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hold me in the sunlight, kiss me under the moon

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It was all because of a dumb holiday, that Bakugou found himself in front of Mina’s dorm. He knocked once and was greeted by her bright room.


“Soo the mighty Bakugou wants to make Kirishima a Christmas present huh?” Mina teased as she ushered him in excitedly. He huffed and sat on the floor by her bed annoyed.  


“Shut the fuck up Raccoon Eyes, I’ll leave.” As if he would, it was the day before Christmas and Bakugou still couldn’t think of a present without letting Kirishima know he was getting him one.


“With no help?” She said, pulling out some snacks from her shelf and offering them to Bakugou. He shook his head. He didn’t need any food right now, he was already pissed off by Mina despite being in her room for literally less than a minute. But she was the one who’d known Kirishima the longest after all so she really was his only hope at this point. He sighed and turned toward her, as she ate chips on her bed.


“So?” He asked, and she blinked, confused.


“Cmoon Bakuboyyy let’s hang out!” Mina whined dramatically even though she was kidding. “We could do each others nails or dye your hair or-”


“I swear to god, it’s the day before fucking Christmas I don’t have time for this.” He grouched and she pouted, even though she knew the answer was going to be no anyways. “Can you just tell me, I don’t wanna get him some dumbass thing anyone would get him.” Mina raised her eyes and then thought for a moment.


“He likes...meat!” Mina said finally. Bakugou snorted, everyone knew that. Kirishima practically screamed about it every day. She sighed and shook her head, she figured that too. Then she had it. She jumped up, nearly tripping off of her bed. “Strawberries!” She shouted out. Inspired now she turns towards Bakugou. “He likes strawberries! In middle school, I remember he said he did!” Bakugou just stared at her, the hell did strawberries have to do with anything? Sure they matched his hair, but what could he do with that?


“I mean make food for him stupid!” She smacked him on the head with a magazine, and laughed as she dodged the swat that came her way. “It’s Christmas after all and no Christmas is Christmas without a cake!” He thought for a moment before shaking his head.


“No good, Ei doesn’t really eat sweets that often.” Bakugou thought, and tried to come up with some other idea that included strawberries. Maybe a shirt or something?


“Are you kidding me? That often! This is a special occasion!” Mina said as she rolled her eyes. “You’re so helpless, honestly, Kiri will eat anything you give him!”


He shook his head, refusing to admit she was right. He considered the idea, obviously, but he wasn’t any good at baking to begin with. Sure he was a good cook, but not good enough to make a cake. What was he supposed to do… bake him a siracha cake? He sighed before turning towards Mina, scowling slightly. He really did need her help.


Help, came two hours later, in the form of a bubbly roundfaced girl who wouldn’t stop beaming at him.


“Bakugouu! Glad to see you’re in a festive mood today!” She smiled as she went around grabbing ingredients for the cake. He was really about to snap, but since she was his only help now that Mina had passed him along like a baton, he refrained.


“Just tell me how to make the damn cake…” Bakugou said quietly. He was exhausted and stressed out, tired of not getting straight answers. Uraraka noticed and layed off the teasing for a bit. She moved over towards the counter and searched through the cabinets for a bit before handing him a bowl and some whisks.


“Okay! Hmm recipe says you need to mix the dry ingredients together first.” She said, pushing the recipe sheet over towards him. He blinked at her, whisk in hand.


“You’re not gonna help?” He said, looking at the sheer amount of instructions on the sheet. She smiled and shook her head pulling over a box of strawberries.


“You think I’m gonna let you give Kirishima a cake I worked on? No way! Plus it’s Christmas!” She explained as she popped a strawberry in her mouth. “Even if it’s bad I’m sure he’ll like it! It’s the thought that counts!” Her stomach growled and she nodded as if consulting some kind of hungry god. “Besides! The stomach is the most important part of the body!”


Bakugou stopped her right there. “What about your heart? Or your brain…?” She shook her head as she ate another strawberry.


“Nope! A good meal will benefit your body and that’s more treasurable than any old material present!” She watched as he dumped in a cup of flour and coughed when the dust came back up into his face. He’d gotten flour on his nose and all over his cheeks.


“Fuck this shit, you do this for fun Round Face?” He asked as he angrily stirred the dry mix together.


