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Mystic Messenger Compiled One Shots

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Zen was at the other end of the sofa, slouching down as his elbows digging on his knees while his hands on his head, he stared down at the floor, his hair flawlessly hanging down from his neck. You were looking down as well, legs closed as you fidgeted with your hands, How did it end up like this?, you both thought. 

Hours ago you both were just enjoying each other’s company, almost inseparable since Zen got home. These days, Zen was even rarely at home, his schedule tight with upcoming projects while your hands were tied with the upcoming party. 

You two didn’t exactly fight, more of.. Are we falling apart now? you thought.


Zen mentioned he had to go somewhere for a shoot, “Again?” you asked. “Yeah, it’ll be just a week or so. Is something the matter?” he asked when you saw your reaction, disappointment written all over it. 

“When are you leaving?” it ached your heart, Zen was supposed to be free this week, you thought all of the things you could do to make up for the lost time and even moved the meetings with potential guests just so you could be with Zen. 

“Tonight,” he said, adjusting his position on the sofa while you removed yourself from his chest, now sitting at the end of the sofa.

“But, we have dinner, remember?” Zen sighed, he was already tired and answering questions wasn’t he hoped for when he got home. He stroke his hair backwards, “I know jagi.. it’s just.. it’s work you know?” 

“But this isn’t what we talked about Zen,” your tone being a little impatient and Zen snapped, “And a nagging girlfriend isn’t exactly what I expected when I came home,” his tone a little harsher than he expected.

The events lead to you where you are now, a feet apart as you both looked down, avoiding each other’s gaze. It ached you heart, as if a thousand knives stuck into it. Of all days, why today? you thought. 

“I.. I need to go to the bathroom,” your voice crack at the end as tears threatened to fall down, you quickly made your way and locked the door. Hearing your voice pained Zen, he knew that tone, and he knew he hurt you. 

He opened the messenger hoping he would see you there, but reading the past logs… that’s when it dawned to him. 

Yoosung: Happy birthday MC!! 
Yoosung: So what are your plans for tonight
Yoosung: Did Zen told you anything yet
MC: Well we agreed we’ll just have a simple dinner tonight since we’re both busy these days ^^


Shit shit shit shit. Zen thought, as he read further everyone greeted you.. everyone except him. Not even a mention of your birthday, not even anything. 

You looked at the mirror, tears already falling down as you bit your lip, preventing any whimpers come to sound, and when you heard the door closed, that’s when you couldn’t contain anything anymore. Tears fell down and you continued to sob. Zen left and didn’t bother to knock, Is he.. is he giving up now? Thoughts flooded you, maybe it was for the best, maybe…. 

After all, some fans would be happy if you two broken up, saying you just burden him and hold him back from his career. But they don’t know how you support him, how you would spent all night long practicing with Zen for his projects, practicing his lines and gestures. They don't know your shared affectionate words after lovemaking, the peace and warmth when it was just you the two you not minding the outside world.They don’t know how after a long day, it was you who Zen comes home to, always looking for you warmth as it washes away his exhaustion. They don’t know how you patiently wait for him to come home, make dinner and make sure he eats something. They don’t know how you hold his hand, assure him everything will be fine and that he’ll be great every before performances. They don’t know.. 

 They don't know the over dramatic Zen, who'll pout and whimper when you wouldn't give him some attention, the over protective Zen who would glare at men when they look at you, and the over loving Zen, who would shower you in kisses, would always assure you of his love, and would do goofy things just to make you laugh. 

Eyes swollen, you washed your face. You decided, you’re not giving up without any fight, you came so far and endured many things with him, and a silly fight wouldn’t be just the cause of ending everything. 

Zen didn’t exactly forgot about your birthday, he just didn’t knew it was today. He already have things reserved, flowers, chocolates and gifts. He just lost track of time and forgot it was supposed to be today. He forgot the reason why he even accepted so many jobs all at once, because your birthday was coming up and he wanted to spoil you.

He zoomed out as fast as he can, getting all those things he got for you. He got you your favorite chocolates, a bouquet of your favorite flower, the dress you’ve been eyeing and he got you matching jewelry along with it. And, even a lingerie, something for the both of you. He chuckled when he saw it at the store, imagining you in it and boy did it do things to him. 

Holding the bags and bouquet, he feels giddy and ready to spoil you. But he didn’t expect what greeted him when he opened the door, you were stuffing some clothes in a bag in the living room. He slowly walked closer to you, he felt as if his heart stopped to beat, “Ja.. jagi?” your eyes were still swollen when you faced him, his tears on the verge of dropping as he dropped the bags and bouquet. He dropped to his knees and hugged your waist. 

“Ja-jagi! Don’t leave me, let’s fix this.. please!” he begged while he hugged your waist tighter, you can feel your shirt get wet as he tears continued to flow out of his eyes. You feel your heart ache again, seeing him in a vulnerable state, but you can’t deny that you also feel good, knowing he loves you as much as you love him. “Z-zen,” you removed his hands around your waist and gestured him to sit on the sofa.

“I’m not leaving you silly!” you said, Zen was confused, eyes searching for yours, looking for an answer, if you’re not leaving then..? 

“You said you have a shoot, right?” you offered him a small smile, he let out a breathe he didn’t know he was holding, he kissed your temple and hugged you.

“God, don’t scare me like that,” he whispered, “I thought I was going to lose you.. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean what I said earlier..” your head rested against his chest, you can hear his steady heartbeat as he stroke you hair gently. You looked up to him and cupped his cheek. “I’m sorry too Zen.. I didn’t mean to nag-” 

“No no no no,” he said, he cupped both of your cheeks, “I love you. You didn’t nag me, I was just exhausted.. I.. I forgot the reason why I was working so hard was for this day. To nothing but spoil you,” he said, he leaned forward and gave you chaste kiss.

You couldn’t help but smile in the kiss, your heart fluttered as your anxieties washed away. “You didn’t have to Zen,” you whispered. “I know,” he said sheepishly, rubbing his neck, “but I want to spoil my princess. I’ll make it up to you, I’ll spoil you all week long, going on fancy dates or wherever you want,” he looked at you lovingly, his glistening eyes adding to his charm, God you love this man. 

“But don’t you have a shoot?” you asked worriedly, Zen shook his head and held your hands, “I called the director and I said I couldn’t go,” he held your cheek and rubbed it with his thumb, your swollen eyes as evidence you cried earlier. It hurt him, it hurt him that he hurt your feelings. “I’m sorry I hurt you, but I promise you.. This week will just be all about you,” you held his hand that was on your cheek, “About us,” you said, he smiled and he feels so warm, warm with all your love. You still think about him, and you always do. Ever since you got together, it wasn’t you, me, him or her, it was always us

His smiled widened, giving you a peck as he took the bags on the floor. He offered you the bouquet which you gladly accepted, opening the gifts one by one. You looked at him as he showed it to you, his smile never leaving his face. 

Looking at him, it was definitely the love that you'll always fight for. Your love, this love, was worth any fight, any hater you had, and even any issue thrown at the both of you.


Setting aside the gifts, Zen took your hand and kiss your palm, "Happy birthday princess," you giggled as his kisses went further up that tickled you. "I have one more gift that isn't in a box," he whispered to your ear, licking your neck as you slowly descended to lay down at the couch. Zen looked down at you, your hair messy, cheeks already flushed and your lips parted. 


"Are you ready?" he asked, grinding down his hips on yours earning him a moan that caught at your throat. You hooked your legs behind him, his eyes already half lidded and filled with lust, "more than ever." 

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“Ahh, the famous MC!” the businessman exclaimed as Mr. Chairman introduced you to one of the company’s business partners. It was a company party, a celebration for being one of the top ten most profitable companies in the country. You shook hands with the businessman and smiled, exchanging inquiries about what new investments and partnerships the companies could have in the future. 


Jumin was somewhere in the crowd, somehow always being caught up with some businesswomen with elegant and yet revealing gowns. Scanning the crowd, you saw Jumin with another one, he sipped his wine as a woman was laughing, wearing a red gown with a plunging neckline. Her assets were…. definitely something, the neckline shows how shaped they were, as if one wrong move one of them could pop out, looking down at yourself you felt a little insecure. You took a sip of wine and placed it on a near table, making your way to the restroom. You looked yourself in the mirror, you admired how your dress was carefully made. It was an off shoulder navy blue dress, matching Jumin’s tie as he liked. Your face was already flushed, too many wines already as you try to get off your mind on how many women already tried to cling to Jumin tonight. 


You tried to push your breast together and upped it a little, gaining a little cleavage. But remembering the woman’s assets, compared to her you still have nothing. You shook your head and sighed, This is ridiculous, you thought. After retouching your make up and made your way out, another businessman caught up to you. This was different from the others, well for one he wasn’t old, he looked like he was just about Jumin’s age. 


“Aren’t you Jumin’s wife?” the man asked, “Yes, and you must be..?” extending your arm to meet his hand for a handshake. You were surprised as he used Jumin’s name, “I’m Jung Lee, one of the most trusted partner,” he flashed you a dazzling smile, and judging by this he looks like a bachelor, a savvy suit and tie and no ring on hand . “You must be well acquainted with Jumin,”you said as he handed you a glass of wine from the waiter. 


“Well of course, we’ve been partners ever since he became a director,” he swirled his glass before taking a sip, the other hand on his pocket while he glanced around. “Ahh, I see,” you took a sip too and scanned the crowd, looking for Jumin but he was nowhere to be found. Where could he be?, the woman earlier flashed in your mind but you dismissed it.


“You know, I never expected Jumin would marry,” he swirled again his glass as he was looking at the crowd. “Oh?” you raised an eyebrow at him, “he’s a very… hmm, how should I put this? He didn’t looked like a man who would be interested in marriage, in fact I never saw him show interest in women at all. Women would throw their selves at him, a daughter of a big company, a businesswoman in a foreign country, all the sorts of women but not once did he show interest.” 


A sinking feeling of insecurity dawned at you again, daughter of a company, a businesswoman from a foreign country, and yet here you are, not even from the upper class, just plain and average you.  You stared at your reflection from the wine in the glass, Wouldn’t he be better off if he married one of those women?, you sighed in the glass and thinking this isn’t the time to be emotional. 


Jung glanced at you, smirked as he knew his words were getting to you. He saw you earlier looking at the woman in the red gown, he was about to put his hand on your waist when a hand grabbed his to stop him. 


