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Jojo's Bizarre College Adventure

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“But Jonathan!”

“No buts Joseph” Jonathan said pulling in front of the main college entrance, “You’re going to this university whether you like it or not”

“Why though? I don’t want to go” Joseph whined out looking outside, “I mean what’s the point? It’s not like I need this or—”

“You need to get a degree if you want to be successful in life. Grandma wants you to get at least some sort of education. A degree shows just that, she doesn’t care what degree” he said and Joseph turned to him to say something when he continued, “just along as it isn’t that”

“That’s all I want to do though” Joseph muttered and Jonathan sighed and continued

“That is exactly why we chose this college. No such program here.” Jonathan stated and saw the glare from his brother towards his new college, “Come on Joseph, there might be something better for you here”

“I don’t want anything else. Can I at least go to a college providing that?” Joseph stated and sighed, “I mean depriving me of what I truly want to do, it isn’t fair… it’s inhuman”

“Will you stop it already!? You know how we feel about that!” Jonathan snapped causing Joseph to wince looking back outside with a blank gaze and Jonathan sighed, “Just get going and find a degree that is offered here. There is science, math, writing, art and so much more. Whatever it is you’ll choose to get will be fine by us.”

“Besides what I want to do” Joseph muttered bitterly under his breath. He didn’t know if his brother heard him or not but what he did know was he continued with what he was saying

“It could be art for all we care. It is easy enough and it will prove you can accomplish something rather than sitting and reading comic books all day” he said and saw Joseph grumble and look out the window to the entrance with a ‘I hate this look’ so he smiled and continued

“Hey, since you like comic books so much why don’t you go for the art degree? Learn how to make comics. Bet you’ll be good at it since you read them every day”

“I read comics. I don’t want to make them” Joseph said argumentatively

“Science then” Jonathan stated and Joseph raised a brow

“You actually want me to play around with chemicals?” Joseph asked and Jonathan had a sweat-drop appear on his head…

“Err… good point. How about writing? There’s so much you can do with that. Being a writer can be a life worth living”

“Talk about a horribly boring career” Joseph muttered. No way in hell will he ever succumb to becoming a writer. That takes way too much effort for nothing at all.

“… Math then” Jonathan stated

“And I thought writing was boring... Who the hell uses math as a career anyways?”


“Teaching math is for losers”


“Speak it already, pointless”

Jonathan let out a deep sigh which made Joseph smirk. After all, that sigh means he is in the clear. He doesn’t have to-

“You are not getting that degree period. Grandma already paid for your non-refundable entrance fee anyways. Though, if you insist that you don’t want to go here, we can go back” Jonathan said smirking when seeing the happy look on Joseph’s face, “Yet in doing so, you would surely break her poor little heart to see that all that good money going to waste. Do you truly want that to happen?”

Joseph growled, “I hate it when you use the ‘grandma card’” Joseph said in a tone that Jonathan smiled at; it was the tone of utter defeat. Joseph got out with his duffle bag and put the strap around his shoulder before looking back into the car through the passenger side window.

“I seriously don’t want to do this. You know I’ll just flunk out. Nothing’s good enough here to make me do my best. My best is pretty shitty already.” he said and Jonathan shook his head and before he could say anything Joseph continued, “Your next line is “don’t say that. You’ll do fine once you find out what degree you want. It’s a healthy change”

“Don’t say that… Hey, I told you to stop that!” Jonathan yelled

Joseph chuckled adding a quick ‘never gets old’ before letting out a sigh, “Well, I guess I’ll see you around”

“Call us if you need anything”

“Yeah, yeah...” he stated sighing deeply with hints of frustration and sadness and Jonathan sighed

“Just try to get a degree you like here and that you can finish with good grades, alright?”

“…Yeah… bye” Joseph stated blankly before walking into the college entrance gates; gates he considered hell at the time… since it is those iron walls locking him in and away from what he truly wanted to do with his life… iron walls being the gates to this college… the locks being his family.

Joseph let out a deep and long sigh before bringing a map out to see where the orientation is being held… he had no choice in going to this college… none of the degrees sounded good enough to waste 3-4 years to achieve… this map makes no damn sense.

“What…?” Joseph muttered confused looking to the map closely and looked around to see any street sign that was represented on this map and there was nothing remotely close to what is written on this map.  Joseph grumbled… he hated asking for directions, but he would be late to orientation if he didn’t do just that, ‘another thing I’m being forced to do’ he added in his mind before grunting slightly and walking to a lady that was walking towards the direction he was at.

“Excuse me?” he asked shifting his duffle bag on his shoulder, “Sorry to bother you but can you please point me in the direction of where orientation is being-?” he asked nicely… one thing that’s been drilled in his mind since he was little… be nice to women but he cut himself off when the lady just walked right passed him not giving him a second glance or thought. Joseph sighed, “…Right” he said adding in his mind that was the main reason he hated asking for directions…

There was a soft chuckle and Joseph turned to see a blonde guy with green eyes sitting on one of the lowered walls looking at him. Joseph took a deep silent breath in an attempt to control his quickly growing frustration easily mistaken as anger… he was already on edge from being here against his will… that guy better watch it. Once Joseph snaps, he takes things into his own hands possibly the life of the one who pissed him off, if he felt up to it. Joseph let out a small sigh and decided that it was best to ignore him and continue to look around and saw another woman and attempted to ask her for directions… and she ignored him completely just like the first one.

After three more attempts, Joseph began to give up hope. He was never going to find orientation… and these girls are freaken pricks, the last girl ran into him and continued her merry way like Joseph wasn’t even there or she ran into anyone at all. While rubbing his shoulder where the girl hit when running into him Joseph gritted his teeth trying to calm his growing anger. He was not angry because of the women, no, it was all due to the blonde jerk that was still chuckling at him… Each time Joseph failed with the women, the guy’s chuckling became louder as if he wasn’t even trying to hide it. He actually laughed when the woman ran into him like he was invisible… Joseph turned to him to tell him off when he saw that he jumped down from the low wall and walked to the lady that literally ran into Joseph in the form of silent rejection

‘Good luck bastard’ Joseph muttered in thought

“Excuse me, Signora? I seem to be a little lost… I am looking for orientation. Will someone as beautiful as you point me in the direction?”

“Oh… It’s over in that direction” she said blushing slightly and the guy gently grabbed her hand

“I’m not sure if I know where that is, this campus is awfully large…” he asked bringing her hand closer to his face, “will you be willing to walk me there?” he asked pressing a gentle kiss on her hand

“…I have to be at my job in five minutes… but oh well, it’s only a job that can be replaced. I’ll be glad to show someone as cunning as you to orientation!” she stated and started walking with the blonde. The blonde turned to see Joseph and gave him a smirk

Joseph growled, “What an asshole…” he muttered before looking at the map and then around and let out an annoyed yell, “This map makes no freaken sense!”

“….Uhm? Excuse me?”

Joseph looked behind him to see a blonde girl who looked kind




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 “You seem lost, I’ve been at this campus for a year so I think I can get you to where you need to go” she said all bubbly and kind, “Oh, I’m Suzie Quatro, but people call me Suzie-Q”

“I’m Joseph Joestar, my friends call me Jojo” Joseph said and sighed in relief, “You don’t know how grateful I am you actually are helping me… some other girls aren’t as…” Joseph said thinking of a nice word to say about the jerky women, “helpful”

“I see. Some girls here are stuck up and in their own heads most of the time. Don’t take it personally” she said

‘That bastard already made it personal’ Joseph thought to himself thinking about the blonde asshole who purposefully went directly to the one who ran into him like he was trying to one-up him or something.

“Where to?” she asked

“I was looking for where orientation is being held” Joseph said and groaned, “I don’t know why it’s so hard. I mean I have a map… but this damn thing makes no sense at all” he said handing her the map when she asked for it, “What? Oh No! You’re thinking about how stupid I am for not knowing how to read a simple map!?” he asked all dramatically causing her to chuckle

“Of course!” she said in a playful way smiling when she saw Joseph fake pout. The smile dissipated and her face wore a look of confusion when looking at the map, “No wonder why you couldn’t read this correctly. I’m not sure how you got this map, but this is of Air Supplena University in Italy not here” she said and Joseph looked confused

“What? Really? Are you just saying that?”

“No I’m not, here look” she said pointing to the map at some structure on the campus, “This is only in Italy… however the campuses look very similar, so no wonder why you were frustrated……How did you even get this map?” she asked and Joseph growled slightly texting his brother

‘The next time you see that no-good boyfriend of yours tell him he is an utter asshole’ he texted, “Someone I know gave me that map…” he said in a huff of frustration. Could this day get any worse?

“Oh… well that was very rude of that person” she said and when Joseph nodded in agreement she smiled, “I’m not like that though, so you can trust that I can get you to where you need to go! Orientation’s this way” she said walking with Joseph, “How did you read that map anyways? It’s in Italian” she said and Joseph looked to her

“Was it? Huh. That is weird considering that I don’t know any other language besides English” Joseph said and Suzie Q thought about it

“It could be that you were just trying to find the streets with the same name that are on this map. Same Latin letters, so I think it could have been that, or you have some awesome language skill” Suzie Q said and Joseph shook his head

“First option makes way more sense” he said as they walked to a big auditorium

“Here we are” she said, “Orientation is in this building”

“Thanks so much! You don’t know how glad I am to have met you! I like people like you” Joseph said and Suzie-Q looked at him with a somewhat guilty expression

“I am sorry if I seemed to lead you on… but I do not like men that way… I’m sorry” she said in an equally guilty tone

“No need to be sorry” Joseph said as if it wasn’t new to him and leaned close to her ear and whispered something before pulling back and smiled when she smiled back, “Well, thanks again. Hope we can hang out” he said winking, a habit of his since he was little and Suzie-Q smiled

“Yeah, sure! Totally! See you around Jojo!” she said leaving and left Joseph to his thoughts

“Jojo eh? Not even a full day here and already made a friend” Joseph said with a slight smile before going into orientation which was held in a huge auditorium. This auditorium was the only room in this building, minus the hallways to the front desk and some bathrooms.

He looked around and realized there weren’t many free seats left. Joseph sighed before looking around. He was lucky that orientation wasn’t beginning for a few more minutes… however… Joseph groaned

“Oh you got to be kidding me…” he muttered before walking to the only seat he saw that was free and sat down

“Heh. Finally found your way did you?” the same guy from before mocked in self-amusement. Joseph doesn’t even need to look at him to tell he was smirking

“Yeah I did” Joseph said and smirking as well, “a really gorgeous female came up to me and helped me out. You had to ask a girl. One that wasn’t really that attractive” Joseph stated knowing that one girl this guy got to help him out wasn’t attractive cause she was downright rude. Joseph turned to the Casanova, “Your next line is ‘That is impossible. No woman would help an idiot like you’” Joseph said

“That is impossible. No woman would help an idiot like you” he said and had a look of shock on his face, “What?” he asked and saw Joseph smirk and glared at him

“So you had to lie about a woman helping you in order for you to try to 1-up me?” he asked and huffed, “That’s honestly pretty sad and immature”

“Believe what you want Casanova” Joseph said looking forward when setting his bag in front of his feet; the same bag that his grandmother gave him that has his last name on it which the guy saw fully

“…You’re a Joestar?” the guy asked in a tone of voice that made Joseph narrow his eyes and look to him

“Yeah, so?”

The Casanova huffed, “What did you pay the girl who ‘came to you’ to show you the way here?” he asked and Joseph glared


“Oh don’t deny it. Like I said, no woman would be willing to help an idiot like you. That one lady ran into you apparently didn’t even notice your pitiful existence. You apparently have no class with woman, so the only way you would get any help from anyone let alone a woman is the most obvious thing. You bribed her with money” the guy said like he was pissed off and Joseph glared at him but said nothing because the blond continued,

“How much was it? 100? 1,000? Maybe 5,000?” the guy let out a pissed off sigh, “Rich privilege assholes paying and flaunting their money around to get their way and what they want simply because they have the money. Nothing pisses me off more”

Joseph stared at him with an ‘are you serious?’ look before he realized he was too quiet and needed to come up with a comeback. Joseph smirked when something came to mind

“Having money is the greatest thing” Joseph said running his hand through his hair and sent a mocking smirk towards the judgmental Casanova, “You should try it sometime” he finished in a way that he knew will get under the other’s skin. He knew he was right when the other growled through clenched teeth

“Don’t. Fucking. Mock. Me.” He said with venom and Joseph sent a venom look right back at him

“You judged me, fair’s fair” he said and the Casanova smirked

“At least I have pride in knowing how to get a woman’s attention without money. My charm is all I need” He said like he was proud and Joseph let out a “pfft”

“You call such a cliché bullshit line of ‘can someone as beautiful as you show me the way?’ as charm?” Joseph asked huffing out a laugh as he shook his head, “I’m surprised there are women out there falling for such phony –” he finished and Casanova cut him off with a huff of his own

“Phony? Me? That’s rich coming from someone who had every damn thing handed down to him on a silver platter because you wanted it” he said and Joseph huffed

“You know nothing about me or how I got here. You should really learn to shut that pretty boy mouth of yours before you go and make yourself sound even more stupid than you already are. You stupid showoff judgmental Casanova.”

“Fuck you.”

“Right back at cha” Joseph said

When orientation started, the two were fuming in hatred and anger they felt towards each other. They were silently throwing judgmental insults at each other to the point where they would snap and physically assaulted one another. Luckily orientation ended and that gave them the thought of never seeing the other ever again.

All the new students at orientation were then directed out of the auditorium and to lines to get their assigned dorm rooms and dorm room keys and the map of campus. In the line, there were frequent staff and volunteers coming up and down to explain to everyone that the roommate they were to be assigned with will be the only roommate they were going to get until graduation. There were no exchanges however, there were councilors if any issues sufficed.

‘That… really sucks. I hope I don’t get that asshole’ Joseph and the other guy thought simultaneously as they grabbed their keys and the maps. They looked to each other and huffed walking in the opposite direction from each other. Joseph walked outside and decided to take a small walk just to clear his mind of the asshole he encountered. He stopped walking when he heard a “Jojo!” and quickly turned to see Suzie-Q running to him

“Hey Suzie-Q!” he said smiling.

“How was orientation?” she asked and Joseph rubbed the back of his head

“Well that was an experience for sure” Joseph said and saw Suzie-Q smile

“Hopefully a good experience” she said and Joseph practically deadpanned

“Define ‘good’”

“Oh? Not good?” She asked a little sad her new friend experienced the beginnings of college in a negative way, “What happened?”

“Some guy was an asshole” he said and looked to her when he realized what he said, “Sorry I didn’t mean to curse like—”

Suzie-Q laughed, “Don’t worry about it! My girlfriend curses all the time! It’s completely fine!” she said and Joseph smiled

“So you have a girlfriend?”

“Best in the whole world” she said smiling happily and looked sad, “I’m sorry, your orientation didn’t go well, but that’s ok” she said


“It’s not the highlight of the college life experience” she said and Joseph looked to her shocked

“Dang… you’re pretty positive, you know”

“I get that a lot. I’m also pretty excited to make a new friend” she said grinning and took her phone out, “Want to exchange numbers?”

“Definitely!” Joseph said and they exchanged numbers and Joseph smiled, “I’m glad we’re friends”

“Me too” she said smirking, “So I’m guessing you need my help getting you to your dorm, right?” she asked in a mocking humor tone and Joseph laughed

“I got the right map this time. I doubt they would give out the map of the campus in Italy” he said and Suzie-Q laughed

“They would be evil if they did!” she said and he laughed along with her. The laughter soon died off when he turned to see the blond Casanova walking towards them


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“Oh my god… what is with that guy?” Joseph asked in frustration

“What’s wrong?” she asked turning to see the blond coming their way, “Who is he? Hopefully not the jerk from orientation”

“He is unfortunately… he basically judged me for my last name” he said and she was about to ask why that was when the guy came up to her

“Hello there, Signora, I have come to take you away from such an idiot like this” he said taking her hand and placing a small kiss on the back of it

‘You are barking up the wrong tree there Casanova’ Joseph thought as he saw Suzie-Q flinch slightly

“Shall I take such a beauty as yourself on a date?” the blond asked and Joseph had the urge to laugh but kept it in. He also wants to have a bag of popcorn and eat it as he is going to enjoy watching the scene of the Casanova soon being rejected.


‘And so it begins’ Joseph thought as he watched Suzie-Q take her hand out of the Casanova’s grip

“I’m pretty much busy. For the rest of the semester” she said

‘Burn!’ Joseph thought as the look on the Casanova’s face was priceless. He saw Suzie-Q look at him and smiled

“Well Jojo, I have to go meet up with my roommate, but let’s hand out some time, ok!” she said winking

‘Double burn!’ Joseph thought and the Casanova’s expression turned darker. Joseph’s laughter wanted to erupt so badly but he held it in even if it was as hard as it was to do so. He turned to Suzie-Q and happily winked

“Text you later!” he said

“Looking forward to it~!” she said happily as she took off in another direction; a direction Joseph thought was her dorm room. Joseph turned to see the Casanova glaring coldly at him. Joseph tried to look serious but he couldn’t help the mixture of a smirk and a grin plastered on his face

“You should have listened to me. You really should’ve shut that pretty boy mouth of yours” Joseph said after all the Casanova did make a fool of himself. The blond gave him an even colder look before leaving without a word. Once he was out of earshot, Joseph finally let out the laughter that was hard to keep in. That was so perfect! What were the chances? He made a female friend who wasn’t into dudes who turned down the asshole who was pretty much judging him because he just happened to be born into a rich family. He didn’t know she was gay and said she wanted to hang out with Joseph but verbally said she had no time for the blonde. Joseph clapped his hands into a clasp while he laughed

“Too perfect!” he said starting to walk and let out another laugh, “Karma you glorious bitch” he said making his way to the building where his dorm room was

“Room 31, here we are” he said opening the door to his room silently hoping he could stand his roommate or that this day would get even worse considering it was a permanent roommate situation. He walked in and dropped his bag when he saw his roommate. He couldn’t believe it! It was that asshole, looking equally as shocked and angry

“Are you fucking kidding me!?” both yelled


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“Oh my god! Why you!? Out of every single person here!” Joseph yelled and in the part of his mind that was still calm, made the silent ‘Your next line is “There were at least 500 new students at orientation what are the odds?!”’

“There were at least 500 new students at orientation what are the odds?!”

‘HA’ he thought but what calmness his brain had left disappeared the second blondie spoke

“I cannot believe I have to live in the same room as a fucking Joestar!”

“What the fuck do you have against my family!?” Joseph asked and the blond huffed

“Rich assholes like you paying women for time and help is one thing, but it is a completely different thing to make them reject others. It makes me sick… and now even more so knowing I have to share the same room as you!”

Joseph rolled his eyes and huffed, “If you’re talking about Suzie-Q, three things. First, I never pay anyone for anything outside of retail purposes. Second, I never knew you were going to come waltzing up to us at that time so I wouldn’t have time to tell her to reject you” he said and Casanova snorted deeply at that and Joseph interrupted the jerk’s attempt to interrupt him, “THAT MEANS you got rejected all by yourself genius. Suzie-Q is smart enough to fall for such idiotic womanizing lines” Joseph said and blondie glared

“Fuck you. Any woman would fall for my charm” he said

“Suzie didn’t” Joseph deadpanned as a matter of fact. He knew the other thought she was straight and he was going to leave it that way.

“Well money talks, doesn’t it?” Casanova bit out in anger



Down the hall, the captain of the dorm was talking with a couple of dorm roommates with some friends and got interrupted when he heard a very loud “THAT’S IT!!!” and some crashing and they ran to the dorm room bypassing the others they were supposed to talk with the students who were peering out when they heard the yelling obviously shocked and slightly concerned and/or curious. They ran into the room the noise was coming from

“What is going on!?” he yelled seeing the other two wrestling and punching each other’s faces while screaming and insulting one another. The dorm’s captain and his friends pulled the two apart. The two seething angry boys huffing out as they were glaring at each other seeing as they weren’t paying attention to the others in the room




“Guys” The dorm captain said trying to remain calm and get the other two to listen and in a calmer state but they still didn’t listen nor notice their presence even though they were trying to get out of their grips to continue their fight


“Guys seriously”



“WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!?” both yelled at the same time while growling and showing their gritted teeth

“GUYS!” The dorm captain yelled and finally they looked to the captain

“CHANGE US OUT NOW!!” both yelled and the captain and his friends were still in shock. Were they listening to them as well? That’s far from the issue at hand

“… Wow… this is the first time any roommates got this bad this soon… it hasn’t even been five minutes” the captain said in a shocked and surprised voice and sighed before becoming stern, “The university rules state fighting is strictly prohibited. If I hear of you two fighting anyone ever again I will take it up with the dean. Meaning you two will be expelled. This is your first and final warning” he said, “Understand?”

The two were silent and he raised his voice in a stern serious tone


“… Yes” both muttered in defeat looking down glaring at the ground. The two holding them back finally let them go and was ordered to leave so the dorm captain wanted to have a private chat with the two fighting. As they were leaving, they were rubbing their arms from their attempts to hold the two back from each other silently saying that they were stronger than they anticipated. The captain was about to say something when he saw the two looking extremely frustrated and angry at the situation… not because they are basically on probation… but they genuinely looked as if they didn’t want to share a room and felt trapped. This made the captain have a little sympathy for the two.

“… There are great counseling facilities provided for issues such as these. You should utilize them” he said and gave Joseph and Casanova a few business cards from the counseling facilities before leaving. He was going to have a longer talk but he didn’t want to put more on the already stressed boys.

Joseph looked to the cards after the captain, “Well shit”

“…” Caesar was silent as he watched Joseph look around and his eyes landed on the bunk bed

“Which bed do you want?” Joseph asked

“What are you—?” Casanova asked and Joseph turned to him

“I know this situation sucks. For the both of us. We clearly can’t stand each other’s faces since we met and we’re being forced to live in the same dorm room”

Caesar nodded once in agreement, “Until we graduate”

“Exactly. So I’m trying to make the best of it. You probably should to”

“…Good point” the blond said, “I’ll take the top”

“Your next line is ‘So I can be higher up than a Joestar’”

“So I can be higher up than a… oh fuck you” Caesar said and Joseph grinned not even minding the obvious Joestar hate comment

“Never gets old” he said sitting on the bottom bed while rubbing his cheek, “I’ll take bottom then”

Caesar smirked, “I’m pretty strong aren’t I?”

Joseph looked to him and saw him rub his cheek all the same and smirked, “As are I apparently”

As Caesar huffed at the statement, Joseph looked around again. Putting the business cards on the bed stand, Joseph sighed


“There isn’t much here is there?” Joseph asked and Caesar growled

“What, too poor for you?”

Joseph sighed, “How did I know you were going to take it that way?” he asked rolling his eyes, “That isn’t what I meant. Look around. Rich or not, you have to admit they’re pretty skimpy in what they have to offer new incoming students in a dorm. I mean all we have is a bunk bed and two tiny bed stands… there’s not even a desk or a single chair or even a lamp”

“Good point” he said they were pretty skimpy on the essentials most other colleges would have provided.

“But It’s kind of cool that they mounted one to the wall so the top bed bunk dweller has access to it” he said pointing to the bed stand that is easily accessible from the top bunk. Caesar agreed but only grunted in response because of the “dweller” was such a terrible joke

“Who actually laughs at jokes like that?” he asked and Joseph smirked

“Hey who said it was a joke? You’re dwelling up there right?” he asked and Joseph picked Joseph’s bag up and threw it at him. Joseph caught it

“Ha!” Joseph said and saw the name on his bag and realized something

“…Hey, you actually only caught my last name” Joseph said

“Your name is Jojo right? That lady called you that” he said

“As in Jojo Joestar?” Joseph asked and laughed, “No ‘Jojo’ is a nickname. My name is Joseph Joestar. Jojo comes from the first two letters of my first and last name. Runs in the family”

“Ah, my name is Caesar Zeppeli”

“Like Led Zeppelin?” Joseph joked and saw the blank look on Caesar’s face, “Oh come on, that was comedy gold”

“Women falling for that and not me? That girl must have been a fluke” Caesar said and Joseph rolled his eyes

“Yeah fluke” he said in sarcasm as he laid down

“Oh right, I remember. You paid her” he said climbing to his bed

“For the last time I don’t pay anyone” he said in the ‘this is getting on my last nerve’ tone of voice sitting up, “Now here is a five dollar bill. Get me some food would ya?” he said waving a five-dollar bill right in Caesar’s field of vision. Caesar jumped off the top bunk bed and glared harshly at Joseph

“I was kidding” Joseph said with his hands raised in defense, “This was a five dollar bill from monopoly, see?”

All he did was glare more

“Oh come on. I can handle the whole thing with you hating me because of the family I was born into, but you need to grow a sense of humor and quick. I’m just trying to lighten up this stupid ass mood” Joseph said and Caesar ‘hmphed’ and left the room with the slam of the door

“Damn… this is going to be hell” Joseph said and sighed before laying down, “This really isn’t fair Jonathan…” he said with a hint of sadness and let out a long sigh before falling to sleep. A few hours later, Caesar returned from cooling down and saw Joseph asleep and growled slightly before sighing and going to his bed

“… This is going to be hell” Caesar muttered before falling asleep


Chapter Text

The next morning, Joseph woke up and saw Caesar walking in and groaned, “Fuck! I forgot that I have to share a room with you” Joseph groaned out as he sat up rubbing his eyes

“Che. I should be the one saying that” he said, “It’s like a waking nightmare”

There was a knock at the door and Caesar opened it and saw their dorm captain come in

“Hello, are you two getting along?”

“Hell no” Joseph and Caesar said in unison and the captain sighed

“There haven’t been any fights has there?” he asked

“… Does verbal count?” Joseph asked and both the captain and Caesar rolled their eyes

“I guess not…” he said, “You two are still verbally fighting?”

“It was a joke” Joseph said and both Caesar and the dorm captain knew it was a joke but not a joke at the same time.

“Whatever the case is, I still recommend the counseling. But that isn’t why I’m here today, I came to tell everyone today is the day to shop for your furniture. Usually dormmates have the choice of going together or going separately but I’m requiring you two to go together”

“What!?” Both Caesar and Joseph yelled

“No, why are you torturing me with forcing me to spend any more time with him than I already have to? This isn’t fair” Caesar said calmly but anger dripping from his voice

“Yeah!” Joseph yelled and the dorm captain sighed deeply

“Listen, this is for your own good. Here is a legal document you have to sign and if you don’t follow through you’ll be expelled” he said handing the documents over to the new students. The two read over it. It said receipts are proof and that they must be within an hour between each purchase and from the same stores. They groaned and decided to sign them

“Isn’t this a little much?” Joseph asked as they handed the contracts over

“No, it’s what you need.”

“I don’t need to hang out with him” Caesar and Joseph said

“If you can’t get through this what makes you think you’re prepared for the real world? If you can’t do something as simple as this, then you’re pretty much not going to make it in the real world” he asked and Joseph didn’t really take it to heart but he saw how pissed off that statement made Caesar

“Don’t let the door hit you on the way out” he gritted out and the dorm captain shook his head and left

“That fucking asshole!” Caesar yelled, “How dare he suggest we not make it in the real world! He only met us twice and he apparently has the ability to know the outcome of our fucking lives!”

Joseph didn’t understand what got Caesar all pissed off but he walked up to him and tapped his shoulder


Joseph backed up in defense, “Calm down. We have to do this today right? Let’s just get it over with and prove him wrong. All we have to do is a little shopping”

“Tch. I guess you’re right” he said, “Then I’ll show that prick”

“What’s got you all mad anyways?” he asked grabbing his wallet and they were about to head out

“Nothing a rich person needs to know”

“Fine, fine” he said as they left, “You pick where… I guess”

“Follow me” Caesar said and Joseph followed him to a thrift shop he chose, “Before rich assholes such as yourself complain about the quality of stores like this, normal people don’t have the money for luxurious things so don’t bitch about –”

“Shut up already” Joseph groaned out walking into the thrift shop and saw what they would need, “Oh, we definitely need this for sure!” Joseph said and Caesar rolled his eyes and walked to him

“I don’t think we need a small refrigerator” Caesar said trying to keep their shopping to the bare minimum of needs not wants. He needed to knock some sense in that rich moron’s head

“Oh? And where else will you put any refrigerated foods?” Joseph asked and saw Caesar silently looking at the price before scoffing quietly and walking off

“Jeez, what a dick” Joseph muttered but smirked, “That must be his way of saying I’m right” he said seeing the price tag of $50 on the much needed small furniture. After shopping around for a few hours, they bought a couple of desks, refrigerator, trashcans and lamps. Joseph purchased some “wants” even if it made Caesar mad. He isn’t going to not get what he wanted simply because a prick tried to stop him. Once they got their things outside Caesar came to a realization

“Shit… we never planned on how we were going to take these back…” Caesar said

“I know someone” Joseph said taking his phone

“Why am I not surprised?” Caesar asked and Joseph looked from his phone to Caesar with a cold look

“Don’t complain, or you can take your things back on your own” Joseph said

“You can’t do that, the contract wouldn’t allow for it remember?”

“Did you even read the contract? It says nothing about bringing the shit back together just that we have proof of purchasing it together” Joseph said bringing his phone out to call taking his phone and calling Speedwagon, “Hey Speedwagon! My, uh… roommate at college and I need a way to get some furniture back to our dorm. Since you have that one truck, would you be willing to help us out? Please? Oh? You are? Great! Can you grab those chairs I have in my room then? Chairs, bean bags, there is no difference in my book” Joseph said like this “Speedwagon” corrected him and smiled, “Thanks!” he said hanging up

“Who was that?”

“The guy who raised me”

“So your father”

“He is like a father to me. My father died before I was born” Joseph said and before he gave Caesar a chance to talk he continued, “Speedwagon is no Joestar. Trust me. You’ll know a Joestar if you see them”

“How so? By flashing around their mo—”

“BY” Joseph hissed out in irritation and sighed, “by the star shaped birthmark we all have on the back of our left shoulders” he said pointing to his shoulder that had a small dark bluish star, “It tells that you have the blood of a Joestar even when your last name isn’t”

“I don’t care”

“Tch, whatever. When Speedwagon gets here you better not talk bad about the Joestar family”

“Oh why? Would he—”

“Shut up before you say something I’m going to make you regret” Joseph said firmly, “Speedwagon is a great man and he is too kind for his own good but even he has his limits”

“Am I supposed to be scared?”

“If you want to piss off an 86-year-old man, go for it, then I would make you drag your shit back to the dorm” Joseph said and huffed when Caesar said nothing, “Good. I wouldn’t think that anyone would be that much of an asshole”

Caesar ignored him because he was right, he knew to respect his elders especially those well past the retirement age. Caesar looked to what Joseph bought

“So how is that practical and a ‘necessity’?” he said pointing to the object Joseph bought and saw something with Joseph he never seen; some unknown emotion

“It’s none of your business” Joseph said in a tone different than his usual irritated hate Caesar is used to but rolled his eyes and saw a truck coming in view

“Is that him?”

Chapter Text

“Oh, yep that’s his truck!” Joseph said waving him down

“That thing is huge… is it even safe for someone of that age to drive that thing?” Caesar asked concerned and Joseph noticed that and smiled

“You would think, but my god that man is the most mentally and physically intact old person I have ever known” Joseph said and smirked, “Did you know he never had an ounce of alcohol his whole entire life? That’s probably why he is so mentally stable”

“That’s pretty admirable”

“It is! He also never been with anyone. No sex or any romantic relationship whatsoever, he’s pretty admirable that way too considering I don’t think I know anyone else that strong. I mean I couldn’t go and do that, can you?”

“Damn” Caesar said as he instantly respected the man already even without meeting him. Anyone who goes through life without being with anyone and is basically a virgin by choice is admirable enough just from the strength and dedication it takes alone. Joseph saw that written all over Caesar’s face and laughed

“You’re actually pretty cute when you look that way” Joseph said and Caesar was shocked and confused but his question he was going to ask about that quickly was forgotten when they saw Speedwagon pull up pull up and get out

“Speedwagon!” Joseph said smiling hugging the older man who smiled and hugged him back

“It’s been awhile hasn’t it, Joseph?” Speedwagon asked and Joseph nodded

“It sure has, how have you been?”

“Just fine, you?”

“Been better” Joseph said and Speedwagon was going to say something else to him when he turned to see another person

“Oh, you must be Joseph’s roommate I assume, I’m Robert E. O. Speedwagon but just Speedwagon is fine” he said handing out his hand and Caesar shook his hand

“Caesar Zeppeli”



“Oh… your name feels vaguely familiar” he said

“How so?”

“I’m not quite sure” Speedwagon said and smiled, “Well let’s get your things back to your dorm!”

After they put their things in the back of the truck, Caesar couldn’t believe his eyes, “There is so much more room” he said and Speedwagon laughed

“It gets the job done for sure”

“I call shotgun!” Joseph said

During the ride back, Speedwagon looked to Joseph

“Care to explain what you bought?” Speedwagon said in a tone that made Joseph silent and sitting in the back Caesar knew he spent so much on that one thing too; the tag said $100. He was silent cause he knew that he was going to get in trouble but the tension there felt different

“No. Not now.” Joseph muttered and Speedwagon sighed and pulled out a $100 dollar bill and gave it to Joseph shocking him, “What is this for?”

“I’m paying for it.”

“You don’t have—” Joseph said getting cut off when Speedwagon put a hand on his head

“I know the reason you got it and I want to buy it for you. You at least could have that right?” Speedwagon grinned and Joseph smiled happily

“Thanks Speedwagon!” he said happily but sighed

“I’ll talk to him” Speedwagon said  and decided to change the subject, “So are you two going to be friends?”

“HELL NO” Both practically yelled out


“He’s an asshole!” both said and Speedwagon looked confused

“But then why were you shopping together?”

Caesar huffed and crossed his arms, “They literally forced us against our wills” he said and Joseph nodded 

That caused Speedwagon to laugh, “That brings back memories. You two sound exactly like Jonathan and Dio!” he said laughing even more

“Wha….!? Oh hell no did you just compare us to them!” Joseph said slightly flustered

“Who?” Caesar asked

“Jonathan is Joseph’s older brother and Dio is—” Speedwagon started

“Asshole of a friend” Joseph said giving a Speedwagon a discreet ‘please don’t tell him anymore’ and Speedwagon understood

“Come on Joseph, when are you going to stop hating on Dio?” Soeedwagon eased in the conversation and Joseph mentally thanked him

“Never! He gave me the wrong map of the… fuck…”

“Wrong map?” Caesar asked and smirked, “Oh my god! He gave you the wrong map of the university?” Caesar asked bursting out in laughter, “No wonder why you couldn’t find where orientation was on your own!”

As Caesar was laughing his ass off, Joseph groaned putting his hands over his eyes

Aaaaaand I’ll never hear the end of that one” Joseph muttered and saw Speedwagon laughing as well and tapped him on the shoulder with the back of his hand

“What? That was funny!” Speedwagon said in laughter before coughing and put on a serious mask and face with so many cracks, “I mean I will talk to him about that”

“Yeah, I’m sure you would” Joseph said and they got to the college where Speedwagon helped them set up everything in their room. Right when they are finished, the dorm captain knocked

“It’s your dorm captain”

“This guy again.” Caesar said rolling his eyes and sighing before letting him in. Speedwagon saw the guy ask for the receipts. He looked them over and smiled

“Now that wasn’t so hard was it?”

When the guy left, Joseph and Caesar growled out

“Dick” Joseph and Caesar said in unison and Speedwagon looked confused

“What was that about?”

“When Caesar said we were forced to shop together they literally forced us to shop together” Joseph said and Caesar growled

“They basically threatened us with expulsion if we didn’t sign or obey that stupid contract” Caesar said

“Does this school do it with everyone?” Speedwagon asked and if it was it’s their policy and saw them shake their heads

“Only us”

“Is that even legal?”

“Who knows?” both asked and sighed out

“We did fight when we got to the dorm…” Joseph said rubbing the back of his neck

“We broke the record of how short in time it took for a fight to break out” Caesar said and Speedwagon laughed

“You two seriously remind me of Jonathan and Dio”

“Seriously stop saying that!” Joseph whined out and Speedwagon laughed

“But you two need to be careful… he seems very passive aggressive. Who knows how long the “passive” would stay around in that statement”

The two nodded. It would be better to be buddy buddy with their passive aggressive dick of a dorm captain so they don’t have to be on continuous watch otherwise the asshole might file something false against them just to get them kicked out

“Well I best be going” Speedwagon said and Joseph nodded hugging him

“Thank you for all the help” Joseph said and Caesar nodded


“No problem” he said leaving and walked down the hallway hearing the two argue over something minor and shook his head laughing, “They truly are how Jonathan and Dio used to be. In time, in time”


Chapter Text

Inside the room, Caesar and Joseph were arguing over the bean bag chairs

“Oh come on that is not a reason to have 4 of them!” Caesar said

“Yes it is! You want guests to be comfortable right!?” Joseph yelled “You an even use one of them! Stop being a stick in the mud”

“I’m not a!” he sighed out, “There is no way I would ever allow myself or a guest to sit on that thing. I don’t know how many people you paid to sit on those things”

“Will you please knock it off alrea—!” Joseph said cutting himself off and looked to Caesar, “Thank you”


“You didn’t badmouth my family in front of Speedwagon so thank you” Joseph said and Caesar nodded

“Well I ­respect him” Caesar said indicating he doesn’t respect Joseph

Joseph smirked at that, “Good, I don’t want an ass like you to ‘respect’ me anyways” he said sitting on his bed. Caesar was going to respond when he looked over to the object apparently Speedwagon paid for which is on the wall next to Joseph’s bed.

“Why did you even get that? Rich people buying shit for no good reason”

“…There is a good reason” Joseph said looking at it and Caesar didn’t catch on the attitude change

“Wanting is not a good reason” Caesar said and Joseph sighed and touched the object gently

“Its… as close as I will ever get.” Joseph muttered and then that’s when Caesar caught on.

“What do you mean?” Caesar asked giving a confused look before Joseph quickly got up from his bed and said a quick ‘I’m going out’ before grabbing his keys and walked out.

Joseph found himself next to the fountain in the enter of the plaza of the university. He knew he sat there for a while when watching people pass by turned to watching the sun setting. He called down but the thought of his roommate brought the memories of why he was here. He groaned into his hands as what he said about the object played in his head again

“Why did I have to say that out loud?” he groaned out loud. He groaned again knowing he had to eventually go back to the judgmental bastard. Why would he want the guy to know a thing about his life on a personal level? He almost gave out his life-long dream based on what he just said about the object… which isn’t good. After all, why would he want to prove him wrong?

Joseph smirked, “Wouldn’t want that” he said. If he thinks he is one of those stereotypical rich assholes paying his way around, he is going to do just that.

“You shouldn’t do that”

Joseph looked up to see Suzie-Q and smiled, “Hey Suzie-Q!” he said then his smile faulters, “Oh no, did I say all that out loud?”

“Pretty much” she said and Joseph pouts

“And you’re saying I can’t do it…”

“Yep” she said crossing her arms, “That guy is a jerk. He judged you like that for simply having a wealthy family… but you cannot play to that. You’re only going to make him hate you even more”

“I don’t think he can hate me anymore than he already does” Joseph said

“You’re also only going to make his judgments real” she said and Joseph knew she was right

“… Damn it… you’re right” Joseph muttered and she laughed

“Hey I didn’t say you should correct his judgments” she said smirking catching Joseph off guard


“What I mean is act like you normally do. If he judges you for that, don’t correct him. Let him believe his own judgments”

“So basically not tell him he’s wrong when he is?” Joseph asked

“Exactly, just don’t make the judgments real but don’t make him believe they are false either” she said and Joseph laughed

“You’re awesome! Do you want to do anything?”

“Er… actually I was about to go on a date with my roommate” Suzie-Q said in an apologetical tone

“Oh really? Does your girlfriend know about this? I totally need to tell her this!” Joseph teased and Suzie-Q laughed

“My roommate is my girlfriend” she said and Joseph nodded

“I figured that was the case saying you were meeting up with your roommate when you met Caesar” he said and she looked confused at why he knew that, “Oh right! You don’t know his name. The guy who hit on you and you dumped him. That’s his name”

“How did you even get his name? I thought you wouldn’t ever see that jerk again” she said and Joseph sighed

“I did too, but then this happened” he said lifting his room key and she gasped

“He’s not your roommate is he?” 

“Yes unfortunately. You don’t know how lucky you have it. You have a roommate that loves you and I get a roommate so pent up on hating me and my whole family”

“That sucks…” she said sighing, “Did you try to get out? I mean if they hear about how much it isn’t a good environment for either of you, surely they would break this one rule and switch you out” she said and Joseph sighed deeply

“We got into a physical fight last night. Our dorm captain ran in and broke it off and only gave us ‘counseling pamphlets’” he said and Suzie-Q sighed

“… wow” she said and was about to say something about that he shouldn’t fight

“… before you tell me about not fighting… he thought I paid you to reject him” he said and Suzie-Q made a shocked noise

“That makes no sense… he came up unexpected” she said and Joseph raised his arms

“Thank you!” he said and sighed, “I tried explaining that but he was having none of it and he broke my last nerve and we fought”

“Are you ok?”

“Yeah” Joseph said smiling, “a simple fight isn’t enough to keep me down… and the fact that him not knowing you’re not into men at all makes me laugh my ass off”

“Why didn’t you tell him?”

“Let him think what he wants, yeah?” Joseph asked and Suzie-Q laughed

“Hey Suzie-Q!” some girl said running towards Suzie-Q, “Sorry I’m late I was—” she cut herself off when she saw Joseph, “Who is this?”

“Ali! This is Joseph, the new friend I mentioned” Suzie-Q said and turned to Joseph, “This is my girlfriend Alice”

“Nice to meet you, I go by Ali” she said shaking Joseph’s hand

“Nice to meet you too, my friends call me Jojo” he said smiling before getting up and sighed deeply, “Well I guess I should head back to my…” he said sighing again, “Dorm… have fun on your date!” he said returning to smiling but grumbled something as he was walking slowly away with his head down

“…Did he like you or something?” Ali asked and Suzie-Q shook her head

“No, he knew I was gay from a little after we met yesterday”

“Ah, so he hate’s his roommate. He looks hesitant and maybe frustrated to go back” Ali said and Suzie-Q smirked

“You’re always so insightful” she said before sighing, “his roommate is an asshole”

“You met him?”

“Yesterday. He hit on me and was really rude to Joseph. Apparently he thinks Joseph paid me to reject him”

“Oh… damn, the guy must be so egotistical... He sounds like an ass if he hates Joseph over you rejecting him…” she said

"...It's not just that though" Suzie-Q said and both fell silent watching Joseph walk further away before smirking and looking to each other

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” both asked and both laughed and nodded before running towards Joseph

“Jojo!” They yelled getting him to look back to see them running up to him with smiles on their faces. Before he could ask them anything both continued

“Will you like to be our date for the evening?”

“Huh? But you two were going on a date together… and I’m a guy. I can’t intrude” he said and Suzie-Q and Ali smiled

“We can go out anytime” Ali said, “We’re free pretty much before and after school starts”

“Dinner and a movie” Suzie-Q said and Joseph opened his mouth to protest

“We aren’t taking no for an answer” both said firmly

“I know what you’re up to… and” he said and smiled before frowning slightly, “I still have to go back… I forgot my wallet”

“We’ll go with” they said latching their arms around Joseph’s

“This way you won’t need to confront him alone”

“… Well this is going to be interesting”


Chapter Text

On the way to Joseph’s dorm, Suzie-Q and Joseph informed Ali on what happened since they met Caesar

“Alright, I get the gist of it. There might be an underline issue we might not be aware of… you know besides him being an utter assfuck” Alice said

“Joseph did nothing, and he started insulting his whole family just because he saw his last name. No matter what issues that guy has, that does not give him the right to treat anyone that way…”

“That is true.” She said and looked to the other two, “So we’re not to correct him on any of his assumptions?”

“Exactly, if he wants to be a judgmental asshole, let him” Joseph said and sighed knowing even if they did correct Caesar on any of his incorrect assumptions about his family, he wouldn’t believe any of it. He would believe Joseph paying for them to say that way more than he would believe Joseph not paying anyone for anything let alone two girls taking his side willingly and the fact he was wrong. Sighing again, Joseph opened the door and walked in followed by the two girls. Caesar saw the three walk in… Joseph, the girl who rejected him, and another girl he didn’t meet.

Caesar was silent as he watched Joseph come to his bed stand and grabbed his wallet. The intense staring has gone ignored by Joseph and the girls.

“Come on Jojo~!”

“Yeah the movie isn’t going to watch itself!” Ali exclaimed happily as they latched to his arm and started pulling him to the door

“I’m coming, I’m coming!” he said in slight laughter and turned to Caesar who was glaring at all of them. He looked as if he was struggling keeping his anger in and wanted to lash out so bad

“I’ll be back later so don’t wait up~!” Joseph said letting the two girls pull him out of the room. Once they were out of the room and down the hall

“Damn… if looks could kill” Ali said shivering and sighed, “I mean I can at least understand his hate for you two… even it is pathetic nonsense like being rejected or your family… but he doesn’t even know me”

“… That guy is an asshole” Joseph said and saw Caesar coming out of his room in a quick rush, running into Joseph’s arm on purpose as he left. Ali would have told the guy off cause she wasn’t afraid of anything but Joseph held her back

“Don’t bother. Nothing we do will change that guy” he said rubbing his arm

“Are you ok?” Suzie-Q asked and Joseph nodded

“I’ve had worse” he said and Ali grinned

“Well let’s not let the sourpussy ruin our fun night! Let’s get to know our cute new friend!” Ali said and Joseph nearly coughed


“Cute! Suzie-Q confirmed happily and both girls giggled before taking Joseph on a night of fun. First off, they went to dinner where Joseph got more food on his mouth than in his mouth and Suzie-Q laughed

“I’ve never met anyone that was just as messy when they eat as Ali is!” she said happily and

Heeeey” the two said wiping their faces with the back of their wrists at the same time which made Suzie-Q laugh even harder

“If you two acted any similar I swear you would be twins!” Suzie-Q said and then the other two laughed. During dinner they got to know more about each other and became even better of friends. Then they left and was ready for a movie

“So which movie do you want to see?” Joseph asked and Ali sighed slightly

“I’m not sure, it was Suzie-Q’ turn to pick since I picked the last time…” Ali said and turned to Suzie-Q who smiled

“Joseph you pick, I’ll pick next time it’s just me and Ali” she said and Joseph shook his head

“There aren’t any I know of that are coming out and it’s up to you anyways Suzie-Q” Joseph said and Suzie-Q smiled

“You guys are going to love it!” she said starting to walk and Joseph had a sweat-drop

“Should I be concerned that she didn’t tell us what movie it is?” Joseph asked and Ali shrugged grabbing his arm

“Let’s catch up with her” she said and they went to the movies and Joseph got them all popcorn and candy and they sat in a movie for two and a half hours. Afterwards they left and Suzie-Q smiled

“Wasn’t it a great movie?” She asked and Joseph and Ali groaned causing Suzie-Q to gasp

“… I mean sure!” Ali said smiling, “It was really great… even that one part about the way the dentist proposed to the disabled basketball player with the basketball shaped ring saying that her love was like the force that pushes the ball of her into the net that is his heart…” she said groaning out “and everything, right Jojo?” she asked turning to Joseph

“Yes, way better than fighting with Caesar for sure” Joseph said grinning and rubbing the back of his neck, “I loved all the cheesy puns and pick-up-lines”

“… You guys missed the whole point of the movie” she said hmphing out

“…There was a point?” the other two asked and elbowed each other when seeing Suzie-Q’s bottom lip trembling, “We mean of course there’s a point!” they said chuckling nervously

“You guys are mean!” Suzie-Q said and Ali looked to her

“I’m sorry!” she said and Joseph apologized too but she looked like she was on the verge of crying and when Ali was freaking out. Then Suzie-Q started laughing her ass off

“I got you Ali!” she said grinning, “I would never watch a movie like that ever! You should know that”

“Wha?? But!”

“That’s what you get for taking me to that haunted corn maze!” she said and Ali looked shocked

“But that was two years ago!”

“Vengeance is best when not expected cutie~” Suzie-Q sang out and Ali blushed

“But you tortured Joseph just to get me back? That sounds like more of an evil trick on him” Ali said and Joseph smirked

“Actually she told me when you went to the bathroom when I bought all the snacks and I knew and played along” Joseph said and Ali gasped

“WHA!? Both of you!?” Ali asked and Suzie-Q smirked and Ali groaned, “You guys are the evil ones here”

“True! You know I actually did enjoy the puns and pickup lines. They were so cheesy they were pretty funny” Joseph said and groaned, “But no that movie sucked ass. Though I’m always down for a good comeback prank or joke”

 “You guys are mean” Ali whined out and Suzie-Q hugged her and she started laughing, “You really got me this time Suzie, don’t forget I know where you live” she said

 “Looking forward to it~” Suzie-Q said

“Well that’s not creepy” Joseph said in obvious sarcasm and the two laughed

Joseph smiled as an idea popped in his mind, “Hey since the night is still young do you guys want to go bowling or something? Something that is actually fun?”

“Yes!” Suzie-Q and Ali said together

Afterwards, all three were walking to Joseph’s dorm

“Well that was fun” Joseph said and the two nodded

“Even though you tricked me into seeing that hell movie” Ali said and Suzie and Joseph laughed

“Worth it~!” they sang out again and she laughed

“By the way Jojo, thanks for spending money on the food for the movies” Ali said

“And bowling” Suzie Q said

“Don’t mention it… I don’t expect anything out of it…” Joseph said and the two laughed

“Of course!” The two said

“Don’t let what that asshole says bother you. If he knew what a terrific guy you are then he would know how dead wrong he is about you” Ali said and Suzie-Q nodded then they turned to each other and giggled

“And he would see how cute you are!” they finished in unison before running off before Joseph had the chance to make a comeback. Joseph just chuckled and smiled as he saw the two run off happily hand in hand. He walked into his dorm complex and chuckled again

‘Two friends in two days, that must be a new personal record’ Joseph thought as he got to his dorm room.


Chapter Text

Sighing, Joseph thought over and over ‘just ignore him’. He walked in and immediately felt the tension. Ignoring it, he went over and placed his keys and wallet on the bed stand before grabbing a comic book. He opened to a page and sat on his bean bag chair. He was doing fine with reading his comic book and ignoring Caesar but after a minute he couldn’t handle it. He growled snapping his book closed and looked to Caesar who was currently on his bed

“Will you please stop trying to bore holes in my head with your constant glaring?” Joseph asked in a calm voice, but obviously and failing to cover his annoyance and anger

“Tch” Caesar looked away before back, “You’re an asshole”


“Yes you”

“How? All I have done is read a comic since I got here. I’m not trying to kill people with glaring for no reason, am I?”

“No reason? You’re an—”

“I’m not talking about me Casanova. I’m talking about Suzie-Q and Ali. They did nothing at all and yet you’re glaring at them like they killed your pet. Ali especially didn’t do anything at all” he said

“Any women stupid enough to—” Caesar got cut off by the aura change in Joseph

“Let me warn you Casanova. Don’t insult my friends” Joseph said in a tone that was only growing darker

“Why not?” Caesar asked obviously not scared and was about to say something about how it was true if they go out with him solely because of the money he has but the words were stuck in his throat as he saw the look on Joseph’s face. Joseph sent him a look that told him ‘I will kill you’

“I don’t fucking care if you hate me for whatever bullshit reason. Leave my friends out of this” Joseph said not even needing to say ‘or else’ since that was clear enough from his tone alone. Joseph put his comic on his bed stand and went to bed. Caesar was glaring at him. No one threatened him like that and got away scotch free

“Better watch it Joseph. I snapped before and nearly killed someone” Caesar said coldly, laying down from his sitting position on his bed.

