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Missing Melody..

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Denki Kaminari has a list of problems. His life in general had spiraled into this chaotic mess he could never work through since Freshman Year at university. Though most of these problems had been around for awhile, he had consistently pushed them aside.

Save them for another day he always murmured to himself, For the future Kaminari... that guy could figure it out.

That had not been the case, future him knew less than what the past him had known.

His issues weren't terrible, they had resolved themselves honestly by the end of his first year in College.


He just had a strong appeal for theatrics. The most pressing issues had been adapting to the University life, his parents separation, and being in love with his best friend.

The first two had resolved themselves though the pressing issue of being in love with his best friend had not.

Not even close.

Also no, he did not mean Eijirou Kirishima. That poor red headed idiot was all heart eyes for their ridiculously ill mannered friend Katsuki Bakugou. He assumed rude and brooding was Kirishima's thing after the first couple of months the two had started dating, but it was never his.

His thing had been and always would be Kyouka Jirou.

Denki frowned at his reflection in the communal bathroom mirror, it was early so no one other than a couple seniors wondered in sleep deprived and alcohol poisoned from their adventures in the night time. The mess of his hair didn't want to cooperate today just like any other day.

It had a mind of its own and stuck up in certain areas, the golden blond contrasting against the raven black streaks. Running a hand down his face, he attempted to wipe the frown off his face but it was impossible.

Kaminari had been thinking, and thinking never left him in a good mood. Trying for another resolution he brought out the good ol' finger guns pointing them at his reflection,

"Be the best you can be, you're great."

"I've witnessed a lot of pathetic things in my life but that, dunce face, was the most pathetic shit I've ever seen."

He inwardly groaned at the familiar rumble of a voice.

"I'm surprised a heathen such as yourself rises at dawn... I've always imagined you to burn up at the sight of light."

Kaminari now pointed his frown at something other than himself, the new victim of his ill mood was Bakugou.

Despite what others thought, Bakugou wasn't a bad person. Short tempered? Sure.

Completely disgraceful when it came to correctly expressing genuine emotions? Absolutely.

He was still a great friend nonetheless and also kept Kirishima content.

Which counted for something.

"That's because I don't have shit for brains and remember my deadlines when it comes to picking class times for the next semester." Bakugou sneered as his shoulder rammed into Denki's pushing him aside as if there wasn't twenty other perfectly empty mirrors for him to choose from.

"Kirishima got stuck with the same morning classes as me," Kaminari's retort was short a hint of teasing flowed from his tongue.

"Yeah but Kirishima is my shit for brains, its different. I can't give him hell for it so I take it out on you."

Denki let out an annoyed sigh before his brows pitched forward as his eyes wondered over the other male who stood beside him.

"It's Saturday though , I'm only up because I haven't slept."

Not a lie, but also not the whole truth.

"Well I hope you're ready for band rehearsal dumb ass."

Bakugou turned to face Kaminari then, he stood a couple inches taller and for some reason that made Denki feel so small. Especially under the weight of the other males scarlet glare.

Wait... had he said band rehearsal?


Katsuki just shook his head before pressing the tip of his index finger against the other males forehead pushing lightly,

"I'm telling you...shit for fucking brains. You better hurry up and get to Kyouka's dorm, the girl is literally going to drag your ass if you're late."

Denki didn't wait, he was half way out the bathroom with Bakugou's voice trailing him followed by a chuckle.



Kyouka Jirou has a list of problems, of course they were minimal issues.

She had overcome most of it. The biggest issues had been a break up she had went through half way through her first year at University followed by the constant nagging of her insecurities. Jirou had always been an overly anxious girl, always self doubting. Her friends had been a big resolution to this but they were also the largest issue, at least one of them was.

"Jirou, Light of my life, color to my soul, my muse, the sweet sweet missing melody to my heart I am so terribly sorry for being late."

There it was, that problem.

Her annoyingly precious best friend. He was such an idiot that she had to hold herself back from striking him in the back of the head multiple times whenever they spent time together.

Denki Kaminari was a problem all together because other than being an idiot he had become her idiot. The two of them had been friends since they were children, it had always been just the two of them before they added one more, then another, and finally just multiple as the years passed by.

It wasn't the friendship that had become a problem, it was the feelings that had bubbled up from it.

Jirou felt swallowed up by them, at every flirtatious remark that prick made on others or even on her but that wasn't the least of it. It was the anger that formed in her chest like a fire, every time Kaminari acted as if he was perfectly fine.

That cheerful mask always hiding the true emotions that only she could decipher.

He never knew she could tell, all the nights they would lay out under the stars talking about anything and everything.

Kyouka noticed those tired lines, the pinch between his brows telling that his mind was somewhere else though he was there with her.

Her biggest problem was that she felt that this happened because she had neglected him during the mess of her break up and the emotions that had dragged her back into that shell of doubt.

Jirou had come so far when she ended up building that wall back up around herself... brick by brick.

Denki had been there, working against her.

As she built, he removed but when he went back to tear down another, a newly laid brick was there.

Jirou knew this process must have tired him out. She knew because he stopped tearing and began building his own.

"You're late." Her voice was soft, quiet as she squinted around the florescent lights of the girls dormitory hallway. She heard his apology, and his sweet teasing words choosing to ignore them as she shoved a guitar case into his waiting arms.

"Let's go."



Kaminari's mood had done a complete 360 rotation from how he had been feeling this morning, his lips now pulled upwards in his usual goofy care free smile. The male had accepted the guitar case without complaint, carrying it as he fell in step with the female beside him.

He always forgot how tiny she was compared to him, when they were younger the difference had never been by a lot.

Denki had always been short and scrawny. Though when middle school hit, he ended up getting this surprising growth spurt leaving Jirou behind. Not that it ever mattered to either of them, Jirou never brought up the differences.

Neither of them ever brought up when Jirou had finally, how did her parents call it at the embarrassing family meeting 'become a young lady' either.

Yes he had been present for the subject. Mostly due to always staying night after night with her family.

It wasn't that Kaminari had a terrible home life, it had been quite the opposite which was worse. His parents never argued because they never spoke. There was just this burning tension always, as if everyone had to walk on eggshells.

He couldn't stand it, so he stayed for days upon days with Jirou and her family.

They never cared, and the two of them had shared a bed for years until her parents decided it was no longer decent for them to do so. That didn't change anything, when he was made to sleep on the couch Jirou had always found her way out to the living room.

Kaminari would then take the floor and allow her to sleep on the couch. Their arms always outstretched, hands intertwined as they slept with distance between them but their hands always joined.

Hand holding had stopped in High School, but sometimes, when their sleepovers of two had become sleepovers of three that included Kirishima. Their hands always found each other but never touched, just hovered near one another.

"Did you get a good nights sleep?" His words were light, waiting patiently for a reply.

His shoulder bumped hers , not too much. It was a light bump nearly just a brush to remind her of his presence. Jirou had kept her eyes focused ahead of her, hands twirling a black pair a headphones since they had started in direction for the courtyard where they would meet the others.

"I didn't mean to keep you up late talking about pointless crap... I'm sure you didn't care about hearing of whatever Shinsou had going on, I just had no one else to speak to about it.

He winced at his own words, that sounded terrible. As if he only went to her when he had no other choice.

That was far from the truth , he went to her before he even bothered with other choices.

Jirou had been his only choice since grade school. They had scraped enough knees, caught enough stag beetles, and fought off enough bullies for one another to count for a lifetime.

Jirou completed him, rather it was romantically or just platonic.

She was a piece that made up the code which was Denki Kaminari. If she ever decided that she was sick of his antics, Kami didn't know what he would do.

A piece of you would be hollow , you'd lose a key aspect of yourself.

The words taunted him as they passed other students who seemed to be leaving campus or going to the library to study. He would have to do that later as well.

He hoped Midoriya would still be willing to help him with History.

"Ji? You okay?"

Jirou looked up at the sound of her name, "Hmm?" It was a low hum as that lazy expression found his before she was scooped up from her feet.


Her shrill scream was loud as Bakugou ran, throwing her on top of his shoulder as she hung there beating her fist into his back.

The others were approaching their meeting spot, Kirishima had migrated to stand beside Kaminari. Holding out a closed fist to the blond in greeting, Kami responded by bumping his own against his friends.

They stood, watching as Jirou chased down Bakugou swatting at him with rolled up music sheets as he dodged her grinning manically.

Shouting a subtle yet filled with caring affection, "Try harder gremlin."

Something ached inside of him, Jirou had bonded with others over the years.

He had known that, but now there was problem... His feelings were the problem.

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"You're truly a pain in my ass Katsuki." Jirou brushed wilted wet leaves of brown and red from her black ripped jeans, sighing as she turned to look at the blond who decided to remain on the ground.

"So I have been told, plenty of times." Bakugou's lips pulled back in a menacing grin but Jirou knew better than anyone there was nothing truly menacing about it. He just didn't have a lot of options for facial expressions. Nonetheless he was a friend she could count on, and she had a better bond with him than most.

"No one cares to know of your bedroom stories Bakugou. Despite early hours you're spirited as ever." Kyoka turned from Bakugou at that monotone voice, Todoroki stood across from them in dark grey sweats, a plain black t-shirt, and his long two toned hair pulled up into a lazy bun towering over her.

If Jirou would have been anyone else she would have been surprised to catch the son of the Dean of their university so, well under-dressed but Todoroki had been a part of her friend group for as long as she could remember and this wasn't anything new, neither was the slightly burnt flesh surrounding the mint blue iris.

Plus most people would be at loss of words if Todoroki even spoke to them, he was popular among the student body. Despite the attention, he always had eyes for one person for all the years she had known him.

As if reading her mind, Midoriya jogged up to them his hand slowly snaking up the taller males arm in greeting once he had approached them.

He wore a grey sweatshirt the same color of Todoroki's pants paired with green basketball shorts. The two of them tried to be subtle about their relationship but they were so clueless how out there, they always put themselves.

"Iida can't make it for the meeting but he said we're supposed to meet at Kamino for dinner before the event tonight, Oh Hi Kacchan."

Jirou herself winced at the sound of the nickname and how quickly Bakugou got to his feet from the dewy grass glaring at Midoriya. It was of course, an affectionate glare if something like that even existed?

Bakugou and Midoriya had this childhood rivalry that Jirou and the rest of their friends never understood. They just stood back and let it go on over the years.

"Oi shitty nerd, if anyone is trying to make their FUCKING stories known it isn't me." His words were sharp, always so damn loud and Midoriya insisted on laughing as he reached out patting Bakugou lightly on the arm, in which he snatched back.

Todoroki glanced sideways his cheeks flushing at the ash blond's comment, but his hand had slipped beneath the fabric of Midoriya's sweatshirt from behind.

"Alright, so for right now everyone's here. Mina and Sero won't be here until later, I told them to meet us in the auditorium which I'm hoping you got permission for us to use."

Jirou's voice was soft and lazy as it left her lips, she caught Todoroki's attention and he held out a hand occupied by chrome keys he shook for good measure before tossing them in Jirou's direction. A single arm now blocked her eyesight , large calloused hands wrapped around the keys and Kyoka's eyes fell to the electric blond now at her side.

"Baku you owe me five dollars, told you our boy would get us in." Kamanari, unlike Bakugou had several facial expressions to share with the world. Jirou and Kirishima had gone as far as to give them their own names.

