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Tearing You Apart

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The rain pelted down hard, causing the dirt to become slick, sticky mud. The twenty-year-old Omega tugged his hood a little further over his face as he felt a couple raindrops drip down onto his nose. He shivered at the cold, and the voice that tended to follow him reminded him that he probably shouldn’t be out in this weather. He ignored it, something he didn’t do often and trudged forward past another row of headstones, each one he remembered easily from having visited this part of the cemetery often. He could see his destination in front of him despite his hood blocking a lot of his vision.

He bit his lip as he came up close to the headstone, being able to read the neat font on the headstone. He sighed, pushing his hood back and running a hand through his hair as he looked down at the words he had memorized.


Eijirou Kirishima





You will be dearly missed


“Hey Eiji,” Katsuki greeted, feeling his voice catch in his throat as he tried not to cry. “I know you probably wouldn’t want me out in this weather, but I promised to visit you as much as I could and keep you in the loop.”

Speaking to the headstone was easy now, despite how awful and awkward it had been just after Eijirou’s death. He toyed with the fake flower in his pocket and he glanced over at the vase he had brought almost a month ago. It was full of bright, colorful flowers, some of them fake and some of them real when he had the money to do so. The vase had partially filled with water more than it had been to keep the real flowers alive for as long as possible. He brought out the new, fake flower. It was a bright red, spiky flower that Katsuki didn’t know the name of, he cleared his throat before leaning down and placing the flower with the rest. “I brought you a new flower. I saw that one and it reminded me too much of you to not buy it and bring it to you.”

“It’s been almost three years since I lost you, and I still haven’t just moved the fuck on,” he huffed, slightly angry at himself for still mourning the loss of his mate this severely. “I just fucking wish you hadn’t done that. I wish that you had let me take the blows with you so that you wouldn’t have fucking died and left me all alone. I’m still so fucking mad at you, Shitty Hair,” he laughed, tears streaking down his face and mixing with the rain that was now pelting down on him.

“But I love you. So much,” he whispered, pressing a hand to his forehead as his heart ached. “I miss you so fucking much. God, when I die you’re going to get such an ass beating.” He stopped, letting a sob escape his lips.

With it, a lot of others followed and the next thing he knew, he was sitting on the soft green grass and mud in front of his deceased mate’s headstone, balling his eyes out for what must have been the thousandth time. He buried his face in his knees, crying his heart out for a good ten minutes. By the time he had run out of tears, the rain had pattered to a stop and let the sun poke out of the clouds. “I love you, Eiji. Don’t you dare fucking forget that,” he growled as he stood up. He dusted the back of his pants off and grimaced as he felt the mud on the ass of his pants.

He huffed, turning around and swallowing harshly as he walked away from the headstone and back to his car. Once he was there, he collapsed, almost completely exhausted. He sighed, letting his head hit the top of the steering wheel as he thought back to the memory of his mate, despite the fact that he had been doing just that while he cried. His hand drifted up to the mating mark on his neck and he felt anger boil in his gut as he felt that it had faded away as all mating marks did when the mate that gave them died. With a growl, he started his car and drove away from the cemetery that had cemented the idea that Eijirou was actually dead.

He huffed as he walked into his apartment, chucking his keys down onto the table and walking to his bedroom. He had a tiny apartment, but at least it was better than living with his abusive parents. He shucked off his pants, tossing them to the side of the wall and grabbing a new pair. He could hear Eijirou’s voice nagging him that he should drink something to replenish the water and salt that he had lost from crying. As he normally did, he listened to the voice, shuffling to his fridge and getting out a Powerade. He chugged half of it as he walked back to his living room, looking down at the papers that were scattered all over the coffee table. He collapsed down on the couch, returning back to what he had been doing before he went to visit his deceased mate.

Katsuki glanced down at the sheet in his hands, the number in big bold penmanship far too big for him to afford and eat for the rest of the year. He growled, running a hand angrily through his hair. He glanced over to his phone that lit up for a moment, alerting him to the fact that he had a text. He grabbed it, opening the app and glancing it over before he rolled his eyes.


Pikachu to Bakubro

Hey Bakubro

How’s the class picking going


Bakubro to Pikachu

Why the fuck do you care?


Pikachu to Bakubro

Because we Omegas gotta stick together! :D


Bakubro to Pikachu

Why can’t you go bug one of your other friends?


Pikachu to Bakubro

I did and they said that they were working D:


Bakubro to Pikachu

Fine, if you really have to know it’s not going well.


Pikachu to Bakubro

Oh No!

How is it not going well?


Bakubro to Pikachu

I’m a broke-ass college student that can’t afford all the classes I want to take.


Pikachu to Bakubro

You could always be a surrogate?

Omega pregnancies are easy enough to work through that you could keep going to classes and then you wouldn't even have to worry about stayig home and taking care of the baby because you’re just a surrogate!



Bakubro to Pikachu

That’s not actually that bad of an idea fuckhead


Pikachu to Bakubro

Your welcome :D



Katsuki huffed out a breath as he turned his phone off, dropping it down on the coffee table next to him. He leaned forward, pressing the palms of his hands into his eyes as he weighed his options.

Normally, Omega pregnancies were easy with a very, very low chance of risk and having to go on bed rest. If he were to surrogate, it would be annoying but he would finally have the money to make a down payment on his student loans. At the same time, he would have to go live with some Alpha and their mate for nine months before the baby was born and he could high tail it out of there. And on the other hand, he felt as though it was a bit of a betrayal to Eijirou if he were to carry some other Alpha’s baby, even if they weren’t mated.

“I don’t really have any other options,” he grumbled to himself as he picked up the sheet of paper telling him how much he had to pay if he wanted to go to the school. He huffed, flopping back on the couch. His hand moved to his stomach, thinking about how in about a couple months from now there would be a tiny baby inside of him. The thought made him grimace a bit, but he couldn’t think of any better solution.


“Hey Shou,” Izuku giggled as he threw his arms around his husband’s shoulders, bringing him in close. He placed a small kiss to the other male’s neck, just below his ear. He heard the Alpha chuckle darkly before he whirled around, placing his hands on the Beta’s hips and then spinning them around so that he was pressed up against the counter.

He leaned forward, pressing their lips together in a slow, lazy kiss. When he pulled back, he could easily feel the erection in his lover’s pants, which caused him to smirk. “Hello, Izuku,” he grinned wickedly when he saw his lover shiver as his name rolled off the Alpha’s tongue. “Welcome home,” he greeted with a small possessive growl. He leaned forward, nosing the sensitive mark on his mate’s neck.

“Shouto!” Izuku moaned, throwing his hand back a bit and grasping at the Alpha’s shirt tightly as he tried to ground himself.

“Still so sensitive even after all the things I’ve done to it,” the dual haired boy hummed as he continued to nose the mark. He moved his head a bit, nipping at the bite mark and making his lover shudder harshly.

“Don’t get me too wound up, your dad texted to say he’s a mile away,” Izuku warned, ever the Mother Hen.

Shouto pulled back with a pout, “I really wish he didn’t insist on these weekly dinners, they’re so awful.”

“Just be glad that you have a father at all,” Izuku huffed a bit with a small smile.

“I’d rather no dad than an abusive one,” he gently reminded his mate. The Beta winced, looking away from his lover with a bashful look on his face.

“Some Alphas are just too set back in their old ways…” he mumbled, trying to make the situation a bit better. He turned to face the dual haired Alpha, a small, timid smile on his lips, “I’m glad you’re not though.”

“I love you, Izu,” he hummed, leaning forward and pressing their lips together again. The Beta tossed his arms around Shouto’s neck once again, pulling them closer. They continued to kiss until the doorbell buzzed, telling them that there was someone downstairs for them. Izuku pulled back with a wince and a sigh before pulling away from his mate and walking to the buzzer, pressing the button that would let him hear what the other person was saying.

“Hello?” he asked, despite the fact that he knew exactly who it was.

“Let me up,” Enji replied with his dark, bristly voice. Izuku rolled his eyes as the Alpha tried to get the Beta to do his bidding by using the voice that all Alpha’s had in order to control Omegas, but the voice rarely ever worked on Betas. He pressed the button just above the one he had been holding down, letting Enji through the gate. He walked back to the kitchen while they had their last few moments alone.

“Would you like me to set the table?” he asked, looking to his lover who was putting the finishing touches on the dinner.

“We could do it together,” Shouto offered, opening one of the creamy white cupboards to reveal their neatly stacked plates.

“Sounds good to me,” the green haired boy chirped as he took the plates from his lover and walked over to the table. As he set the table, he began to hum softly as his mother had always done. When the last bit of the table had been set, he twirled around in a circle and splayed his arms out as the last note of the song fell from his lips.

Shouto chuckled, walked forward and looping his arm around the other’s waist, pulling him in close. “I love you, dork,” he grinned, pressing a kiss to his nose.

“I love you too,” Izuku grinned, feeling his heart swell with love and adoration for his husband as they stared into each other’s eyes. Their moment was quickly broken by the doorbell to their penthouse ringing loudly. The greenette sighed, pulling away from his Alpha and shuffling to the door, trying to drag out their time without the abusive man as long as he could. He opened the door slowly, making the taller man grumble and push it open as if he was ‘helping.’

“I thought you would have learned some manners by now,” he scoffed as he walked into their apartment, heading straight for the table.

The Beta rolled his eyes and followed after him, grimacing as he stepped on their new rub while still wearing his boots. “Father,” Shouto greeted coldly, placing the last platter of food down on the table.

“Why are you serving the food?” the older Todoroki asked. “Isn’t that your mates job?”

“My mate has a name,” the dual haired boy replied, easily evading the question. Enji just huffed as he sat down at the head of the table, something that both of the others were fairly used to.

They all sat around the table in awkward silence, Izuku and Shouto not sure if they should talk as they normally do or stay silent. They kept glancing at each other throughout the meal but never once saying anything. Both of them hated Enji just as much as the other, having both been mistreated by him. When they had almost finished the meal in peace, the abusive Alpha had to open his mouth and ruin the entire thing. “When are you going to give me an heir?” he asked, raising his eyebrows expectantly.

“Izu and I were planning on adopting soon, we had the paperwork filled out and everything,” Shouto hummed, looking down at his food and refusing to meet his father’s gaze

“I need a biological heir,” he responded. “And if this Beta I allowed you to mate isn’t going to give you one I suggest you find a surrogate.”

“Why can’t we just adopt?” Izuku asked, slightly offended by the fact that the other man refused to refer to him by his name. “The child would still be our by law.”

“If you don’t give me a biological heir, then I can give the corporation to your brother,” he warned, throwing down his fork.

“You wouldn’t, the business is already mine, old man,” Shouto said, pointing his fork at his father. If they lost the business then they would lose everything. Not only would they lose their house, but Inko would as well. And the dual haired boy wasn’t sure if his brother would allow his mate to keep his job, and if Izuku got fired it would crush him more than anything else.

“Yes, but I still have control over it until I am officially retired,” Enji said, his voice dark and gruff.

“Why does it have to be a biological heir?” Shouto asked, trying to keep himself calm. Across the table, Izuku reached out and grabbed his hand, allowing some of his forest-y scent to reach the other man and calm him down a bit.

“I expected a question like that from your imbecile of a mate, not you,” Enji huffed. “It has to be a biological heir because that is the only way for you to keep the company so that you can pass it down to your child. If you do not have a biological heir then the company will go to Natsuo who is expecting his first child, and a biological one at that.”

“Did you really just come into my house and insult my mate?” Shouto asked after his father had finished his awful ramblings.

“It’s not my fault that your mate,” he spat the last word like it was some sort of curse, “cannot perform its duties properly.”

“Get the fuck out of my house!” Shouto stood up suddenly, dropping Izuku’s hand off of his and moving the table a few inches with his sudden movement.

“Don’t swear at me, I’m your father!” the larger man called back, using the Alpha Voice that both of the younger males and gotten too used to hearing. Normally, it would have terrified the dual haired boy to hear this voice and he would have backed down out of reflex, but his father had been insulting and threatening his mate since he had arrived.

“Get the fuck out!” he growled, using his own Alpha Voice- something that Izuku had never once heard him do. Enji made a move to hit his son before he thought twice about it, letting his hand fall limply down by his side.

“Think about what I said carefully,” he warned as he turned and sauntered slowly out the door.

Izuku stared after him for a moment as he heard the door slam before he looked to his mate and then banged his head down on the table, groaning angrily. “Why can’t he ever refer to me like I’m a human being?” he asked.

“Because he’s awful,” Shouto replied, walking around their small dining room table to comfort his mate. The green haired male easily leaned into the hug, sighing as the sent of campfire smoke and cold winter days enveloped him. They stayed like that for a moment before Shouto spoke softly. “Would you be willing to get a surrogate?” he asked.

“Yes,” Izuku replied instantly. “I’ve always wanted a baby and I know I can never give that to you,” he placed a hand on his stomach, just as he had done when he had been diagnosed as infertile after the attack. “And it will get your dad off our backs.”

“I suppose,” Shouto mused, mulling it over in his head for a moment as he thought about the pros and cons. “I would have to sleep with someone that wasn’t you, and I really don’t want to spend my rut without my mate…”

“I could be there if the Omega would feel comfortable with it, that way I could also make sure that you didn’t do or say anything that you would regret,” Izuku offered, trying to make the best out of an awful situation

“Do we really have any better options?” Shouto asked, raising his eyebrows for a moment as he looked bemusedly down at his mate.

“No, we really don’t,” he shook his head, a goofy smile taking over his lips. Shoto leaned forward, kissing him tenderly and carefully.

“I love you, Izuku,” he hummed, rocking them back and forth slowly.

“I love you too, Shouto,” Izuku grinned, resting his head on his mate’s chest and just letting them sway back and forth silently.

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God, Katsuki fucking hate this place. He hated hospitals in general after he had lost Eijirou, seeing as that was the last place he had ever seen his lover. And granted, the fertility clinic didn’t feel much like a hospital but it was close enough to make the Omega’s skin crawl with disgust. As if that wasn’t bad enough, but the entire place smelled like Omegas in some stage of pregnancy or Heat. Overall, there were too many smells for him to stand without getting irritated. He sauntered up to the front desk, looking down at the Beta receptionist that he had spoken to on the phone.

“Can I help you?” she asked cutely, making his stomach turn with nausea.

He shoved his hands in his pockets as he huffed out an answer, “I want to sign up for the Surrogate program.”

“Are you on a Receiver or Carrier?” she asked, clicking her computer a bit as she waited for him to answer.

He sneered a bit, looking once more around the clinic to see all of the pregnant Omegas and Betas with their mates. It almost felt as though everyone was judging him as if they all knew that he was doing this to pay for classes. “Carrier,” he growled back to her, rolling his shoulders awkwardly.

She grinned at him for a moment, “Are you Bakugou Katsuki?” she asked, calling his name out a little too loudly for him to feel completely comfortable, but he just nodded.

“Alright, the nurse will be out with you in a moment,” she chirped, signing him in on the computer in front of her and notifying the nurses that they had a patient. He just grumbled a thanks underneath his breath, stalking away from the desk and to the least crowded part of the waiting room. He flopped down onto the chair, not making eye contact with any of the people around him as he pulled out his phone. He began to scroll through some meaningless social media, not really looking or reading it, just not paying any attention to those around him.

It felt like he had been doing that for an eternity before he finally heard his name being called by a small male Alpha. He stood up from the chair, shoving his hands and phone into his large pockets as he stalked over to her. “Bakugou Katsuki?” he asked, cocking his head to the side curiously. He only nodded, giving him all the answer he needed. He turned on the heel of his foot, motioning for him to follow.

“Please stand on the scale, no need to take your shoes off,” the alpha commanded, pointing to the scale in front of them. Katsuki did as he was told, taking a step past the other male and getting a strong whiff of his scent. It was a sickeningly sweet caramel scent that invaded his nose and caused him to gag. One of the things that pissed him off about this place was that all the Omegas and Betas had to wear scent blockers, but the Alphas were allowed to flaunt their scent all over the place. He did as he was told though, not because he was an obedient Omega, but because he wanted to be done with this as quickly as possible.

“Thank you,” the man gruffed, looking at the weight after it had flashed and settled. “I also need to measure you,” he said, gesturing to the height scale next to them. Katsuki moved so that his back was pressed against the walls as well as his legs and heels. He paused for a moment as the nurse measured out his height and then stepped away, waiting for the other man to guide him to the examining room. He began to walk down the hall, fully expecting the Omega to easily follow him without questioning it. Katsuki rolled out his eyes and let out a small growl as he stalked down the hall after the Alpha.

“The doctor should be in to see you in a moment,” the Alpha drawled in a bored tone as he slipped through the door once more to go find his next patient. Katsuki rolled his eyes and stalked over to the examination table, where he used one of his hands to hop on top of it. The table was up high enough that his legs actually dangled off of the end awkwardly, making him feel like a kid. Just as the nurse had said, a few minutes later the doctor knocked on the door quietly before entering.

“Bakugou Katsuki?” she asked, glancing down at the papers in her hand. She looked up at him and smiled warmly once he nodded. “I’m Dr. Yaoyorozu.”

She sat down on her stool and looked back to the paper, “You’re vitals all look good so far. Have you ever had any illnesses that required you to be hospitalized?”

“No,” he answered, shaking his head. “I’ve never had to stay in the hospital more than a few hours.”

“Can I ask what those times were for?” she mused, writing that down quickly in her notes.

“I used to play sports as a kid and I let myself get dehydrated,” he responded, leaving out the time that he and Eijirou had ended up in the hospital because they had been spending Katsuki’s Heat together and had forgotten to eat and drink. She nodded slowly as she wrote that down and then sucked in her cheeks as she looked over some of her other questions.

“Your bloodwork all came back fairly decent as well, so there are no concerns there,” she mused, tapping her lip with her finger. “Would you be alright if you discussed the contract now seeing as you appear to be perfectly healthy?”

“Whatever,” he shrugged, really just wanting to be over and done with the whole situation.

“Okay,” she hummed, shuffling through a couple of the papers to get to the contract. “Tell me if you feel comfortable with these things and keep in mind that I am essentially translating from Legalese to normal English.”

“Okay,” he nodded, showing her that he understood what she was saying. He folded his arms over his chest, waiting for her to continue talking.

“I, your name, consent to have the child of a Beta or Alpha and carry it fully to term. I will agree to live with the couple until the baby is born and beforehand while I am waiting for my Heat to hit. I give the Alpha or Beta full permission to mate me at any time during my Heat,” she rambled off before she stopped.

“What happens if they abuse me?” he asked, remembering the horror stories he had read on the internet about Omegas being beaten or treated like slaves by the couple they had been surrogating for.

“If there are any signs of abuse whatsoever, then you will be removed from the house immediately and if you choose to do so we can terminate the pregnancy or give the child to the state if you choose to continue with the pregnancy,” Dr. Yaoyorozu said quickly. He nodded slowly, processing the information. “We also do thorough background checks to make sure that they have had no history of abuse and/or criminal aggression.”

“Do I just sign the paper then?” he growled, looking over at her and silently wishing her to finally stop talking.

“Yes,” she nodded, turning over the packet of papers and handing him the pen. He took them both from her, trying not to rip it away as he lifted up his leg. He placed the papers on his knee and signed his name and printed it, filling out all the information he needed to as quickly as he could. He handed it back to her with a small huff, just wanting to leave the clinic. “Thank you,” the Alpha smiled sweetly at him as she stood up off the stool.

“Feel free to leave the clinic whenever you’re ready. We’ll call you when we get a couple for you,” she hummed as she glanced over the paperwork to make sure that it was all filled out properly.

He grunted out an answer, hopping down off the table. He turned around, opening the door and stalking down the hall as he tried to get out of the clinic as quickly as possible. Once he was back in the car, he let out a breath that he didn’t know he had been holding. He relaxed against the seat, bringing his hands up to his face as he thought about what he had just done. He let out a groan, running a hand through his ashy blond hair, “This will work out okay. This will work out okay,” he repeated to himself, but it never seemed to actually convince him.


“Hey Shou,” Izuku called out through the house as he carefully shut the door behind him. The house was silent as he walked into it, the sound of his shoes stepping on the hardwood floor echoing through the seemingly empty house. He frowned, placing his bag on the hook where it belonged and toeing off his shoes. “Shouto?” he called again, now a bit more concerned as he walked into the house.

He sighed when he saw his mate collapsed on the couch in his suit, obviously exhausted from his day. The Alpha hadn’t collapsed like this since he and Izuku had gotten married, and even then they had been a rare occurrence. His shoulders sagged forward with a bit of relief as he walked past the couch and to the linen closet. He got out one of the quilts that they kept tucked away. He hummed as he shuffled back to the couch, fanning the blanket out and draping it over his mate. He leaned over the couch, tucking him in a bit and pressing a kiss to his cheek.

He stood up off the couch, flailing for a moment as he had leaned over a bit too far. He then tried to silently move through the house as he walked up to their kitchen. He began to move around in a hushed manner, getting dinner ready as quietly as he could as not to disturb his husband. His brow furrowed together as he began to think about how the rest of their evening was going to play out, and that led to him rambling under his breath as he worked.

He nearly jumped out of his skin when he felt a pair of muscular arms wrap around his waist, pulling him close. He turned around, the spatula still in his hands as he half expected someone else to be behind him, but was met with the face of his lover. “Don’t do that,” he giggled, placing both of his hands on the other’s biceps. He stood up on his tiptoes, still giggling a bit as he pressed their lips together chastely.

“Something on your mind?” Shouto asked once they had parted. After a moment of Izuku’s squirming, he released his husband, choosing instead to go look at the food he had made.

“Yeah,” he nodded, knowing full well there was no way that he could lie to the Alpha. “Momo called me back today and said that she has some time to sign us up for the program. I was just thinking about what time we could stop by and how the rest of the evening would probably go and then I started thinking about how things would go for my work after the baby comes and-”

“Hey, we’ll figure it all out together,” Shouto cut him off, placing a soft kiss on top of the mating mark that he had left two years ago. Izuku just nodded as he pulled the food off of the stove and placing it onto the hot pad. “We’ll go see Momo tonight and then hopefully we can get the surrogate going as soon as possible.”

“You seem a lot more eager about this than you were last week,” the green-haired boy commented, turning to look at him from the side of his eye.

“My father and Natsuo messaged me today,” he growled gruffly as he began to set the small dining room table that they used when they didn’t have company.

“Do you wanna talk about it?” the Beta asked quietly, turning to look at his mate as he moved the food to the table.

Shouto sighed, sitting down heavily at the table. “The one from my father was mostly just him reiterating what he had said a week ago, which was a pleasant reminder to get in the middle of a meeting,” he growled sarcastically.

Izuku made an indignant noise in the back of his throat as he began to serve himself food. “You’d think that someone as anal as him about meetings wouldn’t do that.”

“You’d think,” he nodded with a roll of his eyes. After his mate had finished serving himself he began to get his own meal. “The message from my brother was talking about that he hoped he would get the company.”

The Beta huffed, slumping his shoulders and staring down at his food that now looked a bit less appealing. He ran a hand through his hair as his eyebrows creased. “How long of a deadline do we have to get a baby before your father transfer the company over to your brother? Because there’s no telling what Natsuo would do if he got it and then we might be out of the jobs and we could lose everything.”

“Hey, hey,” Shouto hushed, grabbing his mate’s hand from across the table, rubbing his thumb over the top of his hand. “Everything is going to be okay. I promise. We will get a baby and we will keep the company.”

“Okay,” the Beta nodded, taking a deep breath in through his nose and then releasing it slowly to calm the anxiety that had been bubbling in his chest. “Yeah, we can get through anything, right?” he grinned looking up at his mate.

“Of course,” Shouto replied easily, letting go of his mates hand after a moment and began to eat his meal. Izuku followed his example after he had finally calmed the rest of his anxiety enough to allow him to eat. When they had finished eating and cleaning up, the dual-haired Alpha threaded their fingers together. “You ready to go?” he asked.

“Yeah,” Izuku answered, guiding them out of their penthouse apartment and down the dozens of flights of stairs to the main floor. They made their way out of the building and around back to where their car was parked. “When was the last time that we actually got to see Momo?” he mused once they were inside the car and driving to the clinic that their dear friend worked at.

“I think it was around last Christmas,” he hummed, tapping on the wheel of the car as he drove. “She and Kyouka have been busy as well.”

“We’ve all been busy business people,” he giggled, pulling his leg up underneath him as he watched the scenery pass by.

Shouto chuckled and nodded, “We all need to get together at some point for something other than business.”

“We should,” Izuku nodded, pressing a button the dashboard that turned on the radio, which was incidentally still playing the radio show that Kyouka had taken over. He hummed along to the music, murmuring a couple of the words until they arrived at the clinic. The building was mostly empty by the time they walked into it as it was very late in the business day, and they were coming in almost after hours. Izuku walked up to the receptionist, smiling down at the woman that he had become accustomed to talking to from his time spent at the clinic.

“What can we do for you today, Mr. Midoriya-Todoroki?” she asked politely.

“Yaoyorozu Midoriya has an appointment with us,” he answered, knowing that their friend would have told her receptionist about their special appointment.

“Oh, yes of course,” she nodded, clicking a bit on her computer. “You can go through into the clinic into room four,” she said, pointing to the room that Izuku had gone into one too many times.

The Beta looked back to his mate for a moment before they both headed to the door, making their way back to where they had been told to go. The green-haired man knocked on the door and paused for a moment until they heard the woman inside yell for them to come in. “Hey Momo,” he grinned intensely as he walked into the examination room.

“Welcome Izu,” she smiled, standing up from the stool and walking over to them, hugging the Beta before she turned to her childhood friend. She gently wrapped her arms around him for a moment, hugging him a bit longer than she had done for his mate. “How are you two doing?” she asked as she walked back to her stool, sitting down and turning to her papers.

“Fine, minus the fact that I’m going to have to have sex with an Omega that I don’t know so that I can have a baby so that my father will let me keep the company,” Shouto huffed as he and his mate sat down on the small couch inside the room.

“It is very unfortunate to hear about that,” Momo mused, still a bit in her doctor mindset despite being around friends. “But I hope I can help you make the best of a bad situation.”

“I know you can,” Izuku smiled kindly at her, reaching over and holding husband’s hand comfortingly.

“I certainly hope so,” she chuckled dryly. “Now, I have to tell you that you’re perfectly healthy and that you have nothing that you can pass down to your baby. I am also legally required to read the contract to you and tell you the terms and conditions,” she rambled.

They both nodded and waited for her to continue. “I, your name, consent to having an Omega carry my child. By signing this I am agreeing to allow the Omega to live in my home while they are trying to conceive the baby and while they are carrying my child. By signing this I am aware that the second any sort of abuse is reported that the Omega will be taken out of my care and I will not be allowed access to my child and that if anything were to happen to the child while the Omega is still pregnant, such as miscarriage, it is not their fault and they are not liable for it,” she rambled, taking a breath when she had gotten to the end of the contracted.

“Sound good to you both?” she asked, turning the paper over as she got prepared to hand it to them.

“Sounds good to me. Shou?” the Beta turned to his mate, looking at him for an answer.

“I have no better option,” he huffed, taking the paper from his childhood friend as well as the pen that she offered him. He signed it and filled it out quickly as the other two began to talk to each other. He handed it back to her, still being kind to her through the contract felt like a life sentence.

“I’ll get back to you as soon as I find some available Omegas,” she smiled tightly at them as she stood up. She hugged them both briefly before she turned around, going further into her clinic and allowing them to leave.

Once they were back in the car Shouto leaned forward, a deep frown on his face as his forehead pressed against the steering wheel. “You okay?” Izuku asked, placing his hand on his boyfriend’s back and releasing a bit of his soothing scent to calm him.

“I just have to keep telling myself that this will all turn out okay,” he mumbled, falling quiet. Izuku felt his heart fall into his stomach as he knew that there was absolutely nothing he could do to make his mate feel better. He leaned forward, grabbing the other’s face and pressing their lips together for a moment.

“This will all turn out okay,” he said decidedly.

Chapter Text

Mina hummed as she tugged on a couple of her dyed pink locks, looking over the paper in front of him. Katsuki rolled his eyes, leaning back in his chair and looking at her with an annoyed expression. “Is it possible for you to study without making annoying noises?” he asked, his voice chock-full of exasperation.

“Nope!” she hummed, giggling a bit as she looked at him.

“At least she’s honest?” Hanta offered as he looked up from his papers. Mina offered the black-haired Alpha a bright smile before she turned back to humming and reading the paper in front of her. Katsuki grumbled, rolling his eyes harshly as he too leaned forward and returned to studying.

A few moments later, the group of college students were disturbed by the last member of their group returning. “I brought food,” he cheered, only daring to be loud because of the fact the entire library was completely empty due to how early it was in the year. Denki waltzed over to their table, and plopped himself down on Hanta’s lap, leaning over and giving him a chaste kiss on the lips.

“Get a room,” Mina fake gagged, taking the bag of food out of the Omega’s hand. In retaliation, Denki flipped her off and kissed Hanta a bit longer than he had been planning to.

“Gross,” Katsuki muttered, grabbing the bag from Mina after she had gotten the food that she ordered out of it. He grabbed his own food, giving himself a small break from his relentless studying to eat.

When the other blond Omega pulled back from his mate, he did so with such force that he toppled off Hanta’s lap and onto the ground. The Alpha just looked at him for a moment before he burst out laughing. “Rude!” the blond shouted from the ground, and Katsuki could practically hear the pout on his face. Despite how idiotic his friends were being, the other Omega couldn’t suppress a chuckle as Denki heaved himself up off the ground. “You’re the worst mate ever,” he hit his Alpha’s shoulder playfully, no actual conviction in his tone.

Hanta looped an arm around his boyfriend’s waist, pulling him in close so that their noses were almost touching. “That’s not what you said last night,” he whispered, letting some of his scent out. The other two students both made fake gagging noises as they watched the scene play out between the mates.

“You two are revolting,” Katuski huffed, taking a bite of his sandwich.

“We’re not nearly as bad as-” Denki paused for a moment and the air got thick and clouded for a moment before he continued on. “As some couples, I’ve seen. Hanta and I have never almost had sex in front of you, have we?”

“I take personal offense to that,” Mina pointed her burrito at her friend, making an obvious attempt to try and lighten the mood. They all fell silent after that, none of them really wanting to talk after Eijirou almost getting mentioned. They got their food out and ate in complete and dead silence, not even Mina daring to make one of her focus noises. Katsuki rubbed his hand over the faded mark, something he always did when he thought about his deceased mate. It was like the mating scar physically hurt every single time he thought about the fact that it was from someone who was no longer with him. Before he had really noticed it, he had begun to let off a distressed scent that the other Omega couldn’t pick up on, but the Alpha in their friend group certainly did.

“Hey Katsuki, you okay?” Hanta asked, ducking his head down awkwardly so that he could catch the Omega’s bright red eyes.

“Not really,” he answered truthfully, remembering that he was supposed to be eating and stuffing his mouth with the rest of his sandwich.

Mina cleared her throat, tucking a strand of curly pink hair behind her ear. The Beta in her instinctively released a calming scent, which still worked despite them being around her as often as they were. “Moving onto lighter topics,” she hummed, shifting around in her seat. “Did you guys here that P.M. Radio got passed onto someone else super recently?”

“Oh yeah,” Denki nodded, thinking back for a moment. “I think the new host's name is like Jirou Kyouka or something like that.”

“I just can’t believe that Yamada Hizashi actually retired,” Mina mumbled around a mouthful of food. “He always kinda seemed like he couldn’t age to me.”

“Dude, he’s got a kid our age,” Hanta gently reminded her, holding a hand over his own mouth to hide the food he had been chewing.

“Isn’t his name Hitoshi Yamada-Aizawa?” Denki mused, cocking his head to the side. Katsuki rolled his eyes as he could practically hear his Alpha friend swooning over how cute he thought his mate looked. “I think he might be in one of my classes this term.”

“Really? No way,” Mina laughed. “What are the odds of something like that happening?”

“Need I remind you both that we go to a rich-people school?” Katsuki pressed his hand into his forehead, just to make sure that they both knew how dumb they sounded at the moment.

“I mean, yeah,” Mina huffed. “But wouldn’t someone with such famous parents go to a school like Yale or Harvard?”

“Not if they wanted to get a real education,” Hanta chuckled. “Everyone knows that rich kids go there to get a fake diploma because they can afford it, but it doesn’t actually teach them anything.”

“It’s so hard to think about the fact that the school we go to is so expensive when literally all of us made it in,” Denki grinned, fidgeting in his seat as his ADHD began to act up.

“I keep getting reminded on the daily that we go to a rich people school because of all the stuck-up assholes in my classes,” the ash-blond rolled his eyes. “This one kid actually fucking told me that I shouldn’t be attending here because my parents could never afford it.”

“Didn’t your parents pay for your entire first term to get you on your feet?” Mina asked, raising one of her eyebrows.

“Yeah,” he nodded. “I wish they would still help me out now.”

“You should be glad they helped you out at all, unlike mine,” Denki reasoned, jabbing his fork at his friend for emphasis.

“You still managed to find a way to pay for all your classes,” Katsuki reminded him back. “You didn’t have to sign up to be a fucktoy for some dumbass Alpha.”

“Wait, you actually did that?” Denki asked, sitting back in his seat and blanching a bit. “I mean, it is a really good source of money for like a one-time thing, but I was kinda joking.”

“I couldn’t think of any better option and I am two terms away from getting my Bachelors,” he grumbled, hating the sudden attention he was getting.

“Wait, you’re gonna have a baby?” Mina asked, her eyes lighting up brightly as her mind spiraled to a place that the Omega wouldn’t like to travel to himself.

“It won’t be mine,” he said, kicking the carpet underneath the table as he folded his arms over his chest. “It would be an Alpha’s and their mate’s, not mine.”

“I dunno man, I’ve heard stories about surrogates who got depressed enough that they killed themselves after having to give the baby to the couple they were surrogating for,” Hanta said, his protective Alpha instincts taking over a bit.

“It’s not like I haven’t been there before,” he reminded his friend, not really wanting to think about his attempt on his life after he had lost Eijirou.

“We know, and we don’t want you back there,” Denki whispered, poking at his food like it had lost all appeal to him. “None of us want to lose another member of the pack,” his voice cracked on the last word and tears began to well in his electric yellow eyes. His mate sighed, dropping his food down in front of him and grabbing the smaller male, pulling him into a tight hug.

Katsuki opened his mouth to say something, but couldn't find the words. Instead, he just sat there, trying to fight away his own tears. Mina leaned over, wrapping one of her pale arms around him and pulling him into a side hug. He leaned into her, taking in the fruity scent that she always gave off to keep the small pack they had formed calm and docile. It had been most useful when they were a horny mess of teenage angst, all trying to figure out who and what they were. They just sat there for a moment in silence as they had before as if they were once again mourning the loss of the head of their pack. “It’s okay. We’re not going to lose another member of the pack. Hopefully, if my courtship goes well, we’ll actually gain another member,” Mina spoke up, having slightly taken over the spot as pack leader.

Normally, only Alphas were ever the leader of the pack, but Mina was more assertive and really the one that held them all together, so she had become the default leader of the pack after Eijirou had passed away. Denki pulled away from his mate just enough to look over at the Beta, “You’re courting someone?”

“Yeah,” she nodded, a small, shy smile forming on her bubblegum pink lips. “She’s really sweet and nice. I was planning on bringing her to dinner tonight if that would be okay with you guys.”

“Well yeah!” Denki said, looking a lot more chipper than he had a moment ago. “We gotta meet her if she’s gonna be mated to our pack leader!”

“I guess that’s true,” she laughed, rubbing the back of her head with one of her hands.

“What’s her name?” Denki asked, obviously wanting to get distracted. Normally, Katsuki would hate them taking away from the time that they were supposed to be studying, but he was off of his suppressants and feeling moodier than usual, so he let it slide.

“Her name is Tooru and she is truly the sweetest and most loving Beta I have ever met,” Mina gushed, placing a hand on her chest where her heart was.

“She’s a Beta?” Denki asked, becoming actually excited.

“We really do need another Beta in the pack,” Hanta reasoned. “Especially when our Omegas are so temperamental.”

“I am not,” the blond huffed, falling back into his mate.

“Guilty as fucking charged,” Katsuki smirked. As much as they pissed him off sometimes, they really were his pack and he wouldn’t change them for the world.


A heavy scent had filled the entire apartment, making it almost suffocating. He took it in, breathing the smell of woodsmoke on a cold, winter's day. He walked a bit further into his home, toeing off his shoes and taking his jacket off at the same time. “Shouto?” he called out, his voice ringing throughout the entire apartment.

“Bedroom,” the gruff voice of the Alpha called back. Izuku grinned a bit, darting to the kitchen and grabbing the bag underneath one of the cupboards. He rolled his eyes when he saw that his mate had not grabbed it, but at this point, he kind of expected this of the Alpha. The green haired man quickly made his way up the stairs, following the scent as it got heavier and heavier. He pushed his way into the bedroom, dropping the bag of supplies onto the floor as he took in his mate.

Shouto was spread out on the bed, completely naked. His hair was splayed out against the pillows artfully as some of it stuck to his head with sweat. His hand was viciously pumping at his cock, and the Beta winced as he saw that his husband had not taken any care to put lube on his hand in his sex-filled haze. “Come here,” he growled gruffly, using his Alpha voice without realizing that he was doing so.

