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Do it for Yourself

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Swearing came from the garden, where her old friend Joe Abernathy was working on something, wood and tools chaotically surrounding him. 'Men, isn't it?' Said Joe's wife, 'Joe, Claire's here! Come inside!' Since her divorce, Claire had come to be sort of "adopted" by the Abernathys, passing a fair part of her free time with them and their little son. 'Leave that book down for five minutes.' Gayle said to Joe as he sat on the kitchen table, still nose deep on it. 'If I knew I would never have bought it to you.' Joe left it on the table close to him and Claire took the chance to check what was the fuss about. "DIY-Mania" was the title, a book on how to make your own furniture and accessories, Claire looked at the man on the cover, the author for what it looked like, a handsome red-haired man with bright blue eyes and a nice smile wearing a tartan shirt and a tool belt. He looked nice, Claire thought for herself as the Abernathys carried on bantering.

'You won't think that when I finish with this kitchen.' Said Joe

'If you ever do it.' Answered his wife.

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After the success of the first season and the book, they had been given a bigger budget and a bigger studio for the next. It would work as a workshop while the shows about tiling or painting will still be done at Lallybroch. It was one of the things he was thankful about the show and its success, the money and the opportunity to make Lallybroch habitable again.

'No, no, no' His friend, and producer, John said to one of the workmen refurbishing the studio for them. 'I said four, not three.'

'John, dinna fash yerself.' Jamie said to him 'They're doing their best.'

'I know, it's just. It's the second season. We need to raise the stakes.' John answered to him 'By the way, I love your new designs, especially, the doctor's cabinet. So old-fashioned, but with a modern twist.

'Aye, I got the inspiration from a wee book about the XVIII century.' Jamie told his friend.

'Have you made the trial piece, or it's still just a drawing?'

'No, no yet.' Jamie lied, he had done his trial piece. He'd thought on give it to Jenny, his sister, who was a vet, but he knew she wouldn't like it. So it sat on a corner of the shop's storeroom until he could find someone who would appreciate it. 'Lad, dinna do that without...' Jamie said to a workmen unsafely working on a spotlight, but before he could finish, the spotlight fell hitting him hard on the shoulder. 'Iffrinn!' Jamie said as he saw his awkward looking shoulder and the massive pain coming from it.

'Oh fuck, fuck,fuck!' John said as he went to see Jamie 'For fuck's sake. What can we do now?'

'John, relax.' Said Jamie 'Help me up, I need a doctor.'


Jamie waited beside John's car, who, because his anxious state, had forgotten his keys where at his office in the studio building. 'I called your sister. She'll be getting to the hospital once she's finished with some VIP Dane she's now. She called it like that, a Great Dane.'

Jamie laughed through the pain. 'A Great Dane is a type of dog John, no a person.'

John helped him on the car and sit on the driver's seat, staring the car in reverse, hitting the back fence before find the correct gear. John was terrible driver. 'Fucking Hell, John. I am already injured.'

'Sorry mate.' John apologised.

'Good luck ye're never goin to have to drive yer wife to give birth.' Jamie said as the left the studio building parking.


Jamie was shirtless, waiting for the doctor on a examination room. He saw a couple of nurses stare at him and talk through a window. That was the bad side of fame, people recognising him around the streets or restaurants and being the size he was, going around on disguise as Jenny and Ian had jokingly advised him, wasn't a solution either. He felt shy and self-conscious and he wished he was able to put his shirt back on.

'Mr. James Fraser.' He looked as the doctor came in, his breath stopping as he saw her, the most beautiful woman he had ever seen- beautiful brown hair, whiskey coloured eyes he wanted to get drunk from, luscious lips asking for a million kisses-, he was mesmerized with her. 'Oh, it's you.' She said to him.

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'Have we met?' Jamie asked, awkwardly, he would remember her if so.

'I saw your photo on the cover of a book a friend of mine has.' Claire answered him as she checked the x-rays she had been given. 'You seem a talented handyman.'

'I pride myself of being more than a handyman.' Jamie told her 'I went to Design School and most of the pieces are actually my designs.'

'Sorry,' Claire apologized to him, ' I have no idea about those things.'

'Dinna fash yerself lass.' Jamie told him.

He liked her, Jamie thought, losing himself in her. The mixture between sharpness and niceness. The ivory like skin of her neck, begging to be marked by a lover. Her breasts the perfect size for his hands to massage on bed. Her hands both tender and strong on his shoulder, making him think in how they would feel in other parts on him...

'I'm sorry, truly.' He awkwardly said as his internal arousing ended up "manifesting" externally. 'I mean...I dinna... I wasna...'

Claire chuckle at it. "It's been a while?'

'Aye, ye can say so.' He had never, in fact, laid with a woman. He was reserving himself for the One, and he couldn't stop thinking that he might have found her. 'And how a Sassenach lass like ye ended up in Scotland?' He asked her, trying to change the conversation topic.

'I came with my husband when he got a job at the university.' He felt immediately like an idiot. How he could be thinking those things about a married woman?

'Ye have a nice touch. He's a fortunate man.'

'You can tell him. Six months ago, I caught him with one of his students, not precisely reviewing a lesson.' She told him. 'We're divorced now.'

'I'm sorry to hear that.' Jamie answered him. 'He must be a hell of a moron for cheat on someone like ye. I mean, ye look a verra nice person.'

'Thank you, Mr. Fraser.' Claire said to Jamie with a smile.

Why she was telling him that? She thought. She never felt so at ease with a patient as she felt with James Fraser. Maybe it was because he looked a nice, simple man. And a bloody attractive one too, beautifully done and toned. His eyes even more beautiful than in the photos on the book, his hands calloused by the work with wood, she supposed, and the mixed smells of plain soap, sawdust and a dash of sweat, so manly and so different to Frank's always a tad too strong cologne. She felt almost as aroused for him as he was for her.


Claire started to think about Jamie again that night. Alone at home but for her grey cat, Adso, she felt curious and went of search of him on google. She found his show on the iplayer and played on as she sat on the simple mattress it worked as a bed with some wine. What do you think of him Adso? She asked the cat, his purring feeling like a positive feedback. 'But it's not too soon? You know after Frank.' Adso looked at her like he was just going to throw up a hair ball, he never had liked Frank at all. 'Well, Jamie would have his advantages too.' She carried on talking with the feline, 'He could do for you a new cat tree.' Adso started to purr again, liking the idea, after the divorce Frank had taken all the furniture of the house, including for some reason, the cat tree, the only things left behind being the sofa, the mattress and the kitchen clothes.


'Oh, ye should see her.' Said Jamie to his own companion, a black Labrador named Donas. He was on his sister's guest bedroom as she had unilaterally decided He should be staying with her and her family until he was recovered. 'I think I'm in love, Donas.' added petting the dog. 'I wish to see her again, but I havena had that much experience with lasses. What would you say I could do?' The dog shook his head. 'Well, ye dinna have that much experience either, I ken. Ye're barely past a pup.' The dog laid his head on Jamie's chest. 'So, should I go for it? For her I mean. Would ye like to have an English human, lad?' The dog wagged his tail in answer. 'Good, we just need a plan now.'

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Jamie needed counselling. He was looking for a good way to see Claire again. He thought first in go directly to the hospital and seek for her, but he didn't want to look like a creep, and he didn't know anyone related to the hospital who could use as an intermediary. Then he thought in ask John, but as a gay man, he also had small expertise in how to flirt with a woman, so he moved to his brother-in-law. He took Donas with him for a walk and went off in the direction of the vet clinic. He had waited until past five, when he knew Jenny had gone to pick up Young Jamie, his nephew, from daycare and then to home, leaving Ian alone to see the last patients and the closing of the day. He loved his sister dearly, but he didn't want to talk with her about those things, not yet at least.

'Evenin' lass.' He said to Laoghaire, the receptionist, a young girl whose grandmother was a good client of Jenny and Ian. 'Is Ian availa...?'

'Brother, what are ye doin' here?' Her sister came down the examination rooms level to receive him.

'Jenny, I thought ye'll be already at home with wee Jamie.' Said Jamie, feeling suddenly apprehensive.

'Ian went to a house call and he's pickin' up Jamie on the way back.' Jenny explained. 'What ye wanted him for?'

'This...erm...Donas...aye, to check up on Donas, he looks a bit lethargic today.' Said Jamie, both his sister and the dog looking at him suspiciously.

'Then come with me to the examination room.' Said Jenny to him for turn to the receptionist next. 'Come with us, between my bump and his arm, we'll need you to move Donas up the table.'

'So...lethargic, isna it?' Said Jenny as she dismissed Laoghaire and locked up the room. 'He doesna look lethargic for me.' She carried on doing her regular checking of her dog patients.

'Aye, I dinna ken now, maybe it was somethin' he had eaten earlier.' Jamie kept up the story.

'I see, I think I ken what is happennin' here.' Jenny said to Jamie. 'A typical case of his human needin' somethin' and no havin' balls to ask directly.' The dog laid down the table and looked at him like understanding the playing was over.

'Och, Jen.'

'What is really happenin'?' Jenny went directly to the issue.

'I've met someone,' Jamie confessed, 'and I dinna ken how to move things further.'

'It was about time, brother.' Jenny smiled to him. ''Tis been two years since Annalise. Who's she? A lass from the production company?'

'No, her name is Claire and she's the doctor mended my shoulder yesterday.' Said Jamie. 'Ye remember when Da told us that when the perfect person appeared we would ken. I think I've found her, Jen. That's why I was lookin' for Ian, for ask him how he worked that with ye at the beginning.'

'He didna,' Jenny told him. 'We were lab partners, we fancied each other but he never found enough courage for ask me out. So durin' a students party I went on to him, drank half his drink, kissed him and told him that he'd be payin' the cinema tickets next day.' Jamie laughed at his sister's story. 'Ye just need a way to get in direct contact with her again.'

'Well, she's an A&E doctor and I've no wish of get hit by a spotlight again.' Said Jamie. 'That's the thin''

'Maybe be driven around by John would work the same.' Jenny joked, she had also seen John's driving skills. 'Maybe ye could send her a message to the hospital.'

'That is a good idea, Jen.' Said Jamie. 'But also what about..."

'What about what?' Jenny asked back.

'Well, ye ken. How it went when ye told Ian ye wanted to wait til... ye ken,' Said Jamie. 'Ye ken that with Annalise...'

'If Annalise had truly loved ye, she would have waited, as Ian waited for me and as yer lass will do if she's really the one for ye, Jamie.' Said Jenny. 'Ye ken what Ian told me when I asked him? He said that what was the problem of waitin' a bit when he kent he wanted to pass the rest of his life with me.' She went to hug Jamie 'If ye really think she's the one for ye, go for it, and godspeed, brother.'

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'I can't believe someone famous was here and I missed it.' Said Joe as they studied a set of x-rays.

'He couldn't have signed you an autograph.' Claire replied. 'His left arm was the one injured.'

'How do you know he's left-handed?' Joe asked, Claire feeling blush coming to her cheeks. She didn't want to tell him she had been watching Jamie's show and remembered a bit where he was talking abut how his father and godfather taught him to use safely tools with his left hand.

Luckily for her, their friend and colleague Louise interrupted their conversation. 'Claire, they need you at reception. And you should really come quickly.'

They walked together to the reception station to find a huge bouquet of flowers sitting there waiting. 'A delivery man just brought it for you.' Louise told Claire.

'Wait, for me?' Said a surprised Claire checking the flowers.

'Lady Jane, you got yourself a man!' Said Joe with a big smile

'And how you dare not to tell me.' Louise added

'No, Louise, wait.' She found a card amongst the flowers, her name on it written crookedly, as by someone writing with an injured hand perhaps?

Claire hid herself on an empty office to check the note. 'I've been thinkin' on ye and I wish to see ye again. Dinner? Jamie had signed the note with his full name- James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser and his phone number. Claire laughed at how seriously he had taken it and quickly went in search of her phone on the pockets of her doctor's coat.


'I like this one, but I'm not sure of the colour scheme. ' Said John, after a day off, Jamie had go back to the studio to study some designs with him. 'Maybe a lighter shade of blue.'

'Maybe, but ye ken colour schemes are just as sample,' Jamie answered, 'then people can choose their own.' He was interrupted by the vibration of his phone, a message for an unknown number, he smiled thinking if it would be what he was waiting for. 'I need a minute.'

'Tell Jenny that all spotlights are safe today.' John answered, thinking it was another message from Jamie's sister.

'I've been thinking about you too. Where and when? Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp' Was the message text. Jamie smiled happily and quickly answered back.

'Lookin' for a suitable place now. Message ye when I book it. Jamie ❤️' Claire received as she was still hidden on the office, laughing at the heart emoji.

'Waiting for you. ❤️ Claire.' She sent back with another heart before coming out the office to find Joe and Louise waiting outside for news.

'And?' Louise shot first.

'OK, I met someone and he just invited me for a dinner.' Claire confessed to her friends.

'We finish at the same time.' Louise said to her. 'We're going shopping later.'


'Do ye ken that wee Italian ye like to go with Hector?' Jamie asked John 'I'd like to see if I can get a table.'

'It's too romantic for go alone or with your sister and her husband, Jamie.' Said John.

'Well, I wasna thinkin' in go with Jenny.' Jamie explained john. 'But with someone different.'

'Wait, you have a date? An actual date?' Said an excited John 'Halle-fucking-llujah! I'm calling them myself. I'm friends with the maitre, I'll tell him to give you the best table. You need to order the spicy lobster pasta, Hector always gets playful after have it and God knows you need some aphrodisiac. You've been living like a monk for too long.'

'Och, John.' Jamie tried to stop his friend.

'And I'm calling Gianni too, we need to do something with that hair.' John carried on.

'Ye didna mind my hair when ye were in love with me back in school.' Jamie finally stopped him.

'I thought we had made the deal of not talking about that ever again.' Said John.

'Leave my hair out of this then.' Jamie advised.

'What about your clothes?' John went on again. 'You're still keeping that hideous leather jacket.'

'I inherited that jacket from my Da, John.' Said Jamie

'Still a big No-No for a first date.'


And if Jamie had John, Claire had Louise. As soon as they both had finished their shifts, Louise had dragged Claire through the high street shops in search of the perfect outfit for Claire's date.

'How may I help ye?' Said the assistant of the shop as they stepped in.

'Here my friend is having her first date since she caught her ex-husband cheating on her with a 19-year-old,' Louise quickly explained

'Louise!' Claire exclaimed.

'We need something that says "I need to get thoroughly fucked" but still stylish.' Louise kept with her speech.

'Oh, please.' Said Claire.

'I think I have somethin' in red.' Said the shop assistant leaving for a minute before coming back with a tight, bright red dress with a long V-neck.

'Maybe a bit showy, don't you think?' Said Claire to Louise.

'It's perfect.' Answered Louise.

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"Gabbani's Friday 9pm. Waiting for ye."

Jamie was occupying a sit on the bar a good half an hour before the time he had told Claire, checking his watch every few minutes, nervous and afraid of anything that could spoil the night. Finally, just a couple of minutes after 9pm, Claire came into the restaurant. 'A Dhia' Said Jamie at see her, wrapped on a deep red, knee high dress which illuminated her pale skin like candlelight and accentuated her long legs.

'Sorry for the delay,' She said after give him a couple of chaste kisses in his cheeks, 'the uber driver lost his way.'

'Dinna fash Claire, 'tis been only few minutes.' He promptly answered her. He did a signal to the maitre, who hurried to accompany them to their table, placed, as John had promised him, with the best views of the stage where a young woman was singing a nice song in Italian.

'Love has no meaning. Love does not have a name. Love bathes the eyes. Love warms the heart. Love shivers. Love has no reason.' Jamie translated for Claire as they listened.

'Do you speak Italian?' She asked him.

'Aye, my friend John and I passed a summer backpacking through Italy during Uni.' Jamie answered. 'He got the money, I got the language book.' A bottle of prosecco from the house appeared alongside the menus. 'He's also a good customer of this place and got us some privileges.'

'Let's enjoy them then.' Said Claire , offering her glass for a celebratory toast.

'Aye, let's enjoy them then.' Said Jamie clinking glasses with her. 'Where do ye wanna start?'

'What about the menu? I'm starving.' He laughed at her. 'This lobster pasta seems delicious.'

'Aye, 'tis just what John recommended me too.' He told Claire without take his eyes off her. 'Make it two then.' He added to the waiter. 'And the mozzarella salad.'

'And some of this garlic cheesy bread rolls. They looked gorgeous.' She added.

'You ARE starving, arena ye?' Claire laughed at him

'Sorry, A&E work has its cons.' Claire answered him. 'I've been the whole day with just a tuna sandwich and a couple of bottles of orange juice.'

'So, what do ye want talk about?' Jamie asked, 'my specialties are art and design, rugby and horses.'

'What about yourself? I want to know about you.' She answered him, reaching for his hand in the table.

'28 years old, natural red heided. I've dog, I've a black lab named Donas, my sister convinced me to got it. And as ye ken, I've my own TV show and a book. That's the basics' He told her. 'Yer turn.'

'Well, 30 years old, an A&E doctor for now, I wish to be a proper surgeon one day. Divorced, but you already knew that one. And I have a cat, Adso.'

'Adso?' Jamie asked.

'Yes, it was the name he was inscribed as in the shelter I got him from. I liked it, so I kept it.'

'The Highland Friends Rescue.' He surprised her by saying the name of the shelter.

'How can you know?' She asked him.

'My sister, Jenny, and Ian, her husband, are both vets.' He began to explain to her. 'They collaborate with the shelter and foster kittens for them every now and then. My sister took the habit of always name a kitten of each litter Adso, after the cat our Mam had while we were growing up. I think ye went to adopt one of her kittens.'

'You can tell your sister he's well taken care of.' She laughed

'Aye, she'll be glad to hear that.' He laughed back.

'And what your mother thinks of all those kittens named like hers? Did she keep one for herself?' She asked, immediately noticing Jamie tensing on his chair.

'My mam died, a car accident when I was eight. She and my older brother, Willie.' He told Claire. 'That's when we moved from our farm in the Highlands to the city. My father couldn't cope with live there without my mam. The house caught fire few years later and I truly think it was the last nail on my father's coffin, he died soon after. Jenny and I still own the land, 'tis where I film the show sometimes. We were close to sell it, when Jenny and Ian were about to marry and needed money for open the vet clinic. But then the husband of our Aunt Jocasta died and she gave some of the money she inherited to us, so we could keep Lallybroch and Jenny and Ian could open their place.'

'I'm so sorry Jamie, I shouldn't have asked.' She said, reaching for his hand again.

''Tis OK, lass.' He answered her, squeezing her hand.

'I know how it feels. My parents died too, when I was five. I was raised by my uncle Lambert. He was and archaeologist, so we traveled a lot between England and Egypt during my school years. He died too, short after I graduated.'

'I'm sorry to hear that, a nighean.' He told her, he was looking for something else to say, but he was interrupted by the arrival of the food.

'What if we stop the sad stories and tuck in the pasta? It looks even better than in the photo.' Said Claire, making him laugh again.

'That sounds a great idea.'

The rest of the dinner was passed talking about their jobs and the things they liked to do. Claire loved that Jamie was also a prolific jogger, while Jamie invited her to go hiking the moors one day with him and Donas. After the pasta, some more wine and dessert of a shared tiramisu and chocolate cake, they knew almost everything about each other. The singer had comeback after a short break and now some couples had taken over the ballroom, Jamie stood up and offered his hand to Claire. 'Care for a dance?' Claire smiled him and quickly accepted the proposition. 'Have I told ye that ye have the most lovely eyes I've ever seen? The colour of good whiskey.' He hold her firmly for her waist as her arms surrounded his neck.

'You have beautiful eyes too. So blue. They feel like the ocean.' She told him as answer.

They danced a couple of pieces before Claire told him she need to go, as she worked the day after. Jamie quickly paid and called for an uber to drive them home. They stopped at her place first, where he ceremoniously accompanied her to the door of the flat building, even when a sharp rain had began to fall.

'You're a proper gentleman Jamie.' She told him. 'I should thank you for the best night I've had in months.'

''Tis been the same for me, would ye mind if I text ye goodnight when I come home?' Said Jamie.

'Not at all, Jamie.' She said, slightly kissing his lips, 'I would love that.'

'Goodnight Claire. See you later'

'Goodnight, Jamie.' She got into her building, Jamie waiting for her to disappear behind the lift doors before go back the waiting uber.'

Fifteen minutes, as Claire prepared herself for bed, a message biped in her phone. It was a photo of Jamie and his dog lying on his bed. 'Donas wanted to say ye goodnight too.' It read. She quickly went to try to get a nice picture of Adso, she could send him. 'Adso says goodnight too.' She sent after a couple of failed attempts.

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Claire was woken up by the continuous beeping of her phone. She rolled in the mattress to check it, finding several massages from her friend Louise in just few seconds.

'Hot and famous, seriously?'

'Claire you lucky bitch!!!!!'

'I'm expecting a full report of yesterday's activities when you come to work.'

'How Louise could possibly know about Jamie?' Claire asked herself, she had been cautious of not giving any details about who her date was. She was going to text Louise back to ask how she knew when Joe texted her too.

'So that's how you knew he's left-handed.'

'I might get my autograph after all.'

Joe sent her a link to a tabloid article, some paparazzi had been around the restaurant and had caught them as they left for home. 'Date-It-Yourself' The article head read. 'Britain's favourite handyman,' Claire rolled her eyes, knowing how Jamie didn't like to be called a handyman, 'Jamie Fraser, might stop soon to work his tools just by himself, 'Claire got angry at the evident sexual innuendo in the article, 'as he was seen past night leaving a fashionable restaurant in Glasgow holding hands with a beautiful brunette. The couple seemed really mitten as the boarded an uber late at night.' The rest of the article was just stuff about Jamie and his show, Claire was browsing around as another message arrived, this time, from Jamie.

'Claire, I must tell ye something.'

'If it's about the tabloid photos, I already know about them.'

'I'm so sorry, lass, I swear to ye if I had kent I wouldna have taken ye there.'

'I know, Jamie, and it's OK. I suppose it's one of the bad things of fame.'

'Aye, a verra annoyin' thing.'

'How are you this morning?'

'Countin' the minutes until I see ye again. If ye wish to.'

'I do, Jamie, maybe sometime next week. I'm working the whole weekend.'

'Aye, John has been recommendin' me a play on the Fringe. It might be a nice plan.'

'I would love it.'

Claire had a blissful work day, if one didn't count Louise fawning around her for details and Joe's jokes. Or at least it was what she thought until her ex-husband stomped out in the hospital.

'What are you doing here, Frank?' She asked him as Frank went to her.

'We need to talk.' Was his answer.

'About what?'

'About my wife whoring herself in the newspapers. Can you imagine the laughs of the other people at this morning's meeting at the university?' Frank shouted at Claire.

'What? First of all, I'm not your wife anymore, I can do whatever I want. And second, if you think I was whoring myself for going out with someone I wonder what you call what that student was doing to you.' She shouted back at him. 'Leave now, Frank. We don't have anything to talk about.'

'You're going to explain to me.' Frank said, grabbing her arm.

'Get off me, You're hurting me.' Claire fought to get out Frank's grab, until someone went to help her.

'You hear the lady, here.' It was Jamie, quickly positioned himself between her and Frank. 'Leave her alone.'

From the other side of the hall, Joe appeared with a couple of security guys, who quickly seized Frank. 'We came as soon the nurse alerted us. You're not welcome here anymore Frank. You can leave no for yourself, or we can call the police.'

Frank tried to force his way off the security guards, who at a signal from Joe, guide Frank out of the hospital.

'Security knows now to not let him come in again.' Said Joe to a still bit shaken Claire as soon Frank disappeared out of the doors.. 'I'm glad you were here to help her first.' He added to Jamie before go back to Claire. 'What about you sit for a bit on the cantina for a tea.'

'I'm fine.' Claire answered Joe.

'No, you're not.' Joe told her back.

'Ye must be Joe,' Jamie shook hands with Claire's friend, 'Claire told me about ye. That ye're a fan.'

'Oh geez. Not the moment for that I suppose.' He laughed 'I need to go. I suppose I can let Claire on your care for a bit.'

'Ye can trust on me.' Jamie answered.


'What are you doing here?' Claire asked Jamie as he brought a couple of steaming drinks to the place she was sitting.

'Ye can say I couldna wait for see ye again.' Jamie answered, making her laugh. 'And I'm glad I was there for ye when ye needed someone to help.'

'I'm so sorry, Jamie, I don't know why he was so...' Claire tried to explain.

'Dinna fash, lass.' Jamie told her. 'I could smell the whiskey as much a ye probably did. Morons are morons. It isna yer fault.'

'So, still want to go to the theatre with me,' she asked him, 'even after see my very moronic ex-husband.'

'Och, ye can put money on it, mo nighean.' Jamie told her.

Chapter Text

Jamie walked in the old hardware shop as he always did, greeting a couple of regular costumers and his godfather's employees. 'Madainn Mhath, Rupert. Where's Murtagh?'

'He's at the office.' Was Rupert's answer. 'Good ye're here. I think he wants to see ye too.' That, and the laugh of Angus, the other employee of the shop, quickly gave Jamie a clue of what Murtagh probably wanted to talk about with him- the paparazzi article on the newspaper. He walked to the stairs and up to the second floor office, Murtagh worked from. 'Murtagh, 'tis me, Jamie. I came to talk with ye about somethin'.'

'Just in time, come in ye clot heid.' Murtagh said from inside the office, making Jamie feel like a small child. Soon his suspicious were confirmed as he could see the newspaper, open at the gossip pages, on the desk. 'I kent that this whole business of the show was a bad idea from minute one.' Murtagh started to lecture Jamie, walking around the cramped office for emphasis. 'I'm glad yer parents arena here to see what their lad is about...'

'Och, Murtagh, it isna that bad.' Jamie tried to calm him.

'I swore yer mam when ye were no' more than a wean at her breast that I would see ye safe and then I swore the same to yer da on his deathbed and what do ye...let yerself on the papers, on the worst section of them all.'

'Murtagh, I just was on a date. I didna ken the photographers were there.' Jamie defended himself. 'That's what I wanted to talk ye about. See, I've just met Claire and...'


'Claire, the lass I was on a date with. I'm in love with her. She's the one for me, I ken it.'

'Ye're a goddamn idiot. Ye barely ken each other.'

'Och, Murtagh, nor my da and mam kent each other that much, and they also kent they were made for each other.'

''Tis no' the same. 'Twas up on Broch Morda were ye could trust what people was about. Ye're here in the city with money and fame up yer arse, I dinna want any whore to use ye like a hanky because of it.

'Murtagh, she's no' a whore.' Jamie , leveled up his voice this time. 'She's a good woman, She's a doctor, a very respectable career. I dinna want ye to talk about her in those terms.'

'Jamie, lad, are ye sure what are ye doin'?'

'I am, a gostidh. That's why wanted to talk to ye about her. I want ye and Jenny and Ian to meet her soon. Make a nice little dinner at my flat.'

'i still think ye're a goddamn idiot, but I suppose I can give her a fair chance.'

'Thank ye Murtagh, Believe me, ye're goin' to love her.'

Chapter Text

They had been dating for almost a month, and they clearly in love, or at least, on the first steps to love. They had gone dinner, theatre, a weekend on the coast with his friend John and John's partner, Hector, and the next night Jamie was going to introduce her to his godfather, his sister and her husband. They were clearly riding on a golden road, except for a little, tiny detail.

'I need some advice about something in private.' Claire said as she pushed her friend Louise to an empty toilet. 'But I need you to swear me silence first.'

'What's happening?' Louise asked.

'Swear me you're no telling anyone what I'm going to tell you.'

'OK...I swear I'm not telling anyone what you are going to tell me.'

'It's about Jamie and me.'

'What's happened? I mean, you look really happy together.'

'Yes, we are. I am. It's that...we've been together for a month and...we haven't do THAT yet.'

'What do you mean?'

'We haven't had sex yet.'

'Maybe he's got, you know, problems with that, and he doesn't want it to spoil what you have.'

'No, he hasn't. I mean, when we met here, when I was attending Jamie, when he dislocated his shoulder, he had an erection. And then the other weekend as we slept on John's coast house, in the same bed. We had a lot of drinks, but I could still feel him go hard against me as we tried to sleep. I don't know what to do, or how to speak with him about this.'

'Don't worry Claire. You yourself told me how old-fashioned Jamie is. Maybe he's just trying to go slow and steady for a bit. You two are going to meet his family, I bet he's waiting until that to take the next step.' Louise stopped and took a card from her wallet. 'And if not, you can always try to make him. This shop has wonderful stuff to heat his arse up that step by yourself.'

'Oh, Louise.' Claire sighed as she was given the commercial card of a lingerie and sex shop.

'Big problems need big solutions, isn't it?

Chapter Text

'You would believe me if I told you I'm extremely anxious.' Claire hugged Jamie from behind as he cooked the dinner. 'After how you told me your godfather reacted to the newspaper gossip article. I don't want him to think so bad about us.'

'Dinna fash for that, mo ghraidh.' Said Jamie, turning around to kiss Claire and hold her tight. 'Once he kens ye fine, he's goin' to love ye.'

She smiled and let him go back the pasta on the pan as she went to check again the table was ready for dinner and Donas hadn't mess up with anything. She was anxious for another thing, but she couldn't tell Jamie about it. After giving it a long thought, she had visited that morning the shop Louise had recommended her, in search for lingerie set to show Jamie after the dinner was over and their guest gone. It was a ridiculous thing. A black silk set of bra, knickers, garters and tights, with all the breasts and pubic area basically transparent. The shop lady had actively praised it against Claire's concerns, but at the end she had purchased and it rested for the moment inside her bag, waiting for the moment Jamie and her were alone. But Claire was obliged to take the thought on her new lingerie out of her mind, as the bell door rung announcing the arrival of Jenny, Ian and Murtagh.

Jamie pushed the buzzer opening the building's main door and turn to Claire. 'Ready, Sassenach?'

'No, but I suppose I can do nothing about it now.' Claire answered as a loud knock came from the door. Soon Jenny, Ian and their toddler son and Murtagh had made their way to the flat.

'So, this is Claire.' Jamie introduced her to his family. 'and Claire, these are Jenny, my sister, Ian, and Young Jamie.' The boy quickly waving his little hand towards her.

'Och, he doesna do that with everyone. That's a good sign.' Jenny said as she kissed Claire's cheeks as a greeting. 'Pleased to meet ye. Jamie has been talkin' me about ye all this time.'

'Pleased to meet you too, Jenny.'

'And this is my godfather, Murtagh.' Jamie carried on.

'Mistress.' Murtagh said dryly until, not carrying on until he caught Jamie's disappointed look. 'Pleased to meet ye.'

'Pleased to meet you too, Murtagh.' Claire said with a couple of cheek kisses. 'Just come in to the living room. Dinner's almost ready.'

'Aye, just few more minutes.' Jamie said as the guests were greeted by the dog and sit around the table.

The dinner went as in a dream, the food was good and the conversation lively. Jamie was incredibly proud of presenting the woman he loved to his family. And Claire was quickly making friends with Jenny and Ian, and even Murtagh, seemed to be starting to warm up Claire. Soon after the food is over, Jamie took Murtagh to the kitchen for some new glasses for a celebratory round of whisky and talk privately with him. 'I think ye owe me an apology.' Jamie said once they reached the kitchen.

'Whatever for lad?' Murtagh answered.

'For yer words on the office about Claire. There's nothin' ye can say bad about her now.'

'Aye, I suppose I do need to apologize ye, Jamie. She's a verra nice woman.' Murtagh took a deep breath and carried on. 'She reminds me of yer mam. Smart, beautiful, strong minded...and stubborn enough to keep up with an idiot Fraser as yer da and ye are. I hope ye for the best.'

'Thank ye, a gostidh.' Jamie said hugging Murtagh, before take the glasses back to the living room.

'So, he likes me now.' Claire asked Jamie from the toilet as she got ready on her new lingerie and heavier make up.

'Aye, I told ye he just needed to ken ye properly.' Said Jamie as he finished clearing up the living room. 'Are ye OK? Ye have been in there for ten minutes.'

'Yes, I just need a couple of minutes more.' Claire said back from the toilet. 'I have a little surprise for you.'

'What surprise?'

'Look at it by yourself.' Claire said as she walked in the living room.

'Sassenach...' Jamie run out of words as every fiber of his body ignited at the sight in front of him.

Chapter Text

Jamie couldn't move and just barely breathed as she walked towards him, her hair loose, a bright red shade of lipstick, tall black stilettos and clad in a black lingerie set transparent enough to show off her breasts and between her legs. 'Do you like it?' She said as she twirled, showing the back of it. 'I got it specially for you tonight.'

'A dhia' Jamie breathed.

'Come here Jamie.' Said Claire, getting closer to him. 'Come to me.'

Before he could even think it, he was sit on the sofa, Claire sit on his lap, looking at him, kissing him. He felt one of his hands moving across her naked thigh, the other one behind her neck keeping her close to him, her breasts, her nipples the size of cherries looking directly at his eyes, his cock going hard as she rubbed herself on him. 'Jamie, please, it's time for it' He haven't wanted anything as hard as he wanted to bury his face on her breasts, to take her like animal, but he needed to talk with her first.

'Claire, wait,' He said as she started to play with his shirt buttons, 'there's...there's....I need to tell ye somethin'.'

'Jamie, what's happening? We've been together for a month already. We're good, or I think we are...' Claire said, Jamie feeling the anxiety on her voice. 'I want it and I can feel you want it too.'

'Shh, mo ghraidh.' Jamie said, sweetly caressing her face. 'I want ye, I want ye more than I've ever wanted anythin' in my life. But there's somethin' ye need to ken first.' Jamie took a deep breath. 'I...I have never done this, ye ken, lie with a woman. I'm a virgin.'

'That's a good one.' Claire laughed at him for a second, before look at the expression on his eyes. 'Seriously? But how? Have you seen yourself?'

'Aye, I ken. I suppose 'tis the way I was raised, to wait until the One appears.'

'So, what are you waiting for then?'

'Our wedding night.'

'Did you just say OUR wedding night?'

'Aye, I did.'

'Are you proposing?'

'Aye, I am.'

'You're being ridiculous.'

'Claire, mo Sorcha. I kent I wanted to make ye my wife the same instant I put my eyes on ye on that hospital room. I love ye, and I want to marry ye. But I also kent that ye just came out a bad marriage and I'm good with wait until ye're ready, as long as ye dinna mind to wait for me too.'

Claire felt like she was about to cry. She loved him, one could say that from the same instant she had met him also, and she knew that he was the one she wanted to pass the rest of her life. 'Yes, Jamie, I will marry you, and I'll wait for you and our wedding night.'

'Are ye talking seriously, mo chridhe?' Jamie asked again.

'Yes, Jamie, I haven't talked more seriously in my life.' Claire answered before they kissed for long time.

'Just one more thing. Promise me ye're wearin' this on our first night.' Jamie said, making Claire wheeze.

'I promise.'


'So, you're a wood worker, waiting for marriage before have sex.' Claire told Jamie some time later as they cuddle on bed, Claire swapping her sexy lingerie for one of Jamie's rugby t-shirts. 'One would wonder what century you're coming from.' She felt Jamie laughing at the comment. 'Why didn't you tell me earlier?'

'I was afraid.'

'Afraid of what?'

'Yer reaction. Ye have yer sad story and well, I have mine.'

'Do you want to share it?'

'Her name Anneliese. She was a French lass I went Uni with. I caught her cheating with me and she spat on my face that it was my fault for no' wantin' to lay with her, so she started to look for pleasure with other men.'

'She sounds like a bitch.'

'That's exactly what Jenny still thinks about her.'

'Her loss. And my gain.' She said before kiss him goodnight.

Chapter Text

Claire looked at the small heap of boxes and bags sitting on the now even emptier living room. She was surprised of how little sad she was of leave the flat it had been her home from the day she had move to Scotland. She stared at the bare walls trying to recall any happy memory, but she found nothing of value. Those walls had seen some of the worst and loneliest times of her life. It was time to turn the page, to leave for a new life with the man she loved. And soon that man was surrounding her with his strong arms. 'Penny for yer thoughts, Sassenach.' He whispered at her ear.

'I was thinking in how happy I am of leave this place.' She answered. 'How ready I am to start again with you.'

'Good. Ye're goin' to make a verra good Fraser then.'

'Care to elaborate?'

'The Fraser clan motto. Je suis pret. I am ready.'

They kissed and then went to start the task of get all the boxes on Murtagh's old van for the drive to Jamie's flat. They were almost finish when the last person Claire wanted to see at the time, suddenly showed up at the apartment building. 'What are you doing here Frank?' Said Claire, stopping Jamie's intentions to shield her from her ex-husband.

'So, it's true. You're moving out. The landlord told me about it.'

'Yes, I am. What's the problem?'

'Why didn't you tell me? We rent this place together, my name is still in the contract.'

'Because it's not your business anymore, Frank. Nothing related to what I do or how I live is. Keep the little dignity you still have and stay away from me. I'll send your half of the deposit for the flat through your solicitor. Goodbye Frank'

'Ye better do what Claire says!' Jamie exclaimed, leaving quite clear he and Murtagh were ready to go for the jugular if Frank didn't do what Claire said.

'Goodbye Claire, have luck with your handyman.' Frank said before walk away from them. Claire hoping it would be forever.


'Wait a minute here, Sassenach.' Jamie said, taking the carrier where Adso had been travelling. 'I want to do this properly.'

'What are you doing?' Claire said as Jamie left the cat carrier inside the flat before coming back for Claire and sweeping her up her feet, carrying her through the door. 'You're supposing to that once you get married.' She laughed as he let her back down.

'Och, dinna fash, I'll just do it again after the wedding.'

Claire kissed her fiance and went to open the door of the carrier, letting the grey cat free to explore his new home. Donas, Jamie's Labrador, soon tried to play with Adso, but the cat ignore it all the way up to the dog's plushy bed. The cat soon laid himself in it, giving the dog a sharp hiss and tapping the dog's head, before roll himself for a comfy nap. The dog looked to his now amused humans, before laid outside the bed.

'I think Adso already feels at home.' Claire said, laughing.

'Aye. Now, he just need to learn that the bed 'tis no' just for him, for what it looks like.'

Jamie then took Claire to the bedroom where he had a surprise for her, the doctor's cabinet he had made some time before, placed now in front of their bed to serve as Claire's vanity table.

'Oh my God, it's beautiful. Where did you find it?'

'I made it.'

'Wait, what? Seriously?'

'Aye, I found the original on a XVIII century design book and I thought it would make a good project. 'Twas taking dust at the shop until I found someone who would like it. And I just thought ye would.'

'I love it, Jamie, thank you.' Claire said as she went to kiss Jamie.

'Now look at that wee drawer there.' Jamie said, pointing to one of the side drawers. Claire went to check it, finding a small navy blue box in it, an old fashioned engagement ring waiting inside it. 'I owed ye a ring, after, well, my unorthodox proposal.'

'It's wonderful, Jamie. 'Said Claire going to let Jamie placing the ring in her hand.

'Twas my mam's engagement ring. And now 'tis my future wife's.' Jamie told her with a wide smile, just before Claire went on to kiss him again.

The rest of the evening was as blissful as the beginning. As she put her clothes her new wardrobe, Jamie went to cook a delicious shellfish past they went on to dinner with a special, expensive wine Jamie had bought for the occasion and a Netflix and cuddles session on the sofa, watching Donas trying to make friends with Adso as an extra show. Claire went on to loose it as the canine tried to interest the feline on his favourite tennis ball, making the cat push the ball, which rolled around, the dog taking it as cue for a game of fetch, and so bringing the ball back to the cat once again.

Claire woke up the next morning with the noise of children steps around the house. She knew it was only her imagination, but she felt that she barely could wait for it to be true, to have family with Jamie. She turned around to observe Jamie as he slept peacefully, a smile on his face. She cuddle back on his arms, feeling happier than she had ever been. It had been only one day, but she already loved her new life.

Chapter Text

'And now 'tis time to see what your feline friend thinks of your hard work.' Said Jamie looking at the rolling cameras. 'This is Adso, my fiancee's cat. Look Adso, I made this for ye.' Jamie added, letting the cat loose close to the brand new cat tree Jamie had been constructing for one of the episodes of his show. The cat seemed indifferent for a moment, before jump on it and began grooming himself while purring. Jamie pet him, talking to him in Gaelic, Adso purring loudly. 'And this is the end for today's episode. See ye next week.'

'And cut.' Said the director, marking Claire that she was now free to roam around the studio again.

'What do ye think Sassenach?' Jamie proudly asked.

'It's beautiful. But you didn't have to do it, it was just a joke.' Claire told Jamie as she admired his work.

'Och, lass, I promised ye to be there for anythin' ye need, or Adso needs.'

The last six weeks have passed quick and blissfully. Their time living together had been wonderful- with Claire teaching yoga to Jamie, and Jamie teaching Claire how to cook- while the preparations for the wedding, only two weeks ahead, were going nicely. Claire was getting accustomed to fans calling Jamie's attention when they were out for dinner or party, while Jamie was always aware of Claire's shifts- making her a healthy meal after a rough, long one, and picking up at the hospital as much as he could.

But there was a little thing that it was bothering Claire. Living together, as good as it was, it also meant that they were together on occasions which might feel awkward on their actual state of celibacy. After few weeks of see Jamie naked on the shower or wake up with his half hard cock against her in the morning she felt her libido overcharged and needing for a let go. She started to think that, maybe, work it once by herself wouldn't be that grave.

She waited until Jamie left to give Donas a walk on the evening and went on the search of her old vibrator, at the bottom of the box she had hidden it, so to nor Jamie nor Murtagh found it by accident. It wouldn't take long, Claire thought as she started to play with it between her legs. She closed her eyes, thinking about Jamie, shaving on the bathroom that morning, how the towel rested on his hips, how much she wanted to unwrapped him like a present and...

'Sassenach, where are...' Jamie busted into the room as she was lost in her fantasy.

'Shit, shit, shit.' She exclaimed.' Jamie, sorry...I just...'

Jamie looked at her, naked in the bed, sex toy in her hand, and by Claire's surprise, he started to laugh and soon he was sat with her in the bed. 'Dinna fash, lass. I ken ye have already experience on this, and that ye have yer needs.' He said to her with a sweet kiss.

'You mean, you're not angry I'm doing this.'

'No, 'tis more,' said Jamie, leaving the bed to take the room's chair and sit on it in front of the bed, 'carry on. Teach me how to pleasure ye.'

Claire shied away for few seconds, before Jamie nodded to her from the chair to carry on. It looked weird for a bit, but it turned strangely erotic to be doing that with Jamie watching, fully clothed on his chair. 'Tell me, Sassenach. Teach me what ye like.'

'I like to have my breasts nipped and sucked. Will you do that for me?'

