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Grape Flavored Lust

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Minoru Mineta was known as a perv, he made suggestive comments and spoke with crude language but one thing he never did was to corner women sexually. He was scum, he'd fully admit but violating a woman's ability to determine her own bodily autonomy and self worth in that way was a line he even felt to never cross. He also was a big proponent of never kissing and telling, even when a girl were to fall to his ‘charms’ he promised to keep it to himself, no matter how much he'd love to tell his buddy, Denki. This lead to a few situations over his time at UA where, starting with Midnight, he developed a bit of a notable streak.

She had been thoroughly impressed by not only his ingenuity during the final exams, but his seeming restraint when he had her stuck without a way to defend herself, but didn't touch her though his well known reputation as a pervert. More over his willingness to risk her getting free to help Sero, it was definitely a plus in her book. So she decided to approach him in shopping center as her civilian self.

Mineta was just finishing buying the peeping tools he wanted for the forest lodge he believed they'd stay in but that was interrupted by a hand on his shoulder.

He looked back to see a plain looking woman with long black hair tied into a ponytail, who wore a large baggy sweatshirt with leggings underneath. He then noticed the mole, the blue eyes and the way her glasses sat instantly his encyclopedic knowledge of female heroes kicked in.

“Midni-! “ He almost yelled upon recognizing, until she clasped her hand over his mouth while doing a hush motion over her mouth.

Mineta could smell her quirk neutralizing perfume, which was flowery and fit her casual appearance than the musky “seductive“ odor her quirk normally made her skin make. He felt a bit aroused by it but said nothing as he pulled away gently scratching the back of his head.

“Sorry sorry didn't mean to do that just, it's a surprise to see you here Ma’a.. Big Sis. ”he said trying to be casual but also remembering she hated being called old or anything that felt like she was being called old so he switched a ma'am at the last moment.

She smiled at his self correction, then motioned to a side alley while saying “You were brilliant the other day, I just wanted to talk about it. Can we find a quiet spot? “

Mineta couldn't believe his luck as he followed her, he noticed though she was being reserved there was still subtle tease to her outfit, like the arms which were almost milk white causing them to stand out with a dainty elegance and her defined leg muscles which rippled as she walked and now that he was behind her, the tempting possible peak at what's underneath as her large sweater flickered up with each step before settling back down. He wondered if she did on purpose as he followed.

As they came to a nice quiet and rather clean section between the stores she turned around, almost catching his eyes watching the bottom of her sweater.

“You are a strange brave little hero, you know that?" She whispered in a way that sent a shock up through his spine.

Mineta focused trying not to be a perv “Thanks, I just wanted to be cool and well liked, i know it sounds selfish but people like you and all might make it look so easy. “

Midnight smiled and said “I know the feeling, when I started, I had to go through a few costumes to get it right, things would tear, something would come loose, It's partially why I took on the persona I did, after so many accidents they thought I was just being sexual for attention, so I made it my thing,”

Mineta didn't know that, in fact he thinks back on every incident from her rookie days and with the idea were happy accidents and not pre-planned almost makes him laugh but he holds back.

“Yeah I've had a few of those but unlike you, being sexy can't really be my thing." Mineta admitted, he knew his height turned off the few girls who weren't turned off by his attitude.

“Well, let's keep it a secret between us, but it was pretty damn sexy how you were able to wrap me up. ” Midnight said using her seductive voice now, as she leaned over and gently stroked his cheek with her thumb. She was just trying to be nice more than anything, he was clearly a fan and also she did find him rather cute in a lost puppy way.

Mineta felt like he was in heaven not only getting a compliment from Midnight herself, but her touching him in such an intimate way.

It was only then does she notice something she doubt many others has seen, Mineta was packing, in a way that couldn't be easily hidden in his casual clothes. Her mouth drops open as she takes it in, as with his stature and tight casual pants it's easy to see he's got at least an 8 incher and thick too, straining against his pants leg. He was big for a guy in that department for a guy without a size related qurik, nevermind that even her record for biggest ones taken were barely an inch or two bigger but thinner. She unconsciously licked her lips.

“Wow is that because of me?” she teased letting him know the secret was ‘out’.

Minoru looked down and saw he was ‘exposed’ partially but seeing no ability to hide it, he swallowed and nodded.

She looked around and saw no one coming and motioned him to follow her into a nook that was away from anyone's prying eyes before teasing gently lifting her sweater bit and saying “I'll show you mine if you show me yours.”

He almost wished Tsu or someone would wake him up now if this was a dream, he was standing right next to a woman he idolized, and lusted after and she was ready to bare herself in a back alley if he revealed himself to her. He started to go for the draw string and stopped momentarily.

“Are you sure, I don't want to feel like I'm pressuring you?” he said uncharacteristically serious.

She almost giggled at that before replying “if I didn't want you to I'd not be asking, or showing you this.”

She lifted her sweater higher and at the same time pulled at the leggings making them dig into her crotch revealing a camel toe to him as she pushed her hips toward him slightly. He was at perfect height to see the outline of her most intimate place. He wanted to lick it through the fabric, but as he leaned forward to try, she pulled her hips away and let the sweater drop in front again snapping him back to the present moment .

“Pull out your dick, and I'll let you see all you want. Maybe more. “ She said almost commanding him now.

He nodded and without anymore reservations he pretty much let his pants drop and underwear drop so his shafts sprang out, and she audibly gasped at it, it clearly was bigger than 9 inches(22.9 cm) now and was pointed directly at her. She could tell by looking at it, he was definitely the biggest she'd ever seen in person that wasn't quirk augmented or surgically bigger. He was rather nervous at her reaction, since he didn't have a girlfriend or even any girls interested before today, he didn't know how he stacked up. This was only compounded by after seeing the monster Deku had in the showers one day and having a history of watching porn where the guys were always bigger, he wasn't sure if he had the ability to compare, especially if even half the rumors of midnight's sexual appetites were true.

“That's amazing, I can't believe you can fit that in your pants." she said almost mournfully at how much it must have suffered confined to his leg as she examined it.

She leaned forward and touched the head which was straining against the air and she gently blew on it, it twitched in response and she saw a bead of pre-cum appear on the tip. It made her mouth water a bit as she felt drawn to it. She kneeled down onto her knees and gently took his shaft into her hands, it felt warm and heavy and due to the late summer day she didn't have to worry about him feeling too cold.