Izuku obeyed, walking forward and crawling on the bed over to his mate. “Yes, Alpha?” he asked, sitting back on his legs and looking over the gorgeous form of his husband in his Rut.

“Strip,” he commanded, flipping himself over and getting on his hands and knees. He crawled on top of his mate while the Beta struggled to pull off his clothes. His shirt came off first, getting thrown with no particular care onto the ground. As soon as his skin was exposed, the Alpha leaned down and attacked every inch that he could. Izuku gasped and moaned as he felt his lover’s tongue run over his muscles and up onto his nipples. Shouto’s hands began to run up and down his sides, trying to sexually please his partner as much as he could. It was only a few moments before he had become impatient and his hands moved down to Izuku’s crotch, yanking the button open and shoving the zipper down messily.

“Alpha,” the Beta whined as his mate shoved his pants off of his lover, exposing some more of his skin.

“Yes, Beta?” Shouto asked, pulling away from where he had been licking, biting, and sucking at his mate’s flesh. His hands were still toying with the cloth of his husband’s boxers, making him incredibly hard.

“Please don’t tease me,” he whimpered, pouting a bit as he tried to act like an Omega in Heat. This action caused the Alpha to pull further into his Rut, and he quickly removed his lover’s boxers.  

“Sorry, my mate,” he apologized, his stomach rolling as he thought about the fact that he had somehow made his mate uncomfortable, and that being the only thing his sex-riddled brain could comprehend. Izuku squirmed out from underneath him, grabbing the bottle of lube that they kept in their bedside drawer. “Beta,” Shouto whispered, taking it from him when the smaller male had uncapped it.

“Yes, Alpha?” Izuku asked, moving so that his back was pressed against the pillows, just looking over the sweaty, naked form of his mate.

“Let me take care of you,” his voice tender and caring, the type of tone that an Alpha would use when their Omega was in Heat or they were in their Rut. Izuku felt his own brain begin to slip away a bit, though not nearly as much as it would if he was an Omega.

“Okay,” he nodded, his body going limp as he felt hands drag along his skin. He heard the sound of the lube getting poured onto his lover’s fingers and then gasped as he felt the slick digits press against his entrance. Shouto leaned down, pressing a tender kiss to his lips as he pressed the first finger in. Izuku gasped as he felt it push past the tight ring of muscles and his mate took the chance to deepen the kiss.

The Beta’s arms flung around his mate’s shoulders as the finger pumped in and out of him, slowly ringing out pleasure. He let out small, gasping moans as another finger was easily pressed into his entrance, sliding into him pleasurably. He rolled his hips and felt the pleasure course through him roughly. He let out a lewd moaned, pulling his hips back and then pushing them back down as the pumping of his mate’s fingers were apparently not enough. “Beta,” his Alpha warned, using his other hand to keep his hips still as he took the hint and began to pump his fingers in and out more feverously.

“Alpha, I want your knot,” Izuku moaned, feeling arousal pool and heat up in his gut. “Please, Alpha!”

Shouto didn’t respond, leaning down and nosing the mating mark as he pressed in another finger. Inside of his mate, he spread out his fingers, stretching the normally tight ring as much as he could so that the smaller male could take his knot without being in pain. Izuku whimpered and moaned as he felt teeth graze over the incredibly sensitive mating mark on his neck. A loud, slightly aggravated groan escaped his lips as he felt the long, slender fingers slide out of him. The sound of lube met his ears again and he felt his dick throb, oozing precum. “So good, just for me,” Shouto hummed, looking down at him with hungry eyes.

“Yes, just for you,” Izuku nodded. He felt the lubed up cock of his lover press against his entrance, and he looked down, watching as the tip pressed into the tight ring of muscles. Shouto slowly pressed into him, letting out loud moans as he finally got the pleasure he had been desiring. “Alpha,” the Beta groaned as he felt the entire cock of his lover get buried inside of him.

The dual-haired man pulled out slightly before bucking back in, his balls slapping against the skin of his lover’s ass. Izuku moaned a bit as he felt the cock rub up against his prostate, sending shivers of pleasure throughout his entire body. “Oh god,” he whimpered, throwing his head against the pillows harshly as he felt his lover’s knot grow immensely now that he was surrounded by tight heat.

He began to buck into his lover widely, his mind falling too far down into his Rut so that he was then unable to control himself. Izuku pulled himself out of his pleasure filled mindset for a moment and let out some of his calming scent, something that if he didn’t do would mean that the Rut his husband was experiencing would last for a week. The scent would cause the Rut to only last for a day as long as Shouto was mating him and his scent wasn’t just in the room. After he made sure the proper scent was being released, he allowed himself to drift back to the pleasure that was coursing through his every molecule.

Shouto continued to buck and moan into his lover as his knot formed and swelled, locking them together. “Please Alpha, please come in me,” Izuku groaned, bucking his hips up in the air as he searched for friction. The other man only grunted, his hand moving down to his mate’s cock and he began to stroke it sensually. The Beta moaned loudly, beginning to shake a bit as pleasure overcame him. “Alpha, I’m going to cum,” he whined out as he began to come harshly onto his and his husband’s chest.

As soon as Izuku had finished coming, he felt his lover cum inside of him, unloading his entire load inside of his mate. When he had finished cumming, he dropped down so that he was laying on top of Izuku. They just lay there for a moment, both of them covered in sweat and the Beta’s cum before the Alpha returned back to himself. “Are you okay?” Shouto asked, pulling back carefully and caressing his mate’s face tenderly.

Izuku nuzzled into the touch, humming lightly as he nodded. “I’m sorry that I didn’t text you to warn you,” the Alpha whispered, pressing careful kisses to his forehead and cheeks.

“It’s okay, Shou,” Izuku shook his head, his own hands moving to the large man’s hair, gently carding his hands through it. “You shouldn’t have to apologize for your bodily functions.”

“I don’t want you to feel like you have to mate with me during my rut, though,” he whispered, his face falling a bit. “My mother used to cry after my father’s Ruts, and I found out that it was because he essentially forced her into mating with him every time he had one, but never took care of her during her Heats.” He buried his face into his mate’s neck, inhaling the scent of the forest that his lover always gave off.

“Your parents were awful, but you’re not your father,” Izuku hushed him, still running his fingers through his mate’s hair. “When we moved in together, I told you that I would service you through all of your Ruts. And if for some reason I didn’t want to, or couldn’t, then I wouldn’t have come up here.

“Okay,” Shouto nodded, letting out a small grunt as his knot began to go down. Izuku let out a small huff, feeling the cum leak out of his whole now that he was less stuffed up. Shouto maneuvered them around so that he could grab a tissue. He reached down underneath his lover, wiping away some of the cum as it slowly dribbled out of his lover. Once that was clean, he grabbed another tissue, cleaning off their chests. “I love you,” the taller man whispered, pressing another kiss to his mate’s forehead.

“I love you too, Shouto,” he whispered, kissing his mate on the lips chastely. They just sat with each other until Shouto’s knot had gone down completely. Izuku pulled himself off of his mate’s cock, dragging him to the shower. The Alpha followed after him, falling into his Rut again as they walked. The Beta turned on the water, getting it to the right temperature before he climbed in.

“Izuku,” Shouto whispered, leaning down to kiss at the mating mark on the smaller man’s neck. The Beta shivered, leaning into the touch and exposing his neck a bit more as his instincts told him to. The hot water beat down harshly on them as he heard the sound of a lube bottle getting uncapped.

“Alpha,” he moaned, pressing into the hands that had traveled to his ass. The taller man growled possessively, releasing his mate’s ass for a moment as he lathered his cock up with lube. As soon as his cock was lubed enough as to not hurt his lover, he pressed into the already loosened hole. The smaller of the two moved one of his hands that was supporting him on the wall down to his cock, stroking it until he was achingly hard.

“My Beta,” the Alpha growled, nosing the scent gland that his mating mark was covering. His hips began to buck into his lover harshly, his knot popping up and catching on the Beta’s rim. “Mine,” he hissed.

“Yours, Alpha,” Izuku nodded in reply. “All yours,” he answered. He could feel his orgasm building in his gut already as he was still so overstimulated from his last orgasm.

“Cum for me,” he commanded, his hand moving down to hold the Beta’s hips as he pumped his cock in and out of him as much as he could with his knot. “Cum for me, mate,” he growled, biting down again where the mating mark was.

Izuku could no longer handle the pleasure that he was receiving and let his load go, splattering cum all over the walls. “Alpha!” he cried out, bucking his hips back and letting out a breathy groan as he felt another bout of cum get emptied inside of him. Shouto stayed there for a moment as he came down from his Rut once again.

“Sorry, sorry,” he whispered out in apology once his knot had gone down enough for him to pull out of his husband.

“Shouto, stop,” Izuku whispered, turning around and grabbing his hands. “Don’t apologize.”

“Okay,” the dual-haired man nodded. Izuku took the silence that followed as his cue to do as he always did during Shouto’s Ruts’ He poured a generous amount of body wash out into his hand and then began to lather them both up until they were clean. When they had returned back to the bed, Shouto looked more exhausted than he normally did which the Beta speculated that it was because of all the stress he had been under to provide his father with an heir.

“When was the last time you ate something, Shou-chan?” Izuku asked as he bent over, grabbing the bag he had grabbed earlier.

“This morning, I think,” he answered, struggling to keep his eyes open. The Beta hummed, digging through the bag and grabbing out one of the Rut specialized granola bars.

“Please eat this before you fall asleep,” Izuku asked, handing the food to his husband as he grabbed some food for himself, crawling back into their bed. Shouto just grunted, grabbing the food from his mate and eating it as quickly as he could so that he could sleep. “Don’t choke,” the Beta joked as he ate his own small meal.

Shouto yawned, wrapping his arms around Izuku’s waist as he drifted off to sleep. The green-haired man finished off his food and then sunk down on the bed, running his hands through the soft locks of his lover. He felt his own eyes flutter as he slowly drifted off to sleep.

Chapter Text

“This is doctor Yaoyorozu Momo. I’d like you to come into the clinic today and grab some forms for the surrogate program,” the pleasant voice of his doctor rang through his ears as he listened to the voicemail that he had received in the middle of class. He frowned, stuffing his phone back in his pocket without deleting the message just in case he needed it for later.

“What was that about?” Denki asked, cocking his head to the side curiously.

“My OB/GYN calling to inform me that there are some forms I need to look at to figure out who’s baby I want to carry,” he answered, keeping his voice low as they walked down the nearly deserted hallway. Several classes were still in session and neither of the Omegas felt like being chewed out by underpaid teacher for being loud.

“Oh,” he nodded, shrinking into himself a bit as he saw two intimidating Alphas walk down the hall.

“Hey, you’re mated, they’re not going to attack you anymore,” Katsuki soothed his friend, placing a hand on his friend’s shoulder to calm him down a bit.

“What if they can’t tell?” he asked as they walked closer and closer to some of the Alphas that had harassed the smaller Omega in the past.

“You reek of Hanta, how could they not?” he shot back, removing the hand and using to run through his spiky locks. Despite the reassurances, Denki still shuddered and leaned into his friend more and more as they got closer to the duo of Alphas.

“Hey, there little Omega,” one of the cooed, reaching out and caressing Denki’s face as they passed by them.

“Please don’t touch me,” he whimpered, squeezing his eyes shut tightly as he stood stalk still, too scared to move.

“Why not?” the Alpha asked, turning to face him.

“Because he’s fucking mated to an Alpha twice as powerful as you,” Katsuki growled, narrowing his red eyes and yanking his friend away from the grip of the intimidating man. The smell of Body Order and Old Spice came off his in waves, making both of the Omegas nauseous.

“The whore finally tricked someone into mating them,” the first Alpha rolled his eyes, beginning to head further down the hall with his friend as they shit talked Denki.

“I-I’m not a whore,” Denki whispered, tears welling in his eyes as he stumbled down the hallway. “I’ve only ever had sex with Sero and I’m on suppressants too.”

“You’re not a whore, they’re just pissed off that you got mated and they can’t harass you anymore,”  Katsuki soothed the other, placing an arm around his shoulder and bringing him into a half hug as he tried to make the other’s tears go away. As they emerged from the building, it was obvious that the smaller Omega had been hit by the words from the two Alphas a little too harshly. The ashy-blond sighed, squeezing his friend's shoulder comfortingly before speaking up in the best maternal voice he could, “Denki, go home and rest. Remember to talk to Hanta when he gets home from classes.”

“Yeah, okay,” Denki nodded, pawing at his face to wipe some of the tears that had run down his face away. “Good luck with your surrogate thing. Bye,” the smaller Omega waved as he stumbled down the pathway to the parking lot. Katsuki sighed, feeling his shoulders slump forward with exasperation. He slowly walked forward, pulling his scent back and making his footsteps as quiet as possible as he followed after his friend. He trailed after the smaller male all the way to the parking lot, where he stood on the outside and watched as Denki got into his car and began to drive home. He then turned and walked to his own car, which was not that far away from where the other blond had been parked.

He paused when he was sat in front of his steering wheel, thinking back to what he had told Denki to do. It was likely that the small Omega would think that he was being a bother and wouldn’t actually tell his mate that he was in distress until far too late. He pulled out his phone, texting his black haired friend that he should probably ask his mate what happened today. He turned his phone off after that, turning on the radio and driving to the clinic like he had been instructed do. The drive was short and easy due to everyone still being at work as it was four o’clock.

“Hi, how can I help you?” the peppy receptionist asked, smiling up at him once he had walked up to the desk.

“Dr. Yaoyorozu called me today and said that I had some papers for the surrogate program that I needed to pick up,” he answered, too tired to care about who was listening to him talk.

“Name?” she asked, and he complied. “Here you are,” she said, handing him the packet after she asked him a couple of other questions to confirm that it really was him. He took the packet of papers and muttered a ‘thanks’ to her as he turned around and stalked out of the clinic.

He fell down onto his couch after a much longer drive home and pulled out his phone. He glanced over the text, not really caring what it was about because of how exhausted he was after the long day of classes he had had. A small amount of stress drained out of him as he saw that the text had been from Hanta, telling him that he had taken care of Denki. He sighed, throwing his phone down on the coffee table and picking up the packet that he had been given from the clinic.

He pulled them out and saw that there were several different packets of two or three papers. Each one of them had the Alpha or Beta on top (the one that would be getting him pregnant) and then their mate on the second page. The third page contained their terms and how much they would be paying him if he were to surrogate for them. He flipped through them, mostly just looking at the bottom of the third paper to see if any of them would give him the money he needed.

It ended up coming down to two people, and he looked over them for a moment, flipping to the pages that held the people he would be surrogating for. The first one was an Alpha named Todoroki Shouto and his apparently infertile mate, a Beta named Izuku Midoriya. The second one was an Alpha named Monoma Neito and his Alpha mate Ayoma Yuuga. He snorted, looking at the second packet for a moment. It wasn’t often that two Alphas would like each other enough to mate each other, but it wasn’t completely unheard of. He dropped that packet down on the table because there was no way in Hell that he was going to put up with two Alphas when one would be more than enough.

On the top of the paper, there was a little spot for him to fill things out, such as if he was willing to surrogate for the couple and if he agreed to there terms and conditions. He filled it out with a huffing sigh, wishing things weren’t so complicated so that he could just have just gotten it over with. He fell back on his couch, grabbing the blanket that he kept there as he began to fall asleep. He would return the papers back to the office in the later that night, but at that moment he was far too tired.


“Hey, guys!” Ochako grinned brightly as they arrived in the private dining room that their group had reserved for that night. She and her Omega girlfriend were still dressed from work. This meant that the green-haired girl was wearing scrubs and the brunette was wearing a fitted pants suit.

“Ochako, Tsuya, it’s so good to see you!” Momo smiled, looking up from where she had been staring at her menu. She stood up, giving both of the Omega’s a quick hug before she returned back to her seat across from her Beta mate.

“Same to you,” the exotic vet answered as she sat down next to Kyouka.

“Hey Ocha-chan,” Izuku grinned, standing up and hugging his friend tightly. “How have you been?”

“Good, good,” she nodded with a bright smile on her face. “We got a new contract to remodel a high school! This is going to bring in enough money to keep the company going for at least two more years.”

“That’s great,” he smiled, sitting back down at the table.

“How have you been?” she asked, glancing over the menu as they spoke.

“Shou-chan and I have been struggling a bit. His dad has been pressuring us into getting a surrogate so that he can get a biological grandchild. It’s been stressing Shouto out more than it’s been stressing me out though,” he rambled, running his hand through his bright green locks.

“That’s awful,” Ochako frowned, looking to the dual-haired boy who was sitting on the other side of her, across from Izuku. “Are you two in the surrogate program or did you finally decide to stick it to him?”

“He threatened to take the company away from us and give it to his brother, who is kind of an asshole,” he huffed, threading his fingers in front of him as he looked at his friend with a tired expression.

“God,” the brunette rolled her eyes, falling back in her seat in exasperation.

“I know, right?” he chuckled weakly. They both fell into silence as they looked over the menu in silence. A couple conversations were still going quietly until the leader of their small pack arrived.

“I dearly apologize for being late, everyone,” Tenya projected throughout the small room. Beside him, his purple-haired mate only rolled his eyes as he moved to sit down in the only empty chair at the head of the table.

“It’s fine, Tenya, you’re not that late,” Ochako soothed as she bounced up and out of her seat, throwing her arms playfully around his neck and giving him a tight hug. He hugged her back and let out a sigh of relief. They all sat back down, exchanging pleasantries with each other until a timid looking waitress appeared to take their orders. They all made sure to be very kind to her, as it appeared to be her first day on the job and it was over very quickly.

They were halfway through the meal when Hitoshi stood up, clearing his throat to get everyone’s attention. When it actually happened, his face went bright pink, but he cleared his throat and spoke anyway even if there was a certain shake to it. “Because you are my pack, I wanted you all to know something absolutely amazing has happened to me, and hopefully it’ll be just as amazing for Tenya as it is for me.”

“Hitoshi?” the blue-haired Alpha asked, raising one of his eyebrows as he listened to his mate talk. “What’s going on?”

“Hush up and let him talk!” Ochako waved her hand at him as she looked to where the other Omega was standing.

The group fell silent again and the purple-haired man cleared his throat before he took a deep breath. He placed both of his hands on his stomach, revealing a small baby bump, “I’m pregnant.”

They all just sat there for a tense moment of silence before Tenya was hugging his mate tightly, pressing kisses to the top of his head. “This is amazing,” he whispered after a moment, pulling back and pressing their lips together.

“We’re gonna have a pack pup!” Ochako shouted when they had finished their kiss, successfully snapping everyone out of their excited haze.

“That’s so great,” Izuku grinned, looking over to his mate. He silently wondered if their pack would be this excited when they announced that they had gotten their surrogate pregnant.

“Congrats you two,” Momo grinned from down the table. The rest of the group shouted their congratulations as well while Hitoshi wiped the tears off of his face. Eventually, everything had calmed down and they were just asking questions about the baby one at a time as opposed to all at once.

“How far along are you?” Tsuyu asked, placing a hand on her mouth and tilting her head sideways curiously.

“About three months, just barely out of the danger zone,” he answered.

“Are you going to continue going to school?” Izuku asked, glancing at him and away from his food.

“I was planning on taking online courses for my next two quarters and then I’ll have graduated with my Bachelors so I won’t have to worry about after they’re born,” he sighed.

“You’ve thought about this a lot, haven’t you?” Kyouka chuckled.

“Yeah, I have,” he nodded with a tight smile.

“What are you hoping you’ll have?” Ochako asked, placing her elbows on the table around her meal as she looked to the other Omega.

“I honestly don’t care as long as they’re healthy,” he chuckled, rubbing the bottom of his small baby bump.

“Aww,” the brunette cooed, smiling brightly at her friend. She turned to her mate, “we should think about having kids sometime too.”

“Maybe when we’re a little more financially sound and I’m done with my internship,” the small Omega answered, pressing a kiss to her wife’s cheek.

“This means that you’re little one be around the same age as ours,” Izuku grinned, bouncing up and down in his seat as he got excited.

“You two found a surrogate?” the purple-haired Omega asked curiously, a bit happier now that the conversation was no longer focussing on him and his unborn pup.

“Oh, uh,” the Beta blushed. “Not yet. We’re in the system though, so now we’re just waiting to match with an Omega.”

“Oh, speaking of which,” Momo lit up, grabbing her bag that was next to her seat. She placed it on her lap and began to dig around in it for something. After a moment she pulled out one of the papers from the clinic, handing it to them. “These are some of the Omegas willing to surrogate for you. The instructions on how to pick one are at the top of each form.”

“Thank you, Momo,” Izuku said, grabbing the packet from her as the Beta was closer to her than his mate.

“Thank you,” Shouto smiled a bit, though his mate could see the stress and tension on his face. The rest of the meal was finished with the normal conversation and pleasantries before the dual-haired Alpha and green-haired Beta had to leave. They exchanged goodbyes and hugs with everyone and gave another set of congratulations to Hitoshi and Tenya.

He opened up the packet of papers once they were at home, cuddled together on their large bed. He found that they were papers of two stapled together, the first one detailing about the Omega and the second one talking about the terms and conditions that they wanted. He sorted out the Omegas that agreed with everything that they had wanted before turning to his mate. “Hey Shou,” he spoke up, holding the only form left.

“Yeah?” he asked with a sigh, looking up and out of where he had buried himself in the covers.

“This is the only form that has an Omega that perfectly matches all of our terms and conditions,” he said, handing the paper over to his mate.

“Bakugou Katsuki?” he asked, flipping it over and skimming over the information that it contained. He handed it back before he collapsed back down on the pillow, “sounds good to me.”

Izuku leaned down, pressing a kiss to his mate’s forehead before he turned back to the form, filling it out. He stuffed all of the forms back into the packet and set it on the nightstand. “I’ll run that by the clinic in the morning. Goodnight, Shou.”

“Goodnight, Izu,” the Alpha smiled, wrapping his arms around his mate in a hug and bringing them closer together as they drifted off to sleep.

Chapter Text

Pikachu to Bakubro

Are you nervous?


Bakubro to Pikachu


Why the fuck would I be nervous?


Pikachu to Bakubro

Becdause you’re meeting the Alpha whos gonna fuck you during your next heat?



Bakubro to Pikachu

It’s not that big of a deal.

I’ve done scarier things than this


Pikachu to Bakubro

Good luck anyway then :D


Katsuki rolled his eyes at the most recent text from the other Omega. He turned his phone off and shoved it back in his pocket before he pushed the door to the clinic open. The peppy receptionist looked up at him with her too-bright smile, making him want to wince. “Birthdate?” she asked, knowing who he was after all of the times he had been there in the past month.

He sighed and gave it to her, glancing around the clinic at the very pregnant Omegas and Betas and their mates. She typed it into her machine, glancing up at him after she was done. “Dr. Yaoyorozu should be out to get you any moment now,” she smiled tightly.

“Thanks,” he grumbled, turning on his heel and walking away from her. He sat down on one of the uncomfortable plastic chairs, looking over the other clients of the clinic. He saw one or two people that he assumed were here for the same reason that he was, to surrogate for a stranger. The majority of the people there were obviously there for pregnancy check-ups judging by the state of their baby bumps. There were a good half dozen others that were there with newborns or tiny babies. Katsuki felt a dull ache in his heart that he hadn’t felt his Eijirou had been alive and they had been happily mated.

He leaned forward on the seat, running a hand over the faded mating mark on his neck, whimpering quietly to himself. His body felt odd and off, due to him being off of suppressants for the first time in his life. He had only ever had two Heats, so this was technically the second time, he mused. The first Heat he had had was when he had gone through puberty, and he had gotten suppressant as soon as he could after that. His second Heat he had only endured so that he and Eijirou could be mates, which had required him going off of the suppressant just long enough to have a Heat before he had jumped right back on them.

He was quickly yanked out of his thoughts by the black-haired doctor opening the door, looking down at her paper before looking directly at him. “Bakugou Katsuki? Come right on back.”

Katsuki did as he was told, standing up and following after the doctor as she walked through the clinic. He had his hands shoved deep in his pockets, running his finger over the edge of his phone to calm his nerves. She led him deeper into the clinic then he had gone to when he had had his physicals. She pulled the door to the room open, stepping aside and letting him enter first. It was delicately decorated to look a bit like a sitting room. There were two couches across from each other and then a chair in between the two, making a half square. There was a coffee table in the middle of the room, seated on top of an attractive rug.

He noticed that the Alpha and Beta that he had seen in the packet were sitting down on one of the couches and once he had entered the room, Dr. Yaoyorozu took her spot on the chair. He walked slowly over to the other couch, the realization of what he was doing finally hitting him. As he sat down, he rolled his shoulders out, reminding himself to feel confident.

“Well, I guess I should start with introductions,” the doctor sighed, looking down at her clipboard. “Mr. Bakugou, this is Todoroki-Midoriya Shout and Izuku,” she said, pointing to the dual-haired Alpha before pointing to the green-haired Omega. Katsuki looked them both up and down, taking them in now that they were seated in front of him.

The Alpha was stern looking, like a permanent from had been plastered to his face. He had a scar above his bright blue eye, and only then did the explosive Omega realize that he was heterochromic. He had a firm build and seemed like he was the perfect stereotype of an Alpha. The Beta next to him had more muscle than he did, but a much kinder face. He had curly green hair that matched the color of his eyes that were constantly sparkling. There was a certain sadness in the Beta’s eyes that you could see if you looked hard enough,  he assumed that it was probably from him having to come here to provide his Alpha with children.

“Shouto, Izuku, this is Bakugou Katsuki. He has agreed to be your surrogate,” the doctor spoke up again after a moment.

“It’s lovely to meet you, Bakugou,” Izuku smiled warmly at him, though that sadness was still there.

“Nice to meet you two too,” he responded, placing a hand on his hearing aid and turning it up so that he could hear the soft-spoken Beta. Luckily for him, his hearing loss had been caused by his addiction to loud music and obsession with explosions as a kid, which meant that there was no way for it to get passed down to the baby he was going to have.

“I’m going to be here while you talk back and forth about what you would like to do, but please don’t think of me as an intrusion,” Dr. Yaoyorozu said, smiling at the trio in front of her.

“Of course not, Momo,” the Alpha hummed, his voice deep and gravelly as he placed a hand on the other Alpha’s leg. They all sat in a tense moment of silence for a bit before Izuku spoke up again.

“Would it be alright if we called you Katsuki? Seeing as you’re going to be living with us and everything until the baby is born,” he explained hastily.

“That’d be fine, I guess,” he nodded, feeling rather awkward. “Can I call you guys by your first names?”

“Yes, of course!” the Beta nodded, doing most of the talking for the two mates. “I have a couple of questions I would like to ask you if that’s alright?”

“I mean, that is why we’re here,” the blond Omega snorted, smirking lightly.

“I suppose it is, huh?” the Beta laughed, rubbing the back of his head with his hand. “So, Katsuki, why did you enter the surrogate program?”

“Well, I go to a really expensive school and I had to choose between classes and eating, so I figured that it would be a pretty easy way to ward off debt,” he answered truthfully.

“What school do you go to?” Shouto asked, his curiosity spiked.

“U.A. University,” he responded.

“Hitoshi goes, there, right?” Izuku asked, looking over to his mate. The Alpha nodded before letting the Beta turn back to the Omega and ask his questions. “What are you studying?”

“I’m currently trying to get my Bachelors in culinary school.”

“Is cooking a big passion for you?” the Beta asked curiously.

“Always has been, always will be,” he smiled, memories of him and Eijirou baking together and getting more flour on each other than in the cookies filling his mind.

“That’s so interesting,” Izuku responded. “Shouto and I both work for a private investigator company, so it might be nice to have someone that actually knows how to cook in the house! Speaking of which, you are alright with living with us until the baby is born, right?”

“I said so in my contract, didn’t I?” he retorted, glancing down at his hands so that he didn’t have to maintain constant eye contact with them.

“I just wanted to make sure is all,” Izuku waved his hand in front of him as he blushed lightly. “Would you be alright to move in on Saturday?”

“Yeah. I don’t have any classes on Fridays, so I should be able to get everything packed up and ready to go,” he nodded. “I don’t have much either, so that should make it easier.”

“Great! Do you have a pack that we should know about?” the green-haired Beta asked. Often times, when two members of different, pre-established packs got together it caused a lot of issues and wars for dominance.

“I do, but it’s relatively small,” he shrugged. “I’m not the leader of it either, so no worries there.”

“Shouto and I also belong to a pack, but neither of us are the leader. Does your pack leader know that you will be surrogating for us?” he asked, his face becoming slightly serious.

“She doesn’t know who you are, but she does know that I will be surrogating for someone,” he explained, carding a hand through his hair.

“Well that takes care of that potential issue,” he laughed, his face turning back into the smile it normally was.

“You have a mating mark on your neck, but it’s faded. What happened?” Shouto asked, looking at him with dark eyes.

“He died,” Katsuki said, leaning back against the couch and folding his arms over his chest, making sure that the other knew that was all he was getting out of him.

“Oh no!” Izuku clapped a hand over his mouth, no doubt thinking about how devastated he would be if he lost his mate. “I’m sorry for your loss!”

Katsuki just grunted, not wanting to talk any more about his deceased lover. The room was thick and heavy with silence for a moment before the green-haired Beta cleared his throat. “Do you know what time of month you have your Heats?”

“I’ve been on suppressants since my mate and I mated, and since I started my Heats as a teenager before that. So no, I don’t,” he shook his head.

“His Heat should get triggered by Shouto’s pre-Rut pheromones because he hasn’t had one in so long,” the doctor spoke up for the first time in around ten minutes.

“Oh! Well, that certainly clears up that issue,” Izuku chuckled with a bright smile on his face. He pulled out his phone, handing it to the Omega with the screen to add a contact pulled up. “Please give us your number so that we can contact you!”

He did as such, putting in his name and number quickly before handing the expensive phone back to the Beta. “I think that’s about it for this meeting, Momo,” Izuku said, turning to face his friend.

“Alright, I leave the rest to you three then. Mr. Bakugou, your next appointment with me should be right after your Heat is over,” she capped her pen turning to face the Omega.

“Okay,” he nodded, getting up and shoving his hands in his pockets. “Can I go now?”

“Do you remember the way out?” she asked and he only nodded in response. “Then feel free.”

Once he had left, the door shutting tight behind him she turned to her friends. “So what do you think?”

“I think that I really don’t want to have to use a surrogate,” Shouto grumbled.

“I’m sorry,” Izuku whispered, tears brimming in his large green eyes.

“No, love,” the Alpha shook his head, taking the pale, freckled hand in his own. “This isn’t your fault. It’s my father being an ass. You did nothing wrong.”

Momo smiled tightly at them before running a hand through some of the loose strands of hair. Izuku looked up, mirroring her expression with the sadness lingering in the back of it. “We’ll get out of your hair now. Thanks for doing this for us, Momo,” the Beta said as he stood up.

“It’s really no problem,” she shook her head, reaching out and hugging both of her friends. “Make sure to keep me updated, alright?”

“Of course,” Shouto nodded before he and his mate left the room.

Chapter Text

As Katsuki hefted the last box up into his ‘living room’ space, he was for once in his life happy that he was a poor college student. He might have just about lost his mind if he had to pack up another box of his things so that he could move out. He sat down on the floor next to the smallest pile of boxes which was also the least likely to fall over on him. He pulled out his phone, clicking to the group chat that Izuku had set up so that they could all talk to each other.


Katsuki to Group Chat

Just letting you guys know like you told me to that I’m all packed up.


He turned his phone off, looking around the small apartment he had been renting since Eijirou had died. He had let the landlord know that he was going to be moving out at some point but didn’t know exactly when and seeing as she rented to college students, the woman hadn’t been too surprised and hadn’t asked him to give her an exact date. His phone went off again as someone messaged him.


Izuku to Group Chat

Shouto and I are on our way!


Katsuki just hummed to himself, turning his phone off and then putting it in his pocket. He rubbed the back of his head and neck to relieve the tension from his stress. His hand moved down to his shoulders, rubbing the muscles that his backpack sat on. He took in a deep breath, and as he breathed out he tried to release all of the stress he had been carrying with him all week. “Stress is bad for conception,” he reminded himself, despite the fact that Dr. Yaoyorozu had informed him that he was incredibly fertile.

The sound of his partially broken doorbell rang throughout the tiny, three-room apartment. He stood up, walking to the door and looking out of the tiny peephole in his door. He huffed, pressing the handle of the door inward before he turned it and opened the door. “Hi!” Izuku smiled, waving his hand at the Omega. He cleared his throat, placing his hand over his mouth for a moment, “Your scent is certainly a lot stronger than it was last time.”

“The last of the suppressants have worn off and you’re standing outside my apartment,” he deadpanned, moving out of the doorframe so that the couple could enter his house.

“Oh yeah,” Izuku chuckled and blushed, rubbing the back of his head awkwardly. They both walked into the small apartment, Shouto taking a moment and looking up and down the Omega. Katsuki bit his lip after the Alpha had walked past him, for some reason feeling incredibly nervous as the other man looked him over.

“Is this really all you have?” the dual-haired Alpha asked, looking over the two dozen boxes that he had piled on the front room of his apartment.

“Yeah. I wasn’t lying when I said that I had to get money so that I could either continue my schooling or eat,” he huffed, shoving his hands in his pockets.

“Well it certainly makes moving you in a lot easier,” Izuku grinned. “Let’s get working,” he pushed his sleeves up a bit, making his husband smile and shake his head. The Beta leaned over, picking up one of the larger boxes before he turned and headed out the door. Katsuki followed after him, slinging his backpack over his shoulder and grabbing a couple of the smaller boxes.

His eyes widened as they had gotten outside and he caught sight of the U-Haul that the couple had rented. He shook his head, walking into the back of it and looking at Izuku. “Don’t look at me, I tried to convince him that we could’ve taken trips if you really did have a lot of stuff by someone didn’t listen to me,” he huffed, turning around with his hands on his hips as he looked past the Omega.

“This is what you do when someone moves,” Shouto shrugged as he dumped the boxes he had been carrying into the U-Haul.

“Like you would know anything about moving,” he teased, shaking his head as he headed out of the trailer and back into the small apartment.

“Izuku,” Shouto scoffed, following after his husband. “That’s not true. I moved into our apartment.”

“That was one time, Shou! And it was literally all of the stuff that you had collected throughout your entire life and all of my stuff,” the green-haired man laughed, picking up another box. Katsuki followed slowly after them, not sure if he should really intrude on their conversation. “Not everyone goes up rich,” Izuku shot at his husband.

“Alright, fine, I’m sorry,” he chuckled, tucking a bright green curl behind his ear as he leaned forward and pressed a kind kiss to his mate’s lips. “You win.”

“I always win,” he grinned, grabbing a couple of the boxes on the floor and walking out the door with them. Shouto shook his head, a gentle smile on his face as he picked up a couple more boxes. Katsuki waited until he had left the apartment before he grabbed the last of the boxes. If he was being completely honest, he was kind of relieved to be leaving the apartment. He had too many awful memories of his depression from directly after he had lost Eijirou clinging to the walls. He turned on his heel, stalking out of the apartment as fast as he could without tripping.

He placed the boxes down next to the other two dozen or so boxes full of his stuff. He took a deep breath, calming himself down a bit as he walked out of the trailer and back into the sun. “You ready to go?” Izuku asked, turning away from his husband to look at the Omega.

“Yeah,” he grunted, nodding a bit as he shoved his hands in his pants.

“Let’s get going then, I hope you don’t mind sitting in the back,” Izuku grinned, walking around to the passenger side of the car. Katsuki didn’t say anything, but opened the back door of the car and climbed in. Shouto climbed into the driver's side, not saying anything as he turned on the radio before he began to drive. They rode in relative silence before Izuku spoke up again, “Katsuki, would you mind telling us your schedule so that we know when you’re going to be home? We do kind of need to inform our doorman and security as well.”

“Sure,” he huffed. He looked from where he had been staring out the window to the Beta in the front seat. He named off each class that he had and on which day, making sure that he even included the days that his pack had that they used to hang out as a pack. The green-haired man nodded, tapping it all down on his phone.

“Thank you,” he grinned, turning his phone off. He leaned forward, turning on the radio to the station that his friend hosted. He hummed along to the song, tapping his foot on the floor of the car. “Kyouka’s gotten really good at this…”

“Isn’t this P.M. Radio?” he asked, looking over to the Beta with curiosity. After he nodded in confirmation, he asked, “You know the host?”

“She’s Momo’s mate,” he chuckled, looking back at him using the rear view mirror. “A close friend of our in our pack.”

“Mina’s gonna freak when I tell her that I’m surrogating for friends of her favorite radio show host,” he laughed, leaning forward and placing his head in his hands.

“Is Mina your pack leader?” the Beta asked, looking out the window.

“Unfortunately,” he chuckled, making sure that they knew he wasn’t really being serious.

“Unfortunately?” Izuku asked with a laugh, placing a hand over his mouth to hide his amusement.

“She’s a bit much to deal with sometimes,” he sighed, running a hand through his messy hair. “But we all still love her.”

“Maybe it’s just a thing for pack leaders to be kind of…” he paused for a moment, searching for the right word. “Intense.”

