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“Oi, Ai-chan, keep it down, would ya?” Majima said, grumbling slightly as he completed paperwork at the bar. Ai had been singing while she cleaned up the booths, breaking his concentration as he tried to fill out the seemingly endless numbers the paperwork required.

“Sorry, Majima-san,” Ai said, not sounding sorry at all as she began humming instead of singing. “You know, you should really go get a massage or something one of these days, you’re really tense.”

“Uh huh, sure,” Majima said, cursing as his pen ran out of ink. He sighed and tossed it aside, patting his breast pocket for another.

“I’m serious! You’re going to work yourself to death.”

“Don’t worry about me, I’m takin’ care of myself just fine,” Majima said. “Now get outta here, I can take care of cleanin’ up.”

Ai huffed but complied, walking to the changing room, leaving Majima in silence. He sighed as he thought of how nice it would be to get another massage, the one Makoto had given him had been divine--and he flushed as he remembered where the last massage Lee had given him had gone. He swallowed the flare of arousal that threatened to radiate from his core when he remembered how good feeling Lee’s huge hands on his back had been, and how his huge cock inside him felt even better.

“Goodnight, Majima-san,” Ai said, waving goodbye as she walked through the door.

Majima grunted, shaking himself out of the memory and continued.

“She’s right, you know,” Youda said, putting away the clean glasses that just finished their cycle in the dishwasher. “Why don’t you take a few days off?”

“Tch, I don’t need a vacation,” Majima said, rolling his eye.

Youda didn’t argue, just hummed in a way that let Majima know that he didn’t believe a word he said. Majima reached a hand up and scratched the bare stubble growing on his cheek, contemplating how nice it would be to take a few days for himself.

“Fine, fine, ya convinced me,” Majima grumbled.

Youda looked up with a delighted grin and Majima groaned as he realized he actually had people caring about him.

“I’ll be able to take care of everything until… let’s say next Wednesday, so I’d better not see you until then,” Youda said, pulling the papers Majima was working on away from him. “I know how to balance, so get out of here.”

Majima wanted to argue but just bit back the biting retorts he had ready in his mind and sighed, shaking his head. He tried to take back the paperwork to finish it, but Youda just shooed him out of the building, Majima huffing indignantly in the cold. He scowled as he lit a cigarette and began the trek back to his apartment, pointedly ignoring the warmth of affection he was feeling for his coworkers. He savored his cigarette as he walked back home, but any good feelings melted away when he crossed the threshold of his tiny apartment. He flicked the dying stub out of the open window and slammed it shut, putting on a kettle of water so he could make instant noodles for his final meal of the day.

Majima shimmied out of his overcoat and folded it carefully on the floor next to him as he ate, scowling as he contemplated what he’d be doing over the next few days. Youda and the other girls had no real way of knowing just how detrimental a few alone days could be for him; they genuinely were worried he was working himself to the bone.

He settled under his blankets and, thankfully, fell asleep quickly.


He wandered around Sotenbori aimlessly for a few hours, reluctant to spend the loose cash he had in his pockets. While every yen didn’t have to be scrounged together to buy his way back into the family anymore, he found that it was still hard to stop himself from being painfully frugal. He forced himself to buy a cheap lunch and savored it, watching people walk past him into the bookstore as he ate.

He eventually found the ragtag group of breakdancers that invited him to join them weeks ago and grinned when they asked him to join again. Hours passed quickly as they danced--fought, really. Majima found himself cackling with abandon at how much fun he was having. Even though the three of them were no match for his fighting skills, they knew how to dance and draw a crowd.

“Here’s your cut,” the one in red told him, handing him a fat stack of bills totaling a million yen. Majima knew he was getting a bum deal since he’d made them at least ten million, but his mind was dizzy with having so much money to burn. He mumbled a thank you and rushed to a nearby bar, ordering top-shelf whiskey with a grin.

It was pleasant having the bartender tell him about the drinks he was having. He was warm with alcohol and the adrenaline in his veins from the fighting earlier had made him feel comfortable as he drank and drank and drank. He somehow convinced the bartender that he hadn’t had too much, even though he clearly had. The man poured him more of the good stuff and he thanked him with a slurred grin.

He was swaying slightly when someone walked in, the bell sounding far away as Majima turned his head. He grinned when he saw the hulking figure stroll into the bar.