“Usually no! Before UA I didn’t really… bake much.” She said, not wanting to elaborate on her family situation. “But I picked it up after Satou taught me!” She said beaming at him.


Bakugou grunted in acknowledgement, finally going back for the other ingredients. At some point Jirou had wandered downstairs to make hot chocolate but upon finding Bakugou angrily cooking a cake, she joined Uraraka at the counter. Noticing the sheer mess on the counter and the flour all over his face she held back a laugh.


“Don’t fucking say anything earbuds.” Bakugou grouched as he poured the batter into the pan. Jirou nudged Uraraka curiously wanting to know what he was making.


“Strawberry cake isn’t it sweet!” Bakugou glared at her and she covered her mouth, realizing she’d accidentally let it slip.


“Oops.” She squeaked, but wasn’t really sorry at all. Jirou snorted and waved him off.


“Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone.” She said moving around the counter to grab some juice from the fridge. “Don’t fuck it up lover boy!”


At this, Bakugou seethed and calmly put down his whisk before turning towards Jirou with murderous intent. She smiled and sipped from her cup, not caring at all what he did, because Uraraka at the moment was far scarier. It all happened in an instant. One minute Bakugou’s palms were cracking and the next, he was out on the floor. Uraraka had a grim look on her face as she shook her head.


“Never, fight around food.” Was all she said before cheerily returning to eating strawberries as if nothing had happened. Bakugou moved to get up from the floor groaning in pain.


“Roundface what the fuck was that?” He complained as his head throbbing with pain. She laughed before putting a finger to her lips.


“Never reveal a magician’s secret.” She said before heading upstairs, supposedly to help keep Kirishima from coming down, although Bakugou knew he wouldn’t be down anytime soon. Kirishima had a habit of sleeping in really late, or waking up extremely early and then training until evening. Today was obviously the former, so Bakugou had nothing really to worry about.


Bakugou rolled his eyes and started onto the next part of the cake, which involved mixing the wet and dry ingredients together. He did it step by step like the instructions said but the liquid didn’t look appetizing at all.


“Are you sure this shit is supposed to be a cake?” He asked and Jirou came over to check, leaning over his shoulder. She shrugged before sneakily swiping a finger in the batter and taste tested it.


“Tastes good to me!” She said, dodging the mini blast that came her way.


“Have fun getting salmonella bitch,” Bakugou grouched, upset with her for messing with his masterpiece. Jirou rolled her eyes and patted his back reassuringly.


“Don’t worry I didn’t ruin it or anything, but this’ll turn out fine, just trust me.”


He sighed and shook his head. Of course it would, he just didn’t want to mess everything up and look like a shitty boyfriend. He was new at this stuff and he didn’t even know if Kirishima wanted him to go all out like this. But he couldn’t just not do anything. So he was going to be the best damn boyfriend he could.


He relaxed more after the cake was in the oven, now that he had a more solid plan, but the only problem was getting Kirishima to stay away from the kitchen. As long as he did that everything would be fine. Nervousness that didn’t suit Bakugou kept pricking at him. What if he came down to see the cake…? What if he didn’t even like strawberries anymore? What if he didn’t like him anymo-


“Bakudude! Yo? You good?”


Leave it to Earbuds to snap him out of it. She waved a hand in his face and he smacked it away. She sighed, and smiled at him. “Good to have you back dude.”


“Shut the fuck up I was just thinking…” He said as he sat down on the couch. Jirou came over and raised her eyebrow.


“You looked pretty worried to me.” She had gotten good at reading Bakugou. Staying up till 2 AM to make their performance perfect really lets you get to know someone. Also she learned that surprisingly Bakugou is a lot nicer when he’s running on almost no sleep.


“I’m fine, everything’s fuckin peachy.”


She sat down next to him, setting her juice on the table. “Listen, I know it’s stressful, but it’s Kirishima cmon, he’s literally going to love this. He’ll think it’s super manly you put effort into it.”


Bakugou didn’t want to acknowledge this, but she had a point. “Or he thinks its dumb as fuck and eats it out of pity.”


Jirou rolled her eyes. “Listen to yourself.. does that even sound like Kirishima?”


He didn’t answer, because the phone timer on the counter had started blaring, letting him know the cake was done. He got up slowly and headed over to the kitchen, gently taking out the cake, and setting it aside to cool. Jirou followed him and sat at the counter, picking at the strawberries Uraraka had left behind.


