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Welcome me with open arms

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The loud sounds of explosions startled Kirishima as he ran towards a building that was likely to fall anytime soon. He heard the voice of Aizawa-sensei in the back of his head reminding him to not be reckless and to think before acting. It wasn't that complicated, actually. He just had to be very attentive, keep his eyes wide open and be alert of any openings he might have. If not, he was going to get caught by the villains, played by his classmates, without retrieving the white flag. Yes, that's all he needed. That damn white flag, Kirishima clenched his fists, making an X with his arms as he charged forward. He hardened his arms and broke through a wall, his eyes seeing the white flag in the middle of the current room. He froze in his place, his eyes glaring around calmly as he examined the room. It looked like no one else was in there. But he wasn't an idiot, he knew better than to risk it that easily. Anytime soon one of the villains could appear and– an explosion behind Kirishima made him run further inside the building. He turned around just in time to dodge a fire attack.


An annoyed noise escaped Kirishima's throat when he saw Bakugou charging in. He hardened his whole body to receive one of Bakugou's attacks. The only thing he could do in that situation was to run for the flag. The next thing he knew was that Bakugou was flying up in the air, a smug grin tugging his lips as he aimed for Kirishima once again. The redhead cursed under his breath, running in direction to the white flag that was so close from his reach. Just a couple steps more... just a little more... in that exact moment, Kirishima gasped when an explosion met his back. He had his skin hardened so it didn't hurt; but he was flying across the building and his body slammed against a wall. Goddammit. He got up just as quickly, running as fast as he could but it was too late. Bakugou had the white flag in his hand and the signal went off.

It was over.

"Damn it!" Kirishima yelled, plopping down onto the ground as he glared at Bakugou. "Man, you're so competitive."

Bakugou waved the flag from side to side as he approached Kirishima. He looked tired, Kirishima noticed once the other boy was closer to him. He wasn't letting it show that much, but he could see it. The exhaustion on his features were too obvious for Kirishima at least. People weren't very good at reading Bakugou– Kirishima wasn't the exception, but he had more luck than the rest. Or maybe that’s what he liked to think.

"That was pathetic, shitty hair," Bakugou snorted, throwing the flag on Kirishima's lap. "I was expecting you to put up a fight."

Even when Bakugou said that, Kirishima could see his shoulders relaxing more than before. The blond was actually glad it was over and that he didn't have to fight anymore. If he has to be honest, he is too. Today's activities were too much that he could handle and it made him feel upset and useless. Kirishima hated the feeling that was always in the back of his mind, eating him alive. He's always been like that. His inferiority complex and insecurities were always there with him since he can remember. A quick, stern shook of his head was more than enough to bring him back to the present.

"I'm just tired," Kirishima provided as an answer, getting up once again. He stretched his arms. "We should head back. Aizawa-sensei must be waiting for us."

Bakugou stared at Kirishima. The latter gulped a little as he averted his gaze from his friend. "Whatever." Bakugou shrugged nonchalantly as he started to make his way out of the building. Kirishima simply nodded, following behind him in silence.

The red haired boy glared down at his arms, they felt sore and he couldn't understand why. It was probably due to him activating his quirk seconds late. He could also see a small scratch in his forearm that he didn't notice before. It must have happened when he fought against Iida— who was playing a villain, minutes ago. He sighed a little. He needs to improve more. He isn't improving as much compared to his classmates. He closed his eyes tight for a couple seconds, shaking the thought away. That ugly thought that made him feel depressed all over again. He was doing his best. His very best to be better, to be useful and catch up to everyone. He wanted to be equal to all of them. But for that, he needed to be stronger. Both physically and mentally. A soft groan next to him made him come back to his senses and he looked at Bakugou who had an annoyed expression on his face.

 "Uh. What?"

 "I'm talking to you, hair for brains," Bakugou snorted, looking at Kirishima. "I asked if you're feeling okay."

 Kirishima looked at his friend slowly. Was he okay? No. Not really. It's been forever since he felt okay. "Me? Yes. I am okay." He said.

 "You're lying."

 Kirishima froze for a second, his shoulders stiffening as he tried to hide it with a toothy grin. "I mean it. Don't worry."

 Bakugou scoffed. "I'm not worrying. Don't get over your head."

 "Oh." Kirishima chuckled, giving a simple nod.

 Neither of them said anything else.


The night was very chilly and Kirishima was turning on his bed a lot. He couldn't help it. Sometimes stuff like this happens. Insomnia is pretty common. Mostly in people who constantly feel useless and good for nothing- pretty much the same thing. Kirishima closed his eyes tightly, trying to push the negative thoughts away. It wasn't that easy. As much as he tried to convince himself that ignoring his problems was the best way out of the martyr going on inside his head, he was clever enough to know those were simple excuses. An attempt to make himself feel a little better. The simple thoughts he was having regarding on how to improve his quirk and defense were replaced by one he didn’t like to think about that much. That night back to Kamino. When he made up his mind about going to rescue Bakugou he did it out of impulse. He did not think the consequences through and as much he disliked to think about it, the only way he could save Bakugou was because the others were there. Because Midoriya came up with the perfect strategy. But what if he had gone alone? What would've happened instead? Right now, Bakugou would still be in the villains' hands… maybe even dead. He shook his head to keep the horrible thought away. Just thinking of that possibility made his heart sink. Kirishima looked over at the clock in an attempt to distract himself even for a minute. It was 3 AM and there was absolutely no way for him to fall asleep. Lazily, he got up on his feet, deciding to go get some water or maybe drink some tea. The redhead exited his room silently, closing the door behind his back as quiet as possible before making his way down to the kitchen. Everything was so quiet and peaceful; he wondered if he was the only one awake at such hours. It hasn’t been that long since they all started staying at the dorms and he was always cautious while walking around late. First, because he didn’t want to have Iida lecturing him about being out the curfew; and second because he was afraid of bumping on someone and hurting them since sometimes he unconsciously activates his quirk when he bumps onto something. Once he reached the common area, Kirishima could see the kitchen’s light on. Someone was there or someone forgot to turn them off. The red haired boy entered the kitchen and was surprised to see someone else in there. It was no one other than Kaminari.

 "Hey, you," Kirishima said, startling Kaminari that turned around with a cup of coffee in his hand.

 "You scared me, man," Kaminari said as he took a sip from his coffee. "Trouble sleeping?"

Kirishima shrugged a little. He wasn't really in the mood to say he suffers from insomnia pretty much every day. That his inferiority complex eats him at late hours of the night. That he feels as useless as ever in a long time. "I guess. How about you?" Kirishima asked, looking through the shelves for a bag of tea. He knew Yaoyorozu keeps some chamomile tea somewhere, and that it was okay for them to have some whenever they needed it. According to her, it helped if you can’t sleep. Exactly what he needed. "I just came for some tea."

Kaminari shook his head. "Nah, I was at Sero's until now. We got caught up playing PS4."

That little hope, even if it was selfish, that Kirishima had about not being the only one with sleeping problems faded away. Maybe it would be easier to have someone who understands what it feels like to lay awake in bed all night, not being able to sleep because the noise in your head gets too much to handle. He knew it was egoistic from him to wish for someone to share his situation with, but he couldn’t help it. Two pairs of shoulders are always better than one. He offered a small smile. "Man. You two really don't measure time. You should go to sleep." Kirishima said with a nod.

 Kaminari simply nodded as he yawned. "Yes, bro. You too. See you in class later."

"See ya."

Kirishima held the mug that was filled with the hot tea as he watched Kaminari disappearing upstairs. The heavy sound of silence fell upon him once again. He leaned against the kitchen counter and took a small sip of the tea. What could he possibly do to stop it all? The thought of visiting a counsellor has always been in the back of his mind. Maybe talk to Aizawa-sensei would be a great idea too. Yet he couldn’t bring himself to do any of those. What big of a difference would it make anyways? Talking to some random person about his problems wasn’t really something appealing for him. Problems… Kirishima scoffed at the word. His life wasn’t really bad right now. Everything bad was going on entirely inside his head. His mind. He hated to admit it, but he knows he is not okay. God, he so knows it. The redhead sat the mug on top of the table with a loud thud. His eyes were glassy as he tried to hold back the sudden urge to cry. Why did he felt like crying? He hated to cry. He hated that weak part of himself, the one he tried to bury long ago. He thought he succeeded, but as always, he was wrong.

The Kirishima he was trying to keep in the past is fighting to break free.

Before he knew it, the tears were already trailing down his cheeks. He shut his eyes tightly as quiet tears streamed down. It was useless. No matter how hard he tried… he couldn’t escape that uneasy, disgusting feeling pushing and pushing. This was the real Kirishima Eijirou. A complete loser, someone who will never be a true hero. He was nothing but a sad person trying his best to drown his demons. Maybe not drown them but to keep them in check. Kirishima knew it. He would never catch up to his classmates. He would forever be at the shadow of everyone. He isn’t as fast as Iida, as confident as Midoriya… nor as strong as Bakugou. The thought of Bakugou just made him tear up more. What would his friend think of him if he saw him crying? He would probably lose all the respect he somehow managed to earn from Bakugou. The mere thought made his chest feel tight. Kirishima would never endure losing Bakugou’s friendship and recognition.


Kirishima froze in his place when he heard that voice. Anyone but him. He stared down at the floor, refusing to look up or acknowledge the fact that Bakugou was standing close to him at that very moment. Was his luck that bad? The thing he feared the most happened. It’s over, Kirishima thought bitterly as he brought his hand up to wipe his cheeks. The tears were everywhere. How could he hide them? It was useless and pointless.

 “Kirishima. I’m talking to you,” The voice of Bakugou insisted. “Look at me.”

 Kirishima gazed up at Bakugou’s face for a second before looking away quickly. “Oh. Hey, Bakugou. You’re up pretty late.” He said in a trail of voice and he cursed under his breathe. Pathetic. “W-what are you doing here?”

“You were crying.” It wasn’t a question, but a statement. “You lied to me, shitty hair.”

Kirishima quickly looked at Bakugou. When did he lie? “Huh?” Kirishima managed to say, rubbing his eyes with his hand one last time. “I haven’t lie to you.”

“You are stupid,” Bakugou said. He crossed his arms over his chest as he bored his eyes into Kirishima’s. “I asked earlier if you were okay and you lied to my face. So much for being friends.” Bakugou scoffed and turned around before starting to make his way upstairs.

“Wait!” Kirishima yelled. Of course he and Bakugou were friends. He knew he was in the wrong for lying but what was he supposed to do? He does not think he is capable of showing Bakugou this pathetic and weak side of him. It was far from manly. “Hold on, please.” He caught up to him and grabbed his elbow to stop him from walking. “I lied, yes. I am sorry about it. I just… it’s not easy for me, you know? I don’t want anyone to look down on me anymore. I’ve had enough of it and I’m sure that if it happens again I won’t be able to endure it again. I tried so hard to change and be different, to be positive above everything else and yet here I… It’s hard, Bakugou. I can’t do it anymore.” Kirishima shut his eyes tightly. He refused to look at Bakugou after babbling all his crap. His useless problems to Bakugou.

“I don’t think I understand what you’re talking about,” Bakugou said and rolled his eyes when he noticed Kirishima was evading his gaze. He flicked Kirishima’s forehead, earning a loud whine from the red haired boy. “Come on, let’s talk somewhere else.” The blond made a sound of annoyance as he grabbed Kirishima’s wrist and tugged him along with him.

“What don’t you understand?” Kirishima asked in disbelief. He allowed the other to tug him. He fixed his eyes on Bakugou’s nape as he tried to calm down. He swears he can feel his legs shaking as they walk. This is the very first time he ever tells anyone what he just told Bakugou. “Your room?” Kirishima said once Bakugou pushed his door open and pulled him inside.

“Yes. Bet your room is too messy.”

“My room is very tidy, in fact.”

“Sit,” Bakugou instructed Kirishima, pointing at his bed. The latter simply nodded and took a seat at the edge of the bed. “The hell was all that nonsense you were going on about?” The blond boy questioned right away after sitting next to Kirishima.

Kirishima’s shoulders stiffened as he slowly turned his head to gaze at Bakugou. “What?”

“Who looked down on you?” He asked with a serious face.

“Everyone,” Kirishima shrugged. “I mean… everybody said I would never be able to become a true hero. My quirk isn’t anything special,” he continued, gulping a lump in his throat. “It’s not really flashy. Hardening one’s body apparently isn’t as cool as making explosions… being super-fast or controlling fire and ice. It’s far from being useful. My quirk is useless. It really isn’t useful. At all. I…” Kirishima frowned as he looked at Bakugou’s eyes. “I hate it.”

A confused expression was on Bakugou’s features as he listened to Kirishima talking. He still couldn’t understand what would make him think any of that. “What a load of bullshit.”

Kirishima’s chest tightened at Bakugou’s words. “What..?” He looked down at his hands. They were shaking. When did they start to shake that much? He linked his fingers together as he tried his best to not end up crying again. Bakugou thinks his feelings are bullshit. He knew this was going to end up like this, with the blond realizing he was a fraud. A pathetic fraud. “I… I should go to my room. I’m sorry for bothering you.”

“Idiot. I meant the thing you said about your quirk,” Bakugou sighed, stretching his arms. “Your quirk is not useless, hair for brains. If it weren’t for it… and because of you, I wouldn’t be here right now.” Bakugou shrugged.

It wasn’t useless, Kirishima blinked. “Eh?” He looked at Bakugou curiously. It was the first time he or Bakugou ever mentioned the whole Kamino incident. They always tried to act as if nothing happened. They both knew better than that, though. “You really think so?”

“Unlike others, I tell no lies to my close friends.” Ah. Bakugou just referred to him as a close friend. Something inside of him made a celebration dance. “So yes, I think so.”

Kirishima nodded slowly as he processed Bakugou’s words. He thinks I’m useful, Kirishima thought and looked at his friend with bright eyes. “You’re the first person to say that. Thank you, Bakugou.” He gave him a toothy smile before sighing. “You must be the only one to think so too.”

Bakugou, once again, made an annoyed sound and flickered Kirishima’s forehead. “Stop it. I’ll blow your face if you keep on looking down on yourself, freaking shitty hair!” Kirishima jumped slightly as he noticed some sparks coming out of Bakugou’s hands.

“Wow, wow… easy. I’ll… I’ll stop,” He said and offered a small smile. “Why were you awake, though? It’s really late.”

The blond boy looked away and gave a lazy shrug. “Troubles sleeping. I’m used to it.” He simply said. “Now, get out. It’s almost 4 AM.”

At the mention of that, Kirishima stopped for a second. Bakugou also has troubles with sleeping. Does it mean he stays up all night almost every night just like him? His room is right next to Bakugou’s yet he has never heard any noise. Not even a breath. He wanted to push the topic on his friend, to make questions. But he decided not to. Not for now, at least.

“Oh, damn. I’ll be so dead in class tomorrow.” Kirishima clicked his tongue as he got up from the bed. “Oh. Bakugou? Please, let’s keep this between us. Okay?”

“No need to say that. I know how to keep secrets, hair for brains.”

A secret.  Kirishima smiled at the thought of sharing a secret with Bakugou. “Thanks. See you later.”


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The birds were chirping outside, the sky is as blue as it could possibly be and there’s not a single cloud on it. It’s a beautiful day and Kirishima doesn’t waste a second to take a picture of the sky. It’s a habit he developed ages ago. The simple beauty of the sky is something he allows himself to enjoy. He grinned as he looked down at his phone screen, admiring the newly snapped picture when suddenly he feels some pats on his shoulder. He turned around with a frown.

“Hey, man,” Kaminari said, leaning closer to look at Kirishima’s phone. “Oh. You’re taking pictures. What for?”

“Hi,” Kirishima greeted and shrugged. “I felt like it. What’s up?” He asked, blocking his phone to pay attention to his friend. “I thought you and Sero were going to play video games– like always.”

“Yes. We were, but strangely enough, we got stuck at some level and can’t pass it. So, we decided we all go have fun in the common room and watch some movies,” Kaminari explained with a grin. “Sero is telling the others. Wanna come?”

“That sounds like fun! Let’s go, yes.” Kirishima flashed a grin, putting the phone back in his pocket. “Although the day is so pretty outside.”

 “But watching a movie with the girls wearing their house clothes is even better than a silly blue sky,” Kaminari said with a nod before giving Kirishima a pat on his back. “You should show more interest in girls rather than the sky. The sky doesn’t change anyways.”

Kirishima bit his lower lip, nodding slowly at Kaminari’s words. Girls… he repeated in his head. Yes, girls are pretty and fun. They are a good company but getting into a relationship just because that’s what boys their age should be doing didn’t sound exciting to him. He still thought a blue sky was more pretty and comfortable to look at. The sky wouldn’t get creeped out if you stare at it hours on. Now, girls. Hah. Girls can hit. Shortly after, they reached the common room and he was surprised to see almost everyone already there. Kirishima made his way to a free spot next to Yaomomo. She was having a chat with Uraraka about some medicinal herbs she ordered. He made a mental note to ask her for others tea to help relax.

“Hey, guys,” Kirishima said once he sat next to Yaoyorozu. “Ready to have fun?”

“Oh, Kirishima-kun,” Uraraka smiled. She quickly inched closer to him and whispered, “Your hair looks really cute like that.”

 Kirishima blinked, taken a little aback by the random compliment and grinned. “Thank you. This is how my natural hair looks like.” He explained with a smile.

“Suits you well, Kirishima-kun!” This time Yaoyorozu also said. “Isn’t it too much work to comb your hair in spikes as you usually wear it?”

“Maybe. But I like it! Besides, that’s how the great Crimson Riot used it back to his days. So manly.” Kirishima exclaimed happily.

“There you go again babbling about that Crimson Riot guy.”

Kirishima frowned as he turned to look at the person speaking. “Yea. So?”

"Hmph. I wonder how you don’t get tired of bringing him up at any chance you have,” Mineta said, seeming notably annoyed. “Grow up, man.”

“Oh? Says the one that can only think of spying girls and touching them. Fucking gross.” Kirishima rolled his eyes. “So, cut it out because you’re the last person in the position to criticize.”

“Wow, wow. What’s going on?” Sero asked. Suddenly he was standing next to Mineta who was glaring at Kirishima.

“You should ask Mineta. He came out of nowhere to talk trash.” Kirishima said with gritted teeth. He was losing his cool. He can’t. He has to cut it out. Besides, he knows how Mineta can get at times. “But is no big deal anymore.”

“I just told him that he should stop talking so much about Crimson Riot,” Mineta explained to Sero. “Weren’t we talking the other day about how he doesn’t shut up about it?”

Kirishima froze. “What? Sero?” When Kirishima glanced around, he noticed that everyone was looking at them. At him. Why?

“It’s not like that,” Sero quickly jumped in, shaking his head. “We just thought it would be good for you to also look up to other heroes.”

“Yes. Because we’re bored of listening to your annoying way of saying the same things about him. All the time.” Mineta spoke again.

“We don’t have anything against you admiring him,” Sero said, moving his hands around as he tried to explain. “It’s just… sometimes it is too much.”

“That’s true.” The voice of Tokoyami said. He was with his arms crossed over his chest. “We all know that Midoriya loves All Might.  But he isn’t talking about All Might every-time he has the chance.”

“You might be right. Even when he is our teacher, Midoriya handles himself just fine around All Might,” Tsu added, scratching her chin. “Doesn’t he?”

“He does. But I must say I don’t mind listening to him talking about All Might. Its very educative to know more about him,” This time, Aoyama added while flipping his hair. Some hums of agreement were present. “Now, about some retro hero? Who the fuck even cares?”

“Right? I didn’t even know who Crimson Riot was before Kirishima mentioned him?”

“Really? I thought I was the only one! I’m relieved!”

Kirishima blinked slowly as he tried to process what was going on. Everyone was saying he was annoying. Again. His friends were tired of him talking about things he loves and admires. Since when they think like that? Since when? He didn’t notice anything. He never does. Kirishima made a ball with his fists. His hands were shaking. Oh no. This is bad. He was going to have a breakdown in front of everyone. No. He closed his eyes tightly for a moment, still hearing his classmates making more comments that compared him to Midoriya or how much they didn’t care about retro heroes. Why the hell is this happening right now?

“The fuck you all babbling around?” Kirishima looked up. Bakugou was suddenly in the middle of the raising commotion. He looked annoyed. “As if you all were any good to begin with.”

“B-Bakugou?” Sero blinked and looked at his classmate.

“You all making shitty comments about shit you all don’t know. Disgusting,” Bakugou spat. “I always knew you all were trash, but this confirmed it to me.”

“Bakugou?” Kirishima said.

Finally, Bakugou looked at him. “Come on, shitty hair. We’re going to study for tomorrow. Remember?”

“Ah. Yes, yes,” Kirishima got up from the couch carefully. His legs were also shaking. “I got carried away. Let’s go.”

Bakugou nodded and glared around one last time, hurrying Kirishima to walk faster. Everyone in the common room fell in silence as they watched Kirishima and Bakugou leave the room.

“Bakugou.” Kirishima called once they were going upstairs. He didn’t know what exactly to say. If it weren’t because Bakugou appeared at the right moment, he would’ve exploded and shown everyone his pathetic side. “I… thank you.”

Bakugou didn’t say anything, he simply clicked his tongue as he pushed the door to his room open. The redhead walked in right away. The soft click the door made announced that it was closed and Kirishima stood there, in the middle of the room, unable to look up at his friend. He was so damn embarrassed. He knows Bakugou noticed; he noticed the way he was shaking. He can’t understand why the hell he has to be so dumb. Why his body reacts that way every damn time. It made Kirishima feel so weak. Like he would never, ever, get anything done properly. He wasn’t worthy of being happy or having something he likes. It always has been that way. Whenever he shows interest in something it only causes people around him to judge him, make fun of him and make him feel stupid. He was feeling so stupid right now. His role model was Crimson Riot. He strikes to be just like him when he’s older, when he’s a proper hero. A professional. Someone worth of love and admiration. He clenched his fists. That would never be him. The only things he causes people to feel towards him is annoyance, boredom and pity. Ah. He really hated that part of his life. That part of him. He despised it. After all, it really was pointless. All the fake smiles, his jokes and carefree attitude didn’t change the core of the problem: him.

“Kirishima,” Bakugou said. The red haired boy looked at him, feeling his defences falling lower than they already were. “What happened? They all were going at your throat.”

“I don’t know. It was out of the blue. I just talked about…something I liked and yea. It ended up in that mess. I don’t even know anymore,” Kirishima laughed bitterly, sitting on the edge of the bed. “I can’t believe they all think that way about me. I’m just… I’m not harming anyone by liking something or talking about it. Why that reaction?” Kirishima shook his head and pressed the soles of his hands against his eyes tightly, seeing white spots on his eyelids. “I’m annoying.”

“You’re not annoying,” Bakugou spoke. He was leaning against the bedpost, his eyes fixated on Kirishima. “They are.”

“You’re just saying it because you don’t particularly hang out with them. You don’t hate them, I know you don’t. But you also don’t like them much.”

“Exactly. I don’t like them much because they’re annoying little shits,” Bakugou concluded. “So if I say you’re not annoying, take my word, hair for brains.”

Kirishima didn’t say anything. He was feeling like shit after all. Even when is Bakugou the one actually trying to make him feel better, he’s not so sure. Friends are supposed to do that. Even if you’re not that good at something they’ll support you. Because they’re your friends and that’s what friends do. Support each other and be there in rough times.

“Thank you. Looks like you like me, huh?” Kirishima said with a small smile before sighing. “I feel flattered to be Bakugou’s only friend.”

Bakugou scoffed. “A little bold of you to assume you’re my only friend, though.”

“You have more friends?”


Kirishima laughed. “See? I knew it.”

“I’m not like you, shitty hair. If someone wants to be my friend they have to prove it. You proved it.”

“Well, that’s because in some situations I don’t like taking a no for an answer.”

Bakugou rolled his eyes as he took a seat next to Kirishima. “Oi. You’re saying you befriended me because it was like a challenge?”

“Eh? No. It was because I genuinely wanted to be your friend.” Kirishima said with a nod. “Don’t you like being my friend?”

Bakugou snorted. “I don’t hate it nor like it. It just is.”

Kirishima gave a simple nod, shutting his eyes for a moment. What is he going to do on Monday? He doesn’t feel like seeing anyone at all. He was so hurt and disappointed. Of Sero more than anyone. It felt like a betrayal. “Bakugou, do you mind if I stay here for the rest of the day? I don’t want to see anyone. At all.” Kirishima asked softly. He would understand if his friend says no.

“Fine by me,” Bakugou said before getting up. “You hungry, shitty hair?”

“Sort of. Are you?”

“Yep. I will go get some food. Stay here.” Bakugou said as he put on his shoes and walked to his door. “Don’t touch anything. I’ll know if you did.”


Kirishima watched as Bakugou left the room and sighed. Today has been so bad. One of the worst days he has had since he entered Yuuei. Of course, that said without taking the whole Kamino incident into account. That’s probably the worst thing. He still remembers it all so crystal clear. The explosions, the screams, the crashing, the cries of pain, the evil voices and evil man. Whenever he closes his eyes and thinks about it, he sees Bakugou running and defending himself from The League of Villains. He was so amazing back there. The way he protected himself and defeated his enemies was outstanding. He barely suffered any damage. Bakugou did so well. So damn well. He felt the need to just tell him how awesome and cool he was. The way he kept his cool during the whole battle was insane. At that moment, he felt so damn proud of being his friend. He was even more proud when he was the only one capable of helping him. To rescue him. Although he’ll never use the word “rescue” in front of Bakugou. He chuckled a little, a small smile dancing on his lips as he remembered Bakugou screaming and yelling at them right away. He really was something else. Kirishima laid down on the bed, resting his head on Bakugou’s pillow. He brushed his hair off his forehead as he closed his eyes. He never thought he would get to be this lucky. Finding a friend… someone who listens to him and doesn’t judge him. He trailed off his thoughts when the door opened and Bakugou walked in carrying a paper bag filled with… food?

“Tch. Why are you on my bed like that? Don’t do that,” Bakugou said, walking over to his bed. “Sit up, shitty hair.”

“Fine, fine. What you’ve got there?” Kirishima asked, trying to peek into the bag. The blond pushed him away. “I want to know.”

“I made some Daifuku yesterday,” Bakugou shrugged, handing Kirishima the paper bag. “You can have them.”

Kirishima blinked as he opened the bag. His eyes glowing. “Wow, man. These looks like bakery ones!” The red haired boy exclaimed with a toothy grin. He quickly grabbed one and took a big bite. “Oh my God. This is amazing,” He made a happy noise as he ate another one. “It’s so sweet and fluffy.”

“You’re so easy to impress, hair for brains.” Bakugou snorted.

“Man. Is there anything you can’t do? Ugh, I’m in love with these,” Kirishima announced. He turned to look at Bakugou and blinked slowly. The blond boy was blushing? “Are you shy because I’m praising your cooking skills? Or just because I’m praising you?”

“What did you say, shitty hair?!” Bakugou grumbled as he got up from the bed. “Shy my ass. Do you want me to blow off half of your face?! Huh?!” He asked and reached out his hand. Kirishima gasped as he saw small explosions coming out of them.

“You know those can’t hurt me though,” He said with a smug grin. “After all, my quirk is the perfect match for yours.” Kirishima added.

Bakugou hummed in response while looking at Kirishima. “Then why do you hate it?” He asked.

Kirishima paused what he was doing. “What?”

Bakugou shook his head and walked over to the door. “Go. I have stuff to do.”

“Wait. Why?” Kirishima frowned. “Did I do something wrong?”

“I said I have stuff to do? Not that you did anything. Anyways, get out.”

Kirishima stared at Bakugou for a whole minute. He was sure Bakugou was angry at something. But what? He sighed, deciding to simply go instead of angering his friend more. “I thought I could stay over.” Kirishima pushed it a little more.

“I changed my mind.”

“Fine, I’ll see you later.” Kirishima said. He walked out of Bakugou’s room and the door closed right away behind his back. He looked down at the bag filled with Daifuku and sighed. He was having such a good time with Bakugou he almost forgot about the whole crappy thing that took place a couple hours ago. The red haired boy quickly entered his room and locked the door. The last thing he wants is to see anyone for the rest of the day. Or weekend. It was only Friday and he’s planning to not leave his room for the weekend. He’ll just stay locked in there.


