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Flashwing stirred, a fog slowly dissipating from his senses.  The first thing he noticed was a lack of pain. There also was a sensation something soft all around him, soft and warm.  Whatever it was, it was thick enough to nearly fool him into thinking he was floating, but he could faintly feel a hard surface underneath.

This…didn’t seem right.  No one gave him such comfort before, at least not freely .  The last time he had to such a thing was in the early days of the more intimate period of his relationship with Skywarp.  Before he frightened the other seeker off with his possessiveness and ideology back then.

How he wished he could go back and slap himself in the face.  No meant no. Skywarp had every right to refuse him and cut off ties….

So, was he dead?  In some kind of limbo?  He didn’t think the afterlife would feel so comfortable after what he had done and been through.

As his systems finished booting up, he noticed there was something wrong with his body.

He couldn’t move his jaw at all.  Yes, it was broken, but before he was able to move it somewhat .  He reached up to feel it…

…only to find out he had no hands.

With a cry of alarm, he sat up in shock.  When he did so, he discovered a few more things.

One, he had been loosely wrapped in a thick, soft micro-mesh blanket.  Second, his damaged optic was apparently fixed. Lastly, he suddenly felt very exposed and bare.  He quickly discovered why….

All his armor plating was gone.