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All blown out of faith

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It started right after training. The stupid nerd was the best practice partner he’d ever found. Not that he needed a partner or that much practice, but Deku had a way to rile him up and knew his fighting skills better than anyone else. All he could do to keep up with him was push him hard enough to make sure the nerd wouldn’t have time to think and analyze him. They were both analyzers when it came to fighting. Having anything in common with that former weakling made him feel sick to his stomach. Sick, not butterflies, mind you.

“We did good today too!” Izuku managed, still trying to catch his breath.

His green tank top was torn in places, the thing barely surviving the multiple explosions Bakugo had aimed at him and his surrounding and Katsuki found himself staring at his shoulders a little more than he’d intended. That nerd had a lot more muscle than he used to. He was still a small fry when it came to height, but Bakugo remembered how frail he used to look. Observing everything about the people around him was a natural instinct, it was important if he wanted to have a better understanding of things and while Deku got on his nerves with how annoying he was, his progress was undeniable.

Doing his best to hide how winded he felt, Bakugo heaved a grunt, “You’re nowhere near my level yet.”

He punctuated his sentence with a light punch on the back of Izuku, or at least he tried.

Deku tripped on his feet just in time to dodge the hit. That damn teen was such a lucky bastard, always getting the best out of things. He had All Might’s quirk. He had the whole class rooting for him. And somehow, even Bakugo had agreed to help him in developing his skills, if only to make sure he would stay the top dog.

“Just watch me, Kacchan!” Deku declared, raising his battered fist with the usual determined look that Bakugo used to see as mocking him.

His throat constricted a little. He was so bad at understanding people sometimes, to know that Deku was truly looking up to him all this time when there was so little to look up to…

“Tch, keep dreaming.”

Deku seemed ready to say something more, but Bakugo’s face was harsh and rough, so the nerd focused on getting cleaned, picking up his towel and hurrying to the shower’s stalls. Katsuki didn’t throw a glance at him, or his green and wild mane. He had seen his freckles from so close up when he’d pinned him to the floor during their fight, only to feel that brutal punch in his stomach, he wasn’t sure his lungs were back to their full capacity yet. The punch was the only thing to blame, freckles be damned.

A yelp followed by a thudding sound had him giving up his own towel in the locker room to check on the stalls. Bakugo’s eyes widened at the sight greeting him, his breath caught somewhere in his airpipe.

Deku was sprawled on the floor, having apparently slipped on the soap and unlocked his stall’s door while trying to grab onto something, which meant the moron was… fully exposed. The freckles ran down his backside, Bakugo following the edges of muscles, the tight ass he’d only seen in spandex so far. All the muscles he’d only guessed were very real and quite appealing too. Deku tried to shift around, to climb back to his feet, but the ceramic floor was wet under him and from the way his arms shook as he tried to push himself up, he was more sore from their training session than he’d pretended.

Green eyes met red irises, Deku flushing at the embarrassing situation. And despite all his will, Bakugo couldn’t look away. He was stuck staring, not stuck enough, his feet shuffling forward until he made the willing decision to still himself, gathering his thoughts. Something deep inside wanted a taste of all that vulnerability. His breathing quickened at the realization.

Shit, shit, when had such thoughts started in his head?

“Worked too hard?” he sneered.

Izuku was on his knees now, water trickling down on his neck and chest, his curly hair all sticking to his skull. He looked small, like a damp kitten, shivering and baring his teeth as he took in the insult. His eyes were burning brightly.

“Your arms are shaking Kacchan, so I believe you pushed yourself too.”

Where was that bite coming from? And why did that excite him instead of making him snarl?

It was as though all his eyes could do was drink him up until he was sated by the vision alone, but something was snapping with every blink, every sharp breath he took. Deku was everything he despised. Everything he wanted to be. And suddenly, he wanted to make him even more defenseless. To wrap himself around him to make sure the one line of defense would be…

You hate him, you hate him, what are you…?!

His feet moved, and it was Deku’s eyes widening as he realized his former bully was moving in. He shuffled backward. Hit the shower’s wall, nearly slipping on the soap once more, but Bakugo caught him by his hair.

“I can push you more,” he threatened.

Deku blinked, his hands raised in self-defense, but not moving any more than that. Was he too shell-shocked to react?

“Ka…Kacchan?” he asked.

His voice was a shiver and a gasp all mixed together. Not weak, but helpless all the same. Why did he have to use that nickname? Why was his skin so warm? Katsuki had grabbed his forearm without thinking, steadying him, pulling him closer.

You’re mad, you’re weak, you don’t need…

He sank to his knees, his eyes trained on him, barely leaving those green eyes. They were full of doubts and questions and words came to his mind, words he should have said long ago, but he buried them inside, his fingers digging in Deku’s shoulder. He ruffled his wet hair, trailed a hand down his neck. Another shiver, another trembling “Kacchan?” and Bakugo felt everything snap.

“Won’t stop me?” he asked, his own voice hacked through by all the contradicting thoughts running around.

Izuku blinked three times, his hands lowering, his nostrils flaring. He hadn’t expected that look in Kacchan’s eyes. There was such desire, such want, like he was about to eat him up. It scared him, but there was something else… Something stronger…

Too much endorphin from fighting.

He’d rarely been aroused, usually throwing all his sexual needs into his research and studies. But the shift in the air, the lingering smell of burnt sugar coming from Bakugo… It was making him dizzy.

“You smell sort of sweet…”

Katsuki pounced forward, parting Deku’s thighs with his knee, the water hitting him fully as his head dipped for Izuku’s neck. His teeth fell on a scratch he’d left on him, Izuku sucking in a breath at the sudden pain. But he let him in, his strong hands instinctively grasping at his black shirt. His nose and quick breathing fell on Bakugo’s skin, heat spreading in their cheeks while the blood rushed south. All the way south.

“If you scream, I’ll kill you,” Bakugo warned.

Then he bit his neck once more, hard, trying to get himself closer to Deku’s erection, to feel him through the barrier of his wet clothes. The gasp that escaped Izuku’s throat drove him nearly mad, but his hands tugging on his shirt did things to him. He was reacting, answering, holding on to him. His knuckles brushed against his ribs, the dark fabric tearing up as the green-haired teenager’s emotions took the better of him.

“What the fuck are you…?!”

“It sounds like you need to be naked too, Kacchan,” Deku found himself saying.

Bakugo pulled back at that, his shirt fully ripping off as his childhood friend kept the fabric in his grip. They were kneeling in front of one another, their legs intertwined, both panting, flushed with a mix of shame and pure exhilaration. And the shock was shared by then. Why was the nerd answering like this?

“What am I supposed to rip off from you, stupid… Deku.”

Calling him a nerd felt wrong all of a sudden. How could he hate someone he wanted this much?

His eyes trailed down Deku’s heaving chest, to the green pubic hairs and… He swallowed, blinking away the water falling in his eyes, his hands turning into fists as he fought against the urge to wrap his fingers around him.

“I don’t get… You want me?” Izuku managed, his eyes heavier than before on Bakugo.

“What does it fucking look like?!”

Deku took in a sharp breath. His face blushed a little more as his eyes fell to the growing bulge in Bakugo’s sweatpants. He barely managed to look at his face again and it was so hard to remain unmoving under his inspection. So hard to keep apart when they were both already too far gone.

“Like you’re looking for a way out. Any way out.”

“Don’t want me to?”

“I’m on high alert. But maybe… Sex counts as some kind of exercise, doesn’t it?”

How could he state that so casually? Wasn’t he even a little nervous?!

“I hate your guts,” Bakugo felt the need to remind him.

That seemed to slap Deku back to reality, but only a little, for the bite was still in him.

“S…sorry? I could resume my shower on my own.”

“’Xcept you owe me a shirt.”

“You owe me a whole lot more, Kacchan.”

Anger pierced his feverish daze, making Deku look a little too grounded for someone kneeling on cold tiles, half-hard with need, disheveled and fully naked. But damn.

Bakugo threw his shoulders back, not realizing how his hips shifted forward in anticipation. Hearing Izuku talking back was… even worse than seeing him helpless. It made his mind go wild, his blood was too warm, his ears were buzzing from the sheer pressure of his own thoughts.

Abort, abort, abort you moron, he tried to warn himself.

“What would cover it?”

Deku wondered if his mind would blank out on him. But it was holding so far, even though Katsuki Bakugo was flirting with him!!

“Finish what you started. The Kacchan I know doesn’t give up on things.”


“That too, I guess,” Deku had the nerves to add.

Reason had to have died twice tonight, for Bakugo couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Or the fact he moved forward once more, his hands shaking with desire, Deku welcoming him with his own hands on his hips. There was an awkward dance as their heads shifted, chests brushing, eyes locking and parting when Bakugo bent his neck over, his lips crashing against his skin. He found bruises and scratches and it had to hurt to have them kissed and licked and nibbled upon, but he couldn’t hold himself back anymore. Instead he grunted his approval as Deku freed him from both his pants and boxers, both men shivering when their cocks brushed.

“Kaccha…” the nickname died down in a high-pitched yelp, half pain half pleasure and Katsuki gasped as Deku’s battered hand wrapped around him. Around them both.

“What are you…?”

“You’re incredibly soft.”

Bakugo blinked, breathing in water and coughing up as his nerves seized in answer to Deku’s slow and purposeful ministrations. He’d been acting on instinct so far, but it seemed the nerd… His friend… Were they even friends? Well he knew what he was doing.

He smells good. Like pine trees and mint. I wanna taste him.

The skin of Izuku’s palm was rough and bumpy with scars, but Bakugo loved it against him. The water threatened to wash away the precum oozing and Deku teased the tip of his cock, the dirty blond sinking his teeth around his clavicle, his hips shifting up and down. He loved this. All that skin on skin, the overwhelming contact, the touches, the small sounds both of their throats made as the heat gathered in a pulse that they shared.

The idea made his mind recoil because loving anything wasn’t him. He liked soba, and training, and winning, and making his parents proud but this…

“Deku…” Katsuki breathed out, hating how he panted, how weak he sounded.


“…your feet… Get on your…”

He squeezed his butt with both hands, digging his fingers into the tight muscles. Deku hissed a little, coughing on a broken moan as both their hips moved erratically, his hand barely holding on to their cocks.


A spark popped despite the water and they both jumped, the friction stopping too abruptly, Izuku staring after him, lost and even more dazed than before.

“Too intense for you, Kacchan?”

His smile reached his heart, covering it, cracking it and that was going too far, that was wrong in so many different ways. Bakugo bared his teeth, pushing him against the wall after spinning him around, pressing his chest to his back.

“I’ll show you intense!”

“C…c…cold! Kacchan, I…”

Bakugo reached between Deku’s legs, feeling up his erection with one hand as he gripped to his thigh with the other. He made sure to press him to the wall, so that no water could trickle down on either of them, even if it meant having his arm stuck in an awkward position.

“You sure seem warm to me,” he teased him.

Deku tensed in answer, a shiver running all over his limbs.

“You’re not… preparing me for it?” he panted out.

“Preparing what?!”

 “I… I’m a virgin, Kacchan, you can’t just push it in… I’ll… I’ll scream…”

The fear was clear in every word and while the nickname softened the hard edges around his heart, Bakugo couldn’t help annoyance. Did the nerd believe he knew what he was actually doing?

“I told you not to, stupid…!”

“You’re the one screaming!”

Deku was bending his neck, his back arching and Bakugo could barely align his thoughts. He needed some release, any sort of release, he was about ready to blow up from inside.

“Okay, ‘zuku, how do I fucking prepare you?”

Izuku nearly blanked out at the question. Bakugo sounded sincerely lost, even though he was breathing down his neck and had a very good idea of what he was doing to his throbbing cock. Scarlet red down to his shoulders, the green-haired teen tried remembering what he’d read. Tried to get over how awkward and surreal this shower was turning into.

“There’s…” His voice faltered, the words coming to his mind way too dirty to be uttered. What was Kacchan doing? What were they thinking? The locker room wasn’t locked, anyone could walk in and what would people think if…

“Speak up!” Bakugo groaned, squeezing him just a tad too hard.

Deku’s moan shifted into a shuddering howl as he came, his seed spilling over the wall and his own stomach.

“That’s not fucking enough, is it?”

Katsuki’s voice was heavy, hoarse, and Deku leaned back into him, desperately trying to form words. To not sound like the pathetic mess that he was.

“I think I should wash up before or…”

“We’re both soaked through, wuss.”

The water coming from the shower head had run cold and all the heat left in the air was coming from their trembling bodies.

“I mean…” Deku whispered, his hands seeking balance on Bakugo’s thighs.

The movement brought him closer, too close and it wasn’t enough, Bakugo was willing to give him more and the very knowledge was enough to make his head turn.

“Finish your goddamn sentences!”

Deku wanted to make himself smaller, but the fight was still in him and he answered clearly, his voice carrying farther than he’d meant to. Something in his friend’s throat rumbled in approval at the admission.

“I’ll need fingers first. Like, only one or two.”

