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Primary Ingredients
9 Guam Leaves
4 Harralander
4 Marrentill
2 Tarromin
6 Sprigs of Snake Grass

Secondary Ingredients
1 Limpwurt Root
4 Redspider Eggs
5 White Berries (Crushed)

Scratched into the yellowed old paper with black ink, the ingredients required for the monthly charming ward was practically memorized, but Bakugo always kept his book out, just in case. He would glance at it while collecting ingredients, double-checking in the privacy of his own home where no one could tease him about it. It had been years since he actually needed the book out— his claims to be perfect weren’t false, he just felt better knowing he was within reach of the original source. Maybe he was a tad traditional in practice, it got the job done and that’s what mattered.  

His hands moved like clockwork while he rattled through his workspace, pulling out each necessary jar, box or container that was required. It takes him less then a minute to place each item down on the table and mere seconds to know something’s off. This is why he does everything early, because the sight of two empty containers already gifts him a headache. Of course he was out of Limpwurt Root and Guam Leaves, two of the very things he can’t simply rummage around in the forest for.

He already loathes the situation, grumbling already as he shoves all the jars but the empty ones to the back of the table; might as well keep them out. He’s going to have to order the herbs, his anger already perforating through the room without thought- his phone starting to vibrate in the next room over. That’s all it takes, his anger and there’s the muted smack of something falling off the kitchen counter. Apparently two rooms away still isn’t enough distance. Smacking the book closed, Bakugo slams the door of his workshop shut, stomping over to the cause of the noise, glaring holes at the vibrating mess that is currently his cellphone on the floor. The expensive phone case was worth it, the infuriating piece of technology still intact despite its tumble.

This is why he hates technology, or rather why technology hates him. Magic, his magic specifically and the modern age don’t get along. He picks up the device, his anger rising, as it continues to vibrate in his hand, the screen flashing between its wallpaper and a blank white.


It won’t, it’s a machine and Bakugo is magic. They will never get along. He knows out of habit that he needs to calm down to get it to fucking stop. He gently places the damned thing back down on the counter space and exhales a long breath before rummaging through the kitchen to get a glass of water. By the time the cup is empty, the phone sits still, screen black as if it had never done anything but work perfectly. A sneer slips over his lips before he picked up the offending piece.

Bakugo only had a few contacts in his phone, his parents, his regrettable friends, a few regular clients and the shop . The Adipem Emporium sells a great many oddities but its main purpose was the closest supply shop for the odder ingredients nature produced—the ones witches needed for spells, potions and charms. The location of the shop wasn’t perfect, too far in the city. Making a trip is a lot on the witch, it has to be worth it, the idea of traveling that far into town just to find out the ingredients are out of stock is a whole other headache on its own. So the blond decided calling ahead to make sure Taishiro had everything was the wiser option. If his phone could make it through the conversation, that is.

“Hello! Adipem Emporium, home of everything under the sun and moon and then some, Taishiro Toyomitsu speaking.”

“I’m going to hang up.”

“Bakugo? Kid? That you?”

“I am not a fucking kid.”

“Then you should know a slogan is a slogan and if I don’t answer the phone properly I get in trouble.”

“You own the place.”

“Yah yah, what can I do the local Witch for?”

“Tsk. Don’t say that so casually. You got Limpwurt Root and Guam Leaves? I need to replace the wards soon and I’m not walking all the way into town if you’re out of stock.”

“Calm your broomsticks I got plenty, and don’t you worry, you don’t even need to walk we just hired a delivery boy I’ll send it on his route today.”

“Oh. Okay fuckin’ fancy set up you’re starting and here I was almost worried I was your own customer.”

“Boost in population equals more customers. That new division of the residential area is all settled now. You don’t have to be a local witch to want oddities. Anyway that going to be it?”

“Yeah yeah that’s all.”

“Okay, he should be coming in for his shift soon so I’ll get that ready, see you whenever Kid.”


The line went dead leaving the blond seething, his phone cutting his and Taishiro conversation short. Tossing the phone back down he made his way upstairs to his room to get the cash needed for his usual payment. How was a fucking delivery boy even supposed to find his way out here? Bakugo didn’t particularly live that much out of the way, but it was a little far. Where the city devolved into suburbs and then farm land, a few hours scattered about, and then at the end of that, laid Bakugos’ house. It was a old two story cottage, decent in size, old with paint chipping at the edges, but clearly lived in. The woods started right outside, a necessity for Bakugo’s occupation. With his ‘electronic drawback’ as his father liked to call it, living farther away from the technological advancements of the city was better for him and everyone else.

Bakugo was a witch. His family was old magic, everything he didn’t learn through his mother passed down teachings, he learned through family books hand scribbled in ink.. He didn’t attend schools or colleges, for regular humans or magic users, he simply learned . Everything was homeschooled and presented in a neat package by his parents. The world was aware of witches, in the same ways they were ignorant about them. They saw them them as rarities, and a blessing if towns had them; they would be respected them from afar. Known, but not talked about. If you didn’t have a local witch, you likely didn’t know about them. They kept the town ‘ safe ’, kept the crops growing well without trouble, provided health care through old practices for those who couldn’t go to doctors and for treatments doctors couldn’t give.

He remembers being younger, no older than seven, watching his mother act calm and polite in a way he didn’t think was possible while talking to Ms. Chizuru the older hag that lived in one of the farm houses closer to their home. She had a cough, always did, but the doctors weren’t helping. His mom was kind though, gentle, he followed her into the workroom and helped her measure out leaves, salts and herbs crushing them into a thin powder, he didn’t understand it back then. She only let him measure, not allowing a seven year old to fully make a remedy—at least not one anyone would actually drink yet. He was fascinated, watching it glow and spark in her hands as she finished it. At the time it was the concept of magic that was exciting, not the idea of helping people. He wanted to know everything and anything. It was the process of learning that set his perspective.

When he was older, he made the medicine for Ms. Chizuru his mother retired after deciding he was finally capable of taking over, the minute she announced the news it was obvious she had been waiting for that day for a while. Eventually Ms. Chizuru passed, but that didn’t stop Bakugo from keeping the ingredients stocked, ready for the next elderly someone to come along with the same problem.

He had multiple clients now though; rich business types who wanted charms to keep their jobs up, their sales high. Older women who were worried about their youth, who wanted to know the future despite the amount of times Bakugo told him he couldn’t do shit because that wasn’t his area of practice. Every so often a college student or even someone in high school would wondered this far out to see if the town really did have a local witch, always shocked and curious enough to come back a couple times after and purchase something to test its legitimacy. Regardless of the fact that he was still a young adult, he knew he was accomplished, amazing, and worth more then this damn town.

The bitterness at his location was hollow, he rather enjoyed his odd life. He was diligent on everything, and he wasn’t the only witch in the area, so he had to be the best. He felt something hit his leg, a brush of soft fur and looked down to see big orange eyes staring up at him impatiently, a long meow demanding food and attention, but mostly food.

“If you showed up properly in the morning then this wouldn’t be a problem Teekl.”

His familiar just hissed, leaping into Bakugo’s arms when he outstretched them. For a familiar, the cat was aggressively independent. Teekl liked to roam at night, keep watch over everything, especially when the wards were weakening to make sure nothing went wrong before Bakugo had time to replace them. The black Bombay crawled up his arm onto his shoulder, his favorite place to perch, and the blond moved to the fridge to get his wet food. He emptied it into the cat’s bowl stirring it in with the dry food that was always there, a happy meow following before the cat jumped down to the ground to start feasting. The blond sat down, watching the cat, mildly entertained at the way it scarfed down its breakfast despite always having dry food available for itself. Dramatic little furball.

Teekl had been a surprise to the family. His mother familiar a Shih Tzu who rivaled her own self absorbed arrogance never got along with Bakugo. His father’s familiar, a Tibetan Mastiff, a huge dog that would often carry Bakugo around as a child, completely soft to the family but a terrifying guard should anyone try to break in to their family home. Both had expected their son to summon another dog, possibly a Doberman or even a Rottweiler, but instead the spell had brought a furrball that was horrifically perfect for him, as his mother loved to tease. Red eyes glanced to the small black cat before him.

“You are the most non threatening in the world you fucking hairball.”

Ignoring the hiss he got in response, a loud knock startled him, Bakugo pausing in contemplation—he had no appointment today, and the delivery guy likely wouldn’t show up till night considering how far out he had to go to bring Bakugo the ingredients. Slowly standing up from the ground taking, Bakugo took a glance at Teekl to see the cat was uninterested in anything but his food, meaning whoever was at the door wasn’t a threat. Moving through the living room with ease, a quick flick of his wrist sent the front door swinging open as he approached it to reveal a bright set of teeth and a small bag outstretched for the blond. He paused a moment staring at the bag, before snatching the parcel up without thinking.Only after the ingredients were safe in his hand did he allow himself to get a look at the man, a once over that lingered at the surprising size of his arms up to the—
“What the fuck is wrong with your hair?”

A frown, no a pout, followed the unchecked comment ; though in Bakugo’s defense he hadn’t planned on saying it out loud.

“Ah! I thought it was manly, I just redyed it this morning.”

Bakugo huffed, leaning to the side of the door frame to checking inside of the bag to see his ingredients carefully packed, the logo of the emporium branded over the lids sealing everything inside. The tightness in chest lifted, finally turning back to the delivery man, who was standing there almost unsure of himself as if he didn’t know what to do next. New hires, the guy couldn’t be a year older then he was, the signature apron of the business wrapped around his waist, acting more as an extra source of pockets then anything practical. The raglan shirt he was wearing had its sleeves rolled up, clearly Taishiro was keeping up with his laid-back work attire requirements. The loud vibrant hair was tied back into a sloppy excuse of a bun, which had apparently resulted in a black bandana rolled up and tied around his hairline to keep the mess out of his face. It wasn’t the worse appearance, he’d seen.

“Uhh...everything correct? The orders all there right?”

Shit he had been staring. He looked back down at the two jars in the bag— like a fucking idiot it was two fucking jars he could count Jesus fuckin

“Yeah, it’s all there, thanks Shitty Hair, let me get your cash.”

“Shitty Hair? Oh! Okay!”

Bakugo casted one more glance at him before leaving the doorstep to grab his wallet from the living room counter, digging out the paper bills.

“Hey kitty, aren’t you cute.”


The blond had never made it to the door faster, a scene of horror on display in front of his eyes as he watched his familiar happily purr in the arms of this stranger, the redhead slowly rubbing a finger under the cat’s chin much to Teekl’s delight. Groaning Bakugo’s head sank down holding out the money,

“I apologize for my beast.”

That apparently earned him a chuckle, this situation wasn’t amusing.

“Dude you’re fine, cats are great I’ve never met anyone this friendly.”
Carefully placing Teekl on the ground despite the cat’s complaints to the action, the redhead took the money from Bakugo, before digging a small bag out of his pockets and pulling out a small brown piece of kibble and handing it to Teekl.

“Do you fucking carry cat treats in your pocket?”

“Ahh, Toyo owns cat and I forgot to take them out before heading out.”

The memory of the huge orange Maine Coon that constantly jumped on Bakugo whenever he visited the store flashed through his mind.

“Whatever Shitty Hair there’s the money need anything else?”

“Oh!” Cramming the cash into his pocket he pulled his phone from the other one, pulling up a small screen and handing the device over to Bakugo.

“Can you sign this?”

Technology, great. He could do this, he wasn’t a fucking child. He gingerly he took the device from the redhead, quickly scribbling his name over the touch screen before tossing it back, the delivery man (two words) barely catching it, startled that the blond would throw it in the first place.

“Thanks! That’s going to be it, well have a nice day…?”


“Have a nice day Bakugo,” and bowing down slightly, he smiled at the cat curling around Bakugo’s legs quite happily, “and you also have a nice day Teekl.”

The cat meowed happily, traitor.

“Yeah yeah, go do your fucking job Shitty Hair.”

“Ha, my name is Kirishima, you don’t have to call me that.”

Bakugo just huffed picking up Teekl before the fuzzball tried to follow Kirishima back to his— motorbike. Bakugo hadn’t seen one of those in a while but in the five minutes he had known Kirishima, he shouldn’t be surprised by anything anymore. A large box strapped carefully to the back likely filled with other orders, the redhead waving goodbye to Bakugo before heading off, the blond stuck in his door way slightly frazzled he had was caught watching Kirishima leave. A meow coming from his arms drew his attention back to Teekl.

“You’re in fucking trouble.”

Teekl’s retaliation was quick and painful sinking a claw into the blond’s forearm making Bakugo yelp, dropping his familiar who landed gracefully, hissed once and then scampered back into the house.


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Wards were old magic, they had to be done correctly or they wouldn’t work. Charming wards were even more dangerous, done incorrectly they could create the opposite effect, or ruin whatever they were meant to charm entirely. A ward for the city had to be done perfectly. When he was young and foolish he would get irritated, bitter that every time his mother had him make a ward, she would never let him put it on anything. He didn’t understand back then. At first he assumed he was doing it wrong, his mother’s magic made the ward glow faintly on competition. His would light up, crackle, pop, and then settle down, but apparently his father’s wards did the same, not as extreme—instead a mellow version, soft and calming. It was a manifestation of his magic awakening the wards for use.

His childhood self had been ecstatic, clearly he had done the process correctly, made his own ward. However, his mother disposed of each one right after saying they weren’t ready for testing. Bakugo had complained, shouted even, until his father’s phone had blown out, the battery exploding and melting from the inside. He had been grounded for a week. When the punishment was over, his mother dragged him back into the workshop, under a scrutinizing eye she directed him through making a ward again. It felt ridiculous at the time, but then she dragged him outside the minute he had finished, telling him to place a ward on the strawberries they had growing in the garden to help protect them from insects.

It took less than a minute after the ward was placed for the strawberries to shrivel up, blackening and falling limply to the ground, dead. It wasn’t the most traumatizing experience, but for a child who had been so proud of his work until then, it left him feeling hollow. Perhaps he cried, it was too long ago to remember. The second ward left the ground of the garden they tested it on infertile, to this day a darkened patch of dirt sits in the backyard of his parents home, the grass never able to grow.

Wards had to be perfect.

His mistakes were small at the time, but even small they were still enough to ruin what they were meant to protect. Bakugo had to learn. So he did . He learned how to crush the white berries until he had the number of presses down to muscle memory. How to carefully press the limpwurt root into the base of the bowl before adding the other ingredients. Taishiro’s work was always impeccable, the roots were cleaned — not that Bakugo didn’t wash them a second time.

The wards were done by midnight leaving the blond pleased with his work, he had been making them for years now but he knew better than to be overconfident in his work — once upon a time he wasn’t, he had learned from that. Teekl’s meow reminded him of the clock. There was no particular time in the night he had to renew the wards by, just the need to do it  before their expiration, later in the night he set out the easier it was. Despite the knowledge of witches, humans were still unsettled by them, most would rather forget them and with the expansion of the housing district avoidance would be better—so Bakugo made it easier for them by doing his work in the middle of the night.

Teekl was antsy, the cat crying out and pacing the hallways. Usually Teekl would be on patrol, walking the line that separated the wilderness from the farm land. The cat didn’t need to be on watch nights where his master renewed the wards, however, so he had to wait for the blond to change impatiently. Bakugo place the wards in his leather bag, slinging the strap over his shoulder, walking to the coat rack at the entryway of his home to pick up his signature black hat and broomstick— sue him he’s a witch . The door locks on its own and by the time he was in the air, the wind has died down for the evening. The night was filled with city lights gleaming in the distance, under the residential district the houses were dark, only some lights still on in windows, teens and college students still up late.

It’s peaceful, from here he can’t hear the sounds the streets, the people , while he flies over. Teekl perches at the tip of the broom meowing as if Bakugo needs directions to the first ward. It’s not far from his house, he always starts with the ones guarding the open farmland edging the woods. Each ward is housed by a small statue, the ward kept in the center. As Bakugo arrives at the first one he pulls out the new ward.  The enchantment spell is Latin, one of the first things he memorized even if it took it was years before he could ever actually place a ward. The air around him becomes wild, his hair, clothing, necklace all floating as he activates the new ward. The ward shines as it sparks to life and the air is bathed in a soft orange glow for only a moment before the colors fade out.

He examines the statue after, everything is in order, and it always is— Bakugo makes sure of it . He always checks it regardless; he wants to stay the town witch for as long as possible, the minute he slips up anyone else could fly in, settle, and take the position. He’s careful, this is his territory, humans annoy him but he’ll be damned if he doesn’t protect them.

“Teekl,  lets go.”

They fly to the next ward without pause, the cycle is simple, there are seven wards,  the statues lining the town in a mass circle, he flies to each one, each area of the town to protect. He keeps higher in the sky when he flies over the city—he’s calm at his work, this has always been a peaceful part of the job but he’s not about to let the night life of the city frazzle him. The last thing he needs his is magic wreaking havoc on the towns electrical currents. Last time he did half the stoplights on main streets wouldn’t stop flashing for hours.

He lands outside the residential area, a fence separating the untamed wild from the stone sidewalk of the housing district; a lamppost illuminates him providing a soft light to the scene. The last ward for the night, it’s nearing 2AM. If he’s lucky he’ll be in bed by three, a light shiver rolling through him as the chill of the night finally settling into his bones, no longer the pleasant cold it had been when he had left his house. He made a mental note to bring a jacket next time, having gotten to use to the summer nights, fall was starting to settle at this point.

There’s a small statue hidden in overgrown brush, vines tightly curled around the base. It was older than him, probably placed there by his grandparents, or his great grandparents. Each statue acts as a protection and a warning, where the ward is placed as protection for the residential district, the statue is a warning to not move past the invisible line it creates. Keeps the humans out of the magic and from building more than they should. No expansion passed the magic line , the wild deserves its space, humans disrupt nature enough. Teekl meows, walking up to the fence to scratch at it as if he was about to jump up. Usually he stays with Bakugo but the blond thinks little of the action focusing instead on the last ward, removing the new replacement from his bag.

Closing his eyes, a careful breeze slips past him just like the previous ones, Latin slipping off his tongue as the ward glows, crackling and sparking up as each word is spoken. As he finishes the cantrip the light dims, the wind stills, his hair and clothing settling back down. The ward is replaced and a small wave of light slips through the air, each channel new and connected an invisible dome over the territory ward perfectly renewed.

“Holy shit.”

Bakugo whips around the fence standing as a divide between where he stands with the ward and the sidewalk in front of him, he sees that fucking red hair, smile wide and blinding, and lastly a very, very pleased Teekl purring in Kirishima’s arms.

“What the fuck are you doing here?”

“I live here dude.”

He nudges his head at the closest house, light on in the kitchen window, back door open illuminating the fenceless backyard.

“Why the fuck are you up? It’s 2AM.”

“Insomnia. I was making some tea and heard this little guy meowing at the window. Walked outside and saw you...uhh do that?”

Bakugo glares at Teekl who seems nothing but smug with himself. He whistles low and watches Teekl’s ears twitch, the cat letting out an irritated meow but understanding the warning enough to jump from Kirishima’s hold. The redhead looked surprised but let the cat go, the animal jumping higher than the human considered possible over the fence to land near Bakugo.

“I was resetting your ward.”

“My what?”

“For fucks sake,it’s 2AM I am not explaining this, ask your fucking boss tomorrow.”

Getting on his broom, Teekl joined him, ignoring his master as he reperched himself at the end of the wood clearly not talking in irritation at Bakugo for making him leave. He started to rise in the air, barely making it over the fence before the redhead called out to him again.


“What do you want Shitty Hair?”

“Do you want a jacket?”

The blond almost tumbled off his broom, his eyes widening before looking back at the redhead.


The street lamp was just bright enough to show the flush of Kirishima’s cheeks, but the redhead only hesitates for a minute.

“It’s cold out… and your place is pretty far from here… so I mean... I have some if you ... want to borrow one I can pick it up next time you order something? I mean, o-okay yeah this is really weird to ask I shouldn’t of—”



“I said fucking yes okay, should I repeat myself Shitty Hair?”

“Okay! Sorry, hold on, lemme just go grab it.”

The redhead darted into his house and Bakugo found himself struggling with the idea of just flying away right then and there that way there wouldn’t be any more awkwardness. How the fuck—what was this guy even thinking? When people saw Bakugo work they stayed away—crossed the street, walked in the other direction—not fucking offer him a jacket. He should just leave, but for some ungodly fucking reason he can imagine Kirishima’s face if he came back to Bakugo gone, and something unpleasant coils in his stomach at the idea of how his lips would frown if that happened.

“Here you go, sorry about the wait.”

There really wasn’t much of a wait, Bakugo barely fought with himself about leaving before the redhead had returned panting, slightly out of breath—he was worried Bakugo was going to leave. Kirishima’s hand is outstretched and there’s a well worn red hoodie in it—it’s not old or ragged, simply well loved and there’s something about the fact this idiot is giving what is likely one of his favorite jacket to Bakugo, someone who hasn’t bothered to even call him by his real name yet. The blond takes it quickly, snatching it up and pulling his arms through it, and without a single breeze in the dead of night Bakugo is suddenly saturated with the scent of human —the aura is so utterly foreign. It’s been so fucking long since he’s even been close enough to humans to smell something like this. Everyone in his life smells like magic.

He realizes quickly this is definitely Kirishima’s favorite jacket; the scent is soaked into the fabric, stained from years of wear. Lying to himself is easier , he probably just grabbed it because it was the closest one to him. The first one within reach once he entered his house, fuck he probably wore it today—he probably grabbed it to get outside before Bakugo bolted. Fucking—


His voice is gruffer then he wants, not that Kirishima’s known him long enough to realize it. The redhead just smiles, his face is still red, his nose flushed from the cold air nipping at it, there’s a curl in his stomach again but this time it’s a different feeling.

“Head back inside Shitty Hair it’s fuc—it’s cold this late.”

Kirishima just laughs with that goddamn fucking smile on his face and Bakugo can’t take it anymore, his broomstick shooting into the air with Teekl letting out a shrieking meow cearly unprepared for the jolt, but Bakugo can’t stay in sight another minute. There’s no way for Kirishima to see him, the witch hovering so high up in the air. No way to know the blond stayed above his house out of sight to make sure he got back inside safely, even if he was barely ten yards from his fucking house.

He could feel Teekl staring at him, once annoyed, now clearly amused.

“Shut up, I’m doing my fucking job. He’s a resident, I need to make sure he’s safe.”

Teekl let out a small meow.


Bakugo snarls but Teekl responded with a fucking snickered, well as much as a cat could give and Bakugo rolled his eyes before zipping up the jacket sharply. The strong scent of Kirishima’s aura invading his nose. God , he smiled like cinnamon, what type of fucking aura smells like that? He just wants to get home quickly, zipping off and dipping low for once trying to get himself back to the farm district.

He makes it home to thirty minutes sooner then he usually does, his eyes and cheeks are slightly red from the speed of the cold air hit his face. Teekl seems irritated again, his fur a mess, which Bakugo promises he’ll brush later as they make their way through the door, the house locking up with a flip of Bakugo’s finger. He’s tired, emotionally and physically, and he finds himself pausing at his mirror looking at the way the hoodie drapes over him, slightly too big, sleeves going down to his palms. He should take it off, he doesn’t need to wear it anymore. The night is over, the wards have been renewed, his house is pleasantly warm, and his nose is starting to run from the change in temperature. Besides the fucking thing reeks of human, of cinnamon .

He falls asleep in it anyway.


He wakes up to thirteen messages on his cell phone  all titled from the same person, or rather the only friend he’s managed to really mak. He tapped the most recent notification and skimmed with tired eyes.

Sparky: You absolute Fuck.

Sparky: I cannot BELIEVE you.

Sparky: Do you realize how much I had to do today because of your ass?


Sparky:  What could you have possibly done that made you forget, what happened?

Sparky: NO WAIT, I’m coming over at noon, explain then.

Stop lights? It took a second, for Bakugo’s brain to work, or rather for him to take a deep breath and realize he coated in the scent of cinnamon, the smell jolting the blond fully awake. Looking down at the jacket that was currently hanging off his shoulder having unzipped slightly in the night. Frazzled, the blond scrambled from his bed to find pants, sleeping in had never been his style, he had a schedule. Ward replacement nights always did this to him, he hated it, his eyes flickering to the bright 11:45 on his phone the numbers him he had little time before his unwanted company would arrive. The tea was boiling by the time his door was forced open despite the wards that should’ve kept it shut. Denki had set in his own charms in the wood to allow him access and Bakugo seemed to always find an excuse to put off taking them out. The other witch was storming, little shocks of electricity slipping off his skin—a drawback of using his magic so much, manipulate technology to much and he swells up like a soaked sponge sparks leaking from his skin for hours. Kaminari Denki was a special type of witch, he could live anywhere, and his ability was technology based, something very few could master. It seemed to be the only thing he could do. So while Bakugo could barely use his phone, Denki could cause or fix complete blackouts, or rather, clean up any messes caused by Bakugo’s magic.

“What did you— oh my god , why do you reek of human ?”

Bakugo felt himself puff at that, his hair frazzling, Teekl even meowing in annoyance—he had forgotten to take the damn jacket off still. Fucking— whatever .

“I was out late doing the wards and Taishiro’s new employee gave it to me.”

“New employee?”

“Some human, apparently he’s got enough business he hired a delivery boy and Shitty Hair lives right next to the seventh ward.”

“Oh—my god.”


“You already gave him a nickname.”

“The fuck that’s suppose to mean!? He’s got bright ass red hair. The fuck else am I going to call him? He’s a human!”

“Yet you took his jacket— oh my god that’s why isn’t it?”

“What the are you fucking talking about Sparky?”

“He’s why you fucking— the fucking — you were so fucking flustered that you flew low to the fucking ground and your fucking flustered feelings caused your powers to fuck with all the traffic lights—OH MY GOD YOU USELESS GAY.”

The kettle on the store whistled, hot boiling water shooting up as sparks crackled in Bakugo’s hand, the temperature of the room rising and Teekl letting out a loud meow before hissing aggressively at his master. Denki completely unfazed by his hysterics.

“Calm down before I have to get you a new phone.”

Bakugo slammed his palms together exhaling as the kettle cooled down and the room temperature dropped to normal. Teekl jumped from the counter to the island rubbing against Bakugo, doing his damn job for once trying to calm the blond down. Bakugo’s hand instantly slid through the cat’s fur, petting him until he felt better.

“I’m not… that bad.”

Denki gave a pointed look before sitting down at the island across from him carefully taking his phone out and opening up an app, a small static coming from the speaker of the phone. Bakugo gave it a look, moving to pour Denki some tea now that the water was boiling to the point of evaporation, sliding the cup over to the other blond.

“What are you doing?”

“Nothing, now answer me this Mr. Disaster, how long have you known Mr. Red Hair?”

“Kaminari I swear to fuck—“

Yet another pointed look was directed at him and Bakugo sighed, taking a seat and burrowing his head in Teekl’s fur, which only earned him a soft chirp.

“I met him yesterday.”

Denki groaned, putting his hands to his face, before exhaling slowly and looking over at his friend.

“And what did you think when you met him—answer honestly. Humor me.”

In reality Denki just wanted Bakugo to think about it, but that was easy, because Bakugo over analyzed everything, he was careful about that. It’s what made him a good witch, it was also what made this very easy for Denki to do. The gears turning in Bakugo’s brain as he humored his friend thinking about when his door opened up to Kirishima’s bright face the day previously.

The radio app on Denki’s phone buzzed the static raising in volume as the digital dial sung all over the place before the static fuzzed into a song;

‘Pretty woman, walkin' down the street

Pretty woman the kind I like to meet’


“Oh my god it’s worse than I thought.”

