealous while Hitoshi sports a shit-eating grin.

A surge of static tension strikes between both boys. It was obvious to them and everyone in the hallway of this hatred between them, it’s obvious to everyone except (Name) who stood in the middle of the macho showdown, an innocent smile adorns her face and eyes blank with naivety; and if this were a cartoon, there’d be a question mark above her head.

“Hm? Are we having a staring contest? Let me join!”

Chapter Text

“I don’t want you talking to him.” His voice is stern and demanding. (Name)’s thrown off guard for a second, unsure of who Katsuki was talking about.

“Huh?” She’s confused. Still completely unaware of what was happening. They were just enjoying a nice day together cooped up in Katsuki’s room, the two of them seeking solace from the pouring rain outside.

“I don’t want you talking to Hitoshi anymore.” Well, that came out of nowhere.

“Why?” A small twitch of annoyance strikes her at this bold and domineering command. Hitoshi’s her friend and chemistry partner, why wasn’t she allowed to talk to him? She would like to know why Katsuki was suddenly bringing this up, and his reasons for it.

“He likes you. I don’t like him. Stop talking to him.” He’s blunt and straight to the point. Annoyance was written across his face as he angrily scrolls through his phone. (Name) sits up, the blanket that covered them slips down revealing the giant T-shirt she stole from Katsuki’s closet.

“He does not like me.” Her tone hits back as hard, it almost comes out like a growl.  Her hair is a complete mess as her eyes pierce through the boy she loves. There’s a strange feeling on her chest as she watches Katsuki distance himself from her over her friendship with Hitoshi.

“Yes,” Katsuki starts, sitting up and his expression turning darker. “He does!” He barks, slamming his phone down on the side of his bed. The two of them have a staredown, eyes burning with anger.

“Explain why you think that.” (Name) says more calmly, but there was still venom laced in her voice.

“I can see it—everyone can see it! The way he looks at you, the way he cozies up to you! It’s in the way he talks and eyes you like his next conquest! He fucking likes you as more than a fucking friend!” Katsuki shouts, running his hand through his spiky locks.

“Well,” (Name) starts up, crossing her arms and looking away from Katsuki with her eyes closed. “I don’t see it.”

“That’s ‘cause you’re too stupid to see that!” Katsuki rebuttals harshly.

Record scratch.

Glass shattering.

The crowd gasps.

(Name)’s eyes go wide, mouth dropped open. The anger Katsuki had stored up was now washed away, just like this relationship.

“(N-Name).” He says, stuttering. (Name) stays quiet, instead, she gets up from the bed and puts on her normal clothes, dumping Katsuki’s clothes on the floor. She gathers up her stuff before making her way out.

Katsuki follows behind, he’s shirtless and just wearing boxers, he stumbles down the stairs while she stomps down them, knuckles turning white and her nails making deep crescent moons on her palm.

Still silent, she makes it to the door, opening it up as fast as she could before Katsuki could come up and close it.

“(Name)!” He calls out her name. (Name) stops halfway outside. Her eyes burning with pain and fury.

“What?!” She screams tears that had been forming were now streaming down her face. Katsuki steps back, his eyes wide and heart racing, his entire being filling with guilt seeing the pain written across her face. This was his fault, he’s the reason she’s in pain. “You just want to insult me more?!”

“N-no…” He stammers he’s at a complete loss of words. This only adds to further infuriate (Name).

“Leave me alone, Katsuki.” Is the last thing she says before slamming the door behind her. She runs down the street, furiously wiping her tears away. Flashbacks rush through her mind of all the times she ran away crying from Touya, she can’t believe she’d be doing the same thing with Katsuki.

A couple of minutes later she’s home, her tears have dried but her heart still aches. Throwing her shoes near the door, she stomps up to her room. Lucky for her, no one was home today, she had the entire house to herself, which means…

She pulls out her phone, dialing a certain someone’s number. Someone she knows she could vent to without judgment.

“Hello?” A monotonous voice picks up.

“Shouto,” (Name)’s voice cracks, alerting Shouto that something was wrong. As soon as he hears the tremble in her voice, he jumps off his bed and gets ready to head out.

“I’ll be right over.”


The weekend goes by in a flash, and neither teen has spoken to each other since that dreadful day, but now it was Monday and they had no choice but to see each other at their shared locker.

Katsuki was already standing there, exchanging some of his notebooks for textbooks. (Name) clutches the textbook she was holding just a little bit tighter. She slows down as she gets closer to their locker. It doesn’t look like Katsuki’s noticed her yet, maybe there’s a chance she can just skip going to the locker and come back for her stuff later.

No that’s not going to work, her chemistry book is in there and she needs it. Fuck, she has no choice but to confront Katsuki right here, right now. The palms of her hands grew sweatier the closer she got.

He still hasn’t noticed her.

Okay, but does she really need this textbook? Maybe she can just read off Hitoshi’s book. When that idea pops in her mind, it stops her dead in her tracks.

She makes up her mind, she’ll just skip the locker this morning and head straight to class. People walk all around her, allowing her to simply turn around on her tracks and head off down the hall. Unbeknownst to her, Katsuki looked up as soon as she turned around.

He watches her scurry away, and all he can do is sigh with disappointment. He had been hoping this would be the time he’d get a chance to apologize to her, but it seems like she was still down in the dump over what happened. I mean, anyone would be too if they had just been called stupid by the person they loved and trusted the most in the world.

He really fucked up.

Closing the locker behind him, he makes his way to study hall. On his walk, he plans on catching (Name) when she leaves Chemistry.

The seams slowly start to tear apart, the weight of their decaying worlds falls on their shoulders, yet at the same time, both teens refused to acknowledge the cracks forming in the foundation.

Now it’s just a fight against time and outside unstable elements that speed up the destruction.

An hour later, Katsuki is standing outside of the Chemistry room, he stares at the door with anticipation, waiting to see (Name) walk right out of that room so he can catch her. After a couple of seconds later, he spots her, but she’s not alone.

Hitoshi walks alongside her, his arm lazily slung around her shoulders. Smiles decorated their faces and together they shared a laugh.

Suddenly, another wave of anger and jealousy come striking down on top of him. Seeing those two together caused him to seethe with rage. He’s seeing red as he stomps over to them, his sights set on none other than Hitoshi.

“Why you—“ Katsuki says as he gets close, as soon as he’s within arms reach, he grabs Hitoshi by his collar before dragging him off. He’s deaf to the sounds around him, so angry he doesn’t hear (Name) screaming behind him, or Hitoshi’s slew of curse words directed at him. The extras in the hallway just stare in wonder, someone confused on what was going on, almost developing the courage to step in between the two boys— but at the realization at the parties involved— that courage dies. Bystander effect sets in, people look but don’t do anything to stop the confrontation, they just continue on walking to their destinations.

Katsuki finally finds the deserted part of the school, throwing Hitoshi through the doors of the empty hallway, he finds his grip on Hitoshi’s collar once more so he could push the drug dealer against the dusty wall.

“What the fuck!” Hitoshi shouts, his hands have a grip on Katsuki’s wrists. (Name) standing off by the side, worry laced in her eyes, hands clasp together in almost a prayer. She whimpers Hitoshi’s name, this time Katsuki’s not deaf.

“Cut the fucking bullshit Hitoshi, I know you fucking like (Name).” Katsuki bares his teeth and goes straight to the point, just wanting to prove his point to (Name) that Hitoshi indeed likes her as more than just a friend.

Hitoshi’s eyes move from Katsuki over to (Name)’s trembling form. Tears are forming in the corner of her eyes and it pains him, it hurts his soul to see her like this. The only reason why he hasn’t punched Katsuki in the face is that he didn’t want to cause her any more pain.

Does he like (Name)? Of fucking course he does! He loves that girl! He loves everything about her, and despite her forgetting about him for Touya and Katsuki, his heart knows what it wants and it’s her. He wants nothing more than to get on the rooftop and profess his love for her; he’s been around plenty of girls but none have stirred his heart and warmed it up as she has.

He looks back at Katsuki, stares right into those hellish red eyes. They burn with hatred, jealousy laced with immaturity. Katsuki says he loves her, yet he doesn’t realize how much he hurts her. He’s not worthy of her, not yet at least. Hitoshi wants nothing more than to spit right in his face and sweep (Name) right off her feet.

But it’s not the right time.

She’s in love with this immature boy, despite how much it hurts her.

“I don’t like (Name) like that, I see her as just a friend. Anyway, I like someone else.” He lies between his teeth. He shoves Katsuki off of him, brushing his shirt and smoothing out the wrinkles on his collar. 

(Name) looks off to the side. Her arms crossed with her nails digging into her sweater sleeves. Her eyes are downcast, she should be feeling happy that her point was proven right. So why did she feel a tinge of sadness when he said that?

Katsuki, on the other hand, stares Hitoshi down, he’s trying his hardest to find the slightest trace of dishonesty in those words. If there was any, he can’t find it. Katsuki backs off, his anger has only dissipated slightly, he was still suspicious of the purple-haired teen.

It stays quiet between them, Hitoshi finally adjusts himself before making his way to the door. Taking one last look at (Name), he only nods his head before walking off, leaving the two warring love-birds alone in the abandoned hallways.

It’s awkward, it’s tense.

(Name) shifts on her legs lost in a tornado of words she wants to say and has been dying to say since the day she stormed out of his house. It’s only a minute later when Katsuki finds the courage to speak.

“(Name)—“ He starts off by saying her name but she cuts him off.

“Katsuki, we need to talk.”

Chapter Text


Trouble was brewing, he could sense it.

He could see storm clouds forming in the dark sky. Whispers and rumors were starting to spread through the school like a wildfire.

“(Name) and Katsuki aren’t spending as much time together.”

“They aren’t holding hands as often too.”

“But I saw them kiss not too long ago!”

People weren’t quiet, and the troubled pair weren’t doing a good job at hiding their issues. From being an enthusiastic PDA couple to two people who won’t so much as even hug in public anymore.

There’s was tension between them, and what was once stable chemistry between them has turned into something else; it seems a new element has been added to the equation, and since things were unstable right now, perhaps he should add another unstable element in.

“Guess it’s time to release these bad boys.” Touya chuckles, leaning back against his locker, he pretends to look down at his phone when in reality he was watching (Name) and Katsuki walks down the hall, holding hands and making way to their shared locker.

Today things seem to be better between the two, both were in a cheery mood and the tension between them seems to have dissipated; but no matter how hard they tried to patch up the cracks, their foundation was still weak.

Touya whistles, downloading a texting app that gives him a free phone number. Lucky for him, he managed to steal Katsuki’s phone number from Envy’s phone, now he just needed that extra layer of secrecy. How will the hot-headed boy react when he receives pictures of his girlfriend getting kissy with the very boy he was suspicious about.

Touya stares down at his screen, he smirks knowing he holds a powerful weapon, just a couple taps and it could spell the end of (Name) and Katsuki.

“Soon, very soon.” He whispers.


“I’ll catch you after class, okay?” Katsuki whispers, brushing his thumb over (Name)’s cheek. She smiles, her eyes close for a second as she relishes his touch.

“Okay.” She whispers back. They share a brief kiss before they part ways. Katsuki on his way to study hall and (Name) walks through the door of her Chemistry class.

Inside the room, Hitoshi was already seated, just scrolling through his phone. (Name) approaches him with hesitation, unsure on what to say or what to do. It was last Friday when the accident happened, she hasn’t texted him all weekend to ask him how he was doing or to apologize for Katsuki’s behavior.

“Hey.” She whispers as she gets closer.

“Hey,” Hitoshi replies back with a smile, instantly putting his phone down when he sees (Name). (Name) can’t help sigh with relief, at least he wasn’t angry with her… hopefully?

“How are you and Katsuki?” Hitoshi asks, leaning his head against his propped up hand. His eyes are glued onto (Name), waiting for a response. (Name)’s taken aback for a second, completely caught by surprise at the question.

“Uh, we’re doing good,” She starts, slowly a small smile forms on her lips. “Yeah, we’re doing good. We had a long conversation after that. We almost broke up but we talked things out.”

(Name) fiddles with her thumbs, her eyes become downcast for a slight second at the memories of their shouting fest after the confrontation.

“You sure?” He asks, a part of him doesn’t believe it just from the way she’s acting. Something’s off but she doesn’t want to admit it.

“Yeah, we’ve talked things out and now everything’s fine!” She forces a huge smile. Hitoshi knows better than to prey further. He just nods, soon class begins and the teacher waltzes.

“Lab day! Get your butts to the back and we’ll get started.”

Another sigh of relief escapes from (Name), thankful for it being a lab day, it’ll be a nice distraction from everything going on in her life.

“Let’s get going?” Hitoshi offers his hand to help her up.

“Yeah.” (Name) smiles and accepts his hand. Shaking off all negative thoughts, she pretends that everything was going good, maybe things will start to turn around.



Katsuki sat at a table with Eijirou and Denki, the only two people he knew in this room full of extras.

He sat there, absentmindedly scrolling through his phone while listening to the two idiots talk about who knows what. Katsuki would only look up from his phone every couple of minutes to rest his eyes, but otherwise, he had no idea what those two were talking about.

Minding his own business, he begins to receive a series of text messages sent by an unknown number. He sits up, confused, and racking his brain. Who was this? Did he accidentally not save someone’s number?

The text notifications merely said “Attachment” which means he’s getting pictures. Taking a quick glance around, he lowers the brightness on his phone and he’s silently praying they aren’t nudes.

When he opens the messages, he’s suddenly wishing they had been nudes.

Instead, he’s faced with five pictures of (Name) and Hitoshi being more than just friendly. Rage rears it’s ugly head as he remembers how the two of them were denying their relationship to be anything more than just friends.

“What the fuck?!” He shouts, getting up from his chair with lightning speed. The once loud room goes completely quiet, all heads turn to stare at Katsuki but advert their eyesight when they see how enraged he was, no one wanted to face his wrath, and in all honesty, they were praying for the poor soul about to deal with it.

Katsuki gathers up his things, his phone shoved deep into his front pocket. Eijirou is quick to get up and attempt to stop him, but nothing was stopping Katsuki right now.


“No. Tell me what’s wrong.” Eijirou says, his voice is firm, he wasn’t going to budge until Katsuki tells him what got his blood boiling; usually Eijirou could calm Katsuki down, but not today, Katsuki was granted the rage of Achilles and nothing was going to stop him until he beat the shit out of Hitoshi.

“Get out of my way.” Katsuki and Eijirou stand toe-to-toe, everyone in the cafeteria stare, giggle and take videos of the altercation. The study hall teacher finally gets up from his seat when he sees trouble arising. He gets between the two boys to prevent a fight from breaking out.

“I need you both to sit down. Right now.” The teacher says in a low voice so only the two boys could hear him. Eijirou looks between the teacher and Katsuki, conflicted on what to do, but he decides to listen to the teacher. Eijirou backs up and goes back to sitting down but he keeps his eyes on Katsuki, expecting him to do the same thing.

But Katsuki doesn’t back down. Instead, Katsuki moves around the teacher and keeps walking.

“Katsuki, come back here and sit down or else I’m giving you detention.” This time the teacher shouts, not keeping his voice low, his face was red with anger at Katsuki disobeying orders.

“Give me detention, see if I care!” Katsuki shouts before storming out of the cafeteria. As soon as he’s gone, the whispers and conversations begin.

Touya watches from the other side of the room, a devious smile plastered on his handsome face. He closes out of the text app and joins in on the conversation his friends were having.

He can’t stop smiling, he knew the foundation between Katsuki and (Name) was weak, all it need was a little push and it would come crumbling down.


Katsuki marches through the desolate hallways, only a couple of students roamed around it it was mainly just those who were getting a drink at the water fountain or going to the bathroom.

His mind is racing with a million questions and thoughts.

Someone was lying to him, or maybe they were both lying to him and doing stuff behind his back.

His hearts hurts at the thought of (Name) cheating on him, and while he doesn’t want to believe she would do something like that, it’s still a thought that keeps popping up each time he sees those damn pictures.

Soon he finds himself standing outside of (Name)’s classroom. It’s early as hell which means he’ll be standing here for a while, just great. More time for this entire thing to kill him. He paces around, constantly checking his time only to see one minute has passed.

Fuck, this was going to take forever.

After what seems like hours, the bell rings and classroom doors are slammed open and students flood out into the hallway. His eyes are trained firmly on the chemistry door, and suddenly it opens. He steps closer, getting in the way of a couple of people walking down the hall, but he doesn’t give a fuck.

Then, he sees them. (Name) and Hitoshi walked out together, they were always standing so close and always laughing; and for the second time, Katsuki marches over to them and grabs Hitoshi by his collar.

“What the fuck!” Hitoshi shouts as he’s pushed against the nearest locker. He was really getting sick and tired of being pushed against lockers.

“Katsuki!” (Name) shouts with panic, running up and grabbing his arm, attempting to get him to let go of Hitoshi. Katsuki turns his attention to her for a second, looking into her eyes.

“Why are you so protective over this asshole, huh?!” He shouts, pissed that each time he confronts Hitoshi, (Name) was always there to try and protect him.

“You’re causing a scene!” (Name) shouts back, motioning to the crowd around them with her free hand. Katsuki looks away from her to all sea of smirking faces and chants of ‘FIght! Fight! Fight!’.

“Mind your fucking business!” Katsuki growls at the spectators surrounding them; at his booming voice, the crowd disperses almost immediately, quickly running away before they get beat up too.

The hallway starts to empty out as people hurry to class, soon only the three of them are left.

“What the fuck is your problem this time?” Hitoshi speaks up, trying to keep calm, holding himself back from breaking Katsuki’s nose right here right now.

