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Plus One, Minus One

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“I… I want to watch you with another man!” Doppo blurted out after minutes of Hifumi’s teasing. The blond just wouldn’t shut up, pestering Doppo about his favorite fantasy, and growing relentless as Doppo asserted it was too embarrassing to share.

They were about to get frisky (or at least that was Hifumi’s intended goal for tonight), but Doppo had no idea if he would be sleeping elsewhere out of shame.

The floor in the living room looked really comfortable right about now.

“Like a threesome?” the blond asked, lying down and cuddling next to Doppo in bed,”’cause a threesome sounds like fun! We could invite that navy guy you keep hanging out with --he’s got like, a super nice body-- and...”

“N-no...” Doppo murmured, covering his face with his hands, palms against his jaw, “I want to see you with another man. I want to watch someone else have their way with you, and… and I can’t do anything about it.” His voice was shaking, but Hifumi was still cuddled against his side, “Ah,” he sighed, “That’s fucked up right? I’m sorry… I--”

Hifumi pried Doppo’s hands from his face, “Noo~no, it’s okay! I mean, I’d be more down for a threesome, but I wanna hear like all~llll about Doppo’s fantasy!” His gentle eyes looked up at Doppo, “Tell me more~”

“Um… I don’t know what else to say,” the embarrassed man murmured, “I want to watch someone else make you feel good… I want to watch in humiliation as...” Doppo’s sentence tapered off and he looked at the other man, as if trying to sense how Hifumi felt about all this so far.

Hifumi trailed a hand down Doppo’s body, fingertips slipping under the hem of his shirt, “Go on...”

Doppo sucked in his stomach as Hifumi circled his bellybutton, “I want to watch someone fuck you...” The word fuck slipped out of his mouth with a sigh.

“Do I like it?” Hifumi asked, his hand moving to the waistband of Doppo’s boxers, “In your fantasy do I like it?”

Doppo breathed in heavy, “God… yes ,” he gasped, Hifumi stroking him over his boxers, “You love it, you can’t get enough. It probably feels better than when the two of us do it...”

Hifumi felt Doppo twitch in his grasp, already halfway there, “And you’re watching?” he murmured. His partner nodded and Hifumi rest his head on Doppo’s shoulder, his voice breathy in the other man’s ear. “You’re touching yourself?” he asked, waiting for another nod, “You’d like watching me get fucked, huh? Mmn, Doppo you’re so dirty,” Hifumi teased, finally tugging underwear down to touch Doppo directly. He was so hard, beads of precum dripping down his length.

Hifumi wasn’t sure if he wanted to watch his hand or Doppo’s face as the redhead put fingers in his mouth to muffle a moan.

“You’d be tugging at yourself like this as I get filled with another guy’s--”

“Hi-- Hifumi!” Doppo bit down on his fist, grinding his hips against the bed and coming before Hifumi could even finish his sentence. His eyes were shut so tight he thought tears would form, and his cum dirtied Hifumi’s pajamas and hand.

“Ah...” Hifumi gasped, watching the pearly fluid drip down his hand, “That was… fast...”

Doppo’s cheeks flushed red with shame.

 Days passed without any mention of Doppo’s voyeuristic fantasy. He was content with it just being fuel for a quick handjob, and honestly he was happy that Hifumi didn’t tease him about it any further.

Fortunately Hifumi would try anything once, and he loved Doppo so much that he would do anything to make him feel good.

The redhead was completely unsuspecting of Hifumi’s plan; he came home from work and greeted his lover as if it was a normal evening.

But something was amiss.

“Se-sensei?” Doppo gasped, completely alarmed to see Jakurai resting on the sofa with Hifumi. The blond was showing him something on his phone (which could be anything knowing him), and Jakurai’s labcoat was off, exuding a weirdly casual atmosphere. Doppo had never noticed how his tight turtleneck clung to his collarbones.

“Good evening Doppo-kun,” Jakurai smiled, as if this was a regular thing he did.

(This was not a regular thing he did)

Jinguji Jakurai did not just come over their place after a hard day’s work.

Doppo stared from him to Hifumi, willing a question mark to visibly appear above him to stress his confusion, “Whatever Hifumi did, I’m so so sorry sensei. Hifumi--” he turned to the blond, “What’s going on?”

“Ohmygosh, Doppo it’s okay!” Hifumi giggled, and Doppo noticed Jakurai was wearing a pair of his slippers, “Sensei is going to play with us tonight.”

Again, Doppo was waiting for that question mark to appear, “What are we playing?”

“We’re going to have sex!!” Hifumi stated, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Doppo rushed to cover his mouth, “S-Sensei don’t listen to him! You don’t have to do this,” he turned to Jakurai, who didn’t seem surprised at all, “God, what did Hifumi tell you…? I’m so sorry, this is all my fault, I’ve ruined everything; I--”

“Doppo-kun, it is fine,” Jakurai stated, and Doppo was pretty sure Hifumi’s tongue was on the palm of his hand, “Hifumi-kun made an interesting proposal, and I assume you consent to it as well...”

