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A Book Of Bullshit I Make Instead Of Sleeping Oops

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Assume that mine are from Dark's perspective and he's talking to Starmine. If you're just here for the prompts and have no idea who Dark is that's okay too. All you need to know is that he is my son and I love him ashksslks

1. I love you.
2. You love fireworks.
3. I hate myself.
4. You love to sing.
5. I obsess over paradichlorobenzene.
6. You have beautiful blue eyes.
7. I have gleaming green eyes like a cat.
8. You sing the song Fire Flower.
9. I sing the song Paradichlorobenzene.
10. You care about me.
11. I hate coffee.
12. You have adorable freckles.
13. I should kill myself.
14. You have warm arms.
15. I like video games.
16. You love festivals.
17. I don't know what I sing for.
18. You like singing with me.
19. I hate rules.
20. You dance well.
21. I like black cats.
22. You smell nice.
23. I like chemicals.
24. You are beautiful.
25. I am toxic.
26. You care about me.
27. I can't stand my sister, Anti.
28. You are a strong swimmer.
29. I want to drown like the stray cat.
30. You kiss me softly when I'm sad.
31. I love how my hands fit in yours.
32. You love me despite me being broken.
33. I love you inside me.
34. You love me for who I am.
35. I am awful.
36. You cry when I say that I want to die.
37. I cut.
38. You kiss my wounds and cry for me.
39. I love your hands.
40. You can't save me from myself.
41. I drown in pain.
42. You are my everything.
43. I enjoy pain.
44. You kiss me roughly, just how I like it.
45. I sneak out at night.
46. You never gave up on me.
47. I need you.
48. You are my angel.
49. I crave death.
50. You would break if I died.
51. I don't understand.
52. You should hate me.
53. I bleed.
54. You smile at me.
55. I can't breathe.
56. You are mine.
57. I am yours.
58. You are gorgeous in bed with me.
59. I am your uke.
60. You can't deny me.
61. I want you.
62. You love how I taste.
63. I am in love with you.
64. You want me.
65. I want your body on mine.
66. You pin me down.
67. I moan your name.
68. You kiss my pale, scar torn skin.
69. I tell you how much I love you.
70. You make love to me.
71. I scream in ecstasy for you.
72. You are deep inside me.
73. I want your seed.
74. You leave beautiful crimson love bites.
75. I kiss you.
76. You groan in pleasure.
77. I pull you closer.
78. You kiss me harder.
79. I love the way you love me.
80. You can't look away.
81. I am entranced by you.
82. You hold me close.
83. I am cold.
84. You nibble affectionately on my ear.
85. I melt into your embrace.
86. You tell me how much you love me.
87. I can't express me feelings enough.
88. You are perfect in my eyes.
89. I am your lover.
90. You are my most precious possession.
91. I hold your hand.
92. You kiss my forehead.
93. I cry from my own self hatred.
94. You are always there for me.
95. I am not good enough.
96. You are my inspiration.
97. I will never leave you.
98. You deserve everything good.
99. I stay alive for you, my love.
100. You are all that I need.

so much for them being unrelated sentences oops-

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Senbu sighed.

He knew it was only a matter of time before he got caught, yet he did it anyway.

It didn't bother him at all that he killed people. If they so much as breathed near his precious Trickster-sama, they were goners.

He shivers.

Cold air settles around him in his prison cell, and he longs for Trickster's warm embrace. Heavy manacles clutch his bony wrists, frigid against his touch starved skin.

He has gone without skin on skin contact for weeks.

Quietly, he begins to cry.

He didn't mean for this to happen, he wasn't supposed to get caught. He wasn't supposed to be here, deemed a suicidal psychopath and locked up in isolation.

He wants death.

Without his Trickster-sama, he has nothing to live for, and with his current state he has no chance of a future.

"Trickster-sama..." he sobs pitifully, heaving one of the chains around his neck and feeling the icy metal dig into his throat as he pulls it with all his strength.

His head begins to pound, his ears ringing. He will grow too weak to keep his hold on his chain, and would survive, but he has lost the will to live.

Alone in his freezing cell, he sobs, coughing up blood and filling his mind with Trickster in his last moments of life.

Trickster has finally decided to visit Senbu, to clear things up, but he finds instead Senbu's small body limp and lifeless.

He sees this and screams as his heart shatters into a million pieces, mourning for the lover he had just lost.

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"I'll go with you!" Starmine hyped, smiling cheerily at Dark. The younger buried his face in his hands, embarrassed from the looks they were getting in the food court of the mall. He'd just mentioned that he had no one to go to prom with, and he wasn't the straightest stick on the tree.

In truth, he'd been crushing on Mine for years, but obviously would never admit it.

"Keep your voice down," he hissed, but Mine ignored him, leaning over the table to kiss his forehead.

Shocked, Dark could make no move as Starmine took his hand, lacing their fingers together. He blushed as his fingers curled tighter around Mine's hand, but he couldn't help himself.


That night, he sat alone in his bedroom, fearing the moment his parents came home. Subconsciously, he rubbed over the deep cuts on his arms, a nervous habit he never acknowledged.

As soon as he heard the front door open, he froze, frantically debating the best place to hide. He grew more panicked as heavy footsteps made their way up the stairs.

He knew he had many hours of agony to endure, but he had no escape from it. The only option he had apart from enduring the pain would be...

He shook his head violently, but those kind of thoughts were always at the back of his mind now. Prom was tomorrow, and while he would still go, he also had other plans...


It's the night.

Starmine looked handsome in his tux, as did Dark. The party was loud, so they escaped outside into the courtyard. Trees dotted the area, providing some privacy.

It is there that Starmine leaned in and stole Dark's first kiss.

His lips were warm and comforting, and Dark craved more. They ended up spending the rest of the party in the back of Starmine's car making out, but that didn't bother anyone.


It was almost midnight, cold. Dark wished he was spending time in Starmine's warm arms, but he had to do this, it would solve all his problems.

He stood on the top of the three storey school building, leaning over the edge. He paused, wondering what his last words should be. Starmine's face was pictured in his mind's eye, and he felt guilty. Pushing it aside, he screamed into the wind.


He closed his eyes as he fell, pretending that he was being held in Mine's arms. Everything went black, but vaguely, he was aware of the world as his time was running out.

He heard Starmine's scream, felt himself in the embrace he loved so much. He heard a pained noise, then hot, sticky liquid against him accompanied by a metallic stench as well as hearing Starmine's final whisper.

"I'll go with you."

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Forty-five minutes later, freshly showered and changed into Violet-approved denim and silk, I slip into my black satin shoes. I grin at my adorable little kitten and she lazily licks her paw. I giggle, locking my apartment door behind me and heading out. Blue's picking me up for our date, but I don't know where he's taking me. I've made sure to look perfect for him, and I know most people automatically assume that I'm a girl.

I see Blue's azure corvette pull up and I bounce over, a cheery smile on my face. I can feel him drinking in my appearance. His eyes linger on my legs, hugged tightly by faded jeans. I've paired them with a nice black silk blouse that sports a large bow in the center. I know it looks feminine, but I choose to dress the way I do. Blue makes no comment on my choice to wear a tall pair of heels or the sheen of my lips from lip gloss.

"Looking sexy," he comments as I slide into his luxurious car. I can't help the flush in my cheeks every time he compliments me. Which is a lot.

"I had to look my best for you," I reply, planting a kiss on his cheek.

He smirks. "If you wanted to look your best for me then you wouldn't have worn anything at all."

My face burns as I realize what he's hinting at. I slap his arm playfully and he puts on a dramatic show of being in pain.

"HOW could you POSSIBLY dare to pain me so badly, my fair femme fatale?"

I can't stop laughing at his overreaction, he's just too much sometimes. "Where are we going?" I nag him, and he brightens up.

"It's a surprise!" he grins, then reaches into the backseat for something. "Close your eyes."

I do as he says and feel something cover my closed eyes, a sensation I know well.

"Where are we going that requires you to blindfold me?"

"It's a surprise!"

I groan, slapping his arm again. "Can't you at least give me a hint?"


I give an exaggerated sigh and he turns on some music. Whatever is in the car seems bent on cramming perverted songs into the small time frame in which we ride. First Spice!, then Plus Boy, then Gigantic OTN. I don't know what to say when it plays Merry S-E-X-mas but i know Blue is shrugging as he says, "What, it's still December."

Afterword Studio of Male Prostitutes comes on and i confront my likely horny boyfriend. "Blue, do you have something to warn me about?" I now have on idea of what kind of date this will be.


Blue's short and careless response answers my question, and i can't help but feel excited. We don't do stuff like that at my place, or the neighbors will complain. Blue has his own house but his family likes to drop by uninvited and that would become awkward very quickly.

We come to a stop, and Blue tells me we're here.

"Can I take the blindfold off?" I whine, grabbing for his hand.
He takes my hand in his larger one and whispers in my ear, making me shiver. "Not yet, Baby... soon."

He scoops me up easily in a bridal carry and I cling onto him. I feel him walking up stairs, but nothing gives me a hint as to where we are.

Finally, Blue lays me down on a soft bed. "Actually... I don't think you get to take that blindfold off."

I can feel his hot breath centimeters away from my skin and it makes me tingle. His mouth is half a tongue's length away from my collarbone, he could easily give me at least something.

"Blue..." I breath out, silently begging him to touch me, kiss me. He chuckles, rubbing me through the fabric of my pants and tugging at my collarbone with his teeth. I moan his name, I want him to go further.

His hand disappears in my jeans and soon after I'm a heated mess from him playing with my body like that. Still, I want more, I want him inside me.

He picks at my clothing, my blouse half undone. He slings one of my legs over his shoulder, tugging down my tight jeans. I mewl as he plays with my sacks, groping them and tugging lightly, sending sharp waves of discomfort and pleasure up my spine. I didn't realize he had undressed until he suddenly began pounding into me, pleasing me fully. I scream out in pleasure from my very core, he makes me feel so damn good. My hips rock against his until one of us shifts, and he's hitting that spot that drives me insane. My nails dig into his back and he kisses me messily right up until I hit my climax. I let him release inside me, screaming his name.

"Excuse m- oh fuck." the maid who had just opened the door then pointedly left but she was secretly a fujoshi so she actually filmed everything and posted it on Pornhub because SD hates writing in first person and is done with that shit so she's giving you a shitty ending to this sorta lemon

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Dark moodily stormed through the door of his cramped apartment, flinging his keys to the ground. He heard them clang against the wall, but he could give less fucks about it.

Green eyes blazing, he jammed the plug of the rickety old coffee maker into the outlet, setting the pot to ready the disgusting liquid. He had a pounding headache as if bombs were exploding against the inside of his skull and his fingers curled around the edge of the counter as he bit back an agitated growl.

Once the coffee maker was finally done, he carelessly poured the bitter substance into his paper coffee cup, one he'd been reusing for days. The hot coffee sloshed out, burning his hand and he lost it, crushing the flimsy cup in his fist and flinging it against the wall. Irritated, he fished out another paper cup from his stash in one of the barren cupboards.

He couldn't be trusted with anything more dangerous.

He poured the leftover coffee from the pot into his cup, then drained the disgusting beverage. His throat burned from it's nauseating taste, making him gag, but it wouldn't come back up. It never did. The bitter taste resided in his mouth as he collapsed into his hammock. He couldn't afford a real bed. Besides, this dump wasn't large enough anyway. Dissatisfied, he decided that he needed the awful liquid to come back up.

Crouching over the toilet, he forced two fingers down his throat, moving them up and down and feeling his teeth digging into his knuckles until they bled, but nothing came up. He gave a furious shout, then threw open his cupboard doors.


Nothing unusual.

Groaning, he whirled around, heading back out. Shoving his tightly clenched fists in his pockets, he headed towards the shops. His grimy apartment was near the heart of the city so he didn't have far to go.

He experienced no interruptions as he walked with his head down.

Everyone avoided him.

He had money, but barely. Just enough to scrape by the rent with electricity and water. He did odd jobs for money, mostly black market shit. He hadn't always been like this, in high school he'd aspired to be a singer. He had a boyfriend then, a dream, a future.

Anti fucked it all up though.

She always did.

She'd forced his boyfriend into an affair with her, and Dark had said awful things in his fury and betrayal. Things he felt he'd never be able to fix. He hated himself for it, but he didn't think about what he said. It hurt too much.

He was more openly aggressive after that, and he couldn't bring himself to sing. His boyfriend was his biggest supporter, and without him...

He graduated high school that same year, but he'd been suspended several times for getting into physical fights. The school was slightly more lenient with him because of the abusive behavior towards him from his parents, but he was on the fence of getting expelled.

No one would hire him. He had a bad attitude and flared up easily. He was cold and heartless, lacking a soul. None of it bothered him though. He hated people. Humans were such vile creatures, obsessed with their rules and regulations and "good."

He couldn't stand it.

Despite all his fury at the human race, he hated himself the most.

Stopping at a random storefront, he slammed down money on the counter. The cashier pushed it gently back towards him, ticking him off.

"I have the damn money so just fucking serve me!" he fumed, attempting to push the bills towards the cashier once again. He hissed as his money was rejected once again, stomping towards the exit. To his surprise, he felt someone grab his wrist.

He froze.

No one had touched him since... he couldn't even remember. He had no loved ones besides the boy he'd fallen so hard for in high school, but they hadn't been in contact since... it happened. People were afraid of him, they wouldn't even let they're shoulders brush against him. The only physical contact he had was when he got into a fist fight. It didn't happen often but sometimes the people he did odd jobs for were unsatisfied. He'd never been arrested for it, because it always happened at night. He felt his cheeks burn, a sensation he hadn't had since his school days. Those had been four years ago.

A plastic bag was slipped into his hands, then whoever was holding his thin wrist let go.

Shaken, he looked down to find the bag full of things he couldn't make out with its handles tied in a neat bow.

Anxiety held him captive as always, and he made a run for his apartment, clutching the bag to his chest like it was his child. He paid no mind to the people around him, his only worry being that he must return to his apartment, he wouldn't let anyone take his precious bag.

He only allowed himself to breath freely once he had locked the door of his apartment and drawn the curtains over his one grimy window. Laying the bag on the card board box that served as his table, he sat on the ground. He undid the knot with shaking hands, reaching in the bag to find a still warm grilled cheese sandwich, two of them in fact. He also found some refreshingly cold strawberries and a small container of salad. Finally, there was a bar of Hershey's dark chocolate.

He couldn't believe his eyes. This to him was an absolute feast, he hadn't seen this much food in one place in years. He had previously just been looking for something he could swallow that would come back up to make up for him being unable to throw up the coffee, but that would be such a waste with a spread like this. He sank his teeth into one of the sandwiches, emitting a soft moan at the flavors that melted onto his tongue. He'd forgotten that food actually had a taste. Barely five minutes later he had nothing but the dark chocolate left, but he would save that. He wanted it to last as long as possible.

He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, then sucked all the food's residue off his bony fingers. Sighing in content, he washed his hands, then retreated to his hammock, basking in the pleasant feeling of a full belly for the first time in years.

Hours passed as he simply sat there, but he had nothing better to do. Nowhere to be. Nobody needed him.

He would have stayed there longer except that he heard a knock on his door.

He froze.

Who could it be? Was it the cops? Was it the landlord, demanding this month's rent? Was it the therapists from his old high school that still tried to visit him sometimes?

The knocking came again, and he took a breath. Police would most likely be ordering him to open the door, doctors would sound much sharper and more professional, and the landlord was much louder. So who...?

Curiously but cautiously, he made his way to the door, opening it slowly.

Behind it he saw the cashier from the store earlier. Who the cashier really was.

And he burst into tears.

"St-Starmine... I'm so sorry... I'm so fucking sorry..." he sobbed, his body heaving as he wept. His hard mask shattered, revealing a lonely child with no one to care for him, no one to love him. He felt the cashier's arms around him and flinched. No, not the cashier, Starmine. He felt Starmine's arms around him.

Starmine had been his boyfriend back in high school.

He hadn't cried for four years, not since it happened, but now he couldn't stop himself.

"I was such an awful... you deserve better... I hate myself... I'm sorry..."

Starmine pulled him close, rubbing his back comfortingly. "Shh, it's okay. I forgive you. I had always forgiven you."

Dark rubbed at his eyes uselessly, but tears continued to spill down his cheeks.

"These are for you..." Mine gestured to the beautiful yellow roses that had fallen from his arms. Dark picked them up quickly, placing them in his empty coffee pot after filling it with water.

"They're beautiful," he sniffled, rubbing his eyes. "T-take a seat," he offered awkwardly, motioning to his hammock.

Starmine made his way towards the hammock but paused in front of Dark.

With no warning he wrapped his arm around the younger boy's waist, pressing a passionate kiss to his lips. "I still love you," he whispered upon pulling away.

Dark was in shock, breathless from Mine's kiss and staring into the taller blonde's shimmering blue eyes.

"But I said such-"

"You were hurt and angry. Of course I understand. I knew you didn't mean what you said. Nothing that happened then changed my feelings towards you, but then you just disappeared and I couldn't find you. I thought you were..." Mine faltered, breathing in as if to gather courage. "Dark..." his voice was soft and affectionate. "Dark... I thought you were dead..."

Dark said nothing.

"I was so scared you'd gone and killed yourself because of what I did, and I felt so guilty. It wasn't just that, but also losing you had me so fucking scared and upset, you're my everything! I went to college and came back convinced you were gone, but then you came to the store where I work part time..."

"And you recognized me."

"You have no idea how many emotions are going through my head right now, how happy I am!"

"And you have no idea how much I want to kiss you," Dark whispered seductively. On a softer note, he admitted, "I missed you so damn much..."

"Then why did you leave...?"

The whispered question sent pangs of guilt through him, but he distracted himself by meeting Mine's lips.

Mine dominated him on the barren concrete floor, squeezing his hands and letting their lips melt into each other. Dark moaned softly, his mouth l opening just wide enough for Mine's tongue to slip inside. He groaned, grinding against the older blonde as he was kissed roughly, just the way he liked it. Mine's hands slipped up his shirt, massaging his sides and making him moan. Deft fingers reached his rosy nipples, pressing on the sensitive peaks and arousing him greatly.

"H-hah~! Mine~!"

He couldn't help himself as Mine removed his clothing, kissing his fair skin and starting to play with his entrance. He whined as Mine pulled out an unopened container of lube and coating his fingers and dick in the slippery substance.

Dark winced as Mine's fingers entered him one at a time, moving back and forth slowly. He soon craved a much faster pace, something larger inside him.

"Put it in me," he hissed, and Mine obliged, slamming inside him. He screeched Mine's name, his nails digging into Mine's bare skin. He was struggling to contain himself, squirming in pleasure as Mine sped up. He knew he'd feel it in the morning when he'd be unable to walk all day, but otherwise he could do this all night. He and Mine hadn't done this very often, but when they did he always enjoyed it. He adjusted his hips slightly, finding that this got Mine deeper inside him as well as allowing Mine to slam into his most sensitive spot.

Scream after ecstatic scream poured from him as he and Mine had sex, no doubt waking the entire apartment building. He chanted Starmine's name like a broken record as the other boy made such filthy but incredible love to him.

"M-Mine... gonna cum..."

"Me too, Dark... can I do it inside...?"

Dark shook his head, opening his mouth wide. "I'm not wasting any."

Grinning, Mine allowed Dark to swallow every last drop of his semen.

Dark came with a lewd moan, earning a kiss on the forehead from Mine before he was picked up and carried to his hammock.

"You're not leaving, are you?" he asked frantically but tiredly as Mine planted a kiss on his nose.

"Of course not, not without you anyway."

Dark knew he was lucky to have such a loving boyfriend, one who was willing to take care of him in his broken state. He stole one last kiss from Mine as he laid down on the floor beside the darker blonde, snuggled in his arms.

"I love you..."

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"Mommy, why are you crying?"

Punkish quickly wiped his eyes, trying to appear calm for his daughter. "I'm fine, sweetie. It's nothing."

The little girl stumbled towards him on her unsteady legs, grabbing onto his thighs in attempt to get on the bed. Smiling, he picked her up, cradling her in his arms and kissing the top if her head.

"I don't want Mommy to be sad!" she said stubbornly, making him laugh. He loved how the sweet girl called him that, how he was her mother figure. "When's Daddy coming home?"

Punkish fought back tears. It was New Year's Eve and Blue had promised...

"Daddy... I don't know when Daddy's coming home," he said softly. He felt her attempt to dry his face with her little fists, and he couldn't help but smile again. She always cheered him up, and he loved her.

Blue's job was so far away, he was rarely home. Punkish hadn't seen him face to face since a random weekend in September when Blue had stopped by for a few hours. He couldn't even make it for Thanksgiving.

"Does Mommy miss Daddy?"

The question brought Punkish back to reality. "Yes, Mommy misses Daddy a lot." He sighed, staring out the window, willing Blue's car to appear in the driveway. Glancing at the clock, he saw that it was 12:37pm. Blue had promised to be there at six that morning.

Punkish stood up, carrying his small daughter to the kitchen. "Are you hungry, sweetie?"

The little girl nodded. "Pasta!"

He smiled, he'd anticipated that answer. Pasta was her absolute favorite. He had some ready for her, so he put her in her high chair and heated up her lunch. She giggled excitedly as he set the plate down in front of her then began to shovel the warm pasta into her little mouth.

"What are you doing in daycare tomorrow?" he asked to distract himself.

"We're gonna make new year's relosutioms!"

"Resolutions, you mean?" he corrected her gently.

"Yeah!" she nodded enthusiastically with a mouth full of food. "What's a relsolution?"

"It's kind of like a promise you're making to yourself for the new year."

"What's yours?"

Punkish paused. He hadn't really thought about it much. "I'm not sure. What about you?"

"Mine is that me and Mommy and Daddy can go have a picnic together!"

Punkish felt his heart clench at her wish, he wanted to make it come true so badly. He would give the world for her. "We'll try, honey. We'll try."

"Why can't Daddy come home? Do-does he not like us anymore?" Tears had started to well up in her wide and innocent eyes, weakening Punkish's resistance to his own tears.

"I... I'm sure that's not the case. He'll come home." He tried to sound firm, but the chances were so unsteady. "I hope..."

The little girl began to cry, and Punkish took her into his arms. She knew he was just as upset as she was, and neither were succeeding in consoling the other.

"I'm sorry, sweetie... I don't think Daddy will come home tonight."

She knew that, and buried her face in her mother's flat chest. "I love you, Mommy. I love Daddy too, but he's not here."

"I love you too, sweetheart."

"Do you still love Daddy?"

"Of course! He's just... not been there for us in a while. He's working so hard, he must be so stressed. My job can take care of us, or at least get us past with the bare minimum, but he insists..." He knew the small child couldn't understand what he was talking about, but she seemed to understand that Blue wasn't completely out of the picture. Punkish rubbed the girl's back as she hiccupped on his shoulder, rubbing tears from her eyes.

Without warning, he felt arms around him.

Arms he knew well.


"Daddy!" their daughter squealed, and Blue took her into his arms, kissing her cheek then resting her nose against his and watching her fondly.

"How are you, my little princess?"

She only giggled, ecstatic to have her entire family in one place. She clapped, then placed her tiny hands on Blue's cheeks. "Are you gonna stay home with us?"

Punkish tensed at her question, dreading his husband's answer. They couldn't break the little girl's heart.

"Of course I am, my little angel!"

"Really?!?" both she and Punkish exclaimed at the same time.

"I found a new job and it's much closer to home, so we can actually function like a normal family."

"Babe, that's amazing! But music is your life! How could you give up...?"

"Ugh, working as an assistant for Holy Lancer was awful. I get that he's a singing sensation, but holy shit that man needs to keep it in his pants. Now, I got my own gig. There's a company who wants my music, and not only that, but I'm just the bassist and background singer. Receiver called drums, Edge is our lead guitar, and Fork-chan is our rapper. We want you to be our lead singer."

It took Punkish a second to process. "Wait... so you want me to sing with you guys?"

Blue nodded. "Our little princess is allowed to travel with us."

The young girl clapped excitedly. "Mommy's gonna sing!" She squirmed in Blue's arms. "I made you something, but it's in Mommy's room."

Blue set her on the ground and she ran off in search of what she had made. Now, he embraced Punkish, pulling him in for a deep kiss. Punkish wrapped his arms around Blue's neck, leaning into him as their tongues danced together.

Finally pulling away, Blue cupped the younger blonde's face in his hands, studying every inch of it. "I missed you, Baby," he whispered, running his fingers through Punkish's silky golden locks. "I'd forgotten just how beautiful you are. You've been crying."

Blue's tone was sad as he said the last part. He could see that Punkish's stunning sapphire blue eyes were still a little red and swollen. "I'm so sorry, Baby," he apologized deeply, pulling Punkish in for a tight hug.

"Yay! Mommy and Daddy are hugging!"

The two jumped apart, but Punkish picked up their daughter, including her in their embrace.

"I love you both so much," Blue smiled, kissing their noses respectively. "What do you say we prepare a picnic?"

Their daughter was delighted at the idea, and all three were happy.

"How did you know?" Punkish hissed to Blue.

"I overheard," Blue replied quickly before their daughter had their attention again.

"I made this for you," she thrust a slightly crushed piece of paper in their faces, and they each took a side of it.

On it was a drawing she had done.

A drawing of them as a family.

"Sweetheart, this is perfect!" Punkish gasped. "We have to hang this up somewhere, it's beautiful!"

"I love you, Mommy and Daddy!"

"We love you too, our little princess."

Chapter Text

Dear Stray Dildo That Was Just Laying There For Some Reason,

I am writing to you to inform you that you are the most despicable creature in existence. Why? I'll tell you why.


I was just trying to walk across the room in search of paradichlorobenzene to eat, but NO. You were there, lying in wait for me so I fucking stepped on you and fell over backwards.

Now you, my dear vile bastard, decided to go flying in the air as a result of this and land directly on my crotch. At that moment I knew I was undeniably aroused. This being the case, I was forced to use you.

That's right you fucking shit, I was forced to shove you up my god damn asshole.

Starmine wasn't home so he couldn't help me. Besides I'm too shy to ask him for that kind of stuff.

So yes, I was forced to repeatedly thrust you into myself, and I fucking hate you. Admittedly lost in pleasure, it seems that I allowed myself to moan Starmine's name.

Very loudly.

Because of this, you fucking whore, Porn Star managed to film me doing that shit. Wait shit his name is Pop Star Resort oops. Oh well. No one cares about him.

Where was I again?

Oh yeah.

YOU ALSO fucked up by causing me to climax while screaming Starmine's name, at which time Starmine rushed into the room, convinced that I was dying or something.

Because I was so caught pretending that you were him doing that to me, I didn't realize he'd returned home and seen me masturbating with your lowly existence.

All I have to say to you is fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, and most importantly, F U C K Y O U.

I was embarrassed beyond belief and it's all your fault. If you hadn't been just lying there on the floor for me to slip on, then none of this shit would have happened

I won't lie, I did quite enjoy the round of sex I got from Mine afterword, but that still doesn't mean I forgive you, so don't you for a second believe that you're okay.


I will get my revenge.

So fuck you.

Strange Dark.

"Dark, why the fuck did you write a letter to a dildo?"


Senbu chuckled, still amused by the note he'd found taped to his toy. He'd been using it the other night when he was horny af for his Trickster-sama, but then Trickster actually walked in so he left it on the ground and pretended to be asleep so that Trickster would carry him into his bed. Which happened. He'd never gotten around to putting the toy away though...

"I'm telling Starmine."


"You wrote a note to the dildo you were pretending was me while you screamed my name in pleasure?"

Dark's cheeks flushed cherry red as his boyfriend walked in shirtless.

"We could always do it again," the older blonde suggested.

Dark only gave the slightest nod of his head. "I guess you have to fuck me then..."

Chapter Text

Thousands and thousands of vibrant petals carpeted the cold earth, the widest range of hues and a gorgeous sight.

Still, it was ridiculous.

The entire school had been forced to come to Anti's funeral, but to be fair she was such a two faced little shit that everyone loved her.

Everyone besides her own brother.

His boyfriend held a similar dislike for her, though not on such a high level. Dark's friends didn't like her much either, so they were the tiny exception.

He and Starmine watched in silence as hundreds of students wept for her. There was no body to bury, courtesy of Ayasaki, the reason she was dead. The young demon had been in a heat and while searching for someone's dick to ride, she managed to find something disrespectful to say that pissed him off.

Usually he'd find some weak suffering soul who was going to die soon anyway to eat, but he'd always wanted to crush her little bones and tear her limb from limb.

Unfortunately that brought him unwanted attention and he was now under close watch so that he wouldn't"lose it" and eat some poor unsuspecting soul.

As the funeral progressed, hundreds of brightly colored bouquets were set upon her empty grave, though torn apart and strewn by the wind. Starmine was getting antsy, and he had to do something about it.

He grabbed a surprised Dark's hand, trapping him in his arms and slamming their lips together.

"Mine...?" the younger mumbled, closing his eyes and melting into his boyfriend's lips. He gave a tiny gasp as Mine's tongue slipped through his teeth, pushing against his own tongue.

"Don't tell me we can't do this here, because I don't fucking care," Mine hissed before capturing Dark's lips again. He let one of his hands roam casually up the younger blonde's shirt where his deft fingers pinched one of the hard little peaks underneath.


"You're nipples are so sensitive, aren't they, Dark?"

Dark gave another small cry as Mine rubbed the tender bud, pressing on it and tugging at it alternatively. He gave a muffled gasp when Mine's other hand found its way into his shorts, stroking his length.

"How do you like that?"

"M-more... I need you...!"

Starmine chuckled. "How do you need me, Dark?" he prompted, now kissing along the boy's jawline.

Through too quick breathing and struggling to hold in loud moans, Dark managed to force out his answer. "I-I need you... inside..."

"That's what I thought."

Mine's kisses trailed down Dark's neck and to his sharp collarbones, where the horny seme sucked and nibbled at the skin lovingly, eventually leaving several hickeys to claim the boy as his.

He started playing with the other neglected nipple, leaving Dark in tears from the pleasure he was receiving.

"Mine~! I need you now~!" he whimpered desperately, his arms wrapped around the talker blonde's neck. Mine shook his head, moving to nibble gently on his ear.

"Don't worry, I'll give you what you want. Just not yet..."

Once the funeral was over, pretty much everyone left, but even if they were still there it wouldn't have mattered.

Dark was pressed up against Mine, hungry for their passionate kiss. He was gasping for air, yet he always craved more. He wanted Mine to devour him with those lips, kiss his entire body and make love to him.

Finding themselves to be alone together, Mine pushed Dark to the ground, crawling on top of him as petals blew through their hair. The velvety flowers were like a soft bed to lay in, perfect. Mine found himself starving to get to Dark's naked body, so small and thin but he loved every inch of it. He could feel Dark's hard on against his own, and remembered that he too could discard his clothes.

The worthless items forgotten, Mine made his way down Dark's fair skin, kissing it with such a hunger you'd think he hadn't eaten well for weeks.

Dark's lewd moans turned him on like nothing else, and he didn't care if the younger boy was ready or not.

Dark didn't hesitate to scream upon being penetrated. He wrapped his legs tightly around his lover, his nails digging into the darker blonde's tanned shoulders. Uneven breathing and a hella fast pulse, he knew he needed this bad.

"Fuck me, Starmine... fuck me like you mean it."

With a smirk, Mine began to move, causing the boy underneath him to wince and whimper. "Shhh," he cooed, kissing along Dark's jaw once again. "I'm here."


Dark's cry was muffled as Mine distracted him with a kiss, keeping him busy to distract him from the pain down below.


"Does it feel good?"

"Oh Mine..."

The seme didn't need any other answer. Dark's glistening green eyes were glazed over with lust, tearing as he slowly began to speed up his thrusting.

"Y-yes, more~!"

Mine obliged, now feeling Dark's hips rocking against his own. The smaller boy's cries and moans were so hot, Mine loved making him sing like that. He adjusted himself slightly, and a prompt scream from Dark told him he'd found that perfect spot.

He couldn't control himself anymore.

He slammed into Dark, revelling in the younger blonde's erotic screams as he fucked the damn child, loving him so fiercely it was almost painful. Of course, Dark was only a year younger than him, hardly a child to begin with but so child like in features and with the same stubborn streak.

He was breathing hard, and a knot at the pit of his stomach clenched and he knew he was on the edge.

"I'm gonna cum, Dark. Say something sexy that'll make me wanna fuck you senseless."

"N-no~! Mine~! C-cum... I want~!"

Back arching off the soft cushion of flowers, Dark screeched Mine's name, causing the other to groan and lose it inside him. Their entangled bodies collapsed into the velvety layer of petals, and they let the wind cover their exposed bodies with beautiful blooms.

"How dare you have sex on ny grave?"

The two pleasure dazed blondes looked up to see Anti, but she's dead, right?

"I can read your thoughts. Yes, I'm dead, but I'm still a damn spirit! I find it extremely rude that you made love to that little shit on MY grave!"

She'd mainly been addressing Starmine, her long time crush. She thought he liked her though...

How had she overlooked his connection to Dark?

How had Mine picked Dark over her?

It infuriated her to see their undressed bodies laying together peacefully, completely unruffled. What she hated the most was how their love for each other radiated off of them. Anyone could see that they were lovers, even the most oblivious people.

Hurt and angry, she ran off, only to find what people really thought of her after finally learning of all the things she did to her brother.

"I love you, Dark," Mine whispered to the boy in arms.

"I love you too, Starmine."

Chapter Text

Dark never

Allowed himself to be loved

Because he knew he'd only get hurt.

Carvings of deep crimson

Decorated his arms,

Elaborate weaves of

Fierce and still


Hatred for himself

Is what they truly were.

Just because he denied the

Kindness and

Love of others didn't

Mean he didn't have love to give.

Nobody acknowledged his existence,

Only if he was about to

Physically hurt them.

Questions swirled around his head as he

Ran to the city,

Searching for answers

To why he was alive.

Unloved and neglected, he never

Voices his thoughts, his needs.

What was his purpose in living?

Xylyl brombide [C6H(CH2Br)], whose main use was as tear gas seemed to have gotten to him though it lacked presence.

Yet he cried for someone.

Zoning out with his tears, it took him a while to notice that the someone he wanted so badly was holding him, comforting him.

"You're worth everything to me, Dark."

Chapter Text

Anti had returned home a few hours later than usual after school, as she'd been hanging out at a friend's house. As she unlocked the front door, she wondered what Starmine, her crush was doing right now. Entering the empty house, she heard... odd noises from upstairs. Maybe that Dark was playing some new video game? Or just being obnoxious, unaware that she was home.

She grumbled to herself, stomping up the stairs to tell him to shut the hell up. She threw open his unlocked door then stood frozen upon what she saw.

Her brother laying in his bed, face flushed and completely naked.

Pinned down by Starmine.

She could only watch in horror as Dark moaned Mine's name helplessly, clearly enjoying himself. It hurt so much, seeing the boy she'd been crushing on for years with someone else. Having sex with someone else.

Even if it had been another girl, she still would've been jealous, but to see Starmine with a boy...?

Not only that, but her twin brother, the one she'd always abhorred with the entirety of her being.

It took her a minute to process her thoughts until one thing became clear, and it clicked in her head what was happening.

Her crush was at least bi and possibly flat out gay, and she'd just walked in on that same crush fucking her twin brother.

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?" she yelled, but neither of the two boys acknowledged her through Dark's scream of absolute ecstasy.


She could see how Dark clung to the boy on top of him, arms and legs wrapped around him.

"Mine... fuck me just like that- YES~! Mmm~!"

The lewd noises pissed her off, that piece of shit had no right to what in her eyes was rightfully hers.

"Mine~! Mine, I can't- ah~! Fucking dammit- I'M GONNA FUCKING CUM FIR YOU~!"

She hissed, she couldn't- wouldn't allow Starmine to climax for the younger boy, they just needed to be distracted. She knew that she was the perfect distraction, but the two lovers were engrossed in their own little world of each other, now meeting in a passionate kiss as Starmine still sped up more, reducing his boyfriend to a screaming mess in the sheets.

"I'm gonna~!"

Mine groaned as he came inside the smaller blonde, then repeated his name in a pleasure dazed mumble as Dark hit his orgasm, shrieking the darker blonde's name.

Hot, sweaty, and covered in cum, the two collapsed on top of each other.

"I love you," Mine managed through labored breaths.

"I fucking... I fucking love you too... Starmine..."

"I'll help you clean up..." Mine offered, his tongue along the ridge of Dark's ear. Dark shivered at the touch, but nodded with tired eagerness. Mine set to work, licking Dark's sticky white milk from the length of his body and relishing the taste of his boyfriend.

"What the hell are you two doing?" Anti seethed, her voice spewing venom as she addressed Dark especially.

To her displeasure, Mine laughed, making a show of cleaning off one of Dark's nipples with his tongue, still pressing on and circling the rosy bud even after it was clean and earning approving moans from Dark.



Mine pressed a gentle kiss to Dark's lips, but soon parting them with his tongue.

"How could you choose my damn brother, of all the people at are school? Him? Over me? We look the same!" Anti burst, but Mine only gave her a chilly loom, speaking calmly.

"While he is beautiful in my eyes, I love him for who he is. You're just a doll, prettying yourself up on the outside, a shell of a bitch to bide how hollow you are. How you lack a heart."

His words sting and he knows it.

"Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to clean up real quick. Dark, babe, I'll be back."

Dark nodded with a smile, exhaustion oozing out of him. He closed his eyes, then suddenly found small hands clutching on to his throat.

Brilliant green eyes flying open, he saw Anti and the absolute fury etched in her features.

Air was leaving his lungs rapidly, but he didn't gasp or struggle. His head was light, so damn light, pounding, but he didn't flinch. So what if she killed him? He'd been craving death for a while now, but he couldn't take himself away from Starmine, he knew how much it would break the older male's heart. But if his sister did it, he wouldn't feel guilty, knowing that it wasn't his fault. Feeling weightless, he let himself go limp, finally at peace. It was so strangely nice, being strangled. He loved the breathlessness, she wasn't strong enough to kill him, the little bitch. His ears were ringing and blood pounded in his head, but he didn't try to stop her. He wondered how he would like it if he and Mine tried erotic choking, how would they like it?

"Get your fucking filthy hands off my boyfriend."

Anti froze upon hearing Mine's hissed demand. She didn't let go of he brother's throat though.

"Did you not hear me?" Mine asked angrily, striding towards her. "I said," he wrenched her off the bed, allowing oxygen to feed itself into his dazed lover's body. "Get your fucking filthy hands," his hands squeezed her throat. "Off of my boyfriend." With that he threw her across the room, leaving her a whimpering heap.

Neither twin had ever seem Starmine act like that, he was always so nice and kind to everyone.

Now he cradled a coughing Dark in his arms, kissing the top of his head and assuring him that he was there for him.

Dark buried his face in the taller blonde's chest, mumbling softly.

"Thank you... Starmine... For keeping me alive..."

Chapter Text

"Open up," Starmine whined playfully, pressing a piece of chocolate against Dark's lips. He'd somehow dragged the younger blonde on a picnic, so they sat in a grassy field together.

Dark refused to accept Mine's slightly melted offering, but the taller was still determined and perseverant. An idea came to him, making him smirk.

"What does that look mean?" Dark asked accusingly. Mine shrugged, but the younger tensed as he felt Mine's fingers crawl up his thigh. Shivering, he let out the slightest and most inaudible moan, but Mine knew his plan was working. Slipping his hand further up, he slowly massaged Dark through his underwear, earning pleasured gasps from his uke.

The boy's mouth was hanging open slightly now, and Mine seized the opportunity.

Dark was shocked to find a velvety saccharine substance on his tongue. He was ready to spit it out until the perfect amount of tart flavor burst out, balancing out what should be a rather cloying taste. He let the slightly warm edible melt in his mouth, closing his eyes to savor the taste.

He was vaguely aware that Mine had refrained from touching him in that certain place, allowing him to fully enjoy his delectable discovery. Upset when he'd finished it, he looked up at Mine with pleading eyes and Mine grinned, feeding him another piece.

He snatched it with his teeth, but let his lips linger on Mine's fingers, glancing up to see the older blonde's flushed cheeks.

Dark had never actually tasted chocolate before, courtesy of his abusive parents. It was incredible, and he knew he wanted more, but Mine was eating a piece too, and there was one thing Dark could never get enough of tasting...

He moaned, pressing himself against Mine's chest, their lips mere centimeters apart. Surprised, Mine gently pushed their lips together, soon sliding his tongue into the other's mouth. Dark loved that little invasion, feeling Mine's tongue explore every inch of his mouth. Besides, what was his belonged to Mine too, at least in his eyes. After a minute of heated kissing, they finally took a breath, Dark grinding his hips into Mine's, arousing the taller boy.

"I wanna ride you, Mine," Dark whispered with a seductive smirk. Grinning, Mine undid his shorts as did Dark. The younger boy immediately grabbed Mine's hips for support, slamming himself down with a scream.

Mine watched in content pleasure as his boyfriend moved up and down so fast, tears of euphoria and slight pain leaking from those incredible emerald green eyes.

"Mine... Mine~!"

"Yes, Dark?"

"I'm so close...!"

Sitting up, Mine pushed Dark over, pinning him on his back and kissing up his neck before slamming into him, hitting the younger boy's most sensitive spot full on.


His body arched into Mine's larger one, pressing their clothed chests together.

"Pl-please... Mine... finish me~!"

An ecstatic howl escaped the young blonde as he came, screeching his boyfriend's name in his blinding pleasure. He gasped as Mine came inside him, he loved the feeling of receiving Mine's seed.

"Mmm... Mine...?"


"Can I have some chocolate?"

Mine pounced on him, a piece of chocolate clenched between his teeth. He bent down, allowing Dark to take the other half, but not without allowing their lips to brush against each other.

That morphed into a passionate kiss which lead to another round of sex and basically Dark couldn't walk the next day and was peeved as hell. But they had the sexu anyway.


Chapter Text

Knight didn't know how long he'd been waiting at the train station. He'd been there since three in the morning, and it was only 5 AM now. It wasn't unusual for him to be up so early, as he had insomnia and for the last six years it had been a habit of his to go to the kitchen when he woke up and make a turkey sandwich. He'd never been particularly fond of turkey, but on that first night when his odd habit began, turkey was all he could find to put in his sandwich. Six years later, he'd developed quite a liking for it, especially in his sandwiches. Most nights he would eat it the same, plain except for a little mustard. Other nights he would try other things, but not too often because if he didn't like it he had to make a proper turkey sandwich, yet at the same time he couldn't bear to have two turkey sandwiches in one morning and it drove him insane. His sister had been trying to convince him to be tested for OCD for a while now, but he couldn't be bothered.

Finally, the headlights of a train illuminated the tunnel it was coming from, and the volume of the room grew to a roar until the train screeched to a stop.

Attentive now, he peered into the train, searching for a certain someone. The doors opened and people came spilling out. Some random chick ran into him, but he ignored her. She pecked at his ankle, running into him several more times in order to get Knight to pick her up. Finally noticing the fuzzy little thing, he scooped her up into his palm, looking her in the eyes.

"You, poppet, are quite a bonny cookie."

"You just called a baby bird a cookie."

"I am wholly au fait with this detail. Oh! Railroad Conductor Silver Vermilion! What a delight to finally be reunited with you! I've been waiting for you all morning! How-"

"Shut up and just kiss me," Ver demanded, slapping his hand over Knight's mouth. Knight nodded slightly, recovering from the interruption and pushing Ver's lips against his own. His free hand soon made it's way down to squeeze the uke's thicc little ass, causing the younger blonde to emit soft moans. Both ignored the crowd that was gathering around them. Hey, free live porn everyone!

The chick perched on Ver's shoulder.

"What the-?"

Jumping, Ver stared wide eyed at the little bird on his shoulder.

"Ah yes, my beguiling inamorato-"

"Stop right there." Ver glared into his boyfriend's eyes. "I came prepared. Do not, DO NOT, I repeat, D O. N O T. Do not use your crazy large vocabulary."



"I just-"



"I have a gag, and I will not hesitate to use it on you."

Knight looked like he was about to burst.

"But my querida-"


"But I speak fluent English, Japanese, French, Spanish, Chinese, Turkish, German, Filipino, Arabic, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Malay, Singhalese, Russian, Hindi, Tamil, Norwegian, Korean-"


"I can't eschew-"

"I'm done." Furious, Ver slammed his little body into Knight, forcing the taller blonde against the wall. Standing on his toes, he managed to fasten the gag in Knight's mouth with only a little resistance. Grabbing Knight by the wrist, he dragged him outside and they spent the rest of the day together. Knight embarrassed about going around gagged in public, and Ver pleased to not be killed by Knight's extensive vocabulary.

Chapter Text

"Starmine, why the fuck are we looking for our boyfriends in a strip club?"

"Because you never know."

"Weren't we originally trying to stop them from killing themselves?"

"Yeah. We found them in a giant cup of tea that we originally thought was an offering to Maple."

Trickster sighed. "Remind me how it went from that to us looking for them in a strip club?"

Starmine clapped his hands together, inhaling sharply, then slowly releasing his breath. "Our ukes ran off after Senbu released a hellish screech that repels all semes and leaves us crying like we got kicked in the balls."

"Was it really that painful?"

"You were there, remember?"

"Oh yeah. It was. I wonder why."

Starmine looked a little shocked. "Dude, he's a Len module and an uke. Do you know how high and loud that child can scream?"

"Actually yeah, when I fuck him. Only problem is he's banned me from fucking him for a while because he says it hurts. He's still thirsty as fuck to suck my balls, but I don't get what he means by sex being painful."

"If I weren't a Len module I'd be questioning your sanity."

"Thanks. Anyway. After we were verbally kicked in the nuts, how come we didn't go after them?"

"Do you have short term memory loss or something? You were with me the entire time!"

"No, this is just SD's lazy exposition. It's lazy to the point we're basically breaking the fourth wall."

"Big oof."

"Yup. So why didn't we go after them?"

"Mostly to avoid getting ear raped again and also because Senbu and Dark are the most terrifying Len modules along with Ayasaki."

"That is very true. Lancer is also quite terrifying, but in a different way. Very... touchy-feely."

Starmine shuddered. "Yeah, I keep my distance from him. Plus I think Hansel likes Aitetsu. Not for anything sexual, just... I dunno."



"Okay but seriously how the fuck did we go from crying on the ground to here?"

"After we recovered we decided to play checkers except we didn't know how to play checkers so we went on some huge ass quest to find out the rules. Punkish was being fucked against the front door of the Len mansion from inside the building so we couldn't get in and it's the only proper entrance or exit. Instead, you flew me up to a window and we broke into Senbu's room because he has a computer. Then the problem was that neither of us knew how to turn on the computer because you're a weird demon thing with elf ears that eats dreams and tricks people into giving you their dreams so you turn their world monochrome and I'm a healthy child who spends all my time outdoors and I have an odd obsession with fireworks but due to my lack of screen time I have no fucking clue how to work a laptop."

"They're not elf ears, they're Baku ears!"

"Nobody gives a fuck. We tried saying a word that Senbu is obsessed with to see if the laptop would open and it did. The word was Trickster-sama as expected and Senbu's desktop for some reason is a picture of your dick that you had no prior knowledge of."

"I still don't get where the fuck he got that picture from."

"Me either but we looked up how to play checkers and we learned how to."

"And how do we play?"

"I don't fucking remember because we decided fuck that shit let's go actually look for our boyfriends but then you wanted to see Senbu's search history."

"What was that like?" Trickster looked a little traumatized.

"When I was searching how to play checkers, the first three suggestions after 'how to' were first 'how to hide a body,' then 'how to poison someone without leaving a trace,' and finally 'how to get a picture of Trickster-sama's dick without him finding out.'"

"Now I remember why I was scared."

"Yeah but you still asked to see his search history and you were looking at it for like three seconds before you decided it was too scarring."

"Sounds about right."

"After that mishap we decided to actually find Senbu and Dark, so we asked around the Len mansion but none of them had seen our ukes."

"That still doesn't explain why we're here at this random ass strip club. What's it called? Amour Difficile or something?"

"Something like that. After none of the Lens knew where they were we decided to check that one bar run by the Meikos because we found an alarming amount of beer in Senbu's room."

"Let me guess; they weren't there."

"Exactly. None of the Meikos had seen them either so we decided why not check that random ass strip club because Senbu has been known to be horny as fuck and Dark would probably go with him just for the fuck of it."

"So that's how we got here?"

"Yeah. A bit reluctantly. Then the first thing we saw was Senbu dancing on a pole."

"I didn't know he could pole dance before that. That's some hot shit."

"I warned you to save him before he gets raped or some shit but you were too entranced by him. Meanwhile I couldn't find Dark until you pointed him out watching Senbu."

"Oh yeah I did do that."

"He was hard and so were we. We still are. Fuck."

"I need that ass."

"Which one?"

"Thicc Senbu ass. And thicc Senbu thighs."

"He looked pretty drunk so I suggested that he wouldn't mind getting fucked too much."

"Then I saw the employees only sign, right?"

"The one that said only employees could dance on the pole? Yeah. You looked terrified and I had to make sure you didn't need therapy."

"Which I didn't but really did at the same time."

"Your boyfriend is a professional pole dancer after all."

"Good point. You wanted to fuck Dark and I told you to go ahead and do that."

"Uh huh. And then I said 'you could still fuck him I guess. Rubbing his crotch against his dick got him hard.'"

"Yeah- wait WHAT?"

"Rubbing his crotch against his dick. SD was super distracted when she was typing that. I meant to say that rubbing his crotch against the pole got him hard."

"Ohhh. That makes a lot more sense."

"I thought so. After that we were wondering how horny our ukes would get from watching us strip and we decided they'd be pretty horny."

"Is that why you're not wearing clothes?"

"Yes. And you shouldn't be either but you're being a pussy and not stripping."

**from here is what comes out of my head at 2:30 in the morning send help**


"Trickster it's a strip club. Look, Senbu's stripping while he dances on that pole."

"Yeah, that's pretty hot- WHY IS HE WEARING A HOT PINK THONG? WHY WAS I NOT AWARE OF THIS?" As a result Trickster's dick rises another 69%.

"Trickster please calm your nonexistent titties."


"He just-"

"He's clenching a poppy between his teeth instead of a rose and holy shit he's naked except for that fucking underwear and holy shit it's so hot I gotta kiss him."

"Please chill."

"Nooooo he's hotttttt"

"For fuck's sake-"

"Mine go fuck your door."


"Go fuck your dork."

"What the fuck are you saying?"

"Go fuck your dick."

"I'm so lost right now."

"Go fuck your Dark."

"Ohhh that's what you were saying."

And that is the story of how Dark then got fucked in the middle of a strip club at age fifteen by Starmine and Senbu the professional pole dancer got fucked because he was dancing on a pole professionally and Trickster thought it was super hot and it turns out all the Lens came to the strip club and all started fucking until the telephone rang and was answered by Bebop h0e. Turns out it was just a distraction because then they heard "FBI OPEN UP" and they got super scared and shit that they were all gonna get arrested but it turns out that this wasn't the actual FBI it was a random group of male prostitutes from the Studio of Male Prostitutes called "Fuck Boys Incorporated" so now the Lencest couples continued fucking and one of the Fuck Boys joined each pair and made it a three way so this is a thing now and um fucking hell SD go to sleep

Chapter Text

Dark refused to look anyone in the eye. His lower body was screaming bloody murder and he craved death.

The police officer attempting to question him was getting impatient.

They'd arrived in the hotel room where he was getting raped, but not fast enough. He was a physical and emotional mess, traumatized by the agony he'd been forced through.

He'd been raped by his taxi driver, who was supposed to drive him to the park.

The park where he planned to kill himself that night.

As soon as he got out of here, he vowed, he would go straight there and end his miserable existence. The officer cleared his throat a little obnoxiously, but Dark ignored him, instead focusing on the ceiling.

Just smooth concrete, painted over with a thin layer of gray paint. He envisioned his own ceiling, the indoor sky over his bedroom. Smooth but slightly rough texture coated with a few layers of vaguely glossy white paint.

To see his own ceiling right now would be such a relief from all this bullshit.

Exasperated, the officer left. Dark was about to mentally celebrate until another one came in.

The only reason they were so interested in questioning him was because of his self harm scars and the ugly wounds and bruises that marred his pale skin.

There was something different about this officer's demeanor, something a little more friendly, more open. Dark felt himself melt a little, but didn't let it show on his face.

"I'm Starmine," the officer introduced himself. "And you must be Strange Dark. Is there anything you'd rather be called?"

Dark wasn't going to answer, but he hesitated. Maybe this wasn't going to be too awful...

"Dark," he mumbled, forcing himself to look away from those incredibly warm blue eyes.

"Dark, I like that. I know it's awkward, but I need to examine your wounds, so..."

"My shirt...?"

Starmine nodded sheepishly, and Dark shyly removed his shirt. He didn't understand what it was about this officer that made him feel so... willing. Willing to do things he wouldn't normally do.

He shivered as Starmine's fingertips brushes against his skin, pressing gently on old bruises that still made him wince.

By the end of the short examination, the officer was no longer smiling. He looked grim as he reported whatever he needed to to his chief. Then he turned back to Dark, a pained look in his eyes.

"Don't do it," he whispered, clutching Dark's shoulders.


"Don't leave. Don't leave this world, stay longer! You need to dream, strive, live. I know you're suffering but what if you could find happiness? I want you to be happy but please, please don't give up, you can't give up!"

Dark was taken aback by how passionate this officer he'd never met was.

"I'm not much older than you, and I'm still young, you're so young and you have so much potential, you can't just give it up. I won't let you."

Dark was more shocked to find not only the officer's arms trapping him in a tight embrace, but the tears that escaped the older blonde.

"Please don't give up... for me! Stay alive for me at least. I know I'm nothing to you, just some stupid officer who's trying to get paid for doing this emotional help stuff, but even if that's what I am to you, I really do care about this. What if I want to be your friend? What if I want you to stay alive? What if I want to help? I'm always there if you need someone to talk to. I don't care if I'm nothing to you, but-"

Dark had dissolved into tears a while ago. He returned the older blonde's embrace, sobbing into his shoulder the truth. He couldn't kill himself yet, because

"Nothing to me? You saved my life."

Chapter Text

Third Person POV

Senbu giggled childishly, grinning down at his terrified victim as he planted one heeled boot on the asshole's heaving chest.

"Aw, is something wrong, Magician? Huh? Is there? Answer me, Magician. What's wrong?"

"You," she choked out, and Senbu's smile grew even wider.

"Wonderful! Personally, I don't care for you whatsoever, but they it's what's on the inside that counts, right?"

Magician whimpered, not quite grasping what Senbu was suggesting. Finally, it dawned on her, or at least she thought it did. "You can't rape me!"

Senbu let out a maniacal laugh, his gray-brown eyes wild with the glint of a murderer. He wiped imaginary tears from his eyes as he looked back at her. "You really think I want to go anywhere near that filthy clit?"

She winced, glaring daggers at him until he glared back, subduing her immediately. She had to remember that he wasn't the innocent child she'd always thought he was, she had to treat him like the psychotic killer he truly was.

Seeing her distress, his face split into another deranged grin. The gleaming knife in his hands was gripped as if it was her neck, that same neck he wanted to crush. She shuddered, shrinking away from him, but the heel of his boot was lodged between her ribs, making it harder for her to breath. He leaned his weight on that foot, watching her gasp and sputter, her wide eyes tearing as she struggled for air.

Second Person POV, Senbu

You watch as she struggles beneath you. She's an unpalatable creature, you can't stand to look at her. Hm, I can't see you, you can't see me, right? You give a delighted squeal as your blade plunges into one those watery blue eyes. She screams in anguish while you smile at her sweetly, running the side of your knife along your tongue to clean it.

"S-Senbu... please...!"

Your features shut tight into an icy glare. She sobs softly, her tear ducts still in tact but the salty tears running down her face sting her gruesome wound. You despise her with every fiber of your being.

"No. You can't have him, you can't, you can't, you can't! TRICKSTER-SAMA IS MINE!"

You know you sound like a whiny child throwing a tantrum, but Trickster-sama is yours and no one can take him from you.

You'll make sure of that.

"Oh, so that's what this is about?" Magician asks, her eyes narrowing. "You'd really kill me to be with him?"

"I'd kill anyone for him."

"He doesn't know, does he?"

You freeze.

What if he finds out?

But if you don't get rid of her, she'll tell him and you can't have that.

"Fucking bitch," you hiss, raking your knife across her features. She shrieks and you love it. You want her to hurt, to bleed, to die.

You are her death.

Grabbing her jaw, you hold it open, plunging your knife into her throat. She releases a choked sound, trying to scream and cry but at the same time you'd just fucked up her vocal chords. You want her to die a very, very painful death.

You take one of her hands, then cleanly slice off her middle finger. Blood gushes out and an awful croaking is heard as she tries to express her agony. You cuts off her ring finger, then her pinky. The thought crosses your mind that one of the Rins has a weird hand fetish, maybe you'd save her a hand...?

Yes you will do that, you decide, severing the hand that was still in tact. The girl couldn't scream anymore, she knew there was no saving her now. With surgical precision, you cut open her stomach, careful not to seriously harm any vital organs. You slit up her torso, her gleaming guts exposed.


You hiss that to her, the last thing she hears as you bury your knife in one of her lungs and rip out her heart with one gloved hand, crushing the still twitching muscle like old homework.

First Person POV, Senbu

I carefully remove my gloves, dropping them on her mutilated body. A fresh pair sits in my pocket and I slip them on, retrieving my knife.

I smile gleefully at her dead form, then start to laugh. Whatever sanity I had left me a very long time ago. I'm in hysterics, though I don't know why. I continue to laugh and laugh and laugh, my voice high pitched, higher than my usual range. Without warning, tears pour down my cheeks, but I'm still laughing. I'm laughing and crying but I'm more wailing now. It's an awful noise. I weep, but it's still mixed with my out of place laughter. I don't know what to do, it hurts.

Blindly, I push up my sleeve, pressing my blade into my wrist. It hurts, but I have to bleed, I have to-

I hear a delayed scream behind me.

"Who are you?"

I whirl around to find the owner of the faintly spoken question, my eyes widening in utter horror.


"Who the fuck are you?"

"I-I'm Senbu-"

"If this is the real Senbu, then leave."


"No. I won't do this shit. I'm not going to date a murderer."

His words hurt me and I burst into tears. I can't live without him, doesn't he understand? I can't let anyone have him, I'm trying to protect him!

"You're sick. You need help."

"No!" I yell, tears still pouring down my face. "Don't lock me up, I'm not insane! I'm not sick, Trickster-sama you can't do this to me!"

"I'm sorry."

He won't even say my name as he turns away, calling a hospital. I don't want to go, I'm not broken, they can't fix me. I'm a mistake, a monster. They have to kill me.

No, I'll kill myself.

"Trickster-sama..." I sob to myself, reaching for my fallen knife, but he kicks it out of my reach, shoving me down so I was pinned beneath him. In other circumstances I would have been delighted, but he didn't let go until they took me away.

Why, Trickster-sama?

Don't you understand?

I just want to be the one you love.

Chapter Text

Ayasaki is a very angry child.

In general.

As in I-will-devour-your-soul-if-you-piss-me-off angry.

As a result of this, it's understandable that he woke up with a furious roar when he found the upper part of his outfit removed, his hands tied behind his head with the coarse length of rope that held his ponytail and leaving his long, silky tresses spilling beautifully down his back.

What enraged him more was that it was Brave Butterfly's doing.

As mentioned before, Ayasaki is an angry child.

Well, teenager/adult because he's nineteen but that's beside the point.

He struggled against his restraints, but Butterfly was wearing a gold amulet, given to him by someone. Normally Aya wouldn't have been affected by this but this particular amulet had some sort of charm that quelled his demon side. He flinched, leaning away as Butterfly performed the sacred ritual known as none other than the

h o m o s e x u a l f a c e c a r e s s

Decidedly bored/horny, Butterfly released Aya's wrists, shoving him hard so he fell sprawled out on the lumpy bedspread. Then he sat in a chair and watched because there was a reason that bedspread was so lumpy.

And kind of squishy actually.

Or was it slimy?


Aya was about to launch himself off the bed until he felt a rather rubbery... thing wrap around his wrist, snaking up his arm. His breath caught as his other arm was held by whatever the hell this thing was, then his legs.


Butterfly just shrugged. "Not my problem. I forgot to mention that there may or may not be some weird extraterrestrial creature in that lumpy bedspread that is also horny."


Aya choked as a tentacle was shoved in his mouth, quickly morphing itself into the shape of nothing other than Crane's cock. Admittedly, Aya had admired it when all the Lens went to a hot spring which wasn't the best idea but oh well. Another of whatever creature was there's limbs knotted itself into his pale hair, and he pretended it was Crane doing that to him, Crane pulling his hair while he swallowed the older male. Saliva dribbled out the corner of his mouth, thoughts of Crane filling his mind as he continued to suck affectionately at the imposter's malleable limb. He winced, whining a little as a tentacle pushed through his tight entrance, changing itself into something much bigger, namely Crane's cock again. Aya couldn't remember how he'd lost his clothes, bug clearly it had happened as more strong tentacles snaked up his thin frame, teasing his nipples and squeezing his arousal, curling around his balls and flicking at them softly like a tongue.

To be stimulated in so many places at once was an overload for him, but he still pretended all of it was Crane's doing. He loved Crane so much, he'd never say it but he did. He got jealous when other modules seemed to get close to his Crane, angry when the older was harassed by another module, upset when Crane was doing something apart from bugging him.

A tentacle smacked his horny demon ass for his distractedness and he emitted a lewd moan. He'd even admit it, he liked being spanked.
Especially if he were to be punished by Crane.

He loved the stinging sensation and how dirty he could imagine Crane would talk if they were in such a situation. Almost as if sensing his desires, the tentacle slapped him again, forcing more noises out of him.

Writhing in pleasure, he screamed Crane's name despite the flesh obstructing his speech. He didn't care that Butterfly was there, he needed Crane.

His hair was being yanked at roughly, his throat and tight entrance being fucked painfully simultaneously and both his m a l e s e x u a l o r g a n and his nipples being massaged in teasing motions.

He couldn't handle it all, especially not on top of the unyielding spanking he was receiving. His movements were becoming jerky as all he wanted was to cum, cum for his Crane.

He didn't care that he was being assaulted by some tentacle creature, he wanted Crane to see him so that he could cum for him. He let out a final hellish screech of Crane's name and released his hot mess all over himself, moaning as the horny tentacle creature rapist thing gave off ejaculations of its own, down his throat and deep inside him. It released him, slithering back into its original form under the lumpy bedspread.

"You wanted me?"

Aya blushed furiously as he looked up slightly to see Crane's feet in front of him.

"Wait, bu-"

"Shh," Crane dropped to a crouch, pressing a finger against Aya's wet lips. "I know what happened."

He leaned down to gently kiss the tired blonde, scooping him up and taking him to his bedroom to rest.

"Wait... Master I still have to eat Butterfly's soul...!"

Crane was clearly surprised to be addressed in such a way, but accommodating of it. "Of course, Kitten."

He kissed the top of his new kitten's head, allowing the boy to get down and stumble towards Butterfly.

"Heh," Aya half grinned. "Fuck you."

The other Lens were alarmed the next morning to find Butterfly sobbing on the floor, holding his crotch.

"What's wrong?" Append asked like the mom module he is.

"A-Angry demon child cut off my dick!"

"What the fuck?"

"Aya-Ayasaki was too tired and weak from being raped by that tentacle thing so he cut off my dick instead and let his pet snake eat mg balls!"

All the Lens cringed, Append then speaking up for all of them. "I'm sorry I asked...

Chapter Text

Senbu had somehow escaped the hospital where he was being held, much to the concern of the entire world. Especially Trickster.

He'd stolen an umbrella to shield himself from the miserable rain, but eventually he stopped in some alley, closing the umbrella as the rain subsided.

"What are you doing here?"

Ugh. Brave Butterfly. Masturbating. To a picture of Ayasaki's horny demon ass, literally.

"He doesn't like you and neither do I," Senbu stated flatly.

"Eh. I'm sure I can tame you with a round of sex."

