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Dance Away the Pain

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The sun beamed through the light-shaded green curtains, the slightest bit seeping off of the window and onto the black-haired boy’s eyes that were still shut tight. His facial features were calm, him smiling ever so slightly as he dreamt of who knows what. Freckles were littered across both cheeks, long eyelashes prominent as he continued to sleep. His pale skin matched perfectly with his hair, and only God knew how much he blessed this boy with so much beauty. Light snores made its way through his mouth, the sound filling the room as he enjoyed the rest of his slumber. Finally waking up, he scrunched his face because of the sudden change of lighting, but quickly got used to it. Emerald eyes scanned through his room, trying to familiarize himself then shrugging.

He stretched a bit, yawning whilst doing so. Running a hand through his messy black locks, he got up and began changing into what he usually wore on morning runs. A simple white shirt with no prints on it, black sport shorts with white strips on the sides that reached just slightly below his knees, white socks and his usual red sneakers. Making sure to not let out as much noise as possible, he refrained himself from running around their house and walked to the front, but not before leaving a piece of paper that told both his parents about his whereabouts. He knew how much of a worrywart they were, hence, it became a habit every time he took a run.

Finally getting out, he set off onto their estate, running around their land, already familiar with the said place. It was more than big enough to run around from, and there wasn’t much fields to run to from where he lived, along with his parents, Inko and Hisashi Midoriya. The thing was, he was what you typically called a “rich kid”. Growing up and owning a whole estate was ordinary for the Midoriyas. Some people would stare at him for quite a long time, giving him both looks of jealousy and admiration. Izuku didn’t think he was special at all. Because even though he held the title of his Mother and Father, he was quirkless. The lowest of the low, the weakest of the weak, and in the bottom of the food chain. He didn’t really mind it, though. He couldn’t care less, either. Sure, when he was younger, he’d dream about becoming a hero and saving people with a smile plastered on his face, but ever since he was diagnosed quirkless, he gave up on it. It wasn’t as though Izuku was a quitter, he just knew his limits. Inko and Hisashi supported him wholeheartedly, not even bothered at their son’s lack of quirk. Because by the words of our queen, Carla Jaeger herself, “He is already special, because he was born into this world”.

But the thing was, there was one place he knew where he could find himself. It was his sanctuary, a place where he can be free from the hateful looks his classmates sent him, where he could express himself in many ways not even his ex-childhood friend, Katsuki, could imagine. He loved dancing. He absolutely loved the thrill of letting the wind flow freely around his body, the urge to let out his feelings through graceful actions he found exhilarating. Finding this newly found interest a few months after his quirk test, he just knew that that was what he was supposed to be doing, where he was supposed to be placed in, not in some mission where he knew he’d probably be killed on the spot. And now, after many years, at the age of 14, he now took part in teaching and instructing kids with similar passions.

Huffing then stopping, Izuku wiped off the sweat forming over his forehead, majority of it already wetting his shirt. He frowned. Deeming his small exercise satisfactory, he began jogging his way back towards his home, trying to ignore the uncomfortable feeling of his wet shirt. He could’ve taken it off if he had wanted to, but Inko told him it would be indecent of him. He snorted to himself.

“Mornin’, Mr. Salazar. Have any breakfast, yet?” He greeted the guard a little up front their door, who smiled at him warmly, chuckling. He was a tan-skinned man, not looking too built, but lean and muscular. His greyish-blue eyes complimented his features, one of which Izuku found a nice combination, once mentioning this bluntly and had the older man blushing profusely. It was inevitable when they formed a weird uncle-nephew relationship of the sorts.

“Good morning, Mr. Midoriya. Yes, I have. Speaking of which, your mother and father are expecting you in the dining room.” He informed. Izuku nodded his head in understanding, slightly adjusting his shirt.

“Alright then, thanks for telling me. And please, Izuku’s fine, sir.” He giggled a bit, flashing him a toothy grin, which had him smiling back before ruffling his jet-black hair.

