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Right Turn

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"I can mash potato, I can mash potato

I can do the twist, I can do the twist

Now tell me baby, tell me baby

Do you like it like this?"

Bonnie softly sang along to the golden oldie that was currently playing on the radio station. The song always reminded her of spending evenings standing on her father's toes as they danced. At least before he started taking so many out of state trips in order to avoid being in their home.

She was currently parked on a quiet residential street just outside Santa Barbara. According to the information she'd acquired along the way, she was in the right place, but there had been no movement inside or outside of the pretty bungalow style home for the last few hours.

She leaned back onto the headrest and closed her eyes. She'd had a long few days of driving, preferring to stay off the main roads while keeping her stops for food and gas to a minimum. Not for the first time, she wondered if she was doing the right thing.

You started this, you need to see it through. She admonished herself.

Her phone buzzed and Bonnie didn't even bother to open her eyes as she reached over to silence it. She knew by the ringtone who it would be, and as much as she wanted to speak to Caroline and explain what was going on, Bonnie didn't want to be distracted by her friends' tears and pleas.

She felt a wave of magic sweep over her and sat up abruptly. She sent an answering pulse in response to the questioning probe. Not a minute later, Bonnie watched as lights flooded the home and the front door was wrenched open. "Bonnie?"

She exited her vehicle and made her way to the entrance of the house, stopping once she was within arms distance of the figure in the doorway. "Yeah. Hey cuz."

Lucy's face was a mask of confusion, "Are you okay, what are you doing here?

Bonnie cleared her throat nervously, "You remember when you said you'd see me again?" At Lucy's nod, Bonnie smiled sardonically, "Well that would have been a lie." Her cousins eyes widened and she took a good look at Bonnie before stepping back to let her in. "You look like you've been through hell, and your aura is all over the place. Come in and we'll talk."

Bonnie smiled gratefully before she gestured back to the vehicle she had arrived in, "Is that gonna be okay parked where it is?"

Lucy waved a hand, "Yeah, it'll be fine. What, you got something expensive in there?"

"Just Klaus Mikealson's desiccated body."





One week earlier

Bonnie came back to awareness slowly, it didn't feel like she was still in the cave. Instead of smelling dirt and rocks, she smelt stale air and…..was that smoke? She sat up slowly, letting her eyes adjust to the dimness of the place.

Where the hell was she?

Why did her neck feel so sore?

And what the hell was that smell?

She gingerly climbed to her feet, pausing to let the moment of nausea pass. Once she was standing, she took another look around. She was definitely inside somewhere, something about the place looked familiar. She wandered around a bit, stepping around a few stray boxes and crates. It looked like some kind of storage facility, she deduced.

'Why the hell…' her thoughts trailed off when it hit her like a sledgehammer, this was the storage place where she and Damon had attempted to keep Klaus after he had been desiccated!

Why the hell had the ascendant sent her here? This wasn't anywhere near the cave, in fact, this storage place had been chosen specifically because it was outside of Mystic Falls. She continued to feel her way along the walls, trying to remember how to get out when she heard a noise behind her.

"Didn't I snap your neck already?"

Bonnie turns slowly, the voice sounded like Alaric, but the Alaric that she knew would never say that to her. He must have been talking to someone she couldn't see.

'Of course the ascendant would bring me back right in the middle of some kind of battle. Can't I get a 5 minute break at least?'

Alaric finally steps into her line of vision and she could immediately tell something wasn't right. "Ric, what's going on?"

"What's going on, Bonnie" He snarled her name, "is that when I kill someone, they should stay dead."

Bonnie held up her hands, "No disagreement here, but why are you looking at me like that?"

"You think that doesn't include you? You think that just because you're a witch, you're something special?" With every word he advanced closer.

Bonnie was completely weirded out at this point. "Look I have no idea what is going on, you sound completely unhinged. Where's Damon? Maybe he can-" Before she could get the entire sentence out, he charged in her direction, slamming her body against the wall and holding her there by the throat.

"What the actual fuck, Alaric?" Bonnie croaked.

"I see snapping your neck didn't do any good, let's see if you come back when I remove your head from your body."

'Fuck this.' Bonnie sent a silent motus to Alaric, sending him crashing into the opposite wall. They regarded each other warily. This was not the Alaric that she knew, the only time she'd ever heard him speak this way was when he had been brainwashed by Esther.

Three whole years ago.