“My old mate used to be the pack leader before he passed away,” he mumbled, pressing his head into his hands. The car began quietly for a moment as the Beta struggled to find something to reply to what he had just said. Eventually, he finally gave up on trying to talk and just turned the radio up a little bit, which caused Katsuki to have to turn down his hearing aid volume as the loud noise was making the hearing aids make screeching noises.

“And we’re here,” Izuku grinned, getting out of the car once it had stopped. Katsuki got out of the car as well, slinging his backpack over his aching shoulder. “Wait here for a minute, I’ll go get us a cart to help bring the boxes up,” the Beta chirped, jogging away from the other two.

Katsuki cleared his throat, turning away from the awkwardness that would have been his attempted conversation with the sulking Alpha. He opened up the back of the U-Haul and was slightly startled to see the dual-haired man next to him, helping him set the platform down. “I could’ve done it by myself,” he huffed, wondering if Shouto was more traditional than he appeared to be.

“I know you could have,” he answered with a small shrug. He walked into the trailer, grabbing a couple of the boxes that had slid around the floor. Katsuki muttered several very aggressive things under his breath as he walked into the trailer with the Alpha, grabbing some of the boxes as well. By the time that they had moved all of the boxes out of the trailer, Izuku returned with the cart. The Omega didn’t say anything, his pride still a bit bruised that he hadn’t been allowed to do small manual labor as he began to place his boxes on the cart.

Izuku hummed as he helped, getting some of the smaller boxes and holding them in his arms as they would have fallen off of the already precarious stacks. “I’ve told the security that you’re going to be moving in,” he hummed as they pushed the cart into the elevator. “And I told them your schedule.”

“Okay,” he shrugged, reaching up to his ear and fiddling with the volume on his hearing aids, turning them up so that he could hear the other two.

“Oh! I didn’t notice you were HoH,” Izuku gasped, clapping a hand over his mouth.

“Is it going to be a problem?” he asked, a small amount of annoyance and panic bubbling up inside of him.

“Can it be passed down to the baby?” Shouto asked, not making eye contact with either of them.

“No. I damaged my hearing through listening to loud music and lighting off fireworks without proper protection,” he deadpanned, turning to face the Alpha so that he could fully see how unamused he was at the question. Shouto hummed and pulled his phone out, now fully ignoring the other two people next to him.

“Can you hear at all without them?” Izuku asked, looking at his husband with a frown for a moment before he turned back to the Omega.

“Not really. I wear them from the moment I get up to the time that I go to bed. I only really need this one,” he said, tapping his left ear.

“Good to know,” he nodded. The door dinged, telling them that they had arrived on their floor. There was a small hallway out of the elevator down to a single door. Katsuki felt his eyebrows raise, wondering if they were really rich enough to own an entire penthouse. “We have a room prepared for you, but there’s not much in it right now, seeing as we didn’t know what you had. But we can pretty much get anything you need for your room.”

“Thanks,” he smiled tightly, trying to be polite to the people that he was going to be living with for almost over a year depending on how long it took for him to get pregnant. When they entered the house, the ash-blond was slightly surprised to see that once you were inside, if you didn’t know where the apartment was located you would have no idea how much money the couple had. Everything looked like it had been bought from somewhere that anyone could get furniture, as opposed to being the normal, rich-people furniture.

“Our room is that one,” he said, pointing to a door on the second floor. “Your room is that one,” he said, pointing to the door next to it. Izuku headed up the stairs, his arms full of boxes. Katsuki leaned down, grabbing a couple of the boxes before following after him.

The room that they had prepared for him was bare, just as his apartment had been. He placed the first load of boxes down in the middle of the floor, placing his hands on his hips and looking around. It was a good size, even with the double bed pressed up against the wall. It had two pillows pressed against the wall and a sheet on it already. He hefted one of the heavier boxes onto the bed, using his thumbnail to split open the cheap packing tape that he had used to seal it. He pulled out the quilt inside of it, bringing it up to his face and inhaling deeply. Sometimes, when he was missing him more than normal, he could still smell Eijirou’s dark, earthy scent.

He nudged the box of the bed, not really caring how hard it hit the floor seeing as it was full of clothes and blankets. He spread the quilt over the bed, smiling a small bit as he saw that it fit just right. He grabbed out pillowcases and shoving the two provided pillows into them before laying out his own, well used one. “Is it okay?” Izuku asked as he returned back to the room, another load of boxes in his arms.

“Yeah, it’s bigger than my old bedroom,” he chuckled, something inside of him wanting to ease the sorrow and worry that riddled the Beta.

“That’s a relief!” he laughed, setting his armful down next to where Katsuki had dumped the rest of them. “There’s a bathroom through that doorway,” he mentioned, pointing to the door that Katsuki had assumed was a small closet.

“I figured that you would want some privacy,” Izuku began to ramble, fidgeting with his hands and hair. Katsuki listened to him, giving him small signals to tell the other male that he was still listening as he unpacked his few belongings. “But, uh, I should leave you be now, huh?” he rubbed the back of his head as he waved, backing out of the room.

He just gave the Beta a small smile before turning back to his room, which had been mostly unpacked at this point. He placed his hands on his hips, looking over everything again. As he neared closer and closer to his Heat, the need to nest overtook him. He already had his favorite nesting blanket on the bed, and he glanced around the room. He pulled out a couple more blankets, placing them at the foot of the bed, knowing that he would create a nest when he settled down for bed that night. He grabbed Denki’s hoodie that he had stolen when they had been living together in the dorms. Mina’s shirt was just under that and he slipped that on before replacing Denki’s hoodie. He grabbed the pillowcase that Sero had given him just after Eijirou died, replacing one of the ones he had put on earlier. Surrounding by the scents of his pack, living and dead, he melted into the soft bed.

Granted, he would have liked to earn this kind of place on his own merits as opposed to just be staying there because he was going to carry someone’s baby, but it was still nice. Over dinner that night, he learned a little bit more about the couple. He found out that Izuku’s dad ran the direct competitor for Shouto’s company and had recently retired, passing the company down to Izuku. They were still working out the details as they tried to bring the two businesses together, which is why it had been such a big scare when Shouto’s dad had tried to take away the company. He learned that the dual-haired Alpha had three siblings, one of which had gone missing around the time that he and Izuku had met. In turn, he shared some things about himself. He stayed as far away from Eijirou has he could, instead talking about things like where his love for cooking had come from.

When they were done with dinner, they all said goodnight to each other before Katsuki headed back to his room. He perched on his bed, moving the blankets around so that he had made a sort of nest around himself with just enough of the covers left to curl up in them. His nest was small and not nearly as plush as he wanted it to be, but he was used to that at this point. Maybe he could ask Shouto and Izuku for some more blankets and pillows the closer he got to having the baby because there was no way the scrawny nest he had now would suffice. He finished up his homework surrounded by the smells of his pack and then curled further into the bed before falling sound asleep.

Chapter Text

Katsuki writhed around on the bed as he felt his dick quickly becoming achingly hard. The sounds from the couple next door bringing his Heat faster than he thought it would come. He had heard stories that the sound of mating would often bring an Omega’s Heat due to some sort of biological realization that it was safe to go into such a vulnerable state. The slick from his opening was disgusting as it ran down his legs, but at the same time, something deep inside of him wanted there to be more of it. The sounds of slapping flesh and moans stopped for a moment as he presumed that they were both scenting each other.

He too paused for a moment before the moans became more erratic and frequent. His hand traveled under his waistband to toy with his tiny cock. As an Omega, his cock had always been smaller than average even when he was fully erect like he was at that moment. His fingertips just barely brushed up against it and it caused shivers to race up his spin and take over his entire body. He let a louder moan that he meant to as he tried to keep his mind from falling all the way into the foggy, hormone-driven state that he knew it would when his Heat fully took over.

“Oh fuck,” he moaned as his other hand moved down to circle around the opening to his vagina. Another wave of slick gushed out of him, causing him to whimper aloud in slight disgust. His mind was beginning to become clouded and foggy as he fell further and further into his Heat. One of the last cognitive thoughts that he had was that he needed to call out for the Alpha and Beta mates in the next room over. The pleasure coursing through his body was almost too much but as he slipped one of his fingers inside of him, he managed to get his voice to work well enough to get them to know he was in heat.

Seconds later, the mating sounds in the room next to his instantly stopped, and there was the sound of a door opening and padding feet in the hallway. “Please,” Katsuki moaned out as he pumped a finger in and out of himself.

“Katsuki?” Izuku called out from the other side of the door. “We’re coming in,” he warned before he flung open the wood that was keeping them apart.

Despite the fact that Shoto had never once in his life been attracted to an Omega, the smell of hot chiles and a Heat hitting his nose and almost immediately driving him into his Rut. He burst his way past his lover, who he grabbed by the wrist and dragged behind him.

“Alpha,” Katsuki moaned, bucking up into his own hand as the smell of firewood on a winter’s day from Shoto and the smell of the forest from Izuku hit him at the same time. “Please, Alpha, I need you.”

“I’m coming Omega, patience,” the Alpha growled as he sat down on the bed, admiring the toned body that the young Omega was displaying. He lifted his hand, using it to remove Katsuki’s shirt in one fluid movement, allowing it to fall to the floor with little to no sound.

“Katsuki,” Izuku spoke up, his voice soft and calming, “Do you want me in here?”

“Yes, I need you, need you both,” he moaned loudly, feeling his feverish skin get slapped with the cool air of his room like hitting a lead wall. Izuku only nodded, stripping off his own shirt and dropping it next to Katsuki’s on the floor.

“Look at you, begging for me,” Shoto growled, taking his shirt off to reveal his toned, muscular form. His pants were already unzipped from when he and Izuku had been having their intimate moments together, so he just slid them off the rest of the way. He quickly removed the Omega’s jeans the rest of the way, pleased to find that he hadn’t been wearing any sort of undergarment.

“D-do you want me to stop, Alpha?” Katsuki asked, his voice wavering as his biological Omega urge to please took over his normal out rambunctious nature.

“Only if you want to, Omega,” Shoto purred out, pressing two of his long fingers into the slick, wet hole of the man underneath him. Izuku slid onto the bed just then behind Katsuki, lifting him up and pressing his bare chest against the Omega’s back. “Do I have your consent?” Shoto paused for a moment, his brain overriding his rut to say that at least.

“Wasn’t the damn contract enough?” Katsuki growled out viscously, pressing himself down to force the Alpha’s finger inside of him. “Just fucking fuck me,” he said, his normal tone bleeding through into his Heat minded state.

“As you wish, Omega,” Shoto breathed, moving so that he was kissing next to the other man’s scent gland. Izuku, the only one that was not under the influence of some biological sex drive, placed his hand carefully over the scent gland to make sure that his Alpha would not accidentally mate the surrogate. Shoto seemed to come back to his senses a bit, moving away from the scent gland. “I’m going to enter you now, tell me if I need to stop,” he commanded, pulling his fingers out of the sopping wet entrance.

“Just fuck me!” Katsuki screamed, shivering violently at the sudden loss of the fullness that had just been inside of him. Shoto smirked, stroking his hard cock a few times as he positioned himself at the Omega’s entrance. He felt his knot beginning to emerge and winced, stopping the rubbing which was making him more aroused in hopes that he wouldn’t pop his knot before fully entering the Omega. The intoxicatingly spicy scent from the Omega intensified by tenfold as he began to shake with the amount of pleasure each inch of the Alpha’s cock brought him.

“Are you okay?” Izuku asked carefully as he wrapped his arms a bit more tightly around the Omega, bringing him a little closer to his chest while still trying to keep his hand over the scent gland of the surrogate Omega. Katsuki fervently nodded his head as sharp, panting breaths left his mouth in the form of moans. Shoto paused for a moment when he had fully sheathed himself inside the other man, glancing up to look at Izuku.

“Fucking move,” Katsuki growled, wiggling his hips around as he easily adjusted to the large dick filling him up. The green-haired Beta shook his head and suppressed a chuckle at the Omega’s words, but quickly stopped as he felt his mate begin to pound into the smaller male unlike he had ever seen the Alpha do before.

He quickly sensed that Katsuki could very easily begin to feel pain, despite the fact that everything was seemingly pleasurable to him in his heat-induced state. He let out a bit of his calming pheromones, making both of the other men calm down a bit. Shouto pulled back a bit, looping his arms around the Omega’s waist and bringing him up into a sitting position. Katsuki leaned forward, placing his head on the Alpha’s shoulder before he turned his head to the side, inhaling a decent amount of the other’s scent. “You feel so good inside me, Alpha,” the Omega managed to moan out, rotating his hips in a circle.

“Such a good Omega,” Shouto praised, rubbing the smaller man’s back as the pleasure around his cock increased, causing his knot to pop up. “Taking my knot so well.”

“Yes,” Katsuki moaned, arching his back a bit as he felt himself become just that much fuller. Izuku moved forward from where he had been perched on the pillows, sitting behind Katsuki. He reached out, gently rubbing the other’s shoulders and down his back. “Please get me pregnant,” he groaned out, his Omega instincts kicking up and telling him that he had to get pregnant with a pup. If the doctor hadn’t told him going off his suppressants would make his first normal Heat so much worse, he would have been terrified.

Something inside of Shouto snapped and he growled, low and deep in his throat. He pulled out as much as he could before thrusting back in, causing the Omega below him to cry out loudly. “Such a good little Omega,” he praised, repeating his thrusts with more fever than he had before. Izuku reached forward, grabbing his mate’s face and pulling him close so that they could kiss. The Alpha thrust one last time into the Omega before they were both cumming on each other, the aforementioned dual-haired male unleashing his seed inside of the later.

Katsuki whined and arched his back, tightly constricting around the dick inside of him as hot cum filled him up. “I feel like I’m gonna fucking burst,” he growled, rotating his hips around to try and relieve some of the pressure.

“Sorry,” Shouto apologized, coming down from his Rut-mind for a moment. His hands traveled to the Omega’s back where he began to rub tight, soothing circles. “Did I hurt you?” he asked, his knot going down a bit, enough that some cum leaked out of the man out from underneath him.

“No,” Katsuki replied, shaking his head. He looked up to where Izuku was holding him, letting out a slight huff. “Thanks for being in here.”

“Of course, anything to help this awkward process along,” Izuku chuckled, his cheeks turning a faint shade of red. “Both of you behave yourself, I’m going to go get the bag.”

“Yes, Izu,” Shouto nodded at his mate, pecking his lips before the greenette darted out of the room.

Katsuki groaned, rolling his hips again. “Has your knot gone down yet?” he asked, glaring at the Alpha on top of him.

“No,” Shouto responded, shaking his head. “And besides, as long as my knot is in you, you won’t have the Heat-brain.”

“I guess so,” the Omega sighed, his hands rubbing up and down his cum-swollen stomach out of some subconscious instinct. Izuku returned a moment later, the bag on his back one that Shouto had seen over and over again since they had spent his first Rut together. He slid onto the bed, dropping the bag down next to it and unzipping it.

“I know you just started your Heat, but I feel like you should eat something already. You too, Shoucchan,” he commanded, handing them both some of the special Heat and Rut granola bars. The dual-haired Alpha moved them so that they were both sitting up despite still being locked together. As they were moved, Katsuki realized how tired he really was already, even that early into his Heat. They both silently at the food that they had been given, every so often the ash-blond would let out a whine as the knot inside of him went down and the cum inside him moved.

When the knot finally went down, they had about five minutes before both of them would have to mate again. Izuku grabbed some of the clothes that he had grabbed out of the bag, handing them to Shouto so that the Alpha could clean the ash-blond up a little bit. The Omega was now so far gone into his Heat that he whined at the feeling of the cloth around his aching whole.

“Please,” he whined, shaking his hips back and forth in a way of presenting for the Alpha. “Please fucking take me Alpha!”

“In a moment, Omega,” Shouto hushed, throwing the rag away as he leaned down. He pressed careful kisses down the other man’s abdomen, causing him to whine out and a wave of slick to course out of his whole. The dual-haired man smirked widely, moving his large cock into the proper spot and pushing it with a lot more ease than he had the first time. Izuku took the position that he had been in when they first mated, making sure that his hand was clapped over the Omega’s scent gland.

Katsuki nearly screamed out in pleasure as the other’s cock filled him up, stretching him a bit since he had recovered from the last time they mated. “Fuck,” he groaned, throwing his head back against the Beta’s chest. “God fucking dammit,” he groaned, rolling his hips downward to fill himself up a bit more.

Shouto smirked, pulling out a bit to where his knot was already forming before he bucked in, hitting a spot inside the Omega that made him cry out again. “Fucking shit!”

“You’re certainly a lot more vocal,” the Alpha growled, leaning down and nipping at the skin on his collar bone.

“It feels shit tones better this time,” he responded, throwing his arms around the other man’s shoulder and bringing them a bit closer together. He let a needy whine as the knot inside of him swelled up to full size, “Shit, Alpha!”

“Yes, Omega?” he asked, clenching his own eyes shut as pleasure coursed through him.

“Feel so good, please put a pup in me,” he whined, throwing his head back again. Izuku began to press tender kisses on his back and shoulders, which had been lifted into the air by his mate. Katsuki huffed out a tight breath, leaning into the touches as he squeezed his eyes shut. The man on top of him bucked into him at an irregular pace, grunting every so often as pleasure shot from his dick through his body. “Alpha, Alpha, I’m going to cum,” the Omega chanted as the dick inside of him scraped up against his sensitive walls.

“Cum for me,” the other man commanded, bucking his hips up a bit more harshly as he chased after his own orgasm. Katsuki, for once in his life, did as he was told, shooting his cum over their chests and clenching down tightly around the cock and knot inside him. Shouto came quickly afterward, shooting another large load into the man underneath him.

“Fuck, I hate Heats,” Katsuki groaned, throwing an arm over his eyes. Izuku sighed, grabbing another one of the cloths and cleaning up the cum from his mate and the Omega. He blinked his eyes sleepily, barely managing to stay awake long enough to finish getting cleaned up.

“Are you doing okay, Shoucchan?” Izuku asked his mate, getting out from underneath the Omega and cleaning up the room a bit.

“Yeah, especially since you’re here,” the dual-haired man nodded, grabbing the Omega’s legs and wrapping them around his waist as he moved them so that they were laying on their sides and still locked together. “I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t be able to get hard since I’m not attracted to Omegas. Your scent seems to be helping.”

“Hmm,” Izuku hummed. “I think you might also just like Katsuki,” he chuckled.

“What? No! You’re my mate,” the Alpha hissed out, trying to stay quiet enough that the man next to him wouldn’t wake up.

“I never said that it would be cheating on me. You’re allowed to be attracted to two people,” the greenette laughed, climbing back into the bed.

“We barely know him and he’s only here because we’re paying him to carry our baby,” Shouto reasoned.

“I suppose so,” Izuku sighed, wrapping his arms around his mate’s waist and pulling him close. “Regardless, you seem to like him more now then you did when we first met him.”

“I kind of realized that it wasn’t that I didn’t like him as a person, I just didn’t like what my dad was forcing us to do. I can tell that it’s hurting you too,” he explained through a yawn.

“Sleep now, we can talk more when you get up,” the Beta soothed, trying to avoid talking about how much it was hurting him that he couldn’t give his mate a baby like he should have been able to do. He ran his hands through the Alpha’s locks, calming him down enough that he fell into a gentle sleep.

Chapter Text

“You reek like Heat man,” Denki gagged, looking away from the other Omega as he covered his nose and mouth with his hand. “Did you take a shower before you showed up here?”

“Of course I did, asshole,” he shot a glare at the other male. “You’ve just never smelled anything like a Heat coming off of me.”

“You didn’t smell this bad when you Eijirou mated,” he pointed out, speaking without thinking as he almost always did.

Katsuki shut down a bit, leaning back in his chair and folding his arms over his chest. “That’s because Heats spent with another partner that doesn’t mate you leaves more a stink than Mating Heats. You’d know this if you paid more attention during sex ed.”

“Hey, back then I didn’t need sex ed. You were the one who couldn’t keep it in your pants,” Denki shot back.

“We can’t leave you two alone for more than three seconds can we?” Hanta chuckled as he and Mina returned with the food that they had ordered.

“Why on Earth are you two always fighting?” Mina asked as she sat down across from Katsuki. She began to hand out the food while Denki responded to them.

“Maybe I do this because I don’t want to be left alone,” he looked directly up at Hanta as he said this.

“Don’t tell me that or I might make it come true,” he joked, leaning down and giving his boyfriend a quick peck on the lips as he sat down on the other side of the table. He took in a deep breath, turning to their other Omega friend as his brows furrowed together.

“You smelling like that other couple is really making me want you scent you so that people know you belong to our pack,” Mina huffed. It was only in moments like these that the group really remembered that she was the leader of the pack.

“Sorry,” he grumbled, grabbing the food that he had ordered off of the tray. His Heat had lasted all week, which was incredibly annoying seeing as he now had classes that had to make up. The mating had removed almost all of his friends' scent off of his person, leaving him smelling odd to them.

“We should have a cuddle pile when we’re done eating,” Denki grinned.

“You wanted cuddles really bad last night too, what’s going on with you?” Hanta asked, concern filling his voice.

“If I wasn’t on suppressants right now then I would be in Heat, so my body is responding by making me want to scent my pack,” Denki explained. He blushed at the looks that he received from his friends. “I asked my doctor about it the last time I went in to get my birth control implant.”

“You know, for as much shit as I give you, you’re actually not that dumb,” Katsuki smirked a bit. “I’d be down with a cuddle pile. I hate smelling like just those two. I miss your guys' scents.”

“Aw, Katsuki,” Mina cooed, popping a french fry in her mouth. Her eyes lit up as she thought of something devious. “Speaking of the couple you’re surrogating for, when do we get to meet them?”

“Oh, I hadn’t really thought about that…” he hummed, looking down at his food that was now looking far less appetizing than it had a moment ago. “I guess I could text them and see if they want to meet you guys.”

“Please!” Denki pleaded, giving his fellow Omega his best puppy dog eyes. The ash-blond rolled his eyes, digging his phone out of his pocket and texting the message to the group chat. Once he had finished, the blond spoke up again. “Do you know if it took or not?”

“I’ll only know that in about a month,” he responded, shaking his head. “Which is super fucking annoying.”

“What are you going to do if it didn’t take?” Hanta asked curiously, looping his arm around the back of his friend’s chair.

“We’d have to try again during my next Heat,” he responded with a sigh. “Again, super fucking annoying.”

“Geez, how much are they paying you?” Mina asked, stealing a couple of his french fries. He let her as he rattled off the number that had been on the contract. The pink-haired Beta almost choked on her fries, her eyes bugging out of her head. “Jesus Christ, how rich are these guys?”

“Rich enough to own a penthouse on the nice side of town,” he answered pointedly, stealing a bit of her meal as payback.

“And you get to live there? Damn son,” Hanta scoffed.

“Yeah, the only bad part about this is that they’re complete strangers and I’m going to have to be pregnant with their kid,” he snorted, and the group grew silent for a moment before breaking out in their loud peels of laughter. The ash-blond just smiled at them, picking up his phone as it buzzed.

“Alright, shut up losers,” he called out, making them all fall silent. A couple of the other restaurant patrons shot some odd looks at them, but nothing the pack wasn’t used to. “They said that they would love to meet you. How about dinner tomorrow?”

“Hey, none of us actually have classes tomorrow do we?” Hanta perked up. “So that works!”

“As leader of this pack,” Mina said, putting on a snooty accent as she spoke. “I decree that we shall go!”

“You’re so fucking weird,” he shot at her as he texted the couple back. “You better not fucking act like this around them.”

“Oh don’t worry, we’ll be so much worse!” Mina giggled, clapping her hands together eagerly.

“Holy fuck, you’re going to embarrass yourselves,” Katsuki rolled his eyes. “And me. And then I’m going to have to put up with that embarrassment the entire time their kid is inside of me.”

“Fine, fine, we’ll behave,” Denki waved at his friend with a small smile.

“You’d better,” he growled playfully, shooting a glare at his friend. Mina giggled to herself, finishing up her food.

“I think I can handle keeping him in track,” Hanta chuckled, lovingly staring at his boyfriend. “I’ve been doing a pretty good job so far, haven’t I?”

“Yeah, which is why he acts like a brat half of the time,” the ash-blond sassed back, finishing his own food.

“I do not,” Denki scoffed, pressing a hand to his chest in mock offense. “Why do you hurt me so? We’re supposed to stick together as fellow Omegas!”

“That’s bullshit and you know it. Your mate will stick up for you more than I will,” he snorted. Denki pouted at him, letting out a fake whimper as he finished up his food. “Besides you’re the easiest to make fun of out of the group.”

“What about Mina?” he cried, holding his hand out to the girl that was sitting next to him.

“I’m the pack leader! He’s too scared to tease me,” Mina said, puffing out of her chest proudly.

Katsuki rolled his eyes with a small scoff. It was often that she pulled the ‘pack leader’ card and when she did it was always as a joke. “Yeah fucking right bubblegum head,” he shot back at her.

Mina pouted, stealing the last couple of Hanta’s fries. The black-haired Alpha sat up, grabbing the last two out of her hands before she had a chance to eat them. “Mina,” he growled when she clamped down on his hand.

“Yes?” she asked, a small, mischievous smile on her face. He just rolled his eyes at her with a small groan.

“Whatever, you get away with it this time,” he huffed, leaning back in his chair again. The pink-haired Beta grinned, popping the fries into her mouth happily. When she had finished chewing the Alpha spoke up again, “Should we get going?”

“Whose house are we going to?” Denki asked.

“Well, seeing as I live in the dorms and my roommate hates it when I bring you guys over, and Katsuki is living with two strangers that we’re going to meet tomorrow I think we should go to your guys' place,” Mina said.

“For once Pinky has a point,” Katsuki nodded. “I know you guys loved going to my old place, but I am living with a couple strangers right now.”

“Our place it is,” Denki grinned as he popped up out of his seat.

The drive to his friends' place was quick and easy seeing as they had taken long enough at the restaurant that they had just skipped over the rush over traffic. Mina rode with Katsuki seeing as she was the only one out of their friend group that didn’t have their own car. When they got to the apartment, they continued to joke around with each other as the cuddled up on the Queen sized bed that the mates owned.

Hanta ended up on the bottom of the pile due to him being the largest and the only Alpha in the group. Denki, being his mate crawled on top of him and wrapped his arms and legs around his boyfriend. Mina got on the bed next to them and shoved Katsuki in between her and Hanta. The Beta curled against him, wrapping her arms around his waist and holding him close. Denki and Hanta were the first to release the fully release their scents. The smell of tape and electricity filled the room, which was quickly joined by Mina’s peppy yet soothing fruit smell. Katsuki let out a pleased purr as he released his own sickly sweet nitroglycerin-like scent.

They all seemed to melt into each other as their scents combined and mingled. It had been so long since they had done this, and Katsuki would be lying if he said that he didn’t miss this.


Katsuki shifted back and forth awkwardly as he stood outside the restaurant, waiting for his friends to get there. Izuku and Shouto had chosen a medium class place, knowing that the pack was a bunch of poor college students. They were inside, sitting at the table that they had reserved while chatting back and forth to each other. Shouto had been apathetic and neutral about the entire thing, and really the only reason that he had agreed that it would be better for Katsuki and the possibly developing baby. Izuku had been elated when he had texted them, and the Omega had a sneaking suspicion that he had been aching to introduce him to his pack as well as meet the ash-blonde pack.

“Katsuki!” Mina bubbled, waving her hand in the air excitedly as she rushed up to her friend. She flung her arms around him, hugging her friend tightly. She deeply inhaled his scent, purring happily as she found that he still smelled like the rest of the pack. “Sorry, I’m a little late. Denki and Hanta got wrapped up in you-know-what and almost forgot to pick me up.”

“Of course they did,” he huffed, pulling away from her a bit. He looked over her and was somewhat nervous when he saw what she was wearing. He had no idea why he would be nervous to show his pack off to two people that he had only known for a month. She was wearing a bright pink tank top and a pair of skinny jeans, the type of clothes that she wore almost every day. The mated pair in their pack walked around the corner just then, hands threaded together. They were both also wearing plane shirt and jeans like what they wore to school.

“Hey Katsuki,” Denki greeted, waving his hand at the other two members of their small pack.

“Took you guys long enough,” he rolled his eyes. “Come on. I’m sure they’ve gotten impatient waiting for your slow asses.”

“We’re not that late,” Hanta huffed as he followed the Omega inside. They quietly walked to the table where the other couple was sat,. Katsuki sat on the other side of Izuku. Denki and Hanta sat next to him, leaving Mina sitting next to Shouo.

“So I guess we should introduce ourselves,” Izuku smiled. “I’m Todoroki-Midoriya Izuku, and this is my husband Todoroki-Midoriya Shouto.”

“Nice to meet you guys,” Mina bubbled, talking first before her other friends had a chance to speak. “I’m Ashido Mina, the pack leader,” she giggled, obviously amused as she saw the couple straighten up a bit.

“I’m Kaminari Denki, and this is my mate Sero Hanta,” Denki smiled kindly, introducing himself and his boyfriend easily. Hanta reached over, threading their fingers together as he smiled lovingly at him

“It’s so nice to meet all of you!” Izuku chirped, giving them all one of his bright yet slightly sad smiles. Katsuki felt the sudden need to find out why and make the Beta happy, an urge that he hadn’t gotten until he had seen Eijirou crying for no apparent reason. He pressed the urge down, listening to everyone as they got to know each other a bit better.

“So Ashido, if you don’t mind me asking, how did you come to be the leader of the pack? Not to be offensive or anything, but most times it’s Alphas that lead the pack,” Izuku quickly backtracked, blushing a bit.

“I don’t think that’s offensive. It is kind of true about the Alpha thing,” Mina giggled, putting her hands in her lap. She looked to Katsuki for a moment, getting a reassuring look from him, telling her that she could tell the story. “Originally, when we actually became a pack Eijirou was our pack leader. He was an Alpha like you said. We were all okay with it cause he was an awesome pack leader. Katsuki also kinda lead the pack with Eijirou, which makes sense because they were mates But, when Eijirou passed away and our pack almost fell apart, so I was there to pick up the pieces and keep us together. And yeah, that’s how I became the leader of the pack.”

“This story brought to you by Mina’s weird ramblings,” Denki snorted, teasing his friend.

“Denki!” she cawed, turning to give him a playful glare.

“Yes?” he asked, cocking his head to the side innocently.

“Stop it, both of you,” Hanta chided, waving his hand in between both of them. He wrapped his arms around his mate’s shoulders after he had finished. Izuku chuckled, smiling at them. The rest of the evening went by pleasantly with the couple asking questions to get to know the pack and the pack returning the favor by berating them with questions.

“How did you two get together?” Mina asked by the end of the night.

“Oh,” Izuku blushed, pressing his hand over his mouth. “I think Shouto can answer this a bit better than I can.”

“Can I?” Shouto asked, turning to face his mate.

“Any time I tell the story you interrupt me so you might as well tell it,” the green-haired Beta retorted.

“Fine then. Izuku and I were in the same classes when we were going to college for our line of work. At first, I started talking to him as a way to get at my father because Izuku is the child of our biggest rival, but then it quickly turned in love,” the dual-haired Alpha replied shortly.

“You sure love to summarize,”  Izuku rolled his eyes, causing the table to break out in a laugh. They chatted for a bit longer when they had finished their meals before the couple said that they should head back.

“It was so nice meeting you,” Mina grinned, shaking their hands politely.

“The feeling is mutual,” Shouto smiled. The rest of his pack hugged Katsuki before they all left. The Omega turned back to the other two with a small, loving smile.

“I’ll meet you back at the apartment,” he waved at them.

Shouto opened his mouth to say something but then stopped, just waving at the Omega as he climbed into his own car. Katsuki sat down a moment, just staring in front of him. His heart fluttered as he thought about how much his pack and the couple had gotten along. The flutter turned to an ache as he thought about how much he cared for them. “I better be fucking pregnant because there is no other explanation for this.”

Chapter Text

When Izuku came home, Katsuki was sitting on the main couch in their living room, staring down at the coffee table. The Beta followed his eyes to where he was looking and saw a pregnancy test turned over so that they couldn’t see what it said. “Katsuki?” he asked, toeing off his shoes and walking into the living room.

“I can’t look at it. I don’t know why, but I can’t,” he shook his head, his words muffled by his arms.

“How long ago did you take it?” Izuku asked, sitting down next to the Omega and placing a hand on his back.

“Half an hour,” he responded, turning his face away from where he had been staring at the pregnancy test so that he could look at the Beta next to him.

“Do you want to wait until Shouto gets home to look at it? He should be back in about five minutes or so,” Izuku hummed, looking up at the clock on the wall. Katsuki only nodded, taking in a shaky breath as he moved face so that he was staring down at his arms. “Okay,” the green-haired male sighed, standing up from the couch as he took off his jacket. The ash-haired students began to shake in panic, shivering harshly. He scrubbed at his face, trying to get rid of the bundle of nerves that he had become.

When the Beta returned back down the stairs, he was pressed in one of Shouto’s sweatshirts and a pair of loose pajama pants. “Katsuki,” he sighed, his voice very calming and sympathetic. He sat down on the couch next to the Omega, placing a hand on his back and rubbing comforting circles. “I know it’s scary, but Shouto and I are here for you, alright? We’ll be with you for everything.”

“That makes it sound like we’re all mates,” he snickered, though the other man could still hear the terror in his voice.

“You are technically our mate until the baby comes,” Izuku pointed out, hoping that it would reassure him that they would take care of him.

“What if I’m not pregnant?” he whispered.

“Then we’ll try again,” Izuku answered plainly, looking up as his husband entered the apartment.

“Is everything alright?” the dual-haired man asked, rushing over to them. He had gotten a lot more compassionate and open with Katsuki after they had spent their Heat and Rut together. Izuku only pointed to the coffee table and as soon as the Alpha looked down he nodded in understanding. “Would you like me to turn it over, Katsuki?”

“Yeah,” the Omega nodded, unburying his face from his arms and looking at the stick in front of him. His eyes were red and his skin blotchy, showing them that he had been crying. Shouto reached down to the table, picking up the stick and slowly turning it over, showing his own panicky reserve.

A bright pink plus sign shined up at them.

Katsuki clapped a hand over his mouth, a sob escaping his lips. Izuku leaned over, wrapping his arms around the Omega and holding him tight. Shouto dropped the test down onto the table, moving to the other side of the ash-blond and wrapping his arms around him as well. “I’m pregnant,” he whispered, testing it on his lips.

“Yeah, you are,” Izuku grinned, pulling back and looking at his friends with a wide, happy smile. “This is amazing.”

“Thank you so much, Katsuki,” Shouto hummed, pulling back from where he had been holding the other male. “You have no idea how much this means to us.”

His mate looked over to him, holding his hand out. The other man took it, threading their fingers together, “Truly. I don’t think you realize  how much this actually means to us.”

Katuki just cried harder, his feet falling down onto the floor and he leaned forward. He pressed his hands into his face, sobbing roughly. One of his hands moved down to his still flat stomach, pressing against it tenderly. “Hey, hey, you’re okay,” Izuku soothed, letting go of his husband and releasing some of his forest-y scent, something just a bit too close to what Eijirou’s had smelt like.

“I-I miss him so much,” Katsuki whispered, and he knew it was selfish. He was taking away from the couple’s moment about finding out that they were going to be parents, but he couldn’t help it. His heart had been aching all week and he couldn’t get his deceased mate off of his mind. “I always fucking thought I would have kids with him. He-he would always talk about how he wanted at least two and at the time it pissed me the fuck off. A-and now he’s fucking gone.”

“Katsuki,” Izuku sighed, rubbing his friend’s back comfortingly like he had been doing before Shouto got home.

“God, you smell just fucking like him sometimes,” he sobbed, taking the tissue that Shouto offered him. Izuku retracted his scent a bit, wincing as he thought about how much he had been making the Omega hurt.

“Izuku, I can handle this,” Shouto whispered, giving his mate a tender kiss before he sat down on the other side of the ash-blond. The Beta nodded, a sad smile on his face as he walked into the kitchen to prepare dinner. The Alpha pulled the other man into his lap, wrapping his arms around his waist and holding him carefully. “Katsuki, you’re alright, and you’re going to be alright,” he instructed the Omega, releasing his scent to mask what Izuku had already released.

“I miss him so fucking much,” he whispered, curling in on himself a bit. He wrapped his arms around Shouto, holding him tightly as he began to sob harshly. In the kitchen, Izuku wiped tears that were streaming down his face away, trying to keep his scent as dull as possible for the sake of the Omega in the other room. He placed a hand on his own stomach, remembering back to when he had been in the same place as Katsuki.


He shook a bit as he flipped the pregnancy test over, looking everywhere but the place where he would get his answer. Eventually, his eyes fell on the spot that would tell him the fate of him and his mate. A bright pink plus sign starred up at him. He placed a hand over his mouth as tears welled up in his eyes. He let out a gasping, panicked sob as he began to shake a bit harsher. He didn’t know how much longer he had been sitting there before his mate returned home, something he normally did two hours after the Beta.

“Izuku? Are you alright?” the Alpha asked, sprinting over to his mate and dropping his things down on the floor with no particular care. He wrapped his arms around his husband’s waist, pulling him in close. “Please talk to me.”

