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I Want To Break Free

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Jolyne was leaning on the wall of the ghost room created by [ Burning Down The House ], thinking about that Funny Valentine guy and what he said.

His stand lets him travel between dimensions...that’s what he said, right? She’s wondering how that whole thing works…

...He also said that to get her friends back, she needs to gather allies. She has no clue how any of that is going to help...Or, in fact, why she’s even gathering these people.

Nonetheless...she hopes Emporio brings Gwess back alright.

She looked around the room, but just then, she noticed…

...Underneath the broken piano, something was sticking out. Something kinda shiny…

Shiny, and...circular.

Jolyne walked over to the piano and bent down, digging underneath it, and pulled out…

“Whoa, shit! What the hell is this thing doing here?!”

She pulled out one of [ Whitesnake ]’s disks, notably Weather Report’s stand disc! What’s it doing here…?

...Oh! Right! Emporio told her about what happened...he used Weather’s stand disc to pummel that damn priest into the floorboards!

She’d better keep this in a safe place...Like, over here, tucked between the books!

“There, that should be good. Nobody but us stand users can come in here,, it’ll be safe.” She looked at it, seeing [ Weather Report ]’s face in it, and sighed.

Damn, she misses him…

Gwess was sitting on the top bunk of her cell, reading a fashion magazine she’d bought from one of the other female prisoners. It was kinda chilly in the prison, but she could chalk it up to them just not having the budget for heating. It should be warm out, since it’s March, but she can chalk that up to the prison having way too much air conditioning.

She had her green jacket on, reading some cheesy article on what the hottest trends were. Honestly, she didn't really care about the trends, and was more interested in ogling the men and ladies, but she might as well get as much use out of this thing as possible.

It’s been just a little over a week or so since Jolyne broke out. It was a big thing...she remembers Jolyne being attacked by that Miu Miu girl...then, according to word around the prison, she took Miu Miu hostage and escaped. She’s a little jealous, Jolyne being so brave and escaping…

...Ahhh, she kinda misses Jolyne. They definitely got off on the wrong foot when they met, and Gwess had to be in the prison hospital for the next couple days, but then Jolyne at least didn't try to attack her anymore. Mostly because she let up on her urges...but, could she really help it? She was just too cute...and, imagining her speaking in that cute way and dressing up in the cute little mouse corpse~

Oop, she was distracting herself! Gwess went back to reading with a slight blush on her face, flustered by her own thoughts.

“Excuse me…”

She looked up from her book and looked around, even outside of the cell door.

“Huh? Who’s there?” “Uh, me…” She looked down the bunk bed.

...There was a kid sticking his head out of a crack in the wall of her cell!

Gwess raised her eyebrow, confused. “Who the hell are you? How’d you even get in?!”

“That isn’t important...Jolyne needs you.”

Gwess raised both her eyebrows, now interested. “...Jolyne…?” Gulp. “D-Does she want to beat me up again?”

“No, no! She actually needs your help...take my hand. I’ll take you to her.”

Gwess hopped off the bed, scratching some of the hair poking through her hat.

“...Okay...But, uh, before I go with you, who are you, again?”

“I’m Emporio...One of Jolyne’s friends.” He put out his hand.

“(Damn, how the hell’d she make friends with some child in an adults-only prison…? Actually, that’s another question! Why is there even a fucking kid in here?!)”

Emporio led her into the crack in the wall. “(AND WHY IS HE BRINGING ME THROUGH A CRACK IN THE WALL?! I-Is this kid a stand user, too?! What the HELL IS HAPPENING?!)”

Gwess and Emporio popped out into the ghost room, Gwess looking around, deeply confused at what’s going on. This place looked nice, yeah, but how the hell’d she even get here?! And, on the broken piano, is that…?


She turned to look in the direction of the voice. There she was...Jolyne. She had a parka and jeans doesn’t look like anything she’s worn before, and even though she looks a little worse for wear, she still, intimidating.

“...U-Uh...hi, Jolyne...Emporio told me you wanted to talk to me?”

