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The Cavalery of The Crimson Lizard

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Kirishima was all alone in the world.

He was kicked out by his family, called a sinful curse and a disgrace. As the rain poured down on his head he heard someone stop in front of him. He looked up, his wet black hair pooling over his face.

”Who are you.?” He croaked. He stared up at the boy in front of him. The boy was tall, his surprising blond hair was spikey, and his body was hidden under a red cloak which connected to a bone necklace.

Despite the boy’s rough exterior, his face had a soft expression. He looked around Kirishima’s age.

”You get kicked out?” He asked calmly. 

”How’d you know?” Kirishima spat “Got no money.. no friends, no family, I have no future.” He said, his head hung low again as rain drooled down his head.

”Tch” The blond chuckled “no future you say? Stupid idiot..”

“Hey whats that supposed to mean.?” Kirishima started, he jerked his head up, his eyes blazing.

The blond teen extended out a hand, as he smiled widely.

“Come with me” He said, “and we shall live in riches, where we won’t hide in the shadows and instead be feared by all for our power.”

Kirishima took his hand, and never let go.

”Let’s be kings.” He spoke.

The world of pirates was plunged onto him, and Kirishima never looked back.



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“Hmm,,,” Bakugo sat on his soft chair as he stared at the giant map. His crimson eyes skidded to another wall, filled with pages upon pages of wanted posters and news reports of current times.

”Hey Katsuki” Kirishima greeted with a smile. He fixed his red hair with a small flick of a head and walked over, setting down a tray of tea. He was wearing a small coat that ended at the stomach and was opened to show his scratched chest, along with long pants, sharp boots, and a bright red and tattered bandana, his arm had a tattooed dragon circling over a brand on it. “Whatcha lookin at?”

”Tch., we need more members...” he huffed. He looked towards the wanted posters of many people.

“Oh? How come?” Kirishima asked, tilting his head as he sipped a small cup.

”Ejirou. We literally only have 4 people here” Bakugo deadpanned. “The eye bagged idiot is still away, trying to get more info from the streets so he can’t help us here” He got up and stretched, before adjusting his long cape. He had added more bones to it and decorated the hood more. He had gained more scars, but with that more honor. He had a matching tattoo on one of his man tits pecs. Kirishima thought for a moment, sipping the cup of tea

”True true” He said “want some tea?”

”Nah is’fine” Bakugo grunted “Is the blonde and soy face slacking off?” He asked. Kirishima looked out the window and nodded with a chuckle. “Fucking bastards”. He charged out the captain’s cabin practically steaming. “HEY YOU BASTARDS YOU BETTER BE WORKING OR ELSE I‘LL BLAST YOU OUT OF THE CANNON” He roared. Kaminari and Sero practically teleported from their seats to the sails and to washing the deck.

”Sorry Captain!!” They yelled back before scurrying away.

”Tch.. we need new crew members....” he mumbled, rubbing his forehead. Ever since Shinso went on his mission into the city, there had been less raids and less help around the ship.

Their main deck was plainly large itself as cannons were lined up on each side, the sails was decorated with splashes of red paint and their flag displayed the tattoo design that they all shared. Under the main deck was decked with cannons and also was accompanied with a sitting area, along with a small kitchen. 

“Should we go to town then? We need to restock on our ammo and food” Kaminari said while passing by. They wore a small red bandana over one eye and they wore a leather vest over a white sleeved shirt. Two jagged swords resembling lightning bolts were strapped on their belt. The dragon brand tattoo laid brightly on Kaminari’s neck “I think I might know a few people”

”Hmm I think that might be a good idea ey Captain?” Sero said with a smirk, Bakugo grumbled before sighing.

”Alright.. Ejirou!” He yelled “Take the wheel!”

”Aye sir!” Kirishima yelled, hopping over the captain’s quarters and quickly grabbing the wheel and spun it with ease.

”Stunder Bitch! Get your ass to the sails!” Bakugo roared to Kaminari who hung their head by the nickname before getting up again.

”Aye sir!” They scuttled away. 

”Tape Sauce, navigate!” He ordered with a growl.

“Aight aight captain” Sero said with a wave a hand, he took out his compass from his belt buckle and swung over onto the upper deck with Kirishima. He had worn many buckles and belts, all decked with some contraption whether it be rope, clocks, compasses, or decoration. He ties his longish hair into a small pony tail with a red ribbon. A cutlass hung from his back and a pirate hat with a feather laid on his head.

”Alright..” Bakugo breathed, he walked across the deck, checking every small thing before he stood at the front with his chest puffed out as the sunset colored the world in a brilliant red.



Bakugo was standing at the wheel while holding a compass, he was standing aboard the Cavalry of the Red Lizard as the moon light shined across the sea. It was just him and Kirishima. Said partner was sleeping down in the bunks. The ocean was quiet. It was almost peaceful.

These moments were when Bakugo was truely quiet, well until the quiet whimpering broke the nice silence.

”What the fuck?”

Bakugo quickly trotted down the ship and looked over board, he stared down at the small blond whimpering skinny figure in the tattered rowboat.

What shocked the captain more was that alarming injury the figure had. Their eye had been completely ripped and mutilated. Bakugo’s breath hitched. 

“Hey stowaway.” He grunted from his ship. The small person squeaked. “Yeah you. What’s your name?” 

“K- why would you want to know?” They replied, sheilding their face “you’re just a p-pirate, I don’t have any money” Bakugo gave a loud laugh.

”As if that’s all pirates think about, you look lost, what’s your story?” He asked with a smirk tugging at his lip.

”I..” the person sat up on their boat “I was kicked out.. from my dad, I told him something.. and he got really mad... and then he..” they reached towards their eye. Bakugo stopped them right there. He pulled out a rope and hung it over board.

”Come with us” Bakugo said. The figure titled his head. “We shall live in glory, making those who despise us fear us instead.”

”..and with that.. we will live in acceptance”. Bakugo finished.

The blond figure’s eye started to cry, tears rolled down their face, their head bobbing up and down, they reached out to the rope with no hesitance.

“Now, you ought to tell me your name” Bakugo smirked

”My name.?” They asked before smiling “it’s Kaminari Denki”



Bakugo woke up with a tired yawn. The sun rised, casting a bright orange onto the horizon. 

“Good morning captain!” Kaminari greeted from the crows nest. Bakugo gave a light grunt.

”We should be heading to the city in about a few hours” Kaminari said. Bakugo nodded. He closed his eyes as the chilly hair licked his cheeks.

“HIT THE DECK.!” Kaminari screeched. Bakugo opened his eyes with no emotion on his face, he stayed put.

His cape flapped as a gust of air blasted past him, along with a cannon ball. Kaminari took out their duel swords and slid down the crows nest. Kirishima ran down onto main deck, clutching his steel sword and gun. Sero gripped onto his cutlass.

The other pirate ship was filled with scrawny fellows, smiling with yellow teeth. Some cackling at his crew. Bakugo paused before he grinned.

”Die.” He muttered with a sharp smirk. Kirishima let out a battle cry and all hell broke loose.

Bakugo pulled his long sword out with a grin, with a great jump he slashed three sailors down to their knees in one slash.

Kaminari slid onto the rival ship’s deck, shooting the cannons at the crew.

Sero had ran past the crew and underneath the deck, grabbing as many things as possible, he smiled giddily as he grabbed a few maps, news, compasses, and especially gold.

He smirked happily before he bumped into a large sailor in which his stomach dropped.

”Hey there big fellow!” he greeted, before he checked a small contraption at their face, a large amount of dust flooded into the air as Sero slipped away, slashing people in his way.

Kirishima was in a hand to hand fight with a three pirates, knocking two in the water before he chucked the last on into the ones fighting Kaminari.

It had only been an hour, and the entire enemy ship was already defeated, tied up, and raided. As Kirishima and Kaminari hauled the crates onto their own ship they talked.

”Wow we’ve gotten stronger!” Kirishima said “barely got a few scratches on me” he said, dusting off his jacket.

That’s the last of them, Sero is carrying over the last one and then we’ll be on our way

”Yeah! It’s a very big improvement! Just wait til, Shinso hears that we raided a ship without him” Kamimari chuckled. 

“Yeah he’ll be all huffy and stuff, hilarious”

”H-Hey guys, can you help me out with this crate, it’s.. really heavy...” Sero said as he tried to drag a crate towards the ship.

”just chuck it to the ship” Kaminari deadpanned

”N-No, it’s gonna fall into the ocean” Sero said as he got closer to the ships edge. As he said that something perculiar happened.

The box moved. Almost jumped. As the small crew of four stared at the crate. They quickly hauled it over to The Cavalery of the Red Lizard, kicking the other ship away as they stared at the wooden crate.

As they slowly opened the lid, out popped-

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-A Pink girl.

She yelped, pointing her silver dagger right between Bakugo’s eyes. The captain stood still, unshaken. Kaminari, Sero, and Kirishima tensed up, Kirishima grabbed his sword. Bakugo lifted his hand up, stopping Kirishima from chopping the poor girl’s head off.

Her clothes were dirty, she was huffing tiredly, and it was clear she had been starving for days. She wore small kit around her waist along with a large back. What had been most noticeable though, was her pink skin and unnatural yellow eyes. Bakugo calmly moved the dagger away from his face.

”State your fuckin name” Bakugo grunted. The girl gulped, she looked around at as the sea surrounded them for miles in all directions.

”A-A..” She started, Bakugo grew impatient, he yanked her dagger from her hands and pointed it at her throat with a swift motion.

”Hurry up stowaway..” he growled

”A-ASHIDO MINA..!” She squeaked. Kirishima perked up but stayed silent. “A-Also.. I guess I’m not technically a stowaway.. cause I just... hopped along with you guys from another crew....” she mumbled.

”THATS EXACTLY WHAT A STOWAWAY IS!” He roared, almost bending the dagger in half. Bakugo breathed heavily before asking with a rough growl “where are you headed,.. tell me now or I’ll have your pink ass kicked off the ship...” 

“A-Ah..! Uh well, where are we? I was in a crate headed towards the capital and I was planning on staying in the town there...” She stuttered with a weak smile.

”Ah what a coincidence we’re going there too lucky girl!” Kaminari said with a smile. “Welcome aboard Ashido!” They welcomed, taking Mina out of the box and wrapping an arm in her shoulder casually.

”The fu- who said we weren’t taking her there!?” Bakugo yelled.

”Don’t worry about the captain, he has a good heart” Sero said as he skipped along with the pink girl and best friend.

”NO I DON’T FUCK YOU SOY SAUCE!” Bakugo exploded, Kirishima chuckled while patting him on the back.

”Well captain, looks like we got a new crew member” Kirishima smiled

”Tch..” Bakugo grunted

”Hahah! You were planning to let her aboard from the beginning weren’t you?” Kirishima laughed

”No I wasn’t! If she was able to get on that ship with more than 40 pirates on it, then she’d be good at sneaking around. if she was in our side it’d be useful..” Bakugo grunted. He’s totally making that up Kirishima thought befor he smiled.

”So you did want her to join us! Awh Captain Katsuki is so kind hearted aahhh!” Kirishima exclaimed

”Shut the fuck up shifty hair, I’ll blow your face off” Bakugo snarled, waving a hand and stomping to the wheel.

”Heheh.. denial” Kirishima chuckled. He turned around, looking at the ocean as it stretched across the horizon. A swell of pride filled his chest as the salty breeze licked his chest. Thanks Katsuki



“...Alright and heres the kitchen, the bunks are to the right, and the cannons are on the door to the left.” Kaminari said, pointing to said doors. “According to Sero’s map skills we should arrive to town in a few hours, where we’ll get you new clothes and make you an official member of our crew!” They turned around around with a bright smile only to be greeted with Mina’s crying face.

”Uhh,,” Sero started

”I-I’m sorry sorry I just.. haven’t had this care in a while.., and you guys just met me.. which is even more remarkable cause your firs impression of me was uh.. pointing a knife at your captain’s forehead..” she said, wiping away her streaming tears. Kaminari immediately gave a rush towards her and hugged her with a warm hug. 

“Come on let’s get some food! I’m pretty sure we were cooking something before that whole pirate raid thing” Kaminari said, pulling away and dragging the girl to the table.

“So Ashido Mina..” Sero said, pouring a cup of tea “what’s your story?”

”My story?” She repeated

”Yeah! We all got one, that’s why we all ended up here” Kaminari said, adjusting his bandana eyepatch with an uncomfortable shuffle. Sero quietly nodded, clenching his side with a remorse filled smile. Bakugo silently stood behind the entrance, listening quietly.

”Well.. I guess it started with my original town.. you know of the town by the name Emall, the one that burned down a few years ago..?” Mina asked sheepishly. Kaminari gave Sero a quick glance before nodding. “I used to live there.. ever since then I lived with my grandparents.. of course that didn’t last long. I found myself a nice home in the forest, and I spent my time on chemistry and alchemy,,” 

“Oh so that’s why your skins pink!” Kaminari spoke loudly, before getting a punch to the arm by Sero.

”Haha yeah!” Mina giggles “I actually kinda like it, gives me a little flare! But uh.,, also didn’t last long. See the town I lived saw my whole: potion, toxic, chemistry stuff absaloute bull shit witch craft.” She continued, scratching the back of her neck. “One day they tried to burn my house down. I managed to grab a few things, including my chemistry kit and a few bottles of potions and stuff! And the most important thing of all...” she opened her pouch and out slid a small bottle of rum 

“Are you kidding me, out of all the things you could’ve saved.. you saved a bottle of rum..?” Sero asked. “Your a genius.”he said with a bright smile, contrasting his previous grim words

”I know right!” Mina grinned widely. “Anyways, I hopped the nearest ship to the capital and I’m was hoping to get a job there this is much better!”

”I see I see! That’s incredible!” Kaminari said, their face filled with amazement. “Potions! That’s like.., the closest we have to magic! We’re unstoppable!” As the three new friends cheered, clicking their drinks together, Bakugo soon left the door. A smile tugged at his lips as he stood at the wheel.

As the sun started to set, he grinned as the capital started to appear on the horizon.

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”Haven't you heard?” Whispered a passerby,

“Yeah I have, turns out that the king’s royal tailor’s son is one those..” a gruff man affirmed. Bakugo cocked his head over slightly, keeping his eyes on his mug. His crimson hood covered his face with a dark shadow as he listened in.

”Such a shame, little boy could have had a family and make his family proud, but he had to be soo selfish ‘bout it” A shrill woman whispered. Bakugo stared at the newspaper. Looks like the hags and the asswipe were right.. Son of Nicholas Sero, Hanta Sero: terrible secret unveiled, future family ruined forever? Such shitty news lines, he stuffed it into his pockets before throwing a coin at the table. He turned with a swift turn and headed towards the docks.

”I know what needs to be done” Bakugo growled before he stood in front of his ship with a smile.



”Hey asshat wake the fuck up” Bakugo grunted, as he repeatedly knocked on the window. He saw the bed move a little. Not enough. He smashed the window with his bare fist. The skinny boy jumped out of bed. That’ll do. 

”Bakugo, hurry up my legs are giving in!” Kaminari whispered form the bottom of the stack. Kirishima held a growl

”Yeah gotta agree on that Katsuki.. my arms are hurting” Kirishima said from below Bakugo. The captain grunted as the Tailor’s Son got up.

”W-Who are you.!?” He yelled, grabbing onto the bed frame. “Assassins? Muggers? I promise you I won’t be worth much.!” Sero said, Bakugo observed the boy with a cold stare. The Tailer son was gripping his stomach and arm, kid was beaten and bruised.

”Hey Captain, you got about three minutes to convince this guy, I can see some guards who noticed you breaking the window..” Shinso mumbled, he stood next to the wall and peeked around the corner. Bakugo nodded before turning back to the bruised Tailor son

“Come with us” Bakugo said, he reached out a hand. Sero’s eyes widened

”What?” Sero asked, his voice whimpering.

”Two Minutes..!” Shinso said, his anxiety growing

”We shall live along with eachother and we will live and  treat each other as equals.” Bakugo said, reaching her arm further and further into the room. Sero gripped onto the bed frame, louder footsteps echoed through the halls. Sero clenched his stomach, his eyes darted to the door and to the broken window. 

”One Minute.!” 

“Come on” Bakugo urged, he reached his hand out more, sweat rolled down his face. His hand gripped tightly on the window ceil, as the stack of men started to tremble.

”BAKUGO.!” Shinso yelled. With a trembling shout, Sero let go of the bed frame as the doors slammed open.

Sero jumped out of the window with Bakugo.



”Hey asshats wake up, we’re here..” Bakugo knocked on the cabin door. He stepped back as Kaminari, Mina, and Sero tumbled out. Practically shaking with excitement.

”Really!?” Mina said, Bakugo nodded with a grunt. 

“Woohoo! Alright our first stop is the tattoo shop, we need to make our new crew membed an official part of the family!” Kaminari said “then the clothes shop, then the blacksmith, so we can get you an even sweeter weapon!”

”Eee I can’t wait!” Mina squealed, she tumbled out of the lower cabin and stood at the front of the ship, Bakugo followed her. He watched as she stared as the docks drew closer and closer.

”This the first time you’ve gone somewhere with friends?” Bakugo casually asked. Mina turned her head over a little, before turning back to the sea.

”Yeah, I was too busy with stuff, grieving, being with family, working. Whenever I had friends I never really remembered or kept track of them cause they were gone the minute I had a grasp on them” Mina replied 

”Hmph” Bakugo grunted.

