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Work, research, clean, eat, sleep. Repeat. Chisaki Kai seems to do little else. In fact, 'eat' is being neglected these days to make room for more sleep. He crashes in his office four days out of seven, on the large leather sofa in the corner of the room. The man is running himself ragged trying to shoulder the burden of reinstating an entire underworld but he will not allow himself to fail, he will never let himself, or Pops, down. And if that meant losing sleep, losing food, losing time - he will do it. However, it’s clear the stress is getting to him. He’s so tightly wound these days that anything will set him off - any form of sarcasm from the Precepts, lateness, out-of-place ornaments, askew ties, dirt . His compulsions are worse than ever too, he must change his gloves and mask three, maybe even four times a day now.


Hari has watched Chisaki’s decline from his position as his right hand man, ever silent and thoughtful. For the last couple of days he’s been mulling over ways to help his boss and long-time friend but it’s a harder task than one might think. Kai doesn’t have any hobbies, he eats for sustenance rather than pleasure, he doesn’t drink, smoke - the list goes on. The two of them have been friends since childhood and Hari cannot think of a single thing that Chisaki might like to do to take the edge off. He comes to the conclusion that perhaps Chisaki himself doesn’t know, the man has only ever known violence and work. Thus, Hari decides to offer up something that he indulges in as a form of relaxation.


“A massage?” Chisaki repeats, blankly. He peers at Hari over the black mask covering the lower half of his face and shakes his head before looking back at the papers scattered across his desk. “Don’t be preposterous.”


“C’mon Kai, it’ll help you relax. God knows you need it,” Hari replies, fiddling with the hour hand falling over his forehead. He pushes it back behind his ear. “You’re one week away from a heart attack.”


Chisaki clicks his tongue and looks back at the paperwork. “I’m in perfect health.”


“You fell asleep in a meeting yesterday,” he comments. Kai visibly bristles at that, he hates being unprofessional and it’s something Hari intends to press. “And you forgot to eat breakfast this morning.”


The boss’s eye twitches. “Get your feet off the sofa.”


Hari sighs and rolls his head back against the sofa he’s lounging on. This was always going to be a hard sell but he trusted that if anyone can do it, then it’s him. Chisaki has a soft spot for his childhood best friend, one Hari is quite aware of and exploits frequently to get time off. He swings his legs around and stands up gracefully before moving to the other side of the desk. The dark-haired man visibly twitches and sets the papers in his hands down as he looks back up at Hari.


“You’re not going to let this go, are you?” he sighs, exasperated. Hari smiles and shakes his head. Chisaki glances down at the paperwork, then back to his friend. “Ten minutes. Then I want to get back to work.”


“Ten minutes,” Hari repeats, suppressing the desire to pat himself on the back. Rappa has always called his ability to get his way with Chisaki a ‘secondary quirk’ or ‘some kinda black magic’ but he just knows the man well enough to pinpoint when he’ll crumble without much argument. He gestures to the larger sofa which Chisaki has been using as a bed. “Over there is good.”


Chisaki sighs irritably and presses the heel of his hand over his eye socket for a moment, then reluctantly stands and makes his way to the sofa with the taller man tailing after him. Thankfully he’s already shrugged off his green jacket but his shirt and tie and still in place and Hari knows they won’t be removed without a fight. The aim of this is to get him to relax rather than cause more stress so he keeps his mouth shut for now and lets Kai decide for himself.


As predicted, his clothes remain on, but he does remove his shoes before sitting down awkwardly. He peers up at Hari, a slightly embarrassed flush beneath the mask. “What are you going to do? I’ve not- this is new to me.”


Hari sheds his trench coat and hangs it over the back of a nearby armchair before turning back to the other man. Chisaki looks somewhere between pissed-off and nervous - it’s quite endearing, to Hari at least. Then again, Hari finds most things Kai does endearing. One of the unfortunate things about unrequited love, Hari’s come to learn. One of many . He tries to act as nonchalantly as usual, placid and indifferent despite the way his heart is beating too fast and blood is pounding in his ears.


“Rub your back. Y’know, ease the tension out,” Hari explains, holding up his hands. Chisaki eyes them carefully and shifts against the sofa. “You can leave your shirt on if you want. And I can get some gloves. Or-“


Chisaki huffs, cheeks billowing as he pouts. His fingers move to grip his tie and Hari feels his heart leap into his throat. “If you’re doing it, do it properly. I’ll need to shower afterward anyway so- there’s a box of gloves in the en-suite.”