"No." Bonnie whispered, horror mounting as she realized what must have happened. "No, no, no, no."

"BONNIE!" Damon sounded like he'd been calling for a while. Bonnies head snapped to her right, and Alaric used her distraction to speed by in that direction. Bonnie wanted to follow, but she had to get her head wrapped around what was happening.

From what she remembered, she had been left with Klaus's body while Damon had tried to hold off Alaric. But wait, wasn't Rebekah here at one time as well? Bonnie suddenly realized what the smoky smell was. Alaric must have already staked Klaus and caused his body to start burning.

Which meant Rebekah had already seen it and assumed that her brother was dead.

Which meant she was probably already on her way back to Mystic Falls.

Which meant Bonnie had a slim chance to stop Matt from taking Elena over the bridge where Rebekah would cause their accident.

"Where's my damn phone?" She retraced her steps to where she had woken up to see if it was there, but no luck. She was winding her way towards the sounds of fighting when she heard Damon's anguished "NO!"

She was too late.

By the time she reached Alaric's body, Damon was long gone. Alaric was lying in a shallow puddle, eyes still open in surprise. Bonnie felt a twinge of sadness, Alaric hadn't asked for any of this, and had truly tried to do his best, but it always seemed he fell a little short each time. She leaned over and closed his eyes while saying a quick prayer for his transition to the other side.

She tried to recall what she had done the first go round. She had gotten Klaus's body, called Tyler to get him to agree to the swap in order to save their sire line. Following the scent of burnt flesh, she discovered Klaus's still smoking body lying in his coffin. She quickly got him loaded up and was soon on her way back to Mystic Falls.

She was coming upon the fork in the road that would either take her back to Mystic Falls, or lead her out of Virginia. Bonnie pulled over to the side of the road and sat for a moment. It would be so easy right now to just light him up again and let him burn. Even knowing that it would signal the end of a few people that she cared deeply for, the temptation to end it all right then and there was enormous. She cycled through all that would happen if she let everything play out just like last time:

-The search for the cure.

-Learning Expression and letting it overwhelm her.

-Jeremy being killed so Silas can be released.

-Elena turning off her humanity and wreaking havoc.

-Sacrificing herself to bring Jeremy back and dying as a result.

-Being dead for an entire summer and nobody noticing.

-Silas slitting her father's throat while she was a ghost and being powerless to stop him.

-Coming back as the anchor, going through agony every time a supernatural being died and crossed over.

-The other side collapsing, leading to her dying again, and being tossed into the Prison World.

-Being tortured by Kai before being left stranded and alone.

-Enduring a failed rescue attempt, and being left alone again.

-Attempting suicide due to loneliness.

Bonnie's soul felt heavy just thinking about what was to come. But, she had the knowledge to change events this time, right? It didn't have to turn out as messy as it had before. She knew the location of the cure, and what was involved in retrieving it, so there would be no reason to involve Jeremy. Elena could become human again.

'Why give it to Elena? Why not Abby?' The question had plagued her the first time around as well. There was not a moment's hesitation that the cure would be for Elena. Had they even offered it to Caroline? Bonnie knew Caroline had grown into her vampirism, so she would say no, but she never even got the chance to refuse it.

Knowing what she knew now, there was no way in hell she'd ever put herself in the position to become the anchor again. She felt for the girl that was currently doing that duty, she really did, but she wasn't touching that with a ten foot pole.

Her father's face kept flashing in front of her eyes. Never in her life had she felt so weak, so powerless, as that moment. To make it worse, he had just had a cursory burial. No ceremony, which was another slap in the face, considering he was still mayor at the time. Nobody had cared, as much as it pained her to admit, that included her supposed friends.

Bonnie started up the truck and continued on her way, for whatever reason, she had been given a second chance to do things over. She would make different choices this go round, she won't die this time, she assured herself. She would be able to keep her father alive, it wouldn't be a clusterfuck, she stubbornly insisted to herself.

It wouldn't.

Soon she was at the fork in the road, left for Mystic Falls, right to continue on. As she turned her blinker on to signal going left, her father's face flashed in front of her eyes.

Bonnie turned right.




"So you're telling me you hijacked the original hybrids body and came here to do what, exactly?" Lucy had long since forgotten about her tea and was sitting on the edge of the sofa hanging off Bonnie's every word.

