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I Want To Break Free

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The group of Jotaro, Joseph, Avdol, Iggy and Polnareff had finally disembarked from the Nile near the Kom Ombo temple, constructed during the Ptolemaic dynasty from 187-47 BC.

Being that it’s a popular spot for tourists to take pictures and get souvenirs, the city of Kom Ombo was swarming with swindlers and shady merchants.

They had come on as a group, but without even realizing it, Polnareff found himself alone.

He looked around, trying to figure out where he had wandered off to, as a short man in a turban and twirled mustache approached him, holding a piece of paper decorated in various sigils and designs.

“Hello, my friend! Want to buy some papyrus? It was the first paper, you know! This was drawn by a famous Egyptian artist, it’s a very good investment!”

Polnareff hadn’t even noticed him. “That’s strange, where is everyone…? They were just here…”

“Come on! Take a look, I promise you, it’s real papyrus! I’ll even give you a discount!” He finally snapped out of his thoughts and looked at the small man, frowning. “God, you’re boring...but, papyrus…?” He took the paper.

“I’ll give it to you for a good price~!” “...You sure this is for real?” “Of course!”

Polnareff promptly and easily ripped it in half.


He tossed it over his shoulder, turning away and sighing. “It’s a fake...real papyrus wouldn’t rip that easily. You can’t fool me. I wouldn’t have bought it even if it’s real, but…” Sigh. “Where is Jotaro? That Fighters fille also said she would tail the boat…”

Polnareff was making his way up a small incline towards the temple to get a better view of the crowd, when he heard footsteps behind him.

Glancing behind him, he opened his eyes wide. “Urk--!!”

...Then he smiled, waving. “Oh! Madame Fighters! I was just looking for you! Do you know where Jotaro and the others are? I ended up getting lost in this marketplace...were you hassled by the merchants, too?”

Foo Fighters was staring straight at him with a dead serious look on her face, carrying a sheathed sword at her side.


“...Eh? What’s wrong? You’re usually talkative…” He put his hands on his hips as he walked, but sighed. “Oh, never mind. Come on, follow me, maybe we’ll be able to find the others if we get a bird’s-eye view.”


They walked awkwardly and silently up the hill, arriving in the temple.

Polnareff turned around and looked at F.F., confused. “...What’s up with you, mademoiselle? Those eyes have the stench of death in them, and…” He pointed at the sword. “I’ve just noticed that sword you’re carries the unmistakable stench of evil! Where’d you find it?”

Foo Fighters stared at him, taking the scabbard into her hands.

“...It doesn’t matter where I found it. My stand is [ Anubis ], the Egyptian god of the underworld. Prepare to die, Jean-Pierre Polnareff.”

Polnareff raised his eyebrows. “Oh? Really, now? I thought you said your stand’s name was [ Foo Fighters ]...but, I think I can wager a guess as to why that’s changed!” He glared down at her.

“It’s that SWORD, isn’t it? That sword is the stand you’ve mentioned...and if that’s the case, then all I have to do is get rid of that sword!”

Foo Fighters flashed a malicious smile.

“...You’re very astute...but your smarts will be wasted, unfortunately.” She unsheathed the glimmering, shimmering sword. Anubis was always in perfect shape, as a sword.

“Your death is imminent.”

Polnareff smirked, putting one hand on his hip and the other on its side, cocked at the wrist towards F.F.

“Oh? Come and get some, bastard!”

F.F. skirted her way around Polnareff, but he caught her in one direction. Strafing quickly in the other direction, she managed to circle around him to the other side of the pillar.

Polnareff took note of her amateurish stance.

“(Interesting...whatever this stand is doing to her, it hasn’t totally gotten the hang of controlling her! Her stance and grip are that of a new swordswoman, but her movements are surprisingly quick...Considering she looks human, but has said she’s plankton, I’m not sure if I’m able to go for lobbing off her hands so she can’t hold it...what a pain in the ass…!)”

At that moment, a great slash went through the pillar.

And by through the pillar, we mean through the pillar, as well as through Polnareff’s shirt. It completely phased through the pillar and the shirt, but still managed to cut straight across Polnareff’s chest.