“I believe I should be doing that,” Jumin said, as he wrapped an arm around your waist and pulled you closer. “Ju-Jumin!” you blinked, dumbfounded where he came from and suddenly popping out. “I see that you have been acquainted with Jung,” he said and placed a light kiss on your cheek. 


“Yes, and he’s was just saying… something.” you uttered, giving Jumin a light smile as you glanced at Jung. “I hope it was something pleasant,” he looked at Jung who chuckled. “I was just saying how you repelled other women before,” another chuckle before sipping his wine.


“Jung, dear! Come over here and meet these women,” an elderly woman not far from you called his attention, she was in a group of other younger women, including the woman in red from earlier. 


“I think that’s your cue,” Jumin said and sipped his wine, “Excuse me then. It was nice finally meeting you, Mrs. Han.” he smiled and bowed before leaving. Jumin’s grip became lighter, “I hope he didn’t get into you, love” he said and looked into your eyes, trying to figure out what you could be thinking. “Of course not, don’t be silly.” you said as you placed your glass down the table.


“I don’t like you being alone with him,” he said, “Why is that? Are you jealous?” you grinned at him while he glanced down and avoided your eye contact. “I just don’t like the idea,” he muttered, you faced him and adjusted his tie. 


“He’s known for either sweeping women off their feet or well.. bringing them down. And I don’t think he’s trying to do the latter.” his voice was stern, you rested your hands on his chest while he brought you closer. “Well I don’t think that would be a problem, you’re the only one who could sweep me off my feet.” you smiled at him and placed a kiss on the side of his lips. Patting and adjusting his collar you said “Jumin.. Can I ask you something?” focusing on his collar and trying to avoid his gaze. “Have you.. ever thought of marrying for business?” Putting his glass down, Jumin’s brows furrowed. You hate to admit it, but what Jung said earlier made you think, why me? 


Jumin could marry someone else that would benefit the company, surely Mr. Chairman would also like that idea. In fact, it wasn't long ago that he wanted Jumin to marry Sarah. 


Jumin held you a little further, trying to meet your gaze. “I’m sorry, it’s just.. beautiful women with great backgrounds and heirs to some businesses almost throw them selves at you.. And I’m just… me.” you fidgeted with his tie, admired its smooth silky cloth, it was personalized to match your dress. Jumin held and lifted your chin until you were looking into his eyes, it was full of sincerity. 


“Yes, you’re just you. You, that I love and everything that I ever wanted. You don’t have to be a heir, a supervisor or what else for me to marry you, love. You just have to be you, and you’re beautiful inside out. I love you, not because of your background or appearance but because of your qualities.”  


You can’t help but tear up to his words, sweet and sincere words. His love was always warm, words were always reassuring and not once did he fail to melt your heart. His hand now on your cheek, wiping off a tear and kissed it. But his kissed lingered a little more than it should, somehow trailing it down to your lips. You giggled under him as he broke off the kiss. “Jumin~ We’re in public.” you whispered, his other hand still around your waist, not letting you go. He wasn’t much a fan of PDA, but somehow he felt he had to claim you in front of the public, letting the other businessmen and businesswomen that you are his, and he is yours. 


“Shall we go home then? I’ll show you when you’re most beautiful at,” he said giving you a smile but his eyes looking mischievous. “When I’m most beautiful?” you raised an eyebrow at him, he pulled you closer, “Yes,” he whispered, his lips meeting your ear as you shivered from his voice. 



“When you’re naked on our bed, squirming under my touch and moaning my name.” 

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You plopped down the sofa as soon as you got home, Zen was still at the rehearsals so you had the apartment all to yourself. You turned on the TV and put it in a low volume, letting your head rest on the sofa for a while. You feel tired from all the studying you did with Yoosung, you’ve been helping him for the past few days to prepare for a major exam coming up. Since, of course, everyone knows Yoosung would just play LOLOL and wouldn’t even put much effort on studying, you decided to help him since you have nothing else to do for a week. 


Suddenly something brushed against your temple, you opened your eyes to be greeted with Zen kissing your forehead, his ponytail tickling your neck as he was leaning down. You must’ve been so tired you didn’t realize you fell asleep, not hearing him come home. 


“Hey,” he whispered, you moved a little to make room for him, and as soon as he sat down you snuggled closer to him, clinging to his waist and resting your head to his chest. “Miss me that much?” he chuckled, arm around your waist as he pulled you closer. 


“I’m so tired Hyun~,” you mumbled in a sweet voice, “I forgot how stressful it is to study.” 

“Hmm,” Zen rested his chin on your head, stroking your hair. “You’ve been spending too much time with that boy,” he said, sensing a little possessiveness in his tone. “Zen,” a quick shift from your tone, from sweet to something firm, you looked to him and raised a brow, “come on, Yoosung needs help. He’s supportive of you, we should be too on his studies.” 


“Tsk,” was all he could manage before he buried his face on your neck. He knew you were right, but you also know it wasn’t about being supportive, it was about attention. He’s selfish, he’s greedy when it comes to you, he wants your attention only on him, your focus only on him. He was mumbling something on your neck, you couldn’t make out the words he was saying, “What?” you asked, he was gripping on your waist and your hands just above his. He leaned back and rested his forehead against yours, nose tips bare touching. 


“I..” he whispered, his eyes looked into yours before closing them. “I’m possessive, I told you that.. but I’m also trying to be better for you..” You palmed his cheek and gave him a smile, “Thank you, and I love you for that. I love you and only you,” you whispered. He returned your smile as he grabbed your hand, “I’m not saying you should help Yoosung.. but..” he kissed he palm of your hand, “When we’re here.. alone, I have your full attention, yes?” his voice was low, husky almost. 


“Yes,” you breathed out, he continued to kiss the palm of your hand, up to your wrist and arm. “Good,” he said. Before you know it he already pulled you into his lap, your back pressing against his chest. His hands gripped tightly on your waist, placing you on his lap. One hand swiftly moved your hair on the other side to give him access, he started to nibble your ear then down to your neck. “Let me mark you just in case,” he said. You moaned when he sucked your sensitive spot. 


“That’s right princess, sing for me,” his voice now was husky, sending shivers down to your spine. His hand on your waist started to explore under your shirt,

“Come on babe, give me your full undivided attention, I’ll make sure you’ll forget your stress,” he started to massage one of your breast while his other hand is still on your waist, keeping you in place. 



“Sing my name and I’ll spell it out inside of you.”

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“Yoosung~” you were kneeling beside the bed, poking his cheeks trying to wake him up. He let out a small groan while trying to open his sleepy eyes. He sat up and rubbed his eyes.


“We’re out of salt,” you sad. Confused, he looked at the clock thinking you’re already making breakfast but it’s still dark outside.


“Honey, it’s only 1am.” His voice still husky from waking up. You sat on the floor and started to sobbed.


“B-but I want salt… for my eggs” you held up your hands showing him the three boiled eggs you made, he kneeled in front of you and took the eggs. He hugged you and started to pat your head.


“Shhh shh, we’ll go to the convenience store and buy some, okay?” You nodded and hugged him too, while sniffing you said a thank you. Yoosung can’t blame you for your weird cravings at night, it’s been 2 months ever since you woke up in the middle of the night to crave something out of the blue. When 2 weeks had gone by and you were still waking up at night he got worried and took you to doctor, only to find out you were pregnant. He cried and thanked you for making his dreams come true, he promised that he’ll be by your side whenever you need him. He even took some days off to take care of you and cheer you up when you’re feeling down. But as much as he was happy that you will finally have a baby, he also had to put up with all your mood swings. One moment your fighting him then the next your sobbing like crazy, and then you'll laugh. It has been a crazy ride, and Yoosung was all for it until the end. 


You took your coat and put them on while Yoosung took his and placed the boiled eggs in a plastic bag. Arriving at the store, you made your way to where the salt was, taking extras just in case you craved them again so you wouldn’t bother to wake up Yoosung again. Well you knew you didn’t had to wake him up and just went by yourself, but knowing him he’d rather be awake and be by your side than waking up and panicking where you went to especially at this hour. He made you promise that no matter what silly thing you want at an ungodly hour, you'll have to wake him up because he wants to be there for you.  After paying you went where Yoosung was sitting at, he was already peeling off the shells and smiled when he saw you.


He was surprised by how many you bought. “Do you need all of these???” He knew your cravings was out of the blue, but these much salt ???


“Of course not silly! I just bought some extras in case I needed them again, so I wouldn’t have to wake you up again at the middle of the night….”


You bowed your head and looked at your hands, but Yoosung held them.


“Hey, look at me,” His voice was soft, but demanding. You looked at his eyes, they were bright and filled with love.


“Even if you craved for something that’s only bought across the country at the middle of the night, I’d be willing to travel just for you. Don’t feel guilty for needing me, I want you to need me and tell me that you do,” you smiled at him. Even in his groggy state he can be this cheesy. 


“First of all,” you said while sitting beside him “if I wanted something that’s only bought across the country, I’d call Jumin. I’ll convince him to invest or whatever, or I’d call Seven and tell him to hack the company that’s selling them to make a delivery to our house,” Yoosung pouted, knowing they’d actually help you.


“But still, thank you. Thank you for being patient with me Yoosung,” You gave him a kiss and started to eat your eggs and sprinkled them with salt. Yoosung stared at you, his tiredness wearing off just seeing you happily eating. He remembered all your little outbursts, how you got angry at the table being there and stubbed your foot, how you cried when he was 5 minutes late for your dinner thinking he got tired of you and left you, and how you got so happy when he bought you a hairpin just because he knew you liked the color. He chuckled to himself,  I'm so damn lucky, he thought. Years ago if someone told him he would have a wife and start a family at a young age, maybe he'll laugh it off. 


You notice him staring, you offered your egg and he took a small bite. On the way home you clutched to his arm, listening to one of his stories about a family buying a puppy for their baby to grow old with, you suggested to do the same and Yoosung happily agreed. He was enthusiastic with the idea and was thankful that you too were an animal lover.


When you got home, Yoosung took you to the couch and snuggled to you, your back on his chest, his hands went under your shirt feeling your belly. He pressed a kiss on your shoulder and whispered an I love you. You held his head and kissed his cheek, whispering an I love you too.


