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It's their fifth session in little over a month. The receptionist had stopped sending him inquiring looks after the fourth week the boy had come in. Merlin's mother is under the impression he's been meeting up with a friend.

He starts every session with a true massage, for their mutual benefit. He delights in easing the strain in Merlin’s muscles, only to fill him with tension in anticipation of what’s to come.

Their last encounter had invovled some new toys. Arthur had slicked up a small dildo, slipping it in easily after pushing into Merlin's body with his fingers. Merlin had loved it, teenage hormones making him greedy for anything Arthur deigned to give him. He’d loved the vibrator even more, growing so noisy Arthur had hurriedly pushed his hand to the boy's mouth, nearly spilling in his pants when Merlin took his thumb between his lips.

He's currently got Merlin on his back, a sheen of sweat covering his body, making his inky hair stick to his forehead. He's always shy to start, but it only makes it that much more satisfying to reduce him to a wanton mess.

It’s with care and patience that Arthur has learned how best to stimulate him, keep him on the edge of ecstasy for as long as he pleases, until the boy is half-delirious with need.

Merlin’s control is taut at this point, every cell in his being focused solely on Arthur’s presence. The faint scent of his cologne, his golden hair in the dim candlelight, the strength of his clever hands; it’s like some personal aphrodisiac, stirring up a need his young body can hardly contain. He bites his bottom lip to keep quiet as Arthur massages the skin where his groin meets his thigh, bypassing his pleasure entirely, much to his obvious dismay.

“Patience,” Arthur tuts fondly. “Haven’t you learned by now that some things are worth the wait?”

“It’s still hard,” comes his petulant retort.

And that Arthur can concede if the tremble of Merlin’s thighs is any indication.

“Let’s see how your physical therapy is coming along.”

Merlin turns over reluctantly, his cheeks flushed and his eyes shut tight in his embarrassment as he arches his hips to give Arthur easier access to his most private place.

Arthur takes his cheeks in hand, spreading them apart with either thumb and revealing the small plug within. It’s about half the length of a pencil, though as thick as three of his fingers. The skin around the hole is still shiny with lube, as if Merlin hadn’t kept it in place the whole time. 

“How long have you had it in?” 

“...Three hours.”

“Very good, you’re making such steady progress. But I can’t help but notice you’re all wet down there.”

Merlin’s hips twitch at the words, his small cock leaking on to the soft-cushioned table beneath him.

“I-I may have taken it out, just to push it back in a few times,” he admits.

“I see. While I appreciate your enthusiasm, it’s probably best to leave that in the hands of a professional.”

He tugs on the toy before Merlin can reply, shocking a moan out of him. He holds him open with one hand, and begins a slow in-and-out pace, watching his hole cling to the smooth silicon.


He doesn’t quite know what he’s asking for, but Arthur can guess. He needs more, something to soothe the ache and quell the fire that has his whole body alight with yearning.

Even Arthur can't help the breathy quality to his voice, swept up in the carnality of it all. His cock is rigid in his pants, pulsing at the sight of the dusky little pucker before him.

"You're still so tight,” he grunts. “I think you need something bigger this time."

The sound of him pulling his zipper down is loud in the quiet of the room, and Merlin groans, moving his hips back.

"God, yes.”

He pulls the toy out as slowly as he’s able, Merlin’s hole grasping for more the moment it’s pulled free. He maneuvers the boy’s legs over the side of the table, and finally their bodies are flush against each other, his eager cock leaving a wet trail against Merlin’s leg as it searches for the hot little gash he’s touched but never felt.

The head of his cock catches against the rim, and he pushes forward lightly, the skin-on-skin contact a thrill in and of itself. He might’ve drawn it out more were it not for Merlin’s pleas, endearing in their desperation.

Finally he pushes forward, pressing against the strong resistance he’s met with. The pre-stretching from the toy makes this slightly easier, but it won’t have prepared Merlin for opening up to every inch of a man.