Bakugo gathered the semen on his abs, hoping his inexperience wasn’t showing in the roughness of his gestures. He circled the rim of his butthole, unable to hold back a smile as Deku squirmed at the very touch. Dipping one finger in seemed weird, but Izuku was so warm inside. Awfully tight too, how was he supposed to…?!


“You’d better handle it, Deku.”

He tried pushing forward. There was a spot that felt good in there, wasn’t there?

“Your nails are uneven, aren’t they?” Izuku quivered.

“Shut up.”

Like he should have gotten a manicure for their training session. How was he to know he would turn into a wild animal just from seeing his bare ass? And those freckles on his back. Damn, he liked their shade, he wanted to trace them some more, but he was too busy focusing on keeping his quirk in check. He wasn’t going to explain why Deku had had a spark lighting up an explosion up his rectum, he’d killed the whole school before even…

Shit, you’re done for, you’re so fucking done.

“Slow, Kacchan.”

“How do you know?”

“I’d finger you if I could, but it’s not like I can reach that far!”

Bakugo tried to be gentler, wondering why his cock shivered at the idea of Deku fingering him. It sounded wrong. But as he moved his finger around without thinking, the body next to him arched up, a different moan escaping Izuku’s gaping mouth. He couldn’t see his face, but his flush nearly masked the freckles and the way his hands gripped his thighs made him know. Was he getting this right?


“There! No, I meant…” Deku squirmed and Bakugo cursed, adding one finger and swirling them around. He wasn’t sure what did it, but there was a spot that he barely stroked, barely reached at all, but the way the other teen reacted made him even harder. It was starting to ache, to the point blinking was hard, to the point remembering that he had agreed to go slow seemed impossible.

What would all that warm flesh clenching around him do to his poor brain if he was to go all the way? He would blow up the whole place, he would burn Deku with it, he might…

“You keep missing it.”

“You little shit.”

He added another finger, just to hear him pant and moan, stretching the aching as he struggled and squirmed with him. The sound of their breathing was too much to handle, it was hot and wrong, and it felt even hotter because of how wrong they felt.

“Tell me you’re ready,” Katsuki asked. He sounded like a beggar and Deku ushered a trembling yes, not caring if he was more sore than excited, not caring because he wanted fairness for Kacchan.

Finding an angle and the nerves to actually get going took them a few seconds, their legs already shaking. Deku’s fingers would leave bruises in Bakugo’s thighs, but he didn’t mind at this point, he needed to take him whole, to make him his, maybe so that he would finally understand what it was about him that made him so… freaking heroic.

Deku’s mouth was hanging open on a silent scream and Katsuki wanted to bite his shoulder, he wanted to scratch him bloody so maybe his rage wouldn’t reach him all the way inside.

Maybe he can come down to my level, but I don’t want…

“If you scream…” he started, his voice a bloody mess of sounds.

“I’ll kill you,” Deku supplied. “I’ll kill you, Kacchan.”

Damn, damn, fuck!

“You’d never do that, you...”

Gutless coward. Useless… The insults melted into pain and pleasure and all he could think was how perfect he felt. Following the tug of Deku’s hands, rocking his hips into him, one hand reaching for his face, his fingers finding his mouth, breath hissing as Izuku bit on them instead of licking them clean.

“If you… if you don’t fuck me like that after today,” the green-haired teen stated. “I’ll kill you.”

“Shit, Deku.”


“Yeah. Moan like that. Just not… too loud.”

“It hurts, Kacchan.”

Bakugo retorted by pinching his nipple, twisting it around, his desperate grunt as Deku clenched around him sounding like a whimper.

“I can’t…”


They were molded to the same frame, Deku’s hands falling back to his front so he could hold himself against the wall as Bakugo simply held him closer, cumming like he’d never done before.

Their cheeks brushed, their knees threatening to buckle and they both leaned forward, foreheads pressed to the cold tiles. Words sounded foreign and they were still riding a wave of strange, exhilarating intimacy. Katsuki ghosted Deku’s sides. Moaned on top of his strangled sigh and planted a small peck on one shoulder blade. Those freckled shoulders. His left ear.


That doubtful and curious voice was killing him.

Now, I wash ‘Zuku’s ass,” Bakugo tried to laugh, but his voice was warm, cracking on the surname.

He felt spent and overwhelmed and a part of him wanted to turn Deku around so he could…

I need to see him. His damn eyes…

Memories of the past flooded his mind, rushing his brain with all the contradiction laying behind his violent impulse, so he just buried his face against the crook of Deku’s neck, allowing himself a minute longer of that warm, rosy skin against his. A minute more of breathing in sync with him, of telling himself Deku belonged to him and no one else. When he ran, Deku would follow. When he attacked, he struck back. And when he fucked him, he…

“Stay still, ‘kay?”

‘Kay?! What are you, a goddamn schoolgirl?

Deku couldn’t help a whimper as Bakugo pulled away from him, his body instantly missing his warmth, but he stayed still, his head leaning to the side as he was dying to look around. Despite that, his neck followed when the dirty blond pushed his face back to the wall. The gesture wasn’t rough, and the sparks were all gone, replaced with shivers, doubts and something too soft for Katsuki to handle. He couldn’t stand his gaze. And taking in the result of his first… their first time. The bruises from the training and the scratches and bite marks all over Izuku’s body.

He should look so frail, but he’s just…

Open. Thrusting. Pure until Bakugo had laid his hands on him with all the pent-up energy he’d never suspected himself.

Stretching his arm over his head, Bakugo shifted the water spray, shivering at how freezing it felt. They both smelled of soap and sweets by now and for once he didn’t mind it. Deku had said he smelled sweet… The sparks were going off in his heart and he bit on his tongue, drawing blood as the green-haired teenager yelped under the spray of cold water. Bakugo’s free hand followed the droplets on Deku’s skin, drawing shivers that had nothing to do with the cold, stopping on larger freckles, stroking the edges of scars he hadn’t seen before. He teased his asshole, wondering why seeing his own semen dripping out was making his breath catch.

You can’t take it back. There’s no untainting him.

Washing him thoroughly might ease some of the guilt, but what else was he supposed to do? That loser had no right making him feel like that.

Looking down at himself for just a second, Bakugo realized he had finger-shaped bruises all over his thighs. His throat tightened. They both looked like victims at the very least. If they’d trained less, he might have wanted more, but he needed to get walls around himself before his legs gave out.

Deku wrapped one arm around himself, shivering so hard, his teeth were chattering together. He reached for the knobs with his free hand, turning the water off, Bakugo holding back on the thought he still hadn’t washed his front. He dropped the shower’s head instead, taking his hand away from all those freckles and taunt muscles. The small fry wasn’t small anymore. It was no fry. Or maybe he’d fried his system with one kick or a punch.

Izuku turned around, realizing that Bakugo was shaking just as much as him. Their breathing was coming out in small huffs of mist, and yet all they could do as their eyes locked together was stand still, staring away. Deku hoped the burning tingle would leave eventually, because sitting down wasn’t very appealing, even though his legs only held thanks to his knees having locked between the thirteenth and the twentieth trust.

Bakugo eyes were bloodshot, his eyelids heavier than usual, his shoulders drawn inward. He looked like he needed a hug and while he jumped at Deku’s first step toward him, he didn’t run or snap. The smaller boy erased the space between them, his arms wrapping around his waist, not minding how awkward it was to hug him naked. If anything, he could pretend he was looking for warmth. Stating his intention to help would get him a slap, so Izuku held his tongue, shocked to find Bakugo tentatively melting into his embrace. The hairs on their necks were raising, but the hug was awkwardly mirrored, their hands remaining on each other’s back, the shivers too strong for heat to take over the blood rushing back to their hearts.

“That was an interesting… extension to our training,” Deku commented, mesmerized by the way Bakugo huffed in answer and how it made his abs shift against his own.

His lips brushed against Bakugo’s collarbone, his heart beating too fast.

“You’d better not train like this with anyone else,” Katsuki snapped, his fingers weaving through his damp locks as he held him closer for just a few seconds.

Deku laughed at that and something broke. It didn’t snap, it didn’t bend, it broke in thousand of tiny pieces as Bakugo realized this might have been the first time he’d ever elicited such a sound from his not-so-useless-anymore friend.

Did that sound ever really bother you?

“You do need some training, Kacchan. That was supposed to feel good for me too!”

It did bother him. It aggravated him immensely! Bakugo could have shoved him off right then, but Deku held on to him fiercely, his arms strong, offering him a sheepish smile. From this close up, it was more effective than a Texas Smash! Which meant he needed some actual breathing room before blowing that guy up for being so freakingly adorable. He pinched Deku’s waist to weaken his hold on him, stepping back and nearly slipped on the damp floor, which had to be why his voice sounded so strange as he yelled, “I did all the fucking work, you…!”

Deku’s nerves were about ready to melt and as he sensed the sweet smell on Bakugo souring to the familiar burnt sugar, he decided being this sore was enough for one sexual encounter. But the words came out faster than he could will himself to hold them back.

“You’re not going to make me apologize for this?!” Izuku asked, disbelief written all over his face.

Bakugo had the decency to blush. One might argue that despite him pouncing first, Deku had totally jumped on the occasion to entice him and welcomed every attention. Damn, blinking was enough to remember the feel of his hard cock held with his in those scarred hands and the blood threatened to rush back to the wrong places.

“HELL NO!” Bakugo shot back. “Just forget this ever happened!”

Izuku winced as he tried to take a step forward, suddenly self-conscious and covering his crotch with both hands. He wasn’t that small, but it was so freaking cold!

“You picked the wrong partner for that, Kacchan.”

“Stop calling me that!”

“Kacchan, Kacchan, Kacchan,” Deku chanted back, even though it felt wrong to rile him up.

This whole encounter had made him realize just how much power he had on Bakugo and, deep down, it was almost as satisfying as his denied second orgasm to drive Katsuki up a wall.

“Shut the hell up!”

What followed would have been pretty typical for Bakugo and Deku, considering breaking down school’s property as they fought was common by now. The part that remained a mystery for everyone was why Aizawa had seen Bakugo naked when he finally got on the scene. And also, why Deku had been wearing Bakugo’s pants as he snuck back into the dorms…

While the teenagers still argued and got into fights, something had changed about their relationship. They had two very separate kind of trainings now and everyone was suspecting something when the pair managed to sync their effort during a paired exam. No bickering, just some banter and a few, super heavy looks exchanged. Deku had found a label for it, finding it hard to accept it was part of his life even though he needed it so much, the idea of going back to before was preposterous. Bakugo was his buddy now. His fuck buddy…

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“I swear, it looks like these two have a code,” Jiro commented after seeing how Deku had exited the common room precisely 3 minutes after Bakugo had called him a damn nerd for no apparent reason.

“A code?” Mineta wondered.

Momo gave a nod, joining the questioning about their classmates’s behavior.

“The name-calling never happens in classes anymore,” she noted, “only when we’re off and Deku always disappears not too long after it.”

“Where the hell do you think Deku is going?” Kaminari asked, eyebrows crossed.

“Does that really concern us?” Uraraka observed.

Her usual flush was redder than normal and the girls of the class picked up on it.

“Something you know, Ochako?” Mina instantly leaned into the brunette, wrapping one arm around her shoulders.

“I… N… No!”

Although Ochako had heard things that left her with little doubts as to what the pair of boys could be up to… And she suspected that Deku had his own code-word to signal Bakugo he’d better meet up with him for whatever it was they were doing on such a regular basis.

“Come on, share with us!”

“It’s none of our business,” she insisted, starting to float as her nerves took over.

Todoroki had been sitting quietly in a corner of the room, but he raised one brown in alarm at how high-pitched Ochako’s voice was getting.

“Guys, it’s clear you’re making Ochako uncomfortable! Please refrain from pushing her around!” Iida interfered, moving one arm up and down in what he believed was a call for orderly conduct to his classmates.

“Common Iida, even you must have perceived how things have changed with these two. Ever since that locker fight, they’ve been thick as thieves on the battlefield.”

Kirishima wagged a finger.

“They’ve been training nonstop together, that’s what’s changed!”

While the whole class debated on the definitive changes they’d seen, Deku was letting Bakugo into his room, totally oblivious to the fact they’d been too obvious about their little arrangement.

“Are you sure that we should meet in the middle of the day?”

“You were quite eager two days ago, ‘Zuku,” Bakugo reminded him with a predatory smirk.

“Don’t let it get to your head,” the green-haired teen warned him. “I’m pretty certain I could handle no secret meeting for much longer than you.”

Katsuki took a quick look around the room. It was as neat and tidy as usual, with just two or three All Might’s posters too many staring at him from the walls. God, he kept on forgetting why he preferred to have Izuku sneaking into his room. He didn’t need the added pressure coming with that imperturbable grin coming from every side of the room.

“So, wanna skip today? I was thinking of being extra-fucking-kind to you.”

The hot-and-heavy look he gave Deku made him feel as though he was already naked, the blush rushing all the way to his ears. Katsuki had admitted to himself a few weeks ago that he just loved the way his nerd reacted to his unguarded desire. Facing the fact he considered the nerd his was something else entirely.

“Like, you’re not going to leave any mark?” Izuku tried his luck.