Chapter Text

It wasn’t very common for Kirishima to wake up and see Kaminari sitting on the bed next to him. The redhead almost fell off his bed. What was his friend doing there? And why he looked so gloomy?

“Kaminari? What are you doing here?” Kirishima spoke in a little voice. He was so sleepy he can’t even listen to himself properly. “Something happened?”

“I’m just… checking on you. How are you? Is past 1 PM.” Kaminari said, his fingers tapping against his knee. “How do you feel?”

Kirishima rubbed his eyes sleepily. The words Kaminari said repeating in his head. Ah. Memories of yesterday came to him like a truck and he sighed. He was there because of what happened. The whole thing where some of his classmates turned on him. Yes, it had been unpleasant.

“First of all, do you have a key to my room? I’m sure I locked it,” Kirishima spoke. “And I don’t know. Okay, I guess. Why?”

“Maybe I do. Who knows?” Kaminari sing sang, hiding the key from his friend’s eyes. “You know why. I wasn’t there when it all happened because I went to get Iida, Midoriya and Todoroki. But Yaomomo told me. Everyone is really quiet.”

Kirishima sighed. He didn’t want to deal with this right after waking up. He barely managed to fall back asleep after being almost up all night going on about the whole situation. Was it really necessary to talk about it? It will just make him feel shitty all over.

“Huh. What do you want me to say?”

“I don’t know, man. But at least you can talk to me about it?”

“Honestly, Kaminari, I don’t think there’s anything to talk about. I just feel disappointed everyone thinks that way of me,” Kirishima said with honesty, a shrug following. “But don’t worry. I’m okay.”

“Man, I would be so upset… Don’t listen to them, okay? I’m sure… most of them didn’t mean anything bad.”

Kirishima scoffed. “Uh huh, I bet. Now, Kaminari, I would like to be alone. I need to shower and stuff.”

“Alright, man. Just text me if you need anything, alright?”

“I have a question. Do you think the same way as Sero?”

“No. I don’t mind the talk about Crimson Riot. I think its cool of you to look up to him and keep his legacy alive!” Kaminari smiled at his friend. He stood up and made his way to the door. “It’s very manly of you, Kirishima.”

Kirishima smiled lazily, his cheeks heating up a little at the random compliment. “Thanks, bro. See you around.” Kaminari nodded and walked out the room.

It took Kirishima a whole minute to sit up and check his phone. He didn’t expect to have any messages. At all. Yet he was surprised to see he had sixteen unread messages. He blinked slowly and checked them. Five of them were Sero’s. He opened the chat.

Sero [11:06PM]: Man, I’m so sorry about this whole thing. It wasn’t my intention to start drama where nothing is wrong.

Sero [11:09PM]: Kirishima, talk to me?

Sero [11:27PM]: I get it that you’re mad, but really? Silent treatment? Not cool, bro.

Sero [12:50AM]: I think you might be asleep. Talk to me as soon as you see this.

Sero [9:15AM]: I want to apologize properly. Tell me when we can talk.

Kirishima scoffed and laid back down as he closed the conversation. He doesn’t want to talk to his friend. Not now at least. The redhead just didn’t and wouldn’t talk to Sero just now. He was so hurt about Sero doing and saying that. He felt bad about others saying those things… but coming from a best friend was the worst. He continued to check the other messages and his eyes stopped when he saw he had a message from Bakugou. He opened the message in a second.

Baku-bro [3:49AM] You up? 

That was all. He cursed under his breath. Bakugou had texted him and he just saw the message when he had been awake until 5 AM. Fuck the silence mode for busting his chance of talking to Bakugou. Maybe he wanted to talk about why he kicked him out yesterday noon? Or was he having a bad moment? He shook his head, that last possibility didn’t sound probable. Maybe he was… worried about him? Kirishima hummed while licking his lips. Should he reply? Yeah. He definitely has to.

You [1:33PM]: sorry, I just woke up. what was it?

He sent the message with a little sigh, getting up to go brush his teeth. A notification sounded and Kirishima’s brows went up. So fast.

Baku-bro [1:34PM]: nvm

Huh? Nope. Bakugou can’t simply text him and then say never mind.

You [1:34PM]: wanna go get lunch with me?

Baku-bro [1:36PM]: why

You [1:37PM]: uhm, to eat?

Kirishima snickered when he saw Bakugou’s reply.

Baku-bro [1:38PM]: Don’t you say, idiot. Thought it meant to go play baseball or smth.

You [1:39PM]: just because I’m hungry and want to have some fresh air. Come here.

Baku-bro [1:39PM]: Fine, whatever.

Kirishima brushed his teeth as fast as he could, quickly running to his closet to pick something to wear and clicked his tongue when he heard knocks on his door.

“It’s open!” Kirishima yelled, kicking off his pants. The door opened and Bakugou stepped in. “I’ll be ready in two minutes.”

“Be sure to be properly dressed before telling people to come in,” Bakugou growled and plopped on the bed.

“It’s not like I really care.” Kirishima shrugged, sliding on some denim jeans and a red t-shirt saying ‘Detroit Smash’.

“Where did you get that shirt from?” Bakugou asked. 

Kirishima blinked, looking down at the shirt. “Don’t know. My mom brought it home for me once. Some convention I guess,” He shrugged, tying his shoelaces. “You like it?”

“Not particularly.”

“Liar. You think I don’t know, but I do. You’re All Might’s fanboy,” Kirishima teased. “I’ve noticed how you stare with longing eyes at Midoriya’s limited edition bento box. Pft.” The redhead grinned.

“Shut up! I’m not his fan! And I don’t look at Deku’s shit with ridiculous longing eyes!” Bakugou exploded and clenched his fists. “Idiot!”

“Uh huh. If that’ll help you sleep at night.”

“I’ll kill you!” The blond threatened.

Kirishima laughed. “You’re so easy to tease, man. Relax.”

“Shut up and let’s get going before I change my fucking mind, idiot,”

The redhead nodded and they made their way out of the dorms as quiet as possible. No one saw them leave and that was a relief for Kirishima who wanted to avoid at all costs talking with anyone involved in the whole thing. He knows he can’t evade the situation forever, but he’ll have as much time alone as he could.

“Oi, Bakugou. Why did you text me last night?” Kirishima finally asked once they were approaching the pizzeria. “I’m curious.”

“Nothing important,” He said with a shrug. “Stop asking.”

“You can’t sleep either at nights, right?” Kirishima insisted, stuffing his hands into his pockets. It was cold, to say the least. December was around the corner. “You know you can convey to me.”

Bakugou frowned. “Convey to you?”

“I meant… you can tell me anything. I’m here to listen,” Kirishima scratched his cheek, wondering if he used the word properly. “You get what I meant now?”

“I’m fine,” Bakugou said while gazing around.

Kirishima knew he wasn’t going to tell him anything. But he won’t just give up. He’ll keep prying until his friend opens up to him. He will do anything at hand to help. Whether his help is wanted or not. That’s why he was his friend. Kirishima pulled open the pizzeria’s door and motioned the blond to get in. With a groan, Bakugou walked in.

“Pepperoni pizza and a smoothie?” Kirishima asked. “I know you don’t like sweets much but the smoothies here are good.”

“Hm. Whatever, then.” Bakugou turned on his heels as he left Kirishima behind to go sit somewhere nice.

Kirishima didn’t say anything as he watched Bakugou sit down. He turned around and stood on the line. He’ll simply order a pepperoni pizza and two strawberry smoothies. It was his current favourite, they change every now and then. After all, he loved sweets more than he would like to admit. Once it was his turn to order, Kirishima’s eyes fixed on a limited edition All Might’s cup.

“Excuse me. How much for the All Might cup?”

“It’s twelve dollars.” The lady said while picking one. “You want it?”

“Yes, please. Give me a strawberry smoothie with it and uh, another strawberry smoothie— regular,” He ordered and the lady nodded. “Also a pepperoni pizza.”

The redhead took out his wallet to pay and smiled when the lady gave him the smoothies. He looked at the cup filled with the smoothie and chuckled. He wonders what’ll be Bakugou’s reaction upon seeing the All Might cup. The lady said they’ll take the pizza to them once its ready and Kirishima nodded, making his way to the table. Bakugou was playing with his phone and he tried not to comment anything when he heard Cooking Dash background music. That’s what Bakugou plays? Unexpected. Kirishima placed the smoothie in front of the blond once he took a seat in front of him.

“There you go, bro,” Kirishima grinned.

“Yeah, yeah, shitty hair,” Bakugou said before looking at his smoothie. His eyes widened as he picked the All Might cup in his hand. His eyes looking at it with interest. “What is this?”

“Uhm, an All Might cup?”

“I didn’t notice,” Bakugou rolled his eyes, taking a sip from the smoothie and licked his lips. “I mean, what for?”

“It’s a present for you. Obviously.”

“Who said I wanted you to spend on this?”

Kirishima shrugged. “Shut up. Just say thank you.”

The blond squinted at him before looking at the cup once again. Kirishima grasped the ghost of a small smile on his friend. It was pretty unusual from Bakugou to smile. The redhead saw his friend smile once in the past and it was only because he had barged into Bakugou’s room without knocking. He didn’t know what he was watching on his phone, but whatever it was, it had the power to make Bakugou genuinely smile.


The pizza arrived minutes later and the two of them ceased talking and focused on eating for the time being. Kirishima’s head was filled with random questions he felt like asking Bakugou about. For example, why was he being so secretive about everything all the time? Was he really that reserved? It seems like he was. The redhead wasn’t really surprised by that, but he couldn’t help but be curious. Bakugou had called him a close friend a couple days ago but how come he doesn’t actually share anything personal with him? Maybe the blond called him a close friend… but were they, really? Kirishima sighed deeply. They were friends. But to what extent? For some reason, the realization that he didn’t know practically anything about Bakugou was bothering him. A lot. He cleared his throat. He was going to change that. They needed to know more about each other. What if Bakugou thinks of him as a close friend just because he can tolerate his presence and nothing else? That would feel like a blow to his pride and honestly, heart.

“So, Bakugou,” Kirishima grinned, taking a sip from his smoothie. “What’s your favourite colour?”


“I asked what’s your favourite colour.”


“Just felt like asking.”

“Uh, black.” Bakugou replied.

Kirishima nodded his head, grabbing another slice of the pizza and took a big bite. Mmm. Black was actually the answer he was expecting. After all, Bakugou’s wardrobe was basically just black clothes.

“Mine is red.”

“I didn’t ask. But I knew that already.” The blond said, leaning back on his seat when he was done eating.


“Yeah? Is pretty obvious. Your hair is red, your clothes are mostly red, your bed sheets are red and your phone case too.”

“Wow, Bakugou. I didn’t know you noticed things like that!” Kirishima said, actually feeling touched he knew about all that.

“It would be weirder if I didn’t.”

“I guess. Should we go somewhere else?” Kirishima asked. He stood up and dusted his hands, looking at Bakugou. “Maybe to the mall? Or to the movies? We could also do whatever you want to.”

Bakugou scoffed as he also got up. He trashed away the leftovers and held well the cup. At some point, he had gotten up to go to the bathroom and came back with it clean. Kirishima smiled. He could tell Bakugou liked it and he planned to keep it.

“That’s too troublesome. I just wanna go back to the dorms.”

“Aw, come on, man. We’re already outside and it’s barely 4 PM. Let’s do something fun.”

The reality is, the redhead didn’t want to go back to the dorms. Not yet. He was ignoring Sero’s attempt to make up and explain himself regarding what happened the day before. He just hoped Bakugou would figure it out and accept to hang out with him for a little longer.

“Ugh. You’re a pain in the ass,” The blond grumbled as they exited the pizzeria. “Lead the way.”

“Thanks, Bakugou!” Kirishima beamed at his friend and gently nudged his side. “Let’s go to the mall?”

“Too crowded.”

“True. How about going to the park? There’s a swing set I would love to use.”

“Fine by me.”

“Great!” The two of them started to walk in direction to the park. Kirishima poked at Bakugou’s side a little. The blond pulled away. “What are you doing for Christmas?”

“I don’t know. Probably go back home.” He said, his eyes gazing around.

“I see. I’ll probably stay at the dorms.”

Bakugou side eyed the other and shrugged. “If that’s what you want.”

“I mean, it’s not like I want… to stay at the dorms. Just don’t think me being home will make a difference, I guess. Plus I think mom will go out of the city.”

“Hm. Why don’t you go with her?”

“Me?” Kirishima repeated as if he hadn’t thought of that possibility before. “I don’t want to bother her.”

They made it to the park. Kirishima made his way to the swing set and plopped down on one. Bakugou stood in front of him, his back leaning against the pole. “There you go again.”


“You know. Referring to yourself as a bother.”

“Can’t help it. This is how I feel.” Kirishima shrugged, moving his legs back and forth.

“Have you talked to Tape-Arms?”

Kirishima blinked at the sudden change of topic and shook his head. “Not at all. I’m too pissed to try and fix things or whatever.”

“That’s weird coming from you.”

“What do you mean?”

“You see. The image that I have in my head of you is someone who hates being upset with others and tries to make his best to fix everything as soon as possible even if you weren’t the one in the wrong,” Bakugou explained slowly while looking up at Kirishima. “Seeing you evading things this long is new.”

“This is who I actually am. I just try to not let it show. I’m just…” The redhead took a deep breath. What was he doing? He is admitting to be something he always kept hidden. “I think I’m just tired of pretending to be a ball of positiveness all the time.”

“Then don’t.”

“Excuse me?”

Bakugou groaned. “It’s silly. You can just be you.”

“Just be me?” Kirishima scoffed and fixed his eyes on the floor. “I don’t think you know what you’re saying.”

“You’re being ridiculous, Kirishima.”

The red haired looked up. The word ridiculous resonating in his head.


“Why pretend to be something you’re not just to impress or be liked by others? Just let it out. You’re making your life harder.”

“Bakugou. You can’t understand. Someone who is as perfect as you could never understand what it feels like to be treated like an underdog and be looked down on. You are… outstanding and the word confidence irradiates from you like a supernova… or some shit like that. I don’t even know what I’m saying!” Kirishima sighed, covering his face with his hands. “You and I are different.”

Bakugou stayed quiet for a minute. He then sat on the swing next to his friend and looked at him. “I’m not that different from you,” He exhaled, scratching his cheek. “Trust me.”

Kirishima frowned. What does that mean?

“What do you mean?”

“I… hm. I’m not exactly sure how to say it,” Bakugou began. “I have bad dreams at night. Almost every night I’m woken up by them,” He shrugged, trying to make it seem not as bad as it actually is. “It’s like a curse.”

“Nightmares…” Kirishima sighed. “That’s why we don’t sleep. You have nightmares… and I have my own brain siding against me.”

“I guess. It’s annoying. I can’t do anything to stop it,” Bakugou mumbled, his feet kicking softly at the ground. “So I just stay up all night.”

Kirishima was beyond curious. What does he dream about? Are they really bad dreams? Well, must be if they keep him up all night. “You can always text me, you know? Or call me.”

“Pft. I texted you last night and no response,” Bakugou said, starting to move his legs back and forth as well. “I had a nightmare and needed to distract myself.”

“That was the text about? I’m sorry, man.” Kirishima exhaled. “I’ll make sure to reply from now on.”

“Who said I’ll text you again?”

“Aw, man. Come on! We’re best bros!”

Bakugou shook his head. “I guess I’ll have to think about it.”

“No, you don’t. You just have to do it.”

“Sure, sure.”


Kirishima closed the door behind his back and quickly locked it. He saw Sero in his peripherical vision a couple minutes ago and he did his very best to hide from him. Luckily for him, Midoriya had stopped him to talk to him and he was able to sneak into his room without being noticed. He took off his shoes and shirt, kicking off his pants before plopping down onto the bed. The redhead won’t lie, he had a good day along with his friend. He always has fun with Bakugou but today it was better than always. They were all by themselves and had the opportunity to share something private with him. That made Kirishima feel happy. He grabbed his phone when he received a text notification and sighed. Sero. He won’t give up, huh? The redhead bit his inner cheek. Maybe it was enough already of all that drama; he needs to talk to his friend and see how things go and work out. But right now he didn’t have the energy to engage in a conversation that requires his full concentration.

Sero [8:32PM]: man, I heard from Iida that you’re back. Can we please talk? 

You [8:47PM]: Hey. Can we talk tomorrow? I’m not really in the mood.

Sero [8:48PM]: Finally you answered, man. Tomorrow? I would like to talk right now if possible. Let’s meet later when everyone is asleep?

Kirishima rubbed his face with both hands. Well, whatever. The sooner the better.

You [8:51PM]: Sure. Meet you in the common room at 1 AM. Don’t be late.

The red haired sent the text, quickly muting Sero’s conversation and opened the one he has with Bakugou. He nibbled on his lower lip.

You [8:53PM]: I’m making up with Sero at 1 AM. Wish me luck with all this crap

With that, he sent the message to the blond boy and set his phone aside. He should try to rest for a little while instead of worrying. Everything will be fine.

Chapter Text

The clock pointed at 1 AM and Kirishima left his room. He took a deep breath while mentally preparing to confront his friend. The uneasy feeling was making him feel sick. He was overthinking everything too much, and when that happens things are bound to go wrong— at least from the redhead perspective. He promised to himself he’ll try his best to come to terms with Sero and talk everything out. At the end, a little part of him was starting to really think he is annoying with all the boring, uncalled talk about Crimson Riot. He’ll just have to understand his friend and keep his talk to a minimum. It shouldn’t be that complicated. He’ll need to focus more and be extra careful. Kirishima knew he’ll have to simply talk about things of the moment and not about his random thoughts to create a better atmosphere within his group of friends. When he reached the common area, he was surprised to see Sero and Kaminari there together.

“Kirishima. You’re here,” Sero exclaimed quickly, getting up so fast he almost fell over. “I’m glad you came. I was worried about you not coming at the end.”

“You know I would never do that. A man sticks to his word.”

Sero nodded. “You’re right. Anyways, Kirishima… about what happened yesterday I’m so very sorry. I should’ve told you before instead of talking about it behind your back with other people.” Sero spoke, fidgeting with his hands nervously. “I… I don’t want you to think I don’t appreciate you as a friend or that I don’t value our friendship because I do. You’re one of my best friends, man.”

“I don’t know what to say,” Kirishima spoke, gazing down at the floor. “As you said, we’re supposed to be best friends, Sero. Yet, you did that. If you were annoyed by me, you could have said it to me instead of running your mouth about it with other people.

“I didn’t run my mouth? I just said it was a lot at times. Mineta made it sound wrong!” Sero complained. “I only said that. Mineta was the one who took it to another level.”

“Sero. You still don’t get it. Friends have each other’s back. We’re supposed to stand up for one another, not drag each other!” Kirishima sighed, rubbing the back of his neck. “I’m more disappointed than anything else.”

Sero bit his lower lip and stared down at the floor. The redhead sighed, he felt things were getting more complicated than they should be. Maybe he can simply settle things and forgive him instead of dragging the situation any further. After all, everyone is allowed to make a mistake or two.

“Kirishima is right, Sero,” Kaminari, who had been watching the two in silence suddenly spoke. “When I heard what happened, I was disappointed too. I can totally understand how Kiri feels.”


“I know I did wrong. I never imagined he would say all those things to you, man. I’m really sorry,” Sero apologized once again. “You don’t have to forgive me right away… I can wait until you feel better talking to me again.”

“That’s not it,” Kirishima shook his head and reached out his hand, softly patting Sero’s shoulder. “I forgive you, man. Just promise that from now on you’ll tell me everything to my face.”

Sero nodded his head quickly and rubbed one of his eyes. “I will, bro. I thought I lost your friendship and I was so sad. I’m sorry,” Sero sobbed softly, moving to hug the redhead.

Kirishima smiled and hugged him back. Ah, his friends are idiots.

“It’s okay, we’ll be fine.”

“I want a hug too!” Kaminari whined, moving to hug Kirishima.

A loud laugh escaped Kirishima when the other hugged him. “You’re so clingy.”

“I just like hugs and we don’t get to hug every day.” Kaminari added with a happy smile.

“You’re right. Also, give me the key to my room. Now.”

Kaminari grumbled as he squished the other, biting his lower lip. “No.”

“Why do you have a key to Kirishima’s room?” Sero asked.

“I just have one, no reasons!”

“Give it back.” Kirishima insisted. Even if it was Kaminari he didn’t like the idea of someone else having his room key.

“Fine, fine,” With that, Kaminari took the key from his back pocket and handed it to the redhead. “Here you go, man.”

“Thank you.”

They broke the hug and Sero yawned. 

“I’ll be going to bed. Let’s have breakfast together tomorrow, mhm?” He asked.

“Sure. Let’s go sleep.”



“I hope you all understand today’s dynamic is supposed to enhance everybody’s abilities on close combats. We are not striving for who beats the other first or faster. But rather to use your own quirks to defend yourselves,” Aizawa explained calmly. “We all should be able to use our quirks, somehow, to defend instead of simply attacking. If not, we can rely on fighting skills entirely if it deems necessary. 

“Sensei, are we going to fight each other?” Uraraka asked.

“Not exactly. Let me explain the exercise to you first. I will call names randomly and put you all in groups of two. Your partner will attack you with everything they have, as long as it isn’t too damaging, and you will have to defend and endure the attack. Got it?” Aizawa asked as he gazed at his students. Everyone nodded. “You’ll have to resist for two minutes; then you both exchange places.”

“Then we can’t use our full strength, right?” Iida asked, adjusting his glasses. “The importance on this should be the time gap we use. The faster the attacks the higher the damage it’ll inflict on the other and it’ll shorten their time to react. Which lead us to learn how to make strategies fast and right at the moment.”

“That is exactly the point, Iida. Thanks for stating what should be obvious. Now, the first pair is going to be,” Aizawa looked at the notes he had. “Kaminari and Mineta.”

“Interesting,” Kaminari said with a grin tugging on his lips as he took a step forwards. He shoots Mineta a glare. “I don’t think you’re ready.”

Mineta swallowed hard. “Sensei! Kaminari as my partner doesn’t seem right!”

Kirishima had been quiet the whole time. Too busy paying attention to Aizawa and trying to calm himself down. Deep down he doesn’t like this kind of exercise. The constant feeling of maybe failing and embarrassing himself in front of the others was bigger than him. Now, even more, things are so awkward between him and his classmates. Besides Sero, no one has taken the first step or tried to apologize. It only made him feel unworthy. He took a deep breath and rolled his eyes as he heard Mineta complaining about Kaminari being his partner.

“I won’t change it. Now, Kaminari, you’ll attack first. Mineta, get ready.”

“Roast his ass,” Kirishima said to his friend who gave him a toothy grin.

The red haired couldn’t stop himself from snorting. Mineta was literally shaking.


Kaminari grinned, clenching his fist before throwing an electric charge in Mineta’s direction. The latter didn’t move in time and received the electric charge.

“AHHHH!” Mineta yelled after receiving the impact and before he could move away, Kaminari sent another charge to him. The short one fell back on the ground. “I-I surrender… sensei… 

“That was fast.” Aizawa sighed, watching as Mineta stayed on the ground. “Get up. No one likes attention seekers.”

Mineta slowly sat up, rubbing his arms. “I can’t do this like this! I’m going to the infirmary!”

Kirishima scoffed. He still wonders how the hell someone like Mineta ended up in Yuuei, and in class 1-A. He sighed. He had more things to worry about. His eyes looked around his classmates as he looked for Bakugou. He was standing in the opposite end to him. So far! He wanted to talk to him and tell him how he made up with Sero and that everything was back to normal. Maybe he’ll have time to do that later once the day comes to an end. Kirishima crossed his arms, scratching his stomach as he watched the next pair. It was Tokoyami against Shouji. He was grateful he didn’t have to go against Dark Shadow. Its so powerful and he doesn’t think he’s fit to endure its attacks. Or many attacks at that. If he goes against Bakugou he is more than sure he’ll be able to endure it just fine at least for the first minute or so. He likes to think he is stronger than he was when they fought back to the Sports Festival. 

“Next is Kirishima and Midoriya. It’ll be close combat because of your quirks. Midoriya, you’ll attack first.”

Kirishima made a face. Against Midoriya. He knows he has great power, a power too great and that he has never faced it before. Will his hardening be able to hold long enough against every kick and blow? He took a deep breath as he walked forwards. He heard the mumbles of his classmates comparing him to the other boy. He swallowed with difficulty. 

“Let’s do our best, Kirishima-kun!” Midoriya said with a smile.

“Of course.” He said, flashing back a small smile.

When he heard Aizawa’s signal he made an X with his arms, hardening them just in time to cover himself from a punch. The impact made him slide a couple feet back. Damn. Midoriya was strong. Kirishima gritted his teeth before charging in, throwing a punch that Midoriya swiftly dodged and counterattacked right away with a kick to his knee. The red haired grunted at the sudden move, not having a second to react when the green-haired one jumped in the air and kicked the side of his face with force, throwing back one of his hands that hit the shoulder of the redhead. Midoriya hits him again and Kirishima dodges the punch that was about to meet his nose. He can’t think this fast. The punches and kicks the other is using against him are too fast, strong and precise. The red haired grumbled and charged in, curling his hand into a fist and hit the bridge of the other’s nose. Midoriya grimaced, wiping his nose. He then raised his leg and yelled, kicking Kirishima’s arms with force and sent him flying in the air. The redhead closed his eyes and exhaled. He felt his shoulder aching a little where Midoriya had to punch him and his quirk went off right before slamming against a wall and falling onto the ground. He whimpered. What the hell? He brought his hand up to look at it, still laying on the ground. Something feels broken. Seconds later, Kaminari and Sero were there next to him.

“Man. Are you okay?” Kaminari asked, kneeling down next to Kirishima and grabbed his wrist. “Bro, what happened to your quirk? Why didn’t you use it?”

“I… I don’t know,” Kirishima said, sitting up slowly. “Fuck.”

That was it. He just embarrassed himself in front of everyone and also broke his wrist. This is the first time he fractures any of his bones. And it hurts like a motherfucker.

“Dude, your shoulder is totally scratched. Ugh… you need to see Recovery Girl as soon as you can,” Sero spoke, trying to help Kirishima to stand up. “Get up, man.”

“Oi! Damn Deku! What the hell were you thinking?”

Kirishima blinked, looking over at Bakugou.


“Don’t you know how to follow directions? Aizawa-sensei said this is not a fight! Yet you were attacking with all you’ve got!” Bakugou said, crossing his arms as he approached Midoriya. “Are you dumb?”

“He followed the rules,” Iida stepped in. “He was throwing attack after attack, just like it was supposed to be. Kirishima didn’t react in time, that is his fault, not Midoriya’s.”

“What did you say to me, four eyes?!”

“Enough, everyone,” Aizawa said. “Kaminari, take Kirishima to the old woman and Bakugou, stop your yelling.”

Bakugou scoffed and went back to his place, not looking at Kirishima once. The redhead bit his lips, leaning against Kaminari for support. He made a face, holding his shoulder with his hand as they made their way to the infirmary.

“Is it… dislocated?”

“I don’t think so, but it feels really sore,” Kirishima responded, resting his head against Kaminari’s shoulder. “Was Bakugou worrying about me?”

“It sounded like he was,” Kaminari shrugged, looking down at the other. “What happened, though? Your moves seemed off to me.”

“Nothing happened. I was just taken aback. Midoriya is amazing,” Kirishima said, looking at his feet. “It was impossible for me to react in time. I must’ve looked pathetic.”

“You didn’t. We all know Midoriya’s kicks and punches are something else even when he’s trying to be careful.”

“I guess…” Kirishima sighed. “I bet Bakugou can endure two minutes without being touched.”

“Of course. After all, is Bakugou.”

Yes, Kaminari was right. Bakugou was out of his league. In every sense.

