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Kirishima loved being a hero.


He loved saving people or having kids run up to him to take a picture. Visiting schools to encourage young minds to go the right path with their quirks no matter if they wanted to be a hero or not. But the best part.


Was coming home his husband and son.


“I'm home!” Kirishima let himself be known as he dropped his house keys in the handmade bowl from the baku squad.


“Welcome home!” Bakugou's voice reached him from the bedroom.


Kirishima grinned as he took off his boots at the door, jogging to the bathroom to wash up before going to the bedroom. Taking a quick wash to make sure he didn't smell like all the dirt and grime from fighting all day. Wrapping a towel around his waist, drying his hair messily. Walking through the open door to his bedroom he was greeted with the sight of his beautiful husband and his adorable son.


Their son Kaito was bouncing up and down excitedly on Bakugou's chest at the sight of Kirishima. Red eyes like Bakugou, ash blonde hair with black tips, tan skin with a pale patch over his entire right eye. Kaito was truly their son, Bakugou liked to say he was a carbon copy of Kirishima personally wise.


His husband, his mate, Bakugou had his hands resting on their Kaito's little chubby legs to make sure he didn't fall over in his excitement. Bakugou had this sleepy look about his face so more than likely they were just about to take a nap. Walking over to the dresser he hurried to put on some underwear and shorts before kneeling on the bed next to his family.


“Hey Suki.” Kirishima gave Bakugou a chaste kiss on his lips.


“Hmm hey Ei.” Bakugou nudged their noses together in a eskimo kiss.


“Hey baby boy! You miss dada?!” Kirishima picked up Kaito from Bakugou's hands.


Kaito giggled as Kirishima lifted him in the air then lowering him to blow kisses all over his face.


“Can you say dada? Hmmm Da..Da?” Kirishima gave Kaito an eskimo kiss, loving how Kaito tried to give him one back.


A slim but calloused hand ran through his hair and another one rested on his stomach just behind Kaito.


“I don't know what makes you think he was going call you dada before me.” Bakugou nestled his face in Kirishima's neck to inhale his scent directly from his glands.


“I don't know babe, honestly he could end up just calling me shark man!” Kirishima giggled as he rolled over with Kaito secure in his arms to put him in the middle of the bed.


Bakugou huffed a laugh,wiggling closer to a yawning Kaito. “I think he wants another nap, he's so sleepy i swear.”


“I mean he is a baby. Don't they sleep all day anyway?” Kirishima place his huge hand on Kaito’s belly.


“He makes me sleepy.” Bakugou yawned as he pulled the covers over them, making sure to leave them low enough Kaito would be able to breathe good during the night.


“Night baby boy.” Kirishima kissed Kaito's little balled up fist, then pressing a kiss to Bakugou's forehead. “Night Suki.”




They woke up around eleven the next morning to spend the day with Kaito before letting the baku squad babysit him for the night at Deku's house, having a sleepover so Kaito had plenty of people around to look out for him. They haven't really had time to themselves since Kaito arrived but it wasn't like it was punishing. They loved spending time with their son all day but so did their friends who were always spoiling Kaito.


“Da! Da! Da!” Kaito clapped his hands as he shouted at Bakugou who was leaving little kisses all over his face.


“Not fair!” Kirishima whined pitifully as he walked in the living room to see Bakugou laying on the playmat with their Kaito, the shouts of Kaito heard all the way from the bathroom. “He calls you da first yet he just smacks my cheeks when I tried to get him to call me dada.”


“Like I said before I don't know why you thought he was going to call you dada first.” Bakugou let Kaito grab his face in a attempt to stop the kisses. “Right Kai? Hmmm? Ei’s a pouty alpha who thought you wasn't going to say da first.”


“I call blatant favoritism and I feel so attacked right now!” Kirishima slouched as he walked over to the playmat and dropped down on Bakugou's soft blue shirt clad back.


“Blatant favoritism my ass! He loves you just as much as I do!” Bakugou tugged Kirishima's head down to glands, to reassure his alpha that what he was saying was true.


“I know sweetheart I know. You know how I feel or get sometimes.” Kirishima muttered, inhaling Bakugou's forestry pine with an underline of burning fire scent, he smelled like home.


“Yeah I know dumbass. Sometimes I wonder whose the omega with the way your emotions get.” Bakugou said with teasing in his voice, showing he didn't mean harm with his words.


“Dada!” Kaito kicked out his bare feet with a smile, reaching his uncoordinated hand to close his fingers in Kirishima's loose hair that hung over Bakugou's shoulder.


Kirishima's head popped up so quick Bakugou was worried he had whiplash.


“He just called me dada! Oh my shit! Kaito just called me dada!” Kirishima hollered as he kissed on Bakugou's and Kaito's face, making the boy giggle and Bakugou amused.


“Yeah yeah I told you he was a copy of you, always wanting to help someone feel better.” Bakugou shifted underneath Kirishima to slide him and Kaito up. “Let's get going to Deku's house to make sure the idiot's are ready, they probably bubbled wrapped everything.”


Kirishima chuckled. “They would protect him from anything in the world like us babe! That include inanimate objects!” He had to curl into a ball from how hard he started laughing.


“Yeah I know that.” Bakugou grumbled as he put on Kaito's shoes by the door. “But we also know that Deku lives with the bare minimum even if his house has that homey feel to it.”


“You still trust him though~” Kirishima got up from his sprawled out position on the floor to put his own shoes on, sneaking a kiss on Kaito's forehead. “Kaito trust them enough that he doesn't even cry if we're not in the room Suki~,  Their our little pack family even if you don't like to admit it.” He picked Kaito up in his arms for Bakugou to put his own shoes on.