Minoru was kind of lost at the sensations of Midnight's hands gently beginning to stroke him, he closed his eyes and sighed atl the feeling almost wishing he could share this experience with Denki just to have proof this happened. She mumbled something, he was curious what as he opened his eyes but that didn't help much because the next sensation made his eyes roll up a bit, she began suckling on the tip. Everything he wanted to say was now washed away as he got a blowjob from his Idol.

Mentally Midnight was kicking herself but also justifying as she bobbed her head slightly on the first two inches ‘What are you doing Nemuri? If you get caught not only would you be in trouble normally but if anyone identifies you that's your pro-hero career. But it has been a while and this is a huge cock, I doubt even that mountain bitch would pass this up if she knew how big it was.’

Mineta's hands roamed and found her head, his body was on autopilot now, his brain was still trying to process his first time was midnight. His body though, knew what it wanted, it wanted to get deep inside her. RIGHT. NOW!

Nemuri only vaguely was aware of his hands until she felt him pull her down on his cock. Her eyes widened as his cock was pushed into her throat, he was ignoring her gag reflex and her hands pushing in his thighs, which were surprisingly muscular. She then realized he wasn't going to stop, it was both terrifying and actually liberating compared to her normal domination focused persona. So she let him control the pace, her body enjoying the youthful face fucking as she tried to time her breathing with his hips as he pulled back enough to let air through her nasal passage.

The sounds were disgustingly dirty but sexy all at the same time as he gained a rhythm the sounds of “Galhuk! Hukhu! Slurp!” resounded in their ears, hers more directly.

Finally Mineta regained enough mind to find himself holding Midnight's face down against his pubic bone.

She looked up almost expectantly of him to continue, her hand having found itself inside her leggings, gently stroking at her throbbing clit in circles as her body felt sensitive from being used like a cum dumpster and lack of oxygen to her brain.

He pulled her off his cock and breathed out slightly scared he had pissed her off and knowing she had a gang of fan boys who'd more than be willing to kick his teeth in. He asked her “Shit, that was too rough wasn't it? “

She coughed a bit as he left her throat empty except for the slime made from her throat mixed with his pre-cum, but then shook her head and saying coarsely as she wiped her mouth off with her with her other hand “No no, just unexpected, I actually enjoyed that… But you didn't finish.”

They almost silently stood there for a moment as they both looked at his spit covered hard on trying to decide what next

“... Wanna go all the way?” she suggest trying to play off the fact she was edging herself as her hand exited her Legging, she didn't want to admit he had got her so hot, but needed to feel that huge thing inside her. So she made excuse “I doubt you can put your pants back on with that thing like this and I'm on the pill.“

The young man was sure it had to be a dream now. His dream woman, Midnight was offering to be his first time and he didn't have to wear a condom or anything? He enthusiastically nodded.

“Yeah let's see, I don't think I can reach if you stand up, so doggy style?” He suggested now sure of his dream status at least he thought, he might as well enjoy it.

She grinned at his new found confidence and turned around before putting on a show. First getting on her knees, sticking her but out toward him and after lifting her sweater, she slowly and teasingly peeled down her leggings and matching black panties in one smooth motion revealing her pale pink rump and darker pink shaved mound that was dripping arousal down her now bare thighs.

“Mineta-kun, fuck me, pretty please. “ She teased acting like a slutty school girl as she shook her rump at him.

He needed no other prodding as he landed forward and without warning pushed himself all the way into her, hitting her cervix like a freight train. His thrust caused her to gasp and put her hands on the far wall of the nook they were in and began to hold on for dear life. His thrust were wild and unsteady showing his amateur status but the sheer girth and length made sure he hit the spot more often than not. She was already feeling that orgasm she edged herself on creeping up her toes, she tried to fight it but as he accidentally rammed her g-spot several times in a row, she couldn't and she groaned raggedly as her walls tightened around him.

He felt like a champion now, he not only fucked an idol but made her cum for him. He knew if this wasn't a dream, no one would ever believe him so he at least had to make this memory last forever in his and her mind. So he kept on thrusting like a mad man possessed, he knew he probably should have cum by now but the nerves of potentially cumming too soon, mixed with the stress of potentially getting caught and disappointing THE midnight, he was motivated.

She on the other hand was zoning out as her body was taken to another plane of pleasure she only got once before, from a wild night with a guy with a stretch based quirk in college. Her orgasms were starting to come faster and faster, after another few minutes it was beginning to become hard when the last one ended and the next one began. Then finally she felt it, his cock jumped and he tensed up groping her ass with both of his small hands.

“C.. Cu.. Cummmingl” He grunted almost savagely which she admitted to herself later sounded very cute with his voice .

At the moment she did nothing but bend herself over so her face touched the ground and pushed her hips back accepting his seed as his mate. The first shot of cum triggered a small but lingering orgasm that made her quake in delight as the flowing shots threatened to stuff her womb with his young virile seed. She felt like she'd have been addicted if this was her first time getting pounded into the dirt, sexually at least.

“Jeezzz, Mineta-kun, you sure were backed up, weren't you?" She teases as she grinds her hips into him a bit.

He was short of breath and almost felt short of life, everything felt lighter and he almost passed out, as he stumbled two steps back.

She felt him leave her and looked Back raising her head and stretching a bit “You okay babe?”

Mineta Minoru then realizes as he gains his bearings, that this wasn't a dream, he just had sex and it was amazing. It was awesome and he almost wanted to go again but then he noticed that part of him didn't, at least not yet.

‘Traitor!’ he mentally said to his now soft penis but then looked at her and said confident “I'm fine I'm better than fine, that was amazing… I wanna go again but our original problem seems to be sorted for right now. Thanks miss midn-”

“I'm Kamaya, Nemuri Kamaya, I thought you should know my name since we fucked, also know with some practice you'd become an amazing lay. Huh that's odd.. Usually cum it starts leaking out by now.” Nerumi said reaching between her legs and sticking two fingers into her self before pulling them out and examining the now whiteness covering them and noticed it was hard to get them to pull apart.