"I don't know. I just know I couldn't let things progress how they did before. Abby had already been turned, so I couldn't change that, but my dad?" Bonnie shrugged, "I'm gonna try my hardest to at least try and give him a chance at staying alive."

"Well, where are you going to stash his body? You have to know that Elijah and the rest will be using every single witch contact that they have in order to find it, if they haven't started already. There's really nowhere on this earth that you can hide him for very long."

At Lucy's words, Bonnie felt a shiver run down her spine. "Then maybe he shouldn't be on this earth." She turned to her confused cousin. "Do you know anyone in the Gemini coven?"

"How do you even know….." Lucy's eyes widened briefly before nodding to herself. "Okay, you obviously have been through some things, and have learned a lot since I saw you last. What exactly do you know about the Gemini Coven?"

"I know they created a prison world for one of their own, using Bennett blood to bind it." Bonnie explained.

"Okay, but do you know why?" Lucy pressed.

Bonnie chuckled bitterly, "Oh yeah, I know why. I met the reason why."

Lucy tilted her head in confusion, "You met Joshua Parker?"

"What?" Bonnie sat up abruptly. "No! I met Kai. Who's Joshua?

"His dad." At Bonnie's continued look of confusion, "The former head of the Gemini Coven." She elaborated. "What did Kai do to get locked away?"

"He was sent there because he killed four of his siblings! What did Joshua do?"

"Joshua snapped when Kai won the merge, and attempted to imprison him until a new leader could be chosen. He stabbed Kai and tried to use an ascendant to lock him up. But Kai got the upper hand and Joshua was the one sent away."

"Wait." Bonnie held up a hand, "What's a merge?"

"I thought you knew about the Gemini?"

"He talked a little about his family, and I know he was in a coven, but other than that, I don't know too much. I was a bit preoccupied with trying to get away from the psycho. He liked to go on and on about all kinds of stuff, so he may have mentioned it, but I probably wasn't paying attention. " Bonnie replied.

"Well, the Gemini are a centuries old coven, one of the oldest to ever exist, very old world and old school in how they choose a new leader. On their 22nd birthday, if the current leader has succeeded in having twins, there's a ceremony in which the twins will magically battle it out."

"Wait, they make them fight each other?" Bonnie interrupts, horrified. If this is what Kai had grown up in, no wonder he didn't see any downside to murdering his siblings.

Lucy shakes her head, "It's not a physical fight, I guess it's more like their magical abilities go head to head. Whoever is the dominant twin wins and absorbs their siblings' magic as well as parts of their personality."

"What happens to the one that loses? Are they just magic-less?" Bonnie queried.

"No, they die." Lucy broke the news gently. "That's why it's always done with twins, so that the winner will be named leader. It's assumed that they will have had the same upbringing and magic training, so to have them going head to head is assumed to be a fair fight in most cases."

Bonnie frowned, "But Kai didn't have magic of his own, he could only take it from other people. That wouldn't have been a fair fight, unless someone gave him magic right before the ceremony."

"That's why Joshua snapped. Kai is….was a siphoner, so he naturally had an advantage. That's also why he and his wife kept having kids until they got another set of twins." Lucy watched as Bonnie absorbed the information.

"But that's stupid. Even if that person was completely off their rocker crazy cakes, the merge would be a good thing, right? Because unless their twin was crazy pants as well, it would only help mellow the winner out! Why try to stop it at all?" Bonnie was incredulous. All that happened could have been avoided if they'd just followed their own rules.

"Many of the Gemini believe that being a siphoner is an abomination, and that they shouldn't even be allowed to do the merge." Lucy shrugged again, "I don't get it either, but there were rumors that the prison world that Joshua was banished to was supposed to be for Kai until the younger set of twins came of age and could merge. I think that's why Kai sweet talked Jo into doing the merge behind everyone's backs."

"So what was Joe like, was he like Kai?" Bonnie needed to know what kind of Kai she would be facing if Lucy decided to help her plead her case to the Gemini leader.

"She. Jo was short for Josette." Lucy corrected. "She was awesome, had just finished pre-med and was going to become a doctor." Lucy stared off into space for a minute, "Actually I'm pretty sure she used to visit with Sheila from time to time."

Bonnie felt her spirits rise a bit, if that were true and if he had absorbed parts of his twin's personality, then maybe he wouldn't be the same Kai that she had encountered before, and he'd be open to helping her stash Klaus.