'Ye have verra bonnie breasts, Sassenach. It'll be my pleasure to savour them.'

'And then...' Claire moaned as she put the vibrator on her clitoris. 'there's my clit, it likes to have a lot of attention.'

'A wee needy thin', isna it?'


'I'll remember it. Now tell me, what ye were thinkin' before I came in.'

'You...I was thinking in you. This morning while you were showering and shaving. In how much I wanted to throw that towel out of the way and...take you there and then.'

'Not long now, mo ghraidh.' And I'll be all yers.'

'Jamie, you know you can touch yourself too.' She said as the simple idea of see Jamie doing it too helped to build up her climax.

'No, Sassenach, I promised myself that the next time I spill my seed will be inside ye. I'm here to learn, to know how to do my best in loving ye, mo chrdhe.

'I can't wait, Jamie. I want you here with me.'

'Me too. I can't wait to make love to ye, to savour ye, to know the feel of my cock inside of ye. To have my body to do what that wee damned machine is doing right now.'

Jamie's words helped her to reach her orgasm. Seconds after she was finished, Jamie went on to the bed with Claire, throwing the vibrator far away on the carpet and holding her close to him. 'Only two more weeks and it will be for real, isn't it.' Claire said as she burrowed on Jamie.


'I hope they pass quickly.'

'Me too, mo Sorcha.'

Chapter Text

'Today we congratulate our host Jamie and the new Mrs. Fraser in occasion of their wedding. With a heart emoji and a photo of you and Claire at the register's office entrance. Something cute and classy.' John explained Jamie how they were to announce the wedding on the show's social media as they were driven by Murtagh to the office. 'What do you think?'

'I suppose 'tis OK.' Said Jamie, as he checked for God's know which time that all the elements of his Fraser kilt assemble were in place. 'Ye ken I dinna ken that much about those thin's'

'I dinna ken why ye have to announce it on the phone. They're just gettin' married as every normal person do, for Christ sake.' Said Murtagh from the driver's seat.

'People likes to know about this kind of things, Murtagh. And it's a cheap way to get people talk about the show.' John answered.


In the meantime, Claire was at Jamie's sister's house, where she had passed the night, getting ready with Jenny's help.

'I've already done this once, I don't know why I'm so nervous.' Claire as Jenny tried for second time to apply eyeliner on her.

'Dinna fash Claire. All will be fine.' Said Jenny.

'Do you think Jamie is going to like it.' She said of her dress, a simple woolen white dress, more appropriate for the cold weather of the day than bridal looking. 'Maybe I should have gotten something looking more like a wedding dress. Or wait and organize something, you know, bigger.'

'Aye, and fuckin' freeze around Glasgow in December.' Jenny's words made Claire laugh so hard she almost spoiled again Jenny's make up work. 'Relax, everthin' is goin' to be OK, My brother loves ye with every fibre of his body, and I ken ye love him with the same intensity. Fancy dresses or big partied arena the most important thin' here. Ye and Jamie are. I will bet ye here and now that his jaw is goin' to hit the floor when he sees ye.'

'Thank you Jenny for your words.'

'Ye're welcome sister.'


'Aye, ye're my sister now.' Jenny added with a big hug.


Jamie was waiting restless as he waited on the wedding hall at the register's office. 'Have a wee draft lad.' Murtagh offered from the little cask he had always on one of his pockets, the officiant rolling his eyes as Claire's friends, Joe and Louise and Joe's wife started laughing at it.

'Not now, Murtagh.'

Soon one of the doors opened, Jenny coming through and giving the cue to everyone getting on position. A young worker of the place playing a wedding march from a very old cd player. Soon, Young Jamie, Jenny's son, came in, as the flower boy, came into the hall, followed by Claire, taken to the altar by Ian.

'A dhia.' Jamie said as he saw his bride, in her white dress, little fabric flowers adorning her hair, walking the aisle towards him. 'Ye look wonderful mo ghraidh.' He said as she reached him at the officiant's table.

'Everyone ready?' The officiant asked as everyone sat around the bride and the groom.

'Je suis pret.' Claire said Jamie's family, her new family, motto, for Jamie's pleasure.

'OK, so, we gathered here today to join James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser and Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp in marriage...' The officiant began with the ceremony.

'I, James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser, take thee Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp as my wedded wife...'

'I, Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp, take thee James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser as my wedded husband...'

'And with the authority of the law I declare ye husband and wife.' The officiant said and Jamie and Claire kissed even before the officiant had the chance of give them the traditional permission, for the amusement of the guests.

After the ceremony, they went for lunch to a nearby restaurant, where they all enjoy a fair lunch and a huge wedding cake John had bought for them. 'Let's toast for the bride and groom.' Announced Murtagh as they went to cut the cake. 'Jamie, Claire, I hope this is the beginning of many years of happiness. I wish God to bless ye on this day and any day from now.' He added as the rest of the people cheered, and clinked their glasses and Jamie went to hug his godfather before go back to Claire and the cake. They ate the cake, with the extra amusement of Young Jamie rejecting the cutlery and eating his portion with his hand for his parents embarrassment and, soon before five o'clock, they all gathered at the restaurant's entrance to say goodbye to Jamie and Claire at the car John had also arranged to drive them to their secret honeymoon destination. Well, secret for Claire, as Jamie had decided to keep secret where he was taking her.

Chapter Text

Claire sheltered under Jamie's arms as they were driven through Glasgow, in what she though would be a short drive to the airport or the train station, and as Jamie caressed her and talked her in Gaelic she felt herself drifting into sleep. She woke up some time later, surprisingly still being driven through the moors. 'Welcome back, Sleepin' Beauty.' Jamie said as she opened her eyes.

'Where are we going?' Claire asked.

'You'll see it in a second.' Jamie said as he made her look at the road ahead. Soon a series of lights appeared, illuminating, little by little as the car approached, an old big building. 'Welcome to Lallybroch, mo ghraidh.'

'This is where you grew up.'

'Aye, it doesna look that much now, and less in the dark, but I'm workin' on it. I told ye I want to rehabilitate it as a proper farm again one day.' The left the car, giving a good tip to the driver before he left the state back to the town. 'I came with some of the lads and installed a generator, a toilet, some furniture and supplies, just the essential for us for be comfy. No internet, tho, we'll have to think on some ideas to entertain ourselves these days.

'Oh, I have some ideas.'

'I ken ye will.' Jamie said, blinking at her.

The walked through the house, the way illuminated by fairy lights, the walls covered with paper sheets showing lists of colours, furniture and design drawings. 'What's all this?' Claire asked as Jamie guided her through his childhood home.

'Ideas. Thin's I want to do with the house when 'tis properly fixed. We can check them better in the morning with the daylight. 'Tis yer house now too, maybe ye want somethin' else.'

'I trust your taste Jamie. You married me.' Claire laughed at him. 'And, where are the bedrooms?'

'Up the stairs, just follow me.'

'I'll put up some fire to warm up the room Sassenach.' Jamie said as they arrived to the master bedroom.

'That's not the only fire I want you to light up tonight.' Claire said as she unashamedly started to explore under Jamie's kilt.

'Och, Sassenach.' Jamie said as Claire's hands got closer and closer to his cock.

'We're married now, I'm allowed.'

'Aye, ye are.' Jamie said as he stood up, kissing her hard. His own hands exploring and rolling Claire's dress up her head.

'Take off this.' Claire begged, trying to undo Jamie's belt. 'I need you.' She said between kisses and moans as belt, kilt and shirt joined the clothes puddle on the floor. Jamie moaning as Claire grabbed his cock.

'Turn around Sassenach, let me undo this for ye.' Jamie said, unbuckling Claire's bra, kneading her breasts as his lips and tongue explored her neck. 'Ye taste sweet, lass.' He added as one hand went inside her knickers, the last fabric barrier between them.

'Oh God, Jamie.' Claire said as Jamie's hand caressed her between her legs.

It would be just seconds before they were in bed, Jamie on top of her. 'I canna a believe I finally have ye here. My wife, naked on my bed.'

'Come here Jamie, come to me.' Claire whispered as she guided Jamie inside her. 'How does it feel Jamie?'

'Being inside ye feels like I'm God himself.' Jamie said, making Claire laugh as she urged him to start moving. He went slowly at beginning, enjoying the feel of Claire, her legs around him, until his own body started to accelerate the rythm of his movement like by magic. 'Och, Sassenach, I dinna ken if I can last longer,' Jamie said few minutes later, 'but ye havena...'

'It's OK, Jamie, you can let go.' Claire said, meaning it. She was completely fine with just let him enjoy his first time.'

'Och, no...I want ye to have yer pleasure.' He said, before slid one of his hand between their bodies, his fingers soon playing with Claire's clit. Slowing his rhythm a bit to win some time to get his purpose.

'God, Jamie!' Claire exclaimed as she convulse in pleasure.

'That's better' Jamie said as he finally let himself spill his seed inside his wife.

'So, tell me,' Claire asked few minutes later, as she played with Jamie's chest hair. 'What did you think of it? Worth the wait?'

'Aye, have ye here with me was worth the wait,' Jamie said as he rolled on top of her again.

'Again?' Claire asked as Jamie kissed her neck and breasts.

'Aye, but this time I'm no' gettin' so much in a hurry.' He answered just before his mouth went back to her nipple and two of his fingers entered her, the thumb stroking Claire's little ball of nerves. Claire soon was squirming on pleasure underneath him.

'Jamie, please.' She urged Jamie to join her, and soon he did, with a quick stroke.

Chapter Text

Claire woke up to her husband looking at her. 'What are you doing?'

'Admirin' my wife's skin on the sunlight.' Jamie said as his hands toured the expanse of her torso. ''Tis like fine ivory. I could pass my life with my hands on it.'

'Good, because I just want you to do that.' Claire said as she brought him to her for a kiss, which was interrupted by Jamie's stomach doing a loud growl.

'Sorry, mo ghraidh. It missed dinner past night.' Jamie giggled. 'Another part of my body had more important business to attend.'

'Breakfast time I suppose. Any ideas?'

'Aye, I was thinkin' on a nice English breakfast.' Jamie said as he kissed and sucked his way down Claire's body.

'Jamie...fuck...holy...' Claire tried to say as Jamie's tongue explored between her legs. 'Holy God, Jamie.' She said as Jamie went up to kiss her after she had finished with his job.

'Ye're welcome, I suppose.'

'You know, you're actually the first to ever done that to me.'

'Och, I wonder if I can take my pride about that.' And as Jamie laughed, Claire rolled them up, so to Jamie being underneath her.

'Now you got your English breakfast, it's time for me to get my Scottish porridge.' Claire said as she took Jamie's cock on her mouth. A string of words in Gaelic coming out of him.


Some time later, after they finally got out bed, got dressed and had a "real" breakfast, Jamie took Claire for tour around the house, telling her what use he wanted to give of most rooms, or the use they had back on time he was living there as a child. She took her hand and squeezed it hard as he showed her the room he had shared with his late brother, getting emotional as he remembered the shenanigans that had happened in there when their parents weren't there to scold them. 'And this was my mam's garden.' Jamie explained as they walked on the snow at the back of the house. 'She used to have few big rose bushes. I pricked my fingers more than once, helpin' her to take care of them without gloves.' He remembered. 'Would ye like to have roses here too?'

'Yeah, roses will be nice. And maybe some lilacs, they have pretty flowers.' Claire answered, letting herself go deep into the garden planning fantasy, for Jamie's delight. 'And I'd love to have some medicinal plants, like chamomile, mint, aloe vera, ginger, you know how much I like those things. And vegetables, we could have vegetables plots, for the children to grow their own.'

'I canna tell ye how much I love hearin' ye talkin' about our future bairns.' Jamie said, caressing her cold face. 'It makes me want to take ye inside again and put myself to do some work in making one.'

'Well, there's space for few of them on this house.'

'Aye, there is.' Jamie kissed her. 'Better if I finish showin' ye around. I'm takin' ye to the horse barn next.' He took her hand and they walked a short distance from the main house. 'Ye should have seen it on its prime. We had like twenty or so horses, both my da and my mam loved to ride and all of us started to go with them from the time we were weans. I'm still rememberin' how much I liked when Da let me go with him on Donas.'

'Donas?' Claire asked. 'You named the dog after a horse?'

'Aye, because of his colour. Old Donas was black too. He was my Da's favourite horse, and the fiercest stallion he ever had. Before we left for the city, Da sold him to a neighbour. He still has several of Donas descendants and he made a deal with me to sell me one of them when I have a proper space for it.'

They keep walking around for a bit longer, Claire enjoying Jamie's plans about not just animals and crops, but also about his idea of have a place built for record the show, and not have to go to the city all the time. Claire carried on her idea of have a medicinal garden and asked for her own place to dry the plants for her use, thinking it would sound stupid, but soon Jamie was thinking in where would be the perfect location for it. 'Maybe close to the house, Sassenach, ye dinna have to walk far from yer wee garden.

'Brrr! It was sunny, but freezing.' Claire said as they went back to the house and she was able to shed her stuffy coat and gloves. 'How can you be so warm?' She added to her husband as he took his own winters clothes off and went back to her.

'I dinna ken, 'tis just the way I've always been.'

Claire laughed, taking off the rest of her clothes and laying on bed. 'Then come here and warm me, Jamie. I need some warmth and you said you wanted to practice how to make a baby. A win-win situation.'

'I dinna say practice.' Jamie said as he joined her, ready by then to take his wife again.

Chapter Text

A couple days later and in need of more provisions, Jamie and Claire reluctantly left the cozy nest they had made for themselves on the house to drive to the nearby town of Broch Mordha. But before going to the grocery shop, Jamie told Claire he wanted to go to a different place and soon they parked the car at the entrance of a plant nursery and flower shop.

'A Dhia! I canna believe my eyes. Jamie Fraser!' The shop lady said as soon they stepped in, coming to him to give him a big hug. 'I havena seen ye around for a long time. My lad loves yer show, he's always watchin' it when 'tis on,'

'Madainn mhath, Mrs. Fitz. Pleased to see ye again too.' Jamie answered to the lady. 'Let me introduce ye to my wife, Claire.'

'Pleased to meet you, Mrs. Fitz.' Claire said just after Jamie

'Wife? God bless ye two.' Mrs Fitz hugged tightly Claire too. 'I didna ken ye were married.'

'Aye, just for few days. We're passin' our honeymoon at Lallybroch.' Jamie told Mrs. Fitz.

'I wasna aware the house was habitable again.'

'Just few bits, it still needs a lot of work to make it look like in the good times.' Jamie carried on, finally explaining Mrs. Fitz why they were there. 'I'd like to get some bonnie flowers if 'tis possible.'

'I have some verra beautiful white roses. I'll prepare ye some.' Mrs. Fitz before going to the back of the shop.

'Where the flowers are to?' Claire asked. 'We don't have anything at home for them.'

'Ye'll see it in moment.'

Mrs. Fitz came back with a pretty posy, handing it to Jamie for half the original price even after Jamie protested. Jamie took the posy and drove Claire towards an old big church, and behind of it, to the town's cemetery. Claire, now knowing where they might be going, long before find a grey stone with the name FRASER carved on it.

'Hello a tha thu.' Jamie said in Gaelic, leaving the flowers on the snow covering the tomb. Claire quickly went to circle him with her arms. 'I ken I havena been here for a while. Ye ken how it works, I was too busy on the city. I've news for ye, this is Claire, my wife.' Claire smiled at him and put her head on his shoulder, looking at the stone as her husband carried on talking. 'We just got married and passin' our honeymoon at Lallybroch. No, it isna ready, yet, but I swore ye it will be one day. I missed ye at weddin', all of us did. Jenny and Ian are fine, she's about to pop up another bairn, that's why she havena been here for even longer than me. Wee Jamie is a damn demon, but I think he's just on the age for it. Murtagh is good too, but he came here for business a short time ago, so, I suppose he came and told ye about by himself. I hope ye're well up in heaven. And I hope ye can find time to find Claire's parents and uncle and tell them the news.' Claire felt tears forming on her eyes as Jamie mentioned her own late family. 'I love ye, always.'

'Both of us now.' Claire said, smiling at Jamie.

'Aye, both of us.'

'Who's Robert?' Claire asked as she noticed the last name on the stone, hlf covered by the snow. 'You told me about your parents and Willie.'

'Mam was pregnant when she and Willie had the accident. A surprise, as she was already 40 and Da was 42, but they were really happy with havin' another bairn. They never kent the sex before she passed, but they had already decided how it was goin' to be named dependin' of its gender. So, after the accident, Da asked the doctors if they could tell him what the wean was, because he wanted to add the name on the stone.' Claire squeezed Jamie's hand hard as he told her the story, walking their way back to the town's main street.

'Sorry, I shouldn't have asked.' Claire apologized.

'Dinna fash lass.' Jamie let go Claire's hand and put his arm around her. 'Let's do somethin' happier. I'll take ye to the town's pub. It has the best cullen skink of the area.'

'What's cullen skink?'

'Ye're about to find out.'

Chapter Text

The two weeks of the honeymoon passed quickly, incredibly quickly for Jamie and Claire, as days went by with planning and work in the house, some appointments on Broch Mordha- like a dinner at Mrs. Fitz's- and of course, a lot of time enjoying each other on bed. By the day the were due to go back to the city, Claire felt really sad of having to leave the Lallybroch.

'Dinna fash, a nighean.' Said Jamie as they prepared the car. 'Soon it will be our permanent home.'


'You've passed two weeks with a hunk on an isolate country house. I'll be needing details as soon as you read this.' It read the message Claire received from Louise short after they arrived home. Claire laughed at it and showed it to Jamie as he called his sister to tell Jenny they were at home and she and Ian could bring Donas and Adso back from their house.

'Louise has a verra interestin' sense of humour.' Jamie said.

'I'd say weird, but interesting is a good way to describe it too.'

Few seconds later, Jamie went to take a shower, while Claire put the luggage in order. She did fine for a couple of minutes, up until the sounds of Jamie moaning from the bathroom distracted her and gave her an idea, a very bad one.

'What are you doing in there?' She asked as she opened the shower door, now dress in her fluffy robe.

'It feels good to take a proper hot shower after all this days.' Jamie answered, not noticing yet Claire's clothes change.

'Oh, let me try too.' She said as she slipped out of her robe and walked onto the shower with him. 'You're right, it feels glorious.'

'Och, Sassenach.' Jamie voiced as Claire began to rub herself on him as she layered soap on her. Soon the soap "accidentally" fell to the shower floor, Claire kneeling, supposedly for it, but soon taking him on her mouth. 'A Dhia, Claire.' She was doing a hell of a work on him, whether with her mouth, or with her hands when she had to stop for air. ' Come here, mo ghraidh.' Jamie took her hands to help her stand up for then setting her against the wall, a leg up on his arm and taking her quick and hard. 'I married a temptress.'

'Are you complain...' Claire tried to say as Jamie moved inside her. 'Oh God, Jamie!'

'Och, no, actually the opposite. I love to pleasure my wee temptress.' Jamie answered, moving a split of an inch to be sure Claire reached her climax, not expecting Claire to bit his shoulder during it. 'Ach, it seems I married a wee vixen too.'

'Yes, Jamie!'

'Aye, at least ye recognize it.' Jamie laughed as she felt her going through another orgasm, just before his own release. He somehow switched off the shower without letting her go, carrying her out of the shower and all the way to the bed, laying her on the tower he had prepared earlier, helping her to get dry. Soon her noises and the wriggles of her body as he went through made him hard again. 'Does it ever stop? The wantin' ye. I've just taken ye, on the most possible erotic way. But here I am, hungry for ye again.' He swapped the towel for his fingers, working their way between Claire's legs.

'I hope it never does.' Claire moaned, as Jamie's tongue played with her clitoris. 'Please, I want you inside me.'

And so Jamie did, taking her to her limits for second time in just minutes.


Luckily for them, they were finished, and more or less half on the mend from the aftermath's stupor by the time Jenny, Ian, their son and the pets finally arrived to the flat. Jenny looked them funny as they opened them after a bit too long wait and joked about how messy their hair was. Jamie and Claire blushed but soon they were looking happy to see them and have Adso and Donas back on home after miss them during the honeymoon. Jenny and Ian also brought some take away food and stayed for dinner, enjoying anecdotes from the trip and planning in see Jamie's new advancements on Lallybroch's refurbishments after the birth of the new baby, now only ten days from its due date.

'Finally, we're alone again.' Jamie said after they greeted Jenny and her family on their way back home.

'I know, it's late, and I feel quite tired. Time to sleep I suppose.'

'Och, when ye say ye're quite tired,' Jamie hugged her from behind, whispering at her ear. 'how much do ye mean. Would ye have a bit of energy for somethin' else before go to sleep?'

'Oh, well. That would depend of what exactly that something is.' Claire turned around to kiss her husband hard.

Chapter Text

Two months later.

'Louise called, she's sick, this stomach bug that has been around for what she thinks.' Joe told her on the phone as cooked breakfast. 'Boss told me to call you, if you could come an hour earlier.'

'I suppose I can...' Claire answered as Jamie jumped on her, embracing him from behind, kissing her neck and kneading her breasts. 'Oh, God, Jamie, what are you...' Joe heard just before finish the call. 'I was with Joe at the phone.'

'What did he want?'

'Louise is sick, there's a bad stomach bug around and she got it, and Joe called to see if I can go an hour earlier.'

'Still time then.'

'Time for what?'

'For ye to attend a wee patient here.'

'What's happening to you?'

'My wife is wearin' tight jeans and she gave me a terrible cockstand. Jamie took Claire's hand to the front of his trousers. 'I need some quick treatment.'

'I can see your problem.' Claire kissed him and began opening the fly of his trousers. 'I hope the treatment I have in mind helps.'

'I had my own idea for it.'

'Auto-medicating you are now.'

'Turn around Sassenach.'

She did, and seconds later she was bent on the kitchen table, her trousers and knickers down her legs and her husband buried deep inside her. He took her fast, keeping her in place with one arm, the other hand stroking her between her legs, making the pleasure she was feeling even better. She never thought she would be the type in enjoy being taken on that way, on the kitchen table of all places, but, as Jamie grabbed her arse to open to fully open her as he reached climax, she couldn't but think in that she had to tell Jamie to do something like that more often.

'Och, Sassenach, ye're an incredible healer.' Jamie said, as he bent over her after his release.

'Glad to see the treatment worked.'

Two days later

Jamie kissed her goodbye before going to work, leaving her cozily nested on their new duvet. It was her day off and she had planned nothing but stay relaxed at home until Jamie was back from the studio, probably more Netflix, chill and take away after that. She closed her eyes, thinking in sleep for a bit longer, but soon she was fully awaken by the feeling of vomit running up her throat. 'Shit!' She run to the toilet, yesterday's dinner flushed down few seconds later. She went back to bed, but again, not long after, she was back on the toilet, throwing up again. The Stomach Bug who had put Louise down few days earlier, Claire quickly accused of her sickness. She rested for a bit on bed and then went to kitchen to see if she could try to get at least some tea down. To no avail, as the smell of downstairs cooking sent her to the bathroom again. She called Jamie to tell him she was sick, and went back to bed to pass the rest of the day resting in there.

'Claire, where are ye?!' She heard the voice of Jamie as he came home.

'On the bedroom.' She slowly made the effort of sit at the edge of the bed, praying it wouldn't trigger nausea again as Jamie came into the room.

'How are ye feelin'? Jamie said, quickly going to kiss her.

'Don't do that now, my mouth smells of puke.' Claire said, trying to fend off Jamie for once.

'Och, I dinna mind what yer smellin' of. I'm goin' to kiss ye.' Jamie finally got to kiss her. 'I brought ye some crackers, they used to help Jenny with the sickness.'

'Oh, thank you Jamie.' Claire said, taking a small bunch of them. 'How the meeting went?'

'Good, I showed the channel bosses some of the new designs I have thought for the next season of the show and they loved them.' Jamie sit beside her on the bed. 'Do ye want to see them?'

'Yes, thank you. Maybe it will help to get my mind off the Bug.' Jamie smiled funnily as she talked about the bug, giving her his design folder. Claire went trough them- a small cabinet, a bookcase, a crib with a mobile all decorated in soft colours and unicorns, and a rocking unicorn with cute eyes and a rainbow mane. 'What's with the unicorns? Claire asked, munching carefully on the crackers, so to no spoil Jamie's drawings.

'Unicorn is Scotland's national animal, I thought it would make a good theme for the decoration scheme of the...'

It was then when it actually clicked on Claire. All the designs, they were baby things. And the crackers, Jamie had told her he had brought them because it was what Jenny had used for nausea. Jenny, who had been pregnant twice already. She tried to make calculations, to remember the last time she had had her period, the day of the month it was. 'Oh, think...I think...I might...'

'Aye, Sassenach. 'Tis been 46 days since last ye have yer courses. I do think ye're with child.' She felt a weight inside her as Jamie caressed her stomach.

Chapter Text

An hour passed and Claire had not yet fully swallowed the news. She looked at the four positive pregnancy tests she had taken, provided by Jamie along with the crackers, confirming Jamie's hunch that a tiny baby, their tiny baby, was growing inside her. 'Are ye happy, Sassenach?' Jamie surrounded her with his arms in his, familiar for Claire now, big bear hug.

'Yes, it's just...I didn't think it would happen so quickly.' Claire turn to look at her husband's face and smiled, the happiest smile Jamie had seen on her. 'We're having a baby.'

'Aye!' Jamie kissed her. 'Our wee bairn. We're a family now'

That night, Jamie slept cuddling his wife tightly, his hand on her belly, as protecting the new life developing inside.


Few days later, they had their first doctor appointment. Jamie had been enthusiastic, telling Claire his disposition of being with her every step on the way. But, the sight of a man photographing his wife at the door of the clinic as they parked the car, made him think that it might some problems with that. 'A Dhia, I didna think on this.'

'Think on what?' Claire asked, puzzled by Jamie's words.

'What if someone recognizes me and post about it somewhere.' Jamie answered, paralyzed by fear. He wanted to share the experience with Claire, the pregnancy and the birth of their child, but they had already too many events with photographers and over-excited fans for their taste. 'I dinna want Jenny and Murtagh kenning about the bairn from Twitter.'

Claire laughed and quickly gave him a reassurance kiss. 'Like Murtagh even knows how Twitter works.' She kept on joking, trying to relax Jamie. 'It will be fine.' She squeezed his hand. 'No one is going to care about us on a maternity clinic, and if they do and the press catches up, well, it will save us having to think in some special way to tell them.'

'Aye, but nor Jenny, nor Murtagh would forgive us for it.' Jamie finally laughed.

'Let's go, Jamie. We don't want to be late.'

Jamie was in fact recognized by some of the people- another father waiting beside his wife and a couple of the nurses- but no one did any attempt to get close to them, and so after a bit, he began to relax and joke as Claire drooled over the baby fashion showed on one of the magazines available on the waiting room.

'Mrs. Claire Fraser.' Called on of the nurses, who then accompanied them through the corridors towards the ultrasound room.

'Mrs. Fraser, pleased to meet ye.' Said the doctor, a man on his fifties wearing thick glasses and a funny bow tie.

'Please to meet you too.' Claire said as they came into the room. 'This is my husband, Jamie, I hope he can be around today.'

'Of course he can stay. Just lay here for me and roll up yer shirt. Yer husband can sit on that stool there.' The doctor said. 'Oh, ye're that Jamie Fraser, from the telly.' Jamie nodded nervously. 'My wife willna believe me when I tell her I had a famous man on the clinic today. I'll be needin' to explain who ye are first. She isna a fan of yer type of show.' Claire laughed, cringing as the doctor squeezed cold gel on her belly. 'Anyway, let's start with this. He then finally proceeded to start the ultrasound, caring more for the image on the screen than about Jamie. 'There ye are.' He turned the screen so Claire and Jamie could see their child, Jamie kissed Claire on the temple, happier as he had ever been. 'Seven weeks, good size, healthy heart rate. Everythin' seems to be OK. Congratulations.' The doctor slightly moved the ultrasound joystick, something calling his attention. 'Oh, this is interesting.'

Claire's eyes grew larger as she noticed too. 'Oh, God!'

'Aye, ye're a doctor, I remember read it on yer file. I think ye can see what I see too.' The doctor said to Claire.

'What are ye talkin' about?' Jamie asked, not understanding what Claire and the doctor were talking about.

'There's two of them, Jamie.' Claire finally said. 'We're having twins.'

'A Dhia.'

'My congratulations again, I suppose.' The doctor announced, playing the heartbeat of both babies on the room.


'Hello to ye two.' Jamie talked to Claire's belly that night as they laid naked on their bed, enjoying their intimacy and happiness. 'I'm yer da, Jamie.'

'They're too small to hear things from outside yet.' Claire laughed.

'That's no' goin' to stop me anyway.' Claire laughed even more. 'I canna believe we're havin' two bairns instead of just one. 'Tis so...'

'I know, I feel the same.'

'What do ye think they're goin' to be?'

'I don't know. But I feel like a boy and girl.'

'Aye, a lad red heided like me and a lass with yer beautiful brown hair.' Jamie kissed Claire's belly, for god's know which time.

'And now, I suppose we need to find a way to tell the family.'

'Aye, and good ye're a physician, because Murtagh is goin' to have a heart attack when he kens about the twins.'

Chapter Text

They had finally passed the 12-week line, and so it was time for finally announce the news to their family and friends on a fancy dinner at a restaurant. These weeks had had its bit of fun, keeping the secret, hiding any nausea or finding excuses to no go out with Louise or Jenny that didn't scream "PREGNANT", but it was time to tell their loved ones for above all, an obvious reason Claire was just finding out.

'OK. What about this one?' Claire asked her companions about her outfit. Adso gave her a quick look from the bed, going then back to his grooming, while Donas just tilted his head wondering what was the fussing about. 'Shit, it shows a lot.' She said as she looked herself on the wardrobes window, quickly shedding it off her.

'Claire, have you found somethin'?' Jamie came into the room in his best suit to find his wife on her underwear, half of her normal clothes spread on the bed. He gave a proper look, her swollen breasts trying to escape her bra, her belly, already visibly bigger. He never thought his wife could become more attractive than she already was but how wrong he was.

'Arghh! I can't find anything it doesn't show.' Claire said before her hormones made her burst on tears.

Jamie went quickly to Claire, sitting with her in the bed and embracing her tightly. 'Sshh. Sassenach 'tis OK. 'Tis just the normal changes on yer body. The bairns growin'.'

'But I don't want just let them see it. I want to have a proper announcement.'

''Tis a bit cold outside. Maybe ye can cover yerself with a jacket for a bit. They willna notice with it, 'tis a good solution.' He reached for a kleenex on the bedside table and helped Claire cleaning her face.

'It's a fine dining place, i'm going to look stupid on a woolly jacket.'

'Och, no, ye're goin' to look stunnin'. Ye are the most beautiful lass I ever seen.'

'Even now I'm getting fatter by the day.'

'Ye're no' gettin' fatter, ye're growin' life within ye, mo chridhe. And that's somethin' verra beautiful.'

'Why you have to be so charmingly good when I just want to cry and pity myself?'

Jamie kissed his wife and kept her in his arms until the tears calmed down, helping her then to find any jacket wide enough to hide her belly. 'There ye are, my verra bonnie lass.'

'Have I told today how much I love you?'

'No, no' today.' Jamie kissed her again. 'I love ye ye too, mo Sorcha.'

They drove to the restaurant, not late for their booking but late enough to be the last ones from their party to arrive. They sit down and Jamie ordered a nice bottle of wine to start the evening. 'No, not for me thanks' Claire told the waiter as he tried to serve her some wine, catching the ear of Jenny, sat beside her. 'I'm having only water tonight.'

'How about this, Sassenach?' Jamie pointed to an item to the menu. 'It sounds interestin'.'

'It does, but I can't eat that type of milk now.' Claire not so whispered to Jamie, confirming the suspicious Jenny had growing on her mind.

'No! Already?' Jenny exclaimed, calling the attention of the rest of the table.

'What are ye about Janet?' Murtagh asked from in front of her.

Jamie and Claire smiled and looked at each other, they had been discovered and it was the moment to make the big announcement. They rose from their chairs, Jamie's arm around Claire. 'Och, I think Jenny has caught us, so, 'tis time everyone of ye kens. We asked ye to come tonight because we have news, verra happy ones. We're pregnant.'

'A Dhia.' Said Murtagh.'

'And that's not all. We're having twins.' Claire said, finding their ultrasound on her bag to show it to the guests.

Jenny seemed about to cry, she quickly stood up and went to hug Jamie and Claire. 'I'm so happy for ye two. I'm goin' to be an aunt.'

'Congratulations! I should have suspected something from the baby things you were working on. I feel dumb now' John said. 'I think we should have a toast. For Jamie, Claire and their babies.' A swarm of wine glasses, with a water one added to the mix tingled together, leaving some stains on the table cloth underneath.

'I'm organizing the baby shower.' Louise announced. 'Everything on pairs.'

'As long is not as bad as the hen night was.' Joe's wife joked clinking her glass with Louise again.

'Yes, please. Don't take us to that place again.' Claire joined the conversation.

'Anythin' I should ken?' Jamie played, he already knew the most of details, as Claire had told him after the party.

'No, brother, ye shouldna.' Jenny added, her husband making a funny angry face at what Jenny might have been keeping from him.

Soon the waiter was there, asking for the food order. The party calmed down enough to give their orders, starting again their shower of questions, advice and good wishes over Jamie and Claire.

Chapter Text

So, we are doing this or no?' Claire asked as they parked on the clinic lot for their next appointment. On their last visit the doctor had warned that they would be able to confirm the babies' genders on this visit and they had been debating about it, unsure of what to do.

'Well, ye decide, mo chridhe.'

'The thing is I feel like I want to know, but, wouldn't it spoil it the moment? Like don't know before maybe makes it more special.'

'Och, I dinna think anythin' could spoil the moment of have our bairns with us, Sassenach.'

'I knew it sounded stupid.'

'Then let's find out.'

'Let's find out.'


'There ye are.' The doctor said as he looked at the ultrasound screen. 'Lovely, healthy and growing up in schedule. Now, as I told ye on the last visit. Do you want to know the genders?'

'Yes, we do.' Claire said.

'OK, let's see the first twin.' He moved the joystick on Claire's belly. 'And he's clearly a wee lad.'

'A son.' Jamie said, saying something in Gaelic after.

'And the second seems she's a wee lass. Ye got one of each.'

'And a daughter. A lad and lass, just as ye said.' Claire smiled as Jamie kissed her.

'I'll send ye a copy of the video to yer phone in a minute.'


'Aye, a wee lass and a wee lad, the doctor told us today.' Jamie told his sister on the phone as they arrived home. Claire being able to listen to Jenny's excitement from Jamie's lap were she was sitting. 'Aye, Jenny, I'll tell her. Bye.'

'Jenny's happy?' She asked, even if she didn't need to.

'Aye, she is. She's goin' to tell Ian and wee Jamie. She loves the idea of each of her bairns havin' a cousin for them.'

'Now I suppose it's time to start furbishing the nursery and filling up the wardrobe.'

'And choose a name for them.' Jamie sweetly caressed Claire's bump

'Any ideas?'

'Aye, I have an idea for our son.'

'Oh, good, because I have and idea for our daughter.'

Jamie kissed Claire's head. 'That's a good compatibility.'

'So, what's your idea?'

'William, Willie, like my brother.'

'I love it. Our Willie.'

'And yer idea?'

'Julia, after my mother.'

'William and Julia Fraser. Two verra bonnie names. I like how they sound together.'

'Have you hear that?' Claire cuddled her bump. 'You got names now. William and Julia. Do you like them?' And then she felt it, just the littlest of thumps. 'Oh God! Jamie, I think one of them kicked me.' Claire quickly put Jamie's hand where she had felt the kick and soon she could feel a couple more of movements.

'Och, I think they approve of their names, mo ghraidh.'

'Yes, they do.'

Chapter Text

'Claire, sister, look at these two.' Jenny called her attention to show her two small bear onesies, one with a blue bow tie and the other with a pink bow on one of the ears or the hoodie. 'They're perfect for the twins.' And so she added them to the already quite full trolley.

They were shopping, supposedly for baby essentials, and so Claire had prepared a list of what they needed, but soon they had started to add more and more things because of them being cute or pretty. 'God, Jamie is going to have a heart attack when he sees all this.' Claire said as the trolley filled up with clothes, stuffed animals and books.

'Dinna fash, I think I got more stuff when I was with Wee Jamie, and he was just one. And then with Maggie when I kent she was goin' to be a lass.'

'OK, let me check what we got from the list and we still needing to get.' Claire stopped to check her list, she and Jenny moving things if necessary.

'Christ, Claire. How are you?' Claire lifted her eyes from her list to find her ex-husband in front of her.

'Fine, and you?' Claire answered dryly. 'This is my sister-in-law, Jenny. Jenny, this Frank, my ex.' Jenny said something in Gaelic that Claire thought it sounded a lot like the word for bastard.

'So, you and the handyman are married now.'

'Yes, Jamie and I got married few months ago.' She then moved a bit from the trolley so Frank could see her growing baby bump. 'I'm sorry, Frank, but I can't stay more. We need to finish this before I get too tired.'

'Oh, I understand. Congratulations are in order.'

'Goodbye, Frank. ' And so Claire and Jenny began pushing the trolley again, moving away from him as quick as they able to.


Few hours later at the studios, a receptionist was peacefully doing her job when a cloud of strong whisky smell enveloped her, she turn to the source of the smell, a man with what it looked like a good suit, raggedly worn. 'How may I help ye, sir?'

'Fraser, now!' the man shouted at her. She used her hidden hand to call to the security office.

'Mr. Fraser is recordin' now. Do ye have an appointment with him? I canna let ye go in without an appointment.'

'This is my appointment.' Frank lifted the umbrella he was holding and hit the table, throwing some of the things on it to the floor. 'Tell that fucking handyman to come out.' Suddenly Jamie and John walked to the reception to sign out for the day. Frank saw him and threw a glass flower vase to him, but in his inebriated state, he stumbled and the projectile fell a foot or so before its target, breaking a glass table. 'You, bastard, come here!' Frank tried to reach Jamie but the security guards threw him in the floor.

'Frank, what are doin' here?!' Jamie said as the guards fought with him, soon to be joined by two police officers who had been acting as experts on a show also recording that day at another studio. Soon, Frank was handcuffed and being taken to the police officers car.

'Face me, handyman!' Frank kept shouting as he moved around. 'You destroyed my life.'

'I didna, ye did all by yerself, Frank, and ye keep doin' it.' Jamie told him back.

'I'll call Claire.' John said.

'No, call Jenny, tell he to take Claire to her flat. 'Tis their movie night and Wee Jamie is always askin' for a Disney video. I want to explain this by myself.

'He did what?' Claire asked, sitting on the Murrays kitchen, where Jamie had taken her to talk. 'Oh, God. Jenny and I found him accidentally at the store today, he must have gone from there to the the studios.'

'Aye, with a stop at a bar to get drunk.' Jamie said. 'John talked with the director of the studios, he's filin' charges for the damages. He wants to know if I want to join the lawsuit, since he was there to confront me.'

'What are you going to do then?'

'I dinna ken. I want him to keep himself out of our lives, and a slap from the law might work. But I dinna want this to get out on the press and have them around with the bairns to come.'

Chapter Text

The Sun was shining hard even if it wasn't noon yet. They were at Louise's house, she had decided, that living on a house with a big garden, it was the perfect place for Claire's baby shower. Claire was now sit on the shadow, feet up and a cold drink at hand, watching Louise, Jenny and Jamie put up some decorations before the guests- around 50, mostly from the hospital and the production company- were due to arrive.

'Good morning, Claire.' John just arrived to the garden with some more stuff for the party. 'How are you?'

'The twins are active today, I think they know the party is for them.' Claire answered John.

'Jamie! Would you mind to come with me? I need help with the stuff in the car.' John shouted at Jamie.

'You're a big lad, John, why do ye need help from my brother?' Jenny joked as Jamie walked to john, promptly stopping to give Claire a kiss, before follow John to his car


'I know how much you're trying to protect Claire from stress right now, so I supposed you'll prefer to know this first.' John gave Jamie a newspaper he had on the car.

'A Dhia.' Jamie said as he read the article John pointed.

It was about a car accident, a car that had crashed against a lorry, somewhere at the other side of the city. It had had one mortal victim, Frank Randall. 'That fucker.' Jamie thought as he carried on reading the article, talking about the police officers assigned to case suspected of a simple case of drunk driving as they had found broken bottles on the car and they had witnesses talking about him getting kicked out from a pub that very evening. But what worried Jamie the most was that the newspaper had found out about Claire being his ex-wife and the incident at the studios some weeks ago, pointing that it had been the last straw the University had taken with Frank, firing him on the spot soon after.

'Dinna say a word to anyone. Claire must no' ken of this until after the party.' Jamie said, giving the newspaper back to John.

'My lips are sealed.' John swore Jamie.

'What the hell are ye doin' in there?' Jenny came out to check why they were taking so long. 'We have a ton of thin's still to do.'

Jamie quickly composed himself, going to the car's boot to pick up some of the goods John still had in there and took them to the house.

'Are ye OK?' Jenny asked him as Jamie crossed her on the door.

'Aye, I am.'

'Ye seem suddenly worried for somethin''

'Dinna fash, Jen, I am OK.'

The party was thriving, people were all about the garden enjoying the food and drinks, trying their hand on the games John had arranged or just going around chatting with any of the other guests. Jamie kept his spirits up, enjoying the party, rarely going to far from where Claire was, but the news he had for her still rotting at the back of his head. 'Oh, a brathair, how did ye dare no' to tell me?' Jenny took him to the house, a short time after some guest had told her about the car accident. 'That the bastard is dead.'

'How did ye ken?'

'A guest asked me if it wasna weird havin' the party when Claire's ex had just died.'

'Ifrinn!' Jamie's fear of Claire knowing earlier than when he wanted grew up.

'Why ye didna tell us? At least Ian and me.'

'I wanted for Claire to enjoy the party. 'Tis her day.'

'So, she doesna ken either.'



'I'm no' keepin' it from her forever, I'm tellin' her later at home.'

'What are you two doing in here.' Louise found them a second later. 'It's gifts time.'

Claire was sitting on the present table, just waiting for Jamie to come and open the presents with her. There more clothes and toys they would ever actually need, but Claire seemed excited for every one of them. 'Look at this Jamie.' Claire said of two sets formed by a plushy dog, a comforter and a rattle also with the head of the same dog as the stuffed toy given by one of the nurses from the hospital. Jamie laughed as he opened a parcel to find a toy set of tools from a camera technician, for Jamie to be able of teach his son how to use them from and early age, people commenting and making jokes about if the man hadn't thought about the baby girl wanting to learn that stuff too. It was already getting darker when the party finished and the guests began leaving Louise's place. Jamie loading his car with John and Ian as Claire and Jenny rested on the sofa until it was time go back home.