The look on his face right now was literal sunshine, his soft lips curved along with the adorable little Cupid's bow into a large smile that took up his entire face. Dimples were on full display and even the gold of his eyes smiled. It was addicting and she found herself enlightened by the expression.

"Whatever shit head, it's not like I don't buy you something to eat nearly every day. I feel like I have gathered ten fucking children."

Kirishima making his presence known to her for the first time since they had gathered in the courtyard pressed a light kiss to the top of her head, a fist bump to Midoriya then Todoroki, before sliding a tan muscled arm around the angry blondes shoulder.

The red head, who wasn't naturally a red head wasn't hard to miss. Kirishima made a big deal of always standing out. Rather it was good or bad, he enjoyed attention. Not that he got bad attention, Kirshima was stunning.

His dark skin made his vibrant candy apple hair pop, most times he insisted on spiking it in a ridiculous manner but the older he had gotten Kirishima began to wear it down, braided, or half up half down like now. Even if it wasn't for his extremely good looks, her friend walked around with this energetic attitude that made anyone joyful.

"I told you that if you wanted me, you got all the kids. Are you regretting your decisions now?"

Bakugou's expression softened as he leaned into that touch, it was an amazing thing to witness really.

How those walls just crumbled down whenever Kirishima came into sight with those scarlet eyes, Jirou wondered if there had been a time that something like that happened with her ex.. or even her friends. Her eyes shifted to Kaminari for only a moment who was making a wrenching noise at the couple.

"Never, I just wish the human lightning bolt could have been left behind."

That gathered a gasp from Denki, his lips now falling into a frown.

"You're so damn rude, I have no idea what he sees in you."

Midoriya let out a soft chuckle that earned him a string of foul vocabulary from Katsuki that even Jirou never knew existed.

Kaminari found her eyes with The Jirou smile, that's what Kirishima had named it, a smile reserved only for her. Kyoka had found it so stupid until something in that smile changed, she doubted anyone else had noticed but there was this silent sadness in it now. She hated that expression so damn much.

"Let’s go check out our new practice area Ji."




The blond let out a satisfied sound when the auditorium lock clicked and he could pull the heavy metal door open. Kirishima shivered slightly beside him as the captured AC flooded out into the mild weather. Even though it was the end of December the weather was fair, it was chilly but nothing out of the extreme. It snowed a bit in the middle of November but they had gotten nothing else since then but a bit of frost.

"Does your dad really sit on a bank of money that wasting electricity like this doesn't even cause a dent?" Kaminari turned to find two different toned eyes, Todoroki simply shook his head followed by a shrug.

"It doesn't concern me what the old man does with his money… Is this good though?"

Kaminari opened his mouth to answer when a whirl of purple passed him, startling the group. Jirou's voice carried from the front of the auditorium where she turned to look back at them. Her face was flushed and her eyes wide with excitement as she hugged herself. "Good? This is amazing, holy shit Todoroki you're amazing!"

Bakugou clicked his tongue paired with a subtle roll of his eyes, "It's not like it was that hard to obtain, and his father literally owns the University." Bakugou now carried the black guitar case that Jirou had shoved into Denki's arms earlier, he moved down the middle aisle of the auditorium setting the guitar case on one of the folded maroon seats.

"Seems that someone is jealous and afraid to be replaced!" Katsuki held up an obscene gesture towards Kaminari and his remark.

Midoriya followed behind Bakugou, Todoroki following after a moment leaving Kirishima to hang back by the entrance with Kaminari. They were both silent, Kirishima finally broke the silence when Bakugou found himself on stage where his drum set had been placed earlier. Most likely by Iida and Todoroki.

"Do you think she's going to show up tonight?"

The question had a weight to it, Kaminari felt it pushing down on his chest and his eyes ran over Jirou who had occupied herself with bringing out her bass guitar carrying it confidently upstage. That was the most magical thing about Jirou and music, the confidence that surrounded her whenever she came in contact with it. Rather it was an instrument, lyrics, or even a tune. She was more when she was surrounded by music.

"I'm hoping she won't, but Shinsou has a strong feeling she will be there and there was something else he knew but he felt that it wouldn't matter right now."

Kirishima scoffed, his lips turning down into a frown. His head shook once and he moved away from the door so that he was standing directly across from Kaminari. Denki knew that look, it was mild disappoint and worry.

"You need to tell Jirou, would you rather her find out when we're there? It's New Year’s Eve. This is the last thing we want for Jirou, walking into the New Year."

His fist clenched and his eyes averted to the ceiling before catching on the black carpet of the auditorium. Kaminari didn't understand after so long why this girl kept being a problem in his life, when things ended between her and Jirou he thought everything would be back to normal. Yet here they were.

"Why do I have to be the one too tell her Kiri? It's always me. Why do I have to be the one to constantly break her heart without actually doing it…Why does she even matter to us, to Jirou?"

Kirishima didn't answer for a while and a couple keys, played by Midoriya filled the silence between them. "It matters because Jirou loved her, You don't just forget something like that Kaminari. I know you don’t get it, but you should be the one to tell her, not me."

Denki stood there for a moment, alone as Kirishima left to join the others, sitting beside Todoroki. He was frozen in place, his mind wondered back to a time in the past. Standing across from Jirou telling her about something he wished he had never witnessed. The hurt that filled her eyes and the fury she had taken out on him accusing him of being jealous and...

I know you don't get it.

Those words... There they were again, he didn't get it.

No, he got it. That’s what they didn't know... he got it perfectly well.




Jirou moved quietly, she had placed the bass away and settled down across from Kaminari as his fingers strummed over the silver strings. They were waiting for the others so they decided to just mess around until then. Get the feel of their new rehearsal area.

He had been thinking, she could tell by the way he held the instrument. His shoulders were hunched, back tense , a few strings of blond hair falling forward from the small ponytail.

"I hate when you play like that."

Kaminari looked up then, his eyes settling on the tip of her black boot that met with his own before her dark violet irises. Jirou bit down on her bottom lip sucking it back into her mouth before she reached out taking the guitar from his grasp.

"What's wrong with how I was playing, that’s how I always play."

Jirou frowned, and flicked the pale kneecap that poked out through his bleach washed jeans. "Not true, you were playing like you had to. Not because you wanted to."

This got her a raised eyebrow, followed by a smirk. Tilting her head forward, ignoring his eyes she messed with the tuning keys before allowing her thumb to strum a single chord, followed by another then another.

She felt his gaze on her as she played, a soft hum leaving his lips as he lost himself in the music she made for him.

This was how they spent so many nights together growing up, Jirou playing and Kaminari losing himself in the music.

Sometimes it would be the opposite way around, either way she had never shared a connection with music the way she had with Denki.

"Are you going to tell me why you have been so quiet today?"

Kaminari shook his head, reaching out to tug at a strand of her amethyst hair this was his silent way for asking permission.

Jirou moved the guitar, setting it aside as Kaminari moved, his head now occupying her lap as he looked up at her.

Jirou rested both her hands on his forehead, a comfortable silence passing between them before his humming interrupted it.

"That song is so cheesy.”

Kaminari pulled his brows together before opening his mouth to sing a couple lines from the song he had been humming,

"Hello there, The angel from my nightmare…"

Jirou groaned, choosing to ignore him as he sang on a couple more lines and she knew he wouldn't shut up if she didn't sing his favorite part.

"...We can live like Jack and Sally if we want, Where you can always find me, And we'll have Halloween on Christmas…"

That smile was back, the one he reserved for her.

Jirou had to make herself look away for a moment.

"And in the night we'll wish this never ends."

Kaminari's humming stopped, and her lap was now empty. She felt a weird flutter in her chest as he stood to his feet.

"I'm not being quiet though, just have a lot on my mind."

Jirou was about to say something when they were interrupted by a loud squeal.

"This is so nice! We get this all to ourselves to rehearse?"

Mina's voice rang through the auditorium as Sero followed behind her, his dark hair that had once been long had been styled short. Piercings occupying his left ear.

"Sorry we're late, we stayed out really late last night and I couldn't pull Mina out of bed."

Mina stood in front of the stage where the rest of them lingered on top of whilst waiting for the two of them to show up. The other female always dressed in light colors, had chosen a loose peach boyfriend sweater that hung off her mocha skin paired with white jeans that hugged her curves so well Jirou felt herself looking over her less curvaceous body. Despite that, what always caught everyone's attention was the short naturally curly bubblegum pink hair.

"Its fine, we were just messing around. There isn't much I wanted to do today other than say one, thank you all for deciding to help me with this band. Second, we're going to practice every Wednesday and Saturday. Iida chose those days because he said it complimented everyone's schedules. Third, tonight at the New Year’s Eve party… we're going to scout out our competition for the battle of the bands at our school's festival in a couple weeks."

Jirou had taken a seat at the edge of the stage as she addressed this to all her friends, and at the last part she swore Kaminari seemed to tense up.



"Battle of the Bands? Like those competitions in movies? That's actually a thing?" Kirishima glanced at the others from behind the drum set where he sat on Bakugou's lap. Midoriya moved away from his keyboard towards Jirou, "Of course it’s a thing, and UA has one every year at the festival but we never noticed it."

Mina sat down in one of the velvet auditorium chairs before her attention fixed on the emerald haired male, tilting her head slightly she gestured with her arms as she spoke, a habit she always had. "Jirou said a couple weeks though, the festival is three months from now."

Kaminari finally saw an opportunity to speak, throwing himself down on the polished wood of the stage he huffed out his words. "That's because there's like qualification gigs before the actual battle of the band, only two bands make it to the festival too battle it out but we start out with about thirty to forty."

"You're telling me it’s a competition?" That giddiness in Bakugou's voice carried to the others and Kaminari caught Sero running a hand down his face with an exasperated sigh. This produced a laugh from Denki and he glanced at the other blond male who poked his head out from behind the red head waiting for confirmation. "That's exactly what we're telling you. It’s a competition."

"An intense one at that, these people take music seriously and these bands will be ridiculously amazing so we can't afford to show up with some mediocre performance." Jirou pulled at the sole of her boot as she spoke, Midoriya chimed in, "and if we do, we won't even make it to the second round, Todo?"

Todoroki stood to his feet from the chair behind Midoriya's keyboard , "According to the rules and regulations all the bands will be given a category weekly from which they will pick a song to cover, original songs are strictly forbidden.."

"And will lead to immediate disqualification" Kaminari held out a hand before shrugging, looking at Jirou for any further information. If there was anything else she would have wanted to say it was caught off by Bakugou jumping to his feet sending Kirishima to the floor.

"Fuck! Sorry babe you okay?"

Kirishima laughed and nodded, "Yeah I'm fine." Bakugou grinned before looking at the others, "Alright nerds, you know what that means. You all need serious practice especially you Deku! We all know i'll kill anyone with my drumming and Jirou will blast away all those extras with her skills that just leaves the rest of you weaklings to get your shit together so we can win!"

Sero mumbled something about the blond's drumming being a threat to society which Bakugou caught. Leading to him jumping from the stage to the bottom, his knees bent as he pointed at Sero. Kaminari swore his usually spiked hair became even taller whenever he was angry.

"Who do you think you are!? My drumming is a fucking blessing punk, you better start appreciating it."

"I think my playing is very good, I've been practicing day and night." Midoriya was frowning as he looked between Jirou and Todoroki, Shoto placed both his hands on the smaller males’ shoulders giving them an affectionate squeeze.

"He's just getting ahead of himself because he found out it's a competition Midoriya don't listen to him."