“Really?” Caesar heard the other say. He smirked thinking the other was getting the hint of not to mess with him and was about to say something mocking when he heard Joseph chuckle

“Only that? I’ve actually killed two people” he said. Before Caesar could say a thing, he heard a slight snoring. Caesar looked up wondering if Joseph was kidding or not. His tone was calm but with an underlining hint of something Caesar couldn’t pinpoint what… fear maybe? Caesar smirked. Of course he was fearing him. He nearly killed someone and to make himself look tough he lied about killing people.

Joseph opened one eye once he knew Caesar was asleep. He looked to the thing he got earlier and touched it. Forcing a tear away, Joseph fell asleep for real.

The next morning, Joseph woke up to Caesar pushing him hard enough to wake him

“Ow dude what the hell!?”

“Shh, the dorm captain is here” he said and Joseph heard knocking

“You two better not be fighting in there!” he said knocking on the door. Joseph rolled his eyes

“Is this going to be a daily occurrence?” Joseph asked Caesar softly and Caesar groaned

“God I hope not” he said as he walked to the door and let him in and sighed, “What is it?”

“Don’t use that tone with me. You brought it on yourselves” he said, “Though I’m not here for that today either. Here, us dorm captains must be sure that all the students get the degree and class booklet” he said giving them the booklets, “Remember don’t fight” he said before leaving

“YoU tWo BeTtEr NoT bE FiGhTiNg iN tHeRe! ReMeMbEr DoN’t FiGhT!” Joseph mocked in the mocking toned and Caesar laughed

“You sounded just like him. A whining asshole” he said and Joseph sent him a smirk

“That was the goal” he said happily before looking to the book. The happiness seemed to drain almost immediately when if finally dawned on him. Shit… this just got real… this is really happening.

“What’s with you?” Caesar asked as they both looked through the booklets, currently sitting at his desk. Joseph silently flipped through the book again and sighed

“I was right… there’s nothing good here” he said out loud unintentionally

“What? Then why are you here?” Caesar asked and saw the look on Joseph’s face again and got pissed, “Don’t tell me… your rich family is forcing you to be here”

“How did you figure that one out?” Joseph asked in a tone of disinterest

“You rich asshole! I have to be here with more than 10 scholarships because this place is so damn expensive! I have to get this degree just to get a decent job that supports my life at the bare minimum! And you’re here telling me you’re only here because your family is forcing you to get a degree!?” Caesar yelled as his anger grew and he left in a rush saying something like he couldn’t be in a room with an entitled rich spoiled brat for much longer.

Joseph sighed and looked at the booklet in his hands before tossing it on the ground. Sitting on his bed, Joseph groaned, head in his hands, “Shit… this really isn’t fair”

A few hours later, Joseph was awoken by a knock at the door. Groaning he sat up dazed slightly after not remembering falling to sleep in the first place. He then recalled knocking at the door. A smirk formed on his lips as he was hoping Caesar forgot his key and was forced to need his help to let him back in. He opened the door and was disappointed that it was his brother not Caesar

“Oh, it’s you” Joseph said going to sit on the chairs

“Oh come on, is that any way at seeing your big brother? Aren’t you excited to see me?”

“Unless you take me out of this shit hell, then no” Joseph said and Jonathan sighed

“I’m not doing that”

“Then I ain’t excited” Joseph said and saw Jonathan sigh again shaking his head, “Why are you even here? It’s only been two days”

“Grandma wanted to know how you are doing and you know her. Texts and calls mean nothing” Jonathan said, “So how’s your living situation? You got a roommate right? Are you two getting along?”

“… The guy is an utter asshole” Joseph said and Jonathan groaned

“Don’t lie. You are not getting out of here and that is final” Jonathan said

“I wasn’t!” Joseph yelled before sighing because it was pointless to talk to a family that doesn’t allow you to have a voice.

“… What degree are you planning to get?”

 “I haven’t decided. Everything sounds like shit” Joseph finished and Jonathan was about to say something else when he turned to see what Joseph had on his wall and grew angry and frustrated

With Caesar, he cooled down enough to return to his dorm when he saw a guy he didn’t know exit his room in a rush of frustration. Caesar walked into his room and saw Joseph in tears

“Oh” Joseph said wiping his tears with the palm of his hand once he saw Caesar, “Hey Caesarino, I didn’t think you’d be back so soon”

“Who was that guy?”

“My older brother” Joseph said, “Your next line is ‘crying to your brother to get out of college, that’s sadder than paying women to date”

Caesar ‘Tch’ed, “Crying to your brother to get out of—” Caesar gasped and glared slightly at him causing Joseph to chuckle

“Thanks, that always cheers me up” he said grabbing a comic book and sitting down on his black bean bag chair. Caesar was about to say something when they heard another knock. Caesar answered it and saw two people

“Is a Joseph Joestar here?” the guy in a hat asked and Joseph looked up and gasped in shock

“Jotaro! Kakyoin! What are you guys doing here!?” Joseph asked running up to them and nearly tackled them into a hug, “It’s been way too long! Why are you guys here?”

“On business” Jotaro said and Kakyoin

“Jotaro being the man of little words I’ll fill in, we are here on business for Jotaro’s job but we came here on time off to see you” Kakyoin said

“Yare yare daze” Jotaro said pulling his hat down to block anyone to view his eyes and Joseph laughed

“Sweet! How are you guys?” Joseph asked and they exchanged their “I’m good”s  before Jotaro looked to Caesar

“Who’s he?” Jotaro asked and those eyes to Caesar looked very analytical… it was a little unnerving

“He’s my roommate Caesar” Joseph said and as Jotaro said “ah”, Joseph turned to Caesar, “Jotaro’s my Cousin, and this is his best friend Kakyoin”

‘Ah another Joestar’

“Before you say anything Caesar, Jotaro’s last name isn’t Joestar”

Jotaro and Kakyoin looked confused as Caesar looked annoyed. What does Joseph also read minds?

“Ah! So you two are like Jonathan and Dio!” Kakyoin said causing Joseph to groan

“Will you guys stop it with the ‘Dio and Jonathan’ thing!? GAHH!”

“Someone already made the comparison?” Kakyoin asked

“Speedwagon” Joseph said looking to the side causing Jotaro to smirk

“Wise man he is” Jotaro said and Kakyoin chuckled; both earning a glare from Joseph. Jotaro was not about to continue the conversation because he didn’t know a thing about this “Caesar” but he can sense something with him

“A full blooded Joestar is 100% British. I’m half Japanese, a fourth British and a fourth Italian” Jotaro said and Joseph smiled

“I totally forgot Holly’s mother was Italian!” Joseph said and Jotaro smiled before Kakyoin looked to the time

“Jotaro, it’s almost time” Kakyoin said

“Right.” Jotaro said and turned to Joseph, “We’re here for a few more days so…” Jotaro trailed off and Joseph knew what he meant and smiled

“Yeah, I’ll call you later” he said and they nodded before excusing themselves to leave

Caesar huffed, “Business huh? You mean money counting?”

Joseph glared at him, “For your information bright-guy, he is a marine biologist”

Caesar sensed two different types of emotions in that statement. One was to knock Caesar down a notch or two with his so called ‘knowledge’ on the Joestar family. The other one he knew was there but he didn’t know what it was, “What are you so upset about?”

“… He gets to do what he wants” Joseph said and Caesar was going to say something on the lines of how pathetic he was being for being force to go to college when he clearly doesn’t want to be there but he sensed more to it

“What do you mean?” he felt himself ask without his permission

“…Nothing” Joseph said looking at his object and sighed, “Nothing at all” he finished before leaving. Caesar looked to the object and questioned why it was important to Joseph and why he looked to it when things like this were brought up in discussion

“…What’s so important about an image of the cockpit of a plane?”


Chapter Text

That night, Joseph came back and saw Caesar sit on his bed and went to sit on his bed.


“What is it?” Caesar asked leaning over to see Joseph

“I know you think my family is forcing me to be here” Joseph said and Caesar rolled his eyes

“What’s new?”

“…You’re right”

“Tch… of course I am”

“But.. the reason is different than what you think it is” Joseph sighed and looked up to Caesar, “That’s all I wanted to say”

“What else besides that?” Caesar asked curious

“… Being forced to be here when I wanted to go somewhere else” Joseph said sighing, “That’s all I have to say on this subject, so don’t bring it up again” Joseph finished and even though the words can be depicted as being rude the tone wasn’t… it was almost as if… it reminded Caesar of

“Y-yeah sure”

“Thank you” Joseph muttered out before going to sleep. All the sudden he felt himself being shook awake

“Ngh… what?”

“Dorm captain is coming here” Caesar said

“Why so late?” Joseph groaned and Caesar huffed and rolled his eyes

“It is 8am”

“Shit… doesn’t feel like it” Joseph said getting up to a sitting position, “Why is he coming here?”

“You don’t remember? Today is the day that the dorm staff are coming around to collect what you want to do… it’s mandatory, you’ll be expelled if you don’t… that or the dorm captain will choose which major you’ll take and he’s an asshole.”

“God.. those both sound terrible” Joseph said and then grew pale and looked through the catalogue, “Shit! I can’t choose!” he said and Caesar looked at the panic that Joseph was in and growled

“Can you be quiet!? I do NOT need to start the day with a headache!” Caesar yelled and Joseph pouted

“Don’t be mean! I don’t know what to take!” Joseph said hearing the dorm staff come closer, “SHIT WHAT AM I GOING TO DO CAESAR!?”

“SHUT UP!” Caesar yelled and Joseph looked to him with a pathetic worry and panic and he sighed feeling bad, “alright, calm down. There is the general degree. Apply for that. It is still a degree, just not one targeting any area of study as a whole. Later if you find something you want, you can change it”

“Really!?” Joseph asked and smiled, “Sweet! Thanks Caesarino! You saved me from that dick giving me a degree I will hate… that or” Joseph said shivering

“Or?” Caesar asked and Joseph chuckled nervously

“You don’t want to know” Joseph said and Caesar actually did but oh well and shook his head when Joseph thanked him again

“Yeah, yeah” Caesar said waving his hand, “I simply didn’t want a headache”

“But you could have let them expel me! That tells me you don’t know actually hate me as much as you seem to put on” Joseph said smiling and Caesar huffed but not in anger for once.

“That’s in your imagination”

“Is it?” Joseph asked and Caesar didn’t get the chance to reply when Joseph opened the door to the dorm captain

“So there isn’t any more fights has there?”

Joseph and Caesar groaned, “Can’t you say anything else when coming in here?”

“No because”

“Let me guess your next line is ‘I have to since you two broke the record of how long a physical fight took place between roommates’”

“I have to since you two broke the record of how long a physical fight took place between roommates” he said gasping and Caesar rolled his eyes and Joseph smiled

“That never gets old” Joseph said and the dorm captain glared

“I do not need to have my sentences being analyzed by some idiot” the captain said and Caesar growled

“Don’t talk to him like that, sure it is annoying, but at least he isn’t a passive aggressive asshole” Caesar said and the dorm captain growled at him and gave him the forms. Caesar handed one to Joseph and whispered something on the lines of ‘be sure to use a pen and take a picture of it’ glancing at the dorm captain as if telling Joseph ‘otherwise he will change our degree choices and get away with it’

Both of them sat at their desks and filled out the form 100% and took pictures of their documents. They then gave their documents to him and he put Caesar’s up front

“Ink and a picture too” he said and smirked, “You must really not trust anyone. You really aren’t going to make it in the real world”

Caesar growled but was cut off when the dorm captain laughed as he looked to Joseph’s

“The general degree? You’re really quite stupid. You really must be rich since if you were smart enough to get in here on your own you will realize there is a $1,000 fee just to change your degree and that the general degree is shit! Goodluck finding a job with that degree Dumb Fuck”

“Don’t talk to him that way!” Caesar yelled, “So what if he is rich!? He’s smart by taking this degree. While everyone is frantically looking for a degree they want before you show up because of the fear of expulsion, Joseph can relax and take his time to find the degree he wants. A $1,000 to him is like mere pennies! So don’t talk shit about him!” Caesar yelled

“Oh? And what about you? I clearly remember what you two were yelling at each other about the fight. You’re one to talk.” the dorm captain said and looked to Caesar to see the dead serious ‘I’ll fuck you up’ look in Caesar’s eyes

“Get. The. Fuck. Out.” Caesar said in a tone that matched his pissed off look. The dorm captain left rather quickly because his fear took over his sense of that if Caesar did fight anyone he would be expelled

Caesar growled, “That guy is such a fucking asshole. I mean what does he have a porcupine lodged in his ass?” he hissed out in anger as his arms were expressing his words of anger. Then he looked to Joseph and saw he was shocked and silent and confusedly asked “What?”

“…Did you just stick up for me?”

Caesar had wide eyes as he realized, “No!”

“You totally did!” Joseph yelled smiling and Caesar huffed and crossed his arms

“Well he had no right. Out of everyone here so far, he’s the one I hate the most. His passive aggressive attitude is hell”

“So you don’t hate me as much as you thought! I knew it!”

“That doesn’t mean what I said isn’t true about you”

“To that asshole or in general?”

“In general” Caesar said and Joseph shook his head smiling

“Wouldn’t have it any other way. Thanks” Joseph said

“Yeah well, anything to get that guy off of that pathetic high-horse of his” Caesar said, “I hate that guy. He’s a passive aggressive dick”

“He is… but lets remember what Speedwagon said. Let’s get on his good side if he has one” Joseph said and Caesar nodded

“Yeah, there is no doubt in my mind he would have changed our degrees we chose because he hated us” Caesar said and Joseph nodded

“Speaking of that, which degree are you going for?”


“Oof, teaching sounds boring, no offense”

“It is boring”

“Then why pick it?” Joseph asked confused

“I was going for my strengths. Italian is my first language so being an Italian teacher is best suited with my skill set I already have” Caesar said and saw Joseph take in what he said and smiled, “After all being good at what you do will bring the money in” he said sighing

“But I bet it sounds weird to a rich person, doesn’t it?” Caesar said and Joseph sensed no malice in his tone. Maybe his anger was all spent on their dorm captain. After all, he never seen Caesar get that angry even when Suzie-Q rejected him.

“You do know, if you don’t have any interests in any of the degrees here, play to your strengths. That’s if you have any” Caesar said smirking and Joseph glared

“I do have strengths” Joseph said

“In?” Caesar said and Joseph did a really quick glance at the object and back

“…Nothing they have to offer here” Joseph said and Caesar couldn’t help but see that second glance towards the picture on Joseph’s wall… so he knew it can’t be ‘playing video games’ or ‘read comics’ like his judgmental mind was referring to… but seriously, what does that picture have to do with anything?

 “Well, don’t be here this evening, I’m going to be with someone” Caesar said and Joseph rolled his eyes

“Of course you are Casanova” Joseph said before Caesar could retaliate Joseph continued, “Just put a sock on the door handle whenever you have a women here”

“Good idea. When we have women here for that we will put a sock on the door so the other will know to stay away” Caesar said shaking Joseph’s hand before smirking, “That is if you can get any you ‘don’t’ pay for” he mocked before chuckling as he was leaving. Joseph growled and ran to the door

“Fuck you! I’ll show you!” Joseph said shutting the door. Once the door was shut Joseph silently started to freak out, “Oh no…”

Joseph grabbed his head, “Oh no. Oh no! This is bad… this is bad” he said groaning, “Why did I have to suggest that?” he asked knowing full well what the problem is and will be… guess he would need to fake sometimes, “I can’t let that asshole show me up”

He then remembered what Suzie-Q said about him acting like Caesar’s judgments and his mind switched the words to the current situation at hand. Damn it… faking this would look so bad on so many levels… let alone if he got caught. The embarrassment alone would be hell times two. His little newly developed Suzie-Qonscience (Suzie Q+ conscience) is truly a gift.. or was it a curse? Joseph shook his head. Most definitely a gift. If he did what he wanted... getting caught would be terrible; Caesar would never let him live it down and this place would be even more hellish.  Joseph groaned and yawned. Deciding it was still too early, Joseph fell face first into his mattress falling asleep almost immediately.


Chapter Text

Chapter 11

That evening, Joseph walking to his dorm complex after going to the student center for food that was practically way too expensive for what it was worth. Half a sandwich the size of his fist was fifteen bucks. That shit isn’t even good quality. The fine-dining establishments were quite expensive but they got what it was worth; in both amount and quality. Joseph sighed and ate his mediocre sandwich as he got to his dorm. Walking down the hall, he stopped almost close to the door. He saw a sock on the door handle and groaned

“…Right.” He said leaving. He looked around and wondered where he was supposed to go… when a thought crossed his mind, “Right!”

He happily got out his phone and called Kakyoin and heard him answer

“Hey Kakyoin!” Joseph said before Kakyoin could say a thing and heard a chuckle on the other end

‘So quick to talk like always, eh Joseph?’

Joseph laughed, “Pretty much”

‘So, what’s up?’

“Uhmm…. May I… I mean would it be ok to crash wherever you guys are staying tonight?”


Joseph was silent and Kakyoin was making tiny panic noises

‘I mean of course you can! Not that you can’t I just want to know why’

Joseph laughed, “Calm down, I didn’t take it that you didn’t want me too… I was thinking how to say that my roommate has a girl over tonight without making it sound bad”

‘Oh… oh. Oh! Err Hey Jotaro is it alright if your cousin stays with us? His roommate is y’know, ok great! Jotaro said it was fine! We’re at the Delightful Divine Dreamingly Distinguished Coziness Inn otherwise known as the D4C’

“Daaaaang that’s a lot of Ds” Joseph said and Kakyoin laughed

‘I know, so D4C is what is best known for. Apparently the guy really likes AC/DC especially the song Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheep, anyways our room number is 568’

“Heheheheh only one more number up” Joseph said smirking and heard even Jotaro chuckle slightly at that

‘You two are such perverts!’ Kakyoin said in the ‘I don’t know what to do with you two’ tone of voice

“Hee! Well I’m on my way over. Be there soon, and thanks again”

‘No problem’ he said hanging up. Joseph put his phone in his pocket and walked to the hotel and room. He knocked on the door and Kakyoin opened it

“Hi Joseph” Kakyoin said letting him in, “Sorry if the room is a little small, this place was closer to our business destination than anywhere else”

“No, it’s fine” Joseph said looking around, it was small with one bed but, “I’m just glad you let me stay on such short notice, thank you”

“Of course” Kakyoin said and turned to Jotaro who was sitting in a comfortable chair ad a small table typing away on his computer, “Jotaro, Joseph’s here” he finished and Jotaro raised a hand to show he was listening but went back to typing

“Wow… he’s distracted, what’s he doing? He hasn’t even looked up” Joseph asked and Kakyoin smiled

“His work” he said like it was the average thing. Nothing like what Joseph thought. He thought Jotaro was doing something fun… and what confused Joseph the most was when he saw a smile on Jotaro’s face.

“…Smiling at work… I don’t get it” Joseph said and Jotaro looked up from his laptop

“It’s for my job” Jotaro said and looked to his work and his eyes shone, “It’s fun”

Joseph huffed, “Yeah right. Work is the least fun thing out there. It’s boring”

“You would probably do the same thing with that dream degree you wanted to pursue” Jotaro said with a shrug

“Work is gross regardless. I hate work; always have and always will” Joseph said and Jotaro smirked

“Maybe then it isn’t your true passion; you just haven’t found it yet”

“Jotaro!” Kakyoin said trying to calm down the rapidly growing situation

“That is what I want to do! More than anything!” Joseph said

“You haven’t tried hard enough” Jotaro said, “You wouldn’t fully enjoy something you want to do unless you work hard at it; working hard makes it all the worthwhile”

“…I wouldn’t know that… they are stopping me from getting it” Joseph said and Jotaro looked him dead in the eye

“If someone didn’t want me to become a marine biologist I would fight them non-stop until I got what I want” Jotaro said, “You would be fighting a lot harder than what you are doing” he continued and Kakyoin was about to butt in to diffuse the situation again when Joseph talked

“Are you actually saying I haven’t fought for it at all?” Joseph said getting angry and Jotaro shook his head

“That isn’t even remotely close to what I said”

“You know I tried to fight for it… but…” Joseph sighed out, “But grandma and Jonathan wouldn’t support me if I left to pursue my dreams… I can’t make it on my own… my grades suck so I wouldn’t be able to get scholarships, and I can’t work enough to make the money I need for school let alone go to classes at the same time… I thought of everything… everything involved their support…” Joseph said and laughed, “I just didn’t think that would have happened, y’know…”

Jotaro thought, “Tell me would you have worked hard to get that degree?”

“Huh? No way. Hard work is gross, besides I have some talents in it”

“Then that isn’t your true passion. Trust me, when the time comes you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about” Jotaro said and muttered something on the lines of Joseph passion lies elsewhere (in Japanese). Joseph huffed

“Come on you two, how about—?” Kakyoin said when both of them heard Joseph speak

“I don’t want to go elsewhere” Joseph muttered

Jotaro made a slight face before sharing a look with Kakyoin and Kakyoin had the same look before shrugged. Jotaro shrugged and went back to work. Kakyoin turned to Joseph with a smile

“Well he’ll be like that for a while, so would you like to do something?”

“Uh… sure” Joseph said confused but shook it off and turned his gaze from Jotaro to Kakyoin and smiled, “How about watching movies?”

“Sounds great but only under one condition”

“Which is?” Joseph asked seeing Kakyoin’s smile turn to a playful smirk

“Shitty scary movies” Kakyoin said and Joseph laughed

“Shitty scary movies!”


Chapter Text

Chapter 12:

“Hey Jotaro, we’re taking the car” Kakyoin said and without looking up from the computer Jotaro reached in his pocket and tossed the keys to Kakyoin. Kakyoin caught them with a grin

“Let’s go!” Kakyoin said grabbing Joseph’s wrist and wen to the car. On the way to the movie store, Kakyoin looked to Joseph while driving

“So, I’m taking you don’t like your roommate?” Kakyoin asked and saw Joseph huff and cross his arms, “I guess that is a yes”

“Of course!” Joseph said groaning, “The guy was literally the least person I wanted as a roommate”


“He got pissed off when he saw my bag… you know the one that my grandma gave all her grandsons” he said, “The one with our last name on it”

“Why though?”

“Why did he get angry? He hates my family because we’re rich” he said, “He even thought my lesbian friend rejecting him was all because I ‘paid her’ to do it”

“Oh… wow” Kakyoin said and chuckled


“You’re going to hate me, but you seriously remind me of Jonathan and Dio” Kakyoin said and Joseph groaned/whined deeply and he laughed, “Seriously! Jotaro and I were over once when they were 14 and Jonathan was so adamant about Dio stealing his friends when it wasn’t even like that at all”

“How old were you guys?”

“5” he said, “Jotaro was the type to analyze anything including people at that age. He still does” Kakyoin said

“What does that have to do with anything though? You probably remembered wrong, what were you guys like 3?”

“5 actually. You know Jotaro’s analyzing ability? Where he analyzes everyone and everything, he was the same way at that age” Kakyoin said, “That’s honestly how we even became friends in the first place. No one liked me because I was weird and Jotaro came along and said he liked me because he saw I was a good guy! He even loved my green iguana called Hierophant Green. He glared at everyone and everyone was scared of him. He wasn’t though he came to my room and walked up to him and petted him; something he loves. He was one of the first people in my life to understand everything about me because he is so analytical”

Kakyoin laughed, “I guess I’m rambling… well Jotaro saw the hate for the Joestar family in your roommate but he also saw something more there too”

“But what does that have to do with Dio and Jonathan and how it relates to me and that ass I have as a roommate?”

“After the judgments and the coming to the truths about each other, they became best friends” Kakyoin said, “It didn’t take too long either”

Kakyoin smiled, “So wait, I really do think you two will have a great friendship in no time at all”

“You know I’m not entirely against the idea… he’s actually kind of hot” Joseph said with a slight blush and Kakyoin laughed, “Do not say it” Joseph said glaring and Kakyoin only laughed more.

“I wasn’t going to say anything”

“You were too. I can predict what others will say with 90-100% accuracy. You know that” Joseph said and Kakyoin smiled

“You caught me” Kakyoin said and Joseph sighed

“I don’t think he would be down with the idea honestly. It’s not like I pissed him off on purpose… it was literally only my existence in the Joestar family that made him mad.”

“Th—” Kakyoin started before seeing a store and made a quick u-turn and stopped in the parkinglot

“What are you doing? Why are we at the grocery store?” Joseph asked and saw Kakyoin turn to him with a smile

“What goes perfect with shitty scary movies?” Kakyoin asked and Joseph got excited

“Shitty junk food! Awesome!”

They ran into the store and stocked up on plenty of junk food including multiple salty foods and a ton of candy and surgery treats. They then went to the movie store where Joseph found the greatest of all terrible horror movies

“Kakyoin look!” Joseph basically yelled and Kakyoin across the store quickly went to him

“Joseph we’re in a store we should be qui—” he cut himself off from saying “quiet” when he saw the movie in the grinning boy’s hand and laughed

“Perfect!” the movie was none other than Chillerama, the horror movies parodying off of different sexual tropes. They also found Birdemic, Sharknado, Jack Frost, Leprechaun, Trolls 2, Killer Clowns from Outer Space

“These should last” Kakyoin said as they walked from the car to their room holding the massive amounts of snacks and movies. They put everything on the bed and Joseph looked to Jotaro who was still typing away

“…This isn’t going to annoy him is it?”

“Hmm?” Kakyoin asked looking to Jotaro who had a pair of headphones on Kakyoin knew oh so well and smiled, “Nah, he is wearing his 100% sound proof headphones. If there is an explosion 100ft away he wouldn’t even budge

“Isn’t that dangerous?” he asked and Kakyoin laughed

“At home we have the best guard dog in the world. Star Platinum. I feel bad if any intruder comes into our house unannounced” Kakyoin said

“If you say so” Joseph said. “Time for some terrible movies!” Joseph said popping one into the TV

Jotaro, later in the night, had to take his eyes from the computer. He strained them too long. He blinked and looked around and saw Kakyoin and Joseph laughing their asses off not being able to eat the things they had in their hands from the laughter. He turned to the TV and saw this giant sperm monster thing. Having slightly wide eyes, he slowly turned to the two who were still laughing. He huffed and shook his head before going back to work.

Once Jotaro got finished with his work, he looked to the two and saw they were fast asleep. He looked to the clock where it said it was almost 4am

“Shit…” he said rubbing his eyes, “I didn’t realize it took that long” he said softly to himself and sighed when he realized that this is the umpteenth time he had done this to Kakyoin… and that he had to find a way to apologize to him. He also needed to thank his cousin. If it weren’t for Joseph’s company… Kakyoin would have been bored with nothing to do like… normal. Jotaro shivered at the word “normal”. He needed to stop working so much if it is beginning to be the norm of working and ignoring the best thing that ever happened to him. Jotaro got up and went over to put a blanket on the two boys and gently kissed Kakyoin’s head causing is redhaired lover to smile and shift slightly

“I promise I’ll make it up to you when we get back to Japan” he whispered before turning off the TV, the other two forgot to turn off. He returned to his chair and fell asleep once he saved his work

The next morning came, Kakyoin woke up with a yawn and saw Joseph sleeping next to him and turned to see Jotaro sitting at his computer working with some coffee

“Please tell me you actually got some sleep this time” Kakyoin said and Jotaro turned to him

“Yeah” Jotaro said mentioning it isn’t quite early as it was nearing noon, “I did work until 4, so I got maybe 3 hours of sleep”

“Jotaro, what am I going to do with you?” Kakyoin asked when he realized something, “Wait… you didn’t sleep in the chair did you?” Kakyoin asked seeing him nod and Kakyoin looked back to the bed and nearly gasped

“Oh… oh my god. Jotaro I’m so sorry… I never intended for either of us to take your spot” he said feeling terrible he forced Jotaro to sleep in the chair

“No Kakyoin you don’t have to apologize. I should be the one apologizing. I didn’t intend for work to take that long… again… I really am sorry”

Kakyoin chuckled and got up and walked to Jotaro wrapping his arms around him from the back. “I’ve never been mad about you working Jotaro… sometimes it gets a little frustrating, but I wouldn’t have it any other way”

“What but why?” Jotaro asked confused and Kakyoin kissed his temple

“It’s your passion Jotaro and I want to be there with you to support you all the way” Kakyoin said and Jotaro blushed slightly

“You’re amazing”

“I love you too” Kakyoin said and they were about to kiss when Joseph woke up

“Ngh… what time…?” he asked looking at the bed and slapped his hands on his face, “Oh my god! Jotaro I swear nothing— wait what time is it?”

Jotaro and Kakyoin chuckled, “It’s about noon”

“Shit that late already?” Joseph said rubbing the back of his head, “I guess I should be heading back…”

“Alright” Jotaro and Kakyoin said and Joseph sighed and looked to Jotaro

“I’m sorry for taking your spot all night” Joseph said as he truly felt bad by it, “Would you mind if I take a quick shower before leaving?”

“Yeah sure”

As Joseph took a shower, Jotaro was talking to Kakyoin

“So don’t say a thing about what really happened alright?” Jotaro said and Kakyoin laughed and nodded

“So deceiving~”

“It’s to help him” Jotaro said and Joseph came out and that’s when Jotaro began the plan, “I don’t see any reason why you would be sorry that you slept on the bed”

“Why? Are you and Kakyoin having problems and he kicked you out to the dog house?” Joseph asked and Kakyoin chuckled deeply as Jotaro sputtered

“No!” Jotaro basically yelled and sighed, “The reason why you shouldn’t be sorry is that I worked all night long. I’m actually still working on what I need to work on”

Joseph was utterly confused, “Why?”

“Because I like my job and it’s fun” he said and Kakyoin smiled when Joseph looked confused

“When you find what you want to do, there will be a lot of sleepless nights” Kakyoin said

“Hard-work is gross and I refuse to stay up all night for it whatsoever” Joseph said

“You’ll see” Jotaro said and Joseph sighed

“I’m still confused” Joseph said and when Jotaro was about to speak, “Yes because of the whole you think I would work hard thing… but you’re also with your boyfriend. Shouldn’t you stop work every once in a while when you meet someone you like? Not that I know considering I hate work and I haven’t met anyone I liked before… but it doesn’t seem worth it…” Joseph said and Kakyoin and Jotaro was stunned silent and Joseph smiled

“Hey! Kakyoin mentioned last night that you don’t have work or conferences planned today since this is the last day before you go back, you should go somewhere fun together!” Joseph said and Jotaro nodded

“I guess you are right” Jotaro said and the light in Kakyoin and Joseph’s eyes did not go unnoticed when Jotaro proposed to take both Kakyoin and Joseph out to an amusement park that Kakyoin wanted to go to. Joseph respectfully declined

“I can’t. I would love to… but I think grandma and Jonathan wouldn’t like it, besides I have to deal with some things of my own” he said but grinned and left with saying the last note of “have a great date~!”

Kakyoin and Jotaro watched Joseph leave and Kakyoin leaned on Jotaro’s shoulder

“He’s kind of like you, he does have that analyzing ability you have” Kakyoin said, “I guess I’m not far off base considering you said he would be like you. Did you mean doing what you do?”

“Being a marine biologist? Him? I highly doubt that one” Jotaro said and Kakyoin laughed

“No, I know he would never go after that type of degree, I meant the ‘working so hard on something the point of sleepless nights. It doesn’t sound like him at all” Kakyoin said and smiled, “You think differently huh?”

“Yeah. Not now though. He thinks this change is the worst for him, but it is a really good change” he said, “I do see passion in his eyes with that degree… but lately I see a difference”

“Isn’t that because of your family not wanting him to get that degree?” Kakyoin asked, “It’s sad… he can’t pursue what he wants to do because of what happened… if that didn’t happen they would be more open about him getting it…”

“But it did happen” Jotaro said and sighed, “That wasn’t the point I was trying to come up with. Yes, his views on the degree are different now… he has a sadness onlook to it now because he can’t obtain it”

“What did you mean then?”

“I just know in my gut that he is going to find something better there”

“Something better than a childhood dream?” Kakyoin asked and Jotaro nodded

“It may be a degree program, or a lover, or both. Whatever it is; it will fill the void he feels like he has in his heart. He might not know it, but it will happen” Jotaro said and Kakyoin nodded smiling

“I hope” Kakyoin said and smiled more, “So are you really taking me on that amusement park date?”

“I wouldn’t lie about that” he said going to the table, “I just need to save these files and put my computer up and we’re good to go”

“Awesome!” Kakyoin said and once anything work related were saved they left on their fun amusement park date all thanks to Joseph

Kakyoin smirked when they got into the car, “I bet you didn’t see him nailing you down with faults as you did him”

Jotaro sighed, “Shut up”


Chapter Text

Chapter 13

Joseph returned to his dorm room to be instantly confronted by Caesar

“Where were you?”

“Haven’t even entered the room for one second dude” he said and he smirked, “That must mean you missed me~”

“You’re sure are late” he said ignoring Joseph’s last comment, “(you must have thought I would go all night long. So perfect I must say)”

“Tch, you wish” Joseph said earning a confused look from Caesar, “If you must know where I was. I was crashing in the hotel room my cousin and his friend were staying at” Joseph said smirking not noticing Caesar’s confusion continued with a smirk

“Fun night of watching shitty horror movies, man you should have—” Joseph cut himself off when he saw the confused look on Caesar’s face, “What?”

“What did I say?” Caesar asked and Joseph looked confused

“What? You just said it, so you should know”

“Just tell me” Caesar muttered

“Something about how I was thinking you can go it for hours. I mean dude I was up until like 2 in the morning and got up like” Joseph said checking the time, “not even a full hour ago”

“Do you know Italian?” Caesar asked

“No, why?”

“I said that in Italian, so you must know it” Caesar said and Joseph huffed out in ‘are you for real?’ type of tone

“Dude, the only language I know is English. I’m not one to know this since I don’t know any other language but wouldn’t it be more plausible that you said it in English when you thought you said it in Italian?” Joseph asked

“Hmm…” Caesar said before leaving for the day as well as Joseph

That evening, Joseph came walking through the dorm building’s entrance when down the hall he saw the sock on the door again

“You have to be kidding me” Joseph said sighing and called Jotaro explaining his situation. Unfortunately, they were about to board the plane back home since there was an unexpected emergency with their cousin, Josuke. Joseph found himself next at the fountain again sighing out not knowing where to go. He left his wallet in his room.

“Hey Jojo!” Joseph turned to see Ali running to him, “Why are you out here so late?”

“Trying to find a place to stay for the night” he said and Ali rolled her eyes

“What did your roommate do now?” she asked in a tone that made Joseph chuckle

“Well we sort of made a pact… accidentally”

“How do you make a pact accidentally? Wait, what was the pact? Was it him not being a dick?”

That made Joseph laugh, “No… well yesterday he told me he was bringing a girl over and I didn’t want  to hear about it… long story short I told him to put a sock on the door every time he brings women and he took it as for both of us”

“Good going” Ali said blankly, “I’m taking he is with someone now?”

“Yep” Joseph said sighing, “Well I should go look for somewhere to crash”

“I’m on my way back to my dorm, want to come with? You can stay the night”

“You sure?”

“Suzie and I would love you to come stay with us” Ali said smiling, “So the pact’s your idea?”

“No way, he grabbed my hand and basically made me shake on it as he said it… what could I do? I can’t actually tell him the truth can I?”

“Idiots” she muttered before laughing and Joseph humphed

“Don’t laugh at me” he whined playfully as they began their walk to her dorm. When they walked into the dorm, Suzie-Q was pleasantly surprised to see Joseph

“Hey Ali! Hey Jojo!” Suzie-Q said happily, “What brings you here?”

“This idiot made a pact with that roommate of his. A sock over the handle every time they bring women for some nightly fun. He needs a place to stay” Ali said and Suzie-Q looked at Jojo blankly

“… Really?” Suzie-Q asked and sighed, “I would love to see you pull that one off”

“You guys are mean!” He whined out and they laughed

“But we love you~!” they said

“I do too” he said and Suzie-Q looked at him with a look and he sighed, “I already went over this… I managed to turn you into my sub-conscious being… so you already told me not to…”

“Good” she said grinning, “Wanna play Super Fight?”

“Heck Yeah!”

After many rounds of playing of the card game, everyone eventually fell asleep. Ali and Suzie-Q decided to sleep together so Joseph could take one of the beds rather than managing to sleep on the floor.

That next morning, Joseph decided to go back once he and the girls woke up. It was best for him to get back earlier just in case bitchy dorm captain didn’t stop by and harass them for Joseph not being there or something ridiculous. He walked in to see Caesar sitting on his bed

“Morning” Joseph decided to see

“Where were you?” Caesar asked

“Why should I tell you? It’s none of your business. Besides, you would probably hate me even more if I told you” Joseph said and saw Caesar grow angry and sighed and thought ‘here it comes’ with a roll of the eyes

“Your two girlfriends. Why am I not surprise? Paying women again?” he asked

“How could I? My wallet was here. Plus I’m not a sex-driven maniac like you are apparently” Joseph said and he knew he struck a chord

“Oh fuck you”

“You would” Joseph said laughing when Caesar glared at him more, “Calm down dude, I was kidding. I kid a lot so you should get used to it” he said sitting on one of his bean bag chairs but sat to look at Caesar

“If I truly thought you are a sex maniac only after two times within two days that would be pathetic and sad. Especially when I’ve seen worse”

That got Caesar’s attention, “Worse?”

“One of the ‘perks’ of having an older brother double your age” Joseph said and chuckled, “One time I remember he was in his room four different times in one day”

“Damn… that’s a lot” he said and Joseph laughed

“I know right!” Joseph gave a toothy grin, “The title of ‘sex-driven maniac’ belongs to my brother’s fiancé. Nearly killed me when I accidentally walked in on them at the age of 7” he said seeing Caesar being quiet which didn’t sit right with him for some reason so he changed the subject

“So… anyways, school starts soon right?” Joseph asked and never thought of the day that he would bring school up in an attempt for Caesar to talk to him

“Yeah, 6 more days.” He said and Joseph silently cursed

“…We get our schedules sooner?” Joseph asked

“Tomorrow” Caesar said with a nod


Later that evening, both were in the room and Caesar looked to Joseph and kind of wanted to be a trolling ass

“So you paid them once you got your wallet then left, right?”

Joseph groaned deeply, “How are you still on that? Seriously. You are beginning to sound like a broken record player” he said looking to Caesar dead in the eye, “It’s not like I ask if you constantly have a stick up your ass”

“I don’t have a—”

“Judging others when you barely know them, mostly wrong yeah?” Joseph asked

“Not if it’s true”

“Tell me what’s true then” Joseph challenged

“Rich people paying for what they want all the time”

“Che. You might know a typical rich family, but you don’t know my family dude” Joseph said and it was Caesar’s turn to challenge

“What makes you so sure I am wrong?”

“You saw my last name on my bag once and you judged me for it. That’s evidence enough. Besides when you were laughing when those snobby girls ignored me you would have seen if I offered any money, did you see that?”

Caesar had to think, “No” that was the only true answer he came up with.

“Thank you” Joseph said in the ‘finally’ tone and sighed, “I’m not one to hold petty grudges. Since we are stuck in the same room for the next three years, do you want to get something to eat? Maybe then we can get to know each other outside of the petty judgements we had when even before we knew each other’s names. Then we can at least tolerate our situation a little more. What do you say?”

Caesar thought about it before saying his answer in a quiet tone that Joseph barely caught, “You better not pay for me.”

“Yay!” Joseph said clapping his hands together, “Where to? Where to?”

“You’re really weird” Caesar said and Joseph laughed

“Now that’s something I can accept!” Joseph said and Caesar rolled his eyes but Joseph continued, “Where to? I’m not picky with any foods”

“I don’t know what’s around here actually… and this place is expensive as hell” Caesar said and sighed, “Sounds weird right?”

“Coming from a rich person, this place is expensive as hell. They are so stingy on everything. I can get more than what they offer and its actually worth it. Did you see the tiny ass sandwiches for that price? that’s ridiculous.” Joseph said and Caesar laughed

“Glad you agree” Caesar said and Joseph smiled

“I know a good Italian restaurant that isn’t too far from here”

“Oh, so you only picked an ‘Italian’ restaurant because of me being Italian?” Caesar asked seeing Joseph get flustered slightly standing up

“What? That is totally not what I meant!” Joseph said frantically using his arms and hands to frantically do the cross motion, “I only meant that because I thought you would… ah”

Caesar laughed and jumped off his bed and walked to Joseph and tapped him on the shoulder, “Take your own advice and grow a sense of humor”

Joseph looked taken back, “Wha? You were joking? Seriously? You sounded so serious” he said and Caesar smirked

“Oh, ok... ok, fine… I guess the time with the five dollar bill sounded serious… we’re even” Joseph said and Caesar smiled before shaking his head

“Let’s just go” Caesar said

“To the Italian restaurant?” Joseph asked and Caesar nodded. They went out to eat and decided to talk about minor things. They didn’t want the other to know the major aspects of their lives such as on a personal level. However, afterwards, they still didn’t like each other but they did see their situation more tolerable than before… not by much though

“That was so good. I haven’t had spaghetti in a long time” Joseph said walking into their dorm and Caesar huffed

“It was good, but to experience the best Italian foods you must go to Italy” Caesar said

“Ah, but I never claimed it as the best” Joseph said grinning and Caesar smiled

“Touché” Caesar said laying on his bed, “Tomorrow is the start of getting our school since we get our schedules early in the morning. Get some rest”

“… Right” he said groaning and fell to the bed, “I’m so screwed”


Chapter Text

“Wake up”

Joseph got up and groaned, “Yeah?”

“Our dorm captain is here” Caesar said

“Damn, schedules, right” Joseph said rubbing his eyes and crossed his legs on his bed as Caesar let their oh so great dorm captain in

“There hasn’t been any fighting” Joseph and Caesar said not even before he stepped one foot into the room

“Wow, that was so fast I think you two are lying” he said glaring

“Just saving your breath from saying the same old question” Joseph said and Caesar nodded

“You can thank us”

“Watch the tone” he said giving their schedules for the rest of the semester, “Good luck you dumbasses” he said leaving

“We only tried to help you” Caesar called out before shutting the door

“And to think we went out of our way” Joseph said as Caesar handed his schedule to him. Joseph looked to his and saw his schedule

MWF – Math from 8am-8:50am, Business from 12pm-12:50pm, Science from 3pm-3:50pm
TR – Writing from 7am-7:50am, Anatomy from 12:25pm-1:15pm, History from 5pm-5:50pm


Caesar looked at Joseph’s schedule and chuckled, “That’s what you get for applying to the general degree” he said expecting a comeback of ‘you’re the one who told me to apply for it!’

“…I guess you’re right” Joseph muttered and Caesar stopped smiling

“You’re really down about this” he said and Joseph sighed

“I shouldn’t even be here”

“You mean you being forced to be here?”

“…No… er… so what classes did you get?” Joseph asked and Caesar knew he was trying to change the subject and he respected the wishes

“Let’s see” he said showing Joseph his schedule

MTWRF – Italian from 7am-7:50am
MWF – Philosophy from 1pm-1:50pm
TR – Teaching from 8am-8:50am, Anatomy from 12:25pm-1:15pm, History from 5pm-5:50

“Hey, it looks like we got the same anatomy class and history class” Caesar said and Joseph nodded

“You got 1 class less than me, damn you’re lucky”

“I also got a class every day”

“In a language you already know” Joseph said

“That’s true” Caesar said, “But maybe one of those classes will give you an interest in the subject?”

Joseph didn’t know how to respond to that so he just shook his head and Caesar sighed

“Well, I’m going to get my textbooks” Caesar said getting ready to leave

“So soon? Class starts in 6 days, right?” Joseph asked shocked

“Yeah. Getting ready the sooner the better. I want to be prepared for school” he said, “But someone like you probably wouldn’t understand… you don’t even want to be here”

“Hey, I do want to get a degree… just not the ones they offer here” he said and Caesar looked to him

“Why is it that they forced you here when you wanted to go elsewhere?” Caesar said and Joseph let out a sigh

“… It’s nothing” he said

“Joseph” Caesar said

“…Please drop it”

“Fine” Caesar said telling it is a really touchy subject but he didn’t understand why. The bastard’s got money after all.

“May I join you?”

“What?” Caesar asked. That question caught him off guard

“May I join you……... in getting books! I totally meant getting books, nothing else!”

Caesar nearly fell down but laughed hard, “I know what you meant, but why? You seem the type to wait until the last minute”

“That… is true” Joseph said and sighed, “Sooner the better right?”

Caesar knew Joseph meant something on the lines of pleasing his family instead of anything else… Caesar really never looked before. Joseph really did wear his emotions on his sleeves. He just didn’t understand them simply because this guy’s life must have been much easier than most people’s were, having things handed to him on a whim because his family had the money…

“Caesarino? Earth to Caesarino”

Caesar blinked realizing Joseph was waving a hand in front of his face

“You ok?” Joseph asked when he realized Caesar came back to him

“Yeah.” Caesar said and Joseph sighed

“I can get books later I guess” Joseph said going to sit down when Caesar cleared his throat

“Since we have a couple of classes together, maybe getting books together would be beneficial” Caesar said and Joseph smiled

“Great!” he said

“You are really weird”

As they were in the bookstore looking through the horrendously priced books, Caesar and Joseph walked to the history section first to grab their book for class

“Damn… 245 dollars for a dumb book that you can’t even get a fraction back at the end of the semester” Caesar said

“This place is a huge scam” Joseph whispered

“For sure” he said grabbing two books and was handing one to Joseph when he realized the other wasn’t paying attention, “Joseph, what’s wrong?”

“Look” Joseph said and Caesar looked to where Joseph discreetly nudged his head towards and saw their dorm captain

“He’s looking this way” Caesar said and he and Joseph turned to meet the douche’s stare. They sent him a smile before Joseph turned to Caesar with a smirk

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Joseph asked quietly and Caesar nodded, “Follow my lead”

“Thanks Caesar for helping me find my books for class, you’re such a big help” Joseph said louder and Caesar nodded

“But of course, you’re helping me too, I appreciate it pal” he said handing Joseph his book and they walked past their shocked and silently fuming dorm captain to help each other with the rest of their books. Purposefully helping the other out finding their books for classes they don’t have together and paid for them together. They left passed their dorm captain who looked shocked as his friends were, but they were the only ones that saw the hateful underline tone to that look.

Once they got back to the room, they both broke out in laughter

“Did you see his face?” Caesar asked

“Damn that was worth it!” Joseph said high-fiving Caesar and both coughed at how awkward the atmosphere got and Joseph put his books on the desk

“Err… well I’m going out for a while” Joseph said and Caesar nodded putting his books down

“Me too” he said and they left the room

“…Uh… see you later” the two muttered before going into different directions.

Joseph groaned walking back into the dorm building and saw the dreaded sock on the door, “Seriously!?”

Joseph let out a frustrated sigh knowing full well Suzie-Q and Ali were going to be gone for the next 2 days and that he didn’t even have his wallet. He would have called Jonathan but that thought quickly dissipated. The thought of hanging out with Dio gave him a bad taste in his mouth… that and the whole thing with school and talking about it wouldn’t be any better. He was so deep in thought as he was walking away that all the sudden he found himself on the ground. He saw another guy on the ground right in front of him groaning and rubbing his head

“Oww… that hurt” the guy said and saw Joseph on the ground and gasped, “Shit! I’m so sorry! I wasn’t watching where I was going!” He said getting up and helped Joseph up who laughed

“No worries dude! I wasn’t watching where I was going either” he said and gasped when looking at his hair, “HOLY SHIT!”

The guy froze, “What is it!?” he asked thinking he has a bug on him or something


The guy visibly relaxed and laughed, “Damn you scared me for a second I thought I had a spider on my face or something”

“Sorry but your hair is amazing!” Joseph said making the other smile

“You’re one of the first people to say that” he said and Joseph looked shocked

“Are you serious? You actually managed to make your hair defy gravity! That in itself deserves recognition! Those who don’t notice that are idiots” Joseph said and the guy laughed more

“I like you! The name’s Jean Pierre Polnareff!” he said holding his hand out and Joseph shook it

“Joseph Joestar”


Chapter Text

“So Polnareff, why are you out here?” Joseph asked

“Me? My roommate kicked me out” Polnareff said

“Why?” Joseph asked in a tone that sounded like he was considering his roommate to be a jerk and Polnareff sputtered slightly

“D-don’t get me wrong! He’s a great guy!” he said

“Why did he kick you out then?” Joseph asked

“I’m pretty annoying and he wanted to study so he kicked me out for a while, well asked me to leave. Same thing” Polnareff said

“Already studying?” Joseph asked and his tone made Polnareff laugh

“I don’t understand it either! School crap only should start when school officially starts” he said and Joseph nodded

“Finally someone that agrees!” Joseph said and Polnareff nodded high fiving him

“So dude why are you out here? Did your roommate actually kick you out?”

“…Err… not quite… he’s busy”


“Y’know, busy

“Ohhh” Polnareff said in realization, “So I take it you got nowhere to go?”

“My wallet’s in the room” he said

“Ah… that sucks. Hey, you want to go nowhere together? I’m just practically waiting for my roomie to say I can come back” Polnareff said and Joseph smiled

“Sure! Do you want to hang out in that huge grassy field?” Joseph asked and Polnareff nodded

“It would be like camping but without anything”

“We are going nowhere, aren’t we?” Joseph joked and Polnareff laughed

“For sure”

They went to the field and stared talking and not to far into the conversation of college and dorm roommates, Polnareff made a realization

“Holy shit! You and your roommate are the ones who fought!!” Polnareff said and Joseph sweat-dropped

“Let me guess… same dorm complex?” Joseph asked

“Yep, I’m all the way down the hall” he said smirking, “I get to pass all the rooms to get out of the building, poor structure I tell you I mean if there is a fire, there is no exit near us”

“This whole school is at fault for everything” he said sighing, “For a place being expensive as all heck, I would have suspected better structures, and better food and book prices”

“Right!?” Polnareff said raising his arms up dramatically causing Joseph to chuckle until a thought came to his mind and he groaned

“Wait… you… you live all the way down the hall and you still heard us fight?” Joseph whined out, “Were we really that loud?”

Polnareff laughed,“The door was open dude”

“Holy shit! It was!” Joseph said groaning and Polnareff sighed

“Aww man, I owe Avdol 20 bucks!”

“Huh? Who? Why?”

“Avdol’s my roommate. I thought someone killed someone and he didn’t” he said and sighed, “Well I guess if there weren’t any sirens... I fell into that one didn’t I?”

“We were that loud that someone actually thought we murdered each other?” Joseph asked shocked and Polnareff laughed and saw the look Joseph give

“Don’t be sorry dude, I ain’t complaining. It was actually exciting!” Polnareff said, “So what sparked such a loud fight that soon? Uh… that’s if you want to tell me, you don’t have too if you don’t want to”

“…My roommate hates my family” Joseph said confusing Polnareff

“Huh? Why?”