“Oh wow, your cum is… it's like your balls, the ones on your head, super sticky and… “ she commented before she stuck her fingers on her mouth, knowing she tasted fine and was curious about his taste. “mmm Grape flavored too, but also come out with enough moisture like spit and hopefully water. You got a talent kid, just be careful because you'll liable to knock a girl up with that sticky cum.“

She stood up and pulled back up her panties and leggings and adjusted her hair and checked her make up to clean up from the “just-fucked-in-an-alley“ look she had. At the same time Mineta pulled up his pants and wiped off his face.

As Nemuri finished fixing herself, she motioned towards the busy street again and said as they walked “Mineta, you can't talk about that, I know it was an awesome experience but it's liable to get me kicked out of UA or Pro-heroing entirely. Do I have your word?”

“On my honor as a gentleman, I will never expose what we did. But, I would like to do this again sometime though, please?” Mineta asked as he he shyly rubbed at the back of his neck while blushing.

She smiled and actually blushed, most guys her age weren't as a cute and direct about making it a regular thing, it was either a “I'll see you around “or something vague that allowed them to ghost her after they got in her pants each time. That or they got super possessive though they both agreed it was casual. Mineta though asked and it was clear he was throwing out a Hail Mary in his opinion.

“Sure, I'll contact you though , I'll do it as Nemuri, never as that other name, okay?“ she said trying to set some ground rules for him that allowed both parties to continue their normal life both as heroes and people.

He nodded with understanding “Understood, let's part here and I'll see you around Nemuri.”

He walked off to rejoin his friends and she went home, both during and after a hot shower she mentally replayed the encounter in her head a few more times before going on patrol that night, feeling a bit extra enthusiastic at her new secret lover.

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Momo couldn't sleep, she was horny and nothing was doing it anymore that she could make from herself. She wanted something darker than just normal sex but also nothing truly depraved, she wanted to get used by a man like he'd use a sex doll, pushing her into odd positions, forcing her to take him in her throat and use it like a living fleshlight. She had tried to make herself gag on a toy but it wasn't the same thing plus she always pulled herself back from the edge when it got uncomfortable, plus the warm latex like material wasn't close annd she knew it. She wanted someone who'd ignore her struggling and fuck her face regardless that but NOT to the point of choking her out completely or almost killing her.

Unfortunately, she didn't seemingly know anyone like that, Todoroki was too nice to ever think of a woman like that especially after hearing about his home life. Izuku, he was almost exclusively eyes on Ochako plus even if he wasn't, he seemed the type who'd wait till marriage. Bakugo… Hell no, he'd be most likely super possessive outside the bedroom and probably go too far.

She had the idea then laughed and said to herself quietly as she looked up “Mineta? The perv? He's probably not even that well hung.”

She kept going through the 1-A boys but couldn't think of anyone else but her mind came back to Mineta, he while a perv is rather smart and does know how to keep his mouth shut. Plus even if his dick isn't that big, her gag reflex was rather sensitive. She finally made her decision, her desires making her not care too much about fixing her appearance or changing except to get her hall slippers on. She was stealthy as she slipped out of the girls half into the boys side of the dorm

“Maybe he can get me what I need and I won't have to bother him again. I know he's considered gross but… even if he did tell, who's gonna believe him?" She tried to rationalize as she found herself in a corner quietly with her hand in her sleep pants gently teasing her clit.

She stopped herself from continuing and quickly went to the door she knew he was solely behind and gently knocked, loud enough to get his attention but soft enough that the door across the hall or next to his wouldn't realize what was going on. She had to knock again, 3 more times, before the door finally opened and she saw a sleepy Mineta in gym pants and a tank top rubbing at his eyes.

“Momo, what's going on? We under attack?“ he asked trying to focus but instantly finding his eyes met with cleavage as she was wearing a two sizes too large t-shirt. With short shorts underneath but she looked pants less with how the shirt hung.

He clearly was shocked by her appearance and she capitalized on that saying slowly approaching as she let one of her shirts straps hang off her shoulder and slowly fall revealing more and more of the top of her breast as she said “Minoru... Nothing is really wrong per se, but I have a proposition."

He gulped, his eyes trying to see the almost visible areola but then he found her hands holding his face which made him look back up, he could see something in her eyes that wasn't normally there.

“I want you to use my throat as a cum dump, I know it's sudden but I want you to do it. It's not love or anything, just felt you'd be up for it. ” Momo said with a pleading voice that was sweet as honey.

Mineta was no fool, so he quickly looked back behind her, for a camera or the telltale sign of the others, or some snickering of some sort. But there was none just the empty hallway behind her.

“I need to close the door, before I talk to you about this more “Mineta said trying to break away for a moment to calculate things.

She let him go and shyly glanced between the floor and watching him close the door then locked the dead bolt.

“If you're being serious… T-take off your top. “ Mineta said fully expecting a slap.

She without hesitation took off her shirt revealing the pert breast he knew she had, they almost looked to defy gravity as the light brown tips stared at him.

She shyly looked down, now only dressed in her short shorts and asked “Anything else?"

It had been a while since his first time Nemuri, and they had a few more sessions so he was getting better at reading sexual situations and openings and could tell, she was begging for real now that she was so vulnerable.

“Get on your hands and knees.” He commanded as he undid his pants' string, his demeanor changed now that he knew she was serious.

She felt embarrassed but she was wiling to take it especially since she wanted this, to be exposed self to him and to follow his command. Then she realized why he wanted hands and knees, she was at prefect level for his crotch on his short stature as he walked forward. She felt herself getting wet in anticipation as he pushed down his pants and found out she was very wrong, namely about him being small where it counted. She was now face to face with a 9 inch rod of flesh, he pushed it against her face and she twitched and panted.

“I'm sorry “she whimpered.

He was curious as he asked “about what? “

“I-I thought you'd have a small cock." She admitted as she muzzled it gently to apologize

He slapped her with his shaft , she was shocked but understood it was punishment for saying that and looked down. .

Mineta knew there was talk about him but to insult him like that was a bit too much for him to just let slide, he was a bit angry now so he thought he'd stop playing.

“Open your mouth and look me in the eye." he commanded.

She looked up at him, her eyes full of desire and her tongue folded out of her mouth. He pushed his thick shafts inside her mouth into her throat and watched as her eyes watered. He didn't stop until he felt her throat bend and resist his cock making her gag.

“Such a tight throat you got, slut, let's see if you can take it all.” He grunted and pushed forward.