Bakugo hair fizzled the room starting to shake in anger but Denki’s own eyes flickered with electricity his phone continued to work through the burst of Bakugo’s emotions.

“Sparky I swear to fuck—“

“—And how were you feeling when said redhead gave you his very persona, clearly well- loved jacket in the middle of night when you were cold?”

He could see the steam coming off the blond’s face; hell Bakugo’s ears were growing red much to Denki’s amusement. The radio dial spinning through the static, slipping through the songs to change stations before resettling:


You're just too good to be true.

Can't take my eyes off you.

You'd be like Heaven to touch.

I wanna hold you so much.’

Denki’s eyes widened before giving a pointed look, taking a sip of his tea as he stared down Bakugo who looked ready to drive a knife through his phone. Pity overtook Kaminari though—he couldn’t imagine having his emotions so easily displayed like that without any ability to stop it, picking his phone up and turning off the app before looking over at Bakugo.

“Alright, Alright, I’ll stop tormenting you.”

“I hate you Sparky.”

“Not my fault you’re a grown ass man who’s never handled anything more serious than a quick fuck.”

“Choke on your tea and die Kaminari.”

By the time he had shoved Denki out of his home Bakugo only had about thirty minutes to himself—which evidently was just spent feeding Teekl and then laying face down on his couch before someone knocked on his door again. Teekl jumped up from the resting place he had made on Bakugo’s back to run to the door and scratch. Groaning, Bakugo pulled himself from the couch, walking over to the door and yanking it open too mentally exhaust to actually use magic to open it, it was probably Denki forgetting something.

“What the fuck do you want?”

“Oh—Uhh I guess you can keep the jacket a little longer then.”

Kirishima stood awkwardly staring at the article still very much on Bakugo. The blond snapped to attention so fast he felt a second of whiplash, watching Kirishima bend down to pick up Teekl who was swarming his feet, walking in circles around the human meowing for attention.

“I uhh- fuck sorry, I just passed out in it—didn’t FUCK—

In theory Bakugo could legitimately make the ground eat him, swallow him whole even, but the human , don’t freak out the fucking human.

“Oh no—it’s okay I didn’t want to like burden you with keeping it for me considering I just kind of forced it on you, so I figured I’d use my lunch break to get it back but if it’s being used I have plenty—so take your time.”

“You’re… on your lunch break?”

“Yeah uhh, Fat had me finish up deliveries this morning and told me to go on another one before the next batch is ready. He gave me like two hours, which is ridiculous, but I figured it was more than enough time to uhh , stop by and pick up the jacket but—“

“Do you wanna come in?”


“FUCKing—You came all the way out here might as well say, you don’t fucking have too but I’m not about to fucking owe you twice for inconveniences.” Yes , yes that’s what it was, Bakugo refused to owe anyone anything, a jacket and a useless trip out to the edge of town? No chance Bakugo was about to let Kirishima hold it against him. That’s what it was. Bakugo silently thanked multiple gods that he had left his phone upstairs.

There was a silence between them that was obvious, the whole, ‘hey I caught you riding on a broomstick and doing magic last night how often do you do that?’ type of silence, but Bakugo was comfortable with it staying there for now. The blond walking into the house, leaving the door open for Kirishima to follow inside. To his surprise the redhead only jumped slightly when the door closed behind him.

“So… Uh, I mean I talked to Toyo—and he said uh…”

The blond raised an eyebrow, having moved into the kitchen to use the leftover hot water to pour Kirishima a cup of tea, eyes leaving the soaking tea bag to look at the redhead.

“Last night—the wards? He told me they were to protect the town.”

“Yeah, they kind of keep karma in check, bad spirits in the forest etc…what about it?”

There was no rule against explaining magic to humans. That didn’t mean it was hard to get them to understand although typically witches just left it alone.

“Thank you! It’s kind of super manly of you to protect everyone like this.”

Bakugo flushed, he didn’t want to flush, but his ears were red he could feel it; humans didn’t thank him . Sure, Toyomitsu showed his appreciation to him, but he wasn’t exactly the textbook definition of human. Maybe that’s why he hired Kirishima. Considering the redhead referred to him with a nickname, the two probably knew each other before—he’d have to ask.

“It’s nothing, I uhh—I have to work on some stuff, you can play with Teekl or leave once you’re done with tea obviously…”

“Can I watch you work?”


“Uhh- I mean if it’s okay, can I watch you work, are uhh—am I allowed to do that?”

Bakugo felt like a deer in the headlights. He could tell from the meow Teekl gave, the cat still very much snuggled up in Kirishima’s arms, was trying to answer yes for him. The blond just nodded, stiffly walking out of the kitchen toward the door to the workshop, hearing the redhead follow behind him.

He tried, so very hard , so very extremely hard to not let his heart beat out of his chest as Kirishima marveled at his workspace, crystals catching light against the window, herbs and other flowers were tied upside down to the ceiling, a library of old books against the back wall with vials, jars, and various tools carefully organized on his main work table, his main potion and wards book opened up to the recipe from the other day, his spellbook shut right next to it. Kirishima didn’t touch anything, instead keeping a safe distance holding Teekl who seemed to just be melting in the man’s arms. Damned cat .

Kirishima was quiet as he started working, asking small questions here and there, and the first hour passed quickly. He was curious, he didn’t remind Bakugo of his name when the blond called him Shitty Hair, seemingly perfectly fine with it. The blond had originally thought he wouldn’t get anything done, that he would be distracted by the presence but he found himself relaxing into his work quickly, the questions that popped from the redhead never making him pause. He found himself answering them with minimal swearing and insults—it’s not like any of this was natural to Kirishima, of course he didn’t know a single thing Bakugo was doing so it was only natural he would ask.

“Want to hold it?”

Kirishima’s eyes widened, and honestly so did Bakugo’s as if the blond didn’t realize what he was offering until he had already said it, potion outstretched finished and already bottled.

“I’m nervous I’ll break it.”

“You won’t, trust me.”

There was a pause before Kirishima carefully placed Teekl down on the floor, the cat mewing and circling around his legs again to demand the redhead pick him right back up but instead Kirishima carefully took the offered bottle holding it with both hands.

“It won’t break.”

“I’m uhh—bad at these things?”

“What things? Holding bottles?”

“Being gentle? I tend to lean towards hobbies that require strength, weights, etc, I usually forget how to not excerpt – too much force? Fat always has the spices packed for me, I barely handle all the fragile stuff... Ah , this is hard to explain.”

“It’s fine, it’s a strong bottle. Plus it’s just a luck potion, wouldn’t harm you at all, the opposite really.”

“A luck potion?”

“Got a client who orders them before negotiations with other companies, doesn’t solve every problem but it gives him some advantage over how he presents himself.”

Kirishima was looking at him suddenly like he was a God amongst men, too fucking bright and amazed, Bakugo had to turn his face away, looking anywhere but the redhead. A minute later, he took the potion back and Kirishima picked Teekl back up, who at this point was very upset, the cat instantly purring. Eventually the end of Kirishima’s lunch break was close enough that the redhead had to leave, much to both Teekl’s outward and Bakugo’s inward dismay. He paused in his work, walking Kirishima to the door and finally prying his own damned familiar away from the redhead. The witch felt awkward, what does one even say now ?

“Uhh, would it be okay... if I came back tomorrow on my lunch break…?”

Apparently that , Bakugo looked at Kirishima’s flushed face, blushing at his own request and while the doubting part of his mind told him it was nothing but a curiosity of magic and an overstep of requests that caused it—hope curling in his stomach that it was something more.

“Sure—you didn’t even eat, so I guess I owe you again for officially ruining the whole purpose of your lunch break—bring fucking lunch tomorrow.”

“Oh okay! And you didn’t ruin it Bakugo! This was probably the best break I’ve ever had!”

He turned to leave, Bakugo watch him go for a second before a coil in his stomach spiked and he rushed forward to grab Kirishima’s arm before the redhead could really get more than a step away from the door.

“Everything okay?”

Latin slipped from the blond’s lips without a thought and his finger slid against the redhead’s inner wrist a rune carefully sliding over the skin there like a flame leaving a back mark. A yelp of surprise slipped through Kirishima’s mouth, mixed with another sound he refused to place that went straight through Bakugo’s body.

“What was…”



“Protection rune fucking, nothing, just – get back to work before Taishiro yells at you.”

And the fucker just laughed at that, bringing his wrist up to his face to exam the mark before shrugging,

“Okay Bakugo, thank you.”

He dragged out the end of the ‘you’ making the blond flush again and slam the door shut. Teekl meowed at him from the living room window watching Kirishima’s bike speed off. He looked down at his own shaking hands in disbelief that he had done that so impulsively. The urge to make sure nothing happened to the shitty redhead was so strong though.  

Fucking, of course of all things his human would be such a happy go lucky trustworthy ray of fucking sunshine he’d probably let a mother bear maul him if it meant food for it’s cubs—…wait, his ?


Chapter Text

What... defined dating ?

Was sharing every fucking lunch break Kirishima had define dating? Was showing your new daily companion how you use your pet cat to channel powerful magic romantic? Is it normal to wake up on the weekends and realize he is disappointed that he wouldn’t be seeing the redhead because Toyomitsu was only open Monday through Friday? Bakugo decided to push it down, if he didn’t think about it then there didn’t have to be a name. There didn’t have to be an answer to those question. So it meant nothing and as the weeks passed, it still meant nothing.

Teekl was absolutely no help, the traitorous cat liked Kirishima more then he liked his own master, some fucking familiar. He barely needed to check the time, the minute Kirishima road up, the cat was out the room stretching and sitting at the door, awaiting the human’s arms, purring with delight. Was it possible to be jealous of a cat? Was it possible to be jealous of a cat and still refuse to acknowledge your feelings or remotely ask what that relationship was? Teekl seemed to find it amusing, trying to push the two together as often as possible, more than willing to throw a fit in order to convince Kirishima to stay an extra ten minutes. The stubborn cat has even gone as far as to attack the tires of Kirishima’s bike in order to trap him at the house. Bakugo had been humiliated, panicked enough to offer to give Kirishima a ride back into town for a new tire in the middle of the fucking day—which had at least reminded Bakugo that he was in fact, a fucking Witch , and simply fixed the tire with a spell that seemed to memorize the redhead. It should, casting magic on something so inorganic as a tire was more energy than Bakugo liked to give normally, though it was immediately worth it to see the stars in Kirishima’s eyes.

The car incident resulted in Teekl being forced out of the house for the rest of the day. Kirishima never got mad about it though, he never got mad about anything —not when Bakugo chucked his phone after it started to buzz faintly, not when Teekl demanded attention to the point of scratching him or ruining his clothing, not when Bakugo called him Shitty Hair or didn’t speak for 30 minutes straight because he was wrapped up in a charm or potion and didn’t realize he wasn’t speaking.

He didn’t understand how anyone could be so casually happy with just sitting there. Hell, once he pulled his head out of his spell book to check the time and found Kirishima slumped against the second chair in the workroom peacefully asleep with Teekl curled up in his lap. The chair may or may not have been added when the blond had grown accustomed to having an observer as he worked for five days out of the week. Bakugo was mortified that he hadn’t noticed Kirishima had fallen asleep waiting. What made it worse was the redhead just laughed it off, saying he needed the rest anyway— wasn’t even a bit upset


The gravity of the situation sunk in on the day Kirishima showed up to his place hurt .

This, whatever it was , had been going on for months; maybe six, maybe seven, Bakugo refused to count. It wasn’t even that bad really— there had been a rabbit in the road on the way over, Kirishima had swerved to miss, the bike skidded. He always wore a thick jacket, for protection. That same jacket was now shredded, his arm was bleeding —Gods, Teekl could smell it a mile away, panicking and meowing as if he was trapped in a confined space. The scent hit Bakugo next, his hair prickling up, eyes widening, human blood , Kirishima’s blood. He bolted out of the house, and met the redhead halfway down the dirt road. Panicked grabbing at the redhead careful not to touch the wound—Kirishima looked so calm, almost embarrassed. Bakugo hated it, how could he be so calm. The blond couldn’t stop fussing, ripping his own shirt, muttering in Latin to turn the cloth sterile. Shaking hands tearing Kirishima’s sleeve completely off, revealing the wound fully before dabbing at it carefully, almost jolting when the redhead let out a hiss at the sting of the fabric.

Teekl was just as bad, snaking between their feet where they stood on the dirt road meowing, on edge, wanting to help. The blond felt dizzy, the scent of blood was so strong, Kirishima’s blood—his pain, humans wore everything on their sleeves. Bakugo would never be used to it. The scent of the blood was the soft cinnamon? Where was the warm cinnamon scent that left a trail wherever the redhead walked or permeated the air in the workshop? Teekl was yelling again, but it felt distant, everything felt distant but the blood he was trying to soak up, the scrapes and gashes he was trying to heal. He didn’t grab any potions when he dashed out of the house, the Latin slipping through his lips was stuttering, broken, spells barely forming under his panic.


More broken Latin, God why won’t his hands stop shaking? Bakugo’s vision felt clouded like the scene was getting blurred out from him, he tried to blink, nothing changed.


Teekl hissed rutting his head against Kirishima’s leg— fuck , was it bleeding there too? Bakugo hadn’t checked yet. Fuck fuck

Bakugo .”

There was a hand on his cheek, the one attached to his uninjured arm. The one that wasn’t shredded and bleeding and the Latin stopped, the blond finally looking up to see that goddamn warm smile. How could he still be smiling like that? Bakugo’s felt his lip tremble like he wanted to say something but his body wouldn’t let him speak. Why was this moron staring at him so softly, like he wasn’t bleeding- like his arm wasn’t shredded to all hell.

“Hey— come on , don’t cry, I’m fine. Just a scratch.”

Oh —he was, that’s why his vision was blurry, Bakugo’s own hand came up to rub his eye, try and wipe away the tears that came out. Why the fuck was he the one crying? He wasn’t the one hurt, he didn’t fall off some damn bike, he didn’t—Kirishima thumb was rubbing his cheek and suddenly his thoughts seemed to short circuit in the blond’s brain.  

“Just a—“

Red, so much red, Bakugo’s fist connected with Kirishima’s uninjured shoulder but there was no force in it.

“Fucking, it’s not a fucking scratch you fucking idiot.”

“Fair, but I’m not dying okay? It was just an accident.”

He hated it, hated that Kirishima was calming him down, that the injured human was soothing the Witch. Teekl continued to fuss at their feet, hissing. Bakugo, inhaled trying to even out his breathing and clear his head but he couldn’t stop staring at the soaked fabric of Kirishima’s shirt sleeve, discolored.

The redhead seemed to notice, his uninjured hand sliding from the blond’s cheek to the nape of his neck, pulling Bakugo closer until the witch’s face was nuzzled into the crook of his neck and he couldn’t see the bloodied arm anymore. In his head he could see the bike—a spike of anxiety coiled at thought, but it subsided and his eyes fell closed, feeling heavy with emotional exhaustion. He pressed his face against Kirishima’s skin, sun-kissed, sweaty from walking in the midday heat—he was warm from both the rays of the day and his body working cells moving to deal with his injury. Under it all he found it , the faintest smell of cinnamon.

Pulling back after a second, he stared at the soft expression on Kirishima’s face, before looking down at Teekl.

“Teekl, grab the bike.”

He could see the look of confusion on the redhead’s face but he didn’t open his mouth to say anything, the cat meowing once before trotting off down the dirt road. Another deep breath  later and Bakugo carefully finished tying the ripped remains of Kirishima’s shirt as a temporary bandage against the bleeding. Slipping under Kirishima’s arm, Bakugo half-lifted the redhead  to help him get back to Bakugo’s house with as little pain as possible, angry at himself for not bringing his broomstick. 

Once inside, Bakugo didn’t give himself time to think about the red already seeping through the temporary bandage again, he was quick, placing Kirishima on the island seat in the kitchen before moving through his workshop at the quickest pace he could manage without knocking everything over. He grabbed everything he needed and hauling them in his arms to the kitchen where Kirishima sat,still leaning against the island. There was a silence between, calm but also tense, not about the injury itself but rather Bakugo’s reaction. He pushed the embarrassment aside instead focusing on cleaning the wound. Working on carefully annunciating each word as he place a charm on the medical thread before carefully starting to sew up each gash. Time fell away from the blond as he meticulously sanitized and dressed the wound, lips murmuring enchantment charms to heal, bless, and alleviate any pain the redhead might be in. He hadn’t realized how focused he was until Kirishima’s voice snapped him out of it.

“I should probably tell Toyo I’m not heading back into work today.”
There was a smile in his voice and Bakugo stared at him in disbelief for a second.

“I can’t fucking believe you.”


“You eat shit on a bike and that’s all you have to say?”

“I mean—“

“How did this even happen?”

“There was a rabbit—“


“I have this really cute spell-casting  blond whose willing to patch me back up so I guess I can afford to be a little reckless.”

Any retort died in Bakugo’s throat, his face flushed instantly pushing Kirishima who only chuckled.

“I can’t believe you God damn fucking—“

“I’m sorry I worried you.”

“It’s whatever, here just—go rest on the couch I’ll let Toyomitsu know what your dumbass did.”

Kirishima nodded and Bakugo watched the idiot walk to his living room, leaving the blond flustered in the kitchen. He groaned resting his head against the surface of the island trying to calm down his racing heart before going upstairs to fish out his phone out from where he had left it on the bed.
The phone call was brief, though Toyomitsu was distressed to hear that Kirishima had gotten hurt—more than happy to give the redhead the day off, telling Bakugo to let the redhead know not to worry, the rest of the day’s deliveries would be taken care of. It was sweet really, by the time the blond made his way into the living room himself, he found Kirishima out cold, the weight of the injury and the multitude of layered spells wearing the human’s body out. In truth Bakugo felt just as tired, his energy drained from panic and magic used so quickly and desperately.

Humans, they felt like glass to the blond. Usually he disregarded them as extras, the only role they played in his life was something he had to protect  out of requirement to keep his title. Set a balance for the humans and nature to exist in. Kirishima didn’t feel like that—in fact the very notion that he would ever be something so simple was almost enraging, the need to protect him with everything he had was jarring to think about but the panic didn’t leave him much time to overthink it. Bakugo just wanted to cast wards and charms, cover the redhead with them until anyone with a sense of magic would see that he protected this fucking idiot. Maybe the exhaustion was getting to him  to allow himself such ridiculous thoughts, but the more he stared down at the sleeping figure, he more he considered the recipes for rabbit stew and how quickly Teekl could hunt down the fluffy critter. Don’t kill the very thing this idiot went out of his way to protect.

Huffing, he forced his legs to move, slipping into his workshop and walking over to the back bookshelf, tired eyes scanning each book until he found the old dusty blue cover of the medical magic book his father gave him when he first moved out here by himself. It wasn’t like he needed it much, but he’d reference whatever cures he had already memorized when the elderly or new mothers came to visit him for help. Witches were more affordable than hospitals. The page was dog-eared finding it easily, grateful at younger self for marking the pages he was the most interested in.

Three Cloves Garlic
2 oz. Tar
4 Springs Snape Grass
1 Mort Myre Fungi (Boiled)
3 Tbsp. Redroot powder
5 Jangerberries (Crushed)
7 Tbsp. Coconut milk + Lirt Leaf

Necessary Components
Amylase Crystal

The world wasn’t against him completely, everything listed he had in stock even if he would be scraping up the bottoms of his storage for it. When Kirishima was better he could have the redhead personally deliver him the restock, the blond reminded himself before rolling up his sleeves. Washing his hands in salt water before carefully starting a small contained fire at his work station, Bakugo pulled the appropriate crystal from its spot and set it on the holding platelet in the middle of the flames before getting the cast iron bowl he used for this type of salve, waiting for the heat of the flames to warm the bowl enough to add the Fungi. This salve in particular was meticulous to make out of nowhere with zero preparations, the blond triple checking his work—not trusting his tired brain. He caught himself even reading the pages out loud as he worked. Teekl eventually came back, scratching at the back window of the workroom and Bakugo only took a moment’s break to let his familiar back in. The cat meowed at Bakugo, standing by the door that separates the workroom to the rest of his house.

“He’s on the couch, asleep, don’t wake him up.”

Teekl meowed again, leaving the room, the door opening on its own accord for the familiar, Bakugo turned back to his work carefully stripping down the snape grass to press into the forming salve. The coconut milk slowly turned the consistency of the cooked down ingredients into a useable paste, the fire dying down on the blond’s command before Bakugo started the quiet enchantment spell—Latin once again slipping off his lips as the salve cooled until it was pleasantly cold to the touch. The work had taken an hour but the balm looked perfect—as it should be, as it needed to be. 

After cleaning his workspace the witch made his way to the living room, taking a quick stop to the kitchen to grab more gauze, Bakugo found Kirishima still fast asleep, a slight discomfort on his face from what must be a soreness bourne deep in his body that Bakugo didn’t fully understand, couldn’t relate too—sometimes being magic meant not thinking about simpler things like ibuprofen. Teekl meowed from his spot next to the redhead. The blond simply smiled and set the bowl on the coffee table before carefully moving Kirishima on his side to make removing the bandages easier.

It was methodical to unwarp his previous work, a slight wave of relief washing over him to see the wound already looked better then what any human doctor could have provided. The blond making quick work to carefully press the salve over the injury, the redness of the skin already starting to dim by the time he had finished coating the area. The soreness lightened enough for redhead’s face to relax as he continued to rest. Rewrapping the wound, Bakugo set everything back on the coffee table before truly letting the exhaustion take his body.

Without much thought to his actions, he laid down, careful to not wake or jostle the redhead. The couch was barely large enough to fit the two considering the broad expanse of Kirishima’s body, but he made it work. The events of the day soaked into Bakugo’s bones and with a shiver, he found himself pressing closer trying to find his redhead’s natural scent under all the magic and charms. When he found it, he felt his muscles relax, letting the warm smell of cinnamon slowly drown out the scent of blood. Exhaustion setting in, his magic drained from the overwork, he felt his eyes shut.

It was late at night when the blond’s eyes started to twitch open, the loud vibrating purr of Teekl next to his ear slowly bringing him back to the world. At first all he could focus on was the heavy scent of cinnamon, groaning at the audacity of even being awake. He squeezed his eyes shut turning and burying himself in whatever hid him from the brightness of the offending living room light that he had apparently left on.

“I’d say good morning but I think it’s like 2AM.”

His voice sounded rough, the same way someone sounds when they wake up in a hospital bed, only this hospital bed is his couch and instead of intensive surgery it was witch magic and nature gunk enchanted by Latin and a charged crystal—so not like that at a hospital at all. The events of the day flooded back with the sound of Kirishima’s voice, the blond jolting up causing Teekl to fall from his spot curled up between them, the cat’s disgruntled hiss was the last thing Bakugo heard before his body fell off the couch smacking into the floor with a yelp.  


“Shut up.”

Groaning Bakugo lifted himself back up onto the couch, the stiffness in his neck telling him he should probably move to the actual bed in the house, but that was not an option right now. Hey, wanna take this upstairs, snuggle up in my bed and pass the fuck out because you’re fucking injured and for some selfish weird ass reason I refuse to think to heavily about, I don’t want to go the fuck to sleep if you’re not there. Instead of stating any of that , the blond took in Kirishima’s body, eyes quickly darting over the injuries, bandaged but clearly already doing better.

“How long have you been awake?”

“Uhhh--- Maybe twenty minutes?”

“—and you just … laid there without waking me up.”

“You looked exhausted!”

“And you aren’t? Whatever, let me check your wounds.”

The redhead was quiet as he let the blond carefully unwrap his arm, examining the skin before carefully bandaging it back up. Red eyes scanned the injury, as well as the rest of his body, in another once over before narrowing.

“How do you feel?”

“Better than I thought I would after putting my arm through a metaphorical cheese grater.”

“You’re… so stupid .”

Kirishima seemed to take the comment as he took all of Bakugo’s colorful expressions of endearment, laughing way to hard for someone who’s injured and wincing slightly when he grabbed his own arm too tightly, Bakugo’s own hand reaching out on reflex and pulling Kirishima’s hand away from his injury.

“You fucking idiot, I swear to god Kiri you’re going to be the damn death of me, you’re lucky I’m amazing at what I do.”

That seemed to make the redhead quiet down, staring at him with an almost dazed look much to Bakugo’s surprise. The blond simply ignored it at first, getting up and heading to the kitchen to boil water to make some tea, grabbing the chamomile from the cabinet then turning to call the human back into the kitchen only to find Kirishima standing in the arched doorway eyeing him.

“What the fuck are you looking at?”

“You… called me Kiri, not Shitty Hair, not even—you said—”

A rush of heat coated the blond’s face and Kirishima continued to stand there with “an expression akin to a golden retriever. Flustered, Bakugo slammed the jar of tea onto the counter and turned away from the redhead to watch the water boil.

“Y-yeah who fucking cares got a problem with it? I can call you Hair-For-Brains instead.”

“No—no it’s I mean if it takes me falling off my bike to get you to call me Kiri, then I guess I’ll have to crash more often.”


Bakugo didn’t mean for it to come out that strong, for his throat to close up and his fist to slam into the counter next to the burner on the stove. He felt like he could still smell the blood if he wasn’t distracted, God —he wanted to go back to bed, but any idea of leaving Kirishima alone where he could be hurt made him nauseous. He felt like his mind was running a million miles an hour and his emotions were flipping on a dime— why did this fucking human leave him feeling like this ? The redhead was quick though, barely giving the abyss of thoughts time to consume him before he was next to the blond, grabbing his hand from the counter, holding it so delicately like he was the one who had gotten injured.

“Hey, hey, it’s okay, I was joking, not going to get hurt anytime soon. It was just an accident, I’ll be careful next time. Okay?”

He felt small, so fucking small , finding himself once again being comforted by the human who was hurt, the human who was fragile—he couldn’t bring his voice to say anything so he just nodded. Hearing the whistle of the water cutting their moment, Bakugo moved carefully, pouring a cup for Kirishima before handing him the cup gingerly—he noticed how the redhead took it with his uninjured side, smiling and thanking Bakugo quietly.

The silence wasn’t their usually comforting quiet, there was a tension, a worry . Bakugo worried about Kirishima, and Kirishima worried about Bakugo. Bakugo felt strung out, stretched thin having done everything he could magically for Kirishima’s wounds but he was still paranoid, still worried. Kirishima could get hurt again, he likely would, he isn’t going to stop riding his damn bike—hell Bakugo doesn’t want him to stop riding his bike just cause he was the one paranoid about the universe. It fizzles up in his gut the fear like a hot iron in his throat reminding him of how delicate, brittle, unprotected humans as individuals are.

“Can I—”

Kirishima’s head shoots up as Bakugo finally talks, he looks curious, his eyes open pools begging Bakugo to continue without words. It’s the push the blond needs to voice his request.

“I just—I’d feel better if I could place some protection runes on you—just, I know you don’t know what those are, but I can explain them if you’d— it’s just at temporary mark or two, doesn’t hurt—I just would feel better—if I could put them…. Cause I mean your idiot ass probably needs everything it can get.”

His desperation slips through a little bit as he falls over his words trying to convince the redhead as well as his own damn self that this is a good idea. God maybe he shouldn’t have said anything.

“Yeah, sure you can.”

The idiot didn’t even hesitate, giving the witch permission like he was asking him the most normal basic question.

“Great, cool, super—uh it’s like almost 3am though, so you need to go to sleep, fuck I need some goddamn sleep I spent all fucking night healing your ass—no I’m not fucking complaining, don’t you dare apologize shut your mouth Shitty Hair.”