“…Well more like hated me because my family” Joseph said and thought about it, “Well he hates my family too I guess?” He said and sighed, “I just happened to be born into a rich family”

“You’re rich?”

“… It’s my grandma’s and older brother’s money… so it’s not actually my money. I do have a trust fund under my name but can’t access any of it” he said and Polnareff sighed

“He hates you just because of that?”

“Pretty much… that and he makes outlandish assumptions of what I do because I’m rich” he said and sighed, “He’s an ass but I can’t hate him”

“Something’s going on with him to hate you because of that”

“Most people hate rich people” he said and Polnareff laughed

“Do you think I’m the type to have money?” he asked and Joseph looked up shocked and Polnareff continued

“I’m piss poor broke” he said laying down next to the tree they say next to, “Money’s never been a thing in my life… literally and I don’t care much for it. Family is everything to me. If we’re ok and not struggling too bad, then money’s not a big deal, never will. And I ain’t going to hate someone that has money because I don’t.”

“You’re all kinds of awesome” Joseph said shocked and smiled, “even if I do come from a rich family, money’s never been a big deal either. Family and friends mean the most to me. I would give up everything for them”

Polnareff smiled, “I’m glad to meet another family/friend-oriented guy here!” he said shaking his hand, “So your roomie hates you for being rich”

“Basically” Joseph said sighing, “he has this prenotion that I’m this rich asshole that pays his ways for things...”

“Ah… well he just has to get to know you” he said and after around thirty minutes of talking, Joseph decided to ask a question

“Hey… I wanted to ask you something”

“What is it?” Polnareff asked propping up from the ground on his elbow because he had a feeling this is more serious

“Has the dorm captain been mean to you guys?” Joseph asked seeing the confused look on Polnareff’s face

“No, not that I noticed before. He’s nice to Avdol and doesn’t talk to us, well me, until needed” he said, “I’m guessing he’s a dick to you and your roommate?”

“Exactly” he said sighing, “He’s a prick. He called me an idiot for picking the degree I did”

“Sounds unprofessional to me… but I know for a fact we didn’t experience anything above the normal things he comes for” Polnareff said and Joseph sighed and looked to the side

“Shit, he’s coming over here” Joseph said and Polnareff sat up and decided to observe as the dorm captain walked to them

“You got some nerve”

“Who me?” Joseph asked

“Yes you, you idiot! Don’t act all buddy buddy with your roommate because—”

“You actually thought we knew you were going to be at the bookstore the second we decided to go? We just happened to have classes together and decided to help each other look for books” Joseph said as if nothing was wrong with that statement, which nothing was wrong. They just played the situation a little.

“Then why aren’t you with him now hmm?”

“Going down that road you must provide a good example. Where’s your roommate buddy?” Joseph said grinning

“I don’t need to tell you anything about my life. And don’t you ever call me ‘buddy’ again! I would rather die before dragging myself down to be considered your friend”

“Do you honestly believe it is healthy for any one to hang out with their roommate 100% of the time here? Not even best friends do that. I’m not with Avdol, so why aren’t you pressuring me like you are him?” Polnareff asked

“Stay the fuck out of this”

“No way, he is my friend and you must’ve learned at some point in your schooling that people get stir-crazy if they are with the same person every single minute of the day” Polnareff said and Joseph nodded

“Thank you, buddy” Joseph said and he looked to the dorm captain, “If you must know, Caesar is busy and I’m hanging out with a friend of mine and you better watch what you say to and about my friends” Joseph said with a glare

“Tch” he said, “Watch your back dumbass, the second you and your asshole of a roommate let your guard down and break I will expel you both” he said leaving in a rage of anger

Polnareff whistled, “Damn… he really has it out for you two… I see why you asked me about him…”

“Yeah… I don’t understand why… that one fight wouldn’t have caused that right?”

“Maybe it did” Polnareff said and Joseph looked shocked


“Maybe because the fight happened so quickly and escalated to the point it did, it’s likely someone assigned him to watch after you two. Taking time away from what he normally does for fun. Anyone would hate people over that” Polnareff said, “Though I might be wrong so don’t count on me” he finished and Joseph nodded in thought

“No, I think you’re right… he did go out of his way to make sure we weren’t fighting almost every day”

“Almost every day? Seriously? Most of us just see him 1-2 times a week depending on school things” Polnareff said and Joseph groaned

“Shit he really is out to get us expelled, this isn’t good” Joseph said sighing knowing he needs to tell Caesar this as well… if he is trying to find things to get them expelled for… then at what lengths would he go to find or even create evidence of their “wrongdoings”?


Chapter Text

Chapter 16:

Polnareff was about to say something to calm his new friend down when he got a text from his roommate

“Hey Joseph?”

“You can call me Jojo, all my friends do” Joseph said and Polnareff

“From your name combo, sweet” Polnareff said and sighed, “My name’s got none of that, just Polnareff” he said with the wave woosh of his arms and hands when he said his name like it was the most boring name, “Err… anyways, my roomie gave me the ok to come back, you want to come with and hang out?”

“Will it be ok with your roommate?”

“It should, I’ll text him to check” Polnareff said sending Avdol a text and smirked when he got a text back, “Avdol said it’s fine”

“Then I’m in!” Joseph said smiling as they got up and walked to his dorm room, “Damn… your room is literally down the hall from mine”

“Told you” Polnareff said laughing and opened the door, “Avvie~ I’m back~” he said walking into his room to see Avdol sitting on his bed reading a book. Not glancing from the book, Avdol flips the page

“Don’t call me that”

“Aww don’t be that way! You don’t know how lucky you are for getting a nickname based off of your name!” he said and tossed the money in Avdol’s lap

“Polnareff, what is this for?” Avdol asked and Polnareff huffed

“You won the bet” Polnareff said and Avdol looked genuinely confused

“What bet?”

“This is my new friend” Polnareff said and Avdol looked more confused at why Polnareff didn’t answer him but smiled and turned to Joseph

“Nice to meet you” he said

“Nice to meet you too” Joseph said and huffed, “Did you two really bet on whether or not my roommate or I died in that fight?”

Avdol looked confused and then it hit him all at once. They were from the first day… and Polnareff, “I don’t mean to correct you, but Polnareff made the bet, not me” he said giving Polnareff his money back which confused Joseph

“What? But Polnareff said”

Avdol sighed, “He does that, he brings people into bets without their consent”

“Aww come on, it’s fun!” Polnareff whined and Avdol sighed

“I can take the money if you want, then how would you eat tomorrow?” Avdol said with a raised brow and Polnareff sighed

“Ehhh…. you got a point there” he said pocketing his money

“So how did you two meet?” Avdol asked and both nodded

“Yep, we actually just met not even an hour ago” Joseph said and Avdol looked surprised


“Yep. We actually literally ran into each other” Joseph said and smirked, “Friendship came so fast I didn’t know what hit me”

Polnareff laughed, “That’s a good one dude!”

Even Avdol, himself, was chuckling before remembering what Joseph said, “So you’re the one that had that fight with your roommate the first day here?”

Joseph immediately groaned, “Are we known that for now?”

“Well….” Avdol said and realized something else and put his book down, “Ah, please forgive me for not introducing myself, I’m Muhammad Avdol” Avdol said extending his hand to Joseph to shake hands

“And I would prefer to be called Avdol over anything else” he said glancing at Polnareff

“You’re no fun!” Polnareff whines and pouted and Joseph chuckled and shook hands with Avdol

“I’m Joseph Joestar, my friends call me Jojo” he said and looked regretful, “I am so sorry we disrupted you… this whole dorm complex with our fight. We were in the moment and we kind of didn’t know how loud we were being”

“It’s fine” Avdol said and smiled, “You’ve got a really kind soul to those of your friends and family”

“Huh? How did you?”

“Oh! Get this dude, Avdol here’s a fortuneteller! He also has this sense about people that’s pretty spot on too!” Polnareff said excitedly and Joseph looked amazed

“That’s so cool!” Joseph said and Avdol huffed out a laugh

“It isn’t that amazing” Avdol said and Joseph shook his head

“It totally is, so you can see people’s futures?” Joseph asked and Avdol nodded

“Yes with these” Avdol said pulling out his tarot cards, “You want a reading? Since you’re Polnareff’s friend I’ll give it to you for free”


“It’s basically his jobs on the sidelines of studying for to be a vet” Polnareff said and Avdol looked to him

“I can speak for myself you know”

“I know but I’m super proud of you!” Polnareff said smiling and Avdol smiled slightly

“So have you two known each other long?” Joseph asked because he feels like they have and Polnareff and Avdol blushed slightly

“Actually, we met last semester when we both started” Avdol said

“We’re sort of dating” Polnareff said


“That doesn’t weird you out does it?” Polnareff asked knowing being as open as he was most people aren’t accepting

“Never!” Joseph said laughing, “I actually have two female friends dating that are roommates here, I just found it cool I have guy friends that are roommates and dating!”

Polnareff let out a breath of air in relief, “Thank god!”

Avdol smiled, “I’m glad you’re ok with this, his last friend found out and kind of hurt him”

“Jackass” Polnareff muttered, “The guy said if he wanted me to be his friend I must first get rid of my disgusting ways and insulted Avdol pretty badly too…” His friend was the type that was the stereotypical homophobic guy and things went bad fast.

Joseph huffed, “I hate anyone who tries to change others to be their ‘so called friend’ let alone like that… Guys like that aren’t worth it because there are better people out there willing to be friends with people for who they are and won’t judge anything”

Avdol was genuinely surprised and smiled, “I couldn’t have said it better myself”

“That’s…” Polnareff’s smile widened, “Thanks dude”

“Of course. Besides, if I was homophobic my life would be hell” he said laughing, “My older brother’s fiancé is a man and my cousin and his best friend are together. My other cousin is gay… so is my other cousin and my female cousin is a lesbian… damn it seems like all of us are gay now that I think about it” he said laughing even harder and the two laughed along with him. After the laughter calmed down Polnareff spoke up

“So you’re gay too?”

“Yep” Joseph said and looked to them, “Don’t tell my roommate though. By chance he is homophobic… the next three years would be even worse”

“We wouldn’t even consider it” Avdol said, “That is up to the individual to tell people, not a third party”

“That’s like the most dickish thing to do to someone else anyways” Polnareff said, “I wouldn’t even do that to people I don’t like let alone a friend”

“Thanks” Joseph said and Polnareff shook his head

“No dude, we should be thanking you… you’re pretty awesome” Polnareff said and sighed, "Besides I'm not one to do to others what was done to me"

Joseph looked to him, "That happened to you?"

"... My ex-friend... he found out I had a crush on Avdol and he being homophobic told Avdol to 'warn him'" he said with the roll of the eye, "Things went bad, but Avdol was a lifesaver"

"Even if I was straight, I wouldn't have condoned that guy's actions in the slightest" Avdol said smirking, "After he 'warned me' the look on his face was priceless when I kissed Polnareff"

"I would do the same thing!" Joseph said, "Really. I would! Wait... that dick isn't still here, is he?"

"No, thank god. He graduated last semester, I grew up with him though" Polnareff said and sighed and stretched his back, "But you're right guys like that aren't worth it"

"They aren't because better people like me come along" Joseph teased

"I know you're joking, but that is basically what happened" Polnareff said smiling and Avdol nodded

“I have to agree, not many people are like you” Avdol said and Joseph joked

“You mean gay?” he said smirking as an obvious joke and Avdol laughed

“Yeah I meant gay, not even we are gay” Avdol said playing along

Joseph does a dramatic gasp covering his heart with his hand, “How dare you lie about your sexuality just to get me to come out, the nerve” he said in the most overreactive fake tone ever causing the other two laugh more,

“No but really, from what you said about friendship, not many people are like you” Avdol said after their laughing stopped and Joseph smiled

“I get that a lot, in more than a few ways” Joseph said, “You know with the whole ‘not many people are like you’ thing”

“Then you should go for one of Avdol’s readings! Let’s see how true that is! He’s super accurate!” Polnareff said

“Let me guess, predicted you two being together?” Joseph teased

“I see what you did there” Polnareff said knowing it was a joke, “But sadly I wasn’t tricked into being with the best person ever”

“Wait… you wanted to be tricked into dating?” Joseph said and saw the smirk, “Ah, damn I really do need to work on my senses when someone jokes…”

“Who said I was kidding?” Polnareff asked, “It would totally be hot if Avdol tricked me into being with him, being manipulated that way especially by someone so handsome and muscly” he said letting out a noise of pleasure that wasn't a moan. Joseph and Avdol watched in silence before the words sunk in. Avdol turned bright red

“You are very open about things, I like that” Joseph said, “I don’t have a kink, but I might find one and when I do you’ll be the first I tell it to” he said and Avdol coughed

“Ok, so Joseph. Do you want a reading?” Avdol said going back to their previous conversation as quickly as possible interrupting whatever Polnareff was going to say next, “You can see what the future has in store for you. It’s definitely going to be free now”

“Sure! Sounds fun! Thanks!”

Chapter Text

Avdol using his tarot cards he saw into Joseph’s future, “It seems as if within this semester you and the one you’re currently living with will be best friends”

Joseph lets out a huff of confusion as Polnareff chuckled

“I know how talented you are babe, but those two getting along? That’s like saying to a sheep it wouldn’t be eaten by the wolf. It simply wouldn’t happen” Polnareff said and Avdol shook his head

“That fight. Everyone heard it Polnareff. Words are words. Judgments are judgments. I see none of that in the near future with Joseph and his roommate”

“…So you’re saying we would be friends?” Joseph asked and Avdol nodded, “I’m with Pol on this. Unless I somehow move out and live with another person then I don’t see that happening”

“Pol? Dude! No way! You actually made a nickname off my name! I thought it was impossible!” Polnareff said excitedly grinning and Avdol smiled knowing how happy their new friend just made him with everything.

“Only time would tell” Avdol said getting the other two’s attention to their conversation

“Hopefully…” Joseph said

“Hopefully?” Polnareff

“There is no denying he is hot as hell” Joseph said and sighed, “I don’t mind being friends with him… just if he cools it with the prejudgments and the hating me for something I don’t have control over” he said, “But I don’t see that happening anytime soon.”

"It may not happen soon. 15 weeks in a semester seem short, but when you live with someone for those 15 weeks, it feels long" Avdol said

"... Great" Joseph said as he wants this to be over soon not make it feel like an eternity. Having someone constantly tell you your life as an incorrect stereotype is hard enough, “Is there anything else? Just curious” Joseph asked and Avdol looked at his cards

“Oh, I also see… oh my… failing almost every class by the middle of the semester” Avdol said and Joseph snapped his fingers and pointed

“Now that’s something I believe!” All three started to laugh before Avdol tries to stop laughing

“That’s not actually funny though” Avdol said sighing, “By two weeks after spring break, they would expel you” Avdol said and Joseph groaned

“This school expels people for everything and anything” he said groaning again, “So I’m basically screwed, aren’t I?”

“There might be a chance you can beat it” Avdol said, “My predictions are 100% accurate, but there might be a way for you to beat this if you try. They can’t expel someone if they tried to get good grades. At least in their first semester.”

“Studying’s not my thing, like at all” Joseph said and Polnareff smiled

“Study with us then! I despise studying, but with Avdol he makes it fun! He helped me a lot last semester. Saved me from failing” Polnareff said

“That sounds great! Please help me in trying not to fail” Joseph said

“Of course! I would love to help you study” Avdol said and looked back to his cards to put them up when he realized something else was to be said

“Oh, you also will soon be the controller of your destiny as you come to terms with a gift you already possess”

“… Err….”

“Don’t believe it?” Polnareff said, “Sounds cool to me”

“It sounds cool but not sure if that would ever happen, ever." Joseph said sighing, "My family sent me to this specific school for a reason and it denies what that is”

“Your future hasn’t happened yet, things change”

“The likeliness of that happening is as low as my roommate and I being friends” Joseph said and Polnareff and Avdol blinked

“But… I predicted that happening” Avdol said… don’t close your eyes to the possibilities around you or the fortune wont happen


“What?” The two asked confused and Joseph shrugged

“I don’t know” he said smiling, “Hey I’m the idiot going to fail in this semester as you predicted, might as well sound weird as hell too”

“You’re really funny” Polnareff said and Avdol nodded

“We haven’t had a good laugh like that in a long time” Avdol said

“You want to exchange numbers so we can hang out sometime?” Polnareff asked and Joseph nodded

“Yes!” Joseph said switching numbers with the other two

“Text me anytime if you want to talk about anything” Avdol said and smiled, “And don’t hesitate to say if you need help with studying”

“Thanks, you guys are the best” Joseph said and Polnareff shrugged

“That’s you dude” Polnareff said and noticed and remembered throughout their whole hanging out, Joseph looked out of their room and he just did it again, “What is it?”

“I’m just looking to see if my roommate is free, the whole ‘sock’ thing” Joseph said seeing  Caesar walk the girl out of the room and sighed, “I loved hanging out but I really need to tell my roommate about what happened”

“Oh, right that” Polnareff said, “Good luck”

“Oh Pol you can tell Avdol what happened with that ass" Joseph said and Polnareff nodded and Joseph turned to Advol, "Oh and Avdol, I think you and Polnareff should come up with nicknames for each other… as couple-ish as you two are”

Polnareff blushed, “Avdol’s the only one besides my family to call me by my first name”

“Then you should call Avdol something” Joseph said and Polnareff made a verbal agreement causing Avdol to sigh

“Do I get a say in this?” Avdol asked and saw Polnareff look to him with puppy eyes

“Can I give you a nickname? Please?”

“…Fine, just not Avvie” he said giving in and saw Polnareff being really happy and Polnareff made some mouth gestures as like mentally trying out nicknames for a few seconds

“Momo!” Polnareff said and Avdol sighed and smiled

“It’s better than Avvie for sure, I like it”

“Yay! Momo it is~!” Polnareff said happily

Joseph chuckled, “I’ll text you guys later! See you two around!”

“Bye and thanks for everything!” Polnareff said as he left. Joseph walked back to his room and opened the door

“Caesar” he said seeing the Caesar sitting at his desk. Caesar ‘tch’ed and turned around to see Joseph

“Wow, not even a minute after. Were you watching and stalking around to know exactly when to be back?”

“You wish. I was down the hall in a friend’s room – before you even say a thing about that I need to talk to you”

“I don’t want to hear what you say” Caesar said and Joseph rolled his eyes realizing how childish Caesar is sounding. He shut the door and locked it

“Not even if it is about our ‘oh so lovely’ dorm captain?” Joseph asked and saw Caesar roll his eyes

“What did the prick do this time?”


Chapter Text

Joseph sighed, “Sit down and we can talk” he said going to the mini fridge and took two coca cola bottles and turned around and sighed when seeing Caesar sit where he was sitting, “Come on dude, I mean sit on the black comfortable chairs”

“I would rather prefer to sit here” he said as he sat in his desk chair leg draped over the other and Joseph sighed and Caesar groaned, “Alright, alright” he said getting up and going over to sit on the black chair, “It’s not like I’ll hear the end of it until I do”

“Here” Joseph said handing him a coca cola. Caesar grabbed it and opened it

“Thanks” Caesar said taking a sip and leaned back in the chair

“Comfy~?” Joseph asked and Caesar glared

“Just tell me what the prick did” he said and Joseph just sat grinning

“Not until you tell me you’re comfortable or not” Joseph said and Caesar let out a laugh

“There is no end to you is there?” he asked not out malice so Joseph’s grin widened


“It’s not bad, it’s actually is” Caesar said and Joseph leaned closer

“Is? Is what?”

That was when Caesar reached back and grabbed the thing he could reach which was Joseph’s pillow and threw it at him hard.

“Gah!” Joseph fell backwards and laughed as the pillow fell from his face, “Fuck I’ve been taken out by my own pillow”

Caesar laughed along and joked, “Pathetic”

Joseph sat up and threw his pillow on his bed. He looked to Caesar with a smirk as he picked up the soda that was on the ground; dropped in the latest Joestar pillow assault, “Good thing I haven’t opened this yet”

“Be careful when you open it, it could have—”


“—Been shook up…” Caesar said before laughing as hard as he could as Joseph’s face was dripping wet from the soda all over him, "That is by far the funniest thing I've ever seen!"

Joseph grumbled slightly and after one long shower, he came back into the room pouting. Caesar smirked knowing the kid must feel embarrassed for spraying himself with coke. However, the pout disappeared when Joseph looked at his bean bag chair

“Thank god none of the soda got on that” Joseph said in a sigh of relief and Caesar was shocked

“You’re upset over that? Not the fact you got soda all over yourself in front of me?” Caesar asked and Joseph shrugged and sat back down in the black comfortable chair

“Not really, I mean it happens, besides I’m not ashamed of what I do, even the petty mistakes and things like this” Joseph said sitting back down, “Hey when I was in the shower I noticed your shampoo”


“I didn’t use it since I have my own stuff… but it smells really good. Where do you get it?”

“…Back in Italy” he said and raised an eyebrow, “You smell other people’s soap?”

“NO! I mean, not really... fuck it really looks that way. I swear I only did it because the name caught my eye” Joseph said shrugging and sighed, “Sorry I didn’t mean anything creepy by it”

“Thanks… that’s the only stuff I like, my family calls me weird for it” Caesar said and Joseph shrugged

“Well if you’re weird for liking it, then I am too, that smell, it’s like fresh bubbles” Joseph said grinning and Caesar nodded and shrugged

“Alright enough on what I smell like-"

"Dude it's not like that!" Joseph frantically said and Caesar shrugged

"It's getting late so just tell me what the prick did already.”

“Oh right I totally forgot” Joseph said and sighed growing serious, “I was hanging out with a friend on the grassy field area… and prick dick comes walking to me telling me off like some how we knew he was going to be in the bookstore at the time we ‘planned’ to go together and was super pissy”

“Tch, come on its not like we planned that. How would we have known that he would be there?” Caesar asked and Joseph smiled

“What did you say?” Joseph’s smile turned to a grin

“That we didn’t go there simply because we had some bs of preexisting knowledge of him being there” Caesar said

“One more time” Joseph said aiming his ear closer to Caesar

“What? Why?” Caesar asked and saw Joseph’s grin widened

“Sounds extremely familiar doesn’t it?” Joseph said and Caesar looked confused before it hit him what Joseph was meaning… the time when the blond girl rejected him

“Oh, fuck you, that was completely different!” Caesar said

“No it isn’t” Joseph said and Caesar knew the scenes were similar but glared

“Do you want another pillow to the head?” Caesar asked and Joseph gasped

“No please! My lack of shame will never go away!” Joseph said and Caesar huffed in just hearing what he just said

“That was… you’re really bizarre” Caesar said

“Yes I am” Joseph said smiling, “I won’t change that about me, it makes for great conversation”

“Getting back to what we were talking about, her rejecting me was different. I’m not an insufferable asshole like that prick” Caesar said and Joseph took a swig of his remaining coca cola

“That… is true” he said, “You’re like 100 times better than that douchebag”

“Damn straight” Caesar said and Joseph laughed

“I like you in comparison to that asshole; you’re way easier to get along with” Joseph said

“Don’t be stupid” Caesar said and Joseph smirked

“Oh, I can compare you to that guy if you want”

“Tch, you better not” Caesar said but no malice indicated. Joseph laid back in his black chair and sighed

“I wasn’t really going to compare you guys considering you are better and especially after what happened next”

“There’s more?”

“He basically threatened us. I quote you ‘watch your back dumbass, the second you and your asshole of a roommate let your guard down and break I will expel you both’” Joseph said finishing his can of soda and sighed out, “There might be times where he might plan to fabricate evidence against us for something we didn’t do”

“Why is the asshole trying so hard to get us expelled, it makes no sense… one fight surely wouldn’t have gotten him this pissed off with us, right?”

“Well my friend made a good point. He might have been assigned to us by the higher ups in this college”

“What do you mean by ‘assigned’? Caesar asked and Joseph thought about it

“Like the daily task of checking up on us constantly. Do you know not even the rest of the people living in this building see him as often as we do?” Joseph asked causing Caesar to groan

“So basically, he’s angry at us… blaming us for taking his free time away when it was because of someone else? That’s just great, just what we need” Caesar said in sarcasm and Joseph shrugged

“It might make sense, but that’s still just an unproven theory” Joseph said, “Especially since he was actually decent the night when he stopped our fight. He was stern, but he didn’t hate our guts. He did give us options for therapy… no one who hates someone that much would”

“Do you think he was threatened with expulsion if he didn’t check on us?” Caesar asked and Joseph shrugged

“I guess that is possible but who knows? All I know is no matter what it is we should not try to piss him off anymore” Joseph said and Caesar nodded

“I bet that’s not possible… anything we do it will piss him off”

“My friend was with me and not with his roommate, neither was the prick” Joseph said

“What does that have to do with anything?” Caesar asked and Joseph looked him dead in the eye

“He went down on me for not being with you, like he expected us to be together all the time” Joseph said and laughed, “He set a poor example… his roommate was nowhere”

“God dammit that guy pisses me off” Caesar said and Joseph nodded

“Honestly he isn’t the worst I’ve seen” Joseph said and Caesar “tch”ed

“The same goes for me” Caesar said

“That would be you” both said at the same time and smirked as they said the same joke towards each other but shook it off and went to bed

“Buona notte” Caesar said as he fell asleep but heard something from Joseph as he drifted into his slumber

“Buona notte e sogni d'oro”


Chapter Text

That morning, Joseph woke up to loud banging on the door. He was dazed and confused and saw the time being three almost four in the morning.

“Chi caz—” Joseph started and groaned when the guy pounding on the door talked

“Wake up now” A voice from behind the door said in a pissed off tone

Joseph groaned when he heard and reached up and tapped Caesar on his face

“Caesar” Joseph said and saw Caesar groan and slap his hand away and growled out ‘leave me alone’ and Joseph stood up on his bed and peered up to Caesar and shook his arm

“Caesar wake up” Joseph tried again, and Caesar groaned opening his eyes

“What?” Caesar asked looing at the time and was about to ask Joseph what was so important enough to wake him up that early when he heard exactly why Joseph woke him up

“I said wake up!” the voice said and hence more angry pounding on the door. Caesar sat up and growled

“Why the fuck is that guy here so damn early?” Caesar asked and Joseph shrugged

“I’ve never heard him this angry…” Joseph said and Caesar nodded and rolled his eyes

“Whatever this is about, it’s not good” Caesar said as both of them got up and before Caesar could go to the door, Joseph grabbed his wrist, “What?”

Joseph points to his phone and showed Caesar him turning on the audio recording installed on it and hit record, “Better be safe than sorry” he mouthed and Caesar nodded

“Good thinking” Caesar mouthed before going to the door and opening it.

“Took you two long enough” The dorm captain said

“Well we were asleep” Caesar said rubbing his eye as Joseph yawned deeply, “It is 5 in the morning.”

“Why are you here this early?” Joseph asked and he growled

“Don’t get pissed off with me”

“Clearly the only one pissed off is you” Caesar said sighing, “It’s irritating waking up earlier than I need but we’re ok with it considering now we can get more things done today with the extra couple of hours”

“More comics and video games! Awesome!” Joseph said happily and Caesar laughed

“That’s the first thing you think of?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Will you two shut up!?”

Caesar and Joseph shut their mouths and turned to their pissed off dorm captain and both looked really confused. Why was this guy waking them up at an ungodly hour when nothing was planned for school the following day… let alone making them shut up the second they actually were getting along?

“I hardly understand why you’re so pissed off, we haven’t had a fight—” Caesar tried to reason with the captain but that only pissed him off more

“I have ALL the right to be pissed off with you two!” He basically yelled and calmed down not trying to wake up everyone on this floor, “Where were you two last night?” he asked bitterly and Caesar and Joseph looked confused mixed with suspicion

“We were in our dorm. Why?” Joseph asked

“Doing what?”

“Having a talk, pillow and coca cola fight” Joseph said Caesar shrugged

“You’re not entirely wrong” Caesar said with a smirk but it disappeared when the captain continued after huffing and speaking

“So, you’ve got no alibi.” he said writing something down, “Not looking good for you assholes”

“No alibi to what?” Caesar asked and the guy growled

“Do. Not. Fuck. With. Me” He said and Caesar and Joseph were confused but also trying not to let their anger show

“How about you calm down and tell us what you think we did?” Joseph asked and the pissed off dorm captain growled

“I know you did it!” He yelled and Caesar almost growled

“We would like to know what you think we did because whatever it is we couldn’t have done it because we were here all evening and night.” Caesar said trying to stay calm, but this asshole is pressing his buttons way too much

“You snuck into my dorm room and stole my bible and burned it in the field!” He growled, and Joseph and Caesar rolled their eyes

“For one, we were here, I bet you have cameras in the hallways with all the rules of this university. They would prove we didn’t leave this room all night long” Caesar said silently relieved that each dorm room have their own bathrooms so neither of them had to leave to go take a shower.

“For another, you’re religious?” Joseph asked looking confused, “Why the hell do you think we would know that little fact about yourself let alone you having a copy of the bible? We don’t even know your name dude” Joseph said and Caesar looked shocked before thinking about it and nodded

“That is a very good point, every interaction we had with you is about us never about you” Caesar said, “So even if we did break into your dorm, how would we know what we stole was yours? We wouldn’t even know the dorm room we broke in is yours since we don’t even know your dorm room number”

“So you admit it!” He growled

“Key words ‘even if’, that indicates we didn’t do it” Caesar said rolling his eyes, “We don’t know anything about you other than you having it out for us and that you’re our dorm captain”

“You can hate us all you want but don’t push petty crimes on our heads because of it. Check with your roommate first. That’s usually where you would go for the first possible suspect, not the two people to know you the least” Joseph said

“You’re the ones that did it I know it!” he growled, “Until I get to the bottom of this you stay here, otherwise I will expel you!”

“You have no authority, for one” Caesar said, “Second, check with the people who know you best. Joseph made a good point, check with your roommate, he’s there most of the time and knows where the room is, right?” he finished as he was calmly trying to get him to leave but he knew he is slipping up because some anger is indicated in his voice. Any more, he was positive he would snap any second, especially since he was tired amongst the constantly being blamed for something they didn’t even do.

“You do not use that tone with me” he said through gritted teeth, “For the record, my roommate would never do that to me, he and I actually get along unlike you heathens”

“Probabilmente era il tuo compagno di stanza, ragazzo saggio” Caesar said in Italian. When he gets annoyed, angry or pushed to be on the offense he starts talking in his native language, “Joseph potrebbe essere irritante, ma preferirei averlo come compagno di stanza. Vederti ogni giorno sarebbe un pugno nell'occhio. Il tuo compagno di stanza deve avere uno stomaco forte. Tu. Patetico. Passivo. Aggressivo. Culo. Donnola.” He said expressing his anger in his hand gestures of shaking them during the last sentence. Joseph started laughing hard and was going to say something before growing confused when their dorm captain growled and stated something

“If you’re going to insult me, do it in English you asshole.” He growled leaving and Joseph looked to Caesar as he turned off the recording. There was evidence of his shock on Joseph’s face

“What?” Caesar said and but realized he said that in Italian and was going to fill Joseph in on what he said when he remembered Joseph laughing at what he said and then Joseph spoke.

“Why did he say you weren’t speaking English when you were speaking English?” Joseph asked and Caesar looked to him shocked

“Are you serious?” Caesar asked

“Yeah, what, why?” Joseph asked

“I was speaking in Italian…” He said looking confused, “You really thought I was speaking in English?”

“It sounded like it” Joseph said

“What did I say?” Caesar asked and Joseph looked to him

“That I might be irritating but you would rather have me as a roommate because seeing him every day would be an eyesore” Joseph said and smirked, “And that he was a passive aggressive butt weasel. Best insult I’ve heard in a long time” Caesar nodded and raised a finger

“Thanks, but I said that in Italian” Caesar said knowing this is familiar to the last time. He saw Joseph shrug

“Italian must sound like English”

Caesar laughed harder than before, “Hell no does Italian sound like English. A few words here and there sound similar but the whole language sounds completely different” Caesar said, “Speaking of which, before I fell asleep last night I swear you said ‘good night and sweet dreams’ in Italian”

“I did?”

“I know my language Joseph and I know for a fact that that statement doesn’t sound remotely like ‘good night and sweet dreams’. It’s completely different” Caesar said, “I could understand you knowing Italian, but you thinking it sounds just like English is just weird”

“Trust me I’m just as confused as you are.” Joseph said shrugging again, “I swear I don’t know any languages besides English”

“You sure?” Caesar asked as he was walking back to his bed

“I’m positive. It may have been a fluke” Joseph said and yawned deeply, “It could be because I’m tired”

“… I guess… I mean it is early after all. That fucking prick waking us up this early for something we didn’t do” Caesar said sighing, “I’m going back to bed”

“Me too” Joseph said before sitting on his bed

“I just hope he doesn’t plant evidence against us for shit like that” Joseph said, “Recording our conversations with him might be a good thing if anything like that occurs”

“Agreed. Night” Caesar said as they went to their beds and Joseph sat on his

“You mean morning~” Joseph sang

“Go to sleep” Caesar said and rolled his eyes when Joseph talked more

“Isn’t this qualified as a ‘nap’ considering we’re probably going to wake up in less than 5 hours?” Joseph asked and Caesar groaned

“Knock it off”

“I can’t knock talking off considering that it isn’t a physical object” Joseph said and Caesar growled tired

“Come on” Caesar said in an annoyed tone, “Shut up already”

“Hey speaking of the language thing, do you think it would be cool if I might actually be smart when I’m dead-tired?” Joseph asked and was about to say something else when Caesar swung his arm down when Joseph didn’t stop

“Ow! That was my eye dude!”

Caesar fell asleep with a smirk on his face



Chapter Text

That morning Caesar groaned woke up and felt like it was late considering that he was hearing Joseph talk with someone. Joseph never really wakes up early. Sitting up, Caesar looked to his alarm clock to see the time and groaned realizing it was 10:30am.

“Morning~!” Joseph sang happily as he saw Caesar sit up. Caesar turned to see Joseph with someone sitting in their black chairs

“Morning… uh, who is this?” Caesar asked

“This is my friend, Polnareff. Polnareff this is my roommate, Caesar” Joseph said and Polnareff smiled

“Nice to meet you” Polnareff said and Caesar nodded

“Same here” Caesar said and looked at his hair, “I’ve got to say, you must have some skill to actually keep your hair from defying gravity”

Joseph laughed, “That’s what I said! He totally should have an award or some form of recognition for it!”

Caesar huffed slightly, “I actually agree”

Polnareff smiled slightly, “Come on my hair is not that cool”

“Agree to disagree” Joseph and Caesar said in unison before looking at each other for a brief second. Before anything else was said Joseph realized something

I hope we didn’t wake you up”

“You didn’t. I woke up on my own not because of anyone except for that ungodly hour. By the looks of it you were here for a while already” Caesar said sighing, “Well I’m going to take a shower” he said leaving to the bathroom

“What happened?” Polnareff asked

“The douchebag dorm captain woke us up at like almost 4 in the morning and he basically was trying to pin the whole ‘someone breaking in and burning my possessions’ on us without proof” Joseph said and Polnareff groaned

“Damn dude, that’s not cool” Polnareff said and Joseph nodded

“I know, but he can’t really make a case of it” Joseph said shrugging, “None of that’s important right now, getting back to what we were talking about” Joseph said and had a very amused look on his face

“Please do tell me why you like Gayboy and The Strapper comics” Joseph asked and Polnareff laughed

“Ok, ok I know it is weird. Like really weird. Yet somehow all the gay and sexual innuendos were so bad and so corny that they were actually funny” Polnareff said and smiled, “You should read it!”

“I might some time” Joseph said, “Want to play video games?”

“Hell yeah” Polnareff said, “I have a TV in my room”

Caesar came out of the bathroom with damp hair and only in his jeans, wiping his hair with a towel. Joseph was awestruck. So… muscular…

“What?” Caesar asked and Joseph coughed slightly

“I want to tell you I was going to go hang out with Polnareff in his dorm for a while” Joseph said

“Hmm, ok have fun” Caesar said as he saw Joseph getting up with Polnareff.

“Thanks, you too with whatever you’re going to do today” Joseph said and grabbed his wallet and left. Polnareff smiled and looked to Caesar

“Nice meeting you again” Polnareff said before leaving after Joseph. Further down the hallway Polnareff caught up with his friend and was out of earshot from Joseph and Caesar’s dorm

“You were right, he is hot” Polnareff said softly, “We totally need to set you two up”

“Fuck no. He’s hot but… he’s straight… and he hates me”

“Didn’t seem like it” Polnareff said, “He looks like your typical gay boy in denial over being in the closet”

Joseph let out a laugh, “Don’t let him hear you say that! Even if he is, he still hates me”

“He also didn’t seem like he hated you, like at all.”

“His hate for me subdued a little when we found a bigger douchebag to hate more” Joseph said and looked to Polnareff, “You’ll see it”

“Hmm” Polnareff said as they got into his dorm room where Avdol was reading. Avdol put down his book

“Hey Jean, Jojo, why are you here? Weren’t you in your room? Not that I don’t mind of course” Avdol said and Polnareff looked to Avdol

“We were planning on playing video games and Joseph doesn’t have a TV” Polnareff said

“Yet” Joseph chirped in

“Is that cool with you?” Polnareff asked and Avdol nodded

“That’s perfectly fine” Avdol said marking the page in the book, “I’ll leave you guys to your thing”

“You don’t have to leave because of us” Polnareff said

“I’m going to catch an early lunch anyways. I just got caught up in my book” Avdol said smiling, “Have fun!”

“Avdol wait” Joseph said taking his wallet out and gave him some money

“What’s this for?”

“For the readings” Joseph said and Avdol tried to give it back

“That was for free, and this is around three times as much as I would normally charge” Avdol said and Joseph smiled

“It’s fine, you technically gave me three readings anyways” Joseph said sighing, “I come from a rich family so I would feel weird if people gave me free stuff without it being free usually.”

Avdol smiled and took the money, “Thanks I appreciate it”

“You’re welcome” Joseph said and Polnareff smiled

“Dude you’re a really great guy” Polnareff said and winked, “Someone like Caesar might just end up finding himself being swept off his feet”

Joseph blushed, “That is something that is  not going to happen any time soon!”

“You got 15 weeks” Polnareff said and Joseph groaned deeply and Avdol caught on what their conversation meant

“I’m taking this ‘Caesar’ is your roommate?” Avdol asked and Polnareff nodded

“No homo to this statement but he’s pretty damn hot. These two would make a cute couple for sure” Polnareff said and Avdol laughed

“If Jean says it, it would probably going to end up being true” Avdol said, “He’s got the best potential couple radar”

“Oh come on” Joseph said in a whining tone

“That I do, its like” Polnareff said and wrote down Caesar on a piece of paper. Making slow “boop” sounds he moved the paper closer to Joseph and the “boop” sounds Polnareff made got faster.

“See according to Jean, he is your soulmate” Avdol said laughing and Polnareff joined in

“Oh my god” Joseph whined out, “Can we please play some video games?” Avdol and Polnareff laughed even more at the desperate attempt to change subjects

“Well I’ll get out of your hair for a while” Avdol said saying a small ‘have fun’ before leaving. Avdol walked down the hall and bumped into Caesar who was leaving the room. ‘Excuse me’s and ‘sorry’s were exchanged when Joseph peered out of the door

“Avdol! Pol would like to know if you could bring him something back!” Joseph said and Avdol laughed

“I will!” Avdol called back as Joseph went back into his room

“So you know Joseph?” Caesar asked and Avdol looked to him

“Oh you must be Joseph’s roommate. Polnareff’s my roommate” Avdol said sticking his hand out, “I’m Muhammad Avdol, people just call me Avdol”

“Caesar Zeppeli” Caesar said shaking his hand

“I was heading to get something to eat, since our roommates hit it off, do you want to join me?” Avdol asked and Caesar nodded

“Sure, I haven’t had anything to eat yet and was planning to get something anyways” Caesar said

“At all?”

“I just woke up around an hour ago” Caesar said

“Late sleeper?” Avdol asked and Caesar shook his head

“Just the opposite actually. We were woken up way to goddamn early in the morning and I guess my body didn’t like it” Caesar said and Avdol nodded

“I understand that, so where would you like to go?” Avdol asked and Caesar mentioned a café not to far from their dorm that provided great food at a decent price, “That sounds great”

They went to the café and ordered some coffee and a couple of patty melts. When they got their coffee, they started chatting and quickly realized they have a lot in common and Avdol laughed

“Excuse me for laughing. I just find it funny that we have more in common than we do our roommates” Avdol said, “Joseph and Polnareff could be twins”

“Hmm” Caesar said, “How did you two end up meeting Joseph anyways?”

“They ran into each other yesterday evening” Avdol said taking a sip of coffee, “Then Polnareff invited him to our room”

“How did you two end up liking him so soon?” Caesar asked taking a sip of his coffee

Avdol smiled, “There is this aura about him. Something that draws in people and gets them to be his friends without second guessing. He’s a good person”

“Tch” Caesar said taking a larger swig of his morning beverage

“You might not know this, the whole dorm heard you fighting. I was wondering why do you not like him?”

“… Exactly how loud was our fight”

“Most of us heard it word for word” Avdol said and seeing Caesar silently curse made him smile, “Don’t worry, I’m not judging”

“…” Caesar felt his mind not being able to find the answer he was able to outright say without hesitation nearing a little more than a week ago. Avdol saw this and smiled

“I’m going to give some advice, if that’s ok” Avdol said and Caesar made no attempts to say he didn’t want it so he continued, “Nothing is as it seems. You cannot allow judgments to blind you from what is truly there” he said and the waitress came by and brought their patty melts and they thanked her as she left.

Caesar was silently taking a bite as he was continuing to listen to what Avdol had to say; he did seem wise after all

“Once you past all the judgments., you’ll be able to see what you once thought was there and see what is truly there” Avdol said eating some of his sandwich, “Here is a quote I came across; it may help. ‘Everyone has untold stories of pain and sadness that make them love and live a little differently than you. Stop judging and try to understand’ and it goes great with this quote, ‘People are blind to reality and only see what they want to see’” Avdol said and realized what he was saying could have been taken the wrong way

“I don’t mean to sound like I was attacking you. That goes for everyone, including me. When I met Polnareff last semester I swear he would be the annoying rocker-type that stays up all night long and do drugs or play music loudly at all hours. Polnareff proved me wrong in more ways than one” Avdol said smiling

“…Are you saying, I’m wrong?”

“In someway I guess I am. Meeting Joseph and thinking back to your fight, there are big differences. I believe you just haven’t warmed up to him yet. Think outside of your judgments about him and maybe that will help you see the real person underneath” Avdol said and smiled, “Some judgments might be real, but most of the time they aren’t

“…Thanks for the advice” Caesar said and Avdol nodded and they exchanged numbers

“If you need to talk about anything, I’ll be there just call or send a text” Avdol said and Caesar smiled

“I will, thanks. I appreciate it” Caesar said as they continued their meal and conversation about different things like school and what they are trying to get out of it as a degree and career. Soon, lunch was over and Caesar found him back in his dorm room taking in a small breath knowing he had to do what Avdol said; not because he had to but because he wanted to. Anything to have a better healthy relationship with his roommate. He did seem like a good guy after thinking about it.


Chapter Text

Caesar was in deep thought as he saw Polnareff and Joseph enter the room

“Hey” Caesar said

“Hey” both said sitting down on the black chairs

“What’s up?” Joseph asked

“Not much” Caesar said asking the same thing. Polnareff and Joseph said they were talking about comics again which received a playful roll of the eyes as well as a ‘of course’ response from the other

“Hey Caesar, do you like comics?” Joseph asked and Caesar shrugged

“I don’t quite like them, but I don’t hate them” Caesar said and Joseph did that partial shrug thing that was like telling the other he respected his opinion

“That’s cool” Joseph said

“Hey dude getting back to that, have you ever heard of Rohan Kishibe?” Polnareff asked

“No” Joseph said and both Polnareff and Caesar looked shocked, “Wait. Is he someone I should know?”

“For someone who likes comics, yes” Polnareff said and Caesar huffed

“Even I know him, and I don’t like comics” Caesar said and Joseph pouted as the two conspired to not tell Joseph a thing

“Please just tell me who it is” Joseph said in a tone that matched his facial expression

“Alright fiiiiiine” Polnareff said and Caesar sighed

“He’s this famous Japanese comic creator. He’s traveled all across the world for new ideas for his comics”

“Yep, and I hear he is residing in the small town of Morioh in Japan” Polnareff said

“So he makes manga right?” Joseph asked and looked shocked, “WAIT! Did you say Morioh in Japan!?”

“Yes… why?” Polnareff asked confused and Joseph huffed taking his phone out and made a call but it went to voicemail

“Josuke, you utter asshole! You know I like comics and you failed to mention a famous mangaka that lives in the same town as you!? What the hell dude!? You better make it up to me!” he said huffing as he hung up, “Some people I swear”

“Wait… you know someone who lives in Morioh?” Polnareff asked

“My cousin, Josuke” Joseph said, “He’s part Japanese like my other cousin Jotaro. So Jotaro’s grandfather, which is my father’s uncle, decided to cheat on his wife with a Japanese woman and now Jotaro has an uncle that’s 13 years younger than he is”

“Damn” Caesar said and Joseph laughed

“Right?” Joseph said, “That was actually a huge surprise to the family. Not the worst thing to be done, but still… anyways” Joseph said huffing, “How dare that brat not tell me he lives in the same town as a famous mangaka?”

“Honestly how many family members do you have?” Caesar asked and Joseph did some counting

“Er… a lot? Most of them I haven’t actually seen nor been in contact for a while. We usually get together like every other year or so and we cancelled the last 3 times”

“What about you guys?” Joseph asked and Polnareff leaned back in his chair

“I have a sister who lives back in France” Polnareff said, “She’s taking care of our father for the time being, not anything bad, old age sucks so he just needs help”

“I have a cousin and a grandfather I still keep in contact with. I don’t have a means to keep in contact with my siblings”

“Ah… that’s too bad” Joseph said and Caesar looked to him

“Why’s that?”

“Family should stick together. Y’know because if all else fails, your family would and should be there for you” Joseph said and Caesar silently agreed

“That’s like perfectly said” Polnareff said and Caesar remembered what Avdol said to him so he wanted to test something

“But your family is rich and can pay for a lot of things, so how can you fail?” Caesar asked and Polnareff maid a small ‘oof’ sound as he heard one of the stereotypical judgments Joseph was talking about

“Money’s got nothing to do with it” Joseph said and his eyes were telling the truth, “Even if we end up losing everything; if we were still intact we wouldn’t care. We would be all we need” Joseph said and saw Caesar and Polnareff’s shocked faced and continued

“Family’s not family unless you stick together through thick and thin. Well at least that’s what I think anyways” he said and his stomach growled, “I’m hungry, are you guys hungry? Want to get something to eat?”

“I just came back from eating”

“I’m hungry, so that’s a definite yes” Polnareff said leaving saying he was going to ask Avdol. As soon as Polnareff left, Joseph turned to Caesar and sighed

“So, you really just ate or you don’t want to hang out?” Joseph asked and Caesar saw the look on his face and sighed

“You read my mind” Caesar said

“Oh” Joseph said feeling a pillow be thrown at his head

“Of course not, you idiot” Caesar said, “I ate out with your friend’s roommate when you guys were playing videogames”

“Ah” Joseph said smiling, “I’m glad. I don’t like being lied to”

“Seriously? I don’t make bullshit excuses. If I don’t want to hang out with you because of you then I would let you know”

“But then that must mean that if you weren’t already full, you would hang out with me, right?” Joseph asked with a small wink and Caesar bit back a chuckle

“It’s possible” Caesar said and smirked sending a wink of his very own to Joseph, “Only if you don’t pay for me”

Joseph chuckled knowing that was definitely a joke, “Tell me if douchie comes back around”

“Will do” Caesar said settling at his desk

“You want me to bring you back anything?” Joseph asked and Caesar shook his head

“No, I’m fine”

“Alrighty, have a good day” Joseph said leaving and saw Polnareff down the hall, “Hey Pol, is Avdol ready?”

“Nope he said he already ate” Polnareff said with the shake of the head

“With my roommate” Joseph said and Polnareff nodded once

“Exactly” he said and looked shocked, “Wait how did you know?”

“Caesar told me when you left” he said

“So just the two of us?” Polnareff asked and saw Joseph thinking before smirking

“Well let me call a couple of friends” Joseph said before calling his friends, “Hey Suzie-Q! Do you and Ali want to grab something to eat with me and a friend?......... Great! Meet us at the fountain in a few minutes!” Joseph said hanging up and looked to Polnareff and grinned, “You’re totally going to love my friends!”

“Cool, can’t wait!” Polnareff said as they went to the fountain to wait for Joseph’s friends. A few minutes passed and they were still waiting when all of the sudden


Both boys turned to see Ali and Suzie-Q walking to them, Ali looking very overly-excited



Chapter Text

Joseph and Polnareff chuckled as Ali continued, “You must tell me your secret!! I need to know! Suzie!” Ali turned to Suzie-Q

“What would you think if I went with that hairstyle!?”

Suzie Q laughed and sighed turning to Polnareff, “You must excuse Ali, she really likes your hair”

“Like!? I LOVE it! It defies freakin gravity!” Ali said excited and Joseph laughed

“No way dude! You just got another hair-follower!” Joseph said and Polnareff laughed

“Hair-follower? I like it! So weird!” Polnareff said and smirked, “But I also love it because I doubt Caesar would love hearing you call him that”

“He would probably sock me in the eye… like he did early this morning” he said grinning

“You know his roommate?” Ali asked

“Better yet, he hit you this morning?” Suzie-Q asked

“I’ve only met the guy this morning” Polnareff said and Joseph laughed

“He did hit me but that was because I was talking when he was trying to sleep. So I kind of deserved that. He didn’t aim at my eye directly as he blindly swung his arm at me when we were on our beds” Joseph said and smirked, “This guy thinks he isn’t a bad guy”

“He doesn’t seem to be” Polnareff said shrugging, “Even after what Joseph mentioned” he finished earning the ‘really’ look from both Ali and Suzie

“Actually guys, he’s right” Joseph said earning shocked faces and gasps, “Drama queens”

“What did you call me?” Ali asked

“Nothing” Joseph said whistling innocently and Polnareff gave him the ‘sure’ look

“What do you mean he’s right?” Suzie-Q asked getting everyone back in what they were talking about, “What about all the things he did? Like the fight”

Polnareff laughed, “Everyone in our dorm heard their fight, nasty as hell… I thought someone killed someone”

“Then why do you think he isn’t bad?” Ali asked

“That was around a week ago” Polnareff said

“What does that have to do with anything?”

“He’s not as bad as he was a week ago” Joseph said sighing, “I can’t really explain it myself, but you can see the difference” Joseph said and gasped, “Ah! This is Polnareff! This is Ali and Suzie-Q”

“Nice to meet you” all of them said in unison

“Let’s get some foods!” Joseph said and they went to a restaurant and ordered drinks and food.

“So, how did you two meet?” Suzie-Q asked

“Caesar was ‘busy’ yesterday” Joseph said and Ali rolled her eyes and drank some of her ice tea

“Again? Damn” she said and Joseph laughed

“I know I know, well I ran into this guy and we became friends”

“Yep, literally ran into each other” Polnareff said and Joseph nodded

“That’s really cool” Ali said and they started talking about random things about their lives getting to know each other more until their food came. Joseph tried his which is was a pesto sauce ravioli.

