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Mishaps and Mistletoe

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“Then I did the simplest thing in the world. I leaned in… and kissed him. And the world cracked open.” -Agnes de Mille

Margaret Scully’s House

Bethseda, MD

December 24 


Scully knew Mulder hadn’t slept with that woman—the one haunting her thoughts as of late. She knew because she overheard a conversation in the woman’s bathroom just two days before...

Scully had peeked through the gap in the stall when she’d heard her distinct sickeningly sweet tone. The newly employed Special Agent Gabriella Ortega—and two other agents Scully could have cared less about—were gossiping over the sinks about her partner while she was supposed to be changing her tampon.

The sound of that flirty, tall, curvaceous—and unfortunately for Scully in this case—incredibly beautiful woman’s voice uttering the word sex had stopped her in her tracks. But not one for gossip, she had no intention of listening to the conversation. That was until she heard the other agents with her start complaining to one another about their lack of recent dates.

The horrifying image of a naked Mulder pleasuring this woman flashed before her eyes like lightning, and the sudden familiar ache in her chest that immediately followed was not something she could ignore. So she’d reluctantly chosen not to. Scully just pushed that ache away like usual and leaned in closer to hear more.

One of the younger agents had no problem asking how long it’d been since they’d each gotten “laid”. Agent Ortega had practically whined that it had been over five months and was currently wearing down her vibrators second set of batteries. Scully remembered vividly the exact day that the agent had slipped her way into Mulder’s good graces so easily, and it had only been two months and nine days since then.

She’d never done mental math so quickly in her life.

And even though she would never admit to it verbally, the near consistent flirting was slowly eating at Scully’s resolve to continue hiding her intense feelings for her best friend.

Gabriella Ortega had been the center of the Hoover’s rumor mill quite often since her arrival not long ago. And the one morning that they had actually left Kersh’s office in a good mood after closing yet another bogus case, she happened for the first time. Mulder ran directly into the fresh faced young agent. She seemed all too happy to introduce herself with her hands rubbing along Mulder’s forearm while adjusting and complimenting his God-awful tie.

Scully had just rolled her eyes and waited for him to follow her to the elevator, but he never did. There she stood with her arms crossed, silently seething while the two chatted away as if she hadn’t even existed. So in the elevator ride down to the basement that she’d taken alone, she admitted to herself that, for the first time, she was honestly worried about losing Mulder to another woman.

Ever since that day, the agent had found some excuse to run into Mulder. To wave to Mulder, to talk to Mulder, to touch Mulder… Yet, he seemed to just smile and take it as obliviously as he usually did whenever anyone ever flirted with him.

Including herself.

But Scully had to admit, even though it turned her stomach to do so, that Agent Ortega was admirably bold in showing her keen interest in Mulder. His face had actually lit up when she’d shown up in the basement with a bag of sunflower seeds and a glittery Christmas card. Grinning from ear to ear and seductively biting her lip, she handed her offerings to him and had wished only him a Merry Christmas before sashaying her perfect, tight little ass out the door.

Now, days later as she stared out through the frosted window in her mother’s living room and watched Mulder smile happily through the fresh falling snow, she couldn’t help but wonder if her fleeting decision of good will and desperation was justified, or if it all would turn out to be a complete and utter mishap.


X-Files Office

J. Edgar Hoover FBI Building

December 23 

24 hours earlier...

Scully walked out of the elevator and could hear the comforting cadence of her partner's voice drifting through the partially opened door.

Just as she placed her hand on the knob, she heard him laugh loudly and she froze. Mulder didn’t get many personal phone calls at the office and when he did, they have never left him laughing.

“You really know what to say to keep me smiling,” he crooned.

Scully felt her stomach flip as she bit her lip and narrowed her eyes, contemplating her decision to eavesdrop. 

“Yes, I’m sure,” he chuckled. “I’ll even stop by your place tomorrow night on my way and drive you to the party myself.”

