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I Want To Break Free

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Squalo twisted and turned in his bed, the bad taste in his mouth instantly souring his mood as he slowly opened his eyes.

The phone was ringing...ugh, dammit. It’s too early for this...Though, a quick glance over to the clock, reading noon, said otherwise. He sat up and stretched, bare body shivering from the lack of A/C in their house. Next to him was his partner, both in love and in work...Tiziano. He was still sleeping soundly, even with the loud-ass telephone going off…

Squalo picked up the receiver, clearing his throat beforehand.

A teenage voice came through the receiver.

“[ Squalo, are you there? Traitors have emerged in Venezia...their names are Bruno Buccellati and Giorno Giovanna! Capture them, dead or alive! These orders come straight from the boss himself! ]”

Squalo coughed a little and sniffed. “Alright, alright...give us 5 minutes, we’ll be there.” The person on the other end hung up.

Squalo turned around to his boyfriend and lightly shook him.

“Tiz, wake up...we’ve got rats to catch.”

“Damn, this sure is an upscale place! Reminds me of the place I met you, Buccellati!” Mista put his hands on his hips, looking at the restaurant. Damn, he’s hungry...

Bruno, Giorno, Abbacchio, and Narancia (with Coco Jumbo containing Trish, a tied-up unconscious Fugo, and Anasui) had finally departed from the San Giorgio Maggiore church, and had disembarked in Venice. Seeing as they had already been hungry before even betraying the boss, it only felt right that they stop for some food at a nearby restaurant in Venice.

Bruno turned towards his group. Giorno, Abbacchio, and Narancia. Trish was still in the boat…

“Before we go in to order, we should put Trish in the turtle. She deserves a rest from all this.” Narancia looked back to him. “Sounds good to me!”

Mista walked over to him and whispered to him.

“(Oi, don’t remember? The pink-hair guy? Angles or whatever his name was?)” “(Oh...yeah! Do you think we should…?)” “(Now’s as good a time as any!)”

Mista stood up straight again and looked over to Bruno, clearing his throat. He feels nervous, but this’ll help them out in the long run, for sure.

“Hey, Buccellati. Before we would you feel about getting a new ally? Y’know, since we need all the help we can get and all…”

Bruno looked at Mista, confused. “...What do you mean?”

“I don’t know how it happened, but somehow, back at the church, someone appeared inside the turtle.” The group was instantly put on edge, reactions ranging from surprised to angry. Abbacchio stomped over to Mista and gripped him by the shirt.


“Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! Calm down, calm down! At that point, the only other person in La Squadra was the leader, and there’s no way we woulda shot that guy down with a couple bullets! He’s not an enemy of ours...apparently, he’s from Florida. He’s just looking for some girl who isn’t Trish, and he said he’d help us out if we helped him out!”

Narancia walked over, clenching his fists. “Yeah! And besides, we’re in danger! We need all the help we can get, AND he’s a stand user!” Abbacchio grabbed him by the shirt, too. Giorno raised his eyebrows, intrigued. “What…?”

Abbacchio was still growling at the two of them, and Bruno had crossed his arms, thinking.

“...” Abbacchio looked back over to Bruno. “...What do you think, Buccellati? Did these two numbskulls make a good decision?”

Bruno had his eyes closed, thinking.

“...While I believe that, at the moment they met this man, they were acting rashly and not thinking...their hesitance to kill that man helped us out in the long run. We are on the run...any help we can get, especially from stand users, is greatly appreciated. We don’t have much choice…”

Abbacchio’s eyes widened. “W-What?!” Mista and Narancia laughed and gave a high-five, as their ‘superior officer’ of sorts let them go.

“Yeah, I’ll go tell him it’s alright to come out here! He’s an interesting kind of guy...but he said he’ll help us out!” Mista sauntered on over to the boat, bending down over the turtle.

[ Mr. President ] brought Mista into the room in the turtle, and he looked around. The bloodstains made by that Angsty guy were still near the couch, but everything else looked fine.

Mista cupped his hands around his mouth. “Oi! Pink-hair guy! Whatever your name was! C’mon out, the others agreed to let you help us out!”

Anasui slowly crawled out from under the couch, standing up a little uneasily at first, but quickly recovering. He looked pretty fine, if a little pale.

“Good...And they agreed to help me find Jolyne?” “Yeah, yeah...but, after we finish our own mission, alright? Taking down the boss kinda takes precedence…”

Anasui frowned. Not in his mind, but… “Okay.” “Aight, fantastic. You come out after me, alright?”

Mista looked up at the red window in the ‘ceiling’ and made a small jump.

Instantly, he was back outside the turtle, on the boat. Mista bent town and picked up Coco Jambo, on the street above before hopping up there himself.

...Anasui came out shortly after, to the surprise of the others.

“(Jeez, what kind of freak dresses like that...or, maybe he’s some kinda exhibitionist?)”

