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Various characters Imagines

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Words: 742
Warnings: implied smut, making deals with the devil (xD)


It was not what you had imagined to be a fun night out. You had assumed this to be date, for God’s sake and now, the very guy who had “asked you out” was rubbing his genitals against a blonde witch with huge tits.

Maybe you should just give up on men. Actually, you should date women instead. Perhaps that way you would finally end up in a proper relationship.

The LUX was pulsating, the bass vibrating through your chest as dozens of party guests danced until they would black out and swallowed one drink after another and when you looked around, the men enjoying themselves becoming all but irrelevant. None of them bothered glancing at you, none of them tried treating you and buying you a cocktail.

Much more importantly, however, you were mad at your almost-boyfriend for dumping you for a real life plastic doll.

“Now, now, what’s the long face?” Was he talking to you? Turning slowly, you spotted a black-haired man with dark eyes. He was tall, his smug grin giving away how confident and arrogant he was. Still, quite frankly, he was handsome.

“My date dumped me,” you choked out, waving at the barman to fill up your glass. He didn’t even notice you. Oh God, was this your fate? Men ignoring you? Well, you had aroused this guy’s attention, at least. Curious, you glanced at him again. Yes, definitely a man you would sleep with.

“Oh, I’m sorry, darling, that is very tragic indeed.” The stranger mused.

“Yeah, thanks.” Perhaps he was gay. He certainly acted like it now that you thought about it. It might be the reason he hadn’t tried hitting on you yet.

“Perhaps I could help you! Who is the young gentleman we are talking about? See, my friend Maze over here is very good at telling lies and making people pay for their bad deeds.”

Well, why not? You didn’t exactly want this man to beat him up but some revenge would still be nice.

“Who are you?” Tilting your head, you looked at him, wondering why on Earth he would want to help you. Maybe you were lucky and this was his way to flirt with you.

“Oh, yes, sorry. Lucifer Morningstar, at your service.” He smiled, offering you his hand. Your eyes widened slightly when you took it.

“Lucifer Morningstar?”

“You recognise me!” He grinned happily.

“Yes… You mean you are the owner of the LUX?”

“I am the devil! And yes, this lovely club is mine.”

It was then your blood ran cold. The devil? Of course. But then again…

“You are not actually joking.”

“Excuse me, why would I be joking?” He exclaimed, raising his voice a bit. You suppressed a giggle. He was arrogant without a doubt but… in a somewhat adorable way. You were starting to like this guy. What if he really was the devil? You did believe in God and you had heard rumours about this man. And if he was method acting, he was just a moron anyway.

“Alright, look, I really appreciate it but I don’t make deals with the devil. Have you never read Faust?”

“I have, actually. Nonsense, that one, let me tell you that.”

You sighed. He was being persistent, that guy and the problem was that it actually intrigued you. Damn it, you were attracted to him. And he knew exactly that you were.

Grinning, Lucifer moved closer, his fingers gently grazing your arm on the bar.

“Let’s just assume I accept your offer,” you began, nodding at the barman who finally re-filled your glass. A pleasant shiver ran up and down your spine when he touched your skin. “What’s in there for you?”

Please tell me you want to have sex, please tell me you want to have sex. Why you were even thinking that, you had absolutely no idea. But Lucifer seemed to be reading your mind. From that moment on, your mood changed drastically.

Maze, Lucifer’s friend acted like she knew the guy who had dumped you and asked him about his boyfriend, which made you choke on your drink and the girl to kick him in the shin. Ten minutes later, you found yourself in one of the private backrooms, Lucifer—the devil—behind you and fucking your brains out.

Now this was you imagined to be a fun night out. Making a deal with the devil didn’t actually seem so bad now.