“Got lotion?” Hari asks, casually. He turns away as Chisaki slips his tie off and folds it over the arm of the sofa. His cheeks feel warm. Hopefully Kai is too obtuse to notice.




Hari hums and glances back as he reaches the doorway to the bathroom. It’s not like he has seen Chisaki shirtless before, but now he knows he’s going to be touching him it makes Hari linger. He realises he’s staring when Chisaki stops folding his shirt and meets his gaze.


“Uh yeah. If I’m wearing gloves it won’t feel any good for you.”


Chisaki frowns, but eventually nods and flicks a hand toward the doorway Hari is already stood in. “In the cabinet above the sink.”


He nods and turns away to retrieve the items he needs, quickly snapping on a pair of latex gloves and sourcing the plain, unfragranced lotion before hurrying back into the main office. The sight of Chisaki’s heavily decorated back greets him. The man is standing again, rearranging the cushions on the sofa so they are piled at one end, and it gives Hari a lovely view of his shoulder muscles flexing as he moves. The snakes and waves adorning his back fluctuate and ripple, pretty, permanent signs of Kai’s dedication to the syndicate.


Chisaki turns to face Hari when he’s done, arms coming to lace across his stomach. He’s no longer wearing his mask, a sight Hari is always happy to see. “What am I doing now?”


He’s being too compliant, something Hari puts down to the lack of sleep and sustenance over the past few days. While a tiny part of him feels bad for catching him in this weakened state, the majority couldn’t give less of a fuck. It was just a back massage and it was just to help him relax - that was it.


“Lie down. I’m going to put my legs on either side of you and rub your back,” Hari explains, not wanting any of his actions to freak him out. Chisaki nods, though he still looks uneasy when he sits down on the edge of the sofa and slowly eases himself into a position where he’s lying on his front. His forearms slide beneath his head as a makeshift pillow.


“This is ridiculous,” Chisaki huffs as Hari dips down to rest a knee against the edge of the sofa. He starts rolling up his sleeves as Chisaki continues to complain. “I have no idea how this is supposed to make me relax.”


Hari rolls his eyes, glad that Kai cannot see him from this angle, and rocks his other leg over his hips, careful to keep his weight tensed in his thighs rather than drop down onto Chisaki. He clicks open the lotion and rubs it over his hands before setting it beside his knee. “You’ll see. I’m going to touch you now, okay? I have gloves on.”


Chisaki nods and turns so his face is between his arms. There’s a glimpse of discomfort that Hari catches so he tries to make the initial touch as gentle as possible. He presses his fingertips against the base of Chisaki’s spine and pauses when the man tenses beneath him. Patience is paramount and luckily Hari has copious amounts when it comes to Chisaki. He waits until the muscles beneath him relax a touch, then he begins smoothing his palms up Chisaki’s back to coat his skin with lotion.


“Sorry if it’s a bit cold,” Hari says, rolling his thumbs against the ridges of Kai’s spine.




Hari smiles at the muffled response and works his fingers beneath the other’s shoulder blades to ease the knots of tension that lay beneath his skin. He presses into the pretty splatters of colour that have been inked across his shoulders, all those detailed images of blossoms, snakes and fire. A few minutes in and Kai’s body eases against the sofa and he quietly lets Hari’s firm hands sweep pressure over the tension that strains the curve of his spine. They remain in comfortable silence for a while, then Hari adds a little more weight behind the push of his thumbs and a soft, barely audible gasp comes from below him. He pauses and waits to see if Kai asks him to stop but all that comes are more of those gentle little breaths so he pushes his hands harder against the taut muscles and is pleased to hear a broken off moan.


The tension starts to seep out of Chisaki with each gentle slide of Hari’s eager fingers. He goes slack against the cushions and turns his head so his cheek rests flat and Hari can see his face. His pretty eyes are closed in relaxation and the stressed twist of his mouth has eased into something a little softer. The tips of Chisaki’s ears have flushed red, a reaction that usually occurs when he gets flustered, and Hari finds himself biting his lip to avoid mirroring the soft groans his friend is letting out. Hari massages into the sensitive area of his torso, along either side of his ribcage and the gorgeous whine Chisaki lets out has him letting out a shaky breath. Kai’s mouth opens slightly and his tongue swipes across his bottom lip, leaving a shining streak that Hari desperately wants to lean in and taste.


This is starting to become dangerous, he’s already half-hard in his trousers and there’s no way in hell he can let Kai feel that, so he shifts around Kai’s hips to draw himself further up. The preventative measure proves pointless as when he next slides his hands along the small of Chisaki’s back the man’s fists clench against the sofa cushions and his hips jerk up. He accidentally grinds his ass against Hari’s crotch and the latter has to bite down hard on his tongue to stop himself from releasing the pathetic gasp that’s bubbling in the back of his mouth. Hari’s hands still around Kai’s shoulders, displeased to feel that they were once again tense and trembling.