Momo was in heaven, she swallowed to try and get him down and it seemingly helped as suddenly she had almost every bit of his 9 inch shaft down her throat, she could barely breathe, an she could only smell his slightly sweaty shafts. She wanted to remain like that forever, but as he started fucking her face, holding her hair to keep her in place, she found it only got better. Her brain was slowly shutting down due to both the pleasure of being used like a onahole and the lack of oxygen. Her identity as Momo was slowly fading into nothing, as her identity as Mineta's cum dumpster became more pressing.

Her eyes looked up at his but now they were vacant and unseeing, she was his to use and use he did as he fucked her face roughly. She was wet as hell but she never tried to touch it, her mind or what was left active of it rationalized it was for her master's use and not her pleasure. Her eyes can see he's enjoying himself as he pushes himself in and out of her mouth. She in her new mindset gets the idea to lick and play with his balls. And soon her fingers gently rub at them when her tongue is too far and once her tongue is in range she slips her tongue around the bottom to bathe his balls.

“Fucking hell you're good at that slut, you've been practice haven't you.” Mineta says pulling out of her throat for a few seconds to ask

The oxygen to her brain allows her to think for a second, ‘I'm … I'm Momo, Yaoyorozu Momo, I'm not a slut just a girl with… Desires… I came to Master, no Mineta...‘ She shakes her head to clear it but he takes it as a no

“You probably sucked off half the class and ate out the other half, I'm just the last on your list.” He doesn't allow her much more than that as he pushed his way back into her throat and begins fucking her mouth roughly.

She instantly falls back into her vapid state, she never sucked cock like this before, she however would be willing to agree with him, just to have him keep treating like she meant nothing but a hole to stuff full of cream.

Mineta didn't mean any of it, he could tell though this is what she wanted and so he gave it to her, especially as she allowed him to use her throat for his own pleasure. Which his pleasure was building up as she started to move with his thrust, rotating her head slightly to add on to the feeling her tight throat gave.

“Here it cums.“ He grunted as he pulled her head close and fired almost directly down her throat.

Momo felt herself feel almost complete in a long while as she felt a small orgasm rip through her body though she never touched herself, his pleasure and using her was enough for her body to go into a shuddering mess as he held her head in place. It was only after the third shot did he speak once again.

“I'm going to pull back, you better swallow every drop. “ He commanded.

She could barely focus but those words made her jolt to attention.

As he pulled out of her throat and let the tip of his cock rest on her tongue, she could finally breathe again and felt her sense of self returning, but still she swallowed every drop of cum not wanting to disappoint him. Once there's was nothing left she opened her mouth and let him see.

“All gone… Th-thank y-you for that, it tasted delicious .” She said her voice slightly raw from the face fucking and her mind still fuzzy from lack of oxygen.

He patted her head “Any time Momo, but I think it's only fair I return the favor. “

Momo's eyes widen and she looked up at him, he was going to… She felt very uncertain about that. “It's alright Mineta, you don't need to do that, i… I can take care of that myself."

Mineta looked down at her and she looked away, his dominance now ingrained in her a little.

“Take off your shorts and get on the bed." he whispered with the command she gave him.

She stood and slide off her shorts shorts then got on the bed before looking at him.

“Are you sure?" She said slightly scared, as this would be the first time a guy was near there that wasn't a doctor or attacking from below, she worried about smell and everything else.

He didn't say a word just simply nod before he pushed her thighs apart, finding she kept a well kept triangle above her mound. And dived in after giving out a lewd ‘Itadakimasu’. It was clearly not his first rodeo as he spread her labia open and gently lick at her clit before teasing it gently with his tongue.

Momo felt herself taken on a new journey of pleasure, she'd have touched his hair, if she didn't know it'd cause her to stick to him, so she instead grabbed at her knees from below and let him continue.

He had some practice due to Nemuri's Dominance streak that her Midnight persona brought out, she was patient mistress with him, and he improved greatly with his oral skills.

He wasn't a master by any means but he'd doubt there were few as skilled and practiced as he was at UA at giving oral to ladies as he was.

“OH! Fuck! tlThat's Amazinggggg!” she said as she felt her self taken over the edge as switched between rapidly he sucking on and licking her clit.

Mineta pulled back admiring his work as she twitched and shook. He noticed his cock was almost ready to go fully again.

“Now for the final course. Are you on the Pill?” He asked the dazed woman still coming off her latest orgasm.

Momo felt herself come back to reality as she heard the question, she then saw it, his cock was ready to go into her again, this time in her core of her being. She in the back of her mind hoped he'd fuck her after she started desiring him to use her and especially after she saw his size but now it was actually going to happen and she was handing him control over her completely.

“Yes, I use it, not for this but it helps other things... Just be careful, this is my first time with more than a toy or my hands.” she admitted, only a tiny bit embarrassed but pushing it aside.

Mineta slowly entered her, knowing unlike Midnight, he was dealing with a relative virgin. She was much tighter, but after a few thrust he was able to slide deeper and deeper until their hips met. She held onto him by his shoulders, trying not to moan out in pain or pleasure, scared to ruin it.

“Fuck that's big, I didn't realize how it'd feel inside" Momo said clearly in a daze as she felt her stomach where his shaft was buried, she could see a slight indent where his shaft pushed out a bit and rubbed it.

She then mumbled “I want to get broken by you, my throat was intense but this is something different. I want you to break me, using this huge cock.“

Their eyes met at the last few words and he nodded before he pulled back and slammed back into her. Momo felt herself slipping away to the slut that laid underneath this dark desire. Each thrust pushed the rational, smart and cautious Momo down underneath and left a wanton submissive. After his thrusts gained a rhythm, her legs hooked around him.

“Please, Harder! Do it, break me down to a little fuck puppet for your cum.“ she begged now as she stroked his arms while looking up at him.

This changed his demeanor, it wasn't like before when he had to worry about her breathing, he now had all the room to fuck her into the ground and ‘break her’. His thrust became wilder as he no longer concerned himself with hitting her cervix like he found Nemuri loved, he now was just in the mission of pounding away. And for his troubles he got an odd strangled sound from Momo, she was unfocused as she looked around with wild eyes. Her walls tightened around his shaft as he grunted to keep pushing faster. They were feeding off each other, the harder he went, the more her body reacted.