'Hello Donas.' Claire said as they stepped in their flat, the dog doing laps around them. 'I've missed you too.' Claire walked to the living room, with Donas close to her. 'What a busy day. It feels nice to be finally in home.' She petted Adso as he jumped to sofa.

'Aye,' Jamie searched for the way he could tell his wife about Frank's death and the accident. 'I must tell ye somethin'' He gave Claire the newspaper, soon she was crying, Jamie holding her closely.

'I can't believe he's...'

'I'm so sorry I didna tell ye earlier. I just wanted ye to enjoy the party...'

'I understand Jamie, it's OK. Is it weird I feel guilty?'

'Guilty? What for?'

'All of this. We're happy, the twins are coming soon, we have a good life while he was just going deeper and deeper.'

'Dinna be, mo chridrhe. Ye didna tell him to lay with a student, ye didna tell him to start drinkin' and ye didna tell him to drink and drive. Ye moved on, if he wasna able to, it isna yer fault.'

Chapter Text

'Ouch, stop it!' Claire suddenly said, Donas stopped munching his bone looking at her, tilting his head, wondering what his owner wanted. 'Not you, Donas. You can carry on.'

'Are ye OK?' Jenny asked, followed up by her son.

The door bell rung and Jenny went to open the door to John who came in with take away food and a huge tub of ice cream. Jamie was in Lallybroch for a couple of days and both John and Jenny had been taking turns in take around Claire, now just three weeks from her due date. 'Say hi to John.' She told Young Jamie as she opened the door.

'I got Italian.' John said as he came into the flat.

'I hope that is cookies ice cream.' Claire asked from the sofa.

'The best I could fine.' John.

'Ice Cream!' Wee Jamie said.

'Not until you've have yer lunch, wee man.' Jenny said to her son. 'I'll prepare the table.' Jenny said, just seconds before the phone began ringing. 'Hello, a bhrathair. I'll pass ye to her.' She passed the phone to Claire before go back to her task.

'Hello Jamie.'

'How are ye?'

'Oh, we're fine. The twins are getting some exercise against my organs. Jenny has been here all morning with the children and John just came in with some lunch.'

'What he did bring today?'


'Och, it sounds nice. Better than the cold sandwiches I'm havin' here.'

'How's the filming going? He doing an episode about painting stencils on walls and was using the room at the Lallybroch big house they were intending to use as a nursery.

'Fine, 'tis almost done.'

'Good, because I miss you, and I want you here with me.'

'I miss ye too. I'll be there tomorrow morning. I canna wait to see ye.'

'I love you.'

'I love ye too, mo chridhe. I need to go now. I'll call ye when I finish.'

'I'll be waiting for you.'


Jenny left after lunch, when Claire and john moved back to the sofa to watch movies, eat popcorn and pass the evening. Every now and then, Claire felt a twinge of pain, but for some reason, Claire didn't give them a second thought. Few hours later, some time after she had gone to bed and John had installed himself in the sofa for the night, Claire went to the bathroom, feeling a bit sick. She was washing her hands and wetting her face for some relief when another wave of pain, the biggest one to that moment, went through her.

'Oh, God.' Claire held her bump, now pretty sure what it was happening. 'You're coming now?'

She somehow made her way to the living room calling for John, who didn't wake up until Claire hit him with one of the sofa cushions. 'John, wake up, you moron.'

'What... what happens?'

'John, I'm in labour, the twins are coming.'

'Are you serious?' Claire went through another contraction as an answer. 'Shit, shit, shit. What do we do? What do we do?'

'There's a bag ready on the wardrobe, go for it and then you're taking me to the hospital.'

'Oh, no. No. no. no. Jamie will kill me if I drive you in your state.'

'John, there's two options. You're driving me, or you get ready to bring these babies out of me all by yourself.'

He went for the bag and then helped Claire into his car, starting it really slowly.

'John, we're on a hurry!' Claire shouted at John.

'OK.' John said, accelerating and starting the journey, in the wrong direction.

'The hospital is in the other direction you dumb idiot.' Claire said quickly, John turning around quickly.

'Do not stress me. I can't do this if I'm stressed.'

'For fuck's sake John. I'm having two goddamn babies. I'm winning the stress race. Just keep going.'

'Shit, we need to tell Jamie.' John tried a couple of time to activate his voice controlled phone before the voice Jamie came up. 'Hello, Jamie.'

'Why are ye callin' me so late?' John went to answer, but Claire screaming in pain as another contraction hit, did the job for itself. 'Was that...?'

'Yes, Claire. She's on labour. I'm driving her to the hospital.'

'No, ye dinna...a Dhia. I'll be there as quick as I can.'

After what for John were the longest ten minutes he had ever lived, they arrived at the hospital. He helped her to the reception. 'Hello, we need help here.' He shouted to the receptionist on the back room.

'How may I help ye?' The receptionist said as she came to the front desk.

'This is Claire, she's on labour.'

'Are ye her husband?'

'No, thank god.' Claire found the strength to kick John's shin for his words. 'She's my best friend's wife. He's out of the city tonight.'

'I'll send ye someone in just a moment.' The receptionist said, speaking with someone on the phone.

'Thank you.' Said Claire

Chapter Text

Claire was taken to a room, a midwife and a group of nurse came to take of her. 'Good morning Mrs. Fraser, Mr. Fraser.' The midwife said as she came in.

'I'm not her husband, Just a friend.' John said again. 'Jamie, her husband, is coming. And I suppose it's my time to go.'

'John!' Claire Shouted at him as he tried to leave the room.

'Where the hell ye think ye're goin'? Asked the midwife.

'I can't stay, you know. This is not my area of expertise. I'm gay, you know.'

'Aye, me too. That's no' a excuse!'

'Well, you at least understand the parts involved on this.'

'Listen to me pretty face. She needs someone here with her, so, until her husband shows up, ye're stayin'. Have ye understood?'

'Yes, I did.' And John quickly went back to Claire's bed side, the midwife winking an eye to Claire


'Here comes a big contraction Claire.' The midwife said, both Claire and John. Claire due to the contraction and john because Claire had accidentally broken his little finger, squeezing his hand to hard.

'Holy shit.' John said.

'Sorry, John.' Claire said. 'I'm really sorry.'

'Don't worry.'

'Aye, put that on the tally.' The midwife told one of the nurses. 'And get some ice and a bandage for this idiot.'

'You're keeping a tally on broken fingers?' John asked.

'Ye're the fifth this month.' The nurse said.


Two long hours passed, without a trace of Jamie. Both Claire and John were starting to worry he might no do it in time to the actual birth. 'One of the bairns is crowning.' The midwife said. ''Tis the moment.'

'But my husband...' Claire said.

And suddenly Jamie Fraser, in pajama trousers and a Scotland rugby jersey stomped into the room.

'Jamie!' Claire cried.

'Mo Ghraidh. I'm sorry, I couldn't arrive earlier.' Jamie said, kissing her.

'Thank God you got here in time, Jamie.' John said.

'Just in time for the party, lad.' The midwife said. 'Now it's time to push, Claire. Push!'

And in less than a minute the first baby was born. 'Here comes the lad.' The midwife said, passing the loud pink baby to one of the the nurses for clean and wrap him on a clean towel.

'Here's yer da, wee lad.' Said the nurse passing the baby to Jamie.

'William, mo mac.' Jamie hadn't feel so overwhelmed in his life that holding his son for first time. 'He's got yer hair, mo ghraidh.'

'Hello, Willie.' Claire, said as Jamie passed the baby to her. 'You're gorgeous.' But she had to gave Willie back to Jamie as a wave of pain told her it was time for the baby girl to be born.

'Here we go again, Claire.' The midwife told her, getting ready again.

Five minutes passed until Julia Fraser came into the World screaming even louder than her brother. The cleaning and wrapping cycle moving again, Claire receiving her still screaming daughter a couple of minutes later.

'Loud and red haired. You can't deny she's yours.' Claire joked with Jamie as Julia finally calmed on her mother's arms.

'Aye, she's a Fraser.' Jamie kissed his wife again.


Morning had finally come out. Claire was sleeping, resting after the long night. Jamie had tried to have some sleep on the room's sofa but he couldn't, he was too amazed by the vision of his two children, also peacefully sleeping in their cots for sleep. He just wanted to look at them.

'Good morning.' Claire said as she woke up.

'Good morning Sassenach.'

'How are they?'

'Sleeping. I called Jenny and Murtagh. They're coming soon. And John went back home for some sleep. He's coming later with Hector. Ye did a work of him, lass.'

'He's never letting it go, is he?.'

'No, he isna. He told me next time, he's leavin' after the baby shower and takin' a vacation as long as it takes for the bairn to come.'

'A bit early to talk about next time. I feel like I have been run over by a horse.'

'Aye, maybe in a year or so?'


Julia woke up, starting to cry for some food. Jamie soon took her to Claire's breast, were the little girl soon and easily latched. 'She's hungry. Another thin' she got after me.' Willie began to cry, Jamie took him in his hands and sit on the sofa. 'Sorry lad, ye'll have to wait until yer sister has finished her breakfast.' The baby calmed but stayed awaken. 'I ken what is to have a stubborn sister too. Ye'll learn how to live with it.' Claire laughed at her husband's words. 'But as fierce as she might look, she'll love ye to pieces. And ye, her.

'It seems incredible they're already here.' Claire said as they swapped babies, Willie being a bit shyer to began his breakfast but soon taking hold of it.'

'Aye, I ken.'

'Where are they?' Jenny said as her, Ian and Murtagh came into the room.

'Look, Julia, Aunt Jenny is here.' Jamie said proudly showing his daughter to her aunt.

'She's so bonny. She's got yer hair.' Jenny cooed Julia.

'Aye, the lass got after me and the lad after his mam.' Jamie said, passing the baby to Jenny and going to Claire and Willie on the bed.

'Ye look well lass.' Murtagh said to Claire, leaving a small posy of flowers on the bedside table.

'Counting that I had two babies just hours ago, so, I suppose it's a good thing.' Claire joked.

'How does it feel bein' a Da, Jamie?' Ian asked.

'I'm still gettin' the hold of it, but good for now.' Jamie answered Ian.

'I'm so happy for ye two. God bless ye and the babes.' Jenny talked after. 'I canna wait to see them and our bairn together.'

'Maggie and Julia are not that far apart, they might become best friends.' Claire said.

'I wish yer parents could be here to see the bairns, the family growin'' Murtagh said next.

'They're here with us, maybe not in person, but in spirit.' Claire told Murtagh. 'My parents, yours, my uncle. I hope they are as happy as us.'

'Sure they are.' Jamie said, kissing his wife softly.

Chapter Text

The twins were seven weeks old and the family had finally accustomed to their new normal of feedings, nappy changing and napping. It was another week until Jamie was due to go back to work and he was enjoying every second of it. 'Och, Adso, down.' Jamie moved the cat from the changing table just before change a fussy Willie. The cat jumped down, stretched and went to burrow on the babies rocking chair. 'I just look away for a second and he was already up again.'

'I think he thinks all these things are actually his.' Claire said as she was trying to make Julia to sleep again.

'Aye, probably. Cats are like that.'

The children were soon, sleeping peacefully on their bassinets, Claire and Jamie looking at them. 'Ye should go to sleep too.' Jamie said to Claire. 'Ye need to have yer rest.'

'Only if you come with me.' He perfectly knew the tone she was using.

'Och, Sassenach.'

'The doctor told me yesterday, it's perfectly safe now.'

'Ye really want me to take ye.'

'Yes, and you?'

'Well, 'tis been longer than our engagement. And now I ken what I was missin''

Claire kissed him and they walked to their room next door. Soon they were naked in bed, enjoying feeling of their skins. They spend some time just kissing, sucking, touching and tickling. 'Come here Jamie.' Claire finally said to Jamie.

'Are ye ready?' His hands touching between her legs.

'Yes.' Jamie came into her slowly, checking at every movement that Claire was OK and still wanting him. 'You don't have to be so careful.'

'I dinna want to harm ye.'

'You won't.' Claire squeezed his arse to make him speed up. He soon put himself on his usual rhythm, Claire arching her back in search of her pleasure. 'Don't stop now.'

'Ye havena lost yer taste for it.' Jamie made Claire laugh, just before help her reach her first orgasm in a time.

'I never will.'

'I love ye, mo Sorcha.' Jamie said as he reached his own climax. 'My love, my bairns' mother.'

'I love you too, Jamie.' Claire kissed Jamie and burrowed into him to get some sleep.

Jamie tightened his arms around her and went to sleep too, napping together for a few hours until the twins woke up asking for their next meal.

Stay here, mo chridhe. I'll bring them to ye.' Jamie said, standing up and looking for his clothes.

'She's Daddy's girl already.' Claire said as Julia slept on Jamie's naked torso after her meal.'

'Any complains?'

'No. You're a wonderful father, love.'

'And ye're a wonderful mother, Sassenach'

Later that night, short after dinner, watching Netflix cuddling on the sofa, the twins sleeping again in the crib they had put up on the living room and the cat and the dog resting on the bed that now and finally shared, Jamie couldn't but think that he must had reached the best of his life. He had all what he had always wanted, a wife whom he loved more than his life, their beautiful children and their happy family life, not that far apart of the one he had had once as a child.

'Penny for your thoughts' Claire finally spoke with him.

'I was thinking and how much I'm enjoyin' this. Bein' here with ye and the bairns.' Jamie answered. 'I dinna want time to pass. I just want to be like this.'

'I know, me too.'

'I dinna ken what I'm goin' to do when I have to go back to work.'

'I'm going to miss you during those hours'

'And I'm going to miss ye too.'

Donas suddenly stood up and walked to the crib, touching it with his paw and doing a short and dry bark. 'What's happening Donas? Claire and Jamie walked to the crib to find the recognizable smell of dirty nappies needing a change. 'Oh, changing time. Thank you Donas.' Claire added, Jamie and her taking each of the babies and walking them to the changing table in the nursery.

Chapter Text

Jamie arrived to a dark house. It wasn't that late for everyone to be on bed, barely dinner time, but no light was shining through the house. He walked carefully in the dark, only switching up a light once he came into the kitchen, a high pile of dirty stuff welcoming him. He sighed and went through the house to a very messy living room, to find his family placidly sleeping on it. He went on check on his children, peacefully on their crib, the dog guarding it waking up enough to greet his owner after a long day. 'Hello to ye, Donas.' His wife was on the sofa, her hair in a messy bun, different coloured stains marking her t-shirt and the cat sleeping on her feet. Jamie kissed her softly, her skin feeling really cold, and so he covered her with a blanket and began tidying up the living room.

It took few minutes until Claire finally woke up, startling the cat out of the sofa. 'Jamie?'

'Slept well, Sassenach?'

'How long have you been here?'

'Just few minutes.' Jamie went to give her another kiss. 'A long day?'

'A very long one.'

He sat beside her, holding her close as she proceeded to recount her day. It had started soon after Jamie had left for work, with the twins crying loudly for their breakfast. It had gone quite good, with Claire taking turns with them, sat on the rocking chair in the nursery and they had gone to sleep for long enough to let Claire have breakfast. But it had gone downhill from there, with Julia vomiting on her after the next feed and then Willie pooping all the bed. She had to clean and change both twins and the bedding, avoiding the dog to eat it- thanks to Murtagh for coming to take Donas out when she was on the middle of it. By the time Claire had finished cleaning, it was feeding time again and then the twins had taken a long time to go to sleep again, Willie spitting on himself, having to be cleaned and changed for second time on the day. She had barely time to make something to eat, abandoning all the stuff on the sink as the twins started screaming again. For once they had gone to sleep easily, Donas had woken them up by playing with a loud squeaky ball- ball which Donas had found after spread all his toys out of their basket through the living room floor. And if it wasn't work enough, Adso had decided that it was the perfect time to spill all of his sandbox through the floor, the clean up of it taking again all the time Claire had intended for get some rest. The another feeding and nappy change, Adso and Donas own feeding time and so Claire had only been able to lay down on the sofa as the sun started to set.

'It's been going on and on for the whole day.' Claire said, yawning hard as she did. 'I've never felt so tired on my life.'

'Then go back to sleep, mo ghraidh.' Jamie Said to her, moving her legs up in the sofa, 'I'm here now, ye dinna have to do anythin' but breastfed the bairns.'

'No, Jamie, there's a lot of mess around. You need help.'

'Nae, lass. 'Tis my job now. Ye've done yer work, now 'tis time for ye to get some good rest.'

'I've missed you so much today.' Claire said as she covered herself with the blanket

'I missed ye too. Now, sleep for bit more.' Jamie kissed Claire again and carried on cleaning around.

Chapter Text

25th of December 07:30am

The sound of a crying baby woke Jamie and Claire, another crying baby joining before they had actual time to get up and go. 'I'll go.' Jamie said as Claire tried to leave the bed. She sat on it, her back the bed frame, waiting, she checked the time on her phone in the meantime. It was Christmas day, the first of the twins. Jamie came with wee Willie and then with wee Julia, sitting on bed besides her with the baby.

'Happy Christmas, Jamie.'

'Happy Christmas mo nighean.'

'Happy Christmas to you two too.'

'Did ye imagine this Sassenach? A year ago when we were newly married, that we would be havin' our own bairns this year.'

'No, I thought of how Christmas with our children would be but I didn't think it would just be the next ones.' The swapped the babies as Willie finished, Jamie taking the task of burp him.

'If I am totally sincere with ye, I might have thought in how much I'd have loved to see ye round with child during Hogmanay. I was just a bit too soon for that.'

'Maybe next time, you have six months to prepare.' Jamie and Claire laughed.

They had decorated their flat way more than in other years because of the twins, even when they both knew the babies would not remember it. They had booked a family photo shoot to also commemorate the occasion, one of the photos already taking place of honour on the living room bookcase. Jamie and Claire wearing Christmas jumpers, the twins dressed as Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus and both Adso and Donas wearing elf ears headbands. Donas had dutifully kept his in place but Adso's had to be replaced after each photo as he kept trying to take them down. After breakfast and get ready, wearing the same outifts than in the photos, they drove to Jenny and Ian's house for the Christmas supper, finding John and Hector at the door.

'Look at this beautiful Santa and Mrs. Claus.' Hector cooed the twins as they waited for Murtagh, who was already in there opened the door for them.

It started to snow as they got comfy inside the house, three-and-a-half-year-old Young Jamie taking Murtagh and his almost a year-old sister to watch it fall from a window as the adults prepared for the meal of turkey, potatoes, sprouts, which Wee Jamie tried to feed to Donas for everyone's amusement- and homemade cranberry cheesecake. After the supper, it came the time for opening presents and soon a sea of teared up gift paper swarmed the Murray's living room, Jamie Murray happily going through it with his new toy car.

'Oh, Jamie, it's beautiful.' Claire said as she opened a box containing a silver watch, with the birth date of the twins engraved on the back.

'Robert the Bruce! I love it.' Jamie said of the history book Claire had gotten him.

'One more for your collection.'

'We have another gift for ye.' Ian said, with Jenny by his side.

'We're having another bairn.' Jenny finished, Claire went to hug her sister in law.

'Maggie isna even one. Let my sister a bit of rest.' Jamie said as he clinked his glass with Ian's

'Tell her to give ME some rest. She was the one who was the most interested that night.' Ian joked with him.

'Well, he's the one who bought that really good bottle of wine for our anniversary.' Jenny added.

'Well, if we're on an announcement mood, Hector and I also have something to say.' John joined the group. 'We're getting married. And we're are going to look for a surrogate after that.'

'Congratulations to ye two too.' Jamie said to his best friend.

'After the twins' birth, I thought you'll have enough about labours, John.' Claire said to him, pointing at his little finger.

'I know, he let me clear that he wants to have a baby, but that I am the one doing the whole birth thing.' Hector said.

Chapter Text

'Ready, Sassenach?' Jamie asked as he finished cleaning the kitchen after breakfast.

'A minute I think I am, the next I think I think I am not.' Claire answered, it was her first day of work after the birth of the twins and she was quite sentimental.

''Tis normal, ye've been here everyday just with the bairns for six months.' Jamie went and held her closely to him. 'It happened to me too. It will get better.'

'I suppose it will. I just, I don't know how I'm going to be able to be far from them for so long.'

'They'll be fine. 'Tis the same daycare Jenny and Ian take their bairns, they've been takin' good care of Wee Jamie and Maggie. They'll take good care of WIllie and Julia too.'


They packed up the twins' things and they drove the the daycare. It was decorated in pastel colours and funny animal drawings, soft music playing on the background. There was already a number of children sleeping, drawing and playing around, including Jamie and Claire's own nephew, to distracted on a Lego table to notice the presence of his uncle, aunt and cousins. 'Mr. Fraser, Mrs. Fraser, welcome.' Said Ealasaid, one of the carers of the place. 'How are the wee ones today?'

'They're fine.' Jamie asnwered.

'Let me check them in and I'll let ye in.'

'I need you to know some things first.' Claire said nervously, 'I didn't want to sound to bossy, they're just things the like. I have some breast milk ready for them on my bag. Willie likes to sleep on the left and Julia on the right. Willie loves to fall asleep with his purple dinosaur and Julia likes to be cradle before her nap. Julia always wakes up first for some reason, and she can be a bit of light sleeper. I can't let the dog around if she needs to nap. Willie is then more fussy at feeding times. I'm starting to get them on solids and he likes them sometimes but not others, just you have to be patient with him.' Claire listed.

'Dinna worry, all bairns have their own quirks. I'll write them on their file, so everyone here kens.' The carer said as Jamie and Claire left the twins on the crib the carer had assigned them.

''Tis time to go, mo ghraidh.' Jamie said, checking his watch

'We'll be here by six. ' Claire said, giving a last kiss to the sleeping children before left the place.

'See ye then.' The carer greeted them as they walked out.


'Do ye need a minute?'Jamie asked where they were back on their car.

'Maybe.' Claire asked, tears clearly rolling on her cheeks.

'Come here.' Claire crumbled on Jamie, who started caressing her and talking her softly in Gaelic.


'Welcome home!' Joe and Louise exclaimed as they saw Claire coming into the A&E room. 'We've missed you.'

'I missed you two too.' Claire said to them.

'How the twins are?' Louise asked next.

'Fine, they're started daycare today.'

'Difficult, isn't it? I still remember with Lenny.' Joe told Claire

'Yes, it's been hard.'

'It gets better with time, don't worry.'

The day felt both strange and normal. She was still accustoming herself to be working again after a long time, but at the same time she enjoyed being around the hospital staff and helping his patients once more. Louise invited her for lunch to the little restaurant next door to the hospital and Joe asked every now and then how it was going. Every hour or so, she received a text message and photo from the daycare, reassuring her the children were fine and enjoying their time at the place and that ended up being a nice conversation theme with a patient and old lady who remembered how in her times most mother stayed home and how much she would have loved to have a place to leave her kids for few hours when they were small. Claire laughed at the lady's story, thinking in how ironic it was that she was itching to see her children again while the lady talked about how much she would have loved some free time to work or just be by herself. Soon it was five o'clock, the end of her shift and Jamie was at the hospital reception waiting for her, a small bunch of flowers to celebrate her first day of work in his hands.

'How the day went?' Jamie asked with a kiss.

'Better than I thought it would be. I missed the children terribly, but it was good being here again.' Claire answered, burrowing herself on him as they said their goodbyes to the hospital team and left.

'Good. Now let's go for the bairns, get some groceries for dinner and to home. I'll prepare for ye that chicken curry ye like.'

'That sounds good.'

'Oh, look at that Julia, Mam and Da are back.' The carer said as the little baby stretched her arms to her parents, Claire going to her immediately.

'How they have behaved today?' Jamie asked taking a half sleepy Willie with him.

'Like angels, some of the best behaved children in here.' The carer answered, making both Jamie and Claire to smile.

Soon they were all back at home, relaxing after a long day.

Chapter Text

Claire waited on the dark as the interview went through. They were in Paris, the production company had sold the rights of the show to a French channel and Jamie was obliged to do some promotion and dubbing work on Paris for around a week. The twins, nine months old, were in Scotland, staying with Jenny and Ian and so Claire was entertaining herself while Jamie was onscreen messaging with Jenny. She was heavily pregnant again and had recruited Murtagh to help with the four children. Claire looked at the interview again, laughing at the host female, clearly swooning at Jamie and his perfect French, even when Jamie had mentioned Claire and their children several times already during the course of the chat.

'What do ye think of it, Sassenach?' Jamie asked as he was able to leave.

'The lady had the prowl on you.' Claire told Jamie.

'Aye, I ken, but she's no' my type.' He kissed her. 'Ye ken that better than anyone.'

'Yes, I know.'

'How are the bairns?'

'Good, and Murtagh is driving Jenny crazy even more than the kids.'

'Aye, that was bound to happen.'

'What do you want to do now?

'Maybe just get some lunch and go back to Jared's.'

They were staying with Jared, a cousin of Jamie who had been living at the French capital for a decade or so, managing his wine export business. Without the children, they were the free time they had to play tourist around the city, going to some restaurants Jared had recommended to them and, of course, enjoy their time together without interruptions.

'Oh, no. It's my turn.' Claire said rolling them to keep Jamie under her.

'Aye, I'm all yers, mo nighean.'

Claire took him inside her and rode him like her life depended on it. Jamie stayed down for a bit but soon stood up, kissing and sucking her breasts. 'God! Jamie slither his hand between their bodies to reach her clitoris. 'Jamie! Don't stop now!' She felt like falling as a potent orgasm went through her, only Jamie's arm keeping her upright. He laid her down, her feet on the pillow to carry on having his own way on her.

'What time is it?' Claire said some time later as she recovered her senses, still the other way around in the bed 'You need to go to the dubbing studio.'

Jamie had to move all the way back to the bedside table to check his watch. 'Still time, mo nighean. We can stay here for a bit longer.' Jamie opened her legs and began making love to her again, this time with his mouth.


He had finished for the day, he was waiting for the car to come when he saw a flower shop. He decided to go and get some flowers for Claire and so walked to the shop, quite quickly, accidentally colliding with a young boy. 'Pardon moi.' He said to the boy as the walked in different directions. He went to shop, quickly choosing a bunch of roses and peonies for Claire. It was at the moment of paying that he found out his wallet wasn't on his jacket. He was sure it was on it on the morning. He apologized to the shop girl and went to check for it back at the studio and then it saw, his Scotland flag wallet, in the hands of the boy he had crashed into earlier.'

'Bonsoir garçon. Le portefeuille est à moi.' He told the boy, who soon started running.

'Wee bastard!' Jamie said as he started chasing him.

Chapter Text

Jamie chased the lad for few minutes, until he went to catch it at an alley between two old buildings. 'Come here ye wee bastard.

'Get off me you English fucker.' The boy said mixing English and French, fighting Jamie until he lost his breath.

'Are ye OK?' Jamie eased his grip on the boy's arm and touched his forehead. He was really warm. 'Where do ye live?' He asked in French and English. The boy didn't answer, and so Jamie lifted him into his arms and took them to the car that was now waiting for him.

'No, leave me alone.' The boy said.

'I'm no' leavin' ye on the streets sick. My wife is a doctor, she'll help ye.'

He explained the situation to the driver and they soon arrive to Jared's house. Jamie kept holding the boy against him, speaking softly in Gaelic as he did with the twins.

'Jamie, what is this?' Claire said as Jamie came into the house with the boy.

'The lad tried to mug me and I chased him.' Jamie recalled. 'He's got a fever and I couldna leave him alone on the streets.' Jamie took him to one of the bedrooms and laid the bot in the bed for Claire to examine him.

'You're right, he's awfully hot, and he also seems underweight for his frame.' She started to tell Jamie as she examine her, soon finding the boy covered in red spots. 'It might be chickenpox.' Claire pointed out. 'Did he tell you about his house? If he has any siblings, they might get sick too.'

'No, I asked but he didna answer.'

'We'll need them to call someone, the police or the French child services.'

'Aye, tomorrow, let the lad rest here for tonight.'

'I'll ask the maid if there's a pharmacy open around, I'll need some antihistamines and cooling creams for him.'

They made turns during the night to take care of the little boy. 'Maman' The boy half sleepy said to Claire half way through as she put some cream on his arm.

'You're safe in here, dear. Just go to sleep again.'

The boy slept for the most of the night and the following morning, he finally woke up while Jamie was looking after him.

'Where am I?' The boy asked to Jamie. 'Who are you?

'Dinna remember me?' Jamie said. 'On the street, yesterday.' The boy recalled and tried to jump off the bed, Jamie stopping him quickly. 'Ye're sick, ye must no move. And dinna scratch yerself.'

'Where am I?'

'My cousin's house. We're stayin' here for few days.'

'What do you want of me?'

'Notihin' bad, ye dinna need to fear us.' Jamie sat on the bed with the boy. 'What is yer name?'


'I'm Jamie, pleased to meet ye Claudel. As I told ye yesterday, my wife is a doctor. She thinks ye have chickenpox. 'Tis verra contagious. Do ye have any siblin's?'

'No, it's just me.'

'Where do ye live? Where are yer parents?'

'I never met my father. My mother worked with men.' Jamie sighed, he could imagine what that meant. 'She died, the police came for me and put me on a children's house. But the lady was bad with us and I escaped.'

'Oh, you're finally awake.' Claire came into the room to see how Claudel was going. 'How are you feeling?'

'This is Claire, my wife.' Jamie officially introduce them. 'And this is Claudel. He was tellin' me about him. Ye dinna have to worry, he doesna have other siblin's.' Claire felt somehow relieved that there were probably no more children infected lost around. 'Where do ye live now, Claudel?'

'A friend of my mother let me sleep on his place, as long as I keep care of myself. It was his boyfriend who taught me how to pickpocket.' Claire tousled the boy's hair. 'What are you going to do with me when I'm fine?'

'We canna let ye again on the streets, 'tis no' life for a wee lad like ye. We're callin' the child services.'

'No! I don't want to go to another house!'

'Ye need a proper place and an education, better than pickpocket. Do you ken how to read, or write?' Jamie tried to reassure Claudel.

'A bit, enough to go around the city. And a bit of your language, it helps me to lie to tourists.'

'But that's not a good thing, or a plan for the future.' Claire added.

'OK, let's make a deal.' Jamie went on. 'Ye go to to the foster house and to school and we'll be keepin' contact with ye. If there's anythin' that worries ye, ye can tell us and we'll try to help ye.'

'But you don't live in here, you live in England.'

'We live in Scotland, in Glasgow, but even then, we can still in contact with you by phone.' Claire carried on. 'It'll be easy.' Claudel smiled, he seemed to be instinctively trusting them.

'Do you have children waiting for you at home?'

Jamie showed Claudel some of the photos he had of the twins on his phone, including some with Adso and Donas, pointing all their names to the boy.

'I want to have a dog one day.' Claudel said, making both Jamie and Claire smile, he was just a little boy after all.

'Well, if ye want a dog, ye better go to school to have a good job one day and be able to give yer dog a good life. Is that a deal?'

'Deal.' Claudel quickly answered.

Chapter Text

'Only you would go to a place for something as boring as dubbing work and come back with a protege.' John said as Jamie told him about Claudel.

'What else would ye want me to do with the lad?' Jamie asked. He was on the studio, filming a little video for Claudel about how their life on Glasgow was. After Claudel recovered they had called to the Child services and told them how they wanted to keep in contact with the boy in his new foster house. The social worker had put no objections on it, more like the opposite, she had told them how glad she was Claudel had someone to support him. Just before they left Paris, they had taken the boy to buy clothes, school supplies and a phone, so he always would be able to get in contact with them in Glasgow. And so, Claire had had the idea of do some small videos about how their life was.

'No, it's a good thing. He's out of the streets and he has someone he can count on.' John added.

'Do ye want appear? Send him a wee message.'

'Of course.' John straightened his tie as Jamie prepared his phone. 'Oh, hello Claudel. I'm John, a friend of Jamie and Claire. How are you? Well... I work here with Jamie. We're doing some filming now. It seems more exciting than it actually is. I hope everything is going fine in Paris. You know, school and friends.' John stopped and looked at Jamie. 'Is it OK?'

'Aye, john. 'Twas good.'

Claire was also using the quietness of the A&E on Monday mornings to films things to show Claudel on their video. Like messages from the nurses and an improvised anatomy lesson with the posters hung on one of the rooms.

'You've been learning filming trips from your TV host husband, Claire.' Joe joked as Claire moved the phone in his hands for the third time.

'I just want it to look the best possible.' Claire answered.

'You really care for that boy, don't you?'

'Well, I know what it feels like loose your parent at that young age. And I was lucky I had uncle Lamb to take care of me. I really want him to feel that we care for him even in doing something as seemingly stupid as this.'

'After all you told me the boy has gone through, He will for sure appreciate all what you're doing for him.'

They carried filming for the next couple of days, using a couple of free evenings to pack the twins on their buggy and show Claudel around the city. 'This is the Kelvingrove Art Gallery, it was one of the first places I visited when I moved to Glasgow.' Claire explained as Jamie filmed her. 'There's a great burger place close around. We can take you there if you ever come to visit.'

'Aye, that would be a great idea, Sassenach.' Jamie said stopping the phone for a minute. 'We could ask and see if we could be able to bring him for a wee visit. Do ye think he'd like it?'

'Well, why not? I bet he'd love to go somewhere on a holiday. And it would be lovely to show him around properly.'

Couple days later, Young Claudel received the video, Jamie had asked one of the show's editors for a favour preparing it and both and Claire loved the result. The man had put a nice song on the background as they walked through the city and a playful one on the video of the playing with the twins and Donas on the park. He had even found out how to resolve the weird pitch on Jenny's message.

'I love your video, it's really funny.' Claudel called them as soon as he finished to watch it. 'And yes, I'd love to visit you at Glasgow someday.'

'Ye ken, Claire and I were talkin'.' Jamie said to the boy on the phone. 'The twins birthday is next month and it falls on a Saturday. We're going to ask yer worker if it would be possible for ye to come for the weekend and celebrate with us.'

'I would like nothing more than do that.'

'Then it's done.' Claire took her turn talking with Claudel. 'We'll be asking her tomorrow, and we'll tell you what she answers us.'

Chapter Text

The Frasers were waiting on the airport for Claudel's plane to land. Claire looked nervously to the information screens as Jamie entertained Julia on the buggy, Willie napping on the back seat of it. It had been easier than they thought to convince Claudel' social worker to let him to come to Glasgow for the birthday of the twins. She was coming with him, Jamie convincing John to let her sleep at his and Hector's guest room for the weekend while Fergus stayed with the Frasers. Claudel run directly to them as soon as he saw them waiting, hugging them as if they were his blood family. 'Hello, lad. Did ye have a good flight?' Jamie asked.

'I was nervous at first, but the rest was OK.' Claudel answered to Jamie. 'And I got chocolate peanuts.'

'Oh, that sounds tasty.' Claire said.

'I got something for the bebes.' the boy said, producing two yellow felt bunnies sewn with thick pink thread. ' For their birthday. A teacher helped me to do them.'

'They're lovely, Claudel.' Claire smiled at him. 'Why don't you give it to them?'

Claudel gave the bunnies to the children, Willie laughed and Julia soon put hers on her mouth. ' Och, They dinna talk yet, but I think they like them.'

'You're welcome.' Claudel said to the twins, Julia laughing at him.

They drove to the city, talking about the plans they had for the weekend and places the social worker might like to visit during these days while Claudel was with the Frasers. Their first stop, after leave the social worker at John's place, was to a nice burger place for supper.

'What does halloumi mean?' Claudel asked Claire, sit by his side.

'It's a type of cheese, they grill it up like meat to prepare it. I'd say that's one of the vegetarian options.' Claire explained the boy.

'No, I want meat on it. Chicken.' Claudel decided. 'Can I have chips and onion rings? And chocolate Ice Cream'

'Aye, 'tis a celebration weekend.' Jamie answered, calling for the waitress to get their order. 'Ye can get whatever ye want.'

The next day, the children's birthday, they went to the the zoo with them and Claudel. They tied up a couple of balloons at the twins buggy and a badge saying Happy Birthday on the sun cover. Fergus was also really excited, as it was also his first time ever at the zoo.

'Are ye happy for yer siblin's birthday?' The zoo photographer said the Claudel as they stopped for a commemorative photo.

'Oui, I am.' Claudel happily said. Jamie and Claire looked at each other when the boy talked of the twins as his siblings.

'I bet 'twas weird being an only child for so long and then get a brother and sister at once.' The lady carried on.

Jamie wanted to intervene but Claudel carried on by himself. 'No really, I love them.'

'That's good. Have a nice day with them, love.' The photographer said to him, giving the ticket for the photo to Jamie.

'It was OK, wasn't it?' Claudel asked a minute or so later. 'To tell the lady the bebes were my siblings when she asked.'

'Of course it was lad. Ye dinna have to explain yer circumstances to everyone.' Jamie told him. 'Where do ye want to go first?'

'I want to see the monkeys.' Claudel quickly answered.

'To the monkeys then.' Claire said, pushing the buggy in the direction the signals pointed.


In the evening they had a party on their flat, where Claudel had the chance of meet the rest of the family, including the newest member, Kitty, Jenny and Ian's one-month-old new daughter. 'She's so.. petit.' Claudel said as he saw her. 'Are all bebes so petit at birth?'

'Yes, they are.'

Jamie and Claire loved how well Claudel seemed to have fitted himself on the family, playing with the twins, Young Jamie and Maggie on the living rooms carpet as the adults entertained themselves around. 'How about if you help us blowing the candles?' Claire told him as she brought the ladybug shaped chocolate cake she had purchased for the occasion to the room.

'What should I do?'

'When we tell ye: close yer eyes, make a wish and blow the candles.' Jamie explained as they all went to surround the twins, Jenny ready to film from her phone.

'What should I wish?' Claudel asked next.

'Whatever ye want.'

'You know, I don't think we know when your birthday is Claudel.' Claire said as Claudel helped them to clean up once the party finished and the family left for the night. 'We need to start thinking in something to do in that day.'

'I don't know.' Claudel answered.

'You don't know your birthday date?' Claire said, surprised.

'How is it lad?' Jamie asked

'I was petit when my maman died. She never told me, or I don't remember it.'

Claire left the plates back on the table and went to hug the little boy, Jamie joining shortly after.

'Can I tell you something?' Claudel asked.

'Of course ye can. What do ye want?' Jamie said to the boy.

'When you told me to make a wish, I wished you were my real family, like I told the lady at the zoo this morning.'

Claire sighed, still holding Claudel with her. 'That's a great wish, Claudel. We'd love to be your family too.'


Later at night, after all the children were sleep, Claire was watching over Claudel, thinking, when she felt Jamie's arms circling him from behind. 'We're doing this, aren't we?' Claire didn't specify what she was talking about, they both knew, and the idea had been floating around them for the whole day, maybe for the whole time they had known Claudel.

'Aye, we are. We talked early enough that we would accept as many children God decided to give us.' Jamie said to her. 'If he decided to give us one through a different path, I'm OK with it.'

'We'll tell him in the morning.'


Claudel came to kitchen the next morning to find Jamie and Claire waiting for him. 'Claudel, we've been talking about something.' Claire started. 'We want to ask you if you would like us to adopt you, to make you officially our child.' The boy didn't answer but quickly went to hug them, sobbing being muffled by Claire's robe.

'It might take a while, because we may have to go through both the British and the French children services, but we really want ye to be our son.' Jamie added.

'I can wait. I love you and the bebes.' Claudel said.

'We love you too, Claudel.' Claire said.

Claire cleaned up the boy's face and served his breakfast as Jamie went for the twins. Few minutes later, after seem to be pondering over his porridge, the boy talked again. 'If I am going to be your son. I want a Scottish name. I've never liked Claudel anyway.'

'A brawl Scottish name, you want.' Jamie started to think. 'How about Dalhousie?'

'Jamie that's horrible.' Claire and Claudel laughed at him. 'Andrew?'

'Nae, Ewan?' The boy moved his head to say no.

'Duncan?' Another negative answer for Claire.

'How about Fergus?' Jamie said next.

'Fergus.' The boy said. 'I like it.'

'Fergus Fraser.' Claire said. 'It sounds good.'

'Fergus it is then.' Jamie announced. 'Fergus Claudel Fraser.'

Chapter Text

Jamie put a sleepy Willie on his crib and went to the living room, smiling at his wife as she checked for God knows which time that everything was clean and tidy. They were waiting for a Scottish social worker to visit and audit them their abilities as parents. 'Och, mo Sorcha. Everythin' is good.' He went to her as she fluffed again the sofa's cushions.

'I haven't been so nervous in my life.' Claire said, burrowing herself on her husband's arms.

'It'll be OK.' Jamie reassured her. 'We have all 'tis needed for raise a child. Love, Understandin', a lovin' home and family. The dust on a shelf is the last thin' ye should worry about.''

Jamie kept holding Claire until the buzzer sounded. They went to open the door to the social worker, a mid-age woman on a dark suit. 'Mr. Fraser, Mrs. Fraser.'

'Welcome to our home.' Jamie said.

She came into the house, seemingly checking every inch of it, starting for the corridor and the kitchen, finally arriving to the living room where the dog quickly tried to play with the lady. Jamie needing to take him down. 'This is Donas, our dog.'

'I prefer cats, to be honest.' The lady said as Donas went back to his bed.

'We have one too. Adso, he likes to sunbath on the bedroom at this time.' Claire said, trying to connect with the lady.

'May I sit?' She dryly said.

'Of course.' Jamie offered a place on the sofa and then sat in the other corner with Claire.

'Your file says that ye have two biological children, and ye seem still bein' young enough to have more.' The lady started reading something in the tablet she had on her bag. 'Why did ye decide to adopt a foreigner eight-year-old?'

'Because we love him,' Claire said, 'as our own child. We wish to give him the proper home he deserves after all he has gone through on his life.'

'That's a good sentiment.' The lady told them. 'I read about how ye meet him in France. We should have more people keen of help children with that kind of backgrounds. And the French worker I am in contact with has given me a really good opinion of ye two. She really thinks ye are the best for Claudel, or Fergus, as he wants to be known now.'

'Aye, when we told him we wanted to adopt him, he asked us for a Scottish name.' Jamie said next.

'Tell me somethin' about yer own backgrounds.' The lady asked. 'I can see that ye are Scottish and yer wife English. How did ye meet each other?'

'I had a accident at work. I dislocated my shoulder.' Jamie recalled. 'She was the doctor who attended me.'

'So, ye are a Doctor.' The lady said to Claire. 'A verra respectful career. And ye Mr. Fraser.' Jamie and Claire smirked to each other. Not many people around didn't know what Jamie did for a living.

'I work on TV production company.' Jamie simplified it.

'A good job too.' The lady carried on. 'And how about yer extended family? Parents, siblin's...'

'Both our parents, are dead.' Claire said. 'Mine died when I was a little child. I was raised by my uncle, but he also sadly passed away some time ago.'