“Kai?” he says, carefully. The pause tells Hari that fuck , Chisaki must’ve felt how hard he’s gotten. He’s shaking - this is probably bad, so Hari decides to draw his hands back and settle them on his own thighs. “Are you oka-?”


Carry on ,” comes the half-hissed response from below.


Hari doesn’t need telling twice - he is nothing if not an assiduous and enthusiastic right hand man. A grin spreads across his face and he pauses briefly to slather more lotion over his palms before returning to his firm ministrations over Kai’s back. The groaning begins in earnest now, Kai keep writhing and it brings heat to Hari’s blood.


“Does it feel good?” Hari purrs, feeling somewhat braver since Chisaki’s last words. He rolls a thumb over a particularly tight muscle to the side of Kai’s neck and leans down slightly, arching his back. The eye facing toward Hari opens. Kai’s face is so red , he looks utterly gorgeous, it’s taking all the restraint Hari has not to lean down and bite into those pretty overheated cheeks. All the late-night fantasies that Hari has ever had hit him like a freight train, his face feels as hot as Kai’s looks, his eyes lid and the heavy breath that puffs out of his mouth must make his arousal so obvious to the man below him. “Kai?”


“Yes,” Chisaki replies, breathlessly. His nose wrinkles and somehow he manages to look pouty and pissed off even with pleasure clearly pushing the air from his lungs. “It’s- it’s good.”


Hari skims his fingers across Chisaki’s back to press between his shoulder blades and up to the top of his spine as he leans further down to look the other man in the eye. Kai’s whole body goes taut at the sudden contact and the warmth of Hari’s breath across his face.


“Shall I-? I can make you feel even better,” Hari murmurs, feeling bold enough to slide his other hand down, to rake smoothly over Kai’s sensitive ribs. “If that’s what you want. I’d be happy to do that for you, Kai.”


His fingers tickle over each bone of his ribcage and elicit sharp, needy whines from Chisaki as he trembles beneath him. He’s so easy to rile up, most likely because of his lack of experience. As far as Hari knows Kai hasn’t been with anyone recently - it strikes him then that he might have never been with anyone. Fuck . No wonder he’s so fucking uptight.


H-Hari .”


The sharp rasp of his name makes Hari pause. His fingers remain on either side of Chisaki’s body, just beneath his final ribs. Chisaki pushes himself up onto his elbows and turns his torso around as best he can with Hari still knelt astride his hips. His eyes are wide with an emotion Hari sincerely hopes isn’t panic and his mouth is twisted down into an unhappy frown. There’s silence for a few seconds while the two men stare at one another and the tension in the air is so potent that Hari finds himself wanting to shirk away.


Eventually Chisaki speaks, slow and cautious. “What- what are you suggesting?”


Hari’s mouth runs dry and he swallows nervously before he speaks, worried that one wrong word will have him thrown onto the floor. “I mean I w- well, you were moaning so I thought-“


“Thought what ?” Kai needles, narrowing his eyes.


“I thought I could get you off, if you wanted,” Hari replies, slightly irritated with the way his friend is speaking to him. “I’m just trying to make you feel good, Kai.”


Chisaki’s eyes widen further in surprise at Hari’s suggestion, as if he’s only just understood what he meant when he offered earlier. It dawns on Hari that the inexperienced man might not have realised what ‘ I can make you feel even better’ implied. Hari sighs and slips his hands off Chisaki’s torso. He may have totally fucked up here.


“I’m sorry Kai, I didn’t want to make you uncomfortable. Shall I go?” he asks, unhappily.


There’s a beat, then Chisaki twists beneath Hari so that he’s now laying on his back, peering curiously up at him. His face is still so red, he looks so lovely and Hari berates himself for making him uncomfortable. After a moment Chisaki reaches for the bottle of lotion and offers it up to Hari with a shaky hand.


“No. Do my fr- just. Just carry on,” he says, awkwardly. He turns his head to the side and closes his eyes. “I’ll tell you if I want you to stop.”


Hari takes the lotion, glad Kai has his eyes shut for fear that he might catch glimpse of the lovesick grin stretching across his face. For a second time he slicks up his gloved hands, very much wishing he could rip them off and feel Kai’s skin, and places them down onto the toned body beneath him. He doesn’t use as much force on Chisaki’s chest, instead slipping slow and smooth across the toned lines of his hip bones, his hard abdomen, up his ribcage to his pectorals. A little time is spent tracing Kai’s collarbones with his forefinger, then Hari can hardly resist rolling the flat of his thumb across his left nipple.