She was purely nerve endings at this point being stimulated as her mind shut down, no longer able to speak just stare at him, her mouth making a moaning sound for every thrust as her walls milked at his shaft. Unfortunately for her the fact he came earlier only enhanced his endurance this time.

It only started becoming off putting when she accidentally started creating small objects from herself of all different types, showing her mind was anything but focused as each thrust produced a small heart or a penis or figures having sex. He stopped, out of concern more than anything else and let her mind come down for that height it was up at.

She found herself sweating and breathing hard, looking up at the ceiling, she felt like she'd been at a marathon and her body ached in ways she didn't think possible. It was a pleasant ache though, but she noticed he didn't cum inside her. She was actually slightly disappointed by that turn of events as she shakily sat up.

“You couldn't do it? “ She asked as her breathing evened out.

He shook his head “I could but it was getting... Weird… Momo. Your body was using its quirk on its own, whatever you were thinking started appearing and luckily it was only silly stuff. “ He held up a few examples.

“I'll work on that and maybe next time we can go and finish? “ Momo said disappointed in herself, she was shakey as she got up and got her clothing on.

He said knowing he couldn't do much “Yeah I guess and don't worry this is between you and me, Momo. “

“Thanks Minoru, you're not bad for a perv.“ She said clearly drained from that nights events but secretly she wanted still more, as she disappeared into the hallway.

It'd be a while until she approached him again, and that time was a story in itself.

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Minoru came out to the shitty little club to see the Area51s , Kaminari's music group made up of himself on bass , Ashido as main vocalist and synthesizers , Tokoyami on drums, with dark shadow sometimes assisting, and Jiro on rhythm guitar also doing backup vocals. The sound was sex pistol era punk sound mixed with a bit of Heart's vocals and funk based groove. Other UA students had dropped by as well as some locals. The look for the band was mainly all black except for Mina who took center stage.

Mina made her stage outfit a form fitting leotard like her hero costume just in a tie dye pattern of pink that matched her skin tone and neon green making her almost look nude with body paint with a white “wings” that had reflective material sprinkled in so it shimmered in the light and ballet shoes also dyed to look like her skin tone, she looked more like an alien queen in the lights of the stage now than in her hero gear.

Art by Kibstar (On Twitter and Instagram)

Jiro was the only one notably standing out as she chose to go full Joan Jett with a black leather jacket with a popped fur collar and Aviators with the centerpiece being a shirt that read “Fuck Stain” but not to be outdone by her leather pants which clung to every curve she normally hid with baggy pants or a skirt. Both of the ladies turned heads and it was only amplified by how talented of musicians they were.

The set was went off amazing, ending with Jiro taking lead vocals to perform a cover of Magic Man by heart. Minoru was happy to see his friends succeed and how sexy both the ladies dressed. As the band took their bows and left, Ashido taking the longest to blow kisses. Minoru took his path towards backstage and flashed his pass that Kaminari gave him and the huge bouncer, who had to have had a quirk with how hulking he was, pushed several others who didn't have a badge aside and let him through. Unfortunately after getting directed by the club owner to the dressing rooms there was no signs of which dressing room was which only colored stars. Mineta pulled out his cell and texted Kaminari but the signal sucked since they were technically in a basement underneath several floors of concrete and the wifi was behind a password, that the club owner said was for paying customers before walking off.


Mineta looked at the colored star doors, they were the CMYK(Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key, another word for black) color scheme. He guessed that black was Tokoyami or Jiro and maybe that Ashido went Magenta since it was close enough to pink, so of course yellow was going to be his friend Denki, at least that's what he thought until he came upon the sight of Jiro with her pants down around her ankles, eyes closed, left hand between her legs while her left headphone jack was listening to something through the wall, which was the side with the Cyan door. Mineta was in shock, but then saw opportunities so he pushed the door closed with his foot slowly as he got ready to make a move.

- Five minutes ago -

She was late, Mina had probably already started and Kyoka Jiro was fumbling with her belt and throwing the shades and jacket off as she entered her dressing room gently kicking the door closed as she enters. Soon enough though the belt came loose and, with a practiced grace, her pants along with her thong came to her ankles with one yank, she didn't even care to take them off fully or take off her shoes as she sat back in the chair usually reserved for the make up mirror. As she slowly rolled up to the wall, she could feel her heart thumping in her ears, she knew it was perverse but she wanted to hear it.

She plugged her ear into the wall and was treated to the sounds of what she had come to know as Mina's natural wetness spread all over some lucky guy’s dick or a strap on, they pushed in, followed by the telltale gasp of Mina gives out, then the sounds of flesh clapping into each other with Mina's gasp turned into moaning in pure bliss. Kyoka's left hand snaked between her legs to her clit, gently playing with it as she softly panted. She had become weirdly addicted to this to the point she could tell it was one of Mina's regulars, the person clearly knew what buttons to press to the point Kyoka's focus was drawn away from her surroundings to focus on the pitch of Mina’s voice climbing as he got her closer and closer to her first orgasm of the night. Kyoka's fingers increased their speed and she bit her bottom lip, she needed to catch up.

- Now -

Then the sound of the door closing caught her attention and she quickly opened her eyes to find Mineta smirking at her, she was so taken off guard she fell off the chair, ear detaching from the wall, her tight pants acting as a makeshift leg restraints. She couldn't find her footing and was still flustered so she covered herself best she could, by crossing her legs and left hand over her crotch, attempting to cover herself

“Well well welllll, if it isn't the lady who always wants loves to call me a pervert, doing the exact same thing.” Mineta teased as he got close enough to touch but didn't instead standing “above” her snuggly.


“Mineta, it's not like that it was isn't, uh… ”She was too embarrassed at being caught to point out one of the several excuses she could reasonably throw out or call him out.

He poked his finger at her not touching her while calling her out “Oh so you weren't just using your quirk to listen in on something while you touch yourself?”

“... I… I….so what if I was, it's none of your business.” She said as she looked away ashamed of herself a little, he was right she was just a pervert like him, the revelation made her feel a bit bad for attacking him so much.

Then she remembered he had walked in on her and looked at him as she pulled up her pants and underwear “What are you doing here anyway? This is a private room, don't tell me Kaminari is trying to get you to spy on us.“

“Hey I was just coming to congratulate him on the show, I thought he'd be in here. But, I didn't realize it was the wrong room until the door was open and I caught a pervert.“ Mineta sneered as he held his pass up, showing he wasn't lying at least about that.

