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Primus…his valve hurt. 

After around ten customers, he was finally given a break.  Well, once the guards had their turn with him before giving him a thorough rise off.  Only then was he shackled to the restraints by the thin cushion that was his actual berth and his ‘break time’ started. 

It was hard to get comfortable enough to take full advantage of this break.  The restraints limited what positions he could be in and the berth itself was so thin he may as well be on the floor.  His aching valve certainly didn’t help matters. 

And like before, his body seemed to lavish in the attention.  Overloading a few times during his ‘shift’.  Was this body even his anymore?  It felt like a stranger to him now. 

‘Listen to your body, it knows best’.  That was the mantra he was always told when he still lived among his kin:  the body was more important than the processor.  If it needed something, he was to provide it.  That’s why he hunted Skywarp for so long…it had wanted him…. 

Flashwing’s thoughts went back to what he had learned about said seeker.  To think Skywarp apparently was enjoying this kind of treatment?  Perhaps his poor Chosen was subjected to that ‘coding modification’ the Pound medic alluded to.  Then again, Skywarp was one that liked to ‘fool around’ even before they had first met, from what he was told.  Not exactly loyal bondmate material.  Why did his spark ever desire him? 

Did it matter now?  He was worthless himself now in that regard…and not exactly by choice. 

Or was it?  He did make a lot of choices the ‘Great Society’ frowned upon.  Everything he did, was in accordance to his tribes’ traditions and teachings. 

What a wonderful life he wound up in for it. 

Flashwing vented a sigh, wondering what he could have done to prevent this fate he found himself in.  One thing immediately sprang to mind:  his attempt to trade authorization codes for Skywarp.  If he had resisted the temptation then…. 

Well…there was no way to go back and stop himself now.  All he could do at present was endure and maybe…’maybe’…figure out how to escape.  For now, he should get what rest he could, as he had no idea how long this ‘break’ will last.  So he curled up, getting as comfortable as he could before closing his optics. 

A couple of klik’s later there was a loud ‘thunk’ right behind him. 

Flashwing jolted upright and looked behind him.  Walking by the glass was a guard and a customer.  He could hear laughter, leading him to suspect the hit on the glass was no accident.  Hoping he was wrong, he settled down again and once more attempted to go into recharge. 

Another bang on the glass startled him out of it after what felt like only a couple more kliks.  He looked up to see the same guard smirking at him.  Flashwing flipped him a rude gesture, to which the guard just laughed before walking off. 

Chained to a wall.  Berth so thin it was useless.  Glass without soundproofing…. 

Recharge was going to be elusive….