“Care to explain what this shit is?” Katsuki roughly let’s go of Hitoshi, he pulls his phone out and opens up the anonymous text messages. He reveals the pictures to Hitoshi and (Name). The second their eyes land on the pictures, all color drains from their faces.

“What th—!?” (Name) gasps, covering her mouth with her hands.

“Oh…” Is all Hitoshi can say.

“Is that all you two dumbasses can say?! Someone fucking explain this bullshit!” Katsuki’s bright red, he’s ready to combust into flames.

“Those are old.” (Name) replies, this time in a whisper as her eyes stayed focused on those pictures. Her mind flashes back to the day she and Hitoshi took them, it was the day he took her smoking virginity and the days leading up to her and Touya getting together. A whole flood of mixed feelings hit her.

“And you want me to believe that bullshit excuse?” Katsuki towers over her, (Name) starts to tremble with fear.

“She’s not lying. I’ll prove it.” Hitoshi says, stepping between the problematic couple, he pushes Katsuki back as he pulls his phone out. The two boys stand shoulder to shoulder as Hitoshi scrolls through his pictures, finally coming across all the pictures Katsuki received. Opening them, he reveals the time stamps, and sure enough, they were taken almost a year ago.

Katsuki’s flabbergasted, unsure of what to say to either person he just accused. (Name)’s not looking at either of them anymore, she’s got her arms crossed and she’s looking at the ground. Her body shakes as she tries to muffle the sound of her crying.

“(Name).” Katsuki whispers, reaching a hand out to grab her. His fingers brush against her shoulder but she jumps away. She whips around, teeth clenched and cheeks streaked with tears.

“Don’t touch me.” Her voice cracks as more tears rush down her cheeks. Not wanting to embarrass herself anymore, she storms down the hall and out of sight, leaving the two boys alone.

“Okay but that doesn’t explain why I got these pictures,” Katsuki grumbles, looking at the unknown number. Hitoshi glances at the screen before something pops into his mind.

“I think I know who did…” He whispers, mind flashing back to the day he and Touya were hanging out.

“Wouldn’t it be cool if we ruined their relationship?”

“A couple of weeks before school started, I was hanging with Touya,” Hitoshi starts off, glancing over at Katsuki to make sure the hothead was listening to him. “We were high off our rockers but he suggested ruining your relationship. I thought he was just joking but after that, I left my phone alone with him that’s probably how he got the pictures.”

Katsuki nods, now realizing that was a plausible theory. Of course, Touya would do pull some bullshit plot like this; he was probably salty about Katsuki stealing (Name) away, or wait…

Did Touya find out about him and Envy sabotaging him and (Name)?

“Wait,” Katsuki ponders over the next question that pops in his mind. “Why do you still have those pictures?”

The two stand in silence, Hitoshi looks Katsuki dead in the eyes before he smirks.

“I lied to you the other day, but I’m not a big enough dickhead to ruin something that makes her happy. Unlike you.” Hitoshi laughs before walking off, leaving Katsuki all alone in the hallway.


The rest of the day goes by, (Name)’s kept mostly to herself after that, ditching the rest of the day and spending it hiding in the library.

Currently, she stood at the back of the library besides the giant window that looked into one of the main hallways. With one arm holding four books, she used her free hand to reach for another one on the top shelf. She stood on her tippy-toes, trying her hardest to grab the book she has her eye on.

So close

Her fingers brush against the spine but she can’t reach far enough to grab it. She continues on trying, refusing to go get help from a librarian— mostly because then her cover of hiding in here would be blown.

“Okay, I got this.” (Name) reassures herself, preparing to stretch further and perhaps jump a little to grab the book. Her fingers brush against it again, she keeps on trying to reach when out of nowhere, another hand appears and grabs the book. (Name) falls back in fear of someone suddenly appearing, luckily, she’s caught by said person.

“Wow,” She gasps, turning around to find Hitoshi. “You scared me!” She whisper-yells, which gets a chuckle from him.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you,” He rubs the back of his head, his other hand holds out the book (Name) had been reaching for, “and here’s your book.”

“Thanks!” (Name) gratefully accepts it, adding it to her growing pile of books.

“I’ve been looking for you all day, how are you feeling?” He asks, his eyes trailing over the books that surrounded them. (Name) shrugs, her expression drops for a second, going from cheerful to downcast.

“Not so good. I really thought things were getting better but I guess not.” She replies, her fingers brush against the covers of her books, staring at the mythology and fairy tale books she’s gathered up this entire time to distract her from everything currently going on in her life. Hitoshi nods, they stand around in silence for a bit before chaos breaks out.

They hear a commotion outside, taking a glance out the window they see a crowd of people surrounding the gym hall after a couple second they see Touya stumble out, with Katsuki hot on his trail.

“FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!” The crowd chants. Katsuki topples Touya, proceeding to punch him once, twice, three times in the face.

“Holy shit!” (Name) shouts, instinctively dropping the books she held, she starts running, Hitoshi following. They burst out the library doors along with everyone else who was witnessing the fight from the window.

The crowd has gathered attention, from it only being a small number of witnesses to becoming a giant circle of people filming, chanting, and screaming.

Touya manages to block off a couple of Katsuki’s punches before he returns the favor. Overpowering Katsuki, he kicks the boy off, sending Katsuki falling on his back. Touya stands up and rushes at him, fists clenched and ready to punch. Katsuki's still winded from hitting his back, doesn’t have enough time to block two of Touya’s punches.

(Name) and Hitoshi are pushing through the crowd, carelessly pushing people aside to get to the eye of the storm, they weren’t the only ones doing the same thing. Once the pair reaches the center, Touya and Katsuki were standing up, throwing punches and kicking. Hitoshi was quick to hold Touya back while Shouto, who had been nearby when the fight broke out, used all his strength to hold Katsuki back.

(Name) was left in the middle, holding her arms out, the tips of her fingers touching both boys chests.

“Stop this you two!” She screams, glaring at the two immature boys. Sweat beads form on her temples at the unstable situation. Katsuki wasn’t calming down, he continues to shut obscenities at Touya while the older boy has slightly calmed down.

(Name) frowns as she stares at Katsuki, she doesn’t like this side of him this was her Katsuki. Shouto stood behind him, Eijirou had finally made an appearance, pushes Katsuki back while attempting to calm him down. They were doing everything in their power to tame the beast, (Name) had the option of either going over there to help or helping with Touya. Taking one glance at Touya, she finds he took more blows than Katsuki. Blood runs down his face, one eye black and his cheek bruised.

She picks Touya.

“Come on, let’s go to the nurse’s office.” She whispers, she grabs onto one of his arms, Hitoshi holds onto the other and together they start pulling him to the nurses’ office. (Name) takes one last at Katsuki, her heartfelt heaving seeing the rage in those eyes wasn’t going down, instead, the fire intensifies. She can only shake her head in disappointment before she looks away.

Teachers and security guards start rushing in, causing the crowd to quickly scatter like ants. Katsuki is hauled off to the principal’s office, while (Name), Hitoshi and Touya are questioned in the nurses’ office.

“He jumped me when we were getting out of the locker room—“ Touya begins to tell his side of the story, it’s here when (Name) realizes that Touya and Katsuki were indeed wearing their gym uniforms. Guess, Katsuki waited to confront Touya during the only class they shared. At least it happened before they reached the weightlifting room where things could’ve turned out worse.

(Name) glances up at Touya’s face, one eye was swollen shut and his upper lip was busted. While he was lucky his nose wasn’t broken, he still had some cotton shoved up his nostrils to stop the bleeding.

Touya finishes telling his side of the story, the police officers and administrators walk out of the room to finish talking to other people, leaving Hitoshi, (Name), and Touya alone. They sit in silence before Hitoshi gets up and excuses himself.

“I gotta go, my ride’s here.” He says, picking up his backpack before heading to the door. “I, uh— nevermind. See you guys later.” And then he’s gone.

Now it’s just (Name) and Touya, alone together and in a room in the nurses’ office.

“Sorry.” (Name) speaks up, breaking the silence between them. Touya’s caught by surprise, he stares at her from the one eye that’s not swollen shut.

“Why are you apologizing? Last time I checked, you weren’t the one who did this,” He motions to his face, “to me.”

“I know but I can’t help but feel like this is my fault.” (Name) replies, she’s staring down at her legs, her fists are clenched and eyebrows furrowed into a frown.

“(Name),” Touya whispers her name, his fingers grab a hold on her face, squeezing her cheeks and forcing her to look at him. “Trust me, none of this is your fault.”

Just then a knock at the door alerts the two to the security guard standing. He coughs. “Touya we need you to come down to the office.”

“Well, that’s my cue, see you later cutie, keep an eye out for your window.” He winks, at least tries to wink, it doesn’t really work when one of your eyes is swollen shut. He slings his backpack over one shoulder and follows the security guard out, leaving a flustered (Name) behind.

What the fuck does he mean by that?


The sun starts setting, the sky turns into soft hues and pink, purple, and blue. (Name) was spending time in her room, her phone was turned off and music played from her vinyl player. She laid back in her bed, window open allowing a cool beginning of autumn breeze to flow around her room.

(Name) had gone back to the library after Touya left and gathered up the books she dropped and checked them out, so while she quietly hummed along to her favorite album, she read up on a couple greek love stories, she was a sucker for them, especially at a time like this.

While in the middle of reading about Orpheus and Eurydice, an unexpected guest opens the screen of her window and allows themselves in. (Name) only sees someone entering from the corner of her eye, startled, she drops her book and screams until she realizes who it was: Touya.

(Name) stops screaming. “What the fuck are you doing here?!” (Name) whisper-yells at him. Touya opens his mouth to speak when footsteps are heard rushing down the hall, Touya begins to panic, (Name) was also panicking but manages to think of something.

“Get in my closet!” (Name) says, sliding the door open, pushing him in. As soon as she closes the door, her bedroom door slams open. Her mom and sister looking at (Name) with fear and adrenaline.

“What’s wrong?!” They scream. (Name) quickly shrugs, eyes nervously looking around her room.

“Uh, I, uh, I thought I heard a wasp flying around my room!” Is the lie she comes up with on the spot. As soon as she says that, the door slams shut.

“Good-luck!” Her sister shouts from the other side. Wow. Knowing they were gone and not coming back any time soon, (Name) allows Touya to leave her closet. He comes out with a smirk, in his hands he’s holding a tiny teddy bear that he got for her so many years ago.

“You still got this little guy?” He teases, holding up the red teddy bear holding an ‘I love you’ heart.

“Let go of him!” (Name) snatches her teddy bear away from Touya, protectively patting her bear, attempting to rid it of any Touya cooties it might’ve caught. “And yeah, of course, I still have him.”

It goes silent between them, Touya keeps staring at the bear and the way (Name) so tenderly cared for it despite the fact she had him locked away in her closet. Touya finally remembers what he came here for.

“Let’s go.”

“Huh?” (Name) stares at him confused. Go where?

“About what happened earlier, let me take you out somewhere as my own personal apology, and we can talk about stuff.” He says, offer his hand out for her to take.

(Name) looks at him with apprehension, unsure of what to do. For one, she still didn’t trust him, sure she felt bad for what happened to him earlier, but that doesn’t mean she’s forgiven him for what he’s done. On the other hand, she could ask why Katsuki attacked him, as she was still confused about that.

“Okay fine, but we’re just talking.” She makes it a point that she just wanted her questions to be answered and nothing else will come out of this meetup.

“Promise! No wildcards up my sleeves!” Touya raises his other hand up. (Name) was still highly suspicious, but, well— she needed answers.

And with that, she takes his hand.

Chapter Text


“Where are you taking me?” (Name) asks out loud, she shivers as the cold night air brushes against her bare arms, she should’ve grabbed a sweater before leaving her house.

Touya takes notice of this and very quickly takes off his sweater. Not giving her a choice to accept or decline it, he simply drapes it around her shoulder. “There ya go, babe!”

Even if he did give her an option, she’d be crazy if she didn’t accept his sweater. He was lucky he wore a long sleeve shirt, so he would be persistent if she did reject it.

“Thanks,” (Name) grumbles, pretending to not care when in reality— she did. Slipping her arms into the sweater sleeves, she was warm and cozy, plus Touya’s signature scent gently invaded her senses. Fuck, now’s not the time for this! Focus, (Name)! Focus on the mission at hand. “And don’t call me babe.”

“Whatever you say, babe~!” He teases, turning around to face her while still walking.

“You haven’t answered my question.” (Name) decides to not argue over the pet-name, it wouldn’t get her anywhere, the only thing it’ll do is frustrate her further. 

“You’ll see when we get there~” Why is he like this? (Name) follows closely behind him, looking around her. This is the same pathway to get to his house— oh… so that’s where he’s taking her.

“We’re going to your house aren’t we?” Her voice is monotone, Touya abruptly stops walking, causing (Name) to crash right into his back.

“You ruined the surprise.” He mumbles, shoving his hands in his pockets, he continues to walk dejectedly. (Name) rolls her eyes but begins following him again. The rest of the walk is spent in silence, they walk side by side, hands in their pockets and eyes looking anywhere except at each other.

Finally the reach the Todoroki home where Touya leads (Name) to the back, revealing string lights hung up all around the backyard.

“Wow,” (Name) stares around, her breath taken away by how amazing the set up looked, it seemed straight out of a fairytale.

“I figured we could have a jam session, my family’s at some party and you were bummed out earlier so I figured this would be the best way to cheer you up.” Touya smiles, staring around at his hard work. It took a while to get it all set up but it was worth it to see her reaction.

(Name)’s face shifts from amazement to uncertainty. Her arms that were originally down by her sides, were now at her stomach as she fiddles her thumbs, nervous.

“I, uh, I don’t know about that.” She whispers, her eyes darting around the backyard, trying her hardest not to look at Touya.

For a second his smile drops at her response. (Name) catches the change immediately, and for a second she feels sympathetic considering everything he’s been through today thanks to her hotheaded boyfriend.

After weighing her options, she sighs. Shrugging her shoulder and furrowing her brows to make it seem like she’s given up.

“Fine! But I get to pick the song!” She shouts it causes Touya’s shit-eating grin to return to his face as he fishes his phone out from his pocket, handing it over to (Name) as she stomps over.

“Deal!” Internally, he’s jumping with joy that she agreed. He stands back, watching (Name) plug his phone into the large outdoor speaker, he leans back against the wooden fence the enclosed the back porch, eyes drinking her in and heart racing.

Like a complete dumbass, and despite the beating he got earlier, Touya was still on his bullshit. He knew (Name) was too nice to turn this down after what happened, and he was one hundred percent sure that (Name) and Katsuki weren’t on good standing after the fight. Now was his chance to steal her back and pull the rug right from under Katsuki.

(Name) scrolls through Touya’s Spotify, carefully thinking about which song to pick. As she scrolls through his liked songs, she realizes how different their taste in music has become, for one he was listening to songs and artists she wouldn’t even listen to in a million years. It takes a while before she hits the songs they used to jam out too.

There were so many to pick from. Sweater Weather seemed like a good idea, it was always a fun song to dance to, sensual, but fun. She was almost about to play it when her eyes land another song, an old favorite of theirs. This was it, this was the song she would pick for their final jam session.

Pressing on it, she puts Touya’s phone down and makes her way over to him. Touya also walks over to her, meeting her halfway there.

Choke, tried to wash you down with something strong
Dry but the taste of blood remains (of blood remains)
Cold, empty mattresses and falling stars
My, how they start to look the same

(Name) stood arm’s length away from Touya as they started singing, she was awkwardly standing there, unsure of what to do.

Touya’s quick to grab her arms and pull her close to his body.

“This is a jam session,” He whispers, “just act like we’re in middle school again.”

(Name) doesn’t respond, she didn’t know how to. While pretending they were still in middle school would be the best way to get her comfortable with this, on the other hand pretending also means old feeling surfacing again.

Taking a look into those piercing eyes again, she finds herself drowning in the ocean of his soul, their bodies move around the backyard and soon those nostalgic feelings begin to creep out of the crevices of her mind where they had laid dormant for some time.

So keep in happiness and torture me while I tell you "Let's go in style"
A million hooks around, a million ways to die
Darling, it's cold outside

Their voices combine to create that harmonious melody she’s always loved. The song and all previous jam sessions soon flood her mind as well, it was a favorite back in the day. She hasn’t listened to this song in a long time mostly because of the memories themselves.

(Name) had this tendency where she would stop listening to certain songs or bands for a while because she knew that for whatever reason she had— whether it was from a sad moment, listening to that particular song during a rough patch, or because it was one of the songs she and Touya would constantly sing along too— it would always, and I mean always, cause her to cry. Doesn’t matter how long it’s been, once those memories come back to light, it breaks all control she has over her emotions.

No, no more eyes to see the sun (to see the sun)
You slide into bed while I get drunk
Slow conversations with a gun
Mean more than I've ever said to anyone, anyone

Which is why, when a couple of tears begin to slide down her cheeks, it doesn’t come as a surprise to her.

Now, why would she play this song if it would make her cry?

Well, simple. This song once held meaning to her— to them. It brings her back to a time where she was younger, naive, and happy with someone she thought reciprocated her feelings which is something she now has no solid answer to. Did Touya truly like her back then? Or was he just stringing her along until someone better came along?

Who knows, and honestly, who cares?

Not her, that’s for sure.

So keep in happiness and torture me while I tell you "Let's go in style"
A million hooks around, a million ways to die
Darling, let's go inside
It'll be alright

Another reason why she picked this song? Since it once held meaning, that meant that this would hit both of them harder than imagined.

If she was going down, then so was he.

