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BTS discuss - Shaved vs Unshaved women

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All of the boys except for RM and JK are congregated in Jin and Suga’s dorm. It is late and they are watching a raunchy episode of Game of Thrones on Jin’s laptop. One of the leading women is nude on screen and the room goes quiet.

V: (breaks silence) I bet she shaves.

Jimin: (cuts in eagerly) The other day I saw an episode where one of the women was completely shaved down there.

Suga: (sarcastically) Completely shaved?

Jimin: Completely shaved!

Jin: (smirks) Who are you talking about now, Jimin? You or the girl?

Jimin: (hits Jin lightly on the arm) I don’t..!

Suga: (seriously) Do you like that Jimin?

J-hope: (mimicking Suga, still laughing slightly) Yeah, do you like it ?

Jimin: It looks prettier.

V: Prettier?

Jimin: (honestly) Yeah. It just looks nicer… it feels nicer too.

J-hope: (agreeing) Oh, yeah.

Jin: (to Jimin) Have you ever been with a girl like that?

Jimin: (coyly) No, of course not.

There is an uproar of noise as Jimin’s mock innocence is dismissed.

Jimin: (turning to V) Have you?

V: (coolly) I didn’t notice.

J-hope cracks up laughing at V, who in turn smiles devilishly back in his box smile. The others join in, though there is some protest at his cockiness. RM enters.

Jimin: (getting back onto the point) But it’s really common for white girls to shave. I’ve never seen Korean girl like that.

Suga: (skeptically) When did you fuck a white girl?

Jimin: (laughing nervously) I was just saying that Korean girls don’t, and I’ve heard white girls do.

Jin: (sighs in disbelief, shaking Jimin’s arm) Ah, that’s too sly. Saying that you only heard that rumour.

J-hope: Yeah yeah, he probably saw it somewhere.

V: In porn?

RM: It’s more normal to shave in America than Korea.

V: (smiles naughtily) Suga, is that true?

Suga smiles, raising his eyebrows and nods in acknowledgement. J-hope and Jimin laugh loudly.

Jin: (seriously) What difference does it make? A flower is a flower.

Suga: (mocking Jin) Every hole’s a goal.

Jungkook enters, looking in surprise at the gathering. He had been looking for something, and immediately forgot what it was once he saw the group, who are raucous.

V: Ask our golden maknae what he thinks about it.

JK: (looks confusedly at V, a cautious smile on his lips) What?

Jimin: (still laughing) Do you think a shaved pussy is better than a natural one?

The laughter dies down. The whole group is curious what JK will respond and stare at him with anticipation. JK looks severely taken aback with a nervous half-smile playing across his face. He seems uncomfortable but tries to save face.

JK: (uncertainly) Shaved? I guess. I don’t know-

Jimin: (grinning) Well, what was IU’s like?

They all erupt in laughter, even RM who had his face in his palms. JK protests but they are all making too much noise for them to take notice.

Suga: (lazily) Leave him alone.

Jin: She seems like a natural sort of girl.

J-hope: I agree! She gives that impression, right?

JK : (irritably) Why don’t you ask her yourself, Jimin?

JK exits.