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River of Ice [On Hiatus]

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“This pains me to tell you this; according to these X-Rays, it would appear that your son has one joint in the pinky toe of his right foot. This would usually mean he will develop a quirk. However, after 4, the chances plummet. Your son is soon turning six. It pains me to say, this means that he will not be developing a quirk.” his tone was grim. He stays silent, the young man in front of him lowers his head. His eyes softened with sympathy, knowing how painful it must be to be in that young child’s position. 

How? How is this right?  Izuku felt as if he was being pushed down by an 18-ton weight. He couldn’t move.  Pinch me, this has to be a nightmare.

A stinging sensation burned in the young man’s eyes. Large tears freefall to the blue linoleum. His body going limp as fear crawled into his mind. The implications proving to be too much for him. 

“Izuku? Are you alright?” Izuku’s mother asked. She wraps her son in a warm embrace, attempting to calm the raging emotions within her son; She understood that this was the worst news he could ever hear. He wanted to be a hero like his idol, All Might. How can he accomplish this if he does not even possess a quirk?

A crippling fear overtook Inko Midoriya.

What is Hisashi going to say? Inko and her husband’s relationship began to stagnate as he began working longer hours and took to drinking to handle the stress. He possessed a powerful quirk that allowed him to breathe and manipulate fire. Even though he was young, her husband already expected too much of their child. Hisashi was a man of pride and was well known in the business world- to be known as the father of a quirkless; that would be unthinkable. He would not settle for a quirkless son. Inko needed to protect her son, should her husband attempt to threaten his well-being.

“Mom, can we just go home now?” Pulling away, Izuku had yet to look up. His balled fists were aching at the strain, but he no longer cared. He was useless, he wasn’t going to be a hero, so what did it matter if he felt a little pain. This is nothing compared to the agony he is suffering. This was too much for a five-year-old bear. He wanted to just be away from everything. His room sounded perfect. 

“Of course, honey. Thank you, Dr. Tanaka, for all your help.” Inko bowed and picked up her son to carry out of the office. Hot tears landed on the nape of the woman’s neck as her son cried. Izuku was strong, he would never show his pain to others but would always be ready to assist if anyone was in trouble. The mother remembers how her son would get the first aid kit to patch himself up when he fell. Her little soldier wailed the entire time but held a determination and knowledge that four-year-olds did not possess.

The two reach the car in silence and quickly head off. The older watches in pain through the mirror as her son stares blankly out the window. His vibrant green eyes showed no life. Tear marks show the aftermath of a boy who believes he lost everything. Inko forced herself to look at the road and tried thinking of how to give her husband the news. Scenarios swirl in her mind, taking the worst case, and figuring out how to best keep Izuku and herself safe.

Izuku became unresponsive as he entered the house, trudging to his room. Crushed, Inko allowed it- he needs time to process. Not one to dwell on negatives, she patted into the kitchen to get started on making dinner. She needed to cheer her son up, so what better way than with his favorite meal, katsudon? 


Midoriya Hisashi is mad, and you notice it. Hisashi describes himself to be a rational and calm man; this would not be the case at the moment. Being fired would do that to a person; especially, to one whom dedicated 25 years to that company and brought in millions for them. He sacrificed time with his family to make sure he was ahead. Losing sleep preparing for meetings and making damn sure he was never less than ten steps ahead of the competition. He needed a drink, a strong one. He shouldn’t be around anyone right now; heaven knows what he is capable of at the moment.

“Inko and Izuku should still be out. They were supposed to be staying at the Bakugou’s overnight, so I should be good until tomorrow afternoon to drink till I feel like death.” Looking back at the building he once called work, what was once a sense of admiration; now only disgust. Green eyes burned with fiery indignation. “You’re welcome for all the successful deals I made for this company, and thanks for nothing. Burn in hell, assholes.” With one final grunt, he turns away from the company to head to his car. He has a long ride home.

He really needed a drink.


The slamming of the door shocks Inko. The feeling of uneasiness creeps up her spine, which nearly causes the freshly made katsudon on the table. She was not expecting her husband for another few hours since he works late on Fridays. Making her way to the front of the house, revealing the man to be removing his coat. He is facing the opposite direction, so she is unable to gauge his mood; but, she knows something is different.

Analyzing the man for any signs. She senses unexpected anger from the man. His shoulders tense, his short black hair is messier than usual, and an eerie silence. He places his grey overcoat haphazardly. Sitting on the stair, he begins to remove his shoes. This silence is now far from comfortable, mustering the courage, she mutters. Worry spread throughout her chest but made sure it did not reach her face.

“Welcome home, Hisashi,” said man stops and turns to face his wife. His eyebrows are in a tense position, eyes holding back rage and his mouth in a straight line. For a moment, he looked shocked-as if not expecting his own wife to be in their home. The look only morphed into irritation and to her surprise, anger. A terrifying expression from the neutral man.

This is not good. Hizashi can’t find out about Izuku being quirkless while he is enraged by something and looks borderline murderous.

“Aren’t you supposed to be at the Bakugou’s home by now.” he spat; startled by the coldness in his voice, she steps back.

What do I say?

Inko does her best to smile. “Oh, about that. Izuku said he felt sick and wanted to come home, so I called Mitsuki to cancel today’s plans.” Inko was not a woman who enjoyed lying, a firm believer in telling the truth; however, these are trying times, and  technically  her statement is not a lie. Hisashi grunted but remained silent and continued into the house.

Making his way into the kitchen, quietly serving himself a bowl of katsudon and grabbing large empty glass and heads towards the stairs.

“I’ll be in my office. Do not disturb me,” Hisashi states gruffly and disappears down the hallway.

Inko lets out a shuttered breath.  I can’t tell him now. He will lose it for sure, and if he gets physical, my quirk wouldn’t be able to do anything. The best bet is for him not to get hungry and for him to drink until he passes out at his desk like he usually does. 

It has been a while since she served Izuku’s food, the steam long gone. Inko heads to her son’s room to call him down for dinner. Coming to a halt as an idea forms in her head.  After dinner, I could write a note stating Izuku is feeling better and head over to Mitsuki’s house. Hisashi can cool off in silence, and we will just tell him tomorrow. He is going to drink until he is that much closer to death. Drunk, he is not someone you wish to disturb.

Feeling confident with her new resolve, Inko steels herself and continues to her son.


The room was dark, except for the light emanating from the computer screen. Izuku laid on his bed all but staring at the ceiling. Only noise audible is the video playing on the screen that has long been forgotten, Izuku didn’t need to see it to understand what was happening-he knows it by heart. The debut of the new Symbol of Peace, he who saves everyone with the brightest smile ever-present. Izuku knows all you can know about the pro hero, All Might. He is dominant, undefeated, the embodiment of force, leveling buildings with a single flex of his muscle. All Might is the greatest hero, that was factual. His debut alone shows him saving over 100 people from a fatal incident in less than 5 minutes. All Might was unrivaled, and Izuku... could never hope to be like him.

All he could think about were heroes. Izuku was fascinated by them. People using their extraordinary abilities to keep society safe and peaceful. It filled the boy with the hope that when he grows up, he would be like one of them. He saw no other career path that looked as exciting and honorable.

He is a short and petite boy, a weakling to most. His soft, spoken voice and timid demeanor were no help. He was a permanent target for the other kids in his class who already got their quirks or simply were taller than him. 

Being a hero made Izuku feel like he was destined for greatness. Heroes were always seen as cold and confident... everything he wants to be. His quirk would have been a tool to help him get there. 

Since he turned four, Izuku was persistent in meeting with the quirk specialist so he can find out if he would develop a quirk. He was denied every time, and yet- his hope never wavered. His quirk was taking long because it is so powerful his body is preparing him for it, he told himself. He even tried experiments to see what it could be; they all failed — trying to breathe fire like his father left him sick for two days with a sore throat. Trying to use telekinesis like his mother left his arms stiff from the strain. Nothing worked.

It would seem that wishful thinking was nothing more than a wish, a plea to the gods to spare him the fate of being quirkless. He was going to be a hero. His quirk was just taking its sweet time to reveal itself. How could he save the day without the power to defend the innocent against evil?

“Why?” tears he didn’t know he had left poured down his face. This was unfair.

A knock brought him from his thoughts. His mom slipped into the bedroom. Her vibrant eyes dull in the darkness, and her smile strained.

“Honey, dinner is ready. I made your favorite. It’s getting cold, so you better hurry.”

Izuku stares for a moment.  I have to know.

“Mom.” he felt his voice crack at the sudden use. It was now or never.


“Can I become a hero?” Arms wrapped faster than he can process. All he feels is his t-shirt becoming wet and in the softest voice, “I’m sorry.”

That was not what I needed to hear from you, mom. Why can’t even you believe in me? Am I that hopeless?

Crushing defeat washed onto Izuku while he kept staring at nothing with a lost expression. All of his mother's wailing apology only intensified his pain.


Chopsticks clinking against ceramic reverberating in the silent dining room. Izuku tussled with his meal robotically- his eyes dull and the fight beaten out of him. His eyes shown like a man who lost everything. A sense of foreboding engulfed her. Izuku hardly touched his meal- taking small bites and stirring the contents around absentmindedly. She was unprepared for everything, which served to intensify her panic. Her appetite was ruined, she was relieved to find her bowl empty. 

The sound of a door shutting alarmed Inko, causing her to still. Boisterous footsteps approached the dining room. Hisashi hadn’t bothered to change, but look more disheveled. An empty bowl in his hand a satisfied smirk. 

“Hey, Inko. Do we have any more food? This katsudon was delicious.” Hisashi calmly stepped into the room, pausing to look at his son sitting, not a peep. Panic grew inside her, cautiously staring at the older man.

“Hey there, little buddy. How are you feeling?  Mom said you weren't feeling well. Did the doctor tell you anything?” That was it; only a matter of time, Izuku reveals what he learned today. The youngest looked up and peered at his father. A wobbly smile and a fresh said of tears dripped from dull irises.

“Dad, the doctor said I won’t be getting a quirk.” voice frail. He was ready to break if he hasn’t already. Inko shifted to be prepared to move Izuku were anything to happen. 

Placing the bowl onto the counter, he turns to face his wife for an answer. His eyebrows were tensing, he frowned.

“He said what, exactly? What you’re telling me is that our son is quirkless?” Inko didn’t let Izuku get a word in. “Honey, maybe it’s just a mistake. He doesn’t have an extra joint, so he should be getting a quirk,” Defusing the situation was crucial; however, she knew the man’s high temper better than anyone.

“He is turning six in a few months. He had plenty of time to get his quirk, and here he is fucking useless.” Hisashi snapped. Eyes showing nothing but anger. Inko paled. She had seen this coming, but to hear the words come out of his mouth destroyed her. 

“Wha-?” that was all Izuku could manage out. Fear overtook his features as he balled himself up onto the chair.

Inko was mortified, swearing at his child and calling him useless. The indignation held in those words. He meant every word. “That is a little harsh. Izuku is not useless.” she tried to reason, but the glare she received shows it was not up for debate.

“I bust my ass to give this son of a bitch a right home. All he needed to do was have a quirk, and he can’t even fucking do that shit. HE IS WORTHLESS, INKO. HE WON’T AMOUNT TO A SINGLE DAMN THING. AND HE WANTS TO BE A HERO. HE WILL NEVER BE A FUCKING HERO. NEVER!!!!!! 

Her lips felt glued shut. What response could she have for this? Rage sizzled from the depths of his being. Puke green eyes stared at the smaller boy in disgust. Smoke oozed past his lips as his quirk activated. Hisashi aimed at a shaking Izuku. Inko was in a nightmare. Her husband shot fire at their son. Her body wouldn’t react. She felt so useless. She was left staring as if she were a theatergoer- powerless to anything going on and left to watch the scene unfold.

“He is better off dead.”

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” She couldn’t react. All she did was watch her son being attacked by a torrent of flames.


The fire enveloped the kitchen, casting the room in orange and yellow hues. Inko crouched to shield herself. In the aftermath, scorch marks covered the floor and where there once stood a chair. All that remained was ash. Their son wasn’t there.

All the strength in her body vanished. Collapsing onto the ground, Inko let out a thunderous cry of pure agony. The waterfall of tears fell to the ground. His eyes glued to where her son once sat. To lose your child, your blood, was indescribable. They said the worst pain for a mother was to lose their child; how she hated how correct that statement was. Her everything, the boy who made her smile. How he was able to bring any room to life with a smile. Always helping her in the kitchen when she was tired. He was a child of wonder who simply radiated life... now he was gone. 

She was a failure. How could she let this happen? She had one job- protect that boy no matter the cost, He was extraordinary. They didn’t tell her why. Would it matter? She failed. He is dead, and it’s all her fault. 

No, this is not your fault. Hisashi was to blame. 

A part of her died at that moment. A hollowness entered with no indication of ever leaving. Her chest began to tighten. She ripped her gaze from the chair to the man who murdered her son. This man was no longer Izuku’s father. He was no longer her husband. Her gaze harder than steel as she looked at the man before. 

“WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY SON?” venom coated her words. Whatever love she had for this man died the moment he attacked her child.

“I sent him to a happier place.”

“Bullshit. You killed him,” Inko armed herself with a kitchen knife.

“You took my son… and now... now you will pay.” Inko stood with a strength and a hatred she never experienced before, aiming the knife at Hisashi. Her eyes flooded with unadulterated resentment for Midoriya Hisashi.

The man stared at his wife with disbelief.

“Why are you aiming that shit at me? I did us a favor.”

“A favor?” a cynical laugh erupted from the other. Nothing ever sounded funnier to Inko. How easily this man discarded their son as if he were spoiled trash just because he was quirkless. Her insides tighten in twisted mirth.

“You did us a favor? By killing my son. The last thing he saw was his very own father blasting fire aimed directly at him. How one he looked up to effortlessly made him feel truly worthless. What kind of father could despise their child that much?” Inko had enough. She was going to make this bastard pay.


At that moment, the lights went out. 

A crash from upstairs; whatever was up to them seemed scared and excited. Lots of shuffling and the sound of a door opening followed by rapid footsteps. A small figure came out from the shadows.

It was as if time stopped, the grip in her hands releasing as she dropped the knife. Inko could not fathom her emotions bubbling in her chest, stared in shock at what looked to be her son. Did the gods hate her? How could they play such a cruel trick? However, this is impossible as she just witnesses her son’s death… right?

Izuku was glowing… in every sense of the word. A dim, green glow surrounded his tiny form. His eyes were wide, and you can almost make out a golden ring around his iris. With the power going out, the only light entering the room was the light of lamp posts from outside the kitchen. It made the boy’s glow all the more noticeable. His new All Might print clothing charred from the flames leaving him in tatters. A blinding smile was on the boy’s face as he stared at his mother in excitement. He didn’t appear to have any burn marks, which was a massive relief to Inko. Her baby boy was alive and well and seemed to have a little surprise as well. 

Izuku was left to stare fear-stricken as his father aimed his quirk at him. It never crossed his mind that his dad not loving him because he was quirkless; his heart clenched; to learn how much of a lie that was. The world was cruel. You were alienated if you didn’t have a quirk. To learn firsthand how quickly his father changed upon learning of his status was startling. 

Reality halted in a fateful instant as Izuku was overwhelmed by this energy building in his body. His skin felt like jolts of electricity were flowing just beneath the surface… and then darkness.

He found himself back in his bedroom. It is dark due to the power suddenly going out, but the glow in the dark All Might action figure made it visible whom the room he was in belonged to. He searched his body for any pain and was amazed to find nothing. His skin hissed at the memory of the flames. They were unbearable. The heat was eating away at his flesh, and his body screamed in agony. 

So.. what happened to him. How is he suddenly all healed? 

A startling realization as to what happened hit Izuku full force. Izuku was filled with helium as the lightness he felt was so real he felt his feet leave the floor and hovered above the ground. Another revelation. His mouth hung open as he saw the level get farther from his feet. 

“I can fly?” was all the boy could manage. Not even a few hours ago, he was told he could he will never develop a quirk, and here he was just hovering like it was a regular, everyday occurrence for him.

Too many things were happening all at once, it is a miracle Izuku was able to keep his sanity. This was perfect- he now has a quirk. He has to show his mo...


She is still with his dad downstairs. He is was being scary.  If I show my quirk, he will be happy. But. He tried to hurt me. Do I want him to hurt mommy too? No. I have to save her. That is what heroes do, after all?

Izuku dashes to save the day with a smile that All Might would be proud of.


“Mommy, I have a quirk.” the voice of her son echoed through her mind. It was a comforting sound that brought tears to her eyes as joy flooded her.  He is alive. My precious baby is okay.

For just a moment...  a nanosecond of joy as Inko stared at her son with nothing but love and happiness. 

“I’m so proud of you, honey,” she managed. Overwhelmed at the emotional whiplash she was recovering from. 

That moment was ruined by the other figure in the room. Hisashi watched the scene unfold with shock. He wanted the little shit to die. Why the hell was he on the staircase? His clothing is burned, so he should have some kind of injury, at least but nothing but charred clothing.

“You managed to survive that, kid?” a deep, mirthless chuckle escaped him. The other looked to his father for the first time with a cold stare. He ran to his mother and spread his arms in defense. 

“Leave mommy alone.” Izuku didn’t notice his aura grew at the spike in his emotion. He was mad. His dad made a mistake. He tried to hurt him and was going to try to do the same for his mom. That could not happen. He would use his power to protect her. 

Inko smiled down at her little hero, ready to defend Inko. She realized now that Hisashi had to leave. She trusted this man as far as she could throw him. It pained her knowing her son would not have a father; no one deserved this, though. If she had Izuku, she would be alright. She would have to be the mom and dad. She was a doctor, so money would not be an issue. They don’t need him. 

“Hisashi. You need to leave. You are no longer welcomed here.” Her glare challenging and showing no sign of hesitation. It was astonishing how strong the once timid and kind woman turned into a lioness defending her cub and their home. He was no longer wanted here. 

“Huh?” Hisashi didn’t have enough alcohol to deal with this. He was sobering up quickly, and the clearer his mind got, the angrier he was. Being fired, his son being quirkless, attacking his son, said son surviving and discovering a quirk and now getting kicked out. This was a horrible day for him. He needed another drink. 

Hisashi notices the knife is near his foot, and a wicked idea sparked in his mind Izuku was very disrespectful right now. He needs to be taught a lesson in knowing his place.

Hisashi aimed the knife at Izuku. He reveled at the terror shimmering in his wife’s eyes.

Izuku watched as his father grabbed the weapon. He had no clue what to do, but he needed to act. The first thing that came to mind was to put his hands in front of himself like a shield. The energy he felt earlier and came back.

A brilliant ball of light began to manifest in Izuku’s hands. The glowing sphere coated the room in a viridian light. The pastel green energy tripled from a pebble to the size of a bowling ball. It looked heavy in appearance, Izuku felt as if nothing was even there.

For what seemed like the millionth time, Inko was left in surprise by her son. He never failed to amaze her. Hizashi was at a disadvantage. Inko glared. 

“What the hell is that?” Inko was also curious at this, Izuku displayed in multiple instances different abilities that do not seem to correlate to each other. Deciding now is not the best time to be thinking about this, Inko steeled herself and with a cold tone void of any love.