“Not making any promises,” Bakugo answered, pushing against Deku’s chest with two fingers.

The nerd didn’t budge, raising one brow at him, clearly intent on getting a clear answer before to just play along.

“Aizawa is pairing me up with Tsuyu for aqua terrain training in two days.”

“So wear a full suit instead of swimming trunks. You’d get sunburnt anyway.”

Izuku ducked the hand reaching for his waistband, crossing his arms over his chest.

“I’m fine with you being on top every time and all the secrecy, but you’re already making my life pretty hard, Kacchan.”

Katsuki fought against the pull at his heartstrings. The damn nickname was making him even softer than before. He slung his shirt off his shoulders, his shoes already given up by the window, and he shrugged his pants off, turning smug as he noticed the triple take Deku made. His nerd was so honest about everything.

“Okay, no marks in places people will see. Now strip.”

“Sir, yes, sir!”

Deku ripped off his shirt in his haste, which made Bakugo chuckle. For being the one to complain about being more discreet, Deku had destroyed pieces of clothing from them both at almost every of their “encounters”. It made something rumble in his chest, because he was the one making him that frantic. Never mind how quiet and soft Izuku looked. He had the same storm running beneath his veins as Katsuki and they fed off of each other.

“So you did miss me,” Bakugo teased.

Deku nodded, most of his pride gone, curiosity and excitement replacing it all. How he managed to look that pure while throwing off his own clothes still left Bakugo dumbfounded, but he focused on the here and now. There weren’t butterflies in his chest and he wasn’t going to blush while stating what he had in mind for their first round, actually, not saying it was the way to go, he would just act.

He tugged down at Deku’s boxers with his teeth, relishing the slow shiver that ran over his partner’s body. Why did sex feel that powerful? He rolled Deku to his side, helping him out of his boxers, their feet pointing in opposite directions. His breath fell on Izuku’s skin, his cock raising a little.


His voice cracked as he realized where Bakugo wanted to put his mouth. Over the past few months, the fire-cracker of a future hero had insisted on pleasing each other fairly. And Deku being the giver that he was, he was still getting around the fact Bakugo wanted to make him feel good. He knew it was bound to happen, even if they pushed each other around and hadn’t shared a real kiss yet. Katsuki had made sure he’d kissed everywhere else, the very thoughts of a few spots making Deku blush even in class.

“Just do what I do,” Bakugo encouraged him, teasing him with his fingers as his lips ghosted the tender skin of his inner thigh.


Giving head to each other at the same time was certainly new and while Deku had learned what Bakugo liked on that front, he couldn’t help the swelling of his own heart at the idea his friend trusted him enough to allow it outright. Every touch he gave to Kacchan was hardly fought for, every inch of skin he could access a small victory in his mind and now, the crotch he’d sought for was offered to him on a freaking platter! Meanwhile Bakugo got busy with him, grazing his balls, cupping them playfully while making sure his cock was up for more.

“Easy,” Deku warned him, gulping down as he wondered if he was reading too much into all of this, as he did for pretty much everything.

“Less talking, ‘Zuku,” Katsuki whispered, pushing his hips forward for emphasis.

Deku gulped down, struggling a little to free his partner from his briefs. He let them around his ankles, the urge to taste Bakugo’s skin too strong, not to mention he was about to panic if he didn’t focus on the whole of him and not only the things the dirty blond was doing to his nether regions.


His nose brushed against blond and curly hairs. The sweet sweat was already all over Bakugo even though he’d tried washing it off. Deku wrapped one hand around his erected cock, planting hungry kisses all over his hips and thighs.

“Sounds like you’re improvising instead of doing like me,” Katsuki huffed.

“Don’t talk right to my dick, it feels weird!”

They both laughed, happy for the break in the underlying tension. It was a short break, Deku gasping out loud when Bakugo’s mouth covered him, the green-haired teen stroking him in return and brushing his tip to his lips. It felt so hard to focus, so hard to know how to properly lean against each other. Izuku’s hips wanted to shift and he was tensed from holding back, because he knew how choking on someone felt and he wasn’t going to do that to his Kacchan.

It hadn’t taken long for them to realize they were both traumatized from their respective encounter with the sludge villain. He’d invaded every space he could and while Bakugo had played it cool and Deku had been too focused on being on the verge of dying, the wants that came between them reminded both teenagers of that trauma. The first blowjobs had been a bit of a nightmare, Deku’s throat seizing as he feared he would lack air, Bakugo insisting he was fine despite the tears and how much he shook. They’d bullied each other past the fear, like the overachievers that they were.

“If you’re going to lick it, better do it properly!”

True to his word, Bakugo’s tongue was warm and soft, so soft the fact it was usually sharp had to be a lie. Deku whined despite his best intentions and his partner’s fingers dug a little more into his thighs, bringing him even closer. The green-haired teen wrapped his mouth around him, his next moan sending waves of pleasure through Katsuki.

Shit, better hurry before I blank out on him, Bakugo thought.

Before the locker room incident, he would have never imagined himself doing anything like this. But sex with Deku was great. It was more than great. And he wanted to treat him right. His jaw was aching a little but Izuku’s shivers were mind-blowing.

If I can make him feel this fucking good, it’s gotta mean I’m better than they think, doesn’t it?

Wishful thinking. He wasn’t supposed to think around Deku. Not when they were naked and panting and sucking each other off like bloody animals.

They bucked into each other, trying to mimic the touches, the tongue twirling and the head-bobbing but they were too honest to change, too open to fall into a masquerade of how they’d rather treat each other. Deku came first, even though he desperately wanted to win the race this time around, blaming the fact he thought too much, Bakugo gagging a little on all the semen filling his mouth and throat. He never caught it all, he always pulled back a little, to see how Deku’s cock would fall and bounce, to have a sense of the quivers following the bliss. It didn’t feel dirty like it once did. He didn’t feel dirty for loving the fact he could do this to Izuku. But then his hips thrusted forward and he had nothing to shush him, all he could do was grasp to Deku’s butt as he pressed his face against his thigh, a violent moan making its way past his throat.

How deep was the nerd taking him?! His brain fought to stick with worries outside of the sheer sensations overflowing him.

“Don’t take it all in, Dek…”

A muffled groan from his green-haired partner and Bakugo was over the edge, his gasping moan sounding broken as he hollowed himself.

“I told you before, you don’t have to…”

But Deku swallowed most of it, gasping for air and lifting one hand to his mouth to wipe off the few white drops hanging at the corner.

Shit! Shit, he’s doing it again.

He was way too hot for him to handle!

Bakugo wanted to shift over so he could hold his cute nerd, but Deku’s face went back to his hips, peppering him with kisses and nibbles and he was far too sensitive not to gasp and arch pathetically in answer. Izuku had shuffled around just enough to keep his own oversensitive lower half out of reach from his fuck buddy, digging his teeth in his flesh like Katsuki would usually do.


“Don’t be a baby, you can totally handle this,” Deku teased him.

“Wait, you’re…”

Deku’s hair was brushing against his dick, tickling his skin and that had to be dirty, he didn’t want his nerd dirty, but his lips were sucking on a spot so high up his thigh, and his nerves were giving way… all Bakugo could do to muffle his reaction was to cover his mouth with both hands. The green-haired teenager sucked until he was sure the mark would stay, kissing the soreness away and giving an innocent look to Bakugo when he finally snapped out of his little trance. The red eyes he met were filled with questions.

“I don’t expect anyone to see that spot of you, Kacchan.”

“You damn…!”

“Now we’re even.”

“You think that makes us even?!”

As Bakugo gestured to raise himself up, Deku pushed against his chest, raising his free hand to his mouth. He put one finger in, bringing it back shiny with saliva and what little cum was left inside.

“Ever wondered how you tasted, Kacchan?”

How many times is he gonna kill me like that?!

Katsuki was blushing for a dozen different reasons and he wanted to knock some sense into Deku, because of course he knew what he tasted like, but it sounded wrong and…

“If you try kissing me, I’ll kill you!” he warned him instead.

There was a sadness to those green eyes now, even if it veiled back up to the mischievous spirit Bakugo had awoken with that first shower.

“Here,”Deku offered, tracing his parted lip with his wet finger.

With three rapid blinks the only proof of his shock, Katsuki allowed the finger in, his tongue darting out against his better judgment. Their tastes were mixed in his mouth now and Deku made sure to brush along his tongue and explore the offered cavity until he was satisfied, Bakugo swallowing and blushing a little more.

“You’re a goddamn pervert,” he half-heartedly snapped, knowing there was little he could cover at this point.

Izuku paled, because it sounded like he was alone with that tag, but the bite remained strong in him.

“Says the one who insisted we sixty-nine out of nowhere.”

“I just… I guessed you were still sore from the last time,” Bakugo grumbled under his breath.

The green-haired boy flushed, almost tearing up as he realized his friend had been worrying about his sake.

“I told you not to push yourself for me…”

“You little shit think I fucking pushed myself?!”

Deku hung his head, his shoulders lowering and Bakugo couldn’t face the idea the nerd was looking down at him anymore. He tugged on his arm, kicking off the stupid briefs that were still hanging around his ankles, and gently had Izuku lying on his side, wrapping himself around his back.

Where was that sudden softness coming from? The green haired teenager wondered.

Bakugo would never allow them to be face to face for long, even when they switched positions and while they were getting creative every now and then, Deku had memorized the pattern of his linen sheets quite well in the past few months from looking at them from too close.

“It sounded like you were gagging at one point,” Deku noted, struggling to look around and into his eyes, only to be tugged even closer to his partner.

“I was freaking fine,” Bakugo opposed.

“Okay. That’s good.”

Izuku seemed to deflate against him, his body sinking more than it relaxed.

“I don’t want you to leave,” he confessed after letting the silence wash away what was left of the exhilaration.

“You moron know we can’t both walk out of your room for dinner,” Katsuki shot back.

A sharp intake of breath and Deku was making himself even smaller.

“I know.”

The pain in his voice worked better than a slap to the face. He should have left then and there. Give the loser who hadn’t lost in a while a chance to ground himself a little. But he was just as open as him.


What are we doing, Kacchan?”

“Waiting until your heartbeat calms down?”

He was bad at humor. He knew how to be sharp, how to be rough, and cool, and cold, but comforting someone… Why did he even want to comfort him?

“It can’t… Shit, Bakugo, quit hugging me already!”

This time, they both used their full strength against each other, Bakugo only winning because hearing his family name in Izuku’s mouth had put him on red alert.

“No,” he said firmly. “First you’re going to tell me what the fuck is wrong.”

He knew what Deku would say. He knew but they’d been dancing around that question, pretending this was their own personal training, some extra-curricular lesson, hormones acting up, all the stupid excuses one could think of.

“Aren’t you tired of me already? If I’m such a moron and a loser…”

Dammit, Katsuki, why can’t you just stick to calling him ‘Zuku?


Hesitating would normally drive him mad but this felt important. Would he lose the “side-training time” they shared if he said the wrong words? His right hand clenched on Deku’s wrist, too rough, too harsh in his need to make sure he was really there.


The word came out without thinking, tumbling off his lips even though he’d barely ever used it, “sorry.”

Deku froze, an outright whimper shaking him from head to toes.


Had Katsuki Bakugo just admitted he was wrong? And why was all the pain Izuku had ever kept at bay rushing back to his very core now?

He elbowed Bakugo’s ribs, rolling over and snapping as soon as he met the scared look in those red eyes.

“Say it again,” he demanded.

His anger was so potent, Katsuki could almost taste it, and it dug deep into all the blame he’d buried beneath every wall. Green eyes shooting daggers at him. Green eyes that had never held contempt, that had always looked up to him, looked after him. A blink and he could see the Izuku from his childhood. The Izuku he’d called worthless. The useless and never backing down kid he’d pushed around, and kicked on the back…

“You’re so useless, you’d be better off killing yourself.”

I didn’t mean that. He…

Bakugo blinked and barely kept his calm when Deku insisted, shoving him backwards with both hands hitting his chest. “Say it again!”

“I’m sorry. I’m… I mean it, De…”

God, even that name he’d given him. Somehow Izuku had turned it into something good, but all that shone beside the defiance in those green eyes was the pain right now.

Katsuki’s throat ached as a knot grew to the size of a freaking peach. He tried to breathe, but it was like his body didn’t know how. What if Deku had listened? Had he talked like that to anyone else? What kind of pathetic hero said stuff like that?!

“I’m sorry, I…” His arms started to shake and there was no spark, there was no fire inside, it burned his own flesh and his eyes were burning too. “Sorry, sorry, sorry.”

Deku was crying, staring at him as he repeated the apologies, as though saying it over and over might help him master the shame and all the guilt.


Bakugo’s shoulders shook and he pulled at his own hair in a desperate attempt to hide even though he never hid.

“I’m sorry. For being…” The tears rolled down and his voice cracked, his eyes straining to still look at Izuku.

His nerd was still crying, but his pain had shifted. His scarred hands reached out for him and Katsuki wished he could blow himself away, till his heart would be small enough not to hurt like this. Till every tiny part of him that had ever hurt his Deku would be gone.

“Hey, stop that, don’t hurt yourself,” Izuku begged.