“Shouto,” he whispered, still shaking harshly. He thrust the test out at his lover, the side with the result facing toward him. “Shouto, I’m pregnant,” he mumbled out, completely terrified. He felt his heartbeat in his ears as he waited for his husband to respond.

“Izu, Izuku this is amazing,” he whispered, running his hand up and down the green-haired man’s back as he grinned. He took the test from his mate, looking at it a bit closer. “We’re going to be parents Izu!”

Izuku smiled, his heart calming down as he stopped shaking. He smiled, wrapping his arms around his mate’s neck and holding him close. “You’re not mad?” he asked quietly, blinking the last couple tears out of his eyes.

“Of course not, why would I be mad?” Shouto asked, giving him a bit of a perplexed look. “I’ve always wanted to have kids and my dad has been pressuring me to give him an heir, so this is more than amazing in so many ways!”

“I was worried that you would be mad. We’re both so young and I thought that this would be too ill-timed and that you wouldn’t want kids because of what happened with your dad,” he rambled, wiping the tears from his face.

“If anything I feel like it would be more against my dad if we were to raise this little one the exact opposite of the way that he raised me,” he grinned widely. He stood up, his arms still wrapping around his lover. He twirled them around with a bright, happy laugh. Izuku grinned, his heart fluttering happily. He hadn’t heard his husband laugh like that since their wedding day before his dad had ruined it for them both. The dual-haired male sat him down on the ground, falling to his knees and pulling his shirt up. He pressed a gentle kiss to the still flat stomach. “Hey there little one, you probably can’t hear me, but I already love you and can’t wait to meet you.”


Izuku pulled himself out of his memories, turning around as he began to cook dinner. Back in the living room, Katsuki had finally stopped crying. “Sorry, that was so fucking annoying of me,” he whispered, pulling himself off of the Alpha’s lap.

“Nonsense,” Shouto shook his head, reaching over and grabbing a tissue and handing it to the younger man. “Crying is not annoying.”

“But I just freaked the fuck out at you. You probably wanted to go celebrate the fact that it took with your fucking mate and then I just broke the fuck down!” he growled out, wiping at his face with the tissue.

“Katsuki,” the Alpha whispered, sliding off of the couch and placing his hands on the Omega’s legs as he looked into the bright red eyes of the other. “You are now carrying my child, and not only that but I feel like we have become quite close to each other. I feel that it is now my duty to care for you. It would be wrong of me to leave the man carrying my child completely alone while I celebrated the conception of said child.”

Izuku leaned against the doorframe to the living room as he looked out at the other two. Katsuki looked over to where he was, grunting as he turned back to the Alpha. Shouto glanced over at the mate then gestured for him to come and join them. “Still, I’m fucking sorry,” he growled.

“Don’t be sorry. If anyone should be sorry it’s me. I should have thought about releasing my scent,” Izuku shook his head, sitting next to the blond.

“Don’t fucking even,” he growled, looking over at the Beta. “It’s not your fault that the fucking fetus is making me super fucking hormonal.”

“It’s normal to be hormonal,” Izuku laughed. “But speaking the baby, would you like me to schedule an appointment with Momo?”

“Yeah,” the blond growled, throwing his legs over the side of the couch and leaning over. He ran his hand through his hair, his other hand moving to ghost over his stomach. “That would be good.”

“We’ll leave you be for a little bit, to think,” Shouto said as he stood up. Izuku followed his example, following after his lover to the kitchen. Katsuki lay back against the couch, pressing his hand against his stomach. It was a bit hard to think about the fact that there was a little tiny human inside of him. He was going to create a human, a miniature being of him and someone that was not his deceased mate. Despite how it normally tore him up that he had spent a Heat with someone other than Eijirou, a small flutter hummed in his heart as he thought about the fact that he was having a child with the couple in the next room.

“I better not be fucking in love with them,” he whispered, running his hand through his hair again. “Fucking God damn it. I better not be falling for a married couple.”

Chapter Text

Katsuki bounced his leg up and down nervously as he sat in the waiting room that he had sat in before so many times before. He still hated the smell and this time it seemed so much worse than it had the last couple of times. He pressed his hand over his mouth as his body threatened to make him vomit. His sweater was one that he had stolen from Hanta when they had had their cuddle pile due to the clothes that he had had from the Alpha no longer smelled like him enough.

This time around, he wasn’t alone like he had been every other time he came to the clinic. Izuku and Shouto sat on his left, looking just as nervous as he felt. They seemed to wait in that room for hours before a nurse poked her head out of the door and called for him. He nearly shot out of his seat but remembered that if he was pregnant that he needed to be slow and careful.

Shouto and Izuku were right beside him as they walked back into the facility, making him feel safe and protected. The nurse sat him down in the seat in the hallway that he had had to go to when he first arrived. She strapped on the arm compressor and placed the other thing on his finger, taking his blood pressure.

“Are you nervous?” she asked politely as she looked at the number.

“A bit,” he nodded. He wasn’t nearly as nervous as the previous times he had been here, but he certainly wasn’t calm either.

“Well that explains a bit of the higher blood pressure,” she hummed, taking the instruments off of him. “Step on the scale for me?” she asked. The Omega obeyed, stepping onto the scale. The numbers flashed in front of him, reading just the same as when he had come the first time. The nurse wrote that down as well before guiding the trio to the room that Katsuki was always seen in.

The Omega jumped up on the examination table, folding his hands in his lap. Shouto moved to stand next to him while Izuku stood on the other side. The Beta placed a comforting hand on his leg, rubbing it in small circles to reassure him. They waited for a moment in tense silence before the doctor arrived.

“I have to say, everything seems to be going better than I expected it to,” she chuckled, sitting down on her stool. “Now, what are we in for today? Other than the after-Heat exam I asked you to come in for.”

“I think I’m pregnant,” Katsuki blurted out, fidgeting nervously on the table. Izuku leaned into him a bit more heavily for a moment before he pulled back, looking bashful.

“How long ago was your Heat?” the doctor asked.

“Almost two months ago,” he answered, pressing his hand to the bottom of his stomach.

The black-haired Alpha pressed her lips together tightly. “Well, ignoring the fact that you didn’t come in for the Post-Heat check up as I asked you to,” she grumbled. “Have you taken a pregnancy test?”

“Yeah,” he nodded. “I wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t.”

She chuckled, “Those are normally pretty accurate. I don’t think that we need to do any blood testing unless you want to. If you could lay back and pull your shirt up? I need to feel around your abdomen.”

He did as he was told, leaning back and pulling the shirt up to just underneath his pecks. She set down her clipboard and put a pair of gloves on before she pressed her hand to his lower stomach. She felt around, pressing down on certain spots. The pressure hurt him a bit as he had become more sensitive after the last couple of weeks.

She pulled back, pulling off her gloves and smiling at him. “It does seem like you are indeed pregnant,” she smiled. “If you want blood work to make definitely sure then we can do that.”

“I hate needles, so how about we not,” he grumbled, shoving his shirt back down over his stomach and sitting up.

The doctor laughed, a bright smile falling over her face. “I hate to break professionalism here, but congratulations Shouto and Izuku,” she bounced up and down excitedly, hugging her friends tightly.

“Thank you, Momo,” the green-haired boy grinned, hugging his friend back just as tightly. Shouto hugged her after that and watching the trio hug sparked a bit of jealousy inside of the Omega. He looked down at his hands, choosing not to talk again.

You’re just surrogating for them. They’re only doing this because they can’t have their own kids, he reminded himself, but the thought made his heart ache painfully. He had only known the couple for three months and he already felt just like he had after he met Eijirou. Granted, the two of them had been young when they fell in love, but they had still thought that they were each other’s soulmates.

“Do you think we could have a meeting soon to introduce Katsuki to the rest of the pack?” Izuku asked once they had finished hugging. He glanced back to the Omega and saw the forlorn expression on his face. He reached out his hand, placing it on his knee reassuringly. The other couldn’t help the small smile that fell on his face from the small touch from the Beta.

“I think we should definitely do that,” Momo nodded before she took a deep breath. “Back to being a doctor,” she laughed with a small smile on her face.

“Katsuki, have you experienced any morning sickness or fatigue yet?” she asked, picking up her clipboard and glancing down at it.

“Scents make me nauseous but I haven’t actually vomited. I am definitely more tired than I normally am,” he nodded. He had almost drifted off to sleep twice in the middle of class and now normally spent all of his free time sleeping as opposed to doing his normal hobbies.

“Well, there’s nothing we can do for the fatigue. Just try to sleep as much as possible. Your body is using a lot more than the normal energy because it’s growing an entire human. As for nausea, you can try to block out certain scents but if some of them are unavoidable then there are certain medication that you can take that won’t hurt the baby. Ginger and Tums are the two that I suggest using,” she rambled on. “If it was just you I would be a bit concerned about your diet, but knowing what Izuku keeps in the house I won’t be. I’m just going to say that you should be eating a lot of fruits and vegetable and always give in to your cravings. Your body will be craving them because you have a deficiency of something, so eating that craving will not only help get rid of one of the symptoms but also help the baby. There are also some vitamins that you should take to help replenish anything your body is using to help the baby grow. Do you have any questions?”

“Uh, yeah, actually,” he nodded, rubbing the back of his head. “Will this pregnancy be any harder than normal ones because I’m not mated the person who got me pregnant?”

She shook her head. “I don’t think it should be. It might have been if you two had been separated the moment after he got you pregnant, but because you’re around him and his scent all the time it should be fairly normal. We wouldn’t have a surrogate program if it wasn’t safe for the Omegas. I do suggest adding his scent to your nest though, as well as making sure it smells like your pack.”

“Okay,” he nodded. “How long can I attend school for?”

“You’re majoring in the Culinary Arts, right?” she asked. She continued after he nodded, “You should probably continue school, as long as this is a normal pregnancy, until you third trimester where you should enter into the Omega Program.”

Katsuki felt his shoulder slump forward. The Omega Program was a program set in place so that pregnant Omegas could still get an education until after they had their baby. He would only have to go for a semester and then he would be able to have a Bachelor’s degree and hopefully by that point he would have delivered the baby.

“I know, the Omega Program isn’t the best thing, but at least it exists and you can still get an education,” the doctor soothed. “Oh, something I should have mentioned earlier when I was talking about cravings is there are certain things you shouldn’t eat. No raw fish, barely any caffeine, no deli meats, and beef should be cooked a lot more thoroughly.”

“Thank you, doctor,” he sighed, still trying to be peaceable despite the fact that the more she talked the more this pregnancy sounded like a death sentence.  

“Of course,” she smiled warmly. “Feel free to call me if you have any questions. I suggest making an appointment for next month and each month after that just so that we can keep track of the babies progress as well as your health.”

He nodded, hopping off of the bed and standing the for a minute while she spoke to Izuku and Shouto about ways to help him through his pregnancy. “It hasn’t happened very much before but it may happen that he will get an increased sex drive, and it can actually be pretty detrimental for his body if he doesn’t get what he needs during his pregnancy. I trust that you guys will take good care of him and not let anything bad happen. Make sure to keep him off of his feet as much as possible,” she rambled, flipping through her notes.

“We’ll take care of him, Momo. I promise,” Izuku grinned at her, reaching forward to give her a quick hug.

“I know you will. See you three,” the waved as she hugged the Alpha and then took her leave out of the other door. The greenette turned to his husband, grabbing him and wrapping his arms around the taller male.

“We’re having a baby Shou,” he whispered, burying his face in the Alpha’s chest.

Shouto looked over to the Omega, the biggest smile that Katsuki had ever seen on the Alpha’s face pointed at him. “Yeah, we are.”

Chapter Text

Bakugou Katsuki was going to school to learn how to be a chef. So, as he neared the third month of his pregnancy, of course, the smell of cooking food made him sick.

Luckily, he had found this out at home when he had been making dinner. As much as Izuku pleaded him to go sit down and leave the cooking to him, the blond refused. He had just placed the chicken into the pan and when the smell of the cooking meat hit his nose, bile rose in the back of his throat. He had just enough time to race to the bathroom before he vomited.

“Katsuki?” Izuku asked, placing a careful hand on his back. “I shouldn’t ask if you’re okay, cause you’re obviously not…” he trailed off, searching for the right things to say. The Omega sat back on his heels when he was sure that there was nothing more coming up. He placed his forehead on the cool toilet seat, whimpering a bit.

“I’ll go get you some ginger candies,” Izuku said once Katsuki had stopped vomiting long enough for him to reply.

“I’ll be fine, go make sure the fucking food doesn’t fucking burn,” he growled. Just the thought of the smell of the food cooking made him sick, once again spilling bile out into the toilet.

Izuku did as he was told, getting up and walking out of the bathroom and to the kitchen. Shouto stood up from where he had been sitting down in the living room, walking to where his husband was. “Is Katsuki alright?” he asked, wrapping his arms around his lover’s waist.

“I think the smell of the chicken cooking triggered his morning sickness. Could you bring him some of the ginger candies we bought last week?” the Beta asked, taking care of the dinner that the Omega had been cooking.

“Of course,” the dual-haired man nodded, pulling away. He grabbed the candies out of the cupboard, pulling out a couple of them. He quickly ran to the bathroom where the Omega was still gagging over the toilet. The Alpha winced, closing the door behind him as he walked over to the pregnant man. He let his scent fill the room, overriding the smell of the dinner cooking across the house. Katsuki pulled back, still shaky after vomiting as he looked to the other man.

Shouto sat down on the ground behind the Omega. “You feeling any better?” he asked, holding out one of the candies.

The Omega took it gratefully and cautiously stuck it in his mouth. “I’m no longer spewing my fucking guts out,” he shrugged.

“Do you know what made you feel sick?” the Alpha asked after a moment. “Was a specific smell or did you suddenly just feel sick?”

“It was the smell of the cooking food,” he answered, clearing his throat. The ginger candy he was chewing on made him feel immensely better, but the nausea still remained in the back of his mind. “I have to cook every day, how am I going to be able to go to school?” he groaned, moving away from the toilet.

“We’ll figure something out,” he soothed, standing up and helping the pregnant man up as well. “I have some pull in the school, I may be able to help you get into the Omega Program halfway through the semester. It may be better for you to do so since the smell is making you sick.”

“I guess,” he grumbled, letting their hands linger together for a moment before he dropped it back down to his side. “I don’t want to go into the Omega Program. It feels like cheating.”

“It’s not cheating. The Omega Program makes you put in just as much work as a normal program would,” Shouto answered.

“How would you know? You’re an Alpha,” the ash-blond grumbled.

“I have a friend who recently got pregnant with his first child, and he explained how the Omega Program worked,” he responded quickly. “Do you think you’ll be able to go outside of my scent overrides the smell of dinner cooking?”

“I don’t know. There’s only one way to know,” he shrugged. The Alpha hummed, standing there for a moment and thinking. He opened the door carefully, before motioning for Katsuki to follow him. The ash-blond did as he was told and was slightly surprised when the dual-haired man walked close to him, wrapping an arm around his waist to keep him as close to his scent as possible.

“Katsuki? You feeling alright?” Izuku called from the kitchen. He had almost finished preparing their meal, but the smell of cooking clung to the air. He nodded, pressing his hand over his nose as he got closer to the kitchen. Shouto sat him down at the table, releasing insane amounts of his scent to cover up the smell that was nauseating him.”I should finish up with dinner soon. Do you know what you’re going to do concerning school since the smell of food is making you sick?”

“I’m going to ask Nezu to put him into the Omega Program halfway through the semester as his favor that he owes me,” the Alpha replied, looking lovingly at his mate.

“You don’t have to do that. I’m sure this was just a fluke or something,” the Omega grumbled.

“If you’re sure,” the Beta hummed, putting the dinner down on the table. Katsuki hesitantly removed his hand from his mouth and nose, letting the scent of the food in front of him hit his nose. Instead of making him nauseous, it made his mouth water and his stomach growl with hunger. Shouto tutted his tongue a bit as he served some of the food for the Omega, giving him a certain look.

“Seeing as you’re hungry directly after vomiting, I can say that that was morning sickness. Momo told me the morning sickness is normally triggered by something or a certain time of day, so I really don’t think it was a fluke,” he rambled as he then served some food for his mate.

“It’s a fucking fluke,” he snapped, the hormones inside of his raging at the Alpha. Shouto and Izuku both flinched back for a moment before they returned back to what they had been doing. Katsuki turned back to his food, scarfing it down quickly as he realized how much his body was aching for food. The anger stayed in the bottom of his gut as they all ate in silence, his mind sticking to the fact that this had to be a fluke. He had to go cook things every day, so there was no way that the smell of cooking food is what would cause his morning sickness. He wouldn’t allow it to happen.


It wasn’t a fluke. The following Monday after he had gotten sick from cooking dinner, he had been in class. It wasn’t even like he was the one cooking. They had been watching their teacher cook a new meal before they tried to do it themselves and the scent of the food almost made him vomit right then and there. He clapped a hand over his nose and mouth like he had done that Saturday night when he had gotten sick for the first time.

He had sat through the rest of the demonstration fighting back the urge to puke his guts up. As soon as the teacher was done talking and turned the time over to them he darted out of the classroom and to the nearest bathroom, finally giving into his body’s urge.

When what had once been his lunch finally stopped convulsing out of his body he fell back onto his legs, taking in a deep breath through his nose.

He really didn’t want to have to admit to the couple he was surrogating for that they were right, and the smell that he had to be around every day was making him sick. He ran a hand through his hair, getting it off of his sweaty forehead. As if the predicament that he was in couldn’t get any worse, he heard the door to the bathroom open and someone stumbled in.

They locked themselves in the stall next to him and they too began to retch. The scent in the bathroom was heavily saturated with bile but most prominently that of pregnancy. Not only could the blond finally smell his own scent, but the Omega next to him. He rolled his eyes, plugging his nose again as he waited for the other person to finish expelled his stomach and make the scent go away.

The Omega next to him let out a high pitched, shrill whine when they had finished retching. The sound that was normally made to call an Alpha’s attention when their mate was in grave distress. Katsuki shuddered a bit, leaning against the wall. “You okay?” he called out, his senses getting the better of him. Stupid fucking baby, he swore at himself.

“Just morning sickness,” the other Omega croaked out horsley, their vocal cords obviously were torn up by the bile. Katsuki stood up, opening his stall door and tapping on the door that the other pregnant person was locked behind.

“I have some things that can help with that,” he offered, choosing this as his one kind deed a day. The thought made his heart sink a bit, as it had been something that Eijirou had proposed that they do when they had spent their first New Year together.

“Tums don’t work,” they answered, but they stood up shakily off the ground and unlocked the door. The boy in front of him was farther along than he was, his baby hump just stretching his shirt while Katsuki still wasn’t showing.

“Not Tums,” he answered, digging in his pocket as he pulled out some of the ginger candies that he had taken after five minutes of nagging from Izuku. He handed on to the other Omega as he popped the other one in his mouth and shoved the wrapper in his pocket. “They help, trust me.”

“Thanks,” the purple-haired man whispered, copying what he had just done and popping the candy in his mouth. “I take it you’re expecting too?” he asked, leaning heavily against the counter as he brushed his forehead to get his hair off of it.

“Yeah,” he nodded, subconsciously raising a hand to his still-flat stomach to rub his thumb against it.

“Ah,” the other man nodded. “Thanks for this, it really is helping.”

“You’re welcome,” Katsuki smiled tightly at himself in the mirror, making sure he didn’t look like absolute shit before he gave a wave of his hand as a form of goodbye and high-tailed it out of the bathroom. A fit of stubborn anger boiled in his rolling stomach as he pulled his phone out and sent a simple message to the group chat, informing them that they were right and he was going to have to be transferred into the Omega Program.

Chapter Text

“Katsuki?” Izuku’s voice muffled out from behind the closed door. The Omega looked up at the door as if he was expecting to see the other man inside of his room.

He sighed, “Yeah?” he called out.

“Are you ready to go?”

“Go where?” he asked, wracking his mind to try and remember if they had planned to go anywhere that night.

“Shouto and I were going to introduce you to our pack tonight, did you forget?” the Beta asked.

The ash-blond grimaced, wrinkling his nose as frustration built up inside of him. He shut his computer, moving it off of where it had been sitting on his stomach as he worked on homework. “Fucking baby brain,” he swore as he threw his legs over the side of his bed.

“So I take it you didn’t remember,” the other man chuckled, and he could hear him leaning on the doorway as he waited for a response from the younger man.

“I blame the fucking baby,” he swore as he scrambled around his room, grabbing things that he needed. He was still in the clothes that he had worn all day, meaning that they were wrinkled and not presentable in the slightest. He grabbed a pair of black jeans and put them on after taking off his sweatpants. He let out a low, frustrated grumbled as he struggled a bit to button them over his hips that had already begun to widen due to his pregnancy. He stomach was still almost completely flat, seeing as he was only in his third month, but his pants not fitting was only a reminder that he was going to begin to show soon. He shoved a nice, plain black t-shirt over his head and ran his hand through his hair as he walked through his room and over to the door.

“You ready to go now?” Izuku asked, moving away from the door as it swung open.

“Yes,” he answered, trying to shove his phone awkwardly into his front pocket before giving up as the fabric had been stretched too tightly. He held onto it for a moment as they headed down the stairs to where Shouto was waiting. The Omega felt completely underdressed as the mated duo was still in their suits that they had worn to work.

“You and Izuku are going to have to go shopping for clothes soon,” the Alpha sighed as they all headed to the elevator.  

“You don’t have to,” the smaller of the trio replied. “These pants probably just sunk in the wash. Why the fuck are you even noticing this shit anyway?” he snapped, his mood changing in seconds.

“I wasn’t. Momo messaged me this morning when we were planning on where we were meeting today and mentioned that you should begin to show soon,” the dual-haired man replied as he held the walked out of the elevator door and out into the lobby. The other two followed after him, anger still boiling in the Omega while Izuku tried to defuse the situation.

“And you were complaining that your favorite pair of jeans as getting a little snug the other day, weren’t you?” the greenette asked, his normal happy smile falling over his face. He released a small amount of his scent, trying to calm the other two down. For some reason, Shouto had begun to pull back from how doting he had been with the Omega and it was beginning to make the symptoms of the pregnancy worse. Izuku made a mental note to talk to his mate when they returned home from the meeting.

Katsuki seemed to calm down a little bit, his shoulders slumping. “Fine,” he grumbled as he reminded himself that he shouldn’t put up a fight when it came to the mated duo buying him clothes since they were supposed to be taking care of him. They all clambered into the car, falling into their normal silence as they drove to their destination. The silence left the omega with a little too much time to think, allowing his mind to drift to the fact that he was meeting the couple’s pack. The more time he spent with them, the more it felt like a courtship as opposed to just him surrogating for them. His mind strays from that, thinking about what would happen if they were courting.

Seeing as it was an entire pack and not just one or two people like what had happened with Eijirou, he would probably be a lot more nervous. He probably would have also dressed up a lot more than he had and would have been introduced a lot sooner. He worried his lip in between his teeth, his hands moving to his stomach. His hand fell flat over his abdomen and he felt his heart flutter a bit as he noticed that there was a slight bulge. It wasn’t one that could be noticed by looking even if you knew what you were searching for, but as his hand cascaded over his stomach.

God his mind was everywhere. He leaned forward, running his other hand over his face in frustration. He had no idea why, as when he had talked to his mother about what had happened during her pregnancy, she hadn’t said anything about getting baby brain as bad as he was. He was lucky to get through about four hours of school and homework before he got up and walked away to do something else. It had only seemed to get worse when he was at the penthouse by himself seeing as there was no one there to keep him on task. He was still passing his classes though, and not having to be around cooking food all the time had severely decreased his morning sickness.

He was pulled roughly out of his thoughts as they pulled up in front of the restaurant. He sat up straight, his hand still pressed against his stomach as he looked out at the building. It wasn’t a super fancy restaurant like he had almost been expecting. He got out of the car, dropping his hand down from his stomach as a bundle of nerves formed in his throat. A small worry popped up in the back of his mind, worrying about whether or not the entire smell of the restaurant would make him sick. He didn’t have much time to think about it as Izuku and Shouto were already walking to the building hand in hand. The Omega shoved his hands in his pockets- or rather, he tried to- as he followed after them.

“How can I help you?” the receptionist asked, giving them a kind yet strained smile.

“We have a reserved room under the name Iida Tenya,” Shouto said, looking at her with a bored expression.

“Right this way then,” she said, picking up a couple more menus and walking the other way slowly as she expected them to follow her. The trio did as they were supposed to, walking through the restaurant to the reserved room in the very back. The bundle of nerves inside Katsuki got even worse as he saw that there were already a lot of people inside the room.

Izuku grinned, rushing over to his brunette friend. “Ochako,” he greeted, wrapping his arms around the Omega for a moment before he pulled back and hugged the green-haired girl next to her. “It’s so nice to see you two again. We really should spend some more time together.”

Shouto drifted away from the Omega, leaving him standing by himself. Luckily for him, the greenette turned around after another moment of pleasantries with his friend and said, “This is Bakugou Katsuki, our surrogate. Katsuki, this is Uraraka Ochako and Asui Tsuyu,” he introduced the mates easily.

“Nice to meet you,” he sighed, choosing to play nice instead of being cross and grumpy like always was. He vaguely recognized those names, but it didn’t surprise him much that the couple had friends that were big name people.

“It’s nice to meet you too,” Ochako chirped, looking from her mate over to the Omega. “It’ll be nice to have one more Omega around, even if you will only be around until the baby is born!”

“Shh, Ocha,” Izuku hushed, waving his hand in front of him to silence her. “Shouto and I want to announce it like Hitoshi got to with Tenya,” he explained quickly.

“Oh!” the brunette gasped, placing a hand over her mouth as she laughed. “I’ll be sure to keep quiet then,” she nodded.

“Katsuki,” a familiar voice came from behind him, and as the Omega turned around, he saw his OB/GYN standing there with a pleasant look on her face. For a moment, he was confused before he remembered that she had been a childhood friend of the Alpha and part of their pack.

“Dr. Yaoyorozu,” he greeted.

“Please, you can call me Momo here,” she assured him. “How have things been going with the pregnancy?” she asked, her old habits showing through.

“Fine. Shouto got me transferred into the Omega Program, which means I do my schooling at home and the morning sickness has lessened a lot,” he said, feeling a bit more comfortable now that there was already another person that he knew and trusted.

“Well that’s good,” she chuckled. “Oh, Kyouka,” she said, reaching over to a purple-haired Beta that was talking with the greenette Katsuki had shown up with, pulling her over to her. “Love, this is Katsuki.”

“Nice to meet you,” he greeted, giving her a tight-lipped smile. “My pack leader is a big fan of yours.”

“Really? Woah,” the girl chuckled. “It’s still kind of weird for me to think that I have fans,” she explained as she rubbed the back of her head awkwardly.

“Hey,” Izuku grinned as he walked away from his conversation with Tsuyu and Ochako to where the trio was talking. “We should probably sit down and think about ordering before Tenya and Hitoshi show up.”

“Oh yeah, where are they?” Kyouka asked, looking around the classroom.

“Hitoshi said that his morning sickness has been awful lately, so they may be a little late because of that. I wish he would listen to my advice sometimes but I think because I’m his friend he doesn’t think it would actually work,” he rolled his eyes.

“Wait, this Hitoshi person is pregnant too?” Katsuki asked, stopping himself from swearing just in case it would offend some of the people there. They all moved to sit down at the table while still continuing on their conversation.

Katsuki sat down on the right side of Izuku and was slightly surprised as Shouto sat down on the other side of him as opposed to next to his mate. “Oh, yeah he is. Tenya is the pack leader, and Hitoshi is his mate. They’re going to have the first pack pup,” Izuku explained easily. It was kind of a relief to the Omega as he knew that he wouldn’t be expected to bring in the first baby to the pack, even if he wasn’t part of the pack himself.

Just as their conversation died down, the aforementioned couple came into the private room. Izuku sprung up out of his chair, racing to his old friends and throwing his arms around them both. Katsuki felt his eyes widen and his mouth drop as he saw that the pregnant Omega attached to the side of the leader of the pack of the people he was surrogating for was none other than the man he had helped in the bathroom. The bubbly brunette that he had met earlier gasped when Izuku moved back to his chair, revealing the couple.

“Hitoshi, you’re glowing!” she grinned at her fellow Omega, holding her hands in front of her face excitedly.

“I don’t feel like I’m glowing,” he puffed out his cheeks as he fell down into the empty chair next to the chair at the head of the table. Tenya sat down at the front of the table, his eyes loving looking at his mate.

When the group's discussion died down a bit, Izuku stood up to get their attention. “Everyone,” he called out. “This is Katsuki, our surrogate. And we’re happy to say that we also have a pup on the way!”

“Wait, I know you,” Hitoshi suddenly blurted, pointing at the other Omega.

“You do?” Tenya asked, raising one of his eyebrows at his mate.

“Not like that,” the purple-haired man slapped his husband’s leg. “He helped me when I was having some morning sickness at school. He was the one that told me about the ginger candies.”

“I told you about the ginger but you didn’t listen to me,” Momo cut him off from where she was sitting across the table.

“Oh,” Hitoshi blushed a bit.

“This isn’t awkward at all,” Katsuki grumbled out just loud enough that Shouto and Izuku could hear him.

The Alpha snorted, placing a hand over his mouth before he masked it as a cough. He smirked a bit as he looked over to the Omega. “The first time I met Izuku’s pack, it was three times as awkward as this. At least you know four of us already,” he said quiet enough that only the ash-blond could hear him.

The group paused their conversations for a moment as the waitress came into the room to take their orders. Katsuki was pleased to see that even though this pack seemed very traditional, everyone was allowed to order their own food no matter what their gender was. When the waitress had left, a question was shot at the new Omega, which he was kind of expecting. “When are you due, Katsuki?”

“Sometime in February,” he responded, his hand moving to his stomach subconsciously again.

“Woah, you were really accurate when you were saying that Hitoshi was going to have his baby four months before you guys had yours,” Tsuyu commented.

“All this talk of babies is making me want to have my own,” Ochako sighed, placing her head in her hands.

“Just imagine how difficult it is being around babies all day every day,” Momo teased her. The waitress returned just after she finished talking, setting all of their food in the respective places.

“Izuku, trade me places,” Hitoshi said, tapping his friend's arm. No one else paid them much attention as the two of them swapped spots, leaving both of the pregnant Omegas next to each other.

“Don’t think I’m rude, but if you’re seven months pregnant then how are you still that small?” he asked, pointing to the belly that the other was sporting. The bump was just enough to make the shirt he was wearing tight against it and definitely didn’t look like a baby bump that was for someone in their third trimester.

“My uterus sits pretty far back, so the baby bump isn’t as big as other people’s,” the purple-haired Omega answered easily. “I know we had a couple classes together before I finally transferred over into the Omega program, so we should try and study together. I know how bad baby brain can be.”

“Seems like I have no brain thanks to this brat,” he shot back with a small laugh, placing his hand on his abdomen again.

“And on top of school work, sitting at home while pregnant is getting really getting boring, so I think it would be nice for both of us to spend some time with each other,” Hitoshi pointed out as he began to dig into his food. Katsuki did the same, realizing how hungry he was and how much the food in front of him sounding amazing. The pack spent the rest of the night as they normally did when they were all together, talking to one another about things they may have missed.

Hitoshi and Katsuki spent the rest of that night getting to know each other a bit better, and the ash-blond discovered that he actually enjoyed the company of the other man. When he was in the back of the car as they rode back to the house, he felt exhausted. The entire ride, he could barely keep his eyes open and he yawned almost every five minutes on the dot. “You and Hitoshi really got along,” Izuku commented.

“Yeah,” he agreed, placing a hand over his mouth to stifle a yawn. “He seems pretty okay. God, I’m so fucking tired.”

“Momo said that would happen,” the Beta hummed. They all stayed quiet for the rest of the way home as if the mated couple was allowing him to drift off to sleep. His heart squeezed a bit as he realized that he wanted the two to care about him like that. He missed being treated like a traditional Omega and the pregnancy was making him miss that even more. A bit of guilt nipped at him as he wanted two other people than his deceased mate to care for him.

He yawned again, watching as everything passed by. His eyelids felt heavy as they fluttered shut. He could worry about his feeling for the couple in the morning, all he wanted to do now was sleep.

Chapter Text

Katsuki grumbled to himself as he pulled out another one of his papers, setting it down next to the rest of them. His computer dinged, alerting him to the fact that he had a new message. His eyes narrowed as he pulled himself out of his studying stupor to see who was trying to get his attention. An unfamiliar name shot across his screen, causing him to re-read it. The second time over he realized that is was the Omega that he had met almost a week ago.


Iida Hitoshi to Bakugou Katsuki

Is now a good time to come over? For homework?


Bakugou Katsuki to Iida Hitoshi

Sure. Why the fuck not?


Iida Hitoshi to Bakugou Katsuki

I’ll be over in about five minutes.


The Omega clicked out of the chat site, once again focusing on his homework. He found himself just staring at the words for moments on end, not really taking in the information that was on screen. He jumped a bit as he heard the doorbell ring through the apartment, alerting him to the other Omega’s arrival. He pushed himself off the table, wincing as he felt that his ankles had already begun to swell. His hand moved to his stomach as he walked, rubbing it up and down in a habit he hadn’t really realized he had picked up. “Hello?” he asked, swinging the door open.

“Hey,” Hitoshi waved his hand. His other hand was underneath his large baby bump. Both of them reached forward instinctively, no longer really in control themselves. They wrapped their arms around each other the best they could with the baby bump separating them. Hitoshi released his scent first, letting the soft smell of cat fur and lavender fill the air. Katsuki followed after him, releasing his burnt caramel scent around the other Omega. They both pulled back after a moment, completely shocked that they had scented someone that wasn’t their mate or someone in their pack.

“Did you just, scent me?” Hitoshi asked, gaping at his new friend.

“I don’t know why the fuck I did that,” he whispered, placing his hand over the scent gland in his neck. “We should call Dr. Yaoyorozu.”

“Do you think that this is a pregnancy thing? We didn’t do this when we met at the dinner,” the purple-haired Omega paled, leaning on the wall.

“Hey, calm down,” the ash-blond whispered, grabbing his arms and guiding him over to the couch. The older allowed him to do so, trying to focus on the breathing exercises that he had been taught when he and Tenya had gone to therapy. “Maybe that’s because we know each other now and I’m a going into my fourth month in a couple days. Let’s just call a doctor and find out what the fuck is going on.”

Hitoshi nodded, running a shaky hand through his hair as he tried to calm himself down a bit more. Katsuki grabbed his phone from underneath a pile of papers. He quickly selected the doctor’s number from where it was at the top of his contacts. He held the device up to his ear as it seemed to ring for eternity.

“Hello?” the Alpha asked, her voice seeming distant and far away.

“Dr. Yaoyorozu, this is Bakugou Katsuki,” he said, instantly calming down a bit as he heard the soothing voice of his doctor.

“What a surprise! Is everything alright?” she asked, the concern bleeding through into her ton.

“Hitoshi came over today and we fucking scented each other. Is that fucking normal?” he asked, the panic returning back to sit in his chest like a tense knot.

“It’s perfectly normal for two Omegas who are mated to members of the same pack, even if they aren’t in the same pack themselves to scent each other. It’s a way for them to help the other sooth,” she explained with a small chuckle.

“Thanks,” he sighed, relief pouring through him as he hung up on the doctor. He turned to face the other Omega, seeing that he was still incredibly stressed and worried. “She said it was normal. It’s a way for us to make ourselves feel safe or some shit,” he explained, reaching over and placing his hand on the other’s knee to soothe him in a way.

“Oh, thank God,” he rolled his eyes back into his head, collapsing back against the couch.

“What were you so worried about? Would your mate have freaked out that much if you smelled like me?” he asked, getting a bit on edge. When he had met the Alpha before, he didn’t seem like the type of person that would be abusive to his mate in any shape or form.

“No, it just gave me anxiety to not be in control of my own fucking scent glands,” he grumbled. “It reminds me a bit too much of when I was a little kid before I knew how to control them. Young Alphas are fucking dick-bags.”

“Almost all Alphas are hyper-masculine dickbags,” he agreed.

“So true,” he snorted. “They all seem to get so much worse when they get into high school. It’s like there’s this memo that gets sent out to all of them telling them that they should act like the worst people imaginable.”

“Seems like your pack Alphas didn’t get that memo,” he snickered.

“Nope. Tenya was a bit tense when we first got together but a couple long talking-to’s from Momo and Shouto snapped him right out of that. He’s still a bit old fashioned,” Hitsohi rolled his eyes at that. His hands traveled to his back where he began to rub small circles to work out a knot in the muscles.

“How so?” he asked, curious about the pack of the mates that he was surrogating for.

“He still likes to pull out my chair for me and used to always ask if he could spend my Heats with me, despite us being married,” he listed off. “He also courted me until we were out of high school before he actually started dating me.”

“Damn, Eijirou and I had started dating six months after we had been courting,” the ash-blond laughed, his own hands moving down to the bottom of his stomach, his hand gently touching the taught skin there that formed a small bump.

“Eijirou?” Hitoshi asked, prompting him to continue talking.