“I suggest you go on then.” He playfully pushed him, urging him forward and towards the door, to which he responded with a playful eye-roll.

“Yeah, yeah. See you later, Mr. Salazar!” He bid him goodbye, giving him one last smile and faced the door. Not even a few inches away did the door fly open, lines of maids and butlers all greeting him with a small smile and a ‘good morning, sir’, to which he replied with the same greeting and tone. His sneakers scuffed on the floor, making a squeaking type of noise. Arriving, he opened the white doors that separated the dining room from the long hallways, and stepped in. The room was simple enough. Gray walls surrounded the room, the furniture alternating between white or black. There, sitting on the very side of the chairs in the main table, was Hisashi, who was reading the daily news on his tablet, coffee sitting atop the table and beside him. He always did like coffee over tea. “Morning, Dad.” He addressed. Hisashi looked up, smiling.

“Mornin’, ‘Zuku.”. He put his tablet down and took a sip of his coffee.

“Where’s mom? Mr. Salazar said you wanted to see me?” He ran a hand through his hair, eyebrows quirking up to reveal a confused look as he looked around. “She’s in the garden, preparing the food.” He stated, the sides of his mouth curving into a grin.

“What’re you doing here, then?” He shrugged, standing up, bringing the plain-looking mug along with him.

“Mom kicked me out before I could see what she was doing.” Izuku laughed at that.

“Now, before you get there, go get dressed, you smell like utter shit.” He looked both ways. "Don't tell your mother I said that." He chuckled, making Izuku laugh again.

“Sure it’s not you?” He snickered. He made his way out the door before his father could even retort. He failed to notice the fondness that laugh held as he left.

After taking a shower, he quickly changed into his uniform, ready for the day, not bothering to comb his hair because no. Running down the stairs, he made his way to the back door where the way to the garden was. Green grass was scattered on the ground, and on the middle, different varieties of flowers surrounded a spot where they circled in on a cemented place, where a white table and three matching chairs sat. Sitting there were both his parents, hand-in-hand as they seemed to enjoy the peace.

Inko’s flowing, green, medium-length hair rested on both sides of her shoulders onto her chest as a few strips were tied to the back of her head to avoid covering her—practically glowing—green eyes. It held a feeling of fondness, gentleness and adoration for both her family and the people she works with. Her make-up wasn’t heavily applied, only adding a bit to brighten her features, the similarities with her son more evident as her freckles showed. Most magazines, if she were sometimes featured in any, had described her as a goddess of sorts. Both Hisashi and Izuku, as well as their workers, agreed. A literal Godsend. She was wearing a white dress with no straps that reached just slightly above her knees which hugged her hips perfectly, black stilettos and a golden star necklace that Hisashi gave her as a gift on their anniversary that gleamed under the sun’s gaze. Hisashi was wearing the type of suit a businessman would wear on a daily basis but less strict-looking and more easy-going. Not every button of his suit was done, his necktie was red, matching his eyes that held a sense of power, but with kindness and respect. Just as Inko was described, her husband was gorgeous with features mostly resembling a model than a businessman. His charisma had both men and women swooning, but that didn’t bother Inko too much. After all, both were very loyal to each other, and wouldn’t dream of breaking that relationship.

“Sorry to bother you both.” Both heads shot up as they looked at their son with genuine surprise, a feeling of playfulness residing in the atmosphere. The birds around chirped, the breeze calmly flowing through the air as it swayed their hair a bit to the direction of the wind. And of course, there was their son, the most prized possession the two owned. His hair that he inherited from his father was nest-like, green eyes—from his mother, this time—filled with friendliness and a sense of comfort. But those eyes held more emotion than any of them had ever realized. His black uniform fit his lean build perfectly, one of which he’s trained over the summer so that he wouldn’t strain himself. Freckles adorned his cheeks from left-to-right, giving him a child-like appearance. (Wouldn’t be a surprise if he formed a harem or anything *cough* *cough*) He was still wearing his red sneakers because why the hell not?