Touya said he wanted to talk and instead brought her to this knowing damn well that music was her weakness and that currently, she was in a rough patch thanks to her boyfriend and the turbulence their relationship was experiencing.

This song at one point was a song that was sad but neither could relate to, the lyrics were sad but neither could truly feel the emotion behind them

But now, it was different.

The atmosphere has different, years have passed, and they as people have changed. Now, this was a song that they could relate to and a song she could use to release all these pent up fucking emotions she’s held in for too damn long.

But last night, you said you ended up in Palm Springs dancing on tables
Almost fought some bitch at the club (yeah!)
Got kicked out of your hotel and lost your shoes

(Name) smiles, finding it almost too perfect with the events that occurred earlier. Touya can’t help but smile as well, his fucked-up handsome face showing all the signs of that gruesome fight.

Giggles erupt between them for a quick second.

Well, fuck !

They shout together, their smiles growing as they pull apart for a second to use all their energy and might into that one part.

It had always been their favorite part.

Too bad the fun ends there for them.

Her final reason for picking this song was purely her way of officially saying goodbye to him. She couldn’t think of a better way of cutting him off forever than by toasting to what was once a beautiful friendship and to what could’ve been a beautiful romance.

what am I supposed to be, impressed?
You're just another set of bones to lay to rest
I guess it's time to say goodnight
Hope you had a really good time, good time

Touya wasn’t an idiot, from the moment the song started playing he already had an itching feeling that this wasn’t just some random throwback to the good days.

He’s knowing her since she was in kindergarten, and there’s one thing he’s picked up on is that (Name) was never one to actually speak about her feelings. Music was always her outlet and thus it was her voice.

I’m Low On Gas and You Need A Jacket was a classic for the brokenhearted, and man did it punch him in the fucking throat when she picked it.

With that, he pulls her close to him once again, ears open to hear what she has to say to him.

I will soon forget the color of your eyes and you'll forget mine

Their foreheads are pressed together, their eyes staring into each other. Touya takes this moment to stare into her (eye color) eyes. At this moment a couple of tears she hard turned into sobs.

It hurt her to say these words, never did she ever think she’d be singing this song with the intention of cutting him off. God, she didn’t even think things would’ve turned out like this.

Seeing her cry paired up with the song causes Touya’s heart to well up with pain, guilt eating away at him, regret eroding his insides away.

His hands cup her cheeks and watch her as she closes her eyes and takes a couple of deep breaths.

So keep in happiness and torture me while I tell you "Let's go in style"
A million hooks around, a million ways to die
Let's go outside
It'll be alright

(Name) keeps on singing despite how much her voice is cracking and how much she’s hiccuping.

Touya singing along with her, his hands still on her cheeks, wiping each tear that gets near his thumbs. Their foreheads are still pressed together. The song ends leaving them alone in silence, and her leaning into his touch.

It’s quiet, calm, and overall peaceful. (Name) has started to calm down and new tears have stopped forming in her eyes,

And he can’t help it, he just can’t help himself from kissing her.

It’s quick, leaving her no time to reject his advances, his hands are on her face keeping her in place as his lips move against her stiff ones. His eyes are closed while her’s are wide open with shock, completely caught off-guard and for a second her mind goes blank.

What should she do? Middle school her would be screaming at her to reciprocate the kiss, but current her knows better. This isn’t right and it doesn’t feel right, it’s not the same and his kisses no longer jolt her with a sudden charge of electricity like they once used to. It’s sloppy, it’s a sloppy wet mess and she’s uncomfortable and her head is racing with a million thoughts; her heart has completely stopped beating while her lungs have stopped breathing.

Then Katsuki’s mind flashes in her mind, despite the rocky grounds they currently stand on, that’s still her boyfriend and she loves him. Her heart beats for him and her lungs breathe for him. His lips cause electrical currents to rush from the top of her head to the tips of her toes, and she’s sworn herself to him and only him not just with words by also by the ring she wore on her finger.

What should she do?

Rising the hand that had her promise ring, she brings her hand down in a quick flash, her palm connects to the side of Touya’s face— his bruised side I should mention— and the sound of skin smacking again skin echos through his backyard, it’s loud enough to scare a couple birds hiding in the nearby trees; gawking, they fly off, leaving a flabbergasted teenage boy nearly pushing (Name) away as his mind registers the pulsing pain in his cheek.

“You slapped me!?” Touya shouts, his hand cupping his further injured cheek, which has been abused enough today.

You kissed me!” (Name) screams back, she’s pacing back and forth, her hands tugging on her hair roots. Tears that welled up in her eyes from singing this song with Touya were now tears of anger. She’s furious, what was supposed to be a nice and peaceful goodbye has turned sour and moldy, there’s a rotten taste on her lips, and her mouth has gone completely dry.

She’s never been good with words, but there was no time for her to waltz on over to his phone to pick a new song to angrily vent her feelings with. The words come flying out of her mind, venom tightly laced with anger, she’s livid and once the machine gun of obscenities begins, it doesn’t end until her mind starts spewing out how she feels, how she’s felt all this time. It was too much to say over text and it’s too much to write a song about, everything comes spilling out on the table.

“What the fuck is your problem, Touya?” His name is cold, and her voice isn’t the cheery one he loves to her. Those soft (eye color) eyes of her have turned solid and pierce straight through him, as if looking for his Achilles’ heel, ready to strike him down and end the ten-year war; Aristeia, this will be her moment of glory.

“I’m finally fucking happy for once and you pull this bullshit on me?!” She keeps on screaming, Touya stays silent. “Why? Why do you keep doing this to me? Why can’t you just let me move on peacefully and forget about you!”

She inches closer to him, jabbing her finger against his chest as soon as she gets close enough. He stares into her eyes, finding them burning like the hottest pits of hell; he gulps with fear but remains quiet, allowing her painful jabs against his chest plate without any complaint— in all honesty, he was too afraid to move.

“You have a fucking girlfriend!” Her voice goes high pitched for a second, “You strung me along until she came into your life and suddenly I find someone who makes me happy, makes me feel safe and isn’t stringing me along like I’m some type of puppet and now you want to love me? Now, of all times, if when you want to derail everything for me?”

“I’ve moved on but you can’t seem to get it out of your thick, fucking skull,” She begins jabbing his forehead. “That. I. Don’t. Fucking. Love. You. Anymore!”

And there it goes, the harshness of reality comes crashing on top of him with those words. “You wanna know how serious I am about Katsuki?” She asks but with the way she’s got that angry smirk and from the way her voice drips with certainty makes him know that it’s not something he can answer because she was going to answer her own question anyways.

“I love him so much I lost my virginity to him!” Another bombshell, another figurative slap in the face. “And I’m so happy my first time was with him, someone who actually cares about me, rather than it being you!”

“I thought this night would’ve ended with us parting ways peacefully but I guess not!” She chuckles and shrugs, the smile on her lips doesn’t meet the look in her eyes. Tears begin to well up again the more she thinks about everything.

“I just want to be fucking happy for once.” Her voice cracks and the tears come cascading down once more. “Why can’t you just fucking leave me alone and let me be f-fUCking happy?” Another crack and a hiccup, she backs away from Touya, using his sweater sleeves to wipe her tears away.

It’s silent, and Touya’s left unsure of what to say as he watches (Name) break down; she thought she had picked up the pieces and placed them back currently and that they had healed during this short time she’s been with Katsuki. Now she realizes these types of wounds never heal, no matter how much time passed. She will never forget about the boy with bright turquoise eyes and red hair and the way he continuously broke her heart. These will be scars she’ll carry in her heart and soul forever, and each time she listens to this song— if she ever does— it’ll only remind her of this night. Picking up the pieces, she stands her ground one last time.

“Sometimes two people in the universe who aren’t meant for each other, find each other.” She says, staring up at the night sky where she finds Corona Borealis, hanging high above her head.

Finally finding his voice, Touya tilts his head and speaks: “What does that mean?”

“It means that we were never meant to be, yet for some twisted and fucked up reason we keep finding each other.” She laughs but it’s not genuine. “And each time we find each other we just keep hurting each other and ourselves. Don’t you understand Touya? We’re just a fucking omen, all we do is bring chaos and destruction each time we cross paths.”

“Don’t say that.” He’s quick to interject. “We’ve had really good times together.”

That earns an eye roll and a snort from her, “Yeah, and where did those good times bring us? To this fucking moment right now. The stars aren’t in our favor, so stop trying to rearrange the fucking sky, Touya.”


Touya’s hands are shoved deep in his pockets again, while (Name) has her arms crossed against her chest. Owls hoot in the distance, (Name) decides it’s time to end the night.

“Goodbye Touya.” Not even giving him once last glance, she turns on her heels and walks off. For the first time, she walks off instead of running away, she was tired of running away, she wasn’t some damsel in distress anymore nor was she hoping for him to chase after her, not like he would stop her anyways. He’s never done so before.

Like all the other times, he watches her walk off, disappearing into the darkness. Once she’s gone, Touya releases a loud sigh, pulling his hands out of his pockets he runs his finger through his messy hair.

He’s fucked up for the millionth time, and finally, he realizes there’s no going back. It’s over, it’s really over, and yet he finds his heart ripping apart, is this how she’s felt all these years? Fuck.

Slowly he trudges over to his phone, unplugging it from the speaker he begins to search through his recently called until he finds Envy’s number.

It rings for a couple of seconds before she finally picks up.

“Touya~” She purrs, “How can I help you?”

“I’m breaking up with you.” He says bluntly.

“What?! Why?!” Envy screeches causing Touya to slightly pull the phone away from his ear before he speaks up again.

“Sometimes two people in the universe who aren’t meant for each other, find each other.”

Chapter Text


Gentle sniffles and sobs echo throughout the street as (Name) trudges back home. The wound on her heart freshly reopened, all past emotions come pouring out of her. It’s a pain she can’t exactly describe.

If feels like the weight of the world rests on her shoulders, Atlas sits on her chest as he holds onto the world. It’s hard to breathe and when she does all she can do is hiccup and continue to sob. Hot tears pour down her face, both a mixer of anger and sadness. Her legs feel weak and migraine is slowly making its appearance, if one more bad thing happens tonight, she’s going to fling herself off a cliff.

“F-fuck.” She hiccups, clutching her chest. She wants to scream, release her demons into the atmosphere and just deflate like a balloon. Deflate and lay down on the hard cold pavement until the worms begin the decomposition process and once the grass starts to grow over her, she just wants to return back into the Earth. Organic, mindless, and most of all, free of pain.

Using Touya’s sleeves, she wipes her nose and her tears. Disgusting, yes I know, but she couldn’t care less. It was his fault she was in this situation in the first place, it was his fault for tricking her, lying to her, playing with her feelings, and for fucking up her happiness. It’s been a long day full of shitty boyfriends who couldn’t mind their own business and jealous boyfriends who couldn’t control their tempers. All she wanted was to go home and sleep.

She walks into her backyard, excited to finally sleep away a terrible day when another obstacle stops her.

Sitting on her back porch was Katsuki, hoodie up and phone screen lighting up his face. Slowly, she approaches him, confused by his sudden appearance.

Why didn’t he text her before— oh wait...


She completely forgot she left her phone up in her room before she allowed herself to be kidnapped. Dread suddenly consumes her as she nears her boyfriend, expecting another shouting match to begin.

Katsuki’s eyes are on her, as soon as she’s close enough, he stands up, ready to confront her.

“Hi.” (Name) says, weakly smiling hoping that this doesn’t become another argument, she’s already had enough bullshit thrown at her today.

“Don’t ‘hi’ me.” Oof, guess it’s becoming an argument. (Name) braces herself for the oncoming slew of harsh words he had to say, getting her own words ready to fire back when he was done with his dispute. “Why the fuck weren’t you answering your phone?”

“I, uh, I turned it off earlier today and I left it in my room.” She answers truthfully without revealing too much. Her eyes advert away from his eyes, scared to look into the burning infernos they contained. Katsuki eyes her down, finally catching onto the oversized sweater she was wearing. His fist clenched as he speaks his next set of words.

“Who’s sweater is this?”

“Oh um,” Shit, she’s in deep waters now. “It’s Touya’s.” There was no point in lying, she doesn’t own this sweater so he’s never seen it before, she couldn’t say Hitoshi because— well, he’s also dealt with enough too, he didn’t need more on his plate, and she couldn’t say Shouto because he would never wear something like this in the first place.

“Of course,” Katsuki chuckles as he shakes his head in disbelief. “Of fucking course, it’s Touya’s. It’s always fucking Touya with you, isn’t it?”

She’s speechless, caught off guard by his accusations and confused at what he was trying to get at. Katsuki pays no attention to her, as he continues on speaking.

“Even after all the fucking shit he did to you and you still fall apart each time he gives you even the slightest bit of attention. You know what I think?” He asks, but it’s not really a question for her to answer. “I think you’re still in love with that asshole.”

“I’m not.” Her stance is strong but her voice is weak. Her throat burns at where she felt this was headed towards. “We’ve been together for months and you still don’t believe I love you?”

It hurt saying that it pained her. It was one thing feeling pain over being strung along, it was another pain when the person you love doesn’t trust or believe that you love them back. Her heart screams, and her soul aches. Did he really not believe her? Despite this ring that promises them to each other, and after the fact that she just slapped the boy she once thought she loved. Was that not enough to prove her love worthy of being true?

“You are.” Comes his response. Cold, void of emotion. Those eyes, she once could get lost in them; but now when she looks into them, they no longer held that collective of stars she loved to see.

It was gone.

“I’m not.” She rebuttals.

“Oh yeah, then why were you with him just now? Why are you wearing his sweater?” His hand reaches out, grabbing a fist full of Touya’s sweater, with his tight grip he pulls her forward. It’s here where she flinches for the first time at his touch.

For a second his eyes and grip soften as he sees her shake like a leaf. They both come to the mutual realization at this point that whatever this is, it wasn’t healthy.

He wasn’t ready for her, and she wasn’t ready for him, and it was wrong for them to believe that two broken people could just come along and magically fix whatever issues they both had without there being any conflict or issues that arise along the way to being whole once again.

No, that’s not how things work.

“I’m done.” He says, completely letting go of (Name), he brushes past her, attempting to leave.

“W-wha—“ (Name) stumbles as panic sets in. As much as she hated how he made her feel, she couldn’t forget the happy moments they’ve had up to this point. She loves him, god she loves him so much it hurts. Seeing him walk away from her, from them. It scared her, it scared her to know she was losing the one person who she knew loved her, even if he had a funny way of showing it. “What does that mean?”

She was quick to grab ahold of his wrist, preventing him from walking anymore. Katsuki stops but doesn’t look back as he hears her gentle sniffles turn into intense sobs. She knew what he meant, she was just in denial of the truth.

“It means we’re done. We both have issues we need to work on until then it’s better if we aren’t together anymore.” And with that, he yanks his wrist away. As he walks away he finds his heartbreaking as he hears her heartbroken wails behind him. He’s a terrible person and he knows it, whether he’s a terrible person hurting her with his jealousy or if he’s a terrible person for wanting to become a better person first before being with her.

He didn’t like who he’s become, looking into the mirror he sees a jealous monster with issues that he can’t blame (Name) for, no, this is the baggage he brought with him. It was something he had to take care of on his own, hopefully, in the end, he comes out a better man for her.

(Name) on the other hand, makes her way back inside. Lucky for her, no one was awake, and no one had heard the argument outside or her heart-wrenching sobs. Reality becomes a blur for her as her mind slowly shuts down, she’s walking like a zombie, crawling right into bed without changing into more comfortable clothes.

She lays there, staring at her ceiling, a bittersweet smile takes over her face as hot tears escape her eyes once more; she stares at the constellations— well, they were more like blurry dots across her ceiling, but she could still make them out. She had managed to exorcise her room of everything Touya, but now— now she had to do the same thing with Katsuki. Purge her heart, soul, and room of him.

And her phone— oh my god. Her phone was full of him. Texts messages and pictures, social media and relationship statues. It was all there, how would she be able to look at her phone when he was all over it?

And her mind, it was full of all their memories. From the moment they met up till now. It all seemed like a dream, this couldn’t be real… could it? Maybe this was a terrible nightmare and once she woke up, it would be back to normal.

Except when she wakes up and turns on her phone. She finds he’s already changed his status back to single and the few pictures he had on Instagram— mainly of them— were now gone forever.

It was over, it really was over.

Chapter Text

With devastating breakups comes an amazing best friend.

Shouto stared himself down in the mirror, dressed looking ready for school and his full backpack looking like it was packed with tons of textbooks when in reality it was packed with a variety of unhealthy snacks, his hoodie and spare clothes to change into for this cuddle session he had an appointment for.

Oh, he was more than ready— well sorta.

He was nervous, it was his first time ditching school and while it’s been something he’s been dying to do for the longest, he still can’t shake off the anxiety he feels unsure of what extend his father’s wrath will be if he were to find out about this.

His palms are sweaty, knees weak, and oh jeez, he’s about to throw up the spaghetti his mom made for dinner last night. He makes his way downstairs like normal, it wasn’t hard to do. With his poker face being his normal face, it looked like normal ol’ Shouto just doing Shouto things.

Before leaving the house, he makes his way into the kitchen to grab the lunch Fuyumi made for him. He was planning on doing a grab and dash to avoid bumping into anyone— most fearfully his father.

Fortunately, he didn’t bump into his father; unfortunately, he bumped into his brother.

Shouto and Touya have a staring contest. Turquoise eyes meet turquoise and gray. A shiver runs down Touya’s spine at the cold distant look in his little brother’s eyes. They were chilling and deadly as if he knew everything that Touya did to (Name) the previous night. Which was true, Shouto knew everything, from the clues left in the backyard to the text messages (Name), had sent him before she passed out.