'I'm sorry for yer loss.'

'I've a sister.' Jamie took it from Claire. 'She's married with three bairns. And my godfather, we've been always really close, and he's also the twins' godfather.'

'We're not many, but we're really close.' Claire said. 'Jenny, his sister, and her family live just five minutes driving from here.'

'That's good. 'tis about quality, no' quantity.' The lady agreed. 'I think ye seems the perfect family to place young Claudel, or Fergus. Just a wee worry.' Claire tensed and squeezed hard Jamie's hand as she said that. 'This flat seems small for a growin' family like yers, above all countin' ye might have any more biological children. Have ye think about it?'

'We've planned to move to my ancestral home in the future. A farm just outside the town of Broch Mhorda.' Jamie explained. 'A couple of hours drivin' from here. I'm refurbishin' it. I think it would be habitable by next year.'

'That sounds a lovely place to raise a family.' The lady said. 'I think I have everythin' I needed for my memorandum. A verra possitive one. I hope ye get an answer from France soon. Good evening Mr. Fraser, Mrs. Fraser.'

'I'll accompany ye to the door.' Jamie said, going with her and closing behind him.

Claire smiled and run to his arms. Jamie lifted her and kiss her deeply, enjoying the happiness about the future.

Chapter Text

Jamie was preparing breakfast in kitchen while the twins were having a drumming competition with their spoons, sit on their highchairs when Claire came unannounced, newly showered and wearing her new shirt, purchased just a weekt previously on a girls shopping trip with Louise and Jenny. 'I can't believe this.' She said, showing Jamie the slightly open spaces between the shirt buttons. 'It fitted when I tried it on the shop.'

'Dinna fash for that mo ghraidh.' Jamie said, he knew why the shirt was suddenly a bit smaller than needed, and was just waiting for Claire to notice the signs around her. Not for long, as once he gave her customary morning cup of coffee, she quickly felt nausea running up her throat.

'Oh, God.' She said as she run to the toilet. She was still on her knees there when Jamie came for her.

'Let me help ye, Sassenach.' He said as he helped to get cleaned and lay her on the bed.

'Did you get a different brand of coffee this time?' She asked, making Jamie laugh.

'No, 'tis the same as always.' Jamie answered.

'Remind me to check the expiration date.' Claire said next, Jamie loosing it again. 'Why are you laughing?'

'Because a fine healer like ye canna see the evidence in front of her. Do ye ken which day is today?'

'Tuesday.' She went to get her phone from the bedside table. 'Tuesday the 23rd of...oh God!'

'Aye, yer courses should have come ten days ago. And yer breasts are already a wee bit bigger and more sensitive.' He caressed them over the shirt, making her moan for a second.'

'We're having another baby.'

'Aye, and I think I can pinpoint the exact moment we made him, or her.'

'Can you?'


It had been late at night, she would say it was a Saturday, but it was way past midnight when she finally arrived home after a long and busy shift at the hospital. 'I hate Saturday night shifts. You wouldn't believe how many people with no sense I've seen today.' She said as she sat on the bed, stretching her tired limbs.

'Let me help ye, Sassenach.' Jamie moved on the bed, taking her jacket from her.

'Go back to sleep, is really late.'

'I canna sleep with ye goin' up and down the room.' He carried on helping her to shed her clothes.

'My back feels like fire.' She said, as Jamie left her clothes on the laundry basket, only wearing her bra and knickers.

'Lie on yer front, Sassenach.' Jamie said, taking Claire's hand cream bottle with him.

'What do you have in mind?' Claire said as Jamie opened her bra and pour some cream on her. She soon felt his strong hands up and down her back, spreading the cream through her skin, relaxing her tired muscles. She let a loud moan, which make Jamie laugh.

'Lass, dinna make those sounds. Ye're givin' me a good cockstand.' Jamie laid on her, so she could feel his hard cock on her buttocks.

'Well, it does kinda feel almost as good as when you make love to me.' He turn her around, throwing her bra on the carpet and quickly closing his mouth on one of her nipples, his hand driving down to hide inside her panties. 'Oh, God, Jamie...'

'I ken ye're tired, I'll be doing the hard job.' Jamie said just before free her from her last clothing item and seal his mouth between her legs. She soon was throbbing with the pleasure Jamie was giving her, soon losing any contact with reality as Jamie's mouth and fingers worked on her.

'Jamie, come here...' She begged after her last climax, he quickly taking her, hard and fast, her legs firmly locked around him.

'Do ye feel better now?' Jamie said as he rolled off Claire, holding her tightly in his arms.

'You know how to relax someone after a long day, I'm giving you that one.' She joked, yawning as she felt sleep coming to her.

'Sleep well, mo Sorcha. Ye deserve it.' Jamie said, casually caressing her belly, not knowing yet the special reaction it was happening inside her at that very moment.

Chapter Text

Claire was doing some ironing on kitchen, even after a year, she was still incredulous of how much stuff babies were able to dirty on a single week. She heard laughs from the living room. It was Christmas time and Fergus had come to Glasgow to pass the holidays with them and was now playing with the twins. She smiled to herself and carried on with her job until Fergus called her. 'Maman, come here. Quickly!'

She switched off the iron, putting it far away of the clothes and ran to the living room, where all seemingly looked fine. 'What is happening here, Fergus?'

'Julia, she walked.' Fergus said, Julia sitting in front of him, happily playing with her stuffed bunny.

'Oh, did she?'

'Oui, she did.' Fergus went to take the bunny from Julia. 'Come for your lapin, Julia. Show maman what you can do.' She seemed about to cry for her bunny, but then, she turn around and used the coffee table to stand up and with wobbly steps to reach Fergus.

'Oh, sweetie.' Claire went to lift her daughter on her arms. 'Wait until your father comes home and sees your new trick.'

'And how about you Willie?' Fergus tried to reach for Willie's purple dinosaur, to see if he could incite him to walk for him, but Willie responded with a sharp scream, stretching his arms towards the toy, Fergus quickly giving it back to him.

'Babies follow different rhythms on these things, Fergus, even twins.' Claire said to a disappointed Fergus.

It would be few more hours until Jamie came back home. The smell of dinner receiving him home. 'Good evening, Sassenach.' He said to her, hugging her from behind as she finished cooking. 'Had a good day?'

'It was a great day.' Claire answered. 'Oh, and we have a little surprise for you.'

'Och, what kind of surprise?'

She finished putting dinner on the plates and went with Jamie to the living room. Fergus lining some toys in front of Julia and Willie. 'Julia, Da is here, show him what you can do.' Fergus called Julia's attention with one of the toys, the girl soon finding something to stand up and go to her brother.

'A Dhia!' Jamie said with a big smile.

'She's been practicing all day.' Claire told him.

'Is that true, a leannan? You're walkin' now.' Jamie said to her daughter, sitting now on Fergus' lap.

They went to eat their dinner, fish fingers and roasted vegetables, Jamie and Claire joking about what the rest of the family would say of Julia's newest skill. 'She walked younger than Maggie.' Jamie said. 'I want to ken what Ian says of this.' They sit on the sofa as family, watching a Ghibli movie on Netfllix, soon the twins wriggling around, wanting to be left down on the carpet, to play around. Donas pushed his ball out of his reach, rolling up to Willie's side. The boy took it, wondering for a second what to do with it, Claire was afraid for a second he was going to put it on his mouth, but then, as if they were having a proper conversation, Julia babble something, clapping on the coffee table and Willie moved enough to be able to use it to help him to stand up by himself and shyly walk his way to give back the ball to the dog.

'Go, Willie, go!' Fergus shouted as Willie went on his task.

'Look at him.' Claire said, laying her head on Jamie's shoulder.

'Aye, they're walkin'' Jamie said. ''T looks like yesterday that they were born and they're walkin''

'Time runs sometimes, I know.' Claire answered her husband. 'So quickly sometimes.'

Chapter Text

Jamie was laughing as he read something on his phone, waking up Claire by his side on the bed. 'What is so fun?' She asked as she sat on the bed and peaked into the screen.

'Somethin' John has sent me.' Jamie gave the phone to Claire to see. It was a tabloid article, photos of them going to a Christmas market with Fergus and the twins, wondering who Fergus was and giving some curious theories about it.

'Your secret lovechild? Seriously?' Claire laughed with him. 'They couldn't come up with something more credible.'

'I suppose adoptive child doesna sell as well as lovechild.'

'I suppose not.'

'John wants to know if he wants us to put up a statement clarifyin' about Fergus. So, it doesna go too far away, above all when Fergus comes to live with us permanently.'

'If John thinks it would be good, I'm OK with it.' Claire waited until Jamie finished messaging John and started wondering her hands around him. 'You know, it's still early, and the children are sleeping. We have time for know.'

'Oh, I ken.' Jamie quickly placing her under him, his mouth on that point of her neck it always make her tickling and squirm. He run his tongue all down her body, stopping firstly at her breasts and then between her legs. He made her climax twice before came into her and take his own pleasure from her.

'I love to make love to ye while ye're with child.' Jamie said, kissing her again and caressing her already a bit bigger belly.

'Taking pride of your work.' Claire joked as her hand went again to grab his cock, trying to get him ready to take again.

'I dinna think we have time to go at it again.'

'Well, there's only one way to check.'

Luckily for them, they did have just the right amount time for the second round. The twins waking just few minutes after they had finished loving each other.

It was their turn in host the Hogmanay dinner, and just after lunch time, the family started to arrive to their flat. Murtagh soon plunging on the sofa, glass of whisky on his hand, focused on the task of teaching Auld Lang Syne to Fergus and Young Jamie. The rest of the adults laughing at his attempts of harmonize the two young boys.

'The statement went well.' John told Jamie and Claire about the clarification of the article.'Most of the people likes the idea of you two giving a home to an orphan child.'

'That's good. I hope that finishes with any more weird stories.' Jamie said, clinking glasses with John.

'And I forgot to say you two thank you.'

'For what?' Claire asked, unknowingly of what John meant.

'Get pregnant in time the baby is born before the wedding.' John said, making Jamie and Claire laugh. 'So, we don't have any scares on it. My grandmother is on heart pills.'

'Well, yes.' Claire carried on. 'But now, you'll have a weeks-old baby maybe asking for a feed in the middle of the ceremony. Or needing a stinky nappy change.'

'I think I can live with breast milk or baby poop better than with blood, if you ask me.'

'Och, John. I suppose that leaves the rules for yer wedding clear.' Jamie laughed

As time past, the children started to fall sleep little by little, first Kitty and the twins, then Maggie. Young Jamie got to reach 9pm before fall sleep on her mother's arms as she talked with Claire and Hector about the wedding plans. Fergus first felt brave to resist awaken until midnight, but sadly, it was just eleven o'clock when he started to doze on against Murtagh as they watched TV. 'I think 'tis time ye put the lad on his bed.' Murtagh said, letting Fergus fell to his lap half asleep.

'He really wanted to keep awake until twelve.' Claire said.

'Aye, maybe just let him in there and see if he wakes up before midnight.' Jamie said.

It was almost midnight when John and Claire hand out paper hats, noisy paper trumpets, serpentine rolls and new glasses for the big moment. 'Come on lad, ye're goin' to miss it.' Murtagh roused Fergus for long enough to see the arrival of the new year.

'3...2...1...' The family chanted as the last seconds of the year passed. 'Happy New year!' Claire kissed all Jamie, Fergus and Murtagh, before start singing, young Fergus following the song as much as he could.

Few hours later, deep into the night, Jamie and Claire tried to sleep, surrounding Fergus, already deeply sleep in the centre of the bed. Having drunk a bit too much, the Murrays had decided to stay the night, invading the extra room's bed with Young Jamie, as Kitty used the twins old bassinet and Maggie slept with them on their big crib. Murtagh camping, and snoring loudly, from the sofa, Donas and Adso soon moving to the master room too.

'What do ye expect of the new year, Sassenach?' Jamie asked.

'Probably the same as you.' Claire answered.

'And what do ye think I expect?'

'For Fergus to officially become our child, the twins to keep growing up and the new baby to be born healthy.'

'Aye, ye were right, exactly the same as me.'

They tried to kiss over Fergus, who soon moved, trying to shelter himself on Jamie. He took the blanket and covered properly his family before go to sleep.

They woke up next morning to a thick layer of snow who had fallen overnight. Fergus excited as it was the first time he saw that much snow covering the streets and so the Frasers started their new year, by taking the older children to play with the snow at the park, making a snowman and having a snowball battle with each others. They returned home to hot chocolate Murtagh, who had been left in charge of the small babies, was doing.

In the years to pass, that New Year's Day, would always have a special spot on the Frasers memories.

Chapter Text

Friday night for some people was synonym of party, and friends, and loud music, like the ones wandering about the club at the other side of the road from the flat building where the Frasers lived and visible from the window of the living room. 'Missing the party life?' Claire said to her husband as he looked on the window.

'Never.' Jamie kissed his wife, before following her to the sofa. 'I have better in here.'

'Me too.' Claire followed. 'Which movie we should watch tonight?'

'Ladies chose tonight.'

They went to pick up the twins from the carpet, they had been watching with Donas at the foot of the Adso's cat tree, the feline's favourite hiding place since the babies had become mobile, and soon the dog followed then and laid in the sofa with them, dozing around as his humans watched the telly. Some times later, Jamie's phone started to ring, it was Fergus, from his Paris home, calling them as he did every night before bed. 'Hello, mo mac. How's doing? Jamie said, moving the phone so Claire and twins could also see Fergus on the screen.

'Hello. What are you doing?' The boy asked.

'Just watching a movie.' Claire answered. 'How's everything? Having fun in school?'

'Oui, just I can't understand something of my science homework.' Fergus explained, 'It's about bones, I hoped you could help me.'

'Right up yer alley, Sassenach.' Jamie said.

Fergus showed Claire the drawing of a hand and Claire passed some minutes explaining to Fergus and trying to remember the words in French. She was half way through the lesson when Willie, who had been half asleep on Jamie's lap roused himself and looked at the phone screen. 'Gus!'

Jamie and Claire both stopped and looked at the small boy sat between them. 'Gus, Gus!' He repeated, proud of his own voice.

'I didn't know they were able to talk now.' Fergus said through the phone.

'It's the first time Fergus, Willie's first word.' Claire smiled at both her sons. 'You're his first word.'

'Ye miss yer brother, arena ye, mo balaich?' Jamie said to Willie.

'I miss you too, Willie.' Fergus said. 'I can't wait for Easter to come, so I can go back to Glasgow.'


Three Days Later.

Claire was hurrying home from the hospital, trying to get home before the twins bed time. She had never been a fan of evening shifts, and less since the twins were born, but she had still to do a number of them, and night shifts, as the rest of the people of the hospital. She arrived home past dinner time, her portion safely waiting on the stove, ready to be warmed up and eaten.

'Good, evening, Sassenach.' Jamie left Julia on the crib besides her sleepy brother and went to welcome Claire as he always did. 'How's bein' yer day.'

'At least was Monday.' Claire say, stretching her muscles. 'They do not tend to be busy.'

'I'll heat yer dinner up. Go and rest, mo nighean.'

An so it happened, as Jamie tried to leave the living room to the kitchen. 'Dada.' A wee voice called. 'Dada.' Both Jamie and Claire turn around and run to the crib, the little girl drawing her arms to her father. 'Dada!'

'I ken, a leannan.' Jamie lifted he again in her arms. 'Ye dinna want me to go. But I need to get mam's dinner.' The little girl burrowed herself in Jamie again.

'She's been always Daddy's girl, ' Claire said, falsely indignant, 'of course you would be her first word.'

'Dinna fash Sassenach. Ye can still have the new bairn.'

'I suppose so. We have to wait to see who he or she chooses.' Claire caressed her baby bump.

Chapter Text

'Hello, How are ye?' Murtagh said, placing a colourful posy in the grave, 'I got some news for ye from Jamie and Jenny down on the city. They're OK, the bairns growin' like weed. Jenny and Ian are thinkin' in buyin' the flat upstairs their clinic. It has one more room than they have now and they need the space with three weans around. Wee Jamie is about to be five, he's startin' kindergarten on autumn, Jenny canna believe her wee lad is almost of school age. He got in his mind now that he wants a wee brother, above all after seen Willie and Fergus at Christmas. He wants another lad to play with. Jenny and Ian are tryin' to fend his request off, but I can see in their faces that they wouldna mind at all have another bairn. Maggie has a new trick, she pick up a couple of few bad words from...well, it wasna my intention. She's now sayin' them at any opportunity she has and Jenny doesna ken what to do to stop her. I hope 'tis just a wee phase, and it will pass soon. Jenny wouldna let me forget it otherwise. Kitty has a new trick too, she just discovered she can roll and Maggie isna happy with it when Kitty goes when their on their big playing crib, as Kitty had hit Maggie more than once. Jamie offered Jenny to make a barrier, they can have different areas of the place for each other.' Murtagh stopped to give his greetings to some people from the town who had called him as they saw him on the pathway. 'Now, Jamie and Claire. They're planning to come soon, on the Easter weekend next. They're bringin' Fergus for first time, the house is almost habitable and Jamie wants the lad to choose a room and decorate it with him. Funny story, isna it? The wee gomeral tried to mug Jamie and now he's part of the family. Dinna take it bad, of course, I love the lad, and 'tis a good thing he has now a family and a home. He was on the shop at Christmas time, it reminded me a bit of Jamie's own first visit to the shop, curious and bright eyed, askin' a lot about the different types of wood and how ye manage the tools and how ye mix paint colours on the old mixer. The twins are growing quickly too, they're now walkin' and talkin' and tryin' to reach anythin' on site. Jamie brought the babes to the shop too and 'twas fun to see Fergus learning new words and then tellin' them to the twins. Willie took some fancy out the plastic pipes. I had to have my eyes on him, he didn't mess up anythin' from his buggy. And now 'tis the new bairn, a wee lass, the doctor told them the other day. They plan to name her after ye two, Brianna Ellen. I ken, Brianna is an awful name for a wee lass, and if she takes a bit of ye two, she's goin' to be a handful one day. But I can see they chose those names, after name the twins after Willie and Claire's mother. A tribute to ye two. I wish ye could see all these thin's by yerselves, yer bairns being happy and all yer grandbairns discoverin' the World. Ye would be so proud of them all. 'Tis time to go, I told Glenna I would go to her house for supper after she closed the shop. See ye the next time I come around.'

Chapter Text

Fergus was focused on the open window of the car as they drove through the Scottish landscape. 'How much longer?' He asked to Jamie at the wheel.

'Not much now.' Jamie answered. 'Just look for the tower.'

Soon, on the distance, Lallybroch's tower started to peak. 'I see it!' Fergus exclaimed, Jamie and Claire smiling at each other as the big house started to appear in front of them.

'What do ye think lad?' Jamie asked as they parked in front of the house.

'I love it. How old it is?' Fergus asked.

'Three hundred years, give it or take.' Jamie told the boy, his eyes growing bigger.

'That's a lot.'

They unpacked the things they had brought with them from the city, including Adso's carrier, Donas quickly jumping off the car and running away the garden. 'Donas, come back here.' Claire said as Jamie helped her with the twins. The house was looking more and more arranged as time passed. The kitchen the only room which needed some work to go. That was one the things Jamie had planned for the Easter weekend, along with Fergus' room. Jamie helped Claire with the twins playing crib, putting it up on the nursery before they took Fergus to check the other rooms on the floor. He looked around a couple of them, trying to decide which one he liked the most.

'I like this one. I love the views from the window.' Fergus finally made up his mind, on Jamie's own childhood room.

'Aye, I ken. I slept here myself when I was yer age.' Jamie told Fergus. 'I also always loved these views.' Jamie walked to the window with the boy. 'And wait until I got the barn done and the horses pasture. You're goin' to love see them in the morning.'

'Will ye teach how to take care of the horses?' The boy asked.

'Of course, ye're soon to be a Fraser, and all Fraser must know how to manage with a horse. Now, I've some painting samples for ye to choose which one ye want for the walls.'


They went to Broch Mhorda the next day, after Murtagh arrived in the morning to help with the work, to pick up some supplies for the house. Fergus was fascinated by how everyone in the small town seemed to know and be friends with Jamie and Claire or Murtagh. Every minute they seemed to stop to talk with someone, sometimes in what it looked like a different language, or an old lady asking and cooing the twins and him, a couple of them giving him candy to eat as a gift.

'Keep for after lunch, lad.' Jamie told him as he looked his bounty.

'Oh, there ye are.' Mrs. Fitz, the owner of the flower shop. 'I got most of the thin's from the list Murtagh gave me last time he came around. The rest would be here soon.' The Lady's son brought some plants and seeds with Claire's name written on it.

'Thank you for the effort Mrs. Fitz.' Claire said, checking the order.

'Are ye interested on all this botanic stuff?'

'Yes, since I was a little girl, I've been fascinated by medicinal plants.'

'I've an old book full of recipes for tinctures and medicines, all the way back to the times of my great-grandmother. I'll bring it to ye next time if ye find anythin' interestin''

'You're really nice Mrs. Fitz. It'll be a pleasure.' Claire turned to Fergus as he examined some other plants on the shop. 'Help me to bring this things to the car meanwhile your father and Murtagh are at the supermarket.'

'Of course Maman.' The boy said, taking a box of seed bags with him.

'Ye must be Fergus, Murtagh told me about ye, he says ye're from France.'

'I am, but I hope I'm coming to live here forever soon.' Fergus answered Mrs. Fitz.

'Ye're goin' to love this place. 'Tis small but beautiful, full of history and the people is lovely.'Mrs. Fitz went for something at the back of the shop's counter. 'My son is managing the churches Easter Egg Hunt, I'll ask him if he can make a space for ye.' She went to Fergus and gave him some small chocolates. 'Take some Lad, for later.'

'He's going to have a sugar rush today,' Claire warned Mrs. Fitz, 'you're the third one in gave him candies today.'

'Aye, 'tis Easter anyway. Time for bairns to have sweets and chocolates.' Mrs. Fitz told Claire.

The finished their visit to Broch Mhorda by having a lunch at the town's pub, where Fergus had his first taste of haggis. 'I ken lad,' Jamie said as Fergus made a weird face while eating the plate, ''tis an acquired taste.'

'He's right on that.' Claire joked, as she herself had never actually like them either.

'I dinna understand ye,' Murtagh said, stuffing his mouth with a big bite, bits of sauce staining his big beard. ''Tis delicious.' he added as he cleaned himself. 'And 'tis better than that French snails and frog shit.'

'Murtagh, ye promise Jenny to no' speak like that in front of the bairns.' Jamie said, making Claire and Fergus laugh.

Another of the town men greeted them in Gaelic, spurning Fergus' curiosity about the strange language. 'That's not English, what is it? The language I mean.'

'Aye, 'tis Gaelic, the old language of this area. Before English came.' Jamie explained. 'A lot of people still speaks it. I learnt it when I was a wee lad like ye.'

'Would you teach me?' Fergus asked. 'If I'm going to live in here, I'd like to learn a bit of it.'

'Of course I would Fergus.'

Chapter Text

It was mid-afternoon on Friday when the Murrays arrived to Lallybroch, their arrival announced by Donas barking at the living room window. It was the first time Jenny had gone to the estate since early in Jamie's refurbishing and soon was amazed by her brother's work.

'What do ye say of it, Jen?' Jamie said as he went outside to greet them.

'Oh, Jamie, it looks almost as when we were bairns.' Jenny said, tears coming out her eyes.

'Come to see the inside.' Jamie said, taking Wee Kitty with him.

Friday and Saturday passed with the men working on Fergus' room and the kitchen while Claire, Jenny and Wee Jamie worked in the garden, the small children watching them from their playing cribs, taken outside to enjoy the sun and the warm temperature. Mrs. Fitz came for dinner, sitting on the floor as there wasn't yet any furniture in some of the rooms, but still a fun occasion with a lot of family stories coming out, Murtagh blushing as Mrs. Fitz told an embarrassing story about him on his teens, the rest of the family laughing up until tears with it. Mrs. Fitz left for the town right after dinner but the family kept up until later, the adults, except for pregnant Claire, enjoying some drinks after the children went to bed.

'Och, let me love ye, mo Sorcha.' Jamie said, spooning Claire in the bed when they were finally alone.

'Since when you need to ask for permission?' Claire said as she opened herself for her husband, his hand quickly finding his way to Claire's clitoris. 'I like how whisky doesn't seem to affect your sense of direction.'

'Och, well, because ye're my magnet,' Jamie said as he came into her. 'I'm always attracted to ye.'

Claire moaned as he moved inside her. 'One of the best compliment you've ever gave me and God knows if you'll remember in the morning.'

'Aye, but ye'll do. If I dinna remember, ye can remind me of it.' Claire laughed at her husband's comment, interrupted by her climaxing thanks to his efforts.

Some time later, while they recovered from their pleasure, the sound of an old twin bed came from the floor right in the next floor of the house, the room Jenny and Ian were sleeping in. 'I think your sister had the same idea as us.' Claire joked.

'Aye, maybe they get to make the wee lad Wee Jamie wants in here.' Jamie added before cover himself and Claire and cuddle her tightly for the next of the night.


On Sunday they went to Broch Mhorda again, for the Easter Sunday Mass and the church's Egg Hunt. Jamie and Ian went with Fergus and Young Jamie to look for eggs as Claire, Jenny and Murtagh went to the special playing pool full with plastic eggs for the toddlers and small children, volunteers, painting bunny whiskers on faces and giving away to them small chocolate bunnies. Soon Julia, Willie and Maggie's faces, hands and even clothes showed chocolate stains, their mothers laughing at them as they tried to clean them up.

'Oh, 'tis so good being here again.' Jenny said, she had been sharing with Claire memories of the Egg Hunt with her brother when they were children. 'To see my own bairns participating on it. I've missed to be here as much as Jamie.'

'Maybe one day, you could move the vet clinic on this area.' Claire said as they sunbathed on the church's well cared lawn, the children, and Murtagh, finally sleeping off all the ingested sugar.

'Dinna tell Ian, but I've actually thought on it.' Jenny confessed. 'We have a couple of students coming couple times a weeks, and the idea of, ye ken, rent the city clinic to someone like them and open a branch in here has been running on my mind. Maybe in a couple of years, when we have some more money saved, and I have more bravery to tell Ian about it.'

'That sounds good for me, and I bet Ian will like it too.'

Jamie, Ian and they boys came back few moments later, the boys happily showing the fruitful bounty of their search. 'There's several days of candy in those bags.' Claire said as Fergus and Young Jamie showed the bags to them.

'Aye, we've been lucky.' Jamie said as they sat on the grass too, giving a quick kiss to Claire on his way down. 'And how the wee buns have been doin'?

'Tired of eatin' chocolate and playin' on the pool.' Jenny answered passing Young Kitty to her husband.

They would stay in there for a couple more of hours, enjoying the warm evening, the party food and drinks and the sweets the boys had found during the search.

Chapter Text

Claire woke up in the middle of the night, the baby pushing her bladder again. She was alone in bed, no light coming from the toilet and she wondered where her husband was at that late time of the night. She was coming out of the bathroom when she heard it, soft, music coming from the living room, and as she went to investigate, she found her husband, barefoot and shirtless, dancing with their daughter in the dark. Wee Julia had went through an ear infection during the past week and she was still uncomfortable at nights, Claire thought, she must had woken up and Jamie had gone to calm her without waking Claire up.

'Do ye like this music, mo leannan?' Jamie told the little girl as they moved around. ''Tis might be our first dance together. The first of many, I hope. I can imagine ye and ye wee sister running around asking me to join ye for a dance.'

'Dans' Little Julia parroted.

'Aye, we'll dance as much as we can.' Jamie carried on. 'We can dance on Christmas, and yer birthdays and of course the day ye'll be wed.' Jamie sighed. 'That day is decades away but I can assure ye even today that I'm goin' to bawl my eyes out when I have to give ye away to become a wife. The lad better be a good man or he'll have to answer to me. Or a good lass, ye never ken on this day.' Claire wheezed, betraying her position. 'Oh, look, Mam is here too, ye want her to join us?' Julia yawned as an answer while Claire joined them in the music.

'You definitely are crying the day they're getting married.' Claire said. 'Me too, by the way. We're going to be a mess that day.'

'Aye, but the happiest mess, seein' our bairns goin' happily to their lives.'

They carried on moving for few minutes, until Julia finally fell asleep on her father's arms. Jamie went to leave in her cradle and came back to the living room as Claire tried to switch off the music. 'Leave it a wee longer.' Jamie said as he held Claire to him again. 'Thinkin' about Julia's weddin' made me think in that we actually never had a weddin' dance.'

'Well, you were the one who wanted a small, quick wedding'

'Aye, I had to have ye, and I wasna waiting a year.' Claire laughed. 'And I ken ye felt the same.'

'Yes, I did. I would never have been able of waiting for that long without jumping on you at some point.'

'Dinna worry, I'm planning to make up for it someday.'

'Oh, are you?'

'Aye, one day, probably on one of our big anniversaries, we'll be having a big ceremony, with a big party and dancin''

'Looking forward to it, I suppose.'

They carried on dancing on the dark for some time, holding each other tightly, until something, not expected for at least a couple more of weeks happened.

'Jamie,' Claire said as she was bend by pain, holding her big belly, 'I think the baby is coming.'

Chapter Text

Young Kitty started to cry as the phone rung, her parent grumpily waking up to attend them both. 'If 'tis Mrs. Gerald with another complain about her parrot, I'm shuttin' her out the clinic.' Ian said as he went to pick Kitty from the bassinet.

'Brother, what the the hell?' Jenny said to the phone. 'Have ye seen what time is it?

'I ken Jenny, I'm sorry.' Jamie said back. 'Claire's on labour I need one of ye here with the bairns while we're on the hospital.' He explained. 'And Murtagh isna answerin'.'

'Of course he isna. When he's goin' to learn how to plug his phone overnight.' Jenny said as she started to look for some clothes. 'I have him told so many times to care of that.'

'Jenny, no' now, I need ye here. Ye can shout at Murtagh tomorrow.'

'Aye, sorry. I'll be there as quick as I can.'

'What's happenin' Jen?' Iand asked, trying to get Kitty back to sleep.

'Claire's havin' the babe, Jamie asked to go and take care of the twins while he drives her to the hospital.'

Jamie had taken Claire back to bed, while they were waiting for Jenny. 'She's comin' soon.' Jamie said to Claire. 'And then I'll drive ye to the hospital.' Jamie stayed by her side as contractions came and went, holding her hand during the whole process, keeping the baby monitor on the other to be sure the twins were still sleeping during the time they were there waiting. Almost 20 minutes passed until Jenny rung in the door to be opened. 'I'll be here right now.' Jamie said to Claire as he went to open the door.

'Sorry, brother. This is as fast as I could come.'

'Dinna fash, Jenny, and thank ye to come at this time.'

Jamie went back to the bedroom to pick up Claire and the bag they had ready for the baby. 'No, Jamie, the baby is coming right now. We don't have time to get to the hospital.' She told him as he came into the room for her.

'Are ye sure?' Jamie asked.

'I already went through it, I know what I'm doing.' She shouted at him.

'What do ye need?'

'I need the black bag on the wardrobe, there's things you can use to cut the umbilical cord.' She had to stop to take air as another contraction hit. 'And I need some towels, damp, and...and something to clean to wrap the baby in. And I need to take of theses fucking clothes off, I can barely breath!'

Jamie went to help her out of her pajamas, ' A dhia, I can see the head already.' He said before shout at his sister on the living room. 'Jenny!'

'Brother, I helped bring puppies, kittens and even foals to this World, but never a human baby.' She said as she went to help Jamie on the bedroom. 'At least one it wasna mine.'

'It's not that different of a process.' Claire found strength enough to joke at her sister-in-law before start pushing.

'The lass is almost here, mo chridhe, one last push.' Jamie said, before catch his new daughter as she came out Claire's body, a loud shriek being heard soon after.

'Is she OK?' Claire asked as Jamie and Jenny cut the cord, cleaned the baby and wrapped it on one the blanket Jenny herself had done.

'Aye, we have another loud redheid lass.'

'Willie is not going to be happy about it.' Claire said as she received the newborn on her arms. 'Hello Brianna. You were on a hurry, aren't you?

Jenny left to call for an ambulance to pick up Claire and the baby and take them to the hospital. They arrived as the Sun started to rise in the city, cooing the newborn and making jokes about stop at a pub they knew opened for breakfast and pick a drink for Jamie after the long and stressful night. Jenny stayed behind, promising to take the twins to the hospital after few hours. And so Jenny did, mid-morning, accompanied not just by the children, but also by Ian, their own children and Murtagh, that somehow was awaken by Jenny herself as she knock in his door on their way. 'Look who's here.' Jenny said as she brought Willie and Julia into the room, they running happily to their parents.

'Hello ye two.' Jamie said. lifting them on his arms. 'Ready to meet yer new sister.

'Sis-ehr' Willie said as Jamie sat them at each side of Claire.

'Yes, this is Brianna, your new sister.' Claire proudly said. 'Softly, Julia. 'She added as the girl tried to touch her newborn sister.

'Bee-bee.' Julia said.

'Yes, that sounds a good nickname for her, Bree.' Claire smiled.

'Am I missing something?' John said as he came into the room with Hector, a big stuffed bear brought with him. 'I would have been earlier but I was interrupted by an important call.'

'Were ye?' Jamie asked.

'Yes, from your solicitor in Paris. He couldn't find you and called me. The judge has signed up the adoption papers, you can bring Fergus home.' A big cheer filled the room, startling Baby Bree who started to cry.

'We keep gaining children two by two, for what it looks like.' Jamie said, kissing his wife.

Chapter Text

Jamie had passed the week on Paris, arranging all the papers necessary to bring Fergus home, get his new British passport and move all his things up to Glasgow. Fergus had been sad because Claire had stayed in Glasgow with the children. He didn't know yet that Bree had already been born, Claire had thought it would be a cute surprise for him as he arrived home and she had to be careful when the face-timed at nights. It was finally the day to fly to Glasgow, and they were preparing the bags before the taxi that was going to take to the airport was due to arrive.

'Do ye have everythin' with ye, Fergus?' Jamie said.

'Oui, Da. I have everything.'

'Are ye sad, are ye leavin' Paris for Glasgow?'

'Not as much I thought I would. I want to go home and see Maman, Willie and Julia.'

'That's good lad.'

The fly happened uneventful. Jamie reading the rugby news on his phone while Fergus played a football game on his. Before both of them could ever think on it, they were landing on Glasgow's airport, a fine rain falling down the airport. Jamie helped Fergus to get his jacket from his bag and they began their search for a taxi to take them home.

'Maman!' Fergus shouted as he came home, to find Claire sat in the sofa cradling a sleepy Bree on her arms. 'Oh, la bebe, she's born already.'

'Yes, she's ten days old today.' Claire said, hugging Fergus with her free arm. 'This is why I couldn't come to Paris with your father. Do you like your little surprise?'

'I love it.' Fergus played with Bree's little fingers.

'How it went the flight?' Claire asked to Jamie as he kissed her, Bree and the twins, playing on the carpet as they liked to do. Donas soon coming too for a welcoming pet. 'Aye, 'twas good. But 'tis better to be at home.'

'We need to make a photo of this day.' Claire said. 'Would you like to hold Bree with you?' She asked Fergus.

'Can I?' He asked.

'Just be careful. Remember what I told you about Kitty.' Claire passed the baby to her older brother.

'Bonsoir ma petite soeur.' Fergus said. 'Sorry, I suppose it's all English now.'

'Ye can always talk French with us.' Jamie told Fergus in his own perfect French. 'And I bet they'll love if you teach them the language.' He added as Claire and him sit the twins at either side of Fergus.

As a confirmation Julia soon asked Fergus about what he had said. 'Whats 'titsir'?'

'It means, my little sister. You're ma petite soeur too. My other little sister.'

'Am no' lil sissy, am big sissy.' Julia complained to Fergus.

'Well, for Bree, you are the big sister, but for Fergus, you're little one too.' Claire explained to the girl. 'He's older than you.'

'Am lil sissy too?' Willie asked to them.

'No,' Fergus answered. 'You're mon petit frere. My little brother.'

'Am freh' Willie proudly said. 'Gus freh.'

Claire smiled to them and went back to Jamie who was already waiting to make photos of them with his phone. 'Everyone of ye, look and smile at me.' He said as he took the picture, soon placing it as his phone background, staying in there, well, until the arrival of the next bairn.

Chapter Text

John and Hector married the day young Brianna Fraser celebrated her first two months of life. She was the special guest to see her two elder siblings act as flower boy and girl during the ceremony. And so Claire and John had passed some time teaching Willie and Julia what to do on the role. They hoped of the best, but at the end, the twins were just two weeks short of their second birthday, anything could happen, and so Fergus was added to the party to keep them in track. It was special for Fergus too, his first big gathering since the adoption had been completed, and so Jamie had brought for him a proper ceremonial kilt in Fraser colours. He felt really proud learning how wear it properly and showing it to Murtagh and Ian, also clad, as Jamie was, in kilts.

Claire's dress was another story, knowing she would go to the wedding just weeks after give birth, she had looked for a one a bit bigger than her usual size, to be able to fit more properly but still. 'Look at this, I can barely fit my breasts on it. And that I bought it two sizes bigger. Good thing I got a matching shawl with it.' She told her husband as she showed him the dress, with an unexpected result. As soon as Jamie saw her, a bolt of heat went through him. They haven't made love yet since Bree's birth and the sight of Claire's body tightly covered by the shiny red fabric, her white breasts almost struggling to escape the cleavage of the dress. If it hadn't been the day of the wedding of one of his best friends, he would have had his wife then and there and the ceremony be damned.

The rest of the day was a bit of torture for him. He was having fun and enjoying seeing John and Hector happy, but then he would look at Claire, covered in her shawl, and his mind would wander to the moment they could be alone and he could have his way on her, above all the couple of times that, after feed Bree, she had asked him to shield her from view while she struggle to put her dress in place. He never knew the sight of a bit of a nipple would take him so much to the edge.

It was finally time to get back to the rooms John and Hector had booked for them, a series of big intercommunicated rooms for the Frasers, Murrays and Murtagh. He waited until the twins were finally sleep and Bree had had her feeding to leave the children under the supervision of Murtagh and lock the door behind him.

'Help me out of this.' Claire asked, not noticing her husband's eyes, wild with desire.

He went directly for it, laying her in bed before she could ever react, finally freeing her breasts from the dress, swapping it for the cover of his mouth, Claire soon moaning of pleasure under him. 'I've been all day thinkin' on this. Every time I saw ye strugglin' with this damn thing I thought in how much I wanted, I need to get ye out of it.' One of his hands dived all the way down the hem of the dress skirt, rolling it up to have better access to Claire's knickers, making her using all her strength to not to scream as Jamie caressed her over the cotton fabric. Once Jamie had his fill on Claire's breasts, he took her clothes off, kneeling again to seal his mouth between her legs, keeping her knees firmly on his shoulders. Claire lost count of how many times Jamie pleasured her until he finally feel satisfied and let her go to take his own clothes off and finally go to take his own pleasure from her, plunging into her like a beast. She locked her legs around him, letting him take whatever he wanted from her.

'I don't know what it took you today, but...well, I'm not complaining.' Claire panted, extremely satisfied, as Jamie rolled off her.

'Seein' ye all day on that goddamn dress.' Jamie answered. 'Workin' to keep it in place. Lass, it was a torture.'

'Now you know how I feel every time I see you on your kilt.' Claire confessed to Jamie. 'The insufferable need to put my hands under it and have my way on you. More than once it came to my mind how easy would have been for me just slide my hand under table and under your kilt.' She added, her hand closing in on Jamie's cock.

'That's somethin' verra bawdy to say, Sassenach.' Jamie said, consulting the clock on the room's wall, checking if they still have time to enjoy each other again before Bree was in need for a feeding before pin Claire's body under him again.

Chapter Text

Claire woke up with the light of the Sun bathing her from the window. It was a special weekend for the family, marking Bree's christening and the official move of the family to the newly restored Lallybroch. Claire stretched her hand to feel her naked husband behind her, she just needed a couple of strokes to gain the reaction she was looking for.

'Good mornin' Sassenach.' Jamie whispered at Claire's ear, his hand swiftly running between Claire's thighs, his half hard cock rubbing on her bottom.

'Good morning.' Claire turn around to kiss her husband, slowly placing herself on top of him. She was just about to take him when the cries of Bree through the baby monitor called their attention.

'Maybe at another time, mo nighean.' Jamie said as Claire jumped off him in search of her clothes.

The house was beaming with activity, as the whole family got breakfast together before get ready for the ceremony. 'Da,' Fergus said, thoughtfully during breakfast, 'I'm not sure if I was ever christened.'

'I dinna ken either.' Jamie answered. 'I didna say anythin' about that. Would ye like to be christened too, mo mac?'

'Why not?'

'Maybe we could ask Father Fogden to add Fergus to the christening ceremony.' Claire wondered. 'It shouldn't take too much time extra.'


Half an hour later, Jenny was helping Claire with her makeup, chattering around about the children and Jenny's happiness about see the house alive again. 'I'd love to have Mam and Da here. They'd be so happy to see what ye have done with the house.'

'I know. You know I grew up travelling around with my uncle, not really having a place to call home.' Claire said, sighing at the memories. 'Going to all the process of making the house a proper home, was so...' Claire didn't finished as Jenny suddenly stopped and the run to the toilet. 'Jenny are you OK?'

'Aye, it's just...'

'Are you pregnant again?'

'Aye, we didna want to tell ye after the christening, ye ken. Ye didna feel like we were takin' yer attention.' Jenny confessed as Claire helped her to clean herself.

'Oh, Jenny.' Claire hugged her sister-in-law tightly. 'Bree is going to have a cousin almost her age.'

'Two, actually.'

'What? Seriously?'

'Aye, ye ken how competitive Ian is. He wasna goin' to be satisfied with tie up in bairn with ye and Jamie.'


It just took a little chat with the priest to add Fergus to the ceremony, going with his parents, Bree, Murtagh and Jenny to the baptismal font, the twins staying with their Murray cousins and Ian on the seats nearby. 'We have a little change in here and instead of one child we have two.' Father Fogden announce as he started the ceremony. 'Who wants to go first?' He asked to the family.

'Bree can go first.' Fergus quickly said.

'OK, first the baby girl.' The priest answered. 'Which name have you chosen for the baby?'

'Brianna Ellen.' Jamie said as Claire put the baby over the font.

'I baptised thee, Brianna Ellen, in the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit.' Bree let out a loud shriek as the water run through her head, Claire soon cradling her close to her body to calm her down, drying her head with the towel, Father Fogden provided her with, while the guests applauded loudly

In the meantime, one the chorus boys came with a little stool Fergus could use to reach the brim of the font by himself. 'And what's your name, young man?' He then asked Fergus.

