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Boku no Hero Academia Drabble/One-Shot Collection: Requests Closed for now

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So requests are closed at the moment. While I didn't want to do that with the slight motto of "Sure, I'll write your request if you're okay waiting for it!" I kind of don't think that's fair to anyone newly requesting things because it'll probably be awhile until their request is filled.

Now, I love writing all your requests. I started this because I wanted to write something for BNHA, but didn't know what. So, (and this has happened when I used to review OCs on another website), if anyone gets confused and ends up requesting something on here, although I'm going to specify that they are closed, I'll probably add it to my list of requests to do since I do plan on opening this up again, and I do things on a first come first served basis. But please, read that this is closed for now!

Anyway, I have about 39 31 27 22 (and a half) requests to fill at the moment (My copying and pasting of them on a word document wasn't the neatest thing, so I could have counted wrong), and I'm not sure how long it's going to take me. I'll try to update the number as I go.

I've also been adding tags as I go!



Just an introduction for how this works!


To be honest I'm more than sure that everyone reading this knows how this works, nevertheless, I'm just going to go in as much detail as possible.


Basically, leave a comment of what you want! Please be specific. It's fine if you aren't, however, I just want to fill your request to your satisfaction. So if you want something specific to happen (i.e. reader gender, a certain sex position, theme etc.) let me know everything in your comment. You can also DM me if you don't want to leave a comment. I'm also cool with you being broad with what you want as long as you don't care about the specifics. (Like just putting Bakugo/reader fluff and not caring about anything else.)


Aside from requests I'm also just going to do some one-shots and drabbles of my own. I don't really have a direction I want to go in, so I'm just going to write whatever comes to mind.

As for my BNHA knowledge I've watched all of the anime and am on chapter 174 of the manga. I'm fairly new to it, but I feel like I have a grasp on most characters.  I'm up to date with everything, including the Vigilante Spin-off! Also, I'll do any research if needed as I like to make sure everything is as accurate as I can make it.


Also, I accept OC requests! You can tell me about your OC and whatnot and I'll write them with whatever character you want.

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"Oh come on, it'll be fun~," you purred happily. Shinsou was as stoic as always, but you loved to bring out the more fiery side in him. You both had been going out since your third year at U.A., and once you graduated you decided to move in together to take your relationship to the next level. Due to working at different agencies, you both didn't have much time to mess around as much as you wanted to. It would usually be quick morning sex or shower sex, but every now and then you both got to really tear into each other. He was a lot more kinky than you had thought when you first had been intimate with one another, but now knowing that, you never felt uncomfortable when you made requests from him.


"I'm not doing that," he sighed, shaking his head at your request for him to mind control you while having sex. He honestly didn't see the point of it because you wouldn't really remember anything when it was all said and done with. He assumed that either you had forgotten that or you were just really in a kinky mood. "Do you think there's any point in it?"


"Actually I-" Before you could finish responding your brain went blank. He had activated his quirk on you. You couldn't move or speak for yourself at the moment, but deep down inside you hoped that you were about to get what you wanted.


"Close the curtains," Shinsou commanded. Once you were up and the living room curtains now closed, Shinsou released you from his mind control. Upon coming back to yourself, you looked around at where you were and pouted before gazing over at Shinsou's crotch as he was still sitting on the sofa. It was certainly far from where you wanted to be.


"No fair," you whined crossing your arms.


"What? You wanted to mess around, and the curtains were opened. They needed to be closed." He gave a nonchalant shrug. You rolled your eyes at that, but upon looking at his face you could see a dominate look. "[Name], come here." It sounded like a nice invitation to you so you went over and climbed onto his lap, facing him. Shinsou leaned his face closer to yours and kissed you passionately. You kissed him back wrapping your arms around his neck, moving a hand up to play with his indigo hair. A soft sigh of pleasure came out of you as you felt his skillful tongue sliding around in your mouth. When you pulled away, he remained close, holding your chin with a few fingers as his thumb softly rubbed at your bottom lip, "You know as well as I do that I don't need to mind control you to get you to do as I say..." He slipped his thumb into your mouth, and you immediately started to suck on it. "Good girl~," he praised you. He found that the suction coming from your mouth felt very good, but he felt it would be better to toy with you a bit more before having you put your mouth to a much better use.


Shinsou pulled his thumb out of your mouth before moving that hand down to rub at your clit through your clothes. You bit your lip, moaning softly from anticipation, "Please, baby?" you begged, "I'm getting so wet." You always felt close to losing your mind when he teased you like this. He was very good at teasing you, and at the moment you much rather him be actually touching at your flesh.


"If you want me to play with you stand up and take your clothes off," Shinsou told you. His look was a bit teasing, but he still held most of that expressionless face even with what you were doing. Doing as asked, you stood up and undressed. You didn't at all try to tease him since you felt so in need. Once you were completely bare, you climbed back on top of him. "You want me to touch you, don't you?"


"Yes," you said, rather defeated. You were passed the point of trying to get him to use his quirk on you at the moment.


"Tell me where," he told you.


"I want you to rub my clit and stick your fingers inside of me." You bit your lip as you looked into his eyes, hoping to get what you wanted. When that familiar, warm, and pleasurable feeling started once you felt Shinsou start rubbing your clit, you bit your lip harder, closing your eyes briefly at the feeling. His other hand cupped one of your breasts, squeezing a bit hard as his thumb kneaded at your nipple.


"You're so wet, [Name]," Shinsou purred out, "You're always such a dirty, obedient whore for me, aren't you?" He pressed his fingers a bit harder on your clit as he started to rub you rougher. You were so lost in the pleasure that you could only moan shamelessly, "Answer me, [Name]."


"I-I am," you manged to get out. Pleased with your answer, Shinsou moved his hand lower and slid two fingers inside of you. He found it to be rather impossible to scissor you at the moment, being as you hadn't been fucked by him in quite some time. You couldn't help but to grind your hips down against his hand. You knew he was toying with you since he seemed to be actively avoiding your spot.


"You're so tight," he commented, "How long has it been since I've fucked you here?" You let out a breathy moan in pleasure, hands grabbing onto his shoulders to grip them as if to anchor yourself so you could at least have some control over yourself. "Answer me."


"I think i-Ah!" You shut your eyes tightly, feeling as he rammed his fingers against your spot. You would never have control in such a situation with Shinsou. He was way too good at touching you and getting what he wanted. It was obvious that he didn't need mind control to manipulate you. At the moment, you were feeling so close, "Ah...Ah, fuck! I think I'm going to come...!" You bit your lip hard and shut your eyes only for Shinsou to quickly remove his hand from you at the last second. Opening your eyes you looked at him with a rather pouty face. He leaned closer to you and kissed your lips, biting at your bottom one slightly.


"I think you know what your next job is, slut." He looked at you with very controlling eyes that made you shiver in lust. You nodded and got off of his lap, sinking down in front of him on your knees. You couldn't help but to bite your lip in want as you could see his cock straining through his pants. You unzipped them and pulled out his length through his boxers. Your eyes were clouded over at this point as you were also being controlled by your own desire, "Good girl," he praised you, giving your head a soft rub. You leaned your head down and licked from the base of his cock all the way up to the head of it. Your hand wrapped around his shaft as you started to jerk him off leaning your head closer to lick around the head of his cock before wrapping your lips around it. Shinsou let out a sigh of pleasure, his hands threading through your hair, "You're so good at this, [Name]. Now be obedient and take me all in." You started up into his eyes with yours half-lidded as you slid your mouth down onto his cock, making sure it went all the way to your throat. "Keep going." You made sure not to stop until you did exactly as told, having him all inside of you.


You let out a breath through your nose as you moved your head back and forth. Moving a hand to cup at his balls. "You listen so well, [Name]." At the praise you moved your mouth a bit quicker on him really wanting him to burst. You looked up into his eyes again, sucking on him nice and hard and moving your tongue against his length every now and then. You loved the sound of his groans that were coming through his mouth. You would always make sure to do a good job when you were blowing him. "...I'm about to come," he told you, "You better swallow all of it." His grip on your hair tightened, and his nails scratched at your scalp a bit in the process. You shoved your head back and forth on him a bit rougher as you could feel him start to pulsate in your mouth. When you finally felt that familiar feeling of him shooting his seed down your throat, you couldn't help but to moan around his length, feeling hot and bothered. "You're so good at taking my come, [Name]." He gave your head a rub again. You pulled your mouth back a bit and sucked at the head of Shinsou's cock a bit more before pulling away completely. You got up and sat on his lap, leaning your side against him.


"Now will you take care of me?" you asked him, feeling very antsy from what you had just did.


"Of course," Shinsou told you making you smile happily, "Now be a good girl for me and go lay down in the bedroom."

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You were glad that you were able to train with the Big Three when they had their training sessions. Perhaps it was because you were currently dating their main member Mirio Togata, or maybe it was because you were just that good. Either way, every time Mirio accidentally slipped out of his clothing you were given a curious look by Tamaki. Maybe it was because you would unconsciously bite your lip, or perhaps it was because you were Mirio's girlfriend. Either way, you were able to notice it by the second time it happened. And while for the others it was just a big mishap and nothing to worry about, you couldn't help but to flush up. "Oops, sorry!" Mirio said wearing his trademark smile. He seemed to just laugh the latest incident off and pull his clothes back on. Tamaki's face turned from watching yours back to Mirio as he shook his head.


"You're getting [Name] all worked up," he merely said, looking to now face a nearby wall. Your eyes widened. He did not deserve to hide now that he said such a thing in the middle of training.


"Mhmm! That's right!" Nejire sang out before turning to you, "So how does that make you feel, [Name]!? Are you and Mirio in that part of your relationship, yet?! Can't you not wait until you get there?!" She walked over to you and started to poke and prod at you as she started up her questions. Mirio could only chuckle at his friends' reactions. While he didn't want to make you at all uncomfortable he couldn't help but to tease you a bit.


"Is that true, [Name]?" he asked in mock concern, "Don't worry, I'll make sure to take care of it!" Your eyes shot to him, widening a bit seeing as he was still smiling happily through it all. You knew that he was just teasing you, however, and the others pretty much were, too...well in their own way.


"Oh come on!" you whined to them, "Look, let's finish training." You were greeted with laughter from the three. If anything it did make you feel more welcome for whenever you would train with them again. You couldn't help but to inwardly smile. You refused to show them your real smile, though, because you felt as if they didn't deserve it for teasing you.


After that, training went by smoothly. Mirio gave you a few pointers and helped you find new ways to utilize your quirk in the best way possible. You knew that he was going to be a great hero one day. Tamaki and Nejire seemed as if they would be great ones, too, and you knew that if you continued to train with them then you would end up just as good. "Great job today, honey!" Mirio praised you as you both walked into his dorm-room. You often did like to hang out among other things after a good training session.


"Thanks, Mirio," you mused with a soft smile towards him, "I need to seriously keep practicing if I'm going to catch up to you three." You sat down on his bed, feeling the affects of the hard training in your muscles. It felt nice to sit down, "For one I need to work on my stamina and endurance." Mirio's big smile turned kind as he went to sit down next to you on his bed. He wrapped an arm around you, placing one of his hands on one of your shoulders.


"Oh, [Name], don't worry! I can easily help you with those," he explained. You wanted to think you were surprised, but you were starting to learn that there wasn't much that this man could not accomplish.


"Can you?" you asked him, although you felt as if you already knew that the answer would be a 'yes'.


"Of course, babe!" he boomed, turning to fully look at you. You felt his eyes trailing from your face down lower to your body, "In order to do that, though, we also need to relive stress~." He sounded so informed when he said it, but you knew that it was another way of telling you that it was time to have sex. Coming from Mirio, it just sounded so hot, especially since he was also coming from a place of trying to help you. Having sex while feeling this achy from training would definitely push your limits a bit. At that, though, though you couldn't help but to press your thighs together unconsciously. Mirio noticed what you were doing, and he smirked, trailing one of his strong hands down between your thighs and giving a teasing rub to your clothed clit. "I'll take that as you want to do it?" he chuckled a bit, seeing as you looked into his blue eyes in want.


"I do~," you purred out. Mirio was very good at being hard when he fucked you, and there was really no surprise there. He was, after all, really strong. He didn't have show muscles. He was good at what he did when it came to being intimate, and you were glad that you were the one who got to experience this from him. Without any thought, Mirio pushed you down onto the bed rather roughly all the while being his smiling self. He easily got on top of you moving a hand down to grip onto one of your clothed breasts with one of his burly hands.


"Don't worry, [Name], I won't let up for the sake of your training~." He was much better at being seductive than people would probably peg him, although it was in his own special way, and to you, his own special way was much more than alluring. Mirio easily ripped your top and bra off in one movement, and in that moment you didn't exactly care. You just felt your want for him grow. Wanting to see his beautiful muscles, you reached up and yanked his top off. Your eyes looked him over in lust as you reached forward, trailing a hand up and down his chest for a bit.


"I guess the others were right about you getting worked up," he teased you before leaning down and practically slamming his lips against yours. You dug your nails into his shoulders barely being able to take how hard and quick you were being kissed. His tongue roughly pressed into yours, and while you found it difficult to play with his back you still loved being taken that way. Mirio gave a firm thrust of his clothed hips against yours, making you accidentally break the kiss and let out a surprised gasp. He was already so hard, making the action ten times rougher than it would have been if he were soft. You reached a hand down, feeling his huge member through his pants. Doing so earned you a nice groan from your boyfriend. He then trailed a hand down to your own pants and yanked those off along with your panties. The anticipation to the fact that you knew that you were about to be fucked hard was doing so much to you. You wanted to feel him banging against you so badly.


"Mirio, I want you inside of me," you told him. There was a slight whine in your voice, "I need to feel your big, strong cock in me." He was truly never one to disappoint. Mirio looked down at you with his famous smile as he used his quirk to easily remove his  pants and boxers. You looked down seeing his girthy, long dick, and you couldn't help but to bite your lip. You waited in anticipation, but sadly it didn't come just yet. Instead you moaned in surprise as you felt his fingers entering you, going in pretty deep. "...F-Fuck...," you breathed out. He was making sure to stretch you as much as he could so it would all fit inside.


"I'm not going to hold back, [Name]. Are you prepared for that?" Mirio cheerfully asked. You were more than prepared, even if your body wasn't. You just really wanted him to take you as hard as he could at the moment.


"Please?" you asked, looking up at him with lustful eyes. Seeing how badly you wanted it, Mirio gave you a nod and a kind smile. Even though you had been begging and hoping for it, nothing could prepare you for the feeling of Mirio giving you a hard swift thrust as he entered inside of you. The bed banged back against the wall, and a few things that were on it fell to the ground. You moaned shamelessly, wrapping your legs around his waist as if to drive his cock deeper inside of you. You felt yourself stretching around it to make it fit, at the moment however, the feeling was just so indescribable. You wrapped your arms around him again, holding onto him tightly as Mirio began to thrust as hard as he could inside of you. You were almost sure that the wall behind his bed would end up breaking if the bed itself did not. He was being so rough and thrusting into you with great speed as well. "M-Mirio!" you couldn't help but to call out his name, your body starting to shake a bit at this rough treatment.


"Do you want more, [Name]?" he asked you, groaning at the wonderful feeling of you being so incredibly tight and wet around him. You could only nod and bite your lip, pulling him as close to you as he could possibly get. At that, what had been deemed as being fucked hard to you had been shattered. Your eyes widened and your nails sunk into Mirio's back as he started slamming inside of you and against your sweet spot.


"O-Oh, G-God!" you cried out, hardly being able to take being pounded this way. Mirio didn't let up not one bit, and at that point you felt as if he was literally going to fuck you into his mattress. And you started to feel sure that a hole would also end up being created in the floor. As this hard fucking continued, you felt yourself drawing closer and closer to your orgasm. You shut your eyes tightly knowing that it was going to be a big one. Mirio then gave a particularly rough thrust against your spot, causing you to harshly arch your back as a shattering orgasm rippled through your body. You couldn't even really register anything to properly muffle your moans. Thankfully, even with pounding you so hard, Mirio still kept his head, and he quickly leaned down, kissing you roughly to muffle out your noises. He made no move to stop or let up on his treatment of you, even after you had come. You felt so terribly sensitive and as if you were at your limit. With a few more thrust from him, he finally spilled his big load inside of you. You felt as if there was no room for it inside of you, so it started to seep out. Mirio buried his face against your neck, groaning. When he finally pulled away, his smile was once again on his face. He slid out of you before laying at your side and pulling you against his strong chest. You felt so out of it with how you had been fucked just now.


"You were right...," you panted out. Your heart rate was out of this world, "That was actually really good for training my endurance." Mirio, still smiling, leaned down and kissed the top of your head.


"Don't worry, [Name]! After a few more sessions your stamina and endurance will be in tip top shape!"


You honestly wondered if your body would end up breaking.

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 You thought math was a stupid subject, and you were more than sure that everyone did. You, at the moment, were beyond bored. You propped your head up on your hand as you leaned forward on your desk ignoring what was currently being taught to you. You did, however, find it amusing the way that Izuku was going at it when trying to figure out the problems that were given to you all to answer. He was always so calculated when he did things and worked vigorously and hard to find the answers needed. You wondered what would happen if you decided to mess with him a little bit. Luckily you had come prepared for school that day in more ways than one. "This is stupid!" Bakugo whined. He surprisingly to you wasn't much of a dumb ass, he just didn't care about regular school work. Your math teacher, Ectoplasm, shook his head at that and continued to teach.


"Just because you don't get it doesn't mean it's useless," Ashido pointed out to him. This was met with a few laughs from some of the others in the class.


"Huh?! Who says I don't get it?! It's just a dumb subject!" Bakugo yelled back.


"...I kind of agree...," Jiro mused. You ignored the little interruptions that were basically a part of all of your lessons now while you dug around in your backpack for the item that you had decided to take with you that morning.


"Can everyone please focus," Ectoplasm scolded before turning to the board and starting to write down a math problem. Izuku and Momo were quick to start copying it, while the others just either watched your teacher or held slight conversations among themselves. Then there was you who was still looking in your bag. "Now, the first person to solve-"


"5780.78!" Momo quickly answered, much to Izuku's frustration.


"Correct," Ectoplasm nodded, "Now for the square-root unrounded-"


"76.03144086494744!" This time it was Izuku that answered the question, which he was then told was correct. You had no idea how they were able to do it, but your mind was only half on them as you manged to find what you were looking for. You glanced over in Izuku's direction. He was always just so fun to play with. You couldn't help but to think of him as a cute, sweet cinnamon roll, and for some that made you feel all the more sadistic when messing with him.


"Ah! Found it," you softly said.


"Momo and Deku sure work fast," Ochaco mused looking at the two, "It's like there's no point in trying to figure it out with them around."


"We still must so that we can learn," Iida pointed out to her. And then in an instant and after two soft snaps from your fingers so it would go undetected, everything stopped. You were grateful in this moment to have a quirk that manipulated time. You hummed softly as you stood up and grabbed the item that you had been looking for out of your bag. It was an egg shaped vibrator that came with a remote. You strolled from your desk all the way to your boyfriend's. You couldn't help but to admire how cute he looked. Easily unzipping his pants, you slid the egg-shaped vibrator through the slit in his boxers and unto his cock. After zipping him back up you gave him a quick kiss on the lips.


"This is bound to be fun," you thought aloud. You then glanced over at the desk in front of Izuku seeing as Bakugo sat there. For good measure you wrote the word 'idiot' on the corner of his paper, knowing that things were bound to be a bit more amusing when you unfroze everyone. After you finished your tasks, you strolled back to your desk and sat down. Two snaps of your fingers later and everything resumed.


"Still, it is pretty unmotivating," Ochaco replied to Iida while smiling and scratching at her head slightly. Turning to look over at where Izuku was sitting, you noticed the confused look on his face. He shifted slightly in his seat, probably wondering what was on him.


"Hey?! Whose idea of a joke is this?!" Bakugo growled, "I bet it was your dumb ass Denki!" He turned to the orange haired male with a death glare.


"H-Huh?! What did I do?!" Denki questioned, raising his hands up as if in defensive mode. All the while Izuku was still trying to figure out what had just happened with him. You had yet to turn the vibrator on as you were waiting for the perfect moment.


"You know good and well what you did!" Bakugo growled, "And stop moving Deku! You're distracting me!" Izuku quickly stopped, looking rather nervous with his eyes now wide.


"What? Distracting you from what?" Ashido couldn't help but to say with a laugh. She knew that Bakugo was probably not even paying attention to the lesson.


"All of you settle down," Ectoplasm said, shaking his head. He found it hard to believe that these students were so talented, "Anyway, for the next problem. Everyone copy it down." He felt as if he should be saving his breath because he knew that no one except Izuku and Momo would. You glanced over to see Izuku quickly writing the problem. Whether he was to answer it first or not, you knew that this would be the perfect chance.


"It's 8790-Ah!" His whole face then turned extremely red, and he recoiled into his seat.


"8791.89!" Momo answered. You wanted to laugh so badly as you watched Izuku's reaction to you turning the toy on. He nervously and slowly turned his head to where you were sitting with wide eyes. He knew what you had done, and given the fact that you were in class right now, he knew that there was nothing he could do but take it. You blew him a kiss and waved.


"Aw, you two are so cute!" Ochaco mused watching your little across the room interaction with Izuku.


"Not in class," Iida scolded. You watched as Izuku turned around, trying to focus on his work. Once he did that you turned the vibrator up to a higher setting nonchalantly.


"Don't worry, Iida, I know," you smiled, "I'd never do something inappropriate in class~." You then decided to make it look like you were working on the current math problem that was being put up on the board. It was amazing to you to watch Izuku writing shakily and trying to concentrate. There was no doubt that he was probably very hard at the moment. You knew that it was only a matter of time before he placed his book bag on his lap.


"Hey, [Name], do you know what number that is on the board?" Glancing next to yourself, you noticed that Tsu was actually trying to follow along with the math class.


" looks like a five to me," you mused as you nonchalantly changed the egg vibrator to the pulse setting. The slight jolt that you noticed Izuku do was more than rewarding. He couldn't help but to squirm slightly, biting his lip.


"Thank you," Tsu told you before turning back to her own paper.


"Dammit, Deku! Stop distracting me!" Bakugo yelled. The boy had been squirming around a bit trying to not make any noises.


"S-Sorry," Izuku stuttered before taking his book bag and placing it on his lap. Then came a laugh from Ashido, probably because she was still wondering what Bakugo was even doing that he could be distracted from.


"Are you alright, Deku?" Toru asked as she turned around to face him. Your poor boyfriend was fidgeting, and his face was as red as could be.


"I-I'm alright," he answered her. He forced a smile onto his face. At that, you turned the vibrator off and watched this interaction with slight interest. Izuku gave a slight sigh of relief, face starting to go back to a normal color. "Thank you, though." With what you assumed to be a nod, Toru turned back around in her seat.


"Good, now don't bother me again," Bakugo grumbled. Ectoplasm could only shake his head at this again before turning back to the board and writing out the next math problem. Everything seemed to go back to how it was before with only a few people actually trying to solve the problems presented to them. Once you noticed Izuku going at it again, writing quickly on his paper, you turned the vibrator back on. Only this time you put it at it's highest setting. Like clockwork, Izuku's eyes widened and his head banged against the desk as his put it down. The sex toy was vibrating like crazy on his cock, and you were more than sure that he was probably spilling out precome. He was trying to not move or make a sound at this point, but was finding great trouble in doing so.


"Are you sure you're alright, Deku?" This time it was Ochaco that asked. Her face was one full of concern.


"I-I...I-I'm alright," Izuku managed to get out as he tried to stop squirming in his seat. You were showing no mercy. You knew that the highest setting of the vibrator was pretty harsh, so his cock probably was extremely sensitive to it. You couldn't help but to enjoy this fully.


"If you're alright then stop behaving as stupid as idiot Denki when he short circuits!" Bakugo growled. He then turned around to face you. "Hey, [Name]! Control your boyfriend!"


"I-I'm...I-I'm sorry, Kacchan....," Izuku groaned out, biting his lip hard. You recognized that face he was making, and soon he shut his eyes, biting his lip even harder. Not too long after that, Izuku's face relaxed, and he started to pant a bit. You knew what had happened. He had come. With two snaps of your fingers, you activated your quirk. You walked over to your boyfriend and unzipped his pants, taking the vibrator out. Upon reaching in, you could feel how messy his cock was now. You looked at the toy and how it was now dirty. You came prepared, though. After zipping up Izuku's pants, you dropped the toy in a zip-lock bag that you had brought with you. You then returned to your seat after wiping your hands off and deactivated your quirk.


"You're right," you mused, "I should probably take Izuku to the nurse's office. He might be fighting off a fever or something."


"That's fine," Ectoplasm mused, not turning away from the chalkboard.


"Good. He's causing distractions," Bakugo crossed his arms. Before Ashido could laugh again he gave her a stern look, "You got something to say?!" As this was going on, you stood up and walked over to Izuku. He looked up at you with slightly dazed eyes before keeping his bag against his crotch and leaving the room with you.


"You got something to learn?" Was Ashido's retort. Once you closed the room door it seemed as if all hell broke loose. You heard Bakugo yelling out the words, 'Stupid', 'Denki', 'Deku', 'Math', and 'Useless'.


"Looks like he's back at square one," you nonchalantly said before turning to your boyfriend. He looked as if he was still trying to regulate his breathing after what you had just done to him.


"You're pure evil, [Name]," he shakily got out. You couldn't help but to laugh.


"Look at it this way, we're free to do whatever we want for the rest of the hour~," you purred. Izuku's face turned red from your words. You certainly were trying to kill him.


Chapter Text

It wasn't as if you ever really noticed being stared at. You were always the center of attention for the most part whether it was getting good grades, being complimented on your looks, or being invited out to places by people. You had also won both Prom and Homecoming Queen. You just had so many friends that made you smile, and it was a smile that was able to dazzle almost everyone including Katsuki Bakugo. He usually wasn't one so easily moved by beauty or brains, but with you it was different. He didn't see your charm just because you were the most popular girl in school, he saw it because he saw you. While the others just assumed that you were always just smart and helpful, he could tell that it was because you worked hard at it. And he admired your hard work. When you did well on a big test, he would noticed that you always looked slightly tired afterwards. He could tell that you worked hard for all that you had, and that only added to his crush on you.


On this particular day, everyone was being handed back their latest math tests. Many of your friends last week had asked you to hang out with them, and you hadn't wanted to disappoint them. Sadly, at the same time your math course had started to get particularly hard for you, and it was too late when you realized that you needed to know how to properly factor numbers before you were able to learn long division. When you got your test score back for factors, your heart sunk. That Friday would be a test on long division, and you knew that it would be hard to catch up. "Don't look so down, [Name]!" Toru told you in a sing-song voice.


"That's right! Hey, why don't we hit up a karaoke place tonight! That'll make you feel better!" Ashido announced.


"Hey, you two are going to karaoke?" Denki asked, butting in the conversation, "Count me in!"


"Oh, me, too!" Toru added herself in. You could only sigh as Sero also joined in on the conversation. While the others started to talk about times and what else you all could do, you just sunk into your seat. You'd have to put your foot down and refuse. You needed to study for math after all and sadly.


"Bakugo! You got the highest mark possible!" The sound of Kirishima's voice was way too familiar. You quickly turned your head towards Bakugo's direction. Bakugo seemed rather nonchalant about his grade. He didn't even look at Kirishima.


"And?" he asked, "It was easy, dumb ass. You just need to study better next time." He rolled his eyes. Raising an eyebrow, you got up and walked over to where the blond was sitting. He didn't seem to notice you moving to where he was sitting despite usually spending most of his class time watching you.


"If you find it easy, can you please tutor me, Bakugo?" you asked. At the sound of your voice, Bakugo immediately looked up. He kind of regretted remarking how easy the test was, because he didn't want to insult you. At his silence, you smiled softly. He felt his heart stop at that beautiful smile. "I got kind of behind," you admitted laughing gently at your mistake, "I'm kind of lost on both factors and long division...Plus we did just get that assignment that's due tomorrow, and if you could help with that, then it would be great." Bakugo had to force himself from snapping out of his daze.


"You need help?" he asked, looking slightly away from you as if to hide his oncoming flushing face, "Fine, I'll help you, but you better pay attention." You giggled softly at his words, and the expression he currently wore. Your giggle only furthered the reddening on his face.


"Thank you, Bakugo," you told him, "I'll come by your house after school if that's alright."


"That's fine. It's fine," he told you, trying to see nonchalant as he waved his hand back and forth, as if telling you it's no bother. You felt pretty grateful, so you returned to your seat to tell the group of people around you that you wouldn't be able to hang out with them that night.


When school was finally over with, Bakugo raced home so that he could make sure his room was in order. His crush was going there after all, and while he thought to himself that it was no big deal and tried to seem cool, there was just something inside of him that wanted to make sure things were perfect. It wouldn't be very good if you felt uncomfortable or weird at his house. He wanted to make sure that everything would be as amazing as he could make it. When the doorbell rang, signalling your arrival, Bakugo felt his heart start thumping. He put a hand on his chest as if to silence it.


"...You're here for Katsuki to tutor you...?" Bakugo could faintly hear his mother talking with you.


" would be of great help..." At the sound of your wonderful voice, his heart thumped a little bit faster. He quickly looked his room over once again, making sure that everything was alright.


"Well, his room is upstairs to the left."


"Thank you so much, Ma'am!" Hearing your cute politeness seemed to only make things worse for his internal feelings towards you. It was as if he was being reminded of another reason that he liked you so much. He quickly sat at a little table that was in the middle of the room, waiting for your arrival. It didn't take you too long to get there, and when you opened the door, you greeted Bakugo with a heart-stopping smile. "Hello, Kacchan!" At the nickname, Bakugo's eyes widened.


"K-Kacchan?!" he couldn't help but to question out loud. It wasn't that he didn't like you using it. In fact. it was the exact opposite. It was just that he did not expect it, so it caught him very off guard.


"Oh, I'm sorry!" you quickly told him, removing your backpack from yourself, "It's just that Midoriya calls you that, and I wanted to, too." Bakugo felt as if you couldn't get any cuter at the moment.


"It's fine if you call me that," he told you, eyes averting yours due to his slight blush, "Anyway, hurry up and get your book and the assignment out." With a soft smile and a nod you sat next to Bakugo at the table and took your book out. Bakugo already had his book on the table, and he then pulled out the assignment, only it was all finished. You were amazed at that.


"That's incredible Kacchan! We just got it today," you told him, looking down at it. Hearing you refer to him by that nickname again, Bakugo couldn't help but to lose composure for a second. Also, you were leaning pretty close to him so that you could look down at the assignment.


"It's not that big of a deal," he said, trying to play his reaction off, "In any case. Let's start off with factors." He opened up his book, prompting you to do the same. "Factors are actually very easy." At the look on your face of wondering how you could mess up something so easy, Bakugo quickly changed his tune, "They can be pretty difficult at times, though, especially since numbers can have many of them."


"Oh, I see," you mused, staring down at the textbook, "How would you need them in long division, though?" The test for long division was that week after all. Bakugo could tell that you were worried about getting another bad grade. He commended you for trying all that you could to pass, such as being tutored and skipping out on hanging out with people.


"Let's not get ahead," he told you, shaking his head. "The best way to do factors is to write the factors for each number all out and approach it that way. When you're thinking of long division, factors help because multiplication and division are pretty much opposites of each other."


"Can you give me an example?" you asked, leaning much closer to him now as you gazed down at the long division assignment that he had already done. You were close enough to where Bakugo could smell your sweet scent, and also to where he could see your gorgeous features much clearer. His eyes widened slightly, and he had to fake a throat clear to pick up his composure.


"Well it's like this. Five and two are factors of ten. So that can also mean that ten divided by five is two, and ten divided by two is five. When you're working with long division, you're not looking at the long number as a whole." You were still very close to him, and he hoped that you wouldn't be able to hear his heart beating so quickly.


"I think I'm starting to get it," you told him with a slight nod. You pulled away, and Bakugo had to stop a sigh of relief that was about to come out of his mouth. Because he had such a big crush on you and didn't want to mess anything up, this was way too much for him.


"That's good," he said, looking away from you once again. You couldn't help but to notice how slightly nervous he seemed, making you smile in amusement. He was always so uncaring in school, so seeing him like this was kind of a treat for you. It was also really nice to have help on math. "Now, let me help you work out the problems on the assignment."


About an hour in total had passed, and you felt pretty confident for your test on Friday. You were very grateful for Bakugo's help. Standing up, you stretched out your arms and legs for a bit. These movements did not go unnoticed by your admirer. Bakugo also stood up as well.


"Thank you so much," you told him, "Now I just need to keep practicing."


"I think you'll do fine on the test," he mused, face a bit red because he was praising you, "You're really smart after all." Hearing this, you once again showed him your kind and beautiful smile.


"I'll do fine, because of you~." Without any warning whatsoever, you leaned closer and kissed Bakugo on the cheek. He had been able to hide all of his other blushes, but this time his whole face turned red.

Chapter Text

You and your class had finally graduated from U.A., so it was only natural that Denki and Minoru throw a huge after party that night. Everyone from your class was there as well as those in other classes, departments, and years. You went there with Momo because you knew that she probably wasn't going to drink and would be the perfect designated driver. "Alright! All ladies come out back by the pool for a wet t-shirt conte-" Minoru was interrupted by Jiro kicking him. You couldn't help but to laugh at that as you went to the open bar and got another drink. You were amazed when you first got there to find that Tokoyami serving as the bartender. You were even more shocked to find out that the drinks he made were amazing.


"Don't over do it," he mused, crossing his arms after he handed you your drink. Dark Shadow was also helping with mixing up drinks so there would be less of a line.


"I won't," you reassured him. However, that was a bit of a fib. This was the night of your graduation after all. You had survived U.A. and all of it's challenges. You also had gotten many offers from hero agencies. You felt as if you deserved to cut loose. You walked away from the bar and out back where the pool was. A few fire pits had been set up, and there was music being played outside. You also noticed a table where beer pong had been set up. Kirishima and Bakugo were playing against Ashida and Tetsutetsu.


"Hey, [Name]!" Kirishima called out to you. At the sound of your name being called, Bakugo looked over at where you were. "After we're done playing you should do some body shots with us!"


"Alright!" you called back before sitting down at one of the fire pits by Toru, Izuku, and Kendo. Izuku looked rather nervous as always. You could hear him rambling to the others about how he wasn't really one for wild parties. You just sipped on your drink and listened. Not before long, though, you noticed that your drink was empty so you went back inside and where the bar was.


"Can you just put some soda in a glass for me?" Ochaco asked as she was currently the one being serviced by Tokoyami. You looked over at the line Dark Shadow was serving and noticed that it was significantly smaller, so you went to that one.


"What a lame party you guys threw! Class B would have thrown a much better one!" Monoma was teasing Dark Shadow who seemed to be ignoring him. Somehow it was still really easy for you to hear his rambling over the music being played in the house. You also noticed that Monoma had a drink in his hand, so he probably had already been serviced, "I mean come on! Our class is be-" You nudged him out of your way easily, paying no mind to the surprised sound he made.


"I think I'll go simple this time with a vodka and cranberry," you mused. Dark Shadow seemed rather grateful that you had taken care of Monoma. When you got your drink from him, you took a sip from it and noticed that Dark Shadow was a much heavy pourer than Tokoyami. You had no problem with that, though! Going back outside, you glanced over at the beer pong game, seeing Bakugo getting the ball into the last cup on Ashida's and Tetsutetsu's side.


"Dammit!" Ashida cursed. You couldn't help but to giggle a bit, though your amusement was aided by you starting to become rather tipsy.


"I demand a rematch!" Tetsutetsu huffed.


"You'd lose that one, too," Bakugo pointed out.


"I'll give you the best rematch you've ever played!" Kirishima boasted while Bakugo rolled his eyes, "Right after we do some body shots! Now who's all in!"


"I'm in!" Ashida chirped, mood changing to excitement. Kirishima walked into the house to get the items needed from behind the bar while everyone else debated if they were going to play or not. "Are you going to do it, too, [Name]?" You quickly walked over to where they were all standing.


"O-Of course!" you slurred a bit, unable to help it. At your notion to play, Bakugo's face flushed up slightly.


"I think I'll participate, too," he mused, running a hand through his blond hair. You quickly turned to him, a bit surprised that he would be into this. Nevertheless, though, you showed him a rather happy face.


"That's great! You should do one of off me!" you giggled, moving a bit closer to him. Bakugo was slightly taken back by this, but then he noticed that you were rather drunk. He wondered if you should really participate in this game or not because of it. He did see that you had one third of a drink in your glass still, and it didn't look like you would be stopping anytime soon.


"You're drunk, [Name]," he told you, shaking his head. "The last thing you need to be doing is drinking more."


"Can I also do one off of you?" you asked him, ignoring what he told you completely. You moved even closer to put a hand on his chest, trailing it down, "You do have a lovely body after all~. It's always nice to see, so I'm sure it'll be even better to lick~." Bakugo couldn't help but to widen his eyes at your words and how close you were to him. Before he could say anything, Kirishima came back, holding a few shot glasses, lemon slices, lime slices, salt, sugar, and of course alcohol.


"I got some Tequila! Now who's all playing?" he asked, looking around.


"I am!" you cheered.


"Me, too!" Ashida hopped over, "Also Toru, Bakugo, and I think Tetsutetsu is also going to play." Kirishima nodded as he listened while starting to pour the alcohol in the shot glasses.


"I-I'll go first," you mused, grabbing a lime slice and some salt, "Come here, Bakugo." Now, Bakugo knew that the best thing to do in this situation would be to bring you inside of the house and have Ochaco or Momo watch you, but this was a chance that he didn't want to mess up. It was rather conflicting. With a sigh he nodded and walked over to you. You smiled and didn't even ask as you ripped his shirt off. "Lime in your mouth, salt on your chest~." Your eyes looked a bit dazed due to being drunk.


"Oh, use the alcohol so the salt will stick," Kirishima advised him. Bakugo nodded, still feeling a bit on the fence about this, however his body was speaking for him as he got the salt on his chest and put the lime in his mouth. You giggled happily before shooting the drink back. You licked the salt from his chest, slowly, looking up and in his eyes teasingly. Bakugo's face turned slightly red although he didn't look away. Standing back up straight, you placed your mouth onto his, taking the lime from it.


"All done!" you smiled. You were then met with laughs and applause.


"Who's next?" Toru bounced over. At least that's what it looked like she was doing. Your mind was now elsewhere as you couldn't help but to stare at Bakugo's exposed chest. You gave a pout when he grabbed his shirt to put it back on.


"Awww, noooo, don't do that," you whined, completely ignoring the others who were carrying on with the body shots. "Besides, I feel bad about getting saliva all over your chest~. Maybe we should do something about that." While you weren't making the most sense due to your drunken state, Bakugo knew exactly what you were talking about. He stared at you for a few minutes actually considering taking you in your drunk state. While you didn't know this, he did like you after all, and this surely was an opportunity of a lifetime. Shaking his head, he sighed.


"[Name], you're drunk," he told you, still sort of on the fence.


"W-What?!" you asked as if rather shocked. You really didn't think that you were, "I'm noooot." You gave a rather cute pout, "Why don't you just come upstairs with me, then? It could be nice~." Bakugo stared at you for again as he thought this over. It wouldn't be so bad to at least do that.


"Fine," he told you, "Just no barfing on me."


"Yay!" you jumped up and down happily for a bit before wrapping your arms around one of his arms. Bakugo felt his face going a bit red as he felt your chest pressing against him. He tried to ignore it as he walked into the house with you, leading you up the stairs. It was a good thing you were holding onto him because there was a chance that you might have fell without the extra help. Once upstairs you noticed a room-door open. With a little giggle, you pulled him into the room, closing the door behind you. "Now why don't you just get on the bed for me~," you purred, "While I take off my shirt so that I can match you~." Bakugo knew that this was wrong. You were drunk after all, but he was starting to feel as if he couldn't help himself. The moral battle in his head had been a rather hard one, but without any further internal debating he sat down on the bed and watched as you slowly took your shirt off. He couldn't help but to admire your black and red lacy bra. Since you were still standing up, you decided to remove your bottoms, just being left in your bra and panties. You then got on the bed, climbing onto Bakugo's lap and straddling him. You bit your lip as you could feel that he was already partially hard underneath you. Bakugo started to kiss at your neck, letting his tongue out every now and then. You moaned softly from the feeling, putting your hands on his still exposed muscular chest. Bakugo really couldn't believe this opportunity that he had sitting on his lap. Not fighting it anymore, he quickly flipped you on you back and got on top of you. This caught you by surprise and you let out a slight gasp.


"Don't blame me if you're sore in the morning~," Bakugo purred out against your ear. You barely could register what was happening as he undid your bra, sliding that off of your body. He looked down at your breasts, admiring the way that they looked. Kissing from your lips on downward, Bakugo licked around one of your nipples teasingly. He cupped at your right breast, giving it a rough squeeze before latching his mouth around your left nipple. He gave it a few sucks before he pulled his mouth away and licked around the bud. You moaned at the feeling and threaded your fingers in his hair in pleasure.


"Go lower~," you couldn't help but to say. Bakugo glanced up at you, knowing exactly what you wanted him to do. With a smirk, he trailed his tongue down your body. He gave your cunt a rough lick through your panties, making you squirm slightly. Pulling back for a moment, he practically tore your panties off before going back down to suck on your clit. You were more than grateful that he was not teasing you. Feeling his mouth sucking on your sensitive flesh was way too much for you. You arched your back, gripping onto his hair again. "B-Bakugo..." You moaning his name sounded so seductive to him. Bakugo could feel his pants getting tighter because of it. He released your clit and trailed his tongue down, pushing it inside of you as he started to roughly rub you with his pointer and index fingers. You couldn't help but to push yourself closer to his mouth. "I-I...I'm about to come...!" Sadly, you didn't get what you wanted. Well, at least not yet. Bakugo pulled his mouth away. He looked down at you very dominantly.


"Not yet," he told you with a smirk. You looked rather pouty, which caused him to lean down and give you a nice and hard kiss. You wrapped your arms around his neck as you kissed him back. While you were doing this, Bakugo undid his pants and took his cock out from the slit in his boxers. Your eyes widened when you unexpectedly felt him pushing himself inside of you. It felt a bit uncomfortable at first since you had to adjust to his size, but luckily that didn't take too long. Bakugo waited until he heard you moaning into the kiss before he started to move in and out of you. He broke the kiss, and a string of saliva was connecting both of your mouths before it broke. His thrusts started to become rather rough as he picked up the pace. You held onto his shoulders, not being able to take the feelings of pleasure, especially since he had eaten you out prior. It all just felt way too good to you, especially in your dazed mind.


"S-Shit...!" You couldn't help but to groan, eyes practically rolling to the back of your head as Bakugo started to hit a rather wonderful spot inside of you. He couldn't help but to put his head down in the junction of your neck and shoulder and groan at the feeling of you being so tight and wet around him. He loved the feeling of fucking your pussy. Also, because of the fact that it was you he was doing this with, it felt much more pleasurable to him. Bakugo did a particularly deep stroke that ended up pushing you off the edge. Your orgasm came onto you without warning, and you moaned loudly, squeezing on tight to his shoulders. Your inner walls were clamping down hard onto Bakugo, which caused him to peak as well. His body jerked forward a bit as he spilled his load inside of you. You gasped in pleasure feeling his warm come. Once you finally started to come down, you could feel your heart racing and your your shallow breathing. Bakugo was panting, head still at your shoulder. "I'm so tired...," you couldn't help but to say, "Wake me when Momo decides to leave..." Your drunkenness was being replaced with fatigue, and Bakugo looked down at the mess he had helped to put you in. Momo would certainly and probably politely kill him if she found out what had happened.


Chapter Text

It was always fun to hang around with Sero, Bakugo, Kirishima, Denki, and Ashido. They were pretty much the liveliest people in your class, in your opinion. It was also fun to hang with them at lunchtime. You, obviously, chose to sit next to your boyfriend Sero. On the other side of Sero, Kirishima was sitting there. Across from Kirishima was Bakugo, and then next to him was Denki. Ashido was sitting on the other side of Denki and across from you. The conversation that was currently going on was a rather typical one, and typical in this group was usually very lively. "You can't have the word 'Murder' in your Hero name, Bakugo!" Ashido laughed in amusement, "Although the fact that you keep trying to get it in is pretty funny!"


"Just watch me!" Bakugo told her, "You'll all be under me in the hero ranks anyway!" He crossed his arms rather stubbornly.


"I doubt anyone would be under a hero with 'Murder' in their title," Sero pointed out, earning a laugh from Ashido and Denki. Bakugo growled then shook his head at that in disagreement.


"What's wrong with having 'murder' in your hero name?" Kirishima couldn't help but to ask, "It sounds so manly after all!"


"No, no it does not," you said matter-of-factly. Ashido was right, though. It had been pretty amusing to watch Bakugo try so hard all this time to have such a menacing name. "You'll need to chose before you graduate." You were sure that Bakugo probably wasn't really going to give up on this.


"Imagine being saved by someone named 'Lord Explosion Murder'," Denki thought aloud, which seemed to make the whole thing way more amusing. Everyone let out a laugh except Bakugo.


"Oh, shut it!" Bakugo growled as he narrowed his eyes, "Anyway, I hear that for the next training session we have to work in pairs."


"What? Again?" Ashido asked with a sigh, "I prefer variety."


"They do this so we can get used to working with others and their quirks," Kirishima pointed out. You couldn't help but to feel a little bit bored at this conversation now. It wasn't like you cared if they made you guys work in pairs or not. You did, however, hope that you would not have to work with Mineta. Even though you were taken, he still included you when he went perving around on the girls in your class. "If we have to fight against others, I feel sorry for whoever Bakugo and I go up against!"


"It's probably going to be random, you know," Sero pointed out, "What's the point of-" He stopped in the middle of his sentence, making the others raise an eyebrow. He cleared his throat as if to draw attention away from on coming flush on his face. "What's the point of it if we're able to chose someone that matches our quirk the best."


"Ah, that's right," Kirishima agreed. Sero then gave you a look to which you nonchalantly ignored. After all, you had just casually placed your hand over his crotch underneath the table. You couldn't help but to tease him this way. You weren't exactly interested in this conversation, so why not make the best of your time at the moment. "Well, I'm sure I'll do great with whoever I get!" You gave a slight squeeze to Sero's clothed cock, massaging it a little. A groan got caught in his throat as he tried his best to keep his composure.


"I don't care who I get as long as they don't get in my way," Bakugo scoffed. He glanced over at Sero, noticing him fidgeting slightly. He, then, decided to not pay any mind to it.



"There has to be someone that Lord Explosion Murder wouldn't want to team up with, though," Ashido giggled. The name was still very funny, and you doubted that that joke would die out anytime soon.


"I'm sure he wouldn't want to work with Deku," you pointed out calmly as you started to knead at Sero's cock. It was getting pretty hard underneath your hand, which you enjoyed feeling. "Although, I don't know why. Deku is pretty strong after all." Sero bit down on his lip before grabbing onto your wrist tightly. You kept calm, though and merely stopped kneading at it to rub your palm in little circle against it.


"Tch, he's annoying," Bakugo said, "That nerd would probably keep trying to do teamwork instead of leaving me alone."


"Well...I IS a teamwork exercise," Denki told him. You merely nodded in agreement as you continued to tease Sero. You were loving how hard he was getting, and you were sure that he was probably at his limit. There was nothing that he could do, though, but try to keep himself at this point. You knew that he would probably let a groan slip if he opened his mouth to say anything.


"Who asked you?!" Bakugo barked. You and Ashido laughed a bit at Bakugo's attitude.


"Bakugo you shoul-" Before you could continue your sentence, it seemed as if Sero was at his limit as he grabbed onto you and drug you away from the table.


"Hey, where are they going?" Kirishima asked as he watched you both disappear from sight.


"Away from Bakugo's stupidity!" Ashido laughed only to be met with a death glare. Your mind was far away from the conversation that you had just had. It seemed as if your boyfriend found something that he could do. You hadn't expected him to just grab you and take you away like that. However, it wasn't as if you were complaining. In fact, you were far from complaining. Before you knew it, you were practically thrown into a janitor's closet.


"You seemed to have been having fun," Sero told you as he locked the door behind him. You smiled innocently as if you had done nothing wrong.


"I don't know what you're talking about~," you replied, giving him sweet eyes. Sero pulled you close to him, pressing his lips firmly against yours as he kissed you. You wrapped your arms around his neck, pressing your body into his. You were able to feel his hard on against you, making you feel rather horny. Pulling away from the kiss, Sero licked your bottom lip.


"You know exactly what I'm talking about," he said, "And now you need to take care of it." You turned your look from innocent to rather devious as you looked up into his eyes. Slowly but surely and while still remaining eye contact, you knelt down in front of him. His hardened clothed cock was right in front of your face. You gripped onto it, still looking at him in his eyes.


"Oh, do I?" you asked him, voice innocent even though your look had changed. You unzipped his pants and pulled his length out from his boxers. You were happy with how your teasing had worked so much on him.


"You do. You need to take responsibility for your actions, [Name]," Sero smirked down at you. He liked seeing you on your knees in front of him. Opening your mouth, you let your tongue out and gave the head of his dick a nice lick, humming slightly to add vibrations. Sero let out a pleasure-filled sigh at your light touch. You decided to not tease him anymore after what you had done under the lunch table, so you opened your mouth and slid him back as far as you could get him. Sero pulled your hair back for you, having a nice grip on it. You gave him a few firm sucks before starting to move your head back and forth on his cock. Hearing the noises of pleasure that he made, you decided to pick up the pace for a bit before pulling your head back for a moment to jerk him off. A little bit of precum escaped from his tip as you did so. Looking up at him with a smirk, you slid him back into your mouth, sucking on him once again as you moved your head quickly on his length. Sero's face was flushed up as he groaned from the feelings of satisfaction that you were giving him. You loved seeing that look on his face. You pulled your mouth away with a pop before standing up.


"Why don't you just fuck me~," you purred. Sucking him off was starting to make you feel rather wet. Now it was Sero's turn to smirk as his wrapped his arms around you and picked you up. You wrapped your legs around his waist and your arms around his neck. Sero held onto you tightly with one arm now as he moved your panties to the side and slid himself deep within you. You let out a breathy moan as you felt him going inside of your wet heat. "Mmmm~, fuck me, baby~." You didn't need to tell him twice because Sero began to pound up into you quickly. It wasn't as if you two had all of the time in the world, so it had to be quick. You weren't exactly complaining though. You loved it when he took you hard and fast. Your grip on Sero tightened and you moaned in pleasure he thrust up into you. You could also hear the wonderful groans that came out of his mouth much better due to how close you both were. As he shoved in and out of you, you could feel yourself getting closer and closer to your release. You bit your lip, eyes starting to close tightly as you felt your walls start to shudder and throb onto his cock. Feeling that as well made Sero get near to his orgasm as well, so he decided to hit the spots that he knew would drive you off the edge. You had to quickly cover your mouth because of how much louder you were getting. "O-Oh, fuck!" you couldn't help but to call out as you came hard around him. You felt yourself throbbing uncontrollably. Sero's grip on you tightened as he tried to control his own noises once he felt you coming. As he released inside of you, he bit down hard on his lip. You loved the feeling of his warm come. You let out a breath of air as you finally relaxed. Sero let you down gently, knowing your legs were probably a bit wobbly at the moment.


"I hope teasing me was worth it," he told you, face looking pretty amused.


"Oh, come on. If you say that I'm just going to keep doing it," you pointed out. The consequences proved themselves to be too good.

Chapter Text

He was just way too much for you at times. While you did have fun when he verbally te+ased you and you were able to tease him back, it could be a real challenge when he decided to take his teasing nature into the bedroom.


You had been going out with Monoma for about a year now. And to say the least, it was rather fun being his girlfriend. He was very amusing and very sweet to you. You always enjoyed spending your time with him. When you two had first became intimate, he didn't hide what kind of lover he was. He was dominate and loved to make you beg. His touches would even become unbearable at times. It wasn't like you didn't secretly enjoy this, and it wasn't like the orgasms that he caused you to have by making you become so undone weren't incredible. You just couldn't help but to get very flustered at times when he had you on your knees in front of his cock, waiting for him to take you. Monoma could just be way too much.


On this particular day, you had went to visit your boyfriend. You both had the day off-, and you wanted to make good use of it. You both were on the sofa in his living room with some random movie playing on the TV. You had made the choice to learn your body against his, lovingly while Monoma had an arm wrapped around your waist. It was sweet and cute at first, but then you began to feel his hand start to rub itself in little circles against your side. You knew that it would start innocent at first before escalating into torture. "Why don't we just cut out the middle man and go up to the bedroom?" you pouted, wanting to just get it all out in the open.


"[Name], I don't know what you're talking about," Monoma mused. His voice was rather nonchalant, although his face was very teasing, "But, if you DO want to have sex. You have to beg for it, sweetie~." He leaned in and gave the tip of your nose a kiss.


"Haha, yeah, I'm not doing that this time," you told him with a shake of your head.


"Suit yourself then," he shrugged before once again paying attention to the TV. His hand did not stop in its movements. In fact, he slid his hand onto your clothed torso and started to rub circles there. You decided to just ignore it for now, although it did feel rather relaxing. You kissed his cheek then leaned closer into him, getting more comfortable in your position. Since you were closer, however, Monoma took this as an opportunity to kiss at the shell of your ear. You couldn't help but to feel a small tingle because of that. You ignored it, though...that is until you felt him give your earlobe a nibble. A moan got caught in your throat, and you did your best to suppress it. Monoma didn't seem to let up on you as he moved his mouth lower and started to kiss your neck. His hand also moved lower and right at your clothed pubic bone, rubbing that now.


"...M-Monoma...," you couldn't help but to softly moan his name. You were starting to want him to do more to you. "Just....let's just go upstairs."


"That wasn't a beg, [Name]~," he teased you. You wanted his hand to move lower, but you were sure that he wouldn't do that until he got a proper beg from you. You knew that he would make you beg for each thing that you wanted. Although you were firmly against it at first, you couldn't help but to want to give in. "Come on, babe, you can do it~." He gave your neck a soft lick, making you bite your lip.


"P-Please...," you finally gave in, "Please, let's go upstairs." Your face was getting flushed.


"And what do you want me to do to you upstairs, hmm?" Monoa smirked, looking at you with very amused eyes. "Beg for it~." He hand traveled down a bit further, but not exactly where you wanted it to be.


"Please, Monoma...Please, I want you to touch me," you begged him. It was like music to his ears. Without telling you anything else, Monoma picked you up bridal style and carried you upstairs to the bedroom. He dropped you on the bed, and before you could take in your surroundings, he got on top of you and started to kiss you hungrily. You quickly kissed him back, wrapping your arms around his neck and holding him to you. Monoma's hips started to grind against yours, making you let out a moan in need. He always loved to hear the noises that you made from him touching you, especially when he was teasing you. Pulling away from the kiss, he gave your neck a rough bite before pulling his mouth away from you. Monoma smirked as he trailed a hand down your clothed torso. Once he made it to the bottom of your top, he yanked it off of you followed by your bottoms.


"I bet you can can't wait for me to fuck you~," he purred, lightly trailing one of the fingers from one of his hands down your exposed abdomen. You couldn't help but to shiver from the feeling. Reaching up, you grabbed onto his shirt, tugging at it slightly.


"Take it off...," you whined. You were answered with a chuckle, but your boyfriend did as he was told and took his shirt off, exposing his bare chest to you. You tugged him back down by one of his arms so that you could kiss him again. This time, the kiss was more passionate than anything, and while you were being kissed, Monoma tugged your bra off. Parting from your mouth again, he trailed his tongue down and licked around your nipple once. He looked up at you with teasing eyes, while you gave him a pout.


"Come on, [Name]," he spoke, "Say please~." He teasingly pinched one of your nipples between his thumb and pointer finger, making you squirm slightly.


"P-Please," you said, face rather flushed, "Please touch me." You were rewarded with a kiss on your right nipple before Monoma opened his mouth and took the whole nipple in, sucking on it expertly. You breathed out a moan, arching your back slightly. Monoma grabbed onto your left breast with one of his hands and gave it a slight squeeze. With his other hand, he trailed it down and started to rub at your clothed heat. You bit your lip rather hard, feeling so very antsy. You wanted him to be inside of you so badly. "Monoma...stop messing with me...I want you." You gave him a rather serious and lust-filled look. You nipple was then released with a 'pop'.


"What? What was that?" Monona asked with an amused face, "I didn't hear you begging for it, [Name]." His touch on your crotch became lighter, but not nonexistent. It was too much for you. He licked around your nipple, looking up at you.


"Please, Monoma," you begged, looking down at him at your chest, "Please fuck me."


"That's not good enough, [Name]," he told you, shaking his head with a smile. He pulled back from you and slid your panties off. He, however, didn't touch you where you wanted just yet. Instead, you were greeted with soft, unbearable touches at your inner thighs. Monona lightly rubbed his fingers against you, making sure to be extremely close to your cunt, although not touching it.


"Please, PLEASE, f-fuck me," you stuttered a bit, not being able to take the teasing feeling. You pushed yourself down a bit, hoping to get him to move his hand closer to you. It did not help, though. Monona, licked two of his fingers before bringing them back down and tracing the outline of your pussy with them. You bit your lip, at the feeling. It was getting way too much.


"You need to beg better than that, [Name]~." He looked down at you with teasing eyes, moving his fingers closer to your clit, although not touching it.


"P-Please! Please, Monona! Fuck me! I need you, please!" you couldn't help but to beg loudly, body feeling as if it would burst if he went on like that any longer.


"Good girl~," he praised you. Pulling away from you completely, Monona took his bottoms and boxers off. You were already breathing heavily and your heart beat was very fast. "I'll give you what you begged so nicely for~." Getting on top of you, your boyfriend slid himself inside of your wet heat. You let out a drawn out moan due to it. Thanks to his teasing, you felt as if you weren't going to last very long. Monoma pinned your wrists by your head as he started to thrust in and out of you, going nice and deep. You bit your lip and closed your eyes briefly at the pleasure. "You're so wet, babe," Monoma groaned, enjoying the pleasurable feeling of you being all around his length. With a thrust that had been a bit more firm than the others, Monona started to shove in and out of you at a much quicker pace. You gasped at the feeling, pressing your nails into the palms of your hands. You could feel yourself getting closer and closer to your peak with each thrust he made. Soon, it became too much for you, so your released around his cock, moaning loudly as you came hard. Monoma chuckled softly and leaned down, kissing your lips, "I guess I teased you a bit too much. Either that or you really wanted me." You were too focused on your breathing at the moment to really respond. Deciding that you probably couldn't move on your own, Monoma flipped you over without warning and raised the bottom half of your body.


"Can you get up on your hands?" he asked you, wondering how stable you were at the moment.


"Y-Yeah," you told him, getting up to where you were in doggy-style position. Your hips were soon grabbed as Monoma pushed himself inside of you. You shuddered at the feeling since you were still pretty sensitive from your orgasm. You dug your nails into the bed beneath you once you felt Monoma thrusting in and out of you. He had a firm grip on your hips, and he pulled them back against him every time he thrust in. "S-Shit...," you bit your lip slightly, rolling your hips back against him without really thinking. This earned you a groan from your boyfriend.


"Mmm, you're a good girl, aren't you, [Name]?" he asked, giving your ass a rather hard smack. He just loved to tease you, but that was the furthest thing on your mind at the moment as you started to feel yourself about to hit another peak. Monoma could feel your walls start to throb around his hard cock. It was starting to make him throb as well, and some of his pre-come seeped out of him. He gave a firm thrust against your most sensitive spot, smirking when he heard you call out his name. Your arms trembled beneath you, and your top half-fell as you came yet again. You grabbed hard at the bedding underneath you. Feeling your walls once again clamp down on his length due to your second orgasm, Monona's grip on your hips tightened as he shot off inside of you. He groaned at the pleasurable feeling as he rode out his orgasm. You shuddered feeling his come go deep inside of you. With a sigh, Monoma pulled himself out of you before flopping right on top of your back, making your body straighten up in the process. You could feel his erratic heartbeat on you back.


"Get off," you whined, feeling incredibly weak. You, however, were ignored, and Monona wrapped his arms around you as best as he could in that position. He kissed at the top of your head.


"Love you~."

Chapter Text

Your boyfriend was a total sweetie pie. It was just something that he couldn't help. You did fine it very endearing, and you loved the sweet way that he treated you. It was just that at times you wished for him to be a bit rougher...well, at least in the bedroom. Izuku was usually just so sweet and gentle with you when you had sex. He would always get a flushed face and ask over and over if he were hurting you. While he was a good lover and was able to satisfy you, you wanted to bring kinks and other forms of sex into the relationship. One day you had asked him to try anal sex, and it looked as if he were going to faint from over-heating. Nevertheless, though, he did say he would if it was something you wanted. Deciding that Deku probably wouldn't he able to take it yet, you told him that you wanted to wait on that. You mind went to him constantly asking you if you were okay or if you wanted him to stop. Maybe you should try asking for something else. On this particular day, it was both of your days off. However, you knew that if there was any sign of trouble anywhere, Deku would run to the scene of the crime. It wasn't something uncommon with him as he was currently the so called 'Symbol of Peace.'


Currently, you were at his place sitting at his kitchen table while he was cooking. "So, do you want to go anywhere today?" he asked you, "Or do anything in particular?" He always put your needs ahead of his own, which you found sweet.


"I'm not sure...," you thought aloud, "...I do need to go grocery shopping, though..." That was something that had almost slipped your mind.


"Alright, [Name], we can do that," he chuckled slightly. You did love going to places with him, but it could be rather hard to go out with Deku. He was usually stopped for pictures or autographs. You nodded at his words before looking down at your phone, reading the current hero news. As you were scrolling different websites, you couldn't help but to groan, internally, every time an ad popped onto the screen.


"I'll need to make a list," you mused, eyes still on your phone. Honestly, you probably should be doing that instead of messing with your phone. It was just so interesting, especially since many of the heroes mentioned were your friends that you went to school with.


"Are you going shopping in general, or are their items that you need to specifically get?" Your boyfriend asked as he was steady stirring whatever was in the pot in front of him. You didn't pay much attention to what he had been cooking, especially since he had already started before you got there.


"Errr, a little of both," you replied, looking up for a second, "I know for sure that I need more eggs." You looked back down at your phone, letting out a sigh as you noticed another ad. Looking to see what it was for, however, your interest peaked. It was an ad for a sexual encounters kind of website. You were barely thinking as the next words slipped out of your mouth, "Deku...what would you think about a threesome?" At that, Izuku dropped the spoon he was holding. His whole face turned red, and looking at his reaction, you truly realized what you had asked. It was sort of too late now, though...


"W-What?!" Deku couldn't help but to ask rather shocked. He nervously turned around to look at you, "What d-do you m-mean by that?" You decided to put on a serious face, letting go of your phone and leaning forward a bit with your elbows on the table.


"You know, a threesome. Girl-Boy-Girl...Boy-Girl-Boy. Some girl riding your face while I ride your cock...Some boy fucking my face while you fuck my puss-"


"I get it! I get it!" Deku quickly said, flustered to the max while holding up his hands as if to indicate you to stop. "[Name], why are y-you asking t-this?" You rose an eyebrow at that before getting up from your seat and walking over to your boyfriend.


"Because it's something I want to do," you explained, "I mean, it could be something fun to try. Don't you think?" Izuku's eyes weren't meeting yours, rather it was like he was avoiding from looking at you altogether. His face was very red, and he looked as if he was having a hard time talking about this outright.


"W-Well, I-I mean...Are you s-sure you want to do this?" he asked you. With a pout, because of him not looking at you, you cupped his face gently before turning it towards you. You leaned up and kissed his forehead in reassurance.


"Yes, I'm sure," you told him, "But if you don't want to do this, then that's perfectly fine. I understand." You smiled at him softly to let him know that it was alright if he didn't want this. Pulling your hands away from him, you picked up the stirring spoon that he had dropped and plopped it into the nearby sink. Deku continued to look at you before letting out a sigh.


"If you want to do this, then it's alright with me," he told you, trying to not stutter, "I just want to make you happy."


"I do want to," you said, reaching out and grabbing both of his hands, "We'll have to find the perfect person for this, though. Someone we're both comfortable with." You had no idea who the hell that would be, but it was a nice possibility.


Once Izuku finished cooking and you both were done eating, you both left for the grocery store. While in the passenger seat of the car, you very messily scribbled down what you needed to buy on a piece of paper. You really should have done so at an earlier time, but you were sure that this was fine, too. As you started to write the word "Frosting" on your list, Deku stomped his foot down on the breaks. Due to this, your pen slid off your paper making a long mark. You whined, more concerned about this than the fact that you also almost hit the dashboard in front of you. "I'm sorry," Deku quickly turned to you while unbuckling his seat belt, "Are you alright?"


"I'm fine," you told him much to his relief. You glanced down at the mark that you had made on your paper before looking back and Deku. You noticed that he was already out of the car and running to a nearby alleyway. You were sure that he had seen a crime happening or a villain. It wasn't like this was something unusual. With a sigh, you unbuckled yourself and got into the driver side to move his car to the side of the road. You then got out the car and walked calmly to where you had seen your boyfriend run off to. Since this was Deku, you were sure that the villain was probably already defeated at this point. You put his car keys in your pocket as you found the alleyway he went into. It was slightly dark inside, so you couldn't exactly tell what was going on as you started to walk down it. To you, it looked like Izuku was standing in front of someone. You rose an eyebrow, wondering what was happening. The closer you got the more confused you became. "Uh...." You stared blankly at the scene before you. "Uh..." There were two Dekus, and the one who you were with seemed speechless.


"Oh, you have a friend, I see~." The other Deku spoke in a rather velvety voice. He had the air of mischief around him and a smirk on his face. You rubbed your eyes, still not sure how to feel about this.


"You see this too, right?" you asked your boyfriend scarily calm.


"Y-Yeah...," he stuttered. And then, slowly but surely a shocked look came onto your face. Your eyes widened as you looked from one Deku to the other over and over again.


"What the hell?!" you shouted. You wondered if this were a villain trying to play a trick or something, "Who the hell are you?! You can't be-You can't be Izuku!" You quickly looked at your boyfriend. "What the fuck is going on here?!"


"When I was driving, I noticed a flash of light and went to investigate it...When I got here I saw him or rather me," you were told. Your Deku just looked so impossibly confused. It was as if he didn't know what to make of the situation, and he probably didn't.


"That light you saw was my arrival," the other Deku spoke, "I've been rather interested in this dimension ever since one of my underlings spoke of it. I wanted to see if the heroes here were just as pitiful at the ones back in my dimension. Who would have thought the first person I would run into would be myself." He chuckled darkly. There was just something about him that seemed weird, and perhaps something he said was the key to figuring that out.


"You're a villain, aren't you?" Your boyfriend had figured it out faster than you did, and he said it with such confidence.


"And you're a Hero, I assume," came his reply with a smirk added, "But good job on coming so soon when you noticed something was off. And also..." His eyes landed on you, face rather amused, "Good job on that~." Immediately as that was said, Deku stepped between you and his villain self.


"You should probably go back to your own dimension," he said. He wished that he could deal with him there, but it wasn't as if his villain self committed any crimes that warranted actions in this dimension.


"I haven't quite gotten my answer, yet," the villain Izuku chuckled, "In any case~." With a blink of your eyes, you were now face to face with him. He had somehow either transported or quickly moved to where you were, "You have good taste," he told you, "I mean, I am very attractive, aren't I~?" He chuckled darkly. He was very close to you, making you flush. He was right, though. To you he was very attractive, but that was because you were dating his replica. Your Deku grabbed onto your arm and roughly pulled you away. That roughness and your thoughts from before made some pretty dirty things pop up. You just couldn't help it, but you wondered if the villain Deku fucked hard. You bit your lip, trying to control those thoughts.


"I don't know what you plan to do here, but I won't let you," your Deku told the other one, "I don't know how it works in your dimension, but it's different here."


"Oh, I'm not even doing anything," the villain Deku rolled his eyes as he crossed his arms, "Well, actually I'm admiring the view at the moment~." He glanced towards you, "But all in all, I have no plans for this dimension."


"H-He seems genuine," the words slipped from your mouth without you really realizing it.


"You need to be on guard, [Name]," Deku told you, glancing in your direction. He did take his job seriously, you were aware of that, but you felt as if this villain Deku wasn't such a bad guy.


"Don't worry, I could never hurt such a beautiful woman," the other Deku merely said, "I do other things with them instead~." Once again your mind went into overdrive. You ended up speaking without thinking because of it.


"We should have a threesome with him," you said. At that, your Deku's eyes widened, and he quickly turned to you.


"W-What?!" he asked. Since it was already out there, you felt as if you couldn't go back now.


"You know boy-girl-boy. Him fucking my mouth while you fuck my pu-"


"I get that! I get that!"


"Oh, she seems fun~," villain Deku purred with a smirk, "I'm all for it. Though to be honest, this wouldn't be a first time for me~." You bet it wasn't. After all, this Deku seemed as if he was well versed in those sorts of things. He was ignored by your boyfriend, though, who put all of his attention on you.


"Are you sure about this?!" he asked you, "Think about this logically, [Name]! He's a villain! Plus, I thought you wanted to grocery shop." He looked rather shocked at all of this.


"Grocery shopping can wait," you said, "I mean, come on, this would be perfect for us. He's practically you, which is well suited for this. Also, he's not a villain in our dimension. He didn't do anything wrong here, and we don't know what kind of villain he is." Your Deku seemed to be a bit more calm about this, although he still felt like it was wrong.


"[Name], just because he's not a villain here doesn't mean he's a good person. He's still done bad stuff that's against the law," he pointed out to you, "I don't think this is our best option." You crossed your arms.


"So? There rules could be different for all we know," you replied, glancing at the other Deku who was just standing there letting you guys discuss this, "I mean, come on, babe. I think him being you or at least looking like you is a huge plus. I wouldn't want to just fuck anyone nor would I just let anyone touch me. Think about it like that, babe." You grabbed onto both of his hands, looking into his eyes. You boyfriend looked into yours before letting out a sigh and briefly closing his eyes.


"Are you sure you want to do this?" he asked you. You nodded.


"I'm sure."


"Alright then. If it's something you want, then we can do it." He kissed your lips softly.


You, of course, skipped out on grocery shopping. You and the two Deku's went back to your Deku's house. It looked as if your boyfriend was a bit nervous, but it was nothing to the point of where he seemed super uncomfortable. On the other side, villain Deku seemed very relaxed and nonchalant about this. On the car ride there, he calmly asked about you and the other Deku's sex life to which you explained it as best as you could. He then mentioned a few things you should try which made your boyfriend's face extremely red. Once at your Deku's house, you stretched out your arms a bit wondering exactly how you should get started. "So, where are we doing this?" villain Izuku asked curiously as he glanced around the house.


"The bedroom is upstairs," your boyfriend merely explained, face a bit red, as he locked his house door.


"Mhmm! I'll lead the way," you mused, going to where the stairs were and then up them. The villain Deku followed you, while your boyfriend put his keys in their usual spot first before heading up the stairs as well.


"We could have also done it in the living room...or dining room...bathroom...anywhere really," the other Deku replied, "Or maybe even all of the above." He chuckled. Your face flushed up slightly as you wondered about all of the things that he had probably done. It seemed rather exciting. "Do you two just do it in the bedroom?"


"No," you told him, "I mean, we've never done it in the kitchen to be honest."


"How about in public?"


"Have you done it in public?" you answered his question with a question of your own.


"I have~," came the expected reply. Your boyfriend sighed and shook his head at that. Once in the bedroom, you couldn't help but to flush up a bit as you  went to sit on the bed, not exactly sure how to start this. Sure it was something that you wanted to do, but you were completely new to this. Villain Deku caught on to that, though. "Trust me, there's no reason to be nervous. Let me show you~." He sat down next to you and leaned close to you. Your face started to get red once you felt him kissing at your neck. He looked like your boyfriend, but knowing that he wasn't just made you feel so dirty. You bit your lip and moaned softly, eyes looking over to your Izuku who's face was much redder than yours. He looked very lost, and he also sort of looked like he didn't approve of seeing some other guy touching you like that. The other Deku pulled away after giving your neck one final lick. "Come over here. This is your girlfriend after all." With a deep breath, your boyfriend walked over and to the other side of you.


"It is, so can you not kiss all over her like that?" he mused, wrapping an arm around your waist and pulling you closer to him.


"It's just foreplay, relaaax~," villain Deku purred. You weren't exactly sure if you should have said anything, but that didn't matter anymore as your boyfriend turned your head towards him and started to kiss your lips passionately. You kissed him back, savoring the feeling of his tongue moving against yours. One of your arms wrapped around his neck. As you were kissing him, villain Deku moved his hands under your shirt, unhooking your bra before trailing his hands back down to rub at your torso. He moved himself closer to you, pulling you on his lap as you were still kissing your boyfriend. You parted from your kiss as your shirt was removed by the other Deku, followed by your bra. You bit your lip, feeling more flustered than you usually would during sex. With his face also flushed, your boyfriend spread your legs while you were still sitting on the other Deku. He trailed a hand down to your crotch, rubbing his thumb against your clothed clit, you gasped at the feeling. It all just felt so stimulating. Getting your composure, you started to tug off your boyfriend's shirt, wanting him to remove it. He decided to take it off for you, and as he did that, the other Deku pulled your bottoms and panties off. "As I thought. You have such a nice body, [Name]~." You flushed hearing that and even more-so when you could feel him starting to get hard underneath you. Your boyfriend had removed his shirt and pants, being just left in his boxers. He pulled you off the other Deku and laid you down on the bed.


Getting between you legs, your Izuku gave a light lick to your clit. You let out a moan then glanced at the other Deku who was taking his clothes off now. With their clothing removed, it was now much harder to tell which one was which. Their boxers were different, though, so you at least had that. You couldn't hold onto those thoughts for long, however, as your boyfriend latched his mouth onto your clit, sucking on it. Two of his fingers started to thrust inside of your wet heat, making you bite your lip and arch your back. The other Deku laid down next to you and roughly grabbed onto your breasts giving them a firm squeeze. He then started to pinch at your left nipple while he leaned forward and sucked on your right one. You were starting to feel overly stimulated as you moaned over and over again, pushing yourself against their touches. You boyfriend began to hit his fingers against your g-spot, which caused you to grip onto his hair tightly. "O-Oh, f-fuck...!" You shut your eyes, not being able to help it. You heard the Villain Deku chuckle against your nipple. He licked around the right right, before giving it two rough sucks. You could also feel him pressing his hard-on against your body. You really just couldn't take it anymore, and you came hard against your boyfriend's face, fingers tugging at his hair. Once you finished, your Izuku liked your come up before pulling away. You noticed that he was also hard. Villain Deku gave your right breast one more kiss before pulling away as well.


"You're such a mess, [Name]~," Villain Deku purred to you, "Ready to be fucked?"


"Are you alright for it, [Name]?" your Deku asked you, "We don't have to keep going if you don't want to." It was easy to see the difference in their personalities. Nevertheless, though, you did want to continue.


"I want it...," you trailed off with a nod.


"Fun~. Well then, maybe you should turn around," the other Izuku replied, "I remember you said something about me fucking your mouth while your boyfriend fucks your pussy?" You could see your Izuku's face flush up a bit when that was said. You, however, nodded again and turned around getting on all fours as both Deku's removed their boxers. Looking at Villain Deku, who was now in front of you, you noticed that his cock looked the exact same as your boyfriend's.


"Are you ready, [Name]?" your Izuku kindly asked. With yet another nod coming from you, you felt his thick and hard cock sliding deep within you. You bit your lip, face flushing up at the pleasurable feeling. Once you got a hold of yourself, you then reached forward and grabbed onto the other, who had been sitting in front of you, Deku's dick, jerking your hand up and down on it. You still felt a bit dirty about this being as he was someone else. That feeling was only present in a small amount, though, as feeling your boyfriend thrusting in and out of you gave you a feeling that was just way too pleasurable for you to care about anything else. You opened your mouth and started to suck on the head of the other Deku's cock. He let out a pleasurable sigh and pulled your hair back from your face.


"I can't really fuck your mouth from this position, though~," he softly spoke, "I'll just have to do that at a later date." The velvety sound of his voice only made what he said sound much more inappropriate that it sent a tingle down to your core. You slid your mouth a bit lower on him, sucking him hard as you cupped at his balls. Your boyfriend grabbed onto your hips, tightly and started to pull you back against his thrusts. He groaned at the tight wet feeling of you. You found it rather hard to concentrate on sucking villain Deku off while the other was thrusting inside of you so good. He was hitting you at your most sensitive spots, too.  However, with what you were doing, the other Deku seemed to not mind as the grip on your hair that he had got a bit tighter. You moved your mouth up and down on his length, finding that he tasted the same as your boyfriend. He let out his own groans, looking down at your face being stuffed full with his cock. Your Izuku then hit you deep inside at your g-spot, causing you to let out a rather loud, yet muffled moan around villain Deku's cock. Villain Deku chuckled slightly at your reaction and moved a hand down to pet your cheek. "Good girl. You're so good at taking cock, aren't you?" He then looked up at your Deku as he was fucking you deep and quick with a flushed face, "I bet you feel rather lucky." He then looked down at you, "I think [Name] is about to come again. We should probably switch spots." He pulled himself from your mouth. You were feeling too dazed from the pleasure to really protest. Your boyfriend stopped thrusting in you.


"Do you want to, [Name]?" he panted out, wanting to make sure you were completely okay with everything. You nodded, face red to the max.


"Y-Yeah," you got out, wanting to feel how the other Deku fucked. Your boyfriend pulled out of you and moved to the front of you while the villain Deku moved behind you. The other Deku gave a sharp smack to your ass, which caught you off guard, although it did snap you out of it a bit. He then flipped you over roughly, which caught you by surprise.


"You're really wet," villain Deku mused as he gazed down at your pussy. He touched your clit, rubbing it a little bit before pushing himself into you. Unlike your boyfriend, who usually gave you some time to adjust and make sure you were comfortable, villain Deku grabbed onto your thighs harshly as he started to pound in and out of you roughly. As this was happening, you reached over and grabbed onto your boyfriend's hard cock. You gasped loudly at the rough treatment, closing your eyes hard for a second before opening them.


"Are you alright, [Name]?" your Deku asked you. He was always so concerned for you, which was cute.


"Y-Yeah, just c-caught me off-a-ah...f-fuck!" you couldn't help but to moan being as villain Deku was hitting you hard at some really good spots, "C-Caught me off guard." You finally manged to get the words out, but the feeling was still too much. You gathered what composure you could as you moved your head over and slid your Deku's cock into your mouth, sucking on it. You made sure to go as deep as you could, and you wrapped your hand around what you couldn't fit into your mouth.


"It's a g-good thing you're so wet, or this would hurt you~," the other Izuku groaned, nails digging into the soft skin of your thighs, "You're really good at this, [Name]~." You could barely pay attention to what he was saying as you were focused on trying to not get too lost pleasure so you could properly suck on your boyfriend's dick. You sucked on it nice and hard and your moans let out vibrations around it. Your Deku tangled his fingers into your hair, groaning at your wet mouth. You pulled back slightly and licked up his shaft, sucking at the side of his cock with your mouth for a bit before sliding him back in and bobbing your head up and down on it. You felt your hair being tugged a bit as your boyfriend's cock throbbed in your mouth. You could tell that he was almost at his release, and so were you. You wrapped your legs around villain Deku as best as you could from the position that you were in being as he was sort of kneeling as he pounded into you. You arched your back, feeling your limit about to hit. Villain Izuku didn't let up at all with his harsh thrusts as he felt your inner walls start to squeeze around his cock. When you finally released again, you shut your eyes tightly. Your moans were muffled as you still had your boyfriend's cock in your mouth. Your Deku's grip on your hair tightened, and he slightly yanked at it as he spilled down your throat. Your body was still going on in spasms, especially when you felt your boyfriend come in your mouth, which added to your arousal. Villain Deku watched you squirm as you came around his cock. He didn't let up on his thrusting at all, and he kept shoving himself in and out deep within you. It didn't take him too long after you and your Deku came for him to come. His nails sunk deeper into your thighs as he spilled his seed inside of you.


You swallowed your Izuku's come and pulled your mouth away as you panted from exhaustion. That was the most exhausted that you had ever felt after sex. You didn't think you could move just yet. Villain Deku slid out of you, letting go of your thighs. There were red little crescent prints where his nails had been. Your boyfriend laid down next to you and pulled you close to him to kiss your cheek. Villain Deku laid at the other side of you, one arm going around your waist, while his other hand pet your head. He was given a slightly annoyed look by your Deku who then leaned closer to you to kiss your lips. As he was doing that, you felt one of Villain Deku's hands squeeze your ass. "So, next time, we should try double penetration," villain Deku mused, "Have you ever had your ass fucked, [Name]?"


"Next time?" your boyfriend questioned, sitting up a little as he looked at the other Deku.


"Mhmm~!" Was all he got in response.


"I-I haven't...," your face flushed a bit as you answered his question, "It's something I want to try though." It was true, you still wanted to try anal sex. You wondered how it would feel.


"I think you'll love it," villain Deku pointed out to you, also sitting up now as he pulled you closer to him. You decided to sit up as well although your body was screaming for you not to. "In fact, why don't you come to my dimension with me for a bit, [Name]? I teach you all sorts of stuff~." He kissed your cheek.


"Not going to happen," your Izuku said as he pulled you to him now, "[Name] is staying here with me. She's mine."


"I am you," villain Deku pointed out, pulling you back over to him, "So she's mine as well~." This time he kissed your lips, making your face redden up. You had to admit, the threesome had been fun.


However, you doubted that this sort of thing happened at the end of normal threesomes.



Chapter Text

When Shoto asked if she would come along on his visit to his mother, Crystal couldn't help but to be a little bit surprised. She knew of what happened to him when he was a child and everything that he had gone through. She knew of the internal struggle that he began to go through during the Sports Festival. And she knew that this was all very difficult for him. So with a comforting hug to Shoto, the dark brown eyed girl softly said, "Of course I'll go with you." She wanted to be there to support him after all. It was obvious that this was a big step for Shoto. He was still wondering whether or not he should use his left side or not. Since she had spent quite the bit of time with him, Crystal knew that Shoto would have his answer after this visit.


"Thank you, Crystal," Shoto calmly said, placing a hand at her back where her black hair, that had been braided, ended as to return the hug. "It means a lot." It really did for him, because no one else really understood what he was currently going through. So having her there would definitely be a comfort. The Sports Festival had been a rather confusing time for him, however, between his fights, Crystal had went to see him to make sure that he was okay. She knew the situation, so he really did need her there.


Traveling to the hospital that Shoto's mother was located in wasn't too long of a journey. Shoto remained quiet for most of the time, and knowing him really well, Crystal knew that it was because he was still trying to gather his thoughts. This was a big step for him. Since she had met him on the first day of class, she noticed how distant and unemotional he was. He needed this for growth, and she would be there with him every step of the way. Crystal cared for Shoto very much and had easily developed a crush on him with their first meeting. She, however, knew of his flaws, and she also knew that visiting his mother would be the first step to him becoming a more open person and the kind of hero that he wanted to be. Upon entering the psych ward, Shoto started to seem slightly hesitant, and that became much more apparent as they made it to his mother's room. Shoto looked down at the door handle. "It's alright," Crystal told him with a reassuring smile and a comforting hand on his shoulder. It had been ten years since he had seen his mother after all, because he felt as if he would just bring her burdens, "I'm here for you." Shoto let out a deep breath that he had been holding. He looked at Crystal and nodded.


"I know," he told her. Grabbing a hold of the handle, he pushed the door open. Sitting in the room near the window was a woman with shoulder-length white hair. It was, of course, Shoto's mother Rei. Shoto stepped deeper into the room followed by Crystal who closed the door behind herself. "Mom." At that, the woman turned to look at who had called for her. Then all of a sudden her brown-grey eyes began to swell up with tears.


"S-Shoto," she cried, "I'm so sorry." Crystal couldn't help but to feel a warmth in her heart. It seemed as if Shoto's mom did not consider him a burden or a remembrance to the horrible past that they had been put through, "I'm so sorry...Can you forgive me?" Walking over to where she was sitting, Shoto gazed down at his mother.


"I forgive you," he told her with a reassuring voice. At those three words, his mother's crying face grew to a happy one. She smiled as she wiped away her tears, happy to have her son back. "I came here because there is a lot that we need to talk about. After everything my father had put you through...I feel the need to reject him and his side of me." Rei grabbed onto both of her son's hands, taking him by surprise.


"Shoto, you are not your father," she told him, "You're also not me. Everything you have is all yours. I just want you to be happy and save people if it's what you want to do." Her smile grew very kind, "You shouldn't have to worry about such things. Just focus on your happiness and with that, I can be free." It truly was heart-warming for Crystal to see this scene, and she, too, smiled.


"I doubt I'll ever be able to forgive my father, but I will do all that it takes to become the kind of hero that I want to be," Shoto told her. It felt so much more clear to him with this visit to his mother. It also felt so much better to be able to see her again. However, it seemed as if with all of the emotions going on, he had forgotten one thing.


"By the way, Shoto, who is that you're here with?" Rei asked, looking back over at Crystal who had let the two have their moment.


"Oh, I'm sorry I didn't introduce the two of you sooner," Shoto apologized, "Crystal, this is my mother, Rei. Mom, this is Crystal." Crystal walked over to the two with a gentle smile. She clasped one of Rei's hands into both of hers.


"It's an honor to meet you," she said, "I'm so happy that Shoto has such a kind mother like you." One that would ask for forgiveness right away was truly a caring person after all.


"You're too sweet," Rei smiled, "And it's nice to meet you, too. Do you also go to U.A.?" To Crystal, Rei seemed like such a soft and wonderful person in all honesty, and she really hoped to find out more about her. Shoto seemed to care about her so much to the point that he had considered that his own presence to her might be stressful just because of his left side after all.


"I do. It's where I met your amazing son," Crystal pleasantly laughed. Rei seemed to enjoy Crystal's warm presence. She felt comfortable with her.


"I hope to get to know you better, Crystal," Rei told her before glancing over at Shoto, "Might I ask what your relationship is?" Shoto looked to the side for a second as that was asked.


"We're dating," he let out, much to Crystal's surprise. She couldn't help the oncoming blush that had formed onto her face. She did like Shoto, but she had no idea what his feelings towards her were. Perhaps he said this to make his mom happy.


"Oh, really?! How wonderful!" Rei smiled, happily, leaning forward in excitement, "In this short time that we've known each other, I can already tell that you go perfectly with my son." Crystal was still pretty flustered at this.


"Y-Yeah," she mused, unsure if Shoto just wanted her to go along with it or what the deal for this was. She was still just a bit confused.


After the visit, to which Rei had told them both to come back again, Shoto offered to walk Crystal back to her apartment, and she agreed. He was pretty quiet on the way there, and after everything that had happened, Crystal had no idea what he could be thinking. Would he tell her that he told his mom they were dating just to provide comfort to her while she was stuck in the psych ward? Or maybe for some very off chance and rare reason it was a prank. Or maybe, and this was a big maybe to her, he actually did like her. This was just something that she couldn't help but to wonder as she fought back the red color that had been occupying her face for quite some time. "We're here," Shoto spoke as he stopped in his tracks. Crystal quickly stopped as she had been so lost in her thoughts that she barely noticed that they had made it.


"Thank you for walking me back," she told him, eyes glancing to the side for a second. Shoto sighed, putting his hands in his pockets, he could pretty much already tell what she might be thinking. He assumed that she was wondering why he told his mother that they were dating.


"Crystal," he started, "I like you. I'm sorry if I blindsided you back there, but I really do like you." Crystal's eyes widened at the reveal. "It's okay if you don't like me back, I just had to let you know." This was more than shocking to her. Getting her composure back, she quickly wrapped her arms around him, not being able to help it. It also helped to hide her flustered face.


