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His first customer was here, a slightly larger than average mech. 

“So I get the pleasure of ‘breaking you in’,” the mech commented with a devious smirk.  “This will be fun.” 

“Don’t touch me,” Flashwing hissed, rattling his wings as he tried to move away. His restraints kept him from moving very far, unfortunately. 

“Do you not know where you are?” the mech laughed as he got right up against him and grabbed his chin.  “This is a whore house.  You are a sex slave now.” 

Of course he knew that, he wasn’t processor defunct, after all.  “I still do not want this,” he growled, kicking out at him. 

The mech easily dodged and laughed even harder as he slipped behind him. He then snaked a hand around his body and down to his array to start playing with his valve.  Flashwing squirmed and tried to move away from the unwanted touch, but the mech’s other arm was now wrapped around his chest, securing him in place.  Already, he could feel his body start to react.  The lubricant start to flow, preparing his valve for interfacing. 

Why…why did he get aroused so easily!? 

“You have no choice here, slave,” the mech was purring in his audio.  “Besides…I heard your kind don’t even believe in the idea of verbal consent to begin with.” 

Yes…that was true.  A stance he was seriously reconsidering after what he had been put through thus far.  Not that it would help him here…. 

“Wow…what a slut,” the bot cooed as he showed him his lubricant coated fingers.  “All wet already….”  

Flashwing could feel the beginnings of tears form in his optics at the sight.  He tore his optics away, crashing them closed with shame.  Then he felt the mech smear the fluid on his cheek, making him shiver with revulsion. 

A familiar click was heard as the mech’s panel opened.  Flashwing felt a sense of déjà vu as his rear was forced back and up.  He could feel the mech’s spike start rubbing against the folds of his valve.  His Pit spawned valve was already clenching, trying to pull that spike in. 

“I know the guy that you will see next, by the way…and he’s a lot bigger than me,” the mech commented as he felt the spike start to slip inside.  He whined pathetically as his valve so eagerly accepted the appendage.  “So you should be thanking me for getting you nice and loose and lubed up for him!” 

Flashwing wasn’t feeling particularly thankful right now….