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Wheeljack looked furious.  His plating was flared out, arms and legs spread and partly bent as he glared in shock at Berylstar.  “Are ya kiddin’ me!?” he as crying.  

Flashwing was honestly surprised himself.  They were really willing to earn all the Wrecker’s ire over him? 

“Sending him back to the Pound, into the arms of another cruel Master, will not undo what he has done,” Berylstar countered, not backing down from the angry Wrecker.  “How much more will he have to endure before you think he had ‘paid his dues’?” 

“No Siren would suffer to live I had any say in the matter!” Wheejack’s voice was crackling with rage. 

“Is that Ebonscream would want?”  There was no harshness in the helo’s tone, only a calm curiosity. 

The Wrecker recoiled, taking a step back as his stance relaxed.  A look of pain crossed his face as he looked away.  Briefly.  “You forget,” he countered, glaring back at him with a mix of distain and sorrow.  “Ebonscream disappeared a long time ago…and with him…our desire to show mercy to ones such as him.” 

“But do you not still care about the values he once taught you?” Berylstar countered.  “Isn’t that why you still carry his sabers with you?” 

Wheeljack grunted but did not respond, only looked away, a pained look on his face.  His hands were clenching and unclenching, a debate clearly going on in his head.  When he finally looked back, he looked determined, but there was a hint of doubt as he stated.  “Our motto was ‘protect the little bot’.  Protect those that cannot defend themselves.  Is he really worth protectin’?” 

“He is wearing a slave collar,” Berylstar reminded him flatly.  “He is unable to protect himself even if he wanted to.  I am fairly certain he would be against slavery, would he not?  Slaves would be one’s to protect and set free?” 

There was snarl as Wheeljack sharply turned away.  His whole frame was tense and shaking, hands folded tightly into fists.  “Fine,” he growled through what sounded like clenched denta.  “Do what ya want with the fragger.”  He looked over his shoulder.  “But I warn ya…I will be keepin’ watch.  His kind love to manipulate bots…and if I see any sign…any that he’s turnin’ you two into new Sirens….”  

The threat was left unfinished, but it was obvious what he was meaning:  his life would be forfeit.  Wheeljack glared at him once more before storming to the front door and leaving.