"I like you, too...," she confessed, "I have ever since I met you." Pulling back from the hug, she kissed both of his cheeks. Taking the initiative, Shoto leaned closer to her, wrapped his arms around her waist as he pressed his mouth against her, kissing her softly. Crystal kissed him back, wrapping her arms around his neck to hold him close. Once they pulled away, she kissed his nose twice before kissing his cheek again lovingly. "I'm sorry, I just can't help myself~." She kissed both of his cheek again, arms still around him.


"It's okay," Shoto chuckled, leaning forward again to kiss her mouth once more. When they pulled away again, Crystal looked into his eyes.


"Do you want to come up with me?" she asked him. After hearing this news, she wasn't going to let him go so easily. Shoto pecked her lips this time before nodding, giving her a slight squeeze around the waist. "Come on, then~." Crystal let go of Shoto prompting him to do the same of her. Grabbing onto one of his hands, she pulled him in the building and to where her apartment was. This had actually been something that she had been thinking about in the back of her mind for awhile. Crystal opened up the door to her apartment and once Shoto walked in, she closed the door behind them. She felt very lucky that she had cleaned the place up recently. "Follow me~," she smiled before grabbing his hand again and leading him to her bedroom. While her face was pretty flushed at all of this, Shoto looked on curiously and in interest.


Crystal brought him to her room and pulled him to her bed, sitting down on it. Shoto sat down next to her. He noticed the blush on her face and couldn't help but to smile because of it. Leaning closer to her, Shoto pressed his lips against hers, softly, taking Crystal a bit by surprise. She, nevertheless, melted into the kiss, wrapping her arms around him as tight as she could. Shoto slowly laid her down getting on top of her. Pulling away, he kissed her cheek. "Do you want to go further?" he asked her, voice rather to the point, "I don't want to continue if you don't want it." He gently moved her hair out of her face before kissing her again for a short duration.


"I-I do," Crystal couldn't help but to stutter a bit. She had been into him for a very long time. She just couldn't help how flustered she was getting now that this was finally happening. Shoto nodded and leaned his head down to kiss and suck at Crystal's neck. She let out a pleasure-filled gasp and slid the fingers of one of her hands into his hair. Shoto slowly, and sensually, slid his hands down her body to the bottom of the shirt that she was wearing. He pulled his mouth away momentarily to remove it from her. "Take yours off, too..." Crystal's face was still pretty flushed as she said this, not wanting to be the only one getting undressed. Her hands reached up and started to take his shirt off, revealing his well-muscled body. Her hands trailed down from his chest to his abdomen. Shoto moved back down to kiss at Crystal's lips once again. He snaked one of his arms around her back to undo her bra, moving it from her body. Once they pulled away from the kiss, Crystal bit her lip from being almost completely bare in front of Shoto. Shoto gently grabbed onto her breasts, giving both of them a nice squeeze. He then lightly rolled her left nipple with his right thumb, adding a little cold sensation to it. Crystal's eyes slightly widened in surprise once she noticed him using his quirk on her. She couldn't help but to let out a moan at the sensation. With Shoto's left hand, he continued to squeeze onto right breast, although he began to give off a little bit of heat.


The hot and cold sensations both at once were becoming a bit too much for Crystal, and once she could feel Shoto grinding his clothed hardened cock against her own still clothed crotch, she couldn't help but to arch her back, moaning in need. "Am I stimulating you too much?" Shoto asked, noticing her withering underneath him. He liked the look that was currently on her face due to his actions.


"Y-You're teasing me too much," Crystal let out, slightly bucking her hips against his so that she could feel more. Watching her reaction in interest, Shoto moved his left hand down, sliding it into Crystal's bottoms and panties. He gave her clit a slight rub, giving off heat from his hand. "O-Oh f-fuck....," Crystal stuttered, shutting her eyes tightly at the feeling. Shoto continued to pinch and rub at her nipple with his cold hand while he played and rubbed with her clit with his hot hand. He could feel and see her body wiggling and moving under him as he did this. The moans that she let out were so arousing to him. Finally, he pulled his hands away, but only to remove her bottoms completely. Crystal was panting a bit from what had just happened.


"I'm going to have to stretch you out first," Shoto mused, looking down at her wet heat. He slid a finger inside of her, not finding too much of a challenge in that. He watched her reaction, wanting to make sure that he wasn't hurting her at all.


"You can add another o-one," Crystal told him, face flushed to the max. Shoto moved his finger in and out of her for a little bit before adding another one in. Crystal felt slight discomfort from this, but she soon relaxed into it. Once Shoto felt her body relax, he started to his thrust his fingers in and out of her. Crystal bit her lip, moaning softly at this new feeling that he was giving her. She knew that he was doing his best to make this experience as pleasureful and less painful as possible.


"Are you ready?" Shoto asked, making sure to look into her eyes so that he would know if she was truly comfortable with this or not.


"I am," Crystal nodded, although she felt a bit nervous about all of this, she still wanted to do it. Seeing that there was nothing about her that seemed to not want this, Shoto pulled back from her to remove his pants and boxers. Crystal bit her lip again, only this time in lust, as she looked at his hard cock. Though, seeing it, she knew it would hurt. Shoto got on top of her. He lightly rubbed the head of his cock against her clit, making sure she was turned on enough. He then placed the head of his cock against her entrance and pressed his lips against hers as he pushed in. He held onto her tightly, not wanting her to focus on the pain. Crystal's eyes widened as she felt the discomfort and pain of being stretched out. She was so tight around Shoto's cock. Shoto pulled away from their kiss to kiss at her cheeks and nose, wanting her to focus on anything else to make the pain stop. He could feel how tense her body was while trying to get used to the feeling of him inside of her. Crystal let out a breath of air, wanting to relax as best as she could. It didn't take too long until it started to hurt a bit less, "Y-You can move," she told him, knowing that she'd also have to get use to the feeling of him thrusting inside of her. Shoto looked at her eyes and face, wanting to make sure that she was fine with it.


"Let me know if it starts to hurt too much, alright?" he asked. Once he received a nod as a reply, Shoto started to move in and out of Crystal, one hand going to hold onto one of hers, lovingly. He started out slow in his movements, but he went pretty deep wanting her to get used to it. Crystal squeezed on tight to Shoto's hand, her other hand was on his back, nails pressed against it. Slowly but surely, the pain started to subside, and a warm achy feeling soon replaced it. Crystal bit her lip, letting out a needy moan, eyes closing briefly for a second. Seeing it starting to feel pleasurable for her, Shoto picked up his pace a bit, groaning now that they were both in pleasure from this. He hit inside of her her deep and quick, making sure to try to find the right spot to fuck her at.


"S-Shoto...!" Crystal couldn't help but to call out his name once he found her sweet spot. Shoto made sure to hit that spot over and over again. He decided to go a bit harder inside of her now that she seemed to be in bliss from this. Crystal started to scratch at Shoto's back, not being able to take the feelings of pleasure that he was giving her. She wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him as close to her as she could get him. Shoto let out a gasp in pleasure from her action. He got a bit rougher with his thrust, and soon Crystal got to the point where she couldn't take it any longer. She dug her nails deeply into his back, the hand that she was holding onto his with squeezed tightly, and her inner walls came down on Shoto's member harshly as she came, calling out loudly. Shoto shuddered, feeling her body come against his. He buried his face into her neck as he groaned and came deep within her. Cystal began to pant once she finally came down from her peak. Shoto let out a breath of air, slowly pulling out of her as to not accidentally hurt her. He laid down on the side of Crystal, pulling her against his chest and kissing her forehead.


"Are you alright?" he asked her, wanting to make sure he hadn't done anything to cause her pain. Crystal giggled a bit at his concern for her. She thought it was sweet.


"I'm fine. You did a good job taking care of me." She kissed all around his face, affectionately. "But you know...this is probably one thing that we shouldn't mention to your mom if she ever decides to ask." Shoto shook his head at the mere thought of that.


"Trust me, that's something that I'll never do."


Chapter Text

When Iida had first met you, he found you rather fascinating. You both were children, and he would often tell you about how he was going to grow up to be a good hero just like his brother. He looked up to his brother, and the way that he inspired others. You, on the other hand, found the way that Iida looked up to his brother fascinating. To you, he was a very orderly person, who was kind and noble. To him, you were a calm and collected individual with a quirk that he found interesting. It wasn't too much of a surprise when you both became friends. Iida did miss the days in which you both hung out and would go on little pseudo adventures as kids. He even had started to develop a crush on you, which carried on into the years as you both got older. Sadly, though, you grew rather emotionless to him. The contact between you two lessened, especially when Iida went off to U.A. He would at least try by texting you every now and then. You did reply here and there, but it wasn't the same as it used to be.


"Who are you texting?" Midorya couldn't help but to ask as he saw Iida messing with his phone. It was currently morning time, and the two were about to walk into the U.A. building.


"Aren't you the class president, Iida?" Denki teased as he strode past both of them, "You shouldn't have your phone in school~."


"We aren't in the school, yet!" Iida quickly pointed out before putting his phone into his pocket. Denki laughed a bit as he walked into the building. Iida sighed at that, shaking his head. You hadn't replied to any of his messages in the past week, so it was rather worrisome for him. He couldn't help but to worry about you.


"Are you alright, Iida?" Midorya asked, raising an eyebrow at Iida's expression. Iida quickly turned to him with a smile.


"Nothing is wrong," he replied, "We should get to class soon. The earlier we are the better. We are U.A. students after all." Iida knew that it was better to not bring you up, but rather to just do his job as the class representative. He did have you at the back of his mind, but he knew that it was probably best that he just try to contact you again later. Although he was worried about you, he knew that you were strong. Throughout the time of classes, Iida did his best as always, focusing on his school work.


When it was time for their hero training, Aizawa announced that Class-A would be doing rescue training that day.  "Rescue training, huh? That sounds like another rough day," Denki mused to those around him.


"Doesn't it?!" Ashido couldn't help but to agree with him.


"Come on! That's what being a hero is all about!" Kirishima added in, "I'm pumped about this!" The reactions from Class-A seemed to be a bit mixed, but it was obvious that most were excited about this rescue training.


"It's up to each of you if you want to wear your costumes or not," Aizawa pointed out, "Some of them aren't well suited for this kind of training. Anyway, the training site is a bit remote, so we're going by bus." After everyone put their costumes on, Iida did his job as class representative and directed everyone onto the bus.


"It looks like Iida's going full throttle," Midorya remarked. Luckily for everyone the bus ride wasn't too lengthy, and it mostly consisted of teasing Bakugo about his horrible personality. Upon arriving to the location, everyone began to grow more excited, especially once they were able to see how it looked.


"There's a flood zone, landslide zone, conflagration zone, etc. Every disaster and accident you can imagine. I built this facility myself. I call it the Unforeseen Simulation Joint!" At seeing who was introducing the place to them, Midorya and Uraraka started to freak out in happiness.


"It's the space hero, Thirteen!" Midorya cheered happily. Uraraka was right next to him practically bouncing up and down giddily.


"Oh, I love Thirteen!" she squealed. Iida looked over at his friends in amusement, before turning to look at the two teachers before him who seemed to be in a brief discussion with one another.


"So be it," Aizawa mused as he turned back to where the class was, "Let's get started."


"Before we get started, I have one or two points...or three...or four..." Thirteen counted off making the class internally think about the number of points, "My quirk is called Black Hole. It can suck and tear apart anything."


"And you've used it to save people in all sorts of disasters," Midorya pointed out with Uraraka nodding vigorously next to him.


"Indeed, however, my power could easily kill. I've no doubt there are some among you with similar abilities," Thirteen explained before going on about how the system of how quirks were monitored in their society, and also talking about how Aizawa's physical fitness test and All Might battle training. "This class...will show you a new perspective! You will learn how to utilize your quirks to save lives! Your powers are not meant to inflict harm. I hope you leave here today with the understanding that you're meant to help people. That is all! I thank you for listening." With a bow from Thirteen, everyone began to clap in excitement.


"Thirteen's awesome!" Uraraka cheered.


"Great," Aizawa mused, "First off...-" Then all of a sudden the censors began to shut down. The water fountain began to weirdly spout out water, stopping and starting for uncertain duration of time. Something just didn't feel or seem right, and that started to catch the attention of everyone. Then out of the corner of one of Aizawa's eyes, he noticed a black misty hole starting to expand. The first thing that was shown through it was a face covered by a detached hand. The black hole began to expand and many different forms emerged from it. "Huddle up and don't move!" Aizawa ordered, "Thirteen, protect the students!"


"What the heck's that?" Kirishima asked, "More battle robots like during the entrance exam?" It seemed as if the students were not able to tell what was truly in front of them. They had not yet realized what was truly going on before them.


"Don't move," Aizawa repeated, "Those are villains."


"Thirteen and Eraser-head, is it?" the black hole began to talk, taking a much more compact form, "According to the staff schedule I received the other day All Might is supposed to be here..."


"Where is he, Kurogiri...?" a man with detached hands on him begin to speak, "We've come all this way and brought so many playmates. All Might....The symbol of he here?!""


Meanwhile, you had been the last person to emerge from the black hole, Kurogiri, which took him by surprise that one more person was still coming through. You had lagged a bit behind the others, so that you could make sure all of the villains were going in just as they were supposed to. You were the third person in command after all right after the black hole and the man with detached hands on his body. "Calm down, Shigaraki," you spoke in a very calm voice which lacked emotion to the man with detached hands.


"I wonder if some dead kids will bring him here?" Shigaraki mused, looking up at the students.


"That's a possibility," you merely said, thinking that maybe it would be worth a try at least, as it began to look as if your skin was breaking, making it seem like you were merely just made of paper. As the paper broke away from your skin, it began to turn white, some of which were now floating around you. Seeing all of the villains now out, the students began to feel that something truly was not right. It was shocking that during their recuse training that actual villains would appear, and it was most shocking for one student in particular. Iida wasn't so sure at first because you were so far away, but once the paper began to break from your skin he felt as if all of his breath had left his body. He was so shaken that he wasn't even sure if he could move anymore.


"[N-Name]?" he questioned to himself, looking down at who he suspected to be you.


"Pull back for now, [Name]," Shigaraki mused to you as he watched as Eraser Head put on his goggles, getting ready for combat, "Let the others deal with this, besides," he glanced over a this huge buff creature with a bird-like head, "We are waiting for All Might to get here after all." You glanced at Shigaraki, although you said nothing.


"What's wrong, Iida?" Midorya asked, seeing his friend practically shaking as he looked down at the villains. This didn't seem like fear to him but rather extreme shock." Iida manged to snap out of it long enough to look at Midorya.


"That girl down there!" he spoke, "I know her!"


"What?!" Midorya couldn't help but to say along with a shocked Uraraka who had decided to listen in on this conversation. You, on the other hand, glanced up at the U.A. students in curiosity. It was no surprise to you that Iida would be there. You knew that this was a possibility since you did know that he was a U.A. student. You merely internally sighed.


"Aren't there intruder sensors?" Momo asked Aizawa as the other students began to talk, wondering how and why this was happening. You took your attention away from them. The primary task of this invasion was to have Nomu kill All Might. With him not there, it would all be a very useless mission. You decided to just wonder about that, leaving any thoughts of Iida at the back of your mind, and even if a thought of him popped up, you would force it back down. As you were having this slight internal struggle, you barely noticed as Eraser Head began to take out some of the villains that had come with you.


"Come on, Iida!" Uraraka called out to her friend who was still slightly stuck in a trance as he was looking at you wondering why you were there. It was still so very shocking to him, but he managed to snap out of it, taking once final glance towards you before running away with the rest.


"Wow!...He could hold his own even when being outnumbered!" Midorya pointed out as he watched Eraser Head taking on the villains.


"This is no time for Analysis!" Iida scolded him, "Hurry up and evacuate."


"I hate pro heroes. Ordinary villains don't stand a chance against them," Shigaraki mused as he began to scratch at his neck. You looked up at the fleeing students for a bit, noticing that Kurogiri was now blocking their path. Easily and calmly, you turned to look at Shigaraki.


"What do you expect?" you told him, "Besides, it's not like they matter, so who cares if they die? We're after All Might after all." The main goal was to take out the symbol of peace and those simple villains that had come with you were just pawns for that reason. Looking back up at Class 1-A you noticed that some had got sucked into Kurogiris's warp gate. It appeared as if Iida wasn't one of them, but you decided to push that thought away. You didn't want to care about him anymore. He probably hated you now that he saw you there with the other villains. You would be sure to try to no longer think of him.


The saving grace of your thoughts soon came in the form of three U.A. students that were in the water. You couldn't help but to notice them being as you paid little mind to the villains being taken care of by Eraser Head. You weren't too worried since you were sure that there was no way that he could defeat Nomu. You glanced at the students, a little more paper leaving your body. As long as they didn't try anything you would spare them, however, you didn't care if someone else were to take care of them.


Eraser Head soon finished with all of the regular villains and began to go after Shigaraki. You felt as if there was no need for you to intervene just yet. "So, you're the boss?" Eraser Head spoke as he began to fight.


"It's hard to tell when you're moving around, but there are moments when your hair falls in front of your eyes," Shigaraki pointed out, "Every time you finish a given move...and your max duration's getting shorter and shorter. Don't overdo it now Eraser Head." You watched as the hero began to grow overwhelmed by the situation. Shigraki noted that Eraser Head's quirk wasn't good in long group battles. You glanced up, seeing Thirteen getting practically ripped apart. The heroes were losing, which was something that you assumed would happen. All Might was absent after all....but then you noticed something...Iida was trying to leave. He was probably going to go and warn the others. This was something that you hoped you wouldn't have to take care of, but you did know that your quirk was best suited to handle such a situation...You would be going against trying to not think about him. Shigaraki glanced at you looking over at where Iida was. "[Name], take care of that." You glanced at Shigaraki, staring for a second before you nodded. This had been something that you had wanted to avoid, but you had no choice. Closing your eyes, your body began to disintegrate into several pieces of paper. Just as Iida was leaving, they all flew out out the door.


As your body began to piece together again, you watched as Iida ran from the building. You knew that you had to stop him. Reaching forward, paper flew from your body and began to wrap around him, forcing him to the ground with great force. Iida fell, looking very confused at what was happening...that is until he noticed what was around him. "[N-Name?]" he questioned, looking at the paper. You practically glided as you made your way over and in front of him.


"I won't let you pass," you told him with no emotion. Iida looked up at you with wide eyes, almost not believing any of this.


"Why are you doing this?!" he questioned you, trying to get up. It was futile, however, being as the paper around him was just way too strong. "[Name], I've been so worried about you! Come on, this isn't you! Why are you with them?!" He was trying to make sense of all of this.


"Why?" you repeated, a paper doll emerged from your arm, going down to him. It made a cut on Iida's face with it's arm as you looked down at him, "Don't you think this world needs to change? Getting rid of All Might will do that."


"[Name], please, this isn't right and you know it!" Iida ignored his now bleeding face, "I've missed you so much, and I don't know how you view the world, but it isn't right! You're trying to destroy the Symbol of Peace! The world will be in chaos. Listen to me!" Your expression did not change, but seeing Iida in such a position that you had put him in and hearing him speak after so long did make your heart feel slightly heavy.


"The system is flawed," you told him, "That's how I feel about it. It may become to chaos, but it will be rebuilt even stronger."


"Listen to me, [Name]! Don't ruin your life like this!" Iida said. He started to struggle against his confinements a bit more only this time, he used his quirk. You rose an eyebrow for a bit, noticing that it was becoming a bit harder to restrain him, "If you want the world to be better there are other ways that you can go about doing that. This, however, is NOT the way!" With a hard jet of force coming from him, Iida was able to escape. Your eyes widened a bit at that. You then expected him to jet away, but instead, he stayed, now standing behind you. You quickly turned around, seeing how close he was. "By becoming a great hero, I hope to change the world to become a better place. A place where everyone is happy, and a place where you have nothing to worry about."


"I-Iida," you stuttered accidentally, "What do you-"


"Seeing you down there with the other villains was one of the most terrifying things that I've seen before," he told you, walking closer. He grabbed onto both of your arms, pulling you much closer to him, "I wish you would have talked to me more instead of getting mixed up in all of this. [Name], let me take care of you, and let me shape the world to a place where you can be proud to call your home." He wrapped his arms around you in a tight hug, taking you by surprise, "Don't shut me, out, [Name]. I love you." Hearing him say that, you began to feel all sorts of emotions that you had kept locked away. You bit your lip, feeling yourself start to tear up.




"It's alright," Iida told you, "I understand, and I'll make everything better for you." He slowly let go of you, "But in order to do that, I need to go and get All Might." Even in the midst of this situation, he was able to give you a kind smile. You nodded, wiping your eyes as best as you could.


"I trust you," you managed to say.


"Stay right here, then, and I'll be back," Iida told you. He than leaned forward and softly pressed his lips against yours. You felt your knees get slightly weak, although you knew that this array of emotions had quite a bit to do with it. Wrapping your arms around his neck, you kissed him back, starting to feel your face get warm. You felt safe and like nothing else mattered while you were in Iida's arms.


 Once everything was said and done with, All Might had won. While everything was being taken care of in the aftermath, Iida stayed by your side. You knew that you would be heavily questioned by the police which wasn't something that you were looking forward to. You didn't feel as scared as you thought you would be when it happened, and that was mostly because Iida had went with you. He held your hand the whole time, and while the police decided to do a background investigation on you and put you on a watch list, you were free to go. Luckily, you hadn't gotten too deep in the League of Villains nor had you actually committed any crimes. "So, do you want to go for coffee or something?" Iida asked you as you both walked out of the police station. You had a lot to catch up on after all. You smiled with a slightly flushed face and nodded.


"Mhmm," you agreed. You didn't want to let him go this time. That had been a mistake on your behalf in the past. You shouldn't have ignored his texts and barely communicated with him. You realized that you probably should have told Iida what you had been going through in the first place. He had understood you completely, and you really wished that you hadn't have underestimated that. Luckily for you, though, he had still been worried about you all of this time.



Chapter Text

It started off as admiration. You admired all of your teachers to be honest, but there was something about Mr. Aizawa that was different than the others. You liked his calm and stoic personality, and you also loved the way he seemed to truly care for his students. The way he did his hero work was interesting as well to you. Not to mention, he was a very attractive man. Once you began to realize that about him, you realized that you had developed a crush. It was hard at first because you had been fighting these feelings. When you started your first year at U.A. you manged to catch the attention of many of your teachers in a "wow, [Name] is a really good student" kind of way. They always pegged you as someone mature, knowledgeable, and who had a good grasp on how to use their quirk. You even were able to help the other students around you, and while you weren't the top of your class when it came to strength and academics, you strode to do your absolute best in the best way possible. And that was what caught the eyes of your teachers. were in this predicament.


It was at the beginning of your final year at U.A. once you began to realize that you had a crush on your teacher. You did fight against that thought because good students didn't feel the need to fuck their teachers. You would be lying though if you didn't admit that you had imaged Mr. Aizawa tying your up with his wraps and pounding you senseless against his desk. You knew that would never happen, so you eagerly did your best to focus on your school work. It was rather hard for you in Mr. Aizawa's class, however. You found yourself thinking about him more and more rather than listen to what he was teaching. You missed writing many notes and had to rely on the notes of others at times. It was just difficult, and trying to fight off your thoughts for him started to affect your grades in your other classes.


Sadly, it was not only school work that this was affecting. Because you were so diligent and mature, or rather used to be, your teachers would talk to you in that fashion and call on you to help with little things such as helping stapling papers or showing people around who were interested in U.A. This didn't exclude Mr. Aizawa either. He did fancy competent people after all, and he would address you in a relaxed and casual way. That only caused your crush to grow, which wasn't good. You felt as if something needed to get done soon or you would collapse under all of this stress.


Currently, you were demonstrating how things were for you as it was now during Aizawa's class which was at the end of the day. It was so hard to look at him without admiring the way that he looked or imagining what kinds of things he was into in bed. You bit your lip to wake you up from those thoughts. It had also been hard for you to sleep and think properly, so you couldn't help but to feel a bit tired. You just wanted to become a good and hardworking student again. "Alright, that's all," your teacher mused, followed by the school bell being rung. The students began to chat away as they all left the classroom. You let out a sigh seeing that you got less than half of the notes down. You started to pack everything up, thinking about asking some of your friends for their notes again. "[Name], can you stay for a bit?" Aizawa asked you. You felt your heart began to thump, and your eyes widened.


"Y-Yes, sir," you manged to get out. You remembered how confident you used to be when talking with your teachers, even him. Sadly, it was not like that anymore.


"Oh, are you in trouble, [Name]?" Nejire asked enthusiastically, as she was starting to be escorted out of the room by Mirio, "Did you not pay attention again?! Do you need to copy my notes?!"


"Come on, let's go back to the dorm," Mirio smiled chuckling slightly in amusement, "See you later, [Name]." You glanced over at everyone as they all left. You let out a breath of air before walking to the front of the room where your teacher was located.


"Yes?" you manged to get out without stuttering. You wondered what he wanted from you. Your mind immediately went to him bending you over the desk, but that immediately went away as you forced it back. You hoped to God that you weren't blushing or anything of the sort.


"[Name], have you been getting enough sleep?" Aizawa asked you, making you briefly wonder if he were one to talk, "I've noticed that your grades have been dropping recently, especially in my class." You bit your lip, looking down as you were unable to meet his gaze.


"I-I've just been kind of distracted," you confessed. That was the truth after all, but it wasn't like you would tell him what had you so distracted. That could probably end very badly for you.


"Distracted?" Aizawa asked, tone incredibly casual towards you, "I have no idea what you have to be distracted by to be honest. Is it because this is your last year? Also, fix your shirt." Because you had been so out of it lately, it seemed as if you hadn't properly buttoned your shirt all of the way. Before you could address this issue yourself, however, Aizawa grabbed onto the fabric, yanking you a bit closer to him as he began to button your shirt up. This caught you extremely off guard, and your whole face turned red. With him being so close to you and his fingers slightly brushing against your skin to fix your shirt, you ended up losing yourself. You let out a soft moan.


Aizawa's eyes widened in shock once he heard it, however he didn't immediately let go of you. Instead he slowly pulled his hands back, looking at you in utter confusion. And then it hit him. He honestly had no idea what to say, and you quickly looked down to hide your flushed face. "I-I'm sorry, s-sir...," you trailed off, avoiding looking at him completely. He probably would never want anything to do with you again.


"Am I making you nervous?" he calmly asked after letting out a sigh. Aizawa was a smart man, so it was only natural that he would know how to handle such things. It was just hard on him from a moral standpoint now. He was so calm and casual when speaking with you because like the others, he felt as if you were very mature and wise. While you didn't seem like the typical student, you still were one. Aizawa had eyes, though. He was able to see your developed eighteen year old body, and hearing you give out a soft moan had seemed to make him realize that even more. Still, you were his student, and he cared for you.


"Y-Yes," you answered him, feeling as if you were being rejected big time. Mr. Aizawa probably sensed that you had a thing for him, and that you could no longer keep a calm demeanor around him. He let out a sigh before placing one of his hands on one of your shoulders as if to steady you.


"Look at me, [Name]," he told you. You did as asked, though very hesitantly. You expected him to tell you that it would be better to transfer you to a different class and to forget the whole thing. However, that didn't seem to be the case, "I'm worried about your academic performance right now. I'm also pretty sure that you didn't pay attention in class today." He shook his head at that, tiredly, "I'll help you with extra lessons, but only under the condition that you'll start to pay better attention. Do you understand?" You were a bit shocked that he was trying to help you, but that only made you remember one of the reasons that you liked him so much. He cared about his students.


"I'll t-try my best, s-sir!" you quickly said with a nod. Aizawa could only internally sigh at the stutters you gave. This wouldn't be easy on him, especially since you did seem rather needy towards him. He, however, was prepared to help you in any way that he could.


"Alright, I'll go over what I talked about in class just now," he said. You grabbed your things to write with. You would be sure to pay attention and not get nervous. You had to admit, though, you liked answering him in the way that you did, and you also loved it when he told you what to do, even though it had all been very innocent. You bit your lip at the thought of him telling you to get on your knees in front of him and- "[Name!]" You quickly snapped out of your thoughts.


"S-Sir?" you answered him. Aizawa held his face for a second at that.


"You weren't paying attention," he told you. He had seen the look that you were giving him, and the way that you bit your lip. "Look, just don't think about it, alright?" You knew exactly what he was addressing, and your whole face turned red. That must have also meant that his mind might have flickered to that thought as well. That was what you hoped anyway...You honestly doubted it. Mr. Aizawa probably saw you as just his student and nothing more. You needed to be more real, even though you wanted it so badly. You then found your eyes dropping down to look at his crotch. You wondered how big he was. You were then snapped out of your thoughts by some of your teacher's scarf being wrapped around your neck, pulling you forward slightly in the desk you were sitting in. "You're doing it again...only this time it's more noticeable," Aizawa muttered the last part.


"You wrapping me up just makes it worse, sir," you couldn't help but to say, starting to become aroused. You felt so flushed as you always wondered if bondage was something that your teacher was into.


"Can you really not focus because of it?" Aizawa sighed. Him wanting to try everything he could to help you was starting to show that sadly what he could do was something that he really shouldn't. You couldn't help but to press your thighs together, loving the slight chocking feeling of his scarf around your neck. Aizawa couldn't help but to watch you do this. Your thighs looked so soft and grabbable. He would love to sink his nails into them and give you the help you needed, but his moral compass was screaming how bad of an idea that was.


"Are you into bondage?" you asked instead of answering his question, knowing that he already knew what it was. "I've always wondered that." Aizawa was sure that you had, and it was starting to become much harder for him to not engage with you in this way. Perhaps answering your question wouldn't hurt.


"Bondage is fun," he confessed, "I've done it with people a few times before." You bit your lip at the thought of him tying you up and shoving your face in his desk.


"Are you good with knots?" you asked him, "Can you show me?" You pressed your legs together again in need. All you wanted at the moment was him, and you knew that you would be cured if you got what you wanted.


"[Name], this is wrong," Aizawa told you, "I want to help you, but you're my student. I can't touch you like that." You were too deep in this now to call it a day and leave with your tail between your legs.


"Be honest with me. Do you want to touch me?" you asked him. Mr. Aizawa looked at you in your eyes, you could see his moral dilemma in them, and he could see how bad you needed him in yours.


"Yes," he curtly replied to you, closing his eyes for a second. He slowly let his scarf slip from your neck. You stood up from your desk and walked over to him. "[Name], if you keep it up, I won't be able to control myself any longer." You grabbed onto one of his hands, moving it down.


"I don't want you to control yourself," you told him as you guided his hand under your skirt. Aizawa quickly pulled his hand away and grabbed onto your wrist. You knew that he was fighting his impulses and was trying his hardest not to take you right there.


"What do you want then?" he asked you. At that, you knew he would comply with your wishes. Aizawa couldn't hold back any longer, and if you were to consent, you knew that he would take care of you in the way that you wanted.


"I want you to fuck me, sir," your voice was innocent, but needy. Before you could move closer to him, Aizawa wrapped an arm around your waist tightly, pulling you to him as he pressed his lips onto yours, his tongue roughly pushing into your mouth. You felt your knees buckle under you from the excitement of being with your teacher as well as the rough way that he was kissing you. Pulling away from the kiss, Aizawa latched his mouth onto your neck, giving it hard kisses and sucks. You moaned, body starting to shiver.


"I'll give you exactly what you want then," he said by your ear as he held your hands behind your back. He began to tie them together there, "You're a good student, so I'm sure you can handle it, right?"


"Y-Yes, sir," you stuttered. Pulling away from you, Aizawa easily and quickly unbuttoned your top exposing the bra that you were wearing right before bending you over his desk. You felt so defenseless as your hands were still tied behind your back. It was something that you had fantasized about over and over again, and now it was finally happening. Your skirt was pushed up, and you felt your teacher rub two of his fingers against your clit through your panties, "Oh, God....," you couldn't help but to moan, eyes nearly rolling to the back of your head. You were turned on beyond belief at what Mr. Aizawa was doing to you.


"I'm pretty sure if I teased you you would end up easily coming from that," Aizawa noted, "You're so dripping wet, [Name]." He concluded that you must have wanted him badly. And if your arousal was any telling of how hard it was for you to pay attention, then he knew that you probably would have failed your final year at U.A. You felt as your panties were being pulled down. Aizawa took them off completely before grabbing onto your soft thighs and pulling your legs apart. "Will you be a good girl for me and stay still while I prep you?" he asked.


"Y-Yes, sir," you stuttered, biting your lip. You wanted him so badly at the moment, but you both knew that if he didn't prep you that it would hurt terribly. Aizawa rubbed at your clit, making your knees buckle from the feeling. You bit your lip being turned on beyond belief. It was easy for Aizawa to tell what sort of state you were in. He was sure that you would end up coming from this due to your need of him. He slowly inserted a finger into your extremely wet hole, wondering how you would take it. He was unsure if you were a virgin or not, and figured that he probably should have asked. You didn't seem to show any resistance to this, but you were so full of adrenaline and so wet that he wasn't surprised by that. You pushed back against his finger, moaning in need as he began to thrust it in and out.


"How experienced are you?" Aizawa asked, stopping in his movements for a second. He knew that you would be too in pleasure to answer if he didn't.


"N-Not very," you answered, face turning red for a different reason. Aizawa cursed under his breath, knowing that he probably should have asked you this beforehand. Knowing that he would probably be your first made this feel much more inappropriate to him.


"Do you ever touch yourself?" he asked you, moving another finger inside of you. Your mouth opened as you let out a moan, loving the spot where it hit inside of you. Aizawa took note and started to thrust his fingers against that spot over and over again. You bit your lip, nails digging into your palm from the feeling, "Answer me, [Name]."


"I-I do," you answered through a moan. Aizawa got closer and snaked his other hand around you as he began to rub at your clit. "F-Fuck!" you couldn't help to to call out. The feeling of his fingers thrusting inside of you against your sweet spot and him rubbing your clit was too much to handle. You could also feel his closed arousal against your leg because of how close he was.


"Have you ever done it to the thought of me?" he asked you, fingers moving a bit rougher. You could feel yourself getting closer and closer as his fingers worked at you.


"Y-Yes!" you ended up getting louder as your end was near. You then shut your eyes as your orgasm harshly took you over. Your knees hit the side of the desk as they buckled from the intense feeling, and you moaned loudly, unable to help it. Aizawa felt your inner walls squeezing against his fingers tightly, and he couldn't help but let out a groan of his own because of how turned on he became. Once you were finally done peaking you began to pant. Aizawa pulled his fingers out of you slowly. Feeling how tight you were, he knew that this was going to hurt you. He was bigger than average after all.


You felt so dazed, but you were able to protest once you felt Aizawa untie his wraps from your arms. He pulled you up and turned you back around. "W-What?" you couldn't help but to question. You were then picked up and put sitting at the edge of the desk. You started to become aroused again as you realized that this was not over. Aizawa pulled your legs apart, getting in between them. He leaned down and kissed you softly.


"Are you sure you want to do this?" he asked you. He didn't sound rough or pressuring. He just wanted to make sure that you were alright. You looked up at him and nodded, arms moving to place themselves around his neck.


"I've been dreaming of this since the start of the year," you confessed. Seeing that you weren't going to back down from wanting this, Aizawa undid his pants, pulling his cock out from his boxers and pants. You looked down at it, seeing as it was very big and hard. You knew that it would hurt at first, but you also knew that this was the only way you'd be cured.


"Let me know if it ends up hurting too much, alright?" Mr. Aizawa asked, looking into your eyes. He wasn't going to move inside of you until he got your confirmation.


"Yes, sir," you agreed. Aizawa then wrapped an arm around you, pulling you close to him as he positioned the head of his cock at your entrance. He slowly pressed in, not wanting to go too rough. Your eyes widened at the tearing feeling as he started to push his way through. You dug your nails into his back, finding this to hurt much more than you thought it would. He was just so big. Aizawa stopped halfway through before looking at you again.


"Are you alright?" he asked you, "Does it hurt too much?" He was concerned because not only had you been a virgin, but you also were his student.


"I-I'm alright," you told him, holding on tightly. You just wanted to get the painful part over and down with, "Y-You can push the rest in." Aizawa responded by pressing his lips against yours again. You kissed him back, lovingly, and started to shiver a bit, feeling one of his hand move your bra up, letting your breasts free. He grabbed onto one and massaged at it as he slowly started to push forward until his length was fully inside of you. You felt incredibly filled up as your pussy stretched over his cock. Aizawa pulled back from the kiss, moving his hands down to your thighs to pull them closer to him.


"You're so damn tight, [Name]...," he mused, "Let me know when you're ready for me to move." Truthfully, he'd love to pound into you as hard and rough as he could, but he knew that you weren't ready for such treatment, yet. Maybe at another time, he could introduce you to the domineering and kinky things he was into, but for now he was just focused on making you come again without hurting you. You nodded at his words, body feeling extremely hot. Your teacher's cock was inside of you, and that thought was turning you on to the max.


"Y-You can move now," you told him. Aizawa looked down at you to make sure that your face didn't look pained or anything like that. He nodded as he began to thrust in and out of you slowly, nails slightly sinking into your thighs so that he could control himself. You were just so tight and wet, making the feeling of being inside of you unbelievable. He started to speed up a bit, seeing as you didn't mind him thrusting. You moaned softly against your teacher's ear, sending a shiver of pleasure down his spine. It was so hard for him not to shove your down and start pounding you. Especially when you looked so cute and needy and felt so incredible. "A-Aizawa...," you moaned sweetly. Your teacher let out a groan, starting to lose his control a bit more. He loved the sound of you calling his name. "It f-feels so good...," you whined in pleasure. Hearing that, however, Aizawa started to thrust a bit harder and quicker. He pulled you closer to him by your thighs before wrapping his arms around you to hold your body. "O-Oh, fuck!" you called out, feeling as he began to hit against that wonderful place inside of you. Your nails dug into his back, hips starting to move against his as best as you could get them to.


"You're so wet...," Aizawa groaned, "If you ever need help like this again, don't hesitate to ask me for it." He had finally given into his desire of wanting to be with you. After all, there was no going back, and exploring everything you were curious about sexually with you was a thought that was too good to pass up on.


"Y-Yes, s-sir," you manged to get out, through the moans that Aizawa was causing you to have. You bit your lip hard, leaning your head against him as you held on tight. Aizawa started to thrust into you rougher, feeling as your walls were beginning to tighten around him. He knew that you were incredibly horny so coming would be easy for you. For him, the thought of fucking his student to orgasm was more than enough for him to meet you there and become close as well. You just felt so amazing around him. With a few more hits to your g-spot, you felt yourself hitting your peak again. You called out, pulling your teacher as close to you as you could get him. Aizawa shuddered at the feeling of your already tight walls closing in on his length and the feeling of your come seeping on him as he thrusted in and out. It was way too much for him, and he began to throb inside of you. Quickly pulling out, Aizawa's seed coated the inside of your thighs, some of it getting on his desk. He loved how messy your thighs now looked.


You were both panting heavily. It was good thing that even in these moments your teacher was able to have such a cool head being as it wasn't as if you had protection on you when this all started. You let out a breath of air as you began to calm down. You looked at your thighs being covered in his come. You also noticed marks from where his nails had dug into them. "Sorry about that," Aizawa sighed, looking down at it as well as he put himself back into his pants. You shook your head, happily.


"I'm sorry I hadn't been paying attention in your class," you apologized, "I think it'll be easier for me here on out, thank you." Aizawa rubbed at the back of his head.


"Yeah, I really didn't think that this was your problem," he casually admitted. He couldn't help but to think, though, that it was good that it was him instead of some other teacher. This was still going to be a bit difficult for him to do with you if you wanted it again, but truthfully it had felt so inappropriately good. It would be hard to keep his cool when you would act needy.


"So," you started, "Spanking next time?" You smiled in amusement while your teacher just looked at you with wide eyes. You were definitely trying to kill him.


Chapter Text

Ever since the dorm system started at U.A. you and the rest of your General Studies class were able to get to know each other much better. It was really interesting being in such a space with the others. You were able to see their habits and get to know their personalities better, and they were able to do the same with you. This, of course, included your classmate Shinsou, who began to show more of an interest towards you as the days went by. You didn't shy away from this nor were you anxious about it. No, that wasn't the kind of person you were. Instead, you always decided to have a bit of fun with him whenever he grew flirty or expressed his interest in you. Speaking of your pursuer, "Good morning, [Name]," you heard him as he walked into the living area of the dorm where you were currently located, "You're ready for school pretty early, but you do always seem rather punctual."


"Of course I am, which is much better than seeming like a lazy person such as yourself," you teased him, "In any case, are you flirting with me again, hm~?" You gave a mock  interested face as if his answer was incredibly important to you.


"Wouldn't you like to know," he merely replied before glancing down at his phone to check the time. The other students were all still getting ready.


"Oh, I'm DYING to know!" you laughed in amusement before you stood up and walked over to him. You grabbed onto his tie and straightened it out for him, seeing as it was crooked a bit. "Try again later, babe~." You gave him a wink before leaving the area, voice slightly flirty. Shinsou could only watch your retreating form and shake his head.


Class time was like any other. The material was rather simple for you, so it wasn't as if you exactly needed to pay too much attention. You did, however. You took your notes diligently, waiting for the school day to end like any other student. Once it was finally midday and lunchtime, you spoke with your friends from the General Studies class as you walked out toward's Lunch Rush's cafeteria. You could see those from other departments also out and about as well for the same reason. Just same old same old for the most part as it has been. When it was time to go back to class, you did so, going to lean against your seat as you talked with those around you. "I can't wait for this day to end." You had found yourself saying this throughout multiple times that day.


"Anything interesting that you plan on doing once it's over?" Shinsou asked you. You looked at him in amusement.


"Oh, there's quite a few things I can think about doing," you mused, making your look towards him seem rather lustful. You jokingly licked your lips, "Wouldn't you want to do such things with me?"


"There are many things I'd do with you, [Name], but you'd have to behave in order to receive them," he pointed out. For some reason his response sent a shiver down your back, which caused you to giggle a bit.


"Please, I'm sure you've watched me enough to know how well-behaved I am~," you teased, leaning back more into your desk as you raised an eyebrow as if asking him to confirm it. Sadly, you didn't get to carry on this little conversation as the teacher of your next class came into the room. For you, what was being taught was easy to understand as always. The General Studies course wasn't as rigorous as The Hero course because you didn't have to worry about fighting as much. You could just focus on your studies.


Finally the day was over with and as you all walked back to the dorms, you decided to tease Shinsou a bit. "Hey, why don't we hold hands, cutie~," you mused as you skipped out in front of him, walking backwards for a little while to tease him. Shinsou playfully rolled his eyes at your behavior.


"At this rate, I won't be doing anything with you," he said. You pouted in mock disappointment.


"Ah, no fair," you told him, stopping for a second as you shook your head in disagreement like a child. Shinsou chuckled in amusement as he walked passed you, leaning closer for a bit to kiss your forehead. Your whole face flushed because of that, your playful demeanor slightly slipping.


"That's a cute look for you," he pointed out as he kept on walking. Snapping out of it, you quickly looked ahead at him.


"Hey, that really isn't fair!" you whined, only this time you were a bit more serious. Seeing as you were getting left behind, though, you quickly walked forward and towards the dorms. The night would consist of homework, studying, whatever else you had time to do, and then getting ready for bed. You figured that it would be much funner to do your homework with others, and you weren't the only one who thought that. So once you all entered the dorm and everyone took care of whatever business that needed to be done, a group of you all sat down at one of the tables to do your assignments together.


When you noticed that Shinsou wasn't among the people who were all there, you knew that this little study session wasn't going to be as entertaining as it would if he were there. With that in mind, you finished the last question on the current worksheet you were doing before standing up to find Shinsou. "Where are you going, [Name]?" you heard one of your classmates asking. You giggled mischievously.


"Just trying to make this study session a little bit funner for me," you winked before heading to the elevator with your schoolbooks. Once inside, you pressed the number for the floor that Shinsou's room was located. You tapped your foot against the floor as you waited for it to ding. Once it did, you hummed as you stepped out, walking to the door of Shinsou's room. You knocked in curiosity, not completely sure if he were in his room or not. Luckily for you, he was, and Shinsou opened the door, raising an eyebrow once he saw you just standing there.


"Why aren't you studying with the others?" you asked giving him teasing sweet-eyes, "Is it because of me? I thought you liked me." You pouted cutely giving a fake sad expression. Shinsou rolled his eyes playfully before letting you into his room, closing the door after you.


"I'm already finished," he explained as you sat down on his bed. He leaned against his door frame with his hands in his pockets, "Seeing who was all down there, I knew I wouldn't get my work done quickly." You would be lying if you were to say that chatting and playing around hadn't been going on. Shinsou walked over, sitting down next to you on his bed. "Especially with you there. You're such a distraction to me, [Name]?" You leaned closer to him with a mischievous face.


"Oh, I'd like to think the opposite~," you told him flirtatiously, "But I know that you can't keep yourself from looking at me." Shinsou momentarily rose both of his eyebrows as if agreeing to what you were saying before leaning in closer and pressing his lips against yours. You kissed him back, wrapping an arm around his neck slightly, pulling him closer. You liked feeling his chest pressed up against yours, especially since he had been working out so much lately. Once you both pulled away you pecked his lips. "So, since you did finish the assignment, why not help me out with it, hm?" You were met with another playful roll of Shinsou's eyes.


"You're too smart to not have it all done by now, [Name]," he pointed out to you in amusement, "Even with all of the distractions downstairs." He leaned over and kissed you again, only this time he bit at your bottom lip teasingly. You moaned softly from that.


"You're playing a dangerous game, Shinsou," you told him as your eyelashes fluttered in a slight daze. You pulled back and gave him a fake sad look, "Me wondering where you were was distracting to me." You looked up at him through your eyelashes, wanting to appear as innocent as possible, "You owe me." Shinsou couldn't help but to chuckle.


"I can pay you back in a much more enjoyable way~," he purred out. You felt your face flush up a bit at those words, especially since Shinsou's voice was just so deep and nice. It was music to your ears.


"Please, that's going to be like me giving you something," you joked once you snapped out of it, "We should trade quirks temporarily so that I can mind control you into giving me your answers." It wasn't like you wouldn't do it yourself. You were just messing with him, which was always fun.


"Who's going to be giving what to who now?" Shinsou chuckled again, "I'm pretty sure you're going to be begging for it." Wrapping an arm around your waist, Shinsou pulled you even closer to him as he kissed your lips yet again. This time he slipped his tongue into your mouth, one of his hands sliding up into your hair as he deepened the kiss. You kissed him back eagerly, wrapping your arms around his neck. It was a random thought, but he just smelt so good. You wanted that scent on you. Shinsou pulled away from the kiss and kissed from your jawline down to your neck. He lightly licked the side of it, making your shiver slightly in lust. When he pulled away you let out a whine, only to quickly cover your mouth as you remembered his words. "If I mind control you to do your homework, you won't even remember most of it, so you can always go that route."


"I won't learn anything that way," you pointed out, face still a bit flushed from the way that you had just been kissed.


"[Name], you won't learn anything if you copy from me either," he countered.


"Touché." With slight reluctance, although with a mind that expected this to happen, you opened up your textbook. "I'm staying here while I do it." Your voice left no room for argument, but you knew that Shinsou wouldn't mind you being there. You both enjoyed each other's company. The work wasn't exactly hard, and you filled out the answers easily.


"Maybe you would have been done by now if you hadn't have tried to get me to do it," Shinsou mused as he started to mess around with his phone, leaning back a bit.


"And miss a chance to mess with you?" you asked, looking at him briefly before turning back to your work, "Never~." Shinsou let out a sigh, replying to a text that had just popped up on his phone.


"You love to mess with me, don't you?"


"Just imagine how much I'm going to tease you when I'm on top," you giggled, giving him a very playful look. You were sure that due to all of your mocking and teasing, doing anything of that nature with Shinsou was bound to be fun and enjoyable.


"As if you'll ever be in charge," he simply remarked, eyes never leaving from his phone.


"Oh, you say that now," you told him, reaching over to give his side a light pinch. He grabbed onto your hand and gave it a playful squeeze before returning it to you, "You'll give me exactly what I want." You had confidence in that.


"I will," Shinsou told you, "But what you think you want now is not going to be what you want later." You pouted towards him, but it looked as if he wasn't going to verbally give in on this. You knew you'd have your way, though, eventually. You manged to finish up your assignment rather quickly. With a sigh you laid down on Shinsou's bed, sprawling out while not caring that he was still on it as your leg flopped out and over his lap. You closed your book and tossed it onto the floor.


"All done," you triumphantly said. You wondered if the others downstairs were finished or not yet.


"You would have been done a lot quicker if you hadn't have bugged me to copy," Shinsou pointed out. He gave the thigh of the leg that was on him a pinch. You lightly kicked at him because of it.


"It's not my faaaault," you whined. Shinsou chuckled slightly before moving your leg off of him. He moved over to where you were, straddling your body with his.


"Yes, it is your fault," he told you, voice soft yet dominating. Leaning down he kissed your lips, being very rough about it. You tangled your fingers into his hair, finding this reward for getting your work done more than worth were sure he would have done it either way, though.


Chapter Text

The days leading up to the hero license exams had been pretty nerve-wrecking and exciting for your classmates. You, on the other hand, didn't exactly have any feeling of excitement towards it. In fact, you really didn't have much feelings on it at all. You were in the camp of just doing what needed to be done. With your hero license you would be able to use your quirk much more freely. You weren't nervous about this. You were rather confident if you had to call it something to be honest. Or at least that was the speculation coming from some of your fellow classmates as you all worked on your super moves. You already had a few in mind with your quirk Assassin Code, which gave you master assassin like abilities.


"[Name] doesn't look all that worried about the Provisional Hero License Exam," Denki whispered to Mineta as he looked over at you shooting off at one of Ectoplasm's clones with a pistol in each hand.


"When have you ever seen [Name] worried about anything though?" Mineta countered, voice the same volume as Denki's. Mineta especially was rather worried about the exams. It was an important thing after all, so everyone had been trying rather hard to prepare for it. Also, the fact that no one knew exactly what was in store was also something to add to their anxiety levels.


"Good point," Denki nodded, "Although, I do recall her yanking you off of her a few times when you've tried to feel her up." He put a hand on his chin as he thought about this, giving a slight nod as a memory of that very thing happening popped into his head.


"Yes, but her face is always straight when she does it," Mineta pointed out, not at all addressing the fact that he was a big pervert and shouldn't do such things in the first place.


"Hey, what are you two talking about?" Looking over to the sound of the voice, the two noticed Midoriya walking over to the scene. He had been in rather high spirits lately because he had finally figured out what direction he should be going in for his attacks.


"Shhh! Quiet, or she'll hear you," Denki shushed much to Midoriya's confusion. Denki let out a sigh and jerked a thumb into your direction. "[Name] seems to be the only one in the class that doesn't really care about the Hero License Exams." Deku rose one of his eyebrows in confusion. He knew you to not be one to show your emotions, but surely you had to have some kind of feeling about the exam.


"This isn't really a surprise with her, though," Mineta crossed his arms, nodding as if extremely informed about you.


"What's going on here?" Yet another person was added to the group as Ochaco walked over, taking a small break from practicing.


"They're talking about how it doesn't seem like [Name] cares about the Hero License Exam," Midorya pointed out to her, "I think she has to care at least a little bit. This is something that is very important." Ochaco put a finger on her bottom lip as she thought about it, and then an idea hit her.


"Oh! Maybe she's just really confident in her abilities," she suggested, "Kind of like Bakugo, but in a less extreme way." Denki and Mineta watched as Bakugo blasted a giant rock into several pieces, smirking wildly


"Hey, Kirishima! Let me hit you with my Howitzer!" he yelled to the red head. They then turned their attention to you, who was just calmly and easily hitting at your target.


"Uhh..." It was such a huge contrast in emotions.


"I'll just go and talk to her about it," Ochaco sighed, shaking her head at Denki's and Mineta's faces. It was no secret to anyone in the class that you were a rather reserved and emotionless person. You didn't necessarily care about getting to know your classmates or anything like that. You just did what you needed to do.


"Man, Ochaco's bold...," Deku trailed off as he, Denki, and Mineta all watched her walk over to where you were.


"Hi, [Name]," she smiled at you kindly. You gave her a curt glance before going back to doing what you were doing. Thanks to your quirk you were able to hear their conversation, although you didn't necessarily want to, so you knew why she was there. "I see you're working on your super moves! I had to take a break from mine." She still had a smile on her face. This time, you didn't even look at her as you continued to shoot at your target. You were getting a bit annoyed, though, and wished that she would just spit it out already. "I get pretty sick when I use my quirk too much sometimes. So, it's nice to take a br-"


"If you're worried about passing the Provisional Hero License Exams, then why are you even in the hero course? It's something that has to be done, so I don't understand why everyone is shitting their pants over it. If it's that much than drop out," you merely said to get her to stop rambling. You then collected your pistols and a sniper riffle that you also had and left to train elsewhere. It was all becoming rather annoying to you.


"Man, she is cold-hearted," Denki mused as he watched you walk off. Ochaco was still standing at the same place, smile still on her face as if wondering what had just happened.


"What did you expect, Denki?" Mineta asked, shaking his head.


"Hey! Get back to work!" At the sound of Ectoplasm's voice, the four all rushed off to continue training.


It was finally the day of the Provisional Hero License Exams. Class 1-A of U.A. were all exiting their bus, taking in the surroundings and glancing at all of the other students of the other schools who were also arriving. "Ah, I'm so nervous," Jiro spoke as she looked around the area. There were several buses there and even more arriving. You weren't paying too much attention to what those in your class were saying. The whole bus ride there had been rather boring and a bit annoying to you. Mostly because of how your classmates were behaving. It wasn't like you particularly cared, though. You were just there to get your license, so you would focus on that.


Mineta seemed the most nervous, and he wondered if he would even be able to get his license. You barely paid attention as Aizawa gave a pep talk to everyone, but that did seem to lift their spirits. That was much more preferential to the constant teeth chattering and worrying. "Let's hit it out the park like always!" Kirishima mused as the others were getting hyped up. "Alright, say it with me "Plus-"


"Ultra!" A new voice joining the crowd caused your classmates to still in confusion. You, however, could only smirk inwardly in amusement. You were a bit surprised to see him this early to be honest. You had expected to see him in the middle of the exams, possibly as an enemy that you had to fight, but seeing him early definitely didn't hurt. Not that your particularity cared, though.


"Inasa," you said his name, catching not only his attention, but those of your class as well.


"Inasa?" Sero repeated what you had said in confusion, eyebrow up as he watched the tall intruder walk over to you. The others were just as surprised that you seemed to know this guy. Maybe you found him annoying, though, and wanted to kill him. That actually seemed like the most logical explanation to them to be honest. They were now all expecting you to tell him to shut up.


"[Name]!" he smiled wide, "I'm so glad to see you!" He wrapped his arms around you in a great big bear hug, making the jaws of those around you go incredibly slack. Mineta and Denki felt as if their eyes were going to pop out of their heads because of his big they got.


"My God...What is going on?!" Ashido leaned her body forward as she was trying to make sense of it.


"She's about to shoot him, right?" Mineta whispered. The shock only got worse once they actually saw you returning the hug. No one in your class had ever seen any emotion at all coming from you so this was insane to them. Also, this guy just seemed so energetic and full of emotion. Why was someone like him hanging with someone as emotionless as you?


"Inasa, don't crash other people's huddles," another voice was heard as three other people wearing the same uniform as Inasa walked over. It was noted that their uniforms were of Shiketsu High School students. The Shiketsu students rose an eyebrow once they saw him hugging someone. Pulling away, Inasa turned to the others with him.


"Ah, you're right," he nodded, wide smile still on his face, "I just love the school motto, and I also really hoped to see my girlfriend since she goes to this school." He motioned to you. You just looked at the others who had popped up, though said nothing.  They looked at you quizzically and with slightly wide eyes as if trying to understand who you were. You didn't seem at all like the type of person that Inasa would date. They pictured him with someone just as animated as him.


"G-Girlfriend!" It was like the most insane thing that U.A.'s Class 1A had heard. Surely someone as cold as you couldn't be dating someone like Inasa. The guy just seemed all over the place and energetic. You weren't like that at all. You noticed all of their reactions and couldn't help but to think that a few brains must have broken. You, honestly didn't know why, though. You just turned your attention to your boyfriend. You leaned up and gave him a kiss on the lips. In the corner of your eyes, you swear you saw Midoriya trembling as if he were afraid.


"I didn't expect to see you so soon," you merely spoke, voice very straight, "I guess that's nice, though."


"Oh, it's amazing!" Inasa told you, "It always brightens my day to see my beautiful girlfriend~!" Mineta was getting close to fainting at this point.


"I-I'm hearing this right...r-right?" he asked, looking over at Denki, who was staring at the scene, face still in disbelief. At this point those of your class and of Shiketsu were starting to give up on trying to make sense of this and just accept it as another one of life's mysteries.


"That's nice," you simply told him. Seeing you both interact in such a way was just so surreal. Inasa then turned to the others of your class at U.A.


"I should probably apologize for breaking into your huddle earlier," he said, hands now at his sides, "Please except my sincerest apologies!" He gave a bow so hard and deep that his head hit the concrete and began to bleed. Shocked faces were once again shown, although you looked extremely calm about all of this.


"Let's go, Inasa," some guy with purple hair remarked as the others that had showed up from your boyfriend's school appeared. They then all began to walk away.


"I'll see you later, [Name]!" Inasa called to you as he left as well. You gave him a curt wave, ignoring the looks that your class had been giving both you and him. They were incredibly shocked at this still. You honestly didn't care, though, and left to go and get into your costume before the orientation of the exam. As you walked away, however, you didn't need your quirk to overhear what Mineta ended up yelling.


"What the fuck just happened?!"


Chapter Text

It had started out as a rather happy day, or at least a good one. After all, Tensei was always in a pleasant mood when you, his wife, went out to patrol with him. That morning, it started out as any other day at Team Idaten. You had went to visit your husband directly inside of his office, which he teasingly scolded you to go and finish your own work. He did love you immensely, and you loved him as well. Even though you both obviously lived together, you still liked to spend as much time together as you could as possible. Tensei was just a really wonderful guy who was loved by all, so how couldn't you want to spend most of your time with him?


At around one o'clock, Tensei had remarked to you how he was about to go out and patrol the area. You had just insisted that you tag along and after much playful bickering about it, you both left the Team Idaten agency. You going with him would end up being something that you would be grateful for, and yet something that your husband would come to regret. It wasn't as if you could see the future to know what would happen. All you had thought about was being together. It was that simple. Usually nothing drastic happened when you were out. At most it would usually be just a few punks making trouble here and there.


The mood started to shift when Tensei remarked how he heard some alarming sounds. Whatever it was, it seemed to have caught his attention. He turned to you with a rather serious look, "You stay here, [Name]. I'm going to go and check it out," he told you. Seeing the serious look on his face, you couldn't help but to nod, feeling slightly concerned.


"Okay," you told him before watching him jet off. You hoped that it was nothing serious, and you couldn't help but to think that it was probably just some average street villain messing around where they didn't have any business. Even though that seemed to be the most logical thought at the time, you couldn't help but to feel a chill at the back of your neck. Call it instinct or something, but the world to you at the moment just felt so off.


Your next actions was once again something that you had been grateful for and that your husband would regret. You felt as if this whole thing was taking much longer than it needed to. You debated on calling the police, but there was still the chance that it was nothing to fret over. That did make the most sense after all, and if it were truly something troubling, you were sure that you could provide back-up for your husband. You decided to head to the scene. You moved much faster than you normally would at a time like this because there was still that nagging feeling that something wasn't quite right.


Upon arriving in the alleyway, your vision began to slightly blur. Anxiousness overcame you as you witnessed your husband fighting what looked like a villain. The intent that emitted from this villain was nothing short of murderous, and your felt your body grow stiff from both uncertainty and fear. Should you call the police now? Or maybe you should call another hero? You definitely needed to call someone as you felt as if your legs wouldn't be able to move to assist in this fight although you were internally screaming at yourself to do so as you noticed Tensei was having quite a hard time. Something in your brain, however, was keeping you still and telling you that this wasn't a good situation at all. Your mind went to reaching to grab your phone, but your body wasn't following through on this. Come on, move...Do something...Sadly, you only managed to find your voice once your husband went down. For whatever reason he could not move and the villain was closing in on him. "Tensei!" you yelled. While this caught your husband's attention, the villain absolutely paid no mind to you as he walked closer and closer to his victim with his blade raised in his hand.


"[N-Name]....?" Tensei's voice sounded slightly strained as he looked at you. His eyes were wide, and he could only think about getting you out of this situation. He tried his best to move, but his body just would not cooperate. "[Name], run!" he yelled towards you as the enemy came closer and closer. Tensei's mind was far away from his own safety and completely on what might happen to you.


"In a society overrun by fake heroes..." The villain raised his sword up before bringing it down in a swift movement.


"Run, [Name]!"


After finding your voice, your body started to cooperate with you once again. Either it was that or perhaps it just moved on it's own. You couldn't exactly remember as everything ended up just happening so fast. It was as if your were being blinded by a bright white light as it all happened. You just knew one thing, and it was that you would rather die than lose the love of your life...Sadly, so would he. As you began to black out you could hear your husband yelling out for you as well as the sound of police sirens. It seemed as if one of the nearby civilians saw what was going on and contacted the police.


Once at the hospital the feeling of regret settled deep into Tensei's stomach. He paid no mind to the nurses telling him that he needed to be checked out by a doctor and examined. He didn't care about himself. In fact, he desperately wished that it had been him instead of you. He felt like such an idiot for letting you come along with him to patrol the area. He felt like such an idiot for not bringing you to a safe place before checking out the alleyway. And he felt like such an idiot for not doing his job as a hero and your husband by not protecting you. He didn't deserve such a kind, beautiful, and caring wife. You were just so selfless to him, and all he could think about was everything that he did wrong. What could he have done to prevent this from happening? It was all his fault that you were laying unconscious and near death on a hospital bed with a stab wound in your abdomen. You shouldn't have been the one to take the blow. It should have been him.


Tears began to prickle at the corner of his eyes as he stared down at your body. His mind couldn't help but to go to an image of your smiling face. He remembered all of the times you had been there for him and complimented how great of a hero he was. 'You're amazing, Tensei!' he had remembered you saying on your first date as you had been commending him on his hero work 'I really can't believe that someone so great is interested in me.' At that time you had looked down with a blush on your face only to have Tensei lift your head up from under your chin and kiss your lips. It had been a memorable and sweet moment. He remembered the cute and flushed look on your face, too. But now, all of that was just so hard to think about. It only furthered the journey of his tears down his face.


'I love you...' You had been the first one to say it, and Tensei remembered the slightly nervous yet happy look that you had on your face when you spoke those words. At the time, he couldn't help but to embrace you, practically picking you up some in the process as he held you close telling you that he had felt the same. You had become much more relieved to know that he also loved you. It had been about seven months into your relationship when you finally worked up the courage to let those words out being as you fell in love with him at around five months. Tensei had remembered you explaining that to him one day.


That day in particular had coincidentally been the day that he had chosen to propose to you. You had both spent the whole day together just having fun and laughing. You went out for breakfast followed by a bit of shopping. You then went to have lunch, and then the night ended with Tensei taking you on a private cruise with him. He remembered the long, shapely, and beautiful dress that you had chosen to wear for that evening. The rather large boat that you were on was decorated in beautiful lights, the array of them matching the one of the city that you had been sailing parallel to. 'I don't think I could feel any luckier than I do in this moment' you had told him, turning away from the view to look at him directly. Tensei had given you a kind smile, moving closer to where you stood.


'Well, I hope this makes you feel even more fortunate' he replied. The joy that you had emitted once he had proposed was something that Tensei wished to see again, especially at the current moment. You were practically jumping up and down, happy tears coming into your eyes as you said,


'Yes! Yes!' over and over again. He loved making you happy, and he loved being the man that you loved.


However, now Tensei felt that he didn't deserve to have you. He wondered what kind of husband would have their wife end up in a state like this?! On your wedding day, he had been rather confident. You were the one he loved, you were the one he wished to marry, so why should he be nervous? Those thoughts changed once he saw you walking down the isle looking incredibly gorgeous. Did he deserve someone like you? Would you have second thoughts? Although he began to feel nervous, he was able to shake those feelings by looking at the expression on your face. You were smiling happily, and it was a smile that he wished would never leave your face.


Tensei really regretted what happened. Everything was his fault. You had trusted him enough to be his, and he felt as if he went back on that. His mind went to it all being his fault. He was the reason that you were hurt. There were many things that he could have done differently. He wasn't even sure if he could call himself a hero anymore. After all, he couldn't save the one person that was the closest to him.


This is all my fault! Tensei thought, hand going to hold onto his face around his eyes If only....if only....If only it had been me! If only I could have protected you! It's my fault...all of it. He couldn't help but to shake the feeling that you were lying there because of him. No, not because of that villain that had been the one to stab you, but because of himself. That was just the kind of person that Tensei was. He clenched his teeth, trying to keep more tears from slipping out as the pain in his chest just grew worse and worse. "I'm sorry, [Name]....! I'm so sorry...." Tensei's phone began to ring. It was probably his mother or younger brother trying to get into contact with him. He made no move to answer it. In fact, he didn't make any moves at all.


He couldn't react. He couldn't move. He couldn't do anything except cry and blame himself. You're dying because of me...

Chapter Text

Izuku had to make sure he had everything before he went away on his travels. The poor boy was extremely paranoid after all, and traveling alone could only provide nothing but mishaps for him if he wasn't careful. With diligent eyes, he combed through his bag for the third time. Everything seemed to be there, or at least he hoped...Izuku bit his lip as he forced himself to decide that everything seemed fine enough for him to leave. He pulled his bag on and glanced at the inside of his house one last time before walking out of the door and locking it. This journey wouldn't particularly be long, but it would be long enough to where he would have to make stops and spend nights in different towns on the way there. Izuku was prepared for that, though, or at least he hoped he was. With a deep breath, he focused on the dirt path ahead of him and started down it.


A few miles away, you were waking up in the room of an inn. It looked rather cozy and cute to you. The walls and floors were of course wood. The bed was a twin sized one and right next to it was a window with red painted boards lining it up. There was a green circular rug in the middle of the room, and a night table next to the bed. You sat up and stretched your arms out, eyes going to look out the window at the bustling town underneath it. You couldn't help but to smile, taking in the ambiance of it all. Jumping out of bed, you stretched your body a bit more before going to wash up and get ready for your day. You loved traveling around when you could and seeing different places. It was a fun experience that led you to be able to meet new people, try new things, and explore new places. And while traveling alone could be incredibly dangerous, because you were a shape-shifter it wasn't so bad for you. You also ended up startling a few people who would try to look for trouble with the fangs that you also had. Usually it would be the ones who were first timers when it came to robbing or messing with people.


After you finished getting ready for your day, you went to a nice nearby place that served delicious breakfast. You decided to go for something pretty sugary. After eating you, decided to walk around the town a bit before you would leave and head to another place. You didn't have an exact destination in mind. As long as you could find your way back home, it never really mattered to you. Humming happily, you walked through the streets, hearing the sounds of people chattering, vendors calling out to customers, a blacksmith pounding against a metal sword that he was making, and the sound of carts carrying cargo being rolled around. "Fire amulets for sale!" you heard as you passed by a street vendor who was selling an array of different colored amulets. A woman picked a red one up and examined it only to have flames burst out. You giggled slightly, seeing her startled face.


The town did seem pretty lively overall. You had to stop for a second as two children were chasing each other with wooden swords. They circled around your legs for a bit before running along. You smiled softly as you watched then run off before you continued down the path through town. You ended up walking passed a bakery, and the smell of warm pie was heavenly. You had to force yourself from going inside and buying one of each flavor. Hopefully the next town you would travel to would have a bakery.


Soon, you had finally made it the edge of the town. You looked down to make sure that the brown boots that you were wearing were still laced, and with a dust of your sleeves, you headed down a dirt path leading away. The sky looked very clear, and although there were a few clouds here and there, nothing looked too troublesome. You decided to just enjoy the lovely walk. Continuing on the path, you noticed that it was leading into a forest, which was pretty typical. You hoped that you didn't run into any thieves, however, if you did then you would probably just take on the form of an animal to evade them. Turning into different animals and starling people was very fun after all! Well, at least to you.


There were many little critters here and there. You thought they were pretty cute. It was nice to just relax as you walked, taking in the scenery before you. You really did love traveling. Everything was quite for the most part besides the sweet chirping of the birds, the rustle of leaves every time the wind blew, and the soft scurrying of the little critters running around. Yes, everything sounded peaceful...that is until you head the crunching sounds of footsteps walking on leaves. Your mind went to the possibility of someone else traveling. This wasn't something unexpected, though, being as many people traveled around. It was one of the ways you made friends after all. These footsteps, however, sounded a bit unsure. They weren't rhythmic and were sounding kind of like crunch...crunch crunch crunch....crunch crunch....crunch crunch crunch crunch. With a soft giggle you changed into the form of a cute little bunny. The bag that you had been carrying also changed it's size to fit your current needs. You hoped around and climbed up a nearby tree to the best of your ability. You figured that you could help this person out being as you traveled so much and knew how to get to many places. Sure you could do this in your real human form, but why not have some fun with it? You scaled around the branches of a few trees, hopping around until you stopped at a tree in front of a person with green curly hair. Sure enough he was looking down at a map as he was slowly walking and stopping every now and then to check his surroundings. You giggled as you found this rather cute. He also was quite the looker himself. "Need any help?" you asked voice a bit higher and squeakier than usual due to your small state.


The person looked up rather confused and a bit startled wondering where the voice came from. You were able to see that he had freckles on his face now that he wasn't looking down at his map. "Up heeeereee~!" you called down to him in a singing-like voice. He quickly looked up, eyes extremely confused as he looked at you.


"A...A bunny?" he questioned, squinting slightly up at you. Surely a bunny couldn't be talking. Unless you were some kind of magic bunny.


"Yep! You look lost. Need help?" you asked again. As you began to speak, his eyes widened and he jumped back, accidentally falling down and onto his bottom. You giggled a bit in amusement as you easily hopped down and made your way over to him. His eyes got wider as you got closer, and you climbed onto him, settling on one of his knees. "No need to be so scared! I can help you. My name is [First Name] [Last Name]."


"I-I...I-I'm...," it felt so weird to him to be introducing himself to a bunny, but stranger things have happening. "I-Izuku Midoriya."


"Nice to meet you! Can I called you Izu? Hey?!" you were now a bit startled as Izuku poked at your soft fluffy belly as if trying to determine if you were real or not. You placed both of your paws on your tummy and looked at him unamused.


"O-Oh, sorry!" He quickly told you, "Um, yes, you can call me that." His face was slightly red in embarrassment. You pouted a bit, although it wasn't like you were very upset.


"In any case," you said to push this conversation along, "As I was saying, you look lost. If you need my help, I don't mind guiding you. I travel around quite a bit so I know how to get to places really well!" You hopped down from his knee and stood in front of him, looking up at him. Izuku was still trying to wrap his head around what was happening, but for now he would just try to force himself to roll with this. He sat up much straighter, looking down at you.


"W-Well, I am pretty lost. You see, I'm off to see Sir All Might in hopes that he will be able to help me train," Izuku explained to you, "However, I'm not exactly sure how to get Yuuei."


"You're going to see Sir All Might?" you asked, "I've actually met him before on one of my travels!" You had remembered meeting him in a nice little tavern. "Incidentally it was at Yuuei where I met him. Or rather a place at the outskirts of the town." Izuku's face seemed to light up when you mentioned this.


"You've met Sir All Might?! What's he like?!" he leaned down and closer to you, looking into your little bunny eyes. You giggled a bit at his excitement.


"He's really out of this world to be honest," you pointed out before stretching your front paws up and getting up as high as you could on your back paws as if to try to make yourself look bigger, "He's also really big. A real sweet guy, too. I can lead you to Yuuei if you want me to." Izuku seemed to smile enthusiastically at your description of Sir All Might.


"Would you really? That would be much appreciated!" he told you. You nodded, looking up at him happily. Izuku sat up straight again, looking down at you, "So umm...can I like...P-Pick you up and carry you?" He decided to ask because you had seemed a bit upset earlier when he poked your belly. You put a paw on your mouth as you laughed slightly, finding him to be so cute. You moved closer to him.


"Sure!" you exclaimed. Izuku nodded and carefully wrapped a hand around your body. He picked you up before he stood up, letting you get onto his shoulder.


"You're really soft," he told you, before quickly adding, "I-I hope that doesn't offend you. I mean it as a compliment." You smiled at him, sitting onto his shoulder and holding on so that you wouldn't fall off.


"I know, thank you," you replied, noting the relieved look on his face, "Anyway, you have to go down that path." You pointed to a dirt path that was across from the both of you, "They'll be fork in the road. Make a right at it."


"Alright." Izuku began to walk down the path that you had specified as you held on tight to him. You noticed that his curly green hair was right next to you, so you pressed your paw into it. You really liked the color.


"You have some really soft hair," you pointed out to him. At that, Izuku chuckled slightly


"Thank you!"


So you both set off on your journey and Izuku made sure to follow your directions as closely as possible. He was a rather interesting travel buddy in your opinion and so very cute at that. He asked you questions about Sir All Might, seeming like a huge fanboy to you. You answered them to the best of your ability, but Izuku did seem satisfied with your answers. "Oh! [Name], do you need me to carry your bag? Or at least put it in mine?" He grabbed you from his shoulder, taking you slightly by surprise. He looked down at you as you were sitting comfortably in his hands now.


"Don't worry, I can carry it," you told him, glancing down at your bag strap that fit snugly across your fluffy chest. You knew that once you transformed, the bag would go back to it's original size as well as the things inside of it. Izuku looked at it quizzically.


"What do you even keep in there?" he couldn't help but to ask, mind going to a bunch of baby carrots. You climbed up one of his arms and settled yourself back on his shoulder.


"Just the essentials. You know, food, clothes, money, things like that," you explained. At the mention of the word 'food', Izuku couldn't help but to imagine a bunch of carrots. To him, you were a talking bunny after all, so this was just very fascinating. He seemed to almost miss all of the other things that you had said.


"Wait, did you also say clothes and money?" he questioned. Maybe you liked to wear little bunny vests. That was the only logical explanation to him...possibly even a scarf.


"Yes, money and clothes," you giggled a bit before giving a tug onto his soft green hair, "Now make a left, it's getting kind of late and there's a town nearby. A town that has this nice little comforting inn with a bakery inside!" You remembered it well. The food that was severed there was great, and it also had a nice bathing facility. Izuku nodded, mind a bit farther away from the conversation that you both just had. The sun began to set as you entered the town. A few business were closing up, and as the sun began to set the warm glow coming from various inns and nighttime establishments was just way too inviting. "It's that one! Right there!" You pointed a paw towards a brightly lit brown inn that had green trimmings. There was a little sign outside for the bakery that was inside. "I hope we can get a room." Izuku walked inside of the establishment with you still on his shoulder. He approached who appeared to be the inn keeper who was standing behind a podium.


"Do you have any rooms available?" Izuku asked. The inn keeper, who looked to be a woman in her early thirties with long black hair and cat-eyed glasses, smiled pleasantly, a burst of energy was coming her way.


"Welcome to Midnight's Inn! I'm Midnight!" she introduced, "We have one room available with a full sized bed. Is that alright?" This hardly seemed like a problem to Izuku because to him you were just a tiny bunny, so it wasn't a big deal to sleep next to you. You, on the other hand, just didn't care and was mainly thinking about the bakery.


"It's fine," Izuku smiled softly, handing Midnight the payment.


"What about the bakery?" you asked, "Sato's bakery?! Is it sill open?" A look of empathy settled on Midnight's face as you asked that while she handed Izuku the keys to the room.


"It is, however, we don't allow animals inside of it. I'm sorry," she told you. It seemed as if she was used to talking animals or rather people trying to bring their magical pets in. You pouted, though that look soon changed to one of slight surprise as Izuku picked you up from his shoulder. He smiled softly down at you.


"It's alright, [Name], I'll buy you whatever carrot treats you want and bring it to you," he offered.


"Who said anything about carrots?" you questioned him. Not having access to the bakery was something that you were not going to stand for in all honesty. With zero warning to Izuku, you transformed back into a human, your bag increasing in size as well. Izuku's eyes widened as you were now in his arms bridal style. His whole face went red as he looked down at you. You easily hopped out of his arms and dusted yourself off.


"You see, I'm not an animal, I'm a shape-shifter," you pointed out, your focus now on Midnight, "Can I go now, pleeeassee~." Midnight couldn't help but to laugh slightly at the situation, also because Izuku looked like he might faint.


"Sure! Sato's macaroons are to die for," Midnight suggested. You smiled happily before taking your bag off and handing it to Izuku.


"I'll go buy enough deserts for the both of us. Can you please put my bag in our room?" you asked him. Your look then went from being on a mission to confused and then it finally settled on amusement all because of Izuku's face. He was incredibly flustered, and the thought of you both in the same room together only added to that. "Oh~? What's wrong Izuku? Don't tell me that you rather me when I was a bunny?" you smirked, poking him at his tummy.


"I-I...w-well...," he wasn't sure what to say or how to convey how he felt. This was just too much for him. He did take your bag from your hands though, after you fished out some money from it.


"I'll see you in a little bit," you gave him a curt wave before practically hopping off to the bakery. One thing that you loved traveling was the little treats that you got here and there, and those treats were that some places had the best food, the best clothes, and this one had the best sweets. It was always nice to get really good things. You decided to buy some macroons, truffles, and a nice cake. Perhaps you could get some cinnamon rolls in the morning. Humming happily, you made your way up the room that you would be sharing with Izuku as it was on the second floor. You knocked to the best of your ability since your hands were full. It didn't take too long for the door to be opened, but Izuku's face was still very flushed. The room had a full-sized bed near a window that was on the opposite side of the door. There was also a round table near the center with two chairs at it. Inside the room was also a nightstand and a dresser-drawer. You continued to hum as you placed all of the baked goods on the table. "You definitely have to try this cake!" You looked over at Izuku who seemed much less talkative than he had been on the journey. "What's wrong? Never traveled with a woman before?" You rose an eyebrow.


"O-Oh, I have!" he quickly said, shaking his head, "Just...not like this...I've mostly traveled with friends...and stayed in separate rooms..." He rubbed at the back of his head, eyes looking away from you. "Also...n-no one that r-really looks like you..." He said the last part rather softly, which you couldn't help but to take as a compliment. So that also had to do with his problem. Walking over to him, you gently grabbed onto his chin, thumb rubbing at his bottom lip. Izuku's face started to redden even more and he looked at you with slightly nervous and dazed eyes.


"You're so cute, Izu~," you purred out to him, before letting go and walking back over to the table, "Now lets eat some sweats and then bathe. I can even wash your back for you since you carried me here." Izuku nodded as he walked over to the table and sat down at it...and then it hit him.


"W-Wait, wait, wait! Wash my back?!" he practically jumped up. At this point, you were already munching on some macaroons, it being easy to bite into because of your fangs.


"Mhmm," you nodded nonchalantly, "Do you have a problem with that?" You didn't see anything off about bathing with him. The fun part about traveling was making friends and if Izuku was down for having some fun then so were you. Besides, even if he wasn't you didn't particularly see such things as a big deal. All in all to you, Izuku was sweet and cute, and you liked having him around.


"I-I mean...I-I." Once again he wasn't sure what to say. While you could guess that he felt as if doing such things was wrong, he had basically admitted that he was attracted to you not too long ago, so hanging out with you in such a way was probably something that he wanted to do. He was just too much of a gentleman to not be unaffected by it, especially since you were acting so calm about it. You giggled softly.


"You do know that I was practically naked the whole time as a bunny, right?" you pointed out, "Naked bunny. Naked human. Still naked." You shrugged easily.


"I doubt you look the same naked as a human as you did as a bunny," Izuku said, hand holding onto his face. You giggled again.


"You have a point there!"


After eating the wonderfully tasting sweets, you grabbed some night clothes and led the way to the nearest private bathing room. You had made sure to request that a tub be filled ahead of time for you and Izuku. Izuku lagged slightly behind you, face extremely flushed. Once you were both inside of the room, you closed the door and immediately started to undress. Izuku's eyes were rather wide, face growing redder if that were even possible. You, on the other hand, seemed very casual about this, although seeing his reaction to your naked body made you feel slightly amused. "Do you need my help or something?" you asked, seeing as he hadn't started to remove his clothing.


"O-Oh, no, I'm fine!" Izuku quickly told you before focusing on taking his own clothing off. You smiled softly before walking over to the bathtub and getting inside of it, eyes not being able to help it as you glanced over at Izuku's body while he was undressing. It was hard to tell with all of that clothing on, but he was rather well-built. Also, you noticed that he had a nice sized cock, which was about half-raised. You were sure that watching you undress had something to do with that, though you did feel a bit embarrassed because of it. Feeling a bit nervous, Izuku slowly made his way into the bathtub. You started to wash yourself casually, making sure to get every spot. Izuku's eyes were on you for awhile, slightly in a trance before he noticed that he should also be bathing. It was a bit difficult to him as he couldn't help but to stare at you. Your soft-looking skin, your nice breasts, and the way the water dripped from your body, it was all too much for him. Biting his lip, Izuku forced himself to look away and focused on washing his own self. You were definitely something else, which was what he had come to understand about you.


After your wonderful bath, you felt incredibly refreshed and even more comfortable. You practically face-planted yourself into the bed, hugging onto a pillow. "That felt great~!" you said, turning over now. Since he had taken a bath with you (and was still very flushed from that) Izuku didn't have much worries about sleeping next to you. After all, he just saw you naked and cleaning yourself while he did the same. "Let's get cinnamon rolls tomorrow before we head out on our journey," you suggested.


"A-Alright," Izuku nodded. He came to find that once your mind had settled on doing something, you were going to do it. You rolled onto one side of the bed and pulled the covers back. Izuku slowly and hesitantly got inside of the bed. Once he did, you pulled him to you, wanting to cuddle. This, of course, caught him off guard. "[N-Name]?" he couldn't help but to stutter.


"Goodnight, Izu," you told him, nuzzling your head into his chest. He felt his whole body flush-up because of this. He wondered if you realized how teasing this actually was.


"C-Can you at least let go long enough so I can blow out the light?"


It was finally the next day, and after stopping for some cinnamon rolls as per your request, you both headed off back on your journey to Yuuei. "It's a lovely morning isn't it?" you smiled towards Izuku. After demonstrating what little shame you had yesterday, Izuku couldn't help but to flush up, mind going to the way you breasts looked all soaped up and the way your body felt against his when you wrapped your arms around him last night.


"Uh, y-yeah!" he agreed with you once he snapped out of his thoughts. As you both walked down a dirt path, you once again were walking inside of a forest. It couldn't help but to remind Izuku of when you both met the previous day. You had taken the form of a cute little bunny. "Hey, [Name], can you transform into anything?"


"Pretty much," you smiled, happy that he was making normal and less nervous conversation again. You couldn't blame him though. After about a few more hours you entered an area of the forest that you were extremely familiar with. "Oh, there's this really lovely clearing just up ahead!" You walked a bit faster, prompting Izuku to do the same. As you had said, in the midst of all of the trees was a nice clearing. There was this big rock in the middle next to a tree, and the grass below was peppered with purple flowers. "Isn't it pretty?" Izuku couldn't help but to nod, although soon jumped slightly as he felt you poking at his side as if forcing him to move forward."Come on, to the rock, to the rock," you sung out, smiling with your eyes closed as you poked him. Izuku did as told, walking over to the big smooth-looking rock with you following right behind him. It was directly under the tree. You sat down on it, before yanking Izuku down so that he could do the same. Accidentally, he ended up falling onto you. His face grew red as it had planted right onto your breasts.


"I'm so sorry, [Name]," he quickly said, face red as he straightened up. You giggled softly and shook your head.


"It's fine, Izu, honest." You waved it off. Izuku nodded, face still flushed as he sat down next to you. You easily leaned yourself onto him, finding comfort in it. The clearing was truly a nice place to take a break, and a gentle breeze was soon felt every now and then. The flowers, trees, and grass moving in accordance to it. With a hint of mischief on your face, you wrapped an arm around Izuku, leaning yourself even closer.


"You know, you're pretty well-built under all of your clothing," you told him, "I noticed that last night when we were bathing~." You gave his tummy a poke, leaning your head onto his shoulder. Izuku's mind couldn't help but to betray him and go to the way that you looked naked with water droplets dripping off of your body. You didn't have much of a direction at the moment, but you did love to tease him. His reactions were the best.


"U-Um, thank you," he said, looking away slightly. His attention was brought back once he felt your soft gentle breath again his neck. He bit his lip, wanting to think of other things. You, on the other hand, just moved even closer.


"No problem. After all, you think my fur is soft~," you giggled a bit, hugging him tightly from the side. "My body is really soft, too, you know!" Without much thinking you grabbed onto one of his hands, taking off one of the gloves that he wore, and brought it to one of your thighs. "You can squeeze it and poke it if you want to." Izuku had no idea why, but those words reminded him of when you stood up from the bathtub last night to leave it revealing your soft looking pussy to him, water dripping from it. His eyes began to widen as he realized that blood flow was going down south, causing a very noticeable physical reaction. You noticed it as well, and you wondered if you had gone too far. As you had felt last night, you felt slightly embarrassed for putting him into that predicament.


"I-I'm sorry," Izuku quickly apologized. Last night it had been much easier to fight it, but his willpower had dwindled so much from that time that it was pretty impossible at the moment. You looked down at it, remembering what it looked like from your bathing adventure.


"N-No, it's my fault," you said, stuttering for the first time, "But don't worry! I know how to fix this!" Before Izuku could question what you meant, you reached down and grabbed onto his growing erection. His eyes widened greatly, and his face grew extremely red. He was unsure of what to really do or say at the moment. He felt a bit stiff, although, feeling your hand on his clothed cock felt really good to him. You rubbed at it slightly through his clothing before getting up from your position and getting in front of Izuku. He wasn't protesting this, so you decided to continue. You slowly unzipped his pants, the anticipation of it all was putting Izuku on edge as he looked down at you with glossy eyes, hands balled tightly into fists. You pulled his hardened cock out of his pants and boxers, eyes admiring the size of it. It felt nice and smooth in your hand, the blood that was filled inside of it making it hard and warm. You started to stroke at it, going nice and slow at first. The last thing you wanted to do was to do too much in the beginning as it could end up being too oversensitive to him that way. You gripped at his base every time your hand went down to it and pulled up, still slightly gripping. You looked down at this balls before moving your head lower and slowly gliding your tongue across them. Izuku felt his breath hitch at the feelings of your actions. There was such a warm feeling down below for him as he twitched a bit. You looked up at him and into his green eyes, holding his eye-contact as you licked up from his balls all the way to the top of his length. Your eyes continued to look lustily into his as you licked around the head of his cock softly. Izuku couldn't look away from your captivating eyes. He bit his lip to silence a groan that got caught into his throat. You pressed a soft kiss to the head of his dick before pulling your mouth away with a soft smile as you continued to stroke your hand up and down on it, "Don't worry, I'll take care of you." You couldn't help but to lick your lips in want, tongue also gliding over your fangs. Izuku seemed to notice them.


