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Pick My Petals Off

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Donatella stood above Diavolo, looking him over in fake disappointment. She took the heel  of her shoe and dug it into his ribs, lightly putting pressure on them until she heard a quiet whine from him. He was on the wood floor of her bedroom, his arms taped together around one of the legs of her bed. His legs were also taped open by the knees and thighs, exposing himself to her unwillingly. He was achingly hard and shaking at the sight of her.

She removed her foot from his side and crouched down by his face, stroking his cheek gently with one hand. His eyes were unfocused and hazy, tearing up slightly. “You’re so cute, Solido. Shame you get turned on so easily.” She said, slapping him briskly on the face. He groaned and drooled around his gag, eyes closing. “Can’t you last longer than an hour?” She asked, mockingly. “Maybe if you can get me off first, you can follow closely behind, hm?” She removed his gag.

“Yes, Ma’am. Pl- please allow me to get you off.” He murmured weakly. At this point he may be so desperate that he would just agree to whatever she said.

Donatella slipped out of her panties, putting them aside and getting atop his chest- far too high to touch him or give him any stimulation, but not close enough for his mouth to reach. He craned his neck pointlessly, unable to reach her. She reached beneath her skirt and spread herself in front of him. She rubbed her labia lazily, watching how his eyes followed. She placed a fingertip against her clit, minding her nails. “Maybe you don’t even deserve to get off. Maybe I’ll just come on your face and leave you here, hm?” She asked, still spreading herself near his face.

“No, please, no Ma’am.” He replied shakily craning his head and mouth towards her crotch.

She slapped him hard, this time on the other side. “Do you think you get a choice in what I do?” she asked, grabbing his hair and pulling it roughly. She let go, moving closer and sitting abruptly on his face. He whined, sticking his tongue out and swiping it against her labia until he couldn’t breathe. He snapped and she lifted herself just long enough for him to get a breath before climbing back onto him. He put his tongue in her and she groaned, rocking against his mouth. She pulled away briefly only to put her swollen clit against his lips. He wrapped his lips around it, sucking gently. Removing his lips, he spread his tongue over her clit, flicking it and moving it around her.

The muscles in her legs began to tighten and she shook hard, leaning her hand behind her onto his chest for stability. He moaned weakly, eyes closed and face flushed beneath him. His mouth was downright hot at this point and she felt her clit beginning to twitch with every movement of his tongue against it. She felt her stomach tighten and tighten and she came onto his mouth with a wail, gripping his hair hard. She rested back onto his chest as they both caught their breath. She gave him a stern look and he whimpered and licked up the come remaining on his face. She stroked his chin gently, “Good boy…” Donatella said quietly yet forcefully. He trembled, eyes even more unfocused than before.

Diavolo was shuddering hard and his dick seemingly had not gotten a bit softer that whole time. Donatella brought a finger up the side of his dick and he moaned loudly “Dona!” throwing his head back.

She stopped her movements immediately and placed her heel at his throat, pressing very gently down, “Who was that?”

“I’m sorry, Ma’am,” he whimpered. She pressed harder.

“I didn’t ask for an apology.” She said, looking him directly in the eyes. He shied away from her gaze. “Although I appreciate it nonetheless. How do you refer to me, again?” She asked, returning her finger back to its movements on his dick.

He throbbed visibly, “Miss Una, Ma’am!”

“And what else?”

“And nothing else!” He squeaked.

She released his throat and he exhaled loudly. “Good, Darling. Next time you mess that up, I’ll punish you so hard that you never forget.” She said, wrapping her whole hand around him and pumping a few times. He made a few attempts to move his hips into that warmth, but was unsuccessful. She laughed at him.

“You’re so desperate after just this long, it makes me want to see if you can wait two or three hours. Do you think you can?” She asked casually. His eyes widened and he whimpered pathetically, shaking his head. She laughed again. “I didn’t think so either. You’re so pathetic, Solido. You sicken me sometimes.” She spat.

He moaned at her movements and she stopped, removing her hand. “Well? What do you want, slut?”

“Please, let me inside of you, Ma’am.”

She scoffed. “Ha! Do you think you deserve that?” He turned red and turned his head away ashamed. She briefly wondered if she was going too far.

She crawled back and straddled his crotch, grabbing his dick below her and placing it upright. He looked back at her, his breath hitching. She rubbed his dick against her teasingly, feeling his heartbeat in her hand. “You did manage to get me off somehow with that pitiful mouth, so I guess you can fuck me this time. But next time, I’m going to be fucking you.” She said, placing the tip into her and sinking down onto him.

He mewled as she rode him hard and fast, still wet from when he’d ate her out. His arms strained against their restraint pointlessly as he clenched his teeth and took whatever she’d give him. He slowly grew louder and louder until he came into her with a shout. She continued nonetheless until he was at the point where he began to move away from her, grimacing. She laughed, riding him even harder as he slowly began to get hard again. She rubbed her clit with one hand and scratched down his stomach with another. He made all kinds of noise at the overstimulation, crying out and begging her to stop. She came around his dick more quickly than the time before and he wailed, feeling her tighten around him.

“I didn’t give you permission to come, Solido.” She said darkly, glaring down at him. He felt himself, almost without warning, coming again at that look she’d given to him. Tears openly ran down his cheek, it was too much.

She continued riding him and he wailed. “Miss Una! Ma’am, please have mercy on me.” He shouted between pained moans. From his perspective beneath her , he could see his own come leaking out of her at points. There was no way he could get off again.

“You should have thought about ‘mercy’ before you came inside me twice.” She said, slamming her hips into his. “I know you’ve got one more in you.”

He sobbed as she rode him painfully hard, still scratching down his stomach and chest. He wasn’t getting any harder, but he was shamefully getting more and more turned on. He arched his back and came, painfully, one more time into her. This time was dry and he fell weakly back onto the hardwood floor, sobbing onto the surface of it as his vision darkened.

He weakly felt something shift on his body and suddenly a finger was tapping his cheek. He came back to himself, seeing Donatella over him. He weakly nodded and she hiked her skirt back up. “Alright, slut, clean up the mess you’ve made.” She looked at him, eyes lidded. Some of his come dripped onto his face and he opened his mouth lazily and ate her out once again, tasting himself on his tongue. He swallowed it all, laying his head back on the floor sleepily.

When he opened his eyes, Donatella was untaping his legs, cutting the tape off with scissors and throwing it in the trash can in her room. He stretched his legs out, wincing at the ache of moving them after staying in the same place for so long. Donatella moved, leaning next to his head, stroking his cheek gently before leaning in to quickly peck him on the lips. “You did really good, darling.” She said, petting his hair.

He sat up gingerly, looking down at her as he rubbed his neck. “You’ll kill me some day, Donatella.” He said, gathering his clothes and dressing.

She laughed, putting her underwear back on. She rolled her eyes, “You’d enjoy that too.”

“Just one thing for next time?” He said seriously.


“Please, I beg you, please chose a room with carpeting.”