“Morning,” Touya says, taking a sip of coffee. His eyes still glued onto Shouto, though the younger boy has stopped staring back. His hands are quick to grab the brown paper bag with his name written on it and a tiny little heart at the end. Shouto ignores his brother, not feeling in the mood to talk to him especially not after what he did to (Name). Instead, he heads towards the door.

“Hey, um…” Touya speaks up again before Shouto could leave, causing the younger boy to stop in his tracks. “Can you tell her I said sorry?”

Shouto thinks about it for a second. He could pass on the message, but what use would it do? "Sorry" wouldn’t cut it, not after everything that’s happened to (Name) within 24 hours.

“No,” Shouto says instantly, never once turning around to look at Touya,  he walks right out of the kitchen and out of the house, leaving a flabbergasted Touya behind.

While Touya was shocked, he couldn’t say he was completely surprised by his brother’s response. All he could do was just sip his coffee and think about the consequences of his actions while he ditches school too.

“I gotta do something about this.” He whispers to himself, taking a gulp of his coffee, he accidentally scalds his tongue and throat.



Shouto scurries down the sidewalk, trying to get to (Name)’s house as soon as possible while also trying to avoid being caught by his parents or her parents. As he approaches her house, he walks into the backyard, looking around and avoiding windows until he comes to the tree next to her window. Carefully climbing up, managing to not get his backpack snagged on any branches, he’s at her window, gently knocking.

He waits patiently until he sees the curtains being pushed aside and (Name) opening the window. At first, he doesn’t take long to stare at her face, he just wanted to get inside to start comforting her already. Once he’s safely inside her room, that’s when he takes a good look at her.

She was a mess, eyes red and puffy from crying all night. Pictures of her and Katsuki that once hung up nicely on her walls were now torn off and shredded into tiny little pieces, she considered it metaphorical, they were in the same state as her heart. Katsuki clothes and gifts were all overflowing in a tiny box she had in the corner of the room, the box had the word ‘BURN’ written on the side in Sharpie.

“Hi,” (Name) murmurs as she moves away from the window, she wore her own oversized shirt that fit her like a dress. Shouto’s cheeks turn pink, he hopes she’s wearing shorts underneath.

“How you feeling?” Shouto asks as he follows (Name) over to her bed. (Name) snorts as she climbs under her covers, scooting over to the edge so Shouto has room to get in.

“Still feeling like complete shit,” She replies, eyes downcast as she stares at the empty spots on her wall where pictures of her Katsuki once hung. “At least I’m not crying anymore.”

Too bad that wouldn’t last too long.

Shouto nods, he places his backpack down next to the bed before he takes his hoodie off and slides into the bed.

“Do you want my hoodie?” He asks, pushing his hoodie in her direction. (Name) doesn’t have to think twice about it before she’s slipping out of her own hoodie and putting his own.

It’s huge, his scent immediately relaxes her; a small smile appears on her lips. “Thanks, Sho.”

“Anything for you.” He says with a smile as he watches her snuggle deeper into his sweater. It causes his heart to catch fire, she was too adorable, he just couldn’t handle it. His left arm wraps around her shoulders, bringing her closer to his chest. “Let’s start watching some movies?”

“Yeah,” (Name) smiles up at him. “Lets.”

Hours come and go, movies go from comedies to horrors, at one point the two have to take a break so (Name) could vent out all her feelings to Shouto.

“He didn’t even try and talk things out with me.” She sobs into his chest. Shouto nods his head, his hand rubbing circles on her back to calm her down.

“You know how Katsuki is,” Shouto starts off his reply once he’s sure (Name) was done talking, “He’s hotheaded, prideful, and doesn’t think things through.”

(Name)’s sobs slowly turn into gentle sniffles as she thinks over his words. He was right, Katsuki was hotheaded, and didn’t think things through most of the time because of his pride. In the madness of it all, it causes hope to bloom within her. It feels as if Shouto has shined a light down upon her, and cleared a path to possible redemption.

If someone, anyone, could make Katsuki realize what he did, then they could patch things up and be together again!

“Shouto,” (Name) looks up at her best friend with dewdrop eyelashes batting sweetly. “Could you do me a favor?”

Shouto raises an eyebrow, he knew where this was heading but wanted to hear her out.

“Could you talk to Katsuki for me? You guys are good friends now! So he would listen to you!” Oh she was playing dirty trying to use Shouto and Katsuki’s enemies to friendship dynamic against him. The heterochromatic boy just sighs as he pinches (Name)’s cheek.

“No.” And that was the end of that. (Name) snuggles back up against Shouto’s chest, her lips sealed tight as she tries her hardest to focus on Murder Mystery, but it was no use, no matter how hilarious Adam Sandler was, he simply couldn’t get (Name) out of this slump. 

Shouto presses his lips to the crown of her head. He felt bad for his blunt reply, but he also couldn’t help them get back together. He loved her and wanted to see her happy, but he knew better than to let two people further poison each other just for a moment of happiness. It was a passing phase and soon they’d end up in this same spot weeks or months later. It would become a cycle, on and off, and there more it continued the more it would damage them both.

He loves her and he simply can’t stand to watch her keep hurting herself.

She must’ve understood that, somewhere deep inside her. Shouto wouldn’t do or say anything to hurt her. He said things with a purpose, he had reasons; and for that, she couldn’t be mad at him for denying her favor, she could only accept it. As much as it hurt, she would leave it as is.

Time passes, and somewhere between 50 First Dates and Grown-Ups is where both teens had fallen asleep. It was almost 2 pm, and school was about to release for the day. No band practice was set up which was good, she wasn’t ready to face Katsuki yet, nor was she ready to let anyone else see her in her chaotic state. Eventually (Name) wakes up to see the ending credits of Grown Ups rolling, Shouto was still peacefully slumbering beside her, sprawled on his side of the bed.

His hair was a complete mess, with a little drool at the corner of his mouth. He looked absolutely adorable. (Name) squeals, quickly reaching over for her phone to take a picture of him. Since her previous wallpaper was of her and Katsuki, she was obviously in need of a new one, and Shouto would be perfect.

Opening her phone, she finds messages from a bunch of people asking her about her whereabouts. One contact stood out in particular.

[11:50 AM] Not My Drug Dealer: Hey you okay? You weren’t in class this morning :(

Her heart races knowing Hitoshi had messaged her, and he seemed worried about her. Before she replies, Shouto lets out a small snore slightly, reminding her of her mission. Taking a couple of pictures of Shouto, and giggling like a child, her background has been changed and now she can finally reply back to Hitoshi.

Staring at the screen for a bit, she ponders over what to say. Should she lie and say she just feeling a little sick? Or should she just tell him the truth? She always seems to be going through this dilemma and always happens to tell the truth. Why not switch things up and just say a little white lie?

[2:10 PM] (Name): Hey sorry I didn’t respond earlier, I was passed out. I’ve felt sick today so I decided to stay home.

Yup, (Name) was a fucking liar now. Cop sirens scream in the background, make room for the new bad bitch in town.

[2:12 PM] Not My Drug Dealer: Don’t lie to me, (Name)

Came his text message, (Name) gulps. How did he know she was lying? She didn’t know how to respond, she anxiously stares at the three dots, he was still typing so she’d wait until he was done.

[2:12 PM] Not My Drug Dealer: I went around asking. I didn’t see Shouto, so I went to Katsuki.

Oh no…

[2:13 PM] Not My Drug Dealer: Asshole nearly decked me in the face so I went to the next person in line. Touya.

Oh, dear Neptune please stop this madness.

[2:13 PM] Not My Drug Dealer: Annnnd then he told me all this shit that happened afterward. He even told me to tell you he said he’s sorry.

Oh? That had (Name) quirking an eyebrow. Touya was apologizing? She wasn’t going to respond back to that.

[2:13 PM] Not My Drug Dealer: And then, from word of mouth going around. I heard some girls talking about how they noticed Katsuki deleted all the pictures he had of you together on Instagram and Facebook.

[2:13 PM] Not My Drug Dealer: And that he changed his relationship status to single.

Fuck, so other people are noticing this, huh? It only makes her feel worse knowing it was a bunch of girls who were noticing this. Probably his fangirls getting excited that they might have a chance to get with him.


Is that the reason why he was so eager and quick to break up with her?

[2:14 PM] Not My Drug Dealer: So you can’t lie to me (Name). I want to hear your side of the story. It doesn’t seem fair that you’re so distraught about it that you had to ditch while those two assholes are just going about their day like nothing happened.

And Katsuki is just going about life like normal while she’s been in literal pieces all fucking day. Tear well up in her eyes again, warm and furious, confused and hurt. A rush of emotions hit her going 55 mph. It was painful.

[2:14 PM] Not My Drug Dealer: I’m always here, I’ll always listen to you vent and I’ll be a shoulder for you to cry on. I got edibles if you want some, we can hang and get high to get your mind off things again.

[2:14 PM] Not My Drug Dealer: Just know, I’ve been worried about you all day. You don’t deserve to go through any of this. Just text me back or call me, I’ll answer no matter what time it is. It could be 3 am and I’d answer you in a heartbeat.

(Name) finds her heart pounding faster against her rib cage as Hitoshi continues on texting her. A bud planted in her heart blooms.

[2:15 PM] Not My Drug Dealer: I think you deserve so much better than Katsuki and Touya.

And the dots stop showing that Hitoshi has stopped. He’s probably waiting for her response back. (Name) at a loss of words, unsure again on where to begin her response. Which text does she start off by replying too? There was so much said and so much to say back.

After a minute she starts off by telling him everything that happened, down to the very minuscule details. It’s paragraph after paragraph, and Hitoshi patiently waits for her to finish before he replies back with his own opinion and thoughts. The conversation lasts for over an hour, with Hitoshi sending (Name) a spam of pictures of Jinx, causing her to giggle and coo and the cute furball that is his cat. With the mood now being light-hearted and happy, Hitoshi— with sweaty palms and a nervous flutter in his stomach— decides to shoot his shot.

[3:25 PM] Not My Drug Dealer: Sooo…

[3:25 PM] (Name): Sooo? lol

[3:26 PM] Not My Drug Dealer: I was wondering if you wanted to go to homecoming with me? I’ll pick you up and pay for your ticket.

(Name) immediately falls back onto her mattress, yelping when she collides with Shouto’s arm. The poor boy groans, moving his arm and stirring around a little before he calms down. He’s still asleep, and for that, (Name) is grateful. Shaking her head, still smiling, she pulls her blanket up and over Shouto, guess they’ll be having a sleepover tonight. Focusing her attention back onto Hitoshi, she attempts to think things through unlike a certain someone she knows.

If she goes with Hitoshi, she’ll be happy and she knows she’ll have a fun time; it’s always a fun time when Hitoshi’s around. But, on the other hand, her breakup is recent and fresh, wouldn’t it look bad on her for already going to homecoming with someone else?

Her mind goes back to Hitoshi mentioning that Katsuki seemed like he was doing just fine today. Maybe, he already had a date for homecoming? It hurts her to think about that, jealousy slowly rears its ugly head. Fuck, if Katsuki evens dares to show up with another girl she’ll— she’ll fucking throw hands!

No, wait—pause.

That’s terrible, and that’s a terrible way to think. Yes, Katsuki hurt her, and yes it fucking sucks that he seems to have already moved on and is living his life while she’s still broken, and torn up about all this; but that’s no excuse for her to be toxic, it’s no excuse to take her anger out on another girl who doesn’t even know the bare bottom of the current situation. No, if Katsuki showed up to homecoming with another girl, it’ll hurt but it’ll prove to her that Katsuki was nothing more than just another bad boy who just used her and hurt her.

She may feel like this is rock bottom, but breakups are normal, and this won’t be the last time someone makes her feel warm and happy on the inside. It certainly won’t be the last time she falls in love. This was another lesson in life when you fall there’s nowhere left to go but up.

There’s no time limit with moving on, we all heal on our own time. What matters is that you pick up your pieces like a badass, accept the L and learn how to grow from this experience. It may seem like death, but like a phoenix, you will rise from your ashes, a bigger and better person.

(Name) stares at the torn pictures sitting at the top of her garbage can. A bittersweet smile plays on her lips as she types out her response.

[3:27 PM] (Name): I’d be so down to go to homecoming with you! :)

Move aside bad boys, a bad bitch is in town.

Chapter Text


Rumors were spreading around school like wildfire over (Name) and Katsuki’s breakup. Boys were going wild knowing (Name) was fresh back on the market, and girls were practically throwing themselves at Katsuki. It was rough for the both of them, more so for (Name) ask she watches the nth girl confess to Katsuki at was once their shared locker.

“Can you believe this?” (Name) growls through her teeth as she leans against the lockers; Hitoshi digging through his own locker, not paying attention to where (Name) was looking, but he had a feeling he knew what it was.

(Name)’s glare bores through the girl’s head, if she had laser vision—well, that girl would be fucking dead. Hitoshi finally decides to take a glance over his shoulder to see what had (Name) going feral. Of course, it was another pretty girl offering a homemade treat to the notorious drummer. Girls had a huge thing for bad boys in bands, despite the shitty attitude some come with.

Hitoshi just rolls his eyes before he turns to look at (Name), he’s instantly shaken by the icy cold look in her eyes, if looks could kill, (Name) would have wiped out half the world’s population by now.

Sighing, he closes his locker, adjusting his backpack strap over one shoulder, he inches closer to (Name).

“Come here.” Is all he says as he pulls (Name) into his arms, she’s quick to wrap her arms around his waist, getting close to his body. Hitoshi rests his head on top of hers. “It’s all going to be fine.”

“You sure?” Her anger dissipates, turning into sadness. Her throat burns and her eyes well up with tears, it’s a good thing her face was buried against his chest and muffling her sniffles.

“Yeah I’m sure, I got ya. I won’t let anyone hurt you.” Hitoshi replies as he places a small kiss on her forehead to further reassure her. “I promise.”

From down the hall, a pair of red eyes burn into the back of Hitoshi’s head; Katsuki stood there, furious and his hands tightly clenched. He was so absorbed with the sight he completely drowned out the voice of the girl standing in front of him.

Not like he was even paying attention to her in the first place. Ever since word got around about the breakup, girls were going up to him with confessions and baked goods. He graciously accepted the food but callously denied their feelings of affection.

Sure they cried, but Katsuki didn’t care. He, himself hasn’t moved on from (Name) so he wasn’t going to accept the feelings for girls he didn’t know nor cared about; and Katsuki knows he’s the one who initiated the breakup, but what else was he supposed to do? Talk things out and then pretend nothing was wrong? Then let the pile of problems grow until they explode and they end up back where they started, just repeating this never-ending cycle.

No, he didn’t want that, and he didn’t want to cause her any more pain. Space was needed, and a break was necessary.

And he knows that this is important, but he can’t help but feel jealous. His stomach churns, and his body heats up at the sight before him. He hasn’t moved on, but it sure does seem like (Name) has—and with the guy she told him not to worry about of all people.

The random girl in front of Katsuki continues to babble on, whatever she was talking about—Katsuki has no fucking clue. His mind is so preoccupied with everything going on that he’s completely drowned out the one-sided conversation. That is until he sees Hitoshi lift (Name)’s head up so he could kiss her forehead.

Katsuki’s teeth painful grind against each other and for a second he finds one foot stepping in their direction but the gentle voice in front of him breaks him away from his rampage.

“Sorry! I didn’t mean to ramble for so long, but I just wanted to know if you wanted to go to homecoming with me?” The girl peers up at him, innocently batting her eyelashes. Katsuki’s eye twitches for a second, ready to tell her to fuck off when a light bulb goes off in his head.

This… this could potentially work to his advantage?

Taking one last look in the direction of the couple, he makes up his mind. His hand reaches out to grab the small box of chocolates the girl made for him, and with a mumble, he agrees.

“Yeah sure, why not. Give me your number I’ll pick you up at 6 pm.”


Homecoming, such a magical night. The cheaper version of prom, with all the drama, included.

The school parking lot was filled to the brim, teens hung around trucks, attempting to find clever ways to sneak in their small canisters of alcohol, others were simply pre-gaming. Hitoshi has a tight grip on (Name)’s hand as he leads her through the parking lot jungle towards the school entrance.

“Hey, Toshi~!” A couple of girls purr as the pair walk past. “You selling tonight?”

“Sorry ladies,” Hitoshi smiles as he holds up the hand that held onto (Name)’s, “not here for work. Tonight I’m focusing completely on my girl.”

A chorus of awes cause (Name)’s face to heat up, her heart picking up the pace. As her eyes dart everywhere, except on the girls and on Hitoshi. The attention doesn’t last long as Hitoshi starts leading her towards the school, the girls wishing them a good night as they giggle at how adorable their dealer could be when he wanted to.

“I’m your girl?” (Name) asks inquisitively, with doe eyes she stares up at Hitoshi, noticing the bright pink hue that takes over his cheeks immediately. He adverts his eyes for a second before glancing back at her, a soft smiling playing on his lips.

“I mean, I know right now isn’t the best time for you considering everything that’s happened, but you can be once you’re ready and if you want to be.” He replies thoughtfully. (Name) looks down at the ground, her hand giving him a small squeeze.

“Thank you.” She whispers, hiding her face against his shoulder so that he can’t see her smile. But he knows, they’ve only known each other for a short period of time yet Hitoshi could read her like the back of his hand.

“Don’t gotta thank me for putting you first.” Hitoshi chuckle. They finally reach the entrance, Hitoshi momentarily breaks their hands apart so that he could grab his wallet and pull out their homecoming tickets. (Name) stands near him, her fingers anxiously clamped onto his belt loops. As soon as the tickets are taken and exchanged for neon entrance bracelets, Hitoshi intertwines their fingers once again before leading her to the gym.