Blushing again at being called on a pervert, she felt a pleasant sensation shoot through her each time he called her that, as she felt it actually was exciting to get caught. They both then heard it, a long sweet cry of pleasure from the wall that Kyoka's ear was just plugged into, Mina was having an immodest orgasm which sounded so good to Kyoka. Minoru's eyes met with Kyoka’s before she looked away knowing she was now caught dead to rights.

Minoru smirked down at her “Oh so that's what you were listening to, let me guess Ashido is in the other room , does she know you like listening to her?“

“N-no, it's… I-I just couldn't resist, her voice is… Heavenly. It.. Started after our first club show, I was worried as I thought I heard fighting and plugged into the wall… Then I heard it and I couldn't stop myself. I think I may have a crush on her,at least her voice...” Kyoka admitted, her heart thumping again, as she looked at the wall her friend and bandmate was having sex behind.

Mineta realized, this wasn't the time to tease and so he sat next to her and sighed while saying “So why not talk to her about it? It's much easier when it's not just building up, I know I'm not the guy you probably want to hear it from but sometimes being upfront is the better option, especially with matters of the heart and other parts. Who knows she may be into the idea of you two together or at least okay with you listening.”

He spoke from his experiences with Midnight who loved hearing about him dominating Momo, though he kept it vague that Midnight had to guess the girl he might be talking about. She wanted to know when he planned to do it again or if another girl was up next and maybe her joining in which he said he'd float by when it happened but that wasn't the point, at least not now.

Kyoka could have laughed at how ridiculous the situation was, she was caught masturbating by Mineta Minoru, the class perv and he was actually giving sound advice, while the object of her affection was having sex less than 10 feet away.

“Thanks Minoru, it's not that easy though, I…. I'm a virgin and while my parents are very upfront about being okay with it as long as I'm safe.” she managed to get out then continued “I'm not even sure what I'd like or who with.”

“We could explore that together, if you'd like?” Minoru offered, his recent experiences emboldening him.

She thought about it then shook her head “No, I don't think I'm ready still. But I'll tap you if I am interested?“

He stood up and said “That's fair, sorry to bother you, enjo…“his phone text messaging went off several times in a row “… excuse me. “

Denki had messaged him they were all clearly from a few minutes ago:
-Hey man, I got a surprise, meet me on the room with the Cyan star door in 10
-Hey hurry up, I can't wait forever!
-Buddy, come on get in here it's awesome!

Minoru then remembered the sounds of Mina came from the Cyan room. His eyes looked to Kyoka and he tried to play it cool.

“Hey I got to go, Denki's looking for me, enjoy your night and I promise not to tell anyone. But lock your door eh?“ He remained rather passive looking before leaving.

“Thanks Mineta, you're not all bad. I guess” Kyoka said standing up and pulling up her pants fully up trying to act normal.

As soon as he closed the door he walked over to the Cyan door and opened the door, and he wasn't expecting what he saw even though he knew what was probably going on.

Denki's voice called out “Hey, You made it bud. “


To be continued...

Chapter Text

-A few weeks ago-

Denki Kaminari was feeling stuck, Jiro agreed to be the guitar player and Tokoyami agreed to do the drums but they weren't great vocalist or in Jiro's case hated to be main vocalist. He had asked around but most of the others, Like Bakugo, who felt like it was a waste and others were unfortunately busy. It was only when he was practicing guitar, doing the opening of “under the bridge” in the dorm room common area that he heard a beautiful voice singing along as footsteps passed behind him. He continued now watching the source of the voice and footstep, Ashido Mina, as she put her own spin on the song as he kept playing.

“Sometimes I feel like I don't have a partner, sometimes I feel like my only friend is the city I live in, the city of heroes. Lonely as I am, together we fight.” She sang before noticing Denki now following.

He stopped playing before the next verse knowing she was the one he was looking for. They looked at each other as he stopped. Mina was dressed casually in some shorts and a tie dye tee shirt and he in a shirt and lighting bolt covered sleep pants.

He was grinning ear to ear as he declared without a hint of irony “You're amazing, you know that?”

She blushed her her pink cheeks turning near crimson. He then realized what he said and blushed as well, though he wouldn't apologize for it. He instead looked to the side of her after look around, glad they were alone at least from what he could see.

“Thanks Denki, you're pretty awesome yourself, so what's up with the guitar?” Mina said turning away trying to lessen her embarrassment, and get off that subject as she retrieved a can of her favorite energy drink from the fridge.

He cleared his throat before he spoke feeling suddenly like a lump was in it “Well I.. Uh we, Kyoka, Fumikage & I were making a band, and we needed a lead singer… I think you got the right stuff for it, Mina.”

“Well...” She started popping the top of her drink and sipping while looking back at him with her yellow eyes, amused by him. “It does sound interesting but… I think that is not the only thing you're thinking about me. Eh Denki?“

He knew he was in for a penny so he swallowed his fear and went for it as he breathed in deeply.

“Truthfully, I think you're beautiful, to be honest, I like the way you eyes look and the shade of pink your skin is, you got an awesome sense of style… I kind of think we got a natural thing going that I'd like to see go further.”, He admitted seeing no reason to hold back since she asked.

She was now grinning as she put down her energy drink and walked over to him. She gently took his hand in her own. She knew he had feelings for her after they bonded but never suspected how deep they were. But she couldn't deny she felt very similar, though she knew one thing that could ruin it.

“You're sweet Denki, I appreciate that but just know… I… I have a little bit of a thing about me you should know.” She explained as she gently rubbed her thumb over his hand “I like you too but, I feel like if we got serious, we need to set that … while we're something… we can be free to enjoy ourselves with others.”

Kaminari's head spun at the idea but then even with his, below average, intellect he got what she was putting down.

“Like an open relationship type thing?” He whispered the question to make sure she was saying without being the boisterous idiot he was known to be.

She blushed looking down and nodded, she knew most guys would freak and become overbearing. Some of her previous relationships would make her choose to the point she stopped trying to date, at least without being upfront, unfortunately no real takers, until now.

“I'm fine with that, just let me know if you're wanting to bring someone in for more than a fling.” Denki said as he pulled her hand up to his face and kissed it gently.

