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Izuku licks his lips in anticipation of the delicious treat that awaits him in his room.  His body thrums with excitement and he bites his lip to keep back a small whimper that threatens to escape his throat.  His hands clench and unclench as he thinks about wrapping his hands around his treat and bringing it to his mouth.  He salivates just thinking about how deliciously scrumptious it’s going to taste once he finally gets it into his mouth.

“Deku-kun, you’re practically vibrating in your seat!  What’s got you so excited?” Uraraka asks.

Izuku looks over at her and beams.  “Mirio’s bringing over some chocolate from Hokkaido!”

“Oh my god!  Seriously?” The brunette beta gushes.  “Which shop?  The chocolate from Hokkaido is so good!”

“He didn’t say which shop, but I can’t wait!  I love Hokkaido chocolate!  Whenever my mom and I go there, we always buy tons of it!”

As he and Uraraka gush about Hokkaido chocolates, the rest of the class watch over the beta and their only omega fondly.

“Who thinks Midoriya looks completely adorable when he’s all excited like that?” Sero asks, leaning against his boyfriend.

The rest of them raise their hands, even Bakugo, and nod.

“Oh, definitely,” Kirishima replies.

“It’s too bad Togata-senpai got to him first,” Yaoyorozu sighs, crossing her legs.

The rest of them nod in agreement.  But none of them were willing to fight the dominant alpha for the right to claim Izuku as their omega.


“And that’s it for today!  I’ll see you all in class on Monday!” Aizawa exclaims.  He watches in surprise as Izuku is the first one out of the classroom.  “Is he okay?” He asks, a twinge of concern in his voice.

“Togata-senpai is bringing him chocolate from Hokkaido,” Yaoyorozu replies, grabbing her bag.  “He’s just excited to eat some.”

“As long as he’s not sick.”  Lucky!  I love Hokkaido chocolate!  Maybe I’ll have Hizashi bring me some.


Izuku practically flies through the halls and over to Mirio’s dorm room.  Knocking on the door, he bounces in place as visions of chocolate fly through his mind.

“Ah, Izuku!”  Mirio opens the door.  “I missed you.”

Allowing himself to be embraced by his alpha, he breathes deeply.  “I missed you too,” he answers.  “And I can’t wait to have some of the chocolate you brought me!”

“I’m wounded.  All you came here for was the chocolate?” He laughs.

“Of course I came here to see you, but I love chocolate and am so excited!  I love Hokkaido chocolate, which is why I asked you to pick some up for me!”

Mirio pouts.  “Well, if all you came here for was chocolate, then you’re out of luck.”

Izuku’s jaw drops.  “Wha-at?”

“I only have a few left.  You took so long that I ate them all.”

His lower lip trembles.  “But, you promised you’d share them with me!” He whines as he’s pulled into the room.

“Sorry.”  Mirio shrugs and walks over to his bed, taking a seat and popping another chocolate into his mouth.

“B-but, Alpha!”

Grinning, Mirio licks his lips.  “They’re so good,” he murmurs, grabbing another one and popping it into his mouth.  “Don’t you have homework to work on?”

Pouting, Izuku flops down at the small table in Mirio’s room and pulls out his homework.  “So mean,” he mumbles.

“So, what did you do while I was gone?” Mirio asks.

Feeling irritated with his alpha, Izuku frowns and decides to give him the cold shoulder.  “Not much.”

“Oh.”  Mirio smirks at the curt tone his omega adopts.  “I can see why you like these so much, Izuku.  They’re so creamy!”

Biting his lip to keep back a groan.  This is so unfair!  I want some chocolate!  “Please can I have some chocolate?”

“I don’t think so.”

Pouting again, Izuku goes back to doing his homework.  How am I supposed to concentrate when all I can think about is chocolate?  He does his best to concentrate, but his thoughts keep drifting back to the Hokkaido chocolate.

“Mmm!”  Mirio continually moans as he munches on chocolate and watches Izuku work.  “It’s so good.”

Feeling a little desperate, Izuku hatches a plan.  “Alpha!” He whines while slumping over the table. 

“Yes, Omega?”  Mirio grins and plays along.

“I love you,” he purrs.  “I want you.”

“Oh yeah?”  He shifts on the bed. 

Izuku turns so he can look at Mirio.  “So bad!”

Mirio moves off his bed and kneels next to Izuku.  “Why do I get the feeling that you’re trying to seduce me to get chocolate?” He asks, releasing a little bit of his pheromones to make his omega a bit more honest.

“I want chocolate so bad!” Izuku whines, the pheromones clearly affecting him.  “It’s all I could think about today!  You’re being so cruel to keep it from me, Alpha!”  His eyes are slightly glazed over as his lips form a deep pout.

“Am I?”

“Very cruel!  Alpha, I just want chocolate!”

“Hmm, I don’t think I’ll share with you.”  Mirio moves back to his bed.  “You want chocolate more than you want me.”

