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Merry Fucking Christmas, nerd

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It was Christmas Eve and class 1-A was having a little party before everyone left to their families. Food, music and drinks involved. And gifts. Lots of them.

Bakugou Katsuki wasn’t that type of person. He doesn’t know how to gift. Much less what. And he was particularly conflicted over what to give a certain nerd.

Everyone else told him what they wanted, so it was easy: money, clothes, shoes, jewelry, makeup, whatever, but Deku refused for some fucking reason and it was driving him mad.

“Still don’t know what to get ‘im?” Kirishima sidled to his side, drinking a glass of coke. He had a short-circuited Kaminari in his arms, thumbs up in the air and mumbling incoherently, completely spent from entertaining his friends with his dumb “yay mode”.

Bakugou glanced over at the nerd, who was yammering up his friends and making wild gestures with his hands, a little too high on sugar. He had more Christmas themed cupcakes and cookies on his plate. The idiot.

“No,” Bakugou grumbled, taking a sip of his own glass, “Asshole won’t tell me.”   

“Wellllll,” Kirishima sang, tickling Denki and causing the blonde to squeal loudly and make high pitched sounds, “Aren’t you two hot for each other?”

Bakugou felt his face heating up and he refused to look at the red-head, “The fuck makes you think that?”

“C’mon dude. Everybody knows by now. Even this dummy,” He gestured at Denki, who was still giggling from Karishma’s touching, mumbling no whey nooo, “Like I expected subtlety from you both but you’re so obvious it hurts.”

Bakugou groaned, dropping his face in his hands. He should have known. Trying to act normal around Deku, looking at those doe eyes, his stupid smile and the dimples on his speckled cheeks, was impossible. Imagine talking to him. Honestly, he was so creamed and shitfaced in love with the nerd it made him want to puke every day.

If only he could man up and tell him how much he mattered. That’d be fucking amazing. He wouldn’t admit it, ever, but the truth was he was terrified. Not of rejection, he knew the nerd felt the same (Deku was way less subtle than him). After working out their differences, after ten fucking years of misunderstanding, he was terrified of it all coming down and falling back to their old dynamic. He didn’t want that, and he knew Deku didn’t wanted it either.

“Man, I don’t know what’s keeping you, but I’m a hundred percent sure that Midoriya wants you more than anything right now. So, try work with that,” Kirishima spoke again, placing down his drink to pick up Kaminari, “Anyways, catch you later. Hopefully by then I’ll see you two holding hands. I’m taking crazy here to his room before he tries anything stupid.”

“Go easy on him.”

“No promises!”

Finally, Bakugou was alone with his thoughts. Still staring at the green head in the distance who wouldn’t shut up and let him think.

I’m pretty sure Midoriya wants you more than anything.

An idea, a ridiculous one, popped in his head and Bakugou was overwhelmed with such a heat he had to look away and cover his face because he swore his skin lit up like a damn Christmas tree and everyone would see him even if it was the dead of night. It was embarrassing, and his pride would no doubt pummel from there on, but he couldn’t think of another way convey how serious he wanted them to be. His pride meant little when it was about stupid Deku.

Besides, it was the perfect gift. Literally.

“Fine. Let’s get this fucking shit over with,” He grumbled to himself, willing his slightly shaking legs to move towards the nerd and tap his shoulder aggressively, “Hey, you done already?”

“Huh?” Deku turned to him, lips parted and smeared with red frosting and cookie crumbs. His green eyes seemed to glow in the dark and the curls on his head were tousled. He looked like an idiot, but Bakugou’s heart still pulsed to the sight. He was so fucking smitten it was disconcerting, “Oh! Hi, Kacchan!” He giggled, taking another bite before speaking with his mouth full, “What’s up?” 

“You done yet?”

“Welllll, it isn’t over ‘till eleven,” He giggled again and Bakugou had the urge to punch and kiss his stupid face. To clean that mess on his chin and around his lips with his tongue, “Sooooo.”

“Don’t care. You’re going home.” He snatched the plate from his hands and dumped the sweets. After wiping the frosting from his lips, so slowly to properly admire those lips, he grabbed that mop of curls.

“Heyyyy. I was eating that!”

“You’ve had plenty.”

“But Kachannn!”

Bakugou ignored him, dragging him to his room and hurling his bags over his shoulder and then out again to the train station.