Yoosung turned his head and kissed you deeply, he was holding back and you knew it. You haven’t done it ever since you both found out you were pregnant, he was scared to make a mistake. You turned around and straddled him, your arms locked around his neck while his was around your waist.



“Yoosung please? Please?” You placed kisses on his jawline down to his neck “The doctor said it’s fine, so please Yoosung~ I missed you, I missed your touch” you pleaded. You didn't care if you sounded desperate, but you needed him. He was terrified to do it ever since you both knew you were pregnant.


Yoosung was hesitating, but you felt him grinding against you, his hands moved down to your thighs and lifted you up as he stood. You locked your legs around his waist, he placed kisses on your neck as he made his way on your bedroom.


“Damn I want you so bad” he said as he sucked your neck.


“Then take me~ please"

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“Zenny~” you gently shake Zen’s sleeping body. As soon as he came home, he took a shower and fell asleep on the bed while you cooked dinner.


“Zen, wake up. Dinner’s ready~” you were sitting on the edge of the bed, his back facing you. His long silver hair scattered around behind him and the pillow. You squeezed his arm, feeling his muscles and running your fingertips across his warm skin. 


“Mmm, jagi~” Zen murmured feeling ticklish by your action, he sat and and rubbed his eyes as he yawned. As soon as he saw you, he tackled you and turned around to throw you at the bed. He hugged you tightly, his chin resting at the top of your head. 


“Zen, come on, let’s eat.” you turned to face his chest, you looked up to him but his eyes were close. He smelled so good that you can’t help but sniff him and snuggle to his neck. 


“Five more minutes.” he whispered, pulling you closer and wrapping his leg around you. Feeling his warmth, you almost also don’t want to get up. His chest rising and falling to his steady breathe. 


“Aren’t you hungry? You slept as soon as you came home.” you said softly, reaching your hand to his cheek and rubbed it gently. He nuzzled closer to your cheek. 


“But jagi~ you’re so warm, let’s just stay here and cuddle.” he pulled you closer, your chest now pressing against his. Tempted to snuggle closer, you settled for circling your fingers around his chest. 


“If we eat now, you might get dessert~” with a hint of playfulness in your tone, you grind slightly your hips against him. His eyes snapped open and groaned, in an instant he’s suddenly hovering above you, his hands on the sides of your head and a leg between your thighs. 


“How about we skip to dessert?” he whispered as he kissed your jawline.


“Zen~” trying your best to protest, remembering how you almost burned your hand cooking. “T-the food..” he suddenly stopped kissing you, sitting at the end of your feet. 

“Huh, you were right. I am hungry.” You smiled weakly, you were already so close to give in.


So close.


Trying to sit up he stopped you, hands on your knees. 

Getting now what he meant, you bit your lip. 



“Open wide princess,” he said as he moved your knees apart. 

“The beast is hungry.” 

Chapter Text

“So? What do you think?” Rika smiled as she pressed her fingers along her dress, yellow like her blonde hair. 


“I think it suits you well,” Jumin said as he looked at her, pleased with herself.


“I chose this because.. V said he loves how yellow compliments me,” she said as she tugged a hair behind her ear, a small smile on her face.


It’s been weeks since Rika showed up, well and healthy. Nobody knew why she left, well except for V and Jumin. When she came back, V told Jumin the truth that she was seeing a psychiatrist and hid for a while because she felt so ashamed. Yoosung was furious of course for not knowing why she left and suddenly appeared, but nevertheless happy that she’s back. All the others member just knew she had a serious family issue that she had to resolve and couldn’t contact them.


“Yes, well V always said you’re his sunshine,” Jumin said as he looks at the view of the city on the penthouse, glistening with city lights. “And he’s mine,” Rika replied, smiling wider at the thought of V.


“Jumin.. Thank you,” she looked at Jumin and squeezed his arm. “You’re welcome. You know I will always be here for the both of you,” Jumin smiled back at her, she let go of his arm and returned to looking at the city. “I’m glad you found someone Jumin, I’m glad you let someone come in your life, and in your heart.”


Holding some papers, Driver Kim opened the door for you and you thanked him. Elizabeth the 3rd greeted you, purred on your feet and you smiled at her. Finally home, you thought after a busy day. Going inside you saw Jumin and Rika, you didn’t expect Jumin to be home early, and especially Rika to be here. They looked.. happy. You felt a pinch in your heart, Why didn’t he texted me?


Somewhere in your gut you feel so… out of place. You knew Rika would always have a special place in Jumin’s heart… But how about you? Looking at them.. it feels like you don’t even belong here.



You dismissed your glooming thoughts, fully trusting Jumin.


Not wanting to disturb them, you quietly placed the papers on the table, planning to go to the bedroom without them noticing.


“MC!” Rika beamed, you turned around and saw her smiling.


“Rika! I didn’t mean to intrude, I’ll go-“ “No no no, it’s fine. We were just talking.” Rika said without breaking her smile, you made your way to them and stood beside Jumin.


“How’s V?” you asked, Jumin looked at you as if something’s not right.


“Well thanks to Jumin, he’s already receiving treatments. I’m actually on my way to visit him,” Rika looked at Jumin and smiled. “Thank you again Jumin,” Jumin nodded and said “Call me if you need anything else,” Rika smiled at him and to you and made her way to the door, she stopped to say goodbye to Elizabeth the 3rd which she received a purr in return.


You tried, you tried not to break your smile, and you tried not to let out a sigh. You really tried.


“What’s wrong?” Jumin asked as he grabbed your waist to turn you and face him, his brows furrowed. “Nothing, nothing’s wrong. Everything’s fine,” you said as you held his arms, still trying not to break your smile. Jumin sighed, pulling you closer and held your chin as he looked into your eyes.


“Darling, by now I have already memorized you. I know the curve of your lips when your smile is genuine, but I don’t know what’s going on your mind,” he held your cheek; his hand is warm as you held it. “Please wife, I ought to know, I am your husband after all, and shouldn’t we be honest with one another?” His eyes were filled with love, you could see him worrying and you feel like your heart is melting.


“Yes, you’re right,” you whispered. You took his hand and led him to the sofa where you both sat down. Feeling embarrassed you started to fidget with your fingers until Elizabeth the 3rd leaped to your lap.


“I.. I still remember how silly it was when I got jealous of Elizabeth… you treasured her so much that you even caged her,” you said as you stroke the cat. Jumin’s eyes were focused on you, confused and wondering where this conversation will go.


“Will it be… will it be still silly if I get jealous of Rika?” you whispered. You can’t help yourself.


Ever since Rika came back, some thoughts crept into you every night. 


You were basically a replacement for her, but now that she’s back… where do you belong now? She’s even slowly taking part of the party again.


“My job was to organize the party.. It was her job, and now she’s here.. “



Jumin once said that he felt Rika could understand him. You felt your heart breaking, what if she takes Jumin too? What if Jumin didn’t want you anymore? Seeing them earlier, you felt as if you’re a stranger. An intruder to them. Do you even belong here? Do you even belong in his world?


“I was just a replacement.. and seeing you together…” you looked at Jumin, a tear falling down.


“Am I just a replacement? Will… Will you still want me? W-where do I go now? Where do I belong now?” you started to sob, you held your face and hid, embarrassed trying to sound desperate to fit in, to still be significant in their world, in his life.


Jumin felt his heart ache, seeing you cry breaks his heart. It felt like someone just crushed his heart, hearing you say if he still wants you.


Jumin embraced you, shushing you and kissing your head.


“My love, you never were a replacement nor will you be replaced. You are asking silly questions; of course I still want you. And you belong here, by my side,” He strokes your hair, “you are my most precious treasure, and you are my everything… my love, I hope you don’t question my feelings for you..” he whispered, his voice almost, almost, cracking in the end.


Still sniffing, you tried to calm yourself as you held onto Jumin’s chest. He loosened his tie and held you closer as he gave your temple a kiss.


“You don’t have to be jealous of Rika, she’s not you. And you are the one I love, the one that I want and desire,” he whispered, wiping your tears off your cheek. Jumin hated that he can’t make your thoughts go away, hated that why didn’t he catch up sooner about this. He was too busy. He hated that you felt this way.


“Please, love…” Jumin kissed your cheek then held it, “do not ever think you have no place because she’s here. You are still significant for the RFA, especially to me.”


You held his cheek, smiling with the curve of your lips he knows as a tear drops on your eye. “Thank you Jumin, thank you for everything, for choosing me, for loving me..” Jumin rests his forehead against yours, “No, I should thank you for choosing me, for being patient with me. I love you… and I will always do.” He lifted your chin and kissed you deeply, feeling all the love he has for you.


Growing impatient with just a kiss, he lifted you up bridal style, made his way to your bedroom and placed you down to your bed.


He needed you to know how much he loves you. How you are his, and he is yours.


He was hovering above you, and you admire this man before you. His eyes full of love with a hint of lust, lips slightly apart, messy hair and cheeks flushed.


“I love you too, Jumin. And I will always do too,” you said as you held his cheeks, pulling him close for a kiss.


“I love you…” he said and kissed your temple, “with everything I have,” kisses trailing down to your cheeks, “and with everything I am,” his lips kissing along your jawline, nudging your head to the other side to give him more access.



And this,” he grind his hips against yours, feeling the bulge against your abdomen, “is all yours, and yours to claim.”

Chapter Text

Flipping through the channels to find what to watch, you finally found a movie that peaked your interest; it was one of those cliche love stories that you like. You grabbed the popcorn and started to make yourself comfortable on the couch, as the movie goes to its climaxed, you didn’t expect the intimate sex scene that lasted about what feels like forever. You suddenly felt hot and…. kind of needy and bothered. Switching off the TV, you walked to where Saeyoung was, glued to the computer and securing some things for Jumin. Every now and then he accepts some offers from Jumin to save and buy again a new baby of his. 


“Hey~” you said softly, wrapping your arms around his neck. He paid no attention to you, eyes still focused and typing away. “Can’t you take a break?” you rubbed your cheek against his, he chuckled lightly and taking your hand and interlocking it with his. He kissed your hand and slowly pushed himself away from the table. You went around and sat on the edge of the table facing him. 


“So what does my angel wants?~” he said in a goofy smile, you giggled and pulled his chair closer. 


“Well~ the night is still young, we should do something!! Something fun~” you said as you twirled a hair of his on your finger. 


“I.. I told you, you should have gone with them. You’ll feel bored while I’m working.” He said, giving you a weak smile and sigh. 