“He was my mate. He and I met during our first year of high school, where he asked me to start courting him. We had only known each other for about a fucking month. I thought he was the biggest fucking idiot on this goddamn planet. Six months or so after that we started dating. We mated as soon as we turned eighteen. I loved him so goddamn much. He was the leader of this pack, but he was the type of Alpha that let me lead the pack alongside him. He was so fucking romantic and mushy and annoying as shit half the time, but he was also the love of my life,” he rambled, a fresh set of memories moving to the front of his mind. He felt tears well in the corners of his eyes, threatening to spill over.

“How did he pass? That is if you don’t mind me asking,” the other Omega quickly backtracked, afraid to distress his friend.

“There was a really bad accident. Eijirou loved his motorcycle, and he always wore all the fucking leathers that made him look like a god. He was wearing his fucking helmet and everything. I told him to head home quickly because I missed him and a semi truck ran a stop sign outside our street. They collided pretty harshly and Eijirou had some pretty bad fucking injuries. He was looking up for a while, made it an entire fucking week before he went into cardiac arrest and died,” he rambled, rubbing his hand through his hair as tears began to race down his face.

He felt arms wrap around him and a firm bump press into his side. The smell of fur and lavender wrapped tightly around him, along with the added scent of a mother trying to comfort their pups. He let himself sob, finally allowing everything to come crashing down on him again. It had been almost three years and yet he still missed the other more than he could say. He shivered violently, letting go of everything that he had been holding on to for the past several months. He cried in pity of himself, that he had fallen in love again. That the people he had fallen in love with were married. He cried about the fact that he was never going to see the tiny infant inside of him again after they were born. It killed his heart, hurting him harshly.

“You’re okay, it’s okay,” Hitoshi soothed, carding his hands through his friend’s hair to try and calm him down. He sniffed, letting the last of the tears escape his eyes. “Better?” he asked, pulling a bit as he looked at the other person.

“Surprisingly, yeah,” he nodded, wiping his face to rid the evidence of his tears. “Thanks,” he whispered.

“Pregnancy hormones are a bitch. I’m surprised you haven’t been crying at the drop of a hat like me. I actually started crying yesterday because we ran out of bread and Tenya took five minutes to go get some more,” he laughed, trying to lighten the mood.

“Mood swings haven’t really been that big burden for me,” he answered, standing up and getting a tissue to blow his nose.

“So just morning sickness and baby brain?” he asked. “Lucky.”

“My ankles are also already swollen and my hips hurt like fuck whenever I get up and walk around,” he grumbled as he sat back down on the couch.

“I have Tenya for the swollen ankles. You should try and talk to Izuku or Shouto about having them rub your feet. It works fucking wonders,” the smaller Omega grinned widely.

“I don’t think Shouto actually wants to cultivate a relationship with me,” he ash-blond answered as he ran his hand over his baby bump. “He’s been really distant and upset with me.”

“That can’t be good for you or the baby,” the other huffed, frowning harshly. In his pocket, his phone buzzed, alerting him to the fact that he had a text. He pulled it out, glancing down at the message. “Is it okay if Tenya comes over for a minute to pick me up?”

“Is it already that late?” Katsuki asked, gaping a bit as he looked to the clock. “I’m fucking fine with that, by the way.”

“Time flies when you’re crying,” he joked, typing his mate back before he shoved his phone back in his pants with a great deal of awkwardness.

“Weren’t we supposed to be doing homework?” he sighed, turning to face the other Omega a bit more than he had been before.

“Blame the baby brain. Always blame the baby brain,” he said seriously.

“That should be the motto of all pregnant Omega’s,” he laughed, rolling his eyes.

“That and ‘Please Alpha...’,” he chuckled along with the other Omega. “I think Tenya has heard that so many times that he doesn’t hear them as words anymore.”

“I wish I could pull that,” he sighed.

“Maybe you can try it. Release some of that pregnancy hormones and I’m sure Shouto will cave.”

“Do I need to remind you that Shouto has been giving me the cold shoulder for about a month now?”

“Again, he’ll cave the moment you release that pregnancy scent,” he said decidedly. The doorbell of the apartment rang again, telling them that someone was at the door.

“Come in!” Hitoshi shouted, knowing exactly who it was. The door swung open, allowing the blue-haired Alpha to come into the apartment. “Hey baby,” he grinned widely, looking at him with a wide smile.

“Hitoshi,” his brows knit together as he caught the scent of the other Omega on his mate. “Why do you smell like someone else has been scenting you?”

“Don’t get mad,” he whispered, shrinking down on himself.

“I’m not mad, just curious,” he said sincerely. Normally, he would have gotten upset if there was the scent of anyone else on his heavily pregnant mate, but the scent of the other Omega on his mate didn’t anger him.

“Momo said that sometimes pregnant Omegas will scent each other to help keep the other one calm. It kind scared us after we did it too,” he offered, reaching out and tugging his mate down onto the couch.

“Are you and the baby alright? You know that stress isn’t good during pregnancy,” he began to worry, sitting up completely straight.

“We’re fine. I wasn’t that stressed out,” he shook his head. The Alpha purred a bit, leaning forward and releasing his scent around his mate. He placed their scent glands together as to make sure that the Omega would smell exactly like him for a while.

The Alpha pulled back from him and turned around to the other Omega. He leaned forward, releasing a tiny amount of his scent to accept him into the pack for a small amount of time. “Sorry I didn’t ask permission, I just thought that it would be fitting seeing as you are carrying Shouto and Izuku’s baby.”

“It’s fine,” he said quickly. His heart fluttered drastically as he thought what it would be like to be mated by the couple and accepted permanently into their pack as well as his own pack.

“It was nice seeing you Katsuki, Hitoshi and I should head out. Have a nice night,” the Alpha stood up, helping his mate off of the couch.

“See ya. We’ll actually study next time, alright?” the purple-haired Omega promised as they escaped out of the door. Katsuki waved after them, his shoulders slumped forward as soon as the door shut. He ran a hand through his hair, looking at all of the papers that were still spread everywhere. He rolled his eyes with a sigh before he began to pick up all of his materials.

He had been working for about ten minutes to get everything organized when he heard the door open again. “Katsuki, we’re home!” Izuku called, his voice bright and happy as he called out for the other person. Shouto frowned deeply as he walked into the house, smelling the scent of his pack Alpha all over his house. He passed by the Omega quickly, heading up to his room.

“Shouto! Where are you going?” Izuku called out, placing his hands on his hips as he watched him leave.

“I have some work to do. Please bring my dinner up to me,” he answered, his voice in a low, angry growl as he closed the door behind him.

“What on Earth,” he shook his head. His eyebrows knit together as he moved to the kitchen to begin making dinner. “Katsuki, come talk to me,” he called.

Katsuki did as he was told, holding back another round of tears as he walked to the kitchen. “Yes?” he asked.

“Why do you smell like Tenya and Hitoshi?” he asked curiously, no malice was found in his voice whatsoever.

“Hitoshi and I scented each other, which is apparently a pregnancy thing,” he began. “Tenya scented to bring me into the pack temporarily.”

“Oh,” Izuku nodded. “So they were both over here today?”

“Yeah. Hitoshi came over to do some homework but we just kind of ended up talking to each other,” he sighed, moving around the Beta to help make the dinner. The two worked silently after that, quickly finishing the meal. Izuku ran a portion of the food back up to his mate who was still locked on their bedroom before he returned back downstairs.

“I honestly don’t know what’s gotten into him,” he sighed, sitting down next to the Omega. Katsuki looked down at his food, biting his tongue to stop himself from saying what he really wanted to say. “I’ll have to talk to him after we’re done eating,” he sighed, toying with a bit of the food on his plate.

“Anyway,” he sighed, smiling at the Omega. “How are you doing, Katsuki? Any morning sickness or cravings?”

“The morning sickness seemed to have calmed the fuck down, which is lovely. I’ve been kind of wanting cucumbers,” he shrugged. It wasn’t a downright lie, but it was very much a watered down version of the truth. He had laid up all night wanting the vegetable more than he had ever wanted anything in his entire life. He had only really managed to fall asleep after his eyelids felt too heavy to keep open.

“I can buy some tomorrow,” Izuku offered. “Had everything else been okay? Hitoshi said that his ankles were killing him when he got to the fourth month.”

“My ankles are pretty damn swollen, but it’s more my hips that are bugging me than anything else. It’s nice not to have to sit in those chairs at school,” he replied easily.

“If you hurt too badly, just tell me and I can rub your back, alright?” the Beta grinned widely as he finished up his dinner. He stood up, picking up his plate and bringing it into the kitchen. “I’m going to go talk to Shouto. Call if you need anything,” the Beta smiled tightly, the hurt in his eyes obvious to the other.

“Okay,” he nodded, watching as the other left to go to talk with his mate. He finished up his food in silence, not being able to hear what the other two were saying behind their closed door. He placed his plate in the sink with Izuku’s before he made his way up to his bedroom. His nest was still intact, which made him immensely happy. He had added a couple of items to it after he had gotten pregnant. Most of the items in his nest were things that he had gotten scented by members of his pack. He had made sure it was mostly blankets and pillows seeing as he hated having actual pieces of clothing in his nest. He also had several items that had come from the couple he was currently living with. His favorite thing currently was a quilt that he had found in the linen closet that smelled of both Izuku and Shouto.

He crawled into the nest, wrapping the king sized quilt around him and breathing in the soothing scent. It seemed to make the baby happy as well, not that he could really tell that he carrying yet. The smell of the Alpha reminded him of how awful he had been to him. He couldn’t really blame the other since he completely didn’t want to have to do this. Despite that, it still hurt him that he wasn’t getting any attention whatsoever from him. There was something inside of him, like his inner Omega screaming at him constantly that he should mate the Alpha to force him to stay with him for when the pup was born. The rational part of his brain told him that that was stupid, hopeful wishing. Tears welled up in his eyes once again, tipping over his lashes and running in familiar trails down his cheeks. His entire body shook with the force of his sobs, making everything ache and hurt with want.

Meanwhile, Izuku folded his arms across his chest as he stared at his mate. The Alpha had his legs tucked underneath him as he sat at his desk chair, eating the dinner that his mate had brought up for him. “Why are you being so cold to him, Shouto?” the Beta asked, cocking his head to the side curiously.

“I’m not,” he answered immediately, refusing to look up from his meal to meet his lover’s eyes.

“You are,” Izuku urged, unfolding his arms and gesturing out of the door. “The second we came home and you smelled Tenya and Hitoshi on him you ran away and locked yourself in our bedroom. You used to talk to him all the time like I did and now you’re completely ignoring him. Do you think that is healthy for him or the baby? He needs your scent to help him through his pregnancy!”

“It’s not like we’re mated, Izuku,” Shouto shot back, his voice filled with venom.

“Todoroki fucking Shouto,” the Beta growled, releasing his most aggressive scent to make sure that the other knew he was serious. “Do you remember how hard it was on me when you had to leave on that business trip?”

“We’re mates. Katsuki and I aren’t mated,” he repeated. Placing the plate down on the table behind him and looking straight at the other. “What happened back then was awful. I still beat myself up about it. I should have never left my pregnant mate for even a week. I should have brought you with me or something, but I didn’t. I’m a bad Alpha, I know.”

“Shouto,” Izuku sighed. He leaned forward, threading their fingers together as he tried to sooth the other down a bit more. “Do you feel like you’d be neglecting me if you were to pay attention to Katsuki?”

“Yes. I’ve already made that mistake and I’m not going to make it again. You are my top priority. I love you, and only you,” he whispered the last bit of the sentence, kind of scared to admit it despite how much his husband loved and cared for him.

“Oh Shouto,” the Beta sighed, his eyes softening. “Are you in love with him? Or falling in love with him?”

“I should only love you. You deserve someone who is going to be completely and utterly dedicated to you,” he whispered, tears of fear and self-hatred welling up in his dual-colored eyes.

“Shouto, hey,” he whispered, cupping his mate’s cheek with his free hand. “Look at me, please,” he whispered, trying to catch the other’s eyes.

“Izuku,” he whispered, tears pouring down his face. “I don’t want you to hurt ever again, but it seems like I can’t keep myself from doing something that’s going to hurt you.”

“Alpha! Look at me,” the Beta commanded, adding a hint of a whiny tone to punctuate the need for his mate’s attention. Shouto looked up instantly. “I love him too. I don’t know why I fell for him so easily, but I did. He’s an amazing person and he’s currently got our baby inside of him, so even if we don’t do anything to enter him into our relationship, we should pay attention to him so that his pregnancy goes a little bit better. Can you please do that for me? For him? And the baby?” Izuku pleaded.

“Of course,” he nodded, leaning in and connecting their lips together. “How is he doing?” he asked when the pulled back. He wiped the tears away from his face.

“He’s craving cucumbers and his back hurts,” he answered. “Nothing too bad.”

“Good. I was kind of worried what I was doing him was hurting him and making his pregnancy Hell,” he whispered. They stayed silent for a moment, just sitting next to each other as they took in everything that they had just talked about. “Would you be willing to try and bring him into our relationship?”

“We both care about him a lot. It would take a lot of work and communication, but I’m always someone who’s willing to talk about feelings,” he grinned. “I don’t know if he’d want to be with us, seeing about how torn up he is about his deceased mate.”

“I would be too,” Shouto scoffed.

“Let me finish,” the Beta shook his head. “If Katsuki somehow moved on from Eijirou, in a good way, then I would love to bring him into our relationship. I would love to have him be around to raise that pup that he’s carrying.”

“We’ll watch for signs, and if we think he’s into us like we’re into him then we’ll ask him. Okay?” the Alpha offered, picking his mate up off the floor and pulling him onto his lap.

“Okay,” the Beta agreed, smiling widely as he pressed their lips together comfortingly.

Chapter Text

Sleepy Fucker to Bakugou

Let’s go shopping.


Bakugou to Sleepy Fucker



Sleepy Fucker to Bakugou

I currently need clothes because this damn baby belly is getting really fucking big and you are going to start getting too big for those t-shirts you wear. It’s either this or I let Tsuyu and Ochako have their way with you.


Bakugou to Sleepy Fucker

Fucking fine. When and where?

Also: I’m a broke ass college student, I don’t have money for a shit ton of clothes.


Sleepy Fucker to Bakugou

Tenya and I have more than enough money to buy you some maternity clothes.


Bakugou to Sleepy Fucker

You’re not letting me get out of this, are you?


Sleepy Fucker to Bakugou

Nope. I’m coming to apartment now.


Katsuki dropped his phone down on the couch next to him. He glanced over the papers that were scattered all over the coffee table. He quickly grabbed them and placed them back in the proper places in his binder. Due to being in the Omega Program, his professors were now a lot more lenient when it came to due dates. He had about a week before any of the assignment he had been working on were due back. Since he was technically not unable to do his work, he just couldn’t be at school because of his morning sickness, he had been getting his work done earlier than he had to. He packed away all of his school materials before he hefted it all back up to his room.

It had been a week since Tenya had temporarily accepted him into their pack, and a week since Shouto had started to awkwardly pay more attention to him.

He caught sight of himself in the mirror, seeing his shirt was already pulled tight across his baby bump. He ran his hand down the bump, stopping when it reached the very bottom of the small curve. He really had to buy new clothes soon. His brows furrowed together as he thought about what Hitoshi had said in his text. The other Omega was now eight months along while he was only four and yet he had already started to show prominently. He turned away from the mirror quickly, choosing not to think about it anymore as he walked back downstairs.

He had just reached the bottom of the staircase when the doorbell rang, echoing throughout the entire house. He grumbled to himself as he stopped by the couch and grabbed his phone. The bell rang again as he pulled it open. He tilted his head to the side, giving the heavily pregnant Omega a look. “Really?” he asked, raising his eyebrows in an unamused manner.

“Really,” Hitoshi nodded as he opened his arms. Katsuki’s expression softened as he reached forward and wrapped his arms awkwardly around him. They both simultaneously released their scent, allowing it to wrap around each other.

“You ready to go?” Hitoshi asked as he pulled back. His hands immediately moved down to the bottom of his bump.

“Yup,” he answered, moving his own hand to the bottom of his bump. His heart fluttered a bit as he felt that it was really there, that he really had a bump from the baby growing inside of him.

“Homework has gotten so fucking hard now that the little shit won’t stop stepping on my bladder,” Hitoshi grumbled, moving one of his hands to his back as the elevator began to move downward.

“So they’re moving?” Katsuki asked, his interest caught by the other Omega. “What does it feel like?”

The shorter of the two opened his mouth to answer, but then he stopped. His brows furrowed together as he thought before he replied. “I can’t really describe it. It’s literally something moving inside of you. It kind of feels like butterflies? You’ll know it when you feel it.”

“Around when did your little monster start moving?” he asked, the thought of the baby inside of him actually moving around made him incredibly eager and curious.

“Uhm, two months ago?” he offered, looking back into his head as he tried to recall the information.

“So I have two months to go before I can feel them moving,” he nodded, speaking almost underneath his breath. The elevator dinged, telling them that they had arrived.

“I don’t know how you can do it. Just the thought of not having this little one around after all of the fucking work I’ve put in makes me heart fucking break,” Hitoshi shook his head as they both walked out to the car parked in front of the building.

“I’m sure it’s going to be fucking hard, but it’s not like I’ve never lost anyone before,” Katsuki shrugged, shrinking down on himself. The thought of having to leave not only the baby growing inside him but also the couple that he had fallen in love with made his heart ache like it was going to shatter into sand.

“God, I don’t know if it’s just the Mama hormones or what but every time you bring that up I want to drag you into my nest and make everything better,” the purple-haired Omega grumbled underneath his breath as he shook his head.

“It’s probably Mommy hormones,” Katsuki agreed as he climbed into the car on the driver’s side. Whenever they went out anywhere, he always drove. It was a relief to the smaller of the two to not have to drive, especially when his bump had gotten too big to comfortably fit behind the wheel.

“What store are we going to?” he asked, glancing over at the other Omega. Hitoshi thought for a moment before he gave the name of the store that he wanted to go to first. They spent the drive in relative silence, both taking the time to listen to Kyouka’s radio station. They had managed to catch the point of her show where she spent it talking to the fans of the show that called in. As they continued to drive, Katsuki began to feel ill. His head felt stuffy and he had developed a bit of a headache on the right side of his head.

“Do you want to look for baby clothes while we’re there?” Hitoshi asked as he used Katsuki’s arm to get out of the car.

“That’s not really for me to decide. I’m not keeping the baby, I’m just carrying it,” he answered, the words coming out of his mouth making his own heart hurt.

“Sorry, I forgot,” the purple-haired Omega winced. They both walked into the store silently, walking to the Omega section where the maternity clothes were kept. He reached out to some of the funnier t-shirts, holing out one that said ‘baby ass-kicker inside’ and an arrow pointing to where the bump was supposed to be inside. “What do you think about this?” he asked, cocking an eyebrow.

“I think that it’s super fucking funny,” he answered, taking the shirt and holding it up to him to make sure that it would actually fit him. The purple-haired boy made quick work of getting the rest of the shirts, most of them just being plain black t-shirts with the special fold of fabric in the middle to make sure that it would expand with the baby bump of whoever was wearing it.

“You’re going to need some pants too. Sweats or jeans?” he asked, turning around and looking at the smaller of the two for an answer.

“Maybe two sets of both?” he offered. He took the shirts from the other, holding them himself while he ran his hand underneath the bottom of his bump.

“I can hold those by myself,” Hitoshi grumbled, frowning deeply at the ash-blond.

“You’re eight months fucking pregnant and these are going to be my clothes,” Katsuki retorted easily. He turned back, his eyes catching sight of one of the neon signs. The light of which caused his headache to throb painfully. He raised his other hand up to his face, pressing on the spot that hurt.

“Fine, be like that,” he sassed as he walked over to where the maternity pants were. Katsuki followed after him, looking away from the light in hopes it would make his head hurt a little bit less. “You okay?” Hitoshi asked when he turned around to ask the other what his size was.

“My head hurts like a bitch,” he grumbled, moving his hand away from his eye to look at the other Omega. As soon as he did so and his vision returned to him a bit he clapped a hand over his mouth. “Oh fuck, I feel like I’m going to be sick.”

“There’s a trashcan in the changing rooms, go,” Hitoshi quickly pointed towards the changing rooms a couple feet away from them. Katsuki rushed to where he was pointing and had just barely made it to the trashcan before he heaved up everything he had eaten for lunch. The act of vomiting actually made his headache worse, making the world around him spin a bit. He felt a calming hand on his back, rubbing small circles on the exact place where his spin had been giving him fits.

He pulled back, shaking harshly. “I haven’t thrown up in weeks,” he whispered, wiping his mouth on the back of his hand as he looked away from the vomit that was threatening to make him sick again.

“How much water have you had today?” Hitoshi asked, struggling to get up off the floor. Katsuki waited there for a moment before he got up as well.

“I don’t know. Not as much as I normally have?” he offered. “Izuku has been getting my cucumbers and I’ve been eating a shit ton of those.”

“I think you’re dehydrated. Let’s go check out and get you home. Then we can get you some water,” he said firmly. Katsuki simply nodded, not feeling well enough to argue. He trailed behind the other Omega as he tried to keep his nausea to a minimum. He made it all the way to the parking lot before his headache made him puke again.

Hitoshi threw the bags in the back of the car, waiting for him to be done puking. “That’s it, I’m taking you to the hospital,” he shook his head. “This isn’t normal this late in your pregnancy.”

“Fine,” he whispered, feeling absolutely miserable. He kept his eyes closed as they drove to the hospital, trying to make sure he didn’t throw up in the incredibly expensive car that his friend drove. He struggled out of the car, using Hitoshi’s arm to keep him steady. They slowly made their way into the ER and were at the front desk before Katsuki really knew what was happening. Everything seemed to be moving slowly, but like it was also moving too fast. Words became hard to hear as he tried to focus on not throwing up for the third time in ten minutes. He was pressed down into a chair and a bucket was placed in front of him as he was wheeled into a room.

They moved him to the bed, someone kept the bucket right underneath his face. He could hear his friend talking with someone on the phone, but all he could focus on was how awful he felt. Someone removed his jacket, and he felt cold liquid rub onto his arm with a smooth cloth. A small prick followed before a tight bandage was wrapped around it to keep whatever had just been put into his arm inside of his arm.

“Katsuki?” a familiar voice asked. He looked up from where he had been staring at the pink bucket in his lap. “Can you talk to me?” Dr. Yaoyorozu asked, shooing the nurses out of the room once they had finished hooking him up to everything.

“Yeah,” he croaked, his throat still aching from the bile he had vomited earlier.

“How do you feel? We need to try and figure out what’s wrong,” she said, raising his head up and looking into his eyes. She grabbed a flashlight from her coat pocket, shining both of them into his eyes to check his dilation.

“My head hurts,” he answered. “It feels like an entire fucking ax has been wedged into my eye.”

“Sounds like you have a migraine,” she hummed. “You don’t look too bad when it comes to your pupils. Have you ever gotten headaches like this before today?

“No,” he croaked out. She frowned deeply as the Omega fell back against his pillows and winced at the bright lights.

“How much water have you had today?” she asked. “Has your diet been changed in any way?”

“No. If anything I’ve been eating better than I did before the pregnancy. I had a glass of water this morning,” he replied.

“Momo? I called Shouto and Izuku. They should be here soon. Do you know what’s wrong with him?”

“Dehydration and a little something I’ve seen happen before,” she whispered, the fear evident in her voice. “It sounds like Shouto and I are going to have to have a long talk.”

“He hasn’t been ignoring him enough for that, has he?” Hitoshi gaped, his eyebrows raising.

“That’s not something you should be worrying about. Too much stress can make you go into early labor, Hitoshi,” the doctor chided. “I’m going to let you stay with him until Shouto and Izuku get here so that they can help him, but then you’re going to have to go home with Tenya. No objections, doctor’s orders,” she said firmly.

“Wait, don’t you work at a clinic? How the fuck are you here?” Katsuki asked, already feeling a little bit more like himself.

“They always call in the Obstetrician of a pregnant Omega when they get injured or sick in some way. It helps them feel a little more comfortable and a lot less stressed,” she explained easily. “As long as you’re here I’ll be your doctor.” She smiled at him sweetly before she turned and left the room to go talk to some of the other staff of the hospital.

“You feeling any better?” Hitoshi asked, the worry evident in his voice.

“Yeah,” he nodded. He looked around the room a bit, but he still kept the bucket on his lap in case he was going to vomit again. There was an IV stuck into his arm, dripping liquids into his body to rehydrate him. The rest of the room was a bright, stark white. His headache wasn’t as affected by the light as it had been, but it still hurt.

“Good,” Hitoshi nodded. They waited in silence for a good ten minutes before three familiar faces appeared in the doorway. Shouto and Izuku rushed over to the bed, both of them showing evident concern for the Omega on the bed. Tenya was quickly by his husband’s side, worrying over him.

“Katsuki, are you alright?” Izuku asked, grabbing his hand before placing his other hand on his forehead to check to see if he had a fever.

Shouto growled a bit as he saw his mate fawning over the Omega. Katsuki shrunk down on himself, thinking that the growl was meant for him. His heart fluttered harshly in his chest as he felt the Alpha lean down next to him, releasing his scent to wrap around the Omega. Katsuki breathing in the smell of firewood on a winter’s night, loving how it combined with his own burnt caramel scent. Izuku began to purr a bit, leaning down and releasing his own forest scent to wrap around the Omega. The second he had been scented by the couple, everything felt so much better.

“I’m sorry, Katsuki,” Shouto whispered, pulling back. “I should have known that you needed me to be there throughout your pregnancy. I made a stupid mistake. I hope you can forgive me.”

“We’ll leave you three be,” Tenya called as he guided his husband out of the hospital room.

“Bye Hitoshi! Thank you for bringing him in!” Izuku called, waving as their friends left. As the duo left, Dr. Yaoyorozu returned back into the room. “Momo,” Izuku greeted, his hand still holding Katsuki’s as he sat down on the hospital bed.

“Shouto,” the Alpha called out, her voice low and deep as it formed an angry growl. “You know better than to leave an Omega or Beta carrying your child alone. You should be been scenting him every day to relieve his stress. If something more serious had happened it could have hurt the baby as well as Katsuki. Which would have hurt my reputation if you don’t care about either of those things. I trusted that you would be a good Alpha, which is why I let you enroll in my clinic.”

“I’m sorry,” he apologized, looking down at the floor as he moved back from the Omega on the bed.

“But he’s here now. We can’t change what’s in the past, but we can write out future pretty easily,” Izuku easily released his scent into the room, calming both of the Alphas down so that they weren’t at each other’s throats.

“You’re right. I apologize for getting so worked up. I just hate seeing my patients getting hurt from something that could have been so easily avoided,” she explained, taking in a soothing breath. “Text me when the bag of IV fluids empties and we’ll release you,” she said, her normal smile falling onto her face.

“Of course. Thank you for helping him, Momo,” Izuku quickly gave her a brief hug before he returned back to the pregnant Omega’s side.

“It is my job,” she chuckled as she left the room.

“Are you feeling any better?” the Alpha asked once his friend was gone. His hand moved down to the Omega’s, their fingers threading together easily as he continued to release just enough of his scent to make him feel better.

“Yeah,” he nodded slowly, looking up at the bag that was dripping into his arm. It was already half empty, meaning that they would return back to the apartment in about twenty minutes. “I feel a lot better than I did when Hitoshi and I went out.”

“Would you like us to scent a couple things for your nest?” Izuku offered when the group fell into a comfortable silence.

“God, that would make things so much fucking better. All I have is a giant quilt that I found that smells like you both. My nest doesn’t smell nearly as strong as I need it to,” he grumbled, finally letting his worries spill out.

“We haven’t used that quilt for years. There’s no way it smells strong enough to actually be helpful to you,” Shouto shook his head. “God, I’m a horrible Alpha.”

“Shouto, you’re trying. This is stressful on all of us, not just you,” Izuku shook his head. “Right now, we can just focus on making sure that Katsuki and the baby are okay. And we have the ultrasound tomorrow, so we should be positive instead of pessimistic.”

“Of course. You’re right, as always,” Shouto smiled, looking at his husband with loving eyes. Katsuki’s heart ached a bit, wishing that he could have the affection from the Alpha that the Beta was getting. He took in a deep breath, leaning against the pillows as he reminded himself that he should be happy that he was getting any attention from the couple at all.

Chapter Text

Shouto hadn’t stopped scenting him since they had gotten home. He did it at almost every chance he got like he was worried if the Omega had to go too long without smelling like him he would disappear. Katsuki didn’t really mind, which was something he hadn’t really expected. Eijirou had been a lot like this when they had first mated each other, but he had found it kind of annoying then. He had always waved the other man off, hating the fact that he was constantly being touched. But now, with the Alpha’s baby inside of him, he really enjoyed being scented.

They had only been away from the hospital for a day when they had to return to the clinic to get the first ultrasound of the Omega’s pregnancy. Izuku had grown quieter and quieter as they got closer and closer to the clinic, which seemed to happen every time something like this happened. Katsuki huffed a bit, wishing that he could ask the Beta what was wrong and make everything better. Which was another thing that was odd for him, but he brushed it off on the hormones that the baby was making him experience.

The trio walked calmly into the clinic, Shouto moving to stand closely next to his mate as they threaded their hands together. Katsuki felt a dull aching in his chest as he wished that he could be holding hands with them, or at least be loved by the like they loved each other. He sighed under his breath, walking up to the counter and being greeted by the passive-aggressive secretary.

“Name?” she asked, clicking around on her screen.

“Bakugou Katsuki, I have an appointment with Dr. Yaoyorozu,” he hummed, hating every moment that he had to talk her. She clicked away on her computer, asking the normal questions that she did every time he had to talk to her. He sighed as he turned around, walking over to some of the empty seats in the waiting room. He sat down on one of the cold chairs, shivering a bit. Shouto and Izuku sat down on either side of him, and it took almost all of his self-control to not lean into the Beta next to him with how sad he was acting.

“Are you excited?” Izuku asked, trying to be his normal optimistic self. He turned to the other two in the chair, tucking his leg underneath himself and putting on his wide smile.

“To see our child for the first time? Of course,” Shouto nodded, reaching over the Omega to place a hand on his husband’s knee for a moment before he pulled back.

Katsuki chose not to speak, worried that if he voiced his actual feelings on the subject that the couple would either get upset with him or he would end up crying. He placed his hand on the bottom of his baby bump, just rubbing it to try and calm himself a bit. He didn’t want to have to give up the baby that was growing inside of him, nor did he want to give up the couple he had fallen so in love with. They fell into silence again, leaving the only noise in the clinic waiting room the sound of the playing children in the corner.

“Bakugou?” the normal nurse called out as she stood outside of the door that led further into the clinic. The Omega stood up, grunting a bit at how bad his legs hurt already. His ankles and wrists were both incredibly swollen and he was too paranoid to ask either Izuku or Shouto to rub them and make it feel any better. His heart beat rapidly in his chest as he smelled the worry and concern coming off of the couple that was walking behind him. The display of concern gave him some sort of sick hope that he might actually have a chance with them.

Shouto linked his hand with Izuku’s, reassuring his mate that everything was fine as they walked down the hall. At the nurse’s instruction, the pregnant Omega stepped onto the scale. The Beta next to him clicked her tongue and shook her head as she wrote down his weight on her paper. They waited a moment later as his blood pressure was taken. They only spoke again when the nurse had left them in the room, the giant ultrasound machine next to them seeming both intimidating and enthralling.

“It’s funny, this morning I was so excited to see the baby for the first time, but being back in a hospital makes me kind of scared,” he whispered, leaning heavily on his mate. His bright green eyes darkened with a certain sadness, turning the prettiest shade of forest green that Katsuki had ever seen.

“The baby is fucking fine. I can feel it,” he reassured the Beta, his hormones screaming at him to protect the person that he loved. “When I collapsed, I could tell that it was me, and not the baby. I don’t really know how to fucking explain it, but I know they’re fine.”

Izuku nodded solemnly. “I know what you mean. When your pregnant, it’s like you have another layer of understanding about the baby inside of you,” his voice was hoarse and cautious, as if he was worried that he was saying the wrong thing.

Shouto leaned a bit closer to him, releasing a soothing scent meant just for his mate. Katsuki looked down at his hands, choosing not to say anything. The paper crinkled underneath him as he tried to get in a more comfortable position. The silence hung heavy in the air like there was something that they should be saying, something they should be doing. But none of them had any idea what the ‘something’ was.

Luckily, they didn’t have to wait much longer as their friend and practitioner walked into the room, a bright smile on her face. As always, she took a deep breath, her Alpha nose giving her the ability to make sure that the Omega was okay. “Dear Lord, Shouto,” she laughed. “I didn’t think that my lecture would work that well, but color me surprised.”

“Am I doing something wrong? Did I scent him too much?” he asked, his voice small and terrified, and for the first time since the Omega had met him, his heterochromatic eyes filled with fear.

“No,” she reassured him quickly. “You haven’t done anything wrong since the last time I saw you. But you don’t need to scent Katsuki nearly as much as you are if you’re doing it because you feel obligated.”

“Ah, no. I like scenting him,” he whispered, placing a hand in front of his mouth as a small amount of embarrassment crept out of him in the form of a pink blush over his pale cheeks.

“That’s normal,” she hummed as she sat down on her stool. “Hormones can get a bit odd during pregnancies, even for those that are not mated and are not actually the pregnant ones. Have you noticed any other different types of hormones or urges that you have been experiencing as of late?”

“Nothing out of the ordinary, other than wanting to put everyone into my fucking nest and keep them there,” Katsuki sighed, folding his arms over his chest a bit self-consciously.

“That’s more than completely normal. We’ve nicknamed that group of hormones ‘Mommy Hormones.’ It essentially just covers all of the hormones and urges that your body is creating to get prepare your mind and body for when the pups come. These hormones and urges have been around for as long as recorded history has. The way that I suggest with dealing with them is to give in to the lesser ones, so spending some time with your pack in your nest and I would suggest if the three of you are alright with it spending time in his nest and scenting it heavily. It’s even more important to spend time with a pregnant Omega in their nest when you’re upset because that’s when their urge to keep everyone safe will skyrocket,” she rambled a bit.

“We can definitely spend some time in the nest, and maybe you can make one downstairs too so that we’re not always intruding on your personal space,” Izuku chirped, the normal joy returning to his eyes.

“Sounds fan-fucking-tastic,” he grinned, actually feeling joyous as the couple seemed to pay quite a bit of attention to him.

“Alright, are you ready to see the baby?” Momo asked, her dark eyes lighting up with a bright sense of joy. The blond Omega took into account that she said ‘the baby’ instead of ‘your baby.’ It made him forget that he was going to have to give the baby up after it was born just for a moment.

“More than I have ever been ready for anything,” Izuku answered for all of them, practically bouncing up and down with how visibly excited he was.

Shouto chuckled, placing his hand around his lover’s waist and pulling him close. “More ready than you were to become my mate?” he asked, teasing seeping through his voice so that he made sure the Beta knew he wasn’t being serious.

“You know what I mean,” he scoffed, slapping the other’s chest before they turned back to the doctor.

Momo chuckled, an amused smile slipping over her face. “If I’m being completely honest, this is my favorite part of my job. Seeing everyone see their child for the first is something that you never forget, no matter how many times you have to do it over in a day,” she rambled a bit. She got up off of her seat, placing her clipboard on the counter as she put a pair of latex gloves on. “Katsuki lay back and pull your shirt up. I’m also going to need you to push your pants down enough so that your stomach is entirely exposed.”

The Omega obeyed, laying down on the examination table. He pulled his t-shirt up so that his rounded abdomen was exposed to the world. His heart was beating rapidly in his chest as excitement overtook him. He unzipped and unbuttoned his pants, pushing them down so that the rest of his stomach was also exposed.

“You’re certainly showing more than most are at your stage,” the Alpha doctor hummed, her eyebrows furrowing together in concentration as she searched for the things that she needed.

“Is that a bad thing?” Katsuki asked, a bit of worry and panic creeping into his heart.

“Of course not. Your uterus is probably just sitting more forward than most people I see,” she smiled. “All right. This is lube, it will help the wand move over stomach so that we can see the baby easier. It will be cold,” she warned before she tipped the bottle over and squirted some of the cool liquid onto his heated stomach. He hissed, wrinkling his nose a little bit.

Shouto and Izuku both moved so that they were standing on the other side of the bed than the ultrasound machine and the doctor. The Alpha reached forward, somewhat subconscious as he threaded his fingers together with the Omega’s. Katsuki smiled a bit, a gentle blush spreading across his nose and the tops of his cheeks. Momo unhooked the wand from the machine, sterilizing it easily before she placed it down on his stomach. The machine beeped and came to life before the entire room was feeling with three beeping noises.

The Omega felt his heart skip a beat as he looked to the screen, seeing the doctor move around the wand to show two tiny, grainy images. “What is that?” Shouto asked, finally voicing the concern that all three of them were feeling.

“Just a moment,” she hushed, moving the wand a bit more to see the image from a different angle. “Ah! There we go,” she grinned widely.

“What is it?” Izuku asked, worry crammed into his voice.

“That,” she tapped the screen, “is baby number one. You’re expecting twins!”

“N-no way,” he whispered, looking up at where she was outlining each of the fetuses. There were two tiny babies growing inside of him. Two babies that came from the Alpha that he had come to love.

