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Unexpected heat

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Ryuu dangled his legs in the air on the sofa in his and Io’s dorm, as he was waiting for Io to come home, wearing the alpha’s button up shirt which was oversized for him. It was almost like a dress for Ryuu, he loved wearing his mates clothes they smelled like him and it was calming. His mate Io have been away on a school trip with his college class for a few days. Ryuu missed him so much, but he would come back today, also winter vacation just started so Ryuu going to have Io all for himself in the mornings.

Smiling the omega couldn’t wait till his alpha came back, they would travel to Io’s parents place. Their house is a very nice traditional house. He would see Io’s twin brother and parents possible ask for embarrassing childhood thing, also tease Io about how much a father’s son he is. Io looked up to his father so much it was adorable even if he couldn’t admit it.

Ryuu giggled he couldn’t wait till Io comes back, he would have so much fun teasing him. When the omega heard the front door open, he quickly ran towards the door happy to see his mate finally came back.

‘Io! you’re back!’ the omega smiled as he jumped into the alpha’s embrace.

The alpha smiled ‘I’m back’ giving his mate a kiss

Ryuu hums hugging Io, cuddling into his mate chest he missed him so bad he’s happy he’s finally home.

looking up on Io smirking ‘Missed me~’ teased Ryuu

Io hums in response ‘Of course, I couldn’t stop thinking of you~’ leaning over to Ryuu’s ears he whispered teasingly ‘I thought of you and imagined you in a heat when I was hor-’

Io couldn’t finish the sentence before Ryuu covered his mouth, shoving him away blushing red ‘Io!' he squeaked in disbelief.

Io couldn’t help to get into a laughing fit, it was too fun to tease his mate and make him flustrated. On other hand Ryuu was pouting and his face was red.

‘I can’t believe you’ said Ryuu pouting.

Io quickly kissed his pout away ‘Sorry it’s just too much fun to tease you’

Ryuu tried to shake his blush away as they walked into the living room. He couldn’t believe his mate that it was one of first things he said when he came home.

Feeling two arms wrap around his waist Ryuu looked up smiling at Io, turning around hugging him too.

‘I packed your stuff for the trip too’ Ryuu told Io

Io smiles kissing his mates forehead ‘Thank you, I’ll take a shower then we can be on our way’

Ryuu nodded as his lover went into the bathroom.

Ryuu decided to go on his phone as he waited for him to finish with his shower. A few minutes later he felt a kiss on his cheek.

Smiling Ryuu turned around to face his lover ‘Are you do-’ but froze as he noticed the alpha is half naked, he felt his cheeks heat up. Why suddenly did he feel so warm and tingly seeing his mate only in a towel?.

Io snickered ‘Yeah I’m done’ walking around the sofa to be in front view for his mate just to tease him. teasingly asked ‘Do you like what you see~’ just to see the omega’s face get redder.

The alpha jokingly flexed to tease his lover even more. the omega gulped, He knows he is attracted to Io’s body but not this much, he felt a warm knot in his stomach suddenly he felt something run down shivering.

‘Did your heat just start?’ Io asks surprised, recognising Ryuu’s heat scent.

Ryuu moaned blushing realising his heat did indeed start. Wait did his heat just trigger from seeing Io half naked?! He looked up at Io surprised himself, his heat shouldn’t be here until 2 weeks.

‘I may have just started my heat’ panted Ryuu surprised not knowing how to react

Io came over to him ‘Well I’ll message my parents that we will come a week later’ the alpha said scratching his cheek.

The confused omega asked ‘Why?’

‘There’s no way I’m letting you travel with a heat, both because random alpha’s are attracted to you and you need to be pleased and we can’t do that while we are traveling’ the alpha points out to his mate.

Ryuu felt his face become even redder, hiding his face all flustered. Did he really miss Io this much? that it triggered his heat. Gosh he felt so embarrassed.

Ryuu snapped out of his thinking when Io asked him ‘Do you want to make a nest before or?’

Feeling his face become redder biting his lip, he just felt so empty he needed his alpha inside of him right away.

‘I-I don’t know- I need a nest but…’ mumbled Ryuu

Io came closer cupping Ryuu’s chin ‘But what love?’

Ryuu avoided to look Io in the eyes quietly admits ‘I’m so empty’ his face was all red and warm from embarrassment

Io massaged Ryuu’s thighs, quietly and soothing asked ‘Should we start making you less empty and then build a nest?’

Ryuu bit his lip he needed Io now and he needed his alpha’s knot it was the only thing that could stop the emptiness, nodding he wrapped his arms around Io’s neck as his mate lifted him up. Carrying him into the bedroom, giving Ryuu kisses whispering how he will take care of his precious omega, sending shivers through the omega’s body moaning just wanting the alpha inside him even more by every second.

The alpha laid the omega down on his own bed, hoping it might help Ryuu to get pleased where the alpha’s scent is.

Ryuu rolled his hips against Io begging ‘H-hurry I need you’

Io moaned, getting turned on himself. The alpha undressed the omega but left the button up shirt on knowing it’ll help Ryuu with the heat.