“Good morning, Izu.” His mother chirped. Hisashi urged him to sit down, beaming at him. He obliged and went on to the only vacant spot available. Inko handed him a plate filled with a simple American-styled breakfast. A stack of waffles with whipped cream on top, a few strawberries and blueberries cut evenly on the side, and a smoothie. (Sorry if it’s not very “American-like”. I have no idea what you guys eat for breakfast lmao. For all I know y'all eat poptarts for breakfast.)

“So, what did you guys want to talk about?” He asked curiously, patiently waiting as he looked around the garden and going onto appreciating the scenery, just as the two were doing a few moments before.

“Guess what came in the mail today, kiddo!” His father urgently said, broadly grinning as he was practically shaking from his seat. Inko chuckled at his antics before facing her son.

“Is it the new speaker I ordered?” He flailed his arms upwards as if he was offended, which made Izuku sweatdrop. Standing up abruptly, he made his way towards the boy and grabbed a white envelope from inside his suit’s pocket. There, written on the paper, was his name, alongside a person whom he hasn’t seen in a fairly long time.

“Mei’s coming to visit?” He was now smiling from ear-to-ear, the mentioned child-like aura and personality radiating off him as he clutched onto the piece of paper. “Finally!”

“Well, I’m glad you’re excited, Izu. Mr. Hatsume is gonna be staying with us for a while. I’m sure her daughter has a lot to tell you when she gets here.”

“Uhm, Mom, Dad, as pleasant as it is that they’re going to be visiting, why exactly are they coming here? Will you be discussing another product of sorts, or will this be some type of bonding for both families?” Izuku raised a single eyebrow in question. Hisashi gave him a small smile, assuring him.

“You caught us. Mr. and Ms. Hatsume wanted to introduce a new invention they built back at their home. There’s more to it than that, of course. But, for now… I’ll let little Mei tell you the rest.” Nodding in understanding, he simply gave them a smile and proceeded to eat his breakfast. His parents looked at each other for a brief moment before following in suit.


The school days are going to become fairly interesting this year round, huh? I can’t wait.

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Izuku could barely focus on whatever the teacher was saying when a ball of paper had made its way towards his head from behind. He scowled, but quickly changed his expression as to avoid making a raucous and start a fight. He knew who it came from, but decided to ignore it and began taking notes. He knew better than to complain, nor tell the teacher, because what would that benefit him? Piles and piles of insults from his classmates as well as the teachers? No, thank you. With his ‘kind’—name courtesy of our dear Katsuki Bakugou—in order to survive high school, he had to have a really high pain tolerance, as well as patience. Good thing dancing was a pain in the ass to master.

‘Just breathe…’

He thought to himself, practicing the exercise he's seen being done on numerous occasions, continuing to direct all his attention to whatever he was writing. The moment he had tried to listen to the teacher, he had gotten bored and decided to write a new choreography for a dance they were to do as soon as he got to the studio later on. He was still expecting Mei’s arrival to be the week later, so he had plenty of time to prepare before that. He had started drifting off to making random pieces of different dances all at the same time, not knowing where to focus on. He began mumbling to himself, quickly disregarding reality for just the tiniest bit until he was lost in his own daydream. And just then, the class had began yelling, activating all their quirks at the same time, all except for him and the short-tempered male.

‘Idiots, that’s illegal.’ He rolled his eyes inwardly, huffing an annoyed sigh. If his classmates had even the tiniest bit of a brain, they obviously weren’t using it. Not to mention the teacher who was promoting such behavior.

He could vaguely hear the word ‘U.A.’ and their yells, including the word ‘extras’ by none other than Bakugou himself when suddenly the whole classroom had gone quiet.

“All of you seem to want to join the Heroics, all except one of you.” The teacher smirked mockingly, gazing at the black-haired boy with his condescending expression. Katsuki smirked at himself while Izuku could only raise his eyebrow.