“Holy shit, guys you must try this! It’s like the best thing I’ve ever tasted!” Joseph said and his friends tried it and agreed it was pretty delicious

“Hate to tell you this, mine is better” Ali said and looked up before holding her bowl close and glared, “Mine” she finished causing everyone to chuckle.

Joseph’s phone dinged and Joseph looked to see who it was that texted him and was surprised…

‘Hey, this is Caesar. I got your number from Avdol’

Joseph was about to text back when he got another text

‘Look at what slipped under our door’


Joseph received a picture of a note stating they found the culprit of the bible burning incident and Joseph gawked at it

‘We found the culprit in charge of burning my bible. Seems like I made a mistake’

“You have got to be kidding me” Joseph said and his friend’s saw the change in his demeaner.

“What’s wrong?” everyone asked

“Hold on for one second, I need to make a quick call” he said calling the number, “You’re kidding me right?”

‘Wish I was’

“What the hell is wrong with him?”

‘I know… coward couldn’t even confront us face to face… Well, you should get back to your lunch. We’ll talk more about this when you come home’

Joseph perked up at that, “Home?”

‘… I guess this place is for the next 3 years, right?’

Joseph laughed, “Yeah! See you when I get home~ Thanks for letting me know”


Joseph hung up and sat down and his friends saw him, “Oh, sorry that was Caesar”

Ali coughed up food and was in a hacking fit

“Are you ok?” Joseph asked concerned but she got a giant glass of water and drank it down fast. She let out a sigh and turned to Joseph

“Come again!?”

“Caesar called me” Joseph said but was about to raise more concern to her and her choking when she interrupted

“You GAVE him your number!?” Ali asked 100% shocked

“That actually doesn’t sound like something you would do” Polnareff and Suzie-Q said

“I didn’t give him my number, Avdol did” he said

“Oh he did?” Polnareff asked shocked, “That doesn’t sound like him at all”

“Who is Avdol?”

“My roommate and boyfriend” Polnareff said and turned to Joseph, “You sure? It doesn’t sound like him to do that”

“… Yeah, it might be because of the note we got under our door that he did” Joseph said turning to his two girl friends, “It’s a long story, but we hate our dorm captain and it is more than mutual”

“Tell us”

“Alright, so this morning both Caesar and I were awoken by angry pounding at the door” Joseph said explaining everything that happened this morning and the text he received from Caesar

“Damn Jojo, you don’t have any luck” Suzie-Q said and Joseph shrugged

“Still not the worst thing that’s ever happened” Joseph said and sighed, “Caesar and I are dealing with it”

The waitress then came back around to check if they needed anything else

“Oh, can I get another order of this and a box?” Joseph asked pointing to his plate. The waitress nodded and left and Joseph smiled when everyone else was shocked


“You’re getting more? You barely ate any” Ali said and Joseph pouted

“I am going to finish this” Joseph said taking a big bite

“Be careful Jojo, you don’t want to be fat~” Suzie-Q said and Joseph pouted

“That order isn’t for me” Joseph said, “It’s for—”

“Caesar”, all of them looked to Polnareff who was smirking, “I’m right aren’t I?”

“Am I really that obvious?” Joseph whined out softly

“Pretty much” Polnareff said, “Avdol’s premonition is coming true”

“No way dude” Joseph waved his hand as a mean to dismiss it

“Premonition?” Suzie-Q and Ali asked confused

“He can tell the future, and within the semester Caesar and Joseph will be the best of friends” Polnareff said and Ali laughed as Suzie-Q shook her head

“That’s impossible” Suzie-Q said and Polnareff smirked

“You’re starting to believe it though aren’t you Jojo?” Polnareff asked and when he didn’t answer the girls gasped in shock

“Look guys, he’s different from when we first met. I can’t really hate him, but that doesn’t mean we’re friends”

“… You both called your dorm ‘home’” Suzie-Q said

“Fuuuuuck” Joseph whined knowing what she said was true. Was Avdol’s premonition actually starting to come true? Nah, he refused to believe it


Chapter Text

After lunch, all parties went to their dorms. Joseph held the food in the container as he walked in to see Caesar sitting at his desk, forgetting to shut the door

“Hey, I’m back” Joseph said and Caesar turned to him


“Tell me about the note” Joseph said and Caesar nodded

“Ok get this, I’m sitting t my desk studying and the dick managed to come by and without a sound slipped this under our door” he said showing the note, “He didn’t even apologize”

“That would have mattered if he actually had the decency to come to us in person” Joseph said

“I did apologize, too blind to see it?”

Caesar and Joseph managed to suppress the urge to roll their eyes before looking towards the door.

“’I’ve made a mistake’ is not an apology, too stupid to realize it?” Caesar asked and their oh so lovely dorm captain looked to Joseph and saw the black styrofoam box.

“You ate out?”

“Yeah…? Why?” Joseph asked looking to the box and had an instant plan, “Oh, this? This isn’t mine, it’s Caesar’s” Joseph said, “We went out to eat with some friends earlier”

“Che, like I believe that” he said crossing his arms

“We did too” Caesar said having Joseph’s back

“Then why is he holding your food?” the dorm captain asked smirking as if he caught them in a lie

“Well Joseph forgot his key to our room and held my food when I opened the door” he said and Joseph gave him the box, “Thanks again Joseph” he said quietly noting that the box was too heavy compared to a normal take home container especially when the person was evidentially hungry.

“You’re welcome” Joseph said and rolled his eyes when he heard the douchebag growl, “What is your problem? Why do you hate us this much?” Joseph asked, “We really did nothing to you

“I, Pucci, future lawyer, will never like people who idiotically waste my time”

Joseph let out a soft huff as Caesar started talking, “It’s not our fault that you were assigned to watch over us”

Pucci huffed ignoring Caesar’s comment and looked to Joseph, “You must be shocked that I’m a law major, a lawyer in training” he said smirking, “No matter how rich you are you’ll be fucked since after school I’ll apply to the Brando Law Firm”

Joseph let out another huff confusing Caesar who was about to ask him what was wrong when he turned to Pucci

“I’m curious, why that law firm?” Joseph asked

“If you simpletons must know it is the best law firm ever. The owner is the best lawyer. Bringing famous criminals to justice” he said and laughed, “Soon the owner and I will take you and your whole family down. Do not mess with a busy man’s time” he said leaving and Joseph looked shocked. Caesar looked to Joseph concerned at how silent he was as he shut the door.

“You ok? Do you know the law firm he’s talking about?” Caesar asked concerned that they might be in a financial crisis or something like that

“… Dio Brando” Joseph said looking at Caesar who looked confused, “He’s the founder and part owner” Joseph said

“Who?” Caesar asked before remembering the time they got their furniture, “Never mind, I remember you and Speedwagon mentioning him, wait… isn’t that bad?” Caesar asked confusing Joseph


“Because you said you and Dio don’t get along” Caesar said and Joseph smiled shook his head

“Dio and I might not always see eye to eye, but he is my brother’s, well, best friend. Besides his law firm wouldn’t have a leg to stand on without the support from my family” Joseph said smirking, “I cannot wait until I see the dick’s face when he realizes this, especially since my brother is a co-owner”


“You know the crazy thing? He did Dio’s thing” Joseph said laughing

“What do you mean?”

“I’ll do my best impression of Dio” Joseph said coughing a little and in a different voice, probably an imitation of Dio Caesar assumed, “I, Dio, am the best lawyer you ever did see!”

Both started laughing both at the imitation and the fact that Pucci will eventually realize he can’t take Joseph or Caesar down with the help of Dio. Caesar gave the box of food back to Joseph


“Hmm?” Joseph asked looking to the box and shook his head, “No it’s yours”

“That was for our little lie to the dickbag, I’m not really taking your food” Caesar said and saw Joseph smile

“But I didn’t lie”

“What do you mean?” Caesar asked confused and Joseph held his hands out in defense

“Don’t get mad at me. I had this really good dish where we went and I thought you might like it, so I, like, ordered yo fu some” he said smiling, “Its really good”

“Really?” Caesar asked softly looking to the box and Joseph nodded

“Yep, it is good! I hope you don’t mind I got this for you… I know you wouldn’t like me spending money for you, but I, I don’t know… I hope you like it?”

Caesar was silently looking at the box and then looked up to Joseph who was smiling and felt a small skip in his heartbeat

“You should try it before it get’s cold!” Joseph said and smiled when Caesar sighed playfully

“Alright I’ll try some” he said opening it and smelled it, “Italian?”

“Yeah. It’s a way better place than we went to” Joseph said and Caesar took a fork and tried a little of it

“Shit, this is good” Caesar said and looked up to Joseph with a smile, “Thanks” he said and sighed,

“But I’m so full from before… this is going to taste all gross cold” he said and Joseph thought

“Hey, what do you think about getting a microwave?” Joseph asked and Caesar smiled

“That actually sounds like a great idea” Caesar said and Joseph nodded

“I’ll get one. There’s that one shop close by here, the one that sells electronic things like microwaves, want to go to help pick one out?”

“Sure” Caesar said putting the food in their mini-fridge before seeing Joseph grab his eyes and wallet

“I promise not to leave my key again” he said winking causing Caesar to laugh

“Good” he said in laughter. They left and during their tiny shopping adventure to an electronic store that had a bunch of everything electronic, Joseph kept making Caesar laugh with all his horrible puns about electronics and other things

“Oh my god, I didn’t know anyone to be so—” Caesar started

Punny?” Joseph finished for him

“Annoying, not annoying and funny all at the same time” Caesar said and Joseph ‘hmm’ed tapping his chin

“I’ll accept that!” Joseph said happily, “Hey, when we get time and transport, do you want to buy a TV too? I mean there are those TVs with the built-in-DVD players and we can watch movies if we get bored or something?”

“That sounds good too” Caesar said as they went up to the counter and paid for their microwave. When they were walking back, Caesar realized with Avdol’s words playing through his mind that he might be seeing Joseph as Joseph… slightly. Still not there but he is seeing more of a good fun person and not this rich asshole buying shit because he can. Though he need’s to be proven. More so anyways. Who knows what the future has in store? Whatever it is Caesar is finding himself actually looking forward to it.


Chapter Text

Chapter 24:

TIME-SKIP: The first day of school.

That morning came and Caesar had his alarm set for 6 in the morning. Right when it hit 6AM, the alarm went off loud. Joseph jumped into a sitting position, hitting his head on the top bunkbed frame and fell off the bed groaning. He looked up to see Caesar, still laying in bed, looking to him with an amused smirk.

“You ok?” he asked as it was evident that he was not able control not laughing much longer

Joseph rubbed his head and groaned slightly, “For some reason, I highly doubt you are worried enough to care” he said and Caesar laughed

“I know if you lived a punch of mine that this wouldn’t kill you” Caesar said laughing harder, “That was perfect!”

“Oh screw you” Joseph said as Caesar got down from his bed

“Well I have an hour before class starts, so I’m going to take a shower” he said going to the bathroom

“God dammit… I’m not looking forward to this” he said, but he started putting his books for the day into his backpack

“You must really like comics if you have a backpack like that” Caesar said and Joseph laughed

“Even if people hated comics, they should know and respect Deadpool. Always” he said and Caesar nodded

“I agree” he said getting his things together as well and heard Joseph groan and sighed,

“You really don’t want this do you?” he didn’t need a response to know his answer, “It’s easy though”

“I know but I still don’t want this” Joseph said sighing deeply before setting his bag down next to his bed-stand and laid down on the bed, “It really isn’t fair”

Joseph looked to Caesar who was about to leave and blurted out, “Well good luck with the class you would surely Ace”

Caesar chuckled, “Thanks, good luck with the class you would surely fail”


“It was a joke”

“I know” Joseph said confusing Caesar slightly

“Well I’m going to head to class… wait. Since we have each other’s numbers and you have 4 hours between your first two classes do you—”

“I would love to get coffee with you” Joseph said and Caesar huffed

“How is it you know what people are going to say before they say it?” Caesar asked and Joseph sat up

“Well, I just do? It’s like a sense of mine that I can’t really describe” Joseph said but grinned, “Can’t wait for coffee though, does 9:30 work for you?”

“Yeah, lets go to Hamon Café, the place I went with Avdol” Caesar said and Joseph nodded

“Sounds great! Have fun in class” he said and Caesar nodded

“See you at 9:30”

“You’re not going to tell me to have fun in class?” Joseph asked

“For some reason I know you’re not going to anyways” Caesar said leaving and Joseph stared after him in silence for a few seconds before breaking into laughter

Math came around and Joseph felt himself groaning as he sat down. He brought a notebook out and started to draw something resembling a plane on the inside cover as he waited for class to begin. Soon, the teacher walked in

“Hello class, I am Pannacotta Fugo” he said wearing a ridiculous outfit… maybe Joseph can look past this being a class he would hate if the teacher seemed cool enough to wear that, “This is my assistant named Narancia”

“Fair knowledge for you all, this guy will hurt you if you give a stupid answer” he said and Fugo growled and Joseph mentally rejected what he currently thought about this teacher seeming cool

“Narancia for the last time stop spreading lies!” Fugo yelled

“But you stabbed me in the face with a fork for that one answer” he said and Fugo looked visibly angry

“Class. Let me tell you, I wouldn’t care if you are off even a hundred… but if you say the answer to something like ’16 x 55’ as ‘28’ you best drop this class, cause this idiot of mine is the only one I ever hurt over a problem like that” Fugo said and the class kept themselves from laughing. Fugo then started to go over the class schedule for the first half of class.

Joseph almost whined. Not because of class still being in session but he was more excited about coffee with Caesar in less than an hour… he felt himself not being able to wait

“Alright class, for the rest of class I would like to know a little about yourselves. Starting in the front, state what your name is, what degree you have and what you want to do for a living”

Most of the class started their majors when Joseph’s turn came. Joseph let out a sigh before telling them his name, the degree he applied for and the dream career he has wanted since he was a child. Fugo looked shocked

“What? But that isn’t provided here” he said and Joseph nodded

“My family made me come here” he said

“You should go for the degree you want instead of something you don’t” he said and Joseph sighed

“Tell that to my family. God knows I’ve tried” he said and Fugo  ‘hmm’ed before continuing on.

“Alright class is dismissed. Do pages 1-5 in the workbook before next class. It’s only a reflection on your current knowledge” he said before the class got up and left. Joseph walked to the café as soon as he could and texted Caesar

‘I’m here now’

‘Alright. Be there in a few’

‘You want me to order you something?’

‘Black coffee please’

Joseph sat down and the waitress came by, “Hello what can I order you?”

“1 black coffee, and 1 mocha with extra whipped cream please” he said and she nodded and left to fulfill the order

Joseph sat back on the booth and waited and groaned when he heard a ‘hey’ behind him. Pucci came walking to him

“Why are you here? Shouldn’t you be in class?” Pucci asked

“Shouldn’t you?” Joseph shot back

“I don’t have class now” he said smugly

“Neither do I”

“Don’t mock me”

“I’m not. You literally walked in that one all by yourself” he said pointing to the now furious looking guy.

“Are you stalking us?”

Joseph turned to see Caesar standing there with his arms crossed, “Hey Caesarino~!”

Caesar huffed staring at Pucci, “Well?”

“Why are you here?” he asked shocked and Caesar walked to sit on the other side of the booth from Joseph.

“We’re having coffee with each other before Joseph needs to go to class” Caesar said as the waitress came by with their drinks

“Your next line is ‘like I, Pucci, will ever believe you two would get coffee together willingly. You must have planned this’”

“Like I, Pucci, will ever believe you two would get coffee together willingly. You must have planned this’” he said and gasped before glaring, “I told you to stop that you dick”

“As we said before, we don’t have premonitions of the future, especially where you will be at and when” Caesar said

"We don't know your pathetic life, nor do we want to" Joseph said

“You better watch your mouth” Pucci growled out

“Or else you and Dio would sue us, yeah?” Joseph asked and heard him audibly gasp

“You are too inferior to be on first name basis with a god!” he said

‘God’ Joseph mouthed with a very confused before sighing, “We didn’t do a thing, ask anyone here. You’re making a scene not us” Joseph said and Pucci growled out in a hugged tone that he will get them expelled one way or another.

Caesar groaned, “That guy really needs to get a life”

“Especially if he views Dio is a god. Like what the fuck?” Joseph asked as a throaty laugh escaped, “Damn he is going to hate the fact that I know his so called ‘god’”

“Can’t wait until he finds out?” Caesar asked and Joseph smirked

“Fuck yeah I can’t wait!”


Chapter Text

Caesar and Joseph both started drinking their coffees and decided to stir up conversation

“So, how was your class?” Caesar asked and Joseph sighed

“I guess it was ask ok as it will ever be” Joseph said, “Fun fact, the teacher stabbed his assistant in the face with a fork a few years back for getting a math problem wrong”

“Damn” Caesar said taking a sip, “That sounds uncall—”

“He said the answer to 16x55 is 28” Joseph said and Caesar coughed on his coffee a little

“—Totally called for” Caesar said causing Joseph to laugh hard

“Right!?” Joseph asked leaning back, “I mean I’m not a genius in any subject and I would more likely be close. Hell even the guy who is besties with Josuke in Morioh would get something in the 3 digits" Joseph said seeing Caesar looked confused and decided to explain more

"He's like the nicest person you'll ever meet but oh my god he is also the dumbest person you'll ever meet too" he said 

"Wouldn't that be on the teacher's assistant? Being the dumbest person?" Caesar asked and Joseph laughed

"You're right!" 

“I Wonder why that guy's the teacher’s assistant”

“Beats me” Joseph said changing subjects, “So how was your class?”


“Oh?” Joseph asked drinking more coffee

“Yeah. It’s extremely slow” Caesar exaggerated and saw that Joseph was about to respond about it being the first day, “I mean the schedule… this class is going over the stuff I learned when I was a kid… it’s like first grade material”

“Ah” Joseph said smirking, “But you got an easy A up your belt” 

“I guess that’s true, you have any homework? I don’t really, we just went over the schedule”

“Lucky! I got 5 pages of math. Its more like a reflection of what you already know” Joseph said and looked to Caesar, “I really don’t want to do it now”

“God, how do you do that?” he asked and Joseph smirked, “Well if you do it now instead of later you’ll have less stress later”

“Hmm… I guess you’re right” he said taking out his workbook out and groaned

“This sucks” Caesar said and smirked when Joseph glared at him

“That is my move” he said unwillingly got out a pencil and started in on it, “Can we still talk about things?” Joseph asked pointing to his book, “This will be more bearable”

“Alright” Caesar said and saw Joseph starting to do his homework and started talking, “So in class today something did happen that is interesting”

“Oh? Are you going to tell me?” Joseph asked excited

“Yeah, since you told me your idiotic teacher’s assistant’s story. Some dude thinks he knows Italian so he decided to show off when the teacher asked if anyone knows Italian”

“Oof, what did he say?” Joseph asked

“Well he wanted to say ‘where is the bathroom, I need to pee’, but he actually said ‘where is the bathroom, I need to masturbate’”

Joseph looked up in shock and started laughing getting back to his book continue working, “How the hell do he mix them up?”

“Beats me. Doesn’t even sound the same right?”

“Did he say it as a joke? Like he knew what he said or something?”

“You would think so, but the teacher notice me trying not to laugh… then I decided to say how it caught me off guard and that I wasn’t trying to laugh in Italian… she told me to tell him what he said wrong cause I speak Italian” he said sighing

“Sounds fun” Joseph said in sarcasm and Caesar laughed

“It was awkward for sure, however I did tell him and the look on his face was priceless. He went as red as a tomato and was silent for the rest of class”

“HA!” Joseph said smirking, “I guess that’s why people shouldn’t be too full of themselves on things they don’t know”

“For sure” Caesar said in full agreement and saw Joseph chuckle and shook his head, “Why are you laughing?”

“No reason” Joseph said and gasped all the sudden

“Want to tell me what this time?” Caesar asked and Joseph pouted

“There really wasn’t a reason I laughed” he said and Caesar nodded

“Sure, sure. So why did you gasp?” Caesar asked

“I’m done” Joseph said pointing to his math workbook and Caesar smiled

“See, isn’t it nice to finish something now instead of later?” Caesar asked and Joseph looked at him. He thanked him because he wouldn’t have done this now let alone do it as fast.

“Haha, of course but I’m taking you won’t do your homework this early for any class, if at all would you?” he asked and Joseph laughed

“You’re starting to know me” Joseph said with a goofy grin on his face and sighed, “I’ll try though. Can’t quite fail out of school even if I don’t want to be here like at all”

“It’s only 6 semesters” Caesar said and Joseph nodded

“That’s 90 weeks, minus the 6 weeks of break that’s 84 weeks” Joseph said, “That’s pure torture”

Caesar laughed hard, “You’re good in math thinking that answer so quickly”

“Only for when it counts” Joseph said sighing but Caesar smirked

“Only counts towards adding up your torture? You masochist” Caesar said and Joseph laughed

“I guess! Truth be said I calculated the weeks on a calculator before I came here. It was used as a sort of last resort to get through to my older brother and grandma that I don’t belong here”

“It didn’t work”

“And it makes me mad. I did all that hideous work too” Joseph groaned out

“Don’t like work?”

“Hate it” Joseph said as they drank the rest of their coffee and Joseph checked the time, “Seems I still have an hour and a half before class”

“That makes two and a half hours for me” Caesar said

“You want to do something else?” Joseph asked and Caesar nodded

“Sure, what did you have in mind?” Caesar asked and Joseph shrugged and he came up with a suggestion, “We could study for our next classes”

“Hard. Pass.”

Caesar laughed, “I figured you would say that”

“That’s my thing bud” Joseph said and Caesar shook his head and Joseph smiled, “How about we go to the rec center?”


“I heard they have a rock climbing room, want to check it out?” Joseph asked and Caesar raised a brow

“You like rock climbing?” Caesar asked and Joseph nodded

“Love it, you?”

“Me too” Caesar said and Joseph smiled

“Sweet! Let’s go there for some good old fashioned rock climbing!” Joseph said

“That actually sounds fun” Caesar said and Joseph paid and grabbed his arm and pulled him out of the café, “Hey wait!” he said stopping and Joseph looked to him


“We need to go to our dorm to change first” Caesar said pointing to their clothing, “Doubt that would be comfortable to limb in”

“Oh right! Good thinking!” Joseph said seeing his jeans and thought if he was wearing them while exercising, the rash he would get in that special area would be an utter nightmare and sighed, “You saved my life dude”

Caesar laughed as they went to their dorm to change into exercising clothes. Joseph and Caesar grabbed their keys and school IDs before putting their belongings on their desks. They went to the rec center and got in line to show their IDs so they could get access to the gym free of charge. Once they were through the line they went to the rock climbing room that was for more professionals. There was one for beginners that has the straps and harnesses whereas the professional one doesn’t. Joseph whistled at the sight

“That is really tall” Joseph said gawking at the big pillar that had to be like 30 feet tall.

“What you scared?” Caesar teased and Joseph smirked

“You wish!” Joseph said smirking, “You’ll be though when I beat your ass”

“Oh is that a bet?” Caesar asked doing some minor stretches, “I will win over you any day”

“You’re on!” Joseph said as they got started  to climb up. Within a few minutes, Joseph beat Caesar by a foot, “I won! Ha!” he said as they got down from the pillar

“Best 2 out of 3” Caesar said and Joseph laughed and nodded

“Best to beat you twice in a row anyways” Joseph teased as they started climbing

“Don’t get so full of yourself” Caesar said as he was reaching for one of the rock grips. Next thing both are on the ground and Joseph was pouting and Caesar was grinning, “Only one more time”

“Shut up” he said grinning, “Next one wins” he said. So they started and Joseph was in the lead. Yet, the moment Caesar was passing him… Joseph caught a glimpse of Caesar’s ass. Thinking to this moment and the moment that Caesar came out of the bathroom with his shirt off, Joseph almost lost his breath. He lost his footing

“Woah! Shit!” Joseph said as he slipped and fell backwards about 25 feet and fell onto the foam matting back first, “Oof”

“You ok?” Caesar asked at the top with a smirk and Joseph laid there looking up at him

“Again, I don’t believe you’re worried enough to care” he said seeing Caesar come down and smiled at him

“I won” Caesar said all proud and Joseph pouted

“Not fair, I slipped” he said and Caesar smirked

“Not my fault you didn’t pay attention to where you were stepping” Caesar said

“…True” Joseph said and saw Caesar reach his hand towards him to help him up. When he grabbed the helping hand, Joseph felt his heartbeat go a little faster

“What got you distracted?” he asked and Joseph made a shocked noise

“I wasn’t distracted! I just overshot a step” he said and Caesar laughed

“Whatever the case was, I still won” he said and Joseph pouted, “Your class starts soon. We should head back so you can take a quick shower”

“…You’re right” he said and they got ready and left. During their silent walk to their dorm, Joseph’s mind was racing, ‘…Shit… shit… I mean… am I really getting a crush on him!?’

They got back to their dorm and Joseph got ready for class and was about to leave before turning back to Caesar

“That was fun, we should do it again” Joseph said and Caesar nodded

“It actually was, and we definitely will do that again. I can’t wait to beat your ass” Caesar said with a smile and Joseph felt a skip to the beat of his heart

“I will win against you next time. I won’t over shoot any steps next time” he said and Caesar smirked

“Ok, ok, get going to class before you’re late” Caesar said pushing Joseph to the door gently.

“See you later” he said leaving and Caesar only raised a hand. Not much happened the rest of the school day, and Joseph returned and fell face first onto his bed

“You ok?” Caesar asked watching the whole thing

“Tired. School is tiring”

“True, but you’ll get used to it” Caesar said looking to Joseph,

“How was your class?”

“It was great, yours?” Caesar asked

“Meh. Sleep now” Joseph said shocking Caesar

“Dude, it’s not even 5 yet. Do some homework at least” Caesar said but shook his head with a sigh when Joseph was dead asleep, “This is going to be a long semester for you kid” he said looking to Joseph once more and sighed

‘You’re not as bad as I thought’


Chapter Text

The next day, Caesar’s alarm went off and Joseph woke up groaning, calmly sitting up.

“Damn it, I was really hoping you hurting yourself over my alarm was a daily occurrence” Caesar said in a teasing tone

“Oh, fuck you” Joseph said in a tone that wasn’t serious in the slightest, “Want to get coffee again? After our first classes?”

“Sure” he said and sighed, “This time our classes are both at 7am, we better get ready”

Both of them got ready and walked each other out of the dorm complex,

“My class is this way”

“Mine’s that way”

“Have a good day, see you at 9” both said leaving in opposite directions

Not much happened until they met for coffee at the same place

“Oh my god” Joseph said sprawling on the table with his head and arms, “Writing is going to be so boring… it’s just writing”

“Well if it’s as easy to you as how easy my Italian class is for me, then you’ll get an easy A” Caesar reassured

‘Failing all your classes by the middle of the semester’

Joseph laughed softly, “Probably not”


“I mean I’ll try, but someone told me I’m going to fail this semester so” Joseph said scratching his cheek absentmindedly

“You don’t have to believe that” Caesar said and Joseph laughed

“It’s hard not to”


“That would be because Avdol predicted it”

Both turned to see Polnareff coming to him, “May I join you guys?”

“Sure” Joseph said and Polnareff sat down and saw Caesar’s confused face


“Telling Joseph he would fail doesn’t sound like something Avdol would say” Caesar said and Polnareff laughed

“And you’re right, it’s not” Polnareff said

“Then why?”

“He’s a fortune teller.”

“Oh?” Caesar asked shocked and shrugged, “I mean it makes sense”

“Right!” Polnareff said grinning, “He gives very accurate readings, so when he read this in his future, it will happen, amongst other things

“Dude. Shut up” Joseph said and Polnareff laughed and sipped some coffee

“So if Joseph is really going to fail, they will kick him out” Caesar said and Polnareff nodded

“Sure, but not if he actually tried and studies. They can’t kick out the willing to try” Polnareff said and Caesar nodded, “So when’s your next classes?”

“We have a class at 12” Caesar said


“Yep” Joseph said

“That’s cool, which one?”

“Anatomy” Caesar said as Polnareff drank some coffee. That made him cough up some coffee

“Anatomy!?” Polnareff asked

“Yeah. Why?”

“The only teacher teaching it… he’s crazy as all hell” Polnareff said

“Really?” Caesar asked

“I had this class last semester. So fair warning… he… has some sort of really weird obsession over hands” he said sighing, “Be prepared for months of learning about hands. That’s the majority of the class”

“You’re kidding”

“God I wish” Polnareff said, “Besides French, I know more about hands than anything else”

“…I don’t know if I can believe that until I see it” Joseph said and Caesar nodded

“I agree with Joseph. Not that we’re saying you’re lying but”

“It sounds farfetched I know. That’s what makes him so insane” Polnareff said drinking more coffee, “I just hope class is better for you than it was for me… I mean that’s not something you wish on people… well I should be going to class, it starts in like a few minutes. See you later!”

Joseph watched as he left, “Hmm… do you believe him?”


“I do”

“You do? Seriously?” he asked, “It’s too weird to be true. I mean the school wouldn’t let that happen”

“Let’s make a bet” Joseph said smirking

“No cash”

“Hey not all bets are money related, we literally had a friendly bet yesterday during rock climbing without anything” Joseph said

“That is true, what did you have in mind?” Caesar asked

“If I win you wear this for an entire month” Joseph said taking out the pink scarf and headband with the two feathers attached

“Tch, fine but if I win you give up reading comics and playing video games for a month” he said and Joseph laughed

“You play a hard bargain. Deal” he said and they shook hands and Caesar looked at him with a quizzical stare

“Why do you have that headband and scarf with you anyways?” Caesar asked drinking some coffee

“Ah… you know? I’m not even really sure. I bought them a while back” Joseph said shrugging and Caesar just laughed for a little, “Hey when does class start?”

“In 2 ½ hours”

“Want to go rock climbing again?” Joseph asked and was confused to why Caesar was silent, “What?”

“…Why is this a daily occurrence when the alarm thing can’t?” Caesar asked

“Oh screw you” Joseph said and Caesar smirked

“Well beating your ass at rock climbing will be one of the better daily occurrences” Caesar said and Joseph glared

“I fell last time, this time I will beat you”

“Alright, we’ll see”

They wet back to their dorm and changed into their workout clothes and went to the gym and checked in. They headed into the rock climbing room

“Ready?” Caesar asked

“Well, well, well”

Both Caesar and Joseph rolled their eyes at the familiar tone before turning around with a sigh

“Seriously. Why are you stalking us?” Joseph asked

"Your life must be boring if you come searching us out" Caesar said and Pucci glared

“Oh screw off” Pucci said shaking his head, “I had no idea you were here, I just came to rock climb with my friend”

Caesar laughed, “Funny how you jump to the ‘I didn’t know you were here’ and called bullshit when we did the same thing before.”

“What a hypocrite” Joseph said and Pucci growled and was about to state something when his friend whispered something in his ear which caused him to nod

“I bet we will beat you both” Pucci said motioning over to the rock-climing pillar.

“You’re on” Joseph said and Caesar felt like something was up. Caesar sat down like Pucci as Joseph and Pucci’s friend got ready to climb. Caesar took out his phone and started to record, just in case, but made it out to look like he was on some sort of social media. Joseph got all the way to the middle, clearly about to win, when he felt the other guy swing his foot out in front of Joseph’s supporting foot making him lose balance. He fell into the pillar face first causing his nose to hit one of the rock-climbing grips. He fell backwards and landed on the mat below. Caesar gasped and ran over to Joseph who was groaning

“Joseph are you ok!?”

Pucci rolled his eyes and put a hand to his hip, “Oh, please don’t act like you care”

“I win!” Pucci’s friend said as he came down and high-fived Pucci. Joseph glared at him

“Che you only won cause you cheated you ugly bastard” Joseph said sitting up and held his nose which was bleeding

“He did no such thing! Don’t make an innocent competition to be out as that because you’re a sore loser” Pucci said

“Fuck you” Caesar said as he saw it twice. He recorded the whole thing. Even if he didn’t see it he would believe Joseph because the way he fell today was different than last time… Caesar got Joseph to stand and was about to walk him out of the room

“Caesar I’m fine, you can finish” Joseph said

“You forfeiting?” Pucci sad with a smirk as he and his friend laughed, “Wussies”

Back towards them Caesar exclaimed that he had dignity in not competing with assholes who would stoop as low as hurting another person as a cheap trick to win. Caesar then turned to them and glared at them with the coldest glare he could muster

“If we were anywhere else other than school, you would have more than 7 broken bones” he said leaving with Joseph. They walked to the bench on the other side of the gym.

“We didn’t need to quit… they won” Joseph said and Caesar ‘che’d

“Like hell they did. People who cheat will always lose because they know their competitors would win otherwise” Caesar said and Joseph thought about it and nodded

“Good point” he said wincing slightly

“Does your nose hurt?”

“Like hell” Joseph said and saw Caesar reach towards his face, “Wh-what are you doing?”

“Calm down, I know a little about medical things from my cousin. I’m just going to check if you didn’t break anything in your nose”

“…Ok” Joseph said feeling his heartbeat quicken a little when Caesar felt his nose and leaned in to get a better look. After a minute, Caesar let out a sigh

“Well your nose isn’t broken” he said grabbing a towel from the towel’s stand and put it up to his nose, “Hold that there for a little”

“Alright doctor~”

“D-don’t call me that” Caesar said somewhat flustered and Joseph grinned causing him to push the towel harshly on his nose

“Ow, dude!”

“Keep pressure on it”

“Like I believe you didn’t do that on purpose to hurt me”

“Did you hit your head?”


“I meant when you fell idiot!”

“Ah… well I don’t know?” Joseph said

“No headaches?”

“Well I do have a headache but that might be from hitting my nose?” Joseph said and Caesar ‘hmm’ed

“You might have a small concussion. So to be safe, you shouldn’t fall asleep until 10:30pm tonight”

“What, why?”

“If you have a small concussion it takes around 12 hours to get out of the danger zone. If you fall asleep between now and 10:30pm and you have a concussion you could end up in a coma”

“Ah.” Joseph said looking around, “What now?”

“Well you shouldn’t exercise with a possible concussion, we probably should get back to our dorm. This way you can read as many comics and play as many video games you could because come 12pm, you wouldn’t be able to read nor play any for a month” Caesar said and Joseph laughed

“Oh, ho ho, it’s the other way around, you will have a fabulous new style for a month~” Joseph said happily, “but I’m taking you up on that offer. Reading comics sounds great”

Caesar laughed, “Alright, alright, let’s head back”

They went back and Joseph sat on one of the black beanie bag chairs and started reading comics as Caesar was doing some homework. It soon was 11:40am and Caesar told him they needed to go to class and Joseph groaned

“Does your head and nose hurt still?” Caesar asked and Joseph made a face

“Yes, but class blech” Joseph said and Caesar smirked

“Ok, don’t come to class but you won’t see which direction the bet goes” Caesar said and Joseph shot up

“Alright! I’m coming!” he said and they went to class and sat in the front row right next to each other.

“Ready to lose?”

“Are you?”

Both stuck their tongues out at each other as the teacher came in

“Class, I am your anatomy instructor” he said handing out the rubric for class and going through it like it was normal until they got to the class schedule… one and a half months… of…

“Sorry class apparently 3 months is too much” he said putting air-quotes around ‘too much’, “So they told me I have to limit it… As if they know more about anatomy than Yoshikage Kira. Let alone about the most important body part, the glorious hand”

No way… Caesar and Joseph had wide eyes. Polnareff was right. Joseph just won the bet.


Chapter Text

After class, Joseph pulled Caesar to their room

“Put it on! Put it on!” Joseph said happily while jumping up and down and clapping his hands

“Ok, ok!” he said putting them on, “There are you happy?” he asked seeing Joseph falling silent and stare at him, “What?”

“You… look good, like really good” Joseph said and Caesar rolled his eyes

“You’re just saying that” he said thinking it was all a joke

“No, seriously, look” he said pointing to their tall mirror they got on the wall. Caesar looked and smirked

“I guess I look ok”

“Do a pose!” he said happily and Caesar pushed his chest softly

“You’re so weird” he said taking out his homework, “We should do the homework for Mr. Hands”

Joseph groaned deeply

“Come on it’s simple” Caesar said sighing, “It may be the start of a long 1 ½ months of hand hell, but its simply listing as many things about the hand that you know” he said and Joseph shrugged taking out his notebook and writing

“So, fingers, thumbs, palm of hand, knuckles, finger nails, blood veins, bones, skin, tendons, nerves” Joseph said as he wrote it and looked up to Caesar, “Think that is enough?”

“I think he means in anatomy language” Caesar said and Joseph gave him a ‘really’ look

“Do you honestly believe that I would know any of that?” Joseph asked and Caesar shrugged

“No… I mean I don’t either. All I know are the bones are called phalanges and cuticles but that’s basically it”

“Ah… WAIT! THE GUNK UNDER THE NAIL!” Joseph said and Caesar laughed

“Putting that down would kill any good chance of a good relationship you’ll have with that teacher” he said

“I wasn’t going to. I need some safe ground in college, not everything needs to be a war zone” Joseph said making Caesar nodded, “Now I can’t help but wonder what his reaction will be if I actually put that”

“How DARE you defile a beautiful thing as hands!!” Caesar said making Joseph laugh

“That would be perfect!” He said before letting out a deep yawn

“No falling asleep” Caesar said and Joseph whined

“I’m tired” he whined and Caesar sighed

“I’m not letting you go through a potential coma” Caesar said sighing, “I guess I should watch over you until 10:30pm”

“Thanks!” Joseph said smiling

“I still can’t believe those dickholes actually did that. I mean they really could have hurt you…” Caesar said shrugging, “I got the whole thing on camera though so if they try anything we have evidence of them harassing us”

“I got him accusing us of burning his bible if that ever needs to be used too” Joseph said and his stomach growled, “I’m hungry, are you hungry?”

“Yeah” Caesar said seeing Joseph go to the fridge

“I got things to make a sandwich, do you want one?” Joseph asked

“That sounds great” Caesar said

“What ingredients do you want? I’ll take them out” Joseph said

“Do we still have the grilled chicken from 3 days ago?” Caesar asked as Joseph looked through the refrigerator


“I’ll take that, mayo, tomato and lettuce” he said and Joseph stopped moving, “Something wrong?”

“No… it’s just you have really great taste… my mouth is watering, I think I’m going to have the same thing” he said taking out the ingredients

“I mean I should. I come from Italy after all” Caesar said and Joseph laughed full heartedly

“Of course!” Joseph said getting the bread out of the packaging, “Do you want me to make yours?”

“I have a specific way of making it” Caesar said as Joseph put the ingredients out

“Huh, so do I” Joseph said

“Meat on the bottom, lettuce, tomatoes and mayo” both said at the same time and Joseph smiled

“We’re more alike than we think” Joseph said putting the ingredients on his desk “Let’s use my desk to make the sandwiches since it’s clean”

“Sure, we probably should get a small folding table for foods” Caesar said getting up and walked to the desk.

“Sounds good”

As they were making sandwiches, Joseph had a smirk on his. Joseph, being his mischievous-self, took some mayo and dabbed it on Caesar’s nose. Caesar looked to him and saw him chuckle and smirked himself

“Remember who has the jar Joseph” Caesar said and Joseph gasped out a ‘no!’ before flinching his eyes tightly shut. He opened his eyes when he felt a tap to his nose. He saw Caesar smirking with a mayo covered finger and wiped his nose. Both started laughing

“Thank god that wasn’t the jar” Joseph said in relief and Caesar shrugged

“That would be mean, I mean the only one I would do that to is our bastard of a dorm captain” Caesar said

“Totally” Joseph said laughing, "I can see him opening the door and we had a tub of mayo fall on him" 

"And him shrieking" Caesar said as they both sat on the black bean bag chairs to eat.

"Totally!" Joseph said looking around, "You know, along side the table we are getting, we should also buy a TV”

“Why?” Caesar asked

“background noise. I’m not sure about you, but” Joseph said shivering, “I actually hate the quiet”

“Then lucky for you silence isn’t a thing when you’re around” Caesar said laughing as Joseph gave the ‘ha ha’ blank face look, “I do agree though. Background noise would be good” Caesar said.

After eating, Joseph got up and was about to go lay down

“You can’t sleep”

“Mnrrr” Joseph said sitting back in his black chair, “This seriously sucks” he said yawning

“You wont be getting into any comas on my watch” Caesar said

“Hmm… I guess since I still could, I’ll read some comics” Joseph said smirking and Caesar huffed

“Rub it in why don’t ya?” Caesar said sarcastically before picking gently at the new outfit he had to wear, “At least I look good”

“That you do” Joseph.

Silence fell upon them as Caesar sat at his desk deciding to do the homework he needed to and getting ahead on the homework for his Italian class and Joseph did some reading.

They did this for an hour before there was a knock at the door. Caesar got up and opened it and was shocked to see…

“Gyro… what are you doing here?”

“Nyo hoho! Caesar! I didn’t expect to see you here cuz!”


Chapter Text

Cousin. Alright it’s not a matter for Joseph. Joseph sat down prepared to read more comics and ignoring a matter between family

“You… didn’t know I go to school here? I told you and grandfather that I was going to go to school” Caesar said confused and Gyro sighed

“We knew you were coming here Caesar. I was going to see you too, but not so soon. I didn’t know this was your dorm” Gyro said laughing

“Then… why are you here?” Caesar asked confused

“I was actually looking for someone named Joseph Joestar” he said causing Joseph to look up from his comic confused

“Why are you looking for me?” Joseph asked tilting his head, “I don’t know anyone that looks like you let alone named Gyro”

Gyro laughed, “You don’t know me at all. I don’t know you either… well I know a little bit about you”

Caesar and Joseph shot him the same look and Caesar beat Joseph to the punchline, “Dude. That sounds like you’re stalking him”

“What but I’m not putting stockings on him?”

Caesar let out a throaty loud shocked noise, “Goddamn you and your shitty puns! I didn’t need to have that image in my mind you asshole!”

Gyro just laughed and saw Joseph chuckle at that, “See he likes my puns, why not you?”

“Because. The. Mental. Image” Caesar gritted out. He imagined Joseph laying all sexily with his leg out as Gyro was slowly rolling the stockings on his legs. Gyro and Joseph laughed but after it, Joseph brought them back to the topic

“So, you’re Caesar’s cousin?”


“And you don’t know he lives here”


“And you wanted to meet me”


“Without us knowing each other”



“Wait” Caesar said turning to Joseph, “You don’t now him?”

“Caesar you’re the only Zeppeli I know. That Led Zeppelin joke was used once and only once” Joseph said and Gyro laughed

“Nyohoho! Led Zeppelin! That one’s good!” Gyro said and Joseph points to him and glares at Caesar

“See he laughs at my jokes, why not you?” he asked and Caesar shook his head and rolled his eyes before turning to Gyro

“Why are you here then? Why do you know him?” Caesar asked and Gyro nodded before turning to Joseph

“I know you because I know one of your family members” Gyro said and Joseph looked confused

“Huh? Who? Jonathan?” Joseph asked confused, “he would have called me”

“Err… not him” Gyro said rubbing the back of his head before showing a picture, “This is a picture of us from two weeks ago”

“… Who is that?” Joseph asked and Gyro sighed

“You haven’t seen him for 2-3 years” Gyro said and Joseph perked slightly, “He was shot resulting in paraplegia?”

Joseph jumped up with wide eyes, “YOU KNOW JOHNNY!?”

Gyro let out a sigh, “I’m so glad I got the right person. Not sure how many families with the surname of Joestar there were” he said grinning

“HOW IS HE!?” Joseph asked and stepped back and forced him to be calm, “Sorry… he cut contact from all of us and left… during that time…” he sighed and Gyro sighed

“I can assure you he is fine. We live somewhere in America” Gyro said

“…How can you be so sure?” Joseph asked and Gyro smiled

“I’m his personal doctor” Gyro said smiling and Joseph looked at him with a sceptic look

“… He hates doctors”

“Nyohoho! I know! Took him a while to get used to me!” he said sighing

“So you know his cousin” Caesar said

“And” Gyro said pointing to Joseph, “He knows mine”

“Touché”  Caesar said

“Before I forget” Gyro said turning to Joseph, “Johnny told me a lot about you. Besides his late brother, you were the only thing he talked about. I came because I wanted to thank you”

Joseph knew what he was talking about and sighed, “… You don’t need to thank me for that. I would have done that for any of my family or friends”

“But he is alive because of you” Gyro said

“I know that” Joseph said, “But why is his doctor thanking me for that?”

“He’s like family to me” Gyro said

“He is?”

“I love him” Gyro said shocking both Caesar and Joseph but he didn’t end there, “I heard from him what happened. You’re truly a great person”

“Again, I would have done that for any family or friends, it’s really no biggie” Joseph said and sighed, “But I’m glad he’s ok and met someone he’s happy with”


“Why sound so unsure?” Caesar asked and Gyro sighed

“He will be pissed when he finds I’m here” Gyro said rubbing the back of his head, “That guy can hold a grudge”

“What would a paraplegic man do to you?” Caesar asked not out of hate but out of confusion why his cousin was this nervous about this

“He is scary when he’s pissed. He knows how to get around with or without a wheelchair. You have no idea how damn scary it is to have an angry paraplegic man chase after you especially one that knows how to hold a grudge. It is gut-wrenching” he said and Joseph laughed

“That sounds exactly like him!” he said during his laughing fit, “Yeah! You really shouldn’t be here. Johnny’ll kill you if he finds out you sought me out” Joseph said and Gyro froze and turned slightly pale

“… Oh fuck” Gyro said

“What did you tell Johnny? That you were coming here?” Caesar asked

“If I did that I wouldn’t be here” Gyro said and sighed, “I told him I had a personal matter with someone”

“Personal?” Joseph asked and smirked, “You’re lucky!”

“Why’s that?”

“Johnny can’t possibly be mad at you for visiting a cousin” Joseph said elbowing Caesar

“Hey Johnny you’ll never guess what! I was visiting my cousin at his school and when I got to his dorm, it just happens that Joseph was his roommate. What are the odds of that?” Caesar said and Gyro had wide eyes before smirking

“I love you guys! You just saved my life!” he said sighing, “I should get back though”

Joseph wrote his number on a piece of paper and gave it to Gyro, “Please give this to Johnny. He could do whatever he wants with it. I just… well I just need to try something to contact him” he said grinning and Gyro smiled

“I will do” he said and was about to leave when Joseph stopped him, “What?”

“Caesar is this the cousin you learned some medical things from?” Joseph asked and Caesar shrugged slightly

“Kind of?”

“Oh?” Gyro said, “What happened may I ask?”

“Joseph almost broke his nose earlier today. I checked it out but it doesn’t seem to be broken though. That and he may or may not have a concussion” Caesar said turning to Joseph, “Want the more qualified to check to see?”

“Hmm? Nah” Joseph said

“What? Why?” Caesar asked and Joseph smiled

“I trust your judgment Caesar” Joseph said and Caesar felt himself blush slightly as Gyro laughed and Caesar decided to change the subject

“Gyro before you leave, does Johnny need proof about me?” Caesar asked

“He’s seen your picture” Gyro said and Caesar sighed

“I think he means about how we are roomies” Joseph said, “Our IDs for some reason have our room numbers on them, so how about you take a selfie with all of us?”

“Thank you” he said as they look the selfie. Gyro hugged Joseph and then Caesar. During his hug with Caesar he whispered something into his ear discreetly. Caesar blushed slightly and threw a shoe at him. The shoe hit him directly in the eye

“Ow, Caesar that hurt!” he said before laughing when seeing Caesar flip him off

“See you later!” Gyro said leaving.

“What was that—” Joseph started

“Don’t ask” he said and Joseph shrugged before laughing

“We really live in a small world” Joseph said and Caesar nodded and joined in on the laughter.

“Who would have thought?”


Soon, class started and ended early since they only went over the course schedule. After class, Caesar and Joseph were walking down the hallway about to leave when Joseph heard someone complain about something her friend was showing her and said ‘stop showing me that already!’

Joseph heard the song and turned to the girls, “What was that song?” he asked.

“Baby Shark, you can easily find it on YouTube” she said and her friend looked to him

“Have mercy on whoever you send that to” she said as they were leaving and her friend said she was overreacting too much as they got out of earshot.

“…So, you’re going to send that song to your marine biologist cousin aren’t you?” Caesar asked and Joseph smirked and looked it up on YouTube.

“Look! A 10 hour one! Perfect!” Joseph said sending the video to Jotaro via text

5 minutes later, Joseph got a call from Jotaro

‘This… is utterly the best thing I’ve ever woken up to’

“Wait… the song is playing in the background isn’t it?” Joseph asked and heard some shuffling


Joseph laughed, “Sorry…”

More shuffling, ‘This song is going to be played all the way though… NOOOOOO PLEASE! Thank you for this godly song’

“No problem, don’t torture him too much, yeah?”

‘We’ll see’

Jotaro hung up and Joseph looked up to Caesar and Caesar crossed his arms, “What?”

“You’re evil” he said and Joseph smirked

“Finally figuring that one out are you~?” Joseph teased and elbowed Caesar and Caesar shook his head

“Well, want to head back?” Caesar asked and Joseph nodded. As they were heading back, they heard a “Jojo!”

Both turned to see Suzie-Q and Ali running to them, “We’re about to have dinner, want to come?”

“Sure!” Joseph said and turned to Caesar

“Well have fun. See you when you get back home” he said and was about to leave

“Wait Caesar” Joseph said and Caesar stopped and looked back to see Joseph turning to his two friends, “Hey guys, will it be alright if Caesar comes with us?”

Caesar had a look of shock before smiling slightly. This guy… he doesn’t hate him not even in front of his two female friends that don’t like him at all. That made Caesar feel great


Chapter Text

Chapter 29:

Suzie-Q and Ali shared a shocked look before turning to Joseph and agreed in a confused tone

“I don’t have to” Caesar said looking to Joseph to tell him he was fine eating whatever was in their fridge and saw Joseph look to him

“Then who would watch over me until 10:30pm?” Joseph asked with a grin and a wink causing Caesar to laugh

“You’re ridiculous, but you make a compelling point” Caesar said and saw Joseph’s grin widen

“That mean you’re coming?” Joseph asked

“I guess I have no choice to” he said and Joseph jumped and down happily. He grabbed onto Caesar’s arm, “We got to go back to our dorm first, do you guys want to come with and head from there?”


They walked to their dorm to put their classwork up before leaving. They were walking down the hallway and ran into Polnareff and Avdol

“Hey guys!” Joseph said catching their attention, “Do you want to come to dinner with us?”

“We both just got done with class and that sounds quite lovely” Avdol said and Polnareff nodded

“I haven’t eaten anything since this morning” Polnareff said and on que his stomach growled to back his story up. Everyone laughed, “Oh and you guys never met, this is my boyfriend and roommate Avdol” he told Ali and Suzie-Q

“Nice to meet you” Ali and Suzie said

“You as well” Avdol said shaking their hands and Ali glanced at Joseph who looked to Caesar for a quick glance like he was seeing how he reacted to Avdol being gay. She mentally ‘hmm’ed but before her thought process could continue, Avdol asked where they would want to eat out at. Food. Better thought topic. Joseph’s weird Caesar stare thought postponed until further notice.

“What about that place you guys went to? Avdol and I didn’t go last time” Caesar said and Ali gasped

“THERE!! THERE!! My pork bowl awaits~!” Ali claimed happily and everyone laughed

“I guess we’re going there” Joseph said and winked at Caesar with a smile, “Great choice~”

Ali looked at the way Joseph winked at Caesar and how Caesar looked away almost like he was embarrassed but well kept behind a mask. Hmm…. Nope not happening. Joseph and Caesar’s weirdness thought postponed until further notice.

