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Like most things, it started off rather simple ― or how simple it was when a certain Miyuki Kazuya and Sawamura Eijun was involved.

It started with a simple article from a blog – honeyb’s blog post entitled: Reasons why Miyuki Kazuya and Sawamura Eijun should be boning. Kuramochi had sent it to the Seidou’s chat as some sort of joke and revenge which brought the rest of the previous Seidou player’s amusement.

someone introduce sawamura to memes

members: 35

runawaytrain: so has the betting pool been settled yet?

smirkingdevil: we can’t settle it unless these two confirm it remember that was the deal of the betting pool


baseballbible: 50,000

baseballbible: you upped the bet last week

whipmyhair: I feel like we shouldn’t bet on our juniors and respect their privacy.

smirkingdevil: you think man’s greatest invention is ice

whipmyhair: Hey

runawaytrain: kyahaha really tanba-san

pigtails: We’re diverting the topic so is asshole Miyuki and Sawamura boning?

smirkingdevil: i'd lose a lot if they weren’t.


Of course the article got widely known – it may or may not be Kuramochi’s fault (Kuramochi swears he didn’t do anything except retweet the article and he may or may not have forgotten he had 7.3K followers. Who the fuck was he even lying to?) – to the point it even got asked about in the pre-match conference between the Hiroshima Carp and Fukuoka Softbanks.

An interviewer, probably either new to the field or just plain courageous walks up to Miyuki―of all people. Everyone knew how evasive Miyuki was during interviews more so if the topic was about his private life.

So when the interviewer asks, “Have you read the latest article about you and your battery partner, Sawamura Eijun?” Nobody expected an answer.

So imagine the surprise when Miyuki Kazuya grins. “Oh? The one with those list of reasons why Eijun and I should be boning?”

“Boning?” Sawamura Eijun suddenly cuts in, eyebrows furrowed in confusion as he stared at Miyuki. “And what article?”

“The one Kuramochi sent.” Miyuki deadpans, completely ignoring the reporter’s upcoming question though he didn’t look particularly bothered by it. Just curious at Miyuki and Sawamura’s interaction. “Because you’re too much of an old man who doesn’t check his messages.”

“Seriously that came from you?” Sawamura snorts without heat and without missing a beat. “You only downloaded Twitter because I told you it would be fun to make fun of Kuramochi-senpai.”

Miyuki shrugs.

“What’s boning?” Sawamura asks, turning his question to the reporter who blinks owlishly in response.

He has got to be kidding right?

Apparently, he was not. Sawamura stares at the reporter in confusion and the reporter stares back, not knowing what to say. Miyuki smirks before he leans down, whispering in Sawamura’s ear.

Their PR manager is going to pop a vein while the media has a field day especially when Miyuki’s smirk widens as he pulls away and Sawamura―Sawamura’s face is pure red and the reporters’ are all stunned when Sawamura suddenly turns, hiding his face on Miyuki’s back making Miyuki laugh.

Because one, it sounds like a really genuine laugh, not the mocking laughter he gives in interviews and not the fake laughter that usually comes out of his mouth.

Aside from that the whole fandom is freaking out because holy shit, what did Miyuki even say to make Sawamura redden that much?


Kuramochi Yoichi @kuramocheetah

@acepitcher me. you. saturday. i have some few moves i’d like to try.

          Sawamura E. @acepitcher

          @kuramocheetah WHAT DID I EVEN DO

          Kuramochi Yoichi @kuramocheetah

          @acepitcher told miyuki to install twitter to make fun of me

          Sawamura E. @acepitcher

          @kuramocheetah HE WOULDN’T DO IT IF I DIDN’T SAY THAT

          Kazuya. @liferuiner

          @acepitcher @kuramocheetah

          just don’t break him. it’s gonna be hard looking for a replacement.


shin @carpshortstop

          @acepitcher @liferuiner what did you even say to sawamura?

          Kazuya. @liferuiner

          @carpshortstop @acepitcher well basically

          Sawamura E. @acepitcher


          ryou @smirkingdevil

          @acepitcher @liferuiner @carpshortstop do it. no one is going to miss his horrendous fashion sense anyway

          Kazuya. @liferuiner

          @acepitcher @carpshortstop @smirkingdevil you going to throw your favorite hoodie?

          ryou @smirkingdevil

          @acepitcher @carpshortstop @liferuiner sawamura’s favorite hoodie is miyuki’s? why am i not surprised.


Well excuse me Ryousuke, did you really have to put gasoline to the fire?


someone introduce sawamura to memes

members: 35

runawaytrain: so is no one gonna comment on how crappy glasses is described as the hottest and coolest catcher in the league

smirkingdevil: they forgot soccer miyuki who can’t kick a ball to save his life

acemura1: Miyuki Kazuya kicks balls?

smirkingdevil: oh look who showed up when miyuki’s name was called

acemura1: Miyuki kicked me out of the kitchen because I was a disaster.

runawaytrain: or a distraction for him.