“This is amazing!” Izuku gushed, bouncing up and down as he could no longer contain his excitement. “Two babies, Shoucchan,” he giggled, clinging to his Alpha’s arm.

“That-that’s,” the Alpha in question gaped at the screen, unable to form any words. “You’re truly amazing, Katsuki. We asked you to make me one baby, and you’ve given us two. They’re healthy, right Momo?”

“The healthiest twins I’ve seen!” she affirmed. “I assume you all want pictures?”

“Yes,” Katsuki whispered. His heart swelled and fluttered with maternal love. He continued to stare at the screen as the wand moved around his extended abdomen, unable to move his eyes away.

“This explains why you’re showing more than normal at this stage of your pregnancy. I’m going to print one of baby number one and one of baby number two for each of you,” she bubbled, pressing a couple buttons to print the pictures for them. She wiped off the wand with a paper towel before handing one to Katsuki so that he could clean himself up. The screen turned dark, which was really the only reason he was able to look away. He sat up, removing the lube off of his stomach.

“I’ll be back in a moment with those pictures,” she hummed before she turned and walked out of the room.

The Omega ran his hand down his now dry stomach, still in shock about the fact that he was expecting two babies as opposed to one. “Are you alright, Katsuki?” Shouto asked, rubbing his thumb on the Omega’s hand as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

“I just wasn’t fucking expecting this,” he whispered, running a hand through his spiky blond locks.

“In a bad way?” Izuku asked, worried a bit. “You know we’re not upset about this right? There are so many horror stories out there of overly fertile Omegas carrying multiples and being forced to abort some of the babies because the parents didn’t want it. We’d never, ever do that to you. One baby would have been great, but two is even more amazing since we always wanted a big family!”

“Izu, you’re rambling,” the Alpha gently informed his husband.

“Oh, sorry,” the Beta blushed, waving his hand in front of him. “But you get the gist of it.”

“Yeah,” the Omega nodded. The doctor returned a moment later, the pictures she had printed out for them encased in an envelope.

“Before you go, I would like to feel around a bit to make sure that everything is developing correctly,” she asked, handing the envelope to Izuku. The Omega complied, allowing the doctor to feel around his stomach and uterus, despite how tender and sensitive that tissue had become as of late.

Katsuki was in some form of trance as the appointment wrapped itself up and the trio wandered out of the clinic. His hands continued to rub up and down the bump, constantly touching it as if it would disappear if he didn’t. Izuku opened up the pictures inside of the car, handing both of Katsuki back to him. The Omega gaped at his pups, the tiny humans that were growing inside of him. These were his pups.

It was going to be a living nightmare when he had to leave them.

Chapter Text

“Is it alright if I brought over my pack tomorrow?” Katsuki asked, toying with the last bit of food on his plate. He refused to lift his eyes up from the food that he was playing with, worried that he’d see them looking at him disapprovingly. The longer he stayed with the Alpha and Beta the more he felt his Omegan instincts that he had pushed down after Eijirou had passed away reemerge.

“Of course,” Izuku chirped, reaching over and placing a soothing hand on his arm. The blond snapped his head up, meeting both of their eyes for a moment.

“Thanks,” he smiled tightly. He dropped his chopsticks down onto the plate, moving his hands to his belly. He ran them over the protruding flesh, comforting the tiny infants inside of him, despite him not being sure that they really knew that he was there yet.

“Have you told them that you’re expecting twins yet?” Shouto asked curiously, feeling more open around the Omega than he had in the beginning. The openness only caused Katsuki to fall farther and farther in love with him until he was hopelessly lost.

“I don’t see why I should. After all, I’m not keeping them,” he spat, his mood turning sour and bitter. He was already so attached to the babies that he had only been carrying for four of five months.

“Ah, of course,” the Alpha mumbled, seeming a bit ashamed as he withdrew from the conversation. He cleared his throat and stood up from the table with his plate in his head. He leaned down, pecking his mate on the cheek before saying, “I have some work I need to finish. Goodnight, both you.”

“Goodnight Shoucchan,” Izuku chirped, giving him a bright, happy smile. The Alpha chuckled a bit, the sounds coming deep from within his chest as he left the room.

Fucking Hell, he had it bad for those two.

“I can get the dishes for tonight,” Izuku smiled kindly at him, making his heart flutter as if a bird was trapped inside of him. “Don’t try to argue with me. You got to do them last night, so let me do something tonight. If you want, I can give you a foot rub once I’m done. Just go wait in the living room if you do, I’ll be in there in about twenty minutes,” the Beta rambled, already busying himself with picking up plates.

The Omega didn’t trust himself to answer, his raging hormones screaming at him to go up to the other and scent him heavily so that everyone knew that the babies inside of him were Izuku’s as well. He slowly rose from the table, wincing as his ankles throbbed painfully. He placed a hand underneath his rapidly growing bump, walking out to the living room. He grabbed the throw blanket that they had begun to keep on the back of the couch, wrapping it around him. He took in the mixed scents of Shouto and Izuku, relishing in the warm, fuzzy feeling he got from doing so.

It had only been a couple days since they had found out that he was expecting twins, and already he had gotten about a half dozen calls from Hitoshi requesting for them to go out and buy some more baby clothes. The other Omega was quickly approaching his own due date and was getting extreme cabin fever since his Alpha wouldn’t let him outside alone. Katsuki had been too tired to really do anything, but they had hung out and talked for hours the day after the appointment. (The end of their visit left Katsuki in tears because they had been looking at the sonogram pictures.)

The blond rearranged himself a bit, pulling out his phone a bit awkwardly. He clicked on the group chat that he had with his pack, scrolling through it a bit to find that they had been talking about utter nonsense. Well, it was unimportant up until one of the very last messages.


Pinky to Pack Chat

Do y’all want to meet my potential mates or nah?


Pikachu to Pack Chat

Mates? *interest is peeked*


Soy Sauce to Pack Chat

What Denki means is that we’d love to.


Pinky to Pack Chat

Yeah, I have two betas that I’m courting. I love them very much and would like it if you didn’t scare them off.


Katsuki to Pack Chat

Does that mean I need to not come?


Pinky to Pack Chat

I was more talking about the fact that Den can be a bit much at times.

It’s good to hear from you again! :D


Pikachu to Pack Chat

Yeah man, how are you holding up?


Soy Sauce to Pack Chat

They’ve been treating you right, right? I don’t need to go all Alpha on their asses, do i?


Katsuki to Pack Chat

I’ve just been fucking busy with school and shit.


Pinky to Pack Chat

Okay, so we’re going to meet up tomorrow at the normal cafe. I’ll bring my courting partners and you’ll all bring your best manners.


Pikachu to Pack Chat

Yes maam!!!!


Soy Sauce to Pack Chat

I’ll keep him in line, don’t worry ;)


Katsuki to Pack Chat

Can you fuckers come over to the place I’m staying to scent my nest afterward?


Pinky to Pack Chat

Is there a word for yes meaning more than yes?


Then yes.


Pikachu to Pack Chat

Of course bro!


Soy Sauce to Pack Chat

What kind of a pack would we be if we said no?


Katsuki to Pack Chat

See you fuckers at noon tomorrow.


He smirked at his phone, reading over the messages again. As much as he swore and yelled at them, his pack was really the best group of people that he had ever stumbled into. He dropped his phone down onto the couch, pulling the blanket up around him again. “So I take it you want to take me up on my offer?” Izuku asked, his tone teasingly mischievous.

“Seeing as it feels like I have a gallon of water in my ankles, yes,” Katsuki replied, moving over so that he was leaning against one of the armrests of the couch. The Beta smiled, sitting on the other end of the couch.

“First foot,” he offered, patting his lap. Katsuki obeyed, moving around himself and the pillows so that he was propped up into a semi-leaned back position. He extended one of his feet out, giving it to the Beta in front of him. Izuku gladly took it, rubbing small circles on the top while applying harsh pressure to the bottoms to work the sore muscles loose again. The Omega hummed, placing his head back on the pillows while his eyes fell shut. Izuku moved up to his ankles, rubbing the swollen joints to relieve some of the pressure.

Katsuki let out a contented purr, allowing himself to think for a moment that he was being treated this way because he was their mate and that they were his. He let himself imagine that instead of pillows behind him it was Shouto, holding him tightly and rubbing his hands up and down the bump that held their twins.


The next day, he stuffed his phone into his back pocket awkwardly, seeing as they were once again becoming too small. He let out a low growl of frustration, his brows furrowing together as he looked at himself in the mirror. As much as he hated to admit it, something deep inside of him made him love the way that he looked when he was pregnant. He grabbed his necklace last, placing on the small gift that had been given to him when he had first started dating Eijirou.

He made his way out of the apartment, only remembering to text Shouto and Izuku that he was going out and where he would be after he was in the car. He dropped his phone down on the dashboard, not wanting to struggle to get it back in his pocket yet. The drive was quick since their normal diner was actually pretty close to where he was now living. He stuffed his keys and phone into his pocket as he got out of the car, groaning as his ankles began to ache once again.

“Katsuki!” Denki said, bouncing up and down as he waved to his friend from the doorway of the cafe. The ash-blond rolled his eyes, making his way over to where the rest of his pack was. The other Omega wrapped his arms around his friend, bringing them into a tight hug before he let him go. “Everyone else is already inside, but I wanted to wait out here for you. How are you doing?”

“My ankles are fucking killing me,” he answered, completely deadpan. “And my hormones are out of fucking control.”

“Thus are the woes of pregnancy, I guess,” Denki laughed, mimicking a swooning motion.

“Fucking Pikachu,” Katsuki shook his head, though he let out a small laugh at the antics that his friend was making. They walked the rest of the way into the cafe, sitting down at the table where the rest of the pack as well as Mina’s Courting Partners were sitting.

“Guys, now that everyone’s here,” she grinned widely, standing up out of her seat and placing her hands on her hips. “These are my Courting Partners. This is Hagakure Tooru,” she said, gesturing to the girl sitting next to her. She had medium length brown hair and dazzling green eyes. Altogether, if you were in a crowd you wouldn’t have noticed her at all, but Mina seemed to adore her.

“And this is Ojiro Mashiro,”  she said, holding her hand out to a muscular blond Beta. He was also not very noticeable, especially when sat next to their pink-haired friend.

“Hello everyone! It’s so nice to finally get to meet Mina’s pack,” Tooru piped up, grinning widely at everyone around her.

“She talks about you all the time,” Mashiro teased, threading his fingers together with the other Beta’s.

“We should introduce ourselves too, right?” Denki asked, fidgeting around in his seat like he had never been still in his entire life. “I’m Kaminari Denki, and this is my Alpha Sero Hanta,” he grinned, holding his hand out as Mina had done to her Courting Partners.

“I’m Bakugou Katsuki,” the ash-blond spoke up, giving both of them a dry smile. The chairs that he was sitting on were making his hips and back hurt, but he loved Mina and was trying his best to be personable to the newcomers.

“Okay, now that introductions are done can it be food time?” Denki asked, looking over at his mate with pleading eyes.

“Is that all you ever think about?” Hanta sighed, a teasing smile forming on his face.

“It’s like his brain has never grown out of being a teenager. All he ever thinks about is food, sleep, and sex,” Mina teased.

“You guys are so mean to me,” Denki pouted, sticking his lip out a lot farther than it needed to be for added effect.

“By stereotypical pack dynamics aren’t we supposed to be mean to you? Since you’re the weakest member of this pack?” Katsuki teased, leaning forward and folding his arms on the table. Moving around a bit made his hips feel better, but they still ached horribly.

“How am I the weakest member of the pack?” Denki scoffed.

“Babe,” Hanta soothed, rubbing tender circles in his mate’s back to help him settle a bit. “Let’s move on to something else,” the Alpha suggested.

“Why don’t you guys tell us how you met Mina?” Denki offered, sensing the tension that he had created and trying to fix it quickly.

“Oh,” Tooru lit up. “We met her during classes. Well, I did at least. It was honestly really cliche. We had to work with each other on a chemistry experiment and she just wouldn’t shut up the entire time. One day I got fed up with not being able to focus in class so I gave her my number so that she could talk to me outside of class and we would be able to get a passing grade.”

“I ended up meeting her after she and Tooru staggered back into our dorm room one night after clubbing,” Mashiro smiled fondly at the memory.

Seeing all of the happy, content couples made him want to cry as he desired to be like the trio in front of him was with Shouto and Izuku. He took in a deep breath, placing his chin on his hand as his arm was propped up on the table. He silently listened to the rest of the conversations and stories that were thrown around the group as they ate their lunch. Luckily, Mina’s Courting Partners still had classes to attend that day so the pregnant Omega could still have the pack cuddle time that he had wanted.

“Tooru and Mashiro have to take my car to get to work, can we all ride with you, Katsuki?” Mina pleaded, smiling brightly at her friend. The Omega rolled his eyes but nodded anyway. They all piled into the car, the blond trying not to blush since it was getting harder and harder to fit behind the steering wheel with his quickly expanding bump. Mina sat in the passenger seat and Denki and Hanta sat in the backseat. As he began to drive back to the apartment, he flicked on the radio to the station that it was almost always on, causing the Beta next to him to squeal.

“I don’t know how, but the new broadcaster seems to be just as good as Yamada was, maybe even better,” she giggled, bouncing up and down in her seat.

“She’s my obstetrician’s mate,” he commented easily, more focused on driving than he was the pink-haired girl.

“What?” she asked, her face falling into a shocked state.

“She’s part of the fucking pack that the people I’m surrogating for are a part of as well,” he hummed, a small smirk forming on his face at the wonder that he was bringing out of his friend.

“No fucking way!” she whispered, her voice quiet for once in her life.

“And the son of Yamada Hizashi is part of the pack too, as well as one of my friends now,” he went on, drinking in the reaction that was coming from the Beta.

“You have friends other than us? Why didn’t you say anything?” Denki gaped from the backseat, amusing the other Omega to no end.

“Maybe I didn’t tell you because you would all be annoying as fuck and want to meet him,” he snapped. He pulled into the parking garage just outside of the apartment building, getting out with a small smirt.

“Of course we would want to meet him! He’s the son of a legend,” Mina bounced up and out of the car, throwing her hands up in exasperation.

“He’s like seven months pregnant and his Alpha rarely lets him out of the house, I highly doubt he would want to meet you lot,” he teased, guiding his small pack into the house.

“Rude,” Denki whined, pouting so much so that they knew that he was being a drama queen. The group continued to laugh and joke with each other as they rode the elevator up to the penthouse apartment that the Omega had been living in for the past five months.

“So, nest cuddles, right?” Hanta asked once they had gotten into the apartment and had finally stopped marveling.

“Fucking duh,” he rolled his eyes, walking up to his room. The other three followed after him. He crawled into his nest, moving one of the blankets out of the way so that he could fit all three of them in it. Hanta knelt at the edge of the bed, waiting to be told permission before he entered. If an Alpha were to enter an Omega’s nest, even one that they had mated with it could cause the Omega extreme stress, so most were taught to wait until they were allowed to with vocal consent. It was different for other Omegas when it came to nests, so Denki clambered on so that he was pressed up against the wall near the top of the nest.

“You can come in, Hanta,” Katsuki whispered, his instincts taking over and making him feel subdued and calm. The Alpha did as he was told, climbing into the nest and moving so that he was behind the Omega. Katsuki leaned back onto him, relishing in the way that his hips and back finally stopped hurting when he was in that position. Mina came into the nest next, only needing to get a certain scent to be produced from the Omega for her consent. They all cuddled up with the ash-blond, releasing their scents to the fullest to fill his nest with them.

Katsuki quickly fell asleep, as content as he could be without Shouto and Izuku there to be part of his pack as well.

Chapter Text

“My dad says that he wants to come for dinner tonight,” Shouto said as he returned home. His normally bored eyes were filled with frustration and hate, but both of the others could tell that the feelings weren’t directed at them.

“Did you tell him no?” Izuku asked as he paused for a moment. He had gotten home a little earlier than his husband that day and had taken it upon himself to begin dinner. Katsuki glanced between the other two, not really sure what was happening.

“I fucking tried, but he found out that we’re expecting and wanted to quote on quote ‘meet the carrier of his grandbabies,’” the Alpha growled, moving into the kitchen. He walked over to his mate, wrapping his arms tightly around the greenette’s face before he buried his nose into the scent gland that was located on Izuku’s neck.

“Well, he has always been a stubborn ass,” the Beta grumbled, leaning into his lover’s touch as a smile graced his face. “We’ve dealt with him before, we can do it again, right?”

“I know we can, but do you remember how awful he was to you when you were pregnant?” he asked. The Omega’s brain paused for a moment as he tried to process what the Alpha had just said. There had been a couple hints to things happening in the past, but he had never expected the Beta to have been pregnant. That would have meant that there was some type of miscarriage that happened in the past, which explained a lot.

“I remember full well, but this is what he told us to do right? He was awful to me back then because I was a pregnant Beta. Katsuki is a pregnant Omega, and he believes that Omegas are the ones that should be pregnant, so it’s alright, right?” the greenette rambled as if he was trying to convince himself that everything was going to be okay as well as his mate.

The ash-blond moved one of his hands down from his swollen belly, rubbing it protectively. “Even if he is an Omega, he still has a personality, which my dad hates just as much as Betas,” Shouto growled.

“You reek, calm down,” Izuku said, redirecting the conversation. He set down the knife that he had been chopping vegetable with. He spun around, clapping his hands on his mate’s cheeks as he kissed him quickly. “Go take a shower to get all of this anger off of you. I’m sure it’s making Katsuki uncomfortable,” he grinned, looking over to the Omega sitting at the dining room table for a moment before he looked back to his mate.

“Fine,” the Alpha complied, pressing a kiss to his husband’s forehead before he pulled away. He placed a comforting hand on Katsuki’s shoulder before he leaned down. He wrapped his arms around the Omega, giving him a brief hug and releasing some of his most protective scents.

Katsuki almost gagged after the other had left, the scent finally getting to him. “God, what the Hell?” he asked, waving his hand in front of his face.

“You alright?” Izuku asked, his brows stitching together as he looked at the ash-blond.

“Yeah, those pheromones were just strong as fuck,” he answered.

“He gets a little upset whenever his father comes to visit and he’s worried because of what happened the last time Enji visited with a pregnant person in the house,” he rambled a bit.

“Yeah, what the fuck was up with that? How much of a dickbag is this asshole?” he asked, curiosity getting the better of him.

“He’s abusive to the point where he drove his wife insane and his son to leave the house. They had an arranged marriage, so it wasn’t very healthy in the first place but he was physically and mentally abusive even past that point. He was so awful to both his wife and the four kids that they had, so much so that Shouto’s mom snapped and poured boiling water on his face when he was a kid. That’s where his scar can from,” the Beta rambled, getting more and more upset by the moment. The Omega let out a low growl, hating the thought of the two people he had fallen in love with hurting at any point in time.

“That’s fucking awful,” he grumbled, turning his phone off and setting it down on the table.

“I know. And he’s gotten even worse to me and Shouto in the past two years or so,” he rolled his eyes. “He was already upset that his Alpha son married a Beta. His eldest son was an Omega and his twins were Betas, so he thought that Shouto was going to be the perfect child and then his mating and marriage to me made him really upset.”

“What a fucking asshole. And this dirtbag is coming here?” he asked, already putting out the scent of angry parental Omega.

“Yes. We’re hoping that since you’re an Omega, he’ll be a bit nicer. He’s also getting what he wants by getting two grandchildren from an Omega,” the Beta said, his face falling.

“Hey, I don’t know what the Hell happened beforehand, but I’m sure you would have been a great fucking parent,” the Omega soothed, his pheromones changing into a calming maternal scent.

“Oh yeah, you don’t know what happened,” the Beta sighed. “I guess I should tell you, shouldn’t I?” he asked, finishing up what he had been doing with dinner, leaving it to simmer.

“You don’t have to if you don’t fucking want to,” Katsuki answered.

“I feel like I should, and it’ll be nice to finally get this off of my chest,” he answered, his normal bright smile crossing his face once more. “Shouto and I had only been married for a year and his most recent rut was coming. We had decided that we wanted kids or more that I wanted kids. He was and probably still is worried that he’s going to turn out like his father and hurt any kids we do have.”

“God, I know that fucking feeling all too well. My parents were physically and mentally abusive to me before I finally got the fuck out of their house,” he gruffed.

Izuku looked at him with caring eyes, both of their hearts aching for each other but neither of them knowing exactly how to tell each other what they were feeling. “I’m sorry,” he apologized. “But anyway, I got pregnant. We were so happy and excited to finally have a baby. I got far enough along to feel the baby moving but there was something that happened. I got a pelvic infection, and we didn’t catch it soon enough because of how much we were working. That and the fact that Shouto had to go on a bunch of business trips and wasn’t able to scent me. I essentially collapsed and became worse than you were when you collapsed a while ago. Because of those two things, I lost the baby. Not only that, but the infection spread to my uterus and scrotum. It got so vicious that I had to have a hysterectomy and orchidectomy,” he petered off at the end of his story, looking down at his hands.

“Holy shit,” he whispered, tears collecting in his eyes. He sniffed a bit, lifting a hand to his face to rid himself of the tears. “That’s fucking awful. I’m so fucking sorry that you had to go through that kind of bullshit. Nice fucking people like you guys don’t fucking deserve things like that.”

“It was two years ago,” he answered. He looked up at the ceiling for a moment and blinked the tears out of his eyes.  

“Just because some goddamn time has passed doesn’t make the pain hurt any fucking less,” he answered, coming out of his throat in the form of a growl. It was the type of noise that an Omega would make at her child when they were misbehaving or if they needed to get the kids attention. Katsuki slowly rose from the table, the weight around his midsection already making it a little harder to get up than before. He moved over to the Beta, wrapping his arms around the taller man and releasing some more of his soothing scent.

“I guess you would know,” the greenette visibly relaxed in the other’s hold, melting into the touch. “You’ve lost someone impossibly close to you too.”

The Omega didn’t have a chance to say anything else as the doorbell to the penthouse rang. Izuku growled, his face contorting in frustration. He paused before leaving the hug, pressing a kiss to the ash-blond’s head. He put a smile onto his face, pretending to be the happy, go-lucky person that he always was. He flung open the door, allowing a huge Alpha to walk into the large apartment.

A moment later, Shouto came out of his and Izuku’s room, his hair still damp from the shower that he had just taken. The taller Alpha looked over the three of them, a dark scowl resting on his face. His eyes darkened a bit more when he finally caught sight of the heavily pregnant Omega sitting at the table.

“I am pleased to see that Natsuo was telling the truth when he said that you two finally listened to me,” he gruffed.

“You normally say hello as soon as you come into someone’s house, Father,” Shouto growled, possessively releasing his hormones into the air as he moved to stand behind Katsuki. The Omega placed a hand over his mouth and nose, trying to block out the aggressive scents coming from both of the Alphas.

“Why should I  be polite? You two have always been less than polite when it comes to me, so I thought I should return the lack of courtesy,” he sniped, looking at Izuku for a moment before he turned back to look at his son.

“Why are you like this?” Shouto seethed, balling his hands into fists so hard that his nails left indents. The Beta stepped in between them, his hands full of plates and cups as he moved to the table to begin setting it.

“Let’s not fight already, please,” he begged, looking at his mate for a moment before he turned around and placed the place settings down on the table. The Omega sitting at the table stood up and grabbed some of the place settings, helping Izuku out. The two Todoroki’s stared at each other for a moment longer before they both moved to the table as well. Enji took the place at the head of the table as he always did, annoying his son to no end.

All four of them were completely silent as they prepared for dinner, the only sound was the clinking of the plates and silverware hitting the table. Izuku moved over the pot of stirfry that he had made, putting it in the middle of the dining room table before he took his place on the left of his mate. The table was pressed up against the wall, meaning that there were five chairs. Enji sat at the one at the head of the table, and Shouto took the one next to him as a way to spite him. Izuku sat closer to the wall and across from Katsuki.

“Are you giving me an Alpha?” Enji asked, looking at his son. The Omega bristled, staring at the Alpha at the head of the table. He was literally less than five feet away from him and his scent was certainly not concealed so he could have just asked the ash-blond what he was having. Not that he knew, and not that the others did either.

“We don’t know,” Shouto responded.

“And why is that?” the redhead asked, his eyes narrowing slightly. “The Omega is far enough along that you would be able to tell, wouldn’t you?”

“‘The Omega’ has a name,” Katsuki blurted, his temper flaring to the point where he wasn’t able to contain it anymore.

“Excuse me?” Enji asked, turning to the ash-blond and looking as though he had just insulted everything he had ever stood for in his life.

“I said, ‘The Omega’ has a name,” he repeated, gritting his teeth. Izuku sat stalk still as if he was afraid that moving would make the hostile experience blow up. Shouto smirked as he looked at the Omega across the table, seeming to be proud of him instead of terrified like Izuku was.

“I heard what you said. I thought that asking that would teach you that I am not an Alpha to be trifled with or disrespected as you are currently being,” he growled, the tone coming from low within his chest.

“Enji, please,” Izuku called out, releasing as much of his natural soothing scent as he could. “Let’s not get in a fight tonight.”

“Maybe Shouto should teach his Omega to be obedient as they should be,” he replied.

“He’s not my Omega. He’s just surrogating for us. And Omegas are humans too, they can do whatever they want,” the smaller Alpha replied, dropping his fork down next to his plate. Katsuki looked down to his own food that he hadn’t yet touched, trying to calm his heart down as his crush defended him, though he chose to ignore the fact that he had pointed out the fact that he wasn’t mated to them.

“You always were a Social Justice Warrior,” he sneered, turning away from the food that was on his own plate.

“I’m not, I just think that everyone should be treated fairly and equally no matter what their gender is,” Shouto replied.

Izuku dropped his fork, placing his face in his hands as he listened to the two Alphas bicker back and forth for a moment before they fell silent again.

“Maybe something that could make you a bit happier and lighten the mood altogether could be the news that Katsuki is expecting twins?” Izuku offered, trying to get the mood in the room to become a bit less agitated.

“Which means that he’s more at a chance to lose them,” Enji answered, frowning crossly. “You’ve already lost one of his babies, perhaps it would be better if the Omega were to be in the care of someone more capable than you for the duration of his pregnancy. He’s not your Omega anyway, so there’s no real reason for you to keep him with you,” the redhead continued, eating his meal as if he hadn’t been saying something incredibly hurtful.

“Izuku’s miscarriage was in no way his fucking fault!” Katsuki shouted. He stood up from the chair, pointing a finger at the Alpha in an accusing manner. “You are an asshole. You have been nothing but fucking horrible and awful since you came here. You’ve degrading, dehumanized and disrespected me and Izuku, been verbally abusive to your son and proven to all of us that you’re no better than a bag full of fucking flaming dicks!”

“DO NOT TALK TO ME LIKE THAT!” Enji boomed, standing up as well. His voice was an octave lower than it had been before, a sure signal that it was the infamous ‘Alpha Tone.’

Katsuki fell down in his seat, allowing tears to gather in his eyes as he bowed his head. He could hear the scraping of Shouto’s chair as he stood up.

“Get the fuck out of my house old man. I’m giving you what you want and yet you come in here and insult my mate and the Omega carrying my babies. Get the fuck out,” he growled, his own voice lowering down to the same tone that his father was using.

Enji for once in his life listened, turning around on his heel and walking out of the dining room. He turned around before he made it to the door, saying, “If I could have a word with you before I leave, Shouto.”

The dual-haired Alpha stood up, following after his father and leaving the two others alone in the apartment.

“Katsuki, are you alright?” Izuku asked once the Alphas had finally left the house. He walked over to where the Omega was, sitting down on the seats next to him. Katsuki shaking slightly, still terrified from the experience that he had been through. Tears were rushing out of his wide red eyes, showing how truly terrified and sad he was.

“No,” he answered harshly, sniffing a bit as he tried to get rid of the tears that he was crying.

“What’s wrong?” the Beta asked. “Other than the fact that you just had an Alpha Tone used on you,” he chuckled, trying to lighten the mood.

“It’s more what he said that made me fuckin upset,” he answered, another sob escaping his lips. He looked down at his hands, unable to do much else. The position that he was sitting in made him incredibly uncomfortable, especially with the weight he had gained in certain places.

“Why? Just because you’re not mated to us doesn’t make you any less of a good Omega. You’re carrying twins, for God’s sake,” the Beta tried to calm him down a bit. He glanced over to where Shouto had left, waiting for his husband return so that he didn’t have to calm down the upset Omega in front of him all on his own.

“That’s the fucking thing,” he growled. “I want to be mated to you both. I don’t want to just carry your babies anymore, despite that being one of the best fucking things that ever happened to me. I love you too fucking much and it hurts me so bad to think about the fact that I’m going to have to fucking leave both of you and the babies,” he began to sob again as he spilled his guts out to the Beta in front of him. He couldn’t keep it inside anymore, and now that it had begun there was no stopping it. The dam had finally broken.

“Oh, Katsuki,” Izuku laughed a bit, wrapping his arms around the Omega and hugging him tightly. He pressed a careful kiss to his head, petting his hair comfortingly.

“I don’t want your fucking sympathy. I know you probably think I’m fucking desperate and needy as shit,” he hissed, not daring to meet the other’s eyes.

“No, no,” he urged. “Shouto and I feel the exact same way. We’ve both fallen in love with, and we have been for some time. We never thought that you would feel the same way, especially since you were just surrogating for the money to get you through school.”

“Of course I fell in fucking love with you. You’re both so fucking annoyingly nice,” he growled, sniffing sadly.

“You’re just as nice, in your own way,” he answered. He traced his hand down the face, moving his thumb down the other’s cheekbone. “Would you like to be in a relationship with Shouto and me?” he asked after a moment of comfortable silence.

“Isn’t that something that we should talk about with him around?” he asked, raising an eyebrow. The tears that he had been crying a moment ago had since dried up, leaving him with only puffy eyes.

“I’m sure that he would agree with it,” Izuku nodded.

“Who would agree with what?” Shouto asked as he walked back into the apartment again. He had obviously spent a couple minutes calming down before he came back in. He took in a breath, sitting down across from the couple.

“Would you want to be in a relationship with Katsuki?” Izuku asked, looking at his mate.

“Of course,” he asked, looking between the both of them in a confused manner.

“Then that settles it,” Izuku smiled. “We’ll start courting you immediately, so you know if you really want to mate with us. Hopefully, you’ll have an answer by the time the twins are born because I think we should both love to have you be a part of their lives,” he rambled.

“Woah, slow down,” Katsuki smirked, trying to take in the information that was being thrown at him. “Let’s take this one fucking step at a time. We’re all Courting Partners now, got it.”

“Well, that’s certainly one way of putting it,” Shouto snorted. “But now that my father is gone, why don’t we finish up dinner and cuddle with each other to get rid of that awful energy?”

“Sounds like a plan to me,” Izuku chirped, grabbing his food from across the table.

“Fucking great,” Katsuki answered. He looked between the two of them, his heart fluttering madly in his chest as he finally realized that he had gotten the two of them. He had finally gotten something amazingly wondrous in his life, and it didn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon.

Chapter Text

Katsuki glanced up at the clock on the wall, seeing that it was about an hour and a half until Izuku and Shouto would get home. He hefted himself up off the couch, using the table in front of him and the armrest to push himself up. His back and ankles screamed at him with an aching pain as he walked to the kitchen. The added weight from his pregnancy with twins were putting a lot of stress on his joints. He grit his teeth and bared with the pain since it was more of an annoyance than anything else.

Katsuki busied himself around the kitchen, grabbing everything that he needed. He set to work, chopping and cooking until the entire house was filled with the scent of cooking, heavily seasoned food. The Omega cleared his throat, trying to get rid of the small amount of nauseousness that was still affecting him. He popped one of the last ginger candies that they had into his mouth, using it to get through the last of the cooking that he had to do.

He filled the bottoms of the bowls with rice before he placed the pork chop that he had triple checked were thoroughly cooked onto the top. He added the chopped up veggies and the scrambled eggs next to them before he repeated the process two more times. He brought all three of the bowls to the table, putting them in the right spots. He placed one of them down at the head of the table and then the other two down at the places to the immediate right and left of the head of the table spot.

He went back in the kitchen, grabbing a couple pairs of chopsticks before he returned back to the table. He wasn’t really sure how traditional courtships worked, but this is how he had started to court Eijirou. He was already carrying their baby and was always cleaning up their house, so they were doing it a bit backward but damned if he wasn’t going to try and court the other two.

Just as he had expected them to, Izuku and Shouto walked into the apartment five minutes later. The Beta stopped after he had toed off his shoes, sniffing the air. He turned around, a dopey smile slipping over his face as he walked over to where the Omega was sitting.

“Did you make dinner, Kacchan?” Izuku asked, his facing lighting up as he smelled his favorite dish.

“The fuck does it look like?” he asked, smirking a bit as he pushed himself up from the wall he had been leaning against. “And was that Kacchan or Kaachan?” he teased with a bit of a smirk, making the greenette turn a bright red color.

“You should sit down,” Shouto worried, his eyebrows knitting together with concern.

“I’m not made out of fucking glass, my back and feet just hurt when I walk around,” he huffed, placing his hand on his back as he walked over to the Alpha. The taller of the two wrapped his arms around the smaller, releasing a heavy amount of his scent to make the Omega smell almost exactly to him.

“Will you let me give you a message after dinner and the dishes are done?” he asked, his voice edging on a fatherly tone. Katsuki had to resist the urge to chuckle as he discovered that he was not the only one that the pregnancy was affecting.

“If it’ll make you shut up and eat, then yes,” the Omega nodded as he moved to sit down on the left side of the Alpha. He let out a sigh as he finally got to sit down and give his ankles a bit of a break. The other two responded the same, sitting down and grabbing their chopsticks.

“Oh! I’m such an idiot,” Izuku sighed, popping up from his seat and walking over to the Omega. He wrapped his arms around his Courting Partner’s neck, hugging him tightly before releasing his own earthy scent and returning to his seat.

Katsuki blushed a bit, grabbing his chopsticks and eating in silence as he tried to fight off his embarrassment. Shouto chuckled a little bit as he looked over at the Omega, a smirk forming on his face. “How was your day, today?” he asked, munching on his food.

“Uneventful. It’s so fucking boring having to be at home all by my fucking self without anything to do,” he grumbled, eating his own food.

“Maybe you and Hitoshi should hang out with each other soon. He was telling me that the closer he gets to his due date the more bored he gets,” Izuku piped up. “Oh wow, this is amazing Kacchan!”

“Of course it is, I’m a fucking culinary student,” the Omega replied, his chest puffing up with pride.

“That does make sense,” the Beta responded with a small, laugh holding his hands in front of his face as he tried to hide his blush.

They spent the rest of the dinner chatting back and forth, the conversation always seeming to somehow revolve back around to the babies and how they were doing. Katsuki felt something inside of him click into the right slot as he was doted on by the couple. Something inside of him had finally calmed down, like the primal sense to keep an Alpha near during pregnancy had finally been sated.


The next day Katsuki made cold soba, which was a bit of a longer process than the dinner last night had been. He spent most of his day cooking, which was something that made the feeling he had had the night before intensify. He was beginning to like being a housewife. Walking around the house heavily pregnant while cooking and cleaning for both of his Courting Partners seemed to sit really well with him. He made a couple of sweet things and tried out a new recipe for cookies that he hadn’t made since Eijirou had passed away.

Everything he made came out the way it was supposed to, which really wasn’t a surprise with how much effort and practice he had put into his cooking. He finished up the bento box that he was making just as Izuku and Shouto returned home. The Alpha growled low underneath his breath and breezed past the kitchen up to their bedroom, muffling his aggressive scent with his hand.

Izuku came into the room behind him, sighing softly. He held a soft blanket in his hands, the color Katsuki’s favorite bright orange. He purred a bit, wanting to place the item in his nest right away, but he refrained from doing so because the logical part of his brain kicked in. “What’s wrong with half ’n’ half?” he asked, gesturing to the door that had just been slammed shut.

“His older brother Natsuo came into work today. He was bragging about how he already had a baby. He brought the kid with him too. The baby looked absolutely terrified and kept crying the entire time,” Izuku began to explain, getting a bit upset as well. “He told Shouto that he was going to take the company from him and that he would never really amount to anything. Then he started bragging about the fact that his Omega had given birth to an Alpha…”

“What an ass,” the Omega scowled, moving to sit down on the chair that he had brought into the kitchen so that he wouldn’t be on his feet all day long.

“Yeah. He got Shoucchan really riled up, so he’s going to take a shower and calm down before dinner. He didn’t want to upset you or the baby,” the Beta smiled fondly as he rubbed the fuzzy blanket in his hand. He glanced back up at his Courting Partner before something seemed to snap in his mind. He held the blanket out to the Omega, a bright smile splitting his face. “Here, this is for you. We both scented it while we were in the office, and it’s not angry scent because we did it before Shoucchan’s brother showed up,” he grinned widely.

“Thank you,” he blushed, taking the soft item. He held it up to his nose, inhaling the pleasant mingling of scents that the blanket held. Izuku smiled, turning and pecking his cheek before he walked up to the bedroom as well. Katsuki sighed, nuzzling the blanket with a motherly sense of joy. He held it close to his neck, releasing his scent on to it so that it smelled like the three of them.