It was only a few minutes before the ship has soon bumped and anchored by the docks. People gasped and scattered away while some children would wave innocently and scurry away giggling while some were dragged away and scolded by their parents

”Seems friendly” Mina said sarcastically. Kaminari snorted

”Yeah, the government here put up wanted posters of us but not a lot of people practically care sense we don’t do much actual damage.” Sero explained “they never get my hair right though..” he added with a chuckle.

”Ooh I wonder if I’ll get one now that I’ve joined” Mina said thoughtfully, as she imagined the possibilities of pictures

”Yeah Maybe, we actually have another crew member but you haven’t seen him cause” Kaminari’s voice grew into a whisper “he’s our inside man,, he goes under cover a lot and sneaks us information so we can always be on top of things..

”He doesn’t have a wanted poster though, sense the people here see him as a normal guy” Sero added “he doesn’t like it when we raid a ton of things though, he still loves us”

”Awhh he sounds so sweet” Mina said with a giggle

”Yeah he is, only the inside though. Like Captain!” Kaminari smiled, pointing at Bakugo who glared at them before continuing down the road.

Some kids has walked beside Bakugo and strutted next to him with grumpy faces, trying to imitate the giant pirate. Which gave a chuckle out of Mina and Kirishima.

Kaminari spoke up, skipping up ahead of the crew “Alright guys, the tattoo artist should be abou-“

”YEAH WELL,, FUCK YOU TOO I’M LEAVING, YOU BIG ASS ASSHOLE” A loud yell interrupted. Out of a bar, a young woman around their age was kicked out of the local bar. She hissed through her teeth as she brushed herself off. She wore a large guitar around her back. “Stupid drunk men..” yeesh tough luck Mina thought.

”Hey there you are! We were just looking for you!” Kaminari smiled, they walked across the road towards the young woman. 

“Oh hey Kaminari, I‘d offer you guys drinks but uh.. looks like I’m banned from this bar” the woman said sheepishly, her hair was cut short and tattoos sprinkled across her body, from dragons on her arms, music notes and flowers and her legs, and designs of all kinds on her neck. A few red triangular tattoos rippled under one of her eyes like a tribal design.

“Nah nah it’s cool, we were actually looking to see if you can tattoo someone, if you know what I mean?” Kaminari said, cocking his head towards Mina. The woman lifted an eyebrow up.

”A girl huh? Hrmmmph ughhh okay fine. I guess I do you owe you for that one time” She groaned, Kirishima and Kaminari high fived. The tattooed woman looked over to Mina “I’m Jirou by the way.” She said blankly before turning heel and walking away in silence. Kaminari skipped after her

”Woohooo tattoo time!!” Kaminari sing songed, before getting a gut to the stomach by Jirou.

”Shut up.” Jirou deadpanned as Sero casually picked up the out cold Kaminari. Bakugo hung in the back as Kirishima and Sero ran forward. He stayed silent. He sighed tiredly, the city made him feel confined but seeing his crew so happy had filled his chest with pride. He smiled softly as they charged to the tattoo shop.

”Hey Katsuki!” Bakugo blinked. Kirishima was staring at him

“Hurry up yeah big slug! Your gonna fall behind!” Kaminari said with a smirk tugging at their lips. Bakugo grinned

”Tch as if!” He growled, before quickening his pace as he joined the rest of his crew.


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“Alright,, so where exactly do you want this tattoo?” Jirou asked dryly as she opened the shop door. There were plants around the door as well as a small animal food bowl. Seems like they’re a fan of cats..

”Ah well I was thinkin-“ Mina started before Bakugo interrupted with a voice filled with rage

”YOU! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE?!” He roared. Mina, Kaminari, and Sero ducked down as Bakugo seemed to burn in rage. Mina looked over to see a young man with plain hair and freckles splattered across his face standing in fear.

”K-K-Kacha-..?” He started before Bakugo stomped over and grabbed him by their collar.

”I SAID WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE DEKU.!?” Bakugo snarled. He was suddenly pushed away though by a short yet sturdy girl with short brown hair.

”Get away from him you half naked jerk!” She snapped, another girl with long green hair stepped in along with two other boys. A tall blue haired man coated in stiff armor and a french, bright blonde boy with a strange smile.

”Yes, who do you think you are?” The tallest man said sternly, he seemed to loom over their blonde captain as he clenched on his great sword. Bakugo looked at the tall man up and down before smirking

”Hey I know you, you’re the one who quit the royal Gaurd..” Bakugo said, his presence grew bigger as the Tall Man started to shrink. “Failed to protect his brother in the recent raid attack..” Mina’s eyes widened as she started at the tall man. A former knight?! She looked over at Bakugo clever bastard, my captain is so cool..! Wait I can’t focus on that right now..

“W-Why you..! Who are you..!?” The man said, his eyes burning with rage. Bakugo stood unmoving, but Mina could see Bakugo reach for his sword.

”Iida Wait..!” The boy Bakugo called Deku yelled. Mina thought it was over, Kaminari got up with Sero readying for a fight, Kirishima ran right next to Bakugo for support before Jirou stepped in.

”He is my next client so if your group is ready to go, I’d rather you leave so you don’t make a mess.” Jirou said sternly. “We wouldn’t want to make a mess, would we gentleman?” She asked with a cocked eyebrow at Bakugo then at Deku.

”Tch.. this isn’t over Deku.. next time I see you or your stupid crew.. I’ll get me and my strong-ass crew to show you who are the real kings of the seas.!” Bakugo snarled with a smile. Kirishima, Mina, Kaminari, and Sero smiled menacingly behind their captain. 

The boy stared in awe. His group sweating as they readyed behind him. His emerald eyes filled with awe and shock. But to Mina’s shock, he grinned.

”I look forward to that day Kachan. Cause on that day” He lifted out his hand and clenched it into a fist. Mina’s jaw almost dropped at the sight of it. It was gnarled and scarred and on the back of his hand, laid a bright green tattoo of a mighty bird in the middle of a brand.  “Me and my crew will show you I am not the same weak child I once was.”

Mina looked over at Bakugo, expecting a disastrous roar of rage but was introduced to a cocky grin.

”HAH! As if! We will crush you Deku,, you best be ready you little shit.” Bakugo spoke, his voice in a low dark growl. As Deku past by Bakugo, he looked back with a determined smile and spoke one last word

“We’ll see about that” 

Then they were gone.



Jirou sighed, wiping a sweat from her forehead

”Finally...” She grunted as she walked away into a separate room to clean up.

“Sooooo... Kachan huh?” Sero snorted as he whisked next to his captain.

”Captain who was that?” Kaminari asked excitedly. Bakugo grunted as Kirshima giggled in response. Mina snickered

”Come on! Tell us Kachan~” She snorted before getting a punch to the shoulder.

”Later, HEY GOTH CHICK! ARE YOU READY YET.!?” He stomped, Jirou peeked from her small room.

”Yeah yeah whatever, Mina come in you still didn’t answer me where you wanted the tattoo.”

“Oh right!” She squeaked, quickly tumbling into the office. Bakugo sighed, wiping his forehead

”Hey Katsuki” Bakugo flinched before turning towards Kirishima’s concern filled face

”Yeah?” He grunted

”Are you okay? What was that?” Kirishima asked, the red headed pirate held the captain’s hand tightly.

”Its nothing, I just thought he was dead.. and now after seeing him all chipper and surrounded by dumb idiots I wish he was” Bakugo mumbled. Kirishima chuckled.

“Ah there’s the captain I know, I got worried when I saw you all tense” Kirishima said with a bright smile. Bakugo looked away with a huff.

”Yeah yeah whatever..” he puffed. Kaminari poked at one of the tattoo pens.

”What’s this?” They asked, Jirou snatched it away quickly

”Something you should touch unless you want it bolted into your eye” Jirou snapped, as she sat down next to Mina as she cracked her fingers.

”Alright, let’s do this, full focus” Jirou smirked






“Izuku, who was that jerk?” Ochako asked as they exited the shop. The new tattoo still stinging on her uper arm. Can’t believe He stopped for a second before sighing.

”An.. an old childhood friend, I guess you can say we left on bad terms” He chuckled, Iida shook his head 

“I’m sorry I had tried to attack someone in public, how did he know who I was though.. I’ve never seen him before” Iida said, clutching his great sword tightly. Midoriya shook his head

”Its okay Iida, Kachan was getting too personal, you were right to react.” He assured. Iida nodded hesitantly. Aoyama posed delicately in front of them like a dancer, his bird tattoo laying on his exposed stomach.

”Well, I believe we have made a new rival wouldn’t you agree Midoriya~?” He spoke gracefully. Midoriya nodded.

”Yeah, looks like we got some business to do then” He smiled.


And thus the crew of The Burning Falcon became the new rival of The Cavalry of the Crimson Lizard.  


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“Ow are you done yet?”

”Your the one who said you wanted the flippin tattoo“ Jirou snapped, as she carefully drew the red tattoo on the outer thigh. The boys waited outsided the small office, looking around impatiently.

Sero traced his own tattoo, which laid around his upper arm. Kaminari kicked around the store, their eyes laying on a small record player, eyebrows raising in curiosity.

”Oi Jirou!” They called out

”What?” She yelled back from the office, she continued to work.

”Can I play something on the recorder thing?” Kaminari asked, popping their head into the office before getting swatted away.

”No.” Jirou dryly said, adjusting her onyx hair.

”Aw come on!” They groaned, Jirou ignored the blonde. Kaminari sulked before walking away, staring outside the window.


Bakugo sat boredom on a seat, the quiet had been so peaceful, he didn’t realize he fell asleep until he blinked and realized he had fallen asleep on the chair.

He looked around to his crew staring at him in both awe and amusement

”Good morning captain!” Mina snickered, her tattoo was finished and a shit face grin plastered half of her face. The fuck did they do?

”I swear to god if you shit holes did something..!” He snarled, he clawed off the seat. He could feel a long string of sore pain on his right arm. He blinked, his crimson eyes drifting over to his newly tattooed arm. “That fuck?”

“Well.. we found you fast asleep after I was done with Mina, so we took it upon ourselves to.. decorate your arm” Jirou smirked dryly. Bakugo would usually be filled with anger, but his rage boiled down as he examined the new tattoo on his arm. It had stretched from above his elbow to his knuckles. 

If Jirou Kyouka considered this as a prank, then Bakugo wondered what a full blown project would be like.

His arm was decorated in tribal designs, along with dragons and fire spreading across his fore arm. As sore as it was, he felt stronger with it covering his arm.

”We convinced her that you needed a new tattoo, thinking she was gonna do something stupid and funny, but it’s so cool!” Kirishima said with an impressed grin. Jirou looked away sheepishly, scratching the back of her head.

”I just, did what came to mind..” She said with an embarrassed shrug. Bakugo stood up and patted her head

”Thanks,,” he mumbled. It looks cool.. he was about to mutter but he couldn’t bare to break his pride. She smiled before sighing.

”Yeah yeah whatever just don’t get it wet for the next week,, a-anyways didn’t you say you needed new clothes Mina? Let’s go, you look like a homeless person” Jirou scoffed, quickly turning and walking out. Kaminari looked at the crew with a thumbs up

”Told you guys I got good sources” They smiled.



They all walked as a group around the market, Mina looked around amazed. 

“Wow! Everything looks so colorful!” She grinned, Bakugo shrugged

”Meh, ‘‘is fine.,” he grumbled.

”Jeez Katsuki! Lighten up, I heard they’re having a festival in a few weeks, we could all totally go there! Buy food and just hang out!” Kirishima said with a bright smile. Bakugo struggled to frown before sighing.

”Yeah, maybe..” he muttered. Kirishima high fived Kaminari before they all continued walking.

Jirou walked with Mina as they looked at clothing together while the boys stayed a little far away, many people moved away from the group, their eyes filled with fear and disgust. Bakugo returned their glares, his sword glinting in the sunlight.

“Wow mom look pirates.!” A small boy exclaimed

”Yuki don’t look at those barbarians.!” A mother squealed, carrying her son away. Bakugo growled before returning to look around. 

“Guys Guys! Look at this! Do you think this would look good on me?” Mina exclaimed, she pulled out a white blouse shirt with a brown jacket and maroon skirt that reached to her knees. Kaminari and Sero tilted their heads before nodding approvingly. Kirishima gave two thumbs ups, the crew (+ Jirou) slowly turned their heads towards the blonde captain.

”t’s fine, just get it so we can leave” he huffed tiredly, Mina smiled happily as Jirou took out her money and payed; mumbling slightly at the price. 


After Mina changed, the group continued to walk around, buying from the small stalls.

“So much for that new guitar..” she muttered to herself.

”Guitair? Oh yeah when you walked out of the bar you had one on your back!” Mina said, remembering back to a few hours ago. Jirou nodded.

“Yeah,, but it’s fine- at least you won’t be in rags anymore. Or at least until your rip up that outfit” Jirou said with a shrug. Mina grinned

”Aw your so nice! This outfit is so nice! Much better that those other clothes” Mina said, Jirou nodddd. “Oh yeah, I was wondering. When I first saw you, you said you owed the crew; what’d yeah mean by that?” She asked. Jirou looked up and blinked before sighing

”Oh., that.. well I guess I’ll have to tell you that story then huh..”




“Fuck you bitch!” A man yelled, slamming his fist near the wall next to her head. Jirou shrunk down and started to run away in the opposite direction. Her hearting beating fast. She cringed as she felt a giant foot kick her down. Glass ripped at her arms and alcohol dripped down her face

“Shit..,” She croaked, Jirou struggled to get to her knees before she felt a flurry of punches and kicks on her back. She looked at her bloody hands, she closed her eyes, fighting to keep her burning tears away as she was slowly being beaten to death; when suddenly it all stopped.

She opened her eyes to a group of young men holding long swords. She couldn’t remember the fight, but the one thing she remembered was the pirates’s faces.

A young short blonde with a black lightning hair pattern that laid on his bangs, and a missing eye, hidden by a ragged bandana. A tall ebony haired boy with a hat that hid is point eyes and a smile that stretched across his face. A red haired boy with a kind smile with burning determined eyes. One with a masked face and purple hair with ruffled hair and a black suit covered in equipment.

And finally  a light blonde man with burning red eyes. Even as an artist,  it was hard to describe those eyes, filled with spite and power and yet also a feel of calmness and precision.

When Jirou eventually came to, she was back home, covered in bandages. The bartender had the kindness in his heart to carry her home and call a doctor. To her luck, the same crew who saved her life, walked into her shop the same day she finally awoke. The leader with crimson eyes had told her that she owed them.

She remembered fearing for her life before the short bright blonde spoke up with a cheeky grin

”We heard you do the coolest tattoos in town!”

Jirou watched the crew leave the shop with bright tattoos that night 




Woah holy shit.” Mina said in awe. Jirou nodded boardly

”Yeah, I’m kinda in there debt hah.” The purple haired girl chuckled.

”Oi Jirou! Look at this cool eye patch I found! Should I buy it?” They said with a bright grin. Jirou rose an eyebrow.

”Do you have the money to buy it?” Jirou smirked, Kaminari grew quiet “I mean.. not right now.?” They started.

”Excuse me Sir please return that if you aren’t going to buy that.” A lady spat. “Who knows what you are going to do with that.” She said with a disgusted look on her face. Kaminari simply smiled.

”Why of course ma’am, after all I am a gentleman.” He said with a kind grin, his one eye shining as it stared at her, however his smile spoke the opposite emotion. The woman seemed to feel it too, as she quickly shuffled away. She bumped into Sero who apologized before turning away. Sero rolled his eyes before his lips curling into a shit eating grin.

”Nice job man! Super manly job at the pickpocket, what’d you snag?” Kirishima asked. Sero grinned and lifted up his hand, as he revealed the stolen pearl bracelet and ten silver coins.

”Damn she was loaded..” Mina said with an awed face. The group laughed as Sero quickly shoved the treasure into a special secret spot, inside his compasses, which opened up from the middle. Kaminari also forgot to return the eyepatch to the store.

”Hey where’s Bakugo?” Jirou asked, Kirishima continued forward.

”Oh you know him, he’s got his own thing” Kirishima said, his eyes growing soft “Let’s keep going, we’ll meet him back at the ships tonight.”




Bakugo continued walking, he eyed every person in the crowd, some returned his glares; muttering quiet insults, some turning away in fear. His bright red cape trailed behind him as he veered off around into a small ally way. The captan sighed as he sat down on a crate. Crowds made him feel anxious. He hated to admit it. Bakugo pulled up his hood and breathed in and out to calm himself down.

The cries of people and cracking burning buildings filled his ears but when he opened his eyes, all he could see was the peaceful market filled with people smiling. Bakugo grumbled before standing up. He glared as three silhouettes stood in front of him, holding bottles and knives.

”Heyy swashbuckler..” The leader slurred, his eyes filled with what Bakugo could only describe as drunk with power and pride. “Where’s your crew.?”

”Fucking your hag of a mother.” Bakugo spat, his stance calm, contrasting the burning in his eyes. The leader tensed up, their brown eyes filled with rage.

”You fucking fag!” They roared. Bakugo tensed up at the word. “Y-You all alone buddy, we heard you like dick.. so if you don’t wanna die y-“

Bakugo cut the leader’s knees open with one slice. The two others ran away, they didn’t get far. The ally was long. It only took two lunges to reach them. 

“DIE” Bakugo yelled, as he threw one at the wall with such strength of a dragon. He slashed the last ones shoulders, cutting deeply into their skin with his crimson stained sword. He breathed heavily. Bakugo walked over to the the leader, spitting on the screaming man’s face before using their clothing as a means to clean his sword.

The ally was dark, he couldn’t see their faces. Not that he’d care though. As Bakugo stepped out of the ally, he said one last thing.

”Remember my face you fuckers.. remember me to fear me. Because one day...”