It seemed that Butterfly was unaware of Senbu's mental stability, and something inside the sick brunette snapped.


He hooked onto Butterfly's ankle with one end of his umbrella, yanking it and tripping up the purple clad module.

"Fuck you."

He found no excitement in his attempts to kill Butterfly, and that was no fun. The sooner he had Butterfly dead, the better. Irritated, he stabbed the tip of his umbrella right into Butterfly's eye. It was kind of his thing at this point, mutilating his victims' eyes.

Of course, Butterfly was in agony, but the more he struggled, the more impatient Senbu got. He dug the tip if his umbrella into Butterfly's chest, watching that beautiful crimson soak the purple material. Butterfly stared with his eyes wide open at Senbu until his consciousness slipped for the last time.


The word hit Senbu out of nowhere, he couldn't possibly care what Butterfly said about him but his last breath was taken to call his death bringer a monster.

Senbu fell to his knees and burst into tears. His loud wails were easy to track, he knew that, but he didn't care anymore.

Trickster-sama didn't want him, and so he had nothing to live for.

His face split into an unsteady grin, and though he continued to weep pitifully, maniacal laughter escaped him.

It hurt so damn much, he was so sick, so exhausted. He closed his eyes, continuing to laugh as tears poured down his cheeks. He felt them restraining him, the doctors. He let them take him away to his isolated room, treating him like the monster he was.

He was a threat to the other patients, what if he lost it and started killing them too?

He was deteriorating fast without human interaction, he needed what he couldn't have. He needed his Trickster-sama. He cried for days without stopping, crying himself to sleep and waking up in tears after hellish nightmares that had him screaming.

Finally, Trickster had the courage to see him.

What he found was an unstable mess of the boy he once knew and loved.

The child wouldn't leave the corner of the room, all huddled up and sobbing softly.



Senbu cowered from Trickster's touch, terrified.

"You can't touch me. I'm a fucking monster. You think so. You do, you do, you do!"

"Oh Senbu..."

"Don't pity me, I'm like this because of you. I love you, Trickster-sama! Why don't you understand?"

Speechless, Trickster wrapped his arms around the smaller boy. "I thought they would help you..."

"Nothing can save me, Trickster-sama. I'm broken. My sanity is gone. You were all I held on to, but I don't have that anymore either. I love you, I love you, I love you!"

Seeing that Senbu was in tears again, Trickster couldn't help but feel guilty. He'd just wanted to protect the boy from himself, from doing something he'd regret.

"I didn't mean to hurt you, Senbu."

"But you did. And I still love you. I love you so much."

"Can I even fix this?"

"Why won't you say it?"

"Say what?"

Senbu was hard to understand now through his tears. "Oh Trickster-sama... I love you, I love you, I love you..."


"Why can't you just love me? I devoted myself to you, I gave up everything for you. I have nothing, not even my sanity, but I still love you. Love me, Trickster-sama. Love me, love me, love me so much I can't breathe, love me until I choke on your affection, love me like nothing else matters. Just fucking love me!"

"But Senbu-"

"Am I that worthless? Am I that awful? Am I-"


The pale brunette whimpered, flinching at the sharp tone and Trickster's hand raised as if to hit him, though that wasn't the intention, only a gesture.

"Please don't hurt me more..."

Trickster softened immediately, gently caressing Senbu's cheek. His endearing monochrome eyes fell on Senbu's arms and he gasped.

"Those fucking-"

Senbu gave a soft cry as Trickster grabbed his wrist, studying the bruises on his arms. Enraged, he lifted Senbu's hospital gown, finding several ugly black and purple bruises, particularly on his back.

"They hit you."

Senbu nodded, dissolving into tears once again.

Trickster was absolutely furious.

"THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO HELP YOU!" he roared, slamming his fist into the wall. Senbu flinched again, and Trickster took a deep breath, making himself more gentle as he took the broken boy into his arms.


"I'll take you home, Senbu darling. I'm so sorry..."

"But I'm... a monster..."

"I don't care. I've always loved you. Always. I was just bad at showing it. Let me make it up to you."

Senbu's soft sobs reduced to hiccups as Trickster rubbed his bruised back, kissing the top of his head.

"I love you, Trickster-sama," Senbu whispered, his tired eyes fixated on Trickster's intriguing gray ones.

"And I love you, my dear Senbu."

Chapter Text

Tense, you watch as your beautiful Punkish sits in the arms of someone else. You, but... reversed.

Glowing red eyes, not blue.

Red lights on his headphones.

Red band on his ring.

Red light on his glove.

You don't like him.

You breathe deeply, forcing yourself to ignore the ropes that hold your hands behind your head, or the series of ropes holding down your long legs.

You love tying up Punkish, but being bound makes you anxious. You like to be in charge. You're quiet, but with Punkish you are his dominant man, the one he will do anything for.

You bite your lip in distaste as Punkish allows the reverse version of you to kiss him. You call this reverse version Red Sun, the opposite of your name, Blue Moon.

You hate him.

The thought of him makes you tense and angry, and only Punkish can calm you down.

You don't realize that your hands are clenched in tight fists until you realize how hard your nails are digging into your palms.

You need to calm down.

You close your eyes, counting slowly to ten in your native tongue.











Calmer, you count again, but to twenty in Tagalog.





















You will not scream.

You will not scream.

You will not scream.

You swallow the aggression that threatens to escape your mouth and count a final time, this time in English. You use it as much as possible, but it's so hard for you. If you'd started learning it at a younger age, maybe you'd be better at it, but there was no appeal, and its grammar and spelling are the stupidest things. Still, you count to thirty.































You are calm.

You are calm.

You are calm.

You are not calm.

You want to scream.

You are furious.

You strain madly, panic welling in your chest as you realize how absolutely helpless you are. You want Punkish. You want him to stay away from that asshole, Red. You won't let Red kiss your uke, Punkish is yours.

But there's nothing you can do.

So you scream.

Chapter Text

"Let us sing and let us dance!"

He screams the words, waltzing to a song that no one can hear with a partner that no one can see. He is in pain, bruised and bloody for unknown reasons.


The people of the city pass him by quickly, intimidated by his physical state, not pausing to truly listen to his words.

"Let us scream and let us shout!"

He's crying, he can feel it. He doesn't know if it's just from physical pain or something more. He was barely fit to stand, let alone dance. Still he pushed on, screaming out his song at the top of his lungs.


He is free here, his song leaving his mouth and spreading its wings like a magnificent bird. People finally begin to stop, he's been singing for hours. The same song over and over. Its at the point where people are returning from wherever they went, encountering him for the second time.

"The dog, the cat, the cow, the pig, and everyone!"

The people are starting to listen. Free from their earlier hurry, they acknowledge the pained beauty of his melody.


They ache for the boy, his broken body and the urge he seems to have to share his message.

"Let us go insane and sleep until we rot away!"

He's dizzy, but he will push on, he will not pass out. The people stare at him curiously, drawn in by his brilliant green eyes.

"I hate the rules."

A larger crowd gathers, curious as to what this child could possibly be here for. Why was he here? How did he get here? Why is he so wounded? Why does he choose to sing and dance despite being on the verge of passing out?

"Because I hate being binded."

Though it was clear the boy was in great need of medical attention, his song had hypnotized the listeners, they were more interested in what he had to say.

"So I ran away."

The citizens can see he's fought a war. With himself and with someone else, whoever left him in his condition. He is a warrior, still fighting himself for consciousness.

"Forgetting about my consequences."

He knows that if he goes back he'll suffer inconceivable torture from the monsters.

His parents.

The people don't know this, only that he is injured. They pity him, yet he is hardly aware if their presence.

"I hate being ordered around."

The people could almost sense it, maybe that's why no one was seeking medical help for the clearly suffering blonde. Somehow... it seemed disrespectful to interrupt him in such a way, to interrupt him at all really, considering his determination to stay conscious.

"I wanted to be a little evil."

He isn't hurting anyone, though it's distracting to every passerby to see a beaten up fifteen year old boy screaming out a song and dancing despite his struggle against unconsciousness.

"I sneak out of my house at night and run into the city."

They know now. He has run from home. They don't know why, but they now have suspicion as to why his physical state is the way it is.

"What do I live for?"

The people listen intently, now curious as to what deeper meaning his song might hold, what deeper truth was in his words.

"I asked the stray cat."

Unnoticed, the inky black cat slipped by, eyes gleaming even in the lit streets.

"It just looked at me with its eyes."

The cat pauses, eyeing this boy up and down. Her eyes narrow as if she's sizing him up, judging him.

"I drink coffee even though I can't stand to drink it and look up at the cloudy sky."

Rain threatens, they all know that, but what's a little shower when this boy's song is so mesmerizing? He can still taste the bitter liquid as a foul memory.

"What can I possibly do right now?"

He has nowhere to go. He can't go home, there's nothing but pain there. But where else is there for him?

"I don't even know that!"

He feels helpless, but what can he do? He can't see clearly anymore, and sticks sharply to the steps he's been taking for hours so that he doesn't crash.

"So I scream out my song!


The people begin to murmur the word.


"I scream without really understanding I'm screaming!"

The people are a little louder, saying it with him.


They don't understand, lost as he is. He continues, his voice never faltering.

"Are you satisfied with this?"

The people become queasy. No matter what circumstances, each person knows that the question is directed at them individually as well as a whole. Such a simple question, but such a painful one to think about, to process. Such a hard question to answer truthfully. Still, they join him.


They feel discomforted by his basic question, yet they stay and continue to listen.

"If you break the rules will something change?"

All these basic questions, yet they were much deeper than they appeared. So plain but applying on so many different levels. Would something change? For the better of for the worse?

"I don't care who, I just want to pour it out!"

His voice spills from him in silky waves, flowing over everyone around him. They could almost understand, maybe not what had happened, but his feelings.


He is unaware that the people have picked up on his word, he wouldn't have cared too much even if he was.

"I pretend to be justice that beats down evil!"

They have no idea what he's talking about but it doesn't matter.


He shouldn't be standing right now, he shouldn't be singing. He should be screaming in agony, falling to his knees.

"I use justice as a shield to relieve some stress!"

He is more relaxed now, he knows that he won't stand much longer. At least he's at peace.


One person in the audience who has just joined frowns, he knows the boy's voice, but he can't see.

"The people around us don't realize our stupid act!"

The people are listening, though, and they do see him. He just can't see them.

"Is there any meaning to this song?"

The question catches people off guard. Of course there is, but what was it?

"There's no meaning to this song."

Lies. The people want to know. The certain boy in the crowd pushes to the front. He must see the singer.

"Is there any sin to this song?"

The boy in the crowd's name is Starmine. He knows the singer.

"There's no sin to this song."

The people agree, but they are confused. Why does he sing?

"Is there any meaning to benzene?"

They puzzle over his odd question, what does it mean?

"There's no meaning to benzene."

The people feel as though benzene does mean something to him, but what?

"Is there any sin to benzene?"

Starmine rushes forward, catching the boy as he finally surrenders to sleep.

"This song is... benzene."

Chapter Text

Punkish was shaking as he leaned over the toilet, his fingers down his throat moving up and down as he attempted to chuck up what he'd just eaten.

Mia watched him, holding his silky bangs back, icy breath sending shivers down his spine. The very thing making him tremble.

She was always there, never letting him forget that he was a greedy whore, he didn't deserve food.

He was covered in sweat, ignoring the way his teeth were digging into his knuckles, making them bleed. He could almost feel it coming back up.

Mia sang sweetly and softly in his ear, sounding innocent as if she were only reciting a children's book.

Fucking slut.

That's right, it needs to come back up.

You're a waste of space.

Come on, you useless whore, why won't it come up?

Tears trickled down Punkish's cheeks until finally, he felt everything come back up. He leaned further over the toilet and emptied his stomach's contents. He wasn't even bothered by his bleeding throat anymore, raw from his nails. His throat hurt now, but at least his stomach felt better.

He stood, Mia standing with him and affectionately brushing out his hair.

He's too skinny.

His ribs and shoulder blades are too sharp, and his skin hugs his body far too tight.

"Punkish, why?"

Blue can't see Mia.

No one can see Mia.

No one except him.

Blue is in tears at the sight of his boyfriend, torn apart by what his lover does to himself. "Punkish..."

The younger blonde began to sob, falling to his knees once again. Mia simply watched him as Blue embraced him, rubbing his back and crying with him.

It was rare that the older male would cry, but to see the one he loved doing that to himself... he couldn't take it.

Mia felt threatened, should Blue get Punkish help the she'd be killed, slowly but surely. Maybe if she was strong enough, she could come back, but for now she simply watches and waits to strike.

Chapter Text

"FUCKING ORNG!" Lancer screamed, flinging the orange fruit across the room. Unfortunately, Edge was just walking in and got hit in the face.

"Lancer what the fuck?" Edge asked, overly confused as to why he'd been attacked by Rin's favorite fruit. "Why are you bullying the orng?"


"Four what?"

"I dunno man SD was trynna write a lemon but then Whit3heart taught her how to count in Tagalog so she was counting obsessively and so later while she was writing that lemon she misspelled an English word as "spat" and kind of just rolled with it and no autocorrect it is not spat it is A P A T how come that was the only time you corrected it wtf"

"That was an unnecessarily detailed description/rant."

"Yes. Yes it was."

"This doesn't belong here this should be in that one shitposting book what's its face-"

"SD's next top module or whatever?"

"Yeah, that one. We're breaking the fourth wall here."

"Pfft. Who cares? It's literally called a book of bullshit I make instead of sleeping oops. IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE BULLSHIT."

"Yeah but writing prompts."

"Edge strip."

"You didn't just say that."

"Actually I didn't. Autocorrect did. I was gonna say Edge stop doing something but then autocorrect decided on strip."

"Doesn't autocorrect say a lot about what someone writes on their phone?"

"Y e s."

"Any examples apart from SD's weird ass autocorrect?"

"Yeah actually. Her friend ravenclawpenguin is into K-pop and her autocorrect is all K-pop lyrics and ships. It's kind of scary because that's all on an English keyboard. SD has three keyboards downloaded except the Filipino one doesn't have an autocorrect for some reason. The English autocorrect is fucked up and the Japanese keyboard's suggestions are mostly the lyrics to Paradichlorobenzene."

"Why do you know this much you stalker"

"Edgy boi she's literally writing this I can know whatever the fuck she says I know"

"Okay okay just go back to screaming about your fucking orng"


"What did I just unleash?"

"NOW THIS FUCKING ORNG," Lancer glared pointedly at the fruit, "THIS FUCKING ORNG TASTES AWFUL!"

Edge face palmed. "Dumbass, you don't eat the skin!"

"But you eat the skin on stew!"

"That sounds awful I feel like autocorrect struck again."

"It did. Idk why though I mean SD never writes about stew. When was the last time there was a fanfic with stew in it? Someone make this a thong pls."

"Lancer why"

"Autocorrect go suck a dick i meant to say thing not thong"

"Okay back to the orng."

"What was I screaming about again?"


"Since you have a FUCKINGCOUCH which is part of SD's phone's dictionary for some reason then I can have a FUCKINGORNG."

"That doesn't look as satisfying as FUCKINGCOUCH."

"Well I'm not gonna call it a FUCKINGORANGE because that sounds awful."


"It looks like 'fucking porn' misspelled."

"Shut up Lancer just deal with it."

"Whatever. AS I WAS SAYING. We ear the skin of strawberries and grapes and apples and mangoes, so why not orng?"


"Yes. Clearly we ear the skin. What I MEANT TO SAY AUTOCORRECT is that we EAT the skin."

"This is starting to sound cannibalistic."

"Vanan'Ice exists."

"Good point. How do you even spell that though?"

"Honestly idk"

"Oh well. Back to your orng."


"Wait hold up just a fucking second earlier you said you do eat the skin on mangoes that's not normal wtf"


"Y e s. That is not normal. I swear if you watermelon-"

"Of course I eat watermelons with the skin on!"

"W h a t."

"This reminds me of that one dream SD had where Bad Boy was holding a watermelon but it had this really big seed poking out and it was bothering her so Rac (as an MMD model) yeeted in and pulled it out and SD had this great idea to look inside the watermelon."

"I don't like where this is going."

"Inside the watermelon it was this super large white room with shelves of grapes."

"Grapes? Inside a watermelon?"

"Yes and then Bad Boy dropped the watermelon which exploded and then the room was flooding with grapes and SD has not trusted watermelons since then."

"That was useless information."

"NO it was story time."

"What the actual fuck"

"Well there was that other dream where everyone in her grade was fighting this intense war against these random strangers and it was super intense I think I said that except while this was all serious shit they only attacked each other with panty liners"

"Stop talking no one needed to know that"

"Okay fair point back to orng"

"Yeah you were terrorizing children by eating the skin of fruits that you shouldn't eat the skin of"

"I was doing that!"

"That's not a good thing would you like me to peel your orng for you?"


"Stop. Please please please tell me you peel bananas before you eat them."

"No...??? Am I supposed to?"

Edgy boi cried on the floor for three hours while Lancer kinda just watched

"Okay I'm done crying on the floor for three hours" Edgy boi cheered because thanks autocorrect for suggesting such an out of place word for the situation.

"Welp. Can I scream about my orng again?"

"NO imma peel that fucking orng" and Edgy boi does that.

"nuuuuuUUUU what Has u DONE"

"I peeled the fucking orng so eat it" and then Edgy boi shoves the orng in Lancer's mouth and just leaves so Lancer he kinda just cri bc his precious fucking orng gas been assaulted


f u c k I n g a u t o c o r r e c t

Chapter Text

Punkish burst into tears.

"Punkish, what the fuck is wrong with you?" Senbu grumbled. "Also if you're not drinking that I'd be happy to help-" Trickster slapped his hand away from Punkish's glass, glaring at him. Senbu pouted, crossing his arms and refusing to look at his Trickster-sama, but then he couldn't bear to go two seconds without the face of his beloved Trickster-sama so he gave up.

"Punkish do you need to join the depressed Lenny bois club?" Edge asked because YelowowoKagaweebs made this a thing and it's canon now because I said so.

"N-no, but who's in it?"

"Edge, Ciel and I," Dark replied, "and Senbu should join too."

Punkish continued to sob hysterically for no apparent reason.

"Okay shut the fuck up why are you crying?" Ciel groaned.

"I st-stubbed my toe!"

"Relatable," the ukes all replied.

"Not that way you kinky fucks I meant I actually stubbed my toe on the fucking stool over there!"


"Did you shove the stool's leg up your ass?" Ciel asked because alcohol does not affect him well.


"Wow, a stool kink?" Ciel asked, his eyes doing the glittery bullshit. Everyone else face palmed because Ciel does not handle alcohol well. It was a terrible idea to come to a wine tasting anyway.

Unfortunately while all the Lens were distracted, Senbu had finished all the wine and was now fairly drunk which is not good because he then killed everyone in the room including himself but all the Lens were resurrected.

Because they're Lens.


Chapter Text

On day Dark had a suitcase.

He went to the airport and went through security.

He got pulled aside because he wasn't allowed to take all that paradichlorobenzene onto the flight with him but he didn't care because that meant he could go home and go to back to being an antisocial shit in his room.

At home he unpacked his suitcase because oof that's what the prompt is and them Starmine walked in being all like "Ooh gimme summa dat ass pls" and they did the sexu but Senbu blew up the Len mansion oops and now they're all kinda just sitting there in an empty crater where their house used to be.

they had nothing better to do so they all fucked and birthed children so that's fun

Chapter Text

Dark: pay attention to me

Starmine: we were just making out two seconds ago

and then they continued their make out session and because I'm me they fucked too because I seem to be incapable of making shit not fuck times

Chapter Text

Starmine: what if the g in gif is silent

Dark: go the fuck to sleep

Starmine: what gif I don't want to

Dark: fuck off

Chapter Text

A horrifying Bebop Knave was terrorizing the world and then School Council who is now a therapist because I said so decided to have a session of therapy with the horrifying creature but it didn't work and School Council the therapist ran away screaming

But then Edge yeeted a life preserver at Bebop and he was ready to attacc along with Dark and their aquarium of odd hybrid animals including stinkcummers, strips, forks, wheels, semens, blownfarins, and stranglerfish

and with that the monstrous Bebop h0e was defeated

you're welcome

Chapter Text

"One, two, buckle my shoe."

The boy screams, straining against the chains that hold his limbs, yet he can't escape.

He hates being binded.

By anything.

They won't leave him be. They're going to kill him, but why won't they let him kill himself? He's suffering.

He's been here only two days.

His back is torn and bloody from the buckle of their belts. It stings like hell; he could very well be in hell.

They like to kick him, and he's covered in bruises as a result.

"Three, four, knock at the door."

He can't sleep.

Something's at the door of his tiny cell, and though he's trapped inside, safe from its clutches, whatever it may be, he's terrified.

He wants to die.

Let him die.

Have mercy and let him die.

"Five, six, pick up sticks."

It hurts.

It hurts so badly when they beat him, but he can't so anything.

His wrists and ankles are red and raw, metal constantly digging into his flesh and making it bleed. He cries out in agony, but they will never listen.

"Seven, eight, lay them straight."

His torture won't end.

They chain his arms above his head, just high enough so he has to strain a bit for his feet to touch the ground. His thin ankles are bound together, leaving him prone to tripping.

They love his screams as they hit him day after miserable day, they can't seem to get enough.

"Nine, ten, a big fat hen."

Finally, they penetrate him.

Tied down and rendered completely immobile, he's helpless as they fuck him tirelessly, not even pausing when they've brought him to the point of bleeding.

It hurts so damn bad and he wants them to fucking kill him already. Why must they abuse his broken body? Why must they make him suffer?

"Eleven, twelve, dig and delve."

They haven't stopped for days.

His stomach gives him hell and his voice is hoarse. Agony consumes him but they won't let him stay unconscious if he passes out.

He can't take it, the pain is driving him insane.

"Thirteen, fourteen, maids a-courting."

He's their mindless toy now.

Devoured by anguish, he has no hope of relief. He doesn't care anymore.

They dress him up in awful things, and he lets them.

They force him to pleasure them and he does it.

They make him do everything and he does.

He's lost himself.

"Fifteen, sixteen, maids in the kitchen."

It's been too long for him to keep track but he finally disobeys.

He shouldn't have.

They take him to the kitchen and burn their names into his flesh, claiming him as theirs.

They strip him, tying him to a table and using him for whatever they want.

He's covered in their bites and kisses and he cries.

What did he do to deserve this?

"Seventeen, eighteen, maids a-waiting."

He can only wait for death to take him.

He endures their "fun" and suffers through his days. He knows it won't be long.

It can't be.

"Nineteen, twenty, my plate's empty."

Finally, after far too long, lack of food catches up to him and they're forced to set him free.

He can finally join his lover.

He suffers until the very last second, but Strange Dark finally smiles as he is finally allowed to rest for life.

Chapter Text

"Bite me!"

"Dark how much paradichlorobenzene did you eat?" Mine asked with much concern as Dark was for some reason naked in his lap.

"A fucking lot now fuck me."


Then they did the gay fucks and I was actually gonna try with this but I got a) lazy or b) distracted or c) it's 1 am and I can't sleep but I have shit floating around in my head and I'm gonna scream if I don't write it down


my children had the sexu

fuck yee

I'll write a proper lemon later rn I have other shit to write

Chapter Text

Dark gritted his teeth.

He must succeed in getting the book from the top shelf.

He'd always hated being so short, especially in situations like this in which he'd end up having to ask for help from another module to reach whatever it was he needed.

Still, no matter what he tried, he could not reach the top shelf.

"Dark, I can help you."

"Shut up!"

Starmine smirked to himself at his boyfriend's blazing cheeks. He knew the younger blonde hated having to acknowledge his height in any way, but this wasn't necessarily going anywhere.

Without warning, he wrapped his arms around Dark from behind, picking him up so he could reach the book he wanted.

Snatching up his book, Dark quickly released himself from Starmine's arms, blushing even harder now, if that was possible. He stormed towards his room, determined to not acknowledge what had just happened.


Starmine chuckled to himself. Dark could be so funny sometimes. He left a little... gift at Dark's door.

It's safe to say that Dark was not pleased to receive a pair of stilettos. He may or may not have yeeted them out a window and hit Swimwear in the head with them but because nobody cares about Swimwear and his oddly nonexistent nipples so it wasn't a big deal.

Chapter Text

Ang kyut mo. Hindi ka sinasabi ko. Ropatayin ang ka. Pa rin, mahal na mahal kita.

You're cute. I can't say that. You'll kill me. Still, I love you very much.

Chapter Text

He's cleaning a counter when the boy walks in. Strange Dark, he notes. Hands shoved in pockets as always, stunning green eyes trained on the ground. He moves to behind the register to take the boy's order.

Suddenly, he's determined to have those brilliant green eyes on him, nothing else.

"What can I get for you today?" he asks chirpily, unintentionally tapping on the counter with his fingers. Dark mumbles something that is barely audible as a response.

Frowning, he leans in towards Dark. "I'm sorry, I didn't quite get that."

Dark repeats himself, but it's not much louder. Plus, he won't look up from the floor. What's so intriguing about it anyway?

Frustrated by Dark's refusal to speak up, he swings up onto the counter and pulls a surprised Dark into a heated kiss.

Shocked as he is, Dark kisses back.

Upon pulling away, he hears Dark whisper breathlessly, "I just wanted strawberry shortcake."

He's surprised, Dark doesn't seem like a strawberry shortcake person, but oh well. Swinging back over the counter, he pretends like nothing happened, though Dark is obviously panting slightly, his cheeks flushed.

Later on, he's simply watching Dark savor his shortcake in his seat in the corner. The clock showed that it was his break, so he gladly took it, bee lining straight to Dark's table. "How's it taste?" he asks conversationally.

"Not as good as you," the words spill from the younger blonde before he can stop them. His face is burning now.

He chuckles, a hand rising to rest on Dark's cheek. "Starmine," he mutters to the other, his name.

"Well then, Starmine, what would you do if I asked you to make love to me right here, right now?"

"I'd do it."

"Then..." Dark trails off, pressing himself against Starmine fully, showing him how hard they both are. Their bodies fit together perfectly, but they can still fit closer...

Dark pushes Starmine onto the empty chair at his table, silently pulling out the older blonde's cock. His eyes brighten as he eyes it, licking his lips. He doesn't care that they're in public, he drops between Starmine's legs and kisses up and down the stiff member, his tongue darting from his mouth and saliva bridging from his moist lips to the most private part of the older blonde's person. He can feel how tense Starmine is, especially because he knows the boy can't moan here, can't be doing this really.

Dark smirks, then runs his tongue up Starmine's length excruciatingly slowly, leaving a thick layer of glossy saliva in his wake and sucking on the tip as well as giving it little kisses. Starmine's erratic breathing turns him on and he smothers the proudly swelling cock with sensual licking and kissing and sucking. He wants more, though.

He wants Starmine inside him.

He regretfully draws his mouth from Starmine's groin, drool dribbling down his chin and streams of saliva still connecting his dripping lips to the older blonde. He gazes lustfully into those incredible blue eyes above him, silently begging.

Starmine presses a finger to his own lips, then helps Dark to his feet. Dark collapses in his arms, his lips already latching onto the taller's collarbone. Starmine scoots forward so he can lean back into the chair more now. With Dark on his lap, he stealthily slips down the smaller blonde's shorts just enough to not be noticed. His deft fingers play with the tight entrance, but they knew they didn't have much time for preparation. Lifting Dark slightly and adjusting their hips, Starmine lowers the younger blonde down on his member. He lets Dark bury his face in his chest, muffling lewd moans of his name. He's not stupid, he can also feel the tears.

It's painful, he knows.

Determined all the same, Dark starts to move, up and down, up and down, a constant beat like music. Their bodies are one and they love it, ignoring the people who've noticed them. Their lips slam together in a forceful and starving kiss, tongues deep down each others throats as they couldn't get enough of each other. Dark's nails dig into Starmine's back, and Starmine's arms are wrapped around Dark's waist.

They're a lustful mess, and Dark's smaller body arches into Starmine's, and he floods his shorts. He can't keep down his moan as Starmine releases inside him with a small shout of his name. Panting, they gaze into each others eyes, love and filthy lust radiating off of them. Dark is the one who asks though. Demands, really.

"Starmine, take me home."

Chapter Text

Starmine: did it hurt?

Dark: let me guess, when I fell from heaven
I'd have stayed not alive thank v much

Starmine: **glares pointedly at smol suicidal bitch** no

Dark: what then

Starmine: did it hurt when you fell for me


Starmine: (゚∀゚)

Dark: no

I like you

a lot

but it did hurt when u fucked me

Starmine: so

Dark: let us have the sexu

**and my sons have the sexu again because I'm just being lazy right now**

Chapter Text

Dark: **hiding in a closet**

Starmine: there's nothing to be afraid of, Dark. It's just thunder. Come out of the closet.

Dark: I'M FUCKING GAY there I came out of the closet are you happy now

Starmine: you know that's not what I meant. What are you doing in there anyway?

Dark: looking for Narnia what do you think

Starmine: ffs Dark just get out of the goddamn closet


Starmine: Dark

Dark: fine **opens door**

**thunder strikes**

Dark: **slams door shut** NOPE NOT TODAY

SD from somewhere in the distance: HEARD YA SAY





Dark: Starmine I swear if you open the window I will kill you

Starmine: I'm not a moron

why the fuck would I open a window during a thunderstorm

Dark: idk man

SD can be alarmingly unpredictable depending on her mood so if she felt like it she could write that

Starmine: fair

Dark: if I come out of the closet will you let me eat paradichlorobenzene

Starmine: no

Dark: not coming out

Starmine: if I fuck you

Dark: owo

Starmine: hA I was right you already ate paradichlorobenzene

Dark: how do you know that

Starmine: otherwise you would have said something adorable like "Starmine I will murder you"

Dark: are you a masochist

Starmine: am i

Dark: probably

Starmine: probably

Dark: **opens door**

**sees a shirtless Starmine**

**dick rises**


**and you know what happens next**

Chapter Text

Starmine has always been handsome, but never more so than in this moment, his stunning blue eyes locked with Dark's incredible green ones.

In Starmine's eyes, Dark is beautiful, always has been. Nothing compares, especially now when they're about to start the rest of their lives together.

They lean in towards each other as they are told to kiss, identical rings glittering on their intertwined fingers. He can almost feel the others soft lips on his own, almost touch the warmth-

He wakes up with tears streaming down his face.

His lover had visited him that night, he was there, he was there, he was there.

But his lover was dead.

Only alive in his heart.

Even then, it hurts.

He wants to die.

He wants to join his missing half and become whole again.

It's been too long.

He knows his boyfriend would be furious that he's doing this, having tried so hard in life to keep him alive.

But it hurts so damn much, he needs him. He needs to be with him.

He'll kill himself to do it too.

He knows his dead lover wants him to continue living, and while he'd do anything for the one he loves, he can't live without him.

The pills disappear down his throat.

All of them.

Antidepressants, supposed to help him.

They did, just not the way they were intended to.

His consciousness slips, and he melts into a warm eternal slumber, closing himself off from this world.

When he "wakes up," he's faced with none other than his soul mate, and he smiles.

He's finally joined his dearly departed Starmine.

Chapter Text

SD is sitting in her nonexistent car that we're going to pretend exists for the sake of the prompt. We're also going to pretend this is happening in Sri Lanka or something where seatbelts in the backseat aren't required.

Moving on

Dark has gotten ahold of the paradichlorobenzene

this never ends well


so anyway exposition is overrated so all you need to know is that for some reason or other Dark is oddly horny

Starmine is pressed against him, and he's everywhere. In his hair, in his mouth, in his clothes, e v e r y w h e r e. His lips lock lustfully with the boy on top of him, their tongues a tangle of mad desire. He doesn't mind how Starmine's fingers are knotted in his blonde hair, unintentionally pulling in his need to absolutely metaphorically devour him. His skin is hypersensitive to the taller's touch, tingling in excitement against Starmine's arm wrapped around his waist under his shirt.

He can't get enough, he's starving and he wants more, always more, but there's never enough. There's never a way for him to be satisfied, no way to show his lover the full extent of his affection, so they're forced to settle for being eternally ravenous for each other.

His lip is bleeding, he can feel it, but he doesn't care. Starmine licks it tenderly, soft for a moment before dominating his mouth. All he can taste is Starmine, and he loves it. Who cares if he never tastes anything else again, nothing tastes as good as his lover. Their heated kissing continues as SD tries to not crash the damn car because she can't legally drive and driving in Sri Lanka must be absolutely terrifying if you're the driver.

Finally after four hours or something of driving to Kandy and oh maybe 400 or so honks later, SD managed to not crash the car and oh what the fuck cbearapplez17 is there too because why not just questioning why the fuck she's here in this car while StarDark make out in the backseat

Chapter Text

Starmine grinned down at his phone, glancing up at his roommate Dark from across the room.

For every like, I'll throw a peanut at my hot roommate.

Immediately, the likes starts to trickle in and he flings a salty nut at Dark, who gives him a what the actual fuck look.

He pretends like nothing happened, but as soon as Dark turns around he catches up on the peanut count.

Dark glares at him, then pulls out his phone.


Starmine had forgotten that Dark followed all his social media, despite not using it much.

His face friend bright red when he realized he'd called Dark his "hot roommate."

No wonder Dark was looking at him like that...

this is bullshit kill it with fire I hate it I hate it I hate it

Chapter Text

They move across the floor of the room to music only they can hear, eyes locked on each other. Their interlocking fingers show off their matching rings, indicating their recent marriage.

Starmine's right hand rests at Dark's waist, Dark's left hand on Mine's shoulder. Starmine leans in, softly singing for just the two of them. It's beautiful, and Dark bites his lip in attempt not to let his tears spill over. He returns Mine's song, singing with him as they continue to waltz slowly around the room. They're at a restaurant, but no one minds, finding it romantic.

Their song comes to an end and they come to a halt, Starmine resting his forehead against Dark's and gazing into his emerald green eyes.

"I'm glad I got to love you in this life," he whispers with a small smile. Dark's composure breaks and he throws himself into Mine's arms, burying his face in his husband's chest and sobbing softly.

Mine closes his eyes, kissing the top of Dark's head and rubbing his back in slow, tender motions.

"I'm scared..." Dark whispers, barely audible.

"Me too... but I'll be with you. We'll be together, even in death." Mine glances at the grim countdown displayed on the TV screen of the restaurant.

Fifteen minutes.

Scooping Dark up in a bridal carry, he sprints out of the restaurant, then keeps running and running until he finally arrives at the garden in which they shared their first kiss.

A gorgeous place, private and often a place of calming for both of them. They sit in the two-seater swing, hands clasped, just like they'd been doing since high school. Their heads lean against each other as they take in the lovely blooms for the last time.

"I love you, Dark."

"I love you too, Starmine."

They embrace each other, pulling each other close. Their lips meet just before the sun dies, expanding to past where Earth used to be and incinerating all life in its grasp.

Chapter Text

Senbu inhales the earthy aroma of his deformed vegetable, all its oddly smooth skin with its bruise like things I guess.

He takes a knife which he is alarmingly skilled with which is concerning.

He digs the point just beneath the surface of his solid vegetable's skin, carefully peeling strips off at a time. The paper thin leathery skin lies in rinds before him and his quick working blade.

Soon, the earth born veggie is stripped bare, ready to be cut up.

He loves the sounds as his knife runs through the hard innards, making a loud noise as it hits the cutting board beneath.

He giggles gleefully, he does so love to chop things up.

It helps him reign in his rather... violent tendencies.

He dices skillfully, satisfied with his perfect cubes when he's done.

He hears a small scream behind him and his first reaction is to throw the potato cubes he's so beautifully chopped up at the screamer's face.

At this point the screamer screamed again because I'm sure that's how most people would react if a Wild Angerary Ni No Sakura Senbu Child Creature Thing with a KNIFE was throwing perfectly cut potatoes at them.

Turns out it was Punkish who then burst into tears because hello he just got attacked by a goddamn potato.

Senbu apologized and Punkish steered clear of the kitchen as did the rest of the modules but Bebop walked in and was also attacked by potatoes except it knocked him off balance and out the open window. The kitchen is on the sixth floor.

Later Brave Butterfly walked in trying to be brave and shit but not only did he get attacked by potatoes but he also got his dick chopped off by Senbu after it had just grown back in after Ayasaki chopped it off. Except Senbu fed it to his pet cheetah that he keeps down in the basement. He's raised him, and bathed him, and named him Jason Stratham. He's trained him to make him these beats, now his pet cheetah's quicker in the studio than on his feet.

Finally Senbu finished cooking the potatoes without having to throw them at anyone so all the Lens could eat food except Bebop who was in the process of being reincarnated and Butterfly who was having a funeral for his dick except Senbu's pet cheetah ate it so uh

Chapter Text

Senbu somehow stabbed someone with a twig don't ask me why because I have no fucking clue and Punkish was sad because that's where the purple butterfly on his right shoulder that he kissed in the corner of the room used to live and now it's homeless

and then Brave Butterfly being a fool decided to argue with Senbu in favor of the purple butterfly but his dick had just grown back again after the last time Senbu cut it off

arguing with Senbu was stupid and so Senbu cut off Butterfly's dick again except he also cut off his balls and fed it all to his pet cheetah again

Butterfly is still crying

he also tried to corrupt Kotetsu pure child but he got no dick because Jason the cheetah ate it and also Ayasaki yeeted in and Butterfly got scared and ran away screaming while Aya had to comfort Kotetsu for three hours or something

Chapter Text

One day Senbu was hosting a tea party. Since he may or may not be a bipolar psychopath, this is one of the most normal things he does.

Anyway so all the ukes were sitting around a tiny table drinking from tiny teacups. The semes had asked to cook for them so Senbu said they could. He was in a good mood because first he was getting tea, and second Trickster was the one who asked if the semes could cook.

Dark hates coffee but tea is a little more bearable. He still doesn't care for it much but it was a tiny teacup so he didn't care. If it tasted weird he didn't notice.

It was Jersey who pointed out the weird flavor. "What the fuck is in this tea?"

"NOT ONE OF MY PRECIOUS FORKS I HOPE," Fork-chan screamed from the kitchen.

Dark shrugged. "Tastes like tea to me."

"You hate coffee and you hardly ever drink tea you have no idea what you're talking about shut up," Ayasaki grumbled. Dark threw his shoe at him and Aya moaned because masochism. After that Dark was very much concerned despite being a masochist himself and left to be an antisocial shit in his room. Or masturbate with that stray dildo he yelled at a month ago idk man. He still only had one shoe. Starmine left the kitchen to return Dark's shoe to him but he didn't come back down for a while and screaming noises could be heard.

"This tea is awful," Punkish whined, and the other ukes nodded.

"Huh, I'll look into it," Senbu promised, removing the lid of his dainty teapot and looking inside. His eyes grew wide and he gasped. "THERE IS A SLICE OF GARLIC IN THIS TEAPOT!"

A chorus of "What the actual fuck?" went around the table. Peeved, Senbu flung the garlic slice across the room which hit Butterfly in the face.

"It was you, wasn't it?" Senbu growled at the terrified module.

"W-well, I don't have a boyfriend-"

"Hougetsu doesn't necessarily have a boyfriend either but he's here drinking tea like a normal person!"

Except Hougetsu had seen a moth and was now chasing after it.

Senbu cleared his throat. "Moving on."

"So maybe I put that slice of garlic in there-"


And Butterfly ran away screaming because Jason the cheetah being summoned never means anything good for his dick.

The rest of the modules enjoyed their tea party in peace while Butterfly spent the rest of the day running away from Senbu's pet cheetah and Bebop was sitting outside because the other modules wouldn't let him drink tea with them.

What the fuck is this idk anymore

Chapter Text

Senbu had been good lately.

It all unraveled thanks to a bag of fingerling potatoes.

He'd been admitted here rather than being arrested for murder due to his mental instability. It's been almost a month, and he's been making progress until today.

He's sitting in the corner of the cafeteria, subdued as usual. A delivery man with a sack of fingerling potatoes passes him, the coarse burlap brushing against his shoulder.

His gray-brown eyes constrict and he lurches back awkwardly, clutching the bench he's sitting on hard enough to the point of turning his knuckles white.

Fury built up inside him is set alight and starts to spark and finally explode like a thousand fire flowers inside him.

With a hellish screech, he leaps onto the table, glaring at the oblivious delivery man. Eyes narrow, Senbu flings himself at the man, knocking him over easily and sending potatoes plummeting to the ground.

He's not done though. He's so sick of this, of being locked up like this with gentle doctors and techs who are supposedly there for his protection. He's sick of playing the good little patient, he's not getting anything from it. He's sick and broken, and no rainbow of pills or army of doctors and therapists can ever fix him.

He claws viciously at the innocent man's face until he finds a hold. Blue hair tangles in his fingers and he yanks it out, keeps coming back for more, revels in the man's agonized screams.

He doesn't care about the other screaming patients, he doesn't care if they're scared.

He's screaming louder than any of them.

The man is trying to fight him off, but the attempts are weak. He knows the small brunette on top of him is anything but rational.

Senbu's hands grab the man's throat with a strength of all metals combined and reinforced too. The man's face is turning an unhealthy purple, his desperation clear as he tries to throw Senbu off.

Several techs attempt to hold the small brunette, but he's putting up a fight, one hand still at the innocent delivery man's throat.

It takes almost fifteen techs to hold Senbu down, and even then he's still hissing and kicking and screaming. A few techs are assigned to each limb, pinning it down.

Senbu can see that he's losing. He's starting to pipe down, his former rage subsiding. He whimpers pitifully, tears welling up in his eyes.

He looks so small, so fragile, so childlike, but the techs know better than to let go of him.

A nurse with long, cherry blossom colored hair sedates him. He looks up at her pleadingly, his sight blurry with the drugs entering his system and the tears beginning to fall. He mumbles his sister's name, the nurse reminds him of her. She apologizes, saying that if he's good he can see his sister one day.

His senses are hazy as they drag him away from the cafeteria. Vaguely, he hears a voice he hasn't heard since before he was admitted here.

He knows that voice.

He loves that voice.

"Trickster-sama?" the name tumbles out, distorted and sleepy in his current state. Whatever dose of sedative they gave him wasn't too large, as he'd seemed to have spent his burst of infuriated energy.

His sense of helplessness had contributed to the heavy feeling on his mental and physical being.

Hearing Trickster's voice lifted the dense veil, and suddenly all that matters is that he finds Trickster. Wrenching himself out of the grip of the shocked techs, he sprints towards the man he loves.

"...Senbu's state has been improving so..."

He chuckles to himself at the snippet he hears the doctor telling his beloved. Still, he throws himself into Trickster's arms, drugs still fighting against his sudden energy and motivation. He's starting to lose to them, but as long as he has Trickster-sama...


"Trickster-sama... don't let them take me away! Stay! Stay! Stay!"

He clings to Trickster, his everything, the only thing he has to cling onto where everything else failed him, even his sanity.

He feels the techs trying to pry him off, but he refuses to be moved.

"No! He's mine! Don't touch him, don't, don't don't!"

He kicks at the techs wildly, tears pouring down his face. He won't be separated from his Trickster-sama, he can't be.

"Trickster-sama, don't let them take me! I don't wanna go to the White Room! Trickster-sama please! Please don't go!"

He pleads with the blonde, and Trickster sighs. "It's not my decision, darling."

Senbu wails, still begging. They'll put him in the White Room for his outburst, he doesn't want to.

A dark, windowless room, completely padded.

He can't handle it, but it's his punishment for his disruption in the cafeteria, he knows it already.

Instead, they take him to a room he doesn't remember well, if he's been there. Another round of sedative is running through his system, and he doesn't bother to fight it.

It only dawns on him now that his reward for playing the good patient was getting to see his beloved Trickster-sama.

He's laid on a hospital bed of some sort, but his wrists and ankles are strapped down. Who knows what he'll do once the drugs drain from his system?

Idly, he wonders if he'll ever get to kiss Trickster in the backseat of the blonde's yellow sports car like they had done for so long, when he was "normal."

He sobs quietly until he sinks into a dreamless sleep, hiccupping and murmuring Trickster's name.

Chapter Text

Edge's toes curl into the white sheets, his body jerking awkwardly in reaction to Lancer's teasing. His wrists and ankles are tied to the bedposts, leaving him splayed out and vulnerable.

He fights his restraints once again, Lancer's tongue against his flesh becoming too much for him. He wants the blonde in more intimate places, more private places.

Lancer knows this well, but still choses to torture his uke with slow, sensual kisses all over his body and thorough massages.

Edge can't force his breathing to steady, he gets excited just looking into Lancer's eyes.

That is, until Lancer nibbles gently on his ear and blindfolds him.

Relying on his other senses only makes him more aware of Lancer's actions. His skin sparks every time the taller so much as breathes on it, and he longs to feel his touch.

"Lancer..." he whines, shivering as Lancer squeezes his thighs and releases them over and over again, relaxing his aroused body.

He's so warm, but he wants the burning lust he knows he'll feel soon. Lancer presses a few more lingering kisses to his neck, then moves up to meet his lips.

He didn't know he could be so starved for something. His allows his mouth to drop open, inviting Lancer's tongue.

He emits a few soft moans as Lancer kisses him roughly, but loves it all the same. He feels the ropes on his ankles being loosened, and before he knows it Lancer is inside him.

He screams, wrapping his legs tight around Lancer's back. He loves the way the blonde slams into him, their lips pressed against each other forming murmurs of the others name.

He feels his ass exposed to the open air, Lancer holding his hips and rocking his vulnerable body.

Every small action makes him scream a new note, a beautiful song to Lancer's ears.

"Harder~! Fuck me harder~!"

Each thrust leaves him gasping for air, but he begs for more anyway. He can hardly breathe as Lancer gives him exactly what he wants and all he can do is moan the seme's name.

His incredibly lewd noises melt together and he closes his eyes, every nerve alight with euphoria.

Lancer kisses his jaw slowly, comforting him as pain he chooses to ignore plagues him. He knows it's there, but pleasure is so much kinder, so much more addicting.

"Shit, I can't-!"

Lancer loses it before he can pull out, Edge's name sweet on his tongue.

Feeling Lancer's hot seed sets Edge off, back arching from the once clean sheets and cumming messily on the two of them.

Lancer kisses Edge's forehead.

"Sleep well, love."

Chapter Text

"Nasaan iyan nag-hanap ka?"

fuck it I have a headache and sentence structure wants to fuck my brain

"Where did you find that?"

Starmine looked irritated by Dark's terrified question as he stormed up to the younger blonde, grabbing his wrist and squeezing it tight.

Dark started to whimper, fearful of Starmine's rage until the older boy simply hugged him tight.

It only took a moment for Dark to realize he'd made Starmine cry.

"I... I'm sorry..."

"For what? Cutting yourself or me finding your blade?" Mine's voice shook in his fury and through his tears.

Still, Dark had never shed a single tear over the mess of self harm scars decorating his arms.

He doesn't understand Mine's tears.

"Why... are you crying...?"

Starmine pulled back a little so he could meet Dark's eyes. "I'm crying for you Dark. Can you see that?"

Dark nodded unsurely, stomach twisting in guilt. "Why?"

"Because you won't cry for yourself."

Chapter Text

Edge makes an odd squealing noise when he sees the powdery snow outside the window of the Len mansion. To be fair Ice Fog makes an even stranger sound which the other modules really don't know what to do about.

Len claps his hands together. "Let's all go out in the snow!"

Ciel immediately leaves the room crying, which the other modules pretend to ignore. They know Ciel's hated snow since his sister died.

Ice Fog looks like he's going to explode.

Anyway so the Lens all go outside in the snow.

"It looks like foaming soap," Dark comments as he purposely falls face first into the powdery substance and just lays there. "And paradichlorobenzene."

"DARK STOP EATING THE PARADICHLOROBENZENE!" Starmine screams when Dark stands up, but it turns out this time he was only eating snow.

Edge is sitting in the snow, excited but unsure what to do.

"Wanna make snow angels?"

"Wha-!?" he exclaims, startled. It's only Lancer beside him. He releases a breath he'd been holding. "S-sure, I guess."

Lancer lays back, only to sink into the snow because holy shit that's some powdery snow.

It's his turn to release a shocked sound, making Edge laugh. "You sure we should make snow angels?"

Lancer shakes his head frantically, sitting up. "Why would we need to? You're already an angel."

Edge blushes, staring down at the sparkling snow. His cheeks are already flushed from the cold weather, and he'd forgotten to wear gloves. Lancer squeezes his hand, able to feel how numb and cold they are. He's wearing gloves, so he slips them off.

"Edge, give me your hand," he instructs, already taking it and exchanging gloves.

"But won't your hands-"

"Not if you hold them," Lancer replies quietly, his cheeks redder than from just the temperature. He can't look Edge in the eye as he feels him take his hands.

"It's cold," Edge comments. "Maybe we can... go make hot cocoa...?"

"Yeah, everyone else seems okay out here. Are you cold? You can wear my jacket under yours."

"I'm fine, and you need yours."

The two walk inside, hand in hand.

After making hot cocoa because SD's too lazy write about that they sit on Edge's precious FUCKINGCOUCH, their fingers warming up around a mug of hot cocoa.

They sip in comfortable silence, the sweet liquid warming them up from the inside out.

Edge finishes first, and goes back to the kitchen to wash his mug. When he returns, Lancer has fallen asleep. He smiles, crawling onto the couch to join him. He curls up, resting his head on Lancer's lap.

Lancer wakes up with a small start, finding Edge sleeping peacefully in his lap. He removes his jacket, laying it over the boy. He gently strokes stray bangs from Edge's face, feeling Edge cuddle closer to him.

Hours later, the Len modules coke back inside omfg I'm not even gonna fix that typo y'all know what I was trynna say

They see Edge and Lancer curled up together on the couch, Lancer snoring softly. They all quiet down, unable to disturb the scene.

How the fuck do I end this idk it okay this be the end lol

Chapter Text

There was a ripe fruit wow it was banana

Len wanted it so he followed a magic iguana to get the banana but then the world exploded and now we all live on the moon

in a different galaxy

that is still inside Punkish's asshole

Chapter Text

Lancer still crying about his fucking orng

Edgy boi got a jar of peanut butter

Lancer steals the peanut butter

Edgy boi gives no fucks

Dark eats some paradichlorobenzene and is screaming

Lancer angrily eats peanut butter but it's too peanut buttery so he makes a peanut butter jelly sandwich instead and angrily eats that

poor Lancer he just mourning his orng that got peeled

he gotta eat them fruits with the skin still on

Chapter Text

Dark shivered as Mine's lips pressed up against his neck, kissing his fair skin gently. A small squeak escaped him as he felt the seme's tongue flick out, teasing him.

Several moments passed where Starmine would only lick and kiss Dark's pale skin which was quickly turning pink. The younger blonde was struggling to keep his breathing even. It would be desirable for Starmine to stop because one small action lead to a chain of other events that ended up with Dark being unable to walk the next day.

At this point he needed Mine to stop teasing, he couldn't take it. Shyly, he released the rather lewd moan he'd been holding in.

He could feel Mine smirk against him, then was somewhat rewarded with the edge of teeth digging into his skin.

Still, it was only rough kissing. He loved it, to be clear, but he wanted more.

Frustrated, he didn't know how else to get his desires across to the other boy.

"Dark, you're so tense," Mine commented, pausing to whisper in his ear. "What do you want?"

Gritting his teeth, Dark feels his nails against his palms as Starmine resumes roughly kissing his neck.

"Bite me!" he finally explodes, gasping as Mine's teeth sink into his flesh, making him moan.

He didn't care about the blood, even as Mine licked it away.

He slammed his lips against Mine's, mouth dropping open for the other's tongue.

A few minutes of heated kissing later, Mine broke their kiss, hands traveling up Dark's shirt.


"Do it."

Chapter Text

Rin-chan screamed "TOAST" for no reason because she wanted toast and Len was confuses so he threw bread at her and then she started screaming the lyrics of Chinge across the Mange becuss I'm a lil high on not sleeping and that all I got rn kinda in a crack mood but also in a crazy smut mood idk guys

wait shit the prompt

it was summy outside so the twins wire rain boots bc fuck why not in lazyhhhyyyyyyyy

idk wtf I'm saying anymore lol

maybe you'll get higher quality shit tomorrow idk anymore

Chapter Text

Punkish was in the basement doing shit and then he went to the roof for Senbu's tea party

Chapter Text

Dark usually wasn't one to come out of his room at all, but that particular day he was feeling a bit more adventurous.

He made it to the living room.

No one else was there except a towel.

A large orange one, to be specific.

Immediately, Dark knew it couldn't belong to one of the Rins, or else it would reek of oranges.

That meant it had to be Starmine's.

Dark pounced on it, finding it to smell just like the older boy. He hugged it tight.

Starmine was away at a concert, and had been for the last week. Since he left, Dark hadn't come out of his room.

Overcome by a wave of emotion, which was rare for him, Dark burst into tears, burying his face in the orange towel.

Eventually, he fell asleep, hiccupping and sobbing softly, curled up with Starmine's towel.

For the next week, he wandered around the mansion, and no one could take that towel from him. Council had tried, as they needed to do laundry, but Dark nearly punched him in the face.

He didn't want to part with it, and the other modules were getting concerned.

Finally, they came to the agreement that this needed to stop.

Len, Append, and V4x were away at the concert, as well as Blue, Lancer, Edge, Receiver, Punkish, and Asymmetry.

Hougetsu approached Dark, gently suggesting that maybe the towel needed to be washed.

Of course, Dark immediately refused, threatening with paradichlorobenzene to which Hougetsu started crying because he loves his moths.

Dark didn't feel too bad though because the paradichlorobenzene itself isn't necessarily the chemical in moth balls that keeps moths away, it just gives the moth balls their strong odor. Paradichlorobenzene is used interchangeably with the more poisonous naphthalene, which further proves this point.

So anyway then Aitetsu tried to convince him of the same thing, that the towel needed to be washed, Dark just growled at him and Aitetsu smol child started crying so Hansel comforted him.

That's when the rest of them carried out the plan, pouncing on Dark and holding him down so that they could take the towel and wash it.

Dark was kicking and screaming, begging for them not to take it away, but they took it away anyway and they dragged him to Starmine's room and locked him in there.

He clawed at the door for hours, crying for help, for someone to let him out, but no one came.

Eventually, he crawled into Starmine's bed, overwhelmed by how much he could feel Starmine's presence.

He spent the next several days like this, just laying in Starmine's bed, sleeping sometimes, or just laying there numb at other times.

Then the news came.

The modules from the concert had been in a car crash.

Rather, a bus crash.

The condition of each module was still unclear, but didn't look too good.

Dark refused to eat at all, though he'd been eating a little bit before.

He'd just cry until his head pounded, sleep until he'd slept so much even that gave him headaches.

He kept his headphones on in his waking hours, letting Starmine's voice flow through him.

He had no idea how much time passed before he truly woke up.

Laying in a hospital bed, wires snaking into his arm. He was confused, understandably.

He could feel pressure on his hand, warmth.


That's when he sees Starmine sitting beside the bed, clutching his hand.

Starmine smiles through a sudden flood of tears, wrapping Dark in a tight hug. "I'd never leave you."

Malnourishment had made him sick, and he'd passed out. Luckily, Aitetsu had thought to check on him, despite his fear of him.

"Don't ever do that to me again," Starmine scolded fiercely, his relief to see Dark awake quelling his tone.

"Len must've been furious," Dark snorts.

"Trust me, he was, but Append was even angrier. He is the mom of the Len modules, after all."

"Can't bully his 'children,' or you'll face his wrath."

pffftttt endings fuck off

Chapter Text












Chapter Text

Senbu hums to himself, dragging the lifeless body beside him by the foot.
He empties out a sack of potatoes, takes the container and brings it as well as the body up to the kitchen.
There, he lays the body out on the table, eyes gleaming with joy and excitement as he produces a knife.

From there he hacks away at the body, cutting it into beautiful chunks and slices. He's covered in blood, but why should he care?

Finally done, he carefully dumps all the pieces into the burlap sack.

He goes outside, digging several small holes and hiding only a few pieces in each. Then the body can never be found.

Of course it could, but he traveled all over the city to plant only a few chunks into the earth.

He finally went back home, only to run into Trickster in front of his room.

Upon seeing the brunette covered in blood, Trickster gasped.

"Senbu, what the fuck did you do

Chapter Text

Alright so Blue exists and I haven't used him in ages oops

so anyway Punkish was gonna cook shit because that's what he does when he's not being fucked


so Blue went to the grocery store and bought shit

when he got back to the Len mansion he had pickled carrots and eggs

Punkish did a scree and threw the pickled carrots across the room

Ice Fag freaked out bc carrots are precious to him I mean think about it his song is Snowman

that's a fucking nose


"shshshshhshshshh I'll buy you some carrots to cherish" Asymmetry promised and Ice Fag hugged him owo

and then Punkish used the eggs bc eggs

Asym got Ice Fag carrots dw

Chapter Text

Why does everyone hate me? Why does no one listen to me? Am I that bad? Do I need to disappear that much? Why am I never enough? Why can't I be perfect? Why did I have to exist in the first place? I don't deserve anything. I should die. No one will care. They shouldn't. They're not allowed to. No one should have to care about me. I don't deserve it. I don't deserve anything good. Not like Edge. Not like Starmine. Not like Senbu. They deserve everything good. They shouldn't have had to meet me. They shouldn't have to know me. It's a curse. I'm a curse. I'm a goddamn curse. My parents don't deserve a shit son like me. My sister shouldn't deal with a broken shit like me. They all deserve so much better. I shouldn't have anything. I should die instead all of those innocent souls around the world. I want to die. I want to die and I don't want anyone to miss me. I want everyone to forget me when I do. I don't want them to hurt. I want them to forget me and move on. I'm sorry, I can't forgive myself. No one else should forgive me either.

Anti doesn't believe she's crying when she reads it.

Over and over and over again.

Her brother's journal.

She's always hated him, but now she's not so sure.

Suddenly she's panicked.

She must show Starmine.

Before it's too late.

Chapter Text

Punkish sneezed

the end

Chapter Text

'Edge woke up, realizing that it's the day he's been waiting for, "CHRISTMAS!" Edge planned to give 12 people gingerbread cookies, its his way of getting festive. He then cooks 12 batches of gingerbread cookies and prepares them in separate packages. He put the packages in a sack, like a true santa, and readies to leave. "First destination... Aha!" He happily runs out.'

-Edge's Christmas Mission by Whit3Heart (Wattpad)

Dark is sitting at his desk screaming the lyrics of Sailor In A Lifeboat while it plays because he has nothing better to do with his life. He then remembers that it's February 19th, National Chocolate Mint Day! He sets off on his journey to QFC to obtain mint-chocolate combinations for his friends.

Chapter Text

Edge's toes curled into the white sheets, his body jerking awkwardly in reaction to Lancer's teasing. His wrists and ankles were tied to the bedposts, leaving him splayed out and vulnerable.

He fought his restraints once again, Lancer's tongue against his flesh becoming too much for him. He wanted the blonde in more... intimate places.

Lancer knew this well, but still chose to torture his uke with slow, sensual kisses all over his body and thorough massages.

Edge couldn't force his breathing to steady, and he got excited just looking into Lancer's eyes.

That is, until Lancer nibbled gently on his ear and blindfolded him.

Relying on his other senses only made him more aware of Lancer's actions. His skin sparked every time the taller so much as breathed on it, and he longed to feel his touch.

"Lancer..." he whined, shivering as Lancer squeezed his thighs released them over and over again, relaxing his aroused body.

He was so warm, but he wanted the burning lust he knew he'd feel soon. Lancer pressed a few more lingering kisses to his neck, then moved up to meet his lips.

He didn't know he could be so starved for something. He allowed his mouth to drop open, inviting Lancer's tongue.

He emitted a few soft moans as Lancer kissed him roughly, but he loved it all the same. He felt the ropes on his ankles being loosened, and before he knew it Lancer was inside him.

He screamed, wrapping his legs tightly around Lancer's back. He loved the way the blonde slammed into him, their lips pressed against each other forming murmurs of the other's name.

He felt his ass exposed to the open air, Lancer holding his hips and rocking his vulnerable body.

Every small action made him scream a new note, a beautiful song to Lancer's ears.

"Harder~! Fuck me harder~!"

Each thrust left him gasping for air, but he begged for more anyway. He could hardly breathe as Lancer gave him exactly what he wanted and all he could do was moan the seme's name.

His incredibly lewd noises melted together and he closed his eyes, every nerve alight with euphoria.

Lancer kissed his jaw slowly, comforting him as pain he chose to ignore plagued him. He knew it was there, but pleasure was so much kinder, so much more addicting.

"Shit, I can't~!"

Lancer lost it before he could pull out, Edge's name sweet on his tongue.

Feeling Lancer's hot seed set Edge off, back arching off the once clean sheets and cumming messily on the two of them.

Lancer kissed Edge's forehead.

"Sleep well, love."

Chapter Text

Lancet still fookin peeved about his orng

twas quite an odd tasting orng

but then Edge pointed out it only tastes odd because Lancer likes to eat his fruit with the skin still on

smh Lancer u gotta stop my dude

oh well at least Edge is their to peel your orngs

and your watermelons bc LANCER


well you don't eat the skin

so stop it


Chapter Text

Porn Star's pov

Oh, you beautiful fence, with your wood so luscious and grainy. You're my only friend. Why does no one ever pay me what I am owed? I run a god damn grocery store for them, they can at least pay me. You're so beautiful, Mmm I could just kiss you even though your rough, splinter filled bark would make my lips bleed. Comfort me, Fence-sama!

Terekakushi's pov

What a beaten down fence. With all this money I just won, I could easily replace it. It's probably filled with all sorts of filthy bacteria, how unsanitary. It's such an unattractive color, it should at least be repainted.

Ah well I'm too lazy don't eat soap kids and adults with the same time as the article below and click on the appropriate discussion page such as the article below and click the link to the office of Governor and I will be a good day to all my friends and family and friends of the most important thing about being in the world.

the last paragraph is what happens if you use the words autocorrect suggests

with different words to start, trusting my autocorrect it could be a lot worse ahahah I don't write smut on my phone what

Chapter Text

Crane was making paper cranes uwu

Dark was drawing in a corner because that's what he does when he's not playing video games

There's a pencil drawing ig

SD's crying in a corner with a song too stuck in her head so she memorized it on the piano cuz the right hand is super simple and the left hand is just chords

Ayasaki yeets in and does a big scree for seemingly no reason

but actually it's because he found Crane's cocaine that he sells


poor Crane boi he gotta run

but he gives Aya head pats so Aya is hella confused and doesn't really know what to do

congrats Crane you has succeeded in escape this time

you get cake

( ^^) _旦~~

Chapter Text

Story #1; First person POV Aitetsu

I was napping on the couch, as it was a cozy kind of afternoon. Not on Edge's special couch of course, but I can't say it because there's a no no word in it.

When I woke up from my nap, I saw a little black speck crawling along next to me.

I was too groggy to realize what it was, but when I did, I screamed.

I'm super scared of spiders!

Luckily, Hansel caught it and let it outside so that it wouldn't scare me anymore.

After that, he cuddled with me and I fell asleep because he's warm and I like sleeping with him.

I hope the spider has someone like Hansel to cuddle with. Even if that little spider scares me, it didn't mean to, and it deserves to have someone love it too, like how Hansel loves me.

Story #2; Second person POV Dark

You knew this was no ordinary spider.

But you don't care.

It hurts.

You sob pitifully, Starmine's name on your lips.

Nothing can save you.

You stare helplessly down at your chest, where one of the spider's legs leaves your body.

You stare at the large monster before you.

You look back down at your chest, where your heart bleeds out and you are lost to eternal slumber.

Story #3; Third person POV

Ayasaki truly despises the underworld sometimes.

Especially at times such as these.

He's caught in a spider's web, and not just any spider.

A demon spider.

The more he struggles, the more entangled he becomes in its silky web.

It faces him, caressing his cheek with a spindly leg.

It tears off his clothing, exposing him to all who see him.

He struggles more as silk is placed lovingly over his eyes to deprive him of sight and in his mouth to keep him from crying out.

The web holds him firmly.

He still gives an agonized howl as one of the spider's legs is forced up his entrance with no preparation.