“Y-Yeah but--!” Doppo gasped, turning to Hifumi accusingly, “Why Sensei ??”

“Well~” Hifumi hummed, “He seemed like the best option! It would totally be a bad idea to get some rando, right? So like, who knows us better than Sensei?”

Jakurai cleared his throat, “If Doppo-kun is uncomfortable with it, then we can simply have dinner and part ways… Hifumi-kun has told me he makes a very good hot pot, and it certainly is that time of the year.” Jakurai smiled at Hifumi fondly, as if there was absolutely nothing weird about all this.

Doppo wanted to say something reasonable, but he was honestly already half chub at the idea of Jakurai of all people fucking Hifumi. He expected Hifumi to get someone good looking, but Jakurai?  Jakurai was beautiful? He’s angelic and Doppo was sure his hands were absolutely shaking at the idea of all of this. Sensei was probably hung too, and Hifumi giggled at that, making Doppo aware he was running his mouth and saying all of this aloud.

“Woohoo~” Hifumi cheered, “Sounds like Doppo’s in!”

 “Mmn,” Hifumi hummed, pulling Jakurai close enough that their nude chests were touching, “Sensei this isn’t your first time, is it?”

It damn better not be his first time. Doppo would die if Jakurai’s first time had to be his participation in Doppo’s cuckolding fantasy.

Before he died he would have to kill Hifumi first.

Jakurai’s hair was tied up in a messy bun as he leaned over Hifumi, two fingers in the blond’s ass.

“It is not.”

God, his fingers were so long and beautiful and totally fucking Doppo’s boyfriend . The redhead was rock solid, hunched over on a chair beside the bed in only his underwear and a barely buttoned dress shirt (Doppo insisted that they get the bed, but Hifumi insisted he sat somewhere comfortable). He tried so hard to not touch himself, not yet, but his resolve withered with every gasp that left his lover’s lips.

“Ooh~ as expected of Sensei!” Hifumi draped his arms over Jakurai’s neck, pulling him down for a kiss, “You’re like, way too hot to be a virgin.”

Jakurai smiled, kissing Hifumi once more, and Doppo tried with all his might to not touch himself yet. If he couldn’t handle this, he was probably going to cum on the spot when Jakurai finally put it in.

A third finger entered Hifumi and Doppo watched him gasp, tilting his head back against the pillow and turning to meet his eyes, as if to confirm that yes, Doppo was enjoying this. His eyes worked his way down to the tent in Doppo’s pants, and he grinned.

Doppo got to watch his lover mewl in pleasure as Jakurai stroked him, his toes curling and heels digging into the bed as his legs spread to allow Jakurai deeper.

“Nnnh~” Hifumi moaned, “Sensei you’re so good with your hands.”

Jakurai smiled, “Am I? Does this feel good?”

Doppo couldn’t see how Jakurai was touching him, but he could guess as he heard Hifumi succumb to a loud gasp as the older man massaged what had to be his prostate. Precum was dripping down Hifumi’s cock, landing on either his stomach or pubic hair as his dick bounced with every roll of his hips.

“S-Sensei…” Hifumi gasped, grabbing for the other’s free hand, “I’m gonna cum… you gotta--”

Jakurai leaned toward Hifumi, their cheeks touching as he whispered in the other man’s ear, “Then cum Hifumi-kun, you’re so beautiful.”

“No...” Hifumi whined, his chest and face flushed, “Not yet, I want you in me.”

“How could I deny you that...” Jakurai gently replied, reaching for the lube at their bedside. He slicked himself up, watching Hifumi spread his ass, one hand on each cheek, showing Jakurai exactly where he was going to be in a few moments.

Hifumi had such a cute ass, and hopefully Jakurai thought so too. The older man pressed a lube slick thumb to Hifumi’s ass, and Doppo bit his lip and craned his neck as he tried to see if Jakurai was spreading that soft pliant hole, or teasingly dipping his thumb in. Hifumi rocked against it in anticipation either way, a soft gasp passing his lips as Jakurai continued to toy with his hole.

Jakurai’s cock was slim and long, and Doppo thought it suited him. He pressed the head to Hifumi’s ass, swirling it around the lube and pushing in at a teasingly slow pace.

“Se-Sensei...” Hifumi whimpered, eyes closing in bliss as Jakurai stretched and filled him. He wrapped his legs around Jakurai’s back in a plea for the other man to move closer, to give him everything he could. Hifumi let his cheek fall against the pillow as Jakurai began to move, opening his eyes just enough to watch Doppo’s reaction. The poor redhead had a hand to his face, hiding his blush (and any noises) from the world as he pleasured himself. His cock wasn’t out, but his hand was in his underwear, waistband stretching from his motions. He was loving this, but Hifumi wanted to see how much he could make Doppo lose it.

A hand dug into Hifumi’s waist as Jakurai tried to keep his hips still., “Hifumi-kun, don’t overexert yourself, is it too much?”