“You doing okay?” He asks her, taking note of her worried expression and the soft squeezes she was giving his hand. (Name) silently nods, her pace becoming increasingly slower. At this point, it was hard to deny that something was wrong.

“(Name),” His voice is firm, his lilac eyes staring directly into her eyes. “Don’t lie to me. What’s wrong?”

“I guess I’m just nervous?” She speaks yet she’s unsure of what she was saying. Why was she nervous? Is it because there were rumors flying around that Katsuki has a new girlfriend that he was bringing to homecoming? Was she scared to see how much better this new girl is? Maybe she was more willing to cut off all communication with her guy pals with no hesitation—just like he wanted. Maybe this new girl didn’t feed into his insecurities like she did. Maybe—

“(Name), you don’t have to be nervous or scared when I’m here,” Hitoshi’s voice breaks her away from her panicked thoughts, his hand gives hers a gentle reassuring squeeze to prove that his existence in this world was real, all of this was real, and as long as he was standing beside her, there was nothing she needed to fear. Hitoshi was a light of hope in this dark tunnel— an amazing person and an amazing friend.

Any guy would’ve taken advantage of her in her vulnerable state of mind, but Hitoshi put her first and above anything else. For a bad boy— he sure didn’t act like one. The only bad boy thing about Hitoshi was his illicit side job and his tired and messy look— but besides that, he had the personality of a good boy, the type of boy you’d bring around to meet your parents.

“Thanks, Toshi.” (Name) smiles up at him. The two of them stop in front of the gym entrance, hands still firmly clasped together. She takes a deep breath before placing her hand on the handle, Hitoshi doing the same thing.

“Ready?” He asks her. She’s not, but with Hitoshi by her side, she feels ready to brace herself for whatever happens behind these doors.

“Yeah, I’m ready.” With her confirmation, they push the doors open. Lights flash around the semi-dark gym, hordes of students dance on the dance floor, some kids sit on the bleachers chatting with friends— uninterested and bored.

Heads turn and whispers fill social circles when all eyes land on (Name) and Hitoshi— and on the fact that they were holding hands. (Name)’s face heats up at the attention, but her embarrassment doesn’t last long when Mina comes bouncing up to them.

“(Name)! Baby~!” MIna yells, pulling (Name) into a hug. The tension in the air dissipates into nothing. People go back to minding their own business and dancing with their own friends or significant others.

“Mina!” (Name) shouts back, breaking her handhold so that she could hug Mina back. Their words mumble together as they excitedly speak. After a few minutes, they laugh and break apart.

“Soo~,” Mina starts off, lips curled into a suggestive smirk and one eyebrow quirked as she wiggles her finger between (Name) and Hitoshi, “y’all together now?”

“Um,” They both say, their faces feeling overheated as they give each other a quick glance before looking back at Mina’s happy face.

“N-no— well, not yet?” (Name) says, much to the surprise of both teens. Hitoshi can’t help but form a stupidly cute smile at that, he has to turn away for a second so neither girls could see how giddy that made him.

“Enough of this cuteness! Let’s go dance!” Mina jumps behind the pair, pushing them towards the end of the gym where all their friends stood around in a corner. Somewhere along the way, (Name)’s hand finds Hitoshi’s hand, their fingers intertwining once again.

Her heart is racing, and it makes her feel guilty. She just got out of a relationship and she wasn’t completely over Katsuki— nor did she ever think she’d be over him. Yet here she was at homecoming with another guy who clearly had a thing for her—and she might have a small thing for him… maybe? But isn’t this against fresh breakup rules?

At that moment, as she turns her head to look at Hitoshi, her (Eye Color) eyes instead meet crimson eyes. They stare at each other from across the gym. Katsuki stood by the punch bowl, his arm throw over a girl’s shoulder. She seemed to be eagerly eating up the attention. (Name) swallows the lump forming in her throat.

All feelings of guilt are instantly washed away by tidal waves of anger. It bubbles up slowly inside of her. This entire time she’s been crying over him and he’s already clearly moved on…

Taking in a huge breath, she adverts her eyes from Katsuki, this time looking up at Hitoshi. He looked so serene, quickly striking up a conversation with Denki and Shouto. No one questions them holding hands nor what their relationship was. Hitoshi was quickly accepted into their small group of friends.

(Name) smiles at him and everything he’s done to help her feel better. Without him, she’d probably still be in bed right now just crying her eyes out to another romantic comedy. She’s too young to be worrying over ex-boyfriends and relationships that didn’t work out… it’s probably time to start moving on.

Ignoring the burning stares she feels from two different directions, she continues to enjoy this time with Hitoshi and her friends— leaving all her issues and problems for another day. Tonight was going to be different, a change of a pace and a breath of fresh air.

Katsuki, on the other hand, wasn’t going down this same path. He broods in his own little corner of the gym, monopolizing on the snack tables. He retains a hawk-like stare on Hitoshi and (Name) while not giving his date any attention at all.

He’s too busy glaring that he doesn’t even notice Touya stride over to him, intentionally bumping shoulders with the explosive Sophomore.

“Oh sorry, didn’t mean to disturb your death glare,” Touya smirks, he himself earns one of Katsuki’s harden glares, but it’s not as deadly as the one he had just been shooting at Hitoshi.

“Fuck off, where’s your lap dog?” Katsuki mumbles, his eyes moving around the room to look for the blond pigtailed girl that always followed Touya around. Touya grabs himself a drink, quirking an eyebrow for a second before it clicks in his mind who Katsuki was referring to.

“Envy? I broke up with her.” Touya answers, taking a sip of his drink. He turns back around so his back is facing the snacks and drinks. His eyes immediately land on (Name) and Hitoshi, his eye twitches with annoyance for a second before he calms himself down.

“So you and Envy are… done done?” Katsuki asks, stepping in closer to Touya. The two stand shoulder to shoulder, both looking at the same two people.

“Yeah. Done done. Why? Are you trying to get back with her? I don’t think you should be saying that in front of your little date.” Touya nods his head at the random girl that stood off a short distance from them with her own little friend group. She occasionally looks over her shoulder to stare at Katsuki with those lovesick eyes, too bad he’s not paying attention.

Katsuki stays silent on the date part, not that he even needs to say anything. Touya’s already caught onto what he was doing.

“Just trying to make her jealous, huh?” Touya smirks and shakes his head when he sees the red hue that takes over Katsuki’s face.

“Let me give you a piece of advice as someone who broke her heart—this,” Touya motions between Katsuki and the random girl, “it won’t work on (Name). Think of a better plan.” And with that, Touya grabs a plate of snacks and his drink before he walks off to the bleachers, sitting by a boy with long shaggy grayish hair, and another blond girl with messy buns.

Katsuki watches the older boy walk off, confused by the well-meaning advice he was given. Weren’t they love rivals? Last time he checked, rivals don’t give each other advice—especially not when it gives one an advantage on getting with the girl they were fighting over.

What game was Touya playing?

He doesn’t have enough time to ponder over it, suddenly the strobe light change color, and the DJ announces a new song about to start.

“For all you heartbroken teens out there, this one’s for you!” From in front of him, he can see Hitoshi leading (Name) along to the middle the dance floor, the two of them are giggling. From the corner of his eye, he can see his date approaching him.

There are two things he can do, he could dance with his date near (Name) and try and get her jealous, or—fuck, he can’t believe he’s even considering taking his advice— OR he can take Touya’s advice and just march over to (Name) and dance with her.

The window of time to decide narrows and the split second before it closes— he’s made up his mind. Taking a step forward, he ignores his date and makes his way straight to (Name).

She's going out to forget they were together
All that time he was taking her for granted
She wants to see if there's more
Than he gave she's looking for

Hitoshi and (Name) laugh as they dance along, naive to the jealous boy approaching them.

“I’m going to twirl you, ready?” Hitoshi chuckles, (Name) eagerly nods her head, offering her hand to Hitoshi.

“Yes!” With that, Hitoshi grabs her hand, wraps an arm around her and twirls her out. (Name) laughs, colliding into someone’s chest. She places her hands flat on his chest, looking up with a smile expecting to find Hitoshi looking down at her— sadly it’s the last person she wanted to talk about.

“(Name),” Katsuki says her name with a formal and tense tone. His arms wrapped around her body, preventing her from pushing herself away.

“Katsuki.” She says his name back, averting her eyes away from his.

“Can, I— uh, can I have this dance?” His confidence and arrogant personality washes away into nervousness and extreme shyness. He was scared of her rejecting his request.

(Name) peeks over her shoulder, her confused expression matching his. It doesn’t last long because soon Denki and Mina and crowding next to him, forcing him to dance with them. With Hitoshi preoccupied, (Name) turns to Katsuki and nods her head.

“Yeah, sure.”

He calls her up
He's trippin' on the phone now
He doesn't want her out there
And alone now

At first, they fumble against each other’s feet as they try to sync their steps. It’s sad to see how out of sync they’ve become since the breakup

Silence consumes them despite how loud the room was. The silence between them is deafening and it causes them to become even more anxious.

Not being able to take it anymore, he breaks the silence to speak up.

“So, Hitoshi huh?”

He knows she's movin' it
Knows she's using it
Now he's losing it, she don't care

“What about him?” (Name) asks, confused and caught off guard by his question.

“Just wondering.” Katsuki mumbles, adverting his eyes elsewhere.

“Yeah, Hitoshi,” She sighs, deciding to answer his question. “He asked me to homecoming and I accepted.”

More silence.

“Nothing more than just that.” (Name) adds in with a whisper. Katsuki only nods as the two continue to dance to the song.

Everybody put up your hands
Say I don't wanna be in love
I don't wanna be in love

“What about your girlfriend?” (Name) questions, taking a glance at the snack table to find Katsuki’s date glaring directly at her.

“What? I don’t have a girlfriend.” Katsuki quickly answers. (Name) just hums, not accepting the answer he’s given her.

“Sure~” She drawls, taking this moment to move her head in the direction of a jealousy fuming girl. “Then why is that girl—who I saw you with when I walked in— now giving me an intense death glare?”

Katsuki looks over his shoulder in the direction of his upset date.

Feel the beat now
If you've got nothing left
Say I don't wanna be in love
I don't wanna be in love

“That’s not my girlfriend.” He turns away from the girl to look back down at (Name).

“That’s not what the rumors are saying,” (Name) mumbles. Her eyes advert away from his face, she still didn’t think she was strong enough to stare into those crimson eyes for a long period of time. Just being in his arms make her legs weak, the last thing she wanted was to break her resolve.

Not when she was finally starting to feel better.

Katsuki’s eye twitches at her words, he was becoming visibly annoyed. “Since when have you started believing the bullshit all these extra spew out?”

“Since I walked in and saw you with her.”

Back it up now
You've got a reason to live
Say I don't wanna be in love
I don't wanna be in love
Feelin' good now
Don't be afraid to get down
Say I don't wanna be in love
I don't wanna be in love

“Well, you shouldn’t believe it. It’s not true and she’s not my girlfriend.” Katsuki answers. His hands were starting to get sweaty from the nerves, the tense air surrounding him and (Name) was making him uneasy.

“So did you ask her to homecoming?” (Name) continues to question him, as jealous as she was— she couldn’t lie, she was curious to know more. Even if the answers only end up hurting her even more.

“No, she asked me. I wasn’t about to ask some random girl out to homecoming.” He scuffs. This causes (Name) to raise an eyebrow.

“So why accept her invite?”

He was always giving her attention
Looking hard to find the things she mentioned
He was dedicated but most suckers hate it
That girl was fine but she didn't appreciate him

Katsuki’s speechless. Unsure of how to answer her question. Of course, he knew why he accepted to be that girl’s date—so he could make (Name) jealous, but there was no way in hell he was going to say that to her.

“Do you even know her name?” (Name) begins an onslaught of questions, knocking Katsuki down a beg each time she took one of his building blocks away.

“Of fucking course I know her name!” No, he doesn’t, anger slowly starts to bubble within him. “Why are you making me come out to be the bad guy just because I accepted her invite? Last time I checked you also accepted someone else’s invite. And who’s was it? Oh! It was the guy you told me not to worry about when we were dating.”

Katsuki quickly flips the script on (Name), tension turns to rage between them, all those dancing close to and or around them have now backed away a couple of steps.

She calls him up
She's trippin' on the phone now
He had to get up
And he ain't comin' home now
He's tryin' to forget her
That's how we come with him
When he first met her
When they first got together

“Hitoshi and I are just friends.” (Name) quickly rebuttals

“And my date and I are just friends too,” Katsuki says, carefully avoiding the name of his date. He somehow forgot to ask for it along this wild scheme of his. “But you don’t see me feeding into the rumors of you and Hitoshi dating.”

Everybody put up your hands
Say I don't wanna be in love
I don't wanna be in love
Feel the beat now
If you got nothing left
Say I don't wanna be in love
I don't wanna be in love

“There’s rumors that me and Hitoshi are dating?” (Name) whispers, feeling her face turn warm at the thought. Katsuki doesn’t miss the happy glimmer in her eyes when he said that. “Of fucking course. Especially when you’re all over him in the hallways at school, did you not expect a rumor to start?”

“N-no, I just— are you jealous?” She feels confused about everything that was happening. She knew she was jealous when she heard the rumors that Katsuki was seeing someone new, but did he feel the same way when he heard rumors that she and Hitoshi were together? Her heart swells with pain, why was this happening to them?

“What kind of fucking question is that? Of course, I was fucking jealous, I’m still extremely fucking jealous!” Katsuki starts shouting, taking in deep breathes as he allows his thoughts, feelings, and emotions to spill out into the open. “I fucking love you, it fucking hurt seeing that we just broke up and you were already moving onto the guy that you told me not to worry about! I just—I don’t know.”

“I didn’t move on! And if you love me then why did you break up with me? Why didn’t you just give us time to talk things through and work it out!” (Name) shouts back, a raging storm in her mind. If he really did love her then what was the point of breaking up? They were supposed to be a team... a unit that could get over any obstacle that got in their way.

“Because we’re not healthy for each other!” Katsuki admits, his throat burning with what he would say next. “I love you but we’re not healthy for each other. Just look at us now, this isn’t healthy, this is toxic. I love you so much I couldn’t do this to you anymore.”

“We could’ve talked things out,” (Name) whispers, the truth in his words hitting her where it hurts most because she knew he was right—yet she was still in denial. Maybe there was still a chance that they could’ve worked things out and everything would be great— better, amazing! Right?

Katsuki shakes his head, “We could’ve talked things through a million times but the issue is me. I’m jealous, angry, full of flaws. Nothing would change if I don’t learn how to change myself first. This is something that duct tape can fix.”

Back it up now
You got a reason to live
Say I don't wanna be in love
I don't wanna be in love
Feelin' good now
Don't be afraid to get down
Say I don't wanna be in love
I don't wanna be in love
To the beat, to the beat, to the beat You got nothing to lose
Don't be afraid to get down

It’s silent between them. It feels as if the entire room has gone quiet, but it hasn’t. Everyone around them is having the time of their lives, enjoying these fleeting moments of youth instead of wasting them on what-ifs and arguments with their exes.

Their chests hurt and their throats burn, yet in the heat of the moment, they find their lips interlocked. Why? Even they weren’t completely sure, but all they knew was that it felt nice but soon that feeling disappears, leaving an empty feeling in their souls. Their spark was gone.

They break apart, looking directly into each other’s eyes, (Name) finally speaks up.

“Will you look at that, my favorite part is coming up.” (Name) smiles sadly.

“Same,” Katsuki says, he pulls her close to his chest. “Last jam?”

We break up, it's something that we do now
Everyone has got to do it sometime
It's okay, let it go
Get out there and find someone

(Name) nods her head and soon they begin to sing along. Their eyes never looking away, and before they know it— they’re both crying in each other’s arms knowing this was really the end. The hatchet was buried, emotions and feelings were revealed, and there was nothing they could do.

They could get back together, but what good would that be? They have yet to fix anything about themselves, getting back will only intensify the pain each time something like this happens again.

Funny how this was the song that had to play as they officially broke up.

It's too late to be trippin' on the phone here
Get off the wire, know everything is good here
Stop what you're doin', you don't wanna ruin
The chance that you got to find a new one

Katsuki has a sad smile on his lips as he gently pushes (Name) away from his body, turning her around. (Name) was confused until her eyes find Hitoshi glancing at them, his cheeks pink with embarrassment. Katsuki lets go of her, shoving his hands in his pockets he makes his way over to where he abandoned his date—she sat alone at a table, sad. He needed to apologize to her as well.

(Name) walks towards Hitoshi, they needed to have a talk as well.

Two broken teens walk away from each other, hurt and confused but both knew this was for the best. The night might’ve not been the most magical thing ever, but it would forever leave a lasting impression in their minds that will shape who they are, and who they end up with in the future.

It’s a lesson they desperately needed to learn.

Everybody put up your hands
Say I don't wanna be in love
I don't wanna be in love
Feel the beat now
If you got nothing left
Say I don't wanna be in love
I don't wanna be in love

“You okay?” Hitoshi asks (Name) as soon as she’s within arms reach. His hands come up, cupping her cheeks and wiping away the tears that were accumulating at the corners of her eyes.

(Name)’s hands land on his, but she nods her head.

“Yeah, that needed to happen.” (Name) smiles up at her date.