“You have one last chance. Leave, Hisashi, and never come back.” the other stared back wide-eyed. That was his final warning.

“Leave. Now” 

Game over

Hisashi released a dejected sigh. Without batting an eye, he turned and headed towards the door and began getting his coat and putting on his shoes. Turning to look at the two in the dining room, never moving an inch. In a tired voice, “You are going to regret this.”

Before Inko could retort, she soon beat her to it. Izuku allowed the energy to disappear once again, leaving the house in darkness. 

“No, I will be a better man than you and take care of mommy. I will show you I am not worthless, and… I will become a hero.” She could not see it; but, the eyes of her son screamed unwavering resolve. Izuku’s voice held finality- nothing he said was up for debate. Once he sets his mind to something, nobody can change his mind.

“We’ll see.” With that, Midoriya Hisashi walked through the door.

It seemed the stress of today’s event caught up to Inko as she collapsed to the floor. “Mom, are you okay?” her son rushed to hold her up before she could fall any further.

Although today was a disaster. Inko couldn’t help but be joyful. Her son was alive; she even had a powerful quirk. She will deal with everything later. As of right now, she just wanted to hold her son. Not sparing any time, her son was soon enclosed in a loving embrace. She would never let her son go. Pouring everything into that hug, time seemed irrelevant the longer they displayed their love for each other.

“Mom, can I be a hero?” Inko had not realized it before, but her son wanted someone just to believe that he can do it. Today, he showed her that he was not to be underestimated. A smile formed on her lips and gently cradled her son’s face as peered into his forest green eyes.

“Yes, Izuku, my baby. I believe you will become an amazing hero.” The smile on his face was worth the pain. He pulls his mom into the tightest embrace his little body is capable of as he cries tears of joy. She would do anything to keep her son smiling because that is when he is the most brilliant. The faint green glow surrounding him intensified. It’s shine spreading through the entire space. One would almost miss the light coming back on.




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“Get em; All might” ruby red eyes stared at the television screen as the hero used a punch to send the villain into the building previously damaged from their fight.

“Hey, keep it down in there, brat,” yelled Bakugou Mitsuki. Her patience thinning as yet another scream echoed from the living room. Her son was animatedly jumping in the air as he enthusiastically watched whatever superhero show was playing that afternoon. Next to him sat an equally enthused Izuku; albeit, he was calmer than his friend.

“Haha, let the boy be. He seems extra excited today.” a humorous but reserved laugh left Inko, who stared contently at the two children. His voice is too loud this early in the day.” the other responded irately, rubbing her temples as if to get rid of a nonexistent headache.

Ah, Mitsuki, ever the dramatic.

This moment was perfect. After the events of yesterday, Inko was more than willing just to let the boys be. Far from recovered, Inko thought best to visit her longtime friend. Izuku and Katsuki-kun can keep each other company while she tries to vent to her friend.

The blonde-haired woman turned to the Inko, someone who was like a sister. She watched as that quiet smile morphed into something dangerous. It was strange coming from the greenette- who was usually a cheerful woman.

“So..” she implied. Not wanting to rush should her friend not be ready yet.

“I kicked Hisashi out.”

“What happened?”

“He did something that I could never reconcile.” Mitsuki startled at the bitter tone coming from her. To say she was shocked was an understatement. Sure, she always thought the man was a douche but never voiced these opinions as her friend seemed to be happy with him. During the earlier stages of their relationship, Mitsuki and Inko were too busy to really catch up with each other, with Mitsuki being pregnant with her bratty son, Katsuki. Judging from what she heard the few times she managed to meet up with women, it was always reasonable, with some drama here and there. However, nothing too outrageous to make her worry. Midoriya Inko was too forgiving to a fault. For her to have enough to leave that man, something monumental needs to occur. What did he do?

She didn’t need to wait for an answer as Inko continued.

“Yesterday, after we went to the quirk specialist, Izuku, was determined to be unable to develop a quirk. As one would expect, he was devastated.” Mitsuki spared a brief glance into the living room. Izuku and her brat of a son playing tag. He was “it” and was dashing behind the couches as fast as he could to reach Katsuki. His smile was radiant. It baffled her how a smile could shine so brilliantly as it did for Izuku.

“Oh God.” she saw the passion behind those green eyes as they would watch hero films. A painful realization dawned on her. She could only imagine what he must be going through at that moment. It wasn’t a secret; Izuku wished to be a hero more than anything alongside her son, who recently acquired a quirk of his own.

Able to ooze nitroglycerin like sweat, Katsuki can create small sparks. She saw the potential it had. Her son had the quirk of a mighty hero; It was unmistakable; he will grow strong.

Katsuki and Izuku were inseparable- their love of pro-heroes bonding them. What now? Izuku can’t be like Katsuki. He is quirkless. Her asshole of a son could be cruel. He spoke his mind and didn’t seem bothered if his comments were received negatively. A trait she is well aware came from her. Izuku was strong-willed and was similar to her son in that aspect. What will become of them?

“Hisashi attempted to kill Izuku, last night.” this brought Mitsuki to a full stop. Ruby eyes burning with unbridled hostility; tears slowly pooled in her eyes.

“He did.. What?”

Son of a bitch. A piece of shit. Waste of space. Good for nothing, asshole. The shitfilled pile of garbage. He is so going to pay. What, how, why?

Fury roared through her entire being more potent than any rage she ever felt; her body shook under its intensity. Who would dare want to hurt Izuku? He has to be the sweetest, more caring person in human history.

Bakugou Masaru, having just entered the room only to see his wife seething. Her first balled so tightly, causing her veins to bulge at the abnormal pressure her blood was flowing. He turned to see an equally angered Inko, who was more reserved in showing her anger. He quickly went behind his wife and grabbed her gently by the shoulders to calm her down. It didn’t work at first. Placing gentle kisses on her neck seemed to placate her enough. Gently rubbing her arms, he looked over to his wife for an explanation. Her gaze hardened instantly.

“Midoriya Hisashi is a dead man,” a murderous tone came from shockingly Inko. Confusion and unease overcame the older man. He, like Mitsuki earlier, was not accustomed to their friend conveying such fury. He moved for a chair, understanding this conversation held more than he was told. Eye his wife, who now sat beside him, she motioned for Inko to continue with the news.

Inko recounted everything. From the murder attempt, the anguish of losing your child. The evil behind her husband’s eyes. The confusion but overall relief to discover not only her son was alive but had a quirk- not just one but many different abilities to how she needed help looking for divorce and custody papers.

Venting out all her emotions helped, if only slightly. It would be a long time before her feelings became stable. She watched as they projected the same emotions she felt not even 24 hours ago.

They were mortified by what their mutual best friend revealed to them. They resolved to help in any way they could. They sighed in relief knowing that, Izuku, after surviving an ordeal traumatic as that was able to manifest his quirk at such a vital moment. They continued discussing ideas on how to make Hisashi atone for his crimes.


In another room, Izuku and Katsuki laid on the floor reading a new issue of the hero comic book that Katsuski’s parents bought for him. It depicted the anticipated battle between All Might and Toxic Chainsaw. The hero had to act fast; too many civilians would be caught in the crossfire if he didn’t move quickly.

They were engrossed by the story unfolding. Katsuki almost failed to notice the green light emanating from the other boy; almost.

“Woah, Izu-chan. You’re glowing.” exclaimed the fiery blond.

Izuku was confused by his sudden outburst and looked at his arms to discover he activated his quirk accidentally. He didn’t understand the point of the glowing. If anything, it just made his a human flashlight. However, just being able to be confused about his quirk made him remember he indeed had one plus the other cool things he was able to do last night. He flashed his trademark smile, and quickly ran out the door, leaving a Katsuki to rush and try to grab him. Only to be patted on the back by the other. Immediately, he faced Izuku; astonishment was written all over his face as he realized what happened.

“Cool. When did you learn how to do that?”

“Last night.”

“That is an awesome quirk. Not as great as mine; but, with that and my sparks. We could be a hero duo in the future.” The blonde revealed a toothy grin as he discharges sparks from his hand.

“Wow, me and Kacchan. We’d be the best.” replied an equally excited Izuku who couldn’t seem to keep still.

“Let’s pinky swear on it. When we grow up, we will be the bestest friends and coolest heroes. Even better than All Might. Promise me, Izu-chan.”

“I promise Kacchan.” The wrapped their pinkies together and stole a peck. Their lips sealing the promise to always stand by each other. They smiled and went back to reading and playing for the rest of the day.

“Izu-chan, it’s time to say goodbye,” yelled Mitsuki from downstairs as small yet fast footsteps approaching the front door. Izuku quickly grabbing his things and putting on his shoes. He runs to his mom, who is waiting by the door. Katsuki was standing by his parents with a small scowl- not wanting his friend to leave yet.

“I’m leaving Kacchan. See you tomorrow for our sleepover.”

“Don’t forget.” was the other’s reply as his friend was almost out the door. He couldn’t wait.

“I won’t” he replied while opening the door; the Midoriyas’ exited the house.

Katsuki ran out the door, ignoring his parents’ yelling about him being barefoot.

“Hey,” the pair paused as they turned to the voice calling their attention.

Izuku was startled to see his friend outside in this cold weather with no shoes. It was chilly out, so; hopefully, his friend won’t get sick.

“Remember our promise.” was all he said before running back inside and shutting the door.

A small smile formed on the little boy’s lips as he turned and grabbed his mother’s outstretched hand to continue their walk home.

I won’t ever forget that promise.

How little they knew that soon they shall discover the painful truth that not all promises work out that way.

Chapter Text

He was weightless. The air was wafting through his green curls. The vastness of the sky enveloping him in an embrace of freedom that sets his heart alight with joy. He gazed down over the forest, his eyes holding wonder with his eyes a color to rival the most vibrant of plant life.

Izuku felt so small as he soared through the atmosphere. It was a fantastic feeling. To be able to be one with the sky and be free. He treasured his mornings when he can take off into the dusk-filled horizon and be alone with his thoughts, to think, process, or merely collect himself if he was feeling especially anxious.

Quirks were not allowed on the public city streets. This was the government’s way of keeping peace within the population and prevented those who wished to harm others to fear the consequences their actions have brought.

“I’m not on the ground, though,” A smile breaking onto his face without any resistance. Mischief bubbled in his throat and was readily detectable in his bright laugh — the sound soft and yet a hint of power behind every oscillation of his voice. His freckled nose contorted in mirth as he laughed at his stupid joke.

Glancing at his watch.

6:05 a.m

“The bus will be arriving in 15 minutes. I’m pretty far from the city right now; it will take twice as long if I were to fly at normal speed. So I will need to use a little more power. If I’m late, the next bus won’t get there for the next hour. I better hurry.” the boy mutters to himself as he pools energy into his legs and thrusts forward at an alarming speed. At this rate, he will have a few minutes until it arrives.

Teleporting was an option... however, flying is also an option. A choice Izuku has no issues with. 

He felt nothing but euphoria flying over the forest. The trees stretching beyond his vision, flowers in bloom as the spring approached. It would leave him in wonder as he passed. He came to this mountain every morning before school to get away from it all. His thoughts always ran around his mind without abandon, and he would succumb to anxiety on multiple occasions.

After a few minutes, he was able to see the city below — cars passing for workers who had an early shift. Pedestrians were walking on the sidewalk; you could find some out for their morning runs. A couple of people in business speaking on their phones outside a coffee shop. It must have been a serious conversation if their facial expressions were any indication. Food carts were beginning to set up a business.

His landing spot was up ahead. The brick exterior is worn down throughout the years. The glass windows littered with advertisements from other local businesses.

After quietly landing, adjusting his uniform, he headed into the shop. He was greeted with the smell of lavender invading his nostrils. The familiar scent relaxing him. Books lined the walls; dust was non-existent as he knew the employee there to be a clean freak. Passing the unoccupied desktops in the front and quietly walking towards the back of the room.

Sitting calmly, as he read a manga, was a boy Izuku knew all too well. His half red and white hair neatly combed. His heterochromatic eyes focused on the book in front of him. His left eye a crystal blue while his right was of a steel grey. It always fascinated him; he could spend hours looking at them in wonder. The other has yet to notice his presence.

“You’re here earlier than usual, Izuku.” his monotone voice holding a hint of surprise as his gaze finally lands to meet forest green.

“Only by three minutes. We’ll miss the bus if you don’t hurry, Shouto. It will be here any minute.”

“Alright, give me a second.” came the reply as the teen put the manga into his bag and swung it over his shoulder. His uniform similar to his, but instead of black, his uniform is white. They go to separate schools. However, they’re neighboring institutions, and only a few minutes walk from each other.

After exiting the building, the two head over to the bus stop only two blocks away from the shop. Izuku walked briskly along the sidewalk. The sun was beginning its trek through the sky, gently adding a glow to the still darkened city. It was a peaceful moment to be walking.

Izuku glanced at his watch again.

6:15 am

We’re right on time, but I don’t even see the bus anywhere. I could fly to school but, I already dragged Todoroki with me, and it would be rude to let him go on the bus. I am not going to be late anyway because the school doesn’t even start for the next two and a half hours.

Lost in thought, Izuku almost didn’t hear the other attempting to grab his attention.

“The bus is here.” came the flat response. Todoroki was already making his way to the doors. Izuku shook out of his reverie and stumbled after him to get on the vehicle. After paying the toll, they made their way to the back, it provided the best privacy, and hardly anyone sat there for convenience.

Setting his bag to the side, Izuku took out his notebook. A small, slightly worn out blue journal. It appeared to be worthless. However, this was as important as a bible is to a clergy member.

Within these pages documents all the data he was able to collect on Pro Heroes- hero stats, quirk abilities, strengths and weaknesses, sketches, information from fights he stumbled upon while walking through the city. All he needed for his future pro hero work. It was his most precious possession.

Finishing a rough sketch of Kamui Woods, he was adding shading and details to the Pro’s costume; Todoroki nudged him on the shoulder. Turning to face the other, he was greeted by a slightly nervous looking teen. A strange look, considering he was usually neutral with his facial features. For as long as he has known the quiet teen, he always carried himself with grace, and when speaking, he spoke with power and eloquence. Something the shorter teen envied, seeing as he suffers from nervous stuttering, which leads to classmates picking on him.

“You needed something?”

“After school, meet me by the riverbank you always pass on your way home. There is something urgent I need you to know.” he somewhat muttered. Izuku smiled and nodded.

“Of course, I will be there.”

Time passed seamlessly after that. After saying goodbye to his friend, Izuku found himself lying on the roof. The sun angled just right and casting its light over his being. A wave of strength took over. It was exhilarating- seemingly endless rays of energy swirled around him, his quirk grants him the ability to absorb natural energy- elemental, electrical, and organic.

After years, Izuku discovered how vast his powers are; it exceeds all limits of what a quirk is fundamentally capable of being. He has not even reached the brim of his potential. The thought both excites and terrifies him. Possessing all this power is overwhelming for a 15-year-old novice. Sure, he has a handle on the flying, emitting mid to high-level energy beams, he hasn’t felt the need to teleport since little, glowing when using his ability still happens- it was a pleasant surprise when he learned his aura could be utilized as a shield.

In the early days of learning how to fly, he had gotten carried away and ended up falling from a 15 story building. Thankfully, his shield activated, and he was spared from imminent death. It took hours to console his frightened mother that he was fine.

He wasn’t allowed to fly for three months.

His affinity for speaking to electronics was still alive and well, as he would often have debates with the TV about heroes when he was watching the All Might animated series. Electric manipulation is almost second nature. He would spend hours just talking to the radio; it is more than happy with recounting all the juicy hero gossip, He found out online how some homeowners used solar panels to save money and be environmentally friendly. They lived in the middle of an apartment- so that was out of the question. Besides, who needs them when he was there? He would often use his power to make an abundance of energy so his mother wouldn’t spend so much on the light bill. He had to stop because she believed it was “illegal” and “bad for the economy,” whatever that meant.

He still uses his power to conserve energy and avoid raising the price.

Due to his being able to absorb energy, he can use said power. He has control over the four base elements, and then some.

His ability granted him enhanced durability and strength. He is currently able to lift 300 lbs without breaking out into a sweat and having his body suffer numbness for hours on end. He struggles with making a workout regimen to build up his stamina and flexibility. His research is still incomplete, but he is hopeful that he would have a completed schedule soon enough so he can start training for the practical exam of UA.

Logically, he shouldn’t be worried; the one the contestants should fear is him. However, he will attract fanatics and social climbers or worse enemies because of his abilities. He is not ready for all the attention he is going to get- a weak and pointless reason; he knows it’s the anxiety talking. Many promising applicants are trying for the limited seating in UA’s hero course. Students like Todoroki and Kacchan.


He lets out a defeated sigh. It wasn’t the same ever since they entered middle school. Izuku kept discovering new powers and drawing unwanted attention. That didn’t sit well with the fiery blond. He needed all the attention to himself, often picking fights with Izuku to prove he was stronger. He always won, Izuku was new to his powers and hadn’t known how to wield them. Throw in Kacchan being his only friend that Izuku would never intentionally hurt, and his timid nature- he went from the talk of the class to the waste of space.

Despite his power, he was viewed as too afraid actually to use them and, therefore, wouldn’t become a hero. He was taunted, classmates would gang up on him and knowing he wouldn’t fight back or escape, they would beat him. It got worse when he came out as gay.

It never physically hurt, his durability would set in- punches and kicks would feel like little tickle against his skin.

The emotional pain was like a meteor. Seeing Kacchan leading these assaults broke Izuku. The names-


Every day having to wipe nasty comments off his desk and locker. One student got the bright idea to write it in permanent marker, so Izuku now has the honor of seeing a drawing of a dick shoved in a mouth. He didn't bother to ask the teachers for help. They were always conveniently not paying attention or were simply out of the room.  

The words ate away at him, consuming him. Leaving scraps of what used to be a happy child. Feelings of betrayal and hatred welled up inside Izuku. He swore to himself to forget Kac- Katsuki. He was not his friend. A friend wouldn’t hit you like that, glare at you as if you were nothing but scum on a shoe, call you worthless.

A Deku

Izuku distanced himself from Katsuki, the happy memories of their childhood shoved to the furthest reaches of his mind. He would make sure a teacher was present every time he was with classmates and disappear the second they weren’t. He refused to fight back. It felt like he would lose a piece of himself if he sank to their level. His fists would only be raised against villains. He was a hero, and no matter how much he hated his class. It was just for ten more months, and then he would be in UA training to be the greatest hero of all time… greater than All Might.

He had no time to waste against these homophobic “extras,” as Katsuki would often refer to others.

Bakugou Katsuki was dead to him.

The classes were normal. Everything moved like a blur around Izuku. He wanted to get through the day and go home. He had to meet with Todoroki after school. His thoughts drifted to the dual haired boy.

I wonder what he wants to speak to me about. It seemed pretty urgent. 

Todoroki has been in Midoriya’s life for the last few years. They met on a very fateful weekend -the summer Katsuki severed their bond completely.



Summer vacation was upon them. Izuku was ready for his weekend with Kacchan at the beach. Their parents planned a three-day getaway in celebration for completing their first year of middle school. Kacchan was not thrilled at all, grumbling the entire time about how he needs to train for the UA entrance exams and had no desire to play at the stupid beach. Auntie Mitsuki did not have it.