“Arthur, I don’t think-” Merlin pants. “It’s too much.”

“Shh, you’re nearly there now. The initial push is always the hardest part.” 

And it’s true, once Merlin adjusts to the first half, his body yielding to the intrusion, the rest sinks in almost easily. He takes a moment to savor the velvet heat surrounding his cock, leaning forward to press his nose to Merlin’s hair, the sweet smell of his ripening youth inciting him into giving the boy his first real thrust.

The cry that leaves Merlin’s lips is one of disbelief, and it’s immediately followed by a groan as Arthur holds him fast, fucking up into his tiny cunt with deep, slow strokes that fill him to the brim.

“See? You did it,” he grunts. “I’m so proud of you.”

The litany of oh god falling from Merlin’s lips with every breath is muted by the forceful clap of their flesh meeting, the wet noise of Merlin’s asshole being used bringing him that much closer to coming.

By his timing, the secretary should have left for the evening about half-way into their session, but he couldn’t bring himself to be quiet now on the off-chance that she stayed longer even if he wanted to.

He lets Merlin cry out his pleasure loudly, and the sounds trigger something entirely primal in him; he holds Merlin’s small frame for purchase as he grinds deep inside him, plunging his cock into the boy’s greedy hole until he’s sure Merlin’s body won’t ever be able to forget.

Quite suddenly he can’t stand to have Merlin turned away from him, can’t chance having the memory of this joining ever turning fuzzy and name-less in the boy’s mind. He needs Merlin to see exactly who’s fucking him, who it is that’s making him take it all.

He pulls out and manhandles Merlin on to his back, grabbing tight on those hips as he lines back up and slides home. Merlin hooks one arm around his shoulder, the other holding his hip possessively. He licks and nips at Merlin’s neck, as lost to the madness of this pleasure as Merlin.

Merlin grabs him by his jaw, and it’s only a brief, heated glance that signals what his intentions are. He brings their lips together forcefully, fingers curling into Arthur’s hair.

It’s ridiculous to think that it’s their first kiss, that they’ve somehow managed to do all of this backwards, but it’s even more ridiculous to think that he’d managed to go this long without claiming the boy’s plush mouth.

It’s too much, the added stimulation bringing him dangerously close to the edge, but he needs to see Merlin make a mess of himself before that can happen.

He fucks through the hot clench of his body, guiding Merlin's hand to the stiffness between his legs.

"Go on, sweetheart. Show me how you do it when I’m not there to touch you."

Merlin eagerly grabs hold of his member, eyebrows tightly knit as he pumps his cock, trying to match the pace of his fucking. It takes Arthur changing his angle and deliberately pounding his prostate for him to finally come, throwing his head back as white ropes of it bubble up over his fist.

“That’s a good boy.”

Arthur thrusts with abandon, his body eager to follow suit. His orgasm hits him hard, and he gives into the temptation of shooting his load inside the boy’s tender channel without a second thought. He’d planned to pull out, but as soon as he’d started fucking in earnest he knew this would end with Merlin dripping his spend.

It takes them five minutes to finally pull apart, his dick coming free and pulling a dribble of cum with it. It takes another five minutes for them to cool down, sharing soft kisses until their hearts stop beating wildly.

"You know, my mother's not expecting me until 10:30."

Arthur glances at the clock to see it's only half past seven.

”Is that so?”

This certainly isn’t his typical one night stand etiquette, but this isn’t their first encounter and he doesn't want it to be their last.

"I'm taking you home with me."

And Merlin looks pleased, but opens his mouth to say, "To have sex again?"

"If you want to. But I thought we could pop in a movie and have something to eat."

He isn't disappointed, Merlin lights up at the suggestion, and the satisfaction blooming in his chest is a little surprising.

Yes, there’s nothing typical about this at all. But he’ll be damned if he doesn’t plan to thoroughly indulge.