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Back Alley Blues

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He leaned against the brick wall, and watched the quirkless woman hurry through the alleyway. The darkness paratically swallowed her form, and her heartbeat nearly drowned out the rush of traffic, and the chatter of people only a few streets over. Here in the alleys and gutters, away from the shining lights and the nosey eyes of the self righteous, only the strong willed could survive.

He pushed himself off the wall, and shoved his hands in the pocket of his coat. His footsteps were quiet, and his shoulders hunched over as he followed her deeper and deeper into the maze of corruption. Finally, over that trembling heart beat, he heard her whine and smack one of the walls. “Dammit!”

“Ya know, only people who’ve got something to hide ever come to these parts.” He watched her shoulders hunch, and her hands curl into the front of her coat. “I’ve never taken you for that sorta person. Too small. Too weak. You’d spill your guts if I so much as look at you wrong.”



She slowly turned, and he almost felt high as he watched the fear on her face become far less prominent. It wasn’t love, he didn’t expect that much, but it was better than the hatred she had been spitting for days on end.

She licked her lips, and seemed to try to hug the dingy wall. “I’m not going back.”

“Yeah?” He grinned. “And what’re you gonna do in this world, huh? Who else is strong enough to protect you? Who else can give you the life you deserve? You’ve always been a bit of a firecracker, but I’ve never thought you were stupid.” He held out a hand, and steam wafts off his hand in the freezing cold. “Let’s go home, firecracker. I’ll even make ya something nice to drink.”

“... I’m not thirsty.”

He snorted and reached out to grab her wrist. She shrieked, but it was quickly silenced by his lips against her own. She tasted like sin, and he was willing to live a life in purgatory just for her kiss. He didn’t pull away until he could feel his lungs burn, and he grinned as she shook her head weakly. “So damn cute. Pretty sure it’s a crime.”


She yelped as fire burned her coat and dress away, leaving her naked and exposed in the cold. He pushed her against the brick wall, and he couldn’t help the groan that escaped when he saw her part her thighs just enough to see her cunt.

He knelt down and forced her legs further apart. There were burn marks on her thighs, but they smelled faintly of aloe vera and medical creams. He licked one of her marks, and her skin jumped under his touch.

He smirked and nipped the sensitive skin. “Can hear your heartbeat. You that excited for my cock?”


He licked up her thigh, over her outer lips, and dove straight into her core. One hand gripped her ass, and the rubbed at her clit as she tried to muffle her moans. Her thighs trembled against his cheeks, and her walls pulsed and squeezed against his tongue. He smirked when he felt shaking hands lace in his hair. Sharp pain erupted along his scalp every time she pulled at his dark locks, but he permitted it as he dragged her closer and closer to her orgasm.

He pulled his tongue out of her pussy, and swirled her clit with two fingers. “Fucking cum for me. I know you’re close, firecracker. Just cum on my fingers.”

She shook her head wildly, and he could see the glint of white teeth sinking into her bottom lip. “I-I….”

He let a jolt of warmth burst through his fingers, and he pressed down just a bit harder on the bundle of nerves. “Cum. Cum right now. Cum!”

With a cry of his name, a tensing of her abdomen, and a buck of her hips she finally came. He watched every movement her face made, and listened to every cry that escaped her lips. Yet his fingers didn’t stop when her orgasm did, and he pushed her for a second burst of pleasure. The hand on his ass squeezed, and he nuzzled her thigh just to open his mouth and bite down on her soft flesh.

Just as he heard her gasps go up in pitch, and her fingers scramble to hold onto his shoulders, he pulled away from her entirely. Her eyes fluttered open, and her eyebrows furrowed as she watched him lick his own fingers. “Think you’re gonna get a reward for runnin’ from me? Cute idea, firecracker.”


“Dabi, please. I won’t run away from you again. I-I promise.”


“Yeah, and I’m the Emperor.” He slammed a hand over her head, and leaned down so close he could feel her warm breath waft over his lips. “This wasn’t the first time, firecracker. But don’t you go worrying that pretty lil head of yours. I’ll forgive you for it this time.” He pressed his forehead against hers, and he almost groaned as he watched that fire begin glowing in her eyes, and the submission melted away like an ice cap. “Let’s just go home.”