Saeran was out with Yoosung, they were going to watch the last full show of a movie so they’ll be out late. It was surprising how they got along, it pinches Saeyoung’s heart, how he got close with Yoosung but still kind of distant with him. 


His heart ached, his smile disappearing, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. You didn’t expect this is how it would turn out; you felt a pinch in your heart seeing him. 


“Hey, you okay?” you asked, touching his cheek and lifting his face to look into his eyes. 


“I.. I don’t get it MC… he’s closer with Yoosung, and even with you.. he’s less.. he’s even more comfortable with you…” your heart sank, it was true that even you had become closer with Saeran. You began to have small talks, even talked about what he could do inside the house to get rid of boredom. But whenever Seven starts a conversation… Saeren cuts it short and leaves.


“Hey, hey,” you cupped his face, leaning down to bring your face closer to his, “look at me,” he slowly looked at you, his eyes glistening as tears formed at the corner of his eyes. “you’re the reason why he’s getting close to Yoosung and me, you’re the reason why he’s getting better. You didn’t give up on him, and now he’s doing better.” 


You knew how wild things went just for Seven to take his brother back.  You were there through and through, and it pains you to see them like this even after everything.


He held one of your hand, pressing your hand further to his face loving the warmth it brings. “Thank you,” he whispered. He held your waist pulling you down to sit on his lap, you happily obliged and wrapped your arms around him. 


“Don’t be so hard on yourself, give him time. You two went through a lot, I’m sure sooner or later he’ll come back to you. You two would have a better and stronger relationship than before,” you ran your hands through his hair, “I know it’s gonna happen, just give it time,” he hummed in approval, a smile forming on his lips. You felt good, this night turned out better. You knew Seven was being quiet something and you didn’t know how to get it out of him. You felt good that he voiced out to you what’s really bothering him, after all, you are his wife.


He wrapped his arms around you, pulling you closer and peppering your face with kisses. “Well, what do you want? The night is still young! Wanna go out and ride one of my babies~” he grinned as he wiggled his eyebrows. You can’t help but giggle and adore this man in front of you, how he easily bounces back. 


It’s always a roller coaster ride with him, one minute he’s isolating himself then the next he’s clinging to you, always a push and pull. You were always patient when he had his depressed episodes, giving him space and assurance. It’s tiring, but you love him nevertheless, because at the end of the day it’s just you and him cuddling on the bed nothing but love to give. 


You bit your lip, “I don’t know Saeyoung~,” you leaned forward to him, rubbing your body against his, making sure your chest is pressed against him. “I think I wanna ride something else~” you whispered to his ear. 



“Ohohoho, you’re naughty MC~” he smirked, grabbing the back of your thighs that was resting on his lap, pushing you further to him as he rubbed himself against you, “then, let me give you the best ride of your life.”  


Chapter Text

While still eyes closed, Jumin tried to reach for your side of the bed only to find himself feeling more sheets. He opened his eyes and sat up, squinting his eyes he looked at the clock.




 He suddenly heard rattling noises, still in a sleepy state he followed the noise only to find you in the kitchen. When you felt someone was watching you, you turned around to see Jumin, his hair still messy and his eyes still half closed. He looked adorable you though, you can't help but smile at him. 


“My love, what are you doing? It it’s almost 1 in the morning, let’s go back to bed,” his voice still husky.


“I got hungry, so I’m making pancakes,” you simply said.


“You don’t have to do that love, I will just call the chef-”


“Jumin, no. Like you said, it’s almost 1 in the morning and it would be rude to wake someone up just for some pancakes,” you gave him a small smile, trying to give him a message. 


“Well I could just pay him double for the trouble,” of course, always with the money. Jumin never had an issue with throwing away money for your convenience. 


“Jumin, it’s not like that,” you said as you guided him to sit on a chair behind the kitchen isle. “They might be your employees, but they still need to have a good health and we must respect that they too, have a life,”  Jumin raised an eyebrow.

"Jumin, money's not everything. You don't want your father calling you at 1am just to finish some paper works do you?" With that, Jumin sigh and just nodded, understanding now what you meant. You turned around to continue your work. 


“Do you want some?” you asked, but you heard no response. You looked back on Jumin again, his arms crossed against his chest, head bobbing down with his still sleepy eyes. You can’t help but smile, you went to him and caressed his hair. 


“Jumin, honey, go back to bed and get some rest. I’ll follow after I finish, okay?” his hands gripped your sides as he rested his temple against your stomach, you stood still while stroking gently his hair. You love these moments with Jumin, when his guards are down and vulnerable. You loved this side of him, a side that you only can see. 


“No, I will wait for you love,” he said as he sat back, he smiled at you though his sleepy eyes are still evident. You nodded and gave his temple a kiss. He waited patiently as you finished cooking, when you did you sat beside him and fed him some. When you finished eating, you left the dishes for tomorrow’s worry and cuddled with your husband on the bed. 


Your head was on his chest, his hand softly stroking your hair. You can feel his warmth, and you can faintly hear his heart beating. 


“My love,” he whispered. “It seems that I got hungrier. And I want something else..” 

“Hmm? What is it?” you asked as you looked up to him. His eyes locked on yours as he licked his lips.



Chapter Text

“Aaand cut! That’s it for today, good job everyone!” the director yelled, it was one of those days where Zen had a busy schedule and you have to be there to keep him on track. You were holding a bottled water, opened already for him to drink. Zen looked good, he had a role of a gangster playboy, his clothes were tight, just thinking about removi-


“Hey, MC right?” your thoughts were interrupted when you heard a voice, you turned around to see one of Zen’s co-actors, he was taller than you and had a normal built, his hair was spiked like one of those jocks in high school. 


“Y-yeah?” your thoughts flew, what does this guy want? “Can I-” you suddenly felt a hand wrapped around your waist, “Hey babe,” Zen said as he kissed your cheek. “Is this for me?” he asks pointing at the water bottle you were holding. 


“Yeah, of course,” handing him the water as you smiled at him. Remembering you were talking with someone, you glanced at him, scratching his neck and looking rather awkward. 


“You were asking something..?” you asked him, “Y-yeah, I was uhm… wondering if you knew where my manager was? He was talking to you earlier and uhh..” your brows furrowed, thinking who it was until it clicked, it was Mr. Kim. He asked you to pass a message on his client. 


“Oh yes, yes!” you took out a piece of paper from the pocket of your dress and handed it to him, “he had another errand and asked me to give you this. It has your audition info, the place and who to contact.” he took the paper, Zen eyeing his every move which made the guy uncomfortable, he mumbled a thanks and walked away. 


Zen’s hand gripped on you tighter, bringing you closer to him as you two walked to his dresser. 


“How do you know his manager?” Zen asked, thumb circling at the side of your waist. 

“Zen, we work together, of course I’ll get to know him. He’s nice, he gives me tips on who and where to go for interviews and auditions.” 
“Hmmmm,” you looked at him as he took a sip of his bottle. He looks kind of unsatisfied.. 


“He’s gay.” you said flatly, he tried to hide it but it was evident he felt somehow relieved. You giggled and opened the door to his dresser, some of the papers flew when you opened the door, you picked them up as Zen sat on the small sofa on the corner. You bent a little to pick up the papers, Zen almost choked when he took another sip. Your dress went up a little too high, almost just under the bottom of your butt, revealing a few love marks he left from last night. Zen didn’t know what to do, he had this internal conflict whether to do you right now and there to replace those love marks or to see if you were teasing him on purpose. 


“You know,” you said, arranging the papers on the table, “you actually have the same audition as that guy. But since you already worked with the director, he gave you an audition for the second lead, which in fact is in 2 hours from now.” you turned around and sat on the table. Zen had a small towel around his neck, little sweats still dripping from his forehead and he was still wearing the clothes for the shoot. Sweat was evident on his chest and, shirt almost too tight that it can actually form the lines of his abs. It was a good thing that his scene today was with a bunch of guys, no female co-stars were present, which you felt relieved about. 


Feeling hot, you wiggled as you remove the sweater you were wearing, revealing the tube top of your dress. You smirked when your face was hidden from his view, knowing what he would feel.  


“2 hours huh?” he swallowed, “I could think of something we could do, again and again.” his eyes met yours as you put the sweater beside you, without breaking eye contact he stood up and made his way to you. The end of your dress resting just mid thigh, a little spread and he can already see your underwear. His hands rested besides your thighs, face inching closer to yours. 


"But don't you have to practice?" you whispered under his gaze, you bit your lip and batted your eyelashes to him in which Zen let out a small growl. 


He was already breathing heavily, you love how this man reacts to your teasing, how he gets turned on easily. To only you, and by only you. “I don’t know if you’re doing this on purpose or not, but right now I just wanna do you right here and now.” he whispered. His ruby red eyes filled with lust and passion. Not a hint of tiredness from the shoot.


You smirked and leaned back a little, his figure hovering a little over you. “Does the playboy live up to his name?” you bit your lip again as he inhaled sharply. One of his hands now resting on your thigh, circling on a love mark he left. You squeezed your thighs together and started to rub them together to which he groaned, his hand almost too close on your core. 


“You’re really tempting the beast babe,” he whispered to your ear and placed a kiss behind it. “Let him play then~” you teased further, your hands now roaming inside his shirt, feeling his hot skin, every inch of his abs and up to his chest. 


His other hand now on your waist, pulling you closer as he trails kisses down from your cheek to your neck. Sucking and biting your skin. 



“Oh, I’ll make sure you and the beast will be best friends.” 

Chapter Text

Walking down the street, you passed by a a window showing your reflection. You examined yourself and grinned, you can’t wait to go home and see your husband’s reaction. You’ve cut your hair where the ends rest just above your shoulders. You even bought a new dress, an off shoulder sky blue dress- a color you always chose as it reminds you of your husband- that’s only above your knees. Realizing how much skin on your chest was exposed now that your hair is short, you quickly put on your coat feeling conscious. 


You always talked about cutting your hair short but never had the courage to, until the other day when you and Yoosung where watching a TV drama. You commented how pretty the actress and how nice her hair was, Yoosung looked at you for a while and said "I think the hair will look pretty on you," and thus the trip to a salon. 


