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  • Kalira's Naruto Minifics (K_Naruto_Minifics) by Kalira

    12 Dec 2019


    A place to corral all my minific collections for various Naruto ships and themes, as that is an evidently growing number. . .

    All of these which are marked as incomplete/getting updates are open for requests or suggestions, either for things you'd like to see, prompts, and themes for more minifics, or expansions from the minifics to longer stories.

    Current update schedule:


    Daily: Coil and Croon (SakuOro), Shinobi no Kami, Kanzen no Hime (HashiMito)


    Monday: Inexorable Sea Meets Unquenchable Flame (MadaTobi)
    Tuesday: Science, Snark, and Sweetness (TobIndra)
    Wednesday: Senju Sandwich (MadaTobIndra)
    Thursday: The Oak and the Marten (HashiIzu)
    Friday: Broken Pack (SakuOro, Kakashi, family angst)
    Saturday: Snakes Love Sunshine (OroMina)

    (Closed, Moderated)