“Don’t eat all of them Earbuds I still need some for the cake.” She waved him off and ate another, there were still some more in the fridge after all.


As they waited for the cake to cool, Bakugou got to work organizing the icing so as soon as the cake was ready he could ice it. Jirou offered sprinkles but he waved it off.


“Fuck that shit. The strawberries are good enough decorations.”


She shrugged and continued to eat his “decorations”. Eventually they took turns poking at the cake and decided it was cool enough. She watched him struggle to ice it and offered a tip.


“Yknow if you put more on your knife and start on the sides that makes it easier right?” She said pointing out how he only used a little icing at a time.


“How the fuck do you know how to ice a cake?” Bakugou looked at her, thinking her advice was literally the most obvious shit on the planet.


“Hey, baking competitions shows are more interesting than they seem dude.” Was her explanation. Reasonable enough. Bakugou had watched enough Japanese subbed videos of Chopped to get the appeal.


Eventually, the icing was even enough to where he liked it, and he even went into the extra work of pumping little designs on the sides. Then he finally took out the finishing piece. He put a ring of strawberries around the cake, marking his gift complete. Jirou stared in shock.


“Holy shit.. this is your first time baking and it looks this good?” She really wanted to reach out and swipe a good bit of frosting but he worked really hard on it, so she refrained.


He wiped sweat from his brow and silently admired his work with pride. Jirou stared in awe at his prideful smile, and silently took a picture without Bakugou noticing. She would definitely share this one with Kirishima later.


Gently, as if he were picking up a child, he picked up the lid and placed it over the cake to make sure nothing came out of place in the few hours before Christmas. He went and hid it away in a place only he, and now Jirou, knew about. Dusting off his hands, his step full of pride, he started to clean up and put away all the dishes he’d used.


“You’re a really good boyfriend,” Jirou said softly. Bakugou doesn’t turn from the dishes.


“Of course I am.”


“Mmhm… I’m just saying. Kirishima will love this.”


He was embarrassed and it showed because the dishes clattered in the sink as he scrubbed them with more force than usual.


“Why don’t you hurry up and give Ponytail a gift then?” He muttered as he washed off the last dish. Jirou shrugged.


“Already wrote her a song. But it’s not any good.” At this Bakugou turned around. He wasn’t any good at friendship but he sure as hell didn’t like it when someone with potential put themselves down like that. Especially someone he… kind of considered a friend.


“Fucking bullshit and you know it. She’ll love whatever you write.”


Jirou sighed and smiled at him. “Hope you get that too dumbass, we’re both worried for nothing.”


Bakugou scoffed as he finally, treated himself to the remaining strawberries. They were sweet, with a hint of sourness that he liked. “I aint worried for shit.” Jirou only shrugged it off and shook her head.


“Well, I’ll be going then. Get some rest dude.” She said before giving him another pat on the back and heading upstairs to her dorm. It was quiet again and he was left in silence.


The sun had just started to set, casting warm orange pinks to dance across the room, playfully illuminating the boy who came downstairs. Kirishima was as radiant as ever, the light sparkled off the sweat beaded on his forehead that he’d worked up from training and his hair had been pulled back into a ponytail, with strands falling in his face. Bakugou almost lost his breath.


He turned and noticed Bakugou gazing at him from the kitchen. He smiled and it wasn’t fair because it made him somehow even more beautiful if that was possible.


“Hey.” It was so soft yet cut clear across the room.


“Hey.” Bakugou said back, moving away from the kitchen towards Kirishima who instantly wrapped him in a hug.


“Gross you’re still sweaty.” Bakugou said, but that was a lie, and they both knew it. Kirishima only laughed and headed over to the couch to sit.


“I hear you’ve been hard at work all day according to Mina… plus it smells really good in here! Did you cook something?” He asked as Bakugou joined him on the couch. Bakugou leaned into his side per the normal routine and shook his head.


“Nah, Roundface and the others decided to make some shit.” He lied, and Kirishima nodded, because this was believable. At some point Kirishima had ended up playing with Bakugou’s hair while Bakugou had his head in Kirishima’s lap enjoying the comfort.