After the boning incident which caused grave harm, a lot of gray hairs and stress for the PR Team, the media was now focused on the Hiroshima Carp on a winning streak with 13-7 wins in the season. Everything was doing well. The Coaches now know better than to assign Miyuki and Sawamura together in press duty. They were slowly climbing in the ranks.

Predictably, that’s when everything goes to shit.

“In my defense,” Sawamura states, brows furrowed as he crosses his arms across his chest. “He started it.”

“I don’t care who started it, Sawamura.” The head manager for their PR team ― Seiya, incredibly terrifying Seiya-san ― massages her forehead, glaring daggers at Sawamura. These days, Sawamura is the receiving end of those glares, for some reason. “I care that you every single tabloid and blog is talking about the brawl between you and Kawafuji-kun and no, I don’t care if he’s a bigoted asshole. I care that you almost injured your pitching hand, Sawamura. Would he be worth it if you were to sit out the season?”

“Yes.” Sawamura answered without hesitation. At Seiya’s glare, he purses his lips. “Okay, maybe, not but I don’t regret it.”

“Of course you don’t.” Seiya sighs. “This is above my paygrade. What did he even say to you?”

Sawamura averts his gaze.

Seiya sighs. “Okay. Kawafuji demands a public apology but we aren’t giving him one, not unless he apologizes first.”

Sawamura turns to her, surprised. A small smile creeps on his lips. “Thanks, Seiya-san.”

“You’re not the type of person to enact violence, Sawamura.” She replies. “I wonder what he said to tick you off. Alright, see you. Miyuki’s waiting for you outside.”

“Miyuki Kazuya?!” Sawamura makes a noise similar to a dying animal. “Kill me now, Seiya-san!”

Seiya sighs. Signing off Miyuki Kazuya and Sawamura Eijun were doing wonders to their PR team – mainly gray hairs and excessive amount of stress – but they were also earning their paycheck, which Seiya is somewhat confused if it’s a good thing or not.

After making some calls to their local TV Station, their most trusted publishers and a few apologies to the owner of Fukuoka Softbanks (which was apparently not needed seeing as he wasn’t even perturbed of the circumstances at all, any publicity is good publicity he says), Seiya locks her office.

The players all had their day-off’s today so it wasn’t a surprise when no one’s in the stadium except for a couple of shadows up ahead. Seiya arches a brow, watching as the shadows come clear, revealing Sawamura and Miyuki standing near the stands, close to each other.

Sawamura, was weirdly quiet, or probably sulking from the looks of it but what struck Seiya most was how Miyuki was gently cradling Sawamura’s hand, caressing his wrist softly and his fingers tapping the skin gently before he turns to Sawamura. His voice was quiet but Seiya could clearly see the softness in his gaze and Sawamura nods, gently biting his lip before a smile – the blinding, genuine smile that was somehow only reserved for Miyuki – and Seiya manages to sport a soft smile.

Maybe she knew who exactly Sawamura’s berserk button was.

Of course, that doesn’t stop her from calling them in the middle of the night when they once again broke the internet because apparently, there were press loitering around and got a picture of the exact moment when Sawamura’s hand is close to Miyuki’s lips, almost touching and Sawamura’s face was red but there was, once again the softness in his gaze as he stares at Miyuki.


oh my god they fuckin ded

members: 35

pigtails: heyyyy have you guys seen this




smirkingdevil: apparently not since this cursed article came to the world

proud2beloud: CORRECTION

proud2beloud: have they seen the way those two look at each other?? they could make anyone feel like a fucking third wheel

smirkingdevil: they’re both puking rainbows and gayness and even i have to stay away and I’M GAY


BB News ✔ @baseballnews

Lead pitcher for Hiroshima Carp, Sawamura Eijun dating the famous idol, the internet sensation Murase Hana? Sawamura and Murase was seen exiting Sawamura’s apartment building together. They couldn’t have just been playing poker up there, are they? Sources tell us…


fiji @applencrackers

Holy heck? My queen dating a baseball player? Fucking iconic.

          g @kingsofice

          she isn’t. this smells like fake news and pr bullshit all over and sawamura eijun said he wasn’t keen on dating anyone as of this moment.

          halley @hailme

          she isn’t cause he’s dating miyuki kazuya lololol



Kuramochi Youichi retweeted:

BB News ✔ @baseballnews

Lead pitcher for Hiroshima Carp, Sawamura Eijun dating the famous idol, the internet sensation Murase Hana? Sawamura and Murase was seen exiting Sawamura’s apartment building together. They couldn’t have just been playing poker up there, are they? Sources tell us…


Kuramochi Yoichi @kuramocheetah

must be nice to be so fucking blind.


The news spread wide – after all, Sawamura Eijun, former Koshien champion, the pitcher who took the Emperor’s Cup right out of Waseda’s hands, the number one choice for the All-Star Game – was famous on his own. The rest of the team was radio silent not even when the world went into flames debating on whether Sawamura was indeed dating Murase Hana.