Izuku whines again, feeling frustrated that his plan failed.  “Please, Alpha!” He begs.  “I’ll do anything for some chocolate!”  He can’t help it; Izuku has a bad craving and it won’t be satisfied until he’s eaten his fill of chocolate.

“Anything?” Mirio hums, holding a piece of chocolate in his fingers.

“Anything!” He whines.

“Okay, I’ll give you chocolate as long as you only eat the chocolate I feed you,” he replies, reclining back on the bed.

“Really?”  Izuku looks at Mirio hopefully.

Smirking, Mirio nods.  “Really.  Gonna come and get it?”

Izuku scrambles onto the bed and straddles Mirio’s waist.  “Ahn-!”  He opens his mouth, waiting for Mirio to give him the chocolate.

“Good Omega,” Mirio croons, placing the chocolate on his tongue.

The combination of the praise and the chocolate melting in his mouth makes Izuku’s eyes roll back in his head.  He shivers with pleasure as Mirio’s large hands rest on his waist.

After chewing and swallowing the chocolate, Izuku looks at Mirio expectantly.  He cocks his head to the side and stares at him.

“Oh, did you want another one?” He asks teasingly, grabbing another chocolate and holding it in front of Izuku.


“Come and get it,” he replies before popping it inside his mouth.

Izuku leans forward and connects their lips, his tongue delving into Mirio’s mouth and scooping the chocolate into his own.  It leaves the alpha speechless and lets Izuku have enough time to grab the chocolate box and stuff some in his mouth.  He giggles at the dumbfounded look on Mirio’s face.  “What?  Didn’t think I’d actually go for it?” He asks around a bite of chocolate.  “I told you, I love Hokkaido chocolate!”

Mirio grins.  “I guess you do.  But, would you love it more if I were to feed them to you?” He asks.  “With my mouth.”  As he talks, he slowly sits up and takes the chocolate box from Izuku and leans so close that their lips are almost touching.

Swallowing harshly, Izuku’s eyes drift down and lock onto Mirio’s lips.  “P-please,” he breathes, licking the chocolate off his lips.

“Please, what, Omega?”  Mirio’s gaze is heated as he reaches down to grab a chocolate.

“Please feed me chocolate, Alpha!”

Placing the chocolate between his lips, Mirio leans forward and allows Izuku to connect their lips while sucking the chocolate from his.  Once he’s swallowed the chocolate, their tongues battle as Mirio fights to get his own taste of chocolate from his mate’s mouth.

Slowly, their position changes so Izuku is on his back on the bed with Mirio hover over top of him while feeding him chocolates in between heated kisses and hip rolls.  By the time the box is gone, Izuku is a hard, wet, panting mess.  His eyes are glazed over and his cheeks are flushed.

“P-please, Alpha!” He begs, rolling his hips.

Growling slightly, Mirio grinds back.  “What do you want, Omega?  You’re going to need to tell me.”

“I-I wa-want to c-cum!”

“Good boy.”  Reaching his hand into Izuku’s pants, he begins pumping the omega’s hard cock.  “Cum whenever you’re ready.”  Without giving him any warning, Mirio reaches his other hand around back and slips a finger in Izuku’s hole.

“A-Alpha!” Izuku moans, arching up off the bed as he cums in Mirio’s hand.

Pulling his hands out of Izuku’s pants, Mirio licks them off.  “You’re much sweeter than any chocolate, Omega,” he rasps.

Izuku’s face turns bright red as he groans with embarrassment.  “Stop it!” He whines.

Chuckling, Mirio grabs a tissue and wipes the rest off.  “You’ll probably want to change,” he says, glancing down at the glaring wet spots on Izuku’s pants.

“Yeah, probably.”  Izuku quickly stands up and peels his uniform off, throwing it into Mirio’s hamper.  “You’ll do laundry soon, right?”

“Right.  I’ll probably be doing it tomorrow.”

“Thanks!”  Pulling out a pair of his athletic shorts he keeps in Mirio’s room, he slides them on and grabs one of Mirio’s shirts and pulls it over his head.  It falls down to his knees.  “I’ll finish my homework and then head back to my room.”

Mirio wraps his arms around Izuku’s waist and buries his nose into the green curls atop Izuku’s head.  “No!”

Chuckling, Izuku shoves him off.  “I’m not arguing with you right now.  I have homework that I need to do and so do you.  Let’s get working!”

He pouts, but listens.  “Fine,” he grumbles.


“So, did you get your chocolate yesterday, Deku-kun?” Uraraka asks as they walk to their hero class.

Izuku beams.  “I did!  It was so delicious!” He replies, a light blush tinting his cheeks when he thinks about how he received said chocolate.

“I’m so jealous!  All I could think about was chocolate after you told me about it yesterday!” She exclaims, practically salivating at the thought.

“He’s going to bring me Hokkaido chocolate all the time now!  And I can’t wait!”  Licking his lips, he tries not to picture all the things he and Mirio could do with the chocolate that’s going to become a part of their diet.