“Listen to me brat, you and little Izu-chan just finished your first year of middle school. You guys are finally growing up. Three days of relaxing ain’t going to kill you. So stop grumbling and get over here and help Izuku load the car. We’re leaving in an hour.” she yelled from the house.

Izuku was preoccupied with loading the Bakugou’s van, trying to fit all the food they were bringing. Mitsuki said all the restaurants were garbage compared to Inko-chan’s cooking. Izuku’s mom, forever the people pleaser, decided saving money was better than the five-star food establishments in the area. Izuku didn’t mind that much; he loved his mother’s cooking- especially her katsudon that got even more delicious the older he got. His quirk forced him to expel more energy than usual, which causes him to have a bigger appetite. Not that he was complaining, his mom gave him more food then he knows what to do.

The angry blonde growled under his breath, eyes challenging as he made his way to the car. His was the last of the luggage to load. Izuku outstretched his hand to take the sports bag.

“Your bag is the last, Kacchan. I can take it from here.” the other replied happily. His relationship with the explosive boy wasn’t the best at the moment. He was determined to mend their strained bonds.

Katsuki hissed, like an angered house cat. Adorable

“Shut the fuck up, nerd. Your voice is giving me a headache. Take my bag and zip your lips. I deal enough with you at school. This weekend, stay out of my way, or I’ll blow you up. Not even your quirk will help you when I’m through with you. Get it, shitty Deku?” Kacchan glared as if challenging the other to speak against him.

Izuku waved his hands placatingly, shaking his head erratically and not trying to provoke the other with their parents right inside the house.

“Okay, Kacchan. I’ll leave you alone.” grabbing the bag and placing it into the back. After locking the car, Izuku looks at the other one more time before. Deciding it was best just to do what the other said.

It was going to be a long weekend.

He wishes it was longer.

It turns out he was wrong. Izuku was too busy hanging out with another boy he met at the beach. The dual haired boy caught his attention the second they locked onto him. His features captivated the greenette.

The other had been under an umbrella reading the second book of Avatar, the Last Airbender- a fantastic series that Izuku was in love with. He had watched the show repeatedly. An epic tale of a young monk having to restore balance to a war-torn world in only a year because he was the prophesied ‘Avatar,’ the master of all four elements. Izuku felt he could relate to the monk in certain aspects

They both had elemental abilities, and both were on a mission for peace. He could fly, although the main character used a glider or his sky bison.

The story was engaging, and the world-building was well developed. It was one of Izuku’s top shows.

The boy reading had similarities to a character in the show. It was apparent, the scar on his left eye was evidence enough.

Izuku felt drawn to him, and after a few hours of awkward conversation-they learned they had much in common- dreamed of being pro heroes, both big fans of All Might and each wanted to go to UA high, Avatar. They had similar tastes in music.

Izuku was glowing.

The now, Todoroki was shocked at the discovery, but, immediately accepted it with a shrug and little smile. He didn’t often express himself, it was alright, the other somehow understood what he meant.

The day passed by in an instant, and only when Inko started calling him for dinner, did Izuku leave the other. They agreed to meet the following day at the same spot.

Katsuki was strangely quiet the entire meal. Stealing glances at Izuku and muttering to himself. The boy paid it no mind, his thoughts being overtaken by the new boy he met today. It was amazing. Izuku was able to be himself almost immediately.What’s his quirk? What are his parents like? Do they live near each other back home? Does he want to go out? 

Izuku froze.

There was no denying the other was breathtaking. The two had just met, Izuku could not possibly have developed any crush already.

Besides, he was still getting over Kacchan. It was insane to try and pursue a relationship with him. He realized that in the worst-case scenario, they wouldn’t be friends after this weekend. Getting over him would be a top priority.

But… wouldn’t transferring those feelings be ideal? Killing two birds with one stone? Give your attention to Todoroki, and your feelings for Kacchan would disappear.

“You’re muttering, nerd.” the annoyed tone pulled Izuku out of his musings. Looking up, he gave a sheepish smile and tried to focus on the meal he hardly touched.


“So, Izu-chan,” Mitsuki started. Gaining the other’s attention. A playful smile, her plate empty. Her hands under her chin, supporting her head. Her gaze searching.

“Who was that lovely young man you were talking to? I could have sworn you would be training with my little brat, but you had not spared even a glance his way once you met that kid.”

Izuku felt a glare directed at him but actively ignored it. Gulping down the rest of his food, he faced the woman, trying to settle his nerves.

“Oh, Todoroki. Yeah, he was pretty cool. We have many things in common. Kacchan looked pretty focused, and I didn’t wish to bother him. So, I hung out with him. We are going down to the beach tomorrow for a swim.”

His mother shifted in her seat to face her son. A warm smile on her lips, her eyes sparkling with curiosity and excitement. A question was burning at her lips.

“Aww, that is amazing, sweetie. You should invite him over after lunch. It would be wonderful to meet this young man. You’re glowing, literally."

His eyes widened in shock, unaware that his quirk was activated. It would only appear without his knowledge when he was filled with great emotion. He was too obvious.

What is happening? What am I even feeling? I feel light- as if my body was weightless, nothing like when I am flying. My heart… my heart feels warmer than average. My blood is pulsing rapidly through my veins. I feel…


A genuine smile overtook his face, helpless to stop the tide of giddiness in his chest, threatening to burst out at any moment. He failed to notice his aura intensify.

“That would be awesome. I’ll ask tomorrow.” nodding vigorously, thoughts once again centering around Todoroki. Completely unaware of the cold glare being directed towards him by an enraged Katsuki.


Izuku was almost unable to sleep that night. Ignoring the pillow being thrown and yells of the other to calm down, his glow only intensifying, rendering the room too bright to sleep in peacefully. Steadying his breath, he forced the light to vanish. Casting the room in brilliant darkness.

“Don’t bring that piece of shit over here tomorrow.” the voice was quiet, but he could hear the rage behind those words. It unsettled the greenette. Turning on his side to face the other, shocked to find the other sitting cross-legged and returning the stare with fury in his eyes.

“Huh? Why?” was all he managed.

“I don’t want that Canadian flag looking cunt around me. Keep your loser club away from the house. I already said I didn’t want you around me… your creep friends are included.” he growled. 

Very mature, Kacchan.  He thought, frowning. 

“He won’t bother you. You will be out training on the beach. You won’t even cross paths. I don’t see the issue. Also, he is not a loser or a creep. No need to insult him like that, Kacchan.” he watched as the others glare burned brighter. His red eyes turning murderous. Izuku would usually hide away from those eyes. Not now, Kacchan was acting childish, more than usual.

“Don’t mouth back, you idiot. I said not to bring him. Listen to me, or you’ll regret it.” 

“Give me a better reason than that. I already solved your problem; you won’t even see Todoroki or me."

It hit him like lightning; as it finally dawned on him. He fought back the wicked smile threatening to appear. Katsuki narrowed his eyes, noticing the change in demeanor.

“Are you jealous?”

“HAH?” the surprise was palpable. Katsuki was speechless, struggling to comprehend what the freckled teen said.

“Why the fuck would I be jealous of anything that Half-and-Half bastard has?” he barked, Teeth grinding. His sweat glistening as the itch to spark something became unbearable. He was livid.

Izuku was unfazed, another shock, he held his stare as he analyzed the blonde. Thinking back to dinner. Katsuki had his attention on Izuku the entire time- glaring hotly at the other.

“The entire dinner consisted of you staring me down. From the moment I mentioned Todoroki, your gaze went from the usual scowl to full-blown anger and hatred. Why are you so mad, and explain why you care so much who I hang out with?”

“I don’t give a flipping fuck who you talk to. Keep away from the house. I don’t want to see him around you.”

“Huh?” he was taken aback. That was unexpected.

What did he mean, he didn’t want Todoroki around me? Why?

For a second, Katsuki’s gaze faltered. Something unrecognizable lurked within carmine irises. Within an instant, their blazing intensity returned tenfold.

“Listen to me, little shit. Do not go spouting shit like you know what you’re saying. Talk back again, and your mom won’t be able to recognize the remains.”

Izuku gripped his sheets tightly, anger and annoyance simmering just below the surface.

“I don’t get you. One minute you demand that I leave you alone, and now my lack of company irks you plus you seem to despise the idea of me speaking to someone else as if my attention should not be anywhere else… but on you,” awareness struck the green-haired teen. Everything made sense: the glares, the constant demand for him to keep watching Katsuki, the jealousy.

He wants me never to look away. For me to trail behind him until the end of time. Not once losing sight of him. To be one step behind him, staring at his back, unable to surpass him. To be second best. To live my life as Deku, nothing.

Hot incensed tears pooled in his viridian eyes, streaming along his freckled cheeks. He felt like flying to the moon and making his own crater. The audacity of Katsuki. Izuku stood, grabbing his blanket and pillow. Not wanting to spend another minute with the blond, in fear of letting out his frustrations that would level the half the beach complex they were staying at.

“Where the fuck are you going?” the blond quietly yelled as Izuku made his way to the door. His hand on the knob. Still facing the door, he whispered.

“I’m going to sleep on the couch. Right now, you’re getting on my nerves, Kacchan. I will bring Todoroki whether you like it or not. I am tired of being bossed around by you like I’m nothing… like a… deku. From now, I will choose for myself. Goodnight, Kacchan.”


Morning came quicker than he would have liked. His mom and the Bakugou couple were up already in the kitchen preparing breakfast. The smell of eggs, bacon, and potatoes filled his senses, and the savory aroma teased him.

His mom questioned him on why he had been sleeping on the couch instead of with Katsuki. He suppressed the dark feelings rising like bile in his gut and came up with a believable excuse.

Shrugging and sheepishly laughing, “Hah, well, the room was too cold for me, and I did not want to bother Kats- Kacchan. He can’t sleep in warm rooms due to his quirk. I thought it be best to move down here.” he finished, praying that his mom would not question any further.

Someone up there must have decided to take pity on him as she only smiled.

“Ah, that’s fine, sweetie. Go get dressed while the food finishes cooking.” with that, she left to head back into the kitchen.

A sigh of relief left his body as he went to do as instructed. A warm bath sounded like a good idea.

Or it was a good idea.

An irritable Kacchan beat him to it. His eyes locked on the shorter with an intensity he was too tired to decipher. The blond was still in his sleepwear from last night — a black towel around his shoulders. Izuku spared him no time as he moved to pass him.

A mistake.

An oppressive handed clenched around his wrist, holding him in place and commanding his attention. Its hold on him tightening as the other began to speak.

“Don’t think we are finished with the shit you said last night,” his voice gruff and biting. On any other occasion, Izuku would be a crying mess, attempting to placate the other to not get hit. This wasn’t one of those times.

Just as he was about to retaliate, however, the grip on him was gone as fast as it came. Without a word, the blond walked into the bathroom and closed the door with a loud smack.

He stood stunned, caught up in a mental battle. He wanted to confront the other; he did not understand the big deal about this. The relief was another emotion he felt, a tad ashamed for almost using his quirk. Had the other held on a second longer, that bathroom and half the house may not have existed.

Entering the room, he grabbed his sports bag and finding a pair of grey sweatpants, matching it with a mint green shirt that was about three times his size. He then caught the swim trunks his mother bought him, a limited edition All Might piece branded with red, white, and yellow- colors attributed to the pro’s Silver Age Suit. Grabbing his small basket of showering essentials, he exited the room. He was grateful to discover the bathroom empty. Mist lingered in the room as he began to undress, exposing months of training. Placing his clothing neatly on the rack, hanging his towel on the shower rim.

His muscles were beginning to form correctly, a long way to go before he was anywhere near his goal- having the physique of All Might. He was proud, nonetheless, that all the progress he made. Twisting the handle on the water, he adjusted the water to warm. Jumping in, he immediately went to work- using the shampoo and working into forest green curls.

“Alexa, play Anpanman- BTS.”

“OK,” came the female, electronic voice.  

As soon as the music began, the shower became a flurry of soap and off-key singing.


Izuku padded into the kitchen, clothed in his swim trunks and a blue ocean top, which was too big for him. He decided to use the other shirt for after his swimming today.

The dining room was set with food neatly arranged. Izuku's mom was already seated, serving herself eggs to add to her already completed the meal. Mitsuki and Masaru were quietly digging into their plates, Katsuki slowly stabbing his bacon. They turn, noticing the greenette enter the room.

“Morning Izu-chan, come and help yourself. We made plenty.” came Mitsuki’s cheerful voice. 

Responding with a nod, he sat next to his mother, across from Katsuki. He grabbed eggs, bacon, and steamed potatoes. He devoured them greedily. His body was shaking in euphoria as it finally got food into its system. He subtly ate quicker than average, not wanting to draw suspicion. Once he finished, he planned to leave to rendezvous with Todoroki at the beach.

“I was thinking of heading to the beach now. It’s 11 right now, and there should not be too many people at the seaside. I’ll bring the Todoroki at 3. That should be plenty of swimming time. Unless you decided you don’t need to meet him. Which is fine, you certainly do not have to if you’d rather not. It isn't like we are close enough to warrant you meeting him this early, right? I mean, we could always re-”

“Slow down there, buddy,” Masaru cut in calmly. His voice brimming with mirth at the rambling teen's antics.

“That is fine. We would love to be introduced to this young man. You looked so happy last night. If your glowing like a Christmas tree in New York had anything to say about it.  As though your body struggled to contain your excitement.” his mom gushed at Izuku’s ever reddening cheeks.

Was I that obvious?


Putting his dish in the sick after finishing his meal. Izuku headed out the door. The eagerness in his step. Striding forward down the wooden planks on the sand. Sandals were flopping with each rise and fall of his feet. 

Up ahead stood Todoroki. Fitted in a black wet-suit. Well-formed muscles were stretching the fabric. Legs perfectly sculpted, made visible for all the world to witness. His torso, lean and mouthwatering, revealing years of vigorous training. His light creamy skin, complemented by the suit, shining in the glow of the morning sun. His hair was messy as the wind gently flowed through the strands.

Izuku gulped.


Todoroki is hot.

Hetero-chromatic eyes landed on emerald ones. Izuku smiled brightly at the other, receiving a tiny grin in return.

“Good morning, Todo-kun,” walking up to the teen. Wordlessly, they began to make their way to the shore. As Izuku hoped, it was not crowded, save for two families and their children- who were building sandcastles. The breeze was gentle, the rays of the sun comforting. As usual, bathing Izuku in energy. A surge of power filling his being- causing Izuku’s field to become visible.

Izuku felt the curious gaze on him. 

“Is that your quirk?”

“Yes, and no. Kind of. It is apart of my quirk overall.” he turned to face the other. Mismatched eyes were staring expectantly. Izuku sat, gathering his thoughts on how best to explain it. His “quirk” is not something quickly told.

“My abilities are not the norm. I have never heard of anything like my quirk. It is not just one thing like everybody else. I have multiple. Or put simply, my power manifests itself in the form of different capabilities — for instance, this field.” gesturing to the light emanating from him. 

“Usually, it is just energy expelling out of my body. It appears when I am feeling intense emotion or when I am using my other abilities. By itself, it’s harmless, just warm. However, I discovered a way to concentrate the field and solidify it.”

Closing his eyes, he focused his energy and imagining a shell, an impenetrable shield. Opening to see, a thin layer surrounding his enter body.

"I have not properly tested it yet, and it does not see much action. Nonetheless, it's pretty sturdy."

Todoroki’s mouth opened in awe. It caused a chuckle. He looked absolutely adorable.

This is not even half of it.

“I almost forgot.” Izuku faces the other. Todoroki leaned forward, eyes examining in wonder.

“They’re gold. Your eyes changed completely.”

“This is another thing that occurs when I use my powers. It may have to do with my senses. I have a hunch- I used to wear glasses as a kid. Whenever I activated my quirk, I had no real use for them; my vision was crystal clear. It only worked when my quirk was active. Later on, though, it sort of became permanent. I have yet to understand the full potential of these eyes.”

Todoroki gaped in awe. He looked so adorable. (A/N We get it; you're cute.)

“Whoa. That is amazing. What else could you do?”

“Let’s see. I can fly, emit energy from my palms, electrical manipulation, invulnerability, healing, enhanced strength, and speed, teleportation, I can speak to machines. I have control over the elements. I can draw energy from the sun, the moon as well, but it’s weaker. Add in my shield that is all I could do for now.” he finished. He laughed at the expression the other was making. His eyes were blown out beyond normal, eyebrows raised so high; they hid behind his hair, his mouth resembled the cartoons when it falls to the floor.

If he thought he was shocked, the dumbfounded expression was comical on the stoic boy.

“How is any of this possible? Having more than one ability is unheard of. Like my quirk is just a combination of both of my parents’ Quirks. And yet, here you are- in possession of abilities found throughout legends. To top it all off, you’re saying that there are powers you haven’t even discovered yet? You also have my abilities. How?”

“I am as shocked as you are. It has taken years for me to wrap my head around this. It isn’t as glamorous as it seems, though. I can kill people if I am not careful. Someone being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and a chaotic ability shows up and hurts them. Let’s not mention; I could probably end up as someone’s lab rat. The power I wield is immense, in the wrong hands, it could reduce this town to rubble. Not to sound like a show-off.” a weak chuckle escaped him.

Todoroki was silent. 

He despised this way of thinking. He would force his brain to think about anything else, preferably positive. Like a shadow, they always lingered, the brighter the light, the darker the evil. He couldn’t escape these things.

What if I hurt someone? A person I cared about, mom. She sacrificed so much to raise me and help me develop my power to be a great hero. To protect the world, to make her proud. To prove him wrong.

Bile rose to his throat at the thought of him.


“I would rather die than be like him.” the anger boiling beneath the surface. His field was becoming unstable as the outpour of energy left him.

A cold hand landed on his shoulder. He turned to look at the boy, worry evident.

"Are you okay?” his tone was so gentle.

Izuku flushed, embarrassed, almost letting his power go haywire. Calming down, and forcing his barrier to fade was best. Especially with the sun out, he is practically a solar panel.

“Um, yeah. Sorry about that.”

“Remind me, never to pick a fight with you.” the other jokes. A small smile gracing Shouto's lips.

“Ah, I’m still learning to control it. You could still probably hold your own against me.I’ll give you a run for your money, though.”

“My point exactly. It’s no doubt you’re going to become a great hero, greater than All Might.”

A blush spread over his freckled cheeks at the praise. He has never heard anyone praise him before. It felt strange, a welcomed strange.

“You think so?” he couldn’t help but ask. 

“Sure. You even have your first fan.”

“Huh?” Izuku drew back. His confusion was palpable.

“Spikey blonde hair; it looks as if you murdered his mom. He was watching us the entire time,” he stated flatly as he checked his watch.

“It’s already 3. This conversation felt way shorter. Your fanboy has been stalking us for four hours." he was almost impressed."You’d think he’d have something better to do than to glare at us for no reason. Creepy, if you asked me.”


"Why didn't you say anything?" Izuku spluttered, "We could of left." 

Kacchan was watching us? Why? Hours? He was supposed to be training today. He made it abundantly clear to stay away from him.

Todoroki shrugged, "I was curious to see how long he would keep it up. Does his face do anything else?" 

"I wish," Izuku replied, "Posturing Pomeranian is his default setting." 