He grabbed both of his wrists, shifting closer and Bakugo shook his head.

“I fucking hate myself sometimes, but I can’t… change how I am!”

There was so much anger, so much fear laced to his few strengths, so much need to prove himself better than everyone else. When everyone treats you as the top dog, it also means that everyone is looking for a way to make you trip from your mountain in order to watch you fall all the way down. And how afraid he’d been of failing. Of falling. Of being sided with the people who were wrong. And he’d ended up acting just like a villain himself.


That was the first time Deku had ever called him by his first name and it did things to him. His heart quivered and for once he wanted to be small, so small, maybe he’d look like the size he was beneath all the bravery and yelling. But he could feel Izuku’s hands in his hair. He followed his arms to hide against his chest, curling on himself and listening to the sound of Deku’s voice reverberating through his ribcage.

“It’s okay. I only needed to hear it once. I know you mean it. I know you always meant well.”

He was freaking sobbing by then, and he still struggled to piece words together.

“I’m not… as good as you. I’m no good. No good.”

There, the truth, the truth that had been haunting him for years and it was out in the open at last. Deku refused to leave it at that, stroking his hair and his back almost tenderly.

“Kacchan, you’re good. Why would you apologize so much otherwise?”

“If I was good, I wouldn’t… have to apologize to… begin with.”

“That’s ridiculous. We were kids. Kids are harsh.”

Well, I was harsher.

“I’ve already forgiven you, Kacchan, do you know that?”

His tears were warm on his cheeks, warm on Deku’s chest, but the knowledge that he was ready to forgive him all that shit just like that?


He shuffled backward, which was a tad too far considering the size of the bed, but Deku held his waist with one hand, cupping his face with the other as the small distance made it possible for their eyes to meet.

“You’re amazing, Kacchan. You excel at everything you try. You’re honest and fair and you push people because you want them to do better.”

Only when they have quirks.

Bakugo’s voice was gone. Deku still had a few tears falling down, but that crybaby had mastered the art of talking while crying. Meanwhile, Bakugo wasn’t sure he could move. The guilt was so heavy in every one of his limbs.

“How do you not hate me?”

A scarred thumb dried the tears from his left eye, Izuku giving him that sheepish smile that always had his last defenses crumbling.

“I never could. Would you believe that I tried at one point?”

How was he supposed to take that? How was he supposed to answer?

I did hate you, Deku, that’s how awful I am, but now…

He didn’t know anything anymore, except that he was so open, his heart might as well have been bleeding out on that bed.

“Maybe you should try harder. I can make it easy for you,” Katsuki heard himself saying.

Izuku let out a frustrated growl, his hand in his hair settling against his nape. The nerd dove in and Katsuki remained where he was, still too shaken, still crying even though he somehow felt better. Deku’s lips on his mouth electrified him and he tried resisting, only to realize how right it felt.

“How come this is the easiest thing we’ve ever done, huh?”

Bakugo shook his head. He knew deep down, but as long as he didn’t recognize it, he had the right to pretend he didn’t.

“I said not to…”

Deku kissed him a little harder, a little deeper and all the protests died against that tongue. Shit, why hadn’t he done that before? It was crossing a line, but it was hardly worse than actually fucking his nerd, was it?

The 6 pm clock rung, making them jump, teeth clicking together, the taste lingering behind both sweet and salty. Deku stared at him, wide-eyed and his lips redder than their usual. The last thing Katsuki wanted to do was to let go of him.

“I think I have snacks somewhere.”

“Okay. Okay. Fuck everything else, get back here.”

The next kiss tasted more like a smile. Like the mint and pinewood Bakugo was growing to adore. They spent the rest of the night together, falling asleep in each other arms, their hearts heavy with everything that was still left to be said.

But at least they’d taken another step.

Chapter Text

Since the academy was sending them back home for the holidays, the A class had agreed on exchanging gifts on their last day of school. Everyone had chipped in for the decorations and while they had absolutely refused to make a secret santa – Bakugo had been clear about the fact he wouldn’t give anything to anyone no matter which name he might pull- a load of gifts had appeared in the common room, some wrapped up better than the others, but they were all prepared with care.

“Is that the collector edition Blu-ray of Midnight’s debut?!” Mineta exclaimed.

“We had to renew your material. And safeguard the girls of our class.” Cero, Kirishima and Sato explained. The last goal was mostly Kirishima’s, and he was grateful for how high Hakagure was yelling in front of her own gift.

There was a lot of torn up paper and while Iida begged his classmates to pick it up orderly, he lost most of his focus on being the example student when he realized Deku and Ochako had prepared him a gift of his own.

“Those shoes are… you guys really didn’t have to… I…”

Tears were showing in his eyes and while everyone insisted that he was well worth a thoughtful gift, Bakugo couldn’t help gritting his teeth a little more.

This kind of celebration always put him on edge. Even around his parents, he never knew what he was supposed to do to make them smile or what kind of gift could be nice. And this year had been quite nerve-wrecking since he couldn’t help wondering what Deku might want if he was to…

The exchanges went on, girls squealing, and the guys doing the same too. Kirishima had bought him a new black hoodie, after noticing how frayed and banged up his old one was.

Momo had insisted on giving everyone their everyone tea cup and a few teabags of the brand she thought fitted them the most. Aoyama wanted to have the whole class enjoying a cheese sampling, and some of those things smelled something awful!

But Bakugo lost it completely only when Todoroki worked up the nerve to push a blue-wrapped giftbox into Deku’s hands.

“Oh!” The smaller boy looked up in surprise, a smile spreading on his face.

That heart-warming tentative smile of his that meant he was flustered.

“I’m sorry, I had no idea what to get you,” Deku apolozied, “so I just gave Yaoyorozu some ideas…” Momo had settled for a knitted pull that Todoroki had accepted to wear after all the guys insisted it was rude not to. The blue wool woven with white strands took away some of his sharpness, and he smiled back to Deku.

“You’ve helped me a lot during the tournament,” Shoto reminded him. “And even after that. Seemed fair to try and repay your kindness.”

Since Todoroki almost never talked, the rest of their group was observing the exchange, Bakugo already seething from how close the two boys were standing. What was Todoroki’s real goal? Why did he smile like that to his nerd? Deku undid the gift paper and almost screamed in delight.

“Tickets for the new movie of Ultra Mutant Wizard Musashi!?”

Izuku’s excitement was so palpable, more heads turned, and Todoroki stood still, as though he didn’t understand Deku’s reaction.

“I heard you mentioned you liked that franchise…”

Bakugo cursed inwardly as he wondered when that fucking mention had happened. He kept pretending he wasn’t paying attention to Izuku in class and during the training with the rest of this rift-raft, but he listened intently to everything he could catch and he’d never…

Why does it matter?! He chided himself.

“That’s awesome! Have you seen it already, Todoroki?” The half and half shook his head and Deku beamed a little more. “Why don’t we go watch it together?”

Warning signals popped all over Bakugo’s head and he moved without thinking, his eyes sharp and his hair even more spiked up than normal as fume came off his palms.

“Absolutely not!” he bellowed, putting himself between both boys.

“What?” Izuku asked.

“What’s the deal?” Kaminari added.

“Are you angry because you didn’t get a bigger gift?” Kirishima wondered.

“Shut the hell up! Who’d be angry for such a shitty reason! There’s just no way I’d let hot’n’cold take Deku out to the movies!”

Bakugo’s serious declaration was met with utter silence, outside of a strangled “gero?” escaping Tsuyu.

“Kacchan, that’s ridiculous,” Izuku objected.

The sparks went out, Todoroki instinctively creating ice over his arm in case he needed to protect the class from Bakugo’s outburst. But it wasn’t over and Deku received the brunt of his words, which were still yelled at everyone but mostly the green-haired teen, Ground Zero barely thinking of what his anger was letting transpire.

“I said you’re fucking not going out with him and that’s final!”

A dreadful silence settled at that, Izuku blinking and staring at Bakugo as though he had just blown off half the school.

“Oh.My.God. Jiro you were right!” Hakagure whispered.

Realization dawned on Katsuki as he let out the breath he’d been holding, taking notice of the shock written on everyone’s else faces. Not just Deku. Had he just said…?

Shit, shit, shit.

“I don’t think Todoroki was asking Midoriya out, Bakugo,” Iida interfered.

The glare Bakugo gave him was enough for even Tenya to take a step back, beads of sweat rolling down his neck.

“I… I mean…”

“Nobody cares what the hell you meant, you tin man!”

“Bakugo,” Izuku cut in, squaring his jaw to show he meant business. “You don’t get to talk to Iida like that. And you don’t get to decide whether I use those tickets to go see a movie with Todoroki or whoever else I want to invite. There are four tickets anyway!”

“Was I supposed to know that, stupid nerd?!”

Todoroki was looking at the whole altercation going on, still alert and willing to interfere if needed, but he also felt bad for somehow starting it. Momo gestured for him to move back with the rest of the class, since the quarrel seemed to concern Bakugo and Midoriya more than anyone else in the class.

“But did you take time to understand what was going on?” Deku shot back.

He had half a mind to grab Bakugo’s collar or punch his face, but that would only make things worse and he needed to be wise for the both of them. The dirty blond snarled, his teeth clenched too hard, the fumes gone but the burnt sugar smell was all over him, serving as a warning to the next blow.

“Watch it, piece of…”

Thunder ran through Deku’s eyes and he almost snarled back. But he needed to rewind this whole mess before the common room turned into a battle zone and he knew something else hid behind Bakugo’s words.

“Why don’t you tell everyone why you feel so entitled about who keeps me company, Kacchan?”

That effectively reminded Katsuki that for once, they had an audience and he gulped, although almost imperceptibly. His red eyes blinked once and twice, a tremble running through his whole frame and Deku saw the spark of pure fear. The same fear he’d had in him when Izuku had first moved without thinking.

Don’t do that to me. Haven’t I exposed myself enough?

Something ached in Deku’s chest at the knowledge his Kacchan needed saving from himself this time. The look they shared lasted an eternity, feelings colliding as thoughts refused to carry themselves to the other side.

“Guys, we… Kacchan and I need to talk. I’m really grateful for the gift. All of them,” Deku said, his face turning soft as he managed a smile that could encourage all of their friends.

The rest of class A nodded, and it was Ochako who gestured to the hallway, Deku exchanging another look with Bakugo, shrugging to tell him it was his decision in the long run, the dirty-blond cursing and stalking off without a single glance to the others. Izuku was hot on his heels and the class heaved a long sigh as the tension barely lifted with their absence.

“Holy heck!” Kaminari whispered.

“The stuff we heard the other day then, it wasn’t either of them watching porn!” Mineta added, looking petrified.

“I told you so!” Cero insisted.

The more mature of their classmates exchanged looks, hoping things would be for the best. Meanwhile, Todoroki was still shell-shocked.

“What did I do wrong?” he asked.

Ochako stilled her courage. It seemed it was about time she explained a few things to her classmates about those two.

When Bakugo seemed about ready to stop his stalking in the middle of the hallway, Deku grabbed him by the wrist and led him to his own room, hoping the familiar space would help one of them -if not both- to calm down. Only then did he realize that the movie tickets were still held tightly between his fingers. But to Izuku’s own surprise, he was the first one to yell.

“What was that?! When you insist on being discreet…?”

“Did you see how you smiled at him? It’s just some stupid movie!”

“Excuse me for being happy to receive a gift from a friend! Do you know how often that happened in my life? How many birthdays I had alone after everyone realized I’d never had a quirk? I was just grateful!”

Bakugo deflated at the notion, unable to push away the idea he’d failed him. Again. In fact… Like he always did. It left an awful taste in his mouth.

“I just needed more time…” he grumbled, looking away for a few seconds.

“More time for what? To attack Todoroki for being nice? I’d invited you to the theater if you wanted, we could have said we were going as friends…”

“I’m tired of that. Of not even being your friend when we…” He found himself unable to put on label on it, like he always did, and it infuriated him so much, because it hurt and Izuku was listening, arms crossed over his chest and it felt like Bakugo was the loser. “Fuck, Deku, I wanted to find a gift and get you to smile like that!” he blurted out, hating himself for blushing.

But the green-haired teenager’s mouth fell open and something like hope shone in his deep green eyes. Standing apart from him right now with his heart already half open was killing Katsuki.

“You… So this was you being jealous? Kacchan, we live in the same city, we could meet on Christmas if we wanted to, all you had to do was…”

“You don’t fucking understand, I’m bad with people! All I know is how to rile ‘em up. And I wasn’t out of line back there. You’re mine.”

Izuku paled, his ears flushing, and he did the one thing Bakugo hadn’t expected. He took a step back and started shaking his head from left to right.

“No, I’m not. When did you decide that?”

Oh god. This was going so badly.

“I… ‘Zuk…”

“My name’s Izuku! Not Deku, not ‘Zuku! Why would I be yours if all we ever do together is fuck?”

Deku’s voice broke on the last word and somehow that was worse than any punch to the face Bakugo had ever received.

“Like you’d want to have anything to do with me outside of fucking,” Katsuki managed despite how tight his throat felt.