“Wait, what about your bags?”

“They’re already home, genius,” He flicked his forehead and Deku whined, “Cause at least I’m organized, unlike some idiot.”

Deku pouted and Katsuki had urges.

The ride home was quiet, except for the whir of the train’s engine and the light chatter of passengers, and then Deku’s honeyed voice splitting it all, “Hey, Kacchan?”


“How are you planning on spending Christmas?” Deku was looking through the window, watching the lights whizz past.

“Don’t know. The hag probably has some dinner planned or something,” Bakugou replied with a shrug, “Why you asking?”

“I was just thinking that maybe we could, I don’t know…,” Scarred hand flitted to his belly, soft thoughtful expression twisting to malaise, “Ugh, I think I ate too much cupcakes.”

“Fuckin’ told you.”

“Ah, Kacchan, always so helpful.”

Katsuki clicked his tongue, “Don’t sass me, you little shit. C’mere,” He pulled Deku against his side, the fingers from the arm around his shoulders reaching down to his rub his belly, “Just shut up and doze off. I’ll wake you up when we’re there.” He looked away, cheeks red.

Deku was blushing too. He gazed up, looking for reds, “Kacchan?”

“What is it?”

“N—never mind.” He huddled up against him, resting his head on his shoulder and closing his eyes. He dozed away after a few minutes, snoring silently. Lips slightly parted and Katsuki couldn’t stop gawking.

The longer he kept thinking about his plan, his idea of a surprise (and he was positive that the nerd will have his mind blown), the more ridiculous it seemed but he was going to see the end of it. He wasn’t going to shy away now.

So when it was time to say goodbye, at Deku’s doorstep, Bakugou grabbed his fuzz and yanked him to speak into his ear huskily, “Be ready at twelve for a surprise.”

The little gasp that blew past Deku’s pretty lips and the shiver from his body were satisfying, “Kacchan, what are you…?”

“Just get downstairs.”

“But how will you—?”

“Don’t worry about that and do as I say.”


Bakugou waved him and Inko goodbye before bolting straight to his room when the door closed. Deku’s reaction had been the push he needed to set his little plan in motion and he was feeling pretty good about it too.

Until he stood in front of the mirror and looked at himself properly: cock and chest wrapped in colorful Christmas paper, red bow tight around his neck and a Santa hat atop his spiky hair. He groaned, slapping a hand to his head.

He looked completely ridiculous. What was he thinking?

Midoriya wants you more than anything.

“He better fucking be.” He grumbled, spicying himself up and finishing the last touches before walking out. Heart hammering and stomach twisted, but otherwise eager to give Deku his Christmas gift. The great King Explosion Murder does not get nervous.

(He does).

The short walk to Deku’s house was mortifying and he prayed the whoever was up there that no one was watching. He pried the window to the living room open, mentally apologizing to aunt Inko, stepping inside before closing it again with a soft click. The small Christmas tree lit up the room, the pine smell wafting through the air and drowning it in the perfect Christmas spirit. Even Bakugou was feeling it, but maybe it was because he used to visit frequently when he and Deku were kids. They used to open the gifts together and play for hours. Until they didn’t. Bakugou stopped visiting around middle school.

Don’t go there.

With a shaky sigh, he stood in front of the tree then gazed at the clock. Only ten minutes to go. He has been working on his patience recently, so the wait was somewhat bearable. It was over when he heard a door opening and footsteps, but instead of walking to him, Deku took a turn to the kitchen and poured himself a glass of milk. When he finally stepped into the living room, he gasped loudly and dropped his glass to muffle a scream with his hands.  

“You still do midnight trips to the kitchen for fucking milk?” Katsuki snorted, “You haven’t changed at all, Deku.”

“Kacchan!” He squeaked on his hands, trying to hide his face but Bakugou could see that cute blush from a mile away. He was trying not to stare, but emeralds kept peeking through the gaps of his fingers, “Oh my God, what are you…? I don’t know what to say…? Hhhn.”

“I wanted to surprise you and I did, didn’t I?” Bakugou said with a smug grin. He was blushing just as much, “The fuck are you waiting for then? I thought you wanted this.”

“I do!” Deku squeaked and suddenly he was in front of Katsuki, eyes roaming, lips between his teeth, “God, I do. More than anything. I wanted you since…,” He sighed, taking the one step that brought him nose to nose with Katsuki, “Since so long, Kacchan.”