“Onward to food!” Ali said

“She really likes her food” Suzie-Q said

“Food is a way of life!” Ali said and Avdol shrugged

“She’s not wrong” Avdol said and Ali smiled at him

“I like you” Ali said as they walked to the restaurant and got a booth right next to the window. Caesar sat on the window side, Joseph next to him and Avdol next to Joseph. On the other side, Suzie-Q had the window spot, Ali was next to her and Polnareff was next to Ali. The waitress came by and took their drink and food orders. When they got their drinks, Ali was sipping hers and staring at Caesar.

“What?” Caesar asked and Ali put her drink down

“I have to ask. What’s with the outfit?” Ali asked using a hand gesture to indicate the scarf and the headband as she was fiddling with her straw with her free hand

“I lost a bet with this guy”  Caesar said sighing, “The losing terms is to wear this for a full month… starting from this afternoon”

“Ooh, a bet? On what? On what?” Polnareff asked

“Whether or not you were telling the truth this morning” Joseph said to Polnareff and smiled, “I believed you”

“What? You didn’t believe me?” Polnareff asked Caesar and Caesar shook his head

“It wasn’t that, it just sounded way too farfetched to be real” Caesar said

“What did?” Avdol asked and Polnareff looked to him

“Get this Avdol, they got hand guy as a teacher” Polnareff said and Avdol groaned out ‘not that guy’ before Ali gasped

“Hand guy? Fuck you got Yoshikage Kira as a teacher?” Ali asked and they nodded

“1 ½ moths of—”

“ONLY THAT!?” Polnareff yelled out in shock and Ali groaned

Lucky” she said and both Polnareff and she looked at each other

“Last semester?” both asked in unison and sighed, “That class was a living hell” they both said

“I agree” Avdol said taking a sip of his drink

“Did you take the class too?” Caesar asked and Avdol shook his head

“No, but I did help Polnareff with his homework” Avdol said looking to Caesar and Joseph, “By the looks of the homework I would have guessed that he wouldn’t change, so why did he cut back?”

“The university forced him to… at least that’s what he complained about” Joseph said grinning, “But I’m glad it worked this way cause now Caesar’s got a stylish new look for a month~!”

Caesar rolled his eyes and chuckled, “Yeah, yeah”

“I got to say it does look good on you” Polnareff said and everyone agreed

Once the food came, Caesar was about to take his scarf off when Joseph stopped him

“What are you doing? Did you already forget about the bet?”

“What? But I would get food on it” Caesar said

“24/7” Joseph said with a smirk

“You… you’ve got to be kidding me” Caesar said shocked

“Nope. The only time you take it odd is when you sleep” he said smiling, “Can’t have it strangle you at night”

“Woah, hold on, you mean to tell me you expect me to wear this without washing it let alone not being able to take it off in the shower?” Caesar asked and saw Joseph still smirking, “Come on, please be reasonable”

Joseph started to laugh, “You’ve really got to learn when I joke around Caesarino~!”

Caesar let out a sigh of relief and took the scarf off as they started eating, “Thank god” he said turning to Joseph, “But the same thing goes for you”


“The learning when I joke thing”

“Like when?”

“That time we ate out, didn’t happen to long ago so you should remember it unless you have memory loss”

“I do not have memory loss and again that time you sounded so serious” Joseph said and Caesar was about to say something else when

“You two sound like an old married couple” Ali chimed in and that left the two in a coughing fit

“WH-WHAT!?” both yelled in utter shock while being flushed. Everyone laughed

“Ali come on don’t say things like that” Suzie-Q said not trying to hide her laughter

“Now that you mention it, they do seem like a couple” Avdol said

“Stop it” Joseph whined

“Changing the topic, like now. We got our first hand homework of telling what parts of the hand we already know. Joseph put down ‘gunk under the nail’” Caesar said smirking

“Wha… dude that was a joke” Joseph said, “I was not going to actually put that down”

“Good” Ali said sighing, “He went even more crazy on the last guy who made fun of hands”

“Oh! I remember that!” Polnareff said shaking his head, “Poor kid. He actually dropped out of college by the next day…”

“All over a simple ‘pull my finger’ joke directed to someone else not even in class” Ali said drinking

“Hell wasn’t it during lunch before class?” Polnareff asked and Ali nodded

“The teacher just happened to walk by” Ali said

“Are you serious?” Joseph and Caesar asked and they nodded

“He’s completely nuts over hands” Polnareff said, “So fair warning, don’t mock hands any time of day for this semester”

“I won’t” Joseph said, “I can’t afford a teacher hating me with the luck I have”

“No one can” Avdol said smiling, “But if you two need any help, Polnareff and I would help you”

“Yeah, I can state everything by memory of the hand” Polnareff said rolling his eyes, “Bastard made us sing about it in class”

“…” Caesar and Joseph were stunned silent, “I’m not even surprised anymore” both said in unison. They continued conversation for the rest of dinner and Avdol gave money for his and Polnareff’s part and left needing to do a few things before going to bed. After they left, Joseph, Caesar and the girls were just sitting and talking for a little while before getting up once the bill was payed. Once they stood up Suzie-Q got a text


“What is it?” Ali asked

“I got tickets to a concert of your favorite band!” Suzie-Q exclaimed happily shocking Ali

Wha? Really!?” Ali yelled and got excited, “When!?”

“Our anniversary!” Suzie-Q exclaimed happily and Ali stared at her before pulling her close

“You’re amazing” she said kissing her


Both broke the kiss, “Oh.. uh…” They turned to see Joseph and Caesar. Joseph was laughing loudly as Caesar created a wet mess all over from drinking the remainder of his water and had the most awesome spit-take Joseph had ever seen.

“Eheheheh… guess the cats out of the bag” Ali said sheepishly.

“…You two… are” Caesar started to say before looking to Joseph who wore a smirk

“Did I forget to tell you that these two aren’t attracted to men at all?” Joseph asked casually and Caesar made an inaudible small throaty noise


“Pretty much on the first day we met” he said

“And you didn’t tell me!?” Caesar asked wiping the water off that managed to get on his clothes as most was all over the floor



“Because you wouldn’t have believed me for one and for another a wise man once told me it shouldn’t be a third party to out someone’s sexuality” Joseph said smiling and laughing, “The other reason was it got to make you look like an idiot when it got to prove you 100% wrong~!” Joseph joked and Caesar growled

Joseph backed up, “…Dude… I was joking” Joseph said and saw Caesar glare at him

“I’m going to get you back” he said and Joseph cursed before running to the exit causing Caesar to gasp, “Wait! I didn’t mean like that you idiot! You can’t run, remember!?” he yelled running after him. Outside, in sight from the window from their seat now currently only Suzie-Q and Ali, Caesar grabbed his wrist


“Please don’t kill me!” Joseph said and Caesar bobbed him on the shoulder

“I wasn’t!”

“Then why are you chasing me?”

“To stop you from running! Does ‘potential coma’ mean nothing to you?”

“Oh… right” Joseph said rubbing the back of his head and apologized and smirked, “Good thing you were here watching over me” he said winking

“Stop it” Caesar said adverting his glance

“Stop what? The jokes or the winking?”

“Stop apologizing” Caesar said sighing, “I’m the one who should be sorry…” he said and Joseph hugged him and Caesar hugged back. They both broke the hug off

“Friends?” Joseph asked and Caesar thought about it

“Acquaintances” Caesar said, “Still don’t know much about each other yet for that”

“Fair enough” Joseph said and they shook hands, “Now that we’re sort of friends, I was hoping we could decorate the walls of our room. I got some great ideas!”

“Comics is a huge no” Caesar deadpanned and Joseph let out a whiney “aww”

“I was thinking of having different superheroes as banana cats all over out room too” he said pouting

“Banana what?” Caesar asked

“Banana cats” Joseph said cutely and showing pictures of superheroes as banana cats and Caesar just laughed

“You’re so weird!” Caesar said and sighed, “They are kind of cute. How about only one?”

“Deal!” Joseph grinned before letting out a huge yawn

“Hey, do you want to play card games? Keep you busy until after 10:30p” Caesar said

“Sounds fun” Joseph said as they were leaving and shot a text to Suzie-Q saying how they were going to go back to their dorm. In the restaurant, Ali looked to see the text and shook her head

“They are so gay for each other” Ali said

“I think you may be right” Suzie-Q said as the two witnessed the scene take place from the window, “Wonder when those two will be smart enough to realize it”

“Want to head back? I want to properly thank you for the most awesome gift I am ever going to receive” Ali said and Suzie-Q blushed slightly as they were heading back to their dorm

With Joseph and Caesar, Joseph yawned as they entered the room, “Mmm fuck… I’m so tired”

“Its only 8” Caesar said, “Let’s finish any homework we need to do first”

“…Nnnngh, I knew the cards were a lie” Joseph groaned out and didn’t fight it because he was too tired He sat at his desk and finished his homework for tomorrow and the next day.

“Finished?” Caesar asked and Joseph nodded tiredly

“What time is it?”

“8:45” Caesar said and Joseph ‘mmm’ed seeing Caesar take out a deck of cards, “Go Fish?”

“Sure!” Joseph said and while playing in their 3rd round,

“Joseph do you have any twos?” Caesar asked and heard nothing so he looked up, “Joseph?”

Joseph was close to dozing off and Caesar tapped his cheek causing Joseph to groan

“No sleeping” Caesar said

“…I’m not………. Go fish” Joseph said, “Any fours?”

“Dang it” Caesar gave him a 4 and saw Joseph smirk tiredly

“I win~!”

“Shut up”

“You lost to a tired person” Joseph said and Caesar grumbled

“Let’s play slap jack now” Caesar said with a smirk and Joseph agreed. After losing 100%, Joseph pouted when Caesar was smirking

“You lost to a non-tired person” Caesar said sticking his tongue out and Joseph groaned

“…That’s not fair… you took advantage of my sluggish reflexes due to being tired” he said

“Yep, pretty much” Caesar said smirking. They decided to play different card games that weren’t making one or the other in advantage over the other. Soon it was 10:45pm

“….Caesar….. can I go to sleep now, pleeeeease?” Joseph whined and Caesar nodded yawning

“You should be fine” Caesar said and before they got up to go to bed, Joseph hugged Caesar



“For staying up with me and making sure I didn’t fall asleep” he said before falling on his bed and instantly fell asleep. Caesar smiled

“Buona notte Jojo” Caesar said before going to bed himself


Chapter Text

That morning, Caesar’s alarm went off and Caesar woke to nothing but the alarm which made his heart fall slightly

“Joseph?” Caesar asked as he knew the other woke up the last two times complaining his alarm is going off. He jumped down and saw Joseph still asleep… at least he hoped

“Joseph time to get up” he said shaking him a little and nothing. Light panic set in as the boy wasn’t waking up, “Joseph. Seriously. Wake up already” he said tapping his face

“Ngh… whaaaaaaat?” the boy asked with one eye open and Caesar let out a sigh of relief

“Oh thank god you didn’t fall into a coma” Caesar said, “My alarm went off and it didn’t wake you up like last time”

“Alarm….? Oh….. fuck… school” Joseph groaned out, “So sleepy”

“… Do you want me to set an alarm on your phone so you can wake up in an hour?” Caesar asked

“Please” Joseph whined and Caesar smiled grabbing his phone and unlocked it. He laughed when seeing the main screen

“You and your marvel banana cat things” he said seeing Joseph lazily smirk before going to his alarm setting and set an alarm at 7am. Making sure it’s set at a loud volume he also made sure it worked. He placed it on the bed-stand, “You’re all set”

“Thhhhaaaaaaa…” he said as the rest of the ‘thank you’ was trailed off as he fell asleep. Caesar looked to him before getting ready for the day. Caesar left the room with a tiny nagging feeling that he would need to call Joseph

After Caesar’s 7-7:50am class, the feeling didn’t go away so he called him the second class got out

‘Ngh…. What?’

“…Joseph are you… did you just wake up?” Caesar asked in shock

‘Yes… why?’

“Your class is in less than 10 minutes” Caesar said and heard some shuffling around which he assumed was Joseph getting into a sitting position


“Start getting ready, I’ll help you when I get there” he said rushing back as fast as he could. He opened the door to see a half-wet full-naked Joseph getting underwear on, “Oh shit, sorry dude” he said adverting his eyes

“Fuck… sorry” he said quickly getting dressed, “I took a really quick shower” he said sheepishly

“Its ok” Caesar said deciding to help him out and get his bag ready when he went into the bathroom to finish brushing his teeth and drying his hair, “Hey are you coming back after your class?”

Joseph stepped out of the bathroom and mumbled before taking his toothbrush out of his mouth, “Yes probably” he said drying his hair with his free hand

“Alright” he said getting only his math things in his bag. Once Joseph is out of the bathroom, Caesar hands him his bag.

“I wouldn’t know what I would do without you” Joseph said grabbing the bag and winked, “Thanks so much” he said before leaving in a rush. Caesar groaned wondering why Joseph keeps winking at him… and why it doesn’t bother him…

Joseph was sprinting across campus as he was less than 5 minutes of being late. Joseph ran into class panting, 1 minute to spare. Joseph sat down as the teacher just started class

‘Fuck… thanks Caesar. I just made it because of you’ Joseph thought as the teacher asked the class to turn in their homework. Not much happened in class besides old boring math. The excitement appeared when Joseph was able to come back to his dorm after class. ‘Why’ is the question he still didn’t know the answer to

“Hey Joseph” Caesar said sitting up from reading a book and looked to Joseph, “You make it to your class on time?”

“Yep” he said smiling, “Thanks to you. Seriously, thanks. That math teacher is strict on attendance. 3 minutes late without an excuse is considered an ‘unexcused absence’ and 3 of those you fail the class”

“Oof. I feel for you” Caesar said and saw Joseph smile, “What?”

“You look good in reading glasses” Joseph said before laying down

“Sh-shut up, idiot” Caesar said flustered before going back to his reading. Joseph just smiled and turned to his side and sighed. There was one other thing running through his mind than just how hot Caesar was. The fact he clearly remembered Caesar calling him Jojo last night. It made him happy for some reason. That and Caesar did look so hot in glasses it really should be labeled as a crime.

‘Maybe this time here isn’t so bad after all’ Joseph thought falling to sleep.

Time-skip 1 month.

The past month of school has been going good. Caesar and Joseph frequently got coffees in the morning before their second classes, doing their homework together, had a few study sessions with Avdol and Polnareff that made learning so much fun, Aly and Suzie-Q not letting Caesar live down the fact he had no idea that they were gay especially with ‘how good’ he was with women to Caesar’s dismay and Joseph’s glee, and, of course, a plot or two by Pucci to get them expelled failed 100%. Joseph also got a kick out of the fact that the bet was officially over and Caesar was STILL wearing his headband and scarf saying how comfortable it was.

Things were going great for Joseph until the one night they decided to go out to eat. Joseph and Caesar decided to eat out at their frequent to go to restaurant. Everything was going great when they were interrupted.

“Excuse me”

Caesar and Joseph looked up to see a scary looking guy with facial scars and a pretty flamboyant looking green-haired man in a hoodie

“... Hey Joseph. You remember me? It’s been awhile”

Joseph looked to the scary looking guy for a little before a memory passed his mind, “Shit, Okuyasu is that you!?”

“Hey!” the guy grinned, “You remember me!”

“Of course I do dude! You’re my cousin’s best friend!” Joseph said grinning, “Seriously how are you? We haven’t seen each other in 10 years”

“I’m good, what about you?”

“Same” Joseph said and was going to ask the question to why he was there instead of Morioh town when the green haired man sighed

“Okuyasu, aren’t you forgetting something?” the green haired man said in annoyance

“Oh right! Thanks for reminding me sensei!” Okuyasu said turning to Joseph, “So, Josuke got your voice mail a while back. You know him, he felt awful about it and came up with a plan, but his schedule got wonky and so he made me come in his stead

“The voice mail?” Joseph asked confused

“I think he may be referring to the time I met Polnareff” Caesar helped clarify and Joseph remembered

“Oh that voice mail! Wait…why did he make you come at all? I mean to apologize he could have done that over the phone”

Caesar groaned knowing what was going on but Joseph still didn’t, “You’re an idiot”

“What why?” Joseph asked Caesar who sighed

“Don’t you hear the whispers?” Caesar asked and Joseph heard the gasps and hushed whispers when Okuyasu pointed to the guy next to him

“Josuke made me come in his place to introduce you to Rohan Kishibe” Okuyasu said quietly and Joseph had wide eyes

“Rohan? Like the ROHAN!?” Joseph asked and Rohan put a hand to his mouth

“I really do not need a mob of fans chase me like last time, so let’s not freak out ok?” Rohan said backing up, sticking out his hand to shake Caesar’s and Joseph’s, “It’s nice to meet you. Josuke told me a lot about you”


“Well actually not about you” Rohan said to Caesar

“Jotaro’s the only cousin of Joseph’s I met or know anything about, so I really don’t expect you to know who I am” Caesar said and Rohan looked genuinely surprised

“I haven’t actually ever met that isn’t offended or upset that I don’t know them” Rohan said

“Koichi didn’t and neither did I” Okuyasu

“That’s because Koichi is different and you’re stupid” Rohan said bluntly

“I’m not that stupid”

“… But isn’t it the smart thing to not be offended by someone like you knowing them?” Caesar asked

“Yeah?” Rohan asked not knowing where this was going

“Then by definition isn’t Okuyasu actually smart?” Caesar said and Rohan had a look of shock but chuckled slightly

“Looks like I fell into that one” he said sitting down next to Joseph.

“Hey! That’s the first time someone called me smart!” Okuyasu said making his way to sitting next to Caesar grinning, “I like you!”

“I was just stating the obvious”

“That you think I am smart”

“Dumbass he doesn’t even know you” Rohan said, “He was referring to how my words were contradictory given the situation”


“So… Josuke talked about me to you?” Joseph asked and Rohan nodded

“I guess you can say we’re opening up to each other about things. We met on poor circumstances and the bastard almost burned down my house, but we’re pretty good friends now” Rohan said and Okuyasu snorted

“Don’t act like it wasn’t your fault. You egged him on by insulting his hair when Koichi and I clearly said not to” Okuyasu said and Joseph verbally ‘oof’ed

“You actually insulted his hair? Maaaan, that’s like the worst thing you could do to him” Joseph said and Rohan sighed

“Fine, I learned my lesson, but the damn kid is way too attached to his hair” Rohan said turning to Joseph, “Any idea the reason behind his hatred of people who insult that ridiculous hair of his?”

“…Not that I can think of but you shouldn’t insult his hair” Joseph said and Rohan ‘pfft’ed

“He’s not here” he said and saw Joseph discreetly point and following the point, he saw Okuyasu with his phone out, “A-re you recording this!?”

Insert text send tone

Rohan had his jaw opened pretty far in the ‘did you really just do that’ shock and not even 5 seconds later his phone rang and he rolled his eyes before answering his phone

“Hey Josuke I can—”


Rohan sighed, “I need to take this, so please excuse me” he said not before shooting the smirking Okuyasu with a death glare.

“So” Caesar said turning to Joseph, “Is everyone you know this bizarre?”

Joseph laughed, “Pretty much! Seriously you’re the most normal person I’ve met”

“Hey I’m not bizarre” Okuyasu said

“Do I need to remind you of what happened when I first met you?” Joseph asked and Okuyasu huffed

“You’re not going to actually hold something I did as a kid on my head are you?”

“Sure am”

“Then I guess you’re right” Okuyasu said grinning and Caesar shook his head

“You’re all bizarre”

With Rohan, it took him a good while to calm Josuke up, “I really meant ‘ridiculous’ as a means of I just don’t understand why you get so mad over when someone insults your hair. To the normal person it just doesn’t make sense… then again, I’m not what you call normal”

‘Haha, we’re all weird, but… Rohan don’t let Okuyasu talk about you know what… It’s a very sensitive thing amongst the family’

Rohan sighed, “I understand” he said and was about to say something when he heard slamming on a table

“That is a personal matter!”

“Uh oh”


“I think we’re a little late on that one, call you back” he said hanging up hearing the last uttered words of Josuke calling Okuyasu an utter idiot. Rohan starting to walk over to the table when he saw Okuyasu say something as he wasn’t in hearing distance of him

“I don’t care!”

“Shit” Rohan said as he got there in hopes that he can diffuse this situation. No such luck when Joseph punched Okuyasu in the face and stormed out of the building, “God damnit Okuyasu!”

“What? What did I say?”

“The only thing that makes him snap like that is the matter between him and his family!” Rohan said, “We have no right to even so much as think about it!”

“But I just asked—!”

“It doesn’t matter! That is to him as Josuke is with his hair but for a better reason” Rohan said glaring at Okuyasu

“I… I didn’t mean anything by it” Okuyasu said, “You know I’m dumb”

“Just go find him and apologize” Rohan said and Okuyasu nodded running out after Joseph, obviously no longer in sight. Rohan sat down and sighed turning to Caesar

“You look shocked”

“I… never seen him snap like that so quickly” Caesar said. Even their first fight was provoked for like an hour before the initial fight

“… It’s over a family matter between the Joestar bloodline” Rohan said, “I only know a little about it because I know Jotaro, who just happened to be watching over Josuke… from what I heard it wasn’t good and a very touchy subject for them so don’t mention I said anything ok?”

“I won’t” Caesar said and Rohan thanked him. Caesar began to wonder what happened

“Looks like you’re done eating, so is it alright if I ask for us to stay a while more?” Rohan asked reaching for his wallet, “I’ll get coffee”

“Sure. We should wait here for either of them to show up” he said and around 20 minutes later Okuyasu came back looking defeated

“Did you find him?” Rohan asked and Okuyasu shook his head

“I tried but he’s not there. I looked around” Okuyasu said and Rohan groaned

“I have that flight home in an hour, I can’t miss it Okuyasu” Rohan said and Okuyasu nodded sighing

"I understand... Caesar, was it? Can you tell Joseph I am sorry" Okuyasu asked and Caesar nodded and Rohan dug in his bag

"I’m sorry for any trouble Okuyasu caused. Here, give these to Joseph the next time you see him” he said giving a few manga volumes to him from his bag, which were autographed in the front cover, “I heard he liked these genres”

“Thanks… I’ll be sure to give it to him” Caesar said and Rohan gave Caesar a number

“That’s my number. I’m sure Josuke would want to know when his cousin is back safe and sound” Rohan said and Caesar nodded

“I'll text you, but I'm sure he will be fine” Caesar said

"Hopefully, Well farewell" Rohan said and Caesar said bye to Rohan and Okuyasu. Caesar then watched as Rohan was berating Okuyasu for his stupidity and inconsideration as they left the building like he really didn't want to leave things as they were. Caesar sighed and left as the bill was paid for by Rohan and went to his dorm. That was around a 30 minute walk from the restaurant so he expected Joseph to be back there pissed or sulking over what Okuyasu said... he braced for the possible rant he might here from the possible berate boy, but he was only met with an empty room. It was getting late… it was almost 10pm after all. Feeling a little concerned, Caesar put the manga on Joseph’s desk and sighed

“Where are you Joseph?”


Chapter Text

Caesar’s phone started ringing and after the 5th ring, Caesar shot up and groaned rubbing his head. He saw he was at his desk. He remembered wanting to wait for Joseph to get back but he fell asleep. He looked to the time and saw that it was 3 in the morning and no sign of Joseph… Oh right, his phone was ringing… he grabbed it and had wide eyes and quickly answered it


Heeeeeey~ you called me Jojo!’

“Dude, where have you been? Where are you? It’s 3 in the morning!”

‘Yknauw I…. didn’t mean to call you’ Joseph sounded like he slurred his words before laughing, ‘ meant to call Speedwagon…. Pfft pee… Speedwagon has peeeee in it~!’

Caesar was stunned silent, “Are… you drunk?”

‘No no no….’ he said before laughing again, ‘I can totally handle my liquor~!’

Caesar hit his forehead with a hand, “Oh my god… go call Speedwagon to come get you”

‘Aww… but I want to hear your voice!’

Caesar blushed slightly, “You stupid drunken ass this isn’t the time for telling unrelated unimportant things, just call him so you could get back safe”

‘…. Ok….’

Caesar hung up on the boy who was obviously drunk pouting. Soon he saw his phone ringing again and looked to it. Rolling his eyes and rubbed the bridge of his nose before sighing. He answered the phone, “Joseph.”

‘…Wait… you’re not Speedwagon…. Hahaha peeeee’

“Oh forget it! You’re useless. Tell me where you are so I can get you and bring you back”

‘Uh ….I don’t know…’

“Describe your location” Caesar said getting a pen and paper out just in case

‘Gas… station’

“Gas station? Any descriptions?” he asked as he was going to write them down later

‘….Suns coming… out of gas cans’

Caesar dropped his pen, “What?”

‘Gas cans they have smile faced suns’

Caesar groaned, “That helps a lot” he said in sarcasm, “I’ll try and find you, be there as quickly as I can”

1 hour later, Caesar walked to an even more drunken Joseph while growling, “How much of a drunken idiot are you!?”

SHIIIIIIIIIZAAAAAAAAHHHH~!” Joseph glomped him hard but not hard Caesar was going to lose his balance

“God you really are wasted”

“N-no I…. I’mnot”

“This place isn’t even a gas station!” Caesar practically yelled


“Yeah! It’s a frickin fertilizer store! I realize that after you sent me off on this shitty goose hunt” Caesar said and Joseph leaned on his shoulder

“…..if… if this is a ferti….zer store… whaaaaaaht did I eat?” Joseph asked and Caesar felt his blood run cold

“…Are you kidding?” He asked completely flabbergasted and worried. He raised his arms up and did the motion of the ‘I’m calm, you’re the one who needs to be calm’, “Alright, alright. No need to panic. We’ll just ask someone” he said taking Joseph’s hand into his own and started walking both of them to the building

“Whhhheere y’taking me?”

“Just shut up Jojo” he said seeing the front door saying they were closed, “shit… they just closed… fuck” he said trying to stay calm and hope that Joseph didn’t eat anything bad. He saw a person leave the building and was about to lock it when he ran to her, “Excuse me?”

“We’re closed”

“I’m not a customer but he was” Caesar said and bit his tongue when the same person said the same thing, “I know you’re closed…. But this guy is so damn drunk that he doesn’t remember what he bought from you guys and he ate whatever it was”

The employee looked to Joseph and to Caesar and did a part sigh part laugh, “Wow. Don’t worry I remember this guy. He came in and bought a snickers… he wouldn’t stop stating that one now very annoying commercial…”

“You’re not you when you’re hungry!!!!” Joseph yelled in drunken laughter and the employee and Caesar sighed in annoyance

“Thanks for the help, sorry for him disturbing you” he said dragging Joseph away and before Caesar could stop him he took out a bottle of alcohol from nowhere and downed it

“STOP DRINKING!” Caesar said pulling the now empty bottle away from Joseph’s mouth and Joseph stumbled and couldn’t sand up correctly or even walk, “Damn it Joseph! I cannot take you back now” he said sighing before grabbing Joseph’s phone and called Speedwagon from the contact

‘Joseph, why call so early in the morning’

“Er… uh… sir, this is Caesar”

‘Oh I remember you! Wait… is something wrong?’

“Well…. Joseph and I are at Dire Fertilizer Store. Joseph… is drunk and stumbling. I can’t bring him back to our dorm by myself” Caesar said and heard the old man sigh deeply

‘I’ll be right there’

“Thank you” he said hanging up and looked to where Joseph was to see he was gone, “Shit! Where did you go!?” he asked looking around and gasped when he saw him, “SHIT! NO! DON’T DO THAT!”

When Speedwagon got there he saw a very annoyed looking Caesar with a shoe string in his hand that on the other end led t Joseph who was currently tied up in shoelaces

“Uh… care to explain the shoelaces?” Speedwagon asked

“He was getting into trouble so I resorted to restraining him. Our shoelaces were the only thing available” Caesar said as neither his or Joseph’s shoes have shoelaces. Joseph then cried loudly

“Speeeeeeedwaaaaaaaagon! Caaaaesaaar put snaaaakes on meeeeeeee!” Joseph cried out and Speedwagon looked surprised

“When you said he was drunk… you weren’t kidding” Speedwagon said

“Hey! I’m not drunnnn” Joseph said all drunk like taking a step forward and fell unconscious. He started falling over

“Shit!” Caesar said catching him and moved his leg and foot to better support both his and Joseph’s weights, “You’re an utter ass” he said before laughing saying to Speedwagon that Joseph is quite the drunk. Speedwagon walked to him and helped him bring the drunken unconscious boy into his truck. Speedwagon and Caesar got into the front seats

“What happened?” Speedwagon asked as they started driving and Caesar explained what happened with Okuyasu and Rohan and how Joseph disappeared up to the time he called him. Speedwagon sighed deeply and Caesar turned to look to him and saw a very brief look of sadness in his eyes, “Thanks for taking care of him for us, you might be confused about it but it’s a family matter”

“I understand completely” Caesar said and Speedwagon smiled

“You’re a good person” Speedwagon said

“I don’t know about that” Caesar said

“Nonsense. I know who’s a good person just by looking at them. I also know a bad guy just by looking at them. You’re not bad”

“Thanks sir”

“Please call me Speedwagon” Speedwagon said and Caesar nodded. The rest of the ride was silent and once they were parked near the dorm, Speedwagon got out and woke Joseph up

“Nghhh…. Whaaaat?”

“I was going to ask if you sobered up but looks like you’re still wasted” Speedwagon said sighing helping Joseph up, “Let’s get you to bed”

Joseph groaned and leaned on Caesar as both Caesar and Speedwagon helped him towards the building. Before they could enter the building, they were stopped by Pucci

“What happened to you?” he said snobby. When Speedwagon was about to say something Joseph opened his mouth to say something. However, the only thing that came out of his mouth was throw up, accidentally but awesomely directed to Pucci. Pucci gasped in disgust as his chest was covered in the drunk boy’s puke…, “Fuck you, you stupid idiotic ignoramus!”

… Joseph just looked to Pucci and then to Caesar who was trying not to laugh, “It really was a snickers”

Caesar couldn’t hold it in and started laughing hard. They ignored Pucci’s screeching at them and walked into the building and brought Joseph to their dorm

“…So anymore trouble with that guy?” Speedwagon asked as they helped Joseph lay down and Caesar nodded

“Yes. We think it’s because of our first and only physical fight that our school assigned him to watch out after us making him hate us for taking away his free time away” Caesar said and sighed, “He’s actively trying to start shit and threatening us with expulsion when we don’t do anything wrong” Caesar said taking Joseph’s phone and showed Speedwagon the video of Pucci blaming them for burning his bible

“It was his roommate but he was so adamant it was us” Caesar finished

“Send that video to me. I’ll forward it to Jonathan and Dio. I’ll inform them on what you told me too, just in case” Speedwagon said and Caesar sent the video to Speedwagon, “Thanks, well I should be going, if anything happens don’t hesitate to call” he said hugging Caesar

“Thanks for taking care of Joseph” he said

“Of course, thanks for the help as well” Caesar said and they exchanged numbers before Speedwagon left. Caesar sighed turning to Joseph who was now sitting up, “You sobered up?”

“…Shh… need shower” he said getting up and almost tumbled down and grabbed Caesar’s shoulder for support causing Caesar to sigh

“Well I guess not” Caesar said catching him as he almost fell, “There is no way you’ll be able to take a shower in this state without killing yourself”

Joseph looked to him with a deadpanned look, “Help me then”

Caesar blushed slightly, “What? Oh hell no!”

“But I don’t want to be killed” Joseph whined

“Then wait until you sober up!” Caesar said and Joseph whined

“But I don’t want to wait! I stink now!” Joseph cried out and grabbed Caesar’s shoulders, “Pleeeeease help?” he asked and Caesar sighed

“…Fine. Only to make sure you don’t fall. I’m not helping with anything else” Caesar said and they went into the bathroom and Joseph instantly tried to take off his clothes when Caesar stopped him, “Do that in the shower!” he said flustered pushing him into the shower

“But you already saw me naked” Joseph said

“Accidents are different!” Caesar yelled and heard the shower turn on, “Hey, did you take off your clothes?”


“Take them off you drunken idiot!” Caesar yelled

“Ok, ok geez” Joseph said getting his now soaked clothes off and handed then to Caesar. Caesar sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose deeply before setting them on the towel drying rack. Caesar turned back to the shower

“You ok in there?” Caesar asked

“Yeah” Joseph said

“Alright” Caesar said deciding to take off his own clothing layers to leave just his pants and his under tank-top on. A few minutes later the shower turned off. Caesar gave him a town and when Joseph was about to grab it and step out, he tripped. He fell, right on to Caesar. They both fell down, Joseph right on top of Caesar

“Shit” both said as they both were blushed. Caesar silently and gently got out from underneath him and helped Joseph up

“’M sorry” Joseph said and Caesar shrugged

“It happens” he said as Joseph got dried

“How about if we Netflix and chill?” Joseph said smiling but then the smile disappeared, “Wait we don’t have a TV… so I guess the Netflix thing is out, so how about the ‘chill’ part?”

Caesar’s face went bright red, “You drunken fool. Let’s just get you to bed”

“So we could ‘chill’?” Joseph asked smiling

“So you could sleep” Caesar said and Joseph smiled

“Sleep is another word for ‘chill’” Joseph said

“We are not having sex!” he said

“Aww” Joseph whined as they walked into their room. Joseph was pouting the whole time he was getting dressed. Caesar looked to him and saw tears in Joseph’s eyes

“Are you really that upset I said no?”

Joseph shook his head as tears formed more, “I’m starting to sober up a little” he said and Caesar was confused

“Isn’t that a good thing?” Caesar asked confused to Joseph’s reaction and Joseph shook his head as tears flowed down when biting back a sob 

“No” Joseph said sounding like it was hard for him to breath as he sat on his bed

“What’s wrong?” Caesar asked as Joseph started sobbing and he walked to him and was concerned and worried, “Are you ok?”

“…I… drank to forget…. I drank to forget” he said in sobs as tears flowed faster and his hands were trying to wipe the tears away. Caesar sat next to him and pulled him into a hug. Joseph hugged him and buried his head into Caesar’s shoulder as he cried out. As Caesar was rubbing Joseph’s shoulder and arm in a soothing way he couldn’t help but remember Avdol’s words when they first ate out. There was one thought of pure concern that ran through his mind as Joseph was sobbing harder

‘…What happened to you?’


Chapter Text

Joseph eventually cried himself into a deep sleep. Caesar helped him lay down and sighed when looking at him. He was concerned to what caused Joseph to be in such a state where he thought drinking would be the only means to cope… That and he knows the kid will have a massive hangover and complain non stop in the morning. Sounds fun… Caesar dreaded the morning to come. Then morning came and Caesar woke up groaning already imagining the whining of Joseph. Caesar hopped down from the bed and saw Joseph in his bed wide awake and just stating up with a stoic look.

Concern flag #1… he’s not even complaining about a hangover which was 100% guaranteed from the amount of alcohol he consumed.

“You’re awake?” Caesar asked and Joseph just nodded.

Concern flag #2… he’s not making fun of his question that had the most obvious answer…

“I made a decision.” Joseph said in a tone that matched his stoic face as he continued to stare up, “I’m not going to school”

Concern flag #3, even if Joseph didn’t want to be here, he still wanted to get a degree for his family…

“Joseph… what’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Joseph said

“Yes there is. Last night you were—” Caesar said

“Drunk. Nothing more nothing less” Joseph said and Caesar knew by his tone he remembered what happened last night

“…Right, then the reason you want to give up so easily?” Caesar asked

“I am not giving up easily” Joseph huffed and sighed, “I just don’t want to be here. It hurts”


“It isn’t you, or Polnareff or the rest of our friends…” Joseph said, “I am glad to meet you all”

“Oh… Joseph… I get you want to quit I do. However”

“Don’t give me this please” Joseph groaned

“You should at least finish this semester off before planning to quit” Caesar said

“I’m done now.” Joseph groaned putting a pillow over his head, “You can’t convince me otherwise”

Caesar stared for a few seconds and sighed deeply, “I… understand” he said before leaving and walked to Avdol and Polnareff’s dorm room and knocked on the door. Avdol answered it

“Oh, Caesar come in” Avdol said and Caesar walked in after thanking him, “What may I ask brings you here?”

“Joseph.” Caesar said

Both Polnareff and Avdol exchange a look of worry, “What happened? Did you guys fight again?”

“No… can we please not be known for that one fight?” Caesar groaned out before sighing, “…No it’s about Joseph”

“What’s wrong?” Avdol asked

“…He wants to quit school” Caesar said and both Polnareff and Avdol looked surprised

“Why? He was doing so well in our study sessions” Avdol said and Polnareff nodded

“He was having fun too” Polnareff said and tilted his head, “Or so we thought?”

“Well… it’s a long story” Caesar said and Avdol offered him a seat. He sat down and explained what happened with his cousin’s friend bringing Rohan to visit him and then said something about his personal life to the point of punching said cousin’s face. Then adding how the guy got absolutely shitfaced drunk in order to try to forget it…, “Now… he just wants to quit”

“Hmm, well we’ll speak with him” Avdol said and Caesar smiled

“I was hoping you would, you give good advice” Caesar said and Avdol smiled

“Anything to help a friend” Avdol said and they left to go talk to Joseph. Joseph was in midst of packing and turned to see the door open and saw Caesar, Avdol and Polnareff come in. Joseph huffed and put his bag down

“You seriously went to Avdol?” Joseph asked sighing, “Look. I’m done with school. I don’t want to be here anymore… it hurts. Please let me go”

“Joseph. Listen. I understand where you’re coming from” Avdol said and Joseph had a sad look in his eyes before going back to a stoic face

“No… I don’t think you do… no one does” he said instinctively grabbing onto his left arm, “It’s way too complicated”

“I’m not saying I understand exactly where you were coming from” Avdol said kindly, “I meant that I’ve seen it happen to Polnareff”

“Yeah dude, you know my shitty ex-friend? Yeah, well he made school harder for both Avdol and me the rest of the semester. Avdol helped me realize what happened didn’t control my life unless I let it”

“You’re ex-friend is assier than Pucci” Joseph said getting a smile on the surrounding faces but the smiles were short lived, “I…” he sighed again, “It’s different… for me… so… please let me leave”

“Avdol, do something” Polnareff said as Joseph went back to packing and Avdol walked to him putting a hand on his shoulder gently

“Joseph, I know whatever is hurting you is causing you to leave school, is it something that happened at school at all?”

“No. Please don’t ask”

Avdol sighed, “We weren’t going to ask something that is a sensitive and touchy subject in anyone’s life, especially a friend’s.” Avdol said continuing talking

“Then why not stay?” Avdol asked and Joseph shook his head, “Hear me out. I know you may want to forget whatever may or may not have happened in your life, but wouldn’t going to school help with this? I mean you have friends here and you can focus on school and friends to help you forget whatever ails you.”

“…You…” Joseph stopped packing and turned to Avdol, “You may be right”

Again everyone smiled and it was short lived when Joseph finished his statement, “However, if I don’t feel like going to class any day, I’m not going”

“But Joseph—”

“Avdol, he’s not quitting, I think that’s all we can get from him at the moment” Caesar said and Polnareff nodded

“Hey Joseph, if you ever want to, we would love to listen whenever you feel willing to let us hear you out” Avdol said hugging Joseph. Joseph hugged back and Polnareff got in on this action

“Group hug, willing for one more~” Polnareff said as he opened one of his arms and Caesar rolled his eyes playfully and hugged them. 

After the hug, Joseph smiled, “Thanks for not prying”

“Of course. We need to take our leave but if anything comes up please contact us” Avdol said and Polnareff nodded

“Friends stick with friends” he said smiling as they left. Then it was just Caesar and Joseph in the room

“So… the shower”

“…I said I was sorry” Joseph pouted and sighed, “It wasn’t really my fault, you’re the one who let a drunk person take a shower. That thing is slippery as heck”

“You constantly pushed and begged, what did you expect for me to do?” Caesar asked and Joseph was about to answer when he looked to his bag and groaned

“Second thoughts?” Caesar asked concerned about him wanting to leave again

“I HAVE SUCH A BAD HEADACHE!” Joseph yelled gripping his head in pain and going into a squatting fetal position. It seemed like his hangover kicked in and Caesar just started laughing hard, “YOU UTTER ASSHOLE! DON’T LAUGH AT MY MISERY!!”

“That’s the Joseph I know!”


Chapter Text

Time Skip: End of February/Beginning of March

A couple of weeks before Spring Break, Joseph and Caesar had some time so they were heading to their room before getting ready to go to the gym for another healthy rock climbing match, they are even even now with the same amount of wins and losses. As they were heading back to their dorm, a kid ran by and took Joseph’s wallet right from his hand and ran away.

Caesar had a look of shock across his face as his mouth was open wide. He turned to Joseph to see Joseph having a very stoic look on his face. Joseph calmly and silently started walking in the direction the kid walked.

‘This isn’t going to be good’ Caesar thought and decided to walk after Joseph but at a distance.

Soon Joseph turned the building he saw the kid go behind and then saw the kid was being surrounded by others… Caesar saw this and hid behind the corner and made sure that he can see them but they can’t see him.

Joseph noticed the boy on the ground held down but one guy and one of the others had his wallet and calmly asked “what are you doing with that wallet?” he asked and the boy looked shocked and scared the guy he stole from is there now too…

“This asshole stole it, and we took it from him”

“For yourself or to return it?” Joseph raising his eyebrow

“Myself of course”

“And you had the audacity to call him an asshole?” Joseph asked

“Watch it.” The guy said as the others snickered

“That is my wallet. I gave it to him so the only thief is you” Joseph said calmly and the boy looked confused but said nothing

“Like hell we would believe that bullshit!” The guy who had his wallet said as the others were laughing

“Check the ID genius” Joseph said and the guy blushed in anger


“But I did. He’s my friend and I gave him my wallet as a gift. So I demand you let him go and give him back what is officially his” Joseph said crossing his arms. Caesar watching this, behind the wall, had wide eyes. Was Joseph actually thinking this kid as a friend? The friend was shocked as well. All because this friend literally stole the wallet right out of a stranger’s hands… Joseph should hate him… but he doesn’t. Miraculous

Joseph saw as the guy who had his wallet walk up to him, “And what are you going to do about it if we don’t?” he asked as he stuck the wallet in his pocket and stuck his finger into his nose. He took out a big booger and wiped it on Joseph’s cheek. Joseph made a slight ‘tch’ sound as he gripped his hands into fists shaking in anger

‘This is bad!’ Caesar thought about to run out to stop the fight that was surely going to happen. He needs to stop Joseph risking his expulsion over this. Yet before he could act, Joseph surprised everyone

“Can I please just have the wallet and the boy back?” Joseph asked as calmly as he could, which was pretty calm… it sounded like he was mildly irritated at the very least. Watching this, Caesar’s heart skipped a beat as the surrounding guys were laughing their asses off

“Begging will get you nowhere” he said snapping his fingers and Joseph saw one of the 4 background guys get into the action and kicked the boy in the side. Joseph gritted his teeth and turned to the guy who was picking his nose again and smirked

“Wrong. Choice. You stupid pig.” Joseph said punching him right in the nose causing his finger to go through his nose. He didn’t have a chance to scream when Joseph took his free arm and pulled him around to the correct spot, “No. One. Hurts. My. Friends” he said before pushing him with his foot into the guy, who kicked his new friend, knocking both of them over

The guy with his thumb in his nose seemed like he was the leader because everyone looked confused on what to do until said guy sat up saying for them to get him before he passed out

Joseph raised his fists ready to fight and the kid screamed for him to watch out. Joseph saw two running at him from opposite sides and were about to punch him when he simply ducked. Joseph ducking caused the two to punch each other out cold

“Idiots” Joseph muttered before seeing the last guy run at the kid with a knife. Joseph jumped in between the attack and the kid and took the knife right in the side. Joseph fell to one knee

“Joseph!” Caesar yelled running to him and punched the guy for even trying to kill him. Caesar turned to Joseph, “Are you ok!?”

“Me? Just fine” Joseph said giving a smile and Caesar winced. Joseph was not ok. His mouth was full of blood. Joseph wiped his mouth before turning to the boy, “Are you ok? That guy kicked you pretty hard”

Caesar’s heart skipped a beat… this guy just got stabbed and he’s still worried about the kid…

“I-I’m fine…. B-b-but yo-you’re bl-bleeding badly” the kid said and Joseph looked down and saw his wound squirting with blood and smirked

“It’s only a flesh wound” he said

“Stop acting tough idiot” Caesar said helping him up and turned to the kid, “Come with us”

As Caesar was helping Joseph into the building, Caesar gave the kid his dorm key to open his dorm room. Joseph leaned to Caesar

“... The guy… he twisted the knife as he pulled it out” Joseph whispered

“Are you serious!?” Caesar asked

“Shh! Not too loud, don’t let the kid hear you… the whole situation’s probably too scarring as it is now for him” Joseph said, and Caesar shook his head. Joseph is something he can’t even put to words.

The boy ran back to them and helped Caesar take Joseph into the dorm and sat Joseph on one of the black beanbag chairs. Caesar went and grabbed a towel and came back to Joseph trying to comfort the kid

“Don’t cry, I’m fine”

“Tch! I don’t cry” the kid said but was concerned about the stab

“Hahaha, ok ok! I’m still fine though. I promise!” Joseph said with a smile and saw Caesar come back with the ‘you’re not ok’ look and Joseph shot back a ‘shut up!’ look

Caesar sighed sitting next to Joseph, “Lift your shirt past the stab” he said, and Joseph complied. Caesar quickly put the towel to the wound so the kid didn’t see it. There is nothing about this wound that says Joseph was just a mere fine. Caesar sighed and pushed pressure onto the wound and Joseph turned to the boy

“We never caught each other’s names. I’m Joseph Joestar and this is my roommate Caesar Zeppeli” Joseph said about to finish the statement when Caesar beat him to it

“Our friends call him Jojo” Caesar said, and Joseph pouted

“I was going to say that” Joseph said

“Oh, forgive me I forgot to put ‘Your next line is’” Caesar said, and Joseph sulked

“No using my thing, it’s MY thing” he whined out before turning to the kid, “Sorry… what was your name?”

“I-I’m Smokey Brown”

“So, Smokey, why did you steal my wallet?” Joseph asked out of curiosity

“Oh… uh… because I’m an orphan. The orphanage I’m from knew I was smart but since I’m passed the age of people not adopting for, so they sent me here. Now I’m on my own with barely any money to get by” he said sighing giving the wallet he picked up during the fight back to Joseph, “I’m sorry I stole it”

Joseph looked at his wallet and opened it. He took out the cash he had in there and gave the cash to Smokey

“What? You don’t have to give me any money!” Smokey said and Joseph nodded

“I know I don’t, but I want to. You’re my friend and I don’t like seeing friends hurting”

“But I stole from you!”

“And I think you’re pretty cool for it. I mean you’re twice our size and still came up to steal from me. That must have taken some real guts and I respect and like you!” Joseph said smiling

“You’re really weird” Smokey said

“Hey! That’s what Caesar calls me” he said happily, “Right Caesar?... Caesar?”

Caesar was silent looking down at the towel. Joseph followed his gaze… the towel was nearly soaked in blood

“… Joseph, we may need to get you to the hospital… it won’t stop bleeding” Caesar said wishing the night before he didn’t forget to charge his phone. It was currently dead and plugged in. He could have called an ambulance.

“No way” Joseph said in a firm voice and before Caesar could say a thing, in comes Pucci smirking. Joseph set his phone to record.

“Well, well, well” he said happily, “It looks as if both of you broke the one rule weighing over your pathetic heads. You’re both expelled for fighting”

Caesar and Joseph looked to each other before back to Pucci and Caesar sighed deeply, “What is your problem? Can’t you see how severe Joseph is hurt?”

“Not. My. Problem.”

“Asshole” Caesar said and before Pucci took out his phone he saw Joseph’s with the glowing recording button

“Are you recording this!?” Pucci asked growling before walking over and taking Joseph’s phone and threw it against the wall hard enough to break, “You stupid idiotic losers! You actually thought that would work?”

“I guess I did” Joseph said shrugging knowing full well his phone was set to send anything he recorded to Caesar’s phone even if his phone was destroyed during the process. Technology these days are amazing.

“As I was saying. I’m calling your emergency contact, to get you off the premises permanently” Pucci said calling Jonathan Joestar and the three watched in silence as Pucci’s call went through

“Hello Mr. Joestar. I’m calling in behalf of Joseph Joestar. He has been expelled for fighting…. And… oh? You’re his fiancé?”

Joseph perked up at that

“Ok, please come by here” Pucci said giving the address of the building and the room number and ended the call

“So… my older brother’s fiancé?” Joseph asked in a tone that Pucci mistook as ‘my soon to be in-law is the worst’ and smirked

“Good luck convincing her” he said and before anything was done. Caesar got up and walked towards the bathroom

“Where the fuck are you going!? No one leaves!”

“Non posso andare a prendere un asciugamano per salvare la vita del mio amico? stupido stronzo insopportabile (Can't I get a towel to save my friend's life? stupid unbearable asshole)” Caesar growled out walking to the bathroom and getting a towel and back to Joseph and put it on the wound, “Damn it, we need to get you to the hospital”

“No. One. Leaves” Pucci growled out

“Nessuno se ne sta andando! Dio mio! (Nobody's leaving! My God!)” Caesar yelled out and Joseph groaned

“Sta iniziando a far male (It’s starting to hurt)” Joseph groaned out as his head tilted back and Caesar stopped putting pressure on it

“Mi dispiace. Ti ho fatto male? (I’m sorry. Did I hurt you?)” Caesar asked and Joseph shook his head

“Non è colpa vostra. Sei tu quello che mi sta salvando la vita al momento (It's not your fault. You're the one who's saving my life right now)” Joseph said


Both Joseph and Caesar looked at each other with confusion when Caesar whispered in Joseph’s ear, “Questo è successo prima. Scopriremo cosa sta succedendo insieme (This has happened before. We will find out what is happening together)”

“Stai parlando italiano ora? (Are you speaking Italian now?)”

“Sì, lo sono. sei troppo (Yes I am. You are too)”

“Strano (Strange)”

“Molto (Very)”

“I told you to stop speaking in Italian!!” Pucci said and both looked up to him

“Shut up you old crusty shit face, with what I'm dealing with right now I don’t also need a headache from the mindless screeching that comes out of that rat’s hole you call a mouth” Joseph said and Caesar bit his lip and put a hand to his mouth to contain his chuckle and whispered that Joseph was speaking in English now, “Oh… So I just said that...” he whispered

“Yep” Caesar whispered

“And he…” Joseph whispered and both Caesar and he saw Pucci shake with anger.