Bakugo raised his hand towards the kingdom, that stupid kingdom. With the royalty leaving the poor to fend themselves against the pirates, who were so hated when they worked to be good they cracked and fought back.

He grinned menacingly.

One day we’ll rule the world”


















Oi Bakugo you’re late!” Kirishima said with a smile. Bakugo grumbled.

”Yeah” He said dryly.

”We bought more supplies and foods from the market too! What were you up to?” Kaminari said, while walking onto the ship along with the rest of the crew. Bakugo grew silent before speaking.

”I watched the sea.”

”What? But we literally live on the sea? Why look at the sea here?” Sero asked “Pretty dumb if you ask me” Bakugo burned with anger.

”Who you calling stupid Soy Sauce?!” He roared, Sero and Kaminari laughing hysterically. Kirishima stopped and looked back at the town. A small boy with messily red dyed hair was waving at him. Kirishima smiled softly and waved back. He grinned as the boy smiled elatedly as he rushed away from the docks.

”Hey Kiri, you coming?” A gruff voice asked. Kirishima looked up to Bakugo, as he made a shadow over the sun. His red eyes pulled up with a raised eyebrow.

Kirishima smiled.



Chapter Text



When it was morning, they swept the deck and went through their chores till breakfast, where Bakugo explained what the days plan was. 

-They were to go revisit Jirou, and request for her to keep them updates on the entire town in exchange of full protection.

-Buy more food and stock up on their supplies

-Visit the blacksmith and weaponry to buy new gear.

-Get Mad Drunk at a Bar

-Go back to Jirou and ask if anything else happened throughout the day

-Meet back at the ship and set sail to leave the island

They all agreed that they should aim for setting out of the island as soon as possible. The crew soon anchored their ship and walked back into town, doing their best at keeping out of trouble. 

By the time they ended up at Jirou’s music and Tattoo shop, Kaminari and Sero had already pickpocketed five people.

”Oi Jirou did you miss us?” Kaminari yelled into the shop. They heard a loud thump, a door opened and there appeared a messy Jirou.

”Asshole you almost made me mess up!” She yelled before cooling off quickly. She was wearing a mask over her mouth. “Go sit down somewhere, I’ll be with you guys in a moment” Kaminari gave a thumbs up and the crew sat down boredly, now that they thought about it, they were more like thugs than pirates when they visited the towns.

“Thanks Jirou!” Mina said as Jirou closed the door to continue tattooing her customer. The crew waited around at the seats, Kaminari messed with the the seating as Sero counted his buttons. Bakugo sat perfectly still, staring out the window as carts driven by oxen drove down the dusty street. The wealthy class disgusted him. 

“Tch..” He scoffed, Kirishima sat next to him

”Lookin at all the rich folk cap’n?” Kirishima asked curiously. Bakugo snorted in response. Kirishima nodded.

”They’re lookin down on us, all of us.” Bakugo growled. Kirishima thought for a moment before smiling

”Well we’re the ones looking down on them from our boat, they just piss themselves when they see us with our canons and swords sharper than their fancy suits.” Kirishima said with a grin. Bakugo stayed silent for a moment before the end of his lip curled into a smirk

”Hmph yeah! We’ll show em” Bakugo agreed.


The crew continued to talk for about an hour before they heard a creaking sound

”Hey Asshats I’m done” Jirou announced as she stepped out of the office, a giant and rough buff man walked out next to her with a bright tribal tattoo on his shoulder, his face bright.

”Thanks Miss Jirou!” He said kindly, paying her earnestly before leaving. She removed the bandana,

“No problem!” She called out before approaching the crew “So what do you guys need? I’m all booked for today, can’t get you guys another tattoo..” 

“Oh it’s nothing like that actually! We were actually wondering if you could.. make a deal with us.” Sero spoke up, adjusting his hat. Jirou rose an eyebrow.

”We request for you to be our spy during the ball that’s going to happen during the festival..” Bakugo finished, his eyes narrowed

“quite strange you didn’t tell us you were going to see the royals as a musician there..” Mina added with a cocked eyebrow. Jirou took a step back

”I don’t know what your talking about man, how would you even know if I would go there or not?” She said dryly, her posture was straight and her eyes narrowed. Despite her poker face though, she was struggling to stay calm. The shop seemed to grow darker.

”We noticed the calendar in your office when the door was open an hour ago.. we originally was going to just ask for your support for when we aren’t here on the island but..” Kirishima said with a toothy grin.

”It seems that You truly have caught our interest..” Kaminari finished. Jirou sweated nervously, she stared at each pirate, then their weapons, the door, then the floor. She sighed tiredly before speaking again.

”It seems I have.. Christ.. fine. I’ll do what you want.” Kaminari high fived Kirishima as they listened in.

“But listen here, now you guys owe me got it? We keep this secret to the graves..” Jirou hissed before turning around back to her office.

”Alright check! Now to the blacksmith” 





”Tch, do you really need us to repeat ourselves buddy?” Kaminari scoffed, his golden eye cold and calculated as he stabbed his sword into the wooden table “We want that dagger. Free. Now.”

”B-But..! B-But that’s for the royal guard.! We’ve been melding it for weeks.!” The young apprentice squealed. His eyes filled with terror “You v-vermins are all terrible..! All of you.!” He screamed.

”You don’t think we know that buddy? We embrace that feeling! Now make a good choice and hand over that-“ Mina started before cutting cut off when a tall man with thick lips and spikey hair came out of the shop.

”M-Master.!” The apprentice squeaked.

”Sato.” Sero greeted dryly, he gripped his sword as he looked at the tough blacksmith.

”Sero.” He replied, his bulging muscles were enough to unerve Sero, Mina, and Kaminari. 

“M-Master you know these s-sea vermin.?!”

”Yes. I’m associated with them. I gave their captain his sword.” Sato said, his eyes slightly narrowing. Bakugo glared back from behind his crew, clenching his giant long sword. “Forgive my apprentice, Bakugo. He is new around these parts.”

Kaminari looked over to Bakugo who only grunted in response

”So.. are we gonna have to fight you for this dagger or what.?” Mina asked sharply, she gripped her chemistry kit, reaching for her nearest acidic bottle.

The blacksmith master didn’t bat an eye

”No. hm.. I don’t recognize your face miss.” Sato grunted. Mina flinched a little

”It’s a big town.” She said, fidgeting.

”Not too big. I know everyone.” Sato retorted. “Come inside, I’ll make you a dagger. Hey, Seiko, clean up the place will you? Fix the table.” the blacksmith ordered.

”W-What you’re inviting them in.?! Pirates.?!” The apprentice yelled, bewildered.

”Seiko.” Sato said sternly, almost cracking the wood frame. The apprentice gulped and nodded quickly as they scampered off.

As the kid was off, Sato’s aura seemed to grow softer.

”Come on in everyone, I finished making some bread so you can take that while I work on your new dagger.” Sato said with a soft smile.

”Huh?” Mina said as Kaminari bounced in

”Thanks Sato!” They said with a bright smile as the buff blacksmith pulled out a sheet of bread from an oven. The crew sat down, making themselves at home as the blacksmith started to pull out some metal.

”No problem everyone! Make yourselves at home- Miss- what’s your name?” Sato asked politely. 

”Mina?” She stuttered, Sato smiled

”Miss Mina, you okay if your dagger is around this length?” Sato asked, as he showed her a middle length sheet of metal.

”Y-Yeah that’s good!” Mina said as she sat down. Sato nodded and got to work, banging his hammer against the metal.

She leaned towards Kirishima. ”Y-Yo man what’s going on?”

”Hm? Oh Sato? He was one of Sero’s friends when Sero was still the royal tailor’s son. When Sero joined our crew, Sato found us and swore that he’d be an ally. So every now and then we come here for new weapons or just.. home!” Kirishima responded, Kaminari spoke up

“However the public doesn’t know, so we act all rough against each other outside” Kaminari added with a cheeky grin “Damn, you didn’t even know but you sure did act the part!”

Mina felt embarrassed yet relieved. 

“Hey I’m done!” Sato announced. He sipped the newly made dagger into an icey cold bucket of water. The pirate crew looked over as he rose the shining dagger out of the water in awe.

He shifted and smelted into a clean oak handle and carved Mina’s name into the side with great precision.

“Holy shit.” Kaminari said with their mouth full of bread.

”Your blacksmithing is always a work of art.” Sero said with a smile. Sato grinned by the compliments, his face covered in pink dust.

”How much do we owe you Sato?” Bakugo asked, Sato thought for a moment.

”I own a bread shop next door, next time you visit the island would you help out there?” He asked, Bakugo gripped his sword before nodding

”We’ll try, but remember that we aren’t very liked in this town. Thanks I guess for your work.” Bakugo grunted. Sato took it enough as a compliment as he nodded.

As they left the shop they saw Seiko the Apprentice, struggling to pull a few stacks of wood from across the street which earned Kaminari, Kirishima, Mina, and Sero some giggles.




”Alrighty, next up we gotta but some more materials, we’ll go to the fruit stand first then we’ll go see the others.” Kirishima said as he looked at the list. “Then according to the list we’ll go hang at the bar till the sun starts to set!” He said with a determined smile.

”Oh fuck yes!” Mina said, fist pumping the sky.

”Lets get this done quick so we can get fucking wasted!” Kaminari yelled, the chaos squad ran into the market and Bakugo shook his head in a face palm sort of way before running after his crew.


“Tchh.. pirates...” A merchant muttered as Kaminari turned away from the stand. They smiled mischievously as they stabbed the stand with a dagger.

”Sorry did I hear somethin from you buddy? Your gonna have nightmares of me and my crew if you keep up that attitude.” Kaminari growled with a wolffish grin.

”S-Sorry Sir.!” They yelped, Kaminari scowled

”You better be.” Kaminari spat as he walked off, smiling as Sero joined up with them. “Did you get the goods man?”

Sero held up a bag of gold “Yep! He didn’t notice!” 

“Incredible, guy was loaded!” Mina said in awe as Kirishima and Bakugo showed up as well

“We finished up with supplies, we should last and whatever.” Bakugo said “let’s go check back at-“

“Bakugo. No.” Kaminari said. Their was was grim. “No we aren’t going there.”

”..?” Bakugo tilted his head menacingly

”Cause we all...”


Kaminari kicked down the bar door.


 Their sanity’s were already lost once they stepped foot into that bar.










Kaminari opened the door to the tattoo shop.

”Hey Jirrrouuuu we’re hooommeee~!” Kirishima called out.

Kaminari and Mina were singing shanties as they wandered around drunk. Bakugo was surprisingly calm in his drunkenness, giggling at some stuff with his bright red face. Sero was completely sober. As once a royal tailor, he had to go to parties sometimes and even when he was merely 16 he still had to drink wine and alcohol.

”Ji-*hic* Jirou?” Kirishima called again. Mina walked in, slightly confused.

”Ehh.? Where is she?” Mina asked, she was more sober than she was five minutes ago, where she was laughing loudly and dancing on tables.

Sero walked slowly through the shop. The crew followed him leerily, despite being drunk less than an hour ago, they were still trained and sharp.

Sero looked around carefully, eyeing each chair and door before he ducked behind a large chair. Immediately everyone else ducked down too.

”I see a light source.. it’s dim but it’s behind that cracked door over there..” Sero whispered as the door started to open wider

Mina closed her mouth tight as sweat rolled down her forehead. Kaminari clenched the side of the seat as they feared for dear life. Sero covered his mouth, hiding himself from his heavy breathing. Kirishima looked around the corner as sweat drenched his body.

And there sat Bakugo, behind the chair. He was clenching his sword and despite himself being the bravest of them all.

He was scared.

Scared of the risk of what was behind that door.

Was it Jirou?

Or was it someone else?

He couldn’t decide because whatever was behind that door was coming out.

Bakugo looked towards Kirishima. Kirishima. His soft red eyes and his scar looked towards the captain leader. Bakugo sucked in a breath, as the door opened.



Chapter Text



And out came Jirou-

“Hey dumbasses come out I can see your reflections on the glass behind you”

Bakugo flinched before getting up to his feet.

”The hell Jirou.” He growled, Jirou closed the door.

”The hell what? You snuck into my shop!” Jirou snapped back, before sighing. 

“Didn’t you miss us though?” Sero asked, puffing up his cheeks and making goo goo eyes.

Jirou rolled her eyes

”As if guys, anyways what do you Pirates want.”

”Well, we anted to ask if anything happened today.?” Kaminari said, raising an eyebrow wearily.

Jirou sighed

”Of course you guys do, petty much Bakugo?” She asked with a smirk, Bakugo narrowed his eyes. “Well if you really wanna know; I think the guard is starting to actually want you guys dead” she spoke.

Bakugo blinked

Mina gulped

Sero gripped his hands

Kaminari shook

and Kirishima stared

”Tch, as if.. we’ve been sailing these parts and pillaging the minor islands for 5 years- what’s with it now?” Bakugo grumbled, looking down on Jirou.

”They were eyeing my shop after you guys left, they sent someone hear for a pseudo tattoo- trying to pry what I know about you guys” Jirou spoke, eyeing outside suspiciously. 

“How do you know if this is actually planning though?” Bakugo asked, sitting down

”They were patrolling way more than they should in this area and near your ship- I overheard them speaking to the locals.” Jirou said “if you ask me, I think they’re suspecting me of treason due to this and if anything- might try and arrest me if I make the wrong step..”

Kaminari stood up quickly,

”Arrest?! For what!?” They yelled

“For siding with the ‘baddies’ I guess?” Jirou shrugged, scratching the back of her head.

Bakugo looked to Kirishima with a quick glance before nodding to Jirou.

”.thanks for the info Jirou, goodnight” He said, before walking out of shop.

The crew tailed behind.

”What do you mean goodnight?! We gotta help!” Kaminari yelled, Bakugo shot the pirate a sharp glance- silencing them as they trudged their way to the ship.

Mad soon as they opened the ship door and piled in, Kaminari went ballistic

”w-we gotta do something Captain! Something! They’re gonna arrest her if we keep using her like this! A-and if we make her go to the ball thing they’re sure to arrest her then!” Kaminari yelled, sweat rolling down their face as they paced around

”Yeah we can’t let that happen- should we cut the deal off?” Sero spoke, looking over to Mina and Kirishima.

Bakugo opened an eye

”Can you shut the hell up? I’m thinking right now” He growled

”So you’re considering it?” Kaminari said

“I said shut the fuck up.” Bakugo spoke, his eyes calculating as he looked around. “Oi, shitty hair- to my office right now” he spoke, before turning away and back up.

The crew was quiet, looking over at the red head, before watching him walk up.

”Damn.” Kaminari echoed

”Kirishima is either gonna be working with him tonight or get banged” Sero snorted, Kaminari giggled

“Either way- poor guy’s not getting sleep tonight” Mina laughed






”This.. predicament..” Bakugo spoke, he sat at his map covered desk as he pinched the space between his eyes.

”Shh shh it’s okay- we’ll figure this out- I’m your tactician” The red head whispered into the blonde’s ear.

”I can’t let anyone get hurt here- but intervention will be necessary..” Bakugo muttered quietly

”It’s like that sometimes- but we’re tough” Kirishima said.

Bakugo thought for a moment, before sighing

“Kirishima.” Bakugo spoke up.


The captain turned to look at him

”I think I got an idea, but I need you’re help” Bakugo said “will you help me?”

Kirishima smiled

”Of course Katsuki” He answered, Bakugo grinned, before writing something down

”Good- get the bird- we’re sending this to  Jirou tonight- this involves her and we need her cooperation for this”

Kirishima nodded before exiting and coming back with the messenger bird.

As it flew away from the ship and into the low lit city

Bakugo smirked

”This will be the pillage of the century.”



Chapter Text



It had been about two weeks ever since The crew had left the main land and set sail into the sea. They would arrive back tonight but very late and she’d most likely greet them in the morning


Jirou clenched her inking Pen.


Tonight. It was Tonight.


She had to get this night right.


Or else, she faced arrest or worse-


Jirou sighed, scratching the back of her neck.


As the clock chimed- she hustled to get her mask on and exited her house, picking up her instrument.


Her lute was carved with intricate patterns and colored in a dark burgundy.


Her mask covered most of her face except part of her mouth, it was carved into the face of an owl.


Jirou shifted uncomfortably as she saw the guards watching her shop from secretly from a restaurant.


It would be fine.


Because tonight-


She adjusted her leather tunic-


-Tonight she knew the little kingdom would learn-


Not to mess with the wolves.



Jirou showed up towards the castle, giving the guard her invitation and walking in, she was taken away by the grand ballroom.


Decorated with drapes of grand golden silk and the ceiling covered with murals and a giant chandelier. 


She walked towards the music booth, waving politely at her fellow musicians.


She didn’t know them well enough to be friends though.


As the crowds of nobles, royalty, and the upper class finally finished flooding in- a loud voice echoed into the giant room.


”It is an honor that all of you have joined us in this wonderful masquerade.” The king said, “we have the privilege to have  King Todoroki of the Todoroki Empire here as well- thank you dearly for coming.”


Jirou looked over to see the giant man, hiding a scowl behind her mask before testing out her lute quickly and sitting up.


”Now- please enjoy and dance to our music from our incredible orchestra as we prepare the food” The king announced with luxury as he waved his hand.


Jirou played along as she looked around.


She was always playing instruments ever since she was a child, so much it made her bored sometimes.


As she ended the first song, she sighed, how long had that song been? 20 minutes? 40? How tiring.