Finally, he chose to face the explosive teen. He looked angry- no surprise there — his crimson gaze directly on him. His black tank top tight on his washboard abs, as close as a 15-year-old can get to those types of look. His hands were stuffed into the pockets of his ripped denim shorts, which hugged snugly against his thighs.

He looked terrific, now if only his attitude were as breathtaking. Izuku sighed; he needed to try and resolve this before they got to the house. The area was beginning to crowd, and it was a good of a time as any to head back. He still hasn’t even invited Todoroki.

“I forgot to ask; my mom and that guy’s parents wanted me to invite you over. They wanted me to introduce you. If that’s okay. Don't feel bad if you have plans, we could reschedule for tomorrow.”

“It’s fine. I have nothing to do tonight, so it should be fun. Besides, I want to know what that dude’s deal is.” the other stated in a bored tone. Todoroki did not look all that bothered by Kacchan’s attitude. Which was a good sign; the last thing anyone needs are two dominant quirk users duking it in a public area with no restraint.

Picking himself up, brushing away the sand as Todoroki did the same. Todoroki tossing on a white oversized v- neck. The article was making the boy unnecessarily attractive. Satisfied, they walked side by side towards the blond. Izuku had no intention to speak to him; silence could not be used against him. Their pace never slowed even as they passed the scowling male.

Unfortunately, his plan did not have the desired effect.

“Oi, shit stain, did you just fucking ignore me? I was right in front of you,” he shouted. 

“We are headed the same way. I assumed you did not wish to talk to me. You usually never do.” he states, never turning in the other’s direction.

“He sounds lovely,” sighed Todoroki. Izuku sympathized with him, as he was not a fan at the moment, either. 

Was he always going to be this hard to be around?

Walking up the steps of the two-story brick home. A beautifully built house- maroon brick paired nicely with the windows lined with tan frames, the door of the house a sleek black The roof colored a steely gray. Cracks were not visible if there were any at all. Passing the garden teeming with little patches of beach roses, winterberries in full bloom. A gorgeous home, his mother found online on such short notice. An elderly lived here for over 20 years but advertised the property to make some money while they traveled to Europe for the summer.

Truly romantic. One day, I hope to have that.

Izuku wondered, based on how annoyed Katsuki looked, how long would this house stand. He needs to avoid a scene like that at all costs.

After stepping in, Izuku was greeted with an all to familiar smell, one he grew up with- katsudon. Inko was in the kitchen, chopping lemon for a homemade ice tea, Mitsuki supervising the pot with the katsudon. Masaru sat on the couch, reading a novel depicting the calamity that happened in America during September that had changed the world forever,

Izuku’s mother was the first to notice them. Placing the pitcher of ice tea into the fridge. She bounced to the door, dragging along a confused Mitsuki.

“Hello, dear, you must be Todoroki- kun, my son has mentioned. It is a pleasure to meet you finally. I’m Izuku’s mother, Inko.” she welcomed, bringing Todoroki into a warm hug. The unsuspecting teen, straightening out in her grip. Not accustomed to physical affection, Todoroki stood awkwardly, waiting for the older woman to let go. As if knowing, she loosened her grip before steeping to back, giving a sheepish smile.

“I apologize for her behavior, Inko is a bit of a hugger. Well, the food should be ready in a few, make yourselves comfortable,” stated Mitsuki, patting the boy on the shoulder rather harshly. Said boy, too nervous to say anything, only wincing at the unexpected force of the woman turning, not even bothering to apologize for her own behavior, following after her friend.

“Izuku, I was thinking on the way over. You mentioned that you have some level of mastery over the elements, which means fire and water, which in turn ice as well. I would like to see that for myself.”

“Oh, um sure, there is a pretty big clearing outback, no one goes there since it’s private property. We could use that.”

“Oi, did everyone forget I was here?” Bakugou rudely cut in.

“Would you like to join us?” he offered, brushing aside the fact that he did indeed forget that the blond was there.

“As if I was planning on using the back. Don’t get in my way, ass shrub,” he growled out, stomping to the back door,

Ass shrub? What the hell is that?

Deciding it to be a waste of time, trying to figure out his childhood friend’s insults- frankly, he should be used to them by now. In any case, they were losing their edge.


They trained for two hours. Todoroki, bless his heart, speaking encouragement to Izuku the entire time.

Nothing. He would either unleash the four winds or Niagara Falls- no ice.

He reasoned ice is frozen water, so by simultaneously creating a stream, and cooling it with wind. Few reasons it failed.

Timing- it took way too long to summon all the parts. It would be a liability in battle.

Izuku doesn’t know how to cool his air to the point of freezing. All he managed to do was blow water in every direction. (Katara made all of it look so easy)

Izuku sighed dejectedly. He was not getting the desired effect. What was he doing wrong? What would Katara do?


His thoughts, useless as always. His body hit the sand like a sack of potatoes, defeated and frustrated. The sun was still out, just barely, soon to disappear behind the horizon. 

“This is your first time actively trying to change the composition of water. Give it time; you’ll figure something out.” oddly optimistic as always. They've know each other for a day, and in that time- the boy does not wear his heart out on his sleeve; however, he spoke earnestly.

Izuku’s attention was taken by the sound of explosions going off in the distance. A little farther down, Katsuki discharged explosions in rapid succession. He was sending the blasts out towards the sea, which in turn causing waves to part at the force being released. It looked so effortless, already at his age, his skill unmatched. What Katsuki lacks in human emotion, he more than makes up in raw, power. He was already able to control his propulsions, granting him the ability to propel through the air- paving a way to new aerial techniques.

His Achilles’ heel. Katsuki was his weakness.

Even if he hated it, he always followed behind Kacchan;still trailed when the abuse was at it's peak, every strike was remorseless. Izuku still wanted his approval. To be seen as equal, that he wasn't less human because of something as inconsequential as his orientation. Izuku became puny compared to Katsuki. Katsuki received all the praise while he was tossed aside. The only time people paid him any attention was to ridicule and mock. He curled in on himself; he was likened to an armadillo, a hard exterior protecting a weak and vulnerable inside.

He detested this side of himself. He always gave the blonde too much power. 

Not for long.

He wasn’t weak and defenseless. Soon, he will prove it.

“May I ask, why do you associate yourself with him?” the tone bordered on dislike. He looked to emerald eyes, his own stare imploring.

“We grew up together; We have all the same classes. It’s impossible for us to not be in the general vicinity of one another. To tell you the truth-” Izuku shifted his gaze to the sand. 

“We are not friends by any means. I tried to fix it; this trip was supposed to bring us closer, in hindsight, it’s pretty absurd to imagine now. Our time together, I guess, just finished. It’s in the past, where it will stay. Our closeness disappeared a long time ago, and I, like a fool, just kept clinging to hope that one day, it would be better. It most definitely ended when I told him I was gay-” the words slipped out before he could catch them.

What was he thinking? It is way too soon to be telling him any of this. I just met him, why did I say that?

Izuku felt his heart rise to lodge itself in his throat. His skin bristled, blood pulsing rapidly. His heart quickened, sweat forming on his forehead. He was light-headed.

Like before, a cold hand was placed on him, this time on his thigh. He immediately looked up, what he saw made him still.

A smile.

A full-faced, beaming smile. It was mesmerizing

“It’s okay. I could see you’re panic a mile away. I won’t judge.” at that moment, hesitant arms wrapped around him. 

The world didn’t exist. A sea of acceptance crashed into him. Tears burned as a sob threatened to leave. Everything felt right. The arms around his molded perfectly, as if they belonged there, He was overwhelmed with unadulterated support from this teen. He grabbed onto the other, clenching down on his shirt, pouring unspoken gratitude into the embrace.

“If it helps, I find boy beautiful too.” his body became motionless as he took in words. As if his soul wasn’t struggling to control the tsunami of emotions within his heart.

This is amazing; Izuku never met anyone like him. His class not being the most tolerant of anyone whose sexual orientation was not straight. It was a huge relief to finally meet another gay person. He was not alone anymore. Todoroki was already so incredible, plus he could relate to Izuku on an even deeper level.

Fate had given him a break, gifting him with someone whom he felt he could be himself with one hundred percent. Although they just met yesterday, the connection they managed to form in such a short time was mind-blowing.

Izuku refused to let go of the other, the strong arms never letting up on his grip, showing Todoroki was somewhat comfortable in this position. A smile crept onto his face, one he has not honestly felt in a while.

This was perfect.

“What’s this fag shit?” 

And now it's gone.

Why couldn’t Izuku have ONE moment to himself without the blonde ruining it somehow? It was beginning to bother him.

His smile has vanished, a frown taking its place as he untangled his arms to lock eyes with the unwelcome guest. Katsuki stood glowering at the two; fists clenched at his sides. The sun’s dying rays striking his face, bathing it in an orange glow. He looked murderous. Izuku was fed up-he had no idea what the other’s problem was.

“We were having a conversation. It doesn't concern you.” was Todoroki’s reply. He was staring straight at Katsuki, who seems to grow even more upset. There was a silent battle waging between the two, Izuku was forced to standby and watch until vermilion eyes locked onto him.

“What were you and your candy cane looking boyfriend talking about?” he sneered. 

“Why does it matter to you?” he voiced. His moment from before gone and negative emotions were on the rise. Why was he like this? Why must every single happy instance lead to Bakugou being in the way?

“Answer the fucking question.” he moved to the green-haired, only to be stopped by Todoroki- his arm outstretched, keeping the blond away. The boy tensed, things were escalating. Todoroki seemed unfazed; it was as if he knew something Izuku didn’t. Somehow, as if he been in this situation before.

“He already answered; what we discussed has nothing to do with you. It is best to leave him alone.” his tone laced with finality, Katsuki, the ever-stubborn one, refused to yield.

A twisted smirk, “You never denied the boyfriend part. It seems the little slut snagged himself a boyfriend, one who can protect him. He can’t fight his own battles, still so weak.” he taunted, classic Kacchan. His blood was boiling, how dare he even say that.

“Izuku is far from weak; he could handle himself just fine. I am surprised he hasn’t put a rabid animal like you in its place. Oops, sorry, that’s an insult to animals.” Izuku gaped in amazement at the confidence Todoroki was oozing. He held his head high, staring at Katsuki as if he was a third rate extra who was all bark and no bite, he bit back a smirk at the blonde’s incredulous expression. That did it.

Katsuki was used to people fearing him, praising him, usually both. Nobody had the guts to ever go against him, the size of his ego rivaled of mountains in response to the shallow acclaim he received all his life. That is where he was most vulnerable; he does not handle opposition well. He was accustomed to getting his way, and now- not only was he being defied, but he was also being insulted.

“You are so going to regret saying that, Prince Zuko wannabe. Deku… put me in my place?” smacking the arm away, eyeing the two. ”He ain’t shit; I could beat him at full strength without trying.”

“You didn’t deny the wild animal part?” the shit-eating grin looked odd on the dual haired male, and yet, it was the best thing ever. Katsuki didn’t find it humorous.

“What is your obsession with him? You just met yesterday. He let you fuck him or something, and you just can’t keep your tiny dick away from him now?” he bit back, smug as if he did something by saying that.

“Friends hang out if I am using the term correctly. I am aware you are incapable of forming a friendship. You treat your childhood friend like filth. I also could ask the same, why are you so keen on following him everywhere. You stalked us this afternoon for hours.”

Silence fell between the teens.

“Why do you hate him so much. What did he ever do to you?” he continued dryly. That seemed to be too much for the blond as he was on him. Todoroki falling as Katsuki grabbed his shirt in his fists, digging his knee into the other’s stomach. It was quick and had Izuku scrambling to his feet.

“Do not come here, have a couple of conversations, and think you have us figured out. That disgusting sack of shit called Deku is beneath me. He can keep his homo ass away from me. I don’t want anything to do with that waste of space. You can keep him, he always needed something to follow.” he was seething, his body shaking with unbridled rage. In a fluid motion, his free arm began sparking.

At this range, Todoroki will take massive damage. His right arm was being forcibly restrained, promising pain if he should try and move. Those delicate hands, Izuku knew them well- his body… remembers every burn, every single hate-filled strike. He couldn’t stand by, watch on as Katsuki does what he wants.

Determination overcame him. With a shout, he stepped forward.

“Leave him alone.” angry eyes transformed to their radiant golden hue. Stars smattered within yellow depths. His vision sharpening reality, he saw colors brighter, the farthest reaches of the sea closed in as if pulled to the front, forming a clear view. He saw every outline of Katsuki’s form- each curve of muscle, indent from bone, every follicle on his head. Piercing red eyes widened in mild shock, only to narrow in displeasure.

Izuku, the weak, who never spoke unless spoken to, cried when a bird hit a wall, was silent during his beatings. This was not that Izu-Deku.

I am not Deku.

He gripped his closed fist, energy flowing like rivers through his veins, he needed to show Katsuki he was serious.

“I won’t stand idle any more, I will not back down.” his fingers tingling with energy itching to be released. He stared defiantly towards the blond, Who instead of barking out, simply smirked menacingly. The arm gripping Todoroki’s forearm glowed, eliciting groans from the male.

Gold-eyes flickered with fear, like an electric jolt, unlike anything he has ever felt.

It happened in an instant, the flash of light, the smoke, the scream that makes your blood curdle. Izuku was too slow, as Katsuki blew up Todoroki’s arm.



Todoroki laid slack; his skin charred like coal. The material from the wet suit incinerated. Crimson dripping from various openings that were sure to permanently blemish the skin; small bits of exposed bone protrudes from the center. If by a miracle, the arm was still attached to the rest of his body.

The sound of his mother calling befell deaf ears. They were running towards the kids, Izuku’s knees giving in sending him crashing to the send. His body petrified at what he witnessed.


He is mad.

“What the fuck is going on here?” Mitsuki’s voice boomed through the air, analyzing the situation, eyes enlarge as she notices the scene before her. His son, bent over the boy she met an hour ago, mewling in agony from the damage he sustained.

“Oh my god, Katsuki. What did you do?” his mother sputtered out weakly, her being trembling in apprehension. Tears were pooling at her eyes. Izuku hated that she had to see this. She already went through enough with his father. She didn't deserve to know the monster that is Katsuki Bakugou.

A chilling rage filled him. He was mad.

A coldness spread over his hand, casting a thin coat of frost over his palm.


How? His attempts ended in failure.

His emotions? He was in disarray, his feelings scrambling to the front of his mind- anger, desperation, courage, bone-chilling fear, and vengeance.

“I put this faggot in his place. He was talking down to me. This out to show him not to mess with me.” he laughed cruelly. He was standing over the moaning teen with a triumphant smirk.

“You psycho brat. Look at what you did; bone is sticking out. You think this is funny.” argued his mother, disbelief bleeding out in her tone. Her son was not extreme. However, this… this was criminal.

“This candy cane freak and Deku were disgustingly affectionate. Like the queers they are. I just made it so that they knew their place.”

Izuku heard enough.

“My being gay bothers you so much?” the coldness in his voice not being lost on anyone, drawing everyone’s attention — green curls covering his eyes, hiding the darkness in them. 

The air around him was dropping in temperature as the power increased- ice coating his skin further. Interesting enough, it wasn't as painful as he would expect, his invulnerability might be the reason.

“No way is a cowardly flamer like you ever going to be a hero. So, not only are you unnatural, wanting a dick like a weirdo you are, you won’t even defend yourself. What? Need a real man to do it for ya? Is that why you always followed me? Wanting my big fat cock in ya, creep?” he taunted, ignoring the threatening screams from his mother, who stood rooted in her steps beside a petrified Inko and worried Masaru who did his best to comfort the weeping woman.

“Here’s some news for you, little shit; you are always in my way. Your Prince Charming failed to rescue the damsel in distress. What are you going to do about Deku?”

“I hate you.” it came out mumbled. 


“I said,” golden eyes pierced Katsuki with hatred, unlike anything he ever witnessed. It was the first time Izuku had looked at him with anything remotely negative. He wouldn’t admit, but; it terrified the blonde.

“I hate you, Bakugou Katsuki.” he ignored the shouts of shock from the Bakugou’s and a pained yelp from his mother. It was too late; he was so stupid to believe he could fix this. It was beyond repair; their bond didn’t exist. Katsuki didn't deserve his kindness, attention... his love. He was going to end this here and now.

“I- I’ he choked back his sob. “It didn’t matter if I had a quirk or not; you always saw me as weaker. You believed that showing kindness was somehow a liability. That I was inferior for not wanting to parade my Quirk. That my power was wasted on me. You made my life a living hell, and I stood there taking it. My power isn't a toy. It will consume if left unchecked. It devours indiscriminately, only ruins left in it's. I refused to hurt anyone pointlessly. You hated me for my reluctance, and because I am gay,” Izuku spits. 

“I give up, chasing for your approval. You won’t change, and.. I won’t be here to watch you fall.” taking a step forward, standing up for himself for the first time. This pivotal moment cementing as the ending the end of an abusive, toxic, one-sided friendship.

“Ooh, would you look at that? Deku finally grew a pair” a weak comeback, both knew. 

“You don’t scare me.” 

Katsuki crouched, hands spread behind him, sparks igniting in his palms. He launched towards Izuku with blinding speed.

The attack looked so slow to him, with his power, this wouldn’t be a challenge. As if the world slowed around him, he raised his palms, with that releasing the bottled up blast. Ice spread like a tsunami of frost, instantly encasing Katsuki in a tomb of cold.

Yellow embers were dying abruptly. Katsuki’s expression was laughable.

I found a new power today and took back the one I let you hang over me.

Izuku ran to Todoroki, inspecting his conditioned. He was unconscious, his breathing almost invisible. The bleeding had stopped. Unfortunately, he lost a lot more than Izuku was comfortable with.

He must have passed out from the pain, blood loss, or both.

Gently clasping his arm around the injury, feeling the exposed wound, carefully inserting the body part back into place. After ensuring it was set correctly, he used the last remaining energy to restore the appendage. Greenlight illuminated the two; he watched as the cuts sealed, skin mending together. As he expected, there were bluish marks around where the bone pierced.

Hoisting up the unconscious body as if it were nothing, which he was. He made his way to his mom, the three adults speechless and slightly ashamed they were utterly useless in this situation.

“Izu-” his mom started but was cut off immediately.

“I’m going to take Todoroki home, and when I come back, I’ll pack so we could go home. I’ll unfreeze Bakugou when I finish. This..." he turned to stare at the frozen mass, "should be payback enough.” he shrugged, adjusting the boy on his shoulder.

Mitsuki broke the silence, bowing her head to the teen and shocking the two Midoriya’s.

“Izu-chan,” he heard the crack. She was fighting back the tears, her shoulders shaking. “Words cannot express how ashamed we are at how our son treated you. We were not aware of any of this. Sure, he had an attitude, but never to this extent.

Nevertheless, that is no excuse at how he behaved.” raising her head to face him, tears streaming down her cheeks. It was strange to see the strong-willed woman showing vulnerability. Instantly, she was on the boy, arms wrapping him in a tight embrace.

“We will make sure he learns his lesson. He can forget training for U.A; the rest of his summer will be spent in boot camp and with a Psychologist. He will not go unpunished for all he put you through.” her grip tightens around him as if he wasn’t holding someone else.