She couldn’t help but scoff in surprise when she heard that, glaring accusingly at the crack in the door, feeling irritation bubble to the surface. She knew he hadn’t forgotten her family’s dinner party invitation since he had confirmed his attendance to herself and her mother while on speaker phone earlier that morning.

That only left one explanation for Scully to conclude: Mulder was bringing a date and it wasn’t her. Scully felt an unwelcome twinge somewhere in her deep in chest. 

He’s not yours, she told herself firmly. Even if you love him, even if you’d give your last breath to save him, he isn’t yours.

“Okay, Ella, it’s a date. I’ll see you Christmas Eve.”

Her jaw dropped at his confirmation of one of her worst fears. Suddenly, a wave of nausea and anger washed over her as her heart tumbled to her knees. Swallowing hard, she was able to push her personal feelings aside quick enough to hear Mulder say goodbye. As soon as she heard the phone click into its cradle, Scully wasted no time flinging the door open and harshly clacked her heels into their office.

“Hey, Scully. You’ve been gone awhile,” he commented, eyeing her with a smile from his lounged position in his chair.

“Well, some of us had work to do around here, Mulder,” she snapped, avoiding his gaze as tears stung behind her eyelids. “But if I want to make it to my mother's early enough to help her decorate for tomorrow, then I’d better shut my computer down and leave now.”

She was angry in spite of herself, and it was not making her feel any less hurt by his audacity to play Flirty Mulder right now. Even though he didn’t know just how much she was looking forward to spending Christmas with him away from work, like normal people with unresolved feelings did, she still felt betrayed.  

After roughly stuffing papers into her bag, Scully finally looked up from her computer and saw the look of surprised confusion on his face—maybe even detecting a tinge of hurt as well. Good, she thought, then instantly pushed that aside, too. She hated seeing Mulder hurt, even if the thought of him bringing a date to her own family Christmas party was hurting her tenfold.

“You’ll be there then?” she tentatively wondered, not letting her voice waver in case he’d decided to ditch both her and her mother this time.

“Yeah, of course. I know this might seem shocking, but I’m actually really looking forward to it.”

She nodded once, her throat steadily clogging with unshed tears, and looked away to gather the rest of her things.

“Well, that’s good to hear.” She hoped she just sounded interested in spending time off the clock with him instead of how she truly felt: completely desperate to spend an X File free evening and revel in the satisfaction of touching him under the guise of Christmas cheer.

Truth be told, with the high probability of her witnessing Mulder walking through her mother’s door with the beautiful Special Agent Gabriella Ortega’s hand laced through his, she had never felt more desperate in her life.


Margaret Scully’s House

Bethseda, MD

December 24 


Christmas music and chatter hummed around the edges of Scully’s racing thoughts, doing decisively nothing to aid in quelling her rising anxiety.

“Dana, there you are.”

“Mom!” she jumped. “You startled me.”

“Why are you pacing and chewing your lip to pieces with that worried look on your face?” She watched her mother’s eyes narrow in suspicion, like when she was eight and caught with cookie crumbs littered across her mouth after assuring she’d not eaten any before dinner. But before Scully could confess what was driving her to near sickness, she was interrupted by an overpowering scent of cologne and the feel of an unwelcome large, sweaty hand to the back of her neck.

Scully cleared her throat and watched as her mother’s eyes widened in surprise at the odd overt display in front of her. “Oh, looks like more guests have arrived, honey.” At that, she turned and rushed off to mingle, leaving Scully alone, mouth agape to deal with an awkward situation of her own making.

Scully politely shrugged the overconfident hand away from her skin and stepped away from his looming. “You alright, Dana? You look distracted,” the short man with black thinning hair donning a hideous green Christmas tree sweater murmured hotly in her ear.

She reared back at his sudden close proximity and stiffened. God, this is going to be a long night, she groaned internally, realizing she needed to reiterate her previous statement to him from when he had first arrived an hour earlier.

“Look, Tim, I—”

“It’s Jim, and please call me Jimmy,” he crooned. “None of this agent nonsense. Too formal for a night such as this.” He winked and Scully winced.