"W-Wait, will it-"


"Don't worry, they won't get in the way," you assured him. It would honestly be more uncomfortable for you since you'd have to pull your lips over them. Looking up at Izuku through your eyelashes, you slid your mouth down onto his cock, making sure to get it as deep as you could. Precome was already spilling out of it, and you had to admit you did like the taste. You moved your head up and down onto his length, humming slightly to send vibrations onto it. Izuku groaned, hands involuntarily moving to grab onto your hair. He could feel his knees buckling slightly from the intense pleasure that you were giving him. You couldn't help but to inwardly smile. Izuku looked so cute when taking in pleasure. Pulling your mouth away with a pop, you jerked your hand up and down his length for a bit, making fast movements. You were replied in a much louder moan because of how rough it felt. Giving a kiss to the head of his cock again, you slowly licked your way down to his balls. Once there, your latched your mouth onto one giving it hard sucks as you continued to jerk him off fast and rough. Your mouth, however, took a much slower and gentler approach as you concentrated on sucking and licking. You loved the feeling of Izuku twitching under your touches. He gasped and groaned, gripping on tightly to your hair and tugging at it.


"[N-Name]...I-I...I'm gonna..." he trailed off, starting to pant due to the heat that he was feeling. His body was flushed to the max. Seeing how he was falling apart under you, you moved your head back up, licking and kissing at the tip of his cock, hand still jerking him off. You used your free hand to lightly rub at his pubic bone. "F-Fuuuck...!" Izuku gave a tug to your hair that was much harsher than the rest as he spilled his load onto your lips and face around it. You could feel his cock twitching and throbbing underneath your touch as his sticky hot come shot out of it. Once he was finally done with his orgasm, Izuku was panting, trying to catch his breath. You licked up his come from your lips and surrounding area.


Looking down, you noticed that Izuku was still a bit hard. You definitely wanted to make some good use out of it. Before you could think about what you wanted to do with it, Izuku pulled you up and onto his lap, taking you by surprise. His cock was firmly pressed against your still clothed crotch, making your face flush from the feeling. Izuku kissed at your neck, arms wrapped around your body to hold you close to him before going to remove your top. You moaned softly, moving your clothed hips against his erection. Izuku let out a sigh of pleasure from the feeling of you grinding against him.


That didn't stop him from continuing to remove your clothes though. The next thing to go was your bra and once it was gone, he grabbed onto the soft flesh of your breasts with one hand giving it a nice squeeze. His other hand going to undo your bottoms. Your face was majorly flushed and you felt your body start to turn into jelly under his touches. Izuku gave a tug to your bottoms as if indicating for you to take them off. You got up from on top of him as you removed them, biting your lip slightly due to the anticipation of it all. Once you were bare, Izuku pulled you back down, only this time, he had you lay onto the flat rock as he got on top of you, pinning you against it. He pressed his hips against yours, hardened length pressing itself flat between your folds. "I-Izu...," you couldn't help but to moan, wanting to feel him inside of you already. You slid your hands underneath his shirt from behind, hands going onto his back. Izuku grinded against you, as he pressed his lips against yours. You held on tight to him, enjoying the feeling of his tongue moving against you. He pulled back and gave a peck to your lips before trailing his lips down to your neck, giving it a nice suck. You arched your back up slightly because of that, loving the stimulation of it all. felt as if you were being teased, although you doubted that Izuku was meaning to do that to you...even though you deserved it. Pulling back from him, you looked into his green eyes, "Please Izu...," your voice was soft and needy. Izuku chuckled softly.


"I'm sorry, [Name]," he apologized. And then, finally, and as you wanted, Izuku pressed the head of his hard cock against your entrance. The feeling of him sinking inside of you was both painful and pleasureful. You knew that you would have to get used to it before it would really start to feel good. Your nails slightly dug into his back as you tried to get yourself used to the feeling. You knew it wouldn't take too long, but you did need to adjust a bit. Izuku didn't move yet, but rather waited until he would feel your body relax under his. You felt very tight around him, so he knew that you probably needed a moment before he would start thrusting. Your heat did feel rather incredible on his length. You were so hot and wet. Izuku had great patience, though. Feeling the slight pain starting to melt away, you wrapped your legs around Izuku, arms going to wrap around him as well and pull him close.


"Fuck me...," you breathed out, wanting it terribly. You didn't have to tell Izuku twice as he started to thrust himself in and out of your tight cunt. His strong hands were holding onto your hips as he drove himself deep within you. You moaned and mewled, enjoying all of the places that he hit inside of you. You couldn't help yourself. After all, you had gotten pretty worked up from blowing him, and you would be lying if you had said that seeing his naked body the previous day hadn't had any affect on you. "I-Izu...," you moaned out his name in pleasure causing a shiver to go down Izuku's spine. You just sounded so good to him. The way your breasts were bouncing at every thrust, the way that you were breathing, the flush on your face, and the moans that were coming out of your mouth just turned him on immensely. You just looked and felt so unbelievable. Izuku leaned down closer to you to kiss you again. His tongue immediately darted into your mouth, and you kissed him back as well as you currently could. Pulling away from the kiss, you bit your lip before letting out a loud moan from Izuku hitting a really good spot, "P-Please, right there," you begged. It was so interesting to see you in this way for Izuku to be honest.


Nevertheless though, Izuku continued to hit that spot over and over again. He loved the look on your face as it grew more and more contorted with pleasure. You were about to come and he knew it. Your nails were digging into Izuku's back as you were trying to at least keep yourself somewhat composed. It was hard to do that, however, and it soon proved itself to be impossible as Izuku moved a hand down to rub at your clit with his thumb. It was all way too much for you, and the tightening of your walls around him drove Izuku further and further to his own release. He increased his pace as he moved inside of you, hitting your spot with much more force. You could no longer take it and you called out loudly as your orgasm came crashing down onto you. Your inner walls pulsated and squeezed tightly around Izuku's cock, and he found it to be much harder to thrust in and out of you as the pleasure was becoming unbearable for him. With a few more hard thrusts, he finally came burring his face into your neck while he held onto your hips tightly. His body slightly jerked as he could still feel you twitching a bit underneath him. Panting, Izuku pulled out of you, some of your and his come slipping out in the process.


You felt and looked like such a mess and once Izuku noticed that his whole face turned red. Mostly because he had been the one to put you into that mess. Never-mind that you were the one who started it. "I-I'm so sorry, [Name]!" he quickly said, a bit unsure of what to do. Your cheeks were very flushed, and your body was covered in sweat, come, and love bites. Izuku still had his clothes on so he wasn't as bad as you were. You just let out a sigh, unable to sit up at the moment.


"No, no," you said, wanting him to calm down, "I'm pretty sure I deserved it." And hopefully you would deserve it again later on~. Yuuei was still a few towns away after all.



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When you and Todoroki began dating, the hero felt as if he finally found that piece that was missing from his life. You were so easy to talk to and always there for him whenever he needed your help. You also got along well with his family including his mother. His friends seemed to like you well enough as well after the first time of meeting you; however, they were still more of Todoroki's friends and just your acquaintances. Todorki remembered when you met a few of them just by chance one day when you went to visit him at his hero offices intending to have lunch with him. There had been a meeting going on about teaming up for a project. Needless to say, they were all shocked to find out that Todoroki was dating someone. He remembered his friend Sero asking, "Todoroki you have a girlfriend?!" Todoroki had merely glanced at the hero asking the question and nodded.


"Yes, I do," he replied. He was the type to keep his private life to himself and not boast about his affairs. Sure he found you incredible and amazing, but he wasn't the type of person to shout things from the rooftop which was fine to you since it was obvious that he really cared about you. His friends didn't really see or get the connection between the two of you. In fact, they found your relationship together to be rather odd if there even was one. For instance, when you would go out with them you weren't all lovey to Todoroki nor was he to you. Sure you guys would hold hands, sit next to each other, and sometimes exchange little kisses here and there, but there was nothing that showed that you two were in love, at least to his friends. They just wanted Todoroki to be happy and in a healthy relationship. Perhaps you weren't that interested in him.


Or rather that was something that Kirishima mused as he, Midoriya, Uraraka, Ashido, Sero, and Bakugo were all waiting for you and Todoroki to show up for this little dinner get together that had been planned. Kirishima had sent out a group text asking if anyone wanted to get together and go to a Korean Barbecue Grill. Some people had been busy and couldn't make it while those present minus Bakugo, who Kirishima dragged there, replied. Kirishima had told Todoroki to invite you as well. "Wait, wait, are you sure?" Ashido asked, "Why would she be dating him for this long if she wasn't interested in him?" Kirishima merely shrugged.


"Maybe she was at the beginning but is just getting bored with him now," Sero pointed out, causing a few at the table to nod and agree. "Do you think he's noticed?"


"Probably not...," Miroriya spoke up, "I mean Todoroki is a know, reserved after all. I'm sure he might think everything is fine." Bakurgo rolled his eyes at Midoriya's words half because Deku still pissed him off from time to time and half because he slightly didn't agree with it.


"He probably noticed if she's stopped wetting his dic-"


"Oh, look there's him now!" Kirishima quickly pointed out to hopefully stop Bakugo from saying something utterly vulgar which had caused the green-haired hero to start flushing up. Entering the restaurant now was Todoroki, and there was one thing that caught the attention of all of the others at the table making a few eyes go wide as well as a few soft shakes of the head.


"He's alone," Uraraka pointed out what the others were probably thinking.


"Of course he's alone. [Name] probably wasn't interested in coming here," Sero said. By the time Todoroki walked over to the table, the conversation had died down. After all, they didn't exactly want him knowing what they had been talking about.


"Hey, T-Todorki," Midoriya slightly stuttered by accident while trying to seem normal. He was greeted with a nod as Todoroki sat down at the table. No one really said anything, but after all they weren't exactly sure of what to say. Having a bad relationship could be a very damaging thing, and if their friend hadn't noticed on his own none of them exactly had the heart to mention it.


"So where's [Name]?" Ashido asked causing the others in the group, save for Bakugo, to quickly look at her with shocked eyes. Uraraka tugged at Ashido's arm as if telling her not mention you, but that didn't exactly go noticed.


"She's busy, so she couldn't make it," Todoroki merely mused as he looked over the menu in front of him. He seemed rather relaxed, so perhaps he didn't exactly notice what was going on in his relationship. But that meant that he didn't feel bad about Ashido's question so inward sighs of relief registered around the table. But that is..until...


"Still gettin' it regularly?" Bakugo asked.


"Bakugo!" Sero, Uraraka, and Kirishima yelled at the blonde. Midoriya just groaned, face red as he held it and looked over at Todoroki.


"You should ignore that," he suggested. The last thing he wanted was his friend to feel uncomfortable.


"Uh...alright," Todoroki mused, looking incredibly confused, "I'm not exactly sure what he's referring to anyway to be honest." That was to be expected coming from Todoroki after all.


"I meant: Is [Name] still having sex with you?" Bakugo clarified.


"Bakugo!" the others minus Ashido once again chorused.


"Uh..." Todoriki wasn't sure how he should answer that. He kept his life rather private after all and wasn't one to talk so openly about it. Especially when it came to you, and you weren't there. Perhaps you wouldn't want him going on about your sex life with him, which he would completely understand. His friends seemed to take his lack of silence as if a non-confirmation. Sero gave Kirishima a look as if saying 'yeah, [Name] probably is getting board of him.'


"A-Anyway, Todoroki," Midoriya decided to push this conversation to a different direction, "How have you been?" As they began talking, it was then decided by Sero and Kirishima to recruit the others into finding out more about your and Todoroki's life. Perhaps by digging into it they could find out some information to guide him into helping him make a move on you that would get the spark back into you guys' relationship.


So after dinner was over with everyone began to head home. "I think I'm gonna call for a car...," Uraraka trailed off, rubbing at the back of her head as she thought aloud.


"I was going to do the same," Midoriya pointed out to her, "We could always just carpool together."


"Sounds like a great id-"


"Hey, Midoriya, Uraraka come here for a second," Ashido called them over making the two turn their heads to look at the small group of Bakugo, Kirishima, Sero, and Ashido forming. With curious looks the two walked over to them. "It's good that you're still here. We were waiting for Todorki to leave."


"Why?" Midoriya asked, "Is this about him?" Sero nodded.


"Yeah, we're going to try to figure out what's going on between him and [Name]," he explained, "The more help we have the better. It's so hard to find out about Todoroki's private life."


"Well, it is private so...," Uraraka trailed off.


"Still, wouldn't you want to know about it, though? It's like he's secretive or something! It's interesting!" Ashido pointed out, "Right?" She looked to Kirishima, Sero, and Bakugo.


"I just want to help Todoroki out before it's too late," Kirishima mused with a sigh.


"I want to know more about his hero agency," Bakugo confessed. Then he turned to Midoriya, "Yours too, Deku!" Midoriya could only shake as he was startled.


"I-I, uh-!"


"Well then it's settled!" Ashido pumped a fist out into the air.


As the group began to decide all of the details of their little mission, Todoroki was currently making his way home. When he got there, he wasn't at all surprised to find you there on his laptop and finishing up his latest hero reports that would be sent to the local authorities. When Kirishima had texted about going out for dinner, Todoroki had been in the middle of his hero reports that had truly seemed never ending. Deciding that he needed a break, you told him to go and hang out with his friends adding in that you really didn't mind to stay over at his place and finish up his task. "Thank you for helping me with this," Todoroki told you as he walked over to where you were seated at his kitchen table. He gave you a soft kiss on the lips.


"I don't mind it, Shouto," you smiled lovingly, "In fact, it was rather easy, and I'm almost done." You glanced up as your boyfriend went over to the stove area of his kitchen to make some tea.


"I'm sorry that you had to miss out on dinner, though..." He turned the stove on and began to boil some water in a tea kettle.


"It was fine," you replied, shaking your head, "After all...lately I've been getting some weird vibes from your friends..." You figured that you were just paranoid, but it was just a feeling that you couldn't shake off.


"Oh, have you?" he questioned as he crossed his arms, leaning against his kitchen counter in slight thought, "Now that you mention it they were sort of acting weird tonight." He then shrugged.


"It's probably nothing," you mused before looking back at the laptop in front of you to finish up working. That night you had spent the night at your boyfriend's place, which wasn't exactly surprising as it was something that happened often. Sadly, though, he had to leave for work that day pretty early, so you had decided to leave as well and go home. Your own work didn't start until a bit later.


Near the middle of the day, Todoroki had received a text asking if he wanted to go for lunch with Midoriya and Uraraka. They, of course, told him to invite you as well and when the half-hot half-cold hero showed up alone the two couldn't help but to sink back in their seats a bit. "He's alone again...," Midoriya whispered to Uraraka who merely nodded in reply.


"Sorry I'm late," Todoroki told them as he sat down across from them at the table. The waiter came by shortly and got all of their drink orders. There was a bit of silence between the three. For Todoroki, it was comfortable silence, however, for Midoriya and Ururaka it was anything but. They wondered about his personal life and if he were quiet just because of maybe whatever excuse you might have given him to skip out on going to lunch.


"So...where's [Name]?" Midoriya finally decided to break the silence. Usually, if he felt as if you were the problem he wouldn't ask about you, but he knew that this time everything was different. They wanted to get to the bottom of things.


"She couldn't make it," was Todoroki's curt reply, not saying much else. In all honesty, you were really just backed up at work, and Todoroki knew that. Usually if that were to happen, he would take time out of his day and go over to where you worked, treating yourself and all of your coworkers to lunch to help ease stress. This time, however, he could not because he had been invited out by his friends and didn't want to be rude. Todoroki had asked if you wanted him to cancel, but you insisted that he didn't.


"I see...," Uraraka awkwardly said. She bit her lip and glanced at Deku, feeling truly sorry for her friend in front of her. "So...Todoroki, how has everything been going?"


"It's been the same as always," he let out a sigh, "Hectic with hero duties, but I'm sure you understand that." And truly, a life with you was one that he wouldn't trade, so he was content with things being as they always were.


"Being a hero is tough work," Midoriya nodded, smiling nervously, "How does [Name] deal with you being a hero?"


"She doesn't," was all Todoroki said, which by that he meant that it wasn't a deal to you at all. You loved that about him, so it wasn't something that you had to "deal" with. Uraraka swallowed hard once that was said. The next two people up to find out more information was Kirishima and Bakugo...Hopefully they would get the chance to meet up with you...


Or rather they would force it. It was about two days later, the weekend to be exact, and you weren't feeling so good to be honest. Your throat hurt when you swallowed, and you had a massive headache. You told your boyfriend about all of this as Kirishima had called inviting you and Todoroki out to have drinks with him and Bakugo. Kirishima made sure to also text you to ask you, and he had seemed very pressing on this issue, which caused your headache to grow. Todoroki insisted that you both or just you stay in that night, but you decided to just do it instead. After all, you had a feeling that Kirishima's next method of attack would be to personally drag you out.


Upon arriving at the bar that had been the meeting spot, you noticed that Bakugo and Kirishima were already there. "Over here!" the red haired hero called to you both as if the place was packed. It hadn't been.


"Let's get this over with," you told Todoroki who nodded before you both walked over. You sat down at the bar, and your boyfriend followed suit.


"So, how has everything been, you two?" Kirishima asked. You wanted to explain about how you weren't feeling well, but the last thing you wanted was to be a huge buzz kill.


"It's been alright," you settled for that instead, Todoroki nodded in agreement with your answer though you barely registered it as you were focused on keeping down the pounding in your head. Kirishima smiled softly, paying close attention to the way the two of you were acting. To him, you looked as if you just wanted to go home, and Todoroki looked kind of emotionless. He wasn't taking this as a good sign.


"T-That's great," Kirishima mused, looking at Bakugo as if asking him for back up. Bakugo rolled his eyes pretty annoyed with being dragged here for this. His plan had been to just go and scope out Todoroki's hero offices for obvious reasons...


"Why don't you two order a drink or something," was his way of breaking the ice. You simply declined, while your boyfriend gave a shrug, ordering something with low alcohol. At this point, though, your headache was getting to you, and all you could think about was sleeping in your warm bed after taking pain killers. So you stood up.


"I'm sorry, guys," you mused, "It was a bad idea for me to come. I should get going. Uh, Shouto you can stay, alright?" You added in that last bit after seeing your boyfriend start to stand up to follow you, and then without waiting for a reply you left as soon as you could.


"What's up with her?" Bakugo mused as he watched your quickly retreating form.


"She's just not feeling well," Todoroki explained as best as he could. Kirishima let out a sigh, knowing that the investigation was over at this point. It was obvious to him that something was going on with his friend's relationship, and he would have to sit down with the others and Todoroki to discuss what they could do. The last thing he wanted to do was to was to see his friend heart broken.


So, the next day, Todoroki found himself once again going to meet his friends. In all honesty, he felt it was a bit weird that they all kept wanting to meet up with him. Didn't they have lives of their own and things to deal with? They were all heroes, and Todoroki knew from first hand experience how busy the life of a hero was. With the words 'let's get this over with' running through his mind, he walked into Midoriya's house, which was where the meeting spot was. Upon entering, he noticed that he was the last to arrive with Sero, Bakugo, Uraraka, Ashido, Midoriya, and Kirishima all there. "Hey, Todoroki...," Midoriya smiled softly as he let his friend in his house. The mood was kind of sad at the moment, which was weird to Todoroki.


"Hey," he merely replied as he went to the living where the others were. Midoriya had made some tea for everyone, and sitting down, Todoroki noticed that everyone was kind of staring at him as if there was some kind of intervention about to happen.


"Do you want to start?" Sero asked Kirishima who nodded before sighing.


" has your relationship with [Name] been?" he asked.


"It's been the same," Todoroki mused with an eyebrow raised, "Why do you ask?" He really found this all to be very odd.


" see...," Uraraka nodded.


"She's bored with you!" Ashido quickly yelled out only to be scolded by Sero. "Ah, I'm sorry! I just couldn't help it!" Todoroki once again raised an eyebrow not understanding this one bit. He didn't think you were bored with him. In fact you seemed as you always had with him...was that was what being bored in a relationship was, though?


"Listen, Todoroki, we're concerned for you and don't want to see you heartbroken," Midoriya pointed out, "We've been paying attention to your relationship with [Name] lately, and she seems very disconnected from you."


"Does she?" Todoroki asked, obviously not seeing that coming from you. Perhaps he hadn't been paying attention hard enough.


"Yes!" Kirishima decided to speak again now, "Look, do you love, [Name]? Because if you do, you have to do something about this, or she'll find someone else." The thought of you finding someone else was really too much for Todoroki to bare to be honest.


"Well...what should I do then?" he quietly asked. An answer came much quicker than he expected.


"You gotta make a move on her!" Sero chimed in smiling, "Trust me; it'll work!"


"Make a move...?" Todoroki asked, confusion once again seen on his face.


"You know, a great big gesture to show her how much you love her! Like get her some nice jewelry or candy!" Ashido suggested cheerfully.


"Ordering in lots of food is good, too!" Uraraka chimed in.


"Get her something that she really likes! You know like if she has a favorite hero, get her some merch of them," obviously Deku had been the one to say that.


"Show her how manly you are!"


"Clean her house for her, and maybe change the decoration a bit. Perhaps something Asian themed."


"Just give her some good sex."


Todoroki really felt as if he should be writing all of these suggestions down to be honest. This was his relationship with you on the line after all. He loved and cherished you greatly, so it only made sense that he would do all that he could to save your relationship...even though this was just insecurities and paranoia mixed in with his friends horribly misreading things. You were surely in for a ride.


 So one evening when you had to work late, Todoroki decided to make his move to spice up your relationship a bit. He followed his friends' advice as well as he possibly could. When you got home, the second you walked in, you heard some soft Chinese music playing in the background making you raise your eyebrows. Did someone break into your home? With your guard completely up, you slowly walked deeper into your home only to find that it had been cleaned to the max. Not only that, but there was a Chinese throw blanket with matching pillows on your couch, a random stock of bamboo was in one of the corners of your living room, and hanging paper lights had been spotted here and there. You felt yourself tense, wondering if you were even in the right apartment. Still moving around cautiously, you kept your bag close to you. "Oh, [Name], you're home."


"Ah!" you practically jumped up in shock before noticing your boyfriend standing near the entrance to your kitchen. You let out a sigh of relief. He did have a key to your place after all. "You scared me...," you trailed off holding a hand to your heart.


"I'm sorry," Todoroki apologized. Now looking at him properly, you noticed that his shirt was unbuttoned, exposing all of his abs. While you did love seeing your boyfriend's body, this was just so unlike him. You quickly shook your head, snapping out of it.


"Shouto, what's going on?" you asked him, "Why is my...apartment-"


"Are you hungry?" Todoroki asked, cutting you off, "I ordered out." To be honest, you were rather hungry, and perhaps there was a logical explanation to this all even though it seemed a bit weird. So, you nodded, deciding that you would ask about it later.


"Thanks, babe~," you smiled as you followed him into your kitchen. You ended up stopping right in your tracks at the door however..."What the-What is all this?!" There was food EVERYWHERE and from many different restaurants. There was an array of sushi, egg-rolls, dumplings, pastas, and pizzas on your kitchen table. On the counter there were french fries, salads, fruits, ramwn, and soba. Lots and LOTS of soba.


"Eat whatever you want, [Name]," your boyfriend said easily. This was just too much even for you. You weren't the type to be wasteful, and while you wanted to just tell him that you suddenly had a loss of appetite, you didn't want to be rude. There had to be SOME reason why he ordered all of this food...Maybe he would feel bad if you didn't eat any, although you had no idea as to why he would. So, you slightly shakily went to your kitchen table and started to eat some sushi and egg-rolls. Shouto obviously went for the soba.


"S-So, how was your day?" you asked, trying to make conversation. Something about your boyfriend just seemed very off.


"I beat up many villains," he told you, which once again was something else that took you by surprise. Todoroki wasn't the type to really talk about work in that way. He might say that he had a busy day in patrol, but this was just off for him.


"Uh, sounds interesting," you said, unsure of what to say. You then started to eat some pasta, which was a weird combo with the sushi and egg rolls, but he did go through the trouble of ordering just so much food. It was way too much...


After a really strange dinner, in your opinion, Todoroki told you that he had something to show you in your room. Perhaps this was some incredibly weird courting dance. Todoroki was never one to do something to put you in the mood though. Sex with him always just happened. You would both be in the mood, and then you would have sex. It would be that simple. This was just all weird, and sadly for was about to get weirder. When you walked into your room you noticed nothing by All Might merchandise. Now, you didn't really have a favorite hero or anything, so Todoroki asked Midoriya for guidance on that part.


In your room was All Might posters, a blanket of him on your bed, an All Might hoodie that was also on your bed, and a few All Might tumbler cups. "Uh..." you weren't sure of what to think of this. However, when you turned to Todoroki, he was holding a black velvet box. He handed it to you, making you look at him questionably. Opening the box up, you found a diamond bracelet. It was so beautiful that it almost made you completely ignore everything that you had seen up until now...that is until you felt your boyfriend right next to you. Now THAT could definitely make you ignore even the bracelet. Todoroki wrapped his arms around you, kissing at your neck. You moaned softly, feeling his hands trailing down your body to hold you close to him. While he was incredibly tempting, especially with his abs exposed, you knew that something was just wrong. You pulled away from him, and Todoroki gave you a very questionable look. "Alright, babe, something is definitely not right here," you said. Pulling back, Todoroki looked at you with his eyebrows raised.


"What do you mean, [Name]?" he asked you. He looked pretty worried at the moment. You sighed and gave him your full attention, trying to ignore one blaring 'I am Here!' All Might poster that was behind him.


"Shouto...I come home to an Asian-themed living room, copious amount of food, you exposing your abs, and an All Might filled room. Not to mention the random gift," you pointed out to him, "This is definitely not something that you'd do. Something has to be going on." You crossed your arms, waiting for an explanation. Todoroki looked into your eyes, seeing that you weren't going to give him any wiggle room here. He sighed and sat down on your bed.


"I...I just want you to be happy, [Name]," he explained to you. You were even more confused now. After all, you were incredibly happy with your boyfriend.


"What do you mean by that?" you asked as you sat down next to him, raising an eyebrow. Todoroki ran a hand through his bi-colored hair.


"Well, you see. Some of my friends noticed how bored you had been in this relationship," he told you, reaching over to grab your hands. Your mind went straight to murdering whichever friends put that in his head, "[Name], I don't want you to be board with me, okay? I want to spice up our relationship to make you happy." You sighed at this and leaned closer to press your lips against his, which took him by surprise.


"Shouto...I could literally never be board with you. I mean, you're a pro-hero after all, and constantly worrying if you're going to be safe or not is WAY more excitement than I can handle," you told him, honestly any more excitement in your relationship was the last thing you needed, "What I'm trying to say is, I'm happy, and I love you. I'm not bored, and you're not making me bored, it's quite the opposite to be honest!" You gave him a soft smile.


"Do you really mean that?" Todoroki asked as if wanting to make sure, "I don't want to end up losing you..."


"Trust me, babe, you're not going to lose me, and especially not to boredom," you could roll your eyes at that to be honest. You were going to strangle whoever put that in his mind. However, your mind switched back to your boyfriend as he smiled in relief at you. Todoroki wrapped his arms around you gently and brought you closer to him, kissing you expertly. You felt your knees going weak because of that.


"Thank you," he told you once he pulled away, "It really means a lot." You giggled happily before moving to sit in his lap to kiss him once again. Todoroki happily kissed you back, hands going around your waist to hold you tightly as you slightly began to grind onto him. It was a nice and relaxing feeling after all of the stress that you went through, and Todoroki felt the same in all honesty. You moaned softly in his mouth, hands going to slide up and down on his well-chiseled abs. They felt so warm and nice underneath your touch and when you rubbed at a certain spot, your boyfriend shuddered in pleasure at the feeling. You smiled in amusement at his reaction before pushing him down onto the bed underneath you both, breaking your kiss.


You began to trail your lips down his neck, letting your tongue out every now and then to lick at his warm flesh. When it came to bedroom affairs, you and Todoroki were equal so he had no problem with you being on top of him like this. His hold on your hips tightened, and he bucked up against you. You could feel him already getting very hard underneath you, which made the feeling of grinding on him more pleasurable, "Mmm, take this off~," you purred, tugging at his shirt. He had to move his body up a bit, but your boyfriend did as you wanted, ridding himself of the open shirt. You knew that you had to do the same now, though, so you did leaving yourself just in your bra and your bottoms.


Before you could take your bra off, Todoroki flipped you both over to where he was on top of you. His breath felt so hot against your neck as he kissed down from the edge of your jaw all the way to your shoulder, being nice and sensual. You looked up at him with needy eyes, wanting to feel more of him. You felt as he slid a hand behind your back and unlatched your bra, tossing it off of the bed. For some reason, you felt your face flush up now that you were more exposed to him. You weren't embarrassed, though, just very needy. Todoroki took his time with you, hand trailing from the top of your chest, slowly before grabbing onto one of your breasts. "So soft...~," he purred out, cold thumb going to roll one of your nipples. You bit your lip at the sensation, nipples getting very hard from it.


You wrapped an arm around his neck to bring him down and kiss at his lips once again. You loved the taste of his tongue in your mouth as he slipped it inside. His hot hand was making its way down to the waist band of your bottoms, and it soon enough disappeared inside of them. You felt your eyes go wide as he increased the temperature on his hand right at your pubic bone as it went lower and lower. "A-Ah...S-Shouto...!" you arched your back as you felt it come in contact with your clit. He rubbed you roughly with his warm hand, making you shudder from the feeling. You spread your legs subconsciously, giving your boyfriend more access to you. With his cold hand playing with your breasts and his hot hand rubbing your clit, you couldn't help but to feel very stimulated, which was expected when it came to sex with Todoroki. You arched your back, slightly, feeling as his fingers began to trail downward on you. He pushed his middle and pointer fingers inside of you, thumb still giving your clit attention. Your hips ended up jerking involuntarily against his hand from the amazing feeling.


"Do you want me, [Name]~?" he purred into your ear, all senses of his insecurity long gone as he continued to make you feel as good as he possibly could. He moved his mouth on yours once again, biting at your bottom lip during the kiss before pulling away to let you answer.


"Y-Yes...," you moaned, panting slightly as you felt your end get nearer and nearer. He didn't stop his hand movements at all. In fact, he sped up his thrusting fingers, making sure to pound them against your most sensitive spots. "D-Dammit..." You bit your lip, eyes closing tightly.


"You need to speak louder." You felt yourself shudder once again as Todoroki pinched one of your nipples with his cold hand a bit harder. He was just working you so well. Your legs started to shake as you began to loose control of yourself. You just couldn't handle it anymore.


"I-I need you!" you ended up calling out as you came all over his hand, your inner walls milking desperately at his fingers as you came undone. Todoroki looked down at you face contorted in pleasure as your back arched up from your orgasm. Once you finally came down, he slowly removed his fingers from you. With a gentle kiss to your temple, Todoroki began to slide your bottoms from your body.


"I'll make sure to give you exactly what you need."


Chapter Text

Once you closed the room door it seemed as if all hell broke loose. You heard Bakugo yelling out the words, 'Stupid', 'Denki', 'Deku', 'Math', and 'Useless'.


"Looks like he's back at square one," you nonchalantly said before turning to your boyfriend. He looked as if he was still trying to regulate his breathing after what you had just done to him.


"You're pure evil, [Name]," he shakily got out. You couldn't help but to laugh.


"Look at it this way, we're free to do whatever we want for the rest of the hour~," you purred. Izuku's face turned red from your words. You certainly were trying to kill him. With a devious smile on your face, you grabbed your boyfriend's hand, pulling him along the hallway. "You know, I bet you need to get cleaned up now~. Don't worry, babe, I'll help you!"


"R-Right," Midorya found himself stuttering a bit, knowing that you had something very inappropriate in mind. In all honesty, it wasn't like he didn't like doing such things with you. In fact, he enjoyed it. The problem was that he just wasn't necessarily up to your speed yet, so it would take him some time until he wasn't so jittery about all of this. You couldn't blame him, though that didn't mean that you were going to let up as long as he didn't mind it. Izuku was just so cute and fun to mess around with in your opinion. So, without further ado, you led him into an empty classroom, which took your boyfriend by surprise. He looked around confused. "This isn't the bathroom..." He assumed that you'd let him clean himself off before engaging in whatever else you had planned for him. He didn't seemed to realize that those two things coincided.


"It isn't~," you purred out, closing the door behind him and locking it. Izuku, still with his bag against his lap, seemed to stiffen up a bit at the sound of the lock. Giggling softly, you grabbed onto his bag, placing it on top of a nearby desk, which Midoriya allowed you to do, although he looked a bit unsure about what was to happen. He was still a mess after all, and sweet as ever, he didn't want to inconvenience you with that. Never mind that it had been your fault in the first place, though.


"[N-Name], what if we get caught?" Izuku asked, face a bit flushed. You moved closer to him, leaning your face in to his, giving him a soft kiss. Izuku closed his eyes, kissing you back, face flushed. You pulled away slightly and rubbed your lips against his, feeling how hot his breath was at the moment. No doubt he was getting swayed with just those very subtle touches.


"Relax, babe, we have plenty of time," you reassured him, leaning in again to press another kiss on his lips. Izuku didn't hesitate on kissing you back, hands going to wrap around your waist and hold you close to him. You made sure not to press yourself too much against his crotch, knowing that the come that was still on his cock probably felt uncomfortable for him at the moment. Kissing Izuku was always nice, though. His lips were so soft as was his face and hair. You loved threading your fingers into his green curls, yanking on them gently which usually got a nice soft moan from your boyfriend, which it did this time. You smiled against his mouth at the noise, pulling away to kiss down his neck hotly. Izuku's breathing began to grow a bit heavier, but yours did as well. After teasing him so much in class with the toy, you really wanted him now. Not wanting to prolong this little session, you reached a hand down, unzipping his pants, mouth still working against his neck. Midoriya allowed you to do this as his hands went to your school jacket, pulling it off before beginning to unbutton your top while you finished undoing his pants. "Mmmm~," you smiled happily as you reached inside, pulling out his come-covered member through his pants. Izuku shivered a bit from the now cold feeling. He then watched, eyes wide as you got on your knees in front of him.


"[Name]?" he questioned, wondering if you were going to do what he thought you were. Your eyes were playful as they looked up at him.


"Yes?" you purred, tongue sticking out as you started to lap up the come that was on him. Izuku's whole face turned red as he watched you do this, eyes slightly wide. He did always get extremely turned on seeing you on your knees for him, but seeing you licking up the come from his cock was just way too hot to him. Izuku bit his lip, groaning as his member began to get hard. You made sure to lick up all the bits of come from him before opening your mouth and sliding him inside of it.


It was no surprise to you when you felt your boyfriend's hands go into your hair, tugging at it slightly while his hips lightly involuntarily thrust against your mouth. He was always just so cute when receiving pleasure, and you loved to look up and watch the cute expressions that his face made as you sucked him off. You always made sure to do a good job so that you could really see him come undone. Pulling your mouth back, you started to jerk him off, twisting your wrist a bit with each stroke. "Do you think you're about ready now?" you asked, before you once again slid your mouth down onto his member, sucking a bit harder this time. You knew that the answer was 'yes', but you just wanted to hear it from him. Izuku nodded, biting his lip hard and groaning at the feelings you were giving him. "Was that a 'yes'?" you teased him, before giving the head of his cock a kiss.


"Y-Yes...," he groaned out, feeling as if his eyes were going to roll to the back of his head. You giggled softly before standing up once again. You walked over to a nearby desk and sat on top of it, spreading your legs. Izuku quickly got the memo and went over, standing between your thighs and pulling you a bit more forward on the desk. As much as he loved being inside of your mouth, he loved being inside of YOU even more, especially because he liked the closeness that sex produced. Izuku gave you a soft kiss on the lips as he pulled your panties down from under your skirt, letting them dangle off of one of your ankles. He moved a hand down, thumb rubbing at your clit as his pointer and middle finger slid into your wet heat. You closed your eyes briefly at the feeling, arching yourself towards him more. "...You're already so wet...," Izuku told you softly. Last thing he wanted to do was to slide into you while you were unprepared. He thrust his fingers in and out of you for a little bit, scissoring them slightly as well. "Are you ready?" he asked, wanting to make sure.


"Yeah...," you nodded, glancing down at his hard cock. Without any more hesitation, Izuku pulled you closer to the edge of the desk and against him as he lifted your skirt up. It wasn't long after that until you felt him sinking his length inside of you. Even though you were wet and he had made sure to prepare you, you still felt a slightly stretching feeling when he entered you. That was to be expected though, and Izuku knew that. So, he waited a bit before he decided to start thrusting in and out of you slowly, hands going to hold onto your hips. You moaned softly, feeling how incredible the places he was hitting you at were. After all, Izuku liked to be thorough in everything he did. He had no shame in asking you what you liked or looking up information to better please you, and because of that he was an incredible lover.


You wrapped your legs around his waist, pulling his body closer to yours. Izuku held onto you a bit tighter as he increased his pace, seeing as your body language was showing that you weren't so uncomfortable anymore. You were happy when he did so, because it really just increased your pleasure to be honest. "Izu...!" you moaned, biting your lip. Izuku loved to hear it when you called out his name. Moving one of his hands down, he started to rub at your clit, wanting to make you burst when you would finally come undone. "A-Ah!" you couldn't help but to close your eyes tightly at the feeling. Him rubbing your clit and hitting you hard inside at your best spot was really just too much for you. You were thankful that Izuku didn't share your teasing personality, because with all that he knew how to do in bed, he could seriously drive you to the brink of insanity.


Izuku's head fell slightly, resting onto your shoulder. You could hear the moans and groans that came out of his mouth as he thrust in and out of you. You gripped onto his shoulders, feeling yourself growing more and more near to your end, and feeling his hot length inside of you starting to grow a bit more, you knew that he was close to his end as well and was about to burst. Izuku then gave one particularly hard rub to your clit with his thumb causing something inside of you to snap. You moaned loudly, feeling your body shudder and shiver because of your orgasm. Your walls squeezed on tight to your boyfriend's cock as if urging it to burst as well. Izuku bit his lip, taking in the sounds of your loud moans as your body wiggled about due to your orgasm. He just couldn't hold on anymore, and he spilled his come inside of you, body jerking slightly as he did so. His come felt so hot and warm, you couldn't help but to note that as you came down from your orgasm. Izuku let out a breath of air and pulled back slightly to kiss your lips. He pulled away, sliding out of you. "I guess we both need to clean up now," he remarked seeing how you both had body fluids on yourselves. You nodded, still very out of breath.


"H-Hand me my bag," you told Izuku, pointing to where you had left it by the door. You felt too much like jelly to move. Izuku nodded and handed it to you. You unzipped it and dug around inside until you pulled out some Wet Ones and a towel. "I came prepared." You then noticed the shocked look on Izuku's face, which made you raise an eyebrow.


"W-Wha-Did you plan this?!" he questioned. He also wondered why you just didn't clean him off properly before after your little prank when you took the toy off of him with your quirk. He still felt some of his seed from earlier on his thighs. You looked at him confused and then shrugged.


"Well, I mean, this was all just in case I got board today, to be honest," you told him, finding it to be no big deal. It was then that Izuku decided that you can't really chose who you fall in love with.


Chapter Text

If anyone was shameless enough to wonder or ask you and Iida about your sex like together, then they would probably be very shocked to find out just the type of people in bed that you both were. Iida was a very professional and clear-cut sort of person. He was the type to do what was right and not back down. You on the other hand always came across so supportive and such towards his friend, however when you two were alone the script was completely different. While Iida, to the public, was one of the top ten heroes, and you were just some cute woman that worked for him that he had fell for, when you two were alone in the bedroom it was quite the opposite. He worked for you.


It was pretty deep in your relationship when you revealed to him your true sexual nature and what you were into. The sex before had always been good in your opinion, because Iida himself was good and very attentive to you in bed. Not to mention he was also very well-endowed. Still, you ended up falling in love with the man, and you wanted to have as perfect of a relationship with him as you possibly could. If you wanted to take this relationship even further, you had to take the sex further. When you finally told him what you were into, it had been in a rather casual way. You two were both at his place eating dinner when you said 'I want to tie you up'. Iida had been taken back by your words. Sure you did have a very strong presence at times, but never would he have guessed this coming from you. 'I think you'll like it~. So let's try it out, hm?'


That night you had gotten what you wanted, but bondage had been just the first step. You wanted more control, so you sought to introduce him to even more things. Things that put you on top when it came to your bedroom affairs. While Iida didn't expect any of this from you, what surprised him the most was how much he actually enjoyed what you did. He found your domination over him during sex to be incredibly hot. The way you rode him while pressing him down into the mattress, the words you spoke, telling him that he belonged to you and you only, the times when you incorporated pain into the mix, scratching at his chest, choking him, and smacking him with a riders crop. He found himself loving every second of what you did to him.


No one could guess this coming from either of you...


On this particular day, you had both been invited to the annual end of the year hero party. The venue was gorgeous and all of you and Iida's hero friends were there dressed wonderfully. You and Iida were currently having a conversation with Deku and Red Roit, both of which were in suits. "I can't believe Bakugo came out tonight," Kirishima pointed out, seeing the number two hero walking into the venue as if he rather be elsewhere.


"Oh, it IS Kacchan," Midoriya mused, looking at the entrance, "I wonder if Uraraka is going to come as well. She did mention that she wasn't feeling well, but she also did say that she really wanted to come."


"I haven't seen her in awhile, to be honest," you admitted, before looking down at the glass of champagne in your hand. It was practically drained, "Oh, Tenya, can you get me some more?" You lover nodded, taking the glass from your hand before heading off to the bar.


"How cute!" Toru mused as she walked over. All you saw was a floating dress, which was incredibly fascinating. "You and Iida are so cute together~." You smiled softly at that and nodded.


"Yeah, he's a great person," you told her, "In any case, it's really nice to see you." You were honestly surprised at how well you got along with Iida's friends. You had always felt as if there would be some kind of awkwardness when it came to hanging out with them, but they easily accepted you in as one of their own. "Oh, it's Uraraka." You pointed to the girl walking in the room. She looked a bit tired, but still great in her beautiful dress. She was then intercepted by Iida who greeted her as he walked back from the bar.


"Here you go," Iida told you, handing you the class. You rose an eyebrow when you noticed that there was wine in the glass instead of the champagne that you had been drinking before.


"Uraraka, it's nice to see you!" Midoriya told her, "I hope you're feeling well."


"I am! I'm recovering from my cold still, but it's nothing I can't handle," she replied, rubbing at the back of her head slightly. As the others were talking, you looked at Iida eyes slightly narrowing towards him.


"You got me wine," you merely told him, making sure only he heard you. Iida glanced at you before looking forward at the others who were talking.


"Isn't that what you wanted?" he questioned. You knew what he was doing. He was doing this on purpose to rile you up. It wasn't something foreign of him, but to do this in front of his friends was pretty ballsy. You smirked putting a hand on your hip.


"Oh, Tenya, you know better than that," you scolded, "And you better look at me when I address you, you hear?" Iida's eyes shifted from his friends to yours. He felt his heart thumping at the look of pure control that you had on your face towards him. You weren't going to let him get away with this, and he knew it. He didn't want you to let him, though. Shoving the wine towards him, you rolled your eyes, "Go get me some champagne. If you're not back in two minutes you're punishment will be even worse." Taking the glass from you, Iida went back towards the bar.


"[Name], did you catch the special that was on television yesterday about the top ten heroes?" Kirishima asked you, pulling you into the conversation that had been going on. You smiled pleasantly, facial features turning soft.


"I didn't, but I did hear about it," you replied, "Apparently they misspelled Uraraka's hero name, right?"


"They did!" Uraraka chimed in, "It was so awful!" You giggled slightly as did the others. As the night continued on, it had been rather fun getting to converse with everyone. You did like evenings like these, especially when you knew that better things were to come later on in the evening. You would make sure that it would be a night that Iida wouldn't forget so that he'd never screw up something you wanted again. The only downside, though, was that if he enjoyed it too much then he was bound to purposefully go against you again, which honestly, it was what you wanted.


Once you made it back home with Iida, you retreated to the bedroom quickly. "Can you unzip me?" you asked before disappearing behind the door. Iida knew what would happen the second he walked inside and helped you take off your dress. You would take complete control of him. Before he could mentally prepare himself, you called out to him again, "My patience is wearing thin...~" Iida took a deep breath before walking inside of the bedroom. You were standing next to the bed, still clad in your long and beautiful dress. Iida walked over and you turned around giving him your back. You could feel his hands shaking in anticipation as he slowly unzipped you, watching the way the zipper moved with the curves of your body. Once you were fully unzipped, you let your dress fall before stepping out of it donned in black lace lingerie. "Thank you," you sat on the bed, allowing him to remove your heels as well.


"Anything else?" Iida asked. You smirked deviously. Iida recognized that look on your face. The one of pure dominance. The one that you wore when you knew that you would have complete control over him.


"Hmmm...I wonder...," you thought aloud before leaning forward, reaching up slightly to cup at the bulge that was forming in his pants. Iida felt his breath hitch as you did so. "Are you going to defy me again and mess up on purpose?" You rose an eyebrow, fingers spreading out as your palm rubbed at the erection.


"It...It wasn't on purpose," Iida told you, a slight groan leaving his mouth. You rose an eyebrow, squeezing at his length a bit, knowing it would give him slight pain. When you heard a slightly strangled groan, you knew that you were successful.


"Since when does red wine look like champagne?" you questioned before leaning back on the bed. You spread your legs slightly, "You know what to do." Iida nodded, submissively, before getting in between your legs. He rubbed at you through the fabric of your pants, fingers tracing over your outer labia delicately. You mewled softly before reaching a hand down, giving his hair a hard yank to get him to look up at you, "No teasing." Your voice was firm. Iida nodded once again before pulling your underwear from your body, knowing that if he was too slow you'd be upset with him. The second your panties were cast aside, he moved his head in between your legs, taking your clit into his mouth without a second thought. You threw your head back from the sensation, moaning in pleasure as he worked his tongue and mouth against you. Knowing the exact way you liked to be touched, since you always made it known, Iida slid two fingers inside of you, moving them in and out at a moderate pace. His mouth was still working on your clit adding more to the amazing sensation. Your hands slid into his hair, pulling at it roughly as he continued to eat you out.


A slight feeling of needing more from him soon arose, however, so you clutched onto his head with your thighs as you turned him over, sitting on his face. Iida knew better than to say anything nor make his slight surprise known, so he kept fingering you and sucking on your clit, tongue curling around the sensitive bud. You bit your lip, moaning loudly as you grounded your hips down against his face, your wettness all over his lips and chin. "I'm so close!" you called, "Don't stop." You grabbed onto his hair again from your position, fingers threading into it. Iida made no move to stop or slow down, in fact he sped up the fingers that were thrusting inside of you. You then felt yourself let go as you came all over his face, moaning shamelessly while your hips still moved a bit. When you finally came down from your high, you were panting softly. You climbed off of Iida's face, feeling your body still going on in spasm. You leaned back against some pillows. "Go get me some wine, and then take your clothes off." Iida didn't talk back to you, not that he wanted to, as he quickly got up and headed towards the kitchen. You were still catching your breath and falling down from how high you had peaked. It didn't take Iida long to return with a glass full of wine for you.


"Here you are, [Name]," he told you. He was always so obedient during sex, even despite the fact that he would act out slightly outside of the bedroom to get you purposefully riled up. You took the glass without offering any thanks in return before leaning back once again and sipping on it as you watched your significant other peel out of his clothing. He had a nicely muscled body that you couldn't help but to admire. It was always so fun to take control over it being as it belonged to you.


You drunk about a little bit more than half of your wine once Iida was completely undressed. You put the glass on the night table next to you before removing your bra, letting your breasts out freely. "Come here~," you purred. Iida did as ordered and got onto the bed. Once he did you pulled him close to you as you began to kiss down his neck. Pushing him onto his back, you got on top of him, starting to get a bit rougher with your mouth as you began to use your teeth. You wanted to leave marks all over his neck. You bit down hard on one spot in particular causing a low groan to leave his throat. "There we go," you softly said, looking as you had left a big purple bruise on his skin with other red spots here and there.


Pressing your lips against him again, you trailed your mouth from his neck to his lips, giving them a kiss before dragging your tongue slowly across his bottom lip. Iida didn't make any motion to tease you as he opened his mouth, allowing your tongue to slip inside of it. You kissed him roughly, hand trailing down to his cock to give it a nice firm stroke. You were rewarded with another groan, and the feeling of your significant other hardening up once again. You pulled back from the kiss, string of silava connecting your lips as you breathed heavily. With a devious look, you bit at your lover's lower lip. "It's about time that I punish you for what you did earlier~," your purred to him. Iida looked up at you.


"It was an accident," he firmly told you, causing you to scoff. Now he was just digging a bigger hole for himself.


"Are you really going to lie to me?" you asked him, "And with such a straight face." You gave his length a hard squeeze. It was easy to see both the pain and arousal on his face, "Looks like I won't let you come tonight~." You trailed a finger from the base of his cock all the way to the tip, "In fact, you don't deserve to feel me at all...I should just edge you and not let you release." Straddling Iida's hips right below his crotch, you moved both of your hands down to his length, one hand gripping onto his balls while the other stroked up and down his cock. Iida let out a groan, arching his hips up and into your touch.


"[Name], I'm not lying to you," he insisted, "It really was an accident!" You looked up at him, hands still working and only increasing in pace. Iida's groans came out more frequently and he bit his bottom lip as he closed his eyes. You knew he was close, and the throbbing member in your hand was about to burst. You slowed your movements until they came to a stop.


"You really must be feeling masochistic today," you mused, enjoying the look of sexual frustration that settled on his features. You waiting until he came down from his high again before you started to stroke him, only this time you moved your hand a bit rougher. "Why did you do it, huh?" You knew the answer to your question, but you wanted to hear it from him.


"It wasn't...I-It wasn't on purpose," Iida groaned out, shuddering a bit from the feelings of your hands on him. You let out a slight hum, watching the way he reacted to your hands pleasuring him. When he became close again, you stopped stroking him again and squeezed at his base, using your hand as some sort of make-shift cock ring.


"Just tell me, Tenya," you mused, "Tell me the reason you got me wine instead of champagne. I know it was on purpose because it's so like you." You chuckled softly, hands starting to play with his cock again, "Only you would think of something so non-elaborate. I mean, you could have called me by the name of someone else, left the party without me, but instead you chose something so simple. You really don't want to disappoint me." He let out a particularly needy groan, causing you to stop what you were doing, "Well, I guess I can't say that now, since you are lying to me." You flicked at the head of his cock, which was extremely hard and begging for you to help it to it's release.


"I wanted...! I wanted to get you worked up," Iida finally admitted. He let out a sigh, head falling back into the pillow, "You knew the answer..." You smiled in the way that Iida had grown accustomed to seeing in the bedroom. You always got what you wanted from him in the end. Moving your hips up, you held onto his cock, putting the head against your opening.


"See? Was that so hard?" you questioned as you sunk down on him. You bit your lip, loving how hard and hot he was, "Y-You better not lie to me again." Gripping onto Iida's shoulders you started to move your hips back and forth on him. All of that edging had been a double edged sword because it also had left you incredibly wet and needy. Iida bit his lip, feeling relieved at the feeling of your inner walls finally around him, wet and tight. He reached up to grab onto your hips, but you quickly snatched both of his wrists, pinning his hands on each side of his head, "Don't misbehave," you scolded, purposefully squeezing your inner walls tightly with your muscles around him. Iida shivered and shuddered at the insanely pleasurable feeling. He couldn't even respond to you as he grew closer and closer to his release. "Are you going to defy me again?" you questioned, working your hips hard against him.


"N-No," Iida groaned out, fighting the urge to thrust up into you. He knew that when you got like this, any tinge of taking over coming from him was not welcome. You rose your body up slightly before slamming your hips back down against his, moving roughly. Iida bit his lip, trying to fight off a loud groan that threaten to come out as you did that.


"When I ask you for something are you going to purposefully fuck up again?" you questioned, slamming your hips against his once again. This time, Iida couldn't fight back his groan as he felt himself coming closer and closer to his peak. He loved it when you got like this. When you just took complete control of everything. He definitely was going to try to get you riled up again. Since he wasn't answering you, however, you gripped tightly onto his wrists that you were still holding, nails digging in slightly.


"No!" Iida finally answered. You smirked, pressing down hard onto his length to feel him deep inside of you as you rode him as hard as you could. You felt your end approaching as well, and when it did you moaned loudly, walls clamping down hard onto Iida's cock, which caused him to meet his release as well. Iida shut his eyes tightly, squirting off into you deeply, and biting his lip to hold back his groans. Once you finally came down, you let out a breath of air, body feeling a bit sore because of how rough you were going. It wasn't uncomfortable or anything like that, you were just kind of tired. You pecked Iida's lips before rolling off of him and sitting up against some pillows. You felt so wet and messy, and you were sure that Iida was, too. You didn't particularly care, though.


"You certainly know how to get to me, don't you?" you mused as you reached over to the nightstand to finish drinking the wine that he had brought you. Iida glanced over at you.


"By the way, I accidentally brought you our non-alcoholic wine," he confessed. You looked over at him, eyes slightly narrowed.


"You're just asking for it, aren't you?"


Chapter Text

You loved to spend your free time with your boyfriend Izuku. More often than not you would find yourself in his dorm room while he was studying or writing things in his hero analysis book. You would both just chat and talk. It was all very relaxing. As your relationship progressed with him, you both became more intimate. It was a learning experience to the both of you, but Izuku cut no corners when it came to learning how to please you. During the first time, he was very nervous and wore an extremely flustered look. And as you both continued to do it, he would ask you questions about what felt good to you. Izuku would even do research on his own. All of it paid off, though, because he became an incredible lover. He knew exactly where your g-spot was and all of your hot spots. He knew the best way to eat you out. And he also knew all of the right things to say to turn you on. Having sex with Izuku was truly incredible. He even took extra care of you afterwards.


On this current day, you had went to visit your boyfriend while he was studying. You sat on his bed, and then he soon joined you. You both started to talk to one another and talking led to making out, which led to clothing being removed, which finally led to Izuku's face between your legs. You harshly bit your lip, trying not to make any loud noises as he worked his mouth and fingers against your extremely wet heat. "I-Izuku....," you moaned, hands reaching down to grip onto his curly green hair. Your touch only encouraged him to go a bit harder on you which resulted in you coming all over his face. Your orgasm left you panting, and you twitched slightly as you felt Izuku licking your come up. Kissing from your public bone all the way to your lips, Izuku looked down at your flushed face. His own face was a bit red, but he looked much more confident and relaxed than he had the first few times you both had sex.


"Do you want to keep going, [Name]?" he asked you, wanting to make sure. You looked up at him nodding, knowing that even better things were to come. Without another word, Izuku grabbed onto your thighs, spreading your legs before moving himself between them. You could feel the head of his very hard cock poking at your clit. You let out a soft moan once you felt Izuku tracing and teasing your entrance with his tip. "Do you want it?" he asked, voice more teasing and slightly less concerned about your comfort than he was before.


"Y-Yes...please...," you manged to get out as your body was just feeling so on edge at the moment. Although the physical teasing was very slight, the fact that you knew that he was going to reduce you to a moaning and mumbling mess like always was making you incredibly impatient.


"What did you say, [Name]?" he asked. You knew that it was on purpose.


"Please!" you begged, pushing your hips a bit closer to his, wanting and hoping that he would get the message.


"Please what?"


"Please fuck me...!" you whined, looking up at him with pleading eyes. Izuku chuckled softly before giving you what you wanted as he sunk himself deep within you. You nearly felt your eyes rolling to the back of your head once you felt his length pressing up against your g-spot. You looked up at your boyfriend's cute face to see how red and in pleasure it looked. He was so cute, even if he could be a tease at times in the bedroom. As Izuku started to rock back and forth within you, you let out a pleasure-filled sigh. Since he was actually a pretty good size, it did take some getting used to at first, usually. And Izuku knew that, so he made sure not to go too hard on you at the moment.


"Y-You're so t-tight," he stuttered, looking down at where your bodies met. He bucked his hips roughly against yours, testing if you were ready for more yet. A slight moan-like cry left your mouth from the feeling of it. So, since it seemed as if you were fine, Izuku pulled up from you, grabbing onto your legs and setting them on his shoulders. He pulled your hips close to his as he began to pound hard into you, hitting you at all of the best spots.


You were in pure bliss, back arching as moans endlessly spilled from your mouth. He was going so hard and fast on you, making your toes curl at the insanely pleasurable feeling. Izuku panted, groaning deeply at the way your walls were quivering and contracting around him at his rough treatment towards you. He knew that you were already getting close, which he aimed for since he liked to give you as much orgasms as possible. Picking up speed, he started to slam into you causing the bed to start rocking and creaking while your head began to hit the headboard every now and then. You were in way too much pleasure to care about that and to care about the possibility of someone hearing you two. In fact, you were more than sure that when you had yelled 'Please fuck me' it was audible.


"I-I-Izuku!" you called out, voice coming out in vibrations because of Izuku's thrusts and your head hitting his bed's headboard. One thrust in particular, though, ended up causing a slight avalanche. "W-What?! Hey!" you whined as Izuku's All Might figures, that usually rested at the shelves built on top of his bed, fell onto you. Izuku's thrusting came to a stop, and he looked down at you with a red face. And while one could attribute it to what you two had been doing, the reason was because of his embarrassment.


"Ah! I'm so sorry, [Name]!" he quickly said, helping you take them off of you after he had pulled out. You never really minded Izuku's All Might obsession. In fact, you thought it was pretty cute, and you loved the way that his face lit up when he spoke about All Might or other heroes that he liked with you. However, now you felt pissed off at it since it had just ruined your orgasm. You then watched as Izuku carefully put them all back where they were before they fell. Even though you felt as if this type of incident would probably happen again because of their placement, he was just such a cute little nerd that you couldn't get mad at him for it.



[Little Epilogue with Izuku getting advice]


"And then they all fell on top of her head," Izuku told Kirishima, Sero, and Kaminari as they were all eating breakfast at one of the tables by the kitchen. He was still a bit embarrassed about what happened, even after you assured him that it was okay. "I really wasn't sure what to I just stopped." Sero and Kaminari could not stop laughing after Izuku finished telling the story. They felt as if it just all fit way too much.


"Did you make sure she was okay?...I mean, I get rough sex, but head banging can be a bit much on top of having things falling on her," Kirishima asked. Izuku's face turned a bit red as he thought about it.


"Well, I guess it was just in the heat of the moment, and she likes things like that for some reason...," he trailed off, "I did apologize." Letting out a breath of air, Izuku covered his face with his hands, "I just wasn't really sure what to do." At this moment, Kaminari finally manged to stop himself from laughing. Sero, however, was still going at it.


"Haha, that's easy! You just keep fucking her," he advised with a smirk and wink, "Same difference if she were to have somehow fallen out of bed. You just keep on fucking her like the five second rule."


"Really?" Izuku asked, tilting his head slightly.


'No, no....That's not the same thing,' Kirishima silently protested.


Chapter Text

It had been an ongoing issue since the start of your wedding planning, and while you and Mirio had such passion that burned hotter than Endeavor's Hell Flame neither of you liked to give in. While you were set on waiting until after you got married to mate, your Alpha, Mirio wanted to do so beforehand. He reasoned, or rather argued, with the fact that he wanted to completely make you his and of course put a little one in you. You, however, didn't care about any of his reasoning and told him over and over, 'You can't make me do anything I don't want to! So we're mating after we get married.' And while you were just an Omega, and Omega's generally listened to their Alpha's, Mirio would describe you as 'the most stubborn Omega I've ever met!' He couldn't help but to love you, however, and you him. It also didn't help that he was also pretty stubborn, and despite all of your words of wanting to wait, Mirio would continually bring up the issue of wanting to mate before you got married.


On this day, even while you had company over, the argument didn't exactly come to a halt. "Wouldn't you want to mate before you got married?" Mirio asked his friend Amajiki who had been helping you two with putting your wedding invitations in their proper envelopes. Now, Amajiki knew better than to answer that question, and while he didn't exactly have much of a thought for it since he was, in fact, currently single, he knew that with any little sound coming from him, Mirio would take it and run with it to you.


Speaking of you, you were actually in the kitchen making tea. Mirio's words were very loud, though, as if he meant for you to hear this discussion. Growling, you walked out and into the living room. "Don't think I don't know what you're trying to do, Mirio!" you said, "Just give it a rest! It isn't happening, and don't drag poor Amajiki into it either!" Mirio gave you a smirk, leaning back into the sofa.


"Oh come on, [Name], you could easily change your mind," he told you, "Besides, it's nice to get the opinions of others." He glanced at his friend, who was trying to make himself busy with the invitations.


"I'm NOT going to change my mind, for the last time," you shook your head, "And you just want Amajiki on your side!" Amajiki had wondered how your relationship seemed to stay afloat, but then again the love you two had for one another was truly beautiful. You were just both stubborn....


"All I'm saying is that it would be better to mate before we got married!" Mirio pointed out to you, "I want to make you mine as soon as I can and put a kid in you!" You rolled your eyes before heading back into the kitchen.


"You can't make me do anything I don't want to! So we're mating after we get married!" you called. Mirio let out a sigh, looking at Amajiki who was just trying his hardest to stay out of everything and ignore what was happening.


"The most stubborn Omega I've ever met....So what's your opinion on this?" he asked. Amajiki felt himself stiffen at that question.


"...The invitations look nice..."


After continual arguing of this subject, as the time flew towards your wedding day, you were the victor. You were right when you said that Mirio couldn't force you to do anything, and it wasn't like he would. Mirio loved you unconditionally after all, and you loved him, too. So when it got down to it, that was all that mattered. The wedding had been very beautiful. Even with your constant arguing, you had both managed to put together something special. Everything negative just seemed to melt away, and people were able to truly see the love and passion that the both of you shared.


That evening, you both traveled to a tropical place for your honeymoon, crashing when you made it to the hotel and your hotel suit since the trip tired the both of you out. It was nice, however, waking up next to your newly wed husband the next morning. The warm sunlight was filling up the room from the large window that was facing the left side of the bed. You couldn't help but to think that you should probably close the curtains, since the sun was a bit blinding. Mirio was holding you in his strong arms, which made you feel so safe and secure, and truly, you knew that you were. You smiled once you saw him, deciding to surprise him with some nice breakfast in bed. So you gently moved out of his arms, trying not to wake him, before turning away to leave the very warm and comfortable bed, intending to go and pick some food up. When you got up, though, you felt a strong hand pull you back into the bed. You found yourself against your husband's chest once again, and he wrapped his arms around you. "Good morning, baby," he told you, voice still a bit sleepy. He kissed your forehead, making you smile again, "Where did you think you were going?" He kissed your lips this time.


"I was going to get breakfast," you explained to him, wiggling slightly in his embrace. One of Mirio's hands slid down to your ass, giving it a slight squeeze and catching you by surprise. That was your Alpha for you. He loved to hold you close and put his hands all over you.


"Let me do that," he told you, "You should just stay in bed." You pouted at that, wanting to do this for him. Seeing the look on your face, Mirio knew that you didn't want to budge on this. "Come on, [Name]. Listen to your Alpha~," he teased you, pulling rank a bit. You huffed, rolling over and away from him.


"Do what you want then," you stubbornly told him. Mirio chuckled a bit at your behavior, finding it to be a bit cute. He got out of bed, going to the bathroom to get ready to leave. It didn't take him too long, and when he went back into the bedroom of your hotel suit, you were still sulking over your effort to be a good wife to him and get breakfast being ruined.


"Don't worry. I'll be back soon," he assured you. When he received no answer, he just smiled at you before leaving. Once he was gone, you pulled the covers up and higher over yourself to block the sunlight as you tried to get some more sleep. It wasn't as if you had to get up at the moment, so you were going to at least enjoy that...or rather that was what you hoped. You bit your lip, putting a hand on your chest as if to calm yourself once you began to feel a dull throb mixed in with discomfort. Maybe it had just been instinct on Mirio's part to leave instead of you, and now you were starting to feel very grateful for that. If this had started to happen while you were out and about, then that just would have been incredibly bad.


So here you were, laying in bed with an incredible discomfort that only your Alpha would be able to satisfy. You thought about calling him, but you had a slight feeling of not wanting to disturb him but rather wait until he came back on his own to take care of you. And while you were sure that Mirio, being Mirio, would drop everything for you and come to you if you called for him, for some reason you felt as if you just needed to be a good omega and wait for your Alpha.


In your time waiting for him, you groaned unhappily, body twitching every now and then as you struggled to find a laying position that would take some of the edge off. You even tried positions again but with and without covers on you. Nothing was helping at all, and you knew deep inside that nothing would except Mirio taking care of you. You bit your lip, putting a hand on your forehead as you waited for what felt like an eternity.


When you heard the sound of your husband entering the hotel suit your mind could only think Finally...he's here.


"[Name], I'm bac-" Hearing him stopping mid sentence, you knew that he knew what was going on with you. Mirio could smell it on you, even though he was still standing at the entrance to the hotel suit. Putting the food he bought in the kitchen, Mirio walked to the bedroom, already starting to take his clothes off. "How long have you been like this?" he asked, voice a bit concerned as he approached the bed, getting onto it. You looked at him, eyes full of need.


"I-It started once you left," you admitted. You could see the slight disappoint, yet worry in his eyes as he reached a hand out to help you take your clothes off. The feelings of his hands touching your skin, even as subtly as this, was becoming too much to bare, and Mirio could see it on your face.


"You should have called me the second your heat started," he told you, lightly scolding, "I hate to think about you just laying here in need." Now that all of your clothes were off, Mirio leaned down to press his lips against yours passionately. You ran your hands through his blonde hair, not being able to take your feelings any longer. You needed him, and you needed him now. Foreplay would probably do more harm than good at this point. Sadly, though, your Alpha was rather huge, so he decided to make sure you would be prepared before he would push himself inside of you. You had never mated before, and he didn't want to add to your current pain.


"I didn't want to bother you...," you admitted after your kiss was broken. Mirio trailed his lips from your mouth to your neck pressing soft kisses along it. He really couldn't believe how docile you were being right now. It made sense, though, since your instincts were probably kicking in. While taking in your beautiful naked body, he smirked slightly.


"That's a first~," Mirio chuckled as he moved a hand down, slipping a finger inside of your incredibly wet opening. You bit your lip, eyes closing at the feeling of pleasure from his thick finger going deep within you. Mirio quickly added another, knowing that the prep work would have to be quick. He could feel how incredibly wet and hot your cunt was. The heat coming from it was out of this world, and that alone was enough to harden him incredibly. You let out a needy moan, eyes still closed as your Alpha pumped his fingers in and out of you, soon enough adding a third. You could feel your thighs shaking a bit at this point.


"M-Mirio...I-I need you...," you begged him, slight tears forming in the corners of your eyes, "Please...I can't take it any longer." Mirio looked down at your expression, really wishing that you would have called him beforehand. Moving his hands from your dripping pussy, your husband spread your legs a bit more before getting in between them. He decided not to waste anymore time as he pushed himself inside of you. Because of your intense wetness, there wasn't much resistance. Still, since this was your first time, although you were feeling some relief due to your problem being taken care of, it was still a bit painful. Mirio was so long and thick after all, and a true Alpha if there ever was one. Mirio leaned down to press his lips against yours comfortingly. He didn't want you to think about your pain, but rather about him and how he loved you. You slowly opened your eyes, whimpering slightly as you felt your current heat starting to grow. It was causing the pain to subside quicker than anticipated, and the ache of being stretched out was soon replaced by the ache of needing to be taken care of.


"Do you want me to move?" Mirio asked you. He could tell that you were no longer hurting and that you needed him to make love to you, however, he wanted to make sure being as he didn't want to accidentally hurt you. You nodded very short of starting to beg again. Grabbing onto your hips, Mirio started to move in and out of you, making sure to hit you nice and deep with his cock. You moaned from the pleasure, arms around around his body to dig your nails into his back. You could also already feel your toes starting to curl from the feeling he was giving you. Seeing that you were okay with him moving, Mirio gave a sharp thrust before starting to hit into you hard and fast.


"A-Ah!" you called out, eyes shutting tightly for a bit at the feeling. "M-Mirio!" Your nails sunk in deeper into his skin, and while it was pretty early into your first position, you could feel yourself drawing near to your orgasm. Your body started to spasm, and you felt your legs shaking as you came hard around your Alpha's cock. The feeling of releasing had felt so incredible and relieving. Mirio bit his lip at the tight feeling of you clamping down onto him. He watched your reaction as you came. The way your eyes widened before closing, how you bit your lip, and the way you arched your back off the bed a bit. It was truly a beautiful sight for him.


Once you came down from your high, your body started to tell you that it was not completely satisfied with just one orgasm. You needed more, and Mirio sensed that. He pressed his lips against yours softly, hand moving up to cup one of your cheeks as he looked down into your eyes as if trying to read your mind. "You're doing such a good job," he gently encouraged you with another kiss before saying, "Can you turn around for me, [Name]?" as he pulled out of you. You nodded as much as you could before doing as you were told, and getting on all fours.


Mirio loved seeing you like this. The way your body trembled in need and how your wet pussy was now visibly presented to him. He got on his knees behind you, pressing the tip of his length against your opening while he trailed his fingers down your spinal cord. You shivered a bit, instinctively pushing yourself back against him. Deciding that teasing you would make you more uncomfortable, your husband pushed himself inside of you again, thrusting back and forth. You let out a gasp of pleasure as you involuntarily started to rock back against his movements. Mirio let out a growl as he grabbed onto your hips and began to pound himself into you much rougher. You could feel your body quivering and aching happily at the feelings that your Alpha was giving you. "M-Mirio...!" you panted out, feeling yourself becoming a moaning mess underneath his strong body, "I-I love you...!" You bit your lip, closing your eyes as you could feel your body beginning to shudder with your second orgasm approaching. Mirio leaned his body onto yours, teeth now sinking into one of your shoulders. He held you tight against him as his own orgasm was approaching.


You then felt yourself snapping as you shut your eyes tighter, mouth gaping while you let out a load pleasure-filled moan when your orgasm harshly washed over you. It shook you to the core, and you pressed back against Mirio. He bit down harder against you once you released. The way your hot and wet inner walls started to milk at his thrusting cock caused for him to spill himself inside of you. His groans came out muffled, and he gave you a few more thrusts causing you to shudder.


Once your Alpha had completely emptied himself deep within you, he laid down on his side, pulling you with him as his length was still snugly inside of you. He wrapped his muscled arms around you, kissing the bite mark on your shoulder that he had created, lovingly. "I love you, [Name]," he told you, kissing the shell of your ear this time. You smiled softly, now in a relaxed state since he had taken care of you.


"I love you, too," you told him, "And thank you." Mirio chuckled softly, moving his head so that your head was now under his chin while he continued to hold you close.


"There's no need to thank me," he said, "After all, it is my job as your alpha and as your husband to take care of you~." You grabbed onto one of his hands that had been holding you, held onto it, and slightly thought about the difference in sizes. "Anyway, now it's time to have kids! You'll be a great mother, [Name]." For some reason you loved how cheery his voice sounded when he said that.




Chapter Text

The night started off rather typical for you. You would be on your way home from work to the apartment that you shared with your lovely boyfriend, talking on the phone with him during your drive about various subjects that ranged from what you both did that day, what you were going to eat that night, the content of the newest episode of a shared television show interest you both had, etc. You loved spending your time with Eijiro, or 'Eiji' as you would sometimes call him, and since his hero work did take up quite the bit of his attention, you would usually settle with the lengthy phone calls that you usually had. "No, no, I JUST made it back," you told him through your phone as you turned your car off, which disconnected the two from each other. You held your phone between your ear and shoulder as you grabbed your work bag, exiting your car. You paid no mind to your surroundings, which was something your boyfriend had always told you to do. "Yes, my car is locked now! I'm safe," you assured, voice giving off a slight echo since you were in the parking garage. "You worry way too much, babe."


"Well can you blame me?" Kirishima asked over the phone, voice holding slight amusement, "You're my favorite girlfriend after all!" You scoffed, rolling your eyes playfully, as you went into your apartment complex.


"I better be the only girlfriend you got," you pointedly said. You could hear him chuckling over the phone.


"Don't worry, babe, I only have eyes for you," he assured.


"Thank you, love," you replied with a smile as you entered the elevator to go to your apartment. You would be lying if you said that you didn't love how sweet Kirishima was. He was just a really kind and charismatic guy, who had you easily falling for him. His drive and determination in everything he did was just so alluring, and he also more than took care of you in all aspects of your life. He would always drop anything and everything if you needed him. "Do you know what time you're going to come home?" There was a slight pause over the phone, and you stepped out of the elevator.


"...Not really sure...," he admitted, "But I shouldn't be too long. I'm just waiting for Bakugo's agency to send me a copy of the reports from the latest incident that we worked on together."


"You're always teaming up with Bakugo," you pointed out, fishing for your keys, "I swear, you two should have just made an agency together instead of having separate ones." You felt a slight feeling of triumph once you found your keys, smiling on the inside.


"There would have been a lot of creative differences if we had," Kirishima chuckled. You did wonder who the hell could tolerate Bakugo long enough to work with him, but if anyone could it would be Kirishima who had a knack for getting him to do things and calming him down.


"Well in any case," you started, unlocking your apartment door and stepping into it, "Are you going to be back in time for dinner? Also, what do you want to eat? Any preference?" Closing the door after yourself, you plopped your bag down on this little hall table that you and Kirishima kept near the entrance of your home. You began to take your coat off, once again balancing your phone on your shoulder.


"I should be back in time for then," Kirishima told you, "By the way, [Name], did you remember to lock the door?" At his words you turned around to see if you had or not. With your face flushed, you grumbled a bit, reaching over to lock it.


"You surveilling me or something?" you asked.


"I just know you, babe," Kirishima chuckled, "Also, you closed the door loud enough for me to hear it." You rolled your eyes a bit before leaving the entrance area and heading into the bedroom you shared with your boyfriend so you could take off your uncomfortable work clothes and change into some lounge wear. "Try to pay more attention, [Name]. Your safety means everything to me."


"I know, I know," you replied, not bothering to close the door to the bedroom once you walked on. You put your phone on speaking and dropped it on the bed as you started to take your clothes off, "So, what do you want to eat, hm?"


"Whatever you want, babe. If you want to cook then that's fine, but I'm also cool if you want to order out," he said, "I'm sure you're tired after your long day, though, and just want to relax." You pouted at his words, staring down at your phone. He was just way too considerate. He was a hero. One of the top ten, and yet he never made you nor your job feel as if you were any less than that. He was always out risking his life and fighting villains, and his mind could only be on your feelings above his.


"You always say things like that," you said, "So you choose." You went to your closet and pulled out some fuzzy black and red pants and a big grey t-shirt.


"I mean them," Kirishima replied, "Sure I do always love the food you cook for me, but if you're tired then take-out is great as well." You approached the bed again to hear him clearer as you started to put the clothes you grabbed on.


"I guess I'll cook then," you muttered.


"You don't have to though."




As you took your phone to the kitchen to finish up your conversation with your boyfriend, he had to excuse himself because the documents he was waiting for finally were sent. You couldn't help but to think how hard he worked and how much you loved him. Humming slightly you got out some ingredients for dinner that night. You decided to make some gyudon and miso soup. It was a simple dish that you had the ingredients for. As you were waiting for the rice and beef to cook, you walked out into the living room to turn the television on. It turned on to a news channel, which was usually what you and Kirishima watched before going out to work. Since he was a hero, he liked to be updated on the news. "...Luckily Uravity was at the scene of the crime when it happened and was able to rescue everyone involved." You smiled when you saw a clip of Uravity doing an interview after the incident that the reporter was talking about. Her posture was a bit nervous as she rubbed at the back of her head, eyes looking away slightly.


Before you could watch any more, you walked back to the kitchen to check on the food you were preparing. You started to season the beef barely registering the words "WAIT, WAIT! REPORTING LIVE FROM THE SCENE! A villain is making quite the commotion downtown! All heroes with agencies near the area have been notified! Which ones will get to the scene of the crime first?!" You quickly tended to the rice you were making before starting on the miso soup. The noises coming from the television not captivating enough to draw your attention.


The rice didn't exactly take long to cook, but you knew that the meat would need extra care so that it could be both edible and flavorful. You kept the rice in the cooker and kept the setting low so that it would still be warm and fluffy by the time you were to eat it. "Ground Zero has shown up at the scene!" You didn't think much when you heard those words except that with Bakugo there things should be fine. "Ah! Now we're getting word that Red Riot is also here!" At that, you stopped working on the miso soup and just stared at the doorway to the living room.


'Did they really need to both show up?'


"Amazing! With both heroes here the villain was taken care of in no time!" You pinched at the bridge of your nose once you heard that. You knew that it would, of course, take those two no time at all. You walked into the living room, seeing the scene that was now being played out on T.V. Bakugo and Kirishima were standing in front of a villain that had gotten a serious beating by the both of them. Kirishima had his quick currently on, which probably meant that the fight had just ended. You weren't mad that he went out of his way to fight the villain, in fact, you found it admirable. You just found it a bit amusing and typical since Bakugo was also there. Shaking your head, you went back inside of the kitchen to finish cooking the food that you had been preparing. The miso was basically already done with, so you focused your attention on the beef you were making. It took a bit of time, but you were soon satisfied with it enough to be done.


You turned the stove off just in time for your phone to start ringing. It was, expectantly, your boyfriend to probably tell you that he was going to be late. You picked your phone up as you slid your thumb across the screen to answer the call, "Hello, Eiji?"


"Hey, babe...," he said, you could tell that he was feeling a bit bad about this, "Look, I'm gonna be kind of late tonight. I went to fight a villain and-"


"And now you have to follow the regular procedure of turning him into the police, giving your statement, filling out reports, and waiting for Bakugo to fill out his own reports since you both worked together on this, right?" you finished for him.


"Haha, yeah. You saw on T.V., didn't you?" he asked. You let out a slight sigh.


"Yeah, I did," you answered, "But it's fine, Eiji. I'll see you when you get here." While you commended his actions, you still wanted to spend some time with him.


"I'll try to get home as soon as I can, alright? In the meantime stay safe."


"I will."


Dinner alone was a bit boring, since you did like to talk to your boyfriend about your days in person and take in the expressions that his wonderful face made as he spoke. You just scrolled through different social media apps on your phone, wondering how everyone else was doing. You noticed that both Bakugo's and Kirishima's hero pages had put out information about the incident that had just happened. It wasn't so surprising to see that, since you did know that the hero agencies like to keep people informed. You would, however, have to tell whoever was in charge of Red Riot's agency's Facebook page to change the color from blue to red. Now seeing that was just shocking.


The next thing that you scrolled upon was a post from the number one hero's personal Facebook telling everyone to be safe because apparently the villain that Bakugo and Kirishima had apprehended had villain cohorts....or were barely paying attention when you read it. You liked Midoriya, and he was a good friend of your boyfriend, but the things he posted on his social media were just so uninteresting to you, so you would just unconsciously tune them out. For instance, his Instagram mostly had pictures of All Might who was retired. You put your phone down once you finished eating and washed the dishes that you had generated. You had no idea if Eijiro was going to eat in his office or wait until he got home, but you saved the extra food just in case before deciding to pack it in for the evening.


You, once again, left your bedroom door open as you turned on the television in your bedroom, flipping to some random movie that was playing. You didn't have much of a reason for doing this, since you took out a book to read anyway. Perhaps it was because of the added light since you only had one of the bedside lamps on, or maybe it was for background noise. Whatever it was, though, you found yourself falling asleep during the next thirty minutes.


 As you felt the bed beginning to shift, you blinked your eyes open. Your lamp was turned off, the T.V. was turned off, the book that you had been reading was now safely on your night table, and you were tucked in bed. You rubbed at your eyes, reaching for your phone to check the time. It was 2:45 in the morning. "I'm sorry, [Name]. I woke you up, didn't I?" You smiled softly as you turned around to face your boyfriend who was now laying next to you. His hair looked a bit wet and was currently in its non pointy state indicating that he had just taken a shower.


"It's fine, babe," you assured, leaning in to kiss his lips, "I did want to see you." You moved closer to cuddle with him, feeling so nice and secure when he wrapped his strong arms around your body.


"Still, I'm sorry," he apologized, running a hand through your hair, "You need your sleep." You couldn't help but to giggle slightly at his words and kiss him again.


"Eiji, I swear it's okay," you told him, "Let's just go to sleep now." With him there, you knew it would be rather easy for you to fall back to sleep. His warm body was excellent comfort for you, and just knowing that he was there with you put you in a very relaxed state. You laid your head on his chest, cuddling close.


"Alright," he agreed before glancing down at you. He could only really see the top of your head from his position, "You know, you left the bedroom door open. Remember to close it when you go to bed next time." You slightly rolled your eyes.


"If someone's going to kill me in my sleep and have already broken in, I doubt another measly door being closed is going to prevent them," you replied. You heard him sigh and felt your head being tilted up to look at him as he placed his hand under your chin.


"You know I worry, babe," he smiled softly, leaning down to kiss your lips. That was something that you found to be more than true, and honestly you couldn't blame him.


"I know, Eiji," you replied, "Goodnight~."


The next morning was rather typical. You and Kirishima would usually wake up at the same time and start your morning routines. You got out of bed, still feeling the effects of sleep as you went in the bathroom to take a shower and do whatever else you needed to get done for that day. You couldn't wait until your next day off, Eijiro had told you that he was going to take that day off as well and spend the entire day doing things with you. You loved hanging out with your boyfriend, which goes without saying, however Kirishima was just so fun to do things with. The only problem was when people would recognize him, but that wasn't too much of a nuisance.


You hummed happily as you showered, washed your hair, etc. The water just felt so soothing and relaxing against your skin, and with your current attention being on that, you barely noticed when Eijiro entered the bathroom as well, leaving before you had finished with your shower. After your morning routine was said and done with, you got dressed before heading into the kitchen for breakfast. Like usual, the television in the living room was on blasting the news channel. "Anything planned for today?" you asked your boyfriend who was standing at the stove making pancakes. He turned to you with a thoughtful look on his face, staring off into space a bit as he thought.


"Hm, nothing too special," he replied, "As for as I know." He then walked over to you, kissing your temple as he placed a plate of pancakes and bacon in front of you.


"...Yes, people have been making several reports about mysterious figures around town." You could hear the television from the kitchen, "Pro-Hero Deku seems to think that this could be in relation to the villain that Ground Zero and Red Riot took down yesterday..."


"Come to think of it, Midoriya did post something like that on his Facebook page yesterday," you thought aloud as you started to eat some pancakes. Eijiro sat across from you.


"Ah, that reminds me! Midoriya seems to think that the villain we caught yesterday is a part of a larger group or something like that," he explained, "I'm gonna meet with him later on today about it."


"Diligent as always," you mused, looking to the side slightly.


"He is," Kirishima chuckled, "So, he's never really wrong about these things. Make sure to stay safe, though, if they are out there." You pouted a bit at that.


"Of course, I'll be safe, Eiji!" you told him, "I wouldn't want to worry you...I can just be a bit forgetful..." You rubbed at the back of your head a bit, a slight blush coming onto your face.


"Well remember to take precautions for me, alright, babe?" he asked as he stood up to kiss your lips. "I have to be at my agency soon." You glanced over to see that he had barely eaten anything. It wasn't too atypical though on days in which he seemed to be running a bit late.


"I can do that," you assured, earning a cute smile.


By the time Kirishima left for his agency, you checked to see if you had everything for your work day. Once everything was in check, you made sure the door was locked and headed to your place of work. It was pretty busy that day, but nothing that you couldn't handle.


When it became a bit closer to noontime, you decided that you were going to surprise Eijiro with lunch. With your schedules, the two of you didn't get to spend as much time as you wanted, but with little visits to each other's places of work here and there your craving for him could be satisfied. You smiled inwardly at your plan, thinking about seeing your boyfriend.


So, you ordered from a nice restaurant that wasn't too far from the area that Kirishima's agency was located. When you went to pick it up, you parked at a nearby parking garage and walked to the restaurant, enjoying the nice day. It had been a bit cold, but it wasn't anything too bad. There were people all along the streets, making the area sort of crowded. It was around lunch time, though, so it was to be expected. You stopped at a crosswalk, humming slightly as you waited for the light to change. As you were doing so, you noticed a large screen showing replays from the latest Sport's Festival at U.A. You smiled fondly as you watched it. Kirishima had taken you with him when he went to watch it live. You remembered him remarking about how the students weren't as fired up as they should be.


When the light began to blink for you to walk, you crossed the street easily, heading to the restaurant in which you ordered food from. The service there was nice for the most part, but the food had been pretty late in coming out so you had to wait an additional ten minutes. And while during this time you would prefer to text your boyfriend as opposed to browsing social media, you refrained from doing so since you didn't want to accidentally slip up on your surprise. Waiting was a bit boring, though, which caused you to feel so tired and your back to hurt. However, once you received your order it felt as if all previous feelings of fatigue were an allusion.


While you hadn't wanted to thank them since they made you wait, you did so anyway before leaving the restaurant and heading for Kirishima's agency. It made more sense to walk than drive because you had purposefully chose a place that was near him, and it was such a nice day. Luckily for you, there was slightly less people out and about now, but still enough to appear pretty concentrated.


You walked along the sidewalk for a bit before stopping and glancing at an alleyway that you knew would cut the time it took you to get to your boyfriend's agency in half. Kirishima always advised you to never take that short cut because 'allies are very dangerous'. It was in the middle of the day, though! And you couldn't help but to wonder what villain would be stupid enough to attack someone in broad daylight in such a concentrated area. Deciding that your boyfriend was just overprotective, you decided to take that route.


"Where you goin' there, little miss?" you heard a voice from behind you, "Don't you know it's dangerous to go down an alley alone?" You turned around to see a rather tall man wearing a grey coat and black pants. He seemed a bit jittery, and while you didn't like to judge people, in your perspective he also seemed like a drug addict. In your defense, he did look shaky, like he was going to explode with rage.


"I'm fine," you merely said, wanting to keep this conversation short. He had other plans, however.


"Where you headed to? Up to no good?" he asked, coming a bit too close for comfort to you. You looked behind him at all of the other people passing by before your eyes snapped on his.


"No, actually. I'm going to visit a hero today," you said, hoping that would scare him off. You didn't want to give him too much information, "Now if you'll excuse me. I don't want to be late." You took off down the alley-way, and while you were debating if that was a smart idea or not given the current situation, you just felt as if you needed to get to Kirishima's agency as soon as possible. Something just didn't feel right with you, and while you felt confident enough to use your quirk and fight in defense if you needed to, you just didn't want to deal with this.


You didn't know the exact moment when you realized that you were being pursued, but you turned around to see that you were no longer the only person going down the alley. You sped up in your walking, which soon turned into an all out sprint. Running seemed to only infuriate your pursuer as they increased their pace, reaching their arm out for you. And then in an instant, you felt a sharp pain in your leg, causing you to fall to the ground and let out a sharp noise in pain. You were now on your stomach on the dirty and slightly wet ground, breathing heavily. Before you could try to assess what had just happened, you felt a hand on your head which slammed your face onto the ground. "You brought this on yourself...or rather your boyfriend brought this on you." He sat on your back, keeping you down as he lit up a cigarette. You picked your head up, turning it as much as you could.


"M-My boyfriend?" you asked, not fully understanding what was happening. You had just thought he was a regular run of the mill villain after women who were alone. It seems as if you had been watched and stalked that day.


"Yep, he and that exploding punk sure did one of my buddies in," he said, puffing out smoke, "And like we say, you take one of ours, we take one of yours." So Midoriya had been right in his assessment. The villain from before wasn't alone and had cohorts. This was bad. This was really bad, and you felt as if your situation was going to be nothing but a burden to Eijiro. You had to get out of this and fast.


"Your "buddy" was a villain and is in jail," you spat, hoping to anger him enough to where his mind would be less focused. You might have a better chance if you could draw attention to the area. You then felt a sharp pain in your shoulder, as if it was being stabbed. Since your head was no longer pressed against the ground, you were able to see the cause of it. This guy's finger turned into a spear, which he stabbed you with.


