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Do it for Yourself

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Claire would never forget that day. It was a Saturday, mid-morning. She was at the hospital, working on her usual monthly working weekend. It was only her second week at work after the end of her maternal leave and a part of her was feeling a bit sad she wasn't at home with the children. Also the Murrays, John and Hector were there too. A part of her wished to go home and pass time with her family. But work had to be done, and she was there to do it. She had just finished with a patient, a nice old lady needing more of a chat than actual medical care, when Flora, her loyal nurse, came into the room, white as a ghost. 'Doctor Fraser, there's been an accident on the farm, and Doctor MacDonald needs ye.'

'Does he need my help with someone?' Claire said, barely registering what Flora was saying. 'In which of the farms?'

'On yer farm. Yer husband and brother in law are here.' Flora said again. 'It looks bad.'

Claire was already running around the corridors of the hospital to the other A&E room. 'Robert, what's happened?' She said to the farm manager, waiting outside the room.

'One of the lads dinna put the handbrake on the tractor and it went down the path. Ian saw it first, he pushed Jamie out of the way, but wasna quick enough to get out got hit by the tractor. His leg got trapped and we had to get him out of there. A Dhia, there was so much blood.' He seemed so traumatised after the event.

'Flora, bring us some tea.' Claire asked the nurse as she caught a glance of Jamie on the table, his back full of blood. 'What's happened to Jamie?'

'He lost his balance as Ian pushed him and fall down the place we're keeping the waste from the barn's refurbishment.'

'Where were the children? Did they see something?' Claire asked again as Flora brought the tea.

'Nae, they were all at home with Jenny and the guys. Murtagh was there, he was the one who called the ambulance, I was trying to get Ian's out the wreckage with some of the lads, while other were helping Jamie get out the waste tip. After we got them on the ambulance, he told me he's telling and bringing Jenny here.'

The room's doors opened and Jamie and Ian were rolled quickly in the direction of the lift. 'Jamie!' Claire said as he was moved in front of her. 'Andrew, what's happening?' She asked to her colleague.

'Yer husband is out of danger,' He started to explain to Claire, 'he's got a broken arm and his back got badly damaged by the rubbish and glass. We're taking him to patching him up and I hope ye'll be able to see him on a proper room soon.'

Claire sighed on relief. 'What about Ian?'

'Is his wife already here?' Doctor MacDonald said.

'No, we're waiting for her.' Claire answered.

'He's quite bad. Cranial fracture, a heavy blood loss, probable internal damage and his leg was almost completely crushed. I've done as far as I could but...' Claire understood his face completely. 'He's on the hands of the surgeon, and God, now. Give my best wishes to Jenny when she arrives.'