Bakugou whirled, and without any of them noticing Kaminari noted how the blond gripped Sero's collar of his checkered shirt, laughter leaving the raven haired male. "What did you say half and half bastard!? I'll kill you!"

"No you won't" The auditorium filled with all their voices chiming out at once towards Bakugou followed by bubble of laughter from all of them.

Kaminari felt a weight lift from his chest, he never realized how much he missed moments like this with all of them.




Jirou laid back on the rumpled mess of Kaminari's bottom bunk , scanning through some random magazine he had laying around his dorm as he tried on different outfits for the event. Kyoka peered around the magazine, her eyes settling on a shirtless Denki. When had he gotten so... full? He wasn't lanky or thin anymore.

She decided he was the perfect description of a male with a slender build yet muscular in all the places that mattered. His chest used to be so small, now it had filled out and his biceps flexed when he searched through the small corner closet. Jirou had been staring, she knew that and now her face felt as if it had caught fire. Kyoka hid herself from view with the magazine once again.

There was a lot she must have missed out on, but some things had remained the same such as the familiar scent of Kami. It surrounded her now, as she laid back on his bed. The scent of fresh air, rain, and spices filled her senses.

Jirou thought of all the times she held Kaminari or he held her. Hugging had become off limits of course, she had pushed that rule between them due to the constant teasing they got about dating.

Kaminari had never seen Jirou like that, and there was a time when that was all she wanted. For him to notice her the way he had noticed other girls, as more than Jirou. A lover not a best friend. Not one of the boys.

She sometimes allowed herself to wonder what it would be like if he had, if he had told her he truly had more than friendly feelings. Would that have prevented this wall between them?

She probably would have never been with her ex but would she still be friends with Kaminari? If he would have noticed that, maybe he had been entirely wrong about his feelings... that they truly were just friends.

Jirou came to the confirmation wall or not, she preferred Kaminari's friendship and pushed those thoughts so far down that she would not touch them. She refused to.

"Ji-Ji how about this?" Kyoka felt a tug at her boot and she brought the magazine away from her line of sight taking in the outfit. He wore a different pair of bleached jeans which were higher at the waist, ripped at the knees and a bit by his thigh. A black tank was covered by a deep purple bomber jacket, the entire outfit had been paired with black combat boots that matched her own.

Kyoka whistled, smiling as she nodded her head in indication of her approval. "You look bad ass, but wait one more thing."

Jirou stood to her feet, their outfits seemed to always match up without trying. She wore her own bomber jacket that had been a gift from Mina so it was unbelievably fuchsia, paired with a black crop top that had a fishnet collar and shoulders, and black high-waisted shorts.

Her pale legs had been covered by fishnet stockings, her eye makeup consisted of barely anything but black eyeliner, the longer amethyst locks of her hair was curled.

Jirou reached into her bag that was set on the edge of his bed, grabbing his shoulders she turned him so that his back was to her. Jirou brought a black choker to his neck standing on her toes as she closed the clasp. Once it was on, he turned to face her with a grin. His eyes wondered to matching choker that lingered against her pale throat before muttering a soft word,





The group gathered outside of their favorite local restaurant after picking up something quick to eat, the University was set in the middle of the city and there was plenty of other restaurants, but Kamino held a significance to their group. Kaminari sat on Shinsou's lap, the older male had met them here along with Iida. The blond appreciated anytime he got to spend with him. Not that he didn't enjoy being with his other friends, Shinsou just understood him.

Also he didn't get on him whenever Kaminari slid a hand into his hair, sat on his lap, held his hand, or even just cuddled up or held onto him. Denki had always been judged for how friendly he was with others, but no one truly understood it.

Kaminari had to feel someone else's heat. Due to his parents, he had been deprived of that affection. That feeling of being cared for by subtle touches. Denki never wanted his friends to feel that way, plus he himself craved it.

Shinsou must have felt the same way because he never complained, or felt uncomfortable.

At one point, Kaminari used to ask permission if he could do certain things and Shinsou would get on him about asking such dumb questions. Jirou had set boundaries between them when they had gotten older so Kaminari tried to respect everyone's boundaries due to that. Shin never had any, at least not with him. They had become so used to each other that they just moved together automatically without thinking. It was nice.

Plus, Shinsou was the only one who understood his true feelings for Jirou.

"Want a bite?" Kaminari held out his half eaten sandwich to the other male, Shinsou only shook his head his arms wrapped around Kaminari's waist in a loose hold, chin rested against the blond's shoulder with that usual lazy gaze.

"No, I'm good I had enough with my coffee."

Midoriya was leaning against the brick wall of the restaurants entrance when he frowned in Shinsou's direction,

"Shinsou your eating and sleeping habits are terrible."

"No one asked for a Mom, Deku… Wow I didn't know Kaminari got in a relationship with grape Edward Scissor-hands." Bakugou arrived late with Kirishima, as always and the redhead made a scene of fixing Bakugou's black skin tight button down.

"The kindness is appreciated Midoriya, and it’s good to see you again Bakugou. I see that you decided to play in Mina's make up case again."

Bakugou sneered in Shinsou's direction black lined his waterline, "The eyeliner is mine fuck head, and it’s manly as hell according to Kirishima plus I'm going to make sure our competition know's who they're fucking with."

Todoroki laughed , Kaminari hadn't even noticed when he had approached Midoriya with a blueberry muffin he got from the bakery next door leaning down a bit so he could press a light kiss to the other males lips.

"Katsuki Bakugou, You can't go to this event threatening other entertainers. That's rude and not very sportsmanship like."

Iida finally joined the group alongside Jirou after paying the bill, that firm tone carrying among the group of friends. Bakugou growled something that sounded like, fuck sportsmanship. Kirishima gave Bakugou a look and his lips simply pushed out in a pout. Bakugou really was just an angry toddler.

"Hitoshi, you made it." Shinsou didn't remove his hold on Kaminari as he regarded Jirou. "Wouldn't pass on ringing in a New Year with all of you, so of course." Denki found himself smiling at the males comment followed by Jirou's gaze that fell on the arms around his waist before looking away.

"Let’s get to the event shall we?"




"SHIT ALL SHIT." Jirou couldn't help herself from laughing at Katsuki, he had way too much to drink from the time span when they had arrived to about now. Kirishima struggled to keep him down on one of the black leather sofas. Kaminari's face was flushed indicating he had way to many drinks himself.


Midoriya crossed his arms in an X over his freckled puffed out cheeks as he let out a burp. Todoroki couldn't stop himself from laughing as he regarded his boyfriend.

"Deku... yelling out our plans is not helping. I'm going to get you some water." Midoriya half climbed half fell on top of the other male leaning in so close that their noses brushed. "Shoto...don't go" It was a breath of a whisper and by Todoroki's expression Jirou knew this was something she did not need to be witnessing.

"Such a damn mess." Jirou murmured, her eyes caught on Iida who looked as if he was going to combust. Mina had left them to dance among the crowd early on but had returned with Sero who carried glasses of water for the group.

Todoroki took one thankfully, for Midoriya, cradling the jade haired males chin as he lifted the glass of water to his lips. "Slow, don't drink it too fast because you will vomit." Midoriya listened, whilst Bakugou along with Kaminari argued that they were both fine.

"Dude we have five minutes left until the ball drops, at least cooperate." Mina was laughing at Sero's comment. Shinsou finally convinced Kaminari to drink his water.

Jirou frowned, she should have gotten Kaminari water it was her job as his best friend to take care of him. Yet Shinsou seemed to be the one always caring for him. How did she allow herself to become such a horrible friend?

"Jirou!" The group seemed to all look up at the outburst from a short brunette, dressed in a simple floral blouse and jeans. Ochako looked breathless and her eyes were wide.

"I need your help, Tsu had too much to drink and I really need your help, you know how weak of a stomach I have."

Jirou raised an eyebrow at that, Uraraka had a very strong stomach everyone knew that. Everyone also knew she was a terrible liar. Kaminari stood up then, stumbling for better footing before smiling.

"No worries! I'll go help." The brunette shook her head quickly, "No! I mean... It's important that Jirou helps out because Tsu will be so embarrassed if any of you witnessed her like that."

Iida stood then, holding his arms out as he spoke. "Jirou it's obviously important that you go, plus Kaminari you're in no shape to help anyone." The female frowned, and then shrugged. "Fine... let’s go I'll help."

As she turned to follow Uraraka a voice, that damned voice rung out through the event hall. Kyouka felt her knees tremble, and a glass must have fell from one of her friends hands. Her eyes settled on the group, not wanting to turn towards the stage.

"No...” Kirishima mumbled "Fucking...” Midoriya seemed to have sobered up from just the sight in front of him, "Way...” It had been Kaminari who had dropped the glass, as he fell back onto the couch.

"Happy New Year UA, My names Momo Yaoyorozu and we're Phantom Thief."

Chapter Text

"Let's start a band, just the two of us."

Laughter bubbled out the raven haired girl, her rose lips pulling up into that easy smile. Her dark eyes twinkled with amusement and a challenge.

"That's not a band Mo, that's a duo— and it's tacky."

"What's wrong with a band consisting of a duo? Even better— a duo in love. Hasn't that always been your dream?"

That callused hand reached out between the empty air, that word— love, hung in the air. It's weight so visible that Jirou felt the pressure against her own chest. She felt that light touch on her cheek, sliding back into her amethyst locks. Finger tips brushing over the tips of her ears.

"I don't need a band, having you is just enough. You are my dream."



The music that came out from the speakers flooded her senses but she didn't hear words or even a rhythm. Everything sounded distant, as if she was trapped millions of miles beneath water. It took her a moment to realize the drumming in her ears wasn't from the familiar starlight haired male pounding away at a set that had to be new, her slim hand came up to press against the left side of her chest.

Jirou pressed down, as if she could stop the pounding. Nails digging into the dark fabric of her top, her breathing had become quicker.

Not here, please not here.

She felt the large warm hands before she saw him, scarlet eyes coming in view of her own. Bakugou's firm lips were forming her name but she couldn't hear them. Kyoka couldn't hear anything but the same word over and over.

Momo, Momo, Momo.

She didn't know why or when she had crumpled to the floor, into a ball with her head between her knees gasping for breath. Why couldn't she breathe? She just wanted to breathe.



Kaminari hadn't witnessed something like this from Jirou in a long time. Growing up, she had always been more anxious than most in certain situations. Sometimes that would lead to panic attacks but as she got older they had become infrequent, maybe that was the reason he froze or maybe the shock of seeing Momo up on that stage had affected him just as much.


"Yaoyorozu, I never get tired of seeing your face around."

The electric blond grinned as he peered into his friends' dorm room, she was of course present sprawled out across Momos' lap studying music sheets. Midoriya sat at the computer chair typing away on a MacBook the same jade of his hair. Bakugou was sitting on the desk across from the freckled male reading out whatever report Izuku was typing.

"Good, because you will always have it... on a more important note let's get to helping you with that lab report."


Denki pushed the memory away, it felt so new...raw. He couldn't imagine how Jirou must have felt when she saw her. The crisp cold air nipped at his fair cheeks, and he felt someone wrap a jacket around his shoulders. He smelled the faint scent of coffee beans and clove coming from the warm fabric. Kaminari didn't have to look beside him to know it had belonged to Shinsou.

His gold eyes were fixed on Kyoka, he should have warned her. Fuck, he should have swallowed his pride and said there was a chance she would be here tonight. His brows furrowed, lips pulled into tight frown.