It's excruciating, and yet another leg joins it.

Tears pour down his cheeks from the anguish, but he's helpless.

The two legs are thrust into him, abusing him for pleasure.

The screams that rip from him are only music to the spiderlike monster, who does not yet sense Aya's demon self.

Fury of being used bubbles up inside him though.

Closer, closer, closer, and it erupts.

A hellish shriek from him summons all sorts of underworld creatures.

It's an unspoken rule here, that one demon does not pleasure themself with another.

Those who recognize Ayasaki release their full power on the spiderlike demon.

Unfortunately for it, Aya is quite well known.

The pale blonde swiftly dresses himself, plunging his cursed katana into the creature's core.

This creature had assaulted several other demons already, but has been vanquished.

Aya's work here is done.

Chapter Text

1. Green is Dark's favorite color.

2. Green eyes glare at the rowdy couple from the corner of the room.

3. Green gems glint in the sunlight.

4. Green women paint the sky every morning for the world to see.

5. Green ice is concerning on its own, but more so as Starmine finds his lover impaled with it.

6. Green roses aren't red, but poison.

7. Green apples are good.

8. Green dinosaurs aren't confirmed, they could've been pink with yellow polka dots for all we know.

9. Green, Yoda is.

10. Green floods the rolling fields of grass.

11. Green is an oddly chemical color.

12. Green Eggs and Ham should've been a concerning book because at no time should you eat eggs or ham that is green of all the colors.

13. Green trees surround her, finally a rush of air from all those deep red petals.

14. Green eyes are so cool dammit.

15. Green bushes are weighed down beneath snow.

16. Green suffocates Senbu in this room, but it's better than white.

17. Green decides the fate of the Corrupted Judge.

19. Green forces its way into Dark's head, its vibrant hues splashing through his mind.

20. Green Lantern yeets into the Len Mansion and don't ask me which one because I don't care but it was probably Hal Jordan since he's the most famous one.

21. Green Lantern was yeeted back out of the Len Mansion for walking in on Trenbu fucking oops.

22. Green hurts him, strangling him.

23. Green eyes gleam up at him in curiosity, before their owner reaches up to kiss him.

24. Green lights flicker down the beaten path.

25. Green and starting sentences with the word green makes me so fucking angry what the fucking hell.

Chapter Text

Patunay ang Pakiusap ng Karamay
[Implicit Demand for Proof]

Hindi ng sinungaling ka alam ako
[I know you're not a liar]

At magsunog ka alam ako
[And I know you could set fire]

Ang araw
[This day]

Sige at tumingin ka layas gawa ako
[Go ahead and make me look away]

Tulakin ng pababa mo ako
[Strike me down]

Kidlat mo tatawagan ako
[I am calling your lightning]

Taguan ng dilim mo taga pababa
[Down from your dark hiding place]

Sige at ipakita mo sa akin
[Go ahead and show me]

Mukha mo
[Your face]

got a little sidetracked whoops anyway

Punkish decided to try to stop being a prostitute/stripper/pole dancer and tried to be an interior designer

Lenny boi does not get to have a butler costume no he gets a mAId dRESS

"MIGIKATA NI MURASAKI CHOOCHOO KISU O SHITA KONO HEYA NO SUMI DE" Punkish screamed and then proceeded to kiss the purple butterfly on his right shoulder in the corner of the room

Chapter Text

Dark did a scree because Starmine took away his paradichlorobenzene so he sat in his room and drank coffee then cried himself to sleep

Edge also did a scree because Porn Star who nobody cares about fell asleep on the sacred FUCKINGCOUCH

big sin

smh Porn Star

Senbu killed someone because they meowed near his Trickster-sama because that's just what happens if you meow near his Trickster-sama

Aitetsu and Kotetsu are to pure to be angry children

Ice Fag is sassily kicking the air on his giant Oreo because I said so

Punkish is crying cuz he wants that Blue Moon big d but Blue's holy fucking shit autocorrect what are those suggestions

nvm that's just proof that I have written too many Blunkish lemons to be healthy oh well

Ayasaki's just angry

we all knew this

he's always angry


he just

I s

I didn't do a shit ton of modules simply because I'm too lazy rn

Dark found his paradichlorobenzene again and started screaming out the song without understanding the meaning


Is he satisfied with this?


if he breaks the rules will something change?

someone stop me

more for your sanity than mine

Ayasaki is angry like I said so he screamed for Dark to shit the fuck up with that song

hhh typos

screw it

instead Dark started screaming







and Ayasaki was so fucking done so he left to suck Crane's dick and ignore the fact that Crane is a cocaine dealer

Porn Star was upset cuz Dark was upsetting his sleep, so he yelled at Dark to shut the fuck up with that song

and so Dark started screaming the lyrics of Nitrobenzene instead and sounding remarkably like a car horn

while Edge screamed at Porn Star for not only breathing on but SLEEPING on his beloved FUCKINGCOUCH

sick of all this bullshit Len screamed through the house "YOU'RE ALL FUCKING MORONS SHUT THE FUCK UP" and left to go do shit

the modules didn't really know what to do with themselves after that so they just watched all the fucking Little Lunch episodes out of complete and total boredom

Chapter Text

Asym came home to find Ice Fag lying on the ground, eyes foggy and lifeless.

Shocked, he lets the comic in his hand fall, joining it on the ground as he sobs over the younger blonde's still body.

They'd grown up close as brothers, and to lose Ice Fag was the end for Asym.

He laid himself parallel to Ice Fag and closed his eyes to join the boy in eternal slumber.

Chapter Text

"I could never understand his poetry," Punkish groaned, referring to Dark's poetry.

"tHAt's bEcAusE I doN't wRitE ANy," Dark said looking dead inside as ever and proceeded to devour the organic compound known as paradichlorobenzene to cope with his crippling depression

Chapter Text

Senbu gives the girl before him a wide smile, but his gray-brown eyes glint with fury.

"Whom have you come to visit at our humble abode?" he asks cheerily, masking his real thoughts and feelings.

"Trickster," she giggles, and Senbu clenches his fist behind his back, biting the inside of his cheek to keep from snarling at her.

"Well, it seems he has something for you!" he smiles all the wider, reaching inside to find "Trickster's gift."

He produces a large bouquet of flowers, gorgeous blooms he'd plucked himself.

"For you," he holds the bouquet out to her, blinking innocently. "They smell divine, don't they?"

"I haven't really smelled them yet..." she trails off, taking the bouquet and thinking Trickster so sweet to get such lovely blossoms for her.

"Why don't you smell them then?" he coaxes, getting impatient.

"O-of course," she stammers, burying her face in their petals.

A sharp wave of drowsiness hits her, and she's fallen into Senbu's trap.

She collapses and tumbles down the front steps where she lays dead.

Chapter Text

Senbu's pet cheetah has claws yeet

his name be Jason

Jason attacked Bebop

the end

Chapter Text

Dark and Starmine were eating cabbage but it's chapter 69 so they sixty nined yeet

Chapter Text

Angular Scene

Edge squirms in the possessive grip of a man he doesn't know.

In the dark, he can't see, but the man throws him to the ground and pounces on him.

He cries out in disgust as the man starts to touch his naked, vulnerable body while he is sprawled on the ground, struggling to get away with obstacle of tightly bound wrists.

Those large, filthy hands settle with iron grip on his thighs, holding him in place while the man's lips find his, slamming against them despite him pursing them tight.

Irritated, the man strikes him hard across the face, making him yelp.

His mouth being dominated by the man's tongue, he grimaces. The man tastes like cigarettes and stale alcohol.

He struggles fruitlessly as the man clutches his hips, using them as holds so he can force himself inside the now howling ginger.

Tears stream down Edge's cheeks. The raw agony is unbearable, but the man is corrupt beyond giving two shits whether Edge wants this or not.

When thrashing doesn't get him anywhere, the ginger can do nothing but wait it out, screaming himself hoarse from the pain.

Mercifully, the man finally cums, slaps him again, and leaves.

Edge curls up and sobs, clutching his stomach and feeling absolutely filthy.

He needs to get out of this place.


Smooth Scene

Edge squirms in Lancer's arms, trying to get the blonde's lips on his own.

It's dark, but Edge willingly falls to his knees in the ground so that Lancer might have some fun with him. Lying on his back, he feels Lancer's breath on his neck.

His wrists are bound behind him, leaving him defenseless. Lancer massages his legs, enjoying Edge's moans almost as much as Edge enjoys his touch.

The younger shivers when Lancer's hands rest on his thighs and his lips are met by the blonde with soft yet passionate affection.

Caressing Edge's cheek, Lancer coaxes his tongue into the boy's mouth.

Edge can feel himself salivating as Lancer kisses him. He can never get enough of the blonde's lips and tongue, always starving for more.
He will never turn down having Lancer's tongue down his throat, kissing him breathless and loving him.

Lancer always reminds him that he loves him as a person, not just a body, and he does that now.

Edge spreads his legs, licking his lips slowly and turning his uke levels up to the max. Subdued and submissive, but suggestive and sexy.

Lancer tackles him with a sudden chain of kisses down his neck, pausing to leave a deep love bite which makes Edge shriek in delight.

Turned on beyond words, even in the dim room Edge eyes Lancer's arousal, hungry to feel it inside him.

He stares innocently up at Lancer with an angelic smile on his face. Lancer returns it, shaking his head, then slams himself inside.

Edge's features contort into a look crossed between pain and pleasure, but undeniable lust and pleasure win in the end.

He eagerly returns Lancer's sloppy kiss, moaning all the while as Lancer fucks him good and hard.

In breaks for air he begs for it harder or faster, otherwise moaning Lancer's name as though he'd forgotten all other words.

At last, they climax, Edge making a mess of his stomach and Lancer's, and Lancer cumming inside his uke.

The blonde kisses Edge's nose, then lays beside him, gripping his hand.

Edge never wants to leave his place by Lancer's side

Chapter Text

Dear Starmine,

I never say it, but I love you.

I don't know how to express it sometimes, because it's hard for me to talk to people, but I want you to know that I care.

I guess I should tell you then.

I'm dying.

No, I'm not going to kill myself, and this isn't a suicide note, but I'm dying fast.

I'm sick, Mine.

I know you want our love to work out despite us living miles apart for the time being, but how can we do it if I'm... not there?

If it's not inconvenient, I want to see you one last time, and I want you to kiss me.

I love you, Starmine.

Love, Dark

Starmine screams.

He's in the middle of the airport sobbing, but he doesn't care.

A few hours later, he's laying by Dark's bedside, squeezing his hand and struggling to hold back his tears.

"I love you, Starmine."

The blonde looks up, saddened further by the hidden goodbye in the statement.

"I love you too, Dark."

His voice quivers, and he leans in to softly kiss his dying boyfriend.

They pull apart finally, and Dark smiles.

"Thank you for everything."

He stops fighting to keep his eyes open and leans in for Starmine to kiss him again.

There, in Starmine's arms, he takes his last breath.

Chapter Text

1. "No one knows me." - The Alices of Wonderland by Starmine_Len

2. "'I'm back! Oh right, I don't have a room mate yet.'" - Teacher and I by Whit3Heart

3. "'Blue!!!'" - The Sex Prank by Deaththekid27

4. "Len was excited for his first day of high school." - Plus Boy [Lencest Edition] by AwesomeFanGurl54

5. "Good morning Ao-chan!" - Just Look At Me by PockeyKagamine

6. "Trickster was kind, social, caring, lovable, hell he wasn't even bullied." - Parasitic Eyes by Ni-No-Sakura-Senbu

7. "Loneliness is like a disease in some cases." - Pinky Swear by maplechann

8. "BUZZ BUZZ! The vibration of White Edge's phone woke him up from his slumber as he let out a small scream." - I'm In Love With An Idiot by YellowowoKagaweebs

9. "Why did Tenn-nii leave?" - 「Angel's Voice」Nanase Riku by ArcMages

10. "Maybe I... didn't do it right?" - Summoning A Dream Eater by RadioactLiv

oh yeet my turn

1. The wretched girl collapses, you observe, and your heart fills with glee.

2. We're dying.

3. I'm on fire.

4. The gleaming green eyes staring up at him regard him with distrust.

5. Edge's pleasured scream rings throughout the room.

Chapter Text

Senbu child and the other two thousand seven hundred of them-


that sentence was with autocorrect suggesting shit lemme start again

Senbu was making waffles because breakfast is supposedly the most important meal if the day but the modules aren't very good about it let's be honest.

Dark eats chemicals, Ayasaki devours souls, Trickster eats dreams, and Hougetsu just drinks. There's more but I'm angry at my phone keyboard and I'm trying so hard to fight my inability to type rn.

you know what I give up

so if y'all remember Ni-No-Sakura-Senbu's oneshot in which Aitetsu was attacked by swuikwanjfjdjjd




why is it so hard for my autocorrect to figure out in spelling squirrel ffs

okay so Punkish is being attacked by squirrels this time or some shit so he threw them against the wall

fuck this shit I can't type dnekdbnsmss and too lazyyyyyyy

oh hey it was 4:20AM when I wrote this cool

Chapter Text

The crowd gathers in stony silence to watch the child be taken up onto the large platform in the middle to be executed.

The word "monster" makes a hushed ripple through the room.

Not for the executioners, but the child himself.

The young brunette wears an impassive expression as he's lead onward, surrounded by six professionally trained men to protect not him, but the people around him.

He is too dangerous to live.

While straitjackets are never used, he finds himself confined in one anyway. He doesn't let it show, but having his arms so tightly restrained irritates him and makes him anxious.

He feels too exposed to the world with only his rather short shorts on and nothing else. The only perk of the straitjacket is that it covers his upper body, comforting him only the slightest bit.

His bare feet are close to bleeding on the gravel path, and it hurts him. Heavy manacles extend between his thin ankles, dragging on the ground as he shuffles along.

He's fifteen, hardly a child, but so small he comes off as one all the same.

At least, when he's calm.

An innocent little girl turns to her parents while pointing at him, asking, "Is that a monster?"

The words hurt more than he'd like to admit, but he repels it with anger instead.

He sends the family a vicious snarl that makes everyone who sees it stumble back in fear of him.

He's only angered more by this, but before he can do anything else, the guards are onto him, strapping a bite restraint mask over his face.

He screeches in protest until one of the guards grabs his throat, squeezing to the point he's about to pass out, but letting go just before and slapping him hard across the face to keep him awake.

The mask gets in the way of him feeling the strikes full force, but he understands the message.

Weak, he trips, falling to the ground and laying there helplessly with neither the mobility nor the motivation to get back up.

He's dragged to his feet anyway, forced to take step after painful step across the sea of people here to witness his death.

He thinks back to the little girl and wishes she wasn't here. She's too young, too pure.

Up onto the platform they go, and he's surprised to see Trickster, the man he'd lost his mind for.

He hadn't dared look up, but now he sees that the guillotine he'd supposed would be his death bringer is not set up.

Instead, a chair.

He's shoved into the chair, and strapped down so he can't escape it.

He can't look at the crowds, because all that's there is silent hatred. Trickster probably hates him too, so he can't look there. The sky is too bright, he hates it, and refuses to look there. To look down at himself only reminds him of what a monster he is.

He closes his eyes.

Several minutes pass, and then Trickster is talking to him, telling him to open his eyes.

He can never deny Trickster, and does as he's asked.

His eyes pool with tears, more so when he sees a mirrored expression before him, and the salty drop slips down Trickster's face.

He will not cry, not in front if Trickster. He can't.

He opens his mouth and Trickster places a strawberry inside after removing the bite restraint mask.

His mouth floods with the vibrant fruit's juice and flesh, sour and saccharine the same.

He swallows, and cries out.

Pain consumes him, he feels like he's on fire and freezing all at once.

No one restrains him this time when he screams, and keeps screaming from the agony.


He howls his pleas for mercy, though he knows all good had abandoned him for his instability long ago.

He pleads for Trickster, and the blonde comes forth, leaning in so that his face is level with the tortured brunette's.

Leaning in to the younger boy's ear, he speaks quickly as he knows the child is running out of time.

"You're not a monster, Senbu darling."

Senbu's screams falter as his voice gives out and the poison spreads, weakening him significantly.

Not bothering to hide the fact that he's crying, Trickster leans in to kiss the dying brunette. "I love you, Senbu."

This is the last thing Senbu ever hears.

Chapter Text

No one shows up for Senbu's pitiful funeral. After all, they think he's a monster.

Only one man appears, tears dripping down his face as he watches the motionless brunette, cold and lifeless.

Dead because of him.

He lets himself cry, picking up a shovel and beginning to dig the grave himself. He sobs Senbu's name, he didn't want the boy to die.

The child was sick, why did they have to kill him? They should've helped him, rather than treating him like a monster when all he really needed was some affection.

Sure, they found him guilty of murder, but in the United States, while the death penalty is legal, thanks to Roper v. Simmons it can't be applied to a minor, and it's also illegal to sentence the death penalty to someone with a mental disorder.

Senbu was a mess of mental disorders, but then again, they don't live in the states, Senbu was just being imprisoned there.

Trickster's shoulders ache by the time he has a suitable hole, and it's been hours. His head hurts from crying so much, and all motivation has left him. He stands next to Senbu's limp body, which wasn't even going to be put in a coffin.

He falls to his knees, squeezing Senbu's icy hand.

Suddenly, he feels a blade at his throat, his head locked from behind.

"Dark," he chokes out, recognizing the thin, pale arms, covered in self harm scars and cuts.

"I'm so sorry..."

Dark's grip loosens with his words.

Trickster turns to looks at him.

"I can't live with myself, Dark," he whispers. "I loved him. I love him. I love him so damn much but they took him from me! I want him back, Dark, I want him back!"

His increasingly louder pleas make Dark question if Trickster is entirely stable too, but even if he isn't, he won't tell anyone.

"Kill me, Dark. I want him back."

Breathing deeply, Dark presses his blade against Trickster's neck. The older blonde picks up Senbu, kissing his forehead.

"Will you bury us? Together?"

Dark nods.

"Goodbye, Strange Dark. May love prevail and happiness find its way home back to you, who has lost it for so long," Trickster states solemnly, eyes firm as he regards Senbu's close friend in life.

He then turns to croon in Senbu's ear, "I get to be with you now. I love you, Senbu darling."

At this moment of pure love and determination, Dark slits Trickster's throat so that the older may reunite with the one he loves.

Chapter Text

The police officer could only stare as Dark produced several things from his pockets into the the plastic white bin.

His phone, a PSP, several pens, moth balls, a pencil sharpener, a packet of tissues, a pencil grip, a squid (dw it's small and dead), a pair of pattern scissors, band aids, a shit ton of extra hair elastics, a sheet of paper with notes about doughnuts, a small notebook filled with chemicals and their properties and abilities, a packet of goldfish, a banana, hand sanitizer, floss, a pair of socks, a barrette, his phone charger, a ruler, a thimble, a container of clear nail polish, the sheet music to Cancer by My Chemical Romance, a plastic bottle with uncooked rice inside, a sponge, an apple juice box, an Xbox one controller, XCOM Enemy Within, and last and most casually out of place, a large bag of crystallized paradichlorobenzene.

Yes the officer was concerned and kinda just let him pass like holy shit Dark the fuck do you keep in your pockets

Chapter Text

"Lights are dimmed." - 「Devil's Voice」Tenn Kujo by ArcMages

"'Welcome~ We hope you enjoy your stay~!'" - Amour Difficile by Ni-No-Sakura-Senbu

"The street was damp and cold that night, the only thing that could be heard were the small pacing footsteps of a man wondering the pavements." - If Only It Was Just A Joke by maplechann

"Edge woke up, realizing that it's the day he's been waiting for, "CHRISTMAS!"" - Edge's Christmas Mission by Whit3Heart

"It was a late night in early October when the two blondes met for the first time." - Worse Than Nicotine by AwesomeFanGurl54

my turn hhh

1. A vast stretch of nothingness greets the boy's tired eyes.

2. "I doN'T cARE If iT'S fREE, gET tHAt sHit ouT!"

3. The streets are unusually empty, slick with ice but oddly calm.

4. Dark's daily paradichlorobenzene intake is really quite concerning.

5. Over-chlorinated water is good for thinking up the actual worst ideas ever then writing them and posting them for people to cry about.

no but seriously during swim team practice in the pool with way too much chlorine I get horrible ideas that sound great at the time and I write anyway despite them being actual shit :')))))))

Chapter Text



Chapter Text



"YAY PEABNUT BUBBERS" Edge joined in the screaming

they were all eating some desert probably

Dark is high on paradichlorobenzene

Senbu is drunk

and Edge more or less just woke up and is somewhat drowsy

Chapter Text

There's a ghost in this house.

Starmine knows this before he buys the flat, bye he takes it anyway.

Someone had died here.

Killed themself.

It had been his boyfriend, Dark.

Living here, the two can be reunited once again.

Chapter Text

We all looked up at once.

We saw the ceiling.

Then we saw Senbu crash through the ceiling.

Dark did a big scree because Mine won't let him eat paradichlorobenzene and the rest of the world suffered from eyelash pain smh

it can only be treated with the holy koko fruit water

which can only be obtained from the planet Fuck All You Quotidian Apron-Wearing Peasants

which us where the K-Pop idols come from because they look inhuman as fuck

eyelash pain is a very serious problem y'all

Chapter Text

Medicine tastes like medicine

because Dark said so

Vermilion got a train ticket for the train he conducts which is kind of useless because he's conducting the train so he doesn't need a ticket

Bad Boy's tattoo nice

lol was gonna try but blanked on what to write and I'm in a smut mood and I have to finish a long ass chapter as well as my math homework and my yearbook page oh yeah and the 23rd chapter of that book I have a quiz on tomorrow shit

Chapter Text


Ayasaki's bow runs harshly down his viola, fighting the much greater volume of the violin beside him. It's not screeching, as he can play decently, but no matter what he does, his instrument will never be loud enough, noticeable enough. It doesn't matter if it's impossible though, he'll keep on trying anyway.


Edge melts into his music, transferring his melodies from his soul and into the elegant instrument before him through nimble, delicate fingers. A content smile sits on his lips as he buries himself in the world he loves.

Chapter Text

Edge's breath carries in the chilly air, his cheeks flushed from the cold even as he shoves his hands deeper into his pockets, pressing his arms against himself to retain heat.

The morning is still young and weak in light as he strolls down the frosty street.

He finds these morning excursions soothing, a place where he can be at peace.

About a half hour later, he's back at the Len Mansion. He pours himself a bowl of cornflakes, then ignores the milk because who needs that when you have Special K?

He sighs. It's not his personal favorite, but he'll make do with it.

He sees a small something scurry across the table. Deciding to ignore it, he takes a spoon and begins to slowly eat his cornflakes.

He sees it again and this time, he see that it's a spider. One of those weird tan colored ones.

A little creeped out, he blows it away with a rather violent gust of air.

He resumes his cereal killing, in which he devours them because think about it, he's still killing the cereal.

Suddenly, he tastes something disgusting and a rather different texture than the rest of his cornflakes.

It takes him a minute to realize what he'd eaten.

The spider.

He is too much in shock to process that so he kind of just doesn't.

He hears the soft padded boots if Lancer, soon followed by arms around his waist and a pair of lips in his hair, telling him how beautiful he is.

He smiles, leaning into Lancer's embrace.

"I sort of swallowed a spider."

Lancer looked somewhat terrified for him and proceeded to kiss him up and give him several massages to make him feel better uwu.

Chapter Text

"I didn't mean to steal his sweater," Fork-chan insisted as School outfit grilled him about why he had Jersey's sweater. "I didn't mean to steal his sweater. Only the arms."

At that, a mask of concern and confusion fell over Outfit's face. "Why only the arms?"

"Because arms!" Fork-chan rolled his eyes. "Duh."

"Okay what the fuck," Outfit scoffs, raising his hands in innocence and backing out of the room.

Fork-chan stuck his tongue out at the retreating blonde rather childishly.

Outfit rolled his eyes this time and simply left. He ran into Jersey on the way to his room though.

A sad, sniffling Jersey who only wanted his sweater back.

He stopped Jersey, informing him.

"Don't worry, it was only Fork-chan. He didn't mean to steal your sweater. Just the arms."

Jersey was very much confused and decided to go make a card house out of plastic forks or something idk

Chapter Text

Maple, some reporter like thing: so Len(s), what are your opinions on the color brown?

Len: literally no one cares

Maple: shut up Len go scream the lyrics of one of your songs with super high notes or something

Len: sshshshsh


Knight: Vermilion has cafe au lait eyes-

Vermilion: wHAt HAvE I ToLd YoU AboUt YoUR stUpid vocAbulARy

Knight: I-

Vermilion: HUsH

Knight: **sed**

Maple: poor Knight

goodKNIGHT y'all

bad puns for days


Chapter Text

The late evening is dim, more so in the bedroom with its curtains drawn where Mine and Dark lay.

Mine sits with his legs spread on the bed, hugging Dark from behind and leaving soft kisses along his sharp jaw line. The younger blonde melts further into his embrace with every affectionate caress of his lips.

A breathy moan is uttered when they mutually lie back, Dark turning for a more engaged kiss.

Their mouths search blindly, kissing every inch of each other until lips find lips, tongue finds tongue.

Mine's fingers hook onto the elastic holding Dark's hair, then sets the lighter blonde tresses free.

Soft, silky locks flow around his waiting fingers, cushioning them like velvet as he runs them slowly through the sea of golden.

Content with a passionate kiss, Dark lays his head on Mine's chest. Neither of them are necessarily in the mood for sex, there's a lazy vibe in the air making them want to get cozy and cuddle.

They lay like that for a while until they drift off to sleep, dreaming of just how much they love each other.

Chapter Text

How to summon Strange Dark:

1. Obtain a large stash of paradichlorobenzene. Doesn't matter what form it's in, as long as it's there.

2. Blast Paradichlorobenzene.

3. If that doesn't work feel free to kidnap Starmine and blast the rest of the Benzene series. Carbon will also summon because it has a chemical name and also Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis will summon him because it's a long word starting with P.

4. He should appear a v anger boi if you kidnap Starmine but otherwise you have yourself a wild Strange Dark.

Chapter Text

I know that most of these are Lencest bs and I don't wanna get too personal but the significance of apples to me is my girlfriend.

Chapter Text

Ayasaki is probably high on Crane's cocaine but honestly idk

"Aya, what are you doing?" Hougetsu asks in utter confusion.

Ayasaki is sitting on the ground, carving out the insides of an unripe avocado.

"I'm making bowls, duh," Ayasaki rolls his eyes.

"I'm just... not gonna ask," Hougetsu laughs nervously, then promptly leaves.

Ayasaki was later seen eating yogurt from half an avocado skin, much to Append's confusion.

This level of bizarre always seemed to be happening at the Len Mansion. What, with Senbu and Dark at Red Robin after Senbu getting drunk and Dark getting high off paradichlorobenzene; Trickster and Starmine threatening to turn the world of the Red Robin employees monochrome in order to steal all the ice cream from them; Pop Star Resort/Porn Star having a heated argument with Bad Boy about soap, there was always something strange, so why should Ayasaki using the skin of an avocado as a bowl be any different?

Avocados sound really good rn

Chapter Text

**insert Dark, Mine, Edge, and Lancer screaming here**

"I'm jUst ANotHER soldiER iN A Fox HolE

I'm jUst ANotHER Dog-fAcE oN tHE fRoNt liNE

I'm jUst ANotHER sAiloR iN A lifEboAt

I'm jUst ANotHER PIlot fAlliNg oUt oF tHE skY


YoU goT- YoU goT- YoU goT- YoU goT To cHill bAby

pUt youRsElf iN mY plAcE Now

YoU goT- YoU goT- YoU goT- YoU goT- To iLL bAby

doN't wAit tiLL It'S Too lAtE Now


you'RE NEvER goNNA KiLL mE iN tHE ENd

you'RE NEvER goNNA fUcK mE iN tHE HEAd

you'RE NEvER goNNA cAtcH mE iN tHE Act

you'RE NEvER goNNA fiNd mE iN tHE dARk

tHE dARk, tHE dARk, tHE dARk, tHE dARk, (wHoA)

tHE dARk, tHE dARk, tHE dARk, tHE dARk (N- N- Now Now Now)

tHE dARk, tHE dARk, tHE dARk, tHE dARk (wHoA)

tHE dARk, tHE dARk, tHE dARk, tHE dARk

tHE dARk, tHE dARk, tHE dARk, tHE dARk

(tHE dARk...)

(RockiN' oUt)


I'm jUst ANotHER dANcER iN tHE limEliGHt

I'm jUst ANotHER bAstARd witH A cHARm lifE

I'm jUst ANotHER sAiloR iN A lifEboAt

I'm jUst ANotHER lovER witH A wHitE stRokE Now"

yes the four of them are on a boat in a storm screaming the song Sailor In A Lifeboat

and now they finish with the end of the song

"wHAt tHE fUcK iS HE oN

likE wHAT tHE fUcK iS HE oN

wHAt tHE fUcK iS HE oN

likE wHAt tHE fUcK iS HE oN

wHAt tHE fUcK iS HE oN

tHey'RE likE wHAt tHE fUcK iS HE oN"

the end part continues for a while and so do the Lens until they get abducted by pirates and kidnapped and then get dumped on a random island for trying to fuck each other in the pirates' presence

It's a valid question tho like what the fuck are they on

Chapter Text

Append ran through the Len Mansion with a vacuum cleaner in order to clean up all the sex messes cuz the Lenny bois gotta chill and not destroy each others assholes but they do it anyway

Chapter Text

It's Lancer's turn to do the dishes.

The Lens take turns doing various chores around the house, but laundry seems to be the most difficult, considering how many times the Lens soil their clothes for...


Edge and Receiver are hanging out on the couch, (not Edge's precious FUCKINGCOUCH, that's in his room) playing Diablo.

Lancer can't help but notice, as the kitchen is visible to that particular game/living room and vice versa.

His fingers tighten around the plate he's soaping down, and he's forced to relax when the plate nearly slips out of his hand.

He watches as the two gamers take on Azmodan, a rather gruesome faced monster/demon with six(?) legs. He couldn't quite see, but the legs reminded him of a spider, though he can't tell if there's six or eight legs in the dark setting of the game.

Edge depletes Azmodan's remaining health, and Receiver gives a loud cheer, high-fiving the ginger.

A bowl crashes into the sink, shattering.

The two gamers whirl around at the noise, but Lancer duck behind the counter and out of their view.

"I'm gonna go to the bathroom. I'll be back," Receiver announces.

As soon as he gets up, Edge approaches the kitchen counter, peeking around to see Lancer curled up on the floor, back against the cabinet and face in his arms.

"Lancer...? What's wrong?"

The blond stands abruptly, causing Edge to stumble back in surprise.

Unable to contain himself, Lancer shoves Edge against the wall, pinning his wrists above his head.

His eyes convey love when he studies Edge up and down, but hurt spiked when he looked into the younger's eyes.

Helpless, Edge is scared, and it shows.

Lancer sighs, his body seeming to deflate before Edge's eyes. He rests his forehead against the one of the ginger he's fallen so hard for, his tears trickling out slowly and dripping onto Edge's cheeks.

Edge attempts to free one hand so he can act on his natural reaction, to dry Lancer's tears, but Lancer grips his wrists tighter.

"Hate me, Edge," Lancer whispers brokenly. "I don't know what I'm doing. I don't want to hurt you. Tell me you hate me."


"Hate me, dammit. Can't you see I'm a danger to you?" Lancer pushes, despising the words coming out of his mouth, but believing them. "I love you. I love you and I can't, you should hate me because you deserve only the best, and I'm nothing."

Frustrated, Edge acts impulsively, jerking forward to kiss the man before him.

Lancer's eyes snap open wide in shock, but he melts into the kiss, his grip loosening on Edge's bony wrists.

Free, Edge loops his arms around Lancer's neck, shivering against him as the blond's hand rests around his waist, other hand gently cupping his face.

A soft, sweet kiss, and they pull apart.

Edge is panting slightly, cheeks flushed a brilliant shade of red.

Lancer kisses him once more, running his tongue along Edge's teeth until he finds an entrance, pushing through it to fill Edge's mouth.

Edge fights weakly for dominance, but Lancer ultimately wins without much trouble. The younger gives a disappointed whine when Lancer lightens up, kissing the side of his mouth and gently removing his jacket.

He's not ready to go further, but Lancer kisses up his jaw, then follows the graceful curve of his neck, sucking hickeys into otherwise unmarred skin.

The quietest moan slips out as Lancer grinds against him, rubbing their bulges together slowly.

Edge bites his lip, reaching up for another kiss to cope with the sensations.

Lancer kisses his nose, then finally his lips. At the same time he manages to get Edge's polo unbuttoned, and it slides down to reveal a velvety smooth shoulder.

he rubs slow circles in the small of Edge's back, relaxing him.

"I'm back!"

The two jump apart, Edge hastily fixing his jacket to hide the state of his clothes. Unfortunately, Lancer's hickeys glow above where the collar of his polo ends.

Receiver strains his smile and Edge bounds back over to him, chattering about Diablo.

Lancer can see Receiver physically relax.

Slyly, he tiptoes to them, crouching at the side of the couch and whispering only for Edge's ears, "My bed tonight. I'll carry you tomorrow."

Edge turns red and chokes a little on his own spit, glaring at Lancer but behind that, a look of lust and desire lies.

Lancer smirks, his mission accomplished, and continues washing dishes.

Chapter Text

Dark slumps in his seat.

He's sitting in his fourth period language arts class, meaning he has lunch next. He taps his green highlighter against the top of his desk while the teacher waits for the class to quiet down.

Finally, the students realize that they're supposed to shut up, and do so.

The teacher then proceeds to go through the week's Latin roots and vocabulary.

"Ig, ag, act, eg; do, drive, act."

Dark impatiently highlights the roots and definition, then looks up at the teacher to show he's ready.

"Erg, urg; to work."


He hates Latin roots.

"Hab, hib; to have, to hold."

The rest of the period passes much like this until the bell goes off.

Everyone rushes out of the room for lunch, but Dark takes his time.

He's having one of his bad days, and good days are extremely rare. Most days he gets meh days, where it's neither good nor bad.

His friends sit outside during lunch, whether it's sunny, rainy, or snowing.

He sits down in his usual spot.

Someone from a nearby table starts playing a high frequency, and everyone else outside starts yelling at them to stop the fucking thing because it's painful and annoying.

When all is at peace, Starmine turns to Dark, handing him a heart shaped box of chocolates.

Dark takes them with a small thanks and then lunch ends and everyone yeets off because I'm getting lazy with this whatever the fuck today's bs is

Chapter Text


1. Blue

2. Azure

3. Cobalt

4. Sapphire

5. Cerulean

6. Navy

7. Saxe

8. Ultramarine

9. Lapis lazuli

10. Indigo

11. Aquamarine

12. Turquoise

13. Teal

14. Cyan

too lazy to list synonyms for other definitions of blue lol

Chapter Text

"Starmine what the fuck?????" Bad Boy screams when he sees Starmine peeling an orange.

There's nothing wrong with that since the Lens like oranges too, but the way Starmine is peeling his orange is concerning.

Edge walks in and cries a little. "Starmine what the fuck did you do to that orange?"

SD is laughing her ass off because don't give her friend group oranges that never ends well never NEVER

Don't do it.


Anyway Edge is kinda just crying "dude that's not how you peel an orange."

Starmine glares at him and Bad Boy and tells them "WE HAVE BEEN PEELING ORANGES THE WRONG WAY"

and they have

"How do you do that" Bad Boy asks

"It's a SECRET" Starmine screams and Edge runs to his FUCKINGCOUCH to seek comfort

Chapter Text

Salt is salty oof

Chapter Text

Dark lies alone in the somewhat overgrown grass outside the mansion. None of the Lens have taken interest in tending to it, but that's fine by him.

It gives him somewhere to cry where no one can see him.

Long blades brush softly against his skin, caressing him and often lulling him to sleep on warmer days when the sun is out.

The earthy smell calms him down and while he comes here to cry, the place makes him feel better.

No one ever bothers to look for him, and he doesn't mind that.

This is his special place, his sanctuary.

He feels safe here, something he feels nowhere else.

Chapter Text

Edge doesn't remember what made him agree to wear the maid dress he's currently in.

But he does remember how Lancer pushed him up against a wall, kissing him hungrily and groping his thighs and ass.

Now, though, he's seated in a red armchair, gagged, blindfolded, and collared, wrists bound together in a complex but beautiful web of rope.

His legs are spread, Lancer between them.

He throws his head back as Lancer teases his tip with small kisses, flicking his tongue at the sensitive skin and making him antsy.

His dress is disheveled, unlaced and sliding off one shoulder. His feet and ankles hurt from insane and uncomfortable stilettos, but if Lancer finds it sexy, he'll keep them on.

He cries out, going for Lancer's name but finding his words unclear through the gag. His saliva still makes a steady stream down his chin as Lancer swallows him, holding his length on his soft, warm mouth.

Lips slide across his skin, exposing his arousal to the cold air once again, and Edge pleads incoherently.

Laying his head back in defeat, he continues to whisper his pleas of all the dirty things he wants Lancer to do to him.

Lancer smirks, wetting three fingers in his mouth and thrusting them inside his uke.

Edge jerks back awkwardly, unsure how to cope with the pleasurable pain. He gives a soft whine, then shivers, relaxing for Lancer to continue.

"Your turn," Lancer announces, removing the blindfold and gag and pulling Edge to the ground.

He grabs a fistful of ginger locks, forcing Edge to bend over right in front of his arousal.

Edge glances up at him, licks his lips, then sets to work, his tongue wrapping around the length skillfully.

Lancer groans approvingly, tugging at Edge's hair whenever he made such a noise.

Changing pace, Edge takes in as much of Lancer's cock as possible, gagging slightly as he tries to push it past his throat and swallow all of it.

Lancer breathes heavily, muttering praise and suddenly realizing how close he was to a climax.

Edge moans, the lewd sound humming against Lancer's arousal.

"Edge~!" the older gasps, yanking at the boy's hair and earning a pained but pleasure dripping cry.

Edge's throat fills with cum, but the force of Lancer on his hair forces his head back, allowing the rest of Lancer's seed to decorate his pretty face.

"That's hot," Lancer comments breathlessly, running his fingers far more gently through Edge's hair. "You're hot. You're beautiful. I love you."

Edge smiles tiredly, disappointed to not be penetrated, but Lancer pets him and he purrs.

"Let's take a nap, recharge. Afterwards I'll give you some fun," Lancer promises, pulling Edge onto his lap and kissing his ear.

Edge melts into his lover, forgetting all the kinky shit he's wearing and just enjoying Lancer's presence.

Chapter Text















actually rip me those are my fucking braces smh

I just made Dark suffer through it for the prompt kinda

Chapter Text

I don't want to

fuck you prompt

So one day Punkish was cooking food because impressively Blue wasn't fucking him

he was cooking lentils specifically

wireless is not a noun but okay

wireless what

wireless cucumber???

wireless internet?

wireless love??


Y'all come look at Asymmetry's fucking wiRElEss cUcUmbER wow

alright maybe I hate the 24 karat gold one because I hate the song 24 Karat Magic or whatever it's called

hA one time my friend and I were mock singing it in the car and one of us said 24 magic carrots instead of 24 karat magic

it's that friend's birthday uwu

she's great I love her

okay what the hell even was today's bs idfk

Chapter Text

The moonlit garden is quiet, blanketed with a sky of glittering stars.

Rose petals of every hue are doused in dusky light, save for the white ones which seem to glow.

Two bodies lie together, one curled against the other, the latter holding the former.

Both are clad in only their respective pants and jackets.

There's only a slight breeze, nothing they can't handle. It sweeps over them, rustling the blooms around them.

The taller, Lancer, brushes a lock of ginger hair out of his partner's face. The younger, Edge, looks up and smiles.

Lancer presses a kiss to his forehead before sitting up and telling Edge to stand.

The ginger does so, confused, but Lancer has a reason.

On one knee, he takes Edge's hand in his own, giving the boy's knuckles a long, slow kiss.

When he looks up into Edge's eyes, he produces a small box with his other hand, popping it open though Edge quickly figured out what it was.

"White Edge," he starts, watching tears well in his lover's eyes, "will you marry me?"

Edge can only gasp and nod his answer while Lancer slips the simple but pretty ring onto his finger.

He throws himself into the older man's arms, burying his face in his shoulder to pour out his "I love you"s.

They meet in a tender kiss, savoring each other's warmth and love.

They're to be married in six months.

Chapter Text

Lancer eyes the beauty in his arms.

Edge is curled against him, his warm breath steady against his neck.

He kisses Edge's forehead, brushing bangs out of his face. The younger's eyelashes part sleepily, revealing confused but stunning green-blue eyes.

"Morning, Edge," Lancer whispers, and Edge relaxes.

They sit up, Edge whimpering. Lancer instinctively squeezes his hand, peppering his lover with small consoling kisses.

The previous night was fun, a whole lot of fun. Hickeys still glow against Edge's skin, down his neck, chest, and shoulders. Their hair is a mess, and Lancer's back features thin red lines from Edge's nails.

They got kinky the previous night, and Edge's wrists are still red and raw as a result.

Lancer scoops Edge out of bed, carrying him to the bathroom where they wash each other off slowly and lovingly, one of their favorite activities.

Their bed still features the heart shaped pillow gifted to Edge for Valentines Day, which has their initials intertwined on it.

The letters endlessly looped together, just like their love.

Chapter Text

Dark screamed on an airplane because someone stole his paradichlorobenzene

because they're on a plane the lasagna they were serving was fucking freezing so they had to heat it up

therefore making it reheated lasagna

anyway the dude sitting next to Dark was freaked out by Dark screaming and then screamed back at him "ARE YOU RAPED RIGHT NOW"

Dark was understandably confused as fuck and explained that someone had stolen his paradichlorobenzene

the dude was pretty peeved and yeeted the lasagna in Dark's face

Chapter Text

I was sitting in the courtyard with my family when we heard the gunfire.

There was me, my twin sister Fairy, my older brother Holiday, and my parents.

I loved my siblings, and they were my closest friends. We did everything together, told each other everything, and there was nothing we didn't know about each other.

My parents, on the other hand, can't stand me.

They used to love me, but after...

Anyway my parents were having a discussion with each other, so my siblings and I were sitting on the ground making up songs.

Then the gunfire started.

We all threw ourselves to the ground, just as we'd been taught, except I was a bit slower courtesy of the ache from the previous night's wounds, still angry and red against my back under my shirt.

My parents used English most of the time so that we children would pick it up faster, but in the moment's panic, they spoke to each other in rapid Japanese.

Of course, Japanese was our first language, and we could understand everything they were saying. It was too loud to hear them, though.

My mother grabbed Holiday's hand, then stood in front of him. My father threw himself in front of Fairy, and now only I was left out in the open.

Right in the path of our rival mafia.

Oh, did I forget to mention that?

How silly of me. My parents are the heads of the Holy Mafia, the most powerful mafia in Japan.

Our rivals hail from Finland, which makes it rather odd that we're rivals at all. Mafias from different countries? We still can't stand each other.

My parents guarded my siblings, guns aimed at the opposition.

I sat up.

I looked up.

Right into someone's gun.

They didn't shoot me.

I blinked.

I blinked again.

I should've been dead by then.

They should've shot me.

Maybe they saw the subtle wince in my movements, maybe they got a peek under my shirt.

The initial gunfire that had disturbed us hadn't hurt anyone, only a few charred dents in the concrete.

It was silent, except for wind humming softly through leaves.

Someone tied my hands behind me, then picked me up.

They put me in the backseat of one of their cars.

They drove me away, all the way to Finland.

As initiation, they pierced my left ear, two silver studs. They gave me a pair of thin red wristbands, further accepting me as one of them.

Through it all, I never resisted my capture.

Sure, I was a child, and that's probably why I didn't fight it, but my parents didn't fight it either...

Chapter Text

How about no


there be your damn flowers

I would like to work on other story and this prompt is ass fight me

Chapter Text

Trickster and Senbu were doing groceries like normal humans when all of a sudden Senbu collapsed and started screaming.

"SENBU WHAT'S WRONG???" Trickster freaked out and Senbu laid back and spread his legs because he's fucking giving birth.

Trickster rips off his shorts while Senbu pushes because it's totally normal to give birth in the middle of a cereal aisle.

Senbu's just fucking screaming so Trickster holds his hand except he's terrified the bones in his hand might break from Senbu holding it so tightly.

After a shit ton of hours, Senbu finally finishes giving birth to a smol bby with red hair and blue eyes who will grow up to be Nakahara Chuuya.

Yes they named their child Nakahara Chuuya despite neither of them having the last name Nakahara.

But anyway the reason the child will grow up to be Chuuya is because he's basically the impersonation of Trenbu.

He gives off Trickster vibes with his outfit and gloves and hat and shit so visually he reminds me of Trickster a lil and he's also short and angry like Senbu. He also loves alcohol like Senbu. He doesn't have magic powers like Trickster but he can manipulate the gravity of anything he touches so that's cool.

He's a smol angerary bitch I love him and he is Trenbu child now because I said so

Chapter Text

Bad Boy couldn't find his drumsticks

so he used toothpicks instead

he glued a bunch together

and made toothpick drumsticks


Chapter Text

I enjoy the piano, and I love spending my time learning it.

My fingers are long though, and get tangled during more complex runs and while I can play large chords, runs will kill me.

There's one song I've been playing for a year- 365 days have passed since I started learning that song.

I should be a master at it, right?


I always fuck it up, always play fifty wrong notes and I can't keep a steady tempo and I confuse parts and I hate that fucking song with every atom of my being.

It's still a nice song but it needs to fuck off.

I play it now, and okay, it starts out passable, but ah- nope. Let's go to hell now. I'm most aggressive while playing the piano, and it shows now with an angry shout, the crash of piano keys, and the loud bang of me closing the piano.

I storm upstairs, straight to under my desk, my safe space (not really), the space where I feel protected from the world.

There, I take out my aggression.

My arm glows with red lines within five minutes, and I'm crying. I know I shouldn't do it, or at least that's what everyone says.

Of course, they don't say it to me, there's only one person who knows I do it, and they have problems much worse than mine, what fucking reason do I have to complain?

Cutting is my only escape from my depression.

I can't talk to anyone about it, I'd feel a burden on people's shoulders.

The only person I can confide in has it worse, and the one time I shared my feelings, they one upped me and while it was with good intention, all it does is make me feel like I have no right to speak what I feel because people don't fucking care.

And they don't. They shouldn't.

If I hide it, no one notices my scars.

Even if I don't, no one notices my scars; I'm strategic.

It's sad.

I'm just the listener.

I don't mean anything to anyone, I'm just there. I'm the one most people rant to, I'm the one who people copy off of in class, I'm the one student who sits there quietly, but I listen.

I try to be a good person, hold the door open for people, smile, give compliments, but none of it matters. I'm still just there.

And no one listens.

No one can look me in the face and say they care what I have to say.

It only grasps their attention if I say something outrageous, but even then no one is fucking listening.

No one cares.

So I don't.

I don't tell them what I feel to make them stop because if they don't care for what I tell them on a daily basis, why the hell would they care about this? My feelings?

My significant other wants me to get help, get a therapist, but my own parents wouldn't take me seriously if I told them I was depressed. They'd just deny it, just like when they refused to believe I'm gay.

It's so awkward, I hear my friends discuss the different meds they're on and the different shit happening with their health and then I beat myself up because I have nothing to complain about, even if depression is eating me up inside and even if the safety net escape of suicide is at the back of my mind constantly.

I don't want the meds, even if I need them, but while they can openly discuss their feelings, I can't because while they wouldn't say anything, they'd inwardly judge me, thinking just that- I have no reason to complain.

I don't have any fucking doctors and therapists, and I'm not going to go to the school counselor and be like "hey I want to die but my parents don't know I'm depressed."

I don't know what to do.

For now I hide in the grass

and cry.

-Strange Dark

Chapter Text

Nameless #7 is a valiant officer and has shown great fortitude by volunteering to tackle a rather vile case of murder. A colleague of his had agitated for him to be given the opportunity because though he’s robust, agile and surgically thorough, his legal name at birth was in fact, Nameless. As a result, his coworkers tend to forget he exists. He endures their lack of acknowledgement for the love of his job though.

For this case, a fellow officer named Senbu is with him to consolidate their thoughts and therefore corroborate each other’s conclusions. There are five suspects for the brutal murder of Ken Kocienda, the creator of autocorrect. Strange Dark, Starmine, White Edge, Holy Lancer, and Bad Boy. They have odd as heck names but nobody cares. What’s more important is that all five were in the building when Kocienda was killed.

The first suspect is Strange Dark, an angsty teen who likes long words such as paradichlorobenzene and pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis. He also has an alarming fascination with paradichlorobenzene, an organic compound found in mothballs. The concerning part of this obsession is that paradichlorobenzene is a potential carcinogen and is also poisonous in general. On top of that, he needs his daily intake of paradichlorobenzene which is not at all recommended. Somehow he’s still alive and scientists hypothesize that this kid is inhuman, and are highly concerned for his mental stability.

The second suspect is Starmine, a lover of the outdoors for the duration of his young life who expresses great solidarity for animals by sticking to a strict vegan diet. He’s exhibited his great love for fireworks, and has scars from an old accident involving them. He’s suspected to be a pyromaniac, considering his exceptional passion for lighting things on fire. He hasn’t been a participant in any major disasters, thanks to Dark anticipating his impulses.

The third suspect is White Edge, a seemingly innocent young man whose forte is playing the piano. Those who’ve heard him play deify him as far as music is concerned, but otherwise he keeps to himself and only confides in a few people. He’s incapable of sitting on a couch correctly, and has been sanctified as the Lord of Incorrect Couch Sitting. Not only does this apply to his inability to sit on couches correctly, but it’s also the codename he was given when he was part of a mafia that kidnapped him. He’s suspected for this case mostly because he may or may not have murdered the entire mafia after they killed his brother and sister.

The fourth suspect is Holy Lancer, a man with a knight-in-shining-armor type aspect to him. He’s displayed valor by rescuing Edge from the aforementioned mafia. The only reason he’s here is because he may or may not have assisted Edge in possibly murdering an entire mafia. Lancer is also deeply opposed to oranges as he has had traumatic experiences with them as a child. This is important because Kocienda was eating an orange at the time of his death, and this could be a potential trigger for Lancer to kill him.

The fifth and final suspect is Bad Boy, whose name alone could be durable enough evidence to incriminate him. Luckily for him, Nameless would be demoted if he blindly alleged him as the culprit. His relation to the mafia that Edge and Lancer may or may not have murdered is of no avail to his innocence, and he’s the sole survivor of that mafia. He’s very aggressive if he doesn’t get his daily intake of Dr. Pepper, and on the day of Kocienda’s death, he did not receive his Dr. Pepper. This aggression may have lead to him killing Kocienda.

Nameless reviews all these notes with Senbu, who conceals a smirk with a gloved hand. As the unsuspecting superior continues, Senbu can’t help but giggle. By the time Nameless finishes his list of notes on each suspect, the young brunet is clutching himself in maniacal laughter, struggling to breathe in his mirth.

The five suspects observe him rather fearfully, and seeing that, he only laughs harder. Only then does Nameless finally turn around, staring at his subordinate. “What in the world-?” he starts, but Senbu interrupts.

“I killed him. I killed Ken Kocienda.”

Later, six bodies are found in that interview room. Five suspects and one officer.

Chapter Text


"Anyare mo-"

"Naligaw ng pusta."


"Ayoko ng usap tungkol sa ito."



prompt time for real yeet

Edge is pouting on his beloved FUCKINGCOUCH. Receiver enters the room and sees it immediately.

"Edge, what happened?"

"Lost a bet," Edge grumbles.

"Why are you..." Receiver clears his throat, "...dressed like that?"

"I don't want to talk about it."

"Who'd you lose to anyway?"


"Have I been summoned?" Lancer asks, slinking into the room. "Oh how lovely, you're wearing it!"

"Shut up," Edge groans, burying his face in his hands.

"Stand up."

Edge stares wide eyed and unseeingly at the ground through splayed fingers. If he stands...

What if someone sees him?

Fair, Receiver is still in the room, but he and Edge are good friends. But what if another module comes in?

"Edge. Stand. Up."

The ginger hears the danger in his seme's voice and reacts instantly, doing as he's told.

His stripper worthy maid dress is for all the world to see. Or at least, anyone who walks into the room.

He knows the skirt is purposely too short, but he's further reminded when Lancer pulls him into hug and grabs his ass. A free hand works at the seemingly complex laces across his back, the only things covering his skin there.

He blushes hard, burying his face in Lancer's shoulder to bury his embarrassment.

Lancer knows exactly what he's doing and gently pries him off, blocking him with a kiss.

Edge can never help himself, submitting to Lancer's lips.

He whines as the dress slides off one shoulder, and Lancer smirks. Replacing his lips with three fingers, he pushes through Edge's lips, giving the ginger something to keep his mouth busy.

In the meantime, the blonde latches onto Edge's neck, bruising it with rough kisses and continuing to strip down his uke, his whore.

Receiver chooses now to leave, as he'd rather not watch his best friend get fucked.

Noting Receiver's exit, Lancer stumbles toward the couch, pinning Edge onto it and binding his wrists elaborately with the laces he'd just undone.

Edge struggles and whines some more, but Lancer just innocently kisses the ginger's now bare stomach.

Edge pleads weakly, spreading his legs for entrance. Lancer massages his inner thighs, as if debating whether or not to indulge the boy.

"Lancer, I need you~!"

Lancer smirks, finding Edge still loose enough from their prior night's activities, and still dripping thanks to a lack of aftercare. Lancer had to go to a concert meeting instead.

"Dammit, you dirty fucking slut," Lancer comments as Edge leaks the seme's earlier release. "You like it inside you?"

Edge nods breathlessly, anticipating penetration.

He's never ready though.

He shrieks Lancer's name, curling up to cling to the blonde for dear life, howling his pleas and pleasure.

It hurts like hell, sure, but he loves the pain.

He loves the breathless feeling of it while being kissed roughly, choking on Lancer's starving tongue down his throat.

His bound wrists are no obstacle for him to loop his arms around Lancer's neck. Lancer soon cums because my motivation to actually put this in words died I still wanna write it but writing hates me rn apparently cuz I can't do that shit atm


today's prompt can suck my nonexistent dick >:((((((

Chapter Text

"A knife??" Senbu squealed, clapping his hands rapidly. "Are you flirting with me?!"

Trickster had made the bad life decision to give Senbu a knife so everyone run the fuck away screaming

Chapter Text






















Chapter Text

Upon their first meeting, Crane had already fallen head over heels for Ayasaki.

As he'd offered his hand for a hand shake, he'd blurted, "You look like someone I'd very much like to kiss."

Unfortunately Ayasaki is an angry demon boi and beat the living shit out of Crane who buries his woes in drug dealing specifically cocaine

he still wants to kiss Aya tho lol this boi don't give up

Chapter Text

Stylish: **masturbating in room**

Porn Star: **bursts in, dragging Bad Boy with him**

Stylish: wHAt tHE fUcK

Porn Star: No YoU kEEp mAstuRbAtiNg

I'm jUst hErE tO stEAl YoUR sHAmpOo

Stylish: jcjxjxnFgg aHhagh! ~

Porn Star: wAs tHAt AN oRgAsm oR wHAt

Bad Boy: **turned on by Stylish masturbating**

Porn Star: HEy bAd boY


Bad Boy: stfU

Porn Star: It'LL bE EAsy

YoU jUst HAvE tO sEducE HIm

Bad Boy: YoU'RE kIddiNg RigHt

I'm AboUt As sEdUctivE As A cAbbAgE

BadEnergy: **still fuck anyway**

Chapter Text

Starmine walks slowly around the circumference of the giant golden birdcage.

He takes in everything, the bars of what were indeed pure gold, enormous stained glass doors on either side, and the monochrome tiled floor.

Only a few pieces of furniture are inside, including a desk, an armchair, and a tiny table.

Dark sits silently watching on the floor, staring beyond the cage bars and into the abyss of gray clouds.

"You said that this place was built to imprison something," Starmine starts, breaking the silence between them and pausing his observations. "What was it?"

Dark gives him an odd look.


Chapter Text

Let's translate shit cuz I need to practice my absolute bullshit Tagalog sentence structure s o m e w h e r e

holy fucking shit I am so fucking shy to speak or even try it here half because I can't sentence to save my life and also terrified of judging humans

maybe I'm just feeling worse this week cuz my friend said I seem more depressed than usual

alright I am prepared to die and/or be stabbed by people crying/cringing

I lose motivation and confidence to post this as I type

also to be fair I'm translating each line not the entire sentence so sentence structure can fight me but I should actually figure it out lol

"Taguan ang mga mata, darling

makita sila ang puso mo

through them"

line 1 sentence structure???? Yeeted out a window

line 2 again yeeted out window plus I think I forgot linkers

line 3 I gave up simply because I don't know the word for "through"

someone please end me

alright the actual prompt after a huge dump of whatever that was

Senbu slips his bloodstained, gloved fingers over Trickster's wide eyes.

"Hide your eyes, darling."

The stranger Trickster had been irritated by now lays dead on the ground, and Trickster watched it happen by Senbu's hands.

Of course, he didn't want the stranger dead, but with a boyfriend like Senbu...

He didn't know about Senbu's... more aggressive side.

The stench of blood fills the room.

Trickster is shaking, unable to unsee the glee in his boyfriend's face as he committed such a deed.

Senbu whispers gently in his ear, completing his former sentence. "People can see your heart through them."

Trickster doesn't refuse Senbu's kiss, but he doesn't return it either.

Senbu's eyes tear up quickly, and he wails about why Trickster doesn't love him anymore, and how he promised to never leave him forever and ever and ever.

"Why must I hide my eyes, Senbu?"

"Because p-people can see your heart... but your heart is mine!"


why is my angerary struggle to sentence longer than what I wrote smh

Chapter Text

Lancer isn't gentle.

Edge's back arches beautifully off the bed as he cums for the third time in their session, yet Lancer hasn't released once.

The ginger's wrists are well beyond red and raw against the ropes binding them, and bondage simply turns him on more.

Lancer kisses his nose while he struggles to catch his breath, still being fucked roughly through his orgasm.

His ears ring and his vision is more or less white from pleasure, but he lets himself fall from his pleasured high.

They change positions and Edge is on his front, ass high in the air, face buried in the streets.

The ropes are done in such a way that they're able to do this. Lancer grabs Edge's hair, finding that the ginger was even hotter to fuck like this, embarrassed but shamelessly moaning into the sheets.

It doesn't take long for Edge to cum like this, it's his favorite position. This time, Lancer cums as well, unable to resist the temptation of Edge's perfect ass and those sultry moans of his name.

The blond pulls his hair, forcing his head back while they orgasm together, and Edge's long, loving moan of Lancer's name is clearly audible.

They collapse atop each other, a sweaty mess.

Because gay at least they know Edge has plenty of yin and Lancer has yang but do both have yang?

Oh god what if Edge births a child FUCKINGCOUCH

was supposed to be fuck but okay autocorrect

Chapter Text

Append taps his foot, watching Len carefully.

He'd just rescued the younger blond from a siren, and asked why the siren was trying to seduce him by taking on his, Append's, form.

Len blushes deeply, studying the white sand beneath his bare feet. His clothes are tattered and wet, and he's shivering.

Append being the mom he is wraps his arms around Len, doing his best to warm him up.

"Append, wh-what are you doing?" Len stammers, though he lets himself lean into Append's embrace.

"You're shivering. And you haven't answered my question. Are you sure there isn't something you wanna tell me?"

Len bites his lip, shyly meeting Append's eyes. "I... I like you..."

"Good, 'cause I've liked you for a while too."

Chapter Text

Ayasaki gracefully enters the ballroom, though he's rather late.

He passes easily as a girl from his feminine curves and his disguise easily finishes the job.

He glides along smoothly with cold glass slippers that make an audible but dainty tap against the ballroom floor in the silent room.

They're awestruck by him.


If only they knew what was beneath his panties.

A gauzy, baby blue skirt billows around him, moving easily around his gorgeous legs. A slightly darker bodice is actually covering a bustier which gives the illusion that he's not completely flat.

He decides to leave his long hair in a ponytail with a few small braids in it. His long bangs still offer some cover over his face. He wears long, elegant gloves that just pass his elbows, such a pale shade of blue they're almost white. Finally, he leaves his black choker on.

He stops in front of the prince, curtseying politely. "Your majesty," he murmurs.

An hour later, he's lying on the prince's bed, the prince's gloved hands running up his legs.

He clenches his teeth in his mouth, itching to get his job done, what he came here to do, but it appears the prince has other plans.

"I need a womb for my heir, and that was the purpose for the ball."

Aya nods, but frowns at the prince's back when the man stands. The prince is a pedophile, plain and simple.

He'd gone out in disguise to local high schools and even middle schools, seducing the unsuspecting students and having sex with them, only revealing his identity at the end.

Many girls were now being abused for their premature pregnancies.

And he, Ayasaki, is here to kill the prince. He's a tyrant, and evidence indicates him as the leader in a plot to kill the king.

"As my future wife, you're my property."

Aya forces himself not to react.

"I want you to look excellent for our wedding tomorrow morning, and being too sore to walk wouldn't be very lady like would it?"

And so it happens that Aya receives his own room for one night, a room in which he is locked.

He could escape if he so felt like it, but what good would that do?

He'll kill the prince at the wedding.

He's awoken at around three in the morning, grumpy but for the sake of the mission attempting to be patient.

He'd disrobed the night before, choosing to sleep naked.

The first maid who entered gasped when she saw that he was not, in fact, a lady, but he presses a finger to his lips, slipping a necklace into her hand.

She took one look at it and immediately understood his purpose here.

With a grim nod, she hands it back, turning away as he slips on another pair of panties.

He stands, his long sheets of pale, silky blond hair spilling over his back and shoulders.

The maid, for the moment is the only one needed to assist him, and that's for dressing him. He gasps a little when she pulls the corset as tight as the prince desires, wondering how the hell he expected his wife to live.

Aya nearly groans from how heavy the dress is, the skirt weighed down by satin and silk and lace and diamonds and all sorts of shit that all in all, look a mess.

The top of the dress fits tightly against the corset, lace mostly. The sleeves are also of lace, and the cut drops dangerously low, talk about cleavage.

A heavy silver choker is draped around his neck, ornate patterns where it's fitted and with several jewels dripping down like a normal necklace.

He cries out as thay braid his hair tightly, weaving flowers into it. They give him a full face of makeup, which he despises. He admittedly wears makeup, but never a full face, just some eyeliner and eye shadow.

He feels ridiculous, like a clown, not a royal bride.

He doesn't look awful in the mirror, he just feels awful.

A dainty tiara is planted on his head, his bangs left alone. The tiara holds yards and yards of jewel embellished veil, much to his disgust.

The long lace sleeves fit his slender wrists, but are still secured with yet more ornate silver bracelets, uncomfortably close to resembling cuffs.

He'd forgotten shoes exist, and if he'd been a weaker person, he would've passed out.

They're at least three inches tall, the heel far too thin for comfort, gripping his ankles with only a few straps.

He's supposed to get married in this shit?

Finally he's "walking" down the long aisle, aka trying not to trip and die or just collapse from the weight of the dress.

He's worried.

As a demon, he's simply in human form at the moment. Also being the type of demon he is, he's fertile.

It doesn't matter if it's another demon or just a human, he can get pregnant either way.

He reaches the gazebo where the prince stands, looking like the perfect prince he appears to be.

Vows are exchanged, and a ridiculous ring is adorned on Aya's finger.

No one dares object to the wedding.

Aya feigns obedience, though he's panicking more by the second, especially when he's ordered to the ground on hands and knees.

The crowd is silent, disbelieving that the prince would actually make love to his new wife here, at their wedding and on national television.

The king had passed as of that morning, and the people are still shaken.

Aya whimpers as the prince tears the back of the weak lace dress, exposing his corset.

The dress tears until the prince snatches off his panties. His privates are still hidden by the dress, but the audience can see his ass is exposed to the prince.

The prince's expression barely wavers when he realizes that his wife isn't even female.

Rage builds up inside him, he's going to rip this boy to shreds.