It was time for a break. Jirou stood up to stretch, before walking around. She found herself standing and leaning on an outside yard fence. Jirou hummed as she admired the Royal gardens


”They really do hide such beauty from the public” She mumbled to herself, before hearing a voice


“Yes, it is quite the shame” Someone spoke, Jirou jerked around, adjusting her mask. “Ah sorry, I didn’t mean to freak you out!”


Jirou sighed, the person before them was tall, long black hair poured over their shoulders, and a fancy purple mask that covered half of their face. An elegant dress covered their curvy yet beautiful body.


”It’s fine, enjoying the party, madame?” Jirou asked with a humble smile, adjusting her very masculine tunic.


”Hahah, yes I am monsieur, your music was my favorite part though” The woman giggled, standing next to Jirou as they viewed the garden together.


monsieur, hm? Why not? If this chick thinks I’m a man why stop her? As long as I’m a girl on the inside Jirou thought to herself with a smile. She coughed to adjust her voice


“Ah, my deepest of gratitude, it is indeed an honor for such a noble like you to treat only a lowly artist from the slums and towns below” Jirou spoke, with grace of a king- gesturing towards far from the palace.


The woman’s mouth parted with awe


”Really? You mean- near the sea? What’s it like?” They asked, leaning towards the shorter woman, voice quivering with intrigue.


Jirou blinked, before coughing


”Ah, have you not seen the sea.?” Jirou asked quietly, the woman stared for a moment before shrinking back


”N-No,, my father- my father is very protective of me- he’s been planning my entire life ever since I was born- who I’ll marry, where I’ll be, everything..” The woman spoke, Jirou watched as the moonlight pooled onto the flowers below them. 


Jirou stayed quiet in fear of interrupting the woman. She was different to her. She seemed kind. Lonely. Like the princess in the tower fable they’d tell children.


“I’m. only in my room most of the time, the window I have only looking down at the castle- and I am quite lonely” She echoed softly, “It was nice to come to this party though, I’ve met so many more people tonight, than I have ever met in my entire life”


”How long has it been since the last time you’ve been outside madam?” Jirou asked, The woman was silent before quietly saying


“...eighteen years.?”


”how old are you madam?” Jirou asked


The woman was silent before her


”Twenty, monsieur..” she spoke quietly, Jirou suddenly understood the woman. She felt the loneliness, and the sorrow inside the woman, Jirou gripped the ledge.


Jirou was only twenty one. Years of being a peasant, being worked to the bone, being a working member of society like everyone in the kingdom who spat at the spoiled royalty. But she still felt something for the woman


Was it pity? It something else?


They were silent, Jirou stared at the woman, ah, a miscalculation this has been set up to be. Jirou hummed quietly, she decided what she was to do.


”Madam” Jirou spoke up, the woman looked up from the gardens “What is your name? I would want to know the name of the woman I would take to the sea”


The woman blinked, Jirou could see the shock go through their face


”It’s,, it’s Momo,,” She mumbled, Jirou smiled.


”Momo, a beautiful name indeed” Jirou said, she subconsciously was strumming a quiet tune on her lute as they talked, Jirou felt her heart dance to her voice, how long had it been since she’s had so much fun talking with someone? She thought to herself. Then the wo- no- Momo spoke up.


”Ah- who do I owe the honors to for becoming such a fun person to talk to?” She asked, adjusting her mask.


Jirou smiled


”Ah it’s-“


”Oi, Jirou.” A deep voice said. The two woman turned to see a man.




”Mm,, the next song is starting soon, and then the king is going to speak.” The man said, he looked like he came straight out of an Edgar Allen Poe poem, raven feathers tangled in his jet black hair and red eyes to stare at the soul.


”Ah okay, I guess that answers your question Madame” Jirou said, chuckling a little


”It was wonderful to talk to you Jirou.” Momo smiled “I would dream to be your friend”


”Then don’t dream, I will be your friend till the ends of the earth” Jirou spoke, holding her hand with a smile before kissing it politely and strutting off.


However as much as she wanted to see Momo again, the noble would have forgotten her already by now, besides the night was young, why remember a humble musician Jirou thought to herself



Jirou went through the same motions of the song, watching through the crowd, she hummed to herself as she looked for Momo. Only to do be disappointed with no sign of her gracefully swaying body.


As the song came to an end, they went again, Jirou felt herself grow slightly tired as she watched dance to the music, chatting their lives away as the their grand song came to slow stop. It was then the king rose to attention.


And that’s when the night had truely began.


“My friends, the night has been grand, however I must present to you all the finest gift of this entire party!” The king bellowed with a giant prideful smile


Jirou rose an eyebrow, she bit her lip, this better be good, this shit could bring some pretty good info for the crew


But whatever it was, it probably wouldn’t surprise her, probably some new statue of his ugly face, or some-


”My daughter!”




The ballroom gasped with surprised as multiple mutters and whispers flooded around them




”Yes, my daughter has been in hiding inside our wonderful castle for years, but now it is time to reveal my prized beauty!” The king announced, he beckoned towards a large door as it slowly opened. 


“How long has it been sense you were even born...”




Jirou’s eyes widened and she felt her breath hitch, as the woman’s heavenly voice rang through her ears again


”how old are you madam?” Jirou asked


The woman was silent before her


”Twenty, monsieur..” she spoke quietly,




“ dear Momo?”



Jirou’s jaw dropped in shock


”T-Twenty years father..” Momo spoke, she sounded sorrowful, but carried herself with a noble princess


”Yes! Twenty years! And how beautiful you have grown! And so, you’ve become a true woman indeed, friends I present to you my daughter and one day queen of the kingdom!” The king shouted as the ballroom cheered.


“Once we take care of the pirates of the bay, and have them all hanged for their disgusting crimes we will all live in virtue!” The king said, spitting at the word pirates. The people cheered again, ugh, just sheep they are


She looked at Momo, she had a straightened back and forced smile 


But Jirou was the only person who saw the sadness in Momo’s Face.


Jirou bit her lip and grimaced. But she smiled, because she knew what was to happen.


This wouldn’t part of the plan, but she could make it work. She knew what she had to do to save her princess 



And that’s when the windows broke in and the party finally had fallen victim to the true plan.


It was multiple pirate crews that made up the attack, but it was all designed by Him.


Jirou watched as Bakugo rose from the crowd of nobles, who ran and moved away from the Pirate King.


“Well, isn’t this a party?” Bakugo smiled


“YOU! THE BASTARD OF THE SEAS! GUARDS DESTROY THAT SEA RAT!” The king yelled, his face turning red with anger


Bakugo smiled greedily, his crimson eyes flashing with pride


”CHARGE!” He roared as the multiple pirate crews rushed forward, battling tooth and nail against the royal forces


The ballroom became utter chaos. Masks were falling everywhere, and multiple crews were running about, stealing, drinking, yelling, and causing the most fantastic party she had ever seen. Jirou could swear she saw Kirishima hooting and hollering as he stole a beer barrel 


Jirou stayed alert as she ran through the crowd, she was ducking and rolling to dodge the fray but she kept her eyes on the prize, she saw the king and queen- covered from head to toe in jewelry and fine silk


But they weren’t her cause of attention, she was.






The king and queen(who had been quiet the entire time), were escorted out of the ballroom, when the queen screamed




The Guards became quiet as they turned to spot where Momo Yaoyorozu once stood, now empty.


Mono felt her hand squeezed tightly as she was pulled through the crowd of screaming people and yelling pirates and ruffians.


She tried to look up to see who her capture was but only saw more bodies in her way.


Her crown and mask had fallen long since now and she felt her dress rip and shoes fall off.


They ran and ran and ran for what felt like forever, she could hear guards behind them, trying to save her.


But for some reason, she wanted to keep running.


Suddenly they were out in the open, she gasped for breath when she looked up,


and saw him.


Except him, was a her.




”Sorry Madam for the surprise, but I did promise you to see the sea. Am I wrong?” Jirou said, her hair was ruffled and her tunic loose and shaken from the war that was going on inside, a lute hastily strapped to her back


”J-Jirou you planned all of this?!” Momo yelled, her eyes widened with shock


“Well not this” Jirou said motioning their hands to the both of them. “and I did not actually plan this attack either, just another innocent guest who just so happened to know this was might so possibly totally gonna happen”


”B-But how? Why?!” Momo asked letting go of the musician’s hands, her hair was messy, dress ripped, and everything ruined. She was in shambles as she stared at the disastrous woman who she only knew as Jirou.


Jirou looked around before letting out a hand in front of her


”Would you like to know?” Jirou said, her face was gentle, and her eyes honest and soft.


Momo looked behind her, she saw the guards trying to track her but failing to move from the chaos.


Momo bit her lip, when she saw the moon behind Jirou.


She could see water, reflecting beautifully as the moon radiated Light towards them. Momo breathed in the fresh air and she felt her heart soar as she could hear the ocean crash from beyond the castle.


She looked back, to see the golden castle interior, being torn from the inside and guards trying to track her to reel her back in and never let her out.


Momo darted her eyes around before looking at Jirou. She sighed deeply before letting out her hand and holding onto Jirou.


Never letting go she spoke


”More than anything” Momo echoed, 


She was pulled into a hug, and Jirou let out her other hand grabbing a rope that was suddenly swung by and they were suddenly hauled up and flown through the air


Momo gasped as she felt the icy wind hit her cold face as they flew by the castle,


She held Jirou tightly as she clung to the rope and were suddenly hoisted onto the hill next to the palace. Momo could see the entire city, as the moonlight poured onto her.


Momo was free, she held Jirou’s hand as they looked at each other. Before nodding and running through the trees and far from the castle.



Chapter Text



Jirou and Momo ran through the trees, Momo breathed in the salty air, her eyes wide as she watched everything around her. They stopped to take a break from running, sitting beneath the trees as the shiny dark blue sky sparkled with stars above them.


Momo was astounded by the stars, as she felts her hands tug on the grass and the wind flowing through her hair. Jirou smiled at the girl’s amazement, however still saddened by the thought on how many lonely nights Momo had went through, wasting away in her room despite the riches.


Jirou up shook her head, to rid of the thoughts. Momo was free. And that’s all that mattered in the moment.


”Let’s get going, we’ll need a shortcut back to my shop, I know where but it’s uh,,” Jirou spoke, before gesturing her hands “pretty messy..” 


”That’s alright, you’ve done so much for me..” Momo said, her face lifting and holding Jirou’s hands. “I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure I’ve returned what you’ve given me!” She spoke, her voice trembling with determination


Jirou blinked, she felt her cheeks burning with blush. Jirou smiled weakly


”Y-You sure about that.?” Jirou asked, Momo only came closer to Jirou’s face. Woah that’s close okey..


“Of course! You’ve freed me from my locked life! You risked your life for just me a-and and...!” Momo exclaimed, before exhaling “I.. I’ll do anything for you, if you let me be by your side!”


Jirou looked around before staring into Momo’s eyes. She isn’t safe with me though.. Jirou closed her eyes. Before it hit her.


”Jeez.. Bakugo is never gonna let me hear the end of this...” Jirou murmured. Momo tilted her head, her eyes squinting with confusion


“Baku..go.?” Momo asked, before Jirou pulled her through the trees once again.



“Where are we going?” Momo asked, as Jirou found a sewer drain.


”Okay, we’re here..” Jirou turned to Momo. “I.. this sewer drain system connects to the bay. It’ll lead you to the sea., they’re gonna be coming through here soon.. so just follow them and you’ll get there..”


“But.. what about you? Who is they?” Momo looked to Jirou, here eyes filled with concern. Jirou closed her eyes, she kissed Momo’s hand before opening the sewer gates


”Tell them Jirou Kyouka Sent you.. they’ll lead you to safety. If all goes to plan... I’ll.. I’ll see you in the morning.” She said, Momo’s eyes were washed with fear.


”A-And.. and if it doesn’t..?” Momo asked, Jirou flinched. She couldn’t think of that. Thousands of wha ifs swarmed her mind before she choked out an answer.


”It.. It won’t.” Jirou said, smiling. She gave Momo a quick hug before running back into the woods and to the castle, disappearing into the darkness.


Momo stood alone in the darkness. Her hands were shaking, the once pleasurable fresh cold of the air now froze her to the spot. She was alone again but inside she felt a flame, burning inside her and roaring at her to push forward.


“It’ll lead you to the sea., they’re gonna be coming through here soon.. so just follow them and you’ll get there..” Jirou’s mind echoed inside her brain. She clenched her hands, Momo felt sweat drip down her face as she stepped inside the sewers. A wave of stench hit her. But that didn’t stop her as she made her way onto a ledge and dried herself off.


Her crown was gone. So was her jewelry and mask. Her once elegant dress now in shambles, with feet bare and muddy. She looked like a ruffian. A ruffian just like Jirou. And how much she loved it. Every wet step she took, echoed through the sewers. The moonlight that lit up the dark sewers was gone. The only thing guiding her was the sound of running water and the sewer walls, brushing against her hand.


But then. She heard humming. Momo swung around, she saw a light coming from the darkness, a torch. Momo froze in fear. She tried to walk away but she slipped and fell, causing a great echo.


”Someone else is in here.! Show yourself! Who are you!?”  She heard them unsheathe a swords. She couldn’t outrun them, she knew it. Momo broke out of her trance as she stepped back into the darkness.


“I-..!” Momo started, “I’m a friend of Kyouka Jirou...!” She yelled into the darkness. She heard no response. A friend.. yes..! I have a friend..! 


Momo turned around, towards the light. She stared at a tall man, with wavy and curly purple hair. Along with the clothing of a noble.


”Y-You are..!” Momo stuttered. She was screwed, she could feel it. He would catch her and drag her back into her castle and she would never see the sea. And if Jirou made it out alive, she would never see her one and only friend again-


Then the man laughed.


”Jirou you say? So she finally got an actual friend that wasn’t a sea gremlin like the others.. took her long enough, and wha a new friend she’s got too- princess” He said, the man coming closer. “My name is Shinso, I’ll lead you to the docks, I’m a friend of Jirou as well.”


Momo blinked, stepping back a little


”H-How can I trust yo-“


”You can trust I know my way to the docks, yes?” Shinso asked, raising an eyebrow. She felt as if is tired purple eyes stared into her soul.


“..y-yes..” Momo murmured.


”Good.” He then came close to her ear, making her flinch. “I can talk you out of anything as long as I am here. If you want to get safely to the docks, and get to them.. you’ll need me whether you trust me or not..” He spoke, Momo blinked.


Them.. that’s who Jirou was talking about., but how can this noble be associated with them?


“Come now, I don’t doubt that they’ll try and slash your head off without me” Shinso said, before waving into the darkness.


Momo blinked, she gulped in fear as she scampered behind him. But as scared as she was, she trusted Jirou. She gripped her hands as they trudged through the darkness, only illuminated by the small torch






Jirou ran back into the chaos, she found her mask and clunked it back onto her face, as hard as it was.. She felt herself jostled around beyond belief. She saw guards fighting against multiple pirates from every inch around the ballroom. Trying to defend pirates from multiple helpless nobles and guests.


Jirou tried to run through the crowd, trying to avoid attacks when she had bumped into something


She at first thought it was a guard, or maybe even a column if she was that stupid, as it was something humongous.


But that’s when she felt the blade go through her.


The Musician fell to her knees as blood splattered from her side. She coughed out blood as she felt the blade on her hands. 


She looked up to her attacker, when her blood ran cold. 


Blood splattered red across the ground, as she was laid on the ground.


As Jirou stared up, at the crimson eyes of Bakugo Katsuki.


“Shit..” she coughed as blood dripped from the wound. Bakugo let go of his sword as Jirou shriveled on the ground with it still inside her body. Jirou stared tiredly at the artwork she had down on his now bloody arms.


The world was covered in black spots, she could barely see what was going on from the ground, she stared as Bakugo fought against guard after guard, slashing them down with his great sword.


Then, everything was quiet. All the pirates had disappeared just as fast as they had raided in. Jirou could catch glimpses of pirates jumping out of windows, when she caught Bakugo’s eye.


He stared at her with a hollow expression, before leaving into the night.


As she felt herself being carried away by doctors and guards. Her vision blackened, as she felt her warm blood drip out of her body. 


What fools these nobles are she thought as her conscious faded.


The plan was complete.



Chapter Text


Bakugo hated many things. 


He hated sweating, it made him feel soggy and uncomfortable under his leather.


He also hated woman who were too shrill and loud, it brought him headaches.


But those to things, were nothing in comparison to what he hates the most.


Bakugo hated the kingdom.


He hated the nobles. He hated the royalty. Their riches, their snobbiness, their clothing, their home;


and oh, how He despised the damn fucking king. 


So why was he letting this princess into his fleet- of outcasts and criminals.?





Bakugo left the sword in Jirou’s stomach. If he pulled it out, she would surely die from blood loss- he could never forgive himself if that were to happen..


Before she soon passed out, Bakugo looked at her face, a smug smile drifting on her pale face before falling to the grown. Bakugo grunted.


Had to be done,.. we’re in the middle of this entire fucking ballroom, everyone saw me.. if they saw me attack her, they’d know she is no threat.. he told himself, it seems in her last moments of consciousness she realized that.. clenching his giant greatsword. Bakugo gave a glance at his tattoo.


It stared back.


”Tch..” Bakugo rose his giant sword, pirates turned their heads from their new jewelry and victims, soon the entire ballroom dispersed, pirates escaped the ballroom in fleets. Grabbing and swinging from the ropes they had placed outside the castle.


Bakugo looked up at the king’s empty throne. The doors reopened to the king who was pounding to be let out of the safe inside kingdom. But something was different. Someone was missing. He bit his lip before shooting the king a glance.


He smiled grimly before soon escaping into the night. Bakugo swung outside, landing onto the grass with a loud thud. He heard guards running after him, he wouldn’t let them catch the daring captain as the blond dashed through the trees and grinned as he heard them lose track of him through the thick woods.