“Oi, Midoriya. This says you want to join Hiroto High, is that right?”

‘Midoriya in a dance school?’

‘Pathetic! Who knew the quirkless loser could stoop that low?’

Hearing the insults and laughter of his fellow middle-schoolers, he could only stare at them blankly before facing the teacher, an aloof expression on him. Katsuki made the risk of looking behind him as the others were too focused in their own ordeals, definitely not because he wanted to see his ex-bestfriend and how he was doing. Not at all. What he saw, however, was far from what he'd imagined. He saw the way his once cheerful self that was always directed at him now indifferent, the way his voice had become nothing short of monotone when in school, no longer caring of whatever happened to him in that hellhole. Yes, Katsuki did agree that this place was absolutely hellish, he was just lucky enough to be one of the top-rankers—if not, most popular people there who didn’t have to suffer whatever they’ve thrown at him all those years.

No more was the boy who trailed behind him- his number one supporter. 

Katsuki looked at his lackeys, who smoked and gambled, no doubt a negative influence even on him, then to what seemed to be the only real friend he's ever had.

Not wanting to dwell on those thoughts more, he went back to staring at the window a few seats in front of him.

“Yes, I do plan to.” Izuku stated, before quickly continuing. “I plan on going to UA as well, as mentioned in my 3rd choice, but not in the Heroics department. Business.” Izuku was getting annoyed now. In what way did he indicate that they were free to meddle with his life? Then again, the only time they'll ever 'respect' him was the day he died, but he didn't want to risk that just yet. He wouldn't allow himself to break his parents' hearts.

Fortunately for everyone involved, Izuku had a fairly high tolerance of bullshit and nuisances in general, so he doubted he'd get into trouble any time soon. He could only hope it would end soon as he was already planning on leaving as soon as possible once the bell rang. Apparently, luck was on his side today as the moment the teacher had thought of something to say, a loud noise had interrupted him midway, leaving the students to pack up their things and leave. Izuku, who still had his notebook out as well as all his pens, took a much longer time than the rest.

The blond was the last to stand up, the smaller boy noticed, now stiffening. He would usually wait for the whole class to leave for the main reasons that no one would disrupt his little “bonding” time with him. He heard him murmur to his lackeys, urging them to leave as he would catch up to them instead. Of course, them being the ever so obedient imbeciles, listened to him without any further obligation and went off, laughing.

“What do you want?” The freckled-boy asked sharply the moment those two left, already taking his bag and slinging it over his shoulder, notebook in hand. Katsuki took notice of the said item and began letting his quirk activate over his hand, letting sparks manifest at his palm.

“So, you are planning on going there.”

‘No shit.’ Was the only reply Izuku thought appropriate to say, but decided against it; he couldn’t afford another bruise today, nor did he want a burn. God knows how hard it was to hide it from his parents and treat it himself.

“I am. What does that have anything to do with you?” He shifted his weight towards his right leg, patiently waiting ‘til the blond would finally relent and move aside. He had practice in about 30 minutes, anyway. He wouldn’t let Donald Duck waste his time just to make his ego bigger than it already was.

“Listen, Deku.” He growled. Ah, here we go.

“I let you off because you said you weren’t interested in heroics. Now it’s only a month until we graduate and now suddenly, you’re into UA again?! You’ll just be in everyone’s fucking way and you know it!”

“I wasn’t trying to get in your way.” He hissed, and in an act of blind anger, began walking towards him, glaring. “I’m in the business course. Did you hear that right, Katsuki? Because you know damn well I never even thought about becoming a hero in the first place. So, can you, for once in your fucking life, get your shit together and move on?”

Crimson stared at green in utter shock, struggling to find the right words to retort with. How long has it been since they’ve talked? And by talk he meant him actually replying to him. And who the hell taught him how to swear?!

Before he could retort, Izuku took his things and bolted out of the classroom, running down the stairs and left without another word.