If he’d been able to look up, he’d see those eyes he liked so much were rounder than they’d ever been.

“You’re kidding me, right?”

“I don’t do jokes, Dek… Dammit!” Bakugo slapped his own head with both hands, barely holding back on a furious scream. The tears were leaking out now and his heart was beating too fast, but Deku was listening and he owed him this after all the fucking shit he’d put him through. So he pushed his voice further up his throat. Swallowed. Nearly choked on his spit and his stupid, aching heart but the words came. “They told me all my life I was perfect but I’m not, okay? You little shit kept acting like I was, and I kept trying but I tripped every now and then, and I might have needed help even though I fucking hate it, and I can’t tell when people need saving like you do, and I’m not nice like Scarface and… and…”

“No, no, no, Kacchan…!”

“You hate me, Deku. You hate me, and you let me use you because it was easy, maybe because it helped with your stupid self-esteem, but you had to see further than that. You always see further.”

Izuku reached one hand out to him and it was Bakugo’s turn to step away, the trembling running all over him by then.

“I don’t hate you, Kacchan.”

“But you don’t like me either, so what good does it do? It’s fucking fine though, I mean… No one ever liked me. You think the kids coming over for my birthdays cared?”

Deku blinked, his throat knotted up. Had he always been that blind to what Kacchan was going through? Had his cocky smiles and arrogance always been faked? Or was it the school and all the challenges coming with it? Was the pressure too much for his friend? It wasn’t only jealousy eating him up earlier. He had felt threatened. Everything that threatened him, everything that

“I… Kacch…”

“No, I’m not done yet,” Katsuki cut him off. “I… I may not be good enough right now, but…”

His voice faltered, and the sparks were all gone once more, he felt so damn powerless. Why was it so hard to say?

“Kacchan, please, stop. I have never snubbed you a day in my life. You were everything I wanted to be. Strong, and confident and…”

“Cool?” he offered, hating the fact Deku had used the past tense. Hating how accurate that tense was. “How cool do I look now?”

“You’re hurting yourself. Come here,” Izuku insisted, parting his arms for him.

He didn’t rush him, because Bakugo looked like a wounded beast by now, ready to take flight at the slightest sign of danger.

“No! I’m done making you feel like all we do is…”

“Hugging isn’t fucking. And if I don’t have your arms around me soon, I swear I’ll be a puddle of tears on the floor,” Izuku confessed.

“Don’t make fun of me for crying, dammit!” Katsuki tried swallowing back the stupid tears coming from his eyes, but no matter how hard he made his face, the flow kept going, endless. Maybe to catch up on all the crying he should have done before. “I need more than a fuck and a pat on the back. And you don’t have to be mine, but…”

His voice just couldn’t hold together long enough, damn it!

“You’re mine, aren’t you?” Deku understood. “All this time, I thought…” It hurt so much to remember the lies he used to tell himself, but Izuku pushed all the pain away to make place for the gentle truth Katsuki was laying at his feet. “My Kacchan. If you’re mine, I don’t mind being yours.”

A strangled sob and Bakugo took two steps forward, Deku meeting him halfway. They didn’t kiss right away, both too moved to look for anything more than warmth and support.

“Please. Please, ‘Zuku.”

“God, now I’m crying too, Kacchan.”

“See? I’m really bad at this. But I love you too much to just give up.”

“You what?!”

Bakugo squeezed him, burying his face in the hollow of his shoulders, a rumble rushing up his throat.

“Don’t expect me to repeat it today. Words that matter shouldn’t have to be repeated over and over.”

“But I wasn’t ready!” Deku protested.

“You think I was ready for how you make me feel, you…!”

“Nerd? Piece of shit?”

“Don’t-call-yourself-that,” Bakugo instantly warned him.


Katsuki pulled away from him enough to look into his eyes, finding the nerves to cup Deku’s face between both hands and the definite blush on his cheeks had the dirty-blond’s heart flipflopping through his chest.

“You’re my Deku. And I want you so bad because you’re fucking amazing.”

Damn. Izuku had no idea how he hadn’t died right on the spot just from hearing this and… That sincere look in those red eyes that held just a speck of fury at the idea Deku could diminish himself.

“Who are you and what have you done to my Kacch…?”

Bakugo shut him up with a kiss, his lips hungry and rough meeting a mouth dying for his touch. Izuku’s hands went from his back to his waist, tugging on his lover as he took a step back, Katsuki understanding instantly. In a matter of seconds, they were sitting on the bed, Deku running his fingers through blond locks, Bakugo straddling him without a care in the world. All that mattered was that wet kiss, the softness of their lips brushing, tangling and that fight of tongues that shifted to a dance and back to an outright battle for dominance. The needy whine that followed came from both teenagers, their breath mingling as Deku leaned back to lock his eyes with those red orbs.

“I love you,” he confessed, his cheeks flushed, and lips swollen, the daze not strong enough to prevent his eyes from wrapping Katsuki in the warmest blanket.

Shit. Maybe hearing that over and over could feel nice.

“You sure? Why are you still crying then?”

“I love you, Kacchan,” Izuku insisted. “I’m just… happier than I’ve felt in… pretty much forever.”

“Then smile for me.”

It didn’t sound like an order and while Deku complied, Katsuki couldn’t resist to the appeal of those lips, running his thumb along the lower one, smiling back as he felt Izuku grinding up into him.

“First you accuse us of only fucking and now look how you’re behaving.”

“Like you don’t like it. I know you, Katsuki.”

“Oh yeah?”

How could he feel so much lighter just from stating how he felt?!

“You’re wild and insatiable, Kacchan.”

Deku punctuated his words by squeezing his butt cheeks, not holding back anymore on the stuff he’d been thinking of doing to his partner. Bakugo pinned him to the bed, his hands on either side of Izuku’s head, his eyes shining with lust and something soft.

“And you’re…always driving me crazy,” he admitted.

The nerd blushed, his smile growing larger.

“Welcome to my life.”

“Are you trying to tell me I have some effect on you? Considering how you take everything with a blush and a yes?”

Kacchan was talking so much, Deku’s heart swelled at the thought they were finally on the same wavelength.

“You make me hard, and soft, and way bolder than I thought I could be.”

The following kiss was rough and demanding, Bakugo far too excited by the way Deku moaned against his hands and held him close. The touches were familiar, but everything felt better. He grunted disapprovingly when Izuku pushed him back, struggling to sit back up.

“You made me forget that our classmates are all…!”

“What?! What am I supposed to do for you to focus on me?”

“No, I’m here and very focused, I just… There’s a bus leaving in like… half an hour, we haven’t wish them nice holidays or…”


Deku blinked at his full name on Katsuki’s voice. His legs had parted instinctively, as though he needed to welcome him all, as though that name couldn’t come out without them getting closer than clothes allowed.

“Look at me,” Kacchan insisted.

Izuku obeyed, holding back his breath without even realizing.

“Today’s special for us. Let me be greedy.”

That reminded him that no matter what they did, Katsuki had always asked for his consent first. He’d never imagined such a violent boy could turn this sweet, but deep down he’d known. Taking it in now, fully tasting just how good it was to be on the receiving end of that crimson stare. To know no other eyes would see him in need, no other hands would cover his every shiver. Tears welled up, his heart threatening to burst.

“You’re so cute, Kacchan.”

His face shifted to the usual anger, a tiny spark popping on their left, throwing off a sheet from the bed.

“I told you not to call me that!”

“But you are. And sweet. And soft,” he added, running his fingers up his arms, slipping them under the sleeves of his shirt.

“I am not soft!”

To prove his words, Bakugo went in for a kiss even rougher than the one before, biting on Deku’s lower lip hard, making him squirm and tense, but his nerd answered to his fire with more fire and somehow it rippled through him. Izuku’s hands gathered all the fabric they could, pulling it up to expose Bakugo’s back and chest, a needy whine muffled by his lover’s lips the only warning before that he’d ripped the garment off.

“Would you stop doi…!”

Deku’s fingers teased his nipples, finding them already hard and the dirty-blond gasped into the touch, running his own hands down Izuku’s sides to bundle up his shirt and reach his warm skin.

“Kiss me more,” Deku begged.

“Needy brat. Where do you want it?”


“I’ll give you 26 kisses wherever you want. Just tell me where.”

Deku was scarlet red and held back on his instantaneous question “only 26?!”.

“I… I haven’t had time to take a shower yet and…”

“What dirty place are you thinking off, ‘Zuku?”

Bakugo helped him out of his shirt, his smirk downright predatory by then.

“My shoulder?” he suggested, wondering if this was a trap question or not. Sometime, he had no idea how to deal with Katsuki, but the dirty-blond was undoing his belt, slinging both his pants and boxers down, his red eyes roaming his body with a mix of glee and pure desire.

“You have plenty of spots to chose from. Are you sure about this one? You look like you need attention here,” Bakugo teased, his fingers giving a gentle flick to Deku’s hardening cock.

“Ah! No, I…”

“Look who’s been cute now. Blushing like a girl.”

“Hey! I resent that.”

Bakugo replied by peppering his right shoulder with kisses, making sure to nibble at the skin hard enough to leave a mark in his wake.

“Where next?”

Deku blinked, slowly losing the fight between wanting to sound proper and the fact he could give in to his basest instincts instead.

“How about… you kissed my lips again? And no biting!”

“Where’s your wild side gone to?”

Izuku couldn’t answer for a good two minutes, as he was being thoroughly kissed, Kacchan deftly exploring his mouth with his tongue. To both their surprise, the kiss ended up salty and Katsuki’s hands froze on his hips, his face paling.

“Why would you cry now?!”

“You almost never held me like that. Face to face. I can’t think of anywhere else I want to be kissed right now.”

Bakugo swallowed, his Adam apple moving up and down.

“So what, is your nose next?”

Not waiting for an answer, he gave Izuku a peck on the nose, and then on either of his cheeks. All those freckles hiding under flushed skin. He kissed the tears dry, drawing a path down Deku’s jaw. Small surprised sounds came out of his throat and eager scarred hands tugged at Bakugo’s pants, eliciting a low chuckle from the dirty-blond.

“About thirteen left,” Katsuki told him.

“What? That only made like seven!”

“And let you make sure things escalate like you want to? No fucking way.”

“Kacchan, please!”

His hands gripped the fabric still between them harder and Bakugo froze.

“You know, my parents being designers doesn’t mean I have infinite budget on clothes,” he observed, hiding his face against Deku’s neck, loving how the feel of his breath on his skin made Izuku shiver.

“I’m sorry, I’ll get a part-time job and…” the green-haired teen started apologizing.

“Slow down, nerd, you can still be eager. Just touch me some more.”

“Kacchan, no fair, I want to see your face when you tell me stuff like that.”

Katsuki’s head had travelled down, his teeth closing on one nipple and Deku couldn’t help the violent hiss that came out, moaning as his lover’s tongue eased the pain into pleasure.

“I’ll decide the next spots since you can’t make up your mind. Your abs are next.”

Deku almost squealed and Bakugo wondered why he had not dragged things out like this before. All the talking was new and despite the smug look on his face, he merely relied on the facts he already knew each of Deku’s weak spots to keep up the courage to even tease him so much. But every sound his nerd made…

“Kacchan, if you… ah! …if you keep this up, they’ll hear me!”

“That’d be one way to explain that stupid mess earlier. Now you try to hold on before coming, okay?”

And yes, Bakugo hated when he sounded this cute to his own ears, but his heart had swelled up too much, he couldn’t help it! If it wasn’t for a very swelled appendage he needed to ravish properly before allowing himself some actual release, he might have kept this up. But Deku had been panting, and blushing, and pleading, and begging for a while now. He seemed much more vulnerable now that their feelings were out in the open.

Bakugo took all of him in, a broken muffled sound escaping him as Deku followed the movement, gingerly sitting up and running his fingers through his blond locks, giving a very light tug on his hair. Their eyes met for an instant, Izuku looking about to come undone, biting on his lower lip to keep himself from screaming. He was so damn flushed.


Hold it, Katsuki thought.

“Please, stop before I…”

Scarred fingers pressed against his scalp and he pulled away right as Deku came, forced to close his eyes as cum threatened to blind him. Never mind how hot and bothered he was, Bakugo growled at the notion there was semen in his hair. Everywhere else was fine, dammit!

“Didn’t I tell you to hold it?!”

He could barely blink as it was and Deku shuffled backward, helping him up and into a sitting position across from him. He held Katsuki’s hands away from his face, gently but firmly.

“I’m sorry, I’m very sorry, that was just way too hot when you looked at me at the same time! Let me clean you up…”

Bakugo should have known a tongue would run across his eyelid after hearing that, but he still gasped.

“Deku, there’s no need to…”

“It’s your turn to be on the receiving end, Kacchan. Just lose that damn belt for me.”

While steadying his hold on Katsuki’s shoulder with one arm, Izuku had been teasing his very hard cock through the fabric of his pants and his intention was pretty damn clear. Bakugo obeyed, undoing his belt and shrugging his pants far down enough to give better access to his lover, a rumbling growl coming out as Deku took hold of him. And squeezed.