After what seemed forever, Kirishima was able to go back to his room. Recovery Girl had healed all his minor injuries and sent him to rest anyways. It had been really tiring and all he wanted was to lay down on his bed and nap for a little. The redhead took off his shoes, sitting on his bed as he glanced at his hand. It was as good as new. As if it hadn’t been fractured a while ago. He sighed as he thought of it all. He was embarrassed… The way he failed to activate his quirk was pathetic. Sure, it had happen before but never to this magnitude. What was he thinking? Kirishima shook his head. That was exactly the problem, he wasn’t thinking of anything at that moment. He was simply processing he was flying across the room and before he could react he was already on the ground. A hero can’t be like that. What kind of hero does not react in time? Fuck. He bit his lips and pressed the soles of his hands against his eyes tightly. The sound of his breathing was getting louder and louder as he tried not to panic. He can become a hero.

He can be a hero.

He can.

He can’t.

Kirishima clenched his fists tightly, unconsciously punching the wall. It was useless again. A little thing like that was enough to drive him crazy and make him feel worthless again. He hates it more than anything. It’s not like it was something major, or real. It was a simple exercise in class. It didn’t mean anything. He just needs more practice. He already knows he needs to improve more than anyone else, why is he so surprised and taken aback by a small stone in his path? The sound of his phone startled him and lazily he reached for it. He looked at the screen and blinked as he stared at the message. It was from Bakugou.

Baku-bro [11:31PM]: the fuck was that on the wall?

You [11:31PM]: My bad. I accidentally punched it.

Fuck. He just lied to his friend. He sighed, knowing he shouldn’t… after all, Bakugou is the only one who knows his struggles.

You [11:32PM]: Actually, I’m not feeling okay. I punched the wall on purpose in an attempt to calm down. Sorry for lying.

Kirishima chuckled. Ah, he was really losing his mind. Now he doesn’t feel comfortable lying to Bakugou or hiding how he feels. If there was someone who would understand him, that was the blond head. He can be honest with him without feeling scared to be judged. 

Baku-bro [11:35PM]: You’re an idiot. I’ll be there in two minutes.

The redhead read the message and ran to his bathroom quickly. His hair was a disaster and so was his face. He quickly washed his face and brushed his hair down. No point in anything else. Plus, it was just Bakugou. The knocks on the door startled him for a moment and he opened it quickly. Making space for Bakugou to step in. The blond did.

“How is your shoulder?” Bakugou asked, walking straight to Kirishima’s bed and plopped down on it. His hair was wet, he was probably fresh from the shower and a sweet vanilla scent invaded Kirishima’s nostrils. It smelled really good. “The old hag took good care of it?”

Kirishima closed the door. “I’m okay. She fixed my wrist and my shoulder. I’m just tired now.”

“The fuck happened to your hair?”

“It got messy from all the laying down earlier. I have to shower later,” Kirishima shrugged as he made his way to the bed as well, plopping right next to Bakugou and looked at him. “Who was your partner at the end?”

“The half and half bastard, it was a tight match,” The blond informed lazily, moving back a little. “What happened?”

“What do you mean?”

“You were totally out of it, shitty hair,” Bakugou said. “You’re usually not that clumsy.”

“I don’t know. I was just not thinking, I guess. I got overwhelmed… comparing my strength with Midoriya’s. He’s so strong it actually managed to froze me, I guess.”

“Huh? Comparing yourself to that loser?” Bakugou rubbed his face. “Besides, your quirk and… his, are not similar. At all. They can’t be compared.”

“It doesn’t mean it won’t make me feel like a good for nothing,” Kirishima looked down at his hands, fidgeting with them nervously and the next thing he knew was that Bakugou had flickered his forehead. “Dude! You gotta stop doing that!”

“No. You’re the one who has to cut it out! You’re not a good for nothing, hair for brains,” Bakugou snarled, his voice raising a little as he glared at the redhead. “How many times do I have to tell you that?”

“As long as I need to hear it,” Kirishima said, his eyes boring into his friend’s. “Promise?”

Bakugou’s eyes widened a little, looking away from his friend. “Tsk. You really are troublesome.”

“Perhaps. Sorry, you’re stuck with a friend like me, man.”

Bakugou scoffed. “What’s the point on apologizing if it won’t change anyways?”

Kirishima chuckled. “I know. And Bakugou, can I ask you something?”


Kirishima licked his lips. He wasn’t so sure why he felt the need to ask this, but he had to.

“Were you worried about me?” Kirishima asked, looking at the blond’s face.

“Me? Worried about you?” Bakugo snorted. “Why would I be?”

“Aw, be honest with me. You snapped at Midoriya earlier today and the first thing you did upon crossing the door was ask how my shoulder was. You were worried. 

A smile appeared on Kirishima’s lips as he poked Bakugou’s cheek. The blond was very easy to read right now, the soft blush on his cheeks gave him away and Kirishima watched in amusement the way Bakugou coughed. That was new. Very new.

“So what? Am I not allowed to worry?” He asked, busying himself with the hem of his shirt.

“You are.”

“Obviously! You don’t get to tell me what or not to do anyways, shitty hair!”

Kirishima couldn’t help the small chuckle that escaped his lips. Bakugou was so cute. He stopped chuckling. Did he just think of Bakugou as cute? Talking about new things… that was definitely one. But yes, he is cute. And he also smelled really good. The redhead shook his head at himself.

“Of course I don’t. I’m just glad you worry, that’s all.”

“Whatever. I have to go. I need to sleep, or try.”

“Hm? Are you having trouble sleeping again?” Kirishima asked with a frown. He was so caught up in his own problems and thoughts he totally forgot about it.

“Always.” He said softly.

“Text me if you can’t sleep. I’ll go to keep you company.”

“No. It’s okay, you need to rest, shitty hair,” Bakugou said, getting up from the bed and stretched his arms. “See you tomorrow.”

Kirishima wanted to protest, say something to his friend but he knew it wouldn’t change anything.

“Good night, Bakugou.”

The blond left the room. Kirishima laid back on the bed, letting out a deep sigh as he stared at the ceiling.

Chapter Text

Kirishima was doing his best to get his head around all the maths problems. It’s almost 5 pm and he has been studying since he woke up. His phone was in airplane mode in hopes to not get distracted by some text or simply keeping up with the news. The exam is this Friday and it was Saturday, if he wants to do well he’ll definitely have to ask Bakugou for help as normally. He hummed and dropped the pencil, resting his forehead against the table. He would love to maybe go out for the rest of the day and put the studying in pause. He can do that tomorrow and Monday noon. He swears his head would explode if he keeps reading the same formula over and over again with hopes of understanding it. Lazily, the redhead started to clean up the table. He’ll probably go hang out at Kaminari’s, play some PlayStation and text Bakugou later to see what he’s up to. Knowing Bakugou, he’s probably studying or practising. He might be at the kitchen cooking too. He doesn’t know.

“Kirishima! Open up!” He heard the voice along with some knocks. “It’s me, Kaminari! Hurry!”

Talking about the devil. Kirishima opened the door and Kaminari rushed inside with some paper bags. “What is going on?”

“Man. I sneaked in some alcohol!” Kaminari announced with a wide smile as he opened Kirishima’s closet, hiding the bags under his clothes. “Don’t ask. Just know that tonight Sero, you and I will drink our brains out!”

“I don’t know how you did it, but you’re a genius!” Kirishima exclaimed with a grin, looking at his friend. “Can I invite Bakugou?”

“Eh, sure? As long as he doesn’t try to kill me or Sero, sure.”

“Bakugou is not a brute, you know?” Kirishima scoffed, sitting on his bed. “He’s just a little reserved.”

“Uh huh. He’s like that with everyone but you. Yesterday he was even scolded by Aizawa sensei for trying to defend you.”

“Well, it’s because we both are really good friends,” Kirishima explained, patting the side next to him for Kaminari to sit. “He’s an amazing friend and I’m sure if you and Sero try you both will see what I’m talking about,” The redhead added. “He’s very caring.”

“Bakugou? Caring? Since when those two words come together?” The other boy joked, sitting next to Kirishima. He then threw his legs over the redhead’s lap. “Listen, I know you’re close to him and stuff, but I still think he really is rude.”

“But he never means anything by it.”

“How are we supposed to know? He still calls me Dunce-face? Beyond rude, if you ask me.”

Kirishima laughed. “You know he has nicknames for everyone since forever. He’s actually bad at remembering faces.” He explained.

“You defend him too much, bro.”

“No, I don’t. I’m just stating the facts just in case,” Kirishima informed. “Besides, he still calls me shitty hair all the time.”

“Yes, but I’ve noticed he calls you Kirishima a lot as well,” Kaminari added. “You’re the only person he calls by name almost always.”

A smile tugged at Kirishima’s lips after hearing that. “Yep. It feels nice.”

Kaminari raised an accusatory eyebrow at him. “How so? It makes you feel special?”

“Whaaaaat?” Kirishima dragged the word, scoffing a little. “No, man. It gives me a feeling of pride, that’s all.”

“Yep, because you feel special to be the only one recognized by him.”

“You’re making it sound weird, dude. Stop it.” Kirishima whined, slapping Kaminari’s knee with his hand.

“Not at all. Why does it sound weird?”

“Ugh. I don’t know either. Anyways, where’s Sero?”

“I’ll pretend I didn’t notice you’re trying to change the topic,” The guy said with a hum. “He’s sleeping.”

“I should do the same. Why don’t you go do the same?” Kirishima asked. “Then come around 12 AM?”

Kaminari nodded and stood up. “You bet. See you later! We’ll have so much fun!”

The redhead chuckled and watched his friend leave the room. Now he has to ask Bakugou to come to join the fun later. Will he agree? Kirishima isn’t sure.

You [5:56PM]: Hey, man. What are you up to?

He sent the message, looking over at the closet. It’s been a while since he drank. For what he remembers, he’s actually pretty good at holding his alcohol for sometime before he actually gets drunk. He is not very experienced with alcohol per se, if he had drink three times in the past is a lot; and all of them have been secretly. If his mother found out, he would’ve been grounded for a long time.

Baku-bro [6:03PM]: Studying, you better be studying too

You [6:04PM]: I tried but it made me dizzy.

Baku-bro [6:05PM]: Wanna come over and study, then?

You [6:05PM]: How about tomorrow? If I see another formula today I’ll kms

Baku-bro [6:06PM]: whatever, lazy ass

He scoffed a little. It’s not his fault he is not a nerd like Bakugou.

You [6:08PM]: Come here around midnight. Kaminari sneaked in alcohol and we’re gonna drink. You’re invited so you have to show up. I’ll be sad otherwise.

Baku-bro [6:12PM]: Do I look like I care?

Kirishima grumbled.

You [6:13PM]: Yep. We’ll have fun, I promise!

Baku-bro [6:15PM]: Whatever. I’ll think about it.

You [6:16PM]: You’re the best, bro.

Kirishima placed his phone aside and looked around his room. It was clean enough, so he didn’t think it’ll be necessary to clean up. Now that he thinks about it, why the hell were they going to drink in his room instead of Kaminari’s or Sero’s? Must be because they don’t want to risk being busted in their room with alcohol. He wonders what would Aizawa do if he discovers they’re going to drink in the dorms. He’ll probably be mad, but with luck, no expulsions would follow. He closed his eyes and the words of Kaminari echoed in his head. Does he really defend Bakugou that much? He doesn’t think he does. He’s just trying to make his friends see that Bakugou isn’t bad as they think. He might have anger issues sometimes and a rude behaviour towards almost everyone but the blond doesn’t mean anything by it. That’s just the way he is. Why the others still can’t see that? Just looking closely enough it becomes obvious. But then again, is not like Bakugou allows anyone to look close. Kirishima managed to discover that because he really kept his eye on his friend almost all the time. He simply feels so drawn to Bakugou that he does it unconsciously. Because of that, he managed to get that close to him. To trust him and care for him, and have the other do the same for him. He might have lied to Kaminari, he does feel special to be the only one recognized by Bakugou.




The hours passed quickly and the clock was already signaling 11:45PM. Kirishima was fresh from the shower and decided on simply wearing some shorts and nothing else. It was actually a little cold, yes, but after drinking he’s sure he’ll end up needing to get rid of his shirt anyways. He grabbed his phone and checked his messages, there wasn’t anything new and somehow it made him anxious. He also didn’t get any response from Bakugou so it was most likely the blond won’t come after all. It was a pity, the redhead was actually looking forward to it. He thought drinking with Bakugou and his other friends would be good in many aspects. Its not like Sero, Kaminari and Bakugou don’t get along, because they can coexist, but it’s not like their friends either. At least, he knows for sure Bakugou just thinks of them as simple classmates and he wanted that to change. If only the pair could see Bakugou the way he does maybe things would be best. Some knocks startled Kirishima and he rushed to the door. He was hoping for it to be Bakugou but it was Kaminari along with Sero. They had a wide grin on their lips as they entered Kirishima’s room.

“I have the ice!” Sero exclaimed, setting a bag full with ice on the floor. “And Kaminari has the cups.”

Kirishima flashed a grin. “You guys are well prepared. The alcohol is where you left it, man,” He said, pointing at his closet while Kaminari went to fetch it. “Just the three of us, apparently.”

“What happened with Bakugou? I thought he was coming,” Kaminari asked. He wasn’t wasting time at opening the bottles and pouring alcohol in the cups calmly. “I was kinda looking forward to see how’ll he act.”

“Man, stop. It’s not like Bakugou would create a mess, you know?” Kirishima shook his head. His friends were exaggerating. “He’s actually well behaved when there aren’t many people around,” Kirishima added, sitting on the floor.

“If that’s what you think,” Sero added with a light chuckle. “We think you two share a special bond or something like that,” Sero shrugged. He then proceeded to grab a cup and bring it close to his lips, his nose wrinkling at the smell. “I’m pretty sure Bakugou only gets truly along with you.”

“We don’t share a special bond,” Kirishima pointed out, taking a big sip from his cup. The clear liquid filled his mouth and went down his throat. It felt hot and heavy. It also burnt a little. “We just understand each other, I guess.”

“That’s what you call a bond,” Kaminari corroborated, a grimace marrying his face once he drank all the contents in his cup in one go. “I don’t know why you keep denying it whenever the word special is in the same sentence.”

Kirishima scoffed, grabbing another cup and he gobbled it all in one go. “That’s not true at all. I can totally say it if that were the case.”

“It is. Say it!”

The red haired licked his lips, filling his cup once again to the brim with that clear liquid. Does he really share a special bond with Bakugou? Were his friends right or were they trying to mess with him? Kirishima doesn’t know.

“Stop being a pain in the ass, you guys!” Kirishima grumbled, squinting at them. “We should play instead. What do you guys think?”

“Fine, fine. Never have I ever failed a class,” Sero started with a grin.

Kirishima and Kaminari grunted.

“You asshole,” Kaminari said, taking a shot. “Ugh.”

“I hate you.” Kirishima also took a shot, closing his eyes tightly.

“My turn! Never have I ever been to Kyoto!” Kaminari said. No one drank.

“Never have I ever kissed someone,” Kirishima said.

“What?” Kaminari gasped in disbelief. “You are joking, right? Right?!”

Kirishima felt his face heating up. “No, I am not joking.”

What was the big deal anyways? He was sixteen years old. There was no rush to kiss someone, at least that was what Kirishima thought. But even if it were, it’s not like he had the chance before. All the girls back to middle school probably thought he was a plain looking loser.

“Dude, I am speechless! I thought you were popular with girls?” Kaminari inquired.

Hah. Not even close. Little did they know he was a loser before going to Yuuei.

“When the time comes, it’ll come!” Kirishima added, shrugging. “Let’s keep playing and shut up about it.” Some knocks on the door startled the three friends. Kirishima panicked thinking it was maybe Iida or Aizawa. It would be horrible and to top it all, it was all in his room! He’ll be dead meat. “It’s fine, I’ve got this,” With shaky legs, Kirishima walked to his door and opened it slowly, peeking outside. “Oh! Bakugou!”

“Can I join?” Bakugou asked right away, his hands stuffed deep into his pockets.

Kirishima grinned widely. “Yes, man, Come on in. We already started, though.”

“You all are so eager, huh?” He scoffed, making his way into the room. His eyes gazed around and slowly walked over, taking a seat where Kirishima was sitting. “Yo.”

Kirishima made sure to lock the door this time just in case, plopping next to Bakugou. “Well, we were playing never have I ever. You gotta join us.”

“Whatever, then.”

“You came in the perfect moment, Bakugou,” Kaminari spoke, giving Bakugou a shot. “Did you know Kirishima’s lips are virgins?”

“Dude! Shut up!” Kirishima gasped, covering Kaminari’s mouth.

“It’s funny, right? He always goes around saying how manly he is and has never kissed someone!” Sero laughed, taking a sip from his drink.

“So what? I haven’t kiss anyone either.” Bakugou said casually. He then drank his drink in one go.

Kirishima raised his brows and turned his head to look at Bakugou. That is actually surprising. Someone like Bakugou had never been kissed? He is more than sure there must be plenty of girls dying to kiss him. After all, Bakugou was good looking, very cute and smelled really good. Kirishima swallowed the rest of his drink.

“Wow. You two really are something else,” Kaminari laughed, shaking his head. If he was going to make a comment, he saved it after noticing the way Bakugou was glaring at him. “Never have I ever called people by mean nicknames.”

Bakugou gritted his teeth. “Fucker,” He muttered lowly, swallowing his shot. “Never have I ever been called Pikachu.”

Sero covered his mouth and Kirishima snorted. There they went. A battle against Kaminari and Bakugou started. They were saying things that would only apply to the two of them. The redhead looked at Sero and sighed. The bottle was almost empty when he decided it was time to stop his friends from this childish battle.

“Bakugou, Kaminari, that’s about enough!” He talked, making the two guys look at him.

“Yea! We also want to play.” Sero added with a huff.

The redhead chuckled. Even when Kaminari and Bakugou were basically trying to outdo each other every time with a new statement, he felt it was a good thing. It also proved that even when the two of them didn’t see it, they actually know a good deal about each other. Kirishima smiled, leaning back against his bed while looking at his friends. He continued to take small sips from his drink; he felt his throat on fire and his head was spinning. He didn’t notice how much he had drink until now, he’s just hoping to be able to keep it together longer or at least not to be the first one passing out. Kirishima leaned forward, grabbing a new bottle of what looked like more vodka and poured himself a glass, his eyes boring into it while humming. Alcohol doesn’t taste good. It also smells bad. But somehow the feeling it gives was more than enough to have him swallowing it all quickly. He liked it. The voice of Bakugou next to him made him drift off his thoughts.

“Oi. You’re having more without me?” The blond asked with a frown. “Give me some.”

Kirishima robotically poured some in Bakugou’s cup. “There you go, man.”

“Very nice of you,” The blond said as he brought the cup to his lips. “This tastes bad.”

“Then don’t force it down, Bakugou.”

The blond rolled his eyes, not really listening to Kirishima. Instead, he poured himself some more and drank.

“I want to keep playing!” Kaminari said loudly, looking at the red haired. “Let’s keep playing man! I-I’m getting borewd.” He said, hiccuping.

“Looks like someone is drunk!” Sero shook his head a little. “But fine. Let’s play. Never have I ever been in Bakugou’s room.”

“Pft,” Kirishima rolled his eyes. He knew he was the only one drinking on this round. He emptied the contents of the glass. “Ugh.”

“Never have I ever texted every day with Bakugou!” Kaminari said with a grin.

“You two are targeting me, huh?!” Kirishima squinted but swallowed another shot. His head was heavy and dizzy. “Ah, I am getting dizzy.”

“Never have I ever dyed my hair red,” Bakugou said, his elbow nudging Kirishima’s side.

“You too, Bakugou?” The redhead whined softly, taking a long sip straight from the bottle. “You all are mean.”

“Shut up, Kirishima. We’re having fun!” Kaminari said with a little giggle, resting his head against Sero’s shoulder. “But man, I actually feel lightheaded.”

“Obviously. You and Bakugou actually drank a lot a while ago,” Sero sighed, poking Kaminari’s cheek. “Bakugou, how do you feel?”

“None of your business,” Bakugou snarled. But it was pretty obvious he was also feeling dizzy when he tried to get up and failed. “Fucking hell.”

“Wow, Bakugou. You’re pretty bad at keeping your alcohol, huh?” Kirishima said with a smug grin.

“Kirishima, shut up. I need more than this to get drunk.”

“I don’t believe you, but okay,” Kirishima laughed, looking at Bakugou who was leaning against the bed now. “Silly.”

“Well… I think I should take Kaminari to his room. He’s actually almost out of it. I can’t believe him,” Sero rolled his eyes. “What a wuss.”

“I’m not a wuss. I just drank a lot because Bakugou was good at targeting me. Next time, I’ll kick his ass.” Kaminari declared while being dragged by Sero towards the door. He was hiccuping. A lot.

“See you tomorrow, man.” Sero said once he had open the door and tugged the other boy outside with him.

The door closed with a soft click. Well, it was almost 3 AM so Kirishima didn’t really blame Kaminari. He actually did drink a lot before Bakugou arrived, then it just got worse. The blond one was actually very good at saying assertive things.

“Bakugou. Do you want to go to your room?” He asked softly.

“Huh? I’m still not done, hair for brains,” Bakugou scoffed and snatched the bottle from Kirishima’s grasp. He then took a long sip. “That Dunce face will see, next time I will kick his ass to the moon and win this shit properly.”

“We weren’t competing, though. Just playing to have fun,” Kirishima said, looking at the way Bakugou kept on drinking from the bottle. “Man. I think that’s about enough. You’ve drink a lot, give me it.”

“Give you my ass,” Bakugou said, squinting at Kirishima. “Let me drink, okay? I’m fine.”

“Dude. You’ve drink more than I have even when you came last. If I feel dizzy and almost out of it I can’t imagine how you must feel,” The redhead said, trying to reason with Bakugou. “Give me the bottle, dude.”

But, Kirishima…” Bakugou dragged the words softly, inching closer to the redhead, “I don’t want to.”

Kirishima swallowed thickly, looking at Bakugou with wide eyes. What the hell? What the hell was with that tone? It sounded too… well, not like Bakugou always sounds.

“You’re drunk, definitely,” Kirishima proclaimed, getting up with a little difficulty and plopped on his bed. “We can drink more tomorrow.”

“I just want to drink more now until I pass out…” Bakugou said softly, clenching his fist. “I’m barely sleeping.”

Kirishima’s breathe hitched when Bakugou plopped down on the bed next to him. His head was flat on the pillow as he covered his face with both hands. The words the blond said were making more sense and then it all clicked. The only reason Bakugou showed up to drink at the last minute was because he wanted to get drunk enough to pass out. Because he wasn’t sleeping properly. He felt his chest tightening at the thought of Bakugou being up all night. Alone. The mere idea of it really made his heart ache for his friend.

“You can sleep here tonight. With me, okay?” Kirishima spoke softly, reaching out his hand to turn off his lamp. “I’ll keep you company and make sure you’re asleep, Bakugou.”

“But the nightmares will come anyways,” Bakugou said, pulling the blankets over his body. “I know it.”

Kirishima could feel Bakugou’s body heat very close to him. He felt the need to pull him in a hug. He just wanted to reassure him it’ll be okay this time. That he’ll be able to sleep like a baby for the rest of the night and morning. Kirishima would do that. But a part of him is scared he might be crossing some kind of boundaries and upsetting the other. The last thing he wants is to have Bakugou push him away. Instead, he brought his hand up to the blond’s hair, softly tangling his fingers in it. It was his first time touching Bakugou’s hair. It was soft and thick. It felt nice to the touch. Slowly, he started to rub it gently and waited for any reaction. But when he felt Bakugou’s body relax next to him and the calm sounds of his breathing he knew it was okay.

“They won’t. Just sleep, okay? I’m here.”

A soft hum was the only thing he got in return. Kirishima was more than pleased with it, though. Quietly, he kept on caressing Bakugou’s hair until the latter finally fell asleep. He pulled his head back a little, trying to look at Bakugou’s sleeping face. He managed to steal a glance thanks to the moonlight slipping into the room past the red curtains and he took a shaky breath. Bakugou looked… so beautiful. He wondered how he never noticed any of the things he has been realizing in the last couple of days. His friend was breathtaking. With thoughts of his friend filling his mind, and a faint essence of vanilla drowning him, Kirishima fell asleep.




Chapter Text

Kirishima tried to turn in his bed, but a heavy weight was keeping him from doing so. He whined softly, fluttering his eyes open little by little. The sunlight made him groan while pressing his arm against his eyes. What time is it? The sun is incredibly strong. He snuggled more into that warm feeling pressing against his chest and sighed contently. It felt so warm, this is the first time he feels so comfortable in his bed. He felt a gentle squeeze around his waist and something soft nuzzling against his neck. Kirishima’s eyes flung open and he froze when he noticed the warm feeling was thanks to Bakugou. The latter was still asleep. He was hugging Kirishima’s waist with his face pressed against his neck. At that moment, the redhead didn’t know how to react. His best friend was sleeping on his bed, hugging him for dear life. To top it all, his sleeping face was the cutest thing he has ever seen. He looked so pleased and relaxed… as if all his worries had been lifted from his shoulders and Kirishima didn’t want to be the one ruining his sleep. Who knows since when he hadn’t been able to sleep? He can’t wake him up. Not for now, at least. In the meanwhile, Kirishima opted to watch Bakugou sleep. That alone made Kirishima’s chest feel content. Was it normal to feel that happy just by watching his best friend sleep? Kirishima didn’t want to think about that right now. A soft chuckle passed his lips when he noticed Bakugou’s hair was all over his forehead. He looked so funny, so he made his best to not be noisy. The red haired softly brushed the hair off his forehead, a gentle smile dancing on his lips. He focused on the feeling of Bakugou’s soft skin pressed against his, the way his lashes fluttered softly as he slept. When he felt Bakugou hugging him tighter, he made up his mind and threw one of his arms around Bakugou’s waist, pulling him closer to himself. A part of him enjoyed the way Bakugou clinged harder. Nevertheless, he felt his heart stopping when suddenly his gaze met with the blond’s sleepy eyes. He didn’t dare to pull away, scared that the movement would seem weird. Kirishima made his best to remain calm, flashing a smile.

“Good morning, Bakugou,” Kirishima said softly, looking at the blond boy. He hummed in reply, blinking slowly. “Did you manage to sleep?”

Bakugou didn’t say anything for a whole minute and Kirishima was starting to panic. Was he mad because he was this close to him? Did he find annoying waking up snuggled up to a friend? To a male friend? He was preparing for the worst.

“I did. I feel very great, actually,” The blond one spoke, his gaze meeting Kirishima’s. He didn’t move an inch. The redhead sighed in relief. “You?”

“I’m happy to hear that. I slept great too. Who would’ve think it’ll be so comfortable with both of us taking up so much space?” He added with a light chuckle, hoping his comment didn’t ruin the moment.

Bakugou scoffed softly. “I know. I’m surprised too,” He said sleepily before pulling his head back a little. “I wonder if I was able to sleep because of all the alcohol.”

“Yea, I guess that was it,” Kirishima said. He moved his hand from Bakugou’s waist to his sides casually. “We can… do this again anytime you want.”

Bakugou looked up at him a little surprised. “What part do you mean? The drinking one? Or the sleeping together part?”

Kirishima chuckled. “I’m fine with any of them.”

The blond squinted his eyes a bit. Kirishima could tell he was a little unsure about believing him or not. “Okay, then.” Bakugou said before flashing a small smile at the redhead.

Kirishima felt his heart skip a beat. Bakugou just smiled at him. Not at anyone else. But him. The redhead smiled back.

“You’ve got a pretty smile there,” He said before he had time to realize what he was saying. “I mean, you know…”

“I didn’t smile,” The blond said right away, cutting Kirishima off. “You must be imagining weird shit.”

“I didn’t! I saw it with my very own eyes. You should smile more, Bakugou. It really suits you.” He smiled.

The blond stayed quiet for a moment. Kirishima could see the way a frown settled on his face. “Whatever,” He got up from the bed, making his way towards the door. “Don’t forget we’re studying today.”

“You’re going?”

“Yep. See ya later.” Just like that, Bakugou stormed out of Kirishima’s room.