He made his way up to his room, the small flight of stairs making his back and legs scream at him with pain. He walked into his room, looking over the nest that he had created on his bed. He had nearly two dozen fluffy comforters that were meant for the winter months creating the base circle shape on the mattress. On the inside, there was a quilt that he had stolen off of Izuku and Shouto’s bed after they had all started Courting each other. He also had the pillows that had been on the bed when he first moved in and Eijirou’s old pillowcase. He had added a body pillow that was really the only thing that allowed him to sleep most nights. He had the scented pieces of clothing that he had originally had from his pack. He frowned a bit, making a mental note to himself that he was going to have to get something a bit softer before the twins came.

He huffed a bit as he clambered into the nest, tucking the new blanket right next to his pillows. He relaxed down into the mess of blankets on top of the impossibly soft mattress. He let his overly tense body relax for a good five minutes before he hefted himself back into a standing position next to his bed. He walked back downstairs, his hand supporting the underside of his bump as he walked slowly down the stairs. He could hear the couple that he was Courting talking to each other in soothing, comfortable voices in their room as they got ready to come out for dinner. The Omega quickly grabbed what he needed to set the table and got it ready before Izuku and Shouto came out of their bedroom and down into the dining room.

“You’re amazing,” Shouto whispered, wrapping his arms as far around the Omega’s waist as he could with how far his baby bump was protruding. He placed a kiss to his scent gland before he nosed it delicately. Katsuki felt a rush of arousal bleed through him, making him shiver a bit. He knew that some Omegas got a lot hornier whenever they were pregnant, but so far he hadn’t felt much of that. Until now.

“Don’t rile me up if you’re not going to follow through, Shitty Alpha,” he growled, leaning back into the touch. His skin seemed to be on fire as he desired the other with his entire being.

“I can follow through after dinner if you’d like,” he offered with a semi-sadistic smirk.

The Omega shuddered a bit, squirming around in his chair as he began to grow wet with slick and arousal. “I take it that that’s a yes,” he smirked a bit. “I remember during Izuku’s pregnancy that we were told sex was good for the birth.”

“Oh yeah,” the Beta nodded, his eyes filling with mischievous kind of lust. “And it’s almost time for your Rut this month, isn’t it, Shoucchan?’ he asked, looking over to his husband with the same look.

Before they had started courting, Izuku had always taken care of Shouto’s Ruts. They had only ever lasted a couple hours because of the pregnancy (which caused it to narrow down to a day as long as they were around each other a lot) and because of the Beta pheromones that Izuku let out when they were mating during his Rut. However, now that they were together there was no real reason that the Omega shouldn’t spend the Rut with the- now his- Alpha.

“Yes it is,” he responded, smirking madly as he took a bit bite of his food. He nearly moaned at the taste, his eyes fluttering back in his head. “This is more amazing than what you made last night, Katsuki.”

“I beg to differ,” Izuku piped up, both of them acting as if they hadn’t essentially just promise to fuck Katsuki good and hard in under a week.

“That’s because you love Katsudon more than any other food. It could be made horribly and you’d still say that it was amazing,” the Alpha shot back, smirking as his eyes possessed a laugh.

“You wanna say something about my Katsudon, half ‘n’ half?” Katsuki sniped, though there was no real bite to his words as he spoke.

“Nothing about your Katsudon, more about my husband,” he responded, looking between both of them with heavily amused eyes.

“Shoucchan,” Izuku pouted, earning him an eye roll from both of them and a kiss from his husband.


The next day Katsuki woke up at the same time as the other two inhabitants of the house. They had slept in his nest that night, which made it a bit easier for him to do so. He had gotten into the habit of sleeping later so that he could get the added rest he needed to carry twins. He stalked downstairs, getting out the bento boxes that he had made the day before and placed them on the dining room table as he sipped at his tea. (He would have preferred coffee but that was generally frowned upon during pregnancy.)

“Did you make these?” Izuku asked, his face splitting into the wide, dopey grin that it always did whenever he got happy.

“No one else in this house can cook other than you and you wouldn’t be asking that if you did make them,” he retorted with a bit of a smirk.

“Thank you, Kacchan,” he giggled. He leaned down, pressing a kiss to the other’s lips as he grabbed his bento box. “It’ll be amazing to get to eat something homemade for lunch instead of the awful cafeteria food.”

“The cafeteria food isn’t that bad, Izuku,” Shouto replied as he walked down from the bedroom and into the dining room. “But everything is bad compared to Katsuki’s cooking.”

“Damn straight,” the culinary student smirked before his lips were captured by the Alphas for a moment. “Go. Shoo, both of you. Go to fucking work so that you have enough damn money to take care of these fuckers when they’re born,” he chuckled, shoo-ing both of his Courting Partners out of the apartment and on their way to work. They both turned and pressed another sweet kiss to his lips before they left.

Katsuki shook his head as he walked back to the living room. He sat down on the couch, letting out a slow breath as the pain in his ankles was relieved. His hands traveled to his baby bump, slowly caressing over it as he spoke. “Your Dads are going to be the fucking death of me before either of you have the chance. Working me up last night and giving me no release then seeming determined to make me explode from praise this morning. They fucking love you already, you know that?” he whispered, his voice turning soft the more he spoke to his unborn children. “I already love you too. I know that I’m probably not the mom that you want or deserve, but you’re pretty much stuck with me. I’ll try my best to give you a good life. I really will, but please don’t blame me if I mess up a couple times. I already fucking love you, little ones. Even if you do make me get up in the middle of the night to piss more than you let me sleep.”

Chapter Text

His hands glided over the swollen bump that sat on his torso, touching every bit of it that they could. He let out a low purring sound, happy that he was supporting and caring for his pups. It was almost time for Shouto and Izuku to get home, but he didn’t have to worry about cooking. The couple had insisted that they get something before they came home and let the Omega rest for a day. Katsuki hadn’t minded one bit, giving his poor ankles a break from standing and cooking all day. He hummed to himself as his thoughts traveled back to the day before.

He had gone to visit Hitoshi, who was no longer able to leave the house much without worrying his Alpha in a pile of mush. Katsuki had also developed a pretty strong case of cabin fever, so he figured he might as well go visit his friend while he couldn’t visit his pack due to finals. The other Omega was quickly approaching his due-date and was completely miserable. The baby inside of him moved almost non-stop, making Katsuki a little jealous that even though he was carrying twins he still hadn’t felt any sort of movement.

He sighed, running a hand through his hair. He took in another deep breath, catching a small whiff of a scent that he hadn’t truly smelled for five months. He looked to the door, watching as it swung open and his Courting Partners walked into the apartment. Shouto’s face was completely flushed red and he was panting a bit, both of their lips large a kiss-swollen.

“Katsuki,” Shouto growled, his tone low and guttural as he made his way over to his Omega. He leaned down, pressing their necks together and letting an almost unhealthy amount of his scent out. The Omega shivered and whined, exposing his neck a bit more. He could feel slick gathering inside of him and dripping down his legs as he became aroused. The scent was not the normal crisp-smokey smell that it normally was, instead, it held a thick undertone of arousal and Rut.

“Dear fucking God,” he moaned, trying hard to control himself from just stripping the Alpha and jumping on his cock and knot then and there. “You better not leave me all hot and bothered this time, half ‘n’ half. I can’t fucking touch myself with these goddamn babies making me fucking fat,” he hissed, releasing his own burnt caramel scent fill the room.

“Oh, I don’t plan on leaving you any time to be hot and bothered,” he replied, his hands moving down to touch his Omega’s neck. The ash-blond shuddered again, the slick slowly oozing out of his hole and down his thighs, making his underwear sopping wet.

“Go ahead and get started, I’ll be up there with food when you two are done with your first round,” Izuku hummed, a small smirk on his face.

“Oh no, the fuck you don’t. You’re going to be inside me at some point too, fucking Deku,” he growled, the nickname springing into his mind for a moment before he really realized what it meant.

“Deku, huh?” he laughed, taking the half insult with stride. Shouto picked up the Omega with a small grunting noise, making the ash blond blush a bit. The trio made their way upstairs quickly, each of them almost overly eager to begin their sexual escapades.

Shouto carefully placed Katsuki down on the bed, his hands trailing from where they had been underneath his legs up to his thighs and to his ass. He gave the meat of it a tough squeeze before his hands continued to travel delicately. He ran them over the large mound where his pups were being created and protected. “You look so fucking gorgeous all swollen up with my pups,” he growled. He pulled back from where he had been touching the Omega, stripping off his suit jacket before he moved to take off his shirt as well.

Izuku clambered up on the bed until he came to rest next to Katsuki. He leaned forward, connecting their lips together passionately like he had wanted to do for so long. The two of them kissed each other for as long as their lungs would allow them to, pressing back and forth and intertwining their tongues before they pulled back. Katsuki whined, which was more of a growl and a moan than an actual moan. He tugged at the hem of the Beta’s shirt, signifying that he wanted it gone. The greenette obeyed, removing his shirt and leaving his husband a moment to take their Omega’s mouth for his own.

Shouto placed his hands on either side of Katsuki’s head, leaning down and pressing their lips together just as the Beta had done a moment before, but this kiss was a lot more aggressive. The Omega wrapped his arms around his lover’s neck, pulling him in deeper. He ground against the bed, getting some of the friction that he so desired. There was no way that he could grind up and actually hit something with how big his baby bump was getting, but he was certainly going to try and pleasure himself regardless of that fact.

“Omega,” Shouto whispered, pulling back as he ran his hands underneath the maternity shirt that Katsuki had been wearing. “May I undress you?” he asked, always the perfect gentlemen.

“Fucking please,” he whined, shimmying back and forth anxiously.

“So needy,” Izuku whispered, pressing kisses to his cheeks, jawbone, and collarbone. “So needy for us and he’s not even in his Heat,” he cooed.

“Can’t go into Heat, to full of our babies,” Shouto responded as he wiggled the pants and boxers off of the pregnant Omega, exposing him to the world. He gasped and whined as he felt the cold air of the room around him hit his leaking cock and throbbing entrance.

“So full of our pups, such a good Omega,” Izuku nodded. Shouto leaned over where he was, pressing kisses to the newly exposed baby bump that was protruding from Katsuki’s abdomen. He kissed lower and lower before he took his Courting Partner’s cock into his mouth. Katsuki moaned loudly, his hands flying down to hold the other’s hair as he tried to help ground himself. Izuku smirked, leaning down and taking the Omega’s nipple into his mouth. He rolled his tongue over the sensitive bud, eliciting another moan out of him.  

“If you two fuckers keep this up then I’m going to cum without either of you inside me and I’ll be fucking pissed,” he growled out, using the hand that was in Shouto’s hair to pull the Alpha off of his cock. The taller smirked, his eyes shining with mischievous anticipation.

“Which one of us do you want first?” Izuku asked, raising an eyebrow as his hands trailed up and down the large mound that had extended from his stomach.

“You,” he replied breathily, another moan tearing its way from his throat. “I’ve already had the half ‘n’ half bastard inside me for a week, I want you,” he growled.

Izuku smiled, his eyes shimmering with emotion as he moved. The Omega preened, spreading his legs open wide and showing off his glistening hole. The Beta slowly ran his fingers past his labia, diving into his entrance for a moment before he pulled his fingers out again. Katsuki cried out with the sudden intrusion and then whined heavily at the loss of what could have filled him up. He wiggled his hips back and forth, hoping that it would call for the Beta to actually give him what he wanted. After another moment of teasing, he did as he was supposed to and slowly pushed his cock through the tight ring of muscles until he had filled the Omega up to his hilt.

“Move, dammit,” he growled, his hands moving from where they had been lying uselessly by his head to wrap around the other’s shoulders. Izuku did as he was told once again, pulling out achingly slowly before he jammed himself back in. Katsuki moaned, throwing his head back against the pillows. The scent of Rut in the room amplified before it was followed by the scent of the Beta, calming down the sex-drive. Shouto moved around on the bed until he was next to his Omega’s head. He leaned down, pressing their lips together tenderly and passionately.

“I’m going to cum,” Izuku warned, clenching his eyes shut as tightly as he could as he fought off the beginnings of his orgasm.

“Mark me,” Katsuki growled. His own orgasm was quickly approaching, the tight coil building in his gut and feeling just out of reach.

“Isn’t it too early for that?” the Beta asked, his breathing getting harder and faster as he slowed his thrusts down to an agonizingly slow pace.

“I’m already carrying your fucking pups, now mark me,” the Omega answered, moving his head to the side to try and allure the other into giving him a mating mark. Izuku complied once again, leaning down and sinking his sharp teeth into the meaty flesh that covered Katsuki’s scent gland.

As he bit down, both of them came at the same time. There was a weak warm feeling that spread throughout his insides as he felt the Beta shoot his load into him. He settled back down against the pillows, breathing hard as he quickly became aroused again. The feeling of the Beta licking at his scent gland to keep the blood at bay made the arousal all the worse. “Mark me,” Izuku whispered, pulling off of his neck and exposing his own scent gland. Katsuki gladly obeyed, biting down on the scent gland just underneath the Alpha’s bite to signify that he had two mates instead of one and an ex.

The Beta called out, another wave of his orgasm washing over him as he felt pleasure race through the bite. He slowly pulled himself out of his newfound mate, giving them both a rush of pleasure. The Beta dropped down onto the bed next to the other two, placing his arm over his eyes as he drifted off into a comatose state.

“He hasn’t passed out after orgasming since the first time we mated,” Shouto growled as he took his husband’s place. His knot was throbbing at the bottom of his cock, angry and red as it lusted for mating. “You certainly are quite the experience,” he growled, lining his cock up with the Omega’s needy hole before he paused.

“If you’re looking for consent, this is fucking it,” Katsuki grumbled, pressing himself down so that he took just the head of his cock into him. He let out a gasping moan, pleasure already coursing through him as the smell of a pleased Alpha filled the room. Shouto pressed in the rest of the way, pausing just before he got to his knot. He pulled out before thrusting back up to the point that he had been at before, though this time he seemed to not be able to hold himself back. He slowly pressed his knot into the Omega, growling and moaning throughout the entire process.

“Let me ride you,” Katsuki requested, slightly out of breath as he was filled up to the breaking point. Shouto nodded and wrapped his arms around his lover’s waist, bringing him up from where he had been laying so that they were sitting up. He turned around, keeping Katsuki on his lap as he lay down against the pillows at the head of his bed. The Omega moaned at the shift, pleasure ingraining itself in every molecule of his body as he could feel the cock inside of him twitch.

He began to rock his hips back and forth, grinding the appendage with him against his inner walls. Knot orgasms always took forever for both parties, but anyone that had ever experienced one would always say that they were the best, most forceful type of orgasm that someone could experience. Katsuki continued the perfect circular motions for as long as his core would allow, which was significantly less than before since he now had two pups growing inside of him. When his strength failed him, Shouto held him up with both of his arms, bucking into him and rotating his own hips in perfect circles.

“Fuck, Shouto,” he groaned, clenching his eyes shut tightly. The all too familiar feeling began to build inside of him once again like someone had compressed a spring where his cock was.

“Gorgeous Omega,” the Alpha replied, too deep in his Rut to say much else. “Want to mark, please let me mark,” he moaned, panting out small breaths as he too neared his orgasm.

“Fucking shit,” he answered, moving his head to the side and exposing the side of his neck where his scent gland was. Shouto sat up as best he could, moving them around a small bit. He sunk his teeth in right next to where Izuku had bitten half an hour beforehand, breaking the skin and causing more blood to ooze out of his neck.

His teeth stayed locked there for a moment before he pulled back and exposed his own neck where Katsuki then lay his own claim right next to Izuku’s mating mark. The feelings that always came along with mating tossed them over the edge, causing both of them to orgasm at the same time. The Omega let out a low whine at the feeling of cum being pumped into him again. He shimmied his hips back and forth, readjusting himself before he collapsed down on top of Shouto.

The Alpha’s Rut had ended, which they had expected since he was going to be mating with a Beta and a pregnant Omega. He moved is new mate so that he was laying down between him and Izuku, the baby bump facing him. He pressed a kiss to the ash blond’s forehead, his eyes fluttering shut as he quickly grew tired.

“We’ll get you cleaned up when we wake up,” he mumbled, almost asleep already.

“Just shut the fuck up and go to sleep already,” he answered with a bit of a playful growl.

“I love you, Katsuki,” Shouto mumbled before he fell asleep. The Omega paused for a minute, his heart thrumming happily in his chest before he responded.

“I love you too, all of you fucking shitheads,” he smirked as he spoke, his hands moving down to his baby bump where his pups lay.

Chapter Text

Katsuki rubbed the bottom of his baby bump lazily as he finished up his schoolwork. His back ached in protest as he leaned forward to look at the computer across the table from him again. He made a small whine in the back of his throat, calling out for an alpha that wasn't home. He huffed, slowly raising himself up from the table. He walked over to the couch, slowly collapsing down into the makeshift next that he had created over the past couple days. It wasn’t nearly as soft or squishy as the one that he had made in his room, but it was still scented by his mates and more comfortable than the dining room chairs. He sunk down into the soft, comforting smell of his second nest. His back immediately relaxed, as did the rest of his muscles but he knew that the relief was only temporary.

He let his eyes flutter shut for what only felt like a moment before his phone chirped next to him, alerting him that he had a text.


Sleepy Fucker to Bakugou

Baby’s coming.


Katsuki blinked as he read the message, reading over it a couple times to make sure that he had gotten it properly. He felt his heart flutter and jump in his chest as the news really sunk in. His friend was having his baby. Hitoshi was currently in labor with the first pack pup to his mates.

His hands drifted down to his own baby bump, where he caressed it lovingly. “When are you gonna get here and let me meet you?” he asked with a bit of a smirk. He still had almost four months to go until he was full term, but with twins that rarely ever happened.

He didn’t bother to message the other omega back, knowing that he would be stressed out enough with all of the messages that he would get from his pack while also being in labor. (And knowing Tenya, the alpha wouldn’t do much to help his omega stay calm since he would be panicking himself.)

The ash-blond omega sighed, shifting of the bed again as his hips began to ache in protest of his position. He moved again, placing a hand on his back while the other rested on the bottom of his baby bump. He moved to lay on his side, facing the couch. He let out another breath, falling asleep after another moment like he had been trying to beforehand.

He had been asleep for about an hour and a half when he heard the soft opening and closing of the door. He had only been dozing, which was all he could accomplish now with how vaguely uncomfortable he was. He smirked as he felt a pair of hands find their way to his swollen stomach, trying to feel every single inch of it.

“Why the fuck are you in such a fucking touchy mood today?” he asked, opening one of his bright red eyes to look at his alpha. The man in question had a light dusting of pink settled over his cheeks, like a child that had been caught elbow deep in the cookie jar.

“Hitoshi is having his baby,” he said, shrugging as if that explained everything.

“So? What the fuck does that sleep-eyed fucker have to do with you smothering my baby bump?” he asked, amusement heavy in his tone.

“Shoucchan really wants to know what it’s going to be like to have his own omega in labor and then to meet his pups for the first time,” Izuku chuckled, walking up behind his husband and placing a hand on his shoulder.

“Well you’re going to have to wait a couple of fucking months if you want to see your pups be fucking healthy when they’re born,” he answered, his voice still light despite his normal threats and aggression.

“I know, but I’m excited,” the alpha responded, leaning forward and pressing a kiss to the ever-growing bump as he began to purr lightly. Katsuki smiled, pure and genuine as he purred as well. “May I enter your nest?” the alpha asked, wiggling back and forth needily as he was desperately trying to restrain himself.

“You’re basically half fucking in it already,” he growled out, moving around so that there was a bit more space on the oddly large couch, making enough room for the other two. “Come here and cuddle me,” he demanded, his hands rubbing up and down his baby bump lovingly.

“If that’s what you want, then that’s what you’ll get,” Izuku replied, walking around the couch and sitting down carefully as to not disturb the perfect nest that the omega had made. The dual-haired alpha on the floor scrambled up into the nest as well, releasing his incredibly happy scent over both of his mates.

Shouto sat with his legs open, allowing the omega to lay on top of him. Katsuki graciously complied, laying down on his alpha and taking in his amazingly soothing scent. Izuku grinned happily as he watched both of his mates curl up against each other. He sat with his legs underneath him, observing them for a moment before he leaned forward. His hands snaked their way underneath his mate’s shirt, revealing the taut skin that was tiger-striped with stretch marks.

“The fuck are you doing, Deku?” Katsuki asked, unburying his head from where it had been tucked in their alpha’s neck. His cheeks had turned a deep scarlet color, announcing to the world how embarrassed he was. He wiggled around on his mate, laying on his back which would have been extremely uncomfortable for him had he not been elevated.

“This,” he answered, smirking for a moment before he set back to work on his plan. He pressed kisses on each stretch mark that laid on the omega’s stomach, his hands both running up and down the baby bump. It was as if he was worshipping the mound like it was the God that they had all been searching for and yet he had been the one to discover it.

Katsuki’s entire face was flushed a deep crimson color and he kept opening and closing his mouth like he was going to say something but couldn’t remember what it was. Despite his obvious embarrassment, he began to purr lovingly while releasing a motherly scent that was normally saved for bonding between mother and pup.

“Dear God, you smell so good,” Shouto whispered, his hands moving down to caress over the bump that his mate was still kissing.

“Are you two planning on embarrassing to fucking death before I give birth?” he asked, though there was no aggression to his tone whatsoever.

“No, we just plan on making sure that you and the babies know you’re so loved,” Izuku planned before he brought his eyes away from his mate and back down to the baby bump. “That’s right little ones. We love you more than anything, except maybe your mama. He’s a wonderful, amazing omega that’s doing such a good job carrying you and helping you grow big and strong. You’re both going to be born to be the second and third pups in our amazing pack, and your cousin is being born right now!” he rambled excitedly, pausing every so often and kissing the stretch marks over again.

He pulled back over a moment, launching himself forward and connecting their lips together in a passionate kiss. All three of them were purring heavily as they cuddled together, coating each other in their own scents and allowing them to mingle together.

Suddenly, Katsuki lets out a gasp that startles both of his mates away from the cuddling position that they had fallen into.

“What’s wrong?” Shouto asked immediately, sitting up as he got ready to fly into action.

“Kacchan, are you alright? Is it the babies?” Izuku asked, worried heavily since he had been lying on the omega ever so slightly. The omega stayed silent for another moment before he reached out, grabbing one hand from each of his mates. They had both fallen tensely silent, incredibly worried that something had happened judging by their scent.

He placed both of their hands flat against his belly, each on either side of the bite. He let out a breath and once again the indescribable feeling squirmed throughout his abdomen. It seemed as like the room was holding its breath along with the trio curled up in the nest.

Izuku was the first to speak out of all of them, though he didn’t really speak. He let out a long, excited shriek as he began to bounce up and down on the couch, flapping his hands around excitedly. Shouto spoke next, his tone almost silent. “Was that the babies?” his hands continued to move over the bump, looking for another spot of movement.

Katsuki grinned widely, tears gathering in his bright red eyes before they spilled over his cheeks, falling into his mouth. “Hey, hey, are you alright?” Shouto asked, raising one of his hands up to his mate’s face and wiping away the tears.

“I’m so fucking happy,” he whispered. “I’ve been waiting so damn long to feel those little fuckers move and they finally did.”

“So these are happy tears?” Izuku asked to make sure, running his hand over the other’s thigh slowly. When his omega nodded, he leaned forward, pressing a kiss to each of the tears streaks like he had done to the stretch marks. “You’re so beautiful, Kacchan. You were a gorgeous omega when you first came to us and now you’re even prettier carrying the twins.”

“Izuku’s right. You look absolutely gorgeous all swollen and full with my pups,” he cooed, pressing kisses to the exposed shoulder where the omega’s oversized shirt had slipped down. “We love you, Katsuki.”

“Don’t worry about what’s going to happen after the babies are born either, you’re still going to be our omega,” Izuku hurriedly said, remembering what he had read on the internet when he had been researching situations like his and what to do. (Unsurprisingly, not many people actually had situations even remotely similar to his. However, he had found out what to do when you got someone pregnant before you mated them and then got together with them later in the pregnancy.)

“Of course we will. That’s why we gave you these and accepted the ones that you gave us,” Shouto smiled, rocking them back and forth soothingly as he tapped the mating marks on his and Katsuki’s neck. The omega smiled through the tears before a sob ripped past his lips and he ended up crying even harder.

“Y-you guys are so fucking nice,” he whispered. “After Eijirou died I never thought that I would ever have someone to love me as much as he did… and now I have the two of you. You both love me and the pups so much and I haven’t even given you anything in return.”

“Kacchan, that’s not true,” Izuku protested, gently caressing his knee and pressing kisses to the top of his head. He suddenly realized that they were dealing with a bit of the infamous pregnancy hormones that the omega had kept under wraps up until this point. “You’ve given us so much. You make us happy on dismal days when we can come home to a warm, home-cooked meal or even just your amazing scent and the request to order something in. You’re also giving us the most amazing present just by carrying the pups that I never could. I love you,” he mumbled before he leaned forward and pressed a kiss to the other’s lips.

“Speak the fuck up, I can’t hear you,” he whispered, hiding his embarrassment of being praised so heavily with his harsh words. Izuku only laughed, cuddling into him again. Shouto leaned back against the edge of the nest, pulling his omega down with him and keeping his hand on the edge of the baby bump, gently rubbing his thumb against it. Izuku lay down behind him, one of his arms slung over his waist while the other was tucked underneath his hand and on Shouto’s chest. Katsuki let out a small purr, nuzzling into both of them for a moment before he realized that they hadn’t eaten.

He pulled off of them, getting out of the nest. They both looked at him with quizzical looks, Izuku gently cocking his head to the side like a puppy. “We need to eat something,” he explained before he continued into the kitchen. The beta quickly got out of the bed as well, following after his mate into the kitchen so that he could help.

“Do you think the baby will have Hitoshi’s or Tenya’s eyes?” Izuku asked as he began to cut some of the vegetables he had gotten out of the fridge since it was difficult for Katsuki to get up from a squat.

“You won’t be able to tell until he’s at least six fucking months old,” he answered, getting some of the rice ready.

“Why?” their alpha asked, sitting down on the dining room chair a few feet from the kitchen

“Pale babies are born with blue eyes since they have less pigment in their skin and then they can change as they get older,” he explained, moving around the kitchen with Izuku in perfect harmony. The alpha was still kind of amazed at how wonderful and mysterious both of his mates were when they were together without him slapped into the middle of it. “And with how deathly pale that sleep fucker is I know the pup will be born with blue eyes,” Katsuki hummed.

“I wonder what color our pups’ eyes will be,” Izuku asked next, finishing up the job he had been assigned.

“Probably blue too when they’re born,” he explained. “Since their fucking father has an allergy to the sun.”

“I don’t have an allergy to the sun, I just don’t get very many opportunities to go outside,” he replied, grabbing Izuku by the waist and pulling him down onto his lap. He turned his head sideways, pressing wet kisses to the beta’s scent gland which caused him to purr and present his neck.

“If you two are going to fuck, I would appreciate it if you went to the bedroom. I’m already fucking horny enough thanks to those goddamn dreams I keep having,” Katsuki grumbled, sitting down heavily in one of the chairs next to his mates.

“Dreams?” the greenette in their alpha’s lap asked curiously.

Katsuki’s ears turned a bright red color and he looked down at his lap, or what he could still see of it. “Yeah, fucking dreams. It’s always super fucking kinky-ass sex.  Wake up hard as fuck and dripping like I’m a bitch in heat,” he groaned, rubbing his eyes with the heel of his hands.

“You could have told us, we would have helped you,” Shouto spoke up, unintentionally letting off a protective alpha smell that made both of his mates wrinkle their noses.

“You two have to work in the mornings, so I really couldn’t’ve,” Katsuki replied with a small shrug. A small smile graced his face as he placed his hand on the bottom of his bump, feeling one of the twins squirm around and kick the skin of his belly.

“Are they moving again?” Izuku asked, wiggling his way out of the alpha’s hold. He knelt down on the ground, reaching his hands out and gently placing them on the baby bump. He took in a deep breath of the burnt caramel scent that he had gotten addicted to since Katsuki had come to them. He moved forward, placing his forehead on the other’s stomach and grinning like an idiot as he felt the tiny babies inside of the omega squirm around again.

Shouto stood up from his spot at the table, getting closer to his mates. “I love you, all of you,” he cooed, kissing Katsuki’s lips before he did the same to Izuku. He finished up his romantic display of love by leaning down and pressing two kisses to each side of the omega’s baby bump.

Chapter Text

A gentle squirming feeling inside of him woke him up early that morning. He knew it was early because of the streaks of light that were floating down onto his carpet through the badly drawn curtains. It wasn’t the kind of light that made it look like it was noon outside, more the kind of light that came from the sunrise. It was purple and orange, meaning that the dance of sunlight outside was gorgeous. 

Katsuki took in a deep breath, blinking slowly as he tried to wake himself up a bit more. He could feel the weight of someone leaning on his back and an arm draped over his waist. He took in another deep breath, realizing that his alpha was the one that was curled into him like he would disappear at any time. Izuku slept in front of him, facing him. He had his arms tucked up by his chest, and his curls splayed all over his forehead.

The omega sighed, the squirming and wiggling inside moving closer to his bladder before one of their tiny feet plunged directly into it, making him realize how badly he needed to pee. He slowly inched his way out of the too small bed, trying not to wake up the other two. They really had to move his nest to the bed in the married couple’s room because trying to fit the three of them and the large nest on the smaller guest bed was getting to be a hassle. It was only going to get worse as he got bigger and bigger with the advancement of his pregnancy. 

He made his way to the bathroom, realizing along the way that he wasn’t going to get to sleep again. After he had finished, he made his way down to the kitchen, his hand gently caressing the spot where one of the twins was moving as he used his other hand to help him down the stairs. “You two better be athletic as fuck when you’re older for moving this much inside of me,” he grumbled as he sat down at the kitchen table. “Not that I don’t enjoy every goddamn time one of you brats kicks my internal organs,” he teased, leaning back against the chair. 

“You’re up early,” Izuku mumbled, rubbing his eyes sleepily as he moved to sit next to his pregnant lover. “You okay?”

“I’m fine. The twins just decided that they were going to fucking wake up at too early o’clock,” he answered. 

Izuku chuckled in reply as he leaned down, capturing the omega’s lips before pressing another kiss to the huge baby bump protruding from his torso. He glanced at the clock on the top of the stove, seeing that it was around six in the morning. “You craving anything for breakfast?” he asked, walking to the fridge and opening it.

“I’m still having the same craving that I’ve had all week,” he hummed, his left hand rubbing the underside of his bump as it had become a habit of his. Izuku nodded, his eyes softly smiling as he moved around the kitchen. He grabbed the peanut butter out of the fridge and then put some of the rice on, making some extra as he moved to make a traditional Japanese breakfast for him and his husband.

“You two are certainly up early this morning,” Shouto said from behind Katsuki. The omega jumped and whirled around, glaring at the man for startling him.  

“Dickwad,” he insulted, turning back around and sinking into the chair once again.

“Katsuki woke up early because of the pups and I woke up without him in bed,” Izuku chuckled. Shouto hummed in response as he leaned down. He pressed his neck to the omegas, releasing his scent heavily on his mate before he stood back up. He walked over to Izuku, wrapping his arms around the man’s waist as he leaned down. He pressed kisses to his scent gland and specifically over the alpha’s mating mark on his neck.

“Fucking horny alpha,” Katsuki grumbled as he stood up and walked out of the dining room to the living room so that he wouldn’t get aroused from watching the two of them interact. 

Izuku just chuckled as he pushed his alpha off playfully so that he could finish preparing their breakfast. He got out some of the rice and spooned out some of the peanut butter that he had gotten earlier. He mixed the two of them together and handed the bowl to Shouto with a pair of chopsticks for their omega mate.

Shouto kissed him passionately on the lips before he turned on his heel so that he could go give their omega his breakfast. 

Izuku smiled, a small blush taking over his face since it had been a while since he had been kissed like that by his mate like that. He turned back to the food, quickly packing up the breakfast. He could hear both of his mates talking in the other room and he couldn’t deny the spike of jealousy and fear that ran through him. 

He pushed back his insecurities, reminding himself that every night Shouto would stay up cuddling with him while he finished up his work. If the alpha didn’t love him then he wouldn’t do that, he would just go to bed at the same time as Katsuki.

He took a deep breath, settling down his nerves as he picked up both of the plates of food and walked into the living room. Katsuki was curled in his nest, eating his rice and peanut butter while Shouto sat on the other couch.

Izuku smiled at them both, sitting down next to his alpha and handing him the breakfast. The beta glanced at the clock hanging on the wall to the dining room before he spoke, “Hitoshi and Tenya are going to be coming over soon with their baby, aren’t they?”

“Yes,” Shouto nodded, speaking around a mouthful of eggs and rice.

“Swallow your food,” Katsuki chided. “Sorry that you couldn’t go see the baby when it was born because of me,” he sighed. It was dangerous for an omega further along than three months to be around another omega who was in the process of being in labor or giving birth since it could make the other omega go into labor way before they were supposed to.

“If we had really wanted to go see the baby then we would have gone and left you here. As bad as that sounds,” Shouto said, glancing over to look at Izuku.

“Plus, it’s better that we don’t stress out the new family,” Izuku chuckled. “I imagine that it’s pretty stressful to have that many people coming in and out of your hospital room after you’ve gone through something as traumatic as birth.”

Katsuki groaned, rubbing his temple as he sighed.

“Something wrong?” Shouto asked, his protective alpha side coming out more and more now that they were mated. 

“Nothing like that, calm down,” Katsuki waved his hand at the alpha in dismissal. “I just realized that I was going to have to deal with my pack of overexcitable idiots after giving fucking birth and with two goddamn newborn pups,” he sighed, rubbing his temples again.

“They’re not that bad,” Izuku laughed, setting his now empty dishes down on the coffee table.

“You’ve never seen them around kids,” he scoffed, rolling his eyes. “They go completely haywire. I kind of don’t even want to fucking think like what they’re going to be like with the twins.”

“Seeing as you’re already very protective over everything you love and care about I don’t see them scaring the twins without getting the lecture of a lifetime,” Shouto chuckled.

“Fuck you,” he pouted, wrinkling his nose cutely and making the married couple fall even more in love with him.

“I’d gladly do it any day you want, Katsuki,” Shouto replied, speaking almost in a purr.

“You’re a horn dog,” he retaliated. 

“He’s not the only one,” Izuku smirked, trying to ignore the spike of emotional hurt that he felt from the comments that were made between the two of them when nothing was directed at him.

“So the both of you are working together to try and get the entire apartment to smell like arousal before you meet the first pack pup?” he asked, taking the title that they had been using and using it himself. 

“Fine, fine, we’ll lay off,” Izuku chuckled as he picked up the dishes that they had all placed on the coffee table and brought them into the kitchen. Katsuki stood from the bed, walking after his mate and wrapping his arms around his waist. He pressed their necks together lovingly, scenting his mate and waiting for the other to release his scent before he pulled back.

Izuku leaned into the touch, allowing the anxieties that had festered in his mind to leave him for the moment as he was scented and doted on by his pregnant mate. He released his own pine scent, covering the omega in it and allowing it to mix with the cherry wood smoke and winter day scent that came from their alpha.

Before they had a chance to say anything else the doorbell rang, signaling that their guests had arrived. Katsuki sighed as he took over the dishes and let Izuku go get the door. The beta smiled, kissing his cheek as he walked to the door. He opened it and then grinned as he saw two of his closest friends and their brand new baby boy.

“It’s so nice to see you guys again!” Izuku grinned as he let him into their home. 

“It’s amazing to see someone that’s calm too,” Hitoshi chuckled as he walked in. The bags underneath his eyes were a little darker than they had been, most likely because the baby was keeping the both of them up throughout the night. They both chuckled for a moment as the two people walked into the living room. 

Izuku followed after them, smiling when he saw Katsuki sitting in the nest that he had made on the couch. The omega’s eyes lit up as he saw the baby in Hitoshi’s arms. He stood up, walking over to his friend and looking at the tiny infant that the other omega was cradling. The purple-haired man smiled knowingly as he looked up at his friend and away from his baby. “Would you like to hold him?” he asked.

“May I?” he asked, being extra careful around the tiny baby. His normally loud voice was quieter and he was obviously a lot politer than he normally was. 

Hitoshi laughed, sitting down on the couch that wasn’t inhabited by a nest. “You’re going to need a lot of practice if you’re expecting twins,” he chuckled. He patted the couch next to him for the other omega to come and sit next to him. Katsuki hurried as much as he could with his six-month pregnant belly. He sat down, looking in astonishment at the tiny human that he was holding. 

Hitoshi showed him how to hold his arms with a small bit of modification because his belly was still hard, unlike Hitoshi’s, which had stopped being hard when he had given birth. He then gently handed the baby over, mothering the infant the entire time while releasing his soothing lavender scent that was mixed with the milky tones that was always reserved for a mother and their pup. 

Tenya sat down in one of the chairs next to Izuku and Shouto as he looked at his mate and their pup. They were all silent for a moment before the only beta in the apartment asked: “What did you name him?”

“His name is Jun,” Tenya smiled, leaning back against the chair and letting his tired eyes fall closed.

“God, he’s so small,” Katsuki whispered, gently holding the baby and staring down at him. 