Deku’s lips covered his, muffling the following moans as the strokes became somewhat gentler, alternating between painfully quick and agonizingly slow.

“Izuku, wait… I want…”

“Can I be on top this time?”

Deku forcibly pushed him down on his back and Katsuki didn’t even want to resist, all he wanted was more friction, to sense him closer… He dug his fingers deeper in Deku’s butt cheeks, his hips bucking against his hand.

“I… yeah. Fuck, I just want to be inside you.”

“Still going to fuck you back one day. You can’t be a virgin forever.”

Deku toyed with his balls as he spoke and stroked, mercilessly stimulating his senses and his words were doing things to him. His green eyes held a promise and it might be the only reason why Katsuki was holding on. Just a little more and he would unravel between those godly hands.

“Deku, please…”

“Look at me, Kacchan. No, not my face, down… here.”

Down those tightening abs, and the green pubic hair and his twitching cock, already recovering somehow… Deku’s asshole was twitching open, even more eager. Katsuki grabbed his hips to give him some support, looking as Izuku guided the tip of his cock inside. Inch by delicious inch. The tightness was almost too much and when Bakugo thrusted forward, his lover retorted by raising himself too high.


“You can hold on longer than that, Kacchan, we both know it.”

“This isn’t fair!”

But Deku had an idea and while he hated being unfair, he wanted to follow it while he had Katsuki at his mercy.

“Were you a good boy this year?”

Where the hell was that coming from?

The dirty-blond couldn’t speak, his eyes expressive enough despite how lust-driven they were for Deku to know he was beyond shocked.

“Did you earn this Kacchan?”

“I just made you cum all over my face, dimwit! Are you going to let me fuck you or not?”

“Sounds like you’ve been a bad boy.”

Losing what little patience he had left, Bakugo brought Deku’s hips down, the green-haired teenager shifting so only their cocks would brush.

“Stop messing with me!”

“You want it that bad, huh?”

“God, why am I always playing nice and putting your needs first?”

Izuku felt bad at that and wrapped Katsuki in his arms, leaning chest to chest with him so he could kiss him with all his might. It was messy, threads of saliva sticking between them and Bakugo’s hands were impatient and rough, one reaching between them to stroke himself while he found Deku’s asshole and plunged two fingers in. They were both panting too hard and Izuku moaned and gasped louder than he usually did, but shit!

“I need to be inside you fucking-damn now.”

“Wanna bet on… how many thrusts you can last?” Deku offered, covering his stroking hand with his so his own cock could get some attention.

“If I do eight, you have to make me cum three more times as payback for this.”

Bakugo knew his pride had died as his brain registered what he’d just said. Eight miserable thrusts? But Deku went along with it, his hips quivering just from the fingers inside him.

“Twelve and… you’re on. Lose and I’m on top for the next two months.”


This time, Deku took him all in in one go, his warm flesh clenching all over Katsuki’s cock. They didn’t take time to adjust to each other, they could barely focus on the fact they were supposed to monitor their movement for the bet.

“Hold me steady, Katsuki.”

“Not that name,” Bakugo couldn’t help asking.

“Why? You twitch whenever I call you Katsu…ki!”

“Shit, Deku, I…”

He was so damn warm.

“Set the pace for us, Kacchan.”

Bakugo had half a mind about complaining that he should be held, but as Izuku reached back to cup his balls and stroke the base of his throbbing cock with his thumb with one hand, the sense of putting together words faded from his brain. Then he felt one finger teasing the rim of his asshole and couldn’t help a pathetic yelp when Deku followed through, leaning dangerously back as he rode him.

To say Deku hadn’t tried fingering him before would be a lie but trying was the important part. Somehow, Bakugo had always cut that short. For once there was one thing at which he was better than his nerd and he wanted to keep it that way. And well… He knew how high Deku could moan when that spot was hit. Did he want to lose control that much, to confide himself to his lover’s ministration fully and…

I fucking do, he thought as he thrusted up for the fourth time, his eyes and ears drinking in every detail. The small gasps, the trembling, the delicious tension and how many times Deku blinked, the concentrated look on his face as he tried to reach deeper inside while holding back on all the sensations Katsuki was giving him.

“You’re going to stretch something at this rate…”

“You,” Deku supplied. “God, you’re so warm, Kacchan.”

“No, I’m…”

A second digit went in and the rough finger-pads were stretching him, they were messing him up. It was beyond overwhelming, Bakugo couldn’t help the panicked sparks exploding in the air above them, Izuku yelping with him.

“And tight! It doesn’t hurt, does it?”

“Nnnn… Fuck, that’s cheating, ‘Zuku!”

Deku shifted a little more backward and somehow it brought Katsuki’s cock deeper in while Izuku’s fingers finally hit that spot.

Bakugo’s insides quivered and the shudder that ran through him was a ripple of a terrifying wave of pleasure, higher than what his nerves had ever registered. The green-haired teenager noticed the twitch in his right eye and how the following thrusts were messy jerking motions instead of the studied rocking Katsuki usually gave him.

“There we are, Kacchan.”

“No, no, slow down, slow…”

Bakugo slowed down his own motions, making sure the throbbing in his cock would draw out for just long enough, even if his eyes were threatening to roll back and his hands were clenching far too hard on Deku’s hips and his voice sounded broken and rough as he panted on every word.

“You need more, don’t you?”

A third finger went in and they spread him apart, Katsuki unable to hold back on a scream. It burned and ached so damn much, had he been that rough on his Deku?

Izuku paled, shaking with him, his index finger giving a poke to what he’d determined was Bakugo’s prostrate, Deku’s heart jumping as the new scream held more pleasure than pain.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, you make me feel so… Feral.”

Katsuki was angry for the tears gathering in his eyes and how his body instinctively begged for more of that intimate touch, so he gripped Deku’s hips, not caring for the bruises he was going to leave behind anymore.

“Take that you… stupid imp.”

The angle was weird and Izuku whimpered, only managing to keep his own ministrations going through his sheer will.

“Bully,” Deku shot back.

If he’d been fully in control of his wits, Bakugo might have fallen back to the usual guilt that went with that word, but Izuku was so deep inside with his damn fingers, he couldn’t think!

“You’re worse than I am!”

“You love me that way.”

“Shitty brat!”


“That makes ten of them. And… eleven…”

Deku crooked his fingers a little, despite how much his wrist was starting to ache, smiling at the way his lover shivered in answer. And the sounds that came out of his throat! Was that how glorious it was for Bakugo every time he made him climax?

“It’s very… hard to focus like this, isn’t it?”

“Fuck.You. Fuck you, fuck me!”

Deku’s fingers stilled as Bakugo finally came, his seed so warm inside, and when they started moving again, it was to make Katsuki shake and whimper, the dirty-blond covering his mouth with one hand.

“Touch me, Kacchan.”

“Please, ‘Zuku, it’s…”

“I screamed for you before, didn’t I?”

Bakugo wrapped one sweaty hand over Deku’s cock, giving him quick, hasty strokes that undid him in a matter of seconds. Their moans mixed together, a love cry that had nothing discreet to it, but at this point it was too good and neither of them could think clearly.

It was in a haze that they parted, neither teen feeling their legs through the soreness and numbness washing over. Deku’s nose poked against Katsuki’s chest, his lips articulating a kiss here and there as they desperately looked for air. Bakugo wrapped one arm around him, holding him to his heart, his head leaning back, throat fully exposed, the hard edges of his body soft and laxed from exhaustion. They stayed like this for a while, breathing in and out.

“So…” Izuku managed.

“So…” Bakugo whispered. “That was exactly twelve thrusts. Even though you cheated.”

“The last one didn’t count!”

“Like hell it didn’t count!”

“Katsuki, please, I don’t think I can… Do any more than this today. It feels like my body was blown to bits.”

Every muscle hurt. Bakugo reached out to grab Deku’s wrist, massaging it lazily.

“How were you even flexible enough to…?”

“I don’t know, it just hurt right now,” Izuku admitted. “But it was worth it. You looked freaking adorable.”

Bakugo felt his cheeks heating up at that and was grateful that Deku was too spent to hold himself up and see him blushing.

“I know what I’m getting you for Christmas,” Izuku grinned.

“Oh please, don’t say something dirty, I’ll kill you!”

“I thought you loved me?”

Izuku’s chin dug into his pec as the teen looked up and Bakugo lowered his head enough to lock his eyes with him, the blush still there.

“You’re lucky I do, cute nerd. Although you’re not getting away with everything you just did!”

Deku held his tongue at him and instead of snapping at the childish gesture, Katsuki softened.

“Come here,” he asked.

Kissing right after mind-blowing sex might be his favorite thing now.

After an extensive shower where Deku managed to wash Bakugo’s hair without things turning back into all-out animal sex, -and after a lot more bantering- the pair walked back into the common room, surprised to find that everyone was still here.

“Didn’t the bus already…?” Izuku started asking.

“Someone decided we had to stay and make sure you two were okay,” Jiro explained.

Bakugo bared his teeth as he gathered the knowing look on everyone’s face and Izuku grabbed his hand in an attempt to calm him, squeezing his palm gently.

“We’re good,” Deku started. “And I guess it’s not surprise, but we’re…”

“Deku’s fucking mine, alright? As in my boyfriend,” Katsuki cut in, pulling the nerd just a bit closer to him and barely controlling the flipflop his heart did as he saw Izuku’s furious blush.

The heir of one for all couldn’t muster a thought outside of…

He called me his boyfriend. He called me his boyfriend!

“Wow! Congratulations, guys!” Mina exclaimed.

“We’d gathered as much with everything we heard earlier though,” Kaminari pointed out, which instantly had the rest of the classmates panicking, and rightly so.

Bakugo was seething. Iida took a courageous step forward.

“We’re very happy for you two, but we talked about it and came to the decision that we need a silence policy for the dorms.”

“Are you fucking kidding me?!”

Mineta burst out laughing before to cower in a corner, both hands clasped on his mouth and Bakugo realized his swearing might turn against him for this one.

“You didn’t really hear…” Deku started, noticing how pretty much everyone was blushing or looking at their feet. If he could have buried himself ten feet underground right this instant he would.

“A silence policy or soundproof walls would benefit everyone, I’m certain,” Iida insisted.

“I’m going to kill every last one of you guys!!!”

“Kacchan no!”

The End.

Althought, between you and me, the class is going to hear these two again. If they can survive Bakugo's wrath that is...

Chapter Text

It was the middle of the night and Deku knew his plan might backfire horribly, but he couldn’t help himself. He hadn’t seen his boyfriend in the past two months, having to do with texts and a single phone call in the meantime. The phone call had turned into phone sex because like he’d warned Izuku, the very sound of his voice had made Bakugo hornier than his usual.

Bakugo had controlled their dirty talk, telling him where to touch himself, asking for details, cutting him off to bark an order at him, asking for all the wet sounds he could make. Hearing Katsuki sighing through his nose as Izuku repeated his nickname for him over and over had been strangely exciting, but the call had ended after too much teasing and one empty climax that left both teenagers on edge.

Deku had been lacking the few toys they’d collected over the past few months -how was he supposed to know he would be driven lust-crazed by his boyfriend during his two-months away in a very serious, very important internship?

Did he even touch himself or was he just talking and imagining me next to him the whole time? Deku still wondered.

He was currently sneaking into his own dorms, quietly passing by doors, finding the one leading to Katsuki’s room. He hoped Kacchan would be wearing a shirt and not only boxers. If he saw too much skin, he would pounce on him at once, and be rewarded by a punch, a dozen bites or his whole body hitting the wall.

I don’t want a bite, what I need right now is…

God, finishing that thought was dangerous. Deku pulled on his collar, undoing the first few buttons of his shirt and running one hand through his green and curly locks, hoping he would look somehow suave and not like a deer in the headlights.

I: I miss you, Kacchan.

K: Waste of time.

I: What does that mean?!

K: You know how to read, don’t you, shitty nerd? Don’t waste my time with shit like that.

Izuku knew Katsuki had to be missing him too, otherwise, he wouldn’t even write back, but he still wished he could have gotten a “miss your stupid face” or something. His heart did little somersaults just imagining it. Then he snuck into Kacchan’s room and was almost immediately welcomed by a fuming hand stopping half a centimeter from his face, his heart going through very different somersaults.

Bakugo’s hair was messy from tossing and turning in his sleep, his eyes only half opened, his chest rising up quickly beneath his dark tank top. Deku couldn’t help the notice that his boyfriend was actually wearing a pair of shorts belonging to him.

“Sur..surprise?” the green-haired teen tried, his voice nervous.

“You were supposed to text me, fucking nerd, not sneak in like some thief!” Bakugo instantly snapped.

“I thought you’d be sleeping…!” Deku defended himself.

“I was until the door cracked open!” Katsuki shot back, grabbing him by the collar, looking ready to fire up one of his explosive punches at the nerd.

Deku didn’t fight back, he was just happy to finally smell the sweet scent of Kacchan from so close again. He’d grown addicted to it and had tried to keep one of his shirts for his trip, Bakugo refusing him outright, calling him gross.

“God, you smell nice…”

The anger shifted to embarrassment, Bakugo shoving him backward and into the door, failing to win against his furious flush.