Instinctively as he was cut, Polnareff flinched back. Holding his chest, he knelt down, panting. “(T-The sword went THROUGH the pillar and my shirt, but cut me! So possession isn’t all this thing can do... Merde , if I hadn’t backed up, I would be dead…)”

Just then, another slash came through the pillar above him, aiming right at the side of his head.


With the distinctive ‘shink’ of a sword being unsheathed, Silver Chariot appeared next to Polnareff, using its rapier to block the enemy’s attacks. He managed to deflect most of them, but Anubis managed to nick his right elbow and shoulder.


Switching from defense to offense, he jabbed furiously several times in succession through the pillar, making thin holes and tossing small pebbles everywhere.

Feeling another close swipe from Foo Fighters, he launched himself back, rolling on the ground and whipping around.

He saw movement around every pillar, a foot or two behind every column. “Agh…”

Polnareff looked around himself. Nothing. He could feel the pressuring anxiety of evil, but he could see nothing. “Nngh--!! (H-How could I?! I lost her! Damn, she’s quicker than I thought! I don’t know which pillar she’s hiding behind...Anubis can cut through solid objects, but Silver Chariot only has a radius of a little over a meter...I’m surprised. Even without much expertise, this enemy is still giving me a tough time! Though, whether I could chalk that up to the power of the enemy stand or Madame Fighters’ physical abilities is up to debate...Nevertheless, they won’t have the advantage for long!)”

Thinking quickly, he hopped up on top of an already-cut pillar, shielding the sun from his eyes with his hand and looking around. “(Ha! All right! Just try to attack me! Now I can see a whole damn lot better! You can’t sneak up if I’m not right near a pillar, can you? What, are you going to go underground or something?)”

...Then he heard laughter. Unmistakably F.F.’s.

“...Keh keh keh keh...keh keh keh keh...keh heh heh hah hah hah…”

The sound of metal slicing through stone and air permeated the area.

“What--!?” Polnareff whipped around.

An entire pillar had been sliced in half, the top half falling straight towards him.


F.F. was on top of the column, giggling maniacally.

“My sword doesn’t have to phase through objects! I CAN CUT THROUGH THE PILLAR ITSELF!!”

She raised up the sword, a wide, unsettling grin on her face.


Foo Fighter slung her sword down, ready to cut straight through the pillar and dismember Polnareff.

But, Polnareff was waiting for this moment. A secret technique that not even Jotaro knows about…

Silver Chariot put out its rapier to its side, the blade starting to separate before finally launching out from the hilt as if spring-loaded, firing off towards a nearby pillar.

It ricocheted off of the pillar, and hit her right in the side of the neck, blood spurting out of both the wound and her mouth as the column harmlessly fell down in front of Polnareff.

F.F.’s dusty, slightly bloody body was laying on top of it, still clutching the sword.

“...Phew! That was close! Not even Jotaro knows I can do that. Silver Chariot can launch the blade of its rapier when it wants to...I only have the one chance, though. If the opponent dodges, I’m done for, so I only use it when I’m in a real bind…”

He sighed, putting his hand to his chest wound. It squirted out a little more blood. “Aghh--s-shit...I need to get this treated. Wonder if it’s too late to make the trip back to the Aswan hospital where Kakyoin is…”

Then, a voice came from behind him.

“...Oh…? So, you’re saying that if you were to miss, you would be rendered completely vulnerable…?”

Polnareff stopped, twisting around. “W-What?!”

Foo Fighters had stood back up, the wound on her neck with Silver Chariot’s blade lodged in it still gushing blood. She moved her hand up to the blade and yanked it out, getting a few more ounces of blood out before the wound patched itself up.

She snickered, throwing the blade down the incline into the marketplace, where it was then trampled upon by the crowd.

“...I’m surprised...I didn't know this young woman is something more than human...but, now that I’m aware of this, I only feel more confident...a normal human would have passed out due to a lack of air...but not this girl! She’s almost...more than human! And this also allowed me to plug up my wounds, already…”

Polnareff stared back at her, pupils shaking as he started to sweat. Shit...he already used his last-ditch attack! Silver Chariot won’t regain that blade until he goes and grabs it himself!

“...And you said...that if the opponent were to dodge that attack, you would be COMPLETELY VULNERABLE, RIIIIIIIIIGHT?!”