She felt her heart fluttering as she said “Good, wanna go up to my room?”

Denki nodded as he said with a small smirk “Lead the way, I'm right behind you.”

Mina slowly walked away purposefully putting more emphasis on her hips swaying in purpose. In response she felt him gently grope her full bubble butt she was proud of having and secretly hopeful he'd appreciate. She giggled as she looked over her shoulder and winked before running away and letting him give chase all the way up to her room.

That day Kaminari lost his virginity and they dated ever since.


Mineta walked in to his friend, Denki Kaminari welcoming him and discovered Ashido Mina bent over in front of a table in her stage leotard that was now ripped up in several intimate places including around her breast and the rest of her outfit discarded all over. Her hips working back against her lovers hips as she took Denki’s length, which was clearly covered in the mess of their shared orgasms that Mineta had overheard. She took a second to wave at Minoru before working her hips harder.

“Hey man, close the door, and strip down, Mina wanted to try something and I volunteered you.“ Denki said with a grunt as he thrusted once into her as he gripped her horns, holding her in place by them while sending small shocks through them.

Mineta was impressed especially as Mina seem to be moaning as her beau shocked her using his quirk, he then focused on closing and locking the door. He knew Denki has always talked about using his quirk for sex but he didn't think someone like Mina would take up that offer. As the pink skinned girl went through her quaking orgasm she pulled back letting Kaminari's shaft slip out of her quim as she began unsteadily standing up.

Mina did the talking as she turned around, still rather unsteady from both the shock and orgasm as she began “H-hey th-there, you're late-e, I was hoping to try and dd-do a threeway, I know most guys aren't exactly into that in my experience, but I know that you two are super chill and close.”

“I know it's sudden bro, but me and Mina have been kind of a steady, but open, thing and she wanted to do something special.” Kaminari explained as he got a wet wipe to wipe his length off casually, his pants still around his knees but otherwise naked “I'm sorry I didn't tell you about us, but between the bs with school, the villains and the band it kind of got kind of hectic, plus, I didn't want to make you feel bad.”

Minoru almost laughed, if Denki only knew what his last few months was like he'd turn that apology into a claim of betrayal. But since he didn't know and Mineta knew he'd be betraying the ladies trust by saying, it wasn't a topic of discussion.

“It's cool, I'm happy for you two, especially you bro.“ Minoru said starting to take off his coat and starting to undress, seemingly accepting that's how things worked out.

Mina watched intently, a few days ago she had seen a bathroom writing in a stall that stuck with her. It was in the ladies room on their class's floor, it simply said ‘Mineta from 1-A is hung’. It was surrounded by other text, some teasing the original writer as being Mineta sneaking into the girls room & others joking about their own class mates and lovers being probably bigger. She initially laughed it off but grew curious about it, especially after she confirmed it wasn't his hand writing based on how he wrote his name when in class vs the bathroom writing. It only became a thought pressing when she knew that Denki would be inviting him to join them that night at her request.

Denki gently grabbed his lover by the hips and kissed her, Mina leaned into it clearly not against the viewing audience that Mineta provided. They then gently nuzzled into each other, Mina enjoying the closeness as she buried her face into his chest while wrapping her arms around him. Denki, gently pet her hair as he whispered into her ear. Minoru couldn't hear it but from how Mina giggled it was clearly something she at least found positive before she looked up and kissed him with a quick peck. It was a sweet scene that Minoru almost felt like he was intruding on as he took off his shoes and shirt, leaving him in pants and underwear. Since they requested him, he might as well follow through with her request especially with the image of Kyoka playing with herself still in his mind, and so without much more fanfare he pulled down his pants exposing his length to the couple.

“Holy shit dude, how did you hide that thing?!” Kaminari said actually impressed.

Mina couldn't help but giggle and nod approvingly with a grin “Seems like the rumor is true.”

Both guys looked at her, Mineta scared there was a rumor about his sex life that had gotten out and instantly wondered if Momo had been somehow found out.

“Wait, what rumor babe? “ Kaminari looked questioning as he looked at Mina.

Mina winked up at him and explained “Well in the ladies room someone had written Minoru, here had a big dick, it wasn't why I invited him but I was curious, especially who saw this thing beside us? Who knows maybe you have any admirer perving out on you.”

Mineta stored that in the back of his head, he had to possibly find out who had chosen to write about it, he'd not be surprised if it was Midnight herself trying to get the rumor out there and him more popular with the the ladies.

“Maybe but let's focus on this, eh? So how do you want to do this?” Mineta said walking over to the couple curious how that's going to work with the stature difference.

Mina points to the couch. “You sitting there Minoru, I'll get on top and babe can slip in from behind.”

“Awesome.” Mineta said jumping on the couch and letting his hard on stand pointing up as he leaned back.

Mina breathed deeply, she was prepared until he came in, now her nerves were affecting her, which is why she tried to make small talk. But, there was no more delaying this and she knew it as she swallowed and exhaled as she straddled Mineta's waist, the tip of his shaft rubbing against her well trimmed bush of white pubic hair. The nerves struck as she looked down and saw it one of the bigger ones she's taken outside of Denki. Then remembered that she had some big guys before in one of her holes, but she noted Denki would be entering up her backdoor at the time, she froze momentarily.

“It's okay, just take it a bit at a time at your pace. ” Mineta reassured her as he gently positioned the tip of his shaft against her opening after spreading her labia with the tip. “When you're ready.”

She smiled at him, glad he was so understanding and pushed down, her slowly sinking down on to his shaft. Her eyes closed as she embraced the feeling of him inside her as Denki watched. He never said it but watching videos of them together, her with a toy or even someone else got him turned on. He'd admit to her that the sight of her slowly being spread open by a nice thick shaft, it got his motor going. This time was no different as he watched with desire to fill her as well, which his target was peeking from between her cheeks slightly squeezing and relaxing as she went further down.

Each time she clenched, Minoru grunted out slightly at the tightness around him, he focused on her breast gently groping them through her leotard’s impromptu hole. She relaxed her body and exhaled before she forced her hips down, taking him all. The full feeling was almost overwhelming but she still was hungry for more as she looked back to Denki and nodded.

“Ready, for it honey bun.” She called as she leaned forward, smothering her chest into Mineta's face as she lewdly spread her ass to her boyfriend.