"You're in no position to be talkin', bitch," he cursed, looking down at you, "I would have killed you by now, but I'm gonna have some fun with ya first. I bet Red Riot would just love that~." You froze seeing the look on his face. This was no time for any mind games. You needed to act and fast. Quickly, you activated your quirk, removing a twisted iron dagger from yourself. You didn't have much to work with since your quirk relied on the amount of iron that you had in your blood, and since you hadn't eaten since breakfast, you needed to be wise about this. Quickly and before your attacker could catch on, you stabbed into his leg, causing him to call out. "Ah! You fuckin' bitch!" With this diversion, you pushed him off of you and started to run again.


You had to be quick, because once he recovered, you knew that he was going to activate his own quirk and come after you. 'Almost...! Almost...!' You thought. It was your negligence, after all, that put you in this place. You didn't want to disappoint Eijiro, nor did you want to hurt him.


"Come back here!" You ignored his scream towards you, focusing on the path ahead of you. You even manged to ignore the feeling of him cutting against one of your thighs as his elongated his spear-like fingers charged at you. "Alright! I've had it! I'm gonna kill you and your fuckin' boyfriend!" Those words got to you, and you couldn't help but to look over your shoulder, causing yourself to run a bit slower as to not lose control. The villain saw an opening in that and extended all of his fingers towards you, making you purposefully fall forward as to not get stabbed. You coward in on yourself, biting your lip in slight fear and anger.


Fearful for your life.


Angry at yourself for being so stupid and weak.


Angry at him for threatening to kill Eijiro.


Your thoughts were interrupted when you let out a sharp cry as your shoulder was stabbed into again. "I ain't taken my time on you anymore, bitch!" He started to take off his coat as he looked down at you. "I was gonna be kind and not go so rough, but you fuckin' done it!" You closed your eyes tight, your will to fight barely there anymore. You knew that you'd have to regain it because there was no way in hell you were going to allow this man to put his hands on you. As he reached down for you, you anticipated his touch, but it never came. You could, however, hear a loud crash followed by some obscenities. You blinked your eyes open, slowly moving to a sitting position so that you could look around at the scene. Your eyes went to the villain, who was now laying on top of a garbage can that was now knocked over. You quickly looked around, wondering what was going on.


"E-Eiji?!" you said, eyes widening as you saw your boyfriend with his hardening quirk currently in use. He was facing where the villain landed, but his eyes soon landed on you.


"[Name], are you alright?!" he asked, kneeling down in front you to make sure you were okay. You rose an eyebrow before realizing the state that you were in. The adrenaline that you must have had before let you ignore that. You were bleeding from your leg, shoulder, and thigh. You also felt pain in your head and back. Probably from when he slammed your head against the ground and sat on you.


"What are you doing here?" you asked him, "How did you...How did you think to come here?" You were still just very shocked to see that your boyfriend was here and saving you. Kirishima sighed, looking at you with a very worried face. He seemed more interested in seeing how you were rather than explaining how he got there.


"I was out patrolling the area whenever I heard some very pissed off shouting," he explained, "So, I went to check it out. That doesn't matter, though! [Name], we have to get you to a hospit-" Kirishima stopped mid-sentence, eyes going wide. At first you wondered what was happening, but then you looked behind him and saw that the villain was now up with his quirk activated. It was also so shocking to see that he actually manged to pierce Kirishima with three fingers.


"Let's see what's better, hm? Your hardening or my spears!" he yelled. Kirishima looked behind himself, not being able to move too well due to the three spear-like fingers inside of him. The villain harshly jerked his hand back to leave a bigger wound. Kirishima stood up, turning around to face the villain.


"Y-You need to leave, [Name]. Now," he told you. Since his back was facing you, you were able to see how deep and bad his wounds truly were. They were much worse than yours. You bit your lip, looking at the villain that your boyfriend was currently protecting you from.


"Even if you try to leave, I'll still kill you both!" came the villain's reply. "You'll just have the pleasure of seeing Red Riot here die before you." You bit your lip, unable to find the strength to stand up currently. It hurt you to see your boyfriend wounded, and while he was probably in deep pain from that cheap shot, he hid it. The villain began his next attack on your boyfriend, the two beginning to go at it. Every time Kirishima got hurt, you felt yourself tense and bit your lip hard. You had never seen someone break through Eijiro's hardening like that. He was just leaving wound after wound. And while your boyfriend was holding his own, a loss of blood could lead to something more serious.


"Don't talk to her," Kirishima responded, "Don't even look at her." He dodged one finger only to be stabbed with another.


"Oh trust me, I'll be looking at her 'everywhere' once you're dead." Those words seemed to completely fuel Kirishima's fire as his hardening seemed to increased. You had never seen your boyfriend go Unbreakable before. You had only heard about it, and it truly amazed you. The next punch he landed on the villian had him flying back against the alley wall. You could see the furious look on the villain's face and angrily he sent all of his spear-like fingers flying in the direction of Eijiro, and while you prepared yourself for what you thought you were about to see, the actual outcome was even more surprising.


He ended up breaking all of his fingers off of Kirishima's now incredibly sturdy chest, causing him to erupt in a string of cruses and wails of pain. You felt your eyes widened in amazement as you witnessed this. With a taunting smirk, your boyfriend sent another punch the villain's way, causing him to fly against the wall once again. Only this time, it effectively knocked him out.


While you were amazed at what you had just witnessed, your eyes quickly went to the wounds that now decorated Kirishima. He turned around to look at you, eyes full of concern as he approached you, helping you stand up. "Are you alright, [Name]?!" he asked. You felt tears starting to well up in your eyes as you looked up at him.


"Idiot! Don't worry about me!" you said, hitting him against his chest. It hurt your hand slightly since his quirk was still activated, but your emotions were clouding the pain.


"Come on, you know I worry," Eijiro chuckled, wrapping his arms around you. His quirk dis-activated, making the hug feel even better. You hugged him back, burying your face against his chest. You barely noticed when his grip on you started to go a bit slack. You pulled back a bit to address him.


"Eiji, I-Eijiro?!" You yelled as you saw him go down and pass out. You felt very panicked, but you knew that you had to quickly search for your phone and call an ambulance and the police.


You hated having to wait at the hospital. Since you weren't family, you would have to wait until you were given the "okay" before you could see your boyfriend. You were patched up by a nurse while you waited, though. You didn't experience anything too bad, but you were prescribed pain killers and told to change your bandages every five hours. Now you were just waiting until you were able to see Eijiro. Your heart was hurting for him since this was all your fault. He had always told you to be careful, and yet you never were. You just told him that you would to ease his mind, but ended up half-assing it. If you didn't think that he was just being paranoid then he wouldn't be in this situation.


It was all your fault. All of it. You rubbed at your eyes, not wanting to cry in front of a bunch of strangers. Your chest felt heavy, though, as you tried to keep it all inside. 'If only I had listened...' you thought.


"Ms. [Last Name]?" You looked up to see a very friendly-looking nursing smiling at you gently. "You can see Mr. Kirishima now. I'll lead you to his room, okay?" You nodded, standing up, though not saying anything as you followed her down a few hallways until you both stopped outside of a door. The nurse opened it for you, letting you in, before closing it.


In front of you now was your boyfriend all wrapped up in bandages as he was sitting up in a hospital bed. He looked at you with a smile once you entered the room. All you could do was stand there and try to force your tears back. It didn't work, though. You bit your lip, closing your eyes as you wiped at them. "I'm so sorry, Eiji....," you sobbed a bit. Kirishima's eyes widened at your crying.


"[Name]! It's alright!" he quickly said, "Please don't cry! I'm fine!" You sniffled a bit, not being able to help it.


"It's all my fault...," you told him, trailing your gaze down, "If I had only listened to you and didn't go in that alley than none of this would have happened." Your boyfriend gave you a very soft look.


"Come here," he told you. You looked up at him and nodded as you wiped at your eyes again, going over to the hospital bed. Kirishima held onto your hand gently. "Look, I do need you to be safe, that's true, but don't beat yourself up over this. It's not your fault that guy tried to hurt you. I'm just lucky that I was able to save you." He kissed your fingers softly. You truly had been lucky that Kirishima heard the commotion and was out patrolling at that time. You would have been dead otherwise.


"I just can't help but to feel like it was my fault...," you insisted, looking away from him a bit. Kirihima smiled at you before cupping your face with one of his hands and making you look at him.


"If you feel that way, then promise me that you'll try a bit harder and be more cautious," he said. You nodded at his words, leaning in to kiss him. It felt so good to feel his lips against yours after what had just happened.


"I will," you promised once you pulled away, "But I do feel bad that I caused you pain." You looked down at his bandages. Kirishima, being Kirishima, smiled brightly.


"Oh, that?" he seemed to wave it off, "I'm proud of any pain I get from protecting you! After all, I do want to make you my wife!" At that, both your and Kirishima's eyes went wide. Yours in surprise and Kirishima's in shock at what he had just blurted out. There was a slight silence until you broke it.


"What do you mean by that, Eijiro?" you asked, eyes going to look at his. His face flushed up and he rubbed at the back of his head.


"Well...I...I just...," he tried to get the words out, but he just couldn't, so he gave up. "Uh...Well, I guess I just can't wait anymore! I was going to ask you this on your next day off and when I had the ring to propose with, but...will you marry me?" You blushed and felt your heart beating happily. You started to tear up again, but only this time in happiness.


"I will!"


Chapter Text

There weren't many girls in the League of Villains. That much was pretty obvious to anyone who looked at the group, but right now it was alarmingly obvious to Shirayuuki Koiko. The reason why that thought crossed her mind was because she was sitting alone in a room with Himiko Toga who was going on and on about "Deku" as he was apparently called. It wasn't like Koiko minded to hear this, she just couldn't help but to notice what was going on. They were two girls sitting alone in a room going on about girly topics such as crushes. And while one could add that they were villains, it would sound more like "they were two girls talking about crushes that just happened to be villains" rather than the truth. And the truth was that they happened to be the only girls in a villain group, so they chose to talk to each other about their crushes. In all honesty though, only Toga was talking while Koiki just responded with simple gestures.


"I mean Deku is just so cute! I've seen him covered in blood! It was amazing!" Toga went on while Koiko merely shrugged in response. "Ah! Wait, hang on! I think I have a picture of him on my phone!" She glanced at the device that was on a table quite a ways away from them, "Can you get it for me? I'm feeling a bit lazy." Toga gave a slight laugh as she rubbed at the back of her head.


Koiko nodded before reaching her hand out to activate her quirk, which was exactly what they needed in the current situation of not wanting to get up and cross the room to retrieve Toga's phone. Strings that were like those a puppeteer would use came from her thumb, index finger, and middle finger attached to the phone and caused it to move to their location. She honestly didn't need to use all of those fingers in order to retrieve the very light phone, but she used them anyway on just her right hand.


The phone flew towards Toga who grabbed it while uttering a 'thanks' in appreciation. Humming in a sick happiness the girl searched through her phone to find the picture of Midoriya that she had took. It was actually a picture of the picture that their leader Shigaraki Tomura had of Midoriya. The same one he used to let people know that he was a target. "Isn't he the cutest?!" Koiko merely shrugged again, not having much of an opinion on the green-haired boy. Toga pouted when she noticed that Koiko didn't exactly share her obsessive thoughts. Not that she minded though, being as that meant more Midoriya for her. "By the way, Koiko, what kind of guy do you like?" she asked the girl, "Do you have a crush?" At that, Koiko's eyes shifted from the picture that Toga was still holding out to show her, as if it would change her opinion on Deku, and went to look at the door as if hoping that someone would walk in.


"Well, I really like Tomura-sama," she easily said before looking at Toga who had finally put her phone down, "I'd honestly listen to anything he tells me to do." She had no problem in wanting to talk quite a bit when it came to Shigaraki. Her words got a giggle out of the girl in front of her.


"Oooo~, so you like Shigaraki?" she asked, looking as if she was thinking. She probably was wondering if she had noticed anything between the two before, "Well, I agree with you on the latter note! You do always do as he says!" Koiko looked to the side, slightly flushed, and nodded. It was true after all.


"I really like his personality and temperament," Koiko admitted, "He's also very attractive to me." Honestly the girl could go on about Shigaraki. She just couldn't help herself not that Toga would mind of she did. In fact, Toga felt amused to hear this.


"I bet you'd kill for him!" Toga gushed, earning a nod, "I'd cut Deku and then get on top of him and bounce up and down as he bled!" The last bit made Koiki raise an eyebrow in confusion. She couldn't help but to wonder why Toga would do that. This was Toga after all, though.


"You'd jump up and down on his body while he bleeds?" she questioned. Toga quickly shook her head as she smiled.


"No, no!" she said, cupping her own face with her hands, "I'd bounce up and down on his cock while he bleeds! It would be so amazing!" Her face started to grow red as she thought about it. Her explanation didn't solve Koiko's current confusion, however, it only made it worse.


"His...cock?" she questioned, "What is that?" This caught Toga's attention completely.


"His penis!" she clarified, "and I bet he has a nice one!" Now that the answers were sort of coming along, Koiko decided to try and put this all together. Toga said she'd bounce up and down on Deku's cock while he bled. And bouncing was not referring to jumping, and his cock was his penis. Now the big question: Was Koiko more confused or less?


"Umm...," Koiko wasn't sure what to say to this nor did she know what to ask. Thankfully, Toga was starting to put two and two together.


"I'd have sex with him while he bleeds!" she said, hoping to clear the air. Hearing that what she was referring to was "sex" both helped and caused more problems in Koiko's head at the same time. She knew what sex was to an extent, however, she didn't relate to what Toga had described to earlier as sex at all. Wasn't it supposed to be pleasureful? And wasn't it supposed to be to make babies? Up until that point, Koiko had ascribed to the whole: 'when a man and woman love each other they create babies with their genitals, and that is what sex is'. Now this was just something different to her entirely.


"And what you just described was sex?" Koiko decided to ask as if for reassurance. Toga giggled softly, deciding that she would choose a much funner way to deal with this.


"You know what? Why don't you go to Shigaraki and ask him about fucking?!" she suggested, "I'm sure he'll teach you all about it!" She giggled a bit more.


"Fucking?" Koiko asked.


"Yep! Ask him using that word exactly!" Toga pushed as she started to look at the picture of Midoriya on her phone yet again. Now trust was hardly a thing when it came to villains and while Koiko didn't exactly trust Toga, she trusted Shigaraki enough to do this. So, without adding any more to the conversation, she left the room to continue her search for answers, faintly hearing Toga squealing about Deku to her phone as she did so.


 So, while Toga was obsessing over her crush, Koiko went to find Shigaraki. She hoped to get him alone since she felt as if this was a conversation that didn't need to happen in front of the others. They wouldn't understand after all, not like Shigaraki. The walk to locate him was quick, and Koiko found him in a room talking with Dabi and currently was not wearing any of the hands that often adorned his body. Koiko just leaned against the door frame, waiting for their discussion to be over with. However, her presence was noticed in practically no time at all, and Shiagaraki turned his attention onto her. "Do you need something, Shira-chan?" he asked her. Koiko decided to pay no mind to Dabi, who was now also looking at her.


"Yes," she told him, "There's something I need to ask you about. In private." Deciding that whatever she needed was a bit more important than what Dabi had to say, Shigaraki nodded before quickly telling the other man in the room that he would be back later before leaving, motioning for Koiko to follow. Koiko gladly followed Shigaraki all the way to his room. She honestly liked spending time with him, even though this would just be her asking a simple question.


Once in the room, Shigaraki closed the door behind himself, gesturing for Koiko to sit down on his bed. "What did you need to ask me?" Koiko could feel her heart swelling a bit in happiness now that she was alone with him. She felt comfortable and relaxed, so she had no problem in coming to him for this.


"Well, I was having a conversation with Toga not too long ago," she started, "and well...can you teach me about fucking?" This question certainly took Shigaraki off guard, but hearing Koiko ask that made an anxious and needy feeling appear in the pit of his stomach. His eyes were a bit wide as he looked at her, wanting to hear her ask it again.


"What was that?" he question, approaching her as she was still sitting on his bed.


"Can you teach me about fucking?" It sounded like such an innocent question coming from her lips, and for some reason it just made the whole thing even more sexual to Shigaraki. To think his Shira-Chan would ask him about such a thing. It just made him want to shove her down and force her to beg. The good and bad thing about this, however, was that she had no idea how these things worked. He'd get the be the one to teach her.


"Do you know about sex?" he asked her, causing the girl to slightly scoff with a soft smile on her face.


"I do," she said, before adding, "For the most part." At this time, Shigaraki decided to sit next to her, putting a hand at the middle of her thigh. She liked being touched by him like this, and he was going to enjoy touching her in a much more intimate way.


"Well, fucking is like that, but a bit different. Much rougher," even though they were basically the same thing, Shigaraki's more sadistic side was pushing him to explain it to her this way, "If you'll allow me," he slid his hand further up her thigh, "I can show you, and it'll feel really good. You're going to need to completely trust me, though." Koiko looked at him with honest eyes.


"I trust you," she said. He was basically the only one in the League of Villains who she truly trusted. Shigaraki cupped one of Koiko's cheeks, softly rubbing one of his thumbs in small circles over it.


"That's good to hear, Shira-chan," he told her, "I need you, however, to be a good girl for me and do everything I say without fail, understand?" Koiko didn't know why, but she was starting to feel herself growing hot. Her crotch started to feel a bit moist, and she felt needy.


"I-I understand," she ended up stuttering. Shigaraki smirked deviously, pressing a nail into her cheek now.


"No, say 'Yes, Master'," he told her, "If we're going to do this, then we're going to do this right, okay?" Koiko nodded softly.


"Yes, Master," she agreed, finding herself to heat up a bit more at calling him that.


"Good, girl~," Shigaraki praised, "I'll teach you everything you need to know now." Without further warning, Shigaraki roughly pressed his lips against Koiko's, intending to leave her breathless. He shoved his tongue deep into Koiko's mouth, hands now pulling her body against his so that she was sitting on his lap. Koiko was new to kissing, so she not only felt overwhelmed, but she was having a hard time kissing him back. Shigaraki wanted her to be overwhelmed, though. He wanted to make her feel as if she didn't know what do with herself. He wanted to ravish her body and make her convulse from over stimulation. When Shigaraki finally pulled away from the kiss, Koiko had to catch her breath. She panted, face flushed with a little bit of saliva going down her chin. Shigaraki wasted no time in attacking her neck with kisses and bites as he held her body close to his. He wanted to see nothing but marks on her when he was done.


Koiko had never felt anything like this before, and she was unsure what to do with her hands currently. She just allowed herself to still be seated on Shigaraki's lap, facing him, while he did what he wanted to her. She could hear noises involuntarily leaving her throat because of his actions. Since it all felt so good in a way, she assumed that they were noises of pleasure.


Once Shigaraki let her neck go, he grabbed onto both of her cheeks with one of his hands, his nails slightly clawing her skin. "Now, why don't you be a good girl and take your clothes off for me?" he told her. Koiko gave a shaky nod, still feeling the affects of his rough actions. She stood up from his lap and started to remove her clothing, slowly. Shigaraki took in the sight of her curves, smirk starting to form on his face once her plump soft breasts were shown. When Koiko finally took her panties off, which was her last item of clothing, Shigaraki felt his pants growing increasingly tight. He wanted to just shove her down and fuck her for everyone in the area to hear, but he would force himself to be patient. Shigaraki pulled Koiko back onto his lap, stroking her hair affectionately for a bit before sliding his hand down to grip around her neck. "First, I'll pleasure that cute little pussy of yours, and then I'll teach you how to pleasure me, okay?"


Koiko nodded, face still flushed, "Yes, master," she replied. Koiko felt that being on his lap now felt much better than it did the last time. Perhaps it was because she wasn't wearing any panties. She also noticed that there was something hard in Shigaraki's pants now. She rubbed herself against it a bit, since she found it to feel incredible against her.


Shigaraki let out a sharp breath at her actions. His grip on her neck tightened, causing her to stop what she was doing and look up at him. "I'll show you how to touch that later," he said, voice a bit more stern. His hold on her neck only grew causing Koiko to cough a bit, one of her hands going to grab onto the wrist of the hand that was choking her. Instead of saying anything else, Shigaraki threw her by the neck onto her back on his bed. Koiko slightly rubbed at her neck since his grip had been a bit hard. She didn't know why, but him choking her had felt exhilarating. "You have to behave if you want me to touch you, Shira-chan. Are you going to behave?" He took his shirt off, giving the girl a nice view of his body.


"I-I will," she said, voice a bit shaky from what had just happened. Shigaraki climbed on top of her, caging her body with his arms.


"There's my good girl," he praised her before leaning down to bite roughly onto Koiko's shoulder. Koiko's eyes widened at the sudden burst of pain. Her arms wrapped around Shigaraki's body before she slid her hands up into his hair. She didn't want him to pull away even though it hurt. The pain was making her feel so alive.


With a soft chuckle, Shigaraki pulled away. There was some blood on his lips, that he licked off, admiring the taste. He couldn't wait to taste more of her. Gently sucking on her wound, which was the complete contrast to the pain that he had just given her, Shigaraki slid one of his hands down, gripping onto one of her supple breasts. He couldn't wait to play with those a bit later, the thought of putting his cock between them was just too delicious to bare. Shigaraki gave a hard pinch to one of Koiko's nipples, causing her to shiver a bit, before his hand snaked further down to her wet heat. He was pleased with how wet she was for him, and he took pride in the fact that he would be the first person to touch her there. The only person to touch her there. "I bet you've never been this wet before in your life~." He slid two fingers against her slit, which made Koiko shiver in delight at the new feeling, before pulling his hand away to see the natural lubricant on it. He smirked a bit before shoving his fingers into Koiko's mouth, taking her by great surprise.


Shigaraki pushed his fingers as deep as he could, careful not to gag her too much. He enjoyed the way her eyes began to tear up at the intrusion, and the erotic sight caused the man to grind his still clothed hardened length against Koiki's wet heat. "How do you like the taste of yourself?" he questioned her, pinching her tongue a bit and slightly pulling on it. Once he decided that she had enough, he pulled his fingers away. Koiko gasped for air, panting heavily now. "I guess I'll have to find out how good it is myself~." Shigaraki slid his hand back down to Koiko's pussy, tracing around her outer labia, which caused the girl to shiver yet again. "Does it feel good?"


"Y-Yes...," Koiko answered, still panting.


"This is going to feel terrible compared to what I'm about to do to you~." Shigaraki decided to not go slow at all as he started to roughly rub at her clit quickly. He took pleasure in the way that Koiko's eyes widened from the sudden feeling. He could tell that she wanted to close her legs from the immediate over stimulation, which she tried to, but he wouldn't let her.


Koiko threw her head back, body squirming from Shigaraki's touch on her. It felt too much, but it also felt so good. She bit her lip, eyes started to close tightly as she felt something building up. Something that she had never felt before. Her back began to arch, and she could feel her legs shake. Whatever it was, Shigaraki could tell what was happening, and he smiled sadistically as he continued to rub at her in the most stimulating way possible. Finally, Koiko could feel herself letting go, and she called out, not being able to help it, "Tomura-sama!"


Her voice was only fueling Shigaraki's fire. Starting to slow his hand down, Shigaraki watched Koiko intently. He loved seeing the look on her face when she came. He was sure that she had no idea what just happened, "You're such a good girl," he praised her for her orgasm. Koiko looked up at Shigaraki, feeling her body being a bit tired.


"W-What...what just happened to me?" she asked him. She was met with a chuckle.


"You had an orgasm, Shira-chan," Shigaraki explained, "It felt really good, didn't it?" Koiko nodded slowly, thinking back on what she just felt. She wanted to give Shigaraki the same feelings, too if she could. "Now it'll be much easier to touch you~."


Shigaraki slipped his fingers down a bit further on Koiko's heat. Since she came, her come would help him slip his fingers inside of her. She was probably extremely tight since this was her first time, and she seemed to know absolutely nothing about these sorts of things. She had probably never even touched herself before. Shigaraki had wanted to know if she did or not. He gave her a soft kiss on the lips before moving his body down hers, coming face to face with her beautiful core. Shigaraki started to rim one of his fingers around her opening. "Tell me, have you ever touched yourself before?" he asked. Even if she did, it was obvious that she had never made herself orgasm.


"T-Touched myself?" Koiko asked, cunt twitching at feeling him slowly work against her.


"Have you ever played with this secret part of your body, hm? Have you touched it?" Shigaraki asked, before glancing up at Koiko's face. She looked at him, shaking her head, which was what he expected. "Well, if you're ever alone and you feel tingly, instead of touching yourself just come to me, alright?" It was a bit selfish of him, but he wanted to always see her coming undone. "You don't have to worry about self-pleasure."


 "I-I usually only ever feel that way when you're around," Koiko admitted, face going a bit red.


 "You're such a good girl, aren't you?" Shigaraki told her, smirking up at her. He was more than delighted to hear her say that, "I'll give you a nice reward then." He finally slipped the finger that had been rimming around her opening inside of her. It didn't have much difficulty going in due to the fact that Koiko had come not too long ago. Shigaraki continued to look up at Koiko, taking in her facial expression. It was a mixture of discomfort and amazement at this new pleasure. Shigaraki stilled for a bit when he got deep enough before starting to move his finger in and out of her. He wanted her to get used to this before he would add another one. So, when the moans started to spill out of Koiko's mouth, he eagerly slipped another finger inside. He loved how tight and wet she was, and just imagining her around his cock was starting to send Shigaraki over the edge. He was continuing to control himself, however.


Koiko bit her lip, gripping onto the bed underneath her at this pleasurable feeling. It had been a bit uncomfortable at first, but that soon faded away and all she was left with was pleasure. She looked down at Shigaraki, those sounds from before leaking out from her mouth. She tried to control them when he was rubbing at her before, but they became much louder when she started feeling extremely overwhelmed. Now was a bit different, though. Shigaraki wasn't moving as intense as before, although the look on his face looked slightly pained even though he was smirking. Maybe he needed to orgasm, too? Before Koiko could dwell on this thought and try to figure it out, Shigaraki's fingers touched something inside of her that made her eyes roll in deep pleasure. "...Ah...!" she moaned, toes beginning to curl from the pleasure. She could feel that feeling from before building up. She knew she was about to have another orgasm.


"That's right," Shigaraki told her once he saw that look of pleasure on her face, "Let it all out, Shira-chan." He looked down at her now throbbing pussy and licked his lips before latching his mouth onto her clit. He gave it rough sucks, tongue circling around it to add even more to her pleasure.


"T-Tomura-sama!" Koiko called out his name again, nails digging into Shigaraki's comforter. His mouth felt so incredible on her, and she hadn't even known what he was doing was possible until just now. "I-I...I-I'm-!" Before she could even figure out the word to say, she felt her body letting go again. This orgasm had been longer and a bit more intense than the one that she had before. Her body shook and her heat throbbed.


Shigaraki licked up Koiko's come and continued to finger her through her high. Once she finally started to come down, he pulled his hand away, giving her now twitching cunt a soft kiss. He could honestly spend all day between her legs, but his own problem was just growing unbearable. Shigaraki stood up from his bed and started to take his pants off, eyes admiring the way that Koiko looked so out of it. He loved seeing her like this, and he loved to be the one to cause it. Once his boxers were off and on the floor, he climbed back onto the bed, one hand going to give one of Koiko's breasts a nice squeeze. He fucking loved how it felt. "I'll give you a quick break, but be ready to use that pretty little mouth of yours when I say so, alright?" he told her, hand going up to cup her cheek.


Koiko looked at him, trying to catch her breath from the orgasm that she just had. She barely noticed that he had taken his pants off. "Y-Yes, master," she replied.


"Good girl~," Shigaraki told her, "Now just lay there and let me take care of everything for now." Koiko could only nod at his words, watching as he moved on top of her, straddling right below her chest. Koiko's face went a bit red seeing what she could only assume to be what Toga had affectionately and loudly called a 'cock'. Who knew that they were so big, and apparently that was supposed to go inside of her.


Shigaraki slipped his member in between Koiko's big supple breasts, grabbing onto each mound tightly. He knew that not only the pressure of his weight on her but also how hard he was squeezing was probably uncomfortable for the girl underneath him, though that only turned him on even more. As his moved his thumbs to play with her nipples, Shigaraki started to thrust his cock in and out from between Koiko's breasts. He groaned at the pleasurable feeling, taking in her flushed and slightly dazed face. Next he would get to shove his length down her throat, and while he couldn't wait to do that, he was still enjoying the feeling of her breasts pressed against him.


"Y-You're squeezing too t-tight...," Koiko said, finding the pressure he was applying on her breasts to be a bit too much. Instead of letting up on his grip, however, Shigaraki did the expect opposite, earning a high-pitched moan from Koiko.


"It'll be alright if you just take it," he merely told her. Hearing her express her discomfort had him much closer to the edge than he would have thought. He didn't want to come just yet, though, even if it would be hot to see his seed all over her breasts. Shigaraki gave a few more thrusts before pulling away and kneeling on the bed next to her. Koiko didn't have much time to ask what he was going to do next as he grabbed her by the hair, forcing her to get up on her elbows and her head to his cock. He was breathing rather deeply and pretty close to his release at this point. "Don't you remember what I said before?" He pressed the tip against her lips.


Koiko gave a slow nod before allowing him to enter into her mouth. She could feel something already leaking from the tip of it. Whatever it was, it had a slightly salty taste.


Even though her position was a bit uncomfortable for this, Shigaraki kept his grip on her hair, shoving her down further onto him. He bucked his hips, wanting to be as deep in her mouth as possible, and when he could hear little choking sounds leaving her throat, he knew that he struck gold. Shigaraki started to thrust in and out of Koiko's mouth; the sounds of her discomfort were like music to his ears. "Come on, Shira-chan~. Suck for me~," he goaded, and since Koiko wanted to please him and was finding fulfillment in doing so, she did as she was told. Shigaraki's thrusts only became rougher, however, as her sucking helped him to chase his high. Koiko could feel her body starting to react to his harsh thrusts as tears began to spill down her face, and her crotch became twitchy again. She pressed her legs together, finding slight relief in doing so, which didn't go unnoticed by Shigaraki. "I bet you can't wait for me to fuck the shit out of y-you," he told her through labored breaths and groans, "You're being such a good slut for me, Shira-chan~." Then with a final thrust that hit so hard against the back of Koiko's throat, Shigaraki spilled his seed deep in her mouth.


Koiko's eyes widened and while she tried to pull away since she was choking on this thick hot liquid, Shigaraki applied more pressure to the back of her head to keep it still. He groaned in pleasure, only letting go once he was done, and when he did so, Koiko moved away, coughing violently. Some of his come had seeped far down her throat, causing her to swallow it, while the rest had seeped passed her lips, dripping down to her chest during her coughing fit. "You did so well~," Shigaraki told her, giving her head a pet before sliding his hand down to hold onto her cheeks and force her head to look up at him. He admired the look on her now red face. Her eyes were wet and puffy, her lips looked a bit swollen, and her cheeks were stained with tears. This was what he wanted to see before he would fuck her. Shigaraki threw her roughly back on the bed, making her drop herself from her elbows.


"I guess I'll give you a big reward for your good behavior," he said, smirking down at her tired body. Shigaraki stood up from the bed, going to retrieve a belt that had been hanging off the back of a chair in his room. He intended to tie her up with it, but he wanted to have a bit more fun first. Approaching the bed, he looped the belt over once and smacked it down against one of her soft thighs. The pain-filled squeak he heard was like music to his ears. He did so again, admiring the confused yet still very trustful eyes that Koiko was giving him. "Oh come on," he teased, "If you can't take this, then we can't fuck~. Don't you want to learn what fucking is?"


"I-I do," Koiko nodded her head, body turning red at where the belt hit.


"Oh, do you?" Shigaraki teased her. He loved seeing her like this. He hit her on her thigh again, loving the way she wiggled slightly from the sharp feeling. "Maybe I should make you beg for it."


"B-Beg?" Koiko questioned. That earned her a hard smack on her pubic bone which caused her body to jolt a bit at the sudden pleasure-like pain.


"Yes. Beg for it," Shigaraki ordered her, "Beg for my cock. Ask it to fill up your tight little hole." Koiko bit her, squeaking again at another smack being placed on her pubic bone.


"P-Please...," she begged, feeling herself starting to pant a bit from both the pain and the heat that was increasing between her legs, "Please, master...I...I need you." Shigaraki looked down at Koiko, licking his lips at the delicious sounds coming from her mouth as she spoke.


"Oh come on, Shira-chan," he egged on, "You can do better than that. Ask my cock to fill you up." Koiko's face flushed a bit redder, and she looked down at Shigaraki's length, being extremely hard at this point.


"Please fill me up," she begged it, sounding a bit dazed, "P-Please...Please fuck me." Shigaraki bit his lip, hardly being able to take hearing what she was saying. Her face looked so cute as she was addressing his cock, making it twitch in need. He gave her another smack on her thigh, drawing out a loud, "Please!" from her. Shigaraki then reached down and cupped one of her cheeks, rubbing at it with his thumb.


"You're such a good girl, Shira-chan. Now raise your hands above your head for me."


Koiko nodded, doing as told. She was a bit intrigued by all of this and wondered what it had to do with fucking. She was enjoying it, though, so perhaps that was why. Shigaraki tied her hands together with the belt before tying that to the metal headboard on his bed. He trailed a hand down from one of her hands to her arm, her breasts, her stomach, and finally to her pussy, slipping a finger into her hole. It felt pleasurable to Koiko as Shigaraki started to move his finger in and out of her. He then got between her legs, removing his finger so that he could wrap her legs around him.


Shigaraki was about to make Koiko his. All his. That thought sent a tingle down his spin, and without giving her any more prep, he slammed himself into her tight hole, lustfully taking in the look on her face as he did so. Her eyes widened, and she teared up, body squirming from the pain. Shigaraki knew that it must have hurt her, and he just couldn't help that he had wanted it to. He wondered if he tore her a bit... He wasn't all bad, however, as he did care about her, so he gave her about a minute to adjust to his intrusion before he started to roughly pump himself in and out of her wet heat. Her tight walls were just gripping around him so hard, and the view of her naked, tired, tied up, and wiggling underneath him was too deliciously alluring to him.


Koiko was getting used to the feeling of Shigaraki thrusting in and out of her. Even though it was so rough, and he barely gave her any time to get used to it, for some reason it felt so incredible. His cock was just so deep inside of her, hitting spots desirably that she didn't even know she had. And seeing how content he was while doing this and hearing sweet groans leaving his throat made her feel even more satisfaction from what he was doing to her. He would be the only one who got to do this to her, and she would be the only one he did this with. Koiko would always make sure of that. One thrust in particular, though, had her seeing starts. She still didn't know what it was, but like before when his fingers were inside of her, he was hitting this one spot that was going to make her go insane.


As his thrusts began to grow harder, Shigaraki took in Koiko's beautiful moans and scrams of pleasure. "T-That's it, Shira-chan...y-you're being so good right now," he told her as he reached a hand up to grip around her neck, his other hand holding her hip tightly and moving her against his thrusts. He squeezed her neck hard as he began to pound quickly against that one spot inside of her that he knew would make her go wild. He took pleasure in watching her body twitch and her legs shake from what he was giving her. When her eyes started to practically roll to the back of her head, he knew she was about to burst.


"T-Tomura-sama....!" she choked out in pleasure before biting her lip hard. Shigaraki felt her tighten up even more, getting a deep groan from him. He didn't falter in his thrusting however, eyes going to how her breasts were bouncing at each jerk of his hips before going back to her beautiful face.


Koiko's nails started to dig into her still tied hands, and she arched her back, toes curling as she felt her body began to convulse and spasm. That feeling, which Shigaraki had told her was an orgasm, that she had felt before was back in an even harsher way. She shut her eyes tightly as it shook her to her very core, making her loudly call out while her legs squeezed around Shigaraki's waist, pulling him even deeper within her.


As she came, her walls merciless gripping his length, Shigaraki groaned loudly, unable to hold back from peaking any longer. "S-Shi-chan...," he moaned her name, grip on her neck tightening as he spilled deep within her. Her walls had just felt so hot and wet around his length, and as he came they pulsed around him as if wanting to milk him dry.


Once they finally came down from their highs, Shigaraki collapsed on top of Koiko, who was panting heavily. He had released his grip on her and let out a breath of air before pulling out. Koiko felt so exhausted from this little experience, and she just wanted to sleep it all off. Luckily for her, Shigaraki seemed to have the same idea in mind as he moved off of her, pulling her to lay her head against his chest. He kissed her forehead before stroking at her hair softly. "You did such a good job for your first time," he praised her, kissing her lips gently.


Koiko cuddled back against Shigaraki, wrapping her arms around him and smiling softly once she felt him pulling a blanket over their still naked bodies. She honestly didn't want to get up anytime soon and just wanted to enjoy cuddling with Shigaraki at the moment. She let out soft hums at the feeling of him rubbing down her hair and body in comfort. "I had no idea that fucking was like that," she admitted, "If it's with you, though, I love it."


"Good, because it's only going to be with me," Shigaraki chuckled, kissing her lips again, "And once you feel up to it, I'll show you some more things, love." He kissed the tip of her nose this time.


Although she agreed immensely, Koiko couldn't exactly voice it since sleep was starting to pull her in. She was unable to fight it anymore, and she closed her eyes cuddling close to the man she loved.



Chapter Text

Another day at U.A. filled with classes, internships, training, and a whole lot of anxiety. Things had been rather hard to deal with lately. After all, on top of going through his regular school day with his nervous feelings as usual, there was also the threat of the League of Villains in the background as well as the structure of peace changing due to All Might retiring. The days were just becoming more difficult to deal with, and even though Amajiki was strong enough physically to make it into The Big Three, the emotional aspect of his life was severally lacking. Or rather it had been.


One day it all changed in the form of an ad for an online dating website.


Now, Amajiki was not the type to try this sort of thing, but this website in particular seemed to be perfect for his introverted self. The advertisement of it pushed the idea of anonymity. It's tagline being "Get to know someone for who they truly are!" So, while still having some skepticism, Amajiki made a profile and answered a little questionnaire to find his perfect match. That match was you. You and Amajiki had no idea how much you truly needed each other until you had begun talking. The first night you two ending up writing to each other until about four in the morning. You would have stayed on longer had it not been for the fact that you had school the next day. You and Amajiki were just so perfect to each other, and he looked forward to talking to you every day. You had been talking for about three months before you both decided to make this a relationship. Well an online relationship at least, and while there were several things you still didn't know about each other, you felt as if you knew him for an eternity.


Currently, it was between classes and everyone was chatting with one another like usual. Amajiki, Mirio, and Nejire were all sitting next to each other discussing their internships and such. As third years, they really did have a lot on their plate to worry about, and the conversation soon turned to how they all manged to balance both their school work and internships while making a little bit of time for training. "I usually do my classwork as soon as I get it," Mirio explained, "Then off to my internship with Sir Nighteye."


"Do you do any extra training?" Nejire asked curiously.


"If I'm not at Nighteye's agency for long I usually train afterwards," Mirio replied. Amajiki was more listening to the conversation than anything. The three were pretty much always together, so it wasn't like they didn't already know these things. So, Amajiki didn't think there was much for him to even say. Mirio, however, did. "So, how do you manage everything and still have time to talk to that chick online?" At the mention of you, Amajiki flushed slightly. He felt a bit anxious and looked away.


"She and I usually talk at night....You know, after everything...," he explained.


"Ooo, I always wondered how you could manage your relationship," Nejire spoke, "Is she pretty? Kind? What does she look like? Where does she live?" As Nejire's questions piled up, Amajiki began to grow rather nervous. Honestly, he didn't know what you looked like or where you were from.


"She's....she's kind," he managed to get out, "To be honest, it can be kind of challenging to talk with her at times. She isn't always available-"


"Do you think she has more than one boyfriend?" Nejire asked as she leaned her body forward in her desk, causing Amajiki to stop mid sentence. He bit his lip as he tried to calm himself. There was no way that you would do such a thing. Would you?....What if you did? Mirio chuckled and patted Amajiki on the back.


"It's alright," he reassured, "No use worrying about that, although you should be careful just in case she's not who she says she is."


"You should try to find out as much about her as you can!" Nejire suggested, "Nothing's wrong with asking questions. Like if she's talking to anyone else online! Or if she's actually a high school student!" Nejire's wonders were not doing any good to Amajiki's paranoia. He looked to Mirio, hoping that he would once again shine a nice ray of light. The blonde looked a bit puzzled though with a finger under his chin in thought.


"Hmm, you may be onto something," Mirio mused, "You need to be as safe as possible, Tamaki. This is someone that you met on the internet. She could be a villain for all you know!" Amajiki's mouth turned a bit wobbly as the doubts began to manifest. "What's her name?"


"I-It's [Last Name] [First Name]," Amajiki slightly stuttered, feeling the need to find a corner to go and hide at.


"I'll look her up," Mirio announced with a slight nod, "Sir Nighteye's computer can access some really good information. We could see if she's actually who she says she is....if the name you gave me really is, in fact, her real name." Amajiki's eyes widened slightly. He hadn't ever really considered that to be a possibility.


"In any case, just be careful with what you tell her," Nejire advised, "We wouldn't want you at the hands of villains or a cheater!"


Mirio and Nejire's words did stick with Amajiki throughout the day. As their classes went on and on, Amajiki couldn't help but to wonder were you actually a villain? Were you cheating on him? Maybe you were just some person playing some kind of weird prank on him? His anxiety started to get the better of him by the time of his work study, and he found himself being jittery all throughout his time there. In fact, after their patrol Kirishima went to give him a high-five only for Amajiki to flinch because of it.


He was haunted with the idea of you not being who you said you were, and he knew that Mirio and Nejire were certainly right about one thing: He needed to find out more about you. As the day began to come to a close, Amajiki went into his dorm-room and got onto his laptop. He still felt a bit worried about everything with you, but once he got on the dating website, he noticed that you had sent him a message.


Just waiting here in boredom for you... Seeing that message made Amajiki slowly smile. It was as if he had forgotten everything that he had to be paranoid about. Without even thinking, he quickly messaged you back.


'Sorry to keep you waiting. I had a lot to do today.'


'You always have a lot to do! Be grateful that I like you enough to tolerate it. (*^*)' You were joking, of course, and Amajiki knew that, so his smile turned into one of amusement.


'I'm very grateful for you, [Name].'


'Haha, how sweet! I hope you didn't have to do anything stressful today. I know you don't do too well with stress...'


'No, everything was fine, no need to worry about me.' That had been a bit of a lie. After all, he spent the whole day wondering if you had been who you said you were. Talking with you now, however, made him feel much more confident about your relationship. Still, though, he needed to get to know you better.


'Of course I'm worried about you! I can't help it! 8(>_<)8 You mean a lot to me, Tamaki....' Amajiki bit his lip.


'You know, [Name], I was thinking, maybe we should meet up soon...' He knew that was what he needed to do in order to completely get to know you. After all, while chatting with you did melt away his doubts, he couldn't really feel completely at peace until he got to see you in person.


'You want to meet up?! Yeah, let's do it! How about this weekend?' You were obviously pumped for this, which made Amajiki feel much more at ease.


'Sounds good.' You both talked to one another until about one in the morning. You didn't want to stop like usual, but the thought of getting to meet in person just made you both want to sleep the days away until it finally happened.


The next morning, Amajiki was sitting down at one of the tables on the first floor of Class 3-A's dorm eating breakfast. The elevator doors soon opened up and Mirio rushed out of them, heading for where Amajiki was sitting, with a determined look on his face. "I have something important to tell you!" he said. Mirio was a rather cheerful person, so seeing him being so serious made Amajiki a bit anxious, "I would have told you last night, but I got back very late. Oh! I did tell Nejire about it, and she had so many questions."


"That sounds about right...," Amajiki couldn't help but to say what he was thinking.


"I got back so late because Sir Night Eye, Bubble Girl, and I had a hard time apprehending this villain,"  Mirio explained, "He had a quirk that allowed him to camouflage into his surroundings. So it was super tricky finding him!" Mirio going talking and talking about what happened at his work study without getting to the main point was not helping Amajiki at all. "It was so annoying! I mean this mission just went on and on! I just wanted it to be over with."


"...I see," was all Amajiki could say to that. He definitely could understand how Mirio must have been feeling about things dragging on...


"You know, when we had to turn him into the cops, he activated his quirk, and the cops were like 'What villain? I don't see a Villain," Mirio continued. As he kept talking, Nejire exited the elevator. She saw where her friends were located and rushed over to them.


"Ooo, are you telling Tamaki about what you found out about [Name] on Sir Night Eye's computer?" Nejire asked. This caught Amajiki's attention, and he couldn't help but to bite his lip. What Mirio had to tell him was about you? He did remember that Mirio said he would look you up extensively. "Oh, did you tell him about that villain you had to deal with yesterday? It was so frustrating wasn't it? Don't you think it was frustrating, Tamaki?"


"It was frustrating!" Mirio couldn't help but to say, very annoyed as he continued to think about what had happened. "I mean can you imagine dealing with someone like that?"


"I was out pretty late, too, last night," Nejire spoke, "It wasn't too bad, though! Oh, how was your work study, Tamaki? You got back early didn't you? Did Fatgum make you do anything weird? He's always eating, isn't he?"


"Haha, it's because of his quirk, though!" Mirio said, mood changing as the topic changed. Amajiki cared for his friends, he truly did. They were always there for him when he needed and so kind and supporting. They were also incredibly helpful, however, now was not one of those times.


"About, [Name]...," Amajiki said, mind still currently on the true subject at hand, "What did you find out about her?" And like a gust of wind, Mirio's happy face changed to one of utter urgency, taking Amajiki by surprise.


"Oh! She's an enemy, Tamaki!" Mirio spoke loudly, "No doubt about it! She's probably using you!" Amajiki felt his heart drop, and his bottom lip slightly quivered. He thought back on all of the conversations that you and him had and how sweet you had been towards him. To think that you were actually a villain... This really did make him see you in a different light, and in his worry-filled thoughts, Amajiki went to the nearest wall, facing it.


"I...I can't believe this...," he said. Nejire went over to Amajiki, smiling sadly.


"So how do you feel, hm?" she asked.


"My...My girlfriend is actually a villain....I hurts...," Amajiki spoke, it being a bit muffled due to where the sound waves were hitting. Mirio rose an eyebrow at this before quickly shaking his head.


"Ah, no!" he said, "She's not a villain! She's just our enemy! I found out that [Name] goes to Shiketsu High School! She's probably trying to get U.A. information from you." Amajiki's eyes widened slightly, and he turned his head to look at his burly friend.


"Wha....What?" he couldn't help but to ask.


"Yeah, she goes to Shiketsu! Can you believe that?!" Mirio reiterated. Amajiki rubbed at the back of his head as he thought about this. It wasn't as bad as you being a villain, but it wasn't exactly something he felt comfortable with. You went to U.A.'s rival school...were you just tricking him? Could he even trust you? As all of these thoughts fluttered through Amajiki's mind, he found himself once again facing the wall he was near.


"What....what do I do?" he questioned.


"Well, you could break up with her," Nejire shrugged, "[Name] could be just playing a huge joke on you, or maybe she actually likes you."


"For one thing, you need to stop talking about U.A. to her," Mirio pointed out. Honestly, Amajiki had never really mentioned the name of the school he went to when talking to you. He did talk about the things he did in school and the classes he took, but you had never really asked him the name of it. So, maybe it wasn't some trick you were playing? Then again, Shiketsu students were pretty smart as well, so perhaps you found out in some way.


"I don't think I've gone into much detail about it...," Amajiki spoke softly, "[N-Name] and I are supposed to meet up this weekend, though....maybe then I could find out more about her."


"Or maybe that's when the prank is going to happen," Nejire thought aloud, "Lure you into a dark alley, beat you up, and video it all!" Amajiki bit his lip, wondering if you would actually do that.


"Nah, I don't think it would be that crazy," Mirio said with a hand on his chin, "It would be more of her just insulting you if anything." He shrugged. Amajiki had no idea which scenario frightened him more. You had always been something sweet and wonderful waiting for him at the end of each day, so this was all so hard to take in. Mirio then put a comforting hand on Amajiki's shoulder, "Just be careful for when you do see her, and if you want Nejire and I can hang out in the area if you need it." Amajiki slowly nodded.


"A-Alright," he agreed.


"Now, let's go to school!" Nejire smiled.


Throughout the walk to U.A.'s main school building, and basically throughout the entire day, Amajiki couldn't help but to think about this new information that Mirio had told him about you. You attended Shiketsu High...That could either be good or bad, and Amajiki not only had the problem of wondering if you were serious about him, but also your reaction to finding out that he went to U.A. It was no secret that the schools were pretty competitive with one another, and there was a chance that you didn't know he went to U.A. He hadn't told you, but if he were to rule out the awful thought of you knowing and playing a prank on him, then all that was left was the fact that you didn't know. So maybe once you found out, you would no longer wish to be involved with Amajiki. The thought wasn't exactly a pleasant one, but Amajiki needed to work everything out in his head to avoid any surprising disappointment. Mirio and Nejire had been so insistent that you weren't serious about him, so that negative energy didn't exactly do well for the anxious teen.


However, that night when Amajiki talked with you, all of his fears went away. There was just something about you that made him completely forget everything negative, even if you were the subject of those bad thoughts.


'I can't wait until tomorrow! We'll finally get to meet! .w.' You seemed so excited about it, and Amajiki could sense no hint of maliciousness in your message. It calmed him.


'Me either...You said we'd meet at a cafe, right?' He wanted to make sure.


'Yep! It's this one I liked to go to when traveling to Musutafu. I think you'll like it, too! I'll send you the location again if you've already forgot.'


'No, I have the address. I was just wondering...'


'Hmmm. >.< You seem a bit off, Tamaki. Are you okay?' The fact that you were able to tell based on the words he was typing made Amajiki fluster a bit. Honestly, he felt as if he was always like this.


'I'm okay. No need to worry, [Name].'


'Okay, I'll leave it alone for now, but if you're not feeling good tomorrow, I'm gonna do everything I can until you feel the opposite! (*u*)' You were way too good for him, Amajiki couldn't help but to think. He found himself smiling at your words and reading them again.


When the next day finally arrived, Amajiki felt himself growing very nervous. He would be meeting you for the first time ever, and finding out how you truly felt about him. The fact that you went to Shiketsu High was really driving his anxious thoughts up all the way. Amajiki knew, though, that when he met you everything would be put to bed. He knew that his worries would cease, and he knew that he would finally get to know the real you.


Amajiki got ready for his date with you, and then went down to the first floor where Nejire and Mirio were standing by the entrance, wearing casual clothing. Mirio smiled as Amajiki walked over, remembering that Mirio had said that he and Nejire would be in the area where Amajiki would be meeting up with you just in case they were needed. He felt lucky to have friends like them, and just knowing that they were going to do that calmed Amajiki's nerves a little bit. "Ready to go?" Mirio asked only to be replied to with a nod.


"We'll try not to intervene, but we'll be there if you need us!" Nejire reminded, "So, how do you feel? Nervous? Anxious? Can you not wait to find out if [Name] is serious about you or not? By the way, Mirio, what should we have at this cafe? I've never been there before." Mirio chuckled and put a hand on Amajiki's shoulder.


"Let's go!" he insisted.


The walk from U.A. had consisted of Mirio providing Amajiki with a pep talk, Nejire asking Amajiki questions about you, and Amajiki trying to stay calm and not let his nerves get the better of him. Sadly, the closer Amajiki got to the cafe, the more worried he became. What if she doesn't even show up? That thought was actually one of his tamer ones. Once the trio made it to the cafe, Mirio and Nejire went to sit in the back but still with a good view of Amajiki, who had chosen a table near the middle. The anxious teen looked down, mind racing while his paranoia started to get the better of him as the seconds ticked by. Where were you? But more importantly, who were you?


"Tamaki?" The voice was sweet and pleasant, and based on the way you wrote to him, Amajiki knew that it was yours. Slowly looking up, his nervous face came to meet your smiling one. You giggled softly, calming the inner turmoil that was going on in the teen before you, and he nodded. "Thank goodness! I was so worried that you wouldn't show up." You sat across from him.


"[N-Name], right?" he asked, wanting to make sure. You nodded.


"Mhmm! It's so nice to finally get to meet you! Although, I already knew what you looked like," you gave a shrug, looking over the menu in front of you, "The desserts here are really good." Your words, however, had made Amajiki nearly choke.


"What...What do you mean?" he asked. You raised an eyebrow.


"Well, I admit, not all of them are that great, but the cakes are to die for," you explained, although it wasn't the explanation that Amajiki was hoping for. Your answer was just so cute to him, though. You were just so cute that Amajiki couldn't help but to fluster a bit.


"Sorry, I meant about you saying that you knew what I looked like," he clarified.


"Well, you told me your name, and I looked you up," you said. It seemed like Mirio wasn't the only one who wanted to get to the bottom of things, "You're one of U.A.'s Big Three, right? To be honest, for a U.A. student you're pretty humble." You giggled. "I was a bit worried when I found out, but I trust you." Amajiki had to look away, feeling so silly now for thinking that you were playing him. Also, Mirio had referred to you as an 'enemy', so that was something else that left a bad taste in his mouth.


"Y-You go to Shiketsu, don't you?" he decided to ask. He already knew the answer to that, but the amused and slightly devious look that was now on your face caught Amajiki by surprise.


"I do," you nodded, "Did you also look me up?" Amajiki shyly looked away.


" of my friends did," he admitted, "They were just really worried and curious about you." You leaned forward in your seat a bit.


"And would those friends happen to be the other members of The Big Three, who are sitting over there." You motioned towards the back of the cafe with your head without even looking. Amajiki glanced over at Nejire and Mirio to find them staring at you and him intently.


"They wanted to make sure everything went well...," Amajiki said.


"That's too sweet," you spoke in amusement, "But since everything is safe, why don't we discuss what to do, hm? The cafe is a nice start, but I really want to spend the whole day with you, if that's okay." Amajiki smiled softly and nodded.


"That sounds good," he agreed.


Once the two of you ordered, it didn't take long for your drinks and food to arrive. Amajiki took your advice and got some cake. Usually, he would like to eat foods that could assist him in battle, just in case, but his full focus was on you. And you had been right. The cake truly was amazing. "So, there's this nice aquarium near here," you told Amajiki, "We could go there if you're interested." Amajiki would honestly just do whatever you wanted.


"Alright, I trust your judgement," he said, "You were right about this cafe, after all." You beamed happily.


"I'm glad you like it!" you said, "This place has plenty of mixed reviews to be honest." Before Amajiki could reply to you, his phone buzzed with a text message.


"Excuse me for a second," he politely told you as he read the words 'So, is she legit?' from Mirio. Another text soon followed, only this time it was from Nejire.


'We can't see what she looks like from here! Send a picture!'


'Yeah, send a picture!' Another one from Mirio came.


'What does she look like? Also, how is she? Is she nice?'


'Dude, I totally see you looking at your phone, respond!'


Amajiki glanced over to where Mirio and Nejire were texting furiously on their phones. They had been so invested in what was going on with your relationship with him, after all. You rose an eyebrow as you saw a slightly anxious expression on Amajiki's face.


"Are you alright?" you asked, before turning around to see what he was looking at. "Are they texting you?" Amajiki sighed and nodded. You couldn't help but to laugh a bit, "You know, you can invite them over so we can get this out of the way, and after that, you and I can resume our date, okay?"


So, with Amajiki sending a quick text to his friends, they excitedly and easily made their way over to meet the two of you. "I'm Mirio Togata, and this is Nejire Hado! Pleasure to meet you," Mirio smiled.


"Ah, so you're the girl who Tamaki has been talking to every night! Do you like Tamaki? Is he nice to you? You're really pretty! Do you think Tamaki is attractive?" Nejire shamelessly asked. In your opinion, these two were definitely not what you had expected from U.A. students. The Big Three were certainly a special trio.


"I do like him, he is nice, thank you, and I do find him very attractive," you giggled happily, your answers made Amajiki blush and look away.


"Y-You don't have to answer everything she says...," he softly spoke.


"Well, it's good to know that you aren't tricking our friend here or anything like that," Mirio said, giving Amajiki a hard pat on the shoulder.


"I would never," you honestly said, "I like him way too much." You blushed slightly, and your eyes gazed over to Amajiki who was also blushing. Miro smiled and leaned in to whisper to Nejire as the two of you were distracted.


"I think our work here is done."


[Some bonus date stuff]


Once you all finished up at the cafe, Mirio and Nejire went back to U.A., leaving you with Tamaki. He was a bit nervous, but you weren't so surprised. You had come to know and love his personality, and this was just apart of that. A part that you also loved. "Ready to go to the aquarium?" you asked, receiving a nod in reply. You led the way, deciding to slip your hand in Tamaki's to hold as you walked. He stiffed up a bit, nervously, as you did so, but relaxed soon enough.


"I've never...I've never done this before," he admitted. You smiled softly.


"There's nothing to worry about, not while I'm here," you told him, giving his hand a reassuring squeeze, "I know you, Tamaki, and like I said before if you're not feeling good, I'll do all that I can until you feel the opposite." You watched as a blush formed on his face, causing him to look away.


"I feel really bad that I thought you were just trying to trick me...," he said.


"I can't blame you," your shrugged, "Online dating can be risky, and a site with so much anonymity can make it worse. I'm glad it worked out for us, though." Lifting his hand, you kissed the back of it, earning yet another blush, only this time that blush was accompanied by wide eyes. "The aquarium isn't too far from here. Just a few more blocks." Amajiki slowly nodded, allowing you to continue leading him. You were having a lot of fun with him, and you loved to drink up his wonderful presence.


Like you had said, the aquarium had only been a few blocks from where you had been. Walking inside, you noticed that there were few people around. It was the perfect date location for someone who easily got anxious around others, the same with that cafe with mixed reviews. It warded off a lot of people. "Oh, look, octopuses!" you pointed out the large tank that had two octopuses in it. You looked at them in wonder, letting go of Tamaki's hand so that he wouldn't feel as if he were trapped or anything. You weren't too surprised when he stayed by you, though, and you welcomed it.


"Do you like octopuses?" Amajiki asked, making you shrug.


"To be honest, I just like the sort of atmosphere that aquariums have, especially during this time of day," you pointed out. The crowds were usually around noon time, which you had read about.


"It is pretty relaxed here," Amajiki couldn't help but to notice. You looked at him and nodded.


"Let's go to the lower area where all of the fish that glow are," you suggested, not knowing the exact name for these types of fish. Some jelly-fish glow, and so did angler fish kind of, but you didn't know much other than that. After getting a nod in response, you grabbed Tamaki's hand and led him through a nearby dark tunnel that led to a luminescent room. The fish being displayed were pretty lit up. Sadly, it was a bit more chilly down there, so your wrapped your arms around Amajiki for warmth. You could feel him shaking, but he seemed really happy with you doing that.


Once you made it to the lowest level, you kept your hold on Amajiki as you went to read the names of some of the fish. "Hmm...Stonefish....Catshark...all bio-illuminescent," you thought aloud. While you were enjoying the fish, you barely missed the fact that Amajiki was still on the fact that your arms were wrapped around him. You giggled a bit, looking up at his flustered face, "Tamaki...~," you said softly, catching his attention.


"Y-Yes?" he asked, slowly looking at you. You smiled as you looked up at his cute features.


"You know the best thing about meeting in person?" you asked.


"No, what is i-it?" he stuttered out his reply. You couldn't stop your smile from becoming bigger, nor could you stop the look of desire that your eyes now held on him.


"It's that we get to touch each other~." You changed your grip so that you could properly hug him, burying your face into his neck before moving to kiss his cheek. Amajiki shook anxiously for a bit as he registered what you were doing before he finally relaxed in your hold, his own arms going to wrap around you to return the hug.


"You're right....," he sighed pleasantly, smiling happily. You pulled back to look up into his eyes with an inviting gaze.


"Can I kiss you?" you asked, not wanting to make him feel uncomfortable. When you revived the nod that you wanted, you leaned up and pressed your lips against his. Amajiki was stiff at first, but he melted into the kiss and kissed you back. Oh, you could definitely see a long and fulfilling relationship with him.



Chapter Text

After your little threesome adventure, your boyfriend's villain version of himself went back to his dimension without doing what he originally was going to do. Honestly, you figured that he must have forgot, and you had remarked to Izuku 'wow, we stopped a villain by having sex with him!', which he did not appreciate. In fact, your Izuku nearly fainted when you mentioned that, although you had been joking. Since the threesome, you had gained the ability to try out new things in bed with Izuku without worrying about him being overly fussy over if you were alright or not. He still did that, but you just didn't care as much, knowing he'd get over it. You knew that your boyfriend couldn't help it, though, he just wanted to make sure you were comfortable with everything. You did finally get to try anal sex, which you did enjoy. As you had predicted, Izuku kept asking if he were hurting you or not. You made a note to one day try to get him to be okay with going rough on you, however, that wasn't currently on your mind at the moment.


No, currently, you were walking into Izuku's office with him. Sadly, you had received a note threatening your life. You weren't too freaked by it, but Izuku was. You felt like it was to be expected, though, and not only that, but this wasn't the first time that something like this had happened. Deku was the number one hero after all and the current symbol of peace. So, of course villains were going to try to go after those near him. Personally, you felt like you could take care of yourself, but to calm your boyfriend's nerves, you agreed to go into work with him. The only problem was that it was extremely boring. "I have some work to get done, [Name], so you can just relax," he told you as he sat behind his desk that contained reports that needed to be filled out, "Just don't leave the agency without me, alright?" You rolled your eyes mentally, but nodded. You accepted Izuku's nature a long time ago, and you were grateful that this was one of his few flaws. At least he did have your best interests at heart.


"Alright, Izu," you said as you sat down on one of the large sofa's that were present. You played around on your phone a bit, "Hey, Izuku, can I come on patrol with you today? I don't want to be cooped up here the entire time." Izuku looked up at you with a thoughtful face.


"I'm not sure, [Name]...I think staying in doors will probably be what's best for you right now," he suggested, much to your displeasure.


"You know, hon, I also have a hero license," you pointed out, "I can take care of myself."


"I know you can, sweetie, but I can't take that chance," Izuku told you, "I need you safe, [Name]." You rubbed at your temples and decided not to argue, just wishing to God that something would happen so you wouldn't be cooped up in that building. Sure Izuku's hero agency had some things to do inside of it, and you were sure that you could go chat with his workers as well, but the fact that your boyfriend was insisting that you stay in this one building that he was in was making all of that seem so undesirable.


"Fine," you merely said, deciding not to press anymore. It was only one day after all (or so you hoped), and Izuku wasn't doing this to hurt you. It was the complete opposite. Your bored feelings betrayed you, however, as you perked up without knowing at a knock at the door.


"Come in," Izuku absentmindedly said, attention on the paper in front of him. The doors open, and since you had been looking at them, you were the first to see who came in, melting your previous feelings of dread away.


"Izuku!" you said, causing your boyfriend to look up. He glanced from you to where you were looking, eyes widened once he realized why you said his name. Well, it wasn't really his name that you said. "What are you doing here?" You were speaking as if you were talking to an old friend.


"Hey, you two~," your boyfriend's villain version spoke, "Long time no see." Your Izuku sighed, rubbing at his eyes.


"How did you mange to get passed my receptionists?" he asked. He didn't sound too surprised, though, in fact it was kind of like he expected it. From what you and your boyfriend knew, the Villain Deku was pretty smooth.


"They were very easy to charm," came the response, "And [Name], you should be weary about them. They seem to really think I'm attractive. I can't hold that against them, though." He chuckled.


"So, you pretended to be me?" Izuku asked.


"No, I didn't have to. Like I said, they are easy to charm," villain Izuku said. You honestly couldn't blame Izuku's receptionists either, your boyfriend was incredibly hot.


"To what do we owe this visit?" you asked, changing the subject.


"Well, last time, I forgot to do what I originally came here to do because you both were just so tempting~," he purred in your direction, making your Izuku shake his head and sigh. You giggled a bit, though, finding Villain Izuku to be very amusing. "So now I'm back to explore a bit more."


"You came at a bad time," your Izuku pointed out, "[Name's] life is being threatened." Villain Izuku rose a curious eyebrow.


"Then why haven't you taken care of that?" he asked, "Are you really me? Honestly, [Name], if you were just mine no one would even think a negative thought against you without feeling like they would be killed because of it." You didn't know why, but your face flushed.


"Just?" your boyfriend asked, getting a bit annoyed, "She doesn't belong to you. Besides, things work differently here. It's complicated."


"It doesn't have to be~," Villain Izuku said, seductive eyes going to look at you. He walked over to where you were sitting on the sofa and sat down next to you, easily putting his arm around you, "But I forget, you're a hero and I'm a villain." He rolled his eyes, "What are you doing about this problem, though?" He started to stroke one of his hands through your hair, making you shiver. Your boyfriend looked a bit pissed off at this, and he walked out from behind his desk, yanking you away. You were caught by surprise, and your thoughts were scrambled. Oh how you wished that they would both tare you apart. You were starting to crave for much rougher sex at the moment.


"I'm keeping her safe and away from villains like you," your boyfriend said.


"Keeping [Name] all cooped up here is probably aggravating to her," the Villain Deku said with a roll of his eyes. He pulled you back to him, wrapping an arm firm around your waist, "Let me take her back to my dimension for a day. She'll be safe there, since I have no problem taking care of anyone who would dare to harm her." He kissed at your neck  before giving it a nice suck. You watched the look on your boyfriend's face turn to a very flushed one. It was probably weird to see someone who looked like him touching you like that. Without thinking, he placed a hand on your thigh, sliding it up a bit. You bit your lip, face flushed, only to let out a moan as your boyfriend's hand came in contact with your clothed clit. He rubbed it with his thumb roughly, making your eyes nearly roll to the back of your head while the Villain Izuku started to squeeze at your breasts.


Sadly, it didn't seem like you'd get what you wanted. Izuku's phone began to ring, snapping him out of his lusty haze as he went to answer it. "Hello?!....Seriously?! I'll be on my way!" He quickly hung up. "There's a villain wrecking the downtown area! I have to go!"


"How boring," Villain Izuku pouted, "And things were just getting more interesting." He shook his head before looking down at your flushed face, "Can I take [Name] with me?" Since Izuku was distracted with the current danger he knew he'd get the answer he wanted.


"Sure, just keep her safe!" And at that, Izuku quickly left his office. You pouted, pulling away from Villain Izuku.


"I can make my own decisions, you know," you said, getting a chuckle in response.


"Please, don't think I don't notice the way you look at me," he told you, standing up and fixing his shirt.


"W-Well...Y-You look just like my boyfriend! Come on!" you flushed. Deku playfully rolled his eyes.


"Look, do you want to stay here all day or not, hm?" he asked. He was right, though, you really didn't want to just stay sitting in Izuku's office all day while he got to go out and do cool hero things. With a defeated sigh you stood up, not saying much. Izuku took out his phone and texted someone and before you knew it the world around you was spinning, and you found yourself on all fours catching your breath. Your body had felt as if you had been suffocated or something. "You'll get used to that." Izuku helped you up, and you noticed that you were now in a more gaudy and luxurious version of your boyfriend's office. You quickly looked around.


"Where...where are we?" you asked, watching as Izuku walked over to a rather unnecessarily big desk and leaned against the edge of it.


"My dimension," he said, "It's kind of funny that the other me has an office like mine...he has bad tastes, though." You were still trying to get your thoughts together as you looked around at everything. It was just so surreal. Izuku smirked at you and walked over to you, turning you around and wrapping his arms around your waist. You were too focused on trying to come to terms with the fact that you were in a different dimension, "Now that you're here, you're completely mine~," he kissed your cheek, "And baby that means so much~." He trailed a hand from your waist down between your legs to lightly rub your crotch, making you shiver, "As mine...anything you say here goes...." He started to kiss at your neck and behind your ear, "I'll give you whatever you want~." You moaned softly, leaning into his touch. "Now what do you want~?" You couldn't stop the words from coming out of your mouth.


"I want you to fuck me hard and rough~," you moaned. Izuku's touches faltered a bit when he heard you say that. He chuckled, though, before going right back to touching you.


"To be honest, I was speaking in terms of material possessions, but that works, too....It really works~." He bucked his hips against yours, making you gasp.


Interruptions were not being friendly that day.


Before Izuku could give you what you so desperately wanted, someone walked into the room. Your eyes widened as you noticed this person to be from the League of Villains that your boyfriend and his friends had taken down. You remembered that his name was Dabi, and weirdly he was dressed just so professionally. "Sorry to interrupt," he spoke with some amusement gracing his features. Izuku's hold on you didn't falter, but he did stop touching your crotch. That hand had returned to your waist.


"What do you want, Dabi?" Izuku asked.


"We have someone here looking to make an offer to work with you on a project," Dabi explained. His eyes looked at you curiously, but he didn't at all seemed fazed with watching Izuku, who you assumed was his boss, holding you so intimately. Izuku kissed your neck softly, making you shiver.


"Sorry, but I'm currently taking care of something very important right now," was his response. Your eyes widened a bit, surprised that Izuku would blow off someone just to have sex with you.


"Okay, I'll tell him to fuck off then," Dabi shrugged, eyes going back to look at you, "Who's she?" Izuku kissed your cheek this time.


"The girlfriend of the other me from that dimension I went to. You know the anxious me," Izuku said, "She's mine while she's here, though~, and since she's mine whatever she says goes~." He chuckled.


"I'll make note of that," Dabi grumbled, looking to the side distastefully. He obviously didn't want to take orders from you, but it seemed that since Izuku said it, he had to. Honestly, he probably didn't even want to take orders from Izuku. This whole dimension was just so weird and bizarre. You found yourself wondering what exactly Izuku was to have this control over people. A control so deep that it seemed as if people would listen to you as well.


"Is that all you wanted?" Izuku asked, "Because, I really need to help [Name], here, with a request~." He chuckled as he started to caress your body a bit more with his hands. You bit your lip, not wanting to let out a moan in front of Dabi, who kind of looked like he wanted to stay and watch for a bit.


"Yeah, I'll leave you be," Dabi nodded before exiting Izuku's office.


"Make sure no one else comes up here!" Izuku called to him, receiving a nod. Once the door was closed and locked behind Dabi, Izuku looked at you, still holding you from behind, "So, where were we? Oh, that's right, you wanted me to fuck you hard and rough~." He chuckled a bit, turning you to face him before pressing his lips against yours. Whatever Izuku was, it wasn't in your original dimension, so you didn't feel too bad about giving yourself to him, who was technically a villain. You melted into the kiss, but that soon switched to being on high alert as Izuku began to kiss you roughly, biting at your lip and shoving his tongue into your mouth. He moved his hands to your ass and gave it a hard squeeze. You gasped, breaking the kiss off from Izuku, who started to kiss and nip at your neck affectionately.


"I-Izuku...," you moaned softly, earning a light chuckle.


"That's right, baby....~," he purred against your skin. Izuku grabbed onto the bottom of your shirt, pulling it up and over your head before easily unhooking your bra. You flushed a bit, but allowed him to remove it. "There's that beautiful, body~." You pouted a bit and tugged at his clothing before helping him to start removing it. Before you could finish unbuttoning his shirt, however, Izuku stopped you. "Get on your knees." You were a bit confused, but you did as told. Once you came face to face with his clothed cock and noticed how hard it was, you realized why you were down there. Without any delay, you undid his pants, pulling his length out of it. "You're so smart, baby~," Izuku praised you with a smirk. You leaned forward and gave his tip a kiss before slipping your tongue out and licking around the head. You wondered if this Izuku would be into the same kinds of things that your Izuku was into. You knew that your boyfriend liked it with you kissed his member every now and then, although he had never been really vocal about it. You also knew that your Deku nearly lost his mind every time you would deep throat him.


You slipped Izuku's cock into your mouth, sucking on it while moving your head back and forth. Izuku held your hair back for you, looking down at you with so much lust. His hold on your hair soon tightened, and he started to thrust his hips against your mouth. You flushed hard and suddenly remembered talking about face-fucking during your last encounter with him, which had been the threesome. You did want it rough, and the thought of him doing that to you made you so wet. Izuku groaned, thrusts getting a bit harder, and it wasn't long until the tip of his length started to hit the back of your throat. You felt like you wanted to cough, but you didn't, although a few choked out moans left your throat. Your eyes began to water, and you tried your best to look up into Izuku's beautiful green eyes. He looked back at you and bit his lip before spilling his seed down your throat.


Izuku slowly pulled his length from your mouth, giving your head a soft rub, and then helping you up. You swallowed the best that you could, coughing a bit afterwards, before wiping your mouth. "You did such a good job, baby~," Izuku purred to you, kissing your forehead. Before you could say anything else, he swiftly picked you up and put you on his desk, taking your bottoms off and sliding your panties off with it. You were panting a bit from the face-fucking that had just happened and felt so very horny. Izuku got between your legs and started to kiss at your lips. You kissed him back, hands going to finish unbuttoning his shirt, after all, he did have an amazing body like your boyfriend, and you loved to see it.


Izuku grabbed you by your soft thighs, nails slightly digging into your skin as he pulled you to the edge of his desk. "I doubt the other me has fucked you on his desk before," he spoke before starting to tease your clit by rubbing the tip of his cock against you. You shuddered from the feeling, soon became a bit impatient. He was right, though.


"He hasn't," you admitted, "Izuku...well...the other Izuku and I have only had sex in his office once, and it was when he had to stay late." Even then it took a lot of convincing on your part. You did love your boyfriend and the way that he touched you, but the Villain Izuku just had this edge that you wanted to try again. You remembered how hard he fucked you last time, and you couldn't wait to feel that again. Izuku chuckled, kissing your temple.


"You'll have to introduce him to some new things," he said, "And don't worry, I'll introduce you to some as well~." And then without teasing you any further, Izuku roughly pushed his way inside of you. You moaned in need, legs clamping around his waist while your hands went up and into his hair. "Mmmm~, it feels like it was made for me." You flushed deeply, looking up into Izuku's eyes.


"Your dick does look just like my boyfriend's," you easily said. You received a chuckle before Izuku started to pound hard into you, causing pleasure-filled gasps and moans to leave your mouth. You moved your hands down to his shoulders and squeezed tightly, barely being able to take the feelings of pleasure that he was giving you. Sure you've had rough sex before, but not like that. Izuku leaned down to your neck and bit at it lustfully, hips still snapping hard against yours. You gasped at that action, closing your eyes briefly before he started to lick and suck at the mark that he made. He moved to another spot on your neck and started to bite and suck at it. If you were in a much more coherent state than you would have realized that he was making sure to leave marks all over your neck.


At one thrust in particular, Izuku hit your g-spot, causing you to call out without really realizing it. "I-Izuku!" you moaned, nails digging into his shoulders. At every bite, every thrust, and every groan coming from Izuku, you found yourself getting nearer and nearer to your end. He was making sure to give you exactly what you wanted. You felt his nails on your thighs digging deeper, and because of the intense pleasure that he was giving you, it felt really good. "A-Ah....! Izuku!" you called out again, shutting your eyes as you came on his cock, inner walls throbbing uncontrollably around his length. Izuku kept thrusting into you, but he pulled out once you were done with your orgasm. You panted heavily, feeling extremely dazed. Izuku wasn't done with you, yet, though.


You barely paid much mind to it as Izuku lifted you off of his desk and bent you over it. When you finally did realize what was going on, Izuku was already slipping his still hard length deep into your wet heat. You let out a whiny moan, feeling slightly overstimulated at the intrusion. Izuku found your spot again, and started to hit it mercilessly as he held onto your hips. You moaned loudly, biting your lip hard as your inner walls spasmed and twitched around his length. "O-Oh, fuck...!" you said, breathlessly. Izuku lifted your top half up from his desk, holding you against him. One of his hands went around your neck, choking you, while the other slipped down to your clit, rubbing it hard. It was just too much.


"T-That's it, baby. I'm going to push you so hard off the edge," he told you, breathing pretty erratic as well. His thrusts became even harder, if possible, and he began to pull you to him by the neck against his movements. You let out choked-sob-like moans, feeling your eyes beginning to tear up. You just couldn't take it any longer, and you knew that Izuku had been determined to drive you insane, and it was working.


"I-Iz..u..ku...!" you choked out, hands going to squeeze at the arm of his hand that was rubbing your clit. Izuku gave you one really rough thrust in particular that ended with you crashing down. You shut your eyes and arched your back as you came hard once again, moaning long and loud. Izuku thrust into you a few more times before spilling deep inside of you, groaning into your hair as he fucked you both through your orgasms.


Once you were done, Izuku started to fix his clothes. He let out a breath of air, still seeming to have a bit of stamina left. You, on the other hand, were completely spent, and you knew that you needed a shower before returning to your dimension. As if reading your mind, Izuku smirked and pointed to a door that was in the room, "I have a shower here if you need it, and don't worry about your clothes, I'll have my personal shopper pick up some new ones for you."


"W-Why...why do you have a shower in your office?" you couldn't help but to ask, feeling exhausted. Izuku's smirk stayed on his face.


"Why do you think?" he countered, making you sigh at the realization, "By the way, you tightened up real good when I started to choke you. Make sure you tell your boyfriend that."


"Noted," you said absentmindedly, as you walked to the bathroom that Izuku had pointed to.


"Also, you need to work on your stamina."


By the time that you had gotten back to your dimension, it looked as if your boyfriend was about to leave his agency for that day. When he saw you, he rushed to hug you. "Are you alright, [Name]?!" he asked, "He didn't hurt you did he?" You shook your head, just wanting to sleep everything off at this point. Still, it was nice to see your boyfriend. You felt as if you could use his sweet and kind nature and comfort at the moment.


"I'm fine, sweetie, thank you," you smiled. You could then hear Izuku sniffing you, and once he pulled away he was able to see that you were wearing a completely different outfit and that your neck was decorated with red marks. He quirked an eyebrow, looking very unamused at this.


"Did you sleep with him?" he asked. Your face burned brightly, and you nodded, looking away. Izuku clicked his tongue, causing you to look at him, and you were able to see a new expression on his face. One that you had never seen before. He was jealous. He was really jealous. Grabbing onto your arm in a tight hold, he started to pull you out of his office, "We're going to go home, and I'm going to remind you of who you truly belong to." You had never seen your boyfriend like this, but you weren't complaining. Your fatigue was now replaced by both excitement and anxiousness.


At least you got what you wanted. Both Izuku's tareing you apart.


Chapter Text

You stood at the stove in your kitchen making dinner. It was a beautiful day that day, and luckily it was also your day off, so you had time to relax and just do the things that you wanted to do. You were also happy that you were able to actually cook something, which you usually barely had time to do with your busy schedule. Also, you were a bit on a health kick, so that was another reason why this was exciting to you. You would be able to try out some healthy recipes that you had found online. You could say that it had been shaping up to be a perfect day, however, there was one tiny detail that was like a thorn in your side. "H-Hey?!" you squeaked as you felt hands quickly tickling your sides before pulling away. Pouting unhappily you turned to look at your offender. "Knock it off, Monoma," you whined, getting a chuckle in response.


"Why would I when you're just so easy to mess with?" he asked you. He had been bugging you all day like that. Pinching you, tickling you, smacking your ass when you bent over to grab something, and tugging at your hair. It wasn't unlike him to try to get you riled up on days like these.


"Can't you at least wait until Shinsou gets here?" you questioned, "You know he wouldn't want us to start without him, and besides, I'm busy making dinner for all of us." Monoma quirked an eyebrow into your direction.


"Okay, one: You'd know if I were trying to start something, and this isn't it, and two: Do you honestly expect us to eat that rabbit feed?" he asked, motioning to the food you were making.


"It's not rabbit feed! It's zucchini pasta," you told him while crossing your arms, "I'm also making a nice salad as well."


"Yep, rabbit feed," Monoma nodded before reaching out and giving your ass a pinch. You bit your lip before smacking his hand away from you. You doubted that you would be able to get him to stop until Shinsou got back. Unlike you and Monoma, he actually had hero work to take care of that day.


"And here I am trying to do something nice for you two," you scoffed before turning back to the food that you were making.


"I'm sure what you'll be doing later will be more than enough," Monoma pointed out before getting out his phone and sending a quick text. He put it back in his pocket before giving you his full attention again, "In any case, I'm going to shower. I'll see you in a bit." He gave your ass a hard smack before leaving the kitchen. You shivered a bit at the stinging sensation before shaking your head and going back to your task at hand.


"You're lucky you're cute...," you grumbled as you lowered the heat on the stove before going to the refrigerator and getting the things needed for your salad. You hummed softly as you filled a large salad bowl with vegetables and bacon bits. It felt like it was missing something, but you knew that once you figured out what that was, it would be very easy to add.


About five minutes had passed, and you were pleased with the results of your cooking. You smiled happily as you transferred the zucchini pasta into a large serving dish. You heard the front door opening, followed by footsteps. You assumed that Shinsou had come home, and that was confirmed once you heard his voice.


" cooked...," his tired voice sounded. You nodded happily and spun around to greet him; however, your happy demeanor was replaced by one of shock and slight dread as you noticed that Shinsou was carrying something.


"Is that what I think it is?" you asked, hoping for a 'no'. Shinsou rubbed at the back of his head slightly before placing two bags filled with take-out Chinese food on the table.


"...Monoma told me that you both wanted to eat Chinese tonight," he merely shrugged, "I mean...I'm sure we could always eat your thing tomorrow...whatever the hell it is. What is it anyway?" Your shoulders slumped. You knew that what you cooked couldn't compete with the deliciousness that Shinsou had brought with him.


"Zucchini noodles and salad...," you said defeated.


"Oh," was all Shinsou said before shrugging, "Well, I already ate, so I'm going to go and take a shower." He then easily left the kitchen and was replaced by Monoma who returned wearing a robe. You glared at the blonde.


"You're mean," you told him, crossing your arms. He laughed a bit before sitting at the table.


"You say that now," he told you, "Besides, it's our day off, [Name], relax." He motioned for you to walk over, and while you were still upset, you did so anyway, taking your place on his lap. "Good, girl," he praised you, brushing some hair out of your face.


"I mean, you could have at least told me before I started cooking," you pointed out before reaching for the Chinese food. Shinsou got a lot of it, which was to be expected. He never really fully remembered what you both liked to eat, so he would just get a large variety.


"Well, you looked really happy cooking, and I honestly didn't expect you to make what you did," Monoma shrugged, "Besides, I'm sure we'll make it up to you soon~."


"You better," you huffed. By the time you both finished eating, you weren't even halfway done with the food. Shinsou was out of his shower and walked into the kitchen wearing casual clothing. His hair was still a bit wet. "You need to stop getting so much food," you scolded him, "It's wasteful." Shinsou casually rolled his eyes before rubbing at your head.


"I can't be too fucked to find out, in detail, what the two of you like," he shrugged.


"Shame you didn't get the day off like we did," Monoma pointed out, "But then again we are all at different agencies." He played with your hair a bit, twirling a few strands around his fingers. Shinsou sat across from you both.


"It's not a big deal to me," Shinsou admitted, "To be honest, I really can't picture how it would go with all of us being here and having the day off. I mean what did you two even do?"


"We relaxed," Monoma shrugged. You rolled your eyes.


"I tried to relax, but Monoma kept messing with me," you said, speaking as if you weren't currently all cuddled up to him.


"Exactly what I would have pictured," Shinsou spoke.


"Oh come on, it was fun~," Monoma smirked, arms giving you a loving squeeze. You whined a bit once it turned too hard. He did love to mess with you on days like this. That was no secret to you or Shinsou.


"Anyway," you said, deciding to change the subject, "Are you two ready?" Shinsou chuckled.


"Getting antsy, kitten?" he asked you. You flushed at the nickname that he had given you. He only used it in times like this.


"I think she is," Monoma chuckled as well, hands starting to roam around your body now. You let out a soft moan from the comforting and pleasurable feeling that it produced.


"I-It's not that," you whined, "It's just that we shouldn't be doing this too late." At this point, Shinsou had stood up. He shrugged easily at your words, but you could tell that at that point, it really didn't matter what your response would have been. They just liked to mess with you and tease you.


"I can't argue with that," he spoke before picking you up from Monoma's lap and carrying you bridal style towards a bedroom. Monoma got up and followed the two of you at a leisurely pace. Once you made it to the bedroom, Shinsou dropped you onto the bed. You would have whined to him about it, but your attention was taken by him removing his shirt, displaying the beautiful muscles that laid underneath. You barely had time to think as Shinsou got on the bed and grabbed you by the hips, pulling you towards him and making you lay down.


By this time, Monoma got into the bedroom and took his robe off, revealing that he was only wearing some boxers underneath. He got on the bed and sat near your head, reaching down to slip your shirt off. While he was doing this, Shinsou was removing your bottoms along with your panties. He didn't see the point in slowly undressing you, while Monoma only took your bra off when he noticed that Shinsou already had your lower half bare. You bit your lip, knowing what was to come. The two were going to keep playing with you until they were satisfied, and you bit your lip in need at the thought of it. You found yourself being sat up as Monona got behind you, leaning you against him. He reached for your breasts, giving them rough squeezes before his fingers went to play with your nipples.


Shinsou settled between your legs, spreading them apart before kissing at your soft thighs lovingly. You shook slightly at the anticipation of what was to come as he started to kiss up one of your thighs, heading towards your core. Monoma started to lightly kiss and nip at your neck as you both looked down at Shinsou between your legs. Once he kissed at the area next to your outer labia, you anticipated the pleasure that was to come, however, the feeling that you got next wasn't something expected. It was just more teasing as he skipped over your now slightly twitchy core to your other thigh. Maybe it wasn't much of a surprise though with those two. Monoma chuckled at your disappointment. He kissed at the corner of your lips, rolling your nipples now. "Did you forget, sweetie?" he asked you softly. You knew what they wanted and at this point, you were no longer ashamed to give it to them.


"P-Please, Shinsou," you begged, looking down at him. You bit your lip as he began sucking on your inner thigh. He pulled away for a second to address you.


"Please what?" he asked, glancing up at you before returning to kiss and suck on your thighs. You pouted a bit, but knew that your begging hadn't been enough. You would have to be vocal and specific to get what you wanted, which was something that you knew all too well at this point.


"P-Please put your mouth on my pussy," you told him, face getting redder at the words that you had used.


"Is that what you want, kitten?" Shinsou asked you, looking up into your eyes. He loved the needy look on your face.


"Mhmm," you nodded. Monoma chuckled again, one hand going down to spread your outer labia open for Shinsou to get a good view of how wet you were.


"Our baby girl is so good at begging, isn't she?" he asked in amusement. Shinsou chuckled a bit, but didn't answer as he dived into you, finally giving you what you wanted. You threw your head back, shutting your eyes, as you felt him sucking hard on your clit. Your toes curled a bit, and you moaned from the feeling. "Come on, [Name], look at him~,"  Monoma told you, causing you to slowly open your eyes and look down at the sight of Shinsou eating you out. As he gave attention to your clit, his eyes looked up and took in your pleasure-filled face, until Monoma turned your head towards him so that he could kiss you. The kiss was rough and passionate, and Monoma slipped his tongue down your throat without a care in the world, licking up all that he could. You moaned into the kiss, one hand going down to lace in Shinsou's hair as your other hand went up and into Monoma's hair.


Monoma pulled away from you soon enough and kissed at your jaw lustfully before making his across. He licked at the shell of your ear before biting down on your neck, causing you to gasp out in surprise, your hold on him tightening. You closed your eyes for a second before looking back down at Shinsou's head between your legs. It was always such an alluring sight to see the stoic man pleasuring you so lovingly. "O-Oh, fuck....," you said breathlessly once you felt yourself getting close to orgasm. Between the two of them, you always found yourself turning into a moaning mumbling mess at the end of the night, and you knew that this night would be no different. Monoma retracted the hand that was holding you open for Shinsou and moved it up to one of your nipples, giving it a pinch. His other hand was around your waist, holding you against him as he sucked and bit at your neck. You started to feel your inner walls throbbing in need and near their peak as Shinsou slipped two of his fingers inside of you. He started to thrust them in and out of you at a quick pace, knowing that you were almost thrown off the edge. You threw your head back and against Monoma who chuckled as he watched you starting to become undone.