“Lee-san!” Majima yelled out, gesturing for him to sit next to him.

Lee looked at him, amusement plain on his face as Majima tried to order him some of the good stuff.

“Ain’t that a little pricey for ya?” Lee asked, his body radiating warmth as Majima kept reaching over to touch him.

“I got the cash to burn, old man, so lemme treat ya for the night,” Majima said, a sly grin on his face.

Lee chuckled and allowed Majima to buy him a few glasses, sliding away Majima’s own half-full glass.

“I think you’ve had enough,” Lee said when Majima protested.

Majima pouted and tried to get his glass back but Lee was too firm to reach around and he was a little too drunk to really make an effort. He was more comfortable than he had been in ages, the alcohol working in his system to make the world fuzzy around him.

Majima tried to stand up and groaned when a wave of dizziness hit him. It was so strong he almost keeled over but Lee reached out a reassuring hand to steady him.

“Let’s get you out of here,” Lee said warmly, throwing Majima’s arm around his wide shoulder as he practically dragged Majima into the street.

“Where ya takin’ me, old man?” Majima asked, grinning up at him with a glint in his eye. “Gonna take me back to yer place an’ ravish me?”

Lee chuckled and shook his head.

“You’re too drunk. How do we get to your place?”

Majima grumbled, half-hoping Lee would’ve taken him back to the massage parlor and fucked his brains out, but he begrudgingly gave him directions back to his apartment. He was enraptured by the smell of Lee--fragrant soap, some sort of cologne that was just strong enough to be noticed and the faint smell of sweat from beneath his coat. He smiled up at Lee again, who just chuckled and shook his head at the look Majima was giving him.

This is your apartment?” Lee asked incredulously as Majima opened the door.

“Uh huh, it ain’t much, but it’s home,” Majima said, stumbling across the threshold. He yelped when Lee grabbed him by the collar and dragged him back out.

“You ain’t stayin’ there tonight,” Lee said, shaking his head.

“Hey!” Majima said indignantly, trying to pull away from him. He yelped again when Lee pulled him into his arms, bridal style, and began carrying him through the streets. He wanted to be angry about it, but he found himself nuzzling against Lee’s chest, sighing contentedly as he was carried. Good thing he was so drunk--otherwise, he would have had to put on more of a show.

“Thought you said you weren’t gonna ravish me,” Majima said, smirking as Lee set him carefully down on a sofa in his apartment above the massage parlor. Lee scoffed and walked into what Majima found out to be the kitchen since he came back with a huge glass of water and forced Majima to drink.

“I ain’t gonna ravish ya. You’re gonna hate everythin’ when ya wake up in the mornin’. Try an’ remember that I left out some medicine for ya on the coffee table.”

Majima tried to pull Lee closer to him, wanted to kiss him, get fucked, anything, but Lee just chuckled and pulled away.

“Go to sleep,” Lee said, leaning down to plant a small kiss on Majima’s forehead.

“Fuck you,” Majima said, trying to get up and fight him, but he found his legs didn’t want to cooperate.

Suddenly the idea of falling asleep sounded very nice, especially with how comfortable the fluffy blanket Lee laid over him was. He yawned and told himself he’d kick Lee’s ass in the morning.


The first thing Majima did when he woke up was groan and curse himself for drinking so much. He barely remembered much after he’d convinced the bartender to keep giving him drinks and was very confused when he realized he was sleeping on something comfortable for once. He cracked open his eye and slammed it shut when the light hit him--it was too damn bright for his hangover.

He shaded his eye with one hand and swung himself into a sitting position with another loud groan and took stock of his surroundings. It was unfamiliar, but that was probably a good thing. He wasn’t being tortured, which was also a good thing. He noticed a small packet of Alka Seltzer next to a tall glass of water on the coffee table in front of him--even better. He fumbled with tearing the little package open, his hands still shaky, but he managed to drop them in the glass and closed his eye as he listened to them fizz.

“Mornin’ sunshine,” an amused voice said from behind him. Majima jumped and cursed loudly at the movement which caused his head to pound even further.

“Lee? Why the fuck am I here?”

“Were ya really so drunk ya don’t even remember last night?” Lee asked, setting down a mug off coffee and sitting next to Majima.

“Eh? Did ya fuck me so hard I lost my memory or somethin’?”

“Christ, kid, do I seem like the type to fuck someone so drunk they can’t walk straight?” Lee asked.