“Yes, Jim. Look, I’m sorry if at any point I had given you the impression that this was… something more than a friendly offer to celebrate Christmas Eve with other’s,” she explained, wishing she’d never extended him a friendly invitation as she barely held back her distain for strange men invading her bubble. ”But just to clarify once again, I’m not really looking for anything more than friendship.” She stared him down, silently willing him to accept her dismissal.

“But you’re single, right? I mean, I’ve never seen you around the Hoover or the coffee shop with anyone but your partner.” She could only scoff as she tossed him an arched brow, her cheeks pinkening with irritation. She thought that his observation should be quite obvious. Even to a newly transferred agent having minimal contact with the FBI’s rumor mill, she knew he’d have to have heard her well-known nickname whispered rather loudly through the FBI’s hallway at least once. The title of “Mrs. Spooky“ often put her relationship status in question, at the very least. 

She groaned. “Yes, I am but—”

“Hey, speak of the devil,” he blurted out, cocking his head at the window. 

Curiosity getting the better of her, Scully peeked out the window and stared accusingly with focused eyes as she caught sight of Mulder adjusting his parallel park job, turning off the engine, and exiting his car.

After remembering the conversation that occurred in the woman’s bathroom the day before, she tried her damnedest not to hone in on how jaw droppingly handsome he looked tonight. Though she badly wanted to ogle his sexy body wrapped in that snug charcoal dress shirt tucked into his best pair of ass-hugging Armani slacks for hours, Scully forced herself to turn away from the display of Mulder charmingly opening the car door and offering his hand to the woman still tucked warmly in the passenger seat.

She squeezed her eyes shut and bit her lip almost hard enough to draw blood, but maintained her composure otherwise while under the gaze of scrutinizing eyes. Her cheeks flushed with frustration in an acute sense of how ridiculously undignified and foolish she felt at the moment.

“I’m going to grab some more food, Dana. You want me to bring you some?” the gruff voice asked from behind her.

Shaking her head and plastering a fake smile on her face, she politely declined, “No thanks.” Scully watched the agent walk away and shoved down the urge to look back through the window and glare icily at her partner.


Scully avoided his entrance into the house by fleeing to the kitchen and striking up a conversation with Tara. Her mind was running wild with all the possible scenarios of how badly this Mulder interaction could end up being for her, and she couldn’t even be sure what exactly they were discussing when Bill walked in.

He complained at the fact that Mulder was talking to their mother in the dining room introducing a woman that he brought along. “Apparently, your work has to follow you home on Christmas Eve, too, Dana.”

“Mom and I invited him, Bill, and you knew that before he arrived,” she shook her head and brushed past him. Just before reaching the entryway to dining room, Scully straightened her spine, squared her shoulders as her heart ached in her chest, and effectively masked her dread of watching Gabriella fawn over her Mulder.

Her Mulder?

She had barely gotten her barings when a warm hand tenderly grabbed at her wrist as soon as she had taken two steps into the room.

“Scully, hey! I’d like to introduce you to someone,” Mulder smiled while rubbing his thumb tenderly along her skin, pulling her close enough to inhale his familiar woodsy scent. I’ll miss this, she thought. The way he touches me and how that unique Mulder smell lingers on my suits for days afterwards. Her gut knotted in jealousy as she pulled her hand from his grasp, suddenly unwilling to face reality. 

“This is my favorite neighbor—and only neighbor whose still willing to talk to me, Mrs. Ella Brown. She insists on everyone calling her Ella, by the way” he explained. His smile faded when he took in the look of utter confusion Scully knew was obviously expressed on her face. Mulder just chuckled and continued on. “She’s quite good at slinging innuendo, actually,” he added, nudging Ella’s arm as the willowy woman grinned up at him. “She tells me that with her being 69 years old, she has plenty of material to work with, and that one day, I might finally get her to blush.”

Ella smiled sweetly at Mulder and patted his cheek with her slender hand. “Oh, you don’t give yourself enough credit, Mulder,” she teased and lovingly took Scully’s warm hands into her own. Ella winked at her and unabashedly stated, “With that ruggedly handsome face and a name like Fox, you’d think he’d have women swooning for him left and right. But the only one I ever hear him raving about, is you, my dear.” Chagrined, Scully felt her already pink cheeks flame hot with embarrassment.

