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It was done.

The deed was done. It had needed to be done for years now.

The war that had waged on for however many years, however many days... was done.

It was all over. Some fell to their knees and cried to the sky in despair for their loved ones who were lost, but unless you were there, you would never know truly if it happened.

Those who fought for the side of light looked at each other, disbelieving. 

Was it over? Was it truly over? The sights they were seeing, were they just hallucinations? 

Deathly quiet was the only noise that filled their ears.

There was a flash of - of something. Some would tell you that it was darkness, some would tell it was light, an insightful few would tell you it was darkness infused with light.

It was harsh. They would all tell you it was harsh

Why was it happening, why now, why wouldn't it all just stop and leave him alone-

A boy - no, a man - appeared from this flash.

He had silver hair. Not starched white. Not completely grey either.

From a distance it was hard to tell if he was breathing or not. He moved his head around, as if surveying the people fallen around him, yet his eyes were closed.

His eyes opened slowly. Extremely slowly.

Some had thought them to be a bright amber, or yellow, even. But they were all wrong.They were a stormy grey. His eyes held a knowledge of a thousand years inside, and all the regret and hurt of those thousand years within them.

He looked at the people in front of him, the people who opposed him in the great battle of light and dark.

He smiled. Not a sneer. A genuine smile.

"Thank you," He said.

"Thank you."

He collapsed.