“If it’s any consolation, you are loved. You are not a freak or anything my bratty child told you. You proved that right now. You are more than enough as you are.” the words penetrated his soul and had him sobbing into the older woman’s shoulder.

“That means everything, Auntie Mitsuki.” he held on longer, relishing the moment. He was so overwhelmed by the events that unfolded.

“Go take this brave young man home, we’ll pack for you, so don’t sweat it.” finally releasing him, he smiled brightly at her, hoping all his gratitude was being conveyed.

Turning around to address his mother, she looked ready to faint; he honestly couldn’t blame her.

“Mom. I am okay.” he knew that was all she needed to hear at this moment. 

“Ooh, my baby.” she flung herself at him, again disregarding the other body he is holding. Her hair was tickling his cheek as she shakes.

“Why didn’t you tell me what was going on?”

“We’ve been through enough; I didn’t want to worry you even more. Besides, it was partially my fault for letting it escalate this far.” Inko was ready to protest, again Izuku beat her to it, “but now, it will be different. I am going to be an amazing hero and prove everyone wrong” he felt his mother snuggle him closer.

“Oh, sweetie, of that, I have no doubts.”

He let go with his new friend in his arms. The brisk night beautiful, the stars above twinkled brightly, almost rivaling the determination being born in his being.

He walked with a rejuvenated will, smiling genuinely, happy for the first time in ages.


He got cut out of his musings by the arm on his shoulder. Turning around, he was faced by an oddly flustered Shouto. They arrived at the riverbank, as Shouto suggested.

“Hey.” he greeted, sensing the nervousness radiating off the other. 

“Hello, listen, there was something I wanted to tell you.” he shifted in his stance. Attempting to discreetly rub his hands together.- A quirk, he learned about the other that he only does when he felt anxious.

“Yeah,” he answered gently. " 

And from his lips, Shouto utters his confession. 

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For relationships, I love polyamorous pairs. I sometimes just want an established, healthy multi person relationship where everyone is living their lives and kicking ass without have to worry about cheating (ahem *cough* Todoroki *cough*). I love them all so much. If you notice Katsuki and Todoroki don't have a relationship tag, that is for a reason. Spoiler, Katsuki does not like Todoroki so they won't be anywhere near each other romantically.  

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Chapter Text

I like you, Izuku. Will you go out with me?

The words repeated incessantly in his mind. His friend stared at him. He, however, was unable to form a coherent sentence. His mind had turned on him- he needed to come up with a response.

He wished to be able to speak; unfortunately, the air in his lungs abandoned him. The confession rendered him speechless.

Izuku forced his quickening heart to slow. How did he feel? Shouto and him… as a couple? It will be a lie if he says he never fantasized about it. They were practically inseparable for years. He felt something when they met, sure- the situation he was in when they first began their friendship was chaotic. Izuku’s emotions were out of control.

Leaving Katsuki was more painful than he anticipated. He expected strong feelings- he was ending a decade of ‘friendship’ with the blonde. After melting him from the ice and immediately teleporting home, he collapsed in his room as the tears flowed. His mother was helpless to console her son. Izuku had locked himself away for days- refused to eat, he tuned out the radio’s concerned voice. Years of torment and repressed anger. He was unleashing all of it, and it was sure taking its toll. He became a shell of his former self. Body wasting away as he neglected to care for himself. Vivid, iridescent eyes were dulling with each passing day. Creamy white skin losing its vitality appeared sickly pale. The muscles he worked so hard to obtain, left to shrivel up from lack of attention. He became a shattered shell of himself. 

He was inconsolable for months.

That is what made Todoroki so significant he was there for all of it. He saw day by day the life fading from him. Wallowing in his anguish, wishing the world would just stop for a second so he won’t feel his dizzying emotions. While Izuku was toeing the edge of lucidity and insanity, Shouto simply held him in the dark as Izuku dampened his shirt with tears.

Todoroki was the only one who sees him. Teleporting the older boy into his room to snuggle into him and encase himself in familiar warmth.

He avoided his mother, even resorting to teleporting to the bathroom and or when he left the house to train. In hopes to avoid crossing paths. Guilt filled his being every time he did it. He could hear all the gadgets whispering. He ignored them as well- not wanting to argue. Izuku hadn’t let his own mother touch him in months. He knew it was not her fault. Trapped in his suffering- he selfishly neglected his mom. After a while, the household appliances finally quieted down. Blanketing the house in silence. All except for the silent whimpers from down the hall. The silence was now unbearable.

It was strange to hide from her. For so long, I was just them. He wasn’t himself right now. He felt he didn’t deserve her after distancing himself. It would be selfish to just ask her to hold him after pretending she didn’t exist. Every call saying that lunch was ready, knowing that he wouldn’t come down. Her patience even though he took it for granted. He was not her son right now, he was someone... something else. She deserved him at his best. He would rationalize it was to protect her from witnessing his fall. 

It was only to hide his shame.

The pained understanding of his situation kept her at arm’s length. Her quiet ‘good nights’ echoed from behind the door every evening before bed. She never entered, wanting to give her son space. She never said anything, offering silent support until his heart was powerful enough to fight his demons.


Tentative arms stretched to a disheartened Todoroki. Gripping the taller teen with a reassuring smile. Perking up, their eyes met again. Izuku mustered up whatever strength he possessed in hopes to gave his friend a form of a response.

“Shouto,” he began yet, was frozen. Emerald stared into mismatched eyes intimately. He was hesitant, was this a good idea? To no avail, his thoughts scattered, resigning him to confess.

“You’re mumbling, Izuku,” he whispered teasingly to the befreckled teen. A short laugh erupted from his chest as he visibly stiffened, being caught in his embarrassing habit. It was almost enough to get him to shut down completely. “It’s adorable,” the edges of his mouth curling into a soft grin.

Gentle fingers found him, gingerly tracing circles on the back of his hand. The gentle pressure aiding him to ground himself in the present and focus. A giddy feeling spreading throughout his being. With a surge of newfound confidence, his own fingers tangled into larger ones that dwarfed his own. Soaking up the other’s shock at the sudden boldness, lightly squeezing, once again staring into the other’s eyes.

He knows.

“Shouto, I would be honored to go on a date with you.”


Damnit, where did he go. I just had him!!!!! My time limit is almost up.

His plain white tee that barely contained his bulging musculature drenched in sweat, leaning against the wall of the empty alley, hid the Symbol of Peace. Bright blue irises hidden behind half-lidded eyes. Blond bangs that typically stick out from his head, wilted from sweat and frustrated tugging. He let out a shaky breath, desperate to regain his composure enough to continue pursuit of the villain that should be easy to capture.

He winced at the full-bodied pain flooding his nerves. The wound on his abdomen aching violently at the exerted force as the hero nears the end of his Strong form. He barely had enough energy to move another step.

It is becoming more challenging to maintain this form.

“Unfortunately, that must wait. I need to find that villain. He could be anywhere.”

The hero trembled in frustration when he noticed to the sewer drain out of the corner of his eye.

“He is using sewer systems.”

Gripping the empty soda bottle, the hero clung to the dwindling embers of his power and managed to take a step forward; and then another. He ignored the protests his body made; he had no time to think about this. He will deal with the consequences after he finishes his mission. It was not the first time he prioritized his job over his health. Civilian safety is of utmost importance. Who would he be if he couldn’t beat this low-level criminal?

“I am the Symbol of Peace, the world’s number one hero- All Might.”

Invigorated with resolve, he stepped onto the street. With his famous ferocious smile blinding all. Eyes ablaze with a fierce, burning thirst for justice that will not be satiated until he sees the guilty punished.


 It was laughable at how shocked Todoroki looked.

Testing the waters, Izuku leaned into the other’s space. The coolness of his right side causing goosebumps over his arms. A pregnant silence fell over them; it wasn’t bad, however. It was almost peaceful. A cool breeze wafting through unruly green locks. The ravine behind them, the tranquil sound of flowing water lulling his mind into a peaceful trance. Izuku felt content at this moment.

Shouto has been by his side for years. He was patient when Izuku had isolated himself from the world. His monotonous personality was typically off-putting to those who did not know the dual haired boy. Izuku found his demeanor steady; it was a constant in his life- making his crazy day to day living seem almost reasonable.

It was apparent he would fall for him. Now he was presented with the opportunity to do just that- date him.

“Izuku,” he started. It was a mere whisper, but… it sparked electricity up his spine. The proximity of their bodies charging the air with an entirely too intimate moment to any onlookers. Casting a glance, for what seemed like the millionth time, he was entranced. His gaze was tender, sending his heart pounding like a jackrabbit on ecstasy. The look was almost too much, Izuku steeled himself, keen to listen to everything Shouto had to say.

“I am so thankful that you accepted my feelings. I am beyond excited to show you so much. I am going to spoil you rotten.” Izuku inched closer, his chilled breath ghosting upon Izuku’s lips. 

The declaration spiraled in his head, causing heat to burst behind his cheeks. His words sounded so tempting, and Izuku was falling... To let someone in like that for the first time seemed like it should be a cause for alarm. Here with Shouto, sharing oxygen and gazing into the depths of the others' being, felt… right.

“Hey, let’s meet up this weekend. There is an Avengers film coming out Saturday. We should check it out. Apparently, the same actor that plays All Might now has the role of Thor.” he breathed. Now fully aware of the kiss that was just about to happen. For a brief second, Izuku watched his eyes flash with rejection before morphing into strained patience. Izuku’s heart twisted. He wanted to give and do nothing more than molding his lips to the other. 


It felt too soon; they just declared feelings for each other. That in itself is a lot to unpack, and Izuku wanted to start slower. He has matured over the years, a far cry from a ball of anxiety and insecurity. Having an impassive yet caring friend helped him build a backbone. In retrospect, he regrets his past for trying to befriend a boy who had the emotional maturity of a brick that was on fire.

Nonetheless, he was still warding off the remains of his depression and anxious tendency to overthink and question a person’s intentions, no matter how sincere.

He did not want to ruin it.

The heterochromatic stared at him. He let out a sigh, curling his lips to mimic a smile, hoping to convey that he is okay. The effort sent Izuku's heart soaring. 

“That would be great.” reaching out to take the former’s hand into his own, “I should be going. My father has been more annoying about my training as the U.A Entrance Exams are in ten months. Which to him means not enough time.” he chuckled half-heartedly, a sign of muted irritation. An almost imperceptible, yet acute hatred burned in those dual-colored eyes.

Shouto’s father is not the most pleasant man to deal with on the best of days. Especially when he is the Number 2 hero, and that demands perfection at all times. His children were no exception to the rule, of course, Todoroki being the only child interested in getting into U.A- his other children entering other fields of study such as medicine and military careers- has the Pro dedicating, more rather dictating all of Shouto’s time and energy into training.

Izuku was not a fan. 

Izuku let out an indignant whine, not at all happy with the situation. “He needs to relax. You are already so powerful for your age, you have received a full scholarship to your father’s Alma Mater just from grades alone. You will do amazing on the practical exam. It wouldn’t kill him to ease up on your training.”

Todoroki appeared to only be half listening, briefly staring into space, pondering something. What? Izuku had no clue. He hummed absentmindedly in agreement.

“You’re right. I'll try and talk to him about it. Not going to expect much of dialogue considering who we are dealing with.”

Deciding he was done with the depressing topic, Izuku grabbed hold of the other’s hands. Entwining their fingers together as they casually began walking in the direction towards Izuku’s house. They remained in peaceful silence- allowing their gaze to roam the busy metropolitan streets. Most employees are strolling to their cars, as others waited by the bus stop. Everyone moved fluidly in a rush, and yet you could not find someone getting bumped into. It looked practiced. The city stepped in rambunctious harmony. It was a strange sight to behold.

A ringtone shattered the blissful silence, Todoroki reached for his phone and checked the message notification. He releases a strangled growl. He didn’t need to ask; he deduced plenty from the sound alone.

“The devil wants me home now. Unfortunately, I can’t walk you home today, Izuku,” he stated. He was frustrated, already irked that the man was already getting in the way of their relationship. A relationship that he is entirely unaware of no less, making it all the more infuriating. It would only get worse when he finds out about Izuku. That is if he planned to tell the man.

Izuku snarled, not the least bit surprised. Endeavor had a way of ruining things, even if he wasn’t aware of it. Sometimes, Izuku wonders if the man has another quirk that causes misery to everyone around him. He would believe it.

He reluctantly lets him go, after one final squeeze to their still interlocking fingers before releasing the other. After a quick goodbye, Izuku watches the retreating back of his boyfriend.



He needs time to process what transpired less than 20 minutes ago. He turns on his heels and continues home. It is a beautiful day; he thinks to himself. No rush to be anywhere, his mind is sort of on a blissed-out autopilot. He was not incoherent enough that he can't navigate himself, but enough to slightly dissociate from reality. He notices himself enter an overpass; the sun disappeared from his vision. The shadows that were surrounding him growing larger, dancing on the walls. The street around him is empty. Debris littered everywhere.

“No one sees the trash bin at the end of the block.” He wishes people had a little more consideration for the city. He was pulled from his semi-lucid state by a pungent odor.

“I mean, come on. Who leaves green slime on the ground.” It was gross; a murky green, filth covered the gelatin-like substance. A putrid smell filled his nostrils; he stopped himself from vomiting on the pavement. The smell magnified by the enclosing waste bins. It reminded him of sewage water; he once had the misfortune of smelling as he passed a construction site. With his enhanced sense, it made for a memory that he wishes he could forget. A scent that left him gagging for hours. This glob on the ground, to his dismay, smells even more revolting.

It looked like gunk you find in Sci-fi films. The kind that never fails to become the evil ooze that kills everyone. The movie Alien comes to mind.

“What even is that?” no answer comes to mind. It looked foreign to him; Izuku never saw a substance like this. It was oddly intriguing.

The sound of popping filled his ears. It was as if the gas bubbles were encased within the green ooze. If he hadn’t activated his Quirk, he would have never known. 

His eyes flickered gold as he studied the slime. A shiver racked his spine as he noticed the  movement  of the substance. It was  alive . As if like magnetic, the scattered slim slowly moved towards each other, soon merging into one giant glob.

Izuku shuffled back, unnerved by the turn of events. Sensing a foreboding presence manifest itself. He watched wide-eyed as the green monstrosity enlarged. It was still formless, but Izuku was too distracted by the  SENTIENT SLIME  transforming before his very eyes.

It was evident that this thing has to do with a Quirk. So this primordial ooze was human. With that knowledge, Izuku’s uneasiness intensified.

“I need to go.” he breathed. This situation was not looking good; he had an awful feeling. A sinking suspicion that this person was not so friendly. He began to pry his feet from his position, mind only thinking about escape- only to freeze again at the sound of a voice.

“Hey there, off so soon? You got some pretty golden eyes. How about we have some fun?” the dark, raspy timbre startled him. This person was releasing some very off-putting vibes, and Izuku was not about to entertain this man.

“Um, no, thank you. I really must go.” Izuku struggled not to recoil at the supercharged vomit inducing mucus membrane of a being. 

“You can’t go.” he started, which made this situation a million times worse. Izuku might have to fight. The thing didn’t give any care to the Izuku’s internal dilemma, as he persisted. His voice easily one of the most disturbing voices he has ever heard. “You can’t leave. Not when you are going to be a good boy and hand over that body for me. Nice and easy. I’m going to slip into that pretty little mouth of yours and make that body my new home.”

Okay… NO.

He had no reply to that contradictory statement. It felt so wrong to hear that. He was only 15. He did not need to hear those words come out of a grown man’s mouth. He needed to get away from this… this… sludge villain,,, creep.

He is cursing his desire to understand the unknown. As the adage goes, “Curiosity killed the dumbass who can’t stop analyzing shit.”

Sometimes, Izuku is to damn curious for his own good. Never able to keep his nose out anything that catches his attention. It has finally come to bite him in the ass.

Chapter Text

What is he waiting for?’

'Would you shut it? You know why he is freezing up- he’s freaking out.

‘He will have to make a move soon. That Nickelodeon slime reject doesn’t look it’s going to wait too long.’

He’s giving him that rape-y, pedo face.’

'He did just threaten to slip into his body. so...’

'Disgusting. He thinks it's cute to say that? Fucking bastard.'

‘You know… maybe..we could do something. Just fiv-’

ησт α ¢нαη¢є. нє'ѕ ѕтяσηg єησυgн ƒσя ησω. нє ∂σєѕη'т ηєє∂ υѕ... уєт.


Not yet. Soon. 

“God has officially left me.”

His life never ceases to amaze him- he gets himself a boyfriend the day a predatory sludge villain decides for Izuku to be his next victim.

He wanted to scream.

The slime just watched. It showed no signs that it was going to strike. It made Izuku even more nervous, Izuku could hear the passing of cars, students on their way home or to hang out with friends; blissfully unaware of the evil around the corner,

Now, Izuku was not afraid. Far from it, anxious was a better word for it. It would be child’s play to dispose of this creep. Freezing him would be the safest and fastest approach.

However, what would he do then? Just leave him here for the police to find. If they arrive too late and the villain dies from the cold reaching vital organs? How would he explain any of that? Izuku would have been accused of involuntary manslaughter. If the police were to find him- then he could say goodbye to U.A. Using your Quirk was a clear violation. He was not a Pro; he has no license, one slip up, and he could ruin his or somebody else’s life.

“Listen, kid,” he sighed. Tendrils of slim whipping and flicking about erratically. “I need a body, and yours is going to do nicely until I get the hell out of dodge. You-” a short, sinister chuckle escaped him; impossibly adding to the highly intense atmosphere,

“Unfortunately, for you, that means that you will not be leaving this tunnel alive.”

It came to him slowly. Or what looked to be slow. His tendrils were making their way towards him. He reacted immediately. He disappeared to reappear behind the unsuspecting villain.

The man let out a vicious snarl. His face was glancing every direction before landing on the small figure at the back of him. Izuku was even more unsettled after seeing the smile that crept its way onto the sewage creature’s face.

“Fascinating, you are a little jumper, aren’t you, my cute green bean.” his predatory gaze running over the teen. A frightening glare that made every hair on his body stand at attention. He felt gross being called cute by this man — his already sharpened senses on high alert. Out of the vast undesirable qualities this Quirk user displayed, that look sent Izuku over the edge.

"I can’t worry about the consequences now. I will need to fight."

His body was rigid, tense from the uneasy air around them. He tried to relax to allow energy to surge. He fought to remain calm, as to keep his aura down. He’d sooner not alert the villain to his other abilities if he could help it. He would need to pull his power with tact, subtly enough so he could strike at the right moment.

He studied the other’s movements. He was remaining still, both of them locked into a silent battle of wills. Who will break first?

His skin felt cooler. The icy energy was filling his being underneath his skin, itching to release itself without restraint- to render the world motionless. He had one moment to do this; he could spaz out about the effects of his actions later. He needed to do this.

He raised his palms, the air around his body dropping in temperature as the power built.


The voice boomed, abruptly pulling Izuku from his thoughts. The two turned, minds whirling as they faced the Number 1 Hero.

“All Might?” they yelled in unison. One of fear and the other of joy.

Izuku was filled with relief, a Pro showed up. The greatest hero showed up. He was saved.

The slime villain was not pleased; He needed this boy to escape. The situation was getting worse and worse; something had to be done.

All Might gaped. A boy that looked to be about 14 was planning on fighting this criminal. He pushed down the seething rage.