Bakugo skidded to a rough stop, catching his breath as sweat rolled down his face.


”Finally got away,,” He coughed, as he looked around. The captain somehow made it to the edge of a beach. He pushed through the ferns and gazed as the moonlight beach filled his view.


Bakugo soon fell asleep, as he stumbled back into the fern.




It was soon morning, Bakugo got up with a heavy groan as he gripped his great sword with a protective precaution. 


Bakugo stared at his ocean’s reflection. He was ruffled, he stared at new cuts he had earned unknowingly through the ballroom fight, blood of different people splattered on his skin.


”I-... I need to get to the docks..” He spoke tiredly, he walked tiredly across the beach. Each step getting heavier as exhaustion crawled around at the back of his mind. His gold bag pouch was full of new stolen goods. His adrenaline had been drowned away by the sounds of the ocean.


Despite the sun, he felt still cold and tired.


Yet The blond pirate king felt at peace, as he stepped onto the wooden docks, he felt at sudden ease as he looked up at his only home. His ship. His kingdom.


”I’m back..” Bakugo spoke, his voice raspy and his breathing heavy. The lights and warmth of his ship enveloping him.


“Bakugo.!” He heard someone exclaim- Bakugo looked up to see his crew smile in delight at the sight of their captain,


He suddenly felt a large body hug him, the captain smiled as he saw the familiar red hair.


”Good to see you Ejirou..” He smiled, giving his first mate a back pat as he was soon let go.


”’re Mr Bakugo?” An unfamiliar voice said from inside the ship, Bakugo looked up, he felt himself become edged.


”Who are you.” He asked, his voice dark as the captain pushed through his crew mates.


”W-Wait! Cap’n.!” He heard Kaminari start, but it was too late. With boiling rage, Bakugo looked down, at the royal family’s stolen Heir. 


Their prized princess.


Inside his fucking boat.


Why. Are. You. Here.” He spat, his eyes a rowing as he looked down on the young woman. What the fuck was her name again? It didn’t matter. It meant nothing to him. All that mattered was that she had royal blood in her.


”I-I.. I’m sorry I-..” Princess stuttered, then a hand covered her. Bakugo looked up from the weak princess, and was shocked to find a pair of familiar purple eyes staring back at him.


”She was sent here by Jirou’s personal request.” Shinso spoke, his eyes narrowing “Her arrival is not disrupting your plan, so there is nothing wrong with this woman being here. Besides, Jirou trusts her. And you trust Jirou.. right?” Shinso added, looking down at Bakugo.


The captain could only sneer, he stared at the princess. She was basically in rags, she was covered in small scratches and cuts, and he could see leaves sticking out of her long hair. She looked nothing like a princess. 


“So what if I trust Jirou or not.. this still is..-“ Bakugo started, before Shinso spoke up again.


”If it’s a so what situation, then I don’t think you’ll mind our dear runaway princess here..right?” Shinso smiled, interrupting the pirate entirely. Bakugo was about to yell something when suddenly the princess spoke,


”Jirou.. she... she saved me..” she murmured.


”The hell you say? Speak up princess I can’t fucking hear you.” Bakugo spat, bending down and facing her. Beads of sweat rolled down her face, he could feel the fear and anxiety rush through her,


But something else flowed through her. He could see it in her eyes. Bakugo could almost laugh from dumb it was. It was hope.


”Jirou saved me.” The princess repeated, her eyes staring up at Bakugo intensely.

”If I stayed with my kingdom, I would never live. I would just be another pretty face thrown around for other people’s gain.. and she was the only one who saw that.” The princess spoke, her hands shaking before suddenly gripping into a a fist.

“No one in this kingdom knew I existed for my entire life.. the only reason these people in this damn- kingdom.. know I even exist, only so they could see that I’m pretty, and worthy to do all of my fath-“


The princess suddenly stopped. Bakugo could hear the word ‘father’, die on her mouth.


”...the king’s royalty work..” She finally finished. Bakugo was silent, but his cold glare was unmoving. “Jirou.. is like... my Prince Charming.. she rescued me...  from my tower.”


Bakugo took a deep breath in before speaking again


”Where is.. your precious Prince Charming now..” Bakugo asked, his eyes narrowing. The princess was silent, and he could see worry plastered on her face.


”S-She’s not with you?” Momo sputtered, her dark eyes widening as her hair looked over her shoulders.


”Oi yeah- where is Jirou anyways?” Sero asked, tilting his head. Bakugo went silent. He could feel the blood still drip from his body.


”I only saw her return quickly the party. However I lost her from my sights during the scuffle..” The captain spat, a shadow looming over his face.


”I-I see..” The princess said, looking down at her feet. Bakugo stared on at her. She looked,, tired,, and sad. Almost dissatisfied or disappointed.


The hell was it between the chick and Jirou?


But- it was for the best, because somewhere in his mind- Bakugo knew if she learned the truth.


He wouldn’t get out unscathed by the young woman in front of him.


”We should.. Wait until the news comes out about the raid.. it occurred two days ago.. so it shouldn’t be too long.” Kirishima said, picking at his long shark teeth.


”Sounds smart enough.” Shinso said, he opened one eye- before speaking again.


“Until the return of Jirou Kyouka- I will be the one responsible for our dear princess here.” He said, motioning towards the girl. 


Bakugo bit his tongue as he heard the word princess.. then again.. that’s all he’s referred her as.


”Tch.. sounds fine enough for me.. by the way chick.” Bakugo growled, he leaned over the princess. Her dark onyx eyes staring back win both fear and curiosity.


”The fuck is your name- I give less then two shits about your damn old kingdom that I’ve already forgotten your fucking shit.” Bakugo said, his crimson eyes narrowing.


She blinked, slightly surprised before giggling a little bit. Her laugh was sweet and soft. Unlike the shrill, obnoxious, and loud cackles he’d hear from the nobles and duchesses who would throw their money at jewelry and beauty.


”Hahah.. my name Sir Bakugo- is Momo Yaoyorozu.” 





When the news came in- there was a list of injured and dead, along with The Cavalry’s names pinned for death(which Kaminari and Sero only laughed at.) 


They searched for Jirou’s name in the dead files, and was relieved to find her not on the list.


However that joy didn’t last for long- as they found her name in the severely injured. As she was found stabbed through the gut by a rogue pirate.


And for once, as he watched the disguised princess tremble and mutter words of fear after reading the paper- he didn’t have the heart to tell the noble the truth


As Shinso took Momo away. Bakugo felt a heavy weight on his shoulders. He turned to his crew and lead them back to the ship.


Before turning to them, and speaking with a dry mouth.


”It was me.”


Chapter Text


Jirou opened her eyes. She tried to get up but she felt her arms give in as she laid in bed.


She looked at herself, her clothes were still stained in blood from the night before, however she felt her body healed.


”Tch.. fucking.. what...” She rasped, as she pulled herself into a sitting position, when she remembered the night before. “ah shit., Yaoyorozu.!”


She looked around, she was in her home, but she could tell it was inspected from the way things were placed, she stared outside, no guards circled her home anymore, staring at her suspiciously, asking for tattoos just to talk and inspect her, but that’s as the least of her worries now.


Jirou stumbled to her feet and fumbled over her feet to open her door, before tripping down the staircase. She opened the door to the tattoo shop, her heart was beating fast, and her body was throbbing in pain from the night before.


She could still feel the sword inside her-


Jirou blinked, sweat rolling down her face as several faces turned to her. She panted from the exertion, staring at each person. The Cavalry stood in front of her, with surprised eyes.




”KYOUKA!” Kaminari shouted as they jumped into her arms, she wheezed as she felt her body squeezed and held. “I thought you were a goner!”


”Y-Yeah.,! M-Me too..” She coughed, as she was soon let go by Kaminari, she looked off and up at Bakugo’s unwavering crimson eyes. “Hey there..”


”Hey.” He said, looking down at her with a steady gaze.


”Captain..” Kaminari said, their eyes dark as they stared right at the pirate king.


”Tch.. I don’t need to apologize.. she was the one who agreed to our plan, it said in the letter she’d just have to go with whatever we did..” Bakugo spoke, “plan or no plan..” his eyes narrowing at Kaminari, who only could sputter out some words before sneering.


”It’s fine.. just a scratch..” Jirou said, smiling weakly.




”She just said that it was fine Kaminari.” Bakugo interrupted, his eyes seering through Kaminari’s soul. Jirou felt herself step away a little, and she could see Sero and Kirishima watch in concern.


You. Stabbed Her, Bakugo...” Kaminari said, anger bubbling out of every word. Bakugo didn’t even flinch.


”And yet, do you see a single guard threatening her safety yet? After three whole days?” Bakugo spoke, a glint of arrogance in his eyes. “The dumb fucking people there even healed her, and haven’t bothered her for days that would be usually filled to the prim with rock headed tin cans looking for appreciation.”


Kaminari froze on the spot, going quiet.


”Now..” Bakugo walked past Kaminari and stared at them. “Don’t doubt me again, got it?”


”Y-Yes captain, I’m sorry..”


”Tch, dumbass, don’t apologize, you were just worried. Just don’t doubt me again..” Bakugo sneered, giving a soft punch to Kaminari’s shoulder. Jirou smiled as Kaminari’s tense and worried face dripped away.


”God, took you guys long enough to calm down,,” A soothing voice spoke from outside the door, Jirou blinkered curiously as a tall and refined man, around Bakugo’s age walked in. Curly purple hair laid on his head, with dull tired eyes.


”Y-You are..” Jirou sputtered, as Shinso walked into the shop. Kaminari hugged the tall man with a bright smile, as Kirishima and Sero gave bright greetings. Shinso smiled before looking at Jirou.


”I brought her, she sure is worried about you, Miss Musician.” He said, and behind him, being pushed into the shop by a bright Mina who skipped in.


There, draped in a cloak, stood Momo Yaoyorozu: the Rebelled Princess.


”Jirou!” Momo exclaimed, her face lighting up with pure bliss.


”Yaoyorozu..” Jirou spoke softly, with a bright smile. Despite the nausea that wracked her brain, she was still.. so.. so very happy to see the woman.


Momo was sporting a new look, she wore a large cloak that covered most of her body in which underneath she wore an outfit similar to Mina’s but more armor based.

Her once long silky hair was put into a large spikey ponytail and a long side bang covering one eye. All of the unnecessary make up that covered her face last time they saw each other was wiped off, and the biggest change of all: Momo had a large grin on her face. Jirou tried her best to hide her pink face, Momo was beautiful.


”It’s so wonderfully to see you! I thought I wouldn’t see you again once I entered the sewers! Then when I got to the people you were talking about- ahem them” Momo spoke quickly, motioning to the crew “They were just pleasant you have no idea!”


”I’m glad to hear it Yaomomo..” Jirou said lovingly, Momo blinked.


”Yaomomo?” Momo repeated, perplexed by the name. Jirou’s cheeks burned pink with embarrassment.


”I-It’s just a Nickname..” Jirou muttered, covering her pink face with a hand. She could hear Sero and Kaminari snorting.


”A-Ah! I see! This truly shows that we are friends then! I’m so happy!” Momo said, her face so bright, Jirou felt as if she’d go blind. Momo grasped her hands as she went on and on, on how she met the crew.


”We were waiting for you, Bakugo, Kirishima, and Kaminari arrived eventually- but you never came home! B-But then, yesterday morning we got news of the injured found during the attack from the newspaper and we found you on the list! Attacked by a rogue pirate in the scuffle.. I hope you’re alright.!” Momo rambled on and on. Jirou blinked, her gaze swerving to Bakugo, who only shook his head.


She doesn’t know.. she doesn’t know it was Bakugo.. Jirou realized, she bit her lip- she kept the secret inside her. No one had the heart to tell the ex princess the truth.


”It was scary.. but I’m glad to be back here again..” Jirou smiled, Kirishima looked over.


”Jirou, you in the right shape to give Momo a tattoo?” Kirishima asked, Jirou blinked. 


“Tattoo?” Jirou asked, before looking over at Momo with a fearful gaze “M-Momo you’re thinking about,.?” Momo nodded quietly. The taller woman placed her hands on Jirou’s.


”Mm.. Jirou.. in a few days- it will be my 21st birthday..” Momo spoke in a hushed voice “and.. once I would become 21, my father would force me to marry a stranger... but.,”


Momo looked up at Jirou with watery onyx eyes.


”but you saved me Jirou.. and even though I wish to be by your side always like how I said at the sewer entrance.. I can’t be safe like how you want me to be if I stay here in the kingdom..” Momo said, squeezing Jirou’s hands. “I have to join the crew, away from the kingdom, away from you.. because you and the crew,, even for a little while,, made me feel like I was free..”


Jirou was silent for a moment. Momo looked at her, fear spreading through her face. The crew watched in anticipation, Mina was holding onto Kaminari in fear for what was to happen as Kaminari’s face was almost emotionless.


Jirou exhaled, taking Momo’s hands off her, Momo shuffled her feet, she could feel herself flinch in fear as Jirou raised a hand towards her face. But then she felt Jirou’s soft fingers wipe away something on her cheek. It was tears. Momo gasped as she realized tears had started to flow down her own face.


”Alright alright, I’ll get you the tattoo, no need to be all sentimental about it.. however..” Jirou spoke with a small smile. “I won’t do it until you turn 21., as a sign of your true rebellion and recruitment to the Cavalry..!”


Jirou saw an image go through her head. Of a Momo. Alone in her small room. Every single day. Alone. It broke Jirou down from piece to piece.


Momo stared at Jirou, with a shocked expression, hands shaking as Jirou’s hand stroked her soft face. A sweat rolled down Jirou’s face, she didn’t know what it was. Maybe a headache from her stab wound, maybe an effect of nausea. Or was it-


Jirou bit her lip, slowly lowered her hand from her face as her face was splattered with a bright pink.


”I.. I..”


”We’ll walk around town together with you Momo, all of us. We’ll get beer. Shop together, make sure you see the sea.. we’ll make sure you never are alone again.!” Kaminari suddenly shouted


”Y-Yeah that’s right.!” Mina said, hugging Momo from behind. “You don’t have to be all scared and alone Momo!”


As Momo was bombarded with encouragement and support, Jirou saw Momo cry. But as Jirou was about to reach out, she saw Momo smile with tears of joy.


”T-Thank you all so much.. T-Thank you.. T-Thank., you.” Momo sputtered. Suddenly, everyone cleared as Bakugo approached Momo, looking down at her.


Jirou tensed up, Mina spoke up


”Ba-Cap-Captain.. Captain we know you h-hate royalty, and I know we didn’t clarify anything with you sense you only got y-yesterday but.!-“


Bakugo places his hand on Momo’s head, patting it.


Momo blinked, surprised. 


”B-But, you’re a pirate- you hate us nobles..” She could only murmur


”Tch- you ain’t a Noble anymore.! Right now you are a homeless, broke, person. You are a nobody right now.” Bakugo growled before smiling.


”Katsuki..!” Kirishima murmured, his eyes wide and his smile bright.


”Hmph, once you get that fucking tattoo- you’re one of us, got it? And we’ll make sure to work you to the bone- and make you feel like a true pirate- a true person.” Bakugo said, his eyes narrowing at her. “We’ll make you feel accepted, Momo.”


Momo smiled, eyes soft as she looked towards the crew and to Jirou.


”Thank you..”




The crew left for the sea, they’d go undercover until Momo’s birthday, to stay away from guards and raging kingdom.


Momo left with Shinso who was keeping her in hiding. But before they had gone, Momo gave her hug a goodbye.


Jirou smiled tiredly, before heading back into her home, it was planted right on top of her shop. Despite her kingdom being shit.


She had hope. She sat down and laid on her bed, hands on her fluttering heart, as she soon fell asleep and waited for the coming days.


And the day, where Momo would finally take her first steps forward, into her new life.


Chapter Text


Shinso Hitoshi.”


The purple haired man looked up. Hands cuffed. He was young, but dignified and professional. But inside, Shinso was as ragged and wild as every pirate on the sea.


You are on stand of treason to the great kingdom for being accused of thecapture of Princess Momo. Where do you stand?


Shinso smirked, looking up at the court before him. No one in the court had knew it. But they were all puppets. 


His puppets.


“Not guilty, your majesty.” He spoke.



“Do not point that sword at me.”


”You’re a traitor to the crown..! We’ll slaughter you!” 


“Now gentlemen, I do not understand what you are saying.” Shinso said, staring at the ship men, with their swords unsheathed and pointed towards the lavender haired man.


The night sky laid above them, as Shinzo stood alone on the ship, along with the two, sword wielding sailors.


“W-We saw you.! We saw you with her.! We’ll kill you! And your disgusting pirate crew!”


Shinso glared, he felt himself start to sweat slightly. On one hand, this day had not gone to plan. But when does it. The ship Shinso had been standing on, was on the course to “chase” after the Cavalry Of The Crimson Lizard- the people who supposedly captured Momo.


Only that night, Shinso had hid Momo among the docks to cover for the Cavalry and keep them from losing their heads.


”How dare, you associate me with such disgusting pirates! Do you not know why we are on this ship? We are here to save the princess from them.!” Shinso spat, the metal tasting lie on his silver tongue burned into the Sailors around them.


”D-Do not try your tricks Hitoshi! We won’t fall for them. W-We’ll see you before the king.! And once your head is strung up for all to see.. we’l, take your spot! Mr. Chief Tactician” They shouted, spitting at his shoes.


”Try me! I will not let you even try and convince the people before us to believe such blasphemous things.!” Shinso yelled, but he felt his growled mouth twist into a smirk as he faced away from them. Such fools they are.