Opening the door you smelled something was being cooked, you removed your shoes and hanged your coat. “Yoosung~ I’m home.”closing the door you heard footsteps coming but then suddenly stopping,  you turned around and saw Yoosung staring at you. You twirled around, moving your head from side to side as you turned around to show off your hair and held your dress for the flowy effect of it. 


“You like it?” you asked, Yoosung didn’t respond, his lips slightly apart as he stared and took in your appearance.


“Yoosung?” he blinked a few times then registering your question. “Uh y-yeah. The dress is nice.” he swallowed, his adam's apple visibly bobbed up and down but still had a blank expression, you couldn’t read him. 


“And?” you asked, “And? And I like the color?” he said slowly, confused and a little lost.


Feeling irritated you chose to change the subject. 


“Are you cooking? Can I help?” Yoosung just nodded, you made your way to the kitchen after putting your things on the couch, Yoosung followed you without saying anything. You were a little hurt and disappointed.


How could he not notice? It’s 8 freaking inches!!” you thought, you saw some unfinished chopped carrots and that’s what you continued to do to vent out some anger. You felt silly, and you knew it was irrational to be angry at something so little. But wasn't he the one who said the hair will look pretty on you? So why can't he say it now?


You felt that Yoosung was watching you from behind.


“What?!” you snapped at him, a little too harsh than what you intended. 


“N-nothing,” he said as he winced at the sharpness of your tone, “I-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to snap,” you said as you put down the knife and massaged your temple. Yoosung came to your aid, hugging you from the back and resting his chin on your shoulder. 


“Honey? What is it? What’s wrong?” he whispered softly, you felt guilty snapping at him. How could you get mad at such a silly thing with this sweet innocent man? Holding his hands that was wrapped around you, you turned your head to face him. 


“It’s nothing, I’m just... tired,” you said giving him a small smile. But Yoosung knew better, he knows when you’re just tired. 


“I think I know what it is,” he said, “I love it. I love what you did with your hair.” you can’t help but smile, thinking he finally noticed. “You didn’t give me enough time to come up with a nice compliment, I don't think the word pretty would even do justice,” Yoosung said as he pouted. You giggled under him and planted a kiss on his cheek.


“I’m sorry, I was nervous when I was on my way home thinking you wouldn’t like it.. You said I'd look pretty with the hair on and when you just complimented the dress I was hurt and I thought you didn't like it..” you said while rubbing your thumb on his hand. 


“But I like anything that has to do with you. And this dress.. I really like it, but it shows too much of your skin now that your hair is short,” Yoosung frowned, thinking how many dresses now he should hide because it would show too much skin on your chest area. Just thinking the attention you'll get from men sends his jealousy on a streak. 


“How about this,” you said, “I only wear the dresses for our dates?” Yoosung nodded in agreement, “And I’ll make sure to bring a coat to cover you,” he said as he kissed your neck. 


“You know,” he said, nibbling an ear then planting a kiss behind it “aside from the dresses..” his hands unwrapping around you and placing them on your shoulders. You can feel his warm touch on your cold skin, his hands slowly sliding the sleeves down your shoulder and placed some kisses down to your arms. 



“I actually prefer that you have nothing on.”

Chapter Text

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. 


As if to annoy Jumin, the clock continued ticking away, second after second, minute after minute. Almost teasing him, that it’s already late and his fiancee is still not home. 


Jumin was sitting at his chair that faced the city, he sighed and pinched his nose bridge as he sipped his wine for the nth time for the night. The bottle almost empty, almost but not quite. You were never this late, and you were never out of his contact. But tonight he can’t seem to reach you, no phone calls, no texts, and you’re line was busy. 


“I’ll be home as soon as possible, okay?” your words kept repeating on his head over and over again. The knots in him tightened, his anxieties eating him out since 9pm when he can’t reach you. Were you getting cold feet? Are you getting tired of him? Questions piling up, and yet no answers to calm him down. His heart started to pound fast, his breathing became fast and deep. 


Click. Click


The sound of the door perked him up as Elizabeth greeted you on the doorstep. Jumin stood up, his worry and anxiety along with him. 


“Why are you late?” his voice deep, dull, and even authoritative, a voice you never heard from him to talk to you. 


You removed your shoes and sat on the edge of the bed, your back on him, “I told you, I have a lot of people to meet. The wedding designer, caterer, florist-”


“And you didn’t even text me? I can’t even reach you MC, do you know how worried I am?” Still standing where he was, not moving an inch. 


“I’m sorry Jumin I didn’t have time to inform you-”

“And what’s worse is that you didn’t even brought Driver Kim with you when I told you to. At least I would have been informed about your whereabouts,” His tone was a little higher, he wasn’t shouting, be he definitely was scolding. 


Tired from the trips and meetings you went through, Jumin arguing with you was the last thing you need. It took you 2 hours with the wedding designer, fitting the dress and making adjustments. Another 3 hours with the caterers, making sure that guests with allergens are attended to. Another hour with the florist, making sure that there won’t be any allergic reaction to any of the guests. And that was not even the end of it, Jumin wanted to make sure that everything about the wedding was according to your liking. 


“Well it’s not as if I asked for this Jumin,” you exasperated, “I don’t need this right now, let’s just talk tomorrow,” with that you fixed yourself in bed, Jumin seating back to his chair in defeat. 


His knots seemed to tighten in in head, he felt suffocated, loosening his tie and running his hand over his head. Are you really happy with him? Is your relationship moving too fast? He made you even upset, being new to all these he let you be. He didn’t want to upset you further, he sipped his wine as he massaged his forehead. It’s gonna be a long, long, night for him, as his anxiety accompany him. 


An hour or so later, you tried to reach for his side, a habit of yours since you started sleeping together, you’d reach for him and come closer. When you couldn’t feel him, you opened your eyes slowly, you saw him still sitting on the chair facing the bed, it was as if he watched you sleep, like he did the first time. His head hung low and eyes closed. Seeing him sleeping there, still in his business attire made you feel guilty, an ache in your heart that you never felt before. 


Thinking about it now, maybe it was your first fight, Jumin have never scolded you before, nor even raised a tone. He always seemed to agree with your decision, and when he opposed to it, he’ll simply suggest a compromise. And you never had disobeyed Jumin, mostly because he was reasonable, but earlier you didn’t want to bother Driver Kim since it was his son’s birthday and let him off early without even telling Jumin. 


You stood up and slowly made your way to Jumin, making sure to be light on your toes to not suddenly disturb him from his slumber.


“Jumin?” you whispered, slowly caressing his hair. When he moved his head to feel more of your hand, you sat on his lap, your back onto the resting arm while your legs rested on the other. You cupped his cheek as you looked into his tired eyes, dark circles evident surrounding it, “Why didn’t you come to the bed?” your voice still low as if trying to tell him a secret.


“I thought you didn’t want to sleep with me,” he said in his sleepy voice, you wanted to hit yourself and tell how stupid you were. Of course it was Jumin, he would always make sure you were comfortable, always making sure to give your space. 


“I’m sorry, I.. I should’ve known better, I should’ve left a message or even called you for a bit.. I’m sorry I made you worry,” Jumin closed his eyes as he held your hand that was on his cheek, the other on your waist making sure you were balanced on his lap. 


He sighed and opened his eyes, “I should have also thought how busy you were too, I asked for you to take care of our wedding not knowing it would take a toll on you,” he rubbed slowly the side of your waist with his thumb. 


“If you like we can just hire a wedding planner-”

“What? No! No- I mean, I like doing our wedding Jumin, I guess I thought I’d be very productive if I had all the meetings and be finished it with one day..” you started to stroke his hair again, it helped him calm down, his worries and doubts slowly going away. 


He took one of your hand and kissed the back of it, “If you need help in anything my love, just tell me, okay?” he asked, his eyes now soft as he looked into yours. “Of course,” you smiled at him. 


“And promise me one thing,” he added, “can we agree not to sleep on our problems?” seeing how anxious he was, how you know even a small disagreement with you can fill him up with anxieties made your heart ache, knowing you were the cause of his distress saddens you.


“Agreed,” you said, promising yourself never letting Jumin sleep on the chair again in a distress state. He smiled at you, and it brought butterflies in your stomach.


"I love you," you whispered, giving him a chaste kiss."I love you too, MC," he whispered back, resting his temple against yours. You giggled as you rubbed your nose against his. 


Giving him a peck on the lips you said, “How about we have some good night sleep hmm~” you hummed to him, he suddenly rose while carrying you. You squealed as you wrapped your arms around his neck for support.


Jumin gave you a kiss, but it wasn’t chaste, but something deeper, hungrier.


“How about something more?” 

Chapter Text

The gap of the curtains on the window let a shed of sunlight in, blinding you when you opened your eyes. Turning to the other side, you saw Yoosung laying on his back, sunlight touching the soft features of his face as he sleep. One arm of his was under your head, while the other was laying around the other side. He looked so peaceful, away from the stress his work was giving him. You smiled as you remembered that this is a special day, a day away from all the stress and a day just for pure bliss. 

You crawled on top of him, one hand on his chest while the other poking his cheek, “Honey~” you said in a sing-song voice, “Wake up,” Yoosung groaned as he wrap his arms around you. “Five more minutes,” he whispered, you leaned forward and gave him a chaste kiss, “Happy birthday,” he smiled and opened his eyes, he was greeted by your smiling face. Even after years of being together, his heart still skips a beat whenever he sees you smile. 

Feeling a little bit naughty as you grind your hips against his, you bit your lip as you decided to give him a treat early this morning. You planted kisses around his face, his cheek, his nose, a little tease to his lips, his hands gripped your waist as you continuously grind against him, “M-MC,” he whispered, you planted a kiss along his jaw before stopping. “How about a breakfast in bed, hmm~” you hummed to him, in a blink of an eye you were under him, his knees between your thigh as his hands was already roaming inside your shirt, “I-I’d love that,”.


A steamy morning was just one of your plans for him, you hummed as you made omelettes wearing nothing but an underwear and a tshirt of Yoosung’s. You placed a happy face on his plate, the way he always liked it. Washing some of the pans, you suddenly felt arms embracing you, Yoosung rested his chin on your shoulder, you inhaled his scent, the scent that makes you feel home. “I’m so lucky that I have you,” he murmured under his breathe. You smiled and nudged him, “Hey, I’m lucky too that I have you,” he smiled and tightened his embrace. You let yourselves be like that, mornings like these with Yoosung was becoming rare as he always woke up first and left early for work.