"That's it, baby girl~," he purred, "Let it all out on Shinsou's face~." He gave your cheek a soft lick before kissing and sucking at it. Those two loved to leave marks on you everywhere that they could. You felt Shinsou hitting you deep at at your best spot, causing your toes to curl again. You moaned loudly as you tightened hard around his fingers and came, body shuddering hard at the feeling.


"Let it all out, Kitten," Shinsou encouraged you as he kept fingering you through your high. Once you finally came down, Shinsou licked your come up, admiring the taste. You twitched from the slightly overstimulating feeling. Once he was done, Shinsou sat up between your legs. "You did such a good job," he praised you. You were much too dazed to reply, and the overwhelming thing was that the night was far from over. Still, you did like doing these things with them. Monoma gently kissed your temple, hand wiping away the little bit of sweat that was on your forehead.


"Why don't you bend over and suck Shinsou off while I play with that cute little hole of yours?" he purred in your ear, making you shiver.


"A-Again?" you asked in slight surprise. Honestly, you felt like another session of being eaten out would be too much for you, and they knew that too. However, it was what they wanted. They wanted you to be overwhelmed and crying out in something that was way beyond ecstasy. Before you could voice your uneasy thoughts about this, Shinsou was already removing his bottoms. You flushed brightly and felt your body ache in need when you saw his hard member. You wanted to be fucked so bad right now and by both of them. Shinsou smirked at your expression.


"You'll get it if you're good," he reminded you, as if being able to read your thoughts. You nodded, face getting a bit redder. It wasn't like you were opposed to Monoma's suggestion, you just weren't sure if you could handle it, and while you knew that they would accept it easily and respectfully if you were to disagree, there was still something just so hot about the idea.


"I'll be good~," you purred, getting on all fours and reaching a hand out to paw at Shinsou's cock. He let out a sigh of relief once he felt your hand wrapping around his thick shaft. You leaned your head down and circled your tongue around the head of his member before sliding your mouth onto it, sucking eagerly. Monama gave a smack to your ass, causing you to let out a muffled moan around Shinsou's cock. At this point you decided take more of him in, and when your head started to slowly slide down on the length in your mouth, was when Monoma felt like it would be a good time to latch his mouth onto your clit. It completely took you by surprise, and you accidentally swallowed much more of Shinsou than you intended to. You could feel your eyes watering a bit from the slightly uncomfortable over-intrusion, but it wasn't too bad. Shinsou bit his lip, groaning softly as he watched you began to move your mouth back and forth on him. He ran a hand through your hair, before holding it back for you.


As you worked on Shinsou's cock with your mouth, Monoma worked on your pussy with his. He was doing a good job of making you twitch and moan needfully. He slipped his tongue into your wet hole while two of his fingers started to roughly rub at your clit. You could feel your body wanting to just give away and fall from its position, but the concentration that you also held for pleasuring Shinsou was helping you to ignore that feeling. You moved a hand down to lightly grip onto Shinsou's balls as your mouth worked on his hot member. You felt him giving your hair a tug as some of his precome slipped down from his tip and into your mouth. You slowly pulled him out with a pop before licking up his shaft and sliding him right back down your throat. As you felt Shinsou's grip in your hair begin to tighten, you could also feel your pussy starting to grip onto Monoma's tongue as another orgasm began to approach. When you finally came again, you had to pause in your movements that were pleasuring Shinsou. You pulled your mouth away as you shut your eyes, moaning. Shinsou chuckled, looking at the expression on your face as you peaked again.


You starting panting, but before you could even think to start sucking Shinsou again, you felt the tip of Monoma's hard cock against your entrance. His hands gripped tightly onto your hips, and he pulled you back against him so that his tip slipped inside of you. Honestly, even though you wanted him to fuck you hard, you weren't sure if you could handle another orgasm. Your body was becoming way too twitchy. "Do you want it, sweetie~?" Monoma teased you. It was so like him to make you beg even now.


"Y-Yes," you answered before you could even think about it.


"Say please~," Monoma goaded.


"Please-Ah!" You called out, feeling him shove the entirety of his length inside of you. It was truly too much! He hadn't even let you get used to it. He just started to pound into you right away, you could barely contain the noises that you were making because of it.


"It's okay, baby, I know you can handle it," Shinsou assured you, rubbing at your cheek. You had almost forgot that his hard and throbbing cock was still in your hands. You didn't answer him, but instead slipped him in your mouth again, sucking hard. "Good, girl~," he praised you. However, you knew that your blow-job was probably a bit more sloppier than before because of how hard and rough Monoma was going at you. He dug his nails into your hips as he pulled you back with every single thrust. His movements were aiding in the way your head moved on Shinsou's length, who wasn't complaining at all. He liked to see you getting fucked while you also pleasured him. In the middle of Monoma's sharp thrusting, he reached around your body and started to rub at your clit. You had to pull away from Shinsou again, or you surly would have bit down on him.


"T-That's too much!" you called, feeling your pussy began to twitch and pulsate. It was way too much stimulation, and you just couldn't handle it. Monoma, however, didn't let up, though. He knew that he was getting you right where he wanted you. The next orgasm that you had took you by surprise. The build up was minimal because of the way that Monoma was fucking you while assaulting your bundle of nerves. "A-Ah! O-Oh S-Shit...!" you called out, walls shuddering hard and nails digging into the bed underneath you as your eyes shut tightly. You hoped that that would be your last orgasm, but with those two, you knew that it wouldn't be.


Your top half slumped down against the bed, and Monoma chuckled at your exhausted state. He slowly pulled out of you and flipped you onto your back. "Come on, [Name], you need to be more coherent if you want to continue~," he teased you. You barely realized that he and Shinsou were switching spots. Monoma was now sitting by your head while Shinsou was sitting between your legs. You were barely thinking about how your body needed to rest as you involuntarily spread your legs open for the purple haired man.


"Good girl~," he praised you. Although you knew that you would probably be bed-bound tomorrow, you still wanted more from them. Your body was against it, however, but you were just going to ignore that. Shinsou grabbed onto your legs and let you hook them both over his shoulders. He teased your clit with his tip a bit, making you shiver before pushing himself inside of you. Shinsou and Monoma knew how to make you go insane, both in different ways. While Monoma liked to give you more than you could handle, Shinsou was always intent on making you beg for more than you could handle. So, he started off at a very slow and teasing pace, hips pressing forward hard against yours at each slow thrust before pulling back. He noticed that tears of need began to form at the corner of your eyes, and that was when he knew that he had gotten you right where he wanted you.


"P-Please, Hitoshi stop teasing me!" you begged, "Fuck me hard!" Shinsou chuckled a bit before giving you what you wanted. He thrust incredibly hard against you once, making you cry out in ecstasy before he set a quick pace.


"That's always a beautiful sight to see," Monoma said, petting your cheek, "You begging like the little slut that you are~. I bet you want more, don't you~?" You couldn't stop yourself from nodding and soon you were presented with Monoma's hard cock that was still a bit wet from when you came on him. You didn't hesitate as you swallowed him down your mouth, sucking him hard and full of lust. You cried out around Monoma's length as Shinsou started to hit you hard and deep at your best spots. You knew that coming again wasn't something your body could handle at the moment, but it was going to happen either way, and you really wanted it to happen.


As you sucked on Monma's cock, he reached out and started to play with your nipples, rolling his thumbs over the buds while giving them pinches every now and then. Shinsou seemed to follow suit, except he started to roughly rub at your clit, the two of them giving you way more than you could handle. Your body began to jerk and shudder a bit against their hands because of how overstimulating it felt, and once you finally came again, back arching and head being thrown back, they continued to touch you.


Your eyes widened as your body shuddered uncontrollably. Your pussy was spasming hard around Shinsou's cock, and your clit was throbbing. You moaned and whined loudly at the pleasureful pain around Monoma's length. "That's it, baby girl~. Let it all out~," he encouraged. You withering and making noise felt so incredible for him. Monoma bit his lip, feeling his own end nearing. "Ah~, you better swallow all that I have to give you~." He groaned as he shot down your throat, filling your mouth up. You felt as if you were choking, so you did as best as you could to swallow.


Not long after Monoma came in your mouth, you could feel Shinsou's cock throbbing inside of you. His hold on you tightened as he spilled his seed deep within your still throbbing walls. He thrust into you a few more times before pulling out, his member extremely wet and messy from both his come and yours. Monoma pulled himself out of your mouth soon enough as well. He rubbed the tip of his cock against your lips before pulling away, looking down at your extremely spent body. You shivered slightly as you came down, starting to feel the effects of being overstimulated and coming so much. Honestly, you weren't even sure if you could move.


"You did such a good job as always, [Name]~," Monoma told you as he softly rubbed at your hair. You forced yourself to move to a much more comfortable position, laying your head on a pillow.


"Yeah, yeah," you said with a roll of your eyes, making Monoma chuckle. "I think I'm gonna nap and then eat some more Chinese food." You started to close your eyes, but you felt Shinsou lightly hit one of your thighs, causing you to widen them again.


"Do you honestly think we're done, kitten?" he asked you, hand starting to slid its way up your body.


"Wait, you guys can still keep going?" you asked in disbelief.


"Come on, baby, you're a hero," Monoma pointed out moving closer to you so that he could also caress your body, "You got to have more stamina than this~." You were starting to hate how much you wanted this, but you were sure that by the end of the night your body would hate you even more. You were okay with that, though.


Chapter Text

"Now will you take care of me?" you asked him, feeling very antsy from what you had just did.


"Of course," Shinsou told you making you smile happily, "Now be a good girl for me and go lay down in the bedroom."


You felt so anxious and in need to have your boyfriend's cook deep inside of you. He did always know how to get you to this point, and while your original request of wanting him to mind control you during intimacy had been ignored, Shinsou was doing excellent to make you not even care about that anymore. You stood up, legs slightly wobbly as you walked into the bedroom that you both shared, and laid onto the bed, anticipating what was to come. Shinsou followed you shortly afterwards, standing next to the bed as he took his clothing off, revealing the sexy body that he kept underneath. You couldn't help but to stare at him in submissive lust as he looked down at you dominantly. One look from those beautiful purple eyes alone had you shivering.


Shinsou got on the bed, sitting next to you. He reached a hand down and softly caressed your body. He rubbed his hand up your stomach and to your breasts, giving your nipple a soft pinch and tugging on it slightly. You let out a whine from the teasing feeling. His subtle touches were just making you antsier. "You look like you want something, [Name]," Shinsou teased as he moved his other hand over to play with your other breast.


"You know what I want," you told him, a slight pout on your face. Shinsou then gave a particularly hard squeeze to your breasts, making you gasp in surprise.


"Is that any way to talk to me?" he asked you with a raise of an eyebrow, "If you want me to touch you then you need to be more respectful than that, understand?" With the lack of actual sex that you two had suffered due to your busy schedules you had almost forgot how dominate Shinsou was in the bedroom. You also seemed to forget how much you loved it, because you were a bit surprised at how wet you were getting currently.


"I-I understand," you nodded, seeming to fall into a very obedient roll.


"Good girl~," Shinsou praised, "Now, let me know what you want me to do to you." He leaned his head down so that he could suck and bite at your neck, thumbs now rolling your nipples deliciously. You melted into his touch, wrapping your arms around him and running your hands up and into his purple hair.


"A-Ah~, please fuck me, baby," you told him, "I really need it." And you did need him so badly at the moment. From how he had been teasing and touching your body before, to the blow job that you had given him, and now to this, you really didn't think you could stand it any longer. And after he had almost made you come earlier, you needed to feel release badly. Shinsou bit your neck hard at your words, before biting down it to your shoulder where he started to kiss and suck.


"Is that what you want?" he asked against your skin before kissing up your neck and across your jaw.


"Yes!" you whined, knowing well what he was doing. Shinsou made it to your lips, pressing his against yours in a heated kiss. He slipped his tongue into your mouth, kissing you deep and hard before pulling away and looking into your eyes.


"Sadly," he said, reaching a hand up to brush away a few strands of hair that had fallen on your face, "I don't think you're ready yet, [Name], but don't worry, I'll get you there~." You almost couldn't believe what you were hearing and as you opened your mouth to protest, Shinsou used that opportunity to shove his tongue in again, kissing you dominantly. You knew that he was going to have you begging for him soon enough.


"Shinsou...," you whined. He chuckled at your expression and kissed you again, before moving down your body and trailing kisses and sucks all along it. You moaned and purred at the subtly pleasureful feelings. When he made it to your stomach, you started to feel like you wanted to just shove his face down and into your crotch, but you knew better than to do that. Shinsou finally made it to your clit, and you anticipated what was to come, but he skipped over your throbbing pussy and spread your legs wider, going to nip and kiss the inside of your thighs. "Y-You're not being fair," you ended up saying, earning a chuckle.


"Come on, [Name], we talked about this," Shinsou reminded, moving his mouth closer to your wet heat.


"Please," you bit your lip, looking down at him with needy eyes. You could tell that Shinsou would have wanted you to beg even more, but the look on your face was more than enough to convince him to give you what you wanted. Slipping his tongue out, he licked from your entrance all the way to your clit. You arched your back at the sudden feeling and moaned. Shinsou hummed in approval at your reaction as he licked your clit before latching his mouth onto it and sucking. You felt your body twitch as he did this and without really thinking, you reached down and gripped onto his soft hair. "H-Hitoshi....," you gasped out in pleasure. The next thing you felt was two of Shinsou's fingers tracing your entrance softly. He was sliding his fingers around the rim of it, and the feeling from that along with his mouth on you made you shudder.


When Shinsou finally pushed his fingers inside of you, you called out, unable to help it. Your orgasm was approaching you rather quickly, and while you usually would be disappointed because of that, you knew it was because he had almost made you come earlier. "Mm~, I can feel your walls getting tighter~," Shinsou purred before going right back to sucking on you again. Your hold in his hair was tightening as you became closer and closer and soon you felt yourself coming against his mouth.


Shinsou licked all of your come up, and the feeling of him doing so had you twitching. You felt so weightless and relaxed after you had come. It certainly had been awhile since you were able to have an orgasm that wasn't strictly just for stress relief. You did love the fact that you and Shinsou were able to be heroes, but you did have to give up quite a bit, and actual sex sessions had been one. You only really ever got to do things like this on your days off. Any other day would just be a quicky. You purred softly as Shinsou got back on top of you and kissed you lovingly this time. "Now am I ready?" you asked breathlessly once he pulled away. Shinsou kissed you again. He chuckled against your lips.


"No," he said, making you pout, "I would say that we're back at square once since I was only trying to tease you. I didn't expect for you to actually come. I mean, I didn't even touch your spot." He kissed you again, and you could tell that he was amused, though it was much to your embarrassment.


"I-I couldn't help it," you flushed, "And I need to feel you..." You pouted and received another kiss.


"And you will. Just not now~," Shinsou told you. He started to caress your body softly again, and his light touches really did make you feel as if you were back to the beginning. You whined and grabbed onto his wrists to make him press his palms harder against your breasts. Shinsou looked down at you amused, "Cute, but no~," he said, to your displeasure. You let go with a huff and decided to just let Shinsou touch you how he wanted. You knew that if you tried to hurry this process up that he would just slow it down even further.


Shinsou moved his hands down your body, and when he made it to your pubic bone, you started to feel yourself growing hot and bothered. Shinsou's fingers lightly danced onto your clit, sliding down to your hole before moving up again. He gently rubbed you, getting a soft moan from you before moving his hands away to massage at your inner thighs. "Please...," you said, looking down at him.


"No," came the reply. You could feel his nails lightly gliding down your thighs and back up again. You shivered from the feeling.


"P-Please," you begged again. Shinsou didn't bother to answer you. Instead he moved down to kiss at your stomach and pubic bone as his hands lightly touched and massaged at your thighs and outer labia, completely ignoring your needy pussy. "A-Ah...," you moaned at the sensation, but you knew that your body was just about begging for more from him. "Come on, Histoshi, please!" you begged louder. At this point, Shinsou decided to start rimming your entrance again. He looked at you with a teasing face. You bit your lip, thinking about how that could be his cock inside of you, "Please! I can't take it anymore! Please fuck me!" You had such a desperate look on your face, and that was exactly what Shinsou wanted to see and hear. He sat up and grabbed onto your body so that he could change your position.


"You did so well, [Name]," he praised you as he got off the bed and picked you up before turning you around and to where you were bent over it. "I'll give you exactly what you want." Shinsou made sure that your upper body was pressed against the matress before he grabbed onto your wrists, pulling your arms back. You waited in anticipation, and when you finally felt his hard cock filling you up, your eyes nearly rolled into the back of your head. "Is this what you want?" he asked, "My cock deep inside of you?"


"Y-Yes-Ah!" you moaned loudly as he pulled out and slammed back into you. Shinsou was fucking you roughly, making sure to hit you nice and deep as he did so. With each thrust he would pull you back by the arms against his movements. You were in complete bliss. "H-Hitoshi...!" You ended up calling out when he hit you at that special spot inside of you. Shinsou was amazing at pleasuring you and giving you all that he could when it came to such situations, and this time was no different. You already felt as if you were going to come, and your inner walls were throbbing in need of release.


Shinsou stopped pulling your arms back in favor of pinning your wrists to the bed by your head and leaning over you as he continued to pound his hips against yours. Since he was much closer to you, you were able to hear his ear-pleasing pants and moans. You knew that you were going to be fully pushed off of the edge in no time, and with a few more thrusts you called out, eyes shutting tightly as you came against Shinsou's still thrusting cock. He didn't slow down in his pace or lightened up in the way that he was fucking you. Instead, he moved faster and harder as his own release was approaching, and when Shinsou finally shot his seed deep within you, you shuddered hard at the feeling.


Kissing your neck, Shinsou slowly pulled out of you. You shivered slightly, body feeling exhausted as you laid limp in your position. Shinsou could tell that you were probably too tired to move, so he picked you up and put you on the bed before getting on it as well and letting you lay your head on his chest. "That was amazing~," you couldn't help but to say,


"Of course it was," Shinsou replied with a playful roll of his eyes, "It always is." He gave your ass a smack, making you squeak.


"So, are you really never going to mind control me while we have sex?" you asked, remembering the conversation that led to this. Shinsou let out a sigh before leaning in to kiss your lips.


"As of right now, no," he told you, honestly, "But, maybe...some time in the future." You would have jumped for joy if you weren't so exhausted.


"Really?!" you asked.


"Don't get your hopes up, I did say maybe," Shinsou reminded you, "And we'll really have to work out consent since you'll be, well, mind controlled." He shrugged.


"Oh, but, babe, you already know that I'll let you do whatever you want to me," You pointed out, easily.


"No shit," Shinsou told you, "But if we ever do this, we're going to do it right."


"Okay," you smiled.


Chapter Text

"So, [Name], what time should I be over at your place?"


You couldn't help but to laugh as Kaminari was leaning against your locker, looking chill and relaxed with an eyebrow raised. He had been asking you that all week, and your answer had always been the same, "I didn't know you were a girl," you told him, face holding a mock shocked expression, "I think you'll fit in nicely with the others in our classes, after all, we're outnumbered." It was Friday morning, and you would be holding a sleep over with the girls from class 1-A and 1-B that night. You had planned it about two weeks ago to give everyone a good enough heads up, although the second that Kaminari and Sero found out about it they kept teasing you about wanting in. Sero was completely joking, but you had a slight suspicion that Kaminari would try to come if you actually let him.


"You girls could use a guy there, you know," Kaminari told you, "It's more fun that way~." You playfully rolled your eyes as you closed your locker before making sure you had a good hold on your book bag.


"That's what you guys all say, and then you turn out to be nothing but a big disappointment," You easily countered. Before this exchange could go on any longer, Bakugo walked over to the locker area, eyes glancing at you and Kaminari. "Morning, Bakugo," you couldn't help but to say, "Did you know that Kaminari was a chick?"


"Haha, very funny," Kaminari replied, putting his hands in his pockets. "I'm just trying to get in on the action. You know me."


"Yeah, I do, and you're pretty insufferable," Bakugo replied, not even looking in the orange-haired teen's direction, who then sulked off to go to his own locker. You couldn't help but to laugh a bit at that retort, before making your way over to Bakugo.


"You wanna head to class?" you asked, nonchalantly.


At your question, Bakugo could feel heat rising to his face. He quickly looked away, however, not wanting you to see it. "I have better things to do with my time," came his answer.


You just waved it off without a care in the world. You were used to Bakugo's rudeness and knew that even though he said that, he would still go with you. "Maybe better things, but not better people," you shrugged easily. If you had been paying more attention to him, you would have noticed that Bakugo's head was going further into his locker, as if masking his face. A moment later, however, he moved away and closed his locker.


"Whatever," was his reply before heading off to class. You smiled as you followed along. The beginning of the day was presenting itself to be a rather interesting one, and your morning classes had been rather relaxed and easy in your opinion. You had hoped that the day would be stress-free. You didn't want anything ruining the night that you had planned.


Currently, it was between classes, and you formed a mini group with all of the girls from your class, making plans for that night. "We should tell ghost stories, play truth or dare, and order pizza!" Mina suggested, though it did sound like she was leaving no room for arguments.


"Sounds good," Uraraka nodded in agreement, "I actually have this cool lantern light that'll be perfect when telling stories."


"How about we also do each other's make-up!" Toru suggested, "I've always wondered what red lipstick would look like on you, Yaomomo." Now that the attention was on her, Momo got a bit flustered.


"I've worn some before on occasions," she admitted.


"I'm sure she'd look like a classy adult or something," you thought aloud with a shrug, receiving a few nods in response.


"Ah, if only we were doing this in the winter! We could have roasted marshmallows!" Mina thought aloud, "Do you have a fire place at your house, [Name]? Or at least a fire pit?" Before you could answer, Jirou decided to voice her opinion.


"Not the best thing to do indoors," she decided to say, "Besides, With all the junk food we're bringing, adding marshmallows to that would be too much."


"It's never too much with marshmallows," Tsuyu pointed out.


"She's right, you know," Uraraka agreed. You couldn't help but to laugh a bit at this little dispute. You felt as if that night was sure to be a great one, and it would be fun just hanging out with your friends talking and playing games.


"I'm gonna head to the bathroom," you said, "If anyone has a good idea, hold it until I get back!" And with that, you quickly made your way out of the isle that the desks had formed, nearly tripping on someone's backpack as you did so. You figured it was either Bakugo's or Midoriya's since you had been at Momo's desk who sat in their row, but you were too concerned on going to the restroom to care.


"Dammit, Deku! [Name], could have broke her neck!" Those words sounded from Bakugo's mouth the second that you left the classroom. Izuku nervously shook, glancing at the door you had went out of before looking at Bakugo.


"S-Sorry, Kacchan," he apologized. Kirishima, who was standing next to Bakugo's desk with his hands in his pockets, chuckled at the display.


"Man, when are you going to ask her out?" he questioned. Bakugo's eyes widened before rolling them. He knew exactly what Kirishima was getting at, he just didn't want to say it out loud, at least to the redhead.


"Who the hell are you talking about?" Bakugo asked with a roll of his eyes. Kirishima chuckled again at his friend's denial.


"[Name], who else?" he replied, "Anyone who bothered to care enough could probably easily see that you have a thing for her. I mean, you're not really an asshole to her like you are to everyone else."


"Fuck off, stupid hair. Did you short circuit like Kaminari's dumbass and come up with that?" Bakugo asked.


"Hey!" Kaminari whined with a pout, "I'm not dumb. What are you guys talking about anyway?" He stood up from his desk and walked over, much to Bakugo's displeasure.


"Bakugo's crush on [Name]," Kirishima easily said.


"Oh that?" Kaminari said, earning a glare from Bakugo, "What? Anyone who bothered to care enough can easily see that you have a thing for her."


"That's what I said!" Kirishima smiled brightly.


"You both can just shut the hell up," Bakugo grumbled. You then walked back into the room, leisurely, heading back to Momo's desk where the girls were still gathered.


"Coming through," you said absentmindedly to Kaminari, being as he was slightly in your way. You easily squeezed past him and met up with the others, all the while Bakugo's attention shifted to you slightly. When he looked back at the others, they were giving him smug and knowing looks.


"Oh, fuck you both," he told them.


"Haha, well, getting away from this subject," Kirishima started, "Why don't we all go watch a movie tonight? It'll be a good way to get your mind off [Name]." Bakugo rolled his eyes.


"I have work tonight," he said, "Besides, what makes you think I want to hang out with you two, idiots and whatever other idiots you invite?"


"Uh, last weekend when we were all hanging out," Kaminari thought aloud, completely missing the point, "But then again [Name] was with us that time, so that could have been why you were there..."


"You're insufferable," Bakugo replied.


Finally, school was over with, and you went home as fast as you could so that you could get ready for that night. Mina had volunteered to show up early to help you get things ready, and when she did, she had a bag filled with games and snacks with her. "There's this really fun truth or dare game where you write up the truths and dares on a piece of paper and everyone draws it from a large bowl," Mina explained as you and her made space in your living room for everyone to hang out and sleep. You parents had decided to stay out that night, giving you the house to yourself, so you figured that the living room would be perfect to sleep in.


"Sounds awesome!" you replied, as you pushed the coffee table all the way to the far corner of the room, "But I'd love to specifically ask Uraraka if she likes Midoriya." Mina giggled.


"That can be arranged~," she said, deviously with an eyebrow raised. You laughed a bit at her notion to fix the game. That was Mina for you.


When the party finally started, all of the girls from class 1-A had arrived and most of them from class 1-B had come as well. You decided to invite all the girls from both classes, but you understood if not everyone could make it. By this time in the night, though, your living room floor was covered with snacks, pillows, blankets, sleeping bags, and of course all of you. "Oh! Order some pizza, [Name]! That way it'll get here by the time we're ready to eat it," Toru suggested.


"Yeah, I'm getting tired of eating just snacks," Uraraka thought aloud as she grabbed a hand full of trail mix that Tsuyu had brought homemade.


"No problem!" you told them as you got your phone out and started to order. You loved how convenient ordering things were now a days.


"Why don't we play truth or dare?" Mina suggested, giving you a wink, "It is the staple of every sleep over, after all, and I got a fun way to play it!" Since everyone seemed in agreement, Mina went over to your pushed aside coffee table and picked up a rather large decorative bowl that had been there. It was filled with fake rocks and had a candle in the middle of it. As she started to take everything out of it, she glanced behind herself, "I also need paper, scissors, and things to write with."


"In the hall closet," you said, nonchalantly as you continued to mess around on a pizza place's website.


"I'll get it," Kendo offered, only to be followed by Momo, who decided to help as well. By the time you finished ordering the pizza, Mina was explaining the way that the game worked to the other girls. She told them to each write out two dares and two truths and put it in the bowl.


"We'll go in clock-wise order," she told them, sitting next to Uraraka, "And you have to close your eyes when you choose." You knew that she was going to slip a paper asking 'who is your crush' in right as Uraraka was choosing and hope for the best. Honestly, you did think it was amusing, and your curiosity was getting the better of you. You sat down between Jirou and Mina when the game was starting up. "You're first Tsuyu!" Tsuyu picked up the bowl that sat in the middle of the circle that all of the girls had formed and brought it back to her spot. She closed her eyes as she reached in and pulled.


"Let the person to your left draw on your face with a pen," she read. Looking at the left of herself, she saw Pony who smiled brightly. Pony grabbed one of the pens that had been used to write the dares and started to draw on Tsuyu's cheek, humming slightly. Everyone leaned forward and watched intently until Pony was done.


"What is it?" you couldn't help but to ask, seeing what looked like a 'chicken nugget' version of whatever it was supposed to be.


"It's All Might!" Pony giggled happily. You honestly didn't even know that she was a fan of his.


"Sounds like something Midoriya would do," Jirou pointed out, getting a few nods in response.


"Alright, I'm next!" Toru announced as the bowl was passed to her. She reached in and pulled out a slip of paper before unfolding it carefully. "What's the naughtiest thing you've done in public?" After reading the question, you saw her sleeve move up, indicating that she was probably rubbing at the back of her head, "I guess it's when I have to take all of my clothes off."


"But have you ever done anything while you were naked like that?" Mina pressed, making the girl practically jump up to defend herself.


"I-I wouldn't do that!" she said, probably pouting at the laughs that were currently sounding.


"Okay, okay, my turn," Jirou mused as she grabbed the bowl that was just sitting on the floor. She hoped to take the attention off of Toru this way, and succeeded. "What are you most self-conscious about?" She inwardly groaned as she read this, glancing around at the chests of her fellow classmates, "Nothing," came her reply, sounding very stoic, "Nothing at all." You could practically feel the dread coming from her, so you quickly grabbed the bowl, closing your eyes.


"I guess it's my turn now," you said, ignoring the giggles that you were hearing as you reached inside. Once you grabbed the paper nearest to the top, you opened your eyes to read from it. "Who is your crush?" At that, Mina nearly fell back laughing at the stunt that she had pulled on you, making the others' giggles turn into full-on laughs. "Mina!" you whined, "You traitor!" You didn't think it was a big deal, though, and kind of expected this coming from her.


"Oh, come on, [Name]! You should know me better by now," she told you as she sat up straight, grabbing the bowl for when it would be her turn.


"So, who is it?" Uraraka asked, and you couldn't help but to inwardly pout since you weren't going to find out what you wanted to know.


"I like-" Before you could answer the question, the doorbell rang, getting everyone's attention. "That must be the pizza!" You quickly hopped up, making your way to the front door.


"Oh come on, [Name], don't leave us in suspense!" Mina whined.


"You'll have to answer when you get back here," Kendo pointed out. You just nodded, giggling a bit as you opened the door. Once you turned to face the delivery person, however, you looked rather shocked as did they.


"[Name]?" Bakugo asked, before glancing behind you to see the group of girls in the room next to the little entrance area that you were currently in. He thought back on the conversation that he had with Kirishima and Kaminari that day about taking his mind off of you. This was just incredibly ironic. It seemed as if your initial shock at seeing him wore off as you gave him a smile that he always found cute.


"Oh, cool!" you said, "It must really be my lucky night if I get to see you~." Your words, like always, made Bakugo flush up; however, it wasn't like he could hide in his locker this time. Maybe those two idiots had a point, though. Maybe he should just ask you out.


"Whatever," came his reply as he handed you all of the pizza that you ordered. You had already paid online, so it wasn't like you currently needed to.


"Oh, awesome!" Mina said, as she quickly came over, snatching the pizzas from your hands. She saw the way that you and Bakugo were currently looking at each other, though, and gave a knowing smile before hopping off.


"All jokes aside," you told Bakugo, "It was pretty cool to see you. Have a good night!" You went to close the door, only for Bakugo to stop you.


"We're not done here, [Name]," he smirked, looking at you confidently. You raised an eyebrow before tilting your head a bit in confusion. This was a bit different coming from Bakugo, but seeing the current look on his face made you smirk as well.


"We aren't?" you purred slightly.


"You didn't give me a tip, and I'm not talking about fuckin' money," he told you, red eyes staring into yours. Biting your lip, you leaned to meet him and pressed your lips against his, unable to help it at this point. You didn't care if he ended up pushing you off; however, he kissed you back, wrapping his arms around your waist.


"Oooo~, I think [Name] just completed her dare!" you heard Uraraka's voice, making you pull away. You couldn't help but to giggle.


"Haha! I knew it!" Mina chirped, "Bakugo and [Name] would so be a great couple!"


"Aw, how cute!" Pony added in. You found the way they were gushing over the two of you to be rather amusing if anything, but they were definitely right about you completing your dare. Bakugo rolled his eyes playfully as he turned his attention back to you.


"I'll let you get back to your party, but you better call me tomorrow," he told you. You smiled and kissed him again, ignoring the 'awwws' and 'ooos' coming from your living room.


"I will," you told him.


"[Name]! Quit making out with your boyfriend and come back to the circle," Jirou teased you, earning some laughs.


"Let them be! They're really cute together," Uraraka giggled.


"You should go before they try to drag you in and question you," you said. Bakugo chuckled.


"Alright, see you," he said before kissing your forehead and leaving. You closed the door after him and bit your lip as you turned around and leaned against it, looking incredibly fulfilled.


"Uh-oh! [Name] is turning into jelly!" Mina said, "I have a remedy for this, though! Pillow-Fight!"


Chapter Text

You really enjoyed the Summer time, since that meant you had more time to spend with your boyfriend, Shouta Aizawa. Since he taught at U.A., of all places, the school days just left you both with barely any moments to spend together, and it also left Aizawa feeling incredibly tired. At one point, you decided that enough was enough, so you asked your boyfriend if you both could move in together. It wasn't anything out of the ordinary for you to make decisions for your relationship or for Aizawa to just go along with it. It wasn't like he didn't want to do things that would lead to a more serious relationship, but between the fatigue and the constant stress that came along with being a hero, he just didn't have time to stop and think about what to do next. So, Aizawa left that to you.


Now, while one could wonder why you put so much effort into the relationship instead of just finding someone new, there were two driving factors that made you know you were doing the right thing by continuing to be with him. The first thing was that you knew that he loved you. Aizawa wasn't like most men when it came to being in a relationship you've come to find, and at this point you were able to realize that just because he wanted to nap all the time didn't mean that he cared about you or your feelings any less. So, if you were to call him up while he was napping, he would certainly answer.


The second factor was one that proved to have a much stronger hold on you than you would like to admit, and it was sex. When you two weren't just doing it for the purpose of  stress relief, Aizawa would completely blow your mind. He was so sensual and dominant in the bedroom, and just thinking about the things he would do to you during your alone time was enough to make you melt. Another reason why you loved the summer so much was that Aizawa was more energetic since he didn't have to worry about teaching, and that extra energy was usually used to drive you insane.


There was just one little problem however...


"You're going to be gone for a week?" you whined as you leaned against the kitchen doorway in the apartment that you shared with your boyfriend. Aizawa didn't even look up at you as he knew that you were going to react this way.


"Yes, the students will be going to a Summer camp for training," Aizawa mused. He was sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee while he was doing some kind of work on his laptop. You pouted before walking inside of the kitchen to stand next to your boyfriend.


"Don't you think you should have told me sooner?" you asked him as you crossed your arms. You would be fine if this was something that happening during the time that classes were being held, but the fact that it was cutting into the time that you had with Aizawa was pretty bothersome.


"It's classified information," Aizawa pointed out, rubbing at the corners of his eyes, "I probably shouldn't have even told you this much, but you do need to know."


"Damn right I do," you grumbled. You looked rather sad, although you tried to hide it. There was a slight frown on your face and your shoulders were a bit slumped, and of course all of this didn't go unnoticed by your perceptive boyfriend. Aizawa sighed before grabbing onto your arm to pull you closer to him before sitting you on his lap. You were still a bit pouty, but you did like the closeness.


"It's just one week, [Name]," Aizawa assured you, "You can be without me for a week." He kissed your lips lovingly.


"I know, I know. It's just annoying," you responded, "Also...I was kind of hoping for more time together." Aizawa automatically knew what you meant, but he was just going to pretend that he didn't.


"But we're spending time together now," he told you, a slight look of amusement in his eyes that didn't match the straight expression that his mouth held.


"You know what I mean," you whined, nudging his shoulder lightly with your hand.


"I really don't," Aizawa said, picking up his hand to run his fingers through your hair.


"Shouta...," you whined.


 "If you want something, [Name], you're going to have to ask for it properly," Aizawa told you. At that, you felt a familiar aching down below. It was like your body knew what was to come before you did, and if you answered correctly you were certain to get what you wanted from your boyfriend. Exactly what you wanted. Biting your lip, you looked into his dark eyes with fire in your own.


"Will you fuck me, Shouta?" you asked. Not a moment later, Aizawa's lips found yours as he kissed you passionately, tongue exploring your own as well as every inch of your mouth that it could. The kiss made your knees want to buckle, but instead of doing that, you involuntarily found your hands slipping into Aizawa's long dark hair as you moaned and mewled against his rough touch. His hands were sliding up and down your sides sensually before moving up to cup and squeeze at your breasts. You ended up getting so into the kiss that you ground your hips down against his without really thinking. The sensations that you were feeling right now were more than enough to make you forgive him for telling you about the camp so late, so you could barely even image what you'd be doing or saying once you both really got into it.


Once you both finally broke away from the kiss, your breath was already stolen from you, and without another word, Aizawa picked you up bridal style and carried you into the bedroom. He put you down on the bed and climbed on top of you, hands trailing down your body as he started to kiss at you, making your hands find themselves in his hair once again. "You're already getting so worked up," Aizawa remarked to you once he pulled away, "Do you think you'll be able to handle what I'm about to give you?" You nodded, biting your lip. Aizawa lightly kissed your lips before starting to take your clothes off. Once you were completely bare, he grabbed onto your arms and tied them together with his capture scarf, putting them above your head. You hadn't expected for him to do this, but you weren't complaining. "If you put them down, I'll stop." You bit your lip and nodded before letting out a soft moan once you felt Aizawa's lips attach themselves to your neck.


Aizawa started out slow and sensual with his kisses before turning a bit rougher. He bit down on the skin of your neck, earning a gasp from you before sucking on the assaulted area. Once Aizawa felt satisfied with his mark, he moved his head lower and to your shoulder, leaving another mark there. You shivered in delight at the feeling of his lips trailing down your body in light kisses as he made his way to your breasts. "S-Shouta...," you moaned, arching your back up once you felt his lips wrap around one of your nipples, one hand coming up to cup your breast while his other hand lightly pinched at your other nipple. His tongue swirled its way around your areola, and while he was doing that you couldn't help but to stop thinking as you moved your still tied together hands down to press against the back of Aizawa's head, wanting him to continue.


As he had told you, Aizawa stopped his movements altogether, making you whine, unhappily. "What did I say, [Name]?" he asked you. Realization soon donned on your face as you quickly moved your hands back up. "Good girl~," you were praised. Aizawa went back to paying attention to your nipples, licking and sucking at them before starting to move lower again. He kissed his way to your belly-button, which he gave a swipe of his tongue to. The feeling made your abdominal muscles contract a bit.


The next kiss was placed on your pubic bone, and you sighed in pleasure. You knew your boyfriend well by now to know that he was going to start on your thighs before diving into you. Or so you thought at least... Aizawa went straight to your clit and gave it a hard and rough suck, causing your eyes to widen and you to call out his name. "S-Shouta!" you moaned at the incredibly stimulating feeling. It made you want to squirm in all honesty. Aizawa lightly chuckled at your reaction before kissing his way to the area between your outer labia and your thigh. You were panting a bit from the heat and from what you had just felt. You could currently feel him nipping and kissing at the area, probably leaving a red mark for you to discover later.


Aizawa moved over to your other thigh to give that side the same treatment. You wanted to reach down and shove his head into your now ready pussy, but you knew that he would stop if you did that. You bit your lip, deciding that it was best to use your words instead. "Shouta...," you whined, "Please..."


"Please what?" Aizawa asked, moving his mouth up to kiss at your pubic bone which felt even more teasing. He knew what he was doing, and he knew how to get you right where he wanted you.


"You know what I want, Shouta," you told him, face getting a bit more flushed.


"Tell me exactly what you want," Aizawa urged you. You bit your lip, eyes starting to water at the feeling of sexual frustration that was starting to set in. You should know better by now than to not ask for something directly.


"Please eat me out," you finally told him. If you had looked down at his expression, you would have noticed a ghost of a smirk on Aizawa's face.


"Good girl." Finally, you got what you wanted, back arching up once you felt Aizawa's mouth on your clit, sucking on it roughly, and once he slipped one of his fingers inside of you, your eyes nearly rolled to the back of your head at the sensation. His tongue just felt so delicious on you. The way that it curled around your clit and flicked at it every now and then was truly driving you insane. Aizawa soon slipped another finger into your incredibly wet heat, and once he did, you pretty much just lost yourself. You moaned loudly, and since you weren't thinking, you moved your hands down to press against the back of Aizawa's head. It was just an intense and passionate moment that was gone in the instant that Aizawa felt your hands on him. When he stopped, you felt an annoying feeling in the pit of your stomach.


"W-What?" you asked, truly surprised. Aizawa looked up at you in amusement, before easily grabbing onto your tied-up hands and forcing them above your head again. It made you realize what had happened, and you pouted.


"Keep them there~," was all your boyfriend said before diving right back into you. You knew he was just using this as a way to tease you further, and it was working. Aizawa knew you. He knew that you would forget, while being lost in pleasure, and bring your hands down, which resulted in a bit of edging coming into play. However, your mind was once again on chasing your release as Aizawa had picked up right where he left off. His tongue was doing excellent work to your now throbbing bundle of nerves, and his fingers were hitting that pleasurable button that was inside of you. You felt as if you could burst at any second, and when you did, your back arched off the bed, and you called out loudly, not being able to help it. Aizawa continued to work his mouth against you through your high, licking up all of your come. Once you came down, you were panting as your pussy throbbed a bit. Aizawa gave one last lick to you before moving back up your body and pecking your lips. "Can you turn around for me?" he asked you. Although you felt pretty weak after the orgasm that you had just had, you nodded.


Moving as well as you could in your still bound state, you turned around, getting on your knees and your elbows. Your ass was slightly in the air because of your position, which Aizawa admired by giving a slight squeeze to it. You anticipated what was to come next as you heard the purr of a zipper. That alone made you shiver in delight, and Aizawa seemed to notice as he chuckled. "You must really want me," he remarked, eyes going to stare at your wet heat that was presented to him in your current position. He placed a hand on your ass again and moved it down to your awaiting pussy. Aizawa then easily slipped a finger inside of you, moving it in and out slowly. It was a very teasing feeling, which made you whine. "Shouta, just give me your cock....," you told him, growing a bit impatient. That earned you a rather hard smack on your ass. You knew that there would be a hand print.


"You need to ask nicely if you want something, kitten," Aizawa reminded you. You gulped down your pride in an instant at those words.


"Please," you asked. That seemed to be enough for him as you soon felt yourself being filled up all the way by your boyfriend's very hard cock. It hurt a bit at first, but it was nothing that you couldn't handle. Since Aizawa was a good size, initial pain was just something that you'd have to handle, and to be honest you found that to be rather hot if anything. Aizawa stilled inside of you for a bit, letting you get used to him. You were biting your lip as the anticipation washed over you. You could feel one of his hands trailing its fingers down your spin and to your ass before both of his hands grabbed onto your hips, and once they did, Aizawa started to move in and out of you at a slow pace. He pulled out slowly, and when he pushed back in, his hips pressed hard against your bottom. You moaned softly at the sensual feeling, not being able to help it once you started to move back with his thrusts.


The second that Aizawa picked up the pace and became a little rougher with his movements, your mouth opened up in a silent scream. He was hitting you nice and deep, and banging against your spot at every thrust, so you knew you were going to lose control of your body. You could hear your boyfriend groaning, and his nails dug into the skin of your hips. You inner walls were beginning to throb around him as he brought you both closer and closer to your releases. Your toes began to curl, and you moaned shamelessly as each thrust drove you to the edge. "S-Shouta...!" you moaned, knowing that you were about to see stars.


Aizawa rammed his hips against yours roughly, hands now pulling you back with each thrust that he gave, and soon he could feel you starting to contract hard around him. He groaned at the feeling of your tight wet heat squeezing his length, and after a few more thrusts, he could feel you coming hard on his cock.


You moaned loudly, body falling down against the bed as a harsh yet pleasurable feeling shot through you. Aizawa continued to fuck you through your high, and not too long after you had let go, you could feel him spilling his come deep within you. The feeling made you shiver, and your pussy twitch. Aizawa slowed down in his thrusts before he completely stopped, slowly pulling out of you. You let out a sigh of pleasure before letting your body give as you laid down on the bed completely. You barely remembered that you had been tied up and only really realized it again as Aizawa untied you. "You did so well, kitten," he praised you, kissing your forehead. You smiled softly and grabbed onto him so that you could cuddle a bit in your after sex exhaustion.


"Do you have any more work to get done tonight?" you asked him. Honestly, you just wanted to stay like that with him forever, but you did understand if he was still busy. You were replied with by a nod, that made you want to sigh, although you didn't.


"I do, but I can take care of it tomorrow," he said, "Besides, it is the Summer after all, so I guess I should spend more time with you." You smiled happily and nuzzled against his chest. Aizawa wrapped his arms around you lovingly.


"Thank you," you said. Moments like this were what helped you to know that despite how busy he was, he truly did love and care about you.




A week later, you found yourself once again leaning against a doorway while feeling upset, only this time it was your front door as your boyfriend was about to leave for a week. It was upsetting that you were going to be without him for that long, but you found the way he cared about his students and their training to be rather admirable. So, it did make you feel a bit selfish that you were so upset. You just couldn't help it, though. "How will I survive without you for a week?" you asked. Aizawa just shrugged.


"You'll manage," he told you before leaning in to kiss your lips. "By the way, how would you feel about taking the next step in our relationship?" You tilted your head, raising an eyebrow.


"What do you mean by that?" you asked. You were usually the one to mention such things since Aizawa was always either tired or busy. You could see slight amusement in his eyes.


"Never-mind," he said, "I guess I'll make it a surprise after all." This only confused you greater.


"Wait, what?" you asked, only to be kissed again.


"I'll see you in a week, [Name]," he told you, "I love you." With a pet on your head, Aizawa turned around and left, leaving you utterly confused and wondering about what had just happened.


"...Next step...," you mumbled to yourself as you thought aloud, "He can't mean-." Your eyes then widened as you jumped up and down letting out little happy squeals, that Aizawa was able to hear as he walked down the hall to your apartment building's elevator, which pretty much let him know what your answer would be to his question.



Chapter Text

You paced back and forth in the office of Ground Zero, the hero that you manged, holding a tablet that had his schedule on it, while in complete work mode. You were listing off everything that he had to do that day, leaving no wiggle room for anything that wasn't on schedule. Every time that Ground Zero, Bakugo Katsuki, would try to get a word in, you just mowed over everything that he had to say with words of your own. You couldn't help it, though, and he knew that, too. You took your job very seriously and were good at it, which was why he hired you to be his personal manager. With your help, Bakugo had managed to grab a spot in the top ten of heroes at such a young age and despite his horrible attitude. "...And then after the interview you need to go STRAIGHT to Best Jeanist's agency so that you both can go and cut the ribbon of that new art museum that's opening up, and after that-"


"Why did you choose that ball buster? He's fuckin' retired-"


"After that, you need to patrol the east side of town. We've gotten a tip that someone is planning on robbing a bank, and I'd like you there before he tries to do so in order to avoid a hostage situation," you finished, ignoring everything that he had to say while you listed off the things on his schedule. "Any questions?"


"Yes, a lot. Like for starters why the fuck-"


"Great," you said, holding a hand up as you clicked the first item on the list with a stylus, "Now off to Deku's office to discuss an up coming project that you're both set to work on." Bakugo grumbled at that. It was obvious that Midoriya was the last person he wanted to work with.


"And why Deku?" Bakugo asked, hoping you'd answer this one question.


"Because you and him grew up together and are the only ones in your graduating class that are currently top heroes. Civilians love crap like that," you said, "And besides, he's really able." Your answer didn't stop Bakugo's grumbling. He had noticed that you had been rather bossy towards him lately, which he didn't like. He wondered if it had to do with your relationship, though, but something told him that that wasn't it.


When Bakugo had hired you, he would be lying if he were to say that he didn't think you were cute. You had such a passionate spirit when it came to your job, and as you both worked together it drew him closer to you.


As for you, when you decided to interview to work with Ground Zero, you did it as some sort of challenge. Could you turn one of the most foul mouthed heroes into a breakout success? You knew that the answer was an easy 'yes' once you realized that just because Bakugo talked as rude as someone could, didn't mean that he was a bad person or had bad intentions. He was actually a sweetheart deep down, so how couldn't you fall for someone like him?


"Hurry, Ground Zero," you ordered, having grown used to using his hero name at work, "The sooner you do this, the sooner we can move onto the next task. You must stay on schedule."


"Yeah, yeah," Bakugo rolled his eyes as he walked out of his office. Since this would just be a discussion, you went along with Bakugo to Deku's hero agency. Usually when villains were involved, you stayed back; although sometimes you would be on the sidelines.


"After this I'll be going to lunch with a few potential clients for you," you told him while in the car on the way to your destination, "I'll send today's to do list to your phone when I do, just make sure that you stick to it religiously, okay? It's air tight so no deviating."


"Whatever," Bakugo brushed off, as he leaned against the window, finding your attitude a bit annoying. You narrowed your eyes at him before reaching over and tugging hard on one of his blonde locks. "Dammit woman, what is it?!"


"Pay attention!" you scolded, "Don't say 'whatever'! Promise me that you'll stay on schedule!"


"Fine, fine! I'll stick to the schedule!" Bakugo told you, getting a bit irritated with the way you were treating him. He could tell that you didn't care about that, though, and while he hated how bossy you were being the fact that he was now a famous hero was the results of your efforts at managing's just that you've gotten a bit worse with being overbearing.


After your visit with Deku, which was mostly just you and Midoriya talking while Bakugo tried to force himself not to insult the other hero, you sent Bakugo to continue ticking off the things on the to-do list while you headed to a Soba house with three potential clients for Ground Zero. You were rather confident that you would get their accounts, and you made sure to order some good alcohol to butter and loosen them up as best as you could.


You all sat down at the table that you had reserved. You made sure to get a private room for this and one with a television. You chose this particular time and day because you knew that The Hero Network channel would be showing a special on Ground Zero. You had prepared the perfect storm. "Let me pour it for you~," you kindly said, pouring one of the clients a drink.


"My, what a lovely room," she said, looking around at the space, "I have to say that Ground Zero's agency spares no expense."


"Well, we just want you all to know how important you are to us," you dialed up the charm, "After all, saving someone isn't just saving them from danger. Perhaps you have a boring job to get back to, so let me save you from that right now." You topped off her drink, and smirked inwardly at the chorus of tipsy laughs that erupted due to your stupid joke. At that point, you knew you were getting them good.


"So, where is Ground Zero right now?" one man asked, glancing from the special that was currently on TV before looking at you. You looked at a clock to check the time.


"Right now, he should just be finishing up at a ribbon ceremony, and then after that he should be out patrolling," you explained. You hoped that the bank situation would be broadcasted on TV. The tip that you had gotten had been from a very reliable source after all, and you knew that the potential clients witnessing Bakugo stopping a robbery would be the final seal that you needed.


So once the words "We interrupt this broadcast to bring you breaking news!" sounded, you felt a huge smile creep onto your face. All heads turned to the flat screen on the wall at the front of the room, "Thanks to an anonymous tip, Pro-hero Chargebolt has managed to stop a bank from being robbed." Internal screaming began in your head as you saw Kaminari's short-circuited ass on TV giving a thumbs up and going 'wheeeeyyyy' to the camera.


"Wow, to think he was able to stop it before it happened," you heard one of the people in the room say, "That's impressive..."


"Right?! I'd LOVE something like that for my business!"


You ignored the words of praise directed at Chargebolt as you kept thinking and wonder 'where's Katsuki?' Did something happen to him? Was he hurt? You were indeed his manager, but you were also his lover, and the life of a hero was very dangerous. You hated thinking about what could have happened, but you knew what those dangers were first hand. You had to make sure he was alright. You had to- "In other news, Pro-Hero Red Riot had apprehended a villain that was causing quite a mess downtown. Pro-hero Ground Zero was also there, and he called the police for Red Riot."-murder him in cold blood! How could he do something like that?!


"Oh..? So Ground Zero, does those kinds of things when he patrols?" you heard someone say, "I guess that could be helpful...I mean after the fact..." You rubbed at your eyes.


When you made it back to the agency, you finished out the rest of the day saying nothing to Bakugo about what had happened. You knew that if you did, you'd be way too loud and probably cause an argument. No, you were going to wait until you got back to the home that you shared with Bakugo to scold the shit out of him.


Bakugo seemed pretty chill for the rest of the day. He didn't mention what had happened and just did his paperwork that he had to get done.


When the day was finally done with, you both headed home not saying much. Things seemed chill, and you wanted it to be that way. You wanted Bakugo to be as unprepared for when you chastised him for the decision that he had made that day as you had been when you found out about it. So, the second that you were home and the door closed, you let him have it. "Katsuki," you said, glaring at him, "Why the fuck did you not do as I told you to today, hm?" You crossed your arms, tapping your foot against the ground. Bakugo rolled his eyes.


"Fuckin' figures you'd find out," he said, "Look, [Name], it's not what you think."


"Not what I think?!" you snapped, "I told you EXACTLY what to do, okay?! EXACTLY?! And what did you do?! Embarrass me in front of potential clients by calling the fucking police for another hero! You should have been at the bank stopping the robber, and you weren't! Instead, I had to see Kanimari's dumbass taking the credit-!"


"Dammit, [Name]! It's not always fucking about you or what you want! People were getting hurt downtown and Kirishima isn't the best when it comes to saving them, and since I was already there I helped him while telling Kaminari about the robbery, okay?!" Bakugo yelled.


"Katsuki, this isn't about me! It's about you becoming the greatest hero, and if you won't stick to the fucking idiot proof list I gave you then it's not going to work!"


"What the fuck is with you, [Name]?! I was SAVING people, that's the priority, alright?! You need to fucking understand that! I don't need you to dictate every thing I do! You're being a tyrant, [Name]!"


"Well, I have to when it comes to working with you! It's stressful!" you yelled back, "I'm stressed! And maybe if you gave me even the slightest bit of wiggle room I could fucking do the same! It's hard managing you!"


"Oh, you're stressed?!" Bakugo growled.


"Yes!" Before you could yell anything else, Bakugo picked you up and threw you over his shoulder, easily. He was much bigger than you after all, so he had no problem effortlessly carrying you to the bedroom. "Katsuki! Put me down!" you whined. He didn't listen, though, and your found yourself thrown on the bed. You glared up at him and Bakugo rolled his eyes.


"Well, maybe I'm not giving you any wiggle room," he told you, "But that doesn't mean I can't make you wiggle~."


"Katsuki, what are you talking about-" You were cut off as Bakugo crashed his lips against yours passionately in a heated kiss. Since you were both just so angry at each other, it made everything so much more intense. Bakugo pulled away, scraping his teeth against your bottom lip as he did so. He looked at your now flustered state in amusement.


"You might be my manager, but I'm definitely the boss of you," he told you, taking you by surprise, "It seems like you forgot that, so stop worrying your pretty fucking head off so much and let him take control." Bakugo pushed you lying flat on the bed as he got on top of you, kissing you hard and deeply. You manged to match the speed of his kiss, but you still felt your stomach flipping at the strong feeling. It had been so long since Bakugo had actually let you have it. You both did have sex a lot, but it was mostly just morning quickies if anything. Rarely did you both get to lay into each other like this, and Bakugo was right. When it came to things in the bedroom, he was in control, even if you liked to deny that fact.


Your shirt was ripped off before you even knew it with your bottoms following shortly after. You, however, were just so overwhelmed that you couldn't even complain about the loss of those items, and Bakugo wasn't going to give you even a second to. He moved back down to attack your neck with bites and sucks, making sure he marked you up as much as he could while his hands slipped around you to unlatch your bra clips. As your bra was the next to go, you found yourself to be just in your panties while Bakugo was still fully clothed. You grabbed onto the bottom of his shirt to tug it off of his body, however, he smacked your hands away. "Looks like I'll have to do something about your disobedience." As he said those words, you shuddered with excitement. You had forgotten how dominate he was in the bedroom.


Bakugo got off the bed long enough to fetch a few items from your closet. You, knowing what you both had in there besides clothing, made you bite your lip. What could he possibly be thinking of doing to you? As Bakugo made his way back over to the bed, the first thing you noticed in his hands were hand-cuffs. He grabbed onto your hands and cuffed them against the bedposts with ease. It wasn't like you were going to fight him on this, being as you were anticipating what he was going to do to you. "I'm going to have to teach you how to act, [Name]," Bakugo smirked as he tied a blind-fold on you. You whined slightly at that. "You've been such a fucking tyrant lately, and I need to fix that."


At this moment, you could really only feel and hear what was happening to you. You felt Bakugo moving back on you. His hands moved up to cup your breasts rather roughly, which got a moan from you. You arched your back once you felt him attaching his mouth to one of your nipples, sucking and nibbling at it. You wanted more from him, but you knew better to make any demands at the moment. You felt Bakugo pulling away from you. You opened your mouth to protest, but before you could say anything you felt him shove two fingers inside of it. "Dammit, [Name], can you go five seconds without opening that sexy mouth of yours?" he asked, fingers practically deep-throating you. You weren't too bothered by the feeling since you were used to having something much larger in there.


As you were being distracted by Bakugo's fingers practically fucking your mouth, you almost didn't notice a buzzing sound that was starting to fill the room. Bakugo's hand moved from your mouth and trailed down your body before settling onto your thigh, spreading your legs a bit. The buzzing sound moved closer and soon you felt vibrations at your belly-button. You squirmed slightly at the feeling before starting to moan as the vibrator moved lower and closer to your now wet heat.


Bakugo stopped it right at your pubic bone, smirking at the needy look on your face. "I bet you want me to play with you, don't you?" he asked, watching as you nodded impatiently.


"Yes," you said, wiggling your hips a bit and moving your body as if trying to get him to move the toy where you wanted it.


"Hmph, if you want shit from me then you need to stop ordering me around," he said. You almost couldn't believe that he would use your currently horny and weakened state to get what he wanted. It was very believable, though, and you were in no position to not give in. "Say it, [Name]." You bit your lip. Honestly, you didn't think you were too overbearing, but at that moment you would comply with almost anything to get what you wanted.


"I-I'll stop ordering you around," you whined, still wiggling a bit. Bakugo smirked at your submission before moving the vibrator lower and onto your clit. You moaned loudly from the feeling, eyes nearly rolling to the back of your head. "O-Oh...f-fuck...!" Bakugo watched the way you twitched and moved around from the heavy vibrations. He loved seeing you come undone under his touch.


"Good girl~," Bakugo purred, "I bet you wanna come, don't you?" He turned the vibrations to the highest setting, watching as your back started to arch off the bed and listening as your moans grew louder.


The highest setting was truly brutal and was vibrating crazily on your sensitive bud. Your toes began to curl, and you knew that your orgasm was about to wash over you, however, that pleasurable feeling soon stopped as did the vibrations. You were panting from what had just happened and feeling so very confused. "W-What...?" you asked tiredly, wanting to open your eyes and look at your lover, but you were blind folded. Bakugo didn't answer you, but you did hear the rustling of his clothing and not much else. You also didn't feel anything either. You could only lay there as you waited for something to happen.


It felt like five excruciating minutes, which minus well have been a lifetime for you in your current state, before you felt yourself being filled up all the way by something hard, long, and thick. You knew exactly what it was, and as it brushed against your inner very sensitive spot, you bit your lip, letting out a long moan. What's more was that you could feel your lover on top of you, holding onto your hips tightly. "Do you want me to fuck you?" he asked.


"Please fuck me," you begged him, not caring at all how submissive you sounded. That had been exactly what Bakugo wanted to hear as he started to thrust in and out of you. He started out slow, but hard, hitting you deep at every thrust. You dug your nails into your palms without really thinking about it. At the moment, you were just way too busy with chasing those feelings of ecstasy as opposed to anything else. You didn't care that Bakugo had just dominated you and made you relinquish control. You just wanted to come all over his cock. When Bakugo started to pick up the pace, your moans grew a bit louder and more frequent. Every thrust he made was bringing you closer and closer to the edge. After all, you had almost been pushed off of it right before he had entered you.


"Mm, you're such a good girl, [Name]~," Bakugo praised you as he leaned his body lower. You could feel some of his blonde hair tickling your forehead, "Taking my cock like such a good little slut~." Then one particularly hard thrust he gave caused you to call out his name.


"K-Katsukiiii!" you moaned, hips bucking up from the feeling. Bakugo knew that you were very close again, and he wasn't going to let up on his thrusts at all. In fact, he started to thrust into you even harder and rougher because he loved all of the sounds that were coming out of your mouth. He loved seeing you like this, and he loved that he was the one who was making you like this. When you started to pulsate around him, Bakugo bit his lip, groaning from the delicious feeling. He was nearing his end, too, but he always made sure that you came before him.


Even though you were blind-folded, you could swear that you were seeing stars. You couldn't hold on for any longer, and soon your orgasm over-took you, making you call out loudly as your inner walls contracted hard around Bakugo's still thrusting length. Your body jerked slightly under his, and you shuddered from the feeling of still being fucked even after coming so hard. It was like Bakugo was trying to throw you off the edge again, only this time with him. "F-Fuck...," you moaned, feeling another orgasm approaching. When Bakugo finally came inside of you, filling you up all the way, you peaked yet again, mouth opening in a silent scream.


You were both panting heavily from what had just happened, and as Bakugo slowly removed his length from you, you shivered a bit. Your handcuffs came off before your blind-fold, and when it did you were able to see the mess that you were put in. Your body was incredibly sweaty, and there were bruises on your hips. The vibrator that Bakugo had used on you was just laying near the end of the bed. Before you could look anymore and appreciate the ability to see again, Bakugo pulled you into an embrace, kissing your lips lovingly. He let you lay your head against his chest, and you happily cuddled up with him.


You felt as if you really needed that release after how intense and stressful things had been, and Bakugo probably did, too...You were starting to feel a bit bad for getting on his case about not sticking to the schedule, "I..I'm sorry...," you apologized, face flushing up. Bakugo smirked before kissing your head this time.


"Good," he said, "But I understand...I mean, I do owe some of my success to you." You were good at what you did after all.


"I guess I can find a happy medium in the way I manage you," you said, cuddling closer as Bakugo wrapped an arm around your waist.


"You could, but if you do forget that I'm the boss, I'll just have to show you again...and again~." He gave your ass a smack, getting a little squeak from you. You flushed from embarrassment at how submissive you had been.


"I-I just wasn't ready this time," you said in your defense. Bakugo looked at you in amusement, raising an eyebrow.


"Oh, you weren't?" he questioned.


"No-Ah!" You barely had time to register what had happened as you now found yourself on all fours. Bakugo gave a hard smack on your ass.


"I guess it's time for round two then~."


Chapter Text

You couldn't stop thinking about that day after it happened. The day when your teacher took your virginity. It was so hot the way that he bent you over his desk and prepped you before holding on tight to your thighs (which he spilled his come all over) as he fucked you hard and deep. That was truly something that only happened in stories or depraved fanfiction. Your grades had also gotten better as a result of finally knowing what it felt like to have your favorite teacher inside of you. It truly was something that you thought about often, however there was one thing that was the cause of your current unhappiness...It seemed as if Shouta Aizawa had forgotten all about it!


Aizawa would ignore the little looks that you would give him, the way you would unbutton a few extra buttons on your shirt, and how you hiked up your skirt when he was around. One day after class you stayed behind only for him to say, "You need something?" as professionally as possible. Trying to seduce someone was far more frustrating than you had thought it would be. Since your lust was satisfied for the most part, using your grades as a way for private time was a no go unless you made bad grades on purpose, but you were not going to risk it. That day after Aizawa's class, you had thought about trying to stick around again, but you knew that you would probably get the same treatment. "Oh, by the way," Aizawa said, causing all of his students to stop in their tracks, "Since your homeroom teacher is on vacation, I was asked to do your room inspection for her...along with everything else this school makes me do..." He grumbled the last part a bit.


"No problem, Mr. Aizawa!" Mirio spoke cheerfully as he gave a salute, "I have confidence that Class 3-A will do you proud!"


"Fantastic...," Aizawa sarcastically said before leaving the room.


"I should probably rush to clean my room," Nejire thought aloud, "Hey, [Name], do you need to clean your room? Do you need help? I don't think I need help, but wouldn't it be fun to do it together? [Name]? [Name]?" You had drifted off in thought at this opportunity that had dropped onto your lap. Aizawa would be going into your room to inspect it! You had to make sure that everything was prepared so that you could seduce him. You wondered what you should wear...It couldn't be anything too racy just in case one of your classmates would try to nosily come in while your room was being looked at. Sure something like that wasn't likely to happen, but you wanted to exercise caution. "[Name]?!" You quickly snapped out of your thoughts to see Nejire looking at you with a pout and puffed out cheeks.


"O-Oh, sorry," you apologized, "I think I want to clean by be honest, I don't remember if my room is messy or"


"You goin all spacey again on us, [Name]?" Mirio asked with a chuckle, making you shake your head. You did have a slight problem with doing that, though only when your mind was very cluttered.


"Nothing like that," you quickly said, "In any case, don't you three have some training to do?" You knew that Mirio, Nejire, and Amajiki usually did a lot of separate training together after school, "You might want to hurry before we get inspected."


"[Name's] right...," Amajiki finally spoke.


"True," Mirio nodded, "Let's go! Call us if it starts early, alright?" You nodded.


"No problem!"


So, you quickly went back to your dorm room and did your best to tidy up before getting ready. You decided to go with some very short black shorts and a dark red camisole with lace straps. It wasn't something that you could be called out on, but it revealed quite the bit of skin and showed off your body. After dressing, you messed your hair up a bit, wanting to create a type of sex hair look. You hoped that your efforts weren't going to be in vain because surely, you were going to go crazy if they were. With that in mind, you grabbed your school books to study, not wanting your incredible thirst for your teacher to get in the way of the good grades that you were making again. It was a bit hard to concentrate, however, as you were excited at the possibility of what could happen. You knew that with the other students around, Aizawa probably wouldn't do too much with you, but he might want to schedule another private tutoring session. The thought made you anticipate his arrival.


By the time that Aizawa showed up for the dorm inspection, you had long given up on studying and was playing with your phone while laying on your bed lazily. You knew that it would be some time until he got to your room door, so you waited for him....and waited...and waited...


You were starting to doze off when you heard a knock, signalling Aizawa's arrival. You snapped into a sitting position, feeling a bit groggy still. Rubbing at your eyes, you quickly made your way towards the door and opened it up. "Let's get this over with," Aizawa said, "If you got anything to hide, you better tell me now because I will find it and expel you." You frowned a bit at the way he was treating you, like other students...the trouble-making ones. Aizawa walked into your room, and the second that he did, you closed the door. He raised an eyebrow at this, but said nothing as he looked around.


"I have nothing to hide, sir~," you purred, walking over and standing next to him. Aizawa didn't say anything to you as he continued to look around your room. He looked inside of your desk drawers, moved your curtains back, looked under your pillows, etc. The main thing was that he wasn't looking at you. "Mr. Aizawa~?" you said to catch his attention. Once he looked at you, he would be able to see you leaning forward to show off your cleavage, arms squishing your boobs closer together as if to enhance their appearance.


"What?" he questioned, when you didn't say anything else.


"Did you find anything?" you asked him, innocently. Rolling his eyes, Aizawa turned away from you to continue his search.


"You'd know if I did," he merely said. You pouted, hating that he wasn't giving you any attention or at least checking you out. Deciding to give up, you turned around, leaning over your desk and resting your head in your hands, propping yourself up with your elbows and refusing to look at your teacher. You were upset, and you just wanted this inspection to be over with now. He was just teasing you by being there! "Okay, I'm d-" You just wanted to ignore him and not even listen. You, however, didn't even notice that Aizawa had just stopped in the middle of his sentence. "You're doing this on purpose...dammit..." You raised an eyebrow at those words, but before you could even think to ask Aizawa what he meant since you were still giving him the cold shoulder, you felt his hand colliding with your ass.


"O-Ow-mhhpph!" You found one of Aizawa's hands pressing firmly against your mouth to muffle any noises while his other hand spanked you again. "Mmph!"


"You're such a bad girl, you know?" Aizawa leaned his head down so that he could whisper in your ear, "Not buttoning your shirt all the way, lingering around after class, speaking to me in that innocent voice, and now your walking around dressed like this? You just want to be punished, don't you?" His hand came down on your ass yet again, and you couldn't help but to feel bliss along with the pain from it.


'So, spanking next time?' you remembered yourself saying. As his hand collided with your ass again, you felt your eyes wanting to roll to the back of your head. It felt so devious, so wrong, and yet so very right. Aizawa paused in his assault on your scantily clad bottom to pull your shorts and panties down.


"You're so wet...," he said softly. Once he spanked you again and even harder this time, you felt your body jerking forward and a muffled cry-like moan sounded from your mouth. You wanted to be fucked so badly after this and by Aizawa. Your mind was taken away from that thought as your ass was hit yet again. He was getting harder with his hits, you could defiantly feel it, and while you braced yourself for the next one it sadly never came.


You felt Aizawa pulling your bottoms back up. He moved away from you and let out a sigh. You turned around in time to see him running a hand through his hair. You looked at him questionably, "What's wrong?" you asked. Aizawa looked away from you.


"This," he said, "This is wrong..." It was honestly a bit disheartening that he was feeling that way; after all, you thought that he had overcome this the first and only time that you two had done something.


"Nothing's wrong with it, Sir," you told him as you started to get closer to him. Aizawa stepped back.


"I can't be alone with you like this," he said, as he turned to leave, "I'll see you in class tomorrow." Aizawa then quickly left your room, leaving you to stand there and try to figure out what really had just happened.


The next day you woke up feeling a bit unsure about yesterday. Perhaps you crossed a line or something. You had certainly pushed him, and you were starting to remember that Aizawa had no problem expelling students, which could end up happening to you if you weren't careful enough. With that in mind, you started to get ready for the day. Honestly though, you couldn't really keep your mind off of it. You wanted Aizawa so badly, but at the same time you didn't want to make him too uncomfortable or risk punishment. Aizawa was such a great teacher and was probably stressed out enough with everything already. After all, he was the homeroom teacher of class 1-A who were gluttons for trouble. So, you went to school and focused on your classes, deciding to use that as a way to distract yourself from thinking of ways to seduce your teacher. You had even worn your uniform correctly.


When it came time for your hero training class, you had been paired up with Mirio. You would have really preferred someone else, though. Not because you didn't like Mirio, but you found sparring with someone with a quirk like that to be annoying. He would always pop up out of nowhere, either nearly giving you a heard attack or knocking the shit out of you. Both were not fun. "You ready, [Name]?" Mirio smiled. You were never ready for this.


"Yep," you nodded. The second you said that, Mirio slipped into the ground. You grumbled, trying to anticipate when his attack would come. It could happen at any moment. He usually would just pop out randomly, aiming his fist at whatever body part he first saw. With that in mind, you clamped your legs together, which was horrible for defense. You just really didn't want him hitting you anywhere below the belt accidentally. You let out a breath of air, trying to calm yourself. "Okay, I just need to be quick and ah-!" Someone had fell onto you from above, and you heard Nejire saying 'sorry!' before you blanked out.


Waking up, you looked around yourself noticing that you were in the school's nurse's office. You touched your head to find an ice pack there as you sat up as best as you could to look around the room a bit more. You were alone, and you couldn't help but to wonder where Recovery Girl was. "Midoriya again?!" you heard a voice coming from outside of the room. You recognized that name as that first year who Mirio told you was a 'trouble student'. "I'll head over to the hospital then...," Recovery Girl sounded very tired, "Look, I have someone in my office now. Can you wait for them to wake up? Nejire accidentally fell on top of the poor girl during their training exercises. Tell her what happened, and she should be fine to be sent back to class." You heard the sound of another voice, but it was too low to actually make out what they were saying or who it was. They were lucky, though, since they wouldn't have to wait at all for you. "Thank you," Recovery Girl responded, "My job is never done with your class..." You froze at those words, immediately knowing who she was talking to. Midoriya was in class 1-A, right?


When the door opened, you were greeted by the tired yet slightly annoyed face of the trouble-magnet class's homeroom teacher. Aiawa's eyes widened slightly for a second once he saw that it was you. He closed the door behind himself before walking further into the room. You felt a bit embarrassed about your situation and that it was Aizawa who had to take care of you. "You okay?" he asked. You nodded.


"Yeah...I think so," you told him, softly. Aizawa let out a sigh and put his hands in his pocket as he looked away from you casually.


"Nejire fell on top of you while you were training," he explained, "I'm sure your injury is not too bad, and if you feel alright, you can go back to class." You bit your lip and nodded. Would it always be like this? "If you're fine, then I'll leave. I'll see you during last hour." You watched as he turned to leave, and something inside of you just snapped. You knew that you had to stop him.


"W-Wait!" you quickly said, making Aizawa stop in his tracks. He turned around and looked at you questioningly.


"Is something hurting?" he asked. You bit your lip again and looked away, now clutching onto the ice-pack that had once been on your head as if it were a life-preserver. You had to do this now. It was probably the only chance that you would ever get. Aizawa always avoided you like a plague after all.


"I don't want you to go...," you told him, "Please, stay...let's talk." You knew that he knew what you were getting at. You also knew that he was going to play dumb and act as if you meant something completely different.


"What do you need?" he asked, "Are you having trouble with your grades or something?" You pouted at his response, but you knew that you just needed to be a bit more forward if you were going to get him to admit to what was really going on.


"You know that I don't," you spoke, "Listen...I won't...I-I won't bother you anymore about this if you don't want me to, but please talk to me now." It hurt you to say those words, but you knew that they had to be said. You couldn't force Aizawa to be with you, but you could at least try to get him to talk about it just this once. Aizwa ran a hand though his thick black hair and looked at you thoughtfully. You could tell that he was contemplating this whole thing carefully. You both sat in silence for about one minute until he finally spoke again.


"[Name] should know how I feel by now," he said, "What happened before was a mistake. You're my student, and I intend to treat you like one." You wanted to be more than that, though. You wanted to be his lover.


"But why did you change your mind? You said before that I could go to you if I...i-if I had a need," you reminded, face flushing up slightly, "What changed?"


"I wasn't thinking clearly at that moment," came Aizawa's reply. At this point, you stood up from the hospital bed that Recovery Girl kept in her office and walked over to Aizawa, stopping right in front of him.


"I was," you told him, "You have no idea how bad I want you. I tried to fight it, but it's hard...Don't you...don't you want me?" Aizawa looked away from your pleading face as you said that, pretty much giving away his answer. "Don't you care about me?"


"Of course I care about you, [Name]," he said, eyes now looking at yours. He slowly reached forward and cupped one of your cheeks, rubbing at it softly with his thumb, "But I need to care about you as a student. I can't take advantage of you."


"But you're not! I'm old enough to make my own decisions!" you insisted, "Just please, understand that..." Aizawa continued to look into your needy eyes. He could tell that you were searching in his, wanting to know the truth of how he felt.


"You don't regret what happened?" he asked you.


"Of course I don't," you told him, "You know that..." Once again, you both found yourselves in silence, only this time, you didn't want to wait anymore. Leaning up, you placed your hands on his shoulders and pressed your lips against his. Aizawa could push you off for all you cared. You just needed him so badly.


It was hard for him, however, to fight this any longer. You were just so tempting, and you obviously didn't seem to regret doing any sort of sexual activity with him. Aizawa let you kiss his lips as he thought about this, hoping that he was currently in his right mind and not a lustful one. Maybe he needed you just as much as you needed him? Aizawa then easily picked you up bridal style, forcing you to break your one-sided kiss. He brought you to the bed in the room and laid you on it before getting on top of you. "I don't want to take advantage of you, [Name], so I need you to be clear. Do you want to do this?"


"Yes," you nodded, feeling your heart skip a beat.


Since you had given him the 'okay' again, Aizawa was starting to feel better about touching you now. You just hoped that he wouldn't flip back to feeling bad about it once this was over again. He leaned closer to you and pressed his lips against yours passionately. You kissed him back, trying to match him as best as you could, but it was obvious that Aizawa had way more experience doing this than you. You could feel his hands starting to undo your hero costume as he continued to kiss you. The last and first time that you two had done it, you were both partially clothed, so this made you feel a bit more anxious. Perhaps you'd get to see the body that your teacher usually hides. Trailing your hands up and into his long hair, you decided to deepen the kiss as best as you could. You loved the feeling of Aizawa's mouth playing with your own, and waves of pleasure were just being shot through you the entire time.


You felt a bit upset when Aizawa broke the kiss off. He trailed his mouth on your neck, teeth scraping against your skin a bit and sending shivers down your spin. You were just left in your bra and panties at this point, but you knew that those were soon to be removed. Once Aizawa got to your shoulder, he gave it a soft suck before pulling away to take your bra off. You flushed a bit since your chest was exposed to him. Aizawa then grabbed onto both of your soft breasts with his hands, giving them a squeeze. He circled around one of your nipples with his thumb before deciding to pinch and tug at it. You moaned softly, feeling surprised that you could get that much pleasure just from him touching your chest. Aizawa looked a bit amused by the look on your face, and he leaned his head down lower, latching his mouth onto one of your nipples. You gasped from the feeling, one hand going to lace itself in his long hair. Aizawa's tongue circled around your areola before he gave your nipple a rough suck, pulling away from the now very hard bud with a pop. You could hear yourself panting at this point from the heat.


Now that Aizawa had moved away from your breasts, his hands were free, so he slowly glided them down your body and to your panties, grabbing onto the elastic of them. You weren't as flustered with this as you had been when he revealed your chest because the last time that you two had done this, he had you bent over his desk with a full view of your wet heat. The only difference this time was the angle. Aizawa easily pulled your panties down and tossed them aside with the rest of your clothing before spreading your legs and getting in between them. There was just something so hot about seeing your teacher between your legs like that. "If you want to continue, you're going to have to be quiet," he told you, "Can you do that for me?"


"Y-Yes, Sir," you nodded, feeling very anxious.


"Good girl~." Aizawa trailed his hands up your thighs slowly, which felt so very teasing. When he finally made it to your now twitching pussy, he softly rubbed at your clit, making you moan. You knew at this point that you probably wouldn't be able to stop yourself from making a lot of noise, so you grabbed a nearby pillow that had been on the bed and bit onto it. It was a good thing that you had done so, because Aizawa leaned down and kissed your bundle of nerves before latching his mouth onto it and sucking hard. You could feel your toes curling at the feeling as you moaned and whimpered with the pillow in your mouth. Aizawa gave you a few hard sucks before pulling his mouth away. "You're so wet, [Name]," he told you, voice with slight disbelief as he slipped two fingers inside of you. He had no problem doing so because of how lubricated you were, "Do I really turn you on this much?" You were unable to reply since you knew that you would probably let a loud noise slip if you were to remove the pillow, being as Aizawa was still pleasuring you. He started to thrust his finger in and out of you slowly as he leaned his head down and began to suck on your clit again. You felt nothing but pure bliss from your teacher eating you out like that. And as he kept going, you felt your body begin to lock up as your orgasm was nearing. You bit the pillow that was in your mouth hard as you closed your eyes and threw your head back, anticipating what was to come...sadly, it never came as Aizawa pulled away from you.


Opening your eyes, you looked at your teacher questionably, wondering why he stopped. You could tell that he was basically reading your mind, though, as he looked at you with slight amusement. "Can you turn around for me, [Name]?" he asked. You realized now that he had just edged you to tease you. The thought of that, and the fact that Aizawa seemed to get slight pleasure at the discomfort he provided you, made you wonder what he was like in bed when he was able to go full out. Hopefully, you'd get to find out soon. Nodding as best as you could since you were still slightly dazed from what had just happened, you turned around, getting on all fours. "Good girl," Aizawa praised you. You felt him trailing a finger down your spine, causing you to shiver a bit. The sounds of clothing being moved was soon heard, and you couldn't help but to wonder if Aizawa was removing his clothing or just moving it out of the way.


You couldn't dwell on that thought for too long as your attention was taken by the feeling of the head of Aizawa's hard cock being nudged into your wet throbbing hole. You could feel his hands gripping onto your hips as he pulled you back against him. Since this was your second time doing this, it felt a bit painful being stretched by him. You gripped onto the sheets beneath you, hoping to find some comfort in that as you got used to the feeling. Thankfully, Aizawa stayed still once he was fully inside of you. Gently, he massaged at her hip, one of his hands moving to your clit to rub at it softly. That did help you feel a bit better and as soon as the pain completely subsided you said, "Y-You can move..." Aizawa didn't give you a verbal answer, but he started to slowly move his hips back and forth, pulling you back against him as well with each thrust. You let out a soft moan at the feeling, loving the way that your teacher's hard dick was fucking you deep. That thought alone caused you to become even more aroused.


As Aizawa's thrusts became quicker and harder, your moans grew louder. You couldn't help it, and you had no idea where you had put the pillow that you had before. At this point, though, the idea of getting caught was the last thing on your mind. You were lucky that you were doing this with such a rational person, however, because Aizawa pushed your top half down against the mattress, hoping to lower your volume that way before shoving two fingers into your mouth to act as a gag. Your moans came out muffled from this action, and you couldn't help but to suck on his fingers, earning a nice groan from Aizawa because of it.


When he started to hit your g-spot at every thrust, you nearly lost yourself. Your body shook and your noises of pleasure around Aizawa's fingers grew louder. You knew that you were at your edge again, after all, Aizawa had almost brought you to orgasm prior to fucking you. Your inner walls were starting to throb and close in around his length, which began to pulsate, signaling that Aizawa was about to come as well. And when you finally came, you shut your eyes again, back arching towards the bed as you did so. The pressure from your orgasm made your teacher spill his load inside of you. You could hear him groaning, but as you were starting to come down, you didn't really register it.


Aizawa slowly pulled his fingers out of your mouth and his member out of you. You found yourself panting hard with some drool dripping from you. You didn't know if you could move properly after what had just happened. Aizawa, however, seemed fine as he was able to help you get cleaned up and put your clothing on. While you would have wanted to just lay there with him, cuddling against his chest, you knew that he had a class to get back to and that this was hardly the place to do that. "You feel okay?" Aizawa asked as he got off the bed. You nodded, trying to regulate your breathing.


"Do you?" you asked, slowly pulling the covers back over yourself. You watched as your teacher sighed and rubbed at the back of his head.


"It's going to take some getting used to, but...I'm fine with it," he admitted with a shrug. You puffed out a cheek, almost as if you didn't believe him.


"So, you're not going to act like nothing happened like last time?" you asked. You didn't want to go through that again to be honest. You didn't want him to start treating you as if you were a regular student.


"If you're okay with it, and don't regret it," Aizawa sighed, "Then I won't." He leaned over and kissed your lips softly. You couldn't help but to flush at that and bite your lip in excitement. "Anyway, I have a class to teach, so-"


"[Name]!" Nejire barged into the room, followed by Mirio and Amajiki. You felt so lucky that they hadn't decided to do this five minutes earlier. It truly showed you that you and Aizawa would have to be careful if you were going to continue this relationship. "You okay?! I'm so sorry! I would have come earlier, but we decided to wait until class was over with." Class was over?! How long had you been there? "So are you okay? Is your head hurting? Oh, where's Recovery Girl? Mr. Aizawa's here? Hi, Mr. Aizawa! How's [Name] doing?"


"I'm sure she's fine," Mirio waved off, patting Nejire's back to try to get her to stop.


"Y-yeah, I'm alright," you told them, still a bit nervous about the fact that they had almost walked in on you. Amajiki looked at you curiously.


"Are you sure, [Name]? You look sort of flustered and disheveled...," he told you. Your eyes widened at that, and you knew that you had to think of something and fast.


"Now that you mention it, [Name] does look like she's a bit off," Mirio spoke, studying you as he held his chin. You were going to tell them that you were just tired, and hoped that they bought it, but it seems as if you weren't the only one wanting to throw them off the trail.


"[Name] always looks like that," Aizawa waved off, being ever the charmer. Your mouth dropped, and you looked at him as if to say 'Seriously?'


" that you mention it...," Mirio started as he continued to study you.


"[Name] is fine," Aizawa told them, "For now, you three need to head back to class." He started to usher them out, "I'll see you all at the end of the day, and [Name]." He turned back to look at you.


"Yes, Mr. Aizawa?" you asked.


"Just stay here and rest. I know you need to." And with that, he manged to get the questioning trio out of Recovery Girl's office, closing the door after himself. You let out a sigh of relief as you sunk into the hospital bed. You started feeling soreness coming from your thighs and hips before you could feel it at the rest of your body. A relaxing bath was sounding so good now.


Chapter Text

You were so elated. Aizawa had kept to his word about not forgetting about the things that you two had done, and when you would stay after class, you usually got to mess around with him for a bit. Honestly, you were shocked that your initial crush on him had ended with the loss your virginity, but you were not complaining at all. Your grades were also amazing, but that had to do with the fact that Aizawa said he would stop touching you if they weren't satisfactory. He was always one to try to motivate his students, though, and the way that he was motivating you was defiantly working. It felt so nice being able to be with your teacher, and the fact that he still also treated you as his student made the whole thing feel much more inappropriate which you loved.


On this particular day, you found yourself nearly dozing off in Present Mic's English class. It wasn't that you were tired, but his lesson was just so boring to you. Luckily, you weren't the only student thinking about visiting snooze city, so you didn't feel too bad about leaning your head against your hand, staring out the window absentmindedly. This was your last class until your lunch period. You wondered what you were going to eat that day. Maybe you would try something new or stick to your usual. You really weren't sure. When the bell finally rang, snapping you from your thoughts, you sat up straight, rubbing at your eyes before stretching.


"Man, what an exciting lesson!" Mirio boomed out as he put his notebook in his book bag. You raised an eyebrow at that, almost not believing him. Sure Mirio was an optimistic and happy-go-lucky guy, but this was just too much even for him.


"Seriously?" you couldn't help but to ask.


"Oh, you should join us for lunch again today, [Name]!" Nejire offered, "I think I might want to try the soba. How about you? What are you going to eat?" You cleared your desk and shrugged.


"Sure, I'll go eat with you guys," you smiled, "But, I'm not really sure what I'm hungry for." Mirio led the way out of the classroom and the rest of you followed his lead, talking about your lessons and whatnot.


"I-I'll have to eat something that's good for my quirk...," Amajiki stuttered.


"Yeah, but there's always good food choices for that in Lunch Rush's cafeteria," Mirio pointed out. You nodded in agreement, but before you could add anything to the conversation, you heard your name being called.


"Hey, [Name]?!" The loud and booming voice could only belong to one person. No, one teacher. You looked near the entrance of the classroom to see Present Mic standing there with his arms crossed as he looked at you with a smug face and an eyebrow raised. You smiled softly as you walked over to him. You found Present Mic to be a rather interesting hero if anything.


"Yes?" you asked after telling The Big Three that they could go on without you, "Did you need me for something?"


"You weren't paying attention were you?" Mic asked, crossing his arms. Your eyes widened, face now flushed. Why did he pick you out of the other many people who weren't paying attention?! Some of them were even sleeping with sunshades on!


"I-I'm sorry, Sir," you apologized, feeling a bit bad. You didn't want him to feel disrespected because of your actions, which was starting to make you feel guilty. "I-If it helps, I usually borrow Nejire's notes when I'm feeling off."


"So, you pass on the work to another student?" Mic smirked in your direction. You felt your mouth dropping.


"No, Sir, nothing like that!" you told him, "I just borrow her notes when she's not using them." Mic studied you, rubbing at his chin as he did so. You had no idea what he was thinking, but his gaze made you feel a bit weird and exposed.


"You know...about a week ago, you were wearing your uniform rather inappropriately, and now this?" Mic had a hint of amusement in his voice as he spoke to you, which you didn't quite understand. Did he enjoy listing off your misdoings? Or was it because he didn't like the fact that you weren't paying attention, but what's more...


"Inappropriately?" you questioned. Mic nodded.


"Haha, yep!" he said, "You had your shirt buttons unbuttoned a little bit too much, and your skirt was much higher than it is now. Not to mention the way you were wearing your hair..." You bit your lip at the realization that he noticed how you looked when you were trying to seduce Aizawa. Hopefully no one else noticed, but you somehow doubted that.


"I...I'm sorry, Sir," you told him before glancing away, "Mr. Aizawa has already punished me for dressing like that."


"Has he?" Mic asked you with an eyebrow raised, "Well, you still need to be punished for not paying attention in my class. I think detention is fair." Your mouth dropped at his suggestion. You weren't the only one not paying attention!