The sudden sound of silence made the red haired lay back down on the bed. He closed his eyes, the only thing occupying his mind was Bakugou. His head was filled of him. It was like his name was fighting to stay in his thoughts. Kirishima ran his fingers through his hair, thinking of the way Bakugou’s lashes fluttered while he was asleep. The way his lips were parted ever so slightly, how his body felt pressed against his… He groaned and turned around, pressing the pillow against his face as he screamed into it. What the hell was going on with him? The way he was thinking about the blond wasn’t normal. He’s not supposed to think about those things. Bakugou is his friend. His best friend. Just why?

It was annoying.

Friends don’t think that way of their friends. Even with all that, Kirishima didn’t do anything to stop his thoughts. Whatever that feeling was, he wasn’t going to chase it away. So what if he found Bakugou ridiculously cute? Anyone can be cute. Right? It doesn’t have to be weird, he told himself with a stern nod. He got up from the bed, looking at all the mess laying on the floor. Fuck. He was going to kill Kaminari and Sero.


“Oh, you look a little tired, Kirishima-kun,” Uraraka said while looking at the redhead with her round eyes. “Had a bad night?”

Kirishima shrugged, plopping on a chair. He was tired, yes. All because he had to clean all the mess alone and trash everything away before being caught by someone. He basically ran to the dump twice. “Ah, you could say that, yes. Are you cooking?”

Uraraka smiled widely, clapping her hands together. “Yes! Yaomomo helped me, though. Do you want some? It’s almost done.” She offered with a sweet smile.

“Well, if you insist,” Kirishima chuckled. He tapped his fingers against the tabletop. “Tell me, have you seen Kaminari or Sero today?” He asked casually.

“I saw Sero-kun a while ago. He said Kaminari wasn’t feeling good and prepared him a soup I guess.” She replied, cutting some vegetables. Looks like she’s preparing katsudon.

“Huh. I see, I see.” He simply said, scratching his chin thoughtfully. “It feels very quiet around here, though. Where’s everyone?”

“I suppose everyone is studying for the midterms. I was too. But well, I couldn’t concentrate with an empty stomach,” The brunette said, placing a bowl in front of Kirishima. “Hope you like it!” 

“I see. I’ll be studying later too,” He gazed down at the bowl and quickly grinned at the girl. “This smells really good, thanks!”

“No need to!” She smiled, taking a seat next to the redhead before starting to eat. “You’ll study alone?”

Kirishima shook his head, taking a bite. “No. I’ll go to Bakugou’s later, he’ll help me study.”

“Right. I almost forgot he tutors you,” Uraraka said. “You two are close friends, right?”

“Mmm, I like to think we are, yes.”

“You and him are an odd pair, you know? You’re like a ball of sunshine! And he’s like… well…” She made a pause, nibbling at her lower lip nervously. Kirishima chuckled. “Well, you know how Bakugou-kun is.”

“Yes. I get what you mean. Guess opposites are always a good pair,” He shrugged carelessly. “This is really great, Uraraka!”

But Bakugou’s food is better, he thought and smiled to himself.

“Ah. Thank you. I always feel unsure of my skills… so it’s nice to hear you say that.”

He understands that feeling very well.

“Aw, don’t. This is seriously delicious,” He reassured with a smile. “Thanks again!”

“Oh… Now that we’re here alone… I wanted to apologize to you, Kirishima-kun.”

The redhead frowned. “Why?”

“Remember that day when you and Mineta started to argue? Well, I was there next to you and I wasn’t capable of saying anything,” She said, fixing her eyes on her food. “I was a bad friend… I’m sorry.”

Kirishima placed down his chopsticks, reaching to pat her hand gently. “You don’t need to apologize. None of it was your fault, Uraraka,” He felt sorry she had been feeling that way all this time. She really was a nice girl. “Don’t worry about it.”

“But is not just me. Yaomomo also feels the same as me,” she added. “Some of our classmates still feel awkward about the whole situation. I wish Mineta could apologize to you, everybody…”

Kirishima made a face. It was the truth. He could feel the heavy atmosphere in their classroom the last few days. No one besides Bakugou, Kaminari, Sero and Ashido had talked to him much. He had the idea that it was all about that, but he didn’t want to think about it. He was tired of having to chase after people when he’s the one who had been attacked and made fun of. Sure, he was feeling better about the whole situation, but that didn’t mean he was going to make up with people on his own. If they wanted to, they can always apologize to him. He’ll accept their apologies if they come; if not, he wasn’t going to look for them. That easy.

“Well, I’m always ready to talk and make up with those who want to,” He shrugged, returning his attention to his food to eat. “I’ll accept them.”

“Ah. That’s a relief, it would be sad if our teamwork goes to trash permanently,” She said softly, looking at Kirishima. “You’re really nice, Kirishima-kun.”

The redhead chuckled. “Thank you. But eat your food or it’ll grow cold.”

The brunette chuckled and nodded, focusing on her food. Kirishima’s phone buzzed and he looked at the screen. A message from Bakugou. He reached for it quickly.

Baku-bro [3:47PM]: The door is open, you can come in when you want.

A smile covered Kirishima’s lips instantly. Receiving a message from his friend was exactly what he needed to shake away the sudden uneasy feeling growing in his chest.

“Oh? Who messaged you, huh? You’ve got a cute smile going on right now,” Uraraka teased, trying to peek at Kirishima’s phone. “Someone you like?”

The redhead gasped, blocking his phone screen before she had the time to actually look at it. He felt his face flushing at her words. ‘Someone you like?’ he repeated in his head with wide eyes.


“Don’t be shy, Kirishima-kun! Who is it?” She pushed it again, interest clear in her eyes. “You can tell me!”

“Why do you think is someone I like?”

“Well, that smile gave you away. It was brighter than usual, your eyes got little from your smiling too,” She mentioned, wiggling her brows. “Tell me!”

Kirishima wanted the ground to swallow him whole. Does he give off that impression upon receiving a message from Bakugou? She got it all wrong! Obviously. He’s just happy that his best friend texted him. That’s all. Still, he didn’t dare to say Bakugou’s name to the brunette. He finished the rest of the food quickly, getting up from the chair.

“Ah. Would you look at the time? Gotta go study! Thanks for the food, Uraraka! See you later.”

Just like that, the redhead ran off upstairs to his floor. He could hear Uraraka’s protests. He sighed in relief. He’ll pretend Uraraka didn’t think he had a thing for the person who texted him. Because he does not.

Instead of pushing the door to his room, he pushed open the door next to his. He stepped inside casually, quickly kicking off his slippers and gazed around the room. He spotted Bakugou on his bed, a textbook on his lap as he read intently.

“Hey, man,” Kirishima called and made his way to Bakugou’s bed. “What are you doing?”

“Checking some formulas,” He mumbled, not looking up from his book. “I hope you’re ready to study, though.”

The redhead plopped on the bed. “Never been this ready.”

Bakugou rolled his eyes. “Uh huh. Don’t start whining if you can’t keep up.” He closed the book, looking up at Kirishima.

The expression Bakugou had on his face was borderline new to Kirishima. He looked so relaxed. The constant frown that was always on his face was nowhere to be seen. His eyes also looked a little brighter than ever. He looked so soft. This time, Kirishima shrugged off the thought that was in the back of his mind, the one yelling cute, cute, cute like a mantra. It was about enough.

“I will not. I’ve got this.” The red haired said full with confidence as he cracked his knuckles. Bakugou scoffed and handed him some papers. Kirishima’s brows went up as he looked at everything in the paper. So many maths problems. “The hell is this?”

“What do you mean? That’s what we’ve been studying in class the past few weeks,” said the blond as though it was supposed to be obvious. “You know the basic of it, mhm?

“I… uh,” Kirishima swallowed nervously and Bakugou grumbled. “No?”

“You really are unbelievable, shitty hair.”

“I’m sorry! I’m just having a hard time focusing. Did you notice almost everyone basically ignore me in class?”

“Yes. That’s because they’re cowards,” Bakugou pointed out, flickering Kirishima’s cheek. “They must be having a hard time trying to find a way to talk to you, I guess.”

“I guess,” He nibbled on his lip, looking at the blond. “It’s awkward.”

“Why are you suddenly worried about it? Just move forward,” Bakugou groaned, pointing at the papers. “When you less expect it you’ll see they’ll come around.”

Kirishima looked at the other. “You’re right, bro.”

“Pft. Who do you think I am? Of course I’m right,” He scoffed and tapped his fingers against the papers. “Now, let’s get this shit encrypted in your brain.”

“Fine, fine.” Kirishima smiled. He’ll have to stop thinking of unnecessary things and focus on what’s important. Passing the exam.

The day of the exam came faster than the redhead would’ve liked. He thinks he did okay considering the fact that he chose a couple questions randomly. He’s always been a disaster with math, though. Still, he can’t help but worry. What if he fails the exam? In his position, written exams should be the one he aces completely. Maybe doing perfectly in them could make up for the lack in progress he has quirk-wise. The small chit-chat in the classroom was getting a little loud and hearing the confident whispers of his classmates was a little overwhelming for him. Yet there he was, resting his forehead against his desk. The worry was getting to him, listening to everyone so cheerful just made him more nervous. Despite studying with Bakugou the past two days, he wasn’t so sure. He did earn a couple blows from Bakugou whenever he did a mistake, after all. It meant he still needed to run an extra mile to get them done properly. Kirishima looked up, gazing towards Bakugou’s seat and there he was. The latter was twirling a pencil between his fingers, his eyes looking outside the window. He looked the same he always did once exams were over.

He looked so normal.

Well. He doesn’t have any motive not to be. Bakugou is always in the top three. Getting good grades was as natural as breathing for him. He was so perfect. Kirishima whined softly, making his way to Bakugou. He pulled a chair, placing it in front of the other.

“Hey,” Kirishima spoke. “I think I failed.”

“How the fuck?” The blond looked at him in disbelief. “I helped you and explained to you all the shit that came in the exam, shitty hair.”

Kirishima looked away from him embarrassed. “I know. But I got nervous.”

“You can be really stupid when you want,” Bakugou groaned. “Kirishima. I think you and I need to study together more frequently. Can’t have your dumb ass failing another exam,” The blond started, his hand flicking the redhead’s forehead. “Seriously, what’s wrong with you? You can’t take these things lightly. That also goes to your quirk. You need to train more. Haven’t seen real improvement for a while now and its starting to bug me because I know you have potential.”

Kirishima’s brows went up as he listened to the other. Bakugou was scolding him. Like for real. A warm feeling pressed on his chest and all he could do was smile. He didn’t even mind being scolded like that by Bakugou, the opposite. The smile that tugged on his lips widened, staring at Bakugou with fascination. The blond was worried about him. He could feel it. It was too obvious even when he knew the other was trying to sound casual and uninterested. Besides. He said he had potential. That alone made Kirishima so happy. Thanks to Bakugou, he has been feeling better about himself. The negative thoughts that used to suffocate him were barely there. Instead, a pair of red eyes and wild hair was the only thing in his head.

“Why are you looking at me like that? Didn’t you hear a word I just said?!” Bakugou asked once he noticed the smile on the other.

“You’re adorable when you worry about me, did you know that?” He said before he could stop himself, the smile not wavering.

Bakugou’s lips parted slightly. The shocked look he had made Kirishima chuckle. Cute.

“What the fuck?! Adorable my ass,” Bakugou groaned instantly as he looked away from him. “And I am not worried.”

“You are though,” Kirishima teased. “It feels nice to know you care about me.”

Bakugou looked at him again. The look on his face was indescribable. That was another expression Kirishima has never seen before. “Whatever, shitty hair. Besides, that shouldn’t be flash news for you.”

The red haired thoughts wondered to the day he had broken his wrist and hurt his shoulder. Bakugou had been very worried about him. “I know.”

“Then stop making a big deal out of everything,” He crossed his arms over his chest and leaned back on his chair. “You’re like a little kid sometimes.”

“Sometimes it can’t be helped,” Kirishima nodded. It was truth. There were times that he simply got all hyped up and excited like that. “Just in case, I care about you too, Bakugou.” He added softly, resting his chin on the palm of his hand as he stared at the blond.

Bakugou groaned. The next second, he shoved his hand against Kirishima’s face; the redhead quickly hardened his face in time to receive one of Bakugou’s small explosions. The ones he would get whenever he really annoyed his friend. Everyone in the classroom fixed their eyes on them.

“Wow, Bakugou! You don’t do that to your friends!” Came Iida’s voice, moving his hands around. “We know Kirishima doesn’t have a problem with them but don’t do it!”

“The fuck you said, four eyes?!” He grumbled, small explosions coming out of his hands. “I’ll kill you!”

On the other hand, Iida simply sighed. Everyone did. They all knew Bakugou enough already to know he just buffers around way too much. Still, no one dares to say that to him.

“It’s fine. I didn’t even feel that,” Kirishima quickly said, frowning at Bakugou. “It still is very rude, though.”

“Tch. Whatever,” He crossed his arms and turned his head, looking out the window. “Just stop running your mouth about things I don’t care about.”

Kirishima frowned and looked down at his hands. He doesn’t care about? What is that supposed to mean? Didn’t he just say he does care? He groaned softly, resting his cheek against the desk. How is he supposed to know what Bakugou exactly cares about when he wants to talk to him? Until now, Bakugou has never told him he didn’t care about things he has to say. Why the sudden change? Why now when he thought they were becoming closer than ever? Kirishima closed his eyes and cursed under his breathe. He was starting to overthink just over a comment Bakugou said because he was annoyed. He peeked up at the other, nibbling on his lower lip.

“Say, Bakugou,” He started in a soft voice, low enough for the other to hear. “Do you really mean that?”


“About… not caring about things I have to say,” He said, looking out the window this time. “Do you really mean it? 

The blond grumbled something under his breath and poked Kirishima’s cheek softly. The redhead looked at him. That was the first time Bakugou had touch him so gentle. “You know I don’t mean it, idiot. Don’t be stupid.”

When Bakugou was about to move his hand away from Kirishima’s face, the latter grabbed it gently. The blond didn’t look surprised, nor tried to move his hand away. He simply stared at Kirishima, his red eyes looking at him. That only made the red haired smile.

“Alright. I believe you,” Kirishima nodded slowly. “You’re coming with me tonight to watch a movie. Deal?”

Bakugou raised an eyebrow. “Why?”

“Because I really want to watch this new hero movie, the trailer looked really badass,” Kirishima answered, taking Bakugou’s hand into his casually while toying with his fingers. How are his hands always so soft? Must be his quirk. “And I want to watch it with you.”

“Why me?”

Kirishima looked at Bakugou and stopped for a second. Why he asks? Well, he doesn’t know well himself. He just wants to spend his free time with Bakugou and he was going to make it happen at all costs. After all, the times when he is more relaxed is whilst being in the blond’s company. Lately, that was the situation. Bakugou was the synonym of calm to him as crazy as it might sound to a third party. He makes him forget about all of his negative thoughts, all of his insecurities… Bakugou just made him better, whatever that implies.

“Because I like spending my time with you?” He said with a shrug. That was the truth after all. “You’re my best bro too!”

“I guess,” Bakugou pulled his hand away with a click of his tongue and Kirishima instantly wished he hadn’t. “I’m off to my room then. I’ll meet you at six o’clock.”

Kirishima bit on his lower lip and clenched his fists softly. “Alright, bro. See you then.” 

Bakugou groaned in acknowledge and waved him off as he left the classroom. In the other hand, Kirishima couldn’t help the smile that claimed his lips as he watched Bakugou walk away. The sudden worry he had about his grades and falling behind washed off of him. That easily. All thanks to Bakugou.


Chapter Text

Kirishima leaned back against the wall and looked over at Bakugou’s door, then back at his watch. He was early. They agreed at six o’clock and it was around 5:30 PM. Well, he can just go back into his room, play some game in his phone while it’s time. But God, he was so nervous it was almost ridiculous. He’s just going to watch a movie with his friend, no big deal. He’s been to the movies with Bakugou before, so he can’t get his head around the fact that his heart is beating a little faster than normal. Nor the way he keeps fidgeting with the hem of his shirt. Talking about his clothes, were they okay? He glanced down at his body. The red haired was wearing a pair of black, ripped jeans along with a long-sleeved black shirt. He hardly uses long-sleeved shirts, since he opts to use plain colourful ones, which is why he was feeling a little overdressed. He cleared his throat, patting his hair softly to make sure everything is in its place. The minutes were passing slowly and Kirishima groaned. He’ll just knock on Bakugou’s door and check on him. That easy. He tilted his head a little, groaning when it made a soft crack and he curled his fist into a ball, bringing it up to knock three times on the blond’s door. He heard some shuffles here and there and a soft groan that sounded like ‘coming’. In a second, the door opened and Bakugou stepped outside.

“You’re early,” Bakugou groaned, locking his door and stuffing his hands into the pockets of his jacket.  

Kirishima’s eyes inevitably gave Bakugou a one over. The blond was wearing a red turtleneck shirt with a black leather jacket. Kirishima took a sharp breath. He looks hot. His eyes trailed further down to see some ripped jeans matching his own. His thighs look really nice, he thought before looking up at Bakugou when the latter waved a hand in front of his face.

“Yep, I got ready faster than expected,” Kirishima said with honesty. “Let’s get going.”

“We’ll take the bus?”

Kirishima nodded. “It’s faster,” He said, walking side by side with Bakugou. A soft essence of vanilla filled his nostrils and he looked at the other. “Man. I don’t know what you use, but you always smell so damn good.”

Bakugou’s eyes widened a little, just for a mere second before shrugging. “It’s a vanilla splash.”

“I really, really like it,” Kirishima said, making emphasis in his words. “You also look really good today.”

The redhead instantly bit his tongue. He’s been talking way too much today. That last comment was completely unnecessary. He looked at Bakugou with an apologetical look that was replaced with surprise. The blond’s cheeks were red. Was he okay? Was he sick? But before he could even ask, Bakugou hummed.

“You too.”

“Oh,” said the red haired with a light, embarrassed chuckle. That he wasn’t expecting. “Thanks, man. I thought I looked overdressed.”

“Nah. You’re okay.”

Kirishima nodded and didn’t say anything. Their ride on the bus was quiet. The redhead had offered Bakugou to sit on the only empty spot and the latter didn’t complain, he simply sat down and looked out the window. On the other hand, Kirishima was standing in front of his friend, gripping tightly the handle.

“Do you want to go eat after the movie?” Kirishima asked.


“I know this place that has the best katsu ever,” Kirishima grinned, gaining Bakugou’s attention. “I used to go there frequently when I was in middle school.”

“Better be good.”

Kirishima nodded, gazing at the other when he was looking out the window one more time. He couldn’t help but notice the way Bakugou’s eyes followed everything that passed by, how his eyes squinted while he tried his best to read some traffic sign or the way he would nibble on his lips. His lips. Kirishima just stared at them. They looked soft, pink and plump. He licked his own, wondering how would it feel like to press a kiss to Bakugou’s lips. He bets it’ll feel nice…

“Oi, shitty hair.”

Kirishima snapped out of it and looked up at Bakugou’s eyes. He was looking at him with squinted eyes. The redhead looked away, feeling his cheeks a little warm. Did he just fantasize about kissing his friend? And worse, in his own face? Goddammit. “What?”

“This is our stop, move your ass.”

Did he notice?

“Oh, my bad, bro,” Kirishima apologized with a toothy grin, feeling his heart skip a beat when Bakugou’s knee brushed against his. What. The. Hell. “Let’s go.”

He rushed out of the bus quickly, trying to ignore the way his heart was beating inside his chest. What was happening to him?

The words of Uraraka crossed his mind but he shook his head at the possibility.

There’s no way he’s crushing on his best friend.


To be a Friday night, the movie theatre was not as crowded as it usually is on weekends. But everyone seems to be going to watch the exact hero movie. It only made the task of finding acceptable seats a little difficult. The redhead was holding his popcorn with furrowed brows, eyes scanning the movie room. God. All the good seats were taken and he sighed.

“There are two seats,” Bakugou spoke, pointing at two seats in the very back of the room. “Let’s take those and be over with it.”

“Alright, let’s do that,” Kirishima said, leading the way to the seats. “Do you need help with your nachos?”

“Idiot. How can you possibly help me when you’re using both of your hands?” Bakugou scoffed. “Besides, I don’t need your help.”

“Right,” He said with an embarrassed chuckle, sitting down next to the wall. “At least we’re sitting together.”

Bakugou scoffed, plopping down on the seat next to Kirishima. “I guess.”

The red haired looked over at his friend with a small smile. The latter was too busy munching already on his nachos. He asked for spicy cheese, a lot of it, and he was surely enjoying them because he just made a soft sound that Kirishima would categorize as cute and content. He chuckled to himself, starting to eat his popcorn. After giving it a lot of thought, he reached the conclusion that Bakugou Katsuki was a real softie. He just behaved like an angry kitten who would scratch the hell out of anyone who dared to stand in his way. That was a fact. Unconsciously, Kirishima leaned towards the blond, their shoulders bumping together. He took a deep breath.

There it was again.

His heart was jumping and his eyes focused on the screen. He didn’t dare to move. Bakugou didn’t move either.

“Can I have some?” Kirishima asked when the theatre went dark.

“Ugh. Just one,” Bakugou groaned. The redhead grabbed one carefully, his hand brushing against the other.

“Thanks, man,” He said, eating it. “Heck. The cheese is actually spicy, dude.”

“I know right? I like it.”

The movie began and everything went just as Kirishima had hoped. It was an action-packed movie, also very funny and intriguing. He stole glances at Bakugou from time to time and to his surprise, he looked very immersed in the movie as well. It made him really happy, Bakugou most of the time get bored in the middle of the movies and stops paying attention. That happened once when Kirishima got Bakugou to actually watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Come on, it was a must watch anyone should watch.

When the movie reached its climax was when Bakugou showed an actual sign of surprise. He gasped when the hero almost fell from the roof of a really high building. Kirishima smiled, finishing his popcorn. He reached out his hand, grabbing at the first coke he touched and took a long sip. He frowned when instead of tasting Coca-Cola he tasted Sprite. His eyes widened.

“Shit, I’m sorry, man. I drank from your drink,” Kirishima apologized, handing Bakugou his cup. “Here.”

“’S no big deal,” The blond said, grabbing the cup from Kirishima’s grip and took a sip right after.

The red haired licked his lips, watching Bakugou drink and looked away.

“That was an indirect kiss,” He babbled, his cheeks heating up. “I mean… you know… that’s what people say… when two people drink from the same drink.”


Bakugou remained quiet for a minute and Kirishima was cussing in his head. He would like to know what was going through Bakugou’s head at that moment. “It’s not the first time we drink from the same drink, shitty hair.”

“You’re right,” He laughed softly.

Bakugou rolled his eyes. “And shut up, the movie is almost over.” He groaned with evident annoyance lingering on his voice.

The redhead simply nodded, watching the rest of the movie in silence. What was wrong with him? He seriously needs to shut his mouth before babbling more weird things. The words of Uraraka, once again, resonated in his head, ‘someone you like’. He looked at Bakugou with the end of his eyes, biting his lips as he caught a smile dancing on Bakugou’s lips when the hero won the fight against the villains. His heart skipped a beat.

He was so pure and gorgeous.

Maybe he was crushing on Bakugou. Just maybe.

The soft sound of the wind felt almost like a lullaby, and the moon was shining brightly upon the two boys making their way to eat. They were walking side by side, discussing things about the movie they just watched. It felt nice. Just the two of them—and no one else— was just perfect. At least for Kirishima. He stuffed his hands into the pockets of his jeans, his head shifting to look at Bakugou once they reached the small shop. It was just like Kirishima remembered it.

“This is it, man,” Kirishima spoke, pulling the door open. “Go on.”

Bakugou made his way into the small shop, his eyes scanning the place with a soft hum. “Looks pretty okay to me.” He nodded.

“Well, of course. I wouldn’t bring you if it weren’t good.”

“How nice of you,” The blond rolled his eyes, sitting on a table on the back. Kirishima followed him. They both sat down. “My food better be spicy.”

At that, an old lady came and took their order.

Everything was going just like Kirishima had hoped. He was having so much fun with Bakugou that he couldn’t help the smile lingering on his lips even when there wasn’t anything out of the ordinary happening. There was a comfortable silence between them as they sat across each other, waiting for their food to arrive. It was normal. It felt familiar. Almost intimate.

He lost count on how many times he and Bakugou had spent their time just like that. Both of them sitting in Bakugou’s room, using their phones or simply working on their homework together. He would speak up to ask the blond about some math exercise, Bakugou would take his time explaining it to him, never seeming upset or annoyed at Kirishima for being slow at getting things. He was beyond grateful he had Bakugou as his best friend. The only person there who would totally understand him no matter the circumstances.

The redhead looked up at Bakugou, watching the way the other was scrolling through his phone with a smile on his lips. He felt something fluttering in his stomach. It sent a panic signal to somewhere in his brain because he had to look away from Bakugou’s smiling face. Sure. It wasn’t his first time witnessing the way Bakugou’s lips curved into a smile. He also knew and hoped, it wouldn’t be the last one. But for some reason, he couldn’t help the way his heart seemed to race inside his chest cavity, the way his eyes simply landed on Bakugou’s lips… nor the way something kept fluttering in his stomach. Butterflies? His cheeks flushed at the thought of butterflies and almost wished he didn’t think of something as sappy as butterflies.

Kirishima couldn’t stop it. He rested his chin on the palm of his hand, his gaze glued on Bakugou, taking in everything that was his friend. His eyes were red, almost matching his, if it weren’t for the fact that taking a closer look you can see some brown dots here and there near his irises. He looked at his puffy hair. God, how much he loved running his fingers through it last time. It was incredibly soft. His eyes trailed down to Bakugou’s nose. Even his nose was pretty, small and round. He felt the need to reach out his hand and pinch it softly, wanting to see what kind of expression Bakugou would make. Would he be upset? Or would he be okay with it? He couldn’t tell. After all, Bakugou was a box full of surprises. Whenever he least expected it, Bakugou would show Kirishima a side of himself that he never has seen.

He loved to be the only one who knew things about Bakugou.

Things no else knew aside from him. It made him feel special.

When the food arrived, he finally trailed off his thoughts and looked at Bakugou.

“It smells good, right?” He asked.

“It does smell good,” Bakugou said, picking up his chopsticks before picking some of the pork along with the rice, stuffing his mouth with it. Kirishima noticed the way something in the blond’s eyes sparkled. “It’s good.”

“See? I told you,” Kirishima said with a proud smile. The fact that Bakugou was enjoying something he loved to eat made him feel happy. “Let’s see if you can eat all of it, though.”

“Hah. You know I eat a lot, Kirishima.” Bakugou said with a grin. A competitive grin.

Kirishima loved that grin.

“I’ll be certain of that after you finish it all.” He teased.

Kirishima chuckled when Bakugou groaned softly and started to eat. They ate their food in silence. Once again that comfortable silence that made his chest feel happy and wholesome. He didn’t mind the silence at all, on the contrary, it was one of his favourites ways to spend time with Bakugou. Simply in the company of one another.

Then it happened again. It was over a small action, something minuscule that he didn’t really saw as anything out of the ordinary before. But it made the butterflies inside his stomach flutter around like crazy.

He caught Bakugou looking at him. The way he was looking at Kirishima was something the redhead couldn’t put into words, but if he could put a word into it he would pick fondness. His heart skipped a beat when Bakugou looked away from him after realizing Kirishima caught him staring. There was soft dust of pink on the blond’s cheeks. Kirishima was fascinated. Was he embarrassed? Kirishima didn’t know. But he did know something now.

He was crushing hard on his best friend. He didn’t have a doubt anymore.

After a week of understanding his own feelings, the redhead didn’t exactly know what he should do about them. Whenever he tried to concentrate on class, the only thing on his mind was Bakugou. It wasn’t that different from before, but now, after knowing he was crushing on his best friend, everything felt different for him. He rested his forehead against his desk, listening to the mumbles of his classmates in the background after class was over.