Majima tilted his head as he thought. Lee wasn’t the type. “So what happened then?”

“Drank so much ya couldn’t walk two feet in front of yerself so I tried takin’ ya home, but I wasn’t gonna let ya sleep in that fuckin’ postage stamp you call an apartment. This is my place.”

“Ugh, I feel like shit,” Majima said, closing his eye as he savored his coffee.

“Ya look like shit, too,” Lee said.

Majima elbowed him, but that just made him chuckle.

“Got any food in this place?” Majima asked.

“Sure. Already made breakfast, come eat before it gets cold.”

Majima probably would have been mortified at how domestic the whole situation was if he wasn’t fighting against the worst hangover he’d ever had in his life. The fresh coffee, the homemade breakfast, the soft glances Lee gave him would usually send him running, desperate to avoid getting involved too deeply with anyone. It would have been too difficult to face how much he craved something like this, but the pounding in his head let him ignore that and go along with the babying Lee was treating him to.

“I’ve dealt with a hangover before, old man,” Majima said, grumbling when Lee fussed over him and made him drink more water. Lee shrugged and continued bringing him more and more water.

“I gotta go to work soon,” Lee said. “You should stay here for the day.”

Majima’s spine stiffened at the invitation.

“No thanks, I’ve overstayed my welcome as it is,” Majima said, standing up but immediately regretting it. The world spun as he clutched his head.

“Look, if ya stay here I might treat ya to somethin’ special once I’m finished with clients,” Lee said pointedly.

Majima scowled but the prospect of getting Lee’s cock back inside him outweighed his desire to bolt.

“Fine, but don’t complain if I eat all yer food,” Majima said, plopping back down on the couch, turning on the radio sitting next to it. He ignored Lee’s chuckling as he turned the station to find a baseball game.

When he finally found the station he was looking for, he settled back and yawned, lazing on the couch as he listened to the announcer call hits and runs. It felt good to be lazy like this, especially after how long he’d been so high strung. Sure, he wouldn’t want to live like this every day, but a day off every once in a while was a nice change of pace.

Majima decided he would take a nap when his stomach rumbling told him otherwise. He stood up and stretched and padded softly into the kitchen, worried that if he was too loud he’d disturb Lee downstairs. He peered into the fridge and pulled out some leftovers, reasoning that Lee wouldn’t miss it much if he ate. He drank more water as he ate, the pounding in his head finally shifting into something more manageable.

“I see ya made yerself at home,” Lee said from the top of the stairs, chuckling when Majima practically jumped out of his skin in surprise. He couldn’t believe such a huge man had been able to sneak up on him.

“Done with work already?”

“Nah, just figured I’d bring some clothes up to ya so ya don’t stink up my apartment with that tux of yours.”

Lee explained where his washer and dryer were and handed him a uniform, chuckling when Majima protested against wearing pink.

“You’d look good in pink,” Lee said, walking back down the stairs and leaving Majima alone again.

Majima decided he may as well milk this for all its worth, so he stripped from his tuxedo and shoved it into the washer and took a quick shower before lounging in Lee’s small bathtub. It was pleasant, and Majima wondered when the last time he’d been so relaxed was.

When Majima got out, he pulled on the uniform and looked at himself in the mirror. Lee was right, he did look good in pink--but Majima didn’t have to let Lee know he agreed. He padded back to the couch and went back to listening to the radio, his hangover practically gone with some good food in him.

It was getting dark when Lee finally returned.

“Fuckin’ finally,” Majima huffed, turning the radio off. “Thought you were never gonna come back up.”

“And miss seeing you in pink? Not a chance.”

Majima rolled his eye and was about to give him shit for trying to dress him up when Lee casually sat next to him, throwing his arm around his shoulder like it was nothing. It made him flush, it almost felt too intimate.

“Gettin’ fresh with me?” Majima asked, licking his lips as he crawled into Lee’s lap, straddling his legs as he smirked at him. Lee looked good like this, he decided. A bit sweaty from working with a dumb look of arousal on his face as Majima ground against his cock.

Lee chuckled but didn’t respond, instead leaning forward to begin nipping at Majima’s neck, making him gasp.

“Fuck, harder,” Majima moaned, shuddering in delight when Lee bit so hard he thought he was going to draw blood while his hands began kneading as his ass.

