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By the time they came back a couple of breems later, he was ready.  Flashwing went to and faced the back wall as he was told, keeping his wings low and flat.  He made sure to add a fearful ‘quiver’ to the wings, to further lower their guard. 

“Aw, lookit that?” one of them taunted as he heard them open the door.  “All nice and timid now.” 

That’s what you think…. He looked over his shoulder at them, giving them a wide opticked, fearful expression. 

“Oh don’t ya worry,” the other one cooed as they approached him.  “We’ll be gentle….” 

“Put your hands on the wall and stick out your aft for us,” the first one commanded. 

He didn’t move.  Unseen by them due to his wings blocking their view, his hands were curling, preparing. 

“I said, show us your hands!” the guard demanded. 

“OK,” Flashwing calmly replied meekly.  Then, his expression hardened.  He spun around and slashed that guard across the face with the barbed talons on one hand.  The guard screamed in delicious agony as Flashwing kicked the other guard before he could activate the collar. 

It activated anyway. 

Flashwing screamed as the powerful shock rendered him completely unable to do anything else.  Aside from collapsing to the floor. 

“Stupid slave!”  the guard he kicked taunted.  “Those collars are designed to go off on their own when it detects aggression!” 

Flashwing coughed as he struggled to get up, cursing himself for not considering that possibility.  What upward progress he had made, was stopped when that guard planted a foot on his back, forcing him back to the floor. 

“Bah, the timing is off on that one,” the guard he scratched grumbled as his hands were cuffed behind his back.  “Should’ve went off before he scratched my face!” 

“Your face needed some detailin’ anyway,” the other guard teased as he was forced to his feet.  “Too plain!” 

“Frag you!” 

“Nah, frag him instead.”  To his horror, the mech forced him to lean back, causing him to spread his legs in an effort to keep his balance.  “It’s what we are here for, after all!” 

‘Scarface’ had a twisted leering grin on his face.  “We were going to give it to you easy, S613,” he purred deviously.  “Now, I think you are in for a rough time!” 

No!  Not again!  He tried to kick the approaching mech, but his leg was caught. 

“Afterward, we’ll let management know that collar needs some tweakin’,” the guard holding him commented.  “Maybe recommend doing something about those claws of his.” 

“I know some bots prefer seekers keep them for aesthetic reasons,” ‘Scarface’ commented as he lifted up his other leg.  The mech’s panel was open and a spike Flashwing was quite certain was bigger than the last ones pressurized.  “Maybe they’ll make an exception with this one.” 

Flashwing struggled, trying to get out of their grip.  He couldn’t before that spike was thrust into his mostly dry valve. 

His screams could be heard throughout the cell block.