“Especially for the amount of room that he took up inside of me. I bet the twins are going to be even smaller than him,” he chuckled.

“You two look like you need a nap. Do you want to use the guest bedroom while we take care of him?” Izuku offered, glancing between both of his friends. 

“No offense Izuku, but I kind of don’t want to leave the baby with anyone. The doctors said that it’s the maternal instincts that you get after you give birth,” he hummed.

“Oh,” the beta nodded. He would have loved to say that he understood, but he didn’t. He had never gotten that far in a pregnancy before he had had his fertility ripped away from him. He could feel his alpha staring at him and quickly snapped his eyes away from where he had been looking down at his much-too flat stomach. He looked back up to where Katsuki had begun to coo at Jun and felt some of his insecurities and sadness drift away.

Even though the children were not going to be biologically his, they were still going to be able to call him ‘dad’ and the thought of getting to see Katsuki holding the twins made him incredibly happy. He glanced over at Shouto and saw that the alpha looked utterly smitten. 

The green-haired man was aware that part of it was because of the hormones that they were both going through, but another part of him thought about the fact that his alpha had fallen in love with someone else. The thought itself made his heart sink down into his stomach until he realized that he had fallen in love with the same omega. He sighed, running a hand through his messy curls as he tried to deal with his anxieties.

“What was it like to give birth?” Katsuki asked Hitoshi. It had been the question that was burning on his mind for a while and he had to ask it. 

“The beginning was kind of scary because so many people were texting me and everything was happening so fast. Once we actually got checked into the hospital and we knew around when the baby would actually come, it got a lot easier. The pain was only super hard to deal with after my water broke,” he rambled, obviously happy to talk about this with someone that was going to go through a labor and birth soon.

“Did you do any medications?” he asked since that had been another question that had been asked of him when he was making the birth plan with Shouto and Izuku. They would be going to show the plan to Momo in a week and he really had to finish it before then. 

“I didn’t personally, other than Pitocin since Jun wasn’t coming as quickly as he should have been,” he hummed. The small baby began to fuss, which made his mother quickly take the baby back into his arms and stand up. He bounced up and down, hushing the newborn to help him calm down again. 

“I think it’s time we get home and just stay there,” Tenya sighed, rubbing his face. “We’ve been doing a lot of visiting lately so that everyone can meet the new baby and Jun hasn’t really gotten to experience his nursery,” the alpha rambled, obviously tired.

“Well thank you for coming,” Izuku smiled, standing from the chair that he had been tucked into. 

“I hope that the advice that I gave you helps,” Hitoshi said, looking over at the other omega.

“You’re damned well sure it will,” he smirked, running a hand over his bump as his twins began to act up and push around their confinements. “Thank, Hitoshi. And congrats.”

“Thanks,” he chuckled, walking to the door with the green-haired omega. Izuku hugged the alpha briefly before he gave a side hug to his omega friend and then kissed Jun’s head. He opened the door for them, allowing them to leave his home and go back to their own for some much-deserved rest.

Katsuki stood up from the other couch and crawled into his nest, laying down on the bed as he began to fall asleep. His body needed more sleep now because of the fact that it was growing two other humans within him.

Shouto was still sitting in his chair, having pulled out his computer and began to work. He looked up at his beta mate, smiling lovingly at him while making kissy faces at him. Izuku chuckled, leaning down a bit and kissing him lovingly before he continued to where he was going.

They had made part of a nursery when Izuku had been pregnant and had not yet finished making it for the twins that Katsuki was carrying. The beta man walked into the room, closing the door softly behind him. He glanced over the crib that was almost covered in dust. The rooms were only half painted and the rocking chair was nearly stuck to the ground with the dust. Izuku sighed, walking to the chair right next to where the window was. He sat down there, his eyes welling with tears as ideas and thoughts raced through his mind.

Tenya had been so happy looking at Hitoshi and Jun. Hitoshi had been so overwhelmingly pleased to be able to give his lover a pup. 

Izuku would never be able to make his mates that happy, and he would never be able to please his alpha by giving him a pup. He had actually done the opposite, and hurt his alpha because he had lost a pup and lost the ability to give his lover pups. He was a failure. The one thing that he had wanted to do in his life was now impossible.

The tears that had been welling up in his eyes slowly began to trickle down his face. He pressed his hands over his mouth and cheeks as he let out some sobs and hiccups. His shoulders began to shake with the force of his cries, making all of his muscles tighten up a bit with tension. 

His heart ached and strained as the thoughts continued to circle around and get stuck in his head. He had had a fight with depression and anxiety all his life and they all seemed to be flying back to him at this moment. He felt his breathing catch in his throat and then speed up as his heartbeat increased at an alarming rate. He slid down onto the floor and pressed himself up against the wall as he sobbed as hard as he could. He muffled the noise with his legs and his hands as he began to panic as well. 

“They don’t need you anymore,” he vocalized the thought that had been banging around his head like a bird caught in a cage. They were an omega and an alpha, after all, so technically they didn’t need him. Why would an alpha need a beta if they had an omega? The omega could apply to their every need so much better than a beta could, after all. So he really wasn’t needed in this relationship.

Chapter Text

Katsuki pushed himself up off of the couch with a small bit of a struggle, placing one hand on the underside of his bump. Once he had actually gotten off of the couch he walked into the kitchen and grabbed his apron. He tied the clothing item around his waist, grumbling to himself when he saw that it was uncomfortably tight around his ever-growing baby bump. “You’re going to make these next three months Hell, aren’t you?” he asked as he ran a hand over the bump. He was met with a couple of kicks, one from each twin. He smirked and let out an amused chuckle with a shake of his head, then focusing more on what he had set out to do. 

He had been cleaning the house recently as his instincts were telling him to and had stumbled across a book full of recipes. One of them had a green star at the top, which made the omega think that it had something to do with Izuku. Lately, the blond hadn’t been cooking a ton since he was getting more and more uncomfortable when standing for great periods of time. 

However, his beta mate had been slowly pulling away from him and their alpha for the past week. He had never been good with talking to someone about their feelings, and it was a lot easier for him to do something nice for his mate to try and cheer him up.

Katsuki moved around the kitchen a lot slower than he used to, but still working like that was the one and only place where he belonged. He got out all of the ingredients for the type of mochi that the recipe called for, setting them out on the counter before he continued to work. He hummed to himself after a little while, trying to get rid of the silence taking over the house. He finished humming after a couple of minutes and instead took to talking to the twins as the wiggled around and pushed at their confines.

“I wonder whether or not you’ll develop Deku’s sweet tooth. Or if you’ll have half’n’half’s fixation with noodles. If we let him that’s all he would ever eat,” he chuckled, smirking as his heart fluttered happily. 

He continued to talk and babble to his children, which seemed to calm them down into sleeping. He scoffed, rolling his eyes when they stopped moving. “You couldn’t have done this last night when I really needed the sleep? You’re already unholy terrors,” he chuckled, running a hand over the home of his children, where they would be kept safe and protected until he could finally get to hold them in his arms.

There was no movement, telling him that they really had gone to sleep. He debated for a moment taking hold of the situation and going for a nap before he decided otherwise and continued working. 

It took him one, long hour to make the mochi all the way, but he had finished it and tucked half of it into the freezer. He placed the other half into the fridge since he had always liked his mochi on the softer side. He then sat down for around ten minutes, grumbling to himself about how much his feet hurt from standing for an hour after already cleaning for almost two. 

He got up after the ten minutes were over and cleaned up his mess, starting a load in the dishwasher before he began to make his beta mate’s favorite dinner. “If this doesn’t cheer up the curly-haired fucker then I’m going to lose my mind,” he grumbled, frowning as he battered the chicken for the Katsudon. 

He braced himself on the edge of the counter as a small pain gripped his stomach. He could tell that it was nothing to be worried about since his instincts weren’t telling him to get to his nest. However, knowing that he wasn’t in labor didn’t stop the false contraction from hurting any less than it did.

“Ah, you stop moving and then you make me feel like I’m on my fucking period? You two are the most demonic little fuckheads I have ever loved,” he growled, gritting his teeth and slowly breathing through the pain. Once it had gone he finished making dinner and cleaning everything up. He had just barely put the last serving on its respective plate when the door swung open.

“Kacchan! We’re home!” Izuku called out, the fake chipperness dripping from his voice.

“I’m in the kitchen,” he replied, removing his apron and dumping it in the laundry room on top of the washing machine. He picked up two of the plates, bringing them to the table before he returned back and brought back his own serving.

“You made dinner? I thought that you ankles were hurting too bad for standing while you cook,” Izuku said, worry taking over his face.

“You’ve been upset lately. I do-” he stopped, thinking about his words. His hands moved down to the bottom of his bump as he leaned against his chair. “I can’t talk about feelings. I never learned how because my parents were a fucking mess. But I know that you’ve been really upset lately and I wanted to cheer you up,” he said, staring down at his bump instead of looking up at his mates.

“He’s right, Izuku. You have been rather upset lately. Is something wrong? You know that you can talk to us, we’re your mates and I’m your husband,” Shouto said, gently touching his husband’s shoulder. 

“I-I, uh,” he said, looking down at his shoes and fidgeting awkwardly. Tears shone in his bright green eyes, threatening to spill over and down his cheeks. “I’m so sorry I let you guys worry about me,” he said, his voice breaking into a sob after a moment. Katsuki nearly flew around the table, wrapping his arms around him tightly. He let out a low, soothing purr as he released his scent. The smell of burnt caramel had a bit of milk added to it so that even if his pregnancy couldn’t be seen it would definitely be smelled.

“Stupid Deku,” he grumbled, hugging his mate close to him and petting his hair lovingly. “We’re your fucking mates, even if you were completely fine we’d still be worried about you. That’s what you do when you in love with someone.”

“But you guys don’t need me anymore,” he replied, letting out the emotion that he had been bottling up for the duration of his omega mate’s pregnancy.

“Oh, Izuku,” Shouto whispered, guilt consuming him as he properly wrapped his mate up in a hug from the other side. “I’m so, so sorry. I know that pregnancy is a hard subject for you and here I am basically ignoring you. I’m sorry.”

“You have Kacchan now, he can give you a baby,” he sniffed, sobbing a bit harder.

“Deku,” Katsuki growled a little as he pulled back from the hug. He used one of his hands to make the beta look up at him while his other hand rested on the middle section of his bump. “This fucking baby is yours just as much as it’s mine of half’n’half’s. Hell, up until a couple of months ago it was just the two of you. I’m the one that should be feeling like this, not you.”

“No,” Shouto said firmly. “No one should be feeling like they’re not a part of this relationship. We all love each other and we all need each other, no matter the person’s gender or who’s pregnant.”

“Really?” he asked, his voice chock full of self-doubt and unsureness.

“Really. We fucking love you, Deku. I know I haven’t known you for as long as half’n’half has, but I still fucking love you. The twins fucking love you, that much can be told by the fucking fact that they don’t ever stop moving when you come home.”

The beta let out a wet laugh, leaning down and pressing a kiss to the bump before he stood back up and kissed his mate adoringly. “I love you both and I love the twins more than I thought I could ever love something ever. I just wasn’t sure that with the three of us loving each other openly you two would want me to really be a parent to them.”

“Of course we do,” Shouto replied, kissing the back of his neck. “Why don’t we sit down and eat this lovely dinner that our very pregnant omega has cooked us before it gets cold?” he offered, hugging him out last time. He made sure that he stressed the ‘our’ of that sentence so that Izuku knew that he was part of the relationship.

The beta nodded, taking his seat at the table and looking eagerly at the food. Katsuki sat down across from him, letting out an aggravated noise when he remembered that his belly was too big for him to really tuck himself into the table like he used to. Shouto chuckled in amusement, digging into the food. He reached across the table, taking Izuku’s hand in his own and just holding it to comfort his mate.

“I love you two so much. And the twins. I don’t know what’d I’d do if any of you left me,” he whispered, picking at the last little bits of food in his bowl.

“We would never fucking leave you, Deku,” Katsuki spoke up, rubbing his belly as he twins began to act up again. “Someone would have to force me or kill me to get me to leave you.”

“Don’t-don’t say that,” the beta whispered, shaking his head. “I’m terrified that I’m going to lose either you or one of the twins or both of them or all three of you,” he rambled nervously. “I mean, the one and only time I was pregnant I lost the baby and nearly died myself and you’re carrying twins!”

“So? What happened to you was a fucking horrible thing but Momo’s watching a bit more closely in her patients now that she knows it can happen. I also have to two of you hovering over me every second of the day, so even if something did happen you two would be able to help me before you lost any of us.”

“I guess that’s true,” Izuku nodded. He stood up and gathered all of the dishes from the table, bringing them into the kitchen. 

“Fucking Deku, I’m trying to give you a nice night to cheer you up, stop walking away from me and shit,” he grumbled, grabbing the dishes gently from his beta mate and rinsing them all off before he loaded them into the dishwasher.

“Kacchan, you’re almost seven months pregnant with twins, you shouldn’t be up and moving around so much,” he said, allowing himself to worry over the omega as much as he wanted since he felt more free with his emotions since their talk.

“I’m already getting cabin fever while stuck in this apartment and only being allowed to go outside for my appointments, don’t confine me to my nest on the couch,” he huffed, pushing the beta out of the kitchen gently. He got out the mochi he had made earlier, placing one of the frozen ones into a bowl and one of the refrigerated ones. He did the same for Shouto’s bowl and then placed to refrigerated ones into his own.

“Here,” he said, setting down each bowl in front of the right person and handing out spoons. He sat down again, letting out a relieved sigh once the weight was taken off of his ankles.

“Did you go out and buy this?” Shouto said his voice kind of panicked. The press had recently been told about the pregnancy and were now always standing outside of their building to try and get an impromptu interview from one of the three or a scandalous picture.

“Of course I didn’t. I know that you have the damn doorman looking out for me to make sure that I never go outside without you or Deku,” he replied, smirking knowingly as Shouto’s cheeks lit up with a bright red color. “I made it.”

“You, made this?” Izuku asked, sliding a bit of the treat into his mouth. His eyes lit up when he tasted it, another batch of tears welling up in his eyes, though these ones seemed a lot happier. “This tastes like the mochi that mom and I used to make.”

“I found a recipe while I was cleaning today. It had a green star on the top of it so I figured that you might like it,” he hummed.

“Sometimes I forget that you’re going to school to become a chef,” the beta chuckled, eating a bit more of it. “This is so good,” he moaned, his eyes rolling back in his head as he spoke more about the food.

“If only I could still make you moan like that,” the omega huffed. At his last ultrasound appointment Momo had informed them that since Katsuki was carrying twins and nearing his seventh month of pregnancy, they should hold off on any rough intercourse to make sure they didn’t accidentally trigger premature labor. However, his mates had taken that a bit too far and weren’t engaging in any intercourse with him, which left him very sexually frustrated.

“Oh, Kacchan,” Izuku sighed, his shoulders slumping. “We’re just trying to make extra sure that you and the twins are in the best of health.”

“I know, but that doesn’t make up for the fact that I’m horny as fuck all the time and now my stupid belly is so big that I can’t even touch my own dick or cunt,” he grumbled, poking his mochi with his spoon before he shoved an entire one into his mouth.

“How about we try to do something gentle?” Izuku proposed. “Since I kinda miss being able to mate with you two all the time.”

“Then it’s settled, once everyone’s no longer stuffed to the brim with food we’ll move Katsuki’s nest up onto the big bed and then fuck each other senseless,” Shouto smirked, watching as Izuku and Katsuki’s faces slowly turned to beat red.

“We’re not going to fuck Kacchan senseless because then we could put too much stress on his body. We’re going to do just the right amount of mating to relieve the chastity stress without bringing on early labor,” he huffed, blowing out his cheeks. 

“Fine, fine, deal,” Shouto chuckled, leaning over and kissing his cheek adoringly. Katsuki smirked and rolled his eyes playfully as he returned back to eating the droopy treats he had made that day. He had Izuku back, and the true Izuku that was going to fuss over him at every waking moment and dote over him like he was a child. He had the mate that he truly loved and cared for back, which was all he could ever ask for.

Chapter Text

“Hey Kacchan,” Izuku said, gently knocking on the side of the doorframe to alert his mate to his presence.

“Yes?” he asked grumpily as he rolled over. The longer that he was pregnant the more irritable he seemed to get, which was understandable since the babies seemed to be determined not to let him sleep a wink.

“I know that you don’t feel good right now and you’re really tired but Shoucchan and I have a surprise for you,” he said.

“Does it require me getting out of bed?” he asked with a put-out sigh. Izuku nodded slowly, moving to the bed to help his lover out since the omega’s bump was far too large for him to do it on his own. He slowly pushed himself up from the bed and then over the edge of his nest. He rested a hand underneath his bump, looking at his mate with a dull expression. He reached out, getting Izuku to help him stand up. They stood in silence for a moment, allowing Katsuki to find his balance. “Lead me to whatever this surprise is,” he sighed once he had finally found out how to stand again.

Izuku chuckled, bringing him out of the bedroom and slowly down the hall on the upper floor. He stopped after a moment, walking forward to the door in front of him and opening it up.

He walked into it, holding his hand out for the other to take. Katsuki rolled his eyes at the sappiness of it all but took the outstretched hand and walked into the room he had never been in before. He gasped in surprise when he saw what the room was, his eyes bubbling with watery tears.

The nursery had been painted over to be a lovely sky blue color, clouds all over the upper part of the walls and the ceilings. The lower parts of the walls had a lot of grass and flowers, which one huge tree that reached from the bottom of the wall all the way to the top. Pressed up against that part of the wall were two cribs. 

The cribs were painted a soft yellow color with white mattresses and purple and blue blankets. There were also a lot of stuffed animals, most of them soft and baby-safe though there were a couple that had hard noses and eyes. There was a changing table that was colored the same yellow color as the cribs. He walked over to it, gently opening the top drawer to see all of the things that a baby would need with than diapers. He opened the second and third drawer to see that they both were loaded up with diapers. He walked over to where the closet of the bedroom was, opening it up to see that it had been changed to accommodate with all of the baby clothes that they needed for the twins. There was enough clothing in there to last both of the babies up untilthey were one and a half at least.

Katsuki slowly turned around after closing the closet, looking once more at the cribs. He felt a couple of tears rush down his face when he saw two rocking chairs in the room, one on either side of the cribs tucked into the corners. The rocking chairs were a dark brown color with yellow cushions on them so that they could be more comfortable. In between the cribs, there was a bookcase loaded with children’s books, both picture books, and chapter books. He looked over to the side of the room where the closet was, seeing that there was a comfortable looking couch with a soft-looking blanket thrown over the back and several squishy pillows were thrown onto it.

“Do you like it?” Shouto’s voice came from where he and Izuku were standing in the doorway.

“‘Like it?’” he asked, turning to face them. He wiped away some of his tears off of his face, moving back to the dark wood rocking chair, sitting down on it. He had never thought that something so simple as a room could make him this emotional. “This is the best fucking thing that I have ever been given,” he sniffed, wiping the rest of the tears off of his face.

Izuku walked forward, grabbing his mate’s hands with one of his own and using the other to cup the omega’s face. He pressed their lips together in a tender display of affection, running his hands through his lover’s hair.

Shouto walked over to him after a moment, leaning over and pressing a kiss to the side of his face. His hands came to rest on his baby bump, and soon he was followed by a kiss to the swollen skin as well. “I hope that they enjoy growing up in a room like this,” he murmured against the skin, making Katsuki chuckle.

“Knock it off, you dumbass alpha, that tickles,” he said, gently swatting at the alpha. Shouto laughed as he pulled away, standing up once again. “I know that I would fucking adore living here,” he smirked. “With the best fucking parents that anyone could ever ask for.”

“Speaking of parents,” Izuku spoke up. “My mom wants to come and stay with us after the twins are born so she can get to know them. Would you be alright with that? You’re the final decider since you’re the one carrying and birthing them.”

“As long as your mom isn’t like half’n’half’s dad,” he replied, standing up to be the same level as his mates. He scowled and put a hand on his back, leaning over and bracing himself on the side of the bed. He had been having false contractions since he was around six months, but these felt nothing like a false contraction. 

“Kacchan? You okay?” Izuku asked, reaching out and touching his arm.

“Yeah, just a false contraction,” he said, not wanting to worry his mates.

“This was a lot of excitement, let’s go downstairs and cuddle while watching that show you like,” Shouto offered. He reached out, gently escorting both of his mates downstairs. They were all curled up on the couch that had once housed Katsuki’s nest, which they had moved into the main nest that was now on their bed. 

“It’s never going to get old,” Izuku hummed, his hands gently tracing over his lover’s stretched skin.

“What?” Katsuki asked with a small yawn. He had been going through spells for a little while where he was exhausted and then he had so much energy that he didn’t know what to do with it.

“Feeling the twins move,” he replied.

“Speaking of the twins, we should be talking about names since we only have a month longer,” Shouto said, gently running his hands through each of his mate’s hair.

“What about something like Hanabi?” Izuku offered.

“I like it,” Shouto replied.

Katsuki let out a small grunt as one of the twins kicked as hard as they could onto his stomach. “I think that one of the twins likes it too,” he replied with an annoyed chuckle.

“Good, now for another name,” Izuku said.

“I like the name Rei,” he said, his voice fond and soft as he spoke. “My mother passed away two years ago, that was her name.”

“Hanabi and Rei. I like those names,” Katsuki said, a sense of finality in his voice meaning that they wouldn’t be able to argue with him.

“Sounds like we have names picked out for our two little ones then,” Izuku chuckled, kissing Katsuki’s bump adoringly.

“Now the next thing to do is wait for their arrival into the world,” Shouto chuckled.

Which may be sooner than you think, Katsuki hummed in his head as he felt another contraction occur. It had been about fifteen minutes since his last one, so he had a while to go before he really needed to alert his lovers to him being in labor.

He sighed contentedly, curling up with them closely and letting himself fall asleep. If the twins really were coming that night then he’d need all of the rest he could get.

Chapter Text

Katsuki had slid out of the nest a little while ago, allowing his lovers to assume that it was to go to the bathroom like he had needed to do so often during his pregnancy. He had another burst of energy and his instincts were telling him to walk around a little, so he was pacing around the apartment. He was headed for the living room where he had left his phone, trying to get to it so that he could actually time his contractions.

“Oh shit,” Katsuki whispered, pausing as another contraction overtook him. The pain built up in his back before wrapping around to his swollen stomach, making every one of the stretched muscles contract. He balled his hands into fists, leaning heavily against the wall as he moved from foot to foot, trying to relive some of the pressure. “Fuck, fuck,” he whispered, one of his hands moving down to the bottom of his bump, feeling the head of one of the babies move inside of him. 

He let out the breath he hadn’t known he had been holding, pressing his forehead against the wall. His contractions were coming far too fast and strong for him to really care about what time it was. “Fuck,” he whispered again as all of the pain finally left him. “Half’n’Half! Deku!” he shouted so loud that his vocal cords ached for a split second afterward. Just as he had finished shouting for his lovers, a gush of liquid rushed out of him, dripping slowly down his legs. 

“Katsuki?” Shouto asked, blinking his eyes tiredly as he walked out of the bedroom. His heterochromatic eyes widened as he saw his lover standing there, his breaths labored and hard as his lower half was soaked in fluid. “Is it time?” the Alpha asked, rushing forward and placing a hand on his lover’s arm and lower back.

“What the fuck do you think I’m calling you for in the middle of the night?” the omega growled, feeling the beginnings of another contraction build up in his back.

“What’s going on?” Izuku asked with a yawn, rubbing at his eyes as he emerged from the bedroom.

“Katsuki’s water broke,” he responded, holding the omega tightly as he buckled under the pain of the next contraction that hurt so much worse than the last several ones he had experienced. 

“We can’t get him out of the apartment to the hospital, there are still too many people waiting outside. And I don’t think that Kacchan is in the mood to be photographed. I’ll call Momo and get her to come here,” he rambled, more awake than he had been only a second beforehand. He rushed back into the bedroom, grabbing his phone and calling up their family friend. Shouto gently led his mate back into the bedroom, sitting him down on the edge of his nest. 

Once the omega had relaxed from his last contraction he let out a slow breath. “What would you like to happen right now? I can run a bath for you and you can have a water birth or you can stay in your nest until Momo comes here and tells us what to do.”

“I can’t sit in my fucking nest anymore,” he replied, gritting his teeth. Fears kept popping up in the back of his mind, voices telling him that it was too early and that something may be wrong with his pups once they were born.

“Bath it is,” he replied, leaving his lover there and walking into the bathroom. The sound of running water could be heard as Shouto got the tub filled up for his birthing mate. Izuku walked back into the bedroom, offering his hands to the omega who gratefully took them and squeezed them as hard as he could.

“You’re doing so well already,” he praised, releasing a soothing scent for his mate. “So well, such a good mother already.”

“Fuck, it fucking hurts!” he growled, leaning forward a small bit. Izuku stood up, giving him a one-armed hug while still allowing him to crush his hand.

Shouto walked out a moment later, leading their mate into the bathroom. The alpha slowly helped Katsuki shed his clothing, stopping after his shirt to allow the omega to fight through his next contraction.

“They’re about four minutes apart already,” Izuku said, tucking his phone back into his pajama’s pants

“How long have you been in labor, Katsuki?” Shouto asked calmly as he helped his mate into the tub. 

“Since you guys showed me the nursery today. I was hoping that it was just fucking false labor but with my goddamn luck, of course, it couldn’t,” he huffed, leaning back in the tub and allowing his body to relax as best as it could. Izuku sat down on the toilet, nervously toying with his hands while Shouto sat next to their omega, holding his hand and gently kissing his knuckles.

“No fucking book or conversation ever gets you prepared for this kind of pain,” he growled.

“I went into a form of early labor that wasn’t nearly as painful as actual labor when I miscarried. I can’t imagine the pain you’re going through right now,” Izuku said, smiling comfortingly. Katsuki let out another stream of curse words a moment later as another contraction hit him. “That one was only three minutes,” Izuku mumbled before he stood up to let Momo into the house.

“Where is he?” she asked, hefting her bag better onto her shoulder as she headed into the house. 

“He wanted to be in the tub, so he’s in there right now. The water’s warm but not hot, just like you said he should take baths in,” Izuku rambled nervously after closing the door behind her.

“Contractions?” she asked, heading to where she knew the linen closet was and getting all of the towels that she needed as well as some of the rags.

Izuku helped her carry things up to the bathroom as he answered her questions. “Around three minutes apart, but he’s been in labor since this afternoon. His water broke almost half an hour ago.”

“Alright,” she nodded, quickly walking into the bathroom. She set down the towels and the rags before she got into her bag, She pulled out the machine she was looking for and quickly placed the wand onto his stomach, allowing the sound of the twin’s heartbeats to fill up the echoey room. “Everything seems to be alright. When you want to push, you can. Just let me know so I can help you.”

“Is there anything that we can do for the pain that he’s in?” Izuku asked worriedly. 

“Unfortunately we can’t,” she replied, shaking her head. 

The omega let out a low growl, leaning on the edge of the tub as he fought through his contractions. Izuku and Shouto sat in front of him, each one of them allowing him to squeeze their hands. They sat like that, only words of encouragement being passed between the three of them for almost half an hour. After that half an hour had passed, the omega let out another loud growl before he said, “I have to push.”

Momo walked over to him, sitting down by the edge of the tub. “Feel free to move into any position that you want to. Trust your instincts and push like you’re trying to poop.”

“That’s so fucking demeaning,” he growled, letting out a loud shout as he pushed down. He panted once he had finished, leaning back against his mates from where he had been before. “Shit, I can feel the fucking baby moving down inside of me,” he growled, his anger coming from the fear bubbling up in his gut.

“That’s good,” Momo said, hovering at the edge of the tub. She turned, filling up the sink with some hot water that would be warm by the time that the first baby was actually born.

“Fuck,” he shouted incredibly loudly as he pushed down, leaning over heavily. Once that contraction was over he moved over to the edge of the tub where the faucet was. He leaned on it, using his hands to hold himself up on the faucet. He spread his legs, allowing his opening to be out of the water as he continued to push down as hard as he could.

“I can see the head,” Izuku said, his eyes bright and wide as he realized that his pups were going to actually be in his arm in less than a couple hours.

“Fucking great!” Katsuki shouted at him before he pushed down again. He gasped once it was over, whimpering as he felt the head slip back into him a little bit. Izuku got on his knees, leaning over the tub and gently pressing on his back in downward motions, helping bring the baby into the world like Momo had instructed him to.

After another ten minutes of pushing, the baby slipped out of the omega and was caught by Momo. “It’s an alpha!” she cried, grinning widely in proudness for her friends.

Izuku quickly helped him sit back, letting the midwife placed the wailing infant on his mother’s chest. “Holy fuck, oh my God,” he whispered, raising one of his hands out of the quickly chilling water and touching his messy head. “Hey Hanabi,” he whispered, sniffing a small bit as he tried not to cry. 

“You did so well, Kacchan,” Izuku praised, wiping away his own tears. He looked over to Shouto, who was just staring at the wailing baby in awe. Momo was leaning over the tub, washing him off with the towel that was draped over him. She then grabbed a tie and a pair of surgical scissors. She tied off the cord before handing the scissors to Izuku and instructing him on how to cut the cord. 

“I can’t believe you made a human,” Shouto whispered, taking Katsuki’s free hand in his own.

“I created two, you bastard,” he replied, gritting his teeth as a weaker contraction occurred and the afterbirth slid out of him. “This shit isn’t over yet,” he huffed.

Momo finished cleaning Hanabi up, allowing her to scream and shout as loudly as she wanted before she bundled the baby up in the lavender blanket that Izuku had thought to grab when the midwife had arrived. 

“Ah fuck!” Katsuki shouted, gripping his stomach again as another contraction already ripped through him once again. Momo reached into the tub, grabbing the placenta and cord and placing them into a bag that she labeled with a big ‘1.’

Shouto stared down at his child, gently letting him wrap his tiny fist around his father’s hand. They wouldn’t know the pronouns that the little one would want to use until they were old enough to speak and understand the pronouns. Until then they would just use the pronouns that the mother of the child used, so Hanabi was his son for now. “Hey there,” he whispered, out of breath and in shock as he held the wailing infant.

The second twin came a lot faster than the first one had, mostly because Katsuki was already stretched from birthing a child. Momo and Izuku had helped him out of the bathtub after Rei’s head had slipped out of him, Izuku bringing Shouto out into the bedroom and sitting him down against the wall. The alpha had kind of shut down as he just stared at his son, completely in awe.

Momo caught the second baby as it slipped out of Katsuki, placing the infant on the omega’s chest as she got the things that she needed to cut the cord. “You’ve done so well, listen to their healthy lungs,” Izuku said, tears racing down his face as he kissed his lover’s head, hugging him from behind. 

“The second one is a beta,” Momo said with a pleasant smile.

Katsuki cried as well, looking down at the second twin that he had just birthed. “Oh, fucking Hell,” he sobbed, reaching up and holding him around the towel that he was being cleaned with by Momo. The midwife turned away after a moment and tied off the cord, allowing Izuku to cut that one as well. Katsuki whimpered and grunted, birthing out the afterbirth and Momo quickly cleaned up and placed in a second bag that she labeled as ‘2.’

Once she had taken care of all of the medical things, placing them into a large bag, she took the twin from Katsuki and washed him off before he placed the now-screaming infant into Izuku’s arms. Momo then moved between Katsuki’s legs, gently checked to make sure that he hadn’t torn anything. “Congrats, you’re lucky and didn’t tear,” she said, grabbing some of the clothing they had brought in there and helped him dress. She carried him to the bed, placing him inside of his nest. 

Shouto stood up from where he had been sitting on the wall, walking to the nest. Katsuki sat up and winced in pain, reaching up for his son,

“Please,” he said, his voice hoarse. The alpha nodded, handing the baby over to Katsuki. The omega took off the shirt he had been put into and moved the infant into his already weeping breasts. Hanabi turned to the side and took one of the nipples into his mouth, suckling happily to get his food. 

Shouto climbed into the nest, moving Katsuki so that the omega was laying on top of him. Izuku crawled onto the nest, laying on the right side of him while Rei screamed and hit him with her tiny hands. Katsuki moved Hanabi so that the pup was resting snug in his arm while he took Rei into the other, letting the other pup nurse from his free nipple.

“You’re so amazing,” Shouto whispered, crying tears of happiness as he leaned into the touch of his omega mate. Izuku nuzzled into both of them, sniffing as he tried not to cry again.

“I hate to ruin the moment, but I do need to know their legal names,” Momo said, having already filled out the rest of the information on the birth certificates. 

“The oldest one is named Hanabi Todoroki, the younger one is Rei Todoroki,” Katsuki replied, yawning a small bit as he leaned back against his alpha. 

Momo nodded and wrote it down before she disappeared back into the bathroom. She put all of the rags and towels that they had used into the washing machine with some bleach. Then gathered up all of her things and washed out the sink and bathtub before she left to go take care of some of the other things she needed to.

“They’re born, they’re finally born,” Izuku whispered as he cuddled closely to his omega and alpha mate.

“You’re telling me,” Katsuki replied with a small laugh. He burped Hanabi gently before he re-swaddled the baby and then placed his infant into Izuku’s arms. He then gently burped Rei and swaddled that baby up again before he cuddled up to them closer. “I know we’re not supposed to sleep with them but I don’t want them to leave the nest tonight,” he whispered, clutching the baby tightly in his arms. Both of the twins had fallen asleep, giving the house an eerily quiet sound since the trio had actually gotten used to the cries of the twins already.

“Let’s just keep them here for tonight. I think we’ve earned a rule break,” Shouto mumbled, yawning as he began to fall asleep. Katsuki nodded, moving slowly away from his lover and laying his baby against the pillows in his nest. He grabbed Rei from Izuku and did the same to him before he laid down next to his pups, curled up close with them.

“I can’t believe I just became a Momma,” Izuku breathed, smiling tiredly before he fell asleep curled up next to his sleeping omega mate. 

Shouto only chuckled, sending out a mass text to his pack, which had since been combined with Katsuki’s pack. He muted his phone and his lovers before he curled up with them and fell asleep as well.


Chapter Text

“Mommy!” Hanabi called out as she sprinted into the back of the restaurant. 

“Hanabi, you can’t come into the back of the restaurant unless Mommy says you can,” Shouto scolded as he walked into the back of the restaurant as well. Rei was tightly clinging to his hand, a deep scowl on her face as she stared at her sister. Both of the twins had recently chosen to go by female pronouns, which had surprised no one since they had always acted feminine.

“Sorry Kacchan, she got away from me,” Izuku laughed as he followed behind his lover. The omega only chuckled, squatting down and hugging his daughter tightly. 

“It’s fine, just this once. It’s closing time anyway and I was just checking everything over,” he said before he stood up with a small groan.

“Come on, let’s get going before Tenya calls us and lectures us about coming in late,” Shouto chuckled, taking the other five-year-old’s hand into his own. The omega shifted on his feet nervously, his brows furrowing together for a moment before he nodded.

Izuku walked over to his mate, kissing his forehead. “Hey, they were fine with it when you were pregnant with the twins, they’ll be fine with it now,” he soothed, placing his hand on Katsuki’s still-flat stomach.

“I hope so. I’m just worried about how the kids are going to take it,” he sighed, wrapping his mate up in a brief hug before they walked out through the restaurant that Katsuki owned and ran by himself. He had graduated from school two months after the twins had been born and then started up his business when the twins were two and no longer needed constant attention. 

“I’m sure that they’re going to love being big sisters,” Izuku replied, grinning like mad. He was more than excited for this baby to come, his insecurities since having been talking about and dealt with during their relationship therapy.

“I certainly hope so,” he replied, touching the bottom of his stomach where he was beginning to get a bit of a pouch. Izuku grabbed his hand, threading their fingers together lovingly and walking with him out of the restaurant and to the car.

There was a good deal of paparazzi surrounding them, so Katsuki and Izuku made sure to act like the omega wasn’t pregnant since they wanted to keep it to themselves for as long as they could. The omega got into the middle seat, looking into the back where Rei and Hanabi were sniping back and forth at each other.

“Hey, behave yourselves,” he warned. “Do you want to be able to have a sleepover with Kara and Jun?” he asked, raising his eyebrows. Jun was Hitoshi and Tenya’s son while Kara was Hanta and Denki’s child who was a year younger than the twins.

“Yes!” they both nodded, immediately acting better. Katsuki chuckled and leaned forward a bit so he could better talk to his alpha.

“Did they behave themselves on their day out with Daddy?” he asked, glancing back to the girls who were looking somewhat guilty.

“Well, Rei behaved at the beginning of the day before Hanabi convinced her to start acting out as well,” Shouto said, tapping the steering wheel as he drove. He was the best father that anyone could ever ask for, and the girl adored him for it.

“Well, I’m sure that they’ll behave themselves during dinner or they won’t be getting any sleepovers for some time,” Izuku said, his voice the perfect warning tone that it needed to be.

“We’ll behave Momma!” Hanabi said, ever the more vocal of the two twins. 

Katsuki chuckled, his heart swelling warmly as he thought about how much he loved the family that he had found. He would always miss Eijirou, there was no doubting that, but the love that he felt for his mates and children was fighting well with the mourning feeling. He had a life and love with the people around him and he was alright with moving on with his life, just allowing himself to carry his love for Eijirou with him.