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jar of candy hearts

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“What’s that one say?”


I love our love.


Renee looks up from the paperwork she’s filling out on some collar she and Bullock had made months ago, bullshitting most of it because hell if she can remember the details of an arrest from months back when they’ve had to lock up so many psychos since, most of them much more horrifying and much more horrifyingly interesting than --- she checks the name on the folder –- Mr. Markham, arrested for possession of cocaine.


A boring crime by Gotham standards, not memorable in a city full of madmen who dressed up like clowns to blow up banks or vigilantes who dressed up like bats to stop them.


Harvey smirks at her as he pops the candy heart in his mouth and Renee allows her amusement to overpower her annoyance that her partner’s pile of overdue paperwork still looks like he’d barely made a dent in it. They were going to be in the office all night at this rate but --- Renee picks up a candy heart of her own from the little pile of them on Bullock’s desk --- wasn’t that the point?


Valentine’s Day was shit even she had someone other than her partner and a pile of overdue paperwork to spend it with, hating how every girlfriend wanted to go out , to be seen , to do things that Renee knew were normal, that she was an ass for denying them – but that didn’t mean she was immune from the melancholy of being alone on such a day either.


Well, alone in the romantic sense, at least.


I am your ocean.” She reads her own candy heart, frowning. “What does that even mean?”


“I’m going to drown you in the bath tub?” Harvey hazards a guess, gesturing to the open file in front of him. “It worked for Mr. Daniels here.”


“I don’t think it counts as working if you get busted for it.” Renee rolls her eyes. “The people who write these things should be arrested for crimes against, hell, poetry, I guess”


Harvey eyes her mockingly. “You know a lot about poetry, Montoya?”


“Sure, Harv. I do not like green eggs and ham, and I do not like this paperwork, either, ugh.”


Please. You don’t want to be here? I’m the one who had a date tonight.”


Renee stares at him, incredulous. “With who?


“With my good old friend,” Harvey grins at her widely. “Mr. Jack Daniels. I think it’s getting serious, tonight I think I was gonna propose.”


Renee snorts, shaking her head. “Bullock, no offense, but the day you get married is the day I commit myself to Arkham. Some things are just too boggling for a sane mind to come up with.”


Ouch.” Harvey tsks, picking up another candy heart. “Oh, here’s a good one: love me like no one is watching. Think we’ve hit the R-rated part of the pile, Montoya.”


Renee groans and picks up another folder.


Yeah, it was going to be a long night.