“Should’ve said something, idiot.”

“I wasn’t sure you really wanted this,” Deku pouted, “But what about you?”

“Yeah, since elementary.”

“Then why didn’t you say something?”

“Before? Because I was stupid. Now? Because I was fucking scared,” Katsuki confessed without snapping, “I didn’t want to fuck up what we managed to fix. I…,” He exhaled, flitting a hand to his face, “I hope this doesn’t.”

“It doesn’t. Not at all,” Deku reached for his hands, pulling them away to see his face and lean his head against the wrapped chest, “I’m happy you did this for me.”

“Yeah. Wouldn’t forgive myself if I didn’t.”

Deku looked at the clock, pink hue spreading to his temples as he looked up at Katsuki, “It’s Christmas. Can I open my gift now?”

“About time.”

Deku smiled brightly before his fingers started to work. He took his sweet time pulling the papers to expose Katsuki’s skin bit by bit. His large chest and lush pectorals came loose first and Deku was purring as he nuzzled between them, squeezing them tight between his scarred hands.

“You have such nice breasts, Kacchan.” Deku garbled, voice muffled by the warm skin he was stroking with his fingers. Thumbs grazed over perk nipples and the short wisp of breath that breezed past the top of his head emboldened him to press those buds and lure out more sounds.

“Hahhh…” Katsuki, on the other hand, was too embarrassed to gape his mouth so he bit hard on his lips and clenched his fists. Deku wasn’t making it easy though, specially not when his tongue darted out to tease his skin.

“Kacchannn…,” The nerd sang, sucking Katsuki’s nubs between his teeth and tugging harshly, “Isn’t this supposed to be my gift? I want to hear you.”

Katsuki groaned, feeling his lower half hot and stiff already. Deku was right, and it was Katsuki’s own fault. The second he relented, fingers and mouth slackening, a moan fled his lips and Deku crooned, index finger tugging on his bowtie to meet his mouth for a clumsy but daring kiss.  

Calloused digits snaked down Katsuki’s rigid abdomen to the rim of his crotch while they kissed hungrily. They coiled around the paper on his cock, which was becoming tight and uncomfortable for the blonde due to the hot kiss they were sharing, and then pulled slowly. It was arduous, and Katsuki wanted to yank hard, but he contained himself until it was finally free, standing erect. Deku parted from his mouth with a wet smooch to look down at it.

“Wow, Kacchan,” He panted, and his eyes were glowing, gauging his length and breadth. He’d seen Kacchan naked before when they were younger, but this was different. Kacchan’s body has grown. It was a masterpiece! “Amazing.”

“Can you fucking look at me when you say that?”

“But I’m not talking about youuu.”

Katsuki wanted to hit himself, but he chuckled instead, “Of course not. The hell was I expecting. You gonna scrutinize it too?”

Finally, Deku looked up, greens hooded with want and lips shaped in a small ‘o’. Katsuki’s breath hitched. That look was painfully tempting: he wanted to fuck that pretty mouth, but this was for Deku, “Can I?”

“Do whatever you want,” Katsuki said, “This is all yours.”

And the nerd beamed. It was that look that Katsuki loved and was never tired of no matter what he said. Make the nerd happy, make him smile, that’s all he wanted.

Deku began to shamelessly touch him everywhere: his chest, toying again with his nipples, his arms, the bulges of his biceps and triceps, his neck, his slim waist and slender legs, his shoulders, his face, his ass, and most of all, his cock. He juggled with his sacks, as if testing their weight and fullness, and Katsuki was edging the brink of his sanity. All the touching was making his sweaty body shiver from head to toe, a hot mess of moans and grunts. More than once he hissed “stop teasing” but he wasn’t sure if Deku heard. Probably not. He was nose deep between his legs, kissing and biting his inner tights harshly and Katsuki’s knees wouldn’t stop shaking.

“De… ku…” He croaked through gritted teeth. Any second now and his balance was gone.

Deku stopped, looking up through an erect cock with his head tilted, his lips glossy and Katsuki’s restraint was bordering.

“Couch,” Katsuki wheezed, pointing at it with his head, “Please.”

Suddenly, he was pushed against said couch, face buried in the soft surface of the backrest’s cushions, and he elicited a surprised sound that came off too much like a whine. Then Deku grabbed one of his arms and yanked back while the other one pressed him to the cushion with a tight grip on his nape.

