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It took what felt like a goddamn millennium to get Dabi to notice you. It’s taking even longer to get him to leave you alone.

It was two days before Christmas, or what you like to call, “The eve of Christmas Eve.” You sat at the corner table at your favorite pub across from a man you met two weeks prior, Ryunosuke. It was your third date. He was quiet and soft spoken but really nice. Nice was what you thought you were looking for. It helped that he was attractive in an unkempt hair-falling-in-his-face kinda way. You tried to convince yourself that he wasn’t anything more than a distraction but you knew better. So did somebody else.

It was hard to make decent conversation over the sound of the piano playing classic holiday songs so the two of you exchanged presents. You got him new headphones that definitely put a dent in your wallet and he got you a silver necklace with a heart charm on it. A heart .

He helped you put it on, pulling your hair to one side so he could clasp it around your neck. His fingers were trembling. You told him that you loved it and he blushed. His eyes were teetering towards your lips. You were sure he was going to kiss you but he didn’t. So you kissed him. Your first kiss was just a peck. And it was fine. You liked his smile.

You excused yourself to order drinks at the bar and he watched you disappear through the thrum of other people. You were tapping your foot against your chair when the familiar scent of an icy cologne and cigarettes clouded the air.

“So you’re talking to other guys now?” You didn’t have to look up to know that Dabi was smirking down at you from behind but you did anyways. The fluffy black Santa hat was a surprise but everything else about him was the same. Same old singed duster jacket, same old silver piercings, same old stupid half grin. He looked at you like you had a secret and he was the only one who knew about it. “Let me rephrase: you’re kissing other guys now?”

You scowled. “That’s not really any of your business, is it?”

He tilted his chin up. “Isn’t it? You’re all my business and more, sweetheart.”

“Cut that shit out. I’m trying to have a good time.” You were challenged with trying to think of you knew he was going to be there. He knew you frequented this place but he wasn’t much for crowds and the place got busier as the holiday approached.

“Then we’re here for the same reason,” he took the empty stool next to you, placing his half empty glass onto the bar. “What’d you get?”

“My usual.” You tapped on the bar and watched the bartender filling glasses for guests who had ordered after you did.

“And what did he get?”

“Why do you want to know?”

He chuckled at your irritation. “I’m curious to see what kind of man is gonna be taking care of my angel is all.”

You were embarrassed that your heart started to hurt. You broke up with Dabi for a reason and it took you long enough to get over your heartache. Why does he get to bring it all back with something as simple as calling you his? It was stupid but you wouldn’t let him see that he got to you.

“You can’t tell who a person is by what they order to drink.”

“I beg to differ.” Dabi didn’t drink much but on special occasions when he did, he chose whiskey.

“He got the same thing I did.” The bartender finally brought you the two identical drinks. You took them both in your hands and got up to leave the bar.

Dabi stood with you and laughed out loud. “You know what that tells me?”

“No.” And you didn’t care.

“He’s either a guy that just doesn’t know what he wants or he’s really submissive. ” You narrowed your eyes at his assumption but… Ryu was pretty passive as far as you could tell. “He sounds more like my type than yours.”

“Maybe you don’t know my type at all.”

“Maybe,” he mused before leveling his head with yours. You flinched when he grabbed your chin. “But I do know how to make you scream. How to have you completely unwound and how to make you beg for more.” Flashes of countless torturous sexual exploits crossed your mind. You could feel your cheeks begin to flush. Dabi’s grin only grew wider.

“Let me ask you, has champ over there ignited any of your nerves like I have?” When you didn’t answer, he continued, “has he even seen you naked?”

The piano was too loud and you were to angry… or nervous to say anything. You focused your attention and a drunk woman whooping on about her favorite pop artist.

Dabi leaned in closer to your ear and purred, “does he know you like honey both in your tea and on your neck? Would he even think to put honey on your-“

“Stop.” You took a step away and glared down at his boots. You were sure your face was visibly red. “Why can’t you just leave me alone?”

“Maybe I will when you really want me to, Y/N.” He reached down and took the silver charm of your necklace between his fingers. If your hands were full you would’ve swatted him away.

“A heart ?”

“I like it.”

Dabi scoffed. You walked away.

You sat down at your table and tried to smile at Ryu as you placed his drink in front of him. You watched his face scrunch up when he took a sip.

Shame creeped up your spine at the same time you felt excited prickles raise the hair on your arms. You knew those icy turquoise eyes were watching you.

“What do you usually get?” You asked, watching him try it a second time.

“Uhh,” you could tell he was embarrassed. “Something like this but less stronger, I think.”

You knew you were annoyed and you didn’t want to take it out on Ryu so you called it a night early. He didn’t try to suggest the two of you do something, anything else it wasn’t like you wanted to hang out with him any longer but you were anticipating something.

You threw your bag along with your coat down on your couch and examined yourself in the bathroom mirror. The necklace was cute but hearts weren’t your thing. Neither was Ryu. You yanked the necklace off and placed it on the counter.

You traced the burn scar on your shoulder. It vaguely resembled a hooked ‘D.’ Your friends thought it was a sign of abuse and you let them think that because you didn’t really know how to tell them that it was a heat of the moment, consensual, lust driven impulse that lead to you being marked so permanently by your ex. Even though you kept the scar hidden, you liked it. It gave you a bit of edge.

There was a knock on your door. You hurriedly brushed your hair in front of the scar and walked to the door. Who’d be at your house at this hour? Maybe it was Ryu, trying to finally make a move or a romantic gesture? Ohhhh it was stupid trying to trick yourself into being naïve. You knew exactly who was on the other side of the door as you turned the knob.

Dabi was standing with a wrapped gift in one hand and a jar of honey in the other. You crossed your arms and leaned against your doorway.

He only grinned. “Merry Christmas, aaangel .”

You stood your ground and didn’t say a word. That only encouraged Dabi to step closer, enveloping you in his scent. He quirked a brow and ran his tongue along his teeth. He tucked your hair back behind your ear and ran his fingers down your neck and to the scar- his mark. You shuddered.

“It’s pretty cold out,” he said. “You gonna let me in?”