You missed these kind of moments, where you felt like nothing else mattered. As if only you and Yoosung existed in the world, but even though he’s been busy he always made sure to make it up to you. Fancy dates and out of town weekends, but nothing ever beats just being with him. Hearing his laughter, making him smile, and him doing everything to do the same. 

You went on with your morning, eating breakfast and exchanging stories. You went on a stroll on the park where you first had your date, it was pleasant and you felt nostalgic, couldn’t believe it had been years since you first met. You squeezed his hand as you strolled on the park, admiring how he have grown. 

The first time you met him it was you trying to protect him, comforting him and taking care of him. But as the times passed by, the tables have flipped, now it was him protecting you, comforting and taking care of you. He had gotten strong, and he couldn’t have done it without you. His irrational jealousy passed, he became cool tempered and didn’t pick anymore silly fights. And that game of his, how long since the last time he opened his account..? You couldn’t even remember. The boy became a man, and still you could fall in love all over again with him. 

He looked at you and squeezed back your hand, he smiled and you swear that did it, you think you just fell in love with him again. You gave him a kiss before strolling again, and when the sun was about to set you both made your way to the restaurant where you and the others will meet. Yoosung thought it’s just you and him, but when you two arrived Yoosung was surprised everyone was there. Even Zen, who was a little bit late coming from his rehearsal. You felt proud that you managed to get everyone here, you nagged Seven for several days to finish his work early so he could come too, and you made sure to tell Jumin and Jaehee a month earlier so they could clear their schedule.

Yoosung appreciated everyone’s effort to come, and more so to you, who made sure everyone will come. Everyone had fun teasing Yoosung, how he used to play nonstop and didn’t even took seriously his studies. How he used to whine how he didn’t had a girlfriend, he laughed reminiscing how he would go online just to complain why he was single. He wrapped an arm around you and said, “I’m glad I have you now, I feel like the gods have blessed me” you couldn’t help but blushed as Zen was now complaining why he was single. 

Going home to the apartment, you made sure Yoosung had to stay awhile in the living room while you prepared inside the bedroom. Yoosung unwrapped the gifts he got, what struck to him the most was Jumin’s gift, an expensive watch, of course what else should he expect from Jumin?

“Honey? I’m almost done here,” Yoosung called as he put away the gifts, you checked yourself again on the mirror, feeling bold and giddy. It wasn’t something you hadn’t done before, but still, surprising Yoosung with a new set of lingerie excites you, seeing his face go red, stutter and go bold with you. You giggled as you admired yourself in the purple lingerie, purple like his eyes. You were always drawn to Yoosung’s eyes, before you knew it purple became you favorite color. Always being reminded of his eyes, his eyes that always looked at you with love.

When you heard the doorknob turning, you turned around as he let himself be drawn to you. The dim room filled with candle lights illuminating your skin, “One last surprise for the birthday boy?” you smiled while Yoosung gulped. He swore his birthdays were getting better and better ever since he met you. 



You lay on top of him, hearing his breath become steady as his arms were wrapped around you, legs tangled and hair messy. A shade of red across his cheeks, his lips swollen and apart, you couldn’t help but giggle. 

“Yoosung~,” you hummed, poking his cheeks, “Hmmm?” he hugged you tighter, you smiled as you thought that mission blissful day was successful.

“I love you,” you whispered, Yoosung started to rub his thumbs on your back, drawing small circles. He looked at you, memorizing for the nth time of your smile, how this scene in front of him will always stay with him. He feels like he couldn’t be any more happier than this moment, all these surprises and yet nothing beats just being with you. Years ago he couldn’t even get a girlfriend, but now he has this stunning wife. He couldn’t ask for more, he thought, this was all he could ever wish for. 

He kissed the tip of your nose and palmed one of your cheek, “I love you too.”

Chapter Text

Loud music blurted out on the speakers, disco lights illuminating the dim room as people dance on the dance floor. You were in a club along with the other members, celebrating your anniversary with Saeyoung. Yoosung, as being light-weighted that he is, is already drunk on the corner while Saeran poke fun of him. While Zen tries to argue with Jumin, who was just silently drinking some wine while casually purposely annoying Zen with his remarks. Jaehee, on the other hand, had only a few sips of her drink as she tries to control Zen and Jumin. 


While everyone was around the table, you noticed Saeyoung was nowhere to be found, you looked around and saw him on the DJ’s booth, whispering something as he handed some cash. It was already past midnight, the crowd was already becoming thin. He had a stupid grin on his face as he made his way back to the table, the upbeat song started to fade as a slow one takes over. 


“Care to dance, mademoiselle?” the grin on his face never left as he extended his hand, gesturing for you to take. You rolled your eyes at him and laughed as you took his hand. He led you to the middle of the dance floor, he held your waist and pulled you closer as you wrapped your arms around his neck, foreheads touching and resting on one another. You closed your eyes as you hummed to the song, it was your favorite and Saeyoung had requested it. You felt as if the whole crowd vanished, only you and him dancing. Saeyoung watched you intently, eyes never leaving your face. You sighed happily, thinking how time flies, it was only as if yesterday that you came into his life by accident. And now, two years later after stumbling across the chatroom you’re happily married with Saeyoung. While Saeran’s almost fully recovered by now, his relapses becoming rare nowadays. 


Saeyoung spun you and you giggled as you were back to his arms. He never gazed away from you, afraid that once he did, even for a second, you’ll be gone from his sight and out of his reach. Even after 2 years, he’s still afraid. He held you close again, swaying to the beat. You rubbed your nose against his, earning you a small smile from the redhead. 


“I could get use to this,” you whispered, feeling and savoring the moment you had. He raised an eyebrow, questioning to what you just said, “Get use to what? To a drunk Yoosung, to a bickering Jumin and Zen, to a loud and crowded place?” you rolled your eyes at him and he chuckled, pulling you close again. 


“You know what I mean,” you said as you wrapped your arms around his neck, “I love being this close to you, and even as we sway to the beat, feels like it’s just you and me Sae,” you whispered, he listened while his thumbs drew circles on the side of your waist. “It’s going to be me and you forever, I promise,” he said, giving you a chaste kiss while you giggled. 



The DJ kept playing slow songs, by now there’s only at least 4 couples, including you, on the dance floor. You slowly removed your hands from his neck, you took one of his hands and looked down, “But you can’t just be the two of us forever..” you both stopped from swaying, you looked up to him, his face saying he doesn’t understand you. 


Were you leaving him? Don’t you love him anymore? Were you tired of him? All these questions running through his head, looking for all possibilities you were going to say next. 


You bit your lip and gave him a small smile, you lead his hand to your lower abdomen, “I’m pregnant,” you whispered. Saeyoung, lost for words, didn’t know how to react. He blinked a few times, he was happy, he was anxious, all these feelings coming up to him. He started to catch his breathe, “Sae?” when you called his name that’s when tears started to fall from his eyes. 



He wanted a family, and you were making it come true. He started to rub your belly, tears falling as he smiled. 


“I’m gonna be a dad,” hearing it aloud was different, suddenly anxious took over him. He panicked, is he ready? He didn’t had a great childhood, what does he know about parenting? How’s he gonna be a dad when growing up he didn’t had one? You watch his face go from happy to worried. His brows suddenly furrowed, flashbacks of his childhood flooding him. The abuse, the yelling, the suffering. He didn’t want that for his child, no, he didn’t want to bring a child in this world when doesn’t know how to be a good parent. 


“Will I be a good dad? I-I don’t know if I can be a good dad.. I-I don’t know how to be a dad-” he started to stuttered, words coming out one after another. “Hey hey hey,” you whispered cupping one cheek, “I’m here. We’ll do this together, I’m no expert at this either,” you laughed quietly, “but I know we can do this together Sae, you and me. And we have Saeran, Yoosung, the whole RFA to guide us too, right?” you gave him a small smile, and seeing that small made all his worries go away. 


Of course, he thought, you were with him. You’ll do it together, he isn’t alone. As much as you want him to forget about his childhood, you can’t, it was a big part of him that made him who he is today. Even though he regretted leaving Saeran, he was healing himself slowly. Building his relationship with his brother was tough, but now they were good, they were back with each other and that’s all that matters now. 


He cupped both of your cheeks, giving you a chaste kiss once again. He rested his temple against yours, “Thank you,” he whispered, “Thank you for everything, this is the greatest gift you could give to me,” you smiled and wiped his tears. “I’m glad you love it Sae, cause’ I don’t think I can exchange it at the store,” you laughed as he smiled, “Nah, I don’t think I would ever exchange it anything in the world. I would never trade you for anything, because you and this little bean,” he caressed your belly, his smile growing wider, “is my everything,” you reflected his smile and happiness. 


“That’s why!” he suddenly burst out, he laughed at himself, finally putting all the pieces together. The reason why you haven’t touched your drink all night, why suddenly you became fond of Yoosung, he thought you were spending too much time with Saeran and Yoosung that you became clingy to him to, he was jealous until you said Yoosung was cute like a baby. Your sudden cravings for the fish shaped buns and some mood swings as well. 


You looked at him confused, “Why are you laughing?” you huffed, not knowing why he suddenly laughed. “You’re just so adorable,” he chuckled pinching your cheeks.


“When are we leaving?” Saeran suddenly appeared, you looked at the table and saw everyone dozing off already. I guess the announcement have to wait, you thought. You grabbed Saeyoung’s hand and smiled at him, he squeezed your hand and smiled back. 



Two years ago you didn’t know what to do, thought that helping a stranger wouldn’t hurt. Now you have someone by your side, creating a family while still slowly learning everything. You're glad that you picked up that phone and went to that apartment. 

Chapter Text

You were pacing back and forth in front of the mirror, the two piece bikini that Zen bought for you lying on the bed. You love it, you really do except that.. it would certainly reveal a little cat on your hip, well not so little, it was a size of a fist. Somehow until now whenever you do the do you managed to keep it out of his sight, somehow. 

But now Zen wanted to have a beach date with you, you agreed without thinking Zen might buy you a bikini. This is stupid, you thought, certainly Zen would understand since you got the tattoo even before you dated him. And it wouldn’t even trigger his allergies since duh, it’s a tattoo, it doesn’t have fur. 

Stripping down and trying the bikini Zen bought for you, you gushed in awe at how it suits you, it was ruby red like his eyes. You traced your hand on your tattoo, it almost looked like Elizabeth, but it wasn’t. It was your first pet that your parents bought you, she was your companion for 7 years until she died, and in her honor you decided to have a tattoo. 