'Fergus Claudel.' He proudly said

'I baptised thee Fergus Claudel.' He carried on, pouring the water over Fergus' head Another set of applause startling Bree again as Jamie helped Fergus to get dry.


The reception was set on the town's old pub, decorated for the occasion with white flowers and a big banner with Bree's name, Murtagh quickly adding Fergus' with a sharpie. Being a Sunday, a big roast was prepared as lunch and a dance happened in the garden, Young Jamie dancing with his sister Maggie, Fergus with Julia in his arms and Murtagh showing some interesting moves with Jenny. At the end, it came a huge cake, Fergus getting the chance of cutting it and getting the first slice and a celebratory toast which let Jenny and Ian's secret slip for a bit.

'Dinna mind me, but I think Jenny is with child again' Jamie asked to Claire. 'She hasna touched the wine or the champagne and it isna somethin' she would do, unless she's pregnant.'

'She is, she confessed it to me this morning.' Claire answered to Jamie. 'She and Ian are having their own twins soon.'

'A dhia, twins too?' He was very surprised by news.

'Yes, they were waiting after the christening to tell us, but Jenny had a bout of sickness while we were getting ready.'

'I dinna ken what Murtagh is goin' to do with some many small bairns around.' Jamie laughed, lifting his glass to Jenny and Ian as they danced on the garden together.

Chapter Text

Autumn had arrived like by magic, and after past the summer playing around Lallybroch, his new home, with his siblings and cousins it was time for Fergus to start on his new school in Broch Mhorda. Claire and Jamie had taking him to buy new clothes, his brand new school uniform and had been trying to give some peace to his nervous toughts about how he was going to fair around new people, but he was still pretty frightened about it.

'Maman, Da.' He knocked his parents bedroom door late at night, past his own bed time. 'Are you still awake?'

He listened to rustle of blankets and soon his father opened the door.'What's the matter, Fergus?'

'I can't sleep. I am afraid of tomorrow.'

The little boy walked to the bed and sit as Claire hugged him tightly. 'There's nothing to worry about Fergus. They're just children like you.'

'But what should I tell them when they ask where I come from? Or when I ask about the adoption?'

'Just be yerself and if they ask, ye are good sayin' just as much ye're comfortable with, nothin' else.' Jamie told Fergus, as he sat in bed with him.

'Can stay with you tonight?' Fergus begged his parents.

'I suppose you can.' Claire said, making a space for him in the bed.


'Remember, dinna take shit from anyone.' Murtagh started to tell Fergus at breakfast table. 'If one of the older lads takes a piss on ye, give me the name and I see if I call tell ye some embarrasin' story about their sire or grandsire.'

'Murtagh!' Jamie told his godfather as he served the meal. 'Dinna tell Fergus that kind of thin's'

'Why no'? Better safe than sorry.'

Once breakfast was over, Jamie and Claire let the small children on Murtagh's care and drove Fergus together to school. 'Remember, everything will be OK.' Claire said, before kissing Fergus' cheek and let him inside the school's premises, staying in there, hands locked with Jamie until they saw Fergus step in the main building.

'Our first school day, Sassenach.' Jamie finally said.

'Here's for the next eighteen years of our lives, I suppose.' Claire answered, wiping a tear from her eyes.

'Or more.' Jamie blinked to make Claire laugh. 'Ye never ken if we're havin' more bairns comin' at some point.'


Fergus made his way to his classroom and chose a table for him, soon, a blonde girl sat beside him and started talking with him. 'Hi, I'm Marsali and ye?'

'I'm Fergus.'

'Pleased to meet ye Fergus.' She carried on talking with him. 'Ye're the Fraser lad just moved to Lallybroch, are ye no'? My Gran is Mrs. Fitz from the flower shop, she's friends with yer grandsire, Murtagh.'

'Well, he's not my grandfather, he's my godfather.' Fergus explained. 'I never had a chance to meet any of grandparents, they all passed away before I came here.'

'At least ye have Murtagh, he's funny.'

'Yes, he is.'

'That's Rabbie, You'd like each other.' She said before shout to the other child. 'Rabbie, come here, have ye met Fergus?'

Jamie and Claire went together again to pick up Fergus at the end of the day. He run to them as soon as he saw them waiting at the door. 'Evenin' Lad, how was yer day?' Jamie soon asked.

'I made two new friends.' Fergus gladly announced.

'That's wonderful.'Claire said as he hug him.

'That's Marsali, she's Mrs. Fitz's granddaughter, and that's Rabbie, his Da is one of the town's police officers.'

'Oh, I know.' Jamie said. 'His Da was friends with my brother Willie when they were bairns. I bet Rabbie is as good lad as Alec was on his day.'

'Let's go home, Your father is making your favourite dinner tonight.' Claire said as they walked toward the car.

Chapter Text

It was Hogmanay again, how quick the year seemed to have passed. But at the same time how much had happened during it-Bree's birth, Fergus' adoption, the move to Lallybroch, and soon Claire would be starting her new job at the Broch Mhorda hospital. She had just got her new employee letter on the mail that very same day. Jamie had been working hard constructing his new studios on the estate and beginning to interview future workers and tenants to start working the lands in the next season. He had found them too a housekeeper: Mrs. Cook, a local woman, a recent widow with adult independent children who didn't know what to do with all her free time and liked the idea of coming to the house to take care of the children while Jamie and Claire were working. For Claire, the idea of a housekeeper was funny, but the truth was, they did need someone for the task.

'Can ye remember the last time we passed a Hogmanay without one of us bein' pregnant or breastfeedin' a bairn?' Jenny laughed as they lounged on the living room, the men's task to make the lunch for the day.

'Has it ever happen since we've known each other?' Claire asked, Adso the cat resting on her lap.

'Aye, that's true'

The door bell rung, John and Hector had just arrived. Murtagh went to open the new fence door to let their car get into the estate. 'Happy new year's eve!' John said as they came into house, a little swarm of children and Donas the dog going to greet them too.

'Mind if I plug my phone somewhere?' Hector asked, seemingly on a hurry.

'Everythin' fine with him?' Jamie asked Jon as he left both their coats on the hanger beside the door.

'Yes, our surrogate is due to take a pregnancy test and he's itching for a call from her.' John told Jamie. 'Me too, but you know he's got less patience than me.'

'Good luck with that, friend.'

'Thank you.'

Hector was telling the same story to Claire and Jenny, Hector practicing his baby skills just in case with young Bree. Jamie served both him and John a drink and went back to the kitchen for the lunch, stopping Ian and Murtagh for bickering and burn the potatoes as a side task. 'Ye two, stop it. There's enough bairns on the house already.' it was heard on the living room, everyone laughing as it happened.'

The rest of the evening went on a blink, Fergus and Young Jamie smashing Murtagh on their video game, Ian and Jamie laughing at the show. 'If ye think 'tis so funny, I'm lettin' any of ye to play with lads and see how good ye fare on it.' The old man huffed, making them laugh even more. Jenny sat comfortably on the sofa, working on a new crochet blanket for one of her twins, teaching Hector, who had always being interested in the craft, every now and then, checking the phone if there was any news. John and Claire just chilling around with the small children. Soon it was dinner time, Jamie taking the word after they had finish to give a sort of speech to the family.

'Ye dinna ken how happy I am to have all of ye here, on our first Hogmanay on Lallybroch since...' He sighed before carry on with it. 'well, since Mam and Willie were still with us. Today is one of those days probably a lot of us think in what those who arena here anymore would be doing if they were still alive. How much Mam would be enjoyin' all her grandbairns or how much whiskey would be consumed by Da, Murtagh and even Claire's own Da too during the night.' The family group laughed at the comment. 'So much happen this year; Claire and I welcomed two more bairns, Jenny and Ian are waiting for another two and wishin' for John and Hector to know how wonderful to be a parent soon too. And I want to make a toast to out family and that the next year is as happy as this one has been.' The rest of the family rose from their seats, glasses on hand. 'For the Frasers, the Murrays and Greys!.' Glasses clinked and cheers were shout loudly to celebrate family and happiness.

Few hours later, another toast was celebrated as the new year arrived, Young Jamie running around happy he had been able to keep awake until midnight for first night. As soon as the voices calmed down after the traditional Auld Lang Syne, a phone staring ringing. Hector soon run to pick it up. 'Hi, Sue. Yes. OK. See you soon.' Hector left the phone on the table before turning to the family, waiting for the news. 'It's positive. We're having our own baby.' He proudly announced before run his husband's waiting arms. The rest of the family soon surrounding them too and giving them their best wishes. 'I suppose, we'll have to hurry up with our visit to the yarn shop.' Jenny saying to Hector. 'Ye need to start that baby blanket soon.'

'I'm so happy for you two.' Claire also said, hugging Hector and John.

'Welcome to the parents club.' Jamie laughed next.

Chapter Text

Claire felt Jamie rustling around the bed. She wrote it off as him needing the toilet and went back to sleep, but soon it was clear his intentions were different, as she felt his mouth, first on her nipples, then running down her body. He opened her legs, playing with her clitoris with his tongue, pumping his fingers in and out her. She soon was moaning loudly with pleasure.

'Och, dinna be so loud.' Jamie said as he laid over her, coming hard into her. 'Remember where we are.' He added as he gradually sped up his rhythm moving inside her.

They weren't on their home, but back on the city, as a guests of John and Hector in their new suburban house. John and Hector had decided they needed some childcare expertise before their baby arrived and had offered both Jamie and Claire and Jenny and Ian to take babysit the children on Valentine's Day, while they all went on a romantic date. Jenny had made a good joke on how John and Hector decided to get some experience by caring of seven children at the same time, but and the end, Ian and her weren't going to reject some free babysitting and an adult night out before their twins were born in two months time. But the best joke had come from Murtagh, predicting how Fergus, the eldest of the children, would end up being the one in charge.

'Maman, Bree wants a feeding.' Fergus knocked on the door as they enjoyed the aftermath of their love-making session. Claire quickly picking up her nightgown and going to open the door for him and taking the crying baby from his arms.

'Good morning, Fergus, sleep well.' She told the boy.

'Oui, i did.'

'Where are your siblings?'

'Still sleeping.'

'OK, I'll take care of Bree, go and get yourself ready. Your father would go to look after Willie and Julia in a minute.'

Breakfast was already served as Claire and Jamie, a twin on each of their arms arrived. John had also plan to have Jamie help him to decide furniture pieces and decoration for Hector's and him future nursery and so, a big furniture catalog and colour samples around the table, but soon the conversation theme was driven to a different path.

'What's that on your neck Claire?' Hector said as he sipped his tea.

'What do you mean?' Claire asked back, touching the area.

'Some sort of brown mark, like the type that comes out when, you know...' He laughed, Claire quickly blushing as she understood.

'Oh, Hector.' John admonished his husband. 'You can't just ask for those things, the kids are here.'

'What does uncle Hector mean?' Fergus asked.

''Tis an adult joke.' Jamie stepped in. 'Ye'll understand when ye're a grown up.'

At around six o'clock, the Murrays arrived to the house with their children, Jenny gave John and Hector a quite long talk about the things to look up while her children were in there while Claire and Jamie got ready for their date. They had tickets for a movie and a table reserved at the same restaurant Jamie and Claire had had their first date. In the cinema, the two couples sat a bit apart of each other, Jamie and Claire sitting in the middle of the row while Jenny and Ian chose aisle seats, to facilitate Jenny, currently at that pregnancy period where regular visits to the toilet were a norm, to move around without disturb her brother and his wife.

'The movie is a bit boring.' Claire said at some point. 'Don't you think?' She added in a different tone, a weird idea coming to her mind.

'Aye, 'tis no'...Och, Sassenach, what are ye doin'?' Jamie exclaimed as Claire's hand moved to the front of his trousers. 'This isna the place for that.'

'Don't worry, it's dark, there's not that many people and Jenny and Ian can't see us from here.' Claire said as she fumbled with Jamie's zipper, grabbing his cock and playing with it as far as the trousers let her, Jamie lending a helping hand by opening his belt and the trousers button. Claire increasing her speed as she got more freedom of movement.

'Who would say a mother of four could be so...' Jamie tried to say as Claire finished him. Cool as cucumber cleaning her hand with one of the wipes she had on her purse.

'So what?' She asked, as Jamie remembered to close his trousers again.

'So naughty.' He said, kissing her. 'But I canna complain, I suppose.'

'Well, I told you I was bored.'

'Still bored, mo Sorcha?' Jamie looked at her before do some wondering of his own on her, soon finding the side zipper of her skirt, already half undone

'A bit.' She said, adjusting her position to give him a better access.

'Och, ye're a wee naughty vixen.' Jamie whispered to her as he found out she was not wearing under wear. 'Us going around with my own sister and her husband and ye without knickers on.' He feigned to scold her while still working on pleasure her.

'Well,we're going to the same place we had our first date.' She answered, clawing Jamie's arms as she neared climax. 'I wanted to be sure this time in ended up as I wanted that night to end.'

He made her orgasm and kissed her, cleaning himself with another of Claire's wipes. 'That much ye wanted me that night.'

'That night and every night since.' She said, kissing him again.

Chapter Text

The beginning of the night for John and Hector was good, the children were behaving fine. Fergus had gathered the twins and his eldest cousins, Jamie and Maggie, and were just playing around with some toy vehicles, while Kitty and Bree peacefully slept on the play crib. John sat on the sofa, thinking in check something in Netflix they children would like while Hector went to look for the delivery pizza menus he kept on one of the kitchen drawers to decided with the children what to have for dinner. He soon came back with the menus, sitting close to john on the sofa. 'Parents are not here tonight. Let's order some pizza.' Hector told the children. 'What would you like it to have?'

'Sausages!' Almost six-year-old Young Jamie shouted.

'Let me see if I find a sausage pizza.' Hector said checking the menus.

'Chips!' Young Jamie shouted again.

'I suppose we can have some chips too.' John said, looking on the menus too.

'Ice cream!' Jamie went at it again.

'Let's ask your sister and your cousin what they want, Jamie.' Hector said. 'What about you, Fergus?'

'Chicken would be fine.' He said. 'And remember WIllie can't have any nuts.'

'Yes, we need to be careful with that.' John said to Hector.

'We'll take care of it, Fergus.' Hector answered. 'And what about you, Maggie?' He asked to the little 3-year-old girl. 'What do you want in your pizza?'

'I don't want pizza,' Maggie promptly said. 'I want Mam's pasta.'

'You can have that any day, Maggie.' John told the girl. 'Today is a special night.'

'I want Mam's pasta!' Maggie shouted as hard as she could. 'When Mam's comin'?'

'In a few hours time Maggie, don't worry about that.' Hector tried to calm Maggie... making things worst.

'I want Mam now, I want Mam!' Maggie went into a full blown tantrum in a split of a second. The twins observed their cousin's meltdown for a second and they seemed to agree it was the game they were playing, beginning to cry loudly too, starting a domino effect who ended up in Kitty and Bree waking up and staring to cry loudly too. Soon there were five crying children on the living room. John and Hector completely clueless on how to tackle the issue. Fergus stepped in, trying to calm Willie, Julia and Maggie down.

'Aunt Jenny and uncle Ian will come home later Maggie, it's OK.' Fergus said to Maggie.

'Where's Mam?!' Maggie kept crying.

'Want Mam!' Julia started to say too for John and Hector's dismal, as they tried to sooth the youngest children.

'They'll be here soon, Julia.' Fergus sat his sister on his lap and keeping Willie and Maggie by him.

'Jamie, go and help Fergus with your sister.' Hector said to Young Jamie, who was still playing with the cars.

'I dinna want. Maggie is dumb.' The boy quickly answered, making John and Hector roll their eyes. 'That's why I want a brother next. Girls are weird. Are the sausages comin'?'


It took a full quarter of an hour for cool the children down, finally being able to order dinner. They found a restaurant who also had different types of pasta on the menu and got a small children's menu for Maggie. Alongside the pizzas and some extra chips and cheese sticks. 'What's this?' Maggie asked as she looked the food on her plate.

'Pasta, just what you wanted.' Hector said carefully, as he didn't want Maggie to blow it again. 'Well, just Pasta, not you mother's pasta.'

'This is no' pasta.' Maggie said playing with her spaghetti with her hands. 'Pasta is small and round. This is long and weird.'

'It's just another form it comes in, Maggie.' John said. 'But I assure you it just taste the same. Just taste it.'

'This is nasty.' Jamie said next, holding a red onion he had just plucked off his pizza slice and throw it on the white table cloth. 'I don't like it.'

'It's OK Jamie, you don't have to eat the onion. Just leave it on the plate, not on the cloth.' Hector said, to no avail as soon there was a small heap of onion on the table.

Dinner took easily twice as long as their dinners used to last. Maggie had not complained more about the dinner, at least the part of it which she actually ate. The other one having been smeared on her face, hair, clothes, the tablecloth and the floor area around the chair she had sat on, needing a serious clean up after. 'Good Lord, your mother is going to give us hell when she sees you.' John said, trying to clean up her flowery dress with a wet wipe. Fergus had helped them with the twins food, managing them way better than John and Hector, both adults, had managed Young Jamie and Maggie and helping them with the dishes next. 'I don't know why I took time in put the table cloth on. John sighed as he took it off, direct to the washing pile on the kitchen. The next crisis waiting as Hector and him came back to the room. 'What the hell, Maggie, why is your sister not wearing clothes?'

'Ye said a cuss.' Young Jamie said. 'I'm tellin' Mam.'

'He's an adult, adults can said a cuss whenever they wanted.' Fergus told him.

'That's no' fair.' Young Jamie replied. 'I want to say a cuss too.'

'Ye were worried about Mam.' Maggie said to John as Young Jamie complained to Fergus. 'I change my clothes with Kitty's and we blame her.'

'I told ye girls are dumb.' Young Jamie said from the sofa.

'Maggie, you can't just try to blame your sister of something you have done.' John tried to reason with Maggie. 'And you're bigger than her, you just can't swap clothes.' It was then, trying to put Kitty's clothes back, the girl, clad just in her nappy, started to run as quick as her legs let her around the room.

'No, Kitty, no!' Hector shouted as he avoided Kitty from get hold of an expensive glass swan they had on the living room's bookcase. 'That's not for you.'

'Remind me we need to rearrange the shelf before the baby comes.' John said as they finally got Kitty back on her dress.

As soon as Kitty was back on the play crib, Bree started to cry, the smell of dirty nappy coming from her. John took Bree as Hector covered the table with a protective blanket and they proceed to try to remember the process of changing a nappy. 'What was first?' Hector asked, starting a long conversation with each other about if they were or were not doing it correctly. Are you sure it was this cream?'

'Yes, maybe.' John answered. 'Like 75% sure it was that one.'

'Eww, that smells.' Young Jamie said of the dirty nappy still on the table.

'Don't touch it, Jamie.' Hector had to quickly told the boy.

'You're doing wrongly.' Fergus said just as Hector was about to put the nappy the wrong way around. 'That's the front, not the back.'

'You know how to do it?' John asked Fergus.

'I help Maman and Da all the time.' Fergus answered, quickly taking the job on his hands and finishing it.

'Maybe we should have gone for adoption before think on babies.' Hector said to John as Fergus finished rearranging Bree's clothes.

'Your parents are really lucky to have you, Fergus.' John said.

Chapter Text

'That was a hell of a boring movie.' Ian Murray complained as they left the cinema on a taxi to the restaurant. 'I almost fall sleep. What did ye think about it?' He asked then to Jamie and Claire.

'I know right.' Jamie and I had to find a way a way to entertain ourselves on the meantime.' Claire said, making Jamie blush as he remembered how she had entertain herself during the movie, Jenny giving them a suspecting look.

Being Valentine's day on a weekend, the restaurant was full and they had to wait for some time as their table got free and ready for them, checking on John, Hector and children in the meantime.

'We had a bit of a crisis, but it's better now.' John told them, showing them the children watching a Disney movie.

'Please, tell me Maggie didna break something and blame Kitty for it.' Jenny asked to them. 'She's been doing that since Kitty began walkin'.'

'Nothing broken, Jenny.' Hector answered.

'Aye, yet.' Ian joked from Jenny's side.

A waiter served them some drinks while they were waiting, the sound of people cheering and clapping coming from another part of the place, a couple who had just gotten engaged during dinner. 'Wishing the best for them.' Jamie said as the waiter explained the sudden noise. As weird as it was had a Valentine's date alongside one's sibling and their own spouse, they enjoyed the dinner, the drinks, those who could, and have an adult conversation without have to worry any small ears might be listening. As they finished the desserts, the music started, the second piece being the same song Jamie and Claire had danced to on their first night. 'Would ye mind?' Jamie asked Jenny and Ian as he stood up and offered his hand to Claire.

'Off ye go, a brathair.' Jenny said.

'How long has passed?' Claire asked as they danced. 'Since our first date.'

'Three years, four months and twenty-seven days.' Jamie accurately answered.

'Of course you're keeping track.' Claire laughed. 'You bloody Scot.'

'Well, I dinna ken why keepin' track of how long one's life has been complete is a bad thin' Jamie answered to that, kissing her afterwards.

'I should be annoyed by how you can turn any very smart remark into a love declaration, but...'

'But what?'

'I do enjoy see how many different ways of saying I love you are you able to pull off on a day.' He kissed her again, more passionately this time. 'Your sister is watching.' She joked after.

'Let her look.' Jamie said, holding her tightly. 'I love ye, mo Sorcha.'

'I love you too, Jamie.'

It was bit late when they arrived back at John and Hector's house, the children already sleeping on one of the extra rooms. Jenny and Ian said their good nights, taking their children home with them on the taxi that was waiting for them outside. 'There it goes our last adult night for time being.' Jenny told Ian on the car, the three sleepy children around them.

'Maybe we can convince John and Hector to babysit more often.' Ian said.

'After what have they told us, I dinna think they would want to take care of these three wee demons again. Plus the two that are comin'.'

'Murtagh maybe.' Ian said, making his wife laugh.

On the now silent house, John and Hector, more exhausted they were both open to recognize, sat on their garden bench, they had opened a bottle of very expensive wine they were keeping for a special occasion. 'Let's make this clear from now on.' Hector said as he took a big gulp from his glass. 'Two, only two. They will still enjoy to have a sibling, but they will be manageable.'

'Deal.' John answered. 'Happy Valentine's Love.'

'Happy Valentine's' His husband answered clinking his glass with John's

Just upstairs, on the room just on top from where John and Hector were sitting, Claire was changing clothes when Jamie came from behind her. He kissed her neck, his hands kneading her breasts. ' Ye've been naughty tonight, at the cinema. 'Tis my duty as the head of this family to punish ye.'

'Oh, is it?' Claire said, flirty 'What punishment have you thought for me?'

'On yer knees a nighean, ye're about to find out.'

Chapter Text

'Hello, welcome to this week's episode of DIY-Mania,' Jamie started as soon as the director signaled him, 'and today we have few special guests. Let me introduce ye to my own son Fergus and his friends Marsali and Rabbie.' Jamie was normally not one for mix his family and the show, but Fergus was fascinated by the whole producing, filming and editing process and wanted to know more and participate on it. And being Fergus' birthday, both the first one after becoming a Fraser and the first he would ever properly celebrate, Jamie gave in and asked John and the channel if he could add a children's episode to the run, both thinking it was actually quite a good idea, and green lighting it. 'Say hi to the people at home.'

'Hello!' The three children said and waved their hands to the cameras.

'Today is Fergus' birthday, and because of it, we're showin' ye today some fun small projects to do with yer bairns on a party or on a long weekend.' Jamie carried on talking to the cameras. 'But first, some safety.' He went to the back and picked up three plastic aprons, giving them to each of the children. 'Let's protect those clothes from glue and paint. Especially ye, wee Marsali. We dinna want to spoil that bonnie dress.' He told the girl, dressed on a bright pink puffy dress. 'Yer Gran wouldna be happy if we did.' Jamie looked at Mrs. Fitz, watching form behind the camera, also dressed to the nines, hairdresser done hair and make-up as if she was going to be at a proper show, instead of just watch the filming.

The children enjoyed working in the projects Jamie had prepared for them to do, Simple things like glue together the pieces of a wood car and painting it on bright colours and stickers- the boys choosing bold colours and racing themed stickers while Marsali going for pinks and animals- or how to create a crown from wire, coloured paper and foil to make it sparkle, princess enthusiast Marsali enjoying her new silver tiara with paper gems and how it matched with her party dress.

'This is all for this week, I hope ye found good inspiration for a fun evenin' with yer bairns.' Jamie talked as they filmed the end of the show. 'See ye here again next week. Say goodbye to our audience.' The children waved again before the director announced the end and everyone dispersed.

'Did ye liked the experience lad?' Jamie asked to Fergus.

'It's been so fun.' Fergus answered. 'You know, Da, I'd love to work doing this one day when I'm a man.'

'Aye? Good choice of work, Fergus.'

'Look at me Gran.' Marsali was in the meantime telling Mrs. Fitz, twirling around.

'Ye look so bonnie, Marsali, like a proper princess.' Mrs. Fitz told her granddaughter.

The children run towards the main house garden where Claire and Jenny had organized and decorated the rest of the party. A big bunch of presents already waiting on a table, Murtagh watching around for the small children not to get hold of them before it was time. It was one of the first really warm evenings of the spring and apart of the snacks and drinks Claire had planned for, John had added some lollies on an ice box.'

'Is not going to be too much sugar for the children?' Claire wondered to John as he installed the ice box on the table.

'Well, it's a birthday party.' John said. 'If you don't have a sugar rush by the end of it, are you even doing it right?'

'He's got a point on that.' Murtagh said, quickly sneaking a lolly for himself.

'Oh, Jamie,' Alec Chisholm, Rabbie's Da, came to Jamie as he was serving drinks to the twins at the food table. 'I wanted to ask ye if it would be possible to get a copy of the show. Ye ken, for us.'

'Aye, I already talked John about it.' Jamie answered, offering a cold beer to the man. 'One for ye and another one for Marsali's mother.'

'Aye, thanks.' Alec, said both, for the tape and the beer. 'My sister-in-law and her husband are stiffed like a pole and they treat their kids like little stars and want them to be something like big concerto musicians. I want to see their faces when they see Rabbie making it to the telly while playing with foil and glue.' He laughed with Jamie.

The kids past the evening having fun, dancing with the music is was been played and playing the games Claire and Jenny had organised for them, the dog running around them and eating anything that touched the ground. As the Sun started to set, it was time for the cake. they told all the children to sit down on table and wait as they brought the huge white and blue cake to the garden, as the rest of the people sang Happy Birthday. 'Make a wish, Fergus.' Claire said as the adults got prepared for film and photograph the moment. After that it come the moment for the gifts- a new video game from Ian and Jenny, a Glasgow Rangers jumper from Murtagh among them, ending up with a very special one Jamie had kept hidden on a different place due to its obviousness.

'Ye can open yer eyes, Fergus.' Jamie said, as he drove a brand new blue bicycle to the party.

'Thank you Da.' Fergus said as he hugged Jamie.

'I promised ye to teach ye when the weather got warm, and I'm kent to keep my promises.' Jamie answered, as Fergus tried the bike, firmly hold by Jamie.

Chapter Text

The phone rung as Claire was getting ready for bed. She was alone, as Jamie was out, in the city for a couple of days, doing some dubbing work for the show. Murtagh had come up to Lallybroch, to help Mrs. Cook with the children while Claire was working at the hospital.

'Evening, Sassenach.' Jamie said as soon as she answered the phone. 'How's been yer day.'

'The usual: Work, grocery shopping with Fergus, help him with homework, avoid Donas from eating Adso's hairballs.' Claire said. 'Nothing exciting. and you?'

'The usual too. Work and Dinner with John and Hector,'

'When are you coming back?'

'Tomorrow evenin'. I canna wait to see ye and the bairns.'

'Me too, nights are still cold. I want my personal furnace here with me. You know, I dreamed of you past night.'

'Aye? What the dream was about?'

'We were making love on a thermal bath.'

'Och, a nighean. Couples nights away and you're havin' dowdy dreams?'

'Well, you should consider it a compliment, my mind desired you so much that invented a whole story about having you with me.'

'I do, because my mind has also had some thoughts about ye and what it wishes to do with ye.'

'Oh, tell me more.' Claire said, sliding her nightgown strap down enough Jamie got a good view of one of her naked breast on the screen, moaning as she pinched her nipple.

'On that mood you are, mo Sorcha.' Jamie said, feeling already the heat,

'Maybe,' Claire said, kneading her breast for Jamie's pleasure, 'and you?'

'I am. Just wait for a minute.' Jamie disappeared from screen, Claire being able to listen to the door being locked and the rustle of clothes as she herself got free from her nightgown and knickers. He came back, naked and semi hard, headphones in his hand. 'Let me connect this, I want to enjoy yer wee noises on private. What would ye do if I was there with ye, mo ghraidh?'

'I was thinking on the numbers 6 and 9.' Claire said, moving the phone so Jamie could see her other hand ready between her legs. 'Taking you in mouth while you're doing the same for me.'

Jamie's hand started working slowly on his cock. ' love to have to my fill on yer honeypot. The sweetest thin' I've ever taste. Play yer wee bud with my tongue, my fingers inside ye, covered with yer honey. You like me when I do that, I can feel your pleasure even from here.' He got another panoramic of Claire's fingers, in and out her, her moans now louder. 'Yer turn, what's yer wee tongue doin'?'

'Playing with the tip of your cock, that specially sensitive spot you have.' Jamie showed Claire his hand grinding his cock to her words. 'My hands are playing with your balls.' Until the feel heavy and ready.'

'Ready for what?' They were close to climax, he could feel it the way her moans pitched

'Ride your cock. But first, I'm licking you nipples, rubbing myself on you until you beg me.' She next showed him her hand playing with her clit. 'Your turn.'

'Och, I can see ye here, on top me, yer bonnie breasts moving as ye ride me. I stand up, getting them on my mouth. Do to yer nipples what I've done to yer honeypot.'

'Please, Jamie.' She said, almost ready to orgasm.

'I'm sliding my hand between us, to rub yer bud as ye move on me. Giving ye yer pleasure as I take mine from ye.' The image went black for a second, but he knew she still there , he could hear her, her post-coital panting after she finished, helping him to reach his own.

'You're a great storyteller, you know.' Claire said, as she took the phone again, still panting.

'And ye're my muse, Sassenach.'

'I'm counting the hours until you're back with me.'

'Me too.'

'Good night. I love you.'

'I love ye too. Sleep well.'

Chapter Text

The Frasers woke up early in the morning. It was a special day for them, Wee Bree's first birthday and the had special plans for the day. The whole family. Murtagh included, was driving up to a nearby farm to look at the animals. Jamie was about to start the main remodeling work on the barns, and he wanted to check some things with the farmer, using it also a chance to indulges himself an his family with some riding playing with the animals.

'Are we there yet?' Julia said from her car seat.

'Almost there, a nighean.' Jamie said from the wheel.

They were received at the door by Mr. Campbell, the farmer, and his wife, a basket of freshly baked cookies for the children, which were promptly devoured. The children were fascinated for all the different animals around. The Campbell farm was specialized on wool and it was the home of different breeds of sheep and alpacas. 'What are those? Willie asked as he saw the Peruvian animals on their field.

'Oh, these are call alpacas.' Mrs. Campbell tell the children. 'They come from South America. Do you know where South America is?' Both twins said no with their heads.

'Da, can we we have the bairn?' Julia asked her father.

'Maybe we could have a few.' Jamie answered. 'They seem nice animals.'

'Och, the look funny, I give ye that one.' Murtagh said next, making the family laugh at him.

'I think Thistle would be a good choice for ride with the children, Jamie.' Mr. Campbell said, about a brown and white filly when it was time for the ride. 'She's a sweet one with our grandchildren.'

'She's bonnie.' Jamie said, as he petted the horse, who immediately asked for more as he stopped. 'Ye love attention, are ye no'?'

For once Julia seemed shyer than Willie as they took turns in ride Thistle few rounds around the paddock, firmly held by their father, jumping to her mother's arms while her brother wanted few more rounds even when Jamie told him it was time for Fergus to try. 'Can I go alone too?' He asked when Jamie jumped off, leaving Fergus alone on the animal.

'When you're a bit older. Willie.' Claire answered to the pouting boy.

'Watch yer legs lad.' Jamie said just seconds later to Fergus as he watched him going alone closely.

'OK,Da.' Fergus said to him, following Jamie's instructions.

'Good job, Fergus.' Claire said as Fergus jumper off the horse with the help of Jamie.

'You're goin' to be a fine horseman, like yer Da and yer Grandda, Lad.' Murtagh also told Fergus.

But as much as Jamie wished to instill love for horses to the twins, their favourite animal of all ended up being the flock of Nigerian Pygmy Goats , a small breed of goats who lived on the last barn they visited. The twins enjoying the chance of play with the baby goats on a small paddock. 'Look, want a carrot.' Julia said, luring a black and white animal to play with her.

'Be careful how you pet it.' Claire said, a bit aprehensive of the interaction between the children and the animals.

'Dinna fash.' Mrs. Campbell said. 'They're accustomed to people and small children. We sell them as pets to people with big gardens and land but no' interest on bigger animals They dinna grow bigger than a medium dog and they're quite smart. One of theses modern thin's, ye ken.'

'I pass sometime in Egypt as a kid, with my uncle.' Claire commented to the lady. 'I knew several people who had pet goats.'

'Da!' Julia called her father. 'She told me she wants to come home with us.' She said about the goat she had playing with.

'Och, did she?' Jamie asked, amused by the conversation.

'Aye, she did.'

'Well, the thin' is we dinna have a proper space for her, and I dinna think Adso and Donas would like to have a goat sister.'

'Why no'?'

'Goats have different necessities than dogs and cats.' He tried to reason the girl who answered with the most perfect puppy eyes.

'But she wants to be with us. She can be a birthday present for Bree.'

'Let's ask yer Mam.' He said, thinking that Claire, always more pragmatic than him, would be able to say a more convincing reason not to get the goat with them.


Few hours later, back to Lallybroch, the children were helping install the newest members of the family on their temporal sleeping space in the main house garage. Claire had also being completely unable to turn Julia's mind around and at the end, they were the ones giving in the purchase of the animal, well animals, as Mr. Campbell had then told them that the pygmy goats were only sold in pairs, Willie soon excited about choose his own goats as Julia had hers. Beanie and Louie, as they were called, were now sleeping on small enclosure made with some of the extra materials Jamie kept on the garage.

'When are ye makin' a new home for them, Da?' Willie asked as they spread some straw around the floor.

'On the weekend, when yer uncle Ian and yer uncle John are comin'.' Jamie answered. 'They're goin' to have fun when they ken.'

Chapter Text

John and Hector were having a last weekend alone at Lallybroch before their child, a little girl they were naming Victoria, was born in the next few days. Murtagh thought it ironic, as they were having a pre-baby vacation on a house with four children, plus the five Murrays, as Jenny, Ian and their family were also passing the weekend on the estate. And sometimes even more, as when Mrs. Fitz brought her grandchildren for a play date and a nice cup of tea with the family. Being summer, the elder children were mostly outside, playing on the garden or receiving botanic lessons from Claire as she taught them how to plant and care for vegetables. Fergus and Young Jamie were learning how to ride a bike and soon they were racing and practicing laps around the house, the dog chasing either them or the pygmy goats as they explored the grass outside the enclosure Jamie had made for them, painted eclectically on bright colours, as he had been helped by the children during the construction.

It was Sunday night, adult special time as the children little by little went to bed for the night. Whiskey was served and Netflix children section was closed for the day, letting the adults choose something it might not have been appropriated for them. John and Hector sat beside Jamie and Claire, they have something to tell them.

'What is about friend?' Jamie asked as they came.

'Well, we have a couple of propositions for you.' John said. 'We talked and we decided we want you to be Victoria's godparents.'

'You're our best friends, and we want her to also be part of the gang, the family.' Hector said after.

'We'll be honoured.' Claire said to the couple.

'Also, we are going to remade our wills, and we would like to know if you would mind if we put you as Victoria's carers, if something ever happened to us, you know.' John explained.

'Of course, ye can. She's yer daughter, she will ever be part of this family.' Jamie said. 'But why us and no' yer family. Yer brother, John?'

'Well, you know that Hector's family disowned him, when he came out, so they have never been an option.' John carried on. 'And respect to my brother, he has three more kids, already in his teens, and he's always traveling around with army business. Also...well, he's supportive with us, but his wife has always been a bit weirder about our relationship. And Victoria is biologically Hector's, I know she wouldn't be happy of take care of a small child is not even blood family.'

'I'm sorry to hear that.' Claire said. 'And as Jamie said, we'll be glad of take care of Victoria if anything goes wrong. God not let that happen.'

'And there's another thing.' John keep with the conversation. 'I want to make you a proper associate at the production company.' Jamie went to say something but John held onto his speech. 'I know what you are going to say, but let me give you my reasons. As I said, I want to protect our daughter's future, to be sure the company would be in good hands if something ever happened to us. And I know you're the perfect man for the job. You've been there since Day One. You know how it works. You help not just on your own show, but the other ones too, like the Vet's one you got Jenny to help us. And you'll still be able to do it from here, just as you do it know, going down to the city every know and then. I will let you think on it, you don't have to answer me now.'

'Och, John. I feel honoured with the trust yer putting on me, on us.' Jamie said. ''Tis going to be a hell of a work with the farm starting to work at a pace, but I promise I'll do my best.' He added, clasping hands with his best friend.


'Having seconds thoughts about John and the company?' Claire said to a pensive Jamie as they got ready for bed.

'Och, no. The deal is going to set back few moths the barns work and the horses, but I think 'tis goin' to work and I can see John's reasons and worries for it. We have Jenny, Ian and Murtagh to take care of thin's if the worst were to happen. But they havena that closeness with their families, Hector doesna even have any contact with his family. They want to protect their bairn and to be sure she would be cared and her future secure in any circumstance. As we do with our bairns and Jenny and Ian do with theirs. Well, as any parents do.'

Chapter Text

'Mam!' Claire looked up from her work on the floor to her three-year-old daughter, clutching her favourite stuffed bunny. 'What ye doin'?'

'I'm putting this old photos in order.' She answered, signalling the several boxes she had around the carpet.

'Who's this?' Willie asked, taking one of the photos from the box.

'That's your Da, when he was more or less your age.' Claire said, pointing to the small red-haired boy in the photo. 'and this is your uncle Willie.'

'Willie like me.' The little boy said.

'Yes, we named you Willie after him.' Claire said as the children sat on the carpet with her.

'Where's he?' Julia asked. 'Uncle Willie.'

Claire sighed, the children were really young to have yet any knowledge about death. 'He's in heaven, with Grandda Brian and Granny Ellen, your Da's Da and Mam.' She tried to explain, showing them a photo of Brian and Ellen at Christmas time in Lallybroch.

'Where's heaven?' Willie asked next.

'Up there,' Claire said, pointing to the sky showing though the window. 'People goes there when their time in here ends.'

'Can they come to visit?' Julia asked. 'She has my hair.' She added about Ellen's photo.

'No, the can't come down.' Claire said. 'But they can look at us and protect us.'

'Like from bad dreams and monsters?' Willie asked.

'Yes,' Claire answered, 'they protect us from bad dreams and monsters.'

Claire carried on with her work, now with the help of the twins. She explained who was who as much as she knew about Jamie's big extended family. She finished that box and started to work on the next, which happened to contain her own old family pictures. 'What's that?' Willie asked about one of the old photos of her time in Egypt with her uncle Lamb.

'That's a camel. It's a dessert animal, more or less the size of a horse.' Claire explained, 'and you can ride it like a horse too.'

'I want ride a camel.' Willie said, making Claire laugh.

'Mam, who's this baby?' Julia asked, holding one of Claire's own baby photos.

'It's me, when I was small.' Claire said, looking for a photo of her with her parents. 'These are your other grandparents, my parents. Grandma Julia and Grandpa Henry. We named you Julia after her, sweetheart.'

'Where are they?' Julia asked.

'They're in heaven too, with Grandda Brian a Granny Ellen.' Claire explained.

'Are they all together?' Willie said. 'Watchin' us'

'Of course they are. We're all one family.' Claire said.

They finally arrived to recent photos. Willie and Julia, not quite believing that they were in fact, small babies, not that long ago. 'I canna remember this.' Julia said of a photo of their christening.

'Because you were really small.' Claire said. 'You are not able to remember things until you're more or less your age now.'

'Mam, where's baby Fergus?' Willie asked, noticing that there were baby photos of him, his sisters and his cousins but not of his elder brother.

'Fergus came to the family as a big boy.' Claire tried to explain. 'Your Da and I adopted him after you were born.'

'Adopted?' Julia said, not understanding the word's meaning.

Claire looked for photos of herself pregnant to illustrate her explanation. 'Look, you two and Bree grew on Mam's belly until you were ready to be born. That's what all babies do.' She showed them one of Jamie and her's wedding photos with a heavily pregnant Jenny. 'This is Maggie, growing on your Aunt Jenny's belly too.' Claire took a deep breath before carry on. 'But sometimes, a mam can't take care of her baby after it's born and gives it to another mam and da who can take care of it. Fergus had another mam, in France, where he was born, and she took care of him until she went to heaven with your grandparents. That's when Fergus came to live with us and became your brother. That is what adopted means. And that's why we just have photos of Fergus from the moment he came to be part of the family, but not before of that moment.' The children seemed to understand, as they didn't make any more questions, at least for few more minutes...

'Mam, how babies get in a mam's belly to grow?' Julia asked suddenly, making Claire laugh.

'That's a story for when you two are a bit older.' Claire answered.

Chapter Text

Claire felt a heavy heart going to work that morning. The flu had came down on the Frasers, and she had past the last couples of days taking care of four sick children and two sick adults, one of them, Murtagh, being even worst than the children. Jamie reassured her that he and Murtagh were well enough to manage the house and the children as she sent her to the hospital with a kiss. As the day went by, she started to feel like the heaviness on her chest was more probably the actual flu than any remorse about leave her sick family at home. By the end of the day, her throat burn and her head ached, as soon as she got home, she went directly to bed.

She woke up the next morning feeling as if she had been sleeping on the wash machine with the spin program on. Her body ache, her nose blocked and feverish. 'Och, I think ye got the sickness too.' Jamie said as he tucked her on the bed. 'Stay here, I'll bring ye some of the medicine. I'll send a message to the hospital, tellin' them ye're no' goin' today too.'

She had complained about Murtagh being a bad patient, but she soon saw she was that good either. She was restless on bed, searching random things on google as she heard the children playing around the house. At some point the door opened, Julia sneaking her head through the crack. 'Mam, ye still sick?' She asked, getting as an answer a bad fit of cough who seemed to scare the girl to bits.

'Sorry, Julia.' Claire tried to reassure her daughter. 'Mam is still sick, yes. You know it doesn't go in just a day.'

'Och, Julia, let yer mam to rest.' Claire heard Murtagh saying as Julia closed the door behind her.