“Hey now, Ella, you promised you wouldn’t embarrass me in public,” Mulder joked while casually slinging his arm around Scully’s still rigid shoulders. She was completely shocked, mortified in fact, to be staring at Mulder’s sweet old neighbor with salt and pepper hair, pearly white teeth, and large wire-rimmed glasses covering her gentle brown eyes. Her huge whicker-weaved purse that draped around her hip was nearly as big as she was.

Scully vaguely recalled Mulder telling her one day that his neighbor had his only other spare key besides her copy incase of an emergency ever occurred within the building while they were out on a case. His own mother didn’t even have one.

Ella; the elderly neighbor. Not Gabri-ella; the sexy Special Agent. She admonished herself for not paying closer attention when Mulder spoke of her and not simply asking him about his date from the start.

“Yes, hello. So nice to finally meet you,” Scully choked out, trying to shake the remnants of surprise that was surely still caught in her throat. Nonplussed and still staring into the woman’s kind eyes, Scully hadn’t noticed that Mulder leaned further down into her space until he kissed the top of her head. Yet, she never startled. She only glanced up and met his gaze comfortably, feeling herself unintentionally rock into his warmth.

“This is Ella’s first Christmas alone since her husband passed. She feeds my fish if the Gunmen can’t and has wooed me with her famous cookies every Christmas Eve since I’ve lived down the hall from her,” his voice rumbled comfortably against her. “So knowing I was coming here, I wanted to let her know I wouldn’t be around this year to eat them with her.” Scully beamed up at him, grateful that at least someone else cared to look out for her partner if she could not. “I called your mom yesterday when you left the office to see if she would be open to me bringing a guest along.”

Scully warmed at the thought of him sharing special moments during the holidays with his widowed neighbor. Yet, she couldn’t stop the tendrils of guilt from creeping in that it had taken six years to actually spend Christmas with the man she loved for nearly all of them. It pulled at her heartstrings more than she thought it would.

“You didn’t have to break your plans just to stay on my mom’s good side, Mulder. She would still love you if you had decided to stay home,” she tried to joke and nudged his side. But from the saddened look on his and Ella’s face, it must have sounded as if Margaret Scully was the only one who truly cared if he showed up or not.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

But right before Scully could turn to him and explain what their horrible mishap of their lack in communication had caused tonight, another man’s hot, sweaty hand touched her arm. Scully’s eyes snapped shut with regret, and instantly, she knew she was too late.  

With her eyes still closed, unwilling to open them yet just to see her partner’s dejected face before she had to introduce them, a voice she’d grown to despise over the last few hours did it for her. “Hey, Agent Mulder right?”

Forcing her eyes open and ignoring the fact that her pained expression accurately displayed exactly how she felt in the moment, she glanced at a perplexed Mulder as he reached out his hand.

“Just Mulder, yes. And you are?” he asked with a threatening edge to his timber, gripping the man’s hand rather hard, she noticed. And when she flicked her eyes back up at Mulder, she saw precisely why as his narrowed eyes locked enviously onto the perspiring hand still touching her forearm.

Scully shook it off and answered. “This is Tim—”

“Jim, actually. Agent Richards to be exact,” he corrected as he squeezed Mulder’s hand with equal vigor.

“Ah, yes sorry,” she said, tersely. “Jim’s a new agent in the Missing Person’s division. I ran into him yesterday after I left work and—”

“I’m her date,” he cut in again. Scully rolled her eyes and sighed, biting her tongue at his innumerable amount of interruptions. She was prepared to silently tell her partner with her eyes that he was stubbornly mistaken, yet she couldn’t tear them away from Mulder white knuckling the man’s hand. “Nice to meet you, too,” he challenged, yanking back his right hand and rubbed it with his left.

Scully stood between the two Alpha males as they sized each other up, glaring at one another until Agent Richards broke with a huff and turned his attention back to the appetizers at food table.