Kirishima just laughed it off, finishing his tea though it was probably more to appease Bakugo than anything else. There was a pause before Bakugo helped Kirishima set up his couch for actual sleeping—the redhead insisting Bakugo take his own bed, that the couch was fine—bringing him more blankets, a pillow from his own bed that left a warm fuzzy feeling in his stomach the blond didn’t want to think about when he saw the human laying on it. Teekl seemed more then determined to stay with Kirishima, by the familiars own concern and desire to watch over him or his own Bakugo wasn’t sure, but he didn’t mind leaving the cat to sleep curled up on the cushion next to the Kirishima’s head. Even if it was likely impossible for Kirishima to get injured any more then he already was, it settled some of the waves of anxious thoughts to know his familiar would watch over the sleeping human.

He turned to go, he felt like if he didn’t move now he would end up staring at him for the rest of the night, the blond barely walked to the archway of the living room before a soft tired voice caught him.

“Night Bakugo.”

“... Night Kirishima.”


Sleeping in his own bed felt off, his mind very aware of the human downstairs, his human— such a dangerous thought . He still didn’t even know what to call their relationship. They hadn’t put a name to it yet, and their actions could be called anything —was having Kirishima sleep downstairs instead of with Bakugo in his own bed an indication this was nothing more than an odd friendship? He should ask him—he should just fucking ask him.

How do you casually ask that? How do you not fuck up what you have if the answer is no? Just the mere realization that the blond had half a mind to text Denki about this situation had his palms crackling with magic, he could already hear his phone vibrating, screen flashing from white to black rapidly. Why did he even keep this damn piece of technology? — Because Kirishima was the fifth contact in his phone after his mother and father, The Emporium and Denki.

Sleep took him eventually, the blond focusing on the steady calm connection with his familiar that told him everything was okay, that everything was fine—that Kirishima was safe.

A light tapping woke Bakugo up, the small skylight had the warm glow of early afternoon on his bed sheets, the lights not quite reaching his face yet. He didn’t even want to know how late in the day it was,he slept too much he could tell already—another soft knock confirmed that he hadn’t imagined the noise however.

“Come in.”

When the redhead opened the door he looked better than hours before when Bakugo has wished him a good night. Teekl was curled up in his arms, probably refusing to let Kirishima leave the makeshift bed without taking the cat with him. He seemed content and already asleep again— not that that was a hard task for his familiar to do . The current state of Kirishima’s attire reminded the blond that he hadn’t actually given the redhead new clothes. Dirty torn shirt, muddy pants, the guilt suddenly ate at him like millions of ants on his skin— how could he have not thought to tend to that?

“I’m sorry if I woke you up—“

“Do you want to use my bath?”

“Excuse me?”

Bakugo closed his lips tightly, he didn’t realize he has just said that out loud, interrupting whatever Kiri was about to say. Now it felt weird and awkward  that he was asking this out of nowhere. He felt his face flush. Suddenly going back to sleep sounded appealing.

“Your clothing is filthy and ruined, and I didn’t even think about how gross you must fucking feel last night, so fucking bathe cause I’m not going to let you continue hanging out here smelling like a wreck.”

“Oh yeah, uh what should I do with my clothes?”

“I’ll find you something, just you need to fucking wash yourself.”

“What about the bandages?”

“Do you really fucking think I would give you some low grade ass human shit?”

“I uhh—”

“I’m insulted, get the fuck in the bathroom your bandages will be fine.”

Kirishima laughed, nodding, and Bakugo got up, showing Kirishima to the bathroom in his room. He wanted to think he imagined it, the way he felt Kirishima’s eyes on his skin. The blond wasn’t wearing anything but boxers and a black night shirt that was several sizes to big, covering his underwear completely, sleeves hanging slightly of his shoulders. He found it the most comfortable way to sleep, the easiest thing to put on after ripping his clothes from the day before off. The blond hadn’t thought about his attire until now, the fact Kirishima was taking in the sight was… interesting to think about, a curl in his stomach, a pleasant one—the redhead not overstepping any boundaries, simply looking and then shifting his eyes away when Bakugo moved. Once the hot water was running in the tub, the blond turned back to him pointing at the square shaped indent in the wall where his soaps and shampoos were located.

“Just chuck your clothing out the door when you’re done changing and I’ll grab it. Obviously you can use my shit since it’s the only option, but don’t fucking use to much Shitty Hair, organic shit is expensive.”

“Okay! And hey, I don’t need a lot to wash my hair thank you very much.”

Bakugo rolled his eyes, leaving the bathroom to scrape through his wardrobe. It wasn’t that Kirishima was that much bigger, the blond just had the habit of either owning tight form fitting clothing, or airy and baggy, no in-between. However, that didn’t mean that anything on the bigger side of this wardrobe wouldn’t look ridiculous on the redhead. Finally he found an older pair of maroon sweats that would probably do the job along with a baggy black shirt that the blond often used for sleeping. Unlike Kirishima’s laziness to take back his jacket from that night so long ago, he would be diligent about getting his articles back—even if it was just to vanquish the funny feeling in his heart at fluttered up at the idea of the redhead wearing his clothing. He returned to the entrance of the bathroom to see the ruined clothing at the floor, exchanging the dirty ripped remaining pieces of fabric with the new outfit before heading downstairs to allow the redhead some privacy. His stomach was too riled up for real food, so the blond settled for an apple while he brewed hot water for tea again.

He was watching the bag seep and the color of the water change to a soft brown when Kirishima entered the kitchen; he looked even better now clean, awake— and right in Bakugo’s clothing . Turning back to the tea, he ran his hands over his face trying desperately to pull himself together.

“How do you feel?”

“Surprisingly good all things considered, I didn’t realize how nice a bath would feel.”


Bakugo turned back to the tea, adding four cubes of sugar and stirring meticulously watching the pieces dissolve before bringing the mug to his lips and blowing on the top. He took a sip before turning around to face the redhead again, more than willing to hide behind the faint steaming of the tea.

“So about your bike—what do you want to do with it?”

“I mean, I can have it picked up by the towing company but do you want uhh, those guys out here?”

“Not particularly. I’ll call Toyomitsu to pick it up, he owes me anyway.”

“Oh that’s really sweet thanks, I can probably get home before late afternoon if I start walking now.”

“Stop you fucking Hair for Brain, I’ll fucking fly you home.”

“W-wait what?”

“You heard me, you have fucking ears don’t you?”

“Oh uh, okay, thanks when do you want—“

“We can go tonight, that way I don’t have to deal with the locals flipping their shit.”

Kirishima’s eyes had wonder in them, a glint of light the blond couldn’t place, his lips slightly parted ready to ask a question that Bakugo had nearly forgotten about.

“And what about those protection runes?”

If Bakugo was any less prepared for the situation he would of spat his tea out, but he wasn’t a fucking mess , so he swallowed down and ignored the slight burn to his tongue. It wasn’t that he had forgotten about the desperate plea he made last night to place runes on the redhead’s body, it was more that he hoped Kirishima had not remembered it.

“What about them?”

“When do you need to do them?”

“We can... do them when I fucking finish my tea.”

It wasn’t that Bakugo wasn’t prepared for this— okay, fuck , he wasn’t prepared for this .  He had seen Kirishima shirtless in theory a couple times, but this was different. This time Kirishima was sitting cross-legged in front of him, his own fucking shirt piled in the redhead’s lap, the combined scent of cinnamon and his own clothing was doing something to the blond. Humans and witches weren’t supposed to mix—like oil and water. The butterflies in Bakugo’s stomach, formed over something as simple as their scents mingling into a indescribable one, said otherwise. Was it possible to capture this and make a candle?


They were sitting on the carpet of his room; Teekl watching from the bed, relaxed, Bakugo eyeing his familiar for a second before focusing his attention on the freshly cleaned expanse of skin that was Kirishima’s back. He placed a hand down on his shoulder blade slowly and felt the human shiver under him.

“Sorry is my hand cold?”

“Warm actually.”


There was an advantage to sitting in this position, Kirishima couldn’t see his face, couldn’t read his eyes, he could blush has deeply as he wanted to like this.

“I’m going to start, no backing out now Shitty Hair.”

“Wouldn’t dream of it.”

Is this human fucking real? The answer was yes, sadly , and Bakugo knew how real he was, felt it on his hands—so now he had to protect what was real. The glow of his palm caused the redhead to tense before relaxing, the warmth of his magic traveling up to the tips of Bakugo’s fingers, ready,

“Is it whatever you’re doing going to hurt?”

“No, the opposite actually.”

He didn’t let the conversation continue because if it did, who knows where it would have gone. He realized, much to his mortification and surprise, how much he needed to do this , like his own will power was being wrapped up, suffocated until he knew he had done everything in his ability to protect this fucking human. His index finger pressed into Kirishima’s back, the brightened tip burning into the skin. Only there was no sizzle of fire, no scream of pain, no smell of burning flesh, just a gasp from the redhead. Bakugo could see the way Kirishima’s own fingers clenched the fabric of his sweats. The blond casted the rune slowly, carefully—one like this was normally used on other witches, he had seen his parents wearing them, obviously placed on by each other, usually whenever one of them was about to leave for a trip. It was intimate, there was a ting of guilt that Bakugo maybe should have mentioned that beforehand, but in reality he had never done it, never placed a protection rune on a person so he wasn’t actually sure what it felt like.

His movements was careful, drawing the rune with a precise eye, watching the skin of Kirishima’s back, watching as the orange lines slide into Kirishima’s skin like a tattoo. The skin didn’t look swollen, but it was warm to the touch under the drawing of the rune as Bakugo ran his hand over it upon finishing. His parents runes were a different colors, his father’s a dark brown, his mother’s a bright yellow—he was almost surprised to see the vibrant orange on Kirishima’s skin. He didn’t want to look away, instead tracing his fingers over the rune, the skin beneath his hand felt warm, sun kissed but there was no irritation of the skin. He gaze transfixed by the orange lines and barely realized how long he had been staring until Kirishima spoke.

“Is that it?”

The tone of his voice caused Bakugo to pause, he sounded conflicted, almost nervous to ask the question but there was something in the back of his voice that sounded almost needy , impatient , like he wanted to know what came next, wanted there to be more, to know if there was anything else Bakugo would do to him. The blond wasn’t sure how to take that realization. He ran his fingers over the marks again, and Kirishima’s back arched a bit under the touch. It came like a wave over him—the want , the need to draw all over Kirishima’s body, maybe that’s why his parents had so many. When you draw one you suddenly realize how much skin, how much surface there is for more—more protection that you could give, the safer you could make them. It was like a neon sign on someone’s body, glowing faintly when activated or in the presence of other magic, threatening or not. If Denki was here it would be glowing like a Christmas tree. It was like a bright fucking name on Kirishima’s back, like Bakugo had just written his name in his skin.

“That’s all.”

Kiri’s own hands seemed to hesitate, playing with the hem of the black shirt in his lap.

“Can I put my shirt back on?”

“F-Fucking yes you can put your shirt back on.”

There was a odd feeling of disappointment in Bakugo’s stomach to see the orange rune covered by fabric but he knew better then to try and think of a way to ask Kirishima to stare at the fucking thing for another hour.

“I uh, don’t feel anything really, besides like a warm spot is that—“

“Yeah that’s normal, it’ll fade away eventually so don’t worry about it.”

Kirishima nodded, smiling even like an idiot, a grin way to happy for someone who barely understood any of this magical shit.

“Thank you for the rune Bakugo.”

“You don’t have to fucking thank me.”

Kirishima just laughed, how was he so okay with any of this? Months into knowing each other and Bakugo still didn’t get it.

The blond walked downstairs to his workroom, the redhead following him like usual. The day continued like the crash didn’t happen, and Kirishima hadn’t spent the night, he sat in the same chair he always did, petting Teekl while Bakugo muttered around his workshop—continuing to fulfill orders to be picked up later in the week, cleaning and organizing items that hadn’t kept to standard during his panic the day before. The back of his mind continued to wander to the mark he placed on Kirishima’s back, was that even allowed? was he even supposed to do that to someone outside his family, someone he wasn’t fucking married too, someone human? He had an itch to ask his mother, but the mere thought of talking to her about this, explaining this— God he could already hear her laughing.

He might have been more aware of the time as the day came to an end, the appropriate moment to bring Kirishima home getting closer and closer. His hands felt oddly clammy as he placed the last potion book back into his bookshelf cleaning up his work for the day, five new potion bottles ready for their new homes during the upcoming week.

About an hour after sunset, Bakugo carefully walked to his coat rack and grabbed his black hat to place on his head. He was careful not to disrupt his hair, turning to see Kirishima looking at him with a type of fondness that felt too intimate for a relationship they hadn’t put a name to yet.

“The fuck you looking at Shitty Hair?”

“Nothing—just suits you as all, you look nice.”

The blond huffed, but didn’t comment, instead moving on to grab his boom calling for Teekl who let out a loud meow before scampering into the room over to the door and waited for the two others to join him. The night was quiet, the low buzz of cicadas a white noise to the scene. Kirishima seemed a bit in awe, watching Bakugo float up in the air on his broom holding a hand out to the redhead.

“Are you sure it can carry both of us?”

“I wouldn’t fucking offer if it couldn’t.”

“Guess that’s true.”

That stupid smile and laugh again, but the redhead got on the broom with no complaint. The minute Bakugo moved up he felt Kirishima’s hands wrap around him quickly as if terrified he was about to fall off. The blond wasn’t about to comment, smiling to himself, happy that the redhead couldn’t see his face, the broom rising higher and higher into the air until Bakugo knew he was safe from electrical interference.

“This is kind of amazing.”

Kirishima’s breath was warm on the back of his neck and Bakugo couldn’t help but shiver, straightening up before feeling a dark smile creep on his face.

“Oh just wait.”

Teekl’s meow gave the redhead no warning as the broom zipped through the sky a yelp pulled from Kirishima’s lips as his grip around Bakugo’s torso tightened. The blond let out a laugh that was swallowed by the wind, flying through the air quickly. He felt cocky, he could practically hear the redhead’s heart but he could tell the adrenaline junkie side of Kirishima was probably enjoying this, the blond curving his broom and creating a tight flip in the air before slowing down to a relaxing pace. He didn’t want to end the ride too early. He felt a chuckle bubble up in his throat.

“You alive back there?”

He felt the redhead test his throat, as if he was worried words wouldn’t come out when he tried to speak, he choose to ignore how the redhead’s arms squeezed around him for a second.

“That… was… FUCKING AWESOME… oh MY GOD, how do you not just go flying every night that’s so incredible—wow suddenly the thrill of my bike feels kind of dull in comparison holy…”

The continued banter of Kirishima talking about everything from his thrill seeking desires of buying that damned bike, to how different it felt riding on a broom took up the space of the trip, the human only quieting while they started to near the residential district.

“You know, it’s kind of amazing, the view from up here and all that.”

“Yeah I suppose it is.”

“What’s your favorite thing to fly over?”


“Why? Aren’t the lights from the city kind of neat ? ”

“Lights are cool, but I don’t get along well with the city, all that fancy tech. The forest is a void, it’s dark at night, but it’s far from dead, it’s full of life you don’t see during the day.”

Kirishima gave a long hum at the answer, tightening his grip again, another smile slipping on the blond’s face as he made his way over the many houses of the residential nearing the end and starting to descend until the broom dropped down to the illuminating street lamp that laid parallel to Kirishima’s house. They were quiet dismounting the broom, the events of the past two days seemed to sink into to Bakugo’s mind. His hand clutched his broom like he could hide behind it as they walked up to the back porch.

“I uhh—”

Fuck what was he even saying, what is there to say ? ‘ Hey so totally didn’t expect to kidnap you for two days and fucking mark your fucking body with a rune? ’   ‘ Hey so I know we like sort of fucking cuddled and I’m a fucking witch and you just spend your lunch breaks at my house but are we fucking dating?’

“Do you want to come over sometime?”



“Well I mean me crashing my bike is kind of a crappy like first date—like didn’t think that would be the reason I spend the night at your place—so I was wondering if you wanted to come over sometime, under not so gloomy circumstances? Maybe watch a movie, marathon a show—I have a couple I just got?”

“Are you fucking asking me out Shitty Hair?”

“Yes—your broom is smoking.”

Bakugo yelped releasing his broom staring at his glowing hands, orange sparks slipping out from it. He felt his face heat. Teekl leapt from his shoulder to paw at the burnt handprint on the broom.

“I can’t fucking believe—don’t you fucking need sleep?”

“I have insomnia.”

“Oh, okay… yeah, I sure I’ll fucking come watch uh—“



Kirishima’s eyes were like stars, his fist pumping in the air before jumping in victory like a damned fucking adorable idiot pulling Bakugo into a hug and releasing him quickly both their faces a matching beet red.

“Sorry- I uh got excited.”

“It’s fucking fine.”

“So uh, I’ll text you later about whatever day works best for you.”


“Great! It’s a date, night Bakugo!”

And then he was inside. Bakugo stared at the back door of Kirishima’s house in awe, a shiver on his skin as he stood there soaking in the phantom warmth of Kiri’s hug a moment longer before bending down to scoop up his broom. Mounting it he looked to Teekl who perched at the edge facing him, a loud purr vibrating through the feline.

“Oh don’t look so fucking smug.”

Chapter Text

“You’re legit going on a date with your human?”

“Don’t fucking call him that.”

Yours or Human ?”

“F-Fucking Human.”

“Nothing wrong with calling him yours then?”

“I’m going to set you on fire.”

“Hey! Dude, it’s like against Witch code to set another Witch on fire.”

The glare in Bakugo’s eyes said otherwise, though it wasn’t as scary looking as the blond probably wanted with the bright blush coloring his cheeks. Regardless, Denki raised his hand in surrender before laying back down on Bakugo’s bed where he had been sitting for his evening visit.

“So… why do you need my help again?”

“Because you’ve… gone on fucking dates before.”

“I’m slightly honored and shocked you would actually ask me for advice but I’m not going to tease you about it because I’m sure this will never happen again if I do.”

“Fucking—just tell me what to wear.”

“Exactly how long have you been looking through your wardrobe today?”


“Holy shit you’re hopeless.”

“Shut up.”

“Bakugo, my friend, all you fucking own is black—how am I supposed to help you?”

“I don’t just own black.”

“Okay you own, dark reds, the occasional orange, very dark grays, and the rest is all black . Regardless, this guy asked you out himself, so he’s probably more than happy with whatever you do wear. What does he usually wear?”

Bakugo was silent at that, Teekl sat on the dresser next to the entrance of his closet where the blond was arms deep roaming through the hanger.

“Fucking baseball tees, hats, bandanas, he has zero fashion sense –fucking idiot.”

“Don’t go daydreaming about his muscles, do that on your own time. Do I even dare to ask if you have any pictures together on your phone?”

“D-Do you really think I would be able to do that?”

Denki was smarter than Bakugo ever gave him credit for, his arms narrowing before pulling himself up from the bed. Teekl gave a small hiss in warning but it wasn’t quick enough to stop the electric Witch from scooping up Bakugo’s phone from where it sat charging on the edge of his desk.  

“Do I believe you could take a photo of your human with your phone without accidentally frying the memory card?—No but I bet he could.”

“Sparky I swear to fuck.”

Denki, didn’t listen though, he never did, and soon he was staring at the only photo Bakugo had in his phone, the one picture Kirishima took the same day he had snatched the phone from the blond’s hand to add his contact information— Fuck , Bakugo could still remember the goofy ass smile he had on his face while he did it.

His face only growing redder as Denki held his phone up to show him his screen, the photo of Kirishima’s stupid smile in his stupid selfie on full display, Teekl laying around his shoulder like a scarf cause his damn familiar liked the human more than himself.

“Oh he’s adorable, an unfashionable disaster but cute nonetheless.”

His phone was swiped away from Denki’s hand without further comment and with a sigh and internal shrug, Denki followed the blond over to his closet to help him look through the articles of clothing he had. Shuffling through the black garments, Denki pondered the flustered state of his friend before speaking.

“Bakugo you really like him don’t you?”

“Fucking yes, was that not apparent already?”

“So when do I get to met him?”

“If I can help it, never, or at least not for 50 years.”

“Cruel, hurtful, you nasty forest witch.”

Bakugo rolled his eyes as he pulled out a long black button-up jacket that would probably be good for the nighttime air. The summer was still far away leaving the crisp spring air around to pinch at his skin when he flew.

“I just—He’s…”

“You don’t want to share your time with him?”

Denki’s smug expression had heat crackling in Bakugo’s palms, instantly hiding his face in the layers of hanged shirts, his red cheeks burning once more.

“Hit the nail on the head didn’t I? Okay, okay, I’ll stay away from your human for now but I want to meet him soon—until then, get all that possessiveness out of your system, place a fucking rune or something— oh… wait…oh my god you already did that didn’t you? BAKUGO KATSUKI STOP HIDING IN YOUR SHIRTS YOU PATHETIC EXCUSE FOR A WITCH.


Kirishima’s porch light was on when Bakugo arrived landed across the road at the streetlamp, in what was starting to feel like a habit. He quickly he realized the redhead was probably watching from a window or something . He couldn’t hide out there forever; despite the hours spent with Denki frantically planning, his outfit was rather casual; gray long sleeved shirt, a layered jacket, ripped jeans. He looked as normal as he did every damn time he saw Kirishima, but this situation was different— so everything felt different . Teekl was not about to wait, butting his head at the back of Bakugo legs until the Witch started moving on autopilot making his way to the back door quicker then he was ready.. His hand nervously coming up to knock only for the door to swing open, red eyes meeting his own, and Kirishima’s god damn bright smile greeted him ,

“I saw you coming up the sidewalk.”


The redhead stepped to the side letting Bakugo in and the blond was immediately greeted with the thick smell of cinnamon, Kirishima’s human scent coated the house. Which was a ridiculous thing to pay attention too, to get excited about, despite it being a clear indication that Kirishima lived alone, no other scent mixing in there it was just the saturated warm smell of cinnamon and Bakugo was slightly embarrassed by how much he liked that.

“You live alone.”

“Yeah, I’m an adult haha.”

“No I meant—this is a pretty large house for one person.”

Kirishima’s house was definitely smaller than the other houses in the residential district but it was still a nice house—most young adults lived in apartments closer in the city. This place just screamed: family home. Hell , it was almost like his parent’s house.

“Oh yeah, my parents travel for business together and send me money monthly. So I got this place, that way there is plenty of room if they want to visit.”

Bakugo nodded, looking around.

“What about your parents?”

He could feel the redhead’s eyes on him, almost hesitant as if he was asking to much.

“They live around—pray you never met them.”

“Are they like you?”

“Yeah—it’s a bloodline thing—magic and everything, anyway you were saying, movies?”

“Or shows! My dad always sends back whatever he gets through his work.”

“The fuck does your dad do to get you that?”

“Oh it’s not like his job- job , but he travels and when he’s out and about he buys DVDs and sends them back to me along with postcards.”

This seemed to be something Kirishima was more than happy to talk about, picking up Teekl like it was officially reflex now, carefully giving Bakugo a tour of the house until they made their way to the living room where the redhead had created a rather large nest of blankets and pillows in front of a well-sized television set. Bakugo prayed to all three Mothers that he did not fucking blow this television up before sitting down in the blanket pile the redhead offered to him. Kirishima continued to drone on in more detail about how his father always sent back movies or season of shows as he traveled around the world. Kirishima never thought much of it, usually throwing them in his various boxes he had, only occasionally watch them. However when he developed insomnia his first year of university, he started the habit of watching through them on nights where he couldn’t find sleep no matter what he tried. Now knowing the reason for his late night habits calmed the guilt in Bakugo’s brain over the late hour of their date.

“So what will you have us start with Shitty Hair?”

“Well I mean, I figured that I would be missing a prime opportunity if we didn’t start with this.”

The box set he held out was unreadable at first, the blond pulling it from the outstretched hand until he could get a proper look at the title.

“Sabrina the Teenage Witch—are you kidding me?”

“Fraid not, I even waited to start it after meeting you.”

“I can’t believe you.”

“I can pick something else?”

Bakugo’s eyes darted from the box back at Kirishima’s own where he could see the nerves, the concern that maybe Bakugo was insulted by it, to which he immediately rolled his eyes and shoved the box back at the redhead.

“Hurry up and put it on, I’m not getting any younger.”

The curl in his stomach at the way Kirishima’s face lit up was embarrassing enough, the blond sinking back into the pile of pillows waiting for the redhead to join him, which he eventually did once the dvd was in.

Date was a loose concept, the fact it was official seemed to be ever-present in Bakugo’s mind while watching, his eyes drifting from the scene to the rune that sat on Kirishima’s skin hidden by his shirt. His hands moving without thought to carefully press into the fabric, feeling the redhead tense only to relax a second later, not even questioning the action. He felt his magic warm on his hand the rune glowing for a moment, still very much intact, Kirishima humming at the sensation. It would fade in another week or two but at the moment, Bakugo relished in seeing it glow through the fabric of the redhead’s shirt. His human . Eventually the awkwardness of their first date fell away and by the third episode of the season, they had cuddled up against each other, Teekl sitting on top of their laps to spread out a purring— a bowl of popcorn that Kirishima had gotten up to make during the second episode on Bakugo’s side discarded.

“How come Teekl doesn’t talk around me?”

“Because Teekl can’t talk—this is a fucking TV show and not reality.”

“I donno, sometimes he meows at you like you can understand him—I just assumed I can’t hear him like you could.”

“He’s a fucking cat—okay well, he’s like a part of my soul in a fucking cat… anyway he doesn’t have human speech, I can understand him through feelings if that makes sense but he only ever going to make cat noises.”

“Like a feeling?”

“Uhhh—emotions? Waves? A sixth sense. He’s my familiar I understand his needs and he understands mine, he protects me and helps me channel magic for spells that require more than what I could provide on my own.”

“Oh, is that why he likes me so much?”

“Watch the show Shitty Hair.”

The date was over by the time the clock clicked to 4 in the morning, or rather when Bakugo felt sleep nagging at his eyes. Teekl was completely passed out and Kirishima honestly looked like he might be a little tired—the blond sat up slowly.

“Let’s call it a night so you can actually get some sleep.”

The walk to the back door was a comfortable warm silence, but the old brisk early morning air felt like a hall of punishment, especially when compared to the cinnamon swirling bundle of blankets and pillows the blond had pulled himself from. Even Teekl was disgruntled despite having a personal coat of natural fur.

“I really hope this wasn’t a shitty date for you.”

Bakugo was so tired he almost didn’t catch it, but his ears twitched and he found himself staring down Kirishima with more intensity then he thought possible considering the tired he felt.

“I loved it.”

Both their faces flushed at the raw admission, Bakugo immediately cupping his mouth as the lights of the room flickering in rapid succession and the blond tripped out the door before he could make the redhead’s microwave explode. Kirishima followed quickly, helping the flustered Witch up, his own face flushed but the smile on it was warmer than any fire Bakugo had experienced before and he suddenly didn’t mind the cold bite of early morning air.

“So… does that mean I get a second one?”


“And a third.”

“Maybe, don’t get cocky human.”

He got a second, and a third, and by the time they were on their fifth date, Bakugo wasn’t sure what to call their relationship anymore—they were dating, but where they dating ? The space between them was practically nonexistent every time, their limbs entangling easily whenever the DVD of the next disc was popped into television.

This night in particular found Kirishima lying down on the lower part of the couch, Bakugo sprawled over the top hand mindlessly in the popcorn bowl, with Teekl fast asleep on the armrest. In the climax of season one, Sabrina was about to marry a troll, before a prince— honestly it was just Harvey dressed up, stepped in to save the day. Bakugo found himself scoffing, Kirishima’s eyebrow raising at the sound.