“We were on board to track the Pirates who raided your party Your Majesty. But, I was soon threatened by lower members of the ship, swords pointed at my throat, your Majesty.” Shinso spoke cooly, looking straight at the King’s eyes with a soft smile.


The scribe looked up and down, continuing to write the court reports.


”That’s a violation on attacking a superior..” the scribe muttered, he was plain looking. Blonde hair and a long tail coat.


”Mm,..” The king hummed.


”W-We saw you! We saw you we can count on it! You were there!” The sailor yelled, Shinso winced at the loud abruption.


”We saw you two nights ago, coming out of the sewers with her.! And last night at the docks.! It’s obvious that this whole chasing after the cavalry was a complete scam.!” The other sailor said, Shinso bit the inside of his cheek. Shit. They saw that too huh. 


Two nights ago you say? During the big night where it all happened?” Shinso asked, raising his eyebrows. “Clearly you must know, but I was at the party the entire time- and was personally escorted out of the terror myself.”


The king nodded, his eyes shifting towards the sailors with a cold stare. 


“I saw to it myself, you’ve dared to lie to my face then?” The king asked to the sailors.


”W-W-What.!? Of course not my king..!” The sailor sputtered, eyes widened. “B-But please believe me- he must be lying I saw him with the princess with my own eyes..! He was-“


”I have the records on that actually,..” Shinso cut in, with a smirk. Sero did a good job a nabbing them for me.. The scribe looked up, eye brows rising as he looked around his papers and his face slightly shaken as Shinso took out the documents


“Ahem.. I apologize Mr.., Mr Ojirou yes? Hmhmh, well according to the documents, it states:...Along with Neito Monoma, Chief of the Information Department, both Shouto Todoroki and his brother Touya Todoroki the Prince of a The Todoroki Empire..” Shinso said, with a calm smile, before pausing and looking straight into the sailors’ eyes.


“...and Shinso Hitoshi, Chief Tactician was personally escorted out of the castle after the attack of pirates.” Shinso spoke, his smile stretching.


The two sailors sputtered and tried to speak, but words were lost.


”B-But.. we saw...!” They tried to speak.


”Silence. It is clear that you are nothing but traitors, trying to put the blame on Chief Hitoshi.” The great king spoke with a growled voice. “In fact, as your positions of being sailors and thus soldiers to this kingdom as well.. you must have seen Chief Hitoshi escorted out as well.. meaning all of this was a lie.”


”N-No no no we can explain we swear on our life..! We-“


”I was there, I saw Shinso and had a full conversation with him as we were escorted away..” A voice spoke up, the court turned to a tall man, with dark red hair, and piercing icy blue eyes. The finale is here.. Shinso thought to himself with a soft smirk.


”Prince Touya, it seems you’ve payed us a visit.” The king said, Shinso could see interest grow in his old wrinkly face.


”Yes, and as I’ve was about say.. After having a full, conversation with Shinso Hitoshi on our way out of the castle, we were met with no maidens even slightly resemblant of the Lost Princess.” The prince spoke, his piercing eyes meeting every person on the room. 




”This trial is over. I, King Yaoyorozu, say that Shinso Hitoshi Not Guilty. And as for you two,..” The king pointed a ringed finger towards the two sailors, sweat rolling down their pale faces. “I have every right to believe that are the true culprits of my daughter’s disappearance.!”


”Of course not your Majesty..please we-“


”Enough of it, I will have you traitorous fiends out of my sight! You status hungry mongrels.!” The king spat. Shinso gripped his hands, that could have been me.. he winced as he heard the sailors dragged away. But as they were pulled out of the building, Shinso made eye contact with one of them, and smirked, the horror grew on the sailors face as the doors shut.



The trial was dispersed. Shinso left as soon as possible, he turned the corner and soon found himself in an alleyway, when a hooded figure appeared.


“That was fast..” Momo spoke quietly. Shinso nodded with a tired smile.


“Yes, but I’m completely out of suspicion now, and so is the Cavalry.. as long as the king believes that he’s killed the culprits behind his ‘beloved daughter’s disappearance’, you and the crew are safe..” Shinso spoke, Momo smiled before sighing.


”Thank goodness,.”


”Now then Momo, go to the tattoo shop, I’ll meet you there..” Shinso said, Momo tilted her head.


”You’re staying?” She asked, adjusting her hair.


“I’ll catch up.. I just need to thank someone..” Shinso spoke, patting her shoulder. Momo paused, before nodding and scampering off with the hood over her face.


Shinso exhaled, he looked towards the sea. Full of freedom, and the gorgeous vastness of the world. But he gave it up. To play pretend, he put his hand over the hidden tattoo that binded the crew together. It laid hidden all of his layers of clothing, on the back of his neck. As long as it’s for them.. I’ll be fine


Shinso turned around.


”Good timing, I hoped you’d find me. I wanted to thank you.” Shinso spoke. There in front of him, was the oh so familiar Touya Todoroki, smiling in his dazzling uniform and sparkling icy blue eyes.


”Why of course, it’s my pleasure Chief Shinso..” He said slyly “after all..”


Touya’s form suddenly began to shift, it crumpled and melted before sputtering into a whole new being. It’s true form.


”’s what he asked of me..” She spoke, and there before Shinso, was Himiko Toga. Trickster and Messenger of Touya Todoroki.


”Messenger.” Shinso greeted


”Chief!” Himiko said, flashing a toothy grin. The clothes the shapeshifter wore were baggy, they were Touya’s of course, but they looked like nothing more than rags on the girl.


”Relay my thanks to the prince for me.. and tell him the Cavalry sends their regards..” Shinso spoke to her, she smiled.


”Course.! Should I tell the other guy too?” Himiko asked, Shinso grunted


”Tch, no. Of course not” Shinso spat. “The Dust Raiders don’t need to know shit.” He said, dark purple eyes narrowing down at the poly morphing girl.


”Heheh.!~ Your lost!” Himiko giggled, before disappearing into the crowds of the city. Shinso stood alone in the empty and quiet alleyway, before he slipped away.


Himiko Toga, was a mystery beyond mysteries. Some say she is part of the infamous and dangerous crew the Dust Raiders. Ask a normal person, and they’ll say she’s the humble messenger for Prince Touya. But one thing was for sure.


She was not normal. 


Shinso strutted away. He relayed the words to himself.

One Day before Momo’s Birthday.


Chapter Text





”Shh Shh! Someone will hear you..” Momo whispered, as she pulled her hood down while walking into the shop. As the days had passed by since the night of the ball, the princess had cut her hair slightly and pulled it up into a spikey ponytail with a side bang that covered her face.


For the public, she was just another normal person, as the presses were horrible at describing her looks, and the fact that the king had been shielding her from the entire kingdom’s existence for years.


”Good to see you Momo!” Kaminari said, inside one of the inside rooms of the tattoo shop. Sero and Mina waved from inside as well.


”Ah! It’s wonderful to see you guys!” Momo greeted with a kind smile. Jirou smiled from her small study room, Momo saw the shorter girl discreetly put something into a hidden cabinet, but Momo kept her mouth shut.


”How are you doing? ‘id Shinso finally get outta the court?” Jirou ask, a little bit of concern on her face as she walked out of her small office room and closing the door. Momo nodded


”Yes, we are safe thanks to him. It seems my fath- the king is under the impression that I have been taken by another crew or an inside force. As long as he thinks that, we’ll be safe from his wrath.” Momo spoke, twirling the hair around her finger.


“Ahh! That’s great!” Mina said, hugging the former princess tightly.


”Yes.! It is..” Momo said softly, she tried to look at Jirou but the tattoo artist looked away.


”Uhh.. ahem well! We’re playing cards inside the inner office.. wanna join?” Sero asked, giving a lopsided smile. Momo thought for a moment well.. it seems like there aren’t any other options.. and perhaps this may give me a chance to bond with my soon to be crew mates!


“Why yes! I think that would be lovely!” Momo said, her face brightening, when suddenly the tattoo shop’s door opened, in came stranger.


Momo had flung her hood over her head, and in less than a moment’s worth she was whisked inside the back room. She could hear Jirou’s voice speak to the man.


”Hello sir, can I help you?” Jirou asked, her soothing voice filled Momo’s ear as She, Kaminari, Mina, and Sero had their heads glued to the door.


A muffled voice spoke behind the door, but Momo could pick up the words


’tattoo... please’ was all she could hear. Momo sighed in relief.


”Someone’s asking for a tattoo..” Momo whispered to the three pirates. Kaminari pushed them all away from the door, pushing their one eye to the crack.


”Holy shit”


”What?! What is it?! Is it an enemy?” Sero asked, trying to lean in.


“An enemy?! Oh jeez lemme see.!” Mina yelped, scrambling to the door too. Momo felt herself full with interest, she stumbled to the door as well and leaned towards Kaminari


”What? Who? Who was it?” Momo asked, he reyes widening


”I.. I..” Kaminari murmured, before looking up at them “I have no fucking idea who this rando is.”


Kaminari got a quick punch to the side


”You jerk! You got our hopes up!” Sero snorted. Kaminari snorted as Mina giggled and they pushed each other around. Momo smiled, looking over from the ground, her eyes laced over the three pirates. They were ragged. They were wild. They were scarred. But, they were happy.


”Oh yeah! I’ve been thinkin of getting another tattoo from Jirou! Whatcha think?” Mina said with a smile, snapping Momo out of her daze.


”Another? Mina you just got a tattoo like, less than two weeks ago.” Sero said, poking at the signature tattoo they had all shared.


”Yeah but Jirou is just so cool! I want another!” Mina whined


”Pshh, Kyouka will probably make you pay, our pirate brand tattoos are always on the house but whenever we want a normal tattoo- she gives us a hard look and makes us pay full price unless she’s in a good mood” Kaminari added, “By the way, where is the captain?”


”Ah, he said he was going to explore around here will Kiri! They’re on a little date~” Mina said with a small giggle. Momo’s eyebrows furrowed.


”A date? Like.. as friends..?” She asked, Momo was inexperienced in any casual social interactions but she knew what a date was. When a man and a woman go on a romantic outing. But why did Mina use it for the two men who ran the ship?


Mina, Sero, and Kaminari stared at her with blank eyes (eye for Kaminari)


”Miss M-Momo.. you..” Kaminari started, before pausing, their facial expression filled with thought, as if they weren’t sure if they should continue or not.


”Y-You do know they’re a couple right?” Sero finally asked, “like.. like boyfriends.. right.?”


Momo was silent, her mind was blank. Everything was just, gone.




”y-yknow? Like, they’re in a relationship..?” Sero spoke, gesturing his hands into a kissing motion.


”b-bu..” Momo couldn’t speak anymore, her mouth was gaping wide open.


She didn’t feel anything. Momo was just, aghast, she felt her heart flutter, and her face pinken.

T-two men..? B-but the books..! The books it said man and female..! That’s absurd..!? But.. but it’s not morally wrong though r-right..? Does that mean two woman can be in a couple as well!? Am I getting this all wrong? Why is this so new!? Why didn’t the books have anything like this inside?! And why am I feeling this strangeness in my heart?


“U-Uh Momo..? Are you okay..? Sero did we break her?! Is she like, homophobic?! Are all nobles homophobic!?” Mina hissed between her teeth, as the pink girl kneeled next to the now petrified in place princess.


”I-..” Momo finally said, Mina and Kaminari’s eye brows raising


”She lives!” Kaminari said in a hushed whisper. Momo could feel herself get redder by the second


”I.. is.. uhm..” Momo sputtered “is.. is it okay to like someone of the same gender..? Is it okay to be different..?”


Mina, Sero, and Kaminari looked down at her. I’ve done something wrong.. how dumb of me.. I shouldn’t have said that Momo thought, she could feel the tears start to fill behind her eyes


Of course it is Momo.” Mina spoke softly, her face growing warm. Kaminari soon bent down and hugged her from the side, Momo felt her heart grow warm as Sero gave a shoulder pat.


Then Kaminari suddenly let go, suddenly standing up.




”Wait what?” Momo said, worry quickly sweeping over her again as she stood up. Kaminari looked up at her, with a wide eye.


”Do.. do you, have a crush on a lass, Momo?” Kaminari asked, Momo’s mind shattered.


”w-w-whAT..?” Momo exclaimed, hands flying to her face to cover the bright red dusting over her cheeks. Sero fell into a loud laughter, as Mina started rapidly asking questions Momo could barely hear anymore.


”W-Who is it!? Is it some maid? Some pretty lady you saw passing by? Is it.. is it..”


”You dunce.” A voice suddenly cut in. The small group suddenly spun around to see the sudden appearance of three familiar faces coming in through the back door. 


”Isn’t it obvious you fucking morons?” Bakugo grunted, before smirking “it’s obviously Miss Tattoo in the front room ey?”


Momo felt like she was going to faint.


”N-No..Nononono aha..! Y-You misunderstand I-it was just a question I had..ahah,! I-I, it was unrelated!” Momo sputtered, face completely red, but her loud beating heart argued with her.


”Oho? What’s it not related to then?” Shinso mused with a snarky smirk.


”J-Jirou..!” Momo exclaimed loudly, she felt her heart beating out of her chest.


”You called?”


Momo swung around to come face to face with the short woman. She felt the blood rush to her face, and she could her Mina giggling behind her along with Kirishima.


“A-Ah Jirou..!” Momo stuttered out, “I-I was just calling you, to see if you were finished with your tattoo or not..”


”Oh, I see.” Jirou spoke, Momo felt her heart flutter as the shorter woman adjusted her hair. W-What the heck..? “Well, thanks for thinkin bout me, however I’d say you shouldn’t expose yourself as easily hah”


”O-Of course! Aha..ahaha..! U-Uh apologizess aha..” Momo sputtered, shifting around on her feet. She could almost feel the face palm coming from Bakugo.


”Uhh, actually there was another reason why I came back here, shop’s closing soon, and I wanted to ask Momo some questions.” Jirou spoke, twisting a part of her around a finger.


”Questions?” Kirishima asked, tilting his head, Momo swerved her eyes slightly over to Kirishima. The red head’s fingers softly intertwined with the Blonde Captain. How did she not notice this before?


”Of course, about tomorrow” Jirou said, before looking straight at Momo with her dark eyes. “Your birthday, the day I’ll mark you as part of The Cavalry of The Crimson Lizard.”


Momo felt her heart soar as they exited the shop. Of course, the questions were just some minor ones, whether or not Momo was at all aware of what a tattoo was or not, or if she was okay with it in general.


Shinso and Momo walked home together, she pulled down the hood lower on her face to hide the bright blush on her cheeks.


Was she.. really attracted to Jirou..? No, no that was preposterous, that wasn’t possibly true. A-after all they were both woman. Sure, Momo had no problem with her soon to be captain’s relations with another man. They were both good people.! They seemed.. truly in love.


Momo wouldn’t lie, she did feel a tingle of jealousy on her part. Kirishima was confident, he was kind, he was strong, he was in love, he was free. But Momo, she wasn’t sure what she was.


She thought she was a princess. But she wasn’t. Momo thought she was supposed to always listen to what her father told her to. But that wasn’t what she was either.


”Momo.” Shinso’s voice snapped her out of her daze. “You fine?”


”Shinso.?” Momo softly spoke. “Am I crazy..?” 


“Eh? The hell do you mean by that?” Shinso asked, raising an eyebrow. Momo looked at him with a bright pink face.


”Am I crazy.,. That I love Kyouka Jirou..?”


”Hm..” Shinso looked down at her, he felt a tinge of amusement. What a poor idiot. He couldn’t believe, only a while ago, had he been one to hate all the nobles. Every governor, lord, mayor, rich folk, royalty had he met, he hated with a burning yet hidden passion. But here he stood, consoling the daughter of the king who was everything Shinso hated.


”Nah, you’re not crazy, You’re just like us.” Shinso smirked, giving her a soft pat on her shoulder. Momo blinked, before pulling her hood down again, he could see the soft smile at her lips.





Shinso was only 17, he forgot how old Katsuki and Kirishima were at the time. He remembers finding them together, galloping around the city as criminals. They called them, the Scarlet Thieves, because they couldn’t own a ship but so desperately wanted the world in their palms.

Shinso was just another rich son of a rich father, in a rich family. He was sure to report them to the police and have them walloped away. But, he decided to at least, entertain the idea of being a rebel for a while.

He hung around with the two boys for a while. He would smirk behind a kind face, thinking how they were fools to believe such a deceiver like him. Then, on the days he decided to tell the knights of the king their hide out location,,

Shinso saw the love in their lives. Kirishima ran to Shinso to make sure he was fine when the first shot was fired. Shinso thought he wasn’t going to get hurt, but the knights attacked ruthlessly. They killed every hoodlum, every bandit, ever person who didn’t sit right with them.

Shinso made the wrong choice. And he hated it.

Shinso remembers his unbridled rage, he rushed and hid the Thieves away, he went back and tricked the knights.

He unbeknownst to the public, betrayed the crown, and he would never regret it.

He remembers telling Kirishima and Bakugo the truth. And he was ready to be slaughtered then and there, but he felt Bakugo pat him on the back. Barking at him on how well he was at tricking people. Shinso felt Kirishima smiling at him, saying how manly he was for being so clever and brave.

At first, Shinso thought he made the wrong choice, but then he felt something.

Shinso felt love.

And even as he became higher, and higher, in the ranks of the crown- he never let that loyalty go. He held on tight to the Scarlet Thieves, who soon evolved into the Cavalry he knew them as now.

He smirked as they became more and more known and feared. He grinned as he saw the pirate ship return to the shore. And Shinso laughed, as he finally embraced his true family as they rejoiced in their victories.