"W-With all due respect, Mr. Yamada," you started, "I wasn't the only one not paying attention." You weren't about to go down alone.


"So, you think just because others misbehave it's okay for you to be so disobedient~?" Mic questioned. You were still so miffed about this whole thing that you barely noticed the slight purr in his voice.


"N-No, that's not what I'm saying at al-"


"After school, meet in my homeroom's class for detention," Mic told you, "That is all!" And with that, he turned around, heading for the staff room. You just speechlessly watched him as he walked away. You didn't think what you did warranted that kind of punishment, but there you were, standing by yourself in a slightly busy hallway, trying to figure out if what just happened was fair or not.


 When you spoke to Nejire, Mirio, and Amajiki about it during your afternoon classes, they seemed to not feel as passionate about it as you were. They also seemed to have mix feelings. "It'll be fine, [Name]," Mirio brushed off, "At least you aren't on house arrest or anything like that." You all were waiting for your teacher for the last class that you had that day.


"So, you're gonna need to borrow my notes again?" Nejire asked you with a tilt of her head, "I thought we were passed this, [Name]! So, what's got you distracted this time?! Huh? Come to think of it, I don't even know the thing that had you distracted the last time you had to borrow my notes."


"I'm fine, I'm fine," you whined, "I understood what Mic was saying, and I already read over it in the book. The lesson this time was just so boring."


"Many people sleep in Mr. Yamada's class, but you should try not to, [Name]," Amajiki told you, giving his own opinion.


"Well, I know that now...," you grumbled, watching as Aizawa walked into the classroom. He always had a way of getting his students to pay attention and behave. It was usually through threats, but they did seem to work.


"Just take the detention like a champ and try harder next time, alright, [Name]?" Mirio told you, just as class was about to start. You sighed, but you nodded. It was the only thing that you could do...besides, wondering if Aizawa could get you out of it. You very much doubted that he would, though. Aizawa made it very clear that just because the two of you were sleeping together, he would not give you any preferential treatment. In fact, it was the opposite if anything, since he would want the person he was fucking to be very intelligent and well-rounded. So, of course, he'd be a bit harder on you, because he was the one teaching you. You really didn't care about that, though, as you were prepared to bat your eyelashes and push up your bra until he at least heard you out.


So, when class ended, you approached Aizawa's desk, who just automatically assumed that you wanted to mess around or something. "Do you need something, [Name]?" he asked you, glancing at the other students who were making their way out of class. You held your hands behind your back, trying to look as sweet and innocent as you could. That wasn't very hard for someone who often got very flustered at most things.


"Actually, yes," you told him, "Can we talk once everyone leaves?" Aizawa nodded. The both of you then waited for all of the students to clear the room, and once they did, you went to close the door.


"I already know you have detention, so you can just turn around and head to Mic's room," Aizawa easily told you. You pouted, not happy with his words.


"I didn't know you were such a gossip," you whined. Aizawa sighed and rolled his eyes at you.


"[Name], we can't do this now, so go," he said. You didn't want to give up just yet, so you walked closer to his desk, leaning forward with your hands on it as you looked at him with upset eyes.


"Don't you at least want to hear what happened?" you asked, "I swear that Mr. Yamada is being unfair..."


"He told me that you weren't paying attention in class, so he gave you detention, and I told you before that I wouldn't touch you if your grades slipped," Aizawa explained. Sure Mic and Aizawa were friends, but you hadn't expected them to be the type to talk about their students. Aizawa let out another sigh, "I know that Mic can be a little much, but you did something you weren't supposed to, and now you have detention."


"It's not that simple, though!" you whined, moving closer to him. You wrapped your arms around his neck as best as you could and leaned your head against his chest, "Can't you at least agree with me...that it was a little unfair? I mean, he looked so amused was weird." You felt Aizawa wrapping his arms around your waist, hand rubbing your back gently.


"You'll get over it," Aizawa told you, "Just try to do better next time." You were still so upset about the situation, but maybe what Aizawa and Mirio had said was right. You just needed to go there, do the detention, and then try not to mess up again.


"Okay...," you agreed, before looking up at him. You could tell that Aizawa was fighting himself from starting something with you, and you kind of felt the same in the moment. You just wanted him so badly. Aizawa leaned down and pressed his lips against yours softly. You got on the tips of your toes so that you could kiss him better, hands going up and into his long black hair. The kiss didn't last as long as you wanted it to, and when Aizawa pulled away, you couldn't help but to pout. "Please...," you begged, "Just for a little while."


"[Name], we can't," Aizawa told you, tucking some of your hair behind your ear, "At least not now." You didn't want to give in, though, and you leaned up again to kiss his lips softly.


"But, I need you to make me feel better...," you admitted. The innocent yet alluring sound of your voice mixed in with the captivating gaze that you held on him, was too much temptation for Aizawa. He bit his lip, looking down at your needy face. He didn't want to let you go, not yet.


Your eyes widened in slight surprise as Aizawa lifted you up with ease, putting you on the desk. He leaned down again to kiss you, hands going to trail up your inner thighs to your awaiting heat. He wanted to fuck you badly, but he knew that for now it would be best to just concentrate on taking care of you. You both didn't have time for a full-blown sex session, but he at least could do this for you. Aizawa grabbed onto the waistband of your panties and pulled them down until they were dangling off one of your ankles. He knew that it was better to do that then take it all the way off so that you could put them back on quicker. Breaking away from the kiss, he spread your legs and pulled your ass to the edge of the desk before kneeling down in front of you.


Your breath hitched as you watched Aizawa lifting your skirt up before he dived into you, mouth sucking hard on your clit and fingers already tracing your wet hole so that he could get you off in good time. You covered your mouth with your hand, hoping that it would be enough to silence your moans as you shut your eyes, not being able to take all of the feelings of pleasure that Aizawa was giving you. It just felt so good. "Hey, Eraser is-Oh!" Your head quickly snapped to the door, eyes wide as Present Mic practically burst in the room. Aizawa had stopped eating you out to turn and face the intruder, standing up now, while you quickly put your panties back on. "Oh, don't bother sweetheart! I'm sure you want the whole world to see!" Mic laughed, causing you to glare at him. You also felt your face reddening at what had just happened. You and Aizawa had just been caught by another teacher. You feared what would happen. But honestly, you didn't care what happened to you, but rather what would happen to Aizawa. Sure you were legal, but U.A. probably looked down on teachers who fucked their students.


Aizawa didn't look very alarmed, though. "What do you want, Mic?" he asked, getting a smug grin from the man in front of him.


"I was just here to see if you knew where Miss [Name] was," he spoke, walking in and closing the door behind himself. He also locked it, something that you had forgotten to do. You cursed yourself as this was your fault. You shouldn't have asked Aizawa to touch you. "I know that she has your class, but I'm shocked to find-well THIS!" He chuckled, "I mean, I thought that you of all people would be able to control yourself, Shouta." Aizawa rolled his eyes at that. "Didn't you get on me earlier for some of my comments?"


"You talk way too much, Mic," Aizawa couldn't help but to say. You had no idea how he was so calm in this situation. You were so scared that you were one step away from starting to shake uncontrollably.


 "Oh, come on! This is just hilarious!" Mic pointed out, "You didn't like it when I was talking about [Name] here earlier and saying..." he turned to look at you, "That it was okay to just look, and now I find you all over her? This is just perfect for me, isn't it?" You had no idea what they were talking about, and you were too afraid to ask.


"Is that why you gave her detention?" Aizawa asked, paying attention to how Mic walked closer to the both of you.


"Hmm, possibly," Mic shrugged, "But the point still stands that she wasn't paying attention in class and needed detention, but since she decided to skip it, I think a harsher punishment is needed." Mic walked closer to you and placed a hand on one of your now trembling thighs, "It's okay, baby~. You just need to be a good girl and take it." He reached a hand up and slid his fingers through your hair.


"W-What?" you finally asked, still not understanding the situation.


"So, you're going to blackmail us?" Aizawa asked, expression looking as if he expected this to happen. As he said that, though, you finally understood the gravity of the situation. Mic used your not paying attention in class as a reason to give you attention to get you alone. You had no idea if he had planned on trying to do something with you, but judging by what was going on now, it was clear that he wanted to. And catching you and Aizawa together was the perfect opportunity for him to get what he wanted.


"I'd prefer to refer to it as, 'joining in on the fun'," Mic said, glancing back at Aizawa before turning to look at you. He started to pet your cheek, "You wouldn't want to both get in trouble, now would you?" He was using your frightened state to get what he wanted, and it was working. You glanced at Aizawa, who was now rubbing at the inner corner of his eyes before you looked back at Mic and nodded slowly.


"O-Okay," you said, feeling a bit weird about this.


"Good girl~," Mic praised you before crashing his lips against yours. His kiss was very rough and hard, and you found yourself losing breath quickly from it. Mic was by no means taking his time and going slow, and if the way he was kissing you had any indication of what was to come, he was going to tare you apart. You had to hold onto the back of his overly-styled hair just to be able to keep up, and when he finally pulled away, you found yourself panting. "It doesn't seem as if Shouta has been teaching you very well." The hand that had been on your thigh slowly moved up higher, settling right at the trim of your panties. "Now tell me, sweetheart, are you good when you're on those pretty little knees of yours?" You bit your lip at that, unsure if you should answer that or not. You glanced at Aizawa, who seemed to take the hint as he walked over to you, wrapping an arm around your waist and rubbing at your side comfortingly. It was obvious to him now that you didn't want to do this with Mic without him. Since you had decided not to answer, Mic grabbed onto your hips rather harshly, yanking you to the floor and out of Aizawa's consoling touch. You let out a slight yelp at the suddenness.


It wasn't like you had time to really register what had just happened, as Mic tugged you up on your knees by your hair, pulling you up to meet his crotch. Your hand instinctively went up to grab his, wanting him to let go. "Hey, hey, come on, baby~," Mic told you, moving his hands to your shoulders now, "You gotta get used to this~." You looked up into his mischievous and devious gaze as he smirked down at you. He was probably going to be very rough with you, but you knew that if you didn't let him he'd tell on you and Aizawa.


"A-Alright, Sir," you agreed, reaching up and undoing his pants. The purr of the zipper made you shiver in slight anticipation.


"Mm, good girl," Mic said, hand going to thread into your hair again. You reached inside to pull his cock out. He was a pretty nice size in your opinion in his half hard state. You decided to not waste much time as you started to pump your hand up and down on his length. "So, how long has this been going on?" Mic asked Aizawa who was now leaning against the desk as he watched you both. You leaned forward and traced your tongue around the head of Mic's length, getting a soft groan from him.


"I don't remember exactly when we started," Aizawa shrugged.


"T-That's no fun," Mic said, stuttering slightly as you slipped his length into your mouth. You moved your head back and forth, sucking on him nice and hard. You weren't exactly new to giving blow-jobs because of your little sessions with Aizawa. And while you couldn't exactly deep-throat yet, you had been practicing doing it. Aizawa told you not to worry about it, but you were really intent on pleasing him as well as you could. "What have you been doing?" Mic asked.


"Little of this, little of that," Aizawa shrugged. You wondered if he just didn't really think about it, or if he was trying not to give Mr. Yamada too much information. You honestly hadn't considered being careful about it now since Mic knew. You figured that maybe you should as you pushed your mouth down a little further, hands going to massage and play with Mic's balls. You felt his hold on your hair tighten as he shivered slightly.


"Well, at least you taught her h-how to give decent head," Mic couldn't help but to say. You could tell that he was close at this point as he was starting to swell up and his grip on you started to become tighter and tighter. The next thing, however, was something that you didn't predict. "F-Fuck...!" Mic groaned as he pushed himself further into your mouth and to the back of your throat. Your eyes widened, and chocked noises came from your throat as you tried to pull away. Mic became a bit more forceful in his effort to keep you in your position, and it worked as he soon spilled his seed down your throat. You wanted to gag, but found it to be rather difficult, and the second that Mic let go of you, you pulled away, coughing hard. Some of his come going down your chin. "Haha, that's what I like to see~. You looking like the little slut that you are~."


Aizawa couldn't help but to roll his eyes at Mic's rough treatment towards you. He couldn't say that he was surprised though. "You okay, [Name]?" he asked, walking over to help you up and off of your knees. You nodded, though, coughed a bit more.


"I-I'm fine," you said. You could bare it if that meant you nor Aizawa would get in trouble. Aizawa gently rubbed at your back, but the feelings of comfort was short lived as you felt Mic's hands grabbing at you once again. He practically ripped your button-up shirt off, followed by your bra. You flushed a bit as you were more exposed to him. "I could have taken it off myself...," you said, though didn't dare to sound upset.


"Sorry, I'm a little impatient," Mix shrugged, "I'm sure Eraser is, too." He smirked.


"No, not really," Aizawa corrected. Before you could look at Aizawa's face to see what kind of expression he was making, your attention was taken to your skirt being pulled off. You could only assume what was going to happen next. Mic was going to fuck you, and it probably wasn't going to be at all like the way Aizawa did it.


"Come here, baby~," Mic purred, reaching out. You bit your lip and nodded and the second you got closer to Mic he roughly grabbed you by the arm and turned you around, crotch pressing against your butt. "I'd love to fuck you in the ass right now, but I want to feel how that tight little pussy of yours is." As Mic told you this, he grabbed onto the elastic of your panties and pulled them down. Once they fell to your ankles, you stepped out of them. You bit your lip as you could feel Mic's cock now pressing against your bare flesh. "Come on, baby~. Bend over~," he purred against your ear. You looked in front of you to see Aizawa's crotch as he was now leaning against the desk again, kind of sitting on it. As weird as it seemed, you did feel much more comfortable now that you were seeing that.


Reaching out, you grabbed onto Aizawa's legs just right below his crotch with both hands as you bent over for Mic. Aizawa wasn't exactly hard, given the situation, but you knew how to get him there, so you reached out and palmed at his length knowing exactly how to touch him.


Aizawa looked slightly caught off guard at you doing this, but he knew that it made you feel better, so he let you continue. Plus, he really did like the way that you touched him. In a huge contrast to the way that Present Mic was touching you, Aizawa gently rubbed at your head, getting some nice purrs from you. You unzipped his bottoms and pulled him out, hand pumping up and down on his now stiffening member.


As you were doing this, Mic rubbed the tip of his cock against your pussy, taking in how wet you were now getting. If it was from him doing that, you touching Aizawa, or both, he didn't know, but honestly he didn't care so much at this point. Mic pushed his tip into your now awaiting heat. He then grabbed onto your hips before slamming himself inside of you hard. Your eyes widened at the painful feeling, and you let out a noise of discomfort due to that. Mic didn't seem to care about giving you any time to adjust, either, as he started to pound away at you, grip on your hips tightening. You found yourself having a hard time focusing on Aizawa because of it.


"It's okay," Aizawa assured you, hand coming up to cup your face. He softly rubbed circles into your cheek with his thumb. You nodded, trying to relax as you opened your mouth to suck on Aizawa's tip. Concentrating on the man in front of you again, was making the rough treatment that the one behind was giving you more pleasurable. You even found yourself starting to give out some moans and mewls around Aizawa's cock in pleasure, who seemed to enjoy the vibrations that it had you making.


"Fuck, you're so damn tight," Mic groaned as he continued to pound away. He was hitting you nice and deep, enjoying the way that your inner muscles were contracting and moving around him now that it was starting to feel good for you, "I can't believe y-you were keeping her all to yourself, Shouta~. Now that's just selfish." Mic then gave you a hard thrust in particular that had your body jolt forward slightly. It also caused Aizawa to go further into your mouth. You didn't mind it so much, though, when you heard a sweet groan fall from your favorite teacher's lips. You decided to move your mouth down as far as you could get it on him before beginning to move your head back and forth. Aizawa ran his fingers through your hair before lightly gripping onto you. It seemed as if the last thing he wanted to do was to provide anymore discomfort to you than you needed, but your body was starting to become used to Mic's treatment.


When Mic finally hit your g-spot, you started to let out muffled moans that were a bit louder than the ones before. You moved a hand to grab onto the middle of one of Aizawa's thighs, gripping it hard as your inner walls started to pulsate around Mic. "That's it baby~. Just like that!" Mic told you as he increased the pace of his thrusts. He gave a smack to your ass, before moving his hand up to grab onto your shoulder, pulling you back to meet his thrusts. His other hand moved from your hip to your clit, rubbing it quickly. You knew with that, you were going to come and soon.


The vibrations from your moans and your still moving mouth was pushing Aizawa closer to his edge as well, and with a few more hard thrusts from Mic, making your head move a bit rougher, Aizawa came. Since he hadn't been as deep in as Mic had been earlier, it was much easier for you to swallow it all. Aizawa panted softly as he put his length back up and fixed his pants. He pet your cheek comfortingly and as if for support as Mic continued to push you closer and closer to your end.


You felt absolutely out of it as this point and didn't seem to care about your volume even as Aizawa's cock wasn't in your mouth anymore. Mic didn't really seem to care either, but Aizawa, being ever the thoughtful person he was, covered your mouth for you so that your loud moans and cries of ecstasy wouldn't be heard outside of the classroom. "Ah, I'm so close, baby~," Mic said into your ear. He thrust hard into your sensitive spot, causing you to see nothing but stars. Finally, your grip onto Aizawa's thigh grew much harsher while your walls contracted around Mic as you peaked. You let out a loud muffled moan, eyes watering a bit, and back arching. You started to pant as you were coming down, but Mic was nowhere close to being done. Although, you were starting to feel the effects of over-stimulation, which was starting to show on your face, Mic kept thrusting into you and rubbing your clit until he came as well, shooting off deep within you, pulling your body as close to him as he could as he did so.


Slowly, Mic's grip on you slacked, and you pulled yourself away from him, feeling absolutely spent. You weren't sure if you would be able to properly make it to your dorm or not at this point. Seeing that you were well passed your limit, though, Aizawa helped you get your clothes on before wrapping his arms around you comfortingly and holding you against him. He kissed at the top of your head, "You did so well," he praised you, hoping to make you feel relaxed. You just wanted to bathe and sleep.


Mic watched you both as he zipped himself up and fixed his pants. "Well, [Name], you were as good as I thought you'd be~," he told you, "But you can use some extra lessons. Maybe you should come visit me at my homeroom sometime~?" You looked over at Mic.


"I don't...I don't feel comfortable doing this without Mr. Aizawa, yet. Sorry, Sir," you apologized. You expected Mic to get upset at this, but he merely shrugged.


"Welp, maybe someday," he said, before going to the door, "Also, make sure to keep up that innocent little student act. It's really hot." Honestly, you just thought you were being respectful among other things, which you tried to be since they were still your teachers, but having Mic taking it the wrong way made you cringe at yourself a bit. You couldn't help the way that you were, but honestly you hoped that at least Aizawa didn't think you were doing that on purpose. "See you both later!" Mic then left, closing the door after himself, and as he left a question couldn't help but to form in your mind. You looked at Aizawa now.


"What was he saying about me earlier?" you asked, referring to when Present Mic talked about how Aizawa wasn't happy with the comments he had made about you. Aizawa looked down at you.


"I don't want to repeat it," he said before looking away, tiredly. You could only assume what it was now, and based on what just happened, they were probably highly inappropriate. You also wondered if Aizawa knew beforehand that the detention Mic gave you was for his own personal wants. Speaking of detention, though...


"Do you think I still have to go to detention?" you asked, hoping that you didn't have to. Aizawa looked at you again before chuckling slightly. He brushed some hair out of your face.


"Well, what do you think?" he asked, before going to the door. It probably wasn't best for you both to stay there too long, so you followed him out of the classroom and down the hallway.


"I don't know," you pouted as your question had been met with another question, "Tell me."




 "I'm so confused!"



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You walked through the halls of U.A. happily, holding onto a stack of graded test papers. Humming softly, you greeted the students that passed you, who were either making their ways back to their classrooms or going to the cafeteria. The day had been a rather pleasant one so far, but then again with your cheerful and outgoing nature you were always able to make even the worst days become the best ones. When you finally made it to your destination, which was the staff room, you laid the papers down on Aizawa's desk. The man had looked beyond tired, so you offered to grade his test papers for him. "Here you go~," you sang, smiling softly. Aizawa raised an eyebrow at you before looking down at the papers on his desk. You watched as he picked them up and started to look through the stack. The staff room was mostly empty except for you, Aizawa, Present Mic, Thirteen, and Midnight.

"You graded them all?" he asked, to which you nodded, as you went around to your own desk.

"I did," you answered.

"Didn't I hand these to you this morning?"

"This morning was about four hours ago, Shouta," you giggled. You decided to use this time to check your email and make sure you were up-to-date on everything before you would return to your class. Aizawa had merely just sighed at your words, shaking his head before going back to doing what he had been doing. You assumed that he was making some lesson plans.

"Now, now, Eraser!" Mic leaned over in his desk to add to the conversation that was done with, "You forgot to thank your sweet wife! After all, she took the time to grade all your test papers, while you were probably napping." Aizawa rolled his eyes, and you just giggled again. You had fallen in love with Aizawa, flaws and all, and even if he didn't verbally say it, you knew that he appreciated you helping him.

"It's no big deal, Mic!" you easily assured him, "Maybe you'll understand once you get married one day." You shrugged.

"I feel bad for whoever marries Yamada," Aizawa couldn't help but to say. His significant other would have to be immune to loud noises or something that was for sure.

"Ah, so being married is a thankless job," Present Mic joked with a hand on his chin as he nodded.

"Yes," Aizawa merely said, while you had replied,

"It's not a job," with another giggle, "I should be getting back to my classroom now, though. I suggest you both do the same as well." Before leaving, you went to kiss your husband on the cheek. Mic watched as you left the room, eyes trained on your back, where your white wings connected to your body. As he did so, he barely noticed Aizawa looking at him with a slight glare.

"Do you want me to choke you with my capture weapon?" lazy voice not at all matching his threat. Mic quickly looked away from you, hands waving as if to say 'no'.

"No, no! You misunderstand! I wasn't checking [Name] out," he said. Aizawa narrowed his eyes, and Mic went on, "W-Well, I mean I was! But not for myself, for you!...Though kind of for myself-"

"Just what are you talking about?" Aizawa asked, growing more annoyed with the loud man. Mic turned his seat to face Aizawa, leaning closer to the man.

"I was just thinking of a way that you can thank your wife for her hard work!" Mic told him. Aizawa decided to just go back to what he had been doing before. He also had a class to teach soon and would have liked to be able to finish his lesson plan before he went to it.

"Since when is grading papers hard?" he asked just to humor Mic.

"Well," Mic chuckled, "It'll also help to squash some curiosity that I have." As Aizawa didn't answer, Mic went on, "You know the area where her wings attach to her back?" Aizawa didn't care at all what Mic might be curious about, but he couldn't help but to ask,

"What about it?"

"Well, don't you think that area might be sensitive?" Mic questioned, "I mean, if you haven't already messed around with it before." Aizawa rubbed at his eyes, before turning away from his computer screen. Maybe if he just let Mic talk and gave him just the slightest bit of attention, he would have enough time to finish his work.

"What?" he asked, "What is it?"

"Have you ever just touched or massaged the area where [Name's] wings met her back?" Mic asked Aizawa, "How did she react, I'm curious to know how sensitive that area is for her there."

"Why do you want to know that?" Aizawa replied with a question of his own. He knew exactly what Mic was talking about, having known him since they were really young. The man had absolutely no shame.

"I'm just curious!" Mic said.

"Curious about my wife's erogenous zones?" Aizawa countered. Mic laughed nervously and rubbed at the back of his head.

"Well, when you put it that way...," he trailed off. Aizawa let out a sigh before exiting out of the work he was doing and standing up to go to his next class, "You could always tie her up to find out! It would look cute! Like a little captured angel or something!" Aizawa just shook his head, trying his best to tune out what Mic was saying. Honestly to him, it sounded like some kind of sexual fantasy that the man had, and Aizawa really didn't care as long as it didn't involve you.

 As the day progressed, however, Aizawa couldn't help but to think about what Mic had said. It first started with a genuine concern of wondering if the blonde held any sort of lust towards you, but that soon turned into wondering if maybe Mic was just actually curious. He was still a bit peeved with the fact that Mic had mentioned you being tied up, because knowing the man, he knew he probably was picturing you as such when he suggested it. It wasn't like you would be opposed to doing such a thing, though...You did never at all mind trying out new things in bed, and when Aizawa's thoughts turned into that he began to wonder if you really did have any other hot spots that he could explore. He knew well of the ones you already had, but he wondered if you did have more. You could be pretty sensitive when touched in certain places, after all, and Aizawa would be lying if he said he didn't enjoy manipulating that. It was always so beautiful hearing you moaning and watching you come undone under his touch. The way your mouth would open in a silent scream, the way your toes curled, the way your dripping wet-

"Mr. Aizawa!" Aizawa quickly snapped out of his thoughts at the sound of Midoriya's voice. He looked around remembering that he really should be paying attention to his students as they practiced their quirks.

"What is it, Midoirya?" Aizawa asked, voice sounding slightly unused.

"Ayoma isn't feeling well," the curly haired teen explained, "May I have permission to take him to Recovery Girl?"

"That's fine," Aizawa nodded. He then watched as Izuku drug the other student out of the Training Dining Land. He thought for a second, wondering what he had been thinking about before, but once he remembered he quickly snapped his attention back to the students. It was best not to think of such things during the school day. That was just irrational.

When the end of the day finally came, you sat yourself at your desk in the staff room, waiting for your husband so the both of you could go home. You had completed all of your work that day, so it felt good knowing that you didn't have anything left to do. You could just go home and relax with your husband, who would probably spend his time sleeping. The door to the staff room then opened, and you looked up, heart hoping that it was Aizawa. When Present Mic and Midnight walked into the room, however, you just smiled at them. "Hey, [Name], waiting for Eraser?" Mic asked as he pulled his desk chair to sit. Midnight walked around the desks, going to where yours was located and standing right next to you.

"Yep!" you smiled, "It's been a pretty long day. One of my students has a quirk that turns others into animals, and he got mad at another one. Needless to say it wasn't exactly fun." Mic gave Midnight a knowing look, and she smirked, going behind you and placing her hands on your shoulders.

"Aw, you seem tense~," Midnight sweetly purred, "Why don't you tell us all about it?" She started to massage your shoulders in a soothing manner. You couldn't help but to giggle a bit at her request. You really didn't think the story was worth recounting as things like students getting mad at others and using their quirks on them was normal, but it wasn't like you minded.

"Do you really want to know?" you asked. Midnight's touch on you became a bit more tender, which actually felt pretty relaxing.

"Yes!" Mic exclaimed, leaning forward in his chair. If they really seemed interested in it, it wasn't really a big deal for you to tell them what happened.

"Well, this one student didn't do as well on a test than he had thought, right? So, this other one started to mock him," you explained. As you started to tell the story, Midnight's hands began to wonder around your shoulder blades. You didn't pay too much mind to it, "So, in retaliation, he turned his mocker into a little dog." Midnight's hands traveled lower and closer to where your wings met your back. You shivered a bit, but it wasn't anything too noticeable, "Another student started to laugh, so the first student said 'you think this is funny!' and he turned him into a bunny. You know, a mini-lop. Then after that-"

"What are you doing?" You glanced toward the entrance to see your husband standing by the staff room door.

"Shouta!" you smiled happily. He just sighed and rubbed his eyes because of the scene before him. In Aizawa's view, he had walked in to you telling a story while Midnight massaged your back with a rather sadistic expression and Mic leaning in looking very anxious as he bit his lip. Aizawa knew exactly what the two were trying to do, and that was confirmed as Midnight pulled her hands away from you with a guilty look. "I was just telling Midnight and Mic a story about something that happened today."

"Y-Yeah!" Mic quickly agreed, "That's all that was happening." Aizawa rolled his eyes at this before turning his attention towards you again.

"Let's go, [Name]," he said. You nodded before getting up from your desk, walking over to your husband happily. Aizawa placed a hand behind your back, gently, as he guided you out of the room. Before he followed you out the door he turned around to face Midnight and Mic saying,

"Leave my wife alone," with a deadly glare before walking out after you. Mic groaned and rubbed at his eyes.

"Dammit!" he cursed, "And we were so close!"

 As you and Aizawa went home together, you told him about your day and things that had happened. And while he was listening, his mind couldn't help but to wonder to what had just occured. He honestly couldn't believe that Mic would get Midnight involved in this just to find out if where your wings met your back was a hot spot for you...then again, this was Present Mic. He couldn't help but to glance from the road he was driving on to your smiling face as you talked. You obviously had no idea what had been going on either, which annoyed Aizawa even more. He didn't want them bothering you, especially not to touch you in a sexual way.

Was it sexual, though? Aizawa honestly didn't remember if touching you there had some sort of affect on you. He also wasn't sure if he ever did. He thought about the times where he took you from behind, hand going down your back and tracing patterns into it. The way you called out and moaned, could some of that had been when he touched that area? The more Aizawa thought about it, the more he wanted to find out, but-

"Shouta!" you whined, "Did you hear what I said?!" Aizawa's attention fully snapped onto you. He could see a pout forming on your face at the realization of him not listening to you.

"I'm sorry, [Name]," Aizawa apologized. You just leaned back into your seat, automatically forgiving him. You were just positive like that, and Aizawa knew it.

"I was wondering what we should have for dinner tonight," you explained, "Should we cook or order out?"

"Whichever you prefer," Aizawa said. He really didn't care, but the second the conversation ended, he began to wonder what he had been thinking about before. Was it something important? Whatever it was, it certainly was interesting enough to hold his attention away from you.


When you both arrived home, you went straight to look at the restaurant menus that you and your husband kept stuffed in one of your kitchen drawers. You figured that it would just be better to order out since you didn't exactly feel like cooking that night. You were also happy that you were getting to choose what you wanted to eat, and you chose soba. You had heard Todoroki Shoto mentioning something about Soba that day to Iida Tenya, and ever since then you were just craving it. So, once you found the menu for the soba house that you liked, you ordered for both yourself and your husband. "Alllright~," you said, walking into the living room where Aizawa was while feeling a bit proud of yourself because of your decision, "It should be about thirty minutes. I'm gonna go shower and change my clothes." Aizawa just nodded in your direction and once you got that confirmation, you headed off.

As you left, Aizawa turned his attention back to what he had been doing, which was looking over some essays that his students had written on their favorite hero. He really just wanted to ask you to grade them for him like he had done with the tests, but he couldn't make a habit out of it. He knew that you wouldn't mind at all, but he wasn't going to take advantage of the situation. It was also rather interesting reading the essays, mostly because he could tell who wrote what without even reading the names. For instance, Iida's was incredibly intellectual, Kaminari's was sub-par at best, Mina misunderstood the assignment completely, and when he got to Mineta's, which read like a self-insert smut fanfiction, Aizawa knew that he had to take a break. He rubbed at his eyes, putting his red pen down. Glancing at the door leading out of the living room, Aizawa wondered if you had already paid for the food online or where going to do so in person. It was a totally random thought to most, but it made a lot of sense if you were married.

Getting up, Aizawa decided to take a small break, walking to the master bathroom to talk to you. Once he made it to the bedroom you shared, he didn't hear the shower running, so he figured that you were already done showering. He opened the door, expecting to find you just about to leave the bathroom, "[Name]-" He, of course, stopped straight in his sentence once he caught the sight of your still wet body as you dried off with a towel. Your back was facing him, revealing your large white wings, and suddenly, Aizawa remembered what he had been thinking about previously.

"Yes?" you asked as you turned around to face him, smiling happily. All you did was cause your husband's eyes to trail around the front of your body now, "Shouta?"

"Oh, um, I was just wondering if you paid for the food online or was...gonna do it in person...," Aziawa told you once he manged to force his eyes to meet your own. You wrapped your hair up in your towel before leaving the bathroom to get some clothes to put on.

"In person," you told him, "I ordered over the phone."

"Do people even do that anymore?" Aizawa asked.

"I do!" you giggled, disappearing into the closet. As you did so, Aizawa caught sight of your back again. Were you sensitive there? What was even making him question if you were or not? Maybe he just wanted to try it out. After all, your husband did love learning of new ways to pleasure you. You were his after all, so he made sure to always remind you of why you even gave yourself to him in the first place. Aizawa rubbed at his eyes, wondering if seeing you bare was causing his thoughts to run wild or not. He was a very rational person, but he was still a human with needs...and with a lovely wife. The doorbell rang and you popped your head out saying, "Can you get that?"

It wasn't like you even needed to ask him, because the second he heard someone at the door, Aizawa had grabbed his wallet and went to the front door to get the food and pay. He had no idea what you ordered, but he would be fine with whatever you wanted, just like he had said.

After placing the soba in the kitchen, your husband went to where you were, leaning against the closet door as he watched you deciding what night clothes you should wear. You were still standing there all exposed to him, but you were seeing this as nothing new. In fact, you saw it as innocent and just something that couples did. "Should I wear just a really long shirt? Or shorts and a shirt...Decisions, decisions..." You turned around, facing your husband, "Honey, what do you think I should-" You were cut off as the breath was stolen from you when Aizawa pulled you into a passionate kiss.

It had gotten to the point where he really just couldn't take it anymore. He wanted you. He needed you. He needed to know. Was he causing you to miss out on something so intimate? You weren't protesting or pulling away, so Aizawa deepened the kiss, pulling you as close to him as he could while he hands ran up and into your hair.

You moaned at the taste of his tongue, hardly believing that such a passionate moment could exist. Aizawa wasn't one for such spontaneous activities because he found it to be rather irrational. This change in mindset, however, wasn't something you would complain about. In fact you wanted more. You wanted Aizawa. You let out a gasp, mouth detaching from his momentarily as he picked you up, allowing you to wrap your legs around his waist. You moaned breathlessly as he bucked his hips up into you feverishly. Before another sound of pleasure could escape your mouth, Aizawa pulled you back into another kiss. You wrapped your arms around his neck, holding onto him securely as you returned the kiss, trying your best to match his passion. When you both pulled away, you realized how hot your body was getting. You looked at the man before you and felt nothing but the purest form of love for him. Maybe it was because of the intimate moment, but you were reminded of why you were so set on making him your husband. It was to do exactly what you were doing now. To become one with him.

Aizawa gently set you on your feet again, and before you knew it, you found your arms bound together over your head by his capture scarf. Smirking in slight amusement, Aizawa tied the end of the material to chain of the light switch. It was like he was using this as a way to further intense the situation because the last thing you wanted to do was to get too excited and actually break it. Aizawa started to trail his hands along your body, admiring every inch of it. He began by your tied together hands before trailing his fingers down to your soft breasts, where he gave a gentle squeeze. His hands move further down to your tummy where it tickled just a bit before making their way to your hips. "You're so beautiful," he told you softly. Your face flushed a bit at those words, which was something that always happened when he complimented you. With him, you knew that he didn't take the words he used lightly nor would he say anything just because he felt like he had to. He always meant what he said.

Leaning closer to your neck, Aizawa pressed soft kissing up and down it. He took in the way that you shivered at the feelings of pleasure. It was definitely one of your more intimate spots. He bit down at it, loving the cry of pleasure that you gave off as he did so. Pulling back, he looked into your now incredibly needy eyes before kneeling in front of you. You looked at him in slight curiosity as if you truly had no idea why he would even be down there. Remaining eye contact with you, Aizawa lifted up one of your legs, placing it over his shoulder as he moved closer to you. He stayed like that for awhile just looking into your eyes and taking in your expression before biting down on another special spot that he knew, on your inner thigh. You moaned in need, biting your lip as you continued to look down at him as if saying that you needed more. Aizawa could easily read your mind, especially in situations like this. He knew that you were in no position to be teased, so he leaned his mouth close to your soft mound and let his tongue out, tracing circles around your bundle of nerves.

You threw your head back at the sensation, toes curling a bit. Your husband continued to look at your face as he continued to lick and suck at the area, aiming to provide you with all of the pleasure that he could. "S-Shouta...," you moaned softly, eyes closing. You just couldn't help it as the pleasure began to overtake you. The sheer intimacy of the moment reminding you of why you would do anything for this man. You loved him dearly. Aizawa unlatched his mouth from your now slightly throbbing bud. He moved his mouth up and pecked your pubic bone before kissing his way up to your lips. You were a little disappointed that he hadn't continued, but you knew your husband. He would get you exactly where you needed to be.

 Aizawa stepped behind you, hands going to admire the beautiful white wings that were on your back. He leaned down and kissed your shoulder as he pressed himself into you from behind. He was sure that you could feel every inch of him now through his pants. He felt you shiver a bit at his touches, which just made him want to speed up this process. You deserved all that he had to give you, though, so Aizawa started to kiss down from your shoulder. He paused briefly muttering, "I wonder...," before continuing down further and slowly with his lips. Once he made it the area where your wings met your back, Aizawa paused again and then pressed his lips to the area lovingly. He could hear a surprised yet hungry moan pass through your lips. Smirking against your skin at this discovery, he slipped his tongue out from his mouth to swirl around the area. He took in every moan and gasp of pleasure that you had to give him. He could feel goosebumps on your skin. And he couldn't help but to wonder why he had withheld such pleasure from you. He kissed the area once again before pulling away and saying, "You sound ready to me. Are you?" You nodded as quick as you could.

"Yes, please!

Aizawa chuckled softly at your eagerness. He pulled away from you momentarily, much to your obvious displeasure, and Aizawa knew that by a slight whine that you let slip out of your mouth. He pulled out his length and pressed the head against your awaiting heat. Gently grabbing onto your hips, he slipped himself inside of you, making sure that you could feel every bit of it. You let out a long drown out moan, and Aizawa was sure that if he could see your face, he'd probably see your eyes rolling to the back of your head from the pleasure of him being completely inside of you. He wasn't going to start moving right away, though. Instead, he would give you some time to properly adjust. Aizawa didn't want to accidentally make you feel uncomfortable. He wanted to make sure that you had nothing but pleasure. So when the words, "Baby, please...," slipped past your lips, he knew exactly what to do. Aizawa started to thrust in and out of you slowly and sensually. He made sure that you would be able to completely feel every inch of him at every part of your insides. Your moans, however, were edging him on to speed up his pace, pushing a little harder as well. As he had predicted, your sounds of pleasure grew, and he could even feel you pushing yourself back to his thrusts.

"Good girl," Aizawa found himself saying as you started to get lost in the wonderful feelings, "Just like that..." He hit you deep inside, making sure to aim at the best spots. He relished in every single noise that left your mouth, but he wanted to hear more. Moving a hand to your back, he started to massage the area where your wings met your back. It was like he unlocked something new, as he could feel you shuddering in pleasure. Your inner walls were starting to throb around him, and involuntarily, you yanked your arms down pulling at the light string, turning the light in the closet on and off. Aizawa groaned, thrusting much quicker inside of you to get you both there. It was easy to tell that you were close to your limit, and honestly he was too. So, with a few more thrusts, he felt your walls clamping down on him hard as you came. Your back arched against him as you both tensed from the intense pleasure. It was also more than enough for Aizawa to bite his lip hard, seed spilling inside of you.

As you came down from your highs, both panting from the very passionate moment, Aizawa's first thought was to untie your hands before you broke something. He was surprised that you hadn't and couldn't help but to admire your inner strength. Once your hands were untied, you rubbed at your wrists, feeling completely exhausted. Aizawa fixed his pants as you did that before picking you up bridal style and carrying you to your bed. One part of his motivation in doing so was because he loved holding you, and the other part was because he was sure that you probably couldn't walk at the moment. "You okay, [Name]?" he asked as he laid you down. You smiled at him, pulling him to you and kissing his lips.

"I'm perfect," you told him, "That was amazing~." You giggled happily.

"I'm glad you feel that way," your husband replied, "Now, do you need anything?" You thought about it, leaning against a mound of pillows.

"Ah..well...I am pretty hungry right now," you admitted.


The next day at work, you walked in feeling as happy as you could with your husband trailing into the staff room behind you. "Good Morning, everyone!" you greeted as you went to your desk to get some work done. Present Mic raised an eyebrow at you then glance at Aizawa, who just looked at him pretty unamused.

"You seem extra happy this morning, [Name]," Mic pointed out. You thought about it for a second, but then shrugged before turning your attention back to your computer.

"But [Name's] always like that, isn't she?" Midnight questioned. You were a sweet and cheerful person by nature, after all. Mic seemed uncertain about this, however. Sure, you were usually bubbly, but something seemed a bit's like you were more relaxed if that were possible. He then glanced at Aizawa, checking to see how the man's own expression was. It was straight and not really showing any emotion, but Mic still felt skeptical. It was like he had the same extra glow that you had. And then at the word 'glow', it hit him.

"Aizawa, you didn't?!" Mic said aloud, getting Midnight's attention as well. Aizawa just rolled his eyes before concentrating on what he had been doing, "Well, don't be shy about it! Tell me what happened?!" Midnight seemed to catch on as well, and she smiled.

"Shut up," was all Aizawa said.

"Oh, come on! We must know!" Midnight added in, leaning closer as if she was about to be told an extremely flavorful secret.

"What I do is none of your business," Aizawa replied.

"But it was my idea! I wanna knooooowwww!" Mic whined. As they went at it, you just smiled happily, humming to yourself. You were completely oblivious to what had actually been going on and that they were, in fact, talking about you.

"Today is gonna be a good day," you said to yourself.


Chapter Text

You didn't think you would end up affiliated with the League of Villains, but sometimes things just happen that way. They were an odd bunch in their own ways, all different and there for many reasons, but somehow they manged to work together. It was kind of interesting in a way, though, because it was like everyone had their own assigned role. Toga was the crazy fan-girl, Dabi was the bad-boy, Kurogiri was like a dad, and you ended up fussing over the other members much more than you would like to admit. For instance, you were on speech five to Toga about why wanting to slice up the people she cared about wasn't good for building a relationship. The response you always got from her, though, was something like 'I just want to see them dyed in blood! It would be so pretty!' You refused to give up on her, though, since you loved that girl dearly and wanted her to succeed. Speaking of succession and possibly love, the next victim target of your affections was Shigaraki Tomura himself. Your very cocky leader. If anyone needed care it was him, in your opinion. So, on this day in particular, you approached him at the bar he and Kurogiri were usually at. You had made a special trip just for this. "Tomura~," you smiled as you walked in. You often called him by his first name.


"What is it, [Name]?" he asked, "It's not like we have a meeting scheduled or anything." Kurogiri looked at you pretty skeptically. You couldn't blame him though, you were basically all villains, and villains couldn't be trusted in your opinion.


"I know," you told him, "I actually came to get you. Come with me, okay?" You tilted your head sweetly, not at all wanting to seem malicious. However, it seemed as if Shigaraki had become affected by Kurogiri's skepticism.


"Why?" he simply asked.


"Because I have something to show you," you replied. Shigaraki didn't budge, so you decided to add, "Come on, please~? I'll keep begging if you don't move." Shigaraki looked at Kurogiri who shrugged, before getting off of the bar-stool he was sitting on. He walked out of the bar, and you followed after before leading the way to the car that you had come in.


"This better not be a waste of time," Shigaraki grumbled as he got into the passenger side. He wondered if you could even drive...


"It won't, I promise," you assured him, before peeling out. You passed up a stop sign, not exactly caring too much about obeying the laws of the road. You were also just eager to arrive at your destination. Shigaraki, on the other hand, didn't seem to appreciate the way you were driving, but he did find your lax and sweet nature to be rather entertaining and a bit infectious if anything, so he just sat back and relaxed for once. Luckily, though, the drive wasn't too long. "We're here," you announced, getting out of the car. Shigaraki looked at the building in front of him.


"Isn't this your apartment?" he asked. You nodded, before gesturing him to go inside. He looked at you with an eyebrow raised but did as you wanted, making his way inside of the building. Your place was on the third floor, and when Shigaraki got inside he felt slightly intoxicated by the sweet smelling scents that roamed inside of it. "What's that smell?"


"It's my wax melt warmer," you explained, "I put some peach wax cubes in there before I left to get you. Now come on." Shigaraki was starting to think that this was going to be a huge waste of time, but he chose to humor you for now. He followed you into your kitchen where you went to the refrigerator and pulled out a tall bottle of water. You handed it to him. "Here. I bought a few bottles of this earlier today. I think you should have it." Shigaraki looked at the bottle in his hand.


"Smart Water?" he asked, reading the label. You nodded.


"Smart Water," you repeated.


"Why are you giving this to me?"


"Well, it doesn't have to be Smart Water," you explained, "Any water is good! Drinking lots of water will help your skin, complexion, organs, hair, everything about your body really! Humans are over seventy percent water, so make sure you at least drink eight cups a day!"


"What are you a spokesperson?" Shigaraki mocked with a roll of his eyes. He tried to hand the water back to you, but you wouldn't take it. Instead you just pouted and crossed your arms. He tried again, but you wouldn't budge. "Just tell me what you want? I don't have time for games." You sighed at his words.


"What I want is for you to be healthy," you explained, "Dry skin and hair is a sign of bad health, after all. Besides, I care about you Tomura...So, I need you to be healthy and taken care of. You are basically our leader after all?" Shigaraki wouldn't admit it, but he felt his heart flutter a bit at your words. He quickly looked away from you and the cute puppy look that was on your face now.


"All for One is our leader," he merely said, opening up the bottle of water and drinking some of it. You smiled happily, bouncing up and down a bit.


"Not to me," you easily told him, "Now make sure you drink enough water daily, alright?"


"Fine, fine," Shigaraki waved off. You were just going to take that small victory and move onto your next step. You easily grabbed onto one of his hands and led him into your living room, having him sit on your sofa.


"It is very important that you take care of yourself, you know?" you explained as you stood up, pacing the room a bit. Seeing you walk around like that and sounding so educational reminded Shigaraki of the relationship speeches that you gave to Toga. He wasn't sure how he felt about that.


"What are you getting at?" he asked. He wondered if you really did just drag him all the way to your place to lecture him. You could have done it right at the bar where it would have been much easier for him to ignore you if he wished. He was in your domain now, and you were also the one who brought him there.


"Do you even need to ask?" you questioned as you stopped pacing. You tilted your head as you looked at him, "I'm trying to help you, you know? As I said before you have signs of bad health, and while water is important. It's not the only fix." Shigaraki had no idea what you had in store for him, but he had a slight thought of walking back at the moment.


"Are you trying to force something weird on me?" he asked. He already knew the answer was 'yes', well at least to him, but you would probably deny that. Once he saw you shaking your head, he couldn't help but to sigh.


"It's not weird, it's normal," you explained, "I have a very extensive routine, but I'll just show you the basics. It is different for different people, though, and you're going to need quite a bit of tender, love, and care."


"What?" Shigaraki asked, mostly focusing on the last few words you used.


"Alright," you said, ignoring his question, "Just stay right here, and I'll be back!" You headed off to your bathroom, leaving Shigaraki to sit alone in your living room. He looked around, noticing how well put together everything looked. If one wouldn't know better they would think a regular everyday woman lived there, but you were quite the opposite. When you first decided to join the League of Villains, Shigaraki didn't exactly want to recruit you. You seemed too normal at first glance if anything. Not in looks, however, since he did find you to be very pretty, but in the way you were. You showed up dressed nicely, smelling like strawberries, and with a positive and calming attitude. He didn't think you'd be the type to get your hands dirty, but the more he got to know you, the more he realized that you used that sweet personality of yours to an advantage. You never seemed to mind doing anything at all he asked you to, and you also did bring up moral for the other members. That nature of yours was also the reason Shigarki was sitting in your house right now and had done so before on several occasions.


The first thing he ever noticed the first time he came to your place, which he hadn't expected that would even happen, was that you didn't have any pictures in your apartment. No friends or family images to speak of, and Shigarki had no idea what to expect when he had one day been drug up to your place since he had happened to walk by the building and you saw him, but he didn't expect that. It made him wonder why you joined the league.


"Got it!" you smiled, walking into the living room with a bottle of lotion, "I bought this especially for you! It's for really really dry skin."


"You want me to put on lotion?" Shigaraki asked. You just nodded, smiling brightly. "So, I can smell like a fruit cake?"


"Come on, it's good for you!" you explained, "I can even rub it on you if you want." The thought of you rubbing lotion all over his body, made his mind wonder to some things he would outright deny should he ever be questioned. You didn't even wait for his answer, choosing to just go about doing it. So, you rolled up Shigaraki's sleeves and put some lotion in your hand before rubbing it into his skin. "Some self care is always important."


Shigaraki felt his cheeks warming up, and now seeing you smiling softly made his heart melt a bit. You looked like you enjoyed taking care of him, and you probably actually really did. It also felt kind of nice noticing that he had someone like you there. Someone who just wanted the best for him, and who took the effort and time to make sure everyone's day was brightened. It was too sweet if anything, but the more he thought about it, and the more he saw the look on your face, he wondered if you were always like that? Had you always been the one to help out and worry over everyone? Or did something happen that caused this? Was it the same thing that led you to join the League of Villains? Whatever it was, Shigaraki didn't know, but he did find himself becoming more interested in you and your life, and maybe one day he would be able to open up to you about his own life. If anyone would listen and understand it would be you.


"All done here," you pulled away, smiling, "Now let me get your shoulders~." Shigaraki didn't seem to protest at all as you pulled his sleeve down, before starting to massage lotion on the skin of his shoulder.


He didn't really realize it, but at that second in time, he was able to just let go of everything: the stress, the burdens, the past, and just let you take care of him.


Chapter Text

There was smoke everywhere. It was black in color and being produced from a fire that was currently spreading to the other buildings in the area. Loud crashes roared throughout the vicinity as windows were being broken, cars slamming into one another as people tried to flee the scene, and the collapsing buildings. The sounds of sirens filled the air as cops and firefighters made their way over to assess the situation and help in any possible way that they could. People were screaming and crying for help. Some of them were even calling out the names of loves ones and colleagues, wondering if they had made it out alive, and the worst the of all was the sound of laughter coming from the person who caused all of this to happen.


You however, couldn't hear a thing. It was like everything was going in slow motion. You walked from the building or rather limped as the place that you once referred to as your office burned to the ground. You didn't realize when you had exactly hurt your leg, but then again you didn't register that it wasn't even working correctly. You were just moving in so much disbelief as to what was going on around you. A car swerved passed you before colliding into a tree. You paid no mind to that and kept walking, refusing to truly believe that any of this was real. It couldn't be, right? Surely this was all a dream, and you were about to wake up from it. Surely, you had just taken a nap in your office, right?


You stopped in your tracks, not fully registering that either as the villain who provided all of this destruction appeared in front of you. Your eyes widened.


"They think they can fire me?! Well, who's firing who now!" he exclaimed, "You can all burn!" He extended his hand out, a ball of fire starting to appear in his palm.


You were about to wake up now, right?


However, the dream did not end, and you found yourself not wanting it to. In mere seconds, you were being scooped up into the strong arms of a hero, who easily kicked the villain back and into some wreckage. "Now, Todoroki!" he yelled. Your mind quickly snapped back into reality as you were being saved by a very capable and handsome man. Those things only happened in movies, right?! A large wall of ice, trapped the villain, and the firefighters were able to charge into the building to put the fire out and assist those who were hurt. You quickly glanced around, noticing the mess as sound filled your ears. There was no more screams, but rather noises of people yelling out instructions and the sirens still blaring loudly.


" office," you said, looking at the burnt building.


"It's alright, Miss," the hero told you, "I was told that no one died in the incident." He was still carrying you, and since your mind was back in its place, you were able to realize who he actually was.


"Ingenium?!" you questioned. He chuckled a bit, admiring the way a blush crept onto your face.


"Yes," he said, "And you're safe now." You couldn't help but to look away, feeling a bit bashful. You were just saved by an attractive man, who was now carrying you bridal style. It made your heart thump, and without thinking you put a hand on your chest.


"T-Thank you," you smiled softly.


"There's no need to thank me," he assured, "It's my job after all." You didn't know what came over you, but you wanted to learn more about him if you could. You didn't get your hopes up, though. You just wanted to talk to him a bit more. You really did like heroes, especially since they put their quirks to good use.


"It's a very admirable job," you pointed out, "You deserve all of the thanks you get." If you would have looked at his face, which you didn't since you were feeling slightly bashful about this whole thing, you would have noticed the tinge of red that was forming on his cheeks.


"W-Well, I do have to say that it is nice getting thanked by such a lovely woman," Ingenium admitted. Your eyes widened as you flustered up yet again. Okay, you were sure that this wasn't real! There was no way that such a handsome hero could whisk you away from being attacked by a villain then call you lovely! That was too much even for you. You didn't even know what to say to that!


The interaction that you had with him was much too short in your opinion, because before you knew it, you were carried into the back of an ambulance, "She hurt her leg," Ingenium told one of the paramedics as he gently laid you down on the bed inside of the ambulance. "Do you think you're going to be okay?" You nodded.


"Yeah. Thank you for saving me, really. I know I said it earlier, but I can't thank you enough."


Ingenium smiled softly. He took his gloves off before reaching out and grabbing onto one of your hands with both of his. Your whole face turned red. "I'm really glad I could save you, Miss...Um, what is your name?" he asked.


"I'm [Last Name], [First Name]," you told him. He smiled brightly as he heard it. It was a smile that you kind of wished that you could see forever in all honesty. However, you knew that this moment wouldn't last the lifetime that you wanted it to once another person was brought in.


"Well, I hope to see you again, [Last Name]," Ingenium told you, "Only I hope that it's under better circumstances. Now please, promise me that you'll take care of yourself?"


"I promise," you assured him.


About a week later, Iida found himself not being able to get his mind away from you. You were just so sweet and beautiful, and he had to admit it was rather nice getting to save a damsel in distress like that. While you did often flood his thoughts, Iida couldn't help but to scold himself for thinking about you in such a manner! He was a hero after all, one of the top ten! He shouldn't be thinking about those he saved like that. Even if you had flushed up a bit during the whole process. That look on your face had just been so cute. Cursing himself mentally for allowing his thoughts to drift to you once more, Iida entered the cafe where he was meeting up with some friends. Surely they could help him keep his mind off of you. "Ah, hey, Iida!" Midoriya smiled happily. He and Uraraka were already there and sitting at a table.


"Sorry, I'm late," Iida apologized as he sat down across from the two.


"No, I'd say you're just on time," Uraraka assured, shaking her head, "I think Deku and I just came a bit early if anything."


"Still, I have made you wait, and for that I'm sorry." He just really couldn't let it go, but that's how he was. Iida had always been a polite and 'did things by the book' sort of guy. It was also the thing that was leading him to having his current problem with you, a problem that he felt was inappropriate. But being with Uraraka and Midoriya would probably relax him and ease his mind. After all, it's not like you could possibly come up in this conversation since the two didn't know you.


"Oh! By the way, Iida, I heard you and Todoroki stopped a villain that was destroying an office complex!" Izuku pointed out. Midoriya, ever the one to bring up his friends' accomplishments.


"Yeah, I saw that on the news! You looked so cool carrying that woman to safety," Uraraka added in. This was surely not what Iida expected to be discussing when Uraraka had suggested that the three of them get together at some point in their busy lives. He assumed that hero talk wouldn't be a big subject, but he seemed to have forgotten that Midoriya loved to talk about all things heroic.


"Yes, that is true," Iida responded, hoping to keep that conversation subject curt.


"You two were talking a lot while you saved her," Uraraka said, "What was it about?" Iida then shot up.


"It is unprofessional to get involved with someone you save!" he announced, much to the two's confusion, "We are heroes, and we mustn't take advantage of that." Uraraka and Midoriya looked at one another before turning their attention back to the man in front of them, who sat back down.


"Well..I wouldn't say that," Midoriya said. Uraraka nodded.


"Mhmm! In fact, wouldn't that be a very romantic story to tell people one day? That you met your significant other while saving her?" Uraraka pushed, "I mean, it's not taking advantage if you aren't manipulating her. It's just another way to meet people!" It was as if a light-bulb went off in Iida's head. What Uraraka was saying couldn't have been right, could it? Would it really not be such a bad thing?


"It seems like you have a thing for her, Iida," Midoriya added, "You shouldn't feel bad if you do." Iida let out a sigh, trying to think about the rights and wrongs of this situation. He did find himself really liking you. He never thought that love at first sight was truly a thing, but there had just been something about you that made him want to see you more. After all, he hadn't been lying when he said he wanted to see you again, he just felt like he was abusing his position after the fact.


"I guess I will just play it by ear," Iida replied. He didn't think he'd ever utter those words, but affections were definitely not rational, nor was it something that you could really strategize. So lost in his thoughts, he missed the encouraging smiles that his friends were now giving him.


The cafe meet up wasn't exactly a long affair being as Midoriya actually had more work to get done with at his agency. Uraraka also had some things going on that day, and Iida remembered that he had some grocery shopping to do. Usually, his personal shopper would take care of that, but she had caught a cold so Iida was up to doing it himself. It wasn't like he necessarily minded to do it, it was just that he was such a busy person. Though, while he was on his way back to his car to head to a grocery store, someone ran passed him yelling, "Someone please help! A tree has fallen on some children in the park!" At those words, Iida sprung into action. He raced away to a park that he knew was nearby.


Once he made it to the scene, he saw several civilians all crowded around a big tree that was slightly raised. Underneath it, someone was on their hands and knees, holding it up with their back as best they could, protecting two children that was underneath them. One of the kid's legs had gotten caught in some branches, and the other had part of their shirt pinned under the trunk. Without a second thought, Iida raced over there, kicking the tree's trunk and sending it flying. Once it was gone, the kids raced to their parents crying and holding onto them for comfort. Iida ran to the person who had been holding it up. "Are you alright?"


It was you.


Iida's eyes widened and a flush spread across his face. You sat up and on your legs, back probably incredibly sore after what you just did. "Ah, hello, Ingenium !" you smiled, happy to see him. Iida watched as you rubbed at the back of your head, "I...Ummm, I'm sorry that it had to be like this. You know, you saving me again." You giggled a bit. Without really thinking, Iida picked you up bridal style. He noticed you getting a bit flustered at that gesture, which made his heart thump.


"Are you alright?" he asked. You nodded.


"My back hurts, but I'll be okay," you said, before glancing away from him, probably to hide your apparent flush, "I just..I don't know, I saw the tree falling, so I ran out to protect the kids under it. It all just happened so fast." Iida brought you to a park bench, gently sitting you down on it.


"That was a very heroic thing you did, [Name]," he smiled. He took in the shy smile that you gave, "You know...I really hope this doesn't happen again." You bit your lip, hands folding together in your lap.


"Haha...well..I...I wasn't born with a quirk, so I usually find myself in these types of situations," you explained. At hearing that you were quirkless, Iida's eyes widened a bit. To think you'd put yourself in danger to save those kids when you couldn't even protect yourself. "I don't know, I still want to help others if I can." Iida let out a soft breath of air before reaching over and grabbing onto one of your hands with both of his.


"Well then, that just makes what you did even more amazing," he told you. He watched happily as a smile crept onto your flustered face, before you quickly looked away.


"I...I could never be as heroic as you to be honest," you admitted, "I mean, this is the second time you've saved me."


"Hopefully, it'll be the last," Iida nodded before letting slip, "Though, I do love seeing you." After those words passed his lips, he realized that it was too late to take them back. Hopefully, that wasn't the wrong thing to say; although, he meant it. He did love seeing you, he just wished that you weren't hurt whenever the interaction happened.


"I-I...I love seeing you, too," you replied, looking away from him once again. Iida felt his heart thumping crazily. He had never felt this way about a person before. There was just something so alluring about you. Maybe it was the way you smiled, the way you talked, or the way you seemingly tried to help others. Whatever it was, it certainly had Iida head over heels for you. Gathering up some courage he started to say,


"You know, [Last Name]-"


"Ah, there she is!" one of the children's parents led some paramedics to you. Looking towards the world around him, the one that he had been ignoring, Iida saw an ambulance there. Someone must have called for them. "I'm sure she's hurt."


"I'm fine," you quickly brushed off, but it didn't seem as if anyone else bought that, especially not Iida, who cared way more about your well-being than his own feelings.


"[Name], you should go with them," he told you, "I'm sure your adrenaline is clouding even worse pain." He watched as you looked at him, towards the ambulance, and then back at him before nodding. You stood up, and Iida did so as well, wanting to make sure that you could at least properly walk.


"Okay," you agreed, turning to look at Iida again, "Thank you so much. It was really good to see you again." Iida smiled at you and nodded. Sure, he was blowing his chance with you, but your safety was much more important.


"Anytime, although, I hope it doesn't happen again. Please be safe," he told you. You nodded.


"I will."


Two weeks later, you found the events that happened at that day in the park stuck in your head. Ingenium had to save you yet again, and while you did love the fact that you got to see him again, you just hated the situation that brought it about. You wondered if he thought you were an idiot for getting yourself into trouble twice. At least the first time it wasn't your fault...It was the villain that caused all of that ruckus which led to the burning of your place of work. Thankfully, your job was safe, and your boss was able to find a new building to rent until the old one was rebuilt.


Currently, you were in your new office, gazing outside of the window at the street below it. It was a calm day, which you probably should be thankful for, especially since Ingenium was still occupying your mind. He was such a great hero, too. Sure you could sit there and think about how attractive and kind he was, but him being so amazing at his job was important as well. Hopefully, though, he won't be the one to spring into action the next time you got into trouble. You didn't want him to think you were nothing but a wreck.


"Hey, [Name]!" You quickly snapped out of your thoughts as one of your coworkers peered inside of your office door. You had almost forgot that you usually left it open.


"Yes?" you quickly asked, wanting to seem like you hadn't just been dazing out.


 "I ordered some lunch for us!" your coworker told you. You knew her well enough to know that there had to be a catch. It wasn't like she was a bad person, though, she could just be rather tricky.


"And?" you questioned, eyebrow raised.


"Haha, you know me so well! I have a meeting to run into in about three minutes, soooo can you pick it up?" she asked, "I promise I ordered you something good!" Maybe a nice walk would be the solution to clearing your mind...or at least you hoped that the place was close enough to walk to.


"Fine, fine," you said as you stood up.


"Great! I already paid for it online. I just need you to go and get it. It's that new ramen place in that shopping center that's a few blocks away from here," your coworker explained, "You know, the one with the big fountain."


"Yeah, I know which one you're talking about," you nodded, walking out of your office door. As you trekked to the elevator you could hear your cowoker yelling,


"Thanks! You're the best!"


You were grateful that the walk wouldn't be so long, and the second you stepped outside, you took in the refreshing air that was around you. You would try your best to just clear your mind and focus on the things that you passed as you walked. There were many buildings in the area, but that made sense considering that you were on the side of the city where all of the offices were located. You just hoped that none of them had any disgruntled employees as well that would lead to what had happened at your old building.


You ended up cursing yourself from thinking that, and forced your mind to focus on the few trees in the area. They all looked nice and sturdy. You doubted that any of them would fall down anytime soon. "Dammit....," you softly said with a shake of your head. Maybe you could just watch the cars go by. Sadly, it didn't seem like some of them were paying attention to the speed limit. They were just zooming on groaned, putting a hand on your head, wondering why everything was just reminding you of Ingenium. Sure you did find yourself liking him, but why would an amazing hero like him want some quirkless woman who got into trouble often? You just needed to focus on the ramen place! You had heard of it before, and really wanted to try it, so it was a good thing that you were getting this chance. You might have gotten around to it on your own, however, but this was good, too. Plus, you didn't have to pay.


Finally, you made it to your destination with little thought about you-know-who. When you walked inside, you noticed a bell ringing upon your entrance as well as about four other customers. They were actually dining in, though, so it couldn't really attest to how busy they were. It was in the middle of the week, and since people had work, they would probably order out like your coworker had done.


Walking over to the bar, you said, "I have a pick-up," before giving them your coworker's name.


"Just a second," the master of the shop told you as he disappeared into the back. You just sat on one of the stools waiting, before eyeing one of their menus. You wondered what your coworker had ordered for you. She did say that it was something good, and hopefully that was right. She was paying, though, so you couldn't complain too much.


'After this, I'll just go back to my office and try to relax and do my work,' you thought, 'I don't think I have any meetings to attend today.' You couldn't help but to picture yourself in your chair all cuddled up as you ate your ramen and did your work at your desk. You would make sure to close the door, and maybe even put on some nice music. Sadly, however...


A loud bang sounded as a man kicked open the door making it clash against the wall. In his hand, he had about three sticks of dynamite. You felt so confused by this and even as he announced, "This is a robbery! Everyone put your hands up!" For one thing, why dynamite? Unless he had a good quirk. And two, didn't he know that this place just opened up? It was still an alarming situation for you and the others, but those things were just so glaring to you.


The master of the shop, walking out from the back area, put his hands up in the air, "Alright. I'll give you all the money that's in the cash register, just don't hurt anyone," he said. You stood, unable to move and unsure of what to do as the owner opened the cash register and gave all of the money inside of it to the robber. The other patrons looked just as frozen as you were.


"Is this it?!" the robber yelled, "Where's the rest of it?!"


"I'm sorry, but that's all I have," the owner responded. Most people probably paid with a card, so that made sense to you. You could see the scowl on the robber's face, and he went back to the shop's door, intending to run off, however, the sound of sirens soon filled the air. He growled and glanced at everyone behind him, trying to see who called the police. You wondered the same, but no one had their phone out. Perhaps the master did before he came out from the back.


"Ah, dammit! Everyone get down on the ground now!" You knew that this was no time to be defiant, so you did as told, thinking about how this situation couldn't possibly get worse. Hopefully, he didn't decide to blow the building up, however, dynamite wasn't as bad as other explosives that you've seen. There was still a chance that you could make it out alive being as he only had three sticks.


As the police began to get on their megaphones to try and negotiate with the robber, you wondered which hero would come. Surely one would, as these things usually went, but who?


It was by chance that Iida Tenya was walking past the shopping district. He had decided to go on patrol a bit earlier that day, and they were doing some work on the side-walk and road on his usual route, so he decide to check out a different area instead. It was one that he knew had a nice shopping center and a new ramen place. He would have to check it out sometime, but for now, he just wanted to focus on his work.


There was, of course, surprise all over Iida's face once he saw a group of cop cars outside of the restaurant. With no hesitation, he went over there as fast as he could to check out the situation. "What's going on here?" he asked.


"Ah! Iida!" Jirou's familiar voice was heard as she walked over to meet her friend, "There's a hostage situation. There are about seven people in there besides the robber, and five of them are customers. From what I can make out with my quirk, he has explosives on him."


"Anything I can do?" Iida asked. He glanced at the shop, seeing the silhouette of someone blocking the doorway. It was probably the robber.


"Just hang tight," Jirou told him, "The cops are trying to negotiate, but he won't listen to reason. We need to figure out what kind of explosive he has first, so we can operatically assess the situation." Iida thought about, putting a hand on his chin as he did so.


"If it is something that takes time to explode, I could use my engine to get him away from the others," Iida thought aloud.


"That would probably be our best bet," Jirou agreed, "We just need to be as quick and thorough as we can. After all, we still don't know what this guy's quirk is yet." Jirou turned away from Iida and drilled her earphone jack into the ground, listening to all that she could. She began to give updates to the police when she heard something new. Iida just stood by and waited.


It didn't seem like the police were making much progress with the robber, who Jirou reported as growing more hostile as the situation went on. "Oh! One of the hostages is getting a call!" Jirou reported, "....She's whispering, so I don't think the robber has any idea about it...Let's see...She's saying 'I'm sorry, but I'm going to be late delivering the food....yes...Well, there's a robber....Actually this is the third time this month that I've been in danger.'" That immediately reminded Iida of someone he knew, so he listened intently, "'...He's robbing the place with three sticks of dynamite....No, the tree wasn't scarier, have you ever even been in a hostage situatio-'" Jirou was cut off in her reports as Iida, used his resproburst and charged into the place.


In no time, the villain had been literally kicked out of the establishment, which led the police to rushing over to arrest him. Since that was being taken care of, Iida turned his attention to the now incredibly thankful patrons of the restaurant.


You, however, couldn't exactly focus on the cheers or words of thanks being directed at Ingenium . Instead, you flushed up a bit, feeling slightly anxious. This was the third time that month that he had saved you! Surely, he was going to think that you were nothing be a glutton for trouble! He would also probably think that you were stupid or something. You tried to mask yourself as well as you could, but Ingenium spotted you anyway. After giving his autograph to one of the other customers, he walked over to you, "[Last Name]," he spoke, "Are you okay? You're not hurt anywhere?" You quickly shook your head.


"I manged to not hurt anything...this time," you flushed a bit, eyes looking away. Why was he so handsome? And here you were, the idiot that needed to be saved again.


"Are you sure you don't need me to carry you again?" that question made your eyes widen slightly, and your heart thumped loudly in your chest. Did he seriously just ask you that? You cleared your throat, trying to regain some composure.


"I-I'm okay," you told him, "I'm not that inept to where I get hurt every time." You laughed it off, eyes looking away.


The flush on your face was truly something that Iida loved to see. You were just so cute, and honestly, he just wanted to hold you close to him again. He was relieved that you weren't hurt this time, but you did seem a bit more all over the place than those other times. Then again, you had just been in a hostage situation, and that could be why. "Do you feel faint?" he asked. He watched as your eyes glanced to the side of yourself, probably in thought.


" that you mention it-" Iida picked you up bridal style before you could even finish that sentence. He looked fondly at the blush adorning your face, it causing his heart to flutter. He carried you out of the restaurant.


"You know, I wouldn't say you're inept," he told you, "These things just happen, and sadly you're the one they've been happening to."


"Yeah...because I guess I'm not good at avoiding danger," you sighed, "I wish I could be better." Gently, Iida sat you down on a bench that was outside, while reporters showed up, and the police began to question the other victims.


"To be honest, I don't think you could get any better," Iida told you. He smiled once he saw you turning to face him with a confused look on your face, "In fact, I find you to be a very interesting person, [Last Name]." It was now or never, thankfully because of the fact that you weren't hurt. You quickly looked away, hands playing with the end of your shirt a bit, probably due to nerves.


"You're just flattering me...," you said, "After all, this is the third time you've saved me. I'll probably just keep getting into even more trouble." Iida looked at your body language. He could tell that it was probably bothering you. He was nervous, too, but he wanted to rectify this and let you know how he felt.


"Well, we'll just have to make sure that doesn't happen again," he said, before sitting next to you, "Why don't we go out sometime? That way if you get into trouble, I'll already be there with you."


As you were asked that, your mouth dropped. Was Ingenium seriously asking you on a date?! There was no way! To confirm this, you asked, "Are you....are you asking me out?" Once you received a nod from him, your heart started to pound against your chest harder.


"Yes," he said, "If that's alright with you as I'm not trying to take advantage of the situation." The next words that came out of your mouth, couldn't have passed out of your lips any slower if you tried. You were just so excited.


"Alright," you smiled, "I'd love to." You felt like you would end up falling in love with him, and little did you know, Iida felt the exact same way.


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Chapter Text

You didn't exactly know what your relationship with Twice was. He was an interesting person to say the least, and while wearing his mask he sported a dual personality. When you first joined the League of Villains, you found the man to be rather intriguing and would often hang out with him. He was completely different when he was relaxing in his apartment, but it wasn't a change that bothered you. In fact, it made you feel sort of attracted to him, and that attraction led to you trying him out for lack of a less inappropriate word. As that type of thing began, you found yourself wanting to try more and more things with him sexually. He never seemed to mind, in fact, he enjoyed it as well and even had his own things that he wanted to try. It was a rather nice relationship, but you just didn't know what to call it being as you both often spoke on a much more intimate level when the two of you were alone. Were you dating? Friends with benefits? Were you even friends? Maybe just cohorts that liked to fuck? You honestly weren't sure, but one thing that you did know was there was something else on your mind that you wanted to try.


So, that evening you went to visit Twice at his place. You also just wanted to see him and hang out with him since it had been awhile. Shigaraki hadn't called for any meetings or missions recently after all. You just hoped that Twice was home, though, or you would have went out of your way for nothing. Perhaps you should have called or texted first, but the new thing you wanted to try was clouding your mind and taking up all your brain space.


When you made it to Twice's apartment, you knocked on his door, hoping that you wouldn't have to wait too long until he answered. "Who is it?" he asked about five seconds later. You let out an internal sigh of relief since he was home.


"It's [Name]," you answered. The door was opened almost immediately after that was said, making you smirk a bit. "Hey," you greeted as you just walked in. It wasn't anything new between the two of you, so you couldn't help but to act so familiar. Twice closed the door behind you and locked it before turning around, seeing you making yourself at home.


"How long has it been?" he asked.


"Long enough," you shrugged. In all honesty, it probably had been about two weeks since you last saw each other and maybe about three since you had visited him. You figured that it was about time since that was how long it had been since you last had sex.


"Any particular reason you came to visit?" Twice asked you. You rolled your eyes slightly. He no doubt knew why you were coming to visit him. Sure, you both didn't sleep together every time, but it happened often enough to where if you hadn't seen him in a long time he should know why you would randomly show up to his place. He probably just wanted to hear you say it, though. You weren't sure if you wanted to give him that satisfaction, however.


"I'm sure you already know why I'm here," you decided to answer that way. You were definitely going to have to be specific when it came to the request that you wanted, but for now you were just going to evade being completely direct.


"Did you want to talk or something?" came the reply. You forced yourself not to roll your eyes once again. To think he'd be playing this game with you, although to be fair you were playing along as well. "Shigaraki hasn't said anything new recently if that's what you want to know."


"I don't particularly care about that," you mused, glancing out a nearby window before looking back at Twice, "But, you know it has been pretty stressful lately." You decided to at least give him this hint. You were too far into it to directly say that you wanted to have sex.


"I hear that yoga is good for stress," Twice shrugged, before taking out a cigarette and lighting it. He glanced back at you, "And flexibility." You cocked an eyebrow as he said that.


"Do you honestly think I need to be more flexible?" you asked. Twice shook his head.


"I'd say your more than flexible enough," he shrugged, "Especially when it comes to getting the job done."


"And what job might that be, hm~?" you purred slightly. You were so close, yet so far away from what you wanted. Twice, however, gave you a slightly devious look and put his barely smoked cigarette out in an astray before crossing the room towards you. He wrapped an arm around your waist, pulling your body close to his. You couldn't help but to think about how you were about to get what you wanted. Twice leaned his lips close to yours before moving to whisper in your ear.


"Use your words, [Name]," he said, before moving away, "You're a good girl. Tell me exactly what you want. Exactly." You pouted, seeing as he was just not giving in. Sadly for you, the man had much more willpower than yourself when it came to such things. "Come on, be mature about this~." You growled and pushed him away.


"Okay, fine, fine," you gave in, "I want to have a foursome with you." You crossed your arms, "Happy?" Twice seemed a bit confused by your request, but you couldn't exactly blame him.


"And with who else?" he asked. You rolled your eyes.


"Just with you," you told him, "You know, your quirk?" You wanted to put that to use. It was such a good opportunity in your opinion that he had a quirk that could multiply himself. Twice, however, let out a sigh.


"I knew you were going to ask me that one day," he said, before noticing you opening you mouth to say something, probably to ask him 'how', "I know you well enough at this point, [Name]; there's no way that you wouldn't ask." You flushed a bit and looked away.


"Well?" you asked, "I don't want to waste my time." You were still slightly upset at how direct he got you to be.


"Sure, we can if you want to," Twice shrugged. You felt your heart-rate accelerate as you heard him agree and a slight flush appeared on your face. You wanted to act cool about this though, and not show the excitement that you were currently feeling.


"Great," you said, making sure to keep your voice level. You then watched as Twice made two other copies of himself. You felt your stomach flutter slightly and your crotch feel a bit tingly as you anticipated what was to come. Hopefully, you'd be able to take it all...and remember which one was the real Twice...would he even know which was the real him? Maybe you shouldn't think about that, though, and instead focus on the foursome that you were about to have with him.


"Well then?" Twice asked, looking at you expectantly. You were guessing that the one that said that was the real Twice, but deciding not to mind that too much, you did as was wanted of you and started to take off your clothing, before heading to sit at the bed with your legs over the side. As you did that, all three of them walked over, and you reached out, unzipping the middle one's pants and pulling his length out. Letting out a hum in approval at how hard he was starting to become, you leaned forward and opened your mouth, sliding it inside. With all that you had done with him, you had no problem getting him deep inside of your mouth.


As you worked on this Twice's length, you were soon presented with two other cocks in your peripheral vision. You didn't have to think about it. You just reached out and wrapped your hands around their lengths pumping them expertly as you admiring the groans that they produced. You were so happy that you had decided to do this. You knew that this whole experience would definitely be something you surely weren't going to forget, and who knows, maybe Twice would agree to do this again.


You sucked harder, moving your hands faster until all three of them were nice and hard. You didn't have much time to think if you wanted to finish them off as Twice, pushed you back on the bed. The Twice to his right went on the other side of the bed as the one to his left grabbed onto your legs and placed them to were you were laying down properly. He then sat at one of your sides near your head as grabbed onto your arm pinning it next to you, as the one that had moved on the other side of the bed did the same, but with your other arm. Twice smirked down at you, "You look so helpless like this~," he purred. You narrowed your eyes, knowing that he was not about to play nice. It was fine, though, because you didn't want him to.


Twice grabbed onto your breasts roughly. He smirked down at you and moved his hands to pinch at your nipples, tugging them slightly. You shivered as he did this, and made no move to fight against the two that were holding you down. It wasn't like you wanted to. Twice slid his hands down your body as if admiring it. His eyes glazed over you lustfully and followed his hands as they slid down to your wet crotch. "Looks like you like it," he teased you. You didn't want to give him the satisfaction of saying that you did, but he knew it was true the second he rubbed at your clit with his thumb because you moaned. His clones chuckled at your reaction, making your face flush up a bit. "Hmph, you need to stop being so damn stubborn," Twice told you.


"Agree to disagree," you replied, watching as he spread your legs out wider. Twice then got in between them, looking at your wet pussy for all it was worth. He hummed in approval before pressing his mouth against your clit, sucking on it roughly. "A-Ah~...!" you arched your back a bit at the wonderful feeling. Twice made sure to focus on stimulating your sensitive bud, hands going to massage at the inside of your thighs as he did so. And you were just so in pleasure, loving every bit of it.


As if reminding you that they were there, the Twice on your left, moved closer to your head. You knew that they wanted, so you leaned your head over to wrap your lips around his still hard cock, sucking on it despite the moans that the real Twice was making you produce. As you were doing this, the Twice at your right, placed the hand of the arm that he was holding back around his own length. Immediately you started to jerk him off as best as you could as you focused on sucking the other one off and being pleasured by the real one.


The real Twice looked up from his place in between your legs. He slipped two fingers inside of you, thrusting them in and out hard. "Damn. I didn't realize how hot you looked pleasing me," he said, taking in the sight before him. They were his clones after all, and it was a good opportunity to see you with one stuffing your mouth full while you worked at the other with your hand. After taking in the pleasurable sight, Twice leaned back down and pressed his mouth against your clit once again. He could feel your inner walls tightening as he was still fingering you. He was going to deny you of that pleasure right now, though, so he pulled away, leaving you with the release you wanted.


It was easy for you to realize that Twice wasn't pleasuring you any longer, and what upset you the most was that you had been almost there. You released the cock that was in your hand and pulled your mouth away to give the man that was still sitting between your thighs an annoyed look, "What?" you asked pointedly. Twice just smirked before smacking your thigh.


"Turn around," he instructed, "If you do, you'll get exactly what you want." Since you were still upset at the fact that he didn't let you come just now, you rolled your eyes. Nevertheless, though, you did as asked and got on all fours. He was probably just about ready to fuck you, and you also knew that he took pleasure in making you agitated.


The second you were in this new position, Twice grabbed onto your hips and pulled you closer to him. He started to rub the tip of his cock against you, while the other Twices moved as well. Once got underneath you and positioned himself there while the other one sat in front of you. Without so much as a thought, you grabbed onto the cock of that one, pumping at it slowly as you waited for the Twice behind you to fill you up. Once he did, you let out a loud moan admiring how deep he was pushing inside of you.


Twice started to thrust in and out of you roughly. He never had a problem with being rough with you as he wasn't afraid to hurt you if that were to happen. You didn't exactly care either way, though, because sex with him felt so great. As Twice fucked you nice and hard, he used his hold on your hips to lower you down a bit so that your clit was grinding against the length of the one underneath you. "O-Oh...s-shit...!" you couldn't help but to call out at the sensation, your hand movements on the Twice in front of you growing a bit sloppy. It caused you to moved your head over and slip his length into your mouth. That would also help to quiet you down a bit, since you knew that you could get pretty noisy during sex. It wasn't like you could help that, though. Twice knew exactly what to do to get you to make loud sounds and moans, and he did it all on purpose.


You could feel him getting a bit deeper in his thrusts, and he started to hit your g-spot. That plus your clit grinding against the one underneath was more than enough to make you pulsate once again. It didn't seem like Twice was going to leave you hanging again as his thrusts got quicker like wanted to get you where you needed to be. Also, with his groans, you could tell that he was probably close as well, and with a few more thrusts, you came hard. You had to detach your mouth from the Twice in front of you as you buried your face against the bed beneath you, moaning from the feeling. As you came, Twice kept thrusting inside of you, nearing the edge as well, and once he peaked he quickly pulled out of you spilling himself onto your thighs. He sat back and panted as he watched his white come sliding down.


You ended up falling onto the Twice that was underneath you as you calmed your breathing. Now you had to clean up so that you could either leave or just stay and chill with Twice. That wasn't in his mind, though. Twice tapped at your leg, "Hey, get up," he said, "We're not done yet. Well, at least they aren't." You sat up, getting off of the Twice that was underneath you to see the real one fixing his clothing. He crossed the room and grabbed a cigarette.


"And by that you mean?" you asked.


"You need to show them a good time," Twice shrugged as he lit his cigarette and walked over. He sat on a chair that was next to the bed, just watching as his clones grabbed you. You whined a bit, seeing as he was going to take pleasure in watching his clones fuck you while you were pretty much spent already. Before you knew it, you found yourself being made to straddle the one that had been underneath you before while the other sat behind you, holding your arms behind your back.


"What is with you and wanting to hold me down?" you asked with a raise of an eyebrow, "You know all you have to do is say 'please'~." Like he'd ever beg you, when he knew that you would willingly give him what he wanted.


"This is more fun," Twice shrugged, watching as his clone that was underneath you lifted you up slightly and onto his cock. You bit your lip, face flushing up as your body sunk down onto him. You were still so sensitive since you had come not too long ago. Not caring at the over-pleasured face you were making, the Twice underneath you started to thrust himself up and into you while the one behind you used his hold on your arms to guide you up and down. And the real Twice was just watching this display in intrigue. He loved the look on your face, the moans that you were producing, and the way your body bounced up and down on his clone. He wondered if it looked this good when he was fucking you.


You moaned in need, wanting to come again. You started to move your hips back and forth a little while the Twice under you picked up his pace. The one behind you's hold seemed to tighten a bit as you began to move, but you had to admit that it did feel pretty good to be held down like that. You glanced at the real Twice who was watching the display. "E-Enjoying yourself?" you asked him, panting slightly.


"That depends, are you enjoying being fucked like that?" he questioned. You didn't want to give him the satisfaction of answering that yes, you were, so you turned your attention away from him to focus on your own pleasure. You were just being driven to ecstasy once again by the Twice underneath you, and you knew that you were going to come again soon. The real Twice, however, rolled his eyes at your non answer. He got up from his chair and walked over you, grabbing onto your chin and turning your head to face him, "So stubborn," he rolled his eyes before pressing his lips against yours. You weren't too surprised by that, though you assumed that it had something to do with how close you were to your second release. And when it came you moaned into Twice's mouth, making him pull away so that he could look at your face as you came. The Twice underneath you lifted you up and off of him as he came as well due to the pressure that your inner walls had put on his dick. "One left~," Twice told you.


You nodded and soon found yourself being placed on your back again as the Twice that had been behind you got between your legs and lifted them up and onto his shoulders. He slid himself inside of you without any hesitation. You shut your eyes as you felt him pushing in as deep as he could before he started to snap his hips back and forth. The real Twice just watched from one side while the other that had fucked you before this one did watched at the other side. They were all looking down at you and the way your body moved with each thrust as you moaned repeatedly. "Are you getting close again?" Twice asked you. He moved a hand down and onto your body, going to play with one of your nipples again.


"Y-Yes," you managed to say through your noises of pleasure as you were being taken harder. Your body was definitely reaching its limit, but it just felt so good. The whole thing was entirely worth it, even if you knew that you were probably going to crash into a deep sleep after this.


Twice smirked, hand moving down to your clit where he rubbed it. He admired the way your moans grew louder from that action. "You're right there, aren't you?" he asked. You weren't able to answer due to how close to the edge you were, but Twice didn't mind being as he wasn't expecting once anyway. He knew that you were about to have another orgasm, and when you did he took in the way you arched your back up high, eyes shutting tightly, as your mouth fell open in a loud moan. He watched you shudder from the orgasm, hand that had been on our clit moving up to your face. When you started to come down, he slipped two of his fingers into your mouth, making you taste yourself. "I bet that felt good," he noted.


The Twice that was still inside of you thrust into you a bit more before pulling out and coming on your stomach. You let out a tired sigh, not at all caring how messy you probably were with come and sweat on your body. You just wanted to clean off and relax, though you weren't exactly sure if your body could make its way to the bathroom in order to do that. Being fucked hard three times wasn't exactly what you were expecting when you proposed this idea, but you weren't complaining too much.


"Can you stand, [Name]?" Twice asked you.


"Probably not," you admitted, "Thank you for listening to my request though." Twice raised an eyebrow at that.


"Yeah, you must be pretty out of it if you're actually thanking me," he said. You swatted at him as best as you could for saying that, but he just grabbed your hand and held it with both of his. As this was happening, his clones began to disappear.


"Shut it," you told him, "In any case...I just want to bathe and sleep."


"We can do that," Twice shrugged. You looked at him with an eyebrow raised.


"We?" you asked.


"Yes, we," Twice nodded before picking you up bridal style and carrying you to his bathroom.


Chapter Text

You had fought rather hard to be at the position you were currently in, and not only did you have to fight villains, but you also had to fight with other heroes as well. Metaphorically of course. Sadly, those other heroes had mostly been former classmates, but in the end you were one of the ones that prevailed as you were now in the top ten of Japan's heroes! It was something you took seriously, and a title that you weren't going to let go of easily. The last thing you wanted to do was slack off with your work and be given a lower rank. That meant your agency would suffer, after all, and you didn't want that.


On this particular day, you were in your office doing some paperwork as The Hero News Network was on your television in the background. It was always important for a hero to be informed of current events, and it was a good way to find out if there were any urgent matters going on, that way you could run to the scene of the crime if needed. That wasn't something that happened often, though, and when it did you were usually beat out by either Deku or Ground Zero. Those two somehow always manged to be available when someone or something was in danger, and would always be there to take care of it. The amusing thing, however, was that when Midoriya would show up before Bakugo, the latter would usually get very angry and try to fight the former even when a villain was present. Bakugo's wrath was the main thing that made you okay with not being in the top three. That was the last thing you needed to deal with.


As you signed off your paperwork bit by bit, you checked a nearby clock. It was almost time for your patrol. You honestly couldn't wait to just be outside as the florescent lighting and overly cool ventilation system was just getting to you. You needed to stretch out your legs and relieve the stress of the day by going for a nice walk. It was probably a bit unprofessional to refer to your patrol in that way, especially since the League of Villains was still a bit of a problem even though their main members had been dealt with, but in all honesty, there hadn't been too much to worry about lately. So, you were just going to use that time to relax in nature as best as you could. You were definitely going to choose the route by the nearest park for that purpose.