“What is it?”

“She’s such a bad witch, I would never let this bullshit happen.”

“You don’t think you’d get tricked into marrying a troll?”

“Do you fucking think I would be that stupid?”

“Fair, but still it’s old show, it’s going to be a little cheesy. Besides they needed to give the human something to do, prove that he’s good enough for all this magic.”

Bakugo looked back up.

“Are you projecting onto Harvey?”

“What—no? I just, you know, with all that amazing magical powers and stuff, he and I have a lot in common.”

“Oh do you?”

“Compared to the powerful blond’s in our lives, our only hope is to strive to save the day whenever we can. Besides, nothing manlier than being a prince.”

“Again with your manly shit. You do not have to be a prince, I’m sure you could kick a troll’s ass in your baseball tees- God you and that manly shit .”

Kirishima turned over, facing away from the screen to look at Bakugo with a smile.

“What’s wrong with the manly? It’s the best thing I can strive for so I can stand proudly next to you.”

Why was he so fucking cute? Bakugo grabbed the nearest pillow squishing it into Kirishima’s face, ignoring the yelp it earned him.

The walk back to the streetlamp was different this time; Bakugo’s face a constant flush, cheeks warm, his mind rolling to push him to say what he was too embarrassed to speak aloud. Once his broom was mounted, he floated up to the same height as Kirishima, still not looking him in the eye, his mind rolling with conflicting emotions.

“Same time next week?”

Bakugo looked over, nodding— Fucking this was ridiculous just fucking—

“What are we now?”

Kirishima seemed a little confused by the question.

“What do you mean?”

“This is our …fifth fucking date…are we fucking—you know— dating yet…?”

Part of him wanted to jet through the air, fly away before getting an answer, because his life was never easy, because nothing was smooth, because he had to fucking open his goddamn mouth and get an answer instead of just letting things fall into place— because he had to ruin everything with his goddamn mouth—

“I was hoping I got to be your boyfriend by now but if you want to wait I can do that too I guess.”

“I—Fucking no that’s… that’s what I wanted to—“

Hands came to either side of his face, grabbing the brim of his hat pulling his face close until they were barely inches apart the night cutaway by the tunnel vision his hat created.

“Are you sure you want a silly old human and not a hot toll?”

“I swear to—yes, I fucking, yes okay.”


A strong tug almost brought Bakugo off his broom, his face falling forward and Kirishima’s lips were pressing onto his. Suddenly he was aware of everything, the loudness of the cicadas in the night air, the slight chapped feeling of his lips, the warmth of them together the fucking heartbeat in his head—he wasn’t sure which one of them it belonged to. He felt his eyelids slide shut without realizing it, his own hand grabbing at Kirishima’s jacket, clutching it as they kissed. Finally fucking finally—fuck! There was a hot fizzle before an explosion as the two pulled apart with a yelp as the streetlight above them fizzled out, the hard plastic covering falling to the ground in a pile with the bulb inside, blown to shards that fell onto the sidewalk below.

The redness of Bakugo’s face tripled but Kirishima just chuckled, a bright smile on his face as he finally stepped back and the blond tried to ignore how cold he felt.

“Get home safe oaky? Text me when you’re in bed.”

“You’re such a mom Kirishima.”

“Please don’t say that after I finally got to kiss you.”


Bakugo wasn’t prepared to tell anyone really that he had a boyfriend, not that there was really anyone to tell—he sure as hell wouldn’t tell the clients that came in a slow pace throughout the week to pick up orders or ask for extra items,

“Something good happy dearie? Your face is practically glowing!” Sure Ms. Miko didn’t mean anything by it—though Bakugo actually had to check the mirror to make sure his face was in fact not glowing. Of course he brushed it off and just said that the weather had been good for the ginger roots in the backyard, to which she laughed off. He couldn’t survive in secret for long, not with Denki immediately showing up the day after each date, demanding details and holding up hot chocolate’s from a café Bakugo never went to due to how deep it was lodged into the city.


“Will you SHUT UP, and how the fuck did you know that?”

“Teekl told me.”

The blond whipped his head around to his familiar who just meowed and dashed off the table out of the kitchen—he would question the furball later.

“How the fuck did Teekl tell you, you shouldn’t be able to understand him?”

“I could read it in his smug beady eyes.”

“I’m surrounded by idiots.”

“And you’re dating one, who’s a human. Wow, you’d really think you’d have higher standards.”

Working an extra hour for burn salve was worth blowing Denki’s face up for the comment, more than worth the whining and crying the wizard did at the lack of eyebrows he had left after “the accident”.


Bakugo’s glare was unwavering as he grabbed the appropriate crystal from its hold on the wall.

“Oh… I see... you’re mad I insulted your human.”

The raised eyebrow in response was all he really needed for confirmation and Denki’s hair puffed up buzzing with electricity.

“I swear to all, I’ve never seen you so bad—you need to realize I am joking, I wouldn’t give a shit if you married a human, let alone dated one! I swear you’re the absolute worst.”

Bakugo seemed to calm down after that, and Denki was able to grow his eyebrows back without Bakugo threatening to take them off again. He regrets it really, he should have cursed the electric Witch, should have doomed him to a life without eyebrows no matter what spell he tried to perform because the next day he finds his phone buzzing in a steady beat, alerting him of a phone call he doesn’t want to answer.

‘Mitsuki Bakugo’ lights up the screen.

Bakugo has five contacts in his phone, he knows he isn’t misreading it, he knows it’s her, the hag. He knows why she’s calling, because this is how the fates fucking work—because Denki can’t keep anything from his mother, because no one can keep anything from his damned mother. He doesn’t want to answer, but the alternative is she comes to his home, and it’s a Tuesday, which means there is a chance she could show up when Kirishima was actually here and he refuses to risk that even if it means having this conversation now . So with disdain he answers the call and prays his cellphone makes it through the conversation without getting destroyed.

“What do you want you old hag?”

EXCUSE ME , is that any way to talk to the woman who brought you into this world Katsuki?”

“What do you want?”

“A little birdie told me my recluse of a son finally managed to snag a date.”

Yup, Denki was going to lose his damn eyebrows, there was no other choice now. He knew she would say this but hearing it was so much worse, knowing she knew was so much worse. So there was no other option, Kaminari Denki was going to have too lose his eyebrows. Tragic. Bakugo would be quick, he’d make it painless even, in recognition of the friendship the idiot had just ruined and then he would live the rest of his damned life fixing telephone polls and stop lights with no eyebrows .

“I can hear you seething through the phone. Really you can’t blame him, when I want to know something I will get my answers.”

“You’re the devil not a witch.”

“Then the devil taught you everything you know now tell me about whoever has infatuated your soul, brat.”

Bakugo hesitated, this could be easy, or hard, part of him wanted to make it hard because that was truly the only fun he could have in his situation, but behind the snarky remarks he could also feel the family pull of a mother who just wanted to know what was going on in her son's life. A mother who thought her son was probably going to find zero interest in anything that didn’t involve his work.

“I… his name is Kirishima…”

“So he’s real?”

“What’s that supposed to mean hag.”

“It means I had half a mind to think you might have been romanticizing with a corpse you found on the side of the road before I believed Denki that you actually found another human who can stand your temper.”

“You found dad didn’t you?”


She was silent longer than he expected to hear from her, he found himself pulling the phone way from his ear to check that the call hadn’t disconnected.

“Yes I suppose I did. So tell me about Kirishima.”

“Uh… he works at Toyomitsu’s and he started delivering my supplies, that’s how I met him—”

“—Not the most romantic but go on—”

“You fucking—UGH. Anyway, he just doesn’t seemed bothered at all, by the magic, and spells, potions, hell he didn’t even flinch when I worked a salve into his injury once. He just—everyone always ignores it, ignores us, like you said, they understand we are there but they don’t bother to wrap their minds around it because it scares them. So they look at us with this stupid fucking film over their eyes and use us for potions, and blessings, and good luck. He doesn’t do that, he just, stares in awe like he’s never seen a fucking Witch before.”

“You’ve fallen for a human, how humble of you Katsuki, maybe the world does have a sense of humor.”

“You got a problem with it?”

“No, calm down you brat, I’m happy for you. I’m sure your father will message you at some point tonight asking you to bring him over for dinner.”

She sounded fond as she spoke, as if reminiscing on a happy memory, and Bakugo groaned because having his fucking boyfriend meeting his parents was not something he wanted to happen. Maybe referring to Kirishima in his head as boyfriend was an even bigger step because he felt his face go red and the phone in his hand start to buzz, fizzling into a mess of smoke, battery overheating and a yelp rang through the house before the infuriating device hit the floor.


“So why did you have to replace your phone?”

“Because technology doesn’t get along with me.”

Kirishima nodded finishing typing in his contact, pressing the heart emoji next to his name before grabbing Bakugo and pulling him closer until the blond was laying on his chest. He faced the camera and the redhead snapped a quick shot ignoring Bakugo’s groaning as he set the contact photo and placed the blond’s new phone back in his hand.

At this point they were well into the third season of Sabrina and Bakugo had taken to lounging on Kirishima as if the redhead was his personal bed. The worst thing was that Kirishima never once complained. Which only made the blond feel entitled to do it more, his own embarrassment not even strong enough to keep him away from the relaxing softness that was his human boyfriend.

“You know all we’ve done is watch Sabrina, do you want to change it up?”

“No I love this shitty show.”


“It can’t portray Witches appropriately at all, but I can’t really hold it to much. I mean I already know I could kick her ass easily, so might as well watch her fail each episode.”

“You would kick Sabrina’s ass?”



Bakugo shifted turning to lay his chest against Kirishima’s looking up at his boyfriend rather than watch the show.

“You know… you always call yourself a Witch, why’s that?”

“I’m a fucking Witch."

“You’re not a Warlock?”


“Is there... a difference?”

“Less academic, more old hag in the woods.”

“Old hag?"

“You’ll meet her one day.”

“Oh okay…”

Kirishima seemed a little star eyed again at that, at the prospect of meeting whoever taught Bakugo the magic he knew, though meeting his parents wasn’t something to be excited about at all. Shifting to his back again the conversation died back down though as the episode started playing and the night quickly turned into Bakugo carefully pointing out what was clearly fabricated with no real point of truth. When the night ended this time, Bakugo grabbed his broom from its spot in the kitchen, Teekl winding around his legs ready for the flight back.

“Do you wanna come back for the next episode on Saturday?”

“I uhh can’t.”

“Oh, no issues what about—”


He could see the human stiffen, and Bakugo cursed himself for how off he sounded—his voice probably making the idiot worried that Bakugo was about to say something upsetting.

“Uhh sorry, I didn’t mean to sound like that- I uhh I’m not great at asking about these things because I feel like it’s a silly thing to ask—but I have to replace the town’s wards this Saturday and I was wondering if you wanted to come with?”

“You mean like….”

“Yeah I mean I know you had fun on your last ride, but it would be serious business. I wouldn’t be able to do flips and tricks, just move to the seven points, get the wards replaced no fun flying about just straight duty and all—”

Bakugo’s words were pressed out of him as his body was enwrapped by a smiling Kirishima, the redhead’s arms squeezing him tight enough to push the air out of him. His legs lifted from the ground as the redhead spun him for a second before letting him down. The widest smile was plastered on his face as bright eyes met matching red ones.

“I’d love too.”

“Fucking okay, I uhh need you to bring me a lot of shit tomorrow before lunch, I’ll let Toyomitsu know what ingredients I need. Wards are such a bitch to make, they take up so much of my stock. Anyway, Saturday night I’ll pick you up but I have to do my work in a particular order so I’m coming to get you and then we are going to the first ward. So we’re still ending the night at your place and yeah I just, if you don’t want to deal with that you don’t actually have to come. It will be cold, and boring because I’m going to need to concentrate, so—“

“Bakugo, you’re mumbling, come on, I want to go and I promise I won’t distract you.”


Saturday came quicker then the blond would have liked. He spent three days working on the wards, triple checking each one to ensure perfection. He was determined to make sure bringing Kirishima along wouldn’t interfere with the quality of his work and the protection he gave the town.

Part of him was excited, in the back of his mind he kept thinking about the fact that he was finally taking Kirishima on a date. Maybe if he wasn’t exhausted by the time he recast all the wards, he could take Kirishima out on a more adventurous flight, something that wasn’t as boring as slowly traveling from ward to ward. A part of him felt self-conscious, the extent of their dates was Kirishima asking him over to watch stupid television shows, but this was different, this was his turn. He was taking the redhead along on his job and calling it a date—was that enough? Did that even count? It was embarrassing how quickly those thoughts turned sugar coated and disgusting as he practically heard the redhead’s voice in his head reassuring him that he had a great time regardless of what they did.

Kirishima was officially rubbing off on him, at least this date left the blond with a feeling of control. He didn’t need to scream at Denki over the phone to help him pick an outfit; he settled on layers despite the warming nights. Summer was approaching but towards the deeper hours of the night there was still a chill that nipped at his nose. He wouldn’t admit any specific choices, if he happened to be wearing a tight black shirt it was by chance, besides his black shawl covered it, ripped jeans boots, and a signature hat. He tried not to think about it, instead he packed a second jacket just in case before grabbing his broom and calling to Teekl, who was already at the door waiting. 11:30 was the earliest Bakugo had ever left, the city still rather alive at this time but if he wanted to keep his schedule as precise as he usually did, he had to leave early to pick up Kirishima. The redhead was waiting outside for him, Bakugo choosing to descend and land next to his back door instead of their iconic street lamp.

“It feels weird saying ‘good night’ as a hello.”

Bakugo didn’t even have to look at his face to know Kirishima was smiling, but he did anyway, he liked seeing that smile .

“Only you would be concerned about that.”

“It’s too late in the night to say good evening! I am being perfectly reasonable.”

“I can’t believe this is how our conversation is starting.”

Kirishima’s face was bright, a worthy competitor to the moon that night as he slipped onto the broom with a smile, his hands instantly snaking around Bakugo’s despite the small number of times he had actually been on the broom— he was a natural .

“You ready?”

“Fly away Blasty.”

Instead of biting out a comment for the pet name, Bakugo let the sky do his punishment, shooting into the air with a quick start letting the wind consume the yelp that was ripped from Kirishima’s mouth as they rose into the air. Eventually the two were a safe distance from the electronics of the city for Bakugo to continue back towards the first ward of the night. The winds were low for the night— perfect night for a date. Kirishima seemed to notice it too; no issues with talking now that he knew his throat wouldn’t dry out from harsh winds.

“How did making wards go?”

“Perfect as always, I’ve done this for years.”

“Yeah but you always get super focused whenever you make them, lost in your own little world.”

“Does that upset you?”

“No! I think the first time I was worried you were mad at me  since you were so quiet, then I realized the pattern, you just work really hard on making sure these are perfect.”

“If they weren’t, the area would be in a lot of trouble.”

“I know, you’re the hero! Were you able to get your orders done too?”

“Yeah, though I’m running low on red spider eggs so I’m going to have to place a restock order soon.”

“Oh no, I’ll have to visit my boyfriend twice in one day, whatever will I do?”

A laugh couldn’t keep itself down, the blond snickering as the neared they first ward and the broom slowly descended. There was something terribly amusing about watching Kirishima fall off the broomstick but the redhead seemed far too excited about the night to even be embarrassed at his lack of coordination. Bakugo dismounted with the same grace he always carried and Teekl hopped down before the witch moved the broom from the air and carefully handed it to his human to hold.

“I assume I don’t have to remind you to be quiet while I do this?”

“What no running commentary on your magic?”

“Not if you don’t want the town cursed.”

Bakugo’s glare seemed to be answer enough and Kirishima pulled his finger over his lips in a symbol of silence to let the blond concentrate. Magic was always a hard concept for the redhead to grasp but he realized Bakugo’s connection with it was something as a human he would never understand. He was still fascinated by it though; entranced by the way Bakugo seemed to use it so simply, like it was as natural to breathing to him. The blond always felt normal and yet so inhuman at the same time- maybe it was that unnatural wavelength that seemed to exist around the witch, Kirishima could never comprehend it and he was okay with that. Throughout their relationship, Bakugo had always made comments that Kirishima had been odd for never being off put out by magic, by the blond being a Witch .

Watching Bakugo walk up to the ward and carefully unwrap the new one felt like the breakdown of a carefully constructed scene on the other side of a veil. The blond worked with purpose, as if on a mechanic rhythm that couldn’t be disturbed by the outside world. Kirishima almost felt the need to hold his breath, as if breathing would upset the flow of Bakugo’s work. The blond was incredible, the way the earth seemed to bend for him, the way the sky seemed to shimmer and ripple as he slowly took out the old ward. The way Latin rolled of his tongue as if it was his first language. When the new ward was pressed into the statue, the wind seemed to pick up, like a wave of air spreading over the area, cleansed and new. Orange runes lit up along Bakugo’s body, their glow escaping the fabrics of his clothing as the wind knocked the garments around.

Faintly Kirishima remembered the rune that Bakugo had given him after his crash, long since faded, but during the time it was on his skin the redhead would find himself spending his restless nights watching it. Sitting in the bathroom with his shirt pulled off to stare at in the mirror, pressing a finger against it—sometimes it would glow faintly, less so as time moved on. There was an inch in his skin there in the place where the rune once was, Kirishima refused to move a hand back to scratch at it but the redhead just felt aware of the bare skin that was once covered in something magical. While Bakugo finished up the renewal of the ward, Kirishima couldn’t help but wonder if the blond would be willing to place another one on him or if he would get mad if asked.

The rest of the wards were in similar fashion, Bakugo’s concentration in complete devotion to the magic of replacing each one. Conversation flowed easily between each stop, sometimes they rode in comfortable silence—Kirishima just basking in the ability to have his arms wrapped around the blond with no excuse, Bakugo more than happy with the added body heat. Kirishima could tell that the blond had been nervous about the date, about how it would go. Despite recurrences that he was having fun, the blond still apologized here and there about the lengthy time it took to properly replace each rune.

“This isn’t as exciting as Sabrina discovering a ghost in her ceiling.”

“Okay, but Sabrina isn’t my boyfriend.”

“Being your boyfriend doesn’t automatically mean this isn’t boring Shitty Hair.”

“Bakugo I’m going to be romantic and say spending any time with you is time I treasure instead of the truth, which is I like watching your body get all glow and powerful cause it’s hot and reminds me of the time you drew a rune on my back and I had to awkwardly hide my boner for the rest of the day.”

The broom almost falling out of the sky hadn’t been exactly what Kiri expected but considering the way Bakugo tended to get emotionally embarrassed he shouldn’t have been surprised. Teekl meowed, clearly unamused by their almost plummet to earth.


“I know that’s why I said I was going with the romantic answer.”

“I’m going to fucking kill you.”

“You’d miss me too much.”

The redhead could hear Bakugo huff as he nuzzled his face into the blond’s back to emphasize his point. The rest of the night continued with only the occasional huff from the blond. Kirishima was rather proud of himself, they had completed the wards and the town hadn’t blown up, caught on fire, or come under the attack of sudden locusts or any other plague type bug. Not that the redhead doubted Bakugo for a second, he simply questioned if his presence was appropriate. It felt surreal to land back at Kirishima’s apartment, the blond didn’t want the night to end. It was another embarrassing thought, his cheeks heating again feeling the redhead’s eyes on him, staring.

“What are you staring at me like that, are you actually fucking tired for once?”

“Nope, you’re just amazing is all.”


Kirishima yelped as he was whacked with the blunt end of Bakugo’s broom, their iconic street light buzzing slightly at their antics. Bakugo settled down quickly, looking over at Kirishima’s apartment with an expression the redhead couldn’t place his finger on.

“Did—you wanna go back home? We can end it here for the night.”

Bakugo watched the redhead ponder, making a show of tapping his jaw with his finger as if thinking about something difficult Instead of getting irritated the blond just felt a gross warmth in his chest at the action.

“I’m not really that tired, and you know I could go for some food so… can I head back to your place with you?”

Bakugo felt a flush to his cheeks but he nodded quickly remounting his broom and waiting for the redhead to get on.

“I don’t have much food you know.”

“I’m aware… and I’m also aware that you have more than enough ingredients to make cookies.”

“You’re so unhealthy, that’s not going to help you sleep.”

“Guess we'll just have to stay up all night.”

His laugh was too powerful to keep down and Bakugo felt his head fall back resting against Kiri’s shoulder as he cackled, if he wasn’t a natural at flying he might have almost crashed into a pole but he kept the broom high and level.

“Oh ho ho, a witches cackle, are you turning evil on me Blasty?”

“Call me that again and I will definitely turn into an evil fucking witch, that laugh stays between you and me.”

“Of course, let me guess, if it doesn’t you’re going to eat me?”

“Kirishima comparing me to a storybook witch, I should curse you.”

“You’d never.”

“Are you so sure about that?”

The blond could tell Kiri was pouting and instead of acknowledging that, the witch sped through the air letting the adrenaline thrill the redhead on their way home much to Teekl’s dismay. The familiar hopped off the broom immediately upon landing at the house much to Bakugo’s amusement.There was something far too sugary about Kirishima holding his hand on the short walk to the front door. The night was starting to show signs of possible light, the summertime creating longer days. The house was still warm upon entrance, Bakugo’s ward keeping the place at a constant state of “hot like a fucking fireplace” despite the whines that it felt often too hot for the human’s comfort. Not that Kirishima removing his outer layers of clothing ever bothered the blond.

“So, cookies?”


It turns out the human knew how to bake, he couldn’t make savory food to save his life, but apparently baking was an entirely different story. It was odd seeing the redhead act natural in a kitchen. He didn’t seem to mind that Bakugo didn’t have traditional ingredients, Kirishima had settled on lavender cookies after sorting through the blond’s stock and despite the already fleeting cooking supplies Bakugo had, he couldn’t bring himself to be bothered when it made the redhead so damn happy.

“Hey Bakugo?”


“How does magic work?”


“Like—if I read a spell, would it work?”

“Good luck reading Latin.”

Bakugo pushed the eggs over, transfixed watching Kiri add an egg to the shortening and sugar combination. He wondered if this was how Kirishima felt watching him work, there was something memorizing about watching the redhead turn the beater on, Bakugo eyes watching the egg combine with the mixture. Witches didn’t have time for baking, it was a rare that Bakugo bothered baking anything despite his sweet tooth. Turning the beater off, Kirishima grabbed the second egg to repeat the process, when the beater started up again he smiled back at the blond reminding the blond that they were still in conversation.

“Okay I mean, like if you taught me to say the spell phonetically would I be able to do magic?”

“No, it’s more than just reading damn spells—“

“So just saying a spell doesn’t mean it’ll happen.”

“Fucking no. That would be ridiculous.”

The entire idea made Bakugo want to laugh, the world would have blown up by now if a spell were cast every time he managed to read the words out loud correctly.

“Magic is fucking weird and I can’t begin to explain it in a way where your human brain’s going to understand but I guess to simply if it I’d say it’s a bloodline thing, you’re born with it, generational.

The redhead seemed thoughtful for a second; grabbing the jar of lavender Bakugo kept in a herb shelf that rested below the kitchen window. Bringing it over to the flour to mix in.

“Do you have a charm for cookies?”

“Why would the cookies need a fucking charm?”

“To come out the best they can be.”

Without thinking the blond’s hands snaked around Kirishima’s waist, head resting on the redhead’s shoulders to look over the whisked dough for a second. Teekl meowed from his perch on the island as if to chastise the mere concept that Bakugo might waste the small amount of energy he had left from replacing runes on charming cookies.

“They  don’t need a charm, they’re going to be fucking fantastic, I wouldn’t make anything less and neither would you.”

The blond didn’t seem to notice Kiri turning his face to meet Bakugo’s where it leaned against him, until he pressed a kiss into the side of his cheek. That seemed to distract the blond enough, Bakugo turning his face to meet Kiri’s lips before he could plant another cheek kiss, the two spending a moment just enjoying the warm of each other’s lips after such a cold night out. Only parting when Teekl meowed in warning, bringing attention to Kiri’s arms,about to drop the bowl. The redhead quickly placed it on the counter shaking the whisk out against the side before tapping the last of the excess on Bakugo’s nose much to the blond’s displeasure.

“I cannot believe you.”

“Yes you can, besides you’re adorable now, honestly it’s an improvement.”

“Fucking clean it off.”


Sliding out of their shared space, Kiri bringing the whisk to the sink leaving Bakugo fuming as he fluttered around the island to get the cookie sheet, sliding back around and kissing the batter of the blond’s nose with a smile.

“I can’t believe you.”

“I can, I managed to get cookie dough on your nose and you didn’t even blow up the counter, I think we’re making progress towards your attitude!”

Oh, there’s the smoky hand.

Chapter Text

“It’s a bath bomb!”

“A… what?”

There was a pout at that, accompanied by a raised eyebrow, then Kirishima ignoring the question from the blond in favor of kneeling next to the tub, placing the plug over the drain before turning the water on.

“You really need to get out more.”

“You know why I don’t.”

“Well us humans can’t fly on brooms or make potions that alter appearances or ability, but we can create some pretty neat stuff, this is one of the simpler pleasures of life.”

“I don’t see how sitting in a bath of our own filth is pleasurable but go off.”

That earned the blond a chuckle, Kirishima carefully making sure the water of the tub didn’t get too high, guessing how much it would raise once they both sat in it. Standing up to wiggle out of his sweats turning and looking expectantly at Bakugo who huffed an over exaggerated “ Fine ” before slowly disrobing himself until the two were both bare. Kiri gestured waiting until Bakugo huffed again and stepped into the tub much to the redheads delight, quickly following him in pleased to see he had calculated correctly, the water raising but not spilling over. Kirishima took a second to relax against the blond’s chest enjoying the warmth of the water, Bakugo stayed quiet too for a moment before starting to fidget.

“Okay, congrats Shitty Hair you’ve created a bath.”

“Impatient as always.”

He left the comment at that, getting up to reach over the tub’s edge and grab the bag that he had brought in earlier careful to pull out the bath bomb. Bakugo watched it intently, the scent of the item already curling around his nose. He could guess most of the ingredients—basic items used but there was nothing chemical or toxic in the underlying scent alone which settled some of his suspicion. He had to be careful for the both of them, Kirishima can’t pick up on dangerous things—he’s innocent, sweet, human . The blond wraps his arms around the redhead’s torso while he works at unboxing whatever the item is, there’s a resistance against his hold as Kirishima leans out of the tub. Part of him rationalizes he’s being overprotective. He knows in theory humans don’t make themselves harmful items for the most part —at least not for bathing. His thoughts can’t wander much more than that before Kiri shifts back against him, falling into Bakugo’s torso now the ball in his hand.

“Watch this.”

The pink sphere drops from Kiri’s hands into the water below and it instantly starts fizzling, spreading through the clear liquid, turning it pink. It’s fascinating Bakugo can’t lie to himself; it reminds him of the way his potions would fuzz up at the top when he first started making them. It only takes a minute or two before the entire bath is a soft pink; bubbles fizzing at the surface and the scent of roses clinging to the air around them. Kirishima seems beyond happy with this, sighing before relaxing, boneless now in Bakugo’s hold.

“See, won’t kill you.”

“Shut up.”

A giggle slips out of Kiri’s lips, Bakugo bends down so his face is at least in view when he raises an eyebrow in question.

“It’s like we’re in a cauldron.”

Bakugo groaned, his head falling back against the porcelain rim of the tub,“I can’t believe you.”