"You didn't know she would be in a band, you didn't know that and there was nothing you could have done to prevent it Kami."

The blond turned, tilting his head back so he could meet familiar violet eyes the usual bags made the others irises more vibrant.

"I could have prevented her from coming here, all of us. We weren't ready to see her."

His eyes went back to Jirou, who was flushed but looking much better. She was tucked into Izuku's side and he had a single arm wrapped around her shoulder holding her close. That worried expression clear as Urakaka was on her other side, brushing chopped locks back whispering words Kaminari couldn't make out. Though he knew the brunette, and that soft voice was encouraging.

"It was either tonight, or at the first competition. It's better that she found out now."

He knew Shinsou was attempting to make him feel better, and part of him felt relief that someone wouldn't blame him. Kaminari looked at Shinsou once more before breaking the distance between him Kyoka. He should be the one comforting but the guilt of not warning her when Kirishima had practically begged him, ate at his heart.



"Look at what we have here, I hope you didn't come here to scout out your competition because if you think this group of rejects will even advance to the second stage... I'm going to laugh."

Denki turned his head sharply, focusing on the other blond male that sauntered out through the large steel double doors. He took in the flamboyant outfit the other wore and if he was in a better mood he would have laughed out right. Right now, he felt like wiping that lazy grin from the others lips but it seemed Bakugou was going to beat him to it.

"Who the fuck are you calling rejects? I'll end your fucking life Monoma."

"Kacchan don't!"

Kirishima was already moving— trying his best to get ahold of the rash blondes broad shoulders, but Denki saw his friends footing slipping as he attempted to push back his lover as he continued to yell vulgar statements through the cool air at the other obnoxious male who simply laughed.

A flash of multicolored hair moved in front of him, as Denki was now clinging onto Bakugou's back who was withering around like a captured animal.

"Bakugou! Stop man, its not worth it."

"Kaminari if you don't let me fucking go, I swear-"

Shoto was now blocking the three boys who were struggling against one another and his annoyed expression focused on Monoma. The air around them felt so tense that Denki was afraid to even breathe.

"Monoma, Why do you come to torment us? No one even spoke to you and yet you went out of your way to come out here and pick a fight. Grow up, no one cares about what you have to say."

The blond scoffed, he didn't even seem phased that he was standing in enemy territory. There was one of him and multiple of them. Bakugou alone counted for six people, he had stopped struggling though. That was a blessing in itself. Instead he made a show of falling down to his ass on the frost covered cement, frowning in Kirshima's direction.

"No one is picking a fight, I'm stating the obvious. I was hoping you'd be idiotic enough to enter the battle but I made sure none of you would know who had constructed our band. It made for a good surprise didn't it Kyoka?"

That expression was wicked, Monoma was enjoying the crumpled mess he had made with Momo. Denki was a usually level headed guy, he didn't go around threatening to kill people like his friend did. He also wasn't one for confrontation like Todoroki.

"That's enough Monoma, messing with others feelings is just cruel."

Izuku was the one who spoke but Kaminari had been the one to silence the obnoxious male, his closed fist connecting with the square jaw.



Jirou had jumped when the electric blond had abandoned his hold on Katsuki to cross the space keeping him from Monoma. Midoriya must have shouted something because Todoroki was on top of Kami. Grabbing him by his underarms, the scene was almost comical but the rage in Denki's features was something she had never seen before.

The half and half male seemed to just hand the withering and screaming blond over to the waiting arms of the purple haired male, as if he was a child. Denki spit at his feet near Monoma who held his hand to his jaw leaning back against the brick wall, the double doors opened showcasing a head full of auburn hair.


Two more bodies followed out the door, Tetsu and finally Momo. Jirou's breath hitched and the other held a hand over her mouth at the scene unfolding outside. Kaminari was still shouting and Izuku was trying his best to handle the situation as Tenya directed Tsuyu and Uraraka back towards the building to make sure security wouldn't be alerted.

"What the hell is wrong with you guys?"

The softness of that voiced was masked with disbelief and disappointment. Kyoka thought she would be sick as Momo found her way to Monoma's side lifting him to his feet glaring at Denki who had slumped back against Hitoshi's chest at the sound of Yaoyorozus' voice.

"What the hell is wrong with us? What the hell is wrong with you! It's your psychopathic little friend who came looking for a fight with us, teasing Jirou! I should have beat his face in!"

Even Bakugou was startled by the words that left their sunshine like friend, Kaminari never spoke like that to anyone. Out of them all he was the one to shake off comments by assholes, but this... he was nearly shaking with rage as he looked at Momo where he was being confided by Shinsou's grip.

"Why do you continue to be a problem? Haven't you done enough? Or are you planning on coming around to make even more of a mess than you already have? You're fucking toxic, like a damn flea I can't get rid of."

The words left Denki like acid and Jirou flinched as Momo stared at him in disbelief. Yes, she had been the love of her life but she had also been a part of them. Kyoka had tried her best to ignore the rift that had been caused by the other females' disappearance in not only her life but everyone's.

"Denki that's enough."

It was Kirishima who spoke now, he stepped towards his friend who only turned that anger on him.

"Enough?" Kaminari laughed, the sound was deep and so uncharacteristically his.

"Nothing I say is enough to make up for what she did, what she caused, what she still causes. Look at what happened tonight, we can't do shit without her following us around like a ghost... I should have told Jirou."

Her head snapped up at that, and she caught sight of those golden irises. Thinking back she remembered how he had tensed at thought of coming here tonight. No. He would have told you if he had known.

I should have told Jirou.

He knew, he had known and yet he brought them here. She was on her feet before anything else could be said, standing in front of Kaminari she barely recognized him. Not when he looked like this, with rage twisting all the softness in those features.

"Why didn't you tell me?"

Denki didn't look at her, breathing out and Jirou stepped closer hands shaking.


"I- I didn't have the chance..."

"Bullshit! We got ready in your dorm. Alone! You could have said it then, I wouldn't ha-"


Jirou had stepped back, Denki had never shouted at her like that. His eyes burned into her own and she wanted so badly to look away but she just, she couldn't. Some part of her, a logical part of her knew that he was right but she wasn't listening to reasoning.

"That never stopped you before..."



Kaminari winced away from those words as if they hurt more than the constant throbbing in his hand. He was sure he broke his thumb. His eyes stung with tears and when he spoke his words came out stronger than how he felt.

"Yes, continue to blame me for telling you the truth Kyoka."

"It's not that, it's the reason you did it. To spite me, to rub it in that you were right and not just jealous."

He laughed, his head falling back as the laughter left him and he choked on a sob before he raked his brain for the words.

"Yes Jirou because I wanted so badly to see you cry and completely destroyed. I wanted to be right so damn bad that I was willing to see you suffer. Is that really what you think of me? Jealous? I was never jealous of you or your relationship. I felt sorry for you that you were so damn blind."

He knew his words were cruel, the twisted expression on her face was replaced by shock and pain. Denki blinked and as his eyes caught hers again, her open palm was being held up in midair. The forearm that crossed in front his face holding her wrist tightly flexed the visible veins.

"Do not, touch him."

Jirou stood frozen, her arm held mere inches from his face that gruff monotonous voice filling the heavy silence between them all and Shinsou relaxed his grip letting go when he was sure Kyoka wasn't going to do anything.

During their argument, Momo had gotten Monoma to his feet with the help from the auburn haired female who Kaminari recognized as Kendou. Everyone was staring at them, as if they were the most interesting thing to watch. It pissed him off but he didn't say anything else because Jirou looked as if she was going to ring Shin's neck. Shinsou looked bored but his violet eyes were narrowed and focused on the tiny female.

"If you are done blaming him for something he could not prevent, I think its time we all leave."

"No one needs your input Hitoshi, You wouldn't even begin to understand."

Jirou's words were sharp, and the others still didn't even move as Denki's closest friends stared each other down.

"I do understand, I understand that whatever happened between all of you was traumatic but it is not Denki's fault. I'm not going to stand around while you bully him when I'm sure he just broke something throwing that punch for you."

Shinsou's words were so calm, and that's what made him terrifying. He never showcased any emotion on his face, so you had to guess rather he was upset or just making conversation. Though Kaminari had learned his body language and the way his shoulders were tensed told the blond everything he had to know.

Hitoshi was pissed.

Jirou opened her mouth to say something but he cut her off,

"Your issues lie with Yaoyorozu not Kaminari, and he might enjoy allowing you to run him over but I'm done witnessing it. I'm taking him home, and if you choose to be a friend... or any of you really, contact him tomorrow."

Kaminari couldn't even object, Shinsou slipped an arm around his waist and led him into the night away from the others. It wasn't until they were at the slick black SUV that belonged to the other male did he allow himself to cry. Shinsou opened the door for him, and he got in pressing his face into open palms.

His shoulders shook as the sobs left his body, he knew Hitoshi occupied the driver's side but he didn't speak. Once he was wiping at his face with the sleeve of his good hand the other finally moved, leaning over the center consul he took Kaminari's face between his hands. He made the blond look at him and crossed his eyes. Laughter bubbled out of him at the ridiculous look on Shinsou's face and he watched the others lips pull into an sly grin.

"Your love is too much, when are you going to realize that?"

Denki hiccupped, sniffling as he tried to look away but Shinsou held him in place.

"I'm sorry if I overstepped my boundaries out there, but I'm tired of seeing you like this. They don't see it, but I do. I see you cry, I wipe these tears..."

Hitoshi did just that as he spoke with that softness, warmth filled his chest at the gesture and he nodded in understanding because he did understand. He had done this exact thing for his own friends, for the one who truly thought he wanted to be right about Momos' intentions.

"I don't blame you, I'm glad you were there."

Kaminari didn't say anything else and he knew Shinsou would catch that as confirmation he didn't want to speak about it anymore.

"I'm glad I was too."

Shinsou's thumb brushed yet another tear away before he released his hold, and Denki leaned back into the familiar leather of the passenger seat. He felt the others gaze and when he looked over he thought he saw something in the others gaze, and noted the way he pointedly avoided looking anywhere but the blondes' eyes.

The engine hummed to life, and they were gone.

Disconnected like a chord.

Chapter Text

Missing Melody Side Story 1




The pounding filled the dorm room where the electric blond was sprawled out on the mattress that took up most of the space. His brows drew together as his eyes stayed focused on the game consul in between his hands, no way was he losing this level when he had gotten this far.

He heard the click of his door opened, and he let out a little grunt in the replacement of a proper hello. Green hair popped up in his line of sight, Midoriya had placed his arms on either side of the blonds head and gazed down at Denki.

'You didn't sleep did you?'

Kaminari's lips pulled down in a subtle pout as he tried to keep his focus, but Midoriya's freckled face was really distracting.

In his defense, No Denki didn't have a crush on the guy. First that would be ridiculous because Shoto and the other male were inseparable but that didn't mean he couldn't be attracted and admire the strong line of the others jaw, and the way he smelled of fresh spring air.

Honestly, Kaminari could say all his friends were ridiculously attractive and it was hard to handle sometimes.

'I have not in fact slept, but If I knew me not sleeping got you all worked up about me I'd do it more often.'

Midoriya rolled his eyes at that, but Denki noted the flush that came to the others face which only made him grin. Making Izuku blush was a fascinating as a flustered Todoroki.

Kaminari had finally reached the final boss when the yellow and black customized game consul was snatched from his hands.

'Do you know what today is?'

Denki let out a strangled yelp and made for his switch only for Midoriya to hold it out of reach. He hated that his friend had hit some freakish growth spurt and had a good four inches on him.