The evening’s golden hour sun spilled onto them, illuminating Kirishima’s face as if he himself were made of gold. Gold and red … Bakugou thought. Not a bad combination . At some point the clock reminded them that curfew was soon, and they had to head back upstairs. They groaned in unison as they sat up, already missing the warmth between them. But they knew they’d have today, and tomorrow and many days after that to be together, so they didn’t mind.


They went up to their floor together, and before they reached their respective dorms, Kirishima pulled him over one last time for a sweet but short kiss. He smiled at him, sharp teeth poking out in a way that warmed Bakugou’s heart.




Bakugou gave him a small smile in return. “Night.”



Christmas morning… was nothing like Bakugou expected it to be. Kirishima was up and at it like usual and came around exactly at 8 in the morning to knock on his door asking if he wanted to spar. Who the hell spars this early in the morning…? Only Kirishima. But of course he wanted to fucking spar, there’s no way he’d turn that offer down. So he got dressed and headed downstairs with him.


“Don’t kill your boyfriend before you even get to give him your gift!” He hears one of the girls call from the common room couches. Probably Roundface or some shit.


Kirishima turned towards him with a bright smile. “Aww dude you got me a gift?” Bakugou just shrugs.


“Of fucking course I did.” He leaves it at that, not wanting to say more. Kirishima beams at him but worry still pools in his stomach. What if he doesn’t like it?


So he pushes out his worries by going all out with Kirishima until Kirishima’s the one who calls for a break first. Usually it’s the other way around considering Kirishima’s stamina and endurance has been getting higher than before.


“Woah, that was intense. You should do this more often! It’s fun.” Kirishima panted as he took another swig of water from his bottle.


Bakugou shook his head, knowing it was just from nerves and that he’d never really go this hard otherwise. “You wanna call it quits?”


Kirishima nodded. “Yeah I’m actually a little beat.”


Bakugou figured so he offered that they relax in his room and watch movies or bad American TV shows where the Japanese subs barely made sense.


Twenty minutes later after they’d showered and changed they sat in Bakugou’s room on the bed, browsing for something to watch. They settled on something short but entertaining so they’d have time to go down and exchange gifts with each other.


Kirishima leaned into Bakugou’s side as the laptop balanced on their legs, playing some show that Bakugou didn’t really find that interesting, but Kirishima tended to make it interesting. Eventually after a while, Bakugou reached for Kirishima’s hand and wordlessly intertwined their fingers together, just enjoying being near him. Comfortable silence and the occasional comment from Kirishima who pointed out funny things that would make Bakugou snort, or pose weird questions that made Bakugou tell him to shut up pay attention to the story.


This was the kind of thing Bakugou thought of as his safe place. He thinks that he’s lucky to have Kirishima with him, or he wouldn’t even have the safe place to begin with.


Eventually they’ve gone through so many seasons of the show it’s dark outside and Bakugou forces himself to get up, although when Kirishima is this comfortable, getting up is hard.


“Where’re you headed?” Kirishima asks curiously.


“To get your present dumbass.” He said and Kirishima perked up, his dumb cute grin appearing as he gets up from the bed too.


“I have something for you too! Just let me go get it really quick.” He said and they both left the room, with Kirishima heading towards his room and Bakugou heading downstairs towards the kitchen.


Bringing up the cake was more of a challenge than Bakugou had originally thought but he managed and nudged the door open to see Kirishima sitting on the bed next to a very, very large box. What the hell did he get him..?


Kirishima smelled the food before he saw it and when Bakugou opened the door he almost drooled right then and there.


A gorgeous two layer cake greeted him, topped with strawberries(his favorite) and iced with white frosting. Kirishima stared at it longingly. “Katsuki how much did that cost you…?”


Bakugou laughed, proud of the fact it looked good enough. “Nothing. I made it.” Kirishima’s eyes widened in awe and he almost tackled him in a hug if it weren’t for the fact he was holding the cake. He set it down off to the side and Kirishima hugged him proper, squeezing the life out of him, not that Bakugou minded.


“That’s… the hell… that’s amazing!” He said and stared at it in awe. Then sheepishly he let go, turning towards the giant box next to the bed.


“This may not… be as cool I guess, and now I wish I’d gotten something better because-“


Bakugou shushed him. “There’s no way what you got me isn’t good. I don’t care what the fuck it is, I’ll like it.”