The two cousins sat in silence for a bit, each lost in their own thoughts. "What do you think the odds are that Kai will open it up and let me toss Klaus in there?" Bonnie asked.

Lucy snorted, "You'd better have something to barter with. He doesn't really do favors for people, especially if you're not a part of his coven. I haven't heard anything too bad about him though." She leaned back to rest against the couch, "he's loosened a bit of the tight hold the elders have had on the Gemini, and made some changes in order to bring the coven into the 21st century, but from what I gather, you don't want to get on his bad side."

Bonnie thinks of the arrow through her chest, then the knife to the gut. She knew all about getting on Kai's bad side. Perhaps her best bet was to be totally open and honest about who she was and what she wanted to do. After all, she was sure many other people wanted Klaus Mikealson out of the way.

She just had to make sure that Kai, or anyone in the Gemini Coven for that matter, killed Klaus. She hadn't figured out how to delink him from his sire line just yet.

At that moment Lucy's phone rang. She looked at the display and told Bonnie she'd be back in a minute. Bonnie nodded absently and let her thoughts drift. Lucy mentioned that she needed something to barter with, and Bonnie knows that besides her knowledge of things to come, she also had one other thing to offer.

The cure.

She still had the vial that she'd acquired while she was in Nova Scotia to get the magic from Qetsiyah's rock. Plus she knew how to get the one from this world without causing the chaos that they'd done the first time around. She could offer up the one that she currently had on her, and still have the one from this time on standby just in case she needed it.

Bonnie had almost nodded off when Lucy came back. "Hey Bon." The nervousness in her voice put Bonnie on edge. "What's wrong?"

Lucy sat next to Bonnie. "So here's the thing, remember how I said the Gemini is one of the oldest covens to exist?" At Bonnie's nod, Lucy continued "Well, it's also one of the biggest. It spans most of the West Coast."

"Okay?" Bonnie raised an eyebrow.

"Well, they have wards and council members all over. The second you crossed into California, they knew it." Lucy said slowly.

"Okay." Bonnie repeated, "I'm sorry Lucy, I'm not getting why this is a big deal, I'm sure witches come and go all the time here, I mean it is California."

"Yeah, well, none of them were ever carrying the body of an original." It took a while before it sank in Bonnie's mind.

"Oh shit! I didn't even think to cloak him. I'm sorry Lucy. Are you in trouble?" Bonnie felt awful.

"No, I'm not. They know it wasn't me, but they did register it was a Bennett. That's why they called me. Long story short, we're gonna have a few visitors tomorrow."

"Do you want me to leave? I can totally leave and be out of the state by morning. I don't mean to get you mixed up in this mess." Bonnie was halfway off the couch before her cousin grabbed her hand and made her sit back down.

"Sit down before you fall down. You're not going anywhere, and besides you look dead on your feet. You're staying here until we" Lucy stressed the last word "figure out what to do."

Bonnie instantly felt like a good chunk of the weight she was carrying was lifted off her chest. "Thank you Lucy."

"Stop. I should've kept in contact more, and based off what you told me, we don't get to see each other again, so I'm taking this to be our do-over. We're Bennetts, we gotta stick together." Lucy leaned over and enveloped Bonnie in a hug. Instantly Bonnie felt the welcoming warmth of familial magic, and wanted to never leave the comfort of her cousins' arms.

"Come on, let's get you settled in. I'm sure you're beat after all you went through to get here."

Later, right as Bonnie was starting to drift off, she thought of what was happening in Mystic Falls. Her memory of this time was very fuzzy, but she knows that the pastor had probably already killed himself and the 11 other people needed to start the expression triangle.

'That's another thing that's not gonna happen.' Bonnie promises to herself. The feeling of using Expression had been a real high, but the price she paid for using it was too high. She thinks of Professor Shane and suppresses a shudder. At the time, she thought she had met someone who was interested in her and wanted to help her with regaining her magic. But like too many others, he only wanted to use her for his gain.

She turns over in bed on her side and thinks about her life up until being thrown in the prison world with Damon. She had let too many people use and warp her magic for their own gain. She knew she needed to toughen up and get better at saying no to people and meaning it.

She fell asleep with that promise in her mind.




The next day dawned bright and clear, and for a second Bonnie could imagine that she was just a normal girl visiting her family. No original hybrid to hide, no impending meeting with a coven that may or may not tell her to go kick rocks.