Kai draws in a breath and Hari watches the muscles of his stomach tighten as he squirms. It’s then that he decides to steal a glance of Kai’s face. His cheeks are still dusted with dark pink and his lips are swollen with how much he’s bitten them to hold back any noise. Hari wants to assure him that he’s more than welcome to be as loud as he wants but it doesn’t seem right to push him when he’s already so far outside of his comfort zone.


Then again, he might not need to say it out loud, Hari thinks with a smirk. He keeps one hand at Kai’s pectoral, rubbing slow deliberate circles over his nipple, while the other slides down his abdomen to the light dusting of hair beneath his navel. Chisaki’s lips part with a wet pop .


“Fuck,” Chisaki curses softly, hands rolling into fists at his side. He unconsciously jerks his hips up and Hari is pleased to feel that he’s hard beneath the well tailored dress trousers he’s wearing.


“Should I-?” Hari asks, slipping his fingers lower, just to the top of the other’s waistband. The glare Kai shoots him is more desperate than intimidating and the frantic way he starts nodding tells Hari he’s on the right track. He shifts back from the man’s lap to sit atop his thighs and the hand on his chest slithers down to join the other. Both move to Kai’s belt, which he unbuckles deftly and leaves splayed out over his hips. The dress trousers unbutton easily but before Hari goes any further he glances back to check Kai is alright. He’s got an arm thrown across his eyes but his mouth is hanging open and there’s saliva shining wet over his lips. It’s an unfair temptation but Hari resists.


He’s about to ask Chisaki if he should continue when the man gives a low, desperate whine and bucks his hips up into Hari’s hand. “Stop asking questions and just get on with it .”


Hari nods and slides his hand into the fly-hole of Kai’s boxers to ease his length out from the material. He’s not really sure what he expected despite picturing this kind of situation a lot - Kai’s of average length and width for a man of his stature, and curved in a way that Hari imagines would feel incredible were it inside him. That mental image is quickly cast aside - this is not the time to be getting worked up over a pipe dream. Kai groans as he starts working his slick hand up and down the shaft, twisting and experimenting with pressure to see what makes those groans increase in volume.


“Th-this is so-“ Kai pants, stomach muscles clenching as Hari rolls his thumb over the head of his cock. Disgusting, vile, something like that. Hari smiles and strokes down a little harder, making Kai’s head fall back with a choked sound.


“Good. It’s good,” Hari finishes for him. “Just relax and enjoy it.”


Chisaki grits his teeth noisily together as his hips rock up to push his cock into Hari’s steady hand. Another pretty, animalistic whine sounds in the back of Kai’s throat when Hari reaches up with his free hand to gently squeeze his balls. They draw up tight beneath his palm and his cock starts twitching with the first signs of release, so Hari increases the pace and pressure and watches with interest as Kai arches off the sofa. It doesn’t take long for him to come, his stamina again shows his lack of experience, but Hari doesn’t mind, this whole endeavour was for Kai’s benefit in the first place. Slippery fluid covers his fingers as he strokes Kai through the waves of pleasure, he can feel the heat of it even through the latex glove. Kai’s fingers claw at the cushions as he shudders against the sofa, lovely mouth agape, limbs twitching. Moments later, he goes from tense and twitching to utterly boneless, flushed and panting with his eyes still screwed shut.


Come lays thick and viscous over his lotion-slick torso, it slips down over his sides as he heaves breath in and out. Eventually, Kai’s chest movements slow and his eyes crack open. For a moment his gaze lingers blearily on Hari, who stares back at him uncertain of how to proceed, then he looks up at the ceiling and his lips twist down into an embarrassed frown. Hari knows Kai well enough to realise when he’s feeling overwhelmed, it doesn’t seem wise to push him further than he’s already gone this evening. So he removes his hands carefully and sits back on his heels, repressing his desire to lean down and lick the come off Kai’s chest.


“Shall I run you a bath?” Hari asks, quietly.


Kai nods, turns his head to the side. He glances sideways at Hari as the taller man clambers off the sofa and offers the barest hint of a smile. “Thank you.”


Hari suppresses a thousand-watt grin, opting simply to nod before turning away to let Kai adjust himself. He wants to tell the other man how beautiful he looks, how much he wants to carry on, how much he loves pleasing him - but there’s no way Kai would be able to handle such sentiments. Thus, all he can bring himself to say is - “Anytime.”