Sweetly, he yanks out Aya's braid, pulling his hair and whispering in his ear. "You dirty fucking slut, I'm going to break you."

The cuffs were there for a reason, to keep him restrained while the prince attempts to impregnate him.

He growls at the chains now holding his wrists, but they give him wiggle room at least.

The prince pounds into him and he screams, it fucking hurts.

There's no love, only anger and the prince's desire to shove his dick into the nearest thing to quell his aggression.

Tears and sweat stream down Aya's face, ruining the makeup but he doesn't care, get the man off of him.

The maid who'd seen his necklace was kind, allowing him what he needed to succeed his mission.

All the maids in the castle were girls he'd so kindly "taken in" when their families disowned them because of their pregnancy. Besides, the kingdom couldn't know of his treachery.

He'd use them whenever he wanted, killing whatever babies he'd managed to make.

All the girls there were hopeful of Aya's success.

He produces his katana, severing his chains.

Swinging it behind him, he whacks the prince in the face with the flat side of his blade.

Standing with slight difficulty, he poses, ready for action. The prince growls, drawing his own sword.

Aya has the disadvantage of the dress and being sore, and the prince takes advantage of it. Aya curses as the prince's sword plunges into his thigh.

Pulling the blade out with a bare hand, Aya breathes in deeply, calming himself from the ivory dress stained crimson.

Out of the corner of his eye, he sees the poor girls that were constant victims of the prince, the maids.

With newfound fury he counters every move of the prince until he has the prince's neck at the tip of his blade.


The prince has no time to protest before Aya drags his sword down, thrusting it through the prince's chest.

The man falls and the silent crowd cheers.

Aya ties his hair in its usual ponytail, raising his katana above his head.

The crowd gets to their knees bowing before their queen.

When they look up, they find Aya bowing to them.

"The tyrant has been vanquished. Let the throne fall upon his sister, the rightful ruler of this kingdom."

The first maid he'd spoken to, who'd kept his secret from the prince, steps up.

She is the rightful heir to the throne.

Aya bows to her, as does the rest of the Kingdom.

"Thanks to Ayasaki, we have been ridden of not only a tyrant, but a pedophile and the murderer of the king. For that, we are ever so grateful," she announces in her clear voice.

Aya gives a small smile. "It's an honor to serve the people."

Chapter Text

Being so feminine, Punkish could easily be the daughter the king wanted, though he was not born to the royal family.

He was considered a curse when he turned out to be a boy.

He doesn't at all resemble his rather strict mother, but she keeps him safe in his tower where the king will never hurt him.

It's been so long, though.

He only wanted a taste of the outdoors.

One day the witch comes home to find him nowhere, and runs out to the city to find him.

There she does, finding his limp body bleeding out on the road at the hands of the king.

Chapter Text

Punkish stumbles along the near empty street that fateful Christmas Eve, his throat raw and his knuckles next to bleeding.

He only wants to be free of Mia.

A lone girl- no, upon closer look, feminine boy, calls out blindly, asking if anyone will buy his matches.

Grateful for the warmth, Punkish stops by the boy, pulling out a few coins as payment.

"Maybe the light will keep her away," the boy says. "I'm Ayasaki."

"How do you know about...?"


Punkish nods.

Ayasaki only smiles.


"Do you get rid of her? You know it in your heart. You don't really need the match."

Later that night, Blue finds his boyfriend slumped in his chair, an empty container of pills beside him.


On Christmas Day (night, rather), Blue's been drinking away his pain. He never drinks, but he reached out to an old friend/enemy, Senbu, and they drank.

Tipsy and delirious he finds himself talking to a young, feminine boy named Ayasaki.

Ayasaki promises that Blue can see his dead lover again soon.

"You know what to do."

Behind him, he reveals Punkish standing and waving from a nearby lamp post.

"You know what to do," the whisper taunts.


A body hanged from a lamp post is discovered the following morning.

The body is identified as Blue Moon.

At least Ayasaki delivered on his promises, Punkish is free from Mia, and Blue is once again with Punkish.

Chapter Text

Dark grins, skipping along with his basket of cookies.

Science is lovely.

Chemicals are beautiful.

And powerful.

And dangerous.

It's getting dark out.

He's not worried about the Big Bad Wolf.

Thanks to his beloved chemicals, he just so happens to be wolf himself, at least beneath the moonlight.

Chapter Text

Trickster hears these words from the calm and knowledgeable Hougetsu.

Others in the room nod in their agreement.

"He's dangerous. Unstable," someone speaks up, referring to the "princess," who was actually a boy.

A young brunet by the name of Senbu.

"There was a curse put on him for a reason," Hougetsu says sadly.

"Wasn't that a hundred years ago, though?" Trickster questions. "None of you were alive when he was put into the enchanted slumber. You don't know what he's really like."

"No, it's only been 68 years. Our elders have been telling us not to free him from his slumber either."

Trickster frowns. "Well he's going to wake up after a hundred years anyway, so why stall?"

"Please don't do this," Hougetsu begs, his composure never wavering.

Trickster shakes his head. He can't let the young boy just sleep like that, never aging and missing out on life.

He approaches the imposing tower, climbing its numerous steps to reach the sleeping beauty.

Even in slumber he's quite lovely, brunet hair in a small ponytail and curling softly around his face. Long eyelashes, graceful limbs, though he's short, and rosy lips, begging to be kissed.

Trickster kneels by the boy's side, first bowing, then taking one of his hands.

Taking a breath, he leans in and softly presses his lips to those of Senbu.

He hears a small, sharp gasp, Senbu's body jerking beneath him.

The boy sits up, rubbing his eyes. Seeing Trickster, he bursts into tears, throwing himself in the man's arms.

"How long has it been?" he whispers, tears dripping down his chin.

"68 years."

Senbu weeps in Trickster's arms, and the blond holds him.

"Let's run away in the morning, to a place where no one will know my face."

Trickster nods his agreement, idly wondering why they can't leave right now.

Morning arrives after a night of then sharing a bed.

Senbu's splattered with red, and that's the first warning something is wrong.

The second is all the bodies in the streets.

Not a soul besides the two of them.

Finally they stumble across Hougetsu's body, and the male speaks up weakly as a wound in his side bleeds out.

"You shouldn't have woken the sleeping beauty."

Chapter Text

Dark always did find peace in deserted alleyways, his only company being the occasional stray cat.

He ran away from home at night, his family was awful.

He hadn't returned home for several days now. He wanted nothing more than a hot bath, he felt grimy and heavy because of it.

In reality, his pale skin was stretched thin across his small frame, hugging every sharp bone in his body. Were he to remove his clothing, it would be alarming to see how far his ribs and hip bones protruded, how sharp his collarbones were, how angular his shoulders were.

He's so hungry...

After nearly four days in the alley, someone finally found him.

Just a boy from school, but one that'd been nice to him from the start.

Starmine, he believed the name was.

Starmine took him back to his place rather than driving him home.

Melancholy, Starmine's sister took him to the bathroom and Starmine bathed him thoroughly, washing not only his body but his hair too.

When they finished, Melancholy was in the kitchen, just getting done cooking some fish. She heaped several plates full of food, setting it out on the table so that the entire family could eat.

Dark rarely had access to not only such good, home cooked food, but to this much of it at all.

He takes a bite and Starmine's family cheers.

Several days later, Dark finds Mel and Starmine to be his adoptive siblings, his parents considered unfit to raise a child.

He's scarred, and that will never go away, but he's happy.

Chapter Text

Senbu feels the Force surging through him, boiling to be used. He takes measured, almost mechanical breaths to restrain himself, stalking silently through the dusty sand dunes of Tatooine.

He hates sand, it's everywhere.

In his shoes, in his clothes, in his hair, his eyes, his mouth, he hates it.

He eyes the Tusken village in the red glow of the twin suns as they set in the horizon. The shadowy place makes his anger burn hotter, and the deadly weapon at his hip seems to call out to his fingers.

Gritting his teeth, he summons the lightsaber with the slightest flick of a finger into his tightly clenched fist.

The low hum of his blade soothes him and glows blue at his side, catching the attention of one Raider.

The lookout Raider calls to his people, but is cut off as Senbu's blade slices cleanly through his chest like a knife through soft butter.

A swarm of Tusken Raiders in their bandaged faces and goggles, thick linen garments approach, blasters aimed at his chest.

They all start shooting at once, like the untrained savages they are. Senbu laughs, spinning his saber lazily in front of him and easily deflecting their crimson glowing shots.

Many are reflected back at the unsuspecting shooters, wiping out half of them.

Senbu moves as a blue blur, leaving a trail of carcasses and blood behind. Within ten minutes, no Raider is left in the village to tell the tale.

He rushes into the hut where his beloved sister, Maple, is.

Her dainty skin is bruised and battered, her long, pale pink hair a tangled, matted mess. She's covered in bleeding wounds, there's no way she'll make it.

"Maple, I'm here!"

Her eyesight is blurry, she's too weak to talk, but tries anyway.

"I love you, Senbu."

She reaches up with an elegant hand, caressing his cheek and streaking it with the blood of her wounds.

Her body falls limp in his arms.

He screams.

Chapter Text

Bad Boy is a beautiful witch. He gains his powers from drinking Dr. Pepper and is weakened by bananas because he's allergic to them.

Hansel is a very loud princess even though he doesn't seem loud but he just is. Mostly because he bakes so much, which means he has a lot of sugar. When he doesn't have sugar he's really quiet.

Punkish is a clumsy thief. He also may or may not work at a brothel and get fucked every night. Usually he can't walk the next day but that's fine. His other job is a thief but he's kind of just given up on that cuz dude he can't even walk.

Ice Fag is a fairy that likes to set things on fire. He's adorable and therefore a fairy, dw these are all crack hcs cuz this one makes no fucking sense his NAME IS ICE FAG and his song is SNOWMAN smh

Chapter Text

"You're too... pure looking to be a criminal!" Lancer splutters, staring at his captor.

Edge frowns, crossing his arms. "What the hell's that supposed to mean?"

Lancer blushes, at a loss for words.

"I'm waiting."

"You just..." Lancer starts. "You just don't seem like a criminal. You're so pretty, and soft, and sexy-"

"I'm good at my job, fuck you."

Lancer looks at him sadly. "That night in the bar..."

Edge shakes his head, face still set in a firm frown.

Lancer laughs bitterly. "You really are a criminal I guess, you sweet motherfucker."

The words catch the ginger by surprise, and he jolts. "Wh-wha-?"

"You kissed me like you loved me. You let me take you, like you fucking loved me. You lead me on, you damn slut. You lead me on for your fucking dirty job, and you stole my fucking heart. What hurts more is that I really did love you," Lancer seethes. "I did love you, and I still do."

"But I-!"

"Don't even start. It's been months since that night. You've been leading me on for months, you fucking filthy whore."

Edge starts to cry as Lancer turns away in his cell, refusing to look at him.

"Lancer... Lancer please, I had no choice! I didn't want-"

"Shut up!" Lancer snaps, tears flowing down his cheeks. Tears he won't let Edge see. "I gave you my heart and I trusted you with it. You stole it and shattered it. Thanks a lot."

Edge falls to his knees, any previous professionalism lost. He grips the bars of the cell, sobbing helplessly.

"Why don't you just leave?"

"I'll stay here all night, I'll do anything to prove it wasn't a lie! I'm not a sl-slut, I swear, you're the only one!"

The cell door opens and Edge enters, locking the door behind him. He curls up at Lancer's feet, tears streaming down his face.

His cheek turns red from the impact of Lancer's hand across his face.

Sighing, Lancer pulls him up into his lap, cupping his face in his hands and brushing away tears with his thumbs.

"I always hated seeing you cry," he says quietly.

The ginger sniffles, trying to hold it in. His green-blue eyes widen as he realizes that Lancer's face is streaked with silent tears.

Impulsively, he reaches out to cradle Lancer's face in his delicate, graceful hands, but the blond flinches.

Even so, Edge carries through. He knows he hurt Lancer badly, but he'll do anything to repair it.

"You're so soft..." Lancer whispers, kissing him gently.

Chapter Text

Trickster has a wonderful garden which Senbu cannot touch because they're magic plants and shit fuck the prompt sorry will try tomorrow

Chapter Text

Transmitter was born December 1st, Receiver on December 2nd, yet they're still twins, born only minutes apart, but on both sides of midnight.

Personality wise, they could switch places if they really wanted to, they were so similar. Both love video games, and can be very competitive. They also care deeply for each other, and will do anything to protect the other sibling.

They're very energetic, very social despite their love of video games, and super fun to be around. They're also adorable.

The only difference between them is their gender.

But they still get hugs uwu join me in giving them hugs DO IT

Chapter Text

"But I am dying!" the assassin, Porn Star (?) wails, wrapping his arms tighter around Swimwear.

"Look, Porn Star-"

"Dude my name is Pop Star Resort!"

"...Whatever. Porn Star, you have a fucking cold. Everyone gets them, so shut the fuck up and find some Tylenol or some shit. Robitussin should work too. I don't fucking know, but I assure you that you're not dying."

Porn Pop Star sniffles, leaving without doing his job. He got distracted by being sick so I mean that might not end well.

OH WELL at least he probably realizes he's not dying.


Chapter Text

Ayasaki's warning is grim, his opponents blade maybe a foot away from him.

His hand rests on his katana, though he remains calm. He can sense the fear of his attacker.

He feels the rush of wind from the swing if his enemy's sword, and easily dodges, his own blade making a swift and graceful arc from his side to press against his opponent's neck.

"I keep my promises."

The attacker might have had family, a life, he might not have. Aya doesn't care as his katana carves the body up into a mangled mess of flesh and bones, hardly what could've once been a human being.

It disgusts him, but he's a demon. Such an act of killing a human is just part of that.

He's not purely human anyway.

Chapter Text

Crane almost fell over from his shock when he opened the bathroom door.

"Why is there a sheep in my bathroom???" he shrieked, to which Ayasaki dragged himself over to have a look.

"Oh what the fuck why is there a sheep in your bathroom?"

They were two very confused boys.

"Actually there's two sheep in your bathroom," Dark said calmly as he walked by.

Only then did the two notice the short redhead splayed out on the ground.

"Dark, are you blind?" Aya snapped. "That's a human!"

That human woke up from the noise. "Who the hell are you?"

All three turned to look at him.

Aya and Crane screamed.

"I'm Strange Dark," Dark offered amiably. "You must be Nakahara Chuuya, Port Mafia Executive from Yokohama, former leader of the Sheep. Ability is For The Tainted Sorrow, allowing you to manipulate the gravity of anything you touch. Should you allow yourself to unleash your full power, you become a vessel for what is inside you and can't control yourself. All that can stop you in that scenario is a Dazai Osamu, whose ability is No Longer Human. That ability allows him to nullify any ability he comes in contact with. Am I correct?"

Now it was Chuuya's turn to be terrified.

"Why do you know all that about me?" he asked, blue eyes wide.

After a few seconds of a solemn face, Dark shot them all a weird grin and yeeted out the door with a "Fwee heeeee."

"So," Ayasaki started awkwardly, "You're possessed too?"

Chuuya just blinked at him. "I guess?"

"You probably get called a girl half the time too, right?"

Chuuya nodded.


Chuuya shrugged. "Honestly, I can't answer that. He or she is not with me."

"How did you get here anyway?" Aya asked.

"Probably drunk."

"Did you happen to meet either a tiny brunet with a gray uniform and knee high socks with a hat or a blond with a very traditional get up?" Crane asked in alarm.

Chuuya tried to think. "Yeah... I did actually meet a blond like that... Hougetsu or something..."

"OH that makes more sense, he must've take you home," Crane concludes.

"Yeah, but I can't explain for the sheep." Chuuya prodded the sheep. The sheep bleated.

They all stared at the sheep, at a loss for what to do.

Chuuya then touched the sheep, making it far lighter and yeeting it out the window into some distant field.

Aya and Crane just stared.

"Well, I'll see you guys later, maybe," Chuuya waved, shoving his hands in his pockets and reducing his own gravity, allowing him to more or less float out the window.

"Well that happened," Aya nodded, trying to process whatever the hell that was.

Crane had locked himself in the bathroom, as he had finally gotten to take a shit.

Congratulations Crane.

Chapter Text

All he can think is damn, he's so fucking sexy and he's all mine.

Lancer raises his eyebrows, legs crossed, sitting on the end of his bed.

Edge shyly creeps into the room, face flushed as he walks quickly across the room, kneeling before the blond.

"You promised me I could have you tonight," Lancer reminds him, not that he's forgotten. It's impossible with the constant reminder in the form of a collar.

He plays with said collar now, a nervous habit. He glances up at Lancer, his insides burning up quietly with a filthy hunger.

"Why don't you show me one of those strip dances of yours?" Lancer smirks. "You know, the ones you practice when you think I'm not at home or when I'm not looking?"

"How did you-?"

Lancer shushes him with a single finger, pushing it through the younger's lips. He gives a satisfied "Hm," when the boy sucks obediently.

"Strip for me, gorgeous."

Edge rises, cheeks flushed crimson in embarrassment.

Haltingly at first, he lets his hips sway back and forth until he finds his rhythm. The rest of his body follows fluidly, and he unbuttons his jacket.

His long jacket slides off his shoulders, slipping down his arms until it's a heap on the floor. Lancer doesn't react, so Edge picks at the buttons of his polo.

One by one, they come undone until the ginger's toned chest and abs appear, not plainly obvious but all the same present.

Lancer licks his lips when Edge's hands linger at his upper chest, delicate fingers toying with aroused peaks.

A slight gasp slips out of the smaller, his lips parting in the miniscule pleasure he gives himself.

He knows Lancer will give him more, so much more.

His shoulders peek out as the polo's sleeves slither down his arms.

Reaching up, he frees his hair, letting it spill out of its ponytail. He wasn't wearing shoes in the first place, and is now left with only his pants between him and his lover.

He hadn't bothered with underwear for this, not when Lancer would toss them aside like the useless distraction they were.

Lancer smirks, beckoning sweetly to him and patting his lap.

Edge obeys, straddling the blond's lap and grinding his hips against him. His upper body still sways, and he remains obedient and submissive as Lancer leashes him.

His breathing falters as Lancer kisses his neck fiercely, up and down continuously, sucking hickeys into the perfect, porcelain skin.

Edge cries out softly as teeth sink into his flesh, only further marking him as Lancer's bitch.

"Touch yourself."

The demand is made as Lancer squeezes Edge's thighs, rubbing them slowly and purposefully, extracting long, low moans from his eager slave.

Edge runs his hands along his skin, running fingers across his ribs, along his hipbones, over his thighs so that Lancer grabs his wrists.

He shoots Lancer a look of pure innocence.

The blond snarls, pouncing on his masochistic uke. Edge moans in delight, the aspect of being pinned down only turning him on more.

The filthy noises make Lancer reconsider, and the ginger's pushed off the bed.

He lands on his hands and knees, just how Lancer wants it.

Edge remains the good little pet while Lancer ties his arms behind him in an elaborate web of rope and knots.

His pretty face pressed against the floor, he sticks his ass higher in the air, leaving Lancer with the desire to rip off those black pants.

Instead, Lancer grabs a fistful of hair, forcing Edge back into a kneeling position. Grabbing his jaw, he kisses him roughly, forcing his tongue through willing teeth, dominating the poor boy's mouth and hope of breathing.

Edge's lungs heave for air, but Lancer won't let up, teeth clumsily tugging at his lips. The ginger feels his lip split, metallic red flooding his mouth, but both are too hungry for each other to care.

Lancer devours his lips and tongue possessively, never finding enough. Nothing can satisfy him, Edge is too beautiful.

Finally deciding to be merciful, Lancer pulls away, and Edge lets his tongue hang out of his mouth, saliva dripping off it. Whose saliva it is remains a mystery.

Lancer shoves four fingers in the boy's mouth, a silent demand to suck on them. The ginger responds with obedience yet again, and Lancer teases those fitted black pants off, revealing the gorgeous ass he's been craving all day.

He fumbles with his own clothing, knowing nothing but the need to fuck his pretty little toy into oblivion.

Edge screams on entry, but bucks his hips all the same, moaning loudly at the penetration.

His mouth hangs open, tongue lazily caressing Lancer's fingers still deep in his mouth.

Lancer rocks his body hard, their mad lust slamming them together, uniting them as one.

Edge nearly screams when Lancer adjusts his angle, hitting his prostate dead on. He really does scream when he feels himself getting close.


Lancer yanks his hair, kissing the side of his mouth and talking against his lips. "It's not yours to give away."

The teasing words send Edge over, and he cums violently, half sobbing, half screaming Lancer's name.

He doesn't complain when Lancer pulls out, laying him over his lap.

He moans as Lancer slaps his thick, slutty ass, over and over again, turning the skin bright red from the impact.

"You like that, whore?"

Edge nods, shivering at the name. "I'm Master's whore," he speaks up filthily, cock twitching at the idea. "Master's slave. Master's pet. Master's plaything. Master's slut."

"And you're my love," Lancer states softly but firmly, leading Edge to a sitting position once again. Their lips collide in a sloppy kiss, Lancer repositioning Edge so that the ginger faces him in his lap, sitting on his still erect cock.

Edge moans into the kiss, grinding his hips against Lancer once again. "Cum for your dirty, horny, slutty bitch," Edge murmurs, finding his mouth filled with Lancer as soon as he finishes the filthy words.

He feels Lancer groan against him at the same time as he's filled with hot, sticky love, Lancer's love.

They continue their kiss for a few minutes more, Edge barely breathing from how involved they are.

Finally, regretfully, they part lips, Lancer leaving a final kiss on Edge's forehead. "I'll take care of you, love."

Chapter Text

"Why do we have unicorn blood on our shopping list?" Stylish asked, then burst into tears. "I don't wanna kill a unicorn! They're so nice and pretty and they didn't do anything so we do we have to hurt them????"

Other people in the grocery store stared in concern at the sobbing teenager who was acting more like a five year old at this point, running to the arms of a consoling Bad Boy.

"Don't worry, Stylish, we won't hurt any unicorns and we don't need any unicorn blood."

"Okay," Stylish sniffles, kissing Bad Boy's cheek. "Thank you, Bad Boy!"

Chapter Text

"How have you not killed him yet???" Yukata asked, pointing at Trickster.

"He pays me not to, weekly," the brunet replies, "with sex."

Yukata gave up and realized that questioning anything the Len modules do is stupid because there is no explanation.

Chapter Text







Chapter Text

Counselor learned this the hard way when he ate food made by Butterfly, Senbu's sister.

While she wasn't half as fucked up as her twin, she still had a garden that was in fact half for cooking, half for poisoning.

She wasn't cruel, but she didn't like counselors, which she knew School Council was, so she decided to poison him. Also because she was bored and Senbu wasn't stupid enough to fall into her trap.

Though Council survived, he's lost faith in women, and is utterly terrified of Senbu since everyone knows he's a good 666% more unstable than his twin sister.

Fear the Wild Angerary Ni No Sakura Senbu Creature Child Thing.

Chapter Text

Append was trying to wrote poetry.

He wrote an edgy line, "The ocean was my slave."

Then he yeeted his notebook across the room cuz that's a croissant yup thanks autocorrect because that is exactly what I was gonna say I obviously meant that his line was a croissant

where was this going again-

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Len hurried through the halls of the Vocaloid mansion, he was about to meet the first few modules of his.

He was holding a notebook full of songs, and in his rush bumped straight into someone.

Being the smaller of the two, he fell back on his ass, his notebook falling and the other person's coffee spilling on his lap.

"I'm sorry, you must be Len," the other smiled, offering a hand to help him up. "I'm Append."

"Nice to meet you, Append."

What they didn't know is just how interlaced their destinies truly were.

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Senbu sobs to himself in an empty lot of land, still charred from a fire he set years ago. His family used to live here, and he'd never hurt them, but he was a child, he couldn't help it.

He loved, and still loves fire.

He's not very stable either.

He's been an orphan for years now.

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The more I think about this prompt the more it sounds like human trafficking.

I believe very strongly in the protection of basic human rights, and while I have read and written some questionable fanfics, that never means I support it.

Being from the states, our schools teach us a lot about slavery and our Civil War because it was an astonishingly large part of our history, and equal rights for all Americans didn't truly come about until almost the 1970's.

At the time before the Civil War, our nation had developed to a point where we had a North and a South, and had they been separate countries, the South would be the fourth richest country in the world.

The reason they were separate in the first place was because of both climate and the issue of slavery; the North believed in factories and more industrialism in general, whereas the South was agricultural.

Slavery wouldn't have been such a big deal if it hadn't been for the cotton gin, which was supposed to make harvesting cotton easier, and therefore reducing the need for slaves.

Slavery was on the decline before that, and unfortunately with the invention of the cotton gin, cotton could be produced much faster and demand increased which made profit increase by 1000%, I believe, it might be more though. It was over 100%, I know that.

After that, the government basically added states in an order of one free state, one slave state, but eventually there were more free states than slave states and slave states were angry bois but they also felt threatened because they feared slavery might become illegal and their entire economy depended on it.

Eventually all this bs lead to the Civil War, which was inevitable, North won the war, and September 22nd, 1862, all the slaves were declared free by an executive order of President Abraham Lincoln. The abolishment of slavery was only officially added to the Constitution as the Thirteenth Amendment on December 18th, 1865 though.

Yeah then we had another 100 years of segregation and extreme racism. Blacks could only finally attend white schools in the South when the Little Rock Nine, or nine African American students were sent to Central High in Arkansas. They faced a lot of bullshit that I'm not gonna list here but if you're curious there's a book called Warriors Don't Cry by Melba Patillo Beals, who was one of the Little Rock Nine.

For a timescale, she's still alive today. She's 77. A reminder, she was in her third year of high school when she went to Central High, and 1957 isn't as long ago as you might think.

I went off on a huge rant and a summary of the American Civil War, but anyway the point was simply DO NOT SUPPORT SLAVERY.

As a kink it's fine cuz that's consensual (If both sides of the relationship consent to it)but holding someone against their will for either free labor or sexual reasons is illegal and morally wrong.

Sorry if you expected my usual smut/crack for the prompt it's a lil serious today

actually a lot serious

oh hey I have a Social Studies quiz today on a lot of this shit


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Porn Star glances at his cellmate awkwardly. "What are you in for?" he calls out to the taller blond.

"Ehh. I burned my house down."

Porn Star promptly falls off his top bunk. "You did what?"

His cellmate, Lancer, sighs. "I was cooking for my boyfriend... but I'm not a very good cook..."

"You burned the house down by cooking?"


"What the hell."


"Is he gonna visit you?"

"Yup. He's not too happy about the house, though."


"There he is."

Porn Star's eyes widen. "He does not look happy."

"Pfft, don't worry. I'll have his pretty mouth on my cock in no time."

True to his word, Lancer did actually manage to get Edge to pleasure him with a partial blowjob through the bars, finishing off in a handjob.

Por Star is very confused and SD is probably very horny cuz god damn I need to write a lemon I am in mega smut mood help please

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"YOU BLEW UP HALF THE CITY????" Stylish screamed, getting more hysterical by the second.

Porn Star shrugged. "I regret nothing."

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Edge hadn't wanted to go there in the first place, he was terrified. Still, when Lancer insisted, he couldn't decline.

And so there they were, standing at the entrance of the carnival in an unfinished, abandoned town.

No one who ever came back talked about the place.

Trembling from head to toe, Edge clung to Lancer's hand for dear life. Upon entering, he felt the blond's fingers squeeze tighter around his own.

They wandered nervously around the carnival, though Lancer's not as visibly scared. Eventually they relaxed enough to explore at more ease, with lack of encountering anything odd.

It's truly a beautiful carnival, though some rides seemed to have some rather interesting references and themes. Not the most kid friendly of places. If that's all that kept people away, then people are just stupid.

At one point they entered a house of mirrors, but the hallway to enter was so narrow that they could only enter one at a time.

Lancer went in first, but as soon as he entered, he heard Edge's shrill cry.

"Edge?" he burst out of the house of mirrors, finding no trace of the ginger. He heard a laugh that made him quiver, it sounded childlike but... just... brrr.

He could hear the sounds of someone struggling and muffled screaming, and quickly traced the sound back to the house of mirrors.

He rushed inside, but was greeted by warped versions of himself reflected in hundreds of mirrors. He could see the panic in the way he carried himself.

It took him too long to find his way into the next room, where who knows what could have been done to hurt his shaken boyfriend.

He was horrified at what he found still, Edge struggling madly at heavy shackles on his delicately sculpted wrists and ankles. Screams are choked around a gag, tears streaming down his face and soaking the blindfold over his pretty eyes.

The worst part was the sign on his chest, reading, "Rape this whore."

He was clearly dressed against his will, a complex laced corset hugging his soft curves, and a tiny, tight black dress clinging to him, doing very little to cover him.

"Edge!" Lancer rushed to his side, fumbling with the gag and ripping it out. "Oh Edge, baby I love you."

Edge sobs harder as Lancer removes the blindfold. "L-Lance?"


"Am I a whore?"

"My whore."

"But am I an actual...?"

Lancer cups Edge's face in his hands, kissing away his tears. "Of course not," he assures gently, caressing the ginger's wet cheeks.

The blond curses, unable to unlock the manacles. He knows Edge is panicking with then on. Of course, the sub loves bondage, but in this circumstance he's terrified.

A mirror becomes streaked with blood, forming words.

The chains are of hate. To balance them, you must give up what you love most in the world.

Lancer embraces his lover a final time.

"NO! Pl-please! If you love me, you won't do it!" Edge begs, eyes filling with fresh tears.

Lancer smiles sadly. "I'll do it because I love you. I love you more anything else in the world, Edge."

Edge felt the shackles come loose as Lancer's blood began to soak onto his skin.

"LANCER, WHY?" He clung to the limp body, desperately kissing his unmoving man. He fumbled for Lancer's bloody knife. In their last moments, he felt Lancer's lips move against his, hearing the impossibly soft whisper.

"Love you, Edge."

They never made it home.

Their bodies were found years later, curled up in each others arms.

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He had this look in his eyes

that made you wonder

just how m a n y people he's killed.

( And this... )


that made you realize

he's probably lost count.

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Lancer approaches the promiscuously dressed witch cautiously. The ginger in return only licks his spoon, disappearing into his cottage and leaving Lancer staring after him.

Sure, he might be a witch hunter, but damn that boy is sexy.

Cautiously, the blond pokes his head through the door, only to find the witch half undressed. He blushes, but can't tear his eyes away from smooth, unmarred skin, and toned limbs made strong from who knows what. That body calls to him, and he has to mentally scold his dick for twitching at the thought of the gorgeous ginger pinned down beneath him, breathy moans-


But those crimson lips, so soft-


Those incredible thighs-


The witch hasn't noticed him yet, and is now fully naked.


Restraint leaves his system and he storms inside, pushing the shocked witch right up against the wall and kissing him, tongue ripping through his mouth, devouring him, hands clutching possessively to the absolutely perfect body in his grasp.

The witch makes a small noise, squirming to escape but Lancer kisses him harder, stroking hair out of his face with one hand, squeezing his ass with the other.

The witch's cheeks are bright red, and he reaches out for the wooden spoon. Lancer chooses that moment to kiss down his jawline and sensitive neck, and the ginger moans, abandoning his task.

He slides down the wall, knees growing weaker and weaker as Lancer abuses his sensitive spots. In no time he's gasping and panting, begging for more.

"What's your name?" Lancer asks. He's already seduced a creature that he's supposedly sworn to kill. He's never known a witch's name before anyway.

"I-I'm Edge."


The blushing ginger has a dazed look in his eyes, salivating from the tongue heavy kisses and the love peppered across his neck and chest.

Lancer is now stuck with a Boner That Won't Go Away. He turns Edge so that the ginger is facing the wall.

Kissing his spine, he forces two fingers into the witch, rapidly stretching him out and is somewhat oblivious to the pain the ginger is in.

Edge claws at the wall, face pressed against it. The construction of his cottage is pretty weak, and eventually he tears through the packed dirt wall. Lancer's eyes flash with something, and he punches through said wall.

"That's my fucking haAHH~!" Edge's protest is interrupted by a slight change in Lancer's angle. He wants something bigger inside him, something longer.

Lancer withdraws, using the full extent of his strength to push Edge against the wall. The ginger whimpers, consoled by Lancer mildly nibbling at his ear. Finally the wall gives way, and Lancer pushes Edge's torso through it, holding his hips in place.

"What the-?" Edge scrabbles for grip on something, as he feels to vulnerable in this position. He'd rather not be a feast for Lancer's eyes, but then Lancer suddenly pounds into him and he lets out a screech.

It feels so fucking good.

He howls the man's name, falling apart in pleasure and letting go of everything. His magic is working on the house and repairing it, and he can feel packed dirt starting to close in around him just below his ribcage.

Lancer thrusts at a slightly different angle, hitting his prostate dead on.

He screeches, flailing wildly in his bliss. His stomach is tight, and squeezes tighter and tighter the harder Lancer fucks him until finally, it's released as a powerful orgasm that has him writhing.

He's very lightheaded now, the magical wall starting to constrict around him. It's going to crush him, he realizes. Was this the witch hunter's plan all along? To kill him by fucking him through the wall? But he couldn't know about the wall's properties, Edge himself didn't realize the wall would do it.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, Edge?"

The ginger hears the blond's words only vaguely, but can sense the concern. He smiles tiredly. "Thank you."

The witch's body goes limp as the wall fully reconstructs itself, compacting as tightly as it can to fill all the space around the gorgeous ginger.

Lancer stares in horror at what's happened because of him, and though it's his job to hunt and kill witches, this terrifies him and it hurts like hell.

Only now does he see the pictures all over the cottage, ones of the ginger he'd just fucked with another blond. They seemed awfully close in those photos...

That's also when he realizes that the bed is rather large for one person, as is the cottage.

Then he finally spots the names.

White Edge, the hot ginger witch that again, he'd just fucked and also been the death of.

Receiver, likely the blond in all those pictures.


They were ma-

A spoon impales itself in Lancer's chest. He turns slowly, painfully, and in his fading consciousness, he sees that Receiver's come home.

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Starmine was making out with Dark and then five mins later Dark unleashed his paradichlorobenzene stash and the world ended the end thank you for your time

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Though their lips meet again and again, saliva bridging between them, lust shared in a heated dance of tongues, it breaks Starmine's heart when he hears Dark's sad whisper.

"It's okay. You don't have to love me."

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Dark orgasms loudly, riding Starmine cowgirl/cowboy style. Starmine releases soon after, filling him with warmth.

They're engrossed in a lustful haze until there's a loud sound at the door.

Dark's attention snaps to it, suddenly sharp despite how much he'd love to fall asleep in Mine's arms.

"You did lock the door, right?"

Starmine blushes, not quite recalling ever doing such a thing. "Um..."


Chapter Text

Dark was minding his own business. He was very busy indeed, at 3 in the morning, at which time he had his headphones on while doing some useless shit because sleep is like "HA NOPE." (Totally not me-)

He jumped in utter shock at the excited knock on his door.

Rolling his eyes, he goes to answer the door. "What do you want, Starmine?"

"I'd take a bullet for you, you know that right?" the taller says seriously, cupping Dark's face in his hands.

Dark slaps his hand away. "You're a Len, so you'll just be reincarnated. I'm going to kill you if you keep saying bullshit like that."

Starmine pouts mildly, but becomes serious again. "Even if I weren't a Len module, even if I were just normal, I'd still love you the same. I'd give up everything for you."

He leaves, closing the door behind him and leaving a shaken Dark staring at the closed door.


Dark's lips curved upward in a small smile.

So this is what it is to be loved.

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Ayasaki stumbled along as Hougetsu grabbed him, dragging him to... wherever they were going.

"Hougetsu, where are you taking me?" Aya asked more curious than angry.

"It's not down on any map. True places never are," Hougetsu replied breezily.

Ayasaki mentally facepalmed. "How much have you had to drink so far?"

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Pride month had just started, and the modules were throwing a party.

It was late, and Dark had passed out of exhaustion at one point or another. Deciding to take him home, Starmine picked him up gently and held him in a bridal carry. Dark's pale blond head slumped against Starmine's shoulder, and he subconsciously relaxed and melted into the other boy's arms.

Starmine took him home this way. Once they arrived, the taller tucked Dark in bed, but as he was about to leave, he felt a small hand grab his arm.

"Don't... go..."

The sleepy mumble touched Mine's heart, and he snuggles down with Dark and they slept peacefully that night.

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"Sir, the Sky Thieves stole the moon," Officer Starmine reports sharply. His superior, General Dark, is not happy about this.

"Get that old man Blue Moon out of the sky, we need the fucking moon back! And take the secret weapon."


"That one soldier, you know, the weird stripper pole dancer prostitute guy."

"Ohhh you mean Punkish?"

"Yeah him."

And so Captain Starmine yeeted off to Blue Moon's ship with Punkish.

Upon arrival, he kicked open the door of Blue' ship and the tall man shrieked girlishly.

"What the hell, man? I only stole the moon, no big deal."

Captain Starmine growled and yeeted the unsuspecting Punkish at him.

"Lieutenant Punkish, seduce him!"

"Roger, Roger!"

Captain Starmine facepalmed. "This isn't a damn Star Wars movie."

Blunkish started fucking so Captain Starmine returned the moon to its rightful place.



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How the fuck does this work as a prompt

Dark's nails dig uselessly into the wooden floor, and he leans back, allowing Starmine's lips to meet his.

He whines pitifully as Mine draws away, lips bridged with glossy saliva.

He throws his head back as Mine suddenly drops, deepthroating him.

lazzyyyyyyyyy someone kill me that sounds nice rn



is a great song

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Upon waking from a coma after a particularly nasty encounter, Dark finds that people are hideous creatures, all with a negative label.





Countless words he would use.

The town's resident crazy boi, Senbu, notices him watching people with disgust.

The brunet's eyes widen. "Wait, you can see them too?"

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Starmine can feel the gun digging into his skull shaking.

"Don't fucking move, or you're fucking dead."

The words are mostly cold and steady, but there's still the underlying tremor that Mine can just make out.

"Oh Dark..." he croons softly, not necessarily trying to achieve anything. The gun shakes violently against him now, until it clatters on the ground.

When he turns around, Dark is sobbing on the floor, face buried in his hands, blond locks spilling out of his ponytail.

Embracing the younger boy, Starmine kisses the top of his head. Dark buries his face now in Mine's chest, the orange fabric of the older's shirt clutched in his fists.

Mine rubs his back in slow, calming circles. "I love you," he whispers, and feels the tiny blond in his arms freeze.

He knows Dark is too shy to respond, but the increased tears and tighter hug tell him that Dark feels the same.

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A true motherfucking demon.

The pale blond called Ayasaki rises, slim hands smudged with musty charcoal and thick, oily ink.

He sways on his feet, exhausted after the battle he'd just won against a demon with power enough to easily rival his.

His clothes are torn, and he finally makes it to his room where he can flop down in a pile on the ground, let silent tears leak down his face, and fall the fuck asleep.

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Starmine sat on his porch, lost in the melody filling the neighborhood. He didn't know who was singing, but it was gorgeous and he was determined to find the source one day.

Suddenly, the music stopped, and there was a piercing shriek.


Wonder if Starmine ever noticed the tiny blond in his class who rarely spoke, green eyes always downcast.

The kid who came to school each day with new wounds or bruises.

Chapter Text

Dark buries his face in his, arms curling up as small as he possibly can. The darkness surrounds him, suffocating him. He can see them all watching him, they're watching, watching, watching, he hates it.

He claws at his pale blond hair, green eyes wide and empty, face frozen in fear.

They're watching him.

If he looks up, all those eyes bore into him, but they're all the same piercing green as his own and it scares him more.

No one has the same eyes as him, no one else had been drowned in liquid paradichlorobenzene as a child, his parents attempt to kill him.

It made his eyes the way they are.

He loves paradichlorobenzene.

Too bad he's built up a tolerance, he can't be killed by it anymore.

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"Don't touch me!" Dark hissed, backing away from the winged creature quickly. Sure, there's enough space in his golden cage to easily fit those majestic, feathered white wings, but why the hell would he want that... thing inside?

The "thing" sighed. "I can read your thoughts. I'm not a 'thing,' I'm an angel."

"I don't care what you are! Fuck off!"

"Don't you remember me?"

Dark was startled by the sudden drop in the other blond's enthusiasm and positivity, replaced by a heartbreaking mixture of disappointment and pain.

"No, I don't fucking remember you, who the hell are you?" Dark spat back all the same.

The crystalline tears that rolled down the creature's gorgeous face made Dark freeze, and he reached to wipe them away.

He hissed at the burn of touching them, and the angel smiled sadly.

"Strange Dark, you're dead. I can't take you with me unless you remember me."

Something stirred at the back of his mind, something he'd locked away for good.


The angel opened his arms and Dark ran into them, tears streaming down his face.

"You died though, of... of..."

"You don't have to say it."

Dark sobbed uncontrollably, holding tightly to the only one he truly loved during life.

Starmine whispered in his ear, "We have eternity together now. Are you ready?"

Dark nodded.

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Dark's ability had always been useless, who the fuck cared if he could eat literally anything and not die? Especially chemicals.

One day he meets Starmine. Starmine can drink anything, and combined they can destroy dangerous substances and such, and become well known for it.

I kinda gave up cuz idk where to take it today

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"I want to go home," Dark sobs into Starmine's bare, tanned shoulder. His pale arms cling to the taller boy's back, sharp nails digging crescents threatening to bleed.

"Me too, Dark. But you know we can't."

Dark curls up smaller in Starmine's arms and stays there, enjoying every last second with him that he can.

Powerful bombs all over the world had been planted, and there was barely ten minutes left before they would go off and obliterate the planet.

In a sudden urge, the two blonds throw themselves on the bed, bodies entangling and lips and tongues invading each others mouths. They enjoy each other for the last time, cumming with a breathless "I love you" as pulsating energy rips through the bowels of the earth.

Chapter Text

Dark sobbed into the cold body in his arms, face in the crook of a tanned neck. "No. Not you. Anyone but you."

Starmine didn't respond.

Dark instead felt warm liquid seep through his fingers, and the last exhalation of breath on his cheek.

"Love... you... Dark..."

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"You here to finish me off, sweetheart?" Lancer asked quietly. He could feel the gun aimed at his back without it even touching him.

He didn't get an answer, and he didn't expect one anyway. He slowly raised his arms.


Then as he listened harder, he heard it.

Soft, pitiful sobbing.

Turning quickly, he found Edge on his knees, struggling to restrict his tears. The blond could never resist his ginger captor, the boy needed love and that he'd given him.

The previous night's happenings were still fresh in his mind, the proud ginger melting eagerly into submission. Aquamarine eyes gazing lustfully into his. Soft, rosy lips caressing his raging erection. A warm, wet tongue against burning skin.

It escalated quickly, and Edge was reduced to a screaming mess, begging for more and more, painfully well hidden kinks being fully indulged.

Looking at him now, Lancer took him into his arms, knowing fully well that this is how he would die.

That's fine though.

It's the best way to die, holding the only one he's ever loved.

Edge hugged him back, face buried in his chest. Lancer could still feel the metal tip of a gun digging into his back.

Edge ripped out of his arms, pulling him back in for a passionate kiss, tears spilling down his cheeks.

"I can't kill you..."

The gun went off and Lancer watched as Edge collapsed into his arms, smiling, blood seeping into his luxurious ginger locks.

"I love you... Lance..."

It took a full minute before the blond screamed, ending his life to join the one in his arms.

Chapter Text

Anti sits primly on the side, her long dress spilling around her. She adjusts her elaborately decorated mask, and studies all the other masked faces around her.

"Will you dance with me?"

She looks up in surprise to see a young man she doesn't believe she's ever seen. She hesitates, then takes his hand and he sweeps her to her feet.

She twirls easily, and his hand rests on her hip.

They dance to several songs until it's time to go. They end up back at the man's apartment.

Her dress is slipped down, revealing her almost nonexistent breasts.

Further, and her panties are all that protects her.

Further still, and they're in a hardcore session, no protection, nothing.

They never remove each others masks.

That's how she got here, a week later, crying in the bathroom with a positive pregnancy test.

Chapter Text

They shouldn't be sleeping together.

If the leader of Edge's mafia found out, his life would become hell, and Lancer would likely be killed on the spot.

The fierce Mafioso is sleeping peaceful, ginger head resting against Lancer's bare chest.

The blond kisses the top of his head gently, running fingers through his soft hair. Edge subconsciously shifts closer to him.

They haven't bothered cleaning up, and the sheets are still fairly sticky with cum, swear, and saliva. The smell of sex fills the room, and Edge's gorgeous body is the biggest indicator of their activities.

Claiming bites decorate his fair skin, and he's still refused to clean out Lancer's semen, insisting that he wouldn't waste it.

Lancer doesn't understand that, but he'll do anything to please the other. He'd give up everything for him.

Fir such a strong person, such a fighter, Edge had turned out to be so willingly submissive. He was kinkier beyond what Lancer realized was possible, and so damn beautiful.

He'd never really explored his own kinks, but he found that he enjoys seeing Edge bound and helpless, begging desperately for absolutely filthy actions. He enjoys Edge's pleas to be his whore, go be called his slut. He admits he's most likely a sadist, from the pleasure he takes in disciplining his partner.

They've had plenty of exploration with each other concerning their sex lives, but as Lancer slips into a vivid dream filled sleep, he realizes there's more he wants...

His dream begins at a secluded park, in a garden full of various vibrant flowers, yet their beauty couldn't rival that of the ginger in his arms.

He finds himself dropping down to tie his shoelace, but that's not all. He stays kneeling, and takes Edge's hand, giving it a long kiss. He then produces a box, flipping it open.

"White Edge, I... I love you, a-and I... I want..."

The shock in Edge's eyes is too much, the emotions are clearly overwhelming him. After a few seconds of silently staring, he throws himself into Lancer's arms, hugging him tightly.

"Oh Lance... Yes... Yes, yes, yes!"

Lancer doesn't believe he's ever smiled so widely before. He ends the hug to slam his lips against Edge's rosy ones, tasting him and pressing all of his love into Edge's mouth.

Just as he wakes up, he has a glimpse of Edge's boss.

He wakes up with a small scream, which wakes Edge. The ginger shoots up, stance defensive before he remembers everything.

Relaxing, he leans his head on Lancer's shoulder. "What's wrong?"

Lancer can't shake the image out of his head. What if the boss found them like this? Worse, what if the boss walked in on them doing something kinky? Surely respect for Edge within the mafia would drop to almost nonexistent. And-

"What if he finds out?"

Edge looks at him in surprise. "What do you mean?"

Lancer would love nothing more than to spend his life with Edge, but how could they possibly manage?

"We can't do this, I can't ruin your-"

"I don't fucking care. I'm not happy here. I'm happy with you, though. I want you to take me away."

"But where would we go?"

"Away. Take me anywhere. As long as it's with you."

Chapter Text

Lancer gasped in horror at the enemy mafia's troops. One in particular.

That super hot ginger he kind of really wants to have kinky rough sex with.

Not only is he beautiful, but he's scandalous. Showing off his ankles.

Unheard of.

How could one be so daring as to show of their ANKLES?

So vulgar, it's only a step away from porn and prostitution!

Okay but enough about Edge's scandalous ankles.

It turned out Lancer was right, because he somehow got a hotel room for them and Edge was way too sexy to be legal.

It was a good night, pounding into the helpless ginger and marking him up, claiming him. It was fun to tease him into submission, exploiting his kinks. He felt deep satisfaction in the choker that now served as a collar, announcing Lancer's ownership of Edge.

He smirked the next day when they came up against each other in combat, ending up away from the rest of the fighting. At that point, Lancer kissed him fiercely, a hand finding firm grip in his hair, the other pulling him close by grabbing his ass.

Edge moaned, he loved it when Lancer groped him like that.

It was no time before saliva dribbled down Edge's chin. And their bodies ground against each other hungrily. Hands travelled everywhere, whether they were supposed to or not.

If only Edge's boss hadn't caught them.

They escaped, but barely.

Running away to America was the best decision they could've made, and they're now happily married because fucking hell whatever writing abilities I might have possessed just yeeted out the window and I never know how to end these anyway.

Chapter Text

Aitetsu wailed on the ground, heavy sobs shaking his tiny body.

"AitEtsU wHAt's wRoNg???" Append Momther screeched, swooping in to give one of his many sons affection.

Aitetsu just continued sobbing like he'd just died or some shit.

"I-I lost my cookie!"

"oH No mY pOoR bAby!!!!" Append screamed. "fiNd HIm A cOokIE" he ordered all the Lens and they gave him a cookie and fuck it all I give up

Chapter Text

As you’ve proved yourself an excellent detective, your agency has given you a rather unique mission. You’re more rational than your mentor, who is notorious for his fantasy of committing a double suicide with a beautiful woman. Despite his demented mentality, he’s known for his surgical accuracy with his prognosis on how a situation will turn out. That is the single reason he’s given amnesty for never doing his work and showing up late. The unique thing about your agency is the unnatural idiosyncrasies of each member. You’re all part of this agency because you have an ability, or in simpler terms, a super power. Your name is Atsushi, and your ability is Beast Beneath The Moonlight. You have the singular ability to transform into a tiger. Your mentor believes you have insular views on the world because you’re young, but he also believes that you are the best candidate for this mission. You’re being sent to the beach with five people who are related to registered ability users, and these five people are suspected to be monsters.There are innumerable ability users, but a plurality of them aren’t threats. Your agency and its rival agency have consolidated information to narrow down the suspects to the five you’re about to meet. You’re a little nervous, because you’re not robustly built, and you’re only 18. You fret silently in the duration of the car ride to the beach. Your colleagues tell you that you have great fortitude and valor to take on this mission, but you’re just doing your job. The agency provided refuge when you were kicked out of the orphanage, after all, so it’s also returning a favor. You’re introduced to the five suspects as a young journalist who wants to practice interviewing without taking notes. One of them towers over you, like an immovable mountain. He’s definitely the tallest, and has blond hair, blue eyes, and boots that vary greatly in length, as in one reaches his thigh while the other only reaches his ankle. The next suspect is a tiny brunet who your mentor warned you about. Apparently, the sweet looking boy has an alarmingly volatile personality, and has been known to attack the people he’s discoursing with. You look to the next suspect, a ginger in a white jacket and generally comfortable clothes. The look you get from the first suspect is filled with enough “back off” vibes to inter you far enough into the ground to shoot you straight through the other side of the planet. You feel your heart rate accelerate in fear and you quickly look away. There’s only nebulous information on the fourth suspect, who is male but is often mistaken as female because of his hair length. The agency has a few theories with astronomical levels of questionability. Apparently he might be some sort of celestial being, specifically a demon. The fifth and final suspect is a stellar chemist, but has the humility not to rub it in anyone’s face. He could very well be in a pantheon of chemists if he really wanted to. You smile at everyone and they all smile uneasily in return except for the brunet, who growls instead.

“Senbu, he hasn’t done anything to you!” the chemist chastises, and Senbu pouts.

“Sorry, Dark.”

You know your goal, distract the suspects long enough for your agency to launch a sneak attack on them. Triggering their violent sides will bring out any possible monsters. There are sanctions that monsters have to follow if they do for some reason have a human form, and recently an unregistered monster has been destroying and attacking the city. That’s where you come in. Your agency’s nontraditional methods are only condoned by the law because of the kinds of cases it gets. In a way, people almost deify the agency for its service in protecting the city.

“So,” you start awkwardly. “Do you guys play any instruments?”

The terrifying, tall blond lights up. “Edge has exceptional piano skills and he was a participant in an advanced piano exhibit!”

You figure out that the chill ginger is Edge from the way he’s blushing, and he hits the tall man’s arm. “It’s nothing, Lancer.”

So far, your hypothesis is that this Lancer person is the monster, because he’s hecking scary. You suddenly realize that Dark, the chemist is consuming some sort of white substance that smells an awful lot like moth balls. You lose your formal composure, terrified because you expect an instantaneous reaction to ingesting the substance. You allege to yourself that he might very likely be the monster, since he doesn’t react. If anything, he’s invigorated by it.

The long-haired suspect facepalms. “Dark, stop eating paradichlorobenzene!”

You’re very confused. “What’s… that?” you ask, unable to pronounce the word.

“Oh! Paradichlorobenzene is an organic compound composed of-”

“Shut up!” the long-haired suspect interrupts. “All you need to know is that it’s poisonous and Dark should be dead from eating it,” he tells you.

You nod slowly, still nonplussed. “And… it’s in what…?”

“Moth balls!” Senbu cheers. “Those taste good!” These people are making your job harder and harder.

“He has Pica,” Dark explains. “An eating disorder where he sees nontraditional objects as food.”

You smile awkwardly, observing them as they walk along the beach. Suddenly, a blade comes swinging down on Edge. The ginger dodges, morphing before your eyes into a dark mass, still somewhat human-like, but covered in black armor that seems to suck in light. The colleague of yours who attacked, Kyouka, looks terrified. You feel yourself scream as Lancer, the tall suspect, throws her with astronomical force into the powdery, gritty sand. She only survives because of your agency’s medic, whose ability can bring someone back to full health if they’re half dead. At least you know now, Edge is the monster. You call out this information, but your mind changes instantaneously when Dark combusts and Senbu glows red, warping the ground beneath him. The last suspect has grown three times his size, with a katana that glows with an almost purple flame. He too seems to absorb light. Maybe he is a demon after all. Senbu has a strange grin on his face that seems to pierce through you like blades. He’s a tiny vessel for immeasurable power, manipulating gravity itself. At this point, Dark smolders as black smoke, now taking the form of a cat which will burn anything it touches. You mentor runs up beside you. He’s a nullifier, so if these are just abilities, he can disable them if he touches them. The five creatures close in on you, suffocating you in your own terror until your mentor allows all five to touch him instead of you.

Nothing happens.

You see blinding fire and choking darkness all at once, then nothing.

You wake up and give a piercing scream, because the monster was your own mind all along.

Chapter Text


Edge suppresses a growl, he only has one move left. He knows the rival mafia member's name, Lancer.

He whirls around, tears of shame glistening in his eyes without his knowledge. Faking a sweet, seductive voice, he offers up his broken, beaten body.

"Take me~" He trails his fingers down Lancer's chest, looking up at him with a look of submission. "...Daddy~"

He braces himself for what always happens in these situations. As scarred as he is, he's still beautiful, still a stunning, sexy creature. He waits for the bruising grip on his wrists, the impact of being shoved against the wall, the shame and agony of being fucked against some wall by so many different men like some goddamn whore, just to distract them.

The warmth of a hand on his cheek and gentle fingers brushing away his tears scares him more than anything he's ever experienced.

The betraying tear cracks his composure, and he breaks out into full on sobbing. He willingly falls into the other man's embrace, drowning in that same soothing warmth he'd only experienced with his siblings.

He'd forgotten what love felt like.

He moans softly as Lancer's hand runs up and down his spine, melting away all his training to distrust the rival mafia.

He feels so tired all of a sudden, as if all these years of being uptight and professional, cold and unfeeling, have finally caught up to him.

He slumps in Lancer's arms, and the blond takes his weight, stroking his hair. He lets tears roll down his cheeks, landing on Lancer's shoulder.

He doesn't know what makes him do it, but he reaches up, slamming his lips against Lancer's.

The blond is clearly surprised, but kisses back gently, one arm around the ginger's waist, the other hand tangled in his hair.

"K-kiss me harder~" he begs, arms looped around Lancer's neck. He opens his mouth slightly, inviting tongue. He moans as the blond's warm, wet muscle slips through his lips. Shivers run down his spine, Lancer's kiss makes him feel more alive than he's felt in years.

He kisses the man desperately, searching for something to hold onto and bite down on, something to be his and his alone.

He wants Lancer.

He hasn't wanted- needed something so badly in so long...

Lancer pulls away, saliva still bridging their lips.

"Why are you such a good kisser?" Edge blurts. "Why..." his voice breaks, "...why are your lips so... like home...?"

Lancer smiles sadly. "I remember your first kiss."

And suddenly, so does Edge, all those years back before he was kidnapped from his family. Out of curiosity, he'd kissed his best friend.

He swore he'd know those lips anywhere, were he to taste them again.

And so he does.

Chapter Text

Dark: So what ride do you want to ride?

Senbu: I want to ride that. **points at Trickster**

Trickster: **Eating a corndog and chokes**

Chapter Text

Edge: **drops something**

Edge: Oh fuck me.

Lancer: **smirks**

Edge: That wasn't an invitation.

Lancer: **gets closer to Edge**

Edge: I mean it, leave me alone.

Lancer: **gets in Edge's face with a low hum and a sexy smile**

Edge: **blushing furiously**

Lancer: **puts hand under Edge's chin**

Lancer: **leans into his ear**

Lancer: I think we should have Chinese for dinner.

Lancer: **sits back down**

Edge: Oh for the love of-

Edge: **repeatedly smacks him with a pillow**

Chapter Text

Punkish stripper boi dressed up in a pretty dress then he fell out of a plane but the dress was so big and poofy that it worked like a parachute and everyone could see his stripper panties the end.

Chapter Text

It is the middle of a biology lesson.

Edge is teaching said biology lesson.

Lancer is just kinda there because he can be. Lancer can also read minds. He always finds it amusing to read Edge's mind while he's teaching, because while the ginger appears to be all there, his mind is often in very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very different places.

Such as now.

Edge's thoughts revolve around being tied up on the ground, ass in the air, moaning uncontrollably while Lancer circles around him, stroking a whip. His saliva spills onto the floor, and he repeats Lancer's name, voice dripping with lust and need. He fantasizes clinging onto Lancer's shoulders while the blond fucks up into him, slamming his prostate so hard it makes his back arch in pleasure and tears euphoric screams right from his lungs. He loves sex, as innocent as he may seem, and he loves his sex rough and kinky. It doesn't take much to turn him on, just a few slow, sensual kisses here and there, a little naughty touching...

Edge is an excellent teacher, but this particular part of the lesson is rather dull, so Lancer decides to spice things up a bit.

He wraps his arms around Edge from behind, and he can see that students find this cute and fluffy and shit. Edge continues teaching as if nothing is out of the ordinary. Lancer nuzzles Edge's neck, licking him softly. The sudden contact of the wet muscle makes Edge jolt, but otherwise he ignores the blond.

Lancer is determined to make this an interesting lesson. He kisses Edge's neck, small but mostly invisible to the class. He can feel the aroused heat from Edge's skin, yet the ginger remains composed. He decides to take it a step further. He kisses up and down Edge's neck repeatedly, making sure the students have a clear view of this.

Out of the corner of his eye, he can see the students' surprised but eager expressions. He runs his tongue slowly along the curve of Edge's neck, then chooses a spot which he begins to suck on. He doesn't have to see to know that Edge's cheeks are flushed.

After several minutes of affectionate kissing and sucking, he bites down.

Edge gives an involuntary moan rather than crying out, then quickly covers his mouth, embarrassed beyond comprehension. Almost in tears, he continues the lesson as calmly as he can. He only has to survive ten more minutes.

But Lancer isn't done.

He grabs Edge's ass.

And stays like that.

For the next five minutes.

He then gets adventurous, massaging Edge through his pants. The poor ginger has a very obvious boner, which is only made worse as Lancer kisses his beck roughly, leaving behind several hickeys.

Edge watches the clock desperately, begging for the stupid thing to show that class is over. He quickly lists out the homework questions, then waits impatiently for the bell to ring.

Finally, after several awkward eternities, the class is over. The students are a little slow leaving, intrigued by their teacher and his boyfriend.

"Lancer what the fu-" Edge is interrupted with a hungry kiss. He quickly melts into submission, kissing back and moaning as Lancer's hands travel over his body under his clothes. He shivers, so touch-starved it hurts. He throws himself into Lancer's arms, clutching onto him and grinding against him.

"Shut the fucking door, I need you~"

Lancer pulls away, shutting the door and winking at the students who'd been watching through it.

Edge displays himself on his desk, down on all fours, chest against the desk's surface, ass raised high for his man. He moans easily as Lancer's fingers dance across his bare skin, then pause to slap his very nice, fuckable ass. He moans louder at it, not bothering to quiet himself despite their location. Lancer remembers though, and is prepared.

"If you're much louder I'll have to gag you."

Edge is in no mood for patience. He wants sex, he needs sex, and he needs Lancer now. Lancer knows this as he gags a yowling Edge, threading his fingers through ginger locks.

Edge hisses, dipping his back and whining for what he so desperately craves. Lancer settles down in front of him, letting him drool for his cock.

"You want it~?"

Edge nods desperately, squirming helplessly. Lancer strokes his cheek gently, then roams around the desk. Edge starts whining again, but Lancer's finally ready to give him what he wants.

Pulling Edge's hair, he thrusts into his needy boyfriend, who lets out a muffled scream in response. Edge pushes himself back to meet Lancer's thrusts, getting the blond deeper inside him. Lancer knows just where to fuck him perfectly, and he knows they only have a certain amount of time, so they can only fit a quick round.

Lancer's sharp ears hear someone at the door, and he quickly switches their position so that he's sitting up, Edge in his lap. He hears the vice principal outside the door, yelling at a student to "go apologize to your biology teacher right now!"

The door flies open and the vice principal leaves before he can see anything. The student comes in, a rebel who's proven to be quite annoying.

Yep, he's got his rebel attitude, yadda yadda.

His expression drops into one of pure shock though.

Of course it would, when his seemingly very innocent biology teacher is being fucked roughly by his boyfriend, gagged, and clearly enjoying every second of it.

"Oh... S-sorry, sir, I uhh... Umm..."

The student quickly leaves, only extremely scarred for life.

Well at least that kid pays attention in class now.


Chapter Text

Edge: Where did the whisk go- I told you not to lick it!

Lancer: Sweetie, it's either you or the whisk.

Chapter Text

"For fuck's sake, Edge, I don't need your dis- oh fuck."

The ginger smirks, stroking himself and moaning loudly. "Touch me~" he invites breathily, hands running down his upper body slowly, showing himself off.

Lancer sighs, undoing his pants to free his arousal. "I have to work, dear. Can we do this later?"

Edge's smirk drops, and he lets his bangs fall in front of his face. He crawls mutely off the desk, then runs out of the room, slamming the door behind him.

Lancer sinks down in his chair, half heartedly palming himself to ease his erection. Unmotivated to continue working, he slowly makes his way up to their shared bedroom, where he knows Edge is.

"Edge?" he knocks quietly, but enters without waiting for a response.

Edge is curled up on Lancer's side of the bed, hugging the blanket and sobbing softly. Lancer wraps his arms around him, kissing his shoulder.

"I'm so sorry-"

"You never have time anymore. You're always working, it's not fair! Fuck your work, I want you too. You're mine! I wish... I wish you'd get a new job. It's not like I don't work, I do, so you could get a new job. A job where there's a time for work, but then there's still time left for me... I know, I'm selfish, wanting you to myself like this but I... I miss you..."

Lancer hugs him tighter. "You're not selfish, you're an angel. I miss you too. I miss doing even the littlest things with you. I miss sitting down to eat with you, going to bed with you, waking up with you... I miss you!"

Edge kisses him suddenly, so hungry and desperate it catches Lancer off guard. The lightest of touches makes Edge shiver and moan and that's how Lancer knows how truly touch starved he is.

"Hold me," the ginger pleads brokenly, resting his chin on Lancer's shoulder.

And so he does.

Chapter Text

Nameless No. 7 isn't the most... attractive, and has never been loved.

He was eventually apprenticed to Nameless No. 1, who rather than treating him as a subordinate, treated him as a brother, and he in turn treated her as a sister.

Somehow the human race had survived long enough that the Milky Way and the Andromeda galaxy had begun to collide. It's a very, very, very slow process, and colliding galaxies isn't quite as disastrous as it sounds. Celestial bodies are so vastly spaced that rather than properly colliding, the two galaxies just combine into one giant super galaxy. Sure, the two individual galaxies lose their original shape, but the cores meld together and as a result we have a super galaxy.

Most people don't know this yet, though the information has been around for the last literal billion years, even in historic times as far back as 2019. The humans of the time knew that the two galaxies would collide. Furthermore, they knew it wouldn't be the end of the world because humans were expected to die out as early as 2040 at the rate they were using up Earth's natural resources.