There’s no heat it in, there never is anymore, any real bitterness dissolved away a year ago. It’s crazy to think about their time together, how long it had gotten—Bakugo doesn’t bother counting days or months, time passes and he just enjoys it. It doesn’t bug Kirishima, the redhead was happy to keep track of it for the both of them; maybe it was a human thing? Every so often when the redhead would come during his break, he’d bring an extra treat with him to remind Bakugo how long it had been since they started their relationship and the blond would puff up, complaining that Kiri didn’t have to give him a damn thing.

When a year passed, Bakugo realized he should probably do something, despite Kirishima claiming he didn’t owe him anything the blond felt compelled to do something for once and according to Denki, a year was something to celebrate. That had resulted in a camping trip for a weekend. It should have been fun, romantic even, the woods were a second home to the blond after all. Kirishima somehow managing to get poison oak all over himself, and human had zero self-control when it came to not scratching at it. Bakugo had been infuriated, demanding Kiri stay over at his place until the rash was gone. The blond had almost completely depleted his supplies making salves to numb out the itching and redness while threatening to tie the redhead’s hands together in order to prevent him from scratching at his skin. By the time Kirishima was better and able to return back to his place, Bakugo was almost accustomed to having him around. The blond had felt almost restless without the redhead to dote on, in the bubble that was his space he could control everything, he could protect him . He felt on edge up until Kirishima came back with the restock for each ingredient the blond had used for the salves, Bakugo immediately demanding the redhead allow him to draw up the appropriate runes to prevent a future reaction.

“Whatcha thinking about?”

“That you’re ridiculous”

“I’m mildly offended.”

“Shut up and move so I can wash your back.”

He ignored the soft sound of Kiri chuckling, moving to get the sponge and soap.The pink water was nice if Bakugo was honest, it felt good on his skin, but like hell if they weren’t actually getting clean. The bathroom stayed quiet as he worked, Kirishima giggling every so often at the tickling brushes of the sponge. The span of the redhead’s skin a blank canvas aside from a few scars, a stir rippling through Bakugo’s conscious as exactly how blank this canvas was. He wanted to write all over it, cast it close with runes until Kiri’s skin was nothing but a faint orange glow. Over their time together the redhead had always let Bakugo place a few here or there, always a justified protection. Bakugo couldn’t help his insatiable want to cover each inch of Kirishima’s skin until he knew his human was safe. He didn’t have an excuse now though, there was no injury or rash to justify it other then a desire to see it on him.

“Bakugo I can feel you thinking from here.”

“I’m not thinking about anything, now turn around.”

Turning, the redhead faced the blond with a pout that really did nothing considering they were surrounded by soft pink water. He couldn’t look upset if he tried.


The redhead whined, his mouth drawing out the end of the blond’s named much to his annoyance.

“I said I’m not fucking thinking of anything.”

“You are though, I can see it on your face, it’s the face you make when you want something but you’re not saying it because you’re embarrassed.”

“I’m not fucking embarrassed about anything you fucking idiot.”

“Yes you are, tell me.”

“I’m NOT.”

Kiri pouted, slapping his hand down until the water splashed up onto the blond’s face.

“You little fucker—”

The hand slapped the water again, another splash of it cutting of the blond’s words, a growl slipping from Bakugo’s lips at the repeated attack.

“Tell me.”

“Shitty Hair I swear—“

Kirishima’s hands dove into the pink water quickly coming back up to splash the man in the face with double the water.

“Tell m—“

Bakugo didn’t let him finish, pushing the redhead down into the water in revenge, only receiving a second of victory before Kiri’s hand shot out of the pink bath to drag Bakugo down with him.


Teekl let out a disgruntled meow as his paws met wet tile, his fur springing up in anger before jumping onto the bathroom counter to see the full expanse of mess. Pink bathwater sprayed all over the floor soaking into the foot rug placed by the tub. Only about half a foot of water remained leaving both the witch and the human entangled with disgruntled breaths Bakugo’s palm pressed into Kiri’s face trying to push him away. A deep red flushed over the blond’s entire complexion, blush slipping down to his shoulders as he growled at the laughing redhead.

“Fucking, move your ass , it’s not funny.”

“It’s kind of funny.”

“SHITTY HAIR!” Kiri just laughed again dropping his weight onto the blond, who yelped,“YOU SOLID ROCK GET OFF ME!”

Kiri just smiled, pushing himself up on his hands, trying to not slip on the wet sides of the tub finally letting the blond up, who immediately sat and took a look at the disaster that was the bathroom and the annoyed expression of his familiar—Teekl’s tail swishing in irritation of the side of the counter.

“We made a fucking mess.”

“Worth it.”

“I hate you.”

“No you don’t.”

The blond was met with another blinding smile, looking away and grumbling he pulled himself from the tub, groaning in disgust at the wet noise of his foot hitting the soaked rug. Grating his teeth together as he grabbed his towel from the rack, and tossed Kiri his own quickly drying down his body before bringing the fluffy cloth to his hair. The silence in the room was peaceful despite the anger his voice had carried, the blond once again never truly mad. Groaning into the towel Bakugo failed to notice the redhead approaching again, his head still buried in the fabric before he felt soft hands pull it away. He felt a light touch, like a feather caressing his chin before carefully cupping Bakugo’s face. God, his smile was warm . It stretched across his face like it always did, perfect and destined to be there.

“You’re clenching your jaw again.”

Kirishima’s hands move down to cup his lower jaw to carefully rub it, the gentle strokes relaxing the tense muscles until the blond just groaned and leaned his face into Kiri’s hand.

“Can’t help it—do it on reflex.”

It stayed silent, comfortable, the two dressing, Bakugo tugging his shirt over his head turning to see Kiri staring at himself in the mirror only half dressed.

“Are you checking yourself out?”

A laugh followed the redhead, he flexed for a second—which should have been funny; instead it was just hot , and Bakugo was personally offended, turning around to avoid looking at the scene anymore, not that Kiri noticed, stopping his flex to turn back to the blond.

“No, just thinking—“

“I swear to god if you get to tackle me to try and make me talk, I can do worse to you.”

“Yeah but you never admitted what it was.”

“You dunked me underwater Shitty Hair.”

“Good point, so now that there is no water—”


He just laughed, fucking laughed because Bakugo could threaten to kill him at this point and it wouldn’t faze him at all. He was too god damn good at reading through Bakugo’s words. The blond groaned, wanting to leave the room but knowing he couldn’t until the water was cleaned up. Spells, fucking spells, thank god I’m a Witch. Latin slipping from his lips before grabbing the soaked rug and flinging the piece into the drained tub to deal with later. Kirishima was smiling watching Bakugo’s magic at work as the water floated up into the air, tiny bubbles of pink liquid only to evaporate a foot from the ground.

“Why don’t you ever clean your workstation like that?”

“Not using magic to fuck with ingredients I need for magic—I need as clean a workspace as I can get.”

“Makes sense, so…you want to answer me now that the bathrooms clean.”


Katsuki .”

Bakugo hated Kirishima Eijirou; he hated the gentle way his lips curved into a smile, the warmth that followed each soft look. He hated the way his human was just so fucking easy going, how it didn’t bug him when things didn’t go as planned like when he got hurt. He hated how Eijirou made him nervous, flustered, how he made Bakugo’s heart pulse and his phone short circuit and he fucking hated how every goddamn time Kiri said his name he was helpless .

“Don’t you fucki—“

Katsuki .”


“…. Did you miss the part where I just flexed?”

“Oh my fucking— it’s not that simple.”

He waited. Bakugo felt his cheek flush at the mere fact that Kiri wasn’t going to drop it, wasn’t going to let him get out of this, but was going to at least give him the time to figure out his words. The redhead’s stance relaxed, nodding towards the exit of the bathroom so they didn’t have to stay in there and Bakugo was thankful in a small way. However Kiri was still shirtless, which wasn’t helping at all—but the redhead had tossed his shirt into the hamper the minute they exited the bathroom so clearly the state of his dress wasn’t going to change.

Bakugo’s bedroom was pleasantly warmed as usual, the blond deciding now was good time to avoid looking at the redhead everything else in the room was suddenly perfect to gaze at. Teekl scampered into the room, jumping quickly up on the bed with a loud meow in demand for attention, the perfect way to keep his hands busy. Bakugo immediately walking over to the cat and sitting on the bed, petting his familiar like the two didn’t fight every other day, the look on Kiri’s face meant the redhead knew what he was doing but he wasn’t going to stop the blond.


“You—fucking, yes I know you work out, and I know in regards to humans you are above average in strength and you’re perfectly healthy—“

“Above average?”

“Lower that goddamn eyebrow so help me—if you want me to talk you are going to shut the fuck up.”

Kiri held his hands up in defense, submitting to the rule and just giving the blond another warm smile before sitting across on one of the chairs near the desk of Bakugo’s room.

“Fucking—You’re, you’ve, just... I am used to fixing things with magic, I’m used to being alone, just Teekl and I running the show, preserving the forest, the city, keeping things natural and good and sure I can’t prevent every goddamn bad thing that happens to this area but I do my job. But now I have you, and I never considered… having someone, and most of the time I’m leaving you to a world I can’t control… and I know I can’t dictate you or everything you do. I know I can’t expect you to stay inside or in a custom made bubble—you have every right to the freedom of your life. But every time you get hurt— hell every time I even hear about something happening in the city, a robbery, fucking car cash, dangerous goddamn weather— panic, I freak out. I just think about how human you are and how much you could get hurt and I—”


“No, fucking listen, you wanted to know. I just—the only thing I can do is charm you, but good luck charms hanging off the keys of your goddamn bike only go so far, all I can do to calm this stupid ass anxiety—fuck every time I see you, like your back, you chest hell your bare legs I’m just reminded that there so much room?—I fucking mean, there’s space to place protection, I can fucking give you runes, so many runes. But I can’t just do that to you without asking and like—”

“So ask.”


“Sorry to interrupt, but I’m not going to say no—If you feel better when I’m out and about covered in runes, then give me runes.”

“My uhh... I need – erm want, for that doesn’t weird you out?”

“Bakugo I’ve known about you’re impulsive need to protect me since the rabbit in the road. You’re not as subtle as you think you are babe.”

Teekl leapt out of his hold as the redhead walked up to Bakugo grabbing his arms and placing them on his chest.

“Cover me in your runes before you get a heart attack next time I go to work.”


“No you don’t, you’re blushing.”

Bakugo shrank in on himself, murmuring into the cuff of his shirt which only leads to Kiri laughing his goddamn cute laugh again , which only made the blush on Bakugo’s face worse . The whole situation was absolutely humiliating to the blond, not necessarily in a bad way—in the future he’d be thankful to get the weight off his chest, but right now he wanted nothing more then the floor opening up and eating him. Kirishima crawled onto the bed lying next to him while the blond mumbled under his breath, fingers picking at the frayed edge of the well worn black shirt before giving up with a groan, the blond rolled to the side, burrowing his face in Kirishima’s bare stomach, convinced that it would be enough to hide the redness on his cheeks, why did the fucker never have a shirt on?

“You know I might be able to find a rune for your insomnia.”

“But if you did that how would we ever finish any of the shows we watch?”

“We can have marathon dates at normal hours of the day like normal people.”

“You can’t see it but I’m raising an eyebrow.”

Bakugo huffed, the brush of air tickling Kiri’s skin and the redhead chuckled, stomach twitching against the sudden air. Fingers threaded through his hair gently and an encouraging tug told the blond that Kirishima wanted him to raise his head but wouldn’t force it. Grunting Bakugo obliged him, looking up from the span of chest he had been hiding in.

“For someone who wants to cover me in runes you’re treating this like pulling teeth where did my Blasty Little Witch go?”

“Fuck- You are forbidden from ever calling me that ever.”

“Bold words for a Witch who has yet to place a single magic symbol on my bare skin.”

“You’re going to regret this.”

“Are you threatening to make it hurt?”

“You know damn well I can’t control how it feels when I give you a rune.”

The soft smile was comforting—stupidly comforting, and the blond looked over at old clock on his bedside table, 3:17PM, the sun still in the sky but starting the slow descent down—it wouldn’t hurt to do it now. Runes took time, and putting multiple it would be wise to make sure there was no negative reactions to the magic, even if Kiri never had any before. The redhead was looking at him with ready and hopeful eyes because at this point in their relationship, Bakugo was rather sure he could try to put him in a real cauldron and Kiri would allow it.

“Do you want your stomach or your back first?”

“Oh wow, I was fully prepared to fight you for another hour over this.”

“Pick now or so help me I’m burning one into your ass cheek.”

“Babe, you wound me.  Uhh… Start with the back? How many are you planning on giving me?”

“You made the mistake of indulging me, now you’re getting every single one I want to give you.”


There was a nice sense of power in knowing that Kirishima was blushing now, and that Bakugo wasn’t alone in his body’s conquest to forever betray him by showing his every emotion. Pushing himself up from the bed the blond walked over to the bookshelf at the end of his room, carefully scanning the well-used literature pieces until he stopped at a small brown journal. He had long since memorized the contents of each page but he was about to cover his human boyfriend in even rune his paranoia demanded was necessary, and he wasn’t about to fuck this up. Pulling the journal out, he turned to walk back to his bed, flipping the cover open and with a lick to his index finger he started sorting through each page until he got to the organized section on protection and care.

The book had been his study for a long time, his father a great teacher when it came to encouraging his note taking. It caused the development of a habit at a young age the blond would copying down every single rune he felt he needed into blank journals, organizing them by similarity. The idea came from wanting to practice his craft as well as possible his short temper, if he could consult a single journal instead of several different old books on runes, then he was less likely to blow up his work station in frustration. He still kept the old books however; it would be foolish to throw them away just because he didn’t believe he would ever need half the runes that existed in them. His penmanship had improved from his teenage years but Bakugo could read his own writing just fine.

Pushing at Kiri’s bare chest,he directed his boyfriend to lay on his stomach, the redhead letting a pout before grabbing Bakugo’s pillow from the top of the bed for support and wrapping his arms around it to bury his face in the comfortable fabric. It was adorable really, which once again really wasn’t fair, but Bakugo just rolled his eyes before looking back at his notes. Running a hand slowly down the span of Kiri’s skin his eyes divided up the areas—he didn’t mean to treat his boyfriend like a piece of meat but the analytical part of his brain was quick to map out the human’s skin. There was a hitch in Kiri’s breath and Bakugo realized his palms had heated, pulling his hands away, a faint glow that had appeared dissipating as quickly as it had arrived. Bakugo placed the book down to the first rune he decided upon before straddling the back of Kiri’s thighs.

“This is certainly a position.”

“Do you want me to draw these wrong and turn you into a frog on accident?”

“…Is that what would happen?”

No , I would never mess up, however you could.”


“Shush. Stay still then.”

Bakugo pressed his index finger down on his right shoulder, the faint glow slowly accumulating until he felt Kiri’s jaw clench under him, the sensation of magic like this foriegn to the human. He was hiding a noise, maybe a gasp , as much as Bakugo wanted to hear what he had to say, he had to focus on not burning his boyfriend to a crisp. The first rune was luck, small luck- the type of 50/50 luck that would keep him from tripping or walking into a post. When his finger curved down to connect the last line there was a slight increase to Kiri’s breath, it had been a few months since his last rune.

“You holding up?”

“Yeah, never better.”

The bond smiled, leaning to the side to flip the page in the book for the next one bringing the glowing finger to the parallel shoulder blade pressing into the skin firmly to start the next rune. This one was for quick health, particularly small healing, next to the luck one it helped heal any misfortune caused by the bad luck the first rune couldn’t prevent. Runes could never defy a fate, this one would only speed up healing, should Kiri cut his finger the cut would be gone by the next day so long as this rune was active on his skin.

Bakugo paused, looking at the two runes softly glowing on Kiri’s back. Orange glowing lines like magic tattoo’s pressed to the redhead’s skin burned without real damage to the skin, a healthy glow as if they symbols were always meant to be there. It was an unearthly kind of beautiful the blond only found with this type of magic.

The third rune was thin, fit perfectly down his spinal cord and the redhead failed to keep his voice muffled when Bakugo’s fingers started. A gasp, a whine from Kirishima was still small enough however, that the blond only barely paid attention, focusing on each curve of the rune instead. It was hypnotic to look at the vibrant glow of a fresh rune on Kirishima’s skin. To see his mark, his print on the human he knew that all his worries could finally relax. After flipping to the page with the fourth rune, he finally glanced at Kiri’s face—the redhead’s cheeks flustered in a deep red that seemed to be slipping to his shoulders already.

“Does it hurt?”


Bakugo, paused before pressing his finger down to the human’s skin at the lower back this time watching Kiri bite through a gasp.


“Just… a lot on... guess humans are sensitive to magic.”

Eyes narrowing, Bakugo hesitated just for a moment, taking more time then previously to reach over to the notebook and flip to the next bookmarked page. The redhead shifted below him, a restless movement that seemed to verify whatever Kirishima was hiding wasn’t pain. Pressing his finger into the skin of Kiri’s lower back again to trace the next rune, he studied the flush and movement of the body below him as his magic submerged itself into the redhead’s skin. As much as he didn’t want to think about his parents in this situation, or ever really when it came to his boyfriend—he thought back to the soft looks they would share after placing a rune on each other. He never saw the act until the day they showed him how to do it himself, but whenever a newly sealed rune ended up on his father or mothers arm there would always be a happy if not dazed expression on their faces. A sensitivity that Bakugo never understood.

By the time the restlessness of Bakugo’s overprotective fears has dwindled down to a slow simmer, Kirishima’s back was coated in a vibrant glow of orange lines, finished runes freshly activated. The sheets of his bed were brushed in a faint glow of his work. It was breathtaking, Bakugo’s fingers felt almost stiff with magic, the oversaturation of drawing more and more magic into his muscles trying to chanel so much in such a short period of time. It wasn’t uncommon for a witch but it was uncommon for him, in theory he was out of practice, in a terrifyingly cheesy reality this was the first time he cared so much about a sole person to draw this many at once, and he wasn’t even finished. Kirishima’s skin was a light dusted red, not irritated but simply raw— freshly pressed , there was minimal swelling, nothing heavy. Like the soft red of fingers that barely touch a hot pan for half a second, no burn, no real danger, but a flushed red and a lasting feeling of heat on your skin. There was still so much to cover though, so much to do to calm the buzzing need Bakugo had to protect his human.

“Turn over.”

The command wasn’t really a choice, Bakugo’s hand grabbing Kiri’s arm and turning the boy over before even letting him respond, a gasp of surprise leaving the redhead’s throat as the over sensitive skin of his back pressed into the sheets under him, a cascade of a feeling he couldn’t describe in words slipping down his back at the contact. A human couldn’t describe it, or maybe it was just Kirishima lacking the proper vocabulary, the witch’s touch felt like a teasing warmth on the inside of his skin pressing into pressure points he didn’t know he had. Only the oversensitivity of the pressure point wasn’t a bad thing.

“You’re pretty worked up from this.”

There was slyness in the blond’s voice, one that shouldn’t be there, one that wasn’t allowed and Kirishima huffed.

“You’re having too much fun.”

Bakugo smirked back, hands grabbing Kiri’s hips, thumb rubbing at the redhead’s bare hip bones, skimming down to where skin met the fabric of Kiri’s pants and back up again. The movement was slow, deliberate, telling the redhead that, yes ; Bakugo had definitely noticed the stiffness in Kirishima’s pants. He didn’t say anything though, just rubbed slowly, teasingly close before finally releasing the hold when Kiri’s lips were starting to tremble.

The soft orange hue of his finger starting up again as he flicked to the next page, the blond’s finger pressing into the Kiri’s firm chest with a smile as the redhead went back to biting his lip immediately.

“Should I ask how long you’ve been keeping the noises in?”

The redhead shook his head refusing to remove his teeth from his bottom lip and risk letting a sound come out knowing Bakugo would immediately press harder the minute he did. Pulling his finger down the front of his pectoral, curving up right before hitting his nipple and curling around into a base circle the rune a glowing trail decorating his chest.

“Do you think you can handle the rest of this and still manage to not let a sound out?”

“Is that a challenge?”

“Sure, let’s see if you’re manly enough for it.”

Bakugo knew it was evil,Kirishima couldn’t back down from a challenge like that. There was a flutter in his stomach knowing that on some level this was something to distract him, to make doing this something fun; teasing, sensual, and not about Bakugo’s unsatisfied need to protect Kiri from the world itself. Regardless, the blond didn’t hold back, taking extra care to drag out the movement of his fingers, to press down with a continuous force only to slowly lighten the pressure until his finger was gone. It was amusing seeing his rune at work, Kirishima biting his lips bloody only from the small cuts caused by his teeth. To watch each cut healed up slowly by the magic symbols now glowing through his skin. By the time the top half of Kirishima’s chest was a vibrant glow of orange lines, the redness of the skin was a constant on his upper body and the visible tightness in Kirishima’s pants had only gotten worse.

Unmistakable, it made the blond want to tease him but that needed to wait, he had work to complete. Flipping the notebook, he debated the size of the next one, this rune in particular was for insomnia. Magic and sleeping never seemed to blend nicely, the wrong one would cause Kirishima to suffer from fainting spells and he had to be careful. This rune however had a fail-safe, it only activated with an herbal tea recipe that had been paired with it years ago, one Bakugo could easily make. Size mattered, the length of the symbol would affect its own power and durability, not that the blond minded redrawing it.

The base curve of the rune had Kirishima squeaking, a small gasps slipping from his lips before he could muffle it. Bakugo’s fingers falling dangerously close to the dip in his hips—almost threatening to follow the redhead’s happy trail, the witch couldn’t help but steal a glance at Kirishima’s face. His expression was perfect and it stirred a need to finish up the runes for the sake of engaging in a different activity. Exhaling slowly, as if he was the one in need of a pause and not the human trying his best to stop panting below him skilled hands moving once again to flip to the last page of runes he had dog-tagged.

“Almost done.”

“Not too bad.”


Bakugo grin was barely a warning before the blond pressed his hips down in a slow rotation, the grind between their pant fabrics barely hiding anything, the lewd action more than worth the choking gasp that slipped from the redhead.

“Smug Witch.”

“I prefer the term Wicked .”

The breathless laugh that slipped out of Kirishima’s lips was carefree and perfect in a way that made Bakugo’s stomach flutter, it was embarrassing and cavity educing but the smile that snuck its way on the blond’s lips didn’t leave. Instead Bakugo just focused on the last rune, memorizing the line work of the shape and drawing up another gust of magic into his index finger basking in the warm glow for only a second before pressing it back into Kirishima’s skin. It’s over sooner than Bakugo wants, but the final line stroke leaves an odd sense of comfort. He’s done what he can, Kirishima is protected now, as protect as a human can be against the unpredictable elements of the world. Magical bubble wrap, that’s what Kirishima would call it.

“All done.”

“Wow—that’s all, and here I was ready keep going— fUCKIN —”

A pressing palm against the tight fabric of Kirishima’s pants was effective in shutting him up, hearing his boyfriend curse was cute. The redhead was typically much more mild with his language compared to the quick temper of the witch. Teasing Kirishima was fun ; dangerously fun, and watching him squirm under Bakugo’s hand left a warm feeling in the blond’s stomach. There was a flush that filled Kirishima’s face, something that could have been caused by the runes, could have been blamed on the runes, but Bakugo knew wasn’t .

“Can I?”


“Begging already? Doesn’t seem that manly, what happened to toughing it out?”

A fast hand on the back of his neck drew Bakugo down, pressing their lips together before the blond realized, but barely a second passed before the witch melted into it, kissing the redhead back with as much passion as he could. Sloppy hand movements scrambled at the zipper of Kirishima’s jeans, a haphazard attempt to pull him free of the fabric without breaking the kiss. Despite the rushed harsh movements, eventually the button was pried open and the zipper split quickly after allowing Bakugo’s hands to palm down at Kirishima’s arousal through the thin layer of his boxers. The gasp in response left the redhead’s mouth open, the witch quick to slip his tongue in as he pushed his human deeper against the sheets.

He swallows the small whines slipping from Kiri’s lips as he cups his hands against the redhead’s arousal, teasing him through the thin fabric of his underwear. The heat against his hand was thrilling, it wasn’t their first time touching each other had started quickly once there was a name to their relationship, often lazy intimate make out sessions while slowly bringing each other off on Kirishima’s couch as the months went on, too tired most of the time to do much. It was mirrored now, Bakugo taking his time to slowly slip the underwear down, hands quick to grip the base of Kirishima’s erection, then a slow slide up feeling the heat of the arousal against his hands.  

They could have stayed like that, laying in his bed, making out lazily as the witch brought him off with slow smooth movements, determined to keep his pace even refusing to speed up despite the small pleading gasp from Kirishima under him. Kirishima’s hands uncrumpled themselves from the sheets moving to touch Bakugo, grabbing at his own clothing, movement just a sloppy—it was almost humorous until the witch was just as undressed as the redhead. He delivered a sharp bite to Kirishima’s lips in a fake annoyance at the action—the human was impatient, a habit of his, like a puppy excited to help, to do something . Not that Bakugo could actually complain about the pleasure of Kirishima’s hand around his hard on, the blond just enjoyed being in charge for once.  

“You’re the worst.”

There was no malice in the comment and Kirishima just laughed at him pulling the blond in for another kiss. The trembling of the redhead’s lips signaled he was close, the thin sheet of sweat on his skin no longer from the hot press of magic carving runes into him. The blond following not long after, enraptured by the display of his lover’s own climax. The hot breath of each other the only sound in the room for a moment. A chuckle on Bakugo’s lips as he felt the gentle touch of fingers through his hair, looking up, realizing he zoned out in bliss, resting his head against Kirishima’s chest.

“We should get up.”


Bakugo. ..”

“I’m tired. I just burnt up my magic and got you off, let me fucking nap.”

He felt the redhead chuckling under him as if his complaint was hilarious, and a remark threatened to slip from Bakugo’s lips, the first word suddenly cut off by the annoyed meow of Teekl in a irritated chorus, outside the door.

“Shit Cat.”

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Bakugo used to say with confidence that he hated the rain—sure the main hindrance to his magic was technology but the dampening rush of water that covered everything within minutes of a steady rain had never gotten along with him. His mother said it was because of the nature of his magic, tied to his emotions, and when your emotions can only be described as the symbolic embodiment of fiery explosions, water didn’t mix well. It’s not that his magic didn’t work in the rain; it worked, just not at the quality he enjoyed. So instead, Bakugo kept himself huddled up inside working on charms and potions, whatever back log of client orders he hadn’t managed to get around to yet whenever the rain was falling in season. Kirishima he found was often the opposite. He shows up for lunch as he always does, drenched, hair ruined, he’s lucky whenever it’s not freshly dyed or he’d be staining his shirt. Bakugo is grumpy, feeling like the owner of a unruly dog more than anything else, but Kirishima never seems to care about it, doesn’t take offense to the weak comments Bakugo sends him about his appearance or his wet clothing. Instead the redhead just grabs his boyfriend and kisses him despite the aggressive protest from the witch in regards to his soaked form.

Rainy days have their own routine, Kirishima comes in, takes off his soaked coat and changes, because at this point he has his own drawer in Bakugo’s room.It makes the witch flustered just thinking about it so he doesn’t. Teekl of course follows Kiri wherever the redhead goes and Bakugo spends the time the redhead takes to change to put his wet clothes in the dryer in the back of the house.

“What happened to that umbrella I got you?”

“I don’t want to ruin it.”

“So you’re not going to use it for its intended purpose?”

“It’s funnier when I’m wet and I get to watch your nose crinkles when I kiss you.”

“You’re fucking impossible.”