So, when the time of your patrol came, you stood up and stretched your arms a bit before leaving your office, waving to your secretaries before leaving the agency altogether. It was a nice day that day, so you were happy that this allowed you to not be stuck inside the entire time. As you walked around, checking out the area, you waved to some citizens calling out to you, signed a few autographs, and even took a few pictures with people. It wasn't anything too crazy given your rank, and it was nothing like what the number one had to deal with. If you ever did end up having extremely rowdy fans, you did wonder what would happen if you tried the Bakugo approach and cursed them out. It was a silly thought, though. You soon had finally made it to the park, and as you did so, you took in the beautiful smelling air-Ah, you were actually smelling smoke...


Quickly turning around, you noticed thick smoke being wafted over in the direction of the park by wind. Your mind immediately went into hero mode, and you quickly took off heading towards the scene of the crime. As you got closer to the danger you saw people running away from it, coughing, and screaming. Sounds of cars swerving could be heard as drivers tried their best not to hit the people running into the streets as well. When you finally arrived, you noticed a building on fire. You had stalled for a second because well-the flames were blue! Shaking your head to snap yourself back to reality, you quickly looked around, hoping to find the person responsible for this. Once you didn't see anyone that could be a potential threat to others, you quickly went about saving the people around you as best as you could. You were also looking for a fire hydrant. Your quirk allowed you to turn water into ice and manipulate it. You could also use the moisture in the air if you were able to gather enough up and use that as well. However, the air was so dry at the moment that that wasn't an option. You needed to save everyone and find a way to freeze the building over if you could.


"This way!" you yelled, conducting people to safely cross the street. It was a bit difficult calming people down even a little bit, but you were managing. Luckily for you, in the middle of your task Uravity showed up. She was a pro at saving people, so while she was taking care of getting people to safety, you went as fast as you could, trying to find a fire hydrant.


Your search wasn't exactly that long, although in this situation, it felt like an eternity, so when you finally found one, you couldn't stop your feelings of excitement. You were pretty strong, so you kicked the top of the fire hydrant, water shooting out from it like a geyser. You quickly used that opportunity to gather the water using your quirk, leading it towards the building as it turned into ice. You had to stretch it pretty thin, but you manged to calm the flames. Uravity turned to you happily, feeling relieved as well. You two didn't say anything to each other, though as you went to help her with the evacuation.


By the time the ambulance, police, and fire department showed up, everything seemed safe and people were being interviewed by the police. In the midst of all of this happening, however, Ground Zero showed up. Honestly, you were surprised that he and Deku hadn't been anywhere near the situation when it happened. Bakugo quickly looked around before spotting you, who was wrapping a blanket around an elderly woman. All of your focus was on her, so you didn't really register what was happening as your arm was harshly grabbed, and you were yanked away. "W-Wha-Hey?!" you whined. Once you were away from any civilans, Bakugo stopped and turned to you with an annoyed face.


"What the hell happened here?" he asked, eyes narrowed. You were a bit taken back by this, but nothing was wrong with asking for that kind of information. It's just the way Bakugo went about doing it was extremely rude in your opinion.


"Well, that building was on fire, so I froze it over," you explained, "Uravity and I manged to-"


"Where's the villain?" Bakugo cut you off, "And who the hell were they?"


"There wasn't a villain," you explained, "Or at least I didn't see one, so it wasn't exactly a priority." When Bakugo's eyes narrowed a bit more you knew that you didn't give the correct answer. He was just so easily angered in your opinion.


"What the fuck do you mean it wasn't a priority?! Thanks to you we now have some crazy fuck on the loose! And how the hell did you and round face get here before me?!" Bakugo yelled, "And with two of you here one of you should have looked for the villain!" You couldn't help but to roll your eyes at him.


"Saving people is the priority, and if no one else is around causing trouble then that's not the focus," you told him, "Besides, for all we know an office worker could have accidentally set the fire off!" The fire had been blue so you knew that that wasn't the case, but the last person you wanted to deal with was Bakugo of all people. This was just unnecessary stress for you.


"When this happens again, it's gong to be your fault!" Bakugo scolded.


"Calm down, Kacchan. I think [Hero Name] and Uravity did the right thing." That voice belonged to the only person who could aggravate the man before you even more. Honestly, you hadn't even noticed when Deku arrived, but he walked over with a soft smile, "Good job, [Surname], one of the officers just told me that thanks to you and Uraraka no one died."


"Oh, fuck off, Deku, no one asked you," Bakugo scoffed. Midoriya seemed to take no harm in that at all, instead he turned to face you.


"If there was a villain who caused this, then don't worry about it too much since everyone's safe. That is most important after all," he told you.


"Thank you, Midoriya."


"Fuck you." As Bakugo insulted the number one hero, Uraraka walked over, smiling softly and cutely. It looked as if things were dying down as the fire department was just about done making sure the building was alright, and the ambulances were taking injured people to the hospital.


"Is Bakugo being difficult again?" Uraraka asked with a soft giggle, "By the way, [Name], the officers want to ask you some questions. They sent me here to inform you."


"Alright," you nodded.


"Oh, we should also head to a bar or something since we're all here," Uraraka suggested.


"That sounds like a great idea," Midoriya smiled, "Though, I can't stay for too long, it's been awhile since any of us have gotten together." You couldn't help but to agree on that note. Being a hero, definitely made it harder for anyone to have any free time. And even when any of you had any days off it wasn't likely that they would be at the same time making it impossible to hang out.


"I'm not going with you idiots," Bakugo grumbled, but you knew there was a chance that he actually would being as he did surprisingly calm down a bit since high school. So, it wasn't that strange to see him at get-togethers and such.


"[Name]?" Uraraka asked, turning to you.


"Oh, sure!" you smiled, "I have some time. I'll go talk to the police first, so you guys start heading over there without me. Just text me the location, alright?" Urarka nodded.


"Of course!" she agreed.


So, you went to talk to the police, telling them all that you saw happen and all that you had done. By the time you were done being questioned by them, Uraraka had sent you the location, 'Alright, thanks!' you replied. Now you would be able to just relax in a bar with your friends and be relieved of the stress of the day. You really needed it. As you were walking away from the crime scene you were standing at, however, you noticed something that caught your attention. It was at the corner of your eyes, but you saw it. A little flash of blue. It reminded you of a flame.


You had spotted it in the alleyway across from the building that had just been burnt. It could have been anything really, but you just had this feeling that told you not to ignore this. Sure everyone's safety was first, but Bakugo's words held some truth. If it happens again, it'll be your fault. You bit your lip a bit anxiously before deciding that it wouldn't be so bad just to check this out. So, you rushed over, peering down the shady space. You saw nothing at first, which was to be expected, but then another quick blue flash was seen. You rushed down the end of the alley to see that it was adjacent to another one, and down that one you saw the flash again. You kept this up until you found yourself a bit lost. You didn't really consider that though, until you no longer saw the blue light. You quickly looked around, mind starting to wonder what you were even looking for. What was it? Or rather who was it?


"Ah! I want to suck her blood!" you heard a cheery voice. You quickly looked around, hoping to find the source of it. "Doesn't she just look delicious?"


"Well, I did my job, so have at it. After all, the more heroes' blood you have the better." You heard a second voice, but before you could even think to look around for that one, your reaction skills came in handy as you quickly dodged someone charging forward towards you out of nowhere with a knife. You looked at the girl before you now. She had blonde hair and a very sadistic smile.


"You're feisty aren't you?" she giggled. As you got a better look at her, you began to recognize her. She was that girl who had been from the League of Villains! Her name was Toga if you recalled correctly. Toga charged at you again, though as you dodged, you were met with blue flames. Quickly you used the humidity of the alley as well as the dampness, which was most likely from bustled bottles to create a wall of ice to protect yourself.


"Not bad," your new attacker said, "But I'm sure taking us both on will be very hard for you." Blue flames, you remembered now! That guy, Dabi, from the League of Villains used them! If only you had swallowed your pride and told Bakugo about them, he probably would have remembered, and you wouldn't even be in this mess. You didn't have time to think about how much you messed up, though, as Dabi sent another burst of flames in your direction. As he did so, Toga charged at you from below. You had to think fast, and in doing so, you were able to manipulate more water into ice as you jumped up, using it as a mid air step to get much higher, avoiding both of their attacks. You landed behind Toga, but before you could even get your barings Dabi threw more flames your way. You made another wall of ice, though due to your limited resources, it was stretched pretty thin. "Ah, don't hide so much," Dabi teased you. You glared a him, using ice from the wall that you had just created to make ice shards to send their way.


It was easy for Dabi to melt them, but you used that distraction as a way to close the distance that you had made. You swung your leg around to kick him, but as you did so, Toga popped up, making you lose your balance and fall back. You were quick to react, but as you got up you were once again met with Dabi's flames. It would be difficult facing them both on like that, and especially with barely any water in the area. Dabi's flames were making the air dry as well, which made this situation even worse for you.


"Give it up," Toga giggled, "And just give me your pretty blood!" You narrowed your eyes at her.


"What are you guys even trying to do anyway?" you asked. Dabi smirked slightly, sending another set of flames your way, as you dodged, they hit a trash can that had been behind you, effectively setting the dumpster on fire.


"Do you honestly think we'd tell you?" he questioned, "It is fun watching you dance around to avoid my flames." Toga giggled, charging at you once again with her knife, as she did so more flames went your way. You tried your best to capture what little moisture there was in the air or the ally itself, but there was barely anything left for an ice-cube. You dodged Dabi's flames, but as you did so Toga tackled mange to get a cut on your leg.


"I got it!" she squealed happily, "I don't think this is enough, though..." You knew that this wasn't good, and that you had to get the blood back from her. She did only have a drop, but even that much could probably be incredibly damaging.


"Bleed her dry, it's not like I care," Dabi shrugged before sending another attack your way. Your mind was now all over the place as you tried your hardest to collect moisture, dodge, and think up a way to get your blood back. It was all so much, but you knew that you had to succeed. You were one of Japan's top heroes, after all! You couldn't let anyone down! So, you waited for their next combo attack, and as Dabi sent out more flames and Toga went after you, you waited until Toga was almost touching you before you spun away from her, getting low to the ground as you did so, so that you could avoid the flames. The blonde girl seemed a bit pouty as you got away from her, in contrast to Dabi just standing there looking relaxed. "Still have some fight left in you, I see."


"I'm a hero. I'm not like you villains, who come and go," you glared. You felt slightly bold at the moment, though you heard Toga chuckling from behind you.


"Tell me, [Name]," she said, "Do you have someone that you love?" At her question, you felt incredibly taken back. Dabi looked very amused hearing this, so whatever it was, you had to avoid it.


"W-What does that have to do with anything?" you asked her, avoiding it completely.


"Wouldn't you just love to become that person?" Toga asked, ignoring your question. You turned to face her, and as you did you noticed her walking closer towards you, "I can't wait to become you, [Name], so won't you give me some more of your blood?" She gave you a big smile, showing off her fangs. This girl was crazy in your eyes, but in the midst of her little questions you hardly noticed the tight spot that you were now in. You were standing right between your two attackers.


"I think you're scaring her," Dabi said, noticing your slightly frantic state.


"I think she looks cute like this," Toga's smile widened, and she moved closer to you. Instinctively, you moved back, "I won't hurt you, I promise." You couldn't help but to wonder why she was acting like this now. It was throwing you for a loop, which you didn't realize that that was exactly what they wanted, and with your blood on the line and no more water at your disposal, you were stuck. As Toga stepped closer to you, you stepped back, and before you knew it, you had backed into Dabi. You froze up before turning around to look at him, which was a mistake, because as you did so, Toga quickly tackled you to the ground. The girl was way more calculating and manipulative than you would have expected. She played up the deranged blood-crazy psycho well. Toga straddled your waist, pinning your wrists by your head. You struggled as best as you could but the girl was much stronger than you would have thought. With wide eyes, you watched as she lowered her face towards yours, "I'd love to drink your blood from the source, but I'll have to settle for this," she told you.


"For wha-" You cut yourself off as a noise of pain passed from your lips. Toga had stuck something into your side, and you could feel your blood being sucked from your body. You fought against her as one of your arms was now free. You used your hand to push against her chest, but soon enough Dabi kneeled onto the ground next to you, grabbing your wrist harshly and slamming it back against the hard ground. You glared up a him, and he smirked.


"Shh, it's okay," Toga assured you, "I won't take it all, I promise!" She was true to her word, but the amount that she did take had you feeling a bit weak. You wouldn't be able to fight them off like this.


"You got what you need?" Dabi asked, still holding onto your wrist. Toga nodded, before releasing your other arm, looking at the vial that was now filled with your blood. With your hand free, you tried to pry Dabi's hand from your other one, but he just grabbed onto that one and held it down as well.


"I did!" Toga gushed, before looking down at you deviously, "Thank you, [Name]!" You glared up at her.


"Fuck you," you said. Toga just giggled, not at all moving from her spot on you. She reached down, wrapping a hand around your neck and squeezing it a bit.


"Wouldn't you like to~?" she purred, leaning down closer to you. Your eyes widened as she grew closer, lips puckering slightly. With a sadistic giggle, Toga pulled back, pinching at one of your cheeks with her free hand, "Isn't she so cute, Dabi? I just want to eat her!" Dabi couldn't help but to chuckle a bit.


"I'm sure you do," he shrugged, glancing down at your frantic state. You didn't know what the two were planning, but you did know that you needed to get out of this situation as soon as you could, "I doubt she'd be a good girl, though."


"Oh, Dabi," Toga smirked at him before looking down at you, "I'll make her into a good girl~." Before your mind could even think of questioning this, Toga's lips crashed into yours hard. Your eyes widened, and you wiggled against her, not wanting this at all. Toga forced her tongue into your mouth, and as she did, you bit down. "Ow!" Toga whined, pulling away. She didn't seem at all angry, though, but rather just giggled again, "She's feisty."


"She bit you?" Dabi asked. Toga nodded.


"Yeah, but I'm still going to have my way with her," Toga shrugged as if this were all no big deal. Registering the situation, you just realized that your current fate just become even worse. The last thing you wanted to do was to be taken advantage of by two villains. As a hero, and one of the top ten at that, that would be just incredibly shameful. So, you wiggled as best as you could and tried to collect some water, but sadly there was none. "Keep her still," Toga instructed Dabi. Humming pleasantly, she used her knife, cutting the top of your costume open to reveal your bra. Your face went red, and you struggled a bit harder.


"If you keep struggling like that, it's going to be even worse for you," Dabi mused.


"Mhmm~," Toga agreed. She cut your bra off as well, tossing it to the side, "How wonderful~," she purred at the sight of your breasts, "Don't they just look tempting?"


"Yeah," Dabi couldn't help but to say, staring down at you, "I want her next." Toga nodded, seeming happy to share you.


"W-What?!" you questioned loudly. You were ignored, however, as Toga reached out and cupped both of your breasts with her hands, squeezing them in fascination. You bit your lip, trying to stay silent. You weren't going to scream, and you definitely weren't going to moan. You wouldn't give them that satisfaction.


"Nice and soft~," Toga purred before leaning her head down. She wrapped her lips around your right nipple, sucking at it gingerly, fangs softly brushing over it every now at then. You couldn't help but to shiver at the feeling. Toga looked up at you, eyes full of amusement. She pulled her lips back and licked around your nipple. "Tastes good~, but I do want to taste your other part." Your eyes widened as you watched her shimmy down your body, getting between your legs. You tried to kick her, but with the blood loss, it didn't have much of an affect.


"Be a good girl, okay?" Dabi told you, voice tinged with amusement. You glared up at him, but that look didn't last for long as Toga cut your bottoms, ripping away any fabric that was in the way of what she wanted.


"Ah, cute panties," she cooed, before cutting those off, too. You felt so embarrassed to be in front of them like that. You were vulnerable, and you debating screaming for help, but if someone found you like this, what would you say?


Toga trailed her hands up your thighs and to your crotch. She traced a finger down your outer labia, eyes going to watch you squirm. It was obvious that she loved seeing you like this. All exposed and helpless. Toga spread your legs a bit farther, now looking at your soft cunt.


"Is she wet?" Dabi asked, curiously.


"Not yet, but I'll get her there~," Toga purred. You just bit your lip and anticipated what was to come. When you felt Toga's fingers starting to rub at your clit, your eyes rolled to the back of your head. How long had it last been since you were pleasured? Your life had just been so hectic and busy, and not being taken care of was starting to bit you in the ass, because while you didn't want to be touched by the two of them, your body was responding happily to this. "Oh, there it is~! Wow that was fast!" Toga giggled, Dabi chuckled, and you just died a bit more on the inside. Sliding her fingers down, Toga slipped two of them inside of you. She knew exactly how to curl them appropriately to hit your g-spot. It took you so off guard, though, that a moan slipped from your throat.


"Looks like you're enjoying this~," Dabi purred. You glared up at him.


"Fuck you," you growled.


"Trust me, you will," he smirked. You couldn't keep up this angered demeanor for long as Toga latched her mouth onto your growing wet heat. She sucked on your clit, playing with it with her tongue every now and then. Toga just felt so good on you. You hated to admit that, but she did, and you had no idea how bad you needed this at the moment. Some of your resolved died, as more moans left your throat. You couldn't help it. Not when Toga was touching you at all of the right spots inside, and her tounge was doing incredible work on your sensitive bud. "Mm, I bet you like that~," Dabi purred, "I can't wait to fuck you." You didn't answer him or even cared about what he said. As Toga went a bit rougher on you, adding another finger, you felt yourself nearing your end. You wanted to fight it off, but you knew that you couldn't. You were going to orgasm whether you wanted to or not.


"A-Ah...," you moaned breathlessly, breathing getting a bit erratic. You dug your nails into the palm of your hands, and soon you hit the edge, back arching up high as you moaned loudly.


"That's it~," Dabi purred, watching the way that Toga continued to eat you out through your high, "Come all over her face." Once you finally started to come down, you panted, feeling very spent at the moment. Toga looked up from you with an amused face, licking her lips.


"You taste so good [Name]. Next time we really should do less fighting and more fucking," she suggested. You were too out of it to even respond to that. You couldn't believe how good that just felt. The stress had just melted away, and Toga had been so good to you. You hated that you felt this way, but it was true. "Alright, switch!" Toga got up from her position, as did Dabi. You were so out of it, that you didn't even register that he let go of you, but with how weak you felt, you doubted that you could even do anything.


"I guess it's my turn," Dabi purred, looking down at your throbbing wet pussy, "Toga must have done a good job if you're still pulsating~." He really had no idea.


"Of course I did!" Toga giggled, sitting at your head and holding onto your wrists. Dabi just let out a a short hum as he slid a finger inside of you, moving it in and out. You shuddered at the feeling, not being able to help it.


"Did a good job prepping her, too," Dabi noted. He kept fingering you, and with his free hand, he undid his pants. You knew what was to come, and at this point, you weren't going to fight it. Honestly, a part of you wanted to be fucked by them. It was just feeling so incredible and was relieving all of the prior stress you had. Soon enough, Dabi pulled his finger out of you, and traced at your entrance with the tip of his cock. Toga glanced down at it in fascination, smiling cheerfully as Dabi started to slip inside of you, filling you up. Your mouth opened in a silent scream, eyes shutting for a second.


"Mm, good girl!" Toga praised you, "You took that well." Dabi grabbed onto your hips and started to thrust in and out of you. You moaned at his actions and the way that he felt deep inside of you. The sex was just overall driving you insane, and making you leave your morals behind. This was confirmed to you, as Toga leaned down in her position and slammed her lips against yours. You didn't fight her off, but instead kissed her back, letting her explore your mouth with her tongue. As she pulled away, a loud moan erupted from your mouth as Dabi hit you at a very nice spot. Toga giggled, "I'm so glad you came around!" she told you, as she let go of you, which you didn't even notice. Toga stood up, and pulled her panties down from under her skirt.


"Need some attention, too?" Dabi asked her. Toga nodded with a cute pout as she straddled your face and lowered herself onto it, pressing her pussy against your lips. As she did that, Dabi purposefully hit you deep inside, causing you to moan loudly, mouth opening against Toga's wet heat, who ground herself against you.


"Mm, fuck her like that again~," Toga moaned, enjoying the vibrations of your moans. You were barely even focused on the fact that Toga was riding your face right now with the way that Dabi was fucking you, but as you were forced to open your mouth because of your moans, you got a taste of her. To your surprise, she tasted really good, and you wanted more. So, without thinking, you stuck your tongue out, licking at Toga's clit before sucking on it, your moans interrupting you every now and then. "A-Ah, just like that~," Toga moaned, bouncing herself against your face a bit.


"To think she'd be reduced to this," Dabi smirked, driving his length inside of you harder. It was becoming way too much for you, and finally another orgasm hit you. You arched your back a bit, hands going up to grip onto Toga's hips as if for support while you let go all over Dabi's cock. "Damn, she's tightening u-up," Dabi groaned. Because of the pressure of you coming on him, he only needed to thrust into you a few more times to come. When he did, he pulled out of you, coming on our thighs. Toga ground herself against your face a bit more before she was able to meet her own release, coming on your lips.


Toga got off you, and knelt down, smiling sadistically as she saw her essence all across your lips, "You were really good, [Name]," she purred, "We have to do this again~." Dabi fixed his pants, standing up with his hands in his pockets as he watched Toga kneeling over you. You were incredibly exhausted at the moment, and looked a complete mess with your clothing cut up, Toga's come on your face, and Dabi's come on your thighs.


"How does it feel to have just been fucked by two villains?" he asked. You manged to glare up at him, even in your current state.


"F-Fuck off," you panted out. Toga frowned.


"Aw, you'd say that even after we helped you feel better?" she asked, before standing up. Toga went to retrieve her panties, putting them on shamelessly, "I guess we'll have to try harder next time!" Without a care in the world, she and Dabi walked down the alleyway and away from you.


"Now we have to report back," you could hear Dabi saying.


"I know, I know!" Toga replied. Their conversation just got harder and harder to hear as they left, but you weren't exactly worried about that right now. With all of the strength you could muster, you sat up, feeling a bit like a failure. You could hardly believe what had just happened. You lost to two villains who then each fucked you. You groaned unhappily, rubbing at your eyes. You had to find something to cover yourself with. Looking around you hoped to find at least a garbage bag, but the alleyway barely had anything besides broken bottles and cigarette butts.


"Dammit....," you cursed, continuing to look around. You didn't spot anything useful...that is until your eyes stumbled upon a glass vial with red liquid. You reached out, grabbing it. It was the blood that Toga had collected from you. She must have forgotten it. You let out a sigh of relief, though you felt a slight sense of dread.


This meant two things. One: your sex with them was not in vain, and two: they would be back for you.


You didn't know when, but you knew you had to be prepared.


Chapter Text

Your significant other was such a dominate man, and you didn't even have to know him to know that. Just one look at Bakugo, Katsuki, and anyone could tell that he was always on top. His posture, mannerisms, and even they way he spoke all alluded to that. It was obvious that he was always the one to take control of everything, but tonight was going to be different. You'd make sure of that. Honestly, you did love being the one who he called his lover. You did love being the one that he held down every night as he fucked you mercilessly, but you wanted to try something new. You wanted to know if you could get this incredibly commanding man to beg, no plead for you. It would be difficult, and it was obvious that you would have your work cut out for you that night, especially since Bakugo was in one of his moods. Currently, the two of you were sitting in your kitchen at the table eating dinner while Bakugo bitched about his day.


"And that fucking Deku got there before me!" he scoffed. Earlier that day a commotion happened in town. Something about a fire from what you had remembered, and apparently Bakugo was the last person to arrive. He didn't care about the other heros that had made it there before him. He was just pissed that Midoriya had. Since Bakugo was Japan's number two hero, and Midoriya was number one, the two were at great odds.


"Don't worry, Katsuki," you assured him, "Midoriya was probably already near the area anyway." You shrugged. To be honest, you didn't think this was something that Bakugo should even be angry at, but then again he could get angry at about anything.


"Hmph, he's a fucking annoyance," your lover complained before standing up and taking his dishes to the sink, "I'm gonna go shower." You just nodded and watched as he left the room before getting up and bringing your dishes to the sink as well to wash them and Bakugo's. He had done the cooking, after all, so you minus well wash the dishes. You made sure to do it quickly, though, so that you could start enacting your plan. The preparation time was minimal, but you still needed it.


So, after finishing up with the dishes, you went to the room you shared with Bakugo and placed some steel handcuffs inside of your bed side drawer. You had them specially made so that Bakugo couldn't break out of them. The last thing you needed was for him to break free and turn this on you. With a slight shiver at that possibility, you shook your head before grabbing some panties and a big shirt to wear after you took your own shower. With the advances that Bakugo was more than likely to do towards you that night, you knew that they weren't going to last long, so you didn't see the need for bottoms or anything too hard to take off.


When Bakugo was finished with his shower and getting ready for bed, you went into the bathroom to do your own nightly routine. You hummed happily as you showered, thinking of what was to come. You had thought about doing this for weeks, but never worked up the courage. Now, you were going to finally do it. It would probably be hard, and there was a chance that you might fail, but you would give it your all. After you showered and finished getting ready for bed, you went into your bedroom to see Bakugo lazily scrolling on his phone. He turned to look at you, "You ready for bed?" he asked. You nodded. Bakugo put his phone to charge on the night table nearest to him as you walked over, getting into bed. The second you got comfortable, your lover pulled you to him, kissing your lips roughly as his hands explored your body. You kissed him back, moaning softly. "Mm, let's get this off you~," Bakugo purred, tugging at the bottom hem of your shirt. As you let him take it off, you couldn't help but to think about how short of time it took him to start undressing you. Bakugo then attacked your neck, giving it hard kisses and nibbles as he did so. You tugged at his shirt, making him growl at your very small show of dominance, but he pulled back to take it off for you anyway. Oh, boy was he in for a surprise.


"Katsuki...can you turn off your lamp?" you asked him. Bakugo raised an eyebrow at you.


"What?" he asked. You both always did it with the lights on, which was just a huge no brainier. You liked to see his body and face, and he loved yours as well. "Why?" You just smiled softly, trying to not seem suspicious.


"I just want to try it with the lights off," you explained, "Please." Bakugo looked very skeptical at your suggestion but with you keeping up an innocent face, he couldn't find a reason to deny you of this. So, as he turned away to turn off his lamp, you reached for the handcuffs in your bedside drawer.


It was obvious that Bakugo didn't notice what you were doing, since when he was done turning off the light he reached right back for you, holding your against him as he kissed you hotly. It was hard for you to maintain any concentration at the moment, but you manged to get your bearings, and when you did, you did something that Bakugo did not like. You got on top of him. Now, Bakugo would let you ride him at times (although, he topped from the bottom when you did), but it wasn't ever spontaneous, and it took a lot of convincing. The hero was just WAY too dominate. "What the hell are you doing?" Bakugo asked, gripping your hips. You ground down hard on him to catch him off guard even more, and the second his hands went slack, you grabbed onto his wrists as quick as you could, handcuffing them to the bed. "What?!" Bakugo yelled, you could hear him tugging against his restraints, "What the fuck is going on?!" You got off of him and turned his lamp light back on.


"Haha," you laughed a bit in triumph, "It's my turn now." Bakugo glanced up at his restraints before looking at your smirking face. He narrowed his eyes.


"What the fuck are you trying to do?" he asked. You just kept up your amused face. Honestly, you didn't expect for your plan to be working this far. You thought that he'd catch on to what you were doing and just go to bed without having sex with you.


"What I'm trying to do?" you asked, placing a hand on his muscled chest and trailing it down. Bakugo couldn't help but to shiver a bit from the feeling. "I'm finally going to get to dominate you." You glanced up at his face. Bakugo rolled his eyes and scoffed.


"You'll never have me begging the same way I make you," he said, thinking that your attempt was stupid, "Now, if you want me to fuck you good, you better uncuff me." You pouted at his words. You could so make him beg! And you were certainly going to. You were starting to grow a bit competitive.


"You don't think I can?" you asked.


"Fuck no."


"Okay then," you started, "How about a bet? I mean, I can't force anything on you if you don't want it, after all, so here's the thing: If I can't make you beg, I'll do whatever it is that you want, deal?" Bakugo looked a bit in thought for a second before smirking widely.


"I want to spank you in my office then fuck you in the ass over my desk, and I don't give a fuck who hears, alright?" he told you. It was obvious that he didn't think you could ever properly dominate him, but with your ass literally on the line, and your pride as well, you were going to give this all you had.


"Okay then," you shrugged, leaning down to peck his lips, "But that's never going to happen."


"You'll never hear me beg for you, [Name]," Bakugo scoffed. You just shrugged, before deciding to get down to business. Swinging your leg over, you straddled Bakugo once again. You leaned your head down and pressed your lips against his neck, kissing down it softly, letting your tongue out every now and them. "Seriously? You're not going to win while doing that," Bakugo told you, though he relaxed against your touch. You kissed down to his chest, going lower and lower before stopping right before his boxers. You easily pulled them down, taking sight of the large member that would always leave you sore on many occasions. You gripped onto it and stroked it a few times, aiming to get it nice and hard. Bakugo groaned softly from your touch, and you could feel him hardening in your hand. Once it was able to stand up on its own well enough, you let go and moved your mouth to his pubic bone, sucking on it softly. "Tch, stop playing around, [Name], and blow me," Bakugo growled. You just continued to do what you were doing. "Hey, did you hear me?" You glanced up at Bakugo and shrugged.


"If you want something from me, you're going to have to beg for it," you merely said. Bakugo rolled his eyes.


"Stop being fuckin' ridiculous," he told you, "That's not happening."


"Then you're not getting a blow-job," you shrugged, before using your mouth on him again. This time you started to kiss and nip at his abs. Bakugo did have a very amazing body, and you loved being able to touch it like that.


"Well, I ain't begging you for shit, so you minus well untie me," he said, "I'm getting soft anyway."


"Oh, are you?" you questioned before glancing down at his cock, which was going off to the side. "Don't worry, babe, I'll fix it." As you gripped onto his length, jerking it to get him hard once again, Bakugo knew exactly what you were doing. Your soft touches had been purposeful.


"You bitch! You're trying to edge me, aren't you?!" he yelled. You couldn't help but to smirk deviously, leaning your head down to swipe your tongue against his tip. As you did that, Bakugo shivered.


"Am I?" you questioned innocently.


"You're playing dirty," Bakugo glared, though his face contorted to one of pleasure as you slid him completely in your mouth and down your throat before pulling back up. You were used to deep-throating him after all.


"Oh, Katsuki, I'm going to have my way with you," you told him, looking up into his slightly panicking red eyes. You were going to get what you wanted, and you knew it at that point. Still, you knew that Bakugo had great will power, which was something to be feared. You wouldn't back down, however, even though you knew he wouldn't either. Once he was hard again, you got off of him, taking your panties off. You were already pretty wet, which you hated to admit, but maybe you would be able to use that for your advantage somehow. As you were now completely bare, Bakugo's eyes trailed around your body before he quickly looked away. You giggled a bit, before getting back on top of him. You made sure to press your wet pussy onto his hardened cock as you rolled your hips. Bakugo let out a low groan from that, and you could feel him trying to grind up against you. "Haha, no you don't~," you teased, picked your hips up. Bakugo growled and tried to buck up to meet you, but it didn't work. "If you want me, you know what you have to do~."


"Like hell I will," Bakugo growled. You just shrugged before lowering yourself onto him again, grinding hard against his hard cock, moaning as you did so. Like before, Bakugo humped his cock up against you to add more friction, and you just let him do so. You could tell that he wanted to meet his release, so that he wouldn't have to deal with you trying to edge him, but you weren't going to let him. At least not yet, anyway, so when you could feel him starting to pulsate against you, you pulled off of him. "Dammit, [Name]! I was almost there!"


"Oh, good," you smirked, "You made my job a bit easier." Bakugo glared at you. You could tell that he was starting to feel a bit uncomfortable, which was what you wanted. You got off of him and leaned over to softly kiss at his neck again, knowing it would add insult to injury.


"Dammit, just finish me off," Bakugo complained. Oh, you knew you were close. He was just so prideful that it would take a bit more to get him to formally beg for you.


"Not yet~," you told him. He also had no idea that you still had some plans for him even after you gave him what he wanted. The bet was turning a bit secondary for you at the moment, as you really wanted to hear Bakugo beg and plead for you. And it would happen, you just needed to be patient. Bakugo glared at you, but shut his eyes in pleasure as you reached down to jerk him off again. "I bet you want to come, don't you?"


"Dammit, [Name]...," Bakugo whined. Almost there! You pulled your hand away, much to your lover's displeasure. Looking down at his cock, you noticed how red it was. He probably really wanted to burst with all that you had done to tease and edge him. You moved down so that your head was in front of him, and using the same technique that you had done on his neck, you started to softly kiss up and down Bakugo's cock. It was like you were giving him two options. He could either beg for you to give him a good orgasm, or he could have a crappy one from your little kisses. Either way, he was about to burst.


Bakugo glared down into your eyes, but as he got closer to his release, that glare softened up, and his look changed to something very desperate. He should have known better than to fall in love with a woman as fiery as him, "Fine! Just please, PLEASE fuck me, [Name]!" he pleaded with you, "Please make me come!" Yes, you had done it! You made that dominate tyrant of a man beg for you! And this was only just the beginning. You were about to turn him into a full on sub for the night.


"Good boy," you praised him, giving some more kisses to his cock.


"Just please, please fuck me," Bakugo continued to beg. You pulled away, and got up, straddling him expertly. You could see in his eyes that he looked close to his limit and just out of it. Breaking him for night was terribly fun. You rose yourself over his cock, before slamming yourself down on it. In his current state, the harsh move must have been too much for Bakugo because he shuddered hard, body tensing slightly. It was probably too much stimulation for him, which you found his reaction to be a bit hot. Besides, you couldn't even count the number of times that he had overstimulated you and took the pleasuring too far.


You started to ride Bakugo without mercy, moving your hips up, down, back, and forth nice and hard. You moaned at the feeling, enjoying the desperate sounds of pleasure that were coming out of your lover's mouth. "A-Ah~, you're doing so good~," you praised him. He wasn't thrusting his hips up or anything like that into you. He was so close that he was just taking all that you had to give him. The tables were completely turned, being as you were usually the one in his position.


Bakugo must have been incredibly close because you hadn't been riding him for long when he came inside of you groaning loudly. You could feel him filling you up, but you weren't going to stop until you met your own release. As you kept going, Bakugo shuddered, probably feeling a bit over stimulated at the moment. Luckily for you, he was still really hard, and you were trying your best to get him to work up another load as you took care of yourself. "D-Dammit, [Name], that's too much!" Bakugo whined, pulling at his restraints a bit. You kept going, though, remembering all the times where you've told him the exact same thing, and he'd either just laugh or smack your ass. The tables were truly turned now.


"Just be good for me, okay?" you told him, through pants. He felt so hot inside of you, currently so you were sure that he was also probably about to come again. You just focused on your release, and soon enough you tightened around Bakugo, biting your lip as you came hard on him. Bakugo groaned, thrusting up to meet you, about to meet his end as well. Though the second you were completely finished, you pulled off of him, denying him of his orgasm. Bakugo's groans turned into unhappy ones, and he looked at you tiredly, eyes slightly watery.


"Please, [Name], don't tease me like that....," he said. You felt so good for having turned such a dominate and foul-mouthed man into, well, this. You smiled with mock sympathy as you leaned closer against his ear.


"Sorry, Katsuki, but we're not done, yet," you easily said, before kissing his temple affectionately.


"I'll do what you want, [Name], just please stop this," Bakugo whined. You kept up your smile as you trailed a hand down and wrapped it around his very flushed cock. You pumped him twice, admiring the whine-like groans that Bakugo gave before stopping as he throbbed a bit in your hand. Perhaps you should have gotten a cock-ring. Maybe next time, as you'd have to buy one.


"You have to be a good boy if you want to come," you told him, "Will you be good for me, hm?" Your eyes looked at him innocently, though your intentions were anything but, and Bakugo knew that.


"Yes, I will, just make me come," Bakugo begged you.


"Oh, you're so good at begging," you praised, stroking at his head softly before pecking his lips, "But I'm just not done with you~." You traced little circles on his chest as you looked down at his cock that was dripping of precome. After another kiss to your lover's pleading face, you moved down, getting between Bakugo's legs, eyes staring down at his red cock, that seemed to have just about had it. Maybe it was time to give him what he wanted again, after all there was still something else that you wanted to do. "I think you've been good enough," you smiled, before wrapping your hand around the incredibly hot length and stroking it hard. It didn't take long for Bakugo to meet his release again, and as he did some of it shot out and onto your face. You just licked it up as best as you could before leaning down and slipping the head into your mouth, sucking him dry.


Bakugo let out a sigh of relief from being able to release all of that, but he shuddered once again as it began to feel too much. You hadn't stop sucking on him. In fact, you slid him deeper into your mouth, as if you were trying to pleasure him fully. His cock had had enough, though, so he shivered from the over-stimulation. You pulled your mouth away with a pop, looking up at him deviously as you kept stroking his member. "Dammit, [Name], you can stop," he told you. You could only laugh a bit in amusement as he told you that.


"No. I'm not done, yet~."


The night had been a rather long one for Bakugo. You did not let up at all, and by the morning, he couldn't help but to realize two things. One, if this was what he did to you then maybe he should be a bit kinder to you in the bedroom and two, he actually kind of liked it (which he would never admit out loud), so maybe he should be a bit harder on you in the bedroom. In the end, he wasn't exactly sure, but seeing your naked body all cuddled up to him as you slept surely put some ideas into his head. You looked so happy, though, and maybe it wasn't the best time for him to get revenge on you while you were asleep. That would also be a bit cowardly, being as you trapped him fair and square while he was awake.


You just looked really innocent as you slept, so Bakugo found it fascinating that you were even able to do what you had done last night. He shouldn't be surprised, though. It would be fucking boring to him if he hadn't got with someone who could at least give him a bit of a challenge. He did have to hand it to you, since you won last night.


Stirring a bit in your sleep, you rubbed at your eyes stretching your body out while rolling around slightly. You looked at Bakugo, seeing that he was wide awake. Your eyes then widened, and you glanced at your wrist. "I wouldn't do that," Bakugo told you with a roll of his eyes, "Not while you were asleep."


"Well, I should expect that you wouldn't," you nodded, before laying on your side to face him, "Good morning~, did you sleep well?" You smiled at him. Bakugo raised an eyebrow before chuckling slightly.


"Really? You tie me up and edge me, don't let me come, overstimulate me all night long, and then you have the nerve to ask me that?" Bakugo asked. You just nodded, getting comfortable in your position.


"Fuck yeah, I do," you told him. Bakugo rolled his eyes playfully at you before pulling you closer to him. He kissed your lips, hands moving down to give your ass a squeeze. He seemed to go back to being dominate, but you weren't going to give in for awhile. You liked messing with him, and you didn't want to always be the submissive one. When Bakugo pulled away, he kissed your forehead, pulling you against his chest. You whined and gave a smack to his ass, catching him by surprise, "I'm hungry. Go make breakfast."


"Oh, you want me to make you some breakfast? Even after last night?" he asked.


"Yep. I won, after all. So, do as you're told, and be a good boy for me," you teased. You were met with another eye-roll, but surprisingly, Bakugo got up and pulled on a near-by robe, tying up the front of it.


"Just don't get used to this," he grumbled before stalking out of the room.


"Too late!"

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Chapter Text

You found getting to school to be a much easier now that you moved to the dorms. The walk was around five minutes, which you and your fellow classmates found to be plenty of time to tinker with whatever new support item you guys had been working on. This was especially true for Hatsume, Mei, who had two items that she was working on. She would keep one under her arm as she worked on the other and then switched them every now and then. You couldn't blame her, though, as you would be doing the same. Your only problem was that you finished your latest gadget, and didn't have one to currently work on. That emptiness wouldn't last long, however, as all last night you had drew up the blew prints for your next idea. You just needed to visit the support room and get the needed items to start building it.


"Empty-handed today, [Name]? Well, that's a first." One thing about walking to U.A. from the dorms is that you would run into the other classes from time to time depending on when you had decided to head to school. You didn't want to exactly admit this (and you weren't going to), but you were running slightly later than usual that morning. "Is it because you wanted to hold my hand?" Ah, Shinsou, Hitoshi, the incredibly cute and teasing General Studies student starting off your usual repartee.


"Oh, that's something you can only dream of, isn't it~?" you teased back with a smirk, "Which, I'm sure I'm in your dreams often." You had to admit, the dynamic between you and Shinsou was rather interesting. He would often make passes at you, which you couldn't help but to taunt him for. Still, there was undeniable sexual tension between the both of you, and you wondered when it would explode. And looking at the way that Shinsou had buffed up lately, you wanted it to explode soon.


"I would by lying if I said you don't cross my mind often," Shinsou shrugged. You chuckled slightly, before glancing in front of yourself to see the school building coming into view.


"Well be careful with that. Once I make myself at home in your brain, I won't be leaving anytime soon," you smirked and shrugged before heading into the building, hearing Shinsou say,


"Trust me, I don't want you to leave~."


As you went about the course of your day, you were rather happy when you were granted permission to work in the support room again. You got your blue-prints out of your bag and went to work, trying to ignore the explosions that went off from Hatsume's direction every now and then. You wondered if her "baby" was supposed to do that, but with her, you really never know. You could get engrossed in your work rather easily, so keeping your attention on your new creation wasn't too hard. Luckily, though, you knew that it wouldn't take too long to make this. Maybe one day tops, and it would be the third thing you created that week. As a member of the Support Department, you found it important to always be honing your skills and working on something. You also just loved to do it, to be honest.


You decided to work through lunch, though honestly you barely realized that it was lunch time as you were so focused on creating your new items. You also didn't notice when Hatsume ran out of the room saying, "[Name], I need the bathroom, watch my babies for me!", leaving the door wide open. You just nodded, though you hadn't really processed her words.


"Alright...just need to tighten this screw...where is that Hex Screwdriver...," you mumbled to yourself, reaching out next to you and touching around the table, you felt something warm and fleshy, which ruined your concentration, making your snap out of your work-daze, "What?" you asked, looking up and glancing around you. "Seriously?" you smirked, seeing that familiar violet hair. "You missed me that much?" You put a hand on your hip and raised an eyebrow.


"The door was wide-open, and I saw you in here," Shinsou admitted, "It is great to see you, as always." You gave him an amused face, placing the item that you had been working on down to give Shinsou, your full attention, which was really telling.


"Well of course it is for you," you purred, "Now, what can I do to brighten up your day even more? Or is just seeing me enough, hm~?" Shinsou raised an eyebrow at you, before his eyes trailed down to look at your body. He then shrugged and glanced away.


"Nothing that we can do here," he mused.


"Oh, try me," you smirked. Shinsou's eyes widened slightly before he looked at your face as if trying to figure out if you were joking or not. You weren't revealing anything to him, as you gave him a leisurely yet slightly vivacious expression.


"...It's like you want me to just push you down on this work bench and have my way with you," he said. You just shrugged, before reaching out for the support item that you were making, trying to hide the fact that your stomach had just done two back-flips after hearing that. You then nonchalantly tinkered with your gadget.


"Oh, do I? Sounds like something you'd get on your knees and beg me fo-" You were cut off as Shinsou crashed his lips against yours, wrapping his arms around your body. You hoped that he didn't notice the flush that was now on your face as you tried to get your bearings, and as Shinsou slipped his tongue into your mouth, you knew that you couldn't let him take control of this situation. So you, fought against his tongue and slipped your own into his mouth, kissing him feverishly. Your hands went up and into his hair, though as you thought you had the upper-hand, Shinsou pulled back and bit your lip, catching you off guard.


"You're being such a feisty kitten," Shinsou whispered against your lips, a bit out of breath, "But that is why I like you." Before you could even think of saying anything to that, Shinsou pulled you in for another kiss, slipping his tongue back into your mouth. You whined at first, since he was gaining the upper hand, but with the way he was kissing you, you couldn't help but to melt. Shinsou pulled away and pecked your cheek before kissing across your jaw and to your ear, "Good girl~," he said, before nibbling at your ear-lobe. You hated to admit it, but he was making your knees weak. You felt like you might stumble a bit, but Shinsou picked you up and put you on top of the work bench, getting in between your legs. "Now, I just need you to be a good girl for me, okay?" You nodded, feeling a bit dazed.


"O-Okay." Before anything else could happen, a loud explosion sounded, catching both of your attentions. You quickly looked over to the far side of the room where Hatsume was working on something. Your eyes widened and your mouth dropped as you wondered how long she had even been there! You then looked at the door to the support room that was now closed.


Shinsou let out a sigh, before pulling away from you easily, "Looks like you won't be getting what you want," he shrugged.


"What I want?!" you flushed. You weren't going to let him turn the tables onto you, "I was the one giving you what you wanted." You were going to completely ignore the conversation that the two of you had just had while you were in that hazy state. But damn, Shinsou was definitely the dominant type.


"Who was giving what to who now? I barely even touched you, and you were already melting," he smirked. You huffed, face still flustered. Shinsou just chuckled at your expression, though, finding it cute. He leaned closer to you and pecked your lips, "We'll continue this later." He then straightened his clothing out as he left.


"And I'm definitely going to be topping you then!" you called to him, before letting out another huff. Your eyes landed on Hatsume, who just looked at you and smiled before giving you a thumbs up and continuing to work on her support item. Your face got a bit redder.


The rest of the day, your mind was split between working on your new items and thinking about what was to come. You were definitely going to burst into Shinsou's room that evening and really give it to him, you just had to make sure you would somehow stay on top. After all, Shinsou had gotten you so worked up before that you had given in and let him do what he wanted with you. So, with all of that in mind, you tinkered with the support item that you were making.


Your afternoon classes weren't so complicated to you that you needed to spend too much time paying attention to them, which was good for you with your current mindset. You were definitely going to get Shinsou right where you wanted him. "Hah, all done," you said to yourself as you looked at the support item in your head. That took much less time than you would have thought it would. In celebration, you were going to head back to the support room after all of your classes ended and get more materials that could be used on your next project. Maybe you could make a device that shot out a tracker onto villains so that pursuits would be much easier for heroes. That seemed like it would be fun to do.


When your classes ended, which you spent time writing up impromptu "blue-prints" on note-book paper for your new support item idea, you headed back to the support room work-shop to get all of the items needed. You were grateful that you had permission to work on things like this. So, now leaving U.A., you had everything you needed. Something to work on and-


"Hey, [Name]," someone to work on~. You looked over to see Shinsou catching up with you as you walked from U.A. to the dorms.


"Couldn't stay away from me long enough, could you~?" you teased. Shinsou just shrugged.


"You could say that," he replied, "But you could also say that I'm here to get what I want from you."


"To beg, you mean?" your smirked. You still had your resolve to not be the submissive person in this situation. You would love to see those usually lifeless eyes pleading for you to let him come.


"You and I both know that's what you're going to be doing," Shinsou told you with a roll of his eyes. Oh, you definitely were going to give him a hard time for that alone. Without a second thought, you tossed your book-bag to him, that was a bit heavy because of all the material you had selected earlier to work on your new support item, making him carry it. You might as well start early with this. Shinsou looked slightly confused, but he just carried your bag for you, "What do you even keep in here?"


"Let's go to your dorm," you suggested, catching him by surprise. It was way too busy and noisy in the Support Department dorm, and the last thing you needed was for one of your classmates to run into your room while you were in the middle of your conquest to show you what they had just made. Shinsou studied your face a bit, before a slightly smug look appeared on him.


"As you wish," he teased, watching as you started to lead the way.


"You'll get into the habit of saying that, trust me~."


Like you had thought, the General Studies dorm wasn't at all that busy at least in your opinion. The students were just arriving from after their classes and either going to their dorms or settling in. You stopped to greet some of Shinsou's classmates that you knew, but the purple haired teen just rolled his eyes and tugged you along. "Getting antsy?" you smirked.


"To watch you get on your knees and beg for me? Of course, I am," he replied. You huffed at that, thinking about how you'd make sure that you got the last laugh. Once you were finally in Shinsou's room, he put your book bag on his bed before putting his own on his desk and taking out his notebooks and such. You then watched as he just sat at his desk and started to do his homework. Your mouth dropped, but you quickly closed it, getting your composure back.


"And exactly what are you doing?" you questioned.


"I'm studying," Shinsou told you, "Why? Is there something you want from me?" You could see a small hint of a smirk on his face. You narrowed your eyes. You knew what he was doing. To combat this, you sat on his bed and rummaged through your own bag, pulling out the materials for the support item you were going to make.


"Fine," you merely said. Two could play at this game. Who would win? You certainly found yourself being able to achieve success in most of what you did, but as time passed and silently passed at that, you felt yourself getting antsy. You thought that having a support item to work on would surely take away a lot of your current need for excitement, but the fact that Shinsou was now not even addressing what you both wanted to happen, was starting to get to you. Shinsou hadn't looked at you since first entering his dorm room. He was very focused on his studying.


After fifteen minutes of this, you stopped tinkering with the item you were making. There had to be something you could do to get his attention. Soon enough, a light-bulb went off in your head. You stood up, "Is it hot in here? Don't you feel a bit hot?" you asked.


"Not really," came the reply. Shinsou didn't even turn to look at you.


"I think I'm going to take some clothes off," you told him. As you saw him visibly twitch slightly, you internally smirked. He probably wanted to turn around at this, but he was committed not to at the moment. You took your school blazer off before deciding to go a bit more. "Might as well, take my shirt off, too. You don't mind right?" You didn't receive an answer, but you started to unbutton your shirt anyway, dropping it onto the floor, making it create a very faint sound, "That's better." You sat back on the bed, clad just in your bra and bottoms. "That's a bit better, though, maybe I should also take my bra off as well...Since you seem to not care about what I do~." You decided to get up again, though this time, you walked over to Shinsou, leaning over so that you could whisper in his ear, "After all...I'm just so fucking hot-" You didn't have much time to relish in the fact that your plan worked as Shinsou grabbed you and pulled you onto his lap, kissing you hard.


"You play so fucking dirty," he growled in between kisses. You chuckled, cupping his cheeks to stop him, staring into his purple eyes.


"And you don't?" you questioned in amusement. Shinsou rolled his eyes.


"I wasn't the one who started to take their clothes off."


"Get on my level, then~." You leaned back towards him, taking the lead in the kiss this time. Though you did play a bit unfair, Shinsou could be be the exact same, and he demonstrated this by grabbing onto your breasts over your bra and squeezing. The surprise of it had you gasping, and Shinsou took that opportunity to switch things on you and invade your mouth. His hands moved down and around your body to give your ass a nice squeeze. You let out a whimper into the kiss at the feeling, and soon enough you could feel Shinsou smirking. He was getting the best of you.


Regaining your senses, you pulled away and gave his lip a light nibble before standing up. Shinsou looked at you curiously, "Don't tell me you can't handle it?" he teased you. You playfully rolled your eyes before slipping your skirt off, followed by your bra. Shinsou's eyes immediately went to stare at your body without a second thought. You snapped your fingers to get his attention.


"I'm up here," you said, pointing to your face.


"I know, and I'm choosing not to look at you," Shinsou cockily replied. You just shook your head before going to his bed and sitting down on it leisurely.


"Well, you should choose to take off your clothes and come over here," you told him. Shinsou did not have to be told twice as he loosened his tie and tossed it somewhere before his shirt shortly followed it. You couldn't help but to notice how his working out had paid off. As you ogled his body, Shinsou looked at you in amusement while undoing his pants.


"Weren't you just scolding me for checking you out?" he asked, head tilting to the side slightly. You shrugged.


"I have no shame, currently," you easily said. Shinsou chuckled before letting his pants fall to the ground. He walked over to the bed and leaned to kiss your lips before pushing you back to make you lay down. He got on top of you, kissing at your neck. You moaned softly, hands going up and into Shinsou's hair.


"Well, maybe if you had some, you wouldn't be such a little tease," he purred against your ear. You shivered as his breath tickled you a bit.


"Please, you're worse than me in that department," you countered. Shinsou raised an eyebrow before moving up from you. He sat between your legs and grabbed onto the waistband of your panties, pulling them off of you and admiring your growing wet heat as he did so.


"Really?" he asked, "Coming from the girl who got my attention by taking her clothes off?" You just smiled and shrugged, "So, shameless." Shinsou got on top of you again, kissing you expertly. "Just be a good girl for me~."


"You wish-Ah...!" You closed your eyes briefly and moaned as you felt Shinsou's hand coming in contact with your clit. He rubbed it roughly, producing incredible pleasure for you. You bit your lip and looked at him. Shinsou cocked an eyebrow.


"What? It's not my fault your body is so sensitive," he shrugged. You could only curse yourself for this, but your mind was taken away as Shinsou moved down a bit and slipped one of your nipples into his mouth, sucking on it softly as his fingers continued to work your sensitive bud. It didn't at all take long for you to get fully wet for him. You were definitely starting to feel some shame because of that. The pleasurable feelings were starting to make you lose yourself, though. You arched your back and closed your eyes, taking in all that Shinsou was giving you. His finger soon moved down to your entrance, tracing it in anticipation before he pressed two fingers inside of you, "You're so tight...," he whispered against your skin. He slid his fingers as deep as he could get them before starting to thrust them in and out of you. You mewled and moaned at the feeling, hands going to wrap around Shinsou, who moved back up so that he could kiss you again. "You want me~?" he asked. You nodded, opening your eyes.


"Y-Yeah," you told him.


"How much?" he smirked.


"So much..." As Shinsou touched a really nice part inside of you, you let out a gasp in pleasure, hips bucking up slightly.


"Are you going to come for me?" Shinsou asked, thumb now rubbing against your clit as he kept driving his fingers deep inside of you. Your body reacted before you could say anything, making you nod. "Mm, good girl~." As he continued to touch you, you felt yourself getting closer and closer to the edge, and finally, as Shinsou started to ram his fingers into you harder, your eyes rolled to the back of your head as you peaked against his fingers. Shinsou fingered you through your high, and as you were finally done, he kissed your lips softly.


You were probably going to be upset later about how he was able to take control over you so easily, but now you were just living for it. In your post-release dazed state, you hardly realized what Shinsou was doing until you were poked on the lips by the head of his hard cock. Shinsou had moved up on you and was straddling your chest. Your face went a bit red, but you opened your mouth, letting him slip his cock inside of it. Shinsou put his hand on the top of your head, holding it as he thrust his length in and out, groaning. He was already spilling pre-come, which you could taste. "Just like that, [Name]," he praised you as you started to suck on him. You loved the noises of pleasure that were coming out of his mouth and how he tasted. If you weren't in this lust-filled state, you probably would have had a mouthful to say about how he was currently topping you. After a few more thrusts, Shinsou pulled out. You pouted a bit, though caught yourself. It was apparent that Shinsou saw that look on your face as he smirked, moving off of you. You wiped your lips with the back of your hand, sitting up a bit. "Want to turn around for me?" Shinsou asked. You were still needy for him, so you did not at all protest. You just nodded and got on your hands and knees. You couldn't see Shinsou, but you could feel his hands gripping onto your hips. "You ready?" he asked you.


"Yeah," you nodded, going to let him do to you as he wanted. All of your fight from before had been squashed by him. Shinsou started to rub the tip of his member around your awaiting hole. You couldn't tell if he was teasing you or collecting your wetness, but either way you needed him now, "Shinsou, please...," you whined. You were met with a chuckle.


"I didn't think I'd ever hear you beg for anything," he purred, "I'll make sure I'll give you exactly what you want~." After he said that, you could feel Shinsou's hard cock sinking deep inside of you. It stung slightly at first, since he was in fact stretching you out, but since you were so wet and hot for him, the pain didn't exactly last long. Shinsou gave a hard thrust, making you let out a gasp of surprise and pleasure. He chuckled a bit, leaning forward and giving your neck a kiss as he started to fuck you at an even pace. One of his hands were on one of your hips, and his other hand was making its way between your legs. He started to rub your clit, which effectively caused your eyes to roll back.


"O-Oh, fuck...," you breathed out. Shinsou smirked against your skin, before giving your neck a few kisses. He then straightened his body up as he started to really pound deep inside of you. You shuddered at how rough he was ramming into you, but it was just such an amazing feeling. You were starting to question why you hadn't tried to have sex with him earlier, though you knew that the result of this was because of all of the teasing and flirting finally exploding. When Shinsou hit your g-spot, you could have sworn that you saw stars. It was just such an intense pleasure mixed in with the pleasure of him rubbing your clit. You, honestly, weren't sure how much longer you could last at the moment. You wanted to hold on more, if you could. Shinsou just wasn't making this any easier for you.


"I can tell your c-close~," he purred against your ear, "Your pussy is starting to throb around me~." He nipped at the shell of your ear, sending a shiver down your spine. He was definitely trying to make you come as hard as he could. He didn't let up on you, and instead he started to fuck you harder, causing you to produce louder moans.


You really couldn't hold off much longer, so you shut your eyes, burying your head against the pillow underneath you as you moaned loudly, "S-Shinsou~!" you called out, although it was muffled due to the pillow. Your inner walls squeezed around Shinsou's cock as you orgasmed, letting out sounds of pleasure into the pillow underneath you. Shinsou groaned at the pleasurable feeling of you coming on him. He only had to thrust into you a few more times before he met his own release. You knew this because you could feel his warm come shooting off inside of you.


You were breathing deeply. You weren't even sure if you could properly move at the moment, but it wasn't like you had to worry about that since after Shinsou pulled out of you, he fixed your position so that you weren't suffocating yourself into his pillow. He then laid behind you, pulling you close so that he was spooning you. ,"So," he started as he ran a hand through your hair before kissing the side of your neck, "Who was topping who now?" You couldn't help but to let out a huff because of that.


"Your fault for getting me off guard," you grumbled, "I promise you I'll be on top next time." You were sure that he was probably rolling his eyes at that one.


"[Name], you didn't put up a fight at all....not that I'm complaining," he pointed out.


"I did that on purpose. You should be grateful," you told him. That wasn't exactly true, and you were sure that Shinsou knew that, but you were going to act like that was true either way.


"Well then, I guess we'll have to do this again so that we can see how right that is," Shinsou suggested.


"I guess we will." You knew what the outcome would be, but at least you'd get to keep fucking him.


Chapter Text

With the Provisional License Exam at an end, you knew that you would have to part ways with your boyfriend soon enough. You were kind of disappointed in him, though, for not passing. You knew that he had the ability to have moped the floor with the other applicants, but it seemed as if personal grudges got in the way of him getting his license. You always were one to not care at all about what others thought, so you couldn't exactly grasp why Inasa would even care about Todoroki. Still, he had feelings, and you were smart enough to know that whatever your boyfriend felt was valid, even if you couldn't exactly make sense of it. What could you say, though? You did love the guy. "Now you have to work harder, Inasa," you merely said, expression and tone of voice not giving away exactly how you felt.


"I know, and I will! Don't worry about me, [Name]!" your boyfriend smiled. You had obviously passed the test, even the evacuation part. You weren't one for touchy-feeliness when it came to saving people, so you spent your time fighting the enemies that had been there.


"I know that," you spoke, monotonously, eyes looking at your side slightly. It wasn't like you'd be with someone who was a bumbling idiot after all. But what exactly led someone like you to fall for someone like Inasa? You seemed like the type who wouldn't even give such an enthusiastic person the time of day...or rather that was what Kaminari was saying to his fellow classmates as they tried their hardest to act like they weren't blatantly looking at the two of you.


"Don't look, don't look!" Kirishima whispered rather loudly as Bakugo was wondering what everyone was being all skeptical about. As the blonde saw you standing there and talking with Inasa, he couldn't help but to scoff.


"So, it looks like she has a weakness, after all," he said. Now, while you were a cold and distant person to most, and had the air of someone who didn't exactly care what others thought of you, Bakugo was still acting as if you and him had some sort of rival-like relationship. When anyone excelled or got good scores on something, the blonde wanted to outdo them. And while it was easy to get a rise out of Izuku, and Todoroki just out-right denied any sense of rivalry towards Bakugo, you on the other hand just chose to give the blonde piercing looks. And that was it. You would get a high score on your training, Bakugo would yell out something challenging to you which led you to boring your eyes into him. It annoyed the blonde greatly, since the rivalry was truly one-sided, when one got down to it.


You also hadn't seemed to have something or anything about you that made you seem even remotely human to most of your classmates, which was why they had been freaking out, and Bakugo was feeling as if he was seeing a weaker side of you in his opinion.


"I don't know...," Sero couldn't help but to say as he rubbed at his chin, "Maybe [Name] is one of those chicks that goes deadly when the person she loves is messed with?" he suggested.


"Oh, it has to be that!" Mina chimed, thinking that the idea sounded fun, if anything, "She must want to murder Todoroki now." She looked at the half-hot and half-cold teen who just shrugged.


"That's doubtful, since she hasn't approached me at all today," he pointed out, "But after meeting Inasa..." Even Todoroki couldn't grasp why someone like you would go for Inasa. The guy was too over the top in his opinion, and you didn't seem like the type to want to deal with people like that. But then again..what even was your type?


"You've got it all wrong!" Jirou butted in, "Do you think [Name] could actually love someone?" At that question, everyone around Jirou couldn't help but to tilt their heads slightly as they thought about the possibility of you actually loving someone. Could you even like someone?


"Well...we did see [Name] hug Inasa earlier," Toru reminded, though he was the one who hugged you, while you just let him, "Besides! Don't you think it's cute! It just shows that you can find love even in the strangest places!" Toru was into such things, after all. The thought of such a stand-offish person like yourself finding love was just so heart gushing to her. However, since most people knew that Toru was a bit of a romanticist, her opinion on the matter might not exactly reflect what was actually going on. It was just incredibly hard for the others to wrap their heads around you wanting to be anyone's girlfriend. When you were taking the Hero License Exams, you weren't near any of your fellow classmates even when instructions were being given out. You liked to work alone and be alone, and that was highly visible.


Then there was Inasa, who had been rather cheerful and talking the ears off of others in between the tests. There was just no way, from an outsider's point of view, that you two could have anything in common. And the more everyone thought about it, the more disconnected their minds became.


"Okay, okay, let's just assume that they love each other!" Kaminari said.


"Well, I mean, they're together, so that's kind of obvious, isn't it? Mina couldn't help but to say.


"Agree to disagree...," Mineta finally piped up. You scared him beyond belief, after all, and because of that it could be rather easy to deduce that he was one of the ones most freaked out by your relationship.


"Well, whatever you think about those two," Kaminari waved off the others' comments, "How do you think the two of them even met? Or got together in the first place? Maybe if we consider that, it might help us piece things together easily." Bakugo rolled his eyes.


"Like you could figure that out just by speculating, dunce face," he spat, "Besides, I'm sure that loud mouth is fucking afraid of her. Maybe that's why he's with her." Kirishima raised an eyebrow.


"Wait, does that mean you find [Name] scary, Bakugo?" he asked. The blonde turned to him with a red face.


"Shut it, stupid hair!" he growled, "I didn't say that!"


"[Name] can be pretty scary, though," Sero pointed out, "I mean, don't get me wrong, she's cute, but it's not like you can even tell what she's thinking...I think Kaminari has it right, though. I wonder how they met."


"I'd like to think that one of them saved the other and they fell in love!" Toru gushed.


"But who saved who?" Kaminari asked, "To be could go either way, but I can't imagine [Name] in any sort of danger." He also felt that if you were in danger than you probably wouldn't scream for help. He could only see your cold expressionless face if anything were to happen to you. And in all honesty, it was kind of true since you never seemed to yell out or make a face when you got hurt.


"How about...hmmm...I mean maybe they met at a BDSM dungeon," Mineta said. The second he did, however, everyone slowly turned to him with blank looks, "Wait! Hear me out!"


"Nope," Sero said, before easily and calmly tapping Mineta's mouth shut.


"What about a coffee shop? Can't go wrong with a coffee shop!" Mina suggested. It was a cliche thought, but perhaps there was some truth to it. It wasn't like anyone knew where you went during your time off, and if anyone were to ask you, you would usually either ignore them, tell them that they should be training, or just say something like 'not here'. So maybe you did go to coffee shops. Mina could imagine you being there alone and drinking black coffee (because she couldn't see you as someone who liked the sweet stuff, being as she didn't need anymore surprises that day) and Inasa just strolled in.


"Really? A coffee shop?" Sero asked. Mina nodded quickly.


"It could so have happened!" she argued, "People can go there to be alone and study!"


"But does [Name] even need to study?" Kaminari asked with an eyebrow raised, "Does she even drink coffee? Does she even drink period?...Or eat for that matter?" Those were silly questions, but the others just had to think about if they had ever seen you eating or drinking.


"You guys are being completely stupid!" Bakugo rolled his eyes, "[Name] isn't all that mysterious! In fact, she clearly has a weakne-" He cut himself off as he saw your eyes piercing into his own. The blonde's eyes widened before he quickly looked away, putting his hands into his pockets, "...I'm going to sit on the bus..." He grumbled before stalking away.


"Ah, well then," Kirishima started, wondering what had exactly just happened, "Now, where were we?"


While Kaminari, Mineta, Jirou, Toru, Kirishima, etc. were discussing how you and Inasa met, you could only try to ignore them as you had most of your focus on your boyfriend. You had great hearing thanks to your quirk, which gave you assassin-like abilities, and you honestly couldn't find it in yourself to care what they were saying. It was just that they kept saying your name, which automatically caused you to zoom in without a second thought. It was annoying. What was more annoying was Bakugo trying to start his stupid rivalry shit. Did he honestly think you cared? In your opinion, if he wanted to be the best, he needed to stop worrying about other people. If he did maybe he'd stop getting pissy every time Midoriya got better control of his quirk. Though, like usual, it had only taken one look from you to get him to shut up.


"Perhaps you need to work on your teamwork ability," you said. Though your voice didn't give any indication of a joke, Inasa laughed, knowing that you weren't being serious. He patted your head cutely, moving a bit closer to you as he stared down at your face.


"I know you're joking, but I could seriously tell you that, [Name]!" he responded. You just looked at him and shrugged. If you were forced to work with a team, you usually decided to just do all of the work. You thought that if someone wasn't strong enough to work on their own, then why should they even bother with needless coordination with others?


"You nor I needed to use teamwork to pass the first exam," you told him, "Besides, it's a waste of time. Why should I handicap myself by working with others?" Inasa wrapped an arm around your shoulders, which you had no problem with.


"You say that, but I know you'd work with me," he pointed out.


"No, I would not."


"Ah, there they are!" A few meters away was Midoriya, Uraraka, Iida, Tsuyu, and Tokoyami. Uraraka couldn't help but to point out the two of you, especially seeing Inasa with his arm around you so comfortably. You didn't move a muscle either. "I still can't believe it!"


"[Name] and Inasa?" Midoriya asked, eyes going over to you as well, "I think trying to figure it out won't exactly work. I mean, [Name] is...a bit scary, so..." His face grew slightly anxious, "...If she hears us..." Midoriya was the type that wanted to be friendly with all of his classmates, especially if they had good quirks, and the last thing he wanted to do was to have you ending up hating him. The others did not heed that warning, however.


"But that isn't right!" Iida loudly said, much to the freckled-face teen's worries, "[Name] does not seem like the type to be interested in relationships with other people whether they are platonic or romantic! It's hard to believe."


"Well, believe it, because he's hugging her now," Tsuyu pointed over to the two of you. You didn't move at all and just let Inasa hug you, "and she isn't killing him for it."


"But that's the crazy part!" Uraraka said, "To think that she would just let something like that happen! I mean, [Name] wanting to be with someone like that guy is shocking enough, but the fact that she's letting him touch all over her, and she isn't hiding it is just insane."


"It's right in front of our eyes at the moment, though," Tsuyu said.


"...and even then I'm having trouble believing that I'm not hallucinating," Tokoyami spoke up. Iida gave a very serious look at those words, putting a hand under his chin as he thought.


"Perhaps taking the test was too extreme for us and now we are hallucinating," he suggested while he nodded as if agreeing with himself.


"Okay, but we saw them like this before we took the test," Midoriya reminded, "I mean, it's not something that couldn't happen in nature, but It's just hard for me to wrap my head around."


"I agree," Uraraka nodded, glancing at the two of you again and how Inasa was currently talking your ear off. You just let him, too, nodding at what he had to say every now and then, "How do you think they ended up together in the first place?"


"Coffee shop?" Tokoyami suggested.


"That's a bit cliche," Tsuyu croaked.


"Maybe [Name] was out training one day and came across Inasa," Midoriya suggested, "Maybe they became training partners which ended up in them wanting to date." He shrugged a bit, unsure of his own answer, but he felt that it wasn't so far-fetched to where it couldn't have happened.


"Yes, but that's assuming that [Name] would train with anyone. You know she likes to be alone," Uraraka reminded. She remembered how you were when everyone was coming up with their super moves. You did not want to be bothered at all, so she doubted that you would train with someone like Inasa...then again you were dating him...


"How about they were friends when they were younger," Tsuyu thought aloud, "If they grew up together, [Name] is probably used to how energetic Inasa is and has no problem with it, and the same about him with how cold she is." Uraraka glanced in your direction once again, eyes staring a bit.


"I guess that actually makes sense," she said, "It would also explain a lot."


"But, we don't know if that's true for sure! After all, we wouldn't want to go around spreading false information about a fellow classmate," Iida explained, "Even if it helps us tame our cognitive dissonance!"


"I agree, but it is something to think about," Tokoyami muttered. Midoriya let out a sigh, hoping to calm his nerves.


"A-Alright, but can you guys be a little more quiet?" he asked, "I mean, it wouldn't be good if [Name] heard us." And with Iida talking in such a loud and commanding voice, he knew that it would be bound to happen.


"Too late for that," Tsuyu pointed out. As she said that, everyone around her froze and slowly but surely turned their heads to look at you, who was looking at them with a blank expression. They all quickly turned away before deciding that they should split up.


"I'm...I'm gonna get on the bus," Uraraka said and she left, prompting Tsuyu to follow. Midoriya went to check his phone since he had texted All Might earlier.


"I this message somewhere with less commotion," he excused himself. Iida and Tokoyami just watched as they others quickly left.


"Well then," Iida spoke.


You just shook your head at them before looking back at your enthusiastic boyfriend. You hadn't been able to see him as much ever since the dorm system had begun, so you were grateful for this time that you have now with him, though you didn't exactly show it on your face. You just looked up at him with a blank expression as he talked on and on, and from an outsider's point of view, they probably would have figured that you were one second from chopping his head off, but in reality, it was quite the opposite. "-and then we won our team battle," Inasa said, talking about a previous training exercise that he had done.


"Inasa!" you and your boyfriend's attention was now turned onto this new voice. A guy with purple hair and one that was nothing but hair came over. You didn't exactly know their names, but you knew that they went to Shiketsu high with your boyfriend, "We're about to leave." The purple haired guy, who had been talking looked at you curiously. It was obvious to you that he was also shocked by Inasa dating someone who seemed so distant, though he chose to hide that as well as he could.


"Are we?!" Inasa asked, before turning to you. He gave you a big bear hug, which you just accepted, arms staying at your side, "I'll miss you, my love!" He picked you up in the process of his hug, rubbing his cheek against yours affectionately.


"D-Did you see that?!" you heard Sero say, loudly, but you ignored him and the others who were now watching the two of you. Inasa put you down and then gave your lips a kiss, and like the hug, you just let him.


"No fucking way!" Kaminari whined, "That's unfair! How come he gets to touch her so easily!"


"Your class is rather...rather loud," the hairy guy spoke. You just shrugged. It was true, that they were, but as a long as they didn't try to bother you, you couldn't care any less about that. "By the way, how did you guys even meet?" You just glanced at your boyfriend, who gave a big smile.


"Oh, I'll tell you all about it!" Inasa happily said.


"Wait, dude, I want to hear, too!" Kirishima exclaimed as he and a few others rushed over.


"I would like to also hear this!" Iida boomed out. Inasa didn't seem to mind the small crowd that was forming, while you just looked at him with a blank face. Your class was starting to cross into bothering you territory, and you knew that if they knew even the tiniest information about your personal life, then they would try to bug you with their 'friendship'. Inasa looked at you and raised an eyebrow.


"What, don't want me to say it?" he asked, "That's cool!" He put an arm around the hairy guy's shoulder, "I'll tell you on the bus. Good-bye, [Name]!"


"Bye," you simply said, watching as the Shiketsu students left.


"Aw, come on, don't tease us like that!" Kaminari whined as Inasa left to secretly tell his friends. There was obvious disappointment among the U.A. students until they remembered that you were there.


"Ah! Why don't you tell us, [Name]?" Mina smiled. Midoriya couldn't help but to think how bold she was for that.


"Yeah, how did you both meet?" Kirishima asked. You just stared at them with a blank face before turning around and heading off to the bus. At your cold attitude, no one dared to pursue you any further for this. Instead they just watched you as you walked away. It was silent until Kaminari said,


"So...anyone have Inasa's number?"


 "Dude, you're gonna get him killed!" Sero interjected. While your class divided into arguments about whether Kaminari's plan was good or not, you just ignored them, though you could still hear them. As if Inasa would do something that you didn't want him to do. He knew you incredibly well after all, which was why you loved him.


[Epilogue-Will come back and edit later]

Your class did have you thinking a bit about how you met Inasa. You hated to give them any sort of credit, but Tsuyu actually guessed correctly when she said that you two had known each other when you were younger. It was why your quirks didn't bother each other. You fell for each other flaws and all, and while someone who was so energetic would probably bug you to no end, you found that trait to be enduring on Inasa. It hadn't always been like that, however.

You remembered, the day you met him. You had been training at the park, so in a way Midoriya was right as well. It was a bit neglectful, some might say, to let someone as young as you play with a sniper riffle, but your gun at the time only shot rubber bullets. It was perfect for practicing, though getting hit by one hurt greatly.

So, on that day in the park, you had found a nice grassy area that was away from anything and set up some targets. You'd usually practice outside at home, but you knew that it was crucial for you to practice in new areas so that you could become comfortable hitting your target no matter the location. So, as you easily aimed and hit your targets without a second thought you somehow failed to notice someone else in the vicinity. You hadn't been as well trained back then as you were now, so it wasn't something too off the mark. As you hit at your last target, you lowered your riffle and looked at the targets you hit, it being easy to see where you hit without getting closer due to your quirk. You should have been paying attention as you put your gun down, but now in hindsight you were lucky you didn't. Since your focus was elswhere, you ended up firing your gun off. "Ow!" it was a loud noise, which resulted in the first and only time you could recall that heat rose to your cheeks. You had made a mistake.

You quickly looked at the person you hit, it being a boy around your age. He rubbed at his sore arm, eyes looking at you. Despite the fact that he was hurt, he didn't look at all sad about the pain. "Hey, you need to be careful," he told you, smiling brightly. Your eyes widened a bit at those words and his demeanor. You didn't know why, but it was a bit aggrivating. Perhaps it was because he seemed so damn happy, or maybe it was due to the fact that someone witnessed your mistake. He walked over to you without a care in the world, "What's this?! A gun that shoot fake bullets! How neat!" You quickly looked away to hide your flush.

"Like it matters," you deflected. The boy just laughed.

"It does matter! You could have killed me otherwise!" he laughing continued, causing your fact to get redder. No one has ever caused you to become like this, so how can this guy make you feel this way. How could someone make you feel so vulnerable.

" aren't dead," you merely said, starting to pack your things up. You would go home and practice more.

"Ah! I hope I didn't offend you!" he gave you a very deep bow, which caused his head to hit the ground, "I'm Inasa Yoarashi by the way!" You couldn't help but to bite your lip, finding slight amusement in this boy, well, Inasa. You wanted to hide that feeling, though. "What's your name?" You manged to compose yourself, and you held your bag over your shoulder as you started to leave.

"Like that matters," you simply said. Inasa watched you as you left.

"It so does matter! Because I've never seen someone so beautiful!" he called. You stopped dead in your tracks, face completely red. At that moment you knew he'd be seeing you a lot more in ways that others could never.


Chapter Text

It was the day before Halloween, and you were pretty excited. You usually kept to yourself on that day and stayed in your room at home listening to music or reading, but tomorrow would be different. 'It'll be alright, you'll see!' Your good friend Uraraka, Ochacko had told you earlier that week. She had invited you to a Halloween party that her class was throwing at their dorm, and when she first did you protested telling her that due to your quirk, you never went out on Halloween night or did anything that you deemed as scary. Uraraka assured you, however, saying that nothing would be scary. So, you were excited! This would be the first Halloween party that you would be be honest it was most likely going to the first party ever that you attended, so while you were happy, you were also nervous. You were the type of person that kind of stayed to themselves. You couldn't help that, however, as you had been raised that way.

Walking into school Wednesday morning, you went over to your locker at the General Studies Department's area, humming internally as you did so. A few of your fellow classmates greeted you, and once you were done with your locker, you headed over to where Class A's lockers were located, hoping to see Uraraka. She was an incredibly close friend of yours and had helped you through some complicated times. It was always nice to see her. "Hey, [Surname], are you looking for Uraraka?" You knew who that kind voice belonged to. You turned around and noticed Midoriya, Izuku standing there. Todoroki, Shouto was next to him, and it looked as if the two had been engaged in conversation.

"Oh, Good Morning!" you smiled. You noticed Todoroki looking at you up and down, making you wonder if you had insulted him in some way. Perhaps he didn't like the fact that you were invading their space, but you never had much of a problem when you went there before. Then again, Todoroki always looked at you weirdly. His gaze would linger and sometimes his cheeks would get a bit red. "Is Uraraka coming today?"

"Mhmm! She is. We left before her, though," Midoriya explained, "Anyway, she told me that you were coming to our Halloween party." As he said this, Todoroki raised an eyebrow. You chose to ignore it, though you shrunk into yourself a bit.

"I-I am," you slightly stuttered.

"It'll be fun to have you there," Midoriya smiled. Todoroki didn't say anything, though. He just continued to stare at you. It was making you slightly uncomfortable. Seeing Uraraka was starting to become not as important as it had seemed. So, you quickly looked away from the two in front of you.

"I should be heading to class. Tell, Uraraka I'll see her later," you told them, "Good-bye." You waved as you left.

"Bye!" Midoriya smiled. Once you left, the curly haired teen turned to Todoroki, watching as his eyes followed you as you walked away, "You know, you could ask her to our Halloween party." The second he said this, Todoroki's eyes widened, and his face turned red.

"Why would I do that?" he questioned, trying to play his current expression off. Midoriya chuckled a bit. He knew that his friend had a thing for you, and to be honest he couldn't blame him. He thought you were so cute and sweet after all. But Midoriya was too busy concentrating on becoming the number one hero, and besides he and Todoroki were friends, and he didn't want someone getting in the way of that. So, Midoriya chose to just see you as a good person.

"Well, I mean it's kind of obvious that you like her," he explained, "[Surname] is really sweet, so I understand." Todoroki stared in the direction that you had gone off to. He then let out a sigh before turning to look at Midoriya.

"Is it that obvious?" he asked.

"It is to me," Midoriya shrugged, "Why don't you ask Uraraka to set it up? I'm sure she'd love to!" Todoroki had to think for a second. He had liked you ever since the two of you had first spoken, to be honest.

"Do you think I could?" he asked. Midoriya nodded. "Okay then...I'll talk to Uraraka." As the two were conversing, Kaminari, Mina, and Kirishima walked into the locker area. Mina went to her locker and started to get what she needed out of it.

"You have no taste, Kaminari!" she told him.

"What?! Like you could do better!" Kaminari pointed out. Mina clamped her hands on her ears and stuck her tongue out at him defiantly, while Kirishima laughed at this.

"Come on, you two," he said, shaking his head, "Last year, you girls did a good job! But it's our turn now, and we have some good ideas." Mina removed her hands, shaking her head.

"No offense, but relying on jump scares isn't going to work! I mean, I saw the costumes that you guys are going to dress in. Not scary at all!" she whined. Their conversation was starting to get the attention of Midoriya and Todoroki.

"Ah, are you guys discussing the haunted house?" Midoriya asked, "Sero and Shoji are supposed to go do some more shopping for it after school."

"Shopping for boring things!" Mina said, "I expect to be incredibly scared and about to piss my pants, but all the ideas you guys have are lame!"

"You will be scared! Just you wait!" Kaminari said, "And nothing's wrong with jump scares." As they were talking, a few more of their classmates walked in. This included Uraraka, Tsuyu, and Iida.

"Ah, Uraraka! Todoroki needs to ask you something," Midoriya said, catching her attention. Todoroki went a bit stiff, and he couldn't help but to look away, feeling slightly unsure about this now.

"Hmph, if you jump out at me I'll punch you in the face," Mina grumbled.

"What do you need?" Uraraka smiled as she walked over to Midoriya and Todoroki.

"Todoroki wants to go with [Surname] to our Halloween party," Midoriya explained, "Do you think you could set something up?" Uraraka scratched at her head as she thought about it. Would you be interested in going with Todoroki? She didn't think she ever heard you talking about how you were interested in anyone. She also knew that you didn't have a boyfriend, which she didn't think was a big deal, though she found you way too cute to not have a boyfriend.

"I guess I can ask her about it," Uraraka nodded as she thought a bit more, "I'll go to her classroom during break."

"Thanks," Todoroki said. He was a bit nervous about what you would say, but he didn't think he'd done anything off-putting to you or to make you think he didn't like you. So, there was a chance that even though you might not be into him, that you would still agree to go with him. During that time, he'd hopefully get to know you better and vice versa.

Midoriya smiled at Todoroki before glancing over at Iida, who was had his hands on both Mina's and Kaminari's shoulders as they continued to argue with one another, and moving them away from the locker area.

"It needs to be scary!" Mina said, "It'll be Halloween, after all!"

"You'll be so scared, you won't even make it to school the next day!" Kaminari countered.

"Come on. No arguing!" Iida scolded them, "Let's get to class." Midoriya chuckled a bit, before glancing at Kirishima who walked over to him, watching the three leave as well.

"I agree, though. It needs to be scary," Kirishima noted, "Bakugo has been rejecting ideas like crazy, too. He doesn't want to do anything he thinks is stupid."

"Ah, that's Kacchan for you," Midoriya said, "And then there's Iida, who doesn't want us to make it too scary." Uraraka raised an eyebrow at this. She couldn't help but to think about you and how you said, because of the nature of your quirk, you didn't like to be around scary things. You didn't exactly explain to her how your quirk worked, since you told her it was a bit embarrassing to talk about, but Uraraka didn't think the guys in her class could pull off scary with all of their conflicting ideas. And if they even manged to do so and you did get scared, she would be there for you. The thought of you needing comfort from her, made Uraraka flush a bit. She could just imagine you clinging to her. "Are you okay, Uraraka? You look a bit red," Midoriya asked. Uraraka's eyes widened, and she quickly looked away.

"I-I'm fine!" she assured, "We should be heading to class! Let's go."

When break time finally hit, you found yourself heading off to the bathroom. On your way back, however, you noticed something that made you just want to duck away and hide. Bakugo, Katsuki was definitely someone that could scare you easily. He just always seemed so angry, and like he could snap at any second. Currently, the blonde was walking down the hallway towards the direction that you were coming from. You took a deep breath, thinking that you should just try to stay out of his way as much as you could. As you both neared each other you just thought to yourself to breathe calmly and keep walking. One foot in front of the foot in front of the foot-! That sort of thinking ended up having you trip over your own feet. You closed your eyes, thinking about how you were about to connect with the floor, except you landed against something warm and soft.

Opening your eyes, you were face to face with someone's chest. You quickly looked up and saw annoyed red eyes staring down at you. You don't know what exactly happened, as you had been walking with a distant as far from Bakugo as you could. So, did he move over and catch you? You couldn't dwell on this for too long as Bakugo's hands grabbed onto your waist, making you stand up straight. He didn't say a word to you, but just kept walking. You, however, could feel your heart thumping in your chest, and your face became a bit hot. Should you thank him? He didn't seem to really care, though...and he wasn't yelling at you so that was a plus.

You let out a breath of air, trying to calm yourself. "Okay...just get back to class," you told yourself, "Nothing to be afraid of-

"[Name]!" you were so caught off guard that you nearly fell again. It was lucky for you that this only surprised you and didn't exactly scare you. If it would have scared you, then you probably would have lost what little control of your quirk that you had. Looking to the sound of the source, you noticed Uraraka, walking over to you "Hey!" You smiled as you saw her. The two of you were close after all!

"Hey, Uraraka, how's it going?" you asked her. You were glad that you got to see her that day.

"Oh, [Name], how many times do I have to tell you to call me 'Ochaco'?" Uraraka giggled. She playfully hit your arm, "Are you heading to class? I'll walk there with you." The girl was too sweet for her own good, but you knew that she always felt the need to fuss over and take care of you.

"Thanks," you smiled. As the two of you headed off to your class, you couldn't help but to say, "You know, maybe I should have walked you to your class." You poked her shoulder affectionately. Uraraka giggled again.

"Haha, next time! But for now, I have to ask you something," she admitted. You raised an eyebrow.

"What is it?" you questioned. If she needed a favor, you would surely help her out. After all, she was always there for you and such, and thanks to Uraraka you would be getting to actually have some fun on Halloween without worrying about getting scared.

"Well, you know Todoroki?" she asked. You nodded with an eyebrow raised. What about Todoroki? Did you accidentally offend him or something? Maybe Uraraka was asking you if you could choose not to attend the party or something because of him. Sure it sounded like a silly thought, but Todoroki had been looking at you so weird that morning, after all. "He wants to know if you want to be his date for the Halloween party. Are you up for that?" You stopped in your tracks the second that was said, mouth opening. You did not expect this at all! Was it a joke?! Or did Todoroki, Shouto really want to go the party with you? You didn't even know that having a date to it was a thing! "[Name]? Are you alright?" Uraraka asked. You had to shake your reaction off.

"He...H-He wants to go with me?" you asked.

"Yep! It could be fun, but you don't have to if you don't want to," Uraraka assured you. Honestly, you hadn't thought about going with someone. So, this threw you for a loop. Todoroki always seemed a bit stand-offish to you, so this was just out of left field. Maybe he wanted to get to know you better since you were so friendly with his friends. This could be like him extending an olive branch. With that in mind, you were determined to get closer to him now, if he was willing.

"Alright then," you said, "I'll go with him." Uraraka looked at you, before giggling, probably over how serious you looked over this. It was important to you, though! Kindness was no joke.

"Okay, I'll talk to him," Uraraka smiled. After that, the two of you began walking again, and she delivered you safely into your classroom.



The next day was Halloween, and Class 3-A was rushing around to finialize their decorations. Each floor on both the boys' and girls' side of the dorm was decorated to the max, while the entirety of the fifth floor on the boys' side was the haunted house. Kirishima had the idea to open up all of the rooms on that floor and include them as well. They wanted to make the haunted house as scary as they could to spite the girls that had said that their's wouldn't be as good as the one that they had done the previous year. Currently, Midoriya, Kirishima, and Tokoyami were coating the walls with black cloth while Bakugo, Shoji, and Iida were changing all of the light-bulbs to black-light ones. The other guys of Class A were either picking up the final few items that were needed or were decorating the elevator. "Why does it feel so stuffy up here?!" Bakugo exclaimed.

"Kaminari decided that it would be good to block all of the vents here to give it a scarier illusion," Kirishima explained.

"What a dumbass! How will that be scary?!" Bakugo scowled. He for one, at first thought the whole idea of doing a haunted house was stupid, but after being taunted by the girls in his class, he became incredibly competitive. "Where is dunce-face anyway?"

"I think he's out picking up some more decorations with the others that went," Midoriya answered.

"Shut up, Deku! No one asked you!" Bakugo yelled back, causing the freckled-face teen to stiffen up a bit. Tokoyami just shook his head at this, before turning his attention to Dark Shadow, who was assisting in pinning the black cloth up.

"Make sure it's straight," he pointed out.

While the boys were working on their haunted house, the girls were decorating the lobby. They decided to make it look nice and cute, and they were also setting up some Halloween games for people to play. While they were the ones who started this rivalry with the boys in their class, it was pretty one-sided since the girls didn't exactly care how the haunted house turned out. They just wanted to have some fun, and they were. "But wouldn't bobbing for apples be unsanitary?" Yaomomo asked. She and Sato had woken up early and baked sweets for the party before helping with the decorations.