But reality set in when she realized she could hear numerous voices outside her door. She glanced at the clock on the nightstand and shot out of the bed. It was almost noon! How long had they been here waiting to speak to her? And why didn't Lucy wake her?

Bonnie was frantically hunting for her clothes when there was a knock on the door, "Bon, it's me." Lucy's voice floated through the door. Bonnie opened the door wide enough to grab Lucy and bring her into the room.

"Why didn't you wake me up?" Bonnie hissed. "This is not the first impression that I wanted to make!" Lucy pried Bonnie's fingers from around her upper arm. "Calm down, they literally just got here. I made the meeting for around noontime because I wanted you to get some sleep."


'Yeah, oh." Lucy rolled her eyes and hands Bonnie a bundle of clothes, "Here, I ran out and got these for you, pretty sure I got the size right. Feel free to use anything in the bathroom." With that, she left the room and Bonnie made her way to the bathroom to shower and change, acutely aware that in a few minutes she would be facing Kai.

Since there was no time-out in the prison world, she wondered how he would look. He'd be older, that's for sure. Since he had merged with his sister, would he still be as ruthless as he was in the prison world? Or would some of her personality have eased that blood thirsty side of him?

Finally deciding that she couldn't stall any longer she held her head high and walked out to face the music.

Upon entering the kitchen she immediately felt the gentle probing of magic. She didn't make any sudden moves and stayed still, letting it wash over her. After a few seconds, she felt the magic ease up and she took in a deep breath. She took a look around and realized that Kai wasn't among the group that had arrived.

"Come closer, child. Let me get a good look at you." This was said by the witch that was seated at the head of the table. She sat with her back ramrod straight, hair pulled back into a classic chignon. But what interested Bonnie the most were her eyes, they were a blue that she had never seen before. She held out a hand for Bonnie to take. Judging by her aura and the way the others were deferring to her, Bonnie guessed she was the one in charge.

Bonnie circled the table and held the hand that was offered to her. Almost immediately she was assaulted with images of her life prior to ending up in the prison world. She watched in fascinated horror as the woman's eyes slowly clouded over, the dazzling blue now obscured. "Oh, you've come a long way, haven't you Bonnie Bennett." Bonnie tried to pull her hand free, but soon found that the woman's grip was like steel.

"Might as well stop struggling, there's no use until she lets go." Bonnie whipped her head to the right, "Liv?" When the hell did she show up? More importantly, she was Gemini? Then that would mean….

Right on cue, Luke exited the kitchen to stand next to his twin. Bonnie shook her head in confusion. She had pretty much forgotten about the woman still gripping her hand. Bonnie thought back to all her interactions with Luke and Liv prior to ending up in the prison world, wondering if either sibling had mentioned their coven by name, but came up blank.

"Interesting." The woman murmured. Bonnie re-focused her attention and realized that if she was rifling through her memories, then she had most likely seen her prior interactions with the twins.

Okay, that was enough of that.

Bonnie finally succeeded in removing her hand from the iron grip. She stumbled back a few steps before regaining her composure.

The regal woman straightened in her chair, "I apologize for my brashness and impropriety. I had to see if what Lucille was saying was true."

"You could have just asked me. Isn't there some sort of truth spell or something?" Bonnie grumbled, cradling her sore hand to her chest.

There were snickers around the table, "There is, but you see, it wouldn't do us any good. As a Bennett witch, you'd be immune to it." This was spoken by the older man seated to the woman's right. He stood, "My name is Clarence Miller, I knew your grandmother, and may I offer my condolences on her untimely passing." He gestured to the woman, "This is Ms. Reagan Fitzwilliam-Holtz, one of the senior advisors to the Gemini." He went around the table to introduce the other people, but stopped when he got to Luke and Liv. "It seems as if you already know Lucas and Olivia." At this, they both exchanged a glance. "Pretty sure we've never met." Liv denied.

"At this point in time, no. We won't meet for a few more years." Bonnie absently said as she ran over everything Kai had told her about his family. When he described how he had rampaged through his childhood home looking for the twins that had been born to replace him and his sister, and rob him of his chance to merge.

He had never mentioned names, or if he had, she hadn't put two and two together. She studied them closely, wondering if they even knew how close they came to almost dying at the hands of their unstable oldest brother.

"How do you know when we meet?" Luke leaned forward eagerly. Bonnie opened and closed her mouth a few times, thinking of the best way to explain her predicament.