He spent the whole day stealing glances at Bakugou. He couldn’t help it. It was as if a force had taken over his body and he couldn’t control himself. A couple of times their eyes met. Kirishima could only look away as fast as he could, ignoring the feeling in his stomach. Those damn butterflies won’t leave him alone. They were there, along with the erratic beat of his heart. Whenever Bakugou was close to him, whether it was sitting on the couch in the common room to watch a movie, laying on the bed while doing homework or simply standing next to each other, he felt the urge to hug him, touch him, kiss him. God, how much he’s been thinking about kissing him. Kirishima have never kissed someone before, he was a complete newbie in that field, but watching Bakugou only brought those thoughts upon him.

“Hey! Kirishima,” said Kaminari, dragging a chair to sit next to the redhead. “What are you doing tonight? Busy or?”

“Well, I was going to ask Bakugou’s help with Present Mic’s English homework,” he said thoughtfully, scratching his cheek. “I’m having a hard time with verbs.”

“Ah. I have to do that homework too,” Kaminari ran his fingers through his golden locks and grinned. “I wanted to know if you would like to come to karaoke tonight with Sero, Ashido, Jirou and me!”

“Oh, you guys finally scored a date with them?” Kirishima asked. It’s been forever since his two other friends were talking about inviting their crushes to karaoke. “I would, but I don’t want to be the chaperone!”

“You know, you can always ask Bakugou. I’m sure he’ll say yes to you, he always says yes to you,” Kaminari pointed out. “It’s your chance to make a move.”

“Dude! Lower your voice, gee!” He said, quickly covering Kaminari’s mouth.

At that moment he was regretting ever telling Kaminari about his crush with Bakugou.

“Relax, man,” Kaminari grinned before turning his head. “Oi, Bakugou!” He called, satisfied when Bakugou looked back at him with a frown. “Kirishima over here was wondering if you would like to come with him to the karaoke tonight! He’s paying!”

“Dude!” Kirishima growled at Kaminari before turning to look at the blond. “Well, yes. You should come with us, man. What do you say?” He smiled at Bakugou.

He was going to murder Kaminari. Why would he even do such a thing? How embarrassing. He didn’t need him to do that! He could have invited Bakugou later, when they were alone instead of there, where half of the class was still there, listening to their exchange.

“Sure,” Bakugou spoke, looking directly at Kirishima’s eyes. “What time?”

“Six o’clock!” Kaminari said instead and Bakugou nodded before looking back at his paper to work. “See? I told you, he never says no to you.”

Kirishima nibbled on his lower lip. He was well aware of that much. But that didn’t mean he could simply make a move on him. It was Bakugou who they were talking about, after all. Besides, he would never do anything that could jeopardize their friendship.

“It doesn’t mean anything, though. We’re best friends so it makes sense he’ll agree. Besides, you guys are also friends.”

Kaminari shrugged slightly. “Well, you can consider it a date. You know, he doesn’t have to know that. It’ll be a triple date!” He bumped his fist in the air with a teasing smirk.

“Kaminari, stop, seriously. You’re even more excited than me,” Kirishima said with a soft chuckle, feeling his cheeks heating up. A date. It is not like that between Bakugou and him. “Just stop talking, I’m leaving. I want to nap for a while before heading out. See ya later.”

“See you later, lover boy,” Kaminari sing-sang, earning a glare from Kirishima.

The red haired stuffed all of his things into his backpack, not bothering to organize them as all he wanted was to be in the comfortability of his room. Alone with his thoughts. He needed to sort out some things, get his mind clear and not allow his mind to imagine ridiculous things. Like actually having a date with Bakugou. The two of them having fun together, laughing together, maybe hold hands for a little… and close the night with a kiss… Ah. He shook his head in an attempt to clear his mind. The redhead hung the backpack over one of his shoulders as he left the classroom in the direction to the dorms.

Chapter Text

The sound of the wind was everything present at the moment. Along with the echoes of footsteps hitting against the pavement and soft whispers being hushed by it. Kirishima was walking side by side with Bakugou, his hands stuffed deep into the pockets of his jeans. They were almost at the karaoke place Kaminari picked after scrolling for ten good minutes online, reading for the best reviews. He found a new one in Tokyo, five minutes away from the train station which was the perfect pick.

The redhead could hear the hushed whispers that were being exchanged in front of them. Kaminari was too busy whispering something to Jirou while Ashido was very immersed talking to Sero. Kirishima felt, even with Bakugou there with him, that he was in the middle of their dates. He looked at the blond with the end of his eyes, noticing that he probably felt the same way based on the uncomfortable look in his eyes while watching their friends ahead of them.

Bakugou was wearing a light blue jumper on top of a white, long sleeved shirt. His outfit was very cute and Kirishima had been staring at him earlier when they were waiting for the others. To complement his look, he was wearing a white, thin scarf. His hair was as puffy as always, just like the frown on his face.

He looked adorable and Kirishima’s stomach made a flip. Too precious.

They kept walking in silence, the sound of their own footsteps slowly fading away. The sound of loud music was getting noticeable.  

“You have to sing, Bakugou,” Kirishima said, jabbing at his side with his elbow softly. “You know that, right?”

Bakugou turned his head a little, glaring at him before clicking his tongue. “No. I don’t sing, shit head.” He said flatly. “Besides, I feel like these four wouldn’t let me anyways.”

Kirishima pouted slightly. He wanted to listen to Bakugou’s singing. He have never listened to his best friend singing— he would really love to.

Soon after, they arrived at the Karaoke place. The sounds of surprise the girls made caught Kirishima’s attention. He followed their line of vision and was surprised to see a large pink building. It was huge with a very vividly sign in a lot of pastel colors. Kaminari held opened the door for Jirou, who smiled at him widely. Then, Sero held the door for Ashido who bounced up and down on her feet, the grin on her face turning sheepish as she entered right away. The redhead glanced at Bakugou behind him, he was looking around lazily.

“Man, come on,” He said, holding the door open for the blond casually. The latter looked at him, his eyes a little narrowed but entered anyways.

“Thanks,” Bakugou said softly, his nose a little red. “Fuck. I’m cold.”

Kirishima nodded, he was also cold. It might start snowing sooner than expected that year. Bakugou doesn’t like low temperatures. They are not good for his quirk. So the redhead could understand more easily the annoyed expression on his face while rubbing his hands together.

“Don’t worry. It’s getting warmer now that we’re inside.”

Bakugou groaned with a nod, standing close to Kirishima while hugging himself a bit. Kaminari turned to look at the redhead, reaching out his hand at him. He quickly took his wallet, giving the money for his and Bakugou’s fee. He heard the blond make a soft noise with the back of his throat and then a tug on his arm. He looked at Bakugou.

“I’ll pay for the food and snacks,” Bakugou said, standing straight as he was starting to get warmer.

Kirishima wanted to protest. He brought enough money to take care of everything tonight, but he knew Bakugou would start complaining and even go as far as throwing a fit. So he simply nodded at him with a smile.


The karaoke room they were in was very spacious. The walls were painted in pastel colors and one was decorated with pink polka dots. Ashido was fast to grab one of the tablets that were at the front next to the microphones. The first thing she did was add multiple songs to the queue while Jirou was checking the microphones. Kirishima shook his head, following Bakugou with his eyes. The latter had taken a seat in the furthest table. Was he already trying to keep his distance from them? As if the redhead would allow that.

“Bro, what are you doing?” He questioned. “The fun isn’t back here. Come on, dude.”

Bakugou let out a grumble. He looked over at the two couples, clicking his tongue. He seemed very bothered.

“Why are we even here?” Bakugou asked, looking back at the redhead.

“What do you mean?”

“Well. Those losers are on dates. It’s annoying to be here.”

“You’re worried about that?” Kirishima asked with a chuckle. “It’s okay, dude. We’ll leave them alone and stick together!”

Bakugou blinked slowly, staring at the redhead for a moment. Kirishima scratched his cheek. Why is Bakugou looking at him like that? Did he do something wrong?

“You’re making it sound like we’re also on a date.” Bakugou said, looking lazily at Kirishima.

The color left Kirishima’s face and an extremist loud, nervous laugh passed his lips.

“What? You and me? On a date?” He shook his head, making a dismissive gesture with his hand. “Come on! We’re best bros.”

“Uh huh,” Bakugou shrugged, uninterested.

“Yeah!” Kirishima chuckled, stretching his arms before giving Bakugou’s shoulder a light pat. “We’ll have fun. How about we sing a song together?”

“I don’t know. I’ve heard you sing in the mornings, it isn’t really good.”

“Aw, come on, man. Sing with me!”

Kirishima grinned, looking as Bakugou groaned and buried his face in his hands.

“God. You won’t shut up until I sing a shitty song with you, will you?”

“Nope. You got to sing with me. At least one song before leaving!”

“I’ll think about it.”

That was more than a good sign so Kirishima simply nodded, looking towards Kaminari and Sero who were deciding which one of them will sing first. As much as Kirishima hated to admit it, his heart was still beating loudly in his chest upon hearing Bakugou’s comment. The word date embarrassed him to a whole new level, he swears his cheeks must be red or something like that.

It was a little frustrating.

A week ago, Kirishima knew Bakugou was someone important to him. He knew he would do whatever for the blond no matter what it was. He took it as normal. Caring for a friend wasn’t supposed to be embarrassing or kept a secret. That’s why he was always so open about it. But to think those feelings were so much more than simple friendship wasn’t something he imagined before.

“Hair for brains,” Bakugou called next to him.


“What’s up with you? You’re oddly distracted." 

“Oh. Nothing, just thinking,” The redhead said.

Before Bakugou could say anything back, Kaminari appeared in front of them, holding one of the tablets to pick songs.

“Hey, lover boy,” Kaminari said with a grin while handing Kirishima the tablet. “Pick what you two are going to sing.”

“Lover boy?” Bakugou repeated with a slight frown. “What’s that about?”

Kirishima was going to kill Kaminari that day. What a traitor.

“I don’t know, ask Kirishima here,” he said and patted the redhead’s shoulder. “Hurry up and pick!”

Just like that, Kaminari made his way back to Jirou, throwing his arm around her shoulder and Kirishima glared holes into his back. What did he do to deserve a friend like that? He sighed before turning his attention to Bakugou who was looking at him expectantly.

“What?” He asked, trying to play it cool.

“What’s with the nickname?” Bakugou asked before stretching his arms.

The redhead stayed quiet for a moment. “Um. I don’t know. You know how Kaminari can get sometimes,” He chuckled, nudging the other’s side. “Come on, let’s pick the song.”

Bakugou clicked his tongue, shrugging. “If I’m going to sing with you we better sing something I like.”

“Of course. What would that be?” Kirishima asked, looking at him.

“Anything as long as is not that shitty pop you listen to.”

“I’m a bit offended, man,” Kirishima sighed before scratching his cheek. “How about… this song I’ve been listening to a lot by Bring Me The Horizon?”

“What’s the title?” He asked.

Follow you, it’s dope.”

Bakugou blinked slowly. He looked surprised and Kirishima wondered if he thought his taste in music was utter shit. The redhead hoped his friend didn’t think it was a bad choice of song because he would be sad. Ever since he realized his feelings for Bakugou, that song constantly kept reminding him of Bakugou.

“That song is okay. I like it,” Bakugou nodded. “Didn’t know you heard to them.”

“I like a lot of them,” Kirishima grinned.

“Me too.”

“Then I will add it to the queue!”

Bakugou nodded again, relaxing as he leaned back against the table. The lights were casting shadows on his face and Kirishima smiled.

The night out was going just fine. Kaminari and Sero had been singing a lot of songs, dedicating them to their dates. Meanwhile, Jirou and Ashido were doing the same. Their energy was very strong and Kirishima found himself joining Kaminari and even Ashido in the middle of some Disney songs. Because yes, that’s what they were singing most of the time. At some point, Kaminari added almost, if not all, the Disney songs to the queue. Kirishima didn’t complain, though. He was the first one to fight to take the microphone during Let it go, Under the sea and Remember me. Those were probably his favorites.

Kirishima noticed the way Bakugou would roll his eyes at him but smile to himself right after when he thought no one was looking at him. Except Kirishima was. Every time he had the chance. He felt like a creep at some point by the times he caught himself red-handed stealing constant glances at the blond.

But Kirishima couldn’t help it.

“Kirishima! Why don’t you do a solo before your duet song with Bakugou?” Ashido called when the song she was singing ended. “Sing the next one, come on!”

“What song is it?” He asked, walking over to her anyways.

“This song you said you liked a while ago,” Ashido hummed, passing him the microphone.  “Zero, yes. The one Imagine Dragons sing, Kirishima.”

Ah, that one song he relates to.


“Kill it, lover boy!” Kaminari cheered for him, only gaining a glare from the redhead.

The song started a couple seconds later and there he was, actually trying to sing the song seriously. Up until now, he had simply sung the other songs for fun and the laughs. He concentrated in the lyrics on the screen, following the rhythm of the song and moving a little nervously from side to side. To his surprise, his friend were all looking at him. He could feel their eyes on his back. It made him feel self-conscious. It’s not a weird feeling for him to have, on the contrary. It was way too familiar but he reminded himself he didn’t need to feel that way before.

He was with his friends. The people he knew wouldn’t make fun of him. Or make him feel bad about himself under any circumstance. Bakugou was still looking at him. Those red eyes were fixed on him. Kirishima swallowed once the song came to an end and slowly turned around. He heard Kaminari and Jirou clapping, Ashido was whistling and Sero was waving his arms around. He laughed and shook his head before finally look at Bakugou.

The blond gave him a thumbs up. It lasted a second, but it still happened. Kirishima felt his chest fill with pride and excitement upon being approved by Bakugou. As silly as it may sound.

“Bakugou, my dude, come here. It’s our turn!” Kirishima grinned, gesturing Bakugou to come over to him. “Hurry!”

“Fucking hell,” Bakugou cursed, getting up with a groan. “Let’s get over with this shit. I’m singing first.”

Bakugou grabbed the other microphone and stood next to Kirishima, his eyes fixed on the screen right away. Kirishima smiled and in that moment Bakugou started to sing. And oh. Would it be too much of him to say it’s the prettiest voice he has ever heard before? Because it really was. Kirishima wouldn’t be able to describe it. It was soft and low. Bakugou was probably very capable of reaching high notes too. He was in awe.

Bakugou Katsuki never ceased to amaze him.

And Kirishima Eijirou was more than okay with that.

Once the song was over, Bakugou looked at him with a smug grin. Of course he was aware he had a nice singing voice. That grin screamed confidence and Kirishima loved that part of Bakugou. It made him feel warm and happy because someone like Bakugou could be like that. 

“Wow, Bakugou! I didn’t know you were that good!” Jirou exclaimed from the table, standing up while slamming her hands against the table. “Dude, you should come join my band!”

“That’s true, man. You should totally give it a try,” Sero added.

“Be careful, Jirou! He might steal your position as lead singer,” Kaminari joked.

On the other hand, Bakugou rolled his eyes and gave them his middle finger. “Like I would waste my time in that kind of thing.” He said, making his way back to the table.

“Dude,” Kirishima said, following after him. “That was amazing, man. You are so amazing at everything!”

“What are you saying? God,” Bakugou rolled his eyes and grunted, plopping down on the chair. “You really love making a big deal out of everything.”

“I mean it, though. You are amazing, Bakugou.” Kirishima said with a stern nod.

At that, Bakugou looked down at his lap and cleared his throat. Kirishima tried not to chuckle when he noticed the soft shade of pink coloring the blond’s cheeks. He was so pretty. So good-looking. Manly too.

“Whatever, Kirishima.”

His crush on his best friend was seriously getting out of hand.

“Bakugou, please sing with me!” Jirou suddenly was next to them and gently bumped Bakugou’s shoulder with her fist. “Let’s sing Total Eclipse of the Heart! Come on, King Explosion Murder,” She joked with a teasing smirk.

“Why would I sing with you?” Bakugou scoffed.

“Because I’m asking! Come on, just this once, dude.” Jirou insisted.

“Yeah! Sing with her, Bakugou!” Ashido said.

“Fine. Whatever.”

Kirishima chuckled. Bakugou reluctantly walked back to grab the microphone while Jirou proceeded to pick the song. In the meantime, he could only watch Bakugou with a smile. The way the blond would hold onto the micro tighter than normal, gaze around constantly while clenching his fist just revealed one thing: Bakugou, weirdly enough, was nervous. It’s odd to see that expression on him. But it wasn’t the first time he’s seen Bakugou like that.

The first time was back at Kamino. Of course, it can’t be completely compared. That time back… was the worst thing ever.

It wasn’t the only emotion Bakugou was emitting that night. The fear was so palpable coming from him, from everyone. At some point, while they were still holding hands, he felt the way Bakugou was trembling with fear. He had been so scared. But the blond was so amazing he barely let it show. It was to be expected. After all, it was Bakugou.


The night went by quickly and before they noticed it was already time to go back to the dorms. At the end, Bakugou ended up singing a couple songs with Jirou and even Sero. It wasn’t a surprise for Kirishima, though. He knew Bakugou was comfortable with the others even when he denies it practically all the time. It made Kirishima feel content and like everything was going to be okay.

Once they were back at the dorms, Kirishima and Bakugou bid their goodbyes to the others and went together upstairs. The silence between them was comforting. He can say the karaoke night was a total success.

“So, did you have fun?” Kirishima asked.

“I guess,” Bakugou shrugged and turned his face slightly to gaze at Kirishima. “You?”

“A lot! I had fun singing with you. You’re pretty good, Bakugou.”

“You already said that, idiot,” The blond sighed once they reached their doors. “What you’ll do now?”

“Probably get off these clothes and sleep. I’m so tired,” said the redhead while holding down a yawn with the back of his hand. “Why?”

“Nothin’, just asking,” the blond nodded and kept looking at Kirishima. The latter felt his cheeks heating up. What’s going on? “Mmm. If… I can’t sleep, can I come over?”

That actually took the redhead by surprise.

“Of course you can, man,” Kirishima said with a small smile. “You’re always welcomed in my room, bro.”

Bakugou just hummed in reply and opened the door to his room. “Thanks.”

Kirishima didn’t have the time to say anything back when Bakugou was already locked in his own room. He smiled before going into his room. He closed the door behind his back and kicked off his shoes before stripping from his clothes. He looked at the time and decided to just brush his teeth and get a shower the next morning. He was way too lazy to shower at that moment.

After five minutes, he plopped down on his bed in his pyjamas. It was very cold and he quickly got under his blankets, resting his head against his pillow and closed his eyes. His head was filled with the interrogative and anticipation. Will Bakugou come to his room? Should he be awake for when he comes?

He’s aware Bakugou said he would come if he couldn’t sleep. A part of him wanted Bakugou not to come because it’ll mean he’s asleep…. But the other part wanted to share his bed for the second time with him. To be a little bold and go as far as to cuddle him properly and hold him in his arms. That way he’ll make sure he’s safe and sound.

Kirishima decided to stay up and wait for his friend to show up. And so he did.

He waited and waited and waited and waited.

But Bakugou didn’t come at all that night.


The day passed relatively fast. Kirishima was scolded by Aizawa-sensei when he nearly fell asleep during the class. He managed to sleep two hours after realizing Bakugou wasn’t going to come. It was a little disappointing, but it was completely his fault. After all, no one told him to stay up. He could admit it had been a silly thing to do. Yet he knew he would’ve stayed up late anyway. During those hours all he was doing was thinking of everything and nothing at all.

“Kirishima. Do you have a minute?” The voice of Mineta called next to him. “I want to talk to you.”

The redhead looked at the short one slowly. “Uh. Sure. What is it?”

“Just wanted to say sorry, that’s all,” Mineta said, looking at Kirishima. “I was out of line to you, a classmate. I’m sorry.”

Kirishima looked at the other boy, trying to weigh him with his stare. He really couldn’t tell if the perverted little shit meant it or not. But who was he to judge? That’s exactly one of the things he hated the most in people.

“Thanks for apologizing man, we’re good,” Kirishima grinned, his usual grin. The one he always flashes at people. “Don’t sweat it.” 

“That’s good!” Mineta sighed in relief. “See ya around then.”

The redhead waved him off and leaned back on the chair. Well, things aren’t supposed to go as awkward anymore. Right? Kirishima rubbed his eye, watching as Uraraka made her way in his direction. The brunette was smiling happily at him.

“Hey, Kirishima-kun!” Uraraka spoke. “How are you?”

Kirishima hummed. “I’m great, you?” He asked politely, giving her his attention.

“Very great too. I was wondering if you wanted to eat dinner tonight with Deku-kun, Todoroki, Yaomomo, Tsu, Iida and I!”

“Oh? What’s the occasion? You guys usually hang more together… just all of you,” Kirishima said. It was true. Everyone in their class were good friends, but there were some established squads.

“I’m the one cooking and I wanted to invite you, that’s all,” The brunette giggled. “You can bring Bakugou along if you want to.” She gave him a smug grin. Kirishima’s face went pale.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” He asked.

“Huh? I’m not looking at you like anything.” Uraraka feigned innocence and Kirishima saw through it. “I mean it!”

“Well… I guess and I can always see if Bakugou wants to. But I doubt it, you know he and Midoriya have some issues going on between them.”

“Well, yea. But they’re getting better,” She smiled. “I hope they can be friends again.”

Kirishima nodded, thinking on Bakugou. The way he little by little was improving himself, trying to be better. The blond hasn’t said any of that, but Kirishima could see it. “I just want him to reach the top and get as many victories as he can get.” The redhead said and smiled to himself.

He failed to notice the way Uraraka’s lips curled into a smile. A knowing smile.

“It’s Bakugou, I’m sure he’ll succeed.”

“What are you talking about me, Round-Face?” 

“Bakugou,” Kirishima said, turning his head to look at his friend who appeared out of nowhere.

“Are you talking about me, too?” Bakugou groaned, flicking his forehead.

“Kirishima-kun was telling me how much he wants you to reach the top!” Uraraka giggled, looking from one boy to another. “I don’t know if you knew but…” She moved a little close to Bakugou and whispered. “I think he’s your number one fan.”

To Kirishima’s and Uraraka’s amusement, the explosive boy turned a soft red.

“That’s so fucking sappy,” Bakugou grumbled and turned his face away from them. “I just came to see if you wanted to walk together to the dorms.”

“Me?” Kirishima asked.

No. Round-face,” The blond rolled his eyes. “Of course you, you idiot!”

“Oh! Right,” Kirishima chuckled and scratched his cheek. “I’ll try to see you later tonight at dinner then, Uraraka!”

“Can’t. You and I have plans,” Bakugou said.

“We do?”

“We do.”

Kirishima frowned. He can’t recall having anything to do with Bakugou that night.

“That’s okay, then, guys! Have fun.” Uraraka smile and got up, making her way to Deku and Tsuyu.

The pair of boys started to walk to the dorms.

“So. What are we doing tonight?” Kirishima asked once they were going upstairs.


The redhead groaned. “Dude. That’s the last thing I want to do. Give me a break.”

“That’s why your grades are shit. Stop being a lazy ass and be serious for once.” Bakugou reprimanded with a flat tone. “I’ll tutor you as much as I need to turn you into a nerd.”

Kirishima couldn’t even fake surprise. Bakugou was right. “Until when you’ll keep tutoring me against my will?” He asked.

“Until you get a fucking A.”

“What do I get if I get an A?” Kirishima asked.

“Huh?” Bakugou blinked. “A good grade?”

“Come on. If I get an A you have to do whatever I want for a whole day.”

“Don’t we already do that?” The blond grumbled, eye-siding the redhead.

“Do you agree or not?”

“Okay, fine. Whatever, shitty hair.”

Kirishima grinned. “It’s a deal then.”

Bakugou groaned in reply and pushed the door to his room open. Then, he gestured Kirishima to go inside. He did.

“So… what happened yesterday? Were you able to sleep?” Kirishima asked. 

Bakugou closed the door behind him with a loud thud. He rested his back against it after a second and shook his head. His eyes flickered towards Kirishima for a split second before looking down at his feet.

The redhead bit his lower lip. Bakugou didn’t look okay. He wanted to do something. He had to do something. He took a couple steps towards the blond and gently tapped Bakugou’s chin with his fingers. Bakugou didn’t pull away.


Bakugou nodded slowly before finally gazing up at Kirishima. “A sea of them.”

Kirishima felt his chest tightening at the sight of Bakugou’s expression. He looked so fragile. So vulnerable. He doesn’t think he’ll ever get used to seeing Bakugou like this.

“Tell me about them,” Kirishima said softly, his hand moving up to softly touch Bakugou’s cheek. “I’m always here for you.”

The blond stared at him and Kirishima took a deep breath. He can’t read Bakugou at this moment, his expression has morphed into something else and all he can do is let out a soft breath when Bakugou nods. He didn’t say anything right away; instead, he walked over to his bed and sat down. 

Kirishima watched the other take a deep breath. He looked nervous. Really nervous and he just wants to hug him and hold him.

“It all started the day the Sludge Villain attacked me,” Bakugou began softly. “I was on my way home… with some kids from middle school when it happened. We took a shortcut, you know, to get faster to our neighbourhood. Then, out of nowhere that… disgusting thing appeared,” He swallows, playing with the hem of his shirt. “Before I could react… that thing was all over me… suffocating me… I couldn’t breathe or move. I felt like I was dying, Kirishima. Me. I thought it was the end of me. I thought I was going to die a pathetic death.” Bakugou shook his head. “No matter how hard I fought it, it wasn’t enough. My strength was not enough to win,” Bakugou sighed softly. “After that, I started to have nightmares. Every single night. It was always that villain trying to kill me. In some dreams, he’s succeeded.”

Kirishima’s face went pale. It’s been a long time since that incident and Bakugou still have nightmares of that? His heart ached inside of his chest. He wanted to say something to make the blond feel better but he knew better than anyone else words are not enough.

“That’s not all,” Bakugou said, looking up at Kirishima. “At some point, they stopped. They vanished. I thought it was over for good. But I was so wrong. After… Shigaraki kidnapped me they came back. I dream almost every night of him… of his hand closing around my neck and slowly turning to dust. Sometimes I dream of when I was about to grab your hand,” Bakugou made a pause to look at Kirishima’s eyes. “I never make it. Before I can reach it, I’m falling. And I keep falling and falling. I never make it to the ground. I just,” Bakugou stopped and looked away from the redhead. “Fall into an abyss.”

Kirishima walked over to Bakugou’s bed and sat next to him. The blond was still looking down at his lap, not saying anything else.

“That must’ve been scary. I’m sorry, Bakugou,” Kirishima said.

When Bakugou turned his face to look at him, he couldn’t stop himself. Kirishima wrapped his arms around Bakugou. He pulled the other close to him in a tight hug. The blond stiffened at the sudden contact. It was the first time Kirishima hugs him.

After a second, the redhead feels Bakugou’s arms gripping at the back of his shirt, leaning more into the hug. It felt so nice, hugging Bakugou like that. His hand started to rub circles on the latter‘s back in an attempt to comfort him.

“Why don’t you… sleepover in my room?” He asked after a good while. “Maybe it’ll help you, somehow.”

“I don’t want to bother you.”

“You don’t bother me, silly. I insist.”

Bakugou pulled away from the hug. His red eyes met Kirishima’s and he smiled.

At that moment, Kirishima swore that Bakugou’s smile was all he wanted to see.

Bakugou Katsuki was everything he wanted and more. Much more.

Kirishima Eijirou was in love.



Chapter Text

The task of focusing on the things Bakugou was explaining to him was harder than Kirishima remembered it to be. There was no point of studying if all he could focus was on the way Bakugou’s knee was brushing against his or how their shoulders kept bumping together every now and then.

The things Bakugou told him were also fresh in his mind. He couldn’t help but to think about them. A part of him felt horrible. The blond had played a big part when it comes to Kirishima not feeling as he used to. Even if Bakugou himself didn’t think of it as much, his words and just being there for the redhead was what helped him. The reason why his negative thoughts faded away. Everything bad disappeared and he wanted to help Bakugou the same way Bakugou helped him. The problem was that he didn’t know how to exactly do that.

“I don’t think I’ve ever told you this, Bakugou,” The redhead spoke, interrupting his friend from explaining him the phases of mitosis. “But I’m better thanks to you.”

“The hell are you talking about?”

“I’m trying to say thanks, that’s all,” Kirishima smiled, turning his head a bit. “Thank you for being here by my side and cheer me up when I need it. It means a lot to me. Really. I don’t know what would’ve been of me if you weren’t here.”