"But it's a staple at every Halloween party!" Mina argued. She was holding a very wide bucket, "We can't not do it."

"What about, we have it for those who do want to do it, and everyone who doesn't want to participate doesn't have to?" Jirou thought aloud, "Besides...we already bought the bucket and apples..."

"Sounds good!" Uraraka agreed, as she hung up some tinsel, "Oh, by the way, I heard Mr. Aizawa is coming to do an inspection at the beginning of the party to make sure that everything is in code and not inappropriate." Aizawa had gotten wind of the party when he overheard the two idiots known as Mineta and Kaminari talking about getting alcohol. The two had been mostly joking, but it was enough for Aizawa to speak to the class's representative, Iida, about it, who in turn told Midoriya and Uraraka.

"Ah, well, that's to be expected, I guess," Toru shrugged, "So, what are you all dressing up as? I'm going as an idol!"

"I'm gonna be a tiger!" Mina exclaimed, throwing a fist into the air, the momentum caused her to fall back on the sofa "I got a really nice body-suit for it!" Tsuyu walked over and sat next to Mina so that she could take a small break.

"I'm going as a zombie, since I think it'll be simple," she said.

"Oh, I heard that Kaminari is also going to be a zombie, for the haunted house," Jirou pointed out, "Totally not scary."

"Right?!" Mina asked, "But I do wonder what they're going to come up with." She shrugged. As the girls started to take a nice break from their work and chat, the front door opened, catching their attention. Turning to it, they saw three former students of U.A. who had served as great guides to them during their first year.

"The old Big three!" Toru exclaimed.

"Sorry to barge in like this!" Mirio smiled brightly, "But we decided that we'd come to help you guys decorate! Midoriya told me that the guys might need some extra help for the haunted house."

"They're on the fifth floor working on it," Yaomomo pointed out.

"Wow, this place looks so nice! You guys used a lot of orange and purple! Do you guys like those colors? Hm?" Neijire asked as she hopped around admiring the decorations. Mirio chuckled before motioning for Amajiki to follow him to the elevator.

"Keep up the good work!" the blonde said, before he and Amajiki disappeared into the elevator.

"Do you guys need some help?" Neijire asked, hand playing with a bouquet of fake black flowers.

"Mhmm!" Uraraka nodded, "Though, we were just taking a break. I guess we should get back to it, though, since the party will begin in a few hours." As the girls set out to make the lounge and kitchen area look as decorative as possible, Mirio and Amajiki were heading up to the fifth floor on the boys' side. When they arrived, they noticed how the whole floor was encased in black. The windows were covered up, and the light-bulbs had all been switched to black lights, so the whole place was pretty dark. Other than that, the hall seemed to be segmented off with black cloths. Amajiki walked a bit further down the hall and moved the cloth in front of him aside. On the other side of it was another piece of black cloth, obstructing the view of the rest of the hallway and a skeleton sitting against the wall with its hand pointing to an open room across from it. Mirio joined Amajiki, looking around at the area.

"It sure is stuffy up here...," the blonde noted.

"You can blame Kaminari for that!" they heard what sounded like Kirishima a ways away. It was so dark, that it was hard to see if anyone was there or not. Mirio decided to lead the way as he noticed Amajiki looking a bit anxious about this whole thing. As they moved back the next piece of fabric, ignoring the room that the skeleton was pointing to which was just a room filled with fake blood and body parts, they noticed that the light-bulb in this section of the hall was a dark purple. Tokoyami and Dark Shadow were in the room that was open to that area, putting up spider webs and bats.

"How's it going?" Mirio greeted, "Are you all just scattered about?"

"Pretty much," Dark Shadow answered.

"We're almost done. I'm touching up the rooms with Shoji while the others are finishing the final section," Tokoyami explained, "And some of the others are buying a few more things we need." Mirio and Amajiki glanced around the room, noticing that the guys of Class 3-A decided to make that room look really old and dusty. There were some skeletons in there as well.

"Well, Tamaki and I are here to help!" Mirio assured, "Just tell us what to do!" Amajiki nodded slowly.

"The others might need help hanging up the fake flickering candles," Tokoyami told them.

"Will do!" Mirio smiled before motioning for Amajiki to follow him. Class 3-A spent most of the afternoon decorating. They made sure to work hard to get everything done, since they only really had the time after school and until the party to finish everything up. The night would truly be one to remember (if you could that is), though not for the right reasons, or rather not for the reasons that you were expecting. This would be your first Halloween party after all, so you were pretty excited! You were also a bit nervous since you told Todoroki via Uraraka that you would go with him. So, already you had expected for the night to be interesting. However, what you thought was going to happen would pale in comparison to what would actually happen.

When it was about forty-five minutes until the start of the party, you began to get ready for it. You had chosen to wear a cute Alice in Wonderland costume. It was slightly shorter than what you had hoped for, but the longer costumes that you had found when you and Uraraka went shopping were mostly for kids. Also, Uraraka seemed to love that costume on you, and she insisted that you buy it. You put your costume on and curled your hair a bit before deciding to add a little bit of make-up. You were both excited and anxious after all. This was going to be a night of firsts for you. After getting ready, you went down to the lounge area of your dorm. It was kind of empty since the others had already left to do their own things for Halloween. There was even a group that had said 'fuck it, let's go trick or treating' despite the fact that you were all pretty much eighteen. As you waited, you saw a cute bowl shaped like a pumpkin that was set out by someone. There was candy inside and a little sign next to it that said 'take one :)'. So, you did, grabbing a rounded lollipop. You kind of hoped that it was one of the kinds with the extra candy inside. As you sucked on your treat, you felt a weird feeling in your stomach. It was a bit of an anxious feeling, but it also felt pretty good.

You played around on your phone as you waited. Since you were going with Todoroki, Uraraka had said that he would come and get you. You honestly didn't know why he didn't just tell you himself...but maybe he wasn't actually coming, but instead was using this as a way to get you to not come to the party?! After all, it had been pretty weird that he even asked you to it in the first place. Your nerves were getting the better of you, and as you were about to go into panic mode, the door to your dorm opened. Your eyes quickly shifted to the intruder, feeling like a total idiot as it was Todoroki there in the flesh. And as you realized that you had nothing to worry about, a new realization settled onto you. You and Todoroki barely talked to one another. To be honest, it would usually always be a situation where you were talking to people who were around him while he was just there. Sure you wanted to become closer to him, but how were you going to navigate this? You sucked on your lollipop, hoping that it would somehow calm you.

"Are you ready to go?" Todoroki curtly asked. You took the candy from your mouth, trying to be calm. 'Just be friendly', you thought, 'that's all'.

"Mhmm," you smiled, before letting your tongue out to flick at and lick the lollipop in your hand. Todoroki just stared at you as you did that, face giving nothing away. You froze a bit. Maybe he wanted candy, too? "Umm, do you want some?" you kindly offered. Todoroki just turned away, heading for the door.

"Let's go," he said. Your eyes widened. What was his deal?! And how hard was this going to be? You just nodded, trying for it not to get to you. Maybe he didn't like you and was trying to use this as a way to ease himself onto you, so that you could be friends. That was the only thing you could think of that made the most sense.

"R-Right," you agreed, before leaving with him. As the two of you walked over to Class 3-A's dorm, you couldn't help but to try to make some conversation with the man walking with you. He did ask you to this party after all, so whatever the reason, talking couldn't hurt, " you like Halloween?" you asked. It was probably a stupid question, but it was all you had at the moment. Todoroki glanced at you.

"It's okay," he shrugged. You couldn't help but to make note of his relaxed yet slightly stiff posture, and as you did that, you noticed that he wasn't wearing a costume. Your eyes widened at that. Uraraka told you it was a costume party! Were you the only one going to be wearing one? That would be traumatizing.

"U-Ummm, there a reason you aren't wearing a costume?" you asked. You hoped that it wasn't a rude question, but you just had to ask, really. Todoroki let out a sigh.

"I have to help at the haunted house, so I figured it would be pointless," he shrugged, "...Everyone thought it would be a good idea if I made the fifth floor really cold." You decided to hide the look of relief that was on your face.

"Well, you're the only person who would be able to accomplish that," you giggled. You could have sworn you saw him smiling a bit, but you could be wrong. By the time you made it to Class 3-A's dorm, All Might was also arriving as well. You smiled happily as you saw one of your favorite heroes. Sure he was retired, but he was still amazing. "Hey, All Might." He also wasn't in costume, but you weren't as alarmed as that.

"Hello young [Surname] and young Todoroki," he greeted as he opened up the front door. He let you and Todoroki walk inside of the dorm before he did. The first thing you heard was,

"All Might, you came!" before seeing Midoriya rushing over. He also was not in costume, but you assumed that it was because he was also helping with the haunted house. As All Might and Midoriya began to chat with one another, you glanced around to see who was all there. You could see Tsuyu dressed as a zombie, talking to Kaminari, who was also dressed like a zombie. Jirou was dressed as a punk rocker and was having a conversation with Sero who was dressed as the Joker.

"Seriously man, it's gonna be epic!" you heard a loud voice and noticed Tetsutetsu, who was dressed as a werewolf, talking with Kirishima, who was also a werewolf.

"I'm so psyched that you're gonna help," Kirishima replied. Everyone, who was dressed up looked very well, but you decided to turn your attention onto the party itself. It looked as if it just started, and Halloween music was playing in the background. Mina and Tokoyami (the former a tiger and the latter dressed like a vampire) were bobbing for apples, a few people were around a table filled with deserts and candy while socializing, but what really caught your attention there was the fact that they had caramel-sprinkled covered apples. Your eyes widened at the possibilities.

"Do you want one?" Todoroki asked. You had almost forgot that he was next to you. You flushed up a bit and nodded. "Okay," was all Todoroki said before walking over to the table. You had long gone finished with your lollipop after all, and needed something new in your mouth.

"[Name]~," you heard, your attention being taken away from Todoroki as you felt someone putting something on your head. It felt like a headband. You reached up to take it off as you turned around to see Shinsou standing there behind you and smirking, "Oh, don't take them off, they're cute~." You smiled happily, looking in your hands to see that he had put cat ears on you. You giggled, deciding there was no harm in wearing it.

"Hey, Shinsou!" you smiled. You used to hang out with him when he was in the General Studies Department like you were, "How's it going?"

"Good," he shrugged, "I feel like I haven't seen you in a while." That was true, it had been a while since either of you saw each other, but due to the fact that he was busy with work studies, training, and getting ready to choose an agency to work in after he graduated, it only made sense. You, on the other hand, didn't have to do any of that.

"Feel? We really haven't," you told him. Before the conversation could continue, you noticed Shinsou looking behind you and smirking.

"Oh, hey Todoroki," he easily said. You looked around to see Todoroki glaring at Shinsou. You were utterly confused as to why he was doing so. You assumed that the two would know each other well and be okay with each other since they were in the same department. Todoroki handed you your caramel apple before wrapping an arm around your waist and holding you close to him. You couldn't help but to wonder what was going on.

"T-Thank you," you politely said, before eating your apple in confusion.

"Did you need something, Shinsou?" Todoroki asked. Shinsou shrugged, putting his hands into his pockets.

"Just talking to [Name] here," he said. Now you were noticing that Shinsou also wasn't dressed up, but you assumed that all in all, he probably just wasn't the type to worry about such things. To be honest, you were sure that the only reason he was even at the party was because he lived there. Shinsou was just one of those people who you saw as being very cool and collected, "You know, she and I are very close after all~." Todoroki's hold on you tightened.

"Well, it's time for her and I to do other things," he merely said before leading you away. You were still on what had just happened, but you couldn't dwell too much on those thoughts or use this to come up with new ways as to why Todoroki asked you to be his date, as Uraraka hopped over. She decided to go as the Queen of Hearts to your Alice in Wonderland. You thought it was a cute idea.

"Hey, [Name]!" she smiled, "I'm so glad you could make it! Listen, they're going to start up the haunted house soon, and I want to go in with you!" At the words 'haunted house' you tensed a bit. That was sure to be scary, after all. The party itself was mild and cutesy with its decorations, but you were more than sure that the haunted house would be a completely different monster.

" know that I don't do well around scary things, Uraraka...," you said with a flushed face. Uraraka and Todoroki both stared at you for a moment. Perhaps that were thinking about what you were saying, but the looks on their faces did look pretty soft. (Kind of like they just saw a kitty.)

"Aw, you're so cute, [Name]!" Uraraka revealed her reason, "But don't worry. I promise that it won't be scary, okay?" She glanced at Todoroki as if wanting him to give his input. The male just shrugged easily.

"I mean, I wouldn't be scared by anything in it," he said.

"See! Nothing to fear!" Uraraka assured you. You just smiled softly before nodding. You would trust the both of them with this. Uraraka was always there for you after all, so you knew that she wouldn't lead you to anything that could be harmful to you.

"Okay," you agreed. As you said that, though, you heard a loud booming and kind of angry voice,

"Hey! Deku, Half-and-Half, and Dunce-Face! It's time!" You glanced over to see Bakugo and some of the others by the elevator. Strangely enough, All Might was there, too. Maybe he was going to help. You were starting to think about all that might happen there now. Uraraka and Todoroki said that it wouldn't be scary, so you could really only wonder.

"I'll see you later," Todoroki told you, before excusing himself. You nodded and watched as he went to join the others. Bakugo, Kirishima, Midoriya, Todoroki, Kaminari, All Might, Tetsutetsu, and Mirio were all by the elevator, waiting for it. It seemed like an interesting group if anything. You were sure that whatever they were going to do was bound to be interesting. You turned your attention back to Uraraka, who was smiling at you.

"Deku said he'd text me when we can go up. For now, let's just enjoy the party!" she said. And that was exactly what the two of you did. In your opinion, your first Halloween party was starting off as a blast. Sero had some strobe and other lights that he put on so that people could have fun dancing if they chose to. Sato, who was dressed like a chef and Yaomomo made pumpkin pies for everyone to try. Dark Shadow did some magic tricks for everyone, and Toru and Jirou sung a duet after Ayoma broke out a karaoke machine. You honestly loved the whole thing, and you were having so much fun. At one point while Mineta was crudely singing a song that was a bit too inappropriate for your taste (his performance ended with Jirou and Mina beating him up), you chatted with Toru and Uraraka.

"I can't believe you came here with Todoroki!" Toru said, "He's like the most handsome guy in our class!" You flushed a bit.

"W-Well, I hope I can become friends with him," you told her, "I mean, I feel like I'm friends with all of his friends, so he and I should at least be associates." Uraraka stifled a giggle while Toru laughed outright.

"No way he just wants to be friends!" the invisible girl said, "I also think that Bakugo and Midoriya have a thing for you, too." She shrugged. Your eyes widened.

"There's no way!" you said.

"Come to think of it...Kirishima and Kaminari...," Uraraka trailed off, "But then again, they could all just see you as someone fresh and cute to look at. Boys can be like that sometimes." She nodded. Toru seemed to agree.

"Yeah, like Kaminari flirts with everyone, so it just makes sense," she shrugged. Before you could counter this argument in any way, Uraraka's phone dinged. You knew what her text message alerts sounded like, so you knew what that meant. You could feel your heart beating due to being anxious. This haunted house would be a first for you, and while you had been told that it wasn't scary, you still couldn't help but to feel pretty nervous about the whole thing.

"Oh! It's time! Come on, [Name]," she smiled as she reached for your hand, "Three of us can go in at a time, so we need a third." Uraraka looked around, and before Toru could volunteer, since she had been hanging with you guys, Shinsou walked over with his hands in his pockets.

"I'll be your third," he said, "That way if [Name] gets scared she can grab onto me." His voice was a bit monotonous as he said this, and slightly teasing, but you were mostly on the fact of what he said rather than how he said it.

"Wait, what?" you asked a little alarmed.

"Shinsou's joking," Uraraka pouted, "Don't tease her like that! Anyway, let's go!" You let out a breath of air before nodding and following the two to the elevator. You knew that if you thought more about it, then you would just psych yourself out, which wouldn't be good. You wanted to experience this with your friends after all, and what kind of life would you be living if you didn't get to do new things like this? One of the reasons you even came to U.A., which it took you weeks to convince your parents to even let you go to a high school and not be home-schooled, was to meet new people and venture out more. When you got into the elevator, you let out another deep breath. Uraraka smiled at you and slipped her hand into yours to hold it. "It's fine, [Name]," she assured you. You looked at her and smiled, before feeling Shinsou grabbing your other hand.

"Hey, I'm here for comfort, too," he teased. You giggled and nudged him. When the elevator dinged at the fifth floor, you were met with a very dark area. The only light was coming from the elevator and once you stepped out of it, and it closed behind you, all you had was a black light. You could barely see anything, which was causing goosebumps to form on your skin. Nevertheless, you took a deep breath, though you couldn't get much air in being as the place was very stuffy, somehow. It was also really cold, which you knew was the work of Todoroki. You shivered and rubbed at your arms. "Well, let's go," Shinsou shrugged. Uraraka nodded and led the way. She pulled back a big piece of black cloth, which was obstructing your view. The first thing you saw was a skeleton pointing to an open room that was across from it. You raised an eyebrow, not finding that to be scary at all. It was obviously fake, since you doubted that they could get their hands on a real skeleton.

"Of course," Uraraka said, with a playful roll of her eyes. She probably sensed what you were thinking, and she turned to you with a smile, making you smile back. You had nothing to fear it seemed, and you scolded yourself for being so worried about this. You glanced into the room, seeing that there were fake body parts inside of it. Uraraka and Shinsou looked as well, before Uraraka grabbed onto the next black piece of fabric that was in front of you. "Ready to move on-"

"Ah!" You jumped back letting out a shriek as Kaminari jumped out of the room. He appeared to have been hiding behind the door. Uraraka had jolted slightly at that jump-scare causing her to nudge the boy, who was laughing, that had scared you both.

"Haha, I got both you and [Surname]!" Kaminari said. Uraraka shook her head in annoyance.

"No, you didn't!" she said, before turning to look at you and Shinsou, "Let's just go-" She had cut off her own self this time as she noticed with wide eyes your trembling form. Shinsou and Kaminari looked at you as well, seeing as you looked as if you were in pain. You were trying to fight it...Trying so hard to fight it. "[Name] are you...are you okay-Wait, huh?!" A thick mist started to fill the entire volume of the fifth floor and all of the rooms that had their doors opened. The sounds of confusion coming from deep within the house were falling deaf to your ears.

"What the fuck?! Who's dumb ass did this?!"

You had lost control of your quirk.



At the point in time you, Shinsou, and Uraraka were entering the haunted house, Aizawa was just arriving for his inspection. He was met with the scene of Aoyama and Yaomomo singing a duet while Mina and Jirou were helping Sero wrap Mineta up in Sero's tape. Aizawa rubbed at his tried eyes before glancing over to where Tsuyu, Sato, and Koda were snaking on some deserts. He hoped that they wouldn't end up with a sugar high, since that was the last thing he needed. The next day was a school day after all, and he had reminded his class of this practically all day yesterday, knowing that they would probably forget if he didn't. Ignoring the usual chaos, Aizawa went over to Iida, who was giving a lecture to Shoji and Tokoyami about the dangers of bobbing for apples. It was obvious that the latter two didn't exactly care what the class representative was saying.

"I see you're all lively as usual," Aizawa tiredly said, "I trust that order is being kept." Iida turned his attention to Aizawa, effectively freeing Tokoyami and Shoji.

"Yes, sir," Iida nodded, "Everything is in tip-top shape, but I advise you to check out the haunted house and make sure that it is up to code." Aizawa let out a sigh. Everything looked fine to him, and he had some lesson plans to deal with, so he decided to say,

"If you, the class representative, thinks it's fine, then I'll believe you," Aizawa said, "As long as no one gets hurt." Iida just looked at him before saying,

"No, I will not allow that! You must make sure everything is perfect as our teacher!" he said, "It's on the fifth floor on the boys' side." Aizawa rubbed at the corner of his eyes before walking over to the elevator without another word. If he kept going, Iida was sure to make him try out every desert next or something.


 Humans possessed pheromones, however, those pheromones did not do anything or affect people. 'Pheromone' was also the name of your quirk. It allowed your body to give out as much pheromones as you wanted as well as causing those pheromones to work. Your quirk could cause others brains' to be affected psychology and make them want to unleash their sexual desires onto you.  There was a time limit to it, though. This was a quirk that you received from your mother, who was a woman that could use it to make anyone come under her command; however, you could not do this. You could never get your quirk under control, and it often went off whenever you became frightened. Because of this, you led a very sheltered life. Your parents were so afraid for your well-being that they hadn't even told you exactly how your quirk affected people. They just said that when it goes off people will try to hurt you. You wanted to find out more information about it, but it was hard. You also trusted your parents quite a bit with this, being as since you were so unexposed to the world, it affected your thoughts and personality. Now because of their negligence, you were afraid about what was going to happen to you.

Uraraka coughed, trying to wave away the mist. It was difficult since all of the vents had been blocked out, not letting anything escape, "[Name]?!" she called. You felt your body stiffen. You had to leave! You had to go! You ran passed the black fabric, heading to the elevator. You saw that it was opening up, causing you to dive inside of it.

"What that-" Aizawa cut himself off as he noticed pink mist being wafted into the elevator. As you pressed the door-closed button, the mist hit his nose. It smelt like you. And while the man, who had never even smelled you in his life wondered how his mind even processed that, he decided to just ignore that and focus on you in your frantic state. You were shaking like a leaf, and Aizawa couldn't help but to grab onto your shoulders. "[Name]? What happened?" he asked.

"They're going to hurt me! My quirk went off, and now they're going to hurt me!" you cried out. Aizawa raised an eyebrow, before remembering principle Nezu telling the staff, at a meeting, to be wary of students who could not control their quirks. You must have been one of them. Aizawa let out a sigh, intent on wanting to calm you down...however, his mind started to slip into some very inappropriate thoughts. He tried to shake them away, but they were making themselves at home.

He tried to fight it, but he pulled you a bit closer to him, stroking the back of your head. He told himself that he was just comforting you, but his mind was starting to change into not even outright denying the lust he now felt. He couldn't even rationalize it and think 'it's just her quirk'. He was being taken over by his own desires.

"It's okay," he said in a soft voice, "I'll help you, but you have to trust me, alright?" Your quirk didn't make people automatically want to attack you, although it could, for more rational types, like Aizawa, it allowed them to be able to find the best course of action to get what they wanted from you. So, your quirk left people being themselves in a way, but with a complete thirst for you that dictated their thoughts.

"A-Alright," you said. You were feeling a bit uncomfortable with how Aizawa was touching you. He reached out and pressed the 'stop' button on the elevator, which confused you even more. He was a teacher, though, and to your knowledge, he hadn't been affected by your quirk, since he wasn't currently hurting you. In fact, his touches felt kind of relaxing to you in your freaked out state. So, you trusted him.

"Good, girl~," Aizawa praised you. He pulled you closer, much to your surprise, mouth going to your neck to leave light kisses as his hands roamed and trailed all around your body. You had not expected this at all and to be honest, you were unsure of what was happening, being as you had been so sheltered. You knew what sex was, but you didn't know of all the work or foreplay that went into it or anything like that.

"W-What are you doing?" you asked, struggling slightly against his hold. Aizawa didn't stop touching you, and instead he tightened his grip.

"You need to trust me, [Name]," he said, "I promise that I won't hurt you if you're a good girl and you take it, alright?" 'Take it?' You had no idea what he was talking about, though you froze the second you felt something hard poking you. Your eyes widened. You did not want to do that. Not with your teacher! Not for your first time! When it donned on you that you were powerless, you felt incredibly scared. Aizawa wouldn't do this to you. He wouldn't do this to any student. It had to be something else...! Your quirk! Did some get into the elevator? No, it couldn't have been your quirk. Surely, your parents would have told you about this...What could it have been then...

Aizawa licked up your neck, causing you to shiver. You had to admit that it felt pretty good, but you didn't want to do this. "Mr. Aizawa...please...." You felt tears pricking at the corners of your eyes. Aizawa hushed you, though.

"It's okay," he assured, hand moving under your dress. He slipped your panties aside, already going to start rubbing at your clit. You let out a far louder moan than you had wanted, but you also clamped your legs together, "I promise that I'm doing this for your sake, okay? Don't you trust me? Besides, I'll be gentle, unlike anyone else." You bit your lip, thinking about it. If this truly was caused by your quirk, you could run into someone else again, who was under your spell, and if that would be better to not have your first time be violent if that person was less forgiving than Aizawa. You let out a deep breath before accepting your fate and slowly opening your legs, "Good, girl~." Aizawa took this opportunity to turn you around so that your back was pressed against him. He had an arm wrapped around your waist, keeping you in place, as his hand found its way under your dress again. He started to rub at your clit slowly and teasingly, causing your breathing to grow deeper. It felt really weird and somehow very arousing to have your teacher touch you like that. You trusted Aizawa, though, and figured this to be your best option. Him rubbing you like that just felt so good, and you honestly didn't think that it could feel like that. You moaned and mewled at the sensation, but soon enough you felt a slight discomfort. Aizawa had slipped a finger inside of you. You whimpered a bit, causing the man to shush you once again, "We need to do this first," he told you. You just nodded, letting him do as he pleased.

Aizawa rocked his finger in and out of your growing wet hole as he started to kiss upside your neck. In time, the pain lessened and your body relaxed a bit. Aizawa must have caught onto this, because he slid yet another finger inside of you, intent on stretching you out. He scissored his fingers a bit and got as deep inside of you as he could. You shivered slightly as you were starting to become accustomed to the feeling. It still wasn't the most comfortable thing, but at the same time it was pleasureful. "I think you're about ready," Aizawa purred against your ear. You bit your lip, feeling very nervous. You honestly hadn't expected to end up loosing your virginity that night and to your teacher, but what choice did you have? It was either Aizawa taking you gently or someone else taking you roughly.

Aizawa slipped his hand away from you to undo his pants. You couldn't see what he was doing, but it didn't take long for you to feel something hard and hot slipping between your thighs. You were getting more anxious by the second. Aizawa made you spread your legs a bit more, before pushing the top half of your body over slightly so that he could have access to go inside of you. He moved his hand from your waist to hold your dress up as he positioned himself at your anticipating pussy. "P-Please be gentle," you begged, before biting your lip again. You didn't know what to expect.

"I promise I will," Aizawa assured you. Then, without waiting a second longer, you could feel your teacher pushing inside of you. As you had feared, the stretching feeling hurt. You leaned forward a bit more and pressed your hands against the elevator wall. You wished that you had something to grab onto, you really did. "Just relax, kitten," Aizawa told you softly, as he sunk himself further into your wet heat. You nodded, trying your best to do so. Aizawa went as deep as he could, and he moved his arms around your waist to hold you closer against him. He kissed at your neck again, softly, staying still inside of you so that you could get used to him. Your felt your eyes tearing up a bit at the pain, but you blinked them back. You needed to endure this and get used to it, just in case you were to have to do this again tonight...and if you did, you feared what might happen.

Once the pain started to subside, and your body began to grow less tense, Aizawa started to move in and out of you at a slow pace. It felt pretty uncomfortable at first, but you could feel some of the places he was rubbing up against starting to make you feel really good. A soft moan left your lips, and the second it did, Aizawa picked up his pace. After how much it hurt, you didn't understand how it could even feel so good, and the more Aizawa went the better it became. The feeling of being stretched was still present, but the pleasant feelings were drowning it out. You moaned and mewled at the sensations, legs started to tremble a bit because of your position. "Mm, you're such a good kitten~," Aizawa praised you. His breathing was started to become a bit more erratic as he continued to thrust into you, his pace increasing and his movements becoming a bit rougher.

Aizawa started to hit you deeper inside, causing your body to want to jolt forward due to his thrusts, his arms kept you in place, though. You bit your lip, as your pleasure increased, and you were sure that it must have been the same for your teacher since his groans were becoming a bit louder, and he was pulsating inside of you. You didn't exactly know what the latter meant, but you assumed that it had to do with how good everything was feeling. Aizawa thrusted into you a bit more before you felt something warm erupting inside of you. You shivered at the feeling, wondering what it was, but you didn't exactly have to keep guessing as Aizawa's movements came to a stop. He had finished. Your teacher breathed hard against your neck, holding you close to him. You weren't exactly upset that you didn't get to come, but it was mostly since you weren't really thinking about it. Though due to the slight pain that had still been there and the fact that it was your first time, you really hadn't even been close.

Since Aizawa's grip on you started to grow slack, you quickly pulled away from him and straightened out your panties before rushing to make the elevator start moving again. You just wanted to escape this whole thing if you could. As you waited in anticipation to get to the main floor, Aizawa pressed the stop button again, "We're not done yet," he merely said, "Last I checked you didn't finish." You bit your lip, feeling nervous.

"T-That's okay," you quickly said, "B-Besides, we were just doing this so that you could help me, right?" You just wanted to be out of this situation and forget what you had just done. You reached to press the floor you wanted to go to again, but Aizawa gripped your wrist.

"Are you really that naive?" he chuckled. Your eyes widened, but before you could start questioning this, you noticed the light on the numbers at the top of the elevator changing. Someone had just called it from somewhere, and it didn't seem as if your teacher noticed.

"I-I...," you weren't sure what to say to him, but you knew that this situation just became more dangerous. Aizawa looked down at your dominantly before leaning forward and pressing his lips against yours. Your eyes widened as this kiss was just forced upon you. You pushed at his chest, but he didn't budge at all. Aizawa pressed his tongue against your lips, trying to gain access to your mouth, but before he could breach it, you were pulled out of his arms, and into the arms of another person, who grabbed you from the elevator. Aizawa was taken from your sight as the doors closed, and while you felt saved, that feeling only lasted for a minute. You quickly pushed away from whoever was holding you and turned around, feeling alarmed.

"Relax, relax," it was Shinsou, and he looked terribly calm and collected, "Don't be so scared." Shinsou seemed fine and normal, so you let out a breath of air. You were safe now, so maybe you could finally get out of this place.

"How did you get here?" you asked him, being as you last saw him on the fifth floor, and now you were on the fourth.

"There's another elevator on the girls' side," Shinsou explained, thumb-pointing behind himself. You looked in that direction, noticing the little hallway that connected the two sides of the dorm. You felt a bit stupid for asking that since your own dorm was the same. "By the way, why do you look so disheveled?" You glanced down at yourself, noticing that you did look like someone who had just gone through something rough. Your lip quivered as you thought about it.

"M-Mr. Aizawa...he...," you were starting to come to the realization of what had just happened, and you couldn't believe that your teacher had tricked you. Shinsou was calm, so it couldn't have been your quirk. You rubbed at your eyes, which were starting to tear up, "He...he took advantage!" You fought back your tears as Shinsou walked closer to you, putting an arm around you in a one armed hug. "I feel so stupid..."

"You're not stupid," Shinsou said, "In fact, I'm sure Aizawa was just feeling like I am right now. With a huge need to fuck you." Your eyes widened, and you looked up at Shinsou.

"Wha-" You couldn't speak any longer. In your moment of weakness, you sort of forgot that Shinsou's quirk allowed him to mind control those who answered him. But what's more was that you never thought your friend would do this to you. Shinsou leaned closer to you to press his lips against yours.

"But to be honest, I've always wanted to do that...but only after you've fallen for me," he whispered against your lips, "But now I don't care..." Shinsou wrapped his arms around you pressing himself against your body as he slipped his tongue into your mouth. You could only stand there as he had his way with you, hands trailing around your body and going down to your ass, which he gave a firm squeeze, "Now, I need you to be a good girl for me and get on those pretty little knees of yours. Can you do that?" Immediately, you did as commanded and got on your knees in front of Shinsou. You couldn't believe that this was happening! Was this really the work of your quirk? It had to be, but was this what your parents meant by people wanting to hurt you? Or did they just lie to you? "Now take my cock out and stroke me." You tried to fight it, but you couldn't, you reached forward and unzipped Shinsou's pants, pulling his hardening length from it. "Good, girl~."

As you began to stroke the hot member in front of you, you could barely hear the sound of the elevator dinging. It sounded so far away, though, so it must have been the other elevator. Was someone here? Could they take you away from this? As you stroked at Shinsou's cock, you felt the presence of another person, but you weren't able to look around because of the mind control. "Take me into your mouth now. Suck on me like you love it~," Shinsou purred. You opened your mouth, and slid it onto Shinsou's awaiting cock. You could taste something salty that came out of the tip of it, but you weren't exactly sure what it was. You moved your mouth back and forth sucking hard as one of your hands came up to cup Shinsou's balls. You could hear the man above your groaning, and he moved a hand down to hold your hair back for you. "Take me in deeper." You felt like the amount that he was already in was uncomfortable enough, but you did as told and slid him further into your mouth.

Peeking out from the hallway connecting the boys' side and the girls' side with nothing but shock and hatred in his eyes, was Todoroki. He, too, was under you spell, but he wasn't about to walk over and yank you from Shinsou, who obviously had you under his mind control. While Todoroki's more primal side wanted to just haul you away, he already really liked you. And his inner desire at the moment was to take you in a way that made you feel loved and special. He wasn't about to pounce on you, even though it had been something he also wanted to do further down in your relationship, but now he wanted his first time with you to be meaningful. Seeing Shinsou making you blow him, however, did nothing but anger the half and half teen; however, he couldn't stop himself from watching. What was more was that he was sure that someone else might be on this floor.

"I'm almost a good girl and swallow...," Shinsou groaned, breathing becoming heavier. You just continued to suck him off like he had commanded you to, and the more you went the more that salty stuff came from his tip. It couldn't have been his come, since you knew that he hadn't finished yet. "Almost there..." Shinsou started to buck his hips harshly against your mouth, sliding himself further inside of it. You wanted to gag at the feeling and pull away, but you didn't. You just kept sucking him off, eyes watering at the rough treatment. Shinsou forced himself all the way inside as he groaned loudly, spilling himself deep inside of your mouth. As he jerked a bit due to his orgasm, his hips ended up hitting against your face, causing you to snap out of it. You quickly pulled away, coughing, his thick come seeping out of your mouth. As you coughed, some landed on the floor. You felt like you were a mess.

At this point, Todoroki had decided to leave for now. He would make sure to get you alone in his room, but first he needed to track the others down so that this wouldn't happen again.

As you coughed, trying to stand up, since you had been on the floor, your cat ears fell off your head. Shinsou let out a sigh of relief before he put himself back in his pants. "Aw, they feel off. Why don't you put them back on, hm?" he smirked. You refused to answer him, not going to trust him any further. Perhaps things would be different when your quirk wore off, but for now you just needed to get away. "I have an idea, why don't we go to my dorm room?" You refused to even look at Shinsou as you jetted passed him. "Hey, don't be afraid!" he called. It didn't seem like he was intent on following you, and while you did wonder why for a bit, your mind was more focused on escaping.

You ran to the girls' side, but your escape had been short lived as you hit a very hard and skeletal chest. You rubbed at your face, which hurt a bit due to the impact. Opening up your eyes, you looking up and into the sunken eyes of All Might. Your face showed alarm as you remembered that he had been on the fifth floor when you set your quirk off. You had to get away! As you tried to run off, All Might grabbed you in a tight hold. You squirmed, starting to be able to get free due to the fact that he was very weak in his skeleton form. "Hold on, stop squirming!" All Might told you, "I just don't know what's wrong with me." You manged to almost wiggle free, but soon enough you were encased in a pair of very strong arms that were now lifting you up due to the way they were holding you. "I said, stop," All Might's now deep voice sounded. "Just calm down." Now that All Might had changed into his muscular form to contain you, you couldn't help but to feel very frightened. If he were to do to you as Shinsou and Aizawa did, it was going to hurt with him like this. You were starting to regret trying to run from him.

"W-Wait," you shook, "Please'll probably go away!" Your quirk had to wear off sometime, after all. All Might didn't seem to be listening to you, though as he hoisted you up, making you wrap your legs around his waist. You clung to his chest afraid that you might fall otherwise.

"It'll only go away after I get what I need from you," All Might said. You whimpered in fright as you heard the sound of All Might's pants coming undone. He held you up with one arm while his other hand was on his length. He started to rub the tip of it against your clit, and you could hardly believe that that was about to go into you. It did feel a bit good to be rubbed like that, but you were still afraid. You wanted to run away, but there was a chance that if you did he would chase you down and make it hurt worse.

All Might didn't take his time with you like Aizawa had. Instead, he thrust up into you hard, causing a scream to erupt from your throat. You couldn't believe how painful that felt! It was like you were being ripped. "I guess I'm getting impatient," All Might groaned as he moved you up and down on his length by his hard grip on your waist. He didn't thrust his hips, but instead worked you on him as if you were like a sex toy. "You're so tight...I bet you haven't been fucked much~." With his other hand, he gave a spank to your ass, causing you to let out a squeak from it. "Don't worry, you'll be able to take it better someday." You bit your lip and buried your head against All Might's chest as he continued to fuck you against him. At some point in it, the pain subsided a bit, and you were able to get some pleasure from it. So, you moaned softly against his chest, involuntarily. "There you go~. See? You're taking my cock well~." You bit your lip, closing your eyes tightly as All Might manged to shove himself a bit deeper inside of you. Your grip on him grew harder as you were stretched out even more. You weren't sure how much your body could take. All Might gripped onto your hair and pulled it back so that he could see the look on your face as he fucked you hard and deep. "I'd love to shove my cock down in that pretty little mouth of yours," he groaned.

You could tell that he was probably nearing his limit as his thrusts became less rhythmic. All Might moved his hand from your hair to spank you again before he moved it back up to your neck. He squeezed, which caused you to tighten up even more around him. "F-Fuck...," he groaned, shoving you down hard onto him. Finally, he shot off deep inside of you, making you feel incredibly full with his come. You coughed a bit as his hold around your neck grew tighter during his orgasm. All Might let out a groan and with a 'poof', you were both on the floor. You were on top of him while he was in his bony form.

Seeing this as your chance to get away, you stood up, even though your legs wanted to give out on you after what just happened and ran to the elevator. "[Surname], wait!" All Might called before he started to cough up blood. You dived in and quickly pressed a button without thinking. As the doors closed, you let out a sigh of relief, sinking to the floor. You felt incredibly sore, and you could feel All Might's come seeping from out of you. You rubbed at your thighs, wincing a bit. At least you no longer felt like a fool for taking Aizawa up on his offer. If All Might had been your first...

When the elevator dinged, you managed to stand up again, walking out of it. You were on the girls' side of which floor, you didn't know. You looked around before noticing the hallway connecting the two sides. When you saw that it was blocked off with a black piece of cloth, you realized that you were on the fifth floor. Your heart began to thump out of panic, before you noticed how quiet it was. Maybe everyone left? You glanced at the elevator, weighing your options. If you went back to it, there was a chance that you could run into someone that had been affected by your quirk, if you stayed on the fifth floor, you could also run into someone. There was also the chance that you could make it to the first floor and out of the dorm if you went back to the elevator. Or maybe the best thing would be to rest for a bit before deciding to leave. You weren't exactly sure. You bit your lip as you thought, eyes slowly trailing back over to the black cloth. There was a pink mist around it. That must be from your quirk. Windows probably needed to be open in order for it to properly air out.

As you stared at the pink mist, the black cloth was pushed back. You quickly put up a guard, prepared to run. You didn't want to be used again nor did you want for your quirk to hurt anyone else. Todoroki appeared from behind the black cloth, a waft of pink mist flowing into the girls' side from the hallway. You felt incredibly anxious as you watched his eyes scanning you over. He trailed his gaze from your face down your body before stopping as he stared at one area in particular. "You're bleeding," he told you, sternly. Your eyes widened, and you looked down at yourself. Sure enough, there was a bit of blood on your thighs. You started to wonder what exactly you were going through and how much more your body could take. As you looked up, you noticed that Todoroki was right in front of you. He grabbed onto your hand and started to pull you towards the boys' side. You struggled a bit.

"W-Wait! Please don't take me in there!" you yelled. Todoroki stopped right before the entrance, turning to look at you.

"I promise, I won't hurt you," he said, "And no one else is up here. You're safe." You stared at him hard and in utter confusion before looking at the pink cloudy hallway. Todoroki followed your gaze before letting out a sigh, "I don't understand what it is either,'s intoxicating to me." It then donned on you that probably only a few people knew that you had caused that. Shinsou and Uraraka definitely knew, as well as Aizawa. You wondered if anyone else did. You looked back at Todoroki who looked at you expectantly. He seemed fine, and you did wonder why. Maybe your quirk didn't affect him. Slowly, you nodded, and the second you did, Todoroki began to pull you again. The two of you disappeared into the cold and still slightly stuffy darkness. The air felt thick, but you chose to ignore that for now. You just let Todoroki pull you. You didn't know where you were going, however, since it all was just so dark and unfamiliar.

Todoroki pulled you inside of a room and switched the lights on. Because of the pink mist, the room was a bit dim. You were able to at least see, and you noticed that it had been decorated to be apart of the haunted house. There were spider webs and fake bones. It wasn't at all scary to you, though. "Come here," Todoroki told you, as he stood next to the bed. You bit your lip, but you trusted him well enough at the moment, so you did as told. The second you made it to him, however, Todoroki pushed you on the bed before lifting the bottom of your dress up without hesitation.

"W-What are you doing?!" you questioned, struggling to get your dress down. Todoroki snatched your wrists easily to stop your struggling. He pinned them above your head as he got on the bed, kneeling between your legs to keep you from closing them.

"Relax, [Name], I'm just trying to tend to your wound," he told you. You stopped wiggling and looked into his eyes since his face was right over yours. You didn't know if it was because of the mist in the room, but his eyes looked a bit cloudy. Even if he wasn't pouncing on you like the others, he had to have been affected. There was no way Todoroki would be able to just casually look at you down there. You had nothing to lose at the moment, however. Maybe he could actually help you.

"Alright...," you breathed out. Your wrists were let go of, and Todoroki lifted your dress up again. You felt your whole face turn red, since you knew that he was face to face with your crotch. No man has ever looked at it before. You could hear Todoroki let out a shaky breath as he grabbed onto the waistband of your panties.

"I don't know how...but this mist is making me want to do nothing but fuck you all night," he admitted, "But I've always wanted you to be mine..." He slid your panties down your legs before pulling them off. Your face turned red, and you nervously dug your hands into the bed underneath you. Todoroki spread your legs, taking a good look at you. His breath hitched as he moved a hand over to your thighs, and soon enough you felt a cooling sensation on your thighs and crotch which began to soothe your aches. "Let me have you... even if it's just for this moment. I promise that I'll make you feel good." His eyes lustfully stared into yours, his cold hand moving up higher, making goosebumps spread across your skin. It felt so relaxing, and without truly realizing it, you nodded.

Todoroki continued to stare into your eyes as he spread your legs a bit more, moving them so that they hooked around his waist as two of his cold fingers started to thrust in and out of you sweetly. You moaned sweetly at the sensation, barely realizing that Todoroki was undoing his pants and taking out his already hard member. His fingers felt so good and reassuring, that when he took them away, you whined a bit unhappily. Todoroki chuckled, starting to trace at your hole with the tip of his cock. You grew a bit nervous, since the other two times hurt, but as Todoroki sunk into you a cool pleasurable feeling was all that you felt. There was no pain, rather he was using his quirk to soothe the pain that All Might had caused. You mewled, moving your hips a bit at the feeling. Todoroki grabbed onto your hands and laced his fingers into yours as he started to thrust in and out of you at an even pace. You had no idea that sex could feel so good, and Todoroki was hitting some really good spots. You gripped onto his hands tightly as your pleasure increased with every thrust. "A-Ah...~," you moan was breathy, toes curling a bit. Todoroki leaned his head down and pressed his lips against yours. You kissed him back, allowing his tongue to slip into your mouth as he picked up his pace. You did wonder if it was because of the other times that you had sex that evening, but you felt as you were nearing your end. Torodoki pulled away from the kiss so that he could whisper in your ear,

"Don't hold back, [Name]," he groaned softly. You nodded, feeling relaxed underneath him at the moment, a coil within you was just getting tighter and tighter, and as it did so your moans grew more frequent and louder. You squeezed Todoroki's hands as you grew closer and soon enough, your eyes nearly rolled to the back of your head as you finally orgasmed, back arching up against the man on top of you. You moaned his name sweetly, feeling him swell up as you did so. "Mm, say my name again~," he purred into your ear.

"S-Shouto...," you said out of breath. Todoroki pressed his lips against yours again as he thrust faster into you. You kissed him back, letting go of his hands to wrap your arms around him, knowing that he was at his own limit. When Todoroki finally came, he buried his face into your neck, spilling his seed deep within you. As you both came down, you were amazed at what had happened. You just had sex with Todoroki, and it had felt amazing. Todoroki pulled out of you, laying at your side. He moved you close to him, kissing the top of your head as you panted. While your body did feel tired, you weren't really in any pain. So, you felt as if you could maybe make it home now. You looked at Todoroki, "U-Um, thank you," you told him, "I feel better." He kissed your lips this time, pulling you closer.

"I still want you," he said, looking up "I just want to stay in here with you all night, breathing in this mist." You bit your lip, moving away from him so that you could sit up.

"This is all my fault," you admitted, "The reason all of you are like this...It's because I can't control my quirk." Todoroki sat up, raising an eyebrow.

"I don't know what you're talking about, but whatever this is," he started, "If anyone tries to hurt you over it, it's not your fault. At all. It's theirs for not being able to control themselves. So, don't feel bad or as if you're to blame." You flushed a bit, thinking about it. You wished that you knew more about your quirk and how it worked. It would make things so much easier. You stood up.

"I can't stay here," you told him, "I need to go back to my dorm." Todoroki looked up at you and sighed.

"Alright," he said, closing his eyes briefly, "I won't follow you, since I'm afraid of what I might do." You couldn't help but to smile softly from that, flushing a bit. Maybe he could control himself more than the others, you didn't know. Perhaps what Toru said earlier was right, and he did actually like you. And maybe he liked you in a way where he chose to put your needs above his own. Or maybe it was a bit different. Maybe he just started liking you which caused him to be less aggressive. You didn't know, but you hoped to figure this out.

"Todoroki," you said, causing him to look at you, "Thank you." As you thanked him again, Todoroki just smirked. You didn't have time to pay too much attention to it as you jetted out of the room. Since it was emitting a bit of light, you noticed a window that had more black cloth over it. You yanked the cloth down before opening the window and the others around it, hoping to air out the mist. After that, you headed for the elevator. You just had to go to the first floor. Should be easy enough. As you went inside, you pressed the first floor and let out a sigh or relief. Once you got to your dorm, you'd need to contact someone for help. Sure you could perhaps do that on the first floor and with some of the students who hadn't been affected by you, but the farther away from Class 3-A's dorm the better.

The elevator stopped, and you quickly got out without a second thought. You saw a decorated hallway with rooms in front of you, which made you raise an eyebrow. This wasn't the first floor. Before you could try to figure out where you were, both of your arms were harshly grabbed. "Haha, I was just trying to use the elevator, but look what we got instead~!"

"Fuck, yeah. I can't get [Name] out of my mind for some reason!"

"Me either, it's so weird!" You glanced to your left to see Kirisihima holding onto your left arm tightly, before looking at your right to see Tetsutestu there. Your eyes widened, and you tried to squirm away from them. They were just incredibly strong.

"Hold on, I got her," Kirishima said, causing Tetsutetsu to let go of you. He grabbed onto your waist and picked you up before forcing you down to the ground, "Now how are we gonna do this? My mind is just going so crazy at the moment, but I'm all for sharing with you." You looked up at both of them, feeling very frightened. You weren't sure what to do. The last thing you wanted was for either of them to get inside of you and end up activating their quirk. You were still healing after all.

"What if I take her from behind, and you get her from the front?" Tetsutetsu suggested. Your eyes widened. You hadn't even considered that they would think to do that.

"Smart idea, man," Kirishima smirked. You had to do something and fast.

"W-Wait, wait!" you said, catching both of their attentions, "I...What if I just used my mouth on both of you? I promise I'll do a good job, just...please...!" Tetsutetsu and Kirishima stared at you before looking at each other and shrugging.

"I guess that could work," Tetsutetsu agreed.

"Haha, way to take one for the team, [Name]!" Kirishima smiled. You then got up on your knees, thinking about what you did for Shinsou. As long as you didn't have to take them all the way in, you'd be fine. Blowing them both at the same time might be tricky, though. You reached forward a bit shakily, undoing Kirishima's pants first and taking him out before switching to Tetsutetsu's. You wondered how your mom did it, being as she had the same quirk as you. You remembered hearing stories from your aunt about how your mother always had men at her feet and on her beck and call. You just thought she had been good with men, but if it was actually from her quirk you wondered how she was able to use it that way. Whatever you had done before had clearly affected those who inhaled your quirk, but how exactly? Taking your mind away from those thoughts, you decided to focus on the two men standing at each side of you. You hoped to be able to get them to finish as soon as you could so that you could get away. You stroked at their stiffening members before leaning closer to Kirishima. You were a bit hesitant, but you stuck your tongue out, swiping it across his tip. "Come on, [Name], be a good girl and take me in...~," he purred. You bit your lip, but you nodded, opening your mouth and sliding his hard length inside as you continued to stroke Tetsutetsu, who was watching you pleasure Kirishima.

The red head, let out a groan, bucking his hips slightly against your mouth. It caused him to go a bit deeper inside, but you were able to pull back a bit. However, once you did that, you felt a hand at the back of your head, forcing you to go deeper. Tetsutetsu had slid his fingers into your hair, and with a hard grip he made you thrust your head back and forth on Kirishima's length much rougher and quicker than you would have liked. "There you go~," he chuckled, not caring at all whenever choked sounds left your throat. You let go of Tetsutetsu's cock and gripped onto Kirishiama's hips, holding onto them as if you were using them like an anchor. Kirisihima didn't at all seem to care, and he groaned at the way Tetutetsu was fucking him with your mouth.

"A-Almost there," he groaned, hips started to buck a bit more against you. Your eyes were watering, and you shut them tightly to try to stop any tears from rolling down your cheeks due to this incredibly rough treatment. The louder Kirishima became, the harder Tetsutetsu worked your mouth against the other man's length, and soon enough Kirishima let out a loud groan, grabbing onto your shoulders roughly to stop Tetsutetsu from moving you as he came at the back of your throat. You fought hard to pull away, but you were no match for their strength.

When you were finally let go, you coughed violently, wiping your mouth before rubbing the tears away from your eyes. You were becoming so exhausted, and you hoped dearly that these two would be the last ones that you would run into. As you rubbed at your throat, you felt Tetsutetsu pulling you to him, "Hey, we're not done here, yet," he told you. You knew that you didn't have much of a choice, so you reached out, stroking his cock again. You were a bit hesitant to put him into your mouth, but you did so, hoping that Kirishima wouldn't do what Tetsutetsu had done to you not too long ago. You tried to put him in as deep as you could, knowing that if you didn't there was a chance he would hold your head in place as he fucked your mouth. So, once you got his cock as far into your mouth as possible, you started to move your head back and forth roughly, trying to pleasure him as much as you could. "You're a f-fast learner," Tetsutetsu groaned. You didn't have time to do an internal sigh of relief as you felt Kirishima's hands on you. He had gotten behind you and started to trail his hands up and down your body. He cupped at your breasts before sliding his hand down to your stomach and back again.

"Does that feel good~?" he purred to you. Being as your mouth was full, you couldn't exactly respond, but Kirishima got your answer in the form of a muffled moan as he had slipped his hand under your dress and started to rub at your clit. "I see you aren't wearing any panties~." He chuckled. You had forgot them in Todoroki's room, but with what was happening now underwear was the last thing on your mind. Kirishima played with your bundle of nerves, taking in the muffled sounds that you gave off because of it. You hated to admit it, but what he was doing just felt so good to you, and the thought of having another orgasm wasn't such a bad idea.

"Mm, I'm almost there," Tetsutetsu moaned, he bucked against your mouth, and you took this as a sign for you to go harder, so you did. You were determined to make him come quickly so that you could get this over with, and as you worked at Tetsutetsu with the thought of wanting to bring him to completion, Kirishima kept rubbing you sweetly. "A-Ah...just like that...," Tetsutetsu groaned. He reached out and grabbed onto your hair, giving it a hard tug as he spilled into your mouth. As your mouth filled with his come, you wondered what you should do with it. The other times, it had been forced down your throat, before you ended up coughing some out. Now, you weren't sure.

"Go on, [Name], swallow it~," Kirishima purred into your ear. You flushed up at the thought of doing that, but being as you didn't feel like making yourself any messier nor the floor underneath you, you did as told, swallowing all of Tetsutetsu's seed. "Good girl~," Kirishima purred into your ear before pulling away. You felt a bit disappointed that he just left you like that, without finishing you off. It was a bit unfair, and as Kirishima stood up, you considered voicing your opinion.

"Something wrong, [Name]?" Tetustetsu smirked, catching onto how you felt by the look on your face. Kirishima chuckled.

"It's because I didn't make her come," he admitted, causing you to flush up. You were a bit embarrassed for feeling that way. Tetsutetsu nudged him.

"You didn't finish her off dude? That's so unmanly!" he said. Kirishima held his hands up in defense.

"I know, I know," he said, "I just have an idea, that's all." As he said that, you knew what was going to happen next or rather, what they wanted to happen next. You looked around for an exit, not wanting to do this at the moment. Sure, your body wanted some release, but that would come with the cost of being ripped apart by those two dressed as werewolves. "Why don't we take this to my room, and I'll make you come as much as you want, [Name]~."

"Dude, she's gone," Tetsutetsu said, looking at where you once were.

You had no intention of dealing with this any longer, so you headed for the elevator on the girls' side. Once you got in the elevator, you would be able to go to the first floor so long as no one stopped it on the second. You would be on the girl's side, though, so you highly doubted you'd run into any more boys that were under your spell. You looked around at the hallway, which was very quiet. All seemed good, the walls were decorated nicely you noted, as you looked around, keeping your guard up as you walked to the elevator. Your peripheral vision soon enough caught a glimpse of an interesting wall decoration. It had been a mask...a mask that kind of looked like Mirio's face. Wait a minute...

You jumped back, eliciting a laugh from the blonde, who stepped out of the wall completely naked. "Scared you, didn't I?" he laughed. Your eyes were wide as you noticed the lack of clothing he had. "Oops! Sorry, I was just looking for my clothes, but it looks like I found something better!" You felt your heart beating faster at this. Was he going to force himself on you? Mirio was so big and muscular that you wondered if it would be like All Might or not, "Someone to help me find my clothes! Have you seen them? I didn't wear a costume. Just a t-shirt, jeans, and a Letterman jacket." You hadn't expected for him to say that, but you stepped back just in case.

"Sorry, I haven't seen them, but I can't help you as I really need to leave," you explained to him.

"Ah, I see!" Mirio smiled, "You're [Surname], right?" You nodded slowly, and as you did so, Mirio walked closer to you. You kept your guard up, eyes shifting to see how far away you were from the elevator before looking back at Mirio. Mirio grabbed onto your hand and shook it, "Nice to formally meet you," he said, before raising an eyebrow, " that's what I've been smelling?" You raised an eyebrow.

"What?" you asked. Mirio let go of your hand, holding onto his chin as he thought aloud.

"Well...when I went to help with the haunted house, something weird happened. There was this pink mist," Mirio started to explain, "And well...I don't know I think it's affected my brain somehow because I've been smelling this really sweet smell. It's sort of intoxicating, and to be honest I wanted to find the source of it. I guess since we never formally met I couldn't exactly see you as the source." He smiled, "Being this close to you is making me feel weird, you know?" He chuckled. You felt as if you acquired another missing piece to how your quirk worked. Maybe Mirio hadn't tried to force himself on you because you hadn't even considered you as the source for how he was feeling? The others knew you already, and perhaps your quirk caused their brains to recognize you as the source of their current need for sexual release. You weren't exactly sure if that was how it worked, though. It was all so weird to you, but what you did know for sure was that the mist smelled like you to those it affected, it was lingering to them, and it caused them to want you sexually.

Before you knew it, Mirio had grabbed onto your arm, pulling you closer to him and into his arms. You didn't at all try to fight it at this point, knowing it would be futile, but you were alarmed. He buried his head against your neck, smelling you, and you could feel his now hard length poking you. "You smell so good...," he purred. It had to have been your quirk making him feel that way because you had sex with several people up until this point, who had been affected by it. "Don't worry, [Surname], I won't take it if you won't let me...I just want to hold you right now and take in your scent~." Those words made you flush hard, and you couldn't help but to wonder what was happening. Mirio wasn't jumping you, and you wondered why. Perhaps you were somehow controlling your quirk, or maybe it had to do with Mirio's personal mindset. Whatever it was, you just didn't know.

"Do you not want to have sex with me?" you found yourself asking. Mirio looked up a you.

"I do," he told you, "I really do..." He started to tail his hands up and down your body, "But I feel like something's stopping me...If you let me though..." You bit your lip, truly wishing you knew how your quirk worked. You thought on the fact of figuring more out about it, and your body also decided to remind you that you hadn't finished earlier. You could feel yourself tinging as Mirio touched you.

"Alright," the word left your mouth before you even realized it followed by something you didn't think you'd ever say, "Fuck me." Mirio did not have to be told twice as he started to kiss at your neck, roughly, hands going underneath your dress, cupping at your ass. You moaned softly, wrapping your arms around Mirio, ignoring the fact that you were about to have sex with someone you just formally met. You, honestly, really wanted to come, and also use this as an oppertunity to learn more about your quirk. Would he want to fuck you again afterwards? Or would he be like Todoroki and let you walk free? Todoroki had also asked you, even though he had been more forward than Mirio was.

Before you knew it, Mirio hoisted you up against the wall, pressing his mouth against yours. You could feel his hips grinding against yours, making you moan softly from the feeling. You wrapped your legs around him and put your arms around his neck for support, "You're already so wet," Mirio told you, "Are you ready?" You nodded, knowing that it would probably be a bit uncomfortable when first went in, but with how he was now you doubted that Mirio would actually try to hurt you. You held on tightly as Mirio pushed his cock inside of you. You bit your lip at the feeling before letting out a soft pleasureable sigh as you got used to it. Mirio didn't waste any time and started to thrust in and out of you roughly. That took some getting used to, but after what All Might did to you earlier, it was nothing in comparison to that. You dug your nails into Mirio's shoulders as he brought you closer and closer with every thrust, moaning against your neck.

"A-Ah...," you moaned softly, legs tightening around him. You were getting closer and closer at every thrust, but in your defense Kirishima had been playing with you not too long ago. When you finally did come, you closed your eyes tightly, toes curling at the incredible feeling. Mirio groaned when he felt you tigthening around him, but he kept going so that he could meet his own release. He got a bit deeper inside of you, thrusts starting to become a bit sharper. You felt a bit overstimulated because of it, but you let him continue fucking you.

"You're so wet, [Surname]," Mirio breathlessly told you. He buried his face a bit deeper into your neck, thrusts getting a bit less rythmic, and finally he spilled himself inside of you. His come felt hot, you couldn't help but to note, and the feeling of it actually felt pretty good. Mirio's thrusts came to a stop, and he gently pulled out of you before letting your feet touch the ground. You let out a sigh of releif, happy that you got to release all of that. You were panting a bit, but you didn't want this one to be in vain.

"How do you feel right now?" you asked between pants.

"I feel like I really want you," Mirio explained, "And like I'd do anything to have you." Your eyes widened as you realized that that was probably how your mother had men at her beck and call. But unlike her, you couldn't control your quirk, so the outcomes were different. You moved away from the wall and stepped back from Mirio. "I'm okay for now," Mirio said, noticing the now slightly unsure look on your face, "I should probably keep looking for my clothes though, and maybe try to get my thinking straight." He shrugged, smile coming onto his face. "Later, [Surname]!" He waved at you before disappearing into the wall again.

You let out a sigh, trying not to think about your current physical state and how sore you were overall. You didn't know how much more you could take, nor did you really want to take anymore. You turned to look at where the elevator was, before walking over to it again. Soon you'd be back at your dorm, and hopefully you'd be able to find out how your quirk fully worked. You needed to be able to control it, so that this situation never happened again. As you were walking to the elevator, you heard a 'ding' coming from the boys' side. Someone must have come up, so you figured that you needed to hurry just in case. That slightly worried feeling, however, turned to one of fright as you heard angered growling followed by the sound of someone quickly running. You felt your heart beating fast due to fear, and your body just stopped in its tracks causing you to panic. "There you are, you little bitch!" Quickly turning to the source, you noticed Bakugo standing by the entrance of the hallway that connected the boys' side to the girls' side, "This is all your fucking fault, and I know it! Now come over here!" If you thought Bakugo was scary before, he was downright terrifying right now.

You heard another ding, only this time it was right behind you. You quickly looked over, seeing the elevator opening up. It was Midoriya, and he looked from you to Bakugo and back again. You were unsure how you felt about this, but fear must have still been on your face because Midoriya asked, "Are you alright, [Surname]?" concerned. You bit your lip, unsure if you should even respond. Midoriya seemed relaxed, though, unlike Bakugo.

"Shut up, Deku! This is between me and her." Bakugo scoffed, "Get your ass over here now!" He narrowed his eyes at you.

"Don't talk to her like that," Midoriya said, before turning his attention to you, "Come with me, [Surname]. It'll be alright, I promise." He looked at you sweetly, his cute and innoent-looking face giving you a sense of security.


"[Surname]." You looked from Bakugo to Midoriya, before diving into the elevator. The second you did, Midoriya pressed one of the buttons, effectly closing the doors. You could hear Bakugo growling, but you chose to ignore it. Midoriya seemed fine, so you felt safe. You let out a sigh of relief as you looked at the curly-haired teen, "Are you alright?" You bit your lip before shaking your head.

"I just...I feel so overwhelmed and well..." You weren't exactly sure if you should explain to him what happened. From what you remembered, Midoriya had been at the haunted house when your quirk went off, but he didn't seem affected at all. You didn't know how you would feel telling him about how everyone had taken advantage of you, esepcially with All Might being one of those people. Midoriya was so sweet, after all, and he beleived the best in everyone. You didn't want that shattered for him, but you were still in a difficult situaion and needed to get away from it.

"It's alright, [Surname]. I'm here for you," Midoriya smiled softly, gently putting a hand on your shoulder, "I won't let anyone hurt you. Not even Kacchan." You smiled back at him, but yours was more sad than anything.

"That means a lot," you honoestly said. If he were to help you, then you surely would be able to escape. Midoriya's quirk was incredible, after all, and he was an excellent fighter. Not only that, but he was a well-liked person and very smart. You doubted that anyone would bother you with him around. The elevator doors opened, and you noticed that you were on the second floor. You looked around, confused before reaching to press the button for the first floor. You were stopped, though.

"You might want to borrow some of my clothing," Midoriya explained looking at your costume, "You shouldn't walk around like that..." You looked down at your completely disheaveled Alice in Wonderland costume. It also had some blood stains near the bottom as well as some come stains. Your face flushed. "It's alright," Midoriya smiled, before gently grabbing your hand and leading you to his room. You were so grateful to have a friend like him. Even though you hadn't said much, he seemed to understand and not ask questions. It was reassuring. Midoriya opened the door to his room and let you go inside first before closing it after himself. He clicked the lock into place, which you felt a bit unsure about. "It's so Kacchan can't get in," he said, smile turning a bit dazey, "You should have heard the things he was saying about you earlier. He obviously has no idea how to treat a lady." Your eyes widened, and your mouth dropped. Without thinking, you stepped back.

"W-What...what are you talking about?" you asked. Midoriya walked over to you, wrapping his arms around your waist. You squirmed a bit, trying to get away, but he just easily picked you up. He sat down on his bed, having you sit on his lap.

"Don't worry, [Surname]," he said, holding you into place with one arm and stroking his other hand through your hair, "I'll let you get changed. I wouldn't lie to you, trust me, but..." He leaned closer to you, biting at the shell of your ear, which caused you to shiver, "There are other things I want to do with you...And I promise that you'll love them~." You looked at Midoriya, seeing a look on his face that you didn't ever think you would. He was looking at you with such lust, eyes trailing all around your body as he started to nibble on your ear before kissing down your neck.

"Hey! Open up, or I'll blast your fuckin' door down!" As if you didn't already have enough to deal with, you could now hear Bakugo banging to be let in. At this point, you didn't know if it would be better to be out there or stay where you were. It wasn't like Midoriya was going to let you go, though.

"Just ignore Kacchan," Midoriya purred into your ear. He moved his hand from your hair to cup at one of your breasts through your costume, "Perhaps we should take this off~." Before anything else could happen, the door busted open. You felt as if your heart almost lept out of your chest at that, but Midoriya seemed calm.

"Dammit, Deku!" Bakugo growled, "Don't get in my fucking way!" Midoriya kept touching you, hand now moving to get underneath your dress.

"I was hoping to get to spend some time alone with [Surname], but it looks like you're here now," he said, voice incredibly innocent. You had no idea if he was doing that on purpose or not, but then again Midoriya could be one of those people who were genuinly sweet and cute, but a completely different person when it came to sexual matters. You just wished that this was something you had never found out, though.

"Oh, fuck you," Bakugo spat, before walking over and yanking you from the freckled teen. You whined at this rough treatment, falling against Bakugo's chest. "Just what did you fucking do to me?!"

"I don't know!" you admitted, feeling a bit frightened.

"You're scaring her, Kacchan," Midoriya spoke as he stood up, he gently pulled you back to him, wrapping his arms around you, before stroking a hand down your body, "You need to start off soft with [Surname], before you can be rough with her." Your face went red, and you weren't even sure what to do at this point. You were currently between two of the top students of U.A.'s heoric's department. You wouldn't be able to easily run away.

"Oh, shut it! She needs to fix this," Bakugo said, pulling you hard against him. You felt your back touching his chest, and he began to roughly bite at your neck, arms wrapping around your waist. Midoriya just shrugged before leaning forward and pressing his lips against yours as his hands went to your thighs, rubbing at them softly. You didn't want to, but your body started to give in, loving the feeling of being pleasured. You kissed Midoriya back, wrapping your arms around his neck. You got a sweet moan from him, but soon enough, Bakugo pulled you back onto the bed and on his lap. You could feel his hard member poking at your ass. Midoriya got onto the bed as well, but sat in front of you. He lifted up the bottom of your dress, letting out a hum of approval as he noticed that you weren't wearing any panties.

"...didn't expect this," he noted, as he spread your legs.

"Just shut up, and get her ready," Bakugo scoffed. Midoriya got between your legs, laying down. Two of his fingers found your clit before rubbing at it. You bit your lip from the feeling.

"You're already so wet....," Midoriya purred before moving closer and attaching his mouth to your clit. Your eyes widened at the amazing feeling as you threw your head back, moaning loudly. No one had ever put their mouth on you before, so this just felt incredible, and Midoriya seemed to know exactly what he was doing. He held onto one of your thighs with one hand as he slipped two fingers inside of you, pumping them in and out, mouth sucking at your bundle of nerves roughly. You wanted to come like this so badly, but the two had other plans. Izuku pulled his mouth away from you and leaned up a bit, "I think she's more than ready." You felt Bakugo's hold on you tighten.

"Is everything ready?" he asked. Midoriya's cute face looked confused for a second before his eyes widened.

"You can do that yourself if you want to hurt her," he merely said. You weren't exactly sure what they meant, but you didn't have much time to think as Bakugo pushed you forward and off of him. You whined at the rough treatment, but as if to make up for it, Midoriya gently pulled you onto his lap, kissing your lips again. You could hear him undoing his pants, so you knew what was to come. Bakugo was behind you also undoing his pants, and you did wonder how this would work. You only had one hole for them to fuck you in, unless they planned to take turns. Midoriya positioned himself at your entrance, before letting you sink down onto his hard cock. You hadn't seen what he looked like down there, but he definitly filled you up. You wrapped your arms around his neck, putting your chin on his shoulder as he grabbed onto your hips, making you move back and forth on him. You moaned softly at the feeling, finding it to be amazing. You hated to admit it, but you had gotten used to it.

Before you could just relax as Midoriya fucked you against him, you felt Bakugo getting closer to you from behind. He lifted the back of your dress up, making you feel utterly confused. However that feeling did not last long as you felt something hard and slightly damp poking at your asshole. You hadn't even considered that he'd do that! "W-Wait, wait!" you quickly said, twisting your body around as much as you could. Bakugo wasn't having it, though, and he forced you back to face Midoriya.

"If you fight it, it'll only hurt worse," he said, "Besides, blame Deku for not preparing you for this."

"You could have also done it," Midoriya shrugged.

"Shut it!" Bakugo growled. You remembered the pain that you had felt when you lost your virginity, and you were sure that having a cock in your ass would hurt worse. You whined, though buried your face against Midoriya's neck and moaned as he started to hit against a very good spot inside of you. This was all too much. Bakugo grabbed onto your waist tightly with one hand as he used his other hand to guide himself inside of your asshole. As you felt him forcing himself in, your eyes widened at the pain. You teared up, biting your lip at the stretching feeling.

"It's okay," Midoriya gently assured you. He moved a hand down to rub at your clit, "Just try to relax." That was obvioviously easier said than done, especially since Bakugo was pushing it in without any stops or breaks for you.

"Damn, you're so fucking tight," he groaned, resting his chin on your shoulder. Once Bakugo was completely inside of you, he didn't move, but instead let Midoriya continue to move you against both of them as you got used to it. It was a mixture of pleasure and pain, and you were honoestly grateful that Midoriya could make you feel so good, because you wouldn't be able to handle just pain. Bakugo was obviously a bit impatient, however, because he didn't give you too much time to get used to him being inside of your asshole. He started to thrust against you, but thankfully started at a slow pace. You held on tightly to Midoriya, who was still rubbing at your clit as he fucked you against him. You just hoped that the pain would subside soon, though Bakugo picked up his pace before it started to feel better. You bit your lip as the pleasure started to override the pain. Being between both of them was starting to feel so incredible, and you knew that you were about to come soon. Your body couldn't hold on much longer.

"O-Oh...A-Ah...~!" you moaned breathily against Midoriya's ear, who started to move you faster as he realized that you were near your end. When you finally came, you held onto him tightly, inner walls squeezing around him as you did so. Midoriya groaned sweetly at the feeling of you coming on him, and Bakugo was also able to feel you throbbing, which resulted in a pleasureful growl from him. He started to move a bit rougher in your ass, and as the two of them continued to thrust into you, your body spasmed a bit and formed goosebumps. You hadn't expected to come so quickly, but with the two of them going at you the way they were, you hadn't been able to hold on.

Bakugo bit down hard on your neck, causing you to let out a noise full of surprise and some pleasure as they were still moving inside of you. It had felt much harder than you had expected. Bakugo pulled back and started to kiss and nibble at the back of your neck, while Midoriya leaned closer to you, kissing and sucking at where Bakugo had bit as if to soothe the wound. When he pulled away, you noticed that there was some blood on his lips. Bakugo must have caused that to happen. You were in such a pleasure-filled daze that you hadn't cared that your skin had just been broken. Your hazey feeling futhered as you felt Midoriya started to swell inside of you. He burried his face against your bloody neck as he came, pumping his come inside of you. Bakugo followed along him shortly afterwards, latching his teeth against the other side of your neck as his thrusts because very fast and hard. He spilled his load into your ass, which made you feel extremely full with having it in both holes.

You were panting as you all came down, and honoestly with your head starting to clear, you just wanted to leave again. You didn't care about putting on some fresh clothing, you just wanted to leave before anything else were to happen. Bakugo was the first to pull out of you, putting himself back into his pants. You were a bit shakey, but you manged to get off of Midoriya, deciding to leave the bed altogether. As they both fixed their clothing, you felt like now would be the best time to head to the door. But,

"Hey?! Where do you think you're going?!" Bakugo yelled, "You need to tell me why the fuck I feel like I want to fuck you so much!"

"Ah, but didn't you always like [Surname] like that?" Midoriya asked, "To be honoest, I kind of do as well." He flushed a bit. Your eyes wideded as you looked at them both. There was no way that the two of them had any sort of crush on you. That just had to have been your quirk! You suddenly remembered the conversation that you had with Toru and Uraraka earlier. Bakugo's face reddened a bit.

"S-Shut up, Deku! It ain't like that!" Bakugo told him, "Besides, just cause you like someone doesn't mean you'd want to fuck them this much!"

"Well, doesn't it, though?" Midoriya asked, curiously, "I mean, isn't that the point?"

"Not to this point," Bakugo said, meaning what the three of you had just done. They seemed distracted, however, so you decided to use that to your advantage and sneak off for the elevator. As you got inside of it, you could still hear the two going at it, but you consided that to be a good thing at the moment since it meant that they weren't paying you any mind. You let out a sigh before looking at the elevator buttons. You were one floor away from the first floor...But what if something else were to happen? Everyone you ran into had been affected, so what if you went to the first floor and your quirk had gotten to them as well? You still weren't sure how this all worked, and with a change of heart, you pressed the button for the fifth floor. As the elevator doors closed, you hoped you didn't regret this.

Todoroki was up there, from what you remembered and no one else. Maybe it would be in your best interest to stay with him. He seemed the most safe, besides Mirio, that you had encountered. Not only that, but your quirk had been concentrated up there. You had opened up some windows, so you wondered if it still was or not. You hoped it had cleared, but if it didn't maybe you would be able to study it somehow. That was all you could think to do in your current predicament.

When the elevator doors opened up again, you glanced around, wondering if this would be another incident with someone else calling it. You saw the dark hallway, and let out a sigh of relief. You were on the fifth floor. Causiously, you stepped out of the elevator and looked around. There were still traces of the pink mist, but it was mostly gone. You pulled back the black cloth in front of you and looked out one of the windows. It was so dark out. You wondered what time it was and how long you had been there. A breeze flew into the building, causing you to shiver a bit. You would have started closing the windows, but the mist was still slightly there. "Todoroki?" you called, walking slowly. You didn't exactly remember where his room was, and it was so dark that you knew you needed to be careful. "Todoroki?" you called again. You looked into the room nearest to you, but didn't see him, so you decided to try the next one. Had you both even been in his room when you guys had sex? You just assumed since he took you into it.

You peered into the next room before hearing, "Is that you, [Name]?" You quickly turned around, hoping to see the half-and-half hero. Instead you jumped back as you saw an orange-haired one instead. It was Kaminari, and he looked pretty amused, "I've been looking all over for you." He smirked. The vibe he was giving off didn't exactly make you feel any better. Still, you had to continue on. At this point, you knew that running was not an option. You just had to be on alert and think about things carefully.

"Have you?" you asked. Kaminari nodded quickly.

"Yeah!" he smiled. You stepped back, thinking things carefully. Just because he wasn't automatically forcing himself onto you didn't mean he didn't want to try something. You had figured this out by now. What was his angle, though? Was he going to trick you like Aizawa, Shinsou, and Midoriya did? "You wanna have sex?" His smile widened happily. You weren't sure what to make of that! Did he really just ask you that so straightforwardly? Without skipping a beat? All of the others had at least mentioned that they were feeling something towards you before getting into it, but Kaminari just outright asked you to sleep with him. Perhaps you could just be honoest with him.

"Not really...," you said, glancing away. Kaminari pouted.

"Why not?" he questioned, "I could so treat you good, you know. Believe me you'd love it!" His smile returned. You felt kind of confused at this. Kaminari had definitly been in the haunted house when you fired off your quirk. In fact, he was the one that scared you. So, why did he seem so casual?

"Kaminari...," you started, "Do you feel a need to have sex with me right now? Like a really strong one that you can't control?" Kaminari raised an eyebrow at this before putting a hand under his chin.

"Dunno," he shrugged, "I've always wanted to fuck you, but I guess tonight I feel good enough to ask you." He shrugged, "Not much of a different feeling to be honoest." You rubbed at the inner corners of your eyes, trying to think this through. You didn't like to refer to people as being less intelligent, but Kaminari was pushing things a bit.

"Okay we-Hey!" You whined as Kaminari came closer, wrapping his arms around your waist. He started to kiss down your neck, hands massaging onto your waistline. You weren't sure if you could take yet another round, and your mind was going crazy in itself as was your body. On one hand you couldn't help but to think about how it might be easier just to have sex with him and then leave, but on the other hand you couldn't help but to consider other possibilities like trying to get away or talking him out of it. The latter might be easy with Kaminari.

"Hm, you're bleeding," Kaminari noted, "Who bit you?" he asked. Who didn't bite you at this point? Kaminari slipped his hands underneath your dress, finding your swollen cunt. It had been through so much and was very sore at this point, but for some reason him touching it made you feel so relaxed and dare you even think familiar. You purred into his touch, mind starting to just focus on it alone as he began to finger you with two fingers. "I've always wanted to touch you~. You're so fucking cute, it's unfair." Kaminari kissed you softly. You weren't struggling, deciding to just let him touch you as he pleased. Your body was aching for it after all, and you wondered if you'd get to come again. Some excitement rushed through you as you were turned around, ass pressed against Kaminari's clothed hard length. He grinded against you, groaning softly in your ear, as his fingers went to rub at your clit. "Do you want me~?" he asked.

"Y-Yeah...," you said in slight defeat. Your body was just cheering you on as you allowed this to happen. It didn't take long for you to feel Kaminari's cock sliding into your wet heat. You mewled in pleasure, feeling him thrusting in and out of you. One of his arms were wrapped around your waist while the other pulled the top of your dress down to free your breasts so it could play with your nipples. You pushed yourself back against Kaminari's thrusts, moaning softly at the feeling. He wasn't going too rough or hard, instead he was moving inside of you hotly and sweetly. You did start to wonder if he were truly under your quirk's control or not, but then again he had been right there when you lost control...unless he was too stupid for it to work on him.

"You're so wet~," Kaminari purred in your ear, "You make it so hard for me not to burst right now." He groaned, picking up the pace a bit. You bit your lip, feeling yourself getting closer and closer to your release. Your body was getting used to wanting to chase that feeling, so you didn't have to focus for it to happen, and when it did you saw stars, arching your back against the man who was fucking you. Kaminari groaned as he felt you coming around him, "Just like that, baby~," he said breathily. You could tell that he was at his limit as well, and when he finally came, he pulled out of you unlike all of the others letting it go onto the floor. You were panting, body feeling absolutly done. You couldn't do this anymore. You couldn't. You were at your limit. Kaminari pecked your cheek, "Thank you, [Name], that felt so-"

"Get away from her!" Before you knew it, Kaminari was knocked back and someone pulled you close to them, holding you tightly with one hand while fixing your dress with the other, "How dare you touch her!" It was Uraraka, and honoestly you had never seen her so angry before. You were relived, though, because with Uraraka there it was all over. All of it. She wouldn't let anyone touch you, and even though she had been present when you let your quirk off, there was no way she'd try to have sex with you.

"Hey, she let me!" Kaminari whined, fixing his clothes, "Don't act so uncool-"

"Don't ever touch [Name] again!" Uraraka seethed, her anger scaring the orange-haired teen a bit. He held his hands up in defense, not at all moving from his position.

"Okay, okay, damn," he said. Uraraka kept her hold tight on you as she pulled you to the elevator. The sense of relief was just getting to you, and you thought back on your night with all that had happened to you, and all that you had allowed to happen. You couldn't beleive yourself or any of this. You bit your lip as you realized the gravity of the situation. You had been hurt, forced to do things, manipulated, and even lost yourself and allowed others to touch you in ways you would normally never let happen. It was too much. All of it was so crazy, and you never wanted this to happen again. You hated your quirk, or rather you hated that you knew nothing about it or how to control it.

"You alright?" Uraraka asked you, noticing how freaked out you seemed. You shook your head, not wanting to think about it. You just wanted to be away from everyone and everything. Uraraka looked at you, though, studying your expression. You were too out of it to really even consider that. You heard her let out a sigh, "You're too cute for your own good, [Name]. But don't worry, we'll go back to your dorm, and I'll take care of you. Just you and me, alright?" She smiled at you. You looked at her, nodding slowly.

"A-Alright," you said. You were just so mentally and physically exhausted.

As the elevator opened, dinging upon your arrival, you glanced around skeptically. Uraraka held your hand gently, stepping with you out of the elevator. Everything seemed fine from your perspective, and everyone at the first floor was chatting with one another, seeming casual. You let out a sigh of releif before starting to head to the entrance.

"Woah, what happened to you?!" You jumped back, a huge gust of pink mist emitting from your body at the fright that had just been caused to you. Sero had went to just ask how you were, but the loudness of his voice had shocked your currently fragile state beyond beleif. Once you settled down, your eyes widened at what had happened. The mist began to spread out, and everyone started to cough because of it.

"Run, [Name]!" you heard Uraraka yell. You didn't have to be told twice as you dashed for the entrance, ignoring everyone. You practically spilled out of the dorm, and felt a huge wave of releif as you felt the cold air hit you. You were free! But more importantly, you were safe. The door behind you opened, and Uraraka stepped out, having been right behind you. Without a secong thought, you clung to her, holding onto her tightly for comfort as you teared up. You had almost been in an even worse predicament, and the thought scared you. "There, there," Uraraka softly told you, rubbing your back soothingly. "Let's head to your dorm, alright?" You looked up at her and nodded.

"O-Okay," you said, face a bit tear-stained, "I-" Your whole body went stiff, and your eyes widened. Uraraka had trailed her hands to your ass and gave it a squeeze before making their way under your dress. Her words from before rang in your ear 'You're too cute for your own good, [Name]. But don't worry, we'll go back to your dorm, and I'll take care of you. Just you and me, alright?' You tried to move away from her, but her grip was strong.

"I guess I can't help myself," Uraraka chuckled, "You're really too tempting. Unlike the others, I'd never share you, though..." She licked up your neck, "And you allowed them to touch you, didn't you? The thought of someone else having you makes me really mad, but I'll take you however I can." She smiled happily, and before you could question her, she pressed her lips against yours in a forceful kiss, hand that was under your dress going to rub at your clit sweetly. You let out a moan, and Uraraka took that as an oppertunity to invade your mouth. Her kiss left you breathless, and unlike all of the other kisses you had that night, hers felt very possessive. Uraraka pulled away and pecked your nose. "Don't worry, I wouldn't take you out here...I wouldn't do that to you." She glanced back at the dorm, "I hate to do this, but I might actually end up having to sharing you tonight, since I don't want to lose you on the way to your dorm." Your eyes widened.

"W-What?" you asked. You felt yourself stiffening again, fear settling into your stomach. Uraraka giggled and started to pull you back into the dorm. You tried to drag your feet, but you were no match for her strength. "No! Please, no!" Your screams were no longer heard as you were forced inside.



Right before you entered U.A., your parents had sat down with principle Nezu without your knowledge. They never wanted you to attend any kind of school with a quirk like yours, but if they had to choose, it would be U.A. They figured that you would be safe there, especially with a principle as smart as Nezu. During this meeting they had the mouse-bear explain to them how safe the school was for kids with uncontrollable quirks. Nezu assured them that you would be safer there with your quirk being as all the teachers and staff were trained professionals who could help you. He also inquired about your quirk, which they told him everything.

1. Your quirk was called Pheromones and could drive those around you crazy if they were to inhale it. Those who could control the quirk usually were able to change up the chemical balace of it to control how much they wanted their victims to want them. They could also control the out-put of it.

2. When the quirk was used on someone their minds become almost animal-like in a one-track sense. Kind of like being in heat, but they only want the person who is responsible for turning them that way, and like most animals, they all act different when on their heat.

3. This quirk could be used to manipulate others being as lust was a very strong tool, but only in that way, and if you were to use it correctly. An user who was an expert at controlling it could even make others fall in love with them by adjusting the chemicals and exposing it to their victim over and over again for a period of time.

4. There was a time limit, but it really depended on the user and how they used it.

5. Since you could not control this quirk, you let it out at the highest calibur all at once when frightened, which resulted in chaos.

After all of this and more was laid out for principle Nezu, he figured that if you were in the General Studies Department and excused from things like the Sport's Festival, you would be fine. Only a few teachers knew about your quirk, Midnight being one of them since yours was similuar to hers. Nezu wanted her to train you to control your quirk, but your parents were dead against it being that they were afraid of what the R-rated hero might have you do.


The next day, you woke up in your bed. You felt as if you had been hit by a train or something. Your body was aching everywhere, and your heard hurt. You couldn't exactly remember what had happened last night. The last thing you remembered was going to Class 3-A's Halloween party. You wiggled around a bit in your bed, rubbing at your eyes before pulling the covers back over your head since the sun was pouring through your window. You ran your hands up your sore arms, before rubbing at your neck. Was that a bandage? You rasied an eyebrow, starting to grow more and more confused. Really, what had happened? You pulled the covers back over your head, looking around to make sure that you were, in fact, in your dorm room. Everything looked fine, except-!

Your eyes widened as you noticed something that was not supposed to be there, or rather you assumed that he wasn't. It was Todoroki, sleeping on the chair that you kept at your desk. What was he doing there?! And from his placement of facing in your direction, it looked as if he had been watching you sleep. Your head began to pound, as thoughts began to cloud your mind...

A pink mist? That was all you could see, for the most part. You were feeling scared? Worried? Petrified?

"Look who I got! I get her first, though!" That sounded like Uraraka. You were shaking, shaking so hard, but you didn't know why and looking around the room, everyone there was staring at you as if you were a peice of meat.

"Oh, damn, why do I feel this way?" Sero asked. You wanted to run away, but Uraraka was gripping your arm like a vice. Why was she doing that? And what was even going on? A pair of arms came and grabbed you, and you felt yourself being thrown onto the coffee table, dress being pushed up and legs being spread.

"I think this is the best way to do it, that way it's orderly and effiecient," Iida spoke. You shut your eyes, but why? Why were they doing this? You heard the elevator ding, and all of a sudden the mood seemed to shift. You didn't fully register what was happening, but you could hear things being said.

"...I got here just in time...Good thing the mist didn't get to me again..." You had no idea who said that, since your eyes were still closed, but it sounded like Mr. Aizawa. You felt yourself shaking for some reason.

"As I thought! Mr. Aizawa could erase her quirk and stop this!" That sounded like Midoriya. You felt a blanket being wrapped around youself and gentle arms pulling you to them. You didn't know what was going on, and you felt like your body was about to subcome to exhaustion...or even failure. The last thing you heard before you passed out was,

"I'll bring her back to her dorm and watch over her. I promise I won't let anything happen to her."

Had that been a dream? It was a very strange dream and outright comical if not disturbing. You smiled though, as you saw Todoroki. Perhaps he was there because you two had become friends and spent the night talking with one another? It had to have been that. You sat up, ignoring the fact that you were both going to be late for school, but perhaps you could just skip that day. You had made a new friend, so all in all, your first Halloween party had been a success in your eyes.


Chapter Text

It had been nice to spend time at home and not in the dorm, even if it were just for a day. Honestly, you had thought that you would still be in the dorms during New Years Eve, so you had been planning a nice little indoor midnight picnic for you and your boyfriend. With that, you could kiss him exactly when it turned the first of next year, and everything would be just so romantic. However, U.A. had allowed all of the students to return home just for that one day. So, with this opportunity, your plans had to change. Change completely in fact, which meant that you wouldn't get to kiss your boyfriend at exactly midnight. It was a bit upsetting, but you both missed your families. It was only natural that you'd go.


It was bittersweet at first, when you arrived home to a big feast that your mother had prepared, but you immediately told yourself that feeling even slightly bad about such things was stupid. Not getting to kiss your boyfriend should be a blimp on your radar since it was a small price to pay for getting to spend time with your family. In fact, it shouldn't even be a price at all...even though you had really wanted it.


It was incredibly stupid to worry about though! Which was what you told yourself so that you could no longer think about it as you tried to get some sleep that night.


At around eleven forty-five your phone started to ring, effectively waking you up. Your rubbed at your still closed eyes while you blindly grabbed for it, pressing the butt