From #PRBullshit to #IconicCouple were trending that very week but not an official word from the Carp or Murase’s manager. Users were blocked, some were reported for foul language. Friendships were broken.



by: miyuki-kazuya

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          look i don’t mean to be rude (nope i hella do) but have you ever seen murase hana and sawamura eijun together?? like before this cursed article came to the world? if anyone has evidence fill me in bc i’ve been watching sawamura and miyuki since they took koshien during their seido years and let me tell you, sawamura has never shown interest in girls. you know being a fan for almost seven years i must’ve missed that memo



          You tell them OP!


          i refuse to believe @miyuki-kazuya isn’t miyuki kazuya


          i get that you’ve been a fan of sawamura for seven years but maybe he was waiting for someone like murase hana. maybe they’ve been taking it slow and only exposing their relationship right now. maybe sawamura wanted to protect murase from the backlash or vice versa. maybe sawamura likes girls but he never found the right one.


          that’s a lot of maybe @misakirenge give me proof or this is just that maybe


Of course, that didn’t end there. Forums appeared one after the other, discourse was all over the internet and they had set the Japan net in flames.


⤵ sunflowereijun

anon: i get it. you’ve been a sawamura fan for five years but that doesn’t mean you know everything about him :// just bc you ship misawa (stop being gross they’re both male ://) doesn’t mean that sawamura can’t have a PROPER girlfriend. stop acting like you know everything about him.

sunflowereijun: okay first of all anon, i’ve been a fan for seven years get your facts straight. homophobia really jumping out of your ass huh and please for the love of god i’m not acting like i know everything about him. eijun is an open person, he wears his heart on his sleeve and he makes everything shine brighter and not just saying metaphorically but he boost the entire team’s morale just by his pitching and i know this recent scandal of theirs is getting attention but i don’t think eijun is interested in murase hana.

  • if he was, they would’ve confirmed it by now especially since it’s been on-going for more than two weeks. seiya-san, sawamura’s pr manager doesn’t want things to drag on. she would’ve confirmed on her twitter or eijun’s twitter if he was really dating murase hana.
  • just bc i ship misawa doesn’t mean i don’t want eijun to find happiness. i love my sunshine boy and if he finds someone he truly loves, i will support him whole-heartedly. but i’ve never seen eijun with murase hana before and i admit i do like her music but i just don’t see their chemistry. the only picture in the internet with him and murase hana is the one that is used in the cursed article. if you search sawamura eijun, the first picture you’d see is him on the mound and the rest is his battery with miyuki. c h e m i s t r y.
  • i'm not saying that eijun doesn’t have any interest in girls, i'm saying he doesn’t have any interest in murase hana. here’s why: sawamura eijun is demiromantic. he didn’t have a term for it before back in 2008 during his last interview in koshien when a reporter asks him if he had anyone. he said and i quote, “i’m not really into the whole dating thing. i’m into baseball and that is what’s important to me. but i don’t easily fall in love because for me, falling in love with a person means trusting them with my whole existence. i need to establish an emotional connection with them before i can fall in love and that’s pretty hard.” yes i’ve memorized this quote of his verbatim.
  • stop being a homophobic ass anon and eijun is his own person not someone you like bc you ship him with murase hana.

miyukiseijun: yes thank you

#discourse #sawamura eijun #miyuki kazuya #i’ve memorized this quote of his verbatim #i love it


The discourse however was stopped with one tweet. It came from none other than Sawamura himself which made the rest of the world collectively explode when they saw it.


Sawamura E. @acepitcher

I just returned from a trip with Miyuki-senpai and there’s already a rumor about me and Murase-san dating?


Okay, so apparently, it was just that. A rumor.

Wait. Wait.

What the fuck.

Sawamura and Miyuki went somewhere together?


Well, there goes another discourse.


(―and one time they purposely did it.)


“Don’t you think we’ll ruin the internet with this?”

Miyuki smirks. “Well, why not?”


what the fuck

members: 35


smirkingdevil: what the fuck

runawaytrain: UHM WHAT

pigtails: so shit are they dating

smirkingdevil: explain yourself

smirkingdevil: miyuki i saw your name. stop putting me on read.

Smirkingdevil: i need to collect some cash asshole


mk + se @miyusawas

the best pitching happens when the pitcher and catcher are one | joint and official account of Sawamura Eijun and Miyuki Kazuya


Kuramochi Youichi @kuramocheetah

it’s time to make this tag trending again #FuckOffMisawa

[photo: user miyusawas profile]

          Hana @giselles

          wait wait wait what the fuck did i die and go to heaven

          Kuramochi Youichi @kuramocheetah

          @giselles i think you meant hell


ryou @smirkingdevil

@miyusawas how did you even get this @ i thought someone would’ve taken it by now

          mk + se @miyusawas

          @smirkingdevil we asked them to give it to us – mk

          ryou @smirkingdevil

          @miyusawas so are you boning i need to collect cash

          ryou @smirkingdevil

          @miyusawas fuck you miyuki

          mk + se @miyusawas

          someone would get jealous sorry ryou-san – mk

          mk + se @miyusawas

          @smirkingdevil I WOULDN’T

          mk + se @miyusawas

          @smirkingdevil who said anything about you? – mk

          mk + se @miyusawas

          i hate you sometimes – se


ryou @smirkingdevil

so what are they boning i need official confirmation