Back it up now
You got a reason to live
Say I don't wanna be in love
I don't wanna be in love
Feelin' good now
Don't be afraid to get down
Say I don't wanna be in love
I don't wanna be in love

“So everything between you two is good now? Are you guys— back together?” Hitoshi feels uncomfortable saying the last part, and he felt guilty but... he was hoping that they didn’t get back together.

“Everything is... sorta okay between me and Katsuki now, but— no. We’re not back together.” At that moment, Hitoshi almost exhales a sigh of relief, but he didn’t.

“Well, that’s good. How are you feeling after all that?”

“Well,” She starts off with a chuckle, “I’m super sad but things will get better ya know? It sucks right now but it won’t suck forever. Also—“ (Name) grabs Hitoshi’s hands and begins pulling him over to a corner in the gym that was mostly empty, “We also need to have a talk.”

No, no
Now you know what to do
So come on, get up, girl

From his seat on the bleachers, Touya had a great view of the entire gym. He watched the entire argument between (Name) and Katsuki, he witnessed their kiss and watched them walk away from each other. His eyes darted between Katsuki making up with his date, offering the crestfallen girl his hand and pulling her onto the dance floor. He looks back at Hitoshi and (Name) and finds them standing in the corner of the gym.

It looks like they’re just talking and then— oh fuck, they’re kissing?!

Toga whistles, her cheeks covered with a light pink blush as she stares at her friend getting some action. “Look at Toshi go! Who would’ve thought he’d beat you to her!” She can’t help but burst into laughter, her hands slapping the back of Tomura’s head. The light blue-haired boy grinds his teeth in annoyance as he tries to slap Toga’s hands away.

“Fuck off,” Tomura barks at the silly girl, he scoots away from her so he could continue playing on his switch.

“What are you going to do, Touya?” Toga asks as she continues to watch her younger friend get the girl he likes—the girl that two boys in the friend group were fighting after. Touya merely shrugs, drinking his fruit punch. “Are you mad?”

“I’m not mad, maybe a bit annoyed.” Touya answers truthfully, he expected Hitoshi might end up being a throne in his side, but it’s not like there aren’t other ways around him, “I got a couple more tricks up my sleeve.”

Chapter Text

The tension was thick. Contact names were changed and everything that involved the two of them being together in a romantic relationship was deleted off their phones and social media making this breakup, official. With all that also came the awkwardness of having to write love songs with her newfound ex-boyfriend.

Katsuki sat on the couch opposite from (Name), both teens lost in their own notebooks— yup that’s right, the Katsu(Name) songbook was no more. Now it sat forgotten on (Name)’s desk, gathering dust. It was sad when Katsuki suggested for them to abandon the book and just part paths with their own notebooks.

“It contains too many memories of us, I would rather not be reminded each time we sat down to write.” He said when his eyes landed on the journal, his heart palpitates with pain at the mere sight of it. He knows that this time the breakup was mutual, and he knows he basically told (Name) go out there— fuck now he sorta regrets that— but he needed to stay strong. The journal was a no-no and it would only continue to fuel his heartbreak.

Of course, like the emotionally closed-off person he is, he didn’t say anything to (Name), leading her to believe that he just hated her and them, and couldn’t stand the sight of what used to be a part of them. Okay that was a little over-exaggerated, but she finds her heart falling a bit knowing that this entire thing was real— the breakup was real and they were really over. She needed to get used to not being (Name) and Katsuki, she had to be (Name) with no Katsuki.

“Any ideas?” (Name) breaks the silence surrounding them. They’ve been down there trying to write songs for the past three hours, yet to no avail— neither has been blessed with a surge of inspiration; and to make matters worse, the live arts festival was next week and of course Shouto signed them up— bless him and his amazing managerial skills, but fuck this event couldn’t have come at a worse time.

Thinking about that... that was just one event, imagine how much worse this will get once Shouto starts booking them to other bigger events? Sitting in this room for hours on end with her ex-boyfriend... writing more songs about love when it’s clear the two are still heartbroken over their breakup! And it doesn’t help that their experiences are virtually different.

(Name) might be a single Pringle now, but currently, a tired-lilac-eyed boy is pinning after her—hard. She can’t lie, she loves the type of attention he gives her, and okay! Maybe they shared a kiss... or two... or three... at homecoming— and then afterward? God! Don’t look at her like that! She’s young, dumb, and sad and there’s no better remedy to heartbreak than by immediately getting into another relationship! Lord, no that’s terrible but like I said: She’s young, dumb, and sad.

Katsuki on the other hand is pinning after one girl and one girl only: (Name). They may be broken up but his heart and mind haven’t wondered yet. Okay sure he may occasionally look at someone’s ass when Denki and Sero point it out at school, but he wasn’t going out of his way to tame some strange as his coping mechanism. Nope! Katsuki was a loyal man, even when he has no one to be loyal too.

What about the girl from homecoming, you ask? Well, Katsuki took a page out of Eijirou’s book of manliness, and went up and apologized to her. As part of his apology, he spent the rest of homecoming, dancing and talking to her before dropping her off at home. The two talked about things, allowing Katsuki to get his mind off things and allow him to relax but that was all— just talking. After that he went home and hasn’t heard from her since. Which is a good thing because he still doesn’t know her name. Yikes.

While they might have gotten things sorted with other people— they were not sorted out together. Sure they agreed to break up, but let’s be honest. After close to a year of dating, it’s hard to just forget about all those feelings and go back to being friends. 

“Nope, no ideas yet.” Katsuki answers. Silence resumes, dread fills them to the brim. They wanted nothing more than to just talk to each other again, but with the way things were— maybe it was too early for them to be just friends again. Another hour of silence passes, no ideas shared and no words written down. Just silence.

Once Katsuki packs up and leaves for the night, (Name) trudges upstairs to the kitchen in search of some nourishment. The house is silent and dark, leaving her to her own devices and her own dark thoughts. She could call Shouto to invite him over— but she knew better. It was Sunday night, a school night, and Shouto was most likely being forced by his father to learn the way of the trade. It’s the difficulty of being the son of a successful businessman.

It’s only been a couple of minutes since Katsuki left, yet it feels like an eternity, and that's when bad news and bad luck strike her with even more sadness through a simple text message.

[8:55 PM] Katsuki: I think we should stop being writing partners.

If it was possible for her heart to break even more, right now’s when it would happen. Why was this happening? What did she do to invoke the wrath of the Gods?

[8:55 PM] Katsuki: I’m not quitting the band... I just can’t be your writing partner anymore. See you at band practice.

She doesn’t want to cry but she can’t stop the waterworks. She bends down, her body wreaked with sobs as she buries her face in her hands, phone abandoned on the floor. An unknown amount of time passes before she’s done crying, completely spent and laying down on the cold hard ground.

Her body feels number and emotions are unable to be found. She;s dehydrated, and feels like complete and under shit. Why was she so sad? She and Katsuki came to the mutual understanding that they weren’t healthy for each other, so why was she sad?

Her hand automatically reaches for her abandoned phone, unlocking it and opening the text messages Katsuki sent. The bright light momentarily blinds her until her eyes get accustomed to it. For a while, she blankly stares at the texts, reading them over and over again, attempting to decipher them. Maybe there was something she was missing? Was she not reading between the lines? Was there some hidden message behind this?

She was forever in denial, and for some reason she began to bargain in her mind. If only she had been a better friend— a better girlfriend— none of this would be happening. If she hadn’t become friends with Hitoshi or gone off that night to talk to Touya, none of this would be happening. But! But, if she was given a second chance she’d be different, she’ll do things differently, this time she’ll be a better girlfriend—

No. No, no, no. That doesn’t sound right— for some reason, the thought of even being considered Katsuki’s girlfriend again felt foreign on her tongue. Things weren’t healthy and she knew this, being not together was for the better. She missed the relationship sure, but what she missed, even more, was just being Katsuki’s friend.

Each time she thinks back to the good times, her mind mostly goes back to the times they were just friends. Writing songs inspired on their shared heartbreak, jamming along to their favorite songs and bands, storytimes, late-night talks, late-night walks. How hard she strived to make him open up to her— as a friend. This all started on a beautiful friendship and now that was gone.

And that’s what hurt her the most. It hurt her to know she lost an amazing friend, and that their friendship would never be the same, nor would they ever be able to share in those same good and fun activities from before. That was over and dead just like their relationship. Nothing can fix this—all she can hope for is time and that hopefully, they’ll eventually be able to go back to being friends... emphasis on hopefully

She closes her phone, and lays it facing up. The darkness of in the room consumes her, swallowing her and merging her in the void. All thoughts, emotions, and scenarios begin to run loose—and thought soon become dangerous. She just wants this pain to go away, but before she can do anything— her phone lights up.

Normally she would just ignore it, but something within her urges her to take a look. Picking up her phone and once again being temporarily blinded by the brightness, she manages to turn it down a bit to a comfortable level. The notification is a text from Hitoshi.

[9:45 PM] Toshi: how ya feeling?

She stares at the message and the time. She’s been on the floor for almost an hour and yet it felt like an eternity; and while the time was the biggest thing on her mind. Her heart was soaring at such a simple message from Hitoshi; but it also makes her wonder, how did he know to text her? Especially asking her how she was feeling? She might just be overthinking it and this text could be a coincidence. Either way, she begins to text him back.


[9:48 PM] Cute Band Nerd: I’m good :) how about you? Why are you still awake?

Hitoshi’s phone goes off with a loud ‘PING’ alerting not only him but his friends as well. Hitoshi was currently hanging out in the cold fall woods, sitting around a bonfire with some people he’d label as his friends.

“Is your girlfriend texting you~?” Toga squeals, bouncing over to Hitoshi and attempting to grab his phone to see the messages between him and (Name). Hitoshi’s reflexes are quick, he pulls his phone away in time and stashes it in his pocket— away from the nosey girl.

“She’s not my girlfriend, Toga.” Hitoshi is quick to correct her despite how much he doesn’t want to. He would love to call (Name) his girlfriend, he wants nothing more than to just love her with all his heart and be the type of person she deserves, but in order to do that— he needs to give her her time and space to figure herself out. All he can do is just patiently wait until she’s ready.

“Not yet.” Tomura mumbles from his seat, not once looking up at the quarreling pair. Hitoshi’s face immediately heats up. Toga takes notice and begins to tease her underclassman on his cute little crush.

“Will you two shut the fuck up?” Another voice speaks up, all eyes turn to Touya. He had a sour look on his face— all thanks to this conversation— he held a blunt between his lips while he fiddles with the lighter in his right hand. The stupid thing wasn’t working and all he wanted to do was get high and forget about all this bullshit for a night.

Toga bounces back to her seat between the two boys, her cheeks are a rosy red as she thinks about her own little crush on an underclassman. Tomura looks back to his switch, attempting to beat the final boss on Breath of the Wild, but just because he’s got all eyes on the game doesn’t mean he can’t see the dumb shit Touya was doing, so he speaks up.

“You literally have a fire quirk, you don’t need a lighter you absolute fucking clown.”

“Honk honk! Put on your clown shoes, ToUyA!” Toga screeches with laughter. Touya, in a fit of anger, yeets the lighter deep into the dark woods surrounding the group before igniting a flicker of fire on his hand.

“Shut the fuck up,” He mumbles as he finally gets his blunt lit, extinguishing the fire, he takes a dab before passing it over to Toga who eagerly accepts it. Hitoshi remains quiet in his seat, accepting the blunt when it’s his turn to hit it. He hands it over to Tomura. While the group becomes distracted with other matters, Hitoshi takes this moment to reply back to (Name)

He thinks about the message for a while before he hits send. The blunt comes back to him, so he stashes his phone in his pocket once again. Touya’s already starting to feel the effects, a small smile playing on his lips as Toga shows him funny Tik Toks she’s got saved on her phone.

Hitoshi can’t help but stare at Touya, and for a second their eyes meet. Hitoshi knows fully well about Touya’s feelings for (Name)— he’s known about them since middle school. Yet here he is, breaking bro code and going after he’s friend’s ex-girlfriend/crush. He and (Name) may not be dating right now, but that makes Hitoshi wonder: should he follow his heart and go after the girl of his dreams, or should he be a good friend and not backstab his friend —best friend— like that?

To make a long story short, Hitoshi was in quite the predicament.


[9:59 PM] Toshi: I know that’s bull, what’s wrong?

(Name) can’t help but chuckle, it was just like Hitoshi to know when she was lying about her feelings. It was scary how well he seemed to know her— he knew her better than she knew herself and for some reason that scared her. The only people who knew her that well were Shouto and… Katsuki. Fear grips her heart knowing someone else was trying to wiggle himself within that special spot, what were his intentions? Was this all just going to be another repeat of her and Katsuki?

[10:01 PM] Toshi: I can head over if you want to vent?

(Name) thinks for a moment, Hitoshi has only been the sweetest— there’s no way he has an ulterior motives right? He’s been comforting her and helping her through all this heartache— she instantly feels guilty for doubting him and his kindness. She replies back, accepting his offer.

[10:04 PM] Toshi: Okay, I’ll be over in 30 minutes.

And sure enough, 30 minutes later he was at her house. High as a kite but still a better listener than normal, sober guys. They lay in her bed for hours, only hushing down when her parents come back home— she still wasn’t allowed to have boys in her room while she was home alone— of course the only exception to this rule was Shouto; and as much as her parents loved Hitoshi, they weren’t going to be very pleased to find him high, and in bed with their daughter.

So once the lights downstairs flicker on, Hitoshi slowly settles down on the floor, on the side of the bed that wasn’t visible from the door, half his body was under the bed and the other half was outside, still peeking up at (Name). If her parents decided to open the door and check up on her, Hitoshi had the chance to completely slide under the bed and (Name) would just pretend to be asleep. Luckily they didn’t need to do that, the lights downstairs shut off and the sound of her parents footsteps leads them straight to their own room where they hear the door close shut.

“Coast is clear,” (Name) whispers, sliding over in the bed to make room for Hitoshi once more. He slides in under the covers with her. Hitoshi lays on his back while (Name) lays on her side, staring at Hitoshi. It’s dark in her room, the moment Hitoshi entered through her window, she closed it and covered the window with her curtains. The only source of light they had was the glow-in-the-dark stars above them.

The conversation continues on for hours until the sunlight starts peeking through the cracks in the curtains. For some reason, neither one of them was tired; and after a couple of hours of on-and-off crying, (Name) lays there, smiling. Hitoshi can’t help but smile back. Soon, they’re both standing at her open window, hands entwined and clothes disheveled.

“Thanks Toshi,” (Name) whispers, her hand gives his a small gentle squeeze. He continues smiling but he has a confused look on his face

“Thanking me for what?” Hitoshi whispers back, he moves his hand away from her’s, bringing it up to her cheek to rub gentle circles on her cheekbone. (Name) closes her eyes, enjoying the warmth coming off his hand.

“Thanks for staying the night with me. I wasn’t in a good place last night and you being here really helped me a lot.”

“I’m always here for you.” Hitoshi says, planting a kiss on (Name)’s forehead. “Now, go get ready for school okay? We’ll talk later.”

“Yeah,” (Name) smiles. Hitoshi slips out of her window and carefully slides down the tree, as soon as his feet touch the ground, he makes a run for it before (Name)’s parents or neighbors find him sneaking out.

(Name) watches him until he’s out of sight. As soon as he’s gone, that heavy feeling of sadness slowly makes its way back onto her shoulders— looking around her room, she sighs. She’s about to head to her closet to pick out her outfit when something out of the ordinary catches her eye.

On the floor next to her bed, she finds something laying there— forgotten by its owner. She walks over to it, curious— she’s never seen it before she it probably didn’t belong to her; and sure enough, she was right. Abandoned by the side of her bed is a brownie— it looks yummy. She picks up and looks at it, it still looks good. Maybe it was Hitoshi’s? Taking a sniff she immediately knows it’s Hitoshi, and she was about to put it down and text him when an idea pops into her mind.

It’s a bad idea, but she’s sad— and sadness and teenage hormones makes you do crazy things. Without thinking things through, she unwraps the brownie and proceeds to take a huge bite out of it. Everything after breakfast she can’t remember.


“(Name),” A voice speaks up, saying her name louder and louder until they begin to snap their fingers in front of her face. Instantly snapping out of her daze, she finds a concerned Shouto standing in front of her.

“(Name).” He says her voice sternly, the two of them are standing by his locker, it’s already the end of the day— and she doesn’t even know what happened.

“Uh,” (Name) blinks rapidly, her mouth feels like it’s full of cotton and she’s still feeling extremely hungry. “what’s up, Sho?”

Shouto blinks, giving her a dead expression as he looks around. “Are you pranking me? What do you mean ‘what’s up?’ you just standing there—staring at me for five minutes. I was getting scared.”

He says, only to find (Name) zoning off once more, her red eyes never blinking as they stay firmly glued onto him— wait red eyes… why didn’t he notice this before?


“Hmm?” She hums, a smile forming on her face. Shouto inches closer to her, leaning down to take a closer look at her eyes. Either she has pink eye or she’s high. He’ll go with the latter.

“You’re high aren’t you?”

“What?!” (Name) shouts, frantically shaking her head and holding her hands up. “Me? High? Of course not! Nope, not me sir!”

“You’re so high.” Shouto sighs with exasperation. He can’t believe this, well actually he sorta can— he knows exactly where she’s been getting her drugs because it’s from the same guy who supplies Touya— no one other than Hitoshi Shinsou. “Come on, let’s get you home.”

Shouto closes his locker before slinging his arm around (Name), keeping her close to him for multiple reasons. So she can’t wobble and fall over while they’re walking— like she almost did this morning on their way to school, god now did he not fucking realize this until now— and so that she can’t run off on him if she sees someone of interest— like Touya, Katsuki, or even Hitoshi.