Kirishima smiled hopefully at him. “Even if it’s a giant croc?”


Bakugou stared at him in disbelief. “Please don’t tell me you got me a fucking giant ass croc.”


Kirishima’s laughter filled the room as he shook his head trying to reassure Bakugou that no, it wasn’t a giant croc and that yes, he was just joking. Bakugou slumped in relief but still was curious. Kirishima sighed feeling less nervous now and he started to unwrap the present.


A giant punching bag greeted him, sporting All Might’s signature colors and even his catchphrase on it. It was so fucking dumb but Bakugou loved it. Kirishima turned towards him eyes hopeful, only to realize Bakugou was already giving him the biggest hug he could manage. When he let go he spoke softly. “I love it.”


Kirishima sighed in relief but gave him a bright smile. “I’m happy then.”


Bakugou kissed him softly before letting go to turn to the cake. “Cmon let’s eat this shit before it goes bad.”


“Do you really have to call it shit right before we eat it?” Kirishima joked and Bakugou elbowed him.


“Shut up, you know what I meant.” He said, cutting a piece for Kirishima, the one that had the biggest strawberry on it. Kirishima beamed as he took the cake from him.


“How’d you know I like strawberries..?” He asked as he grabbed a fork to start eating.


“I just did.” He said, not wanting to explain how much he went through to make this cake for him.


“Liarr.” Kirishima teased and took a bite of the cake before groaning. “Thith is sho good!”


“Don’t talk with your mouth full.” Bakugou said cutting out his own piece of cake and he sat next to Kirishima, finally getting to enjoy his cake. Kirishima wolfed down the entire slice within minutes and even went up for seconds. Bakugou smiled slightly, glad that his cake was good.


“Seriously you should bake more often! This is amazing!”  Kirishima said looking at him with his dazzling bright smile. It was so bright Bakugou turned away, red dusting his cheeks.


“Of course it fuckin is. I made it after all.” Is all he says but Kirishima nudges him and eventually a quiet thank you slips out.


“Whatever you make is amazing and it’s not fair, I wish I could cook.” He stops and then gasps before turning to Bakugou who’s just trying to enjoy his cake. “Teach me?”


Bakugou laughs but gives him a teasing look. “You’d burn the whole kitchen down are you sure?” Kirishima elbows him yelling protests about how it was just one time but Bakugou keeps laughing and eventually Kirishima is laughing too.


In the end Bakugou does agree to show him how to cook, just simple stuff, like curry or omurice, but Kirishima appreciates it all the same. After they’ve stuffed themselves on cake they set up the punching bag in the corner of the room.


“Nice and homey.” Kirishima said as he fell back onto the bed. Bakugou nudged him over, trying to get his bed back from the thieving Kirishima.


“Move over this is my bed.” He said and Kirishima scooted over to give him some space. But eventually they just found themselves holding onto each other as if they were meant to be like that. Kirishima had pulled the covers over them at some point and Bakugou had taken to tucking away stray hairs behind Kirishima’s ear.


He’d planned on asking if he was going to stay the night, but it was pointless now with the answer already obvious. Kirishima smiled and talked to him in a whisper, telling him about how he wanted to perfect a new hero move, or try some new thing he’d seen another classmate do, but eventually they fell into comfortable silence.


Kirishima sometimes gave Bakugou sweet leisurely kisses, and Bakugou loved it. Bakugou played with Kirishima’s hair and they laid close as if they had all the time in the world. Eventually Bakugou realized the words he’d been trying to say.




Kirishima looked up at him, eyes wide and too pretty for Bakugou’s heart to handle. “Yeah?”


His next words were quieter than anything he’s ever said at all. “I love you.”


Kirishima’s smile was so warm, so soft that Bakugou nearly stopped breathing. “I love you too.”


Kirishima was ethereal, hair spilled out framing his face, and here he was, caressing Bakugou’s face with his hands, smiling at him as if he were the moon.


“Merry Christmas ‘tsuki.”


Bakugou shook his head, as he wondered how the hell he managed to fall in love with a boy who was just the living embodiment of good itself. Kirishima was an angel. He kissed him again, taking his time, before pulling away with a soft smile of his own. The sun to his moon.


“Merry Christmas Ei.”