'It's like Monday or something I don't fucking know! I don't have class and we don't have practice so can I just please play my game??'

Izuku let out an exasperated sound, and gave him the usual displeased look he used often with Kaminari but more so Bakugou. Why? Because Bakugou was more of a shit head then him, and that my friends... was an accomplishment.

'It's July first Kaminari."

He blinked, July first— what the hell is on July first? Gold eyes scanned the room around him, now sitting cross legged on the bed the photo on his night stand caught his eye. It was his favorite photo in the world, he didn't care if it was cringe worthy for him to say it either.

The photo was one taken almost a year back, Todoroki had been the one to take it. He was a photography major and he had struggled with his end of year assignment. Which was turning in a portfolio that truly captured the essence of pure love.

They had all gotten on Todoroki's case, how could he not capture that? He out of all of them had the most admirable romantic relationship. The half and half male had argued it had to be something different than Izuku because the jaded haired male had been his Muse for the entire year.

Denki didn't remember exactly the story behind the picture, or what had happened before it was taken but it was a photo of him and a certain amethyst male. Kaminari wore the others denim jacket covered in all different kinds of iron patch ons.

They had been laughing, well Denki was and Shinsou had that lazy grin on his plush lips. Tired eyes crinkled around the corners as a hand was easily settled on the lower back of the electric blond. Todoroki said that photo was what had gotten his passing grade because the photo had caught exactly what he been searching for.

He had secretly given it to Denki, and the blond had accepted it.

'This is what you have... don't throw it away.'

Noisy ass Todoroki.



'Holy shit... it's Shins' birthday!'

Midoriya frowned, his eyes had found what Kaminari had focused on and he looked away from the photo to focus on the blond.

"Yeah and I was hoping you'd help me plan something for him. It would mean a lot to Hitoshi considering your relationship."

"Relationship? There's no relationship,"

Kaminari scoffed and Midoriya settled himself on the mattress beside him. Awkward silence washed over them for a couple moments before the other broke it.

"Look Kam, Hitoshi has been my friend since I started at UA, I've known you longer of course because we all grew up together but when we started our freshman year we all went our separate ways for a good amount of time."

"Shinsou was the very first friend I made here, and Kaminari I love him just as I love you."

Denki inhaled through his nose, parting his lips to reply but he was cut off by the other male who held up a hand before speaking once again.

"He cares about you, and you two might think you do a good job making it seem like you are just friends who just joke around, but I see the way he looks at you and vice versa."

"I've known about Kyoka and your feelings for her since we were in junior high but her feelings for you have always been inconsistent."

Kaminari wanted to protest, he wanted to defend Jirou but it was hard to argue with one of his oldest friends who knew their history just as well as he did. Plus, how could he defend her when what Midoriya said wasn't a lie.

"Midoriya you don't understand, and Shinsou is aware of everything— I'm not forcing him."

"I'm not saying you are, and trust me, I understand more than anyone."

"Kacchan and I were in this situation before... I know how it feels to not want to let go of someone you have loved for such a long time because it's comfortable."

Kaminari frowned, squinting as he looked down at his hands that now tugged at the sheets beneath them.

It had been so long since Bakugou and Midoriya had been an item. It was odd to think there was something before Kirishima and Todoroki for the two of them.

"I know it's terrifying to think of moving on after fighting so hard for what you and kyoka have. I went into my freshman year of university thinking that Kacchan was it, that it would never be anyone else for me but that wasn't the case."

Silence fell between the two, Denki chewed on his bottom lip before he finally found words,

"How did you stop?"

"Stop what?"

"Loving Bakugou? How did you know that Todoroki was what you wanted and not him?"

Kaminari looked up then, and found Midoriya studying him with those emerald eyes. His lips were pulled back into his easy smile and he scrunched his nose up like he did when he was thinking.

Denki was thankful the other didn't start mumbling to himself when he was trying to confirm something.

"I never stopped loving Kacchan, I still love him very much— I remember months after we decided that it was better to call it quits and he had grown closer to Eijirou, it hurt."

"It hurt to see how easy it was for Kirishima to get a side of Kacchan that I never could, even after all those years. It was so easy for the two of them, and it made me bitter."

"Then I met Todoroki, and I was in the courtyard having lunch with Ochako, and across the field I saw him with his ridiculously expensive camera focused in my direction."

Izuku let out a soft laugh and Kaminari couldn't help the smile that came to his own lips,

"He didn't expect to get caught but he had, and his apology was seriously awful. As if he had never been obligated to apologize for anything in his life, which shouldn't be surprising considering who is father is but I made him agree that he would take me to get coffee for using me as his model without permission."


"Then at the coffee shop, I made him try a frappe because he had never had one— can you believe that? I told him, no way was he living without trying one and so he did."

"Shoto looked like he had discovered some rare object and was asking why they put so much whipped cream— then it was on his nose.

"He had went to take a sip and there were no tops that day so it had gotten on the very tip of his nose, the expression was flawless and I couldn't stop myself from laughing."

"Then he laughed, and I don't know about you but whenever Shoto Todoroki laughs or even smiles it's like the entire world stops and I thought, this is it... this is what Kacchan found in Eijirou, this is what I need and the rest was history."

Denki closed his eyes for a moment, he thought of Jirou. He loved her, he loved her so damn much his chest literally ached with it and at one time it had been so easy to love her even if it was unrequited.

He couldn't miss affection because he never had it, not until Shinsou. There was no competition and Kaminari had been fine with settling but it wasn't the case anymore.


Kaminari leaned against Deku, allowing his head to rest on the other males shoulder as he took a deep breath and Izuku remained silent.

"I'm not pushing you into anything, Your choices are yours and if being with Jirou is what you want then I will support you."

"We probably wouldn't even be having this conversation but I've seen you with Shinsou, the way you guys can be in the same room doing totally different things and always end up gravitating towards one another."

"You two can lie to one another but you can't lie to me, and you sure as hell can't lie to Todoroki."

Denki laughed at that, and the jaded male followed up with his own soft chuckle. Izuku turned his head then, and his lips pressed a light kiss to the top of the blonds' hair.

"You're going to figure it out Kam, and when you do, no matter the choice— I will support you."

"Now about the subject of our conversation, I need you to get Shinsou to the auditorium at seven but not any sooner. Keep him distracted, so that we can surprise him."

Kaminari arched a brow at this,

"You're going to throw a surprise party for Hitoshi? and you want me to distract him? How the hell am I supposed to that?"

Izuku stood from the bed, wiping his hands on the dark denim before turning towards Kaminari with that annoyingly infectious grin followed by a wink.

"I'm sure you can figure it out."



Shinsou shut his laptop with a sigh, their professor had dismissed them with a mere wave of his hand and he regretted the moment he had chosen such an early class.

Placing his laptop in his bag, he gathered the rest of his belongings. Shrugging on his denim jacket as he checked his phone leaving the class.

He had multiple messages, some from friends, from his father, all of them consisted of birthday wishes or dates with times for studying or group projects.

He would answer them all back later, his eyes scanned the list for a notification from Kaminari but he found none.

He really must have stayed up all night playing that damn game, Shinsou regretted buying it. Not that he had any room to get on anyone's ass about proper sleeping schedules but he couldn't help himself when it came to worrying over Denki.

"Hey birthday boy."

The man looked up at that voice, his eyes settling on the exact person he had been thinking of. The blond wore a black T-shirt that was ripped in certain places showing skin that Shinsou had mapped out so many times, jeans that were ripped (always), and a collection of two chains and a black choker that littered his elegant slim neck.

Saying that Denki Kaminari gave Shinsou breathing problems was an understatement. He had to drag his gaze up to others eyes where he found the evidence that he had indeed stayed up the night before.

"What are you doing here? You should be sleeping."

The blonds' pierced bottom lip poked out in the cutest pout that made Hitoshi inwardly groan. It was too damn early to be dealing with his warring emotions.

"I never thought you'd be so disappointed to see me Toshi."

"I'm not upset to see you, I could never be upset to see— are those balloons?"

Denki looked up then, as if he had forgotten he was carrying a bouquet of deep violet and sunflower yellow balloons. Some reading Happy Birthday, he smiled and looked back at Shinsou.

"It's your birthday, so I wanted to get you from class and bring these. That way everyone knows it's your birthday!"

Shinsou rubbed at his jaw, he had freshly shaven the stubble that had been there just the night before and grinned at the others wholesome expression.

"Yeah yeah, you know I don't care about all that attention... and it was your birthday a couple days back... you're making me feel like crap for giving you just a video game."

Denki laughed at that, and (thankfully) closed the annoying space between the two males. That gave Shinsou the green light to reach out, grabbing the other by his slim waist pulling him in as the blonds hands rested on Shinsou's biceps squeezing lightly.

"The game was perfect, it's exactly what I wanted. Plus you took me to see a movie, and that was nice... especially the drive home."

The blonds plush lips pulled into a smirk, and Shinsou had to close his eyes for a moment as the night they spent together in his car pulled into their usual spot near the lake close to campus flooded his thoughts. He could still hear the soft whimpers that left the other in their moments of sheer passion in the glow of moonlight. 

"Why do you this to me?"

"Because you make it way too easy..."

Kaminari stood on his toes then, and their lips met in a light kiss. The balloons tapping annoyingly against Shinsou's own hair which made him laugh and pull away. He took the balloons and he met those beautiful honey filled eyes.

"Thank you, I love it."

"Oh this isn't all, you have an entire day planned with your favorite person but someone tweeted that there's a shit ton of Pokémon in the court yard so you up for that?"

Shinsou groaned dramatically and let out a soft chuckle before pressing a kiss to the others cheek.

"I love when you talk nerdy to me."

Kaminari laughed, and the sound filled the other males chest with a fond tightness. Throwing his arm around Kaminari's shoulder, he carried the balloons with his free hand as they made for the courtyard and Shinsou felt the others hand slip into his back pocket.



"Why are you staring at me shitty nerd?"

Bakugou's voice had caught Izuku by surprise, it wasn't its usual hostile shouting so it had taken him a moment to realize that the other had actually addressed him.

The ash blond was busy tying balloons that he had been blowing up as Kirishima hung purple streamers with Todoroki.

"Nothing, I wasn't exactly staring. I was just thinking."

Bakugou looked up then, those crimson eyes settling on the other males for a moment as he held the balloon pinched together so the air wouldn't escape.

"Why were you looking at me while thinking then?"

"I was thinking about when we were together."

It took a single beat before Katsuki's face was a deep
rouge and his eyes narrowed. They rarely spoke about their relationship anymore, but it was no secret. They had been friends with Kirishima when they had been together, and Todoroki knew the story.

They never kept it a secret but Bakugou didn't enjoy acknowledging it.

"Why would you be thinking about some stupid shit like that?!"

Midoriya let out a soft laugh,

"It came up in a conversation with Kaminari this morning is all."

"Why would that come up in a conversation concerning Kami?"

It was Kirishimas' turn to chime in, he didn't look at his partner nor Midoriya as he had spoke. He was pulling at the streamers and Todoroki was directing him to pull it further to himself then tape, followed by his own comment.

"Why wouldn't it come up? From what I know, your relationship with Midoriya was fairly similar to the shit show that he has going on with Jirou."


Izuku raised his hands up to symbolize an order of peace, before he spoke to the group of boys.

"It's not necessarily a shit show, it's just... complicated. I just gave him advice is all and he asked about us, so I guess it's been on my mind how we easily moved past that. Remaining friends and all."