“When I say warn me, you warn me, ‘Zuku.”

His red eyes still gave him a once over, Deku noticing the way they focused on his hands. Bakugo had grown obsessed with his scars, and whenever they reunited after an extended period of time, the dirty blond would make sure there wasn’t a new scar or broken finger. He was pretty protective beneath all the harshness, but there was also pride deep down.

“Sorry. Our flight was cancelled twice, and I was getting… frantic,” he confessed, his hands held in front of him as he gave a small bow in apologies out of pure reflex. Bakugo raised one brow at him, his arms crossed, the tension receding from his shoulders. “How have you been, Kacchan?” Deku added.

His smile was so damn bright, Katsuki tried to focus on his freckles instead, but they still had the same effect on him.

All the need he’d been holding back on was surging up, pushing him forward and he barely kept himself in place. If Deku had been frantic, he had no idea how to describe his state of restlessness. To be fair, he hadn’t been sleeping so well for the past few weeks. Izuku was turning him into a clingy, snuggle-dependent moron with how adorable his boyfriend was. And he’d be damned if he admitted it to the guilty party.

“Was fine. Am fine,” Bakugo quickly corrected himself, taking away most of his nonchalance. “Did you come here to just fucking stare at me with those big eyes?”

Deku smirked triumphantly, picking up the nervousness behind his annoyance.

“You’ve missed me, haven’t you, Kacchan?”

The blond bared his teeth at him, a reaction that was now far too arousing to Izuku considering he’d once learned to be scared by those angry crimson orbs. Instead, he erased the space between them, wrapping his arms around Katsuki’s waist, pushing him toward the bed. Bakugo licked his front teeth as they landed in the covers, looking every bit the predator even though he was following Deku’s lead for once. Izuku had thought he was horny before, but now it was even worse.

“You don’t need to say it with words,” Deku offered, his lips pressing against the blond’s smirk, their moans of approval melting together.

Their tongues brushed instinctively, the initial urgency shifting to softness as Bakugo’s hands ran along Deku’s sides.

“Where’s your villains capture count at?” Katsuki asked as they parted for air.

Izuku stretched his legs, pushing Bakugo’s knees apart, his hands greedily pushing down the shorts and boxers to expose him.

“Can’t bother to watch the news when it’s me on them, huh?” Deku gathered, tickling the inside of his thighs, his breath hitting his cock from too close.

The way Izuku licked his lips at him had Bakugo turning even harder, a pant of expectation escaping his throat. Deku was almost drooling on him.

“I prefer to hear it on your… voice...” Bakugo managed, swearing when his lover’s mouth took him in, “Shit, you’re fucking eager!”

Deku uttered sounds from the back of his throat, the vibration almost undoing him right there.

“Damn, slow down, I’ll…!”

Kacchan’s hand wove in his green hair, Deku pushing back against him to take more of him inside, his tongue messing him up, his eyes taking in the way Bakugo tensed as he came, hard. The blond couldn’t help thrusting forward twice before he caught himself, the flush on his face making Izuku’s heart swell up.

You were pretty pent up, huh, Kacchan?

“Tell me…” Deku managed as he swallowed all that he could, replacing his mouth with both hands, gulping air in between the words. “Tell me what you’ve… been up to lately.”

Then he dove back on him, parting his legs further and lifting his hips off the bed, Katsuki yelping as Deku’s tongue found the rim of his asshole. And he clearly didn’t care about the other teen being prepared or not.

“Hey, that’s…!”

“The taste of your sweat drives me crazy.”

“Dek… That’s…” Bakugo bit his tongue as Deku gripped his cock in one hand, his nose poking his balls, his tongue pushing inside wantonly. “Stop…”

Teeth grazed his balls and since Izuku was clearly not listening, Katsuki mustered two sparks to push himself upwards, fighting against the ache awakened deep inside.

He wasn’t going to let him have his way the entire time! The movement hurled them both in the air, Deku huffing as Kacchan’s full weight hit him, the blond’s hands gripping to his wrists, both of them panting.

“I said stop, dammit! I can’t even kiss you until you’ve brushed your teeth now, stupid nerd!”

Deku couldn’t help a giggle at that, his hands gripping to Bakugo’s shirt.

“Is it so wrong that I wanted a taste of you?” Deku blurted out. “That phone call was freaking torture!”

“It was torture for me, you mean,”Bakugo protested. “You little shit wouldn’t send any picture.”

“Can’t really start a hero career with that kind of material out, how many times must I explain it to you?”

It really was a good thing one of them always managed to keep at least a part of his head on straight when they went at each other.

“I know, I know,” Katsuki grumbled. “Now, I’d better see your ass out of those pants. Do you like that shirt?”

Deku blinked at him, frowning as the blond laid both hands flat on his chest, smoke coming up.


“You got me riled up,” Bakugo explained. “So answer me.”

“I don’t care about that shirt,” Izuku whispered, his eyes widening as the smoke fluttered, Bakugo blasting the shirt open with the tiniest explosions he’d ever seen him use.

All Midoriya could feel was the heat on his skin as the fabric was turned to dust, the blond brushing it aside, pinching one nipple between two fingers as he undid Deku’s belt.

“When did you learn you could…?!”

Deku couldn’t help but wonder when such a precise use of his quirk would be needed, but wasn’t surprised his Kacchan had managed it.

“I had to pay you back for all the torn clothes. But I’d rather not risk burning your cute ass…”

Deku understood the message, quickly helping him in his endeavor to strip him down, not complaining when Bakugo turned him on his stomach. He loved the feel of his strong, sweaty hands on him and it was turning into second nature to just follow them blindly.

“You’re going to keep that shirt on?” he whined at his blond lover.

“So needy,” Katsuki mocked him, stroking his cock roughly with one hand and lifting his tank off, not really minding the fact the fabric would hang on his arm for a time.

He was busy monitoring Deku’s panting and the way he gripped the covers, tiny sounds making their way out with every of his repetitive motions. Bakugo gave a light slap to his ass, biting back on a growl as Izuku moaned through the pain. He needed him to come after the way he’d greeted him. He hadn’t expected that kind of assault, in fact, he had been planning an assault of his own.


Just hearing his voice shivering over his nickname threatened to push him over the edge and he answered in a rough bark.

“That was for barging in unannounced. You know I hate surprises.”

“And you know I like seeing you… flustered. Fuck, you’re…”

Deku covered his mouth with his fist, wishing he was facing the pillows and could muffle his voice in them, because the speed at which Bakugo was jerking him off was too much to handle.

“If you wanna scream, let it out, Zuku.”


“No holding back now or I’ll stop.”

He did stop, even though he wanted to rush him so bad. Deku twisted his neck around, glaring at him.

“Don’t bully me!”

Those were the perfect words to get Kacchan worked up. He gave his cock a squeeze, leaning forward to tease Deku’s asshole with his erection.

“You prepared for this, didn’t you? Needy Deku.”

“Katsuki, please, not… not that name tonight…”

Something must have happened and Bakugo fought back against a sense of helplessness as his boyfriend shuffled backward and into him, gripping his thighs in a desperate attempt to find the connection he wanted. Izuku pleaded as he felt the sweaty hands on him hesitate, a shiver running down his spine.

“Talk to me, ‘Zuku.”

“Fuck me, Katsuk…!”

Bakugo gave him everything he wanted, his thrust a little rougher than intended. Hearing Deku begging was… Hearing Izuku’s very voice was enough right now. They moved like animals, wet skin slapping, their sweat mingling, Bakugo pushing further into his lover so he could wrap him in his arms and lap at his freckled shoulders.

“Izuku…” Katsuki gasped against his warm skin.

“Harder,” the green-haired teenager pleaded.

“Later,” Bakugo promised, groaning as he focused on keeping his rhythm steady. “I’m…”

“I’ve been aching for you, Kacchan.”

Fuck. Why did Deku have to know just how to drive him crazy?

They finished this round panting madly, Midoriya burying his face in the bedsheets while Bakugo leaned into him, wishing his shoulders weren’t so broad and he could just hide the nerd from the outside world.

“You’re heavy,” Deku huffed, rolling his shoulders back in a meager attempt to shove him to the side.

“Baby-nerd…” Katsuki shot back, hugging him closer.

“I love you,” was the green-haired teen’s answer and it struck Bakugo’s heart.

“What happened?”

“Nothing much. I’m all fine, no new scars,” Deku tried covering it up.

But he was opened, and they were both too frantic to simply drift to sleep like that.

“Want me to fucking bargain the truth outta you?”

Deku shuffled around, their hair brushing and eyes locking. His smile shone in the dark.

“I can ask for anything?”

“Anything,” Katsuki assured him.

For some reason, he was smiling back to his sassy boyfriend. He loved that nerd far too much for his own good.

“Let me make love to you, Kacchan. All the way, till you’re screaming like you make me scream.”

Bakugo blinked, wishing his asshole wouldn’t clench in anticipation. His cock was pointing down and yet, he felt so damn excited. He’d been pushing it back, but it wasn’t from fear. Well, maybe half fear. He was scared he’d be even more sensitive than Deku was. And he knew Izuku would be good. He was such an over-achiever at everything he put himself into.

“We’re washing up first,” he decided.

Green eyes blinked at him with pure shock.

“That means yes?!”

“You’d better fucking believe it!”

Deku was about ready to kiss him, but Bakugo pushed him back down on the bed, wrapping one arm around his waist and hauling him over his shoulder with a grunt.

“Oh my god, Kacchan, put me down!”

“Not until you’ve brushed your teeth,” Bakugo protested.

 “I’m going to!” Izuku promised.

They bickered the whole time, the green-haired teen poking at Katsuki and tickling him into a sparkling rage that turned into outright laughing.

They both brushed their teeth, Deku barely spitting out his mouthful before hanging himself at his boyfriend’s neck.

“Missed me that much?”

Izuku retorted with his nose poking Katsuki’s cheek as he stole his lips, roughness turning sweet as they held each other’s faces, looking for air on each other’s mouths.

“It felt so damn long…” Bakugo sighed as they stopped after twelve more kisses, leaning forehead to forehead.

“Oh Kacchan…”

“Careful, I’m not going out with a girl,” the dirty blond warned him.

They were both shivering by then, Deku pushing him in the shower and the pair tried to focus on getting cleaned up instead of making pass at each other. It was bound to fail of course, Bakugo biting back on a yelp as Deku turned him around to push his face against the ceramic wall.

“Doesn’t remind you of our first time?” The green haired teenager teased him.

“Except I was way too rough on you,” Bakugo whispered back, a long shiver running down his back. Izuku drew long strokes along his shoulder blades and sides in the hope he would be comforted.

“I’m not looking for a way to get back at you,” Izuku assured him. “And I guess… I like it rough,” he added, punctuating his confession with a playful bite at the base of the blond’s neck.

“That my fault?”

“You and your damn ego,” Deku laughed, running his fingers down his spine. And further down, lining his body with Bakugo’s.

“Hey, I can…”

“Relax and let me spoil you, Katsuki.”

The blond tried to hold back on a shuddering moan as he felt the scarred hand of his lover wrapping around his cock, sensing Deku’s arousal pressing against his thigh. Letting go of control still overwhelmed him and the way Izuku pushed him into the wall combined with his voice whispering right against his neck… It was more than he could handle right now.

“We’re going to run through all the warm water,” he reminded the green-haired hero.

“I’m not going to do this standing up. I want to see your face when I…”

Which reminded him how he’d wanted to look at Izuku when they’d first… Now he wanted to tell him. Why was it he still turned to mush because of that beautiful guy?

“Oh for fuck’s sake, ‘Zuku!”

“What?” Deku asked him innocently, turning him around to realize the redness he’d seen on his ears was all over his face. “Getting shy now, Kacchan?”

Sparks around Izuku’s face made him blink, but there was no smoke, only Bakugo’s hands in his hair, tugging hard on his wet curls.

“Sometimes I think you’re the bully between the two of us…”

The green eyes staring into red orbs widened with disbelief and a tad of shame.

“I was only teasing you!” Deku protested.

“How long did I tease you tonight?”

“About…” Izuku stretched out the word as he tried to recollect his thought despite the fact a very naked and wet Bakugo was standing skin to skin with him. He went on, “this long?”


Deku decided his best retort was a kiss, the young man relishing Katsuki’s moan and the way his strong arms wrapped around him. They were the same height and almost as brawny as one another, and yet, right now, neither felt quite dominant, their shivering bodies stroking and syncing up as the air in their mouth mixed to the dance of their tongues.

“Are we doing it here?” Bakugo couldn’t help but ask.

Deku’s erection was poking his stomach, their cocks dangerously brushing against one another every time they moved.

“You are nervous. My cute Kacchan.”

Izuku had to admit he was a bit overwhelmed. He wanted to treat his boyfriend right, but he was so eager at the same time, pacing himself seemed like the best way to go.

“We’re supposed to talk after this,” Bakugo reminded him, “not gonna let you fall asleep instead.”