Polnareff panted, watching her. “(S-Shit, what am I supposed to do?! Take my chances with going and getting the tip of my rapier?! Or…)” He looked behind him, across the river in the direction of the town they were headed to, Edfu. “(...Should I take my chances and evade her attacks until Jotaro and the others come back? What an AWFUL situation!)”

Foo Fighters pointed Anubis at Polnareff before kicking off of the ground, charging forward at him. Deftly, he rolled onto his side, down the incline and hopped onto his feet, swimming through the crowd.

She watched him roll and sniffed. “Tch! A foolish maneuver. It will be your DOWNFALL, POLNAREFF!” Following him, she slid down the incline and into the crowd as well.

Polnareff was half-crouched in the crowd, bumping his face into peoples’ chests and backs while staring at the ground, trying to find the rapier blade. Obviously, it would be long, and thin, and it would reflect light, making it even harder to find against the light-colored sand.

“Shit, where is it, where is it…?! Oop, excusez-moi, madame! Pardon me, sir--” “HEY, WATCH IT!” “Sorry, sorry--OOF!” He had bumped into a man carrying a large barrel of paprika, spilling a good amount on Polnareff and making him cough, his eyes water. “OI!! D-DAMMIT, YOU DUMBASS! WATCH WHERE YOU’RE GOING! THIS SHIT’S EXPENSIVE!” “M-My bad, (koff)!!”

He looked behind him. Through the crowd, he could spot Foo Fighters’ neon green haircut through the more normal heads of hair slowly gaining on him. He lowered his head back down to the ground, and lo and behold, the rapier blade was there!

“Y-Yes! Finally! Silver Chariot’s blade!” He reached down to grab it, when…

...The man with the paprika came back in front of him, kicking the blade away. “AND ANOTHER THING! WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE, CROUCHING IN A CROWD LIKE THIS?! IT’S ANNOYING! DAMN TOURISTS!” He huffed, his mustachioed face beet-red as he stomped away.

Polnareff clenched his fists and grit his teeth. “...F...F-Fuck…!”

Foo Fighters, behind him, raised her sword. “Everyone, separate! If you do not follow my orders, I’ll cut you down where you stand!” A couple shrieks rang out, and quickly, the people dispersed, leaving an empty circle in the marketplace.

Polnareff stood up straight, looking back at her. She had this malicious aura around her, one blacker than any night…

She looked at him, a coy smile on her face. “So, you thought you could go and grab that blade of yours again? Too bad that guy kicked it away, huh? Now you’ll NEVER be able to find it!” She twirled the blade, starting to sprint towards Polnareff.


Silver Chariot , blade cut at the hilt, appeared next to Polnareff, using nothing but the hilt to block Anubis’ blade.

Foo Fighters locked eyes with him, grinning.

“...Since I’m about to kill you, you should know...I serve Master DIO and Master DIO alone! He brought me out of the museum and gave me new life! My original stand user was a blacksmith from hundreds of years ago, but when he died, I lived on…”

There was a red glint in her eyes as, next to her, with the sound of sharpness cutting through air, Anubis itself appeared. A jackal, with yellow eyes and a blue headdress on a human body, just as was usually depicted of the Egyptian god. It flashed a smile full of sharp teeth and crossed its muscular, tanned arms, snickering.

“...And I will continue living, only after I OBLITERATE YOU AND THE REST OF THE JOESTARS!” He overpowered Polnareff, giving him a nasty slash straight down the chest, forcing out a magnificent splash of blood as he staggered backwards onto his knees, wheezing.

“(Damn it! I need to think of something fast, or else I’m dead as a doornail! What am I going to do?! this the end for me…?)” He shook his head. “(Hell no! This isn’t even close to the end! Come on, think, think…)”

Foo Fighters (and by extension, Anubis) loomed over Polnareff.

“It’s a shame, didn't even put up a good fight! It almost seems like a waste, killing you like this!”

F.F. spit on the ground, before going for a horizontal swing right at Polnareff’s head.


...Polnareff braced for impact, but no impact ever came.

Foo Fighters had coughed, and the spasm had thrown their aim off. Anubis had just managed to clip off part of Polnareff’s hair.

“...H-Huh? ...Oh, I guess my throat must be a little dry...No matter! POLNAREFF! YOU’LL FACE YOUR D--(COUGH COUGH, HACK HACK HACK)” Soon enough, F.F. was doubled over, hacking and coughing. Anubis’ jackal form even started coughing, holding his throat. He barely managed to eke out a couple words.