Kirishima grinned. A grin that irradiated happiness. Bakugou, on the other hand, flushed. Yes. The blond was once again turning red and Kirishima’s butterflies exploded. He laughed as he threw his arm around Bakugou’s shoulders and pulled him close to him.

“Man, you’re so cute getting all red like that,” The redhead teased, too happy and amused to hold himself back. “Seriously, I didn’t know someone could get this red.” He poke the blond’s cheek.

“I…” Bakugou blinked, bringing a hand up to feel his cheeks. “That’s because your stupid ass has to say the weirdest shit ever!” He groaned and smacked Kirishima’s arm. “Stop fucking talking and focus!” 

But Kirishima couldn’t let it go just yet.

“Why, huh? Are you embarrassed?” He teased. “This is not the first time you get like this, though.”

Bakugou groaned and brushed him off with annoyance. “I’ll fucking kill you, shitty hair. And I am not blushing. Fuck off.”

The redhead rolled his eyes, turning his body a bit to face Bakugou. The latter glared at him. Kirishima stared back, the grin dancing on his lips casually. The same type of casual he uses to grab Bakugou’s chin between his fingers. He felt the other take a sharp breath, his eyes going wide for a second when the redhead brushed his thumb against his jawline. Kirishima watched with fascination how Bakugou’s ear tips turned pink and the way he was unmoving.

That was too much for his heart and Kirishima wanted to kiss Bakugou.

So damn bad.

He stared into Bakugou’s eyes, moving his head closer slowly, so slowly that he wonders if he is even moving at all. The blond stares back and Kirishima thinks he saw a glimpse of expectation in his red eyes. But he must be seeing wrong.

He stopped himself and pulled away with a little laugh. He can’t possibly do that. What if he ruins everything he has with Bakugou? After all, he is his best friend, not a simple friend. The last thing he wants is that.

“You were. But yea… let’s keep studying.”

Bakugou took a second longer than normal to nod and he was quick to resume what he was explaining just a couple minutes ago. Kirishima focused this time, trying not to think of how soft Bakugou’s skin is, how close their faces were nor the way his eyes looked like a burning flame.

A burning flame that also ignited in Kirishima’s heart.


The week of finals was finally over. It was an exhausting week for everyone from Class-1A. Kirishima was not the exception, but he was pretty sure he did well in all of them. He even dares to say he might get an A in the subject Bakugou was tutoring him the most. He worked very hard for it and he was excited. He getting an A means having Bakugou do whatever he wants for a whole day. It was exciting, to say the least.

Christmas break starts the next day and the redhead had no idea what he’ll do. He will probably stay over at the dorms the whole break. It’s not like he minds it, really. There are some perks in staying. There’s always food and the common room has a pretty big TV all to himself. That’s considering he’s the only one there, of course.

Bakugou is definitely going home to spend Christmas and New Year with his parents. He also had mentioned he wants to go hiking to the mountains. It sounded great and Kirishima was happy for him even if he’s going to miss him like crazy. He was so used to being with Bakugou by now so those two weeks are going to be hell.

Not mentioning the fact that he’s going to miss having the blond staying over at his room. He’ll miss the sound of his door opening past 3 AM and the bed dipping next to him once Bakugou sneaked in quietly. Nor the way he covers himself with Kirishima’s blankets and slowly moves closer and closer until they’re touching. Whether is a touch of hands, arms or a leg resting against his. Or waking up to Bakugou hugging him and clinging to him. It’s not every day, though. But it is very frequent. Frequent enough to make Kirishima fall in love more and more with the pass of each day.

The redhead was sitting down on the floor next to Kaminari who was playing PS4 with Sero in the common room. They were playing Mortal Kombat and everyone was there, waiting for their turn to compete against the winner and so and so. What was a surprise, however, was Bakugou sitting on the couch right behind Kirishima. The redhead was leaning back against the couch and the back of his head was resting against Bakugou’s knee. It was a peaceful night and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. The blond especially, who was making fun of Sero who had his ass kicked by Kaminari two times in a row. Kirishima loved it. He loved that Bakugou was there because he wanted to. Not because he spent at least twenty minutes trying to convince him. Little by little, he was opening up. Not only to Kirishima, but to everyone. He was proud.

“Oi, shitty hair,” Bakugou spoke, moving a bit closer.


“What are you doing for Christmas break?” He asked.

“Oh. Nothing, I’m staying here.”

Bakugou hummed in response and said something but Kirishima didn’t catch it.

“What? I didn’t hear you, man,” Kirishima chuckled.

“You can come to my house if you want,” Bakugou said a little louder, just enough for Kirishima to listen. “If not, is no big deal.”

“To your house? For two whole weeks?” Kirishima asked dumbfoundedly, turning around to look at the blond. He nodded. “Really, really?”

Bakugou sighed. “If you don’t want to stay you can just say so—,”

“No! I do want to! I want to go, Bakugou!” Kirishima cut him off, almost yelling at his face. “Thanks for inviting me.”

The blond blinked at Kirishima and a chuckle escaped his lips. Some gasps were heard and it took them both a second to notice all the pair of eyes on them. Apparently, the redhead drew attention to them with his enthusiastic reply a moment ago.

“Did Bakugou just chuckled?” Kaminari asked.

“He totally did. Is he sick?” Jirou inquired cheekily next to Ashido.

“I am not sick!” Bakugou groaned and turned his face to not look at them. “You all are exaggerating.”

“Yea, guys. Leave him alone.”

“Wow, this time is Kirishima defending Bakugou, you two are something else,” Uraraka added from the other end of the couch, a smile on her pink lips. “I think is adorable. Right?”

“Now that you mention it, yes,” Yaomomo said next to her with a smile.

“Adorable my ass,” Bakugou groaned, getting up from the couch. He nudged Kirishima’s shoulder with his foot. “Come on, we have stuff to do.”

Kirishima didn’t know what Bakugou meant by that, again, but he simply got up to follow him. They ignored the whispers behind their backs and made their way to their floor. Just like they would any other day.

“Your parents know I’m coming?” Kirishima asked.

“They do.”

“You asked if I could go home with you?”

“I did.”

Kirishima nodded slowly, his heart stupidly racing. “Why?”

“I just figured my house would be better than this empty building,” said Bakugou in a soft voice, looking at him. “Besides, I know you don’t like being alone, Kirishima.”

“Thanks, bro. I really appreciate it.”

Bakugou nodded before stopping in front of his door. He looked over at the redhead and opened his mouth but nothing came out. He cleared his throat. “Make sure to pack soon, we’re leaving early in the morning,” Bakugou announced, opening the door to his room. “I’m going to bed. Good night.”

“Good night.”

The door closed and Kirishima found himself alone in the hall. His heart was running, again. His stomach was making numerous flips and he couldn’t help but smile. Bakugou was thinking of him and worried about him. God, he liked him so much and the idea of telling Bakugou blossomed in the back of his head. The thought of confessing his feelings was scary yet exciting. He wondered how Bakugou would react if he tells him he is in love with him and kiss him. The mental picture of sharing his first kiss with the blond made his face red. What would it be like to kiss Bakugou Katsuki? He wanted to know.

With a happy hum, he entered his room to start packing.

It was not a surprise to Kirishima the fact that Bakugou’s house was big and pretty. He was holding his bags with both hands, staring at the house with his mouth hanging open. Bakugou clicked his tongue.

“Close your mouth and move it, shitty hair,” Bakugou talked as he made his way to the front door.

“Are your parents home?” Kirishima asked. “I want to meet them already!”

“They’re working. They’ll be back at night,” Bakugou hummed, opening the door. “What’s so exciting about meeting them anyways?”

“Well,” Kirishima said, following after the other. “They’re the people who raised you and brought you into this world…. I’m curious.”

“You’re weird.”

Kirishima laughed, biting nervously his lower lip. This is the house where Bakugou grew up. To him it was a pretty big deal, just like meeting his parents. He wonders what kind of people they are and if they’re any similar to the blond.

“Nah, I just want to make a good first impression. After all, I’ll be here with you for two weeks,” Kirishima mumbled and looked at the other. “Won’t you get bored of being with me every hour of every day?”

He was dying to ask that to his friend because that was one thing that kept him up last night. His brain was creating question after question but that one was the one freaking him out. Big time.

“Idiot. I wouldn’t have invited you if that were the case, don’t you think?”

“I guess.”

Bakugou rolled his eyes and pushed the door open. “Come on in, hair for brains.”

“I’m sorry for intruding,” He said to no one in particular and stepped inside. He took his shoes off and looked around. “Your house is so pretty, man! I like it.”

“The old hag works hard to keep it pretty,” The blond said, gesturing Kirishima to follow him upstairs. “As big as the house might seem we just have two rooms. So we’ll be sharing rooms. I don’t think you mind?” 

“Nah, bro. That’s cool.”

Perfect, even.

Bakugou didn’t say anything in return and Kirishima tilted his head once he noticed pictures hanging on the walls. He stopped walking to take a proper look at them and he gasped, taking a closer look of one picture.

“It’s baby Bakugou!” the redhead exclaimed with energy. “How adorable!”

The blond grumbled. “Stop snooping around.”

“Hell no,” Kirishima grinned, watching happily the pictures. “Man, you haven’t changed one bit. I mean, same wild hair… even the frown is there,” Kirishima laughed before looking at Bakugou who was glaring at him. “But you’re cuter now.”

At that, the blond opened his mouth to say something but ended up closing it. “Whatever. I won’t even argue with you.”

“That’s because you know its true, bro,” Kirishima grinned, looking at the picture one more time before following a sulky Bakugou into a room. “Dude, this room is big.”

“I’ve got my own bathroom here too,” The blond added, throwing his bags onto the bed. The only bed.

“Um. Where am I sleeping?"


“But… there’s just one bed.” Kirishima pointed out.

“And that’s a problem because…?”

“It’s not, it’s not,” The redhead said quickly. “So, you’re saying… we’ll sleep together for two whole weeks.”


“And it doesn’t bother you?”

Kirishima was aware of the bunch of questions he was throwing at Bakugou but he couldn’t help it. He knew he was going to sleep in Bakugou’s room. But he didn’t know they’ll share beds. Not that he minds or that they’ve never slept together before but this felt different. The only reason they were sleeping together was because it comforted his friend somehow. It also comforted him too.

But this was different.

“It doesn’t bother me, Kirishima.” Bakugou said.

And Kirishima had to ask one more question. “Why?”

Bakugou stopped what he was doing to look at Kirishima. There was something in his eyes, the same expression he can’t quite grasp.

“You really don’t know?” He said in return.

Kirishima’s brain stopped working. What is he talking about? The redhead frowned and stared at his friend. He was looking at Kirishima expectantly, waiting for him to say something, anything. But he really had no idea what he was supposed to know. 

“Uh, because I’m your best friend?” he spoke slowly, watching the way Bakugou’s shoulders stiffened for a second. “No...?”

“Uh huh,” Bakugou rolled his eyes. “Just unpack. We have to get dinner ready for later.”

“Bakugou left the room and Kirishima bit on his lower lip, watching the closed door. He’s undoubtedly missing something important. But he doesn’t know what. He tried looking for something that would make sense to what his friend is talking about, something that might be important.

But he came up with absolutely nothing.

Kirishima thought of letting it go, but he knew he can’t do that. But for now, it’ll might be better to unpack.

Bakugou Mitsuki was a very good looking woman, very young looking too. The first impression Kirishima had of her was not what he imagined, though. She had arrived while Bakugou was upstairs showering for dinner. Kirishima was ready first so he stayed in the living room watching an old famous series. Friends, his brain supplied the name minutes after. It was fun and he can easily say Chandler is his favorite. While he was watching the episode of the fiasco that Ross’ wedding with Emily turned out to be, a loud voice behind him startled him.

“Red, stupid hair. You must be Kirishima,” The voice said and Kirishima turned his face to look back. “I’m Mitsuki, nice to finally meet you, Kirishima-kun.”

Stupid hair, she said? The redhead felt his cheeks on fire and paused the episode before standing up to properly greet Bakugou’s mom. He bowed and offered a toothy grin.

“Nice to meet you too, Bakugou-san,” The redhead said politely, biting on his inner cheek nervously. “Bakugou is upstairs showering.”

“No need to be so formal, you can call me mom or Mitsuki.” The woman grinned and smacked Kirishima’s shoulder softly. “You’re the first friend Katsuki brings home, so I’m guessing you’re an important friend.” She offered a smile.

“Is that so?” Kirishima scratched his cheek, looking around. “I feel very flattered, then.”

Bakugou’s mom entered the living room and dropped her bag next to where Kirishima was sitting a minute ago. The blond really takes after his mother. They look so alike the redhead can’t help but to stare at her. “What?” She asked.

“O-oh, nothing, It’s just… you and Bakugou really look alike,” He said with a low chuckle. “It’s impressive.”

Mitsuki offered him a grin. “Katsuki’s my son after all. I hope he doesn’t bother you too much,” She chuckled. “I know Katsuki can be too much sometimes.”

“Not at all. Bakugou could never bother me,” The redhead smiled. “He is a good, caring friend and I know he never means anything bad when he’s behaving a little rude. That’s just the way he is. But I know he’ll get better.”

“It’s that so?” The woman blinked before smiling at him. “Hm, I think my son is in good hands, then. Thanks for taking care of him. I never got to thank you for what you did. Saving him, I mean. I am in debt to you for life, Kirishima-kun.”

“Oh… no, don’t thank me, really,” The redhead said shyly, looking away from Mitsuki’s eyes. “I just had to save him. He’s very important to me,” He said and blushed deeply when Mitsuki raised her brows at him. “I-I mean… he’s my best friend.”

“Of course,” She said slowly with a little giggle. “I know Katsuki feels the same way about you.”

Before Kirishima could ask what she meant, Bakugou was next to them. “The hell are you telling him, old hag?!” He yelled.

“Katsuki! How many times do I have to tell you to not call me that?!” She yelled back, smacking Bakugou’s head with her hand. “Don’t be a brat!”

“Shut up, baba!” He grumbled at his mom before looking at Kirishima. “Don’t listen to her.”

They’re the same, Kirishima thought and couldn’t hold back the laugh that escaped him. Even when he just met his mom, the realization was very endearing.

“What the hell are you laughing at?” Bakugou frowned and crossed his arms.

“Nothing, nothing.”

“Whatever,” Bakugou groaned. “Where’s dad?”

“Oh, he’ll be back home late. I think Kirishima-kun will have to wait until tomorrow to meet him.”

“That’s okay! He’s a busy man, after all,” Kirishima smiled and hummed.

“Well, I’ll go shower. Once I’m back we’ll eat,” Mitsuki excused herself and went upstairs.

“Your mom is really nice, Bakugou,” Kirishima said, looking at the blond.

“She’s okay,” The other said and the redhead simply nodded. “She thanked me… for being there for you… you know, to save you.”

“I knew she would do that… She wanted to meet you since forever.”

Kirishima blinked. “Really?”

“Yea. My old man, too. They’re very grateful and shit,” He “Ah… they’re giving me too much credit,” Kirishima spoke, looking down at his feet. “I mean… I wasn’t the only one there for you… they all helped. Without them, I probably wouldn’t have made it. I didn’t really save you on my own…”

“Kirishima. That wasn’t the only time you saved me,” Bakugou interrupted him. “In I-Island you saved me from that Hulk wannabe,” He said. “Remember?”

He does.

“I guess.”

“Jesus, shitty hair. Why are you suddenly getting all sad and worried? Stop it or I’ll kick your ass. Got it?”

The redhead chuckled. Bakugou was right. He doesn’t have to feel that way. Not at all.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be thinking about things like that “Damn right, hair for brains,” Bakugou agreed, his eyes looking at the TV. “Are you watching Friends?”

“Yes. Should we watch something else?”

“Nah. I like that show,” The blond announced, plopping down on the couch. “Play it.”

Kirishima grinned, sitting next to Bakugou and played the episode. He actually didn’t expect his friend to like the show, but it was okay. After all, surprises like that were the things that made Kirishima like him more and more.

From Kirishima’s perspective, the dinner went by just fine. He spent the whole hour they were at the table talking about a lot of things. Bakugou’s mom asked a lot of questions and Kirishima was more than happy to reply to all of them. The explosive boy, in the other hand, seemed more annoyed than usual. He would, literally, growl at her mother every time she referred to him as her baby boy. It just made Kirishima smile, as expected, Mitsuki was a proud mother and he could easily see her love for Bakugou.  

“So, Kirishima-kun!” Mitsuki spoke while eating the pudding Bakugou and Kirishima cooked. “Do you have any girlfriend? Or someone you like?”

“Don’t ask him weird questions!” Bakugou snarled. “You are so nosy!”

“No, it’s okay,” Kirishima said. He bit his lips, deep in thought. What should he say? He is sure Bakugou will start asking questions. But a part of him didn’t want to lie. “The truth is, I think I do like someone. But I don’t know.”

He gazed at Bakugou. Said boy was looking at him with furrowed brows. “I didn’t know you liked someone, shitty hair.”

“I know.”

“Whoever that person is, they’re very lucky!” Mitsuki said and got up. “Well, you guys can go! I’ll clean up.”

The blond kept staring at Kirishima. The curiosity was evident in his eyes and the redhead felt nervous. He knew Bakugou was going to ask when they’re alone. What is he going to say? Thinking about it now, he should’ve lied moments ago.

“What-fucking-ever,” Bakugou got up. “Let’s go, idiot.”

Kirishima blinked but nodded. “Thanks for having me, once again. Good night,” He bowed at Mitsuki who ruffled his hair. He smiled.

“Good night, guys.”

Bakugou groaned in response and made his way upstairs with Kirishima followed close behind. He was quiet, more than normal, it naturally made him worry. Once they were in the room, the blond locked the door and jumped on his bed. He didn’t say anything but reach for the remote.

“Do you want to watch a movie?” Kirishima asked. Bakugou shook his head. “Do you want to talk?”



“I don’t have anything to say?” Bakugou said, shuffling through the channels. “You?”

Well, Kirishima did have plenty of things to say.

But not now.

“Mmm, I liked your mom. She’s pretty fun,” Kirishima said instead, sitting next to the blond. “I can’t wait to meet your dad.”

“He’s calm, unlike mom… and I, in that matter,” Bakugou grunted and laid back, pressing the sole of his palms against his eyes. “You’re weird.”

“Huh? How come?”

“Well, you’re so happy to be here and meet my mom. You even think she’s fun,” Bakugou shrugged. “Weird.”

“What can I say? I just liked her!” Kirishima smiled, laying down on his side to face Bakugou. “ Plus, I like knowing more about you. Watch me asking her tomorrow stories of you,” Kirishima grinned.

“You’re an idiot, Kirishima,” Bakugou said, turning to look at the other. “You like someone.”

Kirishima took a deep breath. He knew this would happen.

“Yea, I do.”

Bakugou stared at him, inching slightly closer to him.

“That’s why Kaminari called you Lover-boy?” he asked and Kirishima nodded. “You told him first, huh? Traitor.”

Kirishima couldn’t help the chuckle. “How come? Are you jealous he found out first?”

“I am not jealous! Don’t be delusional, hair for brains.”

“Really, now? You’re glaring at me, man,” He laughed. “If you want to know, you’ll have to find out by yourself.”

“Too much effort,” Bakugou added and stared at him. “Not cool.”

Kirishima rolled his eyes and placed his hand on Bakugou’s head, gently ruffling his already messy hair. It was as soft as ever and he loved it. He just wanted to lean in and bury his face in it. Just like he does when Bakugou is deep in sleep. The only moments he is brave enough.

Bakugou leaned in the touch, letting out a soft sigh and closed his eyes. His lashed were resting against his cheeks and Kirishima was enthralled in his beauty. The simplicity of it making his heart flutter. He wishes he were brave enough to confess instead of hide it and let the other believe he likes someone else when in reality the answer is himself.

“Bakugou…” Kirishima said softly, his eyes gazing at the blond’s.


“What are we doing tomorrow?”

“Whatever you want,” he replied. “I am bad at coming up with ideas.”

“Can we go eat ice cream rolls?” He asked, his fingers caressing the blond hair softly. “I heard they’re really good…”

“Fine by me.”

Then, out of the blue, Bakugou moved close to him. His arms snaked around Kirishima’s waist and he buried his face in the redhead’s chest. Kirishima took a deep breath, feeling his butterflies causing a riot inside of his stomach. He felt his heart racing inside of his chest and he’s sure Bakugou can listen to it. But he didn’t care. He was melting right in the spot, his arms slowly reaching to hug his friend against his chest. He allowed his chin to rest on top of Bakugou’s head and the soft essence of vanilla was already clouding his head. The things he could give to gather the courage and kiss him. Kiss the top of his head, his cheeks, his chin, his nose, his lips. Just kiss him, all over, all night long.

The world seemed to stop when he felt the way Bakugou was nuzzling his face against his chest. Does Bakugou want to kill him? It looked like it.

“That feels nice,” Kirishima blurted out.

“It does,” Bakugou mumbled softly, not pulling away. “I like it.”

That was what Kirishima needed. That small comment filled his chest with a warm feeling that made him press a kiss on Bakugou’s head. He felt the way Bakugou froze against him and cursed under his breath. He crossed the line, he’s sure of it. Before he could say anything, Bakugou hugged him tighter. Kirishima relaxed and closed his eyes. One thought in his head.

Was it normal between friends to do this?

“Kirishima,” Bakugou said after a couple minutes and pulled his head back, gazing up at Kirishima. His eyes were sleepy and his cheeks were dusted with pink. He looked so beautiful and the redhead was losing it.

Maybe coming here wasn’t a great idea, after all.


“I…” He made a pause and pulled completely away, scratching his nape. “I, uh… I’m going to go get some snacks. Do you want some?”

“Huh. Sure, thanks, man.”

Bakugou got out of the bed and walked to his closet to get a hoodie and Kirishima was staring at him.

“You’re so handsome, man.”

Kirishima’s eyes widened in surprise upon hearing his own words. Before he could say anything, Bakugou, once again, beat him to it.

“Nah, I can’t compete with you in that department, hair for brains.”

Just like that, he exited his room and Kirishima’s mouth hung open.

What just happened? Did Bakugou really say that? He thinks I am handsome? The next thing he did was bury his face in one of the pillows, screaming into it.

A wild thought crossed his mind and he tried not to pay much attention to it but, what if his crush wasn’t unrequited? What if, just if, a small part of Bakugou likes him back? Was that even possible? Kirishima sighed and tried to drown those thoughts.

It was just the first day at Bakugou’s house and he was already losing it. He whined and stared at the ceiling. Coming up with scenarios was, undoubtedly, not a good idea.

Chapter Text

That morning Kirishima made his way downstairs to the kitchen. It was pretty early for him to be up on a Saturday morning, but he spent awake most of the night and decided he’ll stop trying to chase after slumber. Different thoughts were swirling in his mind, keeping him from sleeping. But really, how could he sleep after what happened with Bakugou? Sure, it wasn’t something major to actually keep him from sleeping but it still did 

The fact that Bakugou was sleeping right next to him in the bed wasn’t helping. At all. He watched the blond sleep almost all night long. At some point, he had to turn his face away when he felt like a total creep.

Once he reached the kitchen a strong smell of food invaded his nostrils. Was it the smell of pancakes and bacon? A man was standing in front of the stove, humming a song that sounded awfully similar to Sailor Moon’s theme song. His eyes darted to the table and saw Mitsuki drinking a cup of coffee while reading the newspaper. As if sensing his presence she looked up at him. A wide grin pulled on her lips, revealing her white teeth.

“Masaru, honey. Kirishima-kun is here,” She called to her husband who was now singing louder to the song.

Said man turned around and Kirishima bowed his head politely.

“Nice to meet you, sir. I’m Kirishima Eijirou, thank you for having me,” He said in a polite tone, offering a timid smile at the man.

“Mitsuki told me about you. Nice meeting you, Kirishima-kun,” Masaru said, giving a nod towards him. “I was surprised when Katsuki asked if you could stay with us. Not really common coming from him,” He said, putting the pancakes he just cooked in a plate.

“Ah, so I heard…” He said with a little chuckle while pulling a chair to sit down. “Bakugou still asleep, we actually stayed up late watching a hero movie.”

“I’ll go wake him up, that brat thinks he can sleep in while everyone is up!” Mitsuki announced and a second after she was already on her way upstairs.

“I always tell her she should let Katsuki sleep when he’s here at home, but she won’t listen,” Bakugou’s dad sighed, shaking his head. “So, I heard you and Katsuki are good friends.”

Kirishima, a little nervous upon being left alone with Masaru, nodded. “Yes, sir. He’s my best friend.”

“You’d put your life on the line for him, that’s very selfless,” Masaru said, preparing more pancakes. “And heroic.”

The redhead felt his cheeks burning in embarrassment at the comment. It wasn’t really like that… back then all he could think was that he needed to save Bakugou, no matter the consequences.

“Well, yes…”

Kirishima wanted to scream. Bakugou’s parents are making a big deal out of the part he played in the rescue mission he and his classmates took part of. There were many things he would love to point out but he decided not to.

“I’m just thankful he counts with a friend like you,” The man said and turned to look at the redhead with a smile. “Pancakes?”

“Yes, please,” Kirishima smiled in return and Masaru quickly gave him a plate with a lot of pancakes. “Thank you, sir!”

“I hope you left pancakes for me, old man.”

Bakugou was down in the kitchen. He still looked like he could use some more sleep, though.

“Good morning, bro!” Kirishima smiled brightly.

Bakugou gazed at him to quickly look away before mumbling. “Morning.” He sat down next to the redhead.

“Oh? You can greet Kirishima-kun in the mornings but tell me to fuck off?!” His mom grumbled behind him. “Such a brat.”

“In my defense, Kirishima isn’t an annoying old hag who disturbs my fucking sleep,” The blond snarled, glaring at his mother. “I mean, you know I have problems with my sleep.” He deadpanned.

“What do you mean?” His mother asked with an evident frown on her face. “You… you still having those nightmares, Katsuki?”

“Mhm, I do,” He said and reached for the syrup for his pancakes. “The typical.”

Kirishima just watched the exchange in silence. A part of him was surprised Bakugou actually told his parents about his nightmares and the other was happy to know that. That meant, after all, he wasn’t that alone. Somehow.

“I thought they stopped, kiddo,” His father said.

“Well, they did. But after the thing with the League of Villains, they came back,” He shrugged and looked at Kirishima. “But they’ve been better lately.”

At that, Kirishima smiled. “I’m glad to know that, man. I was worried.”

“Tch. Of course you were. You always are,” The blond said, looking over at Kirishima before clicking his tongue. “Don’t know what I’m gonna do with you.”

“You two are something else,” Mitsuki smiled to herself after watching the exchange between the two teens. “Katsuki, why don’t you and Kirishima-kun go to the hot springs you always go to?” 

“There’s a hot springs around here?! We have to go, bro!” Kirishima grinned before stuffing his mouth with pancakes and bacon. “I love hot springs.”

“Gross. Swallow before you talk,” Bakugou rolled his eyes. “But fine, whatever. I hope today counts for the bet if you actually win.”

“Bet?” Mitsuki asked.

“None of your business, old hag.”

Mitsuki, calmly, smacked the back of Bakugou’s head. “You’re such a brat! Behave for once!”

“Bakugou, she’s your mom,” Kirishima pointed out. “Don’t be rude, man.”

Bakugou glared at Kirishima and let out an exasperated sigh as he looked away. There was a cute, little pout going on and the redhead smiled at that. He is so cute.  

“S’ whatever,” Bakugou said softly. “Finish eating so we can go, then. The earlier we go out the better. You also said you wanted ice cream rolls. That fucking place is always packed.”

“Fine, fine,” Kirishima said and focused on finishing his food. “You hurry up too.”

Bakugou rolled his eyes but started to eat more quickly. Mitsuki was staring at her son a little surprised. This is her first time seeing Bakugou be so calm around people. She smiled to herself once again, watching attentively between the two boys. The way Kirishima would gaze at her son with obvious admiration and something else didn’t escape her. Nor the way her son, unconsciously, stole a few glances at his friend with the softest expression she has ever seen on him. “Oh, young love,” She muttered to herself and the idea managed to warm her heart.