“(It’s strange...I can sense that he has a stand like the rest of us, but his somehow feels...different. Almost like seeing someone with eyes that are too close together, it just feels slightly off…”)”

“(Damn, he looks cool! And his stand looked strong as hell, too...wonder if he’ll be any good in a fight, though. Maybe I should test him over dinner, heheheh…)”

“(...)” Giorno stepped towards him, putting out his hand. “Hello. My name is Giorno Giovanna. I trust Mista’s already explained our situation?”

Anasui looked down at him and sighed before reluctantly shaking his hand. “Yeah, yeah, I get it. I’m Narciso Anasui. I’m from Florida.”

Giorno gave a slight smile before gesturing the rest of the group. “This is Abbacchio, and our leader, Buccellati.” Bruno nodded to him, still reserved about this new ally. Abbacchio put his hands to the side of his head, staring at Giorno and speaking through grit teeth.

“Giorno what the fuck are you doing giving all of our names to this guy we just met.”

Anasui looked back over to him, sighing. “Calm down, Abbacchio. If I really wanted to kill you guys, would you think I’d spend all this time sitting around doing nothing? I just want to help you guys with your mission so you can help me out with mine…”

Abbacchio crossed his arms and ‘humph’ed. While they talked, Mista hopped back down onto the boat and put Trish in Coco Jambo,

Bruno gestured to the restaurant. “We’ll get acquainted over lunch. Come, everyone. This is only a quick break to replenish our energy...we can’t waste any time.”

The rest of them agreed and walked in, Mista being the last one as he hopped back up from the boat.

“H-Hey, wait for me! I’m hungry too, dammit!”

“So, about guys know what they are, right?”

Everyone except Giorno was sitting at the table, eating. Coco Jambo was sat on its own seat next to Anasui. Giorno was standing off nearby, keeping a close eye on the surrounding area.

“So, I’m thinkin’...are they allowed to eat cheese?” Abbacchio looked over at him. “Huh?”

“...I don’t think so. I mean, dairy products and eggs have to come from cows and chickens. They can’t eat cakes made with cream, either.” “Really?! No cake, either? Though, I guess that’s good for their health…”

Anasui twirled his fork around some spaghetti. To be honest, he isn’t that hungry.

“I think that’s for vegans...Vegetarians just don’t eat meat, but vegans don’t eat anything that comes from animals.” “Damn, there’s subsets to this shit?!” “Yes, I’ve even heard of pescatarians, who don’t eat meat, but eats fish.”

Narancia spoke up. “Hey, I’ve got another question! What do they use for shoes and handbags?”

“Well, if they don’t want animals to suffer...I guess you’d wear sneakers and use rucksacks, instead.”

Mista gestured with his forkful of salami. “Woah! They got style! So you’re telling me there’s grannies walking around like B-Ballers? I don’t think restaurants would let them in like that…” “Yeah, I never thought of it that way. I didn't have any friends who were vegetarian or anything like that back down in Florida, so I dunno myself…”

Bruno looked over to Giorno.

“Giorno...Now that it’s come to this, sneaking around isn’t going to solve our problems. Just sit down now and have a meal in the meantime.” Giorno glanced back at him.

“The issue now is the sea. Water surrounds us from all sides. We need a way to get through that! I’m sure the boss already has men on our tail. If we can’t cross the water undetected, they’ll just ambush us there, and no amount of hiding will do us any good.”

Giorno returned to watching the surrounding area.

“Yes, I know. Still, we need to stay alert. They may even poison our meals.”

Anasui leaned forward to look at him. “Hey, if they poison our meals, I guess I’ll be safe then, right? (Here, turtle, you want any of this spaghetti? I sure as hell ain’t eating it…)” Anasui looked down at the turtle and started to feed it some spaghetti.

Narancia leaned forward to sip from his soup spoon, and accidentally spilled his wine on a passer-by.

He looked down at the stain, then at Narancia. “HEY! WHAT THE FUCK’D YOU JUST DO?! YOU GOT WINE ON MY FUCKING SUIT!”

Narancia just lazily looked back to the man. “...Eh?”

He grabbed Narancia by the shirt straps, screaming in his face.


Without so much as a moment of hesitation, Narancia took his wine glass and smashed it upside the man’s chin. There was a strong look in his eyes.

“I know what you are…” Mista looked away from his food over to Narancia. “Huh?”

Narancia got up from his seat and pushed the man down, kicking him multiple times on the ground. “The enemy?! The enemy?! The enemy?!” Mista got up from his seat as well, as did Abbacchio.

“The enemy?! The enemy?!” “Take this! Dumbass! Bastard!” “Ora!! Oriaa!! Orua!!”

Anasui just watched them as he fed Coco Jumbo, as did Bruno.

Abbacchio put up his hand. “Hold up, Narancia.”

...The man was on the floor, bleeding badly from the face and covered in bruises.

“...I don’t think this guy’s an enemy. Uh...yeah, that’s just a civilian…”

Narancia put his hands to his cheeks in shock. “S-Shit, really?! Aw, SHIT, man, I can’t pay for this! I don’t have that kind of money!”

Mista bent down and picked up part of his suit, looking at the wine stain, small compared to the pints of blood spilling onto the rest of it.