The conversation ends there, the witch not feeling the need to insist when he knows Kirishima’s mind is made up—Kiri likes the rain, Bakugo doesn’t understand it. He admits there is pleasantness in their time spent in it though. Kirishima never makes him go outside, instead the redhead seems content cuddling on Bakugo’s couch after he finishes eating his lunch.

They spend the break there, the living room illuminated by candles, a book often in the witch’s hand. Sometime Bakugo reads out loud but most of the time they sit, with only the blond talking it’s a good, warm quiet, it’s almost surprising how silent the redhead can get sometimes. They listen to the rain for a majority of Kirishima’s breaks, Teekl sits curled up at their feet, the patter of it on the roof drowning out the loud purrs. Sometimes sleep manages take them both and Kiri finds himself rushing to get back to work, sometimes it’s just Bakugo who drifts, lulled by the warm relaxing touch of Kirishima’s fingers running through his hair.

There’s a small stereo in the corner of the room by another one of Bakugo’s bookshelves that was eventually dusted off, sometimes soft voiceless music will fill the room, quieter then the rain but still adding to the atmosphere. It’s relaxing, far too relaxing for someone likes Bakugo to like and yet he does. On more occasions then Bakugo likes, after Kirishima has left and Teekl’s been strangely absent for a while the witch will find his familiar purring away on the neatly folded clothing tucked in Kirishima’s drawer that the redhead forgot to close. More and more the blond finds that he doesn’t mind as much, letting Teekl rest, leaving the human’s clothing to pay the price of hundreds of cat hairs. It’s gross, it’s domestic but Bakugo finds he doesn’t mind.  

Suddenly Bakugo doesn’t hate rainy days as much.

It’s been raining for the whole week when the order comes in, Bakugo knew it would happen eventually because it always does. April is a complicated month; the showers come in droves, weeks of rain on end only for a few days of clear skies, and for some reason his less regular clients seem to think he’s the weatherman. A Witch can never really control the weather, at least not to Bakugo’s knowledge and his knowledge is extensive.Weather is hard to manipulate, Mother Nature in general is hard to manipulat e and the weather is chaos on it’s own.

That doesn’t stop the ignorance of humans, from them bugging him to do something about the weather . The tiring conversation of explaining that his magic could not suddenly make the clouds move from the sky had turned into less of an explanation and more of a yelling threat. The aggressiveness finally making people back off. As time went on it seemed humans got creative in their request, instead of trying to change the weather for their date, they asked luck in other ways, for charms, love potions, whatever Bakugo could whip up to help them romance whoever they desired in the rainy season.

He wanted to be annoyed, but business was business and if it stopped people from bugging him about the unchanging weather he was willing to help add a magical charm to attraction.

The first order of April was always interesting; someone wanted an attraction potion, something that would help distract them from their own nerves about the date and focus on their desires. It wasn’t the first time Bakugo had received such a request, but it wasn’t a potion he made enough to not consult his books. Bakugo found any magic that enhanced the romance, the pleasure, the attraction seemed unappealing, but then again so did the chemical pills human’s took to last longer in bed.

The morning starts calm, the checklist of ingredients all accounted for. The potion doesn’t require much, but with the mise en place in front of him he ends up shooting Kirishima a text to bring a new jar of Avantoe when he comes by. The redhead had informed him that he wouldn’t be able to stop by on his break, instead offering to come over for dinner. He didn’t expect a response, Kirishima was at work and Bakugo would grill him if he text backs while on the clock. Shelving his phone in one of the back cabinets of his workroom, the blond returned to the delicate task at hand.

The potion book was old; not as worn as the other, containing the potions he used mostly for business but otherwise wouldn’t keep. Less loved despite the purpose of the book. Sliding bookmark to the side, the blond double checked the recipe with his the bowls of gathered ingredients he had placed out on his work table.

Amor Voluptas

Primary Ingredients

8 Clean Avantoe

3 Snape Grass (Grind to paste)

7 Pharmakos Berries

2 Medium Sized Dried Ginseng Roots

1 Dried Libidine Berry

4 Crushed Dried Lavender

Secondary Ingredients

3 Drops Vanilla Extract

2 Tsp. Cinnamon

3 Tbsp. Rose Petal Soaked Water

Meticulous work, attraction never came easy, Bakugo mentally reminded himself to raise his prices for these potions as he set the rose petals to soak. Turning to the two mortars he had set out—one with the snape grass, the other with the dried lavender—grabbing the pestle of one to slowly turn the grass to a paste while the petals soaked in the water. Teekl meowed from the corner, stretching on the simple cat bed, it was a goddamn throw pillow , which Kirishima had bought the spoiled beast weeks ago. Now it was the cat’s favorite place to sit or lay while the witch worked. The familiar left the workroom, likely to do his daily walk of the house and the nearby forest, giving the blond a vague idea of what time of day it was. The witch set to work checking to work focusing his energy on the potion. If he got the order finished he could enjoy his night, sleep in for once, and relax for the weekend.

Neatly folding his sleeves above his elbows the witch carefully set through the steps of creating the potion, the small burner on his main table dialed to medium heat, the cast iron pot brought the rose petal water to a boil. Then, careful with each ingredient, Bakugo added each item until the little bowls on his work table were empty. Stirring on occasion, the temperature rising before being turned down to slow simmer, the potion’s first steps were done. The air of the workroom gradually warming,the smell of berry with the spiced undertone of the cinnamon quickly overtaking the space. Bakugo debated opening a window but didn’t want to risk the potion’s aroma infecting the climbing ivory outside the walls of his house. Vague memories of dealing with discolored and strangely mutated plants outside his workshop following heavy orders drifted through his mind, a reminder of why he kept his windows bolted during the creation of his potions. He had to let his work sit and purify, sitting up and stretching before moving to carefully collect the empty bowls and bringing them to the small wash sink in the back of the room. Once they were cleaned and set out to air dry, the blond busied himself with cleaning the table, careful not near the boiling potion with his cleaning supplies.

Eventually a noise of protest from his stomach pulled him to the kitchen and the witch spent the rest of his break making a quick lunch, debating what they should have for dinner, flipping through some recipe books before shooting Kirishima another text with a short grocery list. It had been a second sense they took the time to prepare a meal together.

Soft memories floated through Bakugo’s mind, previous dinner dates where the two tried to cook balanced meals that still met Kirishima’s protein requirements, having to teach the redhead how to properly dice vegetables. A feeling of affection warmed his stomach as he bookmarked the recipe before putting the cookbook back on the small stand he had in his kitchen. Glancing at the clock, Bakugo returned to the potion room, stopping at his beaker cabinet to pull out a bottle to pour the finished product in.

Back at his workstation Bakugo clicked the burner off, the ingredients perfectly dissolved leaving a vibrant pink syrup in its wake. The witch’s hand moving in a careful circle around the cast iron pot, his middle finger dipping down not touching the liquid, a few centimeters away. Slowly dragging his finger around the rim, a deep incantation slipped from his lips, the soft murmur of Latin slipping through the room like a whisper the temperature of the atmosphere rising as the potion started to glow a faint pink light. With the steady chant of his charm, the light intensified until the room was bathed in a hot pink wave, sweat beading at his temple in concentration. The light shined in a crescendo before dispersing, soaking back into the potion leaving it with an unearthly shimmer and the room settled as if nothing had happened.

A heavy breath left Bakugo’s mouth, almost shaky arms throbbing slightly as if he had finished lifting something heavy. The potion completed, Bakugo moved carefully, pouring the mixture into the vial and setting the cast-iron pot back down on the burner before capping the potion with a cork. The order finished and completed to perfection for all of five seconds. Reality crashing down on the witch as the buzz of his phone suddenly rang out going off in the kitchen, the intense vibrations of the phone call caused the device to clatter to the floor suddenly. Bakugo’s magic crackled in response without thought and the glass veil in his hands shimmered red in reaction before an explosion filled the room.

An echo of shattering glass filled silent room, a quickly distressed meow coming from the house doorway before Teekl darted into the scene leaping through the kitchen to enter the workroom. Hissing at the glass shards before leaping onto the workspace scratching into the wood to stop himself from running into burner. Glancing at the small droplet of potion on the oakwood before peering over at his master, the blond laying on the floor a second passing before a groan slipped from his lips, and an he pushed himself up on his arms, moving an arm to rub behind his head.

The scent of rose burned his nostrils, as if someone had thrust an entire bottle of perfume in his face. The pink liquid already seeping into his clothing, the off gray of his shirt soaking into an unnatural maroon, a tingling growing on his skin wherever the potion had spilling and coated him.

“Fuck— FUCK .”

The worried and anxious meow of Teekl filled the workroom, drowned out by the witch’s rapid cursing and the crunch of broken glass under his boots as the blond stormed from the room. Racing towards his bedroom. The itch on his skin only growing more rapidly, he felt the crackle of his own magic on his arms his muscles tensing as he tried to restrain himself. Getting more injured would not help he thought, turning the water of the bath on with shaking hands. He ripped his clothing off, reminding himself to burn it later when he was in the right state of mind, before tossing the offending articles as far away as he could practically leaping into the tub the minute he was free of his boxers. Pushing his head under the faucet until breathing became hard under the rush of water and he pulled away leaning back against the porcelain, groaning as the pink stains of potions vibrated on his skin.

“Ohh this isn’t going to end well.”


Kirishima knew he was only human, that there was only so much a human could do, could learn in regards to the magical world. That there was a connection between witches that he himself would never understand, be able to connect to. Humans had a six sense; Bakugo talked about it from time to time, the nature of magic tingling through their souls giving them a brief second of greater clarity. In all honesty Kirishima didn’t pay attention much to the history of it, focusing rather on the pleasing tones of his boyfriend reading to him. Now it all came rushing back to him as he stood in the doorway of the witch’s house. There was an eerie quiet that didn’t sit right, the air feeling just a bit off, just a tad sweeter then it should. The silence was followed by the sharp yelps of Teekl the cat instantly running to his side, swarming and circling his feet, yelling long mews of distress.

“What’s wrong?”

The instability in Kirishima’s voice frightened himself, the weakness was unmanly and he had to get a grip. But as he walked through the house there was a frantic step in his movements, and his heartbeat seemed to grow louder to his own ears, his throat closed up, too scared to call the blond’s name out of fear over what he would get as a response. His legs had been a little sore, the shop busier than usual and his breaks hadn’t been long enough to really stop the ache in his muscles. All the soreness he was feeling from the day seemed to vanish in the panic that was slowly rising from his heart at the lack of his witch anywhere in sight.

The workshop door was open but there was no witch to be seen, rather Kirishima was met with a view of shattered glass and dark stains in the floor. Panic boiled in his chest, there were no signs of a break in, but Bakugo would never leave a mess, would never let anything sit long enough to stain. Teekl was frantically meowing out his feet, but the agitation of the familiar was not the intense enough to signal the worst, logically, but that didn’t stop the thoughts from bubbling up. A final whining meow from Teekl was enough to pull Kirishima from the workroom, following the cat upstairs to Bakugo’s bedroom. The human stopped before entering, the wooden wood was slightly ajar, a faint light coming from the room and a strong scent that the human couldn’t fully place.

“Bakugo… are you in there?”


He looked different , that was the first noticeable thing, parts of his skin illuminating in a light pink color, as if he was messing with dyes or covering himself in blush. The smell of the room was say somewhere between a rose garden and the suffocating air of the perfume counter in the local mall. Teekl hissed at Kirishima’s feet circling round him for a couple laps before scampering to the bed, jumping up to paw at the witch barely covered by the sheets.

Bakugo was asleep, but the scrunch of his forehead and nose told Kirishima his state of rest wasn’t pleasant. The scene on the bed implied he had fought with the covers before passing out, as if he didn’t know if he wanted the blankets to cover him. The room was warm, hotter than the rest of the house, but that should have felt normal considering heat rises, but for some reason it didn’t. Besides the skin discoloration and grumpy expression, Bakugo looked normal , besides being completely naked , and for some reason that was almost the most worrying thing. The blond rarely slept naked, mostly donning a t-shirt and on the hottest nights, only boxers. The little coverage the blanket gave him didn’t do much, the whole scene itself was rare, and out of character was putting it lightly. For all the time they’d knew each other, Bakugo had never looked like this, and that was concerning. Kirishima’s legs hit the edge of the bed before he realized he had even moved from the doorway.


A grumble was the first response, followed by shifting and the sheets that originally were doing a poor job covering parts of the blond body slipped away as Bakugo sat up in the bed, looking at Kirishima with hazy eyes. Teekl made some undistinguished noise that the redhead failed to pay attention to before leaping from the bed and running out the door leaving the two alone. The blond looked tired , Kirishima had seen the blond refuse to sleep out of spite on their late night movie dates but this was a new level of tired the human hadn’t witnessed. He looked sluggish, out of it rather, and in the second they spent staring at each other Bakugo’s arms faltered, before he slumped back down on the bed

“Bakugo… Come on, what’s going on,your workstation was a mess, you never let anything get dirty let alone your work space… are you sick, did you eat something and have an allergic reaction?”

The possibilities seemed endless, could witches even get food poisoning? If he had eaten something bad then it would explain the discoloration, but as far as Kirishima knew that wasn’t a normal human reaction. His hand reaching out to lightly grab Bakugo’s shoulder.The skin under his hand was warm, hot even, like he was running a fever, and a sharp whine slipped out from the witch’s lips. Kirishima ripped his hand away.


“You’re too goddamn loud Kiri.”

He sounded sick, but hearing his voice lifted more weight then Kirishima realized off his shoulders.

“Sorry… what’s going on?”

The groan he got in response felt normal, the same groan he heard on the daily, at least whatever was wrong Bakugo he still had his usual personality. Bakugo seemed to be gathering his thoughts, so the redhead adjusted, kicking his shoes off—grimacing at the fact he should of done that at the door—before sitting down on the bed. Bakugo hesitating before moving to the side, bringing himself up to a sitting position again, the sheets shifting poorly covering his lap as he settled into a criss cross position next to the redhead. Bakugo’s face adjusted a bit various emotions seemed to battle out over it for a second before he answered with shame, embarrassment, and a deep self annoyance Kirishima had only seen a few times.

“I fucked up.”


“I had an order, fucking pain in the ass potion to make, and right after I finished the damn thing I dropped it and got it all over myself.”

There was a pause, as Kirishima’s eyes roamed Bakugo’s body in a once over.

“Someone paid you for magic potion just to get boners? They know Viagra exists right?”

The swift smack of a pillow to his face was the only answer for a second, followed by more rustling with the sheets to poorly hide the blond’s very proportionate arousal.

“The potion doesn’t make you hard!”

“It made you hard.”

“Fucking—shut up! It works differently on humans, it just gives basic attraction, but I’m magic, so it’s amplified.”

The frustration on Bakugo’s face made it clear that the confusion displayed on Kirishima’s face was obvious. The blond took a second, as if thinking was hard.

“Witches are more attuned to magic then humans obviously, so a potion given to a human has a muted effect, but for a witch it’s like a straight injection. And my dumb ass got it all over.”

There was vague gesture to the pink stains on his skin and a clear annoyance in his voice as he gritted out the last part slumping back down on the bed he let out a groan, covering his face with his hands. Kirishima stayed quiet, slipping a hand to Bakugo’s arm to offer reassurance. The witch’s skin was even hotter, it almost seemed like the temperature was growing, Bakugo’s skin scrunched up in annoyance before another whine of displeasure slipped through his tightly sealed lips.

“Is it painful?”

The question was said with quiet voice, Kirishima unsure if it was a smart idea to ask it, but as Bakugo opened his eyes to look over at him, the expression was softer than he expected.

“Kind of, mostly it's just—like being horny and drunk, it comes in waves of clarity, I don’t honestly remember when I took my clothes off—maybe I never put them back on after the bath. My time keeps escaping me.”

“Anything I can do to help?”

“Just—ugh—move and sit by the bed board and loose some clothes, fabric feels so itchy...“

Doing as he was told, Kirishima scooted until his back was against the wall, taking a second to strip out of his work attire until he was clad in boxers and his regular black undershirt. Watching as Bakugo rustled with the sheets until he was bare, the blankets moved away for now as the blond settled, lying down and resting his head on Kirishima’s thigh. He couldn’t tell if the blond was blushing more, or if it was just the potion, but his face seemed redder. Without thinking Kirishima ran his hands through Bakugo’s hair, it wasn’t as fresh, despite the shower, he could tell the fever like state the witch’s body was in had basically turned it oily enough to wash again.

“Besides the well , ya know , you seem like you have a fever is that suppose to happen?”

“My body’s trying to sweat the potion out, it’s running its course, just … let me sleep, … can you keep—“

“Yeah I got you.”


It was quiet but Kirishima knew it meant a lot, the redhead continued running his fingers through the blond’s hair, until the witch’s eyes fell closed. Eventually Bakugo’s breathing evened out but his body temperature seemed to stay at constant warmth, the smell of the room only growing until he felt like it had been dunked in floral perfume.  

The first sign something was going to happen was the heat of Bakugo’s skin changing. The witch’s skin felt like it was at a constant high temperature, a strong running fever, but for the most part that had stayed consistent since the redhead had found him earlier, all until it suddenly didn’t. The warning started with a steady raise in heat, at first Kirishima didn’t notice until it felt the blond sleeping in his lap was fresh out of the oven. He could see the flush of red that dusted Bakugo’s naked body grow, making the pink stains on his skin seem to only brighten. Reminding himself that Bakugo had told him his body was sweating out the potion only slowed the rising panic.

The human almost jumped at the groan Bakugo made as he rose to consciousness, the blonds movement sluggish and lethargic on a more intense scale then they had been earlier. Kiri wanted to ask if he was okay, but the words were swallowed up and the whimper that slipped out of the blond’s lips effectively cut him off. It was sinful, a red flag expressing just how the witch was feeling without words. Kirishima reached out placing a hand gently on Bakugo’s shoulder only for hitch of breath to follow Bakugo’s body crumbling forward into it.

“Fuck— Please .”

It rang through Kirishima’s head for a second, silencing the room for only a moment before reality of the words sunk in and Bakugo’s frantic breaths filled the still air of the room. Please, meant a lot, implied a lot, and a sinking feeling filled the redhead's stomach. Bakugo looked tormented, body shaking slightly like some far off strand of dignity was doing it’s best to not rut against the sheets of the bed. He looked fucked out, if Kirishima had to put it bluntly, drunk with lidded eyes, the blend of what he experienced as a human and the magic of his boyfriend’s existence seemed to blend like oil and water in this moment. The shaky impatient look on Bakugo’s face felt like a personal torture to look at, how to do you help in this situation ?

The witch’s eyes were watching his crotch, hypnotized, and the whole scene was erotic and the reality of how little—or well none in Bakugo’s place—clothing they were wearing seemed to only stand out more. The room felt like a pot about to boil over, the red of Bakugo’s eyes seeping pink with magic, not that Kirishima could focus on it with the blond pawing at his boxers, whining. The incoordination prevented the witch from actually achieving anything, which only seemed to frustrate Bakugo further.




Slipping his arms around Bakugo, Kirishima pulled the blond into his lap, bringing the witch’s back to his chest. The pleased sound he got in response was reassuring even if Kirishima had no gauge of how coherent Bakugo really was.

“This can be kinky, I don’t have a mirror though.”

“Oh my God maybe you are drunk on this.”

“Bold words Shitty Hair.”

“Part of me feels like I need to record this to playback to you when you finally sober up and get this magic out of your system.”



Bakugo grumbled at that, half heartedly before squirming around trying to grind back against Kirishima, who in turn rewrapped his arms around the blond’s stomach to hold him a bit more still.

“Kiri, seriously, I’m dying please—“


“I’m starting to get offended.”

“Katsuki, this is the closest thing I’ve seen to you acting drunk, we aren’t fucking when you’re drunk. When the potions out of your system we can revisit.”

“I hate your chivalry right now.”


Bakugo let out a growl, trying to grab at Kirishima more but the human’s grip was tight, strong around his boyfriend before the witch eventually gave up, slumping down against Kirishima’s chest in defeat.

“I feel like my dick’s going to fall off, can I at least touch myself, or are you going to stop me from doing that too?”

Kirishima feel silent again words caught in his throat, was it okay to be present while his boyfriend tries to rub a potion out of his system? The stuttering wheels turning in his brain too slow to catch Bakugo’s hands as they snaked down already to touch himself. The sound of relief the blond gave off was dripping with a pleasure he hadn’t heard before and he felt the witch tense before completely melting against Kirishima’s body, lips relaxed, open with whimpers that dripped out as he slowly stroked himself. The heat in the room only seemed to get worse, and Kirishima’s own skin felt too tight, a warm sensation in the back of his neck as his boyfriend sighed in pleasure with each new touch. The scent of roses clouding the room, the natural light almost seemed to filter pink and vaguely between the witch’s distracting moans, Kirishima wondered if Bakugo could overheat, if they should move into the bathtub and run cold water until the potion had fully exited the blond’s system. Bakugo’s head hung back slumping against the crock of Kirishima’s neck as desperate pants escaped his mouth warming the redhead’s skin.


The curse was pure frustration until a whine broke through at the end and Kirishima peered over Bakugo’s shoulder, the witch’s arousal was a deep red, pre-cum slipping down the blond’s fingers as he stroked himself, irritated at the persistent arousal. The blond’s chest was already coated in what could only be a first orgasm, and the debauchery of the scene almost made him light headed. His hands rubbing soft circles in Bakugo’s skin trying to give him some form of comfort but the blond only seemed to melt under the touch, hitched breaths following as if the touch alone was an anchor.

Bakugo’s hand tightened around the base of his own cock, mouth open in a broken moan as he started stroking again trying to bring forward a second orgasm. His mouth felt fuzzy, hot, and unable to close as he panted and moaned. Drool was starting to collect and drip over the corner of his lips, burying his face deeper into the side of Kirishima’s neck despite the tight stretch, he let his senses cloud over with the comforting scent of his boyfriend as he worked his hand around himself. Taking a second to let his thumb run over the tip of his cock in slow circles until his body feels tense again, wound tight, another orgasm starting to find its climax. A punched out scream emptying itself from his lips as he finds himself tipped over the edge again, his body burning with fever, shivering through his second release. Kirishima’s hands slowly rubbing his arms in comfort grounding him back to this reality. He wants it to be over already, but his cock stays hard, purpled in arousal and a broken curse slips from the witch’s lips again.

Bakugo wakes up with the vague suspicion that this is definitely what a hangover feels like, not that he’s ever experienced it, knowing his limits was a specialty at this point. Hissing at the world, he buries his face deeper into the warm chest he has claimed as his pillow, and groan when his protest is only met with a soft chuckle.

“You back?”

“I think I broke my dick.”

Kirishima’s laughter was loud, and despite how little it helped his headache Bakugo couldn’t hide his smile, knowing Kirishima wasn’t judging him brought something warm to his stomach and he could only bring a light hearted smack to the redhead’s chest in protest.


“Would be kind of a shitty boyfriend if I abandoned you there.”

“I don’t think you know how to be a shitty boyfriend. You’re far too chivalrous.”

“It’s wouldn’t be manly, I couldn’t tell how much of you was clear headed so I drew a line. ”

“Part of me wants to say there will never be a next time so you won’t have to worry about it. cause I don’t fuck up, but I clearly did this time around. So if it happens again I’ll accept the defeat and text you about it when my head’s less...”

“Pink and heart-eyed.”

“It was not.”

“Bakugo your BO changed, you smelled all sugary, like molasses.”

“What the fuck do I usually smell like?”

“Like mahogany teakwood but after you do a lot of magic it's like the same thing, only on fire.”

“Why… are you spending so much time smelling me?”

Kirishima just raised an eyebrow in response, wrapping his arms around the blond before squeezing him close quick enough to draw a protest of surprise before the redhead made a dramatic show of shoving his nose into the witch’s neck and inhaling.

“Fucking let me go you weirdo.”

“Aw, but you’ve been so clingy today—Don’t stop now! I don’t feel like I’m being suffocated by sugar.”

“You’re so weird.”

“No I just appreciate you that much.”

Bakugo just released another growl but his muscles relaxed and he sank into the death grip his boyfriend continued to have around him. Sue him, Kirishima had a solid chest, A-Plus pillow material. The comfort of the redhead didn’t last long, stress seeping through his brain at the idea that now he had to recreate the potion for the client and not mess it up. Failure didn’t come often to the blond and now there was a lingering fear, what if he managed to ruin it a second time around?

“I can hear you thinking.”

“No you can’t.”

“Your eyebrows are scrunched.”

There were two options; either Bakugo could answer him now, or in fifteen minutes after Kirishima begged him to open up and the blond always succumbed to the puppy eyes in the end.

“I have to remake this damn potion and I’m pretty sure when I go downstairs to clean the mess in the workshop, I’m going to be out of ingredients to make them damn thing.”

“I can go into work tomorrow to grab them for you, just a quick stop, it wouldn’t take me long.”

“Toyomitsu won’t have the ingredient in sock, I’m going to have to have him order it and then I’ll be late with the fucking client.”

“What’s the ingredient?”

“Rose petals.”

“Don’t you have roses in your backyard?”

“Soleil d'Or rose petals.”

“I don’t think we have those.”

“Yeah you don’t.”

Bakugo pushed himself up from Kirishima’s chest and the redhead let him this time, the blond disentangling himself from the sheets, grimacing at the display that was the bed itself and then himself. He should shower, he very much wanted to shower , but he knew his workshop was a mess and if he didn’t clean that then it would itch at the back of his brain until he did. With no use having to take a shower twice, Bakugo managed to find a shirt and sweats, not really caring what he put on, before heading down to clean.

“Can you change the sheets?”

Kirishima gave a smile and thumbs up which meant, yes, and Bakugo sighed in relief before leaving the bedroom. The minute he exited, Teekl snuck through the now open door giving a quick meow of acknowledgement at his witch before darting past to the room most likely wanting to snuggle up with redhead now that the blond wasn’t hogging all this attention. Cats should have mugs, Teekl’s mug would say: Worse Familiar Ever . Maybe Denki can find a water bowl that says that.

Scrubbing the workshop clean, removing every trace of his botched potion was therapeutic; seeing his workstation spotless calmed down whatever lingering irritation he had with his failure for the most part, the witch was sure if he didn’t properly complete the clients order he would never get over it. Checking his stock he realized yes, he was out of the roses and resigned himself to finally bathe again and spend his time in the tub mentally drafting the best way to explain needing an extension to his client.

Finally getting out of the tub, Bakugo dressed himself in fresh clothes the slow realization crept in that despite the rest, he was still tired—not exhausted, but his bones had a slight ache from just the sheer amount that had happened today. The napping seemed to have brought a bit of a curse with it, leaving him too awake to immediately go to bed again. Glancing at the wall clock in the bathroom, there was confirmation that yes, it was the middle of the night, but also a miracle that he managed to get the entire potion out of his system in less than 24 hours.

Leaving the bathroom he saw that Kirishima had pulled a laptop out of his backpack which he had probably grabbed at some point between Bakugo’s scurry to clean his mess and bathe himself. The blond twitched eyeing it with a hint of wariness, despite the fact his magic was likely exhausted, he didn’t trust the technology. Mostly he didn’t want to accidentally break Kirishima’s likely expensive laptop. The redhead looked up from the screen, his classic smile on his face that the witch never got tired of.

“So remember how I have tomorrow of from work?”

“I’m aware yes.”

“And you’re out of those petal’s right?”


“Let’s go out tomorrow, like on a date.”

“Okay, but what does that have to do with the petals?”