Jolyne walked towards her, eyes half-lidded and mouth flat.

“Yeah. I did. Ugh, it hurts to say this. It really really hurts, mostly because I don’t like you very much, but…” She groaned. “I’m...I’m sorry for how I’ve treated you. And I’m only saying that because I need your help with something.”

Gwess’ eyes widened, surprised. She never thought of such a tough girl as Jolyne to be apologizing to her, especially after what she did when they met…

She grinned, hands on her hips. “...Oh? So you want my help, do you, Jolyne…?”

Jolyne rubbed the back of her neck, sighing. “Yes.”

“Well, I’d love to help you! Really, I really would…” Jolyne looked up.

“IF! If if if…” She blushed and put her hands on her cheeks. “Only if you say ‘can you help me, please, Gwess’ in that cute voice I had you do so long ago!”

Jolyne looked at her. “...No. I’m not doing that.”

Gwess turned around, waving. “Then I guess I’ll be heading back to my cell...”

“W-Wait, wait wait wait!” Jolyne was quiet for a second before groaning. “Fine! I’ll do it, already! But I won’t do that stupid voice anymore!”

She turned around, putting her hand to her ear. “Then may I hear it~?”


Jolyne swallowed her pride, hard.

“...C...C-Can you hewp me, p-pwease...Gwess…?”

Gwess squealed, putting her fists up to her chin and smiling. “Eeeee! So cuuute!!” She giggled a little, turning around fully and walking up to Jolyne, grinning wide as she put her hand on Jolyne’s shoulder.

“Okay, okay...Just for that, I’ll help you out~!” “Get your hand off of my shoulder.” “S-Sorry.” She promptly moved her hand off of Jolyne’s shoulder.

Jolyne looked over to Emporio. “Emporio, who was next…?” “You said Miraschon, right?” “Oh, yeah. Miraschon…”

Gwess looked at her, hands on her hips. “Miraschon…? Why her? I thought you needed me for something…”

“Yes, I do need you. But we need a lot of allies. So, we’re gathering up the ones we can at least intimidate into helping us.”

“Ahh...In that case, I guess having Miraschon around wouldn’t be so bad. Even if she’s kind of a time, I touched her hair, and it was totally greasy! It’s like she doesn’t take any showers at all…”

Jolyne made a face. “Eugh. Fucking gross. But, she’ll still be useful. You know her cell number?” “Oh, yeah...I’m pretty sure it’s, uhhh…”

Gwess crossed her arms, thinking. “...Hmmm...Oh!! Yeah, it’s 15-19696-F! But, right now, she’s probably in the courtyard. She goes there a lot, since apparently she’s a big baseball fan...”

Jolyne looked back to Emporio. “Emporio...In the courtyard, you won’t do too well, right? That’s a wide-open area, where anyone can see you.”

Gwess leaned over next to her. “Jolyne, I could go and get her for you.” Jolyne looked at her. “Really? You’d do that?”

“Ohh, did I hear a hint of gratefulness in that statement~?”

Jolyne frowned at her. “...Just hurry up and get her. Emporio, you go ahead and bring her back to her cell so she can go and get Miraschon.” Emporio nodded and took Gwess’ hand, leading her along to the crack in the ghost room.

“When you go and find her, could you bring her to the crack in the wall on the platform on the second flight of stairs…? It’s the quickest way back here without traveling through the walls…” “Yeah, alright.”

Gwess sighed, looking back at Jolyne. “...Y’know Jolyne, you really are cute when you do that voice~”

“Then I hope you keep the memory of me doing that in your head, because I’m never doing that shit again.”

“We’ll see~”

Miraschon was currently in the courtyard, repeatedly throwing a baseball against one of the prison walls, alone. It was nice and warm out, since it was March, but she wasn’t really paying attention to that. She was more just trying to get better at her throws. She’d seen David Ortiz on the TV inside recently, and she wanted to try and perfect her pitching form.