The fiery blond scoffed and grumbled something about being friends was not what they were, but everyone knew he was just putting up his usual front.

"I just hope they both come out of this ordeal okay, the last thing I want is for either of them to hurt. Kyoka has been through a lot and Kaminari is no stranger to his own tragedies..."

Midoriya nearly brought up Shinsou but thought better of it when he felt both Kirishima and Bakugou studying him. His cheeks flushed, and he turned away. Organizing the cake table in a hurry to distract himself.

"Well, if he has any sense he'll take the advice you've given him. I'm thankful that Katsuki was idiotic enough to screw up whatever you two had."

Katsuki popped the balloon he had been holding at Shoto's words and Kirishima sighed, before letting out a soft laugh.


Midoriya rolled his eyes, picking up his phone that had lit from the notifications rolling in.

"Crap! Something happened with the cake. I have to go meet Mina at the bakery, can I leave you guys in charge to finish the set up?"

The boys nodded, though Katsuki was still obviously annoyed.

"Do you need my help for anything else?"

Izuku grabbed his bag, looking over at Shoto who had come to where he had been organizing the cake table. He brought his hand up, brushing a single scarlet strand of hair back behind his partners ear with a smile.

"No I'm good, I'll see you when I get back."

Todoroki nodded, returning the others smile grabbing Midoriyas' hand that hovered near his face. He brought the scarred hand to his lips, pressing gentle kisses to each knuckle before letting go.

"Be safe then, I love you."

"I love you too."

Izuku pressed a light kiss to the others lips before slipping out of the auditorium.



"That was exhausting."

Kaminari had furrowed his brows, the passenger seat of Shinsou's car was leaned back as far as it could go. The drivers side matched Kaminari's as they shared a bag of sour patch kids, an ear bud in each ear as they listened to some playlist the blond had chosen.

"It was only exhausting because you insist to tuck and roll, and do all these weird stunts to capture the Pokémon like you're in the actual show or something."

"It's about the heart and emotion you put into the game Toshi, it's not weird, it's necessary."

"Mmm just like it's necessary to wear two chains and a choker, you just want to make sure everyone knows how punk rock you are."

"I am punk rock! That is me!"

Kaminari punched Shinsou's arm and that got a low melodic chuckle out of the male that made the blonds' insides melt.

He sat up just a bit, glancing around to see they were at their spot near the lake and it was empty. The sun was low, and he checked his phone for any messages about bringing the birthday boy back to campus but they still had a good  amount of time.

"Thank you for today," The words were a whisper as they left Shinsou's voice.

"You don't have anything to thank me for."

Kaminari's voice was quiet, he didn't know why they were speaking so low in the privacy of Shinsou's car but it felt wrong to speak any louder. Music played quietly from the headphones as the two of them regarded one another.

Shinsou tilted his head slightly so they were facing each other entirely. Kaminari had turned on his side and reached out between the inches that separated them.

Separation, yes that was a good idea.

So why was his hand now on the amethyst haired males face, slender fingers dipping along the slopes of Shinsou's features. The pad of Denki's index finger passing over the strong ridge of the others nose.


His fingers slipped down to the curve of Hitoshi's upper lip, tracing along the softness before slipping to the larger bottom lip. Kaminari's own lips had parted, and he was sure Shinsou could hear the pounding of his heart.

Eager lips pressed up to the each tip of Kaminaris'  fingers and he shuddered when the heat of Shinsou's breath followed the kiss.

Kaminari clenched his jaw before slipping a single finger in between the others parted lips.

Shinsou's tongue ran terribly slow along the blonds fingers and Denkis eyes had fluttered closed for a moment and the rustle of the other male crossing over clumsily from the drivers side made him chuckle.

"What are you doing?"

Shinsou now hovered over the blond, his lips still wrapped around Kaminaris' fingers. He lowered his mouth on the slender length of them, getting a whimper out of the blond before Shinsou pulled away.

"You really need to stop doing this to me, making those sounds."

Kaminari watched as the other male swallowed, and his fingers fell away from Shinsou's mouth. He figured the other must be uncomfortable in this position, he was much taller than the blond so it was always easier the opposite way around.

Denki gripped Shinsou's shirt in his hands, rotating so that Shinsou was now sitting back in the passenger seat and Kaminari straddled his waist. Hands still tangled in the light grey fabric of the others shirt.

"I didn't do anything, I'm not the one who orchestrated the slobbery kisses."

Shinsou laughed, his hands now rested on Kaminaris' hips as he looked up into the honey gold of the blonds gaze.

"I have a lot to thank you for, by the way."

"Mmm, do you? What exactly are these things I need to be thanked for?"

Denki watched the other for a moment before Shinsou forced him closer by a tug on his hips. Lips found the heated skin of the blond's neck, and he opened his mouth to say this wasn't an answer to his question when Shinsou spoke in a deep rumble of a voice,

"For the time... the smiles, and the laughter you always bring me."

The others tongue now traced along the slope of Kaminaris' neck and a helpless groan left his lips, blinking he tried to focus on Shinsou's words but that was so hard to do.

"For the love, the balloons, the kisses, for your very existence Nari."

Goosebumps had crept up Kaminaris' skin, and Shinsou's lips were now at his ear whispering all the things he was thankful for. Denki dug his nails into the others chest, a lump settling in his throat.

He wanted to speak, he wanted Shinsou to know that it meant so much to him too. That, despite everything Kaminari was, someone like Shinsou loved him.

"I want to be yours."

Shinsou kisses paused, and he pulled back slightly to look at Kaminari. His hand came up to caress the blonds cheek, thumb running slowly over the freckles that mapped Denki's cheekbones.

"Aren't you already mine?"

Denki laughed at that, the lump that had been in his throat just minutes ago disappearing.

"Yes, Yes I am... and I will be, for as long as you let me."

Shinsou's lips pulled back in the widest grin, and Kaminari had to remind himself to breathe. There was something so different about the way they felt for one another that Denki didn't even have a proper word for it.

"Can I collect my birthday gift?"

Denkis attention was brought back from his thoughts, and his lips were now the ones to part for the thumb that traced over his plump lip. The warm muscle of his tongue poked out slightly running over his lovers thumb.

Kaminari nodded his head, indicating that yes, he wanted to give Shinsou exactly what he had been thinking of.



Shinsou sat up slightly, their lips now hovering over one another as his thumb pulled down at Kaminaris' chin. The other male grinned at the way the blonds' long lashes fluttered, there were many things that Denki did that Hitoshi found painfully beautiful.

His facial expressions when he was pleased or flustered was one of those many things.

"I'm going to kiss you now, is that alright?"

Denki arched a single brow and that got a low throaty laugh out of him.

"I just enjoy hearing your voice whenever I have you completely worked up like this."

"I'm not worked up, you're the one who's worked up."

Kaminari proceeded to proving just that, rolling his hips allowing his ass to pass over the others awakening member.

The devilish grin on the blonds lips at the sound that left his own mouth was enough to make Shinsou crush his lips down onto Denkis'.

His hands came up to tangle themselves into the electric blond hair, tugging at it lightly as Kaminari bit down on Shinsou's tongue before sucking on the warm muscle.


The other males hands were always lightning fast, and he began tugging up the fabric of Shinsou's T-shirt. Nails scraping along his abdomen and Kaminari made sure of allowing his thumb to pass over Hitoshi's nipple.

The growl that filled the space between them was more than enough to motivate Kaminari as he removed the annoying fabric. Their lips separating for just a moment to pull the shirt over Shinsou's head.

Tossing it to the drivers side they crashed into one another, Kaminari's hands exploring the perfectly toned muscles beneath him as his hips rolled in a steady movement, making Shinsou's breath hitch.

Teeth clashed, and tongues wrapped around one another. The two of them fighting for dominance until Kaminari, as always gave into Shinsou.

Hitoshi broke the kiss, breathing raggedly as his eyes met the others.

They were pretty civilized beings, except when they got as carried away as they were in that moment, a strand of saliva fell from the others bottom lip and Shinsou leaned into to lick at it. 

His teeth biting down on the fullness of Kaminaris' lip before he tugged back. Denki let out the most satisfying whimper that made Shinsou's body erupt in goosebumps.

Denki dipped his head, pressing kisses down Shinsou's neck. Fingers massaged their way through blond strands, a low hiss leaving Hitoshi's lips as the others tongue captured the bud of his nipple.

He watched as Kaminari rolled the swollen bud between teeth and tongue. His grip in the blonds hair had tightened and he couldn't hold back the string of curses that left him as the others elegant fingers pulled him free from the suffocating fabric of his jeans.


"Shh, you wanted your birthday gift right? Let me give it to you."

The blonds ring covered fingers wrapped around the aching member, squeezing as his thumb passed over the slit of the others tip.

The deep inhale that came from Hitoshi must have satisfied Kaminari because he let out a string of laughter. The hand that wasn't wrapped around Shinsou traveled to the side of the passenger seat, pushing the seat back.

Denki slipped from the others lap, lips traveling over the others skin. He nipped at Shinsou's skin, sucking at the skin he caught between his teeth. Kaminari couldn't necessarily leave his mark above the neck but that didn't count for every where else.

"You're mine,"

The words left Shinsou's lips in the heat of the moment, and his cheeks inflamed with embarrassment but that honey filled gaze made him feel a little less idiotic followed by those simple words that left those perfectly bowed lips.

"I am yours."

The confirmation made him freeze, and Kaminari had completely lowered himself in between the other males thighs. The blonds' pierced tongue running up, along side his member before tracing slow and lazy circles around the tip.

"I am yours."

Denki then lowered his mouth onto the other, his eyes closing in sheer bliss from the taste of his lover. Shinsou pushed back the others hair, his thumb tracing over the blonds cheekbones as he took Shinsou completely.

"Kami, easy..."

The blond pulled back, his lips still pressed up against Shinsou's aching head. The silver stud tracing lazy lines over the swollen veins of the other male. Kaminari took Shinsou back into his mouth, his eyes locked on the others males violet eyes.

Heat coiled in Shinsou's gut, and his hips rolled to meet the others movements. Thrusting up into the warm cavern that encased him.

His eyes closed, head tilted back as he grounded out the blonds name between clenched teeth. Shinsou's hips jerked in a sudden movement before spilling into the blonds waiting mouth.



Kaminari couldn't help blushing as the other male overworked himself, apologizing for not giving the blond a warning. It wasn't a big deal, he knew Hitoshi enough by now to know when to prepare himself.

"Shinsou, it's not a big deal, really."

They were now standing outside of the car, and his tongue ran over his bottom lip as he looked up at the other male who was adjusting his shirt.

"Still, I should have—"

Kaminari covered the others mouth with his hand, grinning at the way the others cheeks flushed.

"Please stop apologizing, it wasn't the first time and definitely won't be the last time. We've done worse."

Shinsou still looked like a puppy who knew he had done something wrong and it made the blond laugh. The buzz of his phone made him jump, and when he saw Midoriyas' contact name he looked up at Shinsou.

"That's our cue, there's one more place to go today."



Izuku checked his phone, turning to the gang that had gathered. Everyone was credited for except Tsuyu and Ochako since the two of them had recently taken a week off from school to go on a trip together.

"They're on their way over now! Everyone let's hide!"

The group of them dipped behind the last row of auditorium seats nearest to the door and Deku could hear Bakugou bickering with Todoroki about moving over.