“It feels so~o good,” Hifumi moaned, and his enthusiasm wasn’t lost on Doppo. He heard his lover bite back a moan at his voice.

Regardless, Jakurai added more lube; Doppo was sure it wasn’t done to make him even more hopelessly horny, but every wet noise and slap of skin on skin only made his own hand work faster.

Hifumi whimpered at every brush of his prostate, and it was enough of a reaction that Jakurai bottomed out inside him, gyrated his hips and tried to find that spot within him and massage Hifumi’s prostate with the head of his cock.

Hifumi scratched angry red lines down Jakurai’s back, his hands grabbing for anything and anything as Jakurai overstimulated him. It felt so good that it hurt; was that even possible? “Sensei please...” Hifumi begged, tangling his hands in the messy bun atop Jakurai’s head, “This feels so good --you’re so big-- bigger than Doppo. God your cock is huge .”

A small curtain of hair fell past Jakurai’s face as Hifumi pulled it from the bun. Jakurai tried to set it behind his ear, but it barely did any good, long strands of hair stuck to his shoulder and back with sweat.

Doppo finally pulled the waistband of his underwear to his thighs, his cock standing at attention and dripping onto the fabric as he frantically jerked it. Hifumi and Jakurai were way too sexy, it wasn’t fair , and on top of that Hifumi was tapping into whatever newfound masochistic fantasy he discovered within himself. He had no idea why his dick twitched and begged for release when Hifumi insinuated it was small, but god he was going to have to throw out these underwear with how much they reeked of sex. He let out an embarrassingly audible moan and Hifumi looked his way, whispering something in Jakurai’s ear.

Whatever it was caused Jakurai to get up, taking Hifumi’s position with his back to the bed and his shoulders somewhat propped up against some pillows. Doppo wondered if they changed positions so he could see better, because Hifumi got between Jakurai’s legs, sinking down on his cock to ride him with his back to Jakurai.

Doppo could see all of Hifumi’s movements and expressions as he rocked his hips up and down and bounced on Jakurai’s thighs. He was dangerously close to being the first one to cum, but he couldn’t help it, Jinguji Jakurai was balls deep in his boyfriend and it was sexy as hell.

Hifumi leaned forward, making sure Jakurai had a clear view of his hole stretching to accommodate his girth. He held back whines, but shivered and gasped in surprise as he felt a hand on his ass guiding him up and down.

Jakurai came panting Hifumi’s name, his cock twitching within Hifumi’s ass as the blond milked him dry. Hifumi pulled off slowly, leaning forward with sore legs so Jakurai and Doppo could watch the cum slowly drip out of him.

“Hifumi...” Jakurai panted, his face flushed as he brought a finger to his release dripping down Hifumi’s inner thigh, “How erotic...”

Hifumi turned to him, settling in Jakurai’s lap as he mouthed at the doctor’s neck. “Sensei you liked that?” Hifumi asked, “You’re more naughty than I thought.”

Jakurai took Hifumi’s cock in his hand, effectively quieting the blond, “I think you just know how to please.” He started off slow, going from base to tip, but Hifumi was already so excited from being fucked that he felt like he could cum from just that. He was absolutely no match when Jakurai whispered in his ear, low and slow, in his quiet relaxing voice, “Hifumi-kun, you’ve been such a good boy.”

“S-Sensei,” Hifumi stuttered at the praise, pushing his hips up into Jakurai’s fist. He returned to kissing Jakurai’s neck, sucking hard enough to leave marks that would still be visible in the morning. He could probably hide them with his turtleneck, but Hifumi and Doppo would know they were there. It would probably be super fun to tug down the edge of Jakurai’s turtleneck to show Doppo the marks and fluster him.

“Hifumi-kun, cum for me,” Jakurai encouraged, causing a whimper to leave Hifumi’s lips as his words brought him toward completion. “Hifumi-kun, show Doppo-kun how good I’m making you feel,” he whispered, rubbing the head of Hifumi’s cock with his thumb and coaxing the release out of him.

Hifumi let a shivering whimpering orgasm overtake him, tugging at Jakurai’s hair and rocking his hips as his cum coated the other man’s hand. Jakurai gently moved his hand once Hifumi was spent, wiping it on a tissue pulled from a tissue box from the bedside.

Doppo came before Hifumi did, his shirt bundled up in his mouth to hide any moans, and he was left with his post-orgasm brain and his anxiety.

His boyfriend totally just got fucked by their division leader.

It was hot as fuck, but his boyfriend totally just got fucked by their division leader.

That wasn’t ok, right? That kind of thing didn’t just happen , right?

Those two would hate him, they probably thought it was gross and would undoubtedly blame him for this freakish fantasy.

He was snapped out of his anxiety by Hifumi bounding over, joining him on a chair meant for only one person.

“Doppo! Doppo! How was it?” Hifumi excitedly asked, “Let’s tooootally do it again! Same time next week?”