Kirishima’s answer came in the form of turning his screen around to point at a webpage that was slightly to far away for Bakugo to read. Moving closer to sit on the edge of the bed, the blotch of color evened out into a horrifically designed floral wallpaper and a informational page about Keisei Rose Garden , the hours of operation and a brightly advertised pop-up rose shop that will be at the garden for the next two weeks selling roses and rose seeds for beginner gardeners. The lack of response as Bakugo read the page prompted the redhead to start filling the silence.

“We can go tomorrow, I checked the GPS a couple times, we can make a day trip of it, the distance isn’t too bad, they have the roses you need and there’s a picnic area we can stop by to eat.”

Bakugo looked up from the screen, Kirishima was smiling, but it wasn’t fully meeting his eyes as usual, the redhead looking rather at the back of his laptop screen. How long had he been researching rose gardens? Glancing back at the screen it was clear there wasn’t a full list of roses grown in the garden, knowing Kirishima he probably spent a whole hour looking through articles and reviews to double check they had the rose he needed. It was too late to call for that information.

It had been a day , and here was his boyfriend doing everything he could at some ungodly hour of the night to help, he had helping all day, helping since he walked through the damn door in the late afternoon. The information swelled in his stomach like a furnace and his body felt a pleasant warm, different from the uncomfortable heat he had felt for most of the day.  This was warmth he would gladly drive headfirst into without a thought and he did, sitting in the feeling for a few seconds, before his eyes drifted back to Kirishima’s face, the human looking a tad concerned that Bakugo wasn’t going to like the idea or find a flaw in it.

“I love you.”


Clearly Kirishima had not been expecting that, or anything along those lines and Bakugo got the pleasant satisfaction of watching a blush crawl down Kirishima’s neck before the redhead became flustered and at a loss for words wacked Bakugo with a pillow.



Bakugo’s voice crackled through a chuckle grabbing the pillow from Kirishima so he couldn’t hit him again.

“You know exactly what!”

The time the laugh that erupted, gross, and loud and not something Bakugo allowed often, but a flustered Kirishima was too pouty and cute to not laugh. Crawling up to match Kirishima on the bed, he snuggled against his very ruffled boyfriend and moved the laptop carefully, still aware whatever was left of magic for the day could spike if he wasn’t careful.



Kirishima let out a grown before grabbing Bakugo’s face and the witch accepted the flustered kiss, warm lips against this own with an urgency that said Kirishima wasn’t sure how to work through his emotions. When the redhead pulled away, there was a clear pout on his face that was adorable enough for Bakugo to wish he had his phone at the moment to take a photo. Kirishima’s pout didn’t stay long, the giddy feelings at Bakugo’s words taking hold until he was smiling ear to ear, the type of pure happiness that Bakugo had only seen achieved by innocent children, puppies and his boyfriend.

“Love you too.”

“Thought so, now put the movie on Shitty Hair, my sleep schedule is fucked and I’m probably going to be up for another hour.”


“I’m not getting on that.”


“I have a broom.”

“We don’t know if Kaisei has a witch, also its far away enough that you know some people might not be used to them… and I got you a helmet.”

“How do you even know my helmet size.”

“I know all your measurements Katsuki.”

“I... still don’t know how you managed to memorize those.”

“You’re waist is tiny, it would be a wasted opportunity to not know your exact sizes when shopping for you.”

“Why are you like this.”

Kirishima simply pressed the motorcycle helmet to Bakugo’s chest one more time, a staring contest in protest which only lasted a few minutes before the blond gave up, stomping his boots into the ground in annoyance before taking the helmet from Kirishima and putting it on. The human turned to Teekl, the familiar glaring at the back tire of the bike as if debating if he needed to and fail, to pop them as he usually did.

Kirishima squatted down; holding his arms out and the Bombay gave a low meow at the tire before turning and walking into Kirishima’s arms. Bakugo watched as the redhead carefully brought the cat to the seat of the motorbike, setting Teekl down before opening up a box that sat securely on the back of the bike and gesturing to the cat to get in. Teekl looked at Bakugo, as if actually regarding his master for once and after a quick nod, the Bombay gingerly slipped into the box, inspecting the piece before sitting down and letting Kirishima carefully adjust close part of it allowing Teekl to stick his head out if he wished at any point during the trip. Bakugo regarded his familiar for a second.

“Don’t fall out.”

Teekl just hissed at him, which prompted the witch to simply roll his eyes, before moving to grab the leather biker jacket offered up to him by a very happy Kirishima who let it go before sitting on the bike, already ready. Bakugo eyed the bike while slipping his arms through the jacket; it was a perfect fit, which he shouldn’t be surprised about.

“You’ve been waiting for this moment haven’t you?”

“Yes, now get on the bike.”

Cautiously the blond got onto motorcycle slipping behind Kirishima, the nerves in his stomach boiling, as he wrapped his arms around his boyfriend in a death grip, which only earned him a chuckle.

“I’ll go slow at first okay?”

Kirishima really did try to go slow at first, did that stop Bakugo from tightening his grip and yelping the minute the bike took off? No . Kirishima, the now deemed horrible boyfriend, only laughed, most of it swallowed up by the wind but that didn’t stop the witch from hearing it and digging his nails into the redhead’s jacket in an ineffective revenge.

The speed was only daunting for the first twenty or so minutes not that Bakugo could bring himself to relax. Instead, the witch sat there trying to focus his magic into a secured locked up box so that nothing would cause him to accidently fuck up the bike. Whatever free concentration left had settled on holding Kirishima has tightly as his muscles could manage and reminiscing on how much he would rather be on his broomstick. Eventually though, the steady motor of the bike seemed to turn into a white noise and the death grip he had on Kirishima lightened. It wasn’t the worst, almost borderline pleasant, but Bakugo already swore to himself he wouldn’t admit it out loud. Teekl seemed to be more then enjoying himself, sticking his head out of the basket watching the world rush by differently then how it did when the two were flying in the air.

The trip took longer than it should have, Kirishima had routed his GPS to take only backgrounds so that they stayed away from the heavy tech of cities. Keeping Bakugo’s exposure to only the basics made focusing easier on the blond and Kirishima wasn’t about to risk anything.

The morning steadily grew into noon and Bakugo felt the speed of the bike decrease and gradually moved to a stop. The blond heard the confirmation that they had arrived and that Bakugo could open his eyes, the witch having closed his eyes at some point during the ride to focus his concentration better. Bakugo found himself very thankful for the bike helmet, the tinted window making adjusting to the sun’s brightness easier as he finally cracked his eyes open to see Teekl being carefully lifted from the basket, the cat purring obnoxiously he looked around the new area. Kirishima’s hand came into view, the redhead offering it for Bakugo to take, the witch feeling a warmth flood his cheeks in a way he couldn’t bring himself to be bothered by, taking his boyfriend’s hand to slowly get off the bike.

“See wasn’t too bad.”

“My legs feel like gelatin.”

Kirishima only laughed, pulling his helmet off and setting it in the basket Teekl had once been in before going to unclip and take Bakugo’s off, the blond groaning slightly at the full brightness of the day. The witch took a deep breath inhaling the fresh air that felt new and unfamiliar and he felt a tingle of his magic slipping around him in confusion at the change of settings. Bakugo didn’t travel, ever , he kept to the woods behind his house and the surrounding area. This was unexplored territory and it was creating a beautiful combination of anxiety and nerves in his stomach. He felt a warm hand slip into his, a distraction from the almost nauseating feeling that was starting to bubble up in the back of his throat and the blond glanced down at Kirishima’s hand in his, the human giving a soft squeeze.

“You okay?”

“Yeah, just… adjusting.”

“Was the bike ride really that bad?”

“No it’s just this, place, is different. It’s within my ward, not within my district, I feel… displaced.”

“Are you going to be okay?”

The words were soaked in genuine concern, and Bakugo knew in that moment that Kirishima would turn around right now, and bring the witch back home if Bakugo asked of it. Teekl hopped up on Bakugo’s shoulder rubbing his face into the blond’s hair and suddenly everything felt more stable. It wasn’t perfect, but Bakugo had support on both sides and the world seemed more manageable in that moment. He gave Kirishima’s hand a squeeze back.

“I’ll be okay, just needed a second.”

Roses, everywhere, it was intimidating, it was stunning, and Bakugo vaguely wondered how quickly they would get thrown out if he tried taking any of them. They had arrived within the needed time frame and their itinerary seemed simple: secure the needed roses from the popshop, maybe get some seeds to bring home so he wouldn’t have to travel like this ever again, and so long as Bakugo didn’t feel like combusting by the end of that, maybe walk and explore the garden and have lunch. Kirishima had apparently downloaded a map of the garden with his phone, something Bakugo did not understand but was grateful for anyway.

“Once we find the shop I’ll put my phone away so you don’t have to worry about the whole magic technology clash.”

Bakugo just nodded, letting his eyes drift over the sea of roses keeping his thoughts on nature, on the colors of each rose, trying to name each type as they walked. If he avoided the fact he wasn’t in his territory and on the roses, maybe he wouldn’t short-circuit every machine in a five-mile radius.

Damask, Lady Banks, Pat Austin, Buff Beauty, the list continued and for the most part, kept his mind from the everything up until he felt Teekl’s claws slip into his shoulder and his own magic spiked in response to something , which very quickly turned into someone as Bakugo immediately moved his gaze from the flowers.

The booth was constructed around a large gazebo with Rose moschata growing around it. For the most part the popshop looked well organized, bouquets carefully placed in white buckets, informational cards above each one. None of that mattered at the moment as Bakugo’s eyes twitched at the sight of a very pink character.

Pink hair was the first thought, it wasn’t messy, in fact rather carefully styled, with two yellow bows seeming to keep it from her face. The second thing he noticed was the very clear magic that seemed to shift around her, her own aura, and very quickly Bakugo realized this was the witch of the territory. A headache almost formed as questions slipped through his mind, the atmosphere he’d felt since getting here didn’t perfectly match hers, which implied, more than just her . Bakugo couldn’t bring himself to think much farther before said pink witch also very much noticed him.


Bakugo did not know this witch, but he didn’t have too, there was a spike, Kirishima’s phone vibrates violently until he dropped it, the soft earth at least cushioning the device as it hit the ground. Magic vibrating through the air around the two as the other witch sized up the blond; the atmosphere wasn’t malice, there was no danger of a fight. Brief memories of other witches visiting his mother back when he was too young to pay attention to it, there would be an air of tension that would dissipate the minute the magic felt each other out and blended into the natural course of the atmosphere. He hadn’t noticed it with his mother but now he was hyper aware of their combined magic feeling each other out, leaving him unable to focus on the confused look Kirishima was giving the two. Finally the tension in the air seemed to dissipate, their magic settling and Bakugo could vaguely tell that Kirishima’s phone had stop vibrating. The pink haired witch didn’t seem bothered at all by this, which might have indicated it wasn’t the first time another witch has shown up at this garden.

“Bakugo do you know her?”


Pinky seemed to glance between the two of them, eyes dropping to their interlocked hands, and make some sort of assessment in her mind, before moving out from her place behind a table to quickly extend both her hands to the two.

“Mina Ashido at your service, Second Witch of Keisei and what brings you to this garden? Lemme guess, your town doesn’t have a certain ingredient? You’ve set your personal garden ablaze and now you are desperate traveling from region to region to collect every last necessary seed to regrow your mistake?” Her voice was increasing in volume as her energetic concepts seemed to expand, her eyes darted down to their interlocked hands, “A date? A proposal? A wedding ??”

“Holy fuck shut up Pinky, you were right with the first one,” Bakugo quickly cut her off, which wasn’t the politest introduction to a new witch but fuck if he owed her anything. Kirishima squeezed his palm in reassurance, glancing over Bakugo noticed his boyfriend was a colorful combination of flustered and very clearly excited to see another witch.

“Second? There’s another witch here?”

“Ibara Shiozaki, she’s the first witch but she is off tending to the roses, kind of lives in the garden so you likely won’t see her much. I run the whole socializing part of the business. ”

“Neat, I’m Kirishima Eijirou.”

Watching Kirishima take Mina’s hand so easily made Bakugo feel slightly more inclined to be polite, and begrudgingly finally also took the hand outstretched to him. Teekl took a second to mew, introducing himself to the new witch, before leaping to the ground by Bakugo’s feet, Mina instantly releasing both their hands to crotch down to pet the Bombay.

“And who’s this handsome familiar.”


The cat meowed in confirmation and Mina smiled gesturing over to the table where a bearded dragon sat happily watching the scene.  

“You can hang out with Queeny if you want Teekl.”

The two familiars caught eyes, locked into whatever conversation they could have and Teekl darted over jumping up on the table to be at eye level with the dragon. Seeing that his cat wasn’t immediately going to try and eat the other, Bakugo turned his attention back to Mina.

“I need Soleil d'Or petals.”

“Ooooo, Attraction Potion ? Haven’t had to provide anything those in a minute, but humans like them just enough so I should have them in stock.”

Bakugo grimaced but the other witch just let out a sharp giggle before turning back to the stand and grabbing both a small packet of seeds to hand the blond.

“I’ll get the actual flowers in a second but consider these on the house, not every day we get to help out another witch.”

Kirishima seemed utterly delighted, instantly bringing up a conversation with her as Bakugo glanced at the seed pouch, a short assortment of rose types seemed to be inside. They would take a second to grow up but it would cut Bakugo’s order cost down.

“Bakugo you didn’t tell me these flowers were so cool looking.”

“They’re roses you goof...”

There was something sickeningly domestic and sugary about seeing his boyfriend come out of the gazebo with a bouquet of roses, the light orange of the petals framing Kirishima’s face accenting the red of his hair. Mina seemed to know how to read the situation stepping aside to mark up the order before slipping an invoice sheet to Bakugo to pay.

“You guys are welcome to walk the garden, we are still open for a few more hours so we can hold the order until the garden closes.”

“That would be great thank you!”

“No worries, and Bakugo, that’s the name right? Teekl can explore too if he wants, I’ll text Ibara so she doesn’t get spooked by seeing a new familiar in the garden.”

“Thanks Pinky.”


“Don’t try to fight it.”

Mina exchanged glances with Kirishima before Bakugo grabbed his boyfriend by the wrist and led him through the nearest path in the garden, Kirishima waving fondly to Mina as they walked away.

“She was super nice, I’m kind of shocked to meet another witch here. I kind of forgot there was more than just you and Denki.”

“She’s something, very loud.”

“We didn’t even talk to her for more than a few minutes.”

“And yet I’m tired.”

Bakugo didn’t find it funny, Kirishima was laughing, and the blond tolerated it because at this point his boyfriend’s laugh was too endearing to get annoyed with it anymore.

“I mean we got the goal accomplished, you have your cool roses, and now we have a whole afternoon.”

“You sure being stuck in a garden full of flowers won't bore you ‘Mr. Gym and Then Fight a Bear in The Mountains’ to prove your manliness?”

“Hey! They’re cool, plus it smells incredible here, roses are manly! Also there so many here this place is huge, we can go through it all, like a hike without the incline.”

“So a walk.”


Bakugo stared at his boyfriend, the wide smile on his face and his heart clenched with affection, outwardly he rolled his eyes and slotted their hands together walking Kirishima down the path point to different collections and started the process of watching Kirishima try and fail at pronouncing some of the names.

The garden had been beautiful and Kirishima had insisted on paying for take out lunches that they could eat in designated eating areas around the garden. Bakugo never officially ran into Ibara but his magic spiked in the tunnel of climbing iceberg roses and the hair on the back of his neck was raised enough for him to realize she had spotted him and chose to stay away instead of engaging in conversation which was perfectly fine with him. In the three hours it took to walk the entire expanse of the rose garden, Teekl had managed to completely befriend Queeny, and Mina had also managed to befriend Teekl.

The grimace on Bakugo’s face was apparently enough to make Kirishima laugh, and the giggling human was enough to convince Mina she had nothing to fear, which meant Bakugo’s scowl accomplished nothing.

“You done for the day?”

“Yeah the roses were beautiful!”

“Of course they are, we don’t take our job lightly, now feel free to visit anytime you want, Queeny likes new friends.”

Bakugo huffed taking the their order form Mina inspecting the rose to make sure the petals would work for the potion.

“Doubt it.”

“Bakugo doesn’t mean that, he just doesn’t like traveling much.”

“Oh? Then I’ll just have to visit you guys!”

“I didn’t fucking agree to that.”

“Katsuki be nice.”

Kirishima’s stern voice was really anything but stern but Bakugo still quieted, stopping his inspection to grab Teekl as Kirishima exchanged numbers with Mina promising to make a group chat. Giving his boyfriend his phone number was officially a mistake .

Their goodbyes were short, mostly because Bakugo didn’t want Kirishima driving such a long distance at night and Mina gave them hugs with far too much strength for someone so short and cheery. Bakugo climbed on Kirishima’s bike, eyelids already feeling heavy, too exhausted to even complain as Kirishima helped him into his jacket and secured his helmet on him. Teekl happily got into the basket, careful of the flowers which were also placed in the compartment. The familiar had apparently already adjusted after just one ride and honestly looking just as tired. The redhead brought Bakugo’s hands around his waist as a reminder to hold on before he started up the bike and heading towards home. The witch’s magic seemed relaxed, the hum of the bike a lullaby instead of a harsh contrast of manmade craft.

The road was quiet, few people actually driving their direction and within minutes, the blond found it impossible to keep his eyes open, choosing instead to focus on picking out the different between the vibrations of the bike and the steady beat of Kirishima’s heart.

Chapter Text


The seasons change quickly and within the next year, new rose bushes were blooming in the witch’s garden. 

Mina came to visit insisting she had to assist the blond in properly growing the rose bushes, sometimes bringing over treats for Teekl or timing her visits so she would also get to spend time with Kirishima when he was off work. Once Ibara even tagged along in the visit, closing the garden for a day. She didn’t speak much, when she did it was in long outburst, a piece of passion. Regardless though there was understanding in her eyes when it came to Bakugo’s way of life, an understanding between two Witches. Bakugo found himself unbothered to share some potion recipes with Ibara while Mina and Kirishima made a mess of the kitchen. 

The following year the roses blossoms were in abundance well cared for, standing tall and proud standing out in the garden of other less ostentatious plants and herbs. Despite sticking out Bakugo found he didn’t mind the vibrant flowers, Teekl had taken rather fondly to them seeking shade under them whenever the weather got a bit too warm for even a cat to enjoy. The season became almost too much, the vases full of flowers steadily growing until Bakugo’s kitchen looked more like a flower shop then a location for meal prep. Each few days brought more blooms, regardless of how many Bakugo cut down for potions or decoration. 

The colorful flora was a growing distraction, and the quickest solution was an every looming encounter that Bakugo had wanted to avoid, aggressively, until the end of time. With each passing week that started to become less and less of an option until the blond found himself standing begrudgingly in the arch of his house, wondering if he could keep himself from stepping out he could stop the day from happening.

Kirishima, the adorable oblivious idiot, was excited , the bike carefully packed with a large bundle of roses—three to be exact—the largest amount he could fit into the bike without causing damage to said flowers. The redhead had started buckling his helmet on and Bakugo was glaring his own waiting for him on the seat of the bike. Teekl was looping between the blond’s legs letting out soft chirps of encouragement, the blond’s anxiety rattling the air around them, the bombay all too familiar with it. 

“Bakugo come on, it’s rude to be late!”

“They can fucking wait all they want, they ain’t getting any older, fuckers probably going to live for ages. Fuck we can just wait until next year. This idea was stupid, I bet we could give the flowers to Denki or something and watch this dumb ass try and fail to woo anyone who catches his eye.”

“Katsuki, you’re rambling.”

“Fuck off.”

He could see Kirishima sigh from the bike, but the expression was one of amusement, the redhead leaving his bike in favor of walking back to the doorway, questionably rising an eyebrow before carefully taking Bakugo’s hand the witch instantly interangling their fingers much to the redhead’s delight.

“Bakugo, come on, that’s no way to treat your parents. I know you don’t like to see your mom but this is my first time meeting her and I’d like to give a good impression.”


A pointed look told the blond he was cursing too much for a single morning and he bristled, before taking a breath and trying again;

“I—don’t get along well with my mother and she’s going to be a bitch regardless of what time we get there.”

At this point he could feel the calming strokes of Kirishima’s thumb rubbing over the top of his hand, it was distracting and coaxing enough that when he gave a gentle pull, Bakugo followed letting the redhead lead him towards the bike.

“Didn’t she teach you everything you know?”

“Yeah and the old hag doesn’t let me forget it even though I’ve done this damn job better than she ever did. She’s just bitter… I just don’t want you do deal with her.”

“I mean, you’re kind of blunt and abrasive but I think I get along with you rather well. Do you really dislike your mother? We can just drop off the flowers and leave if that’s what you need.” 

Bakugo stalled his footing as they finally reached the bike, Kirishima had been excited , when Bakugo first brought up bringing the extra roses to his parents house. He had never brought up meeting them before and the redhead had never pried but he knew Kirishima wanted to meet them. It was with a resigned sign that he finally looked back over to his boyfriend. 

“My mom’s fucking fine, we’re both stubborn so we constantly clash. It’s just not going to be pleasant and you shouldn’t have to spend a day off dealing with it. ”

“Katsuki, they’re your parents, also I get to spend my day off however I want and as long as it’s with you I consider that a victory in my book.”

“You’re such a sap, get on the bike.”

Riding on Kirishima’s bike had gotten easier, Bakugo still clung to his boyfriend for dear life but that was slowly turning into an excuse just to hold onto him. Teekl seemed a little irritated sharing the basket space with so many flowers, but he stayed quiet for the duration of the ride. 

Bakugo’s family lived exactly one town away, his mother was the main witch of the town in the same way Bakugo was to his own, the house was similar, on the outskirts due to surrounding farmland. The house itself was slightly bigger fit to accompany what was once a whole family now down to just the two, there was an actual car in the front, telling Kirishima that his parents didn’t suffer the same issues with technology that he did, and a large garden in the back that grew forward spreading around the size of the house cupping the building in a semicircle. A woman with very strikingly similar hair stood on the front porch. Wrapped around her was an enormous dog and a significantly smaller one was sitting in the open door way behind the two. 

“Never struck me that your family might be dog people.”

“Teekl was a surprise, my magics just knew better then to follow the extras.”

“Which dog is your mom’s familiar?”

“The annoying little Shih Tzu is my mom’s, her name is Mari, don’t give her attention. The big ass Tibetan mastiff is my dad’s we call him Taichi.”

Bakugo knew stating this was irrelevant, Kirishima’s love for animals was all consuming, his words would be ignored in favor of playing with said dogs much in the same way he quickly befriended Teekl. With the bike parked towards the far side of the dirt driveway the two got off, Bakugo extending an arm for Teekl to jump on and climb up to settle on his shoulder while Kirishima grabbed the three bundles of roses.

“Took you long enough to get here, I was starting to think my own son was too chicken to come visit his loving mother!”

“Shut up you old Hag, we got here didn’t we, brought you damn roses too, be grateful.”

Rolling her eyes, the blond woman approached Kirishima, her smile shifting into something much more friendly, gingerly taking the bundle from the redhead.

“And you must be Kirishima, thank you for the flowers, I’m Mitsuki Bakugo, but please just call me Mitsuki. I hope my son hasn’t caused you too much trouble.”

“Your son is absolutely amazing, you should be very proud of him.” There was a quick glance back to her son, following by a small teasing chuckle. 

“Really? How much is he paying you to say that?”

“Fuck off you old Hag, where’s dad?”

“Your fathers in the kitchen, go say hi to him brat, introduce your little boyfriend while your at it, I have to get these into the workshop. Thanks by the way.” 

She was looking at Kirishima as she said it, the redhead beaming at her, before Bakugo grabbed his boyfriend by the arm to lead him into the house. Mari stayed with Mitsuki, the dog closely following her as she walked around the house to a garden, her workshop a carefully constructed building in the back of the house. Taichi stood up as the two approached, the dog was calm, panting slightly from the warm day. Teekl meowed down in greeting and the large dog simply nodded at the cat, moving back into the house allowing the two to enter. 

The kitchen was far more modern than one might expect considering how far out they lived, modern cooking appliances have been installed. Once Bakugo left, the two were quick to refurbish the home, the threat of appliances short circuiting and exploding left with him. The entire room made Bakugo feel slightly on edge, the blond witch twitching slightly where he stood, watching as his father pulled a loaf of bread from the oven. The man had a soft face with slight smile lines, thicker glasses then Bakugo remembered him wearing last time. As he set the bread down on a cooling rack and removed his gloves, he turned to give his attention over to the two boys, Taichi walking over and sitting at his feet.

“You’re finally here! Right on time, Teekl you’ve gotten so big!”

“He’s the same size as last time.”

Teekl let out a pleased meow, jumping from Bakugo’s shoulder to the kitchen counter and walking over until he was scooped up happily. 

“Missed you too buddy, and where are my manners.” Walking over to shift Teekl to his left arm he reached out with his right had to take Kirishima’s in a firm shake. “I’m Masaru Bakugo, I figure you already met my wife and know the drill, just call me Masaru.”

“Kirishima Eijirou, it’s an honor to finally meet you.”

“I hope my son hasn’t told too many horror stories.”

“None whatsoever.” 

That sparked a chuckle between the both of them and Bakugo grimace the realization that this was going to be a very long day looming over his shoulders as he slumped back against the counter in irritation and a sudden high beeping sound start up from the microwave next to him the device buzzing out. Fucking incredible.

“Katsuki, why don’t you go help your mother?”

“She doesn’t need it.”

“I can help her Masaru.”

“Fuck—No you stay here, I’ll go help the hag. Stay.”

The backyard was the same as Bakugo remembered it, he glanced over to the west side, a patch of soil discolored, a lack of grass or vegetation growing in the area. It brought back memories—the discard pile, every potion he had managed to get wrong, where his measurements were off, his Latin wasn’t procounced enough, his fires not steady, his crystals not charged, all his failures, his mistakes laid dead on that soil. The surface charred beyond repair, no life could grow there, the rejected magic had mixed making the area a dead zone in an otherwise vibrant piece of nature. Everytime he was home Bakugo couldn’t stop himself from staring at the patch of dirt. He knew in theory that he was eons better, that he was no longer the little boy that made those mistakes, that he was perfect at his craft, the dead soil staring back at him was a testament to that. 

Tearing his eyes away from the patch, he felt a dull ache, glancing down to see his hands clenched in fists his nails leaving red indents in their wake. Exhaling he slowly pried his fingers open, stretching them for a second before pushing himself forward towards his mother's workshop. 

The shed in the back of house could best be described as a crowded plant shop by anyone who didn’t realize what they were looking at. The wooden house carried large windows on every side, racks of herbs and spices lined one, followed by a wall of plants, a wall of berries, and a wall of exotic items Bakugo was never able to memorize the names of. Mitsuki was a prepared Witch. Unlike her son, she never bought her ingredients, she only relied on herself and what she could grow and create. As a child Bakugo was enamored by his mother’s own skill, now he was bitter and jaded that such a powerful witch could reside in such a hag. He didn’t get to stay in the doorway for long, his mother already well aware of her son’s presence.

“Are you going to just stand there or come in brat?”

“Dad thought you needed help.”

“Your father probably just wanted to get your little human alone long enough to see why he’s still with you.”

“Leave Kirishima the fuck out of this.”

The light above the workshop flickered with Bakugo’s irritation but Mitsuki paid it no mind, continuing to sort and cut the roses they brought, splicing the roots of the ones she viewed as the best options to grow into a new bush.

“We were surprised to hear you were actually coming.”

“Your point?”

“We were surprised you were bringing him.”

“Just spit out what you’re trying to say. Fuck.”