“YOU MORONS!” Pucci screeched from his rat's hole. Despite the direness of the situation they are in, Caesar and Joseph broke out in full-hearted laughter. Letting their laughter fill the room, their laughter is the beacon of light they desperately need right now


Chapter Text

The laughter continued until Pucci let out an evil chuckle that sounded like it was between sinister and a growl cough. That stopped Caesar and Joseph’s laughter


“I wouldn’t be laughing if I were you” Pucci said

“Yes we shouldn’t… Joseph is in bad shape” Caesar said seeing the towel start to soak more but looked up, “However I don’t think this is why you said that. So enlighten us on what your douchebag Latin means”

“Of course I wouldn’t care what happens to that fucker” Pucci said smirking and crossing his arms, “Because the one he saved is at fault for his condition. I have no remorse for idiots like that” He finished and Smokey looked down silently as Joseph growled

“Oh fuck off, that wasn’t his fault” Joseph said

“Who did you think made a money deal with him to steal your wallet?” Pucci said in a tone that made everyone silent until Smokey spoke up

“Shut up!” Smokey yelled standing up, “You told me all I had to do was steal the wallet! You didn’t tell me you were planning that! I… I wouldn’t….” Smokey fell to his knees and put his hands over his now very teary eyes, “I wouldn’t have done that… if I had known”

“I-I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to put you in that situation” Smokey said tearful bracing himself for the backlash he got from his newer friends if they still would want to call him that after all this was over.

“So” Joseph said angrily and Smokey looked up to expect an angry expression coming towards his way but he was shocked that Joseph was looking at Pucci, “You used and exploited a child with money problems just to get Caesar and I expelled?”

“Why are you mad at me!?”

“Why wouldn’t I!? I recognized those fuckers as the ones who were here the night of the fight I had with Caesar! You used a child to get your friends to basically kill me! What happened if I didn’t jump in when I did, he would be dead! What the fuck is wrong with you!? Were you even going to pay him especially for purposefully putting him through a situation like that!?” Joseph yelled and Caesar was shocked as his heartbeat skipped a beat… this guy is amazing… he wasn’t mad at the kid; hell he was mad for the kid’s sake and not even for his life-risking injury. Caesar didn’t know many people to do that. This was not the time for thinking about that right now though, Joseph’s blood pressure is….

“Calm down Joseph! You’re bleeding faster because you’re angry!” Caesar yelled over Joseph’s yelling and Joseph forcibly took a deep breath

Shut the fuck up. You’re blaming me when you’re at fault” Pucci said and Caesar glared at him

“IT ISN’T!” Caesar took a deep breath to calm himself down, “It isn’t his fault you hate him to the point of wanting him dead” Caesar said as he got up and walked towards the bathroom but Pucci caught his wrist harsh. There was going to be a bruise…

“I said no one leaves” Pucci said and Caesar ripped his arm from his grip

“Touch me again. I fucking dare you” Caesar said in a threatening tone before leaving to the bathroom and getting a towel before hurrying back to Joseph.

“Fuck… you’re very pale” Caesar said and Joseph smirked slightly

“Shouldn’t have gotten that angry…” he said as he was starting to slur his words slightly.

Right them, there was a guy who opened the door to the room with a smirk on his face. Yet as soon as he took one step into the the room and landed eyes on Joseph Joestar, his smirk disappeared

“Joseph!” the guy yelled

“Hey Dio” Joseph said with a slight wave as Dio ran in and kneeled down near him, “What happened! Why the hell are you bleeding out!?” he yelled over Pucci’s gasp and shocked “y-you’re”

“…Stabbed” Joseph said feeling light headed

“Who stabbed you!? Was it one of those guys outside!?” he yelled and Joseph nodded but pointed

“He’s the one who set it up…” he said and Dio slowly turned to Pucci with a cold look

“Wh-what are you doing here Mr. Brando?” Pucci asked shocked and only heard Dio growl as he stood up

“You’re the one who called Jonathan” he said coldly, “Did you really just call me to tell me that Joseph was expelled for a triviality but simply forgot to mention HE IS PRACTICALLY BLEEDING OUT!?” Dio yelled and remembered Joseph’s words, “AND YOU’RE THE ONE WHO SET THAT UP!?”

“B-but I called Mr. Joestar… his fiancé answered”

“I AM JONATHAN’S FIANCÉ” Dio practically yelled and he pointed to Joseph, “He’s going to be me brother-in-law!! I do NOT appreciate my family being almost murdered ESPECIALLY on purpose!!” he yelled

“W-wait…. I mean… he deserves…”

“NO ONE DESERVES THAT! NOT EVEN DARIO!” Dio said knowing his bastard of a father is rotting in jail for the rest of his life for what he did to his mom and him before the Joestars took him in.

“…I… I mean… I’m planning for law… and I look up to you…” Pucci said and Dio glared calming himself down

“Rejected. I don’t waste time with someone who is this insensitive about someone practically dying” Dio said before remembering something, “Joseph. This isn’t the same douchebag that Speedwagon told us about is it?”

“It is”

“Great.” He said turning to Pucci, “If he dies or if he gets expelled for this I will sue you for everything you got” he said coldly and Pucci had tears in his eyes before running away and Dio growled

“Thanks Dio!” Joseph said stepping up to stand

“No Joseph! Don’t stand up!” Caesar said but it was too late. Joseph stood up but once he did, he toppled over falling right into Dio.

“You idiot!” Dio said grabbing him and laying him on the ground

“…Dio… srrryyyy” Joseph muttered and slurred together before turning to Caesar, “Caes… console Smokey…. It will be ok”

Caesar nodded and went over to the crying Smokey to console him and Joseph smiled and was thanking him before fading and starting to drift

“Hey Joseph, no, Don’t do that” Dio said tapping his cheeks and turned to Smokey and Caesar

“Call for an ambulance” he said and Caesar grabbed his phone to do so but Joseph groaned and shook his head

“No… doctor”

“I think saving your life out ruled your hate for doctors!” Dio yelled as if he was a moron,

‘Him too?’ Caesar thought as he called for an ambulance.

“Besides you don’t want your horrible décor to be even worse with blood stains” Dio said and Joseph looked to him

“…Are… you really… critiquing our room’s décor… during a situation like this?” Joseph asked

“Well this is the first I’ve seen your dorm” Dio said and looked around shaking his head smirking, “And what an utter eyesore it is” he finished and Joseph just chuckled before shutting his eyes

“Hey come on. Stop that. Let’s play a game” Dio said tapping on Joseph’s cheeks causing him to groan

“…Gme?” Joseph’s slurring got worse

“Yes. Finish this line” Dio said, “An apple a day keeps the_____”

“Dctter… away…” he said groaning, “Nt all… dcters… are bad… Gyro sounds… good.” Joseph said smiling, “He’s Johnny’s doctor…… after all”

Dio perked up at that, “Johnny? Joseph do you know where Johnny is?” Dio asked but got no answer before Joseph finally going into unconsciousness, "Shit when is the ambulance going to come!?"

"They... they said not for another 7-10 minutes"

"Are you kidding!? Joseph doesn't have that time!"


Chapter Text

Dio was starting to panic… there was no way they could take Joseph to his car without compromising his situation even more… and the ambulance won’t be here… wait an ambulance. Dio looked out of the window and saw the ambulance, that picked up the guys he assumed were in the fight, about to leave. Dio ran out of the room and down the hall and out of the building. Turning the corner, he ran after the now moving ambulance

“WAIT!!!” Dio yelled running besides it… there was no way they could see nor hear him so he knew what he had to do to stop the ambulance. He clenched his eyes and took a deep breath before running faster and jumped right in front of the moving vehicle, hitting his leg in the process

“FUCK!!” Dio yelled falling to the side. Clenching his now badly broken leg, he saw the ambulance stop and the driver EMT and the EMT passenger rush out and he sighed in relief

“Are you nuts!?” The driver yelled running over to him and he was now afraid this guy was just jumping in front of the ambulance for some stupid reason of to get money out of him or the company. The other guy ran over to check on him was a little more sympathetic

“Are you ok!?”

“Forget… ngh… about me” Dio said looking him dead in the eye, “My brother-in-law is bleeding out… he has no time to wait for another ambulance…. Please help” he said giving directions

“What!?” he asked, “The guys we picked up aren’t bad so I’ll check on this” he said hitting the back of the car and the EMTs from the back came out

“What happened?”

“We have to check out this guy in that building. He is—”

“He’s ngh! He’s already unconscious” Dio said and the ambulance guys took the other guys out who were complaining. The EMT already shot them down a mile or two saying their injuries can be taken care of at another time since their priority is the boy bleeding out. As they ran with a gurney towards the building, one of them make a comment that made Dio’s blood boil

“But he deserves it” one said and Dio glared at him

“Which. One. Of. You. Stabbed. My. Family.?” Dio asked so coldly and firmly that it would make any tough inmate tremble

“It was him” two said pointing at each other before running away. Dio looked to the EMT shocked

“Did they actually?”

“Yes. Can I use you as a witness in this?” Dio asked

“Taking it to court?” the EMT asked

“Of course, it’s my specialty” Dio said giving him his business card which made the blood of the EMT run cold, “Shit… I broke the leg of a great lawyer… just my luck”

“Don’t worry. I did this on my own accord. I don’t sue people for my own doings” Dio said pointing to his leg and the EMT helped him up causing him to gasp, “Shit!”

“You’re brave to do that” he said and Dio shook his head

“It’s a small sacrifice. He’s family after all. Can’t just let him die” Dio said looking around and saw Pucci not to far away looking their way and sent him a cold glare that said he was not finished with the likes of him yet. Thenhe saw Joseph being rushed out on the gurney with a breathing mask on and his full attention and concern went right back to Joseph 

"Is he going to be ok!?" Dio asked as he saw the EMT was being followed by Caesar, Smokey, Avdol and Polnareff  (who ran into Caesar and the EMTs on the way back to their dorm)

"We don't know, but we have to hurry! He’s in a really bad condition!” one EMT said and they quickly situated Joseph in the back of the ambulance. Dio said that he is coming with and they helped him in to the back and even though he was in terrible pain in doing so, he still managed to throw Caesar his keys and phone and talk coherently and clear

“Drive my car to the hospital and one of you call Jonathan” Dio said

“Which car is yours?” Caesar asked and Dio smirked

“You’ll know it when you see it” Dio said, “Oh and when Jonathan comes don’t tell him too much, I’m going to do that”

“Ok, see you there” they said leaving

The ambulance got ready and took Dio and Joseph away. Caesar and the rest went to the parking lot and saw a tiny crowd around a car

“… That’s it, I bet” Polnareff said and they walked and pushed past the crowd to a car… and their mouths hung in shock

“…A Lamborghini… of course” Caesar said as his heart raced… he was going to drive such an expensive car… he shook his worries away because this was all for Jojo. All of them piled into the car and Caesar began pulling out, the crowd was shocked that they were driving such a beautiful car and were even jealous.

“One of you call Jonathan” Caesar said, “And put it on speaker”

Polnareff, in the passenger side, called Jonathan and put it on speaker

‘Hey, Dio I—’

“Err… this isn’t Dio. I’m Caesar… I’m Joseph’s roommate”

‘Hello! Wait… why are you on Dio’s phone?’

“Uhm… Avdol explain, I’m driving” he said freaking out because this car is getting on his nerves. He had to be careful.

“Hello sir, I’m Avdol, one of Joseph’s friends. Apparently, since I wasn’t there for this happening, someone stabbed Joseph. Dio was there and now he has a broken leg? Both are being transported to the hospital by ambulance and Dio wanted us to call you” Avdol said as calmly as he could

‘WHAT!? I’M ON MY WAY!’ Jonathan said hanging up.

The drive was a 20-minute drive (10 by ambulance) and soon they were at the front desk asking for information on the two were just recently brought in. They, of course, went into surgery so not much was known at the time. Everyone sat in the waiting room, waiting for Jonathan to arrive and news on their friends. Caesar leaned back and let out a deep breath

“What’s wrong?” Avdol asked

“That drive was so damn nerve-wracking… fuck” Caesar said holding his heart in an attempt to get the heart-rate down and still breathing in a way like he was trying to calm down

“You did good!” Pol said, “Better than I could ever do!”

“And all during a situation like this” Avdol said smiling, “You’re really one that knows when to stay calm”

“I was not calm, trust me” Caesar said shuttering, “This whole situation… but driving that car took it to a whole other level”

“You did great though” Smokey said and shuttered… and started crying, “I just hope they’re ok”

Caesar put a hand on Smokey’s shoulder and smiled, “Don’t worry, Joseph’s tough as nails. He would never let someone like that take him out in a situation like this”

“I hope you’re right” Smokey said and Avdol and Polnareff agreed with Caesar helping him put this poor kid’s raging mind to ease just a little. Then Jonathan came in and Caesar walked to him

“You must be Jonathan” Caesar said and Jonathan started panting and looked to him

“You are?”

“I’m Caesar. Joseph’s roommate” Caesar said bringing him over to where they were sitting and bringing him in on what happened to the amount Dio wanted them to say,

“Why did he even go there in the first place though?” Jonathan asked grateful that Dio was there and took care of things but he was confused with why he was there in the first place

“Dio said he wanted to explain things to you” they said and Jonathan sighed

“Well… that’s not good” Jonathan said concerned that it has to do with Joseph potentially being arrested for this

“It’s not…” Caesar said and a few kids turned to see Caesar and scream and one kid actually fainted and Caesar looked to his arms and gasped, “Shit! I have his blood on my arms and I DROVE!!” Caesar said panting again. Avdol went to him,

“Calm down, calm down” Avdol said helping him up, “Let’s go get you cleaned up so you don’t scare anymore children”

After they came back from the bathroom Jonathan laughed when Caesar was still freaking out that Dio would be angry with him and sue him

“Dio wouldn’t sue you. He saw the condition you were in and still said for you to drive. Besides, you helped Joseph not bleed out! You're ok in our books” he said smiling before seeing Caesar having tears run down his face

“I promise! I promise Dio won’t sue you over that! Please don’t cry!” Jonathan said frantically yet Caesar’s started breathing harder. It wasn’t because of the car thing… it was because everything just crashed on him,

“H-he was bleeding way too much... h-he's going to die... fuck. I-I don’t want Joseph to die!” he said and Jonathan had wide eyes before bringing him into his arms. He tried to sooth Caesar's fears by saying the same things to him as Caesar did for Smokey earlier. Caesar was silently crying getting comfort by his best friend’s older brother.


Chapter Text

Not too soon after Jonathan calming down Caesar, the doctor came out and asked for a Jonathan Joestar. Jonathan stood up

“A Dio Brando is asking for you” the doctor said

“How is he?” Jonathan asked and the doctor looked at his chart

“He broke his leg in 5 different areas, but with a lot of bed rest he would be fully healed in 8 months” he said and Jonathan gave an audible ‘oof’

“Well he’s not going to like that I’m sure. Eh, he'll live” he said and turned back to the doctor, “So is my brother ok?”

“The one who came in with Dio Brando, I assume? He’s still in operation, so we wouldn’t know and I’m currently not his surgeon nor doctor. We will inform you when he gets out of the OR” he said

“I understand” Jonathan said trying to remain composed

“Come with, Dio Brando is asking for you” he said and Jonathan sighed and nodded knowing why Dio wanted to talk to him was not good especially when they prevented Joseph’s friends to say much at all… he left to go talk with Dio.

Caesar sighed deeply… operation… surgery… he was in that bad of shape… what if he doesn’t make it

“Caesar! Calm down dude, you’re going to scratch your skin off!” Polnareff said and Caesar came back from his thought and saw that he was digging his nails into his knees and let out the breath he was holding

“… Sorry” Caesar said and Polnareff and the rest shook their heads

“It’s ok to feel that way” Avdol said and Polnareff nodded

“Yeah it is! If Avdol was in there I would be in a worse shape than you!” Polnareff said and Avdol blushed and coughed

“The next best step is just to wait” Avdol said and as Polnareff’s statement, as innocent as it was initially, could easily be taken as having a hidden meaning… which Caesar took… he looked to them and to his knees and internally groaned

‘Why… why am I acting this way? He’s just a friend, friends don’t freak out this much… well Smokey did’ he thought looking to Smokey, ‘but he’s just a kid… I’m 20 years old. I shouldn’t even be acting nor thinking this way!’ he thought and he forced himself to be calm. Whether or not Joseph makes it, he needs to remain calm. Shit… why… why did his blood run cold when… is… Joseph is just a friend right? That thought was immediately shaken off because that thought was utterly ridiculous. He was just a friends and family man like how Joseph is! Obviously.

“Caesar!” Caesar snapped back to reality by Avdol as he pointed to the hall, “Another doctor is coming, it may be about Joseph”

He saw this doctor come by, “Anyone for a Joseph Joestar?”

“We are” Caesar said pointing to himself, Smokey, Avdol, and Polnareff

“Are any one of you his immediate family?” the doctor asked

“We go to the same school he does… his brother is talking with Dio Brando at the time” Caesar said and the doctor nodded leaving to go to find Jonathan

“Wait! Is he ok!?” Caesar asked but the doctor just left

“What an asshole, he could have just told us if our friend made it or not” Polnareff said and Avdol shrugged

“I know how it feels, but this is a professional atmosphere, they probably can’t dispose any information about someone unless to a family member. I’m sure Jonathan would come back to tell us” Avdol said and Polnareff groaned

“Well it’s not like we would do anything with the information” Polnareff said

“It’s also a safety precaution” Avdol said

“What do you mean?” Caesar asked

“He was obviously stabbed and unless Mr. Brando or Mr. Joestar said something, the doctors probably only knew that matter but not by who” Avdol said and Caesar sighed

“I guess you’re right” he said shaking his head, "It sucks that they could possibly think us of stabbing him..."

"For sure!" Polnareff said and everyone agreed

Not even 5 minutes later, Jonathan came out with tears in his eyes. He walked to the group and noticed that they had tears form and gasped. He looked confused until it hit him like a bag of bricks

“Oh, oh. Oh!” Jonathan basically yelled covering his mouth before waving his hands, “No, no no! You got it wrong! Joseph’s fine! He’s in recovery now!”

“Oh thank god” Caesar said and a few rounds of sighs of relief were given

“Sir?” Smokey asked and Jonathan looked to him, “Why were you crying?”

“I have a tendency to cry when I'm angry” he said looking to Caesar and Caesar didn’t know if he was the target of the older male's anger until he spoke, “I’m sorry you and Joseph has gone through this… Speedwagon told us about this asshole but… I didn’t think anything would be taken this far… we should have stepped in when we got the intel from Speedwagon… now it came to this… I’m sorry”

“It’s not your fault” Caesar said and Jonathan looked to him confused, “Err… we didn’t actually inform Speedwagon of everything either… like the time that asshole’s friend almost gave Joseph a concussion and nearly broken nose… we have it on video though…” he said and Jonathan clenched his teeth before breathing out

“… Caesar would you please come with me. I need you to tell Dio what you just told me” he said and Caesar nodded and when they were about to leave they heard a noise… and staff and doctors were called in rushing by saying something about how a patient is going haywire and needs a calming drug or he would reopen his newly stitches.


Jonathan groaned as nervous sweat made it down his forehead, “God if that is you Joseph…” he said

“He… he hates hospitals this much?” Caesar asked and Jonathan sighed

“You have no idea” Jonathan said and they ran to see the it was in fact Joseph struggling against, insulting, cursing and screaming at the doctors and nurses holding him down as one gave him a shot that made him fall asleep but not for punching the doctor, who gave the shot, out cold before so.

Jonathan groaned deeply turning to Caesar, “I’m going to have to talk to them you go on ahead, Dio’s room is 186”

“…Alright…” Caesar said still is confused to what mad Joseph have this much of a fear of the doctors and hospitals… but he left to find Dio’s room as Jonathan went to talk to the doctors about his brother’s behavior and to tell them that they could transfer Joseph into the room Dio Brando was held in

Jonathan finally made it to Dio’s room and he saw Dio fuming angrily and an equally pissed off Caesar

“What’s wrong?” Jonathan asked, “I kind of expected you to be at least smirking at the fact Joseph made a scene in the hospital, you did tell him right?” he said to Dio and turned to ask Caesar if he told him

“Caesar told me about Joseph’s outburst, but there is no room for laughing at his stupid antics. Not when I saw these videos” Dio said and have a head motion of telling Caesar to show him. Caesar gave the phone to Jonathan

“… Be prepared to get angry” Dio said

“I even got angry just watching them again” Caesar said and Jonathan played the videos

The first one was the one they took when Pucci was at their room at 4 in the morning accusing them of burning his bible. Jonathan grew agitated

“How could he just assume it was you without proof?” Jonathan asked, “At 4 in the morning no less”

“It gets worse”

“Er… before we move on, we don’t speak Italian what did you tell him?” Jonathan asked

“Oh… uhm… basically saying it was probably his roommate and that Joseph may be irritating but he is the better roommate and called him a pathetic passive aggressive ass weasel” Caesar said and Dio smirked

“Nice” Dio said and the next video uploaded

“We were rock-climbing and they came and wanted a ‘friendly match’ and it wasn’t my turn so I sat down and decided to record this” Caesar said playing the video which was recording up until they left

“…Are you kidding me!? His friend purposefully and clearly trips him and blames him for the injury and has the audacity to blame him for his injury!?” Jonathan yelled getting more pissed and Caesar looked to Dio silently asking him if it was a good idea to show him the last video. Once they did, Jonathan was beyond pissed

“He practically ok with my brother getting hurt on more than one account! HE WAS ON DEATH'S DOOR FOR FUCK'S SAKE!!” Jonathan yelled and turned to Dio and in a dark tone not even Dio heard before continued, “Dio I want the asshole to pay.”



Chapter Text

The second Joseph woke up, the second he remembered what happened and let out a very loud screech mixed with a growly yell. It was loud… and obnoxious.


Joseph turned to see Dio in the bed next to his and saw his brother who was seemingly asleep and startled awake by Joseph’s screeching

“…Why the hell am I in a hospital!? Why are you!? WHY SEND ME HERE!?” Joseph yelled out and Jonathan rolled his eyed but before he could say a thing, Dio turned over to him

“Shut up already!” Dio yelled, “You would have died you dolt!”

Joseph saw Dio in a calmer way and saw something he didn’t catch when he screamed out before, “… What happened to you?” he asked finally seeing Dio’s leg was fully casted from right near his hip to his ancle

“I saved your life!”

“So you’re the—”

“The one who purposefully jumped in front of an ambulance and broke his leg in more than one place losing the ability to walk on it for 8 freaken months. All to save your life you ungrateful little shit!”

Jonathan laughed nervously and turned to Dio, “Hey, Dio… calm down, you know how much he hates hospitals… he punched out a doctor” he said before turning to Joseph and saying he should be grateful that Dio was there

“…But I am” Joseph said

“Really?” Dio and Jonathan asked and Joseph nodded right as Caesar was coming into the room

“…Yeah.. I didn’t want to die like that. I mean my death would be a burden on Smokey. He would have blamed himself and I didn’t want that… The kid’s got too much to worry about already” he said truthfully leaning back down, “I hate hospitals, but I guess I can deal with it only because of that reason”

Caesar watched him and had a skip to his heartbeat and Joseph noticed him and smiled

“Caesar!” Joseph said happily, “Where’s everyone else?”

“Hey. You’ve been out for a couple of days, they all have class right now and—” Caesar said walking to him and silently stared

“What?” Joseph asked and Caesar put his fist out

“I’m glad you’re ok”

“I’m alive, so I guess that’s as ok as it’ll get” he said giving him a fist bump and smiled but the look Dio and Jonathan gave him he sighed, “I assumed Caesar showed you the videos?”

“… Why is that guy so hellbent on getting you two expelled to the point that watching you bleed out… with no ounce of care?” Dio asked and saw Jonathan tense up, “Sorry”

“… Well Speedwagon must have told you that… Joseph and I didn’t get off to a very good start” Caesar said and Joseph laughed

“We got into it the night we learned we’re roommates. I think they said it was a record of how quickly our living situation started a physical state to that caliber” Joseph said


“I hated this guy” Joseph said and smiled, “Hard emphasis on the past tense”

“All of that’s very mutual” Caesar said and sighed, “Since we fought, it was broken up by Dickbag who just happened to be our dorm building’s captain”

“We think because of this fight, the dean of the school or someone higher up assigned him to make sure we don’t fight taking his ‘precious’ free time away” Caesar said using air quotes

“Che, bastard tried to expel us over and over…” Joseph said

“He almost let you die without even batting an eye dude, forget about the attempts of expulsion… attempts of murder is a hundred times worse” Caesar said and Joseph sighed turning to Dio and Jonathan

“What are you going to do?”

“What the hell do you think? I’m the greatest lawyer you—”

“Ever did see” Joseph said and Dio glared at him and Joseph coughed slightly with a prankster smirk, “I mean, please continue”

“Finishing what I started, I am going to bring him to justice to the fullest amount I could see. That asshole… when he called he made it feel that Joseph was only being expelled… there was no hint of anything… and even the coldest of criminals I faced in court had at least a little remorse or sympathy… that bastard had none… and he fucking said you deserved it” Dio said and Jonathan growled deeply

“That bastard will regret messing with my family” Jonathan said and Joseph smirked

“Yep, he would also regret using a child as bait for me to get stabbed too”

“Inhuman” Jonathan said and Joseph started laughing but right then the doctor came in and Joseph’s mood fell hard as hell

“Hello there Mr. Joestar” the doctor said saying some doctor things and said how he needed to check on his stitches


“Joseph! He’s the doctor!” Jonathan said


Jonathan sighed and turned to the doctor, “A couple of days ago… he punched out the doctor… I’m sorry… he really hates doctors…”

“Oh… you mean he might actually punch me out if I get close to him?” the doctor asked turning to see Joseph glaring at him and had the aura around him that if he took one step closer to him, he would be in a world of hurt. He shuttered, “That’s not good because fear or not someone needs to check his wounds”

“Then Gyro!!” Joseph said gripping the sheets in a way that said if the doctor came close he would lunge and attack, “I want Gyro!!”

Dio tilted his head at the name recalling it was said somewhere before and sighed when he remembered about when Joseph said it a couple of days ago before he passed out but it confused Jonathan


“Err… that would be my cousin… Joseph met him when he visited me a couple of months ago? Sometime during the first week of school” Caesar said

“Well he needs a medical professional” the doctor said

“He is! He went to America to study medicine to become a doctor… He’s officially a doctor… but I don’t think he’s the hospital or clinic type of doctor… more of a home visit type of doctor” Caesar said and the doctor was stating how it was against their policy, most hospitals’ policies, to bring in another doctor that doesn’t work for any hospital as it could be a huge liability issue.

Jonathan looked to Joseph and saw the same look on his face he was used to and sighed, “Can… Can I talk with the head of the hospital? Maybe we could work something out?” Jonathan asked and the doctor sighed

“Follow me” the doctor said and Jonathan followed in suit. Once the door was shut leaving Caesar, Joseph and Dio alone together, Dio let out a small huff

“So Gyro huh?”

“Huh?” Caesar and Joseph asked looking to Dio who was looking at them. Dio sighed knowing Joseph was too far out of it bleeding out to remember what he had said and Caesar was busy calling for an ambulance

“Never mind” he said looking away and Caesar and Joseph share a look of confusion before shrugging it off

30 more minutes, Smokey, Polnareff, Avdol, Suzie Q, and Ali came in

“Aww guys you came!” Joseph said excitedly

“Of course!” Polnareff said

“You were hurt and we had to make sure you were ok” Ali said coming up to him and hugged him before bopping him on the head in a firm gentle way


“That’s for not telling us!” she said

“What? I was out for two days and my phone is smashed into bits, that’s Caesar’s fault more than mine” he said in defense

“Don’t sic her on me dude!” Caesar said

“Fine I changed the reasoning!” Ali said, “That was for you worrying the shit out of us!”

“I… I guess I can live with that one” Joseph said rubbing his head laughing and then saw Smokey in tears again and apologizing for the millionth time, “Smokey, come on dude, it isn’t your fault. Pucci used you and didn’t tell you his real intentions. I’m fine now anyways”

“A-are you sure? Y-you and him are now having a huge hospital bill…” he said

“My family’s rich, this is nothing, so please don’t blame yourself Smokey” Joseph said and opened his arms for an even more teary-eyed Smokey and Smokey walked to him and hugged him

“Thanks!” Smokey said and once the hug was done Joseph turned to look at Dio’s very green and yellow plain cast… and smirked

“…What is that look for?” Dio asked

“All of you should sign Dio’s cast! He’s one of the reasons I’m even alive!” Joseph said and Dio glared

“I’m fine without that Joseph” Dio said and after 5 minutes of arguing, he found himself with five newly signed signatures with messages on his cast. Now he has 6 altogether. Everyone cheered besides Polnareff who just had a smirk

“That one by Jonathan, ooh la la~!” Polnareff said and Dio’s face went bright red and Joseph started laughing hard

“What did it saw, what did it say!?” Joseph asked

“You better not tell him or else” Dio glared at him and Jonathan came in

“Guy’s stop pestering Dio” Jonathan said walking in and all Dio did was sigh in relief and the teens said their sorries before Joseph asked about Gyro being a doctor, “Oh right, we came to an understanding. We can call in this doctor but if anything goes wrong the contract states that we are held responsible not the hospital”

“That makes sense” Dio said

“Sweet” Joseph said turning to Caesar

“Ok, ok, stop staring at me” Caesar said calling Gyro.

Time Skip: 8 hours in which everyone went back

Gyro came in the room in with is famous belt, a neon green tank top with a neon blue attached sleeve to one side and very sequin, pants with too many mis-colored and mis-patterned large and small sized patches all over the jean material and mis colored socks and mismatched shoes.

Dio and Jonathan were about to question why this dude was here when he walked to Caesar

“Hey Caesar, sorry I’m late… the flight was longer than what I was expecting” Gyro said

“It’s ok” Caesar said waking Joseph up

“…If this is… another doctor….” He said eyes focusing on Gyro and smiled, “Gyro you came!”

“Nyohohoho of course~!”

Jonathan turned to Dio just to mouth out ‘this is the guy?’ in complete shock and no one else saw and Dio looked to him

“I’m Dio and this is Joseph’s older brother Jonathan” Dio said and Gyro shook their hands

“It’s a pleasure to meet you” Jonathan said in a tone that Gyro caught on

“… You’re not afraid of doctors too are you?” Gyro asked and

“How did you know he hated doctors?” Jonathan asked and Caesar piped in

“I mentioned to him Joseph hated doctors” Caesar said giving Gyro one single nod

“Maybe he’s not afraid of doctors, but ones with that horrendous getup” Dio said and Jonathan gasped


 “Gyro’s style of fashion is fantastic! Are you blind” Joseph said grinning

“Of course you would say that” he said and Jonathan bopped him on the head hard causing Gyro and Joseph to start laughing but it was short lived when Joseph’s face clenched in pain

“Oww… oww… oww……” he said and Gyro became serious

“So, did you take any pain medication?” Gyro asked starting to do a basic checkup of Joseph’s pulse, heartbeat, blood pressure

“He refused” Caesar said

“Refused pain meds?” Gyro asked looking up to Caesar who shook his head

“Refused entry to any doctor or nurse” Caesar said and Jonathan finished

“And they wouldn’t allow us to take the medication in for him because of hospital rules”

“Ah…” he said getting to work and checking out Joseph’s sutures and wound gently as possible but Joseph gave some tiny gasps, “Sorry”

“It’s ok”

“Well it seems you’re stable” he said and sighed, “But the injury is in a very bad spot… any movement within the next few days could tear the stitches apart… therefore you need to stay here for a few more days”

“No way” Joseph said shocking Gyro

But you can’t move much at all” he said

“I’m fine with that, but I ain’t fine with staying here. I want my dorm” he said looking at him with eyes that showed how much he did not want to stay there a minute more let alone 3 more days, “I hate doctors too! Don’t make me stay here!”

Jonathan, Dio and Caesar watched in silence and Gyro had a look of sadness in his eyes and sighed

“I’ll see what I can do” Gyro said and was about to leave but Jonathan stopped him

”I’ll go. I’ve already got them to be ok with bringing you here. I’ll see if he can get an early release” Jonathan said and they all agreed that was the better plan. Jonathan left to talk to the head of the hospital again and this was Dio's chance

“You three” Dio said getting Gyro, Joseph and Caesar all to look at him

“Yes?” Gyro and Caesar asked as Joseph was all like “What’s up?”

“…Tell me how this guy knows Johnny” Dio said and Joseph and Gyro had wide eyes and all that went through each other’s minds was

‘Oh fuck…’


Chapter Text

Chapter 38

“What? How do you… I mean… uh…” Gyro was stumbling slightly and looked to Joseph

“We don’t know what you’re talking about” Joseph said and Dio growled

“Don’t give me that. It came out of your own mouth he is Johnny’s doctor!” he gritted out

“I did not say such a thing” Joseph said confused and remembered, “Oooooh…. Right before I fainted from blood loss”

“Seriously!?” Gyro yelled in shock

“I wasn’t thinking! I’m sorry!” Joseph said and saw the really mad look Dio was giving both of them, “Hey, dude, why are you so mad?”

“Maybe because Jonathan is worried to death about him and you just happened to know where he is this whole fucking time!” Dio said

“I don’t know where he is” Joseph said and Dio scoffed, “No seriously, I only knew about him when I met Gyro the beginning of classes”

“So you do know him” Dio said turning back to Gyro who was frozen

“… Damnit Johnny is going to kill me” Gyro whined out in defeat, “You can’t tell anyone please”

“That solely depends on what I hear. It better be good”

“Then… I won’t say a word” he said

“Then I tell Jonathan” Dio growled out and Gyro sighed hanging his head in defeat

“Ok, ok” he said sighing, “I met Johnny a few years ago… he was in a really bad place…” Gyro said


Gyro groaned walking from where he was going to university to become a doctor. He was looking down at the test in his hands clenching it again… a big fat F could be seen in the right corner. He was the type to do and do well but when it comes to the testing, he just sucked… and most of this degree and profession is to know things on paper more so than knowing what to do… he sighed again and a breeze of refreshing cool air came blowing against his face. Normally he would go home and binge drink to forget another failure, but he decided to take a nice walk in this refreshing air before going home; maybe binge drinking isn’t the best solution, after all this profession requires most brain cells to be in tact. Taking a turn down a street he normally didn’t take, he found himself next to an alley way. He was about to pass it when he heard groaning. He went on alert because it was late at night and the noise was coming down said alley way… and this wasn’t particularly the best part of the city. He froze when he saw a shadow of something crawling. He was about to hightail it out of there when the figure crawled into the part of the alley way that was lightened up by the street lamp. Gyro gasped seeing what the figure was. It was a young teen.

When the boy crawled one last time before falling stiff, Gyro’s doctor training kicked in and he ran to the boy, “Hey are you ok!?” he asked as he checked on the guy. The guy didn’t saw a thing but just fainted. Gyro looked down the alley way and saw there was a train of blood that led from his legs to the darker unlit part of the alley.

“Was he mugged?” he asked deciding it was best to take this kid to his apartment and tend to his wounds. He folded his test and put it in his back pocket and wasted no time to pick the injured boy and rush him home. His home was only a few blocks from their current location and the hospital would be too far away at this point about a 30 minute drive if speeding. The university wasn’t in the best location… teaching how to be a doctor not how to take care of a patient in critical condition.

When the boy came too, he groaned and opened his eyes to a very unfamiliar setting… he was sure he was in that alley way… he looked around and heard something in what would have appeared to be a kitchen. The boy tensed up and glared as whatever made the noise came into the kitchen started to enter the room

“Oh you’re awake” Gyro said and saw the guy all tense up and Gyro put his arms up in defense, “I promise I didn’t kidnap you! You fainted in the alley way when I was walking by!”

“Oh…” the boy whispered and then Gyro went in on how lucky he was because the hospital was too far away, and that he was a doctor in training. Gyro thought this was a good thing but the boy on his couch froze and a dark look fell over his eyes

“You’re a doctor…?”

“Yeah? Well one in training… why?”

“I hate doctors”


“None of your fucking business!!” He yelled going to the floor and fast crawled his way to the door. Gyro, not realizing what was going on with him, the fact that he crawled as fast as he did sent shivers down his spine. As soon as he realized it the boy was already out the door. He cursed before rushing after him. The wounds weren’t healed

“Wait!” Gyro yelled running after him. The boy was in the middle of the street before turning around. Was Gyro getting through to him? Incoming rock hits him in the head. That was a hard nope.


“… Torture?” Gyro asked completely shocked but he didn’t have time to wipe the blood coming down the side of his head or question what he meant when a huge truck came fast around the corner, “WATCH OUT!”

Everything happened in a blur and now the boy was on the other side of the street quickly looking back to see Gyro in the middle of the street, and the truck was off to the side in a pole… seeming to miss the guy. By the way Gyro was panting, he was more so was expecting to be hit by the truck. The teen saw the guy get out of his truck raging at Gyro and was threatening to wail on him. Gyro went into defense mode and was about to be hit by the guy when the teen threw a rock at him

“What the fuck are you doing!?”

“He saved my life because you idiotically raced around the corner and almost ran into me!” the boy yelled and the guy was about to turn on him when he smirked, “I wouldn’t if I were you. I know the best lawyer, by the looks of it you’re drunk off your rocker” he said and glared, “I suggest if you don’t want to be charged with a DUI or attempted manslaughter and attempted battery, take that piece of shit you call a truck and get the fuck out of here”

The guy decided that the threat felt to real to see if it was true or not, so he left with his now banged up truck. Gyro watching the whole thing laughed

“I would think you would be the one charged with actual battery” he said and the boy glared at him

“He was drunk of his mind and the threat worked” he said and he groaned, “Hey… thanks for saving me back there I guess… sorry about the rock”

“It’s ok” he said walking to him and kneeled down, “I am concerned why you don’t feel any pain”

“Hmm?” the boy looked down to see his legs are all bloody and sighed…, “I… I’m paraplegic”

“Oh! So that’s why!” he said and sighed, “Do you want me to take care of you? I… I mean I know you hate doctors and all but you’re not going to get far if you continue bleeding out like that”

“… Its fine… I want to die” he said and before anything was said, “I want to die on my own accord, not by some drunken idiot”

“Killing yourself is not the answer to life troubles” Gyro said and before the boy could counter he quickly added, “Letting yourself die is still the same as killing yourself

“Fuck you! You remind me of my cousin! He pisses me off that he knows almost every line you would ever say!” he said and Gyro laughed

“How about, hmm…” Gyro heard the boy’s stomach growl and he smiled, “How about we go back into the house and I make you something to eat?”

“…That offer implies healing the wounds…”

“Take it or leave it” Gyro said and the kid sighed deeply

“Fine” the boy said and felt him being picked up, “Fucking hell! I can get in there on my own!”

“You’re bleeding. I’m not having blood on my floor. It doesn’t have anything to do with whether or not you are capable of getting around” Gyro said and smirked when he sighed in defeat.

After getting some noodles to start boiling, he started dressing the boy’s wounds, “Hey, never caught your name. I’m Gyro Zeppeli”

“…Johnny Joestar”

“Wait! You’re from that rich family??”

“… Not anymore… I ran away… a few months ago… which was a few months after this” he said motioning to his legs

“…You weren’t born this way?”

“… I was shot…” he said and sighed, “My father didn’t help the situation… and I just ran away from it all” he finished and Gyro knows he didn’t know his situation and will probably never know with his hate for doctors

“Did doctors do this to you?”

“No… just some nobody who’s somewhere out there” he said and glared at him, “I’m not saying anymore about this. You’re still a doctor and I hate you”

“…Fair enough” Gyro said going to the kitchen and later came back with two bowls of spaghetti, “Here”

“… Thanks” he muttered eating some, “Fuck…”

“What’s wrong!?”

“…This is delicious…”

Gyro can’t help but laugh hard at that

“Hey don’t laugh you stupid doctor asshole!” Johnny yelled and that made Gyro fall to the floor laughing and Johnny caught his bowl of spaghetti before it fell along with the idiot, “Fucking moron”

“Troppo divertente! (Too funny!)” the doctor yelled

“Don’t speak in languages I don’t know while laughing at me! You forget I have two bowls of spaghetti. I can eat one and pour this all over you!”

“Please don’t! I’m sorry!” he said hands up in defense

End of Flashback

Gyro sighed, “That was the first day I met him… he ended up staying with me for what was supposed to be for a little while. His depression’s gotten pretty bad but now it’s like he never had depression at all after a year”

“Is that because you two are dating~?” Joseph teased smiling and Gyro blushed

“Sh-shut up you idiot” Gyro said frantically like what happened if Dio was homophobic

“God dude, Dio’s like the gayest person in the room currently, there’s nothing that’s going to happen” Joseph said and Dio glared at him

“Fuck you… that’s pretty much true” Dio said and Joseph smiled

“Dio’s marrying Jonathan soon!” Joseph said shocking Gyro and he smiled

“That’s a relief” he said sighing, “My father’s pretty homophobic so I can’t be too careful”

“Granted we don’t speak to that side of the family anymore” Caesar said, “The ones we contact are each other and our grandfather”

“Well… I’m glad Johnny’s fine” Dio said getting the topic back on what it was because homophobic parents are never a good topic and Gyro looked to him

“Does that mean you wont tell?” Gyro asked

“Why do you not want Jonathan to know about Johnny?” Dio asked and Gyro sighed

“Family is supposed to be there for each other.” he said and Dio was going to ask why when he finished after a sigh, “I know and believe that but he doesn’t want anyone to know anything about him… It was a risk even seeking Joseph out… lucked out that my own cousin happened to be his dorm mate”

“… Thanks for taking care of him. I won’t say a word to Jonathan” Dio said sighing, “But he does need to know eventually. You can’t just keep this from him, it’s not right”

“…We know” Gyro said and sighed, “But it’s up to Johnny, not me”

“I know… just talk to him about it” Dio said and smirked, “And when the time comes that you’ve met us against his will tell that little bastard that I approve of him using me to threaten drunken assholes”

Gyro had wide eyes, “Wait! The lawyer he mentioned was real? And that’s you!?”

“Alive and well” Dio said and Joseph looked to him

“Dio your next line is ‘I’m Dio Brando, best lawyer you ever did see!’”

“I’m Dio Brando, best lawyer—OH FUCK YOU! I told you I hate when you do that annoying shit!”

Joseph smirked, “That’s why I do it”

“Get over here so I can kill your annoying ass!” Dio yelled

“As if you could!” Joseph said sticking his tongue out. By this point Caesar and Gyro left to find Jonathan. Luckily he was on his way back and when they told them they are fighting, he rushed in

“Will you two stop fighting already!? It’s like every single time you see each other!” Jonathan said annoyed and both pointed at each other

“He started it!” both said in unison, “No I didn’t you did!”

Jonathan sighed deeply and put a hand to his eyes and chuckled, “My family” he said before turning to Gyro and Caesarh

“So did you guys talk?” Jonathan asked and Gyro froze and turned to Dio who shrugged

“Yes…” Gyro said his eyes begging Dio to help

“I asked him if he wanted to be a witness when and if we take that asshole to court” Dio said and Jonathan turned to him

“Really?” Jonathan asked turning back to Gyro and Gyro saw the discreet winking Dio gave him and smiled

“Yes! I would love to do that” he said sighing, “I like Joseph and that asshole threatened my cousin too”

“That’s good to hear” Jonathan said happily and Gyro was about to say something when he got a call. He grabbed the phone and looked pale when seeing it. He cursed in Italian before answering it

“H-hey J-Babe!” Gyro said catching himself on a dire mistake but still caused another altogether when there was some audible yelling from the other end, “Yeah, yeah, I won’t call you that again………. Er……. Well I’m sorry I left so suddenly, but an emergency came up…..

“Uh… something happened with…” Gyro said looking around then saw Caesar, “My grandfather”

They were staring at him in silence as he was continuing to talk to whoever was on the other end, “I’m… I can’t! I’m out of country! I can’t just go back right now!........ EH!? WAIT NO! Don’t take the strap off I beg of you!” Ok, ok! Fine. I’ll look into the next flight back… I’ll text you when it is, see you soon” he said handing up and let out a deep sigh and saw Joseph smirk

“Gonna be chased?” he asked and Gyro visible shuttered

“God I hope not. It’s terrifying” he said and Jonathan looked to Gyro concerned

“I hope we didn’t keep you from your grandfather” Jonathan said and Gyro shook his head

“Nope, grandfather’s fine” Caesar said saying how if anything was to happen to him that he would be the first to know since he lives closer?

“Then why lie?”

“Too long of a story” Gyro said turning to Caesar, “Please call Grandfather He knows him and will be willing to cover for me!” Gyro said and Caesar nodded calling his grandfather to explain everything in English minus the Johnny part and was shocked to hear something before agreeing to visit him soon and ended the call.

Caesar leaned to Joseph to whispered that he was going to talk to Gyro in Italian and to not say anything until he gave him the ok to and to repeat what he heard. He did promise to help him figure out what is with his weird language skill thing.

“Ha detto che ti avrebbe coperto (He said he would cover for you)” he said

“Grazie! (Thank you!)”

“Perché non mi hai detto che nostro nonno conosceva la famiglia Joestar? (Why didn’t you tell me our grandfather knew the Joestar family?)”

“Per qualcuno che ha più contatti con lui, nostro nonno non ti dice molto, vero? (For someone who has more contact with him, our grandfather doesn’t tell you much, does he?)”

“Fottiti stronzo! (Fuck you asshole!)” Caesar said glaring and Gyro laughed

“Mi dispiace Caesar, ma non ti sto fottendo, il mio cuore appartiene a qualcun altro (I’m sorry Caesar, but I’m not fucking you, my heart belongs to someone else)”

Joseph put a hand to his mouth in an attempt to not laugh as Caesar had a shocked disturbed look on his face

“C'è qualcosa che non va in te (Something is wrong with you)”

“Proprio come te per non aver scopato quel culo caldo (Just like you for not fucking that hot ass)” Gyro said pointing to Joseph and both Caesar and Joseph turned bright red. Joseph groaned slightly pulling the comforter over his head

“Mio Dio! Siamo solo amici! Che diavolo!? ... Grazie per aver controllato la sua ferita per vedere se andava bene ... è il mio migliore amico (My god! We are just friends! What the hell!?... Thank you for checking his would to see if it was ok… he is my best friend)” Caesar said sighing out

“Migliore amico? Interessante. È esattamente quello che ho detto sul cugino di Joseph, sai, prima che iniziassimo a uscire insieme (Best friend? Interesting. That's exactly what I said about Joseph's cousin, you know, before we started dating)”

“Sai che Joseph può capire ogni singola parola che stiamo dicendo !? (Do you know that Joseph can understand every single word we are saying!?)”

Oh veramente? Beh, per niente dispiaciuto (Oh really? Well, not sorry at all)” Gyro said smirking, In realtà secondo le storie del mio ragazzo, sei esattamente come loro (Actually, according to my boyfriend’s stories, you’re exactly like them)” he said referring to Caesar and Joseph being like Dio and Jonathan

“Dio mio (My god)” Caesar said putting a hand over his blushing face in realization that is exactly what Speedwagon and even Kakyoin and Jotaro mentioned in the very beginning… that they were like Dio and Jonathan… and they are getting married. Joseph groaned more hiding his face more

“Is everything ok?” Jonathan asked

“Yes, we’re sorry for speaking in Italian… Its more natural for us” Caesar said muttering ‘thank god for that’ making Gyro laugh

“I’m pretty sure you talked to the hospital for him to discharge. Once they are ok with that, he is free to go back to the dorm, to rest in bed for the remaining 2-3 days of recovery” Gyro said and sighed, “I really need to get going. I don’t want my boyfriend to kill me” he said saying goodbyes and get wells to everyone before sprinting out of the hospital room.

“Good luck!”

“Thanks!” was called from the hall

“What an interesting person” Jonathan said and saw Joseph peek out of his covers

“Can I leave now?” he said with a face that was made because of what Gyro told Caesar

“What’s that face for?” Jonathan asked and Joseph looked to him

“My eager face”

“I’ve seen your eager face, that’s not it”  

“Its my eager ‘get me the hell out of this hellhole’ face” Joseph said and Caesar chuckled

“You cannot leave until the morning” Jonathan said and Joseph groaned causing Dio to groan

“Great, I’m going to hear his constant bitching all night long” Dio said and Joseph threw a pillow at his head

“Joseph no throwing pillows!” Jonathan said and Dio threw it back at him, “Dio you too!”

Joseph and Dio then threw a pillow each at Jonathan who in return through them back at them and Dio and Joseph looked to him

"What happened to 'no throwing pillows'?" Dio and Joseph asked in unison and Caesar watched their dynamics and shook his head laughing

“And you called my cousin an interesting person”


Chapter Text

The next morning, Suzie-Q, Ali, Smokey, Jonathan and Caesar were visiting both Dio and Joseph since the students didn’t have class and Jonathan wasn’t busy. Though, even if he was, he would still be there to check on how they are. Such a gentleman. Dio was goddamn lucky to have him in his life. That… and Joseph would spam his notifications of email, text, missed calls, incoming calls and voicemails if he was to stay a second later.

Smokey was staring at Joseph with a look of wanting to speak but not

“Hey Smokey, seriously don’t blame yourself. Stop saying sorry for something you didn’t do” Joseph said in a kind tone but Smokey gasped

“H-how did you know what I was going to say?”

“The ability that pisses people off” Dio said and Joseph huffed

“The only ones that it pissed off were you, Jonathan, Caesar and Pucci” Joseph said sticking his tongue out.

“Were those the only ones you used it on?” Dio asked and Joseph shook his head

“No!... Wait” Joseph though back to it, “Er…. Maybe??”

“So. Annoying” Dio said

“Your face is annoying” Joseph said and Dio rolled his eyes and came back with the ‘You’re immature card and Joseph huffed, “I am half your age after all old man”

That got Jonathan to “pfft” in his fist

“Don’t encourage this behavior Jonathan!” Dio said

“Sorry!” Jonathan said calming himself down before turning to Smokey and smiled, “Joseph has an ability to know what someone is saying next”

“Oh” Smokey said and Jonathan nodded and sighed

“He’s also right. By the sounds of it, none of this is your fault. If it was Dio would be a lot more… what’s the word? Lawyery?”

“That’s definitely not even a word” Dio said and Jonathan stuck his tongue out at him and Smokey looked to Joseph who laughed

“See, not even lawyer pants over there is blaming you dude, so you don’t have to apologize” Joseph said and Smokey looked shocked but nodded. Joseph then motioned for Jonathan to come over to him and whispered something into his ear causing Jonathan to smile

“You’re a good person” he said ruffling Joseph’s hair

“Hey not the hair!” Joseph laughed out and Jonathan shook his head

“You’re not Josuke. It’s going to happen” Jonathan said and they heard a huff and turned to Dio looking to him waving his phone

“Should I tell Giorno?” Dio asked and Joseph and Jonathan laughed

“We’re not that predictable are we?” Jonathan and Joseph asked each other, “Pfft nah!”

“I grew up with you Jonathan and I knew Joseph his whole life, if I didn’t know either of you I would be blind as all hell” Dio said and that caused Jonathan and Joseph to laugh more before Jonathan left to make a call. He came back in a few minutes later to see Smokey and Dio were talking when he had to excuse himself to answer a call he was getting from the orphanage.

He answered it and had listened to what they were telling him with wide teary eyes and smiled, “O-Ok, I will… thanks” he said ending the call and turned to Jonathan who walked over to Joseph, “D-did you really….?”

“Welcome to the family” Jonathan said motioning to Joseph, “Joseph’s idea”

“Hey! This means I get to be the cool uncle! SWEET!”

“What about Diego?” Dio asked as it was his half brother

“You mean the dude who was so obsessed with dinosaurs that he ended up in a padded cell room when he went to the dinosaur museum and did you know to the dinosaur bone?” Joseph asked as his facial expression matched his tone of ‘are you for real?’ and Dio flinched slightly

“…True. What a poor crazy sap” Dio said after a disappointed sigh and the shake of the head.