Jamie came later, holding a tray with lunch on it. 'How are ye feelin'. mo ghraidh?' He asked as he touched her forehead for any signs of the fever,'

'I think I scared Julia by coughing.' Claire explained.

'Aye, I ken, she told me. Dinna fash lass, I told her that those thin's can happen when ye're sick and ye'll be fine soon enough.'

'How's the World beyond these walls?' She joked.

'Fine, Murtagh is goin' to pick Fergus up from school and have him helpin' with the groceries. Mrs. Cook is tendin' the bairns and feedin' them lunch, while he's out. And the work at the studio went fine, just some adjustments before we start the new round of filming next week.'

She was still sick the next day. 'Jamie, I hadn't showered on two days, I don't want no one to look at me like this.' She said to Jamie, who had moved his work to the bedroom, having some business video conferences calls- with the state farm manager about the selling of the farm's first harvest and with John about some of the new projects of the production company.

'How's Claire?' John asked as he got connected with Jamie.

'She's still sick.' Jamie answered. 'She's here with me, but doesna feel like show up.' A sneeze and a fit of cough confirmed that statement.

'It's OK.' John said. 'Get well soon, Claire.' John said louder so Claire could hear him.

'Say thanks to John for me.' Claire said before tuck herself on the blanket in search of some sleep.

'Claire says, thank ye, John.' Jamie past the message to his friend.

The third day was better. It was a Saturday, so Fergus was home entertaining his sibling with Murtagh as Jamie took care of her. Her cough had stopped and she was strong enough to have a shower and change her clothes. Jamie brought the children after dinner to watch a movie on bed after dinner. The six of them packed on the bed. 'I'm sorry, I scared you the other day, sweetheart.' Claire told Julia as she sat on Claire's lap.

''Tis OK mam.' Julia answered, burrowing herself on Claire.

By the time the movie finished, it was time to go to bed for the children. A chorus of boos followed Jamie's announcement, Willie pouting that they weren't going to be allowed to stay and sleep and Mam and Da's bed that day. 'Yer Mam still needs to get some proper rest. Maybe another day.' Jamie tried to explain Willie. 'Let's brush those teeth and put or pajamas one.' He carried on as the children left the bed. 'What about ye, a leannan?' He asked Bree, still on his arms. 'Do ye want to come with us or stay with Mam until I finish helpin' yer siblin's?'

'Mam!' The little girl clearly exclaimed, her first ever word.

'Oh, look at you.' Claire said as she stretched her arms to receive the toddler. 'Stay with me a bit longer you want.'

'Finally ye got to be someone's first word, Sassenach.' Jamie joked, kissing her before leave the room with the rest of the children.

Chapter Text

Claire heard the car as she checked some of the herbs she had drying at the little cabin Jamie had constructed for her. She quickly put some things in place and walked to receive her husband back at home after three days down in Glasgow for business. For her surprise, he wasn't alone, as when she reached the car, she found him unbuckling Three-month-old Victoria Grey's carseat, her father just waiting by their side. 'See, John, it isna so difficult.' Jamie was saying as Claire got close enough to hear their conversation.

'I know. I'm just completely unable to do it for some reason.' John said.

'What a surprise.' Claire finally said. Jamie quickly gave the carseat back to John to greet his wife with a proper kiss. ' What are you doing here?'

'Hector is abroad for work this week and I was feeling like craving some adult company.' John explained. 'So, I asked Jamie if you would accept us for the weekend.'

'Oh, just in time John.' Claire said. 'Mrs. Cook is making her roasted lamb for dinner.'

They installed Victoria on the old bassinet the twins and Bree had slept on, and they went for dinner. John let the Frasers dominate the conversation during dinner- stories about how work was going on the city, about Murtagh, who had also just traveled to the city to check on his shop and about how to make Fergus' costume for the upcoming Christmas play at the school. Then as soon as they finished, he excused himself, going to the guest room, to face time with Hector as far as he had told them.

'Is John OK?' Claire asked Jamie as they washed the dishes, Fergus helping the twins to clean their own plastic plates on a couple of plastic basins.

'He looks a bit off, I ken.' Jamie answered, almost drowned by the splashing sounds from the children's side. 'Maybe it's just baby fatigue. Ye ken how it was when the bairns were so young. And he's been alone for the last couple of days. That's why I accepted quickly when he asked me to come, ye ken. So he has us to help a bit with the lass and he can get some rest.'

As a cue, John appeared on the kitchen, a screaming baby on his arms. 'Where can I prepare this?' He asked about the baby's bottle. Claire took him quickly to the corner of the kitchen where their own bottle warmer rested.

'Do you know how to use it?' Claire asked. 'I'm not sure if yours is the same model as this one.'

'It's not, but I think it's more or less the same.' John said as he passed Victoria to Claire and played with the machine. He waited for a minute or so for it to work, until Claire noticed he had forgotten to push the button necessary to ignite the machine, doing it by herself with one hand as she kept the baby on the other arm. 'Oh, shit!' He exclaimed, forgetting about the small children still being the room.

'John, ye look like ye could do it with some sleep.' Jamie took his friend's shoulder. 'Go to bed, we'll take care of the lass for a bit.'

'Yeah, I know. Thank you for this.' John said before left the kitchen.

John was deeply asleep by the time Claire and Jamie took Victoria back to the room, tucking her up on the bassinet and switching off the lights as they left. They took their children to bed, telling the twins not to make noise as they shared a wall with the guest room and went to bed themselves. The clock showed 4:30 in the morning when Jamie was awakened by steps and noises in the corridor. It took few seconds for recognize John's voice trying to soothe a crying Victoria, soon Claire was stirring by him because of the noise too.

'John, 'tis still early. Ye are goin' to wake up the rest of the bairns.' Jamie said as Claire and him left their bedroom.

'I'm so sorry.' John said. 'She's been crying non-stop for an hour. I thought walking around would help.' They went downstairs to the living room and far from the children's rooms. 'Please, darling, you need to go to sleep.' He kept saying.

'Leave me a second to check.' Claire said, taking the baby with her. She put the girl on her shoulder, tapping Victoria's back few times until Claire felt her burping. 'I knew it, She was feeling a bit gas-y.' Claire said as the baby went easily to sleep on her arms.

It was then when John crumbled on the sofa, breaking down on tears. 'Maybe they're right.' He said. 'You know, when they said a child needs a mother and father. They're right. Look at you, how easy you knew what she needed. Like Hector, he can do it with his eyes closed. I think she can feel it, that he's her real father, while I'm just the other guy living on the house.'

'Och, john, dinna say those thin's.' Jamie and Claire sat at each side of John on the sofa. 'Ye're doin' fine. 'Tis always difficult during the first months, we could give ye a list of times we lost it when Willie and Julia were that age.'

'Yes, that's true.' Claire answered. 'I too felt anxious sometimes when the children were small. And I had two to care about at once.'

John smirked at that one. 'I'm sorry. I haven't slept in three days. I'm so tired and I felt so caged at home, with her crying for hours. I needed help, that's why asked you if I could come. I feel like a fucking idiot, not be able to even cope with this.'

'John, it will get better.' Jamie told his friend. 'Ye're doin' yer best. Ye are a good man and a good father, ye'll get the trick of this. Ye love her and that's the most important thin'. Bein' a parent works like that, ye have yer ups and downs, but as long as there's love, everythin' would be OK.'

'Go to bed John. Get some rest while she sleeping.' Claire said, passing the sleeping baby to her father. 'You can stay with us until Hector is back.'

'Thank you.' John said. 'You are the best friends a man can have.'

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'Oh, hello.' Claire said to the social service worker who had helped them during Fergus adoption process, and who had suddenly appeared at their door. 'What a surprise. How are you?'

'I'm fine Mrs. Fraser, thank ye, and ye?.' The lady said as Claire opened the door on the fence at the entrance of the state. 'I suppose ye're wondering what I'm doin' here. I have something to talk to ye and yer husband. Is he at home?'

'He's in his studio, filming.' Claire answered. 'Fergus, go and tell your father we had a visit.' Claire told the boy, who promptly run through the garden towards the studio. 'Come into the house, we'll wait for him on the house.' She directed her to the main house, where she was welcomed by the twins, Donas and Mrs. Cook, passing a fussy Bree to Claire as she came into the hall. 'Anything for you? Coffee? Tea?' Claire asked to her, telling Mrs. Cook to prepare a pot and some biscuits for them on the living room.

'And who's this little one?' The lady cooed over Bree as they walked.

'She's Bree, our youngest.' Claire answered the lady. 'She's almost eighteen months old.'

Soon the tea was prepared and served, Claire and the lady talking about random things while waiting. It was some time before Jamie and Fergus arrived to the house. 'Good afternoon, how are ye?'

'Good afternoon, Mr. Fraser.' The lady answered.

'Fergus told me that ye wish to speak with us about somethin''

'I do, but before, may I ask for the children to go leave the room. I want to talk privately with ye.'

'Take your siblings to the playroom Fergus.' Claire said to Fergus, passing him Bree as he called the twins to go with him.

Jamie sat on the beside Claire, watching for the children to be out of hearing to talk with the lady. 'What's the matter that brought ye here? Any problem with Fergus' adoption?'

'Och, no, everything is good with it.' The lady began explaining. 'But we got a call from the Fergus' old social worker. She has a new case in her hands and after the preliminary investigation she found out the lass is Fergus' biological half-sister.'

'Half- sister?' Claire asked. 'Fergus told us he didn't have any siblings.'

'Aye, 'tis a long story. His biological parents never married and broke up when he was still a baby. His biological mam callin' the police in a couple of occasions after he had been physically abusin' with her, and she cut all ties between him and Fergus after that. He went to prison, somethin' about drugs, some time later. He was still in there when ye adopted the lad and it was there where he sired the lass with his next girlfriend, during a conjugal visit.'

'How old is the lass then?' Jamie asked.

'Two years and three months. Her name is Dominique.' The lady past them a photo of a dark skinned girl, with chubby cheeks and pink bows on her hair. 'And as ye see, well, her mam was of Haitian origin and the lass is mixed race.'

'So, what happened.' Claire asked. 'How she ended up on the children services system.'

'A verra sad story. That's why I told ye to send the bairn somewhere else. The lass' father was released from prison some months ago. He had promised the lass' mother he would find a job and go to a rehab program but he didna, soon going back to his old habits, souring their relationship. She told a neighbour, she was goin' to tell him to leave the house permanently and well...they had a fight, and he...this isna easy to explain...he beat her to death.'

'A Dhia.' Jamie said, doing the sign of the cross on him. 'Is he back on prison then?'

'No, he isna. I think he saw what he had done, and that he couldna get out with it and he took his own life, a drug overdose.'

'Oh, God.' Said Claire. 'Did the little girl witness all of this?'

'Thank God no. She was with the neighbour who called the police and spoke with the social worker.'

'God guard the soul of that poor woman.' Jamie said.

'Well, the thin' is, the social worker came to me and asked me to get in contact with ye because, due to the policy of trying to keep siblings together as much as 'tis possible and counting Fergus is her only blood relative left in this World, she wanted me to ask ye if ye'd be interested in foster and adopt her.' Jamie and Claire stood silently in front of her. 'I ken 'tis no' a decision to make in a rush, and ye have three more small children of yer own to think about apart of Fergus. I'm lettin' ye think on it, durin' the holidays, and ye can tell me what ye have decided to do with this issue. I'm sorry to have appeared on yer house with such news, Mr. Fraser, Mrs. Fraser. '


'I think you should do it.' John told them as they tell the story to the family adults on Christmas day, after the children had gone to bed. 'I know you two well enough to know you would never be able to live with it if you don't. You'd keep wondering what it happened to her and what Fergus would be think of you leaving his sister on France.

'Aye, I agree with John. Ye should brin' the lass here with us.' Jenny said, Ian and Murtagh keeping silent but nodding in agreement. 'Does Fergus ken?'

'No' yet' Jamie said. 'We wanted to make up our minds before tell him the whole story.'

'And have ye yet.' Jenny said.

'Yes, We're thinking in doing it, just we wanted to let you know and your opinions.' Claire answered this time.

'I'll be getting yarn for another blanket.' Jenny said, to finish her seal of approval to the plan.

Early next morning they decided to told Fergus, as he was the first of the children to wake up. 'Bonjour. Good morning.'

'Fergus, we need to talk to you about something.' Claire sat the boy in the sofa between both of them. 'Do you remember the social services lady who came to visit us a week ago?'

'Is it everything good with the adoption?' Fergus seemed about to cry. 'I don't want to go back to France.'

'Everythin' is good, Fergus, ye're our son and ye'll always be.' Jamie said, hugging Fergus tightly against him. 'She came here no' for ye but for yer sister, yer biological sister. She's now in system in France.'

'I have a sister?' He asked. 'But...'

'You two have the same father, but different mothers.' Claire explained. 'She's two- year-old and the lady to asked us if we would like to bring her here with us, as our daughter.'

'What happened to her parents? With our father?' Claire and Jamie looked at each other, thinking in the best way to explain that to their ten-year-old son.

'He wasna a good man, Fergus, that's why yer mother kept him out of yer life while she was alive.' Jamie started. 'He killed yer sister's mam and then he killed himself.'

'So,she doesn't have anyone else apart from me.' Fergus said.

'That's why they asked us, because we adopted you and they would like for her to be with the only blood family she has, you.' Claire carried on.

'And what are you going to do? Are you adopting her too?'

'Aye, lad, we're thinkin' on it.' Jamie answered this time. 'But we wanted to ask ye first what do ye want us to do. If you would like her to become part of the family.'

'Yes! She needs a family and this is the best family on the World.' Fergus said, Jamie and Claire hugging him tighter.

'Then, we'll call the lady tomorrow to start the proceedings.' Claire said.

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Dominique's adoption process went faster and easier than that of Fergus, it probably was the fact that they already have Fergus with them and the authorities knew that the little girl wouldn't be better in any place than with the Frasers. Soon it was time to bring her home to Lallybroch. They had traveled to France with Fergus, leaving the rest of the children at home with Jenny, Ian and Murtagh, too young to even knew what their parents were doing and who were bringing home with them.

Jamie drove the car, opening the fence doors with the remote control. Fergus taking care of Dominique on the baby's seat at the back side of the car. 'Look, Dominique, that's your new home. He told her in French as they arrive. They unpack the things from the pack with Ian and Murtagh and soon it was time for the introduction of the girl to her new siblings.

'Julia, Willie, Bree.' Claire started, leaving Dominique on their playing circle on the carpet. 'We brought someone with us. This is Dominique, your new sister.'

'Sister?' Julia asked, looking at her and Bree and then to her parents.

'Well, yes.' Claire went to explain. 'She didn't came from Mam's belly like you, Willie and Bree. She's coming from France like Fergus.'

'A France sister.' That seemed to be enough of a good explanation for the children who soon had given her some of the building blocks they were playing with. 'Mam, why her skin is different?' Julia added some time later.

'Well, her Belly Mam had dark skin and she inherited from her.' Claire explained again.

'She can be Tiana then.' Julia said.

'Who?' Jamie asked.

'Princess Tiana.' Julia answered, seemingly angry her own father didn't know his Disney characters. 'I'm Merida, Bree's Ariel, Willie is Woody and she is Tiana.'

'I don't want to be Woody, I want to be Hiro.' Willie protested.

'What's her name?' Julia asked again.

'She's called Dominique.' Jamie answered.

''Tis too long.' Willie declared, Julia nodding to him. 'Bree canna say it.'

'She's Nikki.' Julia declared.

'Nikki.' Bree said too.

'Nikki is it then.' Fergus said.

'Aye, Nikki is a good name for her.'

'Lapin.' Dominique, now Nikki, said, of Julia's favourite plushy bunny.

'This is Bunny, 'tis mine.' Julia told to her. 'Dinosaur is Willie and dog is Bree.' She stood up and went to their toys basket, picking up a crocheted sunflower creature Mrs. Fitz had given to them and giving it to Nikki. 'Here, ye can have Sunflower for ye.'

'Merci.' Said Nikki before hug the crocheted plushy and go back to the building blocks game.

Jamie hugged Claire and Fergus, proudly observing how good the new member of the family was fitting in the family.

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It was easy with the children, as close as all the Fraser and Murrays were, she was just another child to play with during the weekend visits to Lallybroch, playing with the animals, in the garden or in the playroom. 'Just a week from each other, pair names and already feelin' like two peas on a pod.' Jenny had joked to Claire and Jamie about Kitty and Nikki as they played along with Julia and Maggie. 'We're here for a trip when they grow up.'

'Maybe two, Maggie and Julia are also really close.' Jamie joked back.

'Aye, 'tis going to be fun when all reach their teens.'


Claire's big moment happened one evening as she rounded up all the children in the kitchen for a mid-afternoon snack. 'Which fruits do you want today?' Claire asked to the children.

'Blueberries mam.' Julia said quickly.

'Beddies.' Bree added.

'Bulberies.' Nikki said, leaning the word from her sister, adding then 'Faise'

'Aye, we need fraises too.' Willie said next, mixing English and French. 'And I want some banana.' He stayed quiet for a second and added. 'How banana is in France, Mam?'

'Quite similar, banane.' Claire told the boy.

'Like banane, Nikki?'

'Oui, banane.' She said.

'OK, so, we want blueberries, strawberries, well fraises, and bananas.' Claire listed as she got the fruits out of the fridge. 'Anything else?'

'Ve pomme mam.' Nikki said, almost making Claire drop all the fruit in the floor, as it was the first time she had actually use the word Mam to her.

'Aye, we need pomme too.' Julia said, not fully understanding how important that moment was for their mother.

'Pomme et faises Mam.' Nikki repeated again

Jamie's went to happen a couple of days later, as he took the children for a ride on Tairne, one of the new horses. Claire had given him her suspicious about let the children on a horse whose name was a short form of the Gaelic word for Thunder, but the mare was actually quite sweet and easy to ride. He left Nikki for last, as it was her very first time on a horse. 'Ready for yer first ride, a leannan?' He asked as Claire lifted the girl to her father's arms.

'Bo val.' She said, children speak for pretty horse in French.

'Aye, she's a bonnie horse.' Jamie said as they started doing laps around the paddock, Nikki laughing and trying to get hold of the reins for the whole time. 'A fine horsewoman are ye goin' to be, mo chuisle. Ye're a natural.'

'Plu, Da, ve more.' Nikki said as they slow down to end up the ride. 'Plu.'

'Och, lass, ye chose the moment to call me Da for first time. I would have liked for yer mam to listen to ye too.'

'Da, hos, val' Nikki kept saying as Jamie passed her back to Claire and unmounted the horse before take it back to the barn.

'Oh, Nikki.' Claire said, feeling as teary as when she had called her mam for first time.

'We have a wee horse lass on the hands.' Jamie said. 'Tomorrow, mo nighean. Tairne needs some rest now. Do ye want to see the rest of the horses, wee Nikki?'

'Oui, da.' Nikki answered as the whole family walked to the horse to give Tairne a rest and say hi to the other animals.'

But at then end, Nikki's new favourite person, ended up being not one of her parents but Murtagh. She always seemed to choose him to cuddle at nights as the family sat to watch a movie after dinner or to take a nap on the evenings, as some of photos now resting on Jamie and Claire's phones showed, and became sad as Murtagh left for a quick trip to the city to check on his shop. 'Dinna fash, mo chuisle. He's coming back in a few days.' Jamie tried to soothe Nikki as Murtagh drove off the house.

'Murda!' She screamed as Murtagh came back into the house, reaching at him with .

'Och, lass, I've missed ye too lass.' Murtagh said as he lifted Nikki from her high chair.

'I think you've found the apple of your eye, Murtagh.' Claire joked as the little girl played with Murtagh's beard.

'Och, I canna complain the lass has a good taste.' Murtagh joked back.

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Claire and Jenny were shopping for new spring and summer clothes for the children, they had taken Murtagh to help them manage the children as clothes were chosen, tried and thrown on the shopping cart if accepted. Both Maggie and Julia were in the cusp of a flower addiction, every flowery dress, sock and hat having to be inspected, a quite big number of them already waiting on cart to be paid for. The day passed as easy as shopping with eight children under the age of five, and Murtagh, doing his own huffing around as they shopped, could go. 'Och, Murtagh, ye can be even worst than the bairns.' Jenny had told him already in three or four different occasions.

'Oh, look how bonnie are ye.' The employee in charge of the shoe department about Nikki, sitting babbling happily on Claire's lap.

'Oh, say thank you, Nikki.' Claire said to the little girl.

'Than-ci.' Nikki said, mixing English and French as she had started to soon after she moved with the Frasers.

'We adopted her on France,' Claire explained to the shop lady. 'She's still trying to get a hold on the language.'

'Why would you do something like that?' A woman, with an American accent, shopping on the shoe section with her children suddenly told them.

'Excuse me?' Claire politely asked. 'What do you mean?'

'Adopt a mutt like that when you have three other beautiful children.' The woman carried on, infuriating them.

'I would appreciate if you stop talking with us in those...terms.' Claire, less politely, asked again.

'If you didn't want people to tell you things, you shouldn't have dirtied your family with an ape baby.' The woman carried on.

'Mom!' Her son, a boy the age of Young Jamie tried to stop her.

'Not now, Timmy!' The woman shut the boy.

'Listen to ye lad, ye bitch.' Murtagh went full Highland pride protecting his family. 'Ye better shut yer goddamn mouth about my goddaughter and leave us alone.'

'Have you listened what has just told me.' The woman told the shop lady. 'I demand you to kick them out of the shop.'

'Let's not get thin's overheated.' The shop lady answered, completely lost at what to do. 'Just let's relax for a minute.' She added trying to get the woman back to the bench her children were waiting.

'Don't touch me after being in contact with that.' The lady shouted. 'I demand to see your manager.'

'Aye, call the manager.' Jenny said. 'Let's see what they said when they ken whose daughter ye're just insulted.' She took her phone from Maggie's hands and went closer to the lady. 'My brother, her husband, 'tis a big personality on the telly. Let's send him a photo of ye for his twitter.' She moved the phone, Maggie's game still on. 'See how long his followers take in find out yer name and fucking flood yer facebook.'

'Don't you dare.' The woman said, covering her face. 'Timmy, Susy, come with me. It's the last time we come to this place.'

'I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. I canna believe how that woman behaved.' The shop lady said. 'I'm givin' ye a 50% discount for the disturbance.'

'It's not your fault.' Claire said. 'I don't wish to cause you problems with your manager.'

'I am, I mean the manager of the section.' The lady said. 'And the floor manager is an Arab woman, with husband and a son on the police, I don't think she would mind, and I'm glad I didna have to call her. We really would have end up in the telly.' She carried on explaining. 'Is it true. by the way? That yer husband works on the telly?'

'Mam, why that lady didn't like Nikki?' Willie asked Claire, as they put themselves on their way again.

'Aye, why mam?' Julia parroted

'I wouldna call that bitch a lady.'

'Murtagh!' Jenny told him about his language.

'Jenny, sometimes ye have to call a bitch, a bitch. Whoever is around.' Murtagh defended himself.

'Some people doesn't like people with Nikki's skin tone.' Claire explained to the twins.

'Why?' Willie asked again.

'Some people wrongly think that they're better because the have light skin,' Claire tried to explain, 'but those people are wrong, every person in the World whatever they look like have every right to live their live without someone treating them bad. And that's why all of us have a job now being sure Nikki has always someone to make her feel better if she finds someone like that woman on her day to day.'

'We'll take care of her, Mam.' Willie said.'


'Good lord.' John laughed until he needed to stop for breath as Claire and Jenny told him the story that night at dinner. 'A shame you didn't actually get her photo. I'd love to go viral on twitter at least once on my life.'

'Well, it was something we knew it was going to happen sooner or later.' Claire said. 'I hope we're ready to protect her at every occasion.'

'Of course you are.' Hector said. 'You're the best parents that little girl could ever find.'

'And we're Frasers, Sassenach.' Jamie surrounded Claire with his arm. 'Je suis pret is our motto. We're ready for any struggle we might find on out path and to conquer it.'

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Jamie was working on his office at production company when the communication system rung, the voice Anna, the receptionist calling for him. 'Mr. Fraser, there a woman in here wondering if she can have a talk with you.'

'What about, Anna?' Jamie answered. 'I dinna have any more appointments today.'

'I think she's from some sort of organization.' The receptionist said.

Jamie thought on it and finally curiosity won, telling Anna to let the woman in. Soon a young woman with dark hair and olive skin made her way onto his office. 'Mr. Fraser, pleased to meet ye.' She offered her hand as Jamie stood up from his chair. 'My name is Aileanna McKinney. You probably wonder why I wanted see you today.'

'That's a verra Scottish name.' Jamie said, quite intrigued as she didn't look that much Scottish.

'I ken, my parents adopted me as baby in Colombia.' The woman explained. 'They chose a verra traditional name, so to was easier for me to fit in here, I suppose.'

'And what's that business ye want to talk to me, Miss McKinney.'

'I'm the PR at the Scottish Adoption Supporting Group.' She explained giving Jamie a folder with some information about the association. 'We help adopted bairns to smooth their transition to their new families and future adopting parents with the stress of the process. We organize play dates, group holidays and support groups.'

'As the father of two adopted bairns, I'm glad to see ye take care of those families on the same process me and my wife went through.'

'I ken that. That's exactly why I came to talk with ye. We're lookin' for a new spoke person, someone to host our fundraising days and parties. And ye, as both a public figure and an adoptive father, are perfect for the role. Starting with a full interview of ye and yer family, normalizing families like yers, with biologic and adoptive bairns.'

'Och, I feel honoured, lass, but I must think on it first.' Jamie explained to Aileanna. 'I also have to consult it with my wife. We're no' as public as other people is, ye ken. We live on my family's state up North and she's a doctor, she has her own schedules.'

'I understand, ye dinna have to answer now.' Aileanna said. 'Talk about with yer family and ye tell me when when ye decide somethin', the contact details of the Group are on the folder.' She stood up from her chair, Jamie doing the same a second later. 'Thank ye for receivin' me. Good evenin' Mr. Fraser.'

'Good evenin' Miss McKinney.' Jamie shook her hand again. 'I'll let ye know.'


'I think it's a good idea.' Said Claire as she checked the Group's folder.

'Do ye?' Jamie asked.

'Well, if it helps families going for the same we went through with Fergus and Nikki, it will be good.' Claire answered. 'And I think the play dates would be good for the children. You know, for them to meet with other adopted children from different backgrounds. There's not that many black families on the area and I'd love Nikki to have the chance of meet other children of her race.' She carried on. 'And now we have more animals on the state, we could even organize one of them here, the children would love it.'

'Aye, I ken, I'd like to give some support to those families too.'

'Now, let's see what Murtagh and Jenny think.' Claire said. 'Jenny is going to be think good of it too, she collaborates with shelters after all. Now, Murtagh...'

'Och, Murtagh might be a bit skeptical sometimes, but if somethin' good comes out of it, he'll agree with us.'

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Lallybroch was beaming with noise. Jamie and Claire had organised a party day on the state for the group and the place was pack with families enjoying the day out on the farm. Mr. and Mrs. Campbell had brought a couple of their mini ponies for the children to ride, a couple of alpacas and enough of Mrs. Campbell's homemade scones for feed a regiment. They also had brought their daughter and her husband who were thinking in the possibility of adopt a child themselves, to ask for information. Claire could see them talking with someone of the group for a while at some point during the day.

The children were the ones having the most fun, running around the state and playing with the animals, riding the horses and the ponies, petting the sheep, the alpacas and the dogs, Donas had recently acquired a new sister called Dolly, a Border Collie the manager of the state farm was going to train as a sheep dog, or so he had told Jamie. Every now and then, one of them would go to Jamie, the farm manager or Mr. Campbell to ask for something about one of the animals. Jamie laughed beside Mr. Campbell as he gave his fifth, maybe sixth, lecture about Alpacas to a group of children, while Claire kept another group of children entertained on the chicken coop, looking for fresh eggs.

'I canna thank ye two enough for this day.' Aileanna said to them at some point. 'Everyone is having a great day.'

'Thanks, Aileanna.' Claire said. 'That was our hope.'

'Da! Da!' Little Julia came running to him. 'Somethin' happens to Beanie.' She grabbed his hand and took him to the goats' little enclosure, where a group of children had already gathered to look at whatever was happening.

One look and he knew, and he scolded himself for his inability to see it earlier. 'Dinna fash, mo chuisle. Beanie is fine, she's having her own baby goat.' The little exclaimed in joy. 'Fergus, go and look for yer aunt and uncle.' Fergus ran to the house, where he knew Jenny and Ian were having a break and a snack. 'Now, let's help her.' He said, stepping in the enclosure and giving the other goat to Claire to keep it out of the way. By the time Jenny and Ian came, an even bigger number of children had come to watch the impromptu biology lesson. Few minutes later, the first kid was born, a little black and brown female. Jamie left on the floor as the children cheered and clapped, Claire telling them to do it slowly, so to not scare the newborn. Around ten or minutes later, the second one came along, a white and brown male. As Jamie left him on the floor, the female kid started to make efforts to stand up on her own feet, the children awaiting for her and cheering again as she did, soon walking to her mother.

'Why baby goats take so short to walk?' Willie asked Claire. 'Mickey and Jenny took a long time. And Bree.'

'Human babies and Goat babies are not the same, Sweetheart.' Claire explained. 'We need more time to grow enough muscle for walking.'

Jenny and Jamie put beanie and the newborn goats on the house, telling the children who had presence the birth to start leaving, as the animals needed rest. 'I think you need a cold drink after this.' Claire said to them as the left the enclosure.

'Aye, Sassenach, we need it.' Jamie said. 'I suppose ye two need to think on a couple of new names.' He then told the twins.

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The photographer looked stressed as a swarm of children run around the garden. 'They said it would be five children.' He said to Aileanna and Claire.

'Yes, it's just five of them.' Claire answered. 'The other children are our nephew and nieces. My sister-in-law and her husband are passing the weekend with us, and they have five children themselves. The other elder children are the friend of my eldest, Fergus.'

'He's no' a bairns person.' The interviewer told them. 'He's got his bad experiences photographing them.'

'I see.' Claire said to them.

The magazine had sent more people than Jamie Claire expected, not just the photographer and the interviewer, but also a stylist and a make-up and hair artist. Jamie and Claire showed them where they had planned to do the photographs- the garden and the fields and the barns. The stylist started chattering about romantic, magical visions, to the Frasers cringe. He had to be stopped by Aileanna, telling him that they were just going to be normal family photos with the children and some of the animals. He tried again as he showed some posh, white matching dresses for the girls and Claire and matching suits for Jamie and the boys. Jamie was this time the one telling him that they just where to dress as they normally did, jeans, dungarees and Fergus' Scotland rugby jersey. He seemed sore, no one was agreeing with his aesthetic ideas of what the photos should look, but he finally adhered to the Frasers wishes.

First come the interview, while they shared a nice lunch cooked by Mrs. Cook. It wasn't that bad for Claire's first experience, they just talked about how they had meet each other, how they decided to adopt Fergus and Nikki and how it was their life on the estate and its history, Jamie taking some pride on the renovations he worked so hard on. The interviewer was nice and loved to know about the history of Lallybroch, she even fangirled a bit as Jamie showed her some marks left by redcoats in the XVIII century on the stone behind the house.

The photographs also went fine fine, except for the typical things to manage with small children- keep them clean and focused on the camera. Nikki was adamant Murtagh had to be with them on the photographs, even he didn't want, but once the rest of the children joined the petition he relented and joined the family, the make-up artist quickly having to retouch him and the stylist asking if there was any possibility of trim and fix Murtagh's beard before carried on, a suggestion quickly denied by Murtagh himself in Highland terms. They make photos for a good part of the evening, showing off the horses, the sheep and the dogs, Adso photobombing some of the photos on the garden before Julia carried him to the front of the pictures, again for the stress of the photographer and the stylist's intentions. It was dinner time by the time they finished, Jamie offered them a place on the table for the meal, but the team decided to go back to Broch Mhorda and the rooms they had booked on the town's hotel.

'What a day.' Claire said as she got ready for bed. 'I'm so tired. I don't know how you do it sometimes.'

'I just go with it while thinking in come back home with ye and the bairns,' Jamie said, stretching his hand to calling her to their bed. 'or in the moment I can have ye alone with me for my private enjoyment.'

'I can believe you still have energy for any kind of "enjoyment".' Claire said as she laid in bed beside her husband.

'Och, lass, I always have energy for our "enjoyment". ' He said as he rolled Claire's nightgown out of the way and pressed his mouth to her most private parts.

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Two weeks, that was the how long Jamie had been away from Lallybroch. He was touring the British Isles presenting his new project book while Claire, helped by Murtagh, the Murrays and Mrs. Cook, took care of the children. They had face timed every night, more than once, or twice, more like every night, using it for more...naughty purposes. But she missed have her husband with her, in her bed, warming her up to sleep. He was due to arrive at any moment, and she had something prepared for him, for them, a bit later. Finally, mid-evening, the clank of keys at the door called the attention of the children who quickly run to the door to meet their father accompanied by the dogs. 'Da! They all shouted as they went.

'Och, Ye've grown a bit since the last time I saw ye.' Jamie said as he hugged them.

'Brought presents?' Nikki said as he saw the big bag he had with me.

'What kind of manners are those, wee lass?' Jamie said. 'At least give a kiss to yer father first.' The little girl did what her father asked and soon a small plushie dog came out the bag. She quickly grabbed and run to the living room to show it to Claire and Murtagh while the other children waited for their own presents with eagerness. It took full five minutes to Jamie to reach the living room, each child having acquired their present. 'I miss ye, mo chridhe.' He said as he kissed Claire passionately.

'Och, lad, the bairns are present.' Murtagh said, as he went to greet Jamie himself.

The rest of the evening passed in a very homely fashion, Jamie showing the family photos of his trip and then he had been shown drawing and project they had done in school and at home. 'Och, that's a verra nice picture of Donas and Adso, Willie.' He said to the little boy sat by his side.

'Mrs. Cook didna ken at first they were Adso and Donas.' Willie answered.

'I bet Mrs. Cook was busy and wasna focused on yer drawin'' Jamie answered, truth be told the picture wasn't made on a particularly realistic style.

After dinner it was time for the children to go to bed, having been away, they obliged Jamie to be the one reading them a story before sleep and he passed some time reading to them, all while thinking in how much he himself wished to be alone with Claire after all those days away from home, but the children weren't satisfied until two stories were told to each pair on their rooms.

Finally it was time for him to go to his room, he found Claire laying in bed, wearing a nightgown he didn't know, of sheer white fabric which let see trough her nipples and the dark triangle between her legs. He went hard almost instantly and soon started to take his own clothes off, when Claire stood up and went to him, kissing him and taking his hand.

'Not yet.' Claire said. 'I got a surprise for you.'

'Bigger than that wee thin'' Jamie said, touching the thin straps of the night gown. She nodded and began to drive him out of their room. 'Where are goin'?'

'A place we can be truly alone.' Claire answered, walking him through the dark corridors of the house. 'I don't want any interruptions for a bit.'

Chapter Text

Claire took him to her herb shed on the garden, she had decorated it with LED light candles, adding a bottle of that expensive wine John and Hector had given them for Christmas and the inflatable mattress they kept on the garage, one of the Fraser tartan blankets on it. 'Ye thought verra detailed on this, Sassenach.' He said as Claire bolted the door. He took his shirt off and going to kiss her, her hands quickly playing with the straps of her nightgown.

'Not yet, I haven't had you on two full weeks.' Claire said, letting her nightgown pooling on floor by herself. 'I want to play a bit first. Take your clothes off and sit on the chair.'

He did, Claire took a cushion and threw it in front of the chair Jamie was sitting on, she knelt on the cushion and took Jamie's cock on her mouth. He growled and swore in Gaelic as Claire made her work on him, sucking, licking and nipping. 'A Dhia, mo Sorcha.' He said as he spilled himself on Claire. 'Ye missed me verra much.' He added as helped her to stand up and get clean.

'I did, as much I suppose you did.' Claire said.

'I did too mo ghraidh.' Jamie kissed her again and gave a look to the mattress, willing to take her to it.

'Not yet.' Claire whispered, throwing the cushion in front of her work table before sit on it, legs wide open. 'Come here Jamie.' She added, touching herself. 'Taste me as I tasted you.'

'It'll be my pleasure.' Jamie said kneeling on the cushion, taking her legs on his shoulders and sealing his mouth on her. 'As sweet as I remembered.'. He took her to the edge again and again until he was satisfied on his work and his balls hurt again with desire. 'I need ye Claire, I need to make ye mine.'

Claire came off the table and laid on the mattress. 'Then come and take me.' Claire said as he went on top of him. 'No need to be gentle.' He thrust in her like a beast quick and hard. Claire moved her pelvis up, trying to get as much friction and her clitoris as she could. Jamie felt her moves and slipped his hand between their bodies, playing with her little bud until she screamed loudly and he had to use that hand to cover her mouth, keeping Claire quiet until he finished.

'Good lord, Sassenach.' Jamie panted as he rolled off her. 'Probably they heard ye all the way down to the borders.' She started laughing until Jamie stopped her with a long, deep kiss. 'I canna even explain how much I missed this at night on so many cold hotels.' Jamie cuddled Claire tightly. 'The longer I am married to ye, the hardest to be away from ye becomes.'

'Most of men tend to go the other away around.' Claire joked. 'The longer they are married, the more they enjoy their liberty moments.'

'Most of men dinna ken shit then.' Jamie joked back. Claire rolled on top of him and started to wake up his cock again. 'Again Sassenach?'

'Yes.' She simply answered as she took him inside her and began to ride him.


They fell sleep soon after and didn't wake up until early in the next morning, when Murtagh knocked on the door of the herb shed. 'Wake up ye two. 'Tis morning again. Ye two need to get respectable before the bairns wake up.' He was heard from the inside of the shed.

'Go back to the house, Murtagh.' Jamie shouted back. 'We'll be there presently in few minutes.'

Chapter Text

Mamma Mia, here I go again!
My, my, how can I resist you?
Mamma Mia, does it show again?
My, my, just how much I've missed you!

Seven and a half weeks later


ABBA was playing as background music on the waiting room, a bit louder one would expect at a hospital, but the PA system was new and no one was actually that sure of how to modulate the volume. But at the end, no one had yet to complain Claire thought as she and Flora, one of the nurses, came into the consulting room to check on her next patient. 'Hello, Mrs...sorry, I do not knot know how to pronounce this.' Claire said to the lady.

'Mah-lee-tsi.' The lady said on a heavy Eastern European accent. 'It's Albanian.'

'Oh, I see.' Claire said. 'My uncle went once to Albania, he was an archaeologist and went to study some objects on a dig.' Claire explained to the patient, trying some small talk. 'How may I help you today?' The lady began to explain her complains, but before Claire was able to examine her, a wave of nausea came to her, barely making to the room's bin before throwing up.

'Doctor Fraser?' Flora knocked on the door of the toilet where Claire was cleaning herself. 'Are ye OK?'

'I'm OK, Flora.' Claire washed her face. As she looked herself back on the mirror, something came to her head. 'Oh, shit.' She opened the door of the toilet, still guarded my the nurse. 'Flora, do you know what day is it?'

'Wednesday?' The nurse answered.

'No, the actual date.' Claire asked again.

'Och, let me see.' Flora took her phone from one her scrubs pockets. 'Wednesday the 20th of August.'

'Oh shit!.' Claire exclaimed again. 'Flora, I need to do something quickly. Tell Doctor MacDonald to take some of my patients for a bit.'

'I will, Doctor Fraser. If ye need any more help, just call me.'

'I will, Flora.' Claire said, just before run to the supplies room. Good thing she was at the hospital at the moment, she had everything on hand to test her suspicious. She was soon back on the toilet, waiting...until two lines appeared on her pregnancy test. 'Hello you. It's a bit of a surprise you're coming, but I am very happy and already waiting to meet you. Your siblings are going to be really excited when they know about you. And your father, he's going to be ecstatic about you, another of those damn spoons down, and maybe for once I have the chance of telling by myself. He knew both times when your siblings were coming before me. I hope you like animals, we have a lot at home- dogs, cats, sheep, horses, goats... You're also have a lot of cousins, and Murtagh, your godfather. Oh, Murtagh, he's going to give us so much of a weird look when he knows, but I swear to you that in the moment you come to this World, he'd fight anyone who tries to harm you.'


Claire went home after work, thinking on a good way to tell Jamie about the new baby. If she had one chance to do it by herself, she wanted to make it special. She had some time to think. Tonight Jamie was going to the stag party of one of the camera technicians of the show at the town's pub and knowing as she knew Scottish men, they were going to take their time on the party. She passed the night thinking in good ways for the announcement- a private thing, she decided quickly, they could tell the rest of the family next time Jenny and Ian and John and Hector came for a weekend. Maybe she could take him to the herb shed, the place she was pretty sure they had made the baby. She was still thinking on a good way to tell Jamie when she fell asleep, still waiting for Jamie to come back from the party.


Jamie arrived home past midnight, one of the guy at the pub had drove Murtagh and him back to Lallybroch after they had got they fair share of whisky at the party. Jamie came into the still illuminated room to find his wife fast asleep, her nightgown rolled around enough to bare her belly. He took his clothes off and went directly to kiss it. 'Hello a leannan, does yer mam finally found out about ye? She's always a bit late for that. Yer already showing yerself a bit. Och, I canna wait to meet ye properly. To take ye riding with yer brothers and sisters, and yer cousins when they come from the city. I've been thinkin' on ye, ye ken, what are ye goin' to be or how yer eyes or yer hair are goin' to be. I want ye to look like yer mam, yer sisters are too much like me and I dinna ken if I have energy for another stubborn lass around, let alone Murtagh.' He laughed, making Claire to stir and wake up. 'Good night, mo Sorcha.'

'Jamie, you're here.' She said, still half sleepy. 'How was the party?'

'Fine, the lad was a bit embarrassed when the other lads gave him a bunch of men magazines and I think we finished the pub's whiskey for the rest of the week. Some of them went to a club to closes at dawn, but I decided to come home. I'm too old for that now. I wanted to be here with ye and the bairns.' Jamie explained before kiss his belly again.

'Oh, really?' Claire sighed.

Jamie laughed. 'Aye Sassenach. How did ye find out?'

'I threw up in front of a patient.' Claire laughed with Jamie at the story. 'I wanted for once to be able to tell you by myself.'

'Dinna fash for that mo ghraidh. I just want ye and the bairn to be safe and healthy.' He kissed her belly again.

Chapter Text

Jamie and Claire sat all the children and Murtagh on the living room, it was the time to tell them about their new sibling's arrival, and they changes Jamie and Claire decided to make because of it.

'OK, all of ye, look at us.' Jamie said as the children lost focus with Adso going around the living room on the direction of his cat tree. 'Mam and I have something to tell ye.'