The clippers were placed on the table and the air was still, frozen, no one speaking as Mitsuki slipped her gardening gloves from her hand placing them next to the clippers before finally facing to look at her son. 

“You’ve spent your whole life uninterested in anyone, your father and I could barely believe it when Denki became your friend. I mean sure whatever you focused on your work, you studied hard, and skipped all that teen romance, and now you're a grown ass adult. You’re dating a human, and at first I figured it was a fling, but it’s been a few years now? Plus, we’re actually meeting him.”

“What the fuck are you trying to say, stop fucking yammering.”

“Are you really in love with him, serious about him. A human?”

For the nth time that day Bakugo remembered why he didn’t want to be there, why he didn’t want to sit there explaining to his mother that he didn’t give a shit his boyfriend wasn’t a witch. He could care less about the social norms. He knew his mother would patronize him, would look down at him for being perfectly fine with a human, perfectly fine being with the first person to make him feel something

He heard, distantly, Mari bark from where she was sitting under the workbench his mother had been working at. Teekl was at his side, hissing right back at the Shih Tzu. The room seemed to shift in colors despite the vibrant sun keeping the space well lit as if someone had tried to turn extra lights on, the emotions bubbled in his stomach it became a frustration that felt more like a hole burning in his abdomen. He heard his mother trying to speak to him, but her voice was muffled and as distant as Mari’s barking. The frustration reaching a crescendo, the sound of a fuse shifting, the light bulbs in the room flickered brightly, too brightly and exploded the glass falling to the ground in the open space between Bakugo and his mother. 

Shaking his head, the light pulse of a migraine threatening to form at his temples, Teekl jumped on his shoulder instantly butting his head against the blond witch and with a glare he glanced back at his mother who was staring at him with a mix of concern and a stern expression he didn’t care to place at the moment. 

“There’s your fucking answer.” 

Turning, he left, itching to at least get some space from his mother. The short walk from the workshop to the backdoor of his parent’s house was too quick, he barely had any time to clear his head and for a second he debated just going for a walk but his hands were already pulling the screen door open and like hell would he ever leave Kirishima alone with his parents. 

The kitchen was empty, except for the bread cooling on the counter, and Bakugo moved through the hallway.


“In here!”

Following the voice into the living room, Bakugo was met with the sight of his boyfriend on the floor very much enwrapped in Taichi, the redhead carefully pushing his hands against the mastiff’s large paws. 

“What are you doing?”

“Bakugo he’s huge and it’s amazing, a toddler could ride him into battle, this is incredible.”

He heard rather then saw his father chuckle on the couch, and he prayed that the comment would not bring out the baby books. Walking over he sat down next to Kirishima, reaching a hand out to pet down Taichi’s stomach, the dog now laying on his side in front of both of them. Teekl hopped off his shoulder to join his father on the couch, Masaru instantly cooing to the bombay, which Bakugo promptly ignored. Scratching Taichi’s stomach was almost as therapeutic as petting Teekl, exhaling another held breath, Bakugo continued to let his hands roam through the massive dog’s fur. A warm hand slipped over his, and he felt the comfortable pressure of Kirishima relaxing against him. He watched Kirishima’s thumb slip over his pressure point under his wrist, likely hearing the frantic heartbeats the blond was still trying to calm down. 

“You going to be okay?”

It was quiet, sometimes Bakugo forgot how quiet Kirishima’s usually loud voice actually got and the witch let out another deep breath, feeling his tension slip out more the longer he leaned against Kirishima.

“Yeah. I will be.” 

Eventually the seasons shifted and the roses died down, their vibrant blooms slowly turning barren as winter weather crawled in but the branches remained healthy ready to bloom once the cold season had passed and it was their time again. 

It was around this time that Bakugo decided he wanted a larger bed, he needed a larger bed ; he had some savings, as annoying as the abundance of roses at been, they had strengthened the potions he needed them for which drove business a little higher up than he had expected. In addition Toyomitsu had given his best delivery man what he had decided to call a large ‘Christmas’ bonus, and said delivery man had insisted on pitching in. The conversation was short and to the point, his bedroom had turned into condensed space of warmth, the heat from the fireplace having raised until it had collected upstairs. With growing frustration Bakugo dragged Kirishima downstairs, the air dramatically cooling as they descended and collapsed on the couch. 

“It gets too hot upstairs, you want to cuddle on this small ass bed, and the sheets heat up far too quickly. It’s too fucking hot to cuddle and I have to sit there holding your hand until they both get too sweaty and it’s ridiculous. We need a bigger bed.”

So Bakugo got a larger bed. 

It was a process, the day was planned ahead to visit a large furniture house, both Denki and Mina had insisted on joining. Bakugo argued with them about it refusing to let them come but they ended up showing up, anyway, having found their own rides there. It left the blond on edge, being stuck in such a social setting. Kirishima didn’t mind the company too absorbed in his boyfriend to really pay attention to the bed selection, simply hugging his witch from behind and giving out half assed apologizes when Bakugo snapped at him to focus. Kirishima didn’t seem phased, reminding Bakugo every time he made a side comment that it was his bed, so it was his choice, to which the blond bluntly reminded him that he slept in it too. 

Sooooooo …. Bakugo why do you need a larger bed, are you guys getting to rough under the sheets? Did your bed frame break?”

“Can it Sparky, the bed’s too small, end of story. I need more space to sleep especially when this idiot spends the night, his shoulders are too fucking broad he takes up so much space.”

Said idiot just hummed at the comment tightening his grip around Bakugo. Mina just giggled, holding her hands up behind them to measure out Kirishima’s width between his shoulder blades.

“He has a point, I don’t think Kirishima’s ever missed a day of gym in his life, poor Bakugo wont fit on the bed if Kiri gets any bigger.”

“I can’t tell if you guys are making fun of me or not.”

Oh now your paying attention!”

The conversation fizzled out into random comments, the group making their way through the mattress and bedframe options. Most were too modern for Bakugo to even consider them, they felt to plastic, too processed, left the magic under his skin tingling until the lights over head flickered and Denki had to quickly pull him away. Eventually they ended up leaving to another store in favor of checking out some smaller businesses, family owned for a better chance at finding a far less industrial option. 

The second store was ran by a rather out of place pair, a rather dramatic blond and a very lean built lumberjack that made the bedframes himself, and through the entire time spent at the store it remained unclear as if the two were dating or simply roommates that spent far too much time in each others company—not that it stopped Denki or Mina from trying to figure out. The situation made Bakugo’s brows scrunched up in frustration until Kirishima forcibly pressed his fingers to his forehead to smooth out the wrinkles. The owners seemed laid back and let Bakugo have his space, Teekl leaping from his shoulders to check out the frames. When the cat meowed from the back of the selection Bakugo walked over, the frame was made from bolivian rosewood, the character and color undisturbed, the blond picked it immediately.

The rest of the weekend left them in a disarray of screws and a complicated handwritten construction page. Eventually the bed was constructed and the new mattress was placed on top, and no sooner was it completed that Bakugo pushed the two uninvited guests out the door, collapsing on the new bed and groaning in relief. A large dip of the mattress told him Kirishima had joined him and a second later, a smaller one indicated Teekl hopping up onto the new furniture, a quiet purr starting to rumble up from the bombay as the cat proceeded to knead the new sheets before curling up at the edge. Bakugo felt a hand on his shoulder and didn’t protest as his boyfriend flipped him over. The minute he was turned around, the blond adjusted, pushing Kirishima down on the sheets followed by slotting himself in the crook of his arm to rest on his chest, thoroughly exhausted.

“We’re not doing that again.”

“Furniture shopping or?”

“Furniture shopping with those two.”

“I think you handled it rather well.”

“I was about to hex the both of them.”

“They were helping, we would of been up all night building it if they weren’t here.”

“We would have figured it out.”


He did, the blond sinking his teeth into his chest to get him to quiet, Teekl meowing in annoyance as the bed shifted the two wrestling to get back at the other until Kirishima had successfully pinned Bakugo, holding his arms down to keep the blond from grabbing him—not that it stopped the witch his struggled attempted to still bite. The visual caused soft laughter to bubble up from the redhead.

“Oh my god you’re ridiculous.”

Bakugo sighed, his burst of energy dying down, instead of trying to break free of the hold he sank into the sheets, his breath pushed out of him as Kirishima dropped his dead weight on top of him before finally releasing his arms in favor of just laying on him. The witch’s own arms wiggled out to wrap around Kirishima, both laying there for a moment, Bakugo’s eyes almost drifting closed before a small meow flicked them open. Teekl having seen the two finally calm down had jumped back on the bed, trotting over before climbing on top of Kirishima’s back and curling up pleased with his new seat. Leaving Bakugo truly crushed by the weight of everyone in the house. The domestic warmth of the situation settled in his stomach like a happy weight, but now the anxious feelings that used to bubble up from the sensation was gone and instead an overall feeling of home overtook him.  



“Move in.”


It was just a pie. It shouldn’t be this difficult, and yet there was flour on the floor, all over the floor, hell, there was flour on Teekl —who by the way did not look amused. The lightbulb overhead flickered sporadically as Bakugo ran his hands—a mistake considered they were also covered in flour—over his face to try to calm down. He could do this, he could fucking do this. It. Was. Just. A. Pie. A pie that Bakugo had scrapped twice already, a pie where he hadn’t even gotten to preparing the berries, a pie where he was stuck on the crust, a pie that was about to make Bakugo swear to never attempt baking again. How was this so different from the lavender cookies he casually made with Kirishima every few weeks during movie night?

With an abnormal amount of dread he looked at the clock, fuck, usually he would be happy to know his boyfriend would be home soon, that within the next four hours strong arms would be wrapping around him and a soft kiss would be pressed to his cheek. Now however, he had to rush, he needed to get the pie baked, stowed away at least overnight for it to settle, and the kitchen cleaned and aired out before Kirishima got home, fuck .

He glanced over at the old cook book again, the homemade crust recipe staring him in the face with its four simple ingredients as if they were written in another language— holy fuck a child could make this why was it so hard ? He could make potions, cast rituals, summon wards to protect the town, he could make a pie. He could make a pie . Another breath. 

Teekl rubbed against his legs, choosing to offer comfort to his master over complaining about the flour that had now dusted him white. Stretching his fingers and running them under cold water again trying to chill them, a gentle reminder from his father that when baking colder hands always made for better dough. It could've just been superstition but at this point he wasn’t willing to risk it. 

He regarded the cookbook again:

Pastry For Two-Crust Pie

2 Cups sifted all-purpose flour

1 tsp salt

⅔ cup shortening 

¼ cup cold water, approximately

Berry Pie Dry Berry Mixture

4 Cups Washed Berries 

5 Tbsp Flour

½ Cup Sugar

1 tsp. Cinnamon 

¼ tsp. Salt

Bake for 45 to 50 minutes at 350 degrees, check at 45 minutes and then in 15 minute intervals if needed until pie crust is as desired. 

Pie crust, he could make pie crust. Pouring the water into the measuring cup, he set the cup inside the freezer to chill it while he mixed the dry ingredients. Starting with the flour, Bakugo carefully measured out the two cups using a knife to push any access off the top before adding the salt, and then the shortening. Grabbing a fork he carefully pressed the shortening through the mixture until it was evenly distributed. Removing the water he carefully poured only a small amount before setting the cup down and grabbing two butter knives to slowly splice through the mixture until it absorbed. 

Carefully in slowly rotations he added a bit more water, spliced it in, and repeated until the water was gone and Bakugo’s hands ached slightly from working through the dough with the two tiny knives. His body felt tense, like he was practicing potions for the first time, as if he screwed this up he might accidentally ruin the nearby soil or rot the wood countertop of his work station. Just to calm his paranoia he ran his hands through the cold water again before touching the dough, worried that by this point his palms had heated and would ruin everything. With an almost shakey movement he pressed the dough together, an instant sigh of relief relaxing each tense muscle in his body as the dough pressed together into the ball like it was supposed to. Transferring the ball to the already prepared parchment paper, Bakugo pressed the dough down, flattening it slightly before wrapping it up and placing it into the fridge. 

He had to wait at least thirty minutes before he could roll it out. To pass the time, he swept the kitchen the anxious nerves calming the cleaner his work space became, a feeling of control soothing out the tension in his body. Washing his hands again he moved onto the berries, carefully preparing the dry mixture he would add to the berries in a separate small bowl. He glanced over to the freezer were the berries sat waiting to be combined with the dry mixture. The berries were from Ibara, a personal request to create them, it was impossible to get berries with the winter still in full swing, but Ibara had the magic needed to make them. 

It added another layer of pressure, he could ruin this gift if he wasn’t careful, creating life in this season was difficult work. Bakugo couldn’t even comprehend what might be needed to grow an entire berry bush out of season, let alone one that would produce enough berries in one sitting to bake into a properly sized pie. She had managed it though, and Bakugo honored each berry delivered, carefully washing them before setting them out on a tray and freezing them individually until he could place them all in a bag and hide them in the back of the freezer. Mild magic had been used to speed up the freezing process, magic that Bakugo was not used to using but anything to quicken the process in order to hide them from Kirishima. 

It had to be perfect

Finally pulling the frozen berries from the fridge he finally set the oven to preheat, calm enough from the cleaning to trust his magic to not accidentally fuck with the oven, hopefully . Measuring out the berries into a larger bowl he slowly sifted the dry mixture in with the berries, carefully stirring until it was evenly coated. Pulling the glass pie tin from it’s shelf, swiping a thin layer of shortening to keep anything from sticking, he set the tin to the side of the marble cutting board he had brought out when his baking endeavour had first started. 

By then the thirty minutes had passed and the dough was ready to be rolled out, carefully cutting the dough, one section a bit larger than the other to make up for the sides of the pie tin. Everything seemed to fall into place quickly after that, the dough cooperating this time, rolling out to fit the tin perfectly. Taking a second Bakugo sliced any access dough away before filling the tin with the berry mixture and rolling out the top crust piece. Crimping the sides, Bakugo let out a heavy breath before grabbing the fork and carefully puncturing air pockets in the top before slipping the pie into an oven, a tin foil sheet placed underneath to catch any access drip or overflow. 

Done. He was done, he just had to grab the pie once it was done and move it into his workshop, open up all the windows and light a candle until the room didn’t smell of baked goods. 

Washing the dishes was therapeutic, cleaning away the mess of the kitchen, the warm smell of cooking berries wafted through the space and it was heavenly. It was almost sad that he’d have to air out the smell, but it was a surprise, and Kirishima was dense but he couldn’t be that dense. By the time the kitchen was spotless, as if Bakugo hadn’t tried and failed for two hours to make a single berry pie, the timer dinged and the witch silently thanked whatever miracle took place to be able to get this done without his magic changing the oven temperature. Removing the pie from the oven he carefully brought it into his work room, a rack of empty potions had been temporarily relocated to a different area of the room so Bakugo could store the dessert. Teekl had the decency to wait for Bakugo to finish placing the pie to meow right behind him and the blond only jumped slightly, turning to see his still very much flour covered cat glaring at him.

“Oh yeah.”

Bakugo moved back into the kitchen locking the work room door once Teekl followed out, lighting a candle and opening the windows, cleared out the sweet smell of baking rather quickly. Another meow, much more guttural and impatient brought Bakugo’s attention back to the bombay. 

“Don’t touch the pie or I’m shaving you. Now let’s get you cleaned up.”

Giving a cat a bath was apparently much easier then baking a pie, though Teekl did not enjoy it, complaining the entire time and trying to bolt the second Bakugo let go of him, which was how Kirishima came home that day, to open the front door to a wet soapy Teekl running into out the front door and making a beeline for the forest. The redhead found the blond laying on the floor of their shared bathroom, clothing soaked, scratches up the top half of his arm. 

“I see your day was exciting.”

“Shut up.”

A bitter cold nipped at the door the next morning. Bakugo’s brain was slow to wake up, the cold air of the house biting at his face, the only source of warmth was the heater of a human body spooning his back. Turning around to face his boyfriend, Bakugo burrowed into Kirishima’s chest, the cold tip of his nose stirring the redhead into waking up, a horse chuckle slipping from his lips as Bakugo just tried to hide himself in the redhead’s body. 


“It’s too fucking cold.” 

The words were mumbled and broken Bakugo refusing to remove himself from Kirishima’s chest as he spoke, the movement of his lips tickling his skin.

“Okay, okay, I can start the fire but you have to let me out of bed.”


Bakugo muttered but he snuggled in tighter despite it, refusing to actually allow Kirishima any movement for another fifteen minutes before finally relenting. The minute Kirishima had removed himself from the bed, Bakugo grabbed the sheets, pulling the comforter over his head and twisting into a ball, covering himself completely in as much blanket as possible while effectively ruining any sheet that might have been properly tucked into the mattress. He could hear Kirishima chuckling, and the shifting movement of the redhead taking his phone off the charger. With a dreaded sigh he realized his boyfriend was likely taking a photo but he couldn’t bring himself to care enough to remove his head from the cocoon of blankets he had made around himself.

“I’m going to come back and touch you with my cold hands if you aren’t out of bed by the time I get the fire going.”

All Kirishima could make out is a hissing noise muffled by the blankets, and he glanced over at Teekl sleeping in between their pillows to know that the noise definitely came from the blond hiding in the bed. Yawning, he made his way downstairs, the cold wooden floor waking him up more and more as he walked—if the upstairs was chilly, the downstairs was straight out freezing. Having no heating system had been something to adjust too, the redhead had grown accustomed to keeping a sweater downstairs on the couch to slip on while he built the fire, finding that Bakugo often refused to leave the bed when the house was so chilly in the morning. Sighing he could almost see his breath and he moved to carefully start placing the wood in the fireplace, moving three large logs into the holders before stuffing smaller pieces to start the flames and keep them burning. It was methodical movements, an early morning ritual that was starting to engrain itself into muscle memory. It had taken practice to learn how to make a good fire from scratch, one that would burn through the hours of the cold morning properly. Bakugo had to teach him at first, finally getting it down made him manly like he had learned an extra survival skill. 

The fire settled, it’s kindling burning, Kirishima made his way into the kitchen, pulling his phone out to text Bakugo to bring him socks, hoping the blond was actually getting out of bed and checking his phone, instead of sleeping again. Filling the kettle with water and settling on the stove to heat, Kirishima stood nearby scrolling through his email, the newest one was a notification from his parents, his father wishing him a happy holiday, the time difference from his current business trip had them emailing to keep in touch—not that Kirishima minded. 

He heard the patter of footsteps and the soft chirp of Teekl scampering into the room jumping up on the table to get to the window still, checking the yard for any mischief. Slowly following, Kirishima felt a warm heat press to his back as a still very covered by their comforter witch wrapped his arms around Kirishima’s stomach, a folded pair of socks in one hand. Carefully taking the socks from the enclosed fist, the redhead turned in the hold bring his own arms around the blond, or rather the blanket that enwrapped his boyfriend.

“Thank you for the socks, the hot water for tea should be ready soon.”

Bakugo simply grunted, clearly not awake yet, he wouldn’t be awake until he had at least a cup of tea, which Kirishima had learned pretty early on. The witch was slower in the morning during the cold months, he had claimed the cool air made his magic feel sluggish, but it was something Kirishima hadn’t realized until he actually started living with the blond. He watched the moving comforter slug over to the table sitting down on a chair. Once he was seated Kirishima turned his attention to pulling the tea options for the morning, taking out one of each bag before walking over to set them on the table. 

By the time he had returned with a mug, a lethargic hand had crept out from the comforter to select a tea. Bringing the other tea bags back and grabbing the now ready water from the strove, Kirishima carefully brought it over to the table filling the mug up before placing it back on the heat. Bakugo didn’t eat much in the morning, his stomach always taking a while to settle. Kirishima moved to grab breakfast for himself, some fruit, and by the time he made it back to the table, the blanket had slumped to Bakugo’s shoulders revealing a mess of blond bedhead and hazy tired eyes, sipping softly at his tea. Sitting down he took a second to slip the socks on his feet, finally giving them a break from the cold floor, before straightening out and slowly setting to work on the fruit he had brought to the table.  

“Waking up.”


“Thought so.”

The house was finally heating up, the warm smell of burning hickory filling the house coating it in a warm blanket. The sky was overcast but it was thin enough that the sun’s brightness was still peaking through in spots. Teekl seemed to have searched all he could from the window and scampered off to search through the house to check the perimeter. The morning was peaceful, there was a steady chirp of birds, nothing like the noise they would hear in the spring, but still there, the cold weather didn’t keep the wildlife completely away. Kirishima watched Bakugo slowly slip into awakeness his eyes finally blinking into a clear gaze. 

“There you are.”

“Shut up.”

“Do you have any clients coming over today, any fancy potions you need to make?”

“No, taking the day off.”

This raised an eyebrow, but Bakugo was avoiding his gaze, instead picking the mug back up again to hide behind the soft fumes that raised into the air. 

“Why are you taking the day off?”

Bakugo grimace, his forehead scrunching up, telling Kirishima he was stuck on finding the right set of words to articulate his feelings instead of just throwing some blunt comment out. 

“It’s a holiday for you today right?”

Kirishima felt himself blinking, his mind staring down at his phone screen December 25th displayed digitally. Oh . Bakugo didn’t celebrate Christmas, in fact he was typically too busy when the holiday was near, when they had first started dating it only took a few moments of consider to rule it out, the witch didn’t have time. The holiday didn’t exist in Bakugo’s upbringing. Witches didn’t celebrate it, which had never bothered Kirishima before, with his parents unable to make the trip back in time, the holiday became easy to forget about. 

“Oh, did you want to do something special today then?”

His answer was flushed cheeks, red flooding Bakugo’s face as the witch)slumped in his seat the action causing the comforter to fully fall away. 

“Didn’t get that far.”

“We don’t have to do much, I mean the holiday is just about spending time together, though technically there's the whole gift giving—”

Bakugo stood up, stopping Kirishima mid sentence, placing his mug on the counter before unlocking and walking into his office leaving the redhead sitting at the table stunned. There was a pause, a distant curse, and thudding sound which told him Bakugo had likely ran into something or stubbed his toe. A pregnant pause passed before the door to the workroom flipped open again and Bakugo stepped out carrying a box, simple, no wrapping no bow, at least not that Kirishima could see. Very carefully the box was placed before him and the top removed revealing a very clearly homemade pie. 

“Gift.” Kirishima glanced up, 

“You got me a pie.”

“I baked you a berry pie Shitty Hair.”

There was silence, Kirishima picking up the glass pie tin, examining the flakey golden crust, there were cracks in certain areas, showing how home made it was where dark burgundy juice slipped through. It brought a warmth to his chest that wasn’t related to the fire in the other room heating the house and gingerly Kirishima set the pie back down on the table before glancing back over to the blond his eyes bubbling up with tears. 

“Are you crying?”

“Shut up, it’s manly to cry.”

“Fucking Hel— GET OFF ME.”

The blunt sound of both bodies hitting the wooden floor filled the room scaring any bird near the window as the two toppled over, Kirishima only grunting softly taking most of the fall with Bakugo now toppled onto his chest squirming slightly, the blush had traveled down the witch’s neck still clearly frazzled by the affection. Smothering the blond pecking kisses, until heated hands pressed to his face pushing him away, the hum of magic a stead warning against his skin. Finally Kirishima released him, but at that point Bakugo just slumped down against him, and the two laid there, the hard wooden surface of the kitchen only a minor inconvenience.

“Are you going to get mad at me if I eat the entire pie today?”

“I don’t care, be a goddamn fatass, but don’t complain to me when you cramp at the gym tomorrow.”

“I know how to stretch, I’ll be fine. Plus it’s the holidays and you should also have some cause you made it and that’s incredible and baking is difficult.”

Bakugo’s face brightened again and he collapsed back against Kirishima’s chest again, groaning and rubbing his face into the material of his shirt as if it would pull his embarrassment away. 

“Okay fine, let’s get off the fucking floor.”

The pie was good, Bakugo had insisted they cut out pieces, each having one, but after the first slice he had quickly resigned to letting Kirishima just eat it from the glass ceramic it was baked into. They ended up on the couch for the rest of the day, watching classic Christmas movies. Bakugo gleefully critiqued each one while Kirishima dug his fork into the remaining pie until there was nothing left. 

Despite the years they had been together, Kirishima never got tired of watching Bakugo work, the blond never really understood how the human could remain so fascinated when the reality of Bakugo’s job was so repetitive. Kirishima took to a routine like clockwork, he’d finish the deliveries at work before heading to the gym directly after to avoid having to make a second trip into town. 

At home he’d find Teekl—or rather Teekl would find him—and after giving the familiar an appropriate amount of attention, the black bombay would lead him to his person. The chair that was first brought into the workshop for Kirishima to sit on was now well worn, and Bakugo realized he’d probably have to get it reupholstered soon. Often Bakugo would get lost in his work, the steps to each potion turning into a rhythm that left him so focused sometimes he would finish two or three before realizing Kirishima had even entered the room. 

Kirishima had gotten off early today and he arrived before Bakugo had gotten too absorbed in the orders. Today was much simpler, he only had to prepare some herbal remedies, measure out the necessary ingredients into tea bags that his client could prepare themselves. He often saved these orders for one day, the low maintenance allowed him to conversation to flow in the workroom, instead of Bakugo getting distracted to reply. The overly domesticated ‘how was your day at work ’ flowed easily from Bakugo’s mouth as Kirishima made himself comfortable on his worn seat, Teekl curling up on his lap as they spoke.

“—And then he didn’t widen his stance enough when he tried his set, like I tried to warn him because I can’t just ignore that, he could hurt himself. But he got all defensive like I was trying to school him in weight lifting—which I wasn’t—so I just left it and not even five minutes later I hear a scream.”

“He dropped the weight on himself?”


Chuckling, Bakugo moved the ingredients he had measured into the bag, double checking the list that he had gotten each one correct before tying up the bag and sealing it, before flipping his notebook to the next page scanning down the order for which herb mix was required for this one, cross referencing to ensure he had written everything correctly. 

“Well he sounds like a muscle head.”

“He was.” 

Their conversation flowed easily, Bakugo diving into a short explanation of what he was doing and what each tea did. Eventually Kirishima left the room, coming back a few moments later with a glass of water setting it down on the worktable within Bakugo’s reach but still a safe distance from his work, kissing the blond’s cheek before returning to his chair. Glancing at the clock on the wall, Bakugo set his tools down rubbing his eyes for a second before grabbing the cup and taking a second to down more than half of it before picking his tools up again. 

“Thanks, didn’t realize how long I was working.”

“I know. We’re so domestic it’s ridiculous.”

“Practically married.”


Bakugo slid the next herb over to the scale, carefully checking the ounces were correct before pushing it into the bag.



“Do you want to get married?”

“Up to you.”


“I asked you to move in, your turn.”

“What! That’s not fair, you’re a witch, I don’t know if you guys do things differently. There’s probably a whole different tradition to propose and you know I can’t trust Mina to tell me the truth even if I asked her!”

“Hm. Guess you’re right.”

“Really? Witches engagements and marriage are different?”

Bakugo felt a smirk growing on his face, threatening to reveal itself as he moved onto the next herb. 

“Oh yeah totally , it’s a huge ceremony, very complex, we get naked in the woods and feed each other the heart of a deer. Then we fuck in the dirt to crescent it.”

“What! NO!”

Mhm , totally completely true, one hundred percent not lying to you.”

“No fucking in the forest!”

“—Wait that’s the part you’re hung up on?”

“Dude I’ve read too many horror stories online. Y)ou fuck in the woods, you get a spider up your ass.”

“I love you but you’re a fucking idiot.”