Denki was positively charged up by the sight as his cock stood at attention and his electricity arced off his hair, as he gently put the lube on his shaft. Finally as he approached, the nervousness of all of them was palpable in the air. Then with a practiced ease he entered her smaller hole, but due to her full cunt, it was an even tighter fight then normal. Mina lost it , she felt like she'd break from being so stuffed and they hadn't started.

“So much inside me, thank you for helping me make this dream come true guys.“ She gasped as she closed her eyes, rubbing at her stomach while her hips slightly began rocking .

Denki grunted “Don't mention it babe, you're the dream here, right Mineta?”

Mineta's head having spent the last few minutes in Pink Marshmallow hell that was Ashido's full breast, he was catching his breath. Finally he spoke up looking up at Mina and see her closed eyes.

“You're pretty dreamy, I'd say Mina.” He said trying to hold back from pushing up.

Mina found her rhythm of up and forward then back and down slowly at first to give the guys, and most importantly herself, time to acclimate to the foreign feeling as she could feel them rubbing against one another through her walls.

Denki decided to liven things up as he grabbed her horns and say “5 seconds?”

“Go for it, baby” Mina said as she picked up speed knowing what was coming up next for her.

Mineta was confused until suddenly she convulsed around him as Denki began to shock his girlfriend through her horns directly into her skull. She worked faster trying to make the feeling last even though it was only for five seconds. When Denki stopped shocking her she slowed and sat for a moment as her body twitched from the shocks. Denki didn't stop his passionate rutting though he slowed down and gently pulled her head back to kiss her gently.

Mineta was a passenger to this situation evolving in front of him even as he felt the thrust of his friend through Mina's constantly massaging walls as she worked her hips slowly in circles.

“I love you, Mina.” Denki whispered as he stopped kissing her.

Ashido smiled giving him one more peck before saying “I love you too, Denki. And you, come here.”

Mineta realized she was talking to him and sat up slightly just to receive a slow tender kiss, he kissed her back not minding the fact she was just kissing his best friend. She pulled away and looked down at him with a smile.

“Thank you for coming tonight and making it so special for him and me. I do hope you know this isn't just because you're friends with him though, I wanted you here, Inside me too. I know you're not a bad guy, Minoru. You'd not be in UA if you were, you just think with your dick too much… But that's not a bad thing tonight, so let's enjoy tonight even if we never do this again.” Mina said softly, lovingly to him as she worked her hips and kissed his forehead, careful of the sticky orbs on his head.

Her comforting words got to him, he felt a tear in his eye, he knew this would be intense but didn't expect her emotionally to open up to him, especially during sex like this. He was left speechless. As she smiled at him and pulled him close careful of his sticky orbs.

He felt her moving faster and moved with her. He then felt Denki gaining a rhythm with them and it became a weirdly elaborate but elegant ballet of movement between the three. Mina peaked first, already on edge from the shock and her natural sensitivity. She moaned out a sweet note that flowed thought her lovers. Her orgasm almost supernaturally set off both of her lovers at once, leaving her enraptured with the queer feeling of feeling their cum filling her bowels and canal. They all laid together breathless as their bodies came down from their highs. Mina recovered first and slowly slipped away from both young men. She retrieved a robe and wrapped herself in it loosely before returning to Denki and letting him lay against her as she sat next to mineta. Her left hand grabbed Mineta's hand as her right hand gently stroked her boyfriend's hair.

“This energy between us is what I always want between us three even after we're pro heroes , you can feel it right babe? Mineta? “ She questioned as she she laid their eyes closed enjoying the feeling of Denki against her and Mineta's hand.

Mineta could feel something he didn't know what but it was stronger when they held hands. It felt right, like everything in the universe was okay even with the threat of villains, even with All Might's condition as it was. Denki could feel it too, he didn't know why but with Mina it felt like all the bullshit fell away and it was just them, and now his best friend was there too, he felt untouchable. Mina felt Denki drift off and smiled knowing he was probably having a sweet dream.

“Minoru you should get going, we got our ride covered, Kyoka's dad is super chill with driving us to and from gigs but it's already a full ride and Fumikage brought a guest, so we're over capacity as it is.” Mina said gently squeezing his hand.

Minoru nodded with understanding before getting up and getting dressed “Yeah, I didn't expect this when I came tonight but it's awesome that you two are together, you both deserve happiness. Mina take care of Denki, he's a special guy. And special only begins to describe you”

“You're special too Minoru, don't forget that. ” Mina said wrapping her arms around her sleeping lover.

Mineta said as he finished dressing “Thanks, I'll try not to. Goodnight. “

“Goodnight.” Mina said as he left and closed the door behind him.

Mineta sighed feeling drained now, he couldn't believe he ended up in a three way. But the biggest shock he was in for came up as he was about to leave. He heard a door open close by then a familiar sound.


He froze on reaction to the sound, he knew it very well and who made it. Minoru shouldn't have been surprised but couldn't help it as he looked around and saw it was the black door that was open. Tsuyu Asui walked out in a black Gothic Lolita dress, most shockingly she held a leash, which at the end Fumikage was attached to by a collar he wore.

“Kero, You performed admirably tonight, I am pleased by your progress.” She said turning around not spotting mineta instead looking at her submissive.

“Thank you, Mistress Tsu.” Tokoyami said eyes cast down as he bowed to her, offering his neck.

She reached over and unclipped the leash and placed it in her cute small purse that matched her outfit.

Tsu then stated firmly “Remember to keep the cage on, or you will be punished, I will check tomorrow.“

“I will, Mi… “Fumikage started to confirm until he opened his eyes and noticed Mineta.

She almost got annoyed at his lack of full answer before she noticed what he saw. She looked toward Mineta and quirked an eyebrow at him. It was an awkward situation, she must admit but she couldn't really think of much to say so instead she looked back toward her submissive and just nodded in a fashion to indicate its fine.

“I'll talk to you later.” She said to Fumikage and walked away from Mineta towards the front of the club venue.

Fumikage watched her go before, he looked at Mineta for a moment and just nodded before pulling the door to his dressing room closed and locking himself inside. Minoru Mineta just found out way more about his friends than he'd planned tonight, but figured everyone had their own perversions, he just was more open about his and went home to the dorm, where after a quick shower he lays down for bed.

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