“Are you enjoying being manhandled, Kacchan?”

Katsuki just groaned, refusing to admit anything. It was beyond embarrassing.

“You always did in my fantasies.”

Katsuki’s cock twitched at that. Just knowing that “pure and innocent” Deku fantasized about him that way made him feel a thrilling satisfaction. His skin had become so sensitive to Deku’s ministrations that when he started to lick his back and suck on his shoulder blades the shivers were such that the couch shook with him. He started leaking, crown bloated and red. So painfully hard.

“Bad Kacchan,” Deku tutted, “You’re ruining the couch.”

Katsuki groaned as he angled his head sideways for Deku to nip at his neck, “Then stop fucking around already!” He hissed, gripping the backrest tightly.

Deku leaned over him, causing the couch to dip and Katsuki’s knee to sink further in the wool, “What did you say, Kacchan?”

“Fffff—” The blonde swore, but it dulled into a choked moan when Deku toiled his earlobe into his mouth, slurping on the soft piece of flesh and kissing the narrow area beneath it openly, “N—nothing.”

“Hmm, that’s what I thought,” Deku whispered, biting down Katsuki’s neck and spine, leaving a path of bitemarks and purple blotches until he reached the end where his skin began sloping upward to his buttcheeks. Katsuki bucked his hips back by instinct, creating a beautiful curve of his body, and Deku giggled, “Mine,” He slurred, gnawing his cheeks, dragging his warm tongue up and down, “Kacchan mine.”

And Katsuki only grunted within his throat. He sighed pleasantly, feeling Deku’s nose and lips running his slope and then he yapped when Deku’s tongue nudged his entrance.

“Oh fuck.”

“Do you want me to stop, Kacchan?” Deku lifted his head quickly, licking his lips.

“Fuck no. I’m just…,” Katsuki exhaled, “Surprised, is all.”

“Okay. Do you need time?”

“No. I’m fine.”

“Okay. I’m diving in again.”

“Yeah, yeah, but do you have to say it like that?”

Deku giggled, his eyes glinting greedily, and Katsuki’s blush deepened, “You taste really good, Kacchan.”

“The hell I do.”

“You dooo.”

“Shut up, nerd. Just fucking get it—” His words were cut off by a sharp intake of breath when Deku “dived in” again, tongue deeper. Fingers squeezing his ass and spreading his cheeks apart. He laved his entrance hungrily with wide laps, breath ghosting over his skin and causing it to erupt in goosebumps from head to toe. He clenched on Deku just as the heat in his groin spiked.

“Ack, Kahhan…!” Deku stroked him gently until Katsuki relaxed, “Is this really okay? I can stop—”

“I said no, Deku.”


“It feels weird, but I can handle it, okay?”

Deku nodded and disappeared again. The tongue was back, deeper until Deku’s mouth was locked around his pucker, moving faster. In and out. Katsuki’s moans returned when the weirdness was gone and was instead replaced by an unquenchable heat and pleasure. Warm organ deep in his backdoor he found himself rocking back against, rubbing against sensitive fleshy walls. It only took a few thrusts for Katsuki’s toes to curl and his grip on the couch to tighten.

“Fuck, Deku… hah I’m gonna…”

Green head pulled out, a cord of drool linking them together, and Katsuki cursed. Deku licked his mouth and Katsuki almost came right then and there, “You can’t come, Kacchan.”

“Fuck you.”

“Maybe. If you do as I say.”

Katsuki groaned and was about to retort when Deku started humping against his ass. He looked over his shoulder to see his adorable face slack from the friction and tightness of his pants. Completely red-faced and sweaty. Katsuki could feel his bulge and his mouth watered. Deku plunged his hand in, whipped his cock out and started jerking himself on Katsuki’s body.

“Ahhn, Kacchan, your body feels so good…” He leaned over again to mouth on Katsuki’s ear while his hips moved, grinding his member up and down Katsuki’s body. One hand held the blonde tight by the hip while the other snaked up his hard abdomen until reaching one of his nipples, twisting and tugging and Katsuki cried out, “Shhh, you’re being too loud. Mom will hear.”

“Fuck!” Katsuki shoved his face back in the cushions, biting the material to muffle his expletives and erotic sounds.