No. 7 and No. 1 were assigned to get this information out to the public, as majority of the government wanted, yet there was a branch that was convinced it was a lie, and that everyone was doomed.

And so, with that branch's intervention is how No. 1 found in her arms a bleeding No. 7, losing blood too quickly for help to arrive in time.

She never cries, yet now she wept bitterly, pleading with the universe to let her dearest friend live.

The universe didn't seem to hear her over the silent roar of galaxies merging.

"Save... them..." he whispered weakly, giving her an affectionate smile. She cried harder, removing their gloves so that she could squeeze his hands.

"You were the brother I never had..." she sobbed. "They can't take you from me, I love you!"

He squeezed her hands as acknowledgement, a silent return of affection before going limp in her arms.

She was in pain for the rest of the mission she knew she had to carry out, for No. 7's sake. He died protecting her, after all.

She managed to hack into the global news system, hurriedly recording her piece before the threatening government branch could shut her down. They're the ones who control media, the reason she had to hack at all, though she too worked for the government.

After giving her piece on the science why the world was not in fact ending, she gave her last shout out to No. 7, and how she wouldn't be there without his sacrifice.

Chapter Text

The prince of the kingdom, Brave Butterfly, was to be married to some hoe named Bebop Knave. Brave did not want to be married to some hoe named Bebop Knave.

Now there was this one person thing in the town by the name of a Wild Angerary Ni No Sakura Senbu Creature Child Thing, Senbu for short.

Now the Wild Angerary Ni No Sakura Senbu Creature Child Thing cannot for the life of him read, he might be a vampire, he gave birth to a son who is also the host of the god of calamity, and he is also a borderline psychopath. He's been better since having a kid though. He kills less people. He ALSO has a per cheetah named Jason, who in previous chapters SD may or may not have bullied Brave with. As in, she may or may not have had Jason eat Brave's dick. Twice.


There's also the Wild Angerary Ni No Sakura Senbu Creature Child Thing's friend Dark, who likes to devour poisonous chemicals. He's good at chemistry.

Again, Brave absolutely DID NOT want to be married to some hoe named Bebop Knave, because Bebop is an ugly hoe and no one likes him.

So Brave decided to get rid of him.

By unleashing a Strange Dark Child, Jason the cheetah, and a Wild Angerary Ni No Sakura Senbu Creature Child Thing on him.

Rip Bebop.

But yay Brave he doesn't have to marry some hoe named Bebop Knave.

Chapter Text

Ayasaki caresses Crane's cheek softly, sighing to himself. While tending to the other man's wounds, he'd grown to truly care for him.

Crane is upright but only because Aya is holding him like that, letting the other slump forward against him. Crane's lips are by his ear, and with the last of his strength, Ayasaki is entrusted with his message.

Aya feels blood on his shoulder, and Crane's body seems to grow heavier.

He is holding the enemy's dead messenger.


He feels more loyal to the dead man in his arms than the entirety of his bloodthirsty kingdom...

Chapter Text

After finding out that he was pregnant, Senbu's job as an assassin didn't seem to be the best choice. He chose to stick with it anyway, but he was different.

Instead of savagely attacking his victims, he would sit in the shadows and quietly knit. After the job was done, he would find out all the funeral details.

The funeral would happen as usual, and he wouldn't attend.

Instead, there would be an extra bouquet of flowers for the grave, along with a beautifully knitted scarf.

Chapter Text

Starmine is usually pretty chill but at the moment he's cursing as much as Dark and Blue combined. He fiddles with his headphone wires for a while until Dark finally sighs, taking them from him and patiently untangling them in a matter of minutes.

Starmine stares at him.

"How did you do that so fast?"

Dark shrugs.

He's just good at untangling things. Necklaces, headphone wires, ribbons, pretty much anything.

He just can.

Because I said so.

Chapter Text

The class was watching a movie.

Starmine couldn't find a chair to sit in so Dark gave up his chair and sat in a corner instead because he didn't want to watch the fucking movie.

Chapter Text

Lancer smiles at his new fiancé, sleeping peacefully. He climbs into bed with him, carefully wrapping his arms around him. He inhales the sweet scent of Edge's freshly washed hair, sighing quietly but contently as Edge's presence soothes him. Sure, they both love sex and tend to fuck a lot more than a normal couple, but they still love each other for much more than that.

Lancer loves how compassionate and sweet Edge is, always ensuring the safety of those around him. He appreciates how his fiance is strong physically to defend himself, not to mention beautiful. He's low on self esteem, which kills Lancer who is fully aware of how talented his lover is, despite Edge's claims against it. Edge is also fair and thoughtful, making the best decisions by properly listening to both sides and comparing them before taking sides. He's not impulsive that way.

As far as work goes, Lancer is incredibly proud of the teacher his soon to be husband is. Edge is patient with the students, taking time to explain things if a student doesn't fully understand, and always being willing to help a student in need of it. He explains things in a way that's relatable to them and that helps them understand, and so his students tend to do better than students with other teachers. He's a well liked teacher too, with a good humor to keep the class interested and entertained, but also respected enough that he has control over the class. His dry, mocking humor when he's displeased is quote intimidating. It's not abusive, but the way it's delivered is both funny but also damn you wouldn't wanna be in that kid's shoes.

Lancer whispers a soft, "I love you," before settling down to sleep, cuddled up to his beloved. He's surprised to feel a soft peck on the nose, and his eyes fly open to see Edge's sweet smile.

"I love you too, Lancer."

Chapter Text

Rad: **Sees Dark and Mine walk into the room holding hands** So who finally confessed?

Dark: **With a proud smile** it was me I made sure it was short and sweet.

Mine: You yelled "listen here you little shit I have feelings for you."

Chapter Text

**Edge and Lancer are arguing**

Edge: Y'know what? Fuck you!

Lancer: I already did!

Edge: ...

Lancer: -and I did it real good.

Chapter Text

Edge was getting annoyed with how picky Lancer was being. How many more things was he going to be asked to fix before he could get off the fucking ladder?

It suddenly made sense. Lancer was holding the ladder, so his view...


"Owwww! Edge what the hell?"


"I always stare at your ass though!"

Edge slapped him again.

Lancer stuck his tongue out and let go of the ladder, causing Edge to fall.

On top of him.

Edge landed sitting on Lancer's face, much to the blond's delight.




Edge storms away, leaving Lancer crying on the floor and clutching his balls.

Chapter Text

"Awww, you're too short," Mine smiles, only to be yeeted to the floor, Dark standing over him triumphantly with a foot resting on his crotch, though not pressing down.


"Who's the short one now, fucker?"

Followed by Mine's pained screaming oopsies.

Chapter Text

Dark woke up at 2 in the morning as he normally does because sleep kind of just hates him. He sees Senbu at the foot of his bed tossing a salad. He does not question. Senbu yeets the salad at his face. He still doesn't question it.

This happens every day dw they're used to it

Chapter Text

Lancer being Lancer is one thing. Today though, he's been touching Edge all day, and Edge is sick of it. He's lost count of how many times he's walked past Lance and had his ass grabbed. After several occasions in which Lancer had wrapped his arms around him from behind and kissed his neck, Edge finally lost it.

He slams Lancer against a wall. "You'd better fucking stop."

"Or what?"

Edge growls.

Lancer laughs, wrapping his arm around the ginger's waist and kissing him.

Edge gasps, blushing but unable to resist kissing back.

Suddenly, Melancholy fell through the roof.

"Special delivery for Adolescent Knight, courtesy of Adolescent Princess," she announces breathlessly.

"Why'd you yeet through the roof?" asks Edge, confused.

"And why didn't Princess just do it herself?" adds Lancer.

Mel shrugs. "Dunno man."

Just then Knight yeeted in through the window.

"Greetings, fellow homo sapiens. I am here as I have been summoned to acquire my female sibling's perquisite."

Dark, who actually knows the meaning of perquisite, questioned him. "But perquisite is a synonym for perk, as in perks from a job or something. In this context it sounds kinda weird..."

Knight glares. "Please refrain from sharing your supererogatory conceptualizations."

Dark rolls his eyes.

Knight takes the present and opens it. Inside is a pair of period stained panties.

Because they are all Lens and are male, they all cringe hard as if the panties are possessed. They're also like all gay so they will never come in contact with panties unless they're crossdressing.

"I guess Princess is still mad at you for dumping her for Ver," Dark states, weirdly unfazed. He leaves to have his daily required intake of paradichlorobenzene.

Knight nodded slowly and they yeeted the panties out of the window in fear and disinfected the entire house.

Legit every module was just deep cleaning the entire fucking house.

Except Dark who was eating paradichlorobenzene but that's to be expected.

You expected this to be normal but NO

Chapter Text

Dark is a dumbass we won't deny this and he tripped over his own feet and choked on his own fucking spit. He fell in Starmine's lap and Mine got a boner because Dark's face was rubbing against his crotch. Dark got really red and then succ happened.

Chapter Text

Crane was cutting Aya's hair but Aya was in a heat and moaned his fucking face off and when Crane finished trimming his hair he had an orgasm silly boye

Chapter Text

Lancer stop it.

Edge fell over and scraped his knee and Lance is supposed to be fixing it but they end up fucking instead oopsies

Chapter Text


Chapter Text

"I'm cold," the small brunet whispers.

Trickster watches him through the bars of his cell.



"Can I hold your hand?"

Trickster's hand folds around Senbu's smaller, daintier one.

"I love you, Trickster-sama. I'm cold, Trickster-sama. Warm me up, Trickster-sama."

Trickster pulls Senbu close to the bars, maneuvering his arms through to hug him as best he can.

"Thank you, Trickster-sama."

Chapter Text

Bebop saw a snowman and he was hungry so he took the carrot nose but Ice Fag saw

Ice Fag is small and fluffy right but if you touch that nose...

Ice Fag did a big scree and yeeted Bebop to the other side of the country

Bebop is scared

Chapter Text

Edge lets bitter tears roll down his cheeks as he pulls the trigger twice in a row, ending the lives of his parents.

If only they'd loved him as much as he loves them...

Chapter Text











Chapter Text

Blue the Grim Raper edition

Punkish was minding his own business when his time came to be claimed by the Grim Raper.

Suddenly, a badly drawn dick tattoo appeared on his arm and everyone in a 69 mile radius raped him oops

Chapter Text

Mine pulls away from Dark's kiss, grabbing his wrists.

"I didn't do it!" Dark pleads, half crying, half laughing.

"Then why are you laughing?" Mine asks in cold anger.

Dark's laughter melts into full on tears as blood from his self harm drips over Mine's fingers.

Chapter Text

Edge sobbed bitterly as his ass was hit relentlessly, in front of the rest of them.

He was bound and gagged, a demonstration of what happens to dysfunctional toys that disobey.

Every terrified soul in the audience was bound to their seat, his fellow sex slaves.

Chapter Text

Senbu was digging for stuff but instead he found Dark's paradichlorobenzene stash

Chapter Text

Ayasaki was in a heat.

Crane walked in.

"I don't know whether to kiss you or shove you off a bridge," Ayasaki grumbled.

They ended up kissing though because Aya is a yeet bit horny from his heat

Chapter Text

Starmine is an amazing person but Dark WILL intervene if fire/fireworks are involved because Starmine loves fireworks as much as Dark loves paradichlorobenzene

Dark will protect Mine from fire uwu

Chapter Text

Swimwear was sad because the other Lenny Boyes were ignoring him

"DON'T YOU KNOW WHO I AM???" he screeched and finally Dark acknowledged his existence

"Yup. We just don't care."

Then he yeeted out a window and devoured paradichlorobenzene uwu

Chapter Text

Senbu is Death he will protect his Trickster-sama at all costs

Chapter Text

Trickster used magic to get the car on the roof

I swear I'll wrote longer shit soon but some of these prompts suck

like I kind of hate dialogue prompts because there isn't a lot you can add on to them sometimes

Chapter Text

Starmine was a yeet bit mad when Dark tried to kill himself



Chapter Text

Trickster will always know what dream you have, and if you're not careful, and you let him make a deal with you, you'll find yourself trapped in a monochrome world...

Chapter Text

As a demon, it is still Aya's duty to protect the world from restless spirits, and so he has a variety of different blades to kill them, mostly swords and katanas.

Chapter Text

Edge knew that, but he loved his sister more than anything.

Why would she leave him?

Chapter Text

Ver started working in a museum because I said so.

One day Knight walked in to visit.

"I desire to endow upon this tremendous establishment with a large quantity of legal tender."

Ver yeeted Knight out of the museum.

"But I have not yet implemented my capacious-"

"KNigHt-kuN sHut tHE FUcK uP"

Chapter Text

Receiver stared in horror at what he was met with when he came home. He'd been looking forward to a delicious home cooked meal with his husband after a long day at work.

Instead, he finds his lover's corpse stuck in the wall of their cottage, after his dear ginger had been raped by...

A witch hunter.

It was one thing to kill witches.

It was an entirely different thing to strip one of all their pride, rape them and abuse them for pleasure, then finally carry out the deed of murdering them.

How could this fucker kill Edge, of all people? In life, Edge had been the sweetest, mist caring person in the world. A loving husband, a wise teacher, a precious friend, and an incredible person.

Why, why, why did it have to be him?

Receiver is filled with fury, his grip clenching harder around the nearest object.

Edge's wooden spoon.

Using a burst of rage fueled magic, he sends the spoon flying through the air and straight into the witch hunters chest.

He will not allow the one who raped and murdered his beloved spouse to live.

He drags the blond's limp body out to the woods to rot, then returns home.

"Oh Edge," he whispers caressing the lifeless ginger's cold cheek.

He threads a single primrose into his lover's hair.

Receiver closes his eyes and lays still beside Edge.

Chapter Text

Dark just face palmed and gave up on sleep as usual while bopping with the monster under his bed to the following songs that are all saved to SD's liked music on Spotify

not all of them are rock but yes this is every single song on SD's Spotify except for a few where she can't read the kanji oops

In order of when she saved them too

the only exception is Melanie Martinez I've liked her music since it first came out

she's a fucking B o p

Heavydirtysoul by Twenty Øne Piløts

Make A Move by Icon For Hire

Get Well by Icon For Hire

Off With Her Head by Icon For Hire

Up In Flames by Icon For Hire

Iodine by Icon For Hire

Pieces by Icon For Hire

Cynics & Critics by Icon For Hire

Nerves by Icon For Hire

Sugar and Spice by Icon For Hire

Hope Of Morning by Icon For Hire

Sorry About Your Parents by Icon For Hire

Pop Culture by Icon For Hire

Watch Me by Icon For Hire

Rock and Roll Thugs by Icon For Hire

Think I'm Sick by Icon For Hire

Fix Me by Icon For Hire

Counting On Hearts by Icon For Hire

Ode To Sleep by Twenty Øne Piløts

Holding On To You by Twenty Øne Piløts

Migraine by Twenty Øne Piløts

Car Radio by Twenty Øne Piløts

Semi-Automatic by Twenty Øne Piløts

The Run And Go by Twenty Øne Piløts

Fake You Out by Twenty Øne Piløts

Guns For Hands by Twenty Øne Piløts

Trees by Twenty Øne Piløts

Truce by Twenty Øne Piløts

Fairly Local by Twenty Øne Piløts

Lane Boy by Twenty Øne Piløts

Doubt by Twenty Øne Piløts

Polarize by Twenty Øne Piløts

We Don't Believe What's On TV by Twenty Øne Piløts

Hometown by Twenty Øne Piløts

Not Today by Twenty Øne Piløts

Heathens by Twenty Øne Piløts

Cancer (cover) by Twenty Øne Piløts

Breathe Me by Sia

Sweet Potato by Sia

Chandelier by Sia

Elastic Heart by Sia

Titanium by David Guetta ft. Sia

Lying From You by Linkin Park

Faint by Linkin Park

Figure.09 by Linkin Park

Breaking The Habit by Linkin Park

From The Inside by Linkin Park

Numb by Linkin Park

Fire Fire by Flyleaf

Cage On The Ground by Flyleaf

Great Love by Flyleaf

I'm So Sick by Flyleaf

Fully Alive by Flyleaf

Again by Flyleaf

Marionette by Flyleaf

New Horizons by Flyleaf

Call You Our by Flyleaf

Bury Your Heart by Flyleaf

Unstoppable by Sia

House On Fire by Sia

Footprints by Sia

Move Your Body by Sia

One Million Bullets by Sia

Temmie Village by Toby Fox

The Game by DragonForce

Tomorrow's Kings by DragonForce

Fallen World by DragonForce

Cry Thunder by DragonForce

Give Me The Night DragonForce

Die By The Sword by DragonForce

Through The Fire Flames by DragonForce

Blood by My Chemical Romance

Teenagers by My Chemical Romance

Welcome To The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance

Cancer by My Chemical Romance

Supposed To Be by Icon For Hire

Demons by Icon For Hire

Pulse by Icon For Hire

The Magic by Icon For Hire

Happy Hurts by Icon For Hire

You Were Wrong by Icon For Hire

Too Loud by Icon For Hire

War by Icon For Hire

Under The Knife by Icon For Hire

Here We Are by Icon For Hire

Get Well II by Icon For Hire

Invincible by Icon For Hire

You Can't Kill Us by Icon For Hire

Bam Bam Pop by Icon For Hire

Cheap Thrills by Sia

Now You Know by Icon For Hire

Everything I'm Not by The Veronicas

Neon Genesis - Original Mix by S3RL

Take Me On The Floor by The Veronicas

Untouched by The Veronicas

Zankoku Na Tenshi No Teeze (cover) by Miq

Throne by Bring Me The Horizon

Scream by Halestorm

bang bang bang by Christina Perri

Bird Song by Florence + The Machine

I Am Not A Robot by MARINA

Teen Idle by MARINA

Bubblegum Bitch by MARINA

Hide And Seek by Imogen Heap

Familiar Taste Of Poison by Halestorm

Break The Spell by Daughtry

Where'd You Go by Fort Minor

Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne

Crazy=Genius by Panic! At The Disco

Johnny Boy by Twenty Øne Piløts

She Wolf by Shakira

Oh No! by MARINA

Numb by MARINA

Can't Pin Me Down by MARINA

Solitaire by MARINA

Better Than That by MARINA

Savages by MARINA

Promiscuous by Nelly Furtado and Timbaland

In My Veins by Andrew Belle ft. Erin Mccarley

Wires by The Neighbourhood

Afraid by The Neighbourhood

Female Robbery by The Neighbourhood

Sk8ter Boi by Avril Lavigne

Heart Of Courage by Thomas Bergersen

Protectors Of The Earth by Thomas Bergersen

Harry Potter In 99 Seconds by Jon Cozart

Star Wars In 99 Seconds by Jon Cozart

After Ever After by Jon Cozart

Katniss vs. Hermione by Whitney Avalon

The Night Begins To Shine by B.E.R.

Immortal by MARINA

Weeds by MARINA

Digital World by Amaranthe

Friend, Please by Twenty Øne Piløts

Trapdoor by Twenty Øne Piløts

Mad World by Gary Jules ft. Michael Andrews

Apologize by OneRepublic

Stop And Stare by OneRepublic

Mr. Sandman by SYML

Miss Jackson by Panic! At The Disco

Emperor's New Clothes by Panic! At The Disco

Fall Away by Twenty Øne Piløts

The Pantaloon by Twenty Øne Piløts

When You're Gone by Avril Lavigne

Aaron Burr, Sir by Lin Manuel Miranda

Blue by MARINA

Courtesy Call by Thousand Foot Krutch

I Love Bacon, Yes I Do! by The Hungry Food Band

Love Bites [So Do I] by Halestorm

lonely child by Christina Perri

one night by Christina Perri

Pika Girl by S3RL

Pigs in a Blanket by The Hungry Food Band

Riot by Three Days Grace

Stoke The Fire by Seether

the lonely by Christina Perri

Just Dance by Lady Gaga

Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down

Isle Of Flightless Birds by Twenty Øne Piløts

Before You Start Your Day by Twenty Øne Piløts

Taxi Cab by Twenty Øne Piløts

A Car, A Torch, A Death by Twenty Øne Piløts

Oh Ms Believer by Twenty Øne Piløts

March To The Sea by Twenty Øne Piløts

Addict With A Pen by Twenty Øne Piløts

Implicit Demand For Proof by Twenty Øne Piløts

The Phoenix by Fall Out Boy

Where Did The Party Go by Fall Out Boy

Just One Yesterday by Fall Out Boy

Bohemian Rhapsody (cover) by Panic! At The Disco

Forget by MARINA

Dream Of Mickey Mantle by Bleachers

Little Lion Man (cover) by Tonight Alive

Darkest Part by Red

Weak by Seether

Cliché by Egypt Central

I Can't Breathe by Dead By April

Shadow Moses by Bring Me The Horizon

Tears Don't Fall by Bullet For My Valentine

Bathwater by Tonight Alive

Ricochet by Starset

Bs Inc by Evans Blue

What Can I Say by Dead By April

Call Me (cover) by In This Moment

Untraveled Road by Thousand Foot Krutch

Tear Away by Drowning Pool

Space Is Cool by Markiplier

Boy Band Parody by Jon Cozart

Movie Villain Medley by Jon Cozart

YouTube Culture by Jon Cozart

Obsessions - Ocelot Remix by MARINA

Miss Missing You by Fall Out Boy

Immortals - Remix by Fall Out Boy

The Internet Is Down by Avbyte

Peace And Love On The Planet Earth by Steven Universe

Disney Halloween Medley by Jon Cozart

Progressive Christmas Carols by Jon Cozart

Idfc by Blackbear

I Don't Care - Single Version by Fall Out Boy

Old Scars/Future Hearts by All Tine Low

Girls by MARINA

Obsessions by MARINA

Mowgli's Road by MARINA

After Ever After 2 by Jon Cozart

erase or zero by HzEdge(crystal-P)

Kill EVERYBODY by Skrillex

The Diary Of Jane by Breaking Benjamin

Hermit The Frog by MARINA

ECHO [dj-jo remix] by Crusher-P

Case:LEN_Assault chaptar by Wonderful⭐opportunity!

8HIT by Wonderful⭐opportunity!

akatoki 2009 more,hearty mix by Kid-P

A White Ribbon by Buriru

All Living Things by U-ta/U-taP

しんてしまうとはなさけない! by Wonderful⭐opportunity!

無頼ック自己ライザー by Wonderful⭐opportunity!

ーー by Wonderful⭐opportunity!

No, It Is Not Her Dream by Wonderful⭐opportunity!

ツツク ヒカル ミライ by Wonderful⭐opportunity!

だっしゅつけえむ by Wonderful⭐opportunity!

アイツワゲイマー by Wonderful⭐opportunity!

Hatching Of Cynicism by Wonderful⭐opportunity!

Balance of Ma'at by Wonderful⭐opportunity!

Z · D · S by Wonderful⭐opportunity!

Vale by Wonderful⭐opportunity!

Petabyte~2nd MIX~ by Wonderful⭐opportunity!

Grotesque Demons by Wonderful⭐opportunity!

Captured Ice Rain by Wonderful⭐opportunity!

MIDI MASTER!! by Wonderful⭐opportunity!

ロマンスニフシ by Wonderful⭐opportunity!

After The Butterfly by Votch

Trick And Treat by OSTER project

frozen world-ver.LEN- by Wonderful⭐opportunity!

incomplete puzzule- by Wonderful⭐opportunity!

Seasonal Feathers by Hitoshizuku and Yama

Corrupted Flower by Hitoshizuku and Yama

てんごてとじごく by Hitoshizuku and Yama

少女人形の見た夢 by Hitoshizuku and Yama

Epilogue by Hitoshizuku and Yama

雨乞い唄 by Hitoshizuku and Yama

愛欲のプリズナー by Hitoshizuku and Yama

とりっくおあとりーと by Hitoshizuku and Yama

亡国のジェネシス by Hitoshizuku and Yama

The 13th Apocalypse by Hitoshizuku and Yama

レンアイゲーム by Hitoshizuku and Yama

Imitator by U-ta/U-taP

The Sea Of One Thousand Fathoms, The Shore Sand Of Ten Thousands Of Miles by U-ta/U-taP

Come Together (LV.4 Remix) by ムスカP

UNBALANCE by Dios/signalP

悪の召使い by mothy

悪の娘 by mothy

My punishment and light to you by U-ta/U-taP

Pygmalion by U-ta/U-taP

Portrait Of The Pirate by Hitoshizuku and Yama

The Fifth Pierrot by mothy


Night Walker by Plutonious(hayakawa-P)

少女カナリアと煉獄 by Plutonious(hayakawa-P)

Re birthday by mothy

untitled song by DATEKEN

Making It Bizarre And Weird, The Detective Girl by Plutonious(hayakawa-P)

The Noir Girl And The Amply Rewarded Vice by Plutonious(hayakawa-P)

赤と白と黒の系譜 by Hitoshizuku and Yama

KSGR地獄の罰 by Wonderful⭐opportunity!

もはや愛 by Wonderful⭐opportunity!

Quarrel With The Doppelganger by Wonderful⭐opportunity!

フシギチャン by Wonderful⭐opportunity!

DOPE by Wonderful⭐opportunity!

Molecular[underfloor-0] by Wonderful⭐opportunity!

foa[underfloor-24] by Wonderful⭐opportunity!

Matchless venus condition[underfloor-102] by Wonderful⭐opportunity!

White structure[underfloor-289] by Wonderful⭐opportunity!

リモコン by Wonderful⭐opportunity!

GAME by Wonderful⭐opportunity!

修羅の庭 ver. レン by Wonderful⭐opportunity!

ポジチィ部vsネガチィ部 by Wonderful⭐opportunity!

愛して愛して愛して by Kikuo

Regret message by mothy

猿は知らない by Utsu-P

Sister's mercY by Hitoshizuku and Yama

Ramen Shop GROTESQUE by Utsu-P

Constipation Of Death by Utsu-P

オトナのオモチャ by Utsu-P

EAT by Utsu-P

壊せ壊せ by E.L.V.N

Knife by rerulili

Welcome To The Mirror Sound's Kingdom by Hitoshizuku and Yama

Bacterial Contamination by mathru(KanimisoP)

The Fox's Wedding by -MASA Works DESIGEN-

パラジクロロベンゼン by ガルナ(オワタP)


Life Is Suffering by Deerhoof

Model Behavior by Deerhoof

Learning To Apologize Effectively by Deerhoof

I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire (cover) by Deerhoof

Patrasche Come Back by Deerhoof

RED by otetsu

Wave (cover) by kradness

Panic by Caravan Palace

Starstorm by Chime

Bad End Night by Hitoshizuku and Yama

Twilight nighT by Hitoshizuku and Yama

Happy Song by Bring Me The Horizon

Squid Melody (Blue Version) by The Living Tombstone

Thnks fr th Mmrs by Fall Out Boy

Dance, Dance by Fall Out Boy

Stay Frosty Royal Milk Tea by Fall Out Boy

The Last Of The Real Ones by Fall Out Boy


Wilson (Expensive Mistakes) by Fall Out Boy

Champion by Fall Out Boy

Young And Menace by Fall Out Boy

Immortals by Fall Out Boy

Echo by Crusher-P

千本桜 by KuroUsa

Squid Melody (Red Version) by The Living Tombstone

Daddy Issues by The Neighbourhood

アDVAnCEチCHノ by AVTechNO!

生きてるいばけは生きている by Utsu-P

Reincarnation Ascension by Kikuo

Shout!! by MuskaP (Komso)

Ur-Style by DATEKEN

Colorblind by Panda Eyes

Blackjack by yuchaP

Breezeblocks by alt-J

Oh Ana by Mother Mother

Air Catcher by Twenty Øne Piløts

American Beauty/American Psycho by Fall Out Boy

Los! Los! Los! by dj-Jo

Leave The City by Twenty Øne Piløts

Legend by Twenty Øne Piløts

Pet Cheetah by Twenty Øne Piløts

Bandito by Twenty Øne Piløts

Cut My Lip by Twenty Øne Piløts

Nico And The Niners by Twenty Øne Piløts

The Hype by Twenty Øne Piløts

Neon Gravestones by Twenty Øne Piløts

Smithereens by Twenty Øne Piløts

Chlorine by Twenty Øne Piløts

My Blood by Twenty Øne Piløts

Morph by Twenty Øne Piløts

Levitate by Twenty Øne Piløts

Jumpsuit by Twenty Øne Piløts

Chikatetsu vs Kousokudoro by Kagem

Feedback/Artery by AVTechNO!

House Of Memories by Panic! At The Disco

Sailor In A Lifeboat by EURINGER

Stick Up by grandson

劣等上等 by Giga

Black Rebel by Wonderful⭐opportunity!

Filtering~Season's Mix~ by Kid P

First Virus Resistance_Restart Chapter by Wonderful⭐opportunity!

First Virus Resistance_Washing Chapter by Wonderful⭐opportunity!

kagerou by Kid P

meltdown by iroha(sasaki)

mouryou tales by koushirou

nameless one by koushirou

Unnamed Folder by Kid P

Waltz if sound of raindrops and lie by Kid P

White Wing by SOSOSO (Tsukui Kazuhito)

KALASU by Wonderful⭐opportunity!

Secret channel by Wonderful⭐opportunity!

Kotoba asobi by mothy


An Idiot Admires The Anomaly by Utsu-P

アンチ·デジタリズム by Utsu-P

クロノ・ストーリー by mothy

Evil Food Eater Conchita by mothy

The Tailor of Enbizaka by mothy

The Lunacy Of Duke Venomania by mothy

Gift From The Princess That Brought Sleep by mothy

Judgment Of Corruption by mothy

DYE by AVTechNO!

Fire Flower by halyosy

ソーラ-パワー by SOSOSO (Tsukui Kazuhito)

Stressed Out by Twenty Øne Piløts

Tear In My Heart by Twenty Øne Piløts

The Judge by Twenty Øne Piløts

Message Man by Twenty Øne Piløts

Goner by Twenty Øne Piløts

Screen by Twenty Øne Piløts

Happppy Song by SOOOO

iiillluuuvvvUUU by SOOOO


Close And Open, Demons And The Dead by hachi

This Is How I Disappear by My Chemical Romance

Disenchanted by My Chemical Romance

Na Na Na by My Chemical Romance

Dead! by My Chemical Romance

Mama by My Chemical Romance

The Sharpest Lives by My Chemical Romance

I Don't Love You by My Chemical Romance

House Of Wolves by My Chemical Romance

Sleep by My Chemical Romance

Famous Last Words by My Chemical Romance

The Ballad Of Mona Lisa by Panic! At The Disco

The End. by My Chemical Romance

Hate Everyone by Say Anything

Underdog by You Me At Six

Sarcasm by Get Scared

Brick By Boring Brick by Paramore

Monsters by Matchbook Romance

Your Guardian Angel by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

crushcrushcrush by Paramore

Miss Murder by AFI

Bulletproof Heart by My Chemical Romance

SING by My Chemical Romance

This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race by Fall Out Boy


Face Down by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

I Never Told You What I Do For A Living by My Chemical Romance

The Only Hope For Me Is You by My Chemical Romance

Party Poison by My Chemical Romance

Save Yourself, I'll Hold Them Back by My Chemical Romance

S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W by My Chemical Romance

Summertime by My Chemical Romance

DESTROYA by My Chemical Romance

The Kids From Yesterday by My Chemical Romance

Goodnite, Dr. Death by My Chemical Romance

Vampire Money by My Chemical Romance

fantastic bastards by Death Spells

Nicotine by Panic! At The Disco

Broken Highways by Rabbit Junk

Falling In Love (Will Kill You) by Wrongchilde ft. Gerard Way

Welcome To The Family by Avenged Sevenfold

Trigger Warning by EURINGER

Detroit And Only Halfway Thru The Tour by EURINGER

Helena (So Long & Goodnight) by My Chemical Romance

I'm Not Okay (I Promise) by My Chemical Romance

The Ghost Of You by My Chemical Romance

Cemetery Drive by My Chemical Romance

It's Not A Fashion Statement It's A Death Wish by My Chemical Romance

Hang 'Em High by My Chemical Romance

Thank You For The Venom by My Chemical Romance

Interlude by My Chemical Romance

The Jetset Life Is Gonna Kill You by My Chemical Romance

You Know What They Do To Guys Like Me In Prison by My Chemical Romance

To The End by My Chemical Romance

Give 'Em Hell, Kid by My Chemical Romance

Demolition Lovers by My Chemical Romance

Cubicles by My Chemical Romance

This Is The Best Day Ever by My Chemical Romance

Early Sunsets Over Monroeville by My Chemical Romance

Skylines And Turnstiles by My Chemical Romance

Headfirst For Halos by My Chemical Romance

Our Lady If Sorrows by My Chemical Romance

Drowning Lessons by My Chemical Romance

Vampires Will Never Hurt You by My Chemical Romance

Honey, This Mirror Isn't Big Enough For The Two Of Us by My Chemical Romance

Romance by My Chemical Romance

Rat A Tat by Fall Out Boy

Big Bad Wolf by In This Moment

Sex Metal Barbie by In This Moment

Whore by In This Moment

Adrenalize by In This Moment

Life Is Strange by MARINA

True by MARINA

End Of The Earth by MARINA

The Infection by In This Moment

Bloody Creature Poster Girl by In This Moment

Natural Born Sinner by In This Moment

Dirty Pretty by In This Moment

Sexual Hallucination by In This Moment ft. Brent Smith

Black Widow by In This Moment

Boy Division by My Chemical Romance

The Light Behind Your Eyes by My Chemical Romance

The World Is Ugly by My Chemical Romance

Vegas Lights by Panic! At The Disco

Bones by In This Moment

Black Wedding by In This Moment ft. Rob Halford

Sick Like Me by In This Moment

Blood by In This Moment

Venom by Icon For Hire

Killing Room by Knee High Fox

Close My Eyes Forever by Device ft. Lzzy Hale

Red Stars by The Birthday Massacre

Made Of Lies by Elysion

Silent Hill by Jonathan Davis

Tear The World Down by We Are The Fallen

Sleepwalking by DIAMANTE

Friss dich auf by Null Positiv

Set Me On Fire by Flyleaf

My Evil Ways by The Nearly Deads

アドレセンス by Dios/signalP

Du Hast (cover) by Motionless In White

千本桜 (cover) by 初音ミクVS(I can't read)x[TEST]

Custer by Slipknot

Oh Lord by In This Moment

Roots by In This Moment

Printer Jam by Mistabishi

Foolish Games by Jewel

Hands by Jewel

Intuition by Jewel

Cry Baby by Melanie Martinez

Sippy Cup by Melanie Martinez

Dollhouse by Melanie Martinez

Carousel by Melanie Martinez

Alphabet Boy by Melanie Martinez

Soap by Melanie Martinez

Training Wheels by Melanie Martinez

Pity Party by Melanie Martinez

Milk And Cookies by Melanie Martinez

Tag, You're It by Melanie Martinez

Mrs. Potato Head by Melanie Martinez

Pacify Her by Melanie Martinez

Mad Hatter by Melanie Martinez

Cake by Melanie Martinez

Seduce & Destroy by Otep

They're Coming To Take Me Away by Butcher Babies

Mourning Star by Gemini Syndrome

Sham Pain by Five Finger Death Punch

When Legends Rise by Godsmack

Careless Whisper (cover) by Seether

Temporary Bliss by The Cab

Lights And Sounds by Yellowcab

It Has Begun by Starset

Don't Yiu Dare Forget The Sun by Get Scared

Until Eternity by Blackbriar

Paralyzed by The Used

Break Free by Cilver

Don't You Worry by We Are The In Crowd

Teddy Bear by Melanie Martinez

Nobody Praying For Me by Seether

Water by Bush

Save Me by Royal Bliss

Waking Lions by Pop Evil

Punk Rock 101 by Bowling For Soup


Letdown by The Providence

アンモラルアクトレス by yuchaP

Cum Junkie by Genitorturers

High School Sweethearts by Melanie Martinez

Drama Club by Melanie Martinez

The Principal by Melanie Martinez

Strawberry Shortcake by Melanie Martinez

Lunchbox Friends by Melanie Martinez

Nurse's Office by Melanie Martinez

Du Hast by Rammstein

Class Fight by Melanie Martinez

Bittersweet Tragedy by Melanie Martinez

Dead To Me by Melanie Martinez

Show & Tell by Melanie Martinez

Wheels On The Bus by Melanie Martinez

Gingerbread Man by Melanie Martinez

Recess by Melanie Martinez

Teacher's Pet by Melanie Martinez

Detention by Melanie Martinez

Orange Juice by Melanie Martinez

Chapter Text

The world is ending and everyone is dead except the Len modules because they can't stay fucking dead

Chapter Text

It is Trickster's job to empty dream catchers.

He dislikes it, for he witnesses the dreams himself. The nightmares are then taken by him and he eats them, which goes to fuel his source of dark magic. Dreams fuel his light magic.

At his discretion, he may choose whether to give the person their nightmare to teach them a lesson. More often than not, he doesn't, but when he does, he likes to add his own twist to it.

Chapter Text

Said Dark before he killed himself

jk jk I won't give you sad shit cuz I'm actually really excited

I'm not a very good swimmer (compared to other competitive swimmers I mean) but I'm in the first swim meet of the season and I'm fucking excited

when I say not a good swimmer I mean my most recent time for a 50 meter freestyle was 46 seconds vs the standards for competing at a state level where it's like a 30 second time which is insane

to be fair my fastest freestyle time was a 37 but during the last time trial we had for freestyle my foot cramped up and it was really annoying smfh

sorry I should stop ranting and give you a prompt


Aya regretted his convo with Crane about his heats because Crane knew that Aya was big tsundere so he do the fucky

also random but my gf is short and I'm fairly tall so when she hugs me sometimes she kisses my neck (not sexually) and I don't know how to feel about it but I like it

I'm sorry I'm just like

dumping my thoughts here


Chapter Text

Edge struggled against his bindings, straining his toned muscles but achieving nothing. He cursed furiously, harsh metal shackles digging into his raw wrists and ankles.

A man appeared in the doorway of his cell.

"Fuck off!" Edge growled, glaring at him.

The blond smiled and stood in front of him.

The ginger spat at him.

"What power do you have to stop me?" the man smirked, calmly wiping spit from his pants.

Edge only frowned.

"This isn't just about you, you know."

Edge's eyes widened for a split second before narrowing with rage and worry. "Is that a threat to kidnap my family?"

Lancer laughed, "Who says I haven't already?"

Edge gave such a ferocious roar that it even stunned his captor, who could only watch as Edge yanked at his restraints, angry tears leaking down his face.

"Whatever you want from me, you can have it. I don't give a shit about anything as long as my sister and brother are safe."

Lancer wouldn't lie, he was surprised by the ginger's response. "A-and your parents?"

Edge looked away.

"You'd kill them if you could. I know you would, wouldn't you?"

Edge buried his face in his hands, failing to hide his miserable sobs.

"Why can't you?"

"Why can't you?" Edge shot back with enough feisty rage to make one forget he was crying.

"They're my bosses? And they're influential?"

Edge bit his lip. "Do you love them?"

"Of fucking course not. They're assholes. I'd rather do anything than work for them."

"Then why don't you leave?"

Lancer hesitated. He didn't have an answer, but he knew the truth. "I have nothing else." Disliking the direction of the conversation, he turned the question. "Do you love your mafia?"

Edge shook his head, "I only owe them for keeping me alive."

"And why not me? Don't you owe me?"

"You fucking kidnapped me! It's been weeks!"

"But you're still alive."

Edge didn't have an answer to that.

"You wouldn't be alive if your parents knew you were here. Also why would I kidnap your siblings? They're more your enemies than mine, at least on a technicality. They're not at all involved in mafia matters anyway."

"You have alternative motives from my parents and their mafia. What are they?"

"Honestly, I just want to leave. Start all over again. Find a job, a home, a family, maybe. I just want out."

"My mafia will come for me any day, you know."

Lancer shrugged and smiled.

Soon ended up being 18 months.

As more and more time passed, Edge grew more subdued, and less hopeful for rescue. Lancer didn't treat him badly, and that constantly bothered him. It was free hospitality, but Edge could find nothing the blond wanted in return. He didn't understand why Lancer spoke to him so gently, or why the man asked him to talk about himself. He always felt more calm after getting things off his chest, but he didn't see why it felt so good confiding in the very man who'd kidnapped him.

As time went on, he wasn't quite sure anymore if it was an abduction or a rescue.

Lancer became more lax about keeping Edge imprisoned, and eventually left it to just locking him in his apartment. Edge also found that he liked this domestic kind of life, especially because Lancer let him cook. He'd loved cooking before being abducted and recruited by the mafia opposing his parents. While Lancer was at work, Edge found he didn't even really want to leave.

He still never grew quite comfortable with the way that Lancer would accept nothing in return.

On a day after a few months of captivity, he found he couldn't take it anymore. Whether Lancer liked it or not, there had to be something he wanted from Edge that made him kidnap him.

Lancer came home like any other day but when he called his greeting, Edge didn't appear.

"Find me!"

Edge's voice, but with a playful tone that Lancer had never heard before. He searched each room before finding Edge in the bedroom, sprawled across their bed.

His strong legs were spread, showcasing his ass while he touched himself, stroking himself and tweaking his nipples, moaning through it all. Lancer felt a twitch in his pants, and internally despaired. "E-Edge?"

Edge responded with a dirty moan.

Blushing, Lancer averted his eyes, stumbling backwards out of the room. Noticing this, Edge sprang off the bed, falling to his knees at Lancer's feet.

"Don't go," he begged, clinging onto one of Lancer's long legs. He nuzzled the growing bulge in the blond's pants affectionately before licking it, eyes fixed on Lancer's flushed face. His small, teasing licks soon became lewd sucking, and Lancer found his fingers laces through soft ginger locks, satisfied groans rolling from his throat.

He half collapsed onto the bed while Edge unzipped his pants, pulling out his hardened member.

"Huge~" he commented, eyes glowing with lust. He quickly kissed up and down Lancer's thighs before decorating his tip with tiny kisses, making him hiss.


Edge obeyed, sucking slowly. Lancer found his hips bucking, anything to get that hot, velvety mouth against his sensitive flesh.

Hungry for more, Edge dropped on the member, letting it fill his mouth, his tongue sliding against it lazily.

"Haahh~! Edge~!"

Edge moaned as Lancer's grip unconsciously tightened on his hair, pulling a little. He liked the pain, and as hungry as he was to have Lancer fucking that huge cock down his throat, he drew back, only sucking and licking gently at the blond's tip.

The blond was panting, highly aroused. He'd sworn to himself he wouldn't force Edge into anything sexual, but this was Edge seducing him instead.

The teasing was getting to him, and he needed more.

He didn't even realize he was pulling Edge's hair until the ginger cried out, though from a glance at his face it was clear he loved it.

Lancer smirked, "You're a kinky motherfucker, aren't you~?"

Edge only moaned in response before deep throating the other man.

Lancer gasped, eyes wide, mouth agape. His hips rolled in a steady rhythm against the blissful warmth of Edge's mouth.

"Why are you so fucking good at this~?" Lancer managed, breathing heavily, arousal and pleasure consuming his nerves.

Edge didn't answer, instead massaging the blond's balls while continuing to throat his length. He knew Lancer would cum soon, and he wanted that seed.

Lancer came sooner than he expected, right when Edge pulled back for air. The white substance splattered all over his face, a lot getting in his mouth and dripping from his wet lips, some of it bridging from his mouth to Lancer's tip.

Edge grinned.

He wasn't done yet.

Lancer allowed himself to enjoy the moment before coming back to his senses, and apologizing profusely.

Edge wouldn't hear it.

He crawled on top of the blond, slowly pushing him to a lying position on the bed. This also forced him to watch the ginger swallow his seed, accompanied by several approving noises.

With an innocent smile, Edge dove in and kissed him passionately, coaxing Lancer to return his actions and affections. Hesitantly, Lancer kissed back, gaining confidence from the moans he received in return. Eventually, he pressed his tongue to Edge's teeth, gliding past them in the ginger's eager submission. Their tongues danced against each other, Lancer's filling Edge's mouth.

Edge found he loved being dominated, and ground mischievously against the blond. Lancer grabbed his ass in return, squeezing hard. Edge moaned long, loud, and lewd, kissing and grinding against his man harder. He loved Lancer groping his thick thighs and ass, and he loved being a toy.

"Fuck me~" he requested with a dirty undertone, grinding against him faster, with more desperation. "Fuck me good an hard~"


But the ginger would hear no protest.

"Pin me down and pound into me until I scream~ Kiss me and fuck me and slap me and bite me and pull my hair~ Punish me and hate me and I'll love you so hard it hurts~ Cum inside your filthy, slutty fucktoy and use me, abuse me, fuck me to your heart's content~!"

With a fierce snarl, Lancer rolled them over, Edge pinned down securely beneath him.

"That's right~ take me~"

Lancer kissed him roughly, holding him in place by his hair. The ginger kissed back with just as much intensity, pulling the man on top of him closer. Pulling away, Lancer kissed up Edge's jawline, hissing, "You'd better be sure you want this, because if I start, I swear I will not be able to stop myself~"

Edge moaned, tilting his head up so that Lancer would kiss his neck. He loved Lancer's tongue and lips against his sensitive skin, nibbling at him and bruising him with hickeys.

"Bite me~" he whispered, giving a cry so lewd in response to the blond indulging his request that Lancer slapped his thigh, only making him moan more.

He gasped as Lancer entered him with no warning. His eyes grew wide with the initial pain, mouth agape in a soundless scream. His arms tightened around Lancer while tears slipped down his cheeks.

Lancer continued to kiss his neck, soothing him with affection. He sobbed loudly, clinging to the blond tightly. He'd touched himself a lot, but never taken an actual dick. Especially not one as big as Lancer's.

Lancer began to move slowly, and as a result, Edge started to moan, jolts of pleasure quickly overpowering the pain. He moves his hips in time with Lancer's steadily increasing thrusts, and his moans get louder the harder they collide.

"F-fuck, I need you~" he gasped, then screamed in bliss from Lancer hitting his prostate. "FUCK RIGHT THERE~!!!"

He threw his head back, eyes rolled up as Lancer continued to fuck him right there, slamming into him. His back arched as he climaxed hard, toes curling into the sheets. He laid there panting and moaning as Lancer fucked him through his orgasm, finally cumming inside of him.


"You feel so good~"

"I love you inside me~"

Edge pulled Lancer down for a sloppy kiss, tired but passionate. His saliva dribbled down his face as Lancer kissed him hard, dominating his mouth with his tongue.

He liked being Lancer's submissive.

Lancer pulled away. "Do you know why I kidnapped you in the first place?"

Edge shook his head.

Lancer smiled, though there was a trace of sadness in it. "I fell in love with you more and more every time I saw you. I just wanted you to love me back..."

To be continued...

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Chapter Text

"SENBU WHAT DID YOU DO???" Shikko screeched, staring at the dead body on the floor.

"I may have repeatedly inserted a sharp object most often affiliated with the culinary arts into this fellow accumulation of atoms bonding to have stable outer shells that just so happens to be compounds involving both carbon and hydrogen therefore deeming them organic compounds which make up the most basic unit of life called cells which come together to create a body and the species we know as a homo sapien and that repeated insertion of the culinary utensil may have caused the vital organ that pumps millions of tiny cells that form a red liquid known as blood through his system to malfunction and fail to send enough blood to his neural center which caused his brain to stop functioning well enough to send the signals for his body to continue functioning properly and now he appears to have ceased to be considered alive," Senbu explained.

"YOU DID WHAT???" Shikko asked incredulously.

"I may have prevented this man's heart from producing enough blood to reach his brain and allow it to tell his body to function by repeatedly piercing it with a sharp object that is associated with the culinary arts to make large portions of food smaller."


"I may have stopped his heart beating with a knife."


"Me poke poke squishy red life thing with scary sharp stick."

Shikko stared blankly.

Dark face palmed. "I believe the technical term is 'stab.' Senbu stabbed him."

Shikko blinked.


Chapter Text

I'm a bit obsessed with this song

also I'm evaluating it for a language arts project

1. Alright at a very surface level Paradichlorobenzene in a summary is about the singer (Dark) trying to find the meaning of his own song/trying to find out why he sings. He sneaks out to the city to find his answers and encounters various things in his pursuit of answers.

2. Possible themes for this song are human nature, selfishness, jealousy, order

3. My theme statement is using human nature, so human nature is to seek answers

4. Evidence hell yeah

Though the title is mentioned several times in the lyrics, the definition of paradichlorobenzene is never revealed. Instead, paradichlorobenzene is used as a symbol, since it occurs so often. The song's meaning is a bit of a paradox, because it claims that "there is no meaning to this song" but the meaning of the song is that it's simply human nature to seek meaning or answers in everything. The singer is questioning himself as well as the listener when he asks why he's singing, and how he "sings without understanding the meaning." He also says that he runs out to the city to seek his answers "even though there is nothing out there for [him]." The way the chorus is set up, he says "paradichlorobenzene" between sentences, and so when he asks what he sings for, he then says "paradichlorobenzene" as if he were answering his own question. Paradichlorobenzene symbolizes human nature, therefore he is singing because humans by nature will seek a deeper message in his words. In the second chorus, he makes several statements, separated by the word "paradichlorobenzene" as though it is the reasoning behind his statements. For example, he asks the listener to let him sing and dance, scream, cry, go mad and sleep until he falls apart, all of which is done because it is part of human nature. The first verse talks about his hatred of rules, and how he'll forget his consequences to seek his answers. This too is part of human curiosity, or the endless hunger to have answers. He encounters a stray cat and asks it why he's alive. The cat obviously doesn't answer, but because it returns later in the song, this time drowning, it likely represents curiosity. While it seems a bit random, the cat is probably correlated with a line where he mentions that he "drinks coffee though [he] can't stand to drink it" because his empty coffee cup also reoccurs at the same time as the cat. In humans, the coffee he's forcing himself to drink is the lengths people will go to, no matter how painful, to have a satisfying answer. Once the research is complete, or the coffee finished, the curiosity is gone because there is no longer mystery about it. That being said, the coffee and the cat have the same relationship. The first time both are mentioned, the cat is alive but gives no answer, much like how curiosity is why you ask the question, but get no answers. The second time both are mentioned, the cat has drowned and the coffee's empty, since it's been consumed. Similarly, curiosity disappears once the knowledge has been learned, and if the coffee is the research, then once the research is done, the curiosity will die out because an answer has been reached. Though the song's meaning is a bit contradictory of itself, it proves that humans will find meaning in anything, even something that claims to be meaningless.

5. Literary devices

metaphors because paradichlorobenzene = human nature

cat = curiosity

coffee = research learning ig

uhhh what else

repetition, because Paradichlorobenzene

symbolism, again paradichlorobenzene, stray cat, and coffee

I'm done

for now


Chapter Text

"You're late," Black Star growls. Blue frowns at her.

"You'd kill for her?"

"For Reactor?"


"Of course. I love her, unlike you to Punkish. You only use him for sex."

"So? Lancer does that to Edge."

"Then you haven't seen them together. They love each other. If only you could see the way Edge greets Lance, rushing up to him for a a big hug. If only you could see how Lance holds that boy and tells him how worthwhile he is and how much he loves him. If only you could see how they treat each other after sex. You're so ignorant. You don't understand love."

"Shut up."

"You don't."

"How do you know Punkish doesn't love me? It's not like he just said it."

"He hides from you. He always makes excuses not to see you. He takes all opportunities to get away. You call that love?"

Blue's frown deepens.

"He doesn't love you, Blue."

"Shut up."

"He'll never love you."

"Shut UP!"

"No one can love you."

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" he roars, striking her down. She catches his wrists, strong arms straining against his.

"No one will love you if you have no love to give."

Chapter Text

Throughout the 18 months, they had a lot more sex.

As much as they both enjoyed it, they both privately liked the aftercare the most.

Lancer loved washing Edge off after sex, massaging him soothingly in his tired, contented state. The ginger would moan idly, not in a sexual manner but in innocent enjoyment. Lancer would always tell him how beautiful he was, or how sweet he was. Whatever it was, he always had showers of compliments for the ginger that he told enough times that Edge could almost believe them.

Lancer also loved just cuddling in bed or on the couch, Edge snuggled in his arms, warm and happy.

Of course, all good things come to an end.

Edge's mafia finally did come for him, and that was the day Lancer lost everything.

He came home from work, calling his usual affectionate greeting, only to be thrown to the ground, surrounded by members of Edge's mafia.

"Hands up."

The blond looked up into the barrel of Edge's gun.

His features took on his shock as he comprehended what just happened, before slowly twisting into morbid fury.

Edge had betrayed him.

"You dirty, lying, two-faced, manipulating, heartless little slut!" he hissed, glaring at the ginger. He saw him visibly flinch. They both knew that his addressing of "slut" in this context was nothing like the playful, sexual degradation they shared in bed.

Lancer knew how badly his word choice had hurt Edge in that moment, but he didn't care. "I can't forgive you, you god damn selfish whore!"

Edge's cold mask was starting to crack, and Lancer was determined to get one last dagger in, shattering it.

"I HATE YOU!" he spat furiously.

He knows he saw Edge's silent tears right before the ginger pulled his trigger.

To be continued...

Chapter Text

Fairy had stumbled upon some old videos from when she was about four. Her older brothers were probably five and nine at the time, but adorable all the same. It brought her sadness as well as sweet memories. She and her siblings used to be inseparable, but not so much anymore. She was still somewhat close to her oldest brother, Holiday, but not to her other brother, Edge.

She missed him.

She still could remember the day he'd left.

She'd come home from school, and found Edge packing. He'd graduated the previous year, but it took her by surprise.

"What are you doing?" she asked curiously.

"Packing. Why?"


"I'm leaving," he smiled softly. He opened his arms and hugged her tightly. She stood in shock for a minute before shoving him away.

"You're just leaving? How could you?" she burst out, angry.

His face became cold. "I thought you'd be happy for me."

"But you're leaving me! And where would you go?"

"Lancer's had a full time job for the past two years on top of college classes. That on top of money I make with my part time job is enough to support us."

The mention of Lancer made her angrier. She'd never approved of him, always suspecting that he only stuck around her brother for sex. "You really think he actually loves you? You're just another toy for him."

Edge's eyes flashed. "Is that what you think?" he asked tightly. "You think sex is all there is to our relationship?"

She nodded, angered features mirroring Edge's. His fists were clenched tightly, and he suddenly turned away from her.

She could see his shoulders shaking.

"You don't know him. You don't know what he's done for me, or what he means to me. He listens to me, and cares for me, and talks to me, helps me, he does so much," his voice broke from tears, "he loves me."

"Does he, though?"

"SHUT UP!" he roared uncharacteristically, scaring her to tears. She'd never seen him in such rage before. She didn't even know her sweet brother was capable of it. "You can't take that away from me. No one can take him from me. He's all I have..."

Fairy could only watch, hurt and silent as her brother finished packing quickly and aggressively.

She watched him turn his back on her.

Now, she was surprised that Edge even picked up her call. It was strange to hear his voice after almost five years. They agreed that she could visit him at his place, and that's how she ended up in his living room, embracing him fondly.

"It's been so long," she whispered.

"How have you been?" he asks warmly, smiling at her. "You've grown well."

She smiled gratefully. "I've been doing alright. You?"

He was about to respond before he caught her frown. "What is it?"


She could see various scars running up and down his body under his loose tank top and shorts. She saw red. "I won't let him fucking hurt you like this," she growled.

It was Edge's turn to get mad. "What do you mean?"

"All those scars? How do you live like this? How can you claim he loves you if he hurts you like this?"

"What the fuck are you talking about?"

She flinched when he swore. She didn't realize he even knew swear words. She personally didn't use any. "You realize that's domestic violence, right?"

Something in him seemed to snap.

"Get out of my house."

She stares at him stupidly.

"Get. The. Fuck. Out. Of. My. House," he hissed.

She didn't move.

"GET OUT!" he cried, angrier than even when he'd abandoned her.

"But Edge-"

"I don't care. You don't know shit about me, Fairy. You don't know shit about what I've been through. Lancer was there for me when no one else was, and he still is. If you're just here to bad mouth him, then don't talk to me."

"Holiday and I were there for you!" she protested indignantly.

"Holiday didn't hold me back, but neither of you could see what was happening right under your own fucking noses. Now leave."

She was saved by the sound of the front door being unlocked.

Momentarily forgetting about her, he rushed to greet the newcomer.

She followed quietly, finding said newcomer to be none other than Lancer.

She quietly observed how Edge threw his arms around the blond, hugging him tightly. Lancer hugged him back, arms firmly around his waist, kissing the top of his head.

"How are you, dear?" Lance asked, smiling down at his slightly shorter companion.

"Missing you," the ginger replied, kissing him gently on the lips. Lancer smiled, hugging him again.

The blond grew serious. "Something bothering you? You seem upset."

Edge seemed to hesitate, but sighed, whispering his dilemma in Lancer's ear.

The blond nodded with a simple, "I see."

He felt Edge's relief when the ginger collapsed into his arms, weeping. He rubbed his partner's back soothingly, lips pressed against the top of his head in a long, consoling kiss. He held Edge close, quietly encouraging him to let it all out.

After a few minutes of steady tears, Edge finally started to calm down, and Lancer spoke to him too softly for Fairy to hear, but Edge nodded in response and even smiled a little.

Lancer picked him up in a princess carry and took him upstairs. Not long after, Fairy heard the shower turn on.

Even the day before, she would've boiled with anger, cursing Lancer for fucking her brother right after he'd been crying, but now it hits her that she might be jumping to conclusions. The way Lancer had comforted Edge, he hadn't even said anything much. He only held him while he cried, but it made him feel better.

She found her assumption was wrong, because Lancer came back downstairs while Edge was still in the shower.

"Hi, you must be Fairy. Nice to meet you," Lancer smiles, shaking her hand. She couldn't find any hostility in his face, and he looked and sounded genuine. She nodded once in acknowledgement, not trusting herself to speak.

He beckoned for her to follow him into the kitchen. There's some bar stools at the island and she took a seat in one of them, while Lancer started to pull things out of cupboards. As he was pulling things out, she noticed him taking out a couple medications, and she frowned. What's he trying to do to Edge?

"What are those?" she asked more sharply than she intended.

He raised his eyebrows, then held up the medications. "These?"

She nodded.

He gave a pained smile. "Antidepressants."

She didn't quite process the information immediately, but that is sure as hell not what she'd expected him to say.

She watched him in silence as he made some tea, refusing when he asked if she'd like some. He pours too mugs anyway, presumably one for Edge and one for himself.

Not long after, Edge returned in a tank top and some shorts, hair still damp from the shower. He went right up to Lancer and hugged him, giving him a peck on the cheek. Lancer smiled, wrapping an arm around his waist and giving him a side hug.

Fairy felt a bit excluded when the two shared a quick, quiet conversation in a language she didn't understand. She knew it was purposeful, they didn't want her to understand.

Finally Lancer turned back to her, inviting her to join them in the living room. She sat politely in an arm chair while Edge and Lancer sat on the couch. Lance was seated somewhat properly, elbow propped on the armrest with his tea in hand. Edge was curled up against him, leaning on him so that Lancer would put his arm around him.

They sipped in silence for a bit, so Fairy studied the two up and down. Lancer was now with his free arm around Edge's shoulders, squeezing his hand. Edge was also content, cuddled up with him, holding his hand. Her eyes widened as she caught the matching silver bands around their fingers.

"You're married?" she blurted, blushing as they smiled. "When?" She couldn't completely hide that she was hurt.

"Two years ago. It was a small wedding," Lancer answered. Her eyes gravitated to the photos on the fireplace mantle, Edge and Lance looking handsome in their crisp suits. Edge was wearing a flower crown that day, and it hit Fairy with a pang.

When they were little, they would make flower crowns for each other.

She knew Edge was probably the least religious of the siblings, but he was also wearing a small silver cross necklace that day.

Their brother's silver cross necklace.

She didn't know how to feel. Though she herself hadn't been there, and it appeared that their brother wasn't either, Edge had still kept both of them with him on his wedding day.

For the longest time, she'd cast him off her mind because it was too painful to think about him just abandoning her.

"Maybe we should explain ourselves," Lance sighed, meeting Edge's eyes.

The ginger nodded. "I guess there's only the beginning to start with."

"Edge was always an excellent student. I met him when I was a junior in high school, and he was a freshman. He was actually in my math class and my language class that year," Lancer started. "I was one of the only juniors in that language class, and it was mostly freshmen. Edge seemed more mature than other classmates, and I asked if he wanted to study with me. He was always pretty quiet, but I got to know him more throughout our study sessions. I learned how sweet and funny he really is, and how much more there is to him."

Edge finally spoke up. "I liked him from the start. It was a dumb 'Ooh he's hot' crush that never turns into anything. If he'd been anyone else, I probably would've turned him down. It was so weird. He was one of the most popular guys in his grade, always surrounded by girls who'd do anything to get in his pants. I didn't understand why he'd waste time on a dumbass freshman like me. We had the same lunch, and he sat with me instead of anyone in his grade. The girls didn't like that at all, but no matter what they told him about me, he always took my side."

"Edge was the only one I could actually talk to. He treated me like a normal person, and I could have a normal conversation. The guys in my grade only talked about girls. How big this girl's breasts are, how flat that one's ass is, I didn't care. The girls would only flirt with me. The rest of the girls disliked me because they thought I was a player."

"In my junior and senior year, Lance called me every single day. He was in college, but he still took time to make things work so that we could chat, even if it was for only five minutes." Edge smiled. "One day, he even flew all the way over to visit me. I was stressed about tests that day, and I couldn't for the life of me calm down. Because we were just testing that day, we could leave early, and Lance promised me he'd wait for me. Seeing his face was all I needed, and my nerves just died. And he did wait. He waited in front of the school until I was done, then took me out to lunch. That was in my senior year, and that's where he told me about his plan to get me out of there after I graduated."

"It wasn't a romantic relationship for a while. I think it was the beginning of my senior year. Senior year was stressful as hell, even in the first few weeks. You probably remember how Edge and I spent every single day together that summer. As days passed, I found myself checking him out more and more, and I felt so guilty and disgusting but I couldn't help it. He's gorgeous, and when he smiled at me, I felt worse because I love that smile, and I wanted it all to myself. During the school year, I hated how his fellow sophomores talked to him. I should've been happy for him, because he was finally opening up and making friends, but all I could think about was whether he'd accept my feelings or ditch me for someone else. I..." Lance broke off. "I felt like such a monster..." he whispered, and Edge squeezed his hand reassuringly. "At the beginning of the school year, after school one day, we were heading to the library to study together. We were walking so close to each other and I... I grabbed him. I slammed him against the wall and kissed him so fiercely his lip split. I can't tell you how ugly I was in that moment. I felt so triumphant, I'd gotten what I wanted. His lips are as perfect and soft as I'd imagined, and he tastes so sweet. I'm intoxicated by him, and I couldn't help myself. I had to keep those lips on mine, and even when he gasped for air, I only kissed him harder. I'm a fucking monster." "I wouldn't let him run away. When he pulled away, I could see he was horrified by what he'd done. I didn't want to be a regret, because I love his kiss, even when I can't breathe. I dragged him home, sat him the hell down on my bed, and forced him to answer my questions." "In the end, I confessed. I confessed everything. It started with how much I appreciate his friendship, but everything came out and I couldn't stop it. I told him how gorgeous he is, how I liked to check him out when he wasn't looking. I told him about how I moan his name while masturbating, and I told him my fantasies about him. I told him all sorts of filthy things I wanted to do to him, how badly I wanted him all to myself." "In the end, we sorted things out. I couldn't walk the next day, but it was worth it." The two exchanged glances, falling quiet in simultaneous memory. By the end of his confession, Lancer was very red and tears of embarrassment and despair trickled down his cheeks. Edge was so close... Unable to stop himself, Lance grabbed the ginger's wrists, pinning him down on his bed. "I love you!" the blond blurted fiercely, eyes piercing into the ones of the boy beneath him. Edge smiled a little, lifting his head to kiss Lancer softly. Comforted by Edge's reassuring, gentle kiss, Lancer released his wrists, finding the ginger's arms wrapped around his neck, pulling him closer. He shivered happily as Edge kissed his neck, trailing up to whisper in his ear, "Please make me yours." The sex-starved animal in Lancer is set free with Edge's implicit consent, and the ginger's virginity is surrendered to the man he loves.