“Y-you… you really… you’re… really…” Smokey said with a few tears falling down

“Yep!” Jonathan said grinning

“And no matter what you’re going to be ok” Joseph said and the boy had more tears fell. In the process of a few minutes all his financial worry vanished. He hugged Jonathan and fist-bumped Joseph

“You guys are amazing!” he said smiling, “Who’s Giorno?”

“My 15 year old son” Dio said explaining how he donated sperm to a sperm bank. A couple of years ago I found out about his existence and saw that the mother and her boyfriend were abusing him and I sued them. I got full custody of him”

“Thank god for that” Jonathan said smiling and they were explaining some family things with Smokey and across the room, Suzie-Q, Ali and Caesar were shocked

“Wow, Joseph’s a better person than we thought” Suzie-Q said and Ali nodded

“He is” Caesar said looking to Joseph in utter awe. He took the attack meant for a strange kid, almost died from it… and… now he took all his worries of monies away. He truly is a great kid… he’s 100% not the person he originally thought… he’s…

Suzie and Ali watched in silence at Caesar staring at Joseph and eventually smiled and gave each other a look depicting exactly what they were thinking, they are falling hard for each other. They soon had to leave for class and not too soon afterwards Joseph stopped talking with his family and had a look on his face

“Wait…” Joseph said

“What is it?” Jonathan asked and everyone was concerned to his instant change in demeaner

“Why are we still here!?”

Jonathan let out a sigh, “Fine, fine. Don’t scare me like that. I’ll talk to the doctor right now” he said leaving

“Why do you hate doctors so much?” Smokey asked and Joseph sighed

“That’s a really long story” Joseph said and Smokey nodded and soon after that Jonathan has the ok to get Joseph prepared for discharge. They brought a wheelchair into the room

“What? Why a wheelchair?” Joseph asked in offense crossing his arms

“So you can leave to the car without much movement” Jonathan said

“And those crutches are for who?”

“Dio. He’s being discharged too” Jonathan said giving Dio the crutches as the nurses lowered his leg. Grabbing the crutches, Dio groaned before sucking in a break through clenched teeth as he got to a sitting point. It was obvious he was in pain when he pushed up to a standing position, weight more so on the crutches.

“Why is he being discharged?” Joseph asked confused as Jonathan helped him into the wheelchair

“All I need to do is be off my leg for the next half a year or so. Better to do that at home” Dio said

Exactly!” Joseph said

“I don’t have iatrophobia” Dio said and Joseph didn’t know what the word meant but he knew what phobia means and what this situation entailed.

“I don’t fear doctors you asshole” Joseph said feeling insulted, “I hate them”

“Could’ve fooled me” Dio said and Joseph looked him dead in the eye

“The only fear I have is if anything happened to my friends and family.” Joseph said and Dio and Jonathan gave each other a discreet look that depicted a form of sorrow before sighing

“Let’s get out of here, yeah?” Jonathan asked

“Hell yes!” Joseph said happily and Dio looked to Caesar

“Willing to drive my car again?”

“Hell no” Caesar said surprising Dio,


“I’ve never experienced stress like I did when driving that thing…” Caesar said shuttering and Jonathan nodded in agreement

“He was so shaken up by that, but I think it’s by the whole situation” Jonathan said turning to Dio as he started wheeling Joseph out of the room, “Your car is expensive. The poor kid didn’t want to wreck it and ended up being a wreck himself”

“He was basically yelling at us to be quiet as he drove… couldn’t even yawn without a ‘shut up, I’m trying to drive a life time worth of pasta here’” Smokey said and everyone looked to him

“…Pasta?” Joseph asked chuckling and everyone else joined in it

“…S-shut up. My favorite food’s pasta… and…” Caesar muttered blushing and Joseph saw him and blushed himself when he realized how cute Caesar really was not just with this cute scene… but in general and Caesar saw him looking at him in a way different than before, “What?”

Joseph froze, “Oh… uh, well you know Dio must really like you if he gave you his permission to drive that thing. Other than Giorno, that’s his baby” Joseph saved pretty well in his opinion

“Tch” Dio said but didn’t have a comeback because he knew this was true.

“Fine. I’ll drive the Lamborghini” Jonathan said giving Caesar his keys, “Can you drive my car? It’s a lot less pricey, and easier to drive”

“O…k?” Caesar said and they walked out with and saw a 2016 Nissan Versa, “You… have a normal car?”

“Hmm? Yeah I don’t see a point in buying an expensive car. I would rather be safe” Jonathan said smirking, “Unlike Dio over here”

“Oh shut up” Dio said crossing his arms as best he could with crutches, “At least I didn’t ever crash it”

Jonathan laughed and helped both Dio an Caesar into the car with help from Caesar. Joseph got Shotgun and Dio got the full back seat because his broken leg

“Looks like you’re coming with me Smokey” Jonathan said smiling

“That’s fine, riding in it was cool!” Smokey said and they left after saying they would meet in their dorm. Caesar got into the driver’s seat and started the car and drove

“It’s crazy” Dio said

“What?” both Caesar and Joseph asked

“The whole thing with Johnny” Dio said

“I know. He still doesn’t want us to know about him” Joseph said sighing, “I mean when Gyro came around the first time, Johnny ended up finding out. I tried giving him my contact information but haven’t heard from him”

“I understand that” Dio said and sighed, “I’m just glad he’s ok after what happened”

“…Me too” Joseph said sighing, “I just wished he would contact me”

“He will” Caesar said


“I mean family’s family. Unless his family did something bad to him, nothing would stop him from seeing you again. Trust me I know. When I was a kid, I hated my family and ran away. Years later I returned and reconciled with my dad. Same thing will happen with you guys. You were a lot closer than I was ever with my father by the sounds of it. Gyro did mention he talked about you”

“…Hopefully” Joseph said looking to Caesar, “You said you were only close to your grandfather and Gyro?”

“I still don’t talk to my siblings… more so after dad passed away 5 years ago.” Caesar said turning down another street.

“Oh, we’re sorry” Joseph said and Dio nodded

“Dad’s passing was not new news. A few months after I returned, he was diagnosed with a terminal illness that killed him within the year” he said

“I mean the whole siblings part too” Joseph said and Dio nodded

“I hated my father all for good reason but I was with my half-brother until his mom took custody of him, since I had nowhere to go since my mom died years prior to my dad, I was sent to live with the Joestars. I still talked to him though. That was until he landed his crazy ass into the looney bin. Visited him every once in a while, but I wouldn’t want to imagine not seeing him at all” Dio said and Caesar sighed

“… I’m not sad about it”


“They were all too greedy with his will. Dad left everything to his 6 kids. Everything was split evenly amongst us all to the very cent. There were so much fighting and so much ‘you got more’ ‘hey why do I have less’ ‘I want this and that’ ‘no I want this! You have that’. No one cared dad died besides me, grandfather and Gyro…” Caesar said taking a deep breath, “I was sick of the greed, the disconnect from family because of money, of everything that I rejected my part and left. Never saw them again. Been on my own since then. Never looked back”

“…Did they get the money?” Joseph asked in a way that sounded like he knew why he hated rich people… with the family he had proven to be so money-hungry that they didn’t even care the person who raised them was dead. Everything made sense now why he was so quick to judge him.

“No. The one that overlooked the will was my grandfather. He ended up being written in the will to take everything if there was fighting anyways” Caesar said sighing, “But Gyro said that grandfather knew the Joestar family”

“Oh really?” Dio asked, “His name?”

“William Zeppeli” Caesar said and Dio had wide eyes

“William Zeppeli?”

“You know him?”

“I met him when I was younger but that was when Jonathan and Joseph’s grandfather introduced us” Dio said

“Why didn’t I remember?” Joseph asked

“You weren’t even born yet. It was a good 25 years ago” Dio said

“Any reason why they would know each other? I’m curious” Caesar said and Dio thought back to it

“I think it may have been a point in time when their grandfather helped yours? I’m not sure, I was only 11 at the time and relatively new to the Joestars altogether”

“…Hmm… I’ll have to ask then” Caesar said and Joseph nodded

“I want to know too” Joseph said and they got to the parking lot next to the dorm. Jonathan was there ready to help Joseph and Dio, “Why Dio?”

“We want to stay here for a while. To see if that bastard shows up” Dio said and Caesar shrugged

“Makes sense” he said grabbing Joseph and Joseph put almost all his weight onto Caesar

“Sorry… it hurts”

“You’re all good” Caesar said and they all went to the dorm. Caesar helped Joseph to his bed and Joseph groaned as he laid down

“You ok?” Caesar asked and Joseph nodded

“It hurts a little but I’ll be fine” Joseph said laying his head on his pillow and let out a sigh of relief, “This pillow is fantastic, not like those BS bricks they call ‘pillows’ at the hospital”

“He never stopped complaining last night!” Dio groaned out as Jonathan helped him to sit down on one of the black chairs using another black chair to anchor his broken leg on

“I’m s—”

“Smokey, Joseph’s right. No one blames you. You had no malevolent intent towards anyone” Dio said and Joseph nodded

“Besides, we’re family now!” he said and then his stomach growled hard, “Uh… I haven’t eaten today… or even since yesterday morning”

“I’m getting a little hungry myself” Jonathan said and everyone else agreed

“I’ll go get food” Caesar said, “What does everyone want?” he asked and everyone verbally went through a few different options until they landed and agreed on burgers

Caesar wrote down their orders and saw Dio handing him a card

“Here’s my card” Dio said and before he let go when Caesar grabbed it he smiled. A smile that made Caesar freeze, “Remember. I’m a lawyer. Spend wisely” he said in a sweet way and Caesar felt a chill go down his spine

“O-of course”

“Dio! Stop intimidating Joseph’s roommate!” Jonathan said

“Can’t I have some fun?” Dio asked

“Not when you’re intimidating my friend” Joseph said

“You’re no fun” Dio said holding his hands in defeat and Caesar stared at them for a few seconds before chuckling and shaking his head

“Well I’m off to get the food”

“Don’t hunt too many of them, they would go instinct” Joseph said and Caesar looked to him and decided to play along

“But that’s the fun of it. Kill 20, get 50 more in their place” he said and saw the bright smile Joseph had and flushed, “Be back soon!”

Dio laughed, “God, that brings back memories doesn’t it?”

“Sure does” Jonathan said and Joseph blushed

“Sh-shut up! Why does our whole family think we’re going to end up like you two!?” Joseph asked

Outside the door, Caesar heard everything and thought back to when they met Gyro and how he said he already took the bait, it’s only a matter of time until Joseph wheels him in and makes him his

‘…There’s no way’ he thought leaving thinking everyone was just fucking with them. After all, Gyro is with a Joestar who could have said something about Joseph and Gyro could have said something about him as well that and he was one to tease to no end... but what about Joseph's family? He didn't know them that well to make an assumption that they are messing with him… Well no time for thinking about that, he was on a mission to hunt burgers

“And not kill them all off” he said chuckling to himself as he walked down the hallway


Chapter Text

When Caesar was on his mission to retrieve food, Smokey, Joseph, Jonathan and Dio started talking about family situations

“….So you really did adopt me” Smokey said with tears and Jonathan nodded

“Of course we did” Jonathan said giving him a hug, “We don’t expect you to call us dad or anything”


“Dio and I are getting married pretty soon” Jonathan said and saw the look of shock in Smokey’s eye

“I thought that was a ploy to tick off that guy” Smokey said and Jonathan rolled his eyes

“There is no doubt in my mind that those two would actually do that” Jonathan said earning a sharp ‘hey’ from both but it was ignored as Jonathan smiled, “I hope that isn’t a problem”

“No way!” Smokey said, “You guys are awesome! I have no problem with that at all”

“Good” Dio said and Jonathan added a “that’s great”

They continued talking about family for the most part excluding what happened 3 years ago. Eventually the topic landed on Giorno.

“So Giorno’s your son, right?” Smokey asked

“Yep” Dio said going into great detail what happened. Giorno was 12 at the time Dio was aware of his existence through the roundabout way of just checking with the sperm bank if any of the families were going to try to sue him for child support because his sperm made their child or something and also just in case if anything happened to him, he could have the sperm bank notify the families if they are ever in search of him. He saw that he had a son named Giorno living in Italy and he froze in anger over the fact that the name listed as the father and mother, are notorious for drug use and getting into fights over the pettiest of things. He flew out to where they were and saw Giorno has been in a highly abusive household since he was a child. He got this information from Giorno, who was hesitant to say a thing.

Dio knew it would take time but he mentioned he was his father who donated sperm at the sperm bank and that if he wanted to live with him. After agreeing, Dio took Giorno and the long proceeding to who should be the one to get custody over Giorno happened. Eventually, Dio won full custody as the two were put in prison for the years of abuse his child was being put through.

“Wow, you’re cool” Smokey said and Dio shrugged

“I just didn’t want something happening to any child of mine” Dio said and smiled and turned to Smokey, “So I guess you’re safe with us now”

“I’m… I can’t believe I was adopted, I’m happy!” Smokey said and everyone agreed before Dio got up to use the bathroom

“You need help?” Jonathan asked and Dio shook his head as he grabbed his crutches

“I’ll be fine you big worry wart” he said

“Well excuse me for worrying about you, you both were hurt badly” Jonathan pouted

“I love you” Dio said and that instantly got Jonathan to smile as Dio went to the bathroom and Joseph stared at Jonathan


“You were upset like a minute ago and now you’re happy just because he said he loved you?” Joseph said, “That’s kind of stupid, what happens if he breaks that vase grandma gave to you?”

“He’s got a point” can be heard from the bathroom

“Minor things like that doesn’t matter Joseph” Jonathan said ignoring Dio and Joseph gave him a look of confusion and Jonathan smiled, “You’ll know when you are with the person that loves you as much as you love them”

Another “He’s got a point” can be heard but was still ignored

“You two are just going to ignore him?” Smokey asked and the two actually ignored him in their little talk back and forth and Smokey shrugged before getting up to answer the door when it was being knocked on thinking it was Caesar bringing back the food but forgot the key

“Hey—” he started but when he realized it wasn’t Caesar he backed up, “What are you doing here?”

“Just back off”

Joseph and Jonathan stopped their conversation and turned to Smokey, who backed up and they saw a guy come in

“What are you doing here?” Joseph said with a glare

“Making sure you get expelled for fighting”

“And why’s that? I didn’t set up someone’s attempted murder” Joseph said and Jonathan understood what was going on and who this was

“So. You’re the one who keeps trying to get my little brother expelled” Jonathan said and the guy turned to him and sighed

“You must be his contact, Jonathan Joestar. You must agree that he should be expelled for fighting” Pucci said and Jonathan shrugged

“If he was the one that caused it, sure, but there is actual evidence proving not, so you have no right to speak to me like he should be expelled for your scheme to get him hurt” Jonathan said sighing, “You’re way in the wrong and he will not be expelled for this”

“We will see about that” he said with a huff as his arms were crossed

“Yes. We will”

Pucci unfolded his arms and turned to the bathroom as Dio was coming out of it on his crutches and gasped

“Did these hooligans cause you to break your leg that bad Mr. Brando?” Pucci asked and Dio forced back the roll of the eyes

“You were there. I know you saw what happened. I broke my own leg to fix the mess you started” Dio said calmly at first but his voice grew louder as he came to sit down and Jonathan helped him back down

“So… you’re on my side?” Pucci said and Dio gave him the cold ‘are you serious?’ look

“How delusional are you?” Dio asked pointing to Joseph, “I broke my leg for him and only him”

“That can’t be…”

“Your denial is showing” Joseph said and Pucci glared at him in the way of ‘I am going to kill you’

“If you so far as take one step closer to Joseph I will have you arrested” Dio said knowing that look he was giving off was ones similar to murderers he had dealt with over the course of his career in law. Then as if Dio said the magic words, it seemed like reality somewhat kicked in to the Dio-fanboy

“Why… why do you side with them instead of me!?” Pucci basically cried out and Dio glared

“Dio, be careful this guy is unstable” Jonathan said and Pucci turned to him and raised a fist to punch him when Dio broke reached as far as he could and caught the fist before it landed

“This is exactly why you piece of shit!” Dio yelled, “I don’t know you and my first impression of you is that you want my family hurt or dead!!”

“B-but Dio…” he said

“You don’t get to call me by my first name” Dio growled out

“M-Mr. Brando! I’m… I didn’t”

“Don’t lie. I saw the video” Dio said and Pucci turned to Joseph who shrugged

“My phone was connected to Caesar’s. Whatever picture or video I make automatically transfers to his” he said and Pucci glared even more menacingly 

Don’t. You. Dare.” Pucci froze at the tone of Dio’s voice and he backed up with tears forming

“…B-but why… D-Mr. Brando?”

“Let me tell you a little about myself. My father was a drunk abusive asshole. All my childhood was full of if I dropped one piece of paper on the ground I was severely beaten. I didn’t see a freaken light at the end of the tunnel. That was until he died when I was 12. The Joestar’s took me in. I grew up with the man I love and he is the best thing. That family is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. He even is the co-founder and co-owner of my law firm and I don’t appreciate you threatening them! Especially getting my soon-to-be brother-in-law in the center a life or death situation! This is my family and you're thinking you can get away with hurting them!? You messed with the wrong family. You messed with the wrong Lawyer.”

Caesar came rushing in with the food when he heard what was going on. Dio was fuming and Pucci was on the verge of crying and holding back sobs. Joseph looked to the fuming Dio and to Pucci and sighed out deeply getting everyone’s attention

“…Pucci. I know it’s like Dio said… first impressions are everything. I know I didn’t really make a good impression when we met on the night Caesar and I fought… but maybe if we let bygones be bygones then we can hopefully move on and start over” Joseph said knowing this guy is going to be here for a while. Jonathan and Dio looked to him like he was insane

“He almost killed you!” Jonathan and Dio said and Joseph shrugged

“I had worse” Joseph said and Caesar’s heart started racing… fuck… when he thought Joseph couldn’t be anymore… fantas... AHEM... surprising

Pucci let out a harsh laugh, “Fuck that shit. You fucking Joestars ruined my life, I promise I will get you back” he growled out before leaving pushing Caesar harshly on to the side in his escape

“Fuck off!” Caesar yelled rubbing his arm and Joseph sighed

“Well I tried” he said shrugging, “Guess he’s too far down the rabbit hole for any coherence in his mind”

Dio sighed and shook his head, “Way too unstable to be a lawyer”

“Dio, make it so that Pucci is legally never to bother or interact with Caesar, me or our friends and family”

“I will work on that as soon as I can” Dio said turning to Jonathan, “You ok?”

“Yeah, you didn’t let crazy punch me so I’m good” Jonathan said giving him a look

“What’s that look for?”

“First imrpessions are everything, huh?” Jonathan said and Dio hated his tone of voice


“I clearly remember someone we took in kicking my dog seconds after meeting him” Jonathan said and Dio glared at him

“Was that my fault you didn’t train him to barrel over people? I was defending myself!” Dio said and Jonathan smirked, “You’re an asshole”

“I hate to interrupt” Caesar said

“Please do” Dio silently begged and everyone turned to Caesar holding the bag of food

“You guys want to eat before the food get’s cold?” Caesar asked and everyone got their foods. Caesar before giving the card back to Dio, “I didn’t pay for anything else”

“Dio…” Joseph and Jonathan said and Dio sighed

“I was only kidding, sorry for making you worry” Dio muttered as he pocketed his card and Caesar shrugged

“It’s fine” Caesar said sitting on the floor next to Joseph, “Wait… you were only kidding? You mean I could have bought a Lamborghini or something?”

Dio glared, “Don’t make me take back my apology”

Caesar laughed, “Just kidding”

All of them fell into silence as they were starting to eat their burgers when Joseph spoke up

“How many did you kill in the burger hunt?” Joseph asked and Caesar laughed

“We still on this?” Caesar laughed out, “Uh, I’ll say… about 35. The other people were ravenous and took most of it. I managed to get the amount we needed, so I guess it was a win in the ravenous world of burger eaters and their prey” he said in a tone of someone coming back from an epic quest.

Joseph laughed, “Caesar, you’re seriously the best. My brother and Dio wouldn’t have played along at all”

Caesar shrugged, “It’s fun to play along every once in a while”

Dio and Jonathan shared a look of ‘they have it so hard for each other’

After eating everyone left as they needed to get back to where they live. Dio and Jonathan needed to prepare for a potential lawsuit against Pucci. Smokey needed to go back and do some homework

“So… want to play cards?” Joseph asked and Caesar shrugged and nodded

“Sure, that’s if you’re too tired to not beat me at the simple task of slapping the Jacks” Caesar said with a smirk and Joseph smirked playfully

“You’re on you amazing bastard. You can't handle me on Awake Mode”


Chapter Text

Chapter 41

After 5 rounds, 3 won by Caesar and 2 won by Joseph, Caesar smirked at a pouting Joseph

“Ho Vinto (I won)” Caesar said and Joseph grumbled

“Sta 'zitto (Shut up)” Joseph grumbled and Caesar looked to him

“That was in Italian you know” Caesar said and Joseph looked to him and looked shocked

“Really? Are we talking in Italian now?” Joseph asked and Caesar shook his head

“Do you really hear just English?” Caesar asked and Joseph nodded

“Do you want to talk about it? We can get more information on why this is happening” Caesar said and Joseph nodded, “Ok tell me what happens when you speak”

“Well, You’re speaking in English and it sounds like it and—” Joseph said

“Sei sicuro? (Are you sure?)” Caesar asked

“Sì. Sento l'inglese ogni volta (Yes. I hear English every time)” Joseph said looking to Caesar, “cosa sta succedendo, Caesar? (What’s going on, Caesar?)”

“Hmm… I have no clue. Are you sure you don’t know Italian?” Caesar asked and Joseph shook his head

“I know for a fact I don’t know Italian”

“Strano” Caesar said watching Joseph

“Non ho capito bene. È così bizzarro. Voglio dire ... tu e Pucci avete confermato che stavo parlando italiano. Giuro di non aver mai sentito l'italiano prima d'ora. Sei sicuro di parlare italiano? Pucci potrebbe aver mentito come fa normalmente? (I'm confused. It's so bizarre. I mean ... you and Pucci confirmed that I was speaking Italian. I swear I've never heard Italian before. Are you sure you speak Italian? Can Pucci have lied like he normally does?)”

“I know my native language Joseph. I have said this before”

“But it could have happened that you made a mistake once in a while. I mean we are only human” Joseph said and Caesar let out a “hmm”, “What?”

“I figured something out” Caesar said and Joseph looked excited

“What!?” He asked excitedly

“I have no idea what is going on with you” Caesar said and Joseph’s excitement flatlined

“Gee, thanks for the help buddy”

“Let me finish idiot” Caesar said sighing, “You would be the perfect person to live abroad”

“What? Why?”

“Whatever is happening with you, you speaking Italian is only triggered when someone speaks Italian. You speaking English is only triggered when someone speaks English.”

“Are you sure about that?” Joseph asked confused and had a look of realization, “You were going back and forth between Italian and English when we were talking weren’t you?”

“Esattamente (Exactly)” Caesar said

“E non me l'hai detto (And you didn’t tell me)” Joseph said

“Of course I didn’t. Studying idiots in their natural habitat without them knowing is how you get accurate information” Caesar said shrugging

“Oh fuck you” Joseph said and saw Caesar’s facial expression change ever so slightly, “… You… you just did it again. This is weird… Am I speaking Italian now?” Joseph asked confused

“Nope. English. I think the weirdest part is that you can’t tell the difference between the languages or have any previous experience nor knowledge about the language beforehand” Caesar said and heard a knock on the door and went to answer it to see Avdol and Polnareff asking how Joseph was doing, “He’s fine, but you guys have great timing!”

“Why’s that?” Polnareff asked as he and Avdol came into the room. Caesar shut the door and sighed

“You guys know other languages right?” Caesar asked, “Italian’s my native language and I know a little German”

“French is my native language” Polnareff said

“Arabic is my native language and I know French and English”

“I know English too apparently” Polnareff said with a smile. “Why ask?”

“Polnareff I need to say the most bizarre thing you can think of in French” Caesar said walking to Joseph and elbowed him on the arm for whining

“…Alright” Polnareff said in confusion and smirked, “Je parie que Joseph veut son compagnon de chambre comme un petit ami. Ils seront tellement chauds ensemble. Un match parfait, pensez-vous Avdol? (I bet Joseph wants his roommate as a boyfriend. They will be so hot together. A perfect match, do you think Avdol?)”

“Oui Oui, mom amour” Avdol said and Joseph let out a loud “gah”

“Que diable Polnareff!? Mon Dieu!! Vous êtes si embarrassant!! (What the hell Polnareff !? My God!! You are so embarrassing!!)” Joseph said covering his now blushing face under his pillow shocking Polnareff

“Attendez ... vous connaissez le français?” Polnareff asked

“Non… (No…)” Joseph said groaning before looking to Caesar, “Merde! Quel est le problème avec moi, César!? (Shit! What's wrong with me, Caesar!?)”

“I don’t understand French Joseph.” Caesar said

“Well you’re speaking in another language right now! So what the hell is wrong with me!?” Joseph asked

“Nothing is wrong with you” Caesar said

“What’s going on?” Polnareff asked as he and Avdol were confused

“Joseph doesn’t know any other language besides English” Caesar said

“But he just spoke French” Polnareff said

“And he speaks Italian too” Caesar said and Avdol looked even more confused

“How does one speak another language fluently without knowing it?” Avdol asked

“He doesn’t know them literally” Caesar said nudging Joseph

“Er… I hear and speak only English?” Joseph asked, “Whatever I said sounded like English to me” he said in a way that portrayed his own confusion and Avdol stepped forward

“Sayakun ladayk hadiat mudhhilat haqanaan ‘iidha kunt tafahum ma ‘iquluh (You will have a truly amazing gift if you understand what I am saying)”

“… ‘Aelam ‘ana hdha lays biallughat al’iinjliziat, falimadha ‘asmae al’iinjalizia? (I know this is not English, so why do I hear English?” Joseph asked

“You truly have a gift. If you work with it, I bet you can be one of the world’s best translators” Avdol said and Joseph snarled at the thought

“Work’s gross” Joseph said sticking his tongue out in disgust

“Hey, isn’t this the ‘talent’ from your prediction?” Polnareff asked

“Could very well be” Avdol said

“No way it’s just a—” Joseph said

“Sbaglio? (Mistake?)” Caesar asked in Italian

“si! e stato uno sbaglio! (Yes! It was a mistake!)” Joseph said and realized everyone had that look on their face, “l'hai fatto di nuovo. Sto parlando italiano adesso, giusto? (You did it again. I’m speaking Italian now, right?)”

“Yes. Now you’re going to speak English” Caesar said and Joseph groaned deeply

“My head hurts” Joseph said

“We shouldn’t annoy you anymore. We just wanted to check on you. We’re glad you’re getting better” Avdol said as Polnareff said he would let Joseph borrow comics for his upcoming days of being bed bound. They left and Joseph turned to Caesar

“So… why do you think I have this… ability?” Joseph asked and Caesar shrugged

“We don’t know everything there is about the brain, maybe it is a gift from that brain of yours, but other than that I have no clue about what is happening. It’s cool though”

“Cool… right. More like headache inducing” Joseph groaned and Caesar laughed and they decided to change the topic to something else

“About what happened with everything in the last few days… I don’t normally say this but I’m proud of you” Caesar said and Joseph blushed slightly and smiled

“Thanks, I would do anything to help friends and family” Joseph said, “Speaking of which, did you really mean we’re friends?”


“No jokes?”


“No take backs” Joseph said firmly and Caesar laughed

“You’re an idiot” Caesar said, “Go to bed and rest up. You had a long day”

“Thanks for not letting me die” Joseph said as he watched Caesar climb up to his bed

“Of course I’m not going to let that happen, get some rest” he said

“Good night Caesar”

“Good night Jojo” Caesar said wondering why Joseph let out a slight chuckle before turning into soft calming sleep breathing and he realized he called him Jojo again. He let’s out a chuckle himself but couldn’t help think how truly remarkable Joseph Joestar was. 


Chapter Text

Chapter 42

The middle of the night, Caesar was woken up to Joseph groaning loudly. Caesar got off the top of the bunk and looked to Joseph. He… looked like he was in so much pain and Caesar felt bad for him.


“…Hnghh…” Joseph opened his eyes and flinched and clenched his eyes shut all-the-while holding back a gasp before opening them again, “… I… woke you up. Sorry” Joseph said and it was obvious he was poorly masking his voice to hide the pain

“No dude. Its ok. Do you want a pain killer?” Caesar asked

“I’m not in pain” Joseph said shifting causing him to flinch and curse out, “I’m fine”

“Hey. Don’t do that” Caesar said and Joseph looked to him,

“Don’t do what?”

“You were stabbed. The blade was twisted. The wound was sewn up. You don’t need to act tough with anyone. That shit would hurt anyone” Caesar said

“…I…” Joseph said gasping at another wave of pain, “Fuck. It hurts… a lot”

“Pain killer?” Caesar asked getting the bottle of his prescription pain killers

“Yes please” Joseph said and Caesar gave him a pain killer. Taking it, Joseph thanked him, “Oh I just thought of something”

“That’s the first” Caesar said

“Mean” Joseph wined causing Caesar to smirk

“What did you think?”

“Spring Break is coming up soon” Joseph said and Caesar smiled

“Yes it is. Let’s plan to do something for it” Caesar said and Joseph started to say something they could do before Caesar cuts him off, “Later I mean. I still got school in the morning”

“Oh right. I’m sorry” Joseph said

“It’s ok”

“Not that” Joseph said and Caesar was going to ask what he meant when he saw the biggest and brightest smile on his face, “School sucks”

Caesar felt his heart skip a beat and race

“I’ll see you in the morning Caes… goodnight” he said falling asleep. Caesar watched as Joseph fell asleep and questioned why Joseph’s smile made his heart race.

Why did his heart race from it? Caesar groaned feeling something and looked down to see his boxers were tented out. He blushed and without thought he walked to the bathroom. He went to the toilet. He pulled his boxers down. He grabbed the base in a way he liked; firm enough to last and gentle enough not to hurt. As he stroked to the tip, the image of Joseph’s smiling face popped into his mind. He instantly forced the thought away. However with a few more strokes, the image came back to stay no matter how hard Caesar tried to force it away. Then he reached his climaxed.

Silently and stunned, Caesar flushed the toilet and pulled up his boxers and blushed once he realized what happened. He walked to the bathroom vanity and grabbed the edges and leaned forward slightly. He looked into the mirror

“Why… why did I…?” Caesar muttered confused and utterly shocked. Joseph popped into his mind again and he shook his head harshly refusing to believe his mind. No there was a logical reason. There was something else that caused that… that. When was the last time he even had sex? He thought about it… and his eyes went wide when he remembered… he realized the last time he ever had sex was the evening before he met Polnareff.

“Fuck.. that was… more than a month ago.” Caesar said appalled. That was something that was unheard of. He always had sex at least 2 times a week. He assumed it was because he was sex-deprived and Joseph was the one he sees the most. Nothing about him being sexually attracted to Joseph. There was no way

“God. I need sex real soon if I am imagining my friend…. Fuck” Caesar said remembering the boy is bedbound for a few more days. Caesar groaned before going back to his bed

That morning Joseph woke up to Caesar’s alarm, “Nng… fuck school”

Caesar looked to him

“What?” Joseph asked and he realized almost instantly, “Oh right! I’m bedbound for a few days” he said grinning, “I don’t have to go to school”

Caesar stared but sighed when he remembered what happened in the bathroom and that he needed sex but can’t get it

“Caesar?” Joseph’s voice broke the silence and Caesar looked to him

“Are you in pain?”

“… No. Those pain killers are strong and last for 12 hours. I’ll be fine for a while” Joseph said

“…That’s good” Caesar said and Joseph looked to him

“You ok?” Joseph asked

“Hmm? Yea I am, why?”

“You just seem a little off” Joseph said

“Er…” Caesar said but Joseph sighed and shrugged

“It’s probably because of how I accidentally woke you up early, right?” Joseph asked and Caesar thought about it and nodded

“I’m just a little tired. It’s not your fault though” Caesar said and Joseph nodded knowing something was off but it wasn’t the sleep thing. He just hoped he didn’t already do something to fuck up whatever friendship they already had.

“Well, I should be going, rest up Joseph” Caesar said before leaving for class before Joseph could even say bye. Joseph sighed deeply

“Fuck…” he said laying back down and rubbed his face with both hands, “Fuck… I screwed up… didn’t I?”

Joseph fell asleep and an hour later he started groaning in his sleep and muttered while tossing and turning before waking up panting. He had scary dreams before but nothing was quite as scary as Caesar going back to hating him. Why? Was… shit… he was really crushing on him… hard… and he messed up their friendship. Joseph bit his lip and decided to pick up and read a comic just to get his mind off the situation.

Caesar came back after classes and Joseph perked up

“Hey Caes! Do you want to talk about Spring Break? It’s coming up soon and we need to come up with plans if we wanted to do anything”

“…Not right now”

“Oh… ok… maybe next time?” Joseph asked and Caesar nodded before dropping his things off

“I’m off” he said leaving and Joseph sighed

“He… he’s avoiding me.” Joseph said wondering why. Thinking about it one came up more than once. Was this because of the fight Pucci set up? Caesar fought too… and if Joseph didn’t know Dio they could have been expelled for fighting… was that why Caesar acting this way? Was he regretting their friendship?

Joseph let out a bitter laugh, “Just my luck. My crush is regretting ever being friends with me.” He said and sighed, “I don’t know why I bother trying”


Chapter Text

Chapter 43

When Caesar came back it was around 9pm and he grew concerned when he saw no one else in the room.

“Joseph?” Caesar asked looking into the bathroom and still no one. Fuck. Where was he? He was about to call him when he saw a note on his desk that wasn’t there before. He went to read it

‘I’m going to stay with Polnareff and Avdol for the rest of the time I’m bedbound. Joseph’

Caesar put the note down with a sigh and walked to Polnareff and Avdol’s dorm room. Avdol answered the door when he heard knocking and wasn’t surprised to see who it was,

“Caesar. I was expecting you” he said stepping back to let Caesar in

Joseph, sitting back on one of his black chairs he brought over, looked to Caesar, “…Hey”

“Joseph why are you here? You should be in your bed. And even if you’re not going to be in your bed, you shouldn’t be in that thing. That cannot be good for your wound” Caesar said and Avdol and Polnareff nodded

“We told him that but he was adamant about it” Avdol said

“He wouldn’t even think of taking my bed when I suggested it” Polnareff said

Joseph sighed, “Polnareff, I don’t want to take your bed” he said explaining why and he sighed again before looking to Caesar, “I thought you would like some time alone so I thought it would be best if I stayed here”

“Why?” Caesar asked and Joseph looked up with an apologetic look

“… I just… Well…” Joseph let out a tiny sigh, “I felt like I messed up. Like if I didn’t know Dio personally… you would have been expelled and because of that I thought you wouldn’t like me around” he said and Caesar looked at him with a confused look

“You mean when I punched that guy in the face?”

“Yeah… we were already on a probation for that first fight we had and…” Joseph trailed off sighing, “I’m sorry”

“You think I fought that guy because of you. That it’s your fault?”

“Yes… I mean if it wasn’t because of me…”

“That guy was going to stab you again and I punched him on my own accord. It’s like before. Where I could have let you get expelled but I didn’t. I could have let him stab you, but I didn’t. It’s the same thing. It’s my own actions and I would blame myself for the consequences of my own actions. And even if I didn’t do that I would blame the asshole putting you through that, not you” Caesar said and Joseph looked to him

“You… you don’t hate me?”

“Of course not” Caesar said

“Then… why are you avoiding me?”

“I wasn’t—”

“Don’t give me that dude. I know when someone is avoiding me. Just tell me why”

“Er…” Caesar said before blushing slightly, “I really wasn’t avoiding you… but” he groaned, “This is embarrassing”

Avdol caught on the tone, “Polnareff come on, let’s give them some privacy” he said grabbing Polnareff’s arm and left shutting the door behind them

“So what’s up Caesar?” Joseph asked and Caesar took a deep breath and turned red

“Ok… so I usually have sex 2-3 times a week” Caesar said adverting his eyes from Joseph who was obviously flushed himself, “And… I recently realized that I haven’t had any since the day before I met Polnareff and Avdol”

Joseph’s jaw hit the ground and from the closed door there was a faint whistle sound and a faint voice yelling out Polnareff’s name and a loud thump.

That caused Caesar and Joseph to chuckle before Joseph turned to Caesar

“So you’re basically sex deprived?”

“I am not a sex addict you asshole. But I guess that is a good way of putting it”

“Then all the more reason for me to stay here” Joseph said

“Huh? Why?”

“If I go back, I’m bedbound for another 2 or 3 days” Joseph said earning a confused look from Caesar


“So, if I stay here which is ok with Avdol and Pol, you have the room to yourself” Joseph said

“And…” Caesar said and Joseph rolled his eyes

“And you could fulfill your… er… needs” Joseph said and Caesar’s heart skipped a beat

“Thanks” Caesar said in a sincere tone

“Of course, you’re my friend” Joseph said and Caesar felt a very dull ache right when Joseph said “friend”… why? Well he just needs this and Joseph is allowing it. Caesar hugged him who hugged back right when Avdol and Polnareff came back in

“Well, they made up” Polnareff said smirking and the two backed up and coughed out an embarrassment laugh

“Well I’m off. I know you guys were listening in so thanks for taking care of him for the time being” Caesar said leaning to fulfill his needs and hopefully get back to normal

Joseph watched the door shut and heard the tapping indicating Caesar leaving and let out a sigh

“What’s wrong buddy?” Polnareff said

“Nothing… but I… I really like him” Joseph said and chuckled, “God even knows I have a crush on him. I know he doesn’t swing that way”

“…Joseph” Avdol said and he smiled

“It’s ok, I’ll get used to it” he said and then he smiled, “So Polnareff want to play video games?”

“Sure” Polnareff said

“Don’t stay up too late Jean. You have school in the morning” Avdol said and Polnareff nodded

“I know” he said pouting, “Joseph’s lucky he doesn’t have to go to school”

“Jean. He got stabbed and almost died. I highly doubt he’s lucky” Avdol said and Polnareff looked to him

“Actually I agree with Pol. This break from school was much needed” Joseph said smiling

“Don’t rub it in” Polnareff muttered and smirked giving his friend a controller, “At least I can beat you in this game!”

“You’re on!” he said

Soon, Polnareff was hanging his head in shame, “How did I lose!?” he asked and Joseph smirked

“I’m just that good”

“God that’s not fair” Polnareff said

“Jean, go to bed. It’s late” Avdol said and Polnareff pouted

“Double not fair” Polnareff muttered causing Joseph to laugh

“Goodnight!” Joseph said and soon everyone was asleep besides Joseph who was wide awake staring at the ceiling. He leaned back in the chair. He couldn’t seem to fall asleep. His mind was on Caesar and he sighed

‘Shit… I really do like you Caesar. It doesn’t hurt when you’re with someone now… but… I don’t know how long that can last… I don’t want to be hurt again’ he thought with a tear falling down his cheek.


Chapter Text

Chapter 44

The next night, Caesar came around to collect his friend from Avdol’s and Polnareff’s room and the door was opened so he walked in. He was about to say to Joseph he could come back he was met with the most horrific sight he had ever seen…


Joseph and Polnareff looked up from where they were sitting and looked surprised and chuckled sheepishly, “We weren’t expecting you”

“Expecting!? No that doesn’t explain, this” he said waving his arms at the two and the two didn’t answer him so he turned to Avdol who looked to him

“Don’t ask me. I have no part in that” Avdol said from his bed reading and he sounded like he was disappointed mixed with embarrassment in whatever the two had planned to ease their boredom with

Joseph was sitting there in a pink dress and high heels and Polnareff was in high heels and a dress. Joseph wore a head peace and Polnareff wore many very bright blue bows all over his pillar of hair leaning over to do a very horrendous makeup job on Joseph.

“…God this is embarrassing” Joseph said with a slight blush on his cheeks but Polnareff was just smirking, “Oh fuck you don’t smirk at this!”

“Joseph… what the fuck.” Caesar said and Joseph chuckled again

“We were bored” Joseph said

“And video games didn’t suffice!?” Caesar asked in shock

“You want some tacos?” Joseph asked sheepishly grinning holding tacos in one hand and held a bottle of tequila in the other, “Or some Tequila?”

“No! Why the hell are you dressed like that!?” Caesar asked and as Joseph was munching on a taco after saying it was his loss, Polnareff spoke up

“Well… we were going to play the same one we did before but… I found these dresses coming back after classes” Polnareff said and Avdol shook his head

“Scared the daylights out of me when I came back especially with Polnareff’s act” Avdol said seeing Polnareff get up, “Oh god… not again”

“Oh welcome home Momo~!” Polnareff said in the same sexy tone doing the little dance he did for Avdol as he came through the door. Caesar’s mouth just hung open and Avdol held his face in his book in shame

“You’ll catch flies that way” Joseph muttered and Caesar’s previous horror disappeared and he fell to the floor laughing hard, “D-don’t laugh at me!”

“S-sorry… I just” he said laughing even more, “I haven’t seen a grown ass man play dress up before” he said still laughing.

Joseph would be extremely flustered or even on the verge of getting mad but that legit laughing made it disappear and he smiled thinking he got such a high spirit laugh out of his crush even if the reason was embarrassing himself.

Polnareff on the other hand looked like he wanted to get some revenge so he leaned down and whispered something into Joseph’s ear

“Ooh!” Joseph said in agreement and excitement but he sighed, “Can’t. I got to stay still cause of this” he said pointing to his wound. He would totally love to help Polnareff hold Caesar down and give him a makeover too but alas he can’t.

“Avdol?” Polnareff asked hope evident in his voice

“Jean” he said looking up from his book and showed his disappointment, “I will not help in forcing another man against his will to dress like that” he said and Polnareff opened his mouth, “Or look like that”

Polnareff pouted and everyone noticed the lack of laughing in the room and everyone looked to Caesar who was sitting up with wide eyes in horror

“There is no fucking way you will ever make me dress like that” Caesar said in determination but still had wide eyes and Joseph had a wide grin form and he stood up with a little help from Polnareff. He whispered in his ear. Polnareff smirked and nodded. Avdol looked to what they were going to do and they started walking to Caesar who jumped to his feet ready to book it the hell out of the room

“Stay the fuck away” Caesar said but Polnareff caught on his arm. What people didn’t know was Polnareff looked weak but he was stronger than the above average male so Caesar really found himself in an inescapable situation. He pulled him in to where he and Joseph were. Caesar was about to fight his way out when he stopped, the only path of getaway he saw was only if he pushed on Joseph’s stab injury which he would never do on purpose ever. A truly inescapable situation Caesar was in.

Caesar closed his eyes tight but felt a pressure on each cheek… one he knows oh too well… he opened his eyes as Polnareff and Joseph pulled back from his now blushing cheeks, “Wh-why the… why??”

Joseph eyed the now two very bright lipstick marks on Caesar, his bright blue and Polnareff’s bright green, and smirked

“Now you have the mark of two beautiful ladies~” Joseph said

Drop dead gorgeous” Polnareff said in a sweet high-pitched tone and as the two started laughing and Avdol shook his head in more embarrassment hiding his face in the book again knowing full well he will need to apologize to the poor man for his boyfriend’s highly embarrassing and questionable behavior.

Caesar, hot in the face, let out a sharp breath, “I came to get you but you can stay here” he said and Joseph looked to him confused

“But I thought we agreed I would stay here until you…” he said looking to Caesar who looked to the side and had wide eyes in knowing, “Oh, no way. On a school schedule? You work fast my friend, very fast, especially now that you have two more ladies kiss you~” he said tapping his cheeps softly

“Sh-shut the hell up” Caesar said groaning, “Why the hell does my roommate have to be embarrassing!?”

“My words exactly”

Everyone turned to Avdol who was embarrassed beyond belief. He put down the book he wasn’t really reading and only using it as a shield from the scene and looked to Caesar, “Caesar I am so deeply sorry for everything that just happened”

“Mission accomplished!” Joseph and Polnareff joked giving each other a high five and before Avdol could say anything Caesar spoke up

“Fuck you!”

“Please” Joseph said with a wink and a light twirl of just the dress he was in

“Oh. My. God. You two can keep him. I’m going to change my dorm’s locks” he said about to leave

“No! Please! I’m sorry!” Joseph whined out holding a hand out and Caesar huffed and turned around with his arms crossed

“Fine.” Caesar said and Joseph clapped his hands and did a little happy cheer making Caesar shake his head

“Thanks for letting him stay… at… least he had fun?” Caesar said and Joseph nodded


“No need to thank us. I’m sorry about this whole situation” Avdol said and Caesar shook his head

“Our roommates are going to be who they are so there’s no need to say sorry for that, but there is no way in fuck you are going to be walking back to the dorm in that”

“Aww… why not?” Joseph asked pouting and sad when his inside is leaping with glee that Caesar just basically accepted his shenanigans.

“Because 1) you’re in heels, you’ll hurt yourself. 2) People are going to talk about that”

“I don’t care about that” Joseph said and saw a flash and saw Caesar with his phone

“I don’t care but you will” he said smirking

“Why?” Joseph asked seeing a flash from Caesar and saw that his phone is out

“This picture will be sent to Dio” Caesar said and Joseph blushed

“No fucking way it won’t!” Joseph said frantically, “He’ll never let me live this down!”

“Then best change~” Caesar said in a light tone and Joseph sighed and walked into the bathroom to change. While he was in changing he could hear the conversation out there. Polnareff asked if Caesar was embarrassed to be seen with Joseph that way and if that’s why he basically blackmailed him. Caesar denied it by saying that people can be dicks, such as their dorm captain, and that Joseph doesn’t need negative attention because of who he was.

Joseph smiled as he finished dressing carefully. It made him happy his crush was ok with him being himself. It made him smile brightly even if he wasn’t allowed to walk back in the dress. He walked out with the smile still plastered all over his face

Caesar blushed slightly, “You forgot the makeup” he muttered turning his head, not because of the makeup but because that was the same smile. Though now he shouldn’t be worried about finding it attractive now that he finally got his needs taken care of. Though… the smile did make him cute. That was a thought he pushed back into his mind.

“You forgot yours too buddy” Joseph said tapping his own cheeks

“Fine, lets take the makeup off” he said helping Joseph take the make up off and Joseph took the make up off and was a little hesitant to do his kiss mark. Unbeknownst to Caesar the kiss was not just a joke… he did put his feelings into it. He internally sighed and helped clean the rest off

“Oww” he said lifting his leg

“What’s wrong?” Caesar asked and Joseph groaned

“I think I’ve been standing up too long” he said and Caesar helped Joseph wrap an arm around his shoulder and looked to the other two

“Got to get him to bed. Thanks again for letting him stay” he said helping Joseph out of the room and down the hall. Polnareff closed the door and chuckled

“They are so gay for each other” he said and Avdol raised a brow

“You looked a little gay for him too Jean” Avdol said and Polnareff pouted

“I’m sorry his cheek stole a kiss from me, but you’re the only man who stole every ounce of me” he said and Avdol sighed

“I know, but could you be less embarrassing? That was… that was… words can’t describe how embarrassing that was” he said and Polnareff had wide eyes

“Must have been bad if you are at a loss of words to describe anything” Polnareff said and looked like he had a mini mental war with himself and sighed, “I’m sorry… I didn’t take your feelings into account. I’m a terrible boyfriend”

Avdol sighed and got off his bed and walked to Polnareff and hugged him, “You’re not a terrible boyfriend Jean. I’ll always love you”

“Aww, me too Momo” he said and smirked huskily, “Let me make it up to you~”

Avdol rolled his eyes, well that tone wasn’t subtle at all, but he sighed nonetheless, “Alright, alright I’ll cave”


“I refuse until you change” Avdol said

“Come on!

“Nope. Either dress and no sex or no dress and sex, chose wisely”

The next morning, Caesar’s alarm went off and the second thing he heard was a “god damn it” from Joseph. He peered over his bed to Joseph and Joseph looked back to him

“This is not fair how your school alarm wakes me up” he pouted out and Caesar chuckled

“Again. I don’t think you’re sorry” Joseph said and Caesar grinned getting down


“You’re mean” Joseph said

“And you weren’t last night?” Caesar asked and Joseph whined and Caesar huffed, “Fine, I’ll rephrase. How am I mean when I was going to suggest that once classes end today we talk about plans for Spring Break?”

“REALLY!?” Joseph asked excitedly sitting up fast but in doing so he recoiled back and clenched his eyes hard, “Shit!”

“You moron!” Caesar basically yelled and sighed, “Lay back down and I’ll check your stitching” he said and once Joseph obeyed, Caesar checked on his stitching

“It’s seems a little red probably from the irritation you caused it by moving around so much. Idiot, you’re lucky none of the stitches broke or cut through your skin. Absolutely no moving unless it’s absolutely necessary” he said and Joseph saluted him

“Yes sir, doctor sir!”

“Don’t call me that” he said

“What you mean doctor?”

“I might as well not talk about plans then”

“I’m sorry!” Joseph cried out and Caesar chuckled giving Joseph a large stack of comics and 5 bottles of water and made sure his phone is in reach

“That should last you until I get back after classes”

“Thanks, see you later!” Joseph said after Caesar finished getting ready and left for classes

Once classes were over, Caesar hadn’t even made one foot in the room before


“…Can I please get in the room first?” Caesar asked taking one step into the room


Caesar chuckled, “That isn’t what I meant. Calm down”

“B-but I” Joseph pouted and Caesar sighed

“We are going to talk about it, don’t worry” he said shutting the door behind him and after a few minutes of silently getting settled in and putting things up, Caesar sat down. Caesar looked to Joseph who was literally shaking in such eagerness that looked like he was struggling to hold back a scream of ‘Now!? Now!?’

Caesar let out a laugh, “Now”

“YAY!” he yelled before doing the ‘get this’ hand/arm gesture, “So I thought maybe we could go—”

As they started going through different plans, their dorm now was being occupied by Polnareff, Avdol, Smokey, Ali, Suzie-Q. They are planning on a massive group trip. After hours and after rejected trip plan after rejective trip plan, Joseph smirked

“I have the perfect place!” he said, “A place I usually go to but it’s reservation only” he said describing the general of it, but didn’t give too much out cause it was a surprise. They looked to him wearily and Joseph pouted

“What? You don’t trust me?”

“We do, but by the way you described it, it seems far”

“How are all of you with flying?”

Time Skip

Joseph sighed about to board the private plane that was currently being fueled. Everyone else besides Joseph and Speedwagon were already boarded

“You going to be ok?”

Joseph looked up to see Speedwagon with a hand on his shoulder

“Sure” Joseph said smiling, “Thanks for helping make this trip possible”

“Of course” Speedwagon said squeezing Joseph’s shoulder in a gentle way, “I just… hope” he said sighing and Joseph put a hand on Speedwagon’s on his shoulder

“I know” he said sighing as well, “Me too, me too” he said before they decided to board the plan hoping… hoping that… it wouldn’t happen again.


