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“Wha-what did you do?” Flashwing stammered as he watched his own spike bob and weave slightly.  Oh Primus…the feel of just the air upon it once more felt so good…. 

“Obvious, don’t you think?”  Berylstar stated smugly as one hand hovered teasingly under the appendage.  “And my…what a crime has been committed.  Such a shame for a fine specimen like this to be kept locked away….” 

“H-how can this be impressive?” Flashwing questioned with a faint whimper, both flattered and embarrassed by the compliment.  “Your mate can change his spike to anything he wants!” 

“Not exactly…,” Berylstar corrected.  “He is still limited by mass.  He can’t make his spike the size of a convoy class frame could sport, for instance….” 

He looked at him, a ridge raised.  “Had one of those before?” 

“No…but there was one such mech that had problems having his spike ‘stand at attention’ in the showers at the academy…,” Berylstar replied wistfully.  “But we can ‘discuss’ dirty academy experiences another time.  May I?” 

He felt briefly confused.  One part, the Siren raised bot was asking ‘why is he asking when your body is already showing consent?’.  The other, the slave, was screaming ‘I’m a slave!  There’s no need to ask! Just take!’ 

How frightening similar both mindsets were.  Both discounted, if not flat out ignored, the desires of the mind, the person themselves. Reduced their being, their worth, to that an object.  A thing that could be thrown away and replaced on a whim. 

No longer did he want to feel that way.  And that Berylstar asked was proof the helo didn’t want him to either.  He was continuing to treat him like a person.  Flashwing really appreciated that…. 

Still, the act of giving verbal consent was foreign to him.  It took a moment for the word to actually escape his lips.  “Y-yes….” 

He looked back down at his spike just in time to see the helo’s hand lightly brush against the underside of it.  Flashwing moaned, arching his back as his charge level finally climbed most more.  The helo made a soft ‘hmm’ sound and did not immediately start stroking more.  Flashwing whined and pressed against him, silently begging him not to tease. 

A soft amused chuckle, then the stroking continued.  Odd, the strokes were not even, slightly jerky actually.  That wasn’t normal. 

Oh that’s right…he had forgotten about that.  Primus…was that why this felt so good?  He didn’t think- 

Flashwing breathed a loud gasp when his charged surged by a good amount.  His body was now trembling, writhing. He was nearly there!  Pressing back against Berystar, he reached back to wrap his arms around the helo’s neck, the best he could at least.  Just a little more!  He started thrusting his hips into Berylstar’s hand. 

That did it.  Flashwing keened as he overloaded, not caring he may be waking up the whole block.  That was glorious, messy and, most importantly, wanted release and he felt immersive relief when the charge went away. 

Berylstar was right…it was normal arousal, not PAAD. Perhaps there was still hope for a normal sex life for him.  For now, he was content to curl against the helo as the afterglow washed over him.  

“Th-thank you…,” Flashwing muttered, his head resting on the helo’s shoulder.  He could feel the first stages of recharge starting to take hold as Berylstar rubbed his back. 

“You’re welcome,”  Berylstar was telling him warmly, a smile on his face.  “If you ever need help with this sort of thing again just-“  His processor swimming with the afterglow and increasing grogginess, Flashwing could only comprehend that the helo had stopped both talking and rubbing his back. 

He had no comprehension that he had just kissed the helo on the cheek, before nestling his head into the crook of Berylstar’s neck, then let recharge overtake him completely….