Shinso dawned the mask to party with them. But he had never been more himself in those moments.


Shinso looked before Momo. He looked before Jirou. He felt the warmth from his hidden tattoo on his back, the crest of the dragon bringing him strength, as if the wings of the fire spitting lizard itself had brought him freedom in flight itself.


Jirou gave him that. Shinso pat Momo on the back as she mused the words “am I crazy”.


This is where the court stands for Shinso.


He doesn’t plead.


He verdicts.


And this is what Shinso has chosen. Does he regret anything. No, and as Shinso leads Momo to his home for them both to await the day where she could finally be free thanks to the Cavalry as well, he smiles as he knows:


He made the right choice.



Chapter Text


Bakugo stood with his crew inside the tattoo shop, squeezing Kirishima’s hand. He was all too ready to leave the damn fucking city. He wanted to get out of the land, it was already dangerous on its own to be outside.


Yesterday, it was all too clear that Momo had been different. Just like them. It brought a comfort to his heart, but whenever she would make eye contact with him, he was still sure to give an intimidating glare.


He found Momo creaking into the shop, Shinso pat her on the back, looking away from her gaze.


”Ah Yaomomo! Happy birthday!” Kyouka chirped, looking over at the taller woman with a bright smile. Bakugo scoffed as he saw Momo melt under her hood.


”Tch.. she’s so stupid..” He whispered to Kirishima.


”She reminds me of you when we became the Scarlet Thieves..” Kirishima snickered, Bakugo huffed. We really should have kept the name.. ‘The Cavalry of the Crimson Lizard’ is way to long for my liking.. but apparently it’s better then ‘Explosion Murder Death Boat’..


“Happy birthday Momo!” Mina exclaimed, rushing to give the ex-princess a giant bear hug.


“Sorry for the wait,, some guards were rushing around down town..” Shinso whispered to Bakugo. Bakugo crosses his arms over his exposed chest.


“They’re probably looking for Momo.. she mentioned she was to be married off today.. once the tattoo is done.. we should head out.. is that okay Katsuki?” Kirishima spoke, his crimson eyes darting to look over at his captain.


Bakugo nodded, we’re gonna have to rush it.. a disguise would be wonderful.. but we can’t afford the whole guard chasing after the lot of us for stealing..


Bakugo looked over to see Momo chatting with his crew, a bright smile glued to her face. 


“Alright.. I’ll let Kyouka know if we should hurry up this small party..” Bakugo spoke, giving a nod to Kirishima.


”I must get going.. I don’t want the visitation of this shop to become a pattern.” Shinso said diligently, adjusting his coat before turning away from the Former Scarlet Thieves.


”You not going to say goodbye?“ Kirishima asked, jerking a thumb towards the group. Shinso looked over his shoulder.


”Look at her..” He spoke, Kirishima and Bakugo darted their eyes to see the laughing Momo. “I wouldn’t want to soil her mood..” 


Bakugo gave a respectful nod to his friend, who soon disappeared into the outside crowds.


It was the autumn festival, he could smell greasy, to savory, to the most sweet food all over the town. The sounds of celebration and conversation lit the entire town to something beautiful.


If only it wasn’t slightly spoiled of the increased number of guards trying to patrol every nook and cranny of the entire festival.


”Oi. Ponytail.” Bakugo spoke, he saw the tall girl flinch, before turning around.




”Hurry up with the whole fucking.. tattoo thing” Bakugo huffed, narrowing his eyes


“Awww really?? Party gonna be over so quickly?” Mina slurred, Bakugo huffed, in her pink hands there was a small glass of alcohol. Her face was bright red.


”yyyeahhh~?? We leaving so soon?” Kaminari snickered behind her, face equally red, as they looped an arm around Momo.


”We probably shouldn’t stay for long.. Shinso just let me in on some information that-“


”Ccomee onn Katsu-Katsuki!” Kirishima slurred, Bakugo’s mouth dropped as Kirishima was already beet red from the small glass of alcohol in his hand.


damn it.


”Oh- oh dear” Momo spoke, chuckling slightly towards the now drunk Kirishima.


“Come onnbbb *hic* Momo-! Loosen up it’s your biRTHDday” Kaminari giggled


“I mean.. I can do the tattoo right now Momo..” Jirou spoke sheepishly “Partying doesn’t sound too bad”


Bakugo felt his shoulders drop as he saw the ex princess grow incredibly excited and then dart her eyes towards him for guidance.




”Fuck it we’re pirates, let’s paint the fucking town red.”


The shop was closed for the rest of the day, all that could be heard inside the shop now, was the clinking of beer and bottles.


“C-Come on JirouZz take a swig!” Kaminari slurred, shaking his friend’s shoulder.


”I will not. You wouldn’t want me to permanently tattoo a dick onto Momo now would you” Jirou spoke blankly.


Kaminari looked over her shoulder as she shuffled through a view papers before finding the dragon design, she closed it hastily as Kaminari saw something hidden inside.




”BAKUGOOOOOO SHES DOING THE TATTOO THINGS HAHAH” Sero yelled, pointing over at the only sober fucker in the whole shop.


Bakugo sat, completely silent, but his face bright red as he downed another shot full of alcohol.


Kirishima was just on his lap talking on and on about how he loved everyone and how if manliness is a thing, is there a womanliness.




”Right yeah..” Jirou mumbled, before looking towards Momo “oh, right- So Momo where do you wan-“


”RIGHT ON MY FFFF- UH hhehfhehahh” Momo was suddenly right on top of Jirou, hugging the shorter girl with a bone breaking hug “hahahadgh iiii happen to be here.. who’s party is this for again.?”


”oh my god you are absolutely smashed right now..” Jirou tried to say before only getting a face full of Momo’s tight hug. “U-Uh.. hey Momo.. would you like me to choose where you put your tattoo..?”


Momo pulled away, her cheeks bright pink, before shaking her head. She held Jirou’s hands, and placed them over her beating heart.


”i wanna-want it here” Momo hiccuped, Jirou felt like her head exploded




”Hehehehe” Momo giggles blissfully, ever since this morning, right before she had even entered the shop, Momo had dawned a new costume.


It was a tad more revealing than the usual dark cloak, but it was still very well made. Made of leather and silk, she was covered by a blouse and corset, with an additional long draping fine maroon coat.


Jirou looked way with a pink face.


”Y-Yeah.. uh” Jirou coughed into her hand, and sent a death glare at the smirking Kaminari and Sero.


Jirou took the inking pen out, and as Momo sat down, she began her artwork.


As this was happening, Bakugo had already finished another drink.


”Tch.. stupid... fffucking Deku.. we’re gonna beat your ass now hahheheh..” Bakugo slurred to himself, as he played with his long crimson cape, and all of the teeth and bones strung across his chest.


Kaminari hummed along as Jirou tapped her foot on the wooden floor. 


“W-what would you do.. with adrunken s-sailor *hic*” Kaminari hummed, swishing around the glass cup.


Mina danced around to the music that was blaring into the shop from the outside bands and festivities. Sero clapping along with her.




After around an hour.. Jirou has finally stopped her inking


”I’ve finished..” Jirou smiled, Momo held a mirror before her. The bright crimson tattoo laid above her heart.


”It’s pretty..” Momo smiles to herself, her heart growing larger and larger every second.


”OI- SHORT ASS..” Bakugo barked, looking over from his seat “I WANNA BLOW UP A STAND SOON HURRY UP”


Kaminari and Sero cheered for the blown up stand. Momo’s face grew brighter, a smile growing across her face.


Momo got up when Jirou spoke up


”Ah wait! Momo!” She exclaimed, Momo looked around, to see Jirou’s flushed face. Kaminari stood in the back, smiling brightly for them.


”y-yeah Kyouka?” Momo hiccuped. Jirou grew quiet, slinking into her office quickly. Momo could see her open the secret drawer, and pulling out a familiar item..


Carved delicately, in intricate and smooth patterns, was an owl mask.


”Ah.! The mask you wore when we met! It’s different.?” Momo spoke, as she held the small masquerade mask in her hands.


When she met Jirou.. it had covered around half of her face.


However now, the mask seemed to cover her entire face. 


“It’s uh.. it’s for when you go through towns or.. or for fun I guess..” Jirou murmured, quietly cursing to herself about how dumb her present was.


”I love it.” Momo smiled, she looked behind her and saw Bakugo, who only stared back with piercing scarlet eyes.


Momo turned to the tattoo artist, who simply stared at their shoes. Momo sucked in a breath, before giving Jirou a quick peck on the cheek.


Jirou’s head swung up, her face bright pink. Jirou. Her savior. Her crush. Jirou smiles softly, caressing Momo’s Cheek, before pulling the mask over the young woman’s face.


”Go now, don’t keep your crew waiting. I’ll will be waiting for you here.” Jirou smiled. Momo nodded, and soon..


the crew had had disappeared from the store.


Blasting across the festival, flew the multiple crew members, darting through and across crowds.


Out of huge crowds, Sero scrambled out with hand fulls of gold and jewelry. He cried out in joy as he bounced on top of a Guard, and shook around their underwear above a flagpole.


Kaminari darted through the public, snatching from the stands, giving charming smiles as they snickered at their reactions.


Mina ran through, whooping and walloping, she stopped for a moment, before setting a match to a small puff of smoke- before a rain of fireworks and explosions set off above the festival.


Kirishima picked up children, threw adults, and jumped over elders, as he cackled at his crew mates causing utter chaos. He found himself taking giant swings of beer as he went along.


From above, Bakugo jumped from shop to shop, stand to stand. Many toppling over, some catching fire. His maniacal laughter filling the air.


Finally, as people screamed in terror as the pirates had passed, the wind blew past their faces, as a new masked pirate flew through the air by only swinging on the ribbons that tied to the buildings.


Like an angel she laughed in freedom.


and like an owl she caused more fear.


No one knew her name, but she’d make sure they’d never forget her.


Momo was no Yaoyorozu. She was a pirate. And as she felt her heart beating faster and faster, the skin above it forever marked by her lover- 


She followed her new family to the sea. She’d finally made it, thanks to Jirou.


The Cavalry could hear the guards yelling. They could hear the children screaming. The adults crying.


They welcomed it.


They had barely reached the boat, when the herds of guards came charging towards the docks.


Bakugo stood above them all, grinning madly, as with one stern kick- the boat shot off into the sea.




Shinso stood from the festival, smiling to himself.


”Never the safer choice..” he chuckled


As the Cavalry of The Crimson Lizard flew through the sea, they had never felt more free. 


[Full Crew, Full Family Arc]




Chapter Text


The concept of literally hell made Bakugo laugh.


If there was hell, he figured he’d rule it.


But seeing him. That was enough to make him believe it.


”SHITTY FUCKING DEKU!” He yelled, digging his nails into the wood. “HOW DARE YOU SHOW UP HERE?! Didn’t I say.. that if you show your stupid face to me and my crew, that we’d FUCKING DESTROY YOU?!”


“You jerk! We just helped you, how can you say that?!” That.. round faced girl shouted.


Why the fuck is she with him?! Where the fuck did she come in?


Why the fuck was this bitch hanging out with such a useless waste of space?




”r-round face..?”


Bakugo was enraged to admit she was right though.


A military ship of the crown had came after them, and because Momo wasn’t experienced with fighting, they needed backup and that’s what they had.


and Bakugo was pissed.


“Don’t call her that Kachan! What’s with you?!” Deku shouted, Bakugo could see his eyebrows twitch in anger. “When did you become such a ruthless pirate?!”


Oh. Oh we’re getting personal are we?


Bakugo could barely contain his rage. It looked like he was literally going to burn up.


”Oh dear.. he looks... pissed..” Momo whispered, her mask had obscured most of her view, but regardless he could practically see the steam radiate off her captain.


But, by the shocked faces of her fellow crew members. This amount of rage and what seemed to be personal past seemed to be new.


”Kachan..” Deku spoke, he stepped up onto the edge of his deck. As if at any moment, he’d jump onto the Cavelry’s ship, and lash a sword out


”Deku...” Bakugo growled, Kirishima looked up as Bakugo copied Deku. What’s he doing?


”Katsuki..” Kirishima started, Bakugo looked down at him, their eyes meeting.


”this is something I need to do.” Bakugo muttered, his eyes looking away. “I’m gonna fucking kick his ass into the Dead Sea.”


Kirishima nodded, grabbing his own sword, if this was something Bakugo needed to do, Kirishima swore to himself, that he’d be there for him.


All in an instance, Bakugo was on Deku’s deck. He smiled grimly at Deku’s shocked face, as the green haired boy stumbled back in surprise.


Before Deku could even bring his sword out, Bakugo took to lashing out, barely skimming over his face.


”Kachan.!” He yelled, Bakugo could see from up close, the absolute anger on Deku’s face.


It only made Bakugo angrier.


”Kachan.. how could you become a pirate.. after what they did it us.. to your parents..!” Deku yelled, Bakugo’s instinct told him to back away.


That this wasn't the same Deku that’d cry on the ground, from being thrown around by the blond. But Bakugo would swear that he’d never run away from something more pathetic than him.


Bakugo stepped back and pulled his sword out in front of him, he grit his teeth, as he saw Deku’s sword pointed towards his neck. Only inches away and barely stopped by his own sword.


”They destroyed everything Kachan! How could you become them!?” Deku yelled at his face. “Kachan!”


Bakugo yelled, he lashed Demi’s sword away and kicked him right in the gut.


Deku yelled in pain as he was flung back, his sword pathetically flying away.

“Deku!” Round face yelled of.


The hell? Why is she calling him that? 


”The hell Round Face? Why are you calling him Deku?! Don’t you know what it means?” Bakugo yelled, Round Face looked at him with a confused glance.


”Oh.. does it mean something bad? Cause to me..” She started “it sounded like.. like a ‘you can do it!’, like.. it sounded cute!” She smiled.


Bakugo just kinda, squinted at her confusedly.


”What the fuck” Bakugo blankly said. He could heard Mina in the background hold in a giggle.


Deku got himself up, he could see Round Face, Knight Boy, Frog Legs, and that weird French guy 


”You see K-Kachan.. I’ve got friends now.. good ones. Who look out for eachother.” Deku said “I’ve always looked up to you, but I knew you were never a good person..! And now.. you’ve become just some evil pirate! Just like-“


Suddenly Deku was on the ground again. Bakugo’s sword directly pressing on his neck. Deku heard only the unsheathing of swords and The sounds of toppling and loud clangs if steel.


”U-Uraraka..!-“ Deku tried to choke out, but to the green boy’s surprise, he found his entire crew pinned and under threat


Ochako was toppled on by a pink girl, her arms pinned under Mina’s hands, and a dagger to her neck.


Iida stood helplessly as he found a gun to his head, his hand twitching towards his sword.


Aoyama was just, kinda face first on the ground. Kaminari and Momo looking down on him, Kaminari eventually sitting on his back.


Kirishima looked down on Deku behind Bakugo.


”You don't FUCKIN dare compare me to those bastards.” Bakugo spat,

“K-Kachan..! You-“ Deku coughed, the blade on his neck blocking the air in his throat.


”I’m better than those fucks. I didn’t become a fucking Pirate to hurt people.. to kill.. to become fucking rich..” Bakugo snarled




Deku was reaching for a dagger but stopped to listen.


” a better person than those murder bastards... be a better captain... have a better and more human fuckin crew!” Bakugo spoke, his voice cracking, Kirishima couldn’t see Bakugo’s expression.


”Fucking Deku..!” He yelled “Stop trying to look down on me, you fucking useless shit.. I’m better.!”


Bakugo’s hands were trembling, his long and tattered red coat flowing in the salty wind. The teeth and bones strung and held on it quivering.


“And where were you during that fire..?! You’re a fuckin pirate too now aren’t you?!” Bakugo yelled, suddenly throwing away his sword and lifting Deku up into the air by the throat.


”Katsuki-“ Kirishima started.


”Deku-“ Ochako exclaimed, Mina gritted her teeth as she struggled to hold the girl down. 

“Where the fuck were you on that night..” Bakugo screamed, his throat raw. “WHERE?! HOW DID YOU SURVIVE?!”


Deku could barely choke out words, however his expression grew sour. With a loud and shrill yell, Deku slugged Bakugo across the face

Bakugo fell back, biting down on his tongue, Deku jumped away from him. His knuckles were red and his throat was bruised from the crushing and murderous grip of Bakugo


”W-What..?” Bakugo coughed, he felt his tongue bleeding, he looked down at Deku. Rage built inside him as he spat the blood out.


Deku met his glare with an equally angry grimace, The green haired boy closed his eyes, holding his tattoo with his other hand, he then opened his eyes.


”I was saved by someone, he took me in and told me to bring justice to the ones who took both of our families lives, and his name..”


”...was Yagi. Toshinori Yagi.”


“also known.. as the true king of pirates, All Might.”






The Cavalry of the Crimson Lizard and the now tired and basically beaten crew of The Burning Falcon had departed in silence.


”Captain.. is there some thing you wanna tell us.. today.... it was unusual.” Sero spoke, Bakugo looked to them.


His eyes landed on each of them, inspecting and thinking.


”I’m not a bad person right..? I’m not evil..” Bakugo asked, his gruff voice tinged with a tone of desperation.


The crew looked at eachother.


”Of course not captain!” Kaminari said, finally breaking the quiet


“..obviously you’ve had to done something bad in your past, just because you weren’t so great before doesn’t mean your great now!” Kirishima added, patting Bakugo on the shoulder.


Despite his belief in Bakugo however,


The way Bakugo has to Deku in their fight was frighting. Kirishima bit his lip on how it reminded him of his own folks before he joined Bakugo.