"I was wrong, wasn't I?" Fairy spoke up. "The bruises. Lancer would never hit you. At least not to purposely hurt you."

Edge nodded, cuddling closer to Lancer. "I... I left to get away from our parents. I know you'll find this hard to believe..."

Lancer squeezed his hand, giving him an encouraging kiss on the forehead.

Edge sighed. "Our parents were... they didn't... they never wanted me. They wanted a son and a daughter. They were happy to have Holiday as a first son, but they didn't need me. That's why you and I are so close in age. They wanted a daughter. That's really all there is to it. Of course, when they found out I was gay, it got worse..."

Fairy frowned. "What got worse?"

"You see his scars?" Lancer prompted, subdued.

Fairy started to nod, then gasped. "No, they couldn't!"

Edge nodded sadly.

Fairy flew over to the couple, hugging Edge tightly, tears in her eyes. "You left because of them. How could I have been so stupid? I never suspected a thing! I'm so, so sorry-"

"It's not your fault," Edge assured her. "They weren't good caretakers. I didn't want you and Holiday to think any less of them. Holiday suspected something, but I don't think he quite knows what. I haven't seen him in a while either."

Fairy lets go of her brother, returning to her chair. "I was so selfish. I always thought you were abandoning me, but you weren't. You were escaping hell. I couldn't see that..."

Edge gets up and hugs her again. "Don't worry about it. Let's not fight anymore. I missed you."

She hugged him back tightly, memories flooding back to her.

They returned to their seats, and a thought pops in her head. "Whose antidepressants...?"

No one answers, but they all know.

She turned to Lancer. "I'm sorry, Lancer. I-I didn't like you because I was jealous. Edge was my best friend, and I thought you were stealing him from me only to use him. I had no idea how close you two are. You're not an asshole. You make Edge happy, and that's the best thing you can do."

Lancer laughed, making her smile as well. "Don't worry about it, I understand. You're welcome here any time you like."

Fairy smiled, hugging them both. Then, hugging only her brother, "I'm so happy to have you back."

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Said Mumther Append when he walked in on Lance fucking Edge very roughly

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FUCK OFF SENBU IS THE ONLY TRUE GRIM REAPER in that one hc I made exist by accident

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"For fuck's sake- yes, Dark, you are in fact Dark."



I can't actually read those kanji :/

Dark just freaks out and starts ranting when he's nervous

Chapter Text


"Patawad ako, gutom ako."

"I'm sorry, I'm hungry."


Edge's thin body shook with his heavy sobs. He clawed at his bedroom door, begging for food. He hadn't eaten in days, and hunger is all he could think about. He apologized over and over again, weeping from hunger that carved out his hollow stomach.

Why did his parents hate him so much?

He hated that no matter how much they made him suffer, he still forgave them.

Chapter Text

Lancer had recently gotten a job delivering packages, and was on his first job. It was a lesser known company, he worked for, and his first package was quite heavy. It was the only rather large box in his small postal truck, and the route he was taking was quite out of the way.

More than an hour had passed, and he made a stop for fuel. When he got back in, he heard something moving around...

...inside the box?

He froze, listening carefully to the sounds of something struggling in the box. Strange, muffled screams were starting up, and Lancer gave a piercing scream of his own.

He knew he wasn't supposed to open the packages he delivered, but there was something alive in there.

Carefully, he cut open the tape with his keys, only to find a solid wooden box inside, padlocked shut. He found the key attached to the padlock, and undid it.

Inside he found a softly sobbing boy only a year or so younger than him, if that.

"For the love of-"

The ginger was securely bound with complexly knotted rope, blindfolded and gagged. His body was bare, and Lancer mentally kicked himself for checking him out.

Finally, everything clicked.

His company was involved in sex trafficking.

He threw down his uniform's hat in rage, freeing the helpless boy. Upon regaining mobility, the ginger sprang out of the box, pinning Lancer under him in the back of the truck with shocking strength.

Seeing that Lancer was no older than himself, and clearly confused, the boy burst into tears, hugging the blond tightly.

Hesitantly, Lancer hugged him back. "Wh-what's your name?"

The boy shrugged. "I don't remember. Slut, Whore, Bitch, Cock-Queen, Cumdump, Fuckhole, I don't care. That's what they all called me. Didn't need me. Only for a hole to use for pleasure. A toy."

"Oh," Lancer replied quietly, feeling guilty.

"Are you going to use my body too?" the boy asked as if it were normal. He looked sad, but ready to fake up whatever Lance needed.

Lancer gaped at him in amazement, appalled that this was a legitimate question. "Why the fuck would I do that?"

The boy tried to smile, but only broke down into more tears. Lancer hugged him again, holding him close.

"I just want a name," he sobbed, clinging onto the blond. "Something people call me because... because they love me! No one will ever love me though," he laughed bitterly, "I'm just a toy."

"What do you want to be called?"

The boy stared at him incredulously. "Why?"

Lancer shrugged. "Maybe I want to help you."


"Maybe I want someone to love."

The boy frowned. "By love, do you mean you want a good little whore to offer their body to you whenever you want? I could be that dirty slut, I could be your fucking whore-"

"No. I don't believe in that shit. Maybe I just want someone to talk to and comfort and cuddle with. Someone to snuggle up to for warmth when it's cold. Someone I can make happy, someone I can love."

The boy sighed. "Edge."


"A long time ago, I used to be someone named Edge. I don't know him anymore. I want to be him. I want the life he had."

"Then let me give that life back to you," Lancer said with strong determination, squeezing his hand, "Edge."

Chapter Text

"Is this the real life?"

yeah I can't write poetry lol good luck guys you can probably write better poetry than me

Chapter Text

To address the actual prompt, Aitetsu went to the library to figure out how the fuck babies are made because in an rp I have with bad-boi-Lenny, Edge is Aitetsu's mother and Edge won't tell him if he did naughty things with Lance to make him exist

okay but getting off track I had a random thought at three in the morning and I'm hornier in the morning so don't question me

you should probably never question me cuz I am simply a questionable shitbag lol

here goes weird shit

Lance loved watching his beautiful boyfriend climax.

He covered the ginger in kisses while he slammed into him repeatedly, rocking their bodies in harmony. Edge moaned continuously in his ear as he kissed the boy's neck, collarbones, and shoulders.

Edge's wrists were bound by rope to the headboard, legs spread wide to take his man.

Starving as he was to devour his lover's body with lust, Lance slowed down, making Edge squirm in protest, needy moans spilling from his lips. He needed so much more than the way Lance was slowly fucking him, a steady rhythm that made his hips buck violently to get the blond deeper inside him. He bit his lip as Lance grabbed his sensitive inner thighs, massaging them up and down, squeezing them hard and releasing.

Edge shuddered from the sensations, hips still crashing into the blond's to get what he wanted.

It was becoming too much for Lance. He always found it hard to resist his boyfriend. Squeezing Edge's thighs, he pinned them down in a spread, lips colliding with the ginger's. Edge kissed back desperately, interrupted by a scream as Lancer pounded into him, fucking his prostate dead on. Lancer continued to kiss the corner of his mouth as he continued to scream in bliss.

Lance admired his lover as the ginger orgasmed, and the moment seemed to slow down, allowing the blond to notice everything.

Edge's back arched off the bed, toes curling hard into the sheets. His fists clenched, eyes tearing and rolling upward. His mouth was wide open in a silent scream, saliva dribbling down his chin. His fine ginger locks were spread out on the pillow, bangs plastered to his face by sweat.

His creamy skin glistened with perspiration, graceful limbs showing off strong muscles beneath. He wasn't overly buff at all, but with the position of his arms, his biceps were visible, tensing in his pleasure. The muscles in his legs were incredible as well, fine-tuning the already beautiful sculpting of his body.

His blue-green eyes shimmered with tears of pleasure that slowly leaked down his flushed cheeks. His perfectly shaped lips were rosy, lining a mouth of perfect teeth and a tongue dripping with lust and saliva. One of Lancer's favorite places to put his dick.

Edge seemed suspended in euphoria, gasping with each rough thrust. Sound finally caught up, and he exhaled with a series of outrageously lewd noises, face crumpling in exhaustion and relief of a climax. All he knew was that he loved Lancer so much, too much. Too much that he'd never let go, no matter what. Fuck it if Lance hated him, he loved the man too damn much.

Lance was all he lived for.

Lancer kissed him gently in his dazed post-climax state, still fucking him hard. Edge moaned idly, a content smile ghosted on his lips.


Lancer came inside him, making his features twist in pleasure. He strained against his bindings, searching for Lancer's kiss. The blond's lips met his and he kissed him passionately, though it was sloppy in his tired state. Lancer filled his mouth with a dominating tongue, simultaneously releasing his wrists.

Edge threw his arms around Lancer, kissing him harder. Lancer held him close, trapping him in his loving embrace. They broke for air, and Lancer kissed his forehead. "You're beautiful," he said breathlessly, meeting the ginger's disbelieving expression. Lance sighed, hugging him tighter. "One day I'll make you see that. I'll make you see how beautiful you are. I'll show you how worthwhile of a person you are. The only thing I'll never be able to fully make you understand is how damn much I love you."

Chapter Text

Dark's brilliant green eyes bore into Shikko as if he were searing lasers through him rather than acknowledging his existence.

"Why are you glaring at me?" Shikko snapped, completely oblivious to the fact that most people found him extremely annoying.

"I'm hoping you'll spontaneously combust," Dark replied calmly.

Just then Shikko started fucking screaming because his ass was on fire because guess what he started spontaneously combusting wow

Chapter Text










Ano bang ako?

Malakas ako.

Matamis ako.

Mabait ako.

Maganda ako.

Hindi, mali yan.

Ang truth?

Sinungaling ako.

Chapter Text

"It's cold, isn't it?"

Lancer nodded in agreement as he and Edge strolled through the trails in the forest. Lush green leaves shone with raindrops that glimmered like small jewels. The damp soil beneath their feet gave off its raw, rich, clean scent. Occasionally a drop of water would drop from its perch on a branch or leaf.

Edge's fingers were locked with Lancer's, and they walked side by side without speaking. They were somewhat bundled up in jackets and such, but the cold still bit at their exposed cheeks.

Suddenly, Edge stopped.

"Something wrong?" Lancer asked, concern falling over his features.

Edge whirled around and wrapped his arms around the blond, hugging him tightly. "I love you so much," he sobbed, hot tears soaking into the exposed skin on Lancer's neck.

Lancer hesitated before hugging him back, surprised by the sudden outburst. He rubbed the ginger's back, pressing his lips against the top of his head. He could feel Edge's shoulders shaking, his body wracked with choking sobs.


"I don't want to... Please... I need you!"

"I love you too damn much to let anything happen to you," Lancer swore fiercely, but Edge only cried harder.

"Oh Lance... You can't... Can't save me..."

"Of course I can! I will!"

Edge shook his head, trying to smile but his pretty face was torn up with tears. "I'm dying," he whispered, watching Lancer's face contort into one of horror, "I have three days to live."

Lancer screamed.

Edge sobbed harder as Lance held him with such a fiercely loving embrace. It was terrifying, watching the blond scream and swear at the heavens, angry tears streaming down his cheeks.

When he couldn't scream anymore, Lance fell to his knees, crying and hugging Edge as if the world would fall apart if he let go.

Three days later, he was in pieces, screaming and refusing to let go of Edge's hand at his bedside, fighting for dear life against the doctors trying to take him away. He would not abandon his lover. He didn't care that there was a flat line moaning forlornly, if he loved Edge hard enough, the world couldn't take him away.


The simple gravestone decorated in painfully handpicked roses said otherwise.

Lance knelt before it, hot streaks of tears running down his cold cheeks. He reached out to touch his lover's name, engraved in the stone before him.

He whispered sadly, "It's cold, isn't it?"

Chapter Text

Dark was winter.

Cold, distant, gaunt, pale, quick-tempered.

Edge was spring.

Soft, sweet, beautiful, bright, but occasionally tragic.

Mine was summer.

Enthusiastic, excitable, energetic, kind, and in Dark's opinion, damn hot.

Lancer was autumn.

A little cooler, but refreshing, like an old friend. A good listener, something that's hard to come across these days.

Chapter Text

Lancer woke up.

He seriously contemplated whether he'd woken up dead or not.

The searing pain in his arm answered that.

Wincing, he tried to open his eyes but it was too painful. His eyelids seemed to weigh a million times more than they should, and he gave up.

He slipped in and out of consciousness for days, and was vaguely aware that Edge was often in his room. He wasn't sure he was dreaming it or not, because everything was still blurry.

Edge shot him.

So how was he still alive?

If the bullet didn't kill him, he was sure the shock of betrayal would.

After a few weeks, when everything was a little clearer, and he was awake, Edge was dragged into his room, subdued, wrists bound behind him. Lancer forced himself not to react to the bruises blooming all over the ginger's fair skin, cuts and gashes marring his bare chest and stomach, worse on his back. His nose was bleeding steadily, blood dribbling from the corner of his mouth as well.

No one really said anything, but Lancer found himself with full freedom to do whatever he wanted to the broken ginger.

A slap resounded through the small room.

Edge stared sadly into Lancer's eyes, regret swimming in the pools of tears threatening to spill over. Lance kept his face indifferent, slapping the other boy again and again and again, releasing a burst of the pain Edge had caused him.

Edge's cheek was turning bright red, and he started to cry, but Lancer kept going, and by the end Edge was wailing so hard he was half choking.

The boy was lead out, and Lancer fell asleep almost immediately, exhausted.

Several days later, when he'd regained more energy, he found it was early in the morning, and he was alone. Testing out his limbs, he found that his left arm still ached if he moved it too much. His arms and legs were strapped down, as well as his chest and hips.

So Edge's mafia still saw him as a threat.

Hearing the door creak open, he quickly pretended to be asleep, though he had one eye open just a crack.


The way he walked, Lance could tell he was injured.


As numb as he was from Edge's betrayal, he still felt a strong sense that the ginger was his, and that he was the only one who had the right to kiss those lips.

It angered him that other people would touch him like that, as punishment, no less.

Edge sighed, carefully tending to Lancer's wounds. He removed the old bandages, then cleaned out the injury before applying fresh bandages. At this point he was probably expected to leave, but he still lingered.

Lancer's breath caught in his chest as Edge gently stroked his hair, such an affectionately made gesture. He felt hot liquid splashing onto his face, and immediately realized the ginger was crying.

"Oh Lance..." he whispered, cupping the blond's face in his hands. "I'm sorry..."

Determination set on his face, Edge undid Lancer's restraints. He blushed heavily when he undid the one at his hips, and Lancer could only assume it was because he was naked. It didn't bother him to be bare in front of Edge, especially considering how many times he'd had that pretty mouth on his cock.

Edge laid himself over Lancer, hugging him at the cost of awkward angles. He buried his face in the man's chest and cried for a while.

Lancer doesn't know how much time passed before Edge finally lifted his head, eyes red from tears. The ginger scooted upward so that the way he was laying set his mouth right below Lancer's ear.

"I..." he started, but broke off. "I... I couldn't do it."

Lancer knew.

Edge couldn't kill him.

"I never miss," the ginger whispered so softly that Lance wasn't sure if he heard it or not. "Dammit, I love you. I wish I didn't, but I do. I can't help it. You're too damn kind to me, and you never let me forget that I could be a good person. You're the only one who's ever loved me, but I'm such a fuck-up I lost that too. I don't understand, I didn't deserve to be loved. Why did you love me? Why would you give me something so precious when all I can ever do is lose it? You mean so much to me, and I'm such a curse to you. You shouldn't have had the misfortune to love me, I'm so sorry. I wish you'd never met me. Your life would be so much better than this. I can't imagine life without you, yet I've been living it for weeks now. The memories and love you gave me is all that keeps me sane. I'm not sane, am I? I'm a monster, shooting my own fucking-"

"Edge stop!" Lancer burst out, throwing his arms around him. "You never miss. Never. I know that. When you shot me, you didn't miss. That's why they punished you, isn't it?"


"They know you never miss your target. They know you had no intentions of killing me."

Edge nodded, and with his eyes fully open, Lancer could see the makeup smeared by tears, revealing bruises.

"You went through all that hell for me?" the blond asked quietly, sitting up and cupping his cheeks. Edge nodded and Lancer hugged him tightly.

"If you died I'd kill myself," Edge whispered back. "I can't live in a world without you, even if you hate me."

"But I love you. You hurt me, but I still fucking love you. What if we ran away? I know that sounds cliche and weak and all that shit, but why live like this when it could change?"

Edge nodded, though his face was buried in Lancer's chest once again. "I love you. I love you, I love you, I love you so much."

Chapter Text

He bought me flowers.


Eight flowers.

Eight for the eight years we've known each other.

Eight for the eight years he's tried to convince me that I'm a good person.

I won't accept this.

I'm not cute. I'm a lanky, awkward dumbass who's too socially awkward for shit and can't sleep. I'm too sarcastic, and I don't remember things I should.

I love that I try to be a good person. Yes, I do care about that, but am I physically capable of it? Of course fucking not.

I agree that the small acts of kindness count, but I'm just a sentimental minority. No one else gives a shit about basic manners.

I also care about listening to people, and being listened to. No one listens to me. No one listens to anyone. The human tendency is to direct any conversation towards themself.


Humans are fucking assholes, that's why.

I hate humans. I really do. I just hate myself more.

I hate hypocrites more than anything else, but I am a hypocrite, and it's hypocritical to hate hypocrites if you are a hypocrite.

People think I'm fucking smart? Hell no. I just have a weirdly good memory. I'm extremely grateful for it, but then the more basic things in life I cannot fucking remember to save my paradichlorobenzene. Not my life, I don't give two shits if a truck just happens to run me over one day. I hope that happens.

I want everyone to forget me if I die.

I don't want to cause pain, but who the fuck cares about me? If I disappear, hardly anyone would notice. Sure, maybe they'd leave a few panicked messages then just list me as an asshole when I don't respond after months. Yeah, I can't respond if I'm dead.

If I decided not to interact with anyone for a day, no one would notice. Okay, except the neighbors who'll be spared from my daily ear rape/torturing of souls/practicing piano.

Why do I do anything?

Why am I alive?

Why the fuck did the elements in the periodic table bond in such a way that created the molecules that make up my body?

Why do the proteins that make up my Deoxyribonucleic Acid have to be cursed and create me?

Why didn't the world prevent my existence?

Why wasn't I born in a time period where I could've easily died and people would care even less?

I hate people.

I hate myself.

I hate everything about myself.

I'm not a good person.

I won't accept this.

I am physically incapable of being a good person.

My aspirations are too big, even though the things I aspire to be are in fields I know I'll never reach. That's just how it is. I can't so it. I can't accomplish anything.

I'm a failure.

I was doomed to fail from the second it occurred to my parents that they might someday have desired a child.

I'm a mistake.

I hope you don't know me.

I hope you never have the misfortune of knowing me.

I hope you hate me.

Chapter Text

It sounded like an edgy note but Trickster just laughed at it because the handwriting was so fucking bad. He'd know that handwriting anywhere. That was Senbu's shitty handwriting. This brunet still didn't realize that he was left handed, and so he wrote with his right hand. Also he can't read very well, so his spelling is terrible.

The rest of the modules just didn't question it, and left it up to Trickster to find him.

Ten minutes later, Trickster returned with a very drunk Senbu who was trying to convince everyone that he was a sleep paralysis demon, and as a result had been found under Shikko's bed.

Chapter Text

SHE was Transmitter and she hates sewing and all that stuff so she just painted the word "fate" on each piece of clothing in very large letters and yeeted them at the Walmart employee who asked for it because she doesn't have fucking kids lol

Chapter Text

"I can make breakfa-"


Lancer pouted. "But-"

"No, Lance. I will not let you into the kitchen," Edge said sternly. Lancer followed him into the kitchen anyway, pestering him to let him help, bur the answer was still no.

Finally, he pinned Edge against the wall, whispering threateningly in his ear, "I'll make the best damn treat anyone's ever seen, and I swear you will not beat it."

Following his statement, Lance finally left the kitchen, and Edge was left in a bit of a whirl.

The next morning, Edge found that his arms were immobile. Maybe it was because they were bound to the headboard, who knows. He struggled aimlessly, blushing when he caught Lancer from the corner of his eye. "What's all this?"

Lancer smirked. "I told you I'd make the best dish, and so I will~"

Edge blushed harder as Lancer crawled over his naked body to kiss his neck, lips and tongue affectionately marking and caressing the sensitive flesh. He couldn't resist, tilting his head so that Lancer could claim him more.

"L-Lance, stop~"

"You know you don't want me to," Lancer smirked, and Edge's cheeks burned as if to confirm the statement. "First, to butter you up, if you know what I mean~"

Edge shook his head slightly, confused. The blond produced a container of oil, lathering some on his hands. Edge gasped as Lancer then grabbed his thighs, massaging them thoroughly to cover them in the slick, shiny substance. Countless moans slipped out as Lancer's large hands made their way up and down his body, covering him in oil. His strong, flawless legs relaxed under Lancer's soothing touch, glistening from the oil in their dimly lit bedroom. He had attractive lean muscle like a swimmer, rather than the obvious muscles of other athletes. The muscles in his upper arms were naturally flexed because if the position, especially attractive with the oil again. Edge's filthy moans grew louder as Lancer finished up his torso, moving back down to his thighs.

Those hands endlessly pleasured his inner thighs, and his breathing grew increasingly heavier with arousal. Lance gently kissed him, pulling away just a few inches too far for Edge to kiss back hard, and it was driving him crazy. He couldn't handle the airy brush of their lips, over and over and over again, taunting him. He wanted Lancer to slam those lips against his own and kiss him so hard his lip bled. He wanted that promiscuous tongue down his throat, filling his mouth.

The blond pointedly avoided relieving his aching arousal, and the ginger was so sexually pent up that he didn't know what to do with himself. He squirmed helplessly, moaning desperately for some sort of consolation.

"F-fuck you~ kiss me~! Touch me~! Do fucking something, I can't fucking take it~" Edge pleaded, tears slipping down his flushed cheeks.

"Horny slut," Lancer smirked, slapping him.


The blond finally dove in, kissing him fiercely. Edge kissed back with every same ounce of ferocity, moaning lewdly through it as Lancer's tongue slowly dominated his mouth.

Pulling away just as quickly, Lance left Edge panting and painfully aroused beneath him.

"Fuck~ Fuck me~!"

"Can't eat my dessert without heating it up, you know that~"

Edge blushed harder, biting his lip as Lancer continued to grope his thighs, casually grabbing his ass as well. He couldn't hold back his pleasure though, since he couldn't for the life of him resist it when Lance groped his ass, whispering filthy things he would do to him.

"Eat me~" he whispered, spreading the perfect legs that Lance had so carefully lathered in shiny oil.

"I'll eat you against our mirror, how about that~? Let you see your own pleasure~"

Edge shook his head frantically, as Lance knew he would.

"Alright, you don't like that. The window it is~"


Flinging the curtains open, Lancer let early morning light flood the room. Undoing the bindings on Edge's wrists, he slammed him against said window, pressing him against the glass. Edge sighed and moaned as his hips were ground against the cool glass, providing some form of stimulation. The glass steamed up almost immediately from the heat of his aroused body pressed up against it. His palms were flat against the pane to brace himself to take Lancer.


He pressed his burning cheek against the glass as Lancer fucked him hard, an iron grip on his hips. The blond earned a lewd moan for every increasingly rough thrust. Edge gasped and moaned Lancer's name, drooling against the now steamy window.

Lancer kissed at his spine, still slamming into him and making his entire body shake with pleasure. Edge was half screaming, hot, sweaty palms and fingers clawing at the window.

Lancer adjusted himself slightly so he'd hit Edge's prostate, in turn receiving loud screams of bliss. The ginger screeched his name as he came on the unfortunate window, earning a harsh spanking.

He still gasped and cried out in pleasure with each strike, extending his orgasm.

"The icing on the cake~" Lance whispered, cumming inside him. Edge moaned, muscles squeezing around his man. Lance hit his thigh before pulling out, wrapping his arms around him and kissing him.

Edge kissed back with a small smile, surrendering himself to Lancer's arms.

Lance smirked, "Told you I could make the best dish~!"

Chapter Text


Chapter Text

The cost was that the Big Bad Wolf found it and started Global Warming because of hummus farm located on the Singular Philippine which is separate from the rest of the Philippines and it's fueled by goldfish snack crackers

Chapter Text

Yeah witnesses to seeing Dark ingest poisonous chemicals cuz paradichlorobenzene kinda looks like meth ngl but dw he doesn't do drugs just paradichlorobenzene

Chapter Text

Mine dragged Dark into a game of laser tag so at some point Dark snuck up on him and kissed him then shot tagged him and walked away

Chapter Text

Edge growled. "You have no power over me."

Lancer raised his eyebrows.

"I am a Prince of the French Crown. Unhand me at once!" Edge spat.

It was clear that the ginger wasn't quite so pleased with his... unique accommodations.

He was securely bound by rope, confined within a small cell the size of a walk in closet. He glared up at the blond crouched over him.

"Are you sure I'm so powerless over you, You Highness~?" Lance addressed mockingly, slowly massaging the now blushing prince's crotch. Edge bit his lip, squeezing his thighs together and curling up as best he could considering his bindings.

Lance crawled over him, continuing to massage him. Tiny moans were starting to leak out, and Edge blushed harder. He hated that he could be so easily manipulated with just a little bit of teasing touching.

"Think again, Your Highness~"

Edge sighed, implicit submission expressed in a long, filthy moan.

Chapter Text

The school council at Senbu's high school were very alarmed to learn that Senbu is an 800 year old vampire who cannot fucking read and has very questionable and illegible handwriting

also he speaks in ancient Japanese and people are just confused

he also cannot consume the Yeasty Bastards aka Garlic Bread

he also only woke up a few times during his 800 year sleep such as when he was in his coffin and in the 1940s the United States came in and fucking nuked Japan


so yeah he was like "GOD THESE ALARMS ARE ANNOYING AS SHIT" then just went back to sleep

in Japanese the word for "God" and "paper" are the same except you accent a different part of the word

yeah so he was very confused one day when someone was asked to borrow a piece of paper cuz like

"Can I borrow a piece of paper?" in his mind because paper and god is the same word is just fucking

"Can I borrow a piece of God?"


yes you may indeed borrow a piece of god

good job Senbu bby

he vvv confused

he has also called himself a phone number before

"Watashi wa denwa bago desu"

"I am a phone number"

ooh and one time he said "boku wa sumimasen desu ka"

"Am I Excuse Me?"


he was drunk


still he was struggling

he srruggle

pls give him hugs

Chapter Text








Chapter Text

Senbu sighed.

He doesn't understand how it happens.

He's covered in blood, but he doesn't recall anything except falling asleep.

He has no explanation for the blood on his hands.

He wants it to stop.

Chapter Text

Dark hides.

He dislikes her.

She is his enemy.

She is his tormentor.

She is his sister.

Chapter Text

"I..." Dark stammers. "I'm going to kill-"

"Stop, I know. You don't have to say it. I'll save you," Mine promises, holding Dark tightly. "You can't kill yourself."

The older blond gasps as pain sears in his chest, eyes wide in shock and agony, a scream stuck in his throat.

Dark smiles sadly in the dark. "I'm going to kill you."

Chapter Text

Senbu just laughed nervously when Shikko pointes this out cuz he doesn't really like Shikko and he definitely didn't try to shove Shikko off the roof of the school during lunch I mean what

Chapter Text

Mine gasped at the letter on his bed's pillow, one he knew was from Dark. He'd know that handwriting anywhere. He'd feared this day for a very long time. He had to find Dark before anything happened.

Supermarket, oh what packet of crackers to pick?

They're all the same, one brand, one name, but really they're not.

Look, look just choose something quick.

People are staring.

Skin is on fire.

Just choose something, something, something.

Pressure overwhelming.

Next minute, I am turning out of the door facing one week without food.

A day, a day when things, things are pretty bad, but don't let it make you feel sad.

The crackers were probably bad luck anyway.

Mine facepalmed because he thought it was a suicide note but no Dark was just high on paradichlorobenzene and was ranting about crackers/singing Obsessions by MARINA but listen to the Ocelot remix because that shit's good

Chapter Text

Says Mine every time Dark and Anti interact with each other in the slightest

Chapter Text

Okay well fuck the prompt

I gave some of the Lenny bois names, families, and nationalities because felt like it

first we got my bby Dark and he gonna be from Greek family cuz I said so

this is also so I can write a story and give them last names and shit




Strange Dark ➡ Storm "Dark" Chirillo

his parents were like HUH STORM IS A COOL NAME but Dark hates it and goes by Dark


Anti ➡ Antiope Chirillo

I like that Antiope autocorrects to Antelope lol

anyway "Antiope" means something along the lines of "turned eyes" or "against face" and in Greek mythology she was the daughter of Ares and Hippolyte and was the first Amazon to be married


Iris and Orion Chirillo

hc they're Dark and Anti's biological parents and Iris is good mum who dies young and Orion is just v hardworking and depressed after his wife dies

stepmother is the abusive bitch




Senbu ➡ Sen Bunrakuken

hates his surname and mashes name in Western format together to get Senbu


Kouchou ➡ Kou Bunrakuken

her name means happiness but as a child her parents called her Kouchou so she goes by Kouchou also kouchou means butterfly and she's Senbu's sister


Maple ➡ Miyuki Bunrakuken

hates her name and goes by Maple

takes care of her younger siblings because they're parents are dead




Holy Lancer ➡ Lance Hofmeister

I made his family German because of Ni-No-Sakura-Senbu's hc and I fucking love it

Hofmeister means "master of the household" so that's just last name


Patissier Hansel ➡ Hansel Hofmeister

Lancer's younger brother

he vvvv pure and sweet uwu

also rip Lancel twas a good ship but I broke it and wrote a shit ton of Edge x Lance oops I blame Whit3Heart and I've dragged Ni-No-Sakura-Senbu down with me and now this hc name thingamashit exists


Edsel Hofmeister

probably means "father" apparently so this is now Lancer's father's name


Irmalinda Hofmeister

basically means "entirely gentle" which I found sweet so that's his mother's name now


Theresia Hofmeister

means "harvester" and she's Lancer's grandmother, Edsel's mother

she made it very clear she wanted grandkids as you definitely can't tell from his name




White Edge ➡ Edgar "Edge" Winskill

I accidentally ended up making his family Icelandic lol

okay but his name is Edgar because his parents hate him and he goes by Edge


Fairy Dress ➡ Faie Winskill

Faie literally means fairy so she goes by Fairy

Edge's sister, a year younger than him


Holiday ➡ Hollis Winskill

low key hates his name

at least none of the kids got Icelandic names though

he just

dislikes his name

he is oldest sibling, four years older than Edge


Janna Winskill

Edge's mother

Janna means "God is gracious"

she taught Edge how to play the piano and was somewhat civil to him as a young child but grew abusive towards him under the influence of her husband as he grew older


Asvaldur Winskill

Edge's father

Asvaldur means "divine power"

he wanted a son and a daughter, and didn't want Edge, seeing him as waste of space and resources

he is abusive towards Edge and blatantly hates him

extremely homophobic, critical of everything Edge does

runs a successful business with Janna, making him extremely rich and influential

usually physically and emotionally abuses Edge

has sexually abused him and illegally sold Edge's body for other people to also sexually abuse him

a s s h o l e



anyways that was my dump of random names and families I gave some Lenny bois so I'm done now

Chapter Text

"Damn right I'm pretty," Anti giggled, flipping her hair.

Mine rolled his eyes. "I said petty."

It's safe to say Anti was a yeet bit offended

Chapter Text

Everyone @ Senbu

No one:


Literally no one ever:


Not a single soul in all the billions of years of years of the existence of life:


Senbu: "Is rain just the atmosphere sweating"

Chapter Text

Dark flings his pencil across the room with a frustrated growl. "Why the FUCK did I choose to take this language? For the love of fucking hell!"

It had been a long day. Technically not stressful, but he was so damn tired it was driving him insane. He wasn't sleepy, more just physically and mentally exhausted. The stress of his homework assignments due the next day only added to his fatigue.


It was Senbu, his roommate and best friend.

"Dark, what's the matter? You sound mad."

Dark stood and took a few steps towards the small brunet, then promptly burst into loud tears. "God, Senbu... I'm so fucking stressed... I don't know what to do with myself! I'm stressing myself out with things I don't need to worry about and all that shit and extracurricular activities and it's too much but I can't stop! I just fucking can't. This is who I am. I don't work hard enough at anything I need to so I put all my hard work into other things that probably won't help me ever and I can't help myself... Please... Please save me from myself..."

Senbu withstood the outburst, not flinching away from Dark's comfort seeking hug. "I can't help too much, but I know someone who can," he whispered, closing his eyes and concentrating.

He's a grim reaper, after all.

A few hours later, Dark is stressing over his homework again, and desperately stressed and exhausted tears slip down his face.

A warm hand wipes them away.

Dark whirls around in his seat, finding himself face to face with-


The darker blond smiles.

Dark throws his arms around him, small body heaving with tears. "But you were dying...?"

Mine nods, but doesn't offer any explanation.

"Fuck, it doesn't matter. You're here! I love you so fucking much!" Dark's voice shook with emotion, such fierce love it consumed the earth's core in its strength.

"Dark," Mine said quietly. "I won't save you from yourself, no one can do that but you. What I can promise you is that I am always here for whatever you need."

Chapter Text


Chapter Text

The oldest building in town fell over and killed Bebop and Jason the cheetah was v happ cuz his master was v happ uwu

Chapter Text

"You can't do this," Edge growled, but Lance only caressed his cheek.

"No, darling. I can't. But the law won't stop me from taking what I want," he smirked. "Besides, it's not murder if they don't catch you."

Edge's eyes widened in fear, and Lancer took the opportunity to steal his lips for a kiss. He heard the ginger's verbal "mmph~!" but paid it no mind, finding the beautiful prince moaning breathily, accepting his rough affection.

He pulled away, carefully observing the now rather dazed royalty. "Your highness~?"

Edge blushed, averting his eyes ashamedly. "St-stop."

"You don't want me to," Lance replied calmly, kissing him easily. It was so simple to excite the submissive in denial. The silly boy wanted nothing more than to be dominated by the blond and ravaged by passion until he lost his mind in bliss.

Edge could already imagine how it would feel to have Lance deep inside him, a collar around his neck to show ownership and Lancer's fingers in his mouth for him to suck on and to shut him up. He wanted Lancer's lips all over his body, those large hands groping him and claiming him, mine, mine, all mine.

He wanted Lance to slap him and spank him and punish him for misbehavior. He wanted to swallow the man's cock, have his hands in his hair pulling and forcing him deeper down and cumming in his mouth and all over him.

Lance knew very well what the captive prince was fantasizing, especially from his shamefully erect member. He blushed harder, protests spilling from his lips but he gave in too damn easily to Lancer's kiss.

Edge moaned filthily, kissing back in dizzy desperation as Lancer's tongue invaded his mouth, their lips meeting hungrily. He loved the helpless feeling as Lance pinned him to the floor of his makeshift cell, the closet. He kissed back harder and harder, almost cumming from just the continuous grinding of their hips against each other.

"Haaahh~ haahh~ t-touch me~ please touch me~"

Lance massaged Edge's inner thighs slowly, drawing long moans from him. He knew Edge was hungry for the most intimate part.

"Still stubborn about submitting to me~?"

Edge spat at him, but the effect was ruined when Lancer spanked him roughly, making him give a series of increasingly lewd moans.

With his ass a bright red, he turned to his front, hiding his face in his arms with his ass in the air. Lance hit him again, turning him to his back. He blushed as Lance started to film him, thrusting into him suddenly.

He screamed, pain and pleasure overloading his senses. The masochist in him relished the sensations, bliss surging through his body and being expressed in vulgar cries of Lancer's name. He hid his face in his hands, but Lance pulled his hair, making him cry out in louder pleasure. He knew it was punishment for covering his face, but it was embarrassing to be filmed in such a vulnerable, pleasures state.

The embarrassment turned him on more, and he touched himself as Lance continued to fuck him hard, pulling his hair in a disciplinary fashion for doing so.

He came before he was supposed to, which resulted in getting thrown over Lancer's lap and spanked thoroughly before being forced down on his cock. He sucked eagerly, deepthroating skillfully.

"You whore~" Lance smirked, pulling his hair again and spitting in his face. Edge moaned again, making an expression lewd enough to make Lance cum right down his throat.

He swallowed thirstily, still being filmed. He couldn't form a coherent sentence, lost in pleasure and embarrassment.

He crawled into Lancer's lap and began to cry, acknowledging that he was a disappointment to his family. He was tired, but content. Lancer's arms were so warm, so real... unlike the arms of his parents.

Lance sighed, stroking Edge's hair and promising that he would protect him from being taken back to a life of hell.

Chapter Text

Senbu loves drinking but literally no one believes he is of legal drinking age let alone an 800 year old vampire

Chapter Text

In some insane au where Aitetsu was a murderer this would be him

he just




Chapter Text

It's spoopy month

I should write a Halloween oneshit but I'm too lazy oop

okay but this is Tricks and Senbu lol

I may have mentioned this before but I fucking hate dialogue prompts

Chapter Text

Senbu @ Shikko because Senbu is smart he just doesn't show it

he has a lot of useless information that he just happens to know

Chapter Text

Ultimate Len was not aware that he was to be executed and was confronted by NASA because the FBI was on vacation in the Andromeda galaxy.

Anyway Ultimate Len was executed on the charges of making too many sexually arousing commas in his handwriting but dw he came back because guess what guys he's a fucking Len what did you expect

Chapter Text

Light woke up to find that he could turn into a kitten???

He was very confused but when Req woke up next to him and found him in kitten form, he made the highest mist inhuman squeal of adoration and snuggled kitty bby immediately.

Literally Light as a kitten is just a smol floof skdjdhdh so cuteeeeee

Chapter Text

You're not pretty said everyone with their eyes that pointedly avoid me you're a smart ass bitch the wordless whisper you haven't done shit for anyone they know but don't say okay I say though no one speaks up I know what you see in me it's nothing and no one will remember me when I die and no one will care and I'll cry for those I care about but they'll never see my tears and I will try and try to save them from their thoughts but I can't do anything and they'll get hurt and it'll kill me I love you but not sexually I love you I love you I love you but don't love me don't compliment me don't tell me I'm glad I met you don't tell me I'm kind because I might accidentally believe you and that's not allowed you will do it anyway and I won't accept this I won't accept this I won't accept this I won't accept this I won't accept this even if I aspire to be a good person they all know I never will be and I could be pretty maybe in the lifespan of a raindrop crashing to the ground but only once in a blue moon occasionally when it rains acid and the world burns down and I no longer exist but the earth is beautiful and so are you but not me I love you I love you I love you and you love you too but I know you don't really so I love you for you, friend

Chapter Text

Senbu will not help you get out of a place he gets distracted very easily it's a problem low key ADHD ngl

Chapter Text

Don't let Anti into wherever Dark is he will commit crime

Chapter Text

Dark stared in awe at the blood drenched Senbu, scythe in hand.

"You brought Mine back. It was you."

Senbu nodded wordlessly.

Dark's not one for hugs, but he threw his arms around the petite brunet.

It was more gratitude than words could ever express.

Chapter Text

Edge sat nervously across from his boyfriend, eyes fixed on the single red rose in the middle of the table. This restaurant was fancier than he was used to, but Lance had offered to pay for their meal.

Lancer stood suddenly, having knocked his silverware of the table. Instinctively, Edge got up to help him, but was stopped before he could crouch down by Lance grasping his hand, kissing his knuckles.


The blonde smiled, looking up at him.

"White Edge, you're the most beautiful person I've ever met, inside and out. You mean more than the world to me and I'd give anything to spend my life with you."

Edge's mouth dropped open in shock as Lance produced a small box.

"Will you marry me?"

Edge wordlessly threw his arms around him, embracing him tightly.

Chapter Text

Punkish likes jewelry he's not trans but he likes dressing very femininely so a drag queen ig

Chapter Text

Aya is a demon he's kinda screwed

I refuse to do dialogue prompts from now on unless it's a really good one

Chapter Text

The grand piano sang on for hours, a variety of melodies from Bach's Inventions to Mozart's Minuets to Kuhlau's Sonatinas to Kabalevsky pieces and Dennis Alexander Toccatas.

There was no audience, only Edge playing alone for no one but the drafty room with its frosty window and discolored walls.

The room was part of an abandoned church which during its service, had been a beautiful place.

He wasn't particularly religious, but the place gave him a sense of calm, and he enjoyed being hidden within its entity from the rest of the world.

His fingers ached but he still continued, slow songs and fast songs and songs with complicated runs in 6/8 time and songs with resounding chords all drawn out and lovely.

Silent tears slipped down his cheeks while he played.

This was where he came to calm down, and it wasn't uncommon for him to find himself in tears, playing through them anyway.

Earlier, he'd gotten into an argument with Fairy, which in itself hurt him. He loves his sister, but she was convinced that Lance was cheating on him. She'd brought up Holy Lance Explosion Boy to prove her point, claiming that Lance must have been singing from experience. She also pointed out his absences for concerts with the other modules, and how easily Lance would be able to cheat without Edge knowing.

He trusted Lance with all his heart, and it was awful to hear his own sister point out all the slight indications he might be cheated. As a result, he'd ended up here.

After seemingly endless hours of playing, his head was starting to hurt from crying and his fingers ached. He stood up, closing up the piano and pushing in the stool.

The empty room echoed with applause.

Spinning around quickly, Edge found Lancer in the doorway.

A fresh set of tears streaked his face as he threw himself into Lancer's arms, kissing him hard on the lips. Lance held him close, kissing back before easing away from Edge's love-starved tongue.

"You wouldn't cheat on me, would you?" Edge asked quietly.
Lancer cupped his cheek, pulling him closer. "Of course not, what makes you think that?"

Edge shook his head, hugging Lance tightly. "Don't leave me."

"I'd kill myself if I did," Lance whispered, rubbing Edge's lower back to ease him.

"How did you find me?"

Lancer smiled. "I know your playing. You're the most talented pianist I know."

Edge doesn't say anything, and Lance doesn't push it. For now.

"You're shivering," the blond observed. "I'm taking you home. You need to get warm so you don't get sick."

Edge gave a small "oh?" as Lance picked him up, carrying him out the door. He clung to his man, blushing at the way he was being carried but proud to be displayed as Lancer's.

Upon reaching the Len mansion, Lancer put Edge straight into bed, tucking him in thoroughly. "I'm making you hot chocolate, and you're going to drink it and be warm," Lance said sternly, but Edge shook his head.

"I just need you," the ginger admitted shyly, cheeks burning in embarrassment. He moved the covers so that Lance would join him.

A little dumbstruck, Lance crawled into bed, immediately being hugged by Edge.

He smiled, squeezing one of Edge's hands in his own and stroking his hair soothingly until the ginger sank into sleep.

Chapter Text

"Your Highness," Lance muttered, kissing the prince's hand and kneeling before him. "You wanted to see me?"

Edge nodded, cheeks flushed pink.

The room's large windows that also served as a balcony had been covered by its gauzy curtains, and though it wouldn't hide much, it felt more secure.

"Is this really safe, Your Highness?" Lance questioned, concerned. "You'll be married soon-"

"I don't want a wife!" the prince exploded, standing abruptly.

Lance bowed his head politely in acknowledgement.

Edge fell to his knees and began to cry.

"Your Highness? What's the matter?"

Edge covered his tear streaked face with his slender hands. "Don't call me that. I hate it. I hate it. I'll never take the throne and I don't want it. I don't want a wife. I want, no. I need you!"

Lancer hesitated, unsure what to do.

Edge sobbed harder. "I love you, damn it. I loved you when we met, and I love you now. I hate all these pretenses and formalities. I want you to call me yours. I don't care if things are stricter now, I still want our times when you dominate me and degrade me and call me your whore. I want all the times you just held me and I loved you so hard I could die. Lance..."

It shook the blond to the core. Just his name. So simple. The way he'd said it held every plea in his heart, everything said and unsaid.

"Please... I love you so much... why do you treat me so differently? We're not strangers, we both know that." Edge's eyes were so beautiful, so incredibly sad. "I love you, Lance..." he managed before dissolving into heavier tears, unable to speak.

The blond sighed, abandoning his formal demeanor and embracing the sobbing ginger. Edge immediately hugged back, sobbing uncontrollably in his arms.

He couldn't admit it before, but he loved Edge with all of his heart. He didn't want to interfere with royal doings though, and he knew Edge wasn't particularly favored by his parents.

He understood what Edge meant, to love someone so hard through the action of just holding them or being held. Edge was so warm and soft.

After a long while, Lancer suddenly kissed the ginger hard on the lips, finding the response to be eager and hungry.

Pulling away, he smiled.

"I love you!" Edge gasped, cheeks flushed once more but in arousal.

"I love you too," Lance replied, stroking a lock of ginger out of the beautiful prince's face, "Edge."

Chapter Text

I don't have fucking wishes. I don't deserve them. What's the fucking point? I can't do anything right. My friends hate me. Or ignore me. They don't care what I have to say because I have nothing valuable to say. They don't care about what I think. If I just disappeared, would anyone notice? If I killed myself, would anyone care? If I made myself disappear off the face of the planet, change my name, my entire appearance, contact info, cut off communication with everyone I know, would anyone notice? Ha. Probably not. No one knows me. The real me. Even the people closest to me don't fucking know me. It hurts. No one fucking cares. I wish I just died. I wish I'd never been fucking born. I'm a curse to everyone I know and I feel awful for existing. It's not fair to all the amazing people I know. Everyone deserves so much better.

Am I the entity of misfortune? Am I doomed to cause misfortune for everyone around me? Why does anyone talk to me ever?

Haha. People can't even remember my face, or my name. I'm not pretty. People just don't care enough to remember me.

Who am I?

I'm jealous.

I care so fucking much, I care what you think of me, I care what my friends and classmates think of me, I care what strangers think of me, I care so so so much it hurts and I'm stupid and I want people to like me but no one does not really. Some people can deal with me there's no one on this earth that will ever care about me as much as I care about them. No one will love me because I'm just fucking unlovable. I don't know what I'm doing wrong but people won't acknowledge what I'm saying ever unless I say something absolutely outrageous why am I so quiet???

I think I'll disappear one day. Just fade. Just like that.

One day, every single human on this planet will forget I ever existed. Even when within my lifetime. There just aren't enough people who'd care to remember me.

I don't belong.

I want to disappear and go insane and fall asleep until I rot away.

Chapter Text

Dark's bed was so warm and soft, a cocoon of protection against the cold winter. He was curled up in a tight ball in efforts to keep warm, and finally, after hours of tossing and turning, he was finally beginning to fall asleep...

A loud bang startled him and he shot upright in bed, shivering and pulling the blankets tightly around him.

He knows there was no real sound.

Such is the curse of Exploding Head Syndrome.

Chapter Text

Edge's mother's arms were a place of warmth and comfort in his childhood, a soft blanket of love and care.

Now, they're the cold claws that strike him to the ground, bloody and sobbing bitterly at his mother's words;

"You're no son of mine, you revolting, useless whore."

Chapter Text

Light whimpered pitifully as another blinding flash struck the sky. He allowed himself to turn kitten and curled himself up under the bed. He shivered uncontrollably, hiding his eyes with his paws.

He couldn't stand storms, they were terrifying.

"Kitten?" Req called, and Light peeked to see Req's boots from his hiding place under the bed. The room was illuminated in another flash of light, and Light gave a panicked mew and hid his eyes again.

"Oh Kitten," Req sighed, easing him out and hugging him. "It's just a silly old storm."

Light nuzzled Req's neck before curling up in his arms. He purred softly as Req stroked behind his ears to soothe him. He loved how Req was so sweet and caring.

"Maybe you can take a nap until the storm is over," Req suggested, snuggling his fluffy kitten close to his chest. Light yawned promptly, a long, exhausted yawn.

Light burrowed himself further into Req's arms before closing his eyes, purring in time of the man's soothing stroking.

He soon fell asleep, dreaming of him and Req in the warm, comforting light of the sun.

Chapter Text

Lancer is completely aware that Edge is capable of murder.

The Mafioso was constantly exposed to death, a lot of it happening by his delicately sculpted hand.

Yes, Lancer is a completely aware of this but still kisses his rosy lips hungrily, large hands possessively groping the ginger's thick ass and thighs.

Edge moans in delight as their hips grind against each other, their members painfully erect. The close proximity of their bodies leaves no space, hot skin against hot skin, sticky with perspiration and desire.

Lancer knows that the young man who crawls into his bed each night, seeking his affection, is dangerous. He knows the gorgeous ginger that kisses him so passionately, submits to him so eagerly, cums for him so blissfully, is a killer.

There's an unfathomable amount of blood on those graceful, porcelain smooth hands.

Still, Lance can't help but love him.

Chapter Text

Lance wakes up in the middle of the night for no apparent reason. Checking his phone, he finds it to be approximately three o'clock in the morning.

He sits up in bed, shivering. Something doesn't seem right, though he can't put his finger on it. He climbs carefully out of bed, creeping out the door and down the stairs.

He goes into the kitchen to get a glass of water, hoping it will help him fall back asleep.

As he passes the front door, he swears he can hear something, like a soft whining, in the otherwise silent night.

Peering through the peephole, he sees something curled up against the door. Quietly and carefully, he inches the front door open to find...


The ginger is shivering violently, tears streaming down his face mixed with blood. His face is bruised and his left eye is half swollen shut. Blood dribbles from various cuts, as well as from his nose and the corners of his mouth.

He's wearing nothing but a jacket Lance had left behind at his house once. There are obviously fresh gashes and bruises on his body, and he's in great pain.

Lance gasps in horror, quickly helping Edge up to his feet. The ginger falls into his arms weeping, and Lancer hugs him tightly.

"I-I'm scared," Edge whispers. "Make him go away! T-tell him not to hurt me. I'm so scared!"

Lancer's features settle in fury, but he speaks gently to the sobbing ginger. "Who scare you? He do this to you?"

Edge cries harder and nods, choking out, "P-Papa hurt me. He likes to hurt me. Papa... Papa doesn't like me!"

Lancer understands English much better than he can speak it, and is aware that Edge is likely delirious from pain, making him sound rather childish. He picks up the smaller boy and carries him into the house, heading straight to the bathroom.

He gently places Edge into the tub, filling it with hot water. Edge cries out as the water laps at his wounds, and Lance feels awful but knows the boy needs medical attention.

As gently as he can, he cleans out the horrifying wounds, flinching with every yelp the boy makes. He apologizes continuously, slipping between German and English.

He prays that his younger brother Hansel will not wake and have to see such an awful sight.

The door opens suddenly, and his mother is there. "What are you doing? It's-"

She stops dead in the middle of her sentence.

"Oh dear lord have mercy on this child."

She rushes over to the boy writhing in agony, kneeling by the tub and taking his hand, squeezing it between her own.

"Edge dear, what happen?" she asks breathlessly in her somewhat broken English. Like her son, she understands far more than she can speak.

Lancer pauses his cleansing of Edge's wounds, allowing him to explain.

"Papa..." Edge whispers, eyes wide as he relives the torment. "...hurts..."

"Mother, he needs help! He was at the door for who knows how long, cold and bleeding," Lance informs her urgently.

The woman nods sharply. She immediately calls an ambulance before stroking Edge's hand and muttering quietly in German.

Edge is on the verge of passing out, and Lance hides his concern by soothingly running his hands through Edge's hair.

None of them speak or move for a few minutes.

Suddenly Edge grabs Lancer's hand and just clings onto it, not saying anything and not letting go.

When the ambulance arrives, Edge still refuses to let go of Lancer's hand, mumbling incoherently when the medical personnel asked for an explanation.

In the end, they let Lance stay.


Edge is out of the hospital after about a week, but is understandably terrified to go home. He knows his father is being investigated, but it's still not safe for him to go home, especially with his father being furious.

Lance holds him tightly as he despairs, promising to protect him.

Protect him he does.

Chapter Text

Senbu sings softly into the mirror, bloody fingers leaving long streaks of crimson down the cracked glass.

"Mirror, mirror, on the wall..."

He has no blood. He is a vampire after all.

"Who's the palest one of all..."

He smiles painfully, such a dead looking smile, it's terrifying.

"Mirror, mirror, is it me?"

His smile drops.

"Sure it is, it's clear to see."

He studies his features, splattered with deep red liquid, the substance sticky in his hair.

"Now tell me mirror, when we fall..."

He pauses to cough painfully, blood that is not his own choking up from his lungs.

He grins.

"Who is going to kill us all?"

Chapter Text

Senbu giggled maniacally.

"You can't kill what is already dead."

Chapter Text

Sirens blare frantically their mourning songs of sorrow and doom. Alternating lights of electric blue and searing, fiery red spin brightly like a carousel spinning dizzily into a blur of chaos.

Starmine is screaming, tears streaking his cheeks like waterfalls to hell.

Dark is cold.

He's always cold!

Not this cold.

Mine's body trembles in despair, optimistic sky blue eyes uncharacteristically wide and psychotic. He rejects the images his eyes perceive, he won't accept it.

Sir, are you alright?

Mine shakes his head, no, no nothing is alright ever again.

The policemen tall amongst themselves, what do you think really happened? Was it really -they lower their voices- the victim's fault?

Starmine sobs uselessly, haunted by gleaming green eyes of a cat stolen from the purest green of plants and laced into the DNA of a certain person.

It's not my fault he screams, I couldn't save him. I couldn't save him!

Doctors are concerned, he can see it.

I'm not fucking crazy he screeches thrashing against the arms of those supposed to keep him calm. Let me go! It's not my fault!

More doctors hold him and he struggles harder, kicking out gnashing his teeth together as if it would scare them off.

Handcuffs like clasps of a necklace are wrestled onto his wrists, and the bondage sends raw panic through his bones.

He screams and screams and screams he's not dead he's not dead he's not dead he can't be dead.

Everything goes black.






Hello, are you Starmine?


But it says so right here!

Go away.

I want to ask you a few questions.

I'm not Starmine.

The therapist sighs. If you're not Starmine then who are you?




Would you like to elaborate?

No he says angrily go away, I don't want to talk.

Why are you nobody, Starmine?


The therapist sighs again, of course, Nobody.

I used to.


I used to know Starmine.


He was happy.

And now?

Starmine is dead.

The therapist frowns.

I killed him.

How so?

He died.


When D-D...

Was it because he did something to Dark?


Okay, then what was it?

Starmine died when Dark took his own life.

Chapter Text

Edge is a sweet boy, but when he's horny, he's really horny. A little alcohol and it's crazier.

One night he goes out with Dark and Senbu. They go to some shady club because Senbu wants some goddamn alcohol and while Senbu downs a concerning amount of the poisonous substance, Dark and Edge only drink enough to get a little tipsy.

Upon getting home, Dark heads to his room and passes out, simply because he's tired and has a fucked up sleep schedule.

Edge, on the other hand, is not only intoxicated but also horny. He too lays on his bed, but not asleep. He lags on his back, idly stroking himself and mumbling Lancer's name. Filthy fantasies fill his head and his cheeks flush darker with every kinky thought.

Hard, he crawls over to his closet, pulling out a box of kinky shit he'd collected over the years.

He has a few special toys. He uses them a lot more than he'd like to admit, but takes a thick dildo out all the same. He also pulls out a container of oil, and some extremely tight clothing.

Changing into the tight clothing, his arousal strains against the fabric, making him sigh with need, massaging himself desperately. His nipples are clearly hard through his tank top, and his face is flushed. He spreads his legs, showing off his body and especially how aroused he is, taking a picture.

He then lifts his shirt, oiling down his chest and stomach and making the lean muscle glisten beautifully. Holding the end of the tank top in his teeth, he fondled the hard peaks on his chest, taking several pictures again.

Finally, he slips his extremely tight shorts down so that his ass is bare, though the shorts still squeeze his thighs. Moaning, he thrusts the dildo into himself. He manages to get a picture of that too.

He pulls up Lancer's contact. Picking all the pictures he'd just taken, he's about to send them when he pauses.

He removes all of his clothes.

Oiling his entire body, he takes a final picture.

Anything to get that man to fuck him hard into the sheets, kiss him so hard he can't breathe, touch him and grope him and fondle him-

He shivers pleasurably at the thought, sending all the pictures to Lance.

Even phone sex would be fine, he was so horny. He just wanted something. Maybe Lance would send a dick pic for him to drool over? Maybe they could video chat and masturbate together? Even a phone call, Lance talking dirty and satisfying Edge's hunger for sexual degradation.

Instead, Lance sent him a bunch of puppy photos.

Lancer: are you drunk???

Edge: Noooooo

Lancer: Edge.

Edge: Daaaaaaaaaddy?

Lancer: I'm not fucking you if you're drunk

Edge: but I need you!

Lancer: I'm coming over

Edge: Yay!

Excited, Edge crawled back into his bed, presenting his ass for Lance. The blond came around within a few minutes, and Edge moaned filthily for him.

Instead of touching him, Lance sighed and sat beside him. "Come here, dear."

Surprised, Edge moved closer, then proceeded to nuzzle his crotch affectionately, encouraging a bulge with his tongue.

Without thinking, Lance grabs the ginger's hair, pulling it hard to get him away from that area. Edge gave a small shriek from pain and pleasure, being the kinky shit he is.

Lance simply pulled him into a hug, rubbing his back. "Be safe. You have to be safe. You don't know who you're sending those to. I know you know me but what if you're so drunk you send them to the wrong person by accident?"

Pouting, Edge tries to distract the blond by capturing his lips. Lance gives in for a little, roughly kissing the undeniably sexy ginger in his lap, but pulls away abruptly.

Edge whines for more, but Lance only strokes his hair, hugging him. "No sex. Not tonight. Sleep off the alcohol and I'll think about it. You need rest, dear."

Lance presses his lips to the skin just below Edge's ear, kissing it gently and singing softly against it while still stroking the boy's hair.

He can feel the ginger getting sleepy, leaning more and more into him.

He smiles at the peacefully sleeping form in his arms. "Sweet dreams, darling."

Chapter Text

Sie sagen zu mir

Schließ auf diese Tür

Die Neugier wird zum Schrei

Was wohl dahinter sei

Lancer trembles before the basement door, locked securely. He can feel the gun aimed at him, in possession of a police officer. He can feel the fury of his parents as all these people scream at him to open the door, open the door, just open the goddamn door.

Hinter dieser Tür

Steht ein Klavier

Die Tasten sind staubig

Die Saiten sind verstimmt

He knows that all that's behind there is an old piano. Once a beauty, made of dark, glossy wood, but now covered in dust. Strings are out of tune, keys are discolored, but that's not why he fears to go in there.

Hinter dieser Tür

sitzt sie am Klavier

Doch sie spielt nicht mehr

Ach das ist so lang her

A gorgeous ginger sits at the piano, but it's been a long time since the piano's been played. When did it stop? It was so beautiful...

Dort am Klavier

Lauschte ich ihr

Und wenn ihr Spiel begann

Hielt ich den Atem an

Edge used to play so beautifully. Talented, nimble fingers dancing across the keys, it would take Lancer's breath away.

Sie sagte zu mir

Ich bleib immer bei dir

Doch es hatte nur den Schein

Sie spielt für mich allein

Edge promised he'd never leave Lance for someone else. He played so damn beautifully, giving countless private performances to the man who loves him so hard.

Ich goss ihr Blut

Ins Feuer meiner Wut

Ich verschloss die Tür

Mam fragte nach ihr

Lance vividly remembers it. He wants Edge all to himself, for all of eternity so that the boy's heart belongs to him.

That was why he locked the door.

Dort am Klavier

Lauschte ich ihr

Lind wenn ihr Spiel begann

Hielt ich den Atem an

Edge's piano playing was the most beautiful sound in the world, only second to the way he moaned when Lance touched and kissed and fucked him. Lance had countless memories of standing by the piano, klavier. He would watch fondly as the love of his life filled the room with music, such talent and hard work paying off in the intoxicatingly sweet sounds.

Dort am Klavier

Stand ich bei ihr

Es hatte den Schein

Sie spielt für mich allein

The more time he spent listening to Edge play, the more time he needed that boy all to himself.

Geöffnet ist die Tür

Ei wie sie schreien

Ich hore die Mutter flehen

Der Vater schlägt auf mich ein

The door is open now.

Lancer's head spins, and he vaguely hears them screaming, his mother begging. He barely registers the pain as he's thrown to the ground. His sweet father stands above him, furious beyond all hell, spitting venomously in German, "You're not my son."

He lies motionless, hollow, on the floor while his father beats him for his sins.

It hurts.

He idly wonders if this is how Edge took abuse from his parents. The ginger had it worse though, because he'd never done anything wrong, bless his beautiful soul.

Lancer smiled a bloody smile, tears smearing the blood on his face.

Man löst sie vom Klavier

Und niemand glaubt mir hier

Das ich todkrank

Von Kummer und Gestank

Lancer cries for Edge.

The lifeless body had been bound securely to the piano. Now, they move him out, and the blond weeps big, heavy tears. He mumbles Edge's name over and over again, begging to see his love.

The once pearly white piano keys are stained with blood.

Dort am Klavier

Lauschte ich ihr

Lind wenn ihr Spiel begann

Hielt ich den Atem an

Lancer had told Edge on countless occasions that he took his breath away. He loved the boy so hard that if he wished hard enough, he might be able to just die and be reunited with his love, even if Edge hated him.

Edge understood a fair amount of German, and always understood when the blond softly whispered to him, "You take my breath away."

Dort am Klavier

Lauschte sie mir

Und als mein Spiel begann

Hielt sie den Atem an

Now, Lancer understands that he took Edge's breath away.

Hielt ich den Atem an

Lance wakes up screaming, in his own bed, a warm body in his arms.

"Lance? What's wrong?" asks the panicked Edge, shooting upright and squeezing Lancer's hand.

Lancer stares wide-eyed at Edge, noting every inch of his face and loving him infinitely as silent tears slip down his cheeks.

He hugs Edge tightly with no words.

"Lance, what happened?"

"A dream..." the blond whispers. "I dreamed that I..." he shakes his head. "I'm a monster. Edge, I'm awful! I can't believe I..."

"You what?"

Lancer sighs. "I dreamed that I... kidnapped you. Tied you to the piano. You... you died because of me. Oh Edge, I'm so selfish." He smiles tearfully, hugging Edge tighter. "I'm so damn selfish."

"You're not selfish, Lance," Edge states firmly. "I know you wouldn't do anything like that. I'll never leave you. He squeezes Lancer's hand. "I love you!"

Lancer rubs Edge's bare back as he holds him, kissing the top of his head and burying his face in the silky ginger locks.

"Hielt ich den Atem an."

Chapter Text

Anti could see the boy in the water.

She hadn't expected this.

The brunet swam towards the surface, but instead of legs, he had a shimmering tail, gracefully sculpted and strong.

Mesmerized by it, she attempts to reach out and touch it, but the boy smirks, brown-gray eyes dark with insanity.

She doesn't even see the tiny jellyfish he summons, the tiny, transparent Irukandji jellyfish. Their tentacles can reach up to three feet despite their size of about a centimeter cubed, and their one of the most dangerous jellyfish in the world.

Anti screams as the flesh on her legs starts to burn with stings, tentacles tangling around them. Several stonefish are camouflaged on the ocean floor, even in shallow water and are often accidentally stepped on by tourists. It is treatable, since the amount of venom released is dependant on how hard you step on it.

Senbu wrestles her down against the ocean floor, pressing her with powerful arms against the sea floor. She screeches, thrashing as the stings already killing her are worsened by the agony of the stone fish venom flooding into her system.

Senbu grabs her throat, holding it tightly as he drags ger underwater, her body never to be found.

Chapter Text

Dark watched the storm rage on from his window. It calmed him, knowing the sky was screaming just as much as he was.

Chapter Text

Senbu thrashed and screamed in his sleep while a worried Trickster watched over him. The blond squeezed Senbu's small hand, concentrating hard to take away the nightmare.

