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Flashwing woke up some time later, having cried himself into recharge.  Oddly, he was in the same place as he was before:  under the berth.  The berth hadn’t been moved, nor had he been dragged out.  He was just left where he was.  Flashiwng couldn’t hear anyone else in the room, but he did see a couple of cubes of energon on the floor 

Two cubes?  He was never given more than one before.  Warily, he crawled out from under the berth, looking and listening for signs of either of his owners.  Confirming he was alone, he took the chance to inspect the cubes.  Both cubes had protrusions that looked like they would enable him to pick them up despite lacking hands.  They were both open as well.  How considerate. 

And suspicious. 

Flashwing scrutinized the contents of the cubes themselves.  From the color it looked like medical-grade, which made sense considering how mal-nourished he likely was.  He could see flecks of various minerals floating with-in them.  Supplements perhaps…. 

…Or sedatives. 

He glanced at the door:  he could almost see either of them waiting just outside.  Waiting for him to take the bait.  Idiots, he was no fool!  If his last stint at the Pound was any indication, he can last a while on low fuel. 

They can take these clearly laced cubes and shove them up their afts!