'What it is, Da?' Fergus asked, Donas asking him for belly rubs beside him.

'Well, we want to tell you that you're going to have a new brother or sister in a few months.' Claire announced to the children who soon began shouting with excitement.

'Ye two dinna have remedy.' Murtagh huffed but then smiled, happy for the new arrival.

'We're havin' a brother and a sister?' Julia asked.

'No,it means it can be a brother or it can be sister Julia.' Fergus explained to his sister.

'Ye dinna ken if 'tis a brother or a sister.' She asked back to her parents.

''Tis a bit soon for that, wee Julia.' Jamie explained. 'It has to grow a bit more for it to be visible.'

'What would like to have?' Claire asked the children.

'A brother.' Willie soon answered and then listed pointing at the girls. 'Sister, sister, sister.' and then went to him and Fergus. 'Brother, Brother. We need the same number.'

'Fair enough.' Claire laughed

'Aye.' Jamie agreed. 'Now, with the new baby comin' we decided to make some changes. We need a free space on the nursery and we thought on some changes in your rooms. Fergus, would ye mind to share yer room with Willie from now on? While Julia and Nikki would share the next and Bree would be on the nursery with the new bairn.'

'I don't mind Da.' Fergus answered. 'What about you Willie? Do you want to sleep on the big boys' room?'

'Big boys' room!' He said, excited for the news.

'If they are big boy's room, can we be big girls' room?' Julia asked.

'Yes, I suppose you can.' Claire answered.

'Nikki comin' to the big girls' room.' She said to her sister Nikki.

The next weekend passed with the moving of furniture and stuff between rooms, Willie and Fergus trying to help dismantling, moving and building up again the Willie's bed from one room to the other and then Nikki's new big bed on Julia's, Nikki and Bree moved toys and plushy animals between rooms. At bed time, the children were excited to have the first night on their new rooms, specially Willie, but soon that excitement turned into something else...

'Willie, what are you doing?' Fergus asked as Willie's rustling about woke him up.

'I dinna like that.' Willie answered, pointing at the shadow of an old tree on the wall.

'It's just the big tree in the garden. The shadow when the moon illuminates it.' Fergus explained.

'It looks like claws. Like a monster's hand.'

'It's just the branches, you can see it in the morning.' Fergus tried to explain next but he could see it wasn't working. 'Do you want to come and sleep with me?'

'I'm a big boy now, I canna.' Willie answered.

'Of course you can.' Fergus made space on his bed for him. 'Just come, then in the morning I'll show the tree.' Willie took his plushy dinosaur and went to his brother's bed.

'Thank ye, Fergus.'

'It's OK, it's what big brothers are for.'

Chapter Text

'I dinna ken what kind of mess a four year old can get herself on.' Jamie said as the walked to the twins' classroom at Broch Mordha Kindergarten.

'I wonder that too.' Claire asked as they knocked at the classroom's door.

'Mrs. Fraser, Mr. Fraser, welcome.' The teacher said, letting them into a brightly coloured room. 'Take a sit, please.' The Frasers sit beside each other, looking at the teacher as they did the same. 'Well, ye probably wonder what I called ye. The other day one of the bairns announced he's havin' a new brother or sister soon. The bairns started to ask where bairns come from and a lass started to explain how her mam had told her she came from Paris. Another bairn asked where is Paris, and I answered that 'tis in France, of course. And well, then Julia told the little girl that if she came from France, that means she had another mam who had given her away to her mam because she couldn't take care of her. The girl started to cry about havin' another mam and asked her parents as they picked her up. Her mam didna take it good and she wants to ken why Julia told that to her daughter.'

Claire and Jamie sighed and laughed before Claire began explaining. 'Apart from the twins, we have two adoptive children. Brother and sister. They came from Paris. Once the children asked why there weren't any photos of their brother as a baby, we adopted him when he was eight years old. And I explained them, not in a very detailed way, how babies grow in their mother's belly and how our son had another mother who sadly passed away and that's why we adopted him. I think probably on their young minds, come from France means being adopted instead of come from one's mother.'

'oh, I see.' The teacher said. 'Aye, bairns at that age can take things quite literally. If I told ye everythin' I heard teachin' kindergarten. I'll explain to the other girl's parents and I hope they can see the whole misunderstandin' of it.' She added. 'I'll let ye ken. Sorry, for make ye to come for this.' The teacher stood up, making Jamie and Claire do the same, and guided them to the door of the class again.


'Dinna fash lass.' Jamie said as they got into the car. 'Bairns that age are like that. My Da used to tell that when I was Julia's age he caught me trying to move the farm's rooster to the horse barn and that when he asked what I was doin' I told him I wanted to breed the rooster with a mare to have a winged horse as the one I had on a book.' Jamie explained making Claire wheeze.

'Seriously?' Claire asked.

'Aye, no' my brightest moment, I'm givin' ye that one.'

Once at home, she sat the twins with her and tried to explain them about how, even if their adopted siblings did come from Paris, that didn't mean all adopted children came from France. 'Adopted children can come from everywhere in the World. Like Aileanna, she was adopted, but she didn't come from France. She came from Colombia.'

'Where's Colombia?' Willie Asked. 'Close to us?'

'Colombia is a country in South America.' Claire said. 'It's actually pretty far from us. Also, they speak a different language to us.'

'But if Ellie wasna adopted, why her mam didna tell her she came from the tummy like ye told us?' Julia asked.

'Some mams don't want their children to know they came from their tummies until they're a bit older.' Claire tried to answer. 'So, they tell the children they came from Paris, from some reason.'

'That's dumb.' Little Julia deadpanned, making her mother to wheeze with the reaction.

'You're a bit right on this one.' Claire Answered. 'The thing is that Ellie's mam was angry you told that to Ellie and she wants us to say her we're sorry for it.'

'Why I have to say sorry to Ellie's mam if she was the one no' sayin' right first?'

'Oh, well...' Claire said, trying to find a good argument against her stubborn daughter's reasoning.

Chapter Text

Claire arrived to the hospital to be welcomed by her own face on the cover of a magazine. The interview they had made few weeks ago had finally being published. 'I knew it was coming put this week but I didn't know it was to be right at the front of it.' Claire said to Flora, the nurse, as she rolled the magazine's pages on her fingers.

'They're wonderful photos, Doctor Fraser.' Flora said. 'Yer bairns are so bonny.'

'Thank you Flora.'

'My mam called to tell me she saw the magazine on the hairdresser too. She wants ye to know ye and yer husband look verra beautiful on the photos too.'

'Send my thanks to your mother too.'

The day carried on as normal as Monday morning went, Claire saw some patients, had virtual lunch with Jamie on Face Time and passed some time writing reports on her office. It was almost time to go when Flora told her there was a seemingly urgent call for her on the reception. Claire wondered who it could be, as Jamie, Murtagh or the people at the children's schools had her mobile number. She told Flora to send the call to her office and picked it up. 'Dr. Fraser, how may I help you?'


Jamie could sense something was not right when she arrived home and it was Murtagh and not Claire who was helping Fergus with his homework while the small children were under Mrs. Cook's care on the playing room. Murtagh soon told him how Claire had told him as she came home that she needed some rest and went directly to the master bedroom. That's where he found her, laying on bed on the dark.

'Is the bairn givin' ye pain today?' Jamie said, sitting on the bed, her legs on his lap, and began to massage her feet.

'No, he or she is behaving good today.' Claire answered.

'What's the matter then?' Jamie asked again. 'A bad day on the hospital?'

'No really, it was a quite nice day. Just some people commenting about the photos.'

'Someone said somethin' bad then?'

'Oh, no. Everyone was nice about it. It's just...'

'Ye ken ye can tell me.'

'Frank's mother saw the photos and called me at the hospital.' Claire sat on the bed and start explaining. 'She gave me a long lecture of how hard was for her to see me happy with you and the children while she's still mourning for her son. Asking me if I ever think back on him and how "happy" we were.'

'What did ye tell her?'

'Nothing, I was just her listening to her. I don't know what kind of stories Frank told her about why we divorced and I knew her well enough to know she wasn't going to listen to my arguments.'

'I'm so sorry ye had to go through it.'

'Some time later I got another call, this time was Frank's sister. She apologized to me for her mother's acts. She started to tell me how her mother had been really depressed since Frank and then his father passed. And then how lenient her mother was always with her father's mistresses and then with Frank's behaviour. You know, the whole 'my mother was too dumb and too meek for her good and so on. And how she still thinks I should have been more reasonable with Frank. Yada, yada, yada". At that point I was really tired and they and their stories had provoked me a massive headache. So, I just said that it was OK and hung up. But now... do you think I was too hard?'

Jamie moved and sat on the bed, holding Claire on his arms. 'No, ye werena. I ken how hard if for someone to lose their spouse and a child, I could see what my Da went through after Mam and Willie passed, but 'tis been four years, longer since ye left that bastard. Ye have yer own life, and ye're verra happy with it, and she doesna like it, 'tis her problem, no' yers.'

Chapter Text

Jamie arrived home after finish some filming to find his living room in a flurry of activity. All the children, including the Murray's and Victoria Grey, where painting and constructing things on the table while Claire, Jenny and Hector organized a quite big stock of different coloured fabrics in accordance with a list they had with them.

'What is all this?' Jamie asked.

''Tis Halloween, Da!' Willie said.

'We're making our Halloween costumes.' Young Jamie said.

'Och, I see.' Jamie said as he checked what the children were doing on the table. 'What are ye goin' to be this year?'

'Animals' Nikki answered.

'Animals, that's a good theme.'

'Aye, uncle Jamie.' Maggie stopped colouring something to look at him. 'We're goin' to be wild animals, while you're goin' to be farm animals.

'I'm a coo, mooo!' Little Bree said, sporting a headband with what it looked like the horns of a highland cow.

'A wee red heided coo.' Jamie tickled Bree as he carried on walking around the table. 'And ye Julia?' He asked to his eldest daughter, working on what it looked like a pair of horns made of toilet paper rolls. 'Are ye goin' to be another coo?'

'No, Da. I'm a goat, like Beanie.' Julia answered. 'My horns are different to Bree's, canna see it?'

'Och, sorry. I didna see it.' Jamie apologized.

'Maybe your father needs glasses now.' Claire joked as she kept Victoria still, so her father could measure her properly, making all the children to laugh.

Jamie also laughed and of course, joined the family on their work,


'Oh, my shop has been invaded by wild beasts!' Mrs. Fitz shouted as the children came into the shop as part of their Treat or Trick circuit. 'Someone help me!'

'We arena wild animals.' Julia, her face painted in imitation of her goat's own colour marks, told Mrs. Fitz. ''Tis us on costumes.'

'Oh, they're really good costumes.' Mrs. Fitz said as she went for her big box of sweets to give to the children. 'Ye totally fooled me with them. Oh, let's see what we have here. A Highland Coo, a Horse, a Goat, a Dog, and what are ye, young lad?'

'I'm an Alpaca. They're cute and give good yarn for Aunt Jenny to do scarves for Christmas and a new blanket for the new bairn when it comes.' Willie answered.

'I like to do thin's with alpaca yarn too. They're great animals.' Mrs. told the boy as he finished with the Fraser children and went to the Murrays and their wild animal costumes. 'And now, I feel like in Africa with ye. Ye're the most impressive Giraffe I've ever seen.' She told to Maggie and her long stuffed head headpiece.

The next stop was the church's Halloween children party, with even more sweets, music and a screening of The Lion King. While Murtagh, Fergus and John danced along with the children, Jamie went for some drinks to take to the small table the adults had taken to rest. Claire using her pregnancy privileges to put her feet up after so much walking around the town. 'We might need to start thinkin' on next year's theme.' Jenny said as she accepted Jamie's drink. 'Above all with two more bairns to think of.'

'Wait, two more...?' Claire quickly asked to Jenny.

'Aye, ye're no' the only one pregnant here.' Jenny answered. 'Number Six is on the way for us too.'

'Congratulations, Jenny.' Claire said, standing up to hug her sister-in-law.

'Ye canna leave my sister alone, can ye?' Jamie joked to Ian.

'Well, pot callin' kettle.' Ian joked back. 'It isna like ye can leave Claire alone either.'

Chapter Text

'Do I look nice on this?' Claire asked to her husband. Find a dress which made her growing baby bump look nice had been a bit difficult, but she had finally a nice electric blue which also complimented her skin.

They were down on the city for a fun night out. The show had been nominated for an award and the ceremony was going to be celebrated on their fifth wedding anniversary. They were now getting ready at the hotel they have booked for the occasion. Jamie hugged her from behind, kissing her neck. 'Ye look wonderful. Ye're the most beautiful woman in the World.' He said. 'Just need a wee detail.' He picked up something from the pocket of his tuxedo jacket, a necklace with a pendant- a wooden heart with a silver frame. 'I designed it for ye. Five years, the theme is wood.'

'It's beautiful Jamie.' Claire turn around to kiss Jamie.

Jamie's hand went down her body and squeezed her arse, hard. 'I canna wait for the party to finish, so I can bring back here and celebrate with ye properly.'

'Not too much hopes you're winning, you have.'

'No' really, it isna the first time. John is the one who has always hopes on these thin's.' He squeezed Claire's bottom again. 'Ye're goin' to give a hell of a night with that dress.'

'You say that every time I dress for a formal occasion.'

'It isna my fault satin makes yer arse so plump, I can only think on have ye on yer knees, my cock deep on ye.'

'Just satin. I was wearing jeans yesterday and I could feel you clearly as you put the luggage on the train rack.' Claire grabbed his cock through his trousers. He grew hard as she went.

'I wonder if we still have time for...' Jamie started to say, but as cue, John knocked the door asking if the were ready. 'Just few minutes, John. Ye can wait for us on the lobby.'

'Maybe later.' Claire said, sad they did have to go. 'I call dibs on top.' She added naughtily.

'Och, As my lady wishes.' Jamie said.


As Jamie had asked, John and Hector were waiting for them on the lobby, the drove to the award ceremony on the same car, and they also sat on the same table as the ceremony took place. It was an hour into the show, when Jamie's category came in. 'This is our time Jamie, I can feel it.' John said.

'Ye say that every year, John.' Jamie answered.

Soon the award presenter, an old lady from a TV show they watched every now and then at home, came into the stage. She talked for some time, listing all the nominees. She then took the envelope and opened it. 'And the winner is Jamie Fraser.' Claire screamed as the came came to them. John and Hector quickly stood up. Jamie was incredulous at first and stayed put on his chair, but soon reacted, kissing Claire and hugging John and Hector just before walk to the stage. The lady gave him the trophy and left him alone on the stage to give his winning speech.

'Och, I wasna waitin' for this.' He started. 'I would like to thank everyone who works with me on the show. But above all, I want to thank to the most special person on my life, my wife, Claire. Today, we make five years since we married. I just want to say, she's the most wonderful person on the World and five years ago, I won the best award that day, five years ago.' Claire was crying at that point, Hector hugging her as Jamie left the stage to get back to the table.


It was already quite late when finally got back to the hotel. Hector and John said their goodbyes before part ways on the corridors of the hotel. 'I wonder when we can put this at home.' Claire said, taking the award from Jamie. 'It's heavy.'

'Out of the way of the bairns I suppose.' Jamie answered.

'Yes, that would be the best thing.'

Jamie took the trophy back from Claire and left it on the table, before go back to his wife. 'We left something on the way this evenin'.' He kissed her hard.

'I know. And well, I know I called dibs, but now...well you won. I suppose I must do a concession.' She moved the long skirt of her dress enough to take off her underwear and knelt on the bed. 'Is this what you were thinking earlier?'

'Ye always read my mind Sassenach.' Jamie said as he took of his clothes and went to her.

Chapter Text

Claire woke up with the sound of children running across the house. Soon the door open and the children jumped on the bed to woke up their parents.

'Och, be careful, ye dinna hit yer wee brother.' Jamie said as the jumped on the bed.

'Sorry, Wee Henry.' Nikki said, kissing her mother's bump.

'But Da, 'tis Christmas!' Julia said.

'Father Christmas came and left a verra big pile of presents.' Willie carried on then.

'Aye, I ken.' Still, we need to get ready first and wait for Aunt Jenny and Uncle Ian and Uncles John and Hector.' Jamie answered.

'Ellie's mam said to us that we shouldn't call Uncle John and Uncle Hector uncles because they're no' blood family.'Julia said. 'But I like to call them Uncle John and Uncle Hector.'

'Ellie's mam should learn when to keep her mouth shut.' Claire said in a lower tone.

'Och, she isna right. Ye ken better than her than blood doesna make a family, you wouldna let her say than Fergus and Nikki arena yer siblin's, would ye?' Julia and Willie moved her head to say no. 'John and Hector are yer uncles and Victoria is yer cousin because ye want them to be. If she doesna like it, 'tis up to her.' The children smiled at their father's reassurance. 'Now go, wash yer teeth and dress. We'll be doin' the same and go to make some breakfast.' The children obeyed and left.

'Da's word is the law.' Claire said.

'Aye, I suppose.'

'You'll miss that one day when they're teenagers.'

'Most probably.'

Breakfast time came and went and soon the rest of the family arrived. They helped the Murrays to unload the car, the children soon focusing on a blanket filled box they brought with the. 'Da,look. Wee Kittens.' Willie called Jamie as he saw them.

'Aye, Willie. They're cute.'

'Sorry for bring them.' Jenny explained. 'The shelter is close for the holidays.'

The kittens proved to be the soul of the party, at least as far the children where concerned. As soon as the lunch had finished, the children went and took the animals out of the box and started to play for them, forgetting even about the Christmas presents until their parents reminded them of the boxes piled up under the tree. Boxing day went peacefully too, this time with the dogs joining the children in playing with the kittens, after passing Christmas day on Murtagh's room to protect the little cats from any peril. Bree had bonded with a calico kitten named Noodles while Victoria had chosen an orange boy named Peach. As the day rolled, it was very clear for the adults than the children would be difficult to separate from the kittens when the Murrays were due to go back to the city.

'Da, Peach home.' Victoria said, taking her kitten to John.

'You want to keep the kitten, don't you?' John said to his daughter.

'Oh, well, we have time and space for it. I think it's about time we got a pet.' Hector said taking his soon to be house kitten on his lap.

'If Victoria can keep one of the kittens, can we keep another?' Willie asked.

'Noodles!' Bree soon shouted.

'Dinna ye think we have enough animals, with Adso, Donas, Dolly and the farm animals?' Jamie tried to explain to the children

'Adso needs a friend.' Julia said, 'Donas and Dolly. Beanie and Louie. Adso and Noodles.' She listed. 'It fits.'

'She got all of Claire's intelligence and yer stubbornness. Good luck with that.' Murtagh joked.

Claire rolled her eyes and laughed. It was to no avail trying and soon Julia and Nikki were trying to get Adso to warm his new friend. He hissed to it and jumped to the top of his cat tree, the kitten purring at the foot of it.

'We want one too then.' Maggie Murray took the word for their side of the family. 'One just for us at home.'

'Well, we always said we would get our own when the bairns were old enough.' Jenny said to Ian.

'OK, ye can choose one kitten for us.' Ian said to his children. 'But ye have to be responsible for it as yer mam and I will be busy once the new bairn comes.' The children nodded in promise and went to choose their new pet, a black girl they would call Shadow.

By the next day, the kittens were getting accustomed to their new families. Noodles was imitating Adso's cleaning routine for the amusement of the children, while Peach was sleeping peacefully on John's lap, Shadow playing with Maggie and Kitty and some of the old toys of Adso.

'I'll explain the situation to the shelter. We'll still have to pay the adoption rate, but they're happy we're givin' a home to half the litter.' Jenny said at breakfast time.

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The alarm clock started to beep at 7:30, as in every morning. Jamie rolled to stop it just before roll back to his previous position, tightly spooned to his wife, rubbing himself agaisnt her bum, running his hand through her now huge baby bump. 'Good Morning, mo ghraidh.' He said, kissing her neck.

'Good morning, Jamie.' Claire said, placing her hand on his hip.

'Any plans for today?'

'Not really. Working on the herb shed. Try to get the children to help on the garden, doing some planting.'

'It sounds like a plan.'

Jamie enjoyed a bit extra morning cuddles and then went to take a shower, while Claire stayed on bed. It was her first day on her maternity leave and just wanted to lie down for a bit extra before the children woke up. This third pregnancy had felt heavier on her body, feeling more tired than with the twins or with Bree. She blamed the fact of have no less than four other children under the age of five, plus an eleven-year-old. As much help he had, with Jamie, Murtagh, and Mrs. Cook, it was still a lot of work. She didn't started to wake up until Jamie came out of the shower, he helped her to stand up and waited for her as she used the bathroom. 'Need help with yer wee socks?' Jamie said to her as she sat again on the bed.

'You know me to well.' Claire said, lifting her feet as much as she could.

She dressed on sweat pants, an old shirt from Jamie she had used in all her three pregnancies and a comfy woolly jumper. By then the children were waking up, using their toilet or asking for help to do it. Jamie went to help as the children took turns to greet their mother on the main bedroom. 'Good morning, Maman.' Fergus said as he went to get dressed on his room.

'Good morning, sweetheart.' Claire answered, a bout of pain coming out of nowhere.

'Are you OK?' Fergus asked back.

'Is your father too busy?' The boy nodded. 'Come and help get up for a second. Your brother has kicked my bladder and I need the toilet again.' Fergus did as she told him, staying on the room until she finished. 'Do you need anything else?'

'No, Fergus, I'm OK now.' Claire answered. 'Go and get dress, you have school today.'

After breakfast, Murtagh drove the children to school and Jamie went to his studio for do some filming. Claire tried to do some work on the herb shed but as much as she tried, she seemed unable to focus, feeling uncomfortable with her back in pain. She just left the shed and went back to the house, accepting a cup of tea and some scones from Mrs. Cook and lying on the sofa for a nap, while Bree and Nikki did the same. Before she was even aware of it, Murtagh was bringing back Fergus and the twins from school and the youngest girls were awake, bringing noise and activity to the living room. 'Oh, are you already in here? How long I've been sleeping?'

'Long enough lass.' Murtagh said, I left without say ye anythin' because ye need yer rest.'

'Mam, look at the drawin' I made today.' Willie showed them a picture of the cats under a rainbow.

'Oh, Willie, it's beautiful.' Claire said, trying to stand up with the help of Murtagh and Fergus. It was then when a massive bolt of pain came through her spine, followed by the familiar rush of liquid down her legs. 'Oh, God!' She panted. 'I think the baby is coming now.'

'Ok, Fergus, run to the studio and bring yer father here.' Murtagh took care of the situation. 'And ye go to the play room. I'll be there with ye soon.' He added to the twins.

'What's happen to Mam?' Julia asked.

'Yer wee brother is comin' and she needs to go to the hospital.' Murtagh answered.

'Can we go too?' Julia said back.

'Och, no. Ye canna go until he's born and ready to meet all of ye.' Murtagh answered.


'And next ye glue this two pieces together...' Jamie was saying as Fergus run into the studio and came into the front of the cameras.

'What the hell?' The director said as Fergus run in front of him.

'Fergus, what are ye doin' here?' Jamie asked, leaving his wood pieces on a corner.

'Maman is on labour. The baby is coming.' Fergus said.

Jamie soon shed his protective apron and went to the house with Fergus as the director and camera technicians wished him and Claire luck. 'I'm here, mo chridhe.' He said as soon as he reached Claire's side on the sofa where Murtagh had made her lay again. 'Let me help ye to the car.'

'I'll be here with the bairns, and I'll call to Jenny and John to tell them the bairn is coming.' Murtagh said as he helped Jamie to take Claire to the car, Fergus and the twins running close behind.

'Thank ye Murtagh.' Jamie said as he got into the car and drove out the estate.

'Mam and wee Henry are goin' to be OK, Murtagh?' Willie asked as the car went out of sight.

'Aye, dinna fash for that.' Murtagh answered. 'Let's go home and get some of Mrs. Cook scones while we wait for news.'

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'Ye're doin' fine mo chridhe.' Jamie said to Claire as another contraction hit her. 'Just a wee longer and we'll have our wee babe with us.'

Few hours had passed since they had arrived to the hospital and there was no sign of the baby yet. It was about to be as long as it had took the twins to be born and way longer that Bree had, and Jamie was starting to get worried, if he didn't said to protect Claire of even more stress. Another hour passed when the midwife came to check on Claire. 'The bairn is in a breech position, I'll try to move it, but if I can't we'll be needin' a c-section.'

'Stay with me, Jamie.' Claire said.

'Ye dinna have to ask. I'll be right here.'

The doctors started to move around them, preparing Claire to the surgery. A nurse took Jamie to getting him dressed to go go to the operation theatre with his wife. 'Just a few more minutes until yer bairn is here Claire.' The doctor said as they were to start. Jamie kept close to Claire, holding her hand and wondering what was happening at the other side of the curtain. Soon he saw the doctor passed the baby to a nurse, but it wasn't crying. Jamie's heart started to run faster, a pray to God on his lips, asking for his son to be well. And then, few seconds later, it came, a loud shriek and the nurse bringing the baby, now bundle up on a clean towel to them.

'Oh, God' Claire said as the nurse placed the baby on her. 'Hello Henry.'

'Henry, mo mac. Ye almost gave me a heart attack.' Jamie said, a smile on his face.


Jamie didn't call to Murtagh until a couple of hours later, once he was sure both Claire and wee Henry were safe and comfortable on their room. It was already late and the children were already on bed, so Murtagh told him he would tell them on the morning. Jamie didn't go back to Lallybroch, instead sleeping on the sofa-bed of the room.

'Murtagh, where are Mam and Da?' Julia asked in the morning.

'Still on the hospital.' Murtagh explained. 'Yer brother was born after ye were already on bed.'

'When we can meet Henry?' William asked.

'Maybe tomorrow.' Murtagh answered. 'Yer mam and yer brother need some more rest before all of ye wee devils go to make noise.' The children laughed at his comment. 'But dinna fash, yer aunt Jenny and yer uncle Hector are comin' with yer cousins, the time will pass quicker playin' with them.'


Henry woke up first, Jamie taking him on his arms. 'Just a moment, mo balaich. Yer mam is still sleepin'.' He walked around the room as the baby cried loudly.

'Jamie.' Claire said as she woke up.

'I think he's hungry and I dinna have the equipment necessary.' Jamie took Henry to Claire.

'Good morning, Henry.' Claire said as the baby latched on her breast. 'I feel like I've been run over by lorry.' Claire added, pain running through her body as her senses woke up. 'If you want me to do this again, you better give me something really big in exchange.'

'After all what happened past night, I'm no' sure if I want to see ye goin' through this again.'

'How are the children?' Claire asked.

'Asking when they will be able to come.' Jamie said. 'Murtagh told them tomorrow as the earliest.'

'That'll be fine.'

Murtagh was right, and once the Murray children arrived to the house, the children worries about their parents and their new brother were left aside as Murtagh and Mrs. Cook organised a cookie making session or watched movies on the living room. Jenny went to the hospital that evening, bringing some of Claire's make-up and and hair brushes, she could be more presentable when they children arrived the next day.


'You're useless at this.' Claire said as Jamie tried to apply some natural blush on Claire the next morning.

'Och, well. I dinna have the faintest idea of what I'm doin' to begin with.' Jamie jokingly answered. 'Ye have more boxes that I thought.'

'Men!' Claire said, making a nurse who was around checking on them laugh loudly.

'Not bad, for the first time.' The nurse said as Jamie finished.

'As long as I don't look as bad as I did earlier, it should be OK.' Claire said.

'Och, ye havena looked anything but wonderful since the day I met ye.' Jamie said, making Claire smile at him.

'Flatterer.' Claire said, stealing a kiss as the nurse left the room.

'Remember no' jump on yer mam and be careful with yer brother.' Murtagh said as he navigated the children around the hospital. 'New born bairns are delicate, and yer mam need to recover still.'

'Mam! Da!' The children shouted as they came into the room.

'Oh, hello to all of you.' Claire said. 'But not so loud, Henry just went to sleep.'

'He's verra wee.' Willie Said.

'Aye, newborn bairns are really small.'

'Hello wee brother.' Nikki said, flapping her hand at him.

'Are you feeling better, Maman.' Fergus said, as the eldest, he was the only one who had been told by Murtagh about the c-section.

'Yes, I'm feeling better now.' Claire answered. 'Thank you Fergus.'

'When are ye comin' home?' Julia asked.

'In a few days.' Jamie answered.

'I want ye at home now.' Julia pouted. 'Ye're missin' the animals.'

'I know, but we still need to be here for a few more days to recuperate.' Claire explained. 'Just don't think on it and the time will pass quickly.'

'Do you promise?' Julia asked again.

'Aye, we promise.' Jamie said.

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'You know I can take of myself.' Claire said as Jamie tucked her on their bed as he left for work.

'Aye, I ken.' Jamie said. 'But I also ken how bad of a patient ye are. And the Doctor said to take thin's slowly for another week or so. Ye're stayin' here today, just restin' and takin' care of Henry. Muratgh and Mrs. Cook would take care of the bairns. I got ye a lot of magazines and books ye can read and brought the laptop charger from the office, ye can watch movies.'

He was right of course. As much as Jamie had provided for her entertainment, she was soon bored and restless. Mrs. Cook stayed for a bit after bring her lunch, talking about the children and Murtagh checked every now and then. She was looking out on the window when Murtagh brought the children from school. Soon she saw Fergus and Willie come out again and play football on the garden, Donas running around them, chasing the ball.

'Mam, can we come in?' Julia opened the door. 'Murtagh say we should ask first.'

'Of course you can.' Claire answered, and soon the three Fraser sisters came into the room.

'What are you doin'? Nikki asked.

'Not so much, your brother is sleeping now.' Claire answered. 'And you?'

'Fergus and Willie are playing football and it's borin'.' Julia answered. 'Boys thin's are borin'.'

'Oh, I see.' Claire said, as much they tried to not to raise their children on things specifically male or female, Julia had always been very girly. 'Let me think of something us girls we can do.' Claire sit on the bed, the girls soon following her. 'How about if I teach you how to do a face mask and some make up. That's a very girl thing.' The girls nodded, happy to be passing some time with their mother. 'Julia, go to Mrs. Cook and tell her to give you some cucumber slices.' Julia soon did what her mother asked, coming back in a few minutes with a big bowl full of cucmber.

Claire passed the rest of the evening playing and teaching the girls with her beauty products. 'Oh, no, Bree, that's not for eating.'

'It smells like food.' Nikki said.

'I know, things on that shop always do.' Claire said as she put her blueberry mask on the girls and herself.. 'Maybe I take you there, next time we go to the city.'

'What we do with the cucumber.' Julia asked.

'You take two slices and put them on your eyes,'

'Eww.' The girl said back.

'I know right.' Claire laughed. 'But it does its work.'


After the mask, Claire let them play with her make up, teaching them where every product was supposed to go and the different tools. 'That tickles.' Bree said as Claire moved one of the brushes on her face. She then moved to the nail polish, the girls enjoyed choosing a colour to wear.

'I want pink.' Julia soon said.

'Blue.' Nikki said next.

'OK, just give me your hands.' Claire said, just remember not to touch anything while it's drying, or you spoilt it.'


They were laying in bed, waiting for the polish to get dry when Jamie came back home.

'Och, I'm missin' a party.' Jamie said as he saw all them watching something on the computer as they waited.

'We're gettin' pretty.' Nikki said.

'Bein' pretty tickles.' Bree said next.

'The boys were doing some boring boy's thing and we decided to do a funny girl's thing on the meantime.' Claire said.

'Ye really look like ye're havin' fun.'

'Like my nails da?' Julia jumped off the bed to show her bright pink nails to Jamie. 'I didna like the cucumber part, but I love my nails pink.'

'They're verra bonny, a leannan.' Jamie answered as Henry started to cry again. 'I think sadly, 'tis time to finish the party. Ye're mam and I need to take of yer brother and Mrs. Cook is finishin' with dinner. Let's go downstairs to wash our hands and eat.'

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Claire went to the attic of the house with a mission. Normally it was Jamie who took the twins to their swimming classes at the Broch Mhorda community pool, but he need to go to the city for wok on the day of the next lesson and it was her duty now. She needed a swimsuit, and now she was there to find her old clothes in search for the one she was sure she had somewhere. She sighed as she saw the big mess that was waiting for her on the room. She made a mental note about the need of come one day with a brush and clean it properly ans started looking for the box she was here to find.

It took some time, but finally, on a hidden corner, she found it, taking it to her room to inspect it properly while the children were napping. She found her old dark blue swimsuit and also the old red and white bikini she still remembered she had bought for a romantic trip to the coast with Jamie just before they got married. 'Those were the days.' Claire thought to herself. She left the bikini with the swimsuit and went to try the on again. 'Damit!'

Jamie came to the house to find Mrs. Cook doing a simple dinner or salad and plain chicken. 'I thought Murtagh was thinking on do some grocery shopping with the children after school?' Jamie asked her at the sight of so of a meagre dinner.

'Aye, he did.' Mrs. Cook. 'But Claire came to tell me she wants to loose some weight and do somethin' simpler.'

'Och, I can see.' Jamie said before going up to his room, to find Claire doing some exercises on it.

'Ye're active today.' Jamie said, switching off the music, making her stop.

'Well, I went to look for my old swimsuit on the attic, I tried it on and God, I looked horrendous.' Claire said.

'Maybe ye just need another wee swimsuit.'Jamie said. 'That one is quite old already.'

'I need to loose some weight before I take the children to the swimming lesson.' Claire carried on. 'And I'm not giving you details of the old bikini, damn stretch marks and the c-section scar.'

'No, ye havena, ye're perfect as ye are.'

'You definitely need glasses.' Claire took off her sports top. 'Look at this rolls, I can't go on and show them to the other mothers on the class.' Jamie laughed. 'It's not funny, Jamie. For you it's easy. You're bloody hot. I bet half of the mothers pass more time looking at you than at their kids, but I, I don't want them to pity me.' She scolded him, Jamie went to her and hugged her tight.

'Ye're the most beautiful woman I ever seen, Claire, mo ghraidh.' He kissed Claire. 'Aye, ye have gained some weight since the last time ye were yer wee swimsuits, but that doesna make ye a bit less attractive. Ye're my sweet wee plump hen.'

'I'm booking an appointment to you tomorrow with the optician.' Claire said, but Jamie wasn't having anymore of it. He lifted her on his arms and took her to the bed. 'What are you doing?'

'Showin' ye how beautiful ye are.' He quickly started to kiss every inch of skin it was available.

'Jamie, I need to finish with my work out.' She said.

'Och, I have another work out on mind right now.' Jamie said before free her breast from the sports bra and sucking them hard. She started moaning, he played her nipple with his tongue to make her squeak before start his trip down her body again.

'Och, there they are, yer wee marks.' Jamie said, placing a kiss on each one. 'Ye might no' like them, but I love them. They're marks of our bairns as grew up protected and nurtured by yer body. And the scar, aye, a wee remind of our wee stubborn Henry, wanting to get the job done for him.' Claire laughed as Jamie took her leggings off. 'Ye're beautiful, mo Sorcha, and ye shouldna be worried other people think of ye.' Jamie buried his mouth on her, keeping her legs still as she convulsed on pleasure.

'Come here Jamie, please.' She panted after her climax.

'It'll be my pleasure.' Jamie said as he took his own clothes off and took her hard.

'Don't stop now!' Claire said as he sped up his thrusts.


'You're good at fill someone's self-esteem.' Claire said, as the cuddle on bed after making love.

'And I'll always be at yer service when you need that boost.'

'I suppose I'll just go and look for a new swimsuit. I might get few and have you decide which one I should use on the class.' Claire kissed him.

'Och, I might enjoy a wee show with you in just a wee swimsuit.' He moved his hand between her legs again. 'Above all if I can see ye while changing them. And I can have you naked after.'

They might have made love again if not for Murtagh banging the door at that very moment. 'What are ye two doin'?' They heard him growl at the other side. 'Henry is wailing for a meal and dinner is almost ready.'

'Maybe later.' Claire said, kissing Jamie just before they went in search for the clothes.

'Aye, maybe later.'

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Claire scoured walls and shelves for the perfect place. She looked again at the photo, protected by a nice black frame Jamie had made specially for it. it was a photo of the whole family together, at Henry and Caitlin Murray's shared christening. Being born only two months from each other, they had decided it would be nice to have them baptised on the same day. She smiled remembering it. The sunny Sunday with all the family and friends attending. The girls swirling her new matching dresses- pink for the Fraser sisters, yellow for the Murray sisters. Father Fogden made more than one joke during the ceremony about their always growing number of children. 'Welcome to our annual Fraser- Murray christening.' He had started the ceremony, making everyone laugh. Henry had bawled as the priest poured the water on him, while Caitlin kept awake but quiet when her turn came.

'We might had a wee swimmer on our hands.' Ian joked at the moment.

The photo had been took just outside the church, it was a scramble to get everyone on the correct position. 'Do you like my new bow?' Little Julia had asked the photographer about her new headband as she run around with Maggie. Claire and Jamie and Jenny and Ian sat on chairs on the centre of the photo, the newly christened babies on each of their mother's arms. Murtagh, Fergus and Young Jamie standing at the back of the chairs and the rest of the children sat on the lawn in front of the church. At the last minute, Nikki had decided she wanted to be held my Murtagh and there she was on the image, laughing on her godfather's arms.

Next they had lunch on the town's pub. The landlord had recently acquired an inflatable castle and decided to give it its first try on the party. A good investment as the children adored it and past a good chunk of the party up and down of it. 'Mam, my bow came out.' Kitty suddenly run to Jenny, the bow of her headband on her hands.

'We'll glue it back when we got home.' Jenny answered, too much activity for the object.

But as much interesting the inflatable castle was, it would never been as interesting as the triple chocolate cake they had ordered for the party, and as soon as the cake came into the garden, all the children left the castle and surrounded the cake waiting for a slice.

'No wishes? Willie asked when he saw no candles on the cake.

'That's for birthdays, mo balaich.' Jamie told the little boy.

'But I like wishes.' Willie pouted.

'I suppose we can do a wish. It's a big event after all.' Claire said, Willie closing his eyes hard as he made a wish.

Exercise on the castle and cake made wonderful things in get the children sleep. They were all drowsing as they drove back to Lallybroch, and then went without a word for a nap while the adults shed their party clothes for normal comfy clothes for some sunshine and coffee on the garden, asking for pets and play time. As it was warm and sunny and Jamie and Ian had the idea of turn dinner on a barbecue, getting the appliance out of the garage. The children woke up with the smell of burgers and sausages, the dogs alert of any scraps of meat, cheese or bread they might get. 'Maggie dinna give so much food to Dolly, she had to run around the sheep tomorrow.' Jamie said.

'But she looks hungry.' Maggie answered, throwing another bit of sausage to the waiting Border Collie, Jamie sighing at the scene.

It was quite late when the family got indoors again, the elder children helping their parents with the cleaning of the garden. And then after the children's bed time, the adults shared a last round of whisky before finally going to to bed.

'Did ye find a place for the photo, mo nighean?' Jamie hugged her from behind. 'Yer hair smells nice. Did ye use on of yer special soaps?'

'I did. A special recipe I found on a blog the other day.' Claire turned around and kissed her husband. 'What do you think if we place the photo over the fireplace, we can move these figurines and put it just in the centre.'

'A place of honour. I like it.' Jamie answered.

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Claire would never forget that day. It was a Saturday, mid-morning. She was at the hospital, working on her usual monthly working weekend. It was only her second week at work after the end of her maternal leave and a part of her was feeling a bit sad she wasn't at home with the children. Also the Murrays, John and Hector were there too. A part of her wished to go home and pass time with her family. But work had to be done, and she was there to do it. She had just finished with a patient, a nice old lady needing more of a chat than actual medical care, when Flora, her loyal nurse, came into the room, white as a ghost. 'Doctor Fraser, there's been an accident on the farm, and Doctor MacDonald needs ye.'

'Does he need my help with someone?' Claire said, barely registering what Flora was saying. 'In which of the farms?'

'On yer farm. Yer husband and brother in law are here.' Flora said again. 'It looks bad.'

Claire was already running around the corridors of the hospital to the other A&E room. 'Robert, what's happened?' She said to the farm manager, waiting outside the room.

'One of the lads dinna put the handbrake on the tractor and it went down the path. Ian saw it first, he pushed Jamie out of the way, but wasna quick enough to get out got hit by the tractor. His leg got trapped and we had to get him out of there. A Dhia, there was so much blood.' He seemed so traumatised after the event.

'Flora, bring us some tea.' Claire asked the nurse as she caught a glance of Jamie on the table, his back full of blood. 'What's happened to Jamie?'

'He lost his balance as Ian pushed him and fall down the place we're keeping the waste from the barn's refurbishment.'

'Where were the children? Did they see something?' Claire asked again as Flora brought the tea.

'Nae, they were all at home with Jenny and the guys. Murtagh was there, he was the one who called the ambulance, I was trying to get Ian's out the wreckage with some of the lads, while other were helping Jamie get out the waste tip. After we got them on the ambulance, he told me he's telling and bringing Jenny here.'

The room's doors opened and Jamie and Ian were rolled quickly in the direction of the lift. 'Jamie!' Claire said as he was moved in front of her. 'Andrew, what's happening?' She asked to her colleague.

'Yer husband is out of danger,' He started to explain to Claire, 'he's got a broken arm and his back got badly damaged by the rubbish and glass. We're taking him to patching him up and I hope ye'll be able to see him on a proper room soon.'

Claire sighed on relief. 'What about Ian?'

'Is his wife already here?' Doctor MacDonald said.

'No, we're waiting for her.' Claire answered.

'He's quite bad. Cranial fracture, a heavy blood loss, probable internal damage and his leg was almost completely crushed. I've done as far as I could but...' Claire understood his face completely. 'He's on the hands of the surgeon, and God, now. Give my best wishes to Jenny when she arrives.'

Chapter Text

Murtagh came into the hospital holding Jenny close to him. She was crying and barely aware of what was happening around her.'Where are they? Jenny asked as they reached Claire and Robert, the farm manager, on the waiting room. 'Where's Ian?

'Jenny, they're with them right now.' Claire said to Jenny, hugging her. 'They will come to us when we can see Jamie and Ian.'

'I want to see Ian.' Jenny screamed. 'I want to see my husband.'

'Jenny,' Claire tried to find a good way to explain to her. 'Ian is in the operation room right now. He was badly injured, and it will take some time. We can't do anything but wait and pray for him.' Jenny burst on tears on Claire again. 'I know Jenny, I know.' Was the only thing Claire could say.

They all went to the waiting room outside the operation theatres, Murtagh bringing the group a new round of drinks and what the children were doing at the house. 'John and Hector promised me no' to tell them anythin' until one of us is back in there with them, but Fergus and Young Jamie are old enough already to notice somethin's up, so, I dinna ken if they're goin' to be able to do it.'