“Wait--hold on, lemme--” Majima wriggled out of Lee’s grip, grinning at the look of confusion he gave him. Lee quickly got the message when Majima knelt between his legs, his body fitting easily between his knees. Lee chuckled and pulled his pants down, tossing them aside as Majima practically salivated over seeing his cock up close.

“You alright down there?” Lee asked, but Majima didn’t respond. He bit his lip and began stroking him slowly, coaxing out drops of precum that he quickly licked up.

As much as Majima would have loved to get Lee’s cock as far as it could go down his throat right that second, he figured that since he was on vacation, he may as well take things a little slower. He began licking and sucking on Lee’s balls, enjoying the salty taste of them. He grinned against his cock when Lee groaned and gently gripped the back of his head, threading his fingers through Majima’s hair.

“You taste so fuckin’ good,” Majima murmured against Lee’s shaft, resting it against his cheek as he stroked him, looking up at Lee’s lustful expression. He began mouthing at every inch of Lee’s cock, eager to taste all of him before he started the main event. He grinned when he licked a prominent vein that made Lee’s cock twitch in his hand, focusing more of his attention on it as he stroked the rest of him.

“Never figured you’d be one to take dick suckin’ slow,” Lee said breathlessly.

Majima shrugged and continued working his tongue around Lee’s cock, taking note of the places he was most sensitive. He eventually worked his way up to the frenulum and suckled on it, which made Lee moan and tighten his fingers in Majima’s still slightly damp hair.

Majima was glad that the borrowed uniform pants were basically sweatpants since his hard cock wasn’t painfully pressed against his zipper or the restrictive fabric of his tux slacks. He absently moved his free hand and stroked himself through the fabric, just to ease the tension as he continued lavishing attention on Lee’s cock.

He grinned when he saw the blown out look of lust on Lee’s face. It’d been a while since he’d last worshipped a cock like this, but he obviously still knew what he was doing. Satisfied with the attention he’d given, Majima finally took Lee’s thick head into his mouth, sucking gently as he kept his eye on Lee’s face. If his mouth wasn’t full he would have smirked at him, but instead, he started lowering his head down.

He licked at the sensitive underside as he moved down, stroking the length that he hadn’t gotten to yet, careful to keep his teeth away. He reached the halfway point and paused, taking a deep breath before leaning forward and slowly taking the rest of Lee’s seemingly never-ending cock into his mouth. His gag reflex threatened to flare as Lee passed farther into his throat, but Majima swallowed it down. He was in heaven like this, Lee’s knees on either side of him as he struggled to take all of his cock. He loved the feeling, too--always had. There was something so satisfying about the warm weight of a thick cock on his tongue.

Lee groaned when Majima finally managed to press his nose against his pelvis, puffing out tiny breaths as he adjusted to the feeling. He wished he could say something snarky about the way Lee was panting above him, but he just pushed his hand down his sweatpants and began stroking himself urgently as he started bobbing his head slowly.

“Fuck, Majima, you feel so good,” Lee said, unable to stop himself from twitching his hips when Majima groaned around him. Majima was surprised when Lee grunted and came, but he sucked him through it, stroking him to milk every last bit of cum into his mouth as he could. He pulled off Lee’s cock with a gasp and smirked at him.

“Never expected you to blow yer load so early,” Majima said smugly.

“Whaddya expect when ya take for-fuckin’-ever just focusin’ on the sensitive spots,” Lee said, rolling his eyes. Majima grinned and started settling himself in Lee’s lap when he shook his head and stood up.

“C’mon, we ain’t fuckin’ on the sofa like some horny teenagers,” Lee said, guiding Majima to his bedroom.

“Didn’t expect ya to have a Western-style bedroom,” Majima said, taking in the huge Western bed tucked against one of the walls.

Lee shrugged and pulled his shirt off over his head before holding Majima’s waist and kissing him gently. Majima grunted and quickly turned the kiss into something deeper with a little more biting, grinning when Lee reciprocated. Lee pushed him onto the bed and quickly pulled Majima’s sweats off, making him gasp at the show of strength. If he was hard before, he was even harder now. He stroked himself idly as Lee rummaged through his bedside table.

“Hurry it up, I ain’t gettin’ any younger,” Majima said.

Lee tossed a bottle at him and he scrambled to catch it. He grinned and rolled onto his belly, raising his ass enticingly in the air as he uncapped the bottle and poured a generous amount of cold lube onto his fingertips.