Staring in the mirror, you bit your lip, still not sure how to hide it. Or should you tell Zen already? Surely sooner or later he would discover it. 


Zen gasped at the sight, leaning on the doorway as he took in slowly your form. He worships your body, and he absolutely loves how red compliments just everything about you. Trying to hide the tattoo with your hand, you turned your upper body to look at him and smiled, “Well what do you think?” 

“Beautiful,” he muttered, “I’ll never get tired looking at you,” he smirked. You rolled your eyes at his cheesy line, you quickly took the cloth that was hanging near you and wrapped it around your hips. 

“Zen.. I have something to show you,” you said as you gestured for him to sit down on the bed, Zen obediently followed and you stood in front of him. You took a deep breath and slowly unwrapped the cloth. 

“What is it jagi?” Zen asked, scanning you from head, “You look as flawless as-” his eyes widened as he saw your tattoo. You bit your lip as you watched his face, he slowly traced his fingers over it. 

“Why.. why do you have a tattoo of the furball? Did Seven do this? Did Jumin made you do this??” he asked and looked up to you, brows furrowed as he didn’t understand a thing. Just.. why???

“It’s not Elizabeth.. It was my first cat,” Zen held your hand, “And when she died.. I was just so heartbroken you know..” Zen squeezed your hand and gave you a small smile, “I know you hate cats, should I have it removed? Or-”
“No no no no jagi, it’s okay. I understand, she was important to you, why unless would you commit something to this if she wasn’t right?” Zen held your hips and gave your tattoo a kiss, “It doesn’t even trigger my allergy see,” you giggled as he peppered it with a few more kisses. 


“For this kitty I think my allergy will make an exception. I just can’t believe I never saw it before,” he said as you looked at you. You shrugged off your shoulders, “I made sure it was always hidden and out of your sight,” he circled his thumb over your tattoo, “Well now it’s out in the open, you don’t have to hide it from me,” he grinned as he pulled you over to straddle his lap. You wrapped around your arms around his neck, his hands on your hips gripping you tight for you not to fall. 



Zen kissed you and you happily kissed him back, a few nips and tugs here and there suddenly you felt something poking you, moaning before you pulled apart from him.




“Well, I think the beast is out too,” Zen chuckled. 

Chapter Text

You fidgeted with your hands inside the elevator, Mr. Kim escorting you to the penthouse where Jumin is. It wasn’t your first time meeting him, you remember so well the first time you met him. It was during a gala for the big companies, whilst you were also the executive director of another company, just the rival of the C&R. 


He looked so elegant that night, a suit you knew that was hand tailored for him, and his watch, a limited edition that only few people could possess. 


But it wasn’t how he looked that really caught your attention, it was his demeanor. When Mr. Chairman introduced you to his son, you were caught off guard. Rumors say he “repelled” women, but the way he talked to you said otherwise, or was it just his grace and manners? Sugar coated words and a little dazzle, maybe that’s how he got his clients. You couldn’t blame him, in the world of business, you must know how to woo your clients. 


Now in his building on the way to see him you wonder, does he remember you? Or were you not as memorable as you thought? 






As soon as you heard the elevator open, you held your chin up, leaving no space for doubt. There shouldn’t be any reason for you to feel inferior, after all your company is just second to his. 


“Mr. Han, your guest has arrived,” Mr. Kim announced as he bowed and left for the elevator again. 


“Hi, Jumin,” you smiled at him, Jumin’s eyes went wide, his mouth slightly open. Surely he wasn’t expecting it was you, behind those chats, he didn’t expect it was you.


 A rival. 


“Y..You’re MC?” He said once he got his composure back, “I am,” you replied confidently, “Is there a problem?” you smiled. 


“No, of course not. I was just… surprise to say the least,” he offered you to sit at the sofa and you made yourself comfortable. 


“So you do remember me?” you asked sheepishly, you gaze away from him to hide a blush. 


“Of course, who wouldn’t? The moment my father introduced you the first thing you said was “Enjoy being the Top 1 while it lasts,”“ you laughed at the memory, you were confident you’d beat them, “Well I tried, but it seems that you’re tougher than I thought,” you said. 


Jumin looked at you, admiring the confidence beaming around you. “You almost beat us once, almost,” he chuckled.  Ah yes, you remember it all too. When the numbers came in for the 1st quarter of the year you were only hundreds behind C&R, Jumin felt uneasy that he stopped his cat projects and almost never went home. By the next quarter, C&R was ahead by a hundred of thousands. 


Jumin offered some wine that you gladly took. You took a sip and scanned the penthouse, surely he had a maid, you thought, as everything was clean and polished.


Jumin was glad you didn’t declined the wine, it was one of best after all, from his favorite grape yard that he always visits. Jumin was.. stiff, even around you, especially after knowing it was you, a competitor, suddenly he’s not sure what to think. He just can’t seem to trust anyone in the business world, was hacking into the messenger your plan? Were you real or just another competitor to bring them down? Or maybe just another girl who’s in for the money? Were you going to blackmail him? All these thoughts rushing in him.


Jumin poured wine to his glass for the nth time, trying to push away his thoughts as he listened to your stories. “Jumin?” you whispered, Jumin opened his eyes and looked at you. You gave him a small smile as you looked down, he was.. awfully quiet the whole time, knowing there was something wrong. 


“It’s.. it’s okay if you don’t want to do this anymore…” you said in a low voice, you looked at him, there was a long silence, you could hear Elizabeth’s purr on the corner. 


He sighed first before speaking, “Forgive me MC..” he brushed his hair off his face, you felt.. disappointed? Sad? 


“I want this to work.. But I don’t know how..” Jumin said, he felt so complicated. Do you really want him? Or were you just in for the money? Countless times he saw his father with women only in the end to leave when they get what they want. And he didn’t even want to toy around with the idea that you’re just manipulating him to get at C&R. 


“Jumin.. I really like you.. All those things I said in the chat room, they were true. We’ll take it slow if you want,” you said and reached for his hand, he looked at you and gave you small smile. Yes, it was your words that were so genuine that reached into his heart. It was your.. sincerity and warmth that melted him inside. 


He knows that business shouldn’t matter, but it does. He can’t be blinded by love just like his father… That’s what he always told himself. 


He kissed your hand, and stroke your cheek, how could you be so perfect?, he thought. 


“Thank you,” his smile grew wider, for the first time ever since you came, his smile was wide, it was so beautiful that you just wanted to see it everyday.


“Don’t worry, I’m here to stay,” you whispered. You turned away from his gaze, “I know it’s not ideal.. We’re supposed to be rivals after all… but..” you looked up and met his eyes, “I like you too much that I still want to try..” you said. His eyes became soft, hearing those words, full of sincerity, made his worries go away. No, you weren’t here for the money, for their company, you’re here because you want him, you like him


He leaned in and you closed your eyes, his lips touched your temple and a contented sigh left your lips. The tense from his shoulders left him, he sat next to you as he held your hand. 


“I too would like to make this work MC, I guess we can make a proposal-”
“Proposal?” you giggled, Jumin raised a brow at you. 


“Jumin, this isn’t some business meeting,” you said, “ but I get what you are saying. We can make arrangements when and where to meet for dates, perhaps?” you asked as if you were arranging a business meeting, this time it was Jumin’s turn to chuckle. 


“I’d love that,” he said and kissed your hand. 

Chapter Text

Zen was standing in front of the mirror in the bedroom, inhaling and exhaling like his routine when he’s about to start a show. You can do this Zen, he thought to himself, for MC.

“Good afternoon sir,” he said, extending his hand on the mirror, “No no no no,” he muttered, I think I should bow, he thought, should I bow?

Ever since you mentioned you’d like Zen to meet your family he’s been practicing how to introduce himself, for an actor who has been in a large audience before, he looks like a nervous wreck now.

Just as you came into the room, Zen was trying to handshake himself in front of the mirror, “What are you doing?” you asked, letting out a little laugh. Zen turned around to you, rubbing his neck and giving you a sheepish smile.

“I’m practicing how to introduce myself,” he said, gaining a rise of brow from you. “Introducing yourself? Don’t you like do that every show?” you said as you moved to sit at the edge of the bed, Zen joined you as he sat beside you.

“Well yeah, but it’s different this time. It’s you parents MC!!” Zen exclaimed, “and I really want to make a good impression, I want them to like me,” he gazed away from you.

Truth be told, it was Zen’s first time to be introduced to his girlfriend’s parents. He never got the courtesy to do so with his past girlfriends, they never went that serious.

“They’re gonna love you, I know it,” you said as you held his hand. Zen looked up to you and gave you a small smile, “Their approval of me would really mean a lot,” he sighed, “it would mean a lot to our relationship,” he said in a lower voice.

Zen was already having a hard time reconnecting to his own parents, he really really wanted them to at least acknowledge his accomplishments as an actor, or even your relationship.

You squeezed his hand, “We’re in this together,” you said. Those four words gave Zen courage and a boost in his confidence, knowing you’ll be by his side, he knows he can get through anything. After all, he went through a big scandalous impact that almost destroyed his career, but because you were there all the way, he got through it and became a star, rising to the peak of his career.

He sighed as he closed his eyes, kissing your temple he whispered an I love you. 



Ding. Dong.

Zen squeezed your hand as he pressed the doorbell. He looked at you and gave you a big grin despite anxiety luring inside him. You squeezed his hand back and returned a smile.

As soon as the doors opened, your parents greeted you.

“MC! Welcome home, and you must be Zen,” your mother said gleefully. Zen’s heart was pounding fast, but he’s an actor, quick on his feet.

“Good afternoon ma’am!” he exclaimed and bowed, your father, who was standing beside your mother, was smiling. Your father wasn’t really strict, you knew he wanted the best for you and whatever that would make you happy. When you started to date guys, he lectured you about the bad guys. Thinking about it now… maybe it’s best not to talk about Zen’s past for now.

A few pleasantries here and there until you both were left alone in the living room as your parents started to fix the table in the dining area.


“Well?” Zen asked, “Do you think they like me?” his eyes were soft, inquisitive.

“I’m sure they do, you did good,” you smiled as you reached for his hand and circled your thumbs around his. Zen gave you a grin, his boyish charm showing.