“You… have a date,” Mulder stated, staring at her with a thunderous frown. “Well… uh, glad I got that straight then,” he mumbled and moved away from Scully’s outstretched hand before she could touch him. “If you’ll excuse me, I promised Ella a slice of your mother’s famous apple pie.”

He turned sharply and stalked off leaving an uncomfortable Ella and a frustrated Scully sighing behind him.

Her running into Agent Richards in line for coffee at the shop down the street from the Hoover Building after hearing about Mulder’s date, and listening to him shamelessly attempt to flirt with her had given freshly hurt Scully an idea. A rash and completely out of character one for her, but the thought of her embarrassment at Mulder introducing his ‘date’ to her family, just spurred her on to invite him as her plus one. Since he had mentioned he was alone this Christmas, it felt like the right thing to do. The Christian thing to do. And at the time, she had justified it as not a reaction to jealousy but self-preservation.

She had her heart protected well for years. Yet even behind her fortress, it was scarred from her past and now seemed to only beat for her partner. Self-preservation was all she had left.

But now, watching as Mulder weaved his way through the mass of laughing guests, she knew that his anguished face was certainly matching her own.  


After insuring that Ella felt welcome and her giving Mulder a full 20 minutes of space, Scully couldn’t stand another second of waiting on pins and needles for him to come back at talk to her. So she decided to leave her comfortable hiding spot she’d retreated to inside the kitchen, and just seek him out instead.

As she searched through the throng of people in the dining room and kitchen, Scully spotted Mulder standing off to the side near the fireplace in the living room with one hand gripping the mantle and the other hanging limply at his side, sulking. Guilt for bringing a random man along just to make him jealous churned anew in her belly.

“Mulder…” He turned around slightly and shook his head. The betrayal she knew he really had no reason to feel was palpable.

“Ya know, when I remember what I was thinking on the drive over here, where I hoped things could be moving towards... well, Scully, all I can say now is that I feel like a goddamn fool. I feel like I’ve read our whole situation—hell the last couple years really, completely wrong,” he admitted with slumped shoulders, seemingly resigned with that thought. 

Scully stood there, brows knitted, hands on her hips with mixed emotions swirling. “You’re angry. I can unders—”

“Yeah, Scully, I guess I am,” he huffed, running a hand through his hair.

If one more person interrupted her…

“You’re angry with me because I brought someone here just like you did? You’ve lost your mind, Mulder.” She knew she was defecting but didn’t care in the heat of the moment. 

“Well, we both know it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been accused of that happening to me, but no, I haven’t. And you know exactly why I’m upset, Scully,” he insisted, adding sharpness to his voice. “I was being nice and bringing a friend so she didn’t have to spend this Christmas alone. I know how shitty that feels, in case you’ve forgotten,” he quipped with deprecation laced through his tone, his stare burning through her.

Scully watched him shrug as he looked across the room at her accidental date. “And I sure as hell would never bring a date to your family party, yet the fact that I stupidly assumed that you wouldn’t, makes me wish I had lost what little mind I still have left.”

He started his explanation off as a low growling rant but his note quickly changed into one of relinquished hope. “I just want you to be happy this Christmas, Scully. You deserve to be happy. So if you’re happy, then so am I.” His truthful admission and half-assed attempt at a smile both equally thrilled and pained her.  

Can he so easily let the possibility of an us go? No, she knew, as she caught the welling mist gleam in his eye that he couldn’t do that anymore than she could. “It wasn’t a date, Mulder.”

She sucked her bottom lip between her teeth and then glanced at up through her lashes as she stepped into him, really taking his words to heart—allowing the feeling of his emotional commitment to wash over her. She expressed every hidden emotion she could between them in order to convey how only he mattered. There was no one else.

Mulder’s swirling hazel gaze locked firmly onto hers, and together surrounded by the twinkling lights and crackling fire with his hand in hers, they silently acknowledged the truth of their feelings; their love unbidden.