“N-no, no, no!” (Name) begins to whine, her hand clutches the front of his jacket tightly. “I can’t go home, my parents are home.”

“Then we’ll go to my house, my dad isn’t home,” Shouto reassures her; with the knowledge that his terrifying father wasn’t home, (Name) becomes more willing and compliant with following him home.

She knows her high is starting to wear off now that she can sorta begin to remember the walk to Shouto’s house. The entire day is a blur, she has no idea what happened or what she learned— but she can only assume since she didn’t get in trouble that somehow her body entered auto-pilot mode and lead her through the day without raising suspicion— that is of course until Shouto realized it and now she knows once this high is gone, she’ll be getting a stern lecture.

From the walk, time skips and she finds herself laying down on Shouto’s bed— his weighted blankets warming her up and allowing her to finally close her eyes to rest. A smile litters her lips when Shouto’s lips press against her forehead— she knows he’s upset but he’s still so sweet. What a good boy— she loves the good boy.

“I’ll be right back, so just rest for a bit, okay?” His voice is so soft and smooth to her ears, she wants to tell him but the words in her mind just won’t escape her mouth. Almost as if her tongue has been forbidden from speaking, so she just hums.

Shouto finished tucking her in before he leaves the room. He walks downstairs, the house is eerily silent, and for a second he assumes it just him and (Name) in the house, that is until he walks into the kitchen where he finds Touya recording himself, coating his left cheek with peanut butter and his right cheek with jelly.

“I’m an idiot sandwich,” He whispers to himself and the camera.

“What are you doing?” Shouto speaks up, causing Touya to release a blood-curling shriek. Touya quickly stops recording his Tik Tok before turning around to face his little brother. The two Todorokis stay frozen to their spots before Touya speaks up.

“I didn’t think you’d be home,” He mumbles, walking over to the sink to wash his face off. Shouto begins moving over to the fridge to see what food they had that could be made within minutes in the microwave.

“And I didn’t think you’d be home doing whatever— that was,” Shouto shoots a look at the abandoned jars of peanut butter and jelly. Looking back at the freezer, he finds frozen peas, taquitos, french toast sticks, pizza rolls, frozen pizza— okay they had a ton more food but you get the picture. Shouto stands there, pondering on what to make. On one hand, he could pick the healthiest food options, but on the other hand he could pick the unhealthy food options because they were the easiest to make.

Shouto keeps staring, unsure of what to pick. From behind, he can hear Touya turning the sink off and drying his face. Shouto stares at the fridge, his eyes moving from the food to his older brother, watching him head towards the door. Shouto bites his bottom lip as he wonders if he should ask for help. He’s not experienced with drugs or taking care of people when they’re high, the only person he knows with experience is...


“Yes?” Touya stops at the doorway and turns around to face his younger sibling. Shouto looks at him, he hesitates for a second before swallowing his pride— this was for (Name), he needed to make sure she was properly taken care of.

“Can I ask you for a favor?” The tone is his voice causes Touya’s internal systems to awaken, his fight or flight instincts kick in. In a way, he was scared to know what the favor was— since Shouto has never ever asked for a favor before. On the other hand, because of that, that means this must be super important— and by completing this favor, maybe

“Of course.”

This night is cold in the kingdom
I can feel you fade away
From the kitchen to the bathroom sink and
Your steps keep me awake


Touya stares down at (Name)’s sleeping form, his mouth agape as he looks away to look at Shouto— please say sike. Unfortunately, there was no laughter or mischief into those cold eyes of his, Touya knew this was real and he had a feeling he knew who got her high.

Touya bends down, his hand softly lands on (Name)’s cheek, his thumb brushes against her cheekbone for a moment before it moves up to open her eyelids.

Pinkish eyes and dilated pupils. Yeah, she was high but she was starting to come down from it.

Don't cut me down, throw me out, leave me here to waste
I once was a man with dignity and grace
Now I'm slipping through the cracks of your cold embrace
So please, please

“(Name)?” He says her name softly, she groans but doesn’t wake up. Touya looks over at Shouto before motioning towards the plate of pizza rolls they heated up. Shouto quickly walks over to his desk where the pizza rolls were, he picks up the plate and a Caprisun, it’s now when he notices how much he’s shaking.

He stares at his trembling hands, his heart beating rapidly against his chest. He was scared, he was angry, he was anxious. Would she be okay? Glancing over his shoulder, he finds Touya still looking at her face, a small frown plastered on his face.

Touya knows (Name)’s fine, weed can’t kill you, but he what does have him worried if why was she high all day and by herself? Usually, Hitoshi doesn’t leave his friends alone when they’re high— that’s not how he rolls. So either (Name) got her drugs from someone else or—

[3:58 PM] Purple: hey bro, did you take my brownie? I swear I had it last night but now I can’t find it.

Touya stares at his phone before looking at (Name). He moves his hand away from her cheek, causing her to slightly stir some more. Touya stands up, moving around Shouto’s room— searching for (Name)’s backpack.

Could you find a way to let me down slowly?
A little sympathy, I hope you can show me
If you wanna go then I'll be so lonely
If you're leaving baby let me down slowly

“Where did you put her backpack?” Touya asks, Shouto points at one corner of his room where he put all their stuff. Touya makes a beeline straight towards it, grabbing her bag and proceeds to empty it of all its contents until finally, a brownie wrapped in plastic wrap falls out— only it’s not a full brownie or even a half brownie— no, (Name) literally left enough brownie for two or three bites.

The two Todoroki’s stare at each other, it clicks in their minds now how she managed to stay high all day long.

“Is that…” Shouto starts off talking but Touya’s quick to finish his sentence.

“A pot brownie? Yeah that’s it.” Touya mumbles as he quickly makes a call. Touya puts his phone up against his ear, waiting for the other person to pick up. After a couple seconds, he does.

“Hey, what’s up?” Hitoshi answers, the background sounding like he was driving.

“Hey, I think I found your brownie.” Touya replies as he begins to pace around the room, his free hand begins to run through his messy black locks.

“Oh shit! Really?!” Hitoshi’s voice piques up  with excitement. “Where did you find it?”


She rolls around in Shouto’s bed, slowly beginning to wake up. In between the world of dreams and reality, she hears Touya’s voice.

Slowly, she cracks open her eyes for a second—finding Touya pacing in front of her, and Shouto sitting at the end of the bed, a worried look in his eyes as he stares at the almost completely eaten brownie. It’s a look in his eyes that she’s become very familiar with over the years— it’s the look he always has when something happens to her. His eyes begin to mist up, but he’s quick to cover his face with his hair before anyone— namely his brother— could see him.

But it’s something he can’t hide, everyone in the room has already seen the tears forming in his eyes. Touya attempts to wrap up his conversation with Hitoshi as fast as possible.

“Yeah, I found it with (Name),” Touya says, as he steps in front of Shouto, placing his hand on top of his little brother’s bi-colored hair, ruffling it to help ease him. Silence fills the phone call, the realization drawing on Hitoshi now— (Name) has his brownie, nothing good could come out of this.

“I’ll be right over.” (Name) heard the severeness in his voice, a tone that’s cold and dead. Nothing good was going to come out of this meeting. The call goes dead, and as soon as it does— Touya throws his phone on the bed before pulling Shouto up and into a hug.

Cold skin, drag my feet on the tile
As I'm walking down the corridor
And I know we haven't talked in a while
So I'm looking for an open door

“What’s wrong?” The hug is awkward for a second until Shouto wraps his arms around Touya’s waist and then he begins to sob. It starts off softly— (Name) wasn’t even aware he was crying until his cries become louder and his words jumble together as he attempts to form coherent sentences

“Hey, hey. hey, calm down and try to talk slowly, okay?” Touya says, his hand running through Shouto’s soft hair. It’s been ages since he’s hugged his little brother— and it’s been years since he’s comforted him. Usually, Fuyumi was the go-to sibling for emotional support. Shouto begins hyperventilating but soon he gets his breathing under control.

“I’m just scared,” His voice cracks— (Name)’s heart cracks at the sadness laced in his voice, after years of being friends with him— she’s actually never really heard him be sad. Usually, it was her being sad, she was the sad friend and he was always there to give her a comforting hug and soothing words that made her sadness and anxiety instantly wash away.

“I’m scared because I feel like I’m losing her.” Shouto continues to cry, Touya only stands there— patiently listening to his brother’s worries, ready to respond once he’s done venting his feelings. “Ever since we got into high school, it feels like I’m losing her— everything is all about Katsuki, you, or Hitoshi— I feel like I’m being left behind.”

“I feel like— I feel like I’m watching her get farther and farther away from me and things are getting worse,” He says as he pulls away from the hug to bring up the brownie, “I feel like there’s nothing I can do, in the end, she’ll just— I don’t know—  she’s just going to completely forget about me.”

Don't cut me down, throw me out, leave me here to waste
I once was a man with dignity and grace
Now I'm slipping through the cracks of your cold embrace
So please, please

(Name) slowly brings the blanket up to cover her face. She didn’t want the boys knowing she was awake; and in doing so, she feels bad for eavesdropping in what she knows is heart-to-heart talk between two brother whose relationship has been strained for the past couple of years, but at the same time she can’t help but just listen in a bit.

“She’s not going to forget about you.” Touya attempts to reassure Shouto, but it’s no use, Shouto’s quick to shake his head and rebuttal his reassurance.

“That’s easy for you to say, she’s been in love with you since we were in sixth grade. You’re her first love, she’ll never forget you.” Shouto scoffs with misplaced anger. He instantly feels bad, he knows this isn’t Touya’s fault— you can’t help who falls in love you, and you definitely can’t help that your crush is in love with your older brother. It’s been something Shouto’s slowly gotten accustomed to over the years but that doesn’t mean it hurts any less.

Touya’s at a loss for words. For one, he wasn’t aware that (Name)’s liked him since sixth grade, he just assumed that her feelings for him started sometime during their jam sessions. Leave it to Touya ‘Idiot Sandwich’ Todoroki to not realize (Name)’s had feelings for him since the sixth grade. Not much has changed with him, huh?

Once Touya gets his thoughts in order, he opens his mouth to speak, but before he’s able to do, there’s a knock at Shouto’s door before a certain purple-haired boy lets himself in.

Hitoshi enters the room, breaking the bonding moment between the two Todoroki’s. Silence immediately fills the room, and for a second Hitoshi contemplates just walking out and coming back later.

“Should I, uh— should I just come back later?” He asks, slowly inching back out the door, but Shouto’s quick on his feet and beats him to it.

Could you find a way to let me down slowly?
A little sympathy, I hope you can show me
If you wanna go then I'll be so lonely
If you're leaving baby let me down slowly

“No,” Is all Shouto says, as he walks past Hitoshi, his shoulder roughly bumping against Hitoshi’s as he makes his way out the door and off to some other place in the house. It’s another case of misplaced anger, but it’s something that’s been boiling within Shouto. All he wants to do right now is take it all out in his writing— he’s learned that it’s the best way to calm himself and get his emotions and feelings under control before he lashes out on another innocent person. He may seem like a cold on the outside, but he can’t even pick the mean options in video games. He was a huge softie, he just refused to show it and all this lashing out on people was making him feel worse— they didn’t deserve it.

With Shouto gone, it leaves Touya and Hitoshi to stare at the giant lump under the blankets. It was time to address the elephant in the room.

“(Name), I know you’re awake,” Touya says as his hands grip onto the end of the blanket, as soon as he had a tight grip that she won’t be able to fight to keep it over her head, he yanks the covers off, causing (Name) to squeal with surprise. Her hands desperately attempt to cling to the covers, but it’s no use. Touya was stronger. The blanket is thrown onto the floor, leaving (Name) open and vulnerable to the hard, and pissed looks both boys were giving her.

“We need to have a serious talk.” Touya says, (Name) gulps knowing this was going to be the most intense conversation she’s ever had— and for a second, she’s complete scared shitless about this serious conversation.


Night falls on them, each safety tucked away in the warmth of their houses— but no one was safe from the demons that plagued their minds.

(Name) sits at her desk, looking through the old songbook she once shared with Katsuki, her fingers brush against the doodles and words they created— together. Quickly, she slams the notebook shut and throws it under her bed— out of sight out of mind.

Her eyes fall onto her friendship board— polaroids of her and all her friends cover the corkboard, not a single blank space left. Happiness litters the wall, it’s all rainbows and sunshine and smiles. The laugher from the memories resonates around her room, moments flash before her mind like a motion picture. It’s bittersweet looking back, but one look at her childhood pictures with Shouto quickly remind her that not everything is paradise.

“I feel like I’m losing her.” How long has he felt this way? How long has she been so selfish? All her problems and sadness, she’s shoved everything onto him without realizing the effects of doing so.

“Fuck, I’ve been a terrible friend.” (Name) shouts, knocking everything off her table in pure anger and frustration. How could she have been so blind? So stupid? And so fucking terrible?

Hot tears rush down her face as she thinks about all the bullshit she’s pulled her best friend through for the past year and a half— maybe longer?! No, no, no. She needs to stop crying— there was still time for her to fix all this and make it better!

Suddenly, as if the universe has granted her the power and motivation she needed, a push towards the light, she quickly rushes around the room, searching for her polaroid camera and her film.

She’s been a terrible friend for so long, but now was a new leaf, this was the turning point she was looking for and she’d start off this new chapter in her life by mending the rift she’s caused in her and Shouto’s friendship.

“I’m going to make this better,” She huffs proudly, getting herself ready for the long day the laid ahead of her tomorrow. Her decision was made and nothing was going to change her mind, it would be impossible. From now on, she’s going to be a different person.

No more drugs, no more talking about boys, she’ll focus on her songwriting, on her friendships, and overall, trying to make herself happy. With Katsuki no longer wanting to be her friend, and both Touya and Hitoshi giving her the cold shoulder after their conversation earlier. With no more boys currently in her life, that meant no more venting to Shouto; and even if they did start talking to her again, she still wasn’t going to vent about them. From now on she was going to sit down and listen to him— allow him to vent out everything he’s been keeping locked up.

“I can’t wait to see what happens,” She whispers, excited to see what the future has in store for her. With everything ready, she makes her way into her bed, turning off the lights. The last things she sees are the glowing stars above her and the happy smile she hopes Shouto will sport when he sees all the effort she’s doing for him.

Yeah, this was going to be great.


Another week, another chapter uploaded. The comments come in floods, more and more new readers come flocking in, their words cause his heart to flutter. All this support, it felt nice, it feels great knowing there are people out there who are listening to him and his feelings even if they don’t know it.

[Anon 12390]: Another great chapter like always! :) Can’t wait to see what happens next!

Shouto stares at the screen, his heart wrenched with pain for a second. It feels nice putting his feelings out into the internet without anyone knowing but there was no way he could vent these same feelings out to anyone, namely (Name), in real life— he was the reliable friend after all, he was the one who was supposed to be offering a shoulder to cry on and spewing words of wisdom on the very topic he’s struggling with.

Let me down, down
Let me down, down
Let me down, let me down
Down, let me down, down
Let me down

A shadow of darkness forms behind him, placing its long claws on his shoulders, giving him a tight squeeze. He knows it’s wrong to continue to lock his feelings up, he knows nothing good comes out of this. But what else is he supposed to do? (Name)’s going through her own shit— and all he wants is to continue to be there for her, for as long as he can before he’s nothing more than a distant memory. Someone she’ll look back on 20 years from now and say:

“I knew him, we were friends once.”

and he’ll say: “She was my best friend, but she went onto bigger and better things— sadly there was no space for me in her future.”

Even then he’ll still continue to support her from the sidelines. No matter what, a part of him will always love her. After all, it’s nearly impossible to forget your first love— even if she’s forgotten about you.

“Yeah,” Shouto whispers before closing his laptop and standing up, preparing himself for another sleepless night, but before he goes straight to bed, his eyes land on the huge white envelope sitting on his nightstand.

If you wanna go then I'll be so lonely
If you're leaving baby let me down slowly

Shouto Todoroki, we’ve received your writing portfolio and we wanted to personally say, you’ve been accepted into our writing program in New York City!

Room and board plus tuition are being covered by the full-ride scholarship you’ve won thanks to your masterpiece “Forgotten” we also wanted to—

He stops reading. It’s been a month since he received this letter, and in that time he’s made his decision— but now, after everything that’s happened today— he’s had a change of heart. Maybe it was too late? He doesn’t know but it wouldn’t hurt to try and contact them again. They did say they would keep his application on file if he decided to— maybe, maybe this is what he needs.

A sad smile graces his lips as he turns off the light, anxiety lingers in the darkness but he knows this is for the best; and with one last whisper— but puts his decision into the universe. ”I can’t wait to see what happens next too.”

If you wanna go then I'll be so lonely
If you're leaving baby, let me down slowly

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He didn’t have to sleep on his decision, his mind was made up and he was going to go through with it.

It was Tuesday morning, there he sat on his bed, phone up against his ear and acceptance letter sitting on his lap. The phone rings for what feels like an eternity and each time he hears the ring, his heart skips a beat from the anxiety coursing through his veins.

To say he was nervous would be an understatement— he was scared shitless. He’s never lived outside his midwestern suburb and he’s certainly never lived in a place far from his family and friends— he’s never been so far from (Name) before either, this was something he’d have to quickly get used to and while he’s hopeless romantic heart yearns for the possibilities this could bring about but his logical mind tells him to give up hope because this distance would only make things worse.

He shakes the thoughts out of his mind as soon as someone on the other line finally picks up.

“Hello! This is Westside Academy for the Arts, how many I help you?” The cheery voice of the receptionist repeats the line that’s been basically ingrained in her brain.