'You're right, but it's better they don't know until the surgeons have finished with Ian.' Claire said, both looking at Jenny, gripping at the edge of her sit. 'God, how we are going to be able to explain this to them if Ian...' She lowered her voice, so to Jenny didna't hear her.

'I ken, and both the twins and Caitlin are so youn'.' Murtagh said to her also on a low voice.

Some time passed without news, all Claire, Murtagh and Robert tried to talk with Jenny but she was unresponsive, eyes nailed to the door in front of her. 'Doctor Fraser,' Flora, the nurse came into the waiting room. 'Yer husband is in a room now. He's still sleeping but ye can go and see him now.'

'Go with him lass.' Murtagh said to her. 'We' ll take care of Jenny here. Jamie will want ye to be there when he wakes up.'

Claire left the room with a heavy heart, but Murtagh was right, Jamie needed her there when he woke up. 'Let me know when you have news about Ian.'

'We will lass.' Murtagh said as he hugged her.

Jamie was still sleeping as Claire came into the room. He was lying on his stomach, her back covered on bandage and her broken arm stretch on one side of him. Claire's heart break at the sight. She went and kissed his temple, before sat on chair at the edge of the bed, holding his good hand. She gave a thankful prayer for Jamie and a hoping one for Ian and waited.

'Claire, mo Sorcha.' Jamie said with a broken voice as he woke up.

'Sshh, Jamie I'm here.' Claire said, feeling tears forming in her eyes. 'Everything is fine.'

'I havena felt so glad to see ye here.'

'Neither I have.' She was now properly crying, Jamie tried to move his arm to clean up her tears but Claire stopped him. 'Be careful with the IV and the cables.'

'Och, ye're so revengin' on me for fawn over ye after the c-section.' Jamie said, Claire laughing over her tears.

'I can't believe you made a joke just now.' Claire said to him.

'My whole body hurts and I can barely move. Give a man the little comfort he finds.'

'You bloody Scot.'

'How are the children? Do they...?'

'They're at home, John, Hector and Mrs. Cook are with them. They don't know yet.'

'Ian, how's Ian? I heard somethin' as both ambulance talk to each other.'

'He was on the operating theatre. Doctor MacDonald told he was grave and there is a possibility he...'

'I dinna ken why he did it. He's a father like me, why he didna thought on his bairns...'

'Shush Jamie.' Claire squeezed his hand. 'It was an extreme situation, he only thought in get you out of danger. He might have thought he would have time to get himself out too before the tractor arrived,'

'But, what he doesna make it? How am I goin' to be able to look at Jenny, or the bairns, knowing that Ian died because of me.'

'Jamie, don't think on that now.' Claire was crying again. 'You need rest and recovering.'

'I'm sorry, mo ghraidh. I canna see ye like that.'

'It's OK, Jamie, it's OK.'


Murtagh came into the room some time later, he seemed happy to see Jamie awake and alert. 'A gostidh.' Jamie said as he saw Murtagh.

'Good to see ye awake, lad.' Murtagh said.

'Any news about Ian?' Claire asked.

'The doctor stabilised him, but he's still in danger.' Murtagh began to recall. 'They couldna save his leg, and had to cut it completely.'

'A Dhia.' Jamie said. 'Jenny?

'Robert is takin' care of her. while I came to see ye. She broke down when the doctor came to talk with her, I think she believed Ian havena made it.'

'Would you mind to stay here with Jamie while I'm going to check on Jenny?' Claire said.

'Of course no', Claire.' Murtagh said. 'She'd be at least a bit happier to ken Jamie is fine.'

Claire kissed Jamie again and left the room.

'Tell Jenny I'm sorry for all of this.' Jamie said as she was leaving. 'And that I'm happy Ian made it.'

'I will.' Claire answered him.

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The following days passed as if in an army camp, organizing shifts to be at the house with the children or at the hospital. Ian had been put under and induced coma after the surgery and Jenny had barely left his side, needing someone to remind her some times to eat, get a shower or even to pump some breast milk for Caitlin, waiting at home. Claire had been given some days off and divided the days between the hospital and home, where she tried to keep informed the children as much as they would be able to understand.

'When Da, mam and Uncle Jamie are coming back?' Kitty asked her one night, as Claire fed the babies on the nursery.

'Soon enough, Kitty.' Claire answered. 'They need to recover before come home.'

'But I want to see Da.'

'I know Kitty. He'll be here soon.'


And there was the press, Claire thanked God she knew every entrance to the hospital, as she saw some photographers at the main entrance. Murtagh had tried to stop her to check the newspapers and magazines but he knew it was useless. For his peace of mind, most of the articles were nice with Jamie if with some incorrect details.

'I said no!' Claire heard John as he walked the corridors of the hospital. 'Jamie's family are not talking again and her sister is a full private person who's privacy I'm not betraying.' John growled as Hector came into the room before him.

'Sorry for him.' Hector apologised for John. 'Journalist are giving him a head ache today.'

'Anna, I told you not to give my number to no one.' John was heard next. 'I don't care what he told you he was. No one means no one, not even the Queen or the fucking Pope. No one.' John looked really stressed as he came in. 'You owe a good bottle of wine when you're out of this place. 'French, Merlot.'

'I'll remember that.' Jamie said. He finally had been allowed to sit properly, a special cushion protecting his back from the bed.

'I'm sorry to hear journalist had been annoying you, John.' Claire said. 'I've see them this morning at the entrance.'

'Yeah, thank you. Not every day a TV personality gets hit by a tractor. This is fun for them.' John answered. 'How is it going today?'

'Aye, better now, I can sit and and see people properly.' Jamie answered.

'How's Ian?' John asked next.

'The same.' Claire said. 'The doctor took him out the medications yesterday but still he hasn't waken up.'

'Oh, I got something for you.' Said Hector, getting a several inches thick bunch of Get Well Soon cards done by the children at home. 'I let them go crazy with the paints and the glitter this morning. Murtagh and Mrs. Cook's job now to clean up.'

'Thank ye for keepin' an eye on the bairns all these days.' Jamie said. 'I might add some good Scottish whisky to that bottle of wine.'

'That's sounds good for me.' John said.

Flora, Claire's nurse, came in the room at that moment as in a hurry. 'Doctor Beauchamp, Mrs. Murray is havin' a bit of a problem with one of the interns and Doctor Chisholm wants to know if ye could go and tryin' to talk to her.'

'I'll be back.' Claire said, kissing Jamie as she left.

She found Jenny at the entrance of Ian's room, letting all the infamous Fraser stubbornness on a young doctor. 'I want to know when my husband is going to wake up.'

'Jenny, what's happenin?' Claire said.

'Ian has been out of the medications since yesterday.' Jenny said as the intern quickly disappeared from the scene. 'When he's goin' to wake up?'

Claire took Jenny inside the room and closed the room behind her. 'Jenny, it doesn't work like that, it's not instantaneous. He's vitals are fine, he's doing fine.He just needs a bit more time.'

'I just want to have him back.' Jenny burst on tears and Claire hugged her.

'We all want him to wake up, Jenny.' Claire said.

Chapter Text

Three more days passed, and while Jamie was recovering quickly, already doing some slow laps around the corridors of the hospital, no advancements had been reached with Ian.

'I'm startin' to worry about her.' Murtagh said to Claire as they looked through the glass door of the room.

'I know.' Claire said. 'But there's nothing we can do except wait.'

'Maybe I shouldna have let her stay here for this long.' Murtagh sipped on the tea Claire had brought to him. 'Take her home to see the bairns or to get some fresh air.'

'You know as well as I do that that would have never worked.'

'Aye, stubborn Frasers.' Murtagh sighed.


'How's is it goin'?' Jamie said as Claire came back into his room.

'No news yet.' She answered, sitting by his side.

'Isna it bad? That he havena woken up on so many days.'

'His vitals are normal, that's a good sign. Every person has their own rhythms, just that. But that doesn't make things easier for us.'

'I'd like to go and see them. Talk to Jenny if 'tis possible.'

'I'll ask Doctor Chisholm tomorrow morning, but it shouldn't be any problem.'


Doctor Chisholm didn't say anything against and as soon as Claire arrived, Flora brought a a wheelchair for Jamie to move between the different floors of the hospital. 'Eyes up, lass. It has an owner. and she's present.' Jamie joked as he turn around, leaving the open back of his hospital gown on sight.'

'You bloody Scot.' Claire laughed, giving Jamie some flowers she had got from Mrs. Fitz's shop for Jenny.

'Thank ye, mo chridhe.'

Jenny was praying, again, squeezing Ian's hand as Jamie and Claire arrived. Jamie took a sharp breath as he saw his sister after so many days. She seemed to have aged a decade, with big dark marks under her eyes. 'Jenny!'

'Oh, Jamie!' She quickly stood up and went to hug her brother. 'A brathair! Ye canna believe how happy makes me to see ye.'

'Me too. How are ye?' Jamie said. 'I got something for ye and Ian.' He gave the flowers to Jenny.

'Thank ye two.' Jenny felt overwhelmed and started to cry.

'Och Jenny, dinna cry for me.' Jamie instinctively looked for a tissue as if he was wearing trousers, Claire reaching him one of the ones she got on her purse for Jenny.

''Tis so good to see ye so well already, if only...' Jenny accepted the tissue and wiped her eyes with it.

'I've been praying for ye and Ian.' Jamie said

'Thank ye, brother.'


Jamie, Claire and Jenny were still speaking when it happened, small twitches at first that seemed like nothing when one looked properly, but soon it was clear movements on Ian's arms.

'Jenny, look.' Jamie said to his sister.

'Ian!' Jenny exclaimed and went back to Ian's bedside as his eyes started to flutter open.

'Flora! Call, Doctor Chisholm!' Claire said on the door before go with Jenny to check on Ian. 'Ian, can you hear me. Don't move. It's OK, we're here with you.'

'Ian, oh God! Ian!' Jenny cried as he finally opened his eyes.

Chapter Text

Weeks passed, and advances were done. For Jamie went fine, he went for some physiotherapy sessions to recover strength on his injured arm and back muscles, and did some exercise at home, the children helping some times as "Weights" for Jamie to lift. He had a bad moment when some photographer got into the hospital and got photos of his scarred back after on of his sessions to sell to a tabloid. John and the hospital raised hell after that and the physiotherapist was nice enough to start coming to Lallybroch after that. He soon was having her normal routines and, even when Claire had her fears, he made his first quick trip to the city for the production company business.

The Murrays had moved to Lallybroch full time for as long as Ian's recovery lasted, they had rent the clinic to a couple of young vets and John and Hector's cleaner went once a week to keep the house clean, and tidy and get any post that had arrived between visits. The children had gotten into the town's school. The oldest were a bit sad about stop seeing their city friends but also happy about being able to pass more time with their cousins and the new friends they did on Broch Mhorda. It was good for Jenny too, she could focus all her time on Ian and baby Caitlin, knowing the rest of the children were well taken care by any of other adults always present on the house. Ian was another story. After learnt of his missing leg his mood had grown dark and he had become silent and taciturn. He barely spoke wit anyone, not even Jenny and the children. He had gone to a couple of sessions with Jamie and the physiotherapist, but he had barely done any work and had stormed out of one of the sessions as quick as the wheelchair let him. That was taking a toll on Jenny, and sadly on the children, who were seeing their father pass interminable hours sit on a corner looking absentmindedly through a window while their cousins already had their father running and playing with them. And that was also breaking Jamie and Claire's hearts.

Jamie came back from the city to find Young Jamie playing alone on the front garden kicking his football against the fence. 'How are ye, lad?'

'I wanted to watch the match on TV with Da and he shouted at me to leave him alone.' The boy started to recall to Jamie. 'Mam told him to dinna do that and they had a fight. I came out to play here and then I saw Mam crying with Aunty Claire on her herb shed.'

Jamie started to play with Young Jamie, passing the ball from one to the other. 'I'm sorry to hear that.'

'I dinna like how Da is now. I ken he canna do the same thin's we used to do before, but still, I want him to be more like he was before.'

'Me too, lad.' Jamie hugged his nephew. 'Yer Da has gone for something terrible and sometimes people change after something like that. But ye have to have faith it'll pass. Keep lovin' yer father and showin' him how much ye do, and I assure ye one day he'll use that love to go back to his former self.'

'You promise?'

'I do, lad.'

'Will ye play football with me from now on? Like Da used to, and with Mike when he grows up.'

'Of course I will. Ye, me and Mike against Fergus, Willie and Murtagh, what do ye think?' Young Jamie laughed and hugged Jamie again. 'Let's go inside, 'tis starting to be cold.' Jamie took the boy to the house, looking at Ian, on the window, as they went through.


'Something happened between Jenny and Ian today.' Claire told Jamie that very night as they got ready for bed.

'I ken, Young Jamie told me how he saw Jenny on tears with ye on the wee shed.'

'I wish I could do more for them. Jenny is working so hard to make it work and Ian is just...'

'Aye, I ken. I wish for the same. I hate to see him all day brooding and self-pitying himself.'


The next day, Jamie found Ian, alone on the porch, and he quickly decided to give it a try and talk to him. 'How are ye today?' No answer. 'Mind if I sit here for a bit?' No answer again. Jamie sat and started to browse the newspaper on the table, probably brought by any other of the adults on the house. 'Have ye see what the Celtic did the other day? They turn a 0-3 on a 5-3 on twenty minutes. 'Twas a fun match to watch.' Ian kept looking at the distance, seemingly not hearing what Jamie was telling him. 'One of this day we have to take the lads for a match. Like in the old times. What do you think?'

'Leave me alone.' Ian said dryly.

'I dinna think I was botherin' ye so much.' Jamie answered. 'I just wanted to have a chat with ye.'

'Leave me alone.' Ian repeated. Jamie took the signal and left for the house.

Chapter Text

Jamie pondered about it that evening on his office. For sure the was something he could do to pull Ian out the dark corner he was. He looked at the dog calendar Hector had brought for him and John as a joke. December was just days away and with it His and Claire's wedding anniversary, Christmas and Maggie's birthday. He couldn't fathom the idea of all that happening while Ian was in the state he was, it had been hard enough at Claire's birthday, some weeks earlier. He needed a plan and he needed soon. He was still thinking on it when Claire came to look for him to announce him dinner was ready.

Jamie thought he had found it few days later, as Fergus and Young Jamie played a video game with Murtagh, who as always, was losing miserably to them. 'I canna remember which button is which.' Murtagh complained again when Jamie saw it, a bit of a reaction from Ian, just an annoying eye roll. Ian had always been an enthusiast player, and good at it, and had passed more than one Saturday afternoon trying to teach Murtagh the tricks, and losing his patience with him every time. Jamie remembered then a conversation with Ian, just days before the accident, where Ian had been talking about this new fancy football game he wanted to buy but needed a good excuse to do it, so Jenny didn't get angry.

'Do you think it might work?' Claire asked, as she saw him order the game online.

'Och, I dinna ken.' Jamie answered, looking at Claire as she started to massage his shoulders. 'But 'tis better that just stand by and let him at the bottom of the hole, isna it?'

'I know. And I hope you make some advances with it.'


The game arrived few days later, Jamie keeping the parcel on the office until the children were back from school. 'Thank ye Uncle Jamie.' Young Jamie hugged him as soon as he opened the package.

'Ye're welcome lad.' Jamie said to the boy. 'Now, go upstairs to do yer homework. We canna play after dinner.' Young Jamie and Fergus went upstairs, discussing which teams they would be playing later.

'Ye didna have to buy him another game.' Jenny told Jamie as they boys left. 'Fergus and him have enough already.'

'Just let me have a wee detail with my nephew Jen.' Jamie said.

The children jumped out of the table to play but Jenny reminded them that they needed to help clean the dishes. The boys huffed but did what Jenny asked, and it wasn't that long until they were free to play. Jamie became sure to sit at the corner of the sofa, just beside Ian on his wheelchair, he let the boys play a couple of games before ask Fergus if would let him have a go. Claire would never know if he was part of the plan but highly suspected, and so she was sure to distract Jenny from her current knitting project. Jamie knew how to play, but he did it as messy as he could, even messier than Murtagh was sometimes. Young Jamie scored several goals in just few minutes. 'Ye're useless today, Uncle Jamie.'

'I ken lad.' Jamie said, noticing Ian's attention focused on him. 'I dinna ken what it's happening with me today.'

Young Jamie scored again when Ian lost it and took the controller out of Jamie's hands. 'No' like that ye moron.' He soon had taken control of the player and scored a goal.

'Oh, well,' Jamie said directly to him. 'if there's still a way ye can play football with yer son, maybe there's also a way ye can get yer arse out that chair and get back to yer life.'

Jenny gasped, not believing what her brother had just done. Everyone on the room looked at Ian, waiting for him to react at Jamie's words. 'Maybe I do,' he finally did, 'but first I need to clean up the mess ye put yer team on.' He added before focus on the game with Young Jamie.


Next morning, as the family ate breakfast on the kitchen. Jenny and Claire busy packing school lunches while Jamie and Murtagh fed the small children, Ian appeared, not on the wheelchair, but walking with a pair of crutches. 'Jenny!' She was surprised by the sight, letting Maggie's pink lunch box fell into the floor of the kitchen. He lost his balance, Jenny and Jamie quickly going to held him upright. 'I'm so sorry.'

''Tis OK, Ian, 'tis OK.' Jenny said, as tears came out of her eyes.

'Good to see ye back, a charaid.' Jamie said.

Chapter Text

The whole of the Fraser Murray clan filled up two cars and drove to the Broch Mhorda school. Tonight was the school's Christmas Show and several of the children were due to participate in the event. The children run around and had to be rounded up by Murtagh and Claire while Jenny and Jamie helped Ian to his wheelchair, which, for Ian's disdain, it attracted the attention of some of the other parents and relatives that were arriving at the same time as them and knew about the accident. 'Need some help with that?' One of them shouted as Jamie tried to open the chair .

'No, 'tis OK.' Jamie said, Ian rolling his eyes.

The family separated at the entrance of the school, and while Jenny and Claire went with the children to the improvised dressing rooms while the men walked directly to the school's auditorium. They had gone pretty early, in the thought of having enough time to properly install Ian's wheelchair on a proper and comfortable place. They were sat and waiting while the big wave of people began to arrive, people giving looks, gestures and even unwanted good wishes to Ian as the passed around the group.

'I kent this was a bad idea.' Ian said at some point, after the third old lady came to him talking about prayers. 'I should have stayed home. Ye two could perfectly filmed this and let me watch it at home.'

'Ian, just ignore them.' Jamie, sat between Ian and Murtagh, said. 'And ye ken they just want to let ye know they were worried for ye.'

'I ken that...' Ian stopped as another family called their attention. 'But I hate have everyone lookin' at me like that.'

'Here.' Murtagh took his flask and reached to Ian over Jamie. 'Give it a couple of gulps lad, 't will make thin's better.'

'Murtagh! We're at the bairns' school, it isna place for that.' Jamie said as Ian took the flask, drank some of the whisky, and passed it back to Murtagh.

'Thank ye, Murtagh.' Ian said to Murtagh over Jamie.


Meanwhile, backstage at the dressing rooms, Jenny and Claire were getting the children ready. The girls in the year of all Maggie, Julia, Kitty and Nikki were due to be wearing angel wings made from duck feathers. The feathers had been provided by one of the farms of the area at an special price for the children's families to be assembled on wire frames at home. Kitty and Maggie's happened to just a bit scruffier than some of the others, as Jenny, between Ian's recovery and taking care of all the children, hadn't had that much time.

'Don't worry for that, Jenny.' Claire said as Jenny looked at some of the others wings around. 'Jamie made most of Julia and Nikki's while I was at the hospital. You still did a good job with them.'

'Aye, I ken.'

'Look at this.' Said Ellie's infamous mother. 'The instructions were pretty clear, Jen. Yer lasses are goin' to look like a sore in the middle of the chorus. Next time, if you're in doubt, ye can call me and I will explain thin's slower.'

'Listen ye wee bitch.' Jenny exploded at the woman's comment. 'I have six bairns and a husband who's still recoverin' from losing a damn limb. What do ye have? Two lasses and yer mother-in-law livin' with ye and doin' most of the work while ye're around joggin'. How about ye shut yer mouth about my lasses and take care of yers? One of them is eatin' make up right now.' Laughs filled the room as the other mothers enjoyed the unliked woman being put down so hard. Ellie's mam stayed still for few seconds before ran to her children, who were in fact, messing their white angel gowns with the make up products.

'I wonder if Murtagh has brought his flask today.' Claire said to Jenny. 'I bet that you could do it with a dram right now.'

'Aye, remind me to ask him when we get back to them.' Jenny said, before stop sending defiance looks at the woman and got back to Claire and the children.


Claire and Jenny reunited with the men as the show was about to start, the man, including Ian, laughing at what Jenny had said to Ellie's mam backstage. And of course, Murtagh passing his flask to Jenny as the lights went down and the first class, that of Kitty and Nikki, came into the stage, looking pristine in their white dresses and angel wings, above all compared with Ellie's young sister and the visible red strikes all through the front of her gown.

Chapter Text

Claire arrived to her home past midnight. She had had a late shift at the hospital. Her mind could only think on sugar and the bed. She pass through the kitchen, sweeping a package of chocolate biscuits and went upstairs, checking on each of the children's rooms -all of them already deeply asleep- before heading to the main bedroom, Murtagh's snoring coming out through the door as she passed in front of it. The room was dark, Claire imagining Jamie must have been also already sleep. 'Alexa, lights on.' She said just before put the last biscuit on her mouth, the biscuit soon falling to the carpet as Claire saw her husband, lying in bed, fully naked, a red rose on his mouth.

'What the hell, Jamie?' Claire exclaimed at the image before her.

'Dinna talk so loud.' Jamie said, keeping the flower on his hand. 'I dinna want the bairns to wake up.'

'Did I forget about something?' Claire wondered, checking the date on her phone as she sat on the bed, Jamie quickly kissing her and giving her the rose.

'Nae, lass. 'Tis just, ye ken, 'tis been a while.'

'Since this morning on the shower?' Claire gave Jamie a quizzing look.

'Since the last time ye rode my cock properly.' Jamie said, lying on the bed again. 'I'm all yers Sassenach. Yers to do whatever is yer bidding.'

Claire laughed and kissed Jamie again. 'Give me five minutes.'

'I'll be here for ye.'

Claire brushed her teeth quickly and left her clothes on the basket they had in there, appearing, fully naked on the room few seconds later.

'So...I'm free to choose what to do with you.'

'Aye.' Jamie answered. 'All yers.'

'Including this.' Claire said, positioning herself over him, her face on his cock, her pubis on his face. She gave a long lap on his cock with her tongue.

'As ye wish.' Jamie said, getting a finger inside her.

'Let's see who finish first.' Claire said, taking Jamie fully on her mouth, soon he responding by bury his face on her. 'Oh God.' Claire said as she lost focus thanks to Jamie's efforts. She was so close and Jamie could feel it, nibbling at her clit and pumping his fingers on her quicker. Soon she crumbled on him out of pleasure, panting.

'Was it good, mo nighean?' Jamie asked, a flirty smile on his face.

'You bloody Scot.' She said as she stood on the bed and sat on top of him, rubbing herself against his cock. 'I hope your offer is still valid.'

'It doesna have an end date.' Jamie answered as Claire took him inside. She grabbed his arms and kept them firmly over his head as she rode him fast and merciless, gnashing her teeth as another wave of pleasure came through her and non stopping until she felt Jamie's climax. Only then lying on top of Jamie to take some rest.

'I feel I could sleep for a week.' Claire said, still on top of Jamie.

'Sleep well mo chridhe.' Jamie kissed the crown of her head and reached for the blanket, covering both of them. 'Alexa, lights off.'

Chapter Text

The Frasers had a new toy, a brand new Alexa device. Actually, several connected around the house to cover its size. Most of the Frasers and Murrays were having a good experience with it. The kids took a quick hold of it and with the exception of a 3am Baby Shark concert, they did quite reasonably. It was easy for Claire to go around on late nights and for Ian on the days he used the wheelchair. Only one of the members of the family seemed to find difficult to manage the device.

'I dinna ken all this sheban' with this thin'. 'Murtagh huffed as Jamie tried to start the device. 'Just get up yer arse out of the sofa and get those damn lights on. It isna so difficult.'

'You're such an old gruff, a gostidh.' Jamie answered.

'I dinna see anythin' bad on it, lad.'

'Give it a chance Murtagh.' Jamie stood up and waited for few seconds. 'Let's give a try.' He said to Claire and the children on the living room. 'Alexa, lights on.' The children cheered as the lights went on. 'Alexa, lights off.' And so the lights went off.

'Can I try da?' Julia asked.

'Aye, give it a try a leannan.' Jamie answered to her.

'Alexa, lights on.' The little girl laughed as the lights went one.

'Now 'tis my turn.' Willie joined his sister. 'Alexa, lights off.'

'See, just an expensive thin' for the bairns to play with.' Murtagh huffed again.

'Why ye dinna try Murtagh?' Julia asked to him.

'Aye, why dinna ye try once?' Jamie added. 'Ye just have to ask.'

'Och, OK. I'll try at least once.' Murtagh said. 'Alexa, lights on.' He mumbled, the family waiting for few second for the lights. The children laughing as nothing went to happen.

'Ye have to talk clearer, Murtagh.' Jamie said, 'and louder.'

'Alexa, lights on.' Murtagh said, clearer and louder, but still nothing happened.

'Can it have gone broken already?' Claire said as Jamie checked the device.'

'Ir seems to be fine, Sorcha.' Jamie said to her.

'Alexa, lights on.' Claire tried, the lights soon coming on.

'Alexa dinna like Murtagh.' Julia joked.

'Och, bloody machine.' Murtagh huffed for a third time.


That was the first of many times when Murtagh had found himself unable to manage the device, with both the device completely ignoring what he was saying of by doing something completely different.. Claire adviced him to try a different intonation, maybe try to cover his deep Scottish accent. 'I canna sound less Scottish lass.' He had answered her. Anyway, is not like he cared that much about it.

'A gostidh.' Jamie had called him from the city. 'I need to need the Sun Room project due date?'

'Aye, where ye have it written?' Murtagh answered, looking around the papers on the office.

'I put a memo on Alexa. Just ask it.'

'Och, really?'

'Murtagh, just try.'

'Alexa, give me the Sun Room Project due date.'

'Playing Mango by Sunstroke Project.' Jamie heard through the phone before a saxophone started playing. Jamie laughed and spoke again. 'What's that Murtagh?'

'Alexa, ye bloody machine. I asked ye for the due date of the Sun Room Project.' Murtagh shouted, the music still playing.'

'And this is the forecast for Baku weather on the next 24 hours.' The device said as the music stopped. Jamie was now sharing with John Murtagh and Alexa's shenanigans.

'Och, dinna laugh at me lad.' Murtagh said to Jamie. 'This is yer idea.'

'Murtagh, what are ye playin' around,' Jenny came into the room. 'I just put Caitlin to her nap. If ye wake her up, I'm havin' yer guts for dinner.'

'It isna my fault.' Murtagh answered. 'The machine dinna want to tell me what Jamie wants.'

'Let me try.' Jenny said, getting that date Jamie was looking for at the first try. 'Ye're useless Murtagh.'

'I'm no' useless. This alexa thin' is the useless fucker.'

'Playing Useless by Tom Beck.' The device said before started to play another song, Jenny rolling her eyes to Murtagh.


'Murtagh, look this.' Wee Bree showed to Murtagh a video of a parrot, an African Grey, managing Alexa as a human will do. ''Tis funny. Birdie can do Alexa.'

'Aye, smart birds, those parrots are.' Murtagh said to the little girl.

'Murtagh, why you canna do Alexa while the bird can?' Nikki asked as she sat on the sofa with him.

'Aye, why Murtagh?' Kitty Murray joined her cousin.

'Bird smarter than Murtagh.' Maggie Murray said, her sister and cousins laughing at the comment.

'Och, lasses, give a man some mercy.' Murtagh said, the adults joining the laugh. 'Would ye?'

Chapter Text

Jamie and Claire had started to notice the changes on Fergus around Christmas time, as his voice broke while singing carols with his siblings and cousins. It was a quick and soon came back to his normal tones, but little by little, his voice was deepening and becoming more the one of a man than that of a child. He was also taller, Claire needing to get him new school garments to wear in place of the ones he had quickly outgrown. He was still the sweet little boy the had meet all this years ago in Paris, but he was growing into a teenager in front of their very eyes.

'Da.' Fergus came to the studio a Sunday evening as Jamie prepared for the filming due the next morning. 'Do you mind if I help you?'

'Of course no, a balaich.' Jamie answered. 'Ye're my best assistant. Ye can put those paint cans down there in colour order.'

They worked together for few minutes, Jamie looking every few moment to Fergus. He could say there was something on the boy's head and he was looking for the guts to talk with him. 'Fergus, is it everythin' OK in school?'

'Everything is good, Da.' Fergus asnwered.

'Ye ken ye can talk with me about anything that might worry ye.'

'Da, have you ever...'

'Have I ever what?'

Fergus became red on the face. Jamie smiled and his mind went back to the day when, being more or less Fergus' age, his own father had given talk to him about the mysteries of becoming a man. 'I woke up the other day with...'

'Och, lad, that's normal.' Jamie took Fergus to the sofa place on a corner for take breaks in and brought a couple of drinks from the fridge. 'Ye're growing, becoming a man. Yer hormones are playin' up and makin' yer body do weird thin's.'

'So, you do too?' Fergus said. 'What Maman think of it?'

'Ye'll ken one day when ye're married.'

'And the hair? it's all growing.'

'I can see.' Jamie passed his hand on Fergus' chin, a fine stubble covering it. 'Tomorrow evenin' after school, I'll teach ye how to shave.'

'Will you?'

'Aye, 'tis my duty as a father.'


Next evening Jamie was firm on his word and took Fergus to the main bathroom for a shaving lesson, they were layering the cream over their faces when Willie came looking for them. 'What are ye doin'? Yer faces look funny.'

'I'm teachin' yer brother how to shave.' Jamie answered.

'Can ye teach me too?' Willie asked again.

'Ye're too young for that, a balaich. Ye will no' be needin' it for a few more years.' Willie pouted, he wanted to be part of the fun.

'C'mon Da, we can make space for Willie.' Fergus said.

'I suppose we can.' Jamie said, starting to look for something around the drawers. 'Let me find somethin' without a blade for ye.'

Claire came back from work to find the girls being entertained by Murtagh and My Little Pony on the living room, she walked up the stairs to find Jamie teaching Fergus and Willie how to shave under the nose. Willie was covered in cream bobbles, tiptoeing to reach the sink. 'What's happening here?'

'We're shaving.' Willie said. ''Tis is a man's thin', I am a man now.'

'A man who needs a clothing change,' Claire said, cleaning the boy's face with a towel, 'you can't go back down looking like that.'

'Sorry, Sassenach, we needed some tries to perfect our style.' Jamie said. 'We'll clean up after we finish.'


'So, Fergus and you had a big milestone today.' Claire said as the prepared for bed, later that night.

'Aye, we did.' Jamie answered.

'How does it feel?'

'I feel old, I still remember when my Da taught me at Fergus' age and I canna believe it came my time to be the father teaching his sons.'

'At least I have time to prepare for it.'

'Time flies, Sassenach.' Jamie kissed her sweetly as she joined him on the bed. 'It'll come before ye notice it, as it happened to me.'

Chapter Text

Claire said goodbye to her patient as he left the room and immediately went to look for the next name on her list, for her surprise, it was the name of her own sister-in-law. She went to the waiting room and found Jenny waiting there, Wee Caitlin on her buggy playing with a stuffed animal.

'What a surprise.' Claire said as they walked towards to Claire's place.

'I'm sorry to use yer work time like that,' Jenny started to explain as they reached their destination, 'but I didna anyone at home to ken.'

'Jenny, is it everything OK?'

Jenny gave a deep breath and went for it. 'How long after the accident until ye and ken...had some time together as a husband and wife?'

'Oh, I don't know.' Claire tried to recall. 'Like a month or so. Why?'

'Ian hasna touched me since.' Jenny confessed. 'I ken that he went through a lot and I was just waiting. But 'tis been seven months and he's better now.'

'I see. I don't know how can I help you two.' Claire said, thinking for a moment. 'Maybe you could go back to the city for a weekend. Let the children with us. Have some time alone and talk to him about this.'

'That actually sounds good.' Jenny said. 'I'll ask Ian later.'

'Good Luck then Jenny.


Ian agreed and the next Friday, the whole family drove to the station to see Jenny and Ian on a train to Glasgow. 'Would ye feel bad if I told ye it feels good havin' a couple of days just for us?' Ian said to Jenny as the train went.

'Och, no. It does.' Jenny smiled at him, happy to see Ian in a bright humour, the perfect one for what she wanted him.

'Let's enjoy then, while Jamie and Claire take care of all the bairns.'


After leave the bags on their old flat, they went to have dinner at a small restaurant nearby. The main course had been just served when Ian could feel Jenny's foot up and down his leg. 'Och, Jen, what are ye doin'?

'What do ye think?' Jenny said, carrying on with her work.

'We're on a restaurant.'

'I ken.'

'What's happening with ye?'

'Canna ye say?' Jenny stopped and looked directly to her husband. 'Ye havena touched me in months, Ian. I want ye, my husband.'

'And I want ye, but...'

'But what?'

'I was afraid. Look at me, I'm no' a whole man anymore. I couldna stop thinking on how could ye be attracted to a man with just one leg. That ye might no' wantin' me anymore.'

'Ye bloody idiot. Ye're the only man I ever wanted on my bed. I'll have ye anyway that I can.'

Ian sighed and took Jenny's hand on his. 'Then let's finish the food quickly and go home.'


Six and a half weeks later...

'Jenny, you're back.' Claire said as she saw Jenny on the waiting room.

'Aye, I am.' Jenny said to her.

'I thought everything was going well with Ian now.'

'Aye, it is...really well, actually.'

'And why are you here then?'

'Well...I'm late, with my courses. And I threw up breakfast today. I think I'm with child again.'

'Oh, Jenny.'

Chapter Text

They were on Cologne, Germany, Jamie doing some promotion work. Claire was on waiting room watching the show with John. The host was having fun with the difference in height between Jamie and the other guest, an actor from a popular TV show who was a whole foot smaller than Jamie. The actor made a joke about the host wanting to compare every part of them for the size difference and Jamie followed up by mention how little Claire would like that, and that she was waiting outside the studio. That was the last segment of the show and soon Jamie was reunited with Claire and John. He introduced the host and the actor to them and then left for lunch at a local restaurant.

They were half way through the meal, John got a call. He went to take it on the street, as the place was really loud and came back to the table wheezing. 'What's happenin' to ye grinnin' like a cat?' Jamie said.

'I got a call from the channel asking me to ask you for a little favour.' John said as he sat back on the table.

'Whatever for?' Jamie asked.

'They're doing some filming on the other show they were promoting today and they need someone really tall quickly.' John explained. 'And they thought your Scottish arse would look fun on the scene.'

'Well, I'm no' an actor.' Jamie explained.

'I told them that, and that you have planned to go around the city with Claire and then they offered me a deal.'

'What kind of deal?' Claire asked, curious about the whole business.

'They offer you two a full paid dinner on a expensive place and a whole day with a free Ferrari for your use.'

'That's a nice car, I'll give ye that one.' Jamie said.

'It sounds fun.' Claire said. 'I rode camels as a child, but never an expensive car.'

'Aye, it sounds fun, but still I'm no' an actor.'

'Don't worry about that, they say it's something easy.'

It was, no dialogue or much to beyond get out the bright red Ferrari in front of the main actors. The scene was about them, a couple of police officers needing a car for a chase and taking the first one they can stop, Jamie's Ferrari. Then they actors would get surprised by Jamie's height and a comical scene of the barely over five feet actor wasting time having to put the driver's seat forward to be able to reach the pedals while his partner did a snarky comment. Claire waited on the side while they filmed few takes before the filming team freed Jamie for the day. As they drank some coffee, one assistant producer came to then with the car keys, telling them about someone from the team coming back for it the next day at the AIRBNB house John had rent for them and Jamie and Claire left the filming place for the city.


Jamie prepared for the night in John's room as Claire pushed him out their room. She had bought a special dress for their special date and she wanted it to be a surprise until the last moment, and it was, Jamie going hard in a second as she came down the stairs in a short, strapless dress. 'Och, Sassenach, ye decided to torture me tonight.' He said, kissing her.

'Well, if you're going to play the rich, extravagant lady on a Ferrari, you have to do it right.' She said on a flirty tone. 'Isn't it Jamie?'

'Och, tell that to my balls.'

'Don't worry for them, they'll enjoy their time too.' She said as she walked towards the house garage.


'This is a really nice car.' jamie said as they drove the city centre. 'I like it.'

'Maybe one day you can buy one.' Claire answered.

'Aye, when we don't have six bairns to drive to school and dogs to trash the back.' Jamie joked.

'That's true.' Claire laughed too.


The restaurant was a Turkish fusion place decorated like out from the 1001 nights, with traditional fabrics and Turkish music sounding on the background. Jamie and Claire had reserved a little cubicle surrounded by mauve curtains and dim lights. They were served by a lady who took their order and brought them some nice cocktails. The food was brought by a male waiter, his looks towards Claire and her short dress infuriating Jamie. 'Och, he could have control himself a bit more, couldna him? He looked at ye like a dog on heat.'

'Don't worry about him, you know well that what's under this dress is only for your own consumption.' Claire said, seductively biting the cherry on her cocktail.

'Ye ken how to boil a man's blood, mo Sorcha.' Jamie answered.

'Not any man, my man.'

After dinner they drove back to the house, Jamie parked the car on the garage and left quickly in the direction of their bedroom when Claire's voice stopped him. 'Come here Jamie.' She rolled up the skirt of the dress to reveal her bare skin and bend over the car, her arse up and ready.

'Och, no one would believe that a wee vixen like ye tonight is a respectable doctor and a mother of six.' Jamie said as he walked to her, undoing her trousers on the way.

'Well, I have to enjoy I have my husband just for me for few days.' Claire said just before Jamie came into her in one go. 'God, Jamie don't stop now!'

'Ye really think I can after have ye around the whole night on that wee thing.' Jamie answered, speeding up his movements, his hand playing with Claire's clit.

'One for the records.' Jamie panted as he left Claire after climax, trying to get his trousers up.

'And who says we've finished.' Claire said, stopping him.

'Aye, but we canna go into the house like this, John might sees us.'

'We're not back to the house yet. Get in the car, no clothes.' She commanded.

Jamie did and soon she sat on his lap, working on his cock again. 'It isna the biggest space for that in here. Our van at home is better.'

'Well, it's one in a lifetime opportunity.' Claire said, taking him inside of her and starting to move. 'Worth a couple of brushes.'

'Aye, I suppose.' Jamie rolled down the top of dress and got one of Claire's breasts on his mouth, his teeth playing with the nipple. She arched her back, accidentally switching on the music button on the wheel, loud pop music starting to play. 'Och, John might come and check what we're doin'.'

'Then better be quick.' Claire said, moving quicker on top of him, Jamie moving his hand between their bodies to give Claire her pleasure just before have his.


An assistant producer came the next morning for the car. He checked it for any scratches. Jamie thinking the whole time that the only scratches that had been produced during the night, were on his back when Claire had clawed him as she reached her orgasm.

Chapter Text

The whole Fraser- Murray clan descended from the two big vans. It was the first Saturday of the Summer Holidays and so, it was time for their traditional visit to the zoo. As always, some families that were arriving to the place looked surprised at the ever growing regiment of children running around while Claire, Jenny and John tried to manage and round them up.

'OK, all of ye. remember dinna go far from the rest of the family.' Jenny reminded the children as they walked to the entrance.

'We have some tickets reserved, the name is Fraser.' Jamie said to the lady on the ticket hall.

'Aye, I see...20 tickets.' The lady asked to Jamie. 'Is that correct?'

'Aye, 'tis correct.'

'I thought School had already finished.'

'Aye, we're no' a school.' Jamie joked. 'All the bairns are ours. Mine, my sister's or my friend's.' Jamie said as he took the tickets and the whole family moved on.

'Let's go to see the stripped horses, Murtagh.' Nikki said as they went through.

'They're no' horses, lass,' Murtagh said to the little girl. 'They're called Zebras.'

'Let's go to see the zebras.' Nikki said next.

'No, first the monkeys.' Maggie Murray was the next talking. 'Monkeys are funnier.'

'Penguins, penguins first.' Brianna Fraser also joined the chat and soon all the children except for Older Fergus were on it.

'Och, all of ye, stop it.' Jenny said to them. 'We have a circuit planned, we're all getting to see all our favourite animals, but we need to keep and order.'

The family moved around the place, stopping at every enclosure to look at the animals on it. 'Look mam, she has puppies.' Willie said about the hyenas.

'They're cute, aren't they?' Claire answered to her son.

'Can you ride them like horses, Da?' Nikki said about the zebras.

'No, a leannan. Ye canna do that.' Jamie answered.

'Why no'?' The little girl said again.

'They're too small to keep up with someone as big as me.'

'Look at monkeys up the trees, Da.' Maggie said about the macaques swirling around the trees on their enclosure.

'Aye, they're more agile than us.' Ian said to Maggie. 'Least me with just one leg.'

Mid-visit the stop for lunch at the zoo's cafe, using a whole long table for all of them, Jamie, Murtagh and John going to get all the food necessary to feed both children and adults. Once everyone was sitting properly and eating, John and Hector decided it was time for a big announcement. 'We would like to tell you something. Now all the family is here.'

'What is it, John?'

'We think it's time for Victoria to have a sibling.' Hector answer instead.

'It was about time.' Claire joked.

'I know, we always wanted our daughter to have one sibling.' John said.

'Just one?' Ian asked.

'Well, I love both your families to pieces.' Hector got the word this time. 'But two is enough for us.'

'We said that to ourselves once, but...' Jenny spoke, caressing her now big bump. 'it didna work like that for us.'

'That's a good thing then we are sure we are not able to have any 'accidents'' John joked, making all the adults laugh. 'You know, gays.'

They resumed the visit after lunch, passing through the big cats, the bears and Brianna's beloved penguins. The little girl enjoying watching them chase the keeper around as he fed them and the kangaroos, Victoria Grey getting excited as she spotted one with a little joey on her pouch. The last stop before it was time to go back home was the zoo's shop, the children cheering as Jamie told them everyone would be getting one toy from it. 'This lot goes in one bill, then this ones goes in another, and the wee kangaroo and the koala goes in a third one.' Jamie explained to the shop lady on the till.

'Ye're a verra big family.' The lady said to him as she processed the different bills.

'Aye, and growing.' Jamie answered. 'By this time next year there will be one more, maybe two more. Och, and who knows, maybe even three more.' He added putting his arm around his wife's waist, Claire nudging him for the comment.