Chapter Text

Once boarding the plane, Joseph instinctively looked to the cockpit, which was open so the passengers can see the pilot. Joseph saw what he needed to see

“No.” Speedwagon said in a stern voice making Joseph immediately look away and raise his hands in defense

“I wasn’t!” Joseph defended and Speedwagon silently crossed his arms, “Ok, ok. I’m sitting” he said sitting next to Caesar

“What was that about?” Caesar asked as everyone else already took their seats

“It’s nothing” Joseph said sighing before engaging in conversation with Caesar about something when Caesar stopped the conversation half way

“You, so back on the night before our trip planning, how was that? Did you actually like it?” Caesar asked and Joseph looked confused before thinking about it and blushed… the fucking cross dressing.

“I refuse to talk about that” Joseph said and Caesar just fell into a laughter that Joseph defined as a true and beautiful laugh. Fuck. He had it hard for this boy


“Just thinking that with that pretty face of yours how often you get mistaken for a chick” Joseph said smirking

“Oh, you’re an asshole”

“So if I’m an asshole, how likely are you to kiss me?”

“Wh-what!?” Caesar asked looking to him and saw the smirk

“I mean, if I am an asshole as you put, apparently I’m just one hairy hole. How likely would you kiss that?”

“Fuck, you’re weird.” Caesar said and Joseph laughed causing Caesar to think the same thing about his laugh as Joseph thought about his.

After fueling was done, they took off. Or an hour, all was great until…

Joseph heard a tiny gasp that no one else seemed to hear and his eyes immediately darted to the open cockpit and saw the pilot look out of the window and grow pale. Joseph’s silence was caught by Speedwagon

“…Joseph. What’s—?” Speedwagon started but Joseph cut him off

“Something’s wrong.”


Right on cue the pilot fainted, falling out of the seat causing the plane to tilt downwards

“Shit!” Joseph yelled undoing his seat belt and ran to the cockpit and pulled the steering control up to level the plane out

“Jesus dude!” Joseph said fixing himself to sit down in the seat normally and sighed, “The least you could do was warn someone when you feel like you’re going to faint!”

Joseph sighed out deeply, “Let’s see what made you faint” he finished before looking to the controls and saw something that made his blood run cold, “Well… that’s not good”

“Joseph” Speedwagon said as he stood up from his seat and Joseph didn’t answer but was thinking how everything looked fine an hour ago

‘How the hell?’ Joseph thought before looking out the window the same pilot did earlier and gasped himself, “Those fucking idiots!” he said before taking the headset off the pilot and put it over his head

“Mayday, mayday, can you hear me?” he asked and once he got the other side to affirm they were there he continued, “My name is Joseph Joestar, our pilot fainted and I’m the only one on the plane that has previous flight experience. The plane needs to land now. Can you tell us our location?” he asked getting the response of what was the matter

“Our plane’s running out of fuel at an alarmingly fast rate.” He said and once he got a response he took the map out and looked for the latitude and longitude and marked it with a black sharpie before getting another response, “Roger… thanks. Yes, I know how to land, thanks” he said cutting the communication off and silently cursed

“Joseph!” Speedwagon yelled and as he was now standing next to him

“What!?” Joseph snapped and realized what he did and sighed, “What?”

“We need to get off the plane now, not have you test your skills on how to fly a plane to prove us wrong!”

“I’m not! That’s… that’s…” Joseph said biting his lip because he felt hurt Speedwagon would assume that of him. He shook his head from thoughts like that before turning to Speedwagon with a serious look, “You may have not noticed, but we only have 5 parachutes and there are 9 people here”

Before Speedwagon could say a thing, Joseph continued, “… and even if there were enough… look at where we are”

Speedwagon saw the map and then looked outside, “Shit…”

The map said they are right in the middle of the ocean without any islands near where they were. Speedwagon looked to Joseph with a look only Joseph could understand

“Speedwagon, you know I got this. I’m more than capable” Joseph said and his eyes were begging him. Speedwagon was silent for a minute before sighing and putting a hand over his eyes and nodded and Joseph smiled, “Sweet, go sit down” he said and when he did he turned to the rest

“Buckle up!” he said and everyone gasped, except Ali because she was a sleep and Speedwagon who knows Joseph

“We’re going to die” Smokey said

“No way, we’re going to be fine!” Joseph said smiling

“But you’re crying” Suzie said and Joseph looked surprised

“…I’m crying?” he asked touching his eye and smiled slightly, “I guess I am. Don’t worry, these tears are for something else entirely. I’ll protect family and friends at all costs”


Joseph turned to an angry looking Speedwagon and had a look of sadness in his eyes, “…Sorry”

Caesar watched the brief interactions between Speedwagon and Joseph and despite the situation they were in, he was concerned about his friend. He was crying for another reason entirely which was clear to him since he started crying right when Speedwagon gave the ok for him to fly. Hmmm… flying… the plane…

He was distracted from his thoughts when Joseph turned to them

“Keep an eye out for any islands” he said and they all peered their eyes out of the windows except Ali who started to snore causing Suzie to let out a frustrated sigh

“How can you sleep at a time like this?” she asked before leaning over Ali to look out her window

A few minutes passed and no one saw any islands and everyone started to panic. Joseph, included. His foot was tapping trying to keep focused on flying and looking for an island to land on but the creeping thought of how much of a time crunch are they on before the plane runs out of fuel… the answer wasn’t much longer and Joseph knew that and it scared him… He glanced back to see everyone was either crying or in heavy fear of the impending doom, clenching each other in fear and Joseph snapped back into his normal protective self. 

Joseph shook his head out of those thoughts. No. He needed to focus on this. He needed to focus on finding a place to land and save his family and friends. There was no time for fear and there was little for how long this plane is staying up in the air.


Chapter Text

A good 5 minutes passed and there was no sign of any islands and now Joseph started physically looking like he was panicking. Alongside his tapping his feet, his fingers started tapping the steering


Everyone turned to him and Joseph looked to everyone

“I think we’re going to have to jump off and risk swimming in the ocean… this plane isn’t going to stay up for much longer” Joseph said and everyone panicked and Caesar squinted at him, “What?”

“What’s that?” Caesar asked pointing to the windshield of the plane and Joseph turned to where he pointed and smirked

“Fuck Caesar you’re amazing” he said laughing, “I’m fucking glad maps aren’t accurate. Caesar just found an island”. The island in question is far away and Joseph started flying towards the island


“Yep!” Joseph exclaimed happily, “I’ll fly us as close to the island as I can. If we make it to the island in time I’ll land. Beats swimming aimlessly in the middle of the ocean!”

Another 5 minutes later, Joseph got to the island and was slowly descending, “Remember to keep buckled! Oh and also keep your teeth clenched. This is going to be a very bumpy landing and you don’t want to bite off your tongue!”

That immediately got everyone to clench their mouths shut and Joseph saw the wide sandy beach to land on and started descending. 1 foot from landing on the beach, the engine blanked off and the plane landed rougher than Joseph originally expected

At impact, everyone jerked as far forward as their seatbelts allowed them including Joseph. Joseph took the steering right into the gut

“Oof” Joseph gritted out through clenched teeth but minded nothing of the pain as he was using the controls to steer the plan to keep its balance and not tip over as it slid to a full stop; which took 10 more seconds.

Joseph let out the breath he was holding since he began the descent, “Oh… My God” Joseph looked back to everyone with a wide grin, “I told you I wouldn’t let you down”

“You did it!”

“That’s amazing!”

“So awesome!”

Joseph turned to see Speedwagon and had tears form again when he saw him nod. He smiled and got up from the pilot’s seat and opened the emergency hatch and the slide

“Everyone, one at a time” Joseph said helping everyone off the plane. Avdol took the unconscious pilot down with him. Suzie-Q took her sleeping girlfriend wondering how she’s still asleep. That only left Speedwagon and Joseph on the plane and Speedwagon looked to him

“Show me what happened. We couldn’t have run out of fuel that fast” he said and Joseph showed him the issue on the wing. Speedwagon had wide eyes and put a hand to his mouth

“Oh my god” he said as what he was seeing was the fuel cap was loose almost off. It’s been leaking since they took off… wait… that means the problem would have been noticed before an hour into the flight… fuck… he hope it isn’t what he thinks it was

“We were lucky” Joseph said and Speedwagon knew that since Joseph wouldn’t just say they should jump off the plane unless he knew something was up. Speedwagon turned to Joseph when he heard a groan

“Don’t worry” Joseph said holding his stomach with a grin on his face, “I just took the controls into my gut, it’s fine”

“Are you sure?”

“Never better!” Joseph said sighing, “I’m just concerned to why our fuel cap is practically dangling off the plane”

“I’m going to radio in to get ahold of Jonathan you go get off the plane”

Joseph’s eyes flashed a sort of fear mixed with nervousness but sighed before getting off the plane. A few minutes later, Speedwagon came off the plane and Joseph looked to him somewhat nervously

“Did you get a hold of him?” Joseph asked and Speedwagon shook his head

“The person I talked to will inform him and we have a signal tracking button on the radio, he will be here soon enough.”

“Ah” Joseph said as the nervousness was evident in his voice and Speedwagon smiled at him

“Don’t worry, you did good” Speedwagon said hand on his shoulder. That line made Joseph have a tear he wiped as it started to fall. He muttered a thanks and wiped his tear away

“It was nothing” Joseph said

“Nothing? NOTHING!?” Smokey said, “Dude! You saved us! You’re so cool!”

Right then and there Ali woke up slightly on the sand and groaned, “S’mky… tryng.. t’sleee….”

“Oh my god” Suzie-Q said and laughed when Ali sat up confused

“Wait… why am I on the beach instead of the plane? Are we there?” she asked

“No! I love you but you’re an idiot!” Suzie-Q said and informed her on what happened and she was like “oh” all nonchalant, “How are you calm about this? Let alone sleep through it!?”

“Hmm… Joseph’s with us, I dunno, I knew if something happened he would be there for us. I felt at ease, and calm because of that” Ali said shrugging and Joseph blushed slightly

“That’s how I felt too” Polnareff said and Avdol laughed

“You call this being calm?” Avdol said showing him his hand that was having deep fingernail marks into his hand and Joseph looked to him

“What the hell happened to your hands?”

“Ask Polnareff” Avdol said

 “I have a slight fear of flying?” Polnareff said and Joseph was in conflict of thought

“First, I’m sorry I made you go on a plane. If I knew you had a fear of flying, I wouldn’t have suggested anywhere that isn’t accessible by anything but plane” Joseph said and just like if Caesar read his mind he finished what he was going to say

“Polnareff… you call that” Caesar said pointing to Avdol’s hands that look like they were bleeding a little, “A slight fear?”

“Dude he’s bleeding” Joseph said and

“Oh, really!? Oh…” Polnareff saw his hands again, “Oh fuck, I’m sorry Avdol… I didn’t mean to do that…” Polnareff said pouting and Avdol pulled him into a hug

“I know, don’t worry” Avdol said smiling, “It doesn’t hurt”

Polnareff turned to Joseph after saying a ‘I love you’ to Avdol, “Everyone wanted to go to wherever you suggested, so …”

“No, we didn’t need to go there” Suzie-Q and Ali said and Joseph looked to him

“I didn’t want to make people uncomfortable and that shit with the plane happened… I’m sorry” Joseph said and Caesar looked to him and smiled, this guy… was genuine as fuck. Polnareff walked to Joseph

“Tu es une si bonne personne! (You are such a good person!)” Polnareff said in French, “Si je n'étais pas amoureuse Avdol, je t'embrasserais (If I was not in love with Avdol, I would kiss you)”

Joseph blushed and Pol whispered into his ear

“Français, mon ami (French, my friend)”


“English now” Pol whispered grinning and Avdol pulled him back

“No hitting on other guys in a language I also understand” Avdol said and Polnareff sputtered

“I-I wasn’t!” Avdol gave him that ‘really?’ look and Polnareff pouted, “I wasn’t”

Everyone started laughing at Polnareff’s growing embarrassment, except Caesar. He was feeling another emotion which he couldn’t deny was Jealousy… FUCK.

Soon the pilot came to, “Ugh… what happened?” the pilot asked sitting up rubbing his head and gasped when seeing where he was and remembering what happened and Joseph grew serious and walked to him

“I’ll tell you what happened” Joseph said in a tone that made Speedwagon look at him

“Joseph. Don’t”

Joseph didn’t listen, “You fainted in the middle of a crisis!” he yelled pointing to the plane, “I know that isn’t your fault and it is that of the fuckers who were fueling the plane or something, but that doesn’t excuse you as a trained pilot to faint while flying a group of people! If I didn’t have any experience in flying or I wasn’t there you would have killed everyone here!!”

The pilot looked up with wide eyes, “I…I didn’t…”

With a pissed off look with tears Joseph glared at him, “It’s people like you who shouldn’t be allowed to be a pilot!!”

“JOSEPH!” Speedwagon yelled and Joseph just ‘tch’ed before saying he was looking around the island and walked off towards the forest like area next to the beach. Everyone silently watched him off. The pilot was still in a sitting position and looked down ashamed, as he should be.

“I-I’m sorry… I truly didn’t mean to…”

Speedwagon sighed, “It’s ok. I think his anger comes from his family not allowing—”

Caesar didn’t have to listen to what he said next to know what he was going to say. All he did was run after Joseph. As he was running after Joseph he was having flashbacks to the past months he knew the boy… like the time he said he was being forced to be at the school when he wanted to go elsewhere, why he punched Okuyasu that once (even though he knew there was way more to that than he knew), why he had touched the image of the cockpit saying it was as close as he will ever get, why he was upset about being there… about finding a program he wanted… why he was crying when Speedwagon gave him the ok to fly them to the island… fuck everything made so much fucking sense

He found Joseph facing away from him and he looked like he was shuttering in a way that looked like he was struggling not to cry. Caesar took one step forward and a twig snapped causing Joseph to jump and turned to see him standing there. He had tears running down his face

“O-Oh… Caesaar… It’s… it’s not… I’m not—” Before Joseph could finish any excuse he was trying to think of to use to say he wasn’t actually crying, Caesar just pulled him into his arms as a silent gesture of ‘it’s ok… let it all out’

Joseph let more tears fall and let out a very shaky breath as it was hard to breath. He put his head in the crook of Caesar’s neck letting out a sob

“Why…?” Joseph’s voice sounds it was holding years of strain and stress, “W-why… won’t… they let me become a pilot?” he said as it got too hard for anymore words to come out.

“It’s ok, just let it all out, you’ll feel better” Caesar said softly as he just held him and his friend shook and started crying. Caesar couldn’t help but feel for this boy… he wasn’t allowed to do what he wanted in life… that must be hard to go through. All he could do was be here for his friend and let him cry out

However, not even a minute later, there was a noise and Joseph stopped crying. Both he and Caesar looked up as instincts popped in. That noise… it was further in this forest area, away from the plane

As Joseph wiped his eyes his tone of voice was that of one on alert, “What the fuck was that?”


Chapter Text

“Come on, let’s go back” Caesar said with the same sort of tone of alertness that Joseph expressed. Grabbing his arm, Joseph and Caesar ran back as fast as they could

“Joseph is something wrong!?” Speedwagon asked and his tone of voice meant clearly of not what just happened a few minutes ago with the pilot. They ran back too fast for that to even be on their minds right now anyways

“Speedwagon is everyone here!?” Joseph asked and looked around as Speedwagon confirmed everyone was here. He saw everyone was here and bit his lip

“What’s wrong?” Speedwagon asked again

“There’s someone or something else on this island” Caesar said and everyone froze

“This island isn’t on the maps. It may be an error” Joseph said and sighed, “I hope it is… because otherwise this place might be uncharted”

“Are you two serious?” Polnareff asked smirking a very concerned smile, “Like you guys are getting me back for earlier and that one kiss thing a while back?”  asked and saw Caesar’s eyes and they told the truth

“We heard something deeper in the woods” Caesar said as his eyes were showing he wasn’t telling a lie… he was even looking very concerned himself

“We wouldn’t joke about something like this” Joseph said and Caesar nodded

“If this place is uncharted we need to stay together. We should go back on to the plane” Caesar said

“If we need to, we can radio in again and get someone to get here faster… we don’t have cell service since we’re practically in the middle of nowhere” Joseph said and saw everyone look in one direction, “What--?” he turned to see a very young looking boy who looked like he was from some sort of tribal from the tribal like wear he had on. He grabbed the bow he had strapped to his back and aimed it at them

“Vkbb! Zdd rws qzm!? Crzb kslmg zc qzm dxxt gbdhgjd! (Stop! Who are you!? I’ll shoot if you don’t answer!)” the small boy said pulling the arrow, he set into the bow, back

“JNGX!! (WAIT!!)” Joseph yelled holding his hands up in defense. Before anyone can react, Caesar, Polnareff and Avdol whispered softly and mouthed to everyone that it was crucial for them not to say a word… not even Joseph’s name

“Cb Joseph! Mshzg rws cx flxmng zng fcglmsz (I’m Joseph! These are my family and friends)” Joseph said pointing to the plane, “Fss, plgxp hcbg zng dx sqwkl hwzzwt htxg hx tzrk stnglv (Our plan died and we crash landed on this island)” Joseph said and the small boy lowered his bow and was shocked but lifted it up again with another determined look, “Jngx! Pxfgbd! (Wait! Please!)

“Dxxt mzlk! (Don’t move!)” he said and Joseph saw him shoot the arrow, it passed by him and he didn’t hear any sort of sound that it landed. Joseph turned around and saw no one was directly behind him but he saw a boar not to far off, coming from the direction of the woods that Joseph and Caesar was in. It looked like it was charging towards him. That must have been the sound they heard… something like that rummaging through the forest.

“Stcg klpt. Crzb lm strw! (Stay here. I’ll be back)” he said running in the opposite direction from everyone else. Caesar walked to Joseph who had wide eyes

“What did he say?”

“Nothing bad… I’m just… how did we not hear that thing come behind us? I thought they make noise of some sort anyways” Joseph asked and Avdol walked to the pig and looked at it

“This is interesting” Avdol said

“What is it?” Polnareff asked walking to him as Avdol kneeled to look at the boar

“I wouldn’t know for sure until I get a better look, but it looks like this is a different breed of boar… one that’s missing its vocal cords” Avdol said

“You mean someone took them out?” Polnareff asked and ‘hmm’ed before getting up

“No. I think it’s born without them. This is not a boar I’ve ever seen in any books before so it could be a one-time thing or it may be a distinction from other breeds” he said as the coloring was off as well, it had a bluish tint to its hoofs and tusks.

“But that’s not important right now” Avdol said turning to Joseph, “What did he say?”

“He just asked who we were. He’s coming back. I think he might bring someone else?” Joseph asked sighing, “Not English again I assume?”

Caesar made a tiny ‘che’ sound, “Not even close. It was like a language that doesn’t have any vowels. The only thing you said that was remotely English sounding was your name”

“Weird” Joseph said and Avdol walked to him

“But very helpful” he said with a smile, “You truly have a gift in more ways than one”

Joseph was about to say something when Speedwagon spoke up

“What was that?” Speedwagon asked confused, “Were you actually speaking that language? Or were you faking?”

“I couldn’t have faked that” Joseph said and Speedwagon gave him a look, “No really, I couldn’t even try to fake a language that has no vowels”

“The kid looked confused and shocked when Joseph was speaking. I mean if it wasn’t their language he spoke and he spoke gibberish, wouldn’t the kid not know? It could have sounded like another language. But he was shocked” Caesar said confirming Joseph was speaking their language and Joseph smiled at him as a means of saying thanks before turning back to Speedwagon who was even more confused now

“… It’s a long story but I can speak that language, kind of? Well I can but it… it’s weird and we’re going to have to tell you later. They’re coming back” he said and sighed, “I know it is really weird, but can you guys not say a thing? It’s weird but it would throw me off the language”

Everyone agreed to and the boy came back with 3 older members of the tribe he was a part of. The older one looked at the two others

“Qzm sdf xd plghx plm xrrd strw zng zxcvbnm zr sdf ghjklpt lkjmdf (You two go bring the boar back and prepare it for tonight’s dinner)” the older one said

“Xsd drf! (Yes sir!)” the two said walking by to get the boar and as they did that the older looked to the boy who pointed to Joseph

“Tzpt zd hqd (That is him)” the boy said and the older looked to Jospeh and holy fuck is he tall… he’s at least got a foot on Joseph and Joseph was more than six feet tall himself

“Hfcnl (Hello)” Joseph said with a small wave as he was not trying to be intimidated by this guy’s height… the guy looked frustrated maybe because this kid was a fibber and fibbed a lot causing distractions and delays on more important matters but once Joseph spoke he looked shocked. Not just because the kid finally told the truth for once but some outsider not of this island was speaking their language that was apart of this island for generations and fluently

“Htj dh qzm kflm tzrk lnlrmzks? (How do you know this language?)” the guy asked on alert

“Cvmp glpgz (Long story)” Joseph said and realized this guy wasn’t going to take his response as an answer. He told him he doesn’t know and that he had a gift of languages of some sort and how when he hears another language he automatically knows it.

The guy didn’t believe him whatsoever

“pk trsddf! Crzb lpkmn zr! (No really! I’ll prove it!)” Joseph said turning to Caesar and walking to him trying to tell him to speak. For a few attempts at no prevail because of the other language and the boy determined not to speak to ruin the chances of Joseph getting this tribe to help… Joseph resorted to hitting him really hard on the chest

“Fanculo! Perché cazzo mi colpiresti così !? faceva male, coglione! (Fuck! Why would you hit me like that!? It hurt, asshole!)” Caesar said reverting to his native tone

“Grazie! Stavo cercando di mostrare loro la mia abilità linguistica, quindi stavo cercando di farti dire qualcosa! E tu non l'hai fatto e loro non mi credono, quindi ti ho colpito e mi dispiace! (Thanks! I was trying to show them my language skills, so I was trying to get you to say something! And you didn't and they don't believe me, so I hit you and I'm sorry)” Joseph said frantically and fast in a way that only one word popped into Caesar’s mind for a second before he shook it off


“Italiano? (Italian?)” Joseph asked and Caesar nodded and Joseph turned to the tribe members who were watching in shock and confusion (and so were everyone else but still kept quiet). Joseph walked to the tribe members

“Questa è la lingua del mio amico. Si chiama italiano. Non l'ho mai saputo fino a quando non mi ha parlato e l'ho imparato subito (This is my friend's language. It's called Italian. I never knew it until he talked to me and I learned it right away)” Joseph said and Caesar cleared his throat

“Idiota, parlare italiano non funzionerà se non lo conoscono (idiot, speaking Italian won’t work if they don’t know it)”

“sta 'zitto. Mi verrà in mente un modo per farli parlare! (Shut up, I will think of a way to make them talk)” Joseph said

“Così quello che ora? Dubito che colpirli a parlare li renderà in buoni rapporti con te (So what now? I doubt that hitting them to talk will make them on good terms with you)” Caesar said and Joseph looked to him

“Proverò qualcosa (I’ll try something)” Joseph said in offense that his friend thought he would resort to violence like that though he could understand why since he did it to Caesar. He would need to apologize better, later but now he pushed that aside since it isn’t important right now. He turned to the two tribe members and started saying the word “parlare (speak/talk)” slowly as he did really bad hand gestures as a means to get them to talk.

“Oh my god” Caesar muttered before covering his eyes in his hand before sighing and telling Joseph, “Speaking the word ‘speak’ in Italian slowly isn’t going to work dipshit”

“Fuck you! It’s going to work just let me…” Joseph said as the two were starting to leave, “Wait! Don’t go!”

“You’re scaring them off!” Caesar said

“Your screaming is what’s causing them to be scared!”

“You’re screaming too!”

“Enough fighting!” Speedwagon said breaking the fight up. Serious to god, these two are just like Dio and Jonathan. They pick the worst places to bicker… such as the one time they were both representing the plaintiff in a court case when they were around Joseph and Caesar’s age…

“English?” Joseph asked turning to Caesar and Caesar nodded

“The last few sentences, yes” Caesar said and Joseph hummed before running in front of the tribe members and they were close to readying their weapons. Luckily for the multilingual cutie, the two carrying the heavy boar passed by saying how heavy the boar was, right before he started talking

“Sdfg, dxxt pkjmn pxfgbd. Dx nmmd hmbz (Wait, don’t go please. We need help)” Joseph said and the older tribe member looked to the two and back to Joseph and bac at the other two and sighed

“C bmjyts turning around to see them starting to leave when the two walked by with the boar mentioned how heavy the boar was

“Sdfg! Dxxt pkjmn! (Wait! Don’t leave!)” Joseph said and the two turned around to see that the two were talking about the boar as they passed by and to Joseph

“C ptrfzxc qzm (I believe you)” the older said shocking Joseph

“prts thlk spkrtlmm…? Ph… thmmj hbn (Were they speaking…? Oh thank god)” Joseph said smiling, “Qzm dxxt klfm htj pllk zr zd wr ghj wr ghz smnbvcx wr splkz z lnlrmzks mp wdzxcvb lnlrmzks (You don’t know how hard it is to try to get someone to speak a language in another language)”

That got the elder tribal man to laugh and said to Joseph that him and his friends and family come follow them to their village.


Chapter Text

(“What’s your name?”) Joseph asked ask he walked with the taller tribesman and the little boy as everyone else was walking more than a few feet away

(“I am known as Kars”) he said, (“I am the leader of the Pillarmen Tribe”) he said and Joseph nodded

(“I’m Joseph) Joseph said and the boy laughed

(“J…J…Jo…seph. Weird name”) the little boy teased and before Kar’s had a chance to react to the rude behavior of one of his tribe members, Joseph laughed

(“Could say the same thing about your language”) Joseph said shrugging and Kars just sighed as they walked to the tribe’s village

(“We have arrived at our village”) Kars said and Joseph and everyone looked around gasping, there were elegant tents on an open space backing the base of a mountain. The mountain had a very open cave entrance where the kids were playing and some were making cave paintings from grounded up pigment, dirt and water. On the side of the mountain, not too far off from the village’s tents was a waterfall falling from a high point in the mountain no one could see from the ground view. The waterfall fell into three open spaces, both dug out by the villagers. One was used for fresh water for cooking and drinking. The other was used for cleansing. The last one was small but it was for the kids for if they ever get bored they could splash around for a little. There was a firepit in the center of all the tents where villagers had prepared the fire for tonight’s dinner.

This was all at an awe by all his friends and family and Joseph muttered how beautiful it was

(“Thank you”) Kars said saying he was going to gather everyone so Joseph could explain what situation they are in. Before he could do anything, Joseph stopped him explaining how if he is speaking another language other than their language and if he needed to speak their language he would do the gesture of tapping his lips. That would indicate he needed someone from the tribe to speak their language in order for Joseph to speak their language.

(“Strange”) Kars said with a confused look, still not grasping the godly ability this mere child has and Joseph laughed

(“I know! I’m the one with the ability and I can’t even understand it myself!”) Joseph said and Kars said he would tell a member of his tribe to speak every time Joseph taps his lips. Joseph thanked him and saw him off before he was going to gather people.

As Kars was gathering people, Joseph walked to Caesar. He wasn’t speaking, no one was, so he decided to mess around with Caesar’s mouth, putting his fingers in between his teeth and lips moving his lips in weird ways. Caesar bit his fingers

(“Ow! Fuck you! That hurt!”) Joseph said once he yanked his fingers back and shook his hands rapidly and everyone in the tribe looked to them

“Sarebbe meglio per entrambi se fosse la loro lingua per le scuse per avermi messo quelle dita disgustose in bocca (It would be better for both of us if that was their language for an apology for sticking those disgusting fingers into my mouth)” Caesar said and Joseph pouted before smirking

“Oh, ti mostrerò le dita disgustose, amore mio (Oh, I will show you disgusting fingers, my love)” Joseph said and Caesar was about to say ‘Don’t you dare’ in Italian when Suzie-Q squeaked. Not Ali, so that must mean they were speaking Italian… Italian… what he just said… the time when he met Suzie-Q

“Dio mio! Ho dimenticato che Suzie-Q sa parlare italiano! (My God! I forgot that Suzie-Q can speak Italian!)” Joseph said shocked and Caesar glared at him for not even trying to say she was Italin. He figured, sure, because of the way she spelled her name… but now what’s worse was Joseph being the big teasing jerky dick just made a highly obscure sexual innuendo while calling him “his love”. Fuck that guy is embarrassing. Fuck himself for silently wanting Joseph to show what his fingers could do… he shuttered. He and Joseph looked to Suzie-Q when she didn’t mention the little ‘my love’ slip up Joseph said. Why not? Why is she staring at Joseph in the happy way she was currently without even mentioning the love thing.

“Sapevo che sapevi parlare italiano! Mi chiedevo quando fosse familiare, era la mappa! In realtà leggi la mappa!! (I knew you could speak Italian! I was wondering when it was familiar, it was the map! Actually read the map!!)” She yelled

Joseph looked shocked, “Oh ... merda ... hai ragione! (Oh… shit… you’re right!)”

“Stupefacente (Amazing)” Suzie-Q said

Caesar started to laugh, “Dio ti ha dato la mappa sbagliata (Dio gave you the wrong map)” he said before laughing harder and Joseph pouted

“Non anche tu !! Voglio dimenticare cosa ha fatto quel coglione ... ma me lo ricorda costantemente. Non ho bisogno che il mio migliore amico faccia lo stesso adesso! (Not you too!! I want to forget what that asshole did… but he constantly reminds me of it. I don’t need my best friend to do the same now!)” he cried and Caesar laughed before Avdol rolled his eyes and walked over

“Getting back on topic, and in English, tell us what they said Joseph” Avdol said in the strict gentle tone of his and Joseph coughed

“…Right… we’re on a strange island… I guess we need to stay focused…” Joseph said sighing, “Well the leader, Kars, is gathering everyone so we can explain our situation” Joseph said and Smokey and the pilot looked a little wary.

“A-are you sure you can trust them?” Smokey asked

“Y-yeah, it seems fishy they want to gather everyone” the pilot said and Joseph shrugged

“Not really”

“Joseph they are right. It is strange they are so fascinated by us… We should go back to the plane and wait for help. Jonathan will be here” Speedwagon said and Joseph looked to him

“We have no idea when he would arrive Speedwagon. We at least could stay for a little while. They at least have fresh water and food” he said and Speedwagon was about to counter argue when he continued, “Besides, this is probably like one of the most interesting things that happened to them. A plane, they didn’t even know existed, crash landed on their island and there is this foreigner that knows their language. If I was them I would definitely be fascinated”

“…You make a good point” Speedwagon said and Joseph laughed

“Always” he said and Speedwagon huffed remembering a time where Joseph tried to convince them to let him get an aviation degree was “because all the tree cats would be saved in a flight to save all tree cats”

“… Whatever floats your boat, kid” Speedwagon said and Joseph gave him a look before letting it go since Kars came back and looked like he was waiting. Joseph was confused until he remembered

“Oh, right!” he said tapping his lips

(“So this is my tribe”) Kars said and Joseph nodded introducing his family and his friends as they did with everyone. There was Santana, who was the older of the kids, but still has a way to go to adulthood. There was Esidisi, who was in charge of the children and who helped with getting the boar back to the village. There was Wamuu, who looked like he was the one who prepared the boar. The female elders, Ramirezmallow, Hallphira and Slimenes. The male elders Dobwis and Peroddy. They were the most important so their names were known. Kars, Wamuu, Santana and Esidisi were also important enough to have names since they were the ones that ended up single handedly saving their tribe and village from the disasters that nearly wiped out their entire tribe. The other members, including 8 kids, and 5 more adults, weren’t important enough to have names.

Joseph explained that where he was from that everyone had names so it wasn’t like most of them are important in their world. Kars nodded in understanding, they might not practice the ritual where everyone had a name, but he knew of a tribe that didn’t survive the same disasters they were luckily to survive from.

(“I would have guessed you would be pretty important to your tribe for being able to communicate the way you do”) Kars said and Joseph shrugged and nodded

(“This situation, I guess I am, but I’m not that important any other time”) “Joseph said and decided to explain their situation to all the tribe members their situation and what had happened and how they were waiting for help. Everyone was fascinated by this and was asking questions and such until Kars interrupted them

(“There is still work needing to be done, get back to work. Wamuu, cook the boar you prepared, Santana, start the fire. Esidisi watch over the kids and make sure they don’t disturb our guests, everyone else you know your jobs”) Kars said and everyone didn’t argue and went on to do their daily tasks and Joseph was intrigued at this

(“You know how to keep everyone in line”) Joseph said and Kars nodded

(“They know they should respect and do as the one in charge says. I must obey the order of our elders since they were in charge before I was”) Kars said and Joseph sighed, (“Is something wrong?”)

(“It’s just… I am obeying what my family is saying to do… but I want to do something else they don’t want me to do…”) Joseph said and Kars hears him and puts a hand on his shoulder

(“I don’t know you or where you come from or what customs you have, but here, when the person in charge is telling someone not to do something, they usually are trying to protect you”)

Joseph had a tear form, (“I know, thanks for talking”)

Kars smiled, (“Go and tell your family to go sit around the fire and relax when dinner is being made”)

(“Thanks”) Joseph said walking to his friends and family and was about to stick his hands in Caesar’s face again

“If you fucking dare put your fingers anywhere near my mouth, I will bite them clean off” Caesar said and Joseph’s hands immediately went up in defense and Caesar’s anger quickly turned to worry

“Why do you look like you’re about to cry?” Caesar said having to stop himself from reaching up and wiping the tear that Joseph had in his eye

“Did they say something?” Speedwagon concerned as everyone looked a little concerned

“Kind of? Well… he said something… helpful? Is that the word? Enlightening? Clarifying?” Joseph said smiling, “Definitely not anything bad”

“Oh! And he said we could sit next to the fire and wait for dinner” he said grinning and they went to a place around the fire and sat down next to each other and talked a bit. Joseph saw Wamuu start to cook the meat on the freshly made fire, he heard groans and he turned to see Esidisi with all the kids hanging off of him and chuckled slightly. He saw Esidisi look towards him and glared slightly before maintaining his duty of controlling these little abominations.

Joseph heard laughter and turned to see Smokey, Ali, Polnareff, and Suzie-Q laugh at the fact that they were making funny faces at each other to calm their nerves about the whole experience. Avdol, Speedwagon and the pilot were having a conversation about something and Joseph saw Caesar sit down next to him

“Così il sole sta iniziando a tramontare (so, the sun is starting to set” Caesar said and Joseph looked up and saw the sun setting

“Bellissimo (gorgeous)” Joseph said seeing all the different colors and Caesar nodded trying to refrain from saying the same about Joseph himself. Fuck what is going on with him, seriously.

“Non saremmo stati in grado di vederlo se non fosse stato per te. Oggi hai salvato la vita a tutti, in più di un modo (We wouldn’t have been able to see it if it wasn’t for you. Today you saved everyone’s lives, in more ways than one)” Caesar said and Joseph looked to him and smiled

“Sono contento di essere riuscito a salvare tutti (I’m glad I managed to save everyone)” Joseph said and Caesar sighed

“ti ha detto qualcosa a riguardo, no? (He told you something about it, didn’t he?)” Caesar asked and Joseph nodded

“Si (Yeah)” Joseph said sighing, “fa ancora male ma posso capire perché non vogliono che io sia un pilota (it still hurts but I can understand why they don't want me to be a pilot)” Joseph said and without saying anything Caesar just put a hand to his shoulder as a means of comfort as a means to say everything will be fine, he was there. Joseph smiled and leaned into the touch slightly making Caesar’s heart race. It was like his heart was trying to tell his brain something, something he refused to acknowledge.

Soon, the meal was finished cooking and everyone got a fair amount of food. Everyone started eating the food. Everyone was saying how good the boar was. It was too good!  That was when Joseph felt funny. He looked around and saw everyone pass out one by one and he saw Caesar pass out right into his lap. He would love to tease Caesar by saying he was in his lap but his vision was blurry. He looked to the food and saw three figures get up and start to walk. They said something he couldn't quite make out since he was too dizzy and extremely lethargic.

‘Oh… shit’ was the last thing he thought before losing consciousness as the three figures were walking up to them


Chapter Text

Joseph woke up groggily and rubbed his head. What happened? Oh shit! Joseph had wide eyes as he sat up remembering what happened. He looked around and saw that everyone was either still passed out or slowly waking up. Caesar woke up

“What happened?” Caesar asked sitting up and saw Joseph and realized what happened, “What happened?” he asked more frantically

“I… I don’t know” Joseph said seeing they were in a tent and the rest came too. Joseph was about to say what happened when he realized someone was coming, “Everyone be quiet for right now” Joseph said slightly frantic and everyone watched in fear as Kars came into the tent

(“You must be wondering about what happened”) Kars said in a matter of fact

(“What did you do to us?”) Joseph asked and Kars shook his head

(“We didn’t do anything”)

(“Like I believe that”)

(“It was the boar”) Kars said and Joseph remembered what Avdol said about it being a rare never found species or something like that

(“What do you mean?”) Joseph asked and Kars explained how the boar was very powerful in taste. The taste of the boar was so powerful that those from the tribe that didn’t make it passed the year always faint from the pig. He said he was going to do a test to prove to them that they weren’t lying and left

“Joseph, before you try to make me talk in some ridiculous way, What happened what did they do?” Caesar asked in English so everyone can know and Joseph saw everyone in either fear, or just anxious

“Well. They said it was the boar that made us faint, they said they will test it to prove they were telling the truth”

“And you believe that!?” Speedwagon asked sighing, “Come on, we need to get out of here!”

“Wait, I’m not believing anyone, but couldn’t it have been the boar?” Joseph asked and as everyone looked confused Joseph looked to Avdol who let out a soft “oh”


“It could very well be” Avdol said and everyone looked shocked, “Hear me out, its like plants. Certain plants are good for us to eat, while others are not. This could be the same with animals. Like fish is good but puffer fish is dangerous. We don’t know this species of boar. We should have been more careful in what we ate”

“I don’t think they knew what could have happened” Joseph said, “They could be used to it or something” Joseph said and Avdol nodded and when Kars came back he brought a piece of pig for the test. Someone of them had to eat it

Polnareff volunteered since “If I faint, I know Avdol’s big strong arms will protect me!”

The test concluded when Polnareff ate a little of the boar and Kars took the same amount from the same boar and Polnareff fainted when nothing happened to Kars. Polnareff woke up after 30 seconds

(“I’m sorry. We didn’t think this could happen because it hasn’t happened in a while. We failed you ask your hosts”)

(“N-no, it’s fine… I mean Avdol said that the boar was a different species from the ones at our homeland and that we should have known as well”) Joseph said and Kars smiled

(“Thanks for understanding, it wasn’t like we were going to put any foreign substance in your body or anything”) Kars said winking and Joseph froze (“I’m kidding, I can’t joke around normally”) Kars finished making Joseph laugh

(“Wouldn’t want to be forced in a marriage or something!”) he said and Kars laughed ruffing his head slightly before growing back to his seriousness

(“Can you go to our cook? Wammu is upset at this and wouldn’t leave his tent because he is in hysterics over this…)

(“Oh… sure”) Joseph said getting up

“Joseph, where are you going?” Ali asked and he turned to them smiling

“I’m going to talk to their cook. Apparently he feels worse than anyone here” Joseph said and everyone nodded getting up to go out of the tent. Joseph went another way than they did and they sighed

“He’s quick to trust someone, isn’t he?” Ali asked and Speedwagon shook his head

“No he doesn’t, he just has this skill to know who is a good person” Speedwagon said, “No matter the situation, he just knows who is the good person”

“Ah” everyone said and Caesar smiled

“It’s just like with Smokey! He stole Joseph’s wallet and Joseph still knew he was a good person” Caesar said and Smokey laughed

“He’s got a good taste in character” Avdol said

“And why he makes such fast friends with most anyone” Polnareff said and everyone saw Joseph walk out of a tent with the guy who cooked their meal. The guy had red eyes like he was crying and he and Joseph hugged and Joseph walked to them and talked in the tribe’s language

“Ok, Joseph you seriously need to learn how to change languages because we have no idea what you just said” Caesar said

“Oh, haha” Joseph said rubbing the back of his head with a smile, “Well he’s fine. He thought he killed us and he was so upset… and to think I thought Okuyasu was a big crier” he said laughing, “But don’t worry, the boar apparently isn’t poisonous or toxic”

“Aren’t those the same thing?” Smokey asked

“They are different, I forgot how though” Joseph said

“You’re thinking of venom and poison. They are different but both are toxins” Avdol said and Speedwagon interrupted

“I don’t think this matters right now, Joseph what else happened?”

“Nothing much, it was like because our bodies weren’t used to the type of meat that it overstimulated our brains, so nothing actually wrong happened” Joseph said smiling, Wammu was—”

(“Joseph! We’re sorry that happened!”) a bunch of the kids said surrounding him

(“Yeah, we’re sorry!”)

(“Can you tell us about the thing you went on to get here?”)

(“How big is the world?”)

(“What is your life like?”)

(“What is—”)

The kids were asking a bunch of questions and Kars came over

(“Kids, leave him alone he is already stressed out from the ordeal. We should let him be with his family”)

The kids silently pouted and agreed to leave them alone and Joseph looked to Kars and thanked them. However, not even 5 minutes later, everyone in the tribe were alerted to something as someone said something and Joseph perked up

“What is it?”

“Jonathan’s here!” Joseph said and Joseph was running from the same boy they first met from the tribe followed behind by the rest of Joseph’s family and friends and the tribes people

Joseph found himself standing double the length of two in an old western movie during a high noon fight away from his brother. Joseph had a very nervous and anxious look on his face when seeing his brother wearing a very angry look on his face. Please don’t be mad, we already had been in…

“Joseph. Alexander. Joestar.”

Joseph froze with widened eyes. He hasn’t been called that since… shit that only means he was in deep shit… why? Why when he saved his friends and family? Why after everything like this happened?


Chapter Text

Chapter 50

Joseph saw the angry look on his brother’s face not going away so he let out a shaky sigh

“What the hell were you thinking flying this plane!?”

“I saved everyone!” Joseph said

“You don’t fly. Period!” Jonathan said angrily and before words can leave Joseph’s mouth, the boy behind him spoke up angrily

(“Don’t yell at him!!”) the boy yelled grabbing his spear and with a yell of anger he charged

(“Woah there!”) Joseph said catching him and the boy let out a surprised sound

(“Why? He was yelling at you!”)

(“I’m kind of like you and he’s kind of like Kars, if that makes sense?”) Joseph said and the kid looked like he understood

(“Like your leader?”) he asked and Joseph laughed softly

(“He does give rules but he’s just my older brother, you know like how Esidisi is with the rest of the kids”)

(“Oh!”) he said understanding fully before trying to sat Joseph’s name a few times before he got it and Joseph grew confused

(“Why say my name?”)

(“Our language is nameless. Joseph sounds like the perfect name for our language”) the kid said wiggling out of Joseph’s slacked hold on him and started to run off


“Joseph?” Jonathan asked confused but it went unnoticed when their family and friends walked to them

“Joseph? Any idea why they just started chanting your name?” Caesar asked pointing back towards the tribe

“I…I think I just got a language named after me” Joseph said with a twitchy eyebrow

“What? No way dude!” Polnareff said and he and everyone mentioned how cool that was

“It’s not cool, its embarrassing” Joseph whined out deeply and everyone there laughed even Jonathan even though he was the one who really didn’t know what was happening.

“Hey Mr. Joestar look what I found” one of the Speedwagon foundation workers said giving Jonathan a needle like thing

“What is this?”

“I don’t know, but what ever it is it was in the fuel cap of the plane” he said

“Hmm” Jonathan hated the tone of voice the worker gave off pushing on the needle and saw it was some sort of spring contraption, “I’ll let him know; thanks”

“I also took video”


“What’s up?” Joseph asked and Jonathan looked to him and saw the look of suspect on Joseph’s voice so he reassured him by smiling

“Nothing, why don’t you kids go wait by our working plane?” Jonathan asked and Joseph narrowed his eyes but nodded at him walking with his friends to the plane

“You think this was done on purpose?” Speedwagon asked worried

“It’s a possibility. They said how Joseph mentioned how the plane lost fuel at an extremely fast rate. The possibility is low but it shouldn’t be overlooked” Jonathan said showing the spring contraption to Speedwagon and sighed sadly, “God I hope I’m wrong… that this isn’t the case… like last time”

“…What’s his luck?” Speedwagon muttered

“Let’s not tell Joseph” Jonathan said and Speedwagon nodded before walking to the plane

“You guys ready to leave?” Jonathan asked in his normal happy tone and everyone nodded and boarded the plane besides Joseph and Caesar

“You… Ok?” Caesar asked and Joseph sighed and nodded

“I will be, let’s get going”


Joseph and Caesar turned to see the kids, Kars, Esidisi, Santana and Wammu

(“You’re leaving?”) the kids asked sadly

(“I have too”)


(“Children, he has his own life he needs to get back to. He can’t stay here”) Kars said and the kids teared up

(“Don’t worry! I’ll come back!”) Joseph said hating to make the children sad and they grew excited


Joseph laughed, (“Of course!”)

The kids did a cheer, (“When you do, promise to teach us your language”)

Joseph had wide eyes and a wide grin spread on his face, (“Sure! Be sure to stand far back, planes can be dangerous”) he said and Kars thanked him for the warning as well as just promising to do something for the kids and believing them when they weren’t evil or out to hurt them

“Joseph come on we need to go, just say bye already” Caesar said and Joseph nodded

“Good bye!” Joseph said and the children started muttering to themselves silently

“Good bye!”

Caesar had wide eyes as they finally boarded the plane and turned to Joseph, “Dude, you might not know this but they just said ‘good bye’ in English”

“Really!?” Joseph asked happily and Caesar nodded as they took their seats, “Sweet!”

After taking off Joseph was lost in thought. About 15 minutes later, Joseph turned around in his seat and saw Jonathan’s seat was behind his, “Hey Jonathan?”


“Can I have $1,000?”

“Uh… sure” he said handing Joseph 10 $100 bills, “What for?”

“Did you just give money to someone without knowing the reason?” Caesar asked and Joseph laughed

“I might as well fly to New York and buy that $1,000 pizza!” Joseph said and Jonathan glared at him, “I’m kidding, I’m kidding.” He said as a smile formed on his lips, “I think I want to change my major”

“Oh?” Jonathan asked, “To what?”

“A secret” Joseph said tapping the wall with the money smiling wide and Caesar looked to him and smiled in a knowing way.

“What?” Joseph asked turning to Caesar and Caesar just smiled and Joseph smiled in the exact same way


Chapter Text

During the flight, Joseph sighed out causing Caesar to look to him

“What’s wrong?”

“You guys… I’m sorry our vacation was a bust” Joseph said sighing out again

“No way dude!” Polnareff said, “There’s a lot we saw and that was fun!”

“We got to experience wonders that we wouldn’t even have known existed. Like the boar” Avdol said


“Yeah!” Ali said grinning, “We saw and met a tribe of people probably no other people ever seen before” Ali said and others listed what they thought was fun and interesting causing Joseph to smile

“What was your favorite part Caesar?” Smokey asked and Caesar coughed slightly

“What was that, Caesar?” Joseph asked

“Honestly, when you flew the plane” Caesar said in a small voice ignoring the tiny “aww”s coming from Ali and Suzie-Q besides the small tiny blush he had dusting his cheeks. His other favorite parts were Joseph and his petty arguments and watching the sunset together, but of course those went unsaid.

‘Fuck…fuck…fuck… I cannot… I can’t like Joseph like that… Stop it brain!’ Caesar mentally yelled at himself.

“Wait, why do you have to cut your vacation short?” Speedwagon asked and Joseph looked to Speedwagon

“Because of everything that happened” Joseph said

“Its just a mere detour, we can still go”

“But the place has reservation only, and we’ve definitely missed it” Joseph said and caught on Speedwagon’s smile

“We can still go there

“There? Oh… OH MY GOD! I forgot about that! Let’s go there! We could??” Joseph asked excitedly and fast

“Of course, I did offer it to you after all” Speedwagon said


“Where’s there?” Caesar asked as the others peered over to them in excitement and confusion

“Speedwagon’s get away home! He had one made so he could get away from Dio when he is being all jerky”

Jonathan snorted, “Sure Joseph, it wasn’t made because of all the times you were there just to pick fights with Dio”

“He made it before I was born” Joseph said pointed

“I made it before Dio was even part of the family” Speedwagon said and Joseph let out a loud laugh

“Jonathan! What did you do to this sweet old man to make him build a house to get away from you!?” Joseph said and Jonathan’s jaw dropped

“Are you serious Speedwagon? I only knew about it for the last 12 years!” Jonathan said and pouted, “Was I that awful as a kid?”

“No. It’s not a ‘get away’ home. I was going to show it to you when you were a kid but then Dio came and you two nearly broke the house you were in back then because of your constant fighting and I couldn’t risk it”

“So it was Dio!” Joseph said as a matter of fact and before anyone can say anything else Joseph quickly changed the subject back to the house, “You guys are going to love this place! I haven’t been there in years!” he said smiling, “It’s pretty fun and beautiful!”

Caesar chuckled at the attempt Joseph did to quickly make himself seem right when he knew for a fact it was wrong in why he made the place they were now going to. How cute was that? Cute? No it was obnoxious… if anyone else did it besides Joseph. Caesar wore a calm mask as his mind was battling. He doesn’t like Joseph like that, but he does, no he doesn’t. If he doesn’t get this resolved soon, he is going to have a massive headache.

Speedwagon also laughed at Joseph’s attempt to change the subject of conversation, but he left it be and glared at Jonathan for trying to start the previous conversation, the glare read ‘its not worth it, let him have this one’. Jonathan sighed and got up to tell told the pilot to change route to go to Speedwagon’s summer home, not get away home, summer home.

The flight was relatively short, and soon enough they found themselves at a beautiful private beach home on a private island. Caesar was on the beach suntanning in his black and blue swimming trunks as the girls in their bikinis were in the water splashing around and Avdol and Polnareff were helping Smokey build a sandcastle at the water’s edge with a moat.

Joseph walked to Caesar with two cans of coke. Joseph touched one to Caesar’s cheek. Caesar, startled, opened his eyes and sat up sharply turning to see Joseph

“Sorry I spooked you. Here” Joseph said handing him the coke, “This one’s yours”

“Thanks” Caesar said grabbing the coke and opened it before smirking, “Don’t spray yourself with coke like the last time”

Joseph laughed, “Right, I almost forgot about that, these are guaranteed not to spray”

Caesar saw Joseph looking like he wanted to say something, so after a swig of coke he asked, “What’s up?”

Joseph sat down next to him with his knees up, “You… I hope… well… god I can’t ever talk”

“Says the guy who doesn’t shut up” Caesar said joking and Joseph pouted making Caesar raise his free hand, “Sorry, continue”

“I… just wanted to let you know I don’t care about money. All I’ve ever cared about were my family and friends. I would do anything for them. 0 to my name or billions. Either way, family and friends are my number 1 priority. I hope that’s clear” Joseph said and Caesar looked at him with an incredulous look

“Are you kidding?”

“What? No of course not! Do you still—” Joseph started scared that Caesar still thinks he's this jerky rich douche that only cares about money. His fears were dismissed when Caesar cut him off

“Where have you been the last few months? You’ve shown how wrong my judgements of you were on multiple occasions. I am truly sorry for the way I treated you when we first met. You didn't deserve it” Caesar said and Joseph smiled and hugged him

“Oh thank god, you’re one of my best friends. I would hate to lose you for any reason!” Joseph said and

“Me too” Caesar said hugging back. Once they pulled back from the hug, Caesar saw Joseph’s radiant toothy smile and his breath hitched as his stomach shot up with butterflies

‘Shit… I… I am in love with him’ Caesar finally came to realize through thought.