Polnareff panted, still feeling the pain from his wound as he got up. “...Right...hahh...Now I remember! Madame Fighters told me...hahh...since she’s made of plankton, she needs a constant supply of water…” He grinned. “You haven’t drank anything since inhabiting that body, have you?!”

F.F. fell to the ground, her skin cracking as it dried up. Anubis turned to look in the direction of the river. He’d never make it...but, there is one source of fluid nearby that he can use…!


She made an attempt to cut herself open on her cheek so the blood would work as a fluid, but everything dripped into the absorbing sand, and her skin was so dry at this point that the blood didn't even absorb, it just slipped off.

In one final maneuver, she lunged herself towards Polnareff’s wounds, moving to go and lick up the blood.

Instead, she got a mouthful of paprika.

Polnareff chuckled. “And, of course! I got paprika spilled on me in the marketplace...and powdered spices like paprika soak up water incredibly easily!”

Coughing and hacking, she collapsed, and her grip weakened and weakened until she had let go of Anubis’ sword. The jackal form took a deep breath, holding his throat as he panted, looking at F.F.’s rapidly-desiccating body.

“...H-Hey…!! Dammit! That isn’t fair at all!”

Polnareff walked over to F.F., pulling her away from the sword and slinging her over his shoulder.

“Hey, all’s fair in love, war, and stand fights, tete de chien!”

Anubis just screamed out in anger.


He looked behind him. Joseph, Jotaro, and Avdol carrying Iggy were there! Joseph ran over to him, fists clenched. “Polnareff, where the hell were you?! We went crazy looking for you! You’re covered in cuts and...and…” Joseph sniffed the air and sneezed. “...A- CHOO! Paprika!”

Polnareff huffed. “Ambush stand attack. Possessing sword. I’ll explain later! Right now, take Madame Fighters to the river, immediately! She likely doesn’t have much time before she withers away completely!”

Joseph nodded at him, taking Foo Fighters from him and sprinting off towards the Nile. Avdol and Jotaro approached him, Avdol looking over his wounds.

“My goodness, Polnareff, it’s a miracle you’re still standing with such large cuts...and with paprika in them, too! Though, I wonder...why aren’t your clothes damaged, at all?”

“Again, long story! Please, could you go and get some bandages or something, Avdol?”

“Oh! Yes, of course! Maybe I can get some papyrus nearby…” Avdol hurried off to a nearby merchant who was more than eager to sell him some slightly used papyrus.

Jotaro approached him and watched Joseph run off, sighing.

“...Did that girl really give you that much trouble? Maybe she’s stronger than I thought.”

“Maybe...or, maybe the enemy stand was just strong enough to blur the lines...either way, I’m glad you guys came at the time you did. I’d have probably bled out if it weren’t for your timely appearance…”

Jotaro pulled the brim of his hat down and walked away.

Anubis had been left on the sand, stuck in a sword.

...He simply laid there, unable to move around, or talk to anyone, or do really anything.

Luckily for him, a young woman had been passing by to buy some jewelry when she noticed the sword on the ground.

Picking it up, Anubis was able to instantly take her over.

“...Hahahah...yes…!! Finally, my chance to kill them has returned!!”

Taking a few steps back in her body, he started sprinting towards them.


He threw the sword as hard as he could in their direction, and it was about to stick straight in Jotaro’s back, when…

...They suddenly made a sharp left.


The sword kept twirling in the air before finally landing in a hole in the ground.

“...Ah...there we go! A sword in a hole in the ground...someone’s bound to find this suspicious! Now, if I could just--”

It was then he noticed that next to him was the dead body of the man he had originally tried to take over, Chaka.


Above him, he could hear talking.

“...And so, we conclude this burial ceremony of our valued friend, Chaka Papillon, with a short prayer:

May you be given

Bread and beer,

Beef and fowl,

Clothing and ointment,

Everything good and pure,

Such as the souls of the

Blessed dead live upon.”


Anubis screamed and screamed all he could, but there was nothing he could do as he was buried by pound after pound of sandy dirt, his cries forever being silenced by the ground beneath Chaka’s grave.