Fingers relented only to prod at his backdoor again and Katsuki’s breath caught.

“You’re pretty loose and lubed already, but I want to play with you more, Kacchan.”

Katsuki screamed and then moaned whorishly when two digits pushed in and stretched him open. Thumb circled his girth while the fingers coiled and massaged his inner walls. Then they rocked slowly, inside and out, wet squelches low but audible in their ears, pulling out long strangled sobs and gripes from Katsuki’s mouth while Deku crooned and giggled and pushed the blonde for more.

Katsuki bleated and convulsed when Deku finally found his prostrate, grazing it slightly but enough to nearly send him to the edge.

“Fuck, Dekuuu… not there…”

“Hmm? What did you say, Kacchan?”

“Fuckin’—” Deku touched it again, sending sparks all over his body, “Stttoopppp…”

Deku giggled, and despite the situation he was in, Katsuki loved it. He exhaled when Deku retreated his fingers and then tensed all over again when he felt the slick crown of Deku’s penis on his entrance, “I’m going in, Kacchan. Think you can take it? Maybe I’ll take you to my room if you don’t come all over.”

Katsuki grinned, “Fuck yeah I can.”

He realized he might have barked more than he could chew after Deku drove his head in. His muscles clenched, and spams overrode his body as the shaft squeezed in, deeper and deeper until his prostrate was skimmed lightly, sending Katsuki into a muffled sequence of moans and gasps until Deku finally bottomed.

“Kacchan, Kachannn,” Deku slurred over the skin of his shoulder as he nibbled on it, “You’re so tight and hot inside.”

“Feel good?”

“Mmmmhmmm,” He grabbed Katsuki’s hips firmly, “Can I move?”

“Yeah. I told you to do whatever.”

Deku started slow, with a few testing rolls of his hips until Katsuki was open enough to cull out fully and then drive back inside with more fervor. Katsuki couldn’t control himself anymore: his own hips moved to the pace Deku was slowly building, fists clenched, and face buried in soft surface to drown the sounds he was making. His lips were gaped, pressed on the couch and leaving a splotch of wetness from his drooling mouth as his body lurched back and forth with Deku’s thrusts. The blonde’s grip tightened, and he bit hard on the couch as he tried not to spill his load over the couch, clenching his belly and naturally back doors where Deku hissed and panted but only seemed to spur him more, snap his hips faster. Loud smacks of skin against skin seem to echo along with Deku’s wanton noises.

The heat in Katsuki’s loins continued to simmer. Hotter and hotter every time his sweet spot was hit. He tried to warn Deku, tried to kick or punch him, but his body wouldn’t obey. It only moved to meet Deku’s shoves.

“Kacchan, I’m close,” Deku panted and Katsuki only responded with a guttural moan, “So close, Kacchan. I want… I want to fill you up so bad. I want to look at you and see you oozing and so wet with my cum.”

Katsuki moaned shamelessly because he wanted it too and when Deku towered him to bite his shoulder to stifle his moan and then came inside, Katsuki’s was tipped past the edge and unloaded all his pent-up arousal. His body trembled with each wave of pleasure, reaching down to stroke his cock and ride out his orgasm. Deku did the same, bucking his hips a few times, causing wet noises before sagging over Katsuki, sighing and humming contently in his ear.

“Happy?” Katsuki grunted, leaning his light head on the top of the backrest.


“Good. Now geroff and clean this mess.”

“Kacchan, I told you!”

“It’s your fucking fault. You do something.”

“Bad Kacchan.” Deku slipped out of Katsuki, causing the latter to whine and shudder at the emptiness. His thumbs pressed and spread Katsuki’s already gaping asshole.

“What the fuck are you doing?”

Deku face was back between his cheeks, tongue lolling out to lick and lips locking around his ring. Instead of sticking his tongue, he sucked hard and Katsuki was a gasping mess all over again. His heart throbbed when he felt Deku’s cum being sucked out. Then he slurped it into his mouth, spilling it on his hands to spread all over Katsuki’s body and Katsuki shivered at the stickiness and warmth.

“Disgusting piece of shit.” But yet so erotic.

Izuku giggled and flipped the tired blonde around to sit on his lap, “Thanks, Kacchan. I’m so happy.”

“Yeah. You better be,” They kissed, “Merry fucking Christmas, nerd.”