"If only I were faster. Now, this kid. He must be losing his mind. It is unacceptable that he endures this."

His body screamed in protest, trying to hold his Strong Form. His body was hardly steaming; he took it as a good sign. He can rest once the child is safe. Plastering his trademark smile, hoping someone would believe it.

“Fear not, citizen. For I am here,” the boy winced as if his voice was too loud,

The villain gained his bearings faster than he hoped. He launched himself onto the child that happened to be moving his mouth at abnormal speeds. All Might was too slow, as the sludge wrapped itself around the screaming boy.

“I won’t let you get me; All Might. You hear me. I’m taking this one.”



Izuku stood there, helpless as the villain latched onto him and forced his way into his mouth. It was revolting- he was unable to fight back the tears as he was forced to gobble down dirty, murky, awful smelling sludge. His screams coming out muffled, The being was all around him, not a single inch of him left uncovered in his hold.

He was so caught off guard by his idol showing up, he completely forgot about his most significant problem. He would yell at himself for that later, as well. For now, he was pissed.

He didn’t bother to hold back his aura, now brightly illuminating the tunnel. He pulled at every lick of power and just concentrated it inside and out. Freezing the intruding object in his mouth and he watched on as the ice rapidly expanded the liquid-based villain. He coughed out the tendril of slime. Crying in relief as his lungs greedily took in oxygen. He secretly laughed as he heard the cries of the monster as its body froze before his very eyes.

"It serves you right, creep."

At this moment, Izuku was unaware of the disbelieving eyes that locked onto him. All Might’s eyes flicked with an odd mix of shock and pride; He stared at the massive Sludge villain ice sculpture. This child displayed a flawless execution of his Quirk. An attack at that range demanded rigorous training for only the most determined. No doubt about it, this boy aspired to be a hero.

His shock soon replaced with mirth as he laughed, happier than he felt in ages. The fatigue in his body at the moment was nothing more than a ghost ache. The other still lost in his euphoria of defeating a villain.

"I found my successor."

His joy now cut short as the boy collapsed onto the pavement, unconscious.

Izuku woke up to his face, repeatedly smacked by this enormous hand. He deleted today’s reserves with that attack. He was emotionally drained. His emerald eyes cracked open and met a face, only mere inches from his own.

“Agghghhg,” he instantly vanished. He jumped a few feet away. After realizing what he did, he felt burning shame.

“I am so sorry, Mr. All Might, sir. You startled me.” he bowed in apology.

“It’s quite alright, my boy.” he laughed. His eyes flickered in realization. His mouth hung low in shock.

“Um, would you mind telling me how you just did that?” he asked, clearly astonished.

“Huh?” came his 'intelligent' reply.

“That” waving his fingers in his general direction. “That teleportation ability. I believe I saw you freeze that villain before.”

Izuku was made aware of the reason why he was in this predicament. He shifted his attention to the frozen statue a few feet away from them. His eyes turned downwards. Someone had found out. It wasn’t as if he was a good liar; he had no reason to. He certainly couldn’t lie to All Might it even if he wanted to.

“Oh… that” his voice softer than he would’ve liked.

“It’s,” he shuffled on his feet. Trying to find the words to explain what he has yet even to understand. “It’s my Quirk.”

It was not hard to see the Pro was having trouble understanding this.

“That’s imp- “

“I know.” he cut in. “I know it is. I- I am still not sure how any of this was even possible. It just is normal for me.” tears fell down his cheeks. He choked back a sob. He didn’t understand why he was crying, exactly. All Might stood there silently; he guessed to give him a moment.

“I’m sorry.” his voice was strangled.

“Why are you apologizing, my boy?” he sounded almost panicked. It was rather funny.

“I-” he didn’t want to say it. All Might knows he did. “You already know why.”

All Might approached Izuku, placing a warm hand on his shoulder. He released a dejected sigh. Izuku was unsure of its meaning, and yet it was one of the most painful things to hear.

“Yes, I know.” he intoned. His bright, heroic voice was nothing but a small, pained whisper.

“I want to be a hero. I practice every day to get good enough for the UA entrance exam.” he laughed. It wasn’t genuine.

“Your dream is U.A?”

“Of course. It wasn’t a hard decision. You graduated from there. You should hardly be surprised.” Izuku joked. He looked up to see the hero chuckling along.

“I suppose you are right.”

“Well, it is now a pipe dream,” he said bitterly. His emerald eyes were darkening in anger.

“I see.” he started. He blinked owlishly before coming to a sudden epiphany.

“What if-” All Might squeezed his shoulder. 

“You can freeze people. Is there any way to unfreeze them? That way, I just put him in the bottle I planned to use. Then, we’ll say I defeated him,”

Izuku stared... really stared. He was not reacting at all. As the cogs began to turn again, the brightest glow burned his eyes. Izuku was radiating pure happiness. The light was so warm, welcoming.

“Really?” he was vibrating hard enough that he might dig a hole in the ground. “You would do that?”

“It would be wrong to deny you a chance to become a hero because of a few rules. I never really liked that part. You were doing it in self-defense. Nobody was around you. You prevented yourself from getting hurt and potentially future victims” Izuku’s smile seemed to only grow at the praise.

“Although, after learning of your other capabilities. I should scold you for putting your life in danger like that.” his smile began faltering. All Might’s heart began to ache.

"Damn it… too precious… I can’t resist trying to help."

“That is what I should say. However, off the record, you were amazing. Nevertheless, please refrain from heroics until after you have at least received your probationary license.”

“Yes, sir. Thank you, All Might” the 7000 gaga-watt smiles returned with renewed vigor.

“Now, let’s bring this villain to justice… where did he go?” that was all he heard before his mind halted. He rotated his head at breakneck speed. To his horror, space, where the frozen man should be, is no longer there.

“How did he break out of that? We were right here!” All Might roared. The veins on his neck were pulsating painfully. This side of All Might terrified Izuku. No one has ever seen him without his award-winning smile. He was the Hero who saves with a grin. His positivity is contagious, and it brightens the hearts of the world while casting fear and hate into the hearts of Villains.

All Might looks mad, rightfully so. He had this look of weakness? That doesn’t sound right. All Might is the embodiment of strength- he is unrivaled. Izuku, with his abilities, couldn't hold a candle to the pure brawn the hero possesses.

All Might was a light of hope, the Symbol of Peace. He is power, but he is also human. Time has shown him giving nothing but kindness. He was altruistic, kind, and warm.


"Oh shit."

Izuku wanted to die again. The desire for the sweet release of death only growing stronger. This can not be happening. He has to tell him, though; it was an accident. He will have to understand. Even with the small chance, he loses his mind and yells at him; it won’t help.

"God has indeed left me."

“Umm, All Might.” said man must be furious- he has steam blowing out of his ears. And around his neck, and shoulders, and torso, and legs, and feet, and even his head.

“Oh my god, you’re smoking!” he unhelpfully yells. All Might, as he began paying attention to the other tenses up immediately. He opens his mouth to respond- but words are too slow, and blood takes their place. He coughs up a lot of it. Completely useless in this situation, Izuku stares. His lips parted like a gaping fish.

“All Might, are you all right? You don’t look, alright. Where were you hurt? Why is there steam coming out of you? You look like a balloon that is deflating.” Izuku continues silently muttering.

All Might ignores him and saunters off to rest his body against the wall. Izuku is confused- one minute he was excellent, and then, the Pro looks ready to keel over. The hero grips his stomach, beads of sweat raining down like bullets. It didn’t take a genius to know that he was in pain.

“You sure do mumble a whole lot.” his voice grimaced.

“I’m alright. Just prepare yourself.”

“Huh” was all the managed before a vast smoke cloud obscured his view of the Pro. He watched as the gas dispersed, and all that remained was a skeleton.

His lanky figure being swallowed up from the now oversized outfit. He had piercing blue eyes, somehow made even more pronounced by the man’s sunken eyes and hollowed cheeks. His head was oddly triangular compared to the more filled in and rectangular face shape of All Might. His hair was bushy now; he had way more in this form. Blond, fizzled, it looked unhealthy. His signature bangs were no longer defying gravity. His skin was almost a sickly color, yet he still held some vibrancy.


“Wow?” All Might was left to splutter. He seemed to be at a loss for words. Now he was the one gaping like a fish.


“That’s all you have to say for this?” he yells, affronted.

“Yeah?” Izuku did not see the big issue here, Sure he was a fanboy, but he can’t manage an overdramatic response; no matter how in character that would be.

“I am honestly shocked. You have discovered your hero’s greatest secret. The Symbol of Peace’s secret, and that is your reaction?” The man tried not to move, the pain was dulling down, but could flare up at any sudden movement.

“Well, I am not the most-” his body shown brighter, “well, the most normal. Compared to me, your seemingly impossible secret just doesn’t seem so shocking to me.” Izuku intoned.

“I guess you’re right. Well, at least, you not freaking out is one less problem for us. That just leaves us with the worst problem.” All Might’s face morphs into a grim expression. Regardless of his current state, he still retains the air of strength that makes bow your head in reverence. To see it, firsthand leaves a sense of awe inside him.

“The villain escaped, and I am out of commission and will take too long to transform. Who knows what destruction he would do by then.”

The sickening feeling of guilt coats his heart. He was the reason that the villain escaped. He let his emotions get the best of him, and he just melted the man from pure happiness. Stupidity wouldn’t even begin to describe how badly he messed up. He needs to fix this quickly.

“All Might?” he began to steel himself for whatever admonishment he well get. “I was the one who let him escape.”

In any other circumstance, Izuku would have found the look on the older man comical. Given the situation, it felt wrong to laugh in this case.

“You did what?” he sounded so confused, “How? You were talking to me the entire time?”

“It was an accident. I was so happy with all the encouragement and praise you gave me. My heart felt light. I was beaming the entire time, the intensity caused the ice to thin for the Sludge to quietly slip out. I was not paying attention at all. I am so sorry.” He felt the familiar wetness cascading down his cheeks. His throat had suddenly gone dry; unable to trust his voice, he gave a swift bow. The latter remained silently analyzing him for a while before releasing a heavy sigh. His sunken eyes stared into emerald, the gaze was stern yet gentle.

“I see.” he began, by using his arms to support his weight, he got on his feet. He leaned his body on the wall, still seeming too weak to do much more. “I am not mad. You did not intend to free him. This does call for a lecture about learning to control your abilities. In this case, however, I can see it was from excitement and being caught in the moment. Taking into consideration the fact of your  special circumstance . I will leave it for another time.”

Once again, Izuku found himself astonished by the man in front of him.

He is so COOL!

Although he was forgiven for his mistake, it did not sit well with Izuku, knowing he aided in a dangerous super-villain's escape. He will have to make another apology later on; but, he needed to make this right.

"I’m sorry about this, All Might."

“You have no idea how much that means to me. However, I still feel responsible. I will bring back the villain and help you bring him to justice.”

“Yes, well, don’t sweat i-” he never finished his sentence as he was left to feel the surge of wind blow in his face as Izuku darted towards the heavens. He hadn’t managed to see the look on the older hero’s face, but he knew it would have been priceless. He was able to hear the man yelling unintelligible phrases as he got further from the ground. 


He was lost. How was he to know if the villain was even on the streets? He could be anywhere. Did he use the sewers? Was he hiding in a building? Did he possess someone already?

He tried not to dwell on that unsettling thought. He needed to find him. The air around him became harsh as he charged ahead. He was going to be in huge trouble when he gets back. Hopefully, All Might can still do the plan that he thought up. It did not seem likely since he was still weak and Izuku took off without warning, He had no time to think about that either, He needed to focus.

Gold-eyes scanned the city, looking for anything remotely unusual, hearing any screams and sniffing the air in hopes of catching a whiff of the repugnant stench. The blare of police sirens overwhelmed him. A couple of buildings away was a gathering of civilians in front of an alleyway. A few police vehicles and many a small group of Pros positioned at the mouth. No one was making a move to enter. The heroes looked frustrated, yet they never approached too close.

The unmistakable pongs of sewer waste invade his senses. Now alert, Izuku began assessing the situation. The criminal was right there! Capturing him was going to be near impossible now. There are witnesses, not to mention Pro Heroes and police that can have him arrested should he be caught using his Quirk. In his weakened form- All Might is too far from here to be of use.

“I can't swoop in and freeze the bastard again. I don’t want anyone seeing my powers. Flying is already bad enough; if the media get hold of a multi-quirk child. I’d be posted everywhere. This cannot happen yet.

Izuku descended, remaining in the air, visible to the entire city was not the wisest choice. Exiting an empty alley, he sped down the blocks to the scene. The closer he got, a strange feeling began taking root in his chest. If asked, he would not be able to explain it fully; It was wistful. The thing was.

It wasn’t his emotion.

He had no reason to feel regret at this moment. Guilty for trying to help even though the legal ramifications are enormous- yes, but. . . This feeling felt deeper. It was from years of regret mixed with rage. This red, burning fury was so powerful that it terrified him to the core. He was NOT feeling this, Strange; this belonged to someone else. A flash of blond popped into his mind.



He knew that voice anywhere. It was clear, pointed, and furious. Even without his enhanced hearing, the sound would still reach him. It was a voice he had not heard all year- and yet, it seemed as if he was always hearing him like when they were little. Izuku felt calm. He was astounded to find that he was not reacting negatively to Katsuki as believed. As if the scars on his soul healed like they were never there. His brain was in neutral. One thing kept repeating over and over, incessantly.

“Why is he here?”

His military school was in America. He would have been here by summer to train for the Entrance Exams. The year just started, so he plans on returning to Japan early?

He doesn't know too much about Bakugou in his time away. His mother, however, met with Auntie Mitsuki every weekend for tea. Izuku was not all that bothered by the exchange. It was a drop of normalcy. His mom had a friend she could go to while he was emotionally unavailable. Resigning himself to isolation and swallowed in apathy could not be suitable for her either, so he was eternally grateful to the Bakugou’s in comforting his mother when he was unable.

She never told him anything, just that he would be transferred to a school in the West and will be starting therapy. He was allowed to try for U.A. Izuku would never take that away from him, even with knowing all the other needed to prove to become a hero in his eyes.

For the sake of humanity… fingers crossed… Bakugou may be different.

During all this, Izuku was not able to find the tuft of blond that is Katsuki. The crowd is an indiscernible mess of browns and red. Nobody possesses a streak of blond.

“Where is he?”

Another cry and then ...white.

Powerful combustion, orange flames dancing; it spread everywhere — the orange inferno spreading sky high into the atmosphere. Civilians reeling back in fear as the heat felt from this distance was too hot for comfort — the loud crackle of sparks buzzing at his ears.

Izuku’s skin felt a chill cold. A frost that no amount of ice from his being could hope to compare.


No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no noooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

This was all wrong. He was powerful, also the most hard-headed human in existence. 

"Why him?"

The stinging of tears were lost on him. His mind was a storm. He did not register the population fading. He wasn’t aware of the trash that seemed to have come from nowhere. The sound that was muffled before now sharper as if he was only mere inches from the source.

The haunting, rage that boiled. Izuku's skin supercharged with lightning, his fingers dripped with cryo crystals. Metallic, golden hues staring unfocused at the monstrosity before him. His power flowed and ebbed around him. The once crystal sky now deprived of light, joy. Darkness enveloped him, a void filled with an ominous-looking yellow tint. Not cognizant of the heads being forced to turn and squint their eyes in pain. The street was silent; the soft hum of lighting is the only sound anywhere.

Power... that was the only word that seemed to make sense.

No… powerful is not the word.

“KACCHANNNNN,” the voice was almost inhuman, beastly. A soul-stirring, haunting tone.








If you were to ask anyone involved what happened, well, they’d rather not.

All Might was forced to witness everything. It all happened too slowly and yet instantly, all at once. He has yet to rationalize what he had seen. He was only able to get there because of the golden light emanating like a beacon; his muscle form was hardly holding up.

By the time he arrived, the villain was unconscious on the ground. Everybody had been shielding their eyes. A miracle. Trying to salvage the situation, he used the soda bottle he managed to carry and capture the culprit. After what had to be the most effortless police interaction ever, he left with the two students.

The police, heroes, and bystanders were all making their way home. Strange. ‘Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth,’ as the saying goes. In the aftermath, he was left to deal with a detached, unresponsive Izuku and a somewhat haunted “ka- Kats- Kacchan?” as the said child was only able to mutter out a few syllables if any.

God, he needed a coffee.

Promptly, after getting Mr. Kacchan? ‘Is that really his name?' home to his worried parents. He made his way over to a nearby cafe for his much-needed caffeine. Mutterings filled the air as a mumbling Midoriya strode alongside him. A refreshing sight compared to the zombie that he was not too long ago.

The bistro was a small, quaint little shop. The inviting light green walls; complimented by cherry wood counter-tops and tables. The brown, leather booths next to the windows revealing beautiful flowers that were in bloom. The sun was setting, bathing the shop in a warm, welcoming light. The smell of fresh coffee beans being grounded gently caressed his senses. Cakes and finely crafted pastries decorated the shelves.

It was quiet at this time, save for a couple of people conversing quietly, perfect. The cafe held a domestic air that left you relaxed and safe. The cute little conversations he heard as he would sip his drink over the years roused a smile on his face. This place also happened to have the most fantastic coffee he had ever tried.

This was home.

“Are you hungry?” curious, green eyes looked up to him for the first time since the incident.


The two made their way to the front. An employee that Toshinori did not recognize,(new employee, I guess) was wiping down the counter. After making eye contact, she smiled politely.

“Hello, how may I help you?”

“Yes, hi. I'll take a large mocha latte and a slice of green tea cake.” Toshinori gestured to the younger boy, who was briskly looking at every item in the glass display. Sensing the attention shift on him, his body stiffened awkwardly.

“Oh, I’ll have three green tea cakes, two chocolate cheesecake, one vanilla cheesecake, and a mocha caramel latte in your biggest size, please.” he laughed sheepishly at the shocked stares. The girl who was more surprised than upset rang up the order. After paying for their meals, she gestured for the two to sit while their food was made. All Might kept eyeing the freckled boy.

They chose the booth furthest from everything, the window with the best flowers in All Might’s personally opinion- Coleus in full bloom. The deep red center contrasting the outlining bright yellow captivated him. The two were quiet until Izuku spoke.

“I need to consume a lot of calories. Not necessarily to use my powers; the energy from the sun takes care of that. I could use my full power right now. The thing is. I become famished without food.” he was met with a grunt and a nod of acknowledgment.

At the very least, All Might was speechless. He had no real response to anything. His mind littered with too many thoughts- it was a bunch of noise. Again, Izuku was the one to break the silence.

“I would like to make another formal apology. I am truly sorry for leaving you.”

"Oh, there was also that. I almost forgot."

“It was my fault that he got away. I don't know, the only thing running through my head was to fix the wrong I created. My body moved on its own, I guess. I don’t regret it, though.” his eyes held nothing but resolve. How did such a young child have this much determination?

“I also got to save someone really special to me. We haven’t spoken in a while, and our past is pretty messed up… but. Saving his life is something I wouldn’t trade for the world.” then there is that smile. It is so bright and joyful. The power it possesses- his expression is so open, and you cannot help but feel safe in its presence. It is soft, but his face lights up a room. Thankfully, he is not twinkling like a flashlight.