Zen did good, he was polite the whole time. Answered questions when asked, laughed even at your father’s silly antics and even complimented your mother’s decorations in the house. All those training for interviews and guest shows did him pretty good, you thought. You giggled to yourself, seeing you amused Zen poked your side, “Jagi, what is it? Is it something I said?” a faint panic in his tone.

“No, no” you shook your head, you stood up and reached for his hand, “Let’s help them fix the table, it’ll give you plus points, no?” you said. Zen smiled as he took your head, he kissed your head and said “Thank you jagi.”


The dinner went well, your mother gushed about Zen, about how she loves his shows, Zen promised her he’d tour her around the studio if she ever comes to visit.


“We should have a beer some time, son,” your father said to Zen during dinner, when Zen heard the word son he squeezed your hand so hard you thought it was going purple.


Zen really enjoyed the whole thing, his heart felt warm, overflowing with happiness as he feel accepted by your parents. They welcomed you both with open arms, and even without your knowledge, your father actually asked Zen about your relationship.


“And what do you plan to do with MC?” your father asked, as both men were in the living room while you helped your mother clean up in the kitchen. 

“Well sir, I’m still just reaching the peak of my career…” Zen said, “but I’d like to ask for her hand one day,” his voice was serious as he looked straight to your father. He tried to search for any sign of hesitation, disagreement, any sign that your father didn’t like the idea, his heart was pounding so loud that you can hear it in the quiet room as he waited for your father’s response.

It wasn’t like you both never talked about marriage, sure it was on the table but you both were taking your time. But now, here in your home, Zen couldn’t even begin how to describe what he’s feeling as he waited what your father has to say.  

Your father patted Zen’s shoulder, “Well son, our house is open anytime,” he said.




“Visit anytime, okay?” your mother chimed as she went to see you out, “Take care of my daughter now Zen,” you father said. “You have my word sir,” Zen replied as he bowed.

As soon as you started walking, Zen held your hand and squeezed it.

“Did you hear jagi? He called me son!” Zen grinned as you both walk home holding hands.

“I told you, they’re gonna love you,” you said, Zen stopped and faced you. He pulled you into a hug, you were surprised but hugged him back.

“Thank you so much jagi,” he whispered, a tear falling from his eye.

You pulled him away and cupped his cheek, “We’re family now Zen,” you chuckled. Zen’s heart felt warm, full of love. Despite his own family not talking to him, he has another that would give him support and love he craved from his own. For the longest time, the thing he craved the most is already here.

“The RFA.. and now my own family, we’ll always be here,” you said, wiping a tear. Zen put his hand above yours, his eyes full of compassion, “I love you MC,” he said.

“And I love you too,” the overwhelming emotions came to you as a tear also fell from your eye. Zen pulled you for a kiss, you gladly kissed him back, returning all the love he’s giving you.

When Zen pulled away he rested his forehead against yours, “Maybe I should change my last name into yours,” he chuckled.

“Hmm~” you hummed, pulling away and taking a few steps farther from him as your back was facing him. Zen, watched you in confusion.

Did you not like…?


You turned your face to him, “I don’t know Zen but, Mrs. Ryu has a nice ring to it don’t you think?~” you teased.


Zen’s ears perked up, his heart skipped a beat when you mentioned Mrs. Ryu. Did you just… ?



Chapter Text

Good morning!” you greeted merrily as a customer walked in. It’s 9am and it’s only the first hour of your shift, just 5 more hours, you thought, until your shift is over. And then another more 6 hours from your second job.

You worked as a cashier and waitress, doing a double job to pay off your debts. You didn’t noticed how you maxed out your credit card, and without any money, you decided to leave your apartment before another bill comes.

You let out a sigh when the customer was out of sight, it’s a slow hour but you know you have to be alert and save your energy because when the clock hits 12 o’clock students and workers will come rushing in for lunch break, leaving you to little to no break for yourself at all.

You suddenly felt a vibration from your back pocket, fishing out your phone you saw Jumin calling. You bit your lip, you didn’t want a distraction during work hours, but you also didn’t want to miss Jumin’s call. You scanned where the customer was and they were still roaming around with a half filled basket.

“Hye-jin, I’m going to take a call, it’ll just be quick,” you called out to your coworker at the back room, she just responded a yeah sure and replaced you where you were standing.


“Hey, good morning,” you chirped as soon as you answered the call.

“Good morning to you too, my love” Jumin smiled on the other line, he always loved hearing your voice. “I have a meeting near your area, do you want to have lunch-”

“Lunch? Oh I.. I can’t I still have some errands to do,” you cut him off, you bit your lip. It’s been the nth time since you’ve been ditching him on lunch dates, not that you didn’t want to have lunch with him, you did, but.. You still had work during lunch hours, work that Jumin doesn’t know.

“Errands? Again?” he sighed, “I guess it can’t be helped. Are you sure you don’t want help from Assistant Kang?” he inquired, freely letting his assistant go if it means helping you out.

You smiled at his sincere thoughts, but of course you didn’t want to cause any more troubles for Jaehee, especially it’s not something you’d want him to know.

“No, I’m fine, but thank you,” you said softly. “I miss you,” you whispered. it’s been days since you last saw him, “I miss you too,” he said. You smiled, knowing that he will always reciprocate your feelings, and you will always too.

After the phone call end you went back inside and ringed the customer. Just 5 more hours…

Jumin’s afternoon meeting ended… quite late than he anticipated. It was already 10 in the evening, he wondered if you had dinner. Checking his phone he saw your text.


Did you eat yet?


small smile formed on his lips, instructing Driver Kim to go to your favorite restaurant as he’d like to take out your favorite food.


6th knock and nothing. Jumin sighed, maybe you were asleep already? He’s been outside your apartment for 6 minutes and no one is answering the door. Maybe he should’ve called.. but then it would ruin the surprise, and oh how he’d love to see you surprised.

The landlady, who was luckily to be there and witness Jumin’s persuasive knocking, suddenly spoke. “No one’s living there anymore,” she said.

Jumin turning to the landlady bowed, paying respect as the landlady was an elderly. Surprised to hear you weren’t there anymore, little by little his anxious thoughts were creeping up to him.


MC moved.. But why? Why didn’t she tell me?


“Do you happen to know where she moved?” Jumin asked politely, sadly the landlady just shook her head.

Jumin… didn’t want to invade your privacy. He never wanted to make you feel uncomfortable, but you ditching lunch dates.. not telling him you moved out.. his anxious feelings caught up to him, he had no choice. He at least have to know where you are, he had to know you were okay, he dialed Seven’s number.



“MC, are you sure you won’t sleep yet?” your very kind friend who has been letting you stay for a week now, asked.

“Yeah, go ahead first, I still have some things to sort out,” you said as you took out a notebook and calculated the money you have. You scratched your head with the pen and bit your lip, you still had a long way to go but at least you’re making progress.

You checked your phone to see if Jumin replied, but to no avail. You sighed and stretch your arms, you just feel… tired. And sad. And tired. And sad. You missed Jumin, but you had to endure just a few more weeks.. You didn’t want to bring your money problems right after your marriage, it didn’t felt right..


Your thoughts were interrupted by an aggressive knocking on the door, “Just a sec!” you shouted. Who could it be at this hour?, you thought. Opening the door, to your surprise, it was Jumin. His hair disheveled, his tie loose, his sleeves scrunched up to his elbows and his buttons opened until the 3rd.

“Ju-Jumin!” you stuttered, eyes wide open and mouth agape. His expression.. certainly does not looked pleased.

“Care to tell me what’s going on MC?” his voice was stern, his eyes directly piercing through yours. You gazed away as you closed the door behind you.

“How did you… I…” your throat felt dry, you stomach churning and your feet fidgeting. Tears start to form in your eyes, you didn’t want Jumin to find out like this, you didn’t want him to know about it. It felt so.. shameful…embarrassing.. you felt so helpless..

Jumin sighed and placed his hands on your shoulders, “Please MC, tell me,” his voice now soft and low, he pulled you closed and stroked your hair. “Is it..” he took a sharp breathe,”is it someone else?” he quietly asked, a question that took you by surprise.

“No! No no no!” you exclaimed as you pulled away and tears fell, you looked at him and saw his tired soft eyes, his brows furrowed in worry and concern. You placed on hand on his cheek, “I could never,” you whispered. Jumin gave you a small smile and held the hand that was on his cheek, “Then please love, tell me what’s going on,” you sighed and nodded your head.

You removed your hand and started to fidget, looking down as you started to explain.

“So.. Uhmm.. I maxed out 3 of my credit cards… and I moved out and took my deposit to pay some of the debt.. I’ve been staying here for a while and..” you looked up to him, “I didn’t want to tell you because I wanted to solve it on my own and..” you looked down again, “I didn’t want to bring my debt into our marriage so I took two jobs..” you didn’t want to ask him for help.. it felt.. shameless…

Jumin let out a relief sighed, pulled you close and kissed your temple, “Thank you,” he whispered. The anxiety that was once eating him now gone, “but MC, I’m your fiancee,” he said as he pulled you away and held you by your shoulders, looking into your eyes. “Don’t you think I have the right to know these things?” you felt so little under his gaze and touch. You knew he was right..

“You will be my other half, your problem will be mine as well,” he said in a low voice. He understood that you wanted to solve your own problems, but his anxiety won’t stay put, his brows furrowed trying to find a compromise where he could feel some ease.

“If you want to work and pay off your debt by yourself, I understand,” he said, “but please,” he pulled you close once again, “stay at my penthouse. You can stay at the guest room if you want,” he stroked your hair and smelled it, your scent sending off a wave on his body that made his worries go away, holding you close like this, yes it felt right. “Just let me do this, please,” he pleaded. You clutched to his chest, inhaling his scent, you nodded under him.

You looked up to him one had rested on his chest while the other found its way on Jumin’s cheek again. “I’m sorry I made you worry,” you said “I love you,” your voice lower than before. He smiled and took your hand, placing a kiss on your palm.

After days of not seeing him, you just felt safe and sound in his arms. Felt like home. He leaned in to kiss you, his hand wrapped on your waist to support you as his other hand held your cheek, making the kiss deeper.

“I love you too MC,” he whispered, caressing your cheek. You bit your lip, you missed him so much that you let yourself indulge a little more, leaning into him and kissed him once more. Jumin chuckled, letting himself indulge a little more too.