It was harder to eat the dreams of something that was not human, and Senbu was a vampire.

After almost an hour of trying, he managed to choke down the awful nightmare.

He has a lot of dark magic stored from eating Senbu's nightmares every night.

Too much?

Chapter Text

Nines lost his mind ages ago. When 2B...

He knows.

He knows the truth.

The 2B model was built to destroy him, over and over and over again, and no models were ever supposed to survive.

What are they fighting for?

Who are they fighting for?

Chapter Text

Edge knew his mafia's rules well.

The only thing he knew better than those rules was that at no cost could he shoot Lance.

He turns the gun to his own head.

Chapter Text

"Aren't you scared of me?" the blond whispers to the small brunet, as though anything more than a whisper would turn those painfully thin limbs to dust.

The boy shakes his head, smiling weakly. "I'm not scared. You can't hurt me if I'm already dead."

Chapter Text

Dark laughed.

The cold room echoed with his disembodied mirth, ringing out like throwing silverware at breaking dishes.

Starmine's bright blue eyes scanned the room frantically, searching for the boy he loves, where is he, where is he?


A form builds up of shadows, winding itself into the general shape of a cat. The cat shadow grins, a skinny little moon stretching across its blank face.

It opens its eyes and immediately Starmine recognizes them.

They are the startlingly vibrant hue of a cup of water, in which a paintbrush had been dipped to clean it off. The pigment of,the paint swirls slowly into the pool, lime green and rich grass green in its purest form and the most sunny yellow peeking through.

Dark's eyes.

"Dark, it's me!"

The cat's eyes appear to melt, it is sobbing, grinning all the wider.

"I'm jealous," it whispers. "I'm jealous."


The cat's laugh starts up again. "I'm jealous!" he announces, tears continuing down his cheeks. "I'm jealous!"

Mine shakes his head, opening his arms so that Dark might come to him.

"I'm jealous, Starmine!" Dark screeches, trembling uncontrollably. "I'm so damn jealous!"

"Dark, come here, please!"


The words echo off every available surface, multiplying so fast that Mine bends over, hands clamped over his ears.

It reaches an agonizing cacophony, and Mine is on the verge of passing out, but then it abruptly stops.

Daring to open his eyes, Mine sees Dark's beautiful green eyes gleaming up at him from a face pale as death.

The whisper in his ear.

"I'm jealous..."

Chapter Text

"I think you're pretending to be a lot darker than you are," Edge hissed, hands curling into fists, eyes narrowing into slits.

Asymmetry grinned. "You really think I'm the quiet kid, always studious and hardworking? Think again. Look into my eyes. I am much darker than you believe me to be."

Glaring into Asym's eyes, Edge feels shock through his entire body, though it's not necessarily physical. His blue-green eyes now wide open in terror, he stares relatively paralyzed at the... creature in front of him.

In Asym's eyes, Edge's reflection is upside down.


Chapter Text

Anti was sad because the one time she fucked a guy she got pregnant and abortion was illegal in her state but then Asym invited her on a picnic and she was like "okay nerd what do you want with me??"

Asym kinda just laughed and said "I'm hungry" and looked her in the eyes but she's kind of dumbass so she doesn't fucking realize her reflection is upside down.

It's winter so it gets dark somewhat early, so Asym isn't as weak as he would be in broad daylight since it's around six in the evening.

Anti starts kinda screaming as he lets his hellishly long tongue out and into her because surprise kids he's a goddamn Aswang and he's eating her baby.

She's fine but also terrified everytime she sees Asym in the school hallways oopsies

Chapter Text

Emotions are hard.

Dark dislikes them.

Negative ones are always stronger than positive ones, and it hurts.

He gets so damn angry at himself, so damn upset with what he can't do.

Is it normal, crying on the floor?

Chapter Text

Despite Edge being part of a rival mafia, and one of the most deadliest weapons on that note, Lance found he could not kill him.

Not because Edge was too skilled for him, oh no.

Somehow or other, in the shadowy blanket of night, he found the dangerous ginger in his bed.

Edge was clinging onto him, legs locked around his waist, arms clutching his shoulders while he fucked the screaming ginger.

Their lips locked in a passionate, messy kiss, tongues melding together in lust, glossy saliva bridging their hungry lips together.

Edge's body was covered in hickeys, results of several nights just like this.

He was the one who started it.

When his mafia took Lance captive, he'd been in charge of guarding the blond from escaping. The first time started with them staring each other down on opposite sides of the bars until Edge grabbed Lancer's shirt and kissed him hard.

It escalated quickly from there.

Lance moans approvingly as Edge cums on both of them, releasing his own seed into the sexy Mafioso on his lap. It's their third round of sex, and it shows with how red Edge's lips are, and how Lancer's previous releases drip down his thighs.

Panting, Edge kisses him softly, seeking only his embrace. Lance cuddles him close, kissing back.

Edge may be dangerous, but Lance will not kill the one he loves.

Chapter Text

Senbu may be a grim reaper, but he insists that he is not in fact a monster. He appears quite childlike, and that is because he must collect the souls of children when they die, as well as the sick and the elderly. He also collects the souls of suicide victims.

He is not a monster, he is a guide to the afterlife.

He's truly a good person, people just don't take time to get to know him.

Chapter Text

She watches Edge's face closely.

He is screaming.

Lancer's weak, steadily bleeding body is in his arms.

"FAIE, WHAT DID YOU FUCKING DO?" he screeches, glaring at her through his storm of tears.

It hurts her.

He always calls her Fairy!


She slowly looks down at her own dainty hands, splattered with blood.

She truly is a sweet girl, but sometimes her emotions get the best of her.

She was convinced that Lance only used her dear brother for pleasure, and that the relationship between the two was low key slavery. Hadn't she done Edge a favor...?

Edge squeezed Lancer's hand, sobbing and begging Lance not to leave him. The ambulance seemed to be taking too long, and Edge is terrified the man he loves won't make it.

As Edge falls apart and shatters in his boyfriend's arms, bloody and weak but still so consoling and feeling like home, Fairy finally understands what she has done.

She starts to cry herself.

"I'm... bad..."

She has the blood of her dear brother's lover on her hands.

She is a murderer.

Chapter Text

Fairy stroked fluffy kitten's soft fur, and it muzzled against her. She had no idea that it was Light, who could change between kitten and human form on demand.

"You're so cute!" she cooed, scratching behind the now purring kitten's ears.

Light often did this, returning to his kitten form in seek of cuddles. He didn't have anyone to love him like that as a human, but most people wouldn't deny a kitten.

He sighed, dreaming of a day when someone would love him for who he is.

Chapter Text

Asym didn't process the information.

"You said what now?"

The police officer at the door bowed his head. "Your father has passed away."

"How?" Asym exploded uncharacteristically, grabbing the tall man's arms. "He can't be dead!"

"He was... murdered."

Immediately, Asym knew the culprit and burst into tears. The officer awkwardly hugged him, and he wailed helplessly, his body going limp with defeat.

It went on for quite a few minutes until the officer asked his partner to get Asym some water.

"My father was a horrible man," Asym whispered through hiccups and sniffles, "but I love him so much. He was a good father, I swear! He just... wasn't a good person."

The officer looked him in the eye to show he was listening. He forced himself not to frown as he noticed that his reflection in the boy's eyes was upside down...?

Asym seemed to notice this, and got both angry and more upset. "It was his fault! He did it to me, but not to himself. He made me a monster! Please, I don't wanna die!"

"So you are..." the officer trailed off, searching for the word. A shape shifting mythical creature, but all he could remember about it was that one could be identified in human form if your reflection is upside down in their eyes.

"An Aswang," Asym spat. "My father married a Filipina, and she told him the myth back during their early days of knowing each other. They divorced because my father cheated on her, impregnating a prostitute. Here I am! My father a dead criminal, my mother a potentially dead prostitute. Their son is a mythical monster that feeds on unborn children and any other prey if a fetus isn't available."

The officer was taken aback by the outburst, but didn't look away from the young Aswang's eyes.

"There's a way to become an Aswang, according to mythology. Tie a fertilized chicken egg to your stomach, then the egg will pass into your body. Bury the remaining eggshell in a bamboo pole with coconut oil and chicken dung. Now you have a fucking monster!" Asym had tears leaking down his cheeks again.

"Is there a way to undo it?" the officer asked kindly.

"Kill me," Asym replied calmly, "I have nothing to live for."


"Kill me. Please."

"I can't do that."

"You'd rather have a monster running loose, eating the citizens?"

The officer sighed, looking for answers from his partner. The other man shrugged, uneasy about the situation.

"Death is the only relief for me. Please, I need you to kill me!"

Finally, the officer sighed. "Fine. Any last words?"

"Shoot me."

A gun goes off, and Asym collapses, the hole in his head bleeding steadily. He cherished his last, shallow breaths.

"C'mere..." he whispered.

The officer leaned in close to hear the boy's words.

"Better an Aswang than a thief..." he managed before violently coughing up blood, then going completely limp, eyes glassy, and no longer reflecting upside down.

A chick hops out of the boy's mouth, and right into the officer's.

Eyes wide, the officer tries to cough it up, but he simply can't. How did it even fit?

His partner gasps, remembering a vital part of the legend. "A dying Aswang can pass on its powers if it wishes..."

Chapter Text

"I'm jealous of you," Dark said casually from his perch in the middle of the floor.

Edge raised his eyebrows, sitting backwards on his swiveling office chair and facing the younger boy.

Dark laughed. "I'm jealous of who you are. I'm ashamed you know me."

"What do you mean?" Edge asked, surprised.

Dark smiled, but it was more of a grimace. "I want to be the kind of person you are. Someone who's sweet and friendly and open and easy to talk to and understanding and patient. It's so damn easy to talk to you."

Edge said nothing.

Dark continued. "I'm not that kind of person. I'm awful. No one likes me. I'm amazed you talk to me. I don't deserve the life I have, it's too good. I deserve to burn in the deepest pits of hell."

"No you don't-"

"You're just saying that. I know you're trying to make me feel better but I'm fucking awful. Why do you even bother talking to me?"

"You're my friend!"



"You don't get anything from our friendship. I'm nothing. If I disappeared, your life would be better. Hell, I don't think you'd even notice if I just killed myself."

"Of course I'd notice!"

"I know I'm a burden. You deserve everything good in the world, Edge. I am the worst thing that will ever happen to you."

"No, stop-"

"I'm so selfish. I don't deserve such an amazing person like you as a friend but I don't want you to hate me. I want you as a friend because you're such a good one but you don't deserve to have to deal with a clingy shitbag like me."

"You're not clingy-"

"You have no idea how much you mean to me. It's a feeling I can't express in words. I don't understand how I can love you so strongly as a friend. You're such a good person, Edge."

"Thanks, Dark. I'm glad I met you."

Dark burst into tears.

"Don't ever tell me that."


"Don't ever tell me you're... that you're g-glad you met me..."


"I'm scared I'll believe it."

Chapter Text

Senbu, being a grim reaper is hellishly skinny but nobody knows he's a reaper except Dark who forces him to eat food because otherwise the kids are concerned that Sen is low key anorexic because he's so skinny and never eats. Please, if you suspect someone has anorexia, do something about it otherwise you're allowing them to slowly kill themselves.

Chapter Text

Lance is a year older than Edge, and had already graduated. The week before Edge's senior year started, he came to visit Lance in Germany. They'd been talking for a while online, years in fact, doing a lot of voice and video calls. They struggled with each others language, but through practice had become more or less fluent. Sometimes their conversations were in German, sometimes in English.

Lance likes to think about the time they spent together that week. It's more or less the middle of December, and he waits impatiently for Edge's school year to end.

The ginger would be attending a university in Germany, and be staying with him in his apartment. In other words, they'd be living together.

Lance had slowly fallen in love with him, but that day in the summer proved Edge's returned affections.

It was more of a transition day from summer to fall. Leaves were already starting to turn their gorgeous autumn hues and it was cooler out.

Edge and Lance were waiting in the parking lot of a movie theater for the traffic to die down, because so many people trying to get out at once clearly wasn't efficient. They'd just scene a movie that set a high bar but ended up failing very badly.

Crowds were not happy. Lance sighed, and contented himself with watching Edge through a side glance, admiring him.

Those talented fingers could play the piano beautifully.

Lance wondered what else those long, slender fingers could do...

He blushed as dirty thoughts of Edge started to creep into his mind.

He desired so badly to pounce on him and kiss him roughly. He needed those gorgeous, rosy lips pressed against him, he wanted to shove his tongue down the boy's throat and kiss him breathless.

He could only imagine how blissful it would be to press his body against Edge's and fuck him, hear moans and screams and pleas for more~



"Are you alright?" Edge asked, a hand laid gently on his thigh, unintentionally.

Lancer blushed. "Of course!"

"You're really red."

Lance could feel his face burning, and Edge looking at him like that, like he actually cared-

Lance grabbed the front of his shirt and pulled him forward to kiss him.

Edge was in shock for a second before kissing back enthusiastically, wrapping his arms around Lance. The blond found his hands wandering down Edge's back, and eventually they rested at his thicc ass.

He squeezed the ginger's ass, earning a lewd moan in return. He kissed Edge harder, a distraction from how quickly an erection was bulging against Edge.

"You wanna do it~?" Edge asked breathlessly, flushed with arousal.

"O-only if you want to..." Lance replied, stammering. "I'll go easy on you. And I can get some blankets or-"

"Who said I like it soft?"

Lance was taken aback, buy also realized how many of his sadistic fantasies could come true.

"That's right~ Fuck me like the sexy beast I know you are~"

Lancer crawled into the backseat, growling low in his throat. Edge joined him, sitting with his legs spread facing Lance in his lap.

The blond held his hips down and ground against him roughly, making Edge moan. The ginger adjusted so that he was on his back, Lance leaving over him. "Ram that massive cock into me~"

Edge could clearly see the large bulge of his partner, promising a good sized length. He hungrily undid Lancer's trousers, releasing the member beneath. He stroked it reverently, licking his lips. He knew Lance was ready to destroy his ass, and told himself he'd get another opportunity to allow the warm flesh in his mouth, pounding against the back of his throat.

"C'mon~ I know you wanna see your cum dripping down my thighs after you fill me up~"

Not bothering with Edge's clothing, Lance slammed into him, tearing through his pants and underwear. Edge screamed, clutching onto Lancer's shoulders, but it felt amazing through the pain. He'd touched himself a lot, but nothing as big as Lance had ever been inside him, but he fucking loved it. He screamed dirty pleas, moaning loudly with each of Lance's rough thrusts.

His pleasured face made Lance fuck him all the more roughly, hitting his prostate dead on. The blond kissed him hard, their tongues dancing messily.

The most gorgeous moment was when Edge climaxed, a scream of Lancer's name, eyes rolling up, mouth wide open, tongue out, drooling. Lance didn't mind the mess on his shirt, and came inside the sensitive, moaning ginger.

Sex isn't all he misses. He loves Edge's company and how they can talk about anything. He loves how sweet and patient Edge is. Until he sees him again, he waits, recalling his pretty face often.

Chapter Text

Wat Shitko laiks

-beeng STINKY



-beeng bossee


Chapter Text

Hearing footsteps to her and her brother's bedroom, she jumped into the closet, quickly and silently closing,the door. She peered through the slatted surface, able to make out Edge and that tall blond boy.

They were holding hands, and suddenly, the blond, Lancer, pounced on Edge, pinning him to the bed.

Fairy's eyes widened as she watched. What would Lance do to her darling brother?

Edge made a strange sound, like he was in pain but also something else...?

Either way, he wrapped his arms around Lance and pulled him closer. The blond's lips brushed against the flushed ginger's, and the latter met them with small, airy motions, light kisses?

"Lance, please~!"

Fairy gasped to herself as the two opened their mouths wide, pressing lips and tongues together so thoroughly that the corner of their lips met.

Edge was so red that Fairy feared he couldn't breathe, and the continuous noises he was making concerned her.

From what she could see, there was a strange bulge in Lancer's pants, and he rubbed it against Edge. She couldn't understand what was happening, and didn't understand that Edge's soft moans in response were of pleasure.

Upon breaking for air, Edge is gasping to regain his breath, drooling with his eyes glossed in ecstasy. He was easily aroused and wanted more.

"Take me~ I need you~"

Take him where? What did he need him for? More questions the girl couldn't answer.

She started to cry quietly as Lance started biting at Edge's neck, up and down and targeting his shoulders and collarbone and chest. Edge is making faces that look like pain to Fairy, and Lance continues to "eat" her brother without facing protest.

Lance bites down hard and tugs at one of Edge's hard nipples with his teeth, making the kinky ginger cry out.

"Fuck~ t-tie me up~ Kiss me~ Fuck me~! Lance it's so hard~"

The desperation in Edge's voice was all Fairy could pay attention to. She shook her head violently as if to stop Lancer's actions with a gesture, but he obviously didn't see.

He pressed his lips to Edge's again, and the ginger appeared to breathless, giving lewd sounds as Lance tied his wrists to the bedpost.

Pulling away again, Lance produced a collar, which he then proceeded to put around Edge's neck, claiming to the boy, "You're mine~"

"Fuck me, dammit~"

Fairy held in a scream as Lancer's large member invaded her brother.


Lance doesn't know why Edge's sister glares at him whenever she sees him, but he chooses to ignore it. Edge has told him countless times not to worry about it, but Lance still worries that she doesn't approve of him. He knows Fairy wants the best for Edge, so is he, Lance, not good enough...?

He worries about it privately but Edge is so happy to be with him, and he is just as madly in love with Edge.

If only Fairy understood that...

Chapter Text

When Light got the text a hole to hell opened up and Req appeared and Light was hella scared because what would a demon want with him but actually Req just wanted cuddles cuz he likes kittens

Chapter Text

Asym had a shitty childhood. His father was wonderful to him but often absent or on the run, and they moved a lot. His mother had been a prostitute, and completely irrelevant to his life.

He never was particularly good at socialization.

Finally, his father was arrested, and he'd be turning eighteen soon enough that he didn't need a foster home.

Through dirty money, his father had managed to save up for a nice house, but for Asym it was too big and magnified the extent of his loneliness.

One night he left the house to visit the lake. It was around three in the morning, so it should have been empty, but a lone figure sat on the beach.

"What are you doing here?" the person asked sharply. In the dark, they couldn't see each other clearly.

Asym shrugged. "I'm sad."

The other person sighed. "Me too."

"Why are you here?" Asym asked, flipping the question.

"I was gonna kill myself."


"I'd be dead if you hadn't shown."


They sit in silence for a while.

"At least people would care enough to notice if you disappeared," Asym spoke quietly.


Asym smiled sadly. "My father's in jail. My mother ditched me as soon as she could. Both my parents have been disowned by their families. I have no family. No friends, either. I'm so lonely..."

"I'm... sorry."

"It's fine. There's nothing you can do about it."

"If it's anything to you, you saved my life."


"I consider you a friend. The second you feel you want to die, call me." the person shoved a piece of paper into his hand. "Goodnight, my friend," he whispered before melting into the night.

Asym stared at the number scribbled on the paper and smiled.

Chapter Text

The table was quiet as always, despite the five people sitting around it. Holiday ate quickly, anxious to leave their presence soon. Fairy was lost in her own little innocent world, oblivious to the tension of the meal. Edge picked at the tiny portion of food on his plate, starving but terrified to take any more than he had. Their mother, Janna, had her head bowed in private concentration, worriedly studying both her second son and her husband. She could see that Asvaldur was tense, and feared for her child's safety.

"Edgar," the man said in an icy tone. She observed how violently Edge flinched at the name. She never called her son by his real name, understanding his intense dislike of it.

"Yes, Father?"

"Look at me when you address me," the man snapped.

Edge bit his lip, bowing his head. "I'm sorry, Father."

"I disapprove of this... boyfriend of yours. I didn't work so hard to get this far in life so that my useless son could be a little faggot with filthy sex viruses."

Holiday stood abruptly. "I'm going out."

No one said anything as he left.

Edge was furious. "I don't care what you think of him. You can't force him to break up with me."

"Is that so?"

Janna subtly shook her head, trying to warn Edge, but even she knew there was no stopping her husband at this point.

"You're scared of him!" Edge spat. "You can't lay a finger on me when he's around!"

Asvaldur gave him a grim, icy smile. "Come to the kitchen, Edgar."

Edge went pale and shook his head, pleas spilling from his mouth, but Asvaldur dragged him into the kitchen anyway.

The tears started flowing and Asvaldur slapped him hard across the face, enough to leave a bright red mark. He backed away, but it backfired as he was cornered. Asvaldur removed his belt and proceeded to beat the sobbing ginger relentlessly.

Edge covered his face with his hands, curling up to be as small as possible and letting his upper back take most of the damage. He was crying too hard to scream, and he knew he'd be punished more if he was too loud.

At one point Asvaldur dragged him to his feet, shoving him against the sink so he was leaning over it, and twisting his arm behind his back. As he was starting to get too loud for Asvaldur's liking, the man poured his mug of boiling coffee on his arm, making him scream.

With a disgusted expression, Asvaldur threw his son to the floor. "Out of my sight, you disgusting whore."

Edge limped to his room as quickly as possible, on the verge of passing out.

About half an hour later, he heard the door open softly and Janna tiptoed into the room. "God save your beautiful soul... My darling baby!" she started to cry as she embraced him.

Edge hugged her tightly.

He knew she couldn't do anything about her husband's behavior, and it was risky for her to show him any affection at all.

"I'm so sorry... I'm so weak..."

Edge shook his head. "Mother, I just need you to hold me." He rested his weight on her and she stroked his hair soothingly, softly singing a lullaby of hope for the future.

Chapter Text

Lance squeezed Edge's hand as they heard the garage door opening, alerting them that his father was home.

Holding the ginger close, Lance sang softly to him in German, stroking his silky hair. Edge hid his face in Lancer's chest, clinging on to him for dear life.

Lance promised to stay the night, as Janna had given him permission and Asvaldur was in a shittier mood than usual thanks to work.

Edge and Lance kept to themselves until they were called down for dinner. Edge could already hear his father asking about the extra plate, and crept into the dining room, half hiding behind Lance.

"YOU!" Asvaldur growled, and Edge cowered. Pushing roughly past Lance, the enraged man grabbed his son by the neck and slammed him into the wall. Janna started sobbing and the horrified Lance grabbed Asvaldur roughly by the shoulders.

"What do you think you're doing?" he asked in gruff German. Asvaldur couldn't understand, but the furious body language and sharp words were obviously of disapproval.

Asvaldur paled, realizing how much stronger Lance was, as well as being taller. The blond glared at him for minute more, then turned to help his boyfriend to his feet.

Edge hugged him in relief, not giving two damns what Asvaldur thought at that moment. He caught Janna smiling at the couple and flashed her a smile in return.

Asvaldur stormed out of the room to collect himself in the restroom.

In the meantime, Janna took Edge into her arms, examining where Asvaldur had grabbed him. She sighed, shaking her head. "My beautiful baby..."

It hurt her that Edge still looked at her through those same adoring eyes he'd had as a child, despite her weakness to stop her husband. She wanted so badly to save her son. Her first child, Hollis, was so distant from them because he didn't trust Asvaldur and was disappointed in Janna for being so weak to him. He knew she was a good woman, but not strong enough to voice her opinions when they conflicted with her husband's.

She had no hope of getting particularly close to her youngest, Faie, or Fairy, as they called her fondly. The little girl was brainwashed by Asvaldur, and obviously his favorite child. The man loved his oldest son, but Hollis disliked him due to how overbearing he was and how much their ideals clashed.

Faie didn't like anything violent or sexual, and was easily influenced. It was obvious that Asvaldur loved her and she loved him in return without truly understanding what he'd done to their family.

Janna had fought to keep Edge instead of putting him up for adoption like Asvaldur wanted, and blames his abusive behavior towards Edge on herself. She loved her ginger baby boy when he was born, and couldn't bear to part with him.

It shouldn't have been an issue. Had Asvaldur been any other parent, he would've dealt with the different gender and loved the baby all the same.

Instead, he took a particular hatred to the child, and soon after Edge's birth, he knocked up his wife again, pleased to end up with the daughter he wanted this time.

As a result, Edge got neglected a bit as a baby, simply because newborns required so much more attention. It killed Janna inside, but she was terrified of what Asvaldur would do to the helpless child if she asked him to care for him.

Janna wouldn't give up Edge for the world, but often wonders how much better his life would've been if she'd put him up for adoption.

She'd admitted her thoughts to Edge, who knew full well that losing him would break his mother's heart irreparably. He never blamed her for his abuse, because she had done what any normal mother would do, and it was his father to blame.

She couldn't even divorce him because he'd threatened her and her side of the family. He was much more influential than her, and she knew he'd take custody of the children.

Edge would die.

He'd already be dead, had it not been for her intervention. His father often starved him, and she was the one who'd sneak some food for him. She was the one who took care of his wounds, and she was the shoulder he cried on. She was one who ensured him that he was worth more than anything in existence, that she would sacrifice the stars and the moon and the sun in the sky to protect him if she could.

"Mama... don't cry..." Edge begged, wiping away her silent tears. Lance hugged them both in one big hug, which broke Janna into quiet sobs.

She and Edge both wrapped an arm around him, including him in their embrace.

"I hate him so damn much!" she spat through her tears. "Lance, thank you. Thank you for standing up for my son where I'm too damn weak to."

Both boys hugged her tighter.

"I support you guys, with my whole heart. I want you to be happy together."

Edge giggled. "You gave us condoms."

Janna shrugged, smiling. "Which you've never used. I get it. Edge, my son, excuse my language but you are one kinky shit."

Edge burst out laughing, both boys finding that they really couldn't deny this...

She got a mischievous look on her face, and whispered to them her plan.

When Asvaldur returned, they were all sitting around the table quietly. Faie and Hollis had joined, and weren't in on the plan.

Asvaldur glared at his younger son pointedly before starting to serve food to himself, like the total gentleman he is. He then serves Faie, then Hollis, then Janna. He puts an okay amount of food on Lance's plate, then puts next to nothing on Edge's.

Edge doesn't complain, this is normal.

They all begin eating, and Edge is done in no time. Lance also finishes fairly quickly, and they wait politely at the table.

"What do you two fat ass faggots want?" Asvaldur snapped.

"Your son's thicc ass," Lance responded smoothly in his strong accent.

Edge blushed, sliding into Lance's lap. The blond caressed his cheek gently, guiding him into a soft kiss. It didn't matter that Asvaldur was watching in horror, Lancer's lips were so intoxicating.

With a small moan, Edge wrapped his arms around Lance's neck, pulling him closer and kissing him harder.

Lance grabbed his ass, making him moan more. He gave way for Lancer's tongue to dominate his mouth, kissing back desperately.

Asvaldur and Faie watched in horror. Janna was smirking, and Hollis was clearly amused. "Get a room," he muttered, somewhat aware of their intimacy. He didn't know if they'd had sex yet, but he definitely knew they'd done something.

Edge winked at him, then gave an outrageously lewd moan from Lancer's member steadily hardening and grinding against him.

"You filthy fucks! Get out of my sight!" Asvaldur roared, nearly purple in the face with rage.

"Ok boomer," Lance replied in perfect English and rolled his eyes then proceeded to head upstairs where he fucked Edge very roughly and the family was subjected to moans and screams as well as filthy, kinky pleas.

Safe to say Asvaldur kinda died inside that day.

Chapter Text

No one was happier for the couple than Dark. Edge was one of his closest friends, and he loved him dearly, though he held no sexual feelings for him. He simply loved him hard as a friend, and would do anything to make him happy.

A few years after they'd both graduated, Dark saved up part of his salary over a period of time so that for Edge's twentieth birthday, he could afford two tickets to France. One ticket for Edge, the other for Lance.

He'd been low key starving himself half the time to afford to sacrifice that portion of his paycheck each month, but he didn't mind. He refused to accept anything in return. As long as Edge was happy, his birthday gift was a success.

He was elated that the couple had survived strong enough to get them married. He wasn't particularly good at verbally conveying things, and opted to write a long letter of congratulations instead.

He'd been urban sketching for a while, and asked if he could document their wedding in the form of a sketchbook.

It was the day of the wedding, and Dark could see that Lance and Edge had probably done things the night prior.

"You might wanna hide the hickeys," he suggested, amused.

Edge blushed. "I know that!"

Lance laughed and kissed his cheek, making him blush harder.

Dark's face grew serious as he faced them both. "I wish you all the best things in life, and may you be blessed with eternal happiness."


Janna was so damn proud to see her baby getting married. She could tell that Irmalinda, Lancer's mother, felt the same way. Edsel, Lancer's father, was smiling to himself. A quiet man, but obviously pleased with his son's chosen spouse.

The couple's siblings were all part of the wedding procession. Asvaldur was too much of a homophobic dipshit to show up, though he'd been grudgingly invited.

Janna and Irmalinda were to escort their sons down the aisle, and knocked on the door to their dressing rooms.

Irmalinda smiled to see Lance reverently admiring a photo of Edge and himself. It was a physical photo, and he took it everywhere. He wore a key on a simple necklace, and usually it was hidden under his clothes. Edge wore a choker with a padlock on it, to which Lancer's key unlocked. They always wore those tokens of each other, and it was even more important on their wedding day.

Part of it was a kink thing, but the significance to them was that they belonged only to each other.

"Are your fingers okay?" Irmalinda asked, referring to the night before. By German tradition, the guests had gotten to break dishes which the to-be-marries couple would have to clean up together to demonstrate how well they could work together.

Lance nods, smiling. Standing up,he gives his mother a big hug. "Thank you, Mother. For everything. I love you so much."

Getting emotional, she hugged her son back tightly. "He makes you so happy. I couldn't be happier."

In Edge's dressing room, Janna found her son in tears.

"Edge, what's wrong?" she asked worriedly, rushing to his side.

He turned to look at her with a huge smile on his face, despite the tears running down his cheeks.

"Oh Mother, I'm so happy!" he exclaimed, throwing his arms around her. Her features curved upwards into a bright smile.

"I'm so happy for you. I love you more than anything, you know that?"

Edge nods, hugging her tighter. "Thank you for being there for me. Without you, I couldn't possibly be here."

Janna couldn't hold in her happy tears, and finally released him from her embrace, sitting in a chair and motioning for him to sit beside her.

"I won't lie, I'm surprised you're using the bridal bed tradition," she started.

"Lance and I agreed that some part of the wedding as a whole should trace back to traditional roots, and you know Lance wouldn't resist having me naked."

Janna smiled, amused by the explanation. "You know..."

Edge squeezed her hand, prompting her to continue.

"When... Asvaldur and I got married..." she sighed. "Money changed him. Left him disfigured and disgusting. I don't know him anymore."

"Don't worry, you can talk about him. I won't be offended or anything."

"But he does such awful things-!"


She looks at him uneasily, and though she understands her son won't be negatively affected by her talking about such an awful figure in his life, she still feels bad to bring it up on a day that should be so happy.

She sighed, and started again. "Your father was so sweet when we were dating, and when we first got married. I loved him. Once his business started doing well, he had less time for me and your brother was barely a year old. He was so young, and the money got to his head. He loves Hollis, but never could balance his time. Work was always his priority."

It was interesting to Edge, to hear about his father before things went to shit.

"You were born, and he was unsatisfied. Son of a whore, I wish that bastard had been anyone else. Any other person would have accepted you and loved you unconditionally. I didn't mind having a third child, but he raped me. From the start, we'd agreed two children would likely be the limit. If anything, we'd wait a few years before having a third. It was so difficult, having to deal with a newborn baby while still having another child under the age of one. I was terrified of failing to establish a link with you, because that becomes a legitimate problem later in life. Instead, I... I basically sacrificed my connection with Hollis. He was only four or five..."

Edge squeezed her hand reassuringly again, and she gave a pained smile.

"Every older sibling experiences it. Especially the oldest. So young, so used to having all the attention, then bam! Suddenly a baby taking all the attention and all of a sudden you're not so cute and special anymore. No one has time for you. I regret that so hard. I know how hard it is to be an older sibling, but I made it harder on the poor boy. I'm so sorry..."

"Maybe I can talk to him. If anything, he'll listen to me or Faie. He may be distant, but he doesn't hate you. He despises Father," Edge offered gently. She smiled tearfully, giving him a quick hug of thanks.

"This isn't to say Faie was a regret, by any means. I just wasn't quite ready to have her yet. On one hand, she's probably the only thing in the world that Asvaldur cares about. On the other hand, I wish I could flush him and his ideals out of her head. She's so innocent and dependent."

Janna sighed, lost in thought for a moment.

"Asvaldur and I were so happy... until his business grew successful. I should be pleased by that but not at the cost of my son," she stated fiercely, pounding her fist sharply against the armrest of her chair.

Edge looked away uneasily.

Janna pulled something out of her small purse, took Edge's hand and placed it in his palm. "I know your father is an awful man," she sighed, "but I want you to keep this. This was the bridal bed gift he gave me."

Edge gasped, "It's beautiful!"

"Isn't it?" Janna smiled, though it was sad. It was a a hair accessory to clip in, elaborate flowers made of metal. Janna gently placed along with Edge's flower crown, then took his hands in hers. "These talented fingers of yours... they're from your father. He made those metal flowers. Spent countless hours on them. He loved detailed artwork like that, but he hides it now. He was so talented, but now I have you!"

"Father made then?" Edge asked in amazement. "That's incredible!"

Janna hugged him tightly, and he could feel her shoulders shaking.


She smiled tearfully at him. "Today, I am so happy. My baby boy is getting married! Edge, darling, your happiness means so much to me."

Edge was struggling not to tear up, but in the end, emotion overtook him and he was sobbing happily in his mother's arms.

"I love you more than anything, Edge."

In the ceremony itself, the guests waited in anticipation. Edsel quietly watched Dark sketching out the space, decked out in pink, red, and predominantly white roses.

The wedding was about to start, and the string quartet started playing, pointedly NOT Canon in D.

Fairy came out first, an informal flower girl despite her age. She was a sweet girl and no one could resist smiling at her.

Collectively, they'd decided that their male friends would be best men, including their brothers. Their female friends were the bridesmaids, though later on with the bridal bed, they'd be using best men instead of bridesmaids.

Finally, Irmalinda came out proudly, arm linked with her son. The audience clapped and Lance smiled, bursting with joy. He gave her a quick hug before stepping up onto the platform scattered with rose petals. The canopy above him was mostly flowy white fabric, with simple floral decoration.

Lance held his breath as Edge appeared at the end of the aisle, arm linked with his mother's. Edge wore a tuxedo but carried a bouquet matching his flower crown.

Janna also hugged her son quickly, whispering something that the audience could tell had touched his heart.

He faced Lance with a bright smile, who returned it warmly.

The ceremony started and the parents of the two young men were happier than anyone n besides maybe the couple on the platform.

When it came time for the vows they'd written in the form of a letter, the audience too was wrapped up in the emotion. Edge gave his in English, and there were enough German speakers in the audience that Lance could be comfortable giving his in German.

"I, Edgar Winskill, promise to love you and only you forever. You make life worth living and I wake up every morning excited to see how my day will go, because you're with me. You were there for me through a rough time in my life, and I promise that in all circumstances, I will stand by you. I promise to always cherish you and take care of you, and never forget how important you are to me. I will not take a second with you for granted, and I love you with the power of the entire universe."

"I, Lance Hofmeister, swear to always remain loyal to you. Should I hurt you in any way, then may all hell strike me dead. I promise to always protect you, no matter the cost. My arms are always open for you, and I will never stop loving you. I may be questionably stupid at times, and make stupid decisions, but I love you and have no wish to harm you with my stupidity. I will always be here, and my heart is forever yours."

At least half the audience was in tears, and the couple was no exception. They exchanged simple gold bands, and held hands as the priest made his announcement to the audience. "Are there any objections? Say so now or forever hold your peace."

"I object."

Everyone in the room turned to the one who'd just entered.


Edge tensed. He couldn't let his father ruin such a joyous occasion!

Janna stood up and stormed towards him. "Here, let me show you something," she ordered and dragged him to the platform. "Edge, baby come down for a second. Asvaldur, what do you see?"

"A whore."

Edge flinched.

"Asvaldur, you blind fuck!" Janna cursed. She gently stroked Edge's hair, directing attention to the elaborate metal flowers in his crown.

"The bridal bed gift? But...!" Asvaldur fell silent.

"I don't love you. I can't. But I won't forget who you were, and I want our son- my son to know who you were."

Asvaldur was speechless. "Janna...?"

"All in favor of overriding the objection!" she called out, to which all the guests cheered. She gave her son a quick hug before sitting down.

Shyly, Edge slowly approached his father. In a quiet, shaky voice, "I forgive you."

Security escorted Asvaldur off the premises and the wedding resumed its joyful ambiance as Edge returned to the platform, hugging Lance tightly.

"As there appears to be no objection, I announce you husband and husband. You may kiss."

Edge threw his arms around Lance and kissed him hard.

That was what Asvaldur saw last of his son's wedding.

Lance scooped him up suddenly in, appropriately, a bridal carry, returning the affectionate kiss.

Breaking the kiss, they had the biggest smiles on their faces.

Lance carried his husband back down the aisle, inviting the guests to celebrate with them.


The food was excellent, and several people among the audience performed. All in all, it was a successful wedding. There was only one part left.

The bridal bed.

Edge and Lance left in their fancy flower decorated car, with the best men in a car close behind. They were to head straight to the airport.

They could tell they were receiving strange looks from the people around then at the airport, but they didn't care. They were too caught up in their happiness.

An okay flight later, they arrived at their hotel. Lance had to wait in the lobby until Edge was ready though.

The room was beautiful, and a canopy bed sat in the center, gauzy white curtains providing privacy, decorated with fresh flowers and flower petals. The room's general color scheme was blue with pops of yellow.

The best men worked on stripping Edge, who recounted the entirety of the wedding.

He crawled onto the bed once the best men left, fully naked except for his flower crown and his choker/collar.

He heard Lance enter the room, and finally, the curtains of the bed were opened.

"You're so beautiful," Lance smiled, in awe. He carefully removed the flower crown from Edge's head, setting it on the side table. Taking Edge's hand, he starting speaking softly in German, expressing the extent of his happiness to the best of his ability, but words were so limiting. Actions spoke louder.

Edge was in tears, squeezing Lance's hand.

For the bridal gift, Lance handed him a pair of "bracelets," or bands to keep around his wrists. On one, in small, flowery script, it read, "love". The other read, "blessing".

"They represent my love for you," Lance explained shyly. "And how you always have my blessings for the best possible life you can live. So that I can be with you no matter where you are, and that I can love you at all times."

"Oh Lance... Thank you! I love you so, so much." Edge smiled as Lance slipped them onto his wrists before hugging him tightly. "I'm so happy. I can't tell you enough."

Lance ran his fingers down Edge's spine, making him shiver. "Why don't we seal this marriage our way~?" he whispered suggestively, and Edge nodded.

"I'm all yours."

Chapter Text

Senbu will protecc his Trickster-sama at all costs even if it means fucking over time itself and the sun's existence so like yeah everyone can die but as long as he can be with his Trickster-sama it's all good

Chapter Text

Your friend is sad.

Those words me so badly, and they shouldn't. Four words in any order. It could've been anything.

"You have nice eyebrows."

"Umbrellas are fucking weird."

"Rammstein is epic band."

"I want to die."

So many four word sentences possible, but this one stupid one hurts me the most.

Your friend is sad.


I'm sad.

I don't have any useless fucking papers to prove I'm depressed, or any of that bullshit.

I'm just sad a lot. I like to fantasize about my own death. I get distracted contemplating my failures. I want to die. I might cut sometimes, but I won't tell anyone. They'd just get angry.

"Don't hurt yourself!"


Give me ten reasons.



I'm not hurting anyone else with it, and what no one knows can't hurt them.

"You're an attention whore!"

Then why do I cover it up?

Why do I not tell anyone?

I am a whore.

Just not an attention whore.

I have no purpose in life. I don't what to do with myself. My only goal in life is to make my friend happy, I think. I'm single as hell, and always will be. Who could love a shit bag like me?

I don't love me, so no one else should either.

"I'm the worst person you'll ever meet." That's what I should have told my friend before we became friends.

They shouldn't want to talk to me, not at all.

"I missed talking to you everyday."

Those words meant more to me than they'll ever know.

It felt so, so good to hear that I was... wanted. I'd always thought myself a burden, but to be missed...?

I honestly didn't believe that anyone would miss me if I simply disappeared one day. I haven't done anything for anyone, and I'm easily replaceable.

There's a few friends keeping me from ending it all, and they're one of them. I want to make them happy in any way I can because they've done so much for me, and it would absolutely destroy me to lose them.

That's why those words hurt me so much;

Your friend is sad.

What hurts is the implications of the words.

I had a dream, an awful one.

It was some stupid notification, those four words, and they made me panic. The only way I could contact them in that dream was through discord, but I couldn't open my laptop. This is sounding like some stupid first world problem shit, but it was the only way in the fucking dream that I could prevent something happening to my friend.

I knew what the words implied, I knew it meant they were going to kill themself and I couldn't deal with it.

I don't know how to save someone. I don't think I'm capable of it, but I would stop at nothing to ensure that this person lived.

I started running. It was stupid, and I almost got hit by a car, but I had to stop them.

Words will never, never be enough to explain how I love them so dearly as a friend and how hard I wish for them to be happy. They deserve everything fucking good in the world, they've done so much for me. They don't even know.

Out of the blue, based on some bullshit from the days of elementary school, the world shrank for a moment so that I could take a single step and be with them.

They were safe, my god they were safe, and the emotions of relief were so strong I can't even explain it. They turned to me and just smiled, and it made me so happy to see them alive I started crying.

The dream ended there and I woke up shaking.

I don't know how a person as awful as me managed to have a person as amazing as them as a friend. That shouldn't be allowed, they deserve so much better.

The only words that hurt me more than "Your friend is sad" weren't at all intended to hurt, quite the opposite, in fact.

"I'm glad I met you."

They told me that, and I'm terrified that I'll believe I'm worth knowing.

Chapter Text

Had Asvaldur been less terrified of his son's boyfriend, he would have acted on his fury and beat the living hell out of his slutty son.

Stupid whore, taking it up the ass like the filthy faggot he was.

The noises were so obscene, all from the actions of that damn boyfriend.

Asvaldur watched the entire encounter, and as a result of his anger, Edge wasn't present at school for a week...

Chapter Text

Lance screeched Edge's name at the top of his lungs as a portion of one of their rival mafia's base blew up.

He'd been listening in on the mission via walkie talkie, and knew that Edge had been surrounded by members of the opposing mafia, and had probably set off the explosion as his only chance of evading capture or death.

Lance was on the backup squad, parked nearby. He leapt out of the transport and sprinted towards the base. He could track Edge through the walkie talkie, and could tell that Edge had time to run, but not nearly enough.

He finally found the familiar form of his beloved partner and fell to his knees, scooping him up in his arms.

"Edge, darling..."

The ginger was barely breathing and his pulse was incredibly weak. His arm was bleeding heavily, as well as a deep gash in his thigh and a wound on the side of his head. Much of his body was bruised and bloody, and he was unconscious.

Lance hugged him to his body and ran back to the transport, urging them to return to base as soon as possible.

Upon arrival, Edge was rushed to the mafia's Intensive Care Unit, as he was a highly valued member, being by all standards the best the mafia had ever seen.

Lance on the other hand, not allowed to be with him at the moment, sought revenge.

He armed himself with several explosives, as well as the many pistols and daggers hidden all over his body.

He headed towards the burning buildings of his enemies.

As a mafia, they'd studied the base well, and Lance knew exactly where he was headed.

Their weapon stash.

It was Christmas.

They'd severely wounded his gorgeous boyfriend on Christmas.

Having already been attacked, the mafia was mostly unarmed for the night, ready to enjoy their Christmas.

Lance's fury was too great. Every single person of the opposing mafia he passed on the way to the weapons stash died swiftly and silently from a slit throat. He set several bombs to go off in five minutes all over the dining hall, where about a third of the mafia was gathering for a meal, and on the building where all the weapons were stored.

He crept towards the boss's quarters.

As it came time for the bombs to go off, he turned. "Merry Christmas, motherfuckers."

Entering the boss's quarters quietly, he got right behind the man, pressing a dagger to his throat.


"You fucking bastard."

The man smirked. "Impressive. I'm sure you're the best in your mafia- Oh wait, that was the other one who attacked! Such a shame he won't make it..."


The blade dug into the boss's neck, drawing a glistening bead of crimson.

The man laughed. "You'd take such risks to have your revenge for your little friend?"

Switching his position, Lance had his dagger aimed at the boss's chest, gun pressed into his forehead. "You wanna die?"

The boss simply laughed. "He'll never make it."

"HE WILL!" Lance screeched desperately. "HE HAS TO!"

"And if he doesn't...?"

Emotion wrenched control from the grieving blond and he pulled the trigger.

"Monster..." the man chuckled before passing.

Lance shook on his feet for a moment, staring at his blood stained hands, then slowly looking towards the burning building. All the bodies...

What have I done?

He fell to his knees and began to weep.

Chapter Text

It had been two weeks.

Edge was still comatose, and Lance sat by his side every single day, praying he'd wake up.

That particular day, stress and worry were weighing down on him. He gently took Edge's hand, squeezing it affectionately. It pained him as he studied those long, graceful fingers. That ring finger shouldn't be empty, and at this rate, Lance feared he might never get the opportunity to to slip the band of his love onto it. He pressed the boy's knuckles to his lips.

To his surprise, the ginger's hand twitched.


Edge's head turned ever so slightly in response to his name, though he was still asleep.

"Oh Edge, are you going to wake up for me? I'm sorry to do this but..." he pinched a limp arm.

Edge's immobile body flinched away from the pain.

Squeezing Edge's hand again, Lance smiled.


A month passed since Edge's mission.

Lance was by his side, holding his hand, but it had been hours and he hadn't been sleeping well. He began to nod off.


The blond jolted awake, amazed to hear-


He threw his arms around his beloved.

The ginger weakly wrapped his arms around Lance in return. "I don't know... what happened...?"

Lance cupped Edge's pretty face in his hand, caressing his cheek lovingly.

Edge could almost feel the pain emanating from Lance. "Darling, tell me what happened. You're hurting."

"You were asleep for a month..."

Edge's eyes widened. "No! I can't have..."

"It's a miracle you're here at all," Lance whispered, taking his other hand. "I missed you so badly..."

Edge accepted another tight hug. "Are you... crying...?" he asked haltingly, gently rubbing his man's back.

"I can't help it... I was so scared you wouldn't wake up..."

"But I'm here now, and that's what matters, isn't it?"

Chapter Text

"Shikko! We've found something in the fishing nets!"

The leader of the school council ran out to the dock where something was being hauled out of the water, struggling and squirming.

"What is that awful thing?" Shikko growled.

"It appears to speak Japanese, sir," one of the students replied.

Shikko thought for a moment. "Get the loser psychotic freshman. Dark, I believe he calls himself. He can translate."

Soon, a confused and irritable Dark was brought to translate the creatures rapid fire Japanese.

Dark started laughing. "Can't understand much, he's speaking ancient Japanese. From what I can understand, he's telling Shikko to go to hell and to fuck himself with a brick without lubrication. Leave him in the ocean or I think he's gonna murder you. Good day."

The school council just stared after him as he walked away laughing, then at the cussing mermaid they'd found.

They silently let the angry mermaid back into the ocean.

Yes the mermaid was Senbu and he did everything in his power to make Shikko miserable.

Chapter Text

Edge: Ich vermisse dich.

[I miss you.]

Lance: Die Liebe wächst mit der Entfernung.

[Absence makes the heart grow fonder.]

Edge: Ich kann es kaum erwarten dich zu sehen.

[I can't wait to see you]

Lance: Du gibst meinem Leben Sinn.

[You give my life meaning.]

Edge: Ich liebe dich von ganzem Herzen.

[I love you with all of my soul.]

Lance: Ich schicke dir tausend Küsschen.

[I send you 1,000 kisses.]

Edge: Du bist so süß.

[You're so sweet.]

Lance: Du bist so stark.

[You're so strong.]

Edge: Du bist so gut aussehend.

[You're so good looking.]

Lance: Du bist so sexy.

[You're so sexy.]

Edge: Du machst mich an.

[You turn me on.]

Lance: Du hast wünderschöne Augen.

[You have beautiful eyes.]

Edge: Du hast eine schöne Stimme.

[You have a beautiful voice.]

Lance: Du hast eine so schöne Augenfarbe, die passt zu meiner Bettwäsche.

[You have such a nice eye color, it matches my bed sheets.]

Edge: Wenn ich dir bis nach Hause nachlaufe, behältst du mich dann?

[If I follow you home, will you keep me?]

Lance: Du hast einen schönen Po.

[You have a nice ass.]

Edge: Küss mich...

[Kiss me...]

Lance: Patience, dear~ I know you're touching yourself~

Edge: N-no~! Ahh~

Lance: You can't deny it~ Just wait for me to grope that fine ass of yours~

Edge: Yesss~ More~ Tell me more~!

Lance: Hm~?

Edge: You're so far away from home still~ Tell me what you'll do to me~

Lance: Oh~?

Edge: T-tell me how you'll punish me for misbehaving~ Being impatient~

Lance: I'll start by slamming you against the wall, kissing your neck relentlessly and marking up your skin~

Edge: Ah~! Yes~!

Lance: I'll press you against it, let your hard member grind against the solid surface~

Edge: Ooh~!! Yes~!

Lance: I'll fill you with my cock and ram into your thicc ass~

Edge: Call me your whore~!

Lance: Ah, I can't wait to get home and fuck my lovely whore~ I'll fill your slutty ass with cum, yes~?

Edge: Ohh~! Yesss~!!!

Lance: Tie you up and gag you so you can only moan helplessly while I use you as my own personal fuck toy~

Edge: Haahh~ So close~

Lance: So naughty~

Edge: Then punish me~! I'll present my body to you and you can spank your naughty whore~!

Lance: I'm almost home, darling~

Edge: Good, because I need you~

Chapter Text

The guards of Senbu's cell were terrified to hear hellish screaming and the concerning sound of something organic breaking.

The next time they checked inside the cell, it was littered with body parts...

Chapter Text

The good boyes of Chef's Fuck ganged up to murder Anti yeet

No I will not give context

Chapter Text

Senbu big scary sometimes so if a dragon attacc Senbu do BIG attacc bacc and dragon go "hecc that a nastii owww" and leaves

Chapter Text

Senbu wasn't even human, so why did the fucking aliens take him? He's a vampire, for fuck's sake.

Getting annoyed with his restraints, he simply broke them. "Y'all, I'm out. This is bullshit and I'm not even human."

As expected, the aliens didn't like that a ton and tried to attack but then Senbu did a stabby stabby and murdered them all because damn he's good with knives.

Chapter Text

Fairy sighed. "Kidnapped again?"

The kidnappers shrugged.

She rolled her eyes. "This is getting boring." She calmly made phone calls to both of her brothers, who both arrived shortly along with Edge's boyfriend to heroically rescue her except the kidnappers were fucking amateurs.

Fairy was home safe and sound and honestly Edge and Holiday are just used to this and Lance tags along if he happens to be with Edge when the call comes.

Chapter Text

Anti had been running for a while now, but that bastard friend of Dark always managed to find her.

But what's with all the roses?

And why is Senbu smiling about it?

Unfortunately, she can't sense the evil in them...

Chapter Text

It was truly strange.

Edge was undoubtedly Lance's soul mate, but Fairy seemed to be his soul enemy. The girl couldn't stand him, though he didn't understand why. Edge told him not to worry about it, but Lance knew that Fairy's disapproval troubled him.

It had been a long school day, and the couple was cuddling on the couch. Edge was clearly tired, so Lance began to stroke his hair, one of his techniques to help Edge sleep peacefully. The ginger yawned, lowering himself so that his head was in Lance's lap.

The blond smiled, stroking his hair and starting to sing softly to him.

Long after Edge had fallen asleep, Lance found that he was starting to drift off too. Not wanting to overstay his welcome, especially with Edge's father coming home soon, he carried Edge up to his room, tucking him in bed. He kissed his forehead but as he was about to leave, he heard a soft whimper.

"Lance...? Don't go..."

The blond paused. Looking back, hw could see Edge was a still asleep, but appeared distressed.

"No... Love you...!"

He was starting to toss and turn, agitated.

"Edge?" Lance ran to his side, taking his hand.

"Don't go...! Need you...! Please..."

Lance shook him rather violently, hoping to end the dream. Edge woke up and burst into tears, throwing himself into Lance's arms.

"Stay with me!" he pleaded tearfully, hugging the taller man tighter. Lance rubbed his back, kissing the top of his head.

"I guess I don't mind staying the night," Lance smiled.

Edge made space for him on the bed and they snuggled up to each other, smiling contently. They quickly fell asleep, hands clasped.

By the time morning poured through the window, Lance was horny.

Really horny.

He admired his lover's beautiful face, unable to keep his eyes from wandering to those lush, red lips.

When Edge finally did awaken, he was amused to find Lance watching him. He sat up, and Lance followed suit. Edge had noticed the large bulge in Lance's pants, but played innocent. He kissed him gently on the lips, feigning obliviousness to the arousal. He could feel Lance holding himself back.

Smirking to himself, he let his hands wander and they happened to end at Lance's painfully trapped arousal. Lance gave a small moan in response, delivering payback. Edge moaned as Lance squeezed his ass hard.

Edge allowed Lance to kiss him a bit harder, grinding their bodies together. It excited him to feel the large bulge against his ass, a precursor of some good, rough sex. He was a sucker for rough sex, pun somewhat intended.

Getting on his hands and knees, he tugged at the cloth over Lance's massive erection with his teeth. The blond clumsily undid his trousers so that he could be relieved, and Edge almost immediately had his mouth on the solid member.

Lance gave breathy moans as Edge kissed his tip teasingly, stroking him up and down slowly with his hand. He needed more and the ginger submissive knew that, but refused to comply. Sexually frustrated, Lance's fingers tangled in Edge's hair. It was only then he alternated between kissing and licking the tip to sucking it.

"How much can you fit in your mouth, dear~?"

Edge promptly deep-throated the large member, earning a satisfied groan from Lance.

Edge's father chose that moment to walk in. He was clearly horrified. Both boys chose to ignore his presence and play up the sex.

Being watched, even by an abusive, homophobic shitbag, was still arousing and heightened their senses. Lance came down Edge's throat, pulling out fast enough to splatter some on his face. Edge moaned in approval, crawling into his lap.

"Mmh~ I want you to fuck me until I'm a helpless, screaming mess in your arms~ Kiss me roughly and shove your tongue down my throat~ Fuck me like I'm your personal living sex doll~"

Lance smirked, kissing him swiftly and groping his thighs. They could both feel Asvaldur's horror, and the aspect of rebellion made it that much more sexy.

Lance kept up a constant stream of dirty talk, filthy things he swore to do that made Edge moan loudly as Lance groped him.

They met with a rough kiss, making sure their tongues were very visible to Asvaldur. Impatient and unbearably aroused, Edge slammed himself down on Lance's member, giving a small scream at the sensation. Lance kissed him roughly, fucking him hard and fast.

Asvaldur could only watch helplessly,as his son went against all his ideals right in front of him. When Fairy came to ask about all the commotion, the man covered her eyes, giving her only a one word explanation. "Sin."

He turned away as that bastard came inside his disappointing whore of a son.

Chapter Text

"Wh-who are you?" Light stammered, staring up at the figure before him. He backed up further against the wall, the shackles on his wrists and ankles clanking as he moved.

He quickly brushed tears out of his eyes, though they were still wide with fear.

"Don't be afraid." It was a deep voice that spoke as he was blindfolded.

Light squirmed as large hands grasped his hips and he felt a strange bulge pressing against his ass.

"N-no..." he protested quietly as the large hands moved up and down his thighs, massaging and groping them thoroughly. He blushed hard as the bulge began to grind against him.


A pair of lips met his, kissing him softly. A hand caressed his cheek, and the other was around his waist.

He didn't kiss back.

"Am I so undesirable...?" the deep voice spoke, hurt. "Perhaps... human intercourse will change your opinion of me."

"No! Y-you can't just take it!" Light panicked, struggling to escape the unknown embrace.

"Take what?" the voice asked, clearly confused.

"M-my virginity..." the blond whispered.

"I'll make you love me."

Light sat frozen in fear, unable to see, while the voice did something. He could hear the figure moving around.

"Is it because I appear male to you? Are you not into men?"

Light bit his lip. "N-no, I like guys... I just don't want to be fucked by some random stranger!"

The tone of the deep voice changed. "Alas, but you arouse me greatly..."

Light continued to squirm as fingers ran through his hair. He didn't like that he was being pushed onto his back, but without sight, he couldn't help himself.

Without warning, he found himself impaled by a cock larger than he thought possible.

He screamed piercingly, pain pulsing through his bloodstream. His wrists were pinned down and the large member pounded into his tight, virgin ass relentlessly.

He screamed even as a gag was forced into his mouth to keep him quiet. His saliva was getting everywhere, and tears slipped down his cheeks.

He cried through the encounter until a certain spot was hit inside him that made him moan. He was surprised to hear the lewd sound out of his own mouth.

The gag was removed and he was kissed. Everything was starting to heat up and feel good, and he kissed back hungrily. He loved the feeling of the other person filling his mouth with their tongue and kissing up the saliva dripping down his chin.

He didn't mind having his body abused for pleasure like this, he loved the man's cock ramming into him and turning him into this lewd mess. He moaned as the person kissed him hard, filling him with cum. It was an odd sensation, but he absolutely loved the sudden burst of warmth inside him.

He too soon came, and the blindfold was removed.

He closed his eyes as he was kissed lovingly. Every time the other attempted to pull away, Light chased their lips, intoxicated by the affection.

Finally, the kiss was fully broken, and Light opened his eyes to a handsome man with dark blue hair and eyes.

He was tired, not thinking straight, and couldn't process that this man had kidnapped and fucked him.

The man sat beside him and undid his shackles, then pulled him into a hug. He began to stroke the blond hair, and Light purred approvingly.

He didn't realize he'd fallen asleep until he woke up.

The man was watching him, rubbing his back and he gave a small mew. Realizing what he'd done, he blushed. "I-I'm just really good at animal noises!"

The man smiled. "I know what you are, Lightning Stone."

Regaining his senses, Light immediately tried to escape the embrace, but the man squeezed his hand and kissed him softly. The sensation of those lips pressed against his brought back the dizzy taste of affection he was so thirsty for.

"Please, listen to me," the man pleaded quietly.

Light sighed and nodded, though a bit more on guard about being so close to him.

"Lightning Stone, you may be beautiful in human form, but I... I found you as a kitten. You were adorable, and I love kittens! And when I saw how gorgeous your human form is, I had to have you."

Light looked away. He didn't know his family, or what happened to them. Only that they didn't want him. He wandered around in his kitten form most of the time, the only way he could survive.

He didn't have a home, but there was a group of friends that would hang out in the park and play with him.

It hurt him that everyone wanted to hug him and pet him and play with him, but none thought to take him home and keep him.

He felt... disposable.

One time he watched the friend group at the park while in human form. It was a small, precious memory to him.

The four were just talking until one, Dark, his name was, wondered aloud where "Light" was. He didn't have a name, but the friend group agreed to call him Light, so he stuck with the name. He understood that they were looking for him, and it touched his heart.

He'd never heard the full name they gave him until now, when this mysterious man had said it.

"Lightning Stone, I want you to stay with me. I'm so lonely..."

"Who are you?"

The man sighed. "You're not just any ordinary person. You're not mortal. That's why even as a teenager, your kitten form never grew into an adult cat."

"Okay, but who are you?"

"I'm... Requiem. I'm an incubus. I apologize, my sex drive is... quite intense."

Light kissed him.

"I'll call you Req, you call me Light. Please love me and take care of me."

Light couldn't contain his smile.

So this is love.

Chapter Text

Dark could swear he'd seen mermaids, but of course no one believed him.

He ranted about how no one would listen and how they all thought he was insane and how there's probably something wrong with him.

All this he told to Senbu, who happened to be a mermaid...

Chapter Text

Edge sobbed uncontrollably in Lance's arms and the blond rubbed his back soothingly, quietly encouraging him to let it all out.

"Oh Lance... why can't I be loved...? H-he hits me so hard... it hurts... it hurts...!"

Lance hugged him tighter, kissing the top of his head. Inside, he was seething. He'd do anything to make Asvaldur's life absolute hell for what he did to Edge.

He squeezed the sobbing ginger's hand. "You don't deserve it. You're the sweetest person ever and I love you so much. I'll get him out. I won't let him hurt you. I'll save you, my darling Edge..."

He would not allow Edge's father to continue abusing his sweet son.

Chapter Text

It was odd to Light that an incubus such as Req would be interested in a long term relationship, with a guy, no less, rather than his normal incubus shit and fucking women in their sleep. He also wondered what came over the man to want a kitten, of all things.

Of course, he wasn't complaining, because the demon took care of him surprisingly well, and had a soft side that came out whenever Light was feeling cuddly in either form and after sex.

He enjoyed this life, because he was finally with someone who gave a shit about him.

Chapter Text

Senbu died a good 760 years ago when they killed him the first time cuz he's a VAMPIRE uwu. In his first life he went blind and this one vampire hunter asshole told his vampire parents that he could cure their son's blindness and they were like "yes pls do"

So they walked in front of him out of habit and his mother was in front and she couldn't see our the window and didn't know what time it was so when she walked out into the glaring sunlight she turned to stone on the spot and the fucking vampire hunter smashed the resulting statue

This then prompted Senbu's father to be like "FUCK SON UR MUM'S DEAD" and yeet them both inside the house

They were okay for about a month and then vampire hunters came after his father who was then tied to a stake and the vampire hating people just force fed him garlic bread until he died


he was garlic breaded to death

and then they left him in the sun and gave him the same fate as his wife oopsie

Blind Vampire Senbu somehow survived up to his forties until the people came after him for absolutely not reason and lynch mobbed him

He was very uncomfortable cuz he didn't actually die yet

and people were saying awful things to him bow cue 760 years if crippling depression

He looked dead after a while so they unceremoniously buried him in a random hole

When he woke up he went back to his house even though everyone who'd been alive in his first lifetime was dead except for his vampire siblings and spent a lot of the next 700 years sleeping

When he was awake, he'd drink the blood of some dead animal and then maybe practice his fan dancing (he's collected a LOT of fans from over the years) and then go back to sleep

In modern times, Edge and Lance find the old house and escape there some nights to make love in private and just be with each other

They didn't realize Senbu was there until he just walks in on them fucking

They're very convinced that Senbu is a child

long story short, Dark comes over with them and befriends Senbu and then they start a band together called Chef's Fuck and plot to make Edge's father's life hell because Asvaldur is the worst uwu

Chapter Text

The doorbell rang and Edge ran to answer it. I peeked at the visitor from the stairs and watched as Edge threw himself into their arms.


The blond stepped inside and shut the door, then proceeded to hold darling Edge in a long embrace. Too long.

Upon releasing him, they shared a kiss and Edge squeezed both of his hands, his beautiful smile glowing on his face.

"I missed you!" Edge exclaimed, eyes shining. It was a good riddance too. Lance had been back in Germany with his family to visit for a week, and life had been so peaceful in his absence. He'd even offered to take my dear brother with him, but good thing Papa said no.

I frowned, watching Lance creepily caress Edge's face like it was precious. It is precious, but far too good for that bastard. Edge blushed, leaning into the touch. He's so nice, indulging the stupid dummy like that.

"I brought you something," Lance told him with his aggressive way of speaking. Edge says it's just his accent but I think he's just a meanie. Edge deserves way better than him, but whenever I tell him that he gets really upset and starts crying about how much Lance "means to him" and all that.

"You didn't have to!" Edge immediately persisted but Lance hushed him with yet another kiss.

"Can we go to your room? I want to talk."

Every time he speaks it makes me seethe. How the hell did he bully Edge into accepting his company? My brother could make friends with anyone if he wanted! I hid in our room in the closet. I'm not a stalker, I'm just protecting Edge from that monster.

He keeps trying to eat my brother, and shoves his massive dong into him and makes him scream but Edge still says "I love you" and it makes no sense. They insist they love each other but Lance hurts him so badly. A lot of the time, Edge even lets Lance kidnap him and tie him up.