“What?” Masaru asked next to his wife.

“Oh, nothing, dear.”

After they were done with their breakfast Bakugou had gone upstairs and told Kirishima to wait for him to be ready so then he can go do the same. He didn’t really get why he can't simply go get ready along with his friend, but he simply nodded and helped Masaru with the dishes. In the meantime, the older man was telling him some funny stories about Bakugou. The redhead, of course, was more than willing to listen to every second of it. The idea of getting to know more about the guy he has feelings for was pretty good.

So far, he was enjoying his time fully at Bakugou’s house. His parents were awesome and very friendly, unlike their explosive son. Kirishima found that quite funny and had to point it out at some point. Mitsuki was fast to agree with him, saying she doesn’t understand from where Bakugou got that from.

“One day we went to some cabins in the mountains. Katsuki was seven if I’m not mistaken,” Mitsuki started, wiping the dishes. “And he was very excited about going on a quest to save Japan from a villain. He made up a whole story about that, you know? He said he was Katsuki the King of Dragons,” She said with a warm smile. “Then he would pretend he actually had a big, red dragon. A brave, strong dragon who was as tough as a rock! 

“They were a team, I remember how Katsuki would go around yelling and pretending to be riding his dragon when in reality he just had a long tree branch,” Masaru laughed. “He was so creative and curious.”

“A red, tough dragon,” Kirishima smiled and wiped his hands with a hand-towel.

“Just like you, Kirishima-kun,” Mitsuki spoke. “Your hair is red and you’re pretty tough! It kinda fits you, don’t you think?”

“My dragon was huge compared to shitty hair, though.”

Kirishima quickly looked up to see Bakugou standing with an annoyed expression near the door. His eyes widened a little upon seeing the clothes of the blond. Of all the things he could imagine Bakugou wearing, a black crop-top with a skull in the middle wasn’t one of them. A crop-top, goddammit. He could actually see some skin  The redhead looked further down and holy shit were those black, ripped jeans and combat boots? What the actual…? Bakugou was definitely trying to kill him.

“I can make a better dragon, I’m sure,” he grinned after getting himself composed.

“Katsuki, I thought you said you didn’t like that shirt,” Mitsuki said, looking at her son.

“Changed my mind and you all stop telling him weird stuff!” Bakugou grumbled and crossed his arms. “Go get changed, hair for brains. And make it fast.”

“Gee, how bossy,” Kirishima said with gritted teeth before excusing himself.

In one minute he was already in the bedroom stripping from his pajamas. He looked through the clothes he brought and sighed. All of them were plenty boring compared to Bakugou’s outfit. Why he had to look so hot to go for ice cream and then to the hot springs? He didn’t know but would love to. Kirishima bit his cheek, deciding to simply wear some denim jeans and a red shirt with the initials of Crimson Riot. He put on his red crocs and happily made his way downstairs. He saw Bakugou scrolling on his phone.

"I’m ready to go, man.”

The blond looked up at him and snorted. “You’re wearing… crocs?”

“Yeah. Why?”

Bakugou stared at him for a long minute. “They’re ugly as fuck and you look stupid in them.”

“Sad to tell you I won’t take them off. They’re so comfy, man. I love them.”

“I figured,” He mumbled. “Mom, we’re leaving now!” he called out to his mom.

“We’ll be back later!”

“Be careful, guys. And have fun.”

Kirishima smiled at that. Something told him it was going to be a good day.

The red haired boy was looking around the ice cream shop calmly. He was sitting on a table in the very back of the shop. Bakugou had insisted on buying their ice creams and Kirishima agreed at the end. Besides, he had a perfect view of the blond’s back and he loved it. His eyes were glued to the skin at sight. It looked so pale and smooth and he couldn’t help but to wonder what would it feel like against his fingertips, his lips, the tip of his tongue—and wow. Where did that even come from 

Kirishima sighed and looked away as soon as he saw Bakugou turning around with their ice cream rolls. He picked brownie and strawberry ones with Nutella as topping. He would lie if he said Bakugou didn’t make a face at his choice. Well, yea. He was aware it was a great deal of chocolate and sweetness but he just loved it.

“They took fucking forever,” Bakugou groaned before sitting in front of Kirishima and carefully slipped the cup towards him. “The only reason I’m not that mad it’s because this is actually okay.”

Kirishima snickered softly and nodded. He took a look at his ice cream rolls and hell they looked so good. They had a lot of Nutella covering most of them and God, his mouth was watering at the sight. He licked his lips.

“Look at you, drooling over that,” Bakugou scoffed. “You’re like a little kid.”

“Oh?” Kirishima raised his brows. “What am I allowed to drool over, then?”

Bakugou shot a glare at him, considering him and Kirishima had to raise his chin just a little—to what? He isn’t sure. He just felt he had to. Bakugou shrugged.

“I don’t know. Stuff you like.”

“I like this ice cream, bro.”

“Whatever, then.” He looked away and tch-ed.

Kirishima rolled his eyes and ate some of his ice cream. It was smooth and sweet, just like he loved his ice cream. He looked at the explosive boy a little curiously. Stuff he likes, Bakugou had say. The question that floated in his head was inevitable and he found himself speaking up before he could stop himself.

“Do you like someone?” Kirishima asked and he felt his heart skip a beat when Bakugou looked up at him sharply. Damn.

“Why do you ask?” The blond said in return. Although Kirishima saw a glimpse of panic behind his crimson eyes. I wonder…

“Just asking, dude,” The redhead said. “So? 

Bakugou shrugged. “I do.”

He locked his gaze with the other and just aimed to nod slowly. He was trying to ignore that sting of pain in his chest. Bakugou liked someone. Immediately, he wished he hadn’t ask. At all.

“Oh,” He mumbled and stuffed his mouth with ice cream. “Who?”

Shit. No. He doesn’t want to know. 

“If you want to know,” Bakugou began, a malicious smirk pulling at his lips. “You’ll have to find out yourself.”

Kirishima squinted. “You’re using my words against me. Clever and sneaky.”

Bakugou let out a genuine laugh and oh. Yep, Bakugou’s smile and laugh managed to somehow multiply the butterflies inside of his stomach. Not only multiply them, but make them flutter and who knows what more. He parted his lips to say something he shouldn’t say. The words I like you and I’m love with you were at the tip of his tongue, aching to be said out loud in the presence of the person who makes those feelings possible, real and suffocating.

Because yes, the feelings he developed for his friend were so damn strong and they were there, trapped and sitting on his chest. The weight of them was too much for him to handle for much longer and he’s sure he’ll explode and he’s going to be vulnerable and in the open. Exposed to Bakugou, to do whatever the hell he wanted with his heart.

It scared Kirishima. Feelings are really scary and there’s no denying that. Nevertheless, his heart wasn’t wavering. Not even a little. The flame that Bakugou ignited in his heart was getting bigger, brighter and stronger. Too strong and he’ll explode. Just like a supernova. When that happens, it’ll be too late to take back and pretend it didn’t happen. That’s what scared him the most. If he were to lose Bakugou… he doesn’t think he can endure it.

“Well, that’s what you get for not being honest with me, shitty hair,” Bakugou shrugged and ate the rest of his ice cream. “That’s how life fucking works.”

“Fair enough.” He rolled his eyes and proceeded to eat his ice cream too.

Kirishima gazed up and was surprised to see a pair of familiar faces.

“Oi, Bakugou, is that Midoriya and Uraraka?”

“Hah?” The blond turned his head around with a frown and grumbled. “The fuck are they doing here?”

Kirishima’s gaze met Uraraka’s and the girl was fast to blush. She was holding hands with Midoriya and Kirishima couldn’t help but smirk at her. Uraraka tugged at Midoriya’s hand and whispered something to him. Seconds after Midoriya was looking over at their table. Kirishima waved his hand a little.

“Oh. They’re coming this way,” Kirishima whispered to Bakugou who was groaning. “Don’t be rude, okay? We’re leaving soon anyways.”

Before Bakugou could say anything, Uraraka and Midoriya were there. The latter was holding two cones of ice cream and gave an awkward smile 

“What a surprise, guy!” Uraraka beamed brightly. “What are you two doing here?” She asked curiously, looking at Bakugou. “Could it be… a date?”

“Ochaco…” Midoriya said and nudged her.

Oh? First name basis? Interesting. But wait a second? Did she just… say date?

“None of your fucking business, Round-Face,” Bakugou snarled while looking down at his empty ice cream cup. Kirishima blinked, not missing the soft blush coloring Bakugou’s face.

“Really? A date?!” She gasped.

“A- A friends date!” Kirishima jumped in and felt his cheeks on fire. “That’s all.”

“But, you came all the way from your hometown to here just for ice cream?” Midoriya asked with a puzzled face. “It’s a week until Christmas, too.”

“Oh. I’m staying at Bakugou’s for Winter break,” He informed, eating the last of his ice cream. “That’s why.”

“That’s so cool!” The brunette spoke and grinned. “After eating ice cream Izuku and I will go ice-skating. Why don’t you two come along with us?”

Kirishima looked at Bakugou. The blond was gritting his teeth.

“No way in fucking hell,” He grumbled and stood up and finally looked, more like glared, properly at Midoriya, “Let’s go, Kirishima.”

“Oh, yes,” Kirishima got up and smiled at the other pair. “Have a nice day, you guys! 

“Oh, Kirishima-kun,” She called. The redhead looked at her. “Good luck.” She winked and he flushed.

“T-thanks,” He muttered and followed after Bakugou who was already reaching the door. “Man, wait up!”

“It had to be fucking Deku,” The blond grumbled and looked at Kirishima before sighing. “Oh, well. Did you like the ice cream? You looked pretty happy eating it, after all.”

Kirishima smiled. “Yes, it was really good, man. Thanks for bringing me here.”

Bakugou shrugged and stuffed his hands deep into his pockets. Kirishima took a quick glance around and noticed how quiet the streets are in Bakugou’s neighborhood.

“The hot spring is around here.”

Right, hot springs. With Bakugou. He’ll get to see him… with no clothes? Oh, boy. He shook his head. So what? He has seen Bakugou naked before in the showers back to the dorms. But it was way before he even thought of him as something else than a friend. Now things were entirely different and God. Is his heart capable of handling it? It better be. 

Kirishima raised his brows as he looked around the place. Impressive. It was really spacious and even had some private rooms. There were only a few people in there and most of them were old. Bakugou had tossed a towel in his direction before guiding him towards the showers. They were okay and looked really clean which only served to ease the redhead. He hated unsanitary places.

The showers room was deserted and he sighed in relief. A peaceful shower before getting into the springs was all he wanted at the moment. He looked over at Bakugou who made his way to one of the showers. Kirishima followed behind and stopped for a second. Was it okay for him to pick the one next to the blond? He decided it was okay since picking a further one would be weird.

The sound of water caught his attention and he looked over to see Bakugou turning on the water. His eyes traveled south when he caught the movement of Bakugou’s hands starting to tug at his tight jeans. He stared. Unconsciously. His eyes followed the jeans down to Bakugou’s ankles where they stopped. He gazed all the way up, eyeing the thighs of his friend and hell, they were really thick. He swallowed before tearing his gaze away when the blond began tugging down his boxers. Kirishima blushed.

He wanted to smack his face against the wall. Instead, he stood in the shower next to Bakugou properly and began to undress. The silence between them wasn’t uncomfortable, but it still managed to make him feel nervous. He cleared his throat once he opened the water key and stepped under the water. It was warm and felt really nice against his skin. He sighed happily 

“Man. This is so good,” said Kirishima as he turned his head to peek at Bakugou. “Isn’t it? 

The blond looked back at Kirishima and hummed. “It is. It feels really nice.”

The redhead hummed in response. He closed his eyes while blindly scrubbing his body. He tried to keep away the thought at the back of his head reminding him that Bakugou was in all his glory right next to him. At an arm reach. He felt his legs wobbling just a little. It’ll be okay, dammit 

“I’m done. You coming?” Bakugou asked after a few minutes and Kirishima’s eyes snapped open.

“Yes, yes, I am,” he blurted, turning off the water key and wrapped the towel around his hips.


Bakugou took off in direction to the springs. He was holding well the towel wrapped around his hips. Kirishima got distracted watching his broad shoulders and then his waist which was unbelievable thin. He was sure he could wrap his hands around it and his fingers would almost touch. So pretty, he thought helplessly and when Bakugou stood at the feet of the springs and took off the towel he felt all the air leave his lungs. He was certain his brain had packed himself in a briefcase and left the building because his head didn’t seem to function. Just. Wow. Wow, a million times more. He was so slim and the muscles of his back and arms when he flexed his arms for a second was heavenly and Kirishima just wanted to run his hands all over him and just get lost in the feeling. Exploring Bakugou’s body until he can picture it with his eyes closed.

A second after the blond was already in the water, his back facing Kirishima and he was glad for that because he’s sure his face must be red as hell. Now, he couldn’t unsee what he just witnessed. Bakugou’s butt looked so… he rubbed his face with his free hand and took a sharp breath. He needs to get his shit together or else the blond will be suspicious. In a beat, he threw his towel next to Bakugou’s and quickly got into the water.

It was ridiculously good. He stayed a good feet’s away from the other. He didn’t dare to get closer. There was a high risk for his brain to stop working all over again and he couldn’t allow that. Not when the break has basically just started.

“This is therapeutic, I swear,” Bakugou mumbled and finally turned around to face him. His cheeks were red. “I used to come here a lot whenever I felt anxious.”

“By yourself?”

“Most of the time, yes. Sometimes my old man would tag along,” He said while running a hand through his wet locks.

“Must’ve been fun.”

“Pft. He wouldn’t shut up, you know? He can be so talkative sometimes,” Bakugou scoffed and crossed his arms. Kirishima tried not to look at his arms. “It’s weird. He’s mostly quiet.”

“You’re his son, after all, dude,” Kirishima pointed out. “It’s normal.”

“I guess,” He shrugged and stared at the other.


“You seem a little tense. Didn’t sleep well?”


“Nah, I’m fine.” 

Bakugou studied him for a minute. He squinted a little. “I know you, shitty hair. Your shoulders look stiff. I can give you a massage or whatever. If you want.”

Oh? Did Bakugou really volunteer to massage his shoulders? His mouth dried as he gave a quick nod. “Okay.”

“Turn around,” Bakugou muttered. “It’ll be easier that way.”

“Alright, man.”

Kirishima turned around and nervously chew at his lower lip. A couple of seconds passed before he felt a pair of hands gently landing on his bare shoulders. And oh did the touch burnt. He let out a shaky breath and closed his eyes as soon as Bakugou’s hands started to move around his shoulders and back. The touches felt good and Kirishima knew right away that his friend knew exactly what he was doing. A wave of relaxation embraced him.

“Ah, that feels good,” He said in a little voice. A smile was tugging on his lips. “Man. You’re good at everything.”

Bakugou scoffed. “Hell yes, I am.”

Kirishima smiled, giving into the feeling. Bakugou’s touch was sending waves of heat now all through his body. It was so soft and gentle.

The blond kept on massaging Kirishima’s shoulders for another ten minutes before he pulled his hands away. “You’re all good now, hair for brains.

He turned around instantly and God it was a mistake. That was a huge mistake because Bakugou was basically inches away from his face. However, neither of them moved.

The gaze of the redhead landed on Bakugou’s lips for a few seconds before looking up to his eyes again. The other was looking at him quietly, his eyes searching for something in Kirishima’s eyes. He’s so gorgeous, the redhead thought and he would die soon if they stay that close any longer. It was too much for him and his butterflies. The little shits are going crazy and ugh. He’s going to lose it.

However, before he could even manage to tell his brain to move away, Bakugou’s hand tapped his chin and proceeded to brush Kirishima’s bangs off his forehead. He looked at Bakugou’s lips again and the thought of leaning in to kiss him was getting out of hand. He wanted it. Badly.

“They were covering your eyes,” He said quietly. “It’s better now.”

“I see, Thanks, man."

“S’ nothing,” Bakugou muttered, pulling his hand away with a little smile. “You looked silly.”

“Uh huh, I bet,” Kirishima smiled back and he stared at the blond.

Bakugou’s hair was messy. A mess of wet, ashy locks. He fought the urge to bring his hand up and run his fingers through it. If Bakugou asked what he was doing he can always say he was simply trying to tame his hair. It shouldn’t be weird and he’s sure the blond wouldn’t get mad. Or push him away. Or reject the touch. Now that he thinks about it, Bakugou never rejects any of his touches or his proximity. Just like right now. They’re as close as they can be and Bakugou hadn’t tried to pull away. He wondered why. If it were another person he’s sure the blond would’ve blasted them off by now. But there he was, invading Bakugou Katsuki personal space and getting away with it. He eyed the other’s features, taking in the shape of his nose and the few freckles on his cheeks.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Bakugou asked and a malicious smirk tugged on his lips. “Do I have something on my face or?”

Kirishima reached out his hand and gently brushed his fingers against Bakugou’s cheeks. He felt the other boy take a deep breath as he looked back at him. His eyes looked like balls of fire, too intense that he thought he might get incinerated.

“You have freckles,” Kirishima pointed out, his fingers still pressing against them.

“Nice observation, idiot,” Bakugou said in the softest voice ever. His cheeks were really red and Kirishima guessed it was because of the water. It was getting hotter too. “Fuck. I think we should get out.” 

“Do you?”

“I- I mean…” Bakugou stuttered and furrowed his brows. Thoughtfully.“Yeah. We don’t want to pass out, shitty hair.” He pulled away.

What just happened? Did Bakugou stutter? That was a first.

“Right,” said the redhead as he followed behind the other.

This time he didn’t look pointedly at Bakugou. He busied himself looking around and quickly grabbed his towel. He wrapped it low on his hips and looked up to see Bakugou doing the same.

“Wanna go home now?” Bakugou asked.

“Yes, we should watch some movies.”

“And eat popcorn, too.”

Kirishima chuckled. “Sounds like a plan, bro.”

Bakugou groaned in response and Kirishima didn’t say anything.

A week already passed and Kirishima couldn’t complain even a bit. He was having the most fun he ever had in a winter break and it was all thanks to the Bakugou’s. The blond wasn’t the only one taking him here and there but also Mitsuki and Masaru. In fact, he even went with Bakugou’s dad to do some groceries after Bakugou refused. He didn’t look really happy when Kirishima left with his father, though. The redhead thought it would be awkward but it turned out just fine.

Masaru was a very calm man and Kirishima felt really comfortable around him. He was nothing like his explosive son which still made Kirishima feel a little amused. He would tell jokes and even embarrassing stories of Bakugou when he was a kid. Those were his favorites stories, to be honest. Just listening to his parents talk about Bakugou was perfect. He learned a lot of things for sure.

His favorite story probably is the one Mitsuki told him the night before. The four of them were dinning and the chit-chat was obviously part of the night. It all started when Bakugou mentioned he really wanted an All Might figurine that was very rare. Mitsuki’s lips curled into a smile and Bakugou was quick to yell at her.

“Shut up, old hag!”

“Kirishima-kun, do you want to listen to something funny?” The woman started and Bakugou slumped down on the chair while grumbling.

“Of course I do!”

“When Katsuki was five, a villain attack occurred while we were at the shopping mall,” She started, looking at her son with the corner of her eyes. “Katsuki was wearing his All Might onesie because he was probably his biggest fanboy. The thing is, the villain took a few hostages and Katsuki was so mad and said he would blow up his stupid, meanie ass!” She chuckled while recalling the memory. “A few people began to record him since we weren’t near the store the villain had attacked and well, Katsuki started to shout all of All Might’s attacks and kick and throw punches all over the place!”

“Mom! Oh my God, don’t you know when to fucking shut up?” Bakugou snarled.

“Then,” Mitsuki continued and ignored Bakugou. “He said with the cutest, determinate voice ever ‘Don’t worry! Why? Because I am here!’ and everyone went crazy. He was so cute, you can’t even imagine!”

Oh, Kirishima could imagine. Very much.

“I wish I could’ve seen that!”

“We have the video,” Masaru said.

“Oh, God! Can I see it? Please!” Kirishima said too quickly.

“Fuck off, shitty hair. You aren’t seeing shit! Mind your shit!”

In the end, Kirishima watched the video. It was the cutest thing ever and his chest had tightened because seeing a small Bakugou dressed up in an All Might onesie looking as fierce as he does up to this day was probably the purest thing. Bakugou wasn’t happy when Kirishima watched the video. He was furious and he made it clear by slamming the door of his room shut. But when Kirishima went upstairs an hour later and told him that was the most adorable thing ever he had turned red and told him to fuck off. But there wasn’t any heat behind his words.

So when Kirishima got into bed and softly nudged his shoulder he turned around. There was a frown on his face and the redhead had chuckled while pulling him into a hug. A hug that was quickly returned followed by a face pressed to his chest. Kirishima smiled, pressing his face into Bakugou’s hair and wished him a good night. Minutes later, they both were fast asleep.

Kirishima wasn’t used to listen to Christmas Carols, less if they were American, but there he was trying to sing along to some with Mitsuki and Masaru. It was Christmas Eve and he didn’t know Bakugou’s parents took a liking to celebrate it just like Americans do. Apparently, before having Bakugou, they spent Winter Break at New York where they fell in love with carols and hence every year they did that in the commodity of their home. Bakugou was sitting on the couch with his legs propped against the table. He was wearing a Christmas Sweater that Mitsuki knitted. It was a bright red with a Christmas tree in the middle of it. It read ‘Katsuki’ on it and Kirishima really liked it.

The redhead was wearing the exact same as Bakugou, the only difference was that his had “Eijirou” knitted with a bright red color. He was a little embarrassed and touched about receiving a present made especially for him. But he really loved it. When him and Bakugou’s parents finished singing O Christmas Tree he plopped right next to Bakugou and poked at his cheeks. The blond grunted and tried to bite at his finger.

“Wow, easy there, man,” Kirishima chuckled.

The clock was signaling 11:00 PM. It was almost Christmas and the fact of spending it with Bakugou and his parents made him feel all soft and happy.

“You really get along with them, huh?” Bakugou said instead, following his parents with his gaze. They were bringing out some home-made cookies that Bakugou and Kirishima baked a few hours ago. “It’s nice.”

“Mhm, they’re so cool and easy to talk to,” Kirishima shrugged before leaning into the blond’s side. “You’re also easy to talk to.”


“You know, whenever I have something to say I can easily talk to you about it,” said Kirishima with a hum. “You’re like the place I always go to when I feel uneasy or bad about myself because I know you’ll be there no matter what.”


“Really,” Kirishima nodded. “I mean… ever since we started to spend more time together and get close like this I think differently about myself. My self-esteem little by little got better too. I still have a long way to go, though. But I am where I am right now thanks to you,” He gave an embarrassed chuckle. “Ah… sorry, I suddenly started to talk too much.”

When Kirishima looked up at the other his gaze quickly met with Bakugou’s. The blond was looking at him with an intensity that took his breath away. A second passed and the other gently grabbed Kirishima’s hand into his. What’s going on? He swallowed.

“No, you didn’t. Kirishima, I…”

“Katsuki! Get your ass here and help me finish this flan! I think I messed up the recipe again.”

“Fucking hell,” Bakugou sighed and let go of his hand. “I’ll be right back.”

“Ah, yes, yes,” Kirishima smiled weakly at him and watched Bakugou walk towards the kitchen.

He looked down at his hand and felt a rush of adrenaline through his bloodstream. He buried his face on the couch and tried to calm himself down. Bakugou grabbed his hand. He held it into his and looked at him in a way he couldn’t describe. That new too. Bakugou Katsuki really was full of surprises and each one of them leaves Kirishima craving for more.

Five minutes before the clock signaled 12 o’clock Bakugou and Mitsuki were back from the kitchen. It took them so long and Kirishima spent all that time talking with Masaru about whatever topic popped up at the moment. It was okay, but Kirishima wished Bakugou were also there instead of the kitchen.

“Well, the flans should be ready for tomorrow! We’ll have them as dessert for breakfast!” Mitsuki announced and clapped her hands together. “I’m sorry for keeping Katsuki all to myself, Kirishima-kun.”

“O-oh, it’s fine, really,” The redhead chuckled.

Bakugou was staring at him. At that moment, the clock announced 12 o’clock. It was Christmas.

“Merry Christmas, kids!” Mitsuki grinned widely.

“Thanks. Merry Christmas!” Kirishima said with a happy tone.

“Yea. Merry Christmas,” Bakugou mumbled and yawned. “I’m going to bed. It’s past my bedtime and I need some fucking sleep,” He walked over to the stairs and stopped. “C’mon, Kirishima.”

Mitsuki clicked her tongue but didn’t argue with her son. “Fine, but tomorrow we’ll spend quality family time together. Now you two, go sleep”

“Thanks once again! I’ll see you tomorrow morning. Good night,” Kirishima smiled at them before joining Bakugou who was already on his way upstairs. “You took long in the kitchen.”

“Yea. My mom made a mess and I had to redo the recipe.”

They entered the bedroom and Kirishima heard Bakugou locking the door. He turned around and saw Bakugou with his back rested against the door. The latter was looking at him.

“You know… I never really got to thank you, shitty hair.”


“Well, ever since I told you about my nightmares I felt a lot better. They were still there, but it was better to handle, anyways,” Bakugou said. “Then, when we started to sleep together they practically stopped. I don’t even know how the fuck that’s even possible. But I’m sure it all has to do with you. Thank you.”

Kirishima’s mouth dried and he walked closer to the blond.

“You don’t have to thank me, okay?” He asked and his hands cupped Bakugou’s cheeks softly. “I will be here for you, always. No matter what happens,” He said, gently brushing the other’s cheeks with his thumbs. “Because you’re so important to me… and I never want to see you hurting or having a rough time because it makes me feel sad and hurt too.”

Bakugou placed his hands over Kirishima’s and chuckled softly. “Am I?”


“Important to you, shitty hair.”

“You so are. Fuck, Bakugou,” He said, feeling his heart hammering in his chest. He liked him so damn much and he just needed him to know. “You’re the most important person in my life and God, I… I like you, okay?” He breathed out, holding Bakugou’s gaze. “I am in love with you.”

Bakugou parted his lips and his eyes widened for a second. Kirishima’s hands started to tremble a little. Fuck, I messed it up. His heart went wild in his chest and he couldn’t decipher the look in Bakugou’s eyes. He messed up, he really did…

“I… Fuck, shit. I’m sorry. I ruined this, didn’t I? I shouldn’t have say anything. Fuck,” Kirishima cursed and started to panic. He tried to pull his hands away from Bakugou’s cheeks but the other didn’t let him. “Bakugou…

“I like you, too.”



His eyes focused again on Bakugou and there was a blush on his face. He was as red as a person could possibly get.

“I like you, too, idiot.”

Well, fuck his butterflies. They were exploding and fluttering too much. He pressed his lips into a thin line and tried not to smile too fast.


“Yes. I don’t lie.”

“Oh, fuck,” He said and closed his eyes for a second. His brain trying to keep up. Bakugou likes him. He likes him back. Oh, God. “I like you so much, dude. You don’t even know how happy I am right now. You’re so amazing, strong and manly, too. Not to mention how cute you can be and how gorgeous you are. Seriously, I think about you all day long.”

“Fucking hell. Did I break you or something? Shut up,” Bakugou groaned, pulling his hands away to bury his face on them. “Please. Stop babbling.”

Kirishima laughed and moved Bakugou’s hands away from his face. He stared at the other for a long second before he gathered the courage to lean in. He leaned in and pressed his lips against Bakugou’s own. He felt how Bakugou stiffened for a second but quickly relaxed and pressed his lips back. An electricity took over his whole body and oh, gods he was kissing Bakugou Katsuki and it felt like heaven and shit, Bakugou wrapped his arms around his neck and pulled him even closer. Kirishima slipped his arms around the other’s waist and moved closer. After a couple seconds, Bakugou pulled away from the kiss. It was soft. A simple touch of lips. But it sent him on cloud nine and he wasn’t sure if he wanted to come down to Earth.

“Do you want to be my boyfriend, Bakugou?”