“He is going to be a great hero one day. He is already more powerful than me. One For All would be a cheap parlor trick compared to what he can already do. He would make the perfect successor. He doesn’t need me.”


“I could go on and on using every reason why what you did was a bad idea.” All Might paused to analyze him. Izuku was at full attention. His eyes showed no remorse or guilt. His apology was heartfelt and genuine; He believed he did the right thing- like a real hero.

“You’re body moved on its own. You have a true desire to save and protect people. It is rare in this world we live in, especially at your age. You have incredible, one of a kind power. You have abilities that will aid you greatly in your career as a hero. Just leave the hero work to the Pros until then?”


“One more thing. The form that you saw; that is something nobody can know about.” the response was a simple nod.

“I was weakened during a fight years back. The night I fought Toxic Chainsaw. It was an unaired battle. A battle that must stay out of the media, I did everything possible to keep it that way. My power was almost enough to defeat him. Unfortunately, he was able to escape.”

"..." Izuku remained quiet, patiently waiting for All Might to continue.

“The time I have to use my Quirk is limited. I am in search of a Successor for my power. I believe you will be a perfect choice.” that garnered a reaction. He became a mess of fast-spinning limbs, muttering gibberish.

“Me, your successor? Is that even possible? Quirks aren’t even capable of that, are they?”

“Given your abilities, are you sure you are in a position to be in disbelief?” he seemed to calm down, he fiddled with his hands as they rested on his lap.

“You’re right. But then, I mean no disrespect. I am virtually stronger than you. I don’t need your Quirk. So, isn’t someone else a better choice?” he responded. His eyes were inquisitive. All Might was sure his brain was sputtering out a million thoughts per second.

“Yes and no.” he sighed. This was going to take a while. “You see, as I stated earlier, your body moved on its own, like a hero. I cannot just leave my power in the hands of anyone. I also run the risk of taking too long looking for someone else. It seems like a waste since I have you.” he seemed to be pondering that statement.

“My ability is not my own. It was handed down to me by my teacher.” green eyes widened dramatically, threatening to burst out. Before he was able to word vomit, Toshinori finished explaining.

“One For All is its name. It stockpiles energy after it gets passed down. Depending on the strength of the quirk, and how long you have it, it will grow. Like I said before, you have unfathomable power and potential. I do not doubt that you are beyond capable without it. With your power incubating OFA, it's force will be magnified beyond comprehension. Successor in case you decide you wish to give it away.”

He watched as Izuku processed everything. His face contorted in rapid succession- confusion, denial, doubt, reluctance, and, ultimately, acceptance. A soft sigh escaped his lips.

Toshinori understood the weight of this decision and knew it was not one to be taken lightly. He had no other choice. One For All demands a successor, and he was no longer fit to carry its daunting power. Izuku was made for this power; he could not let him slip away.

“Alright.” he began. Thankfully, he appeared to be in a better spirit. “I accept. This is a great honor. Thank you. I will work to prove my worthiness of this gift.” a dull light surrounded the teen.

“Excellent. We will begin training next week. I will make a meal plan and exercise regimen for you to follow.” Toshinori beamed.

And with that, the food finally arrived. Izuku had not hesitated to dig in. He devoured the cakes with swiftness and almost ravenous hunger. He was uncertain that he saw his jaw move to chew anything. He was inhaling everything.

All Might was left to stare in amazement.

“He is something else.” he couldn’t help but smile at the wonder in front of him. His life got a lot more interesting. 

"He can even fly."   he laughed to himself. 

They ate their food in peace. Despite having the smaller order of the two, Izuku was forced to wait for the older Pro to finish. He was polite and filled the air with ramblings about his favorite heroes fights Toshinori had during his debut. All Might refused to agree on how ancient he felt. 


Midoriya managed to convince All Might to walk him home, as they were a few streets away. The short walk was a peaceful silence- neither having too much on their heads to initiate conversation. They briskly made their way up the steps and in front of Izuku’s apartment.

“Thanks again, All Might.” he bowed respectfully.

“No problem, my boy,” he spoke as Izuku unlocked the door and made his way into his home.

All Might began to turn until he felt this chill. He was startled, to say the least. The air became ghostly, and his instincts did not like the looks of this shift.

His body complained, but he morphed into his Strong form. His thoughts only on Izuku. What just happened? What is wrong. He was met with a still Izuku. His back was facing him, he could see every muscle tense painfully. His body trembled under the pressure of the aura enclosed around him. He would have felt foolish- being intimidated by a child. Experience told him otherwise. It was fatal to underestimate this boy.

"Young Midoriya?"


He was no longer looking at a timid, nervous, fanboy. No, this was a presence. It weighed on you, demanding notice. He felt anger in this. A fearful feeling crept over his skin; pinpricks were stabbing his body.

He had no time to wonder. He rushed into the apartment. Had he been any other, he would have collapsed from a heart attack. Before he stood an older, replica of Midoriya, minus the freckles and green hair. In his arms was a shorter, full-bodied woman with green hair. Fresh tears falling to the ground, she stared mortified.

The thing wrong with this image was that a knife rested firmly at her throat. Her arms were slashed and bloodied. Kitchenware in shatters across the floor. The house was in disarray.

“What in the world is-?” he was unable to finish the sentence.

All Might was brought back, as the air became impossibly colder. His eyes met gold. To say he was both amazed and utterly terrified would not begin to describe the feeling he has while he gazed into golden hatred.

“Hello, Izuku.” the man spoke. He had a demented smirk that resembles a snarl. “I just stopped by to catch up with your mother. But, she attacked me. I would think she’d be happy to see her husband. What a disappointment.” he chuckled darkly. He gripped the woman’s, Izuku’s mother, mouth- silencing her screams.

“You’re happy to see me, right. . . son?”

He only said one word. A simple word, one single word, held more power than every punch All Might had ever thrown combined. 



Chapter Text

His mind was in shambles.

Standing in front of him was a man that he hoped never to see again. The man that desired nothing more than to kill his son because he hated his son’s status as a ‘quirkless.’ To call this man his father, it left acid in his throat. Midoriya Hisashi was not his father, Izuku had no father. He lost that right on that very night.

Streams of gold light surged out of him. He stood in an eerie calm, comfortable as he pressed the knife to her throat. His skin heated as he felt his blood boiling within himself. His main priority was to separate his mom from him.

It was difficult, but he managed to calm himself enough to stay still. Hisashi was aware of his ability to teleport and will be expecting it. He shifted his focus to his mom; all things considered, she was okay. The cuts and scratches on her arms didn’t appear too deep, and it seems the blood already clotted. Izuku felt his calm slipping as he watched her paralyzed by fear, her green eyes full in shock at seeing him.

I will get you out, mom.


All Might was unable to move. His feet remained stuck to his spot. His brain was running a million miles a minute, trying to come up with a strategy. Meeting the father of his future successor in this way unsettled him. He is well aware of Izuku’s abilities; if the father was even a quarter of the boy’s power, they were in trouble.

His eyes landed on his student, who has calmed down drastically. However, his power was anything but stable. Energy gathered around his form, his body a beacon. It was hard to describe, but he felt it- the rage. The light was frenetic, licks of energy whipping in all directions. He was almost blinding. He knew it was impossible to stop him.

His Strong form was only for the show at the moment. A ruse in hope to scare the man, he had no power to back it up. He was stuck watching as the child be the hero for the third time in the last few hours.

Izuku’s eyes were trained to the two before him; he showed no fear. His golden irises hardened and without nervousness — a true hero in the face of adversity.

Izuku phased in front of his father; arm stretched as he gripped the man’s to pull the knife away. Quickly releasing her and disappearing. Instantly, pulling his mother to safety behind All Might. He wasn’t finished.

Knowing his mother was okay, he exploded. Bang. Golden rays spread over the house violently. Furniture was sent flying, lamps, and other miscellaneous items scattered and collided with the walls. - The house couldn’t sustain more damage. All Might held onto the smaller woman to keep her from buckling under the pressure. A considerable feat, as he was not faring so well either.

“AAAAAAGHHHHH,” he ignored his mother calling his name behind him. Nothing but the bastard of a man in front of him was important to him.

Izuku wasted no time, lunging towards the man with monstrous speed, falling over him like a lion catching his prey. His arms and legs were holding the man down, destroying any chance of escape. His body heaving as he regained his breath. Hiding his shudder as he peered down.


  He fought the tears as he locked eyes with a pair of green that haunted him at night. He refused to show the man any weakness. A moment of vulnerability he could use against him. He allowed his anger to speak for him, gripping the latter’s arms with bruising force. He wished he was every bit terrifying as he felt. He was unprepared for what he saw.

Izuku didn’t know this man. In the past, his father was stern and calculating. He threw himself into his work and never really had time to be Izuku’s dad. He hardly showed signs of happiness or giddiness- only on the rare occasion, he was drunk. This man was… borderline hysterical. Peals of laughter left him, his face contorted into something sinister. Distorted mirth. His body shook as he convulsed in twisted euphoria.

Later, he learned that his dad had been drinking the night he left. Back then, he was animalistic, angry, and even disgusted. Izuku did not know how to handle this; he was a madman. His eyes squinted in glee. He was just laughing. Izuku’s anger was leaving him, in its place- confusions and apprehension. It would be foolish to let his guard down.

Hardening his resolve, he held his own. Keeping sure the older man was secure and immobile. Finally, he began calming down, his raucous laughter now soft chuckles.

“My, my, how strong have you become, my son?” his voice now rough from exhaustion. It never lost its taunting edge, though.

Izuku inwardly cringed, not comfortable with how familiar his dad was with him. He pushed his emotions, for now, however, it would not be in his best interest to dwell on his issues with his father while the man analyzed his every twitch.

“Why are you here?” he demanded. Too many… there were too many questions. He was content with never hearing from Hisashi for the remainder of his life. Why now?

“Well, you know. I just happened to be in the neighborhood and thought, ‘Why not stop by and see my oh so loving family’?” his head rose to look at the trembling woman. “Inko, my sweet Inko. Why did you make me hurt you like that? And what have you been putting into our son’s head?” he had the nerve to laugh.

“This is no way for a child to treat their father.” Izuku felt as though he just consumed spoiled milk. He will never be okay with this man being related to this man.

“But, then again.” he released a heavy sigh. Now staring at Izuku, yet, still not addressing him. “It’s not like we are his  real  parents, now are we, Inko?” the light in the room began fluctuating.

Hisashi blinked as his eyes adjust to the changing brightness. The inconvenience, nevertheless, wasn’t enough to keep the shit-eating grin off his face. Each word was making a dent in his shield. The only defense he had from losing it all.

Words were no longer existent in his mind. It was a fool’s errand to even attempt processing what was uttered. The more it began to sink in. The more he wanted to scream, to lash out, to obliterate everything.

“Hisashi!!!!” it was his mom. Izuku was left to stare. He didn’t even resist as he was shoved off the man. Paralyzed and cursed to absorb it all, he can hear them.

“What, Inko?” he heard his father yell. His tone morphing into faux disbelief. “Don’t tell me you were unaware of the fact?” he spared a cursory glance over to Izuku, who now managed to stand. The atmosphere in the room felt suffocating. The room darkening, as if the light in the boy was extinguished.

Blood drained from her face. Inko’s nerves were firing all over the place. She was helpless to help her son. Anger gnawed at her soul as she watched her son become a shell of himself. He was at the mercy of his father all over again. Inko hated that Izuku had to find out this way.

“Why have you waited all this time for this? What do you gain from revealing this to him?”

“After being removed from my home. Something just clicked in my head. I began to do some digging and met a fascinating character that knew a thing or two about sweet little Izuku.”

“Hisashi! Just stop this.” All Might spoke in what felt like ages. He was left on the sidelines to protect Izuku’s mother from the crazed man.

“Oh, All Might. What a pleasure to meet you. What a coincidence? The man that I met claimed to know you.” All Might was silent.

“Yes, if I remember correctly, he said you both know each other well. Does the name Sensei ring a bell?” All Might felt his grip loosen; each step was labored, as though his body filled with stones. Blue eyes shone ferociously. Anger flooded his being.


This man has talked to the host of All For One; this man was no longer a mild threat. He scavenged for any ounce of power he could use. What he’d give to be able and use even a fifth of his power. All Might cannot remain idle, knowing the number one villain is somehow involved. This was planned. AFO is intelligent and thinks ten steps ahead of his enemy. There was more going on here.

How was Izuku connected to this?

Izuku. Oh no.

If OFA got a hold of Izuku. Who knows… he refused to even think of the possibilities.


Izuku was not focused on any particular thing. His eyes were darting aimlessly before resting on Hisashi. And he… laughed.

His voice sounded strained as he let out a loud cry. Izuku wished his heart was as impervious as his skin.

“W-why?” his chest constricted painfully, nearly preventing him from continuing. “Is it so hard for me to have a relatively normal life? Is that too much?” He chuckled again; he sounded so small. Today was nothing but one life-changing revelation after another. He wishes this whole day to end.

He conjured the strength to look at this mom, tears flowing freely as she held herself. He had questions, so many… not now, though. He just needed his mom. He didn’t care if she was not his real one; she raised him herself. She is the only thing that  feels  real.

“All Might.” his voice hoarse for yelling. “I think this enough for today, don’t you? Hisashi said enough. It’s time for him to leave.” he intoned, his body too drained to feel any anger, He made his way over to his mother on the couch.

“Yes, young Midoriya.” Izuku could hear the sympathy in his words.

“Oh, so soon? I thought of chatting a little bit more. I guess my work here is done.” Hisashi’s voice too calm. He at least confirmed a few of Toshinori’s suspicions.

“Before I go, Izuku.” the boy stopped midway from the couch. All Might quicken to attention, not liking the tone the man spoke in. “A little parting gift.” he inhaled.

A stream of fire flew through the small space, incinerating everything in its path. All Might and Inko looked in horror as blazing heat shot at the boy. Inko’s scream muted by the deafening hiss of flames. All Might’s body rearing back as the flames were inches from his skin.

The most shocking thing, Izuku, didn’t flinch. He appeared entirely composed — a small smirk on his lips.

“How totally unexpected.” his hands lifted, sending a blast of ice, putting out the flames instantly. The dumb look Hisashi had aroused smugness in Izuku. It was satisfying knowing how he managed to overwhelm his father so effortlessly.

His body did not seem to agree, as he fell to the floor the second time that day. White noise filled his ears, and his vision got distorted. He saw shapes and figures and swore he heard someone speak.

“Hey, Artemis. We have been waiting.”  And then darkness.

Chapter Text

The murky, vile liquid was drowning him as his demons devoured feathers of white, blood stained his back. 

They bite and tear at him, his halo was cracked and dull. His bleeding quills metamorphose into seraphim wings as white as snow before they were as red as the summer strawberries. He shed his old skin to harden into vellum of adamantium. His eyes glowed with delirium and hunger. He has fallen from grace and reveled in madness and anarchy.

The false gods deceived him-pinning his wings to the Earth. The demons that tore at him became his friends. They told him to fly. He will fly. His God left him, but he will emerge from apotheosis and be the devourer of suns and planets, never satisfied and shall consume and consume.

He would spit on the light. He will be a demon to those that refused to see that no skin will ever be hard enough to protect the heart.

Izuku woke to whispers. The identical voices melded together, indistinguishable- how bizarre that Izuku could pick them apart with ease. His eyes were refusing to open against all efforts. Despite his eyes being shut, it felt like it wasn't enough- it was too bright. Not only that, the heat accompanying it was just as intense. His body was an inferno, skin feeling like a broken chest with energy that he struggled to contain. It was as painful as it was euphoric. His bones melted in tranquility, so much so he was paralyzed. His nerves were shot, unable to fathom anything beyond the fire around him. The light is suffusing him, enveloping his entire being. 

The voices got louder. Izuku didn't recognize them, doctors, maybe? The last thing he remembers is passing out. It's natural to bring him to the hospital. However, these voices don't match those of his mother's colleagues. 

The mysterious voices drew closer, and their presence vanished until one remained. A hand brushed against Izuku's arm, the searing contact eclipsing the static around his body and the lava in his veins. Izuku's body arched his back from the rough floor below. It was unfathomable, Izuku tried again to pry open his eyes, and found it easier to do so. He was not expecting to find himself staring right back. 

Hovering above was the demonic version of himself. 

Black sclera surrounded apple red eyes that peered mischievously into astounded gold. Smooth, thick draconic horns  as black as the Void grew from their forehead; mid-length, ash wood black locks swirling horns that accent golden.Roses bloomed on the horns, thorns like vines crept and slithered down and around his neck like a choker- six rose buds beginning to blossom. His skin was fairer- pale skin casting an ethereal glow. The galaxy of freckles that Izuku was accustomed to was absent; Rosey cheekbones raised in a smirk to reveal sharpened ivory. Thorny vines braced his arms, barely covering the scars snaking thick forearms. He dressed in white, thigh-length overall with the hem rolled, and 'Starry Starry Night' slip-on canvas shoes. 

Izuku gulped at his muscled, mouth-watering prototype. Izuku, enthralled by their beauty, failed to catch the other speaking. 

"Artemis, we finally meet," smile wide, his fondness was palpable in spite of the razor-sharp and mildly intimidating incisors poking out. 

Izuku's mind raced. Billions of questions buzzing at once, a disorienting feeling if one was unaccustomed to it. Lucky for him, he wasn't. 

Who is Artemis?

Before he had a chance to voice his thoughts, the other was speaking again.

"We will get to all of your questions soon. We have plenty of time. I told my brothers to let me speak to you first. A great leader always greets their guests.


Izuku shifted on the ground, the solar flare that erupted in his body fading into a small ember in his chest. His doppelganger spoke again.

His world was dark, the only source of light, was just a ball of blue light hovering above like a chandelier. Space stretched infinitely in every direction. Izuku laid on a flat tile barely more extensive than his body. 

"Where am I?" he asked, his skin buzzing. He is anxious and yet this place felt familiar and safe.

"You're in the Void. Your home." the other answered. He did not elaborate further, annoying the teen.  Izuku attempted to respond, but was cut off. 

"Moving forward, allow me to introduce myself." It wasn't as if he had much choice. If he wanted to get out of this situation, not to mention the other had beat him to it every time he even thought to open his mouth. 

"I am the blazing Sun of the universe. The Sin who conquers all. I am Pride.


Izuku was left spluttering. Pride seemed to be in his world, yammering on about the fall of the Morning Star. Izuku wasn't religious. Christianity a foreign concept to him- archaic doctrines hindering humans from being their authentic selves. His feet not once stepping into a house of prayer. 

He never resonated with the system of belief. He had his own issues with the father up in the sky. Izuku likened God to his very own father... his step-father. A man that abandons his children the second the child doesn't conform to every specification. The prospect of serving a tyrant of a god sickened him. 

He was familiar with judgment and condemnation. The internet was full of morons time locked in past millennia of oppression and control. The world never seems to steer entirely into a new age. I mean, there is an orange husk of mummified foreskin running rampant with power in the West. 

Japan's Christian population is negligible- only .7 %. In every country, consists of intolerant people- to Izuku, Japan and Shintoism happen to have less. 