I think he's scared which is why he begs Lance to eat him. He doesn't want to be in pain. I don't understand why he screams "more" or "harder" because Lance hurts him more and he screams louder.

Every single time, once they're done, Lance gets all cuddly and pretends like nothing happened and Edge actually forgives him for hurting him so much by saying things like "that was so good" and "you make me feel like a deity."

That doesn't make sense either because Lance calls him mean names and no no words when he tries to eat him and Edge makes these weird faces the entire time. Maybe because it hurts?

From the closet, I watched Edge and Lance enter the room. He pulled out a fair sized box.

"I haven't officially asked yet, but I want you to be my boyfriend," Lance announced, blushing. He opened the box. "The choker with the padlock is for you, and I will wear the necklace with the key. Kind of like those broken heart necklaces I guess...? But of course, only if you want to. I understand if you want better than me."

"Oh Lance..." Edge hugged him tightly. "Lance, I'd do anything to be with you. Of course I want to be your boyfriend!"

Lance smiled brightly and returned his hug with bone crushing strength.

"I want you to put it on me," Edge told him, "because I'm all yours."

Lance carefully put the choker around Edge's neck. It was a thicker one, and could technically be classified as a collar. The blond slipped the padlock onto the choker's silver ring and locked it with a small click. He then gave the necklace with the key to Edge and the ginger slipped the necklace on to his new boyfriend.

They admired each others new charms until they met suddenly in a rough kiss. In that short second, they were suddenly a mess. Edge's arms around Lance, Lance's hands in his hair and groping his ass. Edge allowed the blond to push him up against the wall, kissing him harder and grinding against him.

It made me sick. That stinky bastard only wants to hurt my brother. Why did Edge agree to this stupid thing?

As I expected, once they were done, Lance got all cuddly as if nothing had happened. Edge was super tired so Lance held his hand and massaged his back, singing softly in German. He fell asleep smiling.

Lance probably brainwashed him.

Seeing that he was asleep, Lance kissed his forehead and cuddled him close, tucking him under the blankets and keeping him warm-

"You can come out now." He wasn't talking to anyone, so who...?

"Faie, I know you're in there."


I cautiously crept out, embarrassed. I hated seeing Edge so happy with him, of all people. He has to be lying. He has to! Before him, Edge turned to me for comfort. And Holi, of course, but our older brother is rarely home.

I hated seeing Edge making time for someone else.

"You don't deserve him," I spat.

Lance sighed. "I know. I love him so much... he's such an incredible person. There can't be anyone good enough to deserve him."

"So why did you take him? Why do you hurt him so much?"

"Hurt...?" Lance appeared confused.

"All those bruises and gashes and scars. Why do you hurt him?"

Lance looked hurt himself. "You dare accuse me of that? You think I would do that to such an angel? Do you even know your own brother?"

"Of course I know my brother!" I snapped. "Better than you!"

"Then you'd know that your monster of a father is the one who did it to him!"

I stared in shocked silence. Papa would never do such a thing! He loves us! He always tells me so. He would do anything for me and my siblings, but he said Edge is naughty and doesn't deserve everything he does for me.

"I don't believe you!" I yelled at him, and he just looked defeated.

"You wonder why he turns to me, don't you. It's because he trusts me, and I trust him in return. We love each other unconditionally. He knows he can tell me anything and I will believe him and protect him."

His words make me angry.

"You just don't understand how hard life is for him, and refuse to empathize. You'd rather hide behind thick, rose-colored glasses than accept the cruelty of this world."

I started to cry angry tears, and he sighed.

"Despite all of that, he loves you so much, Faie."

I couldn't stop crying after that.

I'm so jealous...

Chapter Text

I love you.

I love you.

I love you.

It's a lie.

I hate you.

I want to die.

I want you to die.

Kill yourself.

Dark screams such things at the one staring back at him, his reflection.

He curls up under his desk and sobs helplessly while blood seeps from the cuts in his arm.

His throat hurts from crying aloud and hyperventilating, everything's fine! It's so funny, ha ha, look how funny his life is!

This is normal. This is normal. This is normal.

Normal to cry uncontrollably foe reason.

Normal to thrash and scream silently on the ground while tears spill out like a broken tap.

Normal to be crippled by the pain of existing.

Normal to slice his arm open in fury because he didn't deserve to exist.

He watches blood leak out through tear blurred eyes.

"What have I done...?"

Is it normal, crying on the floor?

It hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts.

He'll break one day. He feels so fragile...

Maybe he'll just fade away.


Would anyone notice?


His now ex lover had recently broken up with him. Not even two months later, they were in some poly relation.

It fucking hurts, being so damn replacable.

Replaced by two people, too.

It was all his fault.

He was the one that started the relationship, they never liked him that way.

And so he was replaced.

Dark gave a loud sob.

He knew he'd never have someone special like that. It would never work. He didn't deserve it anyway.

His friend all the way since second grade was happily dating someone for longer than he'd been in a relationship, and Edge inevitably would live happily with Lance.

Dark is jealous. No doubt.

But so, so happy that two of his dearest friends would get the happiness they deserve and a partner to love them unconditionally.

As Dark cried, the sky cried with him, lifting him into its hands, holding him for a precious moment before putting him back down.

Dark returned to the sky the following day, never to roam the earth again.

Chapter Text

The patient was a victim of attempted suicide.

Dark knew what that was like.

He sighed, preparing to operate.

Memories are so strange. No scientist has been able to pin exactly where memories are stored in the brain, and so memory debilitating diseases like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's were somewhat of a mystery in certain aspects.

He can see the memories of the patient he's working on.

His heart breaks slowly as he works on the patient. The memories flooding the patients subconscious thoughts were all fear.

Fear of being replaced.

Dark knew that fear far too well. It's what drove him to attempt suicide when he was a teenager.

He felt as though he was so damn replaceable to everyone he knew, so he assumed that if he disappeared, everyone would forget him and he would be replaced by someone else.

His parents had his sister.

He was always the last resort for his friends, where if no one else was available, only then would he be desired company. He was a cure to loneliness.

Any talent he had was not unique enough. Even in something as simple as art, he didn't have his own style at all or any ideas, and as a result was forgettable. He tried at piano, tried so hard, but there was no point. He wasn't good enough.

There was nothing significant about his personality either. No one would remember him a month after he was gone.

It would be as though he never existed.

He'd been significant in a friend group once, but the group chat eventually fell apart and he was back to being nothing.

He still felt that way sometimes, but his occupation allowed him to feel as though he was making a difference, saving lives.

After hours, he finished the operation. Exhausted, he still decided to write a small note to the patient. Whether they chose to read it or not was not a concern.

I was like you. I thought I would disappear. Turns out some people actually missed me...

Chapter Text

Holiday had wanted nothing to do with his family. He may have been the first born son, entitled to the kingdom, but he didn't want it. He had two younger siblings anyway. Edge would make a fantastic monarch, and the people would love him.

He could see bits of himself in his brother, who seemed uninterested in ruling the kingdom. He spent much time with his right hand man, though, often in private...

His sister was sweet and the people would love her, but she was so easily manipulated and trusting and innocent, she would not be fit for the throne.

He visited occasionally, but to the outside world had changed his appearance with piercings and hair dyed blue.

Now, he approached the castle the night before the coronation.

His sister's coronation.

It made him angry.

He loved his sister to death, but the logical choice would have been Edge. Edge had confessed that he didn't want the crown, but for the good of the country knew he'd have to take the responsibility.

It was also clear that their father favored Fairy, and had an acute distaste for Edge.

Holi quietly knocked on the door of Edge's room before tiptoeing in.

The room was dark, but he could see two silhouettes at he foot of the bed, one pinned against the bed. Arms wrapped around each other, they were clearly making out.

"Edge...?" Holi called out quietly, expecting his brother to jolt off the girl he was laying on, though that didn't quite seem to fit his personality. He snapped the light on.

"I-it's not what it looks like!" Edge stammered, sitting up and trying to cover himself. The one on top of him stood. Ah yes, Lance, Edge's childhood friend and now right hand man.

"I apologize for interrupting," Holi gave a small smirk. "You're both remarkably quiet. Or do you gag him while you fuck him?"

"Holi!!!" Edge whisper yelled in protest, blushing, but Lance nodded, taking Edge's hand.

Holi grinned devilishly before assuming a serious demeanor. "I'm scared that Fairy is becoming Queen."

Edge sighed, leaning into Lance, who stroked his hair. "There's nothing we can do. The people love Father, and won't question his decisions."

"Even if they saw your scars...?"

Edge's gaze grew sharp as he snapped it to meet Holi's. "How did you...?"

"I've seen it. All of it. I've seen him hit you."

A few tears leaked down Edge's face. "The people would never believe..."

"Then we'll give them proof."


"Lance," Holi smirked, "I want you to fuck him. Hard. Don't gag him, just make him scream in pleasure. I'll be hiding, but I swear by the end of the night we'll have evidence."

Turning off the light, Holi disappeared into the shadows.

"It'll be alright, darling," Lance whispered.

"Lance... I'm so scared of what he'll do if he catches us! I don't want him to hurt you the way he hurts me. I don't want him to send you away. I love you so much..."

Lance hugged him tightly and rubbed his back soothingly as he tried to calm down.

After a few minutes, Edge kissed him softly, comforted by the warmth of Lance's body against his.

"I will protect you," Lance swore, to which Edge hugged him again.

"You mean so much to me..." Edge kissed him once more. His half hard cock hadn't been satisfied from before they were interrupted, and he knew Lance was the same.

He moaned into Lance's lips as the man squeezed his ass, grinding slowly against him. He and Lance were not new to sex, and knew all of each others kinks and turn ons.

"Kidnap me~" Edge suggested playfully, groping the blond's arousal. Lance groaned approvingly, partially stripping him and tying him up with the clothing. Edge moaned idly, spreading his legs.

Lance licked his lips, kissing up the ginger's body from his abs to his collarbones and shoulder and neck and jawline and finally his soft, rosy lips.

Their tongues danced together hungrily, sliding against each other and exchanging saliva. Lance pulled away slowly, allowing glossy saliva to connect their lips.

"Fuck me like a toy~!" Edge pleaded, highly aroused.

Lance grabbed his hips and slammed into him, drawing out a prompt scream from the submissive ginger prince.

Edge loved how roughly Lance handled him during sex, pounding into him mercilessly, pulling his hair and spanking him for misbehavior, slapping him and choking him, stepping on him and degrading him, calling him dirty names.

After all the rough, kinky sex, he loved the soft cuddling they did in,their tired state, where Lance would hold him in a loving embrace and sing for him sometimes or soothingly rub his back. He felt so safe in those arms, and loved the man with all of his soul.

Their sex got louder, and the door was thrown open by Fairy, whose room was next door. "Edge???" In the dark, she could only see Edge screaming but begging for more...? Harder? Faster? She didn't understand.

She was... a sheltered child.

She ran out of the room.

Edge and Lance ignored her, continuing to be loud and engrossed in each other.

Several minutes later, the king and several of his guards entered. Edge moaned loudly about how good the sex was, feeling bold in his pleasure and the fact that he was with Lance.

Lance kissed him passionately, and they did not separate until the king roared with anger. "You dare engage in such disgusting activities?"

Lance nonchalantly untied his boyfriend, who cuddled up to him. "Everyone knows you fuck the maids. At least I'm faithful."

"You got fucked by your staff. By a man, no less! This behavior will not be accepted. In no way are you going to engage in romantic behaviors with him. Some man, taking it up the ass. No royalty would be caught doing anal."

Edge smirked defiantly, still intoxicated by Lance and not fearing consequences. "Mother said you fucked her up the wrong hole and complained about not getting children until she finally told you."

"Th-that's not true!" the king paled a bit.

"You're not even faithful. Lance knows all the staff's gossip, and I know you fuck the maids."

"Enough! Take the traitor off that whore!!"

Edge screamed as guards held him back, taking Lance and putting him in handcuffs. "No! It's not his fault!" Edge was strong, but the guards knew this and in numbers were able to hold him.

Lance was thrown to the ground, and they exposed his back. No amount of Edge screaming could drown out Lance's pain as the guards whipped him relentlessly for "defacing the crown."

No amount of Edge's tears and screaming could have saved Lance from the pain. The blond's back was covered in blood after a solid five minutes of agony. Edge had been reduced to sobbing helplessly, praying with his entire soul for it to stop.

The king turned to Edge. "No discipline I give you has seemed to work. Guards, cuff him."

Edge thrashed and kicked out to avoid capture, but he was handcuffed after some deliberation, found his legs were bound as well.

Lance's eyes widened in horror as he watched from the ground.

The guards held Edge down while the king fucked the living hell out of him.

Both Edge and Lance screamed through the ordeal, cursing and praying for all this shit to stop.

"This'll teach you to be a disgusting little faggot," the king hissed.

Mercy came in the twisted form of Fairy calling from her room.

"Papa... what's happening...?" her sobbing was getting louder, and the king and his guards leapt off of Edge, pretending as though nothing happened. They left quickly, shutting and locking the door behind them.

Horrified, Holi rushed out to take care of them. Both were in shock. He knew he couldn't take care of them himself. The door could be unlocked from the inside, so Holi crept out to the maids quarters.

He returned silently with a good army of maids, instructing them to please take care of the two boys. He had never expected things to go so horribly.

As Lance needed more medical attention, Holi offered to help Edge bathe. He carried his brother into the bathroom, filling up the tub. Both were quiet. Holi helped him into the tub and turned away to give him privacy.

"Edge... I'm sorry. I truly didn't mean..."

"I know. The people have to know. I knew he was awful to me, but I didn't even know he was capable..."

Holi sighed. "Will you be alright? You're covered in bruises..."

Edge nodded. "I don't think I'll be able to walk easily tomorrow. Lance and I get rough but he knows how to do it without truly hurting me."

"What Father did... That is the absolute single most disgusting thing I have ever witnessed. A monster like that doesn't deserve to live. Edge, I should've done something!"

Edge shook his head. "There's nothing you could've done. But I know what you can do for the people."

The ginger looked away.


"It hurt... It hurt so much to see Lance in pain..."

The following morning was silent. Outside the palace walls, the people celebrated the day of their princess's coronation, but within them, Lance and Edge held each other close, terrified to let go. Lance was in much pain, and Edge could hardly walk. The maids had been ordered to cover any bruises with makeup, but since both were wearing suits it wasn't too much work.

Lance squeezed Edge's hand. "I trust Holi. Our pain will be worth it."

Edge buried his face in Lance's chest. "I can't... believe... he hurt you..."

"It's fine, dear-"

"No it's not! It hurt so much to see you in pain, and there was nothing I could do to stop it!"

Quiet, Lance pressed his lips to Edge's forehead, their fingers laced together.

"Lance... I don't want to lose you..."

The royal family was expected to stand before the people. Guards and police lined the streets, and the path on which the royal family would walk. First came the king and queen, the king putting on his mask of kindness for the people, the queen broken hearted by the cruelty he'd performed within the palace walls.

Holi came next, much to the surprise of the people, but they loved him all the same for he never treated anyone as inferior and gave high fives along the way, though the king frowned upon it.

The people grew a bit subdued as Edge came out, clearly limping. Lance was with him to help him walk, and appeared stiff, though in reality he was still in great pain. They made their way down slowly and awkwardly, and the king simply announced that he hurt his leg during a training session with the guards.

It took everything in the couple not to drop their polite smiles.

Everyone forgot the awkwardness as Fairy cane out, making everyone cheer. She looked beautiful, and while her siblings and mother were happy for her, they feared for the country's future.

Everything was fine until the king placed the crown atop her head.

The ancient statue that had stood in front of the palace for centuries crumbled. There was some chaos until the queen took the microphone, begging everyone to ignore it. She then asked the people to reconsider a few things.

She and Holi had spoken of their plot, and Holi had grudgingly agreed to the terms his mother set.

"My sons and I have something to show you. Do you really know your king? Do you really trust your kingdom in the hands of our sweet but naive daughter? She is not yet ready, she is barely 18 years of age. Both her brothers are more fit, ages 19 and 25. Do you not question the king's decision?"

"Janna, what is this?" the king asked, clearly angry behind his sickly sweet demeanor.

She didn't look at him.

Holi projected a large screen onto the wall of the coronation hall. All of this was being televised worldwide.

"Please, have your children look away," Holi advised. He ran the video.

Edge's words were haunting, the fear in his voice evident. Once they kissed the second time, Holi had edited out the sound to spare unnecessary sexual content, and had blurred out the image, speeding it up until the king's entrance.

After Edge's smutty declaration of good sex, the sound original sound was played throughout.

Maids who had been raped stood together with linked arms as Edge made his accusation on screen, and the queen joined them at the unfortunate story if the king's inability to tell an anus from a vagina.

There was not a word as Lance was beaten bloody while Edge screamed and sobbed for him, or when the king raped his own son.

The clip ended at Fairy's loud sob and the king and his guards leaving Edge and Lance alone in the room together, sobbing and in pain.

"Papa... What's happening...?"

Utter silence.

Fairy was crying, Holi holding her and comforting her.

Edge was also in tears, hiding in Lance's embrace. They removed their shirts, squeezing each others hand and displaying the scars on their backs.

There were gasps, as Edge's back was covered in long scars while Lance's was covered in bloodied bandages.

Things started to click, and people figured out why one of their princes was limping so badly.

The guards struggled to suppress the crowd, and the queen took the stage once more. "Until your princess is ready, who here is in favor of having your oldest prince as your new leader?"

The queen had a calm authority to her that demanded peace.

Every hand in the hall went up.

Turning to her husband, she said coldly, " I place you under arrest."

The audience cheered and Lance hugged Edge for a long moment, muttering over and over again, "You're safe, you're safe, you're safe!"

The king roared his outrage but nothing could be done. The people would assist the guards if it came to it.

The crown was placed upon Holi's head and there was a loud cheer, as well as a singing of the national anthem.

Tears of happiness were shed and Janna hugged her children and soon to be son-in-law. Ignoring the guards light protesting, Edge and Lance put their shirts back on and the royal family danced with their people as though they were any other person and not royalty.

Holi had agreed to take the throne until Fairy was ready, as Edge had no desire to rule.

The country rejoiced at the coronation of their rightful ruler and the fall of a tyrant.

Chapter Text

Edge and Fairy hadn't spoken in years.

It came as a painful shock to find that Fairy had passed away. He mourned for days, feeling sick and cycling all the things he should have told her.

Lance took care of him, holding no grudges against Fairy for hating him back when he and Edge got together.

Mostly, he was the shoulder for Edge to cry on.

They flew in for her funeral, which was full of loved ones.

Afterward, Janna found them, already breaking down. To bury her own child was the most painful thing she had ever done. She threw herself around Edge, hugging him tightly. Both were sobbing helplessly, and Lance left momentarily to find Holi.

Without words, Holi knew what was happening.

He returned and held his mother and brother, shedding silent tears for his departed sister.

Edge grabbed Lance's hand, a silent plea to join them. He did, and was clung onto as family.

After a while, Janna pulled herself together, easing Edge into Lance's arms.

"Fairy has a son," she said quietly. "Edge, she wants you to be his guardian."

"Wh-what? But why? And when did she have a child? She's 22!"

Janna smiled sadly. "We all know how naive she is. She got sweet talked into unprotected sex. She dated her boyfriend for a while, but he took off once the kid was born."

"Mama, how old is her son?" Edge asked, discomfort building inside him.

"He's um," she sighed. "Five. Five years old."

"SHE HAD A KID AT 17???"

"Yes, and she wants him to be in your care. In her will, she stated that she wanted him to have a stable family, and she wanted you to be his legal guardian."

Both Lance and Edge were quiet. They'd never planned for a kid, and they were so young, they didn't know if they could handle it.

"Oh Lance... I was eighteen when he was born... We're still so young! How can we provide a good home for him?" Edge squeezed Lance's hand.

"You two will be fine," Janna promised. "You'll love him, and he'll love you!"

The couple shared an uneasy look, but nodded. "For Fairy, I'll do it," Edge agreed softly.

Before her death, Fairy knew she was in danger. That's why she wrote a will so young. She knew her so called "boyfriend" was a dangerous man, as were his friends.

She didn't want her son in foster care, she wanted him in a warm, loving home that could give him everything he needed.

After her mess of a relationship, she could finally understand the love shared between Lance and her brother. She meant to apologize to Lance, but never got the chance.

It made her happy to think about her son in the care of two amazing people. The boy was old enough to realize that the two men were not his biological parents, but accepted it all the same.

In her last moments, she died happy, knowing her son would go to the kind of home he deserved.

Chapter Text

It was the night Edge and Lance planned to tell their parents that they were getting married.

Edge was a bit nervous to tell his father, but since he'd moved out, he hoped the man might've changed.

Lance's family arrived on time and greeted both boys fondly with big bear hugs. Edge loved Lance's family. They were so sweet and welcoming and being with them made anywhere feel like home. They all chattered for a while, talking about everything under the son.

Once half an hour had passed, Edge was getting worried that his family wasn't there. Soon after, Holiday arrived with Fairy, and he greeted them happily, but where were their parents?

It made him smile to see Fairy slowly approach Lance, looking sheepish. "I owe you a huge apology. You never did anything to Edge. You always just loved him so much... But Papa..." she started to cry.

Surprised, Lance slowly hugged her, and she hugged back tightly.

"Fairy, what's wrong?" Edge asked in concern, hugging her from behind.

She continued to sob helplessly until the couple set her down on the couch. Irmalinda got her some water and she drained the glass, starting to calm down.

"I understand now..." she whispered, "what Papa did to you..."

Edge frowned. "What do you mean?"

"H-he hurt you... He didn't love you... I was so ignorant and I couldn't tell... I could've done something!"

Edge hugged her. "It's not your fault. Don't ever blame yourself for what he did to me."



She nodded and returned his embrace.



"You're pregnant, aren't you?"

The girl broke down again, and everyone present crowded around her to hug her and give her strength.

"I had a boyfriend, but he didn't love me. I couldn't understand why Edge and Lance loved sex so much, I couldn't stand it. Then again, comparing their sex to mine, they may have been rough, but they love each other so much and that's why they love it. It's a physical way to express how much they love each other."

"Love and sex aren't the same thing, it just happened to be with him and I," Edge pointed out. Fairy smiled and squeezed his hand, continuing.

"When he made love to me, it hurt so much. When I told him I was pregnant, he didn't take it well. He left. I knew a lot of his friends hit their wives, but I ignored it. Just like I ignored..." she threw a pained, meaningful glance towards Edge. "Holi took me in. I have to be stable on my own, but no one will hire a pregnant woman. I can't accept his kindness..."

"But you have to," Holi insisted. "I don't want your child to grow up with a single mother. I may not be a father figure, but I will support the child as an uncle."

Fairy hugged him, thanking him profusely.

While the rest of the family began to cheer her up, Edge pulled Lance aside.

"It's been an hour," he said, clearly worried.

"I know," Lance replied. "Maybe you should call them?"

Edge nodded, then proceeded to call his mother three times, none of which she picked up. The poor ginger looked more and more distraught.

"Lance... She's never late! Never! Something's wrong..." he sobbed, allowing his fiancé to hold him tightly. "Mama... Where's Mama...?"

Lance kissed the top of his head, rubbing his back. The couple in the corner caught Irmalinda's attention, and she went over to them. "What happened?"

"Mama..." Edge whimpered, hugging Lance tighter, tears slipping quickly down his cheeks.

Lance quietly explained in German the situation, and Irmalinda nodded. "I will find her," she promised. Before Lance could say anything, she'd already walked out.

About ten minutes later, she returned.

"Edge, I believe you have a visitor."

Janna smiled.

"Mama!" Edge exclaimed in disbelief, throwing his arms around her. "I was so worried..."

Lance gave his mother a questioning look, to which she responded in quiet, rapid German, explaining how she'd called the police and warned them of Asvaldur. The two had been arguing in a somewhat nearby parking lot, with Asvaldur not letting his wife out of the car. He pinned her down and when she fought back, he hit her. Not enough to leave bruises, but he hit her all the same and was arrested.

Edge was fluent in German, thanks to Lance's help, but only caught some of what was being said. "H-he hit you?"

Janna nodded. "Not nearly as bad as what he did to you." She kissed his forehead. "You all must be starving!"

Edge and Lance smiled. "We have an announcement, actually." they clasped hands, showing off their silver bands. "We've decided to spend our lives together..."

Janna and Irmalinda squeezed them, exclaiming their happiness incoherently through happy tears and laughter. Fairy squealed, joining in. Edsel, Holi and Hansel approached more calmly afterward to congratulate them, glowing with happiness.

They celebrated with Edge's homemade meal, and afterwards Edge approached his mother and sister. "I assume she's told you?"

Janna nodded. "I want her to stay with me. Asvaldur is no longer home, and I'm lonely without my children anyway. Edge, I'm so happy you've found someone to live your happily ever after with. Holi has a serious girlfriend too, I believe. Fairy, I'd love to have you with me, and if you need my assistance I'll always be there for you and your child."

Both siblings hugged her, tearing up.

All in all, it was an eventful, but joyful night.

Edge and Lance smiled at the family they knew loved them no matter what.

Chapter Text

Though Senbu talked or such a mansion, there was no records of its existence. To be fair, 800 years was plenty of time to lose one's mind, but also not unrealistic for the world to forget the existence of a family and its manor.

Chapter Text

Dark sat in the middle of his small apartment, quiet.

He looked at his own hands, so familiar.

Those are his hands, that's what he looked like.

He found it hard to believe.

Why was he conscious?

Why was the world seen through his eyes?

Why him, specifically?

Did he have to look this way?

Did he have to sound this way?

And feel this way?

If he closed his eyes, and didn't wake up, would it all just stop?

Chapter Text

"Happy birthday, Edge! I wish you all the best! Love, Lance."

"I know I'm probably just being paranoid, but are you alright? It's been twelve hours... Love you!"

"Edge? Please pick up. I'm worried about you. Love, Lance."

"quiet sobbing Edge... Edge please... I'm so worried... It's been three days! Should I call the police? Darling, where are you...?"

"full on tearsEdge...! I love you so much...! Please... please be alright... I can't lose you... You mean so much to me... I'll do anything! Anything... to hear your voice again..."

"I can't sleep. I can't eat. I can't do anything without thinking of you. Edge... I need you! I hope you're doing okay. I love you so much... Love, Lance."

"I love you, Edge, with all of my heart. I will personally fly my ass over there to ensure you're safe. You're scaring me... Is something wrong...? You can talk to me about anything, I won't judge. I just want you to be safe and happy. Love you, dear. Love, Lance."

"Oh Edge... trailing off into heavy sobs ...Please come back..."

Edge picked up the phone with shaking hands.

He'd been locked in his room for two weeks, treated like some animal. His father had beaten him several times, screaming obscenities at him. He'd been securely bound and gagged throughout the two weeks, and had been starved.

The only relief was his mother. When Asvaldur left for work, Janna rushed to his room, untying him and dressing his wounds, bathing him and making him eat a fresh cooked meal.

For those two weeks, Asvaldur had shorter hours. He found out Edge was somehow escaping his bindings in the first week, which is why he extended the punishment for a second. He locked Edge into the room securely, giving him no way to escape and no one else could get into his room.

He was so hungry it hurt his entire body, and to move was torture. Asvaldur gave him water in the form of mashing his face into a water bowl, forcing him to drink,it like an animal.

Finally released, he listened to Lance's messages and cried. He didn't want to worry him. He also realized it was time Lance knew the truth about his family.

He video called, terrified.

Lance picked up immediately, attacking with a barrage of "are you okay" and "I was so worried" and "I love you." Edge tried to smile, but it hurt.

"What happened??? My god, who hurt you like that? Your face..."

Edge sighed, and showed Lance the rest of his body, using a mirror to assist. He stood naked before Lance, covered in bloody bandages, bruises and gashes.

"No... No no no... I can't let anyone hurt you like that. That's not allowed. No one van hurt you! You're too good!" Lance was hysterical. "Edge, who the hell did this to you? I'll tear them apart!"

Edge quietly got back in his bed, covering himself with the blanket. "Lance... My father... hits me..."

Chapter Text

Edge's and Holiday's hearts slowly broke for the fate of their darling sister.

She was such a sweet girl, throwing away her life to be with some loser who told her she was pretty.

Her brothers blamed Asvaldur for sheltering her so much. Asvaldur had twisted her image of a healthy relationship. He and Janna had grown distant from each other over the years due to Asvaldur's treatment of Edge. Asvaldur had also manipulated Fairy into hating Lance and seeing his relationship with Edge as bad. The intent was to make sure Fairy didn't marry a woman, but instead she interpreted it as a bad relationship and that Lance was a horrible person.

In reality, Lance and Edge had a very strong, healthy relationship, and Fairy couldn't understand that.

Her role in her relationship with her boyfriend was to be a doll for him to show off. She sometimes confided in her brothers that she didn't like it when he grabbed her thighs and ass because it made her uncomfortable. She then told them that he does it because he loves her and it's fine if it makes him happy.

Edge tried to argue that it wasn't okay without her consent, but she refused to accept his logic.

So Edge and Holiday watched their sister give into sex because she didn't want her boyfriend to leave her.

She cried to them afterwards, telling them how awful it was and they held her with nothing to say.

They'd already done everything they could to protect her.

The boyfriend coerced her into sex many more times, and one time it got her pregnant. At first, the boyfriend seemed supportive and caring, but Edge and Holiday could read his character.

As they predicted, he left a month before she was due.

Edge and Lance were living together and engaged, and offered for her to stay with them as they both had fairly stable jobs. Fairy was developing trust issues after her father's arrest for child abuse and her boyfriend leaving her alone with a child. She only trusted those closest to her, her mother and brothers.

Holi had a fairly serious girlfriend, but they weren't living together. He offered to let Fairy stay with him instead until they could maybe find her an apartment or something. He assured her that he wouldn't mind purchasing a house with his girlfriend if he proposed, allowing Fairy to continue living with them. His girlfriend liked children anyway, and they were both five years older than Fairy.

For the time being, that was the arrangement until Janna called a family dinner that included all significant others.

When all of her children arrived, she found her eldest son with his girlfriend, her second eldest with his fiancé, and her daughter with a child.

"Why was I not told I have a grandchild? You know I would've been elated!" she exclaimed, clearly hurt. She softened when Fairy started to cry and hugged her tightly. "You didn't want a child yet, did you?"

Fairy shook her head. "H-he left me... He just wanted me for... for..."

"Shhhh... I know, darling."

Holi's girlfriend felt a bit awkward, but wanted to be supportive. "Faie, can I get you some water?"

Fairy nodded, accepting the glass gratefully. She felt more calm afterwards and everyone sat down in the living room. She and Holi's girlfriend were slowly becoming good friends, and the support was much appreciated.

"We have some business to take care of, it appears," Janna announced. "While I couldn't stand Asvaldur's company, I'm lonely now, with no children living particularly close by. I want Fairy to stay with me."

Fairy's expression was one of surprise. She'd expected her mother to be furious at her for having a child so young, and hadn't told her because of it. She thanked her mother with a big hug while Holi's girlfriend held the baby.

"In other news..." Holi smiled, taking his girlfriend's hand. A lovely hand featuring a fairly simple but pretty ring.

"...We're getting married!"

The room exploded into happy hugs and congratulations and when's the date and all of that. Their wedding was to be the year after Edge and Lance, mostly for financial reasons.

At the end of the day, Edge and Holi could feel at peace again, knowing their sister was safe.

Chapter Text

Senbu watched the smouldering remains of the old town hall.

That is where he had been murdered.

Behind him, his assistant, Pish, watched fearfully. The kid was still 19 or so, and appeared older than Senbu. He obviously wasn't comfortable with his childlike companion burning down an old building of relative significance.

Senbu bit his lip as he turned to face him. Pish looked away, and something resembling heartbreak occurred in Senbu's small body.

He threw his arms around the taller boy. "I'm sorry... I'm a monster... Please don't leave me!"

Pish sighed, returning the hug. He was a vampire hunter in training who Senbu had somewhat blackmailed into not killing him...? He was slowly growing fond of the unpredictable vampire and couldn't help but forgive him for what he'd done.

Senbu had died there, after all...

Chapter Text

Edge tossed and turned feverishly in his bed, unable to feel even the slightest tug of sleep. His father's words raced through his head, and he was lucky not to be beaten that night.

This was normal, so why couldn't he get it out of his head today?

It took him a while to finally fall into some form of restless sleep, in which he encountered hell.

He woke up in cold sweat, Lance's name on his lips. Sitting up, tears slipped down his cheeks. His hands shook and he had no other desire than to sprint towards Lance and smother him with affection and let him know how much he loves him.

He couldn't risk calling him, and he'd probably be asleep anyway, so no use waking him.

He snuck into his parents room, gently waking his mother. She drowsily stroked his cheek, asking what was wrong.

"Nightmare..." he whispered, squeezing her hand and starting to sob softly.

Janna slipped out of bed, taking her son back to his room. "I'll be right back," she promised, kissing his forehead. She returned with a glass of water which he drowned quickly, thanking her.

He set the glass down on his bedside table and hugged her. "Mama..."

Her arms were so warm, they were what true home felt like. Her soft, ginger hair was braided loosely and tickled his cheek. She smelled so fresh, and he began to calm down. She rubbed his back, letting him cry quietly but openly.

"Do you wanna talk about it?" she asked kindly, in a low voice as not to wake Fairy in the bed on the opposite side of the room.

Edge nodded. "It was... Lance..."

"Go on."

"...Father... killed him..."

Janna tensed slightly. She wasn't sure that her husband was capable of murder, but she knew from what Edge experienced from the man, his fears were valid.

"Mama... he made me watch! He tied me up and made me watch him hurt Lance... Over and over and over again... Mama he killed him so slowly..." Edge broke down into helpless tears again.

Janna held him closer. "That's awful... I promise I won't let him hurt Lance. If that man so much as looks at that sweet boy in a nasty way I'll stop him. You deserve such a good person in your life."

Edge only hugged her. "I love you, Mama..."

She smiled at her second son, stroking his soft ginger hair, the same as her own. "I love you too, Edge."

Chapter Text

Brave felt bad about it, that he was helping Blue cheat, but he loved the man so damn hard.

He intentionally kept the hotel room's lights off. He sat in the middle of the bed, awaiting Blue's arrival.

The man finally appeared.

Seeming to understand Brave's mood, Blue kept the lights off.

"You should tell him," Brave said softly. "You can't keep going behind his back like this."

Blue sighed, massaging Brave's hips. He wasn't into girls, but both Punkish and Brave had such feminine bodies, and he found it so attractive. He loved it when Brave cross dressed for him, like tonight.

He could feel the skintight dress hugging Brave's curves, and the pantyhose he'd fuck through into him.

"Blue, you know you can't hide this forever."

Blue stuck his tongue out childishly. "Let's just get you nice and fucked~" His hands gravitates towards Brave's thighs, but he was stopped.

"I'm serious. If you don't tell him, I will."

Blue froze. "Y-you wouldn't!"

"Yes, yes I would. I may be the one you're cheating on him with, but I'm not shameless." Brave paused, then turned to stroke Blue's cheek gently with his knuckles. "Blue, who do you love?"

"You," the man responded, slipping his arms around Brave's waist and kissing him tenderly.

Brave relaxed in his arms, wrapping his arms around his neck and kissing back before regretfully pulling away. "Then why lead Punkish on? Let him go and find someone who loves him."

Blue tried to distract him by kissing his neck, to which he succeeded to an extent until Brave pushed him away.

"I don't want to be the bad guy. I want to love you and be with you but if you don't love Punkish, then you shouldn't trap him in an unfaithful relationship."

"I know... but..."

"It's hard?" Brave finished for him.

Blue nodded, chasing his lips for comfort. Brave indulged him in a long kiss, allowing himself to moan a little as Blue's hands traveled down his back.

Pulling away, he brushed hair out of the other man's face. "Please tell him. Actually, tell him right now."



Blue sat there dumbstruck as Brave called up Punkish on his personal cell.




Brave sighed. "I'm sorry... Blue has something to tell you..."

He handed the phone to Blue.


"Punkish I... I've fallen in love with someone else. I was so scared to tell you..."

Silence on the other end.



Brave hung his head, completely accepting of Punkish's anger.

"Babe, I can explain-"


"Punkish, we have to break up, it's for the best-"


"Please don't be mad at Brave... He's been bothering me to tell you from the start, and he was right. I should've been honest."

"I don't give a flying fuck how that whore feels. I'm leaving. When you get home, everything of mine will be gone. You'll probably just replace me with your bitch anyway.

"I hope you find someone who will make you happy, Punkish."

Punkish hung up.

Blue stared blankly at the wall, somewhat defeated. "I didn't want to hurt him..."

"But you were hurting him more by not telling him."

"I know..."

"We can just cuddle tonight. It doesn't feel right to have sex after that," Brave proposed, voicing Blue's thoughts.

Blue stroked Brave's long, silky hair, holding him close. Brave rested his head on Blue's shoulder, starting to nod off.

Blue kissed his forehead ever so gently. "Thank you, Brave..."

Chapter Text

Punkish was still numb from his breakup with Blue. He'd found his own apartment and all, but it truly was a shock to him that Blue would cheat.

One day, after a slow day at work, he was at home scrolling through his Instagram. He had totally not been kind of stalking Blue's account.

Blue hadn't posted pictures of them together in months, and generally hadn't posted much until he officially got with Brave. On that day, he has posted an admittedly sweet picture of the two of them, announcing how happy he was to be with Brave.

All the replies were of congratulations, and not a single person appeared to give two shits about how Punkish felt about all this. The jealous blond frowned. There were more pictures of them together after that, since it had been a few weeks since the breakup.

He then stalked Brave's account, determined to find shit on him. Brave did post a picture of him with Blue, and confirmed that they were now dating, his captions expressing his obviously tender feelings in minimal words.

For some reason, it made Punkish angry.


Brave was cooking when he heard a knock on the door.

He went to answer it, surprised to find Punkish. He and Blue had moved into an apartment together, as not to make Punkish feel like he was simply being replaced.

"Hi Punkish! Would you like to join us for dinner?" he offered, trying to act as normal as possible. He didn't have any hard feelings towards Punkish, as he knew he was the reason Punkish was hurting.

Punkish shoved past him wordlessly, grabbing his wrist and dragging him into the kitchen.


Still without a word, Punkish pressed Brave's hand against the nearby burning kettle.

Brave screamed in agony, immediately flinching away and stumbling backwards, tripping and falling to his knees. Punkish pounced on the opportunity and slapped him.

Brave sobbed as Punkish slapped him over and over and over again. When he tried to back away, Punkish yanked at his hair, using it to hold his head in place and slap him harder. His cheek stung, as did his burnt hand. He pleaded with Punkish to stop, but the angry blond wouldn't listen.

"You fucking slut," Punkish growled, spitting on Brave's face. The paler blond whimpered, cradling his burnt hand and trying in vain to stop crying.

"Punkish... It hurts! Stop..."

Yanking Brave's hair again, Punkish unbuckled his shorts. "Since you're such a damn whore, suck it."

Brave shook his head, turning away. He gritted his teeth, clenching his jaw as Punkish continued to abuse his long hair.

He sobbed uncontrollably as Punkish started to hit him again. "YOU'RE JUST A TOY! A USELESS FUCKTOY, AND THAT'S ALL YOU'LL EVER BE!" Punkish screamed, morbid satisfaction filling him at the sight of Brave wailing, begging for mercy.

This is what that heartless slutty bitch deserved. At least in Punkish's eyes.

"Stop! What the hell are you doing?"

Blue got home.

Brave flinched at another slap that never came from Punkish's furious hand, frozen in fear.

Seeing that Brave was injured, Blue's first instinct was to take care of him. He helped him up, running his burnt hand under cold water. He held him for support, whispering that he'd take care of everything, and he would protect him.

Taken care of, Brave hugged Blue tightly.

Punkish watched all of this, dumbstruck.

Blue had the audacity to put his injured lover over him, his emotionally hurting ex?

"So you're just gonna pretend I'm not here?" Punkish asked incredulously.

Blue shook his head, clearly furious. "You came to our apartment, attacked my boyfriend, and attempted to rape him. Had I not come home now, I would have found him sucking your dick."

Punkish frowned.

"We have cameras, you know. I'd know that Brave didn't cheat. You're lucky, Punkish. Had you succeeded in getting his mouth on your cock, I'd have called the police and your ass would be in jail foe sexual assault."

Punkish paled, ashamed. He still felt a burning hatred for Brave, more so now, but he couldn't act upon it. "Fine," he spat. "Enjoy your stupid fucktoy. That's all he is anyway."

With that, Punkish stormed out of the apartment complex.



"Is he right?"

"What do you mean?"

"Am I just a fucktoy?"

"Of course fucking not!" then Blue sighed. "You're not Punkish's replacement. I held onto him for too long when I truly wanted you."

"You and Punkish have been together since ninth grade though, even if it wasn't officially dating."

"And that was stupid. A three year age gap, and he wasn't mature enough for a healthy relationship. I don't like this. I don't like how he puts you down. I love your confidence in yourself. Yes, you were a bit of a narcissist in high school, but you don't survive on the approval of others. It certainly helps, but even if someone insults you, you're confident in yourself and pay them no mind."

Brave blushed. "You were with him for so long," he attempted to steer the subject away from himself.

"Yes, but I've liked you since junior year, when we had a bunch of classes together. I loved who you are, despite being a bit overconfident and stubborn at times. It was in senior year that I really fell for you, but everything was such a mess and I could never find the courage to say that or to break things off with Punkish."

"But the year after is when we started..."

"I know... So technically we've been together for almost four years. I love you so much, Brave."

Brave hugged him. "Please don't leave me..."

"I have no reason to. Punkish and I started dating too young. We grew up, and just aren't compatible anymore. You, on the other hand... I'd spend my life with you."

Brave gave a small smile. "As would I. You make me happy, Blue."

Chapter Text

Dark idly took in the nature around him as he walked home from school. The wetland and forest was to his right, the road to his left.

He has his headphones on, hands in his pockets, blasting Twenty-Øne Pilots songs.

Ahead of him the trees on either side of the road were the most brilliant hues of warm colors. It was as though the trees were on fire but frozen in time so they wouldn't burn, but their smouldering colors wrenched Dark's attention towards them.

Nature truly is a marvelous thing.

Chapter Text

Shikko was the head of School Council, perfect, right?


Senbu was far from stupid. Only stubborn to learn English and frankly, he could give less fucks about school.

Shikko tried in vain to make him learn, but treated him though as if he was stupid. To be fair, he's a dumbass. Dark is also a dumbass and as Senbu's friend it was his duty to punch Shikko in the face.


Chapter Text

Bebop was scared that the ceiling would break from the Lens in the rooms above him fucking so hard so he tried to buy anti-horny drugs which were illegal and expensive and dangerous so he started a war between galaxies oopsies

Chapter Text

The strong musk of cigarette smoke was present as Luka headed into the back if the library to sort books.

It saddened her to see Christmas Len resorting such a destructive coping mechanism.

Chapter Text

It was hard for Dark to fall asleep.


It's okay.

It gave him time to think about things, like his future and his dreams.

On shitty days, it's the times he abandons all hope of achieving even small dreams, deeming himself undeserving. He could always find a reason to why he shouldn't be allowed to achieve whatever dream it is he pursues.

The dreams he sees in his sleep are just strange, when he does dream.

He sleeps now, tossing and turning, another dreamless night.

Chapter Text

The five neighboring kingdoms had long maintained peace by recognizing when a new monarch came upon the throne.

Lance had recently ascended to the throne of his kingdom.

One of the kingdoms had the custom of gifting the new monarch a servant of some sort, and on this basis is what the young King Lance was meeting Queen Janna of the neighboring kingdom for.


It broke her heart.

Her husband had offered up their second son as a servant.

He sobbed at his impending fate, hugging her tightly.


Janna held him just as tightly, tears slipping silently down her face. Lance had arranged for it to be so that she could visit her son and be with him, as he didn't like the idea of obtaining an unpaid servant.

It hurt her to remember her son as a toddler, simply holding him.

"My beautiful baby boy..." she whispered.

She let go of him, cupping his face in her hands. "My strong baby boy."

Edge's face was streaked with tears, and that was when the guards arrived to take him to his unfortunate destiny.

He screamed and struggled, "MAMA PLEASE!!!"

She only smiled sadly, "Be brave, Edge."

She forced herself to remain smiling for her son's sake while he thrashed wildly, wailing.

"I love you!" she called after him.

Her mind stabbed her with a vivid memory of Edge as a baby, cradled in her arms and smiling up at her, the embodiment of happiness.

"Oh Edge..." she sighs, still smiling for him.

Her son allows himself to fall limp, helpless, defeated.

Once he's out of sight, she weeps.

"What have I done?"

Chapter Text

Janna sighed, letting her long ginger curls fall around her face. Her so-called 'friends' has done it again. They'd made her feel as though she wasn't good enough and needed to change.

Her notebooks were scattered on the floor around her, but she felt as though she lacked the strength to get back up and move on.

This time, they'd been complaining about her hair.

She had gorgeous natural ginger curls, while majority of her 'friends' had straight blonde hair that they curled artificially.

They wanted her to be like them, blonde.

She got upset, but they laughed it off and tripped her before sauntering off.

"What the hell was that all about?"

Janna looked up in surprise and blushed.

She knew this boy. Everyone did. He was one of the most popular guys in the grade.

He offered her a hand to help her up, and she shyly took it. Before she could bend down, he collected her notebooks for her.

"Oh... th-thank you," she stammered, surprised but touched.

"Seriously, what was that?" he repeated, sending a glare towards the group of girls behind their backs.

Janna giggled nervously. "My hair... they said it should be blonde."

The boy stared at her hard, in a way that seemed to scream 'you're kidding, right?'

"Why the hell would you do that? Your hair is gorgeous!"

She looked into his earnest blue-green eyes, and felt compelled to believe him. "Really?"

He nodded. "God truly is gracious. You're beautiful, but those bitches won't let you see that."

"Y-you know my name?" she asked, surprised by his reference to the meaning of her name.

"Of course, why wouldn't I?"

Janna got flustered, unsure how to respond. She might be part of the most popular friend group in her grade, but she wasn't truly accepted, so he had no reason to know her. "I need to get to class-"

"Wait," he grabbed her hand. "Please don't change your hair. I like it."

Then he let go of her, gifting her a charming smile before they went their separate ways.

This boy was named Asvaldur.

Chapter Text

Brave and Blue had been invited to their high school's alumni ball. In previous years, Blue had gone with Punkish, but he was excited to go with Brave finally.

Brave dressed up in a ball gown and everything, purple of course. His long hair was done up in an elaborate hairstyle and he looked beautiful.

Blue took his hand and they entered the gym, where the ball was being held.

People were friendly and crowding around the couple, stating that they always knew Blue had a thing for Brave.

Punkish arrived with a shady character, clinging on to him and being all flirtatious. Not one person in the room trusted his partner.

That was good, because Brave and Blue were announced the king and queen of the ball that year, and Punkish had suspected it.

He set things up, resulting in Brave getting covered in crimson paint and being shoved off the balcony he was standing on.

Blue dove after him, injuring himself in the process. Brave's fall was luckily cushioned by his dress, so they both survives, but barely.

Punkish's "partner," needless to say, was arrested, and that was the last time Punkish was contacted by majority of his graduating class.

Chapter Text

Dark, Senbu, Edge and Lance started a band together, partially just because they were friends and also because they got the name "Chef's Fuck" from an acronym concerning their goal to make Edge's father's life hell.

Dark is an American bastard and does not appreciate growing up in the states because damn we did some big no no in our history



very hypocritical in our history

"All men were created equal!" except specifically rich white land owning men were the only people considered citizens

"US has an entire ass war to gain independence from Britain because they don't wanna be controlled by a country on the other side of the world" and then we were kinda doing the same thing in the Philippines to "help" get them independence from Spain but then we realized Y'ALL HAVE OIL VERY DELICIOUS and then did the EXACT SAME FUCKING THING AS BRITAIN dammit

Also we may have ended WWII but come on we fucking nuked Japan what the fuck

also for those of you even living in the states, something they don't teach you in most states: after Pearl Harbor was attacked, Northwestern states set up internet camps for Japanese-Americans

yeah I got off topic but Dark has reason to dislike his country's identity

plus our political and educational system are a fucking joke smfh

anyway Dark likes to hit things so he plays drums most of the time, occasionally will play piano but not as well as Edge

all four of them sing and you can tell who'll sing by the style of the song

Dark screams



with singing

like in Call My Name by In Flames or I Am Above by In Flames

he can sing in English, okayish Japanese, and relatively shitty Filipino


because I said so

I literally have no fucking clue why I'm learning this language


Senbu is um

a vampire


He is not great at language

or writing

he sings in Japanese

he plays bass

bass is epic

He also has a wack vocal range like holy shit


Edge is gay

very gay

oh so incredibly gay

he has a v nice voice uwu

good range

he's special and knows languages

He can sing in English, German, Japanese, and Filipino

he's a piano playing legend but otherwise does synth shit

they're all nuts so he tends to perform in bondage gear to tease Lance and Lance just has a fucking field day groping Edge onstage lmao


Lance is also a gay as fuck man

He sings primarily in German but can sing in English

deep ass v nice voice

likes Rammstein

I'm not biased totally

I definitely don't like Rammstein


or as my dad calls them

"Ramen stain"

Chapter Text

"You really think Asvaldur actually likes you?" one of Janna's 'friends' scoffed.

"He's just nice. That's the only reason. Everyone knows he would never even think about befriending a ginger, let alone date one."

"You should really dye your hair blonde, you'd look so much better."

Janna bit her lip, having nothing to say. She blinked rapidly to fight tears. She couldn't let these girls know that their words hurt her.

They continued to gush over Asvaldur and put her down until a deep voice interrupted them.

"I heard my name. Am I needed here?"


Immediately, the group of girls acted all sweet and interested in his hobbies and sports and everything.

Janna, on the other hand, began to slip away.

Asvaldur caught her wrist. "Where do you think you're going?"

Almost the entire cafeteria was watching, muttering to each other, privately ridiculing the ginger for sticking with the most popular girls in the school, clearly not belonging.

They were thirsty for the drama. They wanted to see Asvaldur, the school sweetheart, to tear her to shreds.

"Why does it matter where I'm going?" she replied, her voice faltering.

"You can't just leave so soon!"

The girls behind Asvaldur squealed in delight as Janna's cheeks flushed in embarrassment. She averted her eyes, unable to look at any of them.

Suddenly, Asvaldur pulled her close to him, kissing her softly on the lips.

She stared at him incredulously once the deed was done, and he took her hand and smiled.

"Be my girlfriend?" he asked cheerfully.

She nodded ever so slightly.

Asvaldur swung her around, then carried her bridal style out of the cafeteria, leaving confused students staring after them.

The ring leader of Janna's "friends" burst into tears, while the other girls attempted to console her.

"How could he pick her, of all people? She's not even blonde!"

The girls were quickly shunned after that, while Janna found herself with a lot of new company. She chose to stick with friends she had before high school and reconnecting with them. She also hung out with Asvaldur's friend group, who were all male but she fit in with them just fine.

If only she could've foreseen what Asvaldur would become...

Chapter Text

Context kind of: Dark and Senbu have a bs basic convo in Japanese

千部: 英語が 好きですか。

[Senbu: Do you like English?]

ダーク: いいえ、とても 大嫌いです。

[Dark: No, I really hate it.]

千部: 日本語が 上手ですか。

[Senbu: Are you good at Japanese?]

ダーク: 日本語を 少し 話ます。そして、あまり 得意ではありません。

[Dark: I speak a little Japanese. And I am not very good at it.]

千部: どんなものが 何が 好きですか。

[Senbu: What kind of things do you like?]

ダーク: パラジクロロベンゼンが とても 大好きです。

[Dark: I really love paradichlorobenzene.]

千部: そうですか。

[Senbu: Is that so?]

Chapter Text

Janna and Asvaldur exist yeet

they started dating in their first years of school after compulsory education

Asvaldur was resident "hot guy"

but tbh I wouldn't know because I have no such tastes in men

Yeah he was really popular and nice and shit in high school

Janna's "friends" at the time were the most popular girls in the grade but they made fun of her hair because they were jealous that she had ginger curls while they all had straight blonde hair

keep in mind Janna and Asvaldur are Icelandic and went to school in Iceland

I've been to Iceland

there are many blondes

also I don't super know how the Icelandic education system works

but basically from 6 to 16, education is compulsory, then there's some specializing school thing? From 17 to 20 I believe and then higher education is 20-22

anyway they were the equivalent to being a Junior in the American school system

but yeah

Janna suffered from Bulimia thanks to her shitty friends making her feel like shit until she's staying at Asvaldur's place one day and he hears it and freaks the fuck out and gets her through a fuck ton of therapy and always makes sure she knows she's beautiful

She doesn't tell her kids that she had Bulimia for a while for no specific reason

yeah so they were a really sweet couple and they got married and shit

they went to university in the states and settled down there to start a family and Asvaldur started a company

very delicious

Janna got pregnant and they had Holiday uwu and it was mostly a good time except Asvaldur was kinda bad at being not addicted to work but he was mostly there

he wanted a son and a daughter so four years later he got Janna pregnant again but had another son

Asvaldur for some godforsaken reason really hated the kid and at this point his business was more important than his family

he hit Edge as a baby and said they should put him up for adoption but Janna being any good mother was like "wtf no" and tried to fight but that was the single time he hit her and she was pretty fucking shocked

then he raped her oopsie and that resulted in Fairy who was the daughter he wanted and he fucking loves her

Janna was pretty distant from him after that and when Edge was really young (less than five) she kept him in her sight at all times

Since she had two children so close together, they took up most of her time and Holiday tried to be supportive but was neglected to an extent since his mother had no choice and his father was never home

luckily he loved playing with his siblings and they grew up close to each other

I'll stop here for now


Chapter Text

Lance always loved the winter seasons, because during winter break, Edge came to visit him. It was more expensive at that time of year, but Edge was determined to visit him all the same.

Chapter Text

Yeah uh he died

of disease

Senbu was pretty happy cuz that guy was part of the lynch mob that murdered him soooo

Chapter Text

The couple were taking a casual stroll, until Asvaldur took Janna aside to the shade of a large tree.

"Close your eyes," he told her, and she obeyed.

After a bit of fumbling, she felt him hiss her hand. "You can open them now."

She found her then boyfriend on one knee, holding a small box in one hand. "Janna Tryggvisdóttir, will you marry me?"

She stared at him, trying to recall how to words again. After several seconds, she nodded, tearing up as Asvaldur slipped the ring on her finger. He hugged her tightly, and she kissed him softly, elated by everything.

Looking back, she doesn't necessarily regret agreeing to marry him, for she truly loved him. She only regrets who he has become.

The man who is so absorbed in his work, unintentionally neglected his first son because of it. The man who hits his second son, screaming at him for things he can't help. The man who cares for nothing in the world but his daughter, feeding her discriminatory ideas and over sheltering her. The man who Janna sleeps next to every night, supposedly her spouse, she doesn't know him anymore.

This is not the man she married. This man is a murderer.

He killed her husband, and she can't find him within all the hatred that is now Asvaldur Winskill.

She longs to be with the real Asvaldur Winskill, the one she met as a teenager and fell so in love with.

Now, her children are her top priority, but she still longs to feel her husbands arms around her, and she misses the man's sweet side.

She sees some of him in Lance, but knows that Lance would not turn out as Asvaldur had. Lance is a handsome young man, and Asvaldur too had been quite handsome in his youth. Stress made him age.

Both were very sweet and caring, but Asvaldur had lost that side of his personality.

When she learned of her son's engagement to Lance she was almost happier than when she'd been proposed to herself.

She gave both boys a tight hug. She'd told Lance ages ago that he was like family, and now he really would be.

Later that week, she met up with Lance's mother.

The two discussed in great excitement the marriage of their sons, marveling at how much love they shared.

It made Irmalinda smile to see Janna so happy. The ginger had confided in her about pretty much everything, including her mess of a relationship with Asvaldur. It warmed her heart to see that Janna's love for her son could outshine her negative associations with marriage.

As if reading her thoughts, Janna spoke up. "It's not that I don't trust marriage, I just need to trust the people involved. I know my son, and I know your son like he's one of my own. I trust that they love each other very much and will live happily together."



"Do you think... knowing Asvaldur's home life, do you think he was raised to think this was normal?"

Janna sighed. "Maybe. He always told me he didn't want a relationship like his parents, where they fought all the time because he loved me. His father beat his mother on occasion, and wouldn't hesitate to hit the kids."

Irmalinda nodded slowly.

"But I know Lance isn't like that. He grew up in a good, healthy family. I know he'll be good to my baby boy."

Irmalinda smiled, sipping her coffee. "I am very excited to see our boys get married."

Janna returned the smile, for she knew that her son would not end up in a mess of a marriage like her.

Chapter Text

Though Blue was with Brave, Punkish made it his business to know what both were doing as much as possible.

Anything to get Blue to notice him

Anything to get Blue to see what he lost by breaking up with him.

Chapter Text

It had come to Knight's attention that his sister had contracted Coronavirus.

Of course, she was freaking out and being quarantined and all that shit despite Coronavirus having lower fatality than the fucking flu. 1% vs 10% or something.

Knight begrudgingly decided to visit her, taking his beloved Ver with him.

"Greetings, my winsome sibling. I am au courant that you have contracted the egregious pestilence denominated as Coronavirus."

Princess rolled her eyes. "No one needs your fancy ass words, asshole."

Knight sniffed disdainfully. "It is not a fallibility to possess a Brobdingnagian aggregate of locutions in my erudition."

Ver sighed. "I'm fairly certain you don't even use all those words correctly."

Knight appeared offended. "You possess the gallantry to be vacillating between whether I am competent enough to implement my stalwart lexicon into a perspicacious colloquy with you quotidian schlemiels?"

"I literally don't know what you said," Ver grumbled. "So just shut up."

"Please either shut the fuck up or leave," Princess piped up.

"I find that so inordinately contumelious! I am in fact a visitant here, and you bid me here because of your unpropitious valetudinarianism. You cannot repatriate me!"




"Princess, I-"


Chapter Text

Janna wasn't religious, but if a god existed, they had abandoned her in this moment.

She prayed for all of this to stop, it hadn't been this awful the previous times they'd done it.

After her husband hit her, she'd been in shock. She especially couldn't look at him the same after he'd hit their- her newborn son.

The man would never accept Edgar as a son.

She screamed, knowing she'd probably wake up the baby and her other four year old son, Hollis, would be scared and confused.

It hurts her.

Asvaldur finishes and she's sobbing hysterically, tired of fighting helplessly against him, trying to get him out of her.

She couldn't make him see that a newborn was already enough work, let alone a newborn on top of another pregnancy. He just wanted a daughter, that's all. He wouldn't stop until he got what he wanted.

It didn't matter that she begged him to wait, even just a year. He wanted a daughter, and that was that.

She continued to cry as Asvaldur wrapped his arms around her, pressing a kiss to her forehead.

"I love you, Janna. You know that right? I love you so much."

The girl couldn't stop her tears, and no longer wanted to melt into his arms. She didn't know he had such hatred in him, so strong he'd hit his own son.

Asvaldur made attempt to wipe away her tears, but she cried harder.

"Jan, what's wrong?"

"Don't want... I don't want this..."


She shoved him away, tumbling out of their bed. She limped out of the room, her husband's seed dripping down her legs.


She locked herself in the bathroom, taking a while to clean herself up. Asvaldur was at the door, begging her to let him in, or to respond.

"Janna, talk to me!"

Feeling clean after a hot shower, she dried herself off and slipped into her nightdress.

"Janna...? You're scaring me!"

She finally opened the door, pushing past him and running out of the room. He stares after her, then slowly got into bed to sleep, still confused.

Janna crept into Hollis's room, where the poor boy was cuddled up with his soft toys, clearly scared.

"Is Mama hurt?" he asked quietly as she started to cry again. She didn't respond, crawling into bed with him and hugging him.

"I love you, Hollis," she swore tearfully, and he snuggled up to her.

"I love you too, Mama!"

With those words to reassure her, she managed to fall asleep.

After about a week, she finally decided to take a pregnancy test, since Asvaldur wouldn't stop bothering her about it.


She sat on the floor and wept, praying to whatever 48,000 gods that might be out there that maybe just one would take mercy on her and her unborn child, and allow this baby to be a girl.

Chapter Text

Everything changed in a minute.

Lance was oddly calm about being held captive by the rival mafia.

Edge had been assigned to guard his cell.

What the ginger hadn't expected was for the spy to be so hot.

"What are you staring at?" the blond smirked, making Edge blush almost immediately.

"It's my job to watch you, asshole," Edge spat.

"Watch me do what? Watch me fuck your sexy ass while pressing you against the wall and making you scream in bliss~?"

Edge unintentionally shivered, privately turned on thoughts of such actions. "N-No!"

"Come on, I know you were staring at my dick. I'll let you measure it yourself, if you want. The most accurate measure is your mouth, though~"

Edge blushed harder. "You fucking perv," he growled.

Banter like this went back and forth, Edge getting increasingly flustered until he was right up in the charismatic enemy's face, cussing him out.

Out of nowhere, Lance kissed him, reaching through the bars to grab his ass.

He moaned.

Embarrassed, he tried to slap Lance, but the blond backed away from the bars.

"You're hard," he commented, much to the ginger's frustration. "Give me a minute. Spend a single minute measuring my cock. I know you want to~"

Edge knew no one would come to relieve him any time soon, and if he didn't do something, this bastard would tease him to no end.

With a sharp growl, he reluctantly agreed. "Fine. One minute. That's it."

Lance gladly released his member, pressing his hips against the bars so that Edge wouldn't have to enter his cell.

Blushing furiously, Edge got to his knees, shyly licking the tip.

"Come on, don't tell me you've never taken a dick before."

Edge became even more red, as he touched himself a lot but had never done such things with another person.

Oddly motivated by the comment, he made it his mission to blow the fuck out of that dick.

Grabbing Lance's hips, he forced the large member down his throat, gagging but forcing himself to shove it down despite the tears spilling over and down his cheeks.

It felt good.

He relaxed slightly as the hard member filled his mouth. He suddenly craved to have the length pounding down his throat, ravaging him for pleasure. He moaned at the thought, and Lance stroked his hair.


The name made Edge moan more, and he began to rub himself through his pants with one hand.

Lance raised his eyebrows, grabbing a fistful of ginger locks and tugging.

Edge regretfully backed up from the member, slowly, allowing him to coat the length in saliva. A mess of drool bridged his lips to the hard cock.

"Fuck my throat like a toy~" he gasped, drooling at the very idea of such a masochistic fantasy.

Lance grabbed more of his hair, using it to hold his head in place while he pounded Edge's willing throat.

He groaned in pleasure at the sensations of heat and the feeling of being so snug in such a tight space. Edge gave him an absolutely blissful look as he was used and abused for pleasure.

Edge came the second he felt Lance release in his mouth. The blond pulled out halfway, allowing semen to decorate the ginger's lust-filled face.

Dazed, Edge allowed Lance to help him to his feet and kiss him roughly.

Edge had found that Lance wasn't so bad foe sex...

...and damn, he absolutely loves sex.

Embarrassed as he was, he couldn't resist letting Lance use him as a living fucktoy...

Chapter Text

「床は美味しいです!」Senbu said excitedly, clapping rapidly.

"NO THE FLOOR IS NOT DELICIOUS???" Dark screamed in fear but Senbu doesn't understand English. "Uhhh..."

Edge came to his rescue, equally concerned. 「床は全然美味しいではありません。」

"What he say?" Lance asked in his still questionable English. He's working on it still. He does not understand Japanese.

"The floor is not yummy at all," Dark translated.

「床はとても汚いです。」 Edge scolded.

"The floor is very dirty," Dark halfheartedly translated.

Senbu pouted. 「床を 食べたいです!」

"NO YOU DO NOT WANT TO EAT THE FLOOR!!!" Dark raged. 「床は食べたくないです。」

Senbu stuck his tongue out, pouting for the rest of the night because he wasn't allowed to eat the floor.