“Ya mean this? Yeah, this is gonna be a bitch to get out. A wine stain sticks out like a sore thumb on a white suit. He got lucky with the location here, though. If he buttons it up, nobody will notice.”

Abbacchio walked over to the table, taking his fork with some food from it and holding up the man’s head. “Well, what’s done is done. While he’s here, we’ll have him check for poison.”

Anasui watched them like they were idiots (which, in his mind, they were) before looking over to Bruno. “You certainly have some personalities on this team, Buccellati. It’s a wonder you get anything done.” He was blank for a second before registering what Anasui said and nodded. “It’s true...they may be a little strange, but each of them can really be counted on when push comes to shove.”

Anasui looked over to Giorno, who was staring at Bruno. Giorno quickly looked away, going back to surveillance as Anasui squinted at him. What’s his problem…?

The trio that had assaulted an innocent man sat back down to resume eating.

Abbacchio picked up his knife to cut part of his food, looking back over to Bruno. “So, Buccellati, what will we do next?”

The atmosphere grew tense, Anasui looking between them all slightly confused.

“...The boss’ stand obviously has the power to erase time. Within that erased time, only the boss can move and do as he pleases. He’s invincible. No matter who you are or what you try, your attacks will all be rendered meaningless in the presence of his stand!”

Everybody tensely looked down at their food. Save for Anasui, of course. He’d cut in and talk about how no stand is truly ‘invincible’, especially with a human user, but...he knows they’d just get angry at him. They’d go on about how ‘he wasn’t there’ and tell him to ‘shut up’. If he wants these people to help him, he needs to be smart.

“...However...That all changes once we pin down his identity! Once we know his face, we can attack the boss himself and assassinate him! We MUST find the boss’ identity at all costs!”

Mista looked serious as he raised his head up to speak. “ will we do that? The boss erased all traces of his life!”

Abbacchio spoke up, as well. “Trish! Trish contains some kind of hint to his identity. Everyone’s been going after Trish, and the boss was trying to kill her, too!”

Everyone was silent.

“...Am I right…?”

Narancia, trembling slightly, opened his mouth to speak. “I...A-About that…”

“...I-I don’t really like that plan...I, uh, I don’t want Trish to get any more involved in this. Trish isn’t a part of this! She’s gonna be devastated if she wakes up and finds out her dad nearly killed her!”

“H-How are you gonna break it to her? How are you gonna tell her she was betrayed by her own dad? Buccellati, please…! Keep all this about the boss’ identity secret from her!”

“You don’t have to do that...Narancia.”

Trish was crouched down next to the table, hiding. Everyone turned to look at her, while Anasui sighed and rolled his eyes, looking away. Great. Another girl who isn’t Jolyne and can’t help him with finding her. Just what he needs right now.

“I...already know. I’ve known this whole time.”

Trish stood up.

“I remembered something, when you said he erased all traces of his life. My mom once said that she met my father on the island of Sardegna. I’ve heard bits and pieces from my mom when I was a little girl. She met him on vacation. He said he’d be back soon, then vanished without leaving so much as a name or a picture.”

Abbacchio put two and two together. “Sardegna...that was the boss, before he became the boss of Passione...fifteen years ago! Could that be where he grew up…?”

“Sardegna! That’s where we’ll find his past and identity!”

Bruno stood up, albeit a bit uneasily.

“Why are you telling us this? We might end up killing your father! No, in fact, we all vowed to do so or die trying!” Anasui wanted to say that he didn't vow, but kept his mouth shut.

“It doesn’t matter what you do to him! I want to find my origins, no matter what! I refuse to die before finding out!”

The group was silent for a second before Abbacchio laughed a little. “Heh...Looks like she’s a little tougher than you took her for, Narancia.” Narancia was just quiet, spoon in hand.

Mista waved Trish down. “Oi, Trish, we got a new ally, too. Say hi to a signore ...uh…”

Anasui glared at him. “Anasui. My name is Narciso Anasui. Is it really that hard to remember?” “Hey, don’t get mad at me just because I can’t remember such a foreign name…”

Trish just looked at him a little cautiously and waved. Anasui didn't respond. Why should he? He doesn’t care about her.

Narancia went for another mouthful of soup, but was surprised to find his spoon was gone. He looked at his hand, confused, before checking under the plate and under the tablecloth. He must’ve just placed it somewhere, or dropped it on the floor or whatever...Narancia just turned around to one of the other tables and stole one of their spoons, lightly clenching and unclenching his hand. Wonder where that spoon went...As he did so, he stirred his new spoon in the soup.

...He felt something solid in it. More solid than any of the meats or veggies in it…

He raised his spoon and…

...There was part of the other spoon on it.

With a bite taken out of it.

Narancia stared at it, mouth agape as the spoon fragment dropped off of it and into the soup.

Then...he saw what looked like a shark fin making circles in his soup.

“It’s the enemy...the enemy’s here!”

The rest of the group snapped around to look at him.




Inside the turtle, Fugo was currently tied up, unconscious, inside the couch. Who knows when he'll wake up...?