Mitsuki was the one who would take him to the shrines. He prayed to a few kami as a child, when he was quirkless as a last resort and desperation. He had no idea if they were even paying attention. Izuku began to stand with those who saw the kami as myth. Mitsuki believed. She would regale Izuku with stories about the Bakugou family line having a special connection with Amaterasu. 

To the shock of no one, he abandoned dogma when a random clergywoman outside a church told him to "pray the gay away" when he was out walking in a tie-dye rainbow sweater. 

He decided to continue home, in a fit of burning shame. However, not before he 'accidentally' summoned lightning. The ground rumbled, and with his best' god' impression- he told the bigot that God is a canonically genderless/nonbinary spirit. 

He became an atheist his second year out and proud. 

Izuku's memories of smiting homophobes were dispelled by dragon claws snapping him to attention. Pride vibrating in his spot. "The rest are arriving, and united we'll be. It has been too long." As he stood before the personification of Sin, he wasn't so sure what to think. 

Appearing from nothing, the two now become eight. A collective of beautiful devils- sublime sin. A dark fantasy transfigured in his image; their demonic peculiarities only enticed and distinguished them above mortal beauty.

Akin to Narcissus, Izuku inundated in their charm and was slipping into the depths by their immaculate visage. 

In his moment of distraction, he belatedly detected one of them was nude. His cheeks rivaled the Sun, "Waah, put some clothes on," he wailed.

"No need to be a prude, I don't even have anything down there," one with eyes like a Tuscan sun said, adding a wink. While that was true... being faced with his doubles  without  penises was disturbing. 

In an instant, they were dressed- sparing Izuku any further trauma.

Thick obsidian curls overlaid with daisies, dual brown antlers poked out of a nest of toffee blond. "I am known as the Sin of Lust. I thought it would be good to stay on brand, ya know?" Lust wore beige overalls, over a Love Yourself: Answer hoodie that resembled one in Izuku's closet. (Love Yourself: Answer hoodie)

Pride attempted to speak, was swiftly interrupted by his brother.   

A pair of tangerine eyes assessed Izuku. Gimlet eyes that echoed unspoken wisdom. "Knowing him, Pride prematurely introduced himself without waiting for us. Allow me to introduce ourselves formally. I am Greed, and, we are the Seven Deadly Sins," his low tenor voice similar to a flute compared to Greed's, whose voice fell into a sonorous, baritone that oozes authority. Izuku failed not to buckle under intense orange eyes appraising him. 

"I am the one tasked with keeping this nuisance in line," he gestured towards Pride. Pride growled, pouting silently.  Greed's hair spiraled like helixes. Blue baby's breath in full bloom; woven along ribbed indents of thick, ashen ram horns with a large, loop. Greed was the most casual of them, dressed in classic hipster fashion- steel suspenders, white sleeveless dress shirt, a simple black bow-tie, and tight slacks cuffed above ebony dress shoes.  

"I'm Envy." another spoke. To the left of Greed, stood the only Sin with Izuku's eye color. Their sea-green eyes danced with awe. Silver forked horns growing from the sides of his head. Steel chains made of germaniums cuffed around his wrists and strangling his neck. Their style the opposite of Greed. He was Instagram approved- oversized black crop, leggings accentuating the legs and denim short shorts.

"You can call me Sloth," replied the next. Bright amethyst pokes out from hooded eyelids. He was slung around Envy like a koala. Vibrant red poppies were adorning their bed head. Thin, hook-shaped horns nudged Envy's cheek. He wore faded black overalls with a white hoodie, and floral printed Doc Martens. 

"I am the Sin of Wrath.

Warm violet eyes stared at him, nearly buckling under the disarming grin. Deep asymmetrical, rhino horns jutted out from his forehead. Yellow and purple violets adrift in a sea of shamrock colored hair. He was dressed in a loose sweatshirt with a peace sign. Camouflage cargo jeans, the hem tucked in leather army boots. 

"I am Gluttony and nonbinary. My pronouns are they/them and sometimes "he," they said. For what seems to not be the final time today, Izuku was enchanted.

Ocean blue orbs held no discernible emotion, and yet he drowned in their depths. He noted their waning moon-shaped pupils in wonder. White tresses woven into buns sandwiched between bull horns. Honeysuckle poked, and nestled inside the buns. Loose curls tangled between clawed fingers playing with the strands all the while watching Izuku. Izuku was familiar with Lolita/ouji fashion (He watches Black Butler once and swears he is an expert). They are a bubblegum kodona fantasy. A ruffled white romper, a pink bow-tie, and matching suspenders, with pastel pink trousers.  

Inhaling a breath, Izuku had no idea he was holding; he could not run out of things to describe how immaculate they were. They were to his likeness, yet took on an imposing, and beastly nature. 

The Seven hover over nothing. The void dimension contained the eight and the star, waning above all. Something began poking out behind them, the sound of unfurling sails and the sight of large, leathery bat wings. The wings gentle thrumming an almost musical experience. 

Lined up, he witnessed the spectrum of color in their eyes- a rainbow. 

Pride attempted to speak but was swiftly interrupted by Izuku. 

"Who is Artemis?" Izuku questioned. Envy, finished with being used as furniture for Sloth, flew towards Izuku. The floor grew where Envy landed next to him, "Artemis is your original name," he said. 


"Not to be confused with the Greek goddess. Technically, your mother came up with it first and would use it for you when you were born. The Lord of Nightmares is a petty deity, Zeus and Leto named their offspring after your mother named you and Apollo." Lust fiddled with the flowers in his hair.  

"The difference is you are a boy, and younger, and not twins. Furthermore, your brother didn't worry about driving women mad that they pleaded to become a tree to flee him," Envy shrugged. "Athanasia loved the Greek language, but damn, she despised the gods." 

Izuku, now christened Artemis, felt there was more, but didn't pursue the thought further. It was odd- Artemis felt his heart lighten. 

Water lilies and vanilla suffused the air, the tempting fragrance tangible, and Izuku salivated. The Sins relaxed postures made no indication they will do anything, and yet their combined presence was overwhelming, they stole his attention. Lust circled Izuku, hands roaming his back.

"How long have I been here?" Izuku questioned, as Lust rubbed his shoulders.

"Time is different in the Void. What seems like mere days on Earth, may seem like months here." Sloth replied. 

Serrated talons grazing tantalizingly inches below his shoulder blade, brought reality crashing in. Lust's sunshine yellow eyes shimmered with excitement. 

"All six wings have developed," he said. Soft fingers were sliding down his middle and lower back, "We'll get them out after we chat.

My what?

As if sensing his confusion, Pride clarified, "You are here for one express purpose. To become who you are destined to be." Pride's gaze shot heavenwards, Izuku followed. 

"See that burning star, that is your power. I touched your arm with its ember; you were feeling it. It feels good, right?" Izuku nodded, it was addicting. 

"Your power allows you to convert energy into power. In reality, you are energy itself."

"You know where my power comes from. What am I?" Izuku pleaded. Years in the dark about who he is. No one was able to give him the answers he needed. 

"You have felt it all your life. You were different from everyone else. This world has despised you, Artemis. Their eyes fog with contempt at who you love. Their tongues like serpents, spitting poison. You must have been so alone." Wrath answered, his eyes now a dark mauve. 

Izuku's eyes dulled as horrific memories drowned him like a typhoon. Gluttony rested their hands on Artemis's back as they spoke. 

"Powers, like those you possess, humans can't hope to even aspire toward such a gift-they will grow to fear it, to fear you. You are as explainable as the cosmos itself. You are an avatar of creation, Artemis." Gluttony added. 


Izuku forced himself to continue listening. He needed to find out more, but... but, everything felt overwhelming. Having an attempt on his life for being quirkless felt more normal and mundane than being told you are a  god. 

"You mentioned a name. Athanasia, is she?" Izuku choked out. His lungs constricted, as though they could not take in any oxygen. 

"You belong to a race of cosmic entities called Demiurges, young Artemis. Athanasia, your true mother, is one of them. Athanasia is the moniker of power; all across the omniverse, she became christened as the Lord of Nightmares. Demiurges like your mother and your brother, and of course you the harbingers of Chaos."

"Why now?" was all Izuku could muster. 

Gluttony eyes turned navy. They were turbulent, and Izuku was lost on their meaning, "You wanted to be a champion for righteousness, and as pure as the driven snow. Your lineage is not known to be benevolent." 

So basically, another Hisashi that demands perfection from their children even if they do not meet those expectations.  Izuku wanted to hurl.

"Your mother told of your destiny to wreak great devastation. Athanasia outclasses many deities, and it was only natural that her sons did as well. However, your brother had another plan."  Destiny and prophecies are not set in stone, any fantasy nerd would be able to tell you that. 

I-I h-have a brother?  Artemis remained quiet but was tearing at the seams on the inside. 

"He believed you were different from him and your mother— Apollo bespoke of your intelligent eyes and kind nature. Your mother dismissed him; Demiurges are the antithesis of light," Pride smiled, it did not reach his eyes, "After countless arguments, he reasoned with her. The thing was, he wasn't against your 'dark inclination'; we remember him being even more rebellious in one day than you in a lifetime. You were to come to Earth and live as you had without knowing we exist." Izuku's eyes filled with tears. He wish he could have known him. His brother believed in him. Despite all odds, Izuku will prove his brother was right. 

"I kind of wish you never came," his gaze lowered, unable to see pain flooding the others' eyes. "I wish to be hero.  I can't be anything my mother wishes me to be." Izuku shouted, he wrapped his arms around himself, wishing the Void could swallow him. 

Wrath spoke up, " We understand how terrifying it is to hear. We know that your dream is to become a hero. You are going through a massive shift right now. While the rest of your friends, only gain zits and rebel and listen to Panic! At the Disco. You are coming complete," Wrath enveloped Izuku into a firm embrace before getting behind him. His somewhat larger frame securing Izuku, steadying him as his mind whirled.  

Did they, though? Could they fathom how this would affect Izuku? He was confronted with world-shattering power. Since young, he feared his abilities. Control, he forced himself to restrain himself, worried what the consequences would be. For them to tell him that he is an offspring of a destroyer. That  Artemis  is a harbinger of  Chaos? 

From his back, Lust latched onto his head, his claws grazing affectionately against his scalp with tantalizing ministrations. Izuku relaxed into it, almost alleviating his anxiety. "The time is now," Lust whispered into his ear. The admission is sounding like an apology. 

"We will release your wings, and with that- you will discover your real power. It is quintessential that we get you up to par. I mean you made that human, All Might appear  stronger than you ."  Greed spoke, deadpanning the last part. 

Pride clasped the choker of roses around his neck as he flew to Izuku, the other six coming behind him. As if to praise, they rose their arms. The light flickered, the Void warred between mediums- the darkness winning. 

"Our time together is drawing closer. We are releasing the limiter," Artemis looked heavenward. He now dwarfed the star weighing over his palms, prismatic lights blended in a burning dance. Its reduced size did not diminish its intensity. Artemis's skin super-heated, the euphoria suffused him. "Take back your power, Izuku, and don't stop once you start. No matter the cost."

He frowned in confusion, "What is going to happen?" 

Wrath spoke, his voice strained, "We are injecting your power into your back. Otherwise, the eggs will lay dormant. The energy in our claws were once yours, the eggs won't work without us restoring that power."

Artemis shut his eyes and hummed.

"Only your power or those with similar abilities more powerful can penetrate your skin. Bear with it, you need to do this once, and you will have all of your power returned." Envy soothed. Lust's addictive caress was like an anodyne. 

"I understand. No other choice really," the Sins chuckled softly. 

"You want to be a hero, and we will respect that. Apollo fought to give you a choice. Direct this power to help, and so you must be cautious. Remember, you are a Demiurge. You are not mortal; this power forms universes or brings them to ruins." Gluttony warned, positioning their hands on his left shoulder blade. 

"I won't let that happen," resolve ignited, and Izuku's eyes glimmered in molten gold. 

"Of that, we are certain, our little star eater." Gluttony cooed, "Eat, and don't stop."


Izuku wasted no time and devoured the plasma. He was unprepared for the rush of adrenaline; it tasted of explosions and elements. The liquid essence cloaked him like armor. The relish indescribable, and he gobbled ravenously. The concentration of the cosmos coursing throughout his body swallowed Izuku's anguished wail. 

Talons penetrated his flesh. Velvet tore and bled. His body wanted to recoil, but they held him in an unforgiving grip. Their heated palms flushed against his flesh- they pulled. In hopes of distracting him, he feasted on the star. His sensitive nerves served to magnify his suffering. 

He felt them, his wings at rest while sharped talons could only grasp with their clawed tips. Liquid adrenaline poured into the spheres, and Izuku greedily inhaled. One way to describe it was yanking an egg from Jell-O. Or, ripping a heart from a person's chest- minus the gaping hole. Despite the tantalizing power, Izuku felt hollow. Phantom sensations in his back, objects he was unaware of having before today. 

"You were very brave. You toughed it out." Pride beamed. The others floated into sight. 

"The final touch," Pride removed his rose choker, golden light enveloped it. The vines became gold, the thorns, and twigs melding into one loop. The roses morphed into gems, iridescent hues of the cosmic spectrum. The jewels painted colors the human eye couldn't perceive. Any description he thought would be insulting. 

"Do you want to see what your wings look like?" Envy asked, summoning a mirror out of thin air. 

Izuku twisted to look. Four large, snow-white feathers stretched brilliantly behind him, shining with black accents and golden embellishments adorning the knuckles. The middle consisting of  a set three single white pinions extending down on each side. His wings suspended in the air as golden orbs hovering above his back magnetized them.

"The wings and halo," he started, "have their own purposes. The wings are not just for show. They have 3 functions- Aether generation, flight, and dimension jumping." Pride cut short of setting the halo, "As we said, Aether training is postponed. You are familiar with flying. Dimension jumping is an advanced form of teleportation when you think about it. You will lose teleportation. It was an incomplete dimension jump, and I personally prefer the latter." 

Izuku didn't mind losing that power. As he got older, teleporting would be less frequent. In an embarrassing form of irony, he would randomly activate it when flustered by a cute boy, and he found himself in his bedroom closet whenever it happened. 

"The halo has extraordinary power. Its name is Sentient. In layman terms, it creates life. Your ability to speak to cybernetics derives from your innate ability to manifest consciousness." Greed explained. They lost him. Izuku would cringe at the thought of having children. The concept of designing planets and entire species was jarring. He was still struggling with the idea of being of astronomical divinity, one revelation at a time. 

That explains why Siri is just artificial intelligence. Izuku was talking to devices that he accidentally gave consciousness to.

"Let's hold off on Sentient for a while," Artemis pleaded, he had no intention of using its power any time soon.  

On a lighter note. A halo, Izuku was wearing a halo. Nothing should be capable of fazing him. Maybe BTS is a group of gods, dressing as mortals to bless humanity. He may have to look into that. 

"The jewels are nothing special, an aesthetic bonus. Nevertheless, are they not spectacular?" Pride beamed. 

"Understatement of the century," Artemis replied, unable to peel his eyes away. 

"It's what you think it is. These stones mimic the colors of the pride flag. Compliments of the Sin, Pride," said demon, erupted in peals of laughter. 

"Did you just give me Infinity Stones?" Izuku deadpanned. 

"I just said it's a pride flag," Pride rolled his eyes while shoving the other playfully, "Besides, some fan you are, the halo has seven. There are  six  infinity stones. Also, the Stone's are hidden in a different universe like they are supposed to be." 

"They are real ?" Artemis screeched. He might faint. 

"I said too much." Pride deadpanned. Greed let out a defeated sigh, mumbling 'idiots' incessantly. 

"They also have value to us, seeing as none of us conform to the traditionalist cis-hetero normative system." Greed deadpanned. They each told him their identities. Pride: pansexual, Greed: gay, Lust: Ace/A-romantic, Envy: Demi-sexual, Sloth: Bisexual, Wrath: Bisexual, and Gluttony: Nonbinary, gay. Artemis's grin grew, and his wings fluttered excitedly

Artemis bowed, allowing for Pride to crown him. Izuku was being crowned a halo by a demon, said halo paying homage to the LGBTQ+ community. With the halo, fastened above him, they collectively smiled. The gesture set his butterflies into slumber, his shoulders relaxing. Despite how silly it sounded, he felt powerful. 

He felt complete. 

"We have restored your power, and you have bloomed into a mature Demiurge. You hold the universe at your fingertips. Aether- the essence of creation.  That  is your power. The power of your mother. We will leave Aether manipulation for Apollo. For a novice like you, it will be catastrophic. Dismantling the very fabric of this universe. I assume that you would be decidedly against that, correct?" he asked.  

"You are right." Artemis agreed while laughing. His aura illuminating the dark. 

In response, Greed smiled. His eyes shown of marigolds. The Sins came surrounded him and pulled him into an embrace, "For now, our little star eater, we have to leave. You have a home to return to." Artemis wanted to spend more time with them. There was so much he didn't understand. However, time is different here. How long has he been gone on Earth? 

"Thank you for everything," Artemis smiled. He knew they will meet again. They gave him directions home and stepped back. His wings beat with power, and he soared heavenward. The edges of his mouth ached from smiling. 

The Void was infinite as Artemis soared through the emptiness. After consuming the star. (Yes, a genuine star- the ball of superheated liquid hydrogen helium and other shit he doesn't want to mention. His power literally can devour stars!!!! Artemis is shaking !!! ) The celestial body was the only light source, Artemis relied on his aura or heightened vision to see. His wings fluttered occasionally, their weight felt natural as though he flew with them all his life. The air rushing past his face, masked his tingling skin.

He was flying home, back to a realm that didn't know this new person. It seemed more comfortable than he thought. Artemis grew with the name "Izuku," and leaving it was strange. Nevertheless, he was gifted with a piece of his past. The moniker given to him by his mother felt more like his own. A part of his origins; that for so long has been shrouded in mystery. He was Artemis, for a moment, he was whole, and he no longer felt so alone or different.

Gluttony mentioned that he was not alone. There are numerous Demiurges scattered throughout the cosmos. Joy bloomed in his chest, He was not special, there are more of his kind. Artemis is normal. His hearted settled. 

His family was out there, he was going to find them and tell them all about his life and the hero adventures he went on. Demiurges are avatars of darkness- indeed, that did not need to be true for Artemis. His mother accepted a fate Izuku did not agree to. Heroes are good, and Artemis never wanted to hurt anyone. Apollo believed in him. He'll be damned if his power taints that faith. And, he knew how to prove it.

"You failed to mention an important detail." Envy furrowed his brow, seafoam pools darkened to judgmental chartreuse. 

"I had to," in return, Pride's eyes burned into a shade of merlot. "You've met him. He'd be devastated." 

"It pains me to admit, however- Pride is right. We run the risk of Artemis going insane and then enter Collapse. Apollo and his mother would have our heads." Greed sighed, pinching his nose in thought. 

Gluttony's eyes slammed shut, unnerved, "It is what is. We'll have to wait it out." Sloth leaned and began dozing off on their shoulders. 

"He'll be alright?" Lust's soft voice only a whisper. 

Pride wrapped the other in a tight embrace. Soothing Lust's horns with a strange softness. "He has us, no sweat. Besides, a little power never hurt anybody."




 Artemis's wings: Artemis's WingsA picture summarizing how badass Artemis shall be (Hint:We are the puny human): Artemis




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