“What, don’t want me to do it this time?” Lee asked, chuckling slightly as he situated himself behind Majima and began drawing his fingertips up and down Majima’s tattooed thigh.

“Be grateful for the show,” Majima said, gasping when he pushed a finger inside himself. It was too fast, but that was how he liked it. He crooked a finger and moaned as he rubbed against his prostate for a moment before adding another finger. He grinned against the pillow when he could feel Lee’s hot breath quickening against the back of his thigh.

“Enjoyin’ the show?”

“Shuddup and keep goin’.”

Majima laughed but continued moving his fingers in and out of himself, moaning when he started scissoring his fingers. He pushed a third finger in, unable to stop himself from grinding his hips back onto his own fingers as he stretched himself out.

“Damn, Majima.” Lee sounded enraptured.

Majima spent a few more minutes like that, knowing he’d have to be plenty prepared for Lee’s cock.

“How we gonna do this, old man?” Majima asked, pulling his fingers out with a low moan. Lee gestured to his sitting form and Majima grinned, standing up and straddling him again. He wrapped his arms around Lee’s neck and rested their foreheads together as he slowly sheathed Lee’s cock inside himself.

“Fuck, yer so fuckin’ big,” Majima moaned out, unable to stop the pathetic little whimpers he was letting out as he shifted himself down. He groaned in relief when his ass met Lee’s thighs and they sat there for a few moments, panting and catching their breath before Majima ground his hips experimentally. When Lee grunted, Majima grinned and began moving up and down.

“Don’t think yer gonna be the one to set the pace here,” Lee said, practically growling as he gripped Majima’s hips. He cried out when Lee began lifting him off his cock only to slam him back down. It felt so fucking good he thought he was going to cum right there, but he managed to hold out, quivering in delight as Lee slammed into him. He couldn’t string two words together, half mumbled curses and moans pouring from his lips when he couldn’t take it anymore and came across Lee’s belly.

Majima half-expected Lee to pause, give him a moment of rest, but that was thrown out the window when Majima saw the sly look he had on his face. If anything, he seemed to increase the pace, slamming into him mercilessly as Majima squirmed in overstimulation. It was so good, he loved how the pleasure and pain fought to be noticed and he squeezed around Lee to try and take back some of the control, but Lee just kept hammering into him.

The overstimulation ringing in his ears finally shifted back into pure pleasure, and he reached his hand to his cock to start jerking himself off as Lee buried his head in Majima’s neck, biting down hard . Majima cried out and would have cum again if he hadn’t forced himself to hold on. He’d never admit it aloud, but he loved denying himself sometimes, especially with someone who fucked as good as Lee.

“C’mon, c’mon, I know this ain’t all you got,” Majima said breathlessly, surprising himself with how put together he sounded. Lee chuckled into the damp skin of his neck and, impossibly, started fucking him harder, his hips thrusting up to meet whenever he slammed Majima’s body down. He cried out, the knowledge that he’d have bruises to remember this night by for weeks finally sending him over the edge for the second time.

Lee groaned as Majima tightened around him again and buried himself deep inside before cumming. Both of them panted and grinned at each other, happily sated.

Majima grunted when Lee pulled out of him, moaning slightly at the feeling of Lee’s cum leaking out of him. He set him down on the bed gently and tossed him a nearby towel before leaving. Majima yawned as he cleaned the cum off his chest, suddenly more drowsy than he’d been for ages. Lee returned with cigarettes, passing a lit one to Majima who took it gratefully.

“Didn’t know ya had it in ya,” Majima said, glancing sidelong to see Lee’s reaction. He ignored the bait and chuckled instead, taking a long drag from his smoke before stubbing it out on an ashtray.

“Gonna stay the night?” Lee asked, his voice even. Majima could tell he was trying to sound like he didn’t care, and didn’t quite manage it.

“Sure,” Majima said against his better judgment. “Probably gonna have to carry me tomorrow with the way ya fucked me, though.”

Lee chuckled and crawled under the covers, pulling Majima close to him. He tried grumbling his way out of being the little spoon, but Lee just grinned and began planting soft kisses along his jawline, so he finally huffed and settled. Lee was warm and strong against his back, and he felt so drowsy. He yawned and shifted closer into Lee’s embrace and fell asleep, the first night he didn’t wake up before dawn with horrible nightmares.