"This way pleaseeeeee."

Kaminari's sing song voice was easy to make out as Shinsou grumbled something in reply. The blond pushed open the heavy metal doors to the auditorium, leading Shinsou inside standing on his toes as he held his hands over the others eyes from behind.

"Where are we?"

Izuku counted to three on his fingers and when he got to three they all jumped out screaming,  'Happy Birthday!'

"What the— you guys, you guys planned a surprise birthday?!"

Shinsou's now uncovered eyes were open, looking at everyone who had gathered and Midoriya ran at him wrapping him in a big hug.

"Can't— Can't breathe Deku!"

"Sorry! Happy Birthday Shin!"

Kaminari laughed as Midoriya released his death grip on Shinsou and his eyes raked the group that gathered. He said hello to Bakugou and Kirishima, while his hair was ruffled by Sero in greeting.

Mina had thrown herself onto Shinsou, the pinkette pressing kisses all over her friends face. Twenty four, even though Shinsou was now twenty three.

She claimed one was for luck and Shinsou spun her in his arms before setting her down.

Shinsou bumped fist with Kirishima and Sero, flicked Bakugou off in return, and hugged Todoroki who eyed him knowingly.

"Hope you enjoyed your distraction."

That got a sheepish smile out of Hitoshi and he rubbed at the back of his neck slightly before his eyes settled on Jirou who had her arm wrapped around Kaminaris' waist as the blond spoke about his new game to Sero.

Catching his gaze, her arms loosened their grip around around Kaminaris' waist and Shinsou had to hold himself from flinching at the gesture.

"Happy Birthday Hitoshi,"


Shinsou forced a smile at the other girls words, he wanted to hate Jirou.

It was so easy to do it, if he really tried but at the end of the day, they both loved the same person. Even if it was in completely different ways.

Not that Kaminari truly understood that.

"Hey, want to see the cake we got you?"

It was Iida now, squeezing his shoulders as he forced his eyes away from the duo to meet his friends gaze.

Tenya gave him a sympathetic smile, and Shinsou sighed squeezing the large males shoulder back.

"One day I'll learn huh? Let's check out that cake."



The group of them had settled themselves in a sloppy circle on the auditorium stage after singing Happy Birthday and playing a couple games.

They each had their own side conversations going, Jirou had settled herself in between Bakugous' legs. His arms draped around her neck lazily and his chin was settled on the top of her head, while he sat between Kirishimas' legs just the same.

Smooth russet arms draped around that thin waist, while Izuku had settled himself into Todoroki's side fingers running through Mei's hair.

Her head was in Midoriyas' lap while her feet rested on Tenyas' who ran a single hand up and down her leg as he carried on his conversation with Todoroki.

Seros arms were wrapped tightly around a dozed off Mina, as he cradled her in his arms. His eyes were on Kirishima as he listened intently to what the red head had to say.

Shinsou smiled, this was nice. Exactly how he expected to spend a birthday when he was younger, surrounded by people he loved. He shoveled a piece of cake from the plate beside him, bringing it to the waiting mouth.

Kaminari had nestled himself into the larger males side, and Shinsou's arm was around the blonds shoulder as he fed him the piece of cake.

"You made twenty three wishes right?"

The question caught Hitoshi off guard, he watched as Kaminari chewed and knew the blond was waiting for an answer.

"Why would I make twenty three wishes? I thought you got one wish every year."

"That's lame! I've always made wishes that equaled how old I was turning. I made twenty one wishes on my birthday."

Shinsou laughed, he thought that was absolutely ridiculous. One wish a year was more than enough, he didn't even have that many things to wish for in the first place.

"Well it's too late now, I made my one wish."

He fed another piece of cake to Kaminari, and the blond pouted as he chewed. Which Shinsou found to be a special talent.

"Fine, you want me to make twenty three wishes? I will."

Shinsou shut his eyes, a soft hum leaving his lips and after a moment he opened his eyes. His lips pulled back into a small grin at Kaminari's expectant gaze.


"I made twenty three wishes."

"Tell me?"

"Absolutely not."

Shinsou was laughing as the other pressed his forehead against his neck a low groan leaving his throat. He closed his eyes for a moment, letting himself appreciate this moment before he broke the silence.

"I made the same wish, twenty three times."

"You must really want that wish to come true."

Hitoshi turned his head, their foreheads now pressed to one another, gazes locked as their noses brushed slightly.

Shinsou clenched his jaw, aware that kissing Kaminari here wouldn't be right, he felt the others hand slip beneath the fabric of his T-shirt where their friends couldn't see.

Those skilled fingers spread out over Shinsou's skin and he let out a soft sigh, the tension leaving his body.

"Yeah... I really want that wish."

Chapter Text

"Is that really what you think of me? Jealous? I was never jealous of you or your relationship. I felt sorry, that you were so damn blind."

Kyoka flexed her fingers as she observed the way the morning sun cast a glow along her calloused hand. The words paired with the twisted look on Denki's face from the night before haunting her, a tremble passing through that same hand.

"Do not, touch him."

"Your issues lie with Yaoyorozu not Kaminari, and he might enjoy allowing you to run him over but I'm done witnessing it. I'm taking him home, and if you choose to be a friend... or any of you really, contact him tomorrow."

"Momo..." Jirou brought a hand to her chest, clutching the fabric of her t-shirt. How could she allow this to happen again? Blinking the burning sensation from her eyes, she turned away from her outstretched hand and the beaming sunlight. She had lost her temper last night.

Nearly laid her hands on Kaminari, her best friend, and for what?

He didn't tell her about Momo because he couldn't have known she would have came.

But he didn't even warn her.




"That never stopped you before..."

Kaminari forced his eyes to stay shut, the scent of fresh grounded coffee beans filled his senses. Turning over, without having to see, he knew he wasn't alone. Denki rarely woke up alone these days, at one time they had been random beds, ones that were left cold from the other being gone for hours with a mere note thanking him for the night.

Yes kids, because in 2019 you're thanked for sleeping with someone.

The blond never particularly enjoyed the emptiness that filled him after nights like that, but they had become so regular for him, he didn't know how to stop.

Not until Shin.



"What are you doing here alone?"


Speakers pounded a terrible shrill of music through the body filled room, Denki looked next to him, noticing Bakugou and Kirishima no longer occupied the couch beside him where they had been playing a game of who could devour the others face first.

The blond shuddered at the thought of why they had abandoned him but the thought left as quickly as it came.

"What are you doing here alone?"

The voice was much easier to make out this time, it was a purr of a whisper in his ear. Kaminari had to hold back the desire to groan out right, that voice was enough to send a highly intoxicated Denki over the edge.

He turned slightly, the space where his friends had just been now occupied by an amethyst haired male. Kaminari's breath caught at the sight of the man across from him, sure he was seeing two conjoining heads but holy shit, this guy was ridiculously good looking. Two heads and all.

"I'm not alone... my friends were here, just a moment ago."

Kaminari had leaned in when he spoke, his lips so close to the others ear he was tempted to let them brush along the many piercings that made him bite down on his own hoop pierced through his bottom lip. He noticed how the other dipped his head to actually hear his response. Others usually just nodded and dragged him away to another room. Not this guy, something was different about him.

"You really shouldn't be here alone, I've been watching you nod off for about five minutes. Let me take you home."

Kaminari raised a single brow, different, my ass. He regarded the other male for a moment before he nodded. What did he expect? Prince charming? He was at a damn frat party, people came here to get drunk and find someone to take home. It wasn't anything different then the other times except that this guy was a total hottie.

The ride back to the dorm rooms had been quiet, and along the way he had observed that Shinsou? Was that his name? Was very very sober. Denki didn't know why that had made him feel so uneasy, the fact that he felt more comfortable hooking up with some intoxicated idiot than someone who was fully aware of his actions proved how fucked up his mentality had become.

"This your room?"

Shinsou eyed the shut door before those violet eyes settled on Kaminari, damn... was his voice always this damn attractive? It was distracting. Denki leaned back against the wooden door, his head tilting slightly as he kept the others gaze, he couldn't hold back the curl of a grin that found his lips.

"Yes, and before you ask... yes you can come in."

This caused a slight crease between the other males brows as Kaminari opened his door, dragging the other in by the bottom half of his leather jacket.

"Kaminari... I,"

Denki hushed him by pressing his lips to the others, for a moment neither of them moved, one beat... two, then large hands found their way to either side of his face and Kaminari held back the shudder of pleasure that passed through his body at the feel of those rough hands made contact with his own silk skin.

Shinsou's lips curved over his own and he had to stand on the tips of his toes to attempt to average out their height difference, and even then the other bent slightly to meet his efforts. Heat crawled up his skin, as their lips parted to allow access for their tongues to dance. Kaminari was teasing, as he always was, which earned him a single growl as he was pushed up against the poster covered walls of his room.


The word was a rumble and he could tell by the way the other had his eyes shut so forcefully he was holding himself back.


"You're drunk... and you don't even know me. I just found out what your name was on the ride here, I don't... this is not what I do. I just wanted to get you home safely so this exact thing didn't happen."

Kaminari was breathless from the kiss, looking up at this complete stranger and he couldn't help the bubble of laughter that left his lips. Shinsou pulled back, putting some distance between the two of them but Denki saw the tightness in the others jaw.

He reached out, long slender fingers running over the tension.


Shinsou blinked, surprised by Kaminari's suggestion as he relaxed against the blonds' touch.


They had spent that entire night curled up in Kaminari's bed, drinking coffee and talking about everything and anything. Hours had passed before they realized dawn approached and the sky brightened with first light.

Laying side by side, they watched and at some point Shinsou had begun to drift off. His eye lids had grown heavy, beginning to droop while he spoke to Kaminari about his favorite conspiracies, the blond had remained silent and once the others breathing deepened he thought,

'Ruin my life.'



"Ruin my life..."

Kaminari moved closer, the words a mumble as he pressed his forehead against the bare back of Hitoshi Shinsou. The familiar lavender sheets beneath them rustled and he felt as the other took a deep breath.


Denki inwardly groaned at the sound of that damn voice, he kept his eyes shut for a moment longer before opening them. His golden gaze went over the flawless skin that was covered by light freckles, of course no one knew that other than him. No one else woke up in Hitoshi's bed either or was idiotic enough not to date him.

"Nothing, I was just thinking about the first time we met."

That gained a chuckle from Shinsou and Kaminari shifted slightly as the other turned to face him, now nose to nose they met each others gazes. Denki felt his chest tighten, as the other smiled. When Kaminari didn't return it Shinsou's brows furrowed and a hand came up, pushing back blond strands of hair.

"I didn't know our first meeting was that terrible..."

Denki's eyes widened and he shook his head quickly,

"No... No it was amazing, meeting you was amazing. I just, I hate doing this."


"Yes, keeping you at a distance."

Hitoshi frowned at that, his eyes shut for a single beat of Denki's heart before they opened once again. The other tilted his head up, lips pressing against Kaminari's forehead.

"I don't care... I, I knew what I was getting into," Shinsou's voice was rough, and Kaminari knew he was holding back, always holding back but he wouldn't interrupt him.

"and one day... you're going to wake up in this bed and you're going to say yes. If you don't? Then I'm prepared for that too... I don't care as long as you are happy, Denki Kaminari, I promise you, I'd rather have part of you... then none at all."

Denki took a deep breath, and when his eyes closed he almost sighed in relief at the sight of Shin before it desolved completely to another amethyst beauty.

"I'm so sorry..."