“It’s really starting to feel like we’ve swapped roles,” Deku laughed a bit awkwardly, hissing as Katsuki retorted by creating sparks in the air around them, making the now-cold water of the shower turn to vapor. “Ow, ow, ow, I get it, I get it, sheesh, I think you burned my ass!”

Bakugo had something very stupid in mind to placate him, but he kicked back Kaminari’s influence, pushing Deku out of the shower and huffing as the nerd answered by gripping his waist with one arm and tossing him on his shoulder.

“What do you think you’re doing?!”

“Inspecting your ass,” Izuku told him, giving it a playful slap and immediately hurrying forward, using his own quirk to rush faster. Katsuki was left to hold on, his hair almost fully dry from the gust of wind coming with a one-for-all dash.

“Ugh, I told you not to do that!” he grumbled as the green-haired teen dropped him on his bed.

He was light-headed now and had difficulties focusing on Deku’s face. How was that guy still hard after that?

“Like I told you to stop making sparks when we’re naked, but do you listen?!”

“Cut me some slack,” Bakugo protested. “I thought you had another type of screaming in mind.”

Izuku scratched at the back of his head sheepishly. It was always a shock when the dirty-blond was the one to stop their arguments.

“I’m sorry Kacchan, I… I’ll make it up to you.”

The light smirk on Bakugo’s face was cocky, but Deku loved it at this point. That and the fact his boyfriend was actually letting him do as he pleased so much. He took a step forward, kneeling on the bed to hover just above the explosive-tempered teen, stroking his hair with one hand and grabbing his right wrist with his other hand.

“I remember your voice on the phone,” Izuku whispered. “How you wanted to hear me but wouldn’t let me know if you were touching yourself. If you were actually feeling it too.”

He guided Bakugo’s hand down to himself, inching for him to stroke his own cock back to attention.

“You’re going to tease me much longer?”

“Only if you don’t tell me what you want,” Deku told him, giving his shoulder a peck, his green hair tickling Bakugo’s cheek.

The blush on the dirty-blond was adorable, it seemed he could never get over the fact his Izuku was this outgoing with him.

“You’re the one who wanted this,” Katsuki protested.

Deku shook his head at him, his chuckle mixing into a kiss that veered from his lover’s lips to his neck to trail shivers and fire in his wake. He knew Bakugo would fight it. He expected him to whine a protest and tug at his waist or pull on his hair to take back control, but instead, his boyfriend pressed against his back to gather him closer. Izuku could sense a tension in his limbs, but the fact he let him in reminded him the trust that had grown between them. And it brought back a pain he couldn’t face right now, not if he wanted to hold Katsuki properly.

“Say, you’re not pushing yourself, Kacchan?”

Bakugo frowned


“I mean, I am being pushy, but if you really didn’t like it…”

Didn’t like me…

Deku shook his head at that, fighting against the awful thought. He knew he could have faith in Bakugo. He never doubted, if anything, the way those callused hands were stroking his hair and pulling his face back in alignment with his told him all he wanted to know. The touch was rough, the feelings were rushed, but everything was genuine with him.

“What happened to you? Give me a name and they’re as good as dead,” Bakugo told him.


Bakugo’s heart flip-flopped painfully at the sight of tears in his lover’s eyes.


The freckled cheeks brushed against his collarbone as Deku gathered his thoughts, a shiver that had nothing to do with excitement running all over of his back.

“I almost wish he was actually dead… I met my dad while running an errand.”

Katsuki wanted to repeat the word, because he couldn’t remember Deku’s father. As far as his memories went, Ms. Midoriya had always been on her own to look after the green-haired freckled boy.

“He’s been living abroad for his work. Sending us money on a regular basis.”

The words were whispered against his skin and Bakugo couldn’t help a shiver of his own as he sensed dread and guilt seeping out of his boyfriend.

“He hasn’t called my mom in years from all I know.”

A rough hand tried to ruffle his hair, as softly as it could, Izuku’s shoulders heaving as he pushed the words out.

“He’s… He was with a kid and when he saw me waving at him, he…”

Bakugo blinked, not sure his brain could fathom the end of that sentence.

“…he couldn’t walk away fast enough,” Deku managed.

His scarred hands were shaking and Katsuki held him closer, worried that talking would make him cower and break. His voice wanted to bust out of his throat, he wanted to hurl an explosion large enough to engulf Deku’s father in it, but instead, he bit his tongue, his ears wide open, drawing those circles over Izuku’s back that he’d learned to make over time.

Relax, breathe, breathe, I’ll keep you safe, no one but me can hurt you and I won’t do it ever again.

If only that were true.

“Did some digging,” Deku sniffed against the hollow of his neck. “That kid’s my half-sister. She can breathe fire like him. So when I found him later that day and questioned him…”

His eyelashes stroked Bakugo’s chest as his green eyes closed tightly. The shaking was growing stronger. It was wrapping around them like a blanket and neither of the boys could breathe through it.

“He said I’d picked a very fitting name to be a hero,” Izuku whispered, his voice hollow but for self-derision.

“He’s stupid.”

“That’s what he called my mom,” Deku added, his voice breaking on the last word. His hands were holding onto Katsuki so hard, his fingers might be able to tear off flesh if he was to pull back. “It’s what he called me. In trashier words though. I never thought he would be… that disappointed with me.”

“Izuku, for fuck’s sake…!”

“I know I was a handful, but did he really have to give up on mom too because of me?!”

There was only one way this could go, and Bakugo knew better than to let him blame himself. If anyone had been a bad influence on Izuku as a kid and helping him into being a handful…

“I know quirkless people are worthless,” Izuku said matter-of-factly. Like he would state the earth was round.


“But!” the green-haired boy cut him off sharply, his nails digging into the skin of his shoulder blades. “I’m not broken anymore, I’m all fixed, and he can’t…”

You did this to him, you forced that stupid belief in his head.

“Shut up, you stupid pile of crap!”

Bakugo bit his lips hard enough to draw blood as Izuku recoiled in answer, his hands pulling away, his lean body awkwardly trying to slip out of his embrace.

“You see? I really am…”

“NO! Fucking dammit, Dek… Izuku, stop squirming and listen to me, will you?!”

To follow his lover, Katsuki rolled on his side along with him, his hands cupping his face, their legs tangling, Deku’s head hitting his chin roughly as they struggled together.


“Izuku, look at me. There was not a damn thing that needed fixing. Your dad’s blind.”

“But you used to say…”

“I know what I used to say!” Bakugo growled, his anger clearly aimed at himself. “It was a load of bullshit. I was jealous because even quirkless, you were more fit to be a hero than I ever was.”

The successor of One for All shook his head at him, bewildered.

“I wasn’t a good enough son to him. He had to run away and start over. He said the last thing he’d ever ask me as my father would be to never try contacting him again. You tell me that’s anything to get jealous over?!”

Fuck, did Bakugo want to punch that prick of a man for putting his Deku in such a state.

“So what did you do? Did you break his face? Punched a crater through his house? Found his daughter and beat her to a pulp?”

Deku’s eyes widened and he shook his head the negative for each question, holding back on a shocked “Kacchan!” all the while.

“Well I’m jealous. Despite all his fucking shit, you held back for his sake. If that’s not goddamn heroic…”

“I wanted to punch him, Katsuki,” his warm voice was a mere shudder of sounds now. Green eyes blinking up tears and his freckled shoulders shaking, heaving, jumping… “I wanted to make him hurt so bad, but I couldn’t move.”

“Because you’re too good for this fucked-up world, ‘Zuku. You’re not broken.”

If you are, I don’t know how to help…

“But I feel that way. I wanted to forget it, to pretend…”

Between Katsuki’s arms, nothing could be broken. He could make him bruise and stretch beyond his limits, but his rough kisses and hungry moans made everything inconsequential.

Their eyes met in the dark, weary and haggard with questions unanswered.

Will you be okay? Can I make you okay? Can you hold me when I’m this close to shattering?

“If I still had no quirk, would you still want me?” Izuku asked him.

Bakugo stared at him, his mouth hanging open. His frown was almost dropping, a lump in his throat making it impossible to swallow.

“I love you. You, ‘Zuku, with the tears and all the freaking smiles and… Fuck, how do I…?”

The sobs the green-haired boy had been holding back for sometime now threatened to take over.


The dirty blond pulled him back next to his heart, the gesture too rough, but Deku welcomed his strong hug, huffing and gasping as he hacked on a sob and finally allowed himself to cry it out.

“If you… said no… I’d be ok… ok… okay,” he managed.

Bakugo wanted to apologize for being blind for so long, he wanted to tell Deku his quirk had only helped him realize what he’d always known deep down. They had been friends and Izuku’s opinion always mattered to him, but it was so hard to show respect to people when he couldn’t even bare to look at himself and his failures.

“I don’t want you to be okay, ‘Zuku.”

“I’m sorry, I…”

Katsuki tangled his fingers in his green locks, a low groan cutting off the successor of One for All’s apology.

“I want you fucking happy! Get that through your thick skull. You can be hurt. And if I can help in my messed-up way…”

Izuku simply yelped over a sob and let himself drown in it, knowing Katsuki’s arms wouldn’t let him go. In the two years they’d been together, it was the first time he truly sought comfort, serious comfort in his boyfriend. They held on to each other as though their lives depended on it, Deku clearly wishing he could hide himself, shivering slightly as anywhere Bakugo wasn’t touching him felt far too cold for comfort, and the blond struggled to reach one hand out to grab some of the bed sheets and pulled them over their tangled frames. Izuku’s shaking calmed down as the minutes passed, his hands easing from the rough hold he had on his lover.

“You’re being… extra sweet, Kacchan…” he whispered.

“Getting sloppy, you mean. Did you already know on that call?”

Deku shook his head. He’d been missing him and nothing back then, his father had been so far away from his mind. And sadly, if he was to reflect on it, he’d never really felt the need for his biologic father to be around. He had All Might to look up to, and Bakugo. Although, that second part sounded wrong considering they were lying naked in each other’s arms at this very moment.

“I know I used to be a cry-baby. So I hate…”

You need to learn to swallow back those tears, young man, All Might had told him countless times.

“Shhhhhhut your pretty mouth,” Katsuki cut him off. “Your dad’s been a dick with you and your mother. If he was here, I’d blow him up right away.”

Much to Bakugo and Deku’s surprise, the green-haired teenager burst out laughing at that. And it wasn’t a nervous thing. It was pure, raw laugh of someone who had forgotten how to let go.

“Please don’t use dick and blow in such close sentences,” Izuku asked him, rolling on his back to cover his eyes and dry some of his left-over tears with the back of his forearm. “I never know how to handle it when you sound dirty.”

“For fuck sake, Deku, your mind can’t always be down in the gutter!”

“But you can be in rage mode all the time?!”

“Was I ragey just now?!”

Bakugo fought against a blush as he realized how loud his voice had gotten throughout that question. Deku laughed again, and the sound was heartwarming, especially after wishing he could find a way to stop his tears.

“I mean…” The word stretched as Izuku gave him a raised eyebrow and a quirky smile that meant “Oh really, you believe you can dig yourself out of that one?”

“Stop teasing me, damn nerd!”

“Awe. Where’s the Kacchan who was holding me, all tender and sweet?”

Bakugo mumbled something about Deku being an ass, but he pulled him back into a bear hug at the same time, ruffling his hair and diving his nose in his curly locks.


“Very much,” Deku sighed. “I… I just wished I’d manage to hold on longer.”

“How well were you expecting to love me, with a heart so fucking heavy already?”

Izuku gasped at the words, blinking and his hands suddenly pushing against Katsuki’s chest, since he needed to see the look in his crimson eyes as he’d said that.

“The hell?!”

“I was promised an amazing fuck. Don’t think you’re getting away from that,” Bakugo insisted, giving him a predatory smile.

“I… Wait, you don’t get to pretend as though that’s your win. Making love to you is my spoil of war!”

“You don’t know how to bargain.”

“You said you’d do anything and I haven’t even started telling you of my plans!”

Bakugo lost his bite as he wondered how long Izuku might have planned for the role reversal. And how many dirty and extra-dirty scenarios his nerd had already played in his mind. His blush unfolded like a blooming flower, Deku flushing in turn as he understood where his mind must have gone.

“I feel wasted right now, though,” the nerd admitted.

“We got time,” Katsuki reminded him, his smile half uneasy, half tender. God, he was still nervous and barely able to hide it for more than five minutes. “I’ll lend you some of my clothes and…”

Deku’s legs clenched around his at that, his brawny body shifting as close as he could.

“Can we please stay like this? It… It feels… I don’t want to hide from you, Kacchan.”

A kiss on his collarbone and Bakugo couldn’t breathe, his heart pummeling somewhere up in his throat. He squeezed Deku’s waist, feeling both possessive and far too exposed himself.

“Okay,” came his answer.

He wasn’t ashamed of the hoarseness in his voice or the way it broke a little as Deku stroke his cheek against his chest like a cat. He wanted all those moments, even if he couldn’t put it into words properly.

Sleep came soon, claiming them after a few hesitant touches, fingers stroking hair, lips locking in a lazy, easy kiss that would mend any leftover ache.

They were going to be fine, as long as they had each other. And in the end, that was all that really mattered.