The alpha leaned over the omega kissing the omega’s neck leaving love bites, the omega let out a cry mixed with a moan wrapping his arms around Io, digging his nails into his alpha’s back letting out another sob, he just felt so empty.

‘Hush pretty thing. I’ve got you, I’ll keep you safe’ Io whispered into his mate ear to calm Ryuu down and hopefully stop him from crying from being overwhelmed of his heat.

Ryuu moans nodding, he trusted Io they have been mates since second year of high school so he completely trusts his alpha, he knows Io will do anything to calm him down and make him feel good.

‘B-being in a heat is killing me’ the omega quietly moaned

‘I know babe, let your alpha take care of you’ Io whispered soothingly into the omega’s ear kissing his neck leaving love bites.

Ryuu squirmed moaning Io’s name not knowing what else to say than ‘I-Io please!’ as Io kissed him

‘Use your words, love. Tell me what you want’ Io whispered

Ryuu let out another moan ‘I-I need you’

Io nodded kissing him smiling when the kiss was returned ‘Where?’ asked the alpha

Looking away from his alpha, Ryuu couldn’t look into his alpha’s eyes blushing and mumbled ‘I-inside’

Io nodded spreading Ryuu’s legs, smiling at the omega squeaking as he did so, leaning over to his mate’s ear he whispered praises and encouragement, while slowly pushing in a finger into the omega, then thrusting it in and out.

Ryuu dug his nails deeper into his mates back moaning, rolling his hips into the finger it felt so good, But he needed more the finger wasn’t enough.

‘M-more’ moaned the omega trying to roll his sweet spot into Io’s finger, his mate quickly caught on and added another finger while hitting Ryuu’s sweet spot.

Ryuu cried out in happiness, he knows Io hates seeing him cry but it was so overwhelming and felt so good he’s going to die out of embarrassment after this, but he really needed this. The omega arched back moaning louder when Io added a third finger, he quickly covered his mouth but Io removed his hand.

Whispering Io told him ‘Don’t cover your mouth I want to hear you love, and how much you enjoy it’

Ryuu looked away but nodded with a moan, Io smiled whispering thank yous to him. After a few minutes the alpha took out his fingers he couldn’t help but smile when he heard a disappointed moan from his lover when he took them out.

Throwing away his towel into end of the room, Io got in position leaning over his omega, kissing Ryuu’s neck and leaving love bites.

‘Ready?’ Io asked after receiving a nod he pushed himself in slowly, smirking when Ryuu dug his nails deeper into his back.

When Io was fully in Ryuu, he looked down on his mate, the omega’s face was all flushed with a red blush.

Panting and moaning Io didn’t snap out of it until Ryuu started to beg ‘Move please!’

‘Of course love’ Io kissed Ryuu and started to roll his hips slowly loving all the sounds that came out from the omega.

Ryuu moaned loudly every time Io hit his sweet spot, it felt so good so he started to drool a bit, Io just smirked seeing him drool asking if it felt good. Ryuu hid into Io’s neck embarrassed on same time taking in his alpha’s scent.

The omega’s eyes widened as his alpha wrapped his hand around his erection, when he started pumping it the omega arched back screaming his mate’s name while climaxing.

Io smiles removing his hand and rolling his hips slower, softly asking Ryuu ‘Did it feel good?’ kissing Ryuu’s nose when he nodded.

Ryuu teared up as he felt he was turned on again, it wasn’t enough he needed more. he hid his face trying not to worry Io from being so frustrated that he still felt empty.

But of course Io noticed kissing Ryuu’s cheeks ‘It’s okay love’ he said softly before thrusting into Ryuu’s sweet spot, smirking as Ryuu arched back clutching the sheets from pleasure.

The alpha kept thrusting into his mates sweet stop, wanting nothing more than make his omega happy. And Io wouldn’t lie seeing Ryuu climaxing multiple times, is a big turn on for him he loved how many times Ryuu climax during one section during his heat it was so hot, but now wasn’t a time to make Ryuu climax multiple times.

Ryuu needed him to please him when he suddenly got his heat out of nowhere, maybe tomorrow he’ll tease him a bit more.

Ryuu moans were loud clutching his hands into the sheets even more, bucking his hips he needed Io to know him so so bad.

Ryuu began to beg ‘I-Io please! knot me- I need it’

Io smiled ‘Got it babe’ thrusting into Ryuu’s sweet spot a few more times, when Ryuu climaxed once again he came not long after him and his knot started to grow inside of Ryuu.

Leaning over his mate Io kissed him on the lips and nose. Ryuu looked up at Io panting he finally felt less empty the knot felt so good inside him his emptiness slowly disappeared.

‘Thank you’ panted Ryuu

Io smiles kissing his forehead ‘No problem I just want you to feel good’

Ryuu hid into Io’s neck wrapping his arms around him mumbling all red flushed ‘You did’

Io kissed his nose ‘I’m glad’ then his forehead ‘Should we build your nest together after you rested a bit?’

‘Yes please, thank you for everything Io’ Ryuu quietly said, he feels so lucky having Io as a mate, hugging Io closer taking in his scent even more smiling.