Bakugou laughed against his mouth. Laughed. Bakugou Katsuki just laughed and wow, Kirishima’s brain is probably dead by now.

“Yeah. I want to,” He said and pressed a peck against Kirishima’s mouth. “You’re my boyfriend now. And I’m going to be the best fucking boyfriend to ever exist, shitty hair.”

This was Kirishima’s turn to laugh. He nodded and hugged Bakugou close to him. This time, he pressed multiple kisses on the top of his head and bite down another laugh when he heard the way his boyfriend huffed before hugging him even more.

Yes. It was the best Christmas ever.

Chapter Text

The remaining week of Winter Break passed in a flash and it was time to go back to the dorms. Kirishima also spent New Year at Bakugou’s house and found himself feeling a part of it. Mitsuki and Masaru made sure he was feeling comfortable all of the time. The day of Christmas Mitsuki had called him Eijirou and it felt so natural that he just smiled widely at her. That small action just made him feel like he belonged and would it be too much to say he is going to miss Bakugou’s parents a great deal? Because he will.

He will also miss Bakugou’s bed. It was so comfortable and perfect for both of them. Talking about Bakugou, the blond had been so attentive and cute the last week. It was doing things to Kirishima’s heart. Not to mention how he would hold his hand under the table when they were having dinner. Nor the way he would lay across his lap on the living room all day long while his parents were at work. Kirishima was trying really hard to control himself but he always gave in and ended kissing Bakugou while chilling on the couch with some old hero movie playing in the background.

They had been kissing. A lot. Whenever they had the chance they kissed. But the kisses hadn’t been anything else but a gentle brush of lips. Kirishima didn’t want to move too fast and apparently, Bakugou also didn’t. There was plenty of time for them to explore and learn. Together.

The situation still felt so surreal for Kirishima. Bakugou was his boyfriend. They were dating and everything felt so perfect that a part of him wondered if he was dreaming. He placed his bags in front of the door and sighed while looking around. It was time to go and say goodbye.

“Well, we’ll miss you, kids,” Masaru said and smiled at them. “Stay safe, listen to your teachers and do everything at hand to stay out of trouble.”

“We will try, sir!” Kirishima smiled back and bowed his head. “I’m really grateful to you and Mitsuki-san… I had so much fun with all of you here and I felt at home.”

“You’re so adorable, Eijirou,” Mitsuki beamed at him and opened her arms. “Come on, give me a goodbye hug.”

“He won’t, leave him alone,” Bakugou growled.

“C’mon, man. How can I say no to a hug from your mom?” Kirishima said and gave Mitsuki a bear hug. “I’ll come to visit next time we have time. Right, Bakugou?”

“I’ll think about it,” Bakugou said and crossed his arms over his chest. “Let’s go. We’ll miss our train, Kirishima.”

Kirishima pulled away from the hug and smiled. “You’re right. Well, goodbye!”

The redhead walked over to the door and grabbed his bags, looking up at the exact time Mitsuki embraced Bakugou in a hug. The blond huffed but hugged his mother back. Seconds after, Masaru joined in the hug and Kirishima smiled happily at the scene. After all, the Bakugou’s were a really close family and he was so happy to know his boyfriend grew up with a loving family.

After a few seconds, the blond pulled away and clicked his tongue. “You all are so sappy,” He turned to look at Eijirou. “Let’s go. For real this time.”

Kirishima and Bakugou’s parents laughed at that. He agreed so he, once again, said his farewells and finally left the house along with Bakugou.

If they held their hands all the way to the train station and sat next to each other with no physical space between them, no one had to know.

As soon as they arrived at the dorms they made their way up to their floor. They were quiet. But inside, Kirishima’s thoughts were running wild. He and Bakugou were dating. They were over their best friend phase and into totally new territory for both of them. None of them had dated before. They haven’t been in love before either. It was all so new that somehow it managed to scare him a little. He also wondered: What couples usually do?

So many questions would swirl into his mind that it was actually a little overwhelming. At first, he didn’t really mind. He figured that he would learn more with the past of the time. But it's been a week already since they’re dating and he’s not sure anymore. He, too, wants to be the best boyfriend and partner for Bakugou. He wishes to be everything the blond needed and much more. Although he knew Bakugou was efficient enough to manage by himself. But it didn’t matter to Kirishima. He wanted to offer him all the comfort and help and support he might come to need in the future. 

Just like he was doing now.

When they reached their doors, Bakugou stopped to look at Kirishima. He reached out his hand and grabbed the redhead by his collar and yanked him close to him. Kirishima gasped at the sudden movement and felt his heart explode when Bakugou pressed a quick, short kiss against his lips. The latter pulled away and hummed.

“Go unpack and when you’re done come to my room, okay?” He asked, his red eyes focused on Kirishima. “Don’t take forever, though.” He mumbled before proceeding to unlock his room.

“Alright, alright,” Kirishima smiled and poked at the blond’s cheek. “I like how your hair looks right now, but I have the urge to smooth it with my fingers.”

“You can do that if you hurry the fuck up.” He snarled before pouting a little and oh, it did things to Kirishima’s heart.

When he and Bakugou started to date he didn’t expect his boyfriend to act the way he was acting when it was just the two of them alone. It wasn’t common on Bakugou, at all. But he loved it. He loved the way he would easily blush at whatever compliments he comes up with, the way he would huff whenever Kirishima teased him too much, or how he would pout and pretend to sulk when the redhead didn’t give him whatever he wanted. Whether it was a peck to his cheek or a bit of his food.

Bakugou Katsuki was after all a Pandora box.

And Kirishima never imagined, not even in his wildest dreams, that the blond was capable of being the epitome of cuteness and soft and adorable. Because damn, he never saw any implications that he was like that. It was so pure and endearing and he would be lying if he said he was okay with everyone else seeing that side of him. He wanted it all to himself. Even if it sounds selfish. That was the reality. He wanted all of Bakugou to himself.

“I’ll be there in five minutes!” He announced with a grin, a huge smile dancing on his lips. “You hurry up too.”

Before Bakugou had the time to say anything, Kirishima got into his room. He dropped the bags onto the bed and began to quickly unpack to organize all his clothes and things he brought with him from Bakugou’s house. Mitsuki insisted on giving Kirishima a copy of a picture of Bakugou wearing one of his many All Might’s onesies. He was deeply thankful to her but he wondered why she insisted as much as she did. Good thing Bakugou doesn’t know he has that.

He was nearly done when the door to his room opened.

“Bro! I missed you!” Kaminari yelled. “Come give me a hug!” He whined and was quickly jumping on Kirishima. The redhead caught him at the last second and almost tripped. “Did you miss me?!”

Kirishima laughed. “Of course, man. But, can you get off? You’re heavy.”

“Oh, man. You really have no tact lately,” Kaminari said in a dramatic voice and let go of Kirishima. “How was your stay at Bakugou’s house? I know you’ve must been excited about meeting your parents-in-law and spending so much alone time with your crush but man you were heartless, ignoring all of my messages.” He clutched his heart. “Not cool. I mean, since I live far I barely met with Jirou. We went out just twice and for a few hours. I wanted to see her on Christmas day but it was an impossible task, sadly.”

“I’m sorry, dude. I was… busy.”

“Busy?” He raised his brows. “Elaborate.”

Kirishima nibbled on his lower lip and changed his weight from one foot to another. He hadn’t told anyone yet about him and Bakugou.

“Well… something might have happened between us,” He started slowly, feeling his cheeks getting hot. “You know…”

“No, I don’t. You’ll have to tell me with actual words, Kirishima.”

“On Christmas, I told him I was in love with him.”

The reaction Kaminari delivered was priceless. His eyes went wide and his mouth was hanging open. He blinked a few times before composing himself. “You did what? Oh my God. What did he say? He rejected you, didn’t he?”

Kirishima felt offended.

“Nope. He… he said he liked me back and we kissed.”

“Dude, dude, dude. Oh, man. You kissed The Bakugou Katsuki?” He almost yelled and Kirishima had to cover his mouth. “This is huge! Oh, wow, I need time to process, hold on,” Kaminari said and rubbed his chin. “So, does it means you guys are dating?”

“We are, yes,” Kirishima affirmed and couldn’t help but to blush.

“Congrats, bro,” Kaminari flashed at him an honest smile. “I mean… I also have to congratulate you for being able to deal so well with him. We know he can be a little—,”

“A little what, Dunce-Face?”

Kaminari squeaked and turned quickly around to see the big scowl on Bakugou’s face. 

“Oh, Bakugou! My favorite explosive boy!” Kaminari chuckled through his teeth. “Congratulations on being together, man. Took you both long enough.”

The blond stared at the electric one before looking away from him. “Whatever.”

Kirishima gave an apologetic smile in return. Soon after, Kaminari was typing something on his phone as he proceeded to lay down on Kirishima’s bed. The frown in Bakugou’s face deepened and raised his brows at Kaminari.

“Why do you still here? Get the fuck outta here, Dunce-Face,” Bakugou sighed.

“This is Kirishima’s room, he’s the only one who can kick me out.” He reasoned.

“Tell him to go,” Bakugou groaned while looking at his boyfriend and had the audacity to pout just for a short second. “Okay?”

Kirishima’s brain stopped working for the millionth time that week. “Kaminari, I think you should—,”

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” The voice of Ashido cut through the air as she stormed inside of the room. Her eyes fell on Bakugou and then on Kirishima. “You two are dating?! Really?”

The color red settled on Kirishima’s cheek as he also noted Jirou and Sero getting into his room. Three pair of curious eyes were going between him and Bakugou.

“We are dating, you nosy fucks,” Bakugou crossed his arms. “Happy?”

“Finally!!!” Ashido grinned and quickly went to pat Bakugou’s shoulder. He just growled at her. “How did it happen? I want all the juicy details! Can’t believe you idiots are a thing!”

“Yea, guys. You all looked so ridiculous with that oblivious, mutual pining,” Jirou said with a teasing smile. “I can’t believe neither of you suspected of each other. Kirishima is so fucking obvious and Bakugou too.”

“The fuck. I wasn’t obvious.”

“Man… I always caught you staring at Kirishima whenever he was too busy being an idiot to notice,” She said. “Like, the way you look at him speaks louder than words, anyway."

“Fuck off.” Bakugou snarled.

Kirishima scratched his chin and a smile tugged on his lips.

“Is that true, Bakugou?” He asked with a smile.

The blond looked at him and shrugged. “S’ none of your business,” He said. “Idiot.”

The laugh that escaped Kirishima’s mouth was loud and filled with happiness.

“You’re adorable, dude. Kinda want to kiss you right now.”

“Hah?!” Bakugou’s eyes widened and he turned his face away. “Shut up.”

“I actually don’t want to see that,” Sero said and scrunched his nose.

“Why not? I do,” Ashido grinned at the boy before turning her attention to Kirishima. “Kiss your man!”

“Kiss, kiss, kiss!” Jirou, Kaminari, and Ashido sang. “Kiss him in the mouth and make him go loco.”

 "You all are so embarrassing,” Sero palmed his face.

“What the hell! No,” Kirishima flushed. “Just go. Bakugou and I have stuff to do.”

“Stuff…” The pink girl said. “Interesting.”

“I swear to God, Pinky. Imma kill ya!”

The girl burst into a fit of laughter while dragging her feet to the door. Kaminari sighed and got up to do the same.

“Don’t forget about us now that you two are together, though!” He said from the door.

“I would never,” Kirishima said.

“Maybe not you, but I would.” The blond scoffed.

“Meanie,” Kaminari rolled his eyes and waved his hand. “Don’t be naughty!”

“Just go already! All of you!”

Bakugou slammed the door in their noses before they had the time to utter another word. He turned around to look at the redhead and a smile instantly appeared on his lips. He made his way towards Kirishima and soon enough his arms were hanging around the redhead’s neck.

“Finally some alone time,” Bakugou said.

“I know,” Kirishima smiled. His arms found their way around his boyfriend’s waist and hugged him close to him. “Well, it went okay, didn’t it?”

“Yeah. Those idiots looked happy for us,” Bakugou shrugged and rested his forehead against the other. “They’re okay.”

“See? I knew you liked them, babe.”

Bakugou looked at the redhead slowly. “What did you just call me?”


Of all the reactions he imagined the blond could have, getting flustered wasn’t one of them. He thought Bakugou would yell at him saying it was a shitty, overrated pet name. But instead, he was blushing. Who would’ve thought Bakugou would be like that? He smiled.

“You can think of something else, Kirishima. It’s kind of mainstream,” He hummed softly and pressed a kiss on Kirishima’s mouth. “Can’t you?”

“The question is, do I want to? I kinda like calling you babe,” He grinned and kissed Bakugou back. “And baby, too. You’re my baby.”

“I’m going to blow off your face! You’re so damn embarrassing…” Bakugou sighed before pulling away and making his way to Kirishima’s bed. “I could come up with a better one.”

“Really, now?” Kirishima asked with a cheeky grin. “Enlighten me, then.”

The blond rubbed his chin while sitting back on his knees. There was a contemplative look on his face as his eyes scanned Kirishima from head to toe. “Mmm. How about Eijirou?” He asked slowly and started to play with the hem of his shirt.

Kirishima felt his heart skip a beat because why his name has to sound so beautiful coming from Bakugou’s lips? Seriously, why? He took a couple of steps forward towards the bed and looked down at the blond. He looked nervous and he was openly refusing to look at the redhead. It made his chest feel warm. He loved it. The way Bakugou gets around him was something he wanted to have forever.

“I would love that,” He said.

“Eijirou.” Bakugou pronounced. “Eijirou.”

“Yes, Katsuki?”

And oh boy.

Oh boy.

The way the blond’s face lightened up was probably one of the most beautiful things ever. The way some pink was dusting his cheeks and ears was remarkable and the redhead liked it.

And he couldn’t lie. Calling his boyfriend by his given name was probably the best thing ever, too.

“You…” Katsuki groaned and leaned forward, wrapping his arms around Eijirou’s waist. “I like it more than babe.”

Eijirou threw his head back while letting out a loud laugh. He hugged Katsuki’s head against him before pressing a kiss against his puffy, blond locks.

“I’ll be calling you that from now on, then.”

“Good,” Katsuki smiled. “Eijirou,” he whispered before laughing softly. He stopped abruptly and looked up at the redhead with the most serious expression Eijirou has seen on him for a while. "Fuck. I’m gross. Dammit, I can’t help it.”

“Shut up, I love it,” Eijirou smiled. “Seeing you be so open and carefree around me like this really makes me happy and worth of everything,” He said, pulling away to cup Katsuki’s face. “I’m happy that you let your guards down around me… that you show me who is the real Bakugou Katsuki. And believe me, I’ve loved everything so far and I’ll keep loving it for years to come.”

There was a little pout on Katsuki’s lips as he stared up at Eijirou. “You’re so fucking awesome, Ei.”


He just called him Ei. It’s been forever since someone called him that.

“Hearing it from you makes me feel like I actually am,” He smiled softly. “You’re so perfect for me.”

Hell, he knows he is being so sappy but he can’t help it. He just… loves Katsuki so much it’s insane.

 "S-shut up.”

“Never,” He grinned and pulled away to sit next to Katsuki on the bed. “You’re the only person I want for the rest of my life,” Eijirou said. “And yes, I know we’re just kids who may not know much about life but I’m so damn sure about you, Katsuki.”

The blond looked at him in the eye with a soft smile on his lips. He reached out his hand and pinched Eijirou’s nose slightly.

“I should’ve known you were the cheesy and too honest type,” He mumbles and let go of the redhead’s nose. “I’m not complaining, I’m just a little…” Katsuki stopped for a moment and adverted his gaze. “New with… things like this.”

“Katsuki. I’m new with this too… you don’t have to—.”

“I don’t mean being in a relationship, Eijirou,” He interrupted him. “But with love, caring and being selfless. Like you,” He said, looking at Eijirou. “Right now I’m following my instincts and my feelings. I just want to…” Katsuki groaned and looked away once again. He placed his hands on his lap. “Be around you all day long, do gross things like hold hands every second and kiss too. But you know me, right? You know I’m moody, I get angry too easily. I’m rude with people even when I don’t really mean to. I’m competitive,” he made a pause. “Even when I hate to admit it I’m also full of myself. There’ll be days when I’m a complete pain in the ass, I know you can handle my fits perfectly, but there might come a day when you’ll get tired of it.”

Katsuki sighed and licked his lips, rubbing the palm of his hands against the bedsheets now absentmindedly. The redhead listened to his boyfriend with attention, frowning at the words leaving his mouth. Where is he trying to get to with all of that? He thought he’ll get tired of him? Nonsense.

“Tired of me being the way I am,” He continued to speak. “You’ll also get tired and bored with me and my stupid nightmares that come and go as they please. Ei… I don’t know what would happen if we were to…”


The blond stopped when he heard Eijirou’s voice. He looked up and the look on his face made Eijirou sigh. Why was he making that face? He looked so dejected all of a sudden. Worried. Scared, too.

“You’re not making any sense right now. I could never get tired of you.”

“You wouldn’t?” He asked in a little voice.

Eijirou opened his arms and smiled at his boyfriend. The latter made his way into Eijirou’s arms and hugged him. He rubbed his back and closed his eyes. This was so unlike Katsuki. He looked so insecure and vulnerable. It managed to pain him a little. He didn’t want him to feel like that.

He just wants to make Katsuki happy.

“Never in a million years. You’ve got nothing to worry about, silly,” Eijirou smiled and pulled Katsuki in a hug.

“I’m not worried,” Katsuki scoffed but hugged the redhead back. “I’m just… I don’t even know.”

“I shouldn’t be saying this but you’re so cute, Katsuki,” He smiled. “I never thought you worried about things like this. You know… you’re so confident and bold. You always get what you want without a single beat of doubt.”

“That’s damn right. I have you, right?” The blond asked and Eijirou could feel the smile on his lips.

“Hell, yes, you do,” He grinned and sighed happily. “You’ll stay here tonight?”

“I don’t know. Kinda want to try sleeping alone tonight.”

“Well, if you change your mind, my door will be open.”

Katsuki hummed and nodded while pulling away. “Okay. I’ve got to go. It’s past my bedtime,” He said and got up from the bed. “Don’t miss me too much, shitty hair.”

“I can say the same to you. If you miss me, knock twice on the wall and I’ll go to you!” Eijirou grinned.

“Hm. I will consider it,” Katsuki grinned cheekily and made his way to the door.

Eijirou chuckled at his boyfriend.

“You’re forgetting something.”

“Huh?” The blond turned around with an inquisitive look. “What?”

“My goodnight kiss, obviously.”

“If you want a kiss so bad why don’t you come and get it?” The other asked.

Eijirou didn’t need any other encouragement before he was already on his feet and making his way to Katsuki. The latter chewed on his lower lip while the redhead cupped his cheeks. Eijirou watched the way his boyfriend licked his lips and closed his eyes expectantly. With a chuckle, he kissed Katsuki. It was the usual firm, touch of lips. They would occasionally let the kiss linger longer than a regular peck. But Eijirou wanted more than a simple brush of lips.

It wasn’t enough anymore.

With a nervousness sitting on his chest Eijirou tilted his head to one side. Slowly and tentatively he brushed Katsuki’s lips with his tongue and oh, Katsuki jumped right on the spot. His body stiffened at the contact and his arms automatically circled Eijirou’s neck tighter. Taking it as a good sign, the redhead traced Katsuki’s lower lip with his tongue and in a second that felt too long to be sixty mere seconds the blond parted his lips. The redhead was nervous and it only made him wrap his arms tightly around Katsuki’s waist and sloppily pushed his tongue past his boyfriend’s lips. He explored Katsuki’s mouth and God it was so warm and hot and it was doing things to him. A second after, Katsuki pulled away, breathless.

“Idiot…” Katsuki panted and looked at Eijirou’s lips. “You fucking suck at kissing, you know?”

The redhead flushed in embarrassment.

“It wasn’t that bad for a first kiss with tongue,” He defended himself with a small pout.

“I have drool all over my mouth!” Katsuki snarled with no heat. On the contrary, he sounded as embarrassed as Eijirou looked. “You dog.” He smirked.

“We’ll try again tomorrow, then!”

“Hah?! Who said I want you to kiss me like that again, hair for brains?”

Eijirou rolled his eyes. “Don’t lie to my face. I know you want to.”

“Ugh, whatever. See you tomorrow morning. Remember we’re preparing breakfast together tomorrow. Don’t be late or I’ll blow your face.”

“Roger that,” said the redhead and pecked Katsuki’s lips. “Goodnight, Katsuki.”

“Goodnight, Eijirou,” Katsuki smiled.

Eijirou watched the way his boyfriend left his room and he sighed happily. Everything was so perfect and he was so lucky to have Katsuki. He got out of his clothes and turned off the lights to sleep. Tomorrow will be the day everyone officially will know about them. He couldn’t wait anymore.

By the time Eijirou reached the kitchen, Katsuki was already there. Said boy was taking out the ingredients they were going to use for their breakfast. It’ll be like a date. A breakfast date hosted by themselves for themselves. He was very excited about cooking with the blond. Katsuki was such a good cook and he had the feeling he’ll probably have him doing small tasks or nothing at all at the end. It wouldn’t surprise him but it’ll probably hurt his feelings a little. Or maybe not at all. It took Eijirou a moment to realize Katsuki wasn’t the only one in the kitchen. Uraraka and Kaminari were also there.

The brunette was preparing an omelet for what he could see and Kaminari was getting himself some cereal with milk. That explained why Katsuki looked really annoyed to be so early in the morning.

“Good morning, guys,” Eijirou greeted the other two while making his way to the blond. He threw one of his arms around his waist and pecked his cheek. “And good morning to you too, love.”

“Gross,” Said Kaminari while stuffing his mouth with cereal. “Too early for this.”

“Oh my God?!” Uraraka gasped and looked at them with wide eyes. Her mouth was forming a perfect ‘O’ while she blinked her eyes. “You guys are official?”

“Yep,” Katsuki groaned without looking at her. “Got a problem?”

“Not at all! Congrats!” She beamed happily. “Kirishima-kun, you must be over the clouds right now!”

“You have no idea,” He laughed before looking at her with interest. “Hey, Uraraka, I didn’t get to ask last time we saw each other but, since when you and Midoriya are dating?”

The brunette let out a little laugh, scratching her nape. Her cheeks got red and Eijirou tried his best to hide his knowing smile. “Well, it was a week before Christmas Break, actually,” she hummed. “When we met by casualty at the ice cream shop was our first official date as a couple.”

“Well, congrats! I wish you two the best!” Eijirou said.

“Me too! That’s so cool! A lot of people in our class is dating, huh?” Kaminari said thoughtfully. “Jirou and I, Sero and Ashido, Kirishima and Bakugou too. Now you and Midoriya!”

“And not to gossip much but…” Uraraka started with a little giggle. “I think Yaomomo have a thing with Todoroki-kun. I’ve seen them hanging out after classes a couple of times since last month.”

“Oh, yes. I heard that too from Mineta. He was sad Momo was into Todoroki,” said Kaminari. “I think some people from other classes are dating too.”

“Oh! Yes, I know a couple of people dating!” Eijirou chirped in with a grin. “Tetsu and Kendo are dating, too. Also Amajiki senpai with Mirio senpai.”

“Well, the last couple has been fucking obvious since the first time I laid my eyes on ‘em,” Katsuki groaned before sighing. “Now, enough with the gossip. Ei, come help me with the waffles if you want to eat!”

“Ei?” Uraraka repeated. “Oh my God, you guys already use short for your names? How cute!”

“Shut the fuck up, Round Face!”

“Now, Katsuki. Relax,” the redhead chuckled and fetched the things he needed to prepare the waffles.”

“You two are actually pretty open about it, huh?” The other boy asked.

“Of fucking course. I don’t need to hide it,” Katsuki groaned before looking at his boyfriend. “He’s mine from now on. Everyone should fucking know." 

“Territorial, I see,” Kaminari laughed. “That’s a good thing.”

“Aw, babe. That was hella adorable.”

Katsuki groaned in annoyance before shoving a bowl and a mixer in Eijirou’s hands. Said boy took the message and turned around to finally start cooking the breakfast. Five minutes later Uraraka and Kaminari had left to go upstairs and it was just the two of them. Not for much longer, though. It was 8 AM and almost everyone in their class were early birds.

After a long while, they were done preparing their breakfast. It looked and smelled so good Eijirou would literally eat all of it. But he wouldn’t risk getting his head ripped off by his perfect, cranky boyfriend. Instead, he took a seat and waited for Katsuki to serve the food. He locked his gaze in the blond. Following every little movement with his eyes. He was so pretty and organized even while cooking.

He felt his heart make a flip in his chest when Katsuki patted his cheek softly before grinning at him.

“Eat up, shitty hair.”

“You won’t stop calling me that, right?”

“Never.” Katsuki grinned and ruffled his hair. “Although I like it better when it’s not in spikes.”

Eijirou smiled and nodded. “Well, maybe I’ll try to wear it more like this. But I can’t make any promises. I like my spiky hair.”

“Of course you do.”

“What’s going on? You two look cozy,” The voice of Todoroki inquired while looking at both of them suspiciously. “Did I miss something?”

“The fuck you care, Icyhot?!”

“Babe, come on. Don’t be rude so early in the morning.”

“Babe?” Todoroki repeated slowly.

“What?!” Hagakure gasped next to them, startling the three of them. “You guys are dating?!”

“What the hell? Since when have you been there?” Katsuki snarled, looking at where the invisible girl is supposed to be. “Creep.”

Eijirou rubbed his forehead and shook his head.

“You two are dating?!” The voice of Tsuyu followed. “Since when?!”

Almost all of the class 1-A decided that exact moment to walk in the kitchen. Eijirou felt his cheeks on fire upon realizing that all of the others were looking at them. He cleared his throat and looked at Katsuki expectantly. However, his boyfriend looked like he had just seen a ghost. He was pale and Eijirou did his best not to laugh. Katsuki was probably nervous at all the attention. Highly uncharacteristic from him but the redhead couldn’t care less. After noticing that Katsuki was paralyzed in his seat he cleared his throat.

“Uh… yes. Katsuki and I are dating,” Eijirou chuckled nervously, his eyes gazing around the faces of his classmates. “Right, Katsuki?” He nudged his boyfriend who stopped functioning.

“Wha-?” He cleared his throat a second later and glared at everyone. “Yeah. Got a problem with that?” He questioned with a snarl and Eijirou realized he was back to himself.

“Gross,” Mineta spoke.

“The fuck did you just say? You little shit imma blow you to the fucking moon!” Katsuki got up from his seat. There were small explosions coming out of his hands as he stomped towards Mineta. “Say that again to my fucking face!”

“Bakugou-kun, you can’t do that to your classmate!” Iida quickly stepped in. “And you, Mineta-kun. Don’t say things like that. That’s a lack of manners!”

“I-I-I’m sorry, B- Bakugou,” The perverted little shit apologized while hiding behind Tokoyami.

Eijirou was watching with a pleasant grin all the scene. If it were another person, he would’ve stopped Katsuki. But it was Mineta and he seriously didn’t like him. So if Katsuki wanted to blow him to the moon, he would totally cover it up for him one way or another.

“Congratulations, guys!” Momo smiled and clapped her hands together. “I always knew there was a spark between you two.”

“It was pretty obvious,” Tsuyu added.

“Thank you, guys,” Eijirou smiled sheepishly.

“Yes, yes. Now get the way out of our faces. We’re trying to eat.”

“Oh! Sure. Enjoy your meal!”

Eijirou smiled and watched as the rest of their classmates went to get their food.

“You know there’ll be more questions later, right?” Eijirou asked.

He knew their classmates very well. It was more than obvious they weren’t to let things go that simply. They will want to know every little detail of how they got together. Eijirou doesn’t have a problem telling them, but he knew Katsuki was reserved and probably would rather die than let them know.

“I fucking know. They are so nosy,” Katsuki clicked his tongue while eating. “Too bad we aren’t telling them.”

“Yes. It’s a secret between us,” Eijirou teased. “One of the many.”

“Yes and I like it that way, Ei,” Katsuki hummed.

Eijirou smiled and nodded.

He liked it that way too.