Shinsou brought his eyes back to the golden ones opposite of his, lips lowering to kiss away the tears that littered Kaminari's face.

"I know..." and the way Shinsou said it broke something in Kaminari that had been broken for so long, he knew Shinsou loved him. Kaminari loved him too, and he knew he did but loving him with half of a heart wasn't enough. It would never be enough, and one day he would walk away, because Hitoshi Shinsou deserved so much more than someone who was afraid to love him.


Kaminari was the one to laugh now after taking a deep breath, "Yeah, coffee sounds great."



"Kyoka?" The voice came again, followed by a light knock against the cherry wood of her dorm room.

She stood to her feet, her bare feet passing through the black fur rug she had bought when she had first started at university.

Jirou had always enjoyed the feeling of it, once at the door she opened it to find Mina on the other side.

The warm toffy of her skin was on display, (as usual) despite the cold weather. The pinkette wore a torquoise tube top that displayed her abdomen paired with a black knit sweater, Tight fitted jeans that flared out at the bottom, and steel toed high heeled boots.

Mina looked ready to take on the world while winning the best dressed award at UA.

"Hey Mina, what's up?"

"Have you spoken to Kaminari?" The words were light, as if Mina was testing out their friends name. Jirou knew the other woman probably didn't want to start an argument over what went down last night.

"No, I haven't. I'm sure he's probably holed up with Hitoshi somewhere," Jirou's voice didn't mask the annoyance that followed the thought of the two of them together after the previous nights event.

Mina's eyes softened, and she gave Jirou a look of sympathy that only made her clench her teeth at the thought of someone feeling bad for her.

"Do you mind if I come in?" Mina asked, and when Jirou stepped away from the door way, allowing space for the other to enter the small cozy dorm Mina obliged.

"I know after last night you don't want to hear this, and I'm sure not everyone will agree with me either. Even Sero thinks what happened last night could have been prevented with a bit of honesty, and I can't disagree on that."

Jirou sat in her computer chair, slinking down into the comfort of the worn cushion as Mina spoke. Arching a single brow,

"But?" she chimed in, eyeing her friend knowingly.

"But I do understand where Kaminari was coming from, and when I say this, I mean that it should come from all of us as a group. Which is an apology, because even though he could have warned you I understand why he didn't. Denki doesn't feel like he can rely on you or even any of us anymore." Mina let out a huff, and Jirou noted how adorable the other female was when she was flustered.

No wonder Sero was so taken with her.

"I know," she said simply and before she could add on, Mina went to rambling on about all the reasons they should reach out Kaminari until she realized Jirou wasn't arguing with her but agreeing.

"Wait what? I thought I would at least have to convince you of his intentions for a few more moments, I thought this long speech out and everything."

Kyoka twirled in her chair once, before facing Ashido again, she met the others gaze.

"I mean if you really want to go on with your speech, please do, I'm happy to listen but I've known for awhile that shit is the way it is because we made it this way."

Mina seemed to deflate, her features and posture relaxing as she tossed herself back on her bed.

"It's not just with Kaminari is it though? It's all of us, we have all drifted away from each other by our lack communication. Which is understandable, we all have our own lives now but it's like all of us just forgot about our group. We're all separated in these little cliques and I get Denki's frustration, he just floats around outside of all them, being allowed in when we let him."

The others words seemed to sink in for the first time, she supposed she was right, actually scratch that. Mina was terrifyingly right and Jirou felt her lips pull down in a frown.

How could she have allowed that to happen? Then expect this band would patch it all up, none of them even knew one another anymore.

They needed to re bond, find that vibe that had been there between them all for years.

"I really fucked up huh?" Jirou tilted her head in Mina's direction and the pinkette held up two fingers pinched close together before replying,

"Eh, maybe just a little, but honestly? It wasn't just you."

Jirou snatched her phone from the charging cord, checking her notifications before sending out a group message. She had to do something, they had to do something.

"And Jirou, about Momo," Ashido's words were hesitant like they had been before and this time, Kyoka did cut her off.

"No, we're not talking about her anymore. Kaminari is an idiot but he was right about one thing, I have to stop letting her control my life. We have work to do, lets go meet the others."

Jirou stood to her feet then, sliding her feet into large furry bunny slippers before making for the door. Mina followed right behind her, shutting the door before commenting on her outfit. Which was her pajamas.

"No time for a change of clothes, we have a band to save and a friendship to mend."



Chaos wasn't even a good word for all the events unfolding in the court yard of UA.

It seemed like the entire student body had decided to find some excuse to obtain some area in the freshly mowed grass or the large granite tables canopied by large indigo umbrellas. Despite the bitter chill of January the day was beautiful.

Kaminari had stopped by his dorm to change out of the sweats and hoodie that Shinsou had let him use after he showered at the others apartment. He thought it was amazing that Shinsou had his own place off campus though it wasn't rare.

Todoroki and Midoriya had found their own place as well a couple months back.

Denki had thought of doing the same this year but then asked himself, what for?

He didn't exactly have any incoming money, Shinsou didn't like the rowdiness of their dorms or the community bathrooms but Denki didn't mind it and he didn't have a stable relationship that required privacy like his friends, so he came to the conclusion that his own place wasn't worth the sacrifice of working to pay rent.

The blond passed a hand over his chest, brushing the crumbs from the slice of pumpkin bread he had picked up from Kamino along with his french vanilla latte.

Kaminari had traded in Hitoshi's way too large clothes for a ripped pair of black jeans, a long sleeved v-neck grey sweater, and a red plaid shirt which he now wore tied around his waist.

His hair was pulled back into a small messy pony tail, black streaked bangs falling forward to frame honey gold eyes. Denki's ears, hands, and neck was littered with an assortment of jewerly which wasn't anything new.

"What's the point of wearing an over shirt if you just tie it around your waist?"

Shinsou didn't look up from the sticker decorated mac book as he spoke to the blond, and a pang of irritation filled Kaminari.

He knew he was being selfish, Shinsou dedicated most of his time to him but once his attention was invested somewhere else Kaminari felt lonely all over again.

Leaning forward, he rested an elbow on the granite table they had luckily found empty. His chin now nuzzled into his open hand as he looked at the bustling student body.

"It's my style, plus it's warmed up," He replied to the other.

"Mm, still seems pretty cold to me." Shinsou stated, looking up from the screen in front of him, violet eyes now settling on Kaminari's own.

The blond smiled softly and with a wave of his hand, Hitoshi let out a little chuckle returning his focus to whatever brilliant thing he was working on.

Denki had turned away then, his back now leaning against the tables edge, elbows propped up behind him as his legs sprawled out before him.

Tilting his head down, the blond studied the studded tips of his black boots. He couldn't keep his thoughts from traveling back to the shit show of the night before.

He hadn't spoken to any of his friends, and none of them had reached out to him either. Denki wondered if he had truly fucked up this time, and he had lost everyone of them.

Kaminari was pretty sure he was having a mental breakdown because he swore he saw Midoriya and Bakugou lugging something huge across the court yard. The blond sat up slightly before he felt warm hands cover his eyes.

"Give us one moment," a soft feminine voice said near his ear, and by smell of peonies and lavender now surrounding him, he knew it was Ochako.



Jirou had hustled everyone out of their dorms and apartments. Sending out a code red in their group chat, usually did that.

Though she had made sure that Hitoshi had kept Kaminari from his own phone, that way he didn't get the alert.

Advantages of knowing a tech wizard.

Her relationship with the amethyst male wasn't even close to being mended, he had struck a cord when he had interrupted the argument the previous night but she respected him for caring about Kaminari when she and everyone else were doing a terrible fucking job.

Unlike her, everyone had arrived in actual clothes. She guessed they had been holding their breath, trying to figure out what to do or who would reach out first and when she spoke to them all around a breakfast picked up from McDonald's by Bakugou and Kirishima, it was no surprise that Izuku had been the first to cry.

"How could we let Kami feel like that? I have never seen him upset like that, and it's terrible! I feel awful." Midoriya's words sunk into everyone because even Bakugou had stopped eating his hash brown and frowned.

"We're going to apologize, but I need all of us to do that. Kami is a sap, he loves grand gestures so I have the perfect idea," and with that Jirou had told them everything about her insanely embarrassing plan.



Kaminari was finally able to look, thanks to Ochako removing her hands from his eyes and running ahead to join the group of their friends gathered a few feet away from him. The huge object that he had seen Midoriya and Bakugou carrying was the ash blonds' drum set.

"What is going on?"

Iida was standing close by, speaking to a pinkette who was crouched down in front of speakers that had cords running along the lawn of the courtyard.

Shinsou had somehow gotten away from their table when Ochako had blinded him and was clicking away at his mac book also speaking to the pinkette who nodded at both males.

There was a loud ring throughout the populated area and Mei jumped up, brushing off her camouflage overalls that were paired with a black turtle neck.

How she pulled off her odd outfits, Kaminari would never know.

"There we go, my babies are ready to go!" Mei grinned at both Shinsou then Tenya, Denki's attention now back on the group who stood behind instruments and microphones

How the hell they managed to get all this set up in the few minutes he was blinded, he had no fucking idea.

"Hello?" Jirou winced when her voiced carried through the speakers, indicating that Mei was right. Her babies were indeed ready to go.

Kaminari noted that his friend wore pajamas still, and her feet were adorned with her favorite bunny slippers. That made him laugh.

"Okay, guys?" Jirou eyed the others, and once Deku nodded behind his keyboard she turned back to face Kaminari herself.

"We're sorry for being such shitty friends," and before Denki could even speak music filled the courtyard.

Jirou had abandoned her bass for an acoustic guitar while Deku and Bakugou occupied their usual instruments.

Saying that Jirou had an amazing voice was an understatement, once she had overcome her anxiety of performing in front of crowds, Kaminari knew that she could truly make a name for herself among the music industry.

'Cause it's you, who, takes care of everyone else

You, need to allow me to help, You are appreciated

Cause it's you who somehow is always the first, to, take care of me at my worst

You are appreciated.'

The blond watched, as his friend belted out a song he had never heard before, though the lyrics seemed to wrap around him as they always did when he understood them, giving him a hug that was very much needed.

Though the feeling of being wrapped up wasn't exactly his imagination.

Kirishima had dragged him up from the granite bench that he had been occupying, dragging him closer so he could be properly serenaded.

Kaminari felt his cheeks blazing with heat as a crowd had gathered to watch the show.

Deku was the one to now let out a smooth low addictive sound of sung lyrics, he had never outright heard the jaded male sing but Jirou must have. She had insisted that he would sing a good amount of their songs during the Battle of the Bands.

'When you're down be down

When you're up be up

I will pull you up

Cause without a doubt

The tables turn around, you pick me off the ground.'

Kirishima was grinning, the males large russet arm remaining wrapped around his shoulders and Denki couldn't help the bubble of laughter that left his lips when Sero, Mina, Ochako, and Tsuyu held up large black and yellow signs that read.


"What the fuck are you guys doing?"

The words left his mouth with more laughter and he couldn't help the tears that spilled over his cheeks, for the first time his chest fluttered with something warm that wasn't occupied by pain.

Jirou and Izuku's voice melted into one another as they sung another string of lyrics,

'Cause it's you, who, takes care of everyone else

You, need to allow me to help

You are appreciated

Cause it's you, who, takes care of everyone else

You, need to allow me to help

You are appreciated

Cause it's you, who, somehow is always the first, to, take care of me at my worst

You are appreciated.'

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