“Your my husband ain't you supposed to be in my damn side!?” Standing up to his full height, Bakugou pinched Kirishima's nipple through his shirt. “Take my fucking side!”


“Ow! Babe that hurts!” Kirishima squirmed away while Kaito just laughed at his parents, it was obvious to even a baby like him that his parents were only playing.


“Whatever let's go before they start to panic thinking we changed our minds.” Bakugou swung overnight bag over his shoulder.


Making sure to lock up behind them, they were well on their way to Deku's house within ten minutes. Parking in his driveway, immediately noticing their friends cars littered everywhere. Kirishima picked a wide eyed Kaito out his car seat, bouncing him gently as his hand took hold of Kirishima's ear. Knocking on Deku's door, it only took a few seconds before Deku himself open the door wide.


“Hey guys! Hey Kaito!” Deku squished Kaito's cheeks playful, opening his arms. “Hug?”


Kaito giggled as he leaned towards Deku, his scent giving off family. As Deku took Kaito in his arms, he planted a kiss on his forehead.


“Where's the rest of the idiot's?” Bakugou asked while handing off Kaito's overnight bag.


“In the living making sure everything set up for our little pack member.” Deku wiggled his fingers on Kaito's stomach.


“Well we better go before they make us do something stupid like a fucking pack ritual.” Bakugou planted a dozen kisses on Kaito's smiling face. “See you soon baby boy, da loves you.”


Kirishima leaned in to nuzzled his face against Kaito. “Dada loves you! We'll be back soon.” He kissed the top of Kaito's spiky hair.


“Later guys! I call you if anything.” Deku waved.


They waved back before getting in the car to take off for their date.




Getting back home from their date in high spirits. Laughing all over each other as they stumbled to the bedroom. Kirishima picked up Bakugou only to drop him gently on the bed. Throwing his shirt off into the abyss he went for his bottoms but before he could get to his pants Bakugou leaned up to yank them down himself. His cock sprang up with a bobble in Bakugou's face.


“Hmmm missed this cock.” Bakugou nuzzled against his cock.


“Suck it then if you miss it so much baby.” Kirishima teased as he ran a hand threw Bakugou's tousled hair.


“Lay on the bed alpha.” Bakugou started throwing off all his clothes as Kirishima complied with his request.


“Fuck.” Bakugou breathes out as he crawls up Kirishima's body. “I almost want you to knot my throat.”


“Maybe later Suki...want to knot that perfect ass of yours.” Kirishima guided Bakugou's mouth to his cock, letting him suckle on the head. “Mmm fuck yes baby just like that.”


Bakugou let his head drop lower and lower until he reached the base. Kirishima's scent strong and potent in his nose as he swallowed the precum leaking from the thick tip. Letting his throat relax around the hard cock in his mouth, he picked up as slow pace to not overwhelm himself. Swirling his tongue as he went down and slurping as he came up, drool slipping passed his swollen reddened lips.


“Ughh! Fuck yes!” Kirishima back arched for a second as Bakugou let his tongue flicked against the underside of his cock head.


Sitting up, Kirishima keep one hand on Bakugou's head as his other hand reached towards Bakugou's backside. Groping his ass cheeks for a second than letting his fingers glide down to his drenching hole. Feeling it fluttering as slick escape the tight entrance. Pushing his two of his fingers inside the wet heat, he felt Bakugou moan around his cock.


“Baby switch with me?” Kirishima asked, wanting to get a taste of his husband.


“Fuck yeah!” Bakugou said as he came off his cock to lay on his front.


Lowering his body on the bed and wiggling his ass in Kirishima's face after steadying himself on his upper chest, reaching back to spread his own ass to let Kirishima's have full access to his dripping hole.


“Get to it alpha.” Bakugou panted as he felt extreme heat of Kirishima’s tongue hover in front of his hole.


Kirishima licked up the slick that was dripping down his inner thighs moaning at the taste. Kissing his way back up the Bakugou's clenching hole, watching as he let out a little air it tighten up harshly before letting out a glob of slick.


“Oooh….fuccccck.” Bakugou gasped into the sheets as Kirishima pushed his tongue deep.


Adding three fingers with his tongue Kirishima plunged them with roughness. Taking his tongue out, he gripped himself. Lining his cockhead up with Bakugou's winking hole, he pushed in all the way to the base.


“Baby you feel so tight.” Kirishima smoothed his hands up the arch of Bakugou's back.


Whining Bakugou pushed off and back against Kirishima's cock, giving Kirishima as chance to see the wet glide of his cock go in and out. Kirishima placed one hand in his hips and the other in his ass. Immediately setting up a brutal pace that abused his prostate had Bakugou drooling on the sheets.


“You like that baby?” Kirishima reached around to grab Bakugou's swaying cock.


“Mmm fuck! please! please!” Bakugou's voice was getting higher in pitch as he begged. “Wanna fucking cum!”


“Go ahead baby.” Kirishima grunted as he roughly jerked him off. “Cum for your alpha.”


“Cumming! fuck! I'm Cumm-” Bakugou hands had a death grip on the sheets as came.


“Oh fuck! Katsuki!” Kirishima groaned as he  felt hus knot pop in and came deep within Bakugou's warm wetness.


Shuddering as he milked himself untill he couldn't stay up any longer, Kirishima laid on top of Bakugou's back.


“Best off day we had in a while huh?” Kirishima asked with a grin.


“You say that like we're done.” Bakugou smirked as he bucked his hips back. “Round 2 starts in minute.”