"Because she's already lived it." This was said by a woman that could have been Liz Forbes' twin sister. "Ms. Bennett has done something, by accident mind you, that only a few witches have ever managed to do successfully." She gave Bonnie another once over, "Do you understand how incredibly rare it is for someone to harness the ability to go back in time?" She sneered, "Of course you don't, you have no idea what it means to be a witch. You've mis-used your abilities to aid those blood suckers, and it seems you've been rewarded."

"Rewarded?" Bonnie echoed in disbelief "Respectfully, you have no idea what I've been through. You weren't there while we were being terrorized by Klaus. You weren't there when I had to watch as one by one, my friends were turned against their will." She never broke eye contact as she recounted how the last years played out. "I lost my grandmother, my mother was turned, also against her will, and.."

Bonnie paused before adding softly, "I was stuck on the other side watching as my father had his throat slit open in front of the entire town. All the while knowing I couldn't do a damn thing to stop it."

"Oh my God, Bonnie." She heard Lucy sniff behind her. She had shared that her dad was dead, but had glossed over the details of exactly how it happened.

"None of those things have happened yet this go round." Luke tried to soothe her.

"But they did happen!" Bonnie rounded on him. "Just because I somehow have managed to go back in time, does not erase the fact that I have all those memories just running around in my head."

She turned to address the other council members. "I am trying to not make the same mistakes, I am trying to make better choices, and not fall into the same traps. I know that I can't do this alone, I know that I need help, and that's why I'm here."

She meets Reagan's eyes, "If you say no, I will accept that, and figure something out. I will respect your decision, but I really hope we can work together."

There is silence in the room until she sees Reagan give a nod to Clarence. He stands and sweeps a bow at Bonnie, "Well, Miss Bennett, it has been an honor to meet you, we will take your request for assistance to the remaining council members. As a gesture of good-will, the Gemini will take over cloaking the hybrids body until a decision has been made."

Bonnie looked to Lucy in confusion, this is it? She was expecting a long drawn out process. She felt a whisper of magic and when she turned to look at the table again, it was empty, only she and Lucy remained. No more than a minute had passed before she felt more of her magic being returned to her. The Gemini were keeping their word about taking over cloaking Klaus.

Bonnie sighed in relief, "Okay, that was quick. I thought that would take longer."

"It helps when someone like Reagan can look into your mind, it's a quick way to see if the person is lying." Lucy explained.

"How can they tell if I'm telling the truth or if I'm just projecting something that I wanted them to see?"

Lucy let out a huff of laughter, "Other witches would know how to do that, but they know you aren't that skilled. You have practically no shield around your mind, you're basically an open book, cuz."

"Oh. Can you teach me? I don't like the idea of people being able to just root around in my mind." Bonnie shuddered as she remembered how Silas used to do that exact thing.

"Of course." Lucy threw an arm around Bonnie's neck. "We're gonna get you caught up. You'll be a proper Bennett witch in no time."

The rest of the day was spent on what Lucy proclaimed was learning the basics. How to shield your mind, how to channel from nature, and so on. Bonnie was an eager pupil. She had to brush aside anger a few times, wondering why her Grams didn't start her learning about her abilities sooner rather than later.

When Bonnie crawled into bed that night she was drained and exhausted, but happy. Learning magic when there were no lives on the line was actually fun. Bonnie fell asleep hoping the Gemini would take a few days to come to a decision, she didn't want to leave and go back to what she knew would be a huge mess in Mystic Falls.




Bonnie's eyes shot open.

She laid there just breathing for a minute, not sure what jolted her from sleep. The clock on the night stand read 2:20. After tossing and turning for a half hour, she figured some tea might help her sleep. She made her way into the kitchen, being careful to only turn on the light over the stove, no need to wake Lucy just because she couldn't sleep. Soon enough, the whistle of the kettle snapped her out of her daydreams and she poured the water into the mugs.

Wait, mugs? Why had she taken out two? Unaware that she had spoken out loud, Bonnie jumped as a voice answered. "Well, I thought that you had realized that I was here, and the second one was for me."

Bonnie felt her heart drop. How had she not sensed that someone else was in the room? And not just 'someone', the person she had been dreading seeing the most. She reached over to turn on the overhead kitchen light.

"Nice to meet you Bonnie Bennett, although I've been told we've met before."