“Oh, would you look at that,” Margaret Scully practically squealed from across the room. Scully turned and saw her mother wave a pointed finger above Mulder’s head and grinned. “You’re standing beneath the mistletoe.”

With widened eyes and an instant flutter of her heart, Scully slowly looked back up at Mulder and that’s when she saw it; relief flooded his softened features. Their culmination. 

Scully saw the truth in his eyes. He’d been waiting for a moment like this one since that night in his hallway. Since they had effectively given away their hearts. Since that goddamned bee.

The look on his face was an intense one and it seemed to be saying things his mouth could not. He gasped and squeezed her fingers in desperation to keep her there, as if she were oxygen and he was dying to breathe.

His thumb ran across the top of her hand and over her wrist in a gentle, sweeping arc. Her other hand reached for him instinctively, heedless of their audience and pushed back just how groundbreaking a kiss like this would be for them. Her reasons for resisting the urge to do exactly this after years of denying herself were valid. But, as his soulful eyes drew her in with such intensity and longing, Scully allowed herself to finally fall freely into the endless depths of green and gold.

She caressed his cheek then gently cupped the back of his neck and drew him down, their gazes locked beneath hooded lids. With perfect timing their faces moved like magnets into each other. And as their lips met, her world cracked open.

Tenderly, his cushy bottom lip glided along hers—a whispered touch, just enough to set off every one of her nerve endings like fireworks. She sighed against his mouth, reluctantly breaking contact to suck in air that he’d literally stolen from her chest. With her forehead brushing his, she gasped as Mulder suddenly seized her mouth, unyieldingly claiming her lips fully this time.

An unsuspecting moan escaped her throat as his thumbs rubbed over her temples, his mouth devouring hers. Her hands began to roam up and around his slender body as they kissed, gripping, caressing, and embracing his affection for her with open arms and an open heart.

Mulder’s hands fluttered down her sides, just barely touching the bones of her hips. She vaguely registered him slide his fingers around to the small of her back, pulling her closer as his chest melted down into her to keep their lips connected for much longer than publicly appropriate.

She was lost, wholly now—pulled down and molded into the intimate embodiment of Mulder’s love. And as their lips finally parted and their physical connection severed, Scully’s mouth tingled, sending shivers down her spine.

Their entangled bodies swayed, her forehead pressed to his cheek and her breath on his jaw. His want for her, hot and hard against her belly.

After so long wanting and waiting for the right time for them, Dana Scully finally got a real taste of Fox Mulder. And the one and only thought that screamed in her mind as her heart danced in her chest, was more.

Scully leaned back stared at his swollen lips behind heavy lids, awed and breathless. With her mouth parted, and her hands gripping at his waist and the nape of his neck, she watched as the gradual thinning line of their platonic relationship evaporated right before her eyes.

A low groan rumbled out from Mulder’s chest that vibrated along her front and sent a wet wave of arousal between her wavering legs.

Behind her, gasps and barely audible murmuring snapped Scully out of her euphoric haze. She’d completely forgotten they were standing in her mother’s living room surrounded by her family and members of the church. Mulder only tightened his hands around her at the sounds of an audience, but she knew it was time to step away from their Christmas magic under the mistletoe and back into reality.

Yet, feeling a hot blush growing up her neck already, she decided to enjoy this for just a little longer. In for a penny… Running her finger along the bottom of his lip where her lipstick had marked him, she grinned, love drunk at his lopsided goofy smile stuck on his face.

“Ahem…” She and Mulder turned to face the Scully matriarch tandemly and quickly stepped away from one another, smoothing their shirts in an attempt to conceal their mutual excitement. With an unabashed smile gracing her face, her mother placed a calming hand to Bill Jr.’s rigid arm as he seethed at Mulder. Tara and several other people—including Ella and Agent Richards—gaped at them with smirks pulling at their mouths. “Dinner’s ready.”

“Well, now,” Ella winked. “Mer-ry Christmas, indeed.”  


After stuffing themselves full with comfort food, and enduring two hours of conversation laced with sexually charged eye-contact from Mulder, Scully suggested he should take Ella home as she was caught yawning behind her Santa napkin multiple times.