It’s been just over a month since she’s recovered from the beating Jolyne gave her, and she was still hung up on it. God, what a bitch. She didn't even follow the rules right...if everything had went according to plan, [ Marilyn Manson ] would have wiped her out! It’s also the fault of that stupid priest...he was the one who told her to go after them, but he couldn’t be bothered to do it himself? Weak!

The baseball ricocheted off of the wall and hit her in the forehead. She winced and shut her eyes, putting her hand to her forehead. “Ggrrghh--!!! D-Dammit!! Stupid fuckin’ baseball…” She picked the ball back up and furiously threw it to the ground, stepping on it. “Yeah? Yeah, you like that?! Dumbass ball! See how you like it!”

“Hey, Miraschon!”

Miraschon turned around. Oh, it’s Gwess. She knows Gwess. She doesn’t particularly like or care for Gwess, but she knows Gwess.

“Yeah, hi Gwess. What do you want, I’m kinda busy right now…” Gwess put her hands on her hips and looked down at the ball underneath Miraschon’s foot. “Sure does look like it…” “Tch, shut up.”

“Anyways, Jolyne wants you.” Miraschon frowned at her, moving one of the strands of hair hanging in front of her face out of the way. “...Jolyne? What the hell does that bitch want? I thought she escaped prison already. She already kicked the shit out of me, what else could she want?”

Gwess put her hands up. “Don’t get mad at me! I’m just saying she wants your help with somethin’! Come with me, I’ll take you to her.” She turned around and gestured for her to come with. “...Seriously? Oh well...if anything, it’ll be another chance for me to pummel that whore’s face in.”

Gwess led Miraschon back inside, and to the small landing where there was a large crack in the wall. Gwess stopped. “Here it is!”  



“...Here what is?” “...I dunno. Emporio just told me to come over here and into the crack…” “Who the hell’s Emporio?” “Be quiet! You’ll get your answers soon enough! Just take my hand.”

Miraschon took Gwess’ hand. Gwess recoiled a little.

“...Eugh, you’re covered in sweat…” “I was just outside in the heat playing sports, what did you think would fucking happen?”

Nevertheless, Gwess led Miraschon into the crack, and immediately they popped out into the ghost room with Emporio and Jolyne. Jolyne had a hand cocked on her hip, staring at Miraschon.

“Hello, Miraschon.” Miraschon lifted her head, looking down her nose at Jolyne. “Oh. Hey, Jolyne.”

Gwess stepped off to the side, not wanting to interfere.

Jolyne walked towards her, arms crossed. “...I really didn't want to have to do this, but I need your help.”

Miraschon scoffed. “And why should I help you, of all people? Especially after what you did to my face…”

“Because…” She sighed. “I don’t have much of a choice. Is there anything specific you want so you can help me out…?”

Gwess raised her hand. “I’m up for hearing her say something in the cute voice again~” The both of them turned and told her to shut up, upon which she did so.

Miraschon rubbed her chin, thinking. “Hmmmm...something I want...Tell you what!” She dug into one of her pockets and pulled out the baseball from outside. “If you can hit me with this baseball, I’ll join you and Gwess. If you don’t, I get to beat the both of you up as revenge!” Gwess sputtered. “Th-W-Wh--H-Hey, why me?!” “Because you piss me off too!” “What?!”

Jolyne sighed. “Alright, alright, fine. Deal.” “And, to make things more official…”

A cash register chimed as [ Marilyn Manson ], in all its yellow, furry glory, was pulled out.

“I’ll monitor this bet with Marilyn Manson! And, since you said you go!” Miraschon tossed the ball to Jolyne, who caught it.

Jolyne stared at her with the baseball in her hand as Miraschon eagerly bobbed and weaved, moving around the room.

“C’mon! Scared? It’s just one throw, how hard could it be?”

Jolyne frowned at her and tossed the ball to Gwess. Gwess immediately caught it and lobbed it at Miraschon. Miraschon expected Jolyne to throw the ball once and miss, and as such was entirely caught off-guard. The baseball hit her right in the side of the head, and she fell to the ground.

Jolyne walked over to her and squatted down.

“Guess that’s ball game, huh?”

“Oh, shut the fuck up…”