”Deku.. was he.?” Momo started to ask, before Bakugo soon spoke again


”Midoriya Izuku..” Bakugo muttered, the real name of the little shit felt odd on his tongue.


”I bullied him.. a lot. When we were children. We grew up together.. many, many years ago..” Bakugo spoke, looking away. “What I do now,, it doesn’t take away what I’ve done to him, however..”


Bakugo looked towards Kirishima, who nodded, and left the deck towards the quarters and returned with a bottle of whisky and glasses.


Mina, Kaminari, Sero gingerly took the cups and alcohol. Pouring their fair shares while Momo politely declined and waited for Bakugo to speak again.


Bakugo took the whisky and poured himself a cup, before downing the shot in one go.


”I don’t think I can become friends with him. We don’t bode well.. the fucking shit -head.. fucking pirate king.. fucking whatever..” Bakugo hissed, Kirishima held his shoulder as he too took a quick shot of whisky.


”What do you wanna do now Bakugo?” Kirishima asked, softly rubbing his arm.


”I want to beat him.” Bakugo muttered “I want to be better than Deku.. so I can show him I’m still better. I can show him I’m still something.. even after everything..”

The crew looked on as their captain stared at the floor, a silence shared throughout the ship.


”Well then, let’s do it! We’ll support you all the way!” Sero said with a smile. 

“Hell yeah! You’re our captain, we’ll follow you for forever!” Mina grinned, pumping a fist up into the air.


The crew went on to smile, laugh, drunk, and talk about what Bakugo had done before- as his grim expression turned softer.


Kirishima smiled, and looked towards Bakugo.


”Today’s our first victory against Midoriya, Bakugo! Let’s celebrate!” Kirishima smiled, holding out a hand towards the blond.


Bakugo smiled, and took it.


The crew sang and drank all night, however during the festivities, a thought crossed a drunk Mina’s mind.


”Ohh.. oh yeha! Hey Bakugo- what caused you and Midoriya to separate in the first place.. you said last time you saw him you both were super young right?” Mina asked, looping an arm around her captain.


”Oh.. oh yeah-“ He hiccuped, when drunk, Bakugo really seemed like a different guy. “ brainsss all f-fogyy righ’ now.. the drink..”


Bakugo took another swig.


”I think it was some fire and pirate raid..?” Bakugo slurred, his eyes drifting away, as if he was looking somewhere far.


”A Fire..?” Mina asked, but she got no answer, as they were suddenly whisked away again, to dancing and soon, Mina forgot her question.



Chapter Text


The crew had many names.


The Scarlet Thieves.


The Red Devils.


Those good for nothing bastards


But no matter how many titles they were praised with, they knew who they were.


The Cavalry of the Crimson Lizard.


And of course, this had to start from one fucked up man.


What kind of disgusting event had to happen, to create such a vile crew was a question that plagued all who fell victim.


and considering the name, no one was surprised.



It had all started with a fire.


Bakugo strutted throughout the village. Older woman cooing at him, saying how handsome the young boy was.


He smiled as he believed they were right.


He can recall their names anymore. But his friends ran to him, mouthing words that mean nothing to him now.


and then he ran up to him.


”Kachan!” His smile grew brightly


”Tch..!” Bakugo’s grin turned into a snarl “get lost Deku! Haven’t we told you to bug off!? You useless weak weirdo!”



“Now now children, let’s not start a fight.. you got that lil shit?” A voice cut in.


His crimson eyes darted up to meet his mothers. Her smirk mixed with anger yet also playfulness.


I miss it.


“Psh.. whatever!” Bakugo scoffed, looking away from Deku’s gaze. His emerald eyes looking expectantly at him. 

“Ah Izuku there you are! Come home it’s time for dinner!” Bakugo looked up to see Deku’s mom. He couldn’t remember her face. Wiped away from memory.


“Mommys calling Deku! You better hurry, or else a pirate’s gonna snatch you in your sleep!” Bakugo mocked. Deku’s frantic voice grew more scared as he scrambled off.


He remembers cackling before getting a smack to the head by his mother.


He hated it.


He hated it so much.


Why was he punished for putting the weak in their place?


It was dumb!


They shouldn’t have treated him like that!


But now.. he wish they still could. Because they’ll never be able to do it again..-


”MOM“ he wailed. Everything. Was burning to the ground. The stench of rot and copper filled his nose.


It was revolting, he felt tears bite at his eyes as he clung to the hot floor.

His throat went raw as he screamed, he was trapped in the small and ablaze room.


”KATSUKI!” He heard his mother’s now raspy voice scream. He looked up to find the door broken down.

She was bleeding and charred.


”We need to get the fuck out of here.!” She wheezed. Bakugo ran towards her, clutching her leg and coughing.


Fuck. He didn’t even realize that most of her back was on fire, neither did she, as they ran through what they had called their home.


”m-mom.. wher-where’s dad..?!” He croaked out. Everything was just. Broken. Nothing was right. Just yesterday.. he was having just a boring and normal day..


So why..


Mitsuki tripped, she coughed out blood as she fell to the ground. The red oozing liquids had blurred her vision, or was it the smoke.. it didn’t matter..she couldn’t see her baby.


Her dearest boy. But she couldn’t cry, no matter how much she wanted to.


Her husband was dead. The people outside made sure of that. But she couldn’t let Katsuki die from them... not after all of this.!


”k-katsuki..” she whispered, her eyes hazy, she reached out and found his whimpering head.


Bakugo was crying


”Katsuki listen to me.” She bit her lips “Katsuki look, there are pirates outside raiding this village. You need to run, you can’t fight them Katsuki..”


He could only sob and sputter out ‘no!’.


”You’re weak Katsuki..” She said, her voice cracking. She couldn’t bare to say it, but she had to. Bakugo yelled again.


He was enraged by this. He wasn’t weak. No one was stronger than him.


She found herself being dragged towards the door, every time she was pulled, it felt like complete hell. She could feel the fire on her back bubble and destroy her skin.


Blood was everywhere and so was the fires of hell.


Katsuki made it outside, she could tell from the way he left her arms. But she would die in the house. Reduced to black ashes and bone.


Bakugo let out a horrified scream as he found nothing left alive in the village.


People he knew all of his life were scattered across the dirt. Blood, entrails, and dirt mixed with their rotting and smoking corpses.


He found himself retching down on the ground, as the stench filled is nose and burning into his eyes.

The people who made it out of their hellfire houses were then disposed off by the people with swords. The smoke had ruined Bakugo’s eyes for the time being.


He couldn’t see their faces. But all he remembers is them laughing at his pathetic attempts at a fight.


Scarlet flags were scattered everywhere, taunting him if the pirate’s red and black skull emblem.


Getting kicked down and sobbing on the dirt by a single shove.


When morning came. Nothing was left.


The pirates had left satisfied, like the monsters they were.


He found every single person dead. 

The lady across the street who gave him sweets? She didn’t even make it to the door.


The man who worked tirelessly to perfect, what he called, “the ultimate cake”? Bakugo never found the last missing limb.


The woman with her new born child a few houses down, the dead face of her little baby was forever open in fear.


Miss Midoriya? He didn’t want to see the body.


But as Bakugo found himself checking every single house, finding more dead friends, more ended ‘one day’ wishes, he never found the green haired boy he called Deku.


“I’ll kill them.! I’ll thrash those bastards to threads.!” Bakugo yelled, smashing his young hands into the ground. “Better yet.. I’ll beat them at their own stupid game.!”


Bakugo got up and limped out of town, covered in dirt and ashes.


”yeah.. that’s it! I’ll become a pirate- no.. the greatest pirate ever.! I’ll become a pirate king.. better than any of those bastards who took everything from me..”


“I’ll show them that I’m better! And I’ll do it.. without taking away such innocent lives like how they did..” he hissed, limping. “I’ll never be as barbaric..”


As Bakugo looked up with tired eyes, he grimaced, snatching one of the ripped and tattered flags and wearing it over himself as a cape.


The black emblem would grow faded and soon covered by a brighter shade of crimson.


Bakugo held his humanity by a string as he spat the same words over and over:


”I swear it..”





He was eight at the time.







Bakugo woke up with a jerk. He was on the deck of his ship, his head was thumping loudly.


”What the hell..” he muttered, as he looked around. Kaminari was on the mast, laying like a rag doll, and Mina was almost upside down with her mouth wide open. 

As Bakugo made his way around, he found Momo sleeping in the kitchen, judging by the way she was hugging her mask and the tear marks on her face- she was probably sobbing about Jirou before blacking out.


He stopped his search for Sero and Kirishima when he found Sero passed out and almost naked in his cabin.


”Mornin captain..” Kirishima murmured behind him. “Things got nuts.. remember any of it?”


”Nah.. I don’t think I should..” Bakugo smirked. Kirishima nodded with an amused smile.


”All I remember is Kaminari saying they’d totally be able to land a flip from the mast, but immediately falling asleep when they got up there.” Kirishima laughed, Bakugo smiled.


”What an idiot” He snickered as they made their way to the deck again.


As they quietly floated on the still ocean, they smiled. It was a new day.



Chapter Text


Usually.. days as a pirate satisfied every bit of action and blood Bakugo needed.


However, some days it would just be the blistering sun, and the never ending sea.


Bringing the crew to hope for danger and life threatening adventure that they’d only find on luckier days.


But today, was not that, leaving themselves with only their thoughts.



Now They all knew each other fairly well.


Kaminari’s story being told through the empty space of their missing eye- Sero’s traitorous face around every wanted poster, Mina spilling her story to the crew barely minutes after being unofficially recruited(sounds like poor writing, oh wait), and Kirishima telling it during quiet nights, with a hushed and sweet voice, as the lights flickered out against their skin.


The only ones who’s tales were yet to be spoken to the crew was Momo, Shinso, and Bakugo. Course, it was al, for different reasons. Pure young Momo being so very new, Shinso never around and his sour mouth always shut, and Bakugo who would kill before even speaking a word about the burned scars on his palms.


Yet despite all of this.. it could be hard sometimes to spend free time together, sure, their bonds were as thick as thieves, and they would die for each other- but that was usually during battle. Plus, the busy schedule of not getting your neck cut off usually stopped normal crew bonding,


During times of silence, Kaminari would usually have to go out of their way to have the entire crew participating in some fun activity.


It was almost awkward and hard to try and learn each other’s interests and personality traits other than their backstory, as the ship was entirely silent other than the waves and creaking of floorboards.


That didn’t stop them from wanting to talk though. No. But they were all pretty bad at conversation starters when everything is dead silent and there’s nothing that has happened in the last 5 days.


Bakugo had stood by the wheel when he saw Kaminari step out of the cabins, Momo following them. They seemed to be talking. He raised an eyebrow but kept to watching the horizon.


”Hey Sero! Come down from the mast!” Kaminari yelled, breaking all the silence. Bakugo saw a jerk in the crow’s nest and soon he saw him climbed down onto the creaking planks.


Sero’s groggy face shifted into a friendly smile.


”You called?” He asked, tilting a head. Kaminari held up Momo’s hand


”Yeah yeah! I was taking a nap like five minutes ago, but I realized that we haven’t really taught Momo any fighting lessons!” Kaminari said, waving Momo’s slightly sea sick body around.


Bakugo kicked himself for that. Damn. He probably should have done something about that. If at any chance Momo was hurt, Jirou wouldn’t hesitate on drawing dicks all over him next time he’d ever nap inside the shop.


”Ah yeah, you’re right- during our run in with uh.. what’s his name.. Deku’s crew? Yeah, we kinda just had you standin around huh Momo” Sero spoke, looking over to the princess. 

She wasn’t cape and maskless due to the heat and utter solitude of the ship, so her tired and clearly dragged out of bed face was obvious.


Momo nodded, twiddling her thumbs as she thought about it.


”Yeah.. we should probably cash her in on some fighting shit” Sero said, nodding to himself.

The floorboards beneath them creaked, as Kirishima appeared from the cabin doors. Bakugo looked at them from the wheel, smiling a bit.


”You guys training Momo? That’s freaking manly man! Let’s get buff!” Kirishima grinned, flexing a very muscles arm.


Momo rubbed her eyes, doing her best to wake up more as she gave a determined nod.


Sero nodded, disappearing into a door that led to a lower level of the ship, before coming back with a rack of weapons, and a few more fun stuff on his belt.


”Well then, First Mate what would you say should be the first lesson?” Sero asked to Kirishima and Momo, as he pointed to the gallery of sharp objects.


”Nothing beats the sword!” Kirishima smiled, picking up a sharp scabbard. He gingerly placed it into Momo’s hand and gave her a pat on the shoulder, before grabbing his own weapon. “Nothing’s manlier than improving yourself dude, just keep trying until you think you’ve got it right ‘kay Momo?” 


“A-Alright!” Momo stuttered, Bakugo stared from the wheel, barely paying attention at their surroundings now. His eyes were focused on the newbie. Sure, he’d taken her in. But he needed her to be useful, for the sake of herself and the crew. If the crown learned she was a pirate, like how they figured out Sero was one, they’d be out for everyone’s heads.


Bakugo couldn’t let that happen.


Momo gripped the sword, holding the sword away from her. He could see the sweat roll down her face as she dashed froward. Shitty footwork. She tried to fake Kirishima out, but he was prepared for everything as he blocked each desperate swipe, returning every single one with a punch or a quick and close call jab.


“She doesn’t trust her own attacks.” Bakugo spoke to himself, in a hushed but knowing voice. Kirishima then swung his leg up and knocked her down by the stomach and with along swing, he let down his sword onto her.


The sword was inches away from her face as she held her sword beneath the end of Kirishima’s shining blade. Bakugo thought for a moment, before staying put. If this was a real battle, and she hadn’t blocked it, Momo would have died.


”Well that’s the end of that battle, sorry if I was a bit too rough on you Momo, maybe we can build some abs on ya so it won’t hurt as much!” Kirishima smiled sheepishly, pulling her up onto her wobbly feet. Kaminari chuckled as they picked up their jagged sword.


”I’ll have a go next then! Don’t be discouraged Momo! Kirishima’s probably as good of a fighter as Bakugo!” Kaminari smirked, swinging his lightning blade. Bakugo stared at her. She didn’t realize it. But Bakugo had basically read through her. She was scared. Wondering how much stronger he was. But he felt a layer of thick determination and ambition that drove her to the core, it was... inspiring.


”Right.! Let’s say, if I win.. I’ll get a shot against Sero!” Momo spoke, her hands adjusting on her sword. Sero looked up from his arsenal of weapons before smiling


”How bout it Denki? You won’t let her boss ya around yeah? Cause yknow..” Sero mused, before leaning back onto the wooden railing “I was getting so sleepy and comfortable..”


Kaminari smirked, gripping their sword tightly.


”I’m not one to disappoint!” They said, Momo nodded. She gripped her sword tightly, her feet feet spread apart as she held her sword more confidently. Slightly Better. At least She learns. 

Kaminari dashed forward, Momo held out her sword, expecting a full front attack, when she found herself picking herself up off the ground, as Kaminari had jerked to the right last minute and he slashed her sword out of her hands with their jagged shaped sword.


Momo scooped herself up, she couldn’t see her sword anywhere. She looked around frantically, and was found helpless as Kaminari dashed forward and slashed towards her head. She ducked and ran away from them. Bakugo saw her, her eyes looking Everywhere.


He grumbled to himself, his eyes narrowing. This was just pitiful.  

“Oi! Ponytail,” He yelled from the wheel, the crew’s eyes were on him. Momo stared at him with a scared expression. Ugh stop making that face he retorted in his head “Stop overreacting and overthinking! We’re pirates! Just play dirty! Don’t do what will keep Kaminari safe! Just Do what’ll make you win!” He snapped, crossing his arms over his chest.


Momo blinked, her shaking ands growing still, before she clenched them and nodded. He could see Kaminari smile, readjusting their grip on their duel wielded blades of lightning.


All in an instant, the battle began again. Momo quickly ran to the side of the ship, Kaminari stood still as they watched her move, before throwing a sword toward her. It pierced into the wood as she suddenly jumped off the ship.


“Momo!” Kaminari yelped. As Kaminari rushed to the side of the ship, expecting to see Momo splashing in the water, they only found a punch in the face. Bakugo smirked


”No splash.! Didn’t fall in..!” She yelled, her hands slightly red from having to barely hang on the ledge by just the top of her fingers.


Kaminari stumbled back, holding their red face as Momo pushed them back into the middle of the ship. Kirishima, Sero, and Mina were hollering and cheering as the too stared each other down.


Kaminari charged again, Momo expected another side attack, but she found the blond pirate sliding beneath her and pulling up their swords to practically chop her head off from behind. She couldn’t allow that! All eyes were on her to see if she was capable to even be called a crew member!


Momo yelled, her voice rippling as she grabbed Kaminari by the collar and threw them to the ground with a load crash. The unexpectedness had made Kaminari unready for any coming attack during their preparation for their slide.


Momo prompted to running towards Kaminari’s toppled body, quickly taking kicking away their duel wielded swords. She grabbed one and pointed it at their head, foot on their back, as Kaminari raised their hands in defeat.


”Incredible fight Momo!” Kaminari grinned, face in the wood. “N-now can you get off.? My back is killing me!”


Momo yelped slightly, jumping off and slurring out a few apologies. Bakugo grunted. Good. She has potential. But that isn’t today’s final fight. This is going to last for a long time. Yes.. today’s training...


A gunshot rang through the entire ship. Momo’s widened face stared at the smoking and unholstered gun in Sero’s hand. A bullet barely grazed her face.


”Congrats on beating Kaminari! Now it’s my turn, Momo!” Sero grinned mischievously’s only begun!