“Mom, Mulder and Ella are leaving,” Scully waved her mother over to the door.

“Goodnight, Ella, It was great having you here. And you too, Fox.” Raising up on tiptoe, she kissed Mulder on the cheek. “Merry Christmas,” she smirked and left them alone to kiss little Matthew on his way up to bed.

She watched Mulder blush and clear his throat. The rare times that Scully witnessed him go pink usually involved blatant and uncommon overt compliments from her, or motherly affection from her mom.

“Merry Christmas, Mrs. Scully,” he said. “I’ll walk Ella out and come back for my leftovers.” Mulder stuffed his arms inside his coat and offered one for Ella to take. “Walk me out when I come back?”

Scully nodded, reaching out to adjust the collar of his coat and stared up at him. “I think I can do that.”

He licked his plump, bottom lip and opened the door. “Be right back.”


Mulder played idly with Scully chilled fingers and leaned down to place a long warm kiss to her forehead. “Goodnight, Scully. And thanks, I probably had the best night of my life tonight.”

Before she could think too much about it, Scully cupped his face with chilled hands and brought it to hers, claiming his mouth with her lips and easily slipping her tongue into his mouth. With her sudden vigorous attack taking him by surprise, Mulder’s back bounced against his drivers side window as he wrapped one arm around her waist, and the other quickly snaked up through the back of her hair, running the wind-blown strands between his fingers.

Mulder groaned into her half-opened mouth and returned the kiss enthusiastically, his tongue caressing hers as their lips slanted back and forth against each other. Her hips ground into him and she felt his erection rapidly growing along her belly. A playful bite to her upper lip urged their kisses to grow frantic. Mulder’s roaming hands pulled her fully against his hard body and she crushed her breasts into his chest, moaning into his cavernous mouth while they writhed against one another.

One kiss and they had lost the grip on their tightly-wound control.

“Mulder,” she murmured along the swell of his cupids bow. “Mul—” another sensual nip cut off her weak protests of consuming each other on the side of the road. Just as he began sucking on her sensitized bottom lip, an insistent rap came from behind the window covered by Mulder’s ass. Scully couldn’t stop a rare giggle from escaping through their connection that echoed in the night.

He groaned, eyes gleaming in the moonlight, and released his grip on her hair but kept his kneading fingers busy on her waist. As they separated, she gazed up into his eyes with a small smile, running her hands up and down his arms.

“Holy shit, Scully,” he panted, his lips swollen, face aglow. And Scully herself was so aroused already, that if they weren't running the risk of an entire house full of people watching through the window, she would drag him against the house and show him what she really wanted for Christmas.  

“Come over tomorrow? Mulder breathed puffs of heat in the cold air, tickling her face.

“Yeah. I still need to give you your gift.”

“You mean this wasn’t it?” he smirked, running a cool thumb along her slick lip. “Because I gotta say, this is the best Christmas gift I’ve ever received.”

She shrugged. “Oh, I don’t know. Something tells me that this,” she slid a finger across the soft flesh of his mouth, “won’t end up being the best for too much longer.” She had no idea what possessed her to say such a thing, other than the thing she continued to feel poking at her to do so. 

“Think we can top it?”

She flicked her smiling eyes down to where their hips had been automatically grinding together and slowly licked his taste of him off her lips. “God, yes.”

“Good,” he softly kissed her fingertip. “Because now, it seems that you may have one extra gift to unwrap tomorrow. If you want it, that is,” he added quickly as to not assume she wanted more than his kisses spurred from the magic of mistletoe. 

“Mm… I do, Mulder. And lucky for us both, it’s a gift that keeps on giving,” she whispered along his jaw as reassurance this wasn’t just a one and done event. She pulled away with the feeling of her own flush blooming on her cheeks.

He grunted as she arched a brow and slowly backed away from his warm embrace. But as she reluctantly turned to walk back into the house, she heard him say, “Oh, Scully, you have no idea just how merry this Christmas can be.”

Scully could hardly wait to find out.