“Hello, my name is Shouto Todoroki, I was wondering if it was possible for me to, maybe, change my decision?” His words come out unsure, he felt awkward even saying it. How do you even tell a school you turned down that you’ve changed your mind and that now you do want to attend?

As soon as his name is mentioned, the receptionist gasps, her ferociously fast typing can be heard from Shouto’s end. She pulls up Shouto’s application and quickly attaching it in an email to the headmaster of the school along with an “URGENT” written on the subject line.

“Of course not! I’m just sending your application back to the headmaster and he’ll be with you shortly. I just want to confirm for your application that you’re changing your decision, so you’ll be accepting our offer?”

“Yes, that’s correct.”

“And you are aware that move in is this weekend, right?” The receptionist says as she stares at the calendar on her desk. Shouto also stares at the dry erase board hanging over his desk, the words “MOVE OUT” written across Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

“Yeah I know, I’ll be ready to move in Saturday,” Shouto says with confidence, a small smile on his lips yet his smile doesn’t reflect the true turmoil in his soul.

“Okay, great! Now, all we need is for you to fax over—“ The rest of the conversation is unimportant to Shouto, and once the call ends he receives an email sending him his schedule for orientation— turns out he’ll get his real class schedule after orientation. Shouto puts his phone on silence before placing it on the bed, forgetting about it while he thinks about the realness of all of this.

He was actually doing this, in just four days he’ll be leaving his small town and going off to the big city— alone.


It sounds weird when it rolls off his tongue. He’s never been alone before, sure he’s been feeling more alone since the start of high school, but now he’s actually going to be alone. Making friends was never his strong point, and he just so happened to get lucky to become friends with (Name) and even luckier to form other friendships thanks to her but otherwise— he didn’t know how to make friends.

How was he going to do in New York? Maybe he’ll get along just fine without any friends… or anyone to talk to… yeah no, it’ll be okay. He’ll get used to the comfort of silence, he’ll become his own best friend— he won’t need anyone when he’s out there. He still has friends here he can call and text during the day and video chat with at night. It’s… it’s going to work itself out, he just needs to believe in the positives that will come out of attending Westside Academy.

Guess it’s time to start packing.


New day, new (Name).

(Name) was awake and ready to take on the day and tackle all the issues that she had been completely unaware of until yesterday.

(Name) stares at herself in the mirror, already dressed and ready to head out. She got up earlier today just to pick Shouto up earlier than usual, she was going to make today their friend day, whether he liked it or not.

“Time to become a better friend, (Name)!” She shouts as she looks herself in the eyes in her mirror. She was feeling confident and she was going to show Shouto that she could never forget about him, nor would she ever leave him behind. She’s been shitty up to this point, but today she’ll show him how much he really means to her.

“Let’s do this!” And with that, she grabs her backpack and puts on her shoes and jacket before rushing out the door, heading straight to Shouto’s house. Along her walk, she feels her heart pounding against her chest with excitement, as she approaches his house and goes up to the door, she tries her hardest to get her huge ass smile to go away— but it’s an impossible feat and she instead ends up looking like Freaky Fred from Courage the Cowardly Dog. Naughty.

(Name) knocks on the door before taking a step back. Her eyes burn a hole through the door as she waits, she bounces on the heels of her feet the second she hears footsteps approaching. Even when Touya opens the door— her smile never wavers and her mood never dampens.

“Good morning, Touya!” She says. While there was no possible way anything could ruin her mood today, Touya, on the other hand, couldn’t say he was surprised to see (Name) this happy especially after the events that transpired yesterday.

“Good morning? You’re in a good mood today.” He says cautiously, his eyes looking her up and door before looking behind her— maybe she was punking him? Where was Ashton Kutcher and the MTV crew?

“Yup I’m taking Shouto out for an adventure today,” She smiles, her eyes looking over his shoulders to look for her victim, “he’s home right?”

“Yeah, he’s upstairs.” Touya moves aside and opens the door to allow her in. (Name) steps foot inside, kicking her shoes off and heading straight for the stairs.

“Thanks!” She laughs, skipping two steps, “Oh yeah, I saw you became Tik Tok famous, all those girls are thirsting over your Marshall Lee videos.”

(Name)’s smile turns into a shit-eating grin as she watches Touya’s ego quickly go to his head at her comment.

“Yeah, well ya know I’ve been told I look like him,” Touya says boastfully as he runs his fingers through his messy black locks.

“Hm,” (Name) hums as she continues walking up the stairs. She puts on a thoughtful expression as she stares at Touya’s face. “Yeah, I don’t see it. Bye Touya~!” She shouts, running up the stairs and out of his sight.

Touya’s face immediately drops, he slams the door shut before making his way back into the kitchen to take part in another eboy Tik Tok video, under his breath he mumbles, “I do look like Marshall Lee.”


Shouto paces around his room as he racks his mind on what to pack up next. He stares at the clothes and items covering the floor, leaving only a couple of open spaces where he could step without worry.

A suitcase lays open on the floor— clothes sporadically thrown inside without organization. He’s only been on vacation a couple of times with his family so packing was always for the short term but this wasn’t some short term vacation. Shouto was moving away which meant he needed to bring as much as he could— there was no possible way he could just continue to come back home to pick up something he forgot. He needed to be 100 percent sure he has everything he needs packed up before he leaves.

“Where is my—“ He whispers to himself as he looks around for his favorite sweater. When he finally finds it laying on a random pile of clothes, he begins to fold it when the door to his room slams open and (Name) bursts in with a shout.

“Shouto! Your day just got a million times better!” She brags her hands up in the air and eyes closed for her marvelous entrance. Shouto on the other hand, screams, instantly dropping his hoodie and pushing his suitcase behind his bed before she could see it. (Name) opens her eyes, and gasps at the current state of Shouto’s normally clean and organized room.

“Your room is a mess!” (Name) looks around, her smile never once wavering. Instead, she giggles as she stares around the disaster around her— fortunately she never saw the luggage slightly peeking out from its hiding spot. She was oblivious to what was going on.

“Uh—“ Shouto’s quick to step in front of her, placing his hands on her arms to stop her from moving further into his room and seeing his luggage laying around. He doesn’t know why he’s doing this— this was something he couldn’t keep a secret for long, I mean, she’s definitely going to notice when he’s saying his goodbye’s on Friday and then leaving off to New York for the next nth amount of years. “I’ve been going through some stuff and just let my mess pile up. I was going to skip today to clean up.”

A sharp pain shoots across his chest as soon as the lie comes out of his mouth. Lying and keeping secrets from her leaves a nasty taste in his mouth and it hurts so fucking much.

(Name) doesn’t seem to notice anything off about Shouto, of course, his explanation made sense to her after what she heard yesterday. Since he was already going to skip class today, she might as well just take him out right now and they could clean up his room later on.

“We can clean your room later, I wanted to take you out somewhere instead.” (Name) says, batting her eyelashes up at him, giving him that sweet smile and the soft-eyed look she knew he couldn’t resist; and she was right, one glance into those warm eyes of hers and Shouto was putty in her hands.

“Alright, fine. Lead the way.” Shouto sighs. (Name) squeals with excitement, at once, her hand entwines with his, yanking poor Shouto out of his room and out of his house.

“Where are we going?” He asks as he’s being pulled down the street, both of them currently running towards an unknown location.

“I can’t tell you, it’s a secret!” (Name) shouts, laughing as she takes her best friend down a couple of paths to get to the bus stop. “No more questions from you, just sit back and enjoy the journey.”

Her words resonate through his mind. Just sit back and enjoy the journey. Shouto was currently at a fork in the road, he looks at the two choices before him. He can stay here in his hometown and enjoy the journey it could bring him, the downside is that he’s unsure of how his relationship with (Name) will go from here on out and his dream job— he was potentially throwing that away just to stay here with the girl he loves but who doesn’t love him back; or, he can go to New York, experience a whole new unfamiliar world, meet new people, improve his writing, and reach heights he never thought of before— but (Name) would be here, alone and who knows what kind of shenanigans she’d get into without him by her side.

From the bus, they head to the train which then takes them downtown. Shouto, still banned from asking questions, have no choice but to allow himself to be dragged throughout the city—the biggest city in their state, but not nearly as big as NYC. From the mall to museum hopping, Shouto couldn’t lie— he was having the time of his life, and while he wasn’t a fan of having his picture taken, he let it slide this one time. At the end of the day, their legs basically numb from walking and running all day and then rushing to catch their train— they’ve arrived back home where they settled on walking over to the pond in their neighborhood.

They laughed as they ate the food they picked up on the way there— together they sat on the cold grass, watching flocks of birds beginning their migration down south. Nostalgia settles upon them as they bring up old childhood stories and— “Oh my god, do you remember that episode of Courage the Cowardly Dog with the scary dude that was like ‘rEtUrN tHe SlAb~’ that scared the shit out of me!”

Shouto bursts out in a fit of laughter, a bit of spit flying out of his mouth as he instantly knows what (Name)’s referring to.

“Yeah I remember, and I also remember how we both wet the bed that night while we watched that episode.”

“Hey! That shit was extremely traumatizing to us when we were kids!” (Name) adds on, her laughing never once dying down. Her stomach was beginning to hurt the longer she continued to laugh.

Eventually, they calm down before they settle in closer to each other. Their shoulder pressed together as they looked at the sky turn pink and orange. Shouto lets out a shaky breath as he lets the silence consume him. One look at (Name)’s smiling face looking at the reflection of the sky in the water in front of him— man, it leaves him terrified. He knows he needs to tell her and it needs to be now. Taking in a deep breath, Shouto wraps his left arm around (Name) pulling her close to him so they could snuggle. With his head on top of hers, he starts running his fingers through her hair and letting his left side warm her up when he feels her shiver.

“I have to tell you something.” He whispers, bringing her even closer to his body. He closes his eyes for a second, taking in her scent— memorizing it. Who knows when he’ll come back, he just wants to spend his last minutes here with her— taking a picture with his mind.

“What’s up, Sho?” She whispers back, her ear pressed against his chest as she listens to his heart speed up. She also closes her eyes with a small smile playing on her lips— she was happy but she was also scared. Today was a great day but the tone in his whisper and the tight hold he has on her speaks volumes. Something wasn’t right.

“I—“ He slowly starts to speak but his words get caught in the back of his throat. It’s too late to change his mind, and this is his future we’re talking about. Writing was his specialty, it may not be something like music and singing— but writing, goddamn was he good at it. He couldn’t imagine himself doing anything else, hell he doesn’t even want to work for his dad’s company when he’s older. Shouto takes a deep breath, he needed to speak up. “I’m leaving Friday. I got accepted into Westside Academy and— and I’m permanently transferring there.”

It’s silent. It’s a silence that leaves them both scared and uncomfortable— one where both are hoping to hear a joke or an “I’m just joking!” so they could laugh it off and continue on with their regular routines— but sadly that’s not the case. This was all very much real, no jokes, and unfortunately, these were indeed their last few days together.

Her heart picks up speed, her body feels chill and it’s not because it’s the end of October and now’s when the temperature starts to cool down. No, she was very much warm thanks to her being cuddled up against his left side. Her stomach is full of butterflied and they’re not the fun type— no, these are anxiety-flies. The ones that show up during serious and potentially life-shattering moments. Her mouth goes dry and it feels like all air to her brain has been cut off.

“I’m leaving this Friday,” he whispers, adding more salt to the wound for the both of them. Speaking about it only makes him even more aware of how crazy all of this was. In one night he changed his mind and altered the course of his life— he was off to New York, something was waiting there for him but he wasn’t sure what it was, but he can’t help but think about what could be right here in this town. One glance down at (Name), her face is buried in his chest, but her hand is tightly gripping his shirt— he knows she’s not taking the news very well.

But he also knows that what waits for him here is only a friend— and there was no way something more than just friendship could ever blossom between the two of them. Shouto’s been in love with (Name) for the longest, even he wasn’t aware of when his feelings for her emerged—it was as if one day he woke up and these foreign feelings were suddenly engrained in his mind and from that moment on he was in love with his best friend; but the feelings weren’t mutual and she’s made that clear since forever and especially now.

As hopefully as he wants to be— hope doesn’t pay the bills, and hope has only given his heartache this past couple of years. It was time for him to learn to move on, and there was no way he could do that when she was constantly around him— reigniting that fire deep within his heart.

“Oh.” Is all she could say. (Name) was honest to god speechless about all of this. Thoughts conflicting and emotions swirl around. She wanted to be careful with her words and think things through before she blurted anything out that might come out as offensive or terrible. She didn’t want them to leave off on a bad note— after all, she didn’t know when she’d get to see him again.

“That’s awesome, Sho!” Yeah, that’s great, start off by congratulating him, now let’s dive into the questions. “When did you get accepted?”

There’s a second of hesitation on his part when the question gets aired out. He received his letter a month ago, but if he says that then he doesn’t want her to think he’s kept his decision to leave a secret for over a month; but at the same time he also doesn’t want to admit that he made this decision on a whim based on what happened yesterday. Shouto was truly stuck between a rock and a hard place, but then again— lying to her was never his forte. “I got the letter a month ago and I made my decision yesterday.”

“Oh,” She says before staying silent for a second, “Is it because of me?” As soon as the question leaves her mouth, she instantly regrets it. So what if he made his decision yesterday? That wasn’t any of her business and just because it so happened to be yesterday when she fucked up big time doesn’t mean he makes all his decisions based on her. Fuck, she felt so selfish, like an ungrateful ass bitch who can’t just be happy for her best friend.

“No,” Shouto says, but hesitates for a second as well, “well, not exactly.” He admits. “I was sad about yesterday's events but that’s not what made me make my decision. I’ve been thinking a lot about my future and business was never my cup of tea. I signed up for a writing competition this summer to get into a simple semester-long writing program at Westside Academy and well…”

Shouto awkwardly chuckles as he rubs the back of his head, “I guess they loved my piece so much they just wanted me to permanently attend high school there. I said no at first because well— I didn’t want to leave you.”

At that, (Name) picks up her head to look at Shouto directly in his eyes. A part of her feels flattered that he choose to stay because of her but at the same time she felt like she was holding him back from showing his true potential to the world.

“But then yesterday's events did make me think about things,” If you listened closely, you could hear (Name)’s heart drop down on the floor. “I realized a lot of things. I don’t do a lot for myself, it’s mostly be supporting everyone but I never go out and support myself.”

“You’re busy with the band and writing music and you’re nothing but amazing at it. It made me want to do the same thing, but with writing books,” Shouto breaks eye contact— something about staring into her eyes as he vented out his feelings left him feeling vulnerable and insecure. “Westside is my way of getting my foot in the door, and— and I just want to learn how to be my own person and finally do something I want for myself instead of following behind other’s, yesterday really opened my eyes to how far ahead of me everyone was. I just want to catch up but I can’t if I stay here.”

His heart feels lighter now, it feels great to just release everything out into the open especially with someone you trust so much. (Name) nods her head, listening to him talk until he’s done.

“You’re going to do great in New York, Sho. Remember that I’ll always support you and I’ll be rooting for you.” They both smile at each other. Nothing else needs to be said between them, just this time together was enough for the two of them. The sun slowly begins to set in the distance, both teens look away from each other to stare at their last remaining sunsets together— (Name)’s head resting on Shouto’s shoulder and he keeps his arm wrapped around her. They continue to sit there even once the sun has completely gone away and the moon has taken its place.

Under the stars, they treasure this fleeting moment.

Friday comes quick. All-day it’s full of everyone cry, and wishing Shouto the best of luck in New York. Even Katsuki seemed a bit misty-eyed at his departure— but there was no way in hell Katsuki would ever admit to being sad over Shouto. All their friends parade around him, leaving him small gifts and farewell cards. Their old homeroom class came together and even threw a going-away party for him in the cafeteria before classes started. Even their teachers took an extra moment to wish Shouto the best of luck on his new journey of his.

The day comes to an end almost too fast for her liking, she feels like she barely even got to see him today and he was already heading off. Of course, they weren’t going to let him go off alone so easily.

The band follows him and his family to the airport, thanks to Momo now having her license. The entire Shouto-farewell party crowds around him at the gate. Last second hugs and speeches on how much they love him. (Name) gives her speech last— tears in her eyes as her voice cracks with each word she recites, she wrote him a poem you see— and while it may not seem like a huge deal because she did this with a lot of people— this was a poem that Shouto would keep on him throughout his time in New York.

At last, it’s time for boarding, he goes about giving everyone one last hug while saving (Name) for last. They stand face to face, toe to toe, and at first, she assumes it’s only going to be a hug, you can only imagine how surprised she is when he cups her face in his warm hands.

(Name) can’t help but feel the warmth rushing to her cheeks as she stares into those beautiful heterochromatic eyes of his. Their eyes held storms within in, conflict raged inside of him— inside of them both. Slowly, he begins to lean down, the tip of his nose brushed against hers and for a split second she swears he’s going to kiss her on the lips— and for some reason, she closes her eyes, her lips ready to accept his; but she’s met with instant disappointment when his lips skip hers and instead meet with the softness of her cheeks.

Shouto pulls back, a smile on his lips that doesn’t completely match with his eyes, and he whispers low enough for just the two of them to hear— a whisper that echoes at the back of her mind as she watches him wave back at her and everyone— his gaze lingers on her for a second longer than anyone else— and he’s on the plane. Setting off to his new life, leaving her behind with a heavy heart and a whole new set of conflicting emotions she never realized she had before. His words echo in the back of her mind for the next couple of days, even slipping into her dreams at night. His face, his voice, and his scent— they infiltrate her very being and she